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I«r4m‘i| from Uii* ofllrr of llir S«Mii-\Vrt»kly 
Sorrii KKNTrcKiAN, llopkiiiHvillo, Ky., iimhU*- 
votnl to (ho huttiui'MH inlorvi«Uof Troutoii iiml 
Toijil rounty. 


I were nevci* bettor. The I’m ilities lor for superior inducements to lliose in 
I atujuii'in;; a Hci ;nlilii', litcniry and si'Uivli of a desirable point to loeate 


v.iicii loiim ijuHimw iiiUTi-sinuf Triliioii loiil I classical education ill Trenton are cx- and invest caiiital. 

I A WIDE-AWAKE AND aaOWINS i« l'"i'iis 

nxfi.ANATOiiv. TOWN. from a distance in attciidmice. 

The i.resH is tlm (Treat inedinni ‘ Miss I.ncy Arnold lias been and is J rjiiito 

, . ....... • stdl ttmcliin'f a private Hass t»f about ^ 

tbrouiTb wliicli bnsiness nien c(,n i i - jjgj Business In- 25 at her residence in tbe old Leavell The following wc 

nicate with the nnblic. and the object ...... i. m i... ■ ..... . .. . . Tu. . 

The press is the great inedinni 

. 1 dustries, Seliools, Churches . 

ot (Ids j(mrnai is to set forth tlie imi- • T 5 i 

terial interests and various enterprises fSOpie. 

of tbc town of Trenton. We trust the 

Kximinknt will be found ns its name A Pleasant Town in one of the 


The following worthy tribute to the 
farmer is from the pen of Ralph Waldo 

indicates, a true exponent of Trenton 
and her Imsiness. educational, iirofes- 
siomil and social mailers. Kyery de- 
imrlnient of her in.lnstries will be 
found represented in tliese (olninns, 
and Ibis fact alone speaks voinmns 
•for tbe progressive spirit of her peo- 
ple. We trust that the Kxi’oxknt 
may iiccomplisb the ends for wlihdi it 
is intended and promote the pros|ier- 
ity of all its patrons. 

.MK.VCIt.VM i\t Wll.llfS, 

Bichest Sections of Kentucky, 
With Hospitable and Pro-^ 
gressive Citizens and 
a Moral and Cul- 
tivated Com- 
munity. . 

A Sketch of the Town and its Va- 
rious Mercantile Interests. 


the oldest houses in tbe town and Emerson: 

some of the finest carving and fres- The alory of the farmer is that in the 
eoiiigin sontbern Kentucky is to be division of labor it is his part to create; 
found on the interior of this palatial all trade rests at last on his primitive 
old residence. activity. He stands close to nature; he 

ixTunxAt. iMfitovKMKXrs, KTO. obtains from the earth the bread and 

meat ; the food which was not he causes 
1 here arc two large and com modi- ^ , 

. .... ... . to be. 

oils balls tor public ciitcrtainmcnls, m, a . . ..... 

The first fanner was the first man, 

t$tr xt T jCaC 

I miles Iron 
—THE — miles from 

I lliriliv and 

SEMI-WEEKLY j;;;:::”,: 

. , 'townofTri 

South Kentuckian, i  « 

( lirisiian Cl 

j The pleasant little town of Trenton, 
Ky., is located in Todd county, Ki 
I miles from Hopkinsville and 55 
miles from .N'asliville, Tcnn. It lias a 
j lliriliy and indnsirions class of bnsi- 
I ness men and a highly cultivated |io|i- 
I Illation nnnibering .'ilK) souls. The 
Uown of'l'rentoii was incorporated in 
j the year 181(1 and was at that lime in 
('hrislian coniity, but Todd county 

dassical education in Trenton are ex- and invest capital. nabtuo/ Different Author. White at WorU 

:;ellent. There arc now 18 pupils __ Bret Harte writes only when ho foek 

from a distance in attcndmicc. "" “ bnt wi& most painstaking 

Miss Emu- Arnold has Iieeii and isj BtUBiisoys tbiuittb to tubfabm- inditing very quickly, 

still teaching a private class of about itJ*. eometimos slowly, and often, after all, re- 

25 at her ••.•sidciice in the old Leavell The following worthy tribute to the morseless y destroym what he has wnt- 
niansion. This properl v is one of farmer is from the pen of Ralph Waldo Wilkie Collms prepuces s uw y 

theiddest houses in the town and Emerson: and revises constantly, mventm his 

some ol the finest .•arving and fres- The ulory of the farmer is that In the P’®*® “ Ho wdl go over a pas- 

eoinginsonihern Kentm-kv is to be division of labor it is his part to create; Bage again and again bestoiiing equid 
. 0 , 0 . : i * 1 i «« uj- fibate ou tlio Bouuu onu meaiiuig, uiui ic* 

lonnd on the Ulterior of this palatial all tri^e rests at last on his primitive 

old residence activity. He stands close to nature; he / 

ivm X vt iMi.novKMKvrs ktc the earth the bread «id /“^.r Hugo is never mtorriipted 

,,,, ■ ; , - moat ; the food which was not he causes ^hen^hug, and wdl sit comid^^^^ 

I luuH* an* I WO lar^c amt nuiiinoai  absorbed for hours, keeping Bteoilily on, 

ou.s balls bir pul li(5 eutei'laiiimeiits. m * « a l while ho is in tlie humor. Miss Brad- 

, ,, n ,, ,, , .,1 farmer was the first man, , , , * i i m 

Irentonllall.over llie College bn.ld- and all historic nobility rests on possess- ’"*‘®s only or a few hours daib’, 
n.g, has a stage, sliilm.g scenery, ole.. and use of land, 'fho farmer’s office hut devotes her life to aequiniig the 
and accommodates traveling tlicatri- ig precise and important, but you must technical knowledge necessary for so 
cal troupes. Dyciis' Hall in Dyens' „ot try to paint him in rose cxilors. You a writer, M her subjec^ is 
llloek,on -Main street, is used for halls, cannot make pretty compliments to fate ^^rKht out before pen is put to 

sni.pers, festivals, etc., for wl.ich it i. and gravitation, whose minister he is. P"f^- "-ntes with her blotting- 

" He represents the necessities. It isthe P“^ ““ her knee, comfortably e.iscoiised 

-Hf. •!. I). niammotl, beauty of the groat economy of the “ ‘he chair she loves, her copy very 

lumber dealing cslahlislimciit is world that makes his comclinoss. He clear aiid free from corrections, and has 

worthy of especial notice, us it isai bends to tho order of tho seasons, the always a good store of skeleton plots on 

Icadiiigitidiistry. weather, the soil and crops as the sails hand. Miss Ed({cwoit i s p an was to 

There is also a large steam llouring of the ship liend to the wind. He rep- "'"‘® “ skeleton, which she placed 

mill owned by liacoii & Dickinson, resents continuous hard labor year after her father, and then wrote am 

which is one of Ilic best in the com.- year and small gains. ,'’°‘h 

... CT . 1 *1 . 1 * Mrs. Opie wrote slowly, but with great 

I.'. He takes the pace ol seasons, plants . , „ , . • ■ . 

.1 . , , . mental effort, and invariably read her 

A large lolmcco warehouse own- and chomistry. Nature never hurnes ; , ... •. 

I 1 . 11 1 I /, 1 .ri   . 1 . i-i.i 1 , 1-..1 i, comixisitions to friends before commit- 

cd and controlled liv (’ol. 1 hos. I., atom by atom, little by little she ^ • . /ii. i .. .  . 

i  . . I ■ ..... ...1 i,. 1 rm. u ting them to print. Charlotte Brontes 

1 orter is ail iiuporlaiil Icatiirc of the achieves her work. The farmer ties “ . , ^ ■ n 

. ‘ 1 • „ , . 1 • it. manuscripts were first written in a smiill 

to nature, and acquires that 

. , t* I . wuu uou \n Auuu. xuv laimcl d uuava? 

and accommodates travel. ng tlicatri- important, but you must 

(cal troupes. Hall u. Dycus „„t try to paint him in rose cxilors. You 
lllock, on M a i II St reel, is used for halls, compliments to fate 

suppers, Icstivals, etc., lor wliich it is gjj,j gravitation, whose minister he is. 
well suited. ^ He represents the necessities. It isthe 

Mr. ,1. I). Kullicrford s mammoth beauty of the great economy of the 
lumber dealing cslahlislimciit is world that makes his comeliness. He 
worthy ot especial notice, as it isn bends to tho order of tho seasons, the 
I Icadiiigitidiistry. weather, the soil and crops as the sails 

I I here is also a large steam tloiiring of tbe ship liend to the wind. He rep- 

voluminous a writer, aqd her subject k 
clearly tliought out before pen is put to 
paper. She writes with her blotting- 
pad on her knee, comfortably enscoiised 
in tho chair she loves, her copy very 
clear and free from corrections, and has 

before her father, and then wrote and 
re-wrote it until both were satisfied. 
Mrs. Opie wrote slowly, but with great 
mental effort, and invariably read her 
comixisitions to friends before commit- 

rS01lT.ll AeniUCKiail. ' "'® " ■“ tirstwritten in a smidl 

OUUtU umself to nature, and a^uure. that book and then carefully copied, aoeord- 

. was sul.sequc.,lly cut out of a portion ‘ ■"’’’I "H'co is well kept l.y Esq. livelong patience which belongs only to 

I of ri.ristiau,ai.d Trenton’s l.islory be- H- Arnold, wl.o has for eight years her. He must wait for his crops to writeUttle and seldom, re-read- 

JlOPk’IVSJ'lLLE A' I’ '■nil"’ ''Iciitilled with Hie new i •'ccii Hie imigislrale ami peace con- 8ffw. . o j ing it from time to time and re-copyiiig 

nui ,y generations it was „ ' H -nalor of the town. In him the His entertamments, hn. ffiertiM and French writers, as a rule, devote 

On Tiicsdavs and Eridiivs. ; ipiicl little conntrv village, hnl when | niid .State both have a is s^n ngmus onaamers e ^^b morning to their labors, and take a 

: • the Evansville, lienderson Na,|.. i Inithfi.l «" 1 vmcient servant. There -»ot a merchant s. I were as false for boliday the rest of the day, somotime.i 

TTxrortr «?nhQfirinAr 'villc railroad, now a division of the j '"niliontlie railroad farmers to use a wholesale and massy tlieir work in tho oveuiug, and 

ll^very bUDSenOer, 'b„„i,,i||,^^j,-,,bvillclincs.wiislmilt n" li lB  n .l«ily ...u.l U. expense asforSutes to use mmnteeoon- ^y English writers have a 

AT  t0 A VFAP -I"""’ '■'Xtei"' '-cars ago it passed '"iles distant. ““J- strong predeliction for tho midnight oil. 

A I Xi Jk JjAJX , be sh.,.pv lit- fitoKKssioxu. ,1X1. sociAl,. He has great trusts Mufided to h^ Jowott recommends daily labors of short 

(ilVEX.V TICKET EltEE! Ho village hccan.c a wide-awake town ' 'I’lio town lias live physicians and “ toe great bouMfioW of natuM duration; and attention to diet and mica 

.Tlie followim: list of prci.iinnis, with progressive ideas and higlter as- 1’’"® '■‘■'A''’'- l l■••Iollll ti. Cliilcs, il.e ® “ worths eac^ loot Ris for “ ‘“'J® “ 

■-.uii.-..„..,..l ll.inilions. It now ), as ahoni a .score i" f°!. ’ “ . . .u.o controllmg power evon over tho inspira- 

Every Subscrioer, i 



(ilVEX .V TWKET EltEE! tie village hccanic a widc-awukc town ' 
r--*-. .Tlie followim: list of premiums , with [irogrcssivc ideas and liiglicr as- 1 
..iwill he distrlhutcd spiral ions. It now inis al.oni a score i 

..iwjll he distrilmted pmuions. mis ui.o.ii u .sco.c i him to soy if men shall marry or not 

.^’n*ltl)AV,()f'T()ltEU ITH. 18, 84, , 'I*' Imsiness l.onscs and ! j Early mLiages and the number of 

t , . , , * Itefonnda belter class of mcn'lianls ! ' -'“’I’l'- ll"''*-* l‘" ^ "‘“•’•i"' I'lm'ii- births are indissolnblv connected with 

Vl«Ul».t:i t*iti"i'rsno I*"|" Icillc. Dr. .1. S. Dickinson Dr (i A ^re inoissoluDiy oonnectea wiui 

J kSs' scmiiik M“  'iI'»’ . (IS and liadesmcn. llicj are clever, ac- . ’ i ',, ' . an abundance of food. The farmer is a 

^ iirsno 

* J Kmih ncuium Mucliint* , . 

i ILtiiMHl 'U uikHoIX* VVnifitn ... 

- ^ ' V‘ 4 Siimlnivliip tii UniU\Ulc * ol- 


6 Scl lIurufftH 

0 in'iil'i* 


J H Kaiiiily lUliU* . . 

i u (i«NMl Wlii-cMmrrow 

\ lOSltk lint 

.. II UoM IV 4 n«tl 

f lj(MH IVa 

f 13  Uvi'r IliitU-T IM4i . , 

  i J4 ■ — 

^5 1 iiihirUu 

Id siinr 4'tip 

i; NukU*-Plnti* ( { Im k 

IH Pair! iilT IhiltoiiH 

Ill Half llox ( (Kurt* 

JO Half ClKarii 

SI Kim* Hull 

SS llti\ Fn*iu’h ramly 

SU ‘iiii* IInKlcy 

S4 Klni* UliliiiK HrMlo 

\VMi)lilii):tuir' Ilnti’lM*! 

I . I . . M 1 1 lA I? ^ ' 1 1 f k t uuuiiuauup auo uumci » 

“jcommodaiing, . onrteons and polite, , ' . hoarded capital of health, as the farm is 

in, land as a nainral result they, almost I- '' ll•■^lm lU'c nil old and wcll-eslali- 1 j .^ggUb, and it is from him that tho 
* 1 , willioiil iin exception, do a (.rospcroiis ‘‘ulu'u pliysiciaiis, 1 rmiinent in 'hci ' | bgaith and power, moral and intelleotual, 
•5 and liicruHve Imsiness, piohssion. I)i. I'.. I. Unn\on ha-l cities come. Tbe city is always 

3 and Incralive Imsiness. I ss.. .., .u.ii.o.. p, the cities come. The city is always 

!!' iiiK niriiniKs. .jnst gi.n n.itcil l.oni the meilical de- ,ggc^itcd from the country, Themen 

» i There are in Hie town llvc.clinrchcs. ' cia.', of' sTwIs one ' o7c^^^ “ 

^ The white p p,ilation ownsand ^i.J ,g;,„ pi.p.p, ,n ,,„ m Lil^ driving-wheels of trade, and the women 

: ! tains thre.'-thc llaptist, .McHiodis, | ‘ ®f beauty ^d gemu^ the cluldren 

K ... , , I I lit i^ju I -I w.aM or a^i, 111 - and ffrandcliildren of the farmer, and ar^ 

* and ( Iil lMtlHIl, \vlllU* tllC* rnUiml 1 , 1 ., I,.:.,,,., .....n p 1 ,, 1 J . i.. u Ai. • J Ai. 

SI . , (lUMuoti. , util c-HK 'Util and is (Its- spondiug the energies which theufath- 

I»l(* liavo two— Uaptiwt aiMl Mellio(lisJ. I , mniniui.iif.u in n.s. t ^ i v# wj ♦ 

^ iintii 10 auaiii piomnitiitt* lii the org* hardy, silent life accumulated in 

» 1 hey all have good Innisosol wot- p,„|g,,i„„ ^g,,. (.pgty ,prfows. 

" sliip and each dcnonunation ha.s a ,|,g j,,. yg,„b.||, wlio He is a oontinnous benefactor. He 

.J good congregation made "!• ol Hie | ,„g,„bcr of the facnlly of the who digs a well, oonstmets a stone 
s |«opli in ain^ aijaiuitto tin tou n. 1 j||„i;inllo,i ici.m which Dr. ItUnyon foundation, plants an orohard, builds a 

tion of tho lien. Jules Simon, Carlyle, 

I Gladstone, Ruskiu and hosts of otlicrs 
; are early risers, and show by practice 
; their belief that tho morning hours, iu 
j which they are freshest and strongest, 

I both in mind and body, should bo do- 
voted to work. But the condition under 
which writers can produce their work 
' moat largely depends on constitution 
and personal feeling. Wliilo Victor 
Hugo could not bo distiurbed, Paul de 
Caasaguao will send forth shoot attiT 
sheet in the midst of tlio chattering of 
friends with tho same power of mental 
concentration as Sir Walter Scott, who 
appears to have written some of tho most 
vivid scenes in Ids novels, not only in 
the midst of overburdened anxieties, but 
amid distracting interruptions. Wldle 

lt..v Ml- \V!.il.l..|l Ih Iiiisim- of Hu- ... . . ‘ r I amid distracting mterrupuous. wimo 

ttpiuiclinrch t-v I’tllon Themis^’? ! 7 7,“ '®«- "ito.ainl durable house, reclaims a swamp, or so- 1 Q^betta writes with only a sheet of pa- 

. . I"'""''®'’ •'‘"‘•'tonly hhorlly utter he much as puts a stone seat by the way-’ litter of pamphlets. 

J of lli(! Mothoilif-l aiul Itpv. Mr. I-Hck- 
' ctl ot’tlip riirisliau. Tlie Ilapti.Hl *lc- i,j^ imnil 

has a Sn.nlay 

tlu* li-t nyMivuitU*  »vtfr wurlli uf VHlimbU* 
pvtn ft way tot.urp« 
Il'Ull'*. ^ ^ X 

^ , nrllrlg*. 


S4, plnn ofiUfiribuii 

. ... • * fiTlow«*«l lipr»*lof«rrf. *l 

School which meets cverv Sal.liatli 

whoilie.! .smblonly sliorlly after lie much as puts a stone seat by the way- j before him, no litter ol pamphlets, 
lind delivered the liii-c well aihlress to side, makes the land so far lovely and ’ apparent work of refuronco, 

liis jiupils, being apparently in tlie desirable, makes a fortune which he- il jbiers used to sit surrounded by 

enjoyment of iierfect liealHi. cannot carry away with him, but which ll books ; and Dumas keeps oliout him on 

The society of Treibon is equal to is useful to his country long after- j ^ writing table, with many pigeon-holes, 

the host in llto State. A large nniu: 'ward * * • | a store of all kind ol tempting paper— 

."j’iil.ts««ritmnuuu..u «Mii-..i,...ii.r....i, ;n.econ.n.nniiy, taken coM,^ tho State. A large nn up ward * * • 

"* liiw-alnding atid ker of wealthy men live in the town Wlio are the farmer’s servants ? Qeol- 
» ... .. . intdligpnt. ! , .. . .. ^ x... .. xi*. 

if *2.® ft 1 «Mir, pftWi in mlvunw*. himI 

'* M litii Now i«  (iur uilhtrtuhity logoi h| 

^ pn| ir HttTth doubli* ()(c*|irU'u t'linrgi‘ i hihI ii   TIIK KCliuoi.S. rouiltrv III 

IQirhuftti ovory one of Ui« valimltle , , . » . .1 . * 

• I immHoneiivftiiove. 1 lie iM’oulo tuKo griMit iM'hlc 111 their tocriiry an 

^Tiie UHl'TII KIAN 14 nnl»llnlu‘tl ' , , » i .• . 1 ... 

lA^ireii week mnl furiiii'hei* bM*«l i»ewn j bcIiooIb. A uiiiiiber ot v ears ugo woiiie . Kciilurkj 

and tliroiighoiit tho siirroiimling chemUtry, tho quarry of the* 

TiiK scimoi.s. I country and they ivprescnt the aris- oir, tlie water of thebrook,thelight- 

The iM'oiilc take great pri.le in their toeracy and ictineniciu of Southern “ing ol the cloud, the casting of the- 
Innils. A number of years ago some Kcnlui-ky. 'Tbe young gentlemen worms, the plow of tho frost. Long be— 

twii'en week mid rurmuheii 

N,.: • 

citizens of Trcn- are ‘’worlliy sons of noble sires” and lore he was bom the snn of ages decom-- . g^, many ol 

-ouri.iai. i.tiiiiiiiit im»im-« tins (,iiiiivi-.imi- bin and tlio vicinilv formed u joint i.osscss tlie triiesl and host instincts of toe rocks, mellowed his land, ^orld. 

! sioi-k comi.unv and Imill un cx.-clicnl a Kenliickv gentleman— courage, b®®’'®^ "’'to light and heat, covered it- j 

,„mi..- brick honscfo’rsdnK,lpnrposcs. Verv courtesy and'congcnialilv. Thevonng ^itii vegetable ffim then with for^to, ^ A Polish period 

*®' «®'« ' «' ®  '®®'‘ ®""- btoicH life as lovely, accomplished, ^ 1 Bccumula^ toe sphagrum whose- among its contnbu 

«.-i.tti.v will re- bi, -ted in lids building .since its erec- cnitnred and bewitching ns can be ^®®Bys m ade the peat of his me adow. , enunent exiles who 
ri*i\p jiriHiiid mtcHilon and m*pi|dn jhhI lick* ® ■•“•o ^ frnm their native cc 

rlHwIll Ik* forwanItMi mk»ii rm*l|d of the (tub- : lion. . fouml any\vlit‘rc. ABU natural COU- WtJAwvRii hv word or month or hv*» x- • xi • 

m riMtu.ii prlt’t*. . ampu*(* tn*u ( all unurud - 1 . • i. . WhOkvrr, ny worn or moiun, or oy . p^tiou in the uiHuri 

MEACHAM X w.L Qua • I WO i curs Bgo Ihc Legislature ol se(|uence society is unusually pie, asaiil ghrug of eyebrow, ot by expressive si- published son 

Htpki«°iu!' K,. ! 'be Stale conferred on the Insliln- and gay in and ahont Trenton and lence, or by stroke of pen, endeavors to- ! 

’ „ I *'®'‘ ® liberal college cliacler. llie tlie delightful b:dU given tVnm time give n false and injurious impression re-- i .be m. 

/^TT'D T/~\ D rMT'TT'TrXTT' ' ....ii' i i..., ... .... , . .. presBlon 01 me mi 

j' deeming notliing so appetizing as fine 
' paper. Bardou sits at a largo flat table 
as does Carlyle, with a reading easel 
near at hand ; and Wilkie Collins uses 
the same massive table whence Dickens 
' sent so many of his works into the 

-.-aOUR job office ;c«i!kc 

ith vegetable film, then with forests, A Polish periodical, which numbers 
id accumulated the sphagrum whose, among its contributors some of the most 
icays made the peat of bis meadow. , eminent exiles who owe tbeir banishment 

  from their native country to their partici- 

•Whorvrr, by word or mouth, or by- j pgtig^ tho iusurreotiou of 1863-’4, 1ms 
irug of eyebrow, ot by expressive si-- j jugt published some interesting statis- 
nce, or by stroke of pen, endeavors to- j connected with the merciless re- 
ive a false and injurious impression re-- j pjeggion of the movement in the Czar’s 

SSIND FOE SAlfPLE COPY. liuipiU. The prospects of the school tucky ami few places in the Stale of- j controversy.— Zymon A66ot 

or to other outlying 
Russian empire. 

The Trep Export. 



What to Buy and Where You Can 
Get It. 

J, D. lirTlIEKKOKU. 

n (ion llu'V liavt, a Iai- {c ami daily in- In all llial iioi'luiiis to ihf l,iisim .' s lie  ;unlleinaii in tliisdi'| ai'linrnt i.flnnle wliiidi is IVII liy rvvi-y slraujji i' williin 

I, creasing' Iradc, besides enjoying' a Inis a llioron;tli knowleiljfe and lie IVoin the very I'aet Unit lie is a luae- its ^rii(,,s. wliib- (lie fare sol before llio 

_ hnndsonio loeal iiatrona-fe. The uses it to the best advantaj'e. Ilis ih-al nieebanie hiniselfand has noth- imlrons isthe best the market allbrils. 

meinhers of the linn are entorinisinj; shelves are tilled with all the druos no hat first elass eoods. lleisoern- The oeeasional visitor to Trenton, as 

_ and honorable business men, and it essential in a house of this kind and pyino a 2 story frame sirnelure 18 x well as those who arrive here hy 

gives us extretne ideasure to aeeord their absolute purity is warranted. In tiO feet whieh is well tilled with hand- train, will lii.d sueh aeeommodations 

them this short spaec in these eol- the department devoted to proprietary some bedroom and | arlur furniture, at the I lord hotel as are not otfered 

limits ns Irentoii s most prominent medieines those whieh have proven and the priees asked for it are indeed by any other house in town. 

nianufaeturing concern. the most etlicacious and secured the very low. Mr. McGuire is the only our friends try it and be convinced. 

□ENTEr'bROS ” widest popularity and sale, are always exclusive furniture dealer and iiii- It is located on Main street. 

bXiiX iaa a wa. to be found at mannfactnrerV prices, dertaker in the city of Trenton, ami omtinTinVnft 

No house can make a liner display of if yon would liave your homemade S. E. STEGER & CO. 

* ’ _ toilet articles, siicli ns line soaps, to look chcerfiiL and pretty, just call . 

In l8i0 Center llros. emliarked in tooth and nail hrushes, etc., and these on or address Mr. T. .McGuire, Tren- 'I'his house has been in operation 
the business, as is indicated by the are ollered at iirices us low as the i„ii Ky., and let him lit you out, 

head lines of this article, compara- lowest. This house for 2 years past a hich he Avill do handsoniely and oiie year, and is enjoying 

lively speaking with but a few earn- was run under the llrni iianie of Cab- very reasonably. ’ a hand.some local patronage. They 


IHtV («( 01)S. 

I't Center llros. emliarked in tooth and nail hrushes, etc., and these 

A VISIT TO \xii Tiiiiouuii THIS Ki.K- •*** indicated by the are ollered at prices us low as the 

0ANT,.KNTi.KMA.N'swAUEti00Ms ’ '“'■‘“I ‘•'i'* lifticle, coiiipara- lowest. This house for 2 years past 

AM, I.I-MIIEU YAIIIIS. Uvel.v speukiiig willi blit u fcw earn- was run under the llrni iianie of Cab- 

ed dollars, lleing possessed of tact aiiiss& Dickinson hut on the lilli of 

A MAM.MOTIl ESTAllLlSlIMKXT ‘‘"'i '"ntiness iiualilicalions, ot- last Februarv, .Mr. Dickinson with- 
in notudn-Mlic historv of Trenton nothingbut ,irew and the business is now con- 

, ' gennineiirticles,aiid by close attention ducted bv Mr. .1. Y. ('abaniss .liini- 


In noticing the history of Treiiton 
at the present day, no one deserves 

M. I,. .s('(ivn.i.. 


'I'liis iioiise has been in operation 
under the lirni name of S. K. .Steger 
& Co. for one year, and is enjoying 
a hand.some local patronage. 'I'hey 
have a large slock of everything 
which goes to make up what you 
would term a generaUtorc, consisting 
of dry goods, fancy groceries, etc., and 

i’ ' .1 \ 1 - to business and low prices, they stand self, who has hud an experience of 8 Mf. Scovill oiiencd last November their store is the headi|narlcrs for 

tmtct o ^ laii I it su ijtet in the front rank of Trenton's years, and whose accuracy for com- it" t*ln’p in Trenton and it is the spoiTsmcn and they haye everything 

rt . . • . . I . . /♦ . I • » • — * ■ - - - t .-s, ft at. t u I ai f it»l « 

of this article. Anatveofthis place, best and most snbslantial merchants, pounding pawriptioi-s can not 
a true Kentucki gcntlcniaii ot .k, with a trade extending all over this aisputed. in addition to this he 

only one ot the kind that does all nientionahic in the llshiiig-lackle 

years, and one of the best busiiicss 
men of this coiiiitry. We were first 
shown through his store room, sitiui- 

In addition to this he car- work in good 

section of country. Their stock of i-ie.s a full line of fancy groceries. t** local, and he makes rooting ing are 22x7,'i feel, and it 

The dimenisons of this hiiild- 

conlnins a 

goods emlmiccs everything pertain- 
ing to this brunch of from a 

'I'liis is the leading drug house in *’* 
Trenton and we lake great pleasure 

pouting of iron or tin a specially, handsome stock of the above line of 

. , fr • 1 1 1 1* 1 •• ; AiL-iiMfii (iMti ff V laivi: uivai i 

tod oil Mum street, wiicro we found ....t . . . 

. 1 ,1 • 1 . n'e tent Ian to li.indHomi silk l at- 1 ,|, ,.„||,|„,,||d,njr yii._ (••dimnss 

.4 ,, . 1 • *•» •AHiiim'iiuiii;' .fir, v aiiaiiiifi) tlllil lli.s I 

the tioor ‘a’oaiuny: under (he wemht ,,,,.1 .......i mi , 

.. .,1 tein, and which lhe  have inaikeil pure drugs to all les rug any- 

ot paints, onrt.bmlder 8 hardware, ele. . 1 . ♦!»« 'rn.iv ....... . . . 

’ / . , .1 Io\^e^t notch. Mif  thin« in hi.s line. Ibyseripthnis care- 

AVe were then nsliered across the .. Hm. «im,w a. ,, 1 1 , , 1 1 . , 

, , 1 , m.iKL ii 8pen.iii\ ui nuut.s nni tullv componnded hotliilav and nmhi. 

street to Ids larj^e lumber varil, where I .,,,, 1 r..». «i..» iiifina i . ?. 

o • • .imt ate .\gcnls toi the Aew llomc l^ll,„.di.,-spronii,tlyallendcdtoeith- 

we could scarcely hnd room to wend ^^,.1,1,,,.. The new hrick m, m..,,,,. 

onr way Ihroiigh, being tilled with building occupied by this energetic Ly ji iyiiard is the chief condiiclor 
rough lumber, cedar posts, shing e. ,i,,„. ^ .^82 !cct and one .'bb i /b nm^ 
and every kind of liinibcr pertaining „r,i„. i,.i...o , io,.i.-. „r .r„o,i. o,..c to | 

t.f II Oi'ut .In - Inmlwif ''**** *^^ ^»* ^"*^‘*’* '*‘*" **’ i ulcrt looklllj^ tO iho WUIltS ot* lUS Cl|; - 

to a tiiHt-ilabs Imnbu jaid, , town, and ihev are ilailv reeeivin'f i. 

tern, and which they liave marked pure drugs to all desiring any- All he wants i» a trial to business, docs 

down to the lowest notch. They fbio.f in l.i» line. I l"'ove his workmanshiii. Misprices biiuse and act 

All repairing attended to promptly. , j,„„ds. .Mr. (’.It. Itnihcrior.l. who 
lie is too I, ell-knoM II to make am has had till years experience in this 

coiniiieiiis. .XII lie wains I, a iriai 10 business, docs tli.i bnyliig for the 
(town to me lowest notcli. niey | thing in his line. I’lvscriplioiis care- 'vorkinanshiii. Misprices bouse and acts m the capacity of 

make a specially of ladies line shoes | b„il,dav and night. ‘‘■‘‘■'“'“"'''l’- And he guarantees snpcrinteudeiil. Aniniuni- 

and are Agents for the New 1 Ionic | orders promptly atleiuTed to eith- Dive him a tion a specially. IVe commend this 

Sewing Machine. The new I'fiek ’ m,.. |ii.„, y H ial and be convinced for yourself. firm to the trade at large, 

trom his mills which are situated ■ ! | new goods, of the latest spring jiat- 
Greenbrier, Tenii.. where lie owns a ,„e,„ber.s comprising this 

large tract of timbered hind and owns 

and operates Ins own mtlls. both tor well-know,, 

I alert looking to the wants of his ciis- 
I tonier.s. 


l ltKSM T i lirssKI.I.. 

lumber and laths. Our next visit was 
to ids mummolh w arehoiia- situated 
in the midst of the lumber yard. 

to the trade as fair and siiuare deal- In calling attention to the many 


t'ol. Thomas I,. I'orler, laic Colonel 
of the Governor's stall', has one of the 
most convenient tobacco houses in this 
end of the Slate for handling strips | 
and leaf toliacco. it is a large tliri-e- 
storv frame building large enough to 

Mr. .Ia.s. G. Center, has a Wide- branches of industry of Trento, i in ■  H" 

in ine miusi o. me iiinioer varu, .j,,,,.,,! reputation as being the best thcsecolumns none stand more prom- very la^ 

which wfitoundtil edioits utmost. ,,,, a i.ient than the well-known house of "ml •'-■"‘W IHinnds. He ,i„„. 

with ending, moulding, base-, doors, j,,. (-i.osnut & linssell. who have been emi.loymen to a number ot 

.sash, blinds, etc. The ne.xt visit was i,,;, anv arliele in the dry gmals de- eonnected in this line of trade for a ‘T.''*' adjoining conn- 

lo his wareroom situated near the ,,artnie«t. we commend the house of period ot 2 years and are well and fa- “" 1 ■"‘"••|,ies. Ilccariie, oneofthe large-, ami 

deiiot. whet-ewe were unable to obtain vorably known throughout this and "e handles Ids tobacco on the , assorted stocks of groceries i„ 

admittance, it having recently been the full value for the nmnev invested, adjoining counties for their upright ‘""U'utuantees every hiig- ; embracing 

tilled with cementand fresh lime di- -pbey make a spcciallv of Ziegler and and honorable dealings. The large 'l•t•••ebn■e ■ 

reetly from Louisx ille and his kiln at -p. jiHea & .Sons’ boots and shoes both and coininodions Imildiiig occupied •'lui • e in gi tting tiip ljt *i’*- implements, at c |ual to this of aiiv 

Krill, Ten,,. In addition to this gen- forbidiesandgentlemen’s wear, whieh I'.v this enterprising tin,, is well M '- 1 "ttvt'tfvt.s l„s l-H'«-' l"t".v ! |,.mse in or ar.iniui T...ld c.iunty, an.T 

tlenian’s extensive business, lie is a ,,a„ i,,. e^,.,.,|^,,i .lurabilitv. adapted to the for w hich it Gie is o,n-  .f's he-t incrchu 



The next lioii'c we entered was 
that of \V. I’. (Qualls. Merewc foniid 
everthiiig which goes to iiiaki- iip a 
lirst class house of this kind, 'i'liis 
gcniicnian hiis been engaged in Hus 
branch of industry for the past 2 
years, and since th: t lime he has 

dry goods counter. To those desir- Chesniit & linssell. who have been 
ing any article ill the dry gmals de- eonnected in this line of trade for a 

, 1. Miles iV 8io, IS boots and shoes both "'i 
•.nil, U-nn. In addition to tins gen- forhuliesandgentlemen’s wear, whieh !•  
lenian s extensive business, lie ,s a ,„l 

tilled with cementand fresh lime di- 
rectly from Louisville and his kiln at 
Krill, Tenn. In addition to this gen- 
tlcnian’s extensive business, lie is a 
general contractor. Having advant- 
age of timber from the stump, ho 
builds from foundation to comb. 
Those eontomplating building make a 
note of this. 


gives employment to a number ot p^jn 

hands, is III tull blast and is rapidly , „,i, ...ij.,;,,; 

pr,/.,„g and putting it on the Ilccariie, oneofthe large-l ami 

I nir« i«itn r III i N ill I IIU 

lu-a.l to come up to sample, therefore ; Hardware and I'armiug 

has no trouble in top l-n.-es. ! 

Mr. l-oilergcts his tobacco in incpally 1 j,, 

tVom srrtioii uVrouiiU v anil 

he is one of 'l'reiHon*8 lie-*i imTi huiiI , 

XU«a IIW 17V V.V'VMVai 1V»» ..a»axaa»» , . , ••• 

Try them and be convinced for your-  ■* "sed, and is slocked with one of ''".v*''!-' *ioni his neigh-, i„ ),j, „^,.i,.„it„,.ni impi,. 


Illiv (iOOIIS AM) (ilKH ElilES. 

tlieliiicst seleclionsof groceries, hard- 
ware, i|iieenswarc, glassware and a 

hors froni the fact he pays fair prices 
and all the contract calls for. Mr.' 

makes a specialise of the celebrated 
Oliver Chilh'd I’low and Ihirlev's 

loniplele line of agricultural iniple- • I Putciil Marrow. .Mr. Ijiialls i 

ments. of which thev make a special- 'vl"» arries the business | 

ly, ever 1 ronght to'lhis cUy. They «•  i" pvi'fcet oi-der ; as every part ofa 

He represents the following insur- l„ OcIoIk-i- 1879 Mr. G. A. Talley handle the celebrated -‘Old Iliekory" " M'''.' 

ance companies, which are too well- t-oinmciiced the niprcanlile business wagon and the lluckeye ninchinery, '.'c | ' 

known to rciiuire eoninient fro.ii us. iicu in selling dry giaids and grocer- enibi-acing binders, mowers and reap- " * ^ 

We submit tlieiii to you. Hie North ms in a small way, and being lais- ers which they receive by the car- 

A\ e.stcrn National, 'Western Assnr- sessed of a vast amonnt of energy load. Ily their close atlenlion to bus- ROBERT RU 

ance, London Assurance, anil the Lou- .,n(l go-ahoadativeness, it was but a iness. politeness to customers, pure 

isville Underwriters, ( all on this short lime until he became a leading goods and chi-apness in price they lutviiiMiiisi' 

gentlenian and obtain a low rate in a pgiu in eonitnercial circles. Ily his have built up a trade which extends , 

lli-st-elass insuranec company. Mr. dcvoiion to his Iraile. prompim-ss in throughout this and adjoining conn- 

Itiitlicrford has been engaged in the gyp,.y dealing and olferiiig nothing ties, and wherever their goods have   i.  as a.( n 

above business since 1878. It will not i)ut Xo. 1 gmals to his custoniers, lieen iiitnidiiced they have given en- ' ' 

be out ot place to mention that this im has succeeded in building up an tin- satisfaction. This is therepre- ')*'**'*’,, **.* 

gcntlcinan is Notary Public, and miviable reputation throughout Tmld sentative house in this branc!i of 

Deputy county clerk. 11 you wish county. The building occupied by trade, and wo would advise onr far- il*'"!".'.', '.’/"x* * ' 

honorable and siiuare deaUiig, call on tids gentleman is a eommodious frame niers and the public generally, when 

or address .Tames D. nuthertord, gtriietiire. well adapted to thepiir- wanting auvihing in this line to call .' ®'*' -Jk" 

1 ixiiiuii, IV} . for which It is used, and is well on Messrs. ( hesnnt »v linssell before ,, , . 

TiiETRENTOV XIILL.S stocked With the latest st vie dix-ss purchasing elsewhere. Mr. .lohn . ^ . . 

vonnwnocames,m-inisine.s|„,„, ,hvo,ahly known and enjoys a 
rtcct oixlcr ; as every part ol a iiamisonic share of the patronage of 

machine has a sp, . cilled work t.i do. so 1,1 

It IS III this estahlishnienl. Us iheiv Is I, . , • f . ' 

, , , . , , . 'this gentleman are (resh and pure 

elock work exarl ness ill everv depart • I , , , .... 

and the prices asked lor them are 

' - within the reach of all. and we lake 

iBERT RUTHERFORD. ''""""‘■'i‘Hiig in 

this issue of the Tiiexton Kxi-oxfxt 

Y AM. 01 , 0 . EIIIK.S. •'''■• '‘"'k'' »"   

. . .... .... • M'IiTIIm! htlM-k of »ihmU 1 o IIm* 

tutlifi-lonl. Uii; hUbjiNl ol II1I81 , xt it 1. xi a.i 

, , ., ..... timli' nl lar;*!', Mr. II. II. Mu( Iicmiuv 

Iius iilrnllliril Willi llir . . , 

. . , , , .. IS Ills rin k iiml rvri* rojulv to \v:iil 

viul worlil lor a iiuml»*i “I , ii|miii ^ ou. .Ml ortlrr** |noiii|iilv al- 
having la-en eonnectisl for a ' f„, „„.i |,.||,.,-s of impiirv aii- 

newilh a notion house of , 
lie, tinder Hie linn name of 


IIIIY OlHIIISAMI 01,01 E lit K.s. 

Ml'. Itntherfoi'd. the snhjeiT of this 
sketch, has lM.-en idenlilied will, the 
eommereiul worlil for ii iiiiinher of 


storked witli the latest style dix-ss pnrclmsing elsewhere. Mr. .lolin 
goods, fancy and staple grm-eries and W'. .\rriiigton docs the Iinyiiig for this 
small liardwurc, and the manner in i-stahlisliiiient, a iiusiness in whieh 

long time will, a notion house of , .wered. Go and see liini. ami he 
l/misville, under Hie linn name of 

Kntlierford & Williiinis. A few ' 

years ago he n-moved to Treiilon and . A LOVE OF A BONNET. 

emharked in the dry goods hiisini-ss. i 

He has nil . i' gaiit store lionse, iiieas- If then- is any one tiling winch Ihciiv- 
nring 22x8(1 feel, ill which is a large crage siiocinicn of femininity adores, 
and earefnlly .selected stock of dry jit is found iiiii|iicstioiiahly in theshow 

mcKiNSOX .1 n.uox. u.v, cm. ...V , a ss p.„,. g l„, jg „f- wiiidow of Hic iiiilliiicr. .S.iiiiircaftcr 

Treu‘ 0 . 1 , Kv., can boast of as com- wl.ieh they are put niam the shelves he lias gained a wide-spiea. fe,i„g|o the cili/.e„sof Todd conniv ls.,„are will she walk, seeking some- 

plelc and llnely cciuippcd a nour counters cannot help hut ,,t- ton for Ins shrewdness, ,ind close at- ^ •ucinrer’s priees. Adjoining , tiling new and yet away dis- 

mili as can he found aiiyxvherc in H-aet the e  e ol the passci-,\. Ills uitioii o t ic   ai   iiiai 'els. il i (|,jg p,|j|,|j„jj i,,, .,igo i^s a line brick | satisfie I ; at Idiisli apiM-ars 
tlic eouiitry, and Messrs. Diekiiisuii '*-’■) exteiisne loia one liis eageexe seainiiiig I le mai -cts |,„„gg^ where In- can uccommodiitc to lie a liargaiii, crops out as worth- 

plelc and’llneiv cciuippcd a tlour / "t tion for Ids shrewdness, ,,ud close at- ^ -uciurer’s priees. Adjoining tliii.g i.i-w and vet . 

milias can he 'found anyxvherc in H-aet the eye of the passcr-hy. IDs lentum o the daily markets. Mill, „,ig ,,„i,ai„g im „lso has a fine hrirk | satisfied : ,',l lirs 

These gcuHcmcu have been engaged alert looking to ll.e wants of bis cus- bouses elmck full. Tlmir motto is: 
ill the business liere since 18711. I'or 

five weeks past tile, mill lias been nil- i?eiierally could do no better tiian by Tliis hotel for the past 12 moiiilis her eiistumers Hie full value of llieir 

del-going repairs both in Hie ma- calling on G. sY 1 alley when in need THE FURNITURE TRADE. lias been under the supervision of money. Slie lias alroady a large 

ehiiiery and building, aiidjiow i^s of articles in bis line. It is no trouble Mr. D. S. Hord and siiirc ids roniier- stis-k of Hie latest spring styles and 

in full blast witli 4 wlieat and mid- to sliow goods, wIicHicr um buy or a i-eei- istot. M eiiniiK's waiieikmims. tioii witli il, it lias taken tin; lead, is daily receiving goods and adding 
dlingaiid one corn burr, 5 rollers and I In Hiis issue of Hie Trextox Kx- and stands to-day the leading liotel to tin; liundsome stork now on Hu- 

ll. s. 1101 , 1 ), I'lioi'. 

an’.s establislimenl, lias the facilities 
lor duplicating any article oll'eicd l y 
liny one in 'I'renlon and gives to 

five weeks past tin-, mill lias been nii- 
dcrgoiiig repairs both in the nia- 
ehinery and building, aiidjiow i^s 

dliiigaiid one eorii burr, 5 rollers and In Hiis issue of Hie Trextox Kx- and stands to-day the leading liotel to tin; liundsome stork now on Hie 

a new centrifugal machine. Theca- mtTti -pi-DTm oitj a tx-p i-oxext, wc desire to call tlie atten- of Trenton, where the weary leave- slielves. The ladies should l,y nil 

jiacltyof this mill is one liiindred THE DRUG TRADE. tionofllio numerous readers of Hiis ler can lliid sweet and pi-aeeful rest, means call on Miss .Met’owan at tlio- 

bai'rcls every 24 hours, and is pro- .section of country to a house xvlicru Tlie rooms ai-e large and well veiilila- above named emporium lieforc pur- power engine. .i. v. cahaxiss. tlicy can purchase Hiebest and elieap- ted. It is not alone in meals that cliasiiig elsewhere. 

Tlie building is 3 stories and abase- Tliccommodious, iiaml.somcly litted csl goods.  tr. T. McGuii-o lias been .Mr. Hord excels. Ids lieds, as we _ 

inuiit, and is couveiiiently located drug store of .lames Y. Cabaiiiss on engaged in tlio furniture trade licrc liave reason to know, being lirst- Little 1‘liil Diekiiisoii was the ecu- 

near the railroad. They sliip their Main street, is unquestionably Hie for a period of 32 years, and lias gained class in every respect and Hic Hord te’i' ol attrurlion at the oyster supper 

^ manufacture soutli in xvlileh dirce- leading liouse of Hie kind in Treuton. the reputation of being tlie leading liotel preserves an air of ehcerfulm.-ss I'riday iiiglit. 

. 1 . v. cahaxiss. 


TltKNTOX, KY., MAUril, l«SI. 

ladies' COLUiiN. 


A\'. .1. Cliilos’ |iool room i.iii“Klo- 

Iluy VostV iircscripiioii oioar. Tlicy 
ui'(5 daisies. 



I’assiii^iqi Alain Klm t in Tioiiioii 
ill scarrli of ilmiis for llm 'I'liKX'ifiN 
ICxroxKXT, otir alteiillon was al- 

A siioirr sKKirii or a sr.i.r maok 


. I Air. A. .1. (Jeiilrr. of Fort Worlli 
I 'IVxas, is visitiiij; friends iimr rela- 
tives lieio, lint expei'ls only to re-' 
main a few days, as he leaves for 

Miss Ida Diiersoiiis visiiliiK rela- |,j^ 
lives ill Teiiiiesseo. ^ ^ 

Aliss (iatewood, of Karliiin'toii, Ky. da\ 
is visiliii ( the family of Air. C. H 
Criitelilleld. ^ 

Cole Diekiiisoii, (liaiidsjiiie) is on '' wni ot Air. .1. AV 

ICxroxKXT, onr altenlioii was al- ji|._ Ware, one of the most ' inn’i'liase his kin iiip: 

traeled hy the eleh'iiiit pool and sain- extensive dealers in live stock in Todd ' ofelothino for mammoth 

“ I eoiinty, has his home in thesiiburlisof : I'orlli At'oi th. 

U; roil ami weru luot by ilr. W, H* Trouton. Uih rosiiloucc i.s one of the 1 bore seems to bt; attractioirs here 

^lissXaimie llvars spent Satimluv , 

iiinl Snmlav with her fneml, Miss • * 

Annie Diekinson. nnniher of professional calls. 

Mi'S. .1. F. Criiiik visited friends .las. AV. Chesnnt and L. II. Arne 
and relatives in ISprinoileld, Tenn., attended the show Thursday niKht. 
hint week, ,, ,, ^ 

\' I i  1 • « I M»i Kdwanlsj tlio a^ent, and after ex* niost ina‘’'nili(*ent striietnres in ^I'odd 

\ankec Hoblir^onH show Tbui - ... !, ... mo. 1 Mim.Lmehiu iinm 

ibiv iil.rlit ivisi *1 mux.noc pbuiuii},^ tlic objool ol Otir visit wci’c coniily and linKslied a few yeurH 

giveti the ilesired iiilornialioii. tins ago, af a eost of JfS.OOO. It is hnilt on 

(i. Cross Wood speaks of studying liottse was opened 1 niontlis ago and is dn. (iothie style with mansard roof 

for the minisirv. stoeked with lliohestbrandsof wines, and eostly linisli. The entire lioitse 

most iiiagnilieent stnieUires in Todd *'**' *“"*  seems to stay Ili/ni'S 

eoiintv and wui tinished a few years ■ ' losely. 

.go, a. a eosi .n ,to,oov. x., .s o on 

lie l.otiiie style with mansard I'oot h(.j,( im y spring goods to 

iiid .'ostly linisli. The entire lioiise ilin inercliaiils. 

(iartli, after a protraeled visit of two 
weeks to friends in Henderson, re- 

turned liomu Friday, iiineh to the H ird s Hotel. I). 8. Ilordistlie“l(oss. ’ 

r tlic ministry. stoeked with lliohestlirand.sof wines, and .'ostly linisli. The entire lioiise llin inercliaiils. 

Dr. F. .1. Iliinyon lias made (|iiitc a Inpiois. eigais and tobacco. In the tiirnished in llie most elegant 

niiher of professional calls.  '!' «'■ ^tyle. It is surronnded hy UlO acres HU P I IP ! H [QT R 1 1 Q II MT 

‘-•Hiii't I'onl '■‘ 0111 and lliose desiring to of line laml which i.ossesses all Hie 1 1 |\ nr \ U InUN 

.las. AV. Cliesnnt and L. H. Arnold while away tlieir leisure lionrs, in a iniprovenienis nv'eessary for stock ^ I ILU I MUI mil I | 

tended tlio show Tlinrsdayniglit. .piiet and genlleniaiily maniier, and Air. Ware’ lakes great j .1. C. DVCl'S IVopriotor 

1 st week. I issue tlio Tiikntox 'vlien tlie. come to I rcntoii, pndu hi Ids line stock. He has npon i _ KFNTCcrV 

Alisses I.ydia Lockett and Klla [ Kxconkxt looms np remarkalily. call on Hie Silver King. Air. K. is premises two lisli ]ioiids stoeked | “ • \ . 

eliiefeoiidiictorheliiinl Hic f"' witli troiil and cai|i.; lisli weigliingi OyS^GIS and Game ill SeaSOll. 

If yon wish a lirsl-class meal, try will always greet you willi a •‘smile.” four to eiglit pounds are Ire-! !; „ 


I .1. C. DA’Cl'.S, rropriotor, 

If yon wish a lirsl-class meal, try will always greet you willi a “smile.” fpo 

salisfaelioii of tlieir many friends .lin 

here. niovi 

In the alisence of .Miss .lennio Cali- ville. 

aniss, Aliss Xaiinie Alelinire presided j 

al the organ at the ilaiitist eliureli . 
... * Slgllt 



.Indge K. L. AleCnirc spealis of 
moving Ills lieadquarters to Adair- 


ipieiiHy caught from these ponds. \ 
llesides Hiis farm Air. Ware also owns i 
ahonl 700 acres of land in the eounly. | 
He was horn in Cliristian countv 57 

Aliss .Vnnie Tandy, who is in atten- 
dance at selimd at Clarksville, Tenn., 
spent Saturday and Sunday at Inline. 

After a severe spell of measles Aliss 
Katie Wilson liad so fully recovered 
as to tie aide to atleinl Hie •‘oyster 
slipper" Friday iiiglit. Tlie measles 
did no Iiig tiling after all as site is as 
pretty as ever. 

Aliss Xora Carlli is visiting friends 
at lladeiisville, niucli to the displeas- 
ure of one of onr enterprising grocery- 

Aliss Mary Langford, wlio is in at- 
tendance at scliool liere, visited her 
parents in Tenn., last week. 

Aliss Staple (iatewooil came home 
Friday, ninch totheonjoyinenlofher 
many friends here, after a ten days' 
visit to tile family of Col.,lolin II. At- 
kinson, of Karliiigtoii, Ky. 

I’l.KA.S.VM' AFrAIIl. 

Vine. 1,1 writing np Hie liistory of Trcii- " 

Lille .linimlc Center “took in” the t"" we eonld not well eoniplele it ng"  '''t ''' 'Vi!d to Treiilon in liis 

sights at the ovster fciipper Friduv wiHiont a notice of onr esteemed and ‘•■i'l’ly "  at»v.v wiicrc lie lias suite re- 
■ ■ worthy friend, Mr. .lolin C. l)iekin-h"^'‘' - He engaged in merehaiilile 

Meals Served on Short 


W. L. Carth, of llolivar eonnty, 
Miss., is visiting friends and rela- 

son. One month ago lie lioiiglil out i business from 18411 to 1855,siiiee wbieli 
Hie liven- staliles of .lolin II. ' Wood I 

and Is now Hie sole owner of Hio liesf j i" 1«'H to Aliss Lizzie (iarlli, j 

livery and onlv training staliles in !"* *' dd eoiinlj . Air. \\ are is a lead- 1 
lilt., o.n„n. „r .,i...- Holing citizen of Trenton and a useful i 

I livery and only training stables in - ■‘I'ims a lea.i - 1 

ivered * ' *'• “I AIul-,tliis whole section of country. Hej*“o citizen ol Ircnton and a usctiilj 

ovster '"'H"'  t'amc liandics tlie (inecn City lias made a Hiorongli ovcrliaiiling of j 'I't' ‘'‘"'"""'•‘t.' and no skelclr 

.,.’,.^ 1 ,.., sewing macliiiie. bulb Hie ohl liiiildiiigs and Hiev now |“f tint town would lie eonipletc willi- 1 

Itobt. II. .Moody, will be in Hie I'l'esent a new a-pect. He lias se- a rele rencc toj^ii^ 

ring Ibis leasoii.represenliiigtlieeelc- ‘•"'•‘■ 1 Hie services of Hie eelebrated JAS. L. GLASCOCK. 

liraled ‘•Dceriiig Hinder.” trainer, Alex Odom, who is very fa- | 

Henry W. Cliiles better known as "“oi"'.'- k"‘ w.i for Hie cxeellent man- s.viini.KiiY anii n.viixKss. 

rude Dick, is a candidate for iiiatri- V’t 

nioiiv and is canvassing sontliern «- -l   ‘‘‘''css 's sonictliing ilia tcat.i- 

Clirisiian conniy closelv lincsf slock that ever a vcbicle fol- sters as well as tanners «ant, and 

,, ■ lowed or a rein was Hirown over, and genuine urlieles can be 

Henry H. randy, of Colfax Co., n„. be makes are very tea- : i'a‘1 D wliat they desire to know, and 

New Alexieo proiinetoroflliu ‘-Ky” so„ap|,,, (’„,„nieirial men and the ••‘-‘'“••tit “f ‘be readers of Hie 

brand ot eatile, is visiting Ins Iriend traveling public in general, when you Tiien ion Kxi-o.nent Ihr.ingliont 

. 0.11 . ooi . visit Trenton eillier on pleasure or vonniy, we wish to cull your at- 1 

Air. .1. F. ('rnnk the ctticiciit Hail- hnsiness, call on .lolin C. Diekinson Icnlion to tlie saddle and liarness es- i 
road and Kxpress Agent at this iioiiit and he will wait on von witli one i bdilishmenl of Mr. Glascock opened 

nioiiy and is canvassing sontliern 
Cliristian eonniy closely. 

Henry 1*. Tandy, of Colfax Co., 
.Xew Alexieo, pro]irietor of the ‘‘Ky” 
lirand of cattle, is visiting his friend 
.lulni H. Wood. 


'I'o gel a good article in saddicrv 

road and Kxpress Agent at Ihisiioint 
is one of the best employes of the L. 
& X. Co., on tlie line. 

City Transfer 

m rm; com 

Haulingund Transferring attendi-d to 

On Short Notice. 





of tlie linest and host rigs that it has i “ short while ago as he is | D A PflM Q 

over been voiir itood fortune to lie ! ‘'•^‘■Insivo dealer in lliis line ot trade, i DA\yU Is Ul v l\l I s OL/I s. 

.loliii H. Fox, known as “Doc" says 

The oyster slipper given by the la- when yon wish an easysliuveas good 
diesof tlie Aletliodisl elinreh la-t Fri- as a liarlier ever gave &c. &e. call 
day niglil was well attended, and tlie on liini uroiiiid Hie corner, 
tallies fairly groaned with edibles of 
every . eseripHon, served in the best 
style. Ibc a.nnsemcnt ol Hie even- 

lug was a game called “Snap, in a.-e sorry to leari. that llnddie’s boaltb 

wb cl, everybody, iron, the voniigest ^Vood lias 

to the oldest took a liaiid. In a word hi,., another 

tbo atlulr wai* iiulecil u pb'a aut one vi«it Sundav 
uimI all ciijoyrd tlicnisolvox until 1*J 

o'clock. The following ladies and Air. AL ('. Huniscy. has an elegant 
gciiHcin:in were in ulleiiduni'C ; slock ol line .Icwcis. He is located 

ovi'i* been your j;ood fortune to be ! exclusive dealer lu tins line ot trade. i 
served with. ' fto makes a specially of i Heing a practical workman liimscif 
I, reaking horses and attending to coni- and doing tlie primdpal portion ol Ids 

niercini tourists. Wlicn von come to work. 

Iiim to fiirnisli tlie I 

Trenton go and see iiiin. 

•las. (i. Center, .lolin II. IVood and McELWAIN BEOS. 

.1. 1). KiiHierford visited on last 

Sunday Air. Huddic llyiirs and we iniY (toons, iioors am, shoes. 
are sorry to learn that linddie's lioaltb These gentlemen eoinmeneed busi- 
is not improving. .lolin M'ood lias ness licre on a small scale in llio year 

AHssos Sue Fu |na, Urenda Vine- 
yard, Lydia laiekette, Annie Dickiii- 
•soii. Sue Waller, Annie Taiidv, Katie 

’ ' • iu«jtiiii%\;.utiiuiuiui/ui.uiiiikiiua| , i i»iii _ 

U'lUon Miifilc Wemd Ida IhicrKoii ’ . •’ . i • ns 1 1 i i t tvcurv traveler cun be reircHlicd. 1 

n ii^ou, 3iumt \ oou, lud imciMMi, vorv extensive trade lu Todd and ad - 1 „„ * , , , ^ 

l.ncv Dnerson. Xanmo McGuire, c. w. iaeJnt eonniies Hrulv-n.'ade elotli- i J' f 

Alary Gaonr.atid Klla Gartli. ing and gent.s' fnrnisbing goods are I “'f ^Hue that time has '"•i'tj UHi R fif fAf f ■ Hf AA 

,,,.r,.KMEN. i,..l o.sAX.Mt,.o.Ei.,Es. specialties. ,npaban.lsome loetdtra.le. let also ! H ^ (JN 

Col. .lolin II. Wood, .Messrs. .Hm '*lic lirst ol last .lannaiy, .Mr. G. — | keeps a well selected stock ot Ciiuw 

Cliesniil, .Hm Center. U'c Gnynn, W. moved froni Allensville to PAT TIEENEY. i gMciceries aiid is an (dd aii nnlcrpris- , DEALKHS IN 

Cole Dickinson, .lolin Dickinson, T'icntoii and opened a di ng store and .ing citizen. “ proot ol tlio pnd., « A A « 

Sam Sieger, Dr. F. .1. Hnnyon, gi'occry, wliicli is Iwatcd on 'iixxEi!. j ding is tie eating Hiorcol. aT [t fl fl M ^ 

Alessrs. George Haiidiill, virgil Haiii street near Center tiros.' Dry AVilh a complete set of tools, a lirst- 1 ‘ believe wliat wc say just U'vc | J, y ^ Vm Vr W v M 

N'nckols, Wiiliaiii Camp, A. X. Hiiods store. He has bad an txper- class and full stock of material, lie is “ trial, and one visit to bis res-j AnHn-rnPPriPcs 

Alooir, Derg AI M re,I.yenrgns Arnold. i''n  '0 in Hiis hnsiness for four years, prepared to do tlrsl-elass work oiH """'“"t ''‘-'Hie cause of many j .n.iiu vxi uoci ics, 

Silas lleniielt. Will Cliiles, Henry ‘""I. alHioiigli liui a sliort time ' loca- sliurt notice. Having a life-lime ex- , ".''•Mers and game in season. 'PJ^J^NTOIST ~ - KY. 

Taiid.v, AVill Dickinson, ILL. Ale- ■"‘“i *‘Hi' iiericnce in the— a resideni | served on sl mrt notiec. ’ 

Giiire, Dave Hord, Henry Alaynard. sipiare dealing, succeeded in of tliis place since 1870, and in every' Alessrs. W. L. Garth, Cole Diekin- - 

George Yost, Frank Hniiler ami C. '"lildiiig np a liar.daomulocal paliMi.- respect a wortliy and 1 - 011111)10 w‘"'k- g„„ \v. Tutt, Frank 11. linn-! 9 F STFGFR & CO 

('..Noble. age wliieli is daily ineivusiiig. The man witli Hie above advantages Hat ' u- .Tol.n II AYood, * '•^ 

Air. AL ('.Huniscy. lias an elegant 
slock of line .Icwcis. He is located 
Itolicrt HiiHici'foi'd's dry goods lious(^ 
He has liad a life time experience in 
this line and knows .just liow to suit 
Ids eiisloiners. Go and secliiin. 

1870. Tlieir hnilding located on | 
Main street in Dycus' block is a liand-i 
some brick strncliirc in wliicli tlioy ; 
carry a large and well selected slock | 
of dry goods, hoots and slioe.s. Tliey i 
are well-known tin ongliont this wliole j 
seelion of eouiitry aii l are liked liy i 
Hie entire coinmnnitv so iniieli, Hiat | 
they have, by hard lulior, bnilt'np a j 
verv extensive trade in Todd and ad- i 

trade with goods at rock bottom 
I prices. Hepuiringofall kinds a speei- 
I ally, (to and see liini us lie can and 
! will suit yon botli ill (|Uality iimlli 
I prices. ' 


I — : 

I Hersoiis visiting Hie city, cither on , 

I pleasure or business, desiring to get ' 

' a tirst-class meal ol all Hie delicacies; 


W. L. ScoviU, 

-Alanniaeliircr of- 

Tin, Copper, Sheet 
Iron Ware, 

And Dealer In 

1 of Hie season, served. in Hie liost style, 
'can do .so liv calling at Dycus’ Hes- 
Uaiirant. Mr. Dyens is located on 
! Alain street, and his is the only lirst- 
' class restaurant in Hie eitv where Hie 

Roofing & Spouting 

Of Iron or Tin a Specially. 

Hill   S AMI lilKK KIIIKS, 

Tlic first of last .laniiaiy, .Mr. G. 
W. Yost moved I'l'oni Allensville to 
Trenton and opened a drugstore and 
fancy grocery, wliicli is liK-atcd on 
Main stri ct near Center tiros.' Dry 
I Goods store. He has had an gxper- 

ing and gents' fnrnisliin, 
Hicir specialties. 

goods arc I 




And Groceries, 

age wliicli is daily increasing. The | man witli Hie above advantages Hat ' iJedcr, .lolin 11. AYood, 
slock of goods liandicd hy this yonii^f I is second to no one, lint certainly is I j_ j),.. (j. Smitli, Hcn- 


geiitleiiiuii are pure, and consists of tlie boss tinner of the town. Make a 
drugs and I'aney groceries. He inukos note of this and take advantage of Hie 
a specialty of drugs, and Ids eapa- services of Hus lirst-elass workman. 

a specialty of drugs, and Ids eapa- services of Hus first 
.IEWE1.EI1. ^ hililics for coinponiiding prescrip- Haintiiig a specialty 

the snlijectot this notice is ii young lionsuceiirutely are lieyond reproazi . * 

man orilsnininers. a sonofthe veil- He .also lias a large stuck of cigars Mr. Geo. AV. Gil; 

crabic (.'lias. H. Hntherrurd. His uf- 

Healso has a large stuck of cigars Air. Geo. AV. Gibson, reprosenting 
and tobacco, of wliicli be takes tlic tlic well-known elutliing oslabli;sli- 

ry AY. Cliiles, Hrof. Dave S. Hord, 
George F. AYilson, and Charlie S. So- 
iircc attended Hie ‘‘A'ankec Hubinsuii 
Show” at I’embrokc last AVedne.sdny 
iiiglit. After the perl'ormaneo a ! 
ban |iiet was given Air. Hobinsion at , 
Hie Alillcr House. For furtlier infor- 1 

lice and place of business is in the es- ie,,a in “Yost's Hroseription.” He meiit of .las. Hve & Co., was eircnbi- ,,q. 

taldisliineiit of S. K. Steger & (Jo., has .5,000 of tliese fiiinigators. The ting among Ids friends Saturday i;i,.i,„nU,,n( rl)r.AI.G. MillerHm,i- 
w here lie gives undivided ntlcntion diroetion is; dos( , one every hour. Inking orders for spring elotliing. ]{,• ' 

i.\ I'iii t t I ■•liiip tt’ntiiltn.0 wstt'itli**' 1 1* ..A i . s i n i n ’ • ' 

Staple and Fancy 


lUliBl A smil! 

Sportsmen's Headquarters. 

TUHN'l'OX, - - - KEXTUCKA'. 

wliere lie gives undivided ntlcntion diroetion is; dost', one every hour. Inking orders for spring elotliing. 

to repairing walelies, jewelry, etc.. If yon want pure, I'rcsli drugs and George is a good fellow, and well 

making gnii repairing a specially, groceries, and to be I I'ealcd politely, go merits tlic nnmerons orders lie rc- 

Iteing a nainral genin.s no /ears need to (;. -\v. Yost’s and yon will never ceived from Hie young men of this 

lie bud ns to bis (|nnlillcuHons. \V c regret it. Hri*8eri|itions citlier night vicinitv. 
luimmeml linn to Hie public. He- or day eurefnlly eoinponnded. He- 


Will AA'. Beeler representing the 

well known drug estnblisliment of DRUGS ^ MEDICINES. 

AuHier, Heter & Co., Louisville was 

member Hie Tdaee, Witli S. E. Stegor member, Alain street, near Center 
& Co., Main street. Bros.’ is his licnd ]uarters. 

in Hie city Tliiirsday ; no eomniereial 

Head carefully tlie business noti- man has more friends here than Bee- 
ecs of Ic.ading houses in this issue. ' ler. 

7AHS7 m 7Q1LST AHT1:L£Si 


A new -MACBiyE" stost. 

The Paper Trade Journal Mjat 
"There ii eometluDg amuaiug in the ' 
ideas which some people have of paper 
making, whether they talk of it in eon- ' 
nootion with the tariff or in its proeesses, 1 
We have before os a so-called nowspa- ^ 
per which says : " The average reader ' 
may not be aware that the most of the ^ 
newspaper of the presait day is mode 1 
from wood pnlp, and that this 
pulp is made out of shavings, ' 
which are turned out by a ma- 
chine that throws a shaving flf^ feet 
long somewhat after the fashion of a 
common turning lathe, the principal dif- 
ference being that for paper manufact- 
ore the lathe takes the largest -sized 
tree at once. One of the great monop- 
olies of the age has grown up under the 
protection afforded to wood-pulp paper 
makers, by reason of the tariff regula- 
tions on the subject.” We have quoted 
verbatim, and the mixture oi tariff and 
wood shaving is rather funny. But one 
of the surprising things to us is the ma- 
chine spoken of. It will certainly re- 
quire a heavy plant and a largo mill to 
run it, It will be seen that it will take 
" the largest-sized tree at once." The 
"largest-sized tree ” that we ever heard 
of is about D62 feet long and over 30 j 
feet in diameter. There may be larger 
trees — wo are not prepared to say that 
there are not — bnt this one will do for 
size, and will give "lots " of pulp ; but 
the machine— that bothers ns. 

war psnfTBKB abb cynical. 

The other day I stood within the com- 
posing-room of a great daily newspaper. 
There was nothing to delight the eye — 
DO pictures, statues or sumptuous furni- 
ture. Serious-looking men were stand- 
ing before their cases so fixedly that 
nothing less than the falling of the roof 
would have distracted their attention 
Scarcely a sound was audible bnt the 
faint click of type falling into place. I 
never before realized so forcibly the 
cause why newspaper printers are, as it 
is said, naturally cynical. To-day ttiey 
set up the type that tells the world of 
rejoicings and festivity, to-morrow the 
some type is made to proclaim disaster 
and mourning; the same type which car- 
ries to 10,000 homes the inaugural mes- 
sage of the ruler of 60,000,000 of people 
has not time to lose its sharpness by use 
before it is employed to report the fu- 
neral oration in tlie Capitol in memory 
of the srme man. The momentary con- 
traction of the forefinger of a deepicable 
wretch levels exalted hopes and robes the 
whole civilized world in sable. If there 
be a spot on earth where the instability 
of human affairs is epitomized hourly, 
it is in the composing-room of a daily 
newspaper. — Boston Traveller, 


A lawyer of some distinction, who has 
an office on Pemberton Square, who was 
of more or less prominence during the 
war, having at one time some authority 
in New Orleans, and who hos in later 
years been spoken of in connection with 
the Massachusetts Qovernorship, was 
waited upon by a well-known colored 
lawyer of the Charlestown district, who 
introduced to the would-be Governor a 
colored brother from North Carolina. 
The visitors were very courteously re- 
ceived and all was serene till the North 
Carolinian explained tliat his mission 
was to raise funds to aid in starting a 
newspaper in his State in the interests 
of the colored people. Then there was 
an explosion rivaling that which a tor- 
pedo and a powder-boat might famish. 
When the smoke had cleared away and 
words succeeded to facial expression, 
they were these (the tone of voice to be 
imagined, but not described): "Of 
two things that I regret daring all my 
career in the army, one is that I never 
hanged on editor I” — Boston Herald, 

An exchange says ten plagues of a 
nejrspaper office are bores, poets, rets, 
cranks, cockroaches, typographical er- 
rors, exchange fiends, book canvassers, 
delinquent subscribers and the men who 
know how to run the paper better than 
the editor himseU. 

Thsbh are 100 college journals pul^ 
liihed ia this oonntiy. 

This is the tale of the philosopher and 
the flea ; 


In a speech in favor of the bill to pro- 

, , ... , , mote the efficiency of the Lifu-Baviue 

1. The former, navmg been bitten by _ . _ ^ " i 

’ “ .. Service, Congressman 8 . S. Cox pr  - 

tho latter, seized and was aliout to dis- . , . 

patch his foe, when ho reflected that the “hitis- i.iMi.i'.its in stam.i; am. i am v 

littlcinsccthmlonlyactedfromins^^^^^^^ j o^ j ™ smeeitsestab^^^^^ /^TD TI 7 Q 

. valuo of vessels endangered, $16,083,- 

T^Llgwasthe^.^ Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, 

L.' oHiUrTturn to !he house “hL Agricultuial Implements, Oats, Clover and 

^ , , . . , X imporiletl, 12,261) ; number of Uvea 

'ir.i": .‘i’™,!::" -«"• •«- orchard grass. 


ni: \M.its IN ST .\ 1 * 1 . 1 : AM) ; 


“ Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, 

. . XIV* I « X lavvw AW, MW , aauaui. UA AA1UQ 

mistress took nim upon her lap to caress * , . 

, . , XI XI I 11 1 saved, 11,864; number ofpersonssuc- 

him, and the Ilea embraced lus opiwrtu- 1 n / m % la 1 

. , T . . V A .X cored, 2,610; number of days* succor ttf- 

nity to change his inhabit. 

Beside 11,8(U lives saved from vessels : 

8 . The 6 ea, having in tlie course of the n ^ 

... * X- ■ I • Beside 11,8(U lives saved from vessels 

night engaged inactive business opera- ..... xi 1 . « . . 

A- I I XI I 1 TT A U 1 in distress, the lives of sixteen persons 

tions, awakened tlie lady. Her husband , , ^ ^ , 

\ A II 1 -A 1 1 were savetl who were not on board ves- 

was sleeping iMjacefullv besido her, and , o,.. x 1 1 x 

i *1 -f # *1 r I k I 1 reported lost, 183 

in the silence of the cliomber she heard xi tt x i. .. 

were on the Huron and Metropolis, the 
him m his dreams whisper, with on oc- , t xi   1 1 • 

, ^ , , , loss of the former veswd happening 

cent of ineflabls tenderness, a namol , ... . • *i . 

I X Ai X . x. X when stations were not oixjn ; while in 
The name was that of her most intimate « xi 1 xx • 

female frieud 1 1 

, , , .X . 1 pefiod by distance from the scuuo of the 

4. As soon O.S it was day, the outraged 

wife hurried to the house of her rival, t. • " i • .1 1 . n ,1. . 

It w o«uy m the last five years that 

^d told the rivM a husband jf the tog, tions of the Life-Saviug Serv- 

big discovery she had made. He 

bemg a man of dccuion, at onw called the United 

out the destroyer of hia households peace Li 1871-72 its operations were 

and ran him through. . 1 ... „t 

wuru uu kuu AAuii..fu uuu iucirupuaij, luu — ^ . * r-ij. ^ o 

loss of the former vessid Imppcuiug DGcIIGI IH StCiplG & I flllCy 

when stations were not o;x:u ; while in xMV.x **^***^ 

tile case of the luttorThe service was im- _ 1 T C *T ~ C C J _J_G 

pedod by distance from the scene of the 

1 • .1 1 * « .u . Notions, Hats and Caps, 

It IS only m the last five years that 

the operations of the Life-Saving Serv- I ’C3 QlTT^AT^Ql TTT'Ql 

ice have embraced Uio sea and gulf and i. O 5 OilVJ H jO , Ur.lXUUljXvl.lllO , 

part of the lake coasts of the United tt 1 xt- x 

States. Li 1871-72 its operations woro HarQWaiG, C^UGOnaWai G, .EtC., 

confined to the coast of Lung island and ^ 

Nowjersoy. ♦ jSoniuofey* 

, confined to the iW of Long island and 
5. The widow, when her husband was Jersey 

taken home to her upon the medium of 

a shutter, was so terribly smitten with ii,,.„,ent of the Life-Saving Service the 
remorse tliat she procipiUted herself j 

AU.V ff.-....Xl. ..X.- « 

from the fourth- story window, 

6 . The other Imly oonvincod her huS' 

alone amountonl to hundanls annually. 
Since its establishment 316 disasters 

band tliat ho had wronged her by enter- occurred, imperiling the lives of 

tabling any suspicions os to her fidelity, ^ 7134 
and, becoming reconciled with him, 
seized an early opportunity of poisoning 

7. Inasmuch as the jurors of that TU 
country had never hoard of "extenuat- By 

2,764 persons, of whom 2,725 were 

By the aid of instantaneous phota 

ing circamstauoea,” and the Chief Magia- graphs taken from twenty-four cameras 
trate thought that he could put a mur- in a line, os a horse galloped post tliom, 
derer to better uses than not guillotiniug H is shown that the position of that aii- 
him, the guilty woman was duly decap- imal is not what it has been represented 
itated, and the sole survivors of the to be. 

Linr;, Ftsl acii Sale Us, 

tragedy were the philosopher and the 

H is shown that the poaiuon of that an- SpGcial attGiition to Training and Breaking 
ims.^ not what it has been represented HorsG s by the Celebrated Trainer, 

Paintem show the horse, when at the AIGX OdOm. 


Buyers of sardines are cautioned by 

Painters show the horse, when at the 
top of his speed, as in a cavalry charge, 
to be raised above the earth, with bis 
body stretched to its full extent, the 
fore legs thrown out horizontally in 
front, the hind legs almost horizontally 

the Brittany m^ufacturers to be care- 

ful .8 to the brands they choo^ II ^ 

they want the best fish, preserved when different fashion. The horse complotos 
fresh in the best olive oil, they must get | ^ 

them from houses which have a name to , tl,e 

Staple and Fancy 

(.'niiiii'd (iiMid*. l)iK'i'n.\v:in',,( iiinlcn and I'iclil Sci.‘d . 

lose. The cheap kmds are made with ground ; in all others he has from one AcypTltfnv AvPPVqnfl OlivPV nilillPfl Plnw ? 
fish that hove “turned - or have been ^ three feet touching the ground. 101 AYGiy anQ UllVei UnilieCl ±" 10 WS. 

spoUed by salting on boo.-d the smacks, the only position when be is fico frc.m (’Ol'.VrUV PKODICK Taken in Kxel.ange lor ( iood*. 

and the oils used are Uiose of cotton all four of his legs, instead of 

seed or the Seuegal ground nut But | doubled under 

this is not all. Tbe brands of ostab- ' uimasilho were lying down in mid-air. 
lished firms are imitated, and the worst This of course deprives the figure of 
qualitit^of all are prepared for exporta- . ,,,34 movement of activity and 

ticn. Thesarchnetradeis Uiink itneo- gpeed which thrills U.o spectator. The’ 
essary just nowto give a warning against the artists must 

Uiese export sartoea, and advise for- hereafter be faithful to nature as senence 
eignors to buy only those wluch are demonstrates it. or to nature as the oye 
(lucod for tho homo Frotioh market The j-gyeala it. 

(’OlW ritV riCOlH’CK 1’aki*n in Kxrhan;r ‘ lor (JomN. 


Mumitbrtnm' and D. alrr in all KiinN of 

Lumberi Builig Material, Sbingles, Soards, 

current wholesale pncee of these are jj ,„,dd seem to admit of a ready an- ~' 

given. There are tliree sizes, small, 3 , 3 ,^ 8 J 333 4^3 jlio 

medium and arge (known as 4-6, 6-8 3 y 3 ^^d to the mechanical sense, ho TUKNTO.V. 

and 8 - 12 ), and only two qualities, first ,nust give the same impression on can- ^ 

and second. The largest and best are which the horse itself gives to the T T ^ 
now$13tl.e humlredtms,but theex- eye of the spectator. The horse looks as ( 

Cedar l^)^ts. I.atli'.. Pine and Po|ilar I'looiing, ( 'eiliiig, .'tiding, IlaM', 
.Mouldings, Doors, .'tasli, Itllnd-. Ceinenl. iiniiders' Material. 
llariUvare, Door and Window Kraines, Paiiils, Oils, .stall, A'e. 

now $13 tbe hundred tins, but the ex- 

port kinds can be bought as low as $7.76 i he wore flying, with his feet off the 

the hundred. | gjomjd, and the painter must make him ^ 

I look BO, tea If ho doea not ho foils to Tj K IX | 

FBUiT IN E.voLANDi . toproduoe that spirit, elan, speed, elas- ** 

The repeated failures of tho wheat tidty, graoo and vigor which a fast-gal- 
crop in Great Britain have not only loP»“g produces. Ho is no more ^ jX JilJN X U JN • " 

been a sad blow for landlords and ten- obliged to put tlie horse in a constrained 
ants alike, but arc leading to a radical awkward position than he would be 

change m the cultivation of the soil B in painting a tower or a house be OZEjZLnTTII 

American competition is so sharp that ahould paint, not the pictureogue effeot 

wheat growing ia no longer profitable, c»«aed by distance and tho atmosphere, - 1 — n "T j- 

and thousands of acres are now being But the coarseness, repulsiveness or 1 ^ 

converted into fruit farms and orchards, atiffneas of the stones, tho masonry J — J V X 

Travelers have often noticed the charao- ®bbrses and other realistic features Notions Clolliiii", 

ter of English fruit, especially cherries which, as a close examination proves, 

and berries, but have wondered at the Produce the pictosial result — Detroit TRENTON, 

small quantities grown. The American •^k’ee Press. ^—i 

apple is far superior to the English, dns ^ A 

to our drier climate ; but all fruits that , 1 ; (|l 

thrive in moist climates reach perfection An exchange contains a long article ^ 



D. S. HORD, Prop., 


thrive in moist climates reach perfection An exchange contains a long article * 

in tho foggy air of tho old country,— entitled, "Was Hamlet MadV” Well, 

Demorest’s Monthly. Hamlet didn’t seem to like it very well 

■ ' ' that his father bud boon murdered and Pure Drugs ai 

Tub Atlanta Constitution says there the murderer had married bis mother, TOllot A rti 

are at present fully 6,000 girls and butyoucan’t judge much by appearances. 

women earning tlieir living in the fact- He may have been tickled half to death if a 

oriesinthat city, while ten years ago to think that the old man had been so rp'pTj’l^rppv'^ _ 
there were hardly 600. neatly slugged. -Peck’s Hun. -tvJ-jXN 1 WIN , 


Notions, Clolhiiig, Bools. Sliocs, Hals, Caps, &c., 


-DK.M.EIt IN- 

Drugs and Medicines, Fancy 
Toilet Articles, Books, Stationery, 
Paints, Oils, Etc., 


The Trenton exponent (Trenton, Ky.), 1884-03-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Trenton, Kentucky by Meacham & Wilgus
   Todd County (The Pennyrile Region)