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date (1883-08-29) newspaper_issue 
payne J C 24jauH^ 



Reniek, Clintonvillo, premium; Jacob , [Communicated.] 

Ilostetter, certificate. Will ‘J 115 ‘‘Cld Boss Ctirpet Bagger," 

Best fat bullock two years old and un- Granny Grtuz, explain. what be means? 
der three; th-ee ont-ies-. J. II. Arderson, He says the town was in a guffaw on last 
premium; Jaoob Ilostettcr, ceiiifieate. Thursday morning, after reading the 
Best fat bullock one year old and un- I’kess s reproduction of Billy Breckin- 
der two; four entries; Morrow & Henick, ridge’s editorial on the mental and moral 
premium. qualities of the Gazette editor, and in 

Best cow three entries: Morrow & which the said Breckinridge denounced 
Renick, premium; John Kearney cer- ihe said editor as a traitor, hypocrite, 
tificato. liar, and of obtaining books and money 

Best ytko of oxen; four entries; War- under false pretences, tfnd indeed, ox- 
ron Featherstone’, prcmium;Walter Wood- 1 Initiated the vocabulary of his reputed sii- 
wurd certificate. j ver-tongued elo([uenve, in describing the 

Beat five fat bullocks, owned by ex- loathsomeness of the toady editor of 
hi hi tor, age to be Considered; three en- j i ho Gazette. 

tries: Morrow & Renick, premium; Jacob [ Ho might, with propriety, have added 
Hostctter ccrtifiicate. ] to his epithets, cowardly our, who did not 

Best fatted beast on the ground of any , then make any denial of the charges; but 
age, breed, or sex; ten entries; .llenick & j now the shameless Gazette is equal to 
Morrow, premium; J. R. Anderson, cer- j every emergency to shield himself behind 
tificato. what he calls his insensibility to nny- 

uouses. • thing effecting the integrity of his chur- 

Owing to tho lateness of the hour, the actor, and especiclly the revival of an old 
harness rings on the programme for yes- slander, lonj s'.ux exploded , and by no 
terdy were postponed until this mern ; ng. , one more frankly acknowledged than tho 
Tim trots. 'gentleman nho,’ in the 1 at of {Mission, 

' Agricultural Stakes for two-year olds, uttered they, which is ^uivulent to the 
Mile heat 3 . The Association to add $100. Gazette cha- J. ig the silver-tongued orator 
Ten starters, to-wit : Guinea, Oriel, with makinj^positive charges of the most 

Sourmash, Egalite, Aaron Talbert, Ali- villainous acr* of conduct, knowing th»m 
e.ia, Nettilein, 0. F. C., Bedford, and to be false, and has, according to the Ga- 
Frceland. zette of the Jlth of August, 1883, so ac- 

sommahy. kriowledged kndev tho plea of the “heat of 

E^alita 1 1 passion.” h\ another paragraph of his 

Freeland 2 2 paper of thasame date the Gazette says: 

Bedford 3 4 “Beautiful flowers” in the shape of one of 

Tim , 2:44, 2;4GA. the most beautiful boquets be ever saw 

Two Thirty-seven Class — Premium was pres$ntld to him by Miss Carre, the 
$500; $300 to first, $150 to second, and lovely little| of thn above-named 
$50 to third. Mile hoats, best three in silvcr-tongojd oratir, who, as ab&vo 
five. Ten entries, toswit : Kitty Silver, stated, had previously skinned alive the 
Zulu, Mollie Mo, Alcyone, Cyclone, Mike, “copperheat”’ editor of the Gazette. Will 
j Tucker, Hawthorne, Stranger, and llo- the silver-tongued orator further confirm 

the above ityeeonnimble statements of tho 
Gazette? , • 

1 j i sffissaijl, “Time -cakes stritige-bedfe!- 
0 2 2 1 lows,” vr" i,r thinr;*hort of a special eon- 

John MuMrftriiv. 

{The Shoe on the Other Foot, 

telllgetft Southern participants in tho- 



During tlie enter taiu- 
ments tope given at Wood- 
land Par Ik next week— for 
tho benefit of those who go 
out in carriages— the Park 
i management will open a 
carriage gateway from 
High Street. Careful, at- 
tendants will toe on hand, 
who will take care of horses 
and vehicles within the 
Park enclosure. 

The First Day a Booming 
Every Respect. 

1883 — 1884 , 

Fine Cattle, Fine Trots, Fine Music, 
and a Fine Time Generally. 

A Complete List cf the Premiums 

The seventh annual exhibition of the 
Kentucky Agricultural Association open- 
ed yesterday under tho moat auspicious cir- 
cumstances. If Gen. Gentry had made a 
special order on the weather clerk ho 
couldn’t have had better weather 
for Fair purposes. The thermometer 
st#od at uxa ’y the right notch for com- 
fort. and a delightful breeze was blowing 
nil day. Tho attendance we j very large 
for a first day— tho la"ge»t ever had since 
thn organization if tho Fair— some five 
or six thousand people b ring present. 
Many strangury w/.re present, and evevv- 
yvs." highlv dyl.i^hte I vvilib. th» v/ho!e 
Aiv’n exhibition. Floral full! was hot 

We desire through your col- 
umns to inform the public that 
Mr. €r. C. Henry is still in our 
employ as cutter, and not, as re- 
ported by parties, (who no doubt 
•wish it were so) in business in 
Cincinnati. L. & (x. Straus. 

The Weather. 

^ay’s.'exhKitlWfi. v ,. . 

opened to visitors yesterday, but through 
the kindness of Capt. Jesse Hall, the effi- 
cient guardian ol the Hall, a Pjtuss rj- 
porter was allowed to go through and 
take a look at the beauties of the place, 
and it is indee i a bower of si-rpassog 
loveliness. It will be thrown open to the 
public at 10 o'clock to day, so that all 
may viow its loveliness. 

A number of elegant improvements 
have been made, and tho judges stand was 
great’y beautified and furnished With 
cushioned seats. 

The following is u list of the premiums 
awarded : 

breeding CATTLE— SnOUTltORNS. 
Jj®est hr 11 four years old end over; five 
U§ni«s; J. R. Aftetettio, Anderson, Ohio, 

wjand’local rains, winds generally shift- 
ing to northwesterly, falling followed by 
rising barometer, stationary or slight rise 
id temperature. 

uls powder never varies. A marvel of purity, 
strength and wholesomcness. More economical 
than ihp ordinary kinds, and cannot he sold in com- 
petition with themultiludeof low test, short weight, 
alum or phosphate powders. Sold only in cans. 

Roy v t. Baking Powder Co., New York. 

Woodland Park. 

Owing to tbe unfavorable weather of last 
evenijg. Mr. Whitfield, the humorist, did* 
not givo his performance. 1 The pitrk will 
bo opob to-night, when Mr.. Whitfield 
will peVorra. On Thursday and Iriday 
nights Nr. Pain will repeat his wonder- 
ful firewAks display. 

\ttention, Young Men. , 

We refor' you to tho advertisement of 
thd Comm erd ill College of Kentucky TUB 



‘AN TED— An otiire hov v. 
Apply at the l'ni:.s Office. 

Fall iiiit! Winter Opening 


Finest mid Most Perfect Fitting 

W ANTED— A tu n'ehedi nntinnq 
Mutt belli the ne' hl.o-lmod o 
Fem-Ah: Tnsiitiit* Addi-cs, stat'-ig tev, 
au A)-: I* MORITZ FISUIKU, I.. It. 

« M.MAl. , 

TKr — To lease alarm (with privilege of 
yiug) ut two or tlire*; hundred actee, with 
Lies of Lexington. Apple t   

s P prn isain g. Lrooqr- 

Children’s p\ r ear. 

At Prioci Defy Competition. 




No. 4 East Main St., Lex ing tort, Ky. 

•  'Clothing ami Shirts i^ade to order. 


three fthricr: T. S. Ortii/ly, WaeS'n.giotfi 
Cotfrtiy, premium; J. jV, Owen, Clark 
County, certificate.^* * 

Beet bull one year old • a*nl ttndrr two; 
seven entries; T. S. Grundy, premium; 
Ben Spaulding, Lincoln County, certifi- 

Best bull calf over six months ar.d un- 
der one year old: seven entries; A. J. 
Alexander, Woodford County, premium; 
W. W. Warfield, Fayette County, corrifi- 
eate. . , ,, 

Best bull calf undoi* six months old; 
four entries: Edwin Ward, premium; W. 
W. Warfield, certificate. 

Best lo v 4 yea's old and over; six en- 
tries; J. R. Andoiaou, premium and cer- 

Best eow three years o’d and ur .Ur 
four; three entries; J. R. Antler- 
premium; W. W. Warfii'L, certifiea e. 

Best cow two years old and under timer; 
eight entries; Thutpas Moberl-, Madison 

\\T ANTiSP—A good buy, quick end wiping to 
YY wens, can get apiece at (1. A. Johns's Phar- 
macy, Apply at once. neg”G 

This vrftB a trot u’ui created u 

jrootF dttol'of excite ni^hf. In the Idllheat 
Cyclono made^phiuf in 1:12, and the 
three-quarters inl:49j. 


The ladies had magnificent dinners yes- 

Young men should earl at tniM college or 
slnd for circulars bcforS waking arriipgo- 
it^Snts to attend college elsewhere. 


New stock, just received at Appleton, 
Lancaster & Duff’s. 

Diamond display, both at tho lair and 
at the stpre, 8 North Upp* r Street, Fay- 
ette Bank Building. We have the largest 
assortment in’ diamonds we have ever 
shewn, and will give greater bargains. 

i Otis W. Snydeu. 

,!l ■ 

A Thirsty Soul 

Can always get the best and coldest glass 
soda water at C. A. Johns's Broadway 
^resdrrptitHL^torc, next to tho the i’os* 

■ .. All the latest u melri-s in '! •’  "■- 
lctiino can be had a: i'i g ;• 'pui::.- b"U--‘ 

W ANTED— Agents in every euniil.yiu Central 
Kentucky to canvass for the Wkkkly Pkuss. 
Apply at the Press Office, Lexington. juniio 

late war, and their children after them, 
remarks the New Orleans Picayune, will 


always resent the charge that 
was a crime, or that it involved any de- 
gree of moral turpitude. Very right; 
and tho day may come when those who 
call it a crime will hug it to their bos*ms 
as a right and undertake its enforcement. 
We menn our friends of New England. — 
[Richmond (Va.) State. 

In Sinall-pox, Scarlet Fever, and I)iph- 
theiia Darbys Prophylactic Fluid will 
stop the spread of the infection. 


torday. The world couldn’t beat their 

President Gentry’#first day beats the 
record. President Gentry goes in to win, 
and can’t be headed off. 

A newspaper man wanted to know if 
the first mile heat of tho Agricultural 
Stakes was trotted in “1/4." 

Baker &, Reid, in response to queries, 
wish to say they have no exhibit because 
their goods didn’t get here in rime. 

Mr. If. P. Kinkeail, Secretary of- the 
Association, works unremittingly for its 
i success. lie iY a nw 6t admirable officer. 

OU SA Lit— Two-story brick iioiiae, containing 
live roman and kitetien, (Me ball, nno square 
ii Main Street. Location No. 1. Price $8. MO. 
 lyto D. T. AMBROSE, 



Monday Evening, August fc«th, 


English Comic Opera Co. 

TI cMnnngerVgsto inform tlio citizens of Lex- 
mgio i tji*t he has eflectoil nn engagement with 1 1 e 
uhovu nu :»i id ccl^li rutuii organ! /.ation, when they 
will'^roMi! t lior luHowirg beautiiul Operas in a 

aaperb maimer : \ 

yi'flvky KVENINO, AUGUST 271 ir, 

J XOR SALE— Two^tcry frame h)Risc of five 
’ rooms and a store-room on tide of lot It by Z5 
feet. A good point forararpr? kmuoers .* good 
cittern on lot. Lot ;R to- SO. The turner non- 
resident. Will sell ior tt'f. 0 . A bgrgiln. Atiplv 


LI’.— A or!. !.- l'vurj .-table,- iy Woi 
I oi fool front old runnlny mKo 
Price Apv y to 


ihe year bid and ur.uer two 
’ll. Anderson, piemlara 

Hf ; Tit5'hao^™Triinations. 

W' August 29th and 30th, from 9 to 
Iff^ilook, a. J!., students who desire to 
enter for tho first time the Academy, will 
be examined at tho Academy by tho 1 rin- 
cipal, Prof. W. L. Threlkold. For en- 
trance into the Academy applicants must 
not be less than thirteen years old; tints 
know Geography and the rudiments of 
Grammar, Arithmetic through fractious, 
and must consent to bo governed by the 
University eodo of discipline; and it pro- 
viously connected with any other college 
or academy, must present certificate of 
honorable dismission therefrom. _ 

Ciias. L. Loos, President. 


New stock just received at Appleton, 
Lancaster & Duffs. 


Hereafter the Woodland Ball Park 
will be leased to acceptable parties at the 
rate of fifteen dollars per game. At all 
practice games a gato feo of live cents 
will be charged to all players and visitors. 

J. 11. Hopson, Prop’r. 

Cheap Pavements. 

Parties interested in having pavements 
laid should note tho fact that G. D. 
Wilgus has 'reduced the price of laying 
paving brick to 40 cents per yard, with 
ashes, etc., thrown in. lie is fully 
prepared to put new pavements all over 

n-iin entries; J 
T. S. Grundy, _ 

Best heifer calf six months old and under 
ono year; pine entr'ca; J. It. Andc"nn, 
premium; T. S. Mobe. iy, certificate. 

Best heifer calf under s.x months; four 
entries; Granville Cecil, premium; J. K. 
Anderson, certificate _ 


Best bull two years old nod over; nine 
entries; J. P». Anderson, premium: It. W. 
Owen, oc'il'fio" c. 

Boat tow two years old and over; ten 
entries; J. R. Anderson, premium end 
certificate. • 

Best bull under two ye its old; seven 
entries; Edwin Ward, premium; A. J. 
Alexander, certificate. 

Best cow under two years old; eleven 
entries; J. R. Anderson, p-omium; W. 


A No. 1 lot on Max welt Sheet. Price 
it foot. Call on 


F OU SALE— Vacant lots on Spring, Lower, Con« 
stitutiou, Broadway, Li inch tone, Client nut 
Main, nud others. Apply to 1). T. AM UKOSE. 




The Three Black Cloaks. 

Friday and Saturday Evcuines, August Zlbl and 
Scpteiuher 1st, 

PJ.p Van Winkle. 

I'riceaof ^Vdtniialon— Parquette and Pros Circle, 
$1; Balcony, 60 cts.: Gali**ry, : 5 cts Beset ved j*r«tR 
lio cxim tiitugu The tiule of nserved seats for all 
t!i(f Operas will romtnomo ;*t Barnes A ( o ’a dru* 
stor », corner Main and Mill Streets, on Tlm/sday 
morning, August t-;;d. augif^i t 

This is u Cinc ? nnati Ray,” nrtd there 
will ho two train loads of our Cincinnati 
friends on hand to enjoy our hospitality. 
Let all our pooplo vie with each other in 
making tho visitors have a good time. 

Strange to say, Mr. J. 11. Ande-son, 
an “Ohio man,” bearded the Bluegrass 
Shorutorn barons in their dews, and took 
the cream of the Shoathorn premiums, 
and the majority of them as well. This 
will never do ! 

Reporters have soma troublo in finding 
the postollico addresses of the successful 
competitors. The addresses should be 
written* upon the board, which, having 
four lines, has ample room for tho names 
and postollico address of both the prem- 
ium and certificate takers. 

Mr. S. T. Switt, agent of tho K. C. 
lla'lroad, has received a telegram from 
Mr. Bailey, Barnum’s Manager, staring 
that all of Barnum’s hippodrome and 
menagerie, including Jumbo, will bo 
marched around the ring at the Fair 
Grounds at 10 o'clock Saturday morriug. 
This alono will bo worth more then twieo 
the admission to the Fair, and yet it won t 
cost you a cent extra. It is a sight that 

Carriages, Rcckaways, Buggies, Phae 
tons, Single and Double Teams 
for Hire at Reasonable 

Street; two lot*, each fifty feet wide, within a 
stone’s throw of Broadway. W. \V. BRUCE. 

J. B. MORTON & CO., 
wholesale and retail SSook- 
sellers, Stationers, and 
IJrwRRists, Main Street, op. 
posite Court House Square, 
Lexington, Kentucky, are 
prepared to furnish from 
their own large stock, or 
to procure to order any 
book in print on the most 
reasonable terms and in 
any quantity. 


■Three second floor rooms, centrally 
Idrtsw II. B., Puss Office. iu r23«if ’ 


Best herd of ono boll end th:ceor 
more cows, two years old ard over; three 
entries; J. It. Anderson, premium; Gran- 
ville Cecil, cerritictite, 

Best herd of ono hu'l and three or 
ntofo cows under two yea s old; four en- 
tries; T. S. Grundy, premium; IV. W. 
WartielJ, certificate. 

Best five calves the get of one bu’l, the 
calves not necessarily the property of the 
exhibitor, the premium to be awarded i 
the bull; throe entries; J. R. Anderson, 
premium; W. W. Warfield, certificate. 

Best two calves of any age, the pod act 
of one e-hibitor, tho' premium to go to 
the cow; eleven enl-ies; W. W. Warfield, 
premium; T. S. Mob *iy, oert’ficate. 

r STREET — A warehousp 100 x 20 anil two stoi ii^ 
high, suitable lor storing whisky, gntiu. heinn, Ac, 
sort \V. \V. HRU OR. 




Monday, Sept. 3d, 1883, 

Tor City Clerk. 

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the 
Democratic nomination for the office of City Clerk. 


We arc antliorizcnl to Announce B »y S. Cluke a.i a 
candidate for City Cleik, subject to Ihe action of 
the Democratic party, augS-tf 


Drus Store 


198 Acres 



ij* I tit RENT OR SALE — Two brick houses, sit- 
» ttutpii on tile south sl.le of Winslow Sin et 
near Limestone Street. Thoroughly repaints q ini 
side and outside; bIbo reptfpored nil inside. K.-ich 
house contains three good sized rooms and u kite hen 
witli cellars entirely underneath each. A good new 
cistern in each yard, and with enough yard apt*?* 
to cultivate good sized family gardens. Terms lil . 
oral. For further particulars nnjdy to 


July21-I)tf N. E, cor. Short'and Market Ma. 



Kci J 13 constantly in stock a laige variety of 

T s nitb’a taiy reech t many of tho noted breed- 
ing fa ms o' t’ s a id adjo 1 * :  g couni’ - and with. 
' a h"’ ( uirlieo.' tlio I ■'Xing; m Fair Grounds oi 
LhOBin.ep'' c. It 'swell watered and has a tire 
'ocat '04 Ve A FULL MILE TRAUK. I iiij'i’ov 
rao ts co ibhL of 

fancy Art*c'es, 

( oailis. I i-itsft 


Npongcs, ToPrt Articles, 

Fimey Sonj a, dr. 

A Small Cottage of Three 
Rooms, Ice House, Stable 
and Oilier Outbuildings. 


lie. »7[SontIi linmrl way. 

Filcxmit noeoinniodiitfaiiN r, lr initk 
trnnslent and iierinnneiit •ltnnrders. 

tinclf 8m. 

A floo assoitraent of Faco Powders, giving the 
nostde'icHto and beaut \il complexion to tho faco. 


withse'cct Viv't y of fruits. Tho location fora 
dweU'r ' house : s ce'-ta’oly a very desirob’e ono. 
For fv.riHv partlev’ars cu I on or eddic's tho own- 
e , C. Y. PECK, or 

J. E. DELP1., 

Lund Agent, Lexington, Kv. 
Porsn-a desiring to CJamine the farm pi ior In 
cslo w II bo co iveved out liy caL'ng at theofficoof 
tho 'a t*r, No. 7 U' u.'pi'de, and a ree omnibus w i'l 
tie at thesiaie piece at 10 o’clock on day of sale for 
the accciuirooation of those des' 'ing to attend tho 
o. e. . C. Y. PECK. 



7 miles from Lexington near the Georgetown 
pike, adjoining the lands of Mat and John Outten. 
Parties renting will have the privilege of s: edlng 
this Fall. Address mont Louisville, or call on DU. 
CHASE, near tho farm. T. S. BROUGHTON. 



Taught in tho 

Natural Method Without Hook, 


Fuller Street, Lexington, liy. 

Monev advanced on Diamonds, Gold and Sliver 
W atches, Jewelry and Clothing. A large variety of 
the ahoT* articles always (or sale at one-half IMr 
value. Alan Guns and Pl»tol 8 .A 5 uinvifl. DAVVlu 


OS North Fpiior Ut., I.exliiKton. 

Tho only native French teacher In town. 


V bring you in MORI MOKfl in One flonththan any- 
thing o!,r In America. AbeoluUH'erUilntv Jiltluir 
Sex. .to capital. M. Young, 173 Greenwich st N. Y m k. 



wor« of character: fjrat variety ;DOllK8 06 DIDI6S 
In price; selling last; needed everywhere: Liberal 
U ot. CarreUKiii if U« v College St.. Nahhvillc. Teas, 



... ; y:-C 

. T . . * v 

f 1 y.r 

■ ■' - ' 

.   : ; 

* ; /vs 


•; V. 

^ \ ■' v \ .V V V 

V : 


'  : y v - ; ;! 



. : . , j 

■  | 

• 1 


\v\* \ ■ 

\ - tv 


' ■ ; i 

... v   r.l 
\vW.-:.r.NV., " 

■v . j 

■ • i ■ 


\ ,J . ... «y . ■( _ 

v : , I 

. • 

: / ;  :-i V 

. • '  V , «   

. i , v' j. .•  

'' . ' ■ ,V. : • f *.?»& 
y „ v- f v 

/ v ■•••.. ? ■ ; 

V ; 


• ’V  ' i- '  •: 

f ; v   i ; • 

1 ^ ' f .. ,1 

’ V: -■ ’• ,j 

■ ! 

J . 7 . '/'*  ■ 

• ' r. 


■■ -• i 

I ' / . 

/y ;/ . 

■ vl 

* ■ ' , / , 

• f ; • ' . 

; V/ • ’ 

It is passing into a proverb that beitig 
defeated for office makes many a man a 
patriot. '• 

Fifteen thousand Republicans scratch- 
ed Rev. John Wesley Asbury at the late 
Slate election. 

Half the people of Virginia are kept 
busy all the time trying to keep the : 
other half from fighting duels. 

If it be true that “the early bird catches j 
the worm,” some of the candidates for j 
municipal offices will have to go to taking 
vermifuge before long. 

The telegraph companies, in dealing 
with their strikiug operators, have ex- 
emplified the old expression, “come back, 
and all will be forgiven.” 

The News Journal should not objeot to 

being swallowed by the Enquires, for by 

getting a view of the inside workings 
of that great journal it might learn to 
make a newspaper of itself. 

Probably the Louisville Commercial is ! 
kicking about a little notice of Judge 
Black, which a visitor clipped for our 
columns and sent up stairs while the 
editor had stepped out upo^ i^lill Street 
to see whether local option had got to 
town, or not. 

The Cincinnati News Journal “deniges 
of’ the story that it is a Jonah 
which is soon to be swallowed by 
tbo Enquirer whale. The News/Journal 
may not be a Jonah, but so far it has 
displayed very few indications of being a 
Mascotte. , 

There are some queer rumors afloat in 
reference to one of the races in the con- 
test for municipal officers, which would 
make mighty interesting reading. .If, 
after investigation, we find ' 
to be well fo u nded,, wp 1 ^ 

Central Kentucky has 
ulating herself .tpoa her eebape from the 
disastrous storms which have been devas- 
tating other sections of the country; but 
the blast at Athens on Tuesday goes to 
show that the Bluegrass Region is not 
altogether out of the track of the tornado 
and the cycle of the cyclone. 

Returns of the late election have been 
received at the office of 'the Secretary of 
(otate from all the counties except Martin, 
which is usually a month or two behind 
with her returns. In 1879 Martin Coun- 
ty went Republican by 125 majority. 
Knott’s majority, in round numbers, is 
44,500. Blackburn's majority was 43,900, 
in round numbers. 

Col. Billy O’Bradley is now packing 
his valise preparatory to seekingvthe se- 
clusion which Colorado, grants. Ills able 
efforts to redeem Kentucky and his mas- 
terly financial screeds, instead ol demol- 
ishing the Democratic party in Kentucky, 
reacted like a boomerang and added about 
a thousand votes to the already large 
Democratic majority. 

John Kelley has written a letter to 
lion. M. K. McGrath of Chicago, in ref- 
erence to the old ticket. lie says: “Should 
the old ticket be nominated it will be sup- 
ported with as much viger and effort as 
that made in 1870 by us." Popular senti- 
ment is evidently in favor of the old tick- 
et, and Tilden may yet have the pleasure 
of “licking the rascals out.” 

The Louisville Commercial 6ays that 
increased wealth is blessing all the South 
except Kentucky. It is a fact, however, 
that .Kentucky is enjoying a largely in- 
creased and constantly increasing share of 
material prosperity. It does seem odd that 
the gang of fellows who can find nothing 
in Kentucky that pleases them don’t take 
up their bed and walk off to some other 

Gen. Williams may think that Hon. 
J. C. S. Blackburn will cause him merely 
a momentary annoyance in his race for 
the United States Senatorship this Winter, 
But we wish to request him right now 
to jot down in his note book in red ink 
that if Captain Blackburn is not elected 
to the Senate, he can name the man — and 
the initials of his name won't be John S. 
Williams, either. 

Tiie canvass for tho Mayoralty is begin- 
ning to take a definite shape. Dr. Doug 
Price is a candidate, and Mayor Claude 
M. Johnson will be. A strong pressure 
is also being brought to bear npon Coun- 
cilman James M. Graves to become a can- 
didate for the position, but he is unde- 
cided about it. Other heads will pop up 
in a few days, and a number of them 
will pop off next March when the elec- 
tion comes. 

Every citizen of Kentucky is invited to 
be present at the inauguration of Gov- 
ernor Knott next Tuesday. Frankfort 
spreads herself wide open, and will make 
room for all who may attend. It will be 
the grandest inaugural ever held in Ken- 
tucky. The people seem to know by in- 
stinct that Knott will be a Governor of a 
different style from any the State haB had 
for a very long time, and they aro in- 
stinctively impelled to make unusual dem- 
onstrations about it. 

A Dead Shot 

May be taken at liver and bilious disor- 
ders with Dr. R. V. Pierce's “Pleasant 
Purgative Pellets.” Mild yet certain in 
operation; and there is none of the reac- 
tion consequent upon taking, severe and 

It is reasonably sure that Lexington 
will soon have an evening daily paper. 
Tho city presents a fair field for such an 

Tue editor of the Carlisle Mercury says 
he is not an applicant for the position of 
Secretary of State, but that he could be 
induced to accept it. He cast the vote of 
Nicholas County for Knott in the Conven- 
tion. j 

Kentucky politics aro stagnating. 
Things politic in this State are so one- 
sided that tho trigger- work is all done 
within the winning side, and not enough 
of the secret work ever leaks out to make 
matters interesting to the people at large. 

The Covington Commonwealth holds 
Governor Knott responsible for the mag- 
nificent scale upon which the people of 
Frankfort are preparing for his inaugura- 
tion. The Commonwealth is a bold, out- 
spoken paper, but is rather an over-right- 
eous kicker at times. 

It is beginning to be bruited abroad 
that the Democrats have a living chance 
to carry Iowa this fall. The sturdy Iowa 
farmers have been holding weekly meet- 
ings at the country school holies for a 
year or two and debating the tafiff ques- 
tion among themselves. This accounts 
for the milk in the cocoanut. 

Some of tho papers accuse Mr. McLean, 
of the Cincinnati Enquirer, of being a 
boss. There is no denying the fact, say 
what you may, that the Enquirer has 
done the Democratic party in the North- 
west more good and make it more con- 
verts than all the other Democratic papers 
combined. It is the only Democratic 
newspaper that the Republicans will read, 
and sooner or later it converts them to 

Fire in Mt. Sterling. 

On Tuesday night Reed & Pearsall’s 
big steam tannery in Mt. Sterling was 
completely destroyed by tire. Loss about 
$15,000; insured. 

Jail Fired. 

Yesterday afternoon a prisoner in one 
of the lower eells of the jail at Nicholas- 
ville set fire to the building with the view, 
it is supposed, of making his escape. The 
fire was extinguished before any material 
damage was doue, and none of the prison- 
ers got away. 

Arrival of Horses. 

The stablo of Messrs. Powers & Son ar- 
rived at the Race Track yesterday morn- 
ing. Among the lot are Aztec, Aritino, a 
filly by Aramis, dam Experience Oaks, 
and one by Prince Charles, Mr. Swigert’s 
recent purchase. They will be handled 
by Lee Paul and will take part in our 
coming races. ^ 

The Big Inauguration. 

Invitations to attend the inauguration 
of Governor-elect Knott will be sent to 
tho President and his Cabinet, the Gover- 
nors of all the States, to many represen- 
tative men in each political party, and 
members of Congress, the Legislature, 
Mayers of cities, etc. The number of in- 
vitations sent out will exceed 1,000. 

Kentucky’s Corn Crop. 

The Washington Agricultuta! Depart- 
ment report for August places the average 
corn crop'of Kentucky at 97 per cent, of 
a perfect crop. This is better than that 
of any surrounding State. Ohio is 89, 
Indiana 95, Illinois 86, Tennessee 89. 
The yield is estimated at 25 bushels per 
acre, and the total yield of the country at 
seventeen hundred million bushels. 

Capt. Kidd's Sale. 

There was a fair attendance ttt CaDt. 
Kid.d’s sale of Shorthorn cattle and fine 
sheep yesterday. Seventy-two head of 
Shothorns of unfashionable breeding 
brought an aggregate of $5,855, an aver- 
erago of 81.32, One hundred and thirty- 

1 r hrnuelit an aggregate 


Miss Lizzie Marshall of Frankfort is 
visiting in the city. 

Mrs. T. E. Thornton of Midway is vis- 
iting Mrs. Will Graves in the county. 

Mr. J. C. Kleeber, with the Dennett 
Harvesting Machine Company, is in the 

Mrs. T. L. Johnson and two daughters 
have returned from an extended trip to 
the country. 

Hon. W. W. Culbertson, Congressman 
elect from the Ninth District, has been in 
the city this week. 

Mr. C. J. Myers and wife and Miss Vic 
Elder left last night over the C. and O. 
for a trip to New York.) 

Hon. J. Soule Smith has returned from 
Denver, and is now prepared to tell you 
lots of wild Western jokes. 

James Ginn, Esq., a prominent business 
man of Carrollton, Ky., is in the city, 
visiting his relative, Col. B. P. Connell, 
on North Broadway. 

Misses Jennie and Delia Richardson 
of this city are visiting the family of 
lion. W. W. Culbertson, at Ashland, Ky., 
and a party will be given there to-night 
in their honor. 

Mr. Benjaimin Crawford and J. S. 
Keller, of the Kentucky Union Railway 
office, ieave to-day for a three weeks’ trip 
into Eastern Kentucky on the line of 
their prosperous road. 

Mr. W. Clifford Elliott, a prominent 
telegraph operator of Cincinnati, was in 
the city yesterday. We are sorry to hear 
that he is afflicted with the terrible palsy 
so well known by telegraph operators. 

Mr. W. II. Gentry, President of the 
Kentucky Agricultural and Mechanical 
Association, Lexington, is in the city to- 
day, making arrangements for a large ut- 
tendence from here to the Fair next week. 
— Covington Commonwealth. 

Mr. A. L. Sidow, general agent for the 
Dennett Harvesting Machine Company, 
of Milwaukee, Wis., is in the city, stop- 
ping at the Phoenix Hotel. “Sid” is the 
“most innocent man on the road,” and 
"" mon  ground and do more 

SKIN HUMORS Thresher Engine 

Wonderful Cure of a Lad 12 years 
old. who for 8 years, from the 
. Top of his Head to his 
Ankles, was One Mass 
of Scabs. 

£i Y .? ON ' a twe * ve years of age, was afflicted , 
with the worn form of Eczema for a period of eight 
Years. So virulent was it that from the top oi his 
bead to wiiliiu a few inches of his aukles he w;u 
oue mass of scabs, which refused to yield to any 
treatment that was attempted. Every remedy that 
was suggested by friends or physicians was tried in 
vain. Allopathy, homoeopathy, herbs, roots, salt- 
water baths, lias seed poultices, soaps, ointments, 
and in short everything that could be done 
to eradicate the disorder seemed only to aggravate 
it, and the child’s life became a burden to him, and 
the expense of the various experiments was a con- 
stant drain upon our resources. 

My wife, reading the advestisement of the Cuti- 
cura Remedies in one of the dally papers, resolved 
to make one mere attempt at u cure. (The disease 
was now encroaching upon his face, and seemed in- 
curable.) I gave a reluciaut consent to the propo- 
sal, and an interview was sought w ith a famous lady 
physician of New York, who made a most thorough 
examination of the case, and promised a cure with- 
out the least hesitation by the use of Cuticura Rem- 
edies. In one week there was a marked change: 
the raw and angry sores began to grow pale and 
along the outer edges scaled oil’, and as time wore on, 
they began to disappear entirely, until at the pre- 
sent writing the only vestige is one small spot upon 
the forearm, scarcely visible and fast disappearing. 

Thus after eight years of expense and anxiety, 
we have the intense satisfaction of seeing the child’s 
skin as fair and smooth i   it was before this dread- 
ful cutaneous disorder attacked hup. 

tiiucerely yours, 


249 Fairmount Ave., 

Jersey City Heights, N. J. 

Childhood and youth are the periods when such 
diseases yield most readily to those unfailing Skin 
and Blood Specifics. Cuticura Resolvent, the new 
Hlood rurifitr, aud Cuticura and Cuticura Soap, the 
great Skin Cures. Piice of Cuticura, small boxes, 
oU cts., large boxes, $1.00. Cuticura Resolvent, $1.00 
Per bottle. Cuticura Soap, 25 cts.; Cuticura Shav- 
ing Soap, 15 cts. 3old by all druggets. 

Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. 

RARV F° r Infantile and Birth 

•*-»*'**-  I Humors, Rough, Chap- 

BEAUTIFIER P od »° r Ureasy skins, Net- 

r tie Rash, Pimples, aud i 

Blemishes, use Cuticura Soap, an exquisite Skin 
Beautitler, and Toilet, Bath, and Nursery Sanative. 
Fragrant with delicious dower odors and Cuticura 
balsams. Absolutely pure; highly medicinal. In- 
dorsed by physicians; preferred by the elite. Sales 
in 18SI and 1882, 1,000,000 cakes. Also specially 
prepared for Shaving. , 


Pitcher Pumps for Water Carts. 



Mr. Jake Uostcttcr gave a burgoo yes- ’ 
terday in his woods, which was attended 
by Governor Blaekburit, Hon. J. C. S. 
Blackburn, Hon. J. Stoddard Johnston, 
and other prominent gentlemen, together 
with numerous other lesser lights. 
Speeches were made and a good time gen- 
erally had. 

Kentucky Association Fixed Events. 

The nominations for the Kentucky As- 
sociation fixed events (1885) are closed 
with the following number of entries : 

Phcenix Hotel States, 41; Ashland 
Oaks, 36; Blue Ribbon Stakes, 38; Yiley 
Stakes, 40; Kentucky Stallion Stakes, 28. 

For the three-year old stakes, spring 
meeting, 188^1, there are ten entries. 

The Orphan Brigade. 

The local committee to arrange for the 
Reunion of the First Kentucky Confeder- 
ate Brigade in this city, on September 
5th, met last night and effected a perman- 
ent organization. I Mnjor Joel lliggins 
was elected Chairman of the committee, 
and Jacob Sandusky Secretary. Major 
Higgins and Dr. B. IV. Dudley were ap- 
pointed a committee to secure reduced 
rates on the railroads, and John T. 
Hawkins was appointed to attend to the 
printing of badges, registration, &c., and 
Major lliggins was appointed to secure 
music. Jackson Ilall was chosen as the 
place of holding the Reunion, and a prop- 
osition of Mr. Simonds to feed the vet- 
erans at fifty cents per meal was accepted. 

It was announced that lion. J. C. S. 
Blackburn had consented to deliver an 
oration at the grave of Gen. Roger Han- 
son on the afternoon of the Reunion, at 
which time the members of the brigade 
will march out to the Cemetery to deco- 
rato the graves of Gen. Hanson, Gen. 
Breckinridge, and other members of the 

The Committee decided not to solicit 
aid in defraying the expenses of the 
meeting, but announce that any person de- 
siring to assist them may do so by leaving 
their contributions with Mr. Jacob San- 
dusky at Baker & Mason’s, No. 13 Cheap- 

North American Review. 

The North American Review for Sep- 
tember is an admirably constituted number, 
whether we regard the timeliness and im 
portance of the subjects presented, or tho 
eminent competence of the authors chosen 
for their discussion. First comes “State 
Regulation ofCorporate Profits”, by Chief- 
Justice T, M. Cooley, of Michigan, show- 
ing how far, by wise legislation and by 
applying in the spirit of enlightened ju- 
risprudence the principles of the common 
law, the harrowing exactions of corporate 
companies and monopolies in general 
may be restrained and tho interests of tho 
people effectually conserved. John A. 
Kasson, M. C., writes on “Municipal Re- 
form”, and offers suggestions for the 
abatement of the evils of misgovermentin 
our great municipalities that will com- 
mand the earnest interest of all good citi- 
zens without respect to party. Richard 
Grant White treats of “Class Distinctions 
in the United States”, a subject that is 
destined to occupy more and more the at- 
tention of the American people as great 
fortunes increase. “Shooting at Sight" is 
the subject of some pertinent reflections by 
James Jackson, Chief-Justice of the State 
of Georgia. In “Facts about the Caucus 
and the Primary”, George Walton Green 
unveils the tricks practiced by political 
managers in large cities. The well known 
English essayist, W. II. Mallock, contri- 
butes “Conversations with a Solitary”, in 
which he sets forth with much ingenuity 
the Arguments adverse to popular govern- 
ment. The Rev. Dr. D. S. Phelan con- 
tributes an article sparkling with epi- 
grams, on the “Limitations of Freethink- 
mg". Finally, Grant Allen, the most 
charming of all living writers on natural 
history, disoourBes on “An American 
Wild Flower”. Published at 30 Lafay- 
ette Place, New York, and for sale by 
booksellers generally. 

Horsford’s Acid Phosphate in Liver and 
Kidney Troubles. 

Dr. O. G. Cilly, Boston, says: “I 
have used it with the most remarkable 
success in dyspepsia, and derangement of 
the liver and kidneys." I 

deputies yesterday orougnt u. w . o. 
Henderson to the jail in this city for safe- 
keeping. Henderson was sentenced to be 
hanged for murder at the late term of the 
Carter Circuit Court, and the day of his 
execution was fixed upon the 9th of No- 
vember next. The Carter jail is very in- 
secure, and it was feared that he would 
either escape from it or be rescued by his 


Mr. Benjamin Crawford, whose house 
was entered and robbed by burglars some 
two weeks ago, received a letter yesterday 
from a transportation agent in Cincinnati 
stating that Mr. Crawford’s memorandum 
book, letters, &c., which had been stolen 
from him on the night ol the burglary, 
had been found in a car loaded with 
staves at the Cincinnati Southern depot 

Kentucky Inventors. 

Patents were issued yesterday to the 
following Kentucky inventors : 

S. R. Ames of Louisville, for a whiffle- 

M. L. Ballard of Georgetown, for a 

S. M. Furman of Henderson, for a sur- 
gical bandage. 

Frederick Stitzel of Louisville, for a 

Also, to Geo. C. Gordon of Mounds- 
ville, W. Va., for a mill-stone driver. 

Contested Seats. 

We will likely have two contested seat? 
in tho Legislature. R. Y. Thomas Jr., 
the gallant young editor of the Muhlen- 
burg Echo after a race, was only beaten 
by 30 votes, and more than that number 
received by his opponent are alleged to 
have been fraudulent. In Greenup Coun- 
ty, Warnock, Demoorat, was beaten three 
votes by Green, Republican. It is alleged 
that at one precinct tho Judge and Clerk 
of election were near kinsman of Green, 
and tore up Warnock votes, refusing to 
record them. If this can be established, 
Warnock need have no fear of not getting 
his seat. 

The Fayette County Social Club. 

Invitations are out for the Fayette 
County Social Club hop, which will be 
given at Jackson Hall the 29th and 31st 
of August. The Floor Committee for 
Wednesday evening will be R. D. Wil- 
liams, A. G. Morgan, Will Searce, F. A. 
Harrison, R. L. Bowman, 0. W. Kim- 
brough, E. B. Ilayman, R. H. King, Jas. 
D. De Long; and for the second night the 
Committee will be M. C. Alford, H. E. 
Innes, Robert Swigert, J. W. Sayre, C. 
II. Edge, Will McDowell, W. Hughes, J. 
A. Luil, Claude Higgins. This will 
doubtless prove one of the^most pleasant 
entertainments ever given m Lexington. 
Those who are getting it up know no such 
word ns fail, and will not stop work until 
a glorious Buccess is assured. 

Cincinnati in Lexington. 

Cincinnati Day at the Fair promises to 
be immense. Gen.Gentry basjust returned 
from Cincinnati and brings favorable re- 
ports from that city. Mayor Stephens re- 
ceived Gen. Gentry kindly and extended 
every courtesy possible to him. Mayor 
Stephens assured Gen. Gentry that he and 
the various city officials would bo on hand 
and that a very large delegation of Cin- 
natians would come over on that day. 
The Cincinnati Southern will run three 
extra trains that day, as will the K. C. 
Col. W. W. Peabody, President of the 
Cincinnati Exposition, and J. D. Parker, 
President of the Chamber of Commerce, 
will also be on hand that day with other 
officers of the Exposition. The Mayor of 
Covington, Mr. R. A. Athey, and tho offi- 
cials of that city will join the Cincinnati 
delegation. There will be not less than 
15,000 people in Lexington on the Cin- 
nati Day. The Fair promises to be a 
grand suocesss, thanks to the very efficient 
management it has had this year. 

De Chambord Dead. 

Vienna, August 24. — Count de Cham* 
bord died at 7:10 this merning. 

several days on business conueoiod .?ith 
Col. Delph’s Land Agency, returned to 
their home on Wednesday. They leased 
for three years the fine home, Spring Hill, 
of Mrs. Hart, near Versailles. We con- 
gratulate the people of Woodford in their 
good fortune in being able to claim as cit- 
izens these elegant and really charming 
people. • 

Bad Case af St. Vitus Dance. 

Minister is tho singular name of a town 
situated in Auglaize County, Ohio. It is 
the residence of Mr. J. Brandewie,- who 
writes : “ Samaritan Nervine permanent- 
ly cured my son of a bad case of St. Vitus 
Dance.” $1.50. 

Street Railway Extension. 

The rails for extending the Street Rail- 
way from Main up Rfoadtoay to Sixth 
Street have been, received and scattered 
along a part of the ling. This is a good 
indication \hat the )ine will be built 


We learn that there were about six 
hundred people in Frankfort Wednesday 
applying to the Governor for pardotis of va- 
rious kinds for their friends, and it is ex- 
pected there will be fully a thousand a 
day from now until Knott comes in.. 

Lawn Tennis. 

“Lawn Tennis” is rapidly coming to 
the front as the national game for ladies 
and gentlemen. It is represented to be 
a very prettjtgarae, and quite as costly as 
pretty, as it must be played in uniform, 
and a pair of “Tennis shoes" alone costs 
fram $17 to $20. 

Another Ox Gored. 

“Eight murders in Cincinnati last 
week” was the heading of a dispatch in 
one of our exchanges. Had these trage- 
dies occurred south of Mason and 
Dixon’s line the Northern papers would 
have made a great sensation about South- 
ern barbarism. As it is, no comment is 


Portsmouth, August 23.— Malaria has 
appeared at several Nev. Hampshire 
beaches and many people aro ill. Lewis 
Wetherby, a Philadelphian, died in his 
eottago of malignant typhoid fever yes- 
terday. Ilis servants and family are ill. 
Defective drainage is supposed to be the 
cause of the trouble. Mrs. Ward, a ho- 
tel guest, also died at Rye Beach. 

The Same Old Story. 

New York, August 23. — Elizabeth 
Cannon, twenty-eight years old, was shot 
through the head and instantly killed in 
her apartment, 466 Eighth Avenue, this 
morning by George Beatty, forty-four 
years old. After killing her Beatty shot 
himself through the heart and fell dead 
across her body. The cause of the mur- 
der and suicide is unknown. 

Railroad Earnings. 

Philadelphia, ;August 23.— The offi- 
cial statement of the business of all the 
lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com- 
pany, east of Pittsburg and Erie, for sev- 
en months of 1883, os compared with the 
same period of 1882, shows an increase in 
the net earnings of $174,345. All the 
lines west of Pittsburg and Erie for seven 
months of 1883 show a surplus over all 
liabilities of $309,690, a decrease as com- 
pared with the (same period of 1882 of 
$45,340. ’ 

Druggists Take Notice. 

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania 
having sustained the District Court of Al- 
legheny County, granting to R. E. Sellers 
& Co., the exclusive right to the “trade 
mark" “Blood Searober” (registered at 
Washington, D. C., December 11, 1876), 
our name will bo printed on all outside 
wrappers. Any one selling, or offering 
for sale, any “Blood Searcher" without 
bearing our namo will be prosecuted to 
tho full extent of the law. (The penalty 
is $1,000 fine and two years’ imprison- 
ment.) R. E. Sellers & Co., 

Proprietors, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Memphis is unable to decide which is 
the worse— the water or the whisky. 



\ r s «Vro7a" steam gauges, & c . 

isuiutly relieves t ho most violent Sneezingor Head 

olds, dears tbe Head as by majic, stops watery _ __ _ 

Iscliarges from the Nose ami Eyes, prevents Iting- T IT 1A A TrTTIOAV 

ig Noises in tho Head, cures Nervous Headache, tl • 1 4* DiY V 

nl subdues Cnilk nnd Povor Tn Phronia 

~ v. .voHivau .1 JMMIIUlU V lin’ 

instantly relievos tho most violent Sneezingor Head 
Colds, dears the Head as by majlc, stops watery 
discharges from the Nose ami Eyes, prevents Hing- 
ing Noises in tho Head, cures Nervous Headache, 
and subdues Cnills nnd Fever. In Chronie Catarrh 
It cleanses the nasal passages of foul mucus, restores 
the senses of smell, taste, and hearing when ndect- 
cd, frees the head, throat, aud bronchial tubes of 
offensive matter, sweetens and purities the breath, 
stops the cough and arres's tho progress of Catarih 
towards Coiisumpti. ,i. 

One bottlo Radical Cure, ono box Catarrhal Sol- 
vent and Sanford’s Inhaler, all in one package, of all 
druggists, for *1. Ask for Sanford’s Radical Cure. 

aA| I I Kin. For the relief and prevention, 
\JwLl-lfVjp tho Instant It isapplietl, of Rheu- 
\ \ V9 LTA| C/ / matism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, 
, Coughs, golds, Weak Back, Sto- 

A 1 , * maco, nml Canol,, Oh. ».i 1 lift 

. -o Pains, Numbness, Hysteria, Fe- 
ma l e PMns, Palpitation, Dys- 
V pepsia, Liver Complaint, Bilious 

\ Fever, Malaria, and Epidemics, 
/ri r rTHin \ use Collins's Plasters (an Elec- 
£ ,/ L 7(S i a v « OR Battery combined with a 
^LASTFR 5 *  orou8 blaster) nnd laugh at 
pain. !5c. everywhere. 





Swindlers and Their Victims— How 
Careless People Suffer in Health 
and Pocket. 

Every streak ol sunshine creates a shadow, and 
behind every truth couches its corresponding lie. 
Whosoever lias not been in some way fooled and 
robbed by swindlers and their works has had better 
luck in life than most mortals. In fact the best 
witnesses to the value of a given article are the 
counterfeits ind Imitations which seek to share its 
success without possessing a fraction of its rneilt. 
Hence it goeB without saying that 


are pursued by a host of miserable and worthless 
imitators, eager to appropriate what they can of 
tho fruits of Its victories. These leeches common- 
ly take the form of a cheap plaster. 

Now, these harmless and worthless plasters would 
be detected in a minute if people were careful In 
reading and remembering names. But most per- 
sons merely glanco at them, understand partially 
and forget instantly. What insult? This: Desir- 
ing to buy BENSON’S CAPCINE PLASTER, their 
own carelessness enables some storekeeper or drug- 
gist, who cares more for five or ten cents additional 
prolit than for ihe sweets of an approving con- 
science, to roll them up instead some cheap imlta- 
tion with a similar name. She deceit often works, 
while tho fraudulent plasfcrs never do. 

Don’t permit yourself to bo thus victimized for 
lack of a moment’s care. BENSON’S CAPCINE 
POROUS PLASTERS havo-stood tho test of science 
and experience and are the product of both. Ex- 
omlno the article, and satisfy yourself that the 
word CAPCINE Is cut in it. 

Seabury A Johnson, Pharmaceutical Chemists, 
New York. Highest awards— medals— at Interna- 
tional Expositions. 

j ri ^LYON&HEALY5 

Slate & Mcnroe Sts., Chicago.   A 

TaMr Will nnd [prepaid tonny addreutheir 

DHj ol I DtUma«nU, Suits, Capa, lfclteA ^ 
«CTpPomp°n», Epaulets, Cap-Lamps, 

/JYl .BUndi, Dnirn Major* Staflk, and 
// 8undry Band OutbU, Repairing //  1 

V^JBiMHtprlals, also tncludea Instruction and Ex- // J M 
for Amateur Bauds, and a CaUlomi*«wU^1 Hi 
of Choice Band Music, sdkfll 


26.999 NOW IN USE. 

All persons say their good* nre file l*est. fv- 

hie ..... Improved killer I’oeltlvc Foeee , 

Hei.l and 1 erllltrliiv Drill amt onpllu, l:„| ' 

•ru .11 vond « tlie hc«, and can l.eioM as , 

■ ’j rr il|j rs ni.ited free. Newark hr-. 

Nev •*,!(. Ohio. Pattern tl"“ | - 

W. N. STAGE, General Southern] Traveling 
Agent, Louisville, Ky. 
aprSl-Dik W 4meow 

Mary SumjikrvillrIs Adm’r, rialntlfl', 1 , 

against L _ 

Ci-ara W. Beyland, and others, Dol’ts. j 

creditwmdJJ'Iary Summerville, decelsed, 
are Hereby ffimued to present their cliimB 
against saul estate properly-proven lo John R: A1 
len, Mastor Commissioner of tho Fayette Cl« 
Court, on or before the 15th day of October, 1SS 

augS-WAStd ’ _ 




(Formerly with Do Long 4 Co.) 

Keep on hand all kinds of Harness and Saddles, 
Collurs, Chains, Hames, Ilackbands, Harness Oil, 
Whips, and everything In their line. All work 
hand- made and warranted. augl-SAWtf 



H EAR this, all ye people, and give ear 
all ye invalids of the world, Hop 
Bitters will make you well and to rejoie^ 
2. It shall eure all tho people and put 
sickness and suffering under foot. 

3’. Be thou not afraid when your 
family is sick, or you have Bright’s dis- 
ease or Liver Complaint, for Hop Bitttrs 
will cure you. 

4. Both low nnd high, rich and poor 
know the value of Hop Bitters for bilious, 
nervous and Rheumatic complaint?. 

5. Cleanse me with Hop Bitters and I 
shall have robust and blooming health. 

6. Add disease upon disease and let 
the worst come, I am safe if I use Hop 

7. For all my life hnvo I been plagued 
with sickness and sores, nnd not until a 
year ago was I cured, by Hop Bitters. 

8. He that keepeth his bones from ach- 
ing from Rheumatism and Neuralgia, 
with Hop Bitters, doeth wisely. 

9. Though thou hast sores, pimples, 
freckles, salt rheum, erysipelas, blood poi- 
soning, yet Hop Bitters will remove them 

j 10. What woman is there, feeble and 
sick from female complaints, who desiroth 
not health and useth Hop Bitters and is 

made well. 

11. Let not negleot to use Hop Bitters 
bring on serious Kidney and Liver com- 

12. Keep thy tongue from being furred, 
thy blood pure, and thy stomach from in- 
digestion by using Hop Bitters. 

13. A.I1 my pains and aches and dis- 
ease go like chaff before tho wind when I 
use Hop Bitters. 

14. Mark the man who was nearly 
dead and given up by the doctors after 
using Hop Bitters aDd becometh well. 

15. Ceaso from worrying about ner- 
vousness, general debility, and urinary 
trouble, for Hop Bitters will restore you. 


n Now Ready. 



Street Talk. 

“IIow much bettor you look, Mr. S.” 
“Vm I have gained 32 pounds on Hall’s 
Catarrh Cure. Have not felt so well in | 


A Way Found for Utalizing the English 
Sparrow as a Mark for Sportsmen. 

Philadelphia Times. 

Two problems are solved in the cxecu- 


A Fight With Rifles Growing Out of 
Trivial Quarrel at Supper. 


Additional Particulars of the Terrible 

La8t t? en L ng n a ^ ag °5 enteredLara,nio St. Paul, August 23.-North of Viola ! 

UUIU1 A ** , , uiumiuo oio otntou ill mu uauuu' v vmvu.u Aiuuuuiu nT . rill. A II CTllHf M — \ firt h Clf V min 

2° years. H ha8 a m £ lo Vanv om that t “ )n ofan enterprise fathered by Charles on the North Park road containing three | the cyclone’ swept crop's and buildings 
and is worth $50 a bottle to any one that u, j oneg) proprletor of a 8p0 rting gallery men. Two of these occupied the seat in ! c i e an in its path. Henry Stichfield's nice 

has tho Catarrh 

Hearing Sale. 

a" unprecedented 

From the Proud Standpoint 

n. .lones. proprietor ot a sporting gallery men. i wo ot tnese occupied the seat in ] c i eft n in its path. Henry Stichfield’a nice ' a .i.SJ 11 ®. 1 we enjoyed ail unprecedented 

on South Third Street and a fervent pro- front and the other lay upon a bed of j residence and buildings were leveled. f.V” ® V . 1 *- 8 S P rin K and Suninier, we have still 

fessor of the British sporting religion of blankets in the box. The party halted at . Mrs. Stichfield was slightly hurt. | ^ ia*uT l0t,U . l, * : 0,1 ,la «d than we care to carry over 

the handicap. One of these questions was: Dr. Harris s office a few moments and j Winona, Minn.. August 23—' 1’he cv- 1 avo * tl “**8 we have made a general reduction i*. 

•'Wknf oloill kn aknt tka tkn tllPn H PHUfl ml fr f/Y Vl nanifnl Tho mnn I » * i * . . ^ ' OriCCS. iliot dim* Sa A1. « ® OUT 

Of superior “style,” the. languid city “What shall be shot from the trap? the then drove out to the hospital. The man c i one atruck here* at seven o’clock kit ! P r ^ ces » that that is tile only 

1 Lmm mifiTAVu thn !miwr!nni ir nh TTaion 1 UtirL-l ..I 11 4 A I IttIw iirvrvwe koJ ewrrso F.vlrrvw ! nn M n IT:. . ... a0t ! Oil r ( k 11 flu A. « _« . . * 

beauty surveys tho imaginary physical other, “What shall be done with the spar 
shortcomings of her rustic female cousin, rows?” 

Yet if the latter possess a finer set of Mr. Jones’s scheme, economizing lan- night he shot and instantly killed a man total wreck. The covered bridge near the «■. • 
teeth, as she probably does if she uses guage, answers both questions in the named Keys at Snider’s ranch, on the * town is jrone and a number of cars in tha 1 I mL 4. •. 

SOZODONT, and the metropolitan belle words, “Shoot the sparrow from the trap.” Little Grizzly .thirty miles west of Teller, j yard ave completely smashed. Holtons ■jlfiTIlL W Glfifil U V/£ISS1II1GF6 SllUi*5 
does not, that striking contrast so much “But, queried an incredulous reporter, in North Park. His companions were elevator is a total wreck, and half of it W O * # *“* w * v MUIUOj 

” yesterday, “will the sparrows fly ?.” Messrs. August Anderson and Lawrence, ' obstructs the main railroad track. The 

“I have netted thousands of ' dozens in and the particulars of the tragedy, as , Btreet 8 are fi, led with trees and fragments Alnnpn Mohol. TV 
England for trap shooting,” was tho leamad from the. first-named gentleman, | of buildings. Five cars and an engine ^Paca, MODair, Drap d Ete, KamgarilStOff Linen 
reply, and I have shot hundreds In are about as follows : j were derailed at Zurabrola, and the fire- Creole Check, and Mohair ftormpnlo 

• ro .r- .?■ clone fitruck kere at seven o’clock last SironX T “VT mans me only way to accomplish 

lying upon the bed was taken inside. IDs evening, and the depot was unroofed and I ° ,F Cn ” 8, ° ur stock be closed is composed of 
name is Charles Shelton, and Friday badly wrecked. The engine house is a 

companions were ( elevator is a total wreck, and half of it 

with a vengeance. Pearly teeth are bet- 
ter than “style." 

enly preparation of beef conta'nlng ita entire nutri- 
tions properties. It contains blood-making, force 
onerating aod life-sustaining properties; Invalu- 
able for INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, nervous 

in her favor enables her to tarn the tables yesterday, “will the sparrows fly ?.” Messrs. August Anderson and Lawrence, 1 obstructs the main railroad track. 

Pearly teeth are bet- “I have netted thousands of dozens in and tho particulars of the tragedy,  vs : streets are filled with trees 

tions properties. It contains blood-making, force for sport than pigeons, as they are in fact horse ranch in he park, and last Friday i en gj ne an( ] wa8 buried under the wreck 
abla'fol^INMGEniON^ 0 nervous ‘ he best tra,. birds, except the linet, that was at Frank Snyder’s ranch helping him Dodge CenteRi Minn., August 23.— 

prostration, and all forms of general debility; also, flies up a corkscrew. In the street tho put up nay. Another man named Keys, The crops in the path of the cyclone 
extfusUo^'nmous priwSi'ti^^verworfc OT*»cute '’P^ow is quite tame He will merely who was known as “Billy,” and who has two miles south of here were all' destroy- 
d^soase! particlulariV if ™un“ng from pulmonary ste P nside as the wheel of ft wagon passes an interest in the Snyder ranch, was pres- ed) and bpavy dlimu „ e was dane to build- 1 


f rostratlon, and all forms of general debility; also, 
nail enfeebled conditions, whether the result ol 

UI8DOOO, UUUliW 11 JCBUlllUg llUlll puiiuuuoi; • . r t • L J O 4 1_* ir 4 I ’ T UUUIU^U w nn UUIIU li 

complaints. Caswbll, Hazard & Co., Proprle- by, but in a strange place, after having ent, and anyder himselt and several j n „ g# A man named Elbrichfc and 

1/iH Now Vnrlr flol/1 llV rlrnmrUtl 1 J * V . 1* L!_ 1 ! 1 A l' 1 eitlunan n.n«/v nnllnn iknla ... U 

tore, New Yor k. Sold by druggiata. been deprived of his liberty for a short others. They were eating their supper w ife were working "in the field' "when thev vi 

_. ..... , . ..... ... time, ho flies like light.” in a small tent near the cabin on the saw the storm enmimr .,n,l nlnn^ tn 

-i* i» - «*«!. nL ,j. «..I k. ; . . Xr ;K «ri“k B t hOT w S?,'” 8 ”, 0 ? • 

Btlto, put new life in a broken-down body. 15 ‘‘Quite. I could go and net a thousand boy — a herder in the employ ot bhelton — was knocked senseless and she was blown Underwear ail 

!nUs -   sparrows in a field while people were to go into the cabin and refill the teapot, to a considerable distance. She was found Kle E a “t au l Immense 

“ Mens Sana in corporesano:” l4 A sound mind In scraping three counties to buy half as and the boy refused, saying ho was not this mornimr in A hnrrihlv mnfilntMi Anti 

many pfgeons at fifty cents apiwe. There in h,s (Key’s) employ, and he had no CHILDRFN’ 

ed with either weakness of Brain or Bodily pow- is some difficulty in keeping them alive right to order him around. Keys com- other badly crushed. A number of Der- ^ x v 1 ^ 

The most delicate persons enjoy taking Emory's 
Little Cathartic IMIIn, give a wholesome ap- 
petite, put new life in a broken-down body. 15 

Pongee Silk Coats and Vests. 

short others. They were eating their supper wife were worki „ K in the fie]d hen th yf ■ VWlUi 

| in a small tent near the cabin on the saw the storm coming and clung to each ¥ 

ranch. During he meal Keys asked a othcr . When the storm struck them he Thread iiUiS.**’ *«*, Balbriggan, Gauze, and Lisle 
boy-a herder in the employ o Shelton- was knocked senseless and she was blown a,ld Hosiery, and every tine in our 

Food, and we assure our readers that, if dlssatis- . . . , . - , . ■ , .. ...... , 

lied with either weakness of Brain or Bodily pow- is some difficulty in keeping them alive right to order him around. Keys com- other badly crushed A number 
A? dTg&Vor l% r msu n ^Vj.H g Allcrn 3?5 after capture, but to one who understands fenced to abuse the boy, Shelton inter- sons were more or or less injured. 
Fi'rst Avcnu g e, New Yo^k city. their treatment that is simple enough." fered in his behalf, and a quarrel ensued Kas Minn Auguflt J o;; _’| 

“Are they shot from a niceon tran?" between the two men. Tinally Keys „ ’j 

One arm was twisted off and the 
dly crushed. A number of per- 

Advice to Mothers. 

Kasson, Minn., August 23.— The cy- 
clone passed about six miles south of this 

“ . • • , /•. ,• , • i J . 1 • . • . pooocu uuoui niA Iinict) nuuui ui nils 

There is a regular sparrow- left the table, and taking the teapot, p i ace doine considerable damage to per- 
tho sneaker laid one on the went into the cabin, roturninir in a u..:u: k. 

Are you disturbed at night and broken of your trap,” and the speaker laid one on the went into tho cabin, roturning in a 

rest by » sick child Buiierlng and crying with pain counter, which bore evidence of having moment with the tea and a Win-| 

of cutting teeth ? If so, aeud at once and get a hot- jj 0en th e oe )j j n which the death-watch Chester rifle. He set the tei 

tleof MRS. winslowssoothinQ bykupfor had been set on many a doomed bird. and turning to Shelton, said 

rsrtTTTvTsnw nsnirwriTfMfs l.._ t _ l nA .U„l. ...... . » . . s . t i . • 

CHILDREN TEETHING. Its value is incalcula- 
ble. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immedi- 
ately. Depend upon it, mothers, there is no mis- 
take about it. It cures dysentery and dUrrhaa, 

went into ino camn, returning in a buildings, and crops. Christian Olo- 
moment with the tea and a Win- S0I ,. g wife ^ kiIle(l ' rtnd hjg old 

Chester rifle lie set tho teapot down, daugh ter had her leg broken. Anderson 
and turning to Shelton, said, with, an Walder’s wife wasVdly hurt and can 

. i wwy i , " ... . .1 ..r l . • . i *11 ,, " o wv»»v» nn o UUUJV UUlt UUU UUll 

“Where do you expect to net thcm-in oath: I have a notion to kill you not live his mother-in-law killed, his 

- • ’’ Shelton arose from tho table and dared • • • ■ ’ 

the street?" 

brick house unroofed, and all out-build- 

“No : there are not enough of them in him to shoot, but Keys finally stood the j nj?8 destroyed. J. G. Norfrank’s house 
 ^n. I am pretty well known up weapon up against the tent, and sat down W a, destroyed, and some members of his 

..4 ... . 1) niroin Vhn ton than sirn I Ir n.i nil t nf flm .. . 

regulates the stomach and bowels, cures wind colic, throh Montgomery County, and will again. Shelton then walked out of tho ln Hv badly iniared ’ andTiTcatTle laid 
softens the eums, reduces inflammatloD, and gives . ” e J .i * J n i luniny nauiy lnjureci, and nis cattle laid 

tone and energy io the whole system. MRS. WINS- f permission from the farmers to Jiet tent, got another Winchester at the cabin, out in a) ] d i rect j on9 over t |,„ pru ; r i e . Th e 
LOW’S soothing syrup FOR CHILDREN thcm ln the,r . field**- In England I could loaded it, camo back to ^tho^ tent, ^and l 089 w iH foot up many thousands of dol- 


° ,,r a, ' ,o " ,5 

One Price Clothing- House, 
M. KAUFMAN  fe CO., 

LOW’S SOOTHING SYRUP FOK children Vn.V n  083 will toot up many thousandsofdol- 

TEETHING1, pleasant to the taate, and i. the P re- R° out any where where there were neks «‘ a “ d ‘ n K “ ‘ be f lor*. 

scription Of one of the oldest and best female phy.i- or mes and catch them. Here people are you, if you want to shoot, doit 1_ Keys RocIIESTEBi AugU8t 23,-One-third of 
Clan, and nurse, in’ the United States, and is for more inquisitive os to your business on jumped up from the table, saying, all the buildings are down. Twenty-four 
■ale by all druggist, throughout tho world. Price tb ®‘^* ,lnd - right, m he did so, -seized hisnlle and pe0 pi 0 arB dead hut a number of them 

25 cent; a bottle. "Are the birds considered as much of ft brought it to his shoulder, and at that have not beeQ identilied- owin „ to 

53 East Main Street, 

Lexington, Ky. 

Rochester, August 23.— One-third of 

How to Kill a Town. 
yx^P^o cents-cheaper than 
Ipts of your town can nfford 

“Are the Hrds considered as much of a brough it to his shoulder, and at that have not been identified owi to 
pest by the Englmh farmers as by ours?” moment two reports rang out almost to- their fri htful mutilation by the storm. 
The Englishman laughed. gether. Keys fell backward, and Shelton The gtorm Bwept tbro h Dod and Qlm . 

“lhey are, of course, but they don’t dropped h.s gun and ran across the prai- gtead Counti ^ caugin gre ater destruc- 

"Brao. e th.i r s ™ n ar.then dito’t. I K«jV«S«|S ; .TJ? $300,® When tho item .truck th! 

Eastern Kentucky 

.Coal, Iron, Timber and Farming 


PROF. SHALER, of Harvard Univerity, says : “Its economic 

future lies in the fact that it is the richest field of mineral wealth known in 
country . 

w* $300,000 ' 

fryrn have a few dull business days, ad- myself hope they’ll not be exterminated once or twice, said “Oh my God!” and Congregational Church thirty-five chil- 

/vise every one you meet of tho fact, stop here for that would rum my scheme into fell back. dren hftd jugt ret(jrned from a J ioni b t 

/ your advertisement m tho paper, and let which I m going to put my last dollar if Snyder returned m a few minutes with none were injured. The list of the dead i 

1 / your general dejection bo most apparent, necessary. ~ Shelton who had been shot in the chin, wnnn 4 n 4 oa r _ rvnr A n ( i 

' Do not attend any public meetings or as- “How many will the trap shooting do- the ball ranging backward and to the P 

sist any public improvements: and should stroy annually ?’’ inquired the reporter/ right. His wound was bleeding badly, - d 0 .L_ T ■ 

any improvements be projected, find “Ed Cole of the sporting life has guar- and his companions thought he, too, „ o al(lll, "“"'"" 
every possible fault with them, predict anteed to raise a club of thirty members would die. lie could not speak, but eguiator. 

their failure, and pu’ lish your disap- to shoot once a week to begin on. Of made signs for his coat which was given " * ^"* — * * 

proval whenever an opportunity presents course tho thing ought to spread, as I sup- him. He took paper and pencil from one v 

’itself. Abuse all thoso who may happen pose sporting men would rather try their of the pockets, and wrote: “Is Keys II II 

to show a lively interest in the welfare of skill on a game bird than on glass halls hurt?” 

the community. Continuo in this spirit end clay pigeons, as they have been com- Snyder wrote beneath the question, the 
throughout tho affairs of your daily life, pelled to do lately.” words: "He is dead.” HO’ 

"■ and when you havo succeeded in attain- “What will be the expense of jparrow The ball from Shelton’s rifle entered 

inga sufficient degree of general nasti- shooting?” * his right side in front of the left armpit, J C$ 

i ness, wonder why your 'customers have *‘1 propose to sell them,” was the an- passed throueh the body and came out 

l forsaken you; attribute the fact to the ewer, “for matches at ten cents a piece, just above the shoulder. Shelton had f~ 

| want of interprise in the newspaper in The pigeon, as I snid, costs fifty cents.” fired his weapon without bringing it to JcEi 

l which you will not advertise, and to the '‘And when is the slaughter to begin ?” his shoulder, which accounts for the up- Avas 

To aid digestion, take Simmons Liver 

h My Head 


Can’t Sleep.” 

Snyder wrote beneath the question, the 
words: "He is dead.” 

The ball from Shelton’s rifle entered 
his right side in front of the left armpit, 

PROF. PROCTER, State Geologist, says: 

the United States can iron he produced cheaper .” 

“In no region of 

want ol interprise in the newspaper in 
whioh you will not advertise, and to the 
ill will of those whom you have villified. 

ill will of those whom you have villihcd. “If, would have begun before now it 1 
Then yon .will perhaps find that the town hadn’t thought that the outlawry of the 
is not so good as it should be, and that sparrow didn't begin until September 1st. 

tho great object which yotl h«» k.J in l p 1 m.ii upen up tiivu v . 
j, view is nearly accomplished. The town week.” 
t, being dead, you will doubtless ho happy. “Hit’s a great honor that this new 
-JL-fExcliange. Ilinglish law against pigeo 

the bloomin’ sparrow,” sai 

A Tough Citizen. ical-looking cockney artisa 

'‘And when is the slaughter to begin ?” his shoulder, which accounts for the up- 
“R, would have begun before now if I ward range of the ball. 

.dn’t thought that the outlawry of the A messenger was sent to Teller for a 
arrow didn't begin until September 1st. physioian, who dressed Shelton’s injuries. upeu up iiiv.i u. pcilmps next The ball was found just beneath the skin, 
?ck.” at the base of the neck, on the right side. 

“Hit’s a great honor that this new Saturday night Anderson and Lawrence 







[Exchange. Ilinglish law against pigeon shootin’ gives started for Laramie with him, and by “Had Neuralgia and sick Headache lor years. CAPTAIN J. M. THOMAS. 

the bloomin’ sparrow,” said a very rad- driving almost continually and changing Chloral or 01 her luediciDcs would not cure, hut your ^ _ 

A Tough Citizen. ical-looking cockney artisan who had cn- horses several times reached the city last Celery Pills did.” 8. o. Harburg, Casstown, o. 

Portsmouth, Va., Aug. 21.— A few tered Mr. Jones's shop and stood listening evening. Dr. Harris, who has chargo of “Am an old broken-down mini-ter and I thank CHOCOLATE 

With a largo clientage of DESIRABLE CUSTOMERS, we propose to handle 
ands m any of the Eastern counties, on any of the lines of railways (built or pro- 
CORUESrONDEN-CE i. .oli.W „i.h par.i.. i 
the seme. To IM ESTORS wo can prove that with ils rapid development few pert, 
of America can furnish such large returns for investments made NOW. 

Lands Department Kentucky Union R’y 

Opposite Court House, corner Chcapside and Main, 


minutes before tho departure of the 7 
o’clock Raleigh express train this cve- 

to tho conversation. 

“IIow an honor?” queried the yeport- 

ning, and whilo a large number of negro er. ^ . 

excursionists wero gathered at the depot “lo be shot for a Urling am Rocketer’ 

Shelton, says tho chance for his recovery God for your pills, they cured my neuralgia.'* Ktv 
is good, though such result is by no means Daniel Allen, Montevado, Fla. 
certain. A portion of his lower jaw is ,. Kor M yca „. 8t 9llort IntervaK l hnd , lfk hend 
shot away, and the wound IS otherwise a ache. Your Pills have cured me." Win. W. Hub 

here a young man pushed his way by a real gyardsman, with the royal pau- bad one. Shelton is not unknown in bard   Manchester, N. H. 

through the crowd, flourishing his rcvol- pers a-lookin’ at ’im,” was tho satirical Laramie, having been in the city on busi- ho ‘‘!| a n '.h e g M l1 i![pIl.LMiit!,',n °/. n ,evere I 

ver, and in an excited manner called upon response. ness quite frequently. He is a brother 

the people to get out of his way; that ho lo a question as to whether the of Mr. Shelton, who was Cashier of the whete they have cured headache." E. p. Cornell) 
would kill the first man who inter- new sport would be interfered with by Union Pacific road for several years, and Pit »t urg, Pa. 

that his fathor was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty, I who is now in business in Omaha. 

on the train and he meant to kill him. Ho one of the members responded : 

searched the train and found his father ‘The Legislature has put the sparrow was notified at once, and that Keys was “Cured mo and a friend also of aggravated tick 

standing on tho platform of one of the outside the pale of the law, which we to have been buried yesterday. Ho and headache.” Jamei P. Kelly, Taawcll C. H , Va. 

cars and hecan lirinir at him, striking obey in all things. With tho pigeon it is his companion left for homo this morning Dr. J.W.J. Englar, a prominent “regular” of 

him in the thigh twice. When questioned, a different matter. The barbarous treat- to be present at the inquest.— [Laramio .uo^hup'onant ‘addltlra male* 1 to^ttamaieru 
he said his name was A. M. Sydes. was ment of that long suffering bird is some- Boomerang. medfea in the last quarter of a century." 

living in Philadelphia, and had sworn to h 0 °.. 1^ ! ' o C 'r 1 . o 0 ! i- Edison's Eleotric Light is a wondorful Dr. Beuson’a Skin Cure conhists of internal and 

kill his lather, D. hydes, for deserting reminds mo Ot the abuso of the street car d ; hut not as wonderful ns Hall’s e J e rn »l treatment at Fame time and it makes the 

nnd slandering his mother Ho said that horses—” uiscovery, out not as wonoeriui as uau s ,ktn white, aoft and smooth. It contains no poison- 

ana 8ianaering nis inuiiicr. 110 buiu umi Catarrh Cure. Sold by all druggists. ous drugs. $i at drugg sts. 

he had followed his father to New York, I he reporter fled. J ' * bb 

and thence to Norfolk. His father said , r How to Sleep on a Railroad Train. w c, 1 , N,Cri , tt ^? ,on, M 0lo ,\\ h rf‘’' aleA ‘ !cn ‘ ,or Dr.C. 

that tho trouble grew out of the dissi- The medical lournals publish directions aprii-w,F,5AWoew 

who is now in business in Omaha. Mr. ‘‘Cured me and my sister of nerv. ua headache of 
Anderson informs us that tho Coroner EasVFowaelV'oh'ioI' 8 M1m **' Jt ' Chanllierlain , 

Dated habits of his son and his unsatis- 

!. . . r._ a L. 

Another Mysterious Dfsapperance, 

St. Louis, August 21. — Another one 

Catarrh Cure. Sold by all druggists. 

How to Sleep on a Railroad Train. 
The medical journals publish directions 

co ld-creams. 

Daniel Allen, Montevada, Fla. IS -n -n ~r,-» _ -r— — 

"For 50 yean, at short Intervals, I had aick head- •  . , cX W  ELt e X*. 

ache. Y our Pills have cured ine." Win. W. Hub- 1 ure8t an d 1 inest Flavored Syrups. All kinds of Mineral Water on dmurrht nnH 
bar , Manchester, N II. battles. New Perfumes', Stationery and Toilet Good. iSdW 

headache 8 *^ Mrs.° Alfrel DrcMler:'irnto'n,   I’a! eVere Garden Se « d ^ bulk and papers. 

gparra: Broadway Prescription Store 

"Cured me anil my sister of nerv us headaclie of ’ « T A — “■ J 

^ e t” 1 JZid! t ohio. 0g ‘’’ Cha “^‘ a ‘". Next Door to the Postoffice, 

“Cured mo and a friend also of aggravated tick ALWAYS ON HAND A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF 
headache.” James P. Kelly, Tax well C. II , Va. Tpi -u rva • — _ 

t asiey and 1 oilet Articles 

most important addition made to the materia 

| medica ln the last quarter of a century.” DRUGS AND MEDICINES. 

Dr. Benson’s Skin Cure consists of infernal and Prescriptions filled at all hours, day and night, with nceuracy and promptness Onlv 
external treatment at same time and it makes the the purest and freshest medicines 1 ’ 3 

skin white, soft and smooth. It contains no poison- tresmst mtutunts used, 

ous drugs.  1 at drugg ists. |) | f\ T^J" 

C. N. Crittenton, 8olo Wholesale Agent for Dr. C. Nn on Nnrtl-i Rms/tn.... . . J 

w. Benson’s Remedies, 113 Fulton st , New York. ^9 iNortn rJroadway, - . Lexington Kentuckv 

anrll-W.F.SAWoew • anr7.D.t\Viv 6 ’ 

Dr. Benson's Skin 
external treatment f 

skin white, soft nnd smooth. It contains no poison- 
ous drugs. $1 at druggists. 

C. N. Crittenton, 8olo Wholesale Agent for Dr. C. 
W. Benson’s Remedies, 113 Fulton St , New York. 

lied demands for money, 
man is dangerously hurt. 

ills UnnllLlK- KJIa DDUli], augllfu — IlllUUItl UUC p 1 . • • 1 • | j . • 

The wounded of those .notorious disappearances for obtaining sleep on a ra.lroad train. 

which St.' Louis has become somewhat They are those of a German physician, 
— famous, occurred here Sunday evening, Dr Outten, who says that if a person lies 

ad the adver- and has caused great grief in several well- Wlth hl ? fc . et toward he en K ln0 the move : 

No. 29 North Broadway, 


To the afflicted, w r e say read the adver- and has caused great grief in several well 

t:8»mcnt of Simmons Liver Regulator; 

known families: On Sunday evening “ en ‘ the car tends to draw the blood 

Col. James O. Churchill, Vico President from , the b , rain , to th . e ,[ eet   c . erebral 
* m r .. . m. .... * .1 •. nmna la nroduued. and then sleen: but it 

GUI. V (IUIO .-1 V. UIIUtLIIIII) V 1 UU • ICOIUVIll • • j ] , . | I 1 • T 

Defaulting Cashier Surrenders Himself, and iffcnager of the Western Anthracite ® m }f i 18 ft ° tl thcn 8 ]* c P ? . ^ ufc lf 

Boston Augntt 21. — K. M. Fitch, the Coal Company, and his wife, went out for ® '? s ^ ltb . 118 iead , nc ^ er t ^ lc oc ° mo ' 

defaulting Cashier of the Second National a short drive, leaving at homo their f* 7 ® VnVnm 6 

5 nhin arrived here daughter Marv. about 17 vears old. on ^ produced a cerebral hypeTOmia.incora- 

the da'ugh- P at ‘^ e with swcc( repose. Dr. McBride, 
clue to iier tbe Milwaukee Insane Asylum, advises 
discovered esaot ly t* 10 reverse. He holds that with 

Bank of Warren,, arrived here daughter Mary, about 17 years old, on McBride' 

early Sunday morning. During tho day £«'«»urn, of the Milwaukee^nsano Asylum advises 

he appeared to suffer sever mental trouble, ter could not bo found, and no clue to her . rpvera0 ii b holds that with 

“ r “ r a »IoepTes. nipl.t, rtmqbte.. to byte Ji^mri. 
he decided to surrender, and walked into *he was last seen standing alone about . . , T , h *  . f • 

llio hr»d,u.ter« of «ho di.tfiot police. II. 7 ..Jh. tot of Ih. f.yljj V Ih. “ 

said that his name was vir and M. .’ ' , ’ ' ^ ’ i Bodies in the car resist fora moment, and 

Fitch, and was wanted in Warren, Ohio, home attire, and presenting no unusual tbcn acau j rc t he same momentum- but on 
for embezzling $80,000 from the Second appearance. Detectives have been work- tbe Ioftg ^ ; ncreaa o of speed they offer re- 
National Bank of that place. lie said lug on the case since last night, and every gistaneo _ they ftPe not P d i S p 08 cd to go as 
he could not account for h.s coming effort has been made by them and by tho f ng A round marble placed 

rrh Pure 

to Boston, unless it was to get away as girl's father and friends, but nothing yet 
far as possible from his crime. He also has been heard of her. She was quite a 

said that he had taken the money as ^ sonabl ° to suppose that in a human body 

aharged, and had lost .t all in stock spec- carcd l.ttle for gentlemen s soc.ety ^ th(J blood con * Lily offers resistance to 
illation in New York, lie is desirous of only theoryso far advancedisabduotion. the motion of the train . Therefore, with 
paying but little about h.s evil doings. The young lady is taented as follows. the feet to the engine, the Mood *iH seek 
Ho expressed a desire to return to Ohio as About five feet ; three inohes, stra ght and the braini For ^, jig reason Dr _ McBride 

the monev as grave girl, studious, fond of music and w moved rapidly, nnd he thinka it is ren- 
mo muney ns ", n ti.o sonable to suppose that in a human body 

in stock spec- cared little for gentlemen ^society. The fte Uood con ^ antly offer8 resistance to 

the motion of the train. Therefore, with 

— — t . . it 4 i 4 «• \ . i luo Dram. rur uiia reasuii u r. mcuriuo 

soon as possible, and -would go without well developed, light brown l air and w i th the head toward the 

•equisition. grayish blue eyes, oval face, regular fea- 1 h 

— lures and sometimos wears her hair « ' 

Postal Matters. banged. Simon Bolivar's Statue. 

Officials of the Vostoffico Department Against Tight Jerseys. New York, August 22.— The promoters 

have not yet formed any estimate of tho Dame Fashion u tired of 8kin tight of the statuo of the great liberator, Simon 
jffect of the reduction on postal rates, j er seys, and goes to the other extreme. Bohvar, will unveil the statue February 
which goes into opera ion in October. li2 eT88 . b s„ hin-skirts: a ceneral ?2d next in compliment to tho United 

Simon Bolivar's Statue. 

New York, August 22.— The promoters 

Dame Fashion is tired of skin tight of the statuo of the great liberator, Simon 
irseys, and goes to the other extreme. Bohvar, will unveil the statue lebruary 
ie sleeves, big hip-skirts; a general 22d next in compliment to tho United goes into operation in uotooer. Bi 8leeveg big hip-skirts; a general » 

‘We can’t tell much about it, said the l 008 ene8s prevails. Fashion preceded this Stltea 

Third Assistant Postmaster General, “un- ohange by K putt ; nR i ittlo g ir l 9 into night- 

.1 after the first month. Ihere has been, of dresses; then she ordered the larger SvR 

ourse, a falling off in the receipts from 0ne8 to bo transformed. One thing is 

tamped envelopes, but that is only tern- 8ur(1 . however, no fashion can abolish 

lorary. The effect of t io reduction to t j gbt wa ; gtg f or the least no fash- 

wo cents will not be known until the end ion hag ovor yot done g0 . An attempt to 

f the month. nhnnnfl thtt hour itIarh Rhane into the n«__ 

The Excelsior Slate Paint 

Shingle and Metal Roofs. 

J Js recommended by all who have used it as tho very best Paint yet before the pub- 

It is the best roof preservative known. It is the best preventive of fire from coals 
and sparks falling on shingle rsofs. It adds materially to the looks of the roof. It 
is equally adapted for new and old shingle roofs, rendering them impregnable to 
sparks, and preserving the shingles. This point is the best that can bo used on tin 
or iron, and is largely in uso for fences, outbuildings, etc. 


Are Sole Agents for this celebrated Point, and will also apply it. 

Read W hat Lexington Men Say of It : 

I feel justified in saying it is as good as represented. E. R. SPENCER 

I nm convinced that it is tho most permanent article for tho purpose that I know. 

. Dr. J. E. ROBERTS. 

We feel satisfied that it is permanent and all right. B. WILSON Sc, CO 

We have used this Paint, arc well satisfied and think tho Excelsior Slate Paint is 

aprl8-D&Wtf q . W. FOSTER. 

« Roccmmontlod b y Physicians! 

. -loo mappAiaiigi 

Wc manufacture .mil sell itwlthn positive 
guarantee that It will cure any 
f'fteo, anil we will forfeit tho above amount 
n It fails in « single Instance, 

It is unlike any Other Catarrh remedy, as 
taken Internally, acting upon 
(ho Dlood. if you a re troubled wit ntliis 
Jistreaalng disoaso, ask your Druggist for It, and 
baa not got It, send to ui aud we will forward 
miatodiatoly. Trice, 75 cents per bottle. 

f. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio. 


Sale of a Railroad. 

Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 22.— The Chc- 

onesto oo transiormeo. cine tiling is nang0 R ni l road has been sold for $100, 
sure, however, no fashion can abolish 000 to the West Shore Railway Company. 

tight, waists for the ladies, at least no fash- z r J 

ion has ever vet done so. An attempt to Business Failure, 

ohunce the hour glass shape into the Toronto, Aug. 22. — Morehouse & God- 
hogshead c an never succeed. gori) dry g oodg merchants, have assigned. 

No matter how jaded the constitution Liabilities $45,000; assets $J9,000. 

ay he from disease or excess, the Great For 8ure cure for Dyspepsia, take Sim- 
irrnan Inv.gorator restores is perma- mong LiTef Regulator. 

nfln Low on n rtvr oil n i*tl (VfM fit B 

"As two boxes of Dr. Denson's Celery ho f-' ehead o an never 8ucceed ’ 
nd Chamomile l\Us cured a friend oj No matter how jaded the constitution 
■euralgia, whom the doctors here couldn't . ma y j )0 from disease or excess, the Great 
elp, rll send for some for myselj,' Ulil-jQ erman Invigorator restores is perma- 
jrd Shand, Windsor, Nova ocotia. I nently. For sale by all druggists. 





in use 30 years.— Each number tho ipeclnl pre- 
scription ot r.n eminent physician.— The onlv 
Simple, Safe mid Suro Moil cine, fur the p-oplo 

1. Fevers, Congestion, Inflamatlons, 25 

2. Worm., Worm Fever, Worm Colic,. . .25 

3. I rylnu Colic, or Toothing of Infants .23 

•t. Diarrhea ot children or Adults 25 

5. Dyecntary, Griping. HilllousCoUc,.. .35 

11. ( holer n Morbii". Xomltlng, 35 

7. Couths, Cold. Uronchltls 25 

•H. Neuralgia. Toothache. Kaecaehe 25 

9. Iloadaches, Sick Headaches. Vertigo .25 

10. Dy.pepsia, llllllous Stomach 35 

11. Suppressed or 1’alnful IVrlods, 25 

12. Whites, too Profuse Periods ,25 

l. . Croup, Cough, lHlUcult Breathing,... .25 
I t. Halt Khenin, Erysipelas, Eruptions, .23 

15. Hheumallsm, ltneuniatle Pains 25 

10. Fever ami \sne. Chill, FeT.r, Agues .50 

17. 1‘lle., llllnd or llleedlng, 50 

19. Catarrh, acute or chroulr; Influenza 50 
3 t. Whooping Couch, violent coughs... .50 
21. General Debility, Physical Weakuess. SO 

27. Kidney Di«cv«e 50 

2S. N'ervnu. Debility, 1.00 

30. iMnnry Weakness, Wetting I he bed .50 
32. Disease of the Heart, Pnlpl ntlnn. 1.00 

.sold by drugglus. or sent by the Case, O'- sin- 
gle Vial, free of charge, on receipt of price. 
ScrntforDr.llumohrcye'llo'ikon l)isea-e die. 
(144 p.gesi,also liluslrnted Catalogue FI1KK. 

Address, Humphreys' nomroiitthle Med- 
ieine Co., 109 Fukon Street, New York, 


and able College ►acuity. Kx^lmimcs oh moderate uh any tirnt-class colleire/ Fort loth voir 

kILl wU arid able College Vacuity. Kxpeimes nn moderate a'a any tlret-olaim college Fortieth 
“^-^■■^begiua hept. S« l*or Cataluuue», etc.,uddrcNB us above COL. R. D. ALL£1V tti 


valuable. Nothing on nrili will ni.,k.- lien, | U v like SherWsn^OonSlCan ‘’"’rL 0 " 11 , ‘"‘"'“"“'Iv 
to 1 pin, food. Sold everywhere, or .cut by mall cS'.'lil^VjSilS! 







Observer & Reporter. 

Oglce: Cheap-tide, Lexington, Ky 
Terms of Subscription. 

DltLY PRESS, in advance, one yenr, tC TO 

DArLY PRESS, when delayed, one year.... 10 TO 
WEEKLY PRESS, in advance, one year.... 1 00 
WEEKLY PRESS, when delayed, one year.. 2 00 


Per square, or ten lines, solid Nonpareil, one 

in., ttlon $1 00 

Subse t vent insertions, each B 0 

Special rates for greater space and longer time. 


Wednesilay Morning;, iligtist 20, 1S83 

Gov. Blackburn’s administration is 
being severely criticised by many of the 
State papers. We believe that Gov. 
Blackburn has always tried to act for the 
best, and we have never for a moment 
doubted the honesty or the purity of any 
of lits motives. Many of his actions we 
have considered ill advised and unpolitic, 
and many of them have proven to be so, 
but all men are liable to err, and his 
errors have been on the side of mercy. 
‘•The Old Governor,” as he As familiarly 
called bv his intimates, has a kind heart, 
and can't help it. The amelioration of 
human misfortune and human distress 
has been his life-timo hobby, and if, in 
the practice of philanthropy he has over- 
looked the interests of State, it has been 
not because he loved law the less, but bej 
cause lie loved the great principles of love 
and mercy and charity th# more. To 
pharaphrase an old saw, “To err is hu- 
man, hut to pardon is divine." Governor 
Blackburn lias pardoned many — now let 
many pardon him. 

The Louisvillo Commercial is of the 
opinion the that Southern Exposition will 
“yet come to an untimely end,” as “the 
Lexington papers still attack it." We do 
not know that any Lexington paper has 
attacked the Southern Exposition, and we 
arc quite certain that the Press has not. 
But wc are sure that any enterprise which 
has the gall to ask for two columns 
of free advertising every week in the 
various State papers, and never turn in a 
cent’s worth of pay advertising, will not 
come to an untimely end. It’s infinitude 
of cheek would carry it successfully 
through the wreck of matter and the 
crush of worlds. 

The Fair is on at last. It has been 
lopg and anxiously waited for with many 
nil anticipations of pleasure, and wee are 
grad to tell the people that it will, in ev- 
ery respect, meet their most sanguine ex- 
pectations. To morrow we will have a 
host of visitors from Cincinnati and Cov. 
ington, headed by the Mayors of tho two 
cities, and it is to be hoped that our peo- 
ple will all put on their best bibs and 
tuckers, and show the visitors how nice 
we all are down hero in God’s country. 
Mayor Stephens, of Cincinnati, and May- 
or Athcy, of Covington, nre both native 
Lexingtonians, and we. should do them 
proud. Let us show the Cincinnatians 
what a fine place Lexington is to live in, 
«nd it will not ho long before a lot of 
them will bo coming down this way to 
settle, and to build factories, and to in- 
augurate other industries. 

There is an impression abroad that 
Governor Knott is as callous us a wart, 
and won't pardon anybody. Governor 
Knott is not an impressionable man, but 
he has a very kind heart in his rugged 
old bosom, and will doubtless show all 
the mercy that humanity demands. But he 
is an exceedingly well-balanced man, and 
will notallow his sympathy to run away 
with his sense. lie will weigh the wel- 
fare of the State and the demands of jus- 
tice carefully in the balance before grant- 
ing a petition, and lie will be sure to take 
pity upon tho people as well as upon the 

Those who want to know, you know, 
are referred to the following unsatisfying 
words from the Frankiurt Yeoman, which 
comes from the center of information — 
that is, from the center of such informa- 
tion as there is : 

There is a good deal of speculation con- 
eerning Governor Knott's Cabinet, 
but nobody seems to know positively who 
will occupy any particular place. The 
only thing we can say with regard to it 
is that he will select good men, and no- 
body will have any right to leel disap- 
pointed, as he has made no rash prom- 


Tiie Georgia Legislature, which is al- 
most unanimously Democratic, has delib- 
erately passed an apportionment bill, 
which gives the Republicans six out of 
the ten Congressional Districs in the 
State. All propositions to gerrymander 
tho State were promptly voted down. 
Such an act of political magnanimity was 
never known before in the history of the 
oountry. It was probably intended as a 
pointer for the Ohio Republicans. 

A strange story comes in our dis- 
' patches to the effect that a band of Ari- 
zona cowboys and “rustlers,” headed by 
a Mexican desperado, are moving toward 
the Yellowstone Park with the intention 
of kidnapping President Arthur and party, 
and demanding a high ransom for their 
release. The fact that Joe Mulhatton is 
not in Arizona, where the rumor origina- 
ted, lends it a slight tinge of reliability. 

There is no doubt but there is a gang 
of expert cracksmen and burglars in this 
city who have come to stay during the 
Fair and races, and nightly depredations 
may be expected. It will not, therefore, 
be amiss for our people to load up their 
pistols and shotguns and lie in wait to 
welcome the thieves with bloody hands to 
hospitable graves. There is no use to 
miooe matters with such cattle. 

Lexington does not propose to lay be- 
hind in journalism, and never has less 
than fifteen newspapors. They come 
high, but she has to have them. 

The New York Herald of last Sunday 
has a lengthy article showing that no 
matter how great the influx of foreigners 
into the United States, the native popula- 
tion will preponderate. This is ingenious- 
ly shown by a diagram. The circumfer- 
ance of the diagram measures fourteen 
inches and embraces all the Statfes in the 
Union. On the diagram the German and 
Irish population occupy a half inch each, 
England and Wales, British America, 
Scotland, Norway, Sweden, France, China, 
and other countries that have contributed 
to our population occupy altogether less 
than one inch. From this it can be read- 
ily seen that the whole foreign population 
occupies less than two inches, while the 
native is more than twelve. As further 
proof of this, the census of 1SS0 showed 
a native population of 43,402,970, and a 
foreign population of only 6,079,913 
The entire article, vs given by the Her- 
ald, is full of interesting statistics 
Among other things, it shows that the 
center of gravity of the population of the 
United States is located in Kentucky, 
eight miles from Cincinnati, near the vil- 
lage of Taylorsville. 

Third National Bank. 

The stockholders of the new National 
hank met Saturday afternoon in Jud ge 
R. A. Jlucknor’s offieUfeWho 
officers and permanent organization. They 
decided upon tho name, Third National 
Bank of Lexington, Kentacky, and will 
open doors for business about October 1st 
in the office now occupied by Grinstead & 
Bradley. The attendance of stockholders 
was very full indeed, there being over 
950 shares represented out of the 1,000 
subscribed. The capital stock of $100,- 
000 is rather small for the heavy business 
to which the institution will fall heir, but 
tho shrewd management of its directors 
will readily bring to it ample deposits to 
make up for the small capital. The 
directors selected were John W. Berkley, 
James G. Kinnaird, Richard A, 
Buckner, W. II. Boswell, B. F, 

Pettit, W. J. Loughridgc, and R. M, 
Adams. After the adjournment of the 
stockholders, the directors had a meeting 
and elected John W. Berkley, President 
James O. Kinnaird, Vice President, and 
0. L. Bradley, Cashier. The positions 
of Teller and book-keepers have not yet 
been filled, but it is well understood that 
Louis des Oognets will receive the teller- 
ship, with probably Cooper and Barr as 
book-keepers. Much credit is due Lee 
Bradley and Louis des Cognets for the 
substantial class of stockholders they ob- 
tained for the new hank, and it was emi- 
nently proper that they bo retained in the 
positions in which they have given such 


That a Party of Cowboys Are Trying to 
Kidnap the President. 


Hanley, Idaho, August 25. — Consider- 
able excitement exists in this city over a 
report, which appeared last evening in the 
Woods River Times, that a party of Cow- 
boys had started for Yellowstone Park to 
kiduap President Arthur, and Sheriff 
Turner has detailed two trustworthy Dep- 
uties to look up the matter, with instruc- 
tions to summon a strong posse and arrest 
the kidnappers if the facts are as stated. 
The Times says : “During the past two 
weeks a number of strangers, all well pro- 
vided with good riding animals and fire- 
arms, and resembling a party of Regula- 
tors or Texas Cowboys, have been camp- 
ed on Willow Creek, and considerable 
curiosity has been expressed as to the in- 
tentions of the party. Some accounting 
for their outfit as tho party organized to 
go up in the Indian country on a pros- 
pecting trip, while others believed them to 
be a band of Arizona rustlers. During 
several days past some of the party have 
ridden through town in a defiant manner, 
and mysteriously disappeared. From a 
man who came in to-day it is learned that 
the party, who induced him to join and 
take a certain pledge secretly, were organ- 
ized to proceed to Yellowstone. The 
party left last night, going on the stage 
road, and escaped during tho night. The 
object of tho expedition is to capture Pres, 
ident Arthur and party, and to spirit 
them away into the mountain fastness and 
caves, where they will bo fed, hut kept 
prisoners, while the members of tho band 
acts as pickets to prevent being surprised 
and captured while negotiations for a ran- 
som are conduted. 

The captain or leader of the party has 
an idea that a heavy ransom will bo of- 
fered by tho United States and the 
personal friends of the President, after 
search for the party shall he given up, 
and that half a million dollars/ pf* more 
enn thus ho extorted from the Secret Ser- 
vice Fund and divided among tho party, 
on the principal adopted by tho Italian 
bandits. Tho escaped members of the 
company say there were 65 men in the 
outfit, and that some of them were guer- 
rillas, and five Shoshone and Bannock 
Indians will go along as guides and 
scouts, who are armed with repeating 
rifles and scalping knives. The leaders 
are Mexican desperadoes on whose head 
a price has been set, and with the excep- 
tion of the two Italians who left the rail- 
road grade, the others of the party arc 
Cowboys. A grand council was held the 
night before last on the prairie, when 
every man swore by his dagger in the 
fire light to do his duty. 

*"*'**•’"• ^"1 Ttr tT M WT— fliB J Bi ||. q il _i 

R. A. W.’s. 

Governor Blackburn has appointed as 
staff officers one Brigadier General, 107 
Colonels, three Majors, and six Captains. 
All these men of war are to bo returned 
to civil life by the ending of Governor 
Blackburn’s term of office next week, and 
as few of them arc able to make a living, 
except in the business of slaughtering 
their fellow men, it is feared that they 
may conspire to overthrow tho State Gov- 
ernment and set up a military despotism. 
The entire militia force of the Common- 
wealth has been ordered into camp at the 
capital, but as they aro largely outnum- 
bered by the Colonels about to be muster- 
ed out, there is no telling what may hap- 
pen. Should the discharged Colonels 
form an alliance with the pardoned con- 
victs, it will require all the regulars of 
the Federal Army to maintain tho auton- 
omy of tho “Grand Old Commonwealth.” 
— I News Journal. 


New York, August 27. — Col. M. Lewis 
Clark, President of the Louisville Jockey 
Club, and Mr. J. G. Chinn, the owner of 
Leonatus and Red Rose, the latest pacing 
wonder, left for Louisville this morning. 
Col. Clark has been delayed in New York 
since tho breaking down of Leonatus. 
Pierre Lorillard lias at last decided to 
send his stable to Louisville. The Dwyer 
Brothers will also be at Louisville witli 
Barnes and other horses. Mr. Chinn has 
not abandoned all hope for the recovery 
of Leonatus, "who is now in temporary re- 
tirement. Speaking of Red Rose, ho 
will match the pacer against any other 
three-year old for $5,000 or more. Pres- 
ident Clark says Parole will start in a 
special stake at the September meeting at 

Something Useful and Valuable in Many 
— Ways. 

Wo to-day received from J. II. Zeilin & 
Co., Philadelphia, — the proprietors of tho 
popular remedies, Simmons Liver Regu- 
lator and Darbys Prophylactic Fluid — a 
copy of “The Peoples’ Regulator,” a 
pocket companion useful for everybody — 
man, woman and child,' and wo hope nil 
our readers will got a copy, as they will 
find it valuable in many ways. They 
mail it to any one sending them their ad- 

A Monday Hanging. 

Raleigh, N. C., August 27. — This 
morning, Henry Jones was hanged for the 
murder of Deputy Sheriff Alvis II. Blake 
last yenr. The execution was private. 
Jones made a profession of religion, 
lie was remarkably self-possessed before 
the execution and on the gallows. 
Death ensued in twenty minutes from 
strangulation. Jones was twenty-three 
years old and leaves a wife and infant. 

Horse Notes. t 

It is related that II. W. Thomas has 
sold Wedding Day, five years old, by Dud- 
ley, dam Adcle by imp. Albion, out of a 
mare by Wagner, to E. Corrigan for 

It is narrated that 11. C. Randall has 
sold the bay colt Owen Bowling, three 
years old, by Tom Bowling, dam War 
Over by War Dance, out of Crescent by 
imp. Australian, for $4,000, with his en- 

A. J. Alexander, Spring Station, Ky., 
has lost a valuable brood mare, Sue Dud- 
ley. She died August 7. She was foal- 
ed in 1858, and by Alexander’s Edwin 
Forrest; dam Madame Dudley. In 1874 
she gave birth to Mambrino Dudley, 2:32, 
sired by Woodford Mambrino. In 1869 
she had a brown filly, Datura, by Wood- 
ford Mambrino; in 1870 brown colt, Ber- 
lin, by Woodford Mambrino; in 1871 bay 
colt, Sacramento, by Woodford Mambrino; 
in 1875 bay filly, by Harold; in 1880 black 
filly, Swabia, by Wedgewood; in 1882 bay 
colt, Dudgeon, by Belmont; in 1883 bay 
colt, by Belmont. Berlin went to Scot- 
land, and Mambrino Dudley is owned by 
Gen. B. F. Trency, Apalchin, N. Y. 

Four People Drowned. 
Portland, Me., August 25. — Yester- 

day afternoon a party of four people were 
drowned in Wells Beach, carried out by 
tho undertow. The names of two are 
Emma Gould of Boston, and Eddie Little 
of Washington, D. C. The others are un- 
known, one being a child. None of the 
bodies have been recovered. The drown- 
ing was witnessed by many people, but 
no assistance could be rendered. 

Wells, Me., August 24. — Further de- 
tails of the drowning accident show that 
nearly fifteen or twenty left Baldhead 
Cliff House yesterday at 9 a. m. and 
drove to Oquil Beach, where they arrived 
about 11 o’clock and entered the surf, tho 
undertow and surf running strong and a 
high Bea on. Although warned of dan- 
ger, in venturing too far nearly the whole 
party were carried out by tho undertow 
and four drowned. Four others were 
rescued in a critical condition, but at last 
accounts were doing well. The rest of 
the party reached shore safely. , 


Splendid Burgoo at the Track— General 


In our last chapter wc spoke of the boys in attendance at the Great Southern Ex- 
position at Louisvile, Ivy.; this we el® we intend to devote a few words to ladies— God 

Burgoos preliminary to the spring and k' e33 them ! W hut would the Exposition be — as great as it is — without the ladies? Wo 

fall races have become a recognized thing 1 might go a great deal Timber and ask : what would the world be without woman ? 
in this section. Lhe custom was estah- . wiuiout woman l 

lished by Price McGrath. After hisdlath ,ut ' op ' esr getting entangled in the subject we will at present speak of the ladies 

poor Bert Scully kept up the practice by who flit in and out, around and about the Great Southern Exposition buildinn' like 
giving similar entertainments at the track. • .... , . . * lun Duuaing, like 

His untimely end was thought to have j , ‘ * *. . 11,1 J P imls; it has been remarked time and again by visitors to 

put an end to burgoos, but a successor j th0 Esposmon that the ladies dress so elegantly and withal in sueh perteet good 

was found in the person of Mr. George ! taste, and right here is a 


re is a lesson that tho men should study with advantage and profit 
is often assorted that the “tailor makes the man!” but it still re- 

Cadwallader, who yesterday gave a bur- to themselves. 

goo and barliecuo at the track to all local : . ... , ,, 

lovers of the turf. The soup, the making 1 . . ! 1   n. i « ie u 1 t e modiste makes the woman. Nevertheless it 

of which was superintended by M r . j 13 ""thin the power ol man to make his personal appearaijpo attractive and pleasing 
Gus Jaubert, was splendid, and the : to the eye; and who else must ho apply to than the tailor? Louisville Ida larm) citv 

mutton, which had been broiling and .here are other large cities, but very few, if any one, can boast of a M*rohJt 
since 4 o clock in the morning, was su- T„;i nt , .. . . , . ’ ,,,. eiercnanc 

perb. The “lay out” was enjoyed by a ! J“ ,nr , , ,,f 41,0 . ,n ".- nlt,, . ,ie reputation ol J. Winter & Go., corner of 

large gathering, among which was some j J 1 ' n ,l,1! ‘ Marxer .Sts . Louisville, Ky. The lame of this house is uot confined to any 
of the most prominent men in Kentucky, j particular section; it is almost national— their patrons number thousands, and repre- 
sent tiftc en States ! No doubt there are readers of this chapter to-day who can, from 
yi.rkirml experience, recommend J. Winter & Co. to the fullest extent. The house 
has ample capita! to buy for cash, in unbroken packages, direct from the looms, both 
! in this countr . v :it d in Europe, thereby saving many “middleman” profits, aud’gain- 
tour.i- fire, f .h. All of the so advantages are given to the customer, 
people wonder why J. Winter & Co. can make th 
tailors? but this is 
large I 

The Terror of the South. 
“Jasper, Fla. — Mr. Boardman W. Wil- 
son, traveling for A. G. Alford & Co,, 
dealers in Firearms and Cutlery, Balti- 
more, was prostrated here with the 
“break-bone fever;” he asserts that in his 
own, as well as in tho case of others, the 
only thing found to relieve this painful 
malady was St. Jacobs Oil. This won- 
derful pain-cure lias the indorsement of 
sueh men as ex-Postmoster General James, 
Senator Daniel W. Yoorhics, and an army 
of others. 

A Defaulting Treasurer. 

Detroit, Aug. 27.— Evidence now very 
strong goes to show that A. A. Atherton, 
County Treasurer of liosecommon County, 
has skipped with funds amounting to 
about $18,000, of which $3,000 belonged 
to the village, $5,000 to Gernish town- 
ship, and $1,800 to Harvey Emery, a poor 
man, and smaller amounts to various 
other persons and townships. Ilis present 
whereabouts is unknown. 

Of course it will notdo to mention names, 
because such gatherings are privileged, 
and everybody is expected to be on bis 
best social behavior; but we may be par- 
doned tor saying that lion. J. C. S. Black- 
burn was there, and was tho most ad- 
mired of all. Long life to him. Ilis 
heart is in the right place and his tastes 
are Kentuckian from the crown of his 
head to the sole of his foot. May Mr. 
Cadwallader live long and prosper, his 
shadow never grow less, and when he 
turns up his toes to the daisies, may 
tho one ho loves best be there 
to cheer his last moments, though, 
she may have “nothing else to do.” 

The course is in prime condition for the 
races which will now soon commence. 
The inside truck for training is almost, if 
not quite, as good as the other. Turfmen 
are delighted with the condition of things 
here, and the efficient Superintendent, Mr. 
James Murphy, is the recipient of many 
compliments on this account. Ilis knowl- 
edge of the requisites' of a good track 
gives him great advantage, so much so 
that a gentleman came here two 
or three days ago with a proposition from 
the Chicago Association to take charge of 
their course at a good salary. It is not 
likely however that he will accept. lie 
is in lcve with this country, and his breed- 
ing interests will perhaps clinch his con- 
clusion. We do not want to part with 
him. He is the right man in the right 
plane. It isvreportcd, on reliable , author- 
ity, that the Chicago Associatirn 'has ulso 
made overtures to Col. Lewis Clark, Pres- 
ident of tho Louisville Jockey Club, to re- 
sign his position and accept the control of 
tho Chicago meetings, with a viow to 
making them the most important 
in America. Tho business enterprise 
which he has displayed in bringing Lou- 
isville to the front has made him a rep- 
utation that is worth much to him if he 
desires to make money out of it. 

Tho latest report is that an agree- 
ment und a sort of concert of 

action has been arrived at between 

the Chicago, Latonia, and Lexing- 

ton Racing Associations, by which the 
time of holding * tTieir meetings shall 
be arranged without regard to or consul- 
tation with Louisville, thus leaving her 
out in the cold. She has here- 
tofore had no regard for others, 

and now thoso nearest to her are 
about to retaliate by administering the 
same dose. 

The racing this fall will bo very fine. 
The stakes did not fill as well as might bo 
expected, but those of next year 
and 1885 have filled admirably. Under 
the new arrangement, by which the track 
has been leased to a company, will no 
doubt result in making tho Lexington 
course one of the most popular in the 

Some very fine two-year olds will be 
seen this fall that have never start- 
ed before. Mr. James. Murphy 
has four, among which is 
what he considers the world beater. 
Col. Frank Waters has a two-year-old in 
that stable, by Monarchist, dam by Long- 
fellow, that in appearaee, at least, is every 
inch a race horse. It is by far the finest 
horse that Col. Waters ever owned, which 
is saying a great deal. 

Mr. JohnMcFadden has a yearling by 
Longfellow, dam Nora Creina, which he 
calls the second Leonatus. lie is the 
sixteenth colt out of the old mare, which 
is now twenty-four years old, and is again 
in foal. Nora Creina has foaled some of 
the best racers America has ever seen, 
and her prodace is much in demand. 

Leonatus is at the track, looking as fino 
as a flute. The stable boys regard his 
mishap as slight, anil think he will be in 
training again next year. The only 
doubt that exists in regard to his reap- 1 
pearance on the turf is as to his ability to j 
stand the exercise necessary to put him 
in the condition in which ho has been this 


same suit cheaper than other 
nulling sin-prising when tho facts are understood. We buy 
pieces — often an entire bale or case— of course wo buy much cheaper 
than the ordinary t.iilur, who buys of a pattern only 3} or 7 yards, or may be only 1] 
yards. Our immense business requites an immense assortment of goods, anybody 
can su t himself hero. We employ an army of tailors, to whom 
work all the year round, and by this we have tho best work at low 
are artists We use ilis best of t: i in miners, the best workmanship, and tho lowest 

■Nuithern Imposition will find it a pleasure to be shown 
•I. \\ inter & Co. The entire second Door of their 
Department. Leave home in your old clothes 
to build up for you a new suit by measure taken. 

wo giva steady 
’ prices. Our cutters 

prices. \ is tors m the Gran 
through the esiiJdisbiu. ot of 
building rakes in lie Mtrehant 
— t.u  days sul 


ve'l’s ; 

Circuit Court. 


 i uiii l ra oi, I'JjintilT 


, (Mundants. J 

T hor.nis S 

Mari hi -uw ;1 


TpY'orJ.r F.txutte Circuit. (Vi.rt, mule in lhe 
jiliMVi-  : •?«■) ami »u m. in May I'enu, 1-8.1, all 
credit • i8  »f Thoinop. whI  i-. c hfh! nr icquired 
to ilio nmln\sigr.n», Mutter t'n.i’iuis 

si hiltoI j**- ill rtcji'i at Lit* ••iiu-e in Lcxii.g‘on, Ky., 
on or bef-'it! Oe tuber inh, ! '•;*, an l , ru\e their 
claims Hg'iittft ;*Ui dcctilt.'ii according to law, cf 
tho will he barred. 

angle- .V-U JO! N 1\ Al.Li.N, M. C. F. C. C. 


Our Reporter’s Vacation Notes. 

J3uci.NO his JXtmUlcs tlii^ft c^ison, qur Mr. M. 
has taken up Br himself tho task* of satisfying 

our numerous readers that whatever goo l3 are 
manufactured in our goodly city of Itoger Wil- 
liams, aro of as high a grade, and as line in qual* 
ity as can be produced in any spot on the globe. 
Especially is this so when the skilled Pharmacist 
of many years’ experience resolves to extract 
from the finest botanical specimens of tho vege- 
table world the most potent euro for some special 
disease. In proof of his assertion that Frovi- 
dencOjK.I., affords tho best, he relates an interview 
with an acquaintance, given him while sojourn- 
ing temporarily at her residence. She says, 
“About a year I suffered severely from Rheuma- 
tism in my limbs, and Neuralgia in tho head, 
which I endured two or three months with as 
much patience as possible, being under the treat- 
ment of an excellent doctor, and trying many 
kinds of medicine without any marked effect. 
At last a medical friend advised me to try Hunt’s 
Rfemedy, because he attributed my severe suffer- 
ing to the bad condition of my kidneys, which 
were not performing their proper functions, and 
I commenced taking it, and in a fow days tho 
neuralgia had departed, my headache had en- 
tirely disappeared, tho swelling in my limbs and 
joints liad gone, and I havo not had a touch of it 
since. More recently I was troubled with impu- 
rity of tnO DlUUU, WVUVll OUUWCU ttofllt i.. .... .. 

eruptions on my face. I again resorted to Hunt’s 
Remedy, and after taking it a short time was 
completely cured of that complaint. Hunt's 
Remedy has proved very beneficial to mo in at- 
tacks of sick headache, which it always allevl- j 
ates, and I notice the improvement as soon as I 
takd the Remedy. This Remedy has strengthen- 
ing elements, for it has made me feel much 
stronger, and has been very beneficial to my gen- 
eral health. I most heartily recommend it to all 
sufferers liko myself. Mrs. L, G. Tanner, No. 
130 Pearl Street.” 



Poiveo Valley, Kentucky. 

Its Eleventh Annual Session will open 

EMB EH 5, 1 883. 

Advantages unsurpassed. Terms moderate. For 

full information apply for a  h*taJrffuo to 

EttASTUS ROWLEY, It. if., President, 
augl5-W3t Pewee Valley, Ky. 


College Hill, Ohio. 

Next session begins Sept. 3,‘IM.T. Classical. 1,1 

Jf lnntiH(» II ml I'mrlleh f'mirenu uJlV n - 

ffcientiflc, and English Courses, with Preparatory I 
partment. . Openjo both sexes. Tuition free to schdl 

for accoinmodi 
logue, address 



best advantages in Art. _ _ 
for accommodation of boarding pupils. For Cata, ' 

V* Itf. MYJSKS, President. 

(xcorgctown College, 


Southern It. It 

Located in the healthy and beautiful “Bluegrass” 
region of Kentucky. G.ith session opens September 
3d. 1S83. Instruction in nil brnnehes of a College 
education. Experienced Professors The degrees 
of li. S., A, li. and A. M., conferred. Useful course 
lor those who can spend ouiy one or two years In 
College Terms low for advantages offered. For 
catalogue or particulars addrers curly to 

K. At. DUDLEY, D. D., President. 

Cecilian Male College. 

Board, Ac., per 20 weeks, only $80.00-8^5.00. 
For catalogue, address II. A. GECTE, Cecilia*, 
Ky. juiyl8-W2m 




Where are Pleasant Days, Cocl tJinhtsjflk^ 
Kealth in the Winds, and where there 
is Boating, Fishing and Hunting, 



That the FAMOUS 

Great Praise. 

Albert G. Mann, of Cottago Home, 111., says : 
“ I have been prostrated for three or more years 
with Kidney disease ; at times I was not able to 
put on my hoots; my wife has often pulled them 
on for me. I was not so bad as that all the time, 
but I never know what it was to bo without pain 
in my back until I commenced using Huut’s 
Remedy, Since I began to tako Hunt’s Remedy 
I havo been free from all pain, and tako pleasure 
in saying that it is the best medicine that I ever 
knew for Kidney and Liver diseases." 



Has now perfected a Now Line called ti(o 

which affords travelers from the 



On (lie Kentucky CVtitral IbiPrnal, only un 
riile fr«uu CiucluMitii. u luugai.Yciiit 

Death of an Old Turfman. 

Cincinnati, Aug. 27. — John Reber, 
one of the oldest importers and breeders 
of blooded horses, died at noon to-day at 
Lancaster, 0. lie was first owner of im- 
ported Bonnie Scotland, and among noted 
horses imported by him were Hurrah and 
Kyrlo Daly. 

the Shortest, Quickest and most Comfortable line to 

a | Rock Island, Davenport, 

Des Moines, Council Bluffs, 

Stock, Meadow and Tobacco-Farm, I Omaha, Kansas City, 

I Leavenworth, Atchison, 

Sioux City, Minneapolis, St. Paul, 

erul points intermediate. 


4SO Acres 


Bittmu IuimI. vrrv rich iv *\ productive. The Hnost 
firm i* 'ho .Star of Ku tuuky for nii-iro/ and 
hamJlirg tlD'i .ughhro  , on h dlrtui »lio nghfare 
bet wf‘ii .%'*••• Vokund tho Gran ! UltUM’ end Sec- 
tion of Kr-iiMoky. .«n|\ 17 "illos fi m tho Latonia 
Sorito' Uti’i* t’uiirso; on this f-’-m th fluent tnilo 
trfte.i in tho •• mu: y can In* mich*. Tlii« f irm is 
tl net   imti-oved io cvoi-y rospi-o V *i ] tnlld op- | 

Tho opening of this new route, makes the pleasantest 
mul most picturesque Journey from the Atlantic sea- 
board to California, Colorado, Minnesota and Dakota, 

via Cincinnati, Indianapolis-, Li Fayette mid Seneca, 
and all the States and Territories reached by the trans- 
continental lines and their connections. 

Trains splendidly equipped with Day, Dining and 
* a really 

Sleeping Curs, and ft really 

Magnificent Line of Parlor Chair Cars 

The Yellow Fever Scare. 

Pensacola, Aug. 27. — No sickness tf 
any kind reported. The great burden I 
now falls on the business men, the yellow 
fever scare carrying away their best cus- 
tomers, diminishing daily sales and abso- 
lutely suspending business, tho quaran- 
tine cutting off country trade. 

ptirtuiiity f  r a - in»is»m j nt Forf.iMlmr pirticii- 
lara luldrorts W. 0. TURF! KELD, 

Morning View, Kenton County, Ky. j 
julvtS WMt 

mv run WITHOUT CHANGE from Cincinnati to 
Davenport, and only one change between the Ohio River 
mid the Missouri and upper Mississippi, and that i 

merely stepping out of one car Into another alongside. 
Tourists and Excursion Tickets to all the great resorts 



Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, 

iche, Toothache. 

Lumbago, Backache, Hcadac 
Sore Tli roat, Snell I rign, Spr» I tin, Rru Imom, 
lluriiH, ScalU*. Frost ICIlen, 


Bold by Druggist* and Denier* everywhere. Fifty Cent* a bottle. 
Directions io 11 l.tuguages. 


to A. VOUfcUSR A CO.) Balllaoro, Md., l. S. A. 




of Colorado, New Mexico, California and Minnesota. 

to Inquire for Tickets via 
tf! iich have coupons rcmllng via Intllsnanolls nml 
Sont'ca. Scutl for tliu.trtitvd tourist hook VVHEI’K TO 
AKCUPKIlATE and Maps and Time Tables. Adih 

3. R. CABLE, on |J. OT. JOHN, j 

Viuo-Prai’t & Qea5 il.u's’r, Gen'l T’i’t A Pass. 



Dutch Buttffl, Japan 
Bulbs, French Bulbs, 
American Bulbs. Also 
Plants for Greenhouses 
amt Window Gardens, 



Rochester, N.Y. & Chicago. • ' 

Wanted -Agent':; 

both Male and F 
mi le for cur no 
bo *k •‘Uauuutkr.s ok America '* D takes won 
tierful 1  * I'vIm* #2 id, worth fi-VOO Address 

Fi HIS If EE 8- MoM AKlN,Ciociuiiati, Ohio, 
marl -W if 


Price-list. W. H. DILLINGHAM & CO. 
121 Main Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. 


Act Directly on the Live; 

CtiRas Cirn.T.a act Fkvku, Dysi'ep 

Sick Headaciib, Bilious Colic, Ccnsti# 

or Tint IIkakt, Dizzi.NESs, Torpid BiVJ 
Coated Tonhuk, Blueplessnsw, act r 

Diseases ov the Diver and Stomach. J 


you do not” feel very well." a single (dlj 
bed-time stimulates tho stomach, restq 
the appetite, imparts vigor to the system. I 


MMlAI Agontn Wonted for I 
W H V A L Anotofit A Mode rn f 


Wid graphic Pictorial H Utory of the great Sea fighl 
World. By Medical Director SllirHF.N. U. S. N. i 
(• C. McCurdy & CO., 180 W. Fourth St., Cincinnati 


nu lexington eitKsS 



The Skeleton of Theodore Grimes, the 
Supposed Runaway Colored Boy, 

Found in a Thicket in the Edge of Town, 

Where He Hung Himself Last May. 

Yesterday about noon two colored boys, 
who were hunting wild plums in a little 
thicket on the farm of Mr. R. S. Hender- 
son, just beyond the edge of town, mado a 
horrible discovery. It was the skeleton 
of a man who had either been hanged or 
hung himself, lying underneath a little 
wild cherry tree in tho thicket, the flesh 
all gone, the skull separated from the 
body, and the bone3 gleaming with a spec- 
tral luster. The boys gave the alarm, 
and a number of persons soon visited the 
ghastly spot. Investigation showed the 
remains to be those of Theodore Grimes, 
a colored boy 16 years old, who left the 
home of his parents, on Seventh Street, 
in a huff, on Sunday, the 13th day of 
May, and was supposed by them to have 
gone off as a stable boy with some of the 
jockeys from the races. They say that he 
was not very bright, and had a great fan- 
cy for races aud all matters partaining to 
them. On the Sunday in question ho had 
attended Sunday School with his little 
brother, and in tho afternoon his mother 
ordered him to help her put up the chick- 
ens. lie answered her very insolently, 
and she threatened to tell his father. lie 
then assisted with tho chickens and short- 
ly afterward left tho house, and was nev- 
er seen again. 

The boy hanged himselfto a amall^her- 
ry tree, and it is easy to bo seen how he did 
it. lie got up into a fork in the tree about 
three feet from the ground, and tied the 
rope around tho body of the tree and then 
threw the other end over a limb a little 
higher up. lie then adjusted the nooso 
around his neck and jumped out, 
and it is supposed that the 
fall broke his neck. At any rate, the 
body had pulled off from the head, and 
the skeleton was lying together in a 
sickening heap upon the ground, and the 
rope, with the nooso still intact, was 
swinging lrom tho limb. The remains 
were identified from the clothing by the 
boy’s parents, who seemed horror-strick- 
en over the sad event, and the rope was 
also identified ns one which had been 
given to the boy. The mysterious part 
about the matter is that the thicket, which 
is a small one, stands in an open meadow 
not fifty yajjb from a public road, and 
moreover, laborers have been working in 
the meadow ofi’ and on during the whole 
summer, and persons have been within 
ten' feet of the skeleton, which is near the 
edge of the thicket, at least a hundred 
times. It seems impossible that the body 
should have remained so long undiscover- 
ed, especially as hundreds of people live 


Unlike alUOther Hair Dressings, 

Is the best lor promoting tho growth of amHietu- 
tifytng the Hair, and reudorlng It dark and glossy. 
The Cocoaise holds, in a liqld form, a large propor- 
tion o cteodorisod Cocoauut Oil, prepared express- 
ly lor this purpose. No other compound possesses 
the peculiar properties which so exactly suit the 
various conditions of the human hair. 

The superiority of Burnktt’s' Flavoring Fx- 
tbacts consists ia their perfect purity and great 
strength. _ 

Illustrated Book of Cage KirUs mailed for 3 
pent stamp. Bikd'Food Co., 237 South 8th St.,, 

Cheapest Fashion Magazine in the world, 120 
large pages, 4 pages new music, 1,000 engravings 
each issue. SO cents per year; single copies Is 
cents. STitAwmuDou 4 Ci.otiiieu, 8th and Market 
Streets, Philadelphia. 

Wells’s “Rough on Corns.” 

A6k for Wells’s “Rough on Corns.” 
15c. Quick, complete, permanent cure. 
Corns, warts, bunions. 


l*y John Allen Higgins, 
2»ii vim.* auiu It I'tiuains 

Situ *tid V/j mile" from l.cxingiou on the MaysvilU 
pike. All except will set in Ulucgrass. 

About 50 acres t*f tin. her. Well watered by spring* 
and ponds The In u 4 e of eight rooms Is substan- 
tially built of brick, with all MeesMry outbuildings, 
etc. Owo large Mono Mtj.ble and one frame stuble, 
capable of aec'iitimndutitig **ver fifty head of burses. 
The orchard ii filled «i li ihe best varieties of 
fruit; the ireet* young uti l in full lu* 

Ter in 8 made o «uli pm chasers. Applp to Mrs. 
FJ. C. Higgins on » !»•• i lace. *.r 

FKANK WATERS*, Lexington, Ky. 



Hay Fever. 

From Col. J. Mttidhof, of New York : 
“I have suffered severely for the last ten 
years from Hay Fever ia early and mid- 
summer and in tho fall. I desire in the 
interest of my fallow sufferers to testify 
in favor of lily’s Cream Balm. My short 
use of it demonstrated its efficacy. — J. 
Maidliof, 401 Broadway. It is easily ap- 

I can recommend Ely’s Cream Balm to 
all Hay Fever sufferers, it being, in my 
opinion, founded upon experience and a 
sure cure. 1 was nlllicted with Hay Fever 
for twenty-five years, and never before 
found permanent relief. — Webster II. 
Haskins, Marshfield, Vt. 

My brother Myron and myself were 
both cured to all appearance, of Catarrh 
and Hay Fever last July and August. Up 
to this date, December 23, neither have 
had any return of these troubles. Ely's 
Cream Balm was the medicine used. — 
Gabriel Ferris, Spencer, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

Mother Swan’s Worm Syrup. 

Infallible, tasteless, harmless, cathartic; 
for feverishness, restlessness, worms, con- 
stipation. 25s. 

Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. 

The best salve in the world for Cuts, 
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, 
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, 
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, 
and positively cures Piles. It is guaran- 
teed to give porfeot satisfaction or money 
refunded. Prioe 23 cents per box. For 
sgje by C. A. Johns. * 


Per year can be easily made at homo 
working for E. G. Rideout & Co., 10 
Barclay Street, New York. Send for 
their catalogue and full particulars. 

That Husband of Mine 
Is three times tho man I10 was bofore ho 
began using “Wolls’s Health Renewer.” 
SI. Druggists. 



Their Store is one of “the Sights of the City.” 

Strangers are invited to made our store their headquarters. Parcels taken c'ire 
of, and nice toilet rooms for all. 1 * iaKeM c ‘ lrt 

C. K. Mabley & €o., Six Stores in One, 

NOS. 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76 WEST FIFTH STREET, 



Iis Mississippi!. 



diately after tho finding of the body, tak- 
ing tho names of tho witnesses, summon- 
ing tho Coroner, &c. 

Coroner Dolph repaired to the spot as 
soon as possible, and, summoning a jury, 
held an inquest upon the remains aud 
found a verdict to tho effect that the de- 
ceased had come to his death by his own 
hands at some time between the 13th day 
May last and the 24th day of August, in- 


An Inside mstory br ine Tutf, n«lat 

ing How a Horse Was Expelled 
and How He Again Got 
Back to the Track. 

The shifting scenes of the turf are 
pregnant with episodes of interest to 
those who are not inititated in the intri- 
cacies of the popular Bport. Therefore, 
the recital of a true story can not fail to 
he ‘instructive to the tyro at least, es- 
pecially when it carries its own moral. 
It may in truth be called a horse play in 
one sceno and three acts; The scene is 
Monmouth Park, and the first act repre- 
sents a race of a mile and three furlongs 
on July 2d, 1881. A fast horse called 
Big Medicine was deliberatly pulled. Tho 
judges pretended not to pay any atten- 
tion to tho matter, but waited patiently for 
further dcvelopements. One weok af- 
terward Big Mcdecine again ap- 
peared, and ho ran a good race with Wil- 
liam Donahue as jockey, his owner this 
time intending to win. This was what 
tho judges waited for as confirmatory 
proof, and Big Medicine, his owner, Sam 
Bryant, and the jockey, Swiney, who rode 
the horse in the previous race, were all 
“ruled off the track forever.” Such was 
the official declaration. Two years elapsed, 
during which timo an effort was made to 
have Bryant and tho horse reinstated, and 
finally, a petition to that effect, signed by 
several intlucntial Kentuckians, includ- 
ing Gov. Blackburn, Senator Beck, and 
Col. M. Lewis Clark, was presented to the 
Monmouth Park Association. Mr. Bryant 
was reinstated, and Big Medicine now ap- 
pears under the name of Charley Marks. 
Act second represents a race of one mile at 
Monmouth Park Tuesday, August 14, 
1883. Charley Marks was ono of tho 
contestants, and as tho start was to be 
made from the front of the grand stand 
thero was a good opportunity to watch 
the movements of all parties. Several 
attempts were mado to get a start, 
and Charley Marks was well for- 
ward at every breakaway. Seat- 
ed on the steps of tho grand stand, 
just below tho reporter, was an individrial 
said to closely resemble Samuel Bryant. 
Ho became indignant at tho possibility of 
Cbarloy Marks getting a good start, and 
shouted at the top of his voice, “Take 
that horse back 1” Tho jockey obeyed the 
voice and never afterward mado an at- 
tempt to get in front. The horse re- 
mained in tho rear with Hickory Jim 
throughout, and was “nowhere” at tho 
finish. Tho last scene of all “that ends 
this strange, eventful history” was ano- 
ther race at Monmouth Park on Saturday 
last. It was a mile nnd an oighth, and 
Charley Marks got off in tho front rauk 
and won the raco quite handily, nnd Col. 
M. Lewis Clark was ono of the judges. As 
the curtain fell upon tho scene tho critics 
compared notes, and it was discovered 
that all of them agreed that the interest 
was unilagging throughout tho horso play. 
The shorn lambs only may guess what the 
verdict was. 

, Nicholasville Court. 

At Nicholasville yesterday Ed Hull, 
charged with the murder of Sidney Bax- 
ter, was acquitted. The court then went 

HAVE within three miles of I'nlteoTille, Yalla- 
buslm County, ami rn 'h- II iimls Central Ilail- 
 1, an improve, I farm “I 27mi aerea. Ail level 
ley land, well vru-pil and tlinl'eied, which I 
di to com er' intirn vii If Ini in for Uio raising of 
ilea anil can In I wl!l pm ■ h j H Uum against the 
vices of some ca d. ae‘i vh ■ in, ;■ man for a series 
years, each of ns fu nisi, mr ?3 nu to stork it- 
| tenses and profit- alike • tpin 1 . t ‘r r will sell one! 
If inlores' o' tl i- farm for ffi T.'iit and allow Mil- 
dly for snrvi' os Most of loferonoi's given and 
imrod. Address A A BRYANT, 

naj9-\V3m Colleevillc, Miss. 

Paris (Ky.) Entries. 

First Day, Sept. 4— Stakes for two-year- 
olds — Idalia and Aspasia, by Alcantara; 
Bedford, Yeline, Takina and Hattie S., by 
Strathmore; Novelty and unnamed colt, 
by New York, O. F. Clny and Qourier, by 
Caliban; Tweedland and Wilkins, by Ab- 
dallah West; Lucy Mack, by Undo Sam; 
Vashti, by King Rene; Clara Leigh, by 
Almont; Blanche’s Baby, by Pascarel; 
baby colt, by George Wilkes; Lydo, by 
Jubilee Lambert; Colonel Tom, by Magic; 
O. F. C., by Onward; Egalito, by Egbert; 
Jim Rattler, by Young Jim. 

Same Day — 2:30 dass — Zulu, Nannie 
Talbot, Nobby, Tucker, Alcyone, Mys- 
tory, Defender. 

Second Day, Sept. 5. — Stakes for three- 
year olds— Joy and Elerslio Wilkes, by 
George Wilkes; Stuart, Otto Holstein, and 
ltosebcrry, by Strathmore, Rouster, by 
Waveland Chiof; gray filly, by Princeps; 
Stonewall Jackson, by Jim Hill: Daniel 
Boone, by Whipple; White Socks, by Al- 

Same Day — 3:00 class — Favorite 
Wilkes, Tom Coons, Jack Splan, Molly 
Mack, Michael, Lady Raymond. 

Third Day, Sept. G— Stakes for four- 
year olds — Plof, by Waveland Chief; Boss 
Monroe, by Jim Monroe; French Lawn, 
by Administrator; Nutbrown Maid, by 
Happy Traveler. 

Same Day — 2:27 dass — Mike, Cyclone, 
Stanger, Reveille, Ada II. 

Fourth Day, September 7 — 2:40 class — 
Emma Strathmore, The King, Jack Splan, 
Monie West, Mollie Mack, George W., 
Mattie Willis. 

Same Day — Green horses — Tom Bagby, 
Dolly Spanker, Dr. Moore, Lady Ofl'utt. 

Fifth day, September 8. — Free for all — 
Zulu, Judge Hawes, France’s Alexander, 
Alice Stoner, Catchfiyf Reveille. 

Phaetons, Surrays,. Village Carts, 

[ A populurnccountof tlie Herowi 
ini'i Ailvi’HiureiH, who by their 

Valor mol Wur-cruft boat buck 
till- i\ i ;.-,4 f i"t n tho borders of 
*k 2 JlVfftiW yi v iIIznti«»n and 
I I fLIl V cave tho Atner- 
livj^ l! I * niu forests to 

w su t j/ « ? 0 the plow ami 
,71 “Or t)i * f.iiklft. 


he was a pleasant and agreeable com- 
panion; highly social in his disposition; 
to a nature kind and friendly, he added 
a manner, frank, outspoken and genial. 
Duplicity and hypocrjsy were as un- 
known to him as his friendship was sin- 
sero and abiding. His charities wero 
bestowed with a liberal hand, though 
modest, of which the world knew but 

Devotion to his family, and thought- 
fulness of his venerabo father, was a rul- 
ing passion of his life, so beautifully il- 
lustrated by his having secured, when in 
health and strength, au insurance policy 
for their benefit — to bless and comfort 
them in age, when ho should have passed 

In life’s prime ho was stricken down. 
Ilis last days were cheered and com- 
forted by assurance of sins pardoned 
and hopo of life eternal. In the calm 
quiet of a summer evening, as shadows 
sloping eastward fell across his new made 
gravo in our heautfful City of the Dead, 
wo laid our Marshall, in peaceful rest, 
with fiowers on his untroubled breast. 

Lexington, Ky., August 24th, 18S3. 

Nicholasville Items. 

Niciioi.asvii.le, August 23. 

Tho IIull-Baxter case went to tho jury 
yesterday evening, and this morning at 
nine o’clock a verdict of “not guilty” was 
rendered. J. S. Bronaugh and Col. 
Breckinridge argued tho case before the 
jury for the defense, the latter speaking 
two hours and a half. lion. C. J. Bron- 
ston represented tho prosecution. None 
of Baxter’s relatives were in attendance to 
assist in the prosecution. 

There has been but ono conviction 
during the week, Joe Smith, ono year, 
for hog-stealing. Ho is tho darky who 
set the jail on fire. 

The Letcher case was sailed this morn- 
ing. Ilis honor, Judgo Morton, having 
been retained for tho prosecution at the 
examining trial, was ineligible, nnd Col. 
Breckinridge was elected speoial judge, 
but declined to act. II. M. Buford was 
then selected by agreement, and put in his 
appearanoo by the first train. Tho Sheriff 
has been ordered to summon 150 jurors 
for Monday morning at 9 o’clock, when 
the case will be openod. The delense is 
represented by Thompson, Porter, Bro- 
naugh, Pryor Hendricks of Flcraingsburg, 
and Blackburn of Cincinnati. Prosecution 
by C. J. Bronston and E. B. Hoover. 


On Thursday night burglars entered 
the house of Mr. G. P. Ramsey, who lives 
in the fork of tho Georgetown and New- 
town pikes, and stole a gold watoh and a 
lot of money. Dan Carter' was arrested 
yesterday, ouargod with complicity in the 
crime, and will be tried to-morrow. 

Wo warrant the work first-class, and will soli as cheap as any house in tho State, 
W e also have for salo superior 

Of all Styles and for all purposes, which arc HAND-MADE, wc fully guarantee 
them, and will sell them at Low Prices. Read tho following letter as proof that the 
work wo sell gives the best of satisfaction. 

Dc LONG & CO. 

_ y , „ , Pine Grove, Ky., March 28, 1883. 

Messrs. Dc Long J: Co., Lexington, Kg.: 

Gents— Tho buggy Ijbought from you last year, made by tho Wheeler Carriage 
Company of Louisville, Ky., has given me entire satisfaction; not a screw or tap has 
gotten looso upon it, and it has not cost me a cent for repairs; and the paint on it is 
splendid. Tho springs are very fine, and it is tho easiest riding buggy I ever owned. 
Would advise my friends to buy this buggy. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM. 


For more than n third of a century tho 

Mexican Mustang; Liniment has Ir.oen 

known to millions all over tho world us 
tlio only safo rclianco for tho relief of 
aocidonls and pain. It is a medleino 
ubovo prlco unit praise— the best of lie 

kind. For every form, ot external pain 

Mustang Liniment is withont an equal. 

It penetrates llcsh oml muscle to 
the very hone— making tho continu- 
ance of pain und inflammation impos- 
sible. Its effects upon Human Flesh anil 
tho Brute Creation uro equally wonder- 
ful. The Mexican 

Railroad Accidents. 

Cincinnati, August 27. — A special to 
the Times-Star from Stoubcnvillc, O., 
says : An accident occurred on the Pan- 
IIandIc Road this morning near Mingo 
Junction within 100 yards of tho great 
disaster of 1878. The east-bound freight 
was ten minutes Lite, and collided with 
the Cincinnati express train. Both en- 
gines and ono car were wrecked. En- 
gineer Charles of Dennison, O., nnd 
Clerks William Newman and John B. 
Iloyt, both of Indianapolis, were injured; 
Hoyt fatally. 

Liniment ia needed by somebody In 
every hou3o. livery day brines nows of 

the agony of nu awful aeuiil or burn 
subdued, of rheumatic martyr*) re- 
stored, or a valuable liorco or ox 
tuved by tlio hooting power of thii 

which speedily cures such ailmonte of 
the HUMAN FLKSll as 
I lthonmntliini, Swellings, 
Jotntn, Contracted Muncies, J 
nnd Scalds, tbits, lirulscs 
Sprains, Boisouous CL-- 
Stings, Stiffness, Lameness, 
Korea, Ulcers. Frostbites. Chl-_. 

Note Nipples, Uakeil Jlreast, 

lilies and 
ess, Old 

7, and 

Indeed every form of external cUs- 
enne. It heals without scars. 

For tho liuuTG Creation it cures 

Stiff Joints, 


Vienna, August 27.— The amount of 
wheat available for export is estimated at 
5,500,000 motercentals. Tho amount of 
barley available for export is 3,000,000 
metercentals. It is expected that no rye 
or oats will be available for export. The 
international corn and seed market has 
opened here. 

Stock Notes. 

P Mr. W. T. Jones, tho Jessamine County 
Stock man, has Bhippod this season over 
2,400 sheep and lambs, and a great many 
cattle. He shipped threo car loads of 
atooked yews lost week, lie wants about 
100 head of fino hogs to feed. 

Sprains, Swinny, 

Founder, Harness Sores, Hoof Ills- 
, — . * *l| 

itlollow Horn, Scratches, Wind- 
falls, Spavin. Thrush, Hi hr bone, 
Old Sores, Poll Kvll, Film upon 
(ho Sight nnd every other ailment 
to evil tell tho occupants of the 

eases, Foot Hot, (Screw Worm. Scnli, 
Horn, Scratches, Wind- 

always cures uml never dlauppoluU 
and it la, positively, 



Crushed by an Elephant. 

Cincinnati, August 27.— Harry Pack- 
ard of Hartford, Conn., nn employo of 
Barnum’s oircus, was crushed this morn- 
ing by one of the elephants, and this 
afternoon dipd at the Cincinnati Hospital. 



I ia a g » MDMI 

I / 

1 / 


Twenty-five Persons Kilted and Many 
Other? Injured. 

Particulars of the Dreadful Disaster. 

St. Paul, Aug. 25.— The cyclone which 
raged at Rochester, Minn., last night is 
reported to have been very severe. 
Twenty-four were reported killed and 
fifty, or more, injured. Vague rumors of 
a train disaster by being blown from the 
track is coming in, but no particulars. 

St. Paul, August 22.— Passengers 
from Owattenna state that twenty-five 
persons were killed in a railroad accident, 
and that thirty-five injured were taken to 
the hospital at Owattanna. The Mayor of i 
Rochester has telegraphed here for assist-   
ance, and states that twenty-five were kill- 1 
ed and about forty injured. Oue-third of i 
the town is an entire wreck, and it is be- i 
lieved from all reports that come in that 
the entire country surrounding Rochester 
is in ruins, and that the killed may reach 
up into the hundreds. 

Winona, Minn., August 22. — At 7 
o’clock a cyclone struck the northern 
part of the City of Rochester, Minn., 
making a clean sweep of an elevator, a 
residence, and railroad engine house. Oth- 
er property along the railroad, was com- 

a destroyed. Mayor Whitton tele- 
s that 24 were killed and 40 were 
wounded. The city is in need of assist- 
ance in the shape of food and clothing. 
The prostrated telegraph wires made it 
difficult to get the particulars. The storm 
swept through the towns of Utica and St. 
Charles in Winona County. Job Thorn- 
ton was killed and several ethers were 
wounded. The report from Dodge County 
indicates much damage with loss of life. 
No particulars have yet been obtained. 
Mayor Ludwig of Winona with a corps 
of surgeons left for Rochester this morn- 

Owattanna, Minn., Aug. 22. — Meager 
telegraphic advices were received here 
early this morning of a terrible accident 
which occurred between Rochester and 
Zumbaota on the Rochester and North- 
ern Division of the Chicago and North- 
western Road. On account of wire inter- 
ruption no information could be obtained 
until the arrival of a train from the scene 
of the disaster with thirty-five people who 
had been wounded by the accident.* Of 
this number many seemed to be seriously 
wounded, and all have been taken to the 
hospital. The train wrecked was that 
which leaves Rochester about 4 p. m., 
arriving at Zumbaota about G p. ». It 
was caught in a severe wind and hail 
storm that prevailed in that vicinity 
between four and six o'clock in the eve- 
ning-, nw^wtiile running at high speed was 
lifted from the rails. A gentlemen, who 
has been at the scene of the disaster, 
described it as one of the most horrifying 
railroad accidents ever seen. Every car 
in the train was completely wrecked, and 
almost literally shattered to pieces by the 
sudden stops caused by the train leaving 
the rails, burying the unfortunate passen- 
gers beneath the debris, killing many 
and injuring nearly every person aboard. 
The gentleman stated that nine dead bod- 
ies have been taken from the ruinB, and a 
large number of those who were seriously 
injured have been removed to Rochester 
and Owatonna. At the time he left, the 
work of extricating the unfortunate vic- 
tims was still progressing. The number 
of killed will reach a score. 

Young men or middle aged ones, suffer- 
ing from nervous debility and kindred 
weaknesses shonld send three stamps for 
Part VII of World’s Dispensary Dime 
i Series of books. Address World’s Dis- 
pensary Medical Association, Buffalo, 
N. Y. , 

Railroad Accident. 

Memphis, August 22. — The west-bound 
passenger train on the Memphis and 
Little Rock, which left here at 5 o’clock 
yesterday afternoon, met with an accident 
last night four miles west of Forest 
City, Arkansas. While crossing a short 
trestle, a broken rail caused two second- 
class passenger coaches, baggage, and 
express cars to go through the trestle, 
killing J. B. Saliner, Harry Feldburg, 
two merchants of Cdtton Plant, Ark., and 
John Adair, formerly foreman of the pile 
drivers of the Little Rock Road: James 
White, n stock agent of the Memphis and 
Charleston Railroad had a leg broken. 
Several other passengers received injuries 
but not of a serious nature. The east- 
bound train due here last night at 10 
o clock did not arrive until 1 1 o’clook this 

Yellow Fever. 

Washington, August 22. — The result 
of the house inspection ordered by Sur- 
geon Generul Hamilton at Pensacola, 
which commenced this morning, was the 
finding of two cases of yellew fever in a 
sailors’ boarding house on Pclafax Street 
wharf. The Surgeon General directed 
the patients to be removed to the quaran- 
tine hospital on Santa Rosa Island. The 
bedding and clothing were destroyed, and 
the house fumigated and surrounded by a 
guard Some cases were reported by Act- 
ing Assistant Surgeon White to-day, and 
a boat was immediately chartered by the 
Collector of Customs, and the cases re- 
moved to the quarantine hospital •accord- 
ing to orders. • 

Destructive Wind Storm. 
Milwaukee, August 22. — Dispatches 
from the northern and central part of the 
State report great damage from the storm 
of last night. At Stevens Point and in 
Wood County crops, fences, buildings, 
and mill dams were torn to pieces. An 
old man in Wood County was injured by 
thfe flying debris. The towns of Stockton 
and New Hope were visited by a terrible 
hail storm, and the corn, oats, and hops 
were badly damaged. Live stock was 
illed at several points by Hying rails. 
In Bowen County, in and around Green- 
bay, the rain and hail did similar damage. 

Forest Fires. 

Milwaukee, August 22.— An Ashland 
dispatch says : Forest fires have- been 

raging about the city all day, and the 
place had a narrow escape from destruc- 
tion. The mills shut down, and the men 
turned out in gangs to fight the Games. 
The Onrtiha depot naught fire several times, 
but was saved. A hundred men was sent 
on a Omaha gravel train and were dis- 
tributed along the boder of the town with 
eitixens. At 9 r. m. a shower came up 
and the fire was extinguished. 

No catch-penny; read the advestisement 
of Simmons Liver Regulator. j 

Tobacco Decisions. 

The tobacco division of the Internal 
Revenue Bureau has made several inter- 
esting decisions in regard to the sale of . 
tobacco and oigars. A dealer who does j 
business on Fair grounds must have his ; 
special tax stamp affixed to his stand, and 
cannot send out persons to sell away from 
it without providing each such pedler 
with a separate stamp. Collector Roueia 
of Illinois has been informed, in response | 
to an inquiry, that a manufacturer cau 
not pack tobacco in any but lawfully pre- 
scribed packages for gratuitous distribu- 
tion: but in case of delay in such repack- 
ing, evidence of its having been taken 
from duiy stamped packages may be re- 
quired. Some anxiety has been express- 
ed by manufacturers whose districts have 
been changed under the consolidation 
scheme in regard to their being required 
to give band. The trade generally has 
been rendered quite unsettled by uncer- 
tainty arising in regard to this question, 
and in response to an inquiry, the Com- 
missioner has had a circular-letter ad- 
dressed to the Collectors in several dis- 
tricts interested. The following is the 
effect of this letter : It is not necessary 
to require a new bond to be filed by a ci- 
gar manufacturer if his present bond is 
good and sufficient, and neither the law 
nor the regulations require more than one 
surety to such a bond after a cigar manu- 
facturer has properly qualified by giving i 
a good and sufficient bond and paying a 
special tax. It is not deemed good pol- 
icy to require a new bond or to interfere 
with legal right to manufacture unless 
there is reason to believe that his pres- 
ent bond has become defective or insuffi- 
cient. Comptroller Lawrenc has rendered 
a decision to the effect that no claims for 
rebate on tobacco, cigar or cigarette 
stamps presented after June 30, 1883, can 
be entertained. He holds that the sixty 
days’ grace granted from date, May 1st, 
that the law went into effect, expired on 
June 30th, and that any holders of stamps 
who neglected to present the claims until 
after that date must lose their benefits 
under the law. A large number were re- 
ceived from distant districts, and the 
senders have been notified that their 
claims can not be allowed. 

Railroad Accident. 

Strutiiers, 0. August 21. — By the ne- 
glect of some one the switch at the east 
end ot the Pittsburg and Lake Erie 
yard at llazelton, two miles east of 
Youngstown, 0., a passenger train due 
at Youngstown from Pittsburg at 11:30 a. 
m. ran into the rear end of a freight 
standing on the main track and telescoped 
the caboose and ploughed through a coke 
car completely demolishing both cars and 
badly wrecking the passenger engine. 
The train was running at the rate of thir- 
ty miles an hour. The engineer reversed 
the lever, stood by the throttle, and came 
out of the wreck miraculously, not receiv- 
ing a scratch. The fireman jumped, and 
was badly bruised and cut about the face, 
hands, and body, but his injuries are not 
fatal. Wm. Johnson, an Express Mes- 
senger, was considerably bruised and his 
right arm sprained. Charles Walsh, a 
brakeman, was also severely injured. The 
train took fire but was extinguished with 
buckets by the passengers. There were 
about one hundred passengers on the 
train, but none were injured. 

“Woman and Her Diseases” 

Is the title of an interesting treatise (96 
pages) sent, postpaid, for three stamps. 
Address World’s Dispensary Medical As- 
sociation, Buffalo, N. Y. 

The French in Tonquin. 

London, August 23. — The Times corre- 
spondent at Hong Kong, referring to the 
movement of the French at Tonquin, 
says the enemy are mainly composed of 
Chinese, and are armed with Remington 
rifles. General Bouet commanded the 
left column of French troops, and it is be- 
lieved the enemy’s loss was small. The 
French doctors complain of the want of 
medicine and stores. The operations of 
the French have been stopped for the 
present, the number of troops being in- 
sufficient to attack Sontag and Baerinh, 
which are the strongest positions in the 
Delta. The repulse of the French disheart- 
ened them and encouraged the enemy. Four 
thousand native Christians are being 
armed. Itte generally admitted that the 
French will require a force of 10,000 men 
to be able to cope with the enemy success- 
fully, and the number of gunboats are 
also inadequate. The 500 coolies, who ac- 
companied the French column as carriers, 
fled at the first shot. It is stated that the 
enemy has entrenchments, one behind an- 
ther, over a whole twenty-five miles be- 
tween Ilnnoi and Sontag, but it is thought 
that the Goods have destroyed many. The 
black Gag has been strongly re-enforced 
from Yunnar. No Arramese participated 
in fightifig. 

The Times says that the capture of 
Haidoung is of some importance, ns it 
gives the French complete commad of the 
Songchi canal, which is the most con- 




Double Train 



The Court ordered, adjudged and decreed that 
the said Defendants and their agents be and 
they hereby are perpetually enjoined and restrained 
from using or causing to be used upon any bonier 
or packages of Liver Medicine any Label or Wrap- 
pa a n.-uiblance or Imitation of the said Labe 
and Wrapper of the Complainants, or any Label or 
Wrapper in resemblance or imitation thereof, and 
from making, selling, or offering for sale any medi- 
cine under the name or title of Dr. A. Q. Simmons   
Liver Medicine, or ot Dr. Simmons Liver Regula- 
tor or Medicine, or Dr. A. Q. Simmons Liver Regu- 
lator or Medicine, and from using the name or 
word Simmons or the fac simile signature of A. Q. 
Simmons, or in any way upon any bottle or pack 
ages of Liver Medicine or of medicine made or ad- 
vertised or sold for the Liver. 


Owing to the great popularity of Simmons 
Liver Regulator and its nudoubted curative 
power, imitators throughout the country are 
manufacturing worthless imitations under the 
shadow of its good name, so garbled as to mislead 
those who are not on their guard. We most earn- 
estly beg the public to aid us in our efforts to pro- 
tect their health and help us in our task of bring- 
ing these unprincipled imposters to the liar of Jus- 
tice. Buy no Simmons Elver Regulator unless en- 
cased in a Wrapper having a large red Z in 
the center and the signature of J. II. Zeilin A Co. 
ou the side. Before you buy, scrutinize the package 
most carefully for the above signs of genuineness 
The remedy to detect fraud is in your own hands. 
Do not allow some other substitute to be palmed oil 
under a similar sounding najne. 


! To trifle with health, to risk breaking down 
a constitution or undermine strepgth by ex- 
perimenting with medicine that is doubtful or 
cheap, made by adventurers, especially that made 
as substitute for other medicine which is of great 
reputation, and recommended nftcr years of trial 
by such reliable people as Bishop Pierce, lion. 
Alexander II. Stephens, lion. John Gill Shorter, 
Bishop Beckwith, lion. John B. Gordon, and hosts 
of others oi such high integrity and undoubted in- 
telligence who would not deceive. They who copy, 
imitate, substitute or deceive, are guilty of crime. 
The lswjLof the land have decided that the only 
Simmons Liver Regulator or Medicine legitimately 
made and legally entitled to name and fame is that 
manufactured by J. If. Zeilin A Co.; all others 
are frauds aud counterfeits. 

Every Farmer should Have 






Bryant & Overstreet, 


Lexington, Kentucky. 

venient approach (0 Hanoi. 

A Railroad Riot. 

Pittsburg, Aug. 22. — A Punxsutaw- 
ney, Jefferson County, special says : 
During the paying off of some railroad 
hands yesterday a dispute arose about a 
wncer which culminated in a riot in 
which a Hungarian named Peter Yeder 
was killed and two fellow-workmen were 
shot, and Tom Kearney, an Irishman, was 
unmercifully beaten. No arrests have 
been made, but Sheriff Anderson and a 
posse are on hand and will prob- 
ably make some arrests to-day. No 
further trouble is anticipated. 

Shot for Indecent Conduct. 

Troy, N. Y., August 23.— Dr T. R. 
Henderson was fatally shot to-day by 
Charles Osterhaut at Hossick Falls. It is 
charged by Osterhaut’s wife that inde- 
cent conduct toward bar by the wounded 
man was the cause. 

New Cotton. 

Columbia, S. C., August 22. — The Grst 
bale of new cotton was received yester- 
day from Simon Hook of Lexington. 
Weight, 467 pounds; class, middling: 
sold for 95 cents. 

A speciGe, and the only one too for all 
formi and types of skin disease, is known 
the world over as Dr. Benson's Skin Cure. 
It is not a patent medicine, but u reliable, 
certain remedy. Druggists. 




From these sources arise three-fourths ot 
the diseases of the human race. Those 
symptoms indicate their existence : Los. of 
Appetite, Bowels costive, Sick Head- 
ache, fullness after eating:, aversion to 
exertion of body or mind, Eructation 
of food, Irritability of 1 temper, Eo W 
spirits, A feeling of having neglected 
some duty, Dizziness, Fluttering at the 
Heart, Dots before the eyes, highly col- 
ored Urine, CONSTIPATION, and de- 
mand the use of a remedy that acts directly 
on the Liver. AsaLlver medicine TUTT'S 
PI1.I.S have no equal. Their action on the 
hmiioys and Skin is also prompt ; removing 
alt impurities through these three “ scav- 
engers of tlie system," producing appe- 
tite, sound digestion, regular stools, a clear 
skin and a vigorous body. TUTT’S PILLS 
cause no nausea or griping nor interfere 
with daily work and arc a perfect 



“1 havo had Dyspcpaia, with Constipa- 
tion, two years, and have tried ten different 
kinds of pills, and TUTT’S are the first 
that have done me any good. They have 
cleaned mo ont nicely. My appetile is 
splendid, food digests readily, and I now 
have natural passages. I feel like a new 
man.” W.JD. EDWARDS, Palmyra, O. 

Sold everywhere, 85c. Office, 44 Murray 8t.,N.Y. 


Ghat Hair or Whiskers changed in- 
Biantly to a Glossy Black by a single ap- 
plication of this Dye. Sold by Druggists, 
or sent by express on receipt of $ 1, 

Office, 44 Murray Street, New York. 

Accident on the L. and N. Railroad. 

Louisville, August 24. — At 8 o'clock 
this morning passenger train No. 2 from 
Nashville to Louisville at Lebanon Junc- 
tion, about twenty-five miles out from 
this city, came in collision with the rear 
end of a freight train that was backing 
onto a side track. The freight was heav- 
ily loaded and the engine recoiled, tel- 
escoping the tender and baggage cnr. 
No passengers were injured, but Engineer 
Clarence Gifford was badly crushed and 
will probably die. Fireman Kidd also re- 
ceived serious injuries. The wreck causes 
the delay of trains. 

Frozen Mutton. 

London, August 24. — The Steamer 
Iona from New Zealand, via the Straits 
of Magellan, arrived at Plymouth with 
13,(100 frozen carca-’es of sheep in good 
condition. SI 10 made the voyage in 45 





Scenic and Historic Interest 


- — OVER 

Cin., Wash, and Baltimore 


Picturesque B. | O. 

At the Remarkably Low Kate of 

Half Fare, 

Or 0110 regular fare for the Round Trip from Cin- 
cinnati to Baltimore and Return, 

September ioth. 

First Train leaving Cincinnati at 9:15 in the mem- 

Second Ti aln leaving Cincinnati at 8:00 in the 

These trains departing from Cincinnati at such 
hours as to enable direct connection with all trains 
Irma the 





Cincinnati ta Washington 
and Baltimore. 

Magnificent Palace Sleeping Cars, 




The Cincinnati Washington and Baltimore aud 
Baltimore and Ohio Couijiuni s have determined to 
make these double trains the grandest Excursion 
evout io railroad annals, arid to this end will call 
into |day all the enormous resource of their grtat 

The date of the Excursions is most happily 
timed, enabling nil who participate to attend the re- 
markable j-erics of 



Embraced in tbe brilliant and unprecedented pro- 
gramme, in one. night of Unparalleled 


And another night of Wondrous 



On the Electric Night, laird Baltimore will arrive 
in the Harbor of Baltimore upon one of the finest 
M unmet p atloat, and which will literallv tie a blaze 
of electrical Illumination. ThejRoyal Steamer will 
boiscoited up the harbor by from sixty to eighty 
tug boats, four abreast, and each carrying electric 
lights in various colors. From ail sides if the har- 
bor Hreworks in great profit-ion will he discharged 
from sicclal barge* stationed such purpose, and 
the spectacle as a whole will be an unprecedented 

Arri ingin the city, land Baltimore, his Cour- 
tiers, H iiisehold and Otticers will be escorted to tbe 
City Hall by a most novel Military Parade—n thous- 
and soldiers covered « ith Metric Lights in differ- 
ent colors; horses with electrical plumes, and the 
whole elt presenting a scene simply indescribable. 


Another remarkable spectacle will be witnessed, 
and effects produced never before aitea pled in any 
city of the world. 

'/ h 1 paiade will be the grandest in extent known 
in me history of mystic pageantry. The costumes, 
all entirely new, were maue iu Paris, nun beyond 
nil tompaii'ou the finest. e er imported to this 
country, 'i he unparalleie I number of Forty Tab- 
leau Floats will be iu line, aud will be larger aud 
more iui|K)siug in construction than ever before 
known me conception  d the amazing extent of 
the pageant may lie gUnned from the fact that up- 
wards 01 thirteen hundred in n, two hundred and 
thirty horses, six baud*, amt six hundred carried 
lights are required to place it upon the streets. 

NoaOvatice will be made iu the usual rat *8 for 
Hotel Accommodations, either iu Baltimore nr 
Washington, visitors being enabled to stop iu either 
city, the Baltimore uuu Ohio running 


Between the two cities. Trains run at least every 


Is directly upon the line of the B. and O., only a 
little over two hours’ run from Baltimore aud one 
hour from Washington. The Old John Brown Foit 
still stands. As ail the parades, displays aud page- 
ants at Baltimore take place at night, there will be 
abundant opportunities to visit Harper’s Ferry. 




Are but one night's sail from Baltimore or Wash- 
ington on Magnificent Steamers. Kxcusionists so 
choosing can take the Bay Line Sceainers at Balti- 
more, witness the grand electrical and pyrotechni- 
cal display iu the harbor, arrive at Old Com- 
fort and Fortress Monroe early the folllowing morn- 
ing, spend the day and be back iu Baltimore again 
bright and early on the uuruiug of the night of the 
great Mystic l’ugeant. 


Is but a few hours’ ride on the historic Potomac 
from Washington. Splendid Steamers leaving every 
morning and returning (luring the afternoon. 


The most famous of all the subterranean wonders 
of the country, are readily withiu a day’s time 
from Washington or Baltimore. Special fast Ex- 
cursion Trains making the round trip, with four 
hours at the caverns, which are now lighted 
throughout by Electricity. 


Ever a place of greatest Interest to all, nover iooka 
more lieautlful to tint eye or ott'ora more induce- 
nieula tor a visit than duriHg the lovely weather 
always the rule in September. Tbe B. and O. is the 
only direct line from the West lo Washington, and 
tho only line running 



“Washington and Baltimore. 

No such an opportunity for a visit to the moat 
attractive eenlrcs of interest in the Eaat and South 
has been oilere l for 5 ears ns I his 

Grand Double Train Trip. 

Write ft r full details and all information srr» 
girds Sleeping Car and oilier accommodations lo 

General Passenger Agent, 
Cincinnati, uud Baltituo.e U. R. 
auglO-Wtd 173 Walmu 8... Cincinnati, (J. 


Limestone and Short Street, opp. the Jail, Lexington, Ky., 


Carriages, Rockaways, Buggies, Pliaetons, Road Wag- 
ons, Sulkies, &c«, Arc., 

Built and finished in the latest and handsomest styles. Satisfaction guaranteed in 
every respect. Repairing by skilled workmen done on short notice. I invito all 
persons wishing anything in my line of business to give me a call. 




Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Hardware and Cutlery, 




Colt’s, Parker’s, Remington’s, Hemingway’s and E. James’s Breech-Loading Guns, 
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Tatham’s New York Shot. Howe's Seales. Mantels and Grales. 

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ERICA’S SACRIFICE, polergLe“ Wm Crl A K nd ln for W t a ho r first said * Th^rnost 9 R00(1 ' t ^ rica v” 00 

tune Erica’s self-suppression waver* » B . Then almost ^irresolutely: “II# is 
A QUESTION OF second. She fiftTEer™ SsTo®”^ I ^ H “ WOuld uoi 

. brow and presses them there and then 8 iHf   00 - , ... , 

Forgiveness or Dishonor, “Sgg *,  "ft f,VK 

. story of wrong and crime, concealing {S 8 “nII,«“ U pleading against his 

. — ■ nothing, only denying that he had any ~J° n V °2 ce , before— be- 

premeuitation of murder. The wit- fi 116 She broke off abruptly, and 
chapter xix. nesses from ltington had made it clear f on: ' lie , will never work 

-SI I"™ , ting thVh&\Sy°had e seemed" ff d Sill °, u ® *“2*5 W ^ bus- 

gianced round the room, then fell back 
exhausted— “if they’d give me brandv ” mn Ve !i toI ,' seC tne a K°ny or 

he said, in a hollow whisper. “I’m dv- that struggle he fought out in the dim 

jug for want of drink. Can’t you cet Siifa^i C 2f r i ldo . r ' ai ?4 n ®ver forgets or re- 
l it r’ “ grets that he humbled that proud heart 

Erica rose and gave him some cooling .PrZ’, !JP d t , l , luse 8 rand Kps to utter: 
drink that stood Reside him, and then v ™. rgl , ve / . 
wetted her hands with the sweet violet h !°[ 8UC 1 for £ lvenes s is without dis- 

SCent fellti hail hrminrVif en.l I “ODOf. 

Erica rose and pave liim some coolinj? 
driiik that stood beside him, and then 



chapter xix. Jesses from ltington had made it clear 

THE TRIAL OF ARNOLD MURRAY. P.P- 1 ? *J*®, ° f . th ® two “On quit- 

ss? s5s? sra 2 s.“h . 6?. “ «j 

, : 7. w "**•*» oncci ViUlOU 

scent she liad brought, and laid them 
on his forehead. 

murmured to him- 
self. “Violets! That’s like the frame 


” unci ot. joint, not so much, 
indeed, because the murdered man had 
been so closely connected with the fam- 
ous literateur, that had but a secondary 
P, . *? i. n the public mind, but because 
this trial would of necessity include the 
clearing up of that mystery which hung 
over the literaieur's- private life, and 
must have the offect either of restoring 
or for ever blasting his wife’s fair 

So that when the trial came on, there 
was not standing room to be found in 

T l i ii nmiof- n .1 .. .1 i i   

struck the blow that killed him. 

“I meantto kill him in that moment,” 
he said. “The witness Povnter lias 
spoken truth in everything. 1 promised 
him money to hush up the matter, and 
he consented to help me. I went then 
to Grayle House, where I knew my 
cousin was all alone, and told her all, 
and claimed the fultilment of that vow 
she had made to her mother. She prom- 
ised to keep the secret from her hus- 
band, who did not even know of my 

one thing I pray of you-oh, bus- “H- ‘ Violets! That’s like the fields 
, bo merciful. Qraj'.le. Is that the sea muttering 

turned away and loosed his clast outside. \V hat was I going to sav' 1 '” 
her, going to the othor side of the ' He knitted his brows, and then added- 
, and then coming back to the About you! Oh, I know.” lie seemed 
el-piece, shading his eyes with one a K» m to gather consciousness from the 
• , .. „ , sort °f 8tupor into which he was sink- 

Ilostetter’s Stomach Hitters, by increasing vital rpi 6 ''? P a ® set l 

power, and rendering the physical functions regu- 1 118 bench Was filled W1U1 members, 
lar and active, keeps the system in good working not Only of the literary aild kinriml 
order, and protects It against disease. For const!- nrofpssinns but with +{,««« . U * U 

nation, dystieimia and liver complaint, nervousness. } n xi , tllOSG belonging 

kldnev and *he«tnatic ailmems, it is invaluable, 10 1110 POlltO World,” COnsplCllOU3 
and it att'vrds a sure defence against malarinl fevers, among Whom \VCr0 Lord ailU Ladv 
sto* remov * r 8 *dl traces of such disease from the ChesllUIlt. 

For 9:1 1 0 by all Druggists and Dealers gonerally. im ' Vas . not on * 

jan7-«odAWiy B 1 lie eyo rested unceai 

the 99V r ti and a (lense crowd spread be- existence 0 fT'^aUxZ Z 

EZn, £ord a, " r »orTriaA an” mi SflJffif 

from her, going to the othor side of tlu 
room, and then coming back to the 
mantel-piece, shading his eyes with ont 

“You try mo hardly,” he said, at 
length, and she heard the chango in his 
voice. “I have not revolutionized my 
nature, Erica.” 

All no! It would be to him a sharpei 
test of his love for her if 1m yielded 
this prayer than the forgiveness of all 
her transgressions against his name 
and trust. It was through his wife that 
Arnold Murray had touched him; he il 
was who had brought her such sorrow. 
He could not forget that; and it was s 
wrench for him to think of his wife go- 
ing to his bitterest enemy, 
lie set his teeth and clenched his 
and. This dastard to speak to his wife 
■to touch her hand! 

“Philip,” the girl said, coming to him 
and laving a half timid clasp on his 
arm, “have you no pity for that wrecked 
bier I would not urge any excuse for 
him; lie was his own enemy— Heaven 

$200 a Year 

pifii inis if tit ■j”* 8 ' 1 *' ^ etween y° u 1111(1 CAN BE SAVED 

4hat|St;”what are you going 1,1  l,( ‘ Ll ' vfn * Ej fF ,,ses Of the 
t° 'j°- Xot going to Grayle again y” 8 Family 

swered S in t tie quiet' steadfast voice'tuat 2 f "."T"' Rkx - M Humi.ion Food 
was the effort of PmervHiiv*. " I'Witv,, Meat, Fi.h.Mllk, Cream, 

“ Vo detir WA ilVall 1 • v, a T ?*"' ” n J l »" kl"* "I Feed fr’eVh and 8*«t 
*i • ear ’ we S(la “ go abroad, I for week«, even In the hntteat weather. This ran 

tnmk.”  e prove.) hy the tratlmnnlula of hundreds who 

And you are sure, quite sure vou "n.1 lrl v „V™  ;“t; i.rove i. for rouneii for so 
forgive meV” Arnold saill. aJdhishZl ' r fl ” i %!*££“ " r,ide * hich 

closed on liers tightly, and his wavering money, 

gaze fixed for a moment. \o uirnrn 

“Quite sure, Arnold. I forgive you ‘ ‘ ' 

froni my very heart, as I hope to be  M ki’Wi.Ki) meat. 

forgiven,” Erica said, with strong ear- no stale euus. 


And lie lay muttering to himself for r ! ? nl kce e, lhfm frffh and sweet for many dais 
a little while, then again abruptly snoke tY,» "! ,u ! rt lil  sht« , at foreign taste to 

!KS»eir & - th a T-er of ffESS 

tne Hand she held. less as salt anil eests . nlv I! fraetlnn nf a rent „ 


lie. «!'« jested .mcSaiiSy- ta.tT/ b. alitt le wi.i ! •: then haOrupfiy » .oke! 

=x~.a!sr; Efet&sS Saar--"'* 

^lXr° dymm 

; gf':;, 


3 H 5 S- 3 r— ssass; SS 53 i"“— 

-S«S S',” “S iLsna S&'sasS^SX,^’ to- tlS^KSfaS’tSS E!ki?a,'m  « i.eart 

fers SilHSi 

Tho only known specific for Epileptic Fits.-ffii 
BS-Also for Spasms and Falling Sickncss.'ia 
NervonB Weakness quickly relieved and cared. 
Equalled by none in delirium of fever.'uA 
AS'Nentralizes germs of discaso and sickness. 
Cores ugly blotches and stubborn blood sores. 
ClcanBcs blood, quickens sluggish circulation. 
Eliminates Bolls, Carbuncles and Scalds.*®# 
H3-Pcnnanently and promptly cures paralysis. 
Yes, It is a charming and healthful Aperient. 
Kills Scrofula and Kings Evil, twin brothers. 
Changes bad breath to good, removing cause. 
E©“Itouts biliousness and clears complexion. 
Charming resolvent and matchless laxative.*®# 
It drives Sick Headacho like tho wind.*®# 
{^Contains no drastic cathartic or opiates. 
Promptly cures Rheumatism by routing it.-®n 
Restores life-giving properties to tho blood.- u a 
Is guaranteed to cure all nervous disorders.*®® 
City-Reliable when all opiates fail.*®® 
Refreshes the mind and Invigorates the body. 
Cures dyspepsia or money refunded.*®# 
C® r Endorsed in writing by overflfty thousand 
Leading physlclnns in U. S. and Europe.*®® 
Leading clergymen in U. S. and Europe.-®® 
Diseases of the blood own it a conqueror.*®® 
For sale by ail leading druggists. $1.60.*®® 

For testimonials and circulars send stamp. 

The Dr. S. A. Richmond Med. Co., Props., 

• St. Tcaejjlo., Mo. r (12) 

may23- flood* Wnmr 

pression had been created by this con- 
fession and defence of Erirn. Sf .Tnlm 

,1 V -I-.. ...... VMU 

that spoke to her was not steady. 

hidden by the long lashes, and she 
never raised them once. 

cheer this tardy reparation; and many 
were touched by his words, and thought 
lie was not so bad after all. And in the 

Perhaps she feared for her own nmvor 16 wa9 - B 2 batl aiter a11 - And in the 
Tliere ,,2 i Sffif.aSd.irin. S to" 8 ” th0 m " r ” st ' arcel J’ atte,d - 


one,” he said. “Forgive me that I 
found it hard to yield you anything you 
asked of me. You shall see him, my 
child.” J 

Her eyes met his a moment, filled 
with a deep gratitude lift- lips could not 
utter, and then she nestled closer in his 
ai ' n '?i and her simple “Thank you, 
Ilnlip, seemed to him more than 
worth the battle he had lost. 

* * * * * * * 

----- • ••oiilliwiiIOin ui IIIIIlUrtHIH WHO 

And you are sure, quite sure you J » v 1 m « u if for yourwif for «o 

forgive mey” Arnold saill. aJd his hZl 1 r fl ” i M ^ 

closed on hers tightly, and his wavering money, 

gaze Mixed for a moment. \o Nm-nvn 

“(iuite sure, Arnold. I forgive you ‘ ‘ ‘ 

froni ray very heart, as I hope to be s, w,ll:l  MEAT, 

forgiven,” Erica said, with strong ear- no stale ells 


And lie lay muttering to himself for r ! ?' in kce e, lhfm fr«h ami swpet lor many dnvs 
a little while, then again abruntlvsnoke ?i?f in 'P* rt **•« ►lightest foreign taste to 

Ka'rar 5 w i«. a up ©rt srs 

me liana she held. Ies» as fall am] costs   nlj n fraction of a cent to a 

“And Philip — all, you start and hide trU?*’ i*"* 1 ’ *’ u,lcr " r cheweorto a quart 

RtStlrffW ir-SSsSiSWott 

’ “i 5 here; Sfftssa l^sissrjvitsfis 

You don’t think ” lie beean ‘l 11 ™ IT 1 "’ Name your express oiilce. Vian- 

eagerly but stopped exhausted, “f’n, n.’. .T : ’ ’ sr:*.; , w f °{: nVk” ' V.Vr" 'i”" , k'' “bu.^ r r 

UD 1 rn 1 , ’Pt? ) nothing.” AnUFetuicnt, Anti-Fly ami Am i-Mold* 6(ic. per 

loved her so passionately ?,? 1 .".° u d ln“ to come to fvV, i , ear J (‘i r ( fuccn for eggs, ami 

She aSSk head and ^ 

hands clasped before her, a few steps „ Ah ’ l 1 ' 11 ' 1 Htl1 l,ft „ . , , 72 Kilby m , ’ 

from him. She could plead no more {,i ess ' ^ 011 wou d like to know that forsaiebyj. m. Mcboison, z-.’s Main .st..i»ui . 
rememljrriiig how mucl! siiu olveiniim! HfiW C9.W.. — flWMfWi. 

As^s^st* ir "t 1 *- ^ 

..iSSsfeEi'ha'* !r art T0 THE PUBLIC! 

of the corridor, with his arms folded Postmuster-Oeneral vfresham having published a 
across his breast, his head bent in deep, wilful ami malicious falsehood in regard to the 

perhaps regretful thought; he turned Character of the Louisiana state Lottery Company, 
39 imifn baII1 u t0 , thc fallowing facts are given to the public to prove 

inrr lmi-m'oo. n P auBe ?'  !rn0 P- llis statement, that we arc engaged in a fraudulent 

then, AN it ll Siuldeil rush business, lo bo false and untrue: 

Ot bitter sorrow, she bowed her face on Amount of prizes paid bv the Louisiana Slate 

Alette Vhilin ten Tlo « ^ — '• ^ «» 

n A liilljf miN muiulIP 

slowly up and down at tho further end 
ot the corridor, with his arms folded 

U I cannot m:iko you sorrowful dear 01 coindor, with his arms folded 
10 ,” e said ' H”o nrwS^me ^ that I a, 'T 9 1,18 l,reas f lifl h « ad bent in deep, It l,a,-a to yield j^u a, ™U,i,V“y ,,t S'eSS’ !” ',i"' 0 " 8ht: '» tar “ d 

iked of me. You shall see him mv v^.l 0 ?, 111 , 0 t0 ¥“• . . . 

...... f, oiiuuch vuoii ousinoss, io uo taiso anu untrue: 

ot bitter sorrow, she bowed her face on Amount of prizes paid bv the Lnuhis 

S^iic^TSf Phii'S te, ne SS rr y  ; — y ,rw “ J -"“- ’■ - *' 

ymumpdvn^’ °“’ ^band, have £ Southotn. New Or- 

fie Stood looking down on her fora Paul to Louisiana National tank, 
moment, and the stern lips softened "I 1 '' 1 ’ 11 /- President... 

n.„ _ , 1 |*uid til Louisiana St«t« Itnnk   

« . . ^ w VJAIIU11IICU 

stayed at that hotel* but there was* l ® UI ?? r Y 6 aze * She stood quite still, not 
visible stir when X at Povnter \v \ ■ ll “ support, not drooping, lint 

called. lie recounted all the storv of , 11 bp, wdio was at her side, knew all 
that light in the most i , l sl ! e was endurin ff- and •» that knowl- 
straightforward manner and wnw tmt edge . wa3 2 ot , touched even to a mo- 
cross-examined; now and then he ex- ^ t t® 1 ?wff enmWll0l ^ d mo 

, Tl, t que^ion of ‘the verdict could on* 
Those who had been observing the sentunc ? 

r UCe l ym °"^ “ 

was Phil in sf S % B " d °, f . th “g haggard and broken-dowft man. 
himself from’ im Then there was a stir, a swaying to 

look round rm tne nm tlm^VHu^U •*« Ul ° C1 T vd ' 11,0 f , reHh aiv blew 

ileeting glance, growing more steady as I ^tV°^ e 5 do ° 13 ’ and fl ,ere was a 

lie seemed to gather courage; then that ! f qlitl n U Jwr d com ' nf ‘, nt ’ ai ) d rus ^° 
his eyes went stragiht to where Erica i k n rf !^ 9 a 3 i # 1 C down lroni the 
stood, a statue carved in whitest mar" I ^fil ch ’ an f d felt that ^ was a dreadful 
ble, with that look of rigidly-eitforced see a man trted for murder, 

endurance on the young, fair face that. , lln JiP whispered 

-'830,000 tor 

IEEE 59 th 

Popular Monthly Drawing of the 

“I don’t .know as lie’ll know yon, the dark eTes crew tendnr ,l3 S ° ftened ’ 
ma am, saul the nurse, as she pushed “P| m , p f |7,T ,'ivi ! ,:' T • „ 

open the door leading to a loiiff P‘issai?p ^-Vi 1 U) said, wistfully, 

opening from 2S S S m ' ^ n °- ve,lgea,lce 

He’s not with the others, ma’am. Oil, J ! 1 

no? Mr ft. John managed that, and his l aid   0 w 
wonderful good it is of ’im, seeing as chamber 
hmv your cousin can’t recover. Lor, A iul 1 1 that inefl 
ma am, ho won’t never serve his time, hovered near an vj 
The doetttr . says tiiero ain’t no constitu- ment i'ltilin icl-iin 
tto.i left what with drink and all. And truth’ 1 Ie B W be 

jo '.' T”i sst issts 

. 11(11 “formation she im- head rehukeil liv 

parted while traversing the jmssage till j than ’his own ■md h 

“I C slnll » at tl! « elld - , ity Shrank ami dw 
oi 1,1 1 , 1)( JUat outside, raatim, and poor and itrnoble li 
Air. fet. Joint sanl he’d wait in the pas- room where a voutic 
sage for you,’ said the nurse, and Erica out its last sands r 
bjiHSPi into that chamber. Arnold Mur- » Arnold” said th 
ia\ s last earthly dwelling-place. , l n . n , . haul 1,1 

The eye took in the low, prison-like of forehpad" 1 ’ 
aspect ot, the room, and that was all 1 ? T v  ie “ ead i .. 
then went straight to the low bell tlmv^ Sd 4 ni? Phi 
whereon lie lay — she could not tell f ^ r ™ e . 1 * ^ * 11 

whether asleep or awake, for his eyes foI \ ra , aad dark face - 
were closed and his breath rose and tell TT^r .iu^f balue ,,v 
heavily. The pale ^rrey light fell cold , e rallied for a nion 
ami clear on th'e sunW eyf and padlid 
brow, showing in distinct relief the “ 1 'i® dk l 

were gloating oVer llte ’p^peS of 'h^r j ffiffilSi SSW* ^ at 

F r f D I Av . aooust 3 »«, i883 . &®«A w & h s^ ( s ns/ss-.s a. , ii U M«ii®,'sg 

A.r (8. r l n"i n J‘ Jf. JSi . , h e ;is, b went, and a sudden Kush ol mmorsu ^'Tak. ’SSfc ... ... 1 years that were gone, 8 whntuseless cry- and there was a area, pity ii 

cattou by Fotiurai and stme Courts have placed this cmne over the miserable man who had homp l ” 0 wiis her prlf’oiFl 11 me ln ?' “it might have been!” toig*s, nor to judge you tor 

Sre^s»M8*,X£ thSCm 1 ® S' 

sfsa.""*' ’ , SK m" 

, N. B.The Compruy has nonrou hand a large cap. ^thoM w much that breaks down H e ve me^t s o i nch^ttpr’ w her hand gently ;on his forehead, damp rtnin^nf a ^vT"' 

ltai aud rsservo fund. Rend Carefully the Hat hi fiei co feeling in the fact of a sliatiprpd i .v oe so much better for and crev With the linns nf’ rlanlli* free 1.., H II J 1 1 S or 1IH , 1 111 SOI I % lol 

leering glance, growing more steady as 
he seemed to gather courage; then that 
Ins eves went stragiht to where Erica 
stood, a statue carved in whitest mar- 
ble, with that look of rigidly-enforced 
endurance on the young, fair face that, 
alter his fashion, he loved. 

lie knew that it was not her fan?? 
that he was here, and that something 
good which is left lying at the bottom 
ot all but tho utterly hardened was 
moved for her. 

All this crowd of gaping sightseers 

gently, for the girl did not seem to tako 
note that people were going out, and 
that kind, if injudicious, friends were 
coming about her. But at the sound of 
Ins voice the chain snapped that bound 
her physique up to bear the tortured 
soul, she lifted her eyes with a wild 
start to hisTace, and caught blindly at 

tltn linn /I Im lni.l k... 1 t i * 

could live in that presence?” ° pllil1 
And lie did not resist, when taking pm 

- • v'xxk, "licit eiiiviii^ I 

Ins hand she drew him towards the 
chamber. r 

And in that ineffable presence that i 
hovered near and yet nearer every mo- 
ment, Philip acknowledged she spoke 1 

Paid tu Louisiana State National Bank, s. 

II, Kennedy, President 

Paid to New Orleans National Dank, A. 

Bald* in, President 

Paid to Union National Bank, S. Cbarla- 

Ion, Cashier 

Paid to Citizens’ Bank, E. I,. Carriere, 

— £1,366,300 
. II. 

403, 9C0 

, S. 

.... 125, 1CU 

, A. 

. .   • 88,550 

President ’ 

Paid to Germania National Bank, Jules 

Casfard, President 

Paid to Hibernia National Bank, Charles 
Palfrey, Cashier 

ment, Philip acknowledged she spoke Paid to Canal Hanli. Ed Toby, Caihier..!. 
truth. He stood beside that shattered 1 '“ ia ’v Mnmol National Bank, Jos. Mitch- 
wreck of manhood, and howerl hi« el ’ c “ shier 

Total paid as abovo. 


Total paid by all $4,881 ,0GC 

For the truth of the above facts we refer the pub* 
lie to the officers of thc* ab:tve*iiau)ed corj orations, 

wreck of manhood, and bowed his e1, Caahier s i2Q» 

head, rebuked by a judgment higher Total paid as above $ 2,253 C 5 n 

fhail lHS OWIl, and llis implacable Sever- Paid in sums of under Sl.OOU at thevari- ’ 
ity shrank and dwindled, and seemed one offices M tho Coinjiany throughout 

poor and ignoble here in this prison- " ,e Lnitod h,I11 ‘' 3 2 , 027 ,410 

room where a young life was running Total paid by all $4,881,0111 

aiiaMitfut . , , , For the truth of thc above facts we refer the pub- 

inir hioi II • 8aid 1 I( 1 S(, ftly. kneel- lie to the officers of thc above-named corporations, 
s Hr’ and layiI,g her ‘* and 011 our legality and standing to the Mayor and 

Ho onpnpri liia ovoa Jrtnmil,, , Officers of the City of New Orleans, to the State 

they rested Oil Phil'in St *l!!l.. J-'a ttu,hori,i « ai,f Louisiana, and also to the U. S. Offi- 
form and dark face P bt ’ j ° n 3 ta cials of Louisiana. We claim to be legal, honest and 
A chanwfl came over tl.o Awin » lorrectln all our transactions, as much so as any 

TT.V 1-.1 I!t.p Ullt 0V pr . It? 1 In P. man. business in the country. Our standing is conceded 
He rallied fora moment, lifting himself by nil who will investigate, and our stork lias for 
up ailil gazing into Philip's eyes half p» r » Lee" sold at our Bozrd of Brokers, and owned 
shrinking ns ho did so. and clutching by luany of our w 9t . kD , n s"'. n i;«.eeded citizens. 

With nervous fnrr.p nt ’*• 1 •UN. President. 

features still handsome but thin and Wllllner ' r0us force at Erica s hand, 
pinched, the hollow sockets round the • , e you come to reproach me?” he 

eyes, the harsh lines about the mouth 2 a d ’ lloar3el  '-.. . 1 V 1 . 0 * 1 year brother 
Erica removed her hat as though the J ou ’ and 1 113 ? luld - f »t I shan’t 

weight oppressed her, and then stood 1 r.I? iEu 1 ^ 1 

looking down on him with a strange .i , , .. d( !'Y n - pressing him 

calmness, with shadowed eves in which JL ent . y ”f ck tll , e P'! 1 ! 1 "’ 8 ' aild keeping 

dwelt, ah. what wistful foiling and ^r‘‘ a " d hls sl r lder ’ , 
sorrow, what looking back along the n , n )t come t() reproach.” he said, 

years that were gone, what useless erv- andtll ® rewasa great pity in his low 

mg, “It might have been!” y to,g ‘ 3 ’ nor to J ud S e you for your past 

Hllf". Sim rniiuml lmonnlP " 

WCAFITAL PRIZE, «7®,000-Ti« 
TickclH only $5. Shares in proportion. 

ltai and reservo fund. Read Curefully the list of 
prizes fur the 


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10 each 

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9 Pulses 

200 each, 

9 Prizes 

100 each, 

I960 Prizes 

- . v..a*w WlVIHXO UU »T II tnt 

fierce feeling in the fact of a shattered } 

lie had no hope of winning; he was 0 wi 
not quite base enough to set up a de- 
fence that should blast his cousin’s i v \ 
honor; and then, she had suffered so y 

1900 Prizes £112,401 

Whole Tickets, $2. Half Tickets, $1. 27 'rickets 
$50. 65 Tickets, $100. 

Remit Mouoy or Hunk Draft In letter, or send by 
TER OR POSTOFFIOE ORDER. Orders of $5 and 
upward, hy Express, can be sent at our expenso 
Address all orders to P„ M. 110A RDM AN, Courier 
Journal Building, Louisville, Ky. 

deeVy-TuTliSaDA W3Ust2d3d w 

Wedding I Visiting Cards 

engraved and printed In all the fashionable 
styles. Fine Stationery for iadlos. » 


28 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, 0 


rnrr-THE science of health" 

. . . 10,000 much for him, that he might as well do 

... io*ooc D’lmt he could for her. And he had a chapter xx. 

... io.ooc savage delight in disappointing that it might have uffv n .vpo.,rvn, 
... 12 , 00 c eager crowd. They should no? feed i t ^ „ KKENT ’ 

" ' w’toc L, ler morbld curiosity on the torture of m - e ’ * , 

. Ysoc lus cousin. It was llnhp s voice, tender, gentle, 

. . . W And not giving himself timo *Tor any t„ a L 8 l w ye . "?, th a something in its 
.777; more, he whispered to his counsel, who ff 1 ' 1 pauS( i her 

r 'rickets w as observed to start slightly, and then, ^ 1 . 1 ’. . ^ walk «P a » d down, 
just as the counsel for the prosecution | l e - r 1U1 ? } S . ^. er ^ lro ^- 

r send b; was saying, “I must now call ” and 1 1 i em P}f s r looking at him with large, 

ed lei expectation was at its bin el t. he rose I br pathetic eyes. 

seiesscry- tongs, “nor to judge you for your past Louisiana State Lottery Company 
from the “I alwavs hated vm. PLiiinsif T „,,„ » “ We do hereby certify that we supervise 

ld a3 la h v°in d e' Arnold saa1 ’ spealfiug iltll sSv/utter- ^ A p al1 thc jUontldy and 

,! .’ ” ance, but without bitterness. “It was *^ , Druwuiijs  j the Louisiana 

tli •' for im unjust of me. I’m sorry for it, and for ktate L " ttm J Lorn puny, and in person 
veeb that all the wrong I did you. She has for- manage and control the Drawings them- 
v given tne, but I did you the greater metres, and that thc same are conducted 

darted ud " r ?, n ^’ though her; aild you are luird- with honesty , fairness , and in good faith 
rl', slowly t 1 *, 111 3,10 j, 3. They say I am dying, toward all parties , and we authorise the 
trembling JU t7 1 w &„,,lv.ri ...... U '»V«n'jtu use this cert if cate, with far- 

.V , O’ ** '* " ItlUl 

expectation was at its height, ho rose 
up, and .addressed the judge. 

Arnold glanced round with a half- 

1 . ‘ \ r ' ),..v.i.m uuiiiuiem 

bright, pathetic eyes. 

Hut he stretched out his hand, and 
she came to his. lie passed his arm 
round her and held her to his heart a 

contemptuous smile, and then put ono ! “AFJ held lier to hls Heart a 
hand to his forehead a second and m ?.?rl n n^_ s ‘L e »5 e ,’, , . , . , , 

clenched tho handrail with tho other, a Fi° il 1, he said at last, 
sick now and cold when the moment c „ mT I t? 6 * e S woi : ds , spoken with 
was come. suc fi uifinite, tender pitv, with such a 

But, hush! what is his counsel saying. 1 h\ a l e i' s , tiui(, , in ^ of a11 ?‘‘ e was 811 f ' 

Every ear is bent to listen; and Philip “}*"?• ) L° k0 down   «nd for many 
leans a little forward and draws in his u ™ - i.h! , d d naught but sootlio 

pered. “How did you manage? Don’t 
keep it from him any more. Erica; 
there’s been enough mischief.” 

“My husband brought me here to see 
you,” said the low, clear voice steadily. 

“But I can’t understand you,” Arnold 
said, sinking back with a quick-drawn 
breath. “This is no place for you. How 
could St. John let you come — that proud 

“I will not conceal anything from 
you. dear Arnold.” The great pity at 
her heart straitened her sorely, but she 
would be calm and tender, and as she 
spoke her lingers were putting hack tho 
straying locks from his forehead. “It 
was hard for Philip to grant me this, 
but ho is very noble and good, and let 
me come ” 

“They will say there was truth in that 


In a week or two Philip St. John took 

— y- 

Gerald St. John, the head of the fam- commissioner*. 

ily.liad begged Philip to stay at Wilton- „ 

le-Tllorpe. where Erica might regain , fnsorporated In I868 for 25 years by tho Legisla. 
that tone of hmlv Hill I I .1,,! tui-efor Educational and Charitable purposes— with 

b 'lVl l vct ^ ? . I V , 11 1 3 . 8 capital of $1,000,000 — to which a reserve fund ol 

11.1(1 lose litter all tilt! fearful strain of over $550,000 has sinco been added. 

the last three 

but Philip liad 

leans a little forward and draws in his b.r ^ bll . t 3001110 , They will say there was truth in 

breath, and swift his glance goes to i! 0 f h r rty,i ff V L^ e p V g 7V ee P. lng that 6tol ' '7 said Arnold, frowning. 
Erica— moved at last, but only a little p„!? me lellL ‘ f to the ove1 '- “Not when Philip brought me.” 

outwardly; her hands are locked, mid ouidened heart. _ _ “” lie lav noire s iie,a 

By an overwhelming popular vote Its franchise 
was made a part of the present State Constitution, 

t!rnvesen. m COriiiillly ' but d et-IIn«l for ad^p^^DOTemher^d^A.^DlMSfO? 1 ** 6 0on, U tu(loll   

4,rAi, , , „ The only Lottery ever voted on and indorsed by 

A here Will he change ot scene the people of any State. 

. » *11 1 t „ *uv vui; lAmtij cm vi 

A hero Will he change of scene the people of any State, 
abroad ” ho wrote to his cousin, “and iuorond’ sinWi 

t\ alter s grave would he a too constant take pii»oe M«»uiiy 
reminder of a past that I would have am*lenmidofh 
her forget as much as possible. When £,f2i BT « DN ?v S TI ! 

tva rtfnm. .... .1..11 1.. 1 , 1 CLASS I, Al NEW 1 




PnPf Explains the principles of lifo and 
’ 1 death, and the origin of dineasei. an*i 

^ should bo read by young and middle- 
aged men. Those who are suffering from Nervous De- 
bilttY, Lost Vitality, Catarrh, and Blood Diseases 
will find it an incalculable bojm. A copy of this book 
will bo sent secure! ▼ sealed for 2c. stamp by addressing 
W. 8. JAQtTES, M.D., 180 W,6lh 8L, C’luclnnaU.0. 

wishes to plead guilty to the manslauirh- tv lom llin ?, t0 know that she had the 

ter of Walter St. John, and to make full £ 0 o n a eep ’ 

confession of his guilt, and begs his sent , ly , 81 0 K^ew more quiet, and 

-- •; » v«... , M1U vu uiuno 1 uit PrpQontiv aim ” Q ,. f . , _ — u iri from even Gerald St. John, who was a 

confession of lus, guilt, and begs his W h^mi y i.M? n SwfS^ ?- Ue . t ’ a, V d Tor life!’ I thought that a grim grave and reserved man, of somewhat 
lordship to hear him, as the name and ..j^^’/'mmg her face on Ins breast, mockery; didn’t you Erica? They’ll saturnine nature, 

honor of others are bound up in what if “ a y 0 0(,el1 calai Philip, still, never get that out of me, and that’s And not the least cordial of Iter wel- 

he has to say. Oh Phitm, ? “* *£ w ' v 2 me ' something to be thankful for. Did you comers, though half shame-faced and 

There is an instant’s absolute hush, wi” lUlp llow 1 nave maae you sur- know it?’ 7 timid, was Nat Poynter, whom Philip, 

Every eye is turned to the prisoner— the \V rTl , , _ “I know it, Arnold.” at hls wife’s prayer had placed beyond 

central l fnire in tins roptip — mmn vnioo . ... *nsn, darling, you make me suffer Arn vnu snm*— tho fmtii ths roneb nf «•«! + 

1 Capital Prize 

1 Capital Prize 

... $75,000 
. . . 25,000 

central figure in this scene— once voice „nn , ’ yuumaKe me suner 

cries out from the back, “Kravol” and stiU w,10a you reproach yourself” he 
is hushed down by tho usher; then aa3 ' v , 0 ^! d ,’ P as smg his hand caressingly 
thero Is a murmur, a fresh attitude of 2, 01 „ h er i ) , ll ? ll i t I ess ?, 8 i y° u must not 
anticipation, and again deathly silence, «rt Ir’iK’ j ^ , 

while the judge confers a moment with j seems like a dream, a dreadful 
counsel and then speaks. And as lie dream ;.yet oh, so real, all this day,” 
does so Philip comes round quietly to ti, 0 8aid ’ a moment. “Philip, 


wuiuua. tciuuiy anxious IOr ner; tor hi ' » ui ilia 

he thinks of the “afterwards,” when ..M . ’ ........ 

tho strain shall have passed. If was a tardy justice, Erica,” Philip — „ lcuirui . 

And then Arnold lifts his head, and 8 aVwi „ , ^ { ‘ r that yon were my mother’s dar- 

a mist comes before his eyes. lie Atm sito shivered. • ling— my care— my charge.” 

knows they are all waiting for him to she murmured brokenly; “You remember tliatf’ ho said, rath- 

speak; listening for the words: won- R nuR lt l , iav0 er eagerly. “You always were a good 

denng how he will put them: whether K irl - I don’t deserve it. Erica, fam 

- .....V/.M, --* — “ .. "V H  U»IU imiLGU UUJ uuu , ,. n n _, . 

‘ Are you sorry —the truth, little coz?” the reach of want. son ?rt«.?,i 

It would bo worse than death,” tho Erica had regained somo of the elastic soo Prtzesoi so! 

girl whispered, bowing her head down, and bright spirit that had been hers in 1000 Prizes of ■ 25 

“f cannot be sorry, Ai’nold.” quite the first days of her marriage, al- approximation prizes. 

“ 1 hat’s right, then. I’m deuced glad, though there was now, and would ever 9 Approximation Prizesoi $750 

though— though ” He turned away he, a certain sweet gravity of mien— a * Approximation Prizes of 000 

and shuddered strongly, then said soft- shade, nothing more, on her brow, and 9 A pproximation Prizes ot 250 

ly, “I like your soft lingers on my fore- m 1110 soft tenderness of the dark eyes, 1967 Prizes, amounting to 

head, Erica. It s good of you; hut you that were legacies of those years of an- 

rnust hate me. dear— don’t you?” guish and pain. 

. “Hush, oh, hush, Arnold,” she said, But she is happy now, with a happi- 
in bitter anguish. “I can only remem- 0PSS she had never known even in tlio 

1 Capital Prlzo '. .Y.‘. lo!ooo 

2 Prizes ol $6,000 12 000 

5 Prizes of 2,000 10*000 

10 Prizes of 1,000 10,000 

20 Prizes of 500 10 000 

100 Prizes of 200 ] 20*000 

300 Prizes of 100 ' 80 000 

500 Prizes of 50 25*000 

K)0 Prizes of • 25 25,000 

9 Approximation Prizes of $750 6,750 

9 Approximation Prizes of 500 4,500 

9 Approximation Prizes of 250 2,250 

ojjciUY, iiaummg lor me words; won- 
dering hmv he will put them: whether 
lie is breaking down at the last, llis 

, 7, " ,,vu piOYCU tU* 

gether by tho sea, bright children both, 
I think I would have willingly seen him 

 )in hofni'n tLJS ontflnn ..A V:.. i:i . 

^ » nc io uicdiuu^ uuwh uu uie last, ms , 7 i T % 1 ‘Ti. 

dr. cheever'8 electric belt, or n*r«ntr»ior, u bmu ]jp g are parched and drv and wlipn im A^uinK l would have willinc 

•xpreaily for ih-; enr# of derangement of Iht prokre*tiT« organi. I I a . ‘*0 (lift before thll SPttinn’ nf* 

Wneue ver any debility of tb« generative orer *•» occutr, from what* | tTieS LO Speak nO SOUIld lSSUCS fl’Om IJMiu | i SOtLlll^ Ot 

ever enute, tb« continnoui stream of ELECTRICITY permtattaf tjiprrj -l illlip, — hOW Wistfully till 

ihrowh th# parti mnitreitore th«m to healthy aetlon. There l» * • PVPfi Rnncrlif “rmi will 1 

ihroaah the parti mmtreitore them to healthy aetlon. There la . .... , , 

■o mlilahe almut thu iottrnmenL Yean of ate bare te»Ud II, and “Water — Water!” 1)0 WlliSperS. 

And a wave of pity goes through the 
“^ d l aad to* t ]™.® 0n v ^ eild forward 

, Bnrpoae. Icr drrul.n .’ia to* 8'1 1 loform.liim ^J8r»n CHZtV Lit lilt tt (il S ill tlieir eVCS, IlOW' LllCV 

I aicimtl k*LT CO, 104 \V UUI.ZUD 8k, CUes|ii, 111, 

etting of bis life.— 
itfully the sorrowful 
you will let me go to 

eyes sought his— “you will let me go to 

He flushed darkly over cheek and 
brow; but bis glance lost no softness 
restimr on her. 

T , X* ' w * v 4 AJUVM, A (UU 

dmf ” Ct y ° U 8Ufl ’ er 30 lon S-f am, in- 

“I wish— oh, I wish, Arnold, you 
were sorry for yourself,” she whispered, 
with a half sob, and he moaned un- 

“That’s what the chaplain is always 
oo.a.u. isii me —no Hicoccs 

first year of marriage, for hers is now 
the perfect love which “casteth out 
fear;” and if thero is a sorrowful 
shadow in the eyes, Philip can always 
charm it away. 

'Everywhere in London this season 

3S, 1967 Prizes, amounting to 1265,500 

n- Application for rates to clubs should be made only 
to the office of the Company in New Orleana. 
li- For further Information, write clearly, giving full 
ilO * 1 |‘J rMa - M8ko O. Money Orders payable and 
110 address Registered letters to 

PS ..... _ New Orleans, La. 

t J 1 , livavi ill XiVIlUV'll 111!" UV/ISUV 1 1 

sho is received and welcomed with open 
arms, for the support given her by tier 
kindly frieml. Lady Cheshunt, has been 
followed by society. 

And Philip St. John has learnt to be 
more merciful to sin. and more tolerant 
of the liirhtcst iufriucement of honor. 

.... , i’cw aricauB. 

Ordinary letter* by Mail or Express to 

or M. A. DAUPHIN, New La- 

lunel “wdKwkW 661 ’ Waahln *‘ on ’ D ' C ’ 

a Practical Life.i^.V/c^rVTrS 

hurst blmtlKK unit lllustrmtlras. 
\0E T8 WANTED. »7ft to $ 1 AO per Month. 
■Of Terms, address J. C. McCURDY & CO., Omcmnnati. O 

IM A MTrn LUitL hOfiATA -rtry*s«. to ull Tn 

"AlVtkU Co “^ Ba “”« ''»**•• ri.-onog E  
——————— j'*flt ; rlt.. brtinirV'jt.tiiniliM. Yn-.ti 

«v«* Tu Co., it. r MM. 51. Lome Mr. 

- * 


Woodland Park, Lexington Fair W« 

GRAND GALA NIGHTS AUGCST 28tli, 29th, 30tli and 31st 

asic— Dancing on Platform, 90x50 feet. Whitfield, the World-Renowned Humorist, Every Evenin 

WHITFIELD lias just concluded a 12 niglit engagement at the Highland House, Cincinnati, where thousands assembled nightly to witness Ills wnnif »rf..t „w 
r delegations. AUGUST 30th and 31st, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS, Mil. JAMES PAIN, Alexandria Palace, London, feigllid, and ^M^hatSllS 
; York, under the management of MR. BROADBENT, will repeat his wonderful * ’ J Beat 



SPLAY ever seen. MR. BROADBENT assures the public that a much grander 


Ho, for the Fairs! 
Louis & Gus Straus 

tnessed MR. PAIN’S display at Woodland Park night of July 25th, and all join in saying, 

Four Thousand people wi 
display will bo made AUGUST 30th and 31st. 

Admission, 25 Cents; Pcrlormance begins at 8:30 p. in 

Exporters use! 60 carload?. Shipments to-day f 00 
ive caUle and 1,550 quarters beef. 



Market value of bank stock iu the city of Lex- 
ington : 

Northern Bark of Kentucky Stock. $112 0f(4113 00 
Farmers Bank of Kentucky Stock.. 106 00(4106 60 
First National Bank of Lexington.. 126 00(4127 00 
Fayette National Bank of Lexing- 
ton 1R2 O0*|138 OO 

City National Bank of Lexington.. 127 60(4128 00 
National Exchange Bank of Loxlug- 

ton 138 00(4140 90 


Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Walker, the Misses 
Walker and Mrs. Smith of Orange Court 
House, and Miss Wheeler of Hampton, 
Virginia, are the guests of Col. Darnaby 
ot Georgetown. 

Mr. John Broadbent, of England, 
pyrotechnist, is in the city, and is stop- 
ping at the Phoenix Hotel. He will su- 
perintend the magnificent fireworks dis- 
plav at Woodland Park on Thursday and 
Friday nights. 

Among the prominent gentlemen pres- 
ent at the Fair on yesterday we noticed 
Dr. MoMillen of Paris: Bird Bryant of 
Jessamine: Wm. Ferguson of Bourbon; 
M. M. Clay of Bourbon: Wm. Lyle, Dan- 
ville; W. "H. Wilson, Cynthiana: Col. 
Jesse Woodford, Judge Bcckner, Clark, 
and Col. Sam Gregg of Jessamine. 

Busines Change. 

The saloon formerly owned by Mr. 
Hancock, on Mill Street, has been pur- 
chased by Mr. P. J. Gorman. His genial 
brother Dan can be found behind the bar. 

Don’t You Forget It. 

The Transcript yesterday stated that 
Judge Jewell had gone to Frankfort the 
day before to get tv pardon, but had failed. 
We learn, on the contrary, that instead of 
failing to get Jone pardon, Judgo Jewell 
succeeded in getting about twenty. 


Several business men have followed our 
advice and decorated their premises. Now, 
let others follow. This morning is not too 
late, and if everybody will go to work, 
the city can be beautifully decorated be- 
fore the Cincinnati and Covington people 
get in. 

Wo notice the arrival of Mr. G. C. 
Henry, the stylish cutter of Louis & 
Gus Straus, who has been absent for the 
benefit of h!s health. Persons who know, 
say that Henry’s cutting has never been 
equaled in Lexington, lie requests us to 
say to his friends to call early to avoid 
the rush. Ilis house is the only one who 
has a complete stock of new Fall goods. 

Dr. Benson’s Celery and Chamomile 
Pills contain no opium, quinine, or other 
harmful drug and are highly recommend- j 
ed for hendftohe, neuralgia and nervout- ; 
ness. 50 cents at druggists. 

Confederate Reunion. 

The following letter explains the action 
by the Kentucky Central Railroad. The 
Chesapeake and Ohio has also agreed to j 
make a rate of two cents per mile from I 
all stations to parties attending the Re- j 
union : 

11. McDowell , Esq., Cynthiana , Ay.: • 

Dear Sir : Yours ot the 10th received, j 
We will instruct our agent at Lexington i 
to honor a certificate of attendance issued I 
by the Secretary of tho Reunion for re- 
turn tickets at one cent per mile. Certifi- 
cates to he void unless presented on or be- 
fore September 7. Yours respectfully, 

C. L. Brown, G. P. and T. A. 

Female Institute, 

Prices at Lexington Market House. 

Choice sirloin and porter house boef steaks, 13% 
to J5c ner lb. 

Choice beef steak with roast 10 to 12%cper lb. 
Good beef, plrtes, etc, 8 to JOc per lb. 

Best veal 8 to VI J/c per lh. 

Spring lamp S ; O’to*12%c per lb. 

Mutton 8 to 10c per lb. 

Shoat 0tol2%ci rib. 

Pork steaks amt sausage 10, 12% to l?c per in. 
Bacon sides and bams 1* to 15o per lb. 

Laid 13 to 15c   cr lb. 

Spring chickens 20, 25 to 30c each ; $2.00 to $3.00 
per doE. 

Eggs 12% to 15c per doz. 

Tomatoes 15c per peck; 50c per bushel. 

Boasting ears 10c per do/.. 

Feaches *f'J to 50 per peck; $2.00 per bushel. 

Apples 15c per peck; 50c per bushel. 

G japes 5c j r .  . 

Holier 20, 25 to 30c per lb. 

Irish potatoes 15c j»er peck; sweet 50c per peck. 
Beans, cabbage, beets, carrots, onions okra, cn- 
cimhers, and vegetables in generally plentiful and 
cli* ap. 

Lexington, Kentucky 


H. E. M’Clcllan, A. M., Principal, 

The 30th Annual Session commences 

On Monday, Sept. 10th 

Latin, French, German, and Penman' 
ship taught without extra charge. 

For Catalogue apply to tho Principal. 

Manufactured expressly for their trade. These goods 
have been imported with a view of supplying the wants 
of persons visiting the Fairs. The finest stock of Nobby 
Silk and Satin-lined Suits ever seen in Lexington. 
Don’t fail to call and see. them. 





At No. 93 North Limestone, 

Soptombor S, 1888 , 

She will be assisted by 

MISS ANNIE McKLllINNY, in English and Latin. 


No extra charges for ike I ungungcp. 

For further information inquire ot tho Principal. 

The Old Reliable Caterer, is prepared to accdmmo- 
date customers in style, at his old stand, 

Leading Clothing House of Kentucky and Lexington 

No. 89 East Main Street. 

Ilia Bjllof Faro is the most, elaborate anil elegant 
ttfcbe found In the city. Ladies and Gentlemen ac- 
commodated in style. Attached to the Itestauraut is 


Rule & Whitmor 

Where all the Finest 

Winr.s, Vi'liisUles Beers, Ete., ran be 
Dili!. Coolest mid Bed Beer iu 

kANiHgtmi. Headquarters for 
line Wines. 

58 North Market St., 

-Will be— 

Opened on September 10. 


Per Term, payable in rdvance: 

$15 Oil 

2(1 00 

£5 00 

12 51 

15 00 

For circulars apply to 

61 North Upper SL 

ncrcuy announce to tno minding public that they have made a very material reduC' 
tion in the price of Lumber. We have a large Block and wish to reduce it. 

Special Inducements for spot Cash and Prompt Paying Customers. 


Sash, Doors, Shutters, Mouldings, &c, 

ber of all kinds. 

Fine Imp. Henry Clay Gonchar. 

Henry Clay Especials. 

Rena Victoria, 

Flor de Ramillotte d’ Aroma. 

And other bro.nds of the best make, 




French and German 


No con I logon ( fee. 
DR. S. E. PE 

Death of Mr. Charles Innis. 

Mr. Charles Innis, one of the most 
highly respected citizens of the county, 

Dressed Linn 



Kentucky University, 



Arts, Bible, and Commercial. 

( 'B)LLFGF of A riH baa two courses : Tho C1 r.«sI- 
J ihI and ihe Scientific, with ion Profoasois Ma- 
triculation $’(), tuiliou $2, per session  ,f nine 
months, 'dirge of KtbJe. no tuiti-nfec; Bantu- 
dent* have fict* acef-ss to all the classed of ihe Col- 
luge of Arm. dtwd in opens 

Second Monday iu September. 

Far r'aialogno addrera Cius. Louis Loos, Preei- 
d-nt i.f i lt« Untvural'v: . r R. Giuiuit, President 
of I lie College ul tile Bibo. aug9-2w 

Fortunate Chance of a Lieut. Chance, 
U. S. A. 

Lieut. Josiah Chance of the 17th Regi- 
ment Infantry, U. S. Army, at the close 
of the late war, having served entirely 
through it, was commissioned in the reg- 
ular service. Eleven years ago he was 
stationed at Bismarck, and here he has 
been ever since. Under his superintend- 
ence Camp Hancock was built, and the 
present Fort Lincoln, lie shook hands 
with the gal'ant Custer when he left to 
march to death, and one of the first tears 
to fall over his sad fate fell from Lieut 
Chance. At present lie is nt Lincoln, 
and no officer at the fort is held in Letter 
esteem than he. lie drew $30,009 in the 
July drawing of the Louisiana State Lot- 
tery, at a cost of 82. Every Bismarcker 
knows him, and tho Tribune heard but 
one expression : “Good ! It couldn't 

have fallen to a better man.” He says he 
will invest it in Dakota dirt, and will re- 
main in the service. Through the Bis- 
marck National Bank he drew on New 
Orleans for his $30,000. Lieut. Chance 
held two-fifths of ticket No. 37,348. The 
ticket drew the capital prize of 875, 000. 
— [ Bismarck (Dakota) Tribune, July 17. 

Mew gained an envla- 
I bb* reputuntion wher- 
|«v«r known, displn*- 
ing nil other prepara- 
tions An nrticle of 
undoubted merit. 

Linen, Persian and Victoria Lawns, 


^AY-EBVER AppiyTiyTiie linger 
Into the nostrils It will bo absorbed, edbctually 
cleansing tho yaial passages of ca’arrhal virus, 
causing health v M*cre»i' ns. It allavb inflammation, 
protects the membrannl linings uf the head from 
additional cold-*, completely InnNthe sore* and re- 
store* the seine of taste and smell. Be ncficial re- 
sults are realized bv a few applications 

Fnequnled torl OM) in tli *IBE:AK , Head- 
itctif* and BeaCneHN) or any kind of mucous 
i mm i bra uul irritations. Send ‘for circular. By 
mail, prepnid, 50?. a package stamps received. 
Sold by all wholesale ami retail dnugi-ts. 
nugl l ELY B BOTHERS, Owego, N. Y. 

White Jaconets, Swisses, Plain and Dotted, O: 
ami Japanese Lawns, Medium and Few-priced 
ed and Fancy Lawns, all at Bottom Prices at 

Christ Church Seminary, 


Rev. Thomas A. Ttdball, D. D., Rector. 

’ tions, as indicated by the rumor, is a 
matter of dates for tho meeting. — | Louis- 
ville Post. 

According to the American Newspaper 
Catalogue of Edwin Alden & Bro., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio., just published, containing 
over 800 pages, the total number of news- 
papers and magazines published in the 
United States and Canadas is 13,186 
(showing an increase over last year of 
1,028). Total published in tho Unitod 
States 12,179: Canadas 1,007. Published 
us follows : Dailies, 1,227; tri-wcoklies, 
71; semi-weeklies, 151; weeklies, 9,955; 
bi-weeklies, 23; semi-montbUes, 237; 
monthlies, 1,324: bi-monthlies. 12. 

The Fire Yesterday. 

At 9 o’clock yesterday morning a fire 
broko out in the brick house on High 
Street, near Spring, owned by Adolph S. 
Ochs, of the Chattanooga Times, and oc- 
cupied by two families — those of Rolfcrt 
Freeman and William Carter. The fire 
originated from Freeman’s cooking stove 
in tho second story, and soon spread, 
burning off tho roof and damaging the 
building to the extent of $500 er $600. 
The houso is insured in the Standard, of 
London, for $2,000. Most of Freeman’s 
and Carter’s household effects were saved. 

The ilatnes spread to tho .adjoining 
house, owned by Squire L. L. Royalty, 
and occupied by J. P. Howard as a board- 
ing houso. The house is in. 
sured in tho North British for 
$1,000, and the loss will amount to 
probably $309 or $400. Mr. Howard's 
effects were removed without loss, oxoept 
what was occasioned by rough handling. 

The fire department was promptly on 
hand at this fire, and did splendid work. 
They soon had the fire under control and 
prevented it from spreading. 

Young or middle aged men suffering 
from nervous debility, loss of memory, 

K remature old age, as the rusult of had 
abits, should send three stamps for Part 
VII of Dime Series pamphlets. Address 
World's Dispensary Midicul Association, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

A boa r dinR and day school for young ladies. Par- 
ticular attention given to the cultivation of graceful 
and elegant man* « rs, in addition to the most thor- 
ough ami cirnful Intellectual training. Special • x- 
porlence in the care of motherless and orphan girls. 
The Christ mas terra of the eighteenth year will be- 
gin September 12th, ISS3. On September 1st the 
school will be removed to No. 142 East High Street. 

For circulars apply to 

MISS H. L. TOTTEN, Principal. 

duce the prices of tlieir Summer Silks, and many other 
desirable goods, and will offer on their 





What N nture denies to many 
Art secures to nil. Hogan’s 
Magnolia Halm dispels every 
blemish, overcomes Redness, 
Freckles, Sallowness, Rough- 
ness, Tan, Eruptions and 
Blotches, and removes nil evi- 
dences of heat mid excite- 
ment. The Magnolia Balm 
imparts tho most delicate and 
natural eoinplexional tints— 
no detection Being possible to 
tho closest observation. 

Under these circumstances 
a faulty Comnlexion is little 
short of a crime. Magnolia 
Halm sold everywhere. Costs 
only 75 cents, with full di- 

The Bargains of the Season 


(A School for Girls,) Established, 1823, 

By Mrs. Julia A. Tevis, 

Aims to give Its pupils the elements of a complete 
cdurndun. Pretense pid show nre discarded nnd 
all tho force of n competent faculty directed toward 
the eeneminls t.f Kductlon. Terms reasonable. Bend 
for Catalogue. W. T. POYNTKH, b. D , 

july23-').»Wlm Principal. 


62c. Oats strong nt 29c. Kye stendy nt 67c Pork 
steady at $13 00@13 25. hard easier at $8 10@S 15. 
Bulk meats easier at $5 75(46 65. Bacon ateudy; 
shoulders 7c, clenr $7 60, clear rili $8 00. 
Whisky steady at t. 13. 

Chicago, August 23. 

Flour in demand but not higher; spring wheat 
83 25@5 00, patents $6 00@7 60. Wheat quiet 
and steady; regular 81 00% August, $1 01% Sep- 
tember, $1 03 October, $1 04% November, $i 00% 
year, No. 9 red $1 06^. Corn active at 61c cash, 
6\%c August, 60^c September. 60c October, 40! c 
November, 46J4c year Oats In fair demand at 2Sc 
cash, 23c August, 26% September, 27c October, 
26%c year. Kye easier at title. Barley quiet at 63c 
September. Pork active at $12 00 cnsli, August, 
812 37% September, 812 50 October, $11 90 year, 
laird in fair demand, unsettled and higher nt $K 35 
cash, $8 70 August, $8 70 September, $3 60 Octo- 
ber, $3 20 year. Bulk mea's In (atr demand; 
shotdders $5 75, short rib $6 55 short clear $7 10. 
Whisky steady at $1 16. 

Live Stock Market. 

Cincinnati, August 28. 

Hogs— Steady; common and light $4 00(45 75, 
packing and butchers (1 75gs 25. Receipts 1,600, 
shipments 166. 

Chicago, August 62. 

Hogs— Receipts 19,030. Shipments 2,400. Brisk, 
strung and 10325c lower I acki ig 84 60(44 8.4, 
packing and shipping $1 90(45 96, light bacon 
grades $5 20@S 70. 

Cattle — Kecoipts 5,500. shipments 2,200. Very 
brisk and firm. Exputli 86 0036 40, good to choice 
shipping steers 85 4035 Do. common to medium 84 10 
@6 25. 

Ntiir York! August 2f. 

Beeves— Receipts fir two days 6,340, making 
14,120 fur Ihe week. FrItIj' active Native siec s 
»6 00(46 75 per cat. General business $.4 5%6 61. 

Department of Engineering, 


Faculty of Six Professors. Full Courses In Civil 
and Mining Engineering, terminating in degree ol 
C. E. and M. E. 

Apply for Catalogues to the Secretary ol the Fac- 
ulty, or to JAN. E. IIAKKINUN, 

July 18, 1683. Chairman of the Faculty. 

Mine. Fredin’s French & English 


No. 15 Sterns Street. Kden Park, Cincinnati. 
Fall term begins SEPTEMBER 19. 

Circular, sent on application. 


utaDotes, incontinence ot Urtn in Children nnd Adulta at night, Bright's Disease, 
Mucous Discharge or Inflammation of the Kidneys and Bladder, Catarrh, Aching 
Fains nnd W eakness of tho Back and Limbs, Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, 

aSni'iiTrn ^ ^ Brai “ KidnBy Disea8C - 

Stationers, Printers, Engravers, and Blank 
Book Manufacturers. Estimntos furnished 
on Railroad, Insurance and Bank work, 
Agents for Sanford’s Inks & Billson’s Btoel 
Pons. Perforated Gum Labels in shoots. 




Is tlie KKCT. No preparation. 
U*ed wlib any clean pen for mark- 
inir any fabric. Popular fordecora- 
atw work on linen. H«»c«»lvedCen- 
Isnninl MF.BAL A Diploma. 
Estflliliulit nr»o *enr*. Hold by all 
l ruyKt£tv s t&Uont'ift&NewB Agt’s. 

No. 174 Plum Street, Cincinnati, O 

And sold by Drujreists and Dealers every where. A I Lexingtc 
it Co., II. Barnes & Co.. Wholesale and Retail, at manufuoturer'i 

• GIM awl (MlDlKiM' SONS 

M MAKEttgfttfft 

t Fall aii. I Winter. lor pariu ul.av address. 
J. C .ilfVt.’”' A: Co. *'lru |it»itttl. O, 

druggists of the city, 

Lexington weekly press (Lexington, Ky.), 1883-08-29

8 pages, edition 01

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