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date (1878-07-09) newspaper_issue THE DEMOCRAT      Largest   wflatioii of any Paper in the  9tli Congressional District      Terms of Subscription     in advance     One Copy  one year  52 papers    1 50     M i   STERLING DEMOCRAT   A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER  DEVOTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE RESOURCES OF EASTERN KENTUCKY      n  S  cnEVES  l Editors   SAM T  DOEYNS      R  S  CHEVES  Publisher and Proprietor      VOL  II   NO  13      MT  STERLING  MONTGOMERY COUNTY  KENTUCKY  TUESDAY  JULY 9  1878      WHOLE NO  66      GROCERIES AND CONFECTIONERIES      TEE     CHEAP GROCERY       GROCERIES    Confectioneries    FRUITS    Fishing Tackle   NOTIONS    Musical Instruments   CROQUET SETS       AT       Wittman   Payne s    PROBERT S OLD STAND    IMAYSVILLE STREETI    Next door to Dinkelspiel s       TO CHANCE BUSINESS      Closing Out      o   o   o   o      IN ORDER TO      Change our Business     I offer my entire stock of     Dry Goods  Notions   c     c    REGARDLESS OF COST    Which means AMZINGLY LOW figures     O   O   O   0   LOOK Out for Bargains   Ora  Couirt Street    J  E  HEDDEN  Per   T_  W  HEDEEN      CHILES  BEAN CO      J     WHOLESALE GROCERS   AND DEALERS I1V   SALT    FLOUR    GRAIN    PROVISIONS       Maysville Street  Mt  Sterling  Ky      SADDLERY AND TIN WARE    OWEN LAUGHLIN    MANUFACTURER OF   AND WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN   Saddles  Harness  Bridles   k       AND     TIN AND SHEET IRON WARE       business Notices    Don t forget to pay wbat you owe to Tom  Rogers  60     T  P  Martin   Co   are closing out their  Millinery at cost    If you want a good dinner County Court  day go to Schwaniger s    Ladies  now is the time to got bargains  in Hats and Bonnets of T  P  Martin   Co    Fob lunch  or ice cream and calce go to  Schwaniger s  He has the nicest in the  city      Ald persons lntebted to B  F  Wyatt   County Court Clerk  are notified to settle  immediately    Mrs  L  Voius  In order to make room for  her fall stock  is now disposing of her mil   linery goods at cost    July 1st  1878   Don t forget to call and  pay your accounts this week  Wo need  the money  C  J  GLOVER  65 2   Fon honesty in work go to Thomas Clark   he has the easiest saddles  handsomest and  best harness ever exhibited in our city    Forever   The Star Planing Mill Compa   ny have  Red Cedar  posts for sale that  will last forever and one day more  tf     Fowler F ly Fan   No dining table  Sick  room  cradle  or sleeping room  should be  without one  WM  REESE  Agent      Linen dusters  81  linen pants  81  linen  coats  75 cents  at B  W  Rose s Globe Cloth   ing house  corner of Main and Broadway    Linen dusters  81  linen pants  81  linen  coats  75 cents  at B  W  Rose S Globe Cloth   ing house  corner of Main and Broadway    Linen dusters  SI  linen pants  81  linen  coats  75 cents  at B  W  Rose s Globe Cloth   ing house  corner of Main and Broadway    Linen dusters  81  linen pants  81  linen  coats  75 cents  atB  W  Rose sGlobe Cloth   ing house  corner of Main and Broadway    Wittman   Payne havo the nobbiest  stock of fancy groceries and confectioneries  in the city  A pure Havana cigar for 5 cts      Kentucky Wheat Drill   The latest  improvement and the best wheat drill in  in the United States for sale by C  J  Glover    Co   Agents    W  S    G  B  Caldwell are closing out  their entire stock of ready made clothing   boots  shoes  Ac  Persons wishing bargains  will do well to give them a call      All parties knowing themselves indebt   ed to T  P  Martin   Co   by note or account  will please call and settle up  we need  money  This is the first of July    Expecting to deal only in the celebrated  WHITE Sewing Machine  I now oiler my  entire stock of Singer Machines at greatly  reduced prices  Call  see and be convinced    P  L  KEESE      For Sale i licnp   Two 30 foot extension  ladders and 3 step ladders  one 8 and two  0 foot  Will be sold in a lot or separately  cheap for the cash  Call on or address  John McGilaway  Mt  Sterling  ICy    05 tf   It is astonishing how cheap Owen Laugh   lin sells ids saddlery  harness  tin ware  Ac   Mr  Langhlin s stock is large and complete   A good saddle for 82  Ten pieces of tin   ware for 81   There s millions in it   Call  and see for yourself      Bristow Hall   All applications for the  use of this hall must hereafter be made to  the undersigned  The vacant store room  in said building is for rent    WM  II  WINN   June 21  1878        KATES OF ADVERTISING    One Inch of spaoe  first weok  81 00   Each subsequent week  jtl   Liberal nriaugemeuts will bo made with  yearly advertisers    Births  Marriages  Deaths  and Religious  Notices published gratis    Obituaries and Tributes of Respect  ex   ceeding ten lines  five cents per Hue    One inoh of space will contain twelve  lines of solid Nonparlel type  or ninety six  words      JOIi PRINTING    Wo ure prepared to do all kinds of Job  Printing in the best style add at the lowest  prices  Send for specimens       ocal  gencilings     You should not dream of impos   sible things        Several young ladies enjoyed  an excursion trip over the Coal  Road last Friday    A  Scobee has six Spanish red  sows that gave birth to 74 pigs  53 of  which are living and will average  over 40 pounds    Mr  L  J  Perkins and Mr  J   A  W  Draughn  of Letcher county   passed through our city Friday last  with 40 head of cattle and 80 head   of sheep en route to Carlisle    _   _       Mr  P  L  Reese has made quite  an improvement  by putting down  an elegant and substantial stone  pavement inyfront of his handsome  business house ou Main street      On account of a misunderstand   ing of partnership  the business of  the firm of Holloway   West  drug   gists in this city  was placed in the  hands of a receiver last evening    Messrs  Thos  II  Summers  of  Scott county  and Isaac Skinner  of  Clark  bought on July 1st the farm  of 209 acres on Grassy Lick  belong   ing to Mr  John A  Thompson  for   9 000  cash    Cannon   Montague  of Estill  county  bought of A  Hoffman last  week a threshing machine  Mr  II   claims to have sold more threshers   mowers and reapers this season than  ever was sold by one man before    Mr  Wm  Smatiiers and A  D   Crouch  of Sharpsburg passed   through this city from Beathitt  county  where they had purchased  31 head of cattle at two cents per  pound    The meeting at Somerset is still  progressing  with a thrilliug inter   est manifested  About 31 additions  have been made  Elder Ricketts  has completly won the hearts of  the congregation by his eloquence  and zealous work      Owing to the inclemency of the  weather on the evening of the 2d  instant  the Garden Party was  postponed untill about the 1st of Au   gust  The refreshments prepared  were served in the new church  building and netted about  30    Patrons and friends of the school  taught by Miss Lena Lane  near  Aaron s Run  are invited to attend  the examination and closing exer   cises commencing next Friday at  one o clock p  M  The entertain   ment will conclude with Mrs  T  G   Denton s music class      Blacksmithing    To prevent  your horse from interfering  gotoJ  M  Hall s and have the latest im   proved shoe put on by Steve  Gaus  For  repatrson machines  and other blacksmith   ing  his work cannot ho excelled    Iledurtion   Attachments for the Sing   er Sewing Machine as follows   Best ruffles   81   tuckers and corders  75c  each  needles   35c  per dozen  Other goods in same pro   portion  P  L  REESE    Patsy Mack  one of our most enterpris   ing business men  has a large and select  stock of groceries  provisions and liquors   which he is selling at exceedingly low  rates  If you want the best goods at low  figures give him a call      Ouk vicinity is blessed in having the  mechanism of W  H  Thomas  whose supe   rior workmanship in saddlery and harness  cannot be excelled  If you wish an easy  saddle or durable harness call on Mr   Thomas  in his building  near the depot     r  J  H  West  who has made the drug  business a success in our city will re open  a first class establishment in about ten  days  The Doctor s past experience and  reputation is a sufficient indorsement to  guarantee a liberal and extensive patron   age    The war is over  peace declared  and Jack  Spencer is stiU alive and duly sober and  will exhibit in his oflice County Court day   not only the best whiskies and beer but  two live elephants and a drinlc  to boot    Call and see this grand exhibition and get  happy    Mt  Sterling  Mnrble Works   John  Kearns  manufacturer of monuments   tombstones       Work done 10 per cent   cheaper than any house in the State  and  satisfaction guaranteed in all cases  Office   Maysville street  one door South of Adams   express office  3m      On next Monday the best dinner ever in  Mt  Sterling will be given by Albert Story  in the Tenney building  on Maysville  street  for 40 cents  You can get anything  from a 5 cent ginger cake to a fried ele   phant  Dinner will be served from 11  o clock  to save the rush before the circus      To Loan  2 000 Grain Sacks that  have been loaned to friends who have for   gotten to return  them  We now tender  them an opportunity to do so  as other  friends wish to borrow the same  They are  all plainly marked and have never bivn  sold to any party holding them    GLOVERS  G1LKEY A CO      Slrayol or Stolen   From the street  in Mt  Sterling on last Saturday night  a  black horse mule  with his left hind leg a  little smaller than the others caused by a  kick  15 hands high  with yellowish white  nose  When taken had bridle and plain   seated saddle on  A1 ibcral reward will be  given for return of same  Martha A  Gib   son  tf   Stiarpsbiirgr Woolen Mills    Thor    oughly repaired and improved to meet the  increasing trade  We make and sell the  best Jeans  Linseys  Flannels  Yarns   Blankets and Coverlets at lowest prices   Persons bringing wool from a distance can  be accommodated the same day  Highest  cash price paid for wool    M  M  MATHEWS        C r T  B frrrrl T r of on  ladlurt wml   beaux attended the hop at Oil  Springs on the 4th  which was an  enjoyable affair   in fact  the boys  say it was a  picnic   Besides our  city being represented  many were  there from the neighboring village  of Winchester and other rural dis   tricts      Personal      Mr  J  J  Moiif rlv  whose ad   vertisement will be found in an   other column  has established him   self in our city as agent of the Singer  Manufacturing Company  He of   fers new improved Singers at a re   duction of  30 on each machine and  will sell reasonably  oils and attach   ments of all kinds    Some Pig    Mr  W  E  Combs brought to our  office yesterday a pig  or pigs  hav   ing one large head  three eyes  four  ears  two well formed bodies and  eight feet and legs  Can it possibly  be that this almost two pigs is re   lated to the Siamese twins      Fire at Side View    Last Monday night about one  o clock the store house at Side View  owned by Mr  W  P  Staggs  and  occupied by Leslie Green  was to   tally destroyed by fire  supposed to  have been the work of an incendia   ry  The stock was insured but Mr   Staggs sustains quite a loss  as he  had no insurance on the building      Strayed or Stolen   On Friday  June  28  1878  from Somerset meeting house  a  bay mare  Said mare had a man s saddle   bridle and blanket on  had 2 or 3 warts on  left ear  the front one having been pulled  out and very sore yet  She is a very lively   frisky animal  and walks and trots well  but slow  hut goes no other gaits  I will  give a reward of 823 for the return of the  mare and 823 for the apprehension and  delivery of the thief to the Jailer of Mont   gomery county    85 2 JULIA MILLER CRAVENS      THE VERY BEST   House Gutteping  Tin anti Slieet Ii on   Rooling    nder the Immediate supervision of Mr  PAT  LAUGHLIN  at very LOWEST figures   MAYSVILLE STREET  MT  STERLING  KY      For Rent    A most desirable frame dwell   ing with six rooms  good lot   c    in the city limits  on Winchester  pike  opposite the residence of  Dr  F  O  Guerrant  For further  particulars apply to Curtice    Bro   Mt  Sterling    I have adopted the Casli system  and after the 1st of July 1878  I will  sell goods strictly forCash  Persons  indebted to me must settle up at  once  Respectfully    B  W  Rose      Public Speaking    SUE  Graves  candidate for Coun   ty Attorney  will address the people  at the following times and places     Aarons  Run  Saturday  July 20th  at 24  o clock p  si    Jeffersonville  Saturday  July 27th  at  24 o clock p  M    Mt  Sterling  Saturday  July  27th at 74  o  clo ck r  si    Antioch Church  Friday  August 2d  at  2  o clock p  si    Howard s Mills  Saturday  August 3d   at 24 o clock p  sr      Advertised Letters    The following letters were remain   ing uncalled for in our Post office  on July 2d  Persons desiring the  same will please say  advertised  letter   thereby saving unnecessary  trouble to the officials     Barelas   Isom   Day  John W   Ulatl well  J  W    Harrison  Charles T Mepplns  Samuel     Collier  Benjamin N  Garrett  Harriet  Edmonson  D  W      Moore  Lulic  McCarty  Wm   Stefler  J  H   Tandy  J  W   Walker  Frank     Mullins  Henry  Riggs  Mary  3   Skinner  Neal  Wilborn  E  R   Shanks  Samuel R      JAMES HOWARD  P  M      City Census    Mr  James L  Young  our City  Marshal  who has recently assessed  and taken the census of our city  re   ports the population as follows     White  Colored    First Ward 381 101   Second Ward 270 214   Third Ward 350 458   Fourth Ward 300 107   Total         1370 910   Value of property assessed   575    680   10 030 of which is owned by  negroes  This estimate does not  include Turleyville or Smithville   whicli would add about 1  200 more  to the list      I have adopted the Cash system   and after the 1st of July 1878  I will  sell goods strictly for cash  Persons  indebted to me must settle up at  once  Respectfully      64 3 B  W  Rose        5       EJlder Thos  Munnell is in this city    Mr  W  O  Gilkey  oi Paris  111   is in  the city    Mrs  Mary Montague and family have  removed to Lexington    Misses Nannie Reed and Carrie A  Yoris  are visiting friends in Clark county    Miss Mary McClure  of Clark county   paid our city a short visit last week    Mrs  Mary Maguiar and daughter  Miss  Isa White  are visiting in Louisville    Mr  J  Green Trimble  we are glad to  say  is again able to be on our streets    Capt  E  C  Barlow  of Georgetown   spent a few days in our city last week    Misses Annie Samuels and Lulie Reese  are visiting relatives and friends In Lex   ington    Messrs  W  H  W right and W  W  Mc   Kinney  of Clark county  were in our city  last week    Miss Lena Lane and Mrs  Thomas G   Denton  of Aaron s Run  called to see us  last Saturday    Miss Ada Richardson  of Port Gibson   Miss   is on a visit to I r  E  B  Richard   son  of this city    Mr  J  D  Yocum  our ex sheriff  who  lias been in Texas for several months  re   turned last week    Mr  L  D  Wilson  accompanied by Mr   J  W  Frazer  left yesterday on a business  trip to Cynthiana    Mr  Paul Conlon  Chief of the Lexing   ton  Fire Department  was on a short visit  to our city last week    Mrs  J  R  P  Tucker and sister  Miss  Mary E  Glover  left last Friday to visit  friends iu Lexington    Mr  Will S  Robertson and wife left  yesterday on a visit to relatives and  friends in Shelby county    Mrs  James Flanagan  of Winchester   arrived in our city last week  to visit her  relatives and many friends    Miss Frankie Cheatham  who lias been  with relatives in Millersburg for several  months  is again in our city    Mrs  James McKee  wife and child  of   Indianapolis  are visiting relatives and  friends in this city and county    Mr  Ben  II  Ridgely  of Versailles   visited bis brother  W  S  Ridgely  and  friends  in this city  on the Fourth    Miss Emma S  Tillitt  who has been so   journing in the city for the past year  lias  returned to her home  in Lexington    Messrs  R  T  Smith and Lindsey Cole   man addressed the Murphy meetings at  Kiddville and El Bethel last Sunday    Mr  Samuel Montague  of the Louis   ville Commercial  paid his relatives and  friends of this city a visit on Sunday last    Mr  Joseph 0  Tyler  wife and two  daughters  Misses Julia and Mary   the  latter very ill with consumption   left yes   terday for Put in Bay  Ohio    Mi s Emma 1   J   v   who h is n  attending school in our city for several  months  left on Friday to spend vacation  at her home  in Clark county    It afforded us pleasure last week to re   ceive a call from Mr  W  C  Rogers  of the  wholesale boot and shoe establishment of  W  G  Rogers   Co   of Cincinnati    Miss Mary Lynch  who has been con   nected for the past three or four months  with the millinery establishment of T  P   Martin   Co   of this city  left on Friday  last to visit relatives and friends in New  York    Mr  Putnam Ewing  of Bath county   who has been to Colorado for the benefit  of his health  returned last Friday  after  an absence of a few weeks  lie is in a  low stageof consumption and hope of re   covery is despaired of    Mr  John A  Williams  until recently  connected with the Democrat  and his  estimable lady  left on Tuesday last for  Lebanon  their former home  with  the  well wishes of many devoted friends and  ardent admirers to cheer them on their  journey    The presence of the following persons  gave eclal to the great race at Louisville  on the  glorious  fourth   Gen  John 8   Williams  A  W  Hamilton  Joel Fesler   John C  Thompson  W  T  Hanly  Jas  P    Jas  L  and Thos  J  Young  J  G  Cohen   J  II  Cromwell  J  Dinkelspiel  James  Ricketts  B  F  McCormick  W  T  Fitz   patrick  J  R  P  Tucker  Chas  Slocum   and James H  and John C  Wood      Beware     The August election is fast ap   proaching  Democrats should make  up their minds and support the reg   ular nominees  and heed not the  plaintive appeals of independent  and bolting candidates  Your first  duty is to your party and it is pure   ly Democratic for the majority to  rule   should you create dissension  in the party by supporting  bolters   you will affect our chances of success  in the Congressional race  If neces   sary compromise a personal feeling  and vote for the man that receives  the party nomination    The afflicted should not lose sight   4 the intended visit of the surgeons  of the National Surgical Institute to  Mt  Sterling on the 12th and 13th of  July at the Reese House  This is  an old Institution  altogether relia   ble and responsible  and its surgeons  eminently skillful and qualified to  perform wonderful cures of diseases  and deformities of long standing   and which are incurable in the  hands of the general physician or  surgeon  They need no special rec   ommendation from us  their work  shows for itself   as witness the hap   py results of their treatment upon  many persons in this vicinity dur   ing the past few years      Our Boys    The North Middletown corres   pondent of the Paris True Kentuck   ian pays the following just compli   ment to our b oys  who exhibited in  that place June 29tli      On Saturday last our town was  enlivened by Bendel s Plantation  Minstrels  assisted by Prof  E  S   Fogg s Cornet Band  This troupe  is composed of young gentlemen  from Mt  Sterling and vicinity  and  are all performers of no ordinary  ability  They gave a concert here  on Saturday night  and long before  the curtain arose Masonic Hall was  filled almost to suffocation with a  select apd appreciative audience   The entertainment opened with an   Overture   which was followed by  songs from Messrs  Tom Calk  Jr    Wm  Daily  II  C  Wilson and Max   E  Bendel  The laughable sketch    Brown s Brown Mule   by Bendel    Co   was greeted with rounds of  applause and side splitting laughter   and the  Fantasia or Dream of the  Ball room   by Prof  Fogg s Cornet  Band  was one of the most delicious  selections of music to which it lias  ever been our pleasure to listen    Lightning Changes   by Wm   Daily  which consisted of songs and  dances in character  were simply  splendid  and showed that Daily  was an artist of superior merit    The Coal Heavers  Strike   by  Messrs  Jo  L  Hanly  M  E  Bendel  and Wm  Daily  was irresistibly  funny  jand the part of  Dr  Cureall   was performed by Mr  Hanly  who  has but few superiors in his imper   sonations of an old man  Max   Bendel s negro sketch   Old Black  Joe   was one of the gems of the  evening  and was replete with  pathos and reminiscences of the by   gone days of slavery   Cuba  or  Poor Jake s Revenge   a laughable  farce by Messrs  Hanly  Coleman   Doddridge  Bendel and Daily  took  the house by storm and concluded  the evening s entertainment  This  deserving troupe will probably visit  Paris ere long  and we take pleasure  in recommending them as gentle   men of high social position and rare  burnt cork attainments  Their con   undrums  cuts and gags are fresh  and keen  and are void of the vul   garisms so common in negro min   strelsy      Forgery    Hull s Bank  of Independence   Kansas  issued a card November  1  1877  offering a reward of  300   and describing a man who had com   mitted a forgery on that bank  the  time and amount of which we have  not been able to learn  A man   nsuuHd r  E  Rankin was arrested   last Saturday at Cornwall Station  by Wm  Osborn  and brought to  this city  where he was under  guard  awaiting further informa   tion from the bank officials  The  description of the forger suited Ran   kin tolerably well  but a telegram  received last evening acquits him of  the charge  He lias been in this and  Menifee county for over two years  and a half   Is a man of more than  ordinary intelligence and education   but has worked in the capacity of a  common laborer during the time      What a Great Newspaper says of  the Coining Great Show    Unquestionably by far the great   est Menagerie and Circus that has  ever visited this place  will reach  here by special train on Monday   July 15  and that is The Great Euro   pean Seven Elephant Railroad Ex   position of the Sells Bros  Its pro   portions are simply enormous  and  its educational and amusement re   sources almost beyond computation   It is also as superior in refinement  and elegance of presentation as it is  overshadowing in vastness  and  comes recommended and indorsed  as follows by such indisputable au   thority as the Cincinnati Daily En   quirer  which  in its issue of April  3d  says     THE GREAT EUROPEAN ELEPHANT  RAILROAD SHOW    The Messrs  Sells  of Columbus  so  widely and well known as both dar   ing and honorable managers in the  tented field  have taken a new de   parture the present season  rendered  necessary by the increased size of  their menagerie and circus  and  abandon the worm fenced high and  byways for the straight and narrow  path of the steel rail  over which  their special trains of animals and  arenic possessions will thunder to  the amazement  edification and de   light of the natives everywhere   Their present venture exceeds in  both size  novelty and expense  any  tiling of the kind heretofore at   tempted  and includes  among other  noticeable features  seven elephants   the largest number exhibited by  any one menagerie   five perform   ing baby elephants  a pair of twin  baby nursing elephants  a zoologi   cal curiosity without a parallel   an  elephant carried on the high plat   form of a hugh tableau car through  the streets  the only two horned  rhinoceros in the country  a superb  Ethiopian horned horse  and other  rare exotic animal attractions  The  circus will present besides an im   mense company of equestrian and  gymnastic celebrities and a troupe  of wonderful performing dogs  goats   monkeys and ponies  a stud of re   markable trick horses  Here are  more than enough animals and an   tics to satiate the most exacting of  sawdust patrons  and the decorum  and liberality always characteriz   ing the Messrs  Sells  management  will render success a well deserved  certainty  Open the throttle valve       BOURBON COUNTY      What glorious achievements are  passible to us if we only possess  good health  with its usual accom   paniment of a cheerful mind    Therefore no means shouldbe neg   lected to perserve its vigor  and re   store it when impaired  Bear in  mind that Coussens  Compound  Honey ol Tar  which relieves  Whooping Cough  Sort  Throat   Hoarseness  etc   is also an infallible  cure for consumption  That dread   ful disease which consigns so many  gifted men and women to an early  grave can be cured by Coussen s  Compound Honeyjof Tar  Price 50  cents a bottle      For sale by J  W  Hurrah  druggist      Too much can not be said in  praise of that great cough remedy   Coussens  Compound Honey of Tar   It will not only afford relief in case  of an ordinary cold  but the suffer   er with Consumption may rely on  it as a permanent cure if taken in  time and according to directions   To persons afflicted with chronic  cough  which disturbs their rest at   night  it affords sweet and refresh   ing sleep  and for Coughs  Golds   Croup  Whooping Cough  Sore  Throat  Hoarseness  etc   it is sim   ply one of the greatest medical  blessings of the age  Use Coussens   Compound Honey of Tar  Price  50 cents a bottle    For sale by J  W  Harrah  Druggist      Bank Statements    In another column will be seen  full statements of the condition of  the Farmees  and   Mt  Sterling Na   tional Banks  These figures show  a healthy condition of the finances  of our vicinity  The Mt  Sterling  National lias declared a semi annual  dividend of 5 per cent  This shows  extreme prosperity considering the  cry of hard times  The Farmers  National lias declared no dividend   blit is using its surplus to liquidate  the difference in premium  paid on  stock  which when satisfied will  place it upon a gold basis      Paris  July 8  1878   Correspondence of the Democrat    Jimmie  a little son of H  T   Baton  of this city  while playing in  a back yard last Thursday fell into  Vi well nUrty nvc  ffoel Ucep   rac    ring seven feet of water in the   Tell  He paddled manfully until  j his father rescued him  from a  watery grave  He was in the well  more than fifteen minutes and   strange to say  the only injury he  sustained was a slight cut on his  head    There was no public patriotic  demonstrations whatever made here  on the ga lorious Fourth  The  Grand Temperance Picnic which  was to have been was not a success   the committee of arrangements fail   ing to perform their duty    Miss Pattie S  Judy  of North  Middletown  visiting her brother  George  in this city    Married  on last Thursday  Thos   Richardson  Sr   of this place  to  Miss Bettie Machen  of Weston   Nicholas county    Born  to the wife   of Ben  F   Dykes  of this city  a daughter    The following persons in this city  and county have made assignments  for the benefit of their creditors dur   ing the past week   S  E  Tipton  fc  Co   to Allen Bashford   T  II  Lew   is   Bro   to C  V  Higgins  Jr   and  Henry Corbin to Jas  H  Hawkins    Silas Corbin  of this county  took  the benefit of the bankrupt law last  Wednesday    A picnic will be given at the Fair  Grounds on the 18th inst   under the  auspices of St  Patrick s Benevolent  Society  A gold watch and chain  will be presented to the most popu   lar young lady  Misses Maggie  Carr and Maggie Roche  of this city   are the contestants for the prize    Bally      A negro named John Davis  was arrested last week for stealing  cattle   a heifer and a yoke of steers   The heifer has been claimed by  Mr  B  F  Berkley  but the steers  areat Hathaway s scales  unclaimed   which the owner can have by ap   plying to Mr  Dave  Baker or John  Wilson  to whom the cattle were  sold      A Change    Capt  John O  Miller  recently of  Perry ville  Indiana  lias bought out  the hardware stock of Lewis Apper   son  and will engage in business in  this city  Capt  Miller once lived  hero  and is well and favorably  known to our people  He is a  thorough business man and quite an  acquisition to our city  We  besides  many others  welcome him gladly      Cincinnati Live Stock Market      Newspaperial    The enterprise displayed by the  Courier Journal on Independence  Day in issuing a mammoth eight   sheet entitles it the highest com   mendation and places it upon an  elevated plane among the leading  journalistic institutions of the coun   try  It contained reading matter  enough   and of an intensely inter   esting character   to supply an ordi   nary family for at least a week  In  fact  every want was met and evv  y   taste gratified       Special telegram to the Democrat     Cincinnati  July S  1878    Cattle   Extra butchers   4 to  44   good  34 to 3    medium  3 to  3   common  2J to 2   extra ship   pers  4 60 to 4    good  4  to 4    ex   tra oxen  3  to 4   good  3   to 44   Receipts of cattle rather liberal  and  market continues dull  No pros   pect for early improvement    Sheep  Extra lambs  5 to 5 15    good  4  to 44  common  3  to 34   extra sheep  34 to 33   good  3 to 3    Receipts of lambs still heavy  aud  the market n little excited to day   A decline back to 5 cents for best  grades  Kentucky lambs may be ex   pected within the next few days   Little or no demand for sheep    Hogs  Select butchers   4    pack   ing grades  according to quality   4 10  4 15 and 4 20  Receipts of  hogs moderately heavy  Market  dull and declining  and a further  decline from the present prices may  be looked for soon      DRY COODS   C      Hard Times and Low Prices ever go hand in hand   and we have determined to meet the popular  demand by selling more goods for One  Dollar than ever before known   and invite the attention of  the trade to our large  new stock of   FASHIONABLE DRESS GOODS    SUCH AS   Silks  Fancy Bourctte Suitings  Debagcs  Linen Or   gandies and Domestic Lawns  Plain and  Figured Piques  Linens  Paris  Muslins  Swisses and  Tarlatans      LADIE S LINEN and GRASS CLGTH SUITS    Oi the latest style  in abundance      Parasols sotlc   Our stock of Ginghnnt and Silk Parasols  and Linen  Japanese  Feath   ered  Silk and Satin Fans  is complete  Don t fail to examine them be   fore buying elsewhere      Zeigler Brother s Shoes    I TVe have  just received another large lot of Zeigler Brother s  make of Ladies   Misses  and Children s Kid and Pebble goat  Shoes and Slippers  The best goods sold in Eastern Kentucky   Every pair warranted    tJSsr  We have a large and select stock of Hosiery   Gloves  Collars  CufTs  Handkerchiefs  Ties  Bows  Rib   bons  Fans  Chains  Combs and Brushes    GENTS FURNISHING GOODS    Never have wo had a better stock than at present  Have In  store a splendid lino of CASSIMEREK  CLOTI1B  AMERICAN    ENGLISH and FRENCH WORSTEDS  and having In our employ  a No  1 Tailor  feel confident wo can please the most fastidious    All of the above goods will be sold at bottom  prices  and we would respectfully request you to call  and  examine our goods and prices before purchasing  elsewhere  Yours  respectfully    SAMUELS   TRIMBLE      Corner Main Ct Court Streets  1  Mt  Sterlug  Ky  j     GROCERIES  FLOUR  SALT   C      w      lAiH igMroJnVT NSt       W  T  HOWE      N  II  TRIMBLE      How    Trimble     VTV A JNrX      Our facilities for hand   ling Grain are splendid   second To no one  Hare ft  large Warehouse on rail   road to receive sam   and  are in readiness to buy in  large quantities at HIGH   EST MARKET PRICE  for GASH  Sacks furnish   ed on short notice      IIOWE   TRIMBLE     Haydon s Building  lir t door above Lnughlin s Saddlery Establishment     Maysville Street  Mt  Sterling      INSURANCE      We Hold the Safe      TUP  nn l best Eire Insurance Agency in Kentucky  composed of the Ibllowlmj   I  Old  Reliable  Time Tried and I ire Tostcd Companies     Linn  of Hartford    North America      Franklin  of Philadelphia  Underwriter s  of N  Y     W  db  W  HofEtoan      Nfasra  of New fork   North British  nd Mer   cantile    Lancashire  of England     Grove Kennedy    The jury in the case of Grove  Kennedy  for the murder of his  uncle  E  D  Kennedy  in Garrard  county  rendered a verdict of mur   der in the first degree and fixed the  penalty at imprisonment in tho  penitentiary for life  Notice was  given at once that application for a  new trial would be made      I have adopted the Casli system  and after the 1st of July 1878  1 will  sell goods strictly for casli  Persons  indebted to me must settle up at  once  Respectfully    A B  wJuose      We also represent  In connection with A  flOFF HAX  the   German American  of N  Y   and Royal  of England    Policies issued without delay  anil All I  oases Promptly ti     all losses without discount      F     W  A J   y HOFFMAN   S  I  P 9 U F  of England  in tho flies of April   My loss hv the fires of April Jl  and June   1 and June It  and our losses Pave been   1  have both been promptly  adjusted and   properly and promptly ndiu ied to  paid to my entire satisfaction  I was in    our entire satlslHctlon   smeil In both Arcs In the Lancashire  of t C  E  WIl LMOT   Manchester  England  JOHN KLA H S  ft   J  DRAICB    W   v  W  HOFFMAN  Agents  Etna In  i    HOFFMAN     surniice Co    Wo wore insured In the Uerman Aruerl    i he loss I sustained by the fire ol June t    In  be Are oi June r   and our less mm  lias been promptly adjusted and   Id been promptly adjusted    JOHN  J  COHEN  MCGILL   TRUMAN    Mv lionse  nd Roods were Insured In the       f German  American  A  Hodman  Agent   the     n  l the loss has been promptly adjusted      W  A J  W  HOFFMAN     The loss sustained by us in tho fire  JunetJ has been promptly adjusted by l   Agent of the North British Insurance      N  11  TRIMBLE    J   Y  11 AURA II    S       ROSE    A  HOFFMAN    A  HOFFMAN    We were insured in the Royal Insurance     MIK E McCLOSKRY   W  A J  W  HOFFMAN     My house was insured iu the  Etna Insnr   ancc Co   and tho loss I sustained by the  fire of June and hna been promptly ad   justed and paid  q  HAiDLN       THK DEMOCRAT      MT  STERLING  KY      sL     TUESDAY  JULY 9  1878      Democratic Tioltol        SHERIFF   ELLIS DEAN   COUNTY JUDGE   E  E  GARRETT   COUNTY CLERK   B  F  WYATT   COUNTY ATTORNEY   A  B  WHITE   JAILER   ENOCH BRUTON   ASSESSOR   W  H  GATEWOOD   CORONER  J  li  SMITH      CONSTABLE  MT  STERLING DISTRICT   11   W  SMITH      CLERK OF WOLFE COUNTY COURT   8FRADLING      Neighboring Nows    CLARK    Blue grass seed coming in slowly    Crops about one third as large as  usual    The following dividends have  been declared by the banks of Win   chester  Citizens National  3 per  cent  semi annual   Clark County  National  5 per cent  annual   Home  Savings  2j per cent  semi annual    Taylor Rainey has refused  500  foo ids six legged calf    A negro named Maze Bartlett  was arrested last week for stealing  wheat from Mrs  Janies McMillan    Primary election on Saturday  Oth  inst    Winchester is to have a class in  dancing  under the instruction of  Prof  Milam    T  R  Hardin has been engaged  as Principal and W  T  McDonald  Assistant of the public school    Al  Montague  who lives near Mt   Carmel church  thinks his honey  crop this year will be nearly three  thousand pounds  worth from 10 to  121 cents per pound    R  B  Clark has an appointment  as mail agent on the Louisville and  Nashville R  R    Mrs  J  P  Stubblefield died very  suddenly on  the 30th ult  She had  been complaining but was not ex   pected to die    Protracted meeting at the Chris   tian church    Born  on June 80th  1878  to the  wife of Win  Johnson  nee Miss  Clara Wisdom  a son    BOURBON    Pair begins September 3d and  continues five days    Tlios  H  Pollock was the first  man to pay his county taxes for  1878    A eat funeral was had in Paris a  few days ago   We Shall Meet on  That Beautiful Shore  was sung by  the attendants    The blue grass crop is up with  that of last year  A  O  Gil  man  bought 7 000 bushels at from 15 to  30 cents    Wheat crop splendid  both as to  quantity and quality  The ship   ments of Joseph Neely for six days  preceding July 3d averaged five  car loads      it        Correspondence     MORGAN COUNTY      West Liberty  June 20  1S78   Correspondence of tlio Democrat    The body of T  Jeff  Reed  of this  county  who was killed by Wood   ford near Blue Lick Springs on the  21st of June  reached home yester   day  He was a young man of ex   cellent character  beloved and re   spected by all who knew him  and  his Untimely death at the hands of  an assassin has shrouded the com   munity in gloom  We learn that  E  B  Perry went to Carlisle and  surrendered to the civil authorities   but the murderer of young Reed is  still at large  A large party of our  citizens left hero last night to see  that he Is brought to trial for his  crime    Our towu was enlivened last week  by the closing exercises of Prof  J   P  Thornley s school  The exhibi   tions given at the Court house on  Thursday and Friday evenings con   sisting of a series of dialogues  tab   leaux   c   excelled anything ever  put up in this community  We  have secured his valuable services  for the ensuing school year    Interest in local politics runs high   and speaking at the Court house on  Monday last developed much local  talent  especially among the thirty  aspirants for the office of Assessor    We have Dr  Henderson billed for  a speech on the 17th of July  Sub   jeet   Popular education      Prospect for crops fine  money  getting easier  and business more  active than it has been for some  months  is tiie best news from     Morgan    The annual reunion of the vet   erans of 1 8 1 2 took place in Paris   Ky   on the i8th ult   There  were only twenty five old soldiers  present  twenty four having died   since the last meeting  William  Wright the oldest   is ninety four  and one half years of age  Form   ing a line  they marched to the  court house  where they were  welcomed by Mr  Roger H   Fage  His address was atjy an   swered by General Leslie  Coombs  the  Boy Captain    After passing resolutions to meet   rrepin on the i8th of next June   they pdocpcdcc to the Thurston  House  wh ts licy partook of a  most sumptuous   repast  They  appeared well satisficd ViU 1 their  brief visit      Press and Pulpit    He was the manager of a church  fair  and one  morning he walked  into the newspaper office and said     Want an item this morning     Of course   replied the editor   Where upon the visitor laid the fol   lowing note upon the table    The ladies of the Street   Church will give a festival at their  vestry hall next Friday evening   Literary anil musical entertain   ments will be provided and a sup   per will be served to all who desire  The ladies in charge of the affair  have much experience in such mat   ters  and are sure to provide a good  time  The admission will be only  fifteen cents  and it is certain that  no one can spend that amount to a  better advantage  Be sure to go  and take your friends    When the editor had read it  ho  said      Oli  I see  an advertisement    No  not an advertisement  W  prefer to have it go in the local col  umn   replied the manager    And seeing that the editor looked  skeptical  he continued     It will interest a great many of  your readers and help a good cause  besides we have spent so much  money getting up our entertainment  that we can t afford to advertise it  without increasing the price of tiie  tickets  In such a matter as this  we ought to be willing to help each  other      Well   said the editor   if  goes into the locals  I suppose you  would reciprocate by reading a lit   tle notice in your church next Sun  day     The visiting brother asked what  notice  and the editor wrote and  handed him the following      The Weekly Chronicle for the  coining year will be the best and  cheapest family paper in the State  Its proprietor has had much experi   ence  and has all the helps which a  large outlay of money can procure   His paper has a larger circulation  than any other published in the  county  and is to be furnished at  ouly  2  It is certain that no one  can spend that amount to a better  advantage  Be  sure to take the  Chronicle and subscribe for your  friends       The manager hemmed and hesi  tated  and then said  solemnly  that  he doubted whether it would be  judicious to read such a notice  and  suggested if it was printed copies  of it might be distributed at the  door of the vestry on the evening of  the entertainment     Yes   said the editor   but it  would attract more attention in the  middle of a sermon  It will inter   est a large number of your congre   gation and help a good cause  and   besides  so much money is spent  upon the Chronicle that I don t see  how the owner can afford to print  hand bills to advertise it without  increasing the subscription price   In sueli a matter as this vve ought  to he willing to help each other    Then the gentleman saw the situ   ation      m     and     Numor    one of the     The Effect of Marriage    Marriage  if comfortable  is not at  all heroic  It certainly narrows and  damps the spirits of generous men   In marriage  a man becomes slack  and selfish  and undergoes a fatty  degeneration of his moral being  It  is not only when Lydgate misallies  himself with Rosamond Vincy   but  when Ladislaw marries above him  with Dorothea  that this may be  exemplified  Tiie air of the fireside  withers out all the fine wildings of  the husband s heart  He is so com   fortable and happy that he begins  to prefer comfort and happiness to  everything else on earth  his wife  included  Yesterday he would  have shared his last shilling  to day   his first duty is to his family   and  is fulfilled in a large measure by  laying down vintages and husband   ing the wealth of an individual pa   rent  Twenty years ago this man  was equally capable of crime or he   roism   and now  he is fit for neither   His soul is asleep  and you may  speak without constraint   you will  not awake him    It is for nothing  that Don Quixote was a bachelor  aid Marcus Aurelius married ill   For women there is less of this dan   ger   Marriage is of so much use to  a woman  opens out to her so much  of life an A usefulness that  whether  she marry ill or well  she can hard   ly miss some benefit  It is true   however  that some of the merriest  and most genuine of women are old  maids  and that old  maids and  wives who are unhappily married   have often more of the true mother   ly touch  And this would seem to  show  even for women  some nar   rowing influence in comfortable  married life  But the rule is none  the less certain   if you wish the  pick of men and wowen  take a good  bachelor and a good wife    Mimicry    Our social world  at present  is  crazy for show  Few of us fall back  on our simple selves for power to  get through the world  It requires  rare courage to live up to one s en   lightened convictions in these days   Unless you consent to join in the  general cheat  there is no room for   you among the great mob of preten   der    If a man desires to live with   in his means  and is resolute in his  purpose not to appear more than he  really is  Jet him be applauded   There is something fresh and invig   orating in such an example  and  we should honor  and uphold such a  plan with all the energy in our  power   aye  and emulate it      Cremation is now  rites of women    It is the season for appreciating  one s country cousins    When a man sees his wife shed   ding a cataract of tears it well   Niagaravates him beyond endu   rance    Many poor families keep a  goat  If they are denied the  luxury of bread  they always have  their butter    Elections are like the mumps  if they didn t exist we shouldn t  know the infinite delight of being  through with them    It may not be generally known  that editors get one important  item of subsistence at a low price   they get bored for nothing    The ancient Egyptians used to  glue the mummies of their house  hold  These are the earliest in   stances of  stuck up  men and  women on record     Pa   said a little four year  old   there s a poor man out  there that would give anything to  see you    Who is it  my son     It is a blind man     A lover concluded a letter to  his girl as follow    My best loved  one  I chawed the postage stamp  on your last letter all to thunder    cause I knew you licked on it    The fact that George Washing   ton s wife never asked where he  had been when he came home  late at night goes a great ways  toward accounting for his extreme  truthfulness    It must have been a Western  school were the mistress told one  of her big girls to    decline love     The big girl repiled   decline  love  Miss Jones  Not me   I d as  soon think of declining marriage     What a blessing the phonograph  will be to newspaper men  The  bores can slip right into the pho   nograph room and plead with the  instrument  and the editor can  grind it out afterward   if he wants  to    A young man of twenty recent   ly took for wife a Pennsylvania  widow of fifty  the sole proprie   tress of a couple of paying petro   leum wells  Of him it may truly  be said that  he loved not wisely  but two wells     A Wisconsin editor illustrated  the prevailing extravagance of  people now a days by calling at   tention to the costly baby car   riages in use  while  when he was  a baby  they hauled him by the  hair of his head    Continually some philosopher   isiadvertising  How  to marry on   five hundred dollars a year  Will  some other philosopher equally  benevolent and ingenious adver   tise  How to get the five hun   dred dollars a year      Whisky is your greatest  enemy   said the minister to Dea   con Jones   But   said Jones    Don t the Bible say  Mr   Preacher  that we are to love our  enemies    Oh  yes  Deacon  ones   but it don t say we are to  swallow them     They were passing by a house  even with the street  when she  was heard to plead   Don t take  off your flannels yet  darling  it is  too early  Don t do it   What  he said was not heard  but  as far  as could be observed through the  gloom she did not do it    Dan   bury News    A little boy ran away from  lome and while enjoying himself  in forbidden fields  a thunder  storm came up  anc  lail  His guilty conscience  needed no accuser  Runnin  home he burst into the presence  of his astonished mamma  ex   claiming breathlessly    Ma  ma   God s frowing stones at me       NEWSPAPERS    GREENBACKS   FOR BOND HOLDERS     GREENBACKS   FOR GOLD GAMBLERS    GREENBACKS   FOR NATIONL BANKERS    GREENBACKS   FOR TIIE PEOPLE    GREENBACKS   FOR ALL PURPOSES l   For which money is used  interchangeable  at par with Gold and Silver In a sufficient  quantity as to promote industry  invite   immigration and develop the resources of  tiie country  is what the   Cincinnati Enquirer   Claims is the only remedy for the ills  brought upon the country by Legislation  and Laws  enao ed for the benefit of a Mon   ied Class and the oppression of Labor and  Industry    Government Credit sustains our Bonds  for the benefit of the wealthy  let the  same Credit   Sustain Greenbacks   For the benefit of the People who sustain  the Government    DAILY ENQUIRER  Per Year  12 00   WEEKLY ENQUIRER 1 15   Free of postage    Agents Wanted    Send for Specimen copies    FARAN   McLEAN  Publishers   CINCINNATI  OHIO    HOGS    Farmers  Look to Your Interest    Callt    BREEDER OF     I  W  JONES      DEALER IN      w     GO        t d       i   Particular Attention to Repairing      Maysville Street  Harrah s Drug Store  Mt  Sterling  Ky      IP XT LR  IE        HOG S     MT  STERLING  KENTUCKY    Purely Bred and Finely Colored Pigs  A Specialty      FAMILY   GROCERIES     All orders and communications prompt  ly attended tc  aprll tf     I keep as good  if not   4  Y 14   14 the best  assortment of   A        Hamilton  family Groceries as any   house in Eastern Kentuc      Importer and Breeder      OF      H   o   hi       cf3   id   h        w       FT   ac     S         HOGS    MT  KTF RT I KENTUCKY      ky  and sell them as low    Call and examine for  yourself  I mean busi   ness  A  J  WYATT      TO CLOSE BUSINESS      GROCERIES  PROVISIONS   C      TO CLOSE PARTNERSHIP     AND       BUSINESS      WE WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK   OF   EL0TH1NB1 Boats  SSojiliT   At the Lowest Prices   Ever Before Offered   In Mt  Sterling    AS  Now is your chance  Call early while tiie stock 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MIDDLETOWN  KY     REPRESENTS THE   ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY     OF LIVERPOOL    Capital   10 000 000  Assets   19 555 071 16   Equitable Life Assurance Society    OF NEW YORK    Assets over  30 000 000    8   Busines s is solicited and losses promptly adjusted and paid without  discount  tf     GROCERIES  LIME   C      WEILS   HAZELRIG6  C  J  GLOVER   CO    f Keep always on hand  in addition to a full line of      DEALERS IN      Or Exchange    HaVING DETERMINED TO QUIT THE   LIVERY BUSINESS   I will sell or exchange for other property  my   Hacks  Carriages    Buggies  Spring Wagons   Road Wagons    Horse Carts  Plows   Harness  Saddles   Bridles  Ac   Ac   ALSO   NINE GOOD HORSES     AND    THREE LARGE MULES    FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF SAFE    T WO NE wJi UG GIES    Will exchange a good HAY PRESS  for Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad tax  receipts    m28 tf _ y  r  y ai          DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS      Headquarters      FOR      ZE a s 3 nLiori afble IDress jPa torlcs        Black and Fancy Silks    Summer Silks    Cashmeres  Bourettes    Linen and Organdie Lawns    In beautiful styles and great variety    Our Made up Suits are the  Joy of all the Earth         o      Keep always on hand  in addition to a full line of   Groceries    White Lime  Cement  River Sand   Plaster Paris  Shingles  Youg   hiogheny Coal   Queen of the  Meadow  Hay Rakes and Stu      dehaker Wagons      SALT   FLOUR and PROVISIONS      All at the Lowest Market  Rates      Bristow Hall Building   Maysville St      O  GrLOVEH eft  CO      STOVES     THOOSANDSi   Families     Oi      north of     Con espondence Solicited      TAILORING      In handsome designs  and selling as CHEAP as can be found in any market    0   Wall Paper   Iu great Vftr   e n      y 0 TpRicEs  at asto  ish     Wall Paper   Large Stock of SHOP MADE SHO S and Every Pair   WARRANTED    0      E_A_T FOOD     SAM BATES     The Tailor     __   Mountain Iiand    SAM BATES runs our Tailoring Department    For Sale at a Bargain      OF      Sterling  Ky      Offers his pro    fessional services to  the people of Mont   gomery and adjoining  counties  He employs  none but the most  skilled workmen and  guarantees satisfac   tion In style and fit   Come and learn my  prices before leaving  your orders elsewhere      T WO tracts of Mountain Land  located  near the Mt  Sterling Coal Road  In Men   fee county  The first tract contains   250 Acres I   And adjoins the lands of McGowan on the  north  Newton McCormick and others on  the east   the Coal Road Construction Co   on the west  and the widow Jameson s heirs    on the south  The second lot contains   About 70 Acres    And adjoins the lands of Mrs  E  Downs  Garrett Ballard  Newton McCormick anc  others    These are good farming lands and have as  line timber as can be found in the moun   tains  and will bo sold in lots to suit pur   chasers        For further particulars apply to  feb26 tf R  s  CHEVES      Brick Residence For Sale    A DESIRABLE BRICK RESIDENCE   nearly opposite Court house  in Mt     sterling  A great bargain  will be sold    cheap    Also several fine business rooms for rent       D  B  GARRISON    mj 21  tf Attorney and Agent      Stanford Journal  Messrs    Scott  Harrison   Co   who have  been boring for oil on the farm of  Mr  Wallace Vernon  on Green   river  struck it in paying qualities  last Monday at deptlb of 1 26 feet   The oil is of a very superior qual   ity and the proprietors think they  have a  big bonanza     Virginia will re establish the  whipping post July 1      From Wonder to Wonder    A Troy inventor will shortly take  out a patent for a cataphone  By  means of wires stretched along  back yard fences and house tops lie  conveys  with the aid of some sim   ple machinery  all concatenated cat   erwauls into an air tight barrel  By  mother simple contrivance the  sounds in the barrel can be  compressed  and can bo used  hi quantities for fire and  burglar alarms  The inventor pre   dicts that An  will give tiie boys  something that  vfll make Rome  bowl  in place of dangerous fire   crackers for Fourth of July ceTebra   tions  For blasting rocks he says it  is just the tiling    Are not spruce old bachelors the  evergreens of society     An old maid is a woman who has  been made for a long time      Life s Uncertainty    This mundane sphere is a mighty  uncertain sort of place  The bitter  and the sweet go hand in hand  and  you always strike an up grade when  you are in the biggest hurry   Wealth aud happiness seldom work  together in double harness  A con   tented mind is better than money  in a saving s bank  The rat can do  carpenter work in the palace of a  king  and the jaws of the virago  may vibrate in castles of granite   A couch of the lightest down may  support a heart heavy as home   made bread      Office Over Thomson   Gardner s Grocery  Corner Main A Maysville Streets      JEWELRY      Wool Cai  ding    H avoq put up a first class   CfirdiJiK machine in my factory at Jef   lersonville  1 am now ready to do carding  in first class style and at very reasonable  rates  I will card white wool at Sc per lb   Messrs  Chiles  Bean A Co will receive wool  for me at Cornwall Station and also at Mt     Sterling  All orders promptly attended to   mj l tt 51 W  F  CHESTER      SEEDS  SEEDS      J     UST RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF     MAX SEYBECK    PRACTICAL   Watchmaker   Jeweler    CLOCKS AND   MUSICAL BOXES REPAIRED    At Wittmau s Confectionery  one door east    of Mt  Sterling National Bank    all work guaranteed      Atol wprices      A  J  WYATT     MILLS      Accustom yourself to think vig   orously  Mental capital  like pecu   niary  to be worth anything  must  be well invested  must be rightly  adjusted and applied  and to this  end careful  deep and intense  thought is necessary if great results  are looked for  There is no such  thing as standing stiil in this world   Change is the eternal law of nature    Pity is about the meanest wish  that one can offer another  I had  rather have a ten dollar greenback  that had been torn in two twice and  pasted together than all the pity  there is on the upper side of the  earth  Pity is nothing more than a  quiet satisfaction that I am a great  deal better than you are  aud that I  intend to keep so    A man should be virtuous for his  own sake  though nobody were to  know it  as he would be clean for  his own sake  though nobody were  to see him      D  D  STEVENS    Contractor and Builder    MT  STERLING  KY    WOrk solIclt    d and promptly attend  HZ rx     aprll  tf   SADDLES AND HARNESS   THOMAS CLARK    MANUFACTURER OF       The Boss ZVIiller     c  m  slocum    Montgomery Mills   On Levee Pike  one mile from   MT  STERLING  KY    THURSDAY  FRIDAY   SATURDAY   Of each week we grind for customers  My  experience has been such that I am able   with present facilities  to guarantee satis   faction    Give me a call if you want the best and  most flour that can be made from a bushel     of wheat      se 2 tf     DRUCS  MEDICINES   C      NEW DRUG STORE      HOLLOWAY   WEST    I DRUGGISTS A PHARMACISTS j      AND DEALERS IN      Pure Drugs  Medicines  Chemicals    Paints  Oils  Putty  Glass    Fancy Articles and Fine Perfumeries         I AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT PERTAINS i  j TO THE DRUG BUSINESS              Cigars and Tobacco   Of the most celebrated brands  constantly on hand      Cooked on the Famous   EARLY BREAKFAST     EVERLASTING   STOVES AND RANGES   Manufactured by Redway   Burton  Cincinnati    For Simplicity In Management     For Cleanliness in Cooking     For Beauty of Design     For Smoothness of Castings and Elegance  of Finish     The   Early Breakfast  and  Everlasting  Stand Unrivalled    ASK  FOR  THEM    FOR SALE BY Hofifxxi a xi  MI  STERLING    Dealer in Stoves  Hardware  die      For Economy in Fuel     For Durability     For Capacity in Baking  Boiling  Broiling   and Roasting       mar 2 tf     MISCELLANEOUS    J  B  SELLERS      PHYSICIANS  PRESCRIPTIONS          Dr  J  H  West  a regular Graduate of Medicine and Pharmacy  will  give his personal and constant attention to the compounding of Pre   scriptions  day and night          SADDLES and HARNESS   Keeps on hand the celebrated  Spurgeon  Spring Pad Saddle   Also Collars  Bridles   and all other articles usually found In a  first class saddlery establishment  West  side Public Square  Mt  Sterling  Ky  all ly     C    i     l r   V N    i    ME V ALL YOU WH 0 LA   boron old  hard running and worth   less sewing machines  and I will give you  a I irst class  new Improved Light running  Singer at a greatly reduced price  My ma   chines are all new  with latest Improved    attachments  I have had Eight Years Ex      ng Machine business          v   attention to    RE    i iV URI    m i  chines   1   so keep the best  of needles  oils  attachments  and all parts    peitaining to the Siuger  y   Will trade for old machines of any kind   n   I am now located In L  D  Wilson s  store room  East Main street  Mt  Sterling    J  J  SOBERLY  Agent   Juel8 3m Singer Manufacturing Co      perience in the Sewing MacEine  business  and will pay especial att                    Why is a lady s foot like a loco   motive  Because it moves in ad   vance of a train      Time is money   of course it is  or  how could you  spend an evening       HUFF HOUSE    OVVINGSVILLE  KY    MIE travelling public and the communi   X ty at large arc respectfully informed  that in taking charge ot this popular house  I intend making it second to no hotel In  this section  with good fare  nice bed  and moderate charges  I respect ful ly ask a  largo share of public patronage   may7 tf JOHN IIUFF      T     M  J  POWER    HOUSE  SIGN and ORNAMENTAL  PAINTING    PAPER HANGING  GLAZING AND  DECORATING    Shop at James Grady s Shoe Store  opp   Bristow Hall  Maysville St   Mt  Sterling      CLGTHTNC    Assignee s Notice     W E need never make an assignment as long as we enjoy the full confidence of the  public and remain as popular as we are now  Ever since we have been established  in this city we have had the largest custom of any oae house here  and that is because     We Sell the Rest Goods for the Least Money    Because we endeavor to please and accommodate our customers  and because we do not   in order to make a sale  swear a garment fits when it doesn t    For this Spring and Summer our stock for men  boys and children surpasses our best  efforts in the past  We have   Never Kept a Better Selection of Clothing   And in variety  style  finish  workmanship and prices no one in Kentucky can compete  with us  We will be pleased to show you through    ONE PRICE CLOTHING HOUSE I   KAUFMAN  BERKLEY   WILSON     Successors to STRAUSS   Iv jtjFMAN     S3 IMIsiin  Street  H J errIrLg torr    P  S  We are agents for Wilson Brothers  the best Shirt Makers in America   take measures for shirts In white  colored  or any kind  and guarantee a perfect lit      Man     ITlf      63 Main street  Lexington     Next door to St  Nicholas Hotel     H as on hand a large and well    assorted stock of   Sprirrg   3 ood sI   Which will he made  up  to order  at New  York prices   Fits  guaranteed  m 9 3m     CARRIAGES   C    J M DOTY       WIINTEIS    J UST RECEIVED A NICE LOT OF PURE  Wines  such as   Rhine Wine   Port  Sherry   Claret  Sweet Catawba  and Kelly Island    ALSO   Some 5 year old Nelson Coun   ty Whisky and Apple  Brandy    Suitable for Medicinal Purposes    A  J  WYATT      Flo wers   F lo wers       MANUFACTURER OF   Carriages   Buggies   and Wagons    H AS opened a shop for the manufacture  of the above named vehicles  or anv   jinug in that line  He would be glad to  have a call a from his old friends for whom  he has done work in the past  satisfied that   he can give entire satisfaction in all of ids  uork  Work done cheaper than ever be   fore dreamed of for the cash      on  Loeust street  near Senleui s   Carriage shop  may9 fim     Hold the Fort      II rE are happy to say to the public that  we have again filled our Greenhouse  with choice   FLOWERS and PLANTS    Of all kinds  which we are offering at low  prices  We also HU baskets and vases and  make boquets to order  Please give us a   Mrs  Mary E  W aller    apr2 Agent for B  W  Sherrill      We     COAL      OuLrtice  2z Co    Livery  Feed  Sale   and Break Stables    Maysville St   bet  Main   Depot    MT  STERLING  KY    rZl S    f Su  y    u   aml Harness Horses   new Buggies and Hacks  Give us a call      NEW SHOP  NEW HANDS  NEW  MATERIAL  and the best  Work Guarranteed      COAL  COAL  COAL    Ca aaraLploell  3z     SUCCESSORS IT  DAVID PRYSE     Miners and Dealers in Coal    H AVING purchased the Celebrated Pryse Coal Mines  are now readv lo  i  ii        quantities to suit purchasers  the very best quality of bituminous c ml   r These  mines have been in operation for thirty years  and for mechanical ni V Yes  J    hese  stoves  this coal has no superior  i cuantcal pur l oses  grates or   We will sell cheap lor CASH  Give us a call at 0 ur office nenr Coal Road Depot      AIcKKIC S   NEW LIVERY STABLE   Opposite Colored Christian Church    MT  STERLING KENTUCKY    Handsome Buggies    AND    Splendid Riding and Driving Horse   Always on hand    r Feeding at Reduced  Bates  Give me a call    octSl tf   ICE  ICE    I    9_ as usual  this season      Ministers half price   apr2 lf     ASA BEAN      T  M  CLUXT0N   Has removed his carrige shop  to the  corner of Maysville and Locust streets   aud begs leave to announce to the public  that  with experienced workmen and the  best of material  he is fully prepared to do  all kinds of carriage  buggy and wagon  work and repairing  in the mast artistic  manner and always with a view to neat   ness  strength and durability  Satisfaction  fully guaranteed and prices extremely  moderate  A full line of Buggies  Car   riages  Ac   on sale  Mr  J  W  Yent  late of   Louisville  has charge of the painting de   partment  aud we take pleasure in stating  that his superior can not he found  We  cordially invite inspection of work am   prices  Respectfully      30 ly     T  M  CLUXTON       THE COUNTRY S CANVAS COLOSSUS   m T S BROTHERS  7 ELEPHANT GREAT EUROPEAN   XPOSITION     LAWYERS    RICHARD REID  HENRY L  STONE   REID   STONE    A ttorneys at law  Mt  sterling  Ky    Will practice In the counties of Mont      gomery  Batli  Nicholas  Clark and Bour   bon  and in the Court of Appeals  All bus   iness entrusted to them will receive prompt     mar26 ti      AND THE ONLY ONE ON EARTH    Which Tent Titan of the Times  will Exhibit  in all its over   shadowing and undivided  vastness      At Mount        Bringing a Stupendous Menagerie of Unfettered Mammoths  by Monster Special Trains  three Ponderous Locomotive Loads   of Rare Exotic Beasts and Birds     The ONE GREAT SEPARATE CIRCUS of the WORLD    on Sumptuous Palace Cars   alone owning and exhibiting a herd  of 7 ELEPHANTS  5 Performing BABY ELEPHANTS  in com   bined and simultaneous acts   the First and Only Pair of Nurs   ing TWIN BABY ELEPHANTS ever exhibited anywhere  and  to be seen nursing in the Arena  but 30 inches high and  less  than a year old      II  CLAY McKEE    ATTORNEY AT LAW   MT  STERLING  KY      A  B  WHITE    A ttorney at law  ml sterling  Ky    Practices In the Courts of Montgom   ery and adjoining counties and In the Court  of Appeals  Office over Reid   Stone s      JOHN JAY CORNELISON      TTORNEY AT LAW  Mt  Sterling  Ky   t _ Prompt attention to all business   Cases in Bankruptcy a specialty  Office     opposite Court house      aprll     W  W  McGUIRE    C OUNTY ATTORNEY  Jackson  Breath   ltt County  Ky  Practices in tin  coun   ties of Lee  Wolfe and Breathitt  iftf Real  Estate agency a specialty  and Collections  promptly attended to    julyl8 tf     TINWARE   C    0 0 TO     Foi  ITo uir   Tin Work    Tin and Sheet Iron Ware   Tin Glittering    Tin and Sheet Iron Roofing             Tin Pipes    Sheet Iron Pipes   Elbows   Lightning Rods      M  S  TYLER      J  II  HAZKLRIGG      TYLER   HAZELRIGG    A TTORNEYS AT LAW  Mt Sterling  Ky  Real Estate Agents and Solicitors o  Patents  Collections attended to and re   mittances made promptly  Office opposite  Court house      H  T  DERICKSON    A ttorney at law  Stanton  Powell   county  Ky  Collections attended to  and remittances promptly made  All busi   ness entrusted to me will receive prompt  attention      J  W  HOWARD    A ttorney and counselor at   LAW  Jackson  Breathitt county  Ky   Will practice law in the counties of Breath   itt  Magoffin  Perry and Harlan and in the  Court of Appeals  Prompt attention given  to collections      A     R  S  CHEVES    TTORNEY AT LAW  Mt  Sterling  Ky  Office in the Democrat office      TRAVEL    atari t is a  fac r r   THAT THE   ttsii   IS THE BEST LINE   BETWEEN   Cincinnati or Louisville anil St  Louis     a re     AND THE   AT  V     EST I     A Living Elephant Borne High Aloft  Through the Public Streets    A  22 000 Two Horned Black Rhinoceros  the only one   ever Imported     The Only Living Horned Horse of Ethiopia     TI b e Only iEIEercL of  T Nxre lve Oa DOO els I  A Marine Aquarium of Deep Sea Marvels        rpHE Great advantages which tins Line  I offers to all classes of Passengers can  not be equalled    IT IS THE ONLY LINE running its en   tire trains from Cincinnati or Louisville to  St  Louis without change of Passengers and   rris TlIK ONLY LINE running Parlor  and Sleeping Cars from Cincinnati or Lou   isville to St  Louis    IT IS THE ONLY LINE by which all  classes of Passengers are carried through  from Cincinnati or Louisville to St  Louis  without change of Cars    IT IS THE ONLY LINE between Cincin   nati or Louisville and St  Louis by which  families moving to the West are not com   pelled to change cars at midnight    Its Trains are always on Time  Its  Equipment is First  Class     All Trains are run Into the   UXIOX DEPOT  ST  LOUIS    Where direct connection is made with all  Lines for all Points in   Texas and the Great West    TL Irnlo By this Line cun be procured  I 1  Hi IN at all principal offices in lire  East and at the Company s Offices in Cin   cinnati  No   i Burnet House  No  21 Public  Landing  Urand Hotel  and Depot  foot of  Mill street  or Cor  Kourlli and Main street  Depot  Cor  11th and Main  Louisville  Ky    Eor any information regarding Hates   Routes   c   call on or address any of the  following Agents    W S  McCIIl  SN E V  Jr   Passenger Agent   Lexington  Ky    C  W  PARIS  Agent  No  3 Bnruot House   CiucinmRi  Ohio      Wvii n   i v    A        L  uiav  lie  Ky   C  S  CONE  Jr   W   V  PEABODY    Uen l Ticket Agenf  Oen t Sup t      A Thronged and Brilliant Aviary  a Wonder Congress of Liv   ing Human Miracles      S ciL      THE ALADDIN ARENA OF THE UNIVERSE    One Hundred Peerless Principal Performers    A GREAT CIRCUS OP NEW AND FAMOUS FACES        EACH MORNING  ABO I T 9 TO 10 O CLOCK    F K STlS TO   Many Times More Show for Nothing than Any Other Show  Charges Full Prices to See  in   ft Mightiest and Most Maeiflceit  AMsement Pageant of Any Age     Fora full description of which see the Great Emopoan Illustrated   News      I make no leaky  roofs    guttering does not  blow down      mv     Re      All kinds of Tinware  paired  neat and nice   Old Roofs and Gutters Re   paired and warranted  Contractors and Builders  should see me before clos   ng contracts elsewhere for  tin work    SEE SWINGING SIGN    MAIN STREET  MT  STERLING      SEWING MACHINES       17  0   Personally       UNDERTAKING       WHOLESALE AND RETAIL      STEE  30X7X3 3     OP ALL QUALITIES  AND TO SUIT ALL ACES  AND SEXES      Wood and Metallic   coma s       AND      Made and Trimmed to Order      Cincinnati Southern Railway Co    SUMMER SCHEDULE    In effect April 28  1878      IFL  T_ SMITH   Will superintend the Undertaking Depart   ment  and when requested will   Embalm or Preserve the lead    Free from odor or decomposition      Hearse and Carriages     Furnished to attend Funerals in this and  a ljoini    roiuitiis  Terms ivasii Lille and  M tt t fr   tt tn          TRAINS SOUTH BOUND      STATIONS      INo  7Kx l No  J I No  1  press  Danville iMallEx     Ac d n    pn ss      Lv Cincinnati       Lv Ludlow I 8 10 pm   Lv Walton  1        12    Lv Williamst n 10 57    Lv Georgetown 1 36 am   Ar Lexington      Lv Lexington 2  Lv N icholasv e  Lv H h Bridg 3    Ar Burgin   Lv Burgin   Lv Harsb g J 5    Lv Danville   Lv Dan June  6    Lv King s M n     Ar Somerset        4 28   4 31   5 00   5 21   6 52  8 40     3 55 pm  j 7 35 am     4 05   4 50   5 30  0 51  7 17  7 20   7 49   8 14   8 29   8 32  8 18   9 00     45  I 8 27     I n 10     10 29     10 66     I I oo     11 28    L152      12 05 pm    30     12 33    12 55     1 10           3 05       1 and 2 connect with L   C    L  R  R    3 Kentucky River Bridge    1 connect with stages for Harrodsbqrg    5 connect with S  W  R y for Harrodsburg    6 connect with L   N  A G  S  R  R    No  1 and No  2 stop at Burgin for dinner      TRAINS NORTH BOUND      STATIONS      No  2  Mail Ex   press      No  4 I No  8  Mail Ac   Stock  c in d tn  Ex press         The superb imported ENGLISH  TALLY HO  MAIL COACH  drawn by six thoroughbred English Road   sters  with its full liveried  Whip  and Guards  and employed to transport the Great European s performers to  and from the principal hotels  is another entire novelty that will attract much attention    One FIFTY CENT TICKET   Children Kinder 9 years  25  Cents   admitting to every department of the most gigantic em   bodiment of Natural Object teaching and Moral Amusement  either Hemisphere has ever known    The Pulpit Press and People Indorsed Family Field Show of America    MERITING THE PATRONAGE OF THE MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS OF OUR LAND  and  EXHIBITING FAR MORE THAN CATV POSSILY RE ADVERTISED      Ar Cincinnati      Ar Ludlow   Ar Walton   Ar Williamst n  Ar Georgetown  Lv Lexington     Ar Lexington     Ar Nicholasv le  Ar High Bridge   Lv Burgin   Ar Burgin       Ar Hardsb g lu  Lv Danville     Ar Danville     Ar Danville Ju   Ar King s Mt n  Ar Somerset     6 15 pm 1 11 25 am   6 05   1115 4i     5 27   10 35   I   4 14     9 50       8 25     8 33   2 57   8 05   2 52     8 01   30  06     5 40 am  4 19     3 00     12 35       1140    10 48    9 55       12 55  12 48  11 48  10 45     6 51  6 48     0 32  6 20     WM  REESE    THE JEWELER   Mt  Sterling  Ky       Direct connection made at Cincinnati  with all roads North  East and West    EDWARD P  WILSON   Sup t and Gen l Ticket Agent   marl9 lm     LOUISVILLE   LEXINGTON   Short Line Railway     The People s Favorite   E     M R ST  LOUIS  KANSAS CITY  the  WEST and SOUTHWEST       Time Table in effect May 12  1878    W E STWAKD      trains  1 No  22    Leave 8  Mt  Sterling 7 ou am     Leave 7  Winchester   Arrive 6  Lexington      Leave 6  Lexington       Leave 5  Payne s   Leave 4  Midway   Leave 3  Frankfort       Leave 2  Lagrange   Arrive 1  Louisville      Arrive St  Louis   Arrive Kansas City        No  12    1 45 a in   2 25 pm  1 15       8 23   10 00     No  i      6 15 am  i 25 pm  6 43   1 53     6 52   i 2 02     7 41   2 51     9 23   4 35     10 45   6 00     7 10 am   1 10 15 pm     Doors Open at 1 and 7 P  M    Performances in the Grand Arena  commencing one hour later       KASTWA RD      TRAINS    Leave 1  Louisville   Leave 2  Lagrange   Leave 3  Frankfort   Leave 4  Midway   Leave 5  Payne s   Arrive 6  Lexington         Leave C  Lexington   Arrive 7  Winchester     Arrive 8  Mi  Sterling       No  9    6 00 am   7 22     9 07     9 52     10 00     10 20    No  21    3 00 pm   4 37     6 00       No  11   2 80 pm     7 05 pm   7 53     8 35       Exclusive agent for the     Rockford  Watch Co    i This is one of the most cel   brated American watches made   for dura   bility  cheapness and accuracy in time   they cannofbe equaled    The handsomest assortment   f     Fine Watches    Fine Clocks    Fine Jewelry      AMD     Fine Silver and Silver Plated Ware   That can be found in Eastern  Kentucky    Call and see the new and handsome stock      IREF  IULIlSrC    Done in the host manner  and warranted   oct25 tf     Gir limy    n       INSURANCE      Insurance      BY      CONNECTIONS    1 with all lines West and South    2 with Short Line lor Cincinnati and the  East    3 with stage for Lawrenceburg and Sal   visa    4 with stage for Versailles    5 with stage for Georgetown    6 with Kentucky Central and Cincinnati  Southern Railroads     s wRh stage for Owiftgsvlile         AES      This is the shortest route from   LEXINGTON TO ST  LOUIS    AND ALL POINTS WEST    And the only all rail route to   Mville  Mcamtiis  Little Rock   Texas      Before purchasing your tickets  call on or  write to   A  Ti  PARKER  Agent    Mt  Sterling    W  W  MONROE  Agent    Lexington      J  P  MclLVAiN  Agent    W in Chester   E  P  BRYAN  Agent    Frankfort    Or S  S  PARKER      General Pass  and Ticket Agent  Louisville   for further information        LEXINGTON  TUESDAY  JULY 16  1878      a week in your own town  35 outfit  fr k   No risk  Reader  if you want  a business at which persons of either  sex can make great pay all the time they  work  write for particulars t  HAL   LET   CO   Portland  Maine      Henry Jones  Jr     Office over Mt  Sterling National Panic      Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company   assets over  31 000 000    Phoenix of Hartford  cash assets   2 486 194 16     Fire Association of Philadelphia    1 600            Queen of Liverpool and London   o     I also represent  in connection with C   Glover  the following       Home  of New York  assets over s     Hartford  of Hartford  assets over  3     iii Pi      Henry Jones  Jr       THE DEMOCRAT      MT  STERLING  KY      TUESDAY  JULY 9  1878       WHITIIER TENDING V     An Oral ion Delivered June 12   i  1878  at I  Kentucky Classical and Business Col l eye     North MkhUAown  Ky    by CHARLES W       NMjfini    woioo     p  L  Reese    GENERAL AGENT   Mt  Sti lin    K v           Man  made in the image of God  himself  and possessed as he is of a  rationality superior in so great a  measure to the remainder of the liv   ing world  undoubtedly was created  for the accomplishment of a great  and noble end  Since God in his in   finite wisdom and greatness has  chosen to instill within man those  principles which tend to make him  the greatest of all earthly beings   doubtless  nay  I may say with cer   tainty  that from even this one fact  alone  it is evident that upon man  devolves the highest duty of prais   ing the name and obeying the laws  of the Divine Creator  Man pos   sesses a conscience  a knowledge of  right and wrong  and will therefore  be held responsible for the deeds  done on earth  And how many of  us realize the full amount of respon   sibility resting upon us  Do we  constantly keep in mind the fact  that on the last great day we will all  be judged at the bar of Christ  And  on that day how many will be  doomed to hear the fatal words    Depart  thou art not tit to enter  the kingdom of God   Now that  characteristic of man which we call  life is something that we can not  understand  It is as much an enig   ma to the learned man as it is to  most ignorant  We know that we  live  that we possess animation   while the earth  for instance  is in   animate  lifeless  yet the greatest  philosopher that ever lived could  not fully explain the difference be   tween ourselves and so much clay   lie could only say life existed in the  one instance  while in the other it  did not  Yet undoubtedly he could  not advance one step farther in ex   plaining the nature of that differ   ence  life  Thus we see that strictly   speaking  we are entirely ignorant  of that property without which we  are but as tlie dust of the earth    Yet 1 am deverging from my sub   ject and must hasten to return    Life as I have already stated was  given to man by God  and it re   mains with him to determine as to  how he shall use it  By pursuing  one course he can make it a bless   ing for both time and eternity  By  pursuing another he can make a  curse  If lie is true to bis own con   science and his God  earth s richest  blessings and eternity s joys will be  his reward  and when after living a  dutiful life upon earth he is called  upon to die  it is with eagerness that  he approaches the Valley of Death   Yes  Death will come for him as  well as for all  but his blighting  touch can only sting the body  while  the immortal soul  freed of its earthly  fetters  quickly wings its flight to  that upper home  and there robed  in its garments of white  the lining  type of innocence and purity  can it  add another to the many voices  sending forth songs ot praise to  God s immortal name  There hilled  rest by the softly murmuring  waters of the River of Life  can the  soul find sweet  sweet peace  But  what will be his reward who stills  the voice of conscience and lets the  baser passions rule the inner man   Disgrace and ruin set their seals up   on bis brow for both time and eter   nity  And when Death comes to  claim his own  the spirit with a  piercing shriek of wild dispair sinks  down  down  into the lowest depths  of hell  To happiness and joy a  last farewell  Oh   misery and  death  when do thy horrors cease     Is there no rest  What saith that  voice which from the darkpess  greets his ear   Ah   fatal answer   hope is gone   As you have sown so  must you reap  You have chosen  hell  now taste of its sweet rewards    Yes  each of us is possessed of an  mmortal soul for which  by our  own actions  we can secure ever   isting peace or never ending woe   My friends  what pathway have we  chosen   Shall we behold at the  end of our journey through life the  bright and sparkling fountains of  the upper world or the dark and  turbid waters of the seething   Styx    Young men  beware   Life s sweetest roses are now bloom   ing for you  Soon  perchance they  will wither and leave in their stead  the pricking thorns  Although the  cup of sorrow may never yet have  touched your lips  yet the time may  come when you will drain it to the  dregs  Judge not of the future by  the past  forr en as the foe unlooked  for steals upon us in the night  so  doth misfortune  hidden by the vail  of the future  burst upon our eight   Of those whose forms once straight  and sinewy  now are bent by Time s  remorseless hand  whose heads are  covered witli the hoary frost of age   would I ask the question   Whither  are you tending  Do  you look for   ward to the coming end with noth   ing of regret   Has your pathway  through life been lighted by the  lamps of Goodnessand Honor  Has  the light of Goodness and Honor  been but a good figure reflected on  your pathway through life  Let us  hope that life has been a blessing  not only to yourselves but also   to  those around you  and that a higher  than earthly hand will bestow upon  you the reward ot loyal faithfulness    And now of those whose friendship  I have so eagerly sought to win  to  whom I feel that I could safely turn  and find a welcoming smile and a  place within their midst  though  looked upon with   corn ful eyes by  a haughty and unpitying world  to  whom I feel bound by ties sostron  at least with myself  that the shocks  of coining years can not suffice to  break them in twain  Yes  of you  schoolmates  would I especially ask   Whither are you Tending  Yon  have launched your frail barks on  life s tempestuous sea  and are now  sailing swiftly o er its troubled wa   ters  lire long the winds will waft  you to another shore  Beware lest  you should strike the fatal rocks   which give no warning of their  dreaded presence till you find your   self a lost and ruined being  But  during life  tis yours to play a part   Oh    play  it well  Let noit the vain  allurements of a Worldly life delude  you by their all too fascinating pow      ers  Make truth and honor kings  within your breast  and let them  rule your lives   Beevertrue unto  yourselves and it will follow  as  naturally a  lhe night does the day   thou can st not then Ire false to any  man   Fill while you may the  store house of your minds  the  knowledge garnered there will  prove a never yielding stay in time  to come  Mark out a pathway for  yourselves  and when you once have  chosen  so it be a good one  swerve  not from it for the void of friend or  foe  Heed not the taunting laugh   ter of the worldly  those who judge  the man by outward looks alone   however so hideous be the heart  within  And should you for a mo   ment think that no one cares what  progress you may make  if those  about you care not whether you  may rise or fall  remember that at  home  the dearest spot on earth   where childhood s happy days were  spent  when care free you were  wont to roam about the fields  con   tent to stay within that little world  which you might call your own   yes  think that there are those  whose hearts are here without you   whom you can cause to look upon  you with delight  or blush to bear  the mention of your name  And  especially if a mother stands amidst  that throng  think not that all your  friends are gone  For often times   when midnight s solemn hour has  come and other eyes are closed in  sleep  that mother lies upon a sleep   less couch thinking of and anxious  for the welfare of her child so far  away   Tis in your power to bless  or curse her life  She sympathizes  with you in your troubles or rejoices  with you when your heart is glad   Other friends may scorn you  broth   ers  sisters  even fathers cast all love  for you from out their hearts  send  you even as a thief from all that  makes life dear  but never till her  pulses cease to beat  will your moth   er cease to be a friend  never will  she send you out alone to battle  with the world  No  mother love  is such as none but mothers ever  know  Then I entreat you  by all  the sacred pieinory of her name  to  make yourselves as shining lights  unto the world  1 am glad to feel  that I can count myself as one  among your band  Let us make  our fight a never ending contest  with the evils of our lives  Surely  we will conquer in the end  Proud   ly will our banners wave where  once the flag of ruin showed its  colors  Then shall we no longer  hesitate to shout aloud unto the  world that   We are quickly tending thither    To that land of peace and love    Where the flowers never wither    Far beyond the skies above      A Woman With two Tongues    Mrs  Sallie J  H  Beatty  writing  from New York to the Louisville  Commercial  over the signature of   Latona   gives the following dis   eription of the latest monstrosity    What more can a fond mother  ask for  And  by the way  this  two headed  two bodied  four armed  and two legged freak of nature  takes all the shine off the Siamese  twins  Below the hips the Irenk    I can t say twins  is one    The two bodies are perfect and  distinct beings  having different  ideas  wishes  cravings  etc   one  will sleep while the other is awake   nd as to eating  or rather nursing   they  or it  being only seven  months old  why any hour of the  day or night matters little  This  must he rather inconvenient for its   mother  but then it amuses the   what  Wonder how it will under   go  if it lives to womanhood  a mis   cellaneous courting  and if it mar   ries  which husband will be the  happy proprietor   There s the con   nundrum of the age    A Cheerful Wife    What a blessing to a household is  a merry  cheerful woman   one  whose spirits are not affected by  wet days or little disappointments    one whose milk of human kind   ness does not grow sour in the sun   shine of prosperity  Such a woman   in the darkest hours  brightens the  house like a piece  of sunshiny  weather  The magnetism of her  smiles and the electrical brightness  of her looks and movements infect  every one  The children go to  school with the sense of something  great to be achieved  the husband  goes into the world in a conqueror s  spirit  No matter how people an   noy and worry him through the  day  far off her presence shines  and  he whispers to himself   At home  I shall And rest   So day by day  she literally renews his strength  and energy  And  if you know a  man with a beaming face  a kind  heart  and a prosperous business  in  nine cases out of ten you will And  he has a wife of this kind      Courtesy in Traveling    Nowhere is well bred courtesy  or  the lack of it  more observable than  in traveling  On the steamboat  or  in the cars  the quiet observer easi   ly detects those who have been edu   cated under refined influences  or  those who  without special cultiva   tion  are possessed of native polite   ness  It is not education alone  nor  wealth  nor high social standing   nor costly trappings  that makes one  a pleasant traveling companion   There must exist a kindness of feel   ing toward strangers  a general rec   ognition of equal rights in the com   forts and conveniences provided for  the public  and a quickened discern   ment of the needs of others  Sum   mer journeying in crowded boats  and cars is a test of both patience  and politeness  Thrice happy they  who pass nobly through it  for the  comfort of companions  and the  reputation of poor human nature in  general        Don t Be a Loafer    Young man  don t be a loafer   don t keep company with loafers   don t hang about loa furs  places   i letter work for nothing than sit        und day after day with your  hands in your pockets  Tt is bettor  for your health  it is better for your  reputation  Bustle about if you  mean to have anything to hustle  for  Many a lawyer has got a pay   ing client by working for a poou   man who could not pay  Marrrtt  a poor doctor has got it good prac   tice by attending closely to a poor  one  Such  is the world   to him  that hath shall be given  Quit  dreaming and complaining  keep  busy  and mind your chances                    the democrat      XT  STERLING  KY   TUESDAY  JULY 9  1878    I  im   aa  yawnnn  a  sa   ilbljiii    CONGRESSIONAL CONVICTION    By virtue of the authors   vested  in me as Chairman of tho Demo   cratic Committee of the Ninth Con   gressional District  a Convention is  hereby called to meet in Beatty   ville  Lee county  on Thursday   August 15  18 8  for the purpose or  nominating a candidate to represent  said District in the Forty sixth Con   gress    It is suggested that the various  counties select their delegates  promptly and provide for a full rep  rcsentation either by delegates of  by reliable proxies    RICHARD REID  Chairman   Dem  Com  Ninth Congressional District    J H110 22  ISIS      Mass Convention    The Democrats of this county are  requested to meet at the Court   house in Mt  Sterling  Kentucky  at li o clock  p  M   on Monday  July  loth  1878  to select delegates to at   tend the Congressional Convention  to be hold at Beattyville on August  10  1878    By order of tho Committee    J  H  IIAZELRIGO  Chairman  Democratic County Committee      THE KENTUCKY SENTINEL    Politically n Frand IU  Modeller      Editor a     The Democracy of the Sentinel  man has always been a question  of dispute  and while various  charges now stand against him as  to his fidelity to his party he  seeks refuge in the thought of  implicating the Democrat  under  the plea of not supporting the  Hon  Thomas Turner  The best  evidence of  a man s incapacity to  discharge the duties of the pro  fession he assumes is the fact that  he tries to attend to the work and  dictate the policy of others  The  Sentinel  a paper of eleven years  standing  by its incompetency  and non fulfillment of a mission  that never satisfied an intelligent  public  owing to the weakness of  the upper story of its editor  and his known proclivities and  desires to sell to all Republican  caucusses  allowed a paper to  spring up in its own domain and  carry the palm of success to vic   tory  which shows the relative  merits of the Democrat over the  Sentinel so plainly that bank   ruptcy hovers over the domain of  the latter while prosperity and  wealth spreads its proud sail over  the future of the former    We had intended to treat the  editorial in the last Sentinel re   flecting upon the policy of the  Democrat with silent contempt   but numerous friends have de   manded that we should notice the  same with boldness  and we there   fore make a short review in justi   fication of the position we have  always occupied    Sometime since we answered  an article in the Sentinel that was  contemptible in its nature  givings  as we believed  a clear and con   cise view of the position we occu   pied  and further repeated the  same views in our last issue as to  our independence in journalism  and not being wedded to the in    terests of any one man  and we  think it now superfluous to reit   erate the same  We have no  apologies to make to the Sentinel  man nor to the Hon  Thomas  Turner and his friends  We claim  to be independent and privileged  as to a selection and have as  much right to our choice as any  freeman in the district  Had wg  ever put ourselves in a position to  sell out then our anxiety to re  claim our fidelity to Democracy  would no doubt have engendered  a cowardice that has always char   acterized the Sentinel man  who  ever looks more for spoils than  he does for principle    It is not all gold that glitters   When two years ago we gave our  time and talent to secure the elec   tion of Turner  this same Sentinel  man scouted the idea of success     cause we do not say as much for  Turner as he and his friends de   sire  We are under no obliga   tions to Turner or the Sentinel  man  we have made our paper a  success on principle  and not from  policy  Our reasons for non   indorsement are best known to  ourselves    His introduction of fifty bills in  Congress and not securing the  passage of one of them is no evi   dence to us that he is superior in  representative qualities  but  proves  to the contrary  what we  have repeatedly heard to be a  fact  if he remained in Congress  a thousand years he would kill  every measure he proposed  like  he has always done at home   by  talking it to death  We have  made no efforts  public or private   to secure his defeat  We have  no interest in any man  We stand  non committal  The fight for the  nomination is a family fight  Whoever secures the endorse   ment of the party we will stand  by  The insinuations of the Sen   tinel man relative to our position  are false  and he knew it was a  libel when he uttered it  We  have never signified a desire for  the nomination  but when accost   ed about it fefused positively to  allow our name to be used in the  canvass  We wash our hands  again of this dirty inuendo  and  leave an intelligent public to de   cide as to the honesty between  the two      BOURBON BULLETIN      KI ITUI  BY SAM T  IM I Y VS      BATH COUNTY      and openly opposed Turner  say  ing that he was not competent to  represent our district  Now he  turns   as all traitors do   and rep   resents him  not as a matter of  principle  but from policy  as the  personification of all that is good  and great  This policy may   have some effect where Garrett is  not known  but at home it falls  like the tear of Dido on the ruth   less wave of the Mediterranean    produced not from love  but  a desire to be made fa   mous by overriding the char   acter of others when his   own incompetency would not  succeed    We have borne much  and   would not resort to such plain  talk if we did not know that Gar   rett would sell to the first popular  breeze that wafted  in his wake    In the editorial alluded to the  Sentinel is over anxious  to  make it appear that the   Democrat is opposed to Tur   ner and the Sentinel extremely  anxjfrms for his snccess  Why is  tjsris public array of devotion to  Turner   It is nothing more than  a stroke of policy  hoping there   by that such a course will give it  eclat and cast reflection on us be      Peeled Oak  June 30th  1878   Correspondence of the Democrat    The farmers are through harvest   ing and report crops good    Misses Carrie Savage and Isa  Orea  of Mt  Sterling  are visiting  Miss Sallie Walker    A party of twelve or fourteen  ladies and gentlemen from this place  and vicinity made an excursion to  Carrington s Rock last Saturday   But from the hot and tired looks of  the party  we infer that the ascent  of the Mount was rather hot with  the thermometer standing at 94  in  the shade    Mr  Robt  Botts  of Texas  is vis  iting relatives near here    Your correspondent  in company  with A  S  Orear   Gabe  attended  the closing exercises of the school  taught near here by Mrs  Mattie  Hazelrigg  We have not the space  to make personal mention of each  of the actors  but say that each and  every one performed his and her  part in an excellent manner    Your correspondent desires to re   turn his heart felt thanks to the  family of Dr  Henry Walker for  many favors shown himself and  friend while in Bath county    Pete      SH arpsburg   Juno 29  1878   Correspondence of the Democrat    It is said we are going to have a  fair  The ladies have no vote    Misses Clara McAllister and  Mary Goodloe have returned from  school at Flemingsburg    Misses Rose Alexander  Lula  Kenner and Jennie Atkinson  of  Flemingsburg  are visiting Mrs   Waller Allen    Col  Edgar  of Paris  candidate for  Superintendent of Public Instruc   tion  was in town last week mixing  with the dear people    Dr  William Moffatt has opened  dental office at this place    Mrs  Captain Neal  of Lexington   and Misses Alma Smith  of Rich   mond  Jennie Atchison  of Mt   Sterling  Alma Craigg  of Danville   are the guests of Rev  W  O  Good   loe      North Middletown  July 8  1878    The types made me say last  week that  Messrs  Bedford   Kennedy   Ferguson were finan   cially embarrassed   It should  have read   Bedford  Kennedy    Ferguson are now the largest  shippers of Eastern cattle in our  State   This correction is due  to the gentlemen composing this  popular firm  as they are well  known to be prompt and sound  to the core    We have seen a letter from an  official source which states cm  phatically that the new laws reg   ulating tolls   c    on turnpikes  applies to all turnpikes   whether  chartered prior to 1856 or not  ex   cept a few roads whose charters  were granted during the last ses  sion of our Legislature  It would  be well for the officers of turn   pikes to note this  as there seems  to be considerable difference of  opinion regarding the matter    Some naughty thief  being dis   satisfied with the results of the  foreign Peace Congress  stole on  Monday night last 26 turkeys  from Mr  R  M  Rice  near this  place  They will probably be  returned when the thief discovers  that Mr  Rice was cautious  enough to mark each fowl    Detective Jerry Reid  of Cov  ington  assisted by Thomas Dil  Ion and Constable Jim Taylor  of  Paris  and Constable W  F  Simp   son and Marshal T  P  Gaitskill   of this place  arrested on Tuesday  night last  near this town  Mr   Wm  Freeman and his two sons   Richard and Thomas  charged  with attempting to assassinate  Mr  James Hedges some time  since  The prisoners were taken  to the Lexington jail on account  of our jail being still unfinished   and their trial set for Tuesday  next  By the by  we learn from  an authentic source that the con   tractor agreed to finish the Bour   bon jail within ninety days from  the commencement of the work   but now asks forty days addi   tional  Our magistrates will  probably grant the extension at  their meeting to day    Mr  Thomas Greene  the pop   ular live stock dealer of Coving   ton  has secured the services of  our handsome friend  Newton  Beall  Esq   to officiate princi   pally in this section in buying and  shipping stock for the Covington  house  Mr  Beall will remain in  this work until the 1st of January   at which time he will enter upon  his duties as Deputy Sheriff of  this county under Mr  Charles  Talbott  Sheriff   Mr  Beall re   ceiving one third of the proceeds  of the office    We regret to learn of the ill   ness of our good friend  Mrs   Amanda Massie  formerly of this  place but now living with the  family of Dr  J  T  McMillan  of  Paris  Ky  We wish her a speedy     tic  cussedness    that may now be  indulged in will be duly charged  to Brother Blanks  We learn  that he was quite sick on his ar   rival here  hence the disappoint   ment    Our worthy poet laureate  Mr   M  B  Talbott  was the proud  and happy recipient  a few days  since of a beautiful boquet of  flowers from his dear little friend   Miss Lottie Rogers  of your city   who has been attending Kentucky  Classical and Business College  at  this place  but who has now gone  to Missouri  Of course his poet   ic nature broke forth and he  put  it  thusly  which wc think about  correct       THE GREAT RACE      TO LOTTIE    Dear little girl  your flowers so sweet   Gavo mo fondest pleasure     For  oh    tis sweet to have a friend    Who will your meni ry treasure    As In the land  far from your home    Your footstep pressetli gladly    Remember  dear  the friends at home   Who miss your presence sadly    Mr  Len Bush has been buying  up a few cattle in this neighbor   hood weighing from 1 200 to 1 300  pounds  at  4 40 per cwt  He  also bought a few extra yearlings  from Mr  W  H  Settles at  4 00  per cwt  Two year old cattle are  offering at  4 25  but no buyers    Farmers are busy threshing  their wheat and rushing it into  market  The price remains about  the same as last week  70 cents  per bushel  delivered in Paris    Several of our circus loving citi   zens speak of attending  Sells   Seven Elephant Show  in your  city on the 15th  but they want  to know before hand if the report  is true that these elephants can  stand on their tails    Captain Shuck Whittaker  of  your city  made us a short call on  Wednesday last  and we found  him as jovial as ever and still la   boring under the fond delusion  that he has the best garden any   where around    Mr  Nat  Saunder  of the Cole   man House  Mt  Sterling  visited  our town on Friday last    Judge H  Clay McKee accom   panied by the Grand Mogul of  the Mt  Sterling Democrat made  us a very pleasant visit on Sun   day last  Chicken was scarce   but by salting it heavily we had  enough to go around    Dr  Bennett E  Bean  one of  our leading physicians  showed  me to day an Irish potato of last  year s growth  with a young po   tato  the size of large marble   growing on the inside of it  The  old potato had rotted and a sprout  from the new one had grown  through it  I thought it a great  curiosity  but the Doctor informs  us tltat lie saw one  like it last  year      Ten Broeck Mollie McCarthy    KENTUCKY STIC I  AIIEAI     The four mile race in Louisville  on the Fourth between Ten Broeek   the King of the Turf  and Mollie  McCarthy  the Queen of the Pacific  Slope  was the great event of the  West  and elicited more feeling and  interest than any epoch in turf his   tory  It was estimated that be   tween 30 000 and 40 000 people wit   nessed the race  We give below a  report from the Cincinnati Enquirer   The day broke dear and fine  and  as early as seven o clock   THE EXODUS TO THE RACE COURSE   began  The crowd went in trains   on horse cars  in carriages  in wag   ons of all conceivable kinds and de   scriptions  and every street leading  to the track was filled with them   By nine o clock the sun was shining  with fearful fervor  and the ther   mometer indicated that the mercu   ry was above ninety in the shade   It made no diffeence to the crowd   At high noon fully fifteen thousand  people had passed through the gates  of the course  and they filled the  grand staud  the common stand and  the quarter stretch  until it looked  as though no more people could be  put in them except with a press    and still they kept coming    EVERY GRADE AND CONDITION OF  LIFE   Was represented in the throng      not provent it  either iierc or at tire  three quarter pole  Coming down  the quarter stretch  Ten Broeek was     WOLFE COUNTY      Your correspondent had the pleas  ure of being present at the closing  exercises of Rev  J  P  Hendrick s  high school   Kalamount   Flem   ingsburg  on Thursday evening   June 27th  The programme con   sisted in orations  declamations  de   bates  essays  select readings and  music  The exercises were opened  with a song by the school   March   ing Home   Miss Lizzie Hendrick  officiating as organist  Next in  order came short speeches by the  little girls and boys  Orations were  delivered by Masters Luther Moore   Jack Babbitt  John Moore  Gordon  Smoot  Ed  Fant  Huston Barnes  and Paul Hendrick  Essays were  read by Misses Maria Wilson   sub   jecT   Wait Maggie Ross   Home  Influence  Clara McAllister   Pleas   ures of Youth   Mary Goodloe   Old Times   Ida Chapman    Sil   ver Threads   Nellie Hendrick    Water   Nannie Vansant   Dream  of Life in Kentucky    Lena Ash   ton   What I Know of Parting    Tiie reading of these essays gave  evidence of much care and study in  their preparation  and most of them  were read in a clear and distinct  tone of voice  Selections were read  by Ollie Hall  Lida Cooper  Mary  Goodloe  and others  Among those  who deserve special mention in  reading are Ollie Hall  Nellie Hen   drick  Mary Goodloe and Clara  McAllister  The music was very  good considering it was improvised  for the occasion after the audience  had assembled  The Flemingsburg  string band was expected to be  present  but for some reason did not  put in its appearance  A closing  song was sung by the school   Af   ter Toil Cometh Rest   The pupils  were highly complimented by the  Principal for their good deportment  and application to their studies dur   ing the past year  The school is  principally a female school  but a  few boys of good behavior and with  feminine voices are admitted  Mr   Hendrick is an educator of recog   nized ability and experience and  deserves a liberal patronage  The  next term commences the first of  September  A number of the young  ladies departed for home Friday  morning with tears in their eyes     Y hether those tears were distilled  for joy or sorrow deponeth saith not    Flemingsburg is a charming little  town of eight hundred or one thou   sand inhabitants  a half century or  more old  and as it is now a railroad  town there is ho reason why it  should not increase in wealth and  population  Leo      Daysborocgh  June 23  1878   Correspondence of the Democrat    A very heavy rain visited this  place last Sunday  washing away  fences and causing much damage  to the wheat and other crops  which  before the rain looked splendidly   Mr  Scott Johnson  who has been  recovery and an early return to to the mineral springs at H  Swan   her friends at this place  go s for the benefit of his health    Mrs  Fannie Davis  of Win   if ret   rned    hi f om e in Breath   fifld          dt county  where he intends teach    held  Kansas  who has been visit  ing school    ing her father  Maj  P  J  Sea  Mr  N  H  Sally has been ill for  mands  near this village  for some several days  but we are glad to say  time  is now visiting Mrs  Mary 13 convalescin g   Reid  of Montgomery county  10   rs  Davis will return to her Married  at the residence of Wm   Kansas home in a few weeks  but Combs  by Rev  James F  Ely  on  we hope it will only be for the   Saturday  June 1  1878  Mr  Thomas   Gibbs to Miss Sade Chapman      the field without its thousands of I  tenants  who climbed on the roofs     purpose of arranging for her per   manent removal back to  old  Kentucky   the land of her na   tivity    Bryan and Pearce  of this vicin   ity  sold to Scobee   Martin  of  Nicholas county  ioo hogs  aver  aging 270 pounds  Price not  given    Mr  W  F  Simpson  who has     We regret that Mr  A  Nichols  failed to secure the school on Black   water  as he is well informed and a  very worthy gentleman  Mr  Hen   ry Helton has the promise of our  school on Red river  and as he is  very competent we think the people  will bo well pleased  p  M    JEFFERSONVILLE      Reported for the Democrat     The mail route from Mt  Sterling     lately gone slightly and cautiously to Frenchburg via this place is to be  into the short horn business   bought of John K  P  Arnold    Esq   a nice lot of yearling weth   ers at S3 60 per cwt  They will  be butchered in due time for our  home market      discontinued  We will then receive  our mail by the Coal Road and the  Stanton route    Corn and oats crops are promis   ing   the wheat harvest is over and  threshers are in demand    The services of Prof  B  T  Taylor  have been secured as teacher of our      n       be I common School  commencing July   truly called  the land of milk and 1st      honey   if milk wasn t so scarce    ur post master  C  F  Strouse   There s always some missing link  lias not yet resi   n ed as he intended     This country could now     as it were  and our happiness is  never complete    We are under many obligations  to  M  W  J    Esq   for recent  favors  He is truly a kind heart   ed gentleman  and whenever he       runs   for Magistrate  Legislator j r OC k house  June 20  1878    or Congress  count one vote for Corre8pondence of th0 Democrat    us j News items are rather scarce just     The regular monthly meeting of  Sycamore Church  is every first Sun   day and the Saturday before    Mrs  Margaret Prater  who is very  ill with consumption  is not expect   ed to recover      LETCHER COUNTY      Mr  W  A  T  Wood  our clev   er and ever accommodating buss  briver  has fully recovered his  equilibrium which was somewhat  shattered by the recent fire in       now in Letcher    A good many indictments were  made last week in our Circuit Court  I Several prominent citizens of this  I vicinity were indicted for gambling   John Breeding  of Jackson  visited  j his friends and relatives in this  your city  and now goes rattling I neighborhood a few days ago  along in his usual jovial way as if I Dr   J   Breeding is attending  it wasn t much of a fire no  how   Edgar Doy ns says   Will  Wood is the best man in the  world   and there are hundreds     Circuit Court at Hazard  Perry  county    Married  Dick Taylor to Lucinda  Amburgey    Wheat cutting is in progress  and     Mollie McCarthy won the choice of  position  and took the place next  the fence  though about ten feet  away from it    THE START   Was made by Colonel Clark  and  was as even a one as could be made   Mollie showing a half length in ad   vance as they passed under the  string  Then began a scene of ex   citement tiiat baffles description   Men shouted  roared  cheered and  stamped as if mad  while the ladies  joined in  waving their handker   chiefs and even cheering  Away  sped the nags around the first turn   Howson  in making it  exhibiting  his finesse by crowding Ten Broeek  away out on the course  thus mak   ing him lose ground at every jump   On the upper turn the mare gradu   ally but surely began to draw away  from Ten Broeek  and a stalwart  Kontuckian  who was watching the  horses through a glass  exclaimed     by god   site s got the legs of   HIM     At the quarter she fell back so  that she could crowd him out again   and the maneuver was successful   Going down the back stretch Walk           _   er began to drive his horse and   Governor McCreary was early on twice he went up and collared the   w or S   W T   Senators Beck bttlc mare to  feel her   as it were  and M ilhams  and there were less  but both times she shook him off  erpohtical lights there by the hun  w j th ease  At this time she was       cler fiy men forgot their ob  running free and easy under a mild  jecUons to the race course for this pu i   while Ten Broeek had already  me only in their anxiety to see ha d several touches of the steel i ei   the great flyers  and the finest ladies   suaders in ins sides to keep him up           to his work  At the half mile IIow    of their presence to the gay scene son repeated his dodge of holding  by the thousands  The sun kept on   back and forcing Ten Broeek out of   1   I his course   find AValkcr  owinir to   nble rate  and a number of persons the lack of speed of his lior se could  were so affected by its power that  they became sick and had to be re   moved from the course    STILL THE CROWD poured in  i seen coming with his ears laid back  And overflowed all the high priced and   portions of the course  Nor was I laboring like a plow horse    While the mare led him with ease         1 by a half length under a mild null   LIT 68  I 1     rriageS   and Then B was that the hearts of the  3 1   ff ev    avada k le projection Kentuckians began to feel like  that afforded the slightest coign of chunks of lead  and  as the flyin  vantage to vmw the course  It was steeds passed under the string com    nmrk n VC f T o  a H pletin S the fiKt mile in 1 49    they  markably good natured one  fortu  sorrowfully ejaculated    She s got   natelyfor the peace and comfort of   him   she s got him  sure   Oh    _     the mournfulncss of that refrain   li Clark tapped I   nko the Piteous Plaint of   a soul in purgatory  The second  ten broeck and mollie MccAR  1 mile was rode like ur to the first   THy though a little slower  the two miles   From the stables a yell went up that being made in 3 45   As they start   might startle the dead  were they 1x1 around the first time on the third  susceptible to such influence  Mol  mile   lie McCarthy was the first to re  howson again outgeneraled  spond to the call  She was led walker    down the course to the Judges  By pulling out so that he could take  stand enveloped in a linen duster  the extreme inside of the course   but her appearance evoked no en  Walker fell into the trap  but find   thusiasm  and she was soon led J   n K the mud too heavy  he dropped  back to her stable again without a back and pulled out on drier land   cheer  Next Both were moving very rapidly on   the jockeys Bie upper turn  and at the quarter    Came forth to weigh  and their ap  P  le Howson crowded Walker out  pearance was eagerly scanned by a S a  n  but for the last time  for  the multitude  Howson  the Pali  when well down the back stre tch  fornia jockey  is aweasen faced old  and nearing tiie hnlPThiie  ish chap  with a very horsey look  THE mare suddenly quit  He wore a brand new suit  his jack  Bor a moment  as if she had struck  et being orange color  with a pink ftn obstruction  and Ten Broeck for  sash  and he wore also a pink cap  the first time took the lead   Phe  His breeches were of white cassi  roar of Joy that greeted this show of  mere  and he had brown tops to his advantage for Kentucky s pride was  boots  Walker  the jockey who has one to be remembered while life  so often piloted Ten Broeck to vie  lasts    Angels and ministers of  tory  was also rigged out in new J grace defend us   how those Ken   store clothes  His cap was redin tuckians did cheer and yell  If the  color  adorned with gold stripes  J patients of ten thousand Bedlams  His jacket was of pink silk  his rid    bad been let loose at once they could  ing breeches were of steel colored not bave made more noise or acted  cassimere  and he had white tops to more crazily  Men shook each other  his boots  Howson weighed 103 by the hands and thumped each  pounds and Walker 110  though other on the backs in their joyous  Ten Broeck of course carried 118 frenzy  On the lower turn Ten  pounds to Mollie s 112  Theodore Broeck was pulled up  as there was  Winter  the owner of Mollie McCar  110 longer any need of driving him  thy  stood on the track in his shirt  at the pace lie had been going  and  sleeves talking to Howson  and the he led the mare to the mile   pair attracted  as might well be sup  post   posed  great attention  By two open lengths  the three   suddenly a cheer was heard miles being made in 5 53  The race  On the upper turn  and upon look  was now over to all intents and  ing to see what occasioned it Ten purposes   for  though Mollie kept  Broeck was seen approaching the on running  she exhibited sucli evi   reverse way of the track  led by a dent signs of weariness and distress  darkey and attended by his guard  that it was patent to every one that  consisting of six detectives and Ten Broeck could distance her  if  about a dozen colored boys  The Walker felt so inclined  Whether  moment the crowd on the Grand he was so minded can not be told    Stand caught sight of the procession and if any had doubts on the sub   it cheered and cheered as if it would ject they were set at rest on the  split its lungs  Right in front of lower turn  where Mollie threw up  the Judges  Stand the work of strip  her tail  and coming to a stand still   ping the King began  When the was about faced and ridden to her  cover was removed from him he stable  leaving Ten Broeck to finish  kicked out as viciously as a mule the race in a hand gallop in 8 19    and as frisky as a colt  His mane The instant Ten Broeck stopped  was tricked out with pink and under the string  orange ribbons  and his skin shone the crowd broke loose  as if it bad been smoothed with oil  From all restraint  and rushing over   aUd heseemed every barrier so surrounded the  a little  tucked  over the flank  but horse that it was with the greatest  to the uninitiated he appeared in difficulty that Walker could dis   tiic best of condition  and the way mount and weigh  A thousand  e was cheered and applauded men surrounded the beautiful ani   showed how the popular heart beat  ma i  fondling and caressing him as  Fully a hundred persons surrounded hf he was a pet poodle dog  After  him while his saddle was being ad  the excitement had somewhat  justed  while a couple ef hundred   abated he was led to Lis stable    more dead than alive  Indeed  for  some little time it looked as if he  would turn up his hoofs and keel  over  as he was badly congested and  in semi spasms  Mollie McCarthy  was so tired that she could scarcely     Broeck  In tho preliminary canter not know what made her quit as  Ten Broeck moved so easily that she did unless it was the fact that  his friends took fresh heart and j she was not accustomed to running  hope  and  He doesn t move as lie in the mud  He also said lie would  did at Baltimore  was more than match her against any horse in  once ejaculated   J lie track was in America  one  two  three or four   tolorably fair condition  though wet j mile heats  for any amount of  and muddy close to the inner fence  money  provided tho match was     BOOTS AND SHOES      run over the Sacramento  Califor   nia  course    FRANK HARPER  THE OWNER OF  TEN BROECK    Declares that lie shall never run  again  Harper  by the way  has  the reputation of being one of the  stingiest horsemen in the country   yet so overjoyed was the crowd at  his horse s victory that they actual   ly carried the old codger on their  shoulders in triumph      ESTILL COUNTY        1878      J I  Vi SI  July 5 th   Correspondence of tlie Democrat     Crops are looking remarkably  well  Wheat has turned out bet   ter than was expected  and much to  the surprise of many old agricultu   ral heads  Corn as a general thing  is looking well    Mr  II  W  Jacobs and Mr  W  O   Park were elected deacons of tiie  Christian church at this place at  their last meeting in election of  church officers    Mr  John Clark and son  of Lex   ington  are visiting relatives and  friends in Estill  They are enjoy   ing the delightful breeze of the Es   till Springs    Miss Nettie Bronston  of Rich   mond  an accomplished daughter of  tiie Hon  Thos  S  Bronston  Secre   tary of State  is visiting Miss Katie  Friend    The nuptial ceremonies of Capt   II  W  Gardner to Miss Belle Cock   rell were celebrated at the Shepherd  House on last Tuesday  the 2d hist   Rev  Mr  Gould  of tho M  E  church  of Millersburg  officiating  But few  intimate friends were present on  the pleasant occasion  After due  preparation tiie happy twain left  for the Mammoth Cave to be amid  the beautiful  the wild  the gloomy   the terrific  also to visit other scenes  of equal importance in the Eastern  and Western cities  May their  lives he one of blended  happiness   peace  and prosperity    Our cornet band has revived its  daily routine of practice since the  return of Prof  E  B  Busby  their  leader  who has been absent some  two or three months on professional  business in Lancaster    Our worthy Post master  Mr   Ben  F  Jacobs and family  is visit   ing ins parents in Lincoln county   Mr  Landon Scholl  his deputy  is  officiating in his capacity during his  absence    Wo were glad to see sojourning in  our little city on a brief visit  Mrs   Maj  A  L  McAfee and her two  sons  from Nicholas ville  visiting  her son  Dr  McAfee    Americus   Stanley is an an awful liar  In  one of his letters about Central Afri   ca he speaks of  the lions stalking in  the hills   He ll toll us next that  the elephants can sing and chew  tobacco      WE NEVER TUMBLE   HI T SELL OUR GOODS   S3 per cent Less   Than any house in Mt  Sterling  Our stock is   Fresh From the Factory    AND IS FULL  AND COMPLETE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT   O     Remember the Place    SAMUEL J  ROSE S   NEW BootiShoeStore    A large and well assorted stock of Ladies   Misses   ci u irn n    i r       FRENCH KID And OIL PEBBLE SHOES in eve y  EMl  u ner  sold iu Mt  Sterling    u cliea l K   than ever before   latest style or Custom made Boots and Shoes whUdi we sell 50  Cheaper than any house in town    n 1      I T n j l   CS   r S entIcm       eeed of Boots or Shoes will save 50c to  1 50 on every pair  they buj   by purchasing from us  Call and see   eiypair   MEASURES TAKEN  and gentlemen  for any style Boot   arranted    01100 at store prices  All custom made goo     made goods  aprl6 tf     PLANING MILL      MOUNT STERLING   STAR PLANING MILL     Manufacturers of and dealers In   l OORS    SASH    BLINDS    STAIRWAYS    brackets    CASING    MOULDING      Always on band a large assortment of   White Pine and Poplar Shingles     AND    Scantling      Joists    Boxing    Laths      INSIDE BLINDS   A SPECIALTY    of all kinds  made to order    Sash Primed and Glazed and ready to put in windows     WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES      Janl5 ly     AN NOUN OEM ENTS    FOR CONGRESS    We are authorized to announce Hon   Thomas Turner as a candidate for re  j  election for Congress from the Ninth Con  I  gressional District  subject to the action of  the Democratic party    Wo are authorized to announce Hon   Joseph Gardner  of Magoffin county  as  a candidate for Congress from the Ninth  Congressional District  subject to the action  of the Democratic party      EDUCATIONAL      FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY    We are authorized to announce Sam     Graves as a candidate for tiie office of  County Attorney  at the August election      Tho Sunday Argus announces the   Lr t    i rrr   i Tt r r r iVL irw JVRu y tfthfT    son to a son of Gen  John C  Fremont  on the 30th of May last  The  Courier Journal denies the state  ment      LAW CARD AND DUN    Come to Time or Throw Up the  Sponge    If you arc honest you want to see me     on are too numerous for me to hunt von  up  to dun personally  Nearly 500 of you  owe me fees  I want money      B  S   The Jig s Up  and 1 am out of office   I propose to resume tiie practice of my pro   fession  tiie law office in my old court  room  over O Connell  s corner  Come up    N  B   Poverty stricken widows  hungry  orphans and hopeless dead beats can have  their feo hilts for the asking    D  B  GARRISON    U Ex City Judge Mt  Sterling      FOR JAILER    John McGilaway is the Republican  candidate for the office of Jailer of Mont   gomery county  at the ensuing August elec   tion      MENIFEE COUNTY    Wc are authorized to announce William  Osborn as a candidate for Jailer of Meni   fee county      STATEMENTS    Report of the Condition     Nit       OF THE      l J   At Mt   Sterling  in Hie Slate of lion  lucky  at the close of business   June 29  1S78      F  CUBA      PRACTICAL TAILOR AND CUTTER     A nnounces to the people of   Montgomery county that he is now lo   cated in the Bosworth building on Main  street  Mt  Sterling  where ho will cut and  make  ientlemen s Cotliing and Ladles  Uoaksatvery moderate rates  A perfect  lit guaranteed  Give him a trial  00 tf     feet away Mollie McCarthy stood   undergoing the same operation   with less than a half dozen person     to do her court and reverence    Walker was the first to get   INTO THE SADDLE    And as he mounted another tre  I stand  and she was as wet as though  mendous cheer greeted his great she had been ducked in a pond   horse  and as he galloped around there is talk  and plenty of  the upper turn the applause still fol  i T     lowed him  An attempt was made To night among horsemen  who in   to cheer Howson when he bestrode cline to the opinion that Ten Broeck  McCarthy   but the effort was not a was got at  notwithstanding all the  prime success  and it almost fell precautions taken to prevent it  and  After short prelim  1 dosed  Had Mollie McCarthy been     dead a bornin       of persons on the route  especially ifc 53 roulKl that the rust has not     the ladies  who think the same  way    Elder W  H  Blanks  after   billing  our town and explicitly  promising us to come on Monday  night last and show us  How to  Corner the Devil   passed on  through to his home in Millcrs   burg and left us still in the grasp  of his Satanic Majesty  Ar y iit      damaged it as bad as was expected    Pea Vine    Cardinal McCloskey  the head  of the Roman Catholic Church in  this country  issued a strong ad   dress in denunciation of Com   munism  The issue of law and  order is one of the great issues in  this country just now  and such  an ally is not to be disregarded  by friends of law and order      inary can ters both nags were brought able to have saved her distance he  into position for the  start  while never could have faced the starter  the spectators grew silent and held for the second heat this afternoon   their breath in expectation  jt W as fully six o clock this evening   the judges when he was pronounced out of   Of the great race were M  Lewis danger  The mare rested much  Clark  President of the Louisville sooner  The receipts of the gate  Jockey Club  General James F  amounted to fully  30 000  and as  Robinson  President of the Ken  the expenses at the outside were not  tucky Association  of Lexington  more than a third of that amount   and Major Viley  of Woodford coun  it may be safely set down that the  ty and member of the same Associ  visiting Californians have shown  ation  J  W  Hunt Reynolds  Sec  the guileless Kentuckians how to  ond Vice President of the Louisville lose a race and still win all tiie  Jockey Club  was the distance judge  money  as there was but  5 of Cali   and the timers were John H  Smith  fornia money in the pool box  A  of Cincinnati  and John A  Green   representative of the Enquirer had     Removal      JOHN McGILAWAY    FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SIIOE   JL Maker  has removed from the Malinin  the rooms over J  W  HKD   DEN S STORE  on Court street  where he  will be pleased to see liis old friends and  customer  and as many new ones as wish  to have the best work done at the most  reasonable figures    LYTONF m0 NEATLY AND PROMPT    The rooms I now occupy are on the 2d  fioor and easy of access    juei8 tf john McGilaway      DEACON   BRO     CARLISLE KENTUCKY       RESOURCES    Loans and discounts  8129 114 37   Overdrafts 3   55 67   U  S  Bonds to secure circulation    50 000 00  Due from approved reserve agents  Due from other National Banks      Due from State Banks and bank rs  Heal estate  furniture andffixtures  Current expenses aud taxes paid      Premiums paid   Bills of other Banks           Fractional currency  including   nickels      Specie  including gold Treasury   certificates  1 793 33   Legal tender notes 12 000 00   Redemption fund with U  S  Treas   urer  5 per cent of circulation    2 250 00     2 987 31  8 48C 01  8 289 11  8 932 33  4 914 55  4 500 00  4 590 00   738 51     Tot   8242 192 G9     LIABILITIES    Capital stock paid in 3 50 000 00   Surpiusfund   15 500 00   Undivided profits 7 007 6 3   National Bank notes outstanding   45 000 00  Individual deposits subject to      heck 104 657 05   Due to other National Banks 3 350 81   Due to State Banks and hankers    11 077 20  Bills payable 5  000 00     Total X      8242 192 69   State op Kentucky  County of Mont   gomery  ss I  H  R  French  Cashier of the  above named bank  do solemnly swear  that the above statement is truo to the best  of my knowledge and belief    H  R  FRENCH  Cashier      Subscribed and sworn to before mo this  8th day of July  1878    GEO  E  MILLER    Notary Public for Montgomery Co   Ky    Correct  Attest   WM  STOFER    C  BROCK    B  F  COCKRELL    jniy 91t Directors      Stealing    Female College    ope   m   First Monday in September Next    A full Corps of Teachers will be em   ployed  and no effort will be spared to keep  in the front rank of Female College in the   West  The patrons may rely upon faithful  work and thorough instruction    Ihe Health and Morals of tho Pupils will  be especially attended to  v   TEEMS  Per Session or Twenty Weeks    Tuition in Primary Department  per   session 15 00   Tuition in Intermediate Departinent    per session   20 00   Tuition in Collegiate Department    per s sRion 05 00   D eldentai fee  per sesaiom            1 50   Tuition in Music  per session 25 00   Use of Piano  per session 5 00     Tuition in German and French    each   per session in on   Painting  in oils 15 qq   Painting  in water colors  crayons    drawiDg   fcc   each  i in 00   Board  lights  fuel and washing  per   week   5 00   Board  lights and fuel from Monday   morning until Friday evening 3 00   Board  tuition and music  per collegi   ate year 0 j50 00   Board  tuition  music and painting    per collegiate year 275 00   Board  tuition aud music  for 6 day  boa rders     200 00     No extra charge for these branches to  those who board in the institution    For Catalogues  apply to the President    W  II  SAVAGE    Mt  Sterling  Ky      Report ol  the Condition     ill     AT MT  STERLING    the Stato of Kentucky  at the close of  business    JUNE 29th  1S78      RESOURCES    Loans and discounts 8321 101 50   Overdrafts 5 420 m    J  S  Bonds to secure circulation    250 000 00  Due from other National Banks    6 697 58  Due from State Banks Jt Bankers   10 039 84  Real estate  furniture and fixtures 9 714 60  Current expenses and taxes paid    2 747 60  Premiums paid   38 571 47  less 820    999 00  18 571 47   Bills of other Banks 5 533 00   Fractional currency  including   nickels  42 10   Specie  including gold Treasury   certificates  2 318 78   Legal tender notes 15 965 00   Redemption fund with U S  Treas   urer  5 per cent  of circulation  11 250 00     Olympian Springs    Bath County  Ky    A RE now open for tho reception of vis   itors    Board  Per liny 9 a 00   Hoard  Per W eek 10 OO     Co    Livery Stable Keep   ers at Mt  Sterling  will convey passengers  to and from the Springs every day except  Sunday  leaving Mt  Sterling on the 690  p  M  train and returning in time to con   nect with the noon train for Louisville   1 are 82 each way  H  GILL    jn2o tf     NATIONAL SURGICAL INSTITUTE    Extraordinary Opportunity     F OR the Diseased and Deformed  Two  or more of the Surgeons of the Na   tional Surgical Institute of Indianapolis   Indiana  with its three great divisions at   Philadelp             will mak        uu iio UHCU U1VIS1GIIH Ul    tphla  Atlanta and San Francisco   ke a professional visit to Mt  Stcr    naa tnaMeBnMiMi     Ky   on the 12th and 13th of July  1878     Reese House      ling  K v  at the R   As this is the only visit which they will  likely be able to make away from the In   stitute  the opportunity here offered for  seeing and consulting them without a visit  to tiie Institute should not be neglected   This visit Is designed for the accommoda   tion and benefit of their old patients and  all such new ones as desire treatment of  tiie Institute  yet are unable to afford tho  expense and time consequent upon the  long journey to Indianapolis  They will  come fully prepared to treat all cases of  Club Foet  Spinal Disease  Hip Disease   Diseases of the Joints  Chronic Diseases   Female Diseases  Diseases of the Eye and  Ear  Paralysis  Piles  Fistula  Catarrh amt  Private Diseases which are curable or can  he benefited  No case will be taken under  treatment unless with a fair prospect of re   coyery  All the afflicted are invited  Con      sultation Free      25 3     Total 8602 801 57       Manufacturers of Carriages  Bug   gies and Spring wagons  Repair   ing done promptly  Harness made  and repaired      HOTELS    ASHLAND HOTEL    SHORT STREET   NEAR POST OFFICE     T exlngfon  Ky    Terms   2 50  82 00  and 81 50 per day  ae   cox ding to location of rooms     97  Special attention paid to Commercial  Travelers  No Bar attached    J W  ALEXANDER  Prop r   Wm  Alexander    John Casey    Uerks   febl9H      and Colonel Bob A  Johnson  of  Louisville  In the pools but little  money was bet  and what was  placed was at four to one on Ten     A TALK WITH WINTER    The owner of Mollie McCarthy  to   night  when he said that his mare  was in lino condition  and lie did     ASTOR HOUSE    232 Jefferson Street  between oth and 7tli   LOUISVILLE  KY    M  E  YOUNG PROPRIETOR    Ce   H as been refitted and newly fur   nished  Fare 82 per day  my21 3m     A GLEAN  SMOOTH SHAVE    I EWIS SCOTT  Tonsorial artist  has fitted  Xj 1     up a nice comfortable Barber shop in  basement of Caldwell s Clothing Store  where he Is prepared to wait on customers     in the hghest style of the art  in Shaving   hapmponing  Hair cutting  dyeing   o  Cull and see for yourselves   lJan29 tf     LIABILITIES    Capital stock paid in 250 000 00   Surplus fund 8 000 00   Undivided profits K 00ti 57   National Bank notes outstanding 225 000 00   Dividends unpaid 268 00   Individual doposits subject to   check 94 220 31   Unsettled Acc t Farmer s Bank   of Kentucky 46 368 20   Due toother National Banks 4 371 93   Duo to State Banks aud bankers    G 568 45  Bills payable 20 000 00     Total 662 801 57   State of Kentucky  C ounty of Mont   gomery  ss   I  Wm  Mitchell  Cashier of  the above named bank  do solemnly swear  that the above statement is true to the best  of my knowledge and belief    W M   M I TC II E LL  Cash ier       Subscribed and swornl to before me this  6th day of July  1878    J  M   Correct  Attest       M  BENT  Notary Public   J  A  H ANNAH      July9 lt     J  D  HAZELHICJO   C  J  GLOVER    Directors      DENTISTS    DR  C  W  HARRIS    n ENTIST  MT  STERLING  Ky  Promp  and satisfactory attention given to  every branch of his profession  Office in  Cockrell s building      LUMBER    LUMBER    1 AM PREPARED TO FURNISH  ON  Short notice    ALL KINDS OF   Rough Lumber      Persons ilesiring same will give me a call   or address     jan26 tf     S  TIIOMAS   MT  STERLING  KY      Dr  Wm  Y anantwerp    3De rxtist    Office  up stairs  in New P O  Building    MT  STERLING  KENTUCKY      NEW BAKERY    CARLISLE KENTUCKY     One door above John Connelly s     Dining room attached  Meals   25c  each  at all hours  Wedding  orders promptly filled    WM  SPEITH      James Fizer    Contractor and Builder     Near Star Nhning Mill     MT  STERLING  KY                                      a 1 1 work warranted    low down      We work cheap  apr25 6m     

Mt. Sterling Democrat: 1878-07-09

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Mt. Sterling, Ky., Kentucky by D.B. Garrison
   Montgomery County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)