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date (1884-06-01) newspaper_issue L 

The LaFayelte Times 




Tin: LAr.WliTTK TIMIvS, 1 

fro;u tlii‘ oOiiH* of (lir Wooklv 

^oi Til K KM' U K I V N. M il|r. K} .. ainl •tl‘  I 

to ilic iMiAim'c'' oi Lufji} i 

;IM«I xu-tlllt). I 


(ji'n mill OIK! iio-ciraiii saloon. IT 
tillin' is a plai'C in Keiiincky tlial lias 
iiioi't! iirelly ;;iils in iiniiioi'tion to llir 
popiilalioii wii liavi; nut conn; aiToss' 


IM:V (inulis. 

Ill iS.Vi 'I'liotmi'S 'IViTv cm! arki**l 



riii' |in!s« IS till' ^ival nii'iliiiiii 
lliioii'jii « liii h InisiiK'ss iiniii roniniii- xvii V/a^x 4 Ji. 

iiinati! w illi till! |»iililii'. ainl tin' olijiirl 

of lliis journal is to snl I'oi'tli tin' ina- 

luriai inti'nist-anil varioiisniiii'i-iiiist's One of Christian County's Largest 
of tlm imviioi' I.alayi'tli;. Wulni't and Livest TownS. 

till' Ti.mks will ill! foiiinl a tniii i'.\- 
poniiiit ol' l.iir.iyiillii ami , 

iii'i- imsiniiss. I'linrationai, pnifo'- Something about the Business, the 
sionai ami sorial iiiatti;is. iivui'y ili.'- People and the Prospeots 
pai'lmriil ol' imr imlii-lrii's will Im gf Lafayette. 

t'onml ri'pri'si nti'.l ill llio'L' ioliiiiin». 

It is in onli'i' ilial lii'i' poopli! may 

liavo a piiiHT of llii'ir own to ivpii'- Situalial in tlie S/mtIinrn pai l ot 
si'iil llii'ii- inli'icsls. llial wi  iiavn l.'lii'islian ■■oniily, Iwoiily inilns lioni 
I'allial till' 'I'iMKs into lii'injf. \Vi‘ llopkin villu, I'larksvillc ami (,'ailiz, 

trust ilial it may ari’onipii.-li tiirjis tin: ipiirl ami prospnons liltlii 
I'lnls for wliidi il is inli-mli'il ami town of l.alayulti', with a iiopnialion 

it in 0111’ piTi'/rinalions on tiiis snlilii- in tiie Inisiimss iniliratnil liy the lirail- 
nary splii'i’i'. Ili'aniy is not rlmir lines of tliis artii-ii;, coinparativi'ly 

oaiy vii’lim. Tliey are ediieali'il. ae- 
eumplislieil ami seiisilile ami it is a 
reniarkalile faet that there are few 
if any ohl maids in tiie town, 'fhe 

speakin;:, willi Iml a few earned dol- 
lars. lieino (lossessed of laet and 
, ;,mod hiisiness i|iiaH(iealioiis. otrcrin; 5 ' 
to his eiistonicrs noliiinilnil }reniiine 

One of Christian County's Largest ^irls make sm h e.yeellent wives tiiat artielus, and liy elose attention tolnis- 
and Livest Towns. tlmy are soiifilil after far and near, iness and low (iriees. he stands to-day 

althoiieh tlie sniiply is seareely eipial in tiie front ranks of Lafayette's best 

« to till! home demand, as some of the \ and must snlistaniial nierehants, with 

Something about the Business, the Imys are ready to testify. I a trade e.vtemlin;:' ail over this section 

People and the Prospects Tlie eilizens are, as a rule, ehiiri’h- ; of country. His stock of eii,. 

of Lafayette. tioinjt ami order-lovinir iieoide and bi'aces everythin;,'' pertaining' to tliis 

whiie there liave hern, periiaps, a hraiicli of Inisiness from a live-cent 
linmir'td homicides in the eoiinly , fan to a hamlsomu silk pattern, and 
Situated in tiie Shiitliern part ot |, in tlie last decade, we cannol re- which lie has marked down to tiie 



tiie prosperity of all its pi 
'Mk.mii.wi A:, 


Situated in tiie Shiitliern iiarl ot |, in tlie last decade, we cannol re- which lie has marked down to tiie 
(.hristian county, twenty miles troiii ,.,|H sin;,de one that occtirred in or ' lowest notch. 'I'lie Iniildim' occinned 
llopkin ville, I'larksville and (,'adiz, aliont Lafayette. There is coii'idcra- liy this ;centleuian is a fraliie storc- 
is the ipiiel and pr')«pcrmis little |,|,. wealth in the town and Hie peo- room. iO.vtiO feet, willi an ell ;io feet, 
town of Lafayette, with a iiopnialion |,i,. ,,njoy life with its pleasures and and is located on the Soulli Last cor- 
of live hundred souls, inelmlin;j: luxuries. Taken all in all it is a ‘ ner of .Main street. .Mr. 'J'errv is tiie 
dudes. Tlio town is surround :d by pleasant and desirable place to live,onlv man in tliis conniv lioit leis 

I of live 


hundred souls, inclmlin;; 
Tiie town is surrounded bv 

.Mam street. .Mr. 'Jerry is tiie 
man in tliis connit that has 

a tine farminc seciion. ami iis it is the .,„d is destined to be a place of still I ■ horny cattle, " and is the ohtest nie'r- 

tR-Sr ITT 


nietropolis ol ipiite a lai’oe scope ol i |.„|„„„,,.,.i.,i i||,p„,.|aiice. chant in the town of I afin ette 

country, it has ,:rown to be a town of - — ' y,,. 

no small pretentions. Isvhiled from ' A. A. Fuqua « Co. ^ire his emcieiil clerks. 

rivers and rail roads, tiie people arc 'n,i„ ,i„. , , , , , , 

I . , . II sT.u'i.K Afii lAM’v miv mioiis, NO- • his Is one ot the oldest and best 

tolled to depeml more on Iheniselies Tioss. i;rr. in Lafavelle. and we cheer- 

and the coiisisineiice is i on will liiid .. . |•|,IK■ ,.,„„i,„„„i si., -c.... , 

. i ,1 , ... . In wrilino lip the business interest """mend Mi. iui\ and Ins 

niaiiv III tides In the Stores ol Lalav- ” ' i „i„..L- ..r . i . o .i 

,, !i ... of Lafavelle we cutild not complele It I ‘ "' "ds to all llioso ip 

ette that nianv connirv tow ns conlii;- . • . ‘ „r 

• n , I wit lont a pass lit' not c,e of till' firm "‘'it ot sm li ai tides, 
lions to largecities are unable to keep — 

in stock. p. C. Woc'tcu & Son. 

iuiirlc. In an intervu^w wuh ^ 

•niiv UhiiiiiAMs. these i{enllemeii we {'leaned the fol- i niini.s, mf.iiicines, ciikmii .u.s, 

11) relbrenee to till' columns ol the hiwiii;'. Tliey liave been in business | kti'. 

t iMKs it will be seen that there arc a in lids line for twelve years and are. Tins brancli of hnsiness was ooni- 
nninher ol stici-essliil business linns well and favorably known through- iiiemed by tiie above named lirin in 
doing business In tlie town. Tiie , out lids and ailjoiniiig counties as jibe year LS7!), and since that time 
luurchants carry^hyge !)ml well selec- upright and honorable men, and as i they have, by fair dealing and pure 
led stiK’ks aiul almost fiViirytliing is keeping on hand at all times imtidng ; drugs, built tip a handsome local piit- 
elFlTihiced til (hem and the ja'ople ol but the best of goods, and Ihev sell ' ronage. They are occupying a frame 
I.afiiyelle enjoy the advantages t/l them as cheap, if not clieaper, than striicinre, IS.vflO feel, which i.s tvel 

more I'oniniercial iniporlaiice. 

'South Kentuckian, 

mtUHliKM AT 


On Tuesdays and Fridays. 

• — — 

Every Subscrioer, 

AT. ^2 A YEAK 

tu:k kt i'kkk : 

  *■ W'. j* • t 

! forced to dejieud more on Ihcniselves 
I and the c-jiisisjiiciice is )on w ill liiid 
j many articles in the stores of Lafay- 
ette that many country tow nsconlig- 
1 nuns to largecities are unable to kee|i 
in stuck. 

Tilt: Uhiii iiAN’rs. 

Ill relbrence to tlie columns of the 

' A. A. Fuqua & Co. ' 

ST.VrisK AKh l UY N »- 

TioNs, i:n . ‘ 

III writing ii|» llir intercut 

|ot‘ Lulayotto w«; cotiM not (’onipluU* i( , 

P- C. Woc'tcn & Son. 

of lik'inlnius l ’“'"'"e I any one in the town. Their store is ; slocked with everything usually kejit 

^ 111 ijs (fi t * town. Xowliere do we lind more : located on Main street, and is a sub- ' in a lirst-class drug store, consisting 

Uk* {(V 1 s ft m eil • „j„„.,p„u, and gentlemanly dealers, Llantial frame siriictnre, 70.\2i feet, I of Drugs, Medicines, riiemii'als'' 

.■s‘?fVTtyyD.\Y, ()(''I' )1U’;I! 4TII, or more wide-wake and energetic in which lliey carry one of the lar- (Hass, Varnishes, Oils, Dve stuffs’ 

I T \ A   t k « 

i i'liM* •• ^ 

, liow inn MurMm* 

4 !%)|A|jAl'iihi|» tu isouUTUic i 4 |* 

leiCf ... .... 

S^clHinn'y lUrnrw 


4 Iki'UbU* riou 

* uiiiif 

M'iNH'llmrroH .. 

ItHilW lint 

l*nii nii'l . . 

" ^*i«i ^■‘‘**^“''vlle boasts. ■ ges| stocks of sta|ile and fancy dr\ l•'ancv Articles, Kino perfumer)’, etc., 

j,,! I nrici iiKs, M’uooi.s, Kfi . jgoods. mitious, hats, bools, shoes, I and wliich lliey are olfcriiig to the 

There are I woihiirches in the town, bard ware, ipieensware. iiml groceries ' trade at veri reasonable prices. Spe- 

^ viz : the Christian and the Methodist. I brought to the town ol Lal.iy- cial atlenlion is given to the com- 

li Tlie lii’sl is uuder the pastoral caro j and the jirices at w hich they ot- pminding ol presi-riptions both day 

of Killer W.K. Mobley, an able di- 1 .'on are indeed very rea-iaiid nighl. This is the only drug 
vine and cultured gentleman who en- 1 "'••"i'l liave lirst- . store in the town of l.afayetle, aiid 
.• joys the conlhleuce and love of his | at low down price-, we , we commend I*. C. Wootlim & .Son 
tliick. Thu pastor of tlie Melliodist f .''- ''•'‘'"b'' 'I''.'' g"'"!!* eni|io- and their carefully selected slock of 

I church is Uev. H. I'.lligg.-. a minister Co., pure goods to the trade at large, as 

II of talent and a pious and devoted ex- 1 biarn prices and they can and will suit you both in 

“ emplar of ihe'chrislian religion, and consult your own interest. ! ijuality, iiuantity and price. 

'! a man esItH'iiied and respected b) the * i*‘.‘i'' '•‘"•to i^, “(lood goods, ijuick j ..►o*. 

« entire cAmimunily. ‘•"*1 small prulits. • M. K. Martin. 

** The Lafayette si’hoiil is a credit to addiliim to this A. A. fmiua 

'j tlie town, and under the cliarge of 'be Hotel wbich is in every hoot axii siioi’. makfii. 

2 1 I’rof. S. L. Krogge is in a verv tlonr- sense ol the word lii’.-t-class. 1 he There is lint one . shoemaker's shot) 

vine and ciiltureil gentleman wlioen 
joys the cunIhh'Mce and love of hi 

^ Tl*W  lMMli(‘ 

tS Itnllfr IM-Ii .*  

. . . . K 

lli rsUct ( U|l   «i I 

u MlrUi'-n.ilft (l Hk 

t* MfT Mtlttmin .. . It : 

ut llmir lUfV i .. .. K 

leuUiiU . .. a 

i\ Him* l oH S 

lui\ French I nmly i 

ta Flue ItuiiK.v hit* .... 'J 

KttN« iiritlle a 

IlnUtiet 1 

* In a4hUll(*n (o lht”*e, luehiv i)\e olher i lv* 

«^* nh II eM  h. ulll In* N hle«t. inaKtiiK 
Ihe U»t (i\ el’ uortlt ul uitimhle 

 . nrltrU'i^. wiiiriiulll uwny 

n iU lie Kiinihirtn tluil 
heivlailoiv. The itrU'enf ilie ^KMI• 
^ WTsKI.I Til KKNTl t Kl AN i-in»iIonn. 
h \e.ii-. cifh ill ntluniee. :iml c1ii|» 

Hill'll NiiH !•  «Hir opiHirliiiiily ttiget ii 

'riieir motto “(loml goods, ijiilrkj 
tiiiles and small protiCtf.’’ 

Ill addition to tliis A. A. Kikiiih 
niiiM tho Hotel wliieh is in even 
sense of the word tiist-elass. 'J'he 

M. K. Martin. 

the town, and under the eharge ofj^’*’*’^ ****■ tiotei whieu is in every hoot and sinn-: makku. 

I’rof. S. L. Krogge is in a \ ery tlonr- 1 *’* **“' "''"’•1 tirsi-elass. 1 lie Tliere is lint one sliocmaker's shop 

ishing condition. During the jn-i j ''"'"••s arc w ell fiirnisheil. the beds in Lafayetti . and that one is iircsideil 
session there were ahont lifiy pu|iils ' b''"' '"“I tbe. table lairly groans j py jj K. Marlin. He has been 
in attendance. I edibles, and the hotel iiresents , (|,uh engaged here for tive months, 

1 an air of I’heerfiilness which is fell liv ! .uni Ids fcnl.. . ..n .i, ...... ,i. i.:„ 

om  lAi. AMI I'uorKsMoxAl.. I •. ..... ■ I ami Ills iiaiie oMcmls all thi’oiigli ins 

every stranger witliin its gales, i 

1-ttfavolle lias an exeelleiil Hoard of ...I ■ , . , .1 . ^ .) • Ic is oeeiii)) mg 

•r....s,.,.- ,..,.t n .:,.-i...t,.ss 1 , 1, .,.1 ....C - «’,t'ommoilion.s.,narters on Main street. 

omrlAI. AMI I'UOS’lissloXAI.. I • . 

every stranger witliin its 

l-ttfayolle Inis an exeelleiit Hoard of 
Trustees and a lirst-ciass local gov- ,|jy n,,ii.| Maude. 

('niinriii. 'I'ho TrtiKlecs an* K. .1. — 

Hill'll MMi.' ViH I-  oin opiHiriiiiiUy tt.Ki't II . Cooihm*. H. .1, Ihiivrll, Thomas Tvrrv, I 

|Mi{w r 'iDiihlc th(‘| ii 'C I’hiO'jii'd iiikI a I • , . , 1 

(or I « ‘h aii't o\i*ry oiio of Uu* \n|MHlili‘ A. A. l''tU|UH tuul S. ].«. r roygv. \\ . | 

^h'MOUUIC im'MlMMtl'd ... ,, . , , 1* .1 *1. 1 

The sorrit KKNTt ( KiAN |Mihii»iirti W. rm|tia IS dork ol llio iloaril. | 
. a. .i. Kmi..« is 1'oiiee.i.nige a.m j 

ini. iioiti .u.iniii. j opposite tlie Lafayette Hotel. If you 

T " itiit ail easy wearing slioe. or an 

Banner Ia^ Stable. ,, 

... give M. K. Martin a trial and you 

A. A. n ip A into. ^yj|. uevor regret it. Itepniring of all 

Korsoine time past tliese k'onHf- , kinds given prompt and spoeial at- 
incn liave been engaged in tlie livery | tcntioii. 

• • mom to an, iney i 

pies of Hie medical professimi arc Drs. I .j y^,,.y 

1 1*. C. Wootlim, C. .1. .Nolliiiigton, D. I 

Hester’s Bispsnsarr. 

« miinil..ns I.IM-SIU;'". «M'I cvi.ii nurei.cmli- I Messrs. S. H. Kmpia and .1. S. Hags- „,„ 1 , 1 „ i, I,.. 

hAvi* U'i'ii »’on\ c.HH'tl Ihitl tvi' t|t» oil Iho . i» • i- • i i • •‘•laOJL alUl l)\ IJlOll |MOnipt | .. 

iH*#i i.i!-hn .-i»rii*i'ii»hi-. dale uphold the dignity and leaninig nttciilion to ])iisino«'  ami »rond irout- 

low |irhM* ot iJ.'i" niiimni. tuniiphiitM ihc ut lilt k.gdl II alu Mil\ , 1**® (o a|| (hcy have siUTcedcd ill I Ii6St0r S Dispsnssr^i 

r.- l U'si.fHie medical professimi are Drs. y„,.y largctrade. This j 

r;’iirr};lr“^ l*. C. Wootum, C. .l. .\oHiiugton, D. ,„a,|eisoneofthe liest in Hie city Mr. Samuel Hester, a well known- 

s.'ri|iiioiniri.'.'. simii'ii- Krii' lull nii nr sit- K. Ho)’d and .1. -M. Med call. ^ and Hicir rales arc very reasonable. ' lb’"'''- lias just 

MEACHAM 4 WIL0U8, Df. A. W. Williams is the only 'p|„,y ge,.., ,unhin'' lint the best teams ^‘*'*’1'**^ Main 

Hopklniytllt. Ky. ' • ' “ ~ ' ■ ■ - • . 


|o l•4llh|•h:ll  In I'vny ri'nitocf, nn«l wv »h» all 

tirin(‘i| hv. 

Wi* .’ih l'olmml^ o( matter n week 
IriH firh’i' of I'J.'Ki )H r niiimni. tuniiphiitM Ihc 
  l n‘ji|K» t scinl‘U rt kly i»:i|»rr in KciUin kv. 

MMil hy niHil will n*- 

_ H,pkin.viii., Ky. dentist ill low’ii. ' amrtnniouts can “be bad on short " j*'' « '“‘'K® of choice 

OUR JOB OFFICE imiKn .MAi rKus. nollee, with good wagons, teams, and j w'"®'^' l''l"®''^- ‘■'f-'ni'’’' ami tohaceo 

' i-r.nnpi.:i.' ill cvci’y rcsiio. i. nini iv.' ,t.. all Wo tliiil 111 addition to tlic mefehaiits earefifl drivers for rotnmorcial trav- j ^ '‘® Kood.'i ke)it 1 y tliis house are A 
1 kiint-nt .Ini' iiii.i I'umt’iiii'i wniti. iviiiiniiii- ;md professioTial men. the usual clers. AV’hcii you visit I.aKayettc ^ .'®" only step in. 
i HI'S- leni ■ll•;cll ’ll. Ill Ilia anvo-t inii’ci. Wo i,.,|in.i..siio|,s. slioemitker-shops and and want a good ‘'rig'’ or vonr team , 's''®®*.'®'' "*^b a‘'sinile.’ 

^ Ill- ..r \ v.itlflt*.! It'll'. 1111(1 t * ^ ^ ‘ . t-\ I. .1 t .. . . 

nmko M ^iHTialty of .\m*lmr  * imiri' Hair- ain! 
paiH*r Hour Sackh. sni'l for*nmi»le-«nn»l prlfCf*. 


barlier-sliops. slioemaker-shops and and want a good ‘'ng or your team , ''nii a smite, 
similar enteriirisos. There are two well cared for go to the Uaimcr Jdv- j non t take onr word for it, Imt go 
I lne!;sini!h shops and two uudertnk- cry Stalile. i there and ho oonviiieeil for yoiirscll. 



A luu'ty of riiifayotle ladies, e( ii. I’leasant eoiivcrse ami (leli^lilfiil 
I sisiiiio- ol Ml'S. .1, (!. Cliealliain, Mrs. dancliij' to llm strains of .sweetest 
I I!, d. C’arolliers ami Misses S.illie musie, oecupied tlie swiftly llyiny: 

A Lovb cf a Eonne‘ 

LAFAYKTTE, KV., .U NE, 1884. 
Lcsal Dots. 

!8iiio IVoattoii seems to prefer t^ic 
‘(.’oriiiiie'’ cifiar. 

Walter (iarncr likes the naii.e 
• ‘Miller" best of all. 

('heatham ami Zeiila Davidson, went hours until the sturdy 

llyiii!' there is any one lliinij whieh the 
on the •"■era;;e spe dmen of femininity loves. 

over to (’larksville last .Saturday on a mantle proelaimed| the time for de- 't found um|iiestionahly in the 

shoppintt' e.\[iedition. • 

lleniy Beasley says that when he 
eoes to see his sweetheart he does 
not likeeleelrie lights, heeanse they 
ran not he turned down low enough. 

.Do not know whether the tdijeetion 
is original or not. 

(,'iiarlie Hall has for the present j popular yonno Main street irr - 

enyawd ' I'ard at Mrs. A. K. Hives"' 

^[I's. tu'i'tio (irillin relnrneil hist 
week from a pleasant visit to I’riiii'e- 

Dr. .1. Meti'alf eonteinplates 
soon starting another drugstore in 

Mr. It. W. Tiii'IP returned a few 
days afi i front a hnsiness trip to 
^lemphis. Tenn. 

Will Cooper eaiiie lioine last week 
from Itiis.sellville where he has heeii 
atte'.idm;^ "llelhel College." 

I'Cr. of town, faniiliarly known a.' 
“Bio Alee," of the linn of ‘'tsinart, 
.Mee A Co.." .seems to he in di'lienie 
health. I’ei'haps a visit to Fayette- 
ville, Tenn., would prove hent'lic'ial' 

Ml'. A. A. Fiii|iia. proprietor of the 
exeelh'iil Hotel Maude. Iris rerently 
had an ell. eonsistino of .several lied 
rooms, dinino room and oiillery, 
made to his house, whieh ver\ miieli 
iiK'i'eases the ea parity of the Imildino 
iiml improves the appearaiiee thereof. 

Mr. It. W. Turk has rented tin' 

. partiire. 'I'litis elosed an oeeasion of xhow window of the niilliiief. Sjiiare 

,'s that when he enjoyment for wliirh the kind afivr sipiare will she walk, seekinjr 

ethe'trl he does the iinlionnd- soinelhlno new and yet ('onie away 

s her iiise iht'v ffi'atiliide of all present. .May dissalislled ; what at Hist IiIimIi aji- 
iv'ii low eiiomdi ''xislfme he soon re- « Ini'^rain. erops out as 

. 7 lieved hy other ami siinilar entertain- "■ If onr rili/.ens would se- 
ll o ijei ion iiieir roods from llr^l-rlass 

- , . . onlv, thev would he from 2 1 

I ; , , Dll the nir|il after thesi'hool exam- . . i ". 

Itiiii street or - . . , , ... to oti per rent, heller oil. .Mrs. Mart 

„ Illation Ealayelles heaiil.lnl yotinr |,. ,„,i,ii,|„„enl has the f.tril- 

irin of “JSinart, » -l liamlsoine r,.nt|enien as- in,,, for dtipliralinr anv arlirle of- 

leliritle ''Mli.ii the trieinlly halls of ,'ored hv anv one. and “ives to her 

isit to Favette- ' •^•.sV "‘ 'lDny hiiihliiir t,. tmliilre in onstonicrs the full value of their 
.rove heiielirial' ‘-I a “I ever. For .some ..Ireadt a hirjre 

wock'i ••‘orU’tv had been all Huotf over . i . i 

s.r I I..I . . ... ' t()ck ()! Ilio laUst .'ipniiy: sIvIim and 

lopiuioi  »i (In roiiMi);; o! (Iuk plea.'^ant unnnal • i ■» t • i i 1 1* 

III ii‘i^ i.i.miiK- . . . (-S dailv receivin'; j^oodf* and addin;r 

ol eveXl 1 .1 OMH'Dalions of „,o lom.lsonio stork now on the 

inT o. 1 "“I’- shelves. The ladies should hv all 

d a i ,,„y no one was di.sappointe.l. as „,oa„s call on Mrs. Marv II. Hives at 

royal fnii were entertained. Hap- 

I'lly "" """ 'li'^M'PoiMleil. as „,oa„s call on Mrs. Marv II. Hives at 

troiiiDp. III. to I'ip. ,11. stirh exquisite oniporittm hefore 

iiirreases tne eapaniy oi me imii.iinr ;,leasiire. as onlv these rlorions reiin- 
iiml improves the appearanre thereof, jons , an tjive, was enjoyed hy those 
Mr. H. W. Turk has rented the present, and all arree in proiionneinr 
hrii'k sloi'e house lately orc'iipied hy the alhiir oiie of llit* most delirhifiil 

inirrhasinj! elsewhi'i'e. 

W. J. Carothers. 

Mrs. K. T. Stephens, of ( )i'j;anette, : lias oomed tliereiii ti ''' 'D kind ll 

is now tryiiio the t iirative properties i "iee ic'e rreaiii saloon and eoiifertion- i" 1-afayelte. 

of the ''Marie well" water. ' I''''.'' The Lafayette hean ran miw ea- 

I sily dispose of whiitevi r "small 

M. I.. I'ox, ot (larrottshiii'rj „|.,y iij., p,„.|.,,|^ •• 'ji\ 

ace mipanied hv her two daiirliters. ' . , , ...... 

, I HedtordLarv.ahi'irhtlitllej’raml- 

is now Msitmr rehiiives here. I c'l'ii o e o ■ i.ivmtv. rt 

j.sonot Mrs. s. .1. Hall, tell on a piece 

In-tead of “who slriirk Billy l’at-j»‘' 1'". ahont a inonth a-ro, and dislo- _ 
tersoii," the question now is ‘‘who | ‘ ‘'''"d hi- hip. 1 he aeeldeiii was se- 

lore .Toll,, Baynham s dnstcr'f" ’ '‘"(Ivrinrs 

i have lit'en hut after sevei al " ‘O"".-- '•■'•■'n 
Irliii Bayiihani now dispenses wit weeks .'onllii.aiient to his hrd. he j, j Im'l'lin}-'- » 
d medieine from liehiml the eotin- ' now aide to w alk around and will i 
'- of .Me«srs. M'ootton & Son. i soon he eiilirelv reeoveretl. ’* ' 

and medieine from hehiinl the eotin- 
icr- of .Me«srs. M'ootton & Son. 

of its Mini lha‘t has ever heen riven si'ai'I.k .\\Ii k.\m v 

in.H iiv, n.i itiiv. .uit 

oitoi i i.'ins, sMi- 
, risw \iti:, niT. 

A £'. EBASER & BBJ. 

I.ivmtv. rnmi .ixn sm.h si-.uu.k. 

This livery stahle Inis heen in oji- 
er.itioii iind.'i' the iiresent linn fir 
the pa«l four years and is one of the 
leadinr stahles ol I.aFayelle. Their 
hiiildinr. a frame siriirliire. (IDxlIlt 

• In this issue of the I , \|.' v i kti r. 
Timks we desire to ('all the alleiilion 
of the readei's of this serii( n of i'osin- 
try, to the w'ell-knoivii i;roe(.i y store 
of U'. .1. (.'ai'olhers, I le enihai'krd in 
this hiisini'ss hist .'sep|einher and is 
now enloyiiir :i han Isome loi'al trade. 
Ills store is a frame liiiih.injr, ‘i8xfi8 
fi'rl. whic'li 111 ' has sioeked with a 

(IDxlIlt' hii-re i|nanlily id" roods, sin h iis sta- 

M ,'s. ('.ir:rr Bradshaw, of Beverly. I Mr. ( "harlie So iihall. who has f.,r 
rei'i'iiilv s 1 ,'iit sevcM'iils days in this i sonieliine heen I'h'i'k in thedrnr store 

f('el. is well adapted to the purpose | l'l'‘ l‘ i"'.v ( I roi i rii'-. 1 1 a rd w a ri', 
for w hii'h It is Used, and is w'ell slip- 1 rinwari'. Stove-, l*'ows. I'rovisions, 
plied w ith stalls and ('Verylhinr ni'i - j ' aiid Tohin ro, toid he his 

I'ssary to I'arry on the hnsiness h, i inarki'd Ihi'in dow n to the lowest 
lll'sl-rlass style. Th '.v til-o rive their i mdi'li. He al-o earrirs a hirye -Im k 

l’ri,s'('ella Bnmpiis and yiiss 1 irainiiir ihein to ha 

hl•s| and 

Loll Elliott, from Hiimholdt. Tenn.. 
are tiow visiiiiir the family of Mr. C. 
.1. Hives, near town. 

M -o's. H. .1. C I qier and I*. C, 
dVooitoii intend, in the near future 

(k Moore, of Clarksville, and will 
leave III a few' days forhisnew' home. 
Charlie is one of the most moral and 
nprirht yonnr .r ntleiiien in this 
J roinmiiiiity : he is a model hnsiness 
ni'in, and Messrs. Owi'ii  ioore are 

visiiinr LaFaveiie winild do w  11 to! 'vaiit aii\ thinr in the ahove line. 

('all at F. Fraser sk Bro's. 

tin ( will ('lire I'or voiir animal I "ord for it   on will never rerrri it. 

to h.ive their residenres enlarg'd and to he I'oiirratiihited on ilii'irrood for- 

otherw ise improved. 

Mi-s Ilaiiie Hives, who has lire; al- 
tei^dinr seiiool in Hopkinsville for 

tniio ill haviiie sreiil' d his sei'vii"'- 

jiisi till' saiiM' as \on winild loni'self' 
The\ are he ated on .Main street. 

L. J. Purcsll. 

. T • 1 ♦ If 1- *11 *• !• riiliiv la^si I'i’4*i. r*. b. !• r»» • 'c ^ " li c. • \\*i ri,A  m- 

lemlui'; school ui llonkiuivillc lor , , . .ft 

^ , i .1 I i. closed willi a|M»n |irJutc c.\cr' JM' i llic' im;. 

scTcral months, came homo a lew 

(lavs atro tospeml vacation. ' ftiJt -hool Ie„ years a.M Mr. Ft, rell ark- 

at Lalayette .\eadeniy. I’rol. !• ro^'fie ed in the tihove niinied Inisiness. He 
Misses Mamie Hast, of Hoiikims- is an aide educator, as attested hy the has two frame siriirliiri's, the inaiii 
ville, Emma Coleman and Hattie ! protii'ieney of his pupils, ami thon ;h ; one liein;,' 4 II. an. I the smith's shop 
Miller, from Pedec. attended the 'the iiiimher of niatrii'iihites at thelilx:!'', in whii'h he inannfai'tiires 

r. • w'l r:..v( 'pt:' 


Ti'ii years atro .Mr. I’lr I'ell enihark- 
ed ill the ahove niinied hiisiness. He 

Miller, from Pedee. attended the 
Levee on last Friday night. 

Mi'S Jacob, a pretty young lady of 
Princeton, Kentneky. is spending 
sometime with Mrs. Gertie Gritlin. 
Lafayette's excellent 

Henieinher the iiaini', U". .1. Caroth- 
ei's is the man, and h - i- loi'ali'd on 
■Main street. 

F. M. Hester Si Co. 

i.Ilo 'i'.liit:' I'.ii i.rx.rii'.l. ':i;i:i:.\\- 
I t'! i;. 

I This house has liceii In opiraiioii 
iiiider the pri'-ent linn for four years, 
and they are doing a lively hnsiness. 
Thi'y have a large stork of everj thing 
whii'h goes to make up a tirst-i'luss 
geiieriil store, roiisistingof staple and 

the niimher of nialririihiles at the 1 24x:!'i, in whirh I op a nr.i-i'iuss 

.Veadeniy last se.ssion wa.s not quite I w agons and riirriages of all kinds, general store, roiisisiingot staple and 
so largo as diiriiig previous lerms. jllis tnide extends thronghont this griH'erie.s. tinwais., liardwHir, 

let the sati.sfactory examination of Dind adjoining eoniities, and wher- "'"I ’‘mi'llerv, and the) are otiering 
the pupils proved the fact that thev ' ever his wares have heen introdnred •'•ein to the piihlir at ria k holtoin 

, let the sati.sfactory examination of Dind adjoining eoniities, and wher- »»d saditlerv, amt tliei are ottering 
the impiD proved the fact that they ' ever his wares have heen introdnred l‘* **''•* pnhlir at na k holtoin 

had heen well trained and retlecled : they have given entire saii-f.iviion. He l'■'''■es. They lire oreiipyiiig I'oninio- 
! mill'll credit upon themselves and in- iiiakesasperialty of the thiiiihle skein qmirlers on Main street. “JOx.itl 

|Slriie,or. wagon, one that is widely known. ! '*’'*^ ** is literally packed with 

I Will'll yon want a tlrst-rlass ivagoii all kinds. .Messrs. H. .M. 

The jiistly deserved fanie of Mrs. or rarriage, or a good Joh of hhn k- Hester .k ( o , are w'ell known, hav- 

The merrhants of Lafayette pave | wagon, one tiiat is wnlely known, 
had an iiiuisually good trade dnring I W hen yon w ant a tirst-rhiss ivagoii 

the last few months, and report their' Ihcjnstlv deserved lame ol Mrs. or rarriage, or a good Joh ol hhirk- 
luisi ness- in a verv llonrisliing comli- ' ^lar\ Hive- • iiiagie well is grad nail) sniilhing done don I .stand on the 
tiQ„. ’ I extending and the improved eondi- ordi'r of going. Inti goat niice to L. 

tloii of many invalids who have 1 .1. Piirreirs e.-lahllshiiu nl on .Main 

John Bo.vil. Esq., deputy slierill", re- ! wonderful water, fitllv I street, 

cently visited town and .says that ; ,„• j,, 

.some of Lafayette’s .voting men q-pj, is „„ ..p,„„.! — 

the most “niiso liable creatiires ’ that | ,, p,, ,p,. A. F. Joiner &, Co. 

he has c\er seen. ienre of dvs|a;psia, loss of aiqietitO' 

A wolN’cnown self-coiisulered , jceneral debility and iimny dn- tinwakk, ktc. 

Annllo of tliifi town. ♦Tieves sadlv ordcMN, and lie wlio docs noi believe 

ivpoiiu. ui im» aui» » Tlie irrocerv biHines« well ii'int*- 

over the report that he is in love with m the virtues ol this liealili-givmg ,,,ruveiie. and pi'oininenllv 

ayounghidyforwhomheenterlains water, has oidy totes, It in -"der to , ■ 

feelini's of onlv friendshii). be tin roughly eoiivineed that it will “ ,i , , 

iteiiiioS Ol oil!) 1111 .I 1 USIOII. t • IP •. Joiner iklri. I his I rm has been in 

do a that is ('lainied for il. .... 

cently visited town and .says that ■ 
.some of Lafayette’s voting men are 
the most “iiiiso liable creatiires’’ that | 
he has ever seen. I 


A woll-'iiiown self-considered I 

feelings of only friendship. 

Will'll yon want a tli'sl-rhiss w'agon ,^*•’'1'* kinds. .Messrs. H. .M. 

or rarriage, or a good' Joh of bhirk- Hester .k Co . are well known, liav- 
sniilhing done don't .stand on the '"Jf ''^''sed here, and IheiTlori' 
ordi'i' of going. Inti goat onie to L. "" inli'oiliiilioii at onr hands. 

J.Pnrrell's e.-lahllshmenl on Main 'I'liese geiillenien are engaged in m'II- 

iiig waiX's the |n*ople I'aii’t well do 
w'ithont and all w'e have to say is if 

“ you w ant giHHl.rlieiip goods and to be 

A. F. Joiner J; Co. treated inililely rail and see H. M. 

Hester .k Co., one of Ihe leading gro- 

Mio. kiiiks. imiiiw'AiiK, qi'KK.xsw .\iiK. tirins 


The groeery business is w'cll nqnx - 

Mrs. Hives is prepared to take board- 
ers and all who may wish to visit 

Joiner ik Co. This tirm has been in 
this line of trade for the past year. 

E. Coinor. 

IMIY liiMm.S ||.\T?*, I ,\f . IMHirr*, 

The nexi boiiM» wo v|Hi(i*i! wa.4 that 

One of the most plca'iiul mul bv their fair ami m|iiui*o t!oalin;rJ of IE. J. rnijpor. TbU ireiitloimin has 

tiic “Matnc*' well will timl ample ac- • events ot the .season was a **nnisicale' price.s and ^oimI finals, have sne- been in bnsino.-.s since IS-m and he 
coniniodatioii, and hospitable treat- iriveii at the residciiee ot Dr. A. IV. j ,,,,e,p.,i Puilding up a handsoine enjoying ii very large lonil palionnge 

ment beneath Mrs. Rives’ roof. Williams, on the night ol the 11th i u pich extends Ihroiighoiit from this and tidjoiningrimiilies. His 

ms. on me nigin oi me iiin putronage. which extends Ihroiighoiil Iroin tins amt ml|ointng ( imiilies. I'ls 
'The very knowledge that Ihe Christian, Trigg and Smart eoniities. store house is a frame Imildinginens- 

Oiie of Lalayette 8 prominent entertainment was to lie given til Dr. TPeir store, a frame stritrlme, 4( xl8 tiring 7.1x24 feel and is well tilled with 
young merchants recently paid a lly- in itself an assiiramc feet, is well stocked with everything a large slock of dry gmHls. hats, caps, 

i ng visit to Russellville, Ivy., and a that the alfair would be a sm ee-ss ; so kept in a general store, wliicli consists boots, simes. and In fact eve) tiling 
certain young lady from this section ,|,g gjjjg of laiiaycttc were present (,f Family groeories. Hardware nsnally kept in a genenil store, and 
is also in R. (iuccr coincidenee, og,, |„a,” to participate in the cn- (jneensware, Tinivnre, Fiii'idtnre.ete.', be makes dry goods ii spei'iiilty, Mr. 
tfu'y' jovinent of tlie evening. At the pTO- and tlie itriees at wliieli tliev are otfer. R. E- Cooimt is tlie gciiei al clerk and 

At the pre- and tlie prices at wliieli tliey are  otfer. R- E- Cooimt 

gciiei'iil clerk and 

Rev. II. F. Perry, pastor of Sliaron scribed hour tlie spai'ion.s par|oi'.s of iui^tlicm to their eiistonicrs are, in- is always |'l•ad)' to serve his I'listoni- 
chnrch, Benneitstoivn, spent last Sat- tlie Dr.’s beautiful rcsidciutc were deed, witliin ilie reiu'li of all. This ers. Tliis Is one of the leading 
nrday night in town. Mr. Perry filled with young ncopic, atliiicted j,, a repi'eseiitaiive Imiisc and persons bouses in this line of trade and we 
never fails to keep all appointments thitber by tlie pro.siici't of spending a wishing aii) tiling in Ibis line of would sa) to all those needing any- 
made down here, both religious and short time of nnalluycil pleasure, and trade, could do no belter Ilian by I'all- tiling in Ibis line to give Mr. Cooikm' 
“otherwise,” the latter of which he the most sanguine expectations of the ing on A. F. Joiner .k Co. 'I’liey arc a trial, as he can suit yon both in 

jihii I' Ini' the henetit ot her liealth. of P. C. Woollon .k Son. has ai'cepted iill('iilii)ii | i hn'akiiig hoi'ses and "f iViiie-, Bnin lii'- and Whlskie- of 

1 give W. .1. C.ii'olhei's a trial and onr -. 

lias a good many. 

I guests were fully realized. 

loiatedon Main street. 

I  |iiality and price. 

DOMESTIC ECONOMY.'^ cvriovs coifavLTATioir. uvvoLy jy hot wkathkb. 

; — When the railroad was opened for Wo went np-stairs and were taken to 

To ALWAis insure light dnmplingsniis ^ travel between Baltimore and Washing- the door ot a bedroom looking out on the 
and let stand two or three hoars before j j Webster frequently; but Potomae flats; a cheery cry of ‘‘Come 

rising ; cut into thin strips, roll in flour ' jj until wo were both employed in !” in a great, strong voice answered 

and lx)il twenty minutes. jn important case of Wilson vs. the Henator’s rap, and I was vis-a-vis 

Velvet Cbeam. — Whites of four eggs Itoussesu, in the Supreme Court, that I with the first President I hail ever met. 

Zjyt'OLy ly hot weatukb. 


The Medicated 'Well, | 

A Mi.KA loll I UK AH' I. It I hii. raspberry jam. Beat all together brisk- 1 O. Wilson, had no leas than seven conn- divested of coat, vest, cravat, collar and 
'1 his well was dug by Mr. S, I*. | l.y. Servo with or without cream. , ael — Mr. Webster, Mr. William H. Sew- shoes, sat in a great rocking chair, in 
llii'fs, ihree siiniiner.s ago, ttiiiee I With cake it is a delicious dish for des- j ard, Mr. Beverdy Johnson, Mr. Phelps, | his shirt, trousers, stockings and loose 
which lime it lia.s been uniili/.cd by sert. of Vermont ; Mr. Henderson, of Louisi- slipistrs, “only those and uothiug more.” 

-cvcriil skilletl plic.-icians ami has Soft Oinoeb Cakr.— One cup of mo- ana; Mr, Hall of Washington, and my- ha ho rose and came to meet us, I 
been |iroiioaiiceil by Ibein all to con- lasses, one oup of sugar, one cup of self. The court had consented to our looked at him with surprise and wonder, 
lain I'very iiropcri v bnl suliibiir. It sweet milk, half a cup ot butter, one dividing the points — two speaking to for he was the moat remarkable man I 

beaten to a stiff froth ; two teaspoon- was again brought into professional re- 
fills each of sugar, currant jolly and lations with him. Our client, Mr. Jas. 

It was a broiling, breer.eloss summer 
diqi; and the sole occupant of the room. 

i- "is led deep: cool, |ilcasunl and egg, two tt'aspiMinfuls of baking pow- each. But the difliculty was to get us 
will cure di.apcpsia. all di.acase-i oi ilio ■ dcr, ginger and raisins to suit the taste, eh together for consultation. At last, 
ni inal organa, anih aa an appcii/.er it I Stir in flour enough to make a soft bat- ■ despair of succeeding otherwise, Mr. 
can not be aurpaa.sed. In the last two ter, not as thick os ordinary cake. Bake Wilson invited us to supper at the Na- 

Bnt the difliculty was to get us | had lel seen; and 1 don't think 1 have 
ether for consultation. At last, ^ seen such a one in all my journeyings 

ycura peraonslVoin abroinl buveamigh I 
ihia well for Ibeir heullli, and have I 

tional Hotel, at 9 o’clock, with the un- 

♦ '* * As he talked he became ex- 
cited, and roiiked nervously and vigor- 

PAimLKY Saucf,.— W ash a bunch of ' hwahinding that a consultation world ously m his chair, and his long, lean leg. 

all been bcneliled by Iheiiseof il. parsley in cold water, then Ixiil it for six ' take place at 8. It was not until 8:80, ' cro.ssed over the knee of theothcrone, 
l.arge ipianlilie.s of Ibis water are ' seven minutes in salt and water ; j however, that Mr. Webster called usto swung backward and forward like a iien- 
diii^iied III l.oui. ville and oilier drain it, cut the leaves from the stalks | order, stated the object of the meeting, ' dulum. And, finally, from the violent 
poini- and if the water did not bave «'“ ‘'hop them fine. Have ready some I and complimented our host for his ox- i swinging, off flew liis slipi er into the 

the desired elfeci these sbipinenlH nieltod butter and stir in the parsley ; : oellent judgment as di.splayed in the , corner of the room. Never heeding it, 

would not be made. Tbe water is allow two small table-spoonfuls of leaves i “cans adopted for securing the attend- j he crossed Uie other leg instead, and 

free Id all and i^ pronounced by a to one half-pint of butter. Serve with ' anco of his’professional advisers. Turn- , went on with his ardent expression of 

III be ii' rciircscnlcd \ No 1 'r'he and boiled fowls. j ing tlieii to Mr. Seward, ho said, “And | feeling, in whieli Bingham joined, while 

ivcll’ U loiatcd in' the’ rc'sideiice of ' Biscum. - Delicious little; ^ ^ place) sat by, silent, 

Mrs. Hives and is verv convenient to "t’am biscuits for afternoon tea „e i 7 *'‘ the iccord.” Becords in but much interested and 

all Mr and Mr- Hives deserve made by mixing self-raising flour with i | 

.1 . ... cream which roll into n thiii «m, 1 ““t were eugrossed on folio cap pajier, I conversation closing soon after, Mr. L. 

great crcdil lor the manner in which “'“i "uicn roll into a tliiii, smootu i I i i j   o i -.u 

r, paste, prick, cut and bake immialiatelv Particular case the record : rose and ushered us to the door with 

l.arge ipianlilie.s of this water are ' «r seven minutes in salt and water; 
flipped III l.oiii. ville and oilier 'huiu it, cut the leaves from the stalks 
poiiil-and if the water did mil have «'i'l ‘-hop them fine. Have ready some 
ibe desired elfeci these sbipiiieiils nieltod butter and stir in the parsley; 
would not 111! made. Tbe water is n» 'W two small table-spoonfuls of leaves 
free 1(1 all and is priimninced bv a to one half-pint of butter. Servo with 
III be as represciiled. A. .Vo. 1. ' The 

Well is located ill the residence of t^iiRAM Biscuits. — Delicious little 
M i . Hives and is very coiiveiiienl to •’ream biscuits for afternoon ten are 
all. Mr. and Mr«. Hives deserve “ado by mixing self-raising flour with 

all. Mr. and Mr«. Hives deserve “y mixing seii-raisiug flour witli 
great crcdil for the iiianner in which *f‘‘am, which roll into u thin, smcxitli 
they cnierlaiii the giicsis visiting PAate, prick, cut and bake immediately 

tlii^wcll Persons beiiuMveak feeble Tl'cy should bo kept dry in a close tiu h'"* “ ^eavy pile of manuscript, which just three garmeuis on his immensely 

cons, III th.'.ir own iidcres L ’callit g ‘‘  ‘8l*tly. and mix with a dessert- ' ''“'‘‘‘I « ' “■ 

n. nil tin II own inli itsi li.\ i ailing ,,jKionful of baking powder while there remained not more than deiiendent of the effect of clothing or of 

on .Ml'S. Hiics, spending a lew da)s_ „ ' twentv minutes before snuner would be ! outward niuienraiice. Had he lieen clad 

Use Ibis water and be llioroiigbly 
cured, (iood accoinniodarnins at 
reasonable rates. 

J. Bsazhy. 

SIAIM.K \MI KAM 1 inn (lilllllS, 
soiioNs. onnrKitiKs. HATS, 


In calling iiltcniioii to the many 
‘“ranclii's of imlii'ny ot l.afayciic in 
llli- issue Ilf the I.VKAIKTIK TiUKs 
wi' wish to -ay a lew wordsofprai'C 
of .\|r. .1. I!eii/lcv. I Ic has been doing 

Ham Hanpwichks.— Chop the ham fine 
and season it with;nalt, pepiier and mus- ' 
I taid. If the lean meat alone is ust‘d a ' 
I little molted butter may bo added, 
j Spread between thin slices of bread. 

I Cheese sandwicluui are very nice ; the 
j elieeso may be grated or out in thin 
slices. Mustard is added or not os 

Snowdon Cake.— This U a genuine 
Scotch reeijie, and is a groat favorite 

would have taken several hours to rend. But ho was, of all men, the most in- 
while there remained not more than ’ deiiendent of the effect of clothing or of 
twenty minutes before supper would bo . outward apiiearniioo. Had he been clad 
ready. Mr. Seward, however, began I in skins, one would have been impressed 
with the formal heading, and was going j with his greatness by seeing and hearing 
on when interrupted by a burst of him for half an hour. For ho was an un- 
langhter, which was not quieted by the crowned King, a man among men, PH- 
grave, judicial manner in which Mr. Wil- viiis in'er parrn, greato.-t among all the 
sou called for order, and requested great men of his age. — Iteminiacenoes 
“ Brother Seward ” to procceiL By in (he Detroit Free Preu. 

this lime Mr. Seward, who had ns yet 

preserved his countenance, joined in' a ttcMAycK ly two cuAETKtts. 
the mirtli ; when Mr. Welwter, slimg- Twelve years ago, after an American 
ging his bhoulders and turning to our named Wallace had got his family and 

with Seoteh-American families. Beat client, said; “You see how it is, Mr. 
to a cream half a pound of butter, three- Wilson; there seems to be no alteriia- 
quarters of a imund of graniiialed sugar, five but to lu'gin with supiicr. Do you 

“traps” aboard nil ocean steamer at 
Livci'iKiol returning to this coiuitry, he 

■ if .\| r. .1. l!cii/lcy. I Ic liiiK been iloiiig 'P'a‘‘‘’Y' m a IMiuiid of granulated sugar, five but to lu'gin with siipiicr. Do you suddenly remembered that he had for- 

bii inc.« ill Ibis line nf liTide for 1 fhe whites of six eggs, half a teacup of ‘ think it is ready ? Fcrhaiis we may get gotten to pay the nurse girl at the hoteL 

(CHI', and bv lioiic«l ami Hiiiiii-edi'nl- ‘‘‘'‘“““i and one |Kiiiud of Bermuda ar- on better with the record afterward ;” As there remained two hours before sail- 

lag. Ipiii'l goo'l*. al i-ca-onalib' prices Add the beaten yelks of two and to siqqier in an adjoining room Mr. ing, beset out for the hotel. On liis 

lie III' biiill lip a large IimuI Irade eggs and n very little salt. Bake Wilson and his counsel marched, with way he got into an altercation with a man i.  daily increasing. Ills slori! is ““kl one hour or more. Mr. Webster at the head of the proces- on the street, which ended by the Amer- 

a IVanic slriiciiire 7lt.v22aiid is well! Mashed Potatoes.— Pure and boil the i «ion. lean’s knocking him down. In revenge 

siiicked wilii everylbing in the above P^hitoes, and, after every trace. of the ^ Tliere was mora than one good talker | he accused his assailaut of trying to 
Jincs *:iiid is one of llic iii (.class i them with ! at the table, and lor a while the conver- pick his pockets, and had him arrested, 
biinscs ill the liiwii lie also has a I »till in the kettle over the | sation was general. It was not long, Wallace offered 81,000 for his release in 

biilcl called llic l.afavelln llolel | ““’'8* t if not kept hot. I however, before we were listening to order that he might take the steamer. 

k.'ci I ’ « , II vciiiibiicd and ot a lump and Mr. Webster. The police didn’t believe his story, and. 

Wilson and his counsel marched, with way he got into an altercation with a man 
Mr. Webster at the head of the proces- on the street, which ended by the Amer- 
eion. icon’s knocking him down. In revenge 

Tliore was more than one good talker | he accused his assailaut of trying to 
at the table, and for a while the conver- pick his pockets, and hod him arrested. 

^la- l:; well vciililaled and comfoi l- ; of a lump and Mr. Webster. The police didn’t believe his story, and, 

able immiii and is in everv rcHpcct ii ' “ *“ “ generous quantity ! Coniiciiers omnss. intentiquf on laotUnt having had a telegraphic order from the 

\(i 1 Imlcl 'l lic labics are spivad i ' He was “i‘ the vein,” and the hours United States that morning to arrest a 

wilh all llic’ delicucic.s ofllic s ■um.ii i flow by unheeded as there streamed from counterfeiter, they thought he would 

and 111 .! beds are while and ^ =1* and moist. Salt it | him, in rapid succession, anecdotes, PW He could not 

«;o if wiiil miod u.Mids or a “““ quotations, references to his boyl^txl, identify himself, the hotel keeper say- 

I, 1 1 dUh piled up and smoothed over in shot ; incidenU in his early practice, descrip- “g that he know nothing about him ex- 

! I Ii ■ I , • I • I with a little black pepper sifted on top. I tions of the men who then flgured upon cept that he went away from the hotel 

give . . Ilca/.lev a Inal. Mashed poUto wUoh has stood on the the scene, graphic accounts of old fa- without paying the nurse girl. He was 

— .. stove for a while before serving is poor miliar places. He was sometimes grove, therefore sentenced and imprisoned lor 

Xcls^iii .Ic'dip sold Ibis week i;i ’ 'tuff. If you want tiie top brown hold solemn even; sometimes pathetic; some- years. Attlieend of that time be 
1 1 • 111 *, ot toliiii'oo t‘ollo\v* ; I over it B s*lftmwid6r or a very hot stov% tituon, aud by no means infrequontlyi l®wned the ropb*makera trado, and 

II lllids. giHHl lo line leaf fl.'ii.'i lo lid— don’t put the dish into the oven, (juaint, droll and humorous • sometimes earned enough to come home as an enti- 
ty Mediun. to g..od leaf |1IH)0 , setting the table in a roar;‘then again 

(,, ()(l_ I ™ moving hiB hewers almost to tears. nothing of his wife. He 

l.'i lllidi. Ing'i fS .' 11 to 7 U . I 7 — j — T"” Bure of his company, he was under no »et to work, however, and made a small 

Markcl very linn and active. We! Chemioal Bank of New York Is VsUaint, and seemed disposed to let his fortune, which he subsequently in- 
■lold llli. week r.n- .Mr. K. II. Krilr. of | the most snooessful financial institution animal spirits run away with him to creased to a large one by means of a 

™l'ir*H!'-|l)''^ s«'ld“'ai *300,- ' target the eminent lawyer and tlie ^at speeulation, that led him finally 

Vl"Vw.!]rai.c.lll .Nlr Fril/ lbiain-*’“‘‘‘‘,^ 8“ ‘ a friend, in 

iH-iiig Ibe liigbe.l lirice paid on iIiIh * ^“count busmess of that then weighed upon him, and be a conducted him toll 

niarkcl llli. M UHon. .Mr. Friu is en- 1 Its share- boy again. I believe I am the sole sur- widow’s home, who was famous for the 

liticd lo "vvear llic born..” i holders are paid a diridend of 26 per vivor of that merry party thirty-three excellence of the shirts she made. His 

— 1®*”*- qn^rteHy. wUoh is liable to be . and, many as have been the introduced him as a gentleman 

Sale, by Bnckncr & M'ooldri.lgc of j “creoMd before it is diminished. The social gatherings at which in my own and who wanted some shirts made. ’The 
11.7 llli.K n!- : | stock is held at 2,000, which is probably j present, 1 have '»oman gave a scream. It was his wife, 

l.'i l l ‘i't • * ’ ' H** ''*8‘*“* quotation of bank shares in „„ such experience as that afforded by “*0 young girl in the room the baby 

:io‘ 1 1 bd.. coninion to low leaf |8 ii | ‘*** the attempt at a coiisulUtion in the case “ ^le steamship. Her hus- 

. . , , , , . of Wilson vs. Bousseau, in the year band, failing to return on the vessel, she 
'JSIIhtN. Medium to good lugft ^7 0o| Wi»arrER8 hatred of ' jg 4 g^ 1 concluded that he intended deserting 

‘’',Vmi i.’i I I ought toadd that, somehow orother her, and, having considerable money. 

I.l llliiD. coininmi and tra.liv Ing. ! field, Masa., to speak in the height of a l , ^ ^ umuuw uromer, , , . „ , , 

' lo 7 :k'i. total abstinnuy, .nj argument Came on, we fell into made her way West, ost her money 

answer to his needs, condneted him to Vt 
widow’s home, who was famous for the 
excellence of the shirts she made. His 

III I ^ I worliL 

.‘lU lllid.. coiiitiiuii to low leaf |8 2,7 I 

'i'ill'hii.. Medinin to good Iiig.1i7 CO D*"™ Wemtbb’s hatred of sham 
to 8 .'ill. • I was shown when be once went to Spring. 

llliiD. coiiiinmi and ti'n.hy Ing. field, Mass., to speak in the height of a 
'f' total abstinanoe movement, and, being 

.Market coiiliiine.. .Irmig at hnl i invitod to toka a «. nf — * w Francisco gambling in stocks, 

w cck’s prices. I „ nufto™ .ft « H. Latrobe, “d was supporting herself in Salt Lake 

; fore going on the platform, pansed after 

I tot swallow, and, looking tne com- J a, 

In.lM'clor's weekly report of Hop- ] mitteeman squarely in the face, said; . , , , 

nsville Tobacco Market for tlicl“H’s good stuff I Where can I gets P°' 

, ... " must think; if we wou 

:• k ending June 19. 1881. i barrel of it 7*^ i, . . . 

by her needle. 

kinsville Tobacco Market for tlic 
k ending June 19, 1884. 

Hcccipts for week, 27.1 lllids 

“ ‘’ year 7201 “ 

Sales “ week, ,708 ” 

‘‘ ‘‘ year, .' 901! “ 

D. F. Smitiinox. 

hearts we most love; ii we would have 
powerful museles, we must lelior. Those 
For want ofllglit on llio street, S.S include nearly all that is of much value 
Wilson, an old ciii/.en, was rnii ov« r in this life. 

by a hack in Paducah and fatally in- y,,.,. Both wa8""oniiicd to death 
jiircd, one niglit last week. at Erie, Pa., Tuesday. 

If we would have powerful minds we | Hopkins county Iias2f)l,484 acres of 
must think; if we would have faithful laud valued at )|il.l.'58.87.j and 1,4:11 
hearts we must love; ii we would have town lots valued at !ii421,120, There 
powerful museles, wemuatlelior. Those arc 4,1)94 legal wliite voter... 
include nearly all that is of much value Ceo. M. Oates, an into.Kicatcd citi 
in this ii f®- ^ ^ j /.cu of Madisonvilic, staggered on the 

Mrs. Both was UniTicd to death 1 track in front of a moving train 
at Erie, l*a., Tuesday. killed, last Sunday. 

OtD.TIHKTH.iytLiyOiySP.tHf. , /.vm.4^ 

The following extreot from n letter Nomcncintnre nmoug the Imlinns is 
written in 1C24 by a member of the es- apt to lie exceedingly bewildering, both 
eort who attendeil the transport of the to themselves and everybody else, from 
royal jewels of England from .Mirdrid to thu f„ct that one name, whether of a 
London, after the breaking oil of the person or a thing, never has the slight- 
Spanish match, is curious as showing est distinct relation, 
the safety of traveling in Spain at the To one unacquainted with enstoms 
time, ns well as the eharaeteristio n^iry- wliieh dictate these names, the ridicu- 
telling facility of at least one of the con- Ions and often apparently meaningless 
voy. Spanish brigantlage, which wo titles seem absurd frcaas of fancy. This 
were apt to associate with Andalusian they often are, to bo sure, but as fre- 
lanils, does not seem to have existed at quently they have a significance which 
the time this letter was written. honors tlio man if it diros not ilesignato 

We were but live horsemen in all our his fmnily. OriUnarily, however, tho 
seven days’ journey from Jladtid to Bil- appellation he receives is obtained at 
boa, •and the charge Mr. Witches hiul is random, and it is likely to be changed 
valued at 400,000 crowns ; but ’tis such any time, either by tlie wearer or his 
safe traveling in Spain tliat one may friends. In fact it is quite tho thing 
carry gold in the palm of Ids hiuul, tho for a warrior to change his name after 
government is so good, When wo had each exploit, always adopting some do- 
gaiued Biscay Ground we passed ono scriptive and complimentary title, or 

day through a forest, and, liglitiug oil perhaps— unfortunately for him in 

our mules to take a little repast under a case of failure in an expedition, cow- 
tree, we took down our alforgas and ardiceor some evidence of weakness, he 
some botthai of wine (and yon know ’tis has it changed for him by his friends, 
ordinary here to ride with one’s victuals All Indiiuis, even great chiefs, seem to 
aliout him), but os we were eating wo possess a remarkaotu fondness for nick- 
spied two huge wolves, who stared upon naming ; and while the leading man in 
us awhile, but had the guo 1 manners to the tribe may insist cu being culled by 
go away. It put me iu mind of a pleas- his own choice title, nothing prevents 
nut tale I heard Sir Thus. Fairfax relate his being known and designated by a 
of n soUier iu Irehni’', who, having got very difl'erent, and perhaiis uucompli- 
bis passport to go for England, as ho meuturyuame. As deformities, (leeul- 
possed through the wood with his knap- iarities of character or accident to limb 
sack upon his bivek, being, ho sat or feature often suggest fit names, it is 
down under a tree, where he opened his sometimes impossible to know by the 
knapsack and fell to some victuals ho apisdlatiou whether thu warrior is in 
hod ; but on n sudden he was surprised contempt or honor among his associ- 
with two or three wolves, who, coming ates. Btraugely enough, too, however, 
toward him, ho threw them scraps of far from llatteriug the title of a warrior, 
breiul and cheese till all was gone; hois sure to accept it sooner or later, 
then, tho wolves making a ueaior ap- There is a siiiglo approach to general 
proach to him, ho knew not what sliift oustoin in thu naming of suns by their 
to make, lint by taking a pair of bag- fataers and thu  laughiers by thou 
pilM's which he ha l, and ns soon as ho mothers. Daughters' names uru never 
began to play upon them the wolves ran alterial, and, ns married w omen do nut 
all away us if they had been scared out take their husbands’ names, there is 
ot their wits ; whereupon the soldier nothing in Uie apiadlatiou to indicate 
said: “Thu devil take you all; if I whctlier an Indian is  mau is married or 
'had known you loved music so well you single, 
should havu had it before dinner I ’’ 


Ever brought to this section of country and 
cordially invites h’s friends and every one 
to call and see him when in the city, exam- 
ine his stock and learn prices before purchas- 
ing elsewhere. • 

No Tro’dVie to Sii:w CojI; Etsj if lo'i Soa't Ihi tj Sij iMji-itjIj. 

Laco paper is one of those thiiiga over | 
It is fashionatae in hew Englanu to some ivople can aflord to lie ro‘ 

drive horses three abreast to sleighs, as mnutic. It is tho opjiosite of wrapping 
the Bnssinns do. paper, at all events. However, here is 

— — - what a Belgian paper has to say on tlio 

subject: '* Who of as has nut lulmired i 
fi iiAT A vutCAXO CAX DO. those fino outiinos and wondrous painir 

Cotopaxi, ill Kiiy, threw its tU-ry rock- arabesques which cover tho smallest box , 
cto 5,000 feet aliovo its crater, while iu of confectionery, and make the contents 
I8.'i4, the blazing mass, struggling for a hundred times more appetizing? A 
outlet, roared so its awful voice Imiiqiiet with its pretty collar of luce, 

a casket with its band of guipure, or a , 
■ith a goffered ' 

Carry the most complete stock of General 

Hardware, Harness, Saddlery, Findings, Agri- 
cultural Implements, etc. 

They handle the celebrated 

Deeriiiig’ Macliiiioi*y 

Which has stood the test and which gives 
satisfaction whenever sold. 


Deering Cord Binders, “Old Hickory" Wag- 
ons, J. I. Case's and Russell's Engines and 
Thresher, and J. I. Case Steel and Chilled 

SSTBinder Twine and Machine Grease in 
any quantity at easy figures. 

It will pay you to call and examine the 


The latest and most complete drill evjer put 
on the market. We also carry a full line qJ. 
BUGGIES and CARRIAGES, made of the 
best material, and we can save you money by 
buying with us. Vehicles made to order. 

All our goods are warranted first class. 
Don’t forget the place East side Main street, 
nearly opp. Opera House. 


wuH hearii at a diafance of more than 

GoO milca. In 17‘J7, the crater of Tun- roost leg of mutton w 
giu.-i..giia, one of the great peaks of the sleeve — all seem to take on a new charm, 
Audee, hung out torrents of mud, which s® 1™® sometimes the manner 

dammed up the rivers, opened now p^hich an object is presculed is betU*r 
lakes, and hi valleys 1,000 feet wide thTu the present itself. Tiler j are very 
miule deposits COO Iwf deep. The stream mamifmdurcra of lace pajH r, and 
from Vesuvius, which, iu 1.'137, passcl tb®sc exclusively iu Friiice and 
thiough Torre del Greco, contained ;12,- Germany. It duU-s only within thu last 
000,000 cubic feet of solid matter, and Ally y^an, like so many other articles of 
iu 17.3, when Torre del Greco was de- bii’iLV. Confectioners and paltry cooks 
stroyed a second lime, the mass of lava make, of course, great use of it; but 
atoonnted to 4.0,000,0 K) cubic feet. In butchers are now putting their choicest 
17C0, Etna iioured forth s Uood which j"'*'*® •“ I'"!'®''. Thi-n Imrticultur- 

covered b4 square miles ol surfii 'e and I'lirists and cigar munufoctiirerH em- 

measurcit nearly 1,000,000,000 cubic r  ’.V  •. A proof of tho extension of tho 
feet. On thi.s occasion the sand and maimfuctiirc may be formiol from the 
scoria formi'd tho Monte Uosini, near "'Hilo not more flimi 100,000 

Xichol'jsa, a cone two mile.s in circiim- worth was turned out iu Paris 

fereuce, and 4,000 feathigh. Tho stream *'‘irty ye.irs ago, it is now sold to 

thrown out by Etna in 1«1G, was iu mo- .ve.irly v.due of from 0.10,000 to 

tion lit the rote of a yard a day for nine 700,000 francs. It is exported all over 
mouths after the eruption ; and it is on ^He world, but principally to Xorth and 
record that the lava of tho same mount- America, Next iu order come 

aiu, after a terrible eruption, wiis not England, Spain, Italy, Bussia, Austria, 
thoroughly cool and consolidated for ten material is rather oostly, and 

years after the event. In the eruption ^He paper has to bo specially prepared 
of Vesuviuk, A. D. 79, tho scoria and ^y rubbing each sheet on Imth sides 
uslies vomited forth far exceeded tho soap powder, so that they may 

entire bulk of the mountain ; while in ®®s ly separate. Eight sheets are put 
KiOJ, Etna disgorged twenty times its matrix, and then the work-girl 

The LaFayette times (LaFayette, Ky.), 1884-06-01

4 pages, edition 01

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