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date (1861-08-16) newspaper_issue J     A     COURIER         V     E  V E IST I 1ST Gr EDITION      VOLUME 1      LOUISVILLE  KENTUCKY  FRIDAY EVENING  AUGUST 10  1861      NUMBER 120      gfttefrttonmt        JOAL  COAL    I HAVE for sale  at all times  by the barge and at    stall  and at the lowestmarket price  beEt qual   ity  PlfTSBUKG COAL  Also  BEACH BOTTOM  COAL at much lower rates      a u 4 dt      J  N  KELLOGG  Agent   Third street  near corner of Main      S  B  3I GILL    Wholesale and Retail Dealer in and  Importer of   CIGARS  TOBACCO  SNUFF    PIPES   C     o  307 Green street  between Third a d Fourth    Courier Building s     k LARGE assortment of the best brands of Cl    V GAK8 AND TOBACCO kep constantly on  hand f htx  tt f istp   PHOCEAIVIATION    A LL persons residing within the city limits   owning or having do  in their possession  are  hereby notifiea to con One them within their premi   ses until the st of September  lSd 1   under the pen   alty of  20 Ur refusing or neglecting to comply with  the above requisition  The proper authorities are  also required to destroy all dogs running at large  during tne above period    Ma t or s O ryfCK  July 18  ISt j  25 130   WILLIAM KAYE    B ELL and Brass Founder  Water street  between  First and 8econd  Louisville  Ky   is prepared  to make Bella for Churches  Steamboats  Tavern    Ac   of all sizes and of superior tone  of which he  keeps an assortment on hand    Auto  Hose nnd Salt Screws  Oil Globes  Oyllndei  Gnew  and Sb i  Cocke  of every size  Copper Klv    ts  spelter Solder and Braka Castings of every de    crip Iton     t3 r CASH paid for old Copper and Braai    dll dtf   CQITON  CAULKING    AS 13   BATTING FACTORY   Corner Rowan and Thirteenth Street    LOUISVILLE  KY    mHK undersigned respect full  informs his patron  A and the public that he hae enlarged his estab   lishment for the manufacturing of the above article a   and have them always on hand  _ ____ _   ABR  HADFIELD    N  B   City orders delivered free of charge    Ie4dtf   ARKANSAN COT YON LANDS  ROTEO  TED DY LEVEES  AND NEAR THE  MISSISSIPPI RIVER  FOR SALE ON  ACCOMMODATfNQ TERMS  OR ONE   HALF OF B veil TH VCT IN EXCHANGE  FOR NEGROES  TO WIT    1 2I1R8T TRACT  Of 1 800 acres  on Alligator Ba   1 you  three mile  from Miss  slppi river  back  of Walnut Bend  In Crittenden county  below Mem  phis  200 acres deadened    SECOND TRACT  1 100 acres  on the line o  Railroad from Gained Landing and back of Ba  you Bartholomew  in Drew county    THIRD TRACT 8 000 acre   on Old Town Ridge  and Lake  in Phillip  county  two miles from Mia  eisslppi river  8C0 acres five year old deadening    FOURTH TRACT  1 000 acre   on Old Town  Ridge and Lake  one mile from  Mississippi river   200 acres cleared  400 acre  deadened six years   with all necessary buildings    FIFTH TRACT  1 900 acres  on Old Town Ridge  and Lake  four mile  from Mississippi river  400  acres in high state of cultivation  700 acres old  deadening  with No  1 Dwelling auu Plantation  buildings    Persons desiring more information will please   address GKO lit IK W  JOHNSON  at Georgetown   Ky   W  V  JOHNSON  at Louisville  Ky   Mr   LEWIS CA8TLKMAN  at Crittenden county  Ark    and Mr  J  8  MATHEWS  at Drew county  Ark    GEORGE W  JOHNSON   mvl  dt f W  V  JOHNSON      WATER   WATER   LOUISVILLE PLUMBING   ESTABLISHMENT    NO  404 THIRD 6T   BET  GREEN k JEFFERSON      Water Pipes  Hydrants  Hose   c    W K ARE prepared to introduce WATER PIPES  into Dwellings  Stores and Factories  on real   onable term   We have a full stock of Bath Tub    Water Closets  Shower Bath   Wash Basins  Hy   drant   Hose and Box    Having a long experience  la the business  we suarantee to give entire sail   faction  or all wt rk entrusted to us    DON ALT A STRADER    myl I J  f P  i rebel    Gas and St  arn Fi terv     UOAL OIL AND LAMPS   D EODORIZED COAL OIL  transparent In color  does not color the chimney or emit odor in  burning  Also tu  assortment of COAL OIL LAMPS  with the Jones Merrill  and Improved Excelsior  Burners  CHANDELIERS and STANDSfor Church   s  For sale very low  wholesale er retail    W  H  SETTLE  No  919 To irth strSet   dt       MsvilU  Kv     SCHROBT   LAVAL    Manufacturer  of   Alcohol  Cologne    Pure Spirits   And Dealers In   Bourbon  V  Honongahcla Whiskies     est side Second it   bet  Main and Water   aoMAwtf LOUISVILLE  KT    WARD   CARY    WHOLESALE     LIQUOR     Main street  bet  Fiflh and Sixth    H ave in store and for sale at prices   to suit the times    26 bbls Ginger Brandy    60 bbls Blackberry Brandy    80 bbls Cherry do    20 bbls Raspberry do    100 bbls Sweet Malaga Wine    60 bbls Ginger do    40 bbls Muscat do    20 X casks Port Wine    20 bbls Lemon Cordial    75 bbls Rye Whisky  various brands     225 bbls pure old Bourbon Whisky    25 X casks Seignette Brandy    And a general assortment of Liquors  Cigars   fine Virginia To bacco  myl dtl   f  weihe    CA1  MANUFACTURER    Fifth street  between Market and Jefl erson Roppo  site Court Honse   LOUISVILLE  KY     K EEPSconstantly on hand an assortment      of CAPS  HATS  Ac   which he sells at  B aste  n prices    EJT  Military cape of all descriptions made to ord      at tb  shortest notice  and at lowest prices   aulO  IIv     RICHARDSON S   XH X83H XiIMHMS    DAMASKS  DIAPERS  Ac    pONBUMERS of Rlchardson s Linens  and those  V  desirous of obtaining the genuine goods should  see that the articles they purchase are se   v  the full name of the firm    J  N  Richardson  Sons   Owden  As a guarantee of the soundness and durability f  the Goods    This caution is rendered essentially necessary a   large quantities of inferior and defective Linens  are prepared  season after season  and sealed with  the name of RICH AHDSON  by Irish Houses  who   regardless ol the injury thus Inflicted on the Amer   lean consumer and the manufacturers of the genu  me Goods  will not readily abandon a business so  profitable  while purchasers can be imposed on with  Goods of a worthies  character    J  Bullocke   J  11   Locke    _J10dly Agent   84 Beade st reet  New York      oiGra na Second   my 25 dtf      5 REWARD    STRAYED  a large Brindle COW  no  i mark  except a small streak of white  down the back  and a small piece out  of the left ear  Return to the corner     JOHN H  KITZERO     MALT AND HOPS   FOR SALE    CASH PAID FOR BARLEY   AT THE   KENT UCR V MILT HOUSE    SOUTH SIDE MARKET STREET  7   Between Sixth end Seventh      I n31 d tfawst JOHN EKGKLN A OO    F  FABEL   CO    NO  145 THIRD ST   S UET  MAINLAND KITES   M A IM FACTURER 8 OF   LARI  OIL  SOAPS    Star a d Tallow Candles   e    T HANKFUL or the patronage heretofore be  stowed upon this house  we hope to merit  a  continuance of the same  and pledge ourselves to  meet all demands in our line with the purest ar   aicles ______ _ nolOltf   Spring Wagons  Spring Wagons    COOLING u blunden    MAIN 8TKEET  BETWEEN FIRST AND SECOND  Have for sale aeveral sixes o  CHAMBERLAIN A CO  SCel  ehrated SPRING WAGONS  t which they will sell low ro  mi dtl     DAILY COURIER     ijOUI SVIL LE    FRIDAY EVENING Al GICT 1G      The Courier at Nashville    Messrs  Green   Co   are the sole and e rdu  live agents of tlie Courier at Nashville  They  will deliver it to regular subscribers and sup   ply it to dealers and news boys  dtf      The Courier at St  Louis    The Louisville Cockier can be fooud in St   Louis at Willie II  Gray s  North west corner  of Third and Olive streets  opposite the Post  Oflicc  If    PEACE MEETING    The people of Louisville  without refer   ence to past party distinctions  who are in  f ivor of having     PEACE    arc requested to meet in the East Room of  the Court House  on Saturday uigkf  ihe  17th instaut  as a   Pence Party    The time has come to know who are for  Peace aud who are for War     Rally as Christian aud rational men  as  fearless leaders in   The  treat Peace movement   to save your country from the further  horrors of   Civil War    not regarding the threats or cajol ings of  those   Bloody Spirits   whose purpose is War only  at home and  abroad    Rally for Peace    Louisvi lle  August 10  1801    Mass Meeting and Fre  Barbecue in  Woodford County    A mass meetiug of the people will be  held  and a free barbecue given  in the pas   ture of VVillis F  Jones  on the Frankfort   Lexington aud Versailles Turnpike roads   miles from the latter place  ou Satur   day  17th August  1SG1  All persons  irre   spective of parties  arc invited to at   tend    Hon  Roger W  Hasson  Hon  Cn vRT ts  S  XloREHEAU and others have bccu invited   to address the meeting        Democratic Mass Meeting    The Democracy and conservative men  of Putnam county will hold a grand mats  meeting at Bainbrldge  on Thursday  Aug   22  1801  All men of conservative views   and who prefer compromise  peace and  prosperity to civil war  bloodshed and des   olation  arc invited to attend and partici   pate  The following eminent speakers will  be present  Hon  John G  Davis  Hon   J ostru E  McDonald  Hon  Altai John   son  and Col  A  M  Pruett    Brand Peace Pic Nic    There is to he a great meeting on Thurs   day  August 22d  ote mile west of Iiarrods   burg  ol all who are opposed to this fratrici   dal war  to taxation for carrying it on  and  in favor ol restoring peace  to our unhappy  country  The speakers announced for the  occasion arc John C  Breckinrikge  Charles  S  Morchead  James B  Clay  John Y   Brown  A  G  Talbott  and Jas  B  Beck  It  will te a grand gathering  on a grand occa   sion  and we hope similar meetings will be  held in every section of the State    Brutal Outrage Upon au Aged Citi   zen    On Monday about half past ten o clock   P  M  as Mr  Bernal was returning home  from a trustee meeting of his church  when  just beyond the corner ol Second aud Guth   rie streets  he was seized from behind  gag   ged  held on the ground  and beaten for  fully ten minutes with sticks and lists    After performing this valorous feat  and  the gag removed  he was asked in a sort of  German jargon   Old man eunyouspeak    to which he feebly replied   Yes     Then  take your stick and go away   There were  three ruffians engaged in this dastardly act   one tall and the others short  A liberal re   ward will be given to any one of them who  will prove to conviction the guilt of the  others and by whom encouraged      Statement   In regard to au impression  abroad  that many boys  that cannot be  governed elsewhere  are sent to Forest  Academy to be reformed  I have only to  say  that I suppose  among so many young  Americas in the land  I get my share of  them  from my well known experience in  managing boys  It is but due to justice   however  for me to say  that the discipline  of my school requires a speedy and thor   ough change  or all such are sent home    1 know no school that can claim a class  of more studious  and better regulated  boys  than can Forest Academy    See advertisement  B  H  McCOWN   auglG d3     taf The Journal  by publishing agar   bledaccouut of the feats of the 8th Georgia  regiment in the battle of Manassas  gives  its readers the impression that over 500 of  the regiment were killed  The paragraph  probably was taken from some other pa   per  and the Journal may have unitention   ally committed the error  The Courier  published the report entire some days ago   and the facts are  that the regiment  when  it retreated  had scattered in detachments  through the woods  but soon got together  again  The casualties were heavy  but not  quite 500      Correction    In our notice yesterday  morning  of the military parade  we stated  that the Louisville Zouaves were com   manded by Lieut  Montcalm  They were  commanded by Capt  Cunningham    tST We would call the attention of our  readers to James McBurnie s advertise   ment in another column  He avill open his  School at Locust Grove on the first Mon   day in September    tSf Shell oysters  line  fat  aud luscious   are now to be had at Walker s Exchange   together with all other luxuries of the  season      ARMY C0RRESP0XDEXCE    Letter From Se Do Kay    Peace aud Quiet   A Lull Before the   Storm  The Probable Campaign   Breckinridge aud Burnett  Mare   Prisoners  Ate   Arc    Camp Bartow  i  Thursday  August 8       II e are now in the midst of that oinin  ous calm which invariably prcccde3 the  storm  Were it not for the martial display  about us  one would not readily imagine  that war  not peace  was our trade  The  sun shines peacefully over the slopes and  valleys of Mauassas  and the water courses   which lor days after the eventful Sabbath  ran with blood  sweep on ia gentle mur   murs through wooded fields and meadows  heaped with hay  There is absolutely no   thing to denote the purposes of the seventy  thousand men here assembled  Quiet  hangs over the whole scene and  the bugles that at evening play softly  might as well  aiug tmee   for there is not  a note of bravado in them  But when the  murky cloud of battle will arise upon our  horizon  who knows  Nor when in fury  it will burst over our heads  hurtling its  fatal arrows through our ranks  who can  tell  We cannot  however  be mistaken in  the supposition that very soon another   and we hope an effective blow will be  struck by our army in the assertion of  Southern Independence  It seems impos  sible to render the Yankee Administration  sensible of its jeopardy and the absurdity  of its persisting in the contest  until at the  very gales of the Capital we dictate the  terms of an honorable peace  Nobody that  I am aware of  wants Washington City   but if its capture is necessary to the ad   justment of these great troubles  then we  shall have it  and that right speedily   must confess  too  that personally  nothing  would gratify me more than a march up  Pennsylvania Avenue  one of these bright  summer mornings    There is something intoxicating or in  spiring in the thought of our coming in  possession of the scene of so much of our  old renown   where the footsteps of the  young nation were directed iu the paths of  virtue aud wisdom  but  alas  where to day   pride and arrogance and all the meaner  vices of maLkind hold sway in the halls of  legislation aud the chambers of executive  ministers  Washington City our own  as it  may be  we could soon disenthrall unhappy  and down trodden Maryland  and having  posted our picket guards well on toward  Philadelphia  render the South  a unit and  extort from the Lincoln government a full  and unreserved recognition of our liberty  and sovereign ty as a confederation of States   I do not pretend to give this as a pro   gramme of the campaign  but I feel an un   bounded confidence in the success of our  arms on every field of importance and an  assurance that within two months we shall  have driven the invader beyond Maryland    Then what shall be the destiny of Ken  lucky  Shall that State  in the glorious  past the synonym ol chivalry  remain al   lied to the Federal despotism and yield  submissive allegiance to her enemies   Or  shall it please Heaven to grant her a safe  deliverance from the meshes of abolition  rule  and place her where honor aud inter   est demand  amongJhe galaxy of stars that  form Ihe Southern Cross  We hope for  our loved na ive State  and yet we tremble  with fear  God grant that she may event   ually unite with her natural allies  though  it bo necessary before such a uuiou that  she pass through a baptism of fire and  blood    The brave  defiant and noble course of  Hon  John C  Breckinridge in the United  States Senate commands the admiration of  all loyal men  It presents a spectacle of  moral courage than which uoue more sub   lime has attracted the attention of men for  generations  He is iu constant peril   not alone from the murderous and  tyranuical government  but from the hired  assasins of the Federalists  Undauutcd he  breasts the storm  calmly courts the dangers  of his place  and in all things proves him   self worthy of his noble lineage  The con   duct of Henry C  Burnett in the lower  House is no less a source of cot gratula  tion  We of the Kentucky Battulion yet  hope to place Breckinridge and Burnett iu  a triumphal car when we enter the streets  of Washington    News there is none  or rather what we  have must be kept out of the papers  The  health of our command is excellent  and  the utmost cheerfulness prevails    Yesterday eleveu of the enemy marched  into our lines and delivered up their arms   They said they were heartily tired of fight   ing against a cause which was evidently  just iu itself and favored by the propitious  smiles of heaven  SE DE KAY      No Scarcity of War Material   The  Shreveport Gazette  of Saturday last  says  letters have been received from Texa   e fa   ting that ten thousand mounted men could  be raised in fifteen days  if Ben McCul   lough wanted them  The Gazette adds    We are confident that the regiment eau be  raised iu a few weeks  and much sooner if  they arc ordered to Missouri       J5T The best photographs of Beauregard  arc at Elrod 6 Gallery  No  400 Main street    auglC d2 fee2   LsF  3 We learn that one of the recruits at  Camp J oe Holt was drowned on the Falls  Wednesday    ISPThanks are duo to O  P  Myers   Co    news agents  for Cincinnati papers in ad   vance of the mails      25F Gov  C  F  Jackson and staff   Memphis  Tuesday  for Missouri      left     Prizes Captured   The New York Jour   nal of Commerce of Monday  has a detail   ed list of the prizes captured by the U  S   navy  and by the Confederate navy and  Privateers  The list sums up 39 for the  United States  and 47 by tlie Confederates   The Abolition papers designate the officers  and men of the Confederates as pirates   What are those employed by the United  States     Important Dispatches   Glorious  News   W e copy the following from the  especial  particular  and exclusive tele   graphic correspondence of the Cincinnati  Commercial  Hurrah for that retreat     The opinion is decided among our high   est military authorities that Gen  Lyon  beat McCullough  and that the retreat was  in itself a great victory    The War Department is in good spirits  at the result      Arrest o  Geo  XV  Bridges    It was rumored iu the city yesterday  up   on apparently reimble data  that Geo  VV   Bridges had been arrested near the Ken   tucky line  by Ihe party that went in pur   suit of hinv  Bridges was en route for  Washington   claiming to te a member of  the Lincoln Congress from Tennessee  We  sincerely trust that the rumor is correct    The above is from the Nashville Union  and American  and we can state from intel   ligence received from a gentleman who ar   rived from Nashville yesterday  that the  would be Lincoln Congressman was arrest   ed  rescue or noreseue      Hon  John W  Stevenson   This distiix   guished gentleman  who addressed the  State Rights Clul  Wednesday cveaing  is  just from Y rginia  and saw with his own  eyes the ravaged tr sik made by the Lincoln  Vandals  The humblest cottage did not  escape their savage barbarity  the sacred ed   ifice  erected and dedicated to the worship  of the Almighty  was desecrated and pro   faned by the unholy jnob  and every species  of demonism  which would disgraces C iu   iba   was perpetrated by the ruthless Van   dals  The picture which he drew was  enough to make the heart of every true  Kentuckian sparkle with the fire of scorn  and glow with uuutterablc Bate for the  Contemptible shadow of a President who   regardless of the Constitution  tramples  upon all law and seeks to bind his fellow  citizens with his hated cords of Black Re   publican despotism  We would that even   man in Kentucky could hear tlais eloquent  defender of Southern Rights    cSTTUe Journal published a short ex   tract from Parson Brownlow s paper  the  Knoxville Whig  aud intimated to its reid   ers that the paper was suppressed  Why  did not the Journal furnish its readers with  all the Parson said   The fact is  the paper  was not suppressed  It subsided  owing   40 hard times or lack of paying subscribers    Tall Corn   Mr  Bowles  ol North Mid   dletown  Bourbon eo   has corn  the 6talks  of which stood 1C feet high    IW Monday  August 5th  1SG1  S  Ear  kcr   Co   317 Fourth street  Louisville   Ky   will offer at very low prices 1 000  pieces of domestic goods  of all grades   bleached aud brown  from   to 3 yards  wide  Also their  whole stock of dress  goods at greatly reduced prices    Five hundred pieces of linen goods and  house keepiug articles very low    Three liuudred pieces of white goods  consisting of plain  plaid aud 6triped cam   brics  jaconets  Swiss and book muslins   ladies  and gems  linen handkerchiefs  em   broidery  and laces    Also 1 000 doz  hosiery of all kinds and  sizes    Also carpets  and oil cloths  cheap      Persons visiting the city will find a full  stock of goods at low prices    au 5  d tf  S  B A RKER   CO    Wolf   Dcrkinger s Cslt s Cart   ridges   We are now manufacturing the  above cartridges for all sizes of Colt s pis   tols  Call aud sco thsm  We also keep  Smith A  Wesson s cartridges  at wholesale    WOLF   DURR1NGER    July 6 tf Corner of Fifth aud M arket    CSTSee Bland s advertisement  Money  loaned on diamonds   c  Office on Mar   ket street  botweeu Third and Fourth     Reported Expressly for the Loalsvtlle Courier    POLICE COURT      Election Returns    Ballard County   Official    For Sta f e  Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Union  32   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  507  For  Representative  Win  II  Coffee  Southern  Rights  C43    Russell County  Official  For State  Treasurer   Jas  II  Garrard  UnioD  582    Gobrias Terry  Soirtbern Rights  2  For  Represcn lativc  Janies M  C  Linsenbry   Union  351  John C  Bolin  Union  343    Hk kman County   Official   F or State  Treasurer   James H  Garrard  Union   5  Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  211   voted for iu ouly one or two priecincts     For Representative   Gtorirc W  Silver   tooth  Southern ltigh s  533  For Sheiifl   John M  Robinson  Southern Rights  058   no opposition    Carroll County   Official    For  State Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Union   253  Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  14 1   T  L  Jones  36  For State Senate  A  R   Gaunt  Union  71  R  W  Matcrson  Union   39  A  P  Grover  Southern Rights  512    For Representative  Aolin C  Lindsnv   nominee of both parties  695  For Sheriff   John D  Cox  Southern Rights  563  A      The Efficient Blockade   The Apa   lachicola  Fla   Times  of the 3d inst   in  its marine columns  under the head of ves   sels in port  announces the ship Finland   Capt  Jones  540 tons  from Liverpool  just  arrived and commenced discharging    The Cincinnati Gazette says Gen   Fremont is  conducting the war upon war  principles   Yes  warring upon newspa   pers and the peaceable citizens ol Si  Louis    Kff  At the last accounts Gen  McCul   lough was drilling Sigel s command  He  was exercising them in the  double quick       GEORGE W  JOHNSTON  Judob    Thursday  August 15    Drunk and Disorderly   W  Savage  T  Coher  and J  Coher were all presented   charged with drunkenness and disorderly  conduct  Bail of each in  100 for one  month    John Mclay was found by the officer ou  the street full of mean whisky  and making  a great noise  Cave for one inonth in de   fault ol  100 bail    Stealing Lumber    S  Albaher and  Frank Jober were arrested on the charge  stealing lumber  Bail of each in  100 to  answer a misdemeanor  the property stolen  uot being worth over  4    Peace Warrant    S  Weihl and wile  were presented on a peace warrant sued  out by L  llickbry  It was continued until  Saturday    Assault Warrants   E d  Talbott sued  out an assault warrant against W  Malery   The proof was not sufficient  and the war   rant was dismissed    W  Waddell and P  Ritman were up  charged with assaulting O Mennimi  No  being ready for trial  the ease was coutin  ucd until Monday     For the Louisville Courier     Resolutions In Honor of Col  Titos  II  Hunt    Headquarters 1st Ky  Regiment Vol   unteers  Manassas Junction   August 4ib  1861    Editors Louisville Courier  At a meetin_  of the Harvey Rides  Company A  First  Regiment Kentucky Volunteers  the fo   lowing resolutions were unanimously  adopted  to wit     Resolved  That wc hereby lender our lioart  felt thanks to Col  Thos  H  Hunt  for the  handsome amount so generously presented to  ns  and wc recognize in the unobtrusive man   ner in which the gift was made  a characterist   ic trait of the man    llesolreel  That in Col  Hunt we recognize a  bold and fearless defender ol Southern Rights   and that under such a leader we wonld be  proud to serve    Resolved  That a copy of these resolutions be  sent to the Louisville Courier for publication   HUNTER SWAGER    FRANK BAER    CROC AN BET1TSON   Committee on Resolutions    From the Frankfort Yeoman of  yesterday we copy the following extracts  from letters in regard to the late elcc tiqp   Clarksburg  Lewis Co   Aug  9  1861    Editor Yeoman  Our election is over and  we arc beaten  but not conquered or snb  dued  The result is as follows    Geo  M  Thomas   II  R   1 178   Lindsey B  Iluggles   11  R  tjfo   Mr  Thomas litst set out in favor of co   ercion and the war  but finding that he  would lose a great many of his original  Union friends  he backed down from that   and declared himself in favor of peace and  opposed to the war and the war tax  Let  us watch him and see how he acts when  he gets up to Frankfort  A majority of  our people are against this war aud the tax   and if our opponents had taken that posi   tion fairly  they would have been beaten    You see that we have gained nearly 100  votes ou our June vote    Peace State Convention    We have been requested to suggest the  calling a great State Convention  to assem   ble at Frankfort early in September  to be  composed of all men  without regard to  former political associations  who are op   posed to the existing war  and are in favor  of restoring peace in the speediest manner  possible  We are entirely satisfied that  such a Convention will do great good  and  we hope every county in the State will send  up to it its best and wisest men  Let pre   liminary meetings be at once held every  where  and delegate representatives to the  greatest Slate Convention ever held in  Kentucky  The object contemplated war   rants the hope that the proposed State  Convention will be the grandest in num   ber and character ever held in this great   State    Frankfort leouwn      Rights  552   Carlisle  Union  266    Cumberland County  Official    For  State Treasurer  J unes 11  Garrard  Union   719  James it  Barrick  Southern Rights  1   For Representative  Otho Miller  Union    t IV    Gallatin County   Official    For  State Treasurer  Jamc sTL Gamfrd    tiff    For Representative  John J  Landrum   Union  426  A  B  Chambers  Southern  Rights  439    Hancock County  Official  For State  Treasurer   James II  Garrard  Union  216   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  Sit For  Slate Senate  John B  Bruner  Un ion  139   D  L  Adair  Southern Rights  491  For  Representative  Thos  R  Taylor  Union   437  W  P  D  Rush  Southern Rights  492    Fulton County  Official   For State  Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Union  4   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  469 For  Representative  Geo  W  Silvcrtooth  South   ern Rights  407  no opposition    Hopkins County  Official   For State  Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Union  862   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  89  J  R   Barrie    Southern Rights  889  For State  Senate  Willis G  Hughes  Uuion 784  Ben   P  Cisseil  Souiheru Rights  1 237  For Rep   resentative  John R iv  Union  1 251  Win   Bradley  Southern Rights  1 195    Whitley County   Official    For  State Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Union   840  Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  1  For  State Senate  Milton J  Cook  Union  828   For Representative  Hugh F  Finley  Union   894      Knox County   Official   For State  Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Union  1 041   For Slate Senate  Milton J  Cook  Union   967  For Representative  Jas  H  Ander   son  Union  1 049    Rowan County   Official   For State  Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Unfon  249   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  59  For  Representative  S  J  England  Union  229   J  T  Rateliffe  Southern Rights  133    Lincoln County  Official   For State  Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Uuion  098   For State Senatc  Samuel Lusk  Union  429   Jesse Embry  Union  497  Berry Smith  154   For Representative  John C Cooper  Union   853    Mop gan Countt  Official   For State  Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Union  409    Gobrias Terry Southcrn Rights  416  James  R  Barrick  162  For Representative  John       Ilazelrigg  Unioa  47a  G  M  Hampton   Southern Rights  779    Magoffin County  Official   For   Slate Treasurer  James 11  Garrard  Union    273  Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  165   For State Senate  T  8  Brown  Uniou  299   John M  Burns  Southern Righis  284  For  Representative  T  Cardwell  Union  274   Jo  Gardner  Southern Rights  304    Livingston CoCnty  Official    For  Slate Treasurer   James H  Garrard  Union   81  Oobrrn  Terry  Southern Rights  141   For State Senate  D  W  M    Goodwin   Union  219  G W  Barbour  Southern  Rights  674  For Representative  G   i   RapmHee  Union  263  G  R  Merritt  South   ern Righis  649    Nelson County  Official   For State  Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Union  605   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  7  James  R  Barrick  Southern Rights  103  For State  8enate   William B  Read  Union  965  Chas   H  Allen  Southern Rights  31  For Repre   sentative   Alfred Boraine  Union  827  F   G  Murphy  Southern Rights  895  For  Jailer   Martin Coyle  Union  724  C  W  Roberts  Southern  IPghts  447  Wm  Bur   nell  Union  48    Thimble County  Official  For Stale  Treasurer  Janies H  Garrard  Union  14S   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  83  J  R   Barrick  Southern Righis  3  For State     Senate  A  P  Grover  Southern Rights   531  For Representative  Robert Morris   Union  328  Evan M  Garriott  Southern  Rights  554    Carter Couxtt  Official   For State  Treasurer  James II  Garrard  Uuion  8S0   Gobrias Terry  Southern Rights  272  For  State Senate  William C  Grier  Union  919   A  J  I andsdown  231  For R ipresenta    ti c  SUmhen J  England  Union  931   Johu T  KatcliH   Southern Righis  349    Calloway County   Official    For  Slate Treasurer  James H  Garrard  Union   S3  Gobrias Terry  Southern Righis  634   James R  Barrick  Southern Rights  57   For Representative   Daniel Mathewsou   Southern Rights  940    March of Oar Troops Down the   Peninsula  and the liurnmg of   Hampton    Wc learn from one of the participants in  the expedition that terminated in the burn   ing of H mipton  tbat General Magrtider   with a part ol his force  left the camp at  Yorktowu on Friday week  and proceeded  to Young s Mills  nine miles from Bethel   where he remained some days  Subse   quently  he went to Bethel  and then to  within five miles of New Market bridge   where he remained all night Tuesday lust   Early on Wednesday morning  he appeared  within a mile and a half of Nefrport  News  and drew up in battle array  It was re  ported that he communicated with the  commander of the fortification and chal  lenged him to battle  which he declined   but there is no certainty about this  At all  events  the Federalists remained in their  fortification    After waiting an hour and    half or so   General Magruder marched towards Hamp   ton  In crossing New Market bridge the  enemy s pickets fired aud lied  one of our  soldiers  a Virginian  was slightly wound   ed in the face  The General went to with   in a mile and a half of Hampton and halt   ed  At night large fires were built at this  point  aud the General withdrew to within  three miles of Hampton  After midnight   finding that the enemy made no demon   stration whatever  he dispatched some two  or three regiments of infantry and a troop  ol cavalry to Hampton  with instructions  to burn it down  This force entered the  town  found it unoccupied except by one  or two persons  and  at about 3 o clock   set the place on fire   At half past three the  whole town was in a blaze  and by morn   ing was reduced to ashes    On Thursday General Magruder returned  to Bethel    The burning of Hampton  we learn  was  considered a military necessity  It was  ascertained tbat it was to be made winter  quarters for the Federalists  audat com   plete fortification  which indeed was al   ready commenced  was to be thrown up  for its defense  Undtr this representa   tion  as painful as it was to reduce such a  place as Hampton to ruins  every one  reacily acquiesced  and three  gentlemen   owners of houses there  joined the expedi   tion  and with alacrity applied the Sorch  themselves to their property  Every true  Southern man would prefer to see his house  in ashes rather than it become a place of  shelter to the invader  from which to carry  m liis war of rapine and desolation     Richmond Dispatch  Atig  12    Ey Louisville Gold Lien Manufactory  Mam Street  four doors beloviTMrd      The Attack Upon the Standard Office   Concord  N  II    The telegraphic dispatch eondcruiug an   attack by a mob upon the office of  the Democratic Standard  published at  Concord  N  K    is lu ly confirmed  Among  tlie paragraphs in the Standard  which give  offence  were the following     Missouri will not be Martlandized   General  McCullough and Price are repor   J dt  he marching on Springfield with    0 000 men  with a view of attacking Si  r c l j  forces  and driving them from their soif      Our Southern papers are filled with  heart sickening recounts of the murders  and robberies which individuals in Old  Abe s mob arc perpetrating on the South   ern people  Innocent women and children  are shot on their own doorsteps  for wear   ing  v hat is called  secession bonnets    No wonder the Northern people run  when  the bonc6t people of the Sauih march to   wards them      Ihe people of Maryland cannot be held   n subjection many weeks longer  Many  of their wealthy citizens are confined in  jRil without cause  and are treated sbame   lully  The mob of Lincoln s continues to  annoy the people on every corner of the  streets  and it seems to us that humanity  calls loudly for some method of redress  for its citizens    The Manchester Mirror of Friday even    Dg says    The disturbance begun about 4 o clock    During the afternoon some of the soldiers  of the 1st Regiment weut into the office to  get a copy of last week s issue  and were  refused  Some disturbance took place   when a pistol was drawn by one of the pro   prietors  and it is supposed it was acci   dentally discharged  the hall passiug down  through the Moor into a room connected  with a clothing establishment  and a lady  barely escaped being hit  The soldiers left  and soon after three of the printers ap   peared at the windows on Main street  armed with a pistol  gun and axe  darin   the whole Slate to molest them    The City Marshal  Mr  John Kimball   hearing a disturbance  went up to the office  and found the door locked  He rapped  and was admitted  lie made every effort  to calm them  aud proposed that if they  would surrender their arms he would en   deavor to protect them  This they refused  to do  Mr  John M  Hill  who was with  the Marshal  also urged them to give up  their arms  but all to no purpose  Mr   Hill and the Marshal then went out  The  crowd  whieh hud by this time become  quite large  began to rush up stairs  and  were kept back by the Marshal some twenty  minutes  Finally  Charles P  Clark  a hoy  about 14 years old  who has been in tbs 1st  regiment as clerk to Captain Sturtcvaut  of  Concord  managed to kick one of the  panels of the door through  and was going  in  but was prevented by the Marshal   Clark managed to get away  however  and  put bis bead through the opening  Imme   diately a report was heard  and he fell  back  He wa3 not hurt  but stunned  the  ball passing through his hat  close to his  head  Several shots were now fired in  quick succession by the inmates of the  room  which cut off a finger of Marshal P   Hurd  of Co  D  and wounding Franklin  Hersey  of Co  A  in the arm    As soon as the shots were heard outside   a rush was made  and the type    apcr  and  everything movable  were thrown out of  the windows  and afterwards burnt  The  marble stones used in making up the paper  were broken  presses taken to pieces aud  broken  windows smashed  and signs taken  down    The printers made their escape through  the scuttle into the office of Seth Eastman   Insurance Agont  where they remained so   crcted some two or three hours  when they  were found aud taken in care by the citi   zens  But they did not entirely escape the  vengeance of the crowd  As they passed  out  they were assailed by blows from Ii6ts   rocks  sticks   fee  They were taken  with  great difficulty  to the City Marshal s office   but the lumnli Increasing  they were con   veyed in coaches to the State prison  as the  only safe place    The Standard garrison at the line of tho  attack consisted of the following persons    Brackett and John P  Palmer  editors  and publishers  and T  N   B  F   aud Chas  5V  Palmer  printers    Arrest of the Most Notorious Forger   mid Counterfeiter iu the United   States    Jerry Cowden  alias John Colburn  alias  A  P  Miller  the most extensive  forger aud  counterfeiter in the United States  was ar  arrested late last  Friday  night  near the  Hoboken Ferry  by Sergeant D  Jabobs and  detective officer Charles Noyes  of St   Louis  The charge is forgery on hanks of  Chicago  St  Louis  Pittsburg  Columbus  and Detroit  to the extent of between  20 v  000 and  30 000  Also under the guise of  a drover in passiug a large amount of  the Brighton counterfeits upon Western  hankers    Immediately upon the arrest of Cowder   the officers hurried over the river to Jersey  City  aud guarded their prisoner during the  night at a private house  and in the morn  ing took an early train for St  Louis  via  Philadelphia and Pittsburg    Several Western and Southern officers  have been after Cowder for some months  past  but  with one exception  he has man  aged to elude them  by means of paid spies   The prisoner states that a few weeks since   while residing in Brooklyn  he was appre  hended by two  eopps   one from Philadel  phiaand the other belonging in New York  They took from him  26 000 in counter   feits   and he gave them 31 000 in good  money  for which he was allowed his lib  erty    The officers were to have made the ar  re6t on Thursday night in Greenwich street  near Barclay  knowing that Cowden had an  appointment in that locality  The prison   er staled that he loarned that they were in  wait for him  through a police officer he  had employed to  pipe  for him  He also  stated that if he had remained at liberty  until Wednesday next  he would have made  3700 out of a job on hand  Cowden  about 4S years of age  of genteel appear   ance  and would readily pass for a substan   tial business man  He is said to have fol   lowed the profession for the past 35 years   and although known as a notorious coun   terfeiter and forger  has so far escaped pun   ishment    He is supposed to have a large number  of bank note plates on hand  and it is said  he issued the 310 counterfeit hills on the  Ronndout Bank  which so closely resem   bled the genuine that they were received  at the bank   fN  Y  Tribune    Cheap Food  A New Dish for the  Soldiers     A writer in one of the Eastern papers  says that probably not one farmer in fifty  knows what excellent  hearty wholesome  food he can have directly from the wheat  field   stack or barn  He adds    The writer s family breakfasted this  morning  July 20  mainly on boiled wheat  Boiled wheat and meat gravy  Boiled  wheat and milk  Boiled wheat and maple  sugar  Not wheat Hour  nor wheatep  groats  nor cracked wheat  but whole grains  of wheat  shelled from the best heads  as  the larger the better  and soaked in cold  water two or three hours  and then boiled  in the same water one or two hours  or  until it is quite soft  and the water all ab   sorbed  It should be cooked while other  culinary operations are going on  as it  needs to boil or simmer on a slow fire a  good while  and care must be taken at the  last that it does not bnrn  To ju event this  it may be finished oil  ia a sand bath  that  is a pan of heated sand  or a pan of water   or in a tin kettle set upon a thick earthen  plate on a stove  or in a stove oven with all  the heat over the top  IIow easy for our  soldiers to have a change in the eternal  bread and salt meat rations  if they may be  allowed to glean a few wheat heads      Movements of Steamboats  Troops       3y Among the arrivals at Barnum s  we  notice that of Mr  Thomas Merrett  Super   intendent Engineer  U  8  A  He is on du   ty here  having just arrived from Washing   ton  to examine qualifications of applicants  as Engineers for United States gnu boats    St  Louis Republican  13th  t     Ac    The steamers at t u   0 port chartered by  the l uued States Government seem to ba  actively employed every day  They ur   moving iu all directions  sometimes lull 0 f  soldiers and sometimes empiv  Tbesteam   f r   v j Scott  Capt  Robt  A  Rsilly    left the levee yseterdiy and went down to  the Arsenal  to serve as a sort of receiving  ship  so we understand  She received  some soldiers from the Emilie before she  left port    The G  W  Graham  Capt  Jno  A  Scn    der  went to the Arsenal in the Iiiorij   II    and came up last evening full of soldi era   Ihe Jeamc Deans also went dowu to the  Arsenal for some purpose unknown to us   Ihe D  A January went btlow the Arsenal  light  She probably landed at the Bar   racks  The Intan  Empress and Des Moines  were at the Levee at dark last evening    1 he steamer Emilie arrived from Omaha  city yesterday  having on board three com   panies of the First Nebraska Regiment of  volunteers  Col  Thayer  The Emilie re   ceived these troops at Fort Leavenworth   1 he three companies numbered 238 men   nd Dine commissioned officers  The Etui   lie had besides fsurleen 12 pound howitzers  and 171 packages of orduance stores   c  She brought down oue half of the Fourth  Iowa Regiment from Council Bluffs to St   Joseph  They were commanded bv Capt   Esiilish  These men took ihe railroad  from St  Joseph to Hannibal  The half  reglmoDt comprised four hundred men aid  twenty  six officers  The regiment is com   manded by Col  Dodge  They came fronx   Hannibal to this port ou the Sucker Slate  yesterday  and are destined for Bird s Point  and Cairo    The Sucker State had  besides  eighly   six mules  thirty otic wagon   uud fifteen  soldiers from Fort Snelling    The Sioux City  from Council Blnfis  had  Compares A and D  First Regiment Ne   braska Volunteers  Captains Livingstojy  and Blacker    A prisoner by the Dame of Caldwell cam   down on ihe Sucker Suite  guarded by  Cant  Howe  ol  the Lagrange Home Guards   and fifteen men  He was taken to the Ar   senul  Caldwell lived between I  lgrnt  0  and Palmyra  and was said to beat tins  bead of the Slate troops in the I Kittle at  Athens  He took EJinn  went homo and  was arrested fof treason    Ex SeDator Jim Green came down a  xis   senger on the Sucker State    3t  Louis  Republican  Wednesday    JSyThe Philadelphia Inquirer  of Satur   day  a leading Lincoln o g n  has the fol  lowing in reference to the privatecra cap   tured from the Petrel  The infamy of thes   proceedings must excite the indig   nation of all honorable men  It will ba  seen that the charge against the prisoners  is a malicious lie  The privateer was at   tacked by the frigate  aud sunk    The Pirates of tiie Petrel   At three  o clock yesterday ufteruoou  thirty five of  the pirates  bclongiug to the crew of tho  pirate Petrel  whieh was captured by the  St  Lawrence  and brought to this port a  few days since  were brought to the United  States Circuit Court room  in fifth street   below Chestnut  for a hearing  One of the  prisoners  who is sick  was left at the  prison    The prisoners  handcuffed and placed un   der a strong guard  were brought from the  Moyamensingprison wherc they have been  confined since Thursday  in two large om   nibuses  Aud all along the route to the  court room they were fooliowed by a  crowd  who sneered ana hooted at them    When the omibuses in which they were  contained drew up afftbe court room  a large  crowd Immediately gathered around them   and it was with the greatest difficulty that  the police kept a passage way open  aa  they w ere conducted lato the building  As  soon as the prisoners appeared  in the court  room their handcuffs were removed  Tho  rooiq woo crowded to suffocation and  those unable to obtain admission clamber   ed up upon the windows  aadoswery other  place where they could obtain a foothold    The following arc the names of the pris   oners brought forward for examination   Wm  Perry  Richard M  Harvey  Charles  Campbell  Augustus Pequtsett  Robert   Barrett  Henry Miles  Edward Flinn  Wm   Sharkey  Daniel Courtney  John M  Mor   gan  Frank Albor  George Harkins  Asa  Delahay  John Cunningham  Richard Jef   fries  m II  Hazlehnrsr  Geo  S  Harri   son  John Mark  Hugh Monagrow  Wm   Bryan  Michael Delon  Henry A  Run  John  Mullins  John M  Deamlg  U  H  Marriott   George H  Roberts  Thomas A  Brook   bound  Richard Lewis  Edward Murphy   John II  Edwards  Thomas Wood  Orson  C  Williams  John G  S  Tuckett  Henry  Autmanns  George 8awder  John Cronin    Upon the commencement of Ihe exami   nation Mr  George A  Coffee stated that aa  the charge against the prisoners was a se   rious one  involving their live6  he was de   sirous of not proceeding ia thq matter un   til the prisoners had an opportunity of  procuring couusel    Mr  Hcazlitl then arose  and addressing  the prisoners  said that they were charged  with having maliciously and unlawfully at   tacked a frigate in the service of the United  Slates  and more than this  were guilty of  treason against the General Government    The prisoners were then asked whether  they had any counsel  The captain of tho  crew replied that they had mot  as they  were not acquainted with any member of  the lemil profession in this city  but that if  any of the gentlemen present would vol   unteer to defend them  he was willing that  the examination should proceed  No one  Seeming inclined to accept the invitation   Mr  lleazlitt stated that the District Attor   ney would continue the ease until Wednes   day next  and that in the meantime  they  wonld have an opportunity of consulting  counsel    The prisoners were then re hnndcuffed   and  through an immense crowd  conduct   ed back to the omnibuses  by menus ot  which they reached the prison  There  was no attack made upon the prisoners   but it was easy to see how the crowd  would have disposed of them had they got  into their ciutenes    NeoiioesVn Common Schools  The fact  that the Republican Board of Education ia  the city of Chicago have placed negroes  on an equality with white children in  tho common schools has been noticed far  aud wide throughout the country by the  newspaper press  We wish we could ac   company the bane with an antidote   that  the unnatural action of Ihe Board had been  reconsidered  and the fact announced to the  world  Nothing which can ba imagined  would so seriously affect the prosperity of  the city as this action  Parents generally   before emigrating to a place  inquire as to  the schools  So true is this that a good ed   ucational system is always rega aed at an  incentive to population  Yel who  unless  he is au impracticable Abolitionist  wiU  pretend that the negro system is a good  one  Certainly it wBl not encourage peo   ple to 6cttle iu Chicago    Chicago Times  Aug  11    J7  Gen Harris has re appeared in Cooper  county  at the head of a thousand Seces   sionists  collected from that county  Pettis   and other counties  Col  Brown  in com   mand at Jefferson City  has sent a sufficient   number of troops to attend to his case  and  he will probably disband his forces  to as   semble again at some other point  in ac   cordance ivith the secrets of the Older of  which most of them are members    St   Louis Rep      Wc are inclined to belive that a largo  majority ol the people North and South  are  convinced that a division of the Union is  not only desirable  but necessary   that it  is the true and ouly safe solution of the  present difficulties     fCin  Press    That s about the styleofyour PeaceabIe  Secession  Ipamphlets whieh you liavo  published  and then backed down from   Are you paving the way again for the sala  of stock on hand    Dayton  O   Empire    The Tax  So far as we learn the groat  majority of the people of this county ex   press their determination to resist the pay   ment of the unlawful taxes  as ordered by  the last Congress    Paris flag                i         DAILY COURIER      TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION    IhUly Courier per year I POO   Daily Courier for the country D UO   Daily Courier for any pen yd less than 1 year    M cer ts per month    Daily Courier  when delivered by carriers  12X  cents per week    Weekly Courier  one year        2 00      3 00      5 00   Ten       10 ft    Twenty        20 00   tST  No paper ever sect unless paid for in advance      Two copies Weekly  one rcer     Tour       T     LOTJI8VIL I L E    TRIDAY KVEXIXG  AOGCST t       The Confiscation Bii  Again    Tlie Administration organs of the State  liive not  as yet  summoned sullicieut  political courage to publish the Confisca   tion Bill passed by Congress at its late ses   sion  nor have they published Mr  Critten   den s earnest denunciations of that meas   ure  although they usually publish every   thing emanating Irom that distinguished  etatesman  Without publishing tlie bill  iu full  and without indorsing its provis   ions  for the public mind in Kentucky has  not yet been educated up to that point    the Government organs in this State are  endeavoring to smooth over and soften  down some of Us more repulsive and ob   noxious provisions  The attempt  howev   er  is a vain odc  The bill is  of itself  bad  enough  but  with the official interpreta   tion placed upon it by Secretary Cameron   it U the most odious and oppressive meas   ure ever adopted by the Federal Con   gress    We subjoin the following instructions of  Mr  Cameron  in bis official dispatches to  Geo  Butler  Speaking of fugitive slaves   he says    But the States wholly or iu part under  insurrectionary control  where the laws of  the United Stute3 arc so far opposed aud re   sisted  that they canuot be i fiectually en   forced  it is obvious that the rights de   pendent upon the  execution of those laws  must temporarily fail   andit is equally ob   vious that the rights dependent upon the  laws of tbe State within which military op   erations are conducted  must be necessarily  subordinate to tbe military exigencies created  by the insurrection   if not wholly forfeited by  the treasonable conduct of parties claiming  Hum  To this tbe general rule of right to  services forms an txeeptiou  The Act of  Congress  approved August  Jth  1801  de   clares that if persons held to service shall  be employed iu hostility to the United  States  the  right of their services shill be  forleiled  aud such persons shall be dis   charged therefrom  It follows  of ueces i  ty  that no claim can he recognized by th  military authority of the Union   for the ser   vlets of such jjersous  when fugitives    A more difficult question is presented in  respect to persons escaping from the ser   vice of loyal masters  It is quite appar   ent that the laws of the State under which  only the service of such fugitives t au he  claimed must needs he wholly  or almost  wholly  suspended  As to the remedies  by the insurrection aud the military meas   ures necessitated by it  it is equally appa   rent that the substitution of military for ju   dicial rnea ures for Ihe enforcement ol such  claims must be attended by great inconve   nience  cu barrassmeuts  and injuries     Under these circumstances it seems quite  clear that the substantial rights of local  masters are still best protected by receiving  such fugitives from disloyal masters   into the  service of the United Mates  and employing  than under such organizations  and occupa   tion as circumstances may suggest or require    The Secretary of War states the law very  plainly  Being iu a state of rebellion  the  rights of citizens of disloyal States   must  be necessarily subordinate to the military ex   igencies created bg the insurrection   The  obvious ihtent and meaning of the Secre   tory is  that the rights of propel ty of Rebel  citizens will he adjudicated  not by the lo   cal courts of the States  but by the milita   ry authority of the United States  The  provision of the law in respect to slaves  escaping from the service of their masters   especially if they are disloyal  is remarka   bly explicit   No claim can he recognized  by the military of the Union  for the ser   vices of such persons when fugitives   lor  the act of Congress  approved August G   1SG1   declares that if persons held to ser   vice shall be employed in hostility to the  United States  the right to their services  shall be forfeited  and such persons shall  be discharged therefrom by the military  authority      But a more difficult question   says the  Secretary    is presented in respect to per   sons escaping from loyal masters       The enforcement of such claims must  be attended by great inconvenience  embar   rassments and injuries    therefore  con   cludes Mr  Cameron  the  substantial  rights of loyal masters are still best pro   tected by receiving such fugitives  us will as  fugitives from disloyal masters  into t li     aurtviCE of tbe United States  and em   ploying THEM UNDEIt SUCH ORGANIZATIONS  AND SUCH OCCUPATION AS CIRCUMSTANCES  WAV SUGGEST OE REQUIRE     Such are the instructions of Secretory  Cameron to Gen  Butler  and we presume   similar instructions have been issued to  all the Federal officers in the so called dis   loyal States  The rights of citizens alike  loyal and disloyal  are to be decided not  by judicial  but by the military authority    the local courts are to be suspended aDd  the rights of person and property are all  to be subjected to the arbitrary aud irre   eponsibie will of a foreign soldiery  So  tor as regards fugitive slaves  it w ould be   embarrassing aud inconvenient  for the  military authority to examine into aud de   termine whether they belong to loyal or  disloyal masters   and  hence  duriog the  war  they will be employed in the setvicc  of the United States under such organiza   tions and such occupation as circumstan   ces may suggest or require  The fugitive  Blavcs will be organized for service uudir  the United States  So  then  after all the  denunciations against the Confederates for  employing negroes iu their army  the Gov   ernment of the United States has deter   mined to accept the services of fugitive  slaves  and to employ them in suitable  military organizations    It is somewhat oppressive  it is true  for  loyal citizens to be deprived of the ser   vices of their slaves   hut then they should  take comfort from the fact that their rebel  neighbors are suffering the same oppres   sions  It would not be so mortifying if  the rebels alone were punished  and their  slaves employed by the General Govern   ment  hut the loyal citizens should hear  in mind that it would he u embarrassing aud  inconvenient   for the military authority to  returu their fugitive slaves  A  military  necessity  forbids it  and  therefore  to  protect the rights of owners the slaves  w ill be employed iu the Federal service    Such is one or two provisions of the  Confiscation Bill  as explained by Secretary  Cameron  It is odious enough of itself   but carried out agreeably to the instruc   tions of the Secretary otf War  it is  as wc  have said before  ftie most infamous meas   ure CTer enacted by Congress    It is common talk on the streets of  Boston  Mass   that this war Is between  freedom and slavery  that the object of the  North is to abolish slavery  How can a  Union man in Kentucky join tho negro  fanatics of the North iu their miserable  crusade  How loDg will Kentuckians be  blind to the true issue of this great con   test  or slumber in inglorious ease whilst  their own blood and kindred are lighting  their battles        Fonvara to Columbus     The correspondent of the Missouri Re   publican  writing from Cairo  under date  of August ltth  says     Fowakd to Columbus   That is now  the cry  Officers and soldiers  aud citi   zens all unite to swell the cry   Forward  to Columbus     And what is there to prevent it  Ken   tucky has permitted Teunessee to violate  her  neutrality   and to pollute with the  tread of armed men  her  sacred soil      Tennesseeans have broken the neutrality   and IUln  isms now demand in thunder  tones  a  forward movement   The insult  must be avenged  Columbus must he oc   cupied by the Federal troops  That is now  the only way to effect the removal from  Missouri ot her invaders from Teunessee    Let General Prentiss then have instant  orders to march ou Columbus  Send him  down at once four or five regiments more  in addition to the force now here under his  orders  let him li g lit the enemy on his own  soil  aud Missouri will soou t e relieved  from h r invaders  The South begau this  war  transfer the fighting to her  own soil  and let her feel its effects  If I  have uot very much mistaken the man   Gen  Picntiss would  if he had orders   move there wi h a single regiment  Give  him the change  aud he will show ihecouu   try what an Iuiapia General is made ot 1  am assured by respectable citizens of Ken   tucky that if Gen  Prentiss was ordered  there  tbe Union element  now overawed   would ru  U to his standard iu numbers that  would astonish tbe entire country    Columbus  considered as a military post   is s coud only to Cairo  on the Western  waters  Located on the Northern termi   nus of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad  and  on the direct road to Memphis  Jackson   Grand Junction   e   it will to the party  who can hold and occupy ir  be a position  of vast importance  and I have been in   formed ou  high authority    that Gcneial  Prcnti6s thinks it should long ago have  been In our possession  Although iu a  Secession district  still there are many  strong Union men tLere  and if once as   sured of the support of the Government   they would at ouce so avow themselves   This they canuot dow do  aud I therefore  close this letter as I began it      Forward to Colcmyus     Such is the spirit now atimatiugthe  hireling soldiery of Lineolu at Cairo      Forward to Columbus  is their watch   word  Kentucky neutrality is to be disre   garded  her soil to he invaded  war is lobe  brought upon us  upon the miserable pre  text that Teunessee has violated the neu   trality of Kentuek y    The proposed movement against Co   lumbus is doubtless to benude simulta   neously with the movement of the Union  men in East Kentucky   so that Eastern  and West ru Kentucky will at the same  time be the theaters of civil war    Itseems to us that the Lincolnites should  be saiisfled with their past  forward move   ments   A few weeks ago their watch   word was   Forward to Richmond    But  their Grand Army wa3 defeated aud driven  back by the heroes of Manas  as  Let the  army at Cairo beware  lest the   Forward  to Columbus   may have a similar termin   ation    The scene of war is to he transferred to  Keutucky  Such is the policy of those in au   thority at Cairo  if they have the courage  to execute the programme which has been  marked out for them by their masters  And  when Kentucky soil is invaded  when deso   lation is brought toher homes and firesides   when the vandals of the North are let loose  upon her  then the Union men of Western  Kentucky  now   overawed   will  iu the  language of the correspondent of tlie Re   publican   rush to their standard iu num   bers that would astonish the entire coun   try     Kentucky is slow to act  She has roste l  quietly under great wrougs  but  whenever  Lincoln s soldier  invade her soil  then the  tocsin of war will be sounded   and the  irectnen of Keutucky will rise iu their  might and drive the ruthless invader from  her 6hores    Our people are now divided  it is true    some arc for the Cuiou    01110 for State  Rights  hut wheu the troops now at Cairo  are precipitated upon us  our people will  be united   oue aud indivisible   in favor of  resistance    J3PTho New Fork Times  a leading  organ of the Black Republican party   gloats with a fiendish delight over the pas   sage of the CouliseUion hill  The Times  says  very correctly   that nten do not en   joy the idea of being stripped of everything  that can support life or render it agreeable  or tolerable   The Confiscation hill  de   priving the Rebels of the South of every   thing they are worth  will  it is thought  inspire them with a wholesome terror    We subjoin the following comments ou the  Confiscation hill from the New York Times  as an indication of the animus prompting  the leaders of the Black Republican parly     THE CONFISCATION BILL    Tlie action of Congress iu authorizing the  confiscation of the property of persons  waging war upon the Government  puts  into its hands the most effective weapon  yet provided for crushing the rebellion  It  Is ten told more effective than the severest  penalties directed against persons  The  resentment provoked by excessive corpo   ral punishments incites  often  to the per   petration of crime  instead of operating as  a warning against it  But when proper   ty is endangered  men are left iu a con   dition in which they can reason  If tho  rebels in Virginia  for instance  felt as   sured that as fast as our arms progress   ed  the property of each traitor would  be seized and sold  it would strike  more terror into their hearts thau ail  the apprehension forpersonal safety under  a most disastrous defeat  Men do not en   joy the idea of being stripped of every   thing that can support life  or render it  agreeable or tolerable  Secession has not  yet taken such firm hold of the S mtheru  mlud as to be more valuable than their  horses  farms  merchandise and negroes     The object of Secession was to increase  the number aud value of these  Let the  rebels see that it involves the destruction  of them all  and they will uot he long iu  grounding their anus  It is the sure rem   edy for the pacification of such States as  Maryland aud Missouri  and will strike  more terror than any display of our milita   ry strength       The Work Goes Bravely Ou     The work of despotism goes ou bravely    3t  Louis is under martial law  her best  and purest citizens arc arrested and  thrown into prison  newspapers that dared  denounce tyrants and tyranny have been  suppressed  aud the civil authority has  been superseded by the military    Fellow eitizens of Kentucky and Louis   ville  the fate of Missouri and St  Louis will  be yours if you have not the courage to  resist the first encroacbiueuts of despotism   Remember that  resistauce to tyranny is  obedience to God       C3F Let every Kentuckian deliberately  examine the position of parties North and  South  aud lie prepared to take a stand  where his interest  his sympathy  his hon   or aud his counlry call  Let no false issues  blind him  If any desire to fight against  the South  side by side aud in aid of the  Lineolu Abolitionists  let them do it and  inherit the eternal infamy of such a course   The Southern patriots  victors or van   quished  will leave a name no time can tar   nish or centuries dim  Let Kentuckians  look before they leap    E57 The brave Irish who compose the  gallant 6 Jth  when asked if they will re   turn to the war  reply   By my sowl we ve  had enough of the Bully Run     ESPIf you wish to make a Lincoluile  tremble advocate peace        Subjugation of the South    Whilst the Subjugation of the South and  the reconstruction of the Union are the  chief subjects discussed in the Union pa   pers in this State the Northern papers take  a far more practical and sensible view of  the result of the present con fiicL Subju   gate the South   The thing is utterly im   possible  The North has neither the men   the military genius  the money  nor the  power  Instead of conquering the South   far seeiDg statesmen of the North are  looking forward to a transfer of the  seat of war to a more northern lati   tude  It is whispered that Philadel   phia is in danger   St  Louis is being  strongly fortified  and the Confederate  leaders  it is said  actually menace Wash   ington both in the front aud rear  The  New York Times  whose editor professes  to he well posted iu regard to military af   fairs  has the following significant article  respecting the  Present Designs of the  Rebels   which clearly shows that there is  very little prospect for their speedy subju   gallon  If they carry out the programme  masked out by the Times   that is  take  Washington  Philadelphia    occupy Ma   rylaud  control the navigation of the  Chesapeake Bay  Ac   Ac   which is by no  me jus improbable  the North will probably   to sr y the least  he willing to recognize  them as  belligerents   But for a govern   ment like that of the United States  scared  out of its wits lest the rebels shall take Its  capital  dreaming of subjugating the South   is the very bight of folly aud madness    To those  however  who suppose there is a  speedy probability of the subjugation of the  South  we commend the following from  the New York Times  good Republican au  thoritj     l RKSENT DESIGNS OF THE REBELS    That the Confederate leaders are pre   paring for au attack on Washington in  front  and iu the rear through insurgent  Maryland  we think there are many reasons  for believing  While Beauregard pushes  upon Alexandria and Ailington  and Gen   Johnston attempts a crossing 01 the Polo  mac above  Uan  Magrudcr will probably  leave his carep at Yorktowu  and try to pul  himselt  with a good part ot his army for  a nucleus  at tile head of the Rebels iu   Maryland  crossing at or near Aquia creek    The letters lioin Richmond  aud from  tlie Rebel army  written to the Southern  papers since the battle at Bull Run  have  thrown oil  their former prudeuce in regard  to revelations of military movements  and  in the confidence of their invincibility they  unhesitatingly state that the Rebel poliey  and purpose now is to advance upon Wash   ington and penetrate to the North    n wilt nut do for the Government to rely  on safety from a Maryland or even irom a  Baltimore outbreak  because Fort McHenry  can shell and burn the city of Baltimore   The rebels can depart from that city wheu  the tire begins to rain upon it  and rush to  their concealed deposits of arms  tear up a  few railroad bars  aud thus  iu a tew hours   inaugurate an insurrection which would  again isolate Wa Uingtou  and threaten to  crash the Adiniuistrutisn by surrounding  and capturing the Fi deral City    If Gen  Beauregard should he able to ad   vance his army to the head of the Chesa   peake Bay  and post his pickets as fur North  as Havre de Grace  then indeed would  Wilmington and its powder mills  and  Philadelphia aud its lounderics and facto  ties  he iu danger ol paying tribute to  Confederate daring  The possession of  Washington by the rebels would be a terri   ble blow to the Union  because of the new  complications that would arise in the rec   ognition of the de facto rebel government  by many resident ministers of loreign gov     nmeots    The Secessionists of Maryland  and of Bal   timore even  who are the rich men aud  property holders of that city  would not  hesitate an hour in sacrificing all they have   and seeiog the city razed till not oue brick  is left on another  if thereby they cobid  deal a fatal blow ou Washington  and drive  out the Government that is there  It is  worth while  therelore  to lock well to all  the possibilities of a new revolt iu Mary   land  which is certainly int nded by the  Confederate leaders  and see it we arc pre   pared for the worst that could happen    The Sock Movement    We learn with much pleasure that the  Southern Rights Indies  in response to a  call made in our paper  have commenced  their noble work ot knitting yarn socks   and making clothing in behalf of the brave  men who arc uow fighting the battles of  Liberty    Already  iu the lower part of this city   on Eighth street   we are informed that  fond mothers and lair daughters are plying  tlie busy needle  making stockings  shirts   aud drawers for the gallant army during  the w inter campaign iu Virginia    Success to yeur efforts worthy daughters  ol Kentucky   and be assured the loved  wives aud children of that noble baud will  never cease to love and remember jou in  their prayet 3    We are also pleased to hear that the  ladies iu various parts of the country  God  bless their patriotic souls  have commenced  the good work  Numbers of fair hands in  Pewee Valley are already busy with their  needles  aud they will soou have ready a  large 1st of socks and other clothing for  shipment to the brave army iu the Confed   erate States    tuff The rumor that Gen  Beauregard  has settled with Lineolu for the spoils  taken at Manassas  is explained by the cir   cumstance that the former gave old Scott  a check on the bank of the Potomac    tjy Whenever the Yankee nation quits  clock peddling aud traffic in general  and  sends its sons fo do battle for the land of  wooden nutmegs  it docs not put the right  men in the right place    The editor of the Dayton  Ohio   Empire thus speaks his mind to the Lin   colnites who seem inclined to suppress the  free press and freemen     TheSeirit of Mobocracy   Since the  return of the Dayton volnuteers  there have  been studious ell orts ou the part of the  Daytou Journal  aud certain Republican  men of property  to incite mobs against the  F aipir roftlee aud Democrats who do uot  justify this war  We have but a few words  to say on this subject  Wc desire to call  the alientiou of property holders to the fact  that wc are pursuing a legitimate business   under the protection of the Constitution  aud Laws of the State  holding ourselves  amenable for any violation thereof  Those  therefore  who are urging others to destroy  our property  are inciting to a violation of  the law   are rendering their property res   ponsible for the safety of our own  for we  tell these gentlemen that if the harriers in   terposed tor our protection by the laws are  broken over  by them or their emissaries   the doctrine of retaliation will bcenforced    It is well known that by far the largest  portion of the property iu this city is own   ed by Republicans    that when the spirit  of lawlessness ouce breaks loose iu our  midst  twenty Republicans will suffer  where one Democrat is molested  We tell  these gentlemen  rankly  that the first mob  started in this city by the Republicans  against Democrats  will become the signal  for inaugurating in our midst a strife at  once bloody  vindictive and destructive   If they de6ire to taste the hitter fruits of  civil war  they have hut to commence mob   bin  and they will get their heart s fill   Such attempts to browbeat   aud by brute  force compel Democrats to siDg peans to  the Illinois Rail Splitter  are about  played  out   and it is hiqlr time that such conduct  was stopped    Mohs are much more easily raised than  controlled wheu raised  Thcv respect  neither the rights of property or of per   sons  They would as quickly destroy a  finely furnished  and expensive dwelling  a  store  a bank  as to destroy a printing  office  As for our course we will only sny   that wc feel that we are right  and thus  feeling  wc shall yield not an inch  even  though we were certain that our office  would he destroyed by a mob  We shall  continue In our course  regardless of all  consequences  We have been indorsed by  tlie Democracy of Montgomery with an  enthusiasm and unanimity never excelled   Wc shall not betray their  confidence      business      Bduaticmat      Mohzt loaned   L adles or gentlemen  requiring loans 01 any amount on Diamonds   Piste  etc   can be accommodated by applying  at the Sxchange office  45E Market street  be   tween Third and Fourth  north side  Yve aaore  above Fourth  Tickets in the Shclhy College  and Havsna plan Lotteries for sale  or for   ivar  cd to any address  Prizes cashed  Office  private  Business prompt  honorable  end  arricliyconSdentia    A  Bland  sep33 dtf     Advice    As the hot season is approach   ing  every person should prepare their  system for the change  aud there is no  remedy so applicable as   McLean s  Strengthening Cordial aud Blood Purifier    It will purify the blood thoroughly  and at  the same time strengthen and invigorate  the whole organization  The immense  quantity of it that is sold daily  is proof  enough ol its great virtues in thoroughly  removing all impure matters from the  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A Southern lady  camible of teaching French   Address G   box 888  Louisville Post office   jyJ7 dtf     LOCUST GROVE ACADEMY    TAMES McBURNIE respectfu ly announces to  bis f Id patrons an   the p bile  that  he has ta   ken charge of th s institution  and will begin its  next s  ion on tbe first Monday in repteruber    The course of instiucti  n will be thorough and  complete and special attention dire  ted to prepare  boys for busmens and commercial Lursuits    A few pup i is can t e t  ken Into bis family to board   For Bo ml  Tu tlon  Ac   f  r ten months    The School year will be divided into two s ssions  of five months each    No pupil received for l   s than a  e siert  and a  paymeM of one hn f in advance and tit  oth  r half   v  end of session Is restored  male s otherwise ar   ranged  For further par i  nJar   address  au 5d1m JA3  McBUR NIE  Lou sville P O    GEORGETOWN COLLEGE   riMIK FIRST SESSION of this Institution begin   fl the Hint Monday in September and ends the  th rd Frday in v ebruaiy    Expenses  C ollege charge     2 50 per teflon of  five oconths  Academy     f   and  nvarinblv in ad   vance Bo vM  fro D USD to    5 J pr week  in  private families  In Paulding Hail at about  l 75  per week  s  GANO      ull  11 Secretary of the Board      Rev  G  Beckett s institute for  Young Ladies      T1LL begin its next session on the 10th of Sep   1  teinber  For circulars or further informa   tion  apply to the Pi in lpal    KEV  G BECKETT    au 2 dim St  Mathews  Jefferson o   Ky      pteceUawcouk     HENRY FEMALE COLLEGE   Y TE  the Trus ees  have the pleasure of an   ty nouncing to the public  thtt I r  O  L LF ON   AHI  and his daughters have taken rharg   of tnis  Institution  We have entire confidence in them  as superior and efficient tea hers  an i worthy the  confidence of the community  We theref re ask  f r ih m a liberal pat onag   The n  xt set sion  will conun nce August 2Gth  i 0L  For Board  Tuhion  Ac   for the schol  stlc year   or sefgion of ten month    120    Tulticn for day scholars the same as heretofore  charged    No pupil will be received for le s than a  ession   unless by special agreement    rnl no deduction for  absence  unlrs  for protracted illness    C  M  MATHEWS  Pre   of tho B ard    I N  WEIIR    WM  A TERRY    W S  PRYOR     ll I OS  RODMAN    itt IO dim Trustee     FOREST ACADEMY    MV II  11  M COWN     17ILL begin it  n  xt se sion the 10th gentem   her  The course of inst uction is thorough  and complete  em tracing such practical branches  as Book keeping  Surveying  Ac   f r tsn months   Indulgence In regard to payments wi l be allowed   wheu needed    Rev  Dr W W  Hill wi l open a Female Academy  or the highest order  the 13th September  within   rn le    The same teachers will give Instruction in both  Academies  when desired  in Mu ic and French    Address me  at O Bannon s P  O   Jefferscn co    K   aul d5w_   ST  JOSEPH S COLLEGE    BARDSTOWN  KY    S TUDIES will be resumed in this Institution a   usual on the first MONDAY of September   Tbkxs Pkr Session or Tex Mostss   M atricula   tion fee   10 Board  Tuition  Washing  Jtc    lt0   Ph slclanis fee   3    Owing to the difficulty of collecting debts at the  present time  payment for each half  cs lcn will V  required invariably in advance  No student will  consequently be admitted unles  tbe sum of  100 is  deposited with the Treasurer  and an addition il  sutn of  30  if the student is to be furnished with  clothing by the Co lege    THUS  O NEIL  8  J   President    au7 dlmAw4     COAL  COAL    TO THE PUBLIC    H AVING taken tbe office formerly occupied by  M  Bravo A Sons  west fide ol Third street   between M  n and Market  I am prepared to furn   ish tbe very best quality of PITTSBURGH and  other COAL in l arge or small quantities  at the low   eet cash price  gyGive me a call  au i dim S  J  STUART      NOTICE TO SHIPPERS          V O FREIGHTS will he received at the Depot o  lx the Louisville and Nashville Railroad after 5  o clock P  M      jy 30 dtf     W  F ARRIS  Agent     FORST HOUSE    RUSSELLVILLE  KY    DRrRY VF  POOR     Proprietor    ET rRK ES TO SlIT THE TIMES       jy Passengers and Bacgage carried to and from  the Railroad Depot  fkkk of chahok  ie3 d3m   n  w  PITKIX    WM  L  P  WIARD BKXJ  F  AVgRY    PITKIN  WIARD   CO     SOUTHWESTERN   Seed and Agricultural Warehouse    311 MAIN STREET    jyilfilm LOUISVILLE  KV    TIRMP SHRI     W unr FLAT DUTCH  Purple nr Reff Top   Large White Globe  Large White W  rfolK   Purple Top Ruta Baya  and Winter Turnip  ail  growth of 18 61  PITKIN _WIARD A CO    CIDKR MILLS A I  WINE PRE8SR8   For sale by PITKIN  WIARD A CO    WHEAT FANS    fTXHE celebrated Climax Fan  Choffu and  p   JL araUr     Baniboroitgh Fan    Woster do  jy27 d m   MADAME ISABEL SNELL    Doctress aiul Astroltfgist    509 EiohtK street  second door from Grayson    VATOULD respectfully Inform the citizen  ol  X t Louisville that she Is able to tell anything they  have in their mind  and can help persons out of  trouble  no matter what it 1 b  Fhe was born with a  secret that enables her to surpass any one elBe in  telling fortunes  She can also find out through her  secret all clicumstances of sickness  and c n tell  what will cure  as there are root  growing for every  dlseaseln the world    Madame is the only one that can r alce Dr  Huf   land s Life Essence pure  This mixture is good for  all diseases  and can only be boueht in her office   Market street  between First aud Second  Nc  118   over the book store    Every person that Is depressed and trctbled  about war should call on her  as she is the only one  that inheri ed the secret from taH rma  the great  Fortune Teller that assisted Napc eoa cf Frar ce  In all his undertakinvs  and made him successful  In all his battle  She wises  1 00U that no ooe can  surpass her  Please call ar d see her  and youwiU  be relieved  Ttose who don t believe  ca  ai 2  o clock m night auishewili make them believe   my8 dtf     THE GOOD TB1E HAS COME   GREAT REDUCTION   In Prices    A GROVER A BIKER   NOISELESS   FAMILY SEWIXG WHIAE    LKOAL AND GENUINE FOS 40 DOLLARS    I T 1b new within the reach of all  and will dq igh    thousands of families throughout the iand    The only Company that manufactures the two va   rieties of Machine     Double Lock aud Shuttle Stitch    As the Patent under which the e celebrated Ma   chine  are made  have now  afterlong contest  been  fully sustained by the Courts and Patent Office  and  as tfie Company anticipate  in time to come  an ex   emption from the heavy expenses of litigation  they  propose to give the public the benefit of this immu   nity  and have accordingly reduced the price  r    their Machines from Ten to Fifteen Dollars on  each Machine  Call and  ee them    GROVER A BAKER have recently Intro  1 need a  new Shuttle Machine for Tailors  use  which is ac   knowledged to be superior to any of It  kind In the  market  Price  Fifty Dollars  _   C  T  HARDER   Au  T      No  802 Fourth  t  bet  Market undJe erson   n38dtf Louisville  Ky      LOUIS JEFFERSON     F  rmerly in the Store of R  L  Talbot A Co      Druggist and Apothecary    Southwest Corner of Market and Seventh streets  LOUISVILLE  RV    g Having recently purchased from Dr  John  Firs Sar eiit bis Stock and Fixtures  and uavieg  A fl Ainade large additions thereto in the shape  Fresh Drugs  Chemicals Penumery   Cigar   Tobacco  Pure Liquors  Ac   Ac   I am now  prepared to respond to the wants of ail wco may  favor me with a call    Physicl r   Prtscriptions carefully and accu   rately compounded at all hour  of the day or night    H AYING sold my stock of Drugs  Medicines    c   to Mr  Louis Jefferson  I take great  pleasure recommending him to the patronsge of  my Mends  as they will find him to be an expe  rienced Apothecary  JOHN SARGENT    jy31dlm     Oil Izamps Oil  Oil Jjamps Oil  Oil Liampa Oil   COAL OIL  LUNAR OIL  LARD OIL  and FLUID  LAMPfe  of every style  and embracing all the latest  Improvements  together with all the Burning Oils  and Burning Fluids  of the best quality  for aa c  wholesale and retail very  ow  We are exclusive  agents for this city for the sale of the Breckinridge  Coal Oil  the best made   and for the Lunar Oil and  Lamps  also for the sale of rights for the Lunar  Light  W lio would burn candles when a light equal  to five orsix caudles can be had at half the cost of  one candle  Lunar and Coal Oil Lamps are just a   s f   as candles HARDY A BKATtV   au7 da tf 75 Fourth st   near National Hotel      UUlSNllJ     WOOLEN       MILLS       HAVING RECONSTRUCT  ED mv Mill  and adOed new  machinery for rnaLiug   FINE   Kuiitucky Jeans       which is n  w being worn sc  e x t enei v el y i n the South and  Went   I am now prepared to   famish nn article of superior quality  which 1 wUl  warrant   FREE FROM GREASE aud made ol  PURE NATIVE WOOL    HP A good supply of Negro Jeans and Llneey ob  hand  L  RICHARDSON    aplb dlyA wl y 3dpst     Office of Adams 9 Express lomp y      LOUISVILLE  JULT 22  1W1      SOUTHERN     B     OY8  ZOUAVE CAPS just received at  jy22 A  CRAIG M     MiSttUancous      C L0SE3 DAILY AT 7M tVCLOPK      T    terscan be left t  A GUNTE     Look  iv   e  Third street  or our office  Sixth street  Jy23 dim st 8  A  JOS ES  Agent    iPOTIlEmn HALL    Capitol Drug Store     Opposite the Post Office    J  It  GOI DSBOR oug h    r    r    F  M  ST RATTAN  j I kkSoRiPTiOsr U SRK9   je29 dtf       Fresh Supply of Pure Old Liquors    I MPORTED AND SELECTED EXPRESSLY FOB  MEDICINAL PURPOSES  for sale by   O  H  BTRATTAN  Apothecary   je2 dtf opposite tbe P ost  Office   Gk van s Prepared Glue    H AYING the exc usive right to manufacture  this celebrated Glue  I am prepared to fill or   de s without limit  O H  ST RATTAN     c29 dtf ommsite Post Office     1 round Pepper and Spices    P REPARED and sold at the CAPITOL DRUG  STORE  opposite the Po office    _my6 dtf jj  H  STRATTAN  Proprietor    S I 3 liABEU   On the Top of each Bottle of   Heimstreet s Inimitable  HAIR RESTORATIVE    If o 3 the Signat o ei of the Proprietors    W  E  HAGAN A CO    Every artie e which h 9 a large and Increasing   ale like tbi   is liable to be coan erfelted It is  as  Its name Indicates  entirely   Jnim Tablb  as far as  its power to restore the Hair on bald heads  and to  give it the color of youth   no matter how grey It  may be   is concerned    USE AO OTHER RESTORATIVE  BUT HEI M STREET S    It is the original  tlie only reliable  and the  cheapest   Sec the following testimony    Jacesox  Miss   May 29  19  0   W  R  Mkrwin  61 Market street  St  Louis  Mo    Adver ising Agent for lleimstreet s Hair Resto   rative    Dr R Sir   T he Medicines you introduced Into  our city last winter are all having a large sale  r nd   S iring in everv case sati fact on  M   Jam    Hen   ersou  one of our first citizens  says  that  te ha   used all of the Hair Dyes and Restoratives of the  day  put has never us  d an article equal to Heim   etretCo Inimitable I fair Restorative  That it far  surpasses any preparation that he has ever tried  for Restoring the llair of the bald and grey to its  original luxuriance and beauty     You can write the Proprietors  W  K  Hacas A  Co   Troy  N  Y   that they have the cheapest and  heat Hair Restorative in our market  anu that it  give  satisiaciioo in every case    Respectfully yours    J  ti  Si   Eli  Wholesale Druggist    It is unequsled for producing  A Ll XL RI  XT HEAD OF H AIR    Sold everywhere  Price 50c and  1 per bottle    W  K  II  G    A CO    Proprietors  Troy  N  Y      THERE IS NO USE   I    RO DI C ING TESTIM OX I V LS    Altho  we have very many of them    FOR T11E   MAGNOLIA BALM    For when the Face is covered with unsightly Pin     pies or Blotches  the sufferer cares only to be di   rected t   use some safe and reliable remedy   THE MAGXOLI   R ALM WILL CT RE   THE WORST CASE OF PIMPLES  IX A SINGLE W EEK  It la  0 mfe a remedy that the contents of a hot   il  might be drank without harm  Physician  look  with wonder upon Bs speedy cures  for it has here   tofore been thought absolutely nece sary to use  preparations of lead or mercury to cure immediate   ly  but the Mac  noli v Balm contains neither  It is  the most elegant and neatly put up article for sale  anywhere  and may be obtained of all our Apothe   caries and Fancy Goods Dealers   ty Price Fifty Cents a Bottle    W  E  HAGAN A CO     0   r     Proprietor   Troy  N T    Bold In Louisville bv   RAYMOND A TYLER  WILSON  PETEK A CO    And bv all responsible Druggists everywhere   ylOdeodaweowim     EDWARD TRABUE WM  II  LUCUS   TRABUE 8e  LUCUS    NASHVILLE TENNESSEE    No  73 Public Square  near City Hotel    W E are Prepared to make liberal CASn AD   VANCES on every description of Dry floods   Clothing  Varieties  Boots Snoes  Hats  Hardware   Cutlery  Ac   Ac   also anv d  scriotion of Groceries  and Provisions  or we will receive and forward or  3tore any of the above Merchandise consigned to  us    Re ference at Nash title    Reference at Louisville   L B  AT  D  Fite  I James Trabue A Co    W  i   Eakin k Co   Oarvin  Bell A Co     A J Duncan  fc Co   I James Lowe A Co     H  A B Douglas  j Gardner A Co     John Morrow A Bon    Warren A Co    Modta         GILEVS HEAD DISPENSARY   Chartered by the Legislature of Ken   tucky for the treatment of all the  Diseases of the Urinary and  Genital Organs    A MEDICi IT REPORT    Containing Thirty F r   Hates and Engraving   cf the Anatomy and Phe sMogy the   SiVUrU  Orgnrji ir  a state of  II   a It h a  d fXseats    PRICY ONLY TEN OBNTfl   flenl t oc o f   o9tAg c   o part  cf the country  CelfiK a plain and compre   hensive treatise on all dis   eases of the Urinary anu  Gedtal Organs  such a3   rl   ir ary and secondary Syphilis   r f Gleet  Gonorrhea  Strictures   Dysuria  Urethritis  Diseases  c l the Kidneys and Bladder   Female Diseases  and all af   fections of the reproductive  sF tem of both sexee  the se   cret infirmities of youth and  manhood  arising from Mas    T turbation or other excesses    SemlaHl It cakntu  lcpotencr  Sexual DeMlUr    in  their deplorable consequences open the mind  and body  pointing out tee authors New Me   thod of Treatment  the only rational and suc   cessful mode of cure  ss shown by tne report ol  oases treated  A truthful adviser to the married   and those contemplating marriage  who  it rtalu  doubts of their physical condition  Seutto any ad   dress  n a sealed wrapper on the receipt of TEN   CENTS  or fifteen cosies for SI    Those afflicted with any of the above dlftoases  be   fore placing themselves under Ihe treatment of any  one  should first read this invaluable book    Tbe Consulting Surgeon may be consulted daily  from 9 A M to 9 P  M   on all diseases of which the  above work treats  and patients at a distance  by  Bending a statement of their symptoms  can have  medicines sent to any part ol the country tree from  damage or detection  Eor particulars  send for our  Blank Chart  containing a list of quesuons  our  terms  4c  All letters promptly answered  and  communications considered cgnflaenttaL  DK  DEU CE S FEMALE MONTHLY REGULA   TOR  a safe and certain remedy fir Obstruction   Irregularities  4c  and U the only reliable Pre   ventive ol pregnancy                C actios   T hese Pills should not be takeu durtng  Przomancv  as they are sure to produce Mn asa   aiiOK  Price 41 per bo   and may be sent by mall    t v GALEN S HEAD DIU ENSARY Is the only  Institution of its kind in the United States that has  been recognized by judicial arthority  Charter     oynof  No  314 FIFTH STREET  between Mar   ket and Jefferson  west side    Aliletlers for Books or Medicines should be di   rected to DR  IJ ALEN B DISPEN9A RV    Louisville  Ky    tw Our correspondents In the Seceded StatM  will please direct t t   o Ahlll Ii LK  T   NV  IN  CARE OP LOUISVILLE COURIER COMPANY     mv94dAwtf    IAiiSiK 7 OABTJR  JAUEti IWOZABAf    CARTER Sr  BUCHANAN    PSACKR 3 IK   Garden and Grass Seeds    And Manufacturers   Agricultural Implements      apU d w      LOUISVILLE  KV      CHOICE COAL    W E have just received by our tow boat Wm  Fox  a beaw tow of very superior PITTS  BURGH COAL  which we offer i at I  he_ very low  market price  BO UbKll A rUDiB    Coal Office  Market et   bet  Sixth andUeveatb   Pi  dtf     St  Cloud Hotel    Second aud Jefferson streets    JAMES   VAX LIONS    PROPRIETORS     FORMERLY OF TUE XEEL HOUSE     T 1HE undersigned would resp   ctf  l y inform their    old oairor s and thi public geuerall7  that  they  have removed to thU o il ar d well known stand  southeast corner of Second ami Jefferson street   where they are prepared to accommodate all their  old custom  rs and ns runny   ew ones as may f    vo  then w th their patronage  Term to tuit the  times    T ne  ST  CLOUD  is   ert  ally located  being  with n two squares of the Post cfrice  Custom house  aud L  A F  K  It  Dei ot  aul tt e pr  piietora flatter  themselves they  know how to keep    Hotel     d   _ J A    _VAN LYO NS    DR  HALL S   LOUISVILLE   MEDICAL INFIRMARY    Conducted on tbe plan of tbe Hospital  Des Veneriers  Paris    Where those afflicted with any  fj form t f Private Disease can r6   x calve prompt treatment withont  nak or exposure  via  Syphilis   Gonorrhea  Gleet  Strictures   Ulcer   Tua or  Cr ccer   8econ   narv and Const National nyphll    a  Disease of tbe Kidneys  Ac   by tbi  system it is proved that  the venereal coinplAlnt is as en   tirely under the control of tnedl   cine ac Is a common cold or sim   ple fever  aud  while insufficient  persons are daily sending away  their patients In hopelessness   and giving them up only from thc ir own Incompe   tency  complete and permanent c  res are constant   ly being affected at this Infirmary    YOUNG MEN TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE    Dr  li de votes much cf bis time to the tre  tment  of those cases caused by a secret habit  which ru ns  both body and mind  unfitting tbe unfortunate in   dividual for eithei business or society  The sad ef   fect of these early habits  or  the excess of riper  years  are to weaken and debilitate the constitu   tion  destroy the physical and mental powers  di   minish and enfeeble the natural feeling   and ex   haust the vital entrgle  of manhood  the pleasure   of life are marred  the object of marriage frustra   ted  and existence itself rendered a term of unceas   ing misery and regret  Pitch persons  especiaUj  those contemplating marring    should lose no timo  in making immediate application  as Dr  If   by hl   new treatment  is enabled to insure a speedy and  permanent cure    DR H ALL S AMERICAN PERIODICAL PILLS   No article of medicine intended for the exclusive  use of females has ever yet been Introduced that  has given such universal satisfaction as tbe Ameri   can Periodical Pills  They can be relied on in all  cases of Menstral Obstruction  Irregularities  Ac    as a sure and safe remedy  Price per mall  1 and one  postage stamp    Patients Uvin  at a distance can be cured at homo  bv sending a description of  their disease and In   closing a stamp    Medicines sent to anv address    CUT Office No  lid Jefferson street  between First  and Second  Office open from 7 A  M  to 9 P  M   feb21 dAwtf L  HALL  M  D    HOME lillOYY N   TI RMP SEED  OF 1861     7   i B V CROP HE ADY FOR SIIIPPIXO    OROWS BY   J  D  BONDURANT     From select  tocl m    and m Wvreil under the iu   vet vision of an experienced Seedsman     Seed and Agricultural Warehouse    534 Main strkbt  nfar Sixth    LOttlftVILLB  KY    Q UOTATIONS NOT ALLOWED  WHERE LESS   than 30 2 s are taken    White Flat Dateh  desirable for table   In Spring   FV    lOOlha    Early Red  or Purple Top t 0       Rul a Rnga  or Sweet M          White Stone 50      Winter  oi Russian 40        In Papers   2 50   100   Liberal Discount te the Trade   ie36 dtf X Pi BONDURANT    COAL  COAL    PITTSBURG   PEACH ORCHARD   HARTFORD CITY    COAL  COAL    O F the best quality anil at the lowest prices   For sale by CRITTENDEN A GANTT    West side Third st   be   Main and Market   mj3 dtf     NOTICE    W ILLIAM REYNOLDS And E  LOCKHART    doing business as Livery Stable Keepersln the  r ftme and style of WM  REYNOLDS A CO   have  this day dissolved partnership  and the business  will hereafe r be conducted in tbe came and stylo  of L  RE Y HOLDS A SON  5 dtf   Office of Ike Adams Express  o       LOUISVILLE  JULY 22  D il      EXPRESS     OR     XA8IIV1LLE  MEMPHIS  AX D XEW OR   LEANS  AT 9 A  M    LEDAXOX AT 7 A    BARDSTOWN AX D RLIXABETHTOWS    AT 5 P  M    Jy23dlm_ 8  A  JOXE8  Agent    S UGAR  63 hhds Sugar in store and for sale by  au    TYLER A MARTIN      L IOFFEF   50 bags Java Ccffee in in store and for  sale by Lau 3  TVLKR A MARTIN      S UGAR   ICO bbls Double Refined Crushed Sugar  in store aud for sale by   au6 TYLER A MARTIN      R     OSIN  300 bbls N s 1 and 2 Rosin In rtvro and  for sale by LauSj TYLER A MARTIN       VATHISKY  700 bb    Copper Whisky  from one to   V v six years old  In store and for sale by  au6 TYLER A MARTIN      T     AR  f 00 bl h Carolina Tar  large bbls  Inst ro   and for sale by TYLER A MARTIN    QQDA A8H  50 ca ks Kurtz s Sod  A b  81 R cent  k  strength  in store and for sa e by  auo TYLER A MARTIN      S OD t  100 kegs New Cast   B  C  Soda in store  a nd for sale by TYLER A MARTIN    TMSII    X   00 bbls Nts 1  2 and D Mackerel    2    X und X bbls e oa  1  2 and 3 Mackereh  2  0 kit s N s  2 and 3 do    10 bbls No  l Salmon    SO boxes Codfish    In frtore aud for sale by   _au6 TYLER A MARTIN    J  L FELIX J  M  ROGERS    TEZ IX   ROGERS    Attorneys aud Counselors at Law    Office in Court Plate  Louisville  Ky    VV ILL practice their profession in tbe Ooorfs of  Louisville and in the Court of Appeal  at  Frankfort    Soeclal attention given to collections    BW J  M  ROGERS  Notary Public for Jefferson  county  rayll dly   WATERWORKS   THOS  WILLIAMS GEO  BROBSXOH    Thos  Williams   Co     North side of Market street  between Third and  Fourth    W E ARE PREPARED TO INTRODCCEWATER  INTO DWELLINGS  STORES  FACTORIES  Ac    In connection with the Louisville W ter Com   pany   ou reasonable terms    Having had a long experience in the business  we  guarantee allof our work to be done in a proper   n jarYVATER CLOSKT   WASH BASINS  BAT    ING APPARATUS  SINKS  And everything in tbe  PLUMBING LINE furnished and put up  erria dt       JOEO  T  CRUMP       Arkansas       H  B  CLIFFORD      Late Bowen A Co        CLIFFORD   CO     GENERAL   COMMISSION MERCHANTS    226 West Main Street    jyl9 dtf ILOITSVILLE  KY    i CHOICE FAYIILY  FLOOR       52 bbls Mack lin s Double Extra Family Hour   40 l 4 b j 1 ba s Macklln   Extra do    Just received per railroad and   au8 corner First ami Market street     k lORN MEAL    C 50 bushels bolted Meal    ICO do unbelted Meal    Just rtceiv d per railroad on  I tor   a n8 comer First and Market it       CHEAP JEWELRY    T HIS is truly the age of wonder  the develope   ments in all the varied brances of science  tho  skill displayed In every department ot mechanismj  the Ingenuity brought to bear upon the diversified  powers of mechanical art  transcend by far tho  Herculean labors of the ancients  The greatest  miracle of the age  howeveis has been achieved te f   S etting up an entire set of Jewelry to cost but Ono  tollar This fact has recently been noticed  scientifically commented upon in a magazine dele   ted to the culture of everything literary and ar    t c  As an evidence of the fact  and In fcroof    tlie merited eulogy bestowed upon the article  in  question  call at the Store of NATHAN WHITE  on  Third street  between Market and Jeffers in  wheys  may be found a large supply of articles of Jew   elry  the cost of which Is but One DoiUr tor  choice of wry article              A New Military DepaMmeut    l hc autboritius at  Washington have es   tablished a new Military Department  com   prised of Tennessee and Kentucky  and  designated as the Department of Cumber   land  Gen  Robert Anderson has been as   signed the command  This is the respect  A  Lincoln shows to Kentucky neutrality   We are not advised as to the precise time  Gen  Anderson contemplates taking milita   ry possession ol Kontueky lud Tennes   see  When we shall learn the time  we will  inform the people of Kentucky  so that  they may be enabled to give him a suitable  reception     y We find the following important  dispatch in the Madison Evening Courier  Of the Kith     Thkeate vino St  Loris   Governor  Morton yesterday received the following  dispatch from Gem ral Fremont      llEADQr AitTEus  August 14     Gov MoSTOK  General Grant  at Irontor   was attacked last night by Hardee  The  railroad at Flat River Bridge is in the pos   session of the Confederates     J  C  FREMONT      Major General Commanding     This movement threatens St  Louis  as it  takes the command of the Iron Mountain  Kailrcad    JSgT Gcd  Ercmont s demand or request  ol the banks of St  Louis for a lean of  1350 000 w as politely declined by the banks   lie concluded before attempting to take it  by lerce  to awa   t further advices from  Washington  In the meantime various  parties wi re quietly withdrawing their do  posits  and gold has advanced 10 ten per  cent  premium    tyThc greatest roorback of the sea   bou is the report industriously circulated  that the Lincoln Government has a tender  of 50 000 troops from California  They  are expected in the Mississippi Valley in  forty days  a portion to go to Western  Texas      A Capture    A Cairo letter to the St   Louis Democrat  dated the 14 h  states that  W  C  Carson  with other ecouts  captured  three Rebels near Charleston   D  B  Har   ris    A  GoodcJI  Missouri State Guards   and F  A  Gaylord  sergeant of a company  ol Mississippi artillery under l illow    Peace Meeting   A peace meeting of  the citizens of Lenox  Susquehanna coun   ty  Pa   was held on Saturday last  The  meeting was well attended  and an oppor   tunity allowed to those favoring the war to  defend lheir policy  Several speeches were  made on both bides      The Names Settled   G en  Beauregard  lias determined that the battle of the 18th  July shall be known as the battle of Bull  Run  and that ol the 21st as the battle of  Manassas Plains      JSgTTheo  B  Edwards  of Kentucky   has been appointed Consul to San Juau del  Sur      Acceptance ol the Declaration of   1 aris l y the Confederate States    The Richmond correspondent of the  Charleston Mercury states that the follow   irg important resolution was adopted by  the CoDgrcss of the Confederate States ou  the 8th instant     A lYSohttion touching points of Maritime   law  decide by the Cony rest of 1  trisof 1850    Whereas  It has been found that the uu   certainty of luaiitime law  in time of war   has given rise to dill ercnces of opinion be   tween ueut ahand belligerents  which may  occasion serion3 misunderstandings  and  even conflicts  and  whereas  the Plenipo   tentiaries of Great Britain  France  Austria   Prussia  Sardinia and Russia  at the Con   serves of Paris  of 1850  established an uni   form doctrine on this subject  to which  they invited the adherence of the nations  of the world  which is as follows     1   That privateering is and remains abol   ished    2  The the neutral fl  g covers the ene   my s goods  with the exception of contra   band of war    3  That neutral goods  with the excep   tion of coutrab ind of war  arc not liable to  capture under the enemy s flag   and   4  That blockades  in order to be biml   Ing  must be elfcctive   that is tossy  main   tained by a force sufficient really to prevent  access to the coast ol the enemy    And  whereas  it is desirable that the  Conlcck rate States of America shall assume  a definite position on so important a point   now  therefore    Ji it Resolved  That the Congress of the  Confederate States of America accept the  2d  3d and 4th clauses of the above cited  declaration  and decline to assent to the  1st tlase thereof    r The following is from the Saint  Louis Republieau  a semi official organ of  the Administration  showing a force of 15    000 men  That is enough  we should think   to whip all the   half starved  unarmed Reb   els  in the State     Military Movements    The 4ist Illi   nois regiment  Col  Pugh  which arrived  here on Tuesday  was armed with Minic  muskets at the Arsenal yesterday    The Seventh Iowa regiment also received  arms at the Pacific Railroad depot yester   day evening  preparatory to embarking on  board the cars for Rolls    There are now about 15 000 troops in the  city   12 000 being quartered at the Ar   senal    A large body of troops left the Iron  Mountain depot last evening  for Pilot  Kuob  The train which arrived last eve   ning  reported that no attack had been  made  but that the enemy s force was near  by    The 31st Illinois regiment  Col  Color   was armed with Minie muskets yesterday   making in all  about 3 000 Minie muskets  distributed during the day    Lieut  Col  Burbank of the 13th United  States Infantry is now in command ol the  Arsenal  in place of Capt  Tracy      The Reion of Terror in St  Louis    The police commissioners  to their honor  be it said  refused to obey the order of the  Military Dictator to suppress the Bulletin   Missourian  and Herald  and Col  McNeill   of the Home Guard  was detailed to do the  work  This was promptly done by the  chivalrous Colonel  and those offices were  taken possession of by the military and  the issue of the papers was forcibly sup   pressed  The Democrat  the organ of the  Despot  adds the following    We understand that warrants arc in the  United States Marshal s hands  for the ar   rest of a large number of persons ou the  charge of complicity with enterprises of  treason  A score or so of terror stricken  gentlemen are said in consequence to have  suddenly departed from the city    At the residences searched  a quantity of  papers were seized   which are expeeted to  disclose more or less of evidence agaiDst  the parties arrested    Military Items   Five companies from  Nebraska arrived yesterday ou the steamer  Emilio    A number of sixty four pounders are  now being mounted at different points   about the city  to command the approaches  leading thereto  The work is under the  supervision of Lieutenant llassendeubel    The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Illinois  regiments came up from the Barracks  last evening on board steamers Jcniude  Deans and G  YV  Graham  They disem   barked ou the levee near the foot of Chest   nut street  and marched to the Pacific  depot  where they took the ears for Holla   it Is supposed  A large number of troops   in addition to these  were also sent out ou  this road yesterday afternoon     St  Louis  Bulletin      The Hattie near Springfield  Mo    Martial Law in St  Lotus    The S   Louis Democrat  of Thursday   organ ot the Administration  has the fol   lowing particulars and incidents of the  battle  and the death of Gen  Lyon    Gen  Lyon now desired the Iowa boys   whom he had found so brave  to prepare  to meet the next onset of the enemy with  the bayonet immediately after firing  They  said    Give us a leader and we will follow  tod aih   On came the enemy in over   whelming numbers  confident of vie ory  over such a meagre force  No time could  bo lost to select a leader   Twill lead yon    exclaims Lyon   Come ou  brave men      and placing himself in the van  received a  fatal bullet just at the pit of the  stomach which killed him instantly   The Iowas delivered their fire and the  enemy retired  so there was no need  of charging bayonets  Gen  Lyon s body  was carefully picked up aud conveyed life   less toward the ambulances by two of his  body guard  In bis death as in his life  he  was the same devoted  patriotic soldier  re   garding his own life as of no value if he  could hut rescue his country  His body  has been brought hither and embalmed   for conveyance to his friends in Connecti   cut  There was no feeling of depression  on t c part  of the troops at the unexpected  calamity  but rather a feeling of quiet de   termination to revenge his death  Ou the  Tuesday night previous he had arranged  for a night attack upon the enemy  hut  singularly found himself delayed two hours  behind ihc proper time for starting   by rumors of a skirmish ou the prairie  west ol town  and the attack was postponed   Wednesday he said to me   Well  I begin  to believe our term of soldiering is about  completed  I h ive tried earn  s ly to elis  charge my whole duty t  the government   appealed to them for reinforcements and  supplies  bur  ala   they do not come  and  the enemy is getting the advantage of us    He then called a council of war  at wbici  there was m arly an nnauimous voice for  evacuating Springfield  Gen  Sweeney  plead eloquently against such a course  de   clared it would be the ruin of the Union  cause in that quarter of the State  and urg  ed a battle as soon as the enemy were with   in striking distance  He also pointed out  the loss of reputation both to the General  and his officers which would follow such a  step  This counsel decided the course to  he pursued  and Thursday when the brig   ade quartermaster inquired wheu we were  to leave Spriugti ld  Gen  Lyon replied    Not before we are w hipped   This was  the proper course to pursue  If he retreat   ed without a battle he would certainly have  been pursued by a boastful and unpunished  enemy  aDd likely Lave his retreat entirely  cut off After being wounde d he exclaim   ed to Maj  Schofield   The day is lost    hut the Major said   No  General  let us try  ouee more   So they tried  and the Gener   al Jell  It was now a little after 9 o clock   aud the battle h uf raged with a fierceness  seldom if ever equalled  for over three  hours  The smoke huug like a storm  cloud over the valley  a fit emblem of  mourning for the departed hero     He sleeps his last sleep  he has fought his  last battle    No sound shall awake him to glory again     When Gen  Sigel  who commanded the  eastern division  heard the roar of Totten s  artillery  be at once attacked the enemy  in bis quarter  driving him hull a mile and  taking possession of his camp  extending  westward to the Fayetteville road  Here  a terrible fire was poured iuto his ranks  by a regiment which he had permitted to  advance within a few paces of him  suppo   sing it to be the Iowa First  His men  sea tered considerably  and Col  Salomon s  could not be rallied  Consequently Sigel  lost five of hit yuns  the other being  brought away by Capt  Flagg  who com    pelled his prisoners  some sixty in number   to draw the artillery off the field    Our troop3 took some four hundred  horses aud about seventy prisoners  aud  compelled the enemy to burn nearly all of  his baggage to keep it from falling into our  hands    The enemy had twenty one pieces of  cannon  and at the last twenty six  includ   ing  hose taken from Sigel  They were  none ol them worked with precision  every  shot for nearly an hour going whiz twenty  feet over our heads    Our army reached Springfield in safety   and are now preparing to movetoward folia   lint with no hop s whatever of reaching there   With a baggrge train live miles iong to  protect  it will be singular indeed  it the  enemy does not prove enterptisiDgeuough  to cut off a portion of It  having such a  heavy force of cavalry    Our loss is about 200 killed and 600 or  700 wounded  while the loss of the enemy  must have been double our own    The Army of Gen  Lyon    In connection with the News from  Springfield  Mo   the following detailed  statement of the force under Gen  Lyon  will be interesting  His troops comprised  oue thousand three hundred regulars  four  thousand volunteers  and some two thou   sand five hundred Home Guards   iu all  7 800 men    the staff    Geieral Commanding  Nathaniel Lyon   Aid de Camp  Lieut  Col  I  F  Shepard   Quartermaster  Major Horace A  Cunant   ActiDg Assistant Adjutant General  Capt   Gordon Granger    RKIGADE OFFICERS    Brigadier General Franz Sigel  Missouri  volunteers  Major Samuel D  Sturgis  First  United States Cavalry  Acting Brigadier    CAVALRY    Capt  David S  Stanley  commanding  1st  Cavalry  Company B   Lieut  Canfield   Company G    Lieut  M  J  Kelly  Com   pany D   Lieutenant M  W   Henry    Company I   Captain Milton T  Carr    1st Dragoons  Company C  Lieut  C  E   Farrand  1st Dragoore Company C   Lieut   Sauford   Mounted Rifles  Company H    Capt  YVash L  Elliott  1st Kansas Squad   ron  Capt  YVood    ARTILLERY    Totten s Battery  six pieces   Capt  James  Totten  Dubois s Battery six pieces  Lieut   J  V  D  Dubois  Sigel s Battery  six pieces    Capt  Schaeffer    INFANTRY    Four Companies 1st Regulars  Capt  J   B  Plummer  two Companies 2d Regulars   Capt  Fred  Steele  1st Missouri Y oluu   teers  Blair s    Lieut  Col  G  L  Andrews    21 Missouri Volunteers  Boernstcin s    two Companies   Mai  Osterhaus  3d Mis   souri Voluutcers  Sigel s   Maj  Backed   commanding  5th Missouri Y olunteers    Col  Salomon  1st Iowa Volunteers   Col   Joshua F  hates  1st Kansas Volunteers    Lieut  Col  Learned  3d Kansas Y olunteers   Col  Robert B  Mitchell   1 200 Home  Guards   Col  John S  Phelps  800 Home  Guards    The St  Louis Republican has these par   ticulars    There is hardly a doubt that our troops  would have achieved a splendid victory hod  it not been for the fearful odd6 they had to  contend agaiast  Ou the side of the Con   federates from 20 000 to 25 000 are reported  to have been in the light  and to these  up  to 2 o clock in the afternoon  a body of  only about 6 000 men was opposed  An  unfortunate cireuinstauee for our troops   moreover  was that during the greater part  of the battle they came so near the Con   federates that the old shot guns and  other indifferent weapons of the latter  couid be used with the same deadly effect  as Miuie muskets  The ground  too  was  of the enemy s own choosing  aud it is sta   ted as a fact that our troops went into bat   tle  uot knowing bow far the line of the  enemy extended  or where his forces were  located    At about two o clock P  M   Gen  Sigel   having cither heard the cauonading or re   ceived a special message from Major Stur   gis  came up with his reserve trom Spring   field  lie immediately attacked the ene   my on the right l  ink  aud did terrible exe   cution among them  The rest of our  troops  seeing that Sigel brought them  succor  rallied with reuewad vigor  and  made one more determined onset ou the  enemy  But such were the overwhelming  odds against which they had to fight  that  the encounter amounted to nothing more  than a mutual cutting up  and by 4 o clock  all parties seemed to be anxious to a ith   dr iw from the field    The L nited States troops retired to  Springfield iu good order  and there the  call ot the roll by regiments was respond   ed to a9 usual  Our Informant says he  counted 110 wounded in a hospital in  Springfield  all belonging to the first Kan   sas Regiment  He did not ascertain the  number of killed nor the number of killed  and wounded in other regiments  but their  number may be pretty accurately inferred  i when it is taken iDto consideration that the     First Kansas Regiment was in the thickest  of the fivht  At 4 o clock on Sunday  moruing Gen  Sigel  having concluded that  it would not be prudent to resume the  battle  the whole eolumu of troops  follow   ed by large cumbers of citiz  ns  with all  that they could gather up iu the shape of  movable goods  commenced a retreat from  Springfield iu the direction of Kolia  They  brought  all their baggage and commissary  stores with them  aad also all but three or  four cannon which they were obliged  for  some reason  to leave on the ground  Our  informant came out with them until with   iu ten or fifteen miles this side of Spring   field  where he took the Stage  He left  them about noon ou Suuday      LETTER FROM ST  LOUIS      iiCarrc   ioa le l  e Louisville Courier     St  Louis  August 15  1801    Editors Lovisvi le Courier  YY e are be   ginning to see a little more clearly into the  results of the battle of Spriuglield  The  Republican papers now concede that they  have lost 200 killed  600 to 700 wounded   aud five cannon  aud this is doubtless much  below the real figures  It now appears  from the most authentic information that  the battle was fought by Missourians  alone  under General Sterling Price  and  that their number did not exceed that of the  FederaU  if it equalled it  McCullough  was iu the meantime executing a liauk  march to intercept Sigei s retreat upon  Holla  which  it is said  he has successfully  done  and Sigel s entire command is now  in the hands of the Southern forces  At  any rate  the Democrat admits that Sijcl  cannot hope to reach Holla setfVy    The death of Gen  Lyon has thrown dis   may and consternation iuto the rauksofthe  Lincolnites  He was a great favorite  among them  and they relied mpon him  more than upon any officer iu the YY est   Curses not loud but deep orebeiug heaped  upou Fremont for his eluting lui  man ge   mcDt of affairs and his disastrous blunders  since he has taken command  f this de   partment  The first grand mistake was the  expedition to Bird s Point  gotten up upon  mere newspaper reports  doubtless started  intentionally by the Confederate leaders   a bait that would have been e  sily detected  by the merest lieutenant  and which was  swallowed greedily by Fremont    The Black Republicans now say that  Lyon has been sucrUied ihrough Fremont s   ignorance and incapacity  Lyon had been  clamoring for reinforcements for the last  month  and during Fremont  s absence to  Bird s Point  it is said that no less than  three messengers came up from Lyon ask   ing for immediate assistance  Now wheu  it is too late  they are rushing troops to  Kolia  pcorly equipped and trained  and  altogether  badly prepared to eucouutcr  tbe victorious Semin ru troops  Another  disaster for the Federal arms will doubt  lees follow this wretched management of  allairs    The proclamation of martial law in the  city yesterday morning was immediately  followed by the arrest of a number of  prominent citizens  and searches for arms  aud ammunition  Bnt this state of things  had long been autieipated  and tbe Liucoin   ites were foiled at every point  The  Morning Herald  Eveniug Missourian aud  YY ar Bulletin have all beeu suppressed by  order of His Royal Highness John C  Fre   rnoDt  Major McKiustry  acting ns Pro   vost Marshall  having trails milled an or   der to that effect to Col  John McNeil   commanding Home Guards  who alone  eonld be found to undertake the dirty  work   The Police Commissioners  upon  whom McKiustry first called to have the  order executed  positively declined having  any thing to do with it    Our banks and savings institutions were  yesterday levied upon to ih   extent of   250 000  which they had to a C53 pro rata  among themselves according to their Capi   ta   H  R  H  Jno  C  Fremout gtaeioualy  consented to take the money iu Missouri  funds  instead of coin  This will doubt   less be followed by other forced loans un   til our poor banks will be utterly crippled    B  B    P  3  As I close  it is again reported that  Sigel aad his command  with tbe exception  of some six hundred men  has fallen into  the hands of the Confederates  B  B      The Arrest ot Ex Minister Faulk   ner  he is Confined in JuiJ    The Washington correspondent of the  New York Times telegraphs that journal as  follows  relative to the arrest of Mr  Faulk   ner     Col  Porter  the Provost  Marshal  tc  day  arrested Hon  Charles J  Faulkner  late  United States Minister to France  The or   der lor his arrest was issued from the YY ar  Department  A heavy detachment of in   fantry accompanied the Provost Marshal to  guaru against any disturbance that the ar   rest tnigut prompt  Mr  Faulkner prompt   ly acknowledged the authority aud signified  his readiness to accompany the officer    He was taken to the jail  where the other  prisoners of war are confined  The jail was  at once surrounded by a large crowd  anx   ious to gratify their curiosity by a sight of  the place whete he was confined    This afternoon YY m  YY alling  one of the  editors cf the Iutelligener  vis ted the jail   aud remarking that Air  Faulkner was au  old personal triend  desired the officer iu  charge to send iu his card   My orders   sir   replied the officer   arc to permit no  communication with the prisoner  by word   by card  letters  newspaper or sign   And  the orders were rigidly enforced    Mr  Faulkner occupies a lower floor of  the jail  aud has a ward ai joining that of  Dr  Fleming of Y irginia  who is also a pris   oner aud a man of wealth and influence    YY hcn first arrested  Mr  Faulkner was  somewhat excited  but he shortly recovered  himself  aud during the afternoon convers   ed freely with one of tuo officers on the  condition of Frauce  When asked how the  rebellion was regarded there  he answered    France  sir  deeply regrets it   He also  stated that he had his passes all ready  and  intended to leave for his home in Y irgiuia  to day  In his conversation he caret n tty  avoids expressing any opinion as to the  political coadition of the country      Hospitals Crowded    Our hospitals are oppressed with the  numbers of the sick and w ounded soldiers   As if our own disabled wanlors we e not  sufficient to employ the careful attention  cf our physicians and our nurses  a large  number of the neglected wounded of iti e  enemy at Manassas has been precipitated  upon  us to divide the mtans and comforts   at this sickly season  for the wants anti  necessities of the sick  There are Some  Jive hundred toounded Federalists front the  tie ll of Manassas in the hospitals of Ibis  city  Taat ruthless enemy  who thinks  the Southern Ceufederacy of sufficient  magnitude to call for immense armies and  appropriations to subjugate it  with a mem  aud contemptible spirit refuses to recog   nize it as a belligerent power  and will not  deigu to communicate with our comman   ders in the usual forms of military etiquette   Standing upou this point  it will neither  bury its dead nor take care of its w ounded   but leaves both these offices of humanity  and Christianity to we rebels  who have  ottr owu sick and wounded to thke care of  aud our own dead to bury  This iuhaman   ity of the brutal Northern Government   which merits the bitterest execrations oi  the civilized world  has given to the field of  Manassas horrors hardly excelled in the  history of the after scenes of the great bat   tles ol past days    Richmond Dispatch   Aug  12th      Tiik President of tiif  Police Commis   sioners    It has been erroneously inferred  that Basil Duke has been appointed by the  Provost Marshal to the post of President  of the Board of Police Commissioners  The  fact simply is  that iu consequence of the  arrest of Brow nlee  the Board has elected  Duke to perform tho duties oi Presdcnt   until the vacancy stiali be Helled by Gov   Gamble     St  Louis Democrat      The McManus Obsequies    Tbe Irish  societies  to whom are entrusted the tune   ral ccreuionus to be observed on the arri   val of the remains of this great Irish patri   ot in New Yotk  met last evening aud re   ported pi ogress    The above is from the New York News  of Tuesday  lie died at Lone Mountain    California      WAR CORRESPONDENCE  I gattft h   telegraph       Correspondence of tbe Louisville Courier    Letter from Manassas   Kentucky   Regiment  Col  Thos  II  Tttylor  Appointed Colonel  Ben  M  An   derson Major   Visit of l rince Je   rome  A c   Ac    Camp B yktow  Near Manassas  V a      August lOlb  1861  j   The welcome news was received yester   day that our tents had arrived at the Junc   tion  And immediately Quartermaster  Sergeant Kirk was dispatched with a de  tailed to  fetch them     But scarcely had the wagons got beyond  our s   ght ere the sky was overcast  and  such a thunder storm I never witnessed   and such an indiscriminate rush for a place  that could afford relief from the approach   ing deluge I never saw before  YVe have  learned long since that these Y irginia rains  are anything but trifling in their nature  as  the rain comes down by barrel fulls  aud  every ravine or road resembles a creek    In the midst of the storm  our eyes were  gladdened by tt e sight ol Col  Tom Tay   lor  plunging  ou through rain and mire    and despite the inclemency of the season  the news was soon known throughout the  camp that he had brought with him his  comiussion and would supersede Col  Clai   b  rue iu the command on the morrow   aud  iu a few days we would be joiued by the  commands of Captains Fitzhugh  Thomp   son  Childers aud Anderson  and we would  immediately be formed into a regiment  with Capt  Ben  Anderson as major  and re   port says Roger Hanson as lieutenant col   onel  Col  Tvylor informs me that he has  made arrangements at Richmond for every   thing that tends to the comfort of the reg   iment    Of course evctvthing wears a different  look this tuormug  and the late visit of  Prince Jerome  wuo left for Washington  yesterday  excites but little comment  as  all is swallowed up In our new commander  and ottr tents  a id I str e jrely hope that I  shall soon have the pleasure of chronicling  the eutire absence of all the bickerings  aud discomforts that have be6et us hereto   fore    As for the visit ol ye Prince  but little  can be said  except the mere tact that he  was esccorted to Gen  Beauregard s Head   quarters by the famous Black llorse troop  on Wednesday evening  aud ou the mor   row visited the battle field  iu company  with the stall  and it is to be hoped that all  the stuff  about those terrible masked bat   teries  will he ventilated abroad  Aud the  truth about our whipping them in a lair  field witli treble numbers against us    The court martial iu the ease of Capt   Harvey  is still sitting  and the evideucc  that has been deduced goes to show that  he xvas not guilty of some charges that I  stated before  aud will doubtless oe honor   ably acquitted  At least  such is the gen   eral iatpressiou among the officers    It is with regret  on the part of a large  majority of the battalion  that we part with  Col  Claiborne  and w hatever may be said  of his faults  no ODe will gainsay me in the  assertion  tnat no one possesses a warmer  heart  or the peculiar properties that ren   ders him one of the most entertaining and  agreeable companions around the camp  tire at night  that ever entertained an au   dience with the descriptions of many din   gers by Held and flood  or convulsed them  with laughter at the expeuse of 6ome old  martinet    Before his native State  Tennesso  had  left the old Union  he retired Irotn the ser   vice  and resigning his commission as  Captain iu the Mounted Riflemen  and  leaviDg his wife and family in Galveston   Texas  he hurried to Nashville  and tender  cd his services aud sword to Gov  II arris   to battle for his native South     Dr  YY   A  Thompson  will  in all probabili   ty  be assigned to duty as Assistant Sur   geoD  which will he well received by this  portion of the regiment  as he has acted in  that capacity since our arrival iu the Old  Dominion  and his been of great service to  Dr  Forsyth    I shall close this hastily written scrawl  by assuring our trieud3 generally  that we  a  se in  good condition   and anxiously  await ing for something sanguinary to  turn up    Gen  Fremont and the Banks   T he  officers aud directors of the several banks  of this city were in session this morning to  determined their course with regard to the  demaud ol  350 1X10  made by Geu  Fremont  yestegday evening TluiJtcsuU  u AAui  de   liberations Is at present unknown  The  general opiuiou is tfet they will uoXueeidc  to the dbtitaud  aud the money can auily be  procured by the bavonet    St  Loi rs Bul   letin      Fort Lafayette  Military Piujom    The deserters from the army hereatler ar   rested will be taken to this military  prison  and mere court martialed  Persons who  capture deserters will each receive 830  the  sum to be deducted from the pay of the  delinquent     N  Y  News      THE  REIIBLS  IDUME     Amler on s Coinraami      KENTUCKY AND TBNN2BSEB     A NEW MILITARY DEPARTMENT     C 1LIF0RM SOLDIERS      To Invade Texas and Arkansas      More Anns Ordered for the  Federal Government      AFFAIRS IN MARYLAND     OLD IS0l   RI 0i  WHISKY    1 have on hand and for sale   a lot of the finest OLD YVHI 8      K  In the State  from 6 to 10   years old  made to my order by the best vhlslcy  makers in the State  I  arrant itto he p e  cop   per diitilled  sweet mash  made from tOvolS de   Itreee above proof  For further Informa on  ad   dress box tiOM  Post office  LsuUvifle  Kr   or my  office  027 Fourth kited    dtf E  E  W I Lift AM 8       From Washington    Washington  Aug  15    Gen  Rosecrars  is authorized to accept regiments from  YY  stern Virginia  which he does as fast  as they arc ready for service    It is rumored that a Rebel force is mov   ing from Morefiold to Great Savage M uiu   tam Pass to reinforce Gen  YY se  The  troops which hold the Piss are ready f r  them    Gen  Sumner xvas ordered to day to raise  without delay a column of tire or ten thou   sand Californians  and march them into  Texas and Arkansas  Tne dispatch went  by telegraph to Fort Kearney  and thence  by Pony Express    Auother order will soon be sent to Cali   L rula for a regiment of cavalry    An order has goue to Europe for 150 000  more arms     Special to the New Tort Ilerald     Maj  Gen  Butler has beeu authorized to  raise a division of 5 000 men iu Massachu   setts and is to be granted leave of absence  to superintend iu person the organization  of the division  Geu  Butler will have  full power to thoroughly appoint the new  division  providing it doe6 not cost more in  Massachusetts than it would cost here    It is reported by passengers arrived to   night from the West by xvav ol  Harper s  Ferry that Gen  Rosenerans with a small  command is in a precarious position in a  mountain gap iu the neighborhood of Big  Spring  and that a rebel force had cut him  oil  from water     Special Dispatch to the N  Y  World     Tne States of Kentucky and Tennessee  have been constituted a separate militiry  command to be called the Department of  Cumberland  Brigadier General indorse    commanding    Six vessels of war lay oil Aequia creek  esterday  aptong them the Yankee  which  ad a collision with the rebel steamer  Gen  Page    Evidences of an advance of the enemy  towards our lines are daily multiplying     Yesterday a resident of Y irginia  living at  Clcarmont  five miles from Alexandria  re   poi ted the Rebels at Bush Hill and Clear   mout  The efforts of the Rebels to gatbtr  Maryland Into the Secession fold have uot  been abandoned  It was noticed some  weeks ago that a considerable Rebel force  bad been concentrated iu tbe Igpper Accd   utac county  on tbe Eastern Shore of Vir   ginia  It appears there are about 1 500 or  2 000 armed Rebels there    Gen  Tilghmau  who was deposed from  bis militia rank last spring  by Gov  llieks   and subsequently restored by tbe State  Legislature  is organizing tbe Disunionists  in the lOA er counties of Maryland  He is  about to proceed to Aecomac to take com   mand of the Y irginia forces there and  march them up iuto the middle of the  Eastern Shore of Maryland  as the nucleus  for the formation of a Rebel army there   which shall  If it can do nothing else  con   trol the elections in the fall  so as to secure  a Disunion majority iu the Legislature aud  enable the se ee  eionisia tcipa a i ci   on    ordinance  or perhaps to force au ordinance  of Secession that may be passi d by the pres   ent Leg slaturo at Its adjourned session     Special to the V Y  Uost j  Our foreign relations attract the atten   tion of the Government at present  The  Administration will at all liaza ds maintain   ts right to close the seceded ports  The  question is now under discussion betwe n  Our Government aud those of England aud  f ranee  aud it is believed that our rights  will be fully conceded    The National Intelligencer has a theory  that ex Minister Faulkner is not imprisoned  because he intended to joiD th  Rebel army   bnt that be is held as hostage for Congress   man Ely  and Messrs  Magraw and llorriq   non combatants now in the hands of the  enemy    A party of six men left the steamer Res   olute yesterday  and landed at Matthias  Point  for the purpose of reconnoiteriug   They were fired on by u Jiarty of rebels  concealed iu tbe brush  aud four of them  killed  The bodies ot tbe dead seamen ar   rived at the Navy Yard to day      From Fortress Monroe    F ortuess Monroe  Aug  15   The re   ports that the rebels beynt  Fox Jlill hue  connected a wire xvith the telegraph from  Old Point to Newport News  and thus ob   tained our despatches  is fc uud to be en   tirely without foundation    From Syracuse    Syracuse  Aug  16   The mu l lock on  the Oswego Cacal is repaired  and naviga   tion resumed last night  Navigation on  the Erie is uninterrupted    River and W eather      Cincinnati  Aug  16    River risen 3  inches  and now stationary  with 11X7    H  elauncl  Weather clear  Thermometer 72    Pittsburg  August 10  Rivcr Sleet  3  inches by the pier mark and failin  1    YY rather cloudy and cool         iieauiiltilly Clear    Pure and YY bite    YY IIAT    Any face afi r the ate ot the Magnolia Halm   a  matter how unsightly it was before    Vricejl  cents per bottle  Sold everywhere    WM  E  HAGAN ACO   Proprietor   Troy  N  T       See advertisement   jyto deodAweow 8 a   A Blue Scalp and Withered Hair   Are the consequences of using ilyts contcfLlng Ni   trade of Silver  ii ar this in CaIlU  and remember  also that    ristadoro s Excelsior Uye   baa been anallzed by DR  CHILTON of New York   the first Analytic Chemist in America  and b cer   tified under Lb band to be   from tUltterloas  Ingredients  as well a  a tpltrdUl dye  Instanta   neous iu its operation  and perfect in its results   Manufactured hy J  CR13TADOKO  No  6 As   or House  New York  Sola everywhere  and ap   plied by all Flair Dressers   u5dftwlrn     WU   8 TERMS  GALLERY    AttBROTY         PHOTOGR AP S 8  IVCmYTYFKS   LIFK BIZE  PHOTO   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iu the treatment ot all dh   eases to which thc   are subject  feels co Yfldeut ol  giving satisfaction to all wbo may favor him with a  call    Mf Advice  Horse and Cattle Mcdloi ve  I  nt   meats  Ointments  Ac   mav be had at Jv t Disoea  eary  at HENRY DCNCAN  8 LI V FRY  VAUJc   Market street  between  Sixtii and 3eventw    Operations skillfull j performed  nvjJSJSw     MOORE S     WHOLESALER AAD RETAIL   MAMMOTH FIRM TIRE l   0T    CHAIRS  MATTRESSES  Wc    No  316 north side Ma r ket street  between Third and  Fourth LOUT 8 VILLK  KY      au  dtf     GOAL  COAL      T mYD A 80N dealers in COAL  Thira street   Ji   below Main 1 nd Market  have on banc a good  supply of P Msburv and Youghiogheny Coil  which  theyare prep a ed to fttrnish in large quantities 01  b 7  ne load  to meet the wishes ofpurchss  re  They  mate particular attention to their superiar Coal    0 rder 3 promptly attended to      DRaVO   BON  Third street    an2 dtf between Main and  treats   ABVEIt t OOPEft    COMMISSION MERCHANT    Butter  Cheese and Prod   e      i ANtfetl  ILL  h     Mo FOURTH STREET  BET  MAIN  _ LOUI8Y   BOARDING    4 GRNTLEMAN AND LADY can be gfeemmo   1   dated with an excellent front room  uvd board   ing with a private family  in a pleasant pj  4 ot the  city  For particulars  apply at  hlfoffice  _fn27d  r     S  SINCERE      lo iu     Louisville Optical Ins   Main street  under National Hotel  Lou      I MPROVED SPECTACLES AND EVE  of every descr iption  In gold  silver  correctly fitted to the Eye  Microscopes   Opera Glasses  Mathematical and rliysi     me fits  Electric Machines  Stereoscopes  ooplc Views in a great variety    Artificial Human Kyat insert    and Ni      t Into old frames      ite    lie  Ky   iLASPEB  kd steel    leRCOpes   f  Instru   l Ureo    tOlvact  oil dtf     CIDElt MIL      Pjeteksboko  C  YY    Aug  13    Destructive Fire    A fire last niglit  destroyed the postoffice  custom house and  a large  number of other buildings on Huu   ter and Geotge streets  Loss estimated at  irom 875 000 to  100 000      Krauscr s Cider Mill aud  Wiri   Press   M anuf actured by us of the best   simplicity of construction  durable  fectiveness inoMi iug cider or wine unsi  We sold THREE HUNDRED of thel  to farmers in Indiana  Kentucky and  Warranted to work well    PRICE         e24 dem tis a  w 2 ini 8     CARTER   BUCHANAN    Louirtllle  Ky     From New York    New Yore  Aug  18   J  A  Kiug   Catholic priest  was last evening taken  into custody  and taken to the Detective  Police office by a number cf excited Ger   mans  who alleged that he was a secession   ist    They charged that he partook of lager  beer with a number of voluutcers and tlea  tried to induce them to desert their com   panies  He abused the Government oot  tageottsly  contending that the Southern  Confederacy ought to be recognized  and  finally because so bold iu his assertions as  to enrage the Germans  aud they at once ar   rested him  Their prisoner was detained  lor examination    _   New Tort  Aug  10   The first of the  new gun boats will be launched to mor   row  auother next wiytk  and 4 others iu 15  dc Tf    Thomas 8  Berrill  a violent Secessionist   was arrested on thearrival of the PcrAqwjih   40  M  in  Bank of   Ecfglaud i otes  the  tQ  prui      ait  ol a loom  for th Confede   rate Stafcifi  Serrill ts a native of New  Ovleuus  a  out 50 years old    and  verj wealthy  A aauJVr of letters and im   port  o   JQP    w ere also found upon him          X    r    From New i 9 rk    New York  Aug  16    The TribChe says  the Southern pirates are playing a desper  ate and bloody game  Onr North Caroli   na correspondent this morning gives the  statement of a British jailor  named Ross   who had beeu irn pew  41 to serve as gun  tier on board tie  Sneed    by Which it ap   pears that on July 3 st  near Nagshead  th  pirates attacked and took possession oi  British vessel which they burned  after de   stroying the entire crew  Ross having re   fused to fight against his countrymen was  shot at and wounded by the Captain of the  Speed and afterwards confined in irons  He  escaped hy the aid of a fellow sailor who  had also been in prisou  Ross is endeavor   ing to make his way North  and wishes to  lay the subject before tbe proper British  officials    From St  Louis      St  Louis  Aug  16    A messenger from  Gen  Sigel arrived early flifs morning re   ports Gen  Sigel 15 miles this side of Leba  non  expecting to reach Rolla to  day  J  e  had uot beeu molested on the routs    Geu  Lyon s body was buried on the farm  of Col  Phelps  near Springfield    It was reported that the Kcbeis tod en   tered Springfield  and were encamped in  and around tlie town    The messenger also struesthal the num   ber of killed  wounded and missing on the    Federal side does not exceS  400  and that  McCullough and a number of Rebel Offi   cers were killed      II  W  WILKES   IK     Manufacturer aud Dealer    NO  75 FOURTH 8 T  LOUISVILLE  B Y    Factory Findings generally   Woolen Machinery   lard nothin     Rubber Belting     Fan illiil Castings    Calcutta Lace Leather    Leather Beltin     Wove Wire Screenery    Sieves  Riddles  and Traps   Gum Hose and Parkin       nr CATA looues  in book form   with full de   c  ption itud i rii es of above  rent trek by  xail  which all Manufacture r   Founderyoien     1 U r   Railioadmcn  M erchanu          arc invited tD fc jna for  u  23 d awAwly     KNOW THYSELF    D R  J  H  McOANN le a regularly educated  Physician detects to a certainly the true  condition and locality of diseases by the pnlse ted   tN jivculiaritles without asking the patient any ques   tions   Some profess to do this  yet are oarefol to    4 k some leading queetiouB iu order to obt ic a  clue to the dlaeane  We do nothing of that kind  ai d have invariably given entire satisfaction     Consultations and ex a oils at Iona   FREE OIT CHARGE    DiHeases of the Throat and Lancs treated by a aew  method of Medicated Inhalation acd constitutional  treatment  We offer new remedies euUreiy vegeta   ble  which has proved a speedy and efftc  ualcureln  the following dlae  se   vhB  Bronch tia  ail Diseases  cf the Throat and Lun   all diseases of the Heart  of  the Stomach  of the Liver  of the Kidneys  Dropsy   8    Vitus  Dance  Cancers  Scrofula  Chronic UIccra  Rheumatism  Neuralgia  Paralysis  Fistula  Spasma   Fits  Diseases of the Kyc and Ear  Seminal Weak   ness  Skin Diseases  Rupture  Diarrhea  and  lu  short  all curable diseases  We are not a  cure all   Doctor  and will undertake no case without a fair  prospect of recovery  fJfNn extra charge made  to patients for the application of Ma Htelo Elec   tricity    FEMALE DISEASES   Females troubled with Suppressions  Irregular  ttlea  Lucorrhea  or Whitee  Palling of tho Womb  Polyps us of the Uterns Tuirf r 8 of any kind  Darren  ners  all Urinary Diseases  P linful or Difiicult Men   4   ruat  on  Nervocs Debility  Ac   wd  be speed   ily cured without the use of poisonous drugs   injurlors or unpalatable medlefaes of any kind   Have no delicacy In calling  no difference what your  troubles may be  I do not expect you to place your   self under my treatment unles  you prefer It  Tbe  afflicted are cordially invited to call and sathfy  themselve   All ccinmunlcatione strictly confiden   tial  All letters addressed to our care  Including a   tamp  giv iDg symptoms and nature of Disease  wll   receive prompt attention    tAf Office on First street  fourth door above Mar   ket  Louisville  Ky  Office hours from 3 A  M  till   Medicine senttc ail partsof the United  Adore se J  H  McCANN  M  D    dtf       nlOd J     Louho illc  Ey     GRAYSON SPRINGS  if    T il If B undersigned having the entire   onteo  of  James P  Clarkson s interest in this establish      ment  will open the same f r the reception of visit     of June  with a promise to ke  p a   tatantial Kentucky Hotel  inofutliDg all   the best tnppliee the country will afford  and ec       Ppi   en th   ors on tbe 10 th of jun  plain and sui     pisfcUaufou     Lomsvii Li     Private Medical Dispensary    Conducted on the European Fban     For the Core of all Private Disease       Those afflicted with any  Qisca e of a Pkivat  Na   tokb   who would escape  the imposition of Ignores   Quackn J shouid not ral  to  rea l  Dk Ge  m  p iy ra  Mkdioal Trcxt sk on Skx   ual Disjcaabs   a new acd  revised edi  oo of one bun   dred pages  handsomely ii   lastrated wSthpUtes   n j a Q         r          7   gravinga representing tho  renltrd organs of bod    ex In a  ts e of health arid  dlseLpe  Erecting on all private diseases Inc idem  10 both sexes  such as general ncr cc sn e   end sex   ual debility  solitary habits  weakness  in   J y by mad TKN CENTS     Ot Nd  MIDDLE AGED  nod OLD MEN  who  by I oduUdng ic solitary habits or excessi ve indui   rein cf their pasriocs  have produced seminal  weakness  or a debility in advance of the    yeare   may be restored to their former health ar vigor  by 3   akliip immediate application    _ TO TH K LADIES   Dr  is agect fo  M LA   CRACX8 FRENCH PREVENTIVE POWDERS  ByAhalr use  those wlw  fior i any cause wish to  limit the cu  ibcr of i  e  r atMnrlner  c  a do to  J  or coMtHatian  p r i te     by mr  t    2 and two pc iaw  st ono    CAl RAC 8 FKMAL  MONTHLY  rlt Ub   A  srt tDeciaal remedy lor irrriularl   Her  Obstruct    U   Ac  Price  by lisdl   iVmri l  postage stam         CAUTION    These Pills should cot be taken da     SSf   C    1  the7   rei    ireu   Produce       To persons at a distance  wbo wleh to be cured at  home  w  will  on the receipt of a brief statement   fttft C    0     en 1 H li  t of such questions a  we         u  k  n n   Personal interview  and on receipt  or the list filled out  we will forward medicines par   tleul ry adapted to the case  iree from damage or  observation   0 any part of tae country  with fail  directions for use    C cnsultatiou may be held from 8 A  M to 0 P M  kor fcur day from 8 to 11 A  M   at hie office   North   eA 9 t corner of Ihiid and Market   t reeta  Private  e ntrance ou Third street  Louisville Ky    FjF  The above business will hereafter be cond ucte  unaer tae name and style of DR  If  O  MILLER A  CO   to whom ad orders and letters should be afi   dreised  Dr   FAT KB fad  as Heretofore  be ev i   ulted personally  during business houre on n l d s   eases on which his book treats    ta Secrecy inviolable  Don   forget the name av  Place  Address MILLER A C0     _au3dtfaw Louisville Ry    AYER S SAKSATARILLA    A COMPOUND REMEDY  DESIGNED to be tb   most effectual AiTWUTjvfc that can be made  It ie a concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilla   so combined with other substances of still g eat er  alterative power as to afford aa effective antidote  for the dirieases Parsaparllla is reputed tc cure It  is believed that such h remedy is wanted by r aose  who suffer from Strumous complaints  and that one  which will accomplish their cure mur  prove of irn   piense service to this large class of our afflicted fsL  low citisens  How completely this   omoound will  do it has been proven by experiment oi many of  the worst cases to be found in the folio ving con   plaints    Scrofula and Scrofulous Complaints Eruption   and Eruptive Diseases  V teers  Pitnp s  Blotch   tfs  Tumore f aU Jtiievm  Scald Head  Syphili 4  and   syphilitic A factions  Mercurial Disease   Dropsy  Neurqfoiaor Tic Douloureuer  Debility   Dyspepsia and Indigestion  Erysipelas  Rose or  St  Antlumy s Fire  and Indeed the whole class ot  complaints arising Lorn Impurity of tbe Blood  This compound will be found a great promoter cf  health  when taken in the spring  to expel the foul  humors which fester in the blood at that season of  the year  By tbe timely expulsion of them many  rankling disorders are nipped in the bud Multi   tudes can  by the aid of this remedy  sp  re them   selves from the endurance of fool eruptions and ul   cerous sores  through which the system will striv   to rid Itself of corruptions  If qot assisted to do this  hrough the natural channels of the body by an al   terative medicine  Ctesnse out the vitiated blood  whenever you find Us Impurities bursting through     the skin in pimples  eruptions  or eores  cleanse It  when you find it obstructed and sluggish in th   veins  cleanse it whenever tl is foul  aud your feel      ings will tell you when  Even where no p rticula   disorder Is felt  people enjoy better health  and live  longer  for cleansing the blood  Keep the blood  healthy  and all is well  but with this pabulum of  the disordered  there can be no lasting health    Sooner or later something mu  t go wrong  and  the great machinery of life is disordered or over  w n    Saisap rlllahas  and deserves much  the reputa   tloa of accomplishing these ends  But the worst  has been vgregiously deceived by preparations of  It  partly because the drug alone has not all the vir   tue that Is claimed for it  but more because many  preparations  pretending to be concentrated ex   tracts of it  contain but little of the virtue of Sar   saparilla  or any thing else   During late years the public have been misled by  large bottles pretending to give a quart of Extract  of Sarsaparilla for one dollar  Most of these Lave  been frauds upon the sick  for they aot only con   tain little  if any  Farsaparilta  but often no cu   rative properties whatever  Hence  bitter and  painful disappointment has followed the me of the  various extracts of Sarsaparilla which flood the  market  until tbe name itself is justly despised  and  has beoome synonymous with imposition and cheat      fitiil we call this compound Sarsaparilla  and intend  to supply each a remedy as shall rescue the name  from tne load of obloquy which rests upon it  And     we think we have grouud Cor believing it has vir   tues which are Irreelsrtbte the ordinary run of  thy diseases it is i ntended to cure  In order to se   cure their complete eradication from the system   thereu  dj should be judiciously taken according  to directions on the bottle    PREPARED BY   DR  J  C  AYER 8c CO     LOWELL  MA88    Price  tl per Bottle  Six Bottles for 96    Ayer s Tlicrry Pectoral   Has won for Itself such a renown for the cure of  every rariety of Throat and Lung Complaint  that  It is entirely unnecessary for us to recount the  evidence of its virtues  wherever it has been em   ployed  As it has kng been in constant u    throughout this section  we need not do more  than assure the people its quality  s kept up to  the best it ever has been  and that It may be relied  on to do for their relief all it has ever been found  to do          Ayer s Cathartic Pills    FOR THE CURE OF   Costlvenett  Jaundice  Dyspepsia  Indigestion   Dysentery  Foul Stomach  Erysipelas  Head   ache  Piles  Rheumatism  Eruytions and  8 kln Diseases  Liver Complaint  Drop   sy  Tetter  Tumors and Salt Rheum   Worms  Gout  Neuralgia  as a  Dinner Pill  and for Purify   ing the Blood    They are sugar coated  so that the most s nsltlvq  can take them pleasantly  and they are the best  aperient lu the world for all the purposes of a fami      licit  patronage   TERMS OB BOARD    Board per day   1 ft     4 week 7 00   month rr      Children and servants half price   Horses  ITMp     e15 tl8njin       per week      P  CLARK80N     WOLF   DLKR1XGBR     3 IM F U TI HBfts OFJKYVT   HV   WHOLK1LK XSO EXT AIL OBILBLIY IS   Watches  Clocks  Silver aad Peeled  Ware    Corner Fifth sr 4 i Market  Lcu rrMh   E J     T HEUNDKP81ONEDHA ERKM0  ED TUTU   commodious building  corner Fifth anil Market     lT   cents per Box  Five Boxes for  1 00    Great numbers of Clergymen  Physicians  States  men  and eminent personages  have lent their   names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of  these remedies  but our space here will not per   mit the Insertion of them  Tbe Agents below  named furnish gratis our American Almanac  in  which they are given  with also full descriptions  of the above complaints  and the treatment that  should be followed for their cure    Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with  other preparations they make mere profit on  De   maud Avkk h  and take no others  The sick want  the best aid there Is for them  and they should have   AU our remedies are for sale by   R  A  ROBINSON A CO     Wholesale Agents  Main street    anSAweocn iv     streets  wher   bey have opened a large  trd com   plete stock of Wat ches and Jewelry  This anson   meut comprises American  English  on JRwliaWay L    Je apnifafljBaa  Rjk     aii   Silver end Fluted     gHOULDER      l casks Shoulders f  r t aie by   T  L  JMffjkJON      From Ikiston    Boston  A ust 10   the British steamer  Extern Suitcjfrom Yarmouth  Ndra Sco   tia  which arrived this morning  brought 4  hlidts and 02 Ubla ttrrp ntiDO aud 81 biles  N  0  cotton  which 10 presumed to have  j escaped tli  blockade  and was taken to  i Varinouth  N It is said the owfit     he turpentine wlU dear  17 000    I     e  elry of the r own manufacture  of the rich   est and most tlesant stylet  atvi patterns  also  QlockJ  of tho best manufacture    Ware     n      We avlte tbe attention of purcbarerc  and pledge  ourselves to sell as lew a  ran be bought in the  East    tig  Diamonds are set to order   7  tchet tad   Jewelry repaired and   warranted    Highest price pa d for OaUfprOM God    63 dtf   To the Tobacco Planifrs of Kex   tucky and the West    Baltimore  June lit  1 51   A TE beg tf represent that In consoqu  nce cf the  v v blockade of the Southern por s  parti  hrly  that of New Orleans  the Baltimore ALuLitis tha  sttf  xt and best one in the country to which  be To   bacco Planters and Dealers of Kentucky  owl ot    r  Western PtMtes can turn their attend   f  r the sale  of tills article  Thes ock p  re lx Very il  ht a no tb   foreign demand is active  Order  which h ive b tn  executed heretofore in New Oriear 3   will b r diver   ted to this Market  Buyers nre DOOrly   peraUtng  here tutd  hipa are da ly loading fit ur  pe   Tbe  enterthe pis  week bnvcbeeo large  viz  1   0 hhda  Maryland  r nfi hhds OM  anil t 0   bib  Kc tjucKy   OcPchar  es are very iLItt  uo iogperti u  ro t r   age fir 1 2 months   1 is paid the owner f  r each  cask  The only charge is 25 oaats per hhd drayagc   fire insurance  which lstiifling  and co n  msion 2 K  percent  By a recent proclamation of his Excel    Icacy Jefferso  Davis  ail Maryland ve  ei3 are ex   empt from elzurc by privateers   f the 8oulhern  Confi de recy  uiui hence owr shipper  bWcmwe  confidence in loading their cargoes here thau cl e   where  De rv ill be pleased to receive c Ac im   mentsof Tobacco  ami will ntalltim s gladly coiu   munteate in for mat ior  a  to market   when re   quired  Very respectfully Mr     JUI1N SULUY i W    We beg to refer to the Tobacco I m  is nUr        vUlou Houses generally  of LoulgvIuV  KjL     SEfOMHU V SYPHILIS    And Old Mercurial Diseases  Scrofula  Ulcers  and Humors  Impurity of the Flood  Ve   nereal Infection  Skin Diseases  Rhe umo   tism  dc   d c   entirely Removed ly Means  of a new Medicated Fumigation Bath    Without the Use of medicine    THE ABOVE DISEAS   ES  and those of a simi   lar nature  yield mo t  readily to the powerful  reaction produced in the  system by these Baths  1 while it escapes the per     nicious effects of dtugs    I Persons who have used    internal medielnes until    tbe organism is no lorg   f er susceptible ot its io  lluenco  without appar   ent ben  fit  are rendered  perfectly sound and well  in thirty or forty days   with but IPtle interrupt   ion to ttelr regular pur   suds  In S kcoxdaRy  v   pbili is  where the threat Isulct rated and the body  coven d with nor     the ulcers cicatrise and heal in  a few day   and lu a fbort time every symptom of  tbe disease disappears to return no more  Ard  wh  re the disease has larked in the blood for years   felt but not seen  a few wi eks ruffice to effect a  complete cure  We would pi ifico tarty c ll the at   t ntir n of aofferer  from Hum m tism 01 every de   scription te the fact that the disease yieids like  magic to these Bath     Important to Females    One department of our Dispenser  is specially  devoted to the treatment of the Diseases cf Pe   nates  Three fourths of the mortality among  American women lx cause       Waiter  8 xaai Weakness  1     American women Is esused by Lucorrhea or    Waites    S xual W akr cw  Painfu  and Suppre       e j Menstruation  Nervous and Genera  Debility   llyporitondria or Low Cpirits  aad Diseases of the  Womb  reglected from a false delicacy  Those af   flicted with the above  or any other oSc  tses  art  respectfully luvited to consult  ua  free of eharge   either personally or by Utter  ard no case will p   t ken under trea mpnt unless we are satisfied it  may he cured  or at least greatly relieved    Dk  Galkn b PitavESfivs  A new articte for either  sex  arranged upou physiological and chemical  pri  cl nles  by which the number ofoffsprfngmay  be limited or increased at pleasure  life use being  in accordance with natural laws  requires the vio   la lon r f nO priu riple Of health or mora  ity  Full  directions accompany It  also  a wor  by tbe Inven   tor  entitled     The Physiology     G neration  or     directions accompany It  also  a work by t  tor  entitle    Tne Physiology of G ncr  the Secret of Limb ioc or increasing the Offspring  at Will   iilustrt ted by eight beautiful ruts  ex   idalnina the principles upon which it acts  and con   taining nil that is known on the subject  The Pre   ventive  total her with the directions and book  will  be xett u uler seal through the post  rr inay be had  at the office  This articte is infadiWo  and tear   ranted to  ie err fail  Price Five Dollars    App   to or address   GALEN S HEAD DISPENSARY    lAuftville  Ky    tar Offiee  No  814 Fifth street  between Market  and Jefferson jyffd4Awtf   SPLIT BOTTOM CHAIR    We are Agents for the 3ule of KENTUCKY  UL PENITENT  A It V Ssllt boi omed Clairs and   p havciii SlCre for sale a large lot of all size       T   A  L  aliOTWKLL A SON     3  dtf WUlstreet    The White Sulphur Springs    i rcen brier County  Va    rpHIS celebToted Watering Place will be  opened  X for the reception of visitors on the 15th lust   TERMS or BOARD    For thirty day  or less 12 50 per day   For any period alter the expiration of   3fi days     2 00 per day   White servants two third price Children under 10  and over  i years and colored servants half price   N  B   An abundant supply of Ice has been se    C my   Jtawlo  J  HCklFHSETB  Vl U t Y      D   T T  V          I T 1    T7  I  j paths of this invading army  wherever they  A J  JLi X Vy KJ VJ XV X A t XV  j have Leen quartered  and such is the char      More Lincoln Guns  A Bridge on  The Covington and Lexington Koad  Burnt    We learn that another lot of Lincoln  guns  some twenty boxes  passed over the  railroad from Covington  on Wednesday  night  en route  probably  for Garrard  county and East Tennessee    We also learn that one of the bridges on  the road was subsequently destroyed by  lire  aud the regular passage of the trains  was of course delayed  A change of cars  had to he made at that point    The bridge may have been bu nt by ac   cident  but it was reported that it was the  work of the people along the line of the  road  who have become exasperated at the  Liucolnites who are trying to set the neu   trality of Kentucky at defiance  and inau   gurate civil war in our midst  The bridge  destroyed is at Robinson s station  in Har   rison county      Proscription in New Albany   Mr   Thos  M  Mathers  a currier  who has been  a  work for some time at his trade in New  Albany  has been compelled to ily the city  for opinion s sake  His employer advised  him  as a friend  to go  as his personal safe   ty required it  Messrs  Briggs   Co   of  that place  were an appointed committee  to notify him to leave  Hie only offense  was that he couldn t cry over the death of j  Gen  Ljod  in Missouri  He rather sympa   thized with the Rebels  who arc fighting  for their hemes and liberty  and he reads  the Louisville Courier    Briggs  the head of this vigilance com   mittee  is a merchant of New Albany  an  intense Lincolnite at home  but when in  New Orleans this season  buying sugar and  molasses  was a very violent Jeff  Davis  man  In addition to that  he is an English   man  and Mathers is an honest mechanic   and a native ol Indiana      acter of those w ho make up its numbers    We again app ul to the holiest masses to  arouse from their slumbers  burst asunder  the cords that bind them  aud forsake the  paths that arc leading to their ruin aud de   struction  A fearful retribution awaits the  authors of this mischief  They may  escape  the penalties prescribed by human law    hut  vengeance is mine  saiih the Lord     Col Blanton Duncan  el Kentucky    IFroni the Richmond Dispatch  Aug  1  3   This gentleman  who was the first to res   pond to Lincoln s war proclamation  of  April  one week thereafter  by equipping  and bringing to Virginia 500 troops  has  resigned his commission    Participating in the battle of Manassas   acting as cce of Gen  Johnston s stall   he  escaped unirjurtd from the deadly storm  which overwhelmed so many galiant souls    The very first to come to the rescue of  Virtiuia  Col  Duncan has remained until  the insolent invader of our soil lias been  shamefully driven back to the Potomac   and the independence of the Southern  Confederacy virtually achieved  He now  returns tothe  Vc3t tor purposes  doubtless   looking to the good or onr cause  In an   other location a good account will b  heard cf him  as wc do not think that  after  recruiting his health  Impaired by constant  exposure on the field  the Colonel would  either be willing to  remain idle  or that he  would be allowed to do so  Ills lot is now  cast with us  rc gardless ol the future ac   tion of Kentucky  and he can laugh at the  confiscation of his large property 7 in Ken   tucky  as our Government will confiscate  enougn to repay all true citizens for 6uch  losses      fUvrr guteUigoitt      BOATS LEAVING TOO A V    for Particular  res Steamboat Adurtiscmenii    COMMERCIAL  Archer  Henderson    MAJOR ANDERSON  Cincinnati    TRIO  D ckiiuon  Ky  river      ARRIVALS  August 15   Superior  Cin  Commercial  Henderson    Diligent  Troy  Trie  Ciur    DEPARTURES    Superior  Cin  John Gault  Cairo    Diligent  Tr  y      Hetty GUlmore  Evanlv     Lincoln Troops Moving    Wc learn  that the 20th Indiana regiment  Col  Audcr   6on  about 1 000 strong  left New Albany   via Jeffersonville  for St  Louis  yesterday  at noon    Get  Rousseau s Brigade is to follow the  same route and destination to day  They  will soon have a chance to show their    pluck  as St  Louis is about to be the next  battle ground    Col  Anderson s Regiment was recruit   ed from Floyd  Washington and Clark  counties  Ind   and are said to he a fair  body of men      From Cairo  III    Cairo  Aug  14    Gen  Pillow was this morning reported  to be advancing in full force on Charleston   12 miles from Bird s Point  with 17 000  men  hut this report is not  considered re   liable  The women and children at Sykes   ton  a few miles beyond  have been notifi   ed to leave  as he iuteuda fortifying there    A cavalry company sent from  Cairo list  night  met  beyond Charleston  a large  force of Rebel cavalry  and retreated on  Charleston  Passing through  they w ete  met by a large force of Rebel infantry    They cut their way through  but four of  their men are missing  supposed to be  taken prisoners    Col  Tureheu s aud Col  Lawless  regi   ments have fallen back to Bird s Point  by   order of Gtn  Fremont    Four regiments now at Bird s Point  leave to night by steamers for Ilirculau  Landing  on the Missouri side  thirty miles  below at  Louis  to reinforce Col  Bland   threatened at Iron Mountain by four thou   sand Thompson rebels  seeu last cveuiDg  at Charlestcu    Rebels are swarming around here  and  very defiant      The Journal s Texas 8tory   We saw  two gentlemen from Texas yesterday  citi   zens of the region alluded to in the Jour   nal  who give all the statements therein  related a flat denial  The persecuted indi     vidual alluded to was Dr  Larnird  who was  visited by a committee  and discharged un   molested   and he is at large  as free j  as ever  As to Union men in Texas they  are never heard of  except a very few in  Austin    Theater To Night  Benefit of Claude  Hamilton   The theater re opens to night    on which occasion an attractive hill is  presented  and a benefit tendered to Mr   Claude Hamilton  a most deserving and  popular actor      ISpeeial to the Cincinnati Commercial     From Gen  Banks  Army  A Skir   mish With Virginia lie beds    Sandy Hook  Aug  14   There has been t real activity in camp  to day  Much skirmishing across the Po   tomac opposite Berlin  live miles below   yesterday and to day    It is rumored that there lmbccn a rebel  advance at Lorcttsville opposite Berlin    Attempts to cross the Potomac by reb   els will be made soon      On the Coast    The Franklin 8t  Mary   Register has a report that on Sunday night  last  4th inst   the enemy effected a landing  at Grand Chcnicre  La   and carried away a I  number of beef cattle  a quantity of pota   toes  and other commodities      jgy Thanks to the American Letter  Express Company for a full supply of the  latest Southern papers    The American Express Company  this  m rning  take a large mail South via Nash   ville  having letters from all points East  and North for the South  They go through  punctually      Naval Engagement in the Gulf    New  Orleans  Aug  12   On Saturday   Anguatod  the blockading schooner Dorf  excuangcd five or six shots with the Con   federate batteries on Galveston Island    doing no damage on either side    The following Monday afternoon  the  Federal steamer South Carolina left her  usual staiion and moved almost within rifle  shot of the batteries  which opened lire on  the steamer aud wa6 answered by the South  Carolina  the latter throwing shells over  the city  They exploded in the air  how   ever  doing no material injury  A shell  exploded among a number of lookers on   near the batteries  killing one and wound   ing two or three    Some twelve or fourteen shots were ex   changed  when the steamer withdrew    tit is believed that the South Carolina  was struck in the side  and had her pivot  gun capsized    Great indienation is expressed at the  outrageous attempt to bombard the city  without giving notice       35  The Hon  John C  Breckinridge  reached Lexington last evening  He  was received by a very large crowd of  citizens      The Ball Opened in East Tennessee    tFrom the Knoxville Register  Aug  13     For some time since it has been known  that Capt  Thornburg  of Union county   a strong Lincolnite  has been organizing a  military company for the avowed purpose  of aiding in the subjugation of the South   The arrangements beiDg complete  on  Friday last  they took up the line of march  for Kentucky  to unite with the Lincoln  forces there being organized  and to return  to their own native section   aDd re enact   upon the soil of East Tennessee the dam   nable deeds that has marked their course   in Missouri  Virginia and Maryland    Fortunately  however  a report of their  movements rcachcJ the ears of Lieut  Col   F  M  Walker  in command at Cumberland   Gap  Forthwith he dispatched the gallant  Capt  H  M  Ashby  with a portion of the  cavalry under hiB command  to intercept  the passage  and if possible  arrest the  ring leader  They cam  in contact with  Capt  Thornburg aud his traitor baud of  eighty men  near Roger s Gap  in Scott   county  They were armed with John  Brown pikes  and pistols  bowie knives  and some few rifles  A surrender was  demanded    It was refused  and a charge made upon  them  which put the whole party to flight   Several shots were fired  one of which  took effect in the neck of Capt  Thornburg   checked his locomotion and iorced him to  surrender  Some seven or eight others  were captured  besides fourteen horses   twenty seven pikes  several large kuives   pistols  rifles  satchels  saddles  Iu lact it   was a miniature Manassas alliir    Lieut  Gibbs was the hero of the battle    Capt  Thornburg had a valuible horse  which  Lieut  Gibbs was anxious to purchase when  he entered the Confederate service  Thorn   burg asked  400 for him  but refused to let  Gibbs have him at any price  The Lieu   tenant told him he would yet have the  jileasure of riding him  that whenever  Thornburg attempted to cross the Cum   berland Mountain  on bis hellish mission   he would capture him and take his horse    What he told iu joat has been realized   Lieut  Gibbs made a gallant charge upon  the Captain  took him prisoner  aud now  parades upon his tine horse    This is but the beginning in East Tennes   see  and unless better counsels prevail  no  man can tell the end  This man Thorn   burg is represented as one of the leadin    rebellious spirits of this section  He was  found in arms against the Government to  which he owes allegiance  has committed  treason against the State and Confederate  Government  and the full penally of his  crime should be visited upon him  There  Is no excuse or justification for his acts   Towards his deluded followers we have  different feeliDgs  They  know not what  they do   They have been misled aud de  ceived  aud are the victims of misplaced  c onfidence  The truth has been a scaled  book to them  and their minds poisoned  with false representations    It is enough to make the blood chill in  the veins  and every Tennesseean to blush  with shame for his native or adopted State   to find such vile miscreants within her bor   ders  Great God  can it be that there arc     t3  The Paris Flag of Wednesday has the  following items     James aud Aleck Mitchell who were shot   the latter being quite dangerous    wouud  ed  iu an ofray at Buzzard Roost  in this  county  on the day of the election  are both  in a fair way of recovery from the injuries  they sustained    The Postoflicc at Forest Retreat in this  county has been discontinued    A  S  Waugh was sworu in as Coroner of  Nicholas county  on Monday last   Court  day   vice Emanuel Waggoner resigned    Mr  E  G  Smith  a resident of  Old  Nicholas   raised in bis gardtn the preseut  seasou  two tomatoes weighing twenty  ounces each  aud wishes to know if Bour  bou can beat it    Quite a number of the farmers of our  county have expressed a determination to  resist  the payment of the tax levied to aid  in the prosecution of the war    Red w heat is selling at fifty cents and  white at 6ixty in the Carlisle market  S les  limited    Letters from Camp Boone  Tennessee  to  persons iu this place state that the b hoys  are having a   gay old time   down in the  northern portion of Dixie  Provisions  abundant  fuu plenty  and 6o far    nobody  hurt       DIES    AtCtocianaft  on the morning of th  8th inst    Mr  ANottirw J  Uustox  agtd 34 years  formerly of  Marseille  Ky      Ruction J tlcjs      S G  IIEa RY CO      Auction Rooms opposite Louisville Hotel      MACKKR  L IN BBLS  X BBLS AND KITS  VIR   GINIA  MISSOURI  AND KENTUCKY TOBAC   CO  WASHINGTON AND KENTUCKY REGA   LIA CIGARS  GERMAN SOAP  TRANSPARENT  SOAP  AND MOLD OANDL S  10 BBLS BOUR   BON WHISKY  20 K BBLS RYE AND BOUR   BON W1II3KY  5 X CASKS COGNAC BRANDY   Al o  to close a consignment    A SMALL INVOICE MEN S BROGANS   BOOTS   AT ACCTMMp  TflI3 MORNING  FRIDAY   AT 10 O CLOCK   S  G  HENRY k CO     Auctioneers      Term  cash   audo dl  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send It inThursd v morning  aui o d J C  C  SPENCER  Auctioneer      AttTlQX  CHAITOE OF     NOTICE    BUSINESS      S  ROTHCIIILD    On Marie it slrsst  between Second and Thi i    who an  n  ll ine in 0Ur rai   dSt   I W rLD of Loul vUI    vvLo arc Williujr to take up arms against j v  ar  i ricInPy  that he has opened a lartre AUO    thcir own brethren  That are seeking to   TION and COMMISSION BUSINESS  where_he  compose a portion of a  Grand Army  to  invade their own soil  Invite aud form  part of a mercenary band to lay waste and   devastate their own section  destroy the   property and bum the houses o  their I desa advanced on consignments   neighbors and friends  take Irom the hou  1 N  B   All persona indebted to me will please  cst laborer the food provided for his familv I   orje forward and settle  or the accounts will be  by the sweat of his brow  to feed those haadi   of   n otticer   who come to kill aud destroy  to have the ROLHOHILD    civil made subservient to the military pow   er  and to welcome with open arms devils  I neareate to commit brutal violence upon  their mothers  wives  daughters  aud sis  1  t  re  Such acts have blackened the foot  1     d l have always on hand a large lot of DOMESTIC  GOODS  BOOTS AND SHOES  and READY MADE  CLOTHING  at auction prices    Auction 8ales every day from 9 until 12 o clock   and in the evening from 7 until 10 o clock    Out door Sal promptly attended to     onsigi     C 1LARET WINE    i 40   cases good Claret Wine    3o r v ks do do do    In store and for sale by   ANTHONY ZAN0NE A SON  Fifth street    below Mils      The River was slowly failing lust eve   niiiir  with 5 feet 9 inches water in the  canal by the mark  Tue Weather continues  cool and was clear all day    At Ciucinuaii  yesterday  the river was  risiDg again  and it is also rising at Pitts   burg  with    feet 9 inches water in the  chaunel  That is an excellent stage ol  water for this season of the year      f Tlianks to Murdock aud Owens  of  the Trio  from Carrollton  for a manifest   She returns to Kentucky river at 1 o clock  to day    We thank the attentive officers of  the favorite   acket Commercial  from Hen   derson  for a manifeet    The St  Louis papers of Wednesday   have the following    The river  here  after a rise of 3 or 4 inches   on account of Lcavy raics  has again commenc   ed falling  In the 24 hours ending at 10  o clock  A  M   it fell 2 4 inches  and was then  jSfeet 11 inches nbovo low water mark in Dc  cenibcr  1800    The Illinois is reported falling by the last  arrival  with 15 inches on Treetop  aud thirty  inches below Peoria    There have been heavy rain 4 lately up the  Illinois river  w hich may cause a little swell    The Upper Mississippi is falling from St  Paul down  with 4 feet scant on the Upper  and    10 inches on the Lower Rapids  Below Keo   kuk then i r 4 4 feet iu the channel    The Missouri river was falling at last ac  counts  with 4 4 feet on the bars from Leaven   worth down    Henderson Mail Packet   The Com  mercial  the lightest side wheel cruft afloat   Capt  Archer  is the mail and passenger  packet to Owensboro  Evansville  Hender   son  and all way places this evening  She  starts at 5 o clock from Portlaml  in place  of the Grey Eagle  and takes freight and  passengers to all way landings  and at  tends to all way business    t  Mr  John A  Lowry tendered to Gover   nor Morton the  iirO of the James Montgomery  to convey the 23d regiment to St  Louis  hut  the otler was declined for fear of trouble on  the Mississippi    The above is from the New  AlbaDv  Ledger  and we are sorry to hear of the  slight thrown upon the old war worn vote  row on the track  The Montgomery should  have been chartered by all means  as a  Lincoln transpc rt  as wc do not think she  will ever be used for any other purpose    ST The Memphis Appeal  of Wednts  day  ha6 the following    The Fred  Kcnnett left for New Orleans   taking out 2 3 31 bble  of flour  1 000 s acks of  corn  000 sacks of bran  200 mules  aud 15 hhus   of tobacco    53  Thc Evansville Journal puts forth  the following    Collision   The Hetty Gilmore arrived here  yesterday with one of her guards smashed in  from a collision with the Liuden on Monday  night  The Linden struck the Gilmore oppo   site the cuginc room  breaking in the guards  and bulkhead  and knocking down a steam  pine  The Linden was uninjured    The Charley Bowen is chartered to take a  regiment of aoldicrs to Cairo  from  all alon  shore   in Illinois  next Friday and Saturday    The St  Louis Bulletin has the follow   ing    The Levee   The Levee  once the pride of  the city  is now almost completely deserted   Where once a thriving c nnracrcc was carried  on  the grass is now growing  and the measured  tread of soldiers can he heard  Sugar  tobac   co  corn  potatoes  nml the hundred other arti   cles of trade have given place to cannon and ar   my wagons  The busy hum of honest industry  has been hushed  and old steamboat captains  and pilots who have navigated the river for  years  now walk about with their hands in their  pockets  looking mournfully ut the wreck of  their business  Commission merchants and  warehouse men  who have been years in the  river trade  now set listlessly iu their doors  with nothing to do but to sleep  and nothing to  think about but the times   When will this  blockade be raised   asks a passer by    God  ouIy know9   is the solemn reply  Truly  the  Levee presents th   saddest feature  iu this  city  of the war    RECEIPTS BY TUE H     R    to acing only the Leading Article t Jmpor    CINCINNATI   Per steamer Superior  130  boxes tin  Llthgow   42 bbls sugar  Gardner    Co  SI packages dry goods  Garvin  Bell   co   25 boxes starch  2 bbls sugar  G hags coffee  8  hhds tobacco  5 bales do  33 bundles paper  133  bills whisky  42 b igs malt  22 packages batter   10 bbls oil  52 lmxcs shoes  50 boxes hats  118  packages merchandise  consignees   HENDERSON   Per steamer Commercial   39 hlide tobacco  New Albany   Salem Railroad    lOhhdsgtobacco  Warren  99 bags barley  C II    8T bags wheat  50 bbls apples  3 boxs tobacco   mail bout   10 bbls flour  2 packages feathers  to  Marshal Halbert   CO   KENTUCKY RIVER  Per steamer Trio    17 casks bacon  2 boxes do  G hhds tobacco  20  bbls lime  packages furniture  lot suudries  to  consignees      Last Night s Dispatches    MISSOURI AFFAIRS      ANOTHER BATTLE REPORTED      FREMONTERS DEFEATED      Movements of General Pillow      The Rebels Approaching lrontou      DESPOTISM IN SAINT LOUIS      Ben  McCullough not Killed      LAUD  U KllKTKIt dc VU  U   SEWING MACHINES    fTIHEY are remarkably strong and simple In theli  JL construction  make the Lock 8titcb npou both  sides alike  which cannot b  ravel  d  use a straight  needle  and will sew with linen thread    The flexibility of tension is such that they wil  sew over the heaviest seams In negro jeans without  difficulty  also sew the finest barege or lawn with   out drawing it    All Machines warranted    P  L  F08KETT  No  6 Masonic Temple   mil deodAweowtf Fourth st   Louisville  K      BY EXPRESS    JUST RECEIVED  A fine assortment    of now and elegant Songs  by the best au   thors  embracing Sacred and Secular  Se   rious and Sentimental  Operatic and Ora   torical  Ethiopian and Eccentric  Patriotic  and Pathetic  to suit all tastes  Also  Brinley  Richards  elegant Transcriptions and Composi   tions  Also  the best Quality of Fifes and Drums   Give me a call    WM  McCARRELL  310 Jefferson st   west   tav 2b Louisville  Ky      For Casli    MARSHALL    DICKINSON    217 FOURTH STREET    WE are now offering great inducements to buy   v v era in   CARPETS  CURTAINS    FLOOR OIL CLOTHS    RUGS AND MATS    CURTAIN DAMASKS    LACE CURTAINS    LINEN GOODS    Of every description for family use  at very    prices for cash  and cash only    MARSHALL k DICKINSON   c2 5 217 Fourth str eet    BOOTS AND 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AND WAREROOM8   CORXER OF SIXTH AND MAUI 8T8   LOL18VILLK  KY    Always on hand a complete stock  of Piano Fortes  in every style ol  finish  Dealers  Teachers  and heads    of Schools are invted to examine our  I nstruments  They will find them equal in tone  fin   ish and durability  to any made  and from 10 to 20  per cent cheaper  jan24 dtf       win   mfyfo 6        STRAW GOODS    Th  remainder of our large and well se     lected stock of Straw Goods we vrlll close    out at unprecedented low priced  Now is  yeur time to buy goods cheap    A  CRAIG     BRITISH SUBJECTS AID   ING THE REBELS      Loo  N  Saunders a Defauller      Til E NORTHERN DEMOCRACY     PATRIOTIC SENTIBIENTS     From Memphis    Memphis  August 15    A telegram from  Hickman  Ky   says a liattiu took place at  Churlestou  Mo   between Jell  Thompson s  force anil the Kremouters  The latter were  driven hack with severe loss    Two guu boats are now chasing the  steamer Equality which was captured to   day by Capt  James Erwin from Cairo    From St  Eon is    St  Louis  Aug  15   The Provost Mar   shal has issued stnugentorders agaiusl wear   ing concealed weapons by citizens  and  has interdicted the sale or giving away of  any description of fire arms  by gunsmiths  or other dealers  except by special permit    The fleet of ten steamers which has been  aid up fifteen miles below here for some  time past was brought here to day by or   der of Ceu  Fremont  to prevent the pos   sibilitv of their being taken by Seceesiou   lsts    Gen  Pope has about completed the ap   pointment of the Committees of Safety in  the counties of bis department  Accord   ing to special orders already telegraphed   since the adoption of this plan for the  preservation of property  acts of violence  have materially diminished  and it is be   lieved iua short time will entirely cease    It is stated that some 7 000 licbcl troops  are approaching fronton from the South   The Federal troops in that region are post   ed at Pilot Knob  Ironton  and Arcadia   three small villages which lie two miles  apart in a narrow valley  the entrance to  which can easily he defended by artillery   and a flank movement is not apprehended  in consequence of the impassable condi   tion of the roads around the valley    Col  Blair arrived here to day    From Washington    Washington  Aug  15    The designs of  Col  Van Dorn and other leaders for the  possession of the Northern Stutes of Mexi  co aud lower California  depend for their  fulfillment ou the co operation ot the Mex  ieau military chiefs  but so far the seces   sion tillibusters have not met with the  sympathy they anticipated from those  sources    W  Denver has been appointed a Briga   dier General of the California volKtcers    Special to the New York Purl  I  It is reported that evidence has been  discovered  showing that when Jeff  Davis  resigned his seat in the U  S  Senate  he  malic out a list of the men who were to be  made officers in the Rebel army    Mr  Maynard  of Tenu   arrived here  yesterday  He was not molested on his  ty    The Evcuing Star has a dispatch denying  Chat Ben  McCullough was killed In the  battle    Passes arc now required ou all roads  leading to Washiugtoe    Thirty thousand letters for our troops  are now received here daily    The most reliable information concern   ing the Rebels is that they are slowly mov   ing their forces to the line of the Potomac   It is certain that their programme is to en   ter Maryland aud encourage and support  the revolutionary spirit in that State with  ultimate designs upon Washington      An order was issued from the Adjutant  General s office to day  appointing the offi   cers of the regular army to the principal  iltics  disbursing officers of the funds ap   iropriated by Congress for collecting   hailing and organizing the volunteers un   der the act authorizing the President to ac    cpt the services of 500 000 men   c    They are charged with the payment of  all proper claims presented to them under  this act and duly authenticated and certi   fied to by the various recruiting officers   The premium for accepted recruits  as laid  down in paragraph 1315  in the General  Regulations  will not  however  he allowed  is the volunteer service    From Albany    Albany  Aug  15    The Breckinridge  ft late Central Committee met at the Dela  ware House in this city yesterday  Twelve  members out of sixteen were present     Mr  John A  Green  chairman  called the  Committee to order  After an interchange  of views  the following resolutions were  adopted unanimously     t Jlesolvcd  That the State Committee  rep   resenting that portion of the Democratic  party of the State of New York which sus   tained the Maryland Institute  platform at  the b6t election  witness with deep con   cern and apprehension the long predicted  result of the Northern sectional aggressions  upon the rights of the Southern States    That as we hare uniformly opposed in  the past the policy which we foresaw must  produce disunion  so we are equally  prompt to raise our voices against civil  war as the worst and most ineffectual ar   gument that can be addressed to the sc  ceded 8tates    That we deny that the present struggle  is in every sense a war for the Union  and  insist that those who have precipitated the  States into hostilities  neither care nor de   sire the Union thereby    Jlesoh ed   That we advocate the proposi   tion of an armistice between the contend  ing armies North and South and the imme   diate convocation of a convention ol dele   gates ftom all the Skates which acknowl   edged themselves members of the Union  if November  1860  to the end that all dif   rerenccs may be peacefully adjusted  our  lind saved from bloodshed and restored to  peace  concord and Union    Resolved  That the endeavor to coerce  the seceding States has had its fitting coun   terpart iu the recent aggressions made  tyton the rights of free speech  and free  press in those States which still adhere to  tie Union    That after the announcement that there  was a law higher than the Constitution we  were prepared to see the party now in  power declare the Constitution suspended  at and during their pleasure  and that the ar   rest w ithout warrant and the incarceration  without examination of citizens not ad   judged guilty of any crime  the deDiai of  the right of peiition  the setting at defiance  the courts ol iaw of our State by order of  military officials  the suspension of news   papers  the deprivation of the military of  their arms  the declaration and enforce   ment of martial law  the unauthorized sei   zures and searches without sanction of le   gal proof  and the conversion of our forts  into military Bustilcs  demand at the hands  ol a people jealous of their liberties a 601    emu and indiguant protest    Resolved   That this State Convention has  learned with much satisfaction of the re   fusal of the State Committee of which  Dean Richmond is Chairman  to accept the  overtures of the Republicans for coalition     That for this declared determination to  contiuuc to labor for the overthrow of the  Republican party and police  wc resnect   lully tender to them the right hand of  fellowship    That sacrificing all minor considerations   and burying past dissections in a desire to  sec a consolidated front opposed to the Re   publican party  this Slate Committee will  not call a separate Slate Convention at tbis  time  and that wc recommend those Dem   ocrats who have recognized this organiza   tion  to unite In the election of delegates t   the State C  nvcnuon  called to meet at  Syr i use on the 4th of September  believ   ing hat Convention will distinctly declare  itself for measures of peace and recoueili   ation    A resolution was unr nicucuslj adopted  expelling Mathew MeM ihoa from the com   mittee  he having accepted office under the  Federal Government  aud declared himself  a supporter of its policy       From New York    New Yor ie  Aug  15   It is 6aid that  Judge Garrison has m  de a formal appli   cation to Gen  Duryea to ascertain what  force could be obtained in Kings county  to execute a writ of habeas corpus in the  c ise of the Baltimore Police Commission   ers  Duryea replied  about 1 400 men  but  the county was in possession of no artil   lery sufficiently powerful to make auv im   pression ou the walls of I  ort Lafayette   It should require between 5 000 aud 10 000  men to take them  So the m liter rests  for the present    JodgikGarrison  of Brooklyn  has 6ucd a  writ of habeas corpus on application of  Jack  iu behalf of about 150 U  S  troops  at Foit Hamilton  surrendered bv General  Twiggs  and were released upon parole  Their counsel has written to the Secretary  of War  requesting that the Government   How the execution of the writ  as it will  save the necessity of even indirectly recog   nizing the legality of the obligation which  was imposed on the men by the Rebels    George N  Sanders  late Navy Agent here   is a defaulter to the amount of ill  000  A  process is issued against his surellles  R   Walker aud Zenc  Seudder    Washington specials say it is understood  that Secretary Seward intends informing  Lord Lyons immediately that British sub   jects are engaged in furnishing aid to the  Rebels in direct violation of the Queen s  proclamation    The Commercial has information that  God  Pillow broke up c imp at New Mad   rid  Friday  precipitately  aud moved back  to Randolph  Seven steamers were seized  at Memphis on Thursday aud sent to New  Madrid to bring Pillow s command back   arriving on Friday at uoon  During tbe  intermediate time the passengers were de   mined at Memphis and suffered severely    The movement is supposed to be on ac   count of tbe active preparations of Fre   mont at Cairo    Muir  tbe bearer of Rebel dispatches  is  imprisoued in Fort Lafayette    EA special Washington dispatchHo the  Tribuuc says sixty two of the recusants of  the 7ffth Regiment will be 6eut to the Tor   tugas to work out their three years in the  fortifications    Ex Minister Faulkner hns requested an  interview with Secretary Cameron    From Boston    Boston  Aug  15    The Democratic State  Convention met yesterday in Worcester  and agreed to call a convention to nominate  State officers  to be held Sept  lO b  in  Worcester  The proceedings of the com   mittee exhibited a broad and patriotic pol   icy  and the call of tbe Convention asserts  that the present crisis demauds the subor   diuation of the interests of the party to  those of the couutrv      From Cairo    Cairo  Aug  IS   Since the Withdrawal  of the 18 h Regiment from the vicinity of  Charleston  the rebels have torn up  tbe  track  and destroyed the culverts on the  Cairo aud Fulton railroad    Nothing has been heard from Pillow s  command    The Government steamers  W  W  Gra   ham  aud Empress arrived to day  with  supplies      FIRST  IF THIS SEASON    ST  CH lltLES RESTAURANT    FIFTH STREET  SET  MA IFAFD MARKET     Shell Oysters  Shell Oysters    811ELL OYSTERS  the first of the season    VE  l 0    GROUSE    A nd all other delicacies op the sea   SON  received daily by express   atilt  dtf C  C  KUFKK  Proprietor      NOTICE    nr So many editions of my  INFANTRY AND  RIFLE TACTICS  having lately been published  1  think it due to both the Puolic and Publishers to  state    That the COPYRIGHT EDITION of my INFAN  TRY and RIFLE TACTIC8  published by S  H  GOETZEL k CO   is the ODly COMPLETE  COR   RECT and REVISED Edition  and thie Edition only  contains the Improvements and changes which I  have recently made  adapting the manual to the  oee of the arma generally in the hands of the  troops in the Confederate States    W  J  HARDEB    Colonel Confederate States Army   Fort Moroast  June l th 1SSl      JUST OUT      THE IMPROVED EDITION     OF     HARDEES     infanth      AND   RIFLE   TACTICS      Published and fo v Sale   BY   S  H  GOETZEL   CO    ty Ve beg leave to call public attention to the  fact that our edition of COL  HARDEE S TACTICS  is the only one that has recently been revised by  the celebrated author and the only one secured by  copyright in the Confederacy    The work Is published    In 2 vols   bound  24rao   with plates  at  2 5     pamphlet  gvo     at 2 00         without   at 1 50   The price is always understood for the whole set  of thertwo volumes  on receipt f which we will  mail them and prepay the postage to all parts of  the Confederacy  Book sellers and Military Com   panies  who order largely  will receive a libera   discount    Those Booksellers and Publishers  who are sell   ing SPURIOUS EDITIONS of COL  HARDEE S  TACTICS  will have to suffer the penalties of the  law  and those who are buying such editions  we  beg to assure that they are all mutilated editions   and that not one of them contains those improve   ments and changes which Col  Hardee but recently  adopted  and which can only be found in that edi   tion  which we now bring before the public    Most respectfully    S  H  GOETZEL   CO     BOOKSELLERS AND PUBLISHERS    iy15dlin MOBILE  ALAiUMA      COALI COAL    W M  L  MURPHY keeps constantly ou hand a  large supply of the best Pittsburg a d Yough   iegheny Coal  Ateo the  Hartford City CU l    none  better for steam or cooki ne purposes   used by many     families of the city  who pronounce It nearly equa  to Pittsburgh  and superior to any other now In use  for steam and family purposes  All 1 ask is a fair  trial of it  and I warrant it will give satisfaction    Bold wholesale arid retail at tbe lowest cash prices   ty Office east side Fourthstreet  below Main  and  Third str sot  between Main a                 dt       DRY GOODS      I n CASES FANCY PRINTS   do Bleached Cotton    5 do Camlet Jeans    1 do Chambray Gingham      with tlieui upon a single State ticket upon Rece   T   e nn 4 tor ale chiio b     the approacliing election     jyta T    B  SLEVIN k CAIN      tfmmucmal     OFFICE LOUISVILLE COURIER  I  Thi hsday  Aug  15  f  Business to day was light  the s ales of the  lending articles of trade being small  The  receipts of wheat to daj were rather light  and the market closed firm  with better  prices offered by the miners  the sales to   day beiDg made at 60 85and  5e for prime  red to prime white  lue inside quotations  being lor iufeiior lots  and the outside  quotations for choice white  Iu oats    here is but little doiDg  the sales bein     6mall at 30c from wagons  nrd 25c from  store  Bus r ess in tl ur has been small     supfitine toixlra brand    The stock of  coffee is small  and to day an advance of  fully j c was established  tbe sal  s of Rio  being made at l  iaj c  There is no  cha  ge to note iu any other article of  trade  Tbe money market is dull with lit   tle or no paper offering  Exchange is in  good supply at former quotations    Daily Review Louisville Market    Flock and Grain  W ith a small de   mand we quote sales ot 250 bbls flour at   8 50 1 75  2 000 bushels wueat at 00 a 75e   300 bushels oats at 20c from wagon and  25c from store  There were no sales of  eoru reported    Whisk v  Sales 250 bbls at 14   1 V   Feed Stcf    S ales ot 40 tons at SS for  bran  SO lor shorts  and  10 for shipstutf    I jAttivo   S ales of 200 bales Canucilton  batting at 14c    Shebtino   S ales of 150 bales at 10c for  G  It   aud 10 c for  Jannelltoo  In the  evening an advance was established  and  they are now held at 10j  10  c    C heese  S ales of 20 boxes W  R  at G  l   7c    Groceries   Sales of 50 hhds sugar at  8 Ji 0 aC   125 l b s molasses at 33c  08  sacks coffee at lG 16  c    Provisions  There were no transactions  reported to dav    TELEGRAPH MARKETS    Nxw York  August 15 r m   Cotton  market continues quiet  sales of few  bales at 18 18  4 for midcliine uplands    Flour  market may be quoted 10   20    pt l bl  better  but somewhat unsettled demand for  export active and moderate inquiry for home  consumption  private accounts from France  are said to be favorable  sales of 81 000 bbls at   1 50 for super State   1  5  t T5 extra   Mate   1 455  4 5U for super western  and  4 GO    t 00 for common to medium extra western    Whisky  market continues firm   sales of 700  bids at 16   am    Grain   Wheat there is a brisk export de   mand  Private accounts from France quite fa   vorable  prices In vc again advanced 2  pi bush   somewhat unsettled  Sales 13  SCO bushels win   ter red wc tern  1 27a 1 28  Corn opeued firm  and closed 1  24 better  aud an active  export  demand  sales 10 8000 bushels    Provisions  Pork market is dull and heavy   sales of 250 bbls at  15 00 for mess pork aud   10 25 for prime    Coffee still rules very firm but there is only a  limited business doing  Rice in good demand  at full prices   sales of 500 tierces  Raw sugar  continues firm with very good business doing  to the trade  sales 211 hhds Cuba at 4    6       Cincinnati  August 15  r  a   Flour iD good demand and prices steady  000  bbls sold at  3 75 for extra  superfine wanted  at  1 D0 3 tit  but none offering   food de   mand for wheat at full prices Corn firm at 28  and oats at 22 23  Whisky declined to 131 4  and in fair demand  Good demand for lard at  8 8 V  Mess pork is nominil  A limited de   mand for bacon at 5 0V and 7V  20 000 lbs hulk  shoulders sold at 17 loose  Froceries in good  demand in the jobbing way at full price   sales  10b hhds sugar at   200 baga Coffee at ISffl  15   and 50 bbls at 35    New York Stock Market    Nkw York  August 15 r     Second Board   Stocks moderately ac ivc  but  rather lower    Chicago St it  1 1  30  ni  Cent ol Scrip 61     Panama 107  Mich  South  g d 29     Hudson 33   Erie 2t      Eric preferred    40   Pacific Mail Co  77    111  CcHt l bonds 89    Missouri Sixes   43    Virginia Sixes   56   Tennessee 6s     44     Treasury 12a 101    Treasury Se  2 y  69     U  S  Ge  81  teg  67  U  S  6s  81  coup 88      Money Market      Cincinnati  Angnst 15 f  if  No change in money matters  Exchange dull  at   premium      CLARK S RESTAURANT   fourth Street  between Main and Market     GREEN SEA TURTLE    OYSTERS    SPRING CHICKENS    LUXURIES OF THE SEASON    FROG LEGS    CUCUMBERS  GREEN PEAS   CAULIFLOWER    MUSHROOMS  Ac   Ac    TABLE D HOTE FROM 12 1 2 TO 4  O CLOCK EVER Y DAY AT 50 CT6  PER  PERSON    myl4 dtf W  A  CLARK  Proprietor    GREENMAN   TRUE S        TCZEITJEr   SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE    WARRENTED THE BEST IN THE MARKET   ELUd Howx  Ja   and S  H  RorxK ti Combined  Patents    Straight Line Movements  Original Transverse  Shuttle  and Periphery Clamp Feed Wheel    1 1HESE SEWING MACHINES combine the    mott recent improvements  are nearly noise   le s when m operation  nin with the greatest ease  and rapidity  an 1 are better adapted for general  purposes and family use than any other  They are  not liable to get oat of order  are exceedingly sim   ple  and are made expreselv for real practical ntiil   ty  they do every variety of sewing  from tbe finest  woven tissue to the heaviest woolen goods  both  tailoring and fine leather work  Any person may  learn to operate them in a very short time    The great difficulty with all other old style ma   chinery is too much complication  requiring so  much constant adjustment  and such an amount ol  mechanical skill and ingenuity to use them to ad   vantage as to render them of little comparative  value    But the 8ewlng Machines manufactured by  Greenman k True are not liable to these object   ions  as any person  on even a moment s examina   tion  will readily discover  They will do more and  better work  than any other machine ever offered  to the public  making the most beautiful lock stitch   alike on both sides  Send for an off hand specimen  of sewing upon any material you wish  and you  will then see how It Is done   f  A i KNT8 WANTED IN EVERY TOWN   HMie address or call on     my34dtf     T  JOHNSTON  Main street    2 doorsabove Third  Louisville  Ky      BANNON S      777     TitO0r C LVUa   Falls City Terra Cotta Works    FIFTH STREET  NEAR WALNUT    LOAlfcYlLLE KY    ATANUFACTURER of aU kinds of Ornaments for  iTJL exterior decoration of Buildings  such as Cap   itals for Columns  Window Caps  Brackets for Cor   niees  Doors  Ac   Chimney Tops and Garden Vases   of every variety of design  STUCCO WORK  Cen   ter pieces  Runisnjt Ornaments  Ac   of the latest  and most modern style  always on exhibition at the     Works  nF C rcniars with references and pricelist  to be had on application     rn27 dtf     WESTERN HOTEI    Late Vacaro House     0U7H SIDE MARKET STREET  BETWEEN  FOURTH AND FIFTH    Jacob Friend   Co   Proprietors   WE WOULD respectfully inform the public that   H since the above house has passed from the  bards of Mrs  Vacaro it has been entirely refitted in  elegant style  and is now open for the recettion o  truest   Located in the central and business pat t of  the city  It has rare advantages for the traveling  public  The proprietors will spare no pains to make  their guests feel comfortable and satisfied In every  respect  Their larder will always be supplied with  the best the market and seasons afford  and theBar  will beBtocked with only the best of Wines  Liquors   Cigars  Ac    tW  We respectfully solicit the patronage of the  old patrons  and of the public in general    mrdtt JACOB FRIEND A 00      Steamboat s      UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR I  DEKSON    I JBS  JN Th f passenger p lcke    Ugra g     LINDEN  Andre    master    will leave as above ou Siluiday   lftli mat   at o o clock I   M    For freight or passage apply on board or to  al6 MOORHEAD A CO    Agents    REGULAR LOUISVILLE  KV WmVILL  and 11LM1ERKON MAIL BOAT    Lea ceu every Monday and Friday Eve ulna     w   IT  and passenger steaiaer   MKkClAL  Ca pt   Archer   Vi   V  Duval   clerk  departs fir the  above and way ports on Fr day  lblh ins r   at 5  4 clock P  M punctually    The Commercial is new  has l r o   irv rooms   Wjde gu  rd    n t from her exceedingly light draft  will go through on tune v  iihcu do ettlion    For passage apply on board or to   T M  ERWIN  Agent      5 No  27    all street    REGTLAR TAUKET   FOR M  DIKO   CARROLLTON A   D KENTUCKY RIVER       ffTie  The freight and passenger steamer   j5 g    TRIO  Capt  J no A  Dickinson    fe a ix H ii 4     Will leave Lo isvMle every Monday  and Wednesday  at 1 o clock P  M  for Mad t o    and Carrollton  and everj 1 riday  at 1 o clock P   M for Madison  Carr llto   Cedar Lock  Kcutu ky  River  and inte mediate landings    Prompt and strict atteni   on paid to tbe Inter sts  of the trade  aul2dtf   PEOP LE S P ACK ET    REGULAR U  8 MAIL PACKET FOR  OWKN8UOHO AND EVANSVILLE    Every Wednesday and Saturday      6  The splendid passenger steam 6         MASONIC GEM  Caffrey master   M rariSk Will leave Louinviile for above and  all way landings   n every Wednesday and Saturday  at 1 o ilk  P  M from Portland wharf    For freight or passage apply on board or to I  B  J  CAFFREY k SON  Agents    137 Wall street    aulOdtf Qi DOKRN k HUGHES  Ag nts      REG  FLAK SATURDAY IVY KET FROM  MCM PHia TO NEW ORLEANS    m   The freight and passenger steamer    V       r   Syeg t LOUISVILLE  Joe Combs  master     Will leave as above at 1 o cloc    P  M  JyJdlf      C B MAIL IftfliK FOB THE EA8T    iM Ki rZmiA   GRAPH No  B will leave for   CINCINNATI EVERY MORNING  At 12 o clock  which insurer the making of the i  o clock morning connections by Kal rcad from Oln  olnnatt to the North and East    For freight or passage apply on board or to       JOE CAMPION  Agent    tlF Offlce Mall Line Wharf boat  foot Third street  lost Alt     SJOTIOS            THE unrivaled steam   s0 HARLEY  iJMfcjagMILLFR and PINK YARBLE No  2   sawHEBnH In thorough running order  are now  ready for the season to do ad kin is of towing to  any point above or below tbe Rills  at the ractl  reasonable rates  Being in charge cf experienced  boatmen  they wil  be able to impart s tUr otloi   to all who may wish to engage fbeir services    All orders left at tbe clothing store of Ben   Darrett  corner of Fourth and Wairr streets  will  meet with prompt attention      Q PINK YARBLE  Captain      Ail towing done at the risk of ownerr c 30 dtf     W  H  C  DRYDEN    Commiw sioi  Merchant   AND   FEED AND PRODUCE DEAEKKS    No  33 Third street  bet  Mein and the Rirer      LOUISVILLE  KY    Personal attention given to the sat  of Hay  Grain  Dried Fruit  Butter  Eggs  Apples  Potatoes   Flour  Bacon  I ard  Ac    nr Ordere for Groceries  Liquors  and Marafac   lured Articles  solicited and filled on tbe most fa   vorable terms    t if J  i   nh adva ces made on consignment       tRCHITEt TPRAL FOlMiRY    SWEANEY   CO    PORTLAND AV   BELOW FOURTEENTH 8T    LOUISVILLE  KY    lUfANUFACTURE to order  Iron Fronts  Air  iTJL Grates and Sash Accompaai n jots  Drain  Pipes  Ac  Also Iron Window Caps on 1 Sill     All orders for Iron Work promptly attended to  end guaranteed  ol3 dlv   COAL  COAL    T HE undersigned keep constantly on haod a  choice lot of PITTSBURGH COAL  together  with all other kinds kept In tbis market  to which  they would Invite the attention of buyers  Having  had IoDg experience in the business  we feel cenfL  dent we can give entire satisfaction In every par   ticular  We ask a continuance of the patronage  heretofore so liberally bestowed  as well ss sn In   crease of new customers  Our office 1 b on Market   between Sixth aud Seventh streets  and en Water  and First streets  BOWSER A FULT8    d   dtf     Jewelry Store  Fine Watches    UNDER the National Hotel  The under   signed invites the attention of his friends  and the public to his choice assort ment of  every d scrlbable article  including the fol   lowing  all of which are offered on accommodating  terms  Fashionable jewelry  Coral  Cameo  Pearl   Diamoad  Jet  Miniature  Ac   Chains  Lockets   Kings  Ac   English  Swiss  and American Gold and  Silver Watches  fine Spectacles  Optic Glasses  Scr   veyors  Compasses  Wa bmakers  Materials  Manu   facturer of Suverware   repairing in every depart   met i   CUGENE MICHOT    iy27dtf Main street      Louisville and Nashville     RaALroacL      CHANGE OF TIME    O N and after Sunday  July 21  1861  trains  leave Louisville as follow     Lebanon Accommodation 7 00A M    Mall Tra n A  M    Eli   abet h town Accommoda ion 5 00 P  M    The Mail Train stops at a 1 stations on the Main  St m north rf Bowling Green  and nt all stations  on the Memphis Branch  connecting at Stale Lino  with the Nashville and Kentucky Railroad  arrlv   ing at Nashville the same evening  Also  connect   ing with the Memphis Clarksville A Louisville Kail   road for Clarksville  Humboldt  Memphis and New  Orleans    The 5 00 P  M  Train will not eonnect at Lebanon   Jy23 dtf JOHN B  ANDERSON  Sup t      HARDEE S TACTICS    TI1E ONLY COMPLETE   SOUTHERN EDITION   C ONTAINING over 50 pages additlona  matter    Colt s Revolver Manuel  Manuel adopted for  Kentucky State Guard  Ac  Fully illustrated with  60 plates  all the Music  Ac    Two volumes  muslin   2  per mail   2 25  per  dozen   18  per hundred  4125    J  W  TOMPKINS A CO    mjrJddtf Southeastcorner Third and Market            Guthrie Insurance and Trust Co    Chartered Capital 0500 000   Paid In and secured 100 000   This Company is now organised  Hkur  and ready to engage in a general  JQififtLv FIRE and MARINE INSURANCE  business  on liberal terms    g   Office la basement of Southern   Bank  corner of Main and Bullitt streets  Loolft   rille  Ky    ANDREW GRAHAM  President    J  A  PEYTON  Secretary   DIRECTORS    W  A  Duckwail  John H  Hutchison    Dennis Long  Jacob L  Smyser    J  P  Marshall  Wm  Musselman    Kearhley Carter  Jo  D  Allen    Jacob F  Weller  B  C  Levi    Alex  Craig  Bon  F  Avery    my7 dtf   F RUIT JARS  50 gross quart andbf gallon Fru  Jars  with Corks and Bottlewax for same  for  ale by R  A  ROBINSON A CO       WrM     ndAw       1r  Main street      310 Green Street    THE HOME    G EO  W  BRIGGS has opened the above pla e    opposite the Courier Office  and will be glad  to meet old and new friends  Pure Liquors and  the best of Ale always on feand for those who thirsft  and a cold collation for those who hunger   apl dtf     FRUIT JARS    Hartcll s Pateat Fruit Jars  GJA68  Tops    Willoughby s Patent Fruit Jars  Tin  Tops    Newman s Patent Fruit Jars  lytrth   euware    Kentucky Glass Works  Jars  Cork  Stoppers     YY r E have on hand a very large stock olthe above      JARS  to which we would call tU  attention  of all peril ns who intend to preserve fresh Fruit  as we are determined to sell them off at prices to  suit tbe times  At all cf them have been tried suc   cessfully  tsoi clallv the first mentioned  for which  wesr tbe exc u ive agents   comment is unneces   sary  All orders addressed to us   kall receive our  prompt  lUu iou WALTON A BARRET   jel2d3in 486 Main stree    Lonisvhu  Ky      B RANDIFS    30 packages  Pelle Yoisen  Brandy    30 do  Bernard A Co   do    15 do Planat do    In store and for sale by   ANTHONY ZANONK A SON   quo Fifth street  below Mala    S UNDRIES     30 bbls Sauterne Wine    75 boxes do do    30 do Brandy Cherries    25 cases Sar dines  S boxes    Vermouth  Absynthe  Maraschino    Anisette Cordial  Asiorted Cordials    Olive Oil  Maccaronl  Champagne  Ac   Ac    In store and for sale by   ANTHONY ZANONE A SON   ft 5 Fifth street  below Main      

Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1861 : Evening ed.), 1861-08-16

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