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date (1922-12-29) newspaper_issue Fridi^ A HaDov Neir 

NCV SIMCSi VOLUne I3t no. 0 

 H4noni xaovcMit MviuwiJBDk 


HASAmO XT., DM. St..— Di»Bly wfth th« «e«»llM o( • taw isn- 

•iMViff Bak Mkitar mtf IMv* Mi '«nl prmka •a4 Um taUag 0f • gun 

OB A MqktM tndi at WaMwrt froa mm InflTlMal, OhrMmaii 

Braaek, star kk koa* thla mora- mill la • tatot, ordarif auwner, 

lac. At loMt oao trata hsA nmU wkiek krvagkt p l oa w tft to Um Cltr 

OT«r tko Mr Thanday algM. Ja4 a» J. Tya. Tkora waa aet • 

offlom "bollar*. An inTeatlpitloB It draak akanad ■» far aa w« hare 

nodar way ^  . baaa i^M l» a aawla W aad th« ab- 

Napleri^AelleTed by authorltlaa ■«"«• « ' MVior kaa boaa a natter of 

to havp beBiT klllfd snd the body fiivnrahlB commont and anraelatlon 

placed on the track, evidence 
haTing benn tonnd that tha body 
waa dragged aararal teat aad pat «a 
the traaka. 

Hig piatol kad foar anvty akolla 
la H. Ha la aarrlrat kjr kla widow 
aad aavaral aaaU ekUdfaa. Ha ia 
tko teartk offiear to koTo mot daatk 
la tfUi aoaatj alaea lait J^na. Tha 
otjMla wara Dopntr Sheriff R. J. 
Crawford, Dapnty Sheriff Jamaa 
Holiday and Policeman Holland. 

— Laziagtoa Laador 

uMfimmn vhmhkma b 

The l\t 'tliodlat '.pincopal Church 
liild Km l'!"'lsiiMiN proKrani last 
Sunday nlRht. 't »ti iho rli'ldrm's 
nlKlit In a real sansc. Thi; program 
consisted of recitations, dialogues 
and songs by the children. After 
their part was Unlahad tha friend of 
all tha children appeared, Santa 
Clans. He greeted paraoaally a 
large numbar of his friends and at- 
terwardf distribntad gifts to alt. 
The "little bojrs" of Professor Will 
Vaulkner's class were especially de- 
lighted and showed their tattb In 
Santa when he called them to re- 
eMva their gifu. 

aiiiniift our citizens. 

ChPHler H.ile In a spirit of r.hrlst- 
m«s rxluiberance flred off bin pistol 
and .ludRe Tye suRRested a $10 spot 
and trimmings as about right. 

Bill Jones forgot that a mutrier 
on his machine was worth |1S «n(l 

Uell Jordan, Will Jackson and 
Charlie Lewallen paid |S for a lire 
craelMr Chrlstmaa and Bill Claric 
Hagkaa 11.10. 

Ooo. Bright was flood fl.oa and 
eoata lor br aaih of tko paaea. 
! Tha eaaa agaiaat W. A. BrttUin 
for tko alleged earrring of a piatol 
was not tried and it Is probablO he 
will walre trial in the city oonrt. 






The.aoet rapid Krowint; Sunday 
Sehj^-tn Sou lA^.'isiern Kentucky 
iifvltes you to meet with us a few 
more weeks at B. B. I. eaqh Sunday 
9:4S A.M. Tlhere Is a place for the 
hole family in this Snaday School. 
• P. M.-All the B. y. P. U. S- 
"r.r'arnltiK to Rervr" 

11 A M. and 7 I*. M. the pastor 
will bring some worthwhile iiu^s- 
aafies. You will receive a he:irty wel- 
come to these services. 

It you want to wear a smile that 
will not come off it most have Its 

MA.VrHESTKn. Ky. Dec. 2S. — 
John LawHon, Indicted for the mur- 
der of M» liiilf hrothi r. Toby 
sou, was H*-nteiir»'(l riiti;itieni«»nt 
In the Htiite pi iilt. iitiary for iwenty- 
one years vciicr'.l iv, at special 
session of the riay Circuit Court, 
presided over by Judge A. T. \V. 
Manning. The defense tried to show 
that Toby drew a revolver on John 
and hit him with a stick. The slain 
maa was killed as th* vsaalt of a 
jblow with a elnb. HIa akntl was 
; badly fraatarad bat ha llrad aiore 
than a week afterwarda. — ^LonisTllle 

I folni   

Ow, 111* iroMT. 

A I Judrtnt _ 

' ItaiTtli thrr« mm tx (onfldmbli 
IfaimMiUtiul folmi en around tii«M 

ImI. ilnr^d or Mstan— Oar p« 
I   tibtfil mrart l( i ft a nwl to 
OwirOtsaAMi— ArM«»a 

A coanit'NiTy 

cHBomtAB nun 


A delightful commaalty Christ- 
mas celebration waa held at tbe 
home of Judge and Mrs. F. D. Samp- 
son, Saturday night, there being 
some 175 pcopU; present. The tree 
was set In the v, dOils it tlie Iiark of 
the hojne »:id pe iple cai:;c! from a;; 
for as Iliidrlck ;o .itteiid the short 
Kis vlce I) iti V. Jno O Gro.w .uid lo 
!( Pivc Kifls of fruits and randle.s. 
Kiri works were a part of the cele- 
i)r..t;on. which while enjoyed by all, 
was particularly staged for Uie 
youngster.s. This has become an 
annual affair at the Sampsoa bomo 
and Is eagerly looked forward to ky 
the people of the commaalty aa 
Christmas draws aaar. 

On Sal\irday evt-nlUK Mrs. Geo. F. A beautifnl social affair Of last 

TinsUy and Mrs. W. H. Buck pre- wa-, the double wedding sol- 

sented some forty young folks and j e^nn'^^d FVtday. Dectmber •22nd at 
tiny tots In a coniir canUU Which ^'i"- •' '"' '^' ''i-P'' 



If the National Oaard always acts 

with the same pep Its members dis- 
played against U. C. Academy 
Thursday of last week it will crown 
itself with distinction. While the 
Guards lo; l by otic point. ( ■'. ti.ey 
liei! r. C. all alon^ the line ii!itil 
toward the close of tile ga;iie. T\u\ 
^aiiie was clean and fast and should 
he repeated. 

The girU of BarbonrTille High 
School also played a fiaa game 
against U. C. Academy and thongh 
the score was 10 to 1 against them 
they showed loU of elaaa aad are 
game losers. 

HoaiT rori la aotatlatlic far tko 
purekaao 9t aoal load, mialag plaata 
and aqalpaMat of the Poad Creek 
Coal Ooapaay la Pike Conaty, Ken- 
tucky wsa announced In New Tork 
by T, B. Davis, president o fihe coal 
concern, who said negotiations will 
be coinpletpd before (h* end of the 
year Dnvis said rhe Issued the 
statement In view nf rumors current 
In the press and In "order that our 
stockholders might be correctly In- 
formed about what Is transpiring." 
He said all company loads aad aqalp 
ment In Pike conaty are aoaearaad 
in the pending traaaaattoa.— MM* 
dissboro Dally Nawa. 

On Satarday eronlng both yonng 
and older members of the Presby- 
terian Sunday School gathered at 
the church where a henutlful Christ- 
mas awaited Ihein Afl« r appropri- 
ate exercises. Santa Clans appeared 
on the scene,— not with his reindeer 
and sled which he had been using 
In the north, and which got stuck 
'in the mud on the other side Of tkO 
mountain. However, he wore aomo 
of tihe belle Just to proTO ho was tko 
real thing. Ha aaoMad la tka dl»  
tributiott of tko traata iNriak wara 
greatly aajoyad. 

Mlaa Rokerta Cole, wtho Is homo 
from the College of Music, Cincin- 
nati, sang "Silent Night" to the de- 
llgkt of her atfdienoe. 

Tko marriage of Joha D. Oroaa, 
of Barboarrilla. aad Misa Naaaie 
llammons, of Olrdlar, Ky. was aol- 
emnized at Cumberland Oap Dee- 
ember 17. 

Miss i::i!)imons is the daiichter of 
Dock Hnnimons. prominent fanner 
and cltiz-n. of Girdb r while Mr. 
joross Is a valued e;i,pl -e In both 
Clerical and freight department of 
I the LAN R.R. at BarbonrTille. 
I Mr. Gross was a stanneh soldier 
I during the crisis of the World Wor, 
I following the Stars and Stripes 
I Into the battle field of Trnnce and 
upon his reltirn 'i s b . ri .nn activ- 
j member of the Aiiu ric ni I.pclon 
Ills soldier coinrads and tlulr many 
friends wish them a h ippy and 
sneesafnl union. 

OLD FoiiKK Dimm 


Him -ni XN-EtoaoN 

proved very entertaining. 

The costumes were both pretty 
.111(1 appropriate and the stag« waa 
carefully arranged. The theme was 
the search for the Christmas spirit 
which had in some mysterious way 

In another section of the Advo- 
cate will be fiiiiiiil the platform of 
Congressman Cantrill who is in the 
ra(f for Governor. .\s the first gun 
fired, ii will be of Kreat Interest to 
tile Democrats of Knox County who 
a:.' i.'ius given an opportunity to became the bride of Mr. Roberi ,.,„,j. (j.^.^^.,, Evolved in the 

rase. It will be read with Interest. 

MIsn I.ucy Hiitchins, of Bailey's 
Switch, and Mr Osro E. Edson. of 
Kokomo, Ind. were married at Cum- 
berland Oap. Tenn. Dec. 2E. Miss 
jHutchlns Is one of Knox County's 
I best women while Mr. Edson Is a 
I progressive farmer and bosiness 
I man of Kokomo. Their many friends 
jhere aad o iao w b ora , wish tkam tka 
igreateat of Joy In their married life. 

iTyo. at which time Misa l.ilydale 


L). McDade, and Mlss Mary Agnes 
Heidrirk the brida of Mr. Thomas 

L. O Hara. 

There Is no question, since the race 
seems to promise to be a hot one. 

The spacious home was decorated Republieaas who are themaolres 

foundation nadaraeatk tko aarf%^, been mislaid. Wealth, Fame, Riches with potted plants and holly, carry- much Interested in the coming cam- 

deep down In t^e heari. No heart and Laughter could aot produce It. 
can be truly happy that is ao) right Santa, the embodiment of Lore, was 
with God and one's feUow-men. . the only one who found It and dls- 

T,he Baptist Church Is seeking to trlbuted It to eve^jrone. 
make It th^elr constant employment Much of the music was catchy 
to brinK people IftO such kappy ro- at"' sung. Mrs. Buck and Mrs. 

TInsley deserve great credit for 
being able to present such a pro- 
gram In so short a time and with so 
little "fuss." 

I We want to make special men- 
tion of three of the boj- voices: the 
young son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. 
TInsley can sing and always has. 
His aolo waa « treat. Than Harry 
IfarahaU, as "BlUia" .ezklkitad a 

lal ionshijts. 

line thou 
do tihee Rood." 

with aa aad we will 

Ing out the Christmas idea. Before paiga for the govemorahip will 
the cerentony Mra. Charles F. Rath-! study Congresaman Cantriirs plat- 
fon sang beautifully "Because" and I form for future reference. 
"All for You." Promptly at twelve | tii, Advocate is open to men of 
o'clock to the strains of the wed- .^.j,,!,,,. p.,,.,^ ,„„y „.,gh to use 

ding march from Lohengrin, played columns, .such having been the 

policy of the management for the 
jiast four years Its stand Is that 

j Friday at Harlan, our hlfsh school 
(boys played a fast game with Ilar- 
jlan. the result being 14 to 9 in f .vor 
|Of Harlan. The I, yon Brothers were 
|s; fur llirlaii. Wells. Mayhew. 
jjones and Calvin Ctivef did Rood 
jgoal pitching on fculs :infl ilie rest 
'of the team played fine ball. The 
presence of a gymnasium would 
stimulate sport. KIwanIs please note. 

WORK ON L &.\ 

every citizen, whatever his party, 
baa a right to tko uaa Of tko proaa. 

J. M. Parker of Plnevllle, engi- 
neer of the I. & N track construction 
was here Tuesday. He reports work 
already begun at Wallaand aad ex- 
pects work to be general alt along 'flae voice whicb It is hoped will aot 
the tnuik within SO days, which wdl bo aagleeted. Lewis Haaa, as Roo- 
turn considerable money loose In dieklns, did the comic part like an 
this section. Ifr. Parker hoped to old timer and he can sing anything 
find a home in Barboarrtllo but was that has time and taao— witk kla 
unable to do- ao. feet too^ at times. 


by Mrs. C. P. Kennedy, the bridal I 

party desci'iuled t.'ie stairs. 

First came Miss Jewel Tye In a 
gown of gold velvet and Hiianish 
lace and carrying a bouquet of 
sweetheart roses and violets; then 
Miss Lllydale, wearing a gowa of 

green chiffon and silver broeado. The followlag maa aartod as 
: carrying a bride's bouquet of roeaa graadjarymaa tor tko Cteaalt Court 
and lilies of the valley, leaaiag just eloaad. Joka Boltoa, J. D. 
upon the arm of her father. Misa Faulknor, B. B. Sawyers, John 
Druscilla Tye, charpilag In a aaa-|Jonea, Clifton McNeil. Mrs. James 
turtlnm panae velvet and with a Bullock. J. M. Wilson. Pless Bryant, 
bouquet of roses and violets, came poUas Burton. Murphy Cannon. W. 
next followed by Miss Heidrtck, J. Baysand P. D. Ii.iker. Including 



la aay 

over" at a 


The Vint Hank, u.s a MK.MKKK u( the 
KIIAL KKNKK\ t: SVSTK.M. i-onunands (he e\ii-nsi\i eol- 
le 'tlun fucllilies uhicli iIik uiral it.s.s j  i;'.iii)n lia» itek eli |i «l 
lt» cukluasers prollt because of tbla, eveu as they eujoj' ttwl 
ttilditioM ~ 

^ Honor Roll Bank 

We Pay 49(  oa ;iertUleat«« of Deposit 




IWTHODItlT cmntcH 

Tka ragubir aervicea will be held 
at the usual ihours, 11 A.M. and 7 
P.M. Sunday School at t:SO A. M. 
The W. F. M. 8. meets Wednesday 
afternoon, January 3rd. The Ladies 
Aid meets Friday afternoon. Janu- 
ary 5th, at the home of Mrs. Jor- 
dan Miller. The winter revival cam 
palgii will hesin January 14th. I)r 
Guy Wilson, conference evangelist 
of the Maiao eoaforaaeo will be in 

some 260 or more indictments for 
failure to send their children to 
sohool there were over 500 indict- 
ments. It Is srjtlfying to know that 
only ab"ut 50 cases wre liquor | 
about the same number of 

on the arm of her faliher. Misa 
Heidrlck was lovely in a gown of 
sapphire blue panne velvet and bou- 
«aot of bride's roaea and Tallay 


Mr. Mciiade, attended by Mr. P. 
D. Black, as best man, and Mr. iCold Check oases and only some 10 
O'Htra. attended by Mr. Charles F. or 16 faloalaa. 
Heldrick, Jr., met their brides be- j The court rendered about fTOOO 
tore aa Improriaad altar of ferns, | worth of Judgmoata la tka shape of 
above which was aaapaadad a wad- ' ones, most of theao poaoHiaa 
ding bell of holly aad atiatlotoe. Tha , carrying alao from 10 dayo to 6 
beautiful ring ceremoay was uaad : months Jail sentence. The -jury went 

the limit in all cases and It Is grati-;; to i nnw iHjI the represenllve 
measures h- ivn . aiiile eil are great- 
ly reducing the liqu' r cases in t.he 
county. Number 1 Jury eon-isled of 
.Mrs \V. R. Hushes Mrs. C C 
.^ir.lth Mrs Kllrahetli Hal ' Messer. K. F. Oavls 
Walkir, Fletcher Dolier. 
Wyiick, \V. .M. Messer. Mrs 
Newman, Esom Engle and 

Send the .Vdvocate tn vour friend. 

On Chrlsfmas Day Mr, and Mrs. 
Georce Faulkner reversi-d the gen- 
eral ciisiiiin and entertained the 
"old folks," most of them related 
10 t.'ie family. About twenty were 
Invited but a few were not preaoat 
on aeeoaat of alekaosa. 
Tho guaata wara; 
Mrs. J. D. Faulkner, great grand- 
mother of little Paul Mltcliell 

Mrs. KallierlMi' Valentlm , also 
Kre 1 Krandni'ithrT of little Paul, 
and ulii. ri'fiised lo have ber plc- 
dlT' I.iki n I'll .•lei-dunt of Ii'T ng,.. 
but she uas held down by the bon- 
net striiiv's ind the picture waa ano- 
cessfuUy made. 

Mrs. Kate Uallard, who wlhen a 
"gal" could climb a troo like a 

Mra. Henry Tye, who used to rido 
a mule without saddle or bridle. ' 
Mrs. Hugh Smitb, aSoctloaat^. 

known as "Aunt 8U." 

Mrs. R. Vermillion. 

Mrs. Carrie Faulkner, an expert 
swimmer when a "gal." 

Mrs. Foley and Mra. John Catron 
«lio entertained for the benefit of 
the Methodist Church at one time 
with their spinniiiK w.heels. 

I nde Hill Cecil, the oldest one In 
the crowd, told abimi a Imlil he saw 
ince. but he must have left for he 
iiever told how it ended. 

.\rch Fuller. Josephus Moore, 
I U. Faulkner, A. C. Vaughn, tor 
whom the writer will testify to tihe 
whereabouts of some of this crowd 
at a shakedown at his home. Hia 
mother made him sit on the stair 
steps where he could see and not be 
seen as he was too young for tha 

The dinner was magnlflclent, well 

cooked and gracefully served. It 
will never be forgotten. Blue Grass 
folks can't heat 11 and I know. 

There were some "sheep's eyes" 
cast aiiioni; some widews and wi- 
dowers present but it miKlii spoil It 
all to tell. 

All will wish that Mr. and Mrs 
Faulkner may live to enjoy similar 
blessings. A GUEST. 

^alaaa la 9aa^ Btfa^ 
flba aactetion of a koaair baaPa 'attag 
la about six-thAaaaadtha a  a gial% 
two-tbirtln nf o-hiHi Is water. Tka real 

ts tb. ■ 

with Rev. Arthur A. Ford, of the 

Christian Church, offlelating. 

After tihe ceremony the guests, of 

I of whom one hundred and eight had 
I registerod. were served a delightful 

! luncheon. 

1 Miss I.ilydale. who Is the youiii- st 
[duimiiter of Mr. and Mrs. George \V. 
jTyr. and Mi-s .Mary .\.i;iie.4, the 

diufhier of .Mr. and Mrs. Charlea 
! F. Heidi ick. ire bolih beautiful and 

accomplished young ladies, popular Carey. 

with a host of friends. Mr. McDade jjury number  : H. B. Helton Jas. 
and Mr. O'Hara are promising , Braugbton, W. M. Mills, Joe Toggle, 
young business maa of sterling Jsmee Durham. Joe Bright, Jamev 

1! I' 
K. J 
B. P 


Attor a trip thru tko voat the 
yoaag aouplao will bo at komo la 
BarbourriUe. Tka Advoeata Joins 
In wlsblag'tkam a kmg aad ksppy 
married life. 

Where wUI Barbonrvllle 
years troai' aovt 

Bullock, Abe Caraaa. F. M. Reese. 
Joe Cottinglm, J. O. Rvans and 
OUbert MUls. 

The indictments tor passing cold 
checks will call tor more caro on 
the part of the eitiaens who give 
e kae k a through lack of business 
be ten kaOVlOdg  or tluu i'urelessnes» as 
You are writlag to Iko sUtu of their accounts at the 
tUM tka 

An Old Chinese Proverb 



Traesa of a habit will inevitably 
fhow up with the resale that you will always bt  hard 
up while you are making money and be a charge op* 
on charity or relatives when you cannot earn. 

Open .\ our account today with 11.00 or more, 
we pay you 4% and all taxea on Savinga Accounts. 
M^tybe .vou would like tohavp $1,000 in ten years 
fio:ii now il you live, or if you die you would lilte 
your loved oaag to hava tha 11.000 at your death, if 
80 then 





*' raRT) flURlUII 



lwa«() WMklr l 7 Tlin Moonlnin 
AdTOJ-at*. PublliihInK Co.. at 


rVfll) «*., M « iBi 111 



Ob . 

iC'lAJi UKOAN Oif Tins 


. nraucAK partt m 



(8tri«Mr to atfMBM) 



ICOBtfeS •••••••••••••••• 


Any item Intonit'd for pabllcatlon 
■honid reach this oOce not later 
than on Wednesday or we ihall be 
foroad to eMT7 It orar to the next 


Notice To Those Who Have Not 
Paid Their Tax For 1922 

After Jaa. ItC. 192S, 1, or on* of mf dopotict, 
ta ton dftyt, or M tooa tiMrtofttr at «t 
aM^ got to yoo or yoor proporty. If ool paid 
boiorolMMi %vo win oxpoto to poMIe talt to 
tioMglMfCaadlwttMMtr yoor pioporty or 
of it to covor MM tasote 

J. M. Carnes, 

Sheriff Knox Connty. 

4N  ooMnMMMas 

A mart mnr nua 

It to with riMwHir tiMt wc wtok 
oar rMdera A Happy New Tear. 

Wa thank one and all who have 
aislated us in making the Mountain 

Advocate a financial surrpm during 
tibi' past yoar. 

Thp "flnwprrt" wp liaVf ri'i-oivpd 
havp .ilsd li''cri Kr.ii ifyinK. That Ihp 
citizens ilir .■Vdvuratp and say 

BO. inpnns ;) ^^(';lt dral to ns 

OovprnnunI ri-porls show that 
nnemploymcnt Is stpadlly derrcas- 
ing and is becoming a thing of the 
past. This maau gaod wigaa and 
better times. 

The improTamaBta balas ^t in by 
«M L. A N. R. R. aau tha taralnt 
looaa of a lot of moaar, aa doaa the 
balMlac of tha Fedaral and RUte 
Highway. WboB tha lattar proiect 
la flalahad It will maaa mneh to 

Since there Is a scarcity of homes, 
we beltere Barbourrille will do 
some substantial building in 192.'? 

Let us put our shoulders to the 
wheel and mov.' fiirw.inl I 


that I have been careless about. 
A few days ago i liad the tooth- 
■ ache. I not along some way all 

I hare been sitting here thinking through the week, but Sunday niorn- 
about my attltudu toward the ing it waa unbearable. I thought It 
church. Tbefe is not a doubt In my waa bat yet it probably was no 
nUad about it being the graataat woraa than it  iad been daring tha 
moral fona la tha country. I take waek. Saaday I oallad tha dantlat'a 
graat vrlda Im looUat at Ita h«ma aad waa taM ' ka waa at 
achiavaBaata aad an «Uak to Mas- ehareh. I aaat w«rd kr a koy that 
tlfy mnM wttk it Bat at tha aaara ihera waa aa •jiaargaaey eaaa at hl« 
time I act aa Iko X eaold gat aloag criiea; I Jm: had \u have It p«ll «J 
without It. I usually rabacrlba to then. Tha drntitt raid b* left as Ms 
tha church budget as I know that a pastor was gQtting his Interest 
church like any bualaaaa organi- aroused In tome spp - 'al dlscourto 

■atton cannot run on "guess", but 

while I do I am not as quick to pay 
my church obligations as my gro- 
cery bill. In fact, there have been 
times when I allowed It to Ko some 
few months. I wonder If my min- 
ister, as a self-respecting man does 
not like to have ihis salary promptly 

He Bskn; ir.o liow lo'ip m? tooth had 

iiched; sinic Tuesday I said. Hp did 
not a:iy anytliinc but ho Just as well, 
I fpit II 1 went home relieved of the 
t lotliarhe tint I was far from being 
at ease. I thought of my selfishness. 
I had ruined the Sunday of my 
friend the dentist. He was at 

in order that he might meet his own churrh with his family and I he- 
obligations. If the company for came an "emergency" patient Just 

Sealpd bids will be received hy 
the fliale Highway ToMimlsiiInn at 
l»! e oltlie of ihe Stale HUh«ay V.-n- 
gineer, old Caiiltol MuIUIImk Frank- 
fort, Kenliirky. unlil 2 H" I' .M. 
on the 23rd day of January. i: :;.1. 
for the of the H irbinir- 
rille-Corbln road from the corp 
LimiU BarbourTllIe Sia 0 plus ih) 
to Corp. Limita Corbia Sta 83S plus 
IT la Knox Ooanty, a distance of 
apreiiaiatair l«.t4l mllaa. 
Tkia raad la aaateHy known as 
Mate Pra)act M». • taa B oa the 
Suta PriaMfy trttaai' ia Knox 
Ooanty. Tkia prafaet ia alao k^wn 
aa Padaral Aid Projaet No. 11. 

Tkia Improvamant will consist of 
shaping the road, eonstracting nec- 
essary drainage structnrea to a 
width of 2B fpei on Alls and $0 feet 
in outs as a Orade and Drain Pro- 
ject, In arrordanre with approved 
plans and sperl flea t Ions. 

Tnstrurtions to bidders, forms of 
proposals and spiTllUatlons may he 
secured at the office of the State 
Highway Knglneer, Old Capllol 
Building, Frankfort, Kentucky. 

Blue prints of this work will he 
on flla at tha dirision headquarters 
at PlnarlUa, Kentucky, also at the 
Court Honaa at BarkaarTllle, Kan- 
taeky.. ContrMtora dayirlac to ob- 
talB eoyiaa of irtaaa but Mrara 
same froia tka Dapaitaiaat «t ttata 
Roads and HIgkwaya at tka rata of 
16c per aheat. 

Bach biddar maat aeeompany hla 
bid with a bond or eertifled cheek 
for til. 000. no payable to the Slite 
Treasurer, rredit of l.hP Departiiipnt 
of Stale Roads and IIlKhways 

The right is rpserved to reject 
any and all bids. 





From the cnidle to tottering age, 
from skyscraper to prairie and can- 
yon, fate, during tha coming year, 
will pursue some one person out of 
•ach 12,000 in the United SUtea 
aad mark him for tha murdarar'a 
hnllat or knlfa thrust. 

Orar la Baglaad whaca tka law'a 
vangaaaea la muf awttt aad aartala 
thaa kera daatk will eoma to only 
oaa la aaek 411,000 hy the mur- 
derer's hand. 

Crime flourishes in the U. 8. 

which I work should hold ap my when he was seeking spiritual in- | Solid Rock 
salary for thraa moatha, I would spiration. SInaa than I kaye been 
aooa ba lookias (or aaetkar Joh. Tat tklaklag abont tha littia triba to 
if m$ paator wara to do that I waaM wkiek I kaloag-fallowa wko pat off 
aaj tkat h» waa a mareaaaiy, attar erarytMag uatll Buaday. I kara 
tha mmm, aa tkougk tha "kiaad ot watekad my pkysidaa leara eknrek 
kaavaa" .would latlafy tka pkyaioal tima aad agaia ia tka midst of a 
naada of his wifa and ehlldraa. I aeirlca. I asked klm the other day 
promise myself In my beter mo- how many of theee calls could be 
ments that I will pay my church oh- postponed until afterword. He said 
ligations weekly, but the time about 99 out of every 100. He told 

passes and I am soon "dunned" by 
the secretary, a thing that I would 
think reflected on my integrity in 
the business world — having my ac- 
count over due three months — yet 
I have no scruples about having the 
officer come around and tall me that 
I am behind wttk 

me the other day of a fellow calling 
him from a service to ask him If 
castor oil should he Inkcn in the 
morning or at bed time .Since my 
dentist experience I have ■■•-solved 
that I will not bcUher my deiiii  t i r 
doctor St church time exi:e; i w.!ien 
ay ekardl ac- it is a real "emergency." Iloth of 
them are good men, better than 1, 

because of the uncertainty of pun- , .. , ^ , ,j 

ishment. Sir Basil Thomsen. K. C. \ Ona year I rafuaad to aign up an jmdlknow that myatlence would 
B. former head of Scotland Yard, .Biount for tha curraat yaar. I "« ^JJ- 

.... , _ . ... I' wonid "KiTa what I oonld." Of Ikat naadad inforaiatlon or help 
told the National Society of tha * wouia aire wnat i oonra. w T 

United stataa Daagktara ot im ;« ««• »» «• »»» »«•• ^ »•« deaperataly wihan i waa in the midst 


"Certainty of punishment lessens 

crime," said Sir Basil. "The length 
of the sentence does not matter, it 
ia the fact that it la awlft and 

" Tour parala ^ataa aad yoar 
lBdetarm|aata saataaea, I ballara. 
taad/a^ua iacreaso of murdara aad 
othar ertmaa. In Bnglaad wa do aot 

but I actually did that year. I gare « ' interaitiag aarrlea. 

fen dollars to the church at the end The othar day 1 kaard a (allow 
of the year when the balance on the talking about paraaitaa. Ha. aald 

budget was being raised. That sum 
Just about represented w.hat 1 paid 
for oil for my Sunday auto rides 
What If I had put In the gasoline 
and repairs! My wife had several 
nice socials at home that year and 

the refreshments tor ihem amount- 
hara tkoaa watemf. We do not altow ^ 

mora tkan one appeal. Wa can alao Y«t I gatra "wkat 1 could!" I will 
amend a faulty indictment during ^ , ... . 

•uieiHi » i.uuy luaicimBni aunoa ^^^^ ^adc ma tkink a wAUa andlPfW* •«» »y interest in community 

there were thraa kinds that he 
wanted to aTold: the kind known by 
our soldlera aa cooties, that lodged 
between the undershirt and hide; 
He said t.he other two had homes, 

some nice ones, but they lived Just | 1:3:6 encasing concrete 200 cu. yds 
like Ihe soldiers' lice, off of some- | Or 
one else. In community afflairH he ^ is in 
said they Iried to live olf of others 


125,000 cu. yds. 
118,634 cu yds. 
. 66,000 cu.yds. 

Looaa Rook IS.OOO eu.ydf. 

Chaanel chaaga 700 ea.yds. 

For atraetaras 400 cu.yds. 

Poaadf^a dry aarth . 100 «u.yd8. 
Poaadailoa dry roak . . SO en.yda. 

Orarkaiil: gT.OOO Td. 8U. 

Clearing and OruhMni .... % aeraa 
RemoTing traaa 4 atnmpa SOO each 
Alternate Masonary (Concrete): 
Class A concrete . . 1330 cu. yds. 

Class D concrete 20 cu.yds. 

Class n concrete .... 820 eu. yda. 
Cement Rubble Masonary 

170 cu. yds. 

Reinforcement 81300 lbs. 


Cement Rubble: 
Cemaat Rabbla Maaoary 

I26S cu. yda. 

Claaa A eonereta 260 cu.yds. 

Claaa D eoncrata 20 cu. yds. 

Rainforeamant 40000 lbs. 

Altamata typea pipe: 

IS la. Standard Vltriflad Pipe. 

1S64 lin. ft. 
24 in. Standard Vitrifled Pipe 

SiO lia ft 
Double strength Vitrifled 

976 lin ft. 

Double strength Vitrifled 
320 lin ft 

18 in 

;24 in 

He did not hit me since I take a 

tha trial. 

which is not poaalbla 
— ^Loulanila Harald 


and Aaala Oray, 

Will Patteraoa 

Flat Lick. 

Tom Jones. Dowisville, Va., andjl c*" " 
Mattie Mae Roberts, Anchor. 

Sea Hlakla aad MoUla Darla. 

WhHaay Qambral aad Tttlaa Law- 
son, Rlaya. 

Ckarlfa Moora aad Maa Milea. 

Oarrard Qambral aad Nora Lawla, 

J. P. Helton, Cargo, Ky. rjid 
Vraneia Clouse, Crani Naat. 

Bnoch Taylor and Mahala Meeser, 


Robert 1). McKad.' and Liiydale 
Tye. Barbourville 

ThOB. L. OUara and Mary Agnes 
Heidrlck. Barbourville. 

(^urt Runyon and Ida Carter, 

,'Vl Nolen and Attle Gray, 

siaea thaa I k«fa triad to ka aMra 


My business sense convinead IM 
a churrh could not be run withoat 

a budget and now I never pass tha 
committee up with the "give 

improrements. But when he talked 
of the fellow that tried to shove the 
aapport of the ohurch and Its work 
oB oa aomaoaa alaa I fait guilty. 
Rallgiona paraalta — I gaaia I don't 
^^.I hava to ha It. Wall. I ean aTold ba- 
jtng a "kollar tkaa tkoa" CkriaUaa 
^ ^ ^ .. will, bat I tbiak tkat my battar 
I am subject to headaches j„dgn,„t auggests a change In my 
many ^Tenings when I come home ,^„^„^, vtAxCkii^t and acting and 
from the office, my head hurts^ but ; ^^^^ ,^ that. U going to 

a good nights sleep usually ridh ma 
of it and I am fraah aad brlglit^tka ' 
followlag moralag for my work. 
Bat Saaday aaa aaaaw to briag a 
haadaeka ao oftaa. It la atrange 
they narar coma duriag tka waek. 
always wait for Sunday. I kare been 

new leaf In 1922 that 
W91. he permanent. 

Reinforced Concrete pipe 

2840 lln ft 
24 in. Reinforced Concrata pipe 

•70 lia ft. 


18 ia. Staadard eaat iroa pair pipe 
S840 lla (t. 

14 la. Staadard eaat iroa puhr ptpa 
670 lia ft 


By JOB 8. B00O8, 
State Highway Engineer. 



I Lieut. Rlphard TuKgle arrlyed 

I home on Saturday following an ab- 

.eeiice of five years. During that 

, . I time he completed his course at 
wondariag of late if my headache. , ^„„^p„„^ ^^^^^^^^ 

were as real about Sunday School ^ g circumnavigating the 

globe. During this cruise he acted 

part of tka time aa alda to Admiral 

1 k. 

|john Carroll and Bllaa J. Saraga. 

HaiTiaoa MeKaakaa aad Martha 
Hart, Aaahor. 

BTa. iBtth aad LMwUa iaUth. 
Foaat , 

Oohal MtUa. MiUa. aad Ada Oar- 
Boa. Wal^g. 

Tlie 1 4 year old son of Tom Lam- 
bert, of Swan Pond, was shut in the 
legs hj a companion Xmas day, tha 
ran tha latter was carrytng being 
aaaldoatly flrad. 
a BM Si 

lime a.s I imagine. If I were as In 
terested in Ihe Ulble Class as I am 
Ihe desk maybe would not be 
Ihe chronic Sunday headache. I re- 
call the other night 1 came home 
and my wife wanted to go to a | 
party. I bad a headache and felt I ' 
Flat should not try it She began to tell 
me who would be and some I 
thing! that would happen and I im- { 
madiataly started to get ready to go. 
forgetful of By haadaaka. A few 
Saadaya ago i waa laatiag dowa 
towa. trylag to gat (raah air (aa i 
■aid lor ay k aada ek o) aad aut my 
hoy. Frank. I aahad kiai why ka was 
aot ia Saaday SAool. Ha aald ka 
was "lajrlag out". I wklppad him 
when 1 got home for aot goiag. He 
whimpered out In the kitchea to Ma 
mother that I had a lot of business 
whipping him for soiin thlng I would 
not do myself I guesa a rellow 
would bn more ooBiiliii« nt If hn west 

Porlaaataly. tha I aloag with tha bey. It le aot fair to 

% OMa 



Jim Turaar, of Harlaa Oouaty, 
came in Tuesday and paid a IS 00 
fine imposed on hla son, Victor, for 
selling liquor In Kaos CoBUty. The 
son Is tubercular aad waa eoughlag 
up blood to tfea dasBit o( tta 

others in Jail 


Half Soleinjr $1.25 
Rubber Heels 50c. 
Prdiaary Sbogg Made loto Nice 

Saddles and Harness Repaired. 
Dopot for City Papers. 

BUTTON « worn 

A Happy Ni w Yiar to everybody. 

Gale HinKli.'im h.i new aon-lu- 
law that he likes fine. 

Bom to Mr. and Mr*. J. T. Wll- 
liamaon a flaa boy, weight IS Iba. 

Paal Caraaa moTod to DaWitt 
last waek and Is Well pleased. 

D. M. Walker, our school teacher, 
had an entertainment on Friday and 
gave the children eacb a present. 

Will Cariies' daughter is in Ihe 
hoopital at PineviUe. She waa oper- 
ated on for agpaadlalthi aad la atlll 
very ill. 

.Miss Ellen Curnes visited her sis- 
ter Mrs. LIhue Mills, in I'ineville 

Martha Carnes entertained Delora 
Walkar and many othera on Chriat- 
maa aad thay had a Sao tlaw. 

Joka Oaraaa, a baalMiB bub, la 
maklag aa haadlaa, 

The maa who are haaltag Sad tha 
roada rary bad aad thay wlah that 
Judge Stamper would tz thaai. 

Mrs. Sttdle Brewer bought a line 
beef, abont SOO Iba, and a fat hog 
about 760 laha. niiy hath dlad in 
one week. 

A. M. Caraaa la oa tha »lek list. 

When yoa own yoar awn home each 
aaat teTaalad ta 


In The Following Line? 
Nice Juicy Meats. 

Frfsh Fruiu 
Celery and Nuts 
Cranberries— Candles 
Fresh Package Groceries^ 

May Grocery Co. 

Successor to Golden & May 

Wonderfai Valuaa In Ladiea' Satta 

and Coats. Also Men's and 
Suite are reduced to the 

You had better buy now. 


\t "Oil Mid W«" 

Is Back Again At 

Powder, Dynamite and Mlaa SnppUat 


Nmut Brick Pl^att BavlKNnrvlll«» Ky. 

Lewis Drug G)o 

Have JttstMeaivcd a loll aad eMMplata 
Um of Xmaa Jowohry, both Ladi«»' and 
GotttloaMM. ToilatSots, Ivoty Gooda, 
BfankiuriagSats aad Block't afftotocfatie 
Caadtf . Call at our ttoro and look 
our line ovor bafova yoa do yoar Xawa 



All accouata due the Buchaaaa 
Motora Corporatloa that ara sail 
daa mwt b4 saM by Jaasaiy Ist. 
IStl or va wlU te«a U tab stats 

to lOllSSt- 

l^lt BsglssaB Moton Ootficatisa 


All persons holding 
eounu against the aatala aC V. I. 
Mitchell (deceased) Wtil tlassa Ma 
aame with laa. 

, a. ft aiTCHELi., 

«-4t Admlslstntar. 


Var S a lo S O Aaro saady loap 
load. 4 mllaa fvaai aUg. Thta to Siat 
hay or famic tapd. 4MaMS 
~ Msa |iS.M wm 

Doa't Ma aa tha saaM l« a 

Mao Ttoihor Uad. Uha^ 
arty Conaty, riorlda. Oood aotl ai|' 
laya wall. S mllaa from railvar towa 
Maa |lt.M par aara. 

STSO Aaaea good Umbar ' laad S 
miles from railway in Tenneaaaa. 
4000 ft timber. 60 ties and many 
ri^rds uf wood and telegraph pules 
per aero. Price (er lead aad Ctmbar 
HS.«t »av aara. 

11.. ^i. ' ' I .f. 

Oa« TKing Wftll Don* 


Ktgittarvd O^tomttffltt and OptklMl 

9. E. ComT of Public Square 

Phone 2491 BarboarvUlc». Ky. 

Fitting of 'Proper GlaMW 

! Ih- 

l.i'Tiiti' I lit   '.rrnorlnn 

, tK 111 rvrniiriu iiy the 

Personal Mention 


MAN'S APPEAL: — O Lord, re 
TiT« thr work In the midst of the 

Gordon C^uoxlf^ Lognnapori, 
Ind., ipent Chrlitmas at homn. 

Mri O. O. Catron, of Corbtn, was 
TO tor OhrtotniM. 

^IlM Laura Ilayii lias bt^n on the 
lint witb a severe cold. 

|\. Bargo, nat Vtet had busi- 
^ere Tuesday. 

BUnton, o( Crane NMt, was 

Ik- Mdori?, of OihbB, was In 
town Tuesday on bastneis. 

James L. WUaon. Of PlBarllle. 
waa hora Taaaday ra tatlaMa. 

Jaa. Majrfeaa. of ■aaaaol, was 
hera Tnaoday attoBdWk to bvainess. 

Wm. Lock Is reported Tery 111 at 

his honifl In Qprmantown. Penn. 

MrH. J. Fred Catron and daughter 
MiHs Kannio Hp«nt Thura4a]r o( laat 
week in Middlesboro. . 

Miss mm* Catron, who Is taaeh- 
Ing In Hartaa, tpaat Ohrtotmas at 

borne. / 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cawn and M. 
n bariM apoat Ohrlatmaa in 

A. P. Archer, of EHhtIoii, Oh.. 
spent Chrtotmaa with his mother 
Mrs. W. M. Afohor. 

Mrs J. N. r?nys ami dauBhter, 
JIss Laura, spent Christmas, In 
[ineTlUe with Mrs. B. B. OoldaiA. 

^Mra. Scott Barton, of Corbin, wita 
Obristmas guest of Miss Kate* 

Mr.' and Mrs. Clarenea Parker 
took Clurtstnias with Mr. and Mrs. 

W. P. Parker. 

F. A. Scent, at the 3ciiool of 
Tj^armacy, Louisville, spent Christ- 
mas with home folks. 

Harold Miller and Allen Tugg.le 
are home from the Medical SolUMl 

University of Louisville. 

Kenneth Tuggle, from the Ohio 
State iTnivanltir, aajojrod Christmas 
at home. 

-'"Mtees Norma and Owen Cham- 
berlatB of Berea, spent the holidays 
with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jaeltson. 

Maek Brown, of Bmanuel who 
"has baea workias at Harlan, spent 
Chrtstmss at homa. 

I. J. Edwards, fruit representa- 
tive of W. R. .Strange ,nid Co. of 
Middlesboro. was in inwii Tin sday. 

Miss Georfiln Civi ims accepted 
a poslUoa with the Buchanan Mo- 
tors OoporstlM. 

Miirrls Uliick. nniiftli .Smilli. Miss 
r'lirolyiip Si'ent and Miss Catherine 
li.'ir l- Hi ar" home trOMI IhS U Ot 
K for the hoiidaif. 

Jeff T. Moore and favUr spent 
their Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. 
T. J. Henson. BanU waa very good 
to Jeff, as ha shoald be. i 

Jim klllos and Charlia Orean | 
spent Christmas littBtlai. Jias CM i 
two birds and oaa rabMt Charlia : 
two rabbiu and one bird. 

Mr Coleman, of Atlanta, an 
oltlclal of the Nichols Contracting 
Co. was the gaast of Mr. and Mrs. 

W. F. Parker over OhrlstmRs 

A. M. Decker, Sr. and K. K Saw- 
yers received a quarter of nice ven- 
ison Tnosdsy from W. W. Sawyers. I 
of Blhwr Olljr, Now Masieo. 

with liquor practically. If not en- 
tirely absent from our midst, : 
Xman. day proved one of peace on 
earth and good will to all men. 

CAester Morris, of th« Medical 
School, University of LouUvllle, and 
Carl Morris, of Berea, were home 
this weak oa ya aa tl o a , 



White 1,. MoHH, 

CaadMato f ir i:4- -i - iioa aa 

HIato Senator 

caaamuB Fsnairas fob 


X Headaches 

"L*!!!"*' ^ chroalc 
oontUpMM thai would bring on 
very severe headaches," says 

Vj-s. Stephen H. Kincer, ol 
R. F. D. I, Cripple Creek, Va. 
"I tried different medicines and 
did not get fcUef. The bead- 
' baciMvaqrln«iMb 1 



and took It foe* headache, and 
the relief was ' erv quick, and 
it was so long before I had 
anoiher headache. Now I just 
keep the Blaclc-Draught, aod 
don^t let MlfMi firill m 

Thedford's Black - Diaught 
(purely*i|^«table) has been 
found idBdcieve constipation. 
I tod by sHmulatln^ the action ol 
, when Uii torpid, helps 

Robert W. Cole has opaaed his 
hambnrger and gaaaiml eata and 
, drinks sUad next dear to Cola aad 

Miss Cora Oeyer eamo la latur- 
day from Haaard whara aba M stea- 

ogra^er tor a eoal eompsny, to be 

with home folka for a week. 

The ilrst Friday In January is set 
tor the InsUllatlon of officers of 
Klwanls aad oa tihe third Friday 
the charter will be p r esa a ted. 

.Monroe Smith, of the Common- 
wealth Life Ins. Co., Louisville, is 
spending the week witJl Mr. and 

Mrs. Hugh M. Oldfleld. 

Mrs. Bonnie Dale Afwater with 
her husband and Utile Nille. from 
Durham, N. C, are visiting the 
pareiitM of the former, Mr. and Mra 
W. M. Tye. 

I Mrs Mattie Baker will leave about 

.iiiii 1 f ir Roseland, Fla.. where 
Captaiti McDanleis and Wm. Mc- 
Daniel are already OBjoylBS the 
stimmery weather. 

! Gbarlaa Hammoas. ol Olrdlar. aad 
Grant Hammoas. a warehonsa ageat 

I of Frankfort, were in town Tvoeday, 

I the latter having come orer to apaad 
Christmas . with reUtives. 

Heater Hamblla, from the aoath 
of Poplar, waa la tova T a ssiay to 
see abont the aklpmaat of hia gooda 
'from BvarU whara ha haa baea IIt- 
ilng for two moBUuu 

Tha City Baataaraat lavites our 
eltlaaas to drop la tor a isoal «r for 
aaythlag else that a roataaraat 
learriea. ▲ first' elaaa meal Is pro- 
'mtsed by the management. 

Joseph Smith spent the hollidays 
with his daughter, Miss L«na, at 
AahTlUo, M. C. and reporU her 
doiac aleeiy aad will be home la 
early sprlag. 

John M. Tlncley killed his big. 
fat hog last week and Is sharing- his 
tine home made pork sausage with 
this friends — a^ong tham the Advo- 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Herren and 
two children and Mr. J. R. McWhor- 
ter, of Lie Junior, . Ky., visited Mr. 
end Mrs. B B. laiiFeca thrcagb the 

Joha NowBMB, who is employed 
as a goTerameat maehlalst st Mc- 
cook ATlatloa riaM. Daytoa, Ohio, 
came la with Mia. NOwaMui (nee 
Pearl B«lloek ^to spoad Z«as. with 

Oreea Qalalae Bair Toale per 
botUa O 

Toalqne Bluebell Hair Tonic 
per bottle 9 ll-(0 

Pep Hair Toiilr li..!ttle ® $1.60 
Parlsienne Quinine Hair Tonic 

per bottle ® $1.50 

Dizol Shampoo Kmulsinn ® $1.50 


Seymour Hopper. Dave Wllsun 
and Jim Clark went .hunting at 
Fount Christmas d:iy. Seymour lost 
his ehnms aad hatiag to hunt alone, 
a aamber of rabblta and birds will 
eelebrata tha New Tear whieh other 
wise would have failed to do so. 

A burglar entered the Robert W. 
Cole home laat week and stole tB-00 
from a poeketbock as woll as a 
souTonir It.tO gold piece. Those 
harlng seen the latter In the pos- 
session of anyone will kindly advise 
Mr. Cole. 

Spaalding Bros., of Chlcopee, 
Mass,, made Baasett MInton, general 
manager, and Laden White, saper- 
mtendent, of the T. W. MInton A 
Co. Hickory MUl, each a Christmas 
present of a golf drirer. They are 
aatty on golf. 

3miw» 8. B. Dishman Is not coa- 
teat to eajoy balmy Florida la a 
eeUeh maaaar bat la trylag to sbare 
it with his amay frieade by sending 
tham boaaa of delielons eltraa fruit. 
The AdTooate wishes to ackaow- 
ledge a box with thanks. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carey and 
family eajoyod tha eompaay of Mr. 
aad. Mrs. Jao. Taraed. John Staf- 
ford. Mr. aad Mrs. B. H. ColUacs- 
worth aad eOa. atho with the Carey 
family made aplhe fifteen who sat 
down to the old fashioned kind of 
dinner thew used to set in Virginia. 

John Faulkner spent Sunday and 
Christmaa day hnntiag at the 
Haulkaar Big Rocks, eating auail 
aad rabbit for ChrlatoMa dinner 
whIeh he kmed on the muunutn. 
Others of the partv were W. F. 
Fults and the Plcknrd boys. John 
aud W. F. cut iho'r names and lii': 
d 'te on th   Ici!);n ol rocks .llT' :-tly 
above wh! io til" first honiKt Vt3 ' 
bu ' It i 'I !\' I ' It Iv \- 

j Taylor McQuerry, Dowla Mc- 
Donald, Barbounrllte, Joe Bneed 

land Mrs. Sadie risher, Ketts, Xy. 
and Mrs Mabelle Lyttla. of Agee, 
Ky. haye oaeh bought a ptaao from 

.the Clear Toae Mnele Co. 

I It Is rumored that Mr. Quy L. 
{Dickinson registered highly In joy 
I this Christmas oa receipt of a 1923 
modal monataehe eap. the elaasic 
lines of whieh are a delight to the 
artistic eye. The donors are said to 
be the members of the Upper Cum- 
berland Valley Development Co. 
^ who wished to hand Mr, Dickinson 
! something which he might use dally 
land thus remember the donors. 

I Last Thanday alsht whOa Uataa- 
, lag to his radio W. S. Hadsoa heard 
a eoaeert from Pert Worth. Tana, 
given by Mrs. Qeorge Loek, who be- 
fore her marriage was eoaneeted 
with Union College. Her husband, 
who is a brother of Dr. J. S. Lock, 
was at one time u!i.sisiuiii (aslib r at 
the First National and is now 
connected wlLh the .National Bank 
of Commerce. Ft. Worth. 

•i itoking Powder 

Ar« Not Worth tSis Price of Caq 

If they are the "big can and 
cheap" kind because they 
may mean baking failures. 



or a very low price 
mislead you. 

Experimenting with an 
uncertain brand is ex- 
pensive — became it 
Wastes time and 

The sale* of Cahmet 

are over 150';^ greater 
than that of any other 
baking powder. 


A T/yi WITH A 

Mr. U W. 

Mk Bis 

of BarboartiUc 



There Is nothing ilke a talk with 
one of our own citlzen.s for Klving 
hoiie and eiicoiiragenienl to tlx aiix- 
Icua HUfferer from the dread kidii 'V 
dlHease. We tierefcre, give iioro 
an interview with a Barbot.vih'? 

"After I had "flu" about two 
years ago my kidneys bothered me," 
says Mr. Hampton. "They were 
weak aad trregalar and the kidney 
eeeratioaa were palatal la passsge. 
My baek waa weak aad aehed thru 
the saukll part Jast orer my kid- 

jaeys. i wsa lame and sore in the 
muscles of my hips and side when 
I got up in the morning. I got 
Ooati's Kidney Pills at the Hawn 
Drug Co. and they soon straighten- 
ed me up in good siliiipe. Doiin's 
are a tine kidney iiieiluiiie and I 
will reciiiiinii ml tlieni to anyone 

.whenever I liave an oi)i»irl unity." 

i 60c at all deal TS. Koster-.Mil- 
burn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv. 

MOl'NTAl.N iX DGU 187 

The election of officers for Moun- 
tain Lodge 1 T. was held Wedncaday 
afternoon aad the followias ware 
chosen for the yarlona oSleee: 

J. M. MUee. W. M. 

B. C. ChurehlU, S. W. 

A. L. Parker, J. W. 

H. W. Bowman, Secy. 

W. C. Black, Treas. 

Ray Ballard, S. D. 

Jno. H. Lawson. J. D. 

Fred Reiser. Tiler. 

Sawyer Decker, S. S. 

J. g. Redding, .T S 

Hotel KMehen 
The kltdtMi of eae e( Oe Ug h» 
MM la !tew Tork u aa a«a la 

Saadar, Dee. St. ISM 

Morning serriee at^l with a 
short, saappy sermon and One mnele 
Brealag serriee at 7 o'eloek. 
•tralsht goepe l preaehlag. 

ABTHVR A. rOBD. Pastor. 
MAB OARTBR, Orsaalat. 

I nd for 8ale— ISH acres on 
Smoky Creek; coal, timber, excel- 
lent fruit land. Mayor T. D. Tinnsley 
states there are 18 H aeraa in this 
plot. Si'c Fred Burmad, AdTOSatO 
ntti.e n.irliiinrvil!.-, Ky. tf 

to dllve many pelapae odt ol 

your Nysteffl. ENHeuMett, 
indigestion, headache, and 
&i iiilar troubles are often 
iciieved in this w ay., H..I «Jfeo 
natural way. BtaSMMl Ttf 
Buck -Draught 
SeM arenrwhsrti. 


gave a OhriatiMa party (Jkvlstmas 
night with soaM tweatrdlw pres- 
ent aa wall as good thtass to eat. 
Among those preeeat ware tlve 
gaeeU of Booaa from oat of town. 

Illaa Koberta Oola. i^ la home 
oa a eaaatloa from the Olaalaaati 
0 naervatory of Maale, eaag at the 
M. B. Chnreh Saaday aad raeelved 

oa iher 

Oat latenal oa tBa 
apead by weadlsg * I 

The City Restaurant 

Has made a number of nice 
improvements for the pleasure 
and comfort of its patrons* 

The best tiiemarket affords will be 

served to our friends. 

Your business will be greatly sppfccUtcdi 
Be Se BdWftfdSy PkOpTe 


Barboanrllle, Kentucky. 

Soiiit' wt t \\fath *r ;ii»d Ihi- roac' ■ 
ar- K'Hiiig tiad just like wiriler.- 
Jo»h Callahan is still gulhering eoi ' 
rain or a'line — Jess .Martin movi l 
^to his farm on Stinking ('ri?f k la it 
jweek. — Calvin .Slary inrvid onio 
I the Harrison I'ayiu' pmpi-rly lint 
week — Leonard Alli'n. who has 
hfen working in Harlan. Is home ' 
tor the (.'liristmas holidays. — Fred ^ 
Ki lli y is visiting home folks. — ^Mr"* 
, Rebecca Payne is in bed with rhea- 
imatism. — Mrs. Jane Martla has had 
,the grippe for the last two weeks. 
, — Mrs. Nancy Oambrel tea had a 
severe cold. — George Gambral has 
leome home attar a moath'a stay la 
Corbla. — Miss Lala Payne la at 
Pineyille taking medical treatment 
under Dr. Ramsey. — Aunt Jaao 
Hawn has been on Hawn Branch 
visiting relatlvei;. She is now S9 
years old. — Walter liizney is work- 
ing on Horse Crei k and reports 
work to l)e very gond — Mr and .Mrs 
Waller Powell have gone to house 
keeping. — The John Morris saw- 
mill is being moved to J. .Sj Pat- 
terson's place. — Wishing ev ryl)ody 
a ?.Ierry Christmas and a Hapjiy 
New Year. Who would be without 
tha fountain Advocate, one of tbe 
nicest Christmas presents yon can 
■end aayoae. Why not send this 
paper to some frlead who woald 
enjoy hearlag from Kaoz Coaaty7 

If you need 
some cooM 
ia aod aeo 


On aeeonnt of change of maaagf-. 

ment we must ask our frienda to 
pay up now all outstanding ae - 
counts. We shall appreciate samw. 

7-3t By O. B. Detheras*. 


EVERY candy in this smart orange-aiiJ-gol J Wonder-box 
is one *hat nerybody Uks. AB the "second choices* 
have been left out. Dr iKrious, fresh nuts, creams, fruits, csta' 
wAt aMnduBsBows^ etc , dipped io rich bcowa chocolM% 

"hke "her" a box today. 

Herndon Drug Com|MUiy 


The Suatk Store 




A' I 

Jbroog Stot«ai«il of Hm PomUoh on State Imuo«— Trib- 

TO THE DtMOellAtt •f 


1 hnvp hpcn much Itiiprpnged with 
♦h*" I'nmpHlitn roiHliirlPd hy niimrroilS 
Kenliiikr :iiw ^pHpfru lomnnrtlnn thut 
A himlni"*!! iiiiin "nly fihoulil b«  nmn- 
laatad for Oovpmnr. I am lo nytnpn- 
thy with Ibis muvaaicnt. I hart walt- 
ror MM ««tMaa4la« 
■ad b a rt ai «• u* 
aoimre htn randMaey. la fkot, t hav* 
«B nameraoa occmIods talked with 
one of the moat aacreiiafu) hiislni «'  
men and on« of the moat Inynl r enio- 
«rat« in the State, urging hitn to run 
tor tJK" Detnocratlc notnlnntlon for 
Oovfrnor, and offcrpd my support In 
case lip Jilioiild make tht  rrtrp. Thla 
Sentleman declined to pniar the rac*. 

Jfaay tcUv* Deraocr»tle am aad 
wonim la all aactliwa of tha Stata 
luve aakad ma to ataad for tba Dtmo  
crattc nomlaatlon for Ctoraraor. I 
liave decided to nnnounoe aa a can- 

The fiict that I own iiiiil ojiomtp 
»evpr:tl fiirnis In Srnti an 1 K:i r'i.' 
Conni c-i I ImIIcvp i-ntltli's mo to In- 
clii^i-l js a liusini's.s iiinn. If I ilu 
noi roiiic iindPr til,' clnasiCicatlon of 
jl biiKinrss iiKi'i, tli"n ilii' ncvvinippr* 
«,' a l;i:«i:iii ;:. iii:^n for Cov- 
•mor have ahut out of p.illtlcal coii- 
fllderatlon every fnrraer la the i^tntv. 
Vbe fariner of today la aa ninrh i 
bnslaeaa ni: n aa the merclinnt, broker, 
Iwnker or mannfactarer. Tbe iireat 
■tajorlty of the bnalnesa men of Ken- 

didataa thaoMilraak aad I rooalder It 
proper In my annonaoement to r%rj 
hrledy Ktate aome of the leading l» 

iine« which are of Interest to the dtl 
leng of Kentnrky In nnni'iinrlnit my- 
self as a candidate for the PemorrntU 
nomination for Oovernor. I wish lo 
empbaalie the fact that I ronslil'-r 
tba Owanoiahlp of enr StaiH t)i  
Mikaat koMr whick can be Riven a 
Kauacklai^ aad I pladga aiyaelf ic 
tba paopla af KaMacky that 'i 
elected OOToraoft nnder no circnm- 
atancea would I aeek the Senatnnhlp 
or nny other oflflce but would All out 
the term completely for which I wnt 
elected. No man In the Oovemor'f i 
cbair can give the State his beat aer 
Tice when he hag hia eye on some fu- 
ture political preferment. 

I faror a Primary Blactlon to dcter- 
Mtea tka MRnlaailoB of tha Damo- 
erattc eaadldata fnt tka Oaranwrahtp. 
I belltre it waald ba polltleal auldde 
for our Party to make the aamlnatlon 
In any other way. Only In a Primary 
Klectlon can the women voters of the 
State (Tivp full expression to flipir po- 
litical t^p'nlons. 

I tliink the tTPatpst service n pub- 
lic oftlrer can renilcr tlie Stale at this 
(liii,- is t" aftcn-l tly t" 'iio hiKl- 
ni'-i-; . f the .s-iit-.' and to leave It to 
tlie biisincss to handle llielr own 
bualneaa and to the people to reiicniate 
tbelr own affalni. »n Imz at they do, 
Bot Violate oar prcaent Inwa, To make | P""'!' "! premlf 
It atin plainer, I think we hare enonirh 

withia ib« ravaeaa of ika 
la aeeeaitary to do an, 

t am baartlly la taror tt 
ttractloa of a hitthway 
arM H aaaly tta nt««kar eat 
Ik aN aaetlaai nf th« Stata. 
matter of (act Ken'nfklaaa do ii 'i 
know each other as they ahoold tin l 
we have three diatlnrt «ocf|on« In or.t 
Commonwealth. Many of our problcmi 
Would be aolved If the three aectl 'M  
of the State were linked together l v 
g'ind roads, so that our people cnuld 
really know each other and work "» 
gether for the common sood. I cm 
Informed by expert men who hire 
fltadiad tbla queatlon tbat tMa plan 
caa ba carried out without larraaaed 
tasatlea oa oilMlag property. 

Oood roada aait gootl tchools sn ti* 
gether and every citb.en «lll ai:re» 
that evorvthlns i os*;hle ahould 

il ne far III Ini-ntlon of OUr chll- 

iln-n. I noiiM llki- to see our pnhltc 
sr-liiioU the pqiial nf those ff any 
State In the I'nlon and I will work to 
that end. I ani also of llie oplnmn 
that every encouragement poHsiiiK 
■bould ba flTOB to our ktata Unlver- 
altf nad that It be placed on a plane 
equal to the Vnlvaralty nf any other 
State. If I am elected Oovemor I 
will stay on the 'oh and irtTa tk* State 
I a business aitmlnlstrntloB, aad the 
' best that Is within me. 

If elerie.l Covernor, I wlli mil 10 
I my alil smne of the leadini: l)ii«in—» 

The "Oltta For The King" aarrtoa 
at the chilRilnn Church last Sunday 
oTenIng drew a rapacity crowd, each 
person brInK'ng i Rift for tihe poor 
and needy. As a result of (hla aer- 
Tlcp H great many hornet were hap- 
pier durInK the rhrlitmas season. 

Nm. C at p fcall CmMI', Ca-tiMlata For Oevantar 

tcucky are farmert, aad belnjt one of 
tbeiii I believe I know their trtala and ! 
biy'dsbips, and that If ■! um elected { 
Coventor I can be of service to then: 
and to the State as a whole, lieeuu  c  | 
when the farmer prospers all lines i f ! 
kuxluess share in that iirosperltv. ' 

The chief proldeni.s to he solved in 
Kentiiik.v are in tlie ip iin nf an auri- 
cullurai nature, .ind Kentin kv lia-i not 
liad a farmer (i'lM'riiipr for aliieisi 
forty yours. The (Jovernor of the 
Stata can paraonally attand to but a 
aatall part of the State'a bnalnets 
Moat of the burlnesi of the State is ! 
actually traniacted by thoae whom the 
Oovarnor appoints under the laws 
paaaed by the Legl. ilatore. The biisl- 
■eas of orcanlzatlon is the chief duty 
of ti c (Jovernor, ami It is absolutely 
necessary fur llie ui-Ifare of the State 
that tlie (Jiivernni work In harmony 
with the State LuKiiilature and the or- 
 ;.iii;/. itiona of Ika varloaa Stata De- 

. la receat yaan I have been charged 
vltb tha dntjr of setUag thonaanda of 
■aa aad araaaa lata eoaipact work- 
lag orgaalaatloaa, both In a political 

and In a buslneiw way. In 1016 I was 
State Chalriuun of the Democratic 
Cnnipii'im Cominittee In Kentucky 
•which ndled up u ii;a.| .rit.v nf nearly 
thirty lliou.s;iud for thr I iniinrratie 
llc-ket. and in lii it  ir;;anizatinn there 
were ten tlioii.saiid Hi-livi- :iieii ami 
woiijen 111 the Stale For tliiee .veart 
I wan State President of the Society 
of Equity with It* thouaanda of farm- 
er membora, aad tbla waa the organ- 
laattoa whleb wab oae of tba pioneer 
atovamama taacklag ewparation 
among the farmers. Yean ago thlt 
orxanizatlon did the work which It 
DOW being curried on OB a laigar acale 
by aeveral apieodld Fanaara* Organ 
laatlona of today. 

I mention these matte^^i .iliniily ta 
■how that I have hud experleni-e on a 
lurKe si-ule aloD;: organization lines, 
tvhli'li iiiai.e ai  In part the duties uf 
the (iuvernur. To prop*irly orgaalxe 
the many braacbaa «t tba Stata Oov- 
•nwMBt la a Job raqBlrtof csparlaBca 
tB orgaolaatioa work. I aat acBrtaead 
that llta voters of the Stata ara mora 
iatarcatad in the platfnnaa that tka 
IT ttMlk tka «M  

lawt at preoeat regulating the bual 
Beat and tbe avery-day Ufa of the 

There la a tendency la tbe ccantry 
today to keep piling on the atatute 
books laws resuliitin; the hualnes.4 and 
private affairs of the citizens. I aui 
of the opinion that It Is the part of 
« l.sdom that we le irii n ar presen; 
laws and obey ilieiii rather than 
hrin? Into disrepute all law by furtbet 
restiic-live leL'ihIation. 

If I am elected (Jovernor, all laws 
on the statute books will he tlio:- 
ou;;hly and earefiilly enforced as far 
1 as my powers will re.irh. The chief 
: ciineern in tli Si.ite and Nation to 
; day is the strict enforcement of la« 
and tbe abaolute inalnteiunca of peace 
and ordar. For the aecarUy bf tbe 
individual aad far tita protactlna of 
property rlghta, law aad ordar mast be 

If elected .iovemor, I pledge tbi  
heat that is witliir. lue to carry out 
this statement. 

If elected, pardons will be scarce i! 
Frankfort, esiiecially for the crime nf 
takintt bunan life. The reputation I'f 
our Stata niaat ba battarad aloog tkla 

IIi:;ii I:i\aIiou Is the sure ^pot wlih 

the 1 pie In the Sl.ite and Nallnn, 

The U-^.sIatlve li''an.-li nf niir Slat.- 
Covernnient writes the tax laws, bu' 
If electeil (Jovernor 1 will work witl. 
the LeKlslalure in every way possible 
to brias about tbo lowarlag of our ta^ 
ea. Aa a fanner I kaow what the 
Burden of taxation la tu the farmer 
and bualaea-. teaa and homi' owner, 
and every effort must bo made to re- 
duce taxatioB. 

The time bus come when a hall 
must he culled In increasing our Siatr 
debt, and every i-nnri In reiluie I 
must !'!• Mi.ele. The nbllKatlnns 'if 
deln .ire made ii  Sie State l.e;;:s',. 
ture and not by tli,- (ioveriinr, bui if 
1 am elected I will earnestly luiii . 
that State expeiMlittiraa be kept with 
In tlie revenue to tbat oar dabt will 
aot ba iBrtawad la tka aaxt AdaUn 
latr attta. Baafy aflact MMtt ba laade 
to ladaea tba BtaU dabt aad If I am 
•IkeM tka rata paaaar vlU ba uaed 

men In different lines and seek li.e r 
counsel ind supiiori In snlvin.;; tin 
many dl"liiilt problems widch con- 
front our people. No man can anivo 
theaa protiema alone, and the can- 
didate who pronilaei to do to la the 
worat type of a demaTogue seeking 
votaa. It alactad, I prutulaa to do t'le 
"rery boil I can with the ctninsel ;i'id 
advice of leading men and women of 
nur State to solve oor bna!Be«ii d!i;i- 
cnlties for the bctt iBterefta of tht 
Com mnnwenllb. 
I  ntpr this r.ifp free from any 
niMl idisol-.itelv fr'-rf 
from any help or iiromise nf In iji a 
nnyway f.nia anv business lirm or 
corporaiion anywi.ere. 

It Is well known to the .'^tate tlin- 
for I have been an advocate ' f 
cooperative nr,''an!rfa;Iiin amona the Fan.iir. r is tlie chief besl- 
nesa in Kentu 'i;.v ,icil I a:.i dellirli:cd 
that our cooperative organ!.':atlona are 
proving so snccessftil. I congratulate 
the bankers of Kentucky on the ataad 
they have taken In anpporting tha 
Farmert' Cooparatlva Movement, akd 
as n fanner I thank them for thair 
help In our time of need. For the 
pact two years I have been actively at 
work in the liebl to orKiinIze tbe 
farmers, both in 'lie Hurley IMstrlet 
and the lilarl; I', ;i.ii, and I trust I 
will be pardoned when I state that I 
have always paid my own In 
these campaigns. This has been a 
considerable sum fur a man of my 
llmitad BtaaBt bat I waa glad to make 
tha coQtitbatlon of both tliaa aad 
meaaa to kalp parfact oor Farmara* 

I believe In equlubic and Uring waasa 
tor men and women ln*aU Haea tt m- 
duito'- The iMat Interests of the Nation 
are nerved when those who labor own 
their own homes and can give their lov  il 

not only the necessities of life tut 

■■.furt.s an well, 

.r.iLltci.ilil.v nnpMSt-d tu the Irdec* 
, i; ils;in p. 'lilies ialt) the niiiii.i;,,-- 
I miiil ul 111. [K'ii.,1 and i.-liarUabl«  lliHtitu- 
tloliH lif I he .Sl.ite. 

I'ndrr iiur pre.-^t'Ut 8 -sleni nf clec-t uiis 
we ha\,- .,11 lart.tii In I-Ceiiu.i-ky ev»iy 
year .Mni-ti iiiui.'- - ci^uid be saved to the 
tux-pay, -r^ in kii*ii 'i Henii iin ] i :, ( 
and itif p,- iplo relieVfil uf niin h woiiy 
U we ns,)lUliited uur eli-ctluii- I ia\or 
un\- piun which ulil biliiK .liiout this 

1 have the hlKti'-s. re;:ara for the dle- 
tlnKUl»heil Ki'iitl* ii' iii whn has .tannuiicd 


Miss Roberta Cotav a saBior tbla 
year la tha vocal ^apartaaBt at Um 
Coilaoa of Maate. Ctaataaau, aaac 
at tka Matkodiet Ckarak laat taa- 
daj Bionlag. Wkaa 

aaat tf««aaatl7 to tka dallikt of 
all tkoaa nfeo kaard kar. kit kar 
soB( laat •■adar 
hu done. Ska baa 

nhlp development during the | aat 
three months. She has splpndid con- 
trol nf !inr voire and her enuncia- 
tion Is very clear One of l.he pleas- 
ing features about her sinning Is 
'.hnt ench word is spoken so It can 
bo understood. We cnngratulnte her 
on her good work and believe the 
next alx months nf study will reveal 
mora development of bar 
niaad talaat. 

ROAD POM raws 

Happy Kaw Taar. 

Tbe cepl waatker baa eaoaad lots 
of butebaring. 

Rev. M. F. Smith haa put ap a 
very complete line of goods. 

Jaines L, GarlaBd la Bow bmylns 

Schools nre having cxcelliMit nt- 
tendancp coiisldorliiR t,'ie weather. 

Tl'.p boys nrn liivint; a line tima 
I lu; ' inc r i liliii ■■  ud qii.i i'. 

I'erry (i rlaiil killed a hoK that 
netleil live hundred and forly-fnur 
;^oiind,-i. Some iioR, 

The wedding of Rev. W. M. Car- 
roll, of Arlemua, and Mrs. Thomas 
J. Savage, of Hammond, took place 
at tbe home of tbe brida Taasday 
avantng. Mrt. Sarage la aaranty- 
one year^ cf age aad bar bnsband 
 t sixty-nine. 

J. C. W. fl. G. 


Ud u uaiiuidi.le for t;i-\'eriior and fnr 
thuse whuse aiiiiuunf'':;iinta 1 um in- 
formed will M'lull be I'M ir. ;,nnlng .No 
act or utteranei- iif mil:.- will mar tlie 

CampalKli ^V.' v.- ,,.,1 .nlllily ino 

mueh .itnie wiUiiii 4i   wn parly In :ne 
past und I aai I'upeful the campaign 
will be M-:tlt d ui c'li the merits of tne 
candidates ihcinH,-lves und thtlr Issues, 
so tnal when the decision Is made we 
will go Into the flnal election with u 
united Democrallc I'urty- I am Inform- 
ed by many uctlve Democrats In all parts 
of the Siaii' that If I am nominated we cud 
expect to poll tht full vote of tbe Parly, 
and after inontha of careful survey and 
lavestlsatton I am convinced tbat II 
Bomlaetcd I con build up oa organlaatlon 
which will carry our Party to auecess in 
the Baal election be/ond any qucallou. I 
am aboolutely slocers In my desire to 
serva Kentucky, tor four years In the 
House ot Kepresentailves In Kentucky, toi 

.Mr and Mr.s, Lester Illll, of Alva. 
Ky.. were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. 
T. J. Jackson S.ifurday night and 

Mr mil Mrs. Henry .lackson and 
children w.-re ituesls .'f Mr, and 
Mrs. Sill Torrott. of Harlan, thro- 
ugh Christinas 

Mrt. Sarah Taylor is on the sick 
llltt this week. 

Mra. Elisa Daes, wko liaa been a 
pleasoBt gaaat frtaada aad rela- 
tives for tka paat weak, kaa r«- 
tumed to her home la PlBertlla. 

Mr .ud :\Irs. Ed Jarvia inter- 
laiiied quite n number of friends 
and ridallves Dec. 2.' . 

Mlsa Nannie Toylor was guest of 
ihoinefolkt Saturday and Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrt. Walter Lawaon in- 
tertalnad tka* toUowlag gnaata oa 
chrittmaa with a real tarky dlnnat. 
Those preaaot ware Mr. aad Mra. Ta 
tJ. Jackton, Mr. and Mra. Oaro B. 
Edaon. Mrs. EHsa Dees and Oraat 
I Cole. 

Mr. and Mrs, (Jgro Kdson will 
leave for their .home in KokomOi 
Ind. the (irat of tbe week. 


four years in the State Senate, und lot 
fourteen years In the Congress uf th  
United States I have represented a great 

and a patriotic people. In the last two 

eltL'tlnns I have i.oi hud opposition from 
till- i;m ■ ■ 111 I'.iriy. The peuyie of tlie 
Si \. ,iiii 1 ij;iKi e»«K 'i.i! Uisirltt would not 
have Bl\cii lile tills service If 1 hud 
nealected the butilliei^d i-iitiusled to iiie. 
I have lulttifuUy tried to serve them, and 
if elected tiovernur my atnbltion will ue 
to render u full i.ieujure of service, 

1 served In Congrehs under the leader* 
ship uf thut I 'resilient, Woodrow 
Wilson, and ulway. guve him and his 
pulJcles loyal support When my I'ttity 
culled me to muliuge the .State Campaign 
In 11116 fur President Wll=ou 1 ai-cepted 
the responsibility, and we carried the 
State b  .til overwlu-liiilii^ m.ijorlly Al 
though a man of mi-d''r:iu- l'ie.iii.-i 1 paid 
lha detllit of thai ' inip.ilun aiiioumlng 
to a good inan  thuasanUs uf dollars and 
have never rtKretu-J the evpi-iidituro. 
In ItIO thf .S'alloii.i: Ueni . r uK- Ooiiuult- 
tee calle,! llu- to .N,w York to take 
chart;,- ui the orgaiiizatluu work there, 
und tor iiiwiiths I laboreil Uay und nli^lil 
for l'uil  niKiiSb, VVe liiM-v\ that loiull- 
tlolis Mere .sueh Me t ould not wis. 
Iiut Wi- touglit  is w  ■   ouUl to .he 
l.i.--t oiirh, 1 mention ihes,' pirsunal inai. 
urn tu show that I huve trlud lo slvt 
soiiii ililng In return (or the fuvori 
wliieh iii  I'urty has fehown to me. 

It 1.1 \,tll kiiowa that larm laiidb unci/,,,,,,, i, 
real iMale in the eltles ale bi iilin '""i^" 
heavy boidciis of t.i3,atioii II 1 .iiu .u-il- 

ed lloVe I II'  1 , I will Iii^l..' ,1 lull liiws 
tlon ol tti  I.iX,-s belliK p'lid b  al! . 1 ' -s- 

•a ot pinpiiiy una it it is found t.iu 
oert:tiii   i.'soes of property are es' .ipini 
tlieii bt ..i  of taxes, iheu 1 v^'lU cei tainl) 
reconinieiui leglslution to remedy this de. 
(vet In our uuilng sysleni. 

Uecenl pollticul Ueveiupmeiiis d.-mon- 
strute thut there ui u .-'pi.-iidlU o^porlu* 
nlty unilt r p;,'P,-r Ic-uU.-: .-a 'p tu brln| 
uustern KtntuiKj and tlie la;gest elt  t  
our i.'oniliionweulth back Ihto the Lieiiio- 
t i allc loid K elected Uovernol, 1 v. ll 
make every elTurt tu give such u gooK 
udmliilstrutlon ana tu work in haJiii inj 
with the lieniociuts from the sections a 
our Stule nienlluned otiove, that ttien 
wlU be no doubt ut out the outcome U 
future electluns. 

No doubt other issues will arise durliii 
the i-uinpuigii aii'l HO fur as 1 um oon- 
eerned they will opeiii\ uiid frunkl) 
■Mt 1 subuilt ll   cundlducy to tlu 
if I I u( the aiMe witli 

Sill WW a 

Till Man Is 4a 
ganerally. a man'a hea^ 
particularly If he la a thlitklBg naaa^ 
eoiitliiU' a to Increnae In slaa BBttl ka 

(a for'y "•• H'"' yearn of age. 

Classified Ads 

18 H acrea ot land on Smoky 
Creek, alte for houKe. Timber and 
coal. Fine fruit land. Next to Beard 
property. Acerage correct accordlm; 
to Mayor T. D. Tinsley. Baa Frad 
Bunaaa. AdYaaata, for iriaa. tt 

Dr. A. L. Parker now bas his X- 
ray machine nicely installed in a 
prettily furnished mnm with every 
(;onyenlenea tor thoae wbo with to 
have the rooti of tkalr taatk axum- 

iiied. tf 

Dr A. I. I'arker. who is equipped 
Ki (Iti'l till' of trouble in tlie 
roots ot teeth with bit X-ray iiia- 
chiua. will. If daalrad. axtraat teeth 
under gas tl 

The I.adies Aid of the Christian 
. agent for tbe well-liiiow :i 
Wade'g Extracta which any member 
wlU ha iUd to aappir 7oa wltk. tf 

For 8al«— il41 Acre Farm on Big 
Richland Creek. Timber and Coal. 

I'urties Interested call ou or address 
John C. Mariou, Olrdler, Ky. 3-tt 

Fat Ma I bava a leod OaaoUna 
MUl aad Cmabar eoawlata aad aat 
of BUtekamltk'a Toola, loaatad aaar 
the Jail. BarboanrlUa. for aale vary 
cheap for eaak. Uacia Ika, J. 8. 
coid.-ii or Jaka Kladar wUl akow 
Hutuu at any tlma. k-4t 



The Grant Drug Store 

Gives strict attention to all prescr^itioas, * 
voAag ocif the best intgfu 

J A 

rrtWf /iniaKS rar \JBiSy j 
Kodaks and Films. 
Sodas and Candies^ 
Delicious I^Cream 

Headquarters for School Supplies 


DuPont, Atlas, 
Hercules and King Bi'ands 


We are in a position to handle your business regardless of 
the size of your orders. Shipping days Tuesday 
and Friday each week. 

Semi us your mail orders; we have the goods in stoclc 

Delaware Powder Company 

CHAS. C. BYKLEY, Manaper. 
Office & Main BIdg. rear Bell Natl. Bank Bldg. 



Means Assurance 
Against Loss 

It is a mighty good feeling to have that 
should fire wipe out your property. You 
will not be cleaned out too^ Every man 
knows his own business of course, but he 
cannot taive his business when afire. 

Insurance is the Answer 

H.C. MILLER Agent 

The Henry Clay Fire Insurance Co. 


Broyles & Co. 

Have Changed Quarters 

formerly at the Buchanan Motors Co. 
Garage, has moved to their new head- 
quarters adjoining The Knox Bottling 
Plant at the junction of Depot . Street 
and Allison Avpnuc. 

Nr. Broyles, wno is a skilled workman, 
announces that he is prepared to ex- 
ecute any job in iron or steel that needf 
reiMrir, or, in i many cases, that cain m 
■Ukle at home. 


Re;i;uu"«i;'":iS8* BarbourvUle, Ky. 


LewU Drus Cq., for 
■a|«, o«B«r iMTtaf tewa. 

For Two Story House on 

Allison Ave. In good condition. Good 
outballdinga. A bargain it sold at 
once. — Jm Pajrae • tt 

Piano for fcl* leeona tea«. A 
barsaln. Baqalre at AdTAeato oflee. 

For Rent— a rooms' peoupled by 
the National Quard and ^ rooms in 
front in Jones building. See J. R. 


Piano For 8ale - 
PoatoOe* Bos 


-180 delivered, 
or aaaulre at 

For ■■I*»0B* 6-i'u(iin house, Itt 
ball, batli, h^dwood iJuoru, bot air 
furnace, all in first class condition. 
Oood garage. Lot TtxlBO, situated 
on Piao BtTMt, abMlatcljr above tbe 
Uck vatWi Ssa W. V. Stewart. 

riM sk   


The High Cost of UTing 
by havfaig ydor shoes r 
paired by the speogy, 
up-to-date methods and 
with tbe good leather 

Tlie City Shoe Shop 

Mountain advocate (Barbourville, Ky. : 1904 : Weekly), 1922-12-29

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Barbourville, Kentucky by D. Will Clark
   Knox County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)