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date (1865-01-20) newspaper_issue LOUISVILLE DAILY 




NO. 228 

("AlVKKT, (IVILL 6 CO., 





I'tii}. tr fciaii, »kt jroar 

Do do lor cix . 
l v do lor ir..e iLuiitl.. . 

OA: I. a MtKs?*. d-iiv.-r.j in the 
r «■ 




r. . 

.*! Oil 

.11. I.' 


§mm ., " " " m ). 
W i .. ill ».-ud OS* tWTBA IXM'Y with every CLUB Oi' 

nuu two nnu OBetnaaanscwnoaT^WBWBT. 

— 1»: 4 I At- KOTICK. 

Ai '. I i r i 1:5 i :»ti...- i : ; ul~ i-:ii.u«. AuverriM- 
or uth.r I.u i.h«» «1tb tb.-par-r. «b- uM I* ad- 



I iii th- city. 
■ itold la iMMMi 
m,\ ANO HIgff 

nnTlv dtf 


t r.|{ it L i*ONDK.\TM. 

l» foi tl.  J ..p- r should l - » lt!r«Mdd to 
.- I ni.iu I'r- s«, LoniHVilh*. Ky." 
tak'-u to aritr on oui  out- side of the 

taken of Auonyin uh cominnDicationa. 


Iu  233 Main Street, one door above Third, 

iMwnuii ky. 


'1 •. \t. Military Triminiiif*, Ac. 


•MB dtf 


• ;   n ;l —merit* la Dnlla 

■ t. i  \.  r!- ■ ! Una. iu oilmen ol "Wauta," 

"I .1 U.-i!t." ••i-.ear.litK," "l*-*."' "t'Witi, 
i - .- ... n .. -. 1 t u. »oi g. urr.l adv.-rtismg m.« 

■lut-nta Iu VVr  

ilr MM I'reaa. 

ik r * . •• ru mcuUi il 


Hardware and Cutlery. 




•WOM i-o corner of Tenth utreot. 

HAVK ample ream for itorape a-.d all the facilities for 
making |aBck  -*l* and prompt i.tum.. a»rltf 

ijlM.;v-. 1 iki.Sp.-.i,i, tejBB, Irons. Waller 
hi..| Spice Mi N.Nist   nek*. Tool Scr*p.r N Kate, Tuck.. 
Loika, Lalrhm, II. .lis, BBSS* gaSh* Trap*. 
UJ, -. S S a! -. Wu. •I'.ur**, Kar 
M uff. and T0..L and ItuiM-nT Hardware of ev. ry d^ci ip- 
Um. \\ *al. and Ki-lail It 

■III WM Third Mat 




Comer Tenth and Broadway, 

( Near L. A N. K. K. It. pot,) 




».vd BMW 

r. *•»•:■■! f-e- v. f »■ Il _u 

!. »( IXVII.I.K. H V. 


  t i.i :ki ati:i  

li II I. II PE\ 



UK K4HIa. A. MfMJW, 



or TIIK 

International Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 

o r IBM I ok k. 

To lh« MflHt ol viiuc of^lvfiiliir-liy, Jniniai) 

  ; *h t iii.ii ai ti^MMyno «K» 


l ulled Stat— Ml Bon in t 50f .»KO On 

! t inted Static 4Vrtifir*t « ol Indehti din-M.  4:.0!« 

Utliuc i f fll li m. Bar Y^ucln-rii X-'.yi'V* 

Ik'hlii MMl h  Morion •_••■•) M Keal KNtitti, 

anrlh H«i per o ut. un ;e Oiau Mnrtfaifes 16,.'4rt on 

Dehta due Pie Com pan   , otneraiae Miunn, 

■at DMMtMM Mn.nvi i.i 

I »- - 1 - 1 — .t ie for plfjilium' „ 4,nlfi 7.1 

  a h ou baud _ _ S.7JI 2- 

tl.137,1'10 31 

s A 1, B s n () O M, 

No. 333 Third St. 


La wi a^ibaied a  ,i duw and aince paid.. 
L'-sn » uuadju»U-d _ — ....»„ 


Fit I DAY, fAHTABf tO. MOB* 
tiii: ijHaiaiiiTTTiB 

The Kontucky fjQg,i«1«tT« seems to bo 
exceedingly \mny doing nothing. Aside 
from elei ting a Copi erhead United States 
Scimlor, and appointing a one-sided Com- 
mittee to go to Washington to confer with 
the President about military matters in the 
Stat«, which Committee will entirely and 
cxcluaively represent (Jovernor Bnunh Ue's 
views, we can't see that it has done any- 
thing of a positive practical chaiarter. 

Ou Wednesday tho resolution concerning 
Judge Uullitt was under discussion in the 
Sciiai ". Senator McIIenry opjxised the res- 
olution, as he thought the Senate wero the 

! jurors, not the prosecutors in this case. The 
matter ought to come from the House. Ke- 
rause Kullitt was arrested by the military 

I it was no evidence of the Judge's jjuilt. 
Senator Bush thought it was a matter for 
the Senate to take hold of. Tho case of 

' Judj^e BUM was a prvcdent. 

Alter considerable discussion the whole 

: subject was, by a vote of nineteen to fifteen, 
poatpoaed to Monday next. 
Senator BttMh introduced a set of resolu- 

I tions stating that as Kentucky was now 
alone of all the border Stat  s holding on to 

i slavery, and as she would soon be entirely 

I surrounded by free territory, ami as the in- 
stitution of Blavt-ry was demoralized, it was 

1 the duty of this Legislature, M a cmixtitn- 
BmmI v «y, to riil the ,s(ntc of .s/aivry, and 
provide a reliable and productive system of 
labor iu its stead. 

SoaatOff I i k otltTed as a substitute a res- 
olution instru -ting our Hepreseutatives in 
Congress to v  te for the amendment to the 
Constitution abolishing slavery. 

o i notCta of Agnaler Borioeapiea the 
u /in/c .niliji'rt was laid on thet i ile. 

This undoubtedly settles the matter of 
slavery so far as this Legislature is con- 

Senators Robinson and Marshall, of the 
conservatives, voted against the motion ol 
Mr. Worthinglon, and others of the conser- 
vative Senators think that some steps will 
yet be taken to rid the State of slavery, but 
we can't see upon what they base their 

We think it very clear that there will be 
nothing done by Kentucky to bring aboul 
so desirahle a result. The only hope we 
have now for the abolition of slavery in 
this State is in the Congress of the United 
states. The "elfete ancfburdensoine" in- 
stitution will never be removed by auy ac- 
tion of our present State ollicials. TJjcy in- 
tend to hold on to the concftf^t'^uTitil it is 
absolutely wrested from them. 

Tin: BLACK law hoi ii,i,inois. 

An earnest ell'ort is now being made by 
the people of Illinois to have the present 
Legislature abolish the infamous black 
laws of that State. I'etitions are pouring in 
boon all parts of the State for their repeal. 
The^e petitions are signed by large nun - 
l ers of the most inlluential men of the 
State, many of whom four years ago voted 
■gainst these laws bi-ing stricken from the 
statutes of Illinois. Jt is said there is no 
doubt abo :t these laws being repealed tbi- 




.» i"". n i session. The penj  

i m i* 

ill it, and the Logte- 

T.l- Utc- t. In i !•• ' ' •-• !». •■ • r t II. TT » i\ X. ■ 

naik tar OjilWar pallS alali wmt lorrirt uiai i nc 
l.-t. IVnari-ptii •.:  -.e :   '.»). V, ».  h ai-d !'••!. j.r.i- 1.- 

UOLU rCSia ni.l'.K.iL.OOlt v » :;»T  and, 

WatcLc- and Jcwelvy 

Tt: twt al :f.i:i Thin; ' tr- t. 





N... 'S'.iit tin-en r ir ■•. ..pp.. -it.' ti.. Loai tillc Tho 
g    M« ANI  M LV« I 
' I II iT liai. I*«t !4« « 
  |.-l. r I in. .'id KxtCB. an I I 
xaii. t  ..t O .Id and PUtvd J. 
a I |.. h.M; DULLAM LAI II. 
' _ .... 


Hi .. aBtl H V. U 1 1 aM   I UUM n, I 

L..I i \ii.m . Jau. \ Ji, IV;.'.. j 

n n.-T .  i teoae Ba '• 

' I. It i. ai-'.-iiii aun»i:n  • 1 Hi f-alj   r (rlvine aw a)' u' 
, i v hi nsr di ink'.   itir.enn' or ofiii-e: i ' clothme. to ni- ii 
f-nlUl ■£ in the aerviot of tin- I uiU-d t-lati s i- nl.»olut. ... 
Mii 'gin . ■ :-r MM who. by tassaOMH 

- f t: or sire a»a» , will I* arrrrted and plaot.1 
al k:ir.l HMMt M th 1 MMnOl m. a I iin or f ¥ Ml .1. 1 U 
of liquoi- or . Iiilnini' a.-iy..-d and r p. r"..- 1 forcnlin : 

II. No arlhl  of titizeaa' of.i-*iV clo'hinu aiil I ■ 
» Id to ao    n nut:, »il:..ul a -|v.i.l | unit fern 
tn l'i • Mi »h i! ..f ih. rit), or from i   r .uperi. .- 
It. i : .i. irterf, : iii t that the i-oldii-r h  a, or pre 
\. ... . «.r • i-rtili. »« • ..f uistliarae. will 
In. I pr  e  t (he M.-II. r UUi'iM tn.- 1 i. «l I 1- |.-.|iiind 
1^ rmi». if dr. d v h..ll    r in p:irt in Fed.- :il uniform. 
Th. I'ror.-t Mar-ha! will ci--e any rii.eharKed f.d ier the 

...i i • p riiut up -i: ratiaiacn i j . \i leuce of his hatrius 
|... I, .! ..-hur^e.;. 

III. for eMWb !t MS WhaSMl aMMSBRTa 

Pr..»..n m iMMt i-n-.ti. asMl toaaaasafesnaoai 

I: in. . '•■il.ii / t . rjecutc tinir parole of hom.r In 
f.. thflll   i . I!.. ..hlicati lis iuipo-*d np..u Hi: m !•  

i ... m i r. mi ! t. . x.-t a i. i,i. viih sSMsa SStl 

|..r tin- i il. riu»- i. i.i li..- |4n |... 

I \ i n ' f h i ui tt 1 ;.. .'i,\i. ..r nde an) 
t...\. run- nt Iiotk - « i t*-aui on 1 th- rut-  ■! live mil.   
p.-i hour, aithm tie- c«t» mil f . au en,. i t't n.   .i-muudi- 
., fi-v i :■, •. :.U'l in iili ►  h raaea tlie driver, ao'.dier or 
©rd-rlr wit! le luriii-h-i l.y the nili.vr directiuc faate 
► f. i .f tit v ...... t h. i -m auil...r. i v .th a r Ttit. - 

tat ..rc.e fart, and in th.- aba-no- o* -u i, authority ai y 
•'•Idier "i   • !■ on tit employ.* h  d.iiiia will I.- arreateil, 
mipri-oned and cha; £.* po f.-i i.-d for viola' i.m of ..rd-r*. 

\ . i oudcetors acd eiie.u'-: r^ nn th.- I'liitid S:ate« Miii- 
tarv Ktilro»d are al. olai ly t..rhidd-n t.. run am ti.i... 
car or heoiaoiiv- at rr.ut»r »j*.k1 tliau fir.- wUea p i 
h.Hir witl iothe  it  limit-. Tie- fr-voat Marahal w.ll 
,:„,, i;U:ly iuMr.i- t tl, l"r..-. -  i:.:;i I t-. ,-irre-t, and In 
M l: an- c barer- t- be t -.-d acai -i. an] «otn!uctor or 
et.Kin -«-r on f-aid roa I atuic tbi- order, and, if n.-re*- 
»tr . »itl   • '" n * SMWl   ii th- Una of f e road wi h j 
lit d icatrui-ti .ta ou tbi. «ibje;t. 

\|  I a.... r Henry I'l.-a n- r. li .v *.t Marrhal. i-   banri I 
» thtbe • x.-i ii ioa ol tin. i.rd-r. atd will lx- hell re- 
. ,. l.le |..r r... 1 . f t. ■.:?. AM oi"..-. r . and 
(u.idien- it. t ... uiiuabd v. ill rindtrbiw every aajiatau-a 
in th ' r i-.w. r. 

it, . m.inau I of Lt C.I. Tho-. i:. l it"! ■ ai, 2 ;h K  

*3.i«m mi 

K. r a more detail. -d "tatein.-nt *i- • rertifl.-d ropk - o! tin. 
•rifteataa Wm at Auditor', .-(tie. , Kiaiikt.irt. at CmmSi 
' Uerm - uSk  . LowMrlOa, m M m  oilic.-, o»er tin MM M 
li. S. I- ,.. ii. t A   a. 

I- -roiuptly ii.ljU-it.-d and paid. 

jam La KOBKKT ATWOOD. Aei iit. 


Aftsibtsnt Quartermaster's Ofidoe. 

Lot is.iu.E, Kv., April IT, ISM. 

l/.r.Ii t-i iiun l^a^- Arnller/ ll-rr -a oi _ 
i « ITT "J -i iUcatio.18, vn_ Tobe lf % bamU hivh and 
r.;iw»r.|«. i.t.t .. -« live  '•) n..r n . re than nine {:•) 
I M* .'I., fr.e trutu Ml MaadMMi oi vii i. mjirnki, and id 

■m i. » .ui .l. and aervii oaole auimals, Binttl.'i 

 r artillery pu.rpoiie. ami 011t.MX.-t to riirid innpecti'in tt 
!.• aMrSV . ny. Mi MM bMRi and lift;. -live (l.VSidol- 
iam. Paj ujeut tn-iuir MMla in o-rtiflrattw of ludel.ted 
M -f. No nun ix r h-M tua'j MM (.7) will ha roo-iived fror 
auy pari, . 

By actWa! u- ^. Goa. U. BBml Cai O. M. 

. ; -r Oapi. and Ass't. (,». M. 

- l^xiI CtuarTermr.^tor's OSfico. 

ISSnvHSBj Kv., na March. 18£t. 


MV KSIGN Kl) !■ anth' ii/ed to pur- 
Cavalry ilorteaot the ioliowmc apeci- 

U »! «, rii- To'b.-lr» n li to ih bauds huh, 

not I'-m* than 5u;ir more than niue * v I years old, 
BM ir.»m all hi. .inliex or vioioin trichti, aud iu r.U re- 
ur«..- *i*t l, or. nd. and ie?rvi  'able auimaU, auitahle tot 
eatain porptiae. aud aubiert to rigid lutpection at Lou.s- 
vi'.;.-, K\. Prie^ oi.— hjndred ..ud nfty (»IVt) dollait 
i ». h. i-a in. nt »;n.- inaile la r-rtitioatiw of ilidehtoJtiefcB. 
Ko numb, r le m than eight t. til iti i'«Q«ivod froL-i any 

**\\f partita |MSSM|H a MM* MMMMli BBBl ■) the catl. 

u a :• MMXfl Ml i.y OMSMMI l«tore re-oivaiK au- 
Uority to pn* out amuJiU toe in*pectio«g. 

-..! Li.-at. C-'.J-.ia-sA. i'.kiu, t i-fo. M. Car 
atrv lint— ' L L K N , 

\**'t a . ;j. m 


UKMO\ A L.— Tl IB 
mmm4 th. it pi 

•fbusiiieM t.. No, 41- Bafal Mil I 
m l..iut:i am : Kilt li. vch-r- MM) a ill i outinue Um 
« ii I - it.- in.... i) auii Commi-eioti bu.-ineioi. 
jalJtl O UAKI'NKK. 




ji?ino ClotHing 


u»bi b* nmnvBiw uoom, 

i.'itr i If Itl B , %. r 
ysr Clothing Marl* HI Or.ler. 

miwtiit rmrrrui 

Capt. ■ nd A. A.C.. 




1 of Kentucky t 
; K- n- n. W  i apit 


jruiir." my I.Hitatn.ii. it Burlaw a I 

I Guard, I r the net n • et n„. . # j ,,| 

att ill . n to eohi.i»t of u..t 1 . „„ K j x 
■hi l' MQ«afi — *~ of which atotolw 

Q ( uarte^•illaaSt8rs , Vouchers 


V. I,. K A l  WAV, 

J.«. A. 


Tee Pay, Ritioni, OBSJBBBj *r-. Ihei-ame an in the 
recular ervi.-. 

I would IUe to luive at least three Compaliita B«P 
Lnniaviih-foi thia l«tlalino. 

l'- r fartb er particulars addrex 

M a A. J. 11 A l'KTNGTON, 

j.liifd Krankfort, Ky. 



la tu re i  not disim-lined. 

It BMJ not be Banecallj known thatUen- 
•talJona a. Ijog/ut wss taa sat law of the 

BtBek Laws of Illinois. We learn from a 

eoRoanonBonl of taa Ckiesgo Tribune that 
John A. Lilian introdn -ed them into the 
House of tU present atives iu IMS, althonyh 
we believi' they did not become a part til 
the laws of that Stale until BBS. And fur- 
thermore the Hon. Andrew J. Kuykendal. 
the Union representative elect to OongSSBS 
for lower I'trypt [iresented them in the Sen- 
ale, where they were Htipported by BBS 
Hou. S. W. Moult. m, another repre- 
sentativa elect to Congress lrom 
' Illiiinis. All, then, of BbBM men wero 
I at the time leaders in the Hemoeratic party. 
Tliw same corresji m leiil says that Mr. Kuj - 
ki tidal and Mr. Moulton are now at Srintr- 
lield, walehiag with interest the undoing ol 
; a work wich the\' had ■ hand in BOOQSB- 
• pushing, under the same inlluence Bfhieh 
' controlled Oeneral LofBBB, and probably n . 
! men iu the State will l e more gratef.-i 
when the work is done. QsJBBNd Logan is 
I now with Lis corps in Mouth Carolina, but 
I we know what his Views are now on that 
i subjeet, and no man probably will hail the 
J repeal of these laws with more satisfation 
, th.m he. 

These are but ■ fewof the many incidents 
BOW ttaaopiaiag every day which go to 

I shew what a wonder! ul fliSIBJTi is taking 
plaee in tho minds of leading politicians 
in regard to the negro question. Thi-y also 
serve to show what great progress the 

j Vnu i iean people has made in the same di- 

I rectiou. 

jasjgPU h%kki:ii. 

We sliy the following respecting this no- 
torious inaaasBBMBr from the Lsaaan bsb  

MBBBMBdeSJOS of th - Cincinnati Gazette: 

Sometimes when the report thata leading 
man t who is alive and well; is dead go^-s 
the Pounds, BO stands a chance to see him- 
self BB other, see him. The publie press at 
once fives him the burial — lirst, second, or 
third class— which they deem appropriate, 
and it is quite possible that such important 
pom aage has much to reBeot oa the old 

text, thai "the first shall be last.'' A some- 
what Rimilar chance has been the means oi 
holding op to Mr. Joseph Harker — once in- 
Bdel, BOB orthodox; once auti-s!avery, BOd 
now pro sis I SI 1 I he mirror of the gener- 
al ssnaistlon ol him. This most derotod 
and industrious of the secessionists here 
i whom, however, he serves not B/ithool 
pay, beings lirm believer in the principle 
of L. S. 1 .— Lot Sovereigns Decide), was, 
rather naturally but hastily, supposed to 
be the Joseph Bail III who took the 
pBSBS address to America, and was 
snubbed by Mr. Seward. Harker had pre- 
sided at the birth of that address, and had 
pioneered it wherever it wont, and all suj.- 
p . ed that he had taken it over. Hence 

out came in tho American papari the not 
very pleasing and attractive portiaJI an 1 
biography   ;! ' Barker. Those biographers 
did BOt and Uarker in America under the 

pMBudooym of Parker, but caught him 

here in tSngtand lecturing as hard as he 
could for tho Southern Confederacy. As 
BBS* B  supposed, he— i. e. the r«al "Darker 
wr s terribly annoyed. In an address 
that he BBSS S day or two ago at Manehes- 
i ter, he alluded to these tilings with great 

and even BJBBOJ pathetic, 
" papers to be just, even to "poor 
It is a pity that "poor Barker " 

for State Service. 

crnor  -f Kentucky to recrait one UeifimeDt of t. 1 I n'a'itry, to Ik- mUHtered into the aerviue of the 
btaU* Ibr tlie period of ooe )aar. Addre-a 

,a« tf 


begged the 
Ehuver.'' u is a j 

could not be persuaded to do justice to him 
self. He is known to lye a man who sells 
himself to th© side of any question which 
will bid highest for Biat la money; and so 
all parties despise him. The Southern se- 
bSSnaaaas here knew quite as much 
(possibly more) about him ns we in Amei - 
ica, and he i« the last man to whom they 

Pursuant to adjournment, both boards 
met, when the following message was re- 
ceived from the Mayor: 
To the Ucneral Council: 

( i i:m i.kmkn: As you had before you the 
object oi devising "means to free the city 
bom the draft, H has occurred to me that 
the simplest and readiest method would be 
as lollows: To Issue bonds having twenty 
years to run, bearing six per cent, interest, 
payable at the city treasury, both principal 
and interest to be paid out of the sinking 
fund. By ottering a bounty of 9400 to ettso 
recruit, the sum of ^loo.oOJ would secure 
BM men, and if the county w ill act in con- 
junction with the city, and raise $4.. ,ooo, or 
thereabouts, being 5-M of 'he total, I am of 
opinion that both city andeountycan be freed 
from the draft. Or If it bo found that a 
larger uuml er be required, a small tax 
could be levied to make up the amount. 
As tar as the city's quota is Concerned the 
Sinking Fund is" ample to meet such a de- 
mand, in addition to all others, and will 
constantly be increasing. 11}' this means a 
tax on the people will be obviated. I 
would therelore recommend that you au- 
thorize the issue of the bonds as above des- 
cribed, wm. Kays, 


The message was referred to a select com- 
mitlec, consisting of Messrs. Miller, Smith, 
and Armstrong, who reported a resolution 
requesting the Legislature to pass au act 
iu accordance with the above messaye. The 
resolution passed both boards. 

A communication was received from J 
M. Summers, asking the city to reimburse 
him for losses sustained while pump con- 
tractor, was referred to the proper Commit- 
tee. A communication was received from 
tho female teachers in the ward schools, 
asking an increase of salary, which was re- 
ferred to the Committee on education. 

A resolution was passed a-king the Leg- 
islature to pass an act in regard to substi- 
tute brokerage. The bill makes substitute 
brokerage a high misdemeanor, and con- 
viction thereot to be punishable by tine of 
$. r  00 and imprisonment for not less than 
six months. This resolution passed both 

The Chief of the Fire Department called 
attention to the want of cisterns in different 
portions of the city. In some localities iu 
the city there are no cisterns within four 
thousand feet. Should a lire break out in 
these localities, it would be a alfflnaB 
matter to suppress^ it. 

An ordnanco was adopted authorizing the 
establishment of green groceries, , uu j pro- 
viding the maimer in which licenses there- 
for may bo obtained. 

rumjm K0i»Kin in ttwawii 

A prominent Washington letter writer, 
iu a letter written n few days before the 
taking of i'ort I'isher, says: 

The takinj; of I'ort Fisher now will un- 
doubtedly injure Dutler, temporarily; and 
it may develop GtoOtfl that will ruin him; 
failure now will make Dutler master of the 
Wat Department, it' not of the Administra- 

And so personal fears and political plot- 
tings mingle with the patriotic aspirations 
witli which the capital waits for the bulle- 
tins from Wilinin^t-m. 

If we believed the foregoing remarks had 
tho slightest foundation in fact, we shoul.l 
feel humiliated. The idea that a failure to 
take Fort Fisher, at the second attack, 
would make Dutler master of the War De- 
partment, if not tho Administration, is 
simply absurd. If such a thing were pos- 
sible, under such circumstances, we should 
say that BBS War Department and the Ad- 
ministration were both sadly in need of at 
master. As it is, we believe that both have 
each a master now. 

For ourselves, we fail to see how any 
good, public or private, is to be attaiued by 
making statements of that character. 

I'llKSKN 1 ATlo.V OK A FLAG TO THK 12-".I  

kai'Km, — We could only find room y. su-i - 
day to mention brielly the interesting cere- 
mony of the presentation of a beautiful sill: 
Bag to tho BBi V. S. Colored Regiment, on 
Tuesday. The Hag was tho gift of mem- 
bers of the Green Street Bsptlsl Church. 
There were a large number of colored peo- 
ple from the city presetil, and the occasion 
was a v. ry interesting one. On presenting 
the Hag, Miss Mary Lewis said : 

Soldiers of the !2Sd Regiment — Too have 
enlisted in ihe service of a cause which is 
that Of freedom, not ouly iu this country, 
but throughout the world. The success of 
the armies of this great Republic over the 
hosts of rebellion is tho hope of liberty- 
loving people throughout the world. The 
freedom of your race no less depends upon 
the endurance of the Republic than the 
rignis and liberties of other raced. Its 
eauBS, therefore, is your own. 

I have been honored by being selected to 
present to you, in behalf of the congrega- 
tion of the Green Street Daptist Church, 
this llag, which is the emblem of freedom, 
and of the hope of our race. Accept it as 
au evidence oi the interest your frfendsia 
Louisville feel, stud will a"lw:cys feel, iu 
your regiment. Emulate the heroic conduct 
of your brethren on many a blood-stained 
Seal in its detciiso, and you will entitle 
yourselves to the gratitude of friends of 

freedom everywhere. 

In accepting the fla g Col. Porter said: On 
behalf of the regiment which 1 have the 
the honor to command, I thank you for this 
beautiful and appropriate tri ft. Coming 
from the friends of these men it will be 
prized as an evidence of your interest iu 
them and regard for thein. And mingled 
with their gratitude to you will be another 
feeling, for as they look on tliis ensign of 
their country, as it Boats proudly above 
them, they will hail il also as an emblem 
of freedom to them and to their race. For 
the Republic in her extremity and peril 
has risen superior to the preju- 
dice of years, and has called all her sons to 
her support without distinction of race or 
color; and, esllod from the darkness of 
slavery into tin- clear light of freedom, the 
colored soldier with his services sought for 
a. id their value appreciated, is laboring be- 
side his white comrade iu arms in the same 
pood cause, and may now join him in ex- 
claiming, Heaven bless and protect enr 
country, the United States of America. 
And looking with prophetic eye into the 

future, we see a time, 1 trust now not far 
distant, which sriU bring to us tho end of 
our labors and the fruition of our hopes. 

To the aCCQCnpl ishmanl of this end these 
men have devoted themselves and with 
such feelings they gratefully accept this 
flag, and pledge theinselves r that it shall 
not be dishonored. That when called to the 
field they will follow the footsteps and em- 
ulate the example of those noble colored 
regiments just alluded to, whose courage 
and devotion, and above all, whose louses 
have made their names historical. 

Remembering them and not unmindful 
of our own obligations and the wishes and 
hope, of friends and country, we have re- 
solved to stand by the old llag, for we can 
spend our lives in no butter way th in in de- 
fending it, and can find no better place to 
die than beneath its swelling folds, 

'With Fieedoni'n soil be math our feet 
And FrwHlouu banner waiviDg o\-r it./ 

A Glance at the Gold Market. 

;Fi om the New York Independent. 

One Mo n day Ave sat bv the window of a 
building which commands a view of the 
room where the speculators in gold have 
operated so extensively of late. 

The place was packed from desk to door, 
and from floor to ceiling, with broken, 
merchants, manufacturers, speculators, 
agents, clerks and messengers. Than 
were present old men, vouug men, fast 
men, fat men, lean nie^ short men, tall 
men, rich men, poor men, and men of ev- 
ery class, color and creed. They stood on 
the floor, ou the' counter, on the desks, on 
the chairs, on the Avindow-sills, and hour 
after hour they continued to buy and sell 
gold. Their flushed faces «nd flashing 
eyes told plainly the state of their minds. 
Fortunes were made und lost in a 
minute. Sellers were moro numerous 
than buyers, and they resorted to 
their usual tricks to stimulate purcha-ers. 
When a telegraphic message favorable 
to our arms was read, the Union 
men gave cheers, but they sounded feebly, 
lt was like the music of a" lute lost amid the 
roaring of bulls and the growling of bears. 
Men who are j olite in their drawing-rooiin, 
cordial in their greetings, and quiet in their 
oflices; men who sit demurely iu church, 
and who dare not open their bps to sp.-ak 
in a Christian assembly, or at a public meet- 
ing, throw off all restraint in the p res' nee 
of the golden image which they have set up, 
and shout frantically. A stranger unac- 
quainted with the language, and unused to 
such scenes, would be impressed with the 
idea that Redlam had broken loose. They 
cried out at the top of their voices, anil B itii 
great rapidity of utterance, gesticulating 
violently the price they would take for the 
shining dust. A score or more of them 
would speak at the same time, each endeav- 
oring to out-shout his neighbor. Almost ^iai'v".;.'; 
every man hail a book in his hand, in which, 1 
with convulsive lingers, notes were written. 
He who had plenty of brass as well as gold, 
and could make more noise than others, 
commanded the most attention and seemed 
to do the most bastneas. 

At about half-past three the g'»ng sounded 
for the open Doard to commence ojierations 
in the street— directly iu front of the Gold- 
room. For several minutes there was a 
contest between the gong-beater and gold- 
bidders. Their time was up, but they con- 
tinued their cries regardless of the rules. 
The more noise the gong made, the louder 
they shouted. The former was in danger of 
being battered to pieces -the latter ran the 
risk of bursting their lungs. Finally, brass 
Or copper gel the better of gold, and there 
was a general rush toward the street. Out 
they came like bees swarming, some red 
and some pale with rxcileinent. Not a few 
of them resorted to the stimulus of tobacco, 
lighting their cigars or crowding the quid 
into their mouths and rolling it as a sweet 
morsel under theirtongue-. BoBM hastened 
to the nearest restaurants, where they 
sought to keep their spirits up by pouring 
spirits down. 

In the meantime the bidding commenced. 
Sellers were plentiful, but purchasers we. I 
scarce. A tall man, wearing a white h it, 
exhibited a telegraphic dispatch, and the 
news created considerable excitement, giv- 
ing momentary vigor to the market. Au 
energetic man, with a round head, sur- 
mounting broad shoulders, offered to sell 
one hundred thousand dollars for a certain 
price on the dollar, but he  • mid not inspire 
an acceptable bid. Several men, wearing 
a Jewish cast of countenance, often d sums 
varying from five thousand to fifty thou- 
sand dollars, but the buyers were shy, 
and wished to wail until the morning. 
Although they ditl but little business, they 
made a great deal of noise, and the news 
hoys in the vicinity endeavored to sell their 
paper to men who dealt chiefly in specie, by 
screaming out tho nature of the news they 
had for sale. There was also a peddler on 
the corner, who offered a wagon-load of 
sour oranges to the men who-e teeth had 
been set on edge by their misadventures in 
the BBSaey market. The only quiet ana* 
lure there was ihe peddler's horse. The 
poor beast had lost one of his ears, and for- 
tunately tho ileal side of his Lea. I wa- turn- 
ed toward the mob of speculator". Cnliko 
the animal mentioned in the fable ofMldaa, 
the other ear did not turn into gold. In the 
boisteious gathering were many BBbstSB 
tial men, repnsentlag alnOBJ every phase 
of business. There were also rebel stgents 
from the Southern States — refugees who 
came here by the way of Canada, without 
the protection of our flag; gradual -s of Fort 
Lafayette, red-mouthed copperheads, who 
would like to seo the head of Jell'. Davis 
stamped on every American coin: lOnglish- 
men, Canadians. Frenchmen, Spaniard-*, 
Dalian" and others. Here and tin re might 
be seen millionaires. A young man who. 
seven weeks ago, commenced speculation 
with a margin of only BBB, and wno mad. 
$7i ,iK 0 in that time, has lost ( very cent of 
it, and now wears a troubled thee, indicative 
Of the wretched BtBW of his mind. 

This is the place toward w hich vast mul- 
titudes ol men aud women iu all parts of 
our broad land turn their faces wit li anx- 
ious interest. Il is classic as any battle- 
ground. The tall iu gold is only second in 
importance to tiro triumph of our arms i.t 
the lield. This is the thermometer by 
which we judge of our success. The lower 
the fall of gold, the higher the rise of patri- 
otic hope. These are the men, with few ex- 
ceptions, who have impaired tin- value of 
our currency; who have canned to a Real 
extent the high prices of the necessaries * f 
life; who have sought to bring 0MB l.t on 
us abroad; who have shot down our heroes 
with their bullets of silver and gold. If it 
is God's will, let them, financially, die. 
"Peace" to their ashes shall be their epi- 


OCR Rkpukskvi a i ivi: i«r Cox »ri - - 
We understand that our Representative in 
Coiurress, General Dumont, is still at home, 
attending to his private aflairs, not ha\ bag 
yet gone to Washington to attend to his 
representative duties. We have a very 
friendly regard for General Dumon; , ami 
would not intentionally say anything to : 
displease him or injure his Standing among 
his constituents. Bat he has duties to per- 
form, which he owes to his constituents and 
to the country, and BUT which he was SB. B- 
ed, and we respectfully submit that it is 
time he was at his post in Washington at- 
tending to those duties. Tho vote upon the | 
great question of amending the Constitu- 
tion SB as to abolish slavery, is about to be 
taken, (If It has not already baas taken: 
at last accounts it was said that but two 
votes were wanting in order to carry the 
amendment by a two-ihirds vote. Should! 
it be found that only one vote was lacking, 
and our Representative still absent— how, 
we ask, will he I'e.-I? and how will he 

answer to his eoaatitnentsf 

His vole may also be needed on the ques- 
tion of rep aling the duty on printiug pa- 
per—presuming, as we do, that he w ill vo e 
for such repeal. And again we MBJEBSBt BQ 
the General, ii he has not yet goneto Wash- 
ington, that it is time he was going. He is 
needed there at this very time, and that 
need is hourly becoming more Imperative. 

[Indianapolis Gazette. 

A Pastoral Lkttkr.— The "pastors of 
tho Protestant F. vaiigelical Church of 
Kvansville" have addressed a pastoral let- 
ter "to the prof, nana Of OUT holy religion," 
in which they condemn the following "evil 
praclices," which they say are prevalent 
BBBQUg the piUBBBBlag ( nristians in thai un- 

OF ¥ I ( i a L. 

laws oi- BU MTU st A' 

I'axsea' at th.- Sec .»./ s, . ,,f ,}„■ Thirtu- 
F.ijhth Conyre.**. * 

[Pt r.Lii — No. 7.] 
An acrtanysa] the BSavhnoa of law re- 
quiring certain RtgenBl of tin Smithso- 
nian Institution to 1-e memtiers of tho 
National Institute. 

/;*• it enncte.11,,1 the Senate ami of* 
Kepre. ie„t. ■»,,,•«.-., „/ ,/„. Cutetl gfnfW Bj 

dleanfM tu C b aaWai nsimlfiif That so 
much of tho act -to establish the Smithso- 
nian Institution, for th 
sion of atnowledgi 
that two of the SsBMatoi at aahl 
shall be members of the National Institute in 
the city of Washingi n, be and the same is 
hereby repealed. 
Approved, January lo, D 

increase of dili'u- 
i"iig men" asrequir s 


Aud we have I 
hear other professing Christians defending 
Bach worldly follies that resulted so sadlv 
iu the spiritual overthrow of iheir fellow- 
ehristans — calling such follies 'innocent 
amusement, 'The follow ing are some of the 
ovil practices to which we refer : 
"1. Dancin- 

Attending theatera. 
";'». Attending circuses 
"I. Taking part in games of chance such 
as social card playing, church fair gamb- 
ling and gift eatssprleei 
".». Social i wine) drinking. 
"0. H a b ha th visiting, feasting, and world- 
ly pleasure seeking. 

"In the name of BBBBBUafl Head of the 
Church, v\e warn you, who take part b) 
these aiiti-proUv-lant and anti-evangelii a 
practices, that you reproach tho eaBBU 
  iiri-t and imperil your own BBUlBi We are 
happy to know that the rules of our varioii- 
churches are uniform in regard to these 
things, and that they unconditionally con- 
demn such practices and hold them to be 
inconsistent with a creditable prolession of 

Km itkmks r.— Qahn an excitement wan 
raised at the time of the departure of the 
train on the Lafayette and lndilmapolis 
road. A pair of '•gentlemen," ac. ompaahlil 
by their ladies, attempted to leave town an. i 
were arrested ou the train by the proprieti r 
of the Lahr House, 04 1 the ground that their 
bills were unpaid. A crowd OfMBmoBfinj. 
to irather, one of the said gentlemen wa 
marched by an ollnvr to i'uhI free lodgin.. 
in the jail, while the other started to find ■ 
Justice of the Peace to have justice mete . 
out to him. The ladies disconsolately tool, 
refuge in the Lahr Hons.-. Doth men wer • 
under the influence of liquor.— Lafayette 

Another National Bunk is in contempla- 
tion in Lafayette. It is proposed to BBBTf 

the Lafayette Branch of the Dank of .he 

State into the Third National, w ithacapiial 
of ?ii(Ml.lK.K». 

Kvery fo d knows how often he has hSBO 
a rogue, but every rogue does not know 
how often he has been a fool. 

We spend a gnat portion of our life i-i 
making Mundesa, ami a great deal more i 1 

a trnotuBg tin m. 

What can a man have in his pocket when 
it is empty? A big hole. 

What BBBSl resembles the halt of a 
head? The other half. 


What is ph 
never eaten? 

lhI on the table, often cut bat 
V pack of cards. 
Qlhaon, the sculptor, who hasaccumulat 
ed a large fortune by hisurt, announces hi 
intention to bequeath at his tleath to th • 
Royal Academy a sum of BttS,0i0, on con- 
dition that that body shonld fit up and 
keep iu perpetuity three moderate-size ij 
rooms tor the reoeptioa of the casta of a:: 
the testator's works. 


Uatea Peeling in Savannah. 

The New York Herald publishes the fol- 
lowing private letter, received iu that city, 
from Savannah: 

Savannah, U. S., Die. 2J, lSdt. 

My PnncBSVS Son: Thank God I am 
once more in the I'nion, living again under 
the dear old flag! 0, how I bios General 
Sherman, and pray that God will bless him 
too. I have had so much to annoy me, but 
now it 11 seems bright once more. I feel 
this morning at least ten years younger 
than I did last week. I hope to be able soon 
to write good long letters, and feel that they 
will not have to be read by the Confeder- 
ates; and SOOn, I hope, there will b» no 
more Confederate States, o, how I have 
prayed to see this day, and 1 do indeed feci 
gralofal beyond expression. 

Yesterday, about daylight, the Federal 
army look possession of the city. 1 had 
three Federal of&een to hnakftat with me— 

Captain W., Lieutenant W.. and L euten- 
ant F. You may be sure that I felt vei y 
happy. Captain W. hasjast been in to call 
und offer me a guard, or any assistance 1 
may desire. Mr. D. did not leave, neither 
did Mr. H.. and many more remained in 
Savannah that would su-priseyou to know. 
The dear old flag is floating and waving all 
over tho city. I made one last wiek. and 
yesterday, SB I saw a large party of officers 
passing, I held the flag out of the window, 
and they all took off their hats to me. Give 
Mr. D. our kind regards, and say how glad 
we are to bo once more in the United States. 

General Shermau has just arrived, and I 
am anxious to see him. Oh* what a terri- 
ble nighl it was when the military (Can- 
federates) gave up thai oBy to Mayor Ar- 
nold. The soldiers broke open all the 
slores, both in 'his street and others, 
throughout the ciiy. It was a learfu! time. 
I almost grew gray. J never su tiered such 
fear in my life; but we were not at all dis- 
turbed, and did not Ion anything. M iry 
P. wrote, begging me to take everything 
and go to Ma.-on. How glad I am I did 
not go: tl could not live another year in 
the Confederacy. I was obliged to hear so 
much that was disagreeable it made me 
very unhappy. Three of the oflicers have 
promised to dine with us on Christmas. 1 
hope this summer will And us all together 
once more. 1 long to see you all, but as yet 
we do don't know w hat will be done. We 
may be ordered to leave here, and if so, 
you may be sure where I will go. 

Letter I'roia 

The Philadelphia 1*1 1 SB says the follow in - 
j letter hlMB President Lincoln wm written 
I by the President prior to his re-election t   
  Mrs. Lliza P. Gurnev, ihe widow Oaf the late 
1 well known Friend and phllaalhinpi 1 1. 
Joseph John Gurnev, who was one of th • 
wealthiest bankers of London. Mrs Gur 
ney is an American lady, and sfaBM !c 
hnsbaad'l death has resided at Durlinglo: . 
N. J.: 

My Kst» k.mkii I kii.nh: I have not for 
got ion probaly ne\ er shall forget, the ver» 
impressive occasion when yourself and 
friends visited me on a Sabbath forenoon 
tw o years ago. Nor had your kind lottc; 
written nearly B year later, ever been foi- 
g ittou. In ail B has been your purpose t- 
strengthen my reliance in   iod. I am BMMdl 
indebted to the good Christian people of th.- 

couutry for their Bsantaal psayera anil 
consolations, and to no one of them mor- 
than to yourself. The BBBBBBM of the Al- 
mighty are perfect and musi prevail, though 
BTB erring mortals may fail to •-! y 

peroeive, them in advance. We baaed t 

a happy termination of this terrible ami 
long before this, but God knows best, an . 
has ruled otherwise. We shall yet ackm - 
B lodge His wisdom and our owu error - 
therein; meanwhile we must work earnestl 
in the best lights He gives na, trusting thai 
so working still conduces to the great and 
He ordains. Surely He Intends BBBM BBS 
good to fellow this mighty couv ulsion w htc 1 
110 mortal could make, and no mortal coul . 

Your people— the Friends— have had BB 
are having very great trials, on princple^ 
and faith opposed lo both war aud oppre- 
ssion. They can only practically oppose 
Oppression by War, Id this hard dilemma 
some have chosen one horn and 

For those appealing to iik  ou COnscien 
tious grounds I have done and shall doth - 
best I could and can in niyown BuBBBdsnea 
under my oath to the law. That you be- 
lieve this", I doubt not, and beiieviug it, 1 
shall still receive lor our country and my- 
self your earnest prayers to our Father la 
I leaven. 

Your sincere friend, A. I.i r.i Oi.x. 

[Pl BLii- BHBBM MB- No. 4.] 
Joint nBOUrnaa tendering th.» thanks of 
the People and oi Conu'r.-ss t,, M. 
General W. T. Sherman, and the oflicers 
and soldi rs of his BBBBBBBnd for lh- ir 
gallant conduct in the late brilliant move- 
ment through Georgia. 

lie it r  solved hy th, .Senate ami of 
Representatives of f,„- I „,/../ .states of 
America in (\myres* assemftled. That the 
thanks of the People and of the Congres.-*of 
the I' nited States are due and are hereby 
tendered to Major General William T. Sher- 
man. and through him to the oflicers and 
men under his i oinmand. for their gallan- 
try and good conduct in their hWscaaapalgB 
aVean Qauttaaaega ta Atlanta, and thetsV 
, umphal march 1 hence ihroich 1 Georgia to 
Savannah, terminating in the capture and 
I occupation of that city; and that th» Presi- 
dent cans- a comv of "this Joint Resolution 
to be engrossed and tor warded to Major 
I ieneral Sherman. 
Approved, January In, lMxi. 

[PrBUt-— No. 8.] 
! Ax act making appropriation., for the pay- 
ment of iiivaod and other pensions oftho 
United States for the year endinglltetliir- 
tieth of June, eighteen hundredand six- 

licit asaeaal ey tee dBaest and House of 

1 Repres, BBBBBBt B ol the failed gasfCl "/ 

.iaeeraM n CBnevasss bbbbVIbb, That the 

! following sums Ir, and the same BN h :e- 
| by, appropriated, o-it of any money in the 
treasury not otherwise appropriated, for tho 
payment of pensions ;..r the -.ear ending 
I the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundredand 
sixtv-six : 

For invalid p. nsioiis under various acts, 
four million dollars. 

For rev olutionary p.   i  ;;s, p-r acts of 
March eighteenth, eighteen hundred ami 
eighteen. May tii'teeniii, eighteen hundred 

and Insaty eight j June msalh, shjhleoa 

hundred and tiiirty-lwo; third section ofaci 
of July -evetith. eighteen hundred and 
thirty-eight: March third, eight- on hun- 
dred and forty-three; .June seventeenth, 
eighteen hundred and forty-lour; February 

second and July twenty-ninth, eigl h 

hundred and lori v-eigh:.- and se eoad sec- 
tion of act of February third. BightSBB hun- 
dred and Bltj thrcs. two hundred an-', thir- 
ty thousand dollars. 

For BeaakMM to Wktowa, mothers, chil- 
dren, and BBdaBBj under ihe first BesOBa of 
the sat of fourth July, e.ghle- n BU Billed 
and thirty si\; act of July tWBBgj -iir^t, 

eighteen hundred and forty sight; first 

section of the act of I'ebruary third, eigh- 
teen hundred and fifty three; June third, 
skjhBBBB hundred and fifty rigjat, and July 
fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty two, 
seven million uWhua, 

Skc. -1. Andbe it jarth. e ewcteil, That tho 

follow keg sums be, end '-ii'- bbbm an here- 
by, appropriated to supply anahdenesM bb 
the appropriations lor the present fiscal 
year: tor tho payment of pen-it ns under 

the acts of March right si tn,  ighteea hun- 
dred and eighteen; May fif tee nth, eighteen 
hundred and t wenly-eight; June seventh, 

eighteen hundred arid thirty-two; third see. 

tiuM of net of .July fourth, eighte n hundnd 
and thirty-six, July s, \, nth, eighteen hun- 
dred and thirl y-t ight. January BBV4 nteenlh, 
eighteen hundred sad forty- foar; March 
thud, shnatssa BBUsdnd and btty-thnej 

February s.-c sjd and July twenty-ninth, 
StghBBSfl hundred and forty eight; anil 

second BBStloa of act of ifebrnary third, 
righteon hundred and lifiy-three, sixty-tiv s 
tboBBBuai dollars. 

For the payment of peBBMBBfl BBBBB1 tho 
lir-it section of the act of July fourth, 
Baghlaea hundred and '.bitty -i\; act of 
July twenty-fir.-t, shdB  ' ti hundred and 
forty-eight; lir-t section of the act of Feb- 
ruary third, eighti cm hundred and iifiy- 
IhsaBj Jane third, eighteen han Irtd and 

fiity-eight; una July fourtesnth, eighteen 
hundred and Lxty-tWO, tune nilitirn taVB 
hundred thousand debars. 

Approved, January li, MMg, ■ 


 .eucral thermal:. 

The terms ou which Gen. Sherm 
yean ago, 1 .... . bis position as Snper- 
iniendeiit of the Bfilitary Acadaaa al 
LoadahuBB wfll be rsad with tntereal at 
this time, us Bary ~i - Bha rB lrtt rhrtl r t frf \.h-  
man who has become one of the most lis* 

tinguishetl of our niilitarv leaders. Tho 
following is hhl 'otter iu fhl : 

Jancaky i-', Dol. 
Gov. Thos. O. Moore, l.aton Rouge, La.: 

Sir; As 1 occupy a MMMt-BBaBtaiy p • -i- 
tion under this State, I deem it prop-.-r to 
acquaint you that 1 accepted such position 
when l.ouisiaua was a State in Ihe aJahUB, 
and when the BBOtl I   ( UM s.-minary wa» 
iBBBlted in marble over the main daatw*B9 
the llherallty of the t ieneral Government 
of the UaAted Htatea the 1 afcaB. Bbbi per- 
pi fan.** 

Recent events foreshadow a gBBBl change, 
and it becomes all nit B to ahousa if LoBj- 
Uiana withdraws ;;. ;u ine t ederal I'nion, 
I prefer 10 maintain my :tlieg;ame to the 
old Constitution as long as a fragment   r 
it survives, and n.y kaaBBl Bhn han would 
Ik? wrong 111 every sense ..1 tUe w-,.rd. D- 
liint event I beg you Wall send or appoint 
BBBBB authori/. -«t Sgl nl to lake Chaagi 
the arms and nmiutions of war her -. 1 - 
longing to the State, or direct BJM w hat 
dlapOBitioa should be BBBds of t.'i.-m. 

And, furlheruii.-.e, as President of the 
Hoard of Supervisors, I beg \ou to take itn- 
mediate step* to relieve me as Sujierin- 
twudeut, the in.-n. ..; ; -....determines 
t«  secede; for on 110 earthly account will I 
the I do any act, or think any 1. -.ought, hostile 
to, or iu daBBseae ' .f, the sei OavsmnuBsl af 

ihe l' mted Stat ^. \  ..,1 u.-u re-pect, Ac, 

w. t. Bhunatan. 

A man in Driiige| ort, Connecticut, w ioso 
daughter, thirty years old. lias been Liisano 
j for the last eight y. a: -. hist spring put a 
; little board Baanty in the rear of his bBBBIb, 
, aud put her in thtr.  to live, she has re- 
mained there ever slues, nehfhnj Ht. e- ean 

or attention, and having n-  lire. 11 i 
the selectmen of the town, a phv d. ian and 
a citizen residing in the nei-al" -rho. .d, re- 
cent lv paid her a visit, aud found her lying 
naked on a mattress of hi raw, with no cov- 
ering but some coarse colic-, sacks, and a 
peace old sail, and so emaciated as to 
' be literal lj nothing but skin and bone. 

A Paris 
stales thai 
piegne. UM 

beer iu a 


,*lou,ooo worth of 

We see it stated as an interesting and 
noteworthy fact, thai BOgrOM Seldom hav« 
delirium tremens. Dr. steal, of Albany, 
New York, mentions that, iu a practice of 
forty-six years, lie never knww a case af a 
negro of pure blood to have tho dhBBBBB, 
and asks for an explanation of the feat, 
Perhaps, the explanation is to be found la 
another fact which cannot have escapci 
observation, viz : that negroes are very rare- 
ly drunkards. All of them are fond oi ~p. - 
iis, and occasionally one in a stalt* of intox- 
ication will be found. Rut it is rare, indeeil, 
that a negro sot is seen. Let the fact g » 10 
his credit. 

Tiik Rkiiki. John Dki.i. s Family.— Mi 
Dell, daughter of the Hon. John Dell, aim 

Mrs. and Miss Woods, of Nashville,,-. 

here yesterday. During the middle ot Do- | \ photogruph of old John Drown, 
cember thev'weut from Nashville to Co- .wreathed in taunt, hi now hanging in tho 
lumbia, waited at the latter place until the parlor of the mansion foriuerlv b 
General Hood captured it, and then came i,,^ t  ( Henry A. Wise, who hung the cngi- 
South. They left here yesterday en route mtl in another part of the State. The es- 
for Tuscaloosa.— Columbia i Miss. ) Kepubli- utte, situated about eight mih s south of 

I Norfolk, has been confiscated by the Gov- 
I ernmeut. A plan rf sei .--ion, drawn 

-iter in the Independent Relgo 
.1; the last esBjaaal hah] -'t Can 
Bnpsent reeaaaasMMted that the 

real dignitaries and luiictionanes af Iho 
hnpire should increase their 
ami balls, this winter, in or-h r to 

age trade, which issufie- iug from the finan- 
cial crisis. This may be eabed the last 
"Napoleonic idea." 

Tlbanan^oan^ | by B^^to^jW.jBsd^ BBlgwd kg J. 


Revolutions in Ksbeictom. 

Homo of our cxchanp's  *ontinu   to dis- 
1 BUm MM subject   f h ruinorod 1 Mas !■ reN-1- 
; tloin for a convention of Stales, an ) the in- 
j auRiiration of a wheel-within-a-wheel revo- 
j lution for the purpose of dVihronitiK JetT. 

Davis and so forth. There never was any 
I such call issued by anybody responsible or 
| irresponsible. The whole rumor started in 
one of the Ilu-binond Kxaiuiner s frantic 
I tirades against Jeff. Davis, and the sarcas- 
tic comments of the Enquirer upon the ti- 
rade. The Kxaminer, in casting desperate- 
ly about for a remedy to apply to the intol- 
erable evil tt Jeff s incompetent, malignant 
and obstinate rule, suggests a convention 
tt Malta as "the one remedy." 
Tha leading paper* all over the country r . )t  Ell j, uirer commenting on this, says 
have U«en compelled U  advance tha •"*»- "the publio must not be surprised M learn 
kcription price ot their dailies to 2o cents , from the next U. S. papers that dispatches 
«k.t wbicfc vi pur- ha\e gone to Kuroj e from Seward, to au- 
. • , , notince the final caving in ol t»"' rebellion, 
i at l¢a whan start- HS shHllowed in a t . a ii f,,r conventions 

ed, ia now aelling at 25 cents per pound, ' — Q f se p ara tt, states and all the .States— to 
whioa compels u» to advance our rates revolutionize the revolution, depose Mr. 


I RID4Y, JA I VRV Mi 1H«5. 

Om and »' tt,r Monday, January 

tea for the lUU 

DaWM, Congress, appoint a Dicta- 

tor, and perhaps surrender to the enemy !" 

on these two articles was baaBfJ one of 
dMH ].rc-emiuently sagacious telegrams 
concocted at Washington, stating that a 
gentleman in Waahington who had seen 
the Kichmond Enquirer says that paper 
mentions that a call is out for a convention 
of Slates, Ac. 
That the faction against Davis in Kich- 

Impurtant tu Tax -pa vets. 

Tbe following important circular letter 
has been received from the Commissioner 
of Internal Revenue by Edgar Needham, 
the Tinted States Assessor of tliis District. 
From this letter it will bte seen that persons 
may loluvtarih/ correct fraudulent returns 
of their income, if said returns were made 
in ignorance of tbe provisions of the law. 
If persons have failed heretofore to make 
their income returns for the year l! » S, they 
can yet do so voliuitanly. If, however, the 
Assistant Assessors have good reason for 
believing that persons have income taxable 
under the law, and have failed to make any 
return thereof, the Assistant Assessors will 
make the assessment of their own knowl- 
edge and belief, and add the penalties as 
prescribed by the law. This is all fair and 
just, and no man ought to complain of the 
penalties of a law which he deliberately 
violates, and against which he can so easily 
protect himself: 



VK.NIK, \ 

ry 2, l*6o. J 

Mail subscribers, in advance, per yeai,$10 00 
■ e months, & 00 

8 100 

I » 100 

« »n and afUr Monday. theVth of January, 

the price to agents, news-dealers and news- 

~ * . mond is a strong one, and that it has the 

lK ys, I cenu per copy. To regular sub- ^ ■ . mo ,« definite en- 

•Kribere, when delivered by carriers, 2o doreeimMlt( of lne military- authorities, 

cents per week. seems to be indicated by the impunity 

W e hop#our j-atrons will see the imj)era- with which the new spaper attacks upon 

tire neeessitv for the advauce, which we bim are kept up. These attacks cannot 

____ _ „. fMll fail to dainagft the object of them iu the 

ahar, giadly take off a. soon a. the fall in ^ f^J,, ^ the discon- 

paper will enable us to do so. |aal and f »reboding of those who are be- 

We ho| e our friends all over the country ginning to yield the hope of independence, 
will send iu their subscriptions at once, to We may be perfectly certain that Davis 

the new year. 


To iIiom' iii A r rear*. 

As cash down is demanded for every ar- 
ticle used in .r lnisin -v«, we are compelletl 

to call on all in arrears to } ay up at ouce. 

After February 1st no paper' will be sent . il. ni .ney is paid in advauce. All 
In arrears not paid up at that time will be 
stricken off our mail books. Send your   r- 
» le-r** ai 
I»hII . sJs 

All onli-ia, With II 

promptly att  tided to. 

J» .", on 

Kt on 
I 00 

y, will be 

\e.v * ol the Day. 

There is a panic in the printing paper 
market, and prices have fallen to from 17 
to )*•:- ts.unl. It is reported that in 
con sequel] « of this many dailies which 
li:..'. jo:u   i iti memorial to   'otigress for the 
• ' .uitrbave withdrawn their peti- 


The proposition of the Ways and Means 
OoawOM to authorize liie Necretary of the 
Trec-ury to increase the volume of curren- 
cy will be strongly o| ; ok- I in   ongress. 

Ia addition to mak.n^ Terry Major   ien- 
eral lor gallant conduct at Port Fisher the 
PmafdeM has brevett -d  en. Ames a Major 

Qenwnl sad    »is. Cartia, rVnnynneknr. and 
Bell I'.rigadier (ienerals for similar gallant 
conduct. Tit;s will b ■ no less satisfactory 
to loyal pe( pl* tiian to these brave ofli «rs. 

'I He Balsfgh B . C Whig is reported to 
have come out Tor reconstruction, owing to 
■Mattes iroubu-s. 

rial Dispatch takes a v ry hopeful view 
ofth  rail of r ,n l-ihher, iind, though it 
concedi-s that the port of Wilmington i- 
now | racticalD dos- _\et it says that the 
tiin-t M osible jiarl  :i the lieopi* regard its 
fall as a l iesNin^; in disguise. These sensi- 
ble i»-  [ ie fnttliemton nay that Wiluiiug- 
l.iii. as a M.aj . from the l.eginning has 
•lone them more harm than good, since the 
- tm|Mtr(cd there have been of little ser- 
\icc to them, while millions of dollars 
worth of cotton h:.s there found its way into 
the hands df their MMMf. Notvwihsiand- 
taasnll tiiis. ve observe that these same 
people !*re ho| ing and b c liei lug that liragg 
•uiy yet recapture Kort 1 isher. 

(•••neral Itreck mi idt:  is r- ported to liave 
U-eii BMaVi Secretary ot War. 

Judge Unlfbntton, of \ irginia. ban is- 
» a writ of hnhru* rorptu on petition of 
U.S. l oote. coiitmandint! Captain Daggett 

tnbrfnn H. s. I'.'s nmnVona l ody benn 

him, and show cause whvhe should not l e 

would suppress them but for the stren- 
uous apprehension that the act would 
be attended by the graved peril to hiui- 
, self and his reign. He lacks neither the 
will nor the power. The despotic ele- 
ment In his character has always been 
a marked feature of his individuality. 
He is at the head of the most stringently 
and savagely despotic organization now in 
  'hristeiidc-m. : uch a jxisitiou cannot fail 
to give a powerlul stimulus to the natural 
IMbI of his character and the provocation 
to deal in a high-handed manner w ith his 
]»ersoual enemies in the name of the pub- 
lic weal is too potent to be resisted by any 
a\crage sanctity or self-devotion. 

These assaults upon him therefore are 
very significant. 

The necessary conditions for an internal 
r« volution of an explosive and destructive 
character, are all present iu the Confedera- 
cy and in a highly electrified State. 

f oremost amongst these is a growing dis- 
trust and jealousy Itetween the State gov- 
ernments and the "Confederate" govern- 
ment. Suspicion conjures up evils, and 
] erils, and malicious enmity with amazing 
facility. And when it beeomes mutual 
i" tweoii parties, its phantoms are readily 
embodied in positive realities. Added to 
this distrust there is everywhere prevalent 
iu relxddom a most pitiable anil whimsical 
confusion of ideas as to the resja-ctive juris- 
diction of State and Confederale authority. 
This confusion uris  s legitimate^' enough 
from the insane attempt to insert into their 
machinery ofageiieral government, as asort 
of regulator, the dead-lock of State sover- 

Their appar -nt success, thus far, iu the 
application of this facetious mechanical 
paradox, is altogether a matter of ftJgafW"* 
ancf, an illusion. The machine don't run, 
and never has. Certain   'oiigressional and 
Cabinet wheel* *re made to spin for public 
diversion, but in place of the hyju-theti.-al 
« 'onfederate   ioveriinienl itself, is a remorse- 
less military d('S[K tism, into which the 
aforesaid "dead-lock" essays in vain to en- 
ter. This is the fatal iron wheel which the 
Richmond Examiner declares is whirling 
the whole rebel concern to the devil, liui 
the Kxaminer believes iu it nevertheless 
only it thinks the wrong man is at the 
crank. This military mechanism, in tho 
meantime, l.egins to slacken and KvMte as 
le ver before und  r the staggering blows of 
the Federal army, and tbe dead-lock regu- 
lator is beginning to show, as never before, 
it  obstructive usefulness. The dashing and 
friction thus devclo]»ed will inevitably laV 
; crease. And altogether we may very rea- 
anticipatc a somewhat violent 

-••i si Lila rty. All thi« will ! •• avoided, we 
suppose, as 'the rebel House of KcprewataV 1 sonably 

»™ U™n"l*£tl!t? 11 ' ,MS " iSh «'»-»' : »P of the hideous concern, not p» 
It »s r... «M tnat General Thomas has ^ • ^-"^ely by blows from the out- 
wi itien ■ letter to tiie War Department, giv- * I  '''- 
ia* ■ v.-rv encouraging view of militarvnf- 
;» rs in i he South west. He says that llo^sl 
caniK I gather an army of twenty thousand 
■SMS, tmd thai tiie Southwest is practically 
a c .nipiered 



OFF* t: oi iM KitNAt. BBV 
Washinoton, January 

Complaints continue to be received at this 
oiiic- that many person* liable to income 
tax fail to make full returns. Those com- 
plaints have become ao goneral that I deem 
it a duty I owe to the public service to call 
the attention of assessors to the subject, that 
they may exert the necessary diligence to 
remove, if possible, the cause*. 

Any tax-payer who renders untrue re- 
turns commits ■ triple offence : jh:\t. against 
the country which he defrauds; secondly, 
against his neighbor, whom he injures by 
casting upon him a larger share of the pub- 
lic burden than he ought to bear: and, third- 
faf, against tho law, which is violated both 
civilly and criminally, and which demands 
for tiie act a doubling of the debt as a re- 
compense, and punishment for the crime as 
■ retribution. 

Erroneous returns are due sometimes to, 
ignorance, sometimes to carelessness and 
inadvertance, and sometimes, also, to a de- ' 

liberate jrarpoae to defraud the Govern- 

uieut. When their correctness is suspect- 
ed, assistant assessors ought not to hesitate 
to make the necessary inquiries, in order to 
aaet rtaia the truth, 'otherwise their duty 
is not performed. 

Delicacy under such circumstances must 
be laid aside, and res| ecl lor wealth, influ- , 
euce, or social position must yield to the I 
higher obligations of official responsibility. 
Honest men when properly Interrogated 
will not iu general refuse to afford satisfac- 
tion to Government officers, and the dis- 
honest should not la? suffered to escajm un- 
der pretence of sensibilities too nice to ou- 
dure a disreputable imputation without of- 
fence. A cheerful submission to a proceed- 
ing which a due execution of the law re- 
quires, is demanded iu times like these 
equally by patriotism and good sense, and 
an appeal to those possessed of such quali- 
ties will seldom fail to produce the desired 
resjionse. If any errors are believed to ex- 
ist, it is not necessary to assume, iu the first 
place, that they have lieeu committed wil- 
fully: but, on the contrary, it may bo well 
to advise the tax-payer to amenil his re- 
turn, and to accept it "if he avails himself of 
the Opportunity, if he refuses to do so, sec- 
tion 14th of the late act authorizes a mode of 
proceeding which, if vigorously pursued, 
will eviscerate the truth. 

Tax-payers who are not cognuant of their 
responsibilities ought to be informed of 
them, and those v.ho unable to make 
out their returns ought to be kindly in- 
structed and assisted by the assistant as- 
sessors: but wilful ami incorrigible offend- 
ers should be made to recognize tbe power 
of the law in the prompt and sure visita- 
tion ot its penalties. Let assistant assess- 
ors understand that it is their business not 
merely to take returns, but to ascertain 
whether they are correct, and when they 
have reason to believe them incorrect, to 
act as already indicated Whtn an in- 
. reas« d aaaaaanaaU il sworn down untruly, 
the case should be reported to the assessor, 
who should, when probable cause appears, 
institute an investigation, and make it 
searching and thorough. 

A false return, eycu though uccepted 
without alteration and the tax paid, has no 
binding effect on the Government. When 
the fraud i« discovered, the assistant asses- 
sor may make the proper hit lease, and if 
the tax -pave r shall swear down the assess- 
ment on the increased return, he may bo 
proceeded against for the perjury: or, which 
is the better way, instead of the increase 
being made, an investigation maybe had 
under section 14, the just amount of the 
duty ascertained, and an hundred per cent, 
added to it by way of penally. 

If an assistant ■asSUMC H destitute of the 
| needed intelligence «.r vigor, his place 
ought to be apeadily supplied by one better 
titled for it, and if the number of assistant 
assessors appointed is not sufficient to work 
the district, the fact should lie communi- 
cated at once to this olbco. 

The special income tax, it fairly assessed 
and collected, will produce more than 
thirty-live millions ol dollars. It depends 
on the assessors and their assistants mainly 
whether the expectations of the department 
and the country, ou the subject, shall be re- 
alized or disappointed. 

Very reopeetfuily, 

JOB. J. l.Kwis, Commissioner. 


The EmmM i he War on the Cot n- 
TRY.— The war has already developed this 
country into a great military power, which 
many of the older nations have learned to 
regard with admiration, and some little 
fear. Hut the war will do more than this. 
It will give such an impetus to the develop- 
ment of all our resources ami energies that 
after a very few years the United States will 
be the most prosperous manufacturing coun- 
try in the world. This we think is a fore- 
gone couclusion.-N. Y. Herald. 

The building near the bridge of the Alma 
Faris, intended to lodge the Emperor's hor- 
ses, has been completed. A tinish is being 
given to the interior of the riding school, 
which is a spacious circus, lighted with 
bull's eyes. The tloor is covered with a 
thick coat of sand and sawdust, rolled as 
smooth as a carpet, and well calculated to 
prevent any injury from a fall. 

The Chicag oiana are very jealous of New 
Yorkers. The Tribune insists that the New 
1 ork railroads are oonspiring to injure 
Chicago and the Northwest by the advance 
ot their rates of freight, coinpared with 
those of Cincinnati. It says the large hold- 
ers of provisions are holding back, and will 
not make any shipments until canal navi- 
gation is opened in the spring. 

The last Story told of Sydney Smith is 
of his going, before the time of Banting 
to the baths of Brighton to reduce his size. 
A friend met him and said, "You are cer- 
tainly thinner than when 1 saw you last. - ' 
" N es.-' was the reply, "1 have onlv been 
ten days here, but they have scraped "enough 
off me already to make a curate." 




In I'xbridge. Mass., tbe lb v. J. B. John- 
sou has brought an action against the Trin- 
ity church society, to recover a portion of 
his salary for the'vear IS6& The defense is 
that he did not preach the full year, but put 
incompetent and unsuitable "men in his 




Thltd St.. betw 

and the Klver, 

It »M. TKItltY we m   t * Kallj M uimeu.l 
him tu SSI Maaii »u.l rstium and auk f .r him that 
patronage •   lil*rally b*itow» 1 ou f r whirh we r»- 
lurn our moil frataful thank*. Ouu uf ur   ur Mr. 
floaitt will U) fouud at all timet, at Mr. T\rrj t t »' 
Uud to atttling «P "'if ' M 

O HlilKN MIMM3. 

Jauusrj If, 18**. 

& M1MMS. thuir atoCS f Ovinias, 1 wi" c»""y 
until, GRoi KB V AND COMMISSI »1 bmtmm in all 
IU variuu. hranchrt, at tlw r old .land. &W M»iaar rt t. 

■ l ei— afartfc see ■■ » ■«-■ 1 *  Mew ttn 

UtT - -»- r -" «■'—■»-—' ■SS C w M i ri hUUl matk#t. 


January IS, 1- ». atf»**WM 

Dissolution of Co-Partnership. 

Tl It I   f   I • A I T N 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 • ! 1 1 II 1 1 S 10 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 »T I S . G 
undsr  ha name id' M. I.oTH Jt t»., i« Jim* bed Ijy 
itaown limitati«.u. Alt the sccuasta attjtO Uu» 
must 1* paid iu the »nrcesaor*. M. I 
fiOwIwaU, Jan . 


vv I'll i LH At: mom, society, r l n »vil 

•yllNfcS CHAPKlu" n»MI ..f Nujlti :iud Malum 
atrt-i-ta, nu kKllLVY Mi. III. Jit:mar  -Hlh. 1 ht  |.n  
o-ftU of the it vtti ba 

"ANTEI -XITI ATloN. \ \  \ 
r-aavctsbl   laaaiif   ■! hi ■ :   B t 
:i ci a ran' in », • r aa » ci 

n w s |».\ in  k » I'M i o   , i. .i.  - rv j ii' 

\V"\NTEri niTATioa a lady or s ass rac 

*» aSia f.aaili wislMa S» 8 * * aitaaUaw in a prion 
olfi • ami.Mio twiaen ta»cg f* r tw.. tnowm*0 
willpt.-^fc. a,| |r. », Ml-s v\lI.IK H MFHaY, Lou 

■ LA PI OI A BxsracT- 


I t 

3  It* 

 OK TIIE HENLt'lT or Til 


. \ ^i u»e Hall, M 

Monday jTeaHtag. Jaiiujr  i;i l. 

lor th« NmII sfttM R. r n? in tin- it 

TteferU & e»Ma lO b* Sad ut the |t;iH|.l k and 
Music Mo r. .. 

.a: tr 




i I.& Im WII.HAKT/ 


BY 1 11 1 


Manulacttn"; Association, 


Masonic Temple, 

• re waui.,1 hr th" uniimiiwn's'. k r whu h th ^ huih- 
*»t ir» k.t pr.te will be ia'd in ca»h Tbe M«Imbim« hn 
•ound »u i , u goo | ,. r !. r *nd measuring 14 liaujMw*:.-! ua. 
•»i - I. l. UKVNoLDS A  o, M*rkrr^fr«t, 
»»*••• -•• I ••. t I i. r i _ jal". tf 

W Ayrku to hsjit - a  .u  i» owat im- 
II w. vi'lmlrt.-ii, ruooi aiidalao rotsaator 
wrvaul*. will, liuuae, .tab ea. Locwlioav, i urU. 

of Uru*lway ai..i i,i»,« u Br. uk ard Tenth aireel*. »rv 
fcrrtd. I .re w;IM . r»k. i v I II,- It , and   id reut 
paid. liN'.ire..! I IIELPS^CALDW Ll.L X CO.. L in. 
titt* WavaV ists. jaMMw* 

W*  T M  - » I TJiATtf »  AS EDITt IK OB VV K RE - 

olol.UinminhewrTKeao' an .v ,~, uuce.| E l.t. rorCnr- 
r.-e P . n .|,u. ca:..h..r  .f uu. by ad tree. , i ADEI.Ob. 
I a n I « Kj. Jn « if 

I nrt iUum Ktmf, OwewL 
M 1 Bl i 

It. I K N A r. So. S3 

m»n warn the 

I ... •««■ mi vice prr- 
Main etrert. At* 

tir A.NTEII A kSC-I M 
Walnui'^ " u " l ~ M V 1 1 

M BS] At, 



!.'.-- DALE, iyine on 
— a [...rib u' Li-xiuw-tun, 
v I BkosS ZSft afr. a 
•land, all unl.r IWme, and 
turn ilwut half artinvt-i/ 

For the 

ol carrying on the 

i ot is\ ii i i:, kv 


Masonic Notice. 


thn,HUDA  eyenint, th- 20th in.t.. at 
o'clock, i i « ovk. l'.y ord.-rof Um W M. /^^v 
'f JARKEIT UL LL. secr. tary. ' ^ X 



I PITTSBHUG COAL uu hand which I am st-llitiK nt 
the h.we.t market prii-i*. Country .irdera by railroad 
"*; • inptutteotiou. WM.i . KSNNH'V 

DfiniKrat ropy. jal-i '« 





in the huuae lately itfupiod 17 M. Loth .* Co. A. the 
aucceanoi» ot that firm, it • ill be our aim tu hay« nlwaya 
a full I in* orthe latu»t Novell i-a iuatock. and to tell them 
Keipectfuliy, ■ anLHAMTZ, 


Louiirilt*, Jau , BM3k jsli  it 

Louisville Tobacco Warehouse. 

"\xrirn the intention or engaging 

VV another bmineis, drmaudini; mr undivided attt-n- 
ti .n, my ronn . tion with the turn oi i^HKLI's, t ALD- 
WkLb 1 CO. .eaued. I.y mutual C0—» nt, M the .Mtt of 
October la«t. The bu«ine^i will b« r »ndurted ly my 
for'mr pnrtn^r», *hi are m.'*t rhe^ recomnie- de.1 
t.. my fui nd* and the BSbUe »" y w„rtliy I f CO a- 
Men t ■■tnstrn«*fT Jo. K.tiANr. 

J*«l A UT I1TH, 1*.*. 

THE undr r«ienetl continue busiin-M und. r the firm 
ttrl* of I'll ELI'S. I ' A LDW ELL .t. 00. -timulale.1 
by the yery liberal patroiiafeahey ha.yo reoiTed. th-'T 
are detei mined uothin* *T.all l.e ..mitt. I M their 
piirt to n-erit a contiiiuatk n ot the NMVMI •* MeWf 
friend*. Tiny now ha\e. be»ide» thuir arinciMi Wjr«- 
house on the corner of Tenth and Main, UUMII build- 
iSB* "» •'' * cmer of Main and Khy.-ntli .trects aud 
Tenth and Walnut, en-. t. d by them f,.i ■ or* .- 

JAM ts s. HH ELM, 
jalfidAwlm JAM:C- B. 1 I RN LEY. 

Thursday and Saturday Miilits, 
January 10th and 1st. 

IKKEIM, - - - USE l oLI.\ll. 


A Present Ranging in Value from 
$1 to $500! 

consisting ok 

w ak 

ji: ^ I.LRV. 

1)1 \M«»M)S, 

i»i taHMa, 

MS* i\(;  i it him:*. 

My Plmtati.. ai railed CAI 
water, of North E'ki org ti: 
near tho N. wb.wu jike. art" , 
of the l«-at i|U»litv of faiHI ■ mm 

th'p rliunuv under culiiv A i.., u a out ha'f art in very 
riue blue ffaU The i mi roveww-i t, are tolerably ».^od 
and the water twtter t!j O cAhir. n 

AUo, my PUui.ti  ...-*H- « ItlLHoWEK, 1, i ng fl»e 
raileaaoalk or l»m»yie. , ia i:-. a Uu.ti.niyille nk-. and 
cuutainir g over luuMcn* uf k-.u.i .jiiality of Buyl* mi] 
Line .In land, ail unit*.- fcn.-e. T' are ab. ut \'*  acres 
of it cleared, a DoCtK n of il.e real ie in tu'erablv aa-«i 
Kra»w, i.od tSa pirt wot i I f . r » I «tMi t.n.l*reii— 

.»» J 1 '! acree. 1 he iinpru  »m .  .t. a : •• pbun but cxteiieiie) 
md new, the water abundant *bd fi 4 Tho eetalo im, 
■ itu»t*l at th- int' reectiun 'i.r tmv tiirnpikie acd broeki- 
«ide to the railr a I under . ..n»trur ti. a fruai Lei anon. b» 
staniv id. lowafrUt Temmnmm 

Alao. my PUsUtion. call d BRoD \ I. It \ N E. D|— — 
North Elk) 

north of L. x n«t. n fl . tut.' 
t fc i r t e e n mil t w» t of Pan-, ;%\, ihre ■. It ll Tlajoja W 
larwl. in tho l.ubett »t«tr ,.f ci. 

°f forty y  ar*. under a eevy m 
•oider my pe-a.,n,i .u.. r.. i, 
elead,  Tt Iking u w 

ir»! .* reel I :. »i 

_ t mile-, 
t tuwn ami 
y turup ke 
* .|U»llt) of 

.Itivation. and having baas, 
r- ol constant iin i r . »»meul, 
•udem-e, an I a. my hotne- 
- make it or * of the uiuet de- 
' ■ -t Ate. l.i tbe flne reKlOB 

— - — — ■ ... ie. uee nana 

iawhkh II i. .ituatad. Th. t I ,f a„ k.nd. at. 

lUltabl* t.. *u. h UjaMK the Sn. ,n  » chiefly »t *M 
wall: lk*T* MWaSar af th- Nat tfm ity iu *»ery Uatlo iin- 
two-til rssol the laud •• in fine trasa. and fruit af all 
kind* hit* l»-«»n i »r. f.illy cuitieaied. 

I '!•  not intend lu eell 'he CA KILL'S HALE mill, 
but onlj |.. rent it. Th- CHI LH  M EE pi i 

liakata %t *it« and Preeeuti ;iven at TBI PI' I 
CkAOO S MLSIO STORK, Mo W Wtmwtk »t eet. from 
tbeaxtenaive stock then-, mow on axMbiti m. 

Call and examine the i; ii aud -ee for  ..«r«-l*e» tbie 

new mode «J doinit buiinee* 

mm The Daaot ia ooea eatrj dir and stajM ti.i,, w ..-k 
u ntil in o'clock P . M. J?j^"_ 

IjM|Is¥1Uc Theater. 

CAREY ft CA! \ KbVt L-«-»-e* aud Mar.aver*. 

H. A. SAElkin* _ Statf* M-»nat?er. 

T. J. Cakkt „ Treasurer. 

•a"B..'ner.t ESTVAI.I aa d kerhwl api- .r.n.e. when 
i\t" will p-'reiiut- lour I -liaracter*. 

»*f"on Eriday Kvrn n,-. JJajk M 
tho muianlic drama of the 



Th.- Dice Ptajrar 

MB\ vol! ba acted 


Substitutes Wanted. 

.treet. MM , ft*, betwe. n Ma.ket and Jefferson, old 
l'o*t-..flire buildinir. 

aarBiBSTiTUTta n kmsheh oh bhobt no. 

TH E. ja2u ut* 

mit te*1 as a m- iul er  .f ..ur Arm, whi. h Will hereal t»r 
be style.1 BAMBERGER, Hl.ooM A Co. Thankful 
our numeruuii friend* lor the very liberal | 

r. -p. audit aak fat • 

auce of the *auie to lb* new I 
L„ui.Mlle. Jauuary i. l»6i. 

4 CO. 


The Quicksilver Mining Co. 

rpiW DIIikctoilsoktiie QDIOKHLYBB mini »S 
I Company lime Uu. declared a koiui-aunn i| Dividend 




*;old COIN. 

payable F  binary lith. 1VJ, to Shareholder* of record 
January Mat. MBa. 

Traj sfer book* w ill bj desaj from February l*t to the 
Uth, iiulii.ive. WALTER E. LAWTOM. 

N»v. Y..EK, January «tl.. BJf J. ' jafHtj 


c;i:t . p. it v • : i ii. 

Freatoit St., bet. Jetti rsoii anil Market. 

SUTK . sideuce-jencr-on atreet. le t. Clay and Sh.lbr. 
uk i. r. D*«TH. ii. a. K ■IIIIBi 



New York. LoaJsvfBa. 



Foreign and Domestic Drj Goods, 

No. §IM Xorth Side Malti Street. 

MveM Fifth aud Sixth. 

tun** be prepared to exkibit to the trade the lar^eet 
and beet at.orted etork of Dry Uood*, Notion*, etc.. iu the 
weeteru market. With our eiiemive far ii itia* liavinj a 
buyer r*aidui  Kaat . we are euuble.l to otler uu-'ijualed 
indureuient* to the rttj trade, a* well a* to all merchant* 
vUitinic thia market, 

»aT*Af:er whii fa n , 

,.f 1. 1 i. ! I' I \ BOKOIA. 

MsBVl Ol till, a Ilk th. !-' in .; In. km,- najg Ti »tTa,H 

reTo aaaylal i with the Ian e of the 

B JCM EB»Ot a. 

aaT.;RAND MATINEE ev. ry Sutui lay aueru.K.n at 2^ 


•rtlmiw oix'n at IM o . i" k parforauuac* I .mm.-n.-e* 

at 7 i precim iy. Itox a#BM M d.ol  fvoei lo A. BL 

to 4 F. M., wli' n » • m •.. b- i ured. 

aaVPkii'C* or AnsHA^iO!*.— D:c»» Circ':« and l'ur iu -tte 
75c. Orclieatra Seat", $1 a*. Fnv.»»e Kuxe*, f . Jt Sr. 
I Bsaei Tier. tor. '.allery. 8k . Oatsesi Box. BBV 

iMa^onic Temple. 

ijlington's Minstrels, 

_ theeaot. if oV*ircd. avervtb.nw i 1 i .ny tl,.-m n. 

• Any arofar loaaianlratloaw » I !r»*ed la ir?e, at I 
- Ky.. aafaa* i » Ire .,t Mar. !i next. 

,t, will re. e.\ • 

-iiitabte attention and per-, r.e *k. wi.h to  ms  rue will 
find me there. Appli. .n..;. mtr a . • ba inade to e»i iiam 
Wartield. of Lexii eton. . i \| - -- - - 
hood of tha bi . -lall .m- a 


Keiaw*. m th 
ud ' , Da,L. ... 

tior.T .i kiM:iiH;r. 

Dasvilss, Kt . Drceaaber :u;h, ..,-.». .bzaou u«.  

r ..I Eighth «treet And Br, ...|w«. , m M 

rtr..» l»ay by »u I I J leet I.- p .. n t;-hth Mreet, to n 
l. ul lered alley- the »tre. t- pav.d in front and on the Ode. 
\l»o, two lute, r. flout by  . t-rl de. p 041 DakSk 
ro * » re. t. aJkaltilM th* aBaj in IB* ri ar ol ab c.r- 
... r lor. Willi... -obi . . n.aki- u .» 

-pi n il I lot of i i toot fr lit on Eighth . treet b, . .. (eel 
|ee(i t . an alley in liia rear. To |aaasM ariakiari to ir- 
f »t money, either tor (peciilatiee or btiildn.s iuri 
t .e mi. haae of tbi* p-opxrty pre - nt  it «ure tn n.- 
in th* iieiglil.orho.el ..• the BaahviU-i Railroad . e» t I 
will *. II on liberal tua* m m and tune ll NR\ k 
! r.S\ IS. ea.t i.ia of Fifth lr . t, t.r»t h u e from Wal- 
uut. . .. 

t Cracker Va. Ion •, wm. «.-T •., d 
. re; kkM a dousii MBa, n th ki r  
:"!ber with.i lku*rat :., i- U..rk. 
..riasb. lu iu re af II. nry M hat 
.tieet. New Alb-Any. In I . i r 4 i i 

1NE— A tlr-t . • 
lerent k n.N ai rnl- 
'■p.efr aitruhe.!. te- 
ll will be B Id ■ a «p 
I'nioii Bakery Main 
• Merger, corner ol 

Niuth an I Mai'a I itrecte, 1. inet ill- . Ry 
■ nm d.' m UENRT M IRRE it. 

I \ tw. -thud im.r . in a RETAIL I t:\ .. •'•;.« 

•t SE iu Nei 

A I ban 
ie the b- »t t n:d hi il 
• wellim; Hot E. 

M 1 

B I 

. * h. 



hwetiaSM and Manager 

,«*uy w. l . .. auueiu oak. ri. s „f tbeir gmnd e .t. 


Meeting of Steamboat Masters 


iiaafrj . 

A very im«'r»' :inganilitiij".ruiiit ilo^noieut 
vv;is (]t'liwr s1 y«*st *rday. In-fore the f'Aiiit- 
iliHi. I'.it lisiiu-ni. Iiy the i.overnor «ieneral 
■at   ;inail:t. Ha s8ve in onler Ut prevent 
zaiionx of raiding enterprises within 
LBa pr riaMea, and to discharge elleetively 
.us iluty towards ueighhors and friendly 
BraBB, as aaaaaaa lit to argBwafaa a system 
.1 ietl Blff/fj poii -e for frontier service, and 
for tli. -wsuie purpose lias railed out for per- 
manent duty a volunteer force. 

He next alludes to the new system of 
an if. -deration proposed, and warmly ap- 
prove* of it, and adds that tin- general plan 

- cordially approved l»y the Imperial (iov- 
taBBBwBMC and the Imperial sanction will be 
i::vwti. Jim BfMMBB ia a ver.v interesting 
do -uiuenl. 

Th- s f ,eaker af the House annouiiced. 

-sis. Smith of Kentucky, 
Schoheld of Pennsylvania, Cullen of J I l~i - 
note, Hubbard of Connecticut, and llrown 
 .f \N im-oimiii, as a select BBBBBBBlBBa lo in- 
• ps • • B l lage d cliarges  if corrujrti .11 
: - ast Lucieti Anderson, member of Con- 
gress from this State, iu connection with 
th" ptABMBBBBBasj of «.»-n. I'avne while ooaa- 
11. .Hiding in Kentucky. 

The Ways and Means   ommittee wi re 
yt-st.-rday hearing arguments on the  pi  s- 
tion of repealing the duty on printing pa- 
per. The pafper makers are reported to he 
in Washington 111 great force, and are mak- 
ing a most determined opposition to its 

I Bare w as great rejoicing on Tuesdsy 
last in the Army of the J'otoinar over th - 
news of the capture of Fort Fisher. A 

BM Affecting Scene. 

The telegraph announces that during the 
interview of Mr. Plair with Mrs. Jefferson 
I»avis uhe threw her arms about his neck 
and shed tears. That is a very aggravating 
piece of information, separated as it is from 
all explanation and accompanying details, 
one wants to know how Mich an affecting 
seen- developed iiself. as to its prelimina- 
ries, and 1*0 forth. What was said* What 
did she cry al out? What was the provoca- 
tion or inducement for putting her arms 
around his nivk? Where was Jeff, at the 
time? How did the spectacle seem to strike 
him? Did he cry too? And if so what ex- 
actly was the subject ol his grief? We can 
well imagine that he would feel slightly un- 
comfortable, but whether his emotions 
would take the piecise form of grief is du- 

It seems to u« that if this was all Mr. 
Hlaii had to communicate respecting that 
imp'cssite event, it was a little out of taste 
to tell w hat he did. (»r, at least, he might 
hrtv. confined himself to the simple fact 
that she shed tears ! The rest is too harrow - 
ing, unless relieved by mitigating eircurn- 

Hut we shall probably have the Billy story 
contradicted to-morrow. The telegraph 
mongeis at Washington seem to be making 
a desperate effort to make out something 
from Mr. Rlair's visit to Richmond. If any- 
thing of publi 

OSTBANOBB. uf dinease of the heart, or. board of 
teamer Irene, at Cincinnati, on tba Ms* in-t., Caidain 

ket, wrire D ed-,. aWtsagc*, Hills, j S-,| p . Letter*, at- 
tend toOllertion-., pro. 111 e Mn p and Stenm-bipContra. t , 
buy and *e'l notaaea. Karma, A.-., make oui Exemption 
1'rfper*, Lile aud Y ire luturanr. ., Ac., Av. jalfi I3t 


First National Bank of Louisville. 

Lotievin.i, Kt., January 1.-th, BBB 

of tail lUnk. a roaolatioa uu pA**.-d to ha»e it* 
• I pita] Stork increased tlno.'un 

S'lM-khoblere hare a priril. i-e, f,,r fire • rn 1 fr. iv»d*-e, 
to »ul *rr be for the new * in proportion to thyi numl 
b. r..f aharet ihuy nowhoil. liBO. A. LEW IS 

jalfM l're»Weut. 

1. 01 i.v 11 1 a. January IS, 1S65. 

Staamhoat-. is requested, at th* olSre of lh« M. r- 
( b.vnt*' BBeasaffi BSiiM, 1 ■ Fric"ay January 2 th. at 
M A. M., forthe purpo-i^ »f taaiuK a- tion to n-rure the re- 
poai av modification of th- lata law of OtNHfjasi in r.-fe.-- 
ane* to the avaaaga aaJ ataaaapaaaeat of Western eteam- 

1 "At. All owneiaan.l ma»tir»o! *l. auib. ate from Louis- 
rille and New Albany ar.- re.iu.sted lo b • pre.ent. 

sh BBLBT, WOOL t r OU. A Co. 

W. C HII., 

K It A N K raJBTSB, 
I'l M KNKY \ AKH1.K, 
Ml " 'KEIIE \ H A 1 o., 
j.ivat D. ». BBBBD1CT B SOKS. 

On IffBUlBJ i^veniiig. .January i«t. 

NEW BOfefta. 


• i.W Et BLESQl'BS 



N E W t ON L N D BO MS. A S., 
i Will aM ba StS). in a manner superior to auy yet aeen in 
Loiiie ii|e. The 1. putat on ..I tnis v eil known Troupe i* 
■ara that noioiuuient i« m+Ct aaaVj , and the take* 
this opportunity uf informing hii hrt a iS I and the »ubli« 
that all entertainments «ive-i at thia fsahionaMe Temple 
nhail I* of that almlaa and ahaata a Wtl el on that th- 
moat lastidiou* *hall hud BaSaSBfJ lucaul at. 

•AT* An entire chai.,'- of p. ajajaaajaaj , aj Tlmr-day e\.n- 
in«, January MB, 

Admi*»iou - 30 rent* 

ll.-*ersred Seat* - ^ ceutp 

Which can 1^.- pro. ur.d at the Hall each day I rum In to 
I and from 2 to   u'eatcB. 
diotf S. CO .K, Apent. 

baruu' a fine tra 

•By. Ian, a Baa 

ith every imar.iTeuicnt, cottaih- 
n«, with sro-d «ela-, 'talde ice h u»». • ar 
, Ar., d« i^htfiitl) sitnat d on bi h ground.  b 
an Hjaffavvad »tuet ill the eubur'j'. •! HM t ty 1 he 
,r ar.; ainl»-lii-hed wit'i th ban l-.uu. .re. ns, 

t nit tr. ** an I . Thr. e ai.d a bait a. r.--. .n tin* 
ear, with a n taei tt.r;.. »i I aU W eol.l. Addr.*-. P.. » 
New Albany, Ind. jaM M 

Large \-sorttitt ut fffj ^lei r « l.auut *-i;ir» 

t TC. 6, T.V HAl BIM. s. 

A jl7 Sinia* No. Mar. aK, b I Bifth and Sixth. 


FOB. AT.T^. 



l/ol: HENT-l'IANos-TWO «;ool) BBXX BB-MABB 
, I I'l ino. to runt. b  th m ,lh or .juart'-r. -«e 
: HoxS -S. jalT Ct" 

j r h  n.*e, junt HaaBaaL •ituatot on Jacob street, near 
i the corner of Eloyd. Ihey .onti u aine roerai tncli. 
w iti l-a»e them for one or two rear- at oaa thoneand dol- 
;ar» p r annum. Applr to VKKHOKKK BBOTBBB9, 
N'o. 1*0 fourth street, bcl-.w Mam. d: 1 tl 

Of th. 

C. *. TACIIAt 


Ui* fuc*ral will take place from tbe Chestnut *treet 
Methodist Chinch. . u Sunday, the 2^1 iu*t., at 2 o'clock. 
The friend, af the family are invited to attend. Bf 
St. l a ai l : Ld New Orleans papers ; deaaa copy. 

WOOI.roLK -on January b~th at MM o'clock t. M ., 
i.*oik- I). iiKlan a olfolk, »on of Richard and Aniaid» 
K. W o Ifolk. ajed on* year, two month* and elevoti days. 

The friend* of tha family xre to aitcud th* 
funeral, from the residence, corner ..I fouitfa aud York 
(tiaots, on January :nth. at 11 o il ck A. M. • 


Fine C 1 o t h i n g . 

Fine Overcoats; 

Fine Dress Suits; 
Fine Business Suits; 

Boys' Clothing (all Sizes ; 
Shirts, Hosiery, Underwear, &c.; 

For tale at UTIEATLT KEDI   ED PUICK8 at 

jalO lm Blain «t., oppo*ite the N'atioral. 



N... 505 Main *lreet. l.rtween Filth nixl Sixtli. 

at all time* be prei ar«d to exhibit to our friends and 
tatrotis a large and well assorted it .ck. Our good* 'ia.- 
t-een selected with care and our endearor shall 
alway. b* ro satisfy both I i it an I rountrr trade in rrices 
as well as in quality. C. Q. TAOHAC A BBl 

jal7 aiuins 

Boot and Shoe 


South *idr Market BBs* bet. Fourth nnil Kil'lh. 

Y th:. i* oneof the I .est opport unii i ■* esjav oflere I i n t hi* 
city. Till tbe pla. e is aold th* stock will be retaiU.I at co»t. 




isr^n^w goods 



To whieh the attention of the tr»de h javM**. 
jaJ*."jllot INi.ALI.S4CO. o. Ma n st. 

jal. tf 

ol thewlii? ami 


TC. G. TACIIAt' A BKO. 5. 

l jai; 3min* N.v Iti Main st., bet. Ki th and Sixth. 

A T C. B. TACII At A HRo. S. 

\ jair.lmiiis No. MU. Main *t., b st, lith and Sill Ik. 

import n sultotl from that 

saluta wa, riraJ at noon of that day in honor visit, no hint of it haa vet appeared. "Stale 

"' th " rluiand ■ - * J~ are all the reooru 

To. --err. -tarv of ili - Treasury has sent a thus fir 
\' ry .ini.oit.-.n; 1. tier to the chairman of tbe 
CoinmitteA- of Commeree in the House, rel- 
aiiv.- to the haliit tAhi«-h is prevailing so Ba  
u iy of iJi-frHuiiing the fiovernment of 

Ba. jfjbcotae derivable from customs and the 
internal reve..u.-. He proposes reviving 
some old laws liearing aa the suhjex-t. 
The funeral of Kdward Kverett took 
esterday in Boston. The services 
• cry iinpresaive wud impot-mg. 
{tr. Jackson. Medical iiirector of the |BJ 
lorpsdieij «t Chattanooga on Wi-dnesday. 

Id at Gallagher's board Ui 
X*. After the board, it fell to 

, in his manuscript collections, re 

Htnmprd on Latter Pnnrr nnd Eove| 
opra without nilditlonal ('harce. 

Visiting and Wedding Curd 



— AND— 


lo. 42 West Foarth Street, 
first rioor ea*t of Walnnt Street, Cincinnati. 



gl M'KlliS- 

SO b*K* Itio C ff*s»; 
1'. hints N. 0. SiiRsr: 
3j Cuba rtllnw Bacari 
Ti " rrushsd and Kranulated Sup 
j )0 ka«* Nails, assort* !; 
73 botes S ap, 
inn dor B. and K. IlurkaU; 
So nests Tub*, Koa. 3 and 8; 
Udoc Is, 2* aud 3* do; 
3Mi pkgs uiackeiel, I*.  * and 
Cotton Tarn, Battiutf. Chet-ie, Wrappi 
latchat, Tobacco, Br.A,ui» and fc.C Co. 
rorsaUbr A.H.AW.O 



J . Bm#r v 

Papal . Twin*. 

Tm: t.AS Compasv. — Hy the provwion* 
of the charter of this Company the City has 
the exclusive right to purchase all thu 
projierly of tha Company and take its man- 
agement into its own hands in 1W7, two 
years hence. A sinking fund has Wen es- 
tablished and a fund of sixty thousand dol- 
lars laid aside for this purpose. The bal- 
ance neoessary can be sasily raised when 
the proper time arrives. We understand 
the old Company now asks the City to ex- 
tend its charter ten years longer— virtually 


Howabd AtaoctATioa.— Disease* af tbs Nervous, Semi- 
nal and 1'rinarr Organs. K*w and rsliabl* treatment. 
Report* sent fraeof charge in *eal*d *nv*lop*n. Ad'ros* 
Dr. J. BKILLBN IIOLUUTON. Actiaf Bargeea, Mo. 2 
South Ninth st., Philadelphia. Pa. dN 3m 

Da. Thou** A. o ublby. — Dtor Sir, I hare 
popular Worm Candr and cheerfully rive mr 
In it* iaror, as one a' the most pleasant a* well a* 
clone worm destroyers I nave ever known. It had the ds 
sired cflect in relieving the children of worms. 

LocieviLLB. Mar isth. 1*64. o. Moaa. 

... (JA SDN KB, 
jall6t No. 4M Main etn-et. 

JO drums Codfl h; 
Hackerel- vari us si T.e-: 
Salmon, No. l.iu bids. 
For sals bj JAMEB A. FBAZEB, 

jal6 6t AA and OS Walnut at . ( in. innat.. 


O ISO bac* lifted I 

30 " Pimento; 
SOU matt; 
» oases Nutmrg*; 
3 frails Clov 

Forsaleby JAMBBA. BBAXKB, 

jal6 6t fMtand BS Walnut St.. Cincinnati. 


bjiffaj that in a reral parts ot J-.nglatid, when to give up the privilege of purehasiug. We a, 
two p.-r»ons are driving a bargain, one holds ' K B * ■ 

out his right hand and sav*,, "Strike me!" uot see th,- ei-onomy of this move, and th* 

and if the other strikes, the bargain holds; 
whence th* phrase, "striking a bargain." 

It ia stated that the currency wasactually 
decreased about Bf f O «./iuo during December 
by flio a I ifcorption and redemption of 5 per 

hope the City will not extend the chart, r. 

The M 
has just 
adjourned to 

y ofSciences, whi. li 
its sesion at Washington» 
at Northampton Mass., 

Tat Lames' K aktvckt Cwioh Am Bocirry wish to I 
form tbe public that Mr. Philip Speed Is the only aerac 
authr.rir.eH to collect money tor them, 
reeling that all are a* much Interested a* themselves in 
he cane* la which they are laboring, they prefer tbe eon- 
tributiona to be voluntary, and contributions of money 
may b*s B t to Mrs. K. W. Bupi rt, Treasurer of the Bo 
elety, Broadway, corner of Fifth street. All contributions 
of elothing, food or material to be plainly directed to the 
Udies' Kentucky Union Aid Society at tbe rooms of the 
Sanitary Commission, en Fifth street, 
Market. Hospital 

200 boxes Ulars, assorted siiee; 
100 kvgs Nails, i.s»oried ozes. 
rorsaleby JaMKKA.KI 
ial6«t M »nd«S Walnut it . I 

aj hhds prime Cuba «u?ar; 
X •' prime Port* Itico Sugar; 
to " choice New   irleans sugar; 
100 bbls rru-hed Sugar; 
J ' A cotTre Sugar; 
JO " B ■ Buiar; 
2t " powdered Sugsr; 
In store and for sale by D. B. BBBB1MCT A SON. 

jaM tf 


1 u (tore and for tal* by 

^ o. r FKK- 

100 bsgscboVe Rio c, flee 
1 n *tor* and f. r sale by 

100 coils Manilla Rep*. a.s r ed sire*; 


jalt tf 





Old Stand, South-east corner Jet- 
feraon and Third streets. 

bouso and fittwl it up for our business in a styl* 
hsretofore unk- sown in this city, we will devote our time 
exclusively to t he burial of th - dead, for whi. h purpose 
we will keep co s*tantly on baud a large assortment of 


• 1 Air tight Galvanized Wrought Iron 
tea, which f..rlightne»s, durability, style 
a»* anrihing before ..fler.-d to the nub.'ic 
• nhaud ( BANK, BBJEEO A CO.'s a.-id 
ND A CO.'S Matalic Burial Caskets an I 
arge assortment of Wooden Cofflusand 
s. All calls attonde.l to promptly nigh t 
ty or country, by on* of the firm in pcr- 

Jiutly ealebrat. 
Casket* and Ca 
and finish. *urt 

We also keep , 
W. M. It A ^ MO 
case*. Alao. a : 
Cofnn Mounting 
or day, in the ci 

The eenior par 
agency for the sr 
Cases in the Ka« 
at the mouth of 
counties where t 
furnish t'nderta 
corner Third an 


tner of this bouse has tkr * 
.laofl.i . BHULBB4 I 0 »Ta*ketsand 
:ern Division of Kentucky, commencmK 
salt Kjrer . excepting some three or foar I 
hey are now sold, and la piep:u»d te 
kerr with, them by . .illing .1 oui oltWe. 
1 Jen r-«o.n.s stieets. 

KIN . A oU KM. 


PITKiN. WiftRD a CO., 


SHI UU ICIKllftllll 

' f 

War o la ous o , 

311 Main St., Louisville, Ky. 


und in tiie south. »» hav.- U- u sasjafed iu tin* 
lataeat in LoSaUsi Ie he 12 years, and w» bjcriea that wa 
1 1 v nn. I.- alar d ih. waata • f ih» P a-fr. a'e are will- 
a to «ell ..ur !- a*, a f-ir livin- pr..h*. i.'u..r*-.t -. in  
ia! everytbiii^ sold aliall 1-^ as i p.. - nK J. 

1,000 Bush. Red Clover Seed; 
1,000 Bush. Timothy Seed: 
2,000 Bush. Bine Bam Seed; 
1 T 300 Bush. Orchard C4rass Seed; 
1,000 Bush. Red To p 

500 Bush. Millet 

500 Bush. Hungarian SeeJ.: 



X,t)UISV !!jLE, KY. 


l'  bbls Boston Amber Sit up, 
r  bbl* No. 3 itirnp; 
30 bbl* Golden f imp; 
In stor* and for sal* by D. B. 

jiM tf 


llmSSfmrnUmmliitr ^"d! s. bknkdict a sob. 

— _____ BU4tf 


ino dot Broome, Shaker and Imitation: 
In acor. and for aale b, D. t*™*™*' '"ft 

KKIPS constantly on han-Ua complete aasortmetjl*' 
Crane. Br. ed A t AI«M«»?J»UTOBl-^« g 

(Joffln* furni»h »d at the shorteet notn e. 


It it not necessary to publish a long list of diseases lo: 
which the I'KDKON BflVBU *re a Specifc. Ii 

VivUl §ffii i 

1,000 Bush. Spring Barley, for 

300 Bush. Spring Wheat, for 

500 Bash. Hemp Seed; 
500 Bush. Top Onion Sets. 

Ca*ir«S«/iil Sf'siul**,. 

BT* l. »ve how in store a full st rt af MM 
SEEDS, which we warrant tru - to came. 

llll|»U k lll( k llt«a. 

KIDNEYS; in all afle lions of the Brai 
iiponderangcmetit of Ihe Stom.t. h nr i. :  ;oi T. 
RIIEl MATISH and NKl'KAl.UIA, aasl in 
FKVER and Alil'B, it is destined to supersede all 
It n.t only curee theee diseases, bnt it 
A wine-glata lull of the IllTTKR*. 
rtken an hour Uforeeach meal, will eb,i*te the ill ef- 
fects of the moet unhealthy climate, and sucure th* taker 
der most trying exposure. 

Tli* at ov* cut rvpreaents th   celebrate I 


which ha* a w ider reiutation in th* .e..nth than sny 1*1 w 
manufrw'tiired .11 1)11- ...nntry . Me keap a all stock 1 f 
them and thuir extra points an 1 casting* in *tore, whieh 
we are solum; at low. st ni»nuf.ic:nrers' pu^e.. U.r 
chant* wi.l find it to th -ir ii r.-rrst to call aud see aa. 
We have »I W ». . m store a t;.r ;e •f^ek of 

N. B. Havin Rhad the contract, since he _ _ 

meut of the war , for tbe burial of Deceased Soldier*. I *» 
enabled to keep a complete r*gi*ter of the name, conipa  y 
regiment and bo spitai of all Jw»n«i soldier* in and ab. ut 

Louisvill-* Ky 

Keiativei and frier.di can recetvj any information  1  w j 

a.- --53^ I 


At his laboratory on 5th Crosa street. 

Gentlemen's Traveling Companions and 
Cigar Cases 


Separators, Horse Kakes, 

Cane Mills ami evaporator*. 
Pious, Cultivators, 
t tittiit- Ito \t s. 




Oar circulation U rapidly Increasing, 
which renders the Pre** one of ths beat 
advertising mediums in the State. We 
hope our frisnds will aend in their ad. 

a a»im. tar, ioJ 

1 . 15 kcereit. H.-pUiDStille. Kt 

J H IHiacan, Bagdad, K.T. 

■ M I'PttiuipM a ('«, Park Itow. Clew iforfi. 

J. D. 1'olla.rd. * rtukfort. H.J. 

j s . lie**. Bowling Green, Kjr. 

Ttionias Boardman, Mew Albans. 

• , Ttnurll a c'o., No. 44 V Cherry street Nastii 
Too*-, tAataaaoaaa, Tenn., and Mtncttt Ua 
Cooe a Tuunell, KunxrilU^ Tenu 
faults* * Co., New York, Beekmao otretst. 
U. U. SU.rnu.rg, JeflereunvilU. 


To the party getting up a Club of fifty 
subscribers to the wKJCKXiY PRESS, 
new 111, on receipt of ihe hundred dollara, 
(the club rate,) preaent a copy of Webster's 
or Worcester's Unabridged 

F,.r AfUrnoon Telegraph, Hi Tor 
ntcoauiboat adverUseinsmU, wlc, mm 
P*¥«- | ^ | 

Kx  HASfltn. — Major W. N". Owens, of 
the 1st Kentucky cavalry, is among the re- 
cently c\ changed prisoners of w ar. lie has 
aaajaived a furlough to visit his home. 


W*terday we were shown the nag of Co. 
K, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, presented by 
some patriotic Indie* of this city, which has 
au interesting bit of history connected with 
it. The regiment was willi Gen. Stonemar 
in In* raid into Georgia, last spring, and tho 
greater |K rlion of it was captured. When 
it became evident that they would Ix* cap 
t tared by the rebels, Capt. I'uihank stripped 
Mat dag from it* p  .le and made an effort t 
escape with ii by riding through the rebt 
line, by which our force was surrounded; 
but his horse fell and was injured before he 
had gone far, and he was compelled to 
abandon the idea of esea| c. Hut he was 
determined, if possible, to nave tho Hag 
from becoming a rebel trophy, and. taking 
off a portion of his clothing, he wrapj**d it 
c arefully around his breast. It is a fine silk 
llag. and did not make the Captain look 
unnaturally large around the breast. Thus 
secreted, he carried it during the whole of 
the period of his captivity, over six mouths. 
He was taken to Atlanta, thence to Andt-r- 
souville, thence to Macon, and nai one of 
the l uion oihcera selected by the rebels to 
be placed under our owu tire at Charleston. 
He was a ' : • r v. a : • : removed to a pris 'ii at 
Columbia, from which he succeeded in 
making bit escape, and readied our lines in 
safety. Such noble devotion to the old Hag, 
and determination to Bare the credit of his 
gallant regiment, is worthy of o 


was yesterday held on the body of a man 
named Williams, on the farm ot Dr. Miller, 
four miles from the city, on the Cane Kun 
Hank road. Williams lived on the farm 
of Dr. Miller, and was in his employment. 
There was a family named liolten living 
near by, with whom Williams had had a 
difficulty, and on last Sunday Itoltea and 

► to Ids house 
Bolten w as armed w ilh 
an ax.; Williams wrested the axe from 
him. drove the th ee out of his house and 
dosed the door on them. One part of Wil- 
l's bouse was occupied by • woman 
F.liza Itiver.omb, with whom 
he was on l ad terms. ilolten 
and bis wife and the negro soon re- 
lume I. armed with ano.hei axe, and 
knock. d the do,roj«i,. Williams then 
struck at the negro with the axe he 
had taken from Holten, but missed him 
and struck liolten. cutting his arm in a 
frightful manner. In the meantime. Eli/a 
Kiver.omb, taking advantage of the quar- 
rel between the liolteiis and Williams', de- 
termined to satisfy her old grudge against 
the latter, and getting into his part of the 
house by another door, while be was en- 
gaged with the Ilolten family, struck him 
on the side of his head with a barrel of a 
gun, indicting a wound which caused his 
death on Wednesday. 

Willinms came t   the ,-ity on Sunday 
evening, and ap| eared at the Provost Mar- 
shals office and endeavored to have the 
parties arrested, but it was a case with 
which the Provost Marshal had nothing to 
do, and he was r« Jerre 1 to the civil author- 
ities. ■■ Kixer. oinl' was arrested yes- 
terday and placed in jail. 

Mokk Aitoi i S- hmoi.s.— In our item ye* 
terday we did not intend to Is- understood 
as favoring the idea of closing the Public 
s.'li .ols of the city. We merely w ished to 
all the attention of citizens to the fact that 
I ( igh Schools had t»ecome so exj ensive 
n«; u, endanger the common school system; 
II;-' is. th - exiK-nditure of twenty thousand 
d is j . i year on the two High Schools 
will MWpa| the Trustees t i either close all 
the schools on the first of March, or bring 
the Hoard of Trustees fnty thousand dollars 
In debt at the c lose of the scholastic year. 
Thi« is the dilemma precisely. 

Now, we U MM* the H igh Schools area 
a very great drawback to the whole system 
and ought to U  suspended altogether. 
Th»y are too expensive. Wc hope that all 
the Ward Schools may be kept OfSM during 
the whole vear. 

Wbiie on this subject it w ill not be out of 
place to mention that the present Legisla- 
ture has passed a law allowing the admis- 
sion of pay scholars into tho High Schools. 
This of iteelf will eventually break down 
these institutions. 

We s-ball ba\c more to say on this subject 

Kkiiki.Sympath v.- The ladies at a house 
on Broadway, between Second and Third, 
the residence of Mr. John Long, exhibited 
their rebel sympathies a day or two ago, by 
waving their handkerchiefs at n lot of rebel 
prisoners of war, who were passing by un- 
der guard. Colonel Cole being informed of 
the fa.-t, yesterday ordered a guard to be 
placed around the house, and the arrest of 
tw o ladies of the family. They were taken 
to post headquarters, but denied making 
any such exhibition of disloyalty as charged 
against them. They were, however, required 
to givo bond in $5,000 each, to abstain in fu- 
ture* from any such public manifestations of 
their feelings. 

It is the determination of Colonel Colo to 
put a stop to all such demonstrations of 
rebel sympathy as the above. If the secesh 
women, therefore, cannot repress their feel- 
ings, they must sulfer the consequences. 

Polick Court— Thursday, January 19.— 
John Gay, drunkenueas and disorderly 
conduct. Fined 8o. 

Charlotte Granderson f. w. c. i, harlioring 
the slave of *. X. Brooks. Continued till 


Abram Bennett, presented as a suspected 
felon, and offering tc sell Government 
blankets. Turned over to the military au- 

George off, charged with unlawfully tak- 
ing away some property belonging to Mr». 
I :tru i , and using insulting language to the 
lady. Continued till Tuesday. 

Peter Ackerman, stealing a gold watch 
and chain from Molli- Roberts. On this 
■harge he was held to bail in f 300 toanswer 
au indictment before the Circuit   otirt. He 
was then accused of having stolen clothing 
from Mr. Bradas, consisting of a coat, pants, 
boots, vest, and pistol. Sent l*efore the 
Grand Jury. 


Richmond Views or the rapture 
ofEort Fisher. 

Letter from the secretary of the 
r — Very Important 

It is 

(led as a Blessing 


Opening of the 


Address of the Governor General. 




The Paper Makers In Foree at 

nt Letter from the Secre- 
tary of Treasury. 

Examination of the Charges of 
Corruption Against Hon. 
Lutlen Anderson. 

GUM i n Cot hi . -The case of George W. 
Cornell, Oeorg« Watson, John Cannon and 
Frank Winters, charged with burglariously 
entering the store of Joinvs A Tapp.on Sixth 
street, and robbing it of goods to the amount 
of ? 1*888, came up for trial yesterday morn- 
ing.   n application of the counsel of Win- 
ters, he was granted a separate trial. The 
counsel for   annon and   oruell made a mo- 
tion to continue the case to the next term, 
which the Court refused. Watson plead 
guilty. Cornell and Cannon were found 
guilty, aud the three were sentenced to sev- 
en years each in the penitentiary. 

There w ill be no session of the Criminal 
Court to-day. 

GUBKMUA To itK Buomi To-I»AT.— 
Nathaniel Marks, who was leader of a 
guerrilla band operating in Morgan county, 
this State, in the summer of lKt ; f and was 
captured afterwards, is now under sentence 
of court-martial to be hung. He was tried 
by a court-martial sitting in this city, in 
Uecemlier, ls ;r., and was found guilty, and 
will be executed to-day unless the I'tsm- 
dent interposes and commutes the sentence, 
 r grants a respite. Col. Cole telegraphed 
to Iiistrict I lead. juarlers yesterday for a 
positive order to sxecute the sentence, but 
il received no answer late last evening. 

Wti.i.i am Tiikkv. -This name. so familiar 
to the merchants and citizens of Kentucky 
and elsewhere, may again be found on one 
of our Main street business houses, lie- 
turning to first principles, Mr. Terry has 
purchased from Messrs. O'Brien A Minims 
their stock of groceries, and embarks again j 
in the grocery and commission business, at 
their old stand. With sterling qualities of 
li.-ad and hear!, a large business experience, 
mi'l thr n lvr-li. i,nij MjlNMM of the I'nion 
fYttM t   mid Mm, his success is pretty well 

Kasawiia Salt Comp a *y.— Col. Dent, 
the agent of this company, claims that the 
Kanawha salt "is now being put up, of 
better quality and in better cooperage than 
ever heretofore. As an antiseptic- aud pre- 
servative of meat, butter, Ac, this salt is 
known not to lie surpassed by any In the 

He w ill k ep constantly on hand a full 
supply of the various brands, and will sell 
at the lowest prieo of other salt in market. 
His place of business will lie found in one 
of our advertising Mil 

From RirhasMMl— Whiff lor Reconstruc- 
tion— l-all of Fisher a Hles.lng m Dis- 
guise. York, Jan. lit, — A Fortress Monroe 
correspondent says lhat the Kaleigh Whig 
conies out openly for reconstruction, owiug 
to intestine troubles. The interior of the 
State is tilled with deserters and outlaws, 
and the Stale militia have thrown away 
their arms and gone home. 

The following is from the Richmond Dis- 
patch of the 17th inst.: 

•' l-''itl   j Fisher. — We presume this closes 
the port of Wilmington. It commands the 
main entrance to Cape Tear Rivet and Wil- 
mington. We fear that it will enable the 
enemy to blockade the river completely, 
Hiving him as it does a sec ure lodgement on 
the left bank. I'ort Caswell and several 
other works still guard the southern chan- 
nel of the river. Kisher is thirty miles be- 
low Wilmington. Some regard the tail of 
Fort Fisher as a disaster, while many are 
disposed to consider it a blessing in* dis- 

The latter must be said, number- 
less. A sensible- Biaea contend that Wil- 
mington, as a seaport, has, from the begin- 
ning, done us more harm than good. They 
sny that goods imported through it have 
been of little good to us, w hile millions of 
dollars' worth of our cotton has thence 
found its wayintothe hands of our enemies. 
It is proper to add that possibly our force, 
i which, according to Ix-e's dispatch, was 
■ making a heavy demonstration against 
| their rear, may retake the fort. 

It was reported yesterday that John C. 
Breckinridge w;is made Secretary of War of 
the Confederate Slates. We could obtain 
no continuation of the report in official cir- 
cles, but there are reasons for believing it. 
Breckinridge was expected to arrive in the 
city last night. It was also reported that 
Colonel Nortbcott. Commissary Oeueral, 
had been displaced. 

•— * 

W rlt of Habeas Corpus for II. S. l-'oote. 

KBW York, Jan. 1!'. — Judge Haliburton 
Of the Confederate Courted Virginia, has 
issued a w rit of habeas corpus on petition 
of Hou. Henry S. Poote, a member of the 
Uonae of Representatives from Tennessee, 
commanding  "apt. H. ii. Daggett, Provost . 
Marshal of Fredericksburg, to bring before ■ 
the Judge the body of H. S. Foote on Thurs- 
daj nexf , and show cause why he should 
not be set at liberty. Mr. Foote in his peti- ' 
lion states that he hud been arrested and 
hold in custody by order of one Jas. A. j 
Seddon, Secre tary of War, Ac. 

Happily thie matter has been settled by 
the House of Representatives, to whom it 
was referred by the President, by declaring 
they aie of the opinion that the good ot the 
country would be subserved by tbe nou- 
attendance of said member upon the ses- 
sions ot the House, but that under all the 
circumstances of the cise, it is expedient 
that tin- military authorities discharge him 
from custody. 

We presume that Mr. 7'oote has already 
been liberated. 

Mr. J. W. Singleton, of Illinois. Yankee 
Peace Democrat and l'eace Commissioner, 
is still at the Spottswood Hoiel. His pres- 
ence in the city has not produced a great 

Washinoto.n, Jan. I'J.— The Secretary of 
the Treasury, in a letter to the Hon. F. 15. 
Washburn, chairman of the House Com- 
mittee on Commerce, says that as numer- 
ous expedients have been resorted to recent- 
ly to evade customs and defraud the rev- 
enue especially on our extended northern 
and northeastern frontiers, additional leg- 
islation is highly desirable, and he submits 
the draft of a bid to revive a part of the act 
of the 3d of March, 1S10, which expired in 
W7. sines which time there has existed 
no authority for searching carriages and 
other land vehicles other than those 
crossing our frontier. It is proposed to 
revive this authority and extend the pro- 
visions of the Oth section of the collection 
act of 1779, authorizing the searching of 
houses, Ac, under proper judicial warrants. 
This is believed to be mieaiij, as many 
of the districts are so large that the delay 
cousecjuent upon the procuringof the special 
authority now recjuired from collectors, 
naval officers and Mlrgeona for getting out 
search warrants, to be executed at points 
remote from the port of entry, has frustrated 
the objects sought. Tbe Secretary thinks 
it would add materially to the efficiency of 
the law if vehicles and beasts of burden, 
with all that appertains to them, were sub- 
ject to forfeiture as is provided by the bill. 
Other provisions regarding giving testimo- 
ny by officers and others interested in for- 
feitures, are believed to be necessary to tho 
efficient enforcement of the revised laws. 

Comptroller Taylor makes a statement of 
Ihe fees paid from tho appreciations for 
California claims and expenses of e. »urts 
for the year i nding December, 1S64. It 
amounts to 137,800, of which f 15,700 w as 
paid to Wm. M. Fvaits, counsel in prize 

I uncial of l^dward llverett — Impressive 
and Imposing Ceremonies. 

Boston, January 19.— TlM funeral of Ed- 
ward Fverett took plae-e to-day from the 
First Church, services of tho most private 
character having previously been held at 
the late residence of the deceased. The 
church VSS draped in symbols of mourning. 
The remains were brought to the church 

and escorted by the Independent Cadets. 

The (bUswing gentlemen sen pal] bearer-: 

Hon. F. Washburn, ox-Oov. of Maine; 
T. W. UuCOln, ir., Mayor; Thomas Mill, 

President Harvard College; «;. T. Blgelow, 

Chief Justice: Geo. Ticknor, Trustee of 
Public- Library; R. C. Wittthrop, President 
Histories! Society; C. Y. Boring, N ice Pres- 
ident Union Club; Asa  ; ray, President of 
Academv of Ai ts; J. J). Graham, Colonel 
F. S. A. 

The inscripTion on the colli u boms upon 
solid silrer plate is as follows : 

Felwari Fverett, born in Dorchester, 

Mass., the nth of April, 1794, died in Bos- 
ton tho Mb of January, 1885. 

Upon he casket a wreath of white dow- 
ers and tsergroeus were placed. The - t- 
vie es weie simple and impressive, opening 
with a burial chant of the Episcopal ser- 
vic-e, "T«ach DM h  know my days, ' fol- 
lowed bv tho reading of appropriate pas- 
sages from the Scriptures and prayer by 
Rev. Di. Walker, President of Harvard 

Rev. I ufus Fllis then Bsade an eloquent 

and touching address and prayer, alter 
which tie usual church service was read 
over the remains of the dee-eased, the exer- 
cises cloiing by singing the funeral anthem, 
"Their bsdXes are buried in the dust but 
their lumes live forevermore.'" The re- 
miiins wvre conveyed to Mt. Auburn. 

The burial procession was large and im- 
posing. Two compaatos of volunteer cav- 
alry, tw» companies of infantry, and one 
company of marines from the Navy Yard 
acted ascscort. 

Both branches of the Legislature met at 
In o'clock aud adopted resolutions of re- 
spect to he memory of Mr. F., appointed 
a oommttnn to attend to the funeral, and 

Cavalry I'.xpedltiuii into Fairfax aud l.oii- 
tlon Counties, \ a. 

W asi i \e ■ i on, January IK.— A cavnlry 
expeditfan of 500 men, consisting of a iF- 
tachniert of the sth Illinois, under com- 
mand of Col. Clendenin, and the 15th and 
Mth Now York, under Col. Gansevoort, 
which started from Prospect Hill, have re- 
turned, baring BCOUted through Fairfax and 
Loudon counties as tar as Warn ntoii. They 
found no large bodies of rebels, but brought 
in liflv-two h  rses and eleven prisoners. 
During tSva mid Out i ic-uiienio, witu nis 
commend, dashed into Lees burp anil cap- 
tured a mail carrier with letters from a Gen- 
eral in Rosser's division of rebel cavalry, 
nos Stationed in the Shenandoah. 

mittee on Ways and Means to Inquire into 
the expediency of assessing one per cent on 
the first six hundred dollars of income tax. 
Mr. Cole from Committee on the Pacific 
1 Railroad, reported a bill to aid the construe- 
; tion of a railroad connecting the Pacific 
B s i l r oad bom California to Columbia. The 
consideration of the bill was postponed for 
one week from to-day. 

On motion of Mr. Elliot, the Committee j 
on Commerce was instructed to enquire in- 
to the expediency of amending the steam- 
I boat law of 18«4, by providing sale guards 
in the appointment of pilots by local boards 
' appointed for the purpose, with leave to re- 
] port by bill or otherwise. 

Mr. 'Pendleton introduced a joint resolu- 
! tion, whic h was referred to the Committee 
j on Ways and Means' declaring that the oO 
per cent, duties on imports, in the act tem- 
I porarily increasing such duties, apprejveil 
April 29th, lseJt, was due, and payable only I 
while tha said act was in operation, and 
that all excess of duties paid be refunded. 

Mr. Noble introduced a joint resolution, ' 
which was referred to tho Committeo on 
Military Affairs, that the Secretary of War 
be instructed to give credit in nay draft 
hereafter made for the hundred davs' men 
from Ohio and other States. 
Mr. Hubbard offered the following : 
Whereas, A circular has been issued by 
Provost Marshal General Fry, which is in 
the following words: War Dep'artmeut, Pro- 
vost Marshal General's Office, Washington, 
January 2d.   Ircuhu No. L The attention 
Of Acting Provost Marshals of States and 
Hoards of Fnrollmeut in States is called to 
the fact that the quotas designated under 
the call of Dec-ember 19, 1W4, for 300,000 
men, must not be reduced except by 
actual enlistments in the army, naval and 
marine corps, since the 19th ult. [Signed] 
James IJ. Fry, Provost Marshal General; 
and whereas, such an order is un just to lo- 
calities that have in good faith Ailed their 
quotas by enlistments la advance of said 
call, therefore, 

Resolved, That the Committee on Milita- 
ry Affairs be directed to inquire whether 
some measure should not be adopted to 
mitigate the hardships that result by such 
a construction of the law, and that they re- 
port by bill or otherwise. 

M r. Boutwell said he had been assured 
that it would not be such as the ge ntleman 
Mr. Hubbard: apprehended. 
Mr. Schenck remarked that the Provost 
Marshal General had, in conversation with 

From the Army of the Potomac-. Rejoicing 
over the News of the Capture of tort 


Jan. l! . -The news of the fall of Fort Fish- 
er was received here this morning, and 
being sent to the various corps headepiar- 


0rri £SJiS.I H 3 LOClSTlLLl CM' S P 
TH1ICSDAT KVKM1MJ. J»nu»rr 10, . 
Th-whole^emsrhsthMl^em SjSJ to-.|»v , a 
much sll br.n.h*. of ,.„.,„„., * XC) . p , lng , h „ 
opeculaUTc. moTPD.-nt. tor 

)US Corps lieiulcpjar- ■^"■■m" uio»e»ii.»nt. I"r raw whisky an t il* cunticu 
ters and thence to the army, there was •* sssn*n m th- m§m   r i~r | , ; i *:i oib«r do- 

much rejoicing along the lines. A salute 
w as fired at noon in honor of the glorious 

No tiring has occurred in any part of the 
line for several days, but the rebels seem to 
be busy moving from place to place as 
though preparing for a changu of some 

partmrnu U , HShSl ********* IQ-.II.^Sei 
lr*nMi ti  D0 confine J i„ tbe 
Tun w«»lh«r i  .»r, »!,!»., with 

jvi.i,:,., » a ,i rw „j u „,. 

vailing for a brief ..pace in SJoj for.noon, but clear w„| 
ISIhsl ploaaaul m th'-evcaiug. The river ^ L-;nu-« Si 
recede rapidly, nut ic i* still at a ms» 

and UaU deac.n l the fall, drawing* feet 
a Wrier draught SS0J wonld U com 

to g„, 

, butifol 

W. I . Snow deelareo hlmielf elected l . 
S. Senator beyond a doubt. 

Detboit, Jan. I'J. — W. I). Snow, Seuator 
elect from Arkansas, is now in the erity. 
He has information which places the regu- 
larity of his election beyond a doubt, 
more than a epjoruin of the Legislature be- 
ing pr. 

Thirty-two National Uanai were autboriiad ; 
with au aggregate capital of aoreu niilliona au l 
of dollara. AuoUg th.ui wt»r« the followiug 

» . jo 

. i'je'.jl/H 


Financial Matter. In New York. 

Nkw Yohk, Jan. I!'.-Stock market In a 
very unsettled condition bordering on 
peace rumors e-urn nt upon the streets that 

Mr. Blair has returned to Washington trom Ju "- waU ■**»•* Br » u st *u per tuu 
Richmond with representation to the (iov- "sisal ■» SB, ami m 

^presentation to the liov- 
ernment, undefined apprehensions of the 
neer approa -n of peace eosaSSSJ on the mar- 
ket it is generally weakeSPSoJ. Government 
stock sympathizes with the dec-lining ten- 
dency, and oil lower. Kail rod stocks has 
fallen during tho dav; strong pressure to 
sell Fentral Kailroad list, with very little 
disposition to buy. AU other stocks equal- 
ly depressed. 

la the gold market to day tho bulls are 
fearing for the military successes bv Sher- 
man and Terry, and aro startled by peace 
rumors. Qola aloes d at -JOs. Money mar- 
ket unchanged. Foreign exchange not in 
demand. Stoc k market firm at petroleum 
bemrd. Pstrnleni heavy at 5 » to II for 
crude, and 71 lor rdiued in bond. 

Price of Printing Paper In  ew i ork. 

hfam, exphUned all the objections away. Nkw ToSUt, January I'J. — The price for 
Full creelits w ould be «iven for all men put printing paper today is JOc fur pislltias 
in before the linh of December. There was used on leaeiing dailes. Six weeks ago the 
no n.-e e ssity for the passage of the resolu- market was nrin at -ijc, but being agitated 
tion, as no injustice was designed to any by the •publishers I  r a renaal of the duty, 
section or locality. [created a panic, and it fell Oc per pound; 

M r. Hubbard then withdrew his resolu- t thereupon the leading New York dailes, 
tion. which bad joined in a memorial to Congress 

Mr. Schenck said the bill amendatory of I for r epea l, withdrew their petition, 
tin- enrollment ae-t w as not printed. The 1 It is reported that the leading dailies have 
Coasnsktee on Military Allairs had made j secured contracts at I'J cents on large lots, 
amendments as few as possible, having in | Half straw Peyo» was offered to the boatea 
view greater efficiency in its operation. (Traveller for 1* a nts, cash, the latter de- 
Consideration of the bill was assigned for dining to giv.- more than 17. There is a 
this day two weeks. qnaatltj in the market he-Id at 

The House then resumed the considera- M cent'. One large Cincinnati setslJish 
tion of the executive, judicial and legisla- nient has awUr*3BHSS0d several thousand 
live appropriation bills. reams at 'JO cents, and other Western 

Niti.-nal ll.i:,k, M'l..- u.n-. I *   

luion National Hank. Chuajto. 1U..... 

nm .Sati nal U ink, Aurora, lad., 

Iir.l National Hank. Now A! , lud.... 

Mercuaul. aud I ariuer,', yuincy, 111 : *• ...j 

*irat Nati.ual Bank. »ouu«apo ... Mm a k « 

e ouiu.ercial Bang. , h.cag... bl M$SP 

lir.t National Bank. Buta  1 a, Ohio, I«w!e«w 

lu tha Sour market ther. ia n o animation or uoticeabl* 
variation in price*, which ara fully main- 
tained at tSM to 0 7i for .uperfin.. kou tei^for 
•lain eura, and S10 to 10 m for extra family, whila finer 
brandacoutinue to retail at SU to *U. Vc heat firm at 
*J to I o; for prirao red. and 12 u  to 2 11 for whito. Cora 
ia rather aearce and firm at tl U3 to 1 M from Pagona.wltfi 
aalea from atoraat SI 1J to I 25 a* to quality. e »ta an. 
flrtn. and rather scare, m SSSSn at  i to 90c for common. 
and90io»iv forhea»y Nerthern. offal at tbe n.iila ^ iC1ui*. 
ddling giogou par tun. 
The gro -ery market i* o.uiet with tiir -cuepliea, and we 
near of aalae of bags Bio coflt-e in hOS aSeVeSoeVwl 
for fair to prime A USi of OSSwS augar iu I' la at 
and email aulei a4 fair N. o, in hbda 
while prime command. 27 to ■ ( cent* I 
yellow sugar In hblt at 2Tc. sale* of 
hogshead., at u to 26c. Uard augar 
aalea of cru-hed and rrfiu.-d at 3ut^31c I 
duality. Klauutioa moiaeeei range* from 01 20 to 01 ii 
per gallon, and syrups from il 10 to tl ai a* to   
an I package. Bice IKeMtc. 

The money market i. kuio hat unsettled ond irregu- 
lar, with, heweerer, a continued scarcitj ifcurroncy. 
and a marked decl-ne in gold, which opened iu New Tork 
to-day at 2H 4. Th.- brokers liera were buy ng and sOaV 
ing as foil .ws. the tiguras retreat ntins rurreury 

Ood „.. 


Kentucky Bank. 
Indiana and Ohio 


State Bank Tenn 
I'nion and Planters' 
Virginia and North Carolina.. ... 
Georgia. South Carolina aud Alabama 
Eastern hi • 

" - M Coupons 

i-M Bonds 

! • mand Notes, 





Sm ..KiN ; Aktii Lix-Our Matai Tackau 
was too active a man to keep out of busi- 
ness very long. His numerous friends 
will la* glad to learn that he can la? found 
SSjpeh* in his old neigbWhood, ready to be 
consulted about cigars, tobacco, pipes, and 
all sorts of smoking artic les. RaaJ his 
various advertisements. 

-Ritchie's oxejuisite por- 
unsurpasse el.   i\ ill ami 

  ; r.Ms of Am 
I raits in steel nr 
Calvert have a few fine impressions of Lin- 
coln,  jraut, Sherman, Sheridan, Hancock, 
Mil lellan, J'arragut. and Horace i.n elc-y. 
l'rie-e only $1. tf 

UOMCI h k I kuri akv — Is already on 
the counter of Ounter and the other agents I availing Ihs sas nlea s of the right of asylu 

Uuebcc— Speech of the  ;o\.  ;en- 
eral te Parliament. 

(^i"i:ur.c. Jan. !'.» -Parliament opened to- 
day. ( lovernor in his opening Sp oech een- 
gratulaies the House on the general pro.sjier- 
ity and contentment of the people and con- 
tinuance of peace. ItelV t ring to the oub-ages 
committed on Coininerce and territcry of 
the United States by persons who nave 
sought refuge on Canadian soil, he says in 
e rder to prevent the organization ofsucb en- 
terprises within the Provinces, and to ena- 
ble me to discharge effectually my duties 
tow ards our neighbors and friendly powers, 
I have Been tit toorgaui/.e a system of detec- 
tive poln-e on the frontier and with same 
design, have c alled out for permanent duty 
a portion of the volunteer force of the prov 
ine-es. Similar considerations suggested the 

pie ipriety of firming the Kxecntive   rovern- 
meut with stronger powers than now pos- 
sessed for dealing with persons who, while 


Mr. Villie. s. w he lives about fourteen miles 
from tbe city on tbe Salt Kiver Koad, was 
in the « ity yesterday, to endeavor to get assurance of protection from the mil- 
itary authorities for In ion men in the re- 
gie. ■ he lives in against the de predations of 
guerrilla-rebel robUsrs. A number of them 
. ame to his house on Tuesday and robU d 
him of his watch, all the money he had, 
and a number of other valuable artic les. 
They returned Wednesday evening again 
and plundered his bouse, taking with them 
,-verything af value they c ould carry away, 
t-ven bis wife s clothing. IfelW II" 
the men well. They live in his 
hood. Tbe r.smes of two of them are 
Whitington and Robinson. Other Uj 
men. neighbors of Mr. Villiers, have 

to suffer in like manner by these 
It is due these loyal men that 
itou.e action be taken by the military au- 
thorities to kill or capture these scouudrels. 

in the city. Marion Harland's new story 
is continued, and something from bis pop- 
ular pen is promised for every number this 
\ ear. With I today none can coni| ete. 

1 »i.-krtki:s Akiikst i:n.— John l.udwick, 
iawSMter from Company li, 4th Kentucky 
Cavalry, was arrested yesterday in the city. 

Loi Tn KATHK.— To-night Vest- 
vali will make her last apjH'rance at the 
Louisville, when she will take a bendit. A 
bill of unusual attracti venese is presented. 
Tbe romantic drama of the lbrigand w ill be 
produce d, with Vestvali in three different 
- iiaracters, after which the Bachanaliau 
Slave, in the third act of tbe opera of Lu- 
crctia IJorgia, will 1* given. "Kendes- 
vous" is the afterpiece. 

NoTie k. — In consecpueuce of tbe high 
■ of every nueaaiodllj and consecjuent 
tesasssM of the expense of the establish- 
ment, the managers of the Louisville 'The- 
aic*r are c ompelled to adopt the following 
ta-ilT of pi ie «s f„r admission on aud after 
Me.nday next: Orchestra Chairs fV SS, DtaSS 
Circle 81, Family Circle 50 cents, and Gtoa- 
lery Scents. janl»d-3t 

JSD~ It affords me SSSSSk pleasurs to ac- 
knowledge the promptness with which my 
losses, at tho recent (• alt House fire, were 
adjusted aud paid off by the Franklin In- 
surance Company, of Louisville, and Un- 
derwriters' Agensy, of New York, through 

their prompt and gentlemanly agent, K. A. 
Hrowinski, F.sq. 1 eheorfudy eommend 

  above to the business community 
Wm. A. Warker, 

Lo ' He J 15 

always allowed on lb itish soil to political 
refugees, may be unmindful of implied ob- 
ligations. l y residence among us they con- 
trad to obey the laws ami respect the policy 
at tha sovereign. A bill, framed for this 
purpose, will be laid before the House and 
I ask its early consideration. 

The Oovernor congratulates the House- 
on the 7.eal shown by volunteers, and asks 
a vote for supplies and the nece ssary ex- 
psawa, He informs the House that the 
financial legislation last session has been at- 
tended with successful results, and the 
revenue largely increased and trade ex- 
tcnehd. in regard to confederation be 
says circumstances afford an opportunity 
of not merely a settlement of the question ; 
of provincial politics, but a simultaneous | 
creation of a new nationality. Parlimentury 
negotiations were opened by Governors of 
other provine-es, and the result was S meet- | 
ing in l^ubec, comprised of delegates of all 
colonies; and with thesanction of the crown 

the conference canse to the conclusion that 
the Fe deral I'nion was on a feasible and 
desirable plan of constitution. The pro- 
posed I'nion embodied a series of resolu- 
tions which, with other papers relating to 
the subject, were laid before the House. 

The general plan is approved by the Im*- 
pcrial Government aud the Imperial sanc - 
tion will be given. Tbe Governor says iu 
commenting on this subject, the importance 
of which it is Impossible to exaggerate, and 
it now remains to dec ide w hether the vast 
tract of country be consolidated into a State 
combining in its area all the elements of 
national greatness, or whether the several 
provinces remain in their present fragmen- 
tary and islolated condition, powerless for 
mutual aid and incapable of undertaking a 
proper sha.e of the Imperial responsibil- 

The House adjourned till Monday, when 
tbe consideration of the speech will be taken 


^sr- .lames '.uthrie, the recently elected 
Senator from Kentucky, gave s grand ban- 

quet l   tbe members of the Legislature and MsGill Club who wish to 

his personal friends laat night, c^uite 
number of our citizens went up on the 
afternoon train yesterday to attend the jol- 

must do so immediately, 
limited to two hundred. 

S. B. McGili 


New York Gold Market— Arc iden 
Hudson Kiver Kailroad. 

Nkw York, January I'J. — The gold 
market still feels the effects of the fall of 
Ft. Fisher, aud is still further depressed by 
rumors of the prospect of peace negotiations 
growing out of Blair's visit to Richmond. 
Prices opened at Jb!J, and steadily declined 
to 2124. 

Two passenger cars were thrown from the 
Hudson River railroad this morning at 7 
o'clock into the river near Yonker's. The 
passengers were rescued through the win- 
dows with no sejuries except an uneomonly 
cold bath. It was the Montreal train, due 
bet. Third »ud hourth sts. j here early in'tbe morning. 

The Draft. 

I am now organising a Uraft Club for the 
new sell. All the members of ths old 


Green st., 


S'kw Yohk, Jan. I'J. — Gold at Gallagher's 
Fv-Jiange 9B0| afternoon board £M. 


flKN ATK. 

W'ASlIINe. |oN, Jan. M, 
Tbe Senate confirmed the noniindion of 
General Terry as Brigadier Genera] In the 
regular army, for gallantry at Fort Fisher. 

Mr. [pooUltie called up the joint resolu- 
tion to appoint a Committee to Investigate 
the treatment of the- Indians by the civil 
and military forces. Passed. The Com- 
mittee to consist of three Senator* and four i 

Mr. Wilson called up tin- bill ame nding 
the act defining the pay of army officers, 
which defines that brevec rank shall not be 
entitled to any increase pay. The bill was 

Mr. Wilson introduced the following, 
which w as referrred to the Committee on I 

Resolved, That the sjiecial income tax j 
authorized by a joint resolution approved 
July 1th L864, BOW remaining unpaid by 
persons in rec eipt salaries from the United 
States, shall be levied ami called in mouth- ' 

ly inatallments of equsl amounts by dls- 
bursing officers during 1881, first install- 
ment thereof to be deducted trom payment 
next following passage. 

If any persons in the employ of the Oov- 
ernmeut shall resign or be- discharged pre- 
vious to the first of January, ls  t;, the 
amount of such special tax remaining un- 
paid at the date of aucu resignation, shall 
be deducted from the final payment. 

Mr. Sherman offered a bul to amend the 
act to encourage emigration, which was re- 

Mr. Sherman explained its numerous 
proTiaiona, and urged the passage of the 

After the consideration af some previous 
bills, the Senate went intoexeeutive session, 
and adjourned till Monday. 


Mr. Dawes called attention to the facts 
attending the trial and conviction of Major 
H. Hastings, aud offered a resolution which 
was adopted, directing the Secretary of 
War to communicate to the House the rec- 
ords of the case of the officer, w hose sen- 
tence for tbe fraudulent embezzlement of 
?JG,0iHi was commuted to the loss of rank, 
pay and emoluments for six months. 

Senator Sumner presented a petition from 
the black soldiers fit Camp Gueey, Ya., ask- 
ing to be allowed equal pay and bounty 
with tbe other soldiers, which w as referred 
to the Military Committee. 

Mr. Wilson, from the Military Commit- 
tee, reported back a resolution of thanks to 
Gen. Terry and his officers and men for gal- 
lant conduct at Fort Fisher. The resolution 
passed unanimously. 

Mr. G rimes, from the Naval Committee, 
reported back a resolution of thauks to Ad- 
miral Porter and his officers and men. 
Passed unanimously. 

The House then made the amendatory 
enrollment bill the order for two weeks 
from to-day. 

Mr. Rrandegee offered a joint resolution 
tendering thauks to General Terry aud Ad- 
miral Porter, and through them the army 
and navy, for the capture of Fort Fisher. 
Referred to Committee on Naval Affairs. 

Mr. Cox offered a re-solution tendering 
thauks to General Thomas for breaking up 
aud driving the rebel forces frem Tennes- 
see. Referred to Committee on Military 

The Speaker snnouueed Messrs. Smith, 
of Kentucky, Schofteld of Pennsylvania, 
Cullen of Illinois, Hubbard of Connecticut, 
and Brown of Wisconsin, as the select com- 
mittee yesterday authorized to be appointed 
to investigate tbe alleged charge of corrup- 
tion against l.ucieu Anderson, a member of 
Congress, iu connection with the proceed- 
ings of Gen. Payne iu Kentucky. 

On motion of Mr. Miller, of New York, a 

The c lause appropriating two million of 
dollars to pay the necessary expenses of 
carrying into effect the several acts of Con- 
gress authorizing loans and issues of 
Treasury note s, having been read, 

Mr. Morrill offered an amendment up- 
pti tpriating ?i ,777,009 for publish lngstamps, 
paper, printing, Ac. 

Mr. washburne offered the following 
amenelmeul to the above, that no further 
expenditure shall bo made for any experi- 
mental system of hydraulic printing, till 
such experiments shall bo duly authorized 
\ \ law and a distinct appropriation there- 

Mr. Washburn said the mode of printing 
was an experiment which, after a trial of 
more than twenty years, had been aban- 
doned. Three bundled thousand had been 
expended In printing M12,000 in notes. The 
money had been take n by Spencer M. Clark 
and Dr. Stewart Gwynn for the purpose of 
testing it by experiment, and those men 
had filed a certificate for a patent at the ex- 
pense of ths Government. 

Mr. Morrill said thai soino of the state- 
ments of Washburn were accurate aud oth- 
ers not. 

Congress had authorized the Treasury 
Department to establish a printing bureau 
without limitation; what hael been done 
was in persuance of positive law. His in- 
formation was lhat there had been 1 OSaCfi 
incurred in obtaining inn-liinorv sow otaev 
less, out ne tiucl sautM tallica at Hie 1 reasury 
Department that more than four times | 
mote had been saved than had been lost. 

Mr. Morrill's amendment was agreed to; 
the bill mainly prov kite for salaries of 
officers and others in the various depart- 
ments of the Government, tor expense sot 

territories, contingent expenses, Ac-. Among 
the items is fl,O00,OOU for payments of judg- 
ment to be rendered by court cluiuis. 

The second section of the bill was amend- 
ed so as to fix the oomptnnetion of Assistant 

Treasurer at New York at 86,000, and the 
salaries of Assistant Treasurers at Philadel- 
phia, Boston and St. bonis, at 85,000 each 
per annum, to commence March Uh. This 
increased compensation to continue tw i 
years from the 4th of March next, and mO 
longer. A motion to strike out this section 

was agreed to by 7f» to 88, 

The bill was passed and the House ad- 

Ihwhtn arc here negotiating for lots, they 
offering 18 cents, but is asked. The ISSMr 
ency of the market is downwanl. The 15'  s- 
tou dailies are paying 88fi21 c uts; the Bal- 
timore American has paid -tl cents. 

IBIeeellaaeeaa Xew. i The World on 

ssfeslr fi Mission. 

Ni:w Yohk, January V . — The World at- 
tae-hes nine h importance to the news from 
Kichasoad papers published to-day. It 
thinks, in connee-tioii with these Richmond 
storiws, M r. Blair's silence stVsM his return 
is very significant. While the impression 
has been given that nothing has resulted 
from the mission, it is jxissihlc that other 
and more formidable negotiations may fol- 
low Hlair's interview w ith Jell. Davis. 

The Military Commission to try Capt. 
Hell, one of the Lake Frie Pirates, was ad- 
journed from Monday to Friday by recjuest 
of Capt. Bell, that counsel might be assign- 
ed him. The qassskss wsa referred lathe 

W ar l epartment and au answer is expect- 
ed to- morrow. 

The Ainerie-au Consul at Havana informs 
Col. Draper that the rebels are staking out 
the harbor of St. Marks, on the W. -tern 
Coast Florida, to make it available lor 
blockade runners. 

The Fxpress says a movement is now- 
going on against Mobiie. Prominent V'. 
sons express tb«» opinion that « ■-«' city is 
uow in our liands. 

The World's Washington apaefasl stVJ 
Butler before the Committee* on the Con- 
duct of tho War, said the Ft. Fisher failure 
was the occasion and not the cause of bis 
removal. He considered that he was 
cleared of that atfair. and claimed that he 
had a right to go through and explain his 
whole course since he was appointed Is 
BOnsSfiand the department cd Virginia and 
North Carolina. 

Tribune's Account of the Capture of I'ort 

Nkw Youk, Jan. t8X — The Tribune's ac- 
count cd the capture of Fort Fisher des- 

COTTOS AMI COTTON TiniTT Taw market bae a 
• I" lining |Us8an| 0e SwSaeSj with n" sal.'S ami vara 
ui-asra sti'i-W.. Cotton ram. aro lower to-.lay. with 
.alas of No. .MXiat "o pur do*, n, an. I No. 000 fe rrir,whll 
No. mhsaSSPj at 7i e. 

0MMMM FKoDtc'E-Or-ca At 
% » to *•  », as to MiialilT.pri barrel; | 
mauJjt 12 vio)li is per lb for new idri.M 
Buttrr. cucMic, pj box- ■ or flrkius. e 
pub- was uuuiinalat ' 



Paper I   u i \  tuestion llefore 
Ways and Means Committee. 

Nkw Yoiik, Jan. 18, — The Ways and 
Means Committee heard arguments to-day 
on the question Of repe aling the paper . 1 1 1 - 
ty. The paper makers are iu Washington 
iii force, making determined opposition to 
the repeal. 

The committee to investigate the Indian 
frauds are ready to commence work. 

Cincinnati, Jan. 18 — M. — The river has 
fallen .5 feet 3 inches, with 24 feet :  inches 
iu the- channel. Weather cedd; some snow 
billing. Thermometer 21. Baromete r J »: r »o. 

crils s the woiks surrounding the fort, lb- 
says the mould battery, properly consiel- 
ered, is a part of the fort itself, though real- 
ly an isolated battery some distance east 
and beyond. 

The sea wall of Fort Fisher eonsi-t* of 
a high saiul mouid, upon which the rebels 
bad planted soma heavy esassnated guns, obtaining plunging shots on the gun- 

staaktr, aS00»J » ¥ dox. 
lota, MM88I t0 tne trade, and 23c to i 
bntg 22'aO. Fralber. in fair demand at (U 
buying at t2Xi&2v . ( iuet-n« n miual 
l an. nominal at S3 l'CiJ 2u for white, 
.farce at »1 ;Xtt H s* hbl, in lota. *»hiU- c-h-lce 8SS«S  
tu command »4 H»i*Ji». Onions, in lota. So 00 to at 
» barrel. Kctx- lull at «2&eJe per SSSS1 in harr-N | . 
Ivmesl. and 0..ii- e for freah, packed. 

COAL— Bo-t rut.burg foutmu-e H  retail at 3Ja 
bushel, i 'lirar«d, «.r SJ per load ofrv boslul.. Li^ht .al- 
lele; of Poaieroy . al. with sales to boats at IV. 

HAT In fair J, mau l wuu salea Irons llrat bft la at 
tX*gtJ per tan for baled Timothy; and small aalea IMS 
stor.w at tZl.fLU per tun. Straw. 1-al. d, t' 6 per tan. 

OILS- »'e qui t* si- rin at *J .'-ei p.-r gallon. Lard - e 
U eej to 2 le» f"r c hoice. llurucu,' oils or fluid C t i »7c, u 


I'lti'VIsloNS ANl) l..\UI  Th- saSPMSPOJStSSaSSSl 
we -ju  t- mess pvik nominally at Sell p«r bbl. Bac.u 
linn wiih a sale of sJM |SN0« ril U«d sulee at 3U-, though 
ucn.-ralb held at 8M8sS. Small Ml of bac n SfiSSl le- a 
at Jt*. and haina 25 to .v*- for sugar cured. Lard mac.;- 
laiued, and BsH PJ MtS in SOaswPfi and I 
ior prime* leaf iu ke^s. 

WoeiL Moderate de mand, an.! t uyere are paring •«• to 
. i.- for grease wool, and 9U to »V Tor twi -wa»he.|. as la 

WHISKY Ad*'*" demand sprung up to-day. ol a 
«r- culato- 1 tiarae-ter^reaoliing in sales or between «)• 
.0" barrels of raw at t2 r. i . 2 2s, and fiM swttsSi 
-l"ni''« *' at the   I"S.-, while others h id witndrawi. 
their stoe ts fr..m the n.arlcet. An ad«au. -iu New 8swt 
aod tha increased tax ha. cauaea the .nr m the ma.-kei. 
Mid stimulated pr; - « New Copi« r, or Uoiirhoii whisky, 
l ure, cannot be pur. hased for le ss than S3 t.s i SP, wmU 
•Id BcurlH.u rans' sSs to SI0 p, r gallon. 

ToBAC i o l-nr.-s anil i^ieil with wsloaot the anc ion 
warehouses Tnur-claj ..f 97 hhd«. At the Tiekett. light 
trahy lugaa-ddatr wtoOOu, WM0$ Inst* SlOJoto II Sfi 
aud Vnht to fair leaf ell Vi to 27 ;.'.. At SPJ N n.lli .tr. -i 
1 SM sums at »3 IS, ." Mai MM lu^e»lo»*i.loltraah 
at *7 Ji, « go.«J lugs at J I" to 11 34, 1 at M * luht 
I -of at 0U 25 SI r. 7V and 1 at *33 23. At the Booue. 2 
1.1, Is trash at i^-t ■»*,.. f lu  , at j., :  , ,„ Jai 
tin to 10X\ and !0at $13 esi i . 23 em. At the Le uissille. I 
hhd "f  Itu-* at tk : 1,1, Sj . t *UMi t.. II 2J, and the 
balaii-eof ihe break at S16 20 t-  «e. 

MIC 8H8J818JH 


Ni» ToRa, Jan. '. fj 
Cotton irregular ai d uns. tiled at tlfcl 02 for mid.lling 
etter grades are serv tcxrrf. and sell lor rel irieelir hi 


nil au I 1 to le-- 
'.I for i: II IX and 
ksa fiaso] Wkas- 

Jaahn Brewae, *t the New ^orw 

at Nashville. 

Nash vu. l. K.January V.K — Junius Browne, 
army correspondent of the New York Tri- 
bune, reached here last night and left for 
the North to-.lay. 

Death af the Medical Director of the 2;W 

Nashvii.i.k, January l'.'.— Doctor K. M. 
S. Jackson, Medical Director of the 8Sd Ar- 
my t'orps, of i iessein, Alleghe ny county. 
PeniLsyhania, died at Fhattaiioona yc -l'-r- 

r pi . ces. Flour 1*f 11 SOifi wTsals I ■ 
leiwr . ij*»*to for extra siat. .»;, i , 
HI 1UM0I2 tor ti a 1- I rai-U. mai.etrl 
ky excited and d  ■ i ledly hichar: Wc si 
sum' at the insiele priee. Wheat 'u.l and i. M.inaTir '"'to 
Si la. a t . Kye 01 .Ksctl 70. t'. rn 'Ml and ne-nieal; »l , s 
lor mixed MTestei n. oat- qiiM-i ; 01 c« y 4.W7 i rWtstera 
e'oilee firm. Sucar dull, N.O. 23 ,ja Xoioaoea dall.' 
I' Ii leiim heavy. :a«ra.'.lc for crude. :,- i,. r .efin dial 
iH.ud. and As f,.i fn-e. IVrk iriegular and decided. y 
brm. Sioicc-U for new m  --, $S-t to f.,r priiae, d" ca«h »u,i 
rogular way, and ■ i'-sni i.'i; f r ••*»!:. 'on.* 
p. ,iue. and 037 jiKcsis fot prune nseos; 2..VO hbla xw^a 
sellers' and bu;. rs' optiou; JTiv; »,«-• I Id. pr»i, 

Ma, cb, bojers 
Jien.iar) , rebrnar 
liota, 041(442 SO. Beet 

031 wOOM 'o for extra. 

ption, t3»JW 

I Mar. b 

li-t: r.s«. 

Beef h.,1. 


•rs' awe 
for pla 

ai- -r. 

From New Orlesni— Military Operations 
iu the South n est. 

( Aiuo, January 18. -The steamer Mollie 
Able, from New Orleans, has arrived. 

The steamship CroniweU would sail for 
New York on the 14th. 

The hull of the gunboat Indiiinols, sunk 
by the rebels nearly two years ago, has I 
been raised end found in excellent con- 
dition, and will be rebuilt. 

The rebel   ieneral 1 bulge, who commands I 
the District of Mississippi and Bast Looisi- | ■** ^' rr the sams privileges on tins sMc 
ana, has established his hoadqnfirtets at 
Woodvills and begun a most vigorous rule. 
The corporeal punishment order of Colonel 

urn tiaus'-d c m u, wta 
in mod rate demand; 17 i ctl- je for .houide-ra, a.. , s. 
2UC for ham-. Bae on side, dull and low. r; Bnssaaf Wk 
•SkSs. I'nml-rlaud MOssSVo at Jh. l'rss-ed So(4S dwi] at 
l' «l .'« lor Western. Lard ^uic t Mil lower at Ji x JaV. 
Butter nil let and liea»». c hests-- dull aud drotpiui;. 

stocks «tea.iy. BoM 3K. I S«a SI csasspwsM lllVU I ■» 
AO 7-JO coupous ll«» 5 .; I Siert'.« N; ^ J| c. rt 2f ^.3t S 
CV l" . IIIC ll-.-H: Fittsbum s S B I '•. « h 
W .-j , money steady at 1 1" 7 per rent call; sterling in • 
, etat le^ aOH'-'-Cj; gold irregular, iin«ettl. .1 and dec dedl  
rt. al "■ 
without •:• ■ i led rfc 

Nkw Fkhi:\   'ompany.— We learn that 
a new ferry* company has been organized 
and has obtained |ierinission from the au- 
thorities of JeffersonTilh? to make landings w h- t dmi at *i 

. ., . V\ hi«ky advanced to $2 22 -a'^ 

on the Indiana side ot the river. Iney prtrrs asmalnal ttt! 

Cincinnati Market. 

Craciasan. Jan. '. . P %. 
Flour dull and lower; trade brands at 0 ,2l(&a - 

■h iiij 


i. di 

iW.t ti 

^ ; a; 


ll and 

Scot t has been revoked and, instead, lien 
Hodge levies a tax of Sou per bale on all 
cotton taken to the bank ot the Mississippi 

The expedition under Gen.- Braysaaa 

w hich lett Vidalia on the 11th for a raid 
through Cone-ordia Parish, returned with 
several hundred prisoners and seventy 
head of cattle, aud also broke up several 
1 eands of guerrillas. 

Tho Ciunboat Little Rehel rec e ntly made 
a reconnoisance up Heel Kiver as far as the 
mouth of the Black Kiver and broke up a 
picket station near that point. 

Ked Kiver is out of its banks and still 

The Natchez. Courier of the 1.1th mentions 
the arrival of eight or ten rebel deserters 
from Alexandria La., who report a small 
rebel force at that place fortifying in ex- 
pectation of another Federal expedition. 

Shreveport has been made very strong, 
and has a garrison of four thousand or live 
thousand men. 

Harrison has a regiment of troops at 

De serters were of opinion that Northern 
Louisiana could easily be brought under 
Federal rule. 

Collision of Steamers and Loss of I.ifc on 
the Mississippi. 

Cairo, Jan. 1!'.— Yieksburg papers say 
that from sixty to a hundred lives were lost, 
mostly soldiers belongiug to New York 
regiments, number not given, by a collision 
of the steamers Dickey and Kaine. The 
boats were damaged seriously. 

No change in the New Orleans market. 

The steMner Glendale arrived from Mom- 
phis Gen. Gilmoro and stall'. The 
Glendale returns to Memphis for a load of 

The receipts of cotton vesterday from 
Memphis were eighty-eight'bales. 

Kiploslou of Powder Mills at Harttord. 

Hartford, Jan 19. — Three powder mills 
belonging to the Hazard Powder Company 
at Hurnside, four miles from here, exploded 
this morning, killing two Bnd seriously in- 

and as soon as they obtain them they w ill 
commeue-e ojv r.-itieins. We hope they may 
lie successful, as the increasing business 
between I^uiisville and Jeffersonville de- 
mands moro ferryboats. Besides breaking 
up a monopoly, the new company will 
greatly conduce to the welfare of l oth 


Thk Navy Taku.— Mayor Kaye informs 
us that he has great hopes that the navy 
yard will be established in this city. He is 
in correspondence with the Board, aud the 
prospect is tlatteriug that they will recom- 
mend Louisville as the site. 

An arrangement has been entered into 
between the famous isopressari'l Maretzek 
and Grau w hereby the latter lakes Mad- 
ame Zucchi, M iss Kellogg, M'lle Mon-nsi 
aud Signori Massimiliani, Susini Bellini 
to Chicago in April, to oj eu the new Opera 
House there on the 7th of that month, for a 
season of twenty-four nights. 

The Kmperor of I hina has decorated with 
the Order of the Dragon several French of- 
tieers who took part in the capture of Nan- 
kin. This decoration, whic h is suspended 
to a yellow ribbon, represents the hve-e-law- 
ed imperial dragon, and has the following 
inscription in Chinese: -'before it the lion 
turns pale, and the tiger is silent!" 

Anotiikr Fmim.oy mkmt for Womkn. 
A lady in Wlaoonain writes us as follows: 
"A young ladv of high respectability is en- 
gaged here inone of the marl'le fa.toriesas 
a stone cutter. She has two dollars a dav. 
I think. 1 should recommend others to 
use the chisel and wear the iauntv paper 
cap. I should further advise any lady to 
do whatever she has a taste or talent for. 

[I nde pendent. 

Colt's armory in Hjorttord has MS) filled 
an order for one hundred thousand muskets 
for the army, the cost of which was two 
million dollars- 
While Theodore Tilton was at Chicago 
last week, he was entertained at an 
banquet by a former fugitive slave, 
wealthy merchant in that city. 

»RT or thk 8Mnax lion. —Harper 
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Great Kelivllion has reached its tenth num- 
ber. Civill A Calvert • all the num- 
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Only Onk Lkkt. — A superb copy of 
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tionary, in full Turkey, red edge*— the 
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Jc Calvert. tt 


Is published in two volumes. Price *4. Q 
vill A Calvert have it. 



Useful as well as Ornamental ! 




Bl Y A 





For s 


 u nunar) of hews by Yesterdays 

tm NtH sTttMJl tUm I UawsBswasese. I l,« 
l»re*i«ieat   loneu d Midi • liem— Davis 
\t illlng to Xegotiatt for 
Item*, t oureruin- Ulalr's I 
ry Aflairs in U 

New York, January 19. -The Richmond 
W lug. of last Monday's i su*\ Mans that 
-1 .11. I».)vi x».in mii aiil«.ur:t|.h letter to Mr. 
i . . . , In* wiiini-n.-s l..s.-ii l  r 
rer » e   oimnLsMoiii-rs authorial t«  nego- 
tiate i»eaiv. 

that look Mr. Hlair from K'™- 

Tli.- Wal 

niond. on its reiurn trio carried t«  tliat j Ia v 
tifiicral SiiiKl-ton, of Illinois, a I'eaiv »eiii- 
ocrat. froiii whose visit sonif of ttie tu.ii- 
moud papers are hoping much in Uie wa;, 
of pacification. 

BouriUMtandioc tha that the mUita- 
rv authorities have shut UB the principal 
bleb a ays leading ami at Rfctimnnd to the 
Yankee" lines, the Hi. hinond pajn-rs say the 
negroes continue t   dec in gangs, m appre- 
hension of being conscripted in the rebel 
artiiv. . , 

The Tribune's Washington sjkvihI says 
the President has lieen closeted ail day, de- 
eyine; hiasnulf to all comers. 

II is v uispered that mo Alabama peace 
,nvnvs had hii au.iieii e. and that the I'r.-s- 
id.-nl was -iving his mind to the endeavors 
from i* th sides of the line of war to bring 
alx.ut a settlement. 

The same s]h-  ;;i1 also says the (.overn- 
ineut expect* news of more and most im- 
p rtani Mtuuaaaw daily. 

The Times' Washington sp.-. :al says .en. 
Thomas hasw ritten to the War department 
llftTT ^ a \ . ry encouraging view ..f 
mi] ar\ allaiis in the Southwest. Jles.iv  
thai Hood cannot gather an army of Uu,00u 
men, and that the Southwest is practically 
■ aaaanaand namsnry. 

The Richmond Kxaminer of the Pith says 
i | mora Llljn 1*11 nine the nature «»f the paper 
negotiations old Hlair carries back with 
him an- very numerous, and we are confi- 
. assured that the mission has brought 
utftuu ijaisBbOB to a pail that provides 
for the appointment of commissioners from 
, ther place with authority to lay a peace 
?..ii: .i:cion, that is all. 

Tb« Whig of the Kith says: It is under- 
stood that Blair had a private aud conliden- 
lial interview with the President. He came 
in no oth  ia! cajiaciiy, ami had no official 
intercoiirs. with any meml»ers of the Gov- 
i rnuient. The belief in well-informed cir- 
cles is that tiiis int. i view may lead to a 
   uferenoe bet w e— authori/.t  1 agents of 
ili,. (wo i»overnusents. 

li js known that President Davis will 
permit no obstacle ol form to stand in the 
. of sending or rec»-iving  -  mniissioners. 
i , a r w ;is handsomely entertained during 
■is at taw ■ iu Kicbtnon.i. 

V. e'are assured the n port is true tha' 
President I »avis has sent an autograph to 
Mr. Hlatr. expressing Bat willingness to 
send and r.-'-e ve v iinuii^sioners empower- 
ed t i negotiat'* peace. 

It is ajsdantood that l'.iair told the Presi- 
dent thai be oame in no oflkMJ ehara«-ter. 

h the knowb-dg- and consent 
H • . -xpn aaanj the opinion 
In would certainly appoint 


loners ap- 

t ut simp. 
at Mr. L:i 
liia' Mr I 


pointed by our rreaiaeni. 

I • - n ' •• .  .— The M:t»s.u ' -ti-. Sen- 
- i-'iooii Wtodto g • into an e'.e.-- 
liasifor I nit.-d S;a: *- S nator on 1'riday. 
iis iarsTsar a-: ion hav ing ln-en res'-iuded. 

Si. LoTta, Jan. l'j.— The Bill at Rights 
w»s lajfaaa t h«- convention yesterday, and 
the following sections passe.f: 

Pint, Ernst are hold it to be self-evident 
ihat all men are created equally free, and 

bm endowed by tfieir Greater with nortaln 
enable rights, smong which are life, 
!.!■ r:v. the enjoyment   l the truits of their 
i m r, an.) the pursuit of happiness. 

  nd. That there cannot be in this 

cither slave! y or invoiuntary servi- 
. except in punishment of* crimes 
v. -hereof the party si.all havelu-en duly con- 

v . 


I'.i.rd. tlia: i. • person can, on account of 
e  l« r. be disqualified aw* w itness, or be  lis- 
I ' 1 e ntraei. or be pr.-x.m bj nom ac- 
H driME, IsalsWsK ar transniitting | i..j.on v , 
isbie to any puajajsnsaat for any «.i- 
feiiee ii.aii that made upon others for a like 
oiVeinv, or las restricted in the exercise of 
religious worship, cr be Uadead la aeqair- 

education, or be snl-jeeted to any other 
n Straiats  -r pialitication in regard to any 
- :»l richt* liisn such as are laid u]h»u 

other- ill liue i il'edUistaia'eS. 

I •• SVAtT, J m. l!'. — 'l'he repoi'ts of the 

ngsof the seoood annawl ooswaaas 

• h t'etuan Brotherhood, now betegaeld 
in tsds city, that hnre been made public, 

Qtain l)Ut little inler.-st. The time so far 
, I been oecaptad in the ap; oiniment of 
various businesa eonunittaaa. Mr. John 
Mahoticy, of " e-.v i'ork, was chosen 

hid nti 

Uowing gent'. iiH-n iir^ Vice Pre- 
v\ . m , m. P. w. Daan, 
• 'apt. Brelfolds, New York: M. 

I • v. Mass.; Mr. 

. !• liana; M 
J; nan '■. I. li - I :'-le. 

i ii. Ihh tings are open to the public, and 
■ :^ht. Addresses are made 
in. tubers, r the order to htrne 
... • n:hus:;ts:: " audi- n  • «. 

HAM i'r.AN -is4 .i.iri, 
loeii! is now altracte . ' 

17.— Much excite- 
patn • eum. Bids 


L.-.Odure pa «-d an 

- ■ oi: deposit $50, XW in 

St ite or International bonds as securitr to 

i . y holders. 

HkMji )iatti:ks 


Tin SMHT, January U\ 

■ J uAmrg. Usa, i.:-si-. Casafaaasl. 

S i: v nu«. « armDtoii. M«j. Anitns.n, •* 
I "i Jubii Ka ;. ui. " 

I'KI AKTl K':s. 

a .. - V :- :,, I .:. it, .. - IV \ ..ling,   '»rr..lil'-n. 

• ; ios n Kibnmr. NaabvUtr. 

J. 'i. M  UnsIm, 

Collision of thk Kmma aki  Ferryboat 

over Tn k VaXJUL— Iawt evening the small 
stern-wh.- d steamer Ihnma, IM-Ionging to 
tli.- noTsrnmant. are believe, incoming in 
at the ui.iH-r landing, from J. irersoiiMiie, 
laden pntty heavily, came Mo e,,llision 
with the ferrTboat John Shal cross 1 he 

fcrtylMMt atene* the water wtad at the 

Hm'niH, as the latter was .pn.rtenng in to- 
ward the .shore, head upstream, and disa- 
bled the engines of the latter so that she 
mrm :it once unuianageable, and began to 
drift w ith the current over the falls. 

The towhoat (iipsy, coming up from the 
canal at the time, "was I -.k -n to the assist- 
ance of the Kmma, her otli.-.-rs hearing her 
signals ot distress, and aUOOl the same time 
the ferrvb oat John Shall.-ross atoa went to 
BMC assistance. The boat, however, had got 
into the suck of the falls, or swill current, 
and the (iipsv, unable to get her straight- 
ened up, was* comixdled to go over the falls 
with her. and we think they made the pas- 
sage together in safety. 

The John Shallcn«s finally ga\e un her 
eftbrts to help the Emma, to try and help 
herself, but she was carried down the mid- 
die chute to the Kentucky shore, below   orn 
Island, wh.-rs she was lying too at dark, 
having probibly exhausted her supply of 

The Emilia had l een over t » Jefferaoo- 
ville taking on board a lot  d' freight. The 
teirvooat was on her trip from this 
shore to Jefl'ersonville at the time of the 
collision. We do not think tin hull of the 
bass was injured any, though several bar- 
rels of liour were seen iloalm^ in the river 
|/am bar. which probably were knocked 
overboard by the fore** of the collision. 
Whether the accident occurred by a mis- 
understanding of signals, or some other 
cause, we did not learn. 

The little steamer Alpha, in full repair, 
came to the wharf yesterday, and started 
down the river in Usfl evening on a voyage 
to Nashville probably. 

The Irene and Clara dunning came in 
from Parkersburg yesterday; the former 
with a cargo of mules lor " Nashville, to 
which port she stalled about noon. The 
Clara dunning landed at Jetleisouville lor 

We regret to announce the very sudden 
death ot   'a plain I 'harles ( 1st render, of the 
steamer Irene, who died on ihe boat at 
Cincinnati Wednesday. He v. as attending 
to his duties upj.« the very moment of his 
death, dying at his p  si while gelling the 
boat awa\ from the ■ hm f, and HTas actually 
assisting the crew in pushing her stern 
from the shor;-. vvh -u bee ming very 
faint, he had barely time to call to the engi- 
neer to catch hold   1 Mm, saying h-- 
thought he was going t   pilch overboard. 
The engineer caught him, and UM next mo- 
ment he fell dead upon tile deck. He was 
a robust, apparently very healthy, man. 
but his heart was diseased, and it OOOneiosV 
edfhis n death. 

Captain «»strander was a citizen of Port- 
land, was a well known boatman, and one 
  f tin best practical engineers on the river. 
He had recently purchased an interest in 
the Irene, and was captain of the boat at 
the tfme of his death. He leaves a family 
in Portland. The remains were brought 
to this city for inu rmeiii. and the llags of 
the boats in port yesterday were at half- 
mast, as a token of resitect for his mem- 

Captain Underw ood w ent out in charge of 
the Irene yesterday in the place of Captain 

• •-•.lander, .'..-.-eased. 

Bo atm Ufa M mi: i in... —We callthe irttflt 
tion of iKMtmon and steamboat owners to 
Ihe call fern meeting this morning at the 
Merchants' Hx.-haug.-. The object of the 
meeting is to petition Congress to modify 
the iat  law regulating or measuring the 

teemnge ot Western boata. The following 
is the result of the late meeting in Cincin- 
nati, as copied from the Commercial: 

At a in -. ting of the masters and owners 
mt steamboats held in tin* city yesterday, 
Th»-o. (.'(ink. Ks«j., o, the well-kiiown liriii 
of Barker, llarl sY Cook, was appointed a 
apeakd committee of one to proceed to 
Washington, in conjunction with a similar 
repreaentation from Pittaburg, Wheeling, 
Louisville, Cairo, ami St. Louis, to take 
j.roper a.-iioii to secure the repeal or modi- 
fication of the late law of   ongrc-ss relative 
to the tonnage and measurement of 
.-rn sieam. r-. Mr. Cook leaves for Wash- 
ington City on Monday next. 

The si t .,,:,ier Rola'rt Moore was at 
,; !' wharf last evening, awaiting orders, 

and di i bqj proceed to Cincinnati the dav 

previous, as i. |...ii,.,i 

Co XL. — Some lOtijuOti bushels of coal readi- 
ed tins city (rem Pittsburg on the late rise, 
about f.\   -tliirds of v. I.ich was taken South, 

leaving but a little over one bend red thou- 
sand bushels for this market. 

our peel lisi yesterday was not mm 
heavy, but we learn that a Beat of boats fs 
due, including the Tyrone. Sin- passed 
Lvansvilie Tcslerdav and was espe. ied last 

Tie n. duel is tin- regular and punctu- 
al mail and passenger picket for Cincinnati 
to-day. She starts at MOOS* 

The musical Nick Long worth is the com- 
Ibrtnbie a ft e rn o o n packet to-day i  r Cincin- 
nati. She ststrts at 4 o'dacfc. 

The steann-r J. H. Dickey was recaotly 
disabled by collision iu the Lower Mi-si4- 

• ippi arfth the John Uaine. 

The Lmeral l from Nashville; and Silver 
Spring from New « t|j mna are over due. 

[he Star Grey Eagle, Cant. Bnnee, is the 
regular mail and pmaentoer; pm 1 1  this 
evening for I ivaiisville, Heiuiersou, and 
way ports. She starts at 1 o'clock, from 
the city wharf, if the river is high enough 

for h.-r to eeeead Ihe falls. 

Among the boats :it Pittsburg on Tues- 
day for lower ports OT re the- Anna, Ohio, J. 
A. GUmore, and Argaiioiit No. t. 

The, of Monday, says the tow- 
boats Lake Lrie No. ::, dick I '"niton, and 
Penther,  iid not get otf with their tows of 
coal, owing to the rapid fab of the river and 
the cold weather. The owners of t|„. p iUi . 
ther OTaTB unfortunate, having sunk two 
coal boats and grounded another, w hich it 
is also fear.-.! will be dest.- OV cd by the lloat- 
ing ice. The loss will amount to about 
forty-live thousand dollars. 


Kcgiilar Louisville and Troy Packet. 
_• ,rr»" ^ j. a. hoy lk. Jwdmr, *|«"i« r A . _ 

: ; ?^ Will loav an h! IT.. TUK.-OAT[ 

:»i,l i it 111 \7 at S oVIot-k P M. 1 nr freiebl ..r r»iw»g« 
11. J. CA1 

sppll "ii boaH or t.« 

AKKKKV. At-ni. 

Wall «tr»ot. 


Louisville and Nashville 

Atlantic and Mississippi Steam- 
ship Packet Line. 

For Cairo, Memphis, hatches and New 

, 11 ■' ^ MlSSOl KI. Hnr ), Master, ' 
- .Al', -r-t^ v* ill Vmwt as above on SATURDAY, the 
:i-t m«t.. at 12 o'clock St., POB1T1VKLT, fr..ui « ity 
W liart. Fur fr.-ielii • i ran-ain- apply « n ixi.u.l or to 
CUurrKK, I'ATTONW Co.. AaeaU, 
'j»19St N»- . lO aiei M.'. W all ctr«- t. 

U. S. Mail Line fop Cincinnati 


foot of Third Ktwt. 


L ^.-y«l,. rl-l.-at. foul of Tli ii I m t. 

* " ' " 1 ^ ' JOf». CAMPION, Aff't. 

oc22ntf Wharf-lont. 

1SB3. 1864s 
Louisville and Henderson 



For Owensbora', EvacaTllle ant] Ilenderaoa, 
caaaef.tlns at EvanavIHe with lh« 

Cairo end Evansville Fackots. 

The new and light drang-ht steamers MO&KING 
STAB and TARASOON will leara .o.ery Taesdsi 
Woduesday. Kriday an d Sat i, Ma y at 5 P. M. 


All treichU and! rassencers must 1* at the Portlantf 
wharf U'fon-S o'clock P. M., as thu boat* will not h* 
delayed aftor that tii.n-uuderauy tin i:r: -i .-. - . Letters 
b!l s of lailing. pa. kr.coa. Ac, uicst be iitt witn th. 
Agents, ou fourth sreet, Iwtw.M-n Male aud the rivc-r 
tmf'ir« I c.'nlo^k V »» ~« H Wll'Ji'r Hno't 


_ ^jbT^j. •. B rOOira R. K. Kal, MasU-r. 

i'T*V2sSfma?Will U a»e as tlioTe . ». ry Tuwday, Tiinrn- 
S-.v cud  -«tcrday at I V. M. Kor freight or paaaage at 
above, or to any Intermediate landing, appl; on board, 
irlr i .nl.%Mt.f| H J i:*rrKEV A »nt. Wall.. 

(Jhauge or Time. 

UCT. !.. 
of .outh aud Kr.«d- 

( "winV-avVthel)e^ 1,A 

Tille daily. 

Nashville, Bowling Green and LWkaville du ly 

anou Perryviile, I anvill.», Harro.Uburg, Campb. llayille 
an I i olumi.ia daily, except Sunday. 


town daily, except Sunday. 

x \. V , -£ l * MA1L * PASSKNGKR TUAIN *0R NAsU 
  1 1. LB dnily. 

- - M. Til P.OL'Gtl I RKIGUT TilAlN FOK NAM1- 
Tiiie daily. 


»^Pl9dtf Sui'tolTransporlHU- 


E. O. T^LKS, 

of Ihe firm 

Schickedantz, Leonard & Co. 

_ a Co-partnership I. r the pnrpoae of carrying ou 


Aud will pay at all timei the highest market price fo 

Wheat, Corn, Bye, Oats, Harley 





I BTTSD El \TK- of AMBBH'A, I T... I. in rt • Ll, J ffS. 

iaMi I . tat aasTAas rt 


•In., i cd. Kiiukiii. *' - 

Jolm Poaroo, 



Tubular Boilers, 

flute and Plalu Cyliu.ter Bullers, 


Lal&nVstti 'a Ua " k VanU ' i • Chemlc *' » nd v » rni b 

Main Between Eleventh and Twelfth 

North Side, Louisville, Ky. 

ear All work of the best Material aud Workmanihlp. 

aee-Repalrlng promptly attended to. and all work wai- 
ranted an • , 


Livery and Sale Stable. 

igisra mmssrantiB, HATXKfl BOC8BTTHI i.i\- 

J. ery and S:ile VV. U. Lii.k,"ii SecosteV between 
Main and Market ,u.-ar th« OaH Hwhw), would raaf. •- 
fully announce to the public that th.-  hone, Ly strict at- 
t. iition to bUKiues*, to in. rit a liberal sharo of public 

^HorM-s and Bneei.-a and ddle 11.  r*-* f..i Hire. 
Hones ksst bytae dsr. wesk asMsta. 

Sr» ■ ial attention gi\en to the PaicaSM and ^ ;  ''  of 
Hones sad Mules. 

\S A NTEI*. - l.ioi Horn sa:.d Mules, for which the high- 
est matket price will I,.- pa d. W. X. OE»lUNEV *OjJ. 

LsOtSTIUB. Kv„ OctpbSg P. ISU. or_'.,dtf 





229 Hate street, 

XaO-^Alfc* ^ ill o , 2 

i.-am as rw ass Bnne  •» 


.^!K -* fit ;•' '! , 

MaTTH is •; -. 


awomnH, piarmjistj 

I .M 1 A K. BaUUI BCWWIsli ste 

■ h- I v • • ! and' • ; v. i i tV it . VKsSfll I 
m.\ :- tosrasr. nUCSJCNTATtOii SWOitDeJ lnrui.h. 
to order-fr jm »'«i to $!,'«:.' 

.11 lit V M. • To I PS • ON 
" " ' 

!»t-ti | 

»-i •,..„,.. 
atai , i , a*i 

Sri . .ii :.. i .; 
slaiK-f ;h ,, | 
!•■ ! - 

-Hi ■ k u, ■ 

ssssstaate ile- 
» n. I t . i 
sjrti . ii i i -.ii 
luwinv, fix 
Bjmsia i 
,i. nsaii ii Uf s 
-I r ; sss h..l 

pr., : - i .; 
Kith !  ild H - 

Uwrllii - i i 

.- aii d \-\ n 
MS .nt I ;, | 

»n ba* been Matin the (Ha- 
:at.-^ will- and I r tha 

17 -I y mJsmsM . A. I*. 

. MSSM   fcr Ih n t» . 
i\.-i-.n»:k», who pr *- a: -• 
d SU»t»-, all a in »nb- 
.. -in: the ins • ay ■ 1 J„| y 

,J rel-lli. ll. to seize .1 
...i . I r ••ih.-r tur- • s; 

t!i - time h-  el "■ I.I 

i, •  S...-.1 the aruaerty i i- 
a i ,i i r«a«e riiisi is ML 
w.tli -i i. In. a-*- llwieon, 
liio'.li. r~ an a dry goohi 
• .   -. toiowu »s Ida 


l », parr 










Nos. M mj Wnlnut Sr., 

( .oU KfcS. TKA5. SI (JARS, SIR! PS, SI'ICES. 4c 
L rtaWsll kssaa and allsi/ep pa-kag. -. 

Lour ciintiuuaucH in the tradr enables me to off.-r 

special Indsc—ents to buy* 





SILAS F. MILLER, Proprietor. 

I,ate of Cialt House. Louisville. 

j»? laariei 


Th8 Election of Abraham Lin- 

IN order to prove my faith by my doeds, and beincfnlly 
conriund n.'W, that the Aniericaii people will hsVS t I 
suhj.-ct itselt for anotb-r f.;ur years to the rule of the"tv- 
rant and UMirper," ai d that in that emergency. soM and 
gen n«erchaii.lis   will ex p rieiice considerable d. wuvard 
tendency. I have concluded to t .-•!.». e the prices Ol my rtcll 
assorted stock of • 

Dry Goods, Cloaks, Mantillas, 

Rit h Dress Uooiis, Bonnets, Hats, Shawls, 

Silli-s, Domestics, 

And everything else nsually k.-pt ll a firet cl.-iss Dry Goods 
llou-e to such tigures as will lustily everybody froa the 
highest to the Inwest to pitch in. 

If you want Bargains call at No. 429, South nlde Market 
between Fourth and tilth street:), aud sec- whether i m a., 


Wo. 62.*, MAIN STKEET, 
Nearly opposite Louisville liottl, 

Wholesale Dealer in 


la-t a GOLD I1DMTINO CA8B WAT0H, stsis case, 
i.nd Kob I 'bam and N-al. On the il •! on UM chain VM 
the M owing inscription, M l*rnistsl to ( apt. Fink 
fsitia by his iri.-uds os tbsFuial " A reward • t rifTY 
Iioli.aks will I* paid tor the reo,v.-rv of the WatcL 
andt hain. JaMtf] TINK VaUHLK. 



Music Boxes, all sizes; 
Jewelry, of latest styles; 
Ladies' & Gent's Watches; 
Silver and Plated Ware; 









Neck -Ties, 







Pocket. Books, 




Zephyr Knit Shavls, 

Breakfast Capes, 





Belt Buckles, 

Belt llibbons, 

Velvet Kibbons, 

Silk. Worsted, aid 

Cotton Braids, 
Travelling Bags, 
Pens, &c; 


We are constat!/ receiving Kse Gc.odt adapt'-d t. 
the BftSaSSefBBI trade, which «ill l«- sol 1 low for cash. 

are solicised to examine our stock. 



; Main st., one door above Third. 

l iii: , 
!v. i.llt 


ml i 


an dmee 
mc ft 

« HpUll 

dav, te-if.1 

.••.n:iiiii s t„ f.i.l rather t»risk- 
f;tst .-is hc-ret«»for»', with some 
mm Wmmt in the caoal last eveu- 
I uring the previous 2i 
: he i i ivr l.a-J n-. t-ic-J fully one foot at 
• :*.-.. s. s,,:,;.- tlir.^ feet at 
: ■•- •"• nd ^ ii.ti-f. Ifce sraasasBr haa meeV 
 -:.i:«-il :i (ear di ;rr i*s, with a heayv nuow- 
si-.: :. in tae fon iioou, ihoii-li of short «J ii- 
ivin-: a l-tiie overaa in -h afanoar 
. hut c lear wealher again in ths 

i lent m njay, immj the in.ii- 
tnero areie folly 6J, foei sraier in 
r r *l4 SSBt water over the r.« ks. 

\ arb!e,abonl midniciit Wednna. I 
rmed a feat ot nilntlns. Lard to 
Il  :--.k the tovv-hoal Star and her 
ti. -t of I .« s. laden aritb cxial, down the 
- ii salety, tiiougli W iiiie of the harges 

■eee •« rawing eenr mx fmt water, whieh 
anaa everj |mm ov.-r me rocks. Tliat sraa 
Ixith diflicult and hazardouf, hut th*  Tap- 
::.lii Bf the Star preferred the haxanU of the 
I i loee j.iloliu"; in the hands mt Hm 
invincible Varoee, to awaiting davlight, ami 
'!..-n i . hare t . lighten his barges or go 
tiirou^!; the '-anal. 

k'  terday Cant. Vartrfe, the falls nOnt, 
waa called upon again In Is n tmim ■ may 
I. / . feai of piloting, bw. this time it 
  *»thi i.-suli ofan atiddent, hut lie proved 
i any emergency . He to jk 
Ci.arc:.- of the huye steamer. Jas. Kilgour, 
-i for Nashville with a heavy ci:-o, 
' the water" on Um falls. 

\\ lien Mlsotit the head of the chute the tiller 
roj* hrokeand Khe started iu side ways, 
!ik.- a boa -onig to v. : . r . l, m   ; ,.. t Varhle the matter ou the instant. 
Iiaadicd iier by means of the enir nes 
and soon ^raiglilened her up :itr!UIl ah 0 p 0 ,;i' 
ly as if all was right, and though she ruh- 
Ued the r.K-ks slightly over the edge of nZ 
pass, he took her through all safely and 
not adv iiurt. 
At Cincinnati yeeterday the river had 
in the previous"::! hours. There 
i ; ort from Pittsburg. 
The liig Missouri, thai ami to Cincin- 
nati for a load for New Orleans, wHl have 
i   . xpedit. her trij. and hasten hack, or the 
water will be too shoal on the falls for her 
ire i over. She is due to-morrow morn- 
d at the present mia ol the decline in 
the nver there will not be over four feet of 
steamboat water on the falls then. That 
will make it a tight tit for her, as we think 


  IS i\N\;i. Pi B BAJOK amu.Uson - paaan 
li. ■!. v   in U4s sugar, Terry; Hi t»x«. s ., lienrv 75 
r* •.•• !i .it.'h.v IJ..U.I: : do dr..,-. Wiiso. AHrter; is 
- . d. |u l,bl«, 1 ttKiu. \\ .ard. A- C; m iikc». mj \, x * 
1. i nr..-. A Co i»r; I dm Bedsteadc, Dr Ma.-rud-i : »si ntnles 
  af4 Ei ... .t; akm usta, luu bxa. Tarry: -i . vpi . fc I , j 
• drag*, ] hi, Is saigar, t bags cuflee' s-' 


H-ut.-i; 4" 

ii ii 

» k£f. furniture, 7ij do m.lse. r,.i,.j..|„^n 
C1N« INN ATI. I Kil  .KN. LsTLE-lOO bts i T sters 
irn, Wi.-k : SS r^i'-, Tuit, s..n ,t I , •-. 
thardt:  c bbl. M ll( :.r. Moore, H, A f„- 
1 I'--' I...IJ. e..fl.,.. 1.. I.I: "-I tbls whUky. I), llarkhoiis- 

1 ' So, JacUrsiac;! I.hd* tobn. c .. is bids en in 

«■  pfcgs lurartnn-, j bu . ranU-rri. . 1*. b-iN aaeei 3S 
; bs« a ;-. !««# pkcs, MN pkt», c-iiMg n. . 3 crates, 2 
. .i-kf. « ait in a Br... 

B J.  '■■: -I lid- t..|..ii c.i, 42 baJas hay 




LADII ' 1 I its, 

Ommmmm of cmmpletk mm ml 




aai all the rati -old in this market 


Wm. P. Osbora, 

Mf matn Kr.. uet. mjomm and tiiikd. 

jk sen Isar.en so so. xym m inmi,. r 

200 baaf -lcrt-. 
I saraaa. !•• bbi- ale, 
le r. 31 pk,'s,owu. r-. 


v. f. i Baaiaa. 

Real Estate & Collecting 

A- •sasar I"* i J^ff" sCP ■ 


«i PICE 

DBsVL Bar ATI u 

1 1 slid sold, and 0 



Eeduced Prices 




clloi,. pr . i,,,,m  atteudej to. 
. BesskW, IHsstaoaville, Indian..- 
ft, I ndi .uanolis. Indians; T v.. 


Patented Hinge Back 


HOKE hrRAlil.LTHAN' ANY OTHtR AJ.lll M ii A 1»K. 

In this patent binding each i .. t ^ . 
rod covere i with morocc* t.!-,! i„ '* **b»cbe l to a small 
own, adiuitt.ns IU- booi i , i. ' , ' , a ?''""'»"• bine ., it. 

without danger of the 
invention cannot tail to be 
combines utility witn beauty 

» uuiveraail, approved, as it 


The Wrong Umbrella. 

I HAM UUBBELLA at the Oaahier's wiaHow at the 

Adams Kxpr.-i Oth e. ..n suth slr..-t, yeh'. rdar, can . . t 
It at the I' ii ion l'r»s Oflics by retu.ui.ig tin- see taken 
by mistake. 


X'oTI. E.-nollKIlT KI.OYI)  *,., is ll ll|||| a part 
n. r in our hous.« from thu dale. The style will bass 
heretofore. • MIT. IIEL.L A AKMSTItOXO 

J. w. nrrcnnBLi vine r. aemstkoko bobt. ri. 

Provision and Commission Mer- 

'if* Wain street, het. lama d and Third, 
LOriSVII.LK, Kr., 



From this BtLy at P.educed Pricefl 

Iron Railings, Veranda!] , 

Balconies, Safes, Bank faalti, 

GATnW, J A! I, VTCMRK, mt. 

do aell to g.i\c me a call before purrhaaini; else* here. 

r. sr. mi; it/., 

Loui-vill.- 1 r. -ii Works, 
nov2 d3rn Green si.. I» t. Isesai and Third. 







Tleitirul t'ollcKe asBSSsmn, t'orurr r'L.;i ami 

t.'rrc-n HaVesMa, Laaan llle, Ky. PII'BB, llydrauls Hop -, Bath TsSS, BsWS I 

V» liati.s Water Utaaats, wsxh tStanda, Force ar.d Lift 
Puiiijm V r Wells and IMsm. S!:,- f U . -i, L a I sad tros 
I'ipo. UNE •SS.iKTMKNT «'»' OA- i i .'it. I! H, 
BBA8B WOBB AND 8TBAM VALViis. Jobbuig prumat. 
ly stasasW**' ... dtt 




Me. i:u„ Main an.l Thir.i st*. 

asanrai fob 

Shoenbergcr's Juniata Boiler 
Plates and Heads. 

Coal, tattle. HBtlillBM. Itwa, Ar., 
mmMna i the b. »t is us.-. 


.Suitable mtMsSSSj I'uym ^twr , St au.1 ...its, Ae, 
We sell the al» ve arti' bs at the JkJ.iiiul.ictiu. r» 

prices. jateBseen 


joiin BL : ei 

(Sure„a .or to 0. P. '..) 






■eMUltll ■ ■„ ky. 

audTI Bant aasllrtm rfi «ef '""iplu" uta ° BCe ™ asm*" 


f'Oii BALE LY 

wood a. speh 



jso ■ mnman. l l:N - 8 - msm 


Commission Merebai ts 



No. Iii iM.Ua S:., bet. Ttilril nu.l F.i.irtb. 
LOMSi -II.1.K, KY. 

Kr.rrstNCE.-.l. W. Cardw.-ll, K-^j., Cashier Harr.-l- 
burcSaviiisiBHiik; Spratti Co., l'h k.-tt Tobacco Ware- 
house; (ilover 4 Co., 11. «• lie TYbacco W arehouse; S. K. J. 
Koiiald, Niuth Street Tobuc. o Ware!..,.i i; IfeaBjS, Cald- 
well t Co., Loui.ville Wni.-h. uie; No, k, W'icks A Co.. 
Win. S. Davis Kao... A. IUw- .n ' . aud (ia.dn- rA Co., 
Louiswlle; C. C. Cm u, Mad AeS«l ou Ohio river. 




Coixiniission and Forwardhic' 

No. tUM atrecS 


Aajnffl Or MsTseSBl I ra ni* of torn TitSI Ml 1. 3 law 
Kaw aud Lo irbou Wui.;'.:y; «I-j fc.i L'-iv-'ipn-i • * il 
Sp«rkliasT'!at«wl a WsMa 


 k'CALM\U, PATTON & (0.. 

Aud Dialers In 

Uay, brain, Flour, Pork anil Pro- 
duce Generally. 


km; Thirii Hi aa t , aetwmi Nam ami » iver. 

t.Ol ISVII.I.E, KY. 


U.U. Mi-mi- s. 


'8ucces-«ir.-i to D. Ooudwillie c 9t I 


■aassMeeai I'lr.rtna mu,wt»mrTmmUVk -t.  
mmWmWMMJUS, I . , 
■awtnajf ale gp Utttng. Pt a nh ia;. eta.i Dou.- 

 aid 1. 
ind !• 

aa-ar be lore Ibr 
ol Loiii-.^ ill.-, i 
its next i b. 11 • • ■ lei •: 
;-. i, then ... t'i r ! , 
tin ir at - 


JSSSIIATl . l .S. Attorney. 
I'M d: Jam: .ry. 


!. * m. I ■ 

ME ?iCAL. 



in. t.s well in b.-l:..lTi.r the Cult. d 
lairfeer, Nstrve. ■ i  -f i be tm i  ■  
. ii »./. J Ka'eaBiart I T . I 

.«• lu iii ai in. rity 
ii ;h t.r ; -I .  ..| 
I I arssarw, a. ii, 

.in- ... . i - iu  kd 

ilia, C. ^. M. K. D. 

UEBB a. | . BJl 

r '".!-! In th« 

thin .i. i ae 

' 18 1 1 y, A. 

* ' ' SH 1 
- ' 11 !.. I - 

: m. u it- 

.'I. 1 ' I I. ll. ^ 


in « 

Iu lb. I .1 »tal -. ; a 
frosa the State uTT. »w ss 
out a perhllt th.-ref. r h.t\ il.K Uvll i.l t:« 
I ..f lie- A. i uf « M |S 1 ' 

. u 

'. iu vml ttioa 

pr.rtaM-ni • i tb ■ I :iit. .1   
IMS Ih r-- ; -y toriritssl hi 

ss it is s in its efiecta, eatii 

W IN 1 - 

esttssjiaa tt. 

sms b chMnn ml esseUiu'e tkea as Itsi , ' ' ■ 

Brerr pa.t'j:.iioul . 1 v.-. . a. tlos SBs 

T.;.i. *. A. tUTatUtY, tu ss f l st ta. 
IfSSBSt- t.t.Wsthati-1 :.-»•!•..-;..: aSnBsi 
?or sale l s druscsu sad t , is it^y saes saasi s* 

v.|.. r- .- Brttf 

f L 

Si.-- ru.'.i in-.- to nil ;»-r...n- 
n is) ssann I iui r. -.- d Ihe. 
. I : Ike sal ! I'; I. If. 


•r-.n-. rl un.i • .. . ,r 

in. Hi .1 Ike] I aad a#  
' ■»• !• A i .: ll 
. ae it. ana ., , .- 

oi n  ui \i r. onniri i.-nn.  ,. .n ..|   

A. D. ii and ill- re i • int-ri-— their elaim-, uel 
to ut.tKi ihe. i ai.. . iii :i- in t' l- huif. 

\\ . \ Mrm« vruru, I . t'. j.. K . D. 
Jo-iu a Ts.i*. V. ». Attormy. 

I»»f.-.. ... s'Lirt m!- )4t 

IIBTTED STATES (if AMKI - \. M . . | -. 
Dim .-. I- . ••. i. .. .-. k\ :  ' 


• Ike Di- 
:!.i:i in. I f..r th« 
•f J inuirjr, A. |». 
r Im be I ail d 

  ii iii d. -As eel Is 

,i • r \ | 

usssr •  ■- 

Uov4 (BsS 

S. P. I AUV. 

East side V.\\rn Street. :.2u? : Main. 

Wr:oU»ali  r. lail .:.a!.r m ssS BSSl ^na:i:y of 

' i -sr. *ts: on •• 
lusir-s al Bassirs 
■ .nun n |..iit t».- 



i '.«t - - i U i 

i ' ■• n..«: ' l.e -..U J 

\i: ¥R* f.Y BA1LBOAB »NDtX UBTBl WAf.o 
w.licit.- t «el dt 


. its next Vi 
. i . ... |k ii ■ 
u  ir altxs 

J ear. T ;-•.;«, 
P it d -i 

led ih r- ia, 
r C nirt, r 


L'MTKil  T.V'itJJ ol .» -I i- 1;.  
iilSTBil i   r aCMitltY; 

- ..I I BJBJM ii ;» 



hi lit 


• sV t 

n ,r,. 

Bd to 


t t 


■. m 

J. M. DAVIS k CO., 

Coinniissioii Merchants 

And \\ i.ole,.(:o Dealers In 
«;-i7 MniD st., kaesssea ^ixth aai ateveneB, 

I.OV ISVlLl.i:, IvY. 

sen .iti 

GEO. W. 

anaamm to No. a, wicti ■ cj.) 



^•a. IMS mmB »t., bee. 'fktrd and R 
a* 'tetat for ttst sti*. 
YAUVS.t v» IBB, AO. 

.Ii «hua T. . i -. I -hit-. 

t r l I n '• I 

1 1 anil -' 
I ii 

:: is bai 


t i -si p. 

I lit to :. »wi Ike n 
t'r. in a. \ i t 
he . ; -i I . ; V 

I to I ■ ii ■■ ther on 
 r knd ksi by us i et, asj 

of Jlayevilie. Ky.. C TTOB 



Mutter, Chec»e u'^l "»Vt»3terii Produce. 
Mm sHi, aasBa, b.»tw»..-^ \ji ti au \ tBammmas 

t ^lAHIl paid ke ll 
Vv IT mite, (list * 
ee-t ir 

..ill. M 

.c«.p-s, I T*e*ln« In-fmm-nt , 'in' , Su.v. . 

.-.K-k.-t Oossi aa -• 

Artificial £jw InMftod wHatevl 
f^afflttffg Fain. 

I msai - I   in aM Bsssst. 

« r^piM 

v.h. th rtbe. •••• 
sp.-.-t »■ I. - 1. see i 


0Hic3 Kentucky State Agency. 

IPJ l : .. ; . 

ksen bm i • . 
N llier 

t"i pit. ..; in. .. 

:.»t tiw 

r tt*s 


Jeff. :- n street, n rth aid. , one do r I low '•'. urt i. 

I.r »!- \ n Lr, 1 .-.I'll 
 Y RBVBRBVCE TU MX ClKCl' L R N ...•..! .•: I 

ae\t I' | f-;:.i. 
shea a d a. re ist  . r 

i«i;e,'.».io:;i .u : 

W.« rn P. 8 - 
p,i : . . . 

r.r CtAi'B - 
..." I . 

.bi ro, : ,,. i, Whilo Deans, Drin. 
I Beeswax. 

I j ^. ell the city 



JAMES Jc 11 0 8 S, 

Plmkcn, sioiuir mi Gas roton, 

v. h. Pitta st., bet. .ir.irrtn an4e1ataaenenk 

■SSaitel i- beewssar] 
Ike luml i • .-r- 'i reafl t 
Meati - i e not nv sss t 
bin nr.- eetri .-  sc. iti 
: th • Csited Plat. ■ eVTT'ce. 
| pared. T.. m ha 
■ « mid stote l kal I ! «  • l In a 
l Ct ;. Bisss -y, the .... --. 
J cuturvd trex/SH in Tern - 
1 P. K.. ... i.  rsl for K 
Tkoee tii-.i. 

Bl d A. A. li Be. il N 

Iet»UI8VIl.Ue, KY. 

rvwBLLtBOB, m ta and rAoxoBita 

L/ mp for Water. Uo» sad Stesaisl tk ihorl 

uud iu th.- most approved styl 
Istas sto. 

W iter . % 


»lt .1.1 1' 

Ild w   

W. l  

Al\i;t)s on hnii.l a large -'".It of Copper D 
Tab*. W ash-s 

» H. , um mmt/m ■ i"set- and every oearrii 

of riunihin-r Material Alan, Chandeliers I'm. mis 
Bracaawj and rverytkius cons s t. I with the Has rittiui 
ksataess. UatCksi stlstaraa Itepeired, Uruna. I and K.  

•••ttVk.rjtiutm but I - rtass wni kssaa assd stw i .- 
in it- mil but tin- very b. t. and can uith couOde , t * ., 
laat smt ■ . ** •**" - - r.-vied'.» 


tYBL. W. BatmBBL edw. mam. l.tsOWBt, 

s ' : '«lfJ bVMIDDIC 0 Pit 

y^m. .ft. .iit'n^iodtbU 3 

4«5 y.MX .sr.. 105 « llA Ml.'|CU-4 ^i'., 

I.01J1.: V1LI.C, KYi Nr;t: rui 

a aaui li. • .-..^ ta 


AT I t-. i l I. ^ I- {   ( 

IBS Bsstoatoast, kaBaata Iwatta m«i 

lyr, dlt 


Orders on Washiiigtoii. 

CBrtiiicatHs of luththr.^hu-.- ; 
stocks, BONDS, 



Uncurrent Biink Kodsf, 

BOlHilll AND aBUB, 

H. S. JULIAN & CO., 

535 MAIN SlliEfcT, 



.1 ii. - 
.'ll i- • 

C. bi . . • 
Jnd« • v. 

r. u. ■'. s 

ol I euu  ■• en 
L\ ' . * ste 

J, '». a. id 

etas S !' 

Yuiito. Lau. as . i, 
nil. s 

1. .. 

k. r. i • i" •• 

i: • ii . - 

i i d 

B. II. To " 

li. urt : ' 

\V ". -.1 IS ' 

Jas. I' i i. u. i'" -.. * 

J. IC. Lei * . *-'!"- - ■ ' ' 

U II Un»k«n •  

X . ui .-r ..-..-^ .1 I . 

v .. . : 

l  ». 

l i  i • i  on Uuin \ 


sIlNsM Itol i. ii. A. 

S. tV*»t« . A cent Tr1 , 1 ** 
) M U. • ...«». 

',1 »;.." i!ra\. 

ilii » o» a" 
~iCi »r tk\n 

i' . \. 

. . a . 1  il 

l'»l.'.\. \ . 

iiviPit-.r:;s :d horses. 

.... ; •-: . 

cam • • • • • - 

• asa ate* - b 
Baai Bat, i I m  • 
Ml ai* . . »tt«. i- 

tl I li I .• •- ii. ii • : .. 

■ ii V. I M • SS BWSB] Jn'r l.h. BW 
... 1 1 a.n m; mi.; ■ r.iiuired ■■ 

.t will to ■va- 

sal I i . i r, 

III I.UI . i . 

with In. . I - m Ik • .... . ••: stn -ii to Is 

. t the I ii. i. I w «t . I .»• .-. i • It, Ml 
rim lh.«  :h «t IV. I 1 . 

thee.-, tab at.. ,.i i c .-. .!. • - ..- 

llml the ™. i.l il.Hi. «•-. ill ll idnfetM 

atwsV sad tow v.. i 
.u ib • s«irn stab 

ia. i si  i * •■ . 
u of at : ■..- fas 

ih.ll! I e \ou ! . I 
- i-. u.lo» d. 

t..r to isa . i reawsSai . . th  i-tV i • ••• ' 

Major Beai] I'l. Mssr, rresael Msrel i sl , ears r . 
.nd \i sjsai - ne I . s .. Ism ■ ■ '• ' ' ' • • : 

ewtm stea ssfdwaai si to •* ■ n '• ■ 

(iri) JOttB t AJ Ll 

naststa aad A. i). W. 

Arctic B-esearehes and Life aiaor;^ 
the Esquimaux, 

U V C II A ■ I. KS V. II A I. I. . 

With M 
side by 

Illustrations. I' i- e rl ■». r 

*%\ Mam si reel. 


1300«D-BETS--ABn«0HOrK«TS  KVi;».n.|. :* 
* Tluat.r. li 

d ai li - I- ■ ■ I l .rl il.-d t j the n*e -f Ih -  i i 'aii . i. .ii:l |-r;:»iiu ;r., --.i i. .-i 

- .in . .-.i.-'.- ..• •) !• i- r'.- is 

.. '•  . v.r rswi . • ft:.- .. u m sad) r tha 

'••'- t .! .ii..' .: !;• id.!--' i - 

v ' • l-eioallp-r eluw.n ; said :;rlkk S 

...... .1 1' . -. ..... -v.t, ,„..,. 

I' iiei : L ... iviiic, Ky , Jaa uuj '. ! 

• in. U'- .l! m NAT BE WMJBB A r TUBUmcB 
11 ol I«K T. t. CALDWELL .1- .t. r* n sue. t. ,. N! 
d .r ... Um -a i.d .-tu.-, 11. est OBkwtoan*, aai M 
i l\ BL je-'m 

l\U. J. B. Hi LAT* SllklEOM 20K.T. T. I.) 

Iff -i- i silrj lea.Wrs hie | re es-i ■ il a rvto - i • It ■ 

,11/ , i '. I n.lie. ll . .- mi: 1 irsi .1, . ,1.  'j||ii 

rlr.i-l, »« »t - id--, beta rii Unit irl W ilnnt. 

I'r. I.nn.s h s pr.i.-iuol n.eUi no- hi teen rears; thrr * 
. 11. ..r .b it i.u;e in Ihe rui). K^peual atteuiu.ii uivi n 

to ease w* d_"3»a 

1^ H. HiUfcTOW., ZOHS iiiUMS 



toSH bsd: ess entrs 

Louisville daily union press, 1865-01-20

4 pages, edition 01

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