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A Lexington Correspondent 
About Beards. 

The Hi.adk lias received a copy 
of The N. Initial View, published 
in Wusliington City. It contains 
an article written l y Ml, John Mc  
Murtry, of this city, on "The m in- 
ner of wearing the heard as an in- 
dication of* character." The nniin 
point in the argument is to demon- 
strate, that the wearing of the "mus- 
tache alone" is an unfavorable indi- 
cation of character. 

Mutdi has been said about the 
manner of wealing the hair ami the 
beard in all rges, but I think no 
moral importance attaches to it, 
other than that to which Lord Ches- 
terfield allude when he says of the j 
dress that it should be such as not ! 

v e.icli nthtf tie re," 
■ though! IIS well 

Thebtard is 
worn in so many shapes now that 
it can hardly be alleged of any one 
style that it makes a man conspic- 
uous. In my early boyhood the 
wearing of beard was so uncommon 
that a certain man ot this vicinity 
who wore a beard was looked up- 
in as a curiosity, and even he would 
oot have dared to wear a mustache, 
Because of the popular sentiment 
baainst it. About the time the tran- 

ion to the fashion of beard wear- 
iras taking place, I suggested 
to a gentleman afterward Presi- 
dent of Kentucky University, who 
waa suffering from some bronehhd 
trouble that he should wear beard 
He declined to do bo on the ground 
that it would make bim conspicu- 
ous. He afterwards told me that 
the style of wearing beard was he- 
coming so general as to remove his 
first objection, and afterward wore 
beard until his death. 

There has always been an im- 
mense dogiH.tism on the sulject. 
Tertullian, an early Church bistoril 
an, said that "a man who cut oil 
his beard lied to his own face and 
tried to impiove upou a work that 
his God had made perfect;" und quo- 
ted the Jewish ordinance agunst 
marrintr the comers of the beafd, 
while the term "h.nbarieii" WW 
applied in coniempt by deck ami 
Roman writers to the rude nations 
that wore beards. 

The Nazaritt!-, a Jewish sect, to 
whic h Sampson belonged, wore 
their hair aud beard long, and yet 
St. Paul says that "nature teaches 
that it is a shame tor a nun to uwsf 
long hair" George Washington 
wore his hair plaited down his i'uck, 
but would have scorned the idea of 
wearing any kind of beard, espe- 
cially a mustache; while Mr. Clt-ve. 
land shingles his hair and wears a 
"mustache alone " As a question 
of taste and morals, it is perfectly 
arbitrary; while as a question of 
health and comfort, men should 
wear their beards long iu the win- 
ter, and cut them short with sci- 
sors for summer. As a question of 
neatness, auy gentleman wearing a 
long mustache should carefully use 
iiis napkin at table. 

Reflections on Congressman Rankin's 

Representative Rankin, lately 
died in Washington of a protracte i 
illness which Ml known to his 
physicians and himself for u con- 
siderable time belbieliand as neces- 
sarily fatal. His language, in an- 
ticipation of his death, was so re- 
markably cool and deliberate, that 
those who htard him thought he 
waa joking, though he earnest ly 
declared that he was not. 

I do not know what his religions 
or philosopieal opinions may have 
been, but it is highly provable fiia 
a man iu his posiiion intellectually, 
must have had some decided SOU- 
viotious regarding that nio-a won- 
derful and interesting of all phe- 
nomena, death. It is htranee how 
little Ill's most inter-sling question 
is discussed in any secular journal 
ism. Jt may be said that as vicwcl 
from any secular standpoint it is 
bhroiuh d iu mystery, and it i-; but 
investigation and t ee interchange 
of thought have pciicirated and 
elucidated many things before 
thought inscrutable, aud always 
With beneficial results; and 1 can see 
no good reii-on why nu n who take 
pIcaMirc ill pio illg Into all kind 
of abs' l UMiie* kkuuld si . ml 4 fool 
iii snptaMpliti m oi 'i ih, us ii 

lhe\  U|'po i il il I old h* rubbed 
of il- Mipoo-cil honor* II) igUtWil K 
il. 1 think ll Ufub "le that lUM li' 3 
of lhoae.hl is ihil "liicil ill ' — 
lallllll"|l»l ol 'V clllllV.ile V  llll gftf il- 

cr \ ma I"' N n aspens* m Ihttu 

t!ie f H of de nil is III din iflly 
nn iilloy of Iiiiiii in h ■• »»| -i in -s, ., il 
k coiiti-nipl it il rrmotely! Ihul dm s 
not N in in lie ami lined bj Ihe MraM 
ol Mil uli-u the ( Vi et ifl evidi ntlv 
it hand. AM M i Bf* I Hit* I to 

Ihf lr otw?tf thms npnn thi* sulijeot, 
Hid it is a b id ptdhn to disc til i ■■■ 
In e   xi'leu ge oi -i iit imi-i t about it 
The ino-t ih it . j i y m D n ifl I if 
shout it now, with ih" li','oi now 
before Us i , III ll he ho«rS( I " be- 
lieve, eerfnin thing* ib mt it, and 
nobody ''lit n drtgmstisl will claim 

to know shout it I f it ha Iran 
thai the hum mi mind i* Indent rocti' 

l.le. and can   ur. i\v IIm diseobitwm 
of the hodv, ami lint in s une kind 
of nn existence more similar I bun 
anything else that «• know of, to 
that which we experience in our 
dream-, pre pM* meet "beyond the 
river" and "km 
it certninlv is 

worthy of the Bfl l fl M rtWll OM of 
secular joiirnali-in as the dream- of 
poets and arli-t •, alemt which nil 
delight to express th-ir spprcoialion  
Evident It there h something 

bidden and suppressed about thin, 
and from MHM cause the preM Ins 
been intimidated mid "muzzled.'' 
Such a state of nfFtira is not whole- 
some, nnd Rdhereat* to the theory 
ot immortality damage their nrgii- 
ments whenever they discourage 
free'diseussion of the mbjeef, 

If the idea be not true, no wi-e 
man will sav we are justified in 
deluding oursrlve-i nhout it, and if 
it be true, quasi nrgument against it 
v.'ill just ns much establish its froth 
as that directly lor it. This was 
the reasoning of Gamaliel, nnd nn 
astute teacher of mathematics would 
congratulate himself upon the op- 
portunity to instruct his class, if 
some bright boy should really be- 
lieve, and undertake to prove, that 
the three angles of a tri mgle were 
NOT equivalent to two right angles. 

If this be not true, and the in- 
vestigation can be conceived as 
demonstrating the philosophy of 
the French revolutionists that 
"dc th is an internal sleep," I must 
confess that I see nothing horrible 
in the idea. If a man does not now 
legret that he did not live a thou- 
sand ye.irs ago. I can not see why 
he should fesf that' lie night not lie 
living a thousand yeirs in the 
future from now; since there is no 
reason IU suppose that the annihihv 
lion of ihetuture would be SOT more 
nueomfiirtahle to bin than thai 
which be has already experienced, 
in the pmrt, 

11 to I his it he anowrered thai a 
future annihilation involves a aepsi 
ration from friends and a sundering 
of cherished ties that were not in; 
volved in the pael annihilation, it la 
rejoined that ju-t such a sundering 
of all these relations occurs even 

time a wi Ulla into a profound 
sleep, for then certainly there is no 
appreciation of difference between 
friend and foe; and yet sleep is a 
condition ot existence which men 
court, and prize j 1st iu pronortio i 
as iu its deepness und intensity it 
approaches death. 

Ii seems philosophical that in 
neither of those views of death is 

I here anything to warrant Its dread. 

Bui there is I third alleged Condi- 
tion of existence after death, and 
that is the one of everlasting m\- : 

rv. known as hell. Ol thOM who 
accept the theory of the iiuinnriai!: 
ty, the huge najmit} prof*** to 
believe, sunt arc /ei onably suppos- 
ed actually to believe, tint the 
future existence in a State of hap- 

pines-i oi in one of misery, is eon* 
iingenl upon oertaia things in lite 
over whieh sonic ul lege thai all men 
have control, v. hi!.' others allege 
that they have no control; or but 

partial control. Now either these 

things are true, or they are not true, 

and are propositions of more mot 
momentous import, by a thousand 
fold, thau th* dissuasion* of politics 

Mai InaaO* th;il fill iho e iiuuu- af 
ow pspsrs, and it is not tlm j art of 
w.sii men to wait tlu  advaul N SOM 

Sam Jones aanaatwai Hat t.j tall 
about th  iu. J tio not know ah  ut 
i hem, Mid draire all possible li^'in 
eonetrnlng them, and think that 
1 but aaase a aantimant thai is 

taaumou MMH men, and yut 
r.uely aapra»asd bee suss of aoins 
ualottunat« saabargo that has b s e p 
laid spon free apiaah iu that Una, 

Hi lUfMMUS tloit a: y mail wants to 

ileia iv   iiim etc, oi ii - aVoeivaJ i   
oih'is npofl I bees p il ts, is to aup 
pusa hi*u i ha varies* fool in the world 
sines no aouvieti n tlif he may have 
about thwui ased al "il r atraia bin 
iu uny oi ai r»e of a wduol ih h** way 
^ l.r-fer hi MVaaa, 11 IsVNM BS hiu'ii 

1 a | lane a k -n, it is of ths u ssissi 

c mod tiir-Ti i wj arwnld swank pl«ra» 
I . auowl ir asd i A i ■ thr. k naat 
|i*.rt Bad iniie' i it I .» is ■ bni li-n 

v I teh is wmr rti   • then al I 
ettn r ev U of itf .ii hined 

ntu BotbI ' • . ih'ction np in 

' 'i tea mi j . . • imp. and tii« 
wnfM wid bus »i ' i as adfaat in 
i he riglit. itii aj . euWfl jns- aj 
Bsattves of faett a • rtuaauu iaiarsat 

fhey srn ailrni!!-. inM lb« 
of secular Jnuro li ra. 

-Stylus- Kit*, -f. ■■ - il BLdeS 

few of*? i ..ones. 

To flkf Mad* *W6a aWaw  '  ,: 

I5i». kfoofS Is a ^ii able la te a 
psf, ao brui.d in s\:npHihy ami m 

pnr • In culiurM, thai tt in one of lbs 
arouses of life to taka the shady siile 
of his annoy, uslmy, hut sometimn 

romiuiti- wisdom. 

On* "."am Ju'im .« viewed l y 
LeSWglOIl fSM ,il"'' iu lbs last. 1-slih 
of the BttTB-Ouss IIlsM I have a 
few words to my. 

That Mr. fanes is n wlitfl rlopi.rt- 
ure from of Dr. Harriett, 

i be ■ !i Jar h p 

the elearoeaa "nd pallet 

I ro iehera of C^S'i :,ton, 

tied point ifl iny m u  [ . 

terrey and 
of Tuyior, 
is u set- 
X am will- 

iiuftbndal r»r . IIqqsVs ot h s f nwnasJ 
ministers i n i • j aglflsd so far, yet 
lean Jonas ' Hide book ol serauni, 
thai perhaps lie . U ton baa ■ „, 
read, divest sd aa i is of the I de 
"eoa r e sB x -s"'  ■ id uncoes c . »• ! 

• he enrM, just as he em anpiire lh  m. 
In civil gi fsrnm«ttt bhi rights to 
i!,ms(» sre limit -'l by tho rights  f 
other no»ri in Mi. in al«o. The or n 

natural rights therefore which « n^m 
forfait* si s npccicn^y eompenrfl*' n 
f  r hi - civil rlgfc S, are thr*n wh h 
roaUsf wiMi Ike lights of others. A 

m ii raiy not ataa] b na a a u s a e l stat I 

lug impiien a eornwpondiojr darn's;^ 
la lh« right! af awn- other man. au 'i 
the is I ii« of all nets that, urn 
jrmtly erl by thn civil blW, 

But i Btan under any just kgWatkhi 

caii phiy any gamn upon any day, 
llmt does not eooflict with lbs rights 
ofary citizen. Ala'tprs which sre 
port ly question of privsls eon^ciencs 
do ns* conn* uitbifl the purview of 
civil Ihw, and tbo m n who appesla 
to the law to maktt another man cou- 
fbrm to I. ia views in a msra qnsstion 
of conscience, m»rii''ests a spirit of 
t. r nylhrl .honld bo rebnked*ya y 
leg! la'ive bodv. 

Ciees of thM kind are only le«it- 
i aa'' |. the subjects of moral snusim, 
no : tho elata justly and properly \ r - 
leeta cl nrc'iei and oibsr it s' itnli .es 
that propose to us« this laloenc*, 
i -a •«•• anv pos«iMe rioleuee of an . 
a may propose to lnt«wfsiw with ! ■ n 
righta This [ih1okisafair«betMei 
of tbe srgBBkeftl boui a secular ste-a 

deUstOI Of ilvie make | law ffj Kes  th* ijapffesslafl thai tin y arc t. a ie 

b. t Itf ir editors, and IblM lay »le ; r 

enployan Hafds la uritiH*ai r.s Isek- 
Ingin Bodeety, To aa|ip|j tblsde 
niaadof tbaforsuuinlwill i spm nl 
thai a Isrije collection of st  te i ' i I 

ai ^ey 
bt 'idips 

ha goaa 
bill aa 

thai uwaM pmfek a boy thai 
,.r I ebon 1 1 s. me eadentM| 
tlti 'i '■• iho*Weal I rcsnss 
i • !•« •» ds and pi i j a km 

■ "|H» f 

The sWNT Among Uo Types. 

T did i . • I 
gsj r I Isef ». • l, io 
to uiv bt.nie in th 

I I.A.I 




at t 
an i 



v-"tiid not MappoaS nti nlMor 
t\l.eMny interct in reading 

. [Mpaa, but h« do s. Beaas  

i t'MWst'ihirn In the tr'in- 
h:« rrr.tirnen's from pencil 
•m-'s ink, lht» lype^ sometimBS 

patent a i f d leioeedT er these w i ts kbsll 
be kept eorstarjtiy on hnn.l, with a 

c.llecti m of short and pithy obi n- | ssentloa of ■ Ufa of the la'n Jndge 

bar, f baUam Th • tbi ■ aotleai ar» 

i :i»»r, a 1 li .'ly follow eseh otb»r. 

1 hs'i I sgrnfafi lly end truly yawn 

tut .1 I. I(ii» 

The i - . nri r  fourwad of J.tu 27, 
Undi •• h" b I "Lif» of fudge Rich- 
ard llei I," sni ; We copy from Ihn 
Vhrintttm 9frrsd(trd the followlaa 

I rise Hi ■ asam BO naturally and ap 
e ! ■] n pa- propriulely to accompany psI O U l 
  o ten Ui'dicinrt advertisements. 

Stuck on Ciatory. 

Kver since a Chamber of 0* 1 
miree reporter complimented n.y 
apaeah an (eweee, I have Indulged in 

drcHtEB of fame in Iheline of OTStOCy. 

Ibw), and hs occasionally i 1 P* 0 !*"" ,0 K° |". ,l "   . »^'i"g of tha 

'.•■-.timenf, the patprnity of 
■ /  ue public natnrslly laid 
r - vh«n really lo him it is 
. j,! fonndling. for whobn 

■ " Info the, world he is no morn 
-isiltle than the veriest Joseph 
ever lived. 
Aj .stance- under eirh of these 
I -h teOfeVfred in d y psp^r last week 

aad they h v« Bortifl d me. 

I ■ BM allflded I i are accidental. 
. ( "i 000 of them. SO f ir from bavin.; 
'e?ri intended r.s nnkindnoas, is 
ul for « ki idii?s« by »oine rsa in I 

depart aasnl 

■I-. Maahsaieal 
in one ivsta 

mirth of h"i \ lat 
diant, at times, SI 

inward ehesrfulni 
ifn . Slivire a 
studied Ohriatiso 
grandest mnst.'r . 

orin iff iris, is ra- 
1 sxpret sivo of n 
•s of iit'e autl tool 
.1 inyaelf having 
e hi' s under the 
 f tlm nineteenth 

I' remains no v to ha seen if 

is any m aa enbs^nati 1 basi« f ,r Ud fa one InstS .c.i a bnsl 
Bensfoe'a bill, tobefouadtethapghv dsss Iraa is tblseiti baagirsi} fotbe 
cip'cs of tho Ohrietiau rMigion, eve.i r.sper for an ads** i-om -t.t, a locnl 
should we grant that it is right to not ice wh ch s ys "we must have onr 

moi.ey," au.l srstea thai afconnts 
agal ust persons who oirn arddonot 

Bsnlnry, I think are will agr.-o on 

one m ire point. Il is this; th.-.t ll 
is not what either of us think of S im 
Jones' vital godlir-?s that makes 
him an acceptable laborer in ttie 
vineyard, but what 'tod, lookiug in- 
to bis heart, k\ of him. 

Now for OUT point of disnrjree- 
ment. This point I put with tbi 
profoundest ns s peel laingled frith 
regret. Sum JooaeSpeska improriijifti; 
I ro Moore sits down and writt-s de- 
liberal. -ly. Tue schoo ! iiieu have ever 
pleaded for m rcy for tha one, but 
have acted as CsDSOfB t f tha other. 
The one is coi troled by degree of 
emot ; on, the otbst sets forth eyecu- 
tive vol ii ion. 

If therefore, tho writsr sitting 
aelsal; .-.t h'.e.i.c'.-. bsi ssa.,..^ al ing 
plir-is's, tneletraneh •, profinetslisms, 
barbsrieuM au.i vu gpilsms tu the 
line in bis executive voliiio i as the 
impromptu apeak r in t!.e degree of 
emotion! then the literary world 
sa\3 to the caiLi esril r, i'eace be 

Sam lone fa cvi k atly not a 
apssfshWI in p ■ .: • - i •, dogmatic or 
even (Udnetic ; » lo .. out when be 
comes to tho liltlt simple QUeetiooa 
of M wbst shah I do t i bj asTsd," 
"what shtll it jroiit a mtn if lie 
t;aiu the whole WW 1 :tl los* his 

own soiv." be talka eefj mneb like the 
M ister. Brother bl or^ is not 
afTaid of ap ritnsl wiokedntea in 
high or 1- w pi «•«!■. I'l-His* tho Lord 
fur that mi ch i.i L li gn u Jouraal- 
bm Btiek to thai Brotbei Hoot*, 
and if wh take ;t few a : ;iqiio liberties 
ourselves wo will keep tbe other 
sand! fry off of you while you wciol 
social vioss in arosiostslie plaaee, be- 
ennsa tha) are less excnsable there 

than iu the dens. Mdtoo is grander 
Iu Ida aonanapt foe Uhailss Bausri 
sod hi» sourt, taan In to Pajradiee 
l .ot" or "re gained" Banna. 

enforce religion by law. 

Regarding the observance of a 
Rsbbstb as a Christian institution, 
there are some verv interesting 
fads, with which it has seemed to 
BM that Christian people are sur- 
prisingly unfamiliar, and whiah is 
explained by the fact that there is 
such ananimity of sentiment abon: 

psy,Srill beputintotbohandsof acol- 
irtctor, etc.; all of which was entire- 
ly correct for the firm for whom the 
advertisement wns intended, bnf the 
MM of the advertising firm has by 
a:c,deut been put below anoiher 
paragraph, and the Blad« itself is 

i\ that the ecriptural reachings upon mane to appoar aa proposing to col- 
Ibs anbjaal havo never been much Meg mon.y by civil process, when 

i Ihe fact is, that :he fl-dgling has not 
1 yet gotten the "pin feathers" off of 
. if, Mid could certainly not have had 
i anything duo it long enough to jus- 
| tifv the mcst modest bint in that con- 
'. lpcuu, if indeed, it bo granted that 


It is a significant t-ict that in Ihe 
New Testament which claims to 
"thoroughly furnish" reqnisits ia- 
formstion regard ng the duties of 
Christians, there is not a single lin-  

from Jpsus or any KeW Testam 1 
writer that enjoins tho observance if i 
any Babbatb, Jewish or Christian, | 
or that set- np.rt any day upon which 
Christians an to refrain from any 
labor or piny, thai* thsy may prep* \\ 
'•••v  .a. i ;'a.-i tlsy, 11 .tioat- 
inppoec that s i prominent a roUgKtns 
nrainanee aa it now is, wus an osxl - 

s.ich a hint from a newspaper, in its 
own behalf, can ever be exactly 

. ornate il faut, 

Ar.u-.jer i^sa says, "The readers 
of ttit. Blade will tiud out they are 
g. ftiiiV' the worth of their money on 
raMifTng {hie iesn* I will F a nd yon 
ta  paper for one year for #1." 
Bsiore I would write that para- 

InMrnatioOsI v'.ditorial As«oci«lion 
at Cincinnati on February H, 
'2.".. nnd lo that body make some ex- 
tein|ioraneon« remarks, which I sball 
woik On from now nn'.iUh-n^*- 

I am going to take that Chamber 
of Commerce reporter along with me 
rn my editorial pass, pay for his so- 
journ at aClnaioaatl hash factory with 
an "ad," and require that he shall 

state that Gineioaatl has nev. r heard 

anything like my remarks since Col. 
IngataoU nominated .Mr. Blaiue. At 
thai meeiiog it i-, d-vuutly to be 
bf the ! ^"P*^ ,ljRt f - oni0 sinqilo pfsW for 
| el-ve.ting the stat da'd of journalism 
a ill be ail i g SS te d, There are sov -r- 
al things which SMtboroUghly feasi- 
lil", upon which action might be 
M.ken. and which coul 1 be put, int i 
prsatiM with results most salutary 
to the public, and dignifying and 
snaoUlag to the editorial fraternity. 
Begaidiog the mere reading of a 
newspaper, the man who tukes it for 
Miat purpose does not care if he is 
the only subscriber in th I worl I that 
its editor has. But to the person in 
search of an advertising medium, the 
e'reulation of a newspaper is a matter 
of busiuess, and one under which ed- 
itors now have large opportunity, im- 
munity and impunity for getuug 
money uuder false pretenses. A bus- 
iness man in search of information 
to which he is justly entitled, might 
just as well ask a law\er, of ph si- 
cmo, if he understands his profession. 

Tha Bill Against B ii' f*| On Sunday. 

Hon. John V  . OgUria of tho 
Keuiucky St.- 1 i 8*nuta has Istel 
infcrodneed a 1 '■ I : kk g it an offanee 
arfslaM the C laustwusaJth to t ay 

base ball OB H »W  • 

A critisism if Sjry state hrfj is 
c.-rtaiuiy a ilk ."t I' s prouinee of ae ;u- 
i r journal i. n. ui .i can   el therefore 
b.4 kiaunsislati In any p p*r thai 

baa specitiDy minnunosd thai relig- 
ious flisonsilori is no p«r: of u  pur- 
po n It seenis toaM that a Iswul 
i ds aatnre is nioie asarty ailisd in 
spirit to ihe " i:u-. Laws of Ooanasti 

cut," than ihf get oral Iwgbuaiuraof 
tuis day. Via r:,'!'.', t ptohiMl bsi 
ball on Sui. da iMpHsStUWrighl i»im- 

Usrii to prohibit *towu bslf* of M eof  

t -.i. e if ti.e religion taught by Jusc ' n P h '» ■J r°P« r . 1 won 'd tak " ,h  ' 
nnd i i  immcdiats followers, : Jlade and bang it up on one liuib of 

i^ tree, and then hang mjself on an- 
other limb. 

In Us hnrry of "making up the 
forms," . me c.'r.e has JflSt 'set up" 
; boas '.••« in order to mnke a 
c 'iurji out SfS0 M at the 

bottom. . o "justify" it. in printers' 
p-irlanc. •-. ..»! 5 i-.-y "Cyclopean 

'; ; g /," u - th* Fmnkforl Faotaos 

calls it. Slid the tinnier or foreman 
•ho did it, doubt leas did it meaning 
ail Idndnsse, and it would be all right 
peri - s if this were understood, l nt 
is w . ciied taste as coming from a 
pro- iatorof the editor of a paper. 
] ■ lit'le accident however has 
'ood thing for me. It has 
Ihs whola jonrnnlistic, 
ii iu my est irsatiou. by ihow- 
ll for years I have been 
. .mder a delusion that was 
i*** frequently rend in papers 

ib'.i'iU'in ii 

0 prohibit 

o i Su 

io. iesl 

1 Sunday, c m OS 
;ai. sr tU Obfs  
d pstfi rnm uO   

. in 

in if* 
hty, and 


iiit.-r-Ni ih. i aw siiould bnau it, and 
ihusrsiins huw be i M i bun • , and 

kUd It is ihe summit il l' 1 y  o USSM 

leu g sswffgj a|aia au)ik g elaa as a o c 1 1 iii Wh httua una 

USf Pali;'' their p. 
Implj iog the i igh: 
bkw and kite .!,. .. 

i i on the niosi 
ui til an; pi iy . ■ . r ; 
made uu oifence n 
monwe dth. .Uui.ii 

Lav lalwayahwsnelasM • as "play lug, 

U'ld plsyilig on ihe violin, pi en, 

band uf stan of shureh urgsu, would 
inn- 1 nniuvnlf} eoiua n uhw ihe pro- 

visio. s of i-lU'l u - tM ii"'. alel be | tie 
j ci ui line. An. pfioaipls iu . iw 
of eibies whleh i* aouud nb initio, 

i in ie v.t be ; Ubll 1 to sen | ii 

■oat rsoii te lugii .; i H lifioath a, by 
t. e kHriesI pfiui'p'i known as re- 
dtielM ua nasufd • , w^ieh we b  • « 

• hil • either a" ddeuMlly or 
ly ohlltted from tusir written teach- 
Inffn, was ni-v-itlieless tacitly und#r- 
i-tood among tbaui as a religions cr- 
dioance, then it bseoinco equally is 
atrantu that ir. » booh which is sup- 
posed to lebuke nil the varieli» B of 
sin known that day, in no sing!,-, 
instance does if rebuke auybody for 
the violntion of the Sabbath. 

Jesus is represented as having U  

aUtuted n eecseaony w'tu'ch consi» 4 ;-l 
in earing bread and drinking wfnsi 
and uhiefc was iri.tituted "in msaiory 
1" Lim, or to pjrpettiato his Msav 


His di-cip'es are represented ns 

baring subsequently abservud the 
Dtemorial ssrvios   r loatitution "upon 
t   Brsl day of the week," aud that 
ststsfoeni is tho only allusion iu the 

New Teatiment to any feat tbas ebar- 
aetsrised that day. That they ab- 

tainsa from any play or labor oa 
thai day, mat th y would not have 
indulged io apoo any other day, ap- ! 
P -iu- t... in au ,bBuui|itiou pufery 

!• is a signtfieaal fact that tho ; 
lens oo&rinusllj ahmged hiM unto 
disregarding tha Sabbath, while thsy 
use re. rgs bin nith the riolatiou 

( an) otboi oreoepl in tho decalog ... 
ami Hi: t la his replies to them 

ev. r u-ni f .i uis i-urpose to ob"si e 
i'. bni raid fnitsntl 'ibe Sabbub :-' 
u . •.  (of mun md not man for I be 
. ii," i.ii' his religion was   
"no  • nine iu uou bottles" and not 

I BOW patch upou and old g trmen;, 
luni Uii religion ^eotaslh nut w eh 

\ i. 'i," that lh«t "kiugdom of 

• •.'I. i 'i nw within you,** aad th.t 

its oniiuauces were not such as I is 

foUuusM ahuuhi ^nppsnf aasn ssaa M 

I I do, bag BMM to be lioue iu sec;, t 
. .1 not leUiag lbs Isl baud kuo.v 
sbs lbs i Igbi haiul did. 

When m.-ii bwasd they ueM i 
o inn to wash their faces ami 

inn i :i thsir neuds, or comb ii ..; 

bruah thaw .is we would say at this 
day, aud ci jii*t aa ttiey ordiuariiy 
... i si il, c thsir pious pur pose's 

would not be remarked. All snrli 
secret mid bsurt privacy .-, g 






nsti ss '^tarir great circulation, and 
the saihaaasM with which those 
papen were beiog laasiuad by the 
nor] I at large, and th« great and 
invr seeing and clamoring demand 
i ir that pspsf ihat made it appear 
inn lbs** was daog-r of .". in h do- 

\tf riohtnoe to fha editor and damage 
t lis priftUageatabllahttMnl, btaauas, 

  i i wsn rssource calhai into re- 
. lisitiai . 'h-» soald not print papers 
. . enough and Maasasianl uumb.^rs. 
ti mliifj the piipulsa' dsuiaiid I had 
always, aaid Ibis little incideut iu 
i :  own *x[ierier.ce, thought these 
i daga were writteu by the -editors 
-mselves, au-t have wondered how 
•u the same paper those editors could 
predicate "cheek" as anything pecu- 
liar to a book agent or a government 
inula Bit aii co I see that these 

isaaafka am Merely put In by printers 

UII out columns that would othsf 
v 1, be MO (-hurt, the exp'aualion is 
itifyiogly 'atisfactory, and au nu- 
I i asnl llttlj imputation hsw been 
lOfSd from th» otherwiie fair re- 
cord of jomtialistic crayon drivers 

Tha Leoeueea a^unwrdaud IYsmm 

. dm tiia; all Ihn people of the state 
fchail vublish that the "Executive 
Coni ittee of the Iuteru.ui .ual 

or ask a clergymen if he preach 
for the glory of God or for a salary, 
as to ask an editor what his circula- 
tion is. 

1'hf AFsrciation should recom- 
rSSOC that state statutes require the 
editors of papers. qsSWMfly or be iri- 
anuually, to state under oath to the 
clerks of their respective counties 
the averago circulation of their 
papers for the past three, or six 
months, as the case may be, just as 
banks are required to make reports 
of their condition. 

This Association should also 
recommend to states the enactment 
of statutes that would require edilois 
to give such bonds as would restrain 
them from such iuueenrato publica- 
tions as are liable to dauisge inn- - 
C'-nt parties, as for instance the re- 
cent publication by the LowStOt'Ul 
Ttmee that "State Geologist PfOOtOf 
had skip. pod with all the State funds 
iu his possesion." 

A law, whether statutory or con- 
ventional merely, I know uot, which 
this Association shoiinl repudiate as 
unjust, and e.r paid*, is that which 
is periodically and chrouically pub- 
lished by the rural editor, 
which requires that a man shall be 

required to pay tot a paper winch 

he may t ike on" of the ctVieo at.d 
A'h'uh is seut to him without Lis or- 
der or cous*ut. 

The enact m mt of good laws sn 
these BUbJntt* won'd tend to elevate 
the worth), and depress unworthy 
publications, and should theref..;- 
be advocated by all papSH that 
claim to be high toned. 

Richard Herd, of Ml. rjlefllng, which 
is now in co.irse of publication and 
Will soon be bfMSd, 

'I he further W* progress on tbi i 
truly rsnarkaMs bi ograp hy the mors 
fascinated ue beoone with the wonder, 
fol riehaeM Of the materials Hnd the 
elevation of character in the man. 

fl is not the product of a singla 
Blind, ii"rit on the pertial IxbibitMB, 

of a personal aero, hot a aloud of taa  

tisaOUy rising ffon. as many sourcts 

as the mist", and ap p arent l y aa sacav 

laneon-l   . Yet while emana'ting from 
hi many ruiud-, widely aepeisledia 
uP el-o. lb... i - v-li h nnaniiuify of 
asOtiSBSnl an.) itteststiofl that eoch 
aaw vine., nersly aasllatbs volume 
wiibval the latrodnetion of a singlo 
diaeofdsal note, 

Almost ever tnga introduces some 
ns-w Witasea who, in his individual 
way. DlnatfHtM MUM point iu life or 

absrsater, but in israony with 

who hi,VM gone bsfof* him. 

It is more ahararfag t^nn aro- 
Banee io its weal'h of eapsfM na e 
and rlciasltodee of happloea* and 
sff-etioa A wonderful likeness to 
lbs lsMsalad Garfield both in the 
ranarkable frei ilom from mahgui.y 
in his nature aud in h s poaitiTS faith 
and goOfloMS aid licb personsl gift 
-grows on us b8 his life nn old 
from the sen-itive, auflefing child to 
tV great-heart, d man and martyr." 

It is one of the great good fortunes 
of my life to have known Judye Bold, 
with an intimacy Lardly less than 
that of a brother. W o were room 
mates in our early careera of life, 
soon after ho ha i ret out upon the 
earepr at tho bar win.'h gained him 
such eminent and glo ious distinc- 
tion. He was t mil en ly open and 
confiding in his nattne, and such ques- 
tions of mond and lUig i o Ul philos- 
ophy ns were involved and practically 
demonstrated in the manner of his 
death, as in the death of no mau 
known to the Hunals of Kentucky, 
were to thoroughly understood by me 
as beiog part, and parcel of his life 
b Wed upon convictions of fight, that 
had be reseated the 1 lows SOUttjujatly 
iftdtOMa upon bits, if would hsvsT*s- 
tonished me, even more than it has 
astonished others that ho did not. 

He was a man of immens* think- 
ing capacity and of continued fore- 
thought, and ho great was his aspira- 
tion to live a life grand and glorious 
in the highest import of those words 
thai it is iMpoeeible that the treat- 
ment which caused his death could 
have been a contingency U^OUt which 
he had never thought and under which 

his long predetermined course bad 
not been plainly aud unwaveringly 
marked out. 

I regard the death of my friend 
Judge lieid. M an instance of heroic 



lc.stps of ccn- 
! science, that has rarely, if ever, 
its counterpart iu tho history 'of this 
country. Ia his whole life he wan a 
mighty m in of valor, but IlkaHV 
noab's sou was stronger iu his death 
than in bis life. 

Wben tha world geti wi .r. oaea 

like these, 

• Not like c . ua rialned with blood 

but Only great as 'hey are good," 

will ie tho-e to wboee Memory ua- 
ti. ns and stat.-s will bni 1 1 aaoonasnts. 

Xo meauiugU iee m irble sbaft, "no 
storie.l urn nor aoimated bust," 
chiseled and pheil by the 
bands of hia countrymen eould fitly 
mark his rssting place, no column ao 
hicb as to astefa the Urol rays of the 

orient sun and hold them whan they 
had left all uii... to follow tobhl sitting, 
eould barwooiae with tha grnndbut 
lowly life ot that man; but if thu 
«ta:e of Kentucky wants to honor hsf- 

self by koaoril ..; him. si..- re. pSfpS- 
male tho uaoihI of his life 
by bail ling at ,1  k t two where 
lc Mill or Where be preset..! at ti:.i 
bar.or in this e ; U,a BMMOfial building 
vbiob shall b.. baptised with liis 
nam* and Bdhsserah d to hobm Itf ug 

aud deserving charily. 
VUM IHiie Wma WUS in Hanger. 

Loryamtxa, VsK L— Tha sieamer 

Ohio started .1... u over Uta U is this 

afternoon for Hew flf leaas. whsa 

ahe was fSBghl b) the heavy 
aud ice aud driven into tha snore 
u„v.iust tho little Blue ^V;ug. Th.-re 
was much WSiMMWat among the 
passengers, but as tho damage was 
ant groat tho Ohio pfOOSeded ou her 

a ceslls Wire. 

Ovoaao, Feb, I.— -The residence 
of Jan. I). Union, ou N ttk Bluff si 

Ottawa, Ills., caught BM last flight 
ai d waa burned to the groiiiid. In 

it v/us a aMapMta Bbrary ol Audu- 
bon's works, whtth lie N.dueJ at 
lUfiOD. Im'ss |4U,000| iuattraaca 

WMW UaMl I niaitjaour. 
The sjja agaiaal Ufa. Lister. as  
linsaian. cliargod with aanauliuig 
I'r.i!,'. afsj at the polls iu the First 
Ward in the i. ;islative priMajry, 
was tried yesterday in Circuit Conn 
I. atM was e nd lifty dollaia uu I 
givcu tw«uty-four Lours iu jail. 

■.i.i-. oere \  rfsetly inaonaiaiaal uith 

nee. a 




i.a »^' 
ssd i 
In tU i 

ca , .Iii. 
ui ■■  i ii 

l' I h.'IM li 

: ll. .. pi ci 
. IS I p. "' 

i dV'Stb, 

of lie ll 

, w ■ ail 

i». x ..-iiy i he sews -u f r s ibsirdniy 

j i»i insa am be i 
o.' * bill with . 

I'ue . mm. . a 

I MNI OU ide Oi '• J 

org mi.- tiou ii 

Ley Uav I • . 
. , j  y I hi* I . . . 

.. i.i. Man it a I 
I am ed lo 1. 1 .• 

ilicic i» no doubt that wiih lufaWanas lo lUu liiailur is cou- 

I to Sen -. t 

igiug results. 
soguhMt ' a) 

•eihl or . 

eOfna ii 
•'. 'er, in  • 
c:-.. g.i  

bl idlllt 
igul to 

• I 



oil the buhl "Uu Itis .no. of blaudpoiut, 

puu ic dee 
tHfily aeauMi 

, l ihe S ibbstht 

(•a . * io .. ossioo a man is rcpro- 
k ■ :•■ 1 W having come to him, 
oi kilo, "good Ms-ter what shait   
d . 'li .1 1 ..i i., i | 'ill eteruul lite," 
•ShJ JfsSJ i WaMlO him tbe moral 
, fi . pteuf I ' ' d-cul -giie, and 
I res of t* *r«t gaikl ■ mat ullud.- .. 

It . ,' .1 sIm M haVlUg oujilioi 
a i 'til ■ ■•*•• i j IflMg 'he ub*er 
\ . ee of I ii" H bn i ti. 

in i he right af uN iheso feels tag 
any kit d of u Hahhslb i. • a Chriat. u 
tusiiiutiou, au I viewed from any 

ial Acsociation of Aiuerics, 
. .\ » laad the place of the next 

,ing at Oiucinaati on Fab. -■ , 

.,,.■[ 35, |sSd," and adds, "It ia 
.\ u ,1 al the close of the mec.ii g 
to ntftk* uJ*kxcursiou to Wushin^toii 


Concerning JuJja Richard Raid. 

The Ulahl: pin lishsd last w ek a, 
defence of the boo m« talent conduct 

of Judge Kuid, as m^rgested b) an 
imputation of the Louisville Tinue, 
and it is a c. ineidooas of iutere»t to 
its editi-r that before a copy of the 
paper OOUld have ri ached the hi me 
of Vlis. li.i-t, he is in receipt of .be 
fsllowiig letter Bad printed extract, 
ihe fpfHXef of which lie presumes up- 
ou her recognized iutimaey with her 
mirtvred husband to pabliahi 
af« iraauao, Kr, Jan 26) 'SU. 

5Ir. MeOBB. I enclose fiM the 

price of aabseriptiou io your papsr 

if hich is so very small I feel it is not 
worthy of your [taper 1 take also 
from the Vowitt Journal of jssttu- 
dny a notice, copied from tiie Chris- 
tian aVtnuford, of the life of your 
friend, that I know will iff «d yofl 
pleasure to copy into yuiir paper iu 

good type. And when the book booms 
out I hope you will not Hnd il an* 
wotlay of .your own aoutributiou 

: . rein, aud thai yOUWill feel I hoM 
us i it so as to 1., OOf both yourself 

Jndge BmUL It will ha aajjol 

a. UUWbc .f questions are pro- my highct gratitieatiooa if tha book 
oi fur diacu-iwyu st that meeting. Proves a success, tha' Judge Boid'a 

r.pose t.. give my editorial rail- 1 IWaada aia hnuaaftanaod along »ith 

■ «d PSM Ml Hiring on that occasion, , him. and if 1 am to credit all that is 
. I UU going to MtradBWa a reno- I sai.lof the book, it ia to baiihuc .-s. 
, OU -i- -t ohsll expiess the esini st , Wfa hope soon to h.ivo out a circular 

universal protect of Keutuoky 
ii sgni - ib* hahil among fore- 
men uu ' ; . ei iii proving  •:" 

.J .il: . othel wine 

pu d • iu i, uiaaaaaa kj 

cau in pun of meir 

-s bj putting 

.o as toleavs 

not Me. 

If SOU will ask BOBM of l : 'r Miaia- 

bfu at Lsaiag on, thsy will giv.t you 
two other Stunstargi aout sluing no- 
nces, one of ibis week Jaflaaf) 80, 





mumi nv 


OFI'K ' '■ jr. W S HO UT HI-KKKf 


W..11I it 

In Ha  . 

Ki . Thass(Mpt: — The objects set 
forth i; the resolution* passed by 
the Ch. liber of Commerce as re- 
gards t ,e City Charter, would seem 
to commend themselves to hII good 
and w-abiding citizens. The 
change- in the Charter do not in- 
crease the burden" of taxation one 
dollar ) ' r year. In fact, it may he 
shMv pMSMMd it will lo^rn the ex- 
penditures of the city. It does not 
prop | to interfere with the ambi- 
tion of any of the gentlemen now 
candid. Jes who are willing to aacri- 
tice the r own time Gnd energy for 
the go ! of the city. It has ' been 
hinted that perhaps' these *elf sacri- 
ficing individuals may (by an amend 
nient to the Charter) be asked to 
serve without any compensation, 
therein giving taem an opportunity 
to hhow to the citizens how magnan- 
imous hey are. 

Why the Council should kick so 
at beii ig released of the very disa- 
greeable duty of managing the po- 
lice force is a mystery to the averege 

By a Police Board having the 
power to appoint the police and re- 
move them for good and sufficient 
reasons only, (and just here we will 
sugggest that it would not be a bad 
move to give this same board super- 
vision over the employes of the Fire 
Department,) it is claimed, and with 
a good deal of justice, that our police 
would bt a very efficient body under 
a Folk* Board. 

Our Fire Department is an effi- 
cient body and have done good work, 
but we think the same good results 
would follow were they placed 
under the Police Board bs will re- 
Bult to the police force. 

Two Boards of Council are desir- 
ous for many reasons; it will effectu- 
-ally pi vent" hasty legislatiou which 
in mat y instances does not accom- 
plish me desired or intended good. 
It would, in a great degree, if at- 
tempted, prevent an undue exercise 
of influence of the Mayor, as he 
would uot be the presiding officer of 
either body. Now is the time our 
city needs all the wise legislation 
she can gel, as we are growing and 
progressing as she has not done for 
years. W e want the wisest and best 
citizens in the Council, men with 
broad views and economical in the 
expenditure of the revenues of the 
city. The revenue of the city is 
arge and if judiciously and economic- 
ally bundled it is susceptible of do- 
ing tht city a vast amount of good, 
and wi en so used and the citizens 
see tin gooil effects there will be a 
cheerful acquieseuce iu it, but if not 
soused tnere will be, aud justly ao, 
long aud loud complaints. 

Bi'sinesb Man. 

)'i ririKV i- iir, i i tier* are alum a 
dozen men on hand and ready to do 
any kind of work that is needid 
whore there is only work for one. 
\\ hen we have coal thrown off at the 
office the application* to have the job 
of putting it in are ao numerous at 
to be annoying. We employ about 
twenty five people in and about the 
Tn\x«nrT office, including carrier-, 
and if there is a rumor that someone 
is to quit there are nnmerous appli 
cations for the place The working 
men of Lexington Bre anxions to work 
at anything they can lay their hands 
to, the on.y tronble being that 'hen- 
is uot enough work for them all. 


Rome of itie Top Price, Renllr.ol 

Woodard A Harbison's great sale 
fine horses commenced yesterday 
morning at It) o'clock, and will con- 
tinue five days. A large crowd of 
buyers are in attendance from all 
over the country, and the hotels are 
all crowded. Col. Edmonson and 
Col. Jack Stuart are crying the sales, 
and Tom Formnn is doing the eques- 
trian part of the programme. Owing 
to the inclemency of the weather tin- 
sales were transferred from the streei 
to the inside of Treacy A Wilson V 
stable. Following is a list of the 
principal prices obtained yesterday : 
Harkaway, b s, 1 y o, by Indian- 
apolis, dam Abdallah Belle, W. J. 
Nogle, Altoonn, Pa., |Mft| Strat- 
ford, b s. 3 y o, by Strathmore, doM 
Young Winnie by Woodford Mam 
brino, John Splat., Cleveland, Ohio, 
!?il30; Boston Wilkes, b a, 4 y o, by 
George Wilkes, dam Jennie Ander- 
son by American Clav, George Smith. 
Shelbyville, Ky., $2,000; Dispatch, 
b a, 4 y o, by Onward, dam Lucille. 
Alex. Hill, Owensboro, Ky., SllTo; 
Flseo, br H,l)y o, by Trolau, aain 
bv Vindex, L. D. Butler, Memphis 
Missouri. 11,800] Monroe Wilkes, 
c s, I y o, by Red Wilkes, dam by 
Monroe Chief, Jnd Evans, Indiana, 
f 010; Clara F... b f. 4 y o, by StratL- 
more, dam Mattie Norman, Alex. 
Hill, Owensboro, Ky., $025; Dia- 
mond King, ch e, 7 y o, by Mark 
Diamond dam by Conscript, W. T. 
Soper, Carlisle, Ky., $810. 



Ex-Policeman Mike Gormley 
Shot by John Walsh, 
the Groceryman. 


A bloody tragedy   
o'clock last nighi M 

A Hlta lor a V derail, 

'lht Nashville American is re- 
quested to give place to the follow- 
ing le. .er: 

Lexington, Ky., Jan. 25, 1880 — 
Capt. Stone, Louisville, Ky.— Sir: 
You a ;   one of the vice presidents of 
the NotioMl Association of Mexican 
Vetere.-is, an organization that has 
done nuch good work for the sur- 
viving soldiers who fought in the 
war with Mexico. Through you I 
wish to make to it the following true 
stateiii-ut: Jas. Pi. Collins, member 
of Col John W. Tibbat'a regiment 
iu the Mexican war, ia now an in- 
mate of the Mougomery county, 
Omo, poor house. He is eld, sick 
and absolutely penniless. He ia a 
Kent! ckidu, and for him I earnestly 
appea 1 to that military order of which 
you a representative officer to 
lend i iu a helping hand iu having 
him a mitted to the Soldier'B Home, 
iu sigi . of which he is eking out a 
miserable existence. 

Your comrade, 
Ben F. Euan. 

A conspicuous instance of adver- 
tising on a grand scale is the price 
recent y paid iu Boston for a single 

I have been proprietor of two flour 
mills. I have devoted considerable 
attention to phvsiologv and hygi en 
and think I can apeak intelligently 
about flour. 

If the grain of wheat, merely 
crushed and eaten in the shape of 
what we now call unbolted dour, 
had not been originally the best form 
of it, it would have become so before 
this because the human system has be- 
come adapted to it in that form 
from long use. "Two women were 
grinding at the the mill," and making 
unbolted flour for themselves for 
thousands of years before Jerusalem 
cratic primaries, a"impr«veaf 

The "new proe our. but probably 
appearance of the of its food qnai;- 
did it at the expen ebest part of the 
ties. Much of the out into "ship 
Hour is now thrown a. It mikes 
stuff'' and fed to the cowgirls will get 
fat cows, but our pretty kine" if they 
«s lean aa "Pharaoh's d fashioned 
don't eut some of the ol mill in the 
mill stone flour. Every process ex- 
city has adopted the new which Mt- 
cepi the Central Mil la, ofietor. He 
T. J. Grubbs is the proprsloue pro- 
by the old orthodox m l-n,l 
the finest brands of 'new process" 
lor those who prefer it. Wheat con- 
tains 72 per cent of starch, 7 of glu- 
ten, 5 of sugar, 8 of gam and 12 of 
water. The "new process" retains 
bat little more tha a the starch. I 
is uot only the privilege of every 
lady, "but her moral duty, to be just 
as pretty as she can be, and the 
gluten for her hair and fingernails, 
and the sugar iu Central MiiiV flour 
will make her as sweet as pie, and 
the gum in that kind of flour will 
double discount Colgau's Tola. It's 
bad enough to have to "gum it" when 
yon 8re old and. lost, have your teeth, 
young ladies. Don't do it whiie 
\ou are young. 

Mr. Gribb's flour ia called the 
"Jersey" brand because of its rich- 
ess and fattening qualities. 


nrr  d about 

8 o'clock last night 01 'he grocery of 
John Welsh, on West Main street, 
near tfcl [(• Factory, in which Mike 
Gorni!r\, e* polieemau. whs moral- 
ly «Ot ndod by Walsh. As soon as 
the shooting occurred Mr. Dick Oar 
lard hurried down town for a physi- 
cian, and as a Tkanscmi-t reporter 
was |ea  ng the postolriee, Mr. Gar 
land came by. He spoke to officers 
Doiinellon. Hundy, and Henry, who 
were at the post office comer, and 
told them of the occurrence Tiny 
hurried away, followed by the re- 
porter. Wal-h was in hisgroc(-r\. 
and the officers took him ,n chary, 
■imnmi him i.) the stiitio-i- 
house. They also secured his pTO- 
til, a 1 1 MMOU HfJ K.iuirgu, 
Ihe rep rter then went np Mailt it 
see Ootral-), who lived 01 ■ 
rVabli'l grocery. I'he Wt liuded In. i 
was Ijii | M a bad, and Dm. Pan,-, 
son and Brown weie HM lining IU 
wound, which was tboM an inch ,\, 
ihe left of the nave), ;ue ball p.'s 
iOg through the bowels but no! I .. . 
nig out UMbMfc. Tee wound- .1 in. a 
was very pale and snf'leiiiig a  r •  I 
deal. L o os i og By into the faSM ol 
ihe rep.-rler and other* by his be 1 
be said: "Don't biame tht-t SMS, 1 i 
was not to blame." A number ot 
people called to see the wound, ( ; 
nun, but it was found BOOOSMry tu 
"xclude them to prevent anno aiiiv-i 
l ather B'ossart cam« to see ■ho Oof- 
i for, aud they were alone togetb.i 
a few MOMMA Io a shoit tiflM 
G umlev spoke again to tho-e abo.H 
b;in and said: "Boys, I want )ou :o 
ciear that man; he is not to blaiu-: 
• here Jh no one to UtUM MM '.hi. 
'.vife of n.ine." Mr. \\ m. 'Jonr.l«- . 
either of Mike, henring of his son' 
voundiug. came into the ro'-m Ui» 
was greatly excited. The opinion o' 
Me physicians was that the woum 
was probably mortal. 

After Walsh whs lodged iu the Ml 
lion -house he was interviewed by :. 
TiuNseiiirr reporter, and gave tilt 
Tollowiug account of the affair: "M_  
name is Johu IValsh. I am fifu 
sears of age. I came to Lesir.giou 
three yesrs ago from Cincinnati. J 
eerved during the war in Tot- 
ten's Battery, 2d U. S. Artillery. 1 
opened my grocery about a year age. 
1 never had a word with him iu my 
life until to-day. About :i o'clock 1 
locktd up and went down town k 
transact some business. J 
re-urned about half-past four o'clock 
As I crossed Merino ttreet I noticed 
Gorniley standing in frout of nri 
grocery. Be holiosved at mc 
said, 'Come over here, I want t,o tali 
to you.' i walked up to him aud lr 
-aid, 'Who have yon got iu thei*!' 
pointing to my grocety. I said, 'No 
body] 'he door is locked;] nave been 
down town.' He grabbed m-* by the 
collar with one hand, drew his revol- 
ver with the other, and commejee i 
tieatiug me over tho head with b 
The firs! lick my hat fell off. H- 
struck me three or four times I triad 
to ward ofl the blows with my aroi 
and called for the pohce. He the:. 
I io in ted his pistol at me, and shin. 
'Yon d— m ton of a b — b, 1 am a no- 
tion to shoot yon.' A policeman \ v 
up on Jefl'-rson street, and beaiin„ 
my call, ran to where we were. Bi- 
i;ot between u», and, turning Gorji 
lnjr around, told Guriu:ey to go u- 

i f hi« frie-.ds that bin Ttt di- 

) ii«»»l from itic pa for - - , (•• Ml 1 
on the heel., of i|f pfOMMPHVD Hi the 
•Campbell ki! it,.-, r*nd-»red Mm  b I 
i-erato, and ™ -ed MM t.  .1 I ibM 
vii ci., in dm . aimer m met he 
wonlit not have .1 .ue. He VM MM 
 f the brave t   tic -rs cvi r ■ Ike 
"ores, and d-d not know wh - ft 

No ki:uli • h-ait e\. r 1 • n n 
NMMM breast, i id he was a h 
levo.ed fri.-nd The ImHMOQJ ol 
'II was that he  rovidi-d MMUtlfnll) 
'or his faroih. He has no ci i'dii n 
At 1 o'clork I is MOfMBg (o rMM] 
wss quiet, but IM| w»- H k. tf\ MMllj 
inking fast. Cue of th • pliw . i it- 
aid ho would. Bfobwbly, mm (in 
until this morning. His wife s t Ml 
•idr« bis bed. sMa\iiig t,i and fro \  . 
her grief, whil   Ml MjH m I tf 
-t od watching ittu and wei'pi- n 

L*T»n— At A  'c'ock this m tiling | 
he wound, mi or ii WM Nation till I • 
he effect of opiate«; no chance f-  
•da recovery. 

Wind MtCf Has 'lev Charter 

Tiie Fir i s o. P. irons dim- 
in ;lly Ac i 



.'sm«» n i ■   i -in hi, i.i on tti  
ClicHnpcakr ami Olilu .ttan- 

SrAHSToN. V.v , I'»-b. 2.---A di as- 
rons collision r. -r-n-red on th« OM*s 
BOObjO slid Ohio MilfOf 1 lu-re at one 
j'oh ek this tno- ting. The night n 
nress ran into he fn ight train t n a 
iidiog ood OOMpMtolj WiooMd both 
■Wgiires. Fireman GiH tigs. ,.r 
ItieMMMi, was killed; (t. \V K, 
.inger, master MOVltlMMt, of Rich 
MOM, had his right arm ami l--g 
- adly liroken ai d a bad OSOlp 0700 Od : 
1 Lowry, of JiicLmand. Mtglooor, 
ad his throit tut and arm si-,!d"d; 
his condition is da: g.-r  us: Charles 
Smails, of StHiii.ton, cng-rieer of the 
i'reight train, had his back btullv 
sprainod and bruised. The only 
riassenger hurt was Dr. Lafl'ei ly, of 
Kjchmond, MM not seriously. The 
accident was caused by ct'mir.til 
negligence. " he brak^man w as 
-iroiised by (he paoalMJ freight (rain, 
changed the switch just as the 
rtxpresa came n sight. The train 
iashed on to tba fiding and the en- 
gines were K t l ,;d. 

Fnwvi i i F t. 2— Loot was 
g.snled In brin ; iu the following 
htlis : A I II to ren.-t 1 Chsp 1.835, 
of the fie-s. m Act. 1889-84, Uing 
-.11 act t » jV  vid» for Mid regulate 

he ven  il. 1 1  n of cob' m.uea in this 
IS' ate, and I -r the b'lter protection 
of miners. Hour's of Justice. 

A Mil to pfoMfoit tiie woiking of 
i-otiv-ct  iii i le coal mine* of this 
UuOJMuawO»M* Cm: is of .Instice. 
Mr. ( la-. O oM MU tXI Mi I'rop.mi 

i Ml i t,d 'MoVMMOi House M 

K  \ /V I. to Mia* I ih« cha'emf 
. • »   -it y ol \ 'inches:, i l'as ed. 

An i.:t . OMatdC c tti of the 
CrifOIOM i de of Pi act ii i , le'li'ing 

i  right *ol person- er inimily sccnsei* 
to testify n their own behalf was 

-.ken up. 

Mr Gill rt off t to amend by 
rtqMrfng tla.OeaVst i ^ testify be- 
U e air . : er OKI e are exam 
ii ed in bi jalf of i-i.- accused. 

•\il0| ti I. 

Mr IfalhMJ move.l to amend by 
airiMopj on iu lines live and six of 

S-c. 1 "pan lor MiMiOjd WMaO and 
proOOadlMr*' and iooOVtiMJI "prosecu- 
n' on uudei | iMlufoH for a Mo- 


Tho MUi M nmerded, was put 
upon ili p. wage, ami the ayes and 
noes demnn led. I'asied. Ayes, 1»; 
noes. 10. 

The Seni U the;, a- jonrned. 


Suicides By Shooting Him- 
silf With a 

Buckle Arctic-. Gum Bovta, Lades' II, 
of a'l kin.Uof HOM 

h Hullo;, A,c:if. 


A large 

Ibdiiceil in 

1 I 

John C. Berry 


1 mo 

no. 17 t iii.AfHini:, IMWIMM¥MM, kv. 


\\ holesule 00d Bet ail Dealer in 

Anthracite ai Bins Ceals, 

Sole Agent for the Glen Mary Coal and Coke. 


NO, 51 M  


A « tmrcli Racket, 

Wabash, Ixn . F*b. 2. — On Sun- 
day uitfht in th - church in thn all- 
I iage of Dora Is elve miles s. utheasi 
I of here, Will Gates was shot by 
Clayton PaTOy, Two years ago 
, Oates eloped \sith Cla\ ton's sis'er. ' 
; Pavey swore vi igennce upon O.tes. 
I Nothing more was heard of the MM- 
! ter, however, u iti! recently, when the 
| old quarrel MM renewed. Mr. and 
I Mrs. Oates weie sitting in Ihe front 
; pew atd Clay on Pavey stepped op 
: and remarked nat he had aoMO to 
I settle the mati r unj at the »ume 
: time striking Gates. The latter es- 
sayed to defeii-t himself and l J ave_  
j drew a revolver and tired at Oaios. 
; who grasped iho weapon fnd iceived 

■ • very OMKMtt wound Ihi OOMfO- 
i ir'iMflj rlsd iu wilil disouler. 'Mrs 

Oates dropped her baby who WM 
! trampled upoa and perhaps fatal'y 

■ injured. 

Anoi'io, horri     
i Toooday -i mta ; a 

Claren ti i TOO ,f 
with a - 1 gun   

ff.iir occurred 
4 o'clock, Mr. 
illijg himself 
Young was a 



Appleton, Lancaster & Duff. 

The Head cmh Man Jl vslerj. 

Nashvillk, l'eb 2» — The h*a3l*i-a 
I mau m\stery was solved to-day bj 
: the coufessiou if one of the pi: Iks 
-charged with the murler. HobM 
; quent to the tiiscovt-ry of tho Imd 
in Ben Iffloaro's yard, and the » :n 
plete idenliticHiion of the remains as 
those of Frank Arnold, three othei 
persons impiicted were, arrested aud 
jailed. Be.-i Prown has not \et been 


Kkw Took, Fab, 'i — The exports 

XaacQ | of domestic Co' on for tho pa-l wei-n 
a„ , hss been 4.'. to."- packages, and sine. 
M0 : n January 1. 21,. (Kj package-), agaibal 
him • - 18,168 pooaaoit foi s».me UoM list 
A sn 1 year aud 0,4811 packages ht 1884 
me sfierward I went onis de i The tone of th-" MWkut abowa • ten 
j grocer, to look at eotne groceii«..s iu j dency of hardening for all st; I en   f 
Curry, Howard & Murray's MgXM.. | OttpJo OMtoOO, while iu all depMt- 
I While doing so, Gormley came • v MOBtO 0 good tiado is in m-iTeiaeni 
| again after me and I went in lb  1 ou account of ripriog wauls. 

stairs bud behave himself, 
cer then weni 

Gorrxiley goiug up 
A brotiier of Mike's toi k 
stairs and pai-ilied biM. 

firmer i" tod   in On stances, aged 
about ; .") . . irs, ood bm a wife and Now ready with a large stock of 8HEETINCS 
f mr oi five chil luu. His home is PILLOW • CASINGS TABLE OAMA«v* *u n ...„„' 
about m les f.--,m Lexington, on _ "*' 8 ' DAMASKS AND WHITE 

the Tae,   reek r-.a t. On Monday GOODS for housekeepers' early spring sewing. 

They are selling bargains in WINTER WOOLENS, 

he was in own, appaNMtly in good 
spirits, nr. I  \ i.-t hero went to 
the c uiriiii bm . d signed a replevin 
bond f, r i ifgn moo, He returned 
hjine :u .* -» afl -i ;o .n and retired 
at Olght. «i patantly in gooil spirits. 
At 4 o'alorll y Ml tat day morning, bia 
wife i.i.. he a:"se as usual 
and wtnt i do aaotbM room, where 
theie waa a sb  t t  i.u loaded with 
bird si M. Iu a shon t mo she heard 
the gsn Ii,-, and go:ng mto the room 
found bin ying en the floor nearly 
t'ead. Tfci chhr ( ..» »iad taken efTect 
iu tbo»nid. le of t breast, and the 
triggur Ma tha\e I een pulled by his 
foot. No tause is known for the 
deed, but '^mpo ti»y insanity is aur- 
mibed. H- was BOO of Mr. Matt 
Y'oung. o^ceas,'d. who left all 
hi - child n o in good 
when lie d 3d. 

The remainder of their Cloaks at about half-price. 


Watkins & Spencer, 



— AND — 

We aro prepared to tune and repair 

Pianos ri tno verv be--t manner, 

MM« MKOMMM »o«st ian 

foMOrMug in our »mj) oy, aud has 
the in-loti- men'   ' many of our best 

uituieiaos. Fual-clSM xefdieuce 
giv«ii and voik KOM'MrtOgA 

MiKvard & Co. 

■SO| "*l1»*i t'lh it  H*a. 

I' - -os I ..- .Sn!   o« Kent. 

i * j iu- g .- /. 80j .iiiliuu 

Emmal  fe Spencer, 

I II-.. \ I. K US IX 


win o 

Sign Golden Eagle 

the next thirty days 

UKXtNurov KV 

0l£O. p 

aa i b ii i its 

Coal (ian al I'lfty Cttnta. 

I-'ruii) tht- Courier Jouriiit). 

The Chesapeake Gas Company, of 
Baltimore, has reduced the price of 
its coal gas to fifty cents per 1,000 
feet, which leads the New York 
Journal of QiMMirei into a retro- 
spection at home. The New York 
gas companies a few years ago ro- 
duced the price of gas to large con- 
sumers to seveuty cents, which ra e, 
being operated a considerable period, 
mado dividends to the stockholders. 
This suggests the inference that, 
while fifty cents is u war rate iu 
Baltimore yet the Chesapeake Com- 
pany apparently selected that partic- 
ular price, because while entailing 
heavy losses upon its rivals, would 

J ii- 

iu the meanwhile pay all the expenses 
insert, ,'u'iii one" paper^- *7,00u!- I " f iu owu — P"*g" The Looio- 
It. Nil. s acting as agent iu tiietraus^ ™* «■ tkMiPW »Mtm its 

, acting as agent in ihetraus- 
The good judgaieut of Mr. 
Niles ;u such matters is recognized 
not M  ' in Boston, but also in New 
York, .jondon and Paris. We under- 
stand ,hat in the iustsuce of which 
we spoak the results justified the 


A p ragraph cr 
ii-r ^. few da)s 

lailllnii tu Work. 

crept into the Trans- 
ago, iu which it 
was si ted that the Oad Pellows had 
great ;illiculty to get men to work 
in cle. .ting up the dehris of the old 
Oper. UuiisH. The gentlemen who 
• mi tl a cleaning in hand say that .s au error as they found plen- 
ty of - en willing to work, and in 
fad vuo annoyed by the fmjuent 
ions to got work. Our ex- 

rous that so long at they behave 
themselves they will be served with 
gas at not more than f 1 60, whisb 
also means not less thanjj.50. 

Trying lo llrldue Uie CoaMOl. 

CotuMBos, Feb. 2. — The confer- 
ence committee that was appointed 
to settle the differences between the 
factious of the Ohio Senate will 
formulate their report to the Senile 
to morrow. It is understood to refer 
more especially to the mauuer iu 
which the investigation of the Ham- 
ilton county contest cases shsll be 
i-ouducted, and will provide tint 
iny legal poiuu which may arise ti i i 
ng the coutest and on which Ihe 

iMioMi'tlaa aaoo/rl sctoo shall in- 

,-ired lo Judge TLurman aud li. A. 
of thia city, for a daaiaion 

grocery. He again had oot 
volver. I weui down town t 
Royalty's uflOO aud swore OOt h • 
mnt against Gormley, for OMUt'lll 
-ud batf-ry. (Ollicem Lister, O'Bi i- - 
and Hall served the warrant oa 
(iormley. who came down tOWa 
aliout 8 o'clock and gave bail in toe 
-nm of Mr. Klkiu going on lbs 

bond. He went home and ariived 
liere about Lalf past S o'oloohl 
Liormley weut up stairs, when he ro 
iiirned, and seeing me iu lueroom aa 
he passed up tho slers, cursed in-.. 
Iu a short time he came iu ihe doOl 
aud called for something -I U::ni. . 
)igar loakli 'Mike, 1 wouM iatiie. 
not sell you auythiug. Youhadbt) 
'er go over to Garlauu's. as yen 
'leal there.' He then cursed me an - 
said: 'I have a notion t 
kill you,' i ud poioisu 
his pistol at me, holding it up w 
both hands. | had my revolver l)iu.; 
doSgoida of me al the time. H- 
puioiad his revolver Ht me again au . 
mreatedto kill me. I callod M 
Litrnelt. my neighbor. Ho- told m - 
I called a^aiu he would shoot m. 
I di I so and ho b azed away. I 
aiezed my pistol aud tiied at him 
twice. Ohm of the shots hit bin . 
He then ran out ihe door, and iu a 
short time a negro put nis head in 
the door aud told me to come out, 
as a mau wbs shot ,out tbert. 
I told him I vests not (I -si. 
and for him to call a policeman." 

beiog asot, Gormley ra 
tho stibet toward (Jaiiand 
grocery, and fell juet after crosaii 
the stre.t railway. He was picke 
up aud carried back to his horn 
Isoa-taOl lo.ture of the liesfclo b» 

i#n'l MM ""(I l it W 'C is St 

Lu^vu, tu-'U^h k*ro are vmIosi 
mors. It U aabJ • • ■.. fcsvo itpai   I 

beVeral ,lu.e.- , tue l:ino aboul .«-/ 

ago. It is suppoaed by turns i 

AMMMUas o i.reae, 
TitENTo.N, N. J., Feb 2 — Chance! 
Icr Kunyon to -lav Mwd an opiO'OO 
in the case of Va:l vs. NVw -let-.-v 

Central and Philadelphia sod l!e...l- 
ing It. H. UoMpoaioo, in wi, i-i i.e 
declares lb'. t tho I-hsh m-.dt* l y the 
! former to the l .tter company is ooil 
| and void. Tfca ObSBOoAoi has hi' 
! deted all th« properly of the Cen- 
tral road to be transferred b.tck to 
that corporatio.i. 


J. H. WEIL & SON, 

4 1 K««l W Hi Ht.. 


Of the latt-st des /. e i and in all the 
; lOjiular V\ oods. 

J. ». WEIL & SON, 

Fiiim r.i Dircdors. 


— i.M:oin ti:s OK — 


Special iuducemeuta for Cash for Thi.ty Da s. 

HEADQUA :'/i' 

Fruits, Sjslsrs, Gams, him, k, Etc., 



- iT- 

Wholesale and lie tail. 

C. B. Ji\, 8 W, MAIN ST. 

Rosaivad HprJ 

si Us or- 

J ames Means' S3 Shoe 

For Men's wear, ami Jaiue,, M-m,-' 
longer without ripping an. I M aus eon 
1 rauie juice, one trial MSka yoa 

$1 Sl ot or Hoy* Tboy wi ■• w a 
ig ha it , iiu a... oi uer ohoo for the 
bsjl ISaM !way-. 

OVE li C 0 A T 8 

An ii; o - - t isj row aalda f   \ou i ska ue. 

ADLEIi^S BA,f viN ' tore ' 

Edgar's Pharmacy 

Has a full supply of all kinds of 


Th i best Veierinarv Mm icine, for 
all kinds of Stock. 


faf HiSgMl aud Croupl Spcitl 

IChuI . -v lor l'l- sed PoVIa! SpetJO 

Kaauodj for your o.d chi i lains. 



all bsdol Preset i|tiou filled 
piomptly at living puces! 


F t» 

We. ix. tjKYDER, JR., 

l;«io l t    I AS I HUN Ml K I . I I . 

Bui. Mu;u aaa iiioadway.| P l i : ompL ****** Fu Guarauteed 


Woman Suffrage Cornea Up 
In tho Son ate. 

Eulogizing the Lato Vice- 
President Hendricks. 


Hofl'l tr'"t \vn. BOBaMM? MariNf II 
MM Jmt «n.-h n »■••*•  Hint nmv I* iHMMMl 
WHf fine lltf MfM April find .Inly, lint, 
to "tie t.ill, dirk, mini ,111 n—1 innn, wli»i.« ii|i- 
r.fl.f  :irii'i';(' I' ll-'.V'l IiIh |.ini' . ion, tiro 
Whole ptantMHIMKlifla nf fiilr wiiiiph, p  r- 
ffflv « II „■ I mt trvn. IH|IMWi Wl II -Rot up 

■ ( * anil hny ^enejMnr am laatMi 

WMt til" clni'in 'if r. •iiip-irntl v» iiovi'ltv. 
Hut. ('■on 'h I 'mm- "in'  ni Inspiriting enough, 
li ' 'IM if' HagBT Mir in the rivlm suet-erl 
tn 1 1." Kh aMntaa mj w tfrte a of *ti'.pi ini!. Just 
n.lio NM ' riKilHK tli" Ml* ikeU 'it th" Itiiy- 
OP' t Willi, I li wai hnil.d by ■ wrllm urn 

WaaWMTMMi I "   - A i r«  
nlution WR't f»W*blj r. i.  l by 
HInir, frmn ifcaUoMMlllaaMll WoMftfl 
HnffYagn, provi-iti* h OM M I n- 

Hm«| wiwitai ■  rtli Mting t   ikg 
rij?liis of HffrKfpi to « "'ii u n 

Copkrull sttiH.I ili«i I bit i m  H 

WHB Hot tllB miVlaOM in 1 ; ll"!lt Ol 

Ibo CotiituiM"!'. ti.i'l Hint I 'i** itnti" I 
ly ram-rvt'il ilin Hgfel lo pNagMl IMS 

Mr. PMl 8MbMillad lb« Mili-ii- 
tnle nln-aily rcf- rn il bj bin 10 
Ink* lln  i-'n'ft- ol Mr. RMWlatorgviVl 
rp«.olnii..„ Md *M lb .1 n  » pw 

spiiif.j tmi Hp om ti'i i" awc.ow. 
Tlii« wrs Rgratd i" 

TLfl li!U lull »ti lag r ; 4 '•■ n ■ 1 t •• 
WftH » liill i ) a*f I 'I I ■* l"ii " 1 

HtatfH (jniiKiii hi M NrM# t Km * la, to 

Rcc« |it ppitiin (li'cur. i km h Ihi.iI 1 I 

iliiu by lit RgMtaH j: "V 0»Ui I .   

Consit'l is 11 Btteaiaa inbj Bt, nuil Bui 
an Aiupiican gitlgftg. 

Mr. IbttMbtrgM "IV it tbe fol- 
lowing : 

JMMfW, That it i* a MOM of i l i« 



I w uy nt 

Hpnate Hint tlm 1v\tt.,v of Ilia 

UllilPtJ Muti'S is tint l»'-ilif\i'il bj 

Conatnl iotihl law in removing or 
Rimpt mliutf appoiottee, MM but lb* 
Kenale bta no 1 i^lit lo rpqnirn lb lit 
reasons alial I bn nivpii for Mieu r»- 
niovals or BBa pB B e lofle, tliat it in tb   
right of tlio Snout* to call for M| 
pappr relating to the coiuluc of r«- 
moTPit or BMornt M appoiutePH, or 
lo tbe qnalification and fitnws ( f nil 
persons wboso natnps Bre prt spntpd 
to the Senate for confirmation or 
rejection, Rid it. is the duty of the 
Executive to comply wi'h all de- 
mands for the sime. He Hskvd im- 
mediate considerRti jti of the resolu- 

Mr. Cockrell objoctfd, and the 
matter went over ua a subject for 

Mr.. Edmunds, Mr. Ingalls aid 
Mr. Logaa opposed the bill, anil .Mr. 
Morgan spofce in its f-ivor. The 
Electoral Count bill then came up 
and Mr. Evarts took the 11  or. He 
submitted an Hiueudm  ut that it j 
should be the datv of the Executive 
of each State, as soon as practicable, 
after the lioal ascertainment of the 
appointment of t he election, and such 
BMM to MMWMbj under the 
seal of ttie Sta'e, to the Secretary of 
State of tho United States, a cer- 
titicRto showing the resu't of ench 
ascertainment, setting fonh Mie 
name of the electors and other pur- ' 
ticulars, hnd to deliver to the electors 
of such State a similar certilieate 111 
triplicate, such c -rutin ites to In 
transmitted by the electors with the 
result of tb*ir own actions. 

Mr. Edmunds opposed the motion ! 
to re-commit but it struck hi u that 
Mr Evarts tmgested uu BM"tldMM)t 
which embodied uu extremely v«liri- 1 
ble idea It could be discussed 
in the Senate, however, us well as in ; 
convention. Afier further debit* a I 
motion to recommit w is brought to u 
vote and resulted— yeas, 10] B*y*» 
22; the affl mitivw vote b iug about , 
equally divided lietweeti the It  pub- | 
lioans and PiMIWlli AH th-  pro- 1 
posed umeutlmerits went with the! 
bill. The Dnkota bill WW th «n j 
placed bef  re the .Senate, and Mr. [ 
Logan obtained the SoOf but gave 
way for an Executive se-Biou, utter 
which tue Senate u.lj .uru e d. 

II H E. 

Imuindiatoly aftof the reading of 
tbe j jurual, ttoluiaii, of Indiaiut, 
offered a resolution that tho btuioeM 
of the House be Mapoodvd in ordW 
(hat the eminent servie s and private 
virtues of the late Vice PrmMoot 
Hendricks might be appropi i it .1  
commemor tted. 

Wm. D. Bviium, jf Iudia-i . wim 
represents the District which tor 
ineily r. turned Mr. Heielricus to tb« 

House of lopcuonuthr— 1 «m lh* 

lirst speaker in the aoJogiM which 

Mr. McCreiry, of Kentucky, re- 
viewed Mr. H'tidtuk's lil'e m illns 
trutive of th.  pOkaibilitieg of an 
American ci izeo, wii. iii. r be w is 
viewed as a leg »r, is it 'OuniRaiottOf 
of the General Land Oui. , m 1 |  
re-entuiivo in Congivhs, «■ C.iv-r . r 
of Indiana, as a S  tMtor, nr km \'i •■• 
President of the Uiuicd, 
there would bo M*fl lb* IIOItrMM 1 ' 
his spleudi I uriid, tie' Ittatrtt of b * 
unfaiteiing p.triit in and w»b 
manhood. Mr. I.iiig, of HMMMIIr 
setts, Mr. Hi wilt, uf N««J V . 
Mr. Throe 1. mm ton. of T x 1, \ir. 
Diugley, of M ine, Mr. Hrowne, of 
Indiana, Mr. Uauddil, of l'euus lvH- 
nia, Mi. tturiN^fli of Iihoh. Mr. 
QoddMi of Otiio, and Mr UBWty, 
Kleiner ami Holmau, of In liimu, 
also delivered MtlogMM, kj ler «bbtb 
resolutions were ad p'e.i, and then 
tbe HflMMO ad] 'iirneil. 

A Kil iiiK ■ • MHHH vuiiiiI . 
It was vepi.r'ed in tio. cii  butt 
uight that a killing let I uik.-n place 
ill Leslie county. Fi. in what cold 
be gathered aboill ll.e all'.ir, it HOHMM 
that bad lilood bad existed fof UOmM 
time between (leorge RqMMW and 
Andy Mar.ih. The litter went to 
where ROMMMM wus at wmk and 
reuewed the iprnicl, duii;,.' which 
he attempted to draw a pUtoi, but 
B ibMMM "got 'be in p" tm nil. 1 Mid 
died willj bis 

Marl Hv all 
Why, I Ihoilpht yon 
1!;iii..;,i| ' 

Tie- «p nttrr wan n fair. IrHtHtUmi man, 
• HMh OTIP Ml Wt MM ftMMaf tyiionf tlm 

■m afcMtfcma, «. 11 itrwnrt, tfn e, and 
mi ii Ikaalrel nn" wM i* mi nwl Imm 

■ Hi MiMMM mill (ill 111" MfM 

Thiiio mid linve n rl^ar and a chut. 
Wliv, il must li« ten year* nlnci  you luft 


"Ilia I flmll Ik  n sort, of MMn It i n 

Tn Wi. kia • 

  . mh", mml Wt iMjttMf 
ttmH ■ ■ a, tm u in Lao*m," re- 

Ine oilier, I' .eliiifr tin 1 w.iy into tlio 

Mnnktag ro«nn. 

• Men for vn'ir n' ir , 1 Timt Toy , ■ MSM Ttonr- 
1I1I r, m ha hUhk) UmtaK In an aa*y olMif 
and Nghtcd a 1 i B ar. -Who Mi MM l» rn, 
win hat narriM, WM lin» §mi Mm f mm 

yon lant!" 

1." tiiinit. 11 batMtewN Mag to 

■rnuiBt ona'a Ida M wMn mi in biikfen to 
Mind and J a Mv i . mm Hint." 

111 .| il ■ of tl ii pri'lost, Huntley during 
tli... MM hnlf hour contrivoit to retail a fnir 

mi mat of Ro«ip. 

"Von rem mber Honnlio Hryd.'nf" hi-anM, 
nMmjtf, -ric'ty «irl - In-own «-yea, cnie 
fill I ln» TIMi awl ItW, and that sort of 
: Bjf tho hyo, lluun-hit-r, wasn't ahe 

an ntd fl mi'' of yours.'" 

"That's a MMj question with a vonco- 

m ' ." raptlad ttooMar, with a iMtarfMoM 

In 11 .'h, M hn pulled viciously at his huh 

I "Hut what of MT) Hhe innrricl 
KHiie ri h city man, didn't shof 

"Voa: Josinli (Jrmskirlt. Fellow who 
rnado iiis mttotf on tho stock MMMMI 
DM a BMfh of 1 irs Bp mid l"ft his wif« 

II rir-h willow. Awfully S oo,l thing f .r h r, 
f.r I batfev* MratMT led her a life of it for 
some tine- hefoio hi.i MMk. Hadn't you 
heart, of it." 

■\oi he must havo died during my nV 
fence at a remote up in the hills, 
where I he.rilly ever saw n newspaper." 

"llow did you mminsn to exist! Well, 
Mrn Oriusldrk is beginning to go opt into 
so ioty nj;ain. I saw h r iu the park only 
yi si.-rday. 1 n 1 by Jo . she looked quite as 
]nct:y, nn 1 niuioit as young, us she did ton 
years afoT 

" Yi s. m ' was very pretty," assented Bour- 
chii r, and he added, L.t'erly, "and she took 
hpr charms to tbo best market, as most 
women do." 

' fon r, old fellow, don't !» cynicnl," said 
Hrmtlay. "Han another clear and lotus 
tilk a! out MMMtaM els-)." 

lint the in ntimi of his 1 
HMI'Sll to have taken away Bourchior'sappe- 
tit   for sis iety go-sip. Ho rose slowly and 
lookisl at his wnt h. 

"Kivc o'e!oi;k. Old habits are things of 
Mmg growth, I think I shall stroll down 
t i the park and see what is going on. Do 
you feel UsaHaad to come, too, Huntleyl'' 

"Xo; thanks. I feel !asy this afternoon. 
«o I shnll look through tho evening papers. 
Then Inn pMMd away a g'.ory fro. 11 the 
park. In:" 1 nv, tired of the eternal mill- 
round in tiin-." 

"Wi II, I'm off, at any rat \ for an hour's 
stroll." And with a good-humored smile 
and a pattiu-: r.Uake of the hands tho two 
men pr.i t mJL As Uouivhier sauntered on 
toward Ms park his thoughts went back to 
a o ri da Wownhar aftoCMOa when he and 
Rosalio had rklilM kOBM togother after a 
quit U run with ih - I'ytchley, and lovo had 
„tit the DeMsr of prMi nee and ho had pro- 
jio~cd and I Ma r.-fusoi Pretty Itosalie. 
th a :h sko Md only the experienco of a sin- 
gle h sfon. had BUO Og k of worldly wisdom to 
know that tbOO(h Vincmt Bourchier was 
hands .in.-, el nr aoOOBk to I hi a pleasant 
BOOipanloa, Of good birth, a bravo t-oldier 
(he hnd o h oa dy disti:ii;uished hiiitself at the 
a;;- of live Bad twi n v . he wus no mute for 
her. She was a penniless but ambitious 
giri, dep nde it upon Km whims of her aunt. 
Lady BUTdi thorne, a st-ru matron, who had 

oraaahsd bar pNtty aim numy a sermon 

on to* folly aod wickedness of girls who 
niarri » I poor men. 

' I don't Iktab you are the sort of woman 
who v. oak! be happy with two new gowns a 
yen-," she WM fci tho haliit of baying. 
''I "ink Of Hriag in a six-room house iu t'ae 

Mborto, w iih a maid nf aB 'wutk to wait on 

yOU! No, Ri die, you must marry a rich 
loan, or I wash my han ii of you." 

Iff las Bryden had aol aaOMtoat strengih 

of character to dafy her aunt and marry 
Vim cut ili. ur-'hii r, whom, in hor heart of 
haarto » m knew »ho 1 ived. A couple of 
atontbsor so hdar, Jwdak cinuskirk pro- 

OOMd to bar and was uecepted. 

"1 wonder if she would rememlier mo if 
we m 1 again," thought Bourchier, as he 
turn s! lata I ho park. 

the attarWMB batag unusually fine, the 

drive wm throoged with oarriagaa 

Chler DM ad MVaral tune, and leaned 1.11 the 

rails to 111,1 rli the. moving panorama of 

b. auty and a -;, inn. Ha was aboM to turn 
ho uawar 1 whoo he hacanai awava of a m|i 
of largo brown eyes regarding him from a 
band on : arooeM tint had just .nuio to a 
n-n .i ll an' thr. o pe es from where he 
Ho d. Aa bM gaM Natad M tho piquant 

Uto In which the aforanfclayai were set, 

u : ashing -rli at re ogaitlaa shone from 
under thadeli • t.-iy archa Ihrowa, inula pair 

oi ire.-;., ran . Upi Muted ill a bright smi e 
ever a Ml of tho most daz. ling little U-oth 

tin igtoabla 

. s I 1 murmured Bourchier to him- 
s'lf, and ata has not qu.t-i forgOtWu me 

all. r all." 

He r b d his bat and went quickly for- 

»•«•'■! .0 ■!'.•• ~i le in' the liaro.i. he to 

wo -i to 1 -i 1' triad (roeila 
an 1 r la yta 1 ago 

V; 1 i .11 I' u liter, I deehire!" said Mrs. 

Qrci 1 .. ii  om irtoudad kff ialrrtily- 
i •• ' baud. -1 ihoagM 1 

in , 1 • .1. When did you 


"i l.'y the day before yc iterduy," ho re- 
pi lad. I' olting hi- full in the fain. "It is a 
I i -i -ill.- t" lull hiu 11, .t quitvi forgotten a 

pleasure I baindy aaticlpatoit I bavaktM 
L too park Cor m baor ar aara aad yoa 

1.:. i! e o .1.. 1 MM who has ro Ugalnd ine." 

'1 1 have a goo. I me 
yoa BM very Utile nlterod," 
wiiii a 

Thai r. inly blush of pretty Mrs. Ormskirk 
i u . I her an air of girlish simplicity Mat 
Was nn rc ch unojog MM I'oul. 

IVeiild v ou ban- kimwn Ule again." sh.» 

lakad, with m laaaoaal uir, which isx.-umo 
h. a aiaakafally 

• 1 should Mm known you anywhere, " 

wm all iur. mt man 

•May 1 cull on you. Mis. Ormskirk," m 
Mkad, WhM they had lulked about mutual 
1. . 1 ..1 , . riti, isi'.l tli. pavi rs by un-l 
iLul.ed, u.l.r u,j uuiuuar uf 

ienda who meet alter a lo. .g interval of 

I. iseuee. 

•Of courie, you may. 1 live at Megatho- 

liiji laaaaiaM wkM l aaa la taara, Vou 

will ge1101.1l! ' .hid me at MUM abiut i 

a'ulaak." Aad, with ant it law of Mr MMf 

null , Mrs. th nisi, in; iliove o 1. 

a ~ a a t **•• 

Ma j. Hour, bier an u k  o I d- il of Mrm. 

QraaaWk durlag the aaat few waMa Ua 

»im-|.r t it -roth i- he . ou;n\ d to drop 

kt ii i.iv arary day M Mia6V)karlMM aoM 
akata Tao taxartoaa oaHa of raaaaia war 

pied by the I dr nidow \ us on the • veuth 

BaurafM i u a bio.-, in building i, con 

on utiy 1 y eere icnhel by Hull u • , .il 
1110 I. rU e 11 • uui UU . 11 lit-. "I" ' I OH aw," ai 
it is called by MM American coU iua Uuur- 
vbiwr   "'■ 1 1 h..'iahtMi i^uiW a *mlimeutal (ael- 

tagof affwtiaa f.r littkirag wkick 

cnriled In. *Hy nn I • ITtfUy up ■ f I 

MtoadwwNtng of bb akaraMaj RaMgw, 

nn-l In I b" I • . 1 o. a p i li t irn h i 
unci I c itainly ha . n |kiiiii(1 h sonnet in Its 

an ■ 

II • was r'Sib.'d t i ti vhlslu k again, 
and, in spite of the .air wl.l W*l MaamM 
Ills of i„| rl s , he be!i"\r I Ins (hMKM of 

i u. . si were MatdwiwMy le - -r Mm May 

were ten Ti'irt n o The v. rst of II. WM 
that Mrs Onm Ira l-a l at le-  t half a do 'en 
pre-einhnts, and tl " .mi'- of In r admlr-r. 
wm legion. Rnarchl r w. s niton nanMltol 

tn find Hint the aMMMaM at MWM 
other of this hand 01 a pii nn's sr-eni' I -n »■■ 
*e ep!ale , lo tbo ItMIn ' I to than hi'i 


tine eve,ii„ ; , neai Iv IW" m eiths aftjr tho 
rnee ing in ll» pe l-. Mr* Ur a id UM wai 

nri ni at a hta y • 11 1 11 fit-on by Lady 

I'.il ■ nila H tster, a sis. er ol the most di« 
MngWbhad of the fair widow's suitors. It 

M* Ma first aMartoMwwwl of Mm ktad at 

win b tie. latter In I nppc -r. d sine.- hei bn-- 

MaiTi deati. Lady MuMndTa male so 

greet a poinl of the maM !'• it she wrote a 
h i niiiig 1, tie 1, .»,. I., g' 1 ; d' ar Mrs, 
Hrmskirl lo break Ibniiti 1 .1 r rule. Her 
ladyship, it. limy lie hint- '. WMagtfMM/ 
anxious lo b ing about a ' at B b a tw a sa IkJ 

bfol ha r and Jnalak UnaakJrk'ii wktow awd 

.los ah Onw .ir. st 1 1 in s, th 

at.a ,• mu iM not I,. iu rf ."tiy I ta 
ing i-ondii ion. 

I nin l.i. 1 «l o v. eohod 1 rvV! of Invlt-i- 

Mm, aod M bad Mm mm -i itlea of ,i 

n- MX 1'ie very in i i ke I atti r.tion BMJ by 

LorJ Rotriontaatar 1 1 i: wile, ami, win, 
wm wortj, of aottcing Mat Mm lattor iw 
Datrad hki lard kto't aM aliu M with np- 
panM arttofaitroa Rawatohad Mm pur 

wirh «il nt wivt-i. The g aywj MMr 
hnd full hwnlnlon a M bM, and of all 
Lady B t hiunda'a gi wo a kn WM the nne'. 
aaaarahla TM brtttlaM awna, Mm mMo, 
tie- My arwwd war* M - «' M ail 1 Mmj i e- 
twawa aw taetk. Rawaa bouttoqoM tin 

ball romi in i'.i« 11 WhM) as "n a ptwrl • ■ 
oeriision M caOgM • glatWW from ftoMlM'l 
beautiful bright ey » ii ii ■ Ml to bid 
I. iin stay, la n in, MM he rel nted and 
went up Jo hor. 

She was st Hiding with Lord WlahlllllMw 
and IBM or MW other men MM ouo of th 
long window*. 

li .ur Id-r asked for a  lan e, which was 
grneiou-ly m corded to him, out when tin 
i  n - 1-for tim   cum - min i ho BMgM bl 

vaii. ItorMMgNcafal 1: no -i otad uitdah 

ns » Wntb an sboph r li * Just aa the last 
chords of tl.o wait; wern dyiog away ho 
caught sight of her cm -rghig from a dis- 
tant conservatory 0:1 Ro kuiinster's arm. 
Lour, hi, r w-nt straight up to the pair. 

"The Inst was our ilauce, I think, Mrs. 
Ormskirk," ho said in a voice that struggled 
to b- 1 aim, but only -ucce de l in being r- 
pr in hful. 

There was a flush on Kcsili 's cheok, and 
a IBbdMd sp:irklo in her iy«-s as shj m+ 
s we red: 

"i am RO sorry. M i.;. Bmu-chler. And 
now," she added qu—kly, '1 a n goingto ask 
you to give M your arm to lay carriage. 1 
uin tired, and want lo go horn*'' 

Lord Kockminstcr frowned, and mur- 
mured a few words into her ear which Bour- 
chier could not cateh : but .Mr.. Ormakirk's 
silvery tores were so dear lhi4t ha could not 
avoid hearing herr oly : 

"Yes, tp-m  rrow." 

Then she droppal T.ord I'-oekminster's arm 
and took Bourchicr's with a siight air of 

"You arc h aving early, Mrs. Ormskirk," 
he sii-i coldly. 

"Yes, 1 (nn tire I," alio replied briefly. 
"Lot us make our way daw attain at o.i.-o.'' 

But when Mrs, Onnaklrk'l arrinai- dro . . 

up n slight Boaktwkaagaa wiad TM nob. 
ana proved to be la u stahj of aontkaj in 
taatoMoa, Bounliier at 1 nee inform, .1 
B-wilie of the state of attain, adding tie.- Il 
would be betier to ikfwa Wltk his service, 
alto ether. 

'It tonally too aroMkiag," sbo said. 
"Maj. Bo.irchier, 1 must ask you to drive 
home with luft I a. 11 iu u most laughable 

pradltamaob Do you ntlarMaal h w »o 
work a lift." 

Bourchijr started, and then hcsilato 1 a 
moment "Ye.i, I tUlnt; so." 

"That is fortunate," she ■ dd in a relieve I 
tone. "At M.-gatht riiiiii man ions the Kit 
man is often not to found to hfg as this, 
and I generally dep-nd on ajy own s rrva t 
1 am too nervous to work he tiling nyaalt 

Bourchier was n.i' i'.rall; o Tioyed to do 
her this trilling MT i-'", and ho felt that til ■ 

tete-a-tete drive to Kagatbariwja naaatoas 

would almost indemu fy 1 u for Ml loss 01 
that   ove'.e 1 waltz. He s att.l himself with 
ulacity in the widow's oozy broug jam, anil 
tiioy were driven off rapidly — tjo rapidly, 
ha thought — to their dMtil iti ni. 

As Mis. Ormskirk had M r aik MX the lift- 
man wus nowhere t- - M tOondj tho night 
port- r, who could nor Mil e his post, heiug 
the only oreatuio about ;ii that lata hour. 

"X loan auk yoa to anort i e to the »or- 
entlt lljor." said Roaalia, on 1 Hag, as she 
soat d herself in t! • lift, A suiull lamp 
ughl d the iit e biu .ui . ■ MM down en BUT 
pou irie head, piquant MM and MMMl 

••Hie kill dbBMl ! iih .v, wa.::i't it:' 

 he -aid, looking up at bM) 0-1 ho workad 

t.'ie roles. 

" Y n a M Mi alt vther." he answered, 

ladim his Mad a o oM what, -it won't have 
umu Ma happtoa avaaiagal my Ufa If— 

lie itappad aad BM . Bil 0VM 'n her fa -e. 

"Yes, Maj. BMWhtorl" Mm ;-.H!rle4 softly : 
"if i.hat." 

"If you ha 1 not 1 :i at si mm out of my 
wall/., RoaaUa," he burst out impulsively. 

Mrs. Onus s.rk bloated agd lingered h.-r 
fan Mrvaoaty. 

• iihl Kosaiie," he laid, drooping the r. -v 
and s Wtbftg blOMaV it it 1- side, -why will 

yoa play with om iim ibis/ Tow know 1 
iovc yoiL Vou know I ton knwl you Car 

yea.-sl" He had k. i. d jI her mall 
hands and pressed U to his U s before Me 
eoul I wi.h BMW it. He had forgot leu all 
aim u MM danger of pixvipituucy. "ibMlilV, 
.i^tt .1 to Mil" 

"ISot now not hr -el" she interrupted witii 
u touch of her old co piot y. "Fauey an, 
one having the lnr iihood . • make a d.-elai o 
tioa of lovo iu .1 i.-'tl And you u*ad to bu 

m w rowtaattor* 

syrtoi doe. it inn ter w i»re or when one 
spei.k. ii the love M gMUMMI 1 lovo you 
trul . , Itosalie, and I have oe, ,i very patiuht, 
i.ul I could not bea. to »x) that idiot Huek- 


If you are 

try In ll •.. ,' t -\ ■ u may not, la 

■0 aertoWs as yon think. Ho you' know If 
Uu la at hydrnulie lift If so, the ato|ipnae 
■M bai a I by Hie tnllnr i of the watarf 
I I" ■ ana I Mai know what an 
hydraull - lilt. Is," moaned RoMtta, soi.blng. 

. .. I, a I In .- has 
"Oh' Vtii'-'-il. Ml 

••Wouai ," bMTM I aaali i 
f  i i ■ Hi ." 

• I don I 1 n ei iboat Iving for n.e." she 
iobledout, but but then- seems a very 
go .1 . hen. - of your dying with ma' 

Boar hi r mnllnd, 

"I dual think things are quite an bad as 
thai. Mawrtto ' 

•How do ana know' Why, any 

wo any M m 

of loch Mtaga 

llis arm vsa round her waist; in 

terror sh" did not seeui to aoMo 
M Ml mml.- no attempt to withdraw her- 
s If from his MWbTWM 

Idle seems all the more entrancing now, 
of course. " h" venture I to sny. trying not to 

a»nk MMarty, "Tm wero ttwmft ambi- 

tious. Rowdtoi and as a poerww— " 

• Who to .1 yog I WM gol ig ti lie a peer 

«•»■?" -.he t s| with apll J 

to i.ikn MraaMga of m/ 

tolly ma—" 

■ Mv darling. MJek rm Idea nover 
my brain. Ibn vm far too well," inter- 
roptad DU MJMI M, with his lips elo.o to hor 
pretty ear. Tho teaiptation wis Irre- 
•istible. He HMi Mr Ti lvet ch' . k once 

» l ', end t "a, l.s s'ie did not, attempt ta 
mo , her frcih, rosy lips. Ho alie, do you 
love inaf* 

She wns silent save for a f light catching 
of baf hrent.h, that might have been either a 
►igh or a sob. 

*Yoa will n't marry Bo- kmlnster, artll 
v i You will ninn y ine, " he went on. 
paataaatoiy, "Ha one lov.-s you as I do, 
RoaaMa Think of it: I have lov-d you for 
: D I Og vears." 

-Is MM tneV aha whi«p- rc-l in her most 
mini' ni tones. 

i s.-.iar it Will you marry me, Rosa- 

If — If wo over get out of the lift— I— 


"TM lift: I love tin lift!" cried Bour- 
' l,i r. enihusiastically. "Why, but for it—" 

"I might, married Lord liockmln 
ft^r." MM said, with an old little laugh. 
V ii b ill me I waa ambitious"' 

■ Ptor RockaMMMrl and happy mel" 
lan : .e i BourcfcM 1 ! 

• But I want to get out, said Rosalie, with 
BM n turn real or as umed— of hor fears; 
"it is almost as bad as tho Black Hole of Cal- 
cutta. " 

Just then tho lift, gavo a vlo'ent lurch. 
Mrs. O lOaklrk sc™amoil and buried her face 
in her 1 u. Ikerchief. Bourchier jumped up 
i n l can, ht hold of the rope, and in a mo- 
ment the BiartriM glided smoothly Upward. 

"Coaia, RgMMal" said he, suuling, as they 
.'topped at tho soventh floor. "AU's well 
that en la well. You have only been r. 
prisoner for one short half-hour; I am going 
to put on ' kalM for life — ibaina of roses, ot 
course," he added hastily. "Vnu have had 

MB ! nUu/iusUtutiou,'t hi AUV^^ " 


I bai« '.p»nafl a New Ornrery at 


'Vii'u I will keopconatantly on hand 
• atii.ply of 

Frosb, Fancy and Fam- 
iiy uroceriBSs 

Wk 1 1 I will Mil for Cash, or Kv 
chang* for 


At CVh I'rir-ea, 

a'Iios. Irving. 


LOAN oFhF . 

• ".49 *'.. aaiam , 

Phoenix Hotel, Rer tr larant 

ai.o ivi h naci.v 


0 i \ri., sA ii.n ihi i , wi--.^(iwf  a, hmpi . 

* I f l.JIM ATI 1  - 

'■I.. v -I on ijlj'n'.j'i., L ",ld sn-l .Hi. i 

. ." , #M , ,.l. Mj i lielr., ilo hlSK. etc. |f 

.i. II. LOZINE, 

and Auc- 


l*p S-.|r«, ror-er Short Ntreet ami fk ll j llll 





"Mai liourchicr, I can not allow you to 
mmk iu that tone of one oho may ouo d i 
1st my hus und. Lord Ito ..miuster pro- 
.I'.ii.t d to iuj this w\ i-uiiig,'' sl.e said. 

"And you aoaapl i Idaal ' 

"Well, not exn il. :" sho rapMad .-. ith a 

BaUia smile, dait I ni iv, I I. tie no | imt 
biui his aaa war yet. I sMU In iimbwiw " 

Tnis, tii, ii, uu . u s ., n a it » „..i »l»o 
cp.iL ' th is   two ..o. u t  BoidailMkM 
Bout i in st'i i i • • ta. i. i witk au 

"l.i sulie, he said bully, "you an- u heart 
less co incite! 1 MVO OOM MdM yeu for- 

"I am i ...,'d s in ■ i .ii -li Jd think so 
Mdij oi bm, Maj. i li ur itor, Bnt, ' h 
ail, with th • »ii„i i -i Mark « f bmomm 
• that is no i akjr you .i. iald harp mo 
a ariaoner to tall bm  aa Vhe h.t i  at a 
taa Mitt ' 

it was truA in ktoaa anaM BoaaMiar 
MM MopoM ih HDa) a»ai Mi MH "a^ ».a 

-1 ivnu't May   ' u pt mmt a bmmmI 
MbimmmI uu I.-. •, M • Orawkirkt'M 
said. Maada t u--. Ha uaiWd Ma roaa vlgi 

Win-sly. lo t l.i.' lilt . t l i.l i 

".lo.i i \ uiiiiult st ii. I luu iut.i'huuiaaii H 
aril t mm* i . m w - " al nut . 

"i'os, of i 1 "i 1 .. *, ... ajturiat, a irii.- |-rl- 
t.di ... "Ma "MM UMM ivi.i HtflMiMiUll 

Wit' I ; « ith ll." 

Btoa in in ibirk y. «a . t »k r fat with 

lilt MO am ol ha o -. 

"•»h: -Mir. Baurvhi .-. a • MmJI i« knwtt l 
Mow wa Matt Tk  r ii etklag wrooj 

WMDi M  Mftl We n l.i I. 1. a silo |'if. i 

ti.   ill. og nay (all -■■ av  athiu - 
Oil adavt wig i. -o.u- uf .. Mat MaM ro, 
l.ii'.i . , ■■ lo tear* "i a., i lulyuuwse 

me, \ lie' ,i. 

Hho ktugto kM in he. terror. 

"Dou't Im MhJtttMlg& dsuieat,'' M Ml 

Kstraonlln-irr Qasntitlot  I » te — Xrstery 
nf Tlieir Ktnplnymant — A Question. 

[Cli-inhers' Journsl.J 
Not the least inter istini of many curious 
f iture' connects! with the proiuctton and 
c el •WMpMaa of ortaln pdsons li tho ex- 
tra r llaary quantities that are in some in- 

rtasoaa naiaafaatatol. What become  of 

thanl it is co-np ir.iti7ely easy touoder. 
stand wait i implied hy 1.00J Winch.Hter 
quarhl o| chlornf irm ant 1,0)1 or evea 10,- 
IMOaawaaaol lmrpbia; but what of a poison 
like chloral I 

It lias air ■ ■ ly been state 1 that chloral Is 
at pros.nt beia{ munufactured by the hun- 
dredweight. Tais. however, as a matter o' 
fact, fall t tar short of the reality, as om, 
(ternian mimn'acturer recently almitte 
the proMaMM ot ualt a ton weekly in hi. 
laboratory olouo. Tbaro Is no racojnizeel 
outlet for the consumption M this sub- 
Ma BUI saving t'-at of internal adminis- 
tration, an I as confess tbe ima i nation 
pets b il'd-1 i i en lenvoi ins to estimate tbe 
hualreds of thousands of pain-stricken 
weary OMTl als who in l t swalliir an mi- 
me n u BawMBW of bait tons weekly, ia do e 
of twenty or thirty, or at the most forty 
grains each. 

A iiumb.-r of years a- ' -omething little 
siiort of a panic was occasioned by atten 
tion liuvin; bieu called to tbe fact that 
strychnine wa  bdiug manufactured in 
enormous quantities 1,0 w ounces baring 
b-en known t  be purcuasel at one time. 
What baaaMN of thi  ex'.raordinary quan- 
tities wn t M OMaMM tnat not unnaturally 
seizii ta • pubiu mini. As a madicina its 

use is aaaawartty rary limitxi, while its in 

discriui iii ate sale or em ploy ment a) a destruc- 
tive ag- rit for vermin— IM only other legit- 
imate ptrpi • to which it is known to bo 
applied— is restrict* 1 by legi lative enact 
mot TM my .tary of the quantities in 
iv dab it  *«■ bein; manufactured was only 
pu li -.Iiy solved by the suggestion that H 
was orobal ly destine 1 for the c MMMl 
assist iu aMaradMMag vermin thera 

Uig Mlga of Mm IVorld. 

The Umaat ship in tho world is tli 
Ctrc:.t Ekutont* vrhioh is 8H f. ct in loujrth 
feet l earn and M feet depth, pieasuriu;- 
i.-edot nagroaa TMCttyot BomalatM 
next l ir.-. t ihramaklp afloat, with a 
loagthof •■•!'! (eel, hraadth M foot, and u 
groaa regdaterad tonnaga oi 8.415, amine; 
tonnage of 5,50d, according to otllciul U b - 

Tho 1 ..!• u st AMortoM stenmships ari 

the City of Peking, Pa Rifle Mall flteamahli 
eompany, 8,060 tone, 438 teat lung, 4«fet: 
broad; the Li^uria, Paelttt StaoM N'av; 
gattoe ompany, 4,880 tooa, 400 feet lon^- 
43 feet broadi the Britaania, White stm- 

t. :'^  feet loni", 45 feet broad; th 

City ol Ri htnood, lanwM, 4,iv o tons. 453' 
ice! Ion . IS foal broati; and the Bothnk. 
Canard, I.HOOtoaa, *?■ feet long, and 43,', 
feet broo 1.— Dxchangi". 

V illi. ,v Leave. Iil.yail.ed stTsa 

Tea aMMMM will lie interested in tho 
statement that 800,000 paajaM of willow 
h aves aMntoad aa toa wnti shipped to 
Amorii u tmin Sluinghai last year— and 
this BOtMittaMaadaMJ a law to 

Gareral Blacksmithing 

ifrpalrh, anil 11 work guamateed, st No. 12 
synaaiN street, ky 


Highest Honor 

m n tm i 

World's Exposition 

E.W. & W, R. SMITH, of ths 

Uonfjoky University, Lexington, Ky. 

r ■ u. - ii i «»n begin so? we»k-dsT durlm th. year. 

'•' : », -.11 ..1 Time to niipl.. M. Kltll lllvlo»« "ui.o... 
MilN ns i«tr«« toul WtMai Ttl- 
,ii i , ... ...1 BmM n. • fkrallj. ISO. Tclwir.phy. 

Gradutitewi. Owtr 500 pupils last from U w «i ran B r 
a;e r.otn J. *t*M8. lBStri4tioall : ra M -a! » Md •'  1 » -Y 
•   n '-t-. Aptrlal ours* for Ttarbtr* «u 

I Vg«. T7nlvavsltr DiplOmM, pr««in1 to IM grwliiMiaaV 

i • k#M«-J ! i tit .  •  1 fir iu hcMltltfulnaM Modaocitt}, mm! 
ta li . «(lr 'tilt. 

i- Tevt-Bonk «■ ■ reeslrad th« hlitiast a«ar 1 at ihg 
Ta.lf*/^ Xxps^wltluu r«r RiMnslaa, PrweticwJ. %M frwi 
■ • •vatgni . ; r, Rducatloo. la UM«d only at thU 

i. n)- x 6 't !• li" u.*o-t ' ollaga -Ilk the hlghaat anHar^a. I 
M« .t,  'j1 (jarant*-* atn-. *aa In riuainw 'n iu dtaarTiug (rwdg  

— ' »'- ' M '^{l M ^Ti^^i^txT. I 


John B.lcl2a7:dson a 

AGKNT, LlXIlfttlOlf, KY, 



Pr priitir. M Mttfaetaraf of aaO Dgwlif in 



Mv ipeetnltiei krclha Rnnnd and 8 in«r« -KADI AX r llOltl" rr^atintf 
Siovcs. 'I'hov ayarr Intmdured into I Mi clir Inara raarn ngn, ittd Iht* 
i an- pmvtM i i lie ll • bgal gfgr bead, The "IMPHOfKD LEADER" OooR 
stove baa i"  total. 

Ns 3 M ast Nltin 3sro3t, Laxi j5ton, Ky. 

m k co. 






to jvc^isrY' 

Will Hot Garry Them 




aaarl Str.-i't, N ar the 


aaaWMMMa »t Ma Syrian Hon*. 

Aa inteteetiag aMMaMal la made br 
Pol. Barrow, wImwm tlio aaW areaa 
i - l "I ui. in ed iiil'.iiurv in tho iintisl, 
Nini|atigna in Mat ISomlan. The horses 
fur the Kin' U eiith hussars were Aral- 
 tallioaa of fOMMM hamU, whose aver 
i,"' ;u'-' w.i.s lietwci'ii 8 and 8 years, 
bought in Syria and lower Ki;ypt. Out 

i i .0 horses, dmine; mmt months in a 
hard oaMPal :u, QaUy twelve died fruin 
I Hawse. I'ln- In- attributes, firstly, to 
tha climate of the Soudan being BaM 
suitable I'm hurst s, and, Hocutully, to thi 
lyriaa boHahaviMJ ■ wouderful cousti- 

lull. HI. 

Tbo dtatanoa BMtvaad. urreaaaeajftra o 
laouaaniasiin ua, aM», was o\er l,.V« 

Hides, and tile i.ei^iil iiuied averagm 
|M p'liiiul.. The weather during th. 
kM llNiT hVHthr wus very Iiviuk, fiKM. 

was nftoa Utnited. 8akl dawiag aaaaaawi 
iii.ii. li watM was very seureo. Whet 1 
lieu, si, ■ rt'aooluaaM made its ad 
VlUU-'e, tie I 19 l. 'is. s the Niiicleentli hati 

i. nn M*m umiraad u  tlm Nile aritaVMi 
h ti iiik n ' .i ed a dnip of water for lifly 
live hums, and oal) OM aaaad of grain 
Stune Hftw n M iw. nlv had no water fo 
■»8Mi| BOWl At tic end of tho cam 

latiga, aad arteva wwasri awa  Mm ani 
uiaiaa . luuttied oaat to the TwaaMMtl 
buaaaraui a - una la ia good aadw a« 
when i;,'t Ufl Wady-llaln 
aaavitauly, I 

T- B. WOOD, 

47 E, MAIN ST. 

DtTg , aleilioinea, Perfamisrv, Toilet 

Artigke, Prescript ions, eel., etc. 

m & mm 

to G©o. A. Shk?ly. 

ty Manufacturers. 

M  . IS ml 20 W Vine Strept. Be- 
 aga Broadway aud Mill Street, tf 

i'Hi: jkwki.i:h, 


A T. 1 HltENT, 

- Urn M reliaiits, 


Qroln, Seed and 



:»i«H ggl 




Hare a very large Stock of Fine 
Fannels, lied, White and Gray 
Blankets, of all qualities. Woolen 
Underwear, Shirts and Drawers, 
Gloves, Hosiery, Woolen Dress 
Goods, Black and Fancy Silks, and 
general supplies of Winter Goods, 
all to be sold at Cost for ("ash, to 
prevent carrying them over to 
next W nter. Sale to begin at 
once. Call early. 



iM KAUFMAN & 00..) 



at $.200. All of our Wiutor Gooils at reduced prices to i 
ruuiu for Spiio^ Stock. 

TVixese Gcoas OVXvxst "too Sold. 

The Heward Range Maiiufacturlqr 



U 11- ii«! ifeVlVn i»r ;■».' r. an. ir .  i o-h Km 

t4«f. tratul i^ (Ml that \to*i i m ■»  . i.i- .il tin ii v f uu l ii 

ifcrajjatl*! HiilftjC "ir*il'**i Al-u u fu*| liii • y\ piuw jr. i'H' ...uui. ii. i* 
• ••••»! ham*) .aiul » i...iO iu Hi" ...rl, ' •. . *  * •■ r  t'. ■ ol« :  r,i |g 
thlMCl( . f uio pn-puitU .'• a!i\.- i fl) win 1 1 uvll I ii,' . nf -...!-, f in t. t i  flM -ah itui uu n u mi. ■• .-ury 

-uu. "I tU« U* t nuiU' ami ui.rKiu .n-'rp ll Kii.i*s»t a *h!i. ami 
Inn prUfM will w« Lv[ *  u i mjUJ qummi ui* t mm*j u.- 

Thompson & Boyd, 

Blue - Grass Budl* 

rem MM i  if 

m blade musftm ctarm 

OF l lOK; 'J.". W. SHORT M i; l I'T. 

HAH UDAY, l*M Rt'ARY (1. 1888 


~*Oov. Knott's letter to the Li^i?- 
latnre on tho penitentiary question 
discloses a most, remarkable state of 
affairs in that institution. All t li • 
machinery, implements, Bnii even tin 
b?ils on which the convicts hleep 
belong to the contractors. Tho Statt- 
owus the balktioga, the boilers and 
e ngines and n ft w old hemp looms, 
an I nothing «*«e. The State doe  
no* own a poStid of meat or an MM 
of 'loilroa whic-hto feed the convicts, 
an.l thue is not ■ dollar's worth ot 
mi. t rial on winch to employ tb» 
co victs, and to "cap the climux" 
tb State has no m ouey with wtiicl, 
to  uy anything. It will cost SfSTli    
de to feed the convicts and pay ex- 
pe sen, or $187,304 for a year. Th. 
co stitntiou prohibits the Slate from 
borrowing another dollar; claims 
ag .inst the treasury have alrewi) 
be n Jacafffad six mouths; efery cem 
th^it is expected to be available foi 
six'y days must go to the schoo, 
fuud, and what is the State ;.oing t 
do with the convicts in the mean- 

There is manifestly nothing that 
can be done but to let them starve to 
death or for the Governor to tart 
every one of them loose on the com 
munity by wholesale pardons. 

The next best thing might be for 
the Legislature to enact a law pro- 
Tiding for the convicts to be turned 
oat on a "ticket-of-leave," as it it 
termed in England. By this form of 
furlough the English convicts are, on 
good behavior, turned out of prison, 
and required to report to certain of- 
ficials at stated times. They may 
be turned into any jail on proof of 
bad conduct, and tho "ticket-of-leave' 
is thereby revoked. 

Id this exceedingly perplexing sit 
nation in tho Kentacky penitentiary 
the Legislature might provide for a 
"ticket-of-loave" for all convicts in 
for crimes other than treason, mur 
der, arson and rape, and thus find re- 
lief in the only possible way that is 
visible. This is rendered more im- 
perative from the fact that when 
Mason & Go., return the leased con- 
victs there will be fully 1,100 within 
the walls of the penitentiary. On this 
point Gov. Knott says : "This, in 
my judgment, would be a popular 
calamity. It suggests possibilities- 
at which humanity revolts with in- 
stinctive horror. There Hre, all told, 
741 cells in the penitentiary for malt 
prUoners. Of these but 048 are 
avttilabln, and they are barely suffi- 
cie t for one convict e'.ch. The 
remaining 'JO are totally unfit for oc- 
cupincy exc-pt iu the mildest 
wenthtr. Therefore, unless f-ome 
pr. vi- ions thall be m id* for their uc- 
•OwmodiUioa, over 1,0)0 convicts 
in ;-c be crowded into (pun civ 
sen c.'ly buthVieut for G4H Jnotbei 
Wt id*, over 7H0 human beings must 
be uiuiur.-d by couples in cells culy 
ii l 8 iuc'u-i wide, li fi. 3 inches hijjh 
an. u' f-t 8 inches lon K , furnishing 
Utoer the mobt favorable cireuu.- 
Btancas air aullicieut fur a single per- 
son ouly. If you would raaliza the 
vrible results wtii-h must eni-ue 
,om such con lit ou of things, you 
hav i but to refer to the horrible his- 
to.y of s iuullor, misery, crime, dis- 
ease and death disclosed by the iu 
vebtigation of tho condiiioa of the 
penitentiary uiaile by your aMaV 
oebsors in the winter of 1870 SO." 

With such facta staring tbem in 
the face wo do not sen why legis- 
lators should hesitate a moment in 
adapting the "t.^ket-of-loave" plan. 
It would probably set louue 75 per 
of the oouvictb who are in for 
and give the State a 
thing spell uud an opportunity 
to make euituldo provision for the 
retehea who fall into the 
of the luw. 

no matter what w done, the 
.should abolish thoodous 
lean* syhletii, by which convict labir 
is bfou^iit into ruinous conipetitini. 

of our 

the nrcViit-pt to place prop* nnder 
the flJor. The legislator* will ravry 
soft cn»hion« and step-ladders here- 
after, the former lo make the fall 
easy and the latter to enable them to 
Climb out after the stilts nnder the 
floor give way. 

It looks as if the State officers in 
connection with Mason A Co, are 
determined to bully the Legislature 
into dismissing penitentiary W arden 
South. The Board dismissed Komi, 
who went to work and secured the 
sympathy of the Legislature; the 

the B^ard standing too high on their 
dignity to endeavor to have tin it- 
side of the case presented to the 
legislators. Now that Sooth has 
b'-en vindicated by the Legislature 
the convict lessees hasten to an- 
nounce their determination of throw- 
ing off on their contract, well know- 
in,; the situation in which they 
thereby place the State, and doubt- 
less relying on this as a means of 
compelling the Legislature to tnrn 
HocTit out. The Governor suddenly 
sees the perplexities of the situation 
and delivers a messsge to the Leji-- 
iatnro describing its horrors in 
,-rripuic language. He doubtles 
KMW all the facts jnst ns 
well u mouth ns?o as he does to-da*. 
and tho withdrawal of Mason & Co., 
.ion pled with his message, seems to 
• invey the plain hint that the Le^ 
inlafcBft cati do only one thing, an 
hat is dismiss South. 

The question is a tough one. If 
the Legislature does not want to 
lonble on its record, it can provide a 
"ticket-of-leave" law, which is about 
all that is left for it to 
lo. This would be an exper 
incut that would be watched 
•vith decided interest, but it is 
the only visible way out of the di- 
lemma. It is the penalty for incom- 
petent and botchwork legislation, 
and is notice to the people that the) 
will best serve their interests b\ 
eleotiug good and judicious men to 
.he Legislature hereafter. 

It was while Judge Mulligan was 
-peaking that the State House floor 
began to wobble. This is a great 
compliment to the Judge's powers of 
oratory, and we leave faith in his 
ability to shake the capital over to 
Lexington. In the language of 
Tandy Huohes, "the Judge is a hum 
mer." A 11 that Lexington can desire- 
is for him to keep pegging away at 
Capital removal. 

The Law and Order Club of wicked 
Cincinnati has gained a victory of 
the greatest importance to their 
cause. The Governor has removed 
the corrupt police commissioners 
who refused to allow the arrest of 
theatrical people who violated the 
Sunday laws by giving Sunday en- 
tertainments. Ttis is giving the 
devil another black eye. Lay on, 
Sam Jones ! 

0UB SENATE, f i*:**!!**." 

What this Bran?!; oi the 
Legislature is 

A Bill Looking to Increased 

Hon. M. C. Alfoiid has introduced 
in the State Senate a bill to amend 
the charter of Lexington. We are 
iuformed that it provides for a Board 
of Aldermen, a Police and Fire Com 
mis-ion, a id an extension of the time 
for paying the cupitutien tax, in ad 
Jition to some other items of minor 
importance. The bill was prepared 
tfter due com-ullation with uim s 
.veil -posted citizens of Lexington, 
and it will doubtless pass both 
Houses in time to select officers in 

to do. 

The Trankfoit Coirespoude it of 
theCo- n^tou Comuiomvealth say*: 
r-ti.i bridges Iu breaks is a trau6i 
ion easily nude, especially to ont 
*ho stood iu the lobby the other da* 
aii 1 1 the floor of tho House began i  
w .bblo. Col. Mullitfuu was speak 
ing at the time, aud, u» tho slinking 
continued, and the occupants of the 
lobbie-. lied iu d.sniay, the gallan 
Colonel moved that the balance ot 
he sessijo be held iu the new court- 
house in the beautiful lilii'-grabs 
city of Lexington. The niotiui 
■ i ill n't prevail, but the motion to ad 
journ till to-morrow did. Mean 
while, au architect is examining tt 
see how big the bill cau be uiude for 
repairs. Two years ago the east 
hid" of the Chamber, just over Tom 
11. niy'a deputy's olfice, gave w-j 
and wua propped up. This year tht 
went cud sinks, and the supposition 
is that the floor is placing both ends 
sgaiust the middle, us has been done 
by the Legislators for Jo! these vant 
years. If, however, tho tumbling 
and ciucking of the old shell con- 
tinues until the building lies a mats 
of ruins, much thanks would bo dim. 
The way would be open for a re 
moval to Lexington, and au escape 
from the Fraukfort m 
is too far above proof." 

'1 iil liou=o of Beprtboiitatives was 
dia K.ude J again yesterday to eual'laj 

Turkey « rop. 

The firm of Spejer Bios, have 
collected during the labt three 
MOOIIm in Central Kentucky 111), 
000 pounds of hotly turkey fe^tLer r 
and 40.000 pom.d- of q wills. Ti e 
vast number of these lino foul 
noted in this section cau be estimu 
ted when i he fuct is known that a 
single bird does not produce more 

Fraukfort, Kv, Feb. 3. — I. ve 
was granted to bring in the t-P .g 


A hill to require persons selling 
oleomargsiine to disclose its true 
character and i-oll it as such. Pnblic 

A bill requiring all banks in the 
Commonwealth to list and pay taxes 
ou tho fair cash value of all their 
real and personal property for State, 
county and municipal purptses at 
the same rate that is now assessed 
and collected, or which may here- 
ifM be assessed and collected from 
ot her real and personal property in 
this State, any privileges in any 
harter to the contrary notwith- 
standing. Judiciary. 

House Bill No. 1'. o, making seduc- 
tloa a felony, wasttk.'u up. Fas-ed. 

Mr. Bryan presented a communi- 
cate  u from Mason-Ford Company, 
h ss-es of the convict labor rf the 
■itaie, addresspd to the General As- 
sembly of Kentucky, which, f'tr 
»hj ct'ion, was ordered read f ' iu- 
.'urn atioti. The conira-inift»i.or :e- 
'.iijwed tho demand for rel-Mis? of 
ksSMW from their contract fuf on- 
vict labor, for certain reisous al lied 
thrrein. Mr. Hays mo'-M to ;c"er 
•he eommnnicatini! to .he Cujiu tree 
on Penitentiary. Mliptail 

A bill to legnlato the truli: in 
spirituous, vinons or malt liqi j s in 
this Commonwealth, was taiferfl up 
irom the special orders. Mr. Lfrry 
moved to consider the bill in Com- 
mittee of the wh"h\ Adoplrd Mr. 
Berry was called to Ik* tkafl a id the 
ho Senate went into CYmunHeo of 
'he whole. Mr. Bush lr jved tbit the 
Committee rise, end that it I e re- 
potted to the Senate Hist the Com- 
mittee desire that the bill be re erred 
 o the Committee on Judiciary or itL 
opinion as to the coui-ti.;ition;.iity of 
the bill. Adopted. A b 11 to MM 
the charter of the Franklin Insurance 
Company of Louisville Pi tto& 

Mr. Taulbpe called up e j itnl reso- 
lution inquiring into the •  :p"dieuay 
of re-districting the State ibto judi 
cial districts, and the IBM • duient 
proposed by the Hons*. The Sen 
concurred in the amendment of the 

New Yt.nK. I'M. !.- Tl .• Mora 
conttnn.d with tit il*- abi it ,i   1; 
night, an t it is nMfunbtrdly tie 
worst Hon ii Ne.T Y.'.k h  -\ j  • i i 
encedf-ince - b r i; mpidlv 
fillnl with enow imil the ».|re.'t cms 
are pulled along with gimt dMfavl- 
ty. A strike upon a number of th 
roads tend-: to overcr. wd \'n t ). nled 

Lvn. mim -in Va . V Iv I Tl 
snow b »•  'v- iiicb'-^ '!• •.  . i al 
railros.1 c mw l ••on i in' rrnp 
ed. laps Is fr..:,i the S iliwe-tei - 
port ; ot. Hi he B • Ind '.' • noptf 

dlelt d t'" ■ s. \ • ufi 

tWO tO tht ' f ■ t d e 

Hai.i.m. hk, Mi-.. I'' '- 1 'h 
snowfall here is sivenl.-cn InCbvt 
deep, being the heavier-! tittet I Soli. 

Trains from cvWJ dlfTCtioD RNt 40 
layed, and nnvigat in i on th. Cue' 
peakeliay and its tr ; l n* iri. s is en- 
tirely suspend d. 

Wasiiinoton, Feb 4 -T. -day Mipr 
are reports that snow is drifting o 
some of tho roails, and il u: v b 
that more trouble will be ;;iv. u In 
the driMs in cuts, bat •tet)tbiM| 
will be done to keep tho ros.«l.s op»ti 
All the western trains dtM here last 
night a riv. d abovl fiiOf fiottt* late, 
those aTiving this BOfoIng  n an 
hour lp;o. 

CAPIlAL itlv HlVAL. 


q ia .. . no •) •«%, tli   Motto. 

:. R. 8! Ac Ft FLO'S 

■0M ■Ion   OMtltltiMtlon MilcOf 

1 8 6 

S e : e l: ; Horses. 

• m9r   

tin? Mullfoii" 
it* n^t of tli* 

C1t*rV M of Mrtu -br  \ 
j o'i . tiii^ Hn* i». ' tl maim tho 
iti" ' n "t» i •trt»i« In ih« virM. Tht ctnifinnmontt 
, ti in . in pr««n.:i#»ii. bSVMtfajl   f tho coiintn 
ami up' rholrf I8li M ima from th lr re8i*rtl\* 
•fiui». !  -iivedtf«rmti of1 to gmi Moro %\\ nnoi 
to ttio tin i'v ^nll 1 *; li !• t'O'Hni; of th* 1 »tnrk In m  
•nil in ■ mi rol iUmm with \ y w \arioim pnnntn^tt 
h « l f i mer, #f tho rr:n'iT will I'tin'lo n»o to do n 
mn i -fit iv. I m (otifliloiit no 1 iMIc rhIo ha- 
rosH ilatd nftasf I*'  »t hor^-'i than -a now offorort 
ritr* r+\t n 9 *W \ th" ^*i'-at tjowrso WUk8 , 

Ph ' it t, vlimhrlno I'ntrhfn, Almnnt, Htrathmort* 
DtSl I (.'imht-rt Aii«t»'lran t'laj, Jav 0«nld, B**l 
moi,\ ni» -kwot fl ( lark ( Mt f. Jar Ittrd, Lnmpa. 
Vn ngJiiBi Kghtrt, Qiv«rnor Hpraguo, Anhlantl 
Chh (it.ifnnl, ' ■•»! Wiik«* "'('iltfOMiHKl, Alryone, 
" ii MatnhHn* Ifuivpli, Prlic-opa, Rnfl  ld, 

.M i ri -' 1 1 Htii «t. mi ami other n«U»ri hlrea 
i r|t po8lll?8h rain or *\ In* without rp«»»natlon 01 
hv ht. t. aUW^ee no-v reatly. Apply !• 

W R.lSRttSFIt-XIr. 

A bill to punish certain offends by 
j-tripes reported adversely. Motion 
was made striking out all onVnies 
bat wife-heating. On motion of Mr. 
Gilbert the bill and amendmeuta 
were recommitted to Committee on 
General Statutes. 

House Dill No. 307, relating he 
amendment of the charter Oj. he 
town of W inchester. Passed. 

Mr. Burnett, General Statute -A 
bill providing for the record! • of 
attaebmenta in certain cases, ah 
amendment, and the Stoate then ad- 



A number of persons have kitidly 
asked me tc send them my paper and 
I have kept a list of their nam 
but until the time of its first issue 1 
have solieited no subscribers. The 
circulation of the Blade will there- 
lore L e bejrun by being sent to the 
pet sons who may receive it,hoping, of 
course, that they wiil pay me for it, 
hut claiming no advantggo of the 
uew-paper law which I deem an un- 
just one, which i t quires oue to puj 
ior U p^per that he may t ike from an 
.like, aud whicn may have beou 
sent to him witiiout his order. To 
r uch persons as conclude to the 
Uliue, I would say tbbt I wll tl buk 
Li in lo rumit to me w h nd me Mm 
one dollar Htipacription taone/ at 
thtir earliest e.iiiveuioutc. Tit lCt  
•bo feel doubtful about the proj r.e- 
y of taking the paper I wr n!d IM 
hat I will take it ej a kii tire r. if 
tney «in allow it to com - lo t i-ni 
until they determine trbout ii, '.nd 
lueu infonn me lotirrHnglj i'ar 
ili.-.i.E will bl sent wilu thiH H \ r 
li.ndini; to inenlm.'rt   nm.-.i- .v'uo 
suLticribiid to the Lexington LaUy 
OUisrver through my sola u ution, sad 
o nUolher list (hall b iv.  m .lie out 
(fOW others ^tiierally rthideot ia th» 
ountry and adjuiuii tovaa   f the 
tiiUfyraa, Region, ai d to tMIMM le- 
mole parts of the Sia'e . It 
is my purpose iu this way rtynlarly 
toexteud the circulatioti Of th* I lade 
t'ueu woek, and 1 will be  ■ ad if 
my p- raonal friends, «.r the ( ri  :daof 
the Blaue. will so^K 1- ''' u  orally 
orb) note, ihe nau:ii.. of j.-ouato 
whom I might send it Oil ibi   con- 
duious with Bonne pr^babi' tvdf gaiu- 
ing tbwir patiouage. 1 think the 
public may safely regard the '3eaue 
as being upon a permanent Inunda- 
tion, and 1 will take pleasure in giv- 
ing any i information with H fereiice 
thertrtothat maybe asked oi me. 
tf The EniToa. 

Money Wanted. 

All knowing themselvca iudo!. .d 
o us Will pit i s. Cttli andsetti", as v e 
mus i have our money. All uccon u 
hut have been siauding kix BO .s 
dnd lon^or, if not paid iu "  0 { i, 
will be placed iu the hands of u 

lector for ot-ulfi t 

A. B. Cminn Sl C 
A. B. Chiuu & Co. are awlling 
housaLd JoJlbre worth of wiuter 

The PnpDsition Il?,s Re- 
ctived More Favor 
This W nter 
Than Ever 

The Buildings a Dlr^race to 
Tho Commonwealth 
of Kentucky. 

From aofMMM OlMM. 

A nnmbei of circnnr-t incos have 
conspired of late to put the Legis- 
lature in a bad humor, find agitato 
that aged question, the "Capitol re- 
moval." It is not the Capital News- 
paper, or the Capit'd Brew, ry, of 
the Capital Hotel, or the Otfrftol 
Photograph Gallery, but the Capitol 
City, that they talk about removing. 
The proposition has Not ived more 
favor this winter than ever bt fore. 
becsuse, as friends of the removal 
state, the present accommodations 
for legislative work are wholly in- 
adequate, and will never be n-pUc d 
by better fines, a* long us ihe seat cf 
Government remains where it i-. 
The difficulty that lies in the waj 
of mo v in if the Capital i-. a fiiuincm' 
one. The Btata cannot afford the 
expense incident to such au uudei 
taking, it .thi' tirao. In answer to 
this it-(8^irged that eillu-r Lexingtoi 
orLonisvil e will andertake the en 
tire expends of rem- va), or of }iro 
viding snii iMeboildinga, anddonaU, 
besides, t .e gr.mi.ii ;o tl.o Htati 
rbaar»aenl Capitol is a'diegraeef 
the State, - nd a anubai of Legisla- 
tors biivc patriotically aoDouuaw 
that they v ill vote for H |tbiog pio 
posed, ruiher t'nan eooaigll th m 
selves or their successors to laotbtl 
term withiu its walls. 

A Black l-:.. c- for Local Option. 

Madisox, Wis., Fob. 4. — A de 
cision was rendered in the State Su- 
preme Court yesterday which tht 
leading attorneys claim wiil b-w th» 
Feet of annulling local opiion iu this 
State. It Wbs a case wi.ere beer ii 
kegs was rece.ved from brewi n Bbd 
delivered to customers by their agent, 
may be done under L'nituit btei 
law, and it was claimed that the 
was made at ti e brew, ry and not at 
the agf nt's residence Ihe bupr. n.i 
court upholda ihe view. 

!.•  ;  riKiiu.'i 

Col. Bob Baadaakjf is n:i; : j, r cant b 
the M "Vipi peia fcr publishing ttn 
report that he sniciden. Alt b tagh 
no one wai 4 s to d»o we il nl; Uol 
Bob eught to feel complr. Mid 0VM 
tho numb, r of nice ooltoary notice 
he receivetl. If ev. r ii EMS wns sen 
on the It ag journey in hist aba 
style, ho \Mie. We f,.il in : oe room 
for iudignaiion, v heu his IU pipai 
frieuds p actuatad wen line of ihi 
obituaries i'hatenr. ft ' -n't . ver. 
tn who j ots a got tl fan well. 

C ;..•„ (u t»ct Well, 

Mike G.iiniloy, who was shot in 
the stoiuai o l y aoba Wal»U, has re - 
lied from i lie sLock and is now gi t 
ling along well as could biaipaatoll 
Bis physician tayi he ihiuka he all! 
jet well. The uouud is about ai 
inch to the left of the in. v. 1, ai dth. 
physician thinks it hk..l  the belldJd 
uot w straight in, but shuck th. 
covering of tho bowel.-* tn1 glinta^ 

around. If this in tnin, akajbaaiM 

of recover. » are food 

A ttwtel Assc-iiibly. 

CmcAoo, i\ b. 4 Eigbtoea Itaa 

engaged iu the fruit pru i.i viuy busi 
uess in Detroit, CioHunaki, Indian 
apolis, l'eoiiu, S*. Loui» anil Chicay 
were npmaptlll at the Bftl at lug Lei 
yesterd.y. The luettiag «a  Wt the 
purpose of forming an AaKWiataM 
similar to those of other manufac- 
turing industries; 


Rinsing, Nntn, Figs, Prunes, 

Omm J.eto t i. a tot end bonbons, 
CnetoUaad ffrnita Florida Oranges 
jli ice alee.t aai Plum Padding 



Flo: ida and California 

Concord and Malaga Grapes. Every 
Variety of Fine Fresh 




('lan^erries Fre-h and Fine, 

Auick-nacKs of every desoriptioi 

Sp ; : ", ordet - k parties aud festivals 

Ja'l and i. ■ t hot gla-s of Soda, 

V/. T. J V /ELL & CO. 




Merchants' Account Books, 
Diaries, Almanacs, 

Bill Taper and Cards. 

J. B. M. & Co. take sub 
scriptions to American and 
Foreign Periodicals, receive 
new publications every week, 
import books to order from 
London, and have Printing, 
landing and Engraving done 
at reasonable rates. jan23tf 



eaaiT*. hchpdrake 

Auti I - . ill' i of ail •! 

an n n g I apis mis! 

ia  ■ ,»X t 


Dxes$ Goods 




B-»t#rt in f»rm hb« ((r1*n »  »d, inr mm*  »' * Impbrn^nn. r»rrl«f««, hngalM, pliMto*', c»Tti, S n 



O H (Irhnrnf A 
K.-r^linpr Wittr 

r ..niiwnn ^ Raie m 

Rintltll lUrrmv. h 
^ itOftMei llnrrow, 
«.ti.« Hunt., M l'm.' fnWnt . 
Tr.^K, t. inn will LomhT Ik ltlng. 

FuJILineof Per m 

Garden Seed. 



I in ihi 

■ ■ 1 1 ■ ■ ■ 

■1111111 N UH00VKD PICKET 

ian. o&n be Found at 74 Soutn 
Mill Street. 

2? Jantf 

Roller Mills Flour. 

Use Cream or Favorite. 

•o-uir O rooer for 




J, H, CS 

Winter Goods Cheap. 
Iu th« uick of Itaai   t ines tl e 
adverth-emt ut of alateM V a\   bkii 
AOtteaattftlMfaatoakofW&al I 
iien .i..' iaiMN «i . • i w»ar ii 
mat. O'ir b'llar iffiw. if peut her* 

wort'., m naah ia a deti • a d i 
aaMafAnt t afuai  h i-u. aala la  


u The !' . Ii h Ml 

„ | been d . ^ h 

with hyavy 


Has reduced his large line of 
At gant dress j;oods and is now 
telling out at very low prices. 

Hi:, stock ol Flannels, Blank- 
ets, Woolens of all kinds, and 
Witter Underwear, is large, 
uotig'.K very low, and will be 
sold c Short i 'roftts. 

J- gooi i ;ire bought for 
IV n, t C: -Ii at the lowest 
jo:  \ e p •(   .; my expenses 
irr li it, a. ■! Itiy rate ol profit:. 

m '■  1 the iure can ami 

. in il gi |k very low. 

M\H Gutiirie ii Watson, 

Foreign and D mestic 


18 and {20 North Uppsr Street, Opposite G'-rtae, 

Lexington, - Kentucky. 





Roasted Coffee. 




poufti* PAcaiACiEa 







YARD— At Corner of Spring and 

Vino StreatH. 

Upper I 

Orders left at Either place 
will receive prompt attention. 

a^TkXIPHOMl Nos. 164 AND 
117. 23jantapi 



— fob 



We will give you bargains in 
anything in our line. 


Now ia the time to hare your ear- 

riaflaa aaalkag^ai r*|MiiMo  «d w 
vill i'ii you li bt-olaHh aaa k Call 1 1 d 

an M o'ir pricuii.ur HMd ai vtorJ, we wiil o.»:i aud ku yuu. 

Baker &Brcs, 


OrrWa Bf .uiuil or otherwise 
"Oiifiti-il. I'd mpt uu 
tention 1; u 1. .'.I. 

OTiT. J 5 E ATTY , 


1 uuu, 

HK.IIWt • « KKH . 

1 1 1 p in limih.. ifvui' ui  . utiil iii'.k. t. u HiH-i'iiilty 
. K1Ku111l1.11. I " ..... i ,,.,1 . i»hi in 1. n 
1 1 ut 1 Umm . mil l.u*. l 4NH i.i 

a. 1 mm 

luff*' tjaii Jliill I 



Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.), 1886-02-06

4 pages, edition 01

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