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date (1884-05-01) newspaper_issue VOLUME I. 


MAY, 1334. 

Tin; i:i.K roN (ii.cAMcu. 

Mil* nih.'f of llu* S«‘nii*\V»'Okly 
•‘•M TM K KVTrcKt ^ Ky., iilHl  ]iii-ui(>- ■ mU'ri.‘.■ ifu^nlicj 

(il.KWKli will ln' I'HiMil :i irin-j • 

lilld I 

hrr .•.iiii'iiii.iii.'ii, in-'.ii— j A (iliiiii"' III llfr Mfivmilili' ;i!i!l Muitfm'tiiriii;! 

liiiiiiil mill Mii'iiii iiiiiiii'i'..^ livi'i'V ill !- 1 liitfri' 4 ;. Ili'i' I'liiii'i'iiro. .'ii'liDuls aiitl 
|i;irliiii iit 111' IiiT iii.lii.liir. uill li 

()i' liHIlllli'ky's 
WcnI'liii'st roiiiilifs. 

(iiliiiil ri']iri'.i'iilril ill llii'.i* I itliiiiiti.. 
ll i. ill nriliT iliiii lii'i’ ]'i'ii|iU' lull) 
llllVO II Ji l|irr III' llll'il' II" II III li'lil'i- 
.I'lll llll'il- illll'l'l'.l-. lliiil "!■ Iiiui' 

i:illi'il ilii' (li.i .\M':i: iiili. ln il \Vi 
tl'li.l llial il iiiiiv Iln' 
ciiil. f'.ii' " liii'li il i' liilriiili'il mill 
|ll•lllll"ll' tin' iirn'iii'iiiy III nil ii. I'li- 

Mi .miiam \ Wii.i i >. 


Illtrrillll llliprilVflliriltS. 

mill nil pliiri' Ii:i< l)(.'i[i.'i' nionil or re- 
li;,'imii smTuuinliiigs limn KIktiiii. 
I.'linil ll|i|il)ll WI'.S vote'll SOIIK! lillK! 
Ill'll mill niiivniiiR'iitly the town is 
lire t'l'iiiii lii|uoi', saloons with all 
llll'il' alti.'inlanl evil eoiironiitants. 

'I'lic school facilities of the town 
arc ;rooil anil fully eiiiial lo 
thosi; of oilier towns of like size anil 

I iniiiorlanee in the .State. 


I The po.l ol’lce is now mnl has lieeii 

i for eleven - vears. kelil hv Ifr. 1'.. i’. 

' ' 

il'Mwarils. lie is a faillilnl ami eili- 
cieiit ollicial, mill eives the town 

1 what all cities are not hlcsseil with — 


V lli>tiirii'iil Skrtf'i of till' Tmiii mid Sonit-l.i weiikepi po.i oiiice. 

liiiiif Alioul Hit IVi/pli'. 

I Kikloii has h'.it one hotel at pres- 
ji'iil, the KeiilU'ily House, hut it is a 

THE ('AriTAl- HF llilill fUlNTl 



South Koiitiickian,';;; 

rt s i 

/mrhy.vs\‘iLU':, A') 

t III Tiii'sihiv s mill rriiliivs. 

'.'ooil one, iniich heller than is usual- 
ly foniiil in towns the size of KIktoii. 

I The town is sniiplieil with hiisiiiess 
I ll is inipossilile fur ns to (■ive a j houses of almost every character. 

Iciiri' ci review ot the town of Klkl'on | T'liey av not very nnniP-rons. coiise- 

I in a s|o-|e|| a. hrief as this niii'l nee- |ipieiitly ilie trailc of the town is not 
U'.sar'tli he. j rednccil to e.vtreniities liy 

I was a portion ; i"o niiii li competition. On the other 

; III I 'hrisiiaii until a liiile over two ' hainl the e>:peiise.K ufihe tnerehnnls 

iii-ralioiis aoii. is nne of ihe fnicsi'are comparatively small, enahlino 
11111;.' ciniilies in Ihe Male of|lhemto .ell eooils as cheap, if not 
I I'icnliickt . lilkton. iheconniy seal, j ' i"'H|'el'i Ilia" hir;;er cities, 
is lociiteil Iiear the center of the | Several new hiiililines are now ht- 
Iconiil'i, lll'icen miles from lliissell- I •"k' erccteil in Ihe town ami 

I jicoplc tliat it is so well ami ahly rep- 
r 'scnteil in this respect. 

TTic Hank of Klktim has a capital 
of .'l'.')O.(KK). ami therefore does an cn- 
tensive hiisiiiess. It is centrally lo- 
cated, and can certainly hoast of hav- 
iii;; one of the lliiest and elo- 

, . .-.i 11 , i jrant hankin;,' houses in the State, 

air, Ihe heasts ot the lield, the eoi|nt- ... . 

I . , ... I It was organized in 18o(). Its hon- 

1 :ss mvrnids of insects that lliirter an , 7, . .. 

, : ... ....: !"i'i''l I'l'i'sideiit IS 11. G. I’etiio, Ksi;., 

one of I'ilkliiii's most enlerprisine- 

niiv (loons, .NO'i'iiixs, okn is ki uxisii 
1X11 (lO'lDS, Kl' '. 

The trade in dry ;roods shows how 
true »t is that all Iheemls of the earth 
eontrihiile towards the adornment of | , 
Ihe female liaiire. The of 


ille, twenty miles |•|•om llopkim- ' S'* »" «>i‘ ol' hiisiiiess and 

EveTy Subscrioer, 

I villi', and I'i;;li! or nine miles from I l"'‘'k'''*-sivj activity ahoiit Ihe place 
i Tri llion, on the hoiiisville 1 ''*a' lead- Ihe ohserver to llie opin- 

, ion that 

AT A YP A]? '"'‘'•■"‘"I' 

T j The survey for the town of lilkton I k''i"iii"' hooni and 

liI\'KN,\ Tit 'f\ r.T l•'l!^i^i I j was made N'ovemher h's. hsmi. ami 1 1 ".iiioad completed lo cause an 

The folio" ill'.' lisi 
"ill he disliihiitcd 


..Vn illi.W. IH'T'tUl 

'.Ikion is on tile vei'eeofa 
only needs licr 

ailiniili"l lo reemd Novciiilicr ‘JI of ' precedented era of prosperity lo dawn 
till' same .Near. li. I>. Kd" iirds wa. ; Upon the fowii. 
the lii.t coiinlv clerk, and acted for 

; V't'K' r|iH{:ht 

:i (i-nhI Tnn-llfTM* \Vjn/n»l 
« Si in huiihins* < 

'•♦‘i IlKriH'** 

It liriitV si««MU' ..... 

; Utitilili* iMow . . 

»> F'lmily Ihlil'! X ... 

H t.iMiil 'V!n-vllMirn»\v 

lOMik Uni 

II itolil IS‘ii mi-l l(ul«U>r 

ISSci T«*ii S|mnmi»* 

14 slh«*r r.utlii' IMt-Ii 

U SlhiT iM-kU’t 


HI si|v«-r < up ... 

17 < k*i U 

’i»* I'nli'i HO' IliiilHiiH 

pi Half |1o\ rittiiic . . 

Half r.u\rii:ni> 

III Kim* (Mill 

•it 1 o\ Kiviu li ( nmly . 

*..l Kmi' MutfKv Whip 

VI Kimc nriiUc 

tA •‘lii'ortfu Wafhliintou” Hati-hi*! . . 

TUI. i.-^si 

' four years. Willis I,. Iteeves was the 
^ clerk, and he was, diiritio hi' 

lerni, ap|Miiii('d eirrnit rlerk. also, 
and held Isilli olliees from l.stIO to 
ls!>:i. . 

KIkton now has a popnlation of! 
l,;!i) I, and her citizens, as a elass. are | 
inimii;; the liest people of Ihe state, I 

ir. ; 

I , 

I .\elive, I'lilerprisin;' and 

The people are elever and hospila- 
hle ill their irealnieni of siraiieers 
and polite and emirleims to all who 
eonie amon;' tlie’ii. KIkton ImiiI'Is of 
many pretty and attractive young 
ladies and no place in the Slate is 
ahead of lier in lids resiieel. 

The following are the present 


('oniity .liidge, 1!. T’. IVrkins. .Ir. ; 
('oinity K Iho 
rln-ion*-*! SomLWookly paiK-r in Kcninckv. 

' (U-ni hy ina;i wilt iv» 
coUit JMmmnl allontiou ami r(‘r(*ipiK nml tl<*k« 
vlT) »K* lorwanlmi upon roadpt of tin* anh* 
arrlpllon m k i-^sumph-i* Km*, (’till on or ml- 
i(r(*«K % 


HopkiRtvillo, Ky. 

I^ood |n'oplt* of Todd ronniy wo will 

lion. I’ev. Dennis Spurrier is pastor j .1. A\ . .Morris, ilie slmc- 

I maker, of KIkton, can till Ibis bill to 
ol tlie Metbodist ebnreli. Eld. AV . K. i , , i,.. j i • .1 i 

’ a l-v-l. lie is loealesl 111 the AVool- 

Moblpy.oflheGliristian and Hev. .1, L,,] „„ Uussollvillestreel,op- 

M. Gill of the Cumberland I’reshytc- posite tlie Nick and AA'ill House, and 
rhiii. The colored iioople also have ! be takes this imillmd of inviting von, 

OUR JOB OFFICE! n IhiptUt mid >fotliodist 

Ik coinplata In vxvvy i*nHp(*('l. nml wo tlo ail I 
kitnlK of .loll ami Kainphh-i work, willi m*nt* 

liiireli ill ! one and all. to call and sec iiiin. 11c 

. , , I I is "It experienced workniaii, nml will 

I town, llie eniiimiinitv liikeii ns a 1 * .... 

, I • 1 gnaraiitee yon satistactioii 111 every 

mill .Iisimich. Ill llie imvcn price, "c, whole is as moral iiiid law-aliidiiig as - . 

niiiko ti Hppclnlty of Andim’ S»nrtmj llng» liml , Ut[)iUlincf »l . liO 

piippr KhmrSacki*. Semi forMimpUAKiiml priciit 1 nil lid ItllV whoi’O. All tllC . mid Id in, loa V(! VOlir tllCU^Ul'C find 

SEND FOR SAMPLE COPY. ' eliiirclies have good .Sabimili schools voii will uever regret it. 

oimc.Kiiir.s, F.viiMiNii ijii'i.KMnxr.s. .vc, 
I.orated on the South side of the 
I’liblir Si'inire will lie found the 
atmve iiained lirni. orrtipyinga hiind- 
s.mie and c minmdions store, the di- 
mensions of which arc ilxfiilfeet, aid 
it is well adapted lo the purpose for 
which it is used. Here yon will tiiid 
a largo and well selected stock of 
good.s, consisting of dry goods, 
(|iteensware, tinware, and fiirniing 
iniplemcnts of every kind, and whieh 
they an! oll'cring to the Irude at very 
rea.soiiahlc prices. They have been 
eiiga'ieilin this line of trade for -a 
iinmber of years and have, by tlieir 
Imiiorable dealing, built np a trade 
smiiid lo no in KIkton. 
Tlieir chief clerk is ilr. ,1. 1). Iteeves, 
a well-known and popiilurgeiitleiiian, 
wlioisc'ver on the alert looking to 
the wants of tlieir enstomer.s. AVe 
I'onimeiid the trade in general to Hie 
bouse of Kdwards& Itnssell when in 
iieedof anytliiiig in tlieir line. Ite- 
member. South side ofi’nlilie .S<|iiare, 
KIkton, Ky., is where iliey arc lo- 

J. M. IIAIIKKM. £ lino., 


It is impossible to over-estimate 
tbo value of a well ninmiged banking 
htstitiitioii to a town like KIkton, nml 
it must be a sonree of pride and 
gratitieatioii to her oitizen.s, as well 
as an imporiaiit factor in lier pros- 
perity, that she lias in her midst pne 
of Hie soundest and best managed iii- 
sliliitioiis of the kind in the eoiiiitry, 
and wo cannot but congratulate her 


These geiitlenieii liave now in their 
slahlcs the relehraled .lacks, Sainp- 
soii, Jf.. and HInek Cloud and the 
line black horse Mack. This line 
horse will make the sea.soti of ISS-l, 
at llie McKean stable, ndjoiniiig the 
town of KIkton, Ky.. and will serve 
marcs at MO.O'I to insiiro a marc with 
Coal. I’ayable when the fact isa.sccr- 
lained or when the mare is transfer- 
red. Care taken to prcvenl accidents 
hilt not re.spoiisible should any oc- 


MACK is six years old tliis spring 
si.xtecn liands high, a dark iiialioga- 
iiy b.ay, lias never been trained but 
goes all the gate.s. He is model in 
form, ami has never failed to please 
Hie eye of the judges of a line 
lioi'se. Come and see him. 

At Hie .same stable wo will stand 
our .lacks, 

m,.vcK rt,oi;i) .vxd s.vmi*.s().\, .m., 

At III.OO eaeli to iiisiire iiiarc witit 
foal. Care taken to prevent uceidont 
but not responsible should any occur. 
Hlack Cloud is a dark brown, 15 
liands high, 8 years old ami was 
formerly o" n al hy John Dill. Samp- 
son, ,Ir., is si.x years old this spring, 
15 hands liigli, black Jack and has a 
wliitc nose, 

The season has commenced and 
will close the I'ith of July. AV''o foci 
coiilident that we olTer tlie public tlio 
best slock in Hie eouiily. Come and 
■sec for yourselves. 

AV bat KIkton needs is a good live 
newspaper. Any good man will do 
well to start one hero, it will pay, no 
doubt about it. 

1 I .MIU. iUCUL-.A liuiun, m. /iilic- I 1 cun 8Uy IIIUI llllCUIl Oi UH IIIIVC lUNUII j 

^ .. , 

fpiir FT T/THM PIT? A MFD liis neat iMnpdrium licfoiv 

Int tLlVlUli bLi!iANtn.'K'-iMf.M.isowiKMv. ^i,.. iv,. 


ni’siSKSs LAnx ly D.tJLT USE. I K,\n.m),ti) I'liriiinns for till' first I'- ( 

If n notti is lost or stolen it does not , mmitlis of this your uro niilireirileiitr..iy 

I ami .see him. 

(lor is hi.s assistant in tlic store ami miv- lorns. oiiori'.iMKs i’nd okn kii.m, ti,a ),„ ^mBt jmy it if the ; liir^e, inul are fur in oxooss of tho 

M Kin ll.VX DISK. 

In i'allin<; attriition to the many the iiniount euii he [irovou. 

consiilerution for which it was given iiud inga for tho corresponding jieriiKl of lust 

vciir. Tims the New York (knitrul has 

II.V.NCOL'K & r.KllSI.HV. 


firm of 1 laiieoek & (iriiiiley. 'I' 
ge.'itleman haveheen catering to tlie 
wants ot 11 very liaml.somc local pat- 
ronage of Todd county for tl years 
jiast with a large and well selected 
stock of drv goods, hoots, shoes, 
clolliiiig, liats. caps, and gents' fiir- 

hranches of industry of KIktoii in 
tlirse colnmiis, noi'u stand more 
prominent than the well-known ofS. II. I’eikins. Ilchashecn 
identitled with thi' hnsiness Interests 

Notes boa;: interest only when so ' earned §1,701, IK)0 morn in tho eleven 
tated, I months onding Ang. ill Ihiin for tho 

I M. i.owiiY, I’ltofiiiKToii. prominent than the well-known ar 

DllV OOOD.S, HOOTS, snoKS. (T.OTIIIMi, I ‘ ‘ f *1 

itvTs vxiMiKXTs' miMMiixn 1 Situated Oil Unssellville street is of S. 1 1 . I’ei kins. lie has been . w 

the above named f.ictory. lie has identitled with tin' business Interests ^ 

, II. . . . , bought verv largelv this season and of this place in this line of trade for ''®’' 1 ’‘ 

In writing lip the Imsines.s interests , n • li i • n i .■ the i 

, I, .1 .. I has on hand 2 ) ) hog'ln.'.ids. I le gives | -1 years, and is well ami lavorabh 

ot I'.lkton, we wish to call theatteli-, ■ i . • .• e asm 

. .. , , lemplovmcnl to a niiniber ot hands, known Ihronghoni tlos portion ot * 

tion ot the niimcrons readers otthei ‘ • • i. ii i , ■ la 

,1, . „.„ii L-,.,,..-., ■ I"' i" •'"II blast, and Is rapidiv pri/ing eonntry as an upright and honorable « 
Elklon ( I i.K.WKi: to the well-kmm n . , ‘ .. i i n- . i . i . . one. 

. ... . . „ I and putting it on the marke , lie clealer. Ilisstore.a brick strnelnie 

tirin ot I laiieoek .v (uiiiiley. * , • o- .n . i o 

handles I S tobaeeo on the .sipiare measuring S.i x ’il teel, l> well . 

ge.'itlemaii have hcen catering to the I , . ‘ i . i . ,i ,■ . . , la vo 

, , , 1 . 1 .1 , 'and guarantees evere hogshead to adapted to the inirpose tor which it 

wants ot a verv liiind.soiin! local pat- “ ‘ ‘ " e i i , • . i .. i i A 

ronageof conntv p,,. vears " 1 ’ -> goods eon- , ^ 

pa.stwith a large and ' tvell selected "'I' I”'";'"'' ''''• "‘/''•.'■-goo Is. staple and 

\ . , iI.ouTV his tolnuro pmuMiKill v )Svon‘VU>^. >i turmslnu;; 

stork ot 4 irv ^ootls shous. ,* ' • f . ' • , .. ... ^ , A 

.... , , I . •i*... ■ iVoin tins srrliiin of rminir\ sniil lias amlrviTN tlmi*' wliirh to inakr , 

olotlmiyf. hats, raiis, aiut irunts lui’-i , . i* . i i i i* A 

... , 1.,,* 1 1 m> lronl)lo 111 huvnor tVnio ht' luM^h- tip a lir>l-rlass ;iem*ral iiuTi-hainli. * .. 

nishin'^ ;(oo(ls oi till* latest styles, ami I . . , ..•••. nit r n r r 

. r” ... . • . I hor- from the art h<* pav.-. t.ur pruM‘'« niL^siorr. lie aNo has a full line ol . 

the prices avlnrh thrv are ollernijri .... i *111114- ' ^ 

A * ^'.....1.. 1 * 1 ... ......I ..•! L.I r..i. It iw itii-ntt.i .4 u‘!i«rmit 4 tliilit ii.i>i*i ‘itwl 

Principals »ro rospousible for the acts eleven pivcediiig iiioiitlis; the Nortli- 

of their agents. 

western's receiptsfor .\iigust were 

and of this phiee ill this line Ilf trade for 

and is rapidly pri/ing eoiintVy as an upright and hoiioralile 
on the marke, lie clealer. Ilisstore.a hriek strneliire 
haeeo on the .si|iiare nieiis|iring S-'i X ’ii feel, is well 
■s evere hogshead to adapted to the (iiirpose for whieh it 
I pie, therefore has no is used, and his stock of goods eon- 
ing top prices. Mr. sisis of dry-goo Is. staple and faney 
is liihaeeo prineipally groeerie-. gent's furnishing goods, 
ill of eonnin and has and even thing wldeli goes to make 

Eiieli individual in a partnership is 000 mere than for .August, ’70, and tho 
resixinsihlo for tho whole amount of | Milwimkeo and St. l'iinrHS2."iS,0(H)nmri'. 
the debts of the firm, except in cuses of The Cliieiigo and Alton gained §1,.'>.'U,- 

a ajiceial partnership. 

I 000 for the portion of the year ending 

Iguuriiuee of the low excuses no with Ang. 31 over tho eorresiumdiiig 
le. periiul of 1.S79, wliile tho Wiiluuli giiimsl 

.\n agreement without consideration §2,432,INk) and tho St. Loni.s and Iron 

is void. 

A note moile on Sunday is void. 

Mountain §030,000 in tho siime tinitx 
[ he SoutliTern romls make an exeelleiit 

Contracts made on Sunday cannot be showing. The Louisville and Nosh- 


A note by a minor is void. 

vUlo * inereiisiHl its eiiniings lost 
' month §103,0 I lllk •! wl Wll.l lll.l I 

, , , 1 . 1 • luirt o! a marliiiic has a spiTillci 

adapted ior the Imsmes.s, and is ee!i- 1 ' , , 

, , , . , . Work to ih». Ml It IS in this esiahlish 

trallv loraled. Hit* iiieinbers eoin-l .... 

. .... I I II 1 1 nu'iit. as then* IS i-h»ek work exarl 

pnsiiij^tjiis lirni are L. .1. Ilaii'ork 

, , , 1 II 1 iios> in cvei'v department, 

and .1. b. (irnnley and are well ami • * 

favorably known to the trade as fair ^ ii*".MUirN ~ 

and Sipiare dealers. If you would j ‘ * 'J 

have good, genuine »> '"'V j ^.,.,.^,T^l.K. u.xim.wxiik .xnd 

prices call and see Ilaiieork & (. 1 - 1111 -! t.kci. 

111! is harness, wagons, field .s.'ed and fsrm- 
-ies the ing maehiii.'ry on hand of all kinds 
IS every and his !« one of llieh.'sl houses in 
pe.-illeil KIkloii. M.-ssi-s. .1. .M. Weiilhei's, .\r- 

A note obtained by framl or a tnillie, not tho iiier.'iiiie in freight or 
|HTson in u state of iutoxieiitiou cannot posHeiig.'r rates, iieeoiuibi for tlies.' gams. 

thill- X. l-'iniiev ami I-'.. \Y. Wealher 

be oollecteiL 

It is a fraud to conceal a fraud. 
Signatures made with a lea.1 pencil are 

and IS evidence of tlu' unpris-edeiitisl 
pnisiMTity of oil siHitioiis of the eonntry. 

; giKsl in law. 

iiienl. as there is eloek w ork exai-t- are the pedile and | The acta of one partner hinds the rest. Two hwindukiis niiule mon> Ihiui §10,- 
licss ill every depart ineiit. salesim-n of this .mimiimtli estahlish- j “Value rcceivotl" is usually written in OtXluni week, in San Fruneiseo, by iiplim 

• — ment. ami are ever on tin' alert b-ok- , ^ note, and bhuiihl lie, but it is not uec- of whieh tho following ease is as illus- 

,V. 11 . .Mll,l.i;.N. iiigliilhe wants of their eiis|oim'i-s. not written it is presumeil trution : •• One of them iiiiule tho ac- 

One visit to this geiitlenian s store | py .Jjy qj. be supplie.1 hy pnwf. nuaintam'c of a restiiiiraiit-k.s'|M*r, and 

11 . .XII i,i.i;.N. 

salesim-n of lids .mimiimth estahlish- j 
menl. and are ever on the alert b-oU-, 
ing III Ibe w-anis of lli.'ir i-iis|oiio'i-«. 
One visit to this gi'i.llonian's stoi-i'' 
>, w ill he the result id' miinv iiiore. Oim 

ley, and you will never regret it. -kll j 
01 -ilui-s promptly alteiided to, mid let - 1 
tors of imiiiiry aiisu ei-ed. i 

J. C. Kl-S.SKLL, 

liltOI KUir.s, KTI-.. K-ri-. 

The gentleman w lio-e name graecs 

The ne.xt we visited was 
that of.\. II. Milieu, the fiirnitni’i 
.leiiler. Here we found him eii- 
seom-ed in a fi-amc slriu-liire Im.x 20 
feet with an ell ".(l.xiO eomplelely 
liaeked w ith light liai-divare and fiir- 
iiitni-e of every deseriplnni. He has 

the headline ot this iirtU-le is ii na- 1 |„,mi in tins hnsiness sim-e Seiitem- 
tivc of Todd conniy, and has i-atei-ed ||y|.^ 1.S7."), Miid has a large and daily 
to this hraneh of i-ommei-i-iiil imlii - , j, sing Ira le wlih-li e.xt.-nds 
try for some time jmst. He i- ' iin-oiighont this and iidjoiiiing i-oiin- 

occiipyiiig a siiilahlu strm-lni-e on lliel In nddition 1 
Southeast eoniei- of the I’uhlie ! .ntaehed a eahinel 

' also lias 
where he 

I w-lll he the |-esidt ot imiiiy more. Ib.i Themakuj-of on "oecommoilation" liill talked about buying his eubihlishmeuts 
. and see him and he .•onviiieed tor { or nute*(ono for which he liiul received They met again in the street, ami the 
yoiii-selvi's. North side of 1‘iihlie no consideration), having lent his name s"• ihe best man 

; t iiiig ill this line. 

Siiuare, on L'larksvilli' sti-eel, -ivlieie j .,H gjn,|, „|- n'pairiiig on thC|«?' 
he lias a large stock ol gi-occries, . shortest iioliee. We eommeiid him " 
iiuecinswai'c, hardwai'e, etc., ami Ihe , .'i^r.eiis of Klklmi iiml 

prices at whieli he sells goods to you | 'p,,,!,] w-lieii in need of any- 

are indeed very low. His stock eii • , t line. " 

braecs everything in Ihe above line | '' 

and iiarties wishing anything in this | itoiiKur tk.vvis. " 

deiiai'tmciit should not fail to give .1. | >i 

C. lliissell a call, as he ean ami will 1 ynj.; i.k.mumi tonsoiii.m, Ki.'r.vni.isu- " 
suit you ill iiiialiiy, iiiiaiility and ' .mk.xt is todd l orv-rv. . 

lii'iee. Mr. Wm. V. Ilenidou, lliej 1 

clerk, never tires at showing goods, ’"'''■‘I'' V"’"' i- 

years. The house o(-.-ii|.ied by llie-i' II tho IoIUt ixmtaming a protest of hi him. lliis eouni oi on-iigiii aismi, 
gentlemen iiieasiires 1!) x (m, ami in non payment be put into the iH>st.'n'ioo, he thought, if the r.'slmirant nmii wmild 
whii'h thev have a hii-ue stock ol any miscnrrisge does not aflTeot the party s«'t an exuniplo by initting §3,000 into 

• ” ... I f \ 1 . * 

hai'dware and sad- giving notice. 

his hands, iwten.sihly for safe kis'iiing. 


and they |iav special alleiitioii 

Notes of protest msy lie si>nt either to This was done, and of ooiirsu he disup- 
the iiloce of business or residence of tlie iH-orcd with it 

rooting and gutlcriiig an I repairs of P“Hy 



Whilst ill KIkloii, Ivv., 

and the manner in whu-li he waits | 

Upon yon could not hut iilcaso the , 

:et shaved, was directed to the lii-st- 

niost fastidious. Call and ,ee .1. C. 

lUi-ssell and he haiipv. ert Travis, on the I’lihlie .S.iiiaie, as 

* • • S • . » 1 1 • . . 1 . -.1 . t _ • . Ml 1 1 

nil kinds. Tiicy have, by doing ii| 
fair and .sijiiare, Imilt up 
olio of the best trades in this section 
ofcouiilry, and the prices J'm- which 
licy oll'er their goo ks are within Ihe 
i-eaeli of all. In eoiiiu'elion with 
their Inisim.'s.s they have emzageil the 
.scrvii-es of .1. K. (iuodimin, a iiracli- 
eal harnt'.ss maker and saddler. All 

The holder of a note may give notice Dn. 8< iii,ikm vmn. the arol.ieol.npcal 

of i-rotest either to all the previous in. i'-'<’-’»‘>.v wl"’" h« 

dorsers, or only to one of them ; in cose returning to the UmUs 

of the latter, ho must select the lost in- 

dorser.aud the Inst must give notice to ’'Ix'" > would go over iinimHlnilely 

the last before him, and so on. Each 

indorser must H<-nd notice tlio same day 

mv drtVH an* imiuhtTod iiud my D»inut«*8 

ert Tnivin. on tlio Ihihlic Stiiiaro, *'1'* | noodiiij; ^roods in ihi.s lint* would do 
being tlic leading barbel- slioi> in Todd w','H lo call on gi'iillemen. 

o. II. i.KVVi.s, county. We can safely pronounce 

him an of the very liiglie.-l 

STAi'i.K .VXD K.VXCY liltorKltlK.s. order in his biisiiies.s, and his estah- 
Tho subject of this sketch, (i. II. lishmeiit one of Hu and Iwst 



MAXI'K M Tl'IlKll OK W'AllDXs. lll'UlilKs. 

Lewis, has been associated with the I '•ouduetud of its kind in Hie eminty. I . >. . . 

good pcoiile of MIktoii over op yy.,r.s, j Ho has been engaged in the Imsiness Mr. Tliomi»son is a millvi'of this 

and is too well-known for us to in- here for about lliii-ly years. Wn left town and has been hi hiishiess here 

trodiice him. His stock of <>-oods the estahlisliment fully satisfied that for 10 yi'iirs. His sIiod is located on 

eoiisistiiig of gi'occi'ie.s, hat'd ware, Elkloii was |iossessed of one of the Wusldiigloii slrcel. and he has in his 

or the following day. Neither Sunday >«■« l'r<'eioiis. IJ-sid.', in ..mcnea I can- 
nor legal holiday i» to lo) counted in ^ 

reckoning tho time in whieh notice is to ““y imu- 

be given. tinning my exidorutimis in the Oneiit, 

If two or more porsone as parties aVo «>»'»“ ■” Is.veosiira 

jointly liable on Ihe note or lull, due Aremlia, and Orehoim-ms. m llmoUa 
notice to one of them is suffleieut. imimtictly await tm-ir delivery by my 

An indorser msv prevent his own lia- 

bility to l.e sued by writing “ without ■« wiieli Bpivcc as the widcspreiul city of 
recourse” or similar words. ^y f.-llow-eiti/.ci.s are by far 

Part payment of debt which has hs, intelligent not to midcrstaml all this 

passed the time of statutory limitation I ’'"f” “>’1*''*'"^ 

revives the whole debt, and the claim and hail with fur entlii.Kno.m any 

f the Wu'.ldnglon slrcel. and he has ill Ids i,olds goixl for another period from the discovery I might 

-and employ a mimlM'i'of pi-m-tical wm-l - date of such partial payment. b'etnro 1 eonld leliyer 

cutllei’y, idows and fai'iiiing itlemsils lui'sl. barber slu>iis in Ihe State and emploi anumlM'i-ot pi-m-tical worl - date of such i>artial payment, 
is full iind couiidete, ami he is of- would ailviso our i-ommei-eiiil tniv- men. who are kept Im-y in liiniing I( when a debt is due the debtor is out 
fering tlicm to his eiistoiiiei-s at rock cling friomls, and the iiaveling |mli- out Ids ci'li'bniled wagon.s, Imggies, of the State tho limitation does not 1x3- 

bottom iu-iecs. In uddilion to the lie gchei ally, who wi.^li lo obtain an |ilows, etc., and lie iniys |>ai'lii'iilai- at- gin hi mu until he returns. If he after- 

above lie also owns and rniis lU'lislic liair cut. or a first-class shave, tentimi to blai-ksiiiilliiiig, having the ward leaves the State the time forward 

the Elktoii City Mill, the irainicity of not to fail to call on llohert Travis. - repiitalioii of being the hi-il hor.«c- counts the some as if he remained in the 

which is 1,'ilJ hu.shels of corn, ami 12.') slnx:r in Southei'ii Keiitm-ky, He State. | 

bushels of wheat ill 12 liours; it has Russell & wilkins. . has sei-ureil the-services ol .Mr. .1. C. I 

all the latest improved Machinery is illohhi.soii.of Slielhyvillc, a gciilh- bow tu juuuk utA Moyiis. 

40 horse iiower and is one of the stai'I.k axd kaxcv uiiockimks. man who has a widi'-spread reputa- Chicago man, who chiims to he a 
best mills ill Todd couiily. siv w..,.l-s mm tids firm i-iuci-i 

ate of such partial payment. , " 

If when a debt U due the debtor is out »>y 



ril leaves me omie lue iirae lorwara „„ i„tcHigont col- 

ante the some as If be remained in the ^jrl, now in Toledo, relates that 

! fourteen years ago, while living in that 

-» I city with her ixirents, she was ki(hnip|ieil 

BOW TO JVUOK lUAMoyos. \ i,y „ F,-,.„cli woman and taken to CiihiL 
A Chicago man, who chiihis to he a jlm was thcro kept os a slave, fed on 

J. tv. LKtVIS, 

DliY iiooDs, ETC., krc. 

Si.x weeks a"-o this firm eiiteml imiker. Jiamond expert, gives to the T’c/fcimc, loathsome fisxl, and treated in the most 

liiito a partiiei'ship to cany on Hie "" "I’"* " line piiiiiter lo liiiish of thot city, the following information, mhumiui miimior, In'ing ofU'ii sliot at, 

htisine. s rem'eseiiled in the lie-id 'I'his is one of the largest which owners of gems may l>e interested and is now carrying a bullet in her neck. 

I iisiu,.ys ep .. ' 1 . ,. oil, ! 0 |.|,.s oftlie kind in Elkimi, mid in- “Tliere are a grout mnnv so-called g|io was taught, however, to paint and 

I lines ol tills artli'le. llievm-e oecii- o.. ^ . e , k,, n , • 

emicenis oftlie kind in Elkimi, mid in; “Tliere are a grout many so-called g|io was taught, however, to paint and 
fm-mers. if you want a good wagon nohtaTos sold as sing'o stones, which, make wax Howei-s, mid from the results 

In 1850, Mr. .1. \\. Lewis begaii lids p) ing a bill k .slim tint', nil asui ill,, or buggy, or .voiir eld one made new, when put under the blow-pipe, will of her liilKirs her mistress derived a 
usiucss, ami so siiceesslu us le j m x ei l. ihuii on n wi. and ymii- liorsc shod by Hie elimiipi- come apart in single pieces, put together large profit in tlio Pliiliulelphia, San 

business, ami so success u us le m x ei . ih u . and yoiir liorsc shod by Hie elimiipi- come apart in single pieces, put together large profit in tlio Pliiliulelphia, San 

lieeii, by honorable and squill 0 1 cal- ot t le |m < ii slow ilowii. 
liiiiMH'SM booming' mill I'VorybiHly 


T 1 iii!011110 billy of 1 ‘ine lllnif. .\rk. is bere 
visitin;; tbe Misses Keimeily. 

Miss Mamie (i. Keimeily, wbo lias 
leen visilin>f relatives in I’ine lllilll'. 
Ark., retiirneil bonie a few ilays 
s'! nee. 

.toliii I'. l*iTwitl, repivsenlliii; 
Kalin. Wolf .N Son. l.oiiisville. 
^ elolHeil tbe iiakeil intbiseity Tues- 

Mr. ('. D. Keevis, an olil eiliiten of 
tills pblee. ilieil last wwk at 
tbe resiilenee of bis brotber, W. I,. 

.Iiiiljie ('. \y. Ill'll “ out" for 
l.imisville, Tuesilay, to proeiire a eiit- 
ter for bis niamniolb lailorinx es- 

Kilwaril ( brislian, alias tbe Diiile. 
formerly a tyjsi in tbe Semi-Weekly 
.Soiitli Keiitnekian Ulliee. is at borne 

tliaii wbieb ean be eommilteil by a 
parent aiiiiinst bis eliililren. Various 
anil useful lielils bave been opeiieil up 
in tills eoiintry for lailiesof eilitea- 
tioii anil retiiiemeiit : many of our 
pulilie olllees, anil leailiiij? sebools arn 
eoniliielor anil lilleil wilb women, 
wbose oenius ami talent are alike a 
ereilit to tbe position and insti- 
tution tbey oeeiipy. This lieiiijt 
assured.* tbe ne.xt iniportant ipies- 
tion is. wliere ran siieli, obtain most 
tboroiiolily, praetieiilly and eotnpre- 
beiisively, lbe]editeatiuii and intelli- 
oenee iieeessary to siieeessfiilly and 
properly lit tbem eitber for orna- 
ments III tbe soeial world, or to till 
tbose maiiv positions of trust liiid 
ilijfiiity now open to tbe popnlatioii 
of tbe nineteeiitb eelitnry. This 
i|itestion is easy »f eorreet and sati.-- 
faetory sointioii, for, witbimt doubt, 
tbe KIkton male atid fetmile ('olle;;e 
oU'ers not only tbe best editeatiotial ad- 
vantaei's, bat is also, to tbose wbo 
like to make it so, a lioine. and traiii- 
ili}; plaee, iHissesslnjf all tbe reiiiiis- 
ites Iieeessary to starting yoniij; la- 
dies and oentleuien in tbe world, 
eitber as nsefni and elever wives or 
busbands, a eivilit to any spliere, or 
eapable, if stern neressity deniands 
it, of liHiii); any position, wbieli may 
enalile tbem toearti an bonest liviiijf. 
KIkton ('olle);e eoiitains witbin itself 
all tbe best elements of edneational 
exeellelieie.-, and its HueeessfnI ea- 
rver is tbe stroiijjest proof of tbe 
wortb and |Hiwer iti tbe work it 
elaitiis to perform. Tbe eollego itself 
is beantifnlly loealed. Tbe Imildiii}; is 
e ipable of aeeonimodiitin<; boarders, 
tile rooms beiii){ lai'ife, well ventila- 
ted andele);antlv furnisbed.tbe loeali- 
ly is most bealtby. and in faet notbin;! 
is wantisl to render it a most attrae- 
tive, eonifortable and benntifni bome. 
Our liinited spare will nut permit os 
to oo into details re^ardiai; tbe inaiiy 
advatitiittes oti'ered iiy this institu- 
tion. lint we would simply advise 
those wbo bave dan^bters to edu- 
eate, to plaee tbemselves in eorres- 
poin'.enee with I’rof. II. O. Snow tbe 
I’resident wbo will ttbidly fiirnisb all 
partienbirs ns to terms, ete., tipon ap- 


K. It. S.WKl.t.S, ,MIT. 

'I'bis ){entletnen lias been en;;aj{ed 
in tills line of business for a period 
of one year and lias, liy bis energy, 
industry and perseveraiiee, built up 


I’raetieally, a wide oiilf .separates 
tlie mere trader iii driifrs and bini 
wbose knowledge of pbariiiaey en- 
ables bitn to di.serimiiiate between 
tbe oennine and tbe adulterated ar- 
tiele. Doiilitless this ex]i1ains tbe 
wide-spread popularity in KIkton 
and Todd eoiiiity of tbe line dm;; 
store of K. II. W'eatliers. a "entletiiaii 
wbose edneation and knowled;'e of 
this bitsiness a.-snres bis knowin;; 
tbe intrinsie value of every dm;; 
liassin;; lbrou;;b bis bands, just as 
well as be knows its tiiarket value. 
He lias been eiikuik'V'd in tbe business 
bere abottt ten vears, and liis estali- 
rtsbnient is loealed on tbe I’libfie 
Sipia.'e. Here a large sto.c. ti') feel 
dee|i by 22 wide, is tilled to repletion 
wilb a most eomplete stuek of pure 
drugs, piileiil iiiedieines, toilet arti- 
eles, sebool books, stationery, etc.; 
tbe eellar is devoted to paints, oils, 
window glass and heavy goods in 
bulk. I’romptness and piinetiiality 
in tile tilling of prineriplioiis, preeis- 
ion and aeeiiraey in all preparations, 
and tbe purity and ipiality of tbe in- 
gredients used in their eunipoumling 
are the standard business |>rineiples 
with Mr. Wealbers. and it is there- 
fore not to be wondered at that, in 
this important deparliiienl, lie enjoys 
an immense praeliee, and tlie fullest 
eoiitideiiee of pbysieians and tbe 
imblie. At the present time lids es- 
lablisbnieiit eontaiiis one of the lliicst 
stiH-ks to lie found in the eity, ineln- 
ding fancy notions of every descrip- 
tion, elegant dre.ssing eases, work 
boxes, writing desks, albiinis, odor 
ases, and innumeralile other artielcs 
of vertn and oriianient too miiiieroiis 
to mention. Cigars are also a spc 
eialty wilb this, and all lovers 
of the weed bave long since liecome 
aware that tliis is the liest place in 
KIkton to proetirc a really Inxurions 
smoke. Mr. Weathers biniself is a 
eoiirlpoiis and airalile genlleman. an 
lioiiurable niurebant and one of Klk- 
ton's most eiilerprising and bigbly 
respected citi/.eii.s, and be enjoys a 
large and eonslantly increasing pat- 
ronage. He is assisted by bisbrolb- 
er, Mr. .1. .1. Wealbers, a very worthy 
and popular young man. 

.VXD S.VI.K s'lAlll.K. 

The eity of KIkton, Ky., is siir- 
rounded by small towns witbin easy 
driving dislanee and the conseiinenee 
is cominercial travelers often lind it 
very convenient to hire a horse and 
buggy. Hero are good roads and a 
most beanlifiil eonniry wbieb render 
pleasure driving most enjoyable, and 
as a eonse(|iicncc we found several 
line livery slable.s, tbe leading rep- 
resentative both on acconiit of tbe 
line stock kejit, the elegant buggies 
rml carriages, and tlie extremely low 
prices charged, is' that of Messrs. 
Spillman & Hell. .Mr. Spillman, 
wbotii we found to be a most courte- 
ous and pleasant gcnlleiiian, lias now 
been some three years engaged in 
Ibis business, and keeps some eigb- 
leeii tine, and every descriii- 
Hon of veliicle that can be wished 
for. Tbey also do a large trade with 
tbe Suutb in tbe Imying and selling 
of horses, and Mr. S. is considered 
one of tlie liest judges of this nolilc 
animal in tbe Slate. They are geii- 
tlemen wilb w bom all will tiiid it a 
pleasure to transact business, and we 
say to onr coniinercial traveling 
friends wanting anything in bis line 
to "be sure and give these gentlemen 
a call.” 

A riiiv opportunity to liny a llrsl i a large trade Ibroiigboul this and ad- 
joining counties for tbe Singer sew- 
ing maebine coinpaiiy. The iiincbinc 
that Mr. Savelis represents is in- 
deed a gimd one, licing far superior 
to some in many respecl.s, and wilb 
bim as agent it lias aliiiust became a 
bonsbold word to every family in 
Todd county. We liespeak for biip 
and bis excellent sewing maebine a 

classdrng store in a booming rail- 
road town. ,1. K. Hr.l.t., 

adm'r. of .1. II. Ituberts. 

Tbe young people of lids city should 
orgaiil7.e a skating Kink, the aiiiiise- 
inent is innocent and an evening spent 
in Ibis way is very agreeable. 


For Dry Goods, 

Boots, Shoes, 

blotliing, Hals, Caps & Turcisliiiig Coodsi 




Russell & WIioSi . 



"W ooderL-ware 

A \ I » 

General Merchandise. 

Parties visiting KIkton either on 
pleasure or business sbuiild not for- 
get the Kennedy House wben in need 
of a good meal or a clean, white bed 
to in. This bouse lias been in 
operation for 5 years, is well venti- 
lated, and bus excellent aceoiiinioda- 
tons lor all wbo may feel thus in- 
clined. and is the 
KIkton. Special atleiitioii is (■ncn lu | 
commercial tourists and line large, 
rooms used for showing saiiiiilcs can ] 
be bad at verv reasonable rates. Tbe 1 



a. B. LEWIS, 


L“,T. Groceries, Hardware, 
Cuttlery, Plows’ 

tables are supplied wilb all the deli- ! ^ Farming UtensllS, 
cacies of tbe season and the polite and I ° ’ 

::m mmi m in 

eoilrteoiis Irealnient shown to all bv 
tbe JHsses Kennedy- cannot but 
help to M’lieii yon go to Elk- 
ton stop at the Kennedy House. 


Exciiauge For Goods, 

Miss Heine II. Moblev, a ebarming 

blonde.ol the Hell s ( Impel nelgbboi- ' 

boisl, lias been visiting ber cousin, | iiKi.i, toiiin. 

Miss Mamie Cole. 

lieu Milieu, the well developed 
dnde. is not happy. Wby'f His 
girl, (ill the lauguuge of the poet) 

"lias gone back on bim." 

Prill raeled liieeliiig ((.'iiruil Court) 
will eomiiieiiee bere, tbe lirst Monday 
ill May. Tbe guy ami festive youth 
will now seek tbe sylvan shades of 
tbe creek banks. 

Tbes-oiicert unuouiieedby the Klk- 
tim Druiiiutie club will not be given 
mi iieeoiiiil of one of its proiiiilieiit 
members having died, the lute.lobii 
A. Uiekmuii. 



Ill no otlior eoiiiitry of the world Is 
the ncecssily of cdueatioii so apparent 
as bere. Tbe opening ofcaeli new 
pdfly dcvclopes inercasod oppurtiiiii- 
tics for the cdiieated and the energet- 
ic, and a failure to pixilU by the ad- 
vuntagns oti'ered to tbe youth of onr 
time, in tlie matter of proetiriiig use- 
ful knowledge, is a crime no greater 


During onr visit to KIkton, Ky., 
we were partienlarly struck with the 
beeoming get up of suits worn by 
most of the leading eilir.ens, and onr 
eiirlosity being aixiiised we were in- 
formed that tbey were turned out at 
the arlistlo, merebant tailoring es- 
tablisbiiieiit of Messrs. Hell & Tobin. 
Atler paying Ibis linn ii visit, wc 
were fully sutistled Ibat nn cstablisb- 
menl in the eoniitry {Kisscsscd better 
facilities or took greater pride in 
furiiisliing garments cut in the very 
latest styles and of tbu very best ma- 
terial. They liavo been engaged in 
tliia here fur the past two 
ycara and liuve by tlicir lioiiurable 
and fair dealing built up a trade 
wbieb extends all over this and ad- 
joining eoiiiilieH. Mr. Hticbaiuin is 
tbu manager at Ibis point, and knows 
just bow to eater to the wants of Ids 
customers. Persons wishing a hand- 
some suit of clothes and a goml lit 
should not fail to call on Hell & Tobin. 
They are located on the South corner 
of Public' Square and Clarksville 

History of Our County. 

Tlie eompany luiblisliiiig the bis- 
tory of Cbristinii eoiiiily are about 
to extend llieir ojieratioiis to Todd 
euiiiity. Mr. .1. II. Hattie has just 
arrived, and will take ebarge of llie 
literary work on tbe Todd eouiity 
book, wliicli will ineliide also a 
sketch of Clirisliaii as the parent 
eouiity. 'fl^e style of book |iublisbed 
is ail attractive one, in half morocco 
biiidiiig, and the plan of the liistury 
is sill'll ns to place ^11 Ibeliaiidsuf 
llic reader a systematic cuiiipendium 
of tbu eouiity's history which will 
prove hi valuable. The as.sistaiice of 
some of our and best informed 
eitixeiis will lie enlisted, and we euii- 
lideiiily predict a valualilc book as 
the oiiteomc of this united efl'orl. M'e 
bespeak the supporb of our eitir.oiis 
for tlic enterprise. 


Mr. AV. C. Hutelier.soii. denier in 
sewing" iiiacbiiies, is located on 
Clarksville street and the Doiiiestie 
and Houscliold iiiaeliiiics arc Ids 
speeiallies. lie is an energetic and re- 
liable dealer and has introdueed these 
iiiaebiiics into iiiaiiy boiiics in Todd | 
eouiity. lie does all kinds of repair- 1 
lug oil short iiotiee and guariiiilees ' 
satisfaetioii in every iiisiniiec. Mr. 
T. 1). Herndon is Ids traveling agent 
and is coiistuiitly on the road and 
will (' 1,11 on anyone iieediiig aiiui- 


C. M". HKLE, 





The subject of Ibis sketell, Mr. T. 
(}. JHIe.i. formerly of Logan euiiiily 
lias bueii engaged in this line of busi- 
ness ill KIkton for 2 years. His busi- 
ness liuusu is lueated on tbe suutb 
side of the )iiiblic si|uarc and is 22xlio 
feet.iii dimciitiuiis. Ho has a large 
stock of drugs, paints, oils, stationery, 
cigars and tobacco, and tlic aecuracy 
witli wbieb lie eoiiipuiiiids jireserip- 
tioii can not be excelled. Ills trade 
is a local one and bis goods arc of the 
best material and tbe cheapness of 
tbem are indeed very reasonable. Wo 
would say to tbe goml people of Elk- 
ton and Todd county when yon want 
aiiytbiiig in this line go to T. (i. 
Miles’ drugstore where' you will re- 
ceive polite attention and pure drugs. 

T. E. Thompson, 



PLOWS, &(. 

Blacksmithing a Specialty. 




Actors mul actresses are provcrliially 
long lived and free from bodily iuHrmi- 
ty. Performances aro seldom changed 
through the illness of the performers. In 
many theaters a season has passed with- 
ont a single alteration, even of a part, 
from illness. 

This healthiness is nttrilmtcd to the 

miSTAKrxa i.tMnvRaEB onEEBE 
t'UU A BiaAl.L-POX ODOR. | 

Wlieii HollVnstein entered the store 

AXn 1‘Ol.iTlVJAXS, 

It has been observed that there is a 

1!. K. IlOOXK. 

.lOlIX K ItllU,. 

there was a look in his eyes which plain- strong family likeness between chronic 
ly told that something hod happonetl oflioi' seekers and buzzards. Their lofty 
him, and his clerk, noticing it, said : flights have the same purpose, viz : To 

“ Vat’s demntter, Misder noflensteiu? see wlicro there is a ge-‘‘ket, und den I gets in a street car vat esy, but there is au entirely difl'crciit kind 
crime. This is owing mainly to their | crowded mit beople who vas all of music in the air when the nuimal to he 
constant occupation of mind, time and ,  ' B ll«Wlfr4B0 

mit do smell uf de cheese, do beople all be rallied for. It w;is a very small oat, I 

AJtOhiTiox OF KVSSIAX sEUFtiOR. diuk I hoi dc small-pox, luul dey begin when tho nnmher and size of the hiiz- ! JEjB (tJp/llrV 

AJiOLiTiox OF EU^iSi.ix .SEUFBO.V, iHuk I hoi de small-pox, und dey begin when tho nnmher and size of the hiiz- ! Jl. WL'jm 

Tho late Czar, Alexander II., decreed I ''“P®'"' ‘Shentlemon,’ says von man t zards were taken Into consideration, j 

the emancipation of the serfs March II, ^®®*> ‘vas you all vaccinated?’ i Three or four htizzards immediately nn- ' ^pSCisl attSHtiOn giVSn 


1861, coming into final execution ou * * Vel don, dere voa ' (]ertook to “becurc the nomiinition.'' 

March 3, 18(>3. Tho owners of tho fiorts ^ small-pox in (Us cor. I know Que seized it by tho tail and came very j 

were compensated for their loud on a i ‘^® ho says, nnd mit dat ho , near getting tho nomination by acolama- ■ 

scale of payment by wliicli the previous ‘^'ves right out uf do door. l)o next (mu on the first ballot, hut another Iniz- ' 
labor of tho serf was estimated at a year- de whole crowd ruiiH for de door, ; zard, who also had claims on tho party, | 

ly rental of G per cent., so that for every mure as ten nf dem shnnips do win- I gobbled it by the other end, and it Iks- | 

6 rubles which tho labor earned aiiuually out. Voii old iiiun mit a Mg j came evident that a contest was iinavoid- 1 

he had to pay 100 rubles to his master stomach mid a green umprella gets stuck , able. They tugged niid pulled, Imt all 
as his capital value to hccome a free- ' de viudows und yells ‘ holice 1’ j jn vain. There was a dead-ha-k in the 
holder. Of this sum tho serfs had to '’*^® ^® rlr^ltes de iimprella, scares do ' convention. Neither cauduhite could 
give immediately 20 per cent., while the ■“Mes niid do ear runs avay. You de command the requisite two-thirds vole 
remaining 80 iier cent, was disbursed as stopped do bolieo came und I vas or- j to carry tho nomination. The two eau- 

ntion given bo Reefing. G'dtlering, ire. 

ill von nf de viudows und yells ‘ holice 1’ | i„ vain. Tliere was a dead-l(K'k in the 
vile ho shakes de iimprella, scares do ’ convention. Neither cauduhite could 


fO~ llatf 

remaining 80 iier cent, was disbursed as stopped de boheo came und I vas or - 1 to carry tho nomiuatioa. The two eau- j 
on advance oy the Government to the vested for having do small-pox nnd dis- didates got very red about the nee.k, ami, 
owners, to bo repaid at intervals extend- Mrbing do beace. Shiist dink nf it, hopping sideways at each other, stru. k 
ing over forty-nine years, by tho freed Herman, a hrivato citizen don’t can hof viciously witli their wiug«, uttering a 

peasants. According to an oflicial re- I brivileges in de town, you know,” — ^ jieeuliar kind of a hiss, like that i 

port tho whole of tliese arrangements Oiicaiu Tiiius. \ goose. Wo could not, of course, under- j 

were completed at the end of July, 1865, ^ , stand what they said, hut very likely, ' 

BO that from this date serfdom ceased to ' when they eriiiied out their necks a. ■ 

exist in Kussia. TJit: water of a holy well, ^ each other nnd liissed, it meant “laUe 

’ “ Prof. Franklin not long ago sent a to your party!" "Whore were you 

A PRixetiLY ACTIOX. letter to the London iTinifs on the qiial- ' during tho war, while I was in the 

Mr. Corcoran is the only Washington I ity of a well regarded as sacred by Mo- ; nnuy ?’’ or some other unkind allusio i. 
banker who has “come to the rescue" hammedan pilgrims. The water ap* i While these two candidates were sipi .In . 
of great statesmen at the right time and pears to be worse than that of many | hling ns to which of them was entitled 
in an iui]xirial way. After Sir. Webster | wells not considered sacred, but wo hope to tho nomination, a dark i.orse in the 
had delivered his famous 7th of March : our readers will take warning from tliis shape of an nuexi>ecteil buzzard sctuijn'd | 
speech, which provoked from Whittier ' extreme instance of well pollution, and ' down iinoxpeotedly, and, Mdore the ' 
Lis equally famous poem “Ichahod,” consider that it does not require con- • regular cniididntes could .recover from 
Mr. Corcoran inclosed to Mrs. Webster lamination seven times worse than [ their astonishment, carried off tho uum- 
her linsband’s note for $10,000, loaned sew age to send typhoid and cholera into inutioii by tho tail , — Tijcitu 
to him by Mr. Corcoran. Webster met the liouscs of Christians, however it | 

Mr. Corcoran at au entertainment that may ho will: the Mohammedans. I " 

evening, and, grasping his hand, said ; Prof. Franklin says: “ The well is in ' the word » cafe." 

n B. wm£kTM^m.s, . 


Pure Drugs, Chemicals, Paints, 

Oils, Stationery, Toilet Articles, kc. 

evening, and, grasping his hand, said ; Prof. Franklin says: “The well is in the word » cafe." 

“ That was a princely action of yours, Mecca ; tho water is regarded os holy ‘ '^^‘® Y®’'®? preacher was well np in | 

Mr. Corcoran.” Mr. Corcoran still pre- and large quantities aro annually sent j Latin, his Greek nnd his Hebrew, j 
serves the beantitul letter of thanks as gifts to all Mussulman countries. I Hnt somehow or other his French had 

written by Webster. Most of the Mohammedan princes, es- J •’®®" n®?>®®t®‘V »« they did not study it 

pteinlly those of India, have ‘ keepers ' ** *■“' theological seminary. Therefore, 

— »■— — of the well,’ whose duty it is to send ' I'® •" "‘® t*'® 

them annually water from the well. ' esthetic young Indies of his elmrch sent , 
For a Northern climate what fellows ..j i„ive analyzed this water and find ® *•'" they were ' 

Is very strong : “The editor of the abominable charnc- K®*“8 ''“'■® I'»bli.ih I 

“ That was a princely action of yours, Mecca ; tho water is regarded os holy | 
»r. *’ xr» „.iii .... . i ! I 

written by Webster. 

For a Northern climate what fellows 



lilsoDburg (Ontario) Liberal was mar- 
ried last week. Tliis week he writes os 
follows : ' Of all the joys vonchsafetl to 
man in life’s tempestuons whirl, there is 

ter. In fact, it is sewage more than 1 Horn the pulpit. TIuw dear creat- ; 
seven times us concentrated ns London ■ ®v®» ’vere not satisfied with having a 
sewage, and containing no less than 579 ' ®o'>o‘®v enting-rcxmi. They 1 

man in Hies tempestuous wliirl, there 18 matter per gallon, must needs give to the department iu : 

nothing that approaches so near heaven comimsitiou of this water ' French name, and so they nillcd it cafe, I 

as company with a girl--a rosy, l.angh- mode of propagation of Asiatic ‘I*® on the finale. The | 

tog, buxom girl : a Hank, good-natiirea, excremeuUtious matter, it is !>®vsoi! knew nothing about this i 

honest girl ; a feelmg, flirting das iiiig, ' ^ wondered at that outbreak of ' '*“Y proiicniuciiig llio word, and so, | 

aotmg,smfling, smacking, jolly, joking, I ' instead of saying there wmihl lie i.; 

jannty, jovml, poser-poking, dear little Mecca, while it would scarce- ! “®«lMy’’ in connection with the fair, l.e 

duck of girl ; the funniest, AufMest, unaounced that tlierc would he a “cal', ’’ 

frankest, fairest, roundest, ripest, means for the distribution of cholera >“‘>'“'5 t>‘® word rliy mo with the laugh i 
roguishcst, rarest, spiciest, squirmiest, ; throughout Mohammedan conn ; "liich speedily aptienrod on the conn- ' 

lE^arming' Ir 2 n.plem.eru.ts, 

S. H. PERKINS & C0‘. 

duck of girl; the funniest, flu»l«®8t, j^. joprevideamore effeetive 

frankest, fairest, roundest, ripest, means for the distribution of eholen, 
roguislicst, rarest,, squirmiest, ; „ 

squarest, best of girls, with drooping „ 
lashes half-concealing amorous flashes — \ 

with rosy cheeks and clustering curls, I -» 

tho sweetest nnd the best of girls,’ He’s ^ 

got the honeymoon pretty bad, that’s ' a good rfa.sox for high prices 

! teuances of the congregation. This ! 
! mailo both the “calf” and the piiisim j 
' who announced it ridiculous in the ejsis ; 
uf the people. | 



Eianr years ago there wereonly812'\- Faris for refieslinients. llieir t 
000 invested in steamers on the St. ® ®u®> cousisting of tea, 

-Johns, Fla. Now there aro twenty- , and eggs, but the bill was a heavj 
eight steamers plyirg on that river, one ; uine francs in all. 
of which cost 8240,000, and to this fleet , “ Oarcon ! ” exclaimed one of the 

constant additions are making. The “M, “ how’s this ? Please explain. 
Indian river and South Florida lakes j “ Well, you see, messieurs,” np 

A Philadelphia gentleman traveling ' 
abroad writes that he and a fideud ' profits ox whisky. 

stopiied at n small cafe in tlie suburbs of ' There are fifty-seven drinks of whisky I 
Paris for refreshments. Their repast to the gallon, at 10 cents » drink, 85,70. ' 
was a light one, consisting of ten, toast ^ Whisky sold at 10 cents never costs (r,-yr 
nnd eggs, but the bill was a heavy one, | $2 to S2.80 per gallon. Often the same 

J- 'W'- Ije’wis, 

ill. i article is sold at 15 cents per drink, ' 

exclaimed one of the tour- 1 bringing 88.55 per gallon. In tho ma- ! 
lis? Please explain.” i jority of saloons tho 10-ceiit whisky is | 
see, messieurs,” ajmlugi- ’ manufactured from French spirits or ; 

It .A r... — .., /.-.H . 1 ... I... .. — nn .1 ti.iafa tvIiaii *1, ** ! 


and inlets are now dotted with sailboate, I z®» ‘1‘® waiter, “ two francs tor the tea raw alcohol, and costs when “ smooth ” 
carrying freight to and fro. lii a very ' aU'l and seven francs for tho eggs.’’ \ and ready for customers $1.25 to $2.76 

short time these will bo supplemented I “ Ah, then eggs aie very scarce about ! per gallon. Good honest whisky, costing 

by steamers, and then a new region wiF 1'®'"® •” | $3 to 83.75 jier gallon by tho barrel, is 

be ojieued of surpas-siug fertility and “ Non, monsieur, eggs are not scarce, j sold at 16 to 20 cents per drink or 88.50 

I but Americans are 1 ” — Progress, to 811.40 per gidlon. 

Dry Goods, Clothing, Piece Goods, 

Hats, N otions, Boots, Shoes, 
O-roceries aru.d. Hard."waie, 

Elkton gleaner (Elkton, Ky.), 1884-05-01

4 pages, edition 01

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