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newspaper_issue  c V f CVN TH1AN A N EW 8 A J MORE Y tUITOK AMI I apos ROI HI KTOR II D FRISBIE CYNT1II ASA ICY A Thu ymptomsof livcrcom I apos V MTN I V V W VI 1 I C plaint arc u ea ine sa d Hain i 111 l lii t o gt 1 gt gt l DllaU ui j 1 tli side Sometime Ni apos mskv w m pain is in the shoulder and CYNTHIANA DECEMBER 22 1570 fi J jpy rw 1 1 it i 1 1 I in uiv i apos uouniii umi Y 119 T T s v apos apos quot iVbu in apos ui apos oiiev I mistaken for rheumatism The stomach gt gt oughioghciij oaluurg ami iioiu ss o e tlte and sick wmw i u f in apos s ii Vr t apos aa apos i apos SriSS Rates of Advertising Per Square or 10 Links One Inset t ion 1 on Three months 4 on Six months 7 Cl Twelve month 10 00 OUli entry XotSec 0 50 rjjf iab Work executed with neatness sell on time to anv one November 25 1S09 Fashionable Merchant Tailors ani gt i kalki s in GENTS FURNISHING GOODS rm 1 dispatch on reasonable terms SOLTU EAST COlt MADISON A SIXTH STS 1 t TTlH X ws has been incorporated by COVINGTON K 1 the legislature of Kentucky andean pub jj o t lt 70 i lt i l fgal Advertisements geatuoxy Central R 11 I Road W EESTORED r averoviii ton at 7 3 apos am and 2 15 r m JUST publisiied second edition I gt r or I US S apos K i m radical cure ot Supermatorrluea or Seminal Arrive at Lexington at 12 30 r M and Weakness Impoteney Mental and I liysieai incapacity Impediments to Marriage etc 1 apos O V and the Venera and Syphilstic Maladies Arrive at Xieliolasvllic ai 1 w plain and clear directions for the linWS TRAINS speedv cure of dary Symptoms Go in 140 r m norrlnea Gleets Strictures and all diseases l c ive Xie iolast ol tlie skin such is Scurvy Scrofula I leers I ave Lexington at a m am i s Blotches and pimple on the face ami Arrive at fvnthiaua at S 10 a M and W nij Consumption Epilepsy and tits in 1 duct apos d by self ind u i enee or sexual extrava HOW LOST HOW RESTORED apos X 1 apos apos ly quot d quot irtl u quot u gt something which mi lit to have been done Of en complaining ol weakness debility and low spirits Sometimes some of ti above symptoms attend the disease and at 1 w z other times very few ol them 1 I V I apos I 1 but the Liver is tt uerally the LI L 1 I 1 organ most involved Cure the iw Liver with l SLSDDIO S apos laiver Rsgulalor A preparation of roots and herbs warrant ed to be strictly vegetable and can do no injury to any one A J MOREY Editor n S S W apos amp For the Cynthlana News and each town claim that they have n fcu w l apos i 1 apos otu wKm eula Surevkport La Dee 7th 1870 the best location in the west At 1 Thou shait love no other man Dear News A nother calm and this point I had my mind made np t u 1 n 2 Thou shait not have a dijjuer cool day the sun ts shining weakly to see a nice place but I tell you the reo ype or any olhar hkene ot any Commercial circles tn great activity truth when I say I had not the least ij U t jj v husband The stir and bustle of traffic is every idea ol the place It is a beautiful 3 Tbon sbalt not speak tliy hus u here discerned the anticipations town with splendid dwellings and band s name with levity of a favorable trade every day crows tine business houses nice wide 4 Remember thy husbands com i 1 mandments to keep them sacred brighter and more promising Cot streets alive with bustness 5 Honor thy h sband aud obey ton the great and chief product of To day Capt Givens went out into him that thou mayest be long in our once beautiful South land is the the country fifteen miles up the the home he has pt gt v t 1 only cry The streets of our oily Platte liver with an old Kentuckian halt not find lault when are crow led with wagon hwkaf it who took him out in his buggy lie 1 V 11 apos 4 1 kt a 1 j smoke gt Irom the lar interior of I exas drawn says there is enough ol land in h s 8 1011 s ia i t gt t porn j t lhy j us by S or 10 oxen whilst the cars on neighborhood for a good sized col band to wear a buttoiileas shirt but the S P It It are well loaded ony If the Captain is pleased with shall k ep his clothing in good re jury to any one C T Tl e Cynthiami Xcw quot lias the Our planters are using all their ener thecountrv wcwillgoouttogelher l nr Itliasbeeii used byliinulreils aBo known largest Ciivnlatior of any Paper in llarri 51 lliou shait not continuallv lt l or Uw last 33 years sis one of he mas re W gt H t OMnt or itl tllc sixlll congressional time and negroes in p ck ng and and look at it But we also intend al 0 lt ietr i ec il t lv nandT d IX ov X apos H to E e apos SriSt K apos a gt istriet ginning cotton A large number of j to go down on the Arkansas We S band and I I ST published seeond edition I r LEWIS 254 pages The Mediea i Companion ami ui le t lt licaltli on the radieal eure ol Supermatorrluea or Seminal Weakness linpoteney Mental and Physical camp dysentery alfeetions of the kill nets incapacity Impediments to Marriage etc cr nerviousness chills diseases of the and the Venera ami Syphilstic Maladies s x t in purity of the blood melancholy or with plain and clear directions for the depression of spirits heartburn eolie or ioV s a Vl h rni less prepara or in t e Sixth Congressional about neglecting thy husband and roll to t iie siiUci ina 1 f taken District ginning cotton A large number ot to go down on the Arkansas We lami j v d persistently It is sure to bales of this great staple arrive now have the best of reports lroni there 10 Thou shall not strive to live in sar p uoj o T i Dyspepsia headache jann For the Cyntlii uia News daily and sold to dav at an advance and it is said bv those who are ac the style ol III v neighbor unless thy IIElii LUIIil Bkmkyyn i e Dec 12th ISTO of on apos eiglith per cent over former quainted with the country that the husband is able to support if affection of the bladder The Finislan School S trm Con sales Thu bulk of the cotton sold Arkansas Valiev is the apos boat land in 1 h ilt not covet thy neigh y apos up I 1S o clock M to day a Id the territory itut wo will aalWy 77 7 JSi iiuu 11 is actiii ny im e im are ic mv i gt wu nmtr uii vss iny quainted with the couutry that the husband is aftio to suj porf if Arkansas Valley is tiie heal land in 1 apos nl1 not uVt t thv neigh i M Vrrive at C apos ovi ingtou at 12 01 apos and 7 10 Tin celebrated author in this admiraldt Treat i lt clearly demon si rates I min a lofty 111 1 IIIIII Ul HIV a 1 apos I I II apos I 110 11 v S apos I vr inv wvion OWIVI itnn iio v miv j mv uvov mini l i I eluded up to 12 o clock M to day at 13 the territory But wo will satisfy Zr tlm apos LnT dollar the bloot melancholy or Having given a very condensed 5 S cents lor mixed lots Gold ourselves on that point before wo shawl nor Iter liltv dollar handker s tv cnreoLs o dary symptom pai s i the kclch ll 8f h gt l8 f 81 I8 tl 4 make any report cI p I n r anything tha ts lhy n g l norrinea Meets strictures and all di ca es and ague dropsy boils paiu in back ami Prussia we shall lastly consider Wo all unite with the glorious Tuesday or Wednesday we will boi gt V oVl Wotelle imrpin apos ide 3 biUonsdiM Ser whence they obtain a sufficient sup Democracy of old Kentucky our go up to Greeley and Gheyenne to l Ln t in T n S by ou y J by ZEIUX A CO I 1 o wel1 T u fied toachers Fatherland in exulting over the look at the country and the mode of tl elr or t olhers speak PC game quot i Druggists M aeon C a The want of good teachers being triumph over the Radical party in irrigation 13 Thou shait not scold it lhy hus T valVe333 i iatt DwisSr if strongly felt Frederick the Great your recent election Three times I don apos t intend this as any report hand stay out until alter ten o clock H ill amp SMITH cni jneiu cs WHOLESALE GttO EK cured juuuti AN i simple eertai i which every s I IQl lt gt t D iALlill apos condition inn v i pike treet Covington Kv h i 5y priv la liooU I Storage and Commission Ul V r mai B K 5711153 Distiller and Manufacturer Mi r b 10 1 Pare Bourbon CHE A apos M j Gr Rye Whisky Ro0 B o y d s S t at ion A Tia HARRISON C OUN K c sll0 p S December tfi lSKtt y Main itud mi Ml l 1 apos apos Desirable City Poper ty fer Sale MlIK liavinjT llir lUr m nHol l u l lint in luture miplf all his time tal ut attention ami J the keeping nl Hr l apos U apos lt d sirous of selling li apos ii c and bit ol Oppo S apos quot gt apos lt Juna Ky n l t icing the s pr iperiv occupied a n S a idleS residence by i mi n ei 1 good ihsti tial llriek S t apos l g d P apos a apos sesta id ha all th m css iri out hud hug apos on i ii I on i ting ol Kitchen ry thingjn th never Tailing Well lt water th Lot May 2 M vnd large and well elected i gt rtme ol trait trees grain vines amt lt surra it b i d es p heai tifv and adorning the I lenils l et foil desiring this description ol ro e gt will do well t call IP I t e nuder gned 1 at Ms Store lloi se upon Main s i luj will ta ki great pleasure i i vim all gt yt gt d information or il des ra quot j IT 1 1 anv stiidi person apos as liny well to pur I m Ift lLI e ve r the entire preim es Terms rea onablc Payments easy all o r addm IHtwccn t l gt M Gv I toil HI IM lit I in ll lllU Ol t Ul J I a a 4 1 t i Oltill and cverv man in the land quot c f b lt i li 11 apos apos Sent under s al in a plain envelope are making most reinaik ibh Price 50 cents Address i l LEWIS X o 7 Beach SP Xew oik 40 vears quot private practice March 10 l gt 7n l v CHEAP FRUiT CAMS Grulieplns Rooiig Sheet iron An l Tin Jobbing of all Kinds i MT Shop second door trom lie t gt ruer ol Main and Court Street t all ami see me J IIOSSLI Scptcnibi r 1 1 lt 70 2 iiios C apos aiK orM Tmnors and I Irors formation of Normal echools This mouth ruled Slate are proud of our tbe plains the boys shot at them The Munlerfn or Young Tvre is the French name for them The own Kentucky and anxiously look trom the car windows and one time Captured by new priuci des j apos J apos J J 1 apos r iTTu 1 apos r I l n apos se of study in these schools forward to the time when the voices the cars had to stop on account of Wo made mention in our issue ot wi apos iinnit causth eating or burning nicdi lasts three years The probable of our lovod Breckinridge and oth BufTilos on the track This is no week gt l the kill ingnf the young apos apos Xo mi KK apos n apos i tm apos i nts apos m quot i i gt in i sm wants of every district is ascertained ers can once more be heard in slf T Hut the truth We also saw peons apos by Will apos lac quot l or pariieulars send P r a ip ul ir call an j a certain per cent ol new the Council Chamber of the Nation hiioii or address eitl er of tlic aiw ae 4 Dr Kline will be with Dr D dftu Oeto teachers is presumed to lie the an elegantly and sincerely advocating apos ZrTi 7 ii turns ua dt niaiul for them and the the true principles upon which our Normal schools take so many pupils Government was founded HENRY EGKEN ROTH o more than can find employ Kentuckians are arriving here Maxvkacti iikk or rneiit Hie same Normal school almost weekly among those who II U M A N IIAIIl i trains teachers lor the lower and recently arrived I will mention the new the Council Chamber of the Nation wolves her 1st It and lmli September 2 1 s70 Hunts previous by Will Jack Anderson Ben Franklin John Franklin Gus Yours truly Newkirk and Hudson Brinnigar K F Long near iho Poplar Tavern in this gt county The body ol young lyree I after the murder was concealed aiiMii land al er a search of about a week i ns as bee 7 70 it was found in a sawdust pile at to SwiTcnirs CuBiJt IT tr lt inaxos higher schools Youths who ex names of our young and enterpri paper even comes to us away oh diamond dist Ac hi bit a decided talent and natural alnn Vlil Yitrlt V Al ns gt 4 Cr Nm Ibnir IlDTD itl lv UnCOg I V Si 1 i lit ioAriTA ron and af er a search of about a week St Gkohue Kansas bee 7 70 it was found in a sawdust pile at Editor News Your excellent Hr Ed Hall s mill neai the place apereven comes to us away out w 3 e l e W 8 emitted After the killing tha murderers J amp A FENNELL OpjM gt itc apos oumuTcial Bank K pi oii tantly on liaml a lull assortment ol Sallies Harness Tranks Vali lt ai gt ct Sai ks Briillcs Collar apos t apos omb Spurs Blanket ami i apos V rv t liiiig i gt i t apos lc S ul Hi a ill 1 1 ii ue gt s line Mav 27 1 1 SUAMl OOXIXti lt l lM IXt AND 1IAIL ITTTIXU No rdi Madison Street COVINGTON apos KV 1 1 ScimraO Itinmi lor Lad it and Cbildren O tot er 20 1 7U lv I SI LLIVAX hibit a decided talent and natural sing friend High Rogers from Bour 1 here in Kansas by Saint George e p J e ci apos tiiitrv t apos ikin apos apos quot apos witl Them aptitude lor teaching aru admitted bon county lie will establish n kindly bringing ua word from Iho tour females ot easy virtTie A partT to the Normal schools and they on Wholesale Liquor House Store here land we love A residence apos of nine was formed under the leadership of ler them from sixteen to eighteen Messrs Harrison amp Crutcher the for months in this State gives us a favor Mays to go in pursuit After years ol age mcr of Fayette and the latter ot able opinion of its almost unlimited pouring the country lor several days ti i v i i e i i i i r j i they lin illy got on be track of the J B Kirkpatrick C 0 O P E It o t apos in i jo ls i lj q p U pij s 0 j he Normal schools Scott and hath ardent admirers o advantages as an agricultural and 3 apos a apos od quot M followed thein SULLIVAN i are expected to acquire a competent the News will start a large store stock raising country The past through Powell Bith Magoffin m knowledge of all that is required to consisting of Ladies Fancy Goods season was very dry up to July 17th and caught up with them near y Xsi2jlGr gt M be taught in the common schools also John M Samuels who liases since that time we have had plenty Vanceburg Lewis county They V 3l3Vhu 3 I to apos s3i lv quot d f apos add to that species of infor tablishod a large Nursery Good of rain Corn is light averaging e ra apos imnde l l r re der umi but r ipcr II m ingaml Gtiizing A malion just enlarged and practi for Kenluckv We need more such 20 or 25 bushels per acre Fall L s apos a r l gt im every thing vmiiiwtisl itli tin biisi light ensued when one of the cal notions on the art of teaching enterprising men Send on all en wheat made 1 or 18 bushels per F ra nklin s was killed and the other D apos t apos i i P a i I LI apos 1 1 apos M res lt u lt c bovo tl c The aim of these schools is to form lerprising and energetic young men acre average The fall sowing ol Franklin and Hudson Brinnigar u tuber ii is7 i ly men sound in body and mind and With proper management their wheat looks very promising being were wounded The pursuing par lT g i to imbue tlie puriils with that zeal fondest hopes financially will be as rank and abundant on the ground Lv proved t o much lor them and lames Zv2 a Q oflove required lor the duties of realized More anon as it is in your State generally by be murderers were compelled to AttOrneV at Lf W 1 p surrender lhey were brought into their important and responsible sta C C R the first of May Unit the soil can t j li 1 town M Monday evening last office NO S west Gtii street ion During the last year the pu withstand drouth that would entirely and lodged in jail where they new t apos QVIXC lo X KV pi U of those schools are practiced KY EM StMlLTY destroy growing crops in the more are Bu t ncs I roinjitly attuiidcd to in j n a school ol experiment attached u aj t a f hlirinir eastern States we think was clearly Great praise is due Mays and his apos 3 apos t apos apos ni apos iK Vs isf l tf to the Normal school The expense postmaster handed us Hie follow demonstrated this season Bui then 3 dU Ll tT e m scout apos l quot I V Of these schools is el ietly defrayed info receive 1 from C apt R F Long dr y seasons are more Irequent here St nliuel c j tv R vl x ii by the Government There is one r i 1 i gt fl than there and but for this pecu M ti i Strict Cyutliiana Ky Jau arv C 1S70 John L i LishniSiJj CONFECTIONER Ho 507 v aJhon Street COVIXGl OX KY r y wodding n lt l P trtic t nrnisliod in II I aiol gt t Inin K 1 10 lElLEil l COUl apos EB tGE jtween Scott and Madison and oflove required lor the duties of realized More anon Seventh and Eighth Sts i 1 their important and responsible sta 1 C C R I rear lt gt t Brewster lt apos oal Yard offick no 8 west Ctu stueet j t j on During the last year the pu j C apos tJ I X tiTOX KV COVIXGTOX KY f 1 pits of those schools arc practiced KY apos F VI KOCIKTl apos Keep constantly on liamt and make to C Busincs promptly attended to in j n a school of CXpociment attached 11 ai ler Coojieragc ol all kiinlg and sizes Cim innati Ourt 1 apos IT 4 31 Alagee our OOiigmg Bepairiiig pruiuptlv attended to Oil abort Sc gt tcniber R 1S70 tf to the Normal school The expense 09 l n i tpr li u do l 11 s tlie follow i tepot iii lt yii i iinia 1 i tolicr I IsT quot lv rear ot Ilrrwster apos s Coal A aril c o v 1 x lt tox ky ice fapril Uf N EW CAR ENTER SHOP r pAKf Notice tliat I will do work 10 per 1 vent cheaper than any seop in the James Tisdale Att orney at Lf w OFFICE NO S WEST CTU STREET COVINGTON KY C 0 R KY EM SOCIETY conducted the scout M l Sterbng iii j apos OBEKR Court Sqmrr near fYnopn r LV LOCDCr VfCTKS quot ill N iir e apos Taint Shop Cyntliiaiia Ky yil Clt V liy prepared tod ail work in the r d kn rl di 1 apos TO C apos aptenter line and will eontraet to build KOOIlfiV CiL Olidldlu l lI Mi e gt t apos r nn the tuinp up J t I dj Work solicited All my work sliall l aieot Janice i 1 1 4 he done in i manner to suit customer lacked 4 it Ii a Xew Oi oa r The Knoxville Tenn l resa of the th inst says The owners of horses Coppersmith S W Cor Pearl and Lawrence Cl XOI NX ATI Ohio M A iufoeturer of ENGINE amp DISTILLERY WORK Of all kinds such as Ylcohol Stills Columns Pumps ol all kinds Steamboat Coal Oil Chemical amp Brewery Work ys lt l Foantains amt Generators made to Order and Repaired at Sliort Notice march 25 tf IlilKC GOODS LADIES BAZAAR No 33 East 5th Street COVINGTON KY YM V It WATSO r I I gt t X AI MOREY WATSOX amp lii YLAP Wholesale aiuluetail Dealer in GECCBEIE S jBro d S apos frce apos i SELMA ALA n f tl gt es schocl i h jelly Mraye 1 iDR receive 1 fromC pt R F Long ar e more Irequent here SelllilK tlf tv by the Government There is one ne of t e tg gent out j JV t j e than there and but for Ibis pecu Normal school for every 3S5 CG0 Kentucky Emigration Society to lia it vol the soil to withstand them The Horses of Teanto e U AOLNT fob souls select a suitable apos apos place for the found his n art of 1 10 Sl lte were a fai ure quot h V W SIXGEUS SEWIXG MACHINE We have not time to enter more ing of their Association solar as farming is concerned but jbe Kttox c quot n minutely in the details of these h he who sees not as man sees lias inst ajs 1 lie owners of hones J Denver Colorado Dec 1 1 it in Knoxvilleareexcitedoverthean Keeps on hand all kinds of Machine Nee schools but even the meager out provided a cause to avert such a ranee o f a new and strange dm e Threads Silks lt Vc Does repairing We arrived sale and sound last i apos P e r te 1 s apos r apos apos e uis d adjusting Ot Sewing Machines aim j hne of U e Prussian system we have f dlbMt er by giving a quality to the esse among the equities lie first cose unsiiiithiinr Key tilting Jobbing anti lie i sketched is sufficient evidence of 1 picas ni ir soil itself which causes vegetation of which terminated fatally on Sat rnt hhina K v 1 1 Jidv 22 tf 11 i s systematic and beautiful arrange one quot e v I cannot begin to te to grow where otherwise it could not nrday last Die disease appears to meat And we confidently affirm apos l1 H gt quot 1 easi d ani The bottom and upland alike pro ho runt ig gt apos i ringnlarly swill R9BA6K f S BITTERS i m t w quot apos e quot ana tMi y considered the keystone of the c realize le laa tna a Gram at pi esent is worth for winter s j n ee Sal unlay the last one dying on grand system Now let us ask why araTvn ni apos me in 10 w iea 99 cents spring wheat 60 Tuesday night Col It II Armstrong r jAT has not the State of Kentucky es ir quot LS quot it is just like being CO l j s C o rn 50 cents per Ltuslicl apos lost two of his ho r e one on Sunday jsjM gt tablished Normal schools Are we apos in Uincinnali or St Loui8 Your Stock raising especially of cattle andt he 1 l e f ast quot I In i a squares of fine brick business buil hen tlie horses were first noticed v apos always to be at the mercy ol dine aml horses is an important well ils beimr sick the v kli A ork b H tb y i v t i d T tcr he he done in i manner to suit customer Gnnsiiiithinsr Key iltting Jobbing ami ltc sketched is sufiicient evidence of 1 soil itself which catises vegetation ol which terminated fatal lv on Sat j quot i apos sjzftffTssst jjyisir be tit i one bc n t wh n th wi it lt 1 gt i n apos amt Ami we c r en lv alUrm quot nv gt lense I I am with tin e d dud dk 1 fM niN v ROBAGVS BITTERS n t i b quot gt d LnL S it i M 0 I FY K L DLSiAi r I gt considered the keystone of the ie n rea ze l quot e a J ina Grain at pi esent is worth for winter since Sal urduy the last one dvinc on liOilEL TSQ amp III MAP I grand system Now let us ask why j ar a apos quot apos l 11 apos 1 apos apos 10 n 1 1 IC wheat 90 cents spring wheat 60 Tuesday night Pol It II Armstrong ROBAG S BITTERS DeeeiMh 23 1st IT lltl lc c i k fob sale in iiaksison I rot apos NTY I A nirc D A 7 A A R I have a Farm situated 5 LnUIL J u n i rt rtl l j mile We t of tyntlii ina on No 33 East 5th Street tlie Cyiiihiaua ami Itaveu novi vfl apos fiV L Y rreek Turnpike eontaiiiing 13S Acre ot 3 i t i iv g od ai l well tiudicrcd and well watered I quot DIES quot HairGiHwt in every variety with a good brick building eontaiiiing 5 1 gt l a llf gt apos Hair Braid thirl t hignoii room and cellar ami all othe neetssarv S v itel ie Net I apos nff Vmibv Bruslie out building Al maguml Apple Orchard fiirler Crimm apos r Hair lire ing Hair For further particular call on the under l e n gt rative Hair Dye Ac 4c signed lei m to apos apos j i i apos iLy apos j j jj y y ANY DESIGN IX teptowhyRA gt 1 ntm jewelry unit Toini itd p iiv it quot JIT Ail work warranted a represented I a Berkshire Boar 22 months old and flK 1 n T Weigh lt gt 15 poumis p n v i nviii rii ii K r 1 quot l lt i vd by Boh Lee and out of T O Box No CO t oMiigton i y i 1MI sow Marc Si 1 70 ly He will Stand at my Farm near ruddle BOOT AND SHOD November 1 1 1 S70 tf j MANUFACTORY WTw BEAN 2 nioutli old and ItOiiKK apos S STOMACH EITTERS DYSPEPSIA An l r t In at Tunic in t Im w in Id BOBUli apos S I1L00II PILLS SICK HEADACHE WtitmeM mid all IH 1 CIIM Ilf ll o ll iw l llOilACK N BLOOD PURIFIER CtkES SCROFULA i 0 squares of line brick business buil apos When the horses were first noticed always to be at tlie mercy ol ittne 1 anil horses is an important well ti ui V f dings vour mco clean streets with as bein sick they were nearly blind rant teachers many of whom are not donnminalion rf paying bus ness 5 lor there are thous the eyes badly swollen an l the ani competent or are otherwise disqual 1 ands of acres of the best and most raals unable to move Every remedv ilied Kentucky must have her 0 undies t ie it re i ei e r s i nl ritious grasses on which they was applied that the mo t experienc Normal schools or she will utterly oons in cid tctories amp c Ac and nia y j eet a f pleasure from micl sprin fail to carry out the true intent of J 010 1 beaut ul scencry n until late in November or Decern her common school system A ber and years will have passed ert watchmaker a mason a caipenter The morning of our arrival alter muc h of this except the bottom am the wor d The morning of our arrival after may feed at pleasure from mid spring ed i disease l tlie hor e could v u ta suggest but all failed to check the until late in November or Decern 4 progress of the disease Tlie head ber and years will have nassed ere n f the animals only seemed to be much ot this except the bottom and affected though die horses were so must serve an apprenticeship f breakfast we walked down to the smoothest uplands will be enclosed weak as to be unable to move Twen from three to seven j ears before he quot es end Like a look at the or cultivated Stock does as well Lv four hours gt lter being attacked is considered qualified to exercise his prolession But as to an instruc about an llOUr s quot alk or four n Ies the hills and dales ol old Kentucky The Memphis Avalanche publishes tor of youth lew persons seem to a quot a Jud o ot our surprise when q apos j ie elimato is delightful even in the following The Suenska Ameri think it at all necessary tc ascertain mountains thought as u non the blue grass which covers the horses died think it at all necessary tc ascertain quot U b gt unod was fourteen midsummer gentle breezes and cool kanaren a Scandinavian paper pub his capability and fitness And so niiles to 1 10 oot of them Dike s nights render existence enjoyment lished in Chicago thus pitches into long as this course is adhered to it Feak is lo he southwest of us we and we think it is But er De ar k art a 1 K en quot must tend to the manifest detriment 1 A I i i v ry lan l the pri le blita at soka geno mdrifva dessa sina ol the cause of education and to the ur e l lt 19 0 1 L nil fcs away Beloved by Heaven oVrall the world beside j n for all man he ten ultalade asigter unprofitable expenditure of even the Lo quot ss 1 gt eak is to he orthwest apos apos 1 r gt brighter suns dispense serener light I Th j s has alwav ePn our opinion bat miserablepittar ee drawn from the 0 1 ly 00 n iles aWi v apos For 150 or r apos t r t J u quot p uhse ti e gi c w0 have been a little backward in common school fund Hence in H5 miles we can seethe ndges to lhe apos 1 ea lh nf th country is good coming tonvar 1 to express it But conclusion our voice is lor the ostab the orth and boat the same j apos apos h quot n c a f tance south dry and smooth I will not trouble quot apos sgtist ana ne nveUn t attempt to lishment in lventuckv ol at least smooth matters over with hi al w apos i o 1 you with a lengthy communication v dU lin n s 8 1 two Normal schools and the amend quot e ua o met W lth very many t t inanheten ut alado asigter We ment and perfection of the present clevei gentlemen on our route P resen apos advise Benjamin to bottle himself very defective common school Manhattan Kansas we saw Dr uUr j quot P aga n l gt system Kelioe who married one of the Miss apos A New Orleans man advertises a 11 L Lair s a year and a half ago or so piece of property for sale and close and he was ns kind as could be U e ffal s rl want f to know up with The people in the vicinity iii i li 0 is are w liite nccausG her nucle arc loval anil tho rnn r 6 for cattle General Ewell is lam ing near In fact we h e met ith the best lol l her that Mary bail a lillle lamb and lings nnsnrpassed in Amerira MUN y ZKi r Tanner and Courrier HENRY SCHUMAKER Domestic Calf Skins and Kips I S prepare to make Gentlemen apos Fine Shoe Findings tfcc andCoar e B gt l an 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TIIfAXA DWKMRFI 22 H70 matter he done it of his own free lor the conspirators English government will send John Absolute Divorces legally obtained in will and accord and he now propo S John E has admitted that he was Bright a leading man front that st apos it apos b Hr n apos i apos roiM aiiy apos sVir apos c apos r omV A MOKhi Editor e d to withdraw it The Radicals aware of the plot of Booth to ab country to the United States to fix try legal everywhere desertion drm k eunes non support etc suthrlent cause objected to this and insisted on a duct it not assassinate Lincoln and up the Alabama Claims and then no publicity So charge until disorce is SPECIAL NOTICES STOVE 4ND TIN TRADE V J MOREY Editor o n ior iktwiih irum unj diuie or eouu raw it The Radicals aware of the plot of Booth to ab country to the United States to fix try legal everywhere desertion drunk einiesv non support etc sultic lent cause ins and insisted on a duct it not assassinate Lincoln and up the Alabama Claims and then no publicity Xo charge until ditorce is vote w hich was taken and resulted we think it would be more prudent prepare to pay them oft The amount j obr ui neti apos jJjYYj BDS lt X 4 to 54 that the resolution should 1 for him to pursue some other calling of losses is put at nine millions and i Cotinselior at Law ISO Broadway Xcw York I not even receive the respectful con for an honest livelihood than that of England has doubtless counted the apos 1 gt gt gt c N sidera ion of that august body lecturer and net appear before the cost of war and found that as a mere MlllHlfe Kenton Insurance jv During the debate Mr Sumner masses of the people as a regular nominal transaction they would save Company of Kentucky stated that he was present when Mr dead beat too lazy to work and a large amount to pay the Claim Cynthiaxa Kv Xov l 70 L Stanton gave the order for the bu not intelligence enough te make a If the English pay those Claims quot apos jj K V tu T vo apos m v apos t a7kf for X J rial ol the Federal dead at Arling good speaker they will be jmtlv termed a nation prompt manner in which your Company r i i j r r adjusted and paid m ll loss on mv dwell ton and said that Stanton issued ol cowards and the English Govern iug of 2 oofc revered l y a policy apos In your VI the order to prevent any ol the Lee Christmas ment shouid be wiped from the face Company and take great pleasure in rec Jameson has a large lot suitable iw fo lhai p emnuiuiing the Kenton rs a prompt and lias the lamily from ever getting a foothold i i apos hee uUi lliev leai Beast But reliable lions Company worthy ot the j t cosi oi war anu lou m iuai as a mere IllsIlian 0 Kenton luMi an e nominal transaction they would save Company of Kentucky a large amount to pay the Claim Cyxtiuana Ky Xov 1870 ic l if l a gt V Shinkik Kxj President Dear Sir It the English p n t n gt se t l ums to return you my thanks for the they will be jmtlv termed a nation prompt manner In wldeh your Company r adjusted and paid me the loss on mv dwell apos d cowards and tile English Govern jn lt r of 2 Ktk meml l gt y a policy In your J 1 Succc sor to Shannon Co MAIN STREET YNTHUNA KY Ifas now on hand the largest assort ment ol Cooking and Heating Stoves ever brought to this city which he is prepared to sell lower than t lie lowest tyT Cv if dana Xewe lias tlie family from ever getting a foothold ilrgvst C1rcaia o i of j paper in Harri there again showing the spirit of s CD ante or lu ta ixt apos u Congressional 4 T vindictiveness and hate that dwelt in btstrirf r r the heart of that illustrious dead r vvninim Secretary of War Taking Mr Sum KUIK Al gt IX II 4 RAMA fODIDAim 4 j CT f uiivizcd to announce D HOW I apos AT TH e a candidate for re election family from ever getting a foothold apos apos ot the earth lliev fear Beast But reliable Hour Company worth v oi thepat i i i f i for the gayest and the grave ii j n ik i ronage of our people tnere again showing the spirit ol h apos tier a gas on the Fisheries j speetf JOHX M I Wit vindictiveness and hate that dwelt in miii U gt IX 4I AB4MA a R M Collier Agent Cvnthiansu Kv 1 the heart of that illustrious dead quot lhe Iast Stote election held WISTEB IS Ht BE c eUrj 0 ar apos 11 ln llM apos Alabama in Nuverober the Ib inoc The mercury is boverina at the T asMipihr Iier s remarks as true vve are led to Tho advertiser having be n pennunently tl a racy were triumphant lliev elected freezing point and winter so long cured lt gt i that dieail di eas gt l iuiMiniprion the inquiry what motives animated r R bv a simple reim dv u nnxinn n make si a Co crnoi Robert B Lindsay ja delayed is at last with us The k i to hU nllow sntlenr the means lt i THE EXCELLENT the inquiry what motives animated R Goverilf ri Robert B Lindsay a delayed apos is at last with us l he oi m Lcx lui v ie 16 ea ers n gentleman who stands hi li in lhe present season has been the most iro gt i desire it he wHi i d apos o 24 apos 0r 1 lr n lt r e ri e lt 011 1 i confidence of lhe people of that pleasant we can call to memory charge with lhe i v ii mA r preparing r rhorizc T to annovnt e II A M apos TN I LRs N a ftcamiidate for Snpcrln u efI Mif I n Tnictio ubie t to of apos he f gt n apos crrHtlt Slate Cou r t e i decl5 I 4I ER WEXT KECK Christ in his teachings to the world Tn cccprOtir cc with the general taught u to forgive those who North d lnns the rebellion quot l gt icl j r c copy oi tin i gt rc H nntK n ummi tree ot confidence of the people of that pleasant we can call to memory charge wirh tin drn lt i ion f lt gt r preparing nay not have a Christian feeling to t Sta e Alter his election lie and our most antique citizens can im apos v i h tl apos V il1 apos li l w ird the Soiifli apos Wns it their in c ul srnK Cure tor Lonsniiiptlon Asthma Bron quot apos quaiilicd himself and repaired to i not remenilter a comparison There apos h uK v lt l apos artic w i lling the preserip tention to crush out and forever tlon win k c address i Montgomen the capital to enter has as yet been but little ice even Rev EDWaijd wit SOX pi ipi litu o da k al v d l in an U p 0n j e duties of his high oftiee j the ground is almost Iree from frost a tonnecte ltitie e e ion 5 lorl j v upon his arrival there he and the farmer who would choose to was given to understand by the seal anticipate spring might drive his apos em n d i o dee tn a n awag apos V H Smith the nicumbeiit plow share through his fields with om a d o der to give our em trespass agarf t us but such seems iS that he Smith would not give up ease Clothing purchased lor r n Rev EDWARD A W 1 1 SOX 105 South Second street derl 5 quot 0 ly Williamsburg X Y Errors of Youth 1 gentleman who suffered for veers from Nervous Debility Premature Decay and all tbe effects of youthful indiscretion will 1 mm IpW apos l mm i veea fc Ppportnnity to enjoy the not lo be the principle which gov f e apos tor the sake ol suffering humanity semi tre TiO nnt iaati li Vue i u A his place Or the properly of the Mate wear has been sufficient to protect fieetoallwhoneedittherecipeanddiree HoLd ys rcwi not isotie theNtvvs emed tbe Bad cal administration bot intendeJ tQ retain poSbe ssion ol us f rora the elements and the fuell apos r apos r r v i e s r ee r T e ul commence the durinsr he snnreme reiirn of Stan whieh he was on rod Suflcrers wishing to COAL AND WOOD STOVES doel5 70 ly JOIIX 0 OGDE V 42 Cedar st New York S r e fill commence the during the snnreme reign of Stan i i 1 apos which he was ourec apos SutlVren wishing lo r ic i i the Executive office and claimed as piJes have been only lightly visited profit by the adivertiser s experience can do e ysai anuary oth lbi 1 ton and others But a brighter day c so by addressing in i gt rfcct confidence the Selma Argus saje to be Oov and thoso who have put off lhe pur JOHX B OGDE V K AR rw caw mug an is not lar istant ernor relying upon his efforts to chases of their winter clolhiag and decIS lt 0 ly 42 Ocdarst New York l j dr a t battle U lw quot J aecoried apos Z apos Z quot o P Tr apos ed d apos eat i l H 1 quot gt s j quot P fuel on account of lb nuWnoss of Tbe a Pl gt apos rlu sib be our la t i Bue and the Pl apos ol llie law and the will of tbe the weather are warned not tn be Ulllu d SMt Ahn r n remains almost uachan ed people deceived There is a long season lo 1871 for dUtr button gratis throughout The Great l ietoriul Xnnuul apos ri quot apos iiice our last i due and Lhe tv cn remains almost u iciia iged c uy n apos iit opening of the bom r rt ci Paris is attributed to of ammunition in the German a n y the reads nre so heavy ti at JOHX II SI KK ATT This individual is now attci apos llobtetter apos s United States Almanac for ople deceived There is a long season lo 1871 lor distr button gratis throughout On Wednesday the 7lh of Peer in come before the budding of the Irj apos cAnhc Vcltcn apos apos iiemis dilre wu gt apos 1 be to gain more notoriety by giving pub lie lectures Eor some time past In an be brought forwurd ut pie ias rernailie i in obscurity at least her Governor Limlsav nr iceedeil lo spring flowers The cold piercing publp 11 about the iir t of lanuary in the W attcmpllllg 1 apos quot 1 English Geiman French Norwegian take active measures against Mnillp winds and snows of tlie next three Welsh Swc ish Holland Bohemian and UmTpasUie ll e ra lical revolutionary Governor j months will probably make up for apos uir ra Ml la n J Ae W ir f i quot apos 1 Governor Limlsav made complaint winter s delay should read end ponder the valuable sug Early Bird New Star Alaska Lady Gay New A1 legal or California New Kentuckian Comibg h Sense Sylph PARLOR COOK STOVES 3 n apos c gt ra jse it is stated we have heaid nothing in regard to V cd the movement of the him It appeargi however that he to the Circuit Judge of the 2nd Judicial District of Alabama Judge gestious it contains In additio to an ail And While we prepare ourselves mi cable medical treatise on the causes gt n lor the winter s cold let us not for vention and cure of a great variety f lt 1D j it rmbr u t s i irtft uin nmt I in Sun Beam HEATING STOVES o run A dispatch from i James L Smith who commanded get the poor and needv around but formation interesting to the merchant tire has been teaching a school in Rock rt w r r mee mnie the mine r the farmer the plant A f t e bombardment i e Maryland About Uo weeks the bher ff to bnn S w 11 bm th be apos extend them a helping hand lhere r d profosional man and the ealcla before the 1st of tore him that he might show cause are poor in our midst and what would tions have been made for sueh meridians since lie announced that he would 1 and latitudes as are most suitable fora eor Ilose Bud Eclipse Alaska Cannon Siuvv uv ini no ii iil v vi UDIL lie nuill apos l r I I I 1 umi im n imr v us mi mwsi xunauii apos km a rui tj e meantime the army de j iver a i ec iure in the court liouse lf a quot y w y he s louM not e C0I 1 t appear a mere Irille o many would reet and eompreiiensive National lt Dn lar j am prepared to furnish any range in the United Stale at the lowe r being hcavly rein apos i it sUied that another wili fcc com F II WO i apos Ruitkic iias re position in the United r ny arul taken up his res Co iuglon Ky where he apos T pelled lo deliver over to said liobt prove of much to them nr i C e at that place in wlindi he would give 1 itar efteets of llostetter s Moniach BiU ts price B Lllldsav as such jovernor the a the Staph tonic and alterative of more than all tlie incidents ol his connection 1 hall tlie Cliristian world are Inlly set forth Call and see me w th lhe assassination of Presiilent P ro F rr v aioresa u Jiie rt pon xoBTumDug in U i ages which are also interspersed MATM QTPPTT ri dent W II Smith appeared and Wo do not wish to inform you quot itl1 l i U ri d illustrations valuable re M A 1 W b 1 K L L I Lincoln etc lie repeated the same 1 a TV w I r I cines for Hie household and farm humorous f Y v l a fier one days argument this radical reader that Lfr wonderful or any edotes and other instructive and aiuus j Where you can buy a Str e at any price from Alo to ll Odd n U C apos r n r Smith come to the conclusion to iel man has discovered a remedy iug reading niatter original and elee ed p a j es furnished for any stove on Ihursday n ght of last week gjye a j jon te whjch the hat euros nil diseases of mind body Among A uukto the WhoJesale buyer3 w I please examine our Stock of His remarks embrace the history r p nn p no efoct him a sec or esla gt n is designed to make 0 st u etul and mnv be had for the asking of 1 ltfi j people would not elect turn a arc our sublunary sphere a blissful 1 ara lhe proprietors Me rs llo apos tcttcr amp Smith m iedmitv ho past seten or on j time Tin Selma Argus iur dise to which Heaven itself shall be apos i apos t burgh t a oiireeeipt of a two vent J apos 7 apos Y eight years He says he was intro t r mavm but a side show but we do wish to sUm w 1 11 fonuranl py by mad to any w apos tlier sav s u suie sno dul we io whu 10 pers ti who cannot rot ire one in Ins own duccdto John Wilkes Booth in 1864 And llmSi we suppose is lo end inform you that Dr Sage s Catarrh l kd b lt gt rh apos vod JI e lii tiers are sold in ev purc hasing elsewhere anl furnished that enthusiast with the most groundless absurd at d Remedy has cured thousands of cases sivt fo used tliroughoutUie nltire apos eivilized If you want Stoves Tinware Sheet Iron Work Roofing Giillerin on Thursday night of last week His remarks embrace the historv eight vears lie savs he was intro j mence the practice i 1 duccd to John Wilkes Booth in 1864 n gt r tand tuat tie General a tl f u r il apos sl ed that enthusiast with i the most groundless absurd ar d I Bemedy has cured thousands of cases T apos L y r i f 4 a information concerning the roads wicked conepiracv known in the Catarrali in its worst forms and world apos oil atiU ol flic ife 3 I I o i l ll nrnnnptnv will one apos A Cyiithiuna apos curing lhe i that li V72 not very noto pei cc uiions against our Li v iiave iieard him U digging iiis ditches on leading from Washington across the history of this country in which stages and lhe proprietor will pay v 7 Tr n fi i war has heen hror ht nearer tn NjOO for a case ol tills loathsome I lt ISi ev ity of l ilt lotnmac e met several times j doors of our people thin the idisease which he cannot cure It Tism gt t fn man to apos trifle life Is brief Surratt gt apos I mo Sl rihem Save JreL apos eJ k ami pr m e l f or hy Vc tX Lightning Rods Ac call on November 3 1S70 E SMITH reticent with rcg rtrd to his purpose I jq which the conspirators them i ixly cents from iv refused to tell him anything at all selves could have succeeded only at I ierce M D Buffalo N A pampli nw iUo of tk earth works Sfill according to Surratts sliowinc the cost of whal is more preciom Di mm apos iatic Main Convention hL AY quot p on quot Mrs Lrazer s he tel1 Booth a great deal and 1 f i although lift Irenucntlv apos denied anv l cxnoersifir C omeiitioii O ii o aouh Side of ynihiana rt wu r quot iM qurnuy uenieu any ao j oug ht not to have submitted apos Li a u c ror that Gid k l0 quot fo S e ol an attempt to assas have the laws overridden and Rooms De in State rent ral Com j i i ni r ee was g ait apos of sinate the President admitted that their will defied by a handful ol Fkankkokt Kv Nov 14 1870 in iir Ij M apos xic m wt he said to Booth I know what you selfish desperate and condemned j apos e Democratic Central Comm i c as g iltyolL in aie tid what are your intentions 1 o Aould like to know am a apos apos ou hern man 1 wil1 not P rom Radicalism is the same every ma ue pi rurtru ui uruggisis m uy Wo hl ve t lIIP to K gt rt awnv tbe li urs i mail for sixty rents from K V All uin lt t beearm i in a world like ours 1 Pierce M D Buffalo N V A pampli Not many lives Lut lt gt lt n ve we 1 r llow saereil should that one be And still how many fritter away their lives unable to fill any useful Uemowratic Mute Convention purpose because some lingering dis a r i n ease until t hem lor it and I hey neg Rooms Dem State Tcntral Com r i v 1C gt M ect or refuse to use the remedies I kaxkkokt Ky Nov 14 18i0 apos within their reach God in hi won I lie Democratic Central Commit derful arrangement of nature has tee heretofore on the 15th of Sep provided an antidote lor all the ills t tember 1870 issued the following fiat human llesli is heir to u d by Dry Goods Carpels etc JUST RECEIVED AT Wil licit wboveee e secrecy if you cannot trust me j where and at aJI times 11 come call ior a State Convention of the heaid of science the medicimji vir lt c uuovige 1 into evistenre bv rp volutionarv an tues of certain herbs roots and barks i eg u string Ruii tie s wc sl aI1 separate Booth divulged j nt0 e stence bv o Uonary a Democratic party have been combined and tbe result i e particulars r his plan This was to abduct the n0 nce e ils antl revolutionary pro To the Democracy v o e wn as well a President and take him to Richmond cee apos n gs lhe first meeting held in In discharge of the duty devolv worl 1 as Misiilkh s herb sittkrs Il r apos own at it did there to be held as a hostage till the Chicago at the wigwam uttered on j n g upon us to designate the time and thoroughly purifies the blood invigor I oplin Confederate prisoners in Northern institutional sentiments and taking lace at wllich a state Convention a es he nervous fibres elevates the jails sbould be released He told P fanatical and eetional cry sballbe held we hereby insilo jon lo r s a a quot apos l healthful toMoflhJ hi im to miir how he had gone to Montreal with declared war against all opponents meet m Frnnklnrl l o haturdsy dan apos J L have been conibiired and tbe result e i riR v I I li WINTFIv of Kentucky is now known all over the civilized A large and elegant Stock of DR GOOI K I lt H I 1 ALL AND ls K V a apos c T nze su j silk Silk Poplins Emp Cloth Merinos Alpacas 1 lai l Wool duty devolv worl J as Misiilehs herb jittkbs It win is oim gt i lt X IOX ESTATE sustains a most healthful tone of the l apos abri Also Flannels Cas imere Cloths Jeans Cloaking Shawls e yets eto I am opening an unusually large and attractive stock of very desirable fabrics suitable for this season ol the veer which I offer to the Ladie ot Mon iay week our Senator dispatches l ow he had slipped and especially those who dared to uary 7th 1871 lor the purpose ol 1 c UB1 ooppeu nominating camliilales lor the 1 llow i i McCreeiy submitted a through the hands of the Govern dec are lhe r adherence to filled at the next entire human organization Sold bv all druggists and dealers I apos r S B Covington and vicinity at very low prices 1 have taken much pains in selecting my tall stock and can sate y an S Senate in rueut detectives whom lie looked be Constitution oi our common U g US election Governor Lieu uirvig ri he Arlington estate on upon as the stupidest detectives in i coun r y TV hen this wigwam or i tenant Governor Attorney General ing offices to be filledat the next Hai tman amp Lo I rnprietors Lan caster Pa sure my Customers that they will find it as choice and desirable as the market affords I will not enumerate prices but cordially invite examination of our entire stock and comparison ol any other liouso either in Covington or r incmnati r n y gt JAMES W WALKER ic iai Government has the world how lie went to Elmira to ra lica l P art v took possession of the Auditor Treasurer Register ol the TQQnr HTTflM f Cincinnati A r rTvn emetery for yankee make sketches of the prison fcs he Government they baptised the in UibbULU J lUJN JAMES W WALKER iic s i e lt u confiscated by stopped at the hotel and registered a u r a ion with blood and tor four fcj n or i ar that the Convention may The part ucnihip heretofore twisting be apos and whether it his name how the news of the assas lo g weary y ar Hu infamous uearly p Mi b e t ISilSiSS tiCornep oLSixlh and Madison treets r 1 done and asked sication reached him and how he S an amp plundered burned and tnur representative body ol the party tlie tually dissolved on tlie 17tn day of No j TWld v aw of lhe same to the heirs was surprised and astonished He apos dered tl e country over County Committees aro instructed vender 1870 LlljilOil fV r l Lee lt n Tuesday it was told of his escape to Canada of his Tlie V nade lo S prayers and sung alter a lull and timely notice to call adOLIMI BROIL j ffofnher 1870 3mo i i i meetings to be held in tlie various Uctouer icio omo J oei u coniiscaieu by stopped at the hotel and registered w uu or j ar mat the Convoirtion may The nartm nihip heretofore mbting bc and whet her it his name how the news of the assas on S weary years this infamous lie tr y as possible be a true bua amp r 2 done and asked sication reached him and how he S an amp plundered burned and raur represenlativo body ot the party tlie tuully dissolved on the 17tn day of Ne r quot J f the same to the heirs was surprised and astonished He apos de re lt i U e country over County Committees aro instructed vender 1870 eral Lee lt n Tuesday it w told of his escape to Canada of his The V naJ e long prayers and sung a lt cr a lull and timely notice to call ADOLl II liROII apos P gt wheu Mr concealment there ol the espionage h vmns and lH apos apos f ht inlam gt a ld con comitie ot he Slate lot the purpose JJf rtree SsitT apos the Cou apos rt i Ul p v v F rx lt lv i i t rr l temn nnon a w m nim p nrBtiMisiniis i 1 1 st iiiU oil iii stmia o j gt o 11 c im i 01 11 u reery o e on the merits of his quondam friend Louis Weich tempt upon all who made pretensions of appoiming delegates the number house by t e lt and tiio rerciution in a style man and of tbe receipt of the news to goodness and this they done in 0 f which it is recommended shall j ArxiLPll BROII 4 somewhat urpwsed the mem of liis mother s execution the name ol humanity as nearly as practicable conform to quot s apos apos jet s uf the Senate and the lobyists When lie spoke of Weicliman the The people have had enough of the number ol votes to which each ia c Ul ueavery its gracelully telling parto I his lecture was made radlcal humanity and radical chris by quot quot ule usual l adopfod apos urded phrases ami high eulogium in this language A perjured villiau tianity and the power which has 0 f on lt voto Tor every Hundred l gt etno STRAYED From the subscriber on Sunday night DRY t UOIK UlIlhD INC V UU 7 UII IIVA III v ivvmi e op am two or three gave their purposes May God forgive Inin as he y sll0 apos y their principles their e j rom many portions of the State tlV Slu e jvcd lii d lfbeiSliv rc WHOLESALE amp RETAIL DRY GOODS 76 and 78 West Fourth Street non west so bn as to move that cannot see the propriety of it Doe uloo just so u iiey can U e rfi 8eem j ntf t 8 beaatedo not receive it Then he wish at this late day to make j get to rob and plunder tbe people to the Comni j tte e good and sufficient Jr Trumbull of lllinios arose and money out of tlie xvkdcr ol his a 1 l enrich themselves we have determined to ehamge the aid tbit cot to receivo or pay any mother by an infatuated imbecile day for the meeting of the Convert Atteatioa to the resolution of tbe who held the position of Secretary ol Jimn 1 tion to W ednesday the 3d day of NrrtMiOl of keulucky would be a i War at the time Unco In was killed Has njade a special preparation v itec T o apos me et i gt n fori foMhe uiibeani of precedent it as well as Or does he wish the people both lor Offrislwae His stock embraces p VposesVnd hi the manner indicated any other measure wae entitled to North and 8 outb to believe that fie evdrylhing illustrative of modern j n the former call reepeoliu coHsiderala o etc He had no complicity in the assassin ingenuity in the way of toys and Geo W Ckaddock of tlse Republican members ationt In his lecture he does not fancy articles We couldn t name 8 1 M Major in net of rwmwg if Mr attempt lo show that his mother was the bandreth part ef them wete we w aTd it Davis of ity moved that the re not connected with the affair We so disposed Suffice it to siy he has L To bin httion belaid on the fable After Grnily believe that she knew nothing something suited to purses of all J as A Dawson considerable hubbub and excitement of the conspiracy either for abduc sixes persona of all ages and tastes W P D Bush been rawed Mr MeCremy eta ti amp ox asiaseination lieeping a lliey ace tunny fanciful and elegaut J Stoddard Joiinstox reasons for the said request seeming to the Committee good and sufficient we have determined to eh an ge tiie iiA yrD 0 CUniTC day for the meeting of the Convert 1 UU l O tX ullvz G tion to Wednesday tbe 3d day of May 1871 on which dsy the party is rp tt r T Q TI invited to meet at Frankfort for the J VV i Jj O H purposes and in the manner indicated TjASo cned an exlensfre Bo t and Shoe in the former rail I 1 Manufacturing EaUWUliMcaMn Cyn 1 1 ManHfacturingEstaWLtiMcsUii Cyn thiana on Court street opposite the Court house where he letters himseM that be can ina ke up work to suit the people of 1 Cyntliiana and Harrison counry ty He will tlo his work well and at clie rp rates tW fob Work done trp promptly and 1 satisfactorily W Call and see him 1 dec 8 7ff i W U JOHNSON amp CO have adopted the system ol advertising their House over he counter and hall each day sell a line of goods at a sacrifice in price equal to the cost of double column newspaper advertise ments thus giving the Trade the benfiit ot tins large outlay Our stock is one of the most comprehensive ever shown in his city W H JOHNSON amp CO SUCCESSORS TO C W DE LAND November 10 1870 CY NTH 1 A N A NEWS r quot A HO MOW LOST 4 RESTORED NEW AND COMPLETE Uequests all his patrons to rcmorr Aro Buying a caipei lor auraouuy ronpeni v T n lA Vm K apos gt bef that be will ali on them on choose small figures The same rule lt J gt Db apos cL apos EvKRW ELL CELEBBA I riM t I Saturday the day before New Years 1 will hold good in buying groceries l Tll I TDY I I if A I r r 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act ice that the alarming owl 1 1 1 n I n nr 1 n lt o d Irin 1 I 1 1 r 1 1 nl I t i li isc limy In nnlle ll News office for 1 00 per hundred eraI niianty good Iiei im ana Kinu ly cured without the dangerous use of in vYvirtue of a Judgment rendered at the i ly interchanges Christmas comes M tBKIED ternal medicine or the application of the I last term of the Jessamine circuit court ternfft i a r r 1 apos knife pointing out a mode of cure at once j the ease of II II Daniel Assignee vg w Prrrrirm V Co 37 P n Row on v once a year and 111 coilse Oil Tuesday iH cember 20 18 0 at tin sinip e certain ami effectual ii v means of Gregg Muir A Co the undersigned as VXD apos quence our people always adapt ri i i 1 n t ce ii o tAl idw w apos i n l evi ry sufferer no matter what liw Commissioner will proceed t si ll on the 1 1 11 1 Ui k tts Mr Ililar O ild gt is oi condition may bt may cure lihn eU cheap premises gt n Gro I KoirrxL 6i i 0 40 1 ark kew themselves to the occasion Fore and Miss Sarnie A Cassell of Fayette co jy privately ami radieallv rr our only authorized Advertising l i nft Wc congratulate our friend upon his good apos C3T Tliia lecture should be in the hands AgenuinN MV uk most 111 t e raiiK 111 e L n fortune in obtaining fof a partner in life s of every v jntli and man in the land Wednesday January 11th IW71 tice that Mr M Jameson the gro the fair von bti lo it nt under seaL in a plain envelope to great struggle t lie lair jon g biuie II t ll y address postpaid ou receipt of six cts 1 1 r r Z I I V fl ce fa on Ma n street opposite flic woman can level the mountains and make gt r two post stamps The Distillery of said Defendant situated eii f published a new edition of D it CULVER V ELL S CELEBRA apos apos riage t also Consumption Epilepsy Thousauds land Kits induced by self indulgence or attest its virtues and from all quar 1 sexual extravagance iters of the Globe come testimonials 7 VoDraV 1 l l nut or Vu apos t iV apos iu I Tr D DISTILLERY PUBLIC SALE consequences of self abuse may be radlcal AgenlR M 1 ri Gro 1 Bowr LL A Co 40 Park Row ly cured without the dangerous use lt gt t in gt V virtue of a judgment rendered at the temal medicine or the application lt gt t the l gt last term of the Jessamine circuit court vrr our only authorized Advertising l aa n nn Wc congratulate our friend upon his good ThU l ecture should be in the ham Agents in X w York m0St gt ls MSIs0n C n0 fortum obtaining f f a partner in life s of every v juth and man in the land tice that Mr M Jameson the gro t the apos f dr von bii le n gt ent under sea L in a plain envelope I rtru ic apos e Fur biuio quot f any julJresk po tpaidt ou receipt of ds rt 5 apos V II I cer on Main street opposite tile woman can level the mountains ami make or two post stamps M j V 1 Jll 1 A Vi Courthouse square has received a the rougli ways of tile smooth Hilary s Also Dr Culverwell s Marriage Guide PTTFAP FOP P A QtT f large and general assortment of all j iri quot apos quot 1 1 r lt apos it iinl gt l thiough a b d lt gt i I A i rei s t e publislu r GnLA l rUriL Aon r ses Our worst wish for the happy con CHAS J HLIXfc A CO 1 1 VIN G pureha ed of Mr H W Rose 8 O0l S in Ills lino quot hiCll lie li apos Mtes 1 j p tlirit they may never hare a friend J 127 Bowery New York II hi gt stock gt f all persons to examine even if they less sincere than any of those who were Post ofli e Box lec 22 70 ly lt I OTI1IXG BOOT 5 SHOES GF NTS do or not purcliase Then again apos I apos rcsont nt the marriage nupiuds SPECIALITIES BOURBON DISTILLERY kou the for sale r OFFER for sale my Dl tliiery proper r 1 at Midway Woodiord coaaty K r en n j Tvr j m j K a A Fall ana Winter Trade bv fls capacity Haying been bgt itttie used ami in e lt m j pteto running order with sheds ud pens V TTENTION is CALLED 0 srtilieient to slop a large number of sto k a so cribs and jrralucrle tc ho all h j SPECIAL BARGAINS IN grain desired alao A Good Family Residence Fopo ni gt a 9 Three Story Brick Fire prrof Furs Warehouse Capable of storing r cco hnrrels 1 This property Ddireotiy on the switch bnawls Of the LoniivUlr Cincinnati ahd Lexlug Tlie Distillery of sahl Dei enuauts situated Furs Furs Shawls Shawls pacity is Flannels furnishing GOODS AC lor he beneatef he y n folk will 11 at price that will urprise you lie hlis laid ill a supply ot toys that tluaua by the Bev I B M iles of Coving ro t7u erivn vm U uouo xci jjav I want money ami must have it they ir av desire during these festive t lt K r t ami Uu Carrie f j r 1 1 n 4 r 1 1 There h unfading Water Power snmeittiit I OTIIING MADE TOT DEB times Helms the jumping jack E Reynolds No cards O V h 1 j to run the Distillery and Fuel for Mashing MJTII I NG MADE TOXHIDER times Helms the jumping jack E Reynolds No cards i Sueh is the an nouneement that carries tlie nuniosi s is Rem r iber tin pla e Main street op the velocipede the op the L lunese llIt4 lliir lt lie lt of t 1 lt 5 io 0 f t I e liearta and A X II TWO DWELLING HOI apos SES apos A Fine Wagon Making 400 Bushels Per Day Blankets ND blacksmith stand FOR Carriage Robes S a j There la nnfHilin r Water rower dnfi ieiit o V j to run the DUtillery and Fuel for Mashing vn Twn nwi i v r tinr N pKrpo u House Furnishing ND TWO DlVELLING IlOLohS ABUNDANT AND NEAR AT HAND 0 AND LOTS The Distillery is on a good turnpike road AND leading to Nichola sville the present term T A VING determined toeliaiige our bus n us of the Kentucky Central R II Also T Yn PTI fTfinflS L iness wc propose to sell prTvntelyonr JJU1CU klGUO KJLKj AGON MAKING AND BLACKSMITH nciraii n A rYT cii n WE SHALL continue to n3er ton Ri iirond and cars can lie loaded erv unloaded without diayage and iltnated as it Is in one of ihe be t grain and iiog pro iu lng sections of the State could at little expense be converted i n gt a splendid langhtering and parking ROBLUT DF D MAN October 27 iS7o lt v t Cynthiana News Jpv tn amount of SIO and charge this ott l xl wtor Gxrette GO TC iM m um place MM street op me veioe peue me u T e ntlllI1 0 f the union of the hearts and AND TWO DWELLING HOUSES apos ABUNDANT VXD NEAR AT II VXD t the urt h V thiana Ky crackers in lact everything to tic livesof another brave fell and fair apos dangli V1 T nT lt apos apos ADol J II BROIL kle the fancy of the little ones and ter of Kentucky to their many friends 1 apos leJdiu u gt NiehoD pre apos ent 0 t n Thc kills IMere at ihe same time amu the older The ceremony as given by the reverend J inlts oF the Stocky Central R 11 Also Is on Dike Si reel with a large and neor e gentleman was most beautiful and impres people a v and wt s performed in the presence of AbU iAiu w isi ai iv mi 1 11 t For 0 general variety of Christ relatives and a few select friends at three STAND together with two 1 A NeW CODPer Still o l w rfviM oar Oder a quot in i n lt i quot AOieiuber J II I lion srenared under the aeeomnlislied di with stable spring house chicken house to patronize Jameson under the m d smoke house attac A Pair of Fairbanks Scales in good order V rection ot the fair hostess was partaken of r lU u rmncMiu and a l irof Platform Scales t 1 mi Cl Nf wsouice in time for the happy couple and their at so 11 scVel f miles west ot Cy nUiiana on rluj TERMS The property wHI be sold in 1 iiate ai gt OUi Liter coats gt lt apos quot tendants to take the Northern afternoon p ynthiana and Connersvil apos le turnpike and two equal annual payments of six and Cl mere Suits f 00 Vests and oairs urlwmaii 4 1 ex press train We learn that the wedding Is an excellent location for the business twelve months with interest from date 4 r i gt o J here will be a Christmas Lee 1 1 w jii embrace the North western States 1 TERMS REASONABLE T H LP NIEI ct I ants and a lot OI Hools bhoes nrn tai tn s l hul school 11 L r m i Mr d i i a tommissioner Jessamine Circuit Court Miller a McMilleifs LUMBER YARD A New Copper Still c o ods Unusually Low mm to patronize Jameson under the apos I quot quot l 1 apos 1 apos apos ar d smoke house Ittae A fair of Fairbanks Scales in good order i quot n U quot quot I w v 1 rection ot the fair hostess was partaken of nione rtv issitii Ucl in Connersvllle Bair of Platform Scales 1 Min Ntws office in time for the happy couple and their at J V e f mile west of yiithiuna on L TERMS The property will be sold in TTniiio oIItt fcT 1 ii e a out U er coat gt apos 1 tendants to take the Northern afternoon jvnthiana aud Connersville turnpike and two equal annual payments of six and U UUSUcLIl y I AjU W t r gt more Suits r 00 Ye ts and pairs 1 express train We iearn that the wedding isan excellent location for the biiMiicss twelve months with interest from date quot 1 r i 1 o there Will he a Chiislinas tice tr jj embrace the North western States TERMS REASONABLE T R LP NIEI nUPA ftTUK NTS II In 1 ants and a lot of 15 10 Is shoes r 1 I OI T I l omniuudoner Jessamine Circuit Court In all UhrAlUiUhA 13 1 lo mce presented to Ihe oabbatli sciiool at after which Mr Throckmorton and his All notes and accounts held by its it s Fkiioi sox Vuetionecr Hat mid apos p gt which I oiler to ihe i r esbvterisan church Saturday bride will take Up their residence in C ov not wtileil by the lstof Jan 1 71 will be J cynt apos liiana News apos py and sen l bill to th e wants of the Trade public at CXlST and below the same 1 r f n 1 1 1 ington We but echo the wish i gt i alt who placed in aa officers hands Lexington Gazette lecl3 7o tf apos even n next 31 half l asf flve C 0Ck apos k th maallncs of the giooin and the EGSEW A BOYD public at GUST and below lie same 1 eveinii as I am determine lo sell these oo i apos at any price It will be to vour interest to call on me before Everything now a days apparent miv liveloire livi purcliasing elaowheie Money is 0 1 ua J ion im a v goes bv magic illusion etc c uch aud happme s soari e and mv nric 6 shall 0 being Hie case iff every person go On December 1 the liaru tunes f strand Mr J F C T Dl apos i l IN t0 Jameson8 i ani1 bu v OIie quot is county Mo ami T magic lanterns with directions lo cotl county Ky o fc apos ois lt Tlri rtnia use Ihe same This is one ot the l ri enls lor he children Ihe handsomest and most beautilul art i NEW AD esl a orlmcnt ot toys ever c les you can purchase for a Christ pQ TvlT ought to this market can be found Inas present 1 A The public are invited to attend Ho Y oi s I apos llrlsdBia brought to this market can be found at the r i v Cent Slore on Pike St luring lire iiolida va in every vari Chwrrh or the Advent l K 4 The Cvnthiana Mite Society will tv varying in price lrom live to i meet at the residence gt f J I cck M apos bargains oi erc i js Thursday evening at ho gt c tint buy in quantities f lt r 7 o clock risiuia trees l eside a great mini A hearty and cordial invitation is nf fanrv iih ncnftil to a AN EXCELLENT TAVERN STAND FOR SALS IN CONNERSVILLE KY ALSO irisiMia trees beside a great mini her of fancy and useful articles Call and see apos or yourselves beauty and i iability of fh lt bride when do 8 71 if we hope iliat the dark shadows of life may A V gt EXCELLENT A I V Q Magic Combs r tsv quot s TAVERN STAND STftM TO A 1 EIIIIAM NT BLACK OH IKOWS It COUlaiD N lt gt Cl STOMM AL L iiuu li il l gt llic lt v lt h SON A i v um can u gt c it One sent mail w m o timso R STJE apos apos iJSK apos 1 1 FOR SALE quot IN CONNERSVILLE KY COOIS ana onoes Seott eouuty Ky A K oi rM 1 apos N v K p pi constantly on hand NEW advertisements apos apos T J Megibben amp Co TO MV V apos Lynthiam onthe CyuthUna and Con Nov IT 1870 ly aJ i vk lJ quot I itch iliki apos mi ImiiIi Hint fully 1 ll r f IilC 1 Hi r TI ii h apos V apos 1 ami apos ll K A i e t kamii v gt k vi it contains Niue Rooms on One Acre of apos I L per mns are hereby i otibe i not to ma lt HI u in tiik JiAiiKhr A i ir J I1X Ground a good Well of Water good St 1 X 11 mcci ki i axd t x Meci KLi vM gett u gt cum McClelland amp co W M D V IS p e p sold privately previous to the first of Feb lec22 apos 70 l m pd VllGaL lO LODSUTHCrS 1 ruary it will be sold at auction on Comity nniv r IV 1 TCyctTnXT YTVD P IT A ATT 5 1 nwtlMlaiiiin how to Mi u rlalM nwimcr Court i apos av of February at UlV Conrt UUiVliyLi OxUiN JYLLrvL bl 4fiDI X fa TTT TDTCQA CCTDC Mr quot apos r quot apos apos u gt apos i atiutiform m ar lt gt ni House door in Cyuthiaua 1 j I nLjrAijLnj gt ni gt ii il gt apos n u k lur arp arin uccl5 70 quot JOE CONRAD custom made zuu uuu leet ih Ta Uomrnci Boots and Shoes fine Brtftrds ic pi constantly on hand 200 000 feet Third and Second T J Megibben amp Co ComEOD Fne Xov 1 gt ls l y 100 000 feet First and Hu x gt i d X n SICCI EI I ANI T X MCCI KLI AXI Common Shelving I i v liitrCun hr FOR SALE 1 500 000 Poplar Shingles 200 000 16 amt 18 inch Pine Sawed Shingles 200 000 feet Third Oommcr Pine Boards 200 000 feet Third and Second Common P ne Flooring Lexington Ky TO TRESPASSERS fou ii ik yi an I remunerative to i lul rgani i r lt 1 The Holy Communion will be d J J r ons are hereby notified thatlUJE f T UIFIUGW U CO ministered or Christmas and Now t li v ar lt proliibii l from Hunting M L U UI 1 11 1 1 1 DEALERS IN mimsierea on r imsunas aim Aow tbe v are prohibited from Hunting IiIm lt lt k Years days to which all who love the Hiding Througli or otlicrwi Trespassing immeiiced running their Lord Jesus Christ ard allectionately thTlaw ligaiust iiM su apos ll ll quot llU lt a uiilMcmk tears day H IV lt o nmciiced running their Lord Jesu Gri t Mill and Mr Woolford in nv le d forms us ilrtl he i making splendid iLuii F onr is ihe great staple of Daddy if t d the mere we have of it the bat s lower it will he for the people to get quot by it We are glut the old mill is in to Jamesc working order presents V o 11 V gt i ilnl quot apos M si 3i i r r lt riu r XKW U I1K W Tkakne Rector Y 111 larulv iggleswor apos h informed ns i t Mothiiy iliat the water had raised in South c ing and that his Mill was making iie he t arlicle ol Earn ly i ioiir Tandy is a business man and will be very like ly to make llour to suit the people 4 riou i irridruf apos L Len i I ydick the little daugh ter of A W Lvdick was thrown lrom a horse last Saturday while n iitig for pleasure on the Oldville i ke and verv seri u y 11111 quot Sol a ISoiirl ori What apos s all that crowd doing Why my child they are going to Jameson s to buy their Christinas presents I guess I will take you there as he has the best assortment in Cyn apos hiuna Nuf ced lie lias every thing to please ihe most fastidious and all ought to huv from Jameson lee22 T0 3w TIM gt S 1 MAI TKTT A S BRYSON LITTLETON LONG IDS WEBB X A RANKIN L A JONES JOSEFH WM LONG J L LONG W W WILLIAMS PORTER JE IT G W BURNS Mia AMERICA apos tt W Notice to Trespassers 6rain 1 LL jieisons are hereby warned fm f to TTomn V limit upon my Land wiili gun or dog ilCXOp xts WANTKH V J i w T Bed j a ili ljii iii h l gt iillieni j iiirnal i t i 1 i limit Upon Illy l llhl uilli gull in dog uiM The 1 11 V 111 1 Tim of I gt 10 lai ii iitetl c i ral or riili 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oust i f nt iwaal It is now Christinas holidays and I invite all without regard to age ex religion politics or Constitu iionnl Atienlments to call on me at my grocery and purchase their a d aH f B 66 Ladies of flic i apos m i i 7 MctI1 IBB apos B 4 p H Short c treet l exingtun wTiVvyvTt nitc House undertaker November ill 1S70 1 8 1 I Stanrlartl ami quot llii ial h ojrraphies of every mi tre Mp r ie lt III gt npt rlil illntrat l M lin Street Cynthiana Ky camlei siMt o wH gt cho lt V GREATREOUCTION 1 macrinest and l i Vine Klreef iiicinnnti ohia N B Wear prepared to n k gt n 1 favorable arrangement for celling or p nk ing y M r Hogs Any shipment to us fr on We v JfTlid respectfully call i e Central Kentucky will be attended to by 1 the undersigned who will also ftmii h any attention ol our patrons and U0 j information re yiire l public in general that we lur e STEAM ie k the I aris Kentiuk notions for the Holidays FOR fl SPLENDID SET OF 1 MM t amp AiM4 ENGINE BUILDER A quot quot B l lt gt lt sr xP4Plr t lt Indcrtaklug in all its tTai ches 11 G as gt Vai gt nml Hardware If Salary we guarantee to pay to c Meuiic n u s i ouw M hi e vvork we f l CoTi IS oni 1Li B l K At KMS of cx gt eri nre or a larger tllsl apos Pfs oti Iia apos l Market ice n iii gt ion Ilian i ff ml l v anv olhcr l ul vaaacis eic And all kinds of JOBBING plot Iptlj at ra T K KKeS i r f be lian 1so nest Patems and of the most tended to I espec luttv Sbli lUlif r 1 tkii liooks w gt uar in e i ir Uents birablr Materhil Shop ou the corner of Walnut aud Bridge deiv w r jmair sal in or Urge i gt iuini i gt ii Hith a tmireef Wooden Coffins made to Order ill any street Cvnlhi ma Kv gt gt new anil IH la B lt KS a l excludve lerri style desired apos V It apos I1 LEU V McMli LL K A iKNTS nf exfierienre i i iiiiii gt ion Ilian i nfferi il In an li gt ier gt Aseiii are real i in 7 I apos r i nr a larger nllicr l ul r tcn s am ofthe wost I Kl gt l iitlK We guarantee iinr Ayrats i apos 1 public in general iliat we hu apos e openeil nn extensive Lumber ai in Cynthiana Kentucky unde H3 firm name and sty 0 of Mu s St McMu u y where we keep ijislantl gt on hand tl 3 above named articles Also ftcanlling iitiber Window Glass Nail and Hardware which we v i sel quot t Covington and Cin nati Market Prices liespecMuFIy sol nine r 1 iaif noticed the fact that Mr Sparks yj J y i so gt as lie owner cf a very large and Main street Cynthiana Ky n I gave in notica Ibat a gt I BMr m Which we were bragging so tows Ky May 8 1S70 8 Messrs F h Sure amp Co Chichi much I hat editor will please ex Iia5i gt O Gentlemen For years cute us but Mr Ilarvev Gray of have I suffered with an adection 0 Harrison informed us last Saturday the kidneys and having tested all that he bred and raised the calf and ol apos be various preparations of Huglm Mr Sparks bought it lrom him market failed to derive any Such calves can apos t grow in Hiurbon bond Last week a lecturer gave out in benefit whatever from any of them but that of yours 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in this l ftr enmr cirnrtc Are an in I mc resiiect will be dealt with accord mg to law J or sugar Sirup Ac go to Jamc 187o Jils 6U bject will be Spain MOSES FLORENCE son s under the News office Mexico and the Spanish Scriptures I quot r A Hot Shovel Everybody is invited and especially All perrons Held over varnished furniture will apos apos s a P apos apos s apos Christian brethrciu C s whaLKY j Stitc Taxes a JNO J M CLINTODK ward ami sett take out white spots and buying improvement Bus E MARTIN any longer I Christmas toys at Jameson s will Dr A J Beale has put a substan 1 December 15 1870 3wpd ean apos uoG StKU please fhe children Try both of tial improvement to bis residence Subscription to the Cynthiamf November these recipes and see if they fai on Pleasant street News 2 a yeai in advance i A GIT NTS WINTED FOR THE a light of the world apos ontainin Klectwooii Lilt of hrht M ami Lives f tho A uomles Evangelists ami Marty rs IhNtdrMKt quot Kvuleum uf lt hristianitv llutorv ot the public patronage ALL KIADS OF WM ADDAM J Ag Nov 21 1870 2n gt gt Hair Jewelry Bourbon Marble Works one t0 order W A HILL DEALER IN The Hair furiii lie I bv O MOSES FLORENCE II II HA ItDINOy I MeSlIANF JOHN WILSON E B WH A LEY C S WHALEY JNO J M CLINTOC K Mu E MARTIN December 15 1870 3 wpd la apos Subscription to the Cynthiana N wo 2 a year in advance Sot ii 4w W AST JALL All persons indebted fof Comity and Stitc Taxes are requested to come for ward and settle at once can not wait any longer I am compelled to settle with the State and von must par up or 1 can not JAS N FRASER s u c November 3 1870 tl MoxriiKXTS Tombs Tam ks Ac Cohn er of Main and Locist Fr FAKIS KY October 13 1870 Iv Horses Handled and Sold JAS T NICHOLS n AS opened his Stable s and Track 3 miles West of Cynthiana on the Raven Creek Pike and w apos rll Train Saddle and Harness Horses as well and as cheap a any man in Kentucky AprH 7 1871 apos ft LADIES WIG STORE BRAIDS FRONTS CURLS AC fTlf tvtll Canker I rt apos n Pal 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Druggist ia of a dark color It is a plant that emits it apos fra g ranee tin action of a ilauic destroys th a it active principle J leaving a dark and glut mo quot dec ft ion Mine is the color of ingredients fin linehu in niy preparation I r lt loin i nates rl e smallest ij nun til y ot the other ingredients are ad led to prevent fer mentation upon inspection it will be found not tojbc a Tincture as made in i apos har maeoniea nor is it a Syrup and therefore can be ii ed in eases wlu gt e ft vr r r r in tluuia tionexist In this you Ante the knowfe lg o the ingredients and tlu mode of prepara tion Hoping that you will favor ft will trial and that upon inspectioi it wil uirat witll your pprobati n M ith a feeling ot confidence 1 am very respectullv ii t iiKi MBor r gt Cliemist and Druggist of IS l ears I xperienee LIST 1 1 1 KltS v Pure Bourbon Whisky 4T Btrryville ne r Cy nthiann Ky March 4 lSMT tf lias been commuted to imprisomm lit Yl k VV V apos 7 A apos far lila bf Oovcnor II lurg apos wn to invo been executed lo tl iv When lie jailor c iniiminivaled to j i him this last action of Ihe Governor ho became enraged and remarked 0 apos 3 iy W6 gU 3 TRTlt66 tO pnv tO Thw is tlic d tlest country on earlli quot K apos lt apos gt v r T 1 quot quot i J 1 I SMllIUI i a Ul OI l llll I l gt Mil apos lllllCi I i and lias tlic poorest laws I ave A n iic L ii m i n gt been lying herein pri on for months is h K v 7 7V apos 7 quot 7 apos i 7 quot V My execution lor which every thing Uv apos n MeJlTrYAV apos VjVh apos VKa L apos I a apos YVri i gt I T LLI lllM ii Ya r i L lt ui gt fo 14 4 000 This is hod lest country on earl h K Nl quot r lt a i i c r and lias ihe poorest laws I have J ti apos i pr i i uU iuir o apos in lt gt s no 1 I I r I I apos K i r r invu apos iu I apos i iiir lu v 1 1 1 1 sTK been lying herein prison for montlis s gt ii o kook w M V apos V r ii I i in fur U apos ilii ll OVOI V lliin r ufir large lt lt apos i n e it n with u t i t 1 lt uuou lor which to n uui 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laying about Inin ir a thut n tmi levee saloon swearing that lie was j ball boss and half alligator and that SALESM he could outrun throw down H l l L apos i apos iiu lionoraMc whip any man of Ins age and inches quot in thc latc ol Elinov S O apos CLOCK Nuv 24 i Mw S10 MADE FaOM 50 Ots uat thiiiK urireiitly noeiKs l y evurvlusl nil au apos l see r I i u lc enl i Mi li for lt i I that retail lt M iH for flu apos I I IV ii hiti Isi halhaiu H iiai r N V Xhv S 4 k u SALESMEN WANTED Il i iii gt iioii iral l N apos Mni gt eiiti n lilieral pav lt iveu s W KHNNEOV s 4lh st I apos liila N v vl apos 70 4 w THE EXCELSIOR apos IKE ST CYNTHIANA KY OI EN TO ALL PARTIES f IT VVH Opened an Elegant Saloon in 2 Oynlliiana v lierc I hope in friend and the public gei erally will call and see mu Tli gt can lind every descript ion of good 1 l iqnor army Sal on Also 1 keep Sardin and Core Mv tcrs apos My Bier shall be l rush and drinkable apos Call and See Me II A POLUMEYEU October 2 apos l s7u tf r K USANCE AND PISl SSI A BEAD THE NEWS GROCERIES A U HARDWARE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL We w until rc p lt ctriiEy invite I in atf il ion li apos 1 of tbe citizen lt gt l Cyntiiiun i and vicinity j apos 7 V 1 apos tor our large i d ciri d a eruiKi t cl 1 u ii i t F nmit ure wr tv dhniu t Complete luimber bets a k i i there 1 gt I a i My t v it t In LUUSlCiUl its i v tnii n m Huron n lt atwrr lt f lHJtit i J K iUl gt f 1 Iftftilaily i Chairs i i vm I Iii the loai in i ms quot Stands Solas i ovn uui ii a And everything t inpri ed in a full and 7 quot apos lY complete Stock a jr In lt id Goods delivered free of Charge 1 u o l trc itmcut China i lt i quot 4 Si i wlr kc I apos ill s Jl i s iimn I whal Q ieensware L o k i g Glasses i Lamps rylwlj slioi I I k I tu l If apos the liver I Silver I iated A are harm lt And Fancy Goods 1 p Z White liina apos 1 1 1 v lt quot rr till V 1I L ut Gold Band and Decoraied lea Sett o h I tinner W i apos Iv iiv s A apos lt el Oil 1VU apos iih r Miv l t an I Forks v in iin 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Lmll l r0fe rWf lK ar l on V r a ld Su iC 5 A TY T I S apos B apos SM T lt paper the hecond hour they went for him A ml apos th r 1 I Itoi k in t ic market in findings Anything and everythin atomv T M F Brown M D EE D Makt x 1 V tl e n sir eKn iia usually de ircd in his line all o which will I Frof apos ssor apos n t Physioiogy and Patlioiogy A remarkable couple live in tbe FARMER S ELPER lower edge ol Pulaski countv Ga s t w i t k n nt r uk r i m an t Thev have l gt een married twelve years h 7 quot r Y J k i 4 4 a r 4 t 4 1 lt 0 1 ER M JN HI be lt o d s cheap as the cheapest and satis aestoii guaranteed Give him a call C A apos V Eft ST Eft Sli Crnthi nia July 21 Wo Vinos and have eighteen healthy robust 1 1 D1 apos apos 1U children The I wo eldest were born a the first two years alter their mar apos gt gt at a m iuaaii Minn xnv t 7 j i v mige ami Mte then they ltave had GIATN WISTED FOR THE born to them eight pairs of twins LI HT OF TiiE Y ORLD Ihe most rent ark a ly ic leaf me is that j ntaining Kieciw md i i lt f i iui gt i nn t the children are all stout and healthy of thf4cu quot Iii l M j lin Ili apos tiM v o l all ri litfi u A VAllIKT a j ii in oil I i rn n 00 l b tl till I It it ifti s IV lilt tit I i l tl tl t il t gt Ft I apos I I I It J JOUIlp in III name l AI VjUITC 18 14 ei ent conuertcil uith Libit llittorv rontaiiiiii the children are all stout and healthy quot Yvi 7ne7 ni apos i hd apos i ia7e7 M m e n gt ot apos the Jew s quot l gt Jo apos Cj hu ili tori of all rt i ioip A vnil tl lt r in gt it gt in lt il f lt lir fX n qa l b ll gt t il I II it lOl s U 1 1 It tit I i apos O 4 1 1 i t ll t gt I t apos l li illji young man uaineo Ol yVjUire IS Ptrent gt connertol u ith lithle History coiitniiiiny found deadat Dry Ridge Grant conn p c engravinc Il rwh le I rmiiii a CO 1 p te I r a tirv of lt hn tiaii Know lc ltr ty last Saturday with his skull Irac w n i r s gt s v i m t i apos hii i tet hm i a lured in two places A man who j was at work with him left him stand ing near a wood pile and returning BOUFDOn rTi amp rblC W Ol apos KS within five minutes found him lead wmv m YTTT T as above stated It is a great mys W ift tery how he came to his death DEALER IN Do you beiKvT m i be rod a Forei g n alld American Marble instrument of discipline asked a Particular attenlion paid to SCOTCH mother ot a school teacher in Nevada GUAM 1 E U URK to whom she had sent her unruly Muxcmksts Towns T a nits Ac son No madam Oh I m so Counv u of Main ash Loctbt Ets glad What do you substitute for PARIS KY Bourbon Marble Works W A HILL DEALER IN Foreign and Ameii apos an Marble articular attention paid to SCOTCH GRANITE WORK Moxcmfnts Tombs Tarlss At A BOOK FOR THE MILLION SUB A I amp B A IT A C nn dor to the iTl blStBMvlC Married or tbo e about to marry on the physiological jar FJ myatcrie and revelations of VeUiyCii the aetur 1 system with ihe 1 atest di sc oreries i n prod a ring ad prerenting ofltrpring F esr to preserve the complexion Ac This is aa interesting work of two hundred and twenty fb tr page with numcrot i engravings ar d contains valuable infor m amp tlen for thoee who are married or contemplate marriage Still ids a book tba t ought to be kept uadwr luck aad key and not laid carelessly about the house Sent to any ouo lt free of postage for Fifty Cents gt d dress Dr Batts Dispensary So o Korth Eighth Stroet S4 I oui Mo Notice to the AfTlIctod ancE Unfortunate BHbft arp ylng to the nntori lt us qnorks arho adrcrtt la Dr Kotts can b consulted pgr onaFy or by meU on th i eares mentioned in Lis works Gfhce Ko liNcrtk EighUk Street bt tween Market and CUatnut St Louis Mo A llaro Collcotiun quot DOMT A n gt S FFCFTPTS Mrgle trt Dlsenrtrles Ae cemprialng valuable Information apos or everybody Sent by mall free cf portage for FIFTY Cea s AddrtM L X NUit MaKDY Kc 12 North igbih street bt Louis Mo TNRAXF S COLLECTION rf nearly eno hundred receipts far making Brandr all kinds of Wine fein Ale Beer Cor dials Superior Cider and much other nseful information 9or those dealing I a or manofacturing aay of tbe above either J Milton Sanders M I LL D Profcs or of l emi try 11 D Garrison M D Professor lt f Pharmacy Frank Tabor A M Professorof Medical Jurisprudence John II Fitch M D Demonstrator ar d Adjunct Professor atomv FEES Fees lor one full course ot Lectures 10 apos t Matriculation Fee 5 Demonstrators Fee it Graduation Fee 30 llotpiU Ticket 3 For certificate of Scholarship for which the holder may attend two or more courses of I eetnres or until lie crud uates to e paid iu advance 130 j Scholar lips entitling llic holder to keep a tudeut iu the College for ten years 500 To keep one Student iu the College perpetually 1 000 Would resncrtfnlly Infom lie Public that 1 have open m3 Otlice in Schumate s Building on MAIN ST CYNTHIANA r Y apos v apos U i J v t r apos T lt iTu Whisker r oof Spinta rmd Kefu iO Xjimiors 1 lt i quot l un l wfctt iml to j Ci apos l T lt rrm Af vt u l e 1 C 4 j Tf 1 l ut fc ll t i k U gt lt it 8 3 El U A I j A t quot N T free i yii U U4i 9 it ooi raRli apos ltifa t LIFE OIVLSO PlilN CXPLE SJ t rlc 1 r oi aii 1 1 v lt it t c gt in ipny in r If apos l i apos Hcu gt ill apos r nil i 1 r 1 i i cvmI t n T I com Koi I apos I enjragi id lt tiring mo et i lie l u e i e of llorsesaml Cattle and the geiiciai prae s ii p v i i n ia t tu ti Ycfrittar iii c t apos r v 1 I v i I i f n l r S apos Z V 3 ri N 0 S 3 m apos i 7 v Y W Mi c r z r b rsD n of llor ssand Cattle and the geiiciai pr ie j tieeasa Vetriuarian I would al o inform the people at large that 1 hall continue to build C i t rih apos ima lt r J liKCrtion IIclml old sFluidExtractEuchu 1 st it i ri lt lo L quot iirars il La iiM4 Prostrati n Ac Tiic lt apos gt ii t itutimi once afTVctrd with Or gau Weak s r ipiiri s the i of Medi cine to strengthen and invigorate lie ein wUich II KEM ISOLD apos S EXTRACT IU III in rariahlv doe I f no tieatuioat is ub nitteil to Cousiliuption or intaailj ensues Joliinld s Flail Ei nct tf Buchcn llT etii gt ns n ifliu t P i e is nn e iialled by anv preparation in t 4 lo rosin or Retention Pninltilnc or uppre ien I u tmnary Eva na ion I apos b ri atecl lt i S hirrus Stare of the Items and a l am pkkint incident to the ex or the deeline orehangeol life Relmbold s FloidExtract Buchu and Improved Kose Wash Will radically exterminate I rom the sy te n di eases arising iron habits of dlsslpatio i at littleexiieiise litlle or lioi apos haiigr in di t no inconvenience or c x posit re complete j superceding those unpleasriit and ilange on remedies Copaiva and Mereury in t II these diseases D e E apos iJmboid s Fiuid Extra t Buchu In all diseases of the eorgans wiietherex i ting iu male or lemale from vha e iuisc origin iting and no matter of h lt w long standing It is pleasant in taste a d odor quot immediate in action and 010 stn ngtheni quot g than any ol thepreparatie a or Bark or Iron 1 Iio e suffering from broken down or lt ten cate constitutions procure the remedy at once The reader must be aware that however dig lit may he the atr n k m the above dis ases it is certain to atfeet thefcodily hrnirh and mental powc rs All the above diseases require the id a lliiiretie II ELM BOLD apos s KXTRACl apos BL apos CllL apos is the great Diraretic 1 x 4 i r 1 i i r l i o tion i5o Smith s Agricultural Limmcnt YY Y quot l S hS r b quot ist v ev r rhc Tlic demand for this article is increasing 3 c i pidl y but I 1 ail endeavor to supply the 1 7 500 demand hy calling to my aid a many per lt lt sons as uiav be neec sary I quot ill not com gt gt U apos apos tf Vitiated Ulo d I li apos UiCUt ol tl o Students have access to ail the hospital mid Certificate niter CerlilicaU it i well in the city kno apos vn to vmi as a cure for Rlieiuatism it r The revolver madam Exit mother and unruly son PARIS KY October 13 1S7U iv Horses Handled and Sold JAS T NICHOLS Several centuries ago some sol ixuioca Aauaio diersol Modena carried away a buck JAS T NI et irom a public well at Bologna j AS opened bis Stable s and Track 3 apos which was I lie cause of a long war IT miles West of C nthiana on tl ud the k lll r ol 3rd I Ilia was impllS i j a r i M ss llorses as well and as cheap ned lor twenty two years where lie a a v man in Kentucky 1 died April 1 70 diefe Superior Cider and much other useful information for those dealing 1 a or manoracturiag any or the above either for the trade or heme one Fret by mail Yoe of p w ir gt f r Fifty Cents Addreea TL K KuEMAXDY No 1 2 North Eighth street St Louis Mo LOOK TO YOUR CHILDREN IThe Or cat Soothing Remedy JTHS Furr colic and griping in the PRICE WHtjCOKB apos S bowels and faciiUaus the pro V fi bYRUP ccse of teething 3 CENTS HRS Sabdce eonvalslotie and over PRICE WHITCOMB apos S cr ir 3 ul 1 diseases iocidcbt to gt EYRUP inianU and children CENTS S UTtm l i i rTtf ri T y Mrt y lt PRICK VHI1C0HB S C itnroer Co mp laint ia chxidrca gt 2 5 SXRUP cfaiiag 3cENT8 Itia tbe rrwat Infante and Child ren c aoothlng Bemedr ia all disorders LroogU ton by Teeth in 15 tr any other cause Fro pared bv the Grafton Medicine Co St Uni Mo Sold by dnueiau and dealers i a Cicdkise ertr wbar Nor 2E 1 70 Iw To keep one Student iu the College sons as uiav l c necessary t ill not com vou 1 ITliAOT gt lt n Tetter I gt gt t i a 1 1 y 1 000 Mtt t on the virtues ef this I inlmcut nor apos 7 apos Students have access to all the hospitals add Certificate alter Cerlilic iu j i gt well f i i i k licnoV n the city known to you as a cure for Rlumati m 1 apos apos gt Board may be had for six or seven dollar Nen algia Swellings strain Sprains 1 apos 1 apos apos Y V apos u m a week Students arriving In the city wil Itru s Soreness Pains Collar Galls Sad apos i ox Uitut call at the ottlce of Profes or Coinlns No die C gt oils Sweeney Ac to need comment T 100 East 20th street near Fourth A venue or As your public servant I am truly 7 A apos apos 7 t quot gt 7 t at the College 221 East 20th street where TilUMAS IE SMITH j apos i rT lt n m m r they will be assisted ir procuring board Vetriuarian a r apos jn apos i o gt p e i gt la Any further informal ion may be obtained May 2 lS70 1y iiia Ti SLtV apos S quot by addressing I off prints of 1 v quot r ROBT XE WTOX M D lt l lt m e tie Vio ii l II l whciHn r j ln ila im I a 1 1 i r I apos ou apos iltr purit apos sbor m 0 r i l i X nln Eruption 1 ij Uith AEV TII Vl IIOT T apos 7 clwnoit apos n gt I apos Iit s tn ete4 apos nd ln Aug 12 tt JO East lytli t I xaaxaai nox 4 uh tie e r ni lt n i mr V apos Hxlin j ir l 1 e i i w apos n K gt It Uu gt ian uu lls H i accaiicd Joha Sommer Pro 1 IN i A I apos L t t i nib A US M R I i 7 rvr in t r tetn l An A nl I I tl nf o T ii y l iii aft lt ei ir yid u l IvnuunULlli Cor Pike atul Mashing on Streets opposite Mv VL FACrrUKB JL vn DkaI fi IN K C ft ft Depot Fir f apos apos t quot gt I Tl I i y l r i r nm n apos All kind ot Candies 4 4 apos 7 7 e v apos j ini a m lt gt u i iu t s b ibk t n T C J gt l NullLN 1 1 ip p ti gt n t l Board may be had for six orseven dollar Nen algia Swellings Strains Sprain a week Students arriving in the city wil Brii s Soreness Pains Collar Gall Sud eall at the olliee of Professor Coinilis No die C 11 S x eeu y ike lo need eommellt 100 Ea t 2 lt apos iih street near Fourth A venue or As your public servant I am truly at the College 221 East 2ftth street where THOMAS IE SMITH they will be assisted in procuring board Vetriuarian Any further information uni he obtained May 2 is 70 ly by addressing ROBT XE WTOX M D apos quot i SR apos wi apos S apos nESTRAI IIOIE i apos 1 y t apos ruggists evervwhrre I ih I quot apos apos bottle 01 t gt bottles lor 50 lx 10 iy address Dvseribeay niptwi m ait eomumuicatious Address H T HELMBOLD Dreg and Vueiui al vv urei oime 5n4 Buttes at New Yerk H KASSAUUR QENTRAI HOT apos Joh Somber Pro MAXfKAcrrm it a vd Ukalh ix All kind ot Candies WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Scott Street between Third and Fourth COVINGTON All Onlers promptly attended to OetolH r 20 1870 tf F ir f l apos r quot M n apos a mn f ilTr lo rinriNr aT vn i cn h b t Ic 1 tnlC apos l in oiu iAU uu vt Ln ltab U 1 ninn n l S i m 1 U U KK1L l int r t inr 2 Ti Ccniint rcc SItci t New York 1 II H iX N l i A 4 J r M gt a a l n Agfittn I e i nil V late O 1 apos rrUoil CO Kv apos n PmiMva Criilnrii apos i V 31 I liJii M rff fit N Y VM apos C II I LEs apos late of of eken oo Ky 1 v j apos 1 apos apos lUISWANtiDKALEHa May 12 1S70 tf June 2 1870 Iv NONE AKE rTE UI E Unless done up in teel ngraved wrappar with f ir simile of my Chemiaal Waraheose and signed 2 T acILNfBOI B April 2 18 f 

Cynthiana news (Cynthiana, Ky. : 1854), 1870-12-22

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Cynthiana, Kentucky by A.J. Morey
   Harrison County (The Bluegrass Region)