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date (1886-03-18) newspaper_issue DKALEHS IN , 

American, Italian 



Why palruulM foreiguers, when yuu 
Mu get H good work cheaper at home 
Wc RuanuitM our work and aolicit 
jTuur patronage. 

J. W. Bli i .1. W. .1r 



Prompt attention gives to ell builncsi 
entruited to our care. 33yl 


Vohme VII. 


i\0 37. 

"Walnut Orove 


Ciriniliiig ilays: Wednesday, Ttinr»- 
day «ud Friday. Coiiu' uiid sfc me: I 
oaii make as good a grade of ttour 
suy mill in the oouutry, and will «oud 
you away happy. 

T. C. VfAVtUHS. 

W. M. Freeman 


And Jewery. 




Order* Rollctted aud nil work exrvu- 
red neatly auit promptly 

"ha 'Jrittsnden Pres; 


Ohio & Mississippi R'y 

Tho Only Through Lmt to 




Lve Hhawneetowu Toeuiii I (Mi piu 

' Uidgeway 7 37 am 1 5U pin 

' Omaha ..7 57 am 2 30 pm 

' N orris 8 22 tin Si« pm 

' Enfield ..8 49 am 4 10 pm 

Falrfleld 9 5fi nm 6 10 pm 

' Geff. 10 ii; am K.s') pfn 

Ari' Kloru 1 1 no am 7 .5(1 pm 

" 8prli'.KtU'ld 'Jit pm 

" BearUHiuwu 8 UU pm 

••Sf. Louie 

*' Cntfunati 8 SO pm 7 06 am 

" I»ul8vilie .8 06 pm 8 60 am 

liOaviii)? Shnwneetown 
" 1.00 pin. lias daily 
jLiiie ofi'alaui Sleep 
iug Care, Flora to Ciu- 
cinnati, Wahingiou, Baltimore, and 
Kcw Yorli, also through Coaehea and 
elccping Cars to Ciucmnatiand Lou 
cvillu without change. 

Leaving !S^^a^v- 

Iiiectowu at 7.00 a 
III., daily, escupt 
_ bunday,ruuethr- 
engh aolid to Springfield and BeanU- 
town. Uaa Uay Coachei and Parlor 
Cars fVom, 

Flora to tst. Loula. Oindnnatl and 
ZiOulaTill* without ehanga. 

Ob17 OM OhMfief Om Iqrthi 0 ft It 

— TO — 

•t* PflMl. Minneapolis. Rook 
niland. Burlfncton 

and Omaha- 

THUBBDAT: MAB. 1^ 1886 


' is a«lx''(l lo appropria^ 
follouiug HuniM tor Kentucky ri^ 
Ohio rlvur •1,000,000; Kentucky rivl 
•600,0M; MIsof Ohio, tSOCOOO; Ciul 
berlaad river, fSOO.OOO; South tnri 
Cutnberlnud river, .$10,000; Tradewa' 
ter, 1»,\0O0; Bit? Saudy, tfiO.O OO. 

Jhe Blair Edocatioual Bill, appro- 

piittii.!)f iiionpy fur llie c«u  i) of edii- 
cat! piiHiud the: riiilcd Slates Si-ii • 
a\p FrldM\, l)y a Vdle ol lit! to II. "1 lio 
bill Hill 'iicft with decidcii opposition 
in ilic Houric, iiiid its patsnge by tbnl 
body is considered doubtful. The bill 
proTi te« that tbc  first year 97,000.000; 
the second year tIO,000,000; the third 
yenr*16,00O.0(i0; the fourth year il3,- 
OOti.i'OO; thplifth year iil,.(XH),0O0, the 
Ki.vth year $9,000 UUO; the 8L'V.;uth yt ar 
WO,000; the eight n year f.', 
raAkiiig $77,000,000; boMdes 
there is a special appropriation of 

000. 000 tu aid in tha erection of school 
hou cs in oparsley settled districts, 
iiiiikiiig tlic total sum appropnated 



To Be Held at Flat Book, Ky., April 
3rd, 1886 

10 a. ni. 0|»euliig Exorcises— Song— 
iuii:u rcs'.tiug by li B. Morgan— I'luy 
er by J. IT. Price— S  ng. 
10:18. "Object of these Instituted," 

by IJcv. H. T. Wfttson. 
\":2.^. Soug by Pincy Fopk Class. 
l'i-30. ■•Il»w lo orgaiiizi! a Sunday 
Soliool, ' by R.II. Morgan. 
10:50. Five minutes talk by ijihcm. 
U:UO ' How every church may 
hnvo a Annday School, ' by Rev. J. B. 

1. very, 

: ;:'.'0. Five ininiitc^ talk by otnert^. 

; ' :;W. "How t.) rrrali^ tiuliiififi. i!i 
in • iiiiday .?chii il»,'' by Miss Miiia 

11:50. Five inlnulcs talk Dj otliir*. 
l-JKX). Song by Lilly Dale Clats. 
12:10 p. m, Iiitertnirsiun. 
I SO. "The art of teacbiog," by ,I  lin 

l-.')0. " ive iinimtc- talk liy oti its — 

"Sunday "^ulLKiT^ri^^^e." 
by J . F. Price. 

2:16. Five minutes talk by others— 
SoDg and Prayer, 

2:!I0. "Best nielbod of bringing 
children to Christ," by Warner Adain- 
.soii, alternate G. Guc«8. 
•.';.'0, Five tninuicii alk by others 
.1:00. " I'be IS Me, otir test book," 
by Ujv. K. 1*. Witchell. 
8:30. Five niinutct by others. 
B T. Wats\n. ) 

J F. Pkk £,   Oommittoe. 
W. U. Wauckv, S 



lies to 

wUhes tor the Prc»8, I le candidates 
and tho Automatic boys, 


MkAKOW ChkK« (.us MrCMiluill 
died witbpn'fUUlunia. He was takcu 
sick at Weeton Feb. 19th, nnd wbcu be 
reached homo told his wife be wou Id 
not get well, but lor her not to break 
lip hoiii kM'piug. lie died February 
■J6 (joH\\a«a (jti er, peaceable man. 
arod to tbf -wV.  o far us h ' could be 
of help, but lerviug hia wile and tire 
cbilktenlna rather helpleei eondi* 

We team a. A.Hann*a Aimtly has 

n niii'iipg, 

) F. Kemp has not got his saw logs 

( tr"Vi-»L ho wisbos to eell them Where 
thi y lay 

Uncle Billy Walkei^ 
soil his utock boifs, cattle, faiming Im- 
plements, etc* He has some other 
country in vle v. 

Or. Iiiubcson ha« returned to Black- 
ford, an I i ayi he will not leave again 
until further notice. 

st.ixkwai.l -Or«at maiiy tobaeeo 

I I'llll^ KOWII. 

   ui iady Wooitall is 1 1 veiy delioate 


Marino Tlinrmood will dose his 
t ehui i this week. 

.Messrs. rhimas and John Beavers, 
of C'a'dwell county, paid ut a visit re- 

.I:inii-s Kiadli-y, sr, b i» bi'cii euffcr* 
in/ « iili till,' erysipcU, in oiio ot his 


Mix. N. .M. Crayne was appointed 
by Phioy Creek church la  t Saturday, 
lu coilec) money for Q 'pbau's Home, 


v'i'o noticed tlie Hiniilug faces of a 
lew cHiiilidHtes Munliiy. 

(lUnn .'siillivMii. 1.1 e .\lo4 'lic-iu\\ . A 
K. Uebuut and VV. li. WilliAniauu,ol 
8budy Grove, were In this vicinity re- 

Til ere are several cases of sickness 

ill i! id loininnulty and they are ril 

very low. 


At St-JLoulS. Direct counecUoD 
in Union Depot for all pointa ¥^est, 
Southwest and Nortnwest. 

At Cinolnnati  ''  •'« eonneaion 
n Union Bspnt-for VViiphiiiKton, Hai. 
$inTore, Nt'-w York.lS'^tilku, t^^erattfji. 

nO ail points North, Kiwt uuU Hjiilh 

At Loulavl'la Hure oonneotion. 
for all points In Kentucky. Virginia 
and tne Houtheast. 

The Best i .iue to all points 
North and Northwest, 

For reliable inturmotlnn as ti rou;e 
racea, tickets, time, eiu., apply in 
person or by letiti to 

J. 1M1ai:«iia. 
Ag'tOhlo tt Mississippi K°y, 

Shawnee town, ills 

Or ti 

W- B. SALLSTSi), Trav. Pass- Ag t 

Woiiderlnl Ntnv Iron-t^'ltid Phiin 


Fruits, t )rnameiit *l s Kvergrceii.'t, 
, . Rjot (jratlB - Kverylbiug. 

'52nd Year. 800 Acres 





■ ■ariows K y. 

All kindi of bfiek verk, ehiaaeya, pUn 
etc, at lovett prteee. leave eideH al thi 
Vwlea MlU; 

Deferred Letten. 
Lily Dalb— Prayer meetings here 
every Saturday aigbt. 

Uov . .T. F, Price preached to a large 

oiigrogatiouin this place ou Sunday 


A summer school in needed at tlii^ 

Wonder what has become of our 
Kuttawa correspondent? Come, don t 
quit, Frank bacauae you baye got mar. 

Sunday school at thie f|aoe every 

.Sunday at 3 p m. 

W. A. WoodallN little girl died last 

W. PLoydhada bira railed last 

Thursday. - 

The Kaasaa fever ie raging with fu 
ry again. Jesse Wll'^ms will ntart 
for that State in a ft^^ys. 



Itaniolt CliHili-ac^l? 
itiiig relativcH bi rc, 

W" again visited Sf; 
things lively. Salem is celebrated for 
three things— new ho..se8, an excel- 
lent currespoudeat, aud of prcts 
ty girls. 

W. presume Mr, lloiigbly intends 
starting i t the bird bubincos, Iroiii bi^ 

Wo are sorry to learn that your ex 
CO lent aud teiiablu pos'.inasler Las re-, 
signed, but hope our kind editor will 
(tct ihe office. 

A flue boy at Will Ordway's. 

Deubiiess many of the citizen, ot 
(JrittenJeu and Caldwcl! couBllei 
kuc'.v a J oung niaa te lesve htre voms 
five J ears ago by the name of Geor;^e 
Thoaias, Who joined tho regular ariuy 
lor five years. George was stationed 
In .'^ew MeAioo, iad after ONdurlng 
the tails and dangers for three ycar» 
be rauoiuded to make his escape wbch 
he accomplished sueoesefuliy and was 
never heard of again niilil la-'t Ai-ril, 
wbeu he was captured in Culil'ornia, 
and wbea examined wat found lo be 
insane and waa sent to the State Asy 
mm, remalatag lhara tetUlast Seps 
tember, wbeu he waa Mat ta Wash' 
ington City, where he rematat I nntll 
last month, wh«n be wa^ rolea-ed and 
returned to tbU place taylng, "Ken- 
tucky is my hoiM, aad I wUl rwaaia 
In it." 

As bmlMaa ealls «• Arora this couu- 
ty I wiU not write aay aMra troa thia 
^laoeaaoa. Waavw «la8» wUkkfiH 

Uhai'i;i. ilii.i.— W II liingbaiii has 
ci'ei-ii'd iiiniseir anew eo n rrib, and 
H O Hill sun c new {.tables, 

'I'he brurd leaf is all Ihe go now an 
I it will please tbr steniiuing men. ■ 
.!' ) I Uhynd. Henry l)avi  , It. 
I .Mf.r'.iii. ':ii.-a-|ps r.allanl. l.,ew and Lafe 
ii'rii -i  \ II leave in a lew days tvi en- 
gage In 'he AuloiilBlic trade 

Wn;  iill, the caudidate fur cuunly 
clerk, li«s been out among tbe boys, 
wlnuii^ their favor. Will Is an bon  
est, strfightforward yoang man aad 
li t .rctod would don .t ess make good 

.Mis* Cora liill, of tliis neighbor- 
hood lefl laji week lor Fort Wayne, 
luUiaca, to attend school, aud will 
probably make ber (Uiure home at 
that place. 

The two candidates for Survcvor, 
W. K. Minuer ami G. II. Jrider, have 
bseu in 'be tield laboring fur support 
iu Angiul. 

Bunt to the wife of Cbarlie Elder, a 
girl. Charles wears a smile as broad 
as a fence rail aud looks aa happy and 
feels as large u did Jefferson w ben 
the Declaration of ludepenaenoe was 


'I'lien' has bccu heard a weudsrfiil 
beast in this commuBity. Some tbiuk 
it is a panther; others thing that it i« 
either a fox or some tiiro legged var* 


GcM Spkino— Not aeotng auy thing 
frum this viciuily, thought I WOtild 
seud yuu a few iienis. 

Probably somu of your readers 
weuldlikoto know what kind of a 
place this is. It is a nice «ud well wa- 
tered place; we uav.; one uicrcliaut, G 
A Jones; eiio l lacksmith, A. li. Hen- 
nwtt; one niusioian, Festus Uritkill; 
ouetburcb^reaehiug every.drst |Ssi- 
uraa/and ^nday in eaob month; nro 
iniuisters of tbe gospi l, lievi John 
Davis and J S lliller. 
Furiiu rs are preparing aud sowing 

plant bi ds. 

U I.- i! aiii. grii s is bi. iking only tos 
l.-ralili p csent; clover bas lrt.'zeii 

out to ^i.UlO (!Xt«lll. 

Pr .d K K Sinlto bas been tea' hlyga 
writing school In our midst, whtoh 
closed last Satu-day witu a mareh by 
pupils in Alphabet form. 

.Utiu - W'ai on ':i still c ). iking; he 
.It. -i be vUd not way it, but anyway ii 
is U\, tirst daughter. 

Mr. Southern is smiling; cause, a l(j 
pound boy. 

somebody is stopping with nnele 
lluck; guess ha-wiii presaii* his board 
bill soon 

Say to that gentleman ( riib r who 
pnuha.s'^d such u larKo Cnslaril at 
your county oletk's uiUce we coiigrut- 
ulate bliu very much; I guest some of 
our old bao.ieion would like to pur* 
chase one of lomo kind; wo wish bin 
much Joy. 

What Has become of all tbe spoon* 
lators; wc would like to SCO loiaaln 

uur midst. 

Would li. e to h-jar firom your cer- 
tospondent Wild Ooooe, uulosa be baa 
gone too fkr Vortb. 

LatUr from Anold, T«M. 
ThIaklBf ft ftw Uaai frwa tUa pavt 

of the earth woulil find its ^y into 
the colli uns of your .valnabl) pnp -r 
I have concluded to write. ' 

We have had a pleasant eW^'ry 
winter, not enough rain to manstkk 
wat' r nntll Ihls week, sinco^laa Jijy; 
everybody has done sowing oib»a»»i 
a '.real m. iiy have planlrd i ore 

Faiinci's are to plant a I'vge 
.,rop of eoltoii Ibis sra-., II. bf^li is 
w ry di.couraging from the f| 
ii is selling at very low .figures, 
to 8 ccut!^; corn Is .worth 86 
bushel; osts^V, wheat 76. 

The prcsPiii wheat crop ha 
damaged very iniicli on aocouii(1 
drouth. l] 
Some of your re idert may till 
fanners arc ahead of the times \\ 
State, bu t 1 will say B prliig come 

hr.l of February and theses 
no w getting to be very green. ; 
Dr. W.L. Ray, once a reei^ei 

Salem, Bas m«w iT-t-it.d. Tarr 

this cjuuly, and lati dotag aliherai 

I was reminded of former times iu 
old Kentucky ou the 20th of February 
as y isrtcrly Conference met at PIbas* 
ant Mound church, one mile f^om my 
house, and when Harry came hone 
Ave fine, large Methodist preachers 
came home with him for dim cr. But 
hold your breath; ;t!ie chickens were 
scared nearly to death,, but after the 
preachers left one old ro ,ster rcoov* 
crcd^aud canic vut.aud cr-jvved exult 

Tbe smallpox has ^beeu n ging In 
some of our towns; only 8 cases have 
appeared in I ).illas. 

My nearest neighbor i tbe ob'csl 
rcsi.b-nt ot I !,e (•unntv;lie has iived 
here  i yea' s and tell* some enter* 
taiuingsiorieo of firontier.llte lu for 
merd .)S. 

ISevs Moody and Sanky are la Dal- 
las at i)rescnt. boldliig a revival. They 
have ilie skatn g rink liuib iiig rented 
for fouril iM. 1 will attend tooiorr iw 
and tell you more about tbcm the n"x 

Wish iug yuu and your many read- 
ers snccess, I will close. 

J. A. SuHunaa. 

Fhankkort. Ky., March, 7, '86; cell 
No. 849, 8th ward — E lltor CritteuJeu 
Press: I a n .iid totiiuht ar.d yei 1 am 
gbii, fiT we oI'Mi re.-ili/.e Ihe fMct 
joy and s:ii|ih -s ure iiiinirled t' tie^^jj^ 
in this lite. The rea-^on th it I am s itl 
ii ni^'ht is li( (-,ns(! I am *'" V' j * nuy » 
vi-ible position, deprived (JflWrtlWr- 
ty that 1 have enjoyed from my youth 
up; also shut out frum  he sweet aaao- 
ciatlons of my dear family and friends 
did must say in all candor with a just 
cause; but wo will let that pas. for tht 

1 am not the only mau that has luus 
been treated, and I nee«l not murmur; 
the baud of God is over all, and lie 
doetb all things well; ths day will 
come that will reveal ad thing-'; there 
ie a glorious goal towards which hu 
inanity is ceaselessly inarchinj, tlioii:; 
difvstors thrca'eu humanity can nut 
be shipwrecked; tbe bark may seem 
lost amid tbe billow* and the storm 
but the richly laden '-hip battles with 
tbe surges, and again proudly rides the 
foaiii aud looks forward to a brighter 

Out 1 said that I wa« glad, and have 
many things to make me glad. First, 
I am glad to say that I did not find 

things here as I had expected. In tbe 

lirsi plate I lound tho keepers of this 
prison to lie geutlenieu of honor; men 
wlio will res[.ei;l and pro'ect prison 
ers; that is, when the men will respect 
tbemseiyes; but this is ilie place to find 
all kinds of men— good, bad and li.dU« 
feront Tbe penitentiary it absolnte* 
ly a better borne than somu of them 
ever had before. I have bi;ei|^herc 
but a bliorl time but must say iii all 
iruUi that the Ircaimeiit here in this 
prison is good, but a place tlj .l every 
mau should shun, fur i woul d jja t off 
er any eiioouragemeut to le^^meii 
here Uut this is noi. all that makes 
me giad. I have be'ttre toe tonight a 
box *enl to iiii- by my dear old friends 
lu lUul aruiind old Sale o (Salem, yes a 
iiaiiie e\er dear to .iiie; as 1 write Ibal 
name the hurtfing waves ol memory 
rise up and bo.- t ugain^t my bi art with 
a dreary so 'ud,) The box w a fliied 
with nice presents that Is enough to 
make a po )r pilgrim feel glad. Aud 
now 1 t:ike luis moibod of relmniug 
lo them my tii.vnks I'ur the sains, and 
shall ever reiii'.iiiber lUeir. tor their 
I. indncss toward me, ns a friend in 
need is a frluud Indeed. May God's 
bit ssiugs rest upon the givera. it was 
said by many to bo tbe ^hest selected 
tjre»enifi that ever came hero, 

As 1 sii ai 'ne in my eel tonight niid 
lowi. over iiiy n ee e.„,,ds and rsad the 
doU'ir's namt) , the i|Uiek teais rush to 
my eyes and the fond iccollcctiun of 
bi-tter days tliis mv luomory. In my 
box i see clothing, brushea, Mpor pea 
and ink, oaudy, perfbme, eeap, eonbe, 
punetit, Jelly, lu fact my cell tealght 
lubk* like a sniall confectionery and I 
/eel glad. 

Aud now, Mr. Editor, you can •'.ill 
make me feel by seudiug me the Uld 
Reliable PtUEOK, that I may read at my 
leieare momenu. 

laoonclu.iou I will «Ky that I still 
iMTa kopes that I will soon be al home 

one - more and be vindicated before 

t he people. 

With good »tl| towards all, I am, 
yours truly, 

M. t/lCATHBRruHO. 

UoiiTtr (./Rittrndkn— Henry Ben* 
net t and Uarenoo Moom. two of Dvj. 
en.bnrg'e acoomplUhed voting men 
were seen at Liberty a few days since.' 
taking tn the *nrroun. tings ot the \il. 
lage, and seemed to as |,,ii,,.v .is n 
flohl lark. We learn it was Mr. Moor's 
first trip. Clarence do not stay away 
"o long next time. Success to those 
two voting gontlemen. 
David G. and Samuel Hale have been 
visiting ia South Crittenden. ; 

A. M. Walker s wife, ot Liberty, Is 
'luife III and has been for several 

thT battle aud requesting him to send 
steamers to bring up Crittendeu's di- 
vision, which was coming into Savans 
uah as I left, I propose I that we go 
anhorc. As we reacheil tho gangway 
Ino'lecdthat the horses of himself 
and his stall were beiii^r tahen nsliore, 
He moimtod and rode away, while j 
walked lip tbo bill. I saw him no looie 
until the attack ocourred t the Laud- 
ing late In tho evening. I state these 
particulars of our meeting with so 
much detail beeaiise .i totally incorrect 
version of the place, manner ami sub- 
stance of the interview has been made 
to give a false impression of tbe state 
of tho battle, and a false coloring to 
personal traiu which are assumed to 
have had tbe issne of tbo battle In 

' "d-d nl s were 


'Xuitcf Mabry's 

Quite a 
lu attcudancu at at 

sa.e on the Stb. 

iaM3^u«i.*uu li-«9 .old hi. 

and has bought a fltru near WeKion's 
store. . 

Burning of tobaooobods hat nearly 

T he sowlugofoatr Is next in or- 

Uev. Thomas Carter preached at 
Caldwell Spring church lust Saturday 
light; we are informed be will take 
charge of th it ehnreh for the ensuing 

W. H. Campbell and Ml*s Mary c. 
Ua.iipbell were nnited ii the bonds ot 
niatrlmonp at Ihe re idence of \Vm. 
A Ilrashears on the 7th in.^l. May 
sunshine and baiipliiess be strewn 
aloiiT the path ^f their ives, peace 
and prosperity surrouud them while 
traveling through the fourueyot this 

Another light snow fall. I 

Johnny Campbell and Lee E.Travis 1 
looked very luippy last Sunday, as 
they w  ii' a bro nl. h:ippy smilo des- 
plle the su iwfall.J 

It ev. Iloury Holuman had au ap 
liulutineut to preach at tbe Sulphur 
Spring church church '9u la«t Sabs 
baih : ^ 

We ler.rii that Mrs.; 
mother is dangerously 

Miss Martha E. Stepncnaon is als   

G. A, Stophcusou hag .'omething lu 
his lip which is supposed by some to 
be a caurtor. 

Rev. Gibbs preaches at jiic Sulphur 
Spriugs church uext Saturday aud 

SUiiun f , ■ ' 


As news is icnn-e 1 niiut be sliorl 
this time, hoping one better qiialiti  d 
may fill my blank space. ; 

W. A. 15. 

McCollvm's Mines— As you dcsiri- 
the items from everr neighborhood. 
I w'.ll send some from this point. 

The farmer* are very busy ilii= 
spriii ;. r earing ground, buriiin^ and 
•owing pi .ut beds, plowing, etc.. in 
fact onr tanners are more iiulnstrious 
anil seem to be taking a greater iuter- 
est ill farming matters than usual, 

Joe Lucas, of Union county, is vis- 
iting hia uncle, Kobcrt C. Lucas, of 
this vic.uity . 

George Ai flack moved from near 
th^s place to Field Crldor's place last 

Married, at the residence of Mr. J. 
W. Pbililps. tbe bride's father, by Dr. 
Brietow. Miss Bailie T.Phlllips to Mr. 
'fhomaa MeKin ry; may they be pros- 

Wm. Walker and soi s are selling off 
their property prcpiirator. tu going 

Beu liiurraoudaud family arc visit- 
ing at W II. Asher's. 

If this hppoars l i your excellent pa* 
per I will write again when there Is 
auythlugof Interest.; 


Kentucky in Washington 

Ijjvni tho Commeroltl,^ 

asBngtf'ta ^Mi i M ii 8 . ' ir' 
two liitcrostiifg^Kontuokr claims pt u I' 

fling before the h.iuse committto on 
war claims. t)n'- was drawn aud pre- 
sented by lion, .lo.iii E. iialscll, of the 
Bowling Gri en district, in favor of 
lion. John Unruhaui, a veuoral.-le ami 
reputable citizen of Bowling Green, 
asking congress to reimburse him in 
the sum of about three thoiisaud dol- 
lars for the i1e-i riirii.iii i.i' a house by 
federal troops ('tiring the war. Ills 
not (|iiestioiied tliat Uie pro|)erty cited 
in the claim was woifhthe amount 
x't for its valuation, aud the destruc- 
tion of tho property waii a iiiibfurluno 
to a uobl.' gen lemau; but tbe ruinous 
fact iu couiicetion with the claim is 
thu ;iroiiiiuenco of its bi-uelieiarv |in 
that ei-i-al iiiovi ineiit which \^ inaii- 
guru cd by a eiili-hteiied st'itc? 
men iu the iiici:)ienc.-y of the late "un- 
pleusautuesj" lo establish a Provision- 
-il g 'Verunieut fur Kentucky, ou the 
wrong side of the fence the unlucky 
side. That provisional governtiii'iil is 
iinruorialiisod iu the unnais ot the I. ist 
Cause, and lbs active p u tlcipators in 
its ri •p'eiideut achieveiiicDt.-' cm luji 
got much f r their claims iu ^^'ashine- 

The other c^alm to which reference 
is innde \v«s preiinred, with ample 
proof, li; (' ■ Hon. »Viiii;.ii: .T. .Si one, 
of the l'al;ie;ih di^irici. :n l^ivor ot 
p i.v in;.' '.he !;; v. Henry II -i! k- , cmIoi- 
e.l, ol county, the sum ■ f $ioii, 
as joiiip 'iisaiion for 'Iho dost ruction 
lof his (IwcUiug by fi e set toiti),- 
l(v ulndi r«ta trttops uodor eiiiii_mai, jl 
I tii«i v. i.f«darBta general, Ly ou. 
I leek was a slave who purchased bis 
! ircedoui giving his iikisIim- $1,300 tor 
liie title, ilu was a loyal negro, and 
during the war was actively instru- 
tiiontiil in reimitin^ lo'oi.d troops 
I f )i t ie Union service in S(ailhwest- 
{ Qv.i Kentucky. His bouse harburcd 
' r?fbgo:8 and soldiers of the Fe *eral 
' Army, on account of which fart his 
d 1 elliiit; was desiroyea by eonfeil*s 
rate soldiers. Keprescntal ive Stone— 
a one ^legged, e.x-coniederate captain 
— now ni-ges Ibal lla leek, in view of 
his mUustrious work l- r the Union 
cause, should be paid |ilOO, the assess- 
o i value ol (he hou.o which the rcL  
els burned. Tuo claim is suggestive, 
and i.1 support of it Capt. Stone will 
soon lii.'ike in the house a /.ealou- 
speech. '1 he late of tiu claiin will be 
awaited with peculiar iuterest. 


A PonniloM Rebel Soldier in Oiaeia* 
nati- His Firtt FoaitiOB 
on a News- 
tX. Y.Btar] . 
1 ho last time Colonel Henry Water* 
so i was here he told a stor abou. nis 
experience Ir Clncjinatl lie said: 

' I ai rived in Cincinnnti one bluster- 
ing win'cr iii(iht, a ragged, hungry 
stranger, .iiist o it W iiio rebel army. I 
had Just rnongh money to pay for a 
nights lodging. How well I remem- 
ber wandering about the Mreoteof the 
city, wondering what tne next day 
woiilil bring me. ( be i'.'ved that I 
hadaliility as a ioiiriialist. and I was 
satisj-.ed thni .f I had ;iii oiiportnnity i 
conb. prove it. 1 was in the act sever- 
al times of entering the different 
morning neiir.papers aud applying for 
work, but I was so downhearted that 
I (Md not bm e the courage to do BO. I 
took a g( od sleep that night, and did 
not got up until late the iie.xt day. .My 
ease was a desperate one, .md I felt 
that 1 must scoHrc oni|iloyincnt. i ncv* 
er felt nioie dctoriniued iu iny lilc. 1 
lelt as if I could face tbe »temjsst editor 
lu the land without a quiver. In this 
frame of mind 1 started out to make a 
tour of tho various offices. At the 
first office tbo editor, in a bUmi way, 
t old ma tha t his' stall' was crowded and 

t!^resun'Sel^'«4^ 5- ^ ^'«"cd 
the newspopers witf 

except the limes office, 
had a large job pnu'ing office Sttaobed 
toll, w liiib did a great deal of thea- 
tric:al printing. 1 also loticed that Ihe 
paper had a noserulily wi itteii drama- 
tic colninu. 1 called on Col.,Starbuck 
the editor and proprietor, and asked 
if there wore any vacancies on his 

''There are uever any vacancies on a 
good paper, but there is always room 

lor a iond nuiu," said the colonel. 

'•1 shall never forget that reply, and 
it is one 1 have alw lys made to appi- 
naiifs for positions on the Oourier- 
fournal. I told Colonel Starbiick that 
I ilioiigiit I could improveon tbo dra- 
matic c.diiinii, and proposed to wrlfo 
it tnr uotiiing it' lie would give me 26 
per edit cominis.-lo i on all the print- 
ing and a^'verliseinents i secured from 
the •hei tres. He dcclim d the propo- 
sitions. As 1 was about to leave bo 
iiirncdto mo and said ho would give 
mo S!l2 a week to perform the service. 
\\!i !ta -b:\ e,. I ;inM; over Ilie. I nn- 
iiK-diiilel.^ I It iiiv-cM ri' h. I told him 
I voiild aei-i'p'. It. lie then said that 
I must not r-el otleiided if al tbe end 
of the woeis ho lonnil I did not suit 
aMehe d'siiiiised me. I knew I would 
suit, fur 1 kuow the i»ll extent of my 

ibiliiies, aud I toM biin that if I Was 

Buell'i Xeotiag with Qrant at Shiloh 
From Oenorai D. C. Buell's ariMo 

lu the May (.'entury, elitled, "Sblloh 
Reviewed," we qn te the followlug; 

'•Ab'Hi h: 11 way up we lict a si ri am 
offugi iveg tliat poured in a em-iant- 
ly swelling current alon^' tbe west 
bauk of tho river. The mouth [ot 
snake eroek was full of them swim- 
ming acroa We arrived . t the lundk 
ing about 1 o'clock; I Inquired for 
(ieiieral irant and was told tha' he 
was ou his lieadiiuartets boat, in'iirly 
agiiiiist which we Mud landed. 1 went 
ou l)oai- I luid wns in t by liiiii al ihe 
door ot the ladle , cabin, iu 'whleh 
there wore beside hiiiuolf two or thre 
members of hie ataff. Other office r. 
may have entered afterward. He ap- 
peared fo realize that be was beset by 
au oppressing danger, .and nianil'e.icd 
by inauuur more than la words that he 
was relieved by my arrival as in li -.u- 
ing Ilie near approach of succor: hut 
there was nothing lu hi* deportment 
that tbe circumstauees would not have 
Justified without alsparagemcm to the 
ebaracter of a courageous ^soldier. 
Certaiuiy there was none of that mas- 
terly coiilideuce whidi hu- »in.'e been 
assumed iu rercrciice to the occuslou. 
After the first saluiatiou and as I wal- 
ked to a seat, be remarked thff.i he had 
Just come in from tho front, and held 
up hi* swofd to oall my aitentlon to 
an induntailon. whieh he aaid tbe 
scabbard bad received from a shot. 
I did not particularly notice it, aud 
•ttar laqairiaf aboot th* progmaof 

The "Literary Casket" published by 
W. S. Colenmu an J Shelby Hicks, 
teacher 01 1 rovidciue M. & F. .Acide 
my, has been received ugaln at this ol 
lice. Tlie march issue is a deciued ini- 
provumui i uver tho December issue, 
boltir prlaled nud arranged. Il is full 
of pleasantries concernniug the pupils 
of  bu Academy coniaius some good 
point* on tbo lilair Kdiicationai Bill 
and other items of school interest. The 
sprii t; term is advertiscil lo coiiiineiicc 
.Muuduy March 'Jtj, and the leachers 
Stale that ibe wliulc eo.t ol t'.ie ?iiriiie 
term w ll be onl) 4iS7&U aud insure it 
not to cost more than this. This pays 
board, tuition, washing aud every- 
thing. ^.'^T.-'iO i. coriaiuly ver^ cheap 
for a full term's schooiiiig, tiny one to u. tend u ^oodscliool should 
take advantage olli.i.s oll'cr. A spee^ 
iai clius fur lei.chers will be I'.rgauizcd 
al the beglnutiig of the spring term. 

'I he so-, ..| ilKt late II i; I -il .,, ol 
.\'i".v Voik, III obidieaie lo a verbal 
rniuesi ol his lather in his I st lllulfc^ 
lias sent n cheek lor ijijU.UOU to lot 
Aiiieriesil Hope Missiuiiary Society 
'1 his is the svcoud or third paviiieui 
of lids bort he iiai made iu L-xeeutiii|! 
tho wi«he« uf his father uui recordeo 
in bis will. 

not eoinpctont I should cou-iOei It au 
offense ijt he .lid not di i. biirgc inc. 

"Thi. v -;,s ll;c first oi the week, and 
star'.Lii ill til :i d .y. 1 ne\e- unders 
Ook a t.i-!: -vil li ni.ire cm hnsui III 1 
atlcuded the theaieis every uighi. IJo-- 
lore the end of the week Colonel Star  
buck expressed hL approval. On Sat* 
iirduy afternoon 1 wont to the theatres 
til c:dlpct the money for printing and 
adverti'-ine due the I inn s. At the 
National the itle, al -. r c jllecliiig the 
money. I w as bunded an envelope ad- 
ilressed lo me. Supposing it contain- 
ed au Item of news or a ticket, I put it 
iu my p(eUei unopened. At Pike'* 
uuotlier envelope bearing my name 
/as presented me and tbe same thing 
oecurr^Hl at Wood's Ibialre, When 1 
returned to the olliee, I opened the en- 
velopes aud fouud tbo ones presented 
to mo at the National and Pike's each 
cuuiaiiiud $10 Tbo one received at 
Wood's eoiitnlncd $5. I told Colonel 
--uirbiie!; tie- circiii:' lances and tOli* 
iicretl bini the money. lie said that 
il d.d not Ijclong to him and ho would 
m t accept il. 1 returned tho donations 
to tliclheaii ii .il managers. They said 
the money had been given iu consid- 
eration of the favorable. ni iice* I bad 
given their purforniaiices. 

Coiojti Siarhucka s\iort time af* 
forward mido me maungiug editor." 

('.»l t. Tom Gregor\, ol' Wlnehestei 
I'cnu., b:is a unii]iie pair of gloves, 
'I he_, \\ ri , i.i i.le by Wi-s \:.;ii,:e I'lilb 
ips, who snared u lot ol rubi.ils, caul 
ed and spun liieir fur as if it wer* 
wool, and from tbe yarn knit ihi 
giovcs. She d* coratod the b tck of 
eui b glow with Ihe ear uf a lull grown 

The Queen of Italy has recent ly pre 
tented tu tho Uoinau .Mnsenni a iicck- 
lat e iu sUvu'' gilt, a brueolel iu massive 
gold, 400 grammes iu weight— both 
f roaeute froai the tibab of Persia to 
her Majesty— and also aecrles of plates 
representing the costumes of Bolivia 
given to ber by the Italian Minister fo 

Livingston County New*. 
[From the Sentinel.] 

Ml . Dunk I'crklns, who bas been sU k ut 
Ills resldeiicu uf 111. ton in law, Ml'. J. V,. 
I'les.-in II ill Siailhland for several weoks, 
IImI at I'lur o'elovk Friday morning, Feb* 

I'uiiiy :ili. 

Hun. A. J. Fluaiiiig announced Idm.elf 
a. a cuuilldate for eluotiun tu tbe olHoe of 
(.'oiiiily Judge Monday last at tbe oouuty 


Wiir.aec Riibirlsou, a prominent and 
rtcll to lb) ciii/.i u ot' our county, disposed 

if his iiropeily but week and silently il;/! 
'■.'.iiijieii t'ui- Hint |uipiilur resort, "piirts 
iiiikii"Wii," A young nitl who lived 
.it liis' fur scM'i ul years, anil to whom 
ac -le.iilil li:i\e li.u II :i bit her, says instead 

le i.- till' tutlicvuf her child, and shs has 
instituted lugal prooeeUiiigs agiUn.t 

We 1. I ; II Iho .1 |i. l il i. 11 I I the north 

-iue 1)1 li.e in er, uslulli; Ilie l.l-gisltti Ul'S 

I' lss II hill uulhorUing a smrvuy of Llv* 
111.; i in cuiiiity to be made, for tho pur- 
(lOSe "f aseeriiiiiiltig Ilie c.iilct center of 
thu ciji.uly. uu.l t'j liie.ilu the priiiio.sed 
new eiMllt' llell-e p ihit, lei il bo 
tvliereii iiiu} . ii;'.  been pr. -euleil lu 
u.iilv. Till' |,i .eileiif uur cuiiiity are biid- 
i\ i.leil uii 111.' reiiKival i|UVStioD, and it 
rt ill likely 1 1 1'liU' iptite 
'leetlue i.s ^■\ er. 

stir before the 

Kl-e iln-i'e Mill tie I'uiuiil Ilie iiiiuouiiee- 
ineii;. lUia week.oi i.iir esueined aud wor- 
th.\ veiiiig I'r: lid, .Mr. M:i;key \Vortun,as 
.i eundiibili lur election to ihc uBIce of 
county vlcrk. It U useless tor u. to ut- 
lcm|it tu suy uiiythlng to add to Mr. Wor* 
tun's ri'piil.iliuii as a thorough aadhlgb 
tuned (jeatleiaau. 

W e notice that our exchange* art 
very gounrally opposed to the eduoa- 

iionai lilll now before congress, prin- 

cipiiliy uii the .-uiire of its ceutrali/.iug 
tendencies. 'I'Ue ground of coiiiplalut 
is wel chosen and the bill be closely 

The Crittenden Press 

THURSDAY; ITAR. 18 1886 


LMt  c&r Keiitiirky rCMlVtd M Ux 
from railrofid* $l-7,674.8l. 

The FrMkfert Ytttmu hM'nuptn*. 
dtd pnbliofttien aAtr ,» WNW of lotty 
jrmra of n ueftilueM. ' 

rbe Liegi lMlure pMM«l a bill con- 
tiwilBg th« Snporior Coart for • term 
of four y«  r«. 

UnltadSUtM Seoator Miller died 
111 WMilngton • Hi# d*f I ago. Tbe 
Coveraorof Califorata will appoint 

IjIi iucee wor. 

TbcimAi J. M•llr^tb• iloulaal clork 
of thi 7oV!|t ol AppoaK, wai flued for 
dt-uakeuueM lu tbe LouIiTille police 
Mort a fa * daya ago. 

Tli« Ohio Vtlle; U«ilroad Company, 
•iiy« a HcM lerson paperfhM given no* 
tlcc that uo employe who drinlcH lu- 
toxicauta will be rutaiucdiu their eni- 

r I  cmocratic comj 

It !• -jS Ji^nM boon called to 
in^1i1i«MiflPiu«ville ou the iMth. The 

cemrtiittoe'k coiifposed of the cbair- 
IliCU of the cov»tJ' c«iiiitiiltet^. 

It is anuo'uneod by the teleph ue 
people that arranfroTicuts will shortly 
be iu»il.^/ )r^e.w Yorl|,to tain to Lou- 
don, iSnglaua. 'keaaagea wlU be aeui 
over tbe Atlantic cabalwu ' 

Robbera entered tbe baggage ear on 
ibe Cbicago and Rook bland Facitic, 
near Joliet. lllinoia. land alter killing 
the ex))rcas man robbed .tbe aafe ol 

$2.' ,tl06 'iii iiKHK v and otbeir Valuables. 

and inadc their escape. 

w .— — ^— —  *^i^ 

1 1 hf reported that Major Ton Mom, 

now in the I..ogi8lalure ironi Paducah, 
will be a candidate for couKresg. lie 
probibly doesn't know that Bill 8toiie 
it lofkded. Uolter unt monkiy with 
bim, major.— Uweusboro Meaaeuger, 

Tbe LeKulaiure pi ssed the pleuro- 
pueumonia bill over tbe Goveruur'« 
veto If our Bolona woaldflgbt for 
g»od bille with tbe aame. avidity they 
do for had ones, there would be no 
r Miipnting of the good work li would 
be tloiUj{' 

BlLl-S IxTRODl'CKO AND MlAit'KBK r^s't l' 

IIousB— March 11: Under a call of 
tbe rouutle* fltty-one biila were intro^ 
dured, among w bleb were th*'. follow^ 

iMfi. Mr. CrldenT^ prtvfM tbe 
lale of liqiiora In Sikfdwell oMnty; 

morals aud religion. 

100.^ Mr- lUiusey: To prohibit tbt 
furnisbiiig of toba teA to nlMon; eri* 
ihiual iawa. 

1040. Mr. Connon To prohibit traf- 
lie In aplrituona ll^n^i* m Boone eo.; 
morale and religion. 

1090. Mr. Bullitt: To re^olate tbe 
sale of morphlue ai'd opluim; general 


106S. Mr. Wolkiug: To j oni«h cer- 
tatu treaWtera In ttala obmmouWealtb 
erim(na)iaw. ... 

3066. Mr. Genict: Kewafdlaff per- 
aons fltidiug aud briugtng aahore dead 
oodles o I uuinaj beings fiom any iia  
vlgHblc ftnpani iu this State; immigra- 
tion and labor. 

1076. Mr. Spauldiug: Kuabllug the 
Union oemity court to enbaerlbe for 
turnpik. nada. \ 

Th*'^' Miendlnk 1h« (Mpeflor 
court w. a paaaeil by a vote of U to 


of a single instaiice of his oppre alng 
the poor. One or two little luoidonts 
will servo a good purpose iu showing 
tbe nature aud dispoeition of -our sub 
Jeot: Qa OM ofeM)** % Mn Eleoi au 
mpelBaio— ^ewfcliyMit, «it t* rbe 
Doctor le aoll htm n illdo. Tke l eo« 
tor s. iJ; "Well, sir. wbal la a allk?" 
aud wae promptly answered that it 
was "Bomethlng to haul things ou." 
'Yes, sir, 1 will take six of them it 
you will make aud deliver them to 
me.'' Aud be did afclually reoeive an (• 
pay tbe poor man for the alx elides. 
Hie ri^lAM da^ uHtti ibe lioetor if 
he wanted to bny a rabbit, "Yea, air, 
[ will take that one aud &   many more 
as you 'will bring ;iue. 1! ring on (he 
rahliiih)' and for ii good while the 
uogf iu tbe Docldf's lot did uot waut 
for a bduuliful anpply of the Inbabi. 
Milts of ihi ° biooflB aage. Wlien one 
of Uie^ootor MM4^jMked bjm'bia 
reaaouii for tlicte strange liivestmeuts, 
he said) ''*Wcll, air, te encourage the 

Hu wai twice a member of the leg- 
islature aud was unco defeated by Wm 
Wallace |Ue was a candidate for the 
Stkte ^fou^tStutionai convention in 
U»|B/)ii£|^Xa'lla|S(ii^d l v li.x. II v 

prepared 'or death, that they may 
meet thelo father in the world of bliss 
whcte ^iAiioHs. p«i.| nor death are 
f It fud 4are»l no more. Itev. W. J. 
Darby, ofevsiiRviiie, preyed hie fu- 
neral eerjhoi at 8 p. m. on the 18th in- 
stntlAalr|||eaeeembly; the remalna 
were then luterrad in the family bu ' 
rylng grouid, to await the rosurrec 
lion mem. 

llcv. Milir. of lyebaiion, T^ntiosjce, 
preached a Be'hiehem lant Suuday 
aud Suudajuight. lie did well f.,r a 
young niaaand iu a   tr..nge place. 

FnllerJMaxwell. ot California, is 
viaiiio|biialM«r,llrp Carrie Kirkpat- 
riok. i t 

I ' Obskkvek. 

WwT*.— The river ie lower lu 
.March tbo eVer experfeucod, being 4 
feet beM^b* maik. 

Tlie ttM faithful Trii,.tee Mr. Cook 
hae metvih success in rdi^-ing a lund 
to stana 2 tii(juihs roIiooI lo corn- 
men, e o iav, the 15ih, uude' the tul- 
tio ialt'^iees ot Mra Mollle Moore, 

Julin PerrviiiAii in coiiiluctltfa a sinBinc II m 

schouut i rn  p,'ctRriiu .i buu e.   Annoinicexnoiitsu 

RjlM Tt riiiirmond, jr, Is aiakiag his 
home At H IJ|(;iveii«'. 

"tided to his eomfbrts 

W H t.'r..w,-ll hii 
a now fdukliij: rim 
Peaches all killid 

J. E. 0. 


on th 

UMAiA I.Kui NfiN-KR— Rev TO Carter 
prtai licd us a gooil SL-rmoo last Buodav 
subject of deprarlty " 

Per eiroult Judffe- I 

We iirp iinlliorlzr.l to aiiuounce liC. 
Civirin, nl a caiiilidiitc for Ciiult 

Jud^e lor I Ik- Tiiiid .ludicial Oislnet,£n 
puprdoi riii..,!, MriiJerson, Webstsrind 

tritl(.iiili ii roiirili. ' 

W'l- an? iiiifhi.i i/. 
1*. t'lssel, lit II 


:iiin 'iinft  C n. 

.hi, 8»„'d.,.?fh7s, o'- ^^-'-VTH"'.' .'Tlhe Tlnnl Joli 

cloci. "'"^ " " » • 1 *='l«»rirt. eorup,..ed of Uulo. , Ifcu- 

Tbs peeplc ospect t i organit* a Suada* f,®"""* w"bsler aud Crittenden o«iu 

Sunday morning in ill 

spoudeut, though baa no 
Ited 26cU to that fbnd. 

is wlihont a physician^ Dr. 
oiiig the gouc-oiit. 


Mr, Keiina, the brilliaut youug Se- 
nator from West Virginia, iiindu an 
cxoelleut speech iu tbe Sauate of tbe 
IWiited :3t.-vies a fewdaya aince, iu de» 
louce of tbe Fresidept, a^ during 
'^hleb Republican ScnjUore werltold 

•oinfr wh^ilesoTho trntha. 


, es^fsasntaMBB 

Me n ator Kvarta called upon the I're a few days a^b and In discuss, 
iiij ilic tifjht betweeii the President 
and the Senate Clovelabd saidi "It il 
be true that'euy of my appointees ii- 
u|)w,(^riby, I hope he will ^be i ejected. 
It'ila the SeuMe'a function tq aee to 
ttuit * the Seuatora aro my coadjutors 
ainl'«dvlalBrs) they can not be too ex- 
acting for ' my taate. I want ■ im 
proper men In oflice.'' 

Among tbe local billa Introduced iu 
the tloiiMi Satardnr were the folio w 

Mr. Nuun— For the beneiil of a Si \te 
road in Crittenden county. . Co'niuy 
aud City courts, 

8ame-For the benefit of T. F. Wll- 

boru, of Crittendei! couty. Judiciary. 

hv. Wm. lieed- To prohibit tbe sale 
of liquor ne(,r New lictliol church in 
Lyon county. Morals aud iieligiou. 

Mr. Crider— To organiie and estab 
llah a ayatem of Public behoole in 
Princeten. ^duqglon^^ 

Toe Leglalatore has plenty of time 
to look ftttei some ol ihe tales that are 
told Rboul it. lu Saturdays proceed- 
ings the lol owing occurs: 

Mr. U. .'V. Jones sent to the Clerk's 
deHk, aud had read a pjmgraph fk'oni 
the Traakibrt' eorreapendent of the 
LoatttlUtlAiimneMiA referring to the 
proeeedluga of the I2ih iust.. viz: "Thi 
aeaslon of l bo House this morning was 
a disgrace. ■ Cut calls au I whialling, 
stamping of feet aud cfapping of hands 
dilatory in«tioug aud (luarreliug, made 
paudfijudu^um," and offered the foU 
lowing QMifcntoiK 

. Jlmei mf l t TMttvthe atatemeuta nu|d« 
bliiti^.ttutrue, and tbe pubiioatlon 
It M ttnea flea for alander. 

Affaira at Qreenwopd re.uain about 
the aamo they were laat week. The 
nluera portlat iu aaying thMonleaa 

(bt XirgtUature removea .the; convieti. 
tMy#lll. A oominlltee conitposed of 
members cl the LcgiBlatiuc a;e ou the 
grouuds, taking uoies; in the rneau- 
tluii's 80 eoMiers remaiu in camp, hol- 
ding the tort. A mass mooting of cU« 
■itbua aud miners waa held at ifelUco 
iBatul dav aud paaaed reap ntiona re« 
quMtiogthe Legialature to remove 
|be' eouyicla from all mlucs iu Ken- 
tucky. Batlug tbe qnesliou of the 
propriety ot working the convicts out- 
side of the peiiiiontiary walls, it is ov.. 
idem the lonn at tbo people if aucdi 
thattjj»e,irf«ui«j5tr ^'ptoeya tlie 
Tolee of the pnbltci, nnal do aoffe." 
•••'"ft.T'.^ ^t* oonylcti other, tljaii 
work tjietn lu tbe .niines. Under i he 
comr ii|t leasiug the pri-soners to the 
Masua FoarU company, sixty days uo- 
t ce is reqitlMd beCa r« they ean lie iw 
movo^. 'A'^p that eanooiM to the 
tront;vJth MheqaltiM* IMIdMit of 

kN/vrk-T.U lubUUU 01 ilt: Harris 
n bill providing ''that HtUr lee con- 
tract of the State with the Masou- 
aid oompauy has been complied 
with, the couTiet labor of (he t$(ate be 
withdrawn from competition with 
free laBbi in mlnea and other Indua 
tries, and employed In ebei eehati no- 
tion uf a railroad through the fclntb Of 
Kentucky was^iutro-tucvd. " ■* 

lIoLSH— .March 11: The plenro-ipueu- 
moiiia bill was passed over ihe Gov 
orn'or'it ve'-o by a vote of A3 to 39. 

Mr. TVorue^epecial ooramittMb mad^ 
a report ooneomlag ihe vliilt 'it the 
oommlttee to the EddyvUle branch 
i eniteutiary. Tbo report, it ia said, 
highly compllmonta tbe mniMfluaMnt 
of I he work. 

During the afternoon session 67 lo 
cal billa were paaaed. 'Among, the 
number were 

Senate bill IIL Mr. Baya, county and 
city oonrta: relating ;to collecting des 
linqiicut taxeeia CrIttMidiMi eoanty; 


House bill 520: For the benefit of 
the county a..rvcyoi and aouufy clerk 
of Crittoadea oonnty; paaeed. 

SbnaTB— Mr HoDanell, chtirman of 
the special Joint committee appointed 
to investigate tbe Kddyville brauoh 
peni'cuUary, reported the result ol 
their csanDinatiou. Tbe report is high* 
ly cooipliraentary to the location, plan 
and progreaa ol Ihe work on the In- 
atltntloa, an4 poiaailtteo are un* 
atiated In Ikeir •pi^reval of tbe ma n« 
agement ol -the work. 

oTcomirou wealth's witnesses in felo- 
ny canes. Prdvidiug pay for witness- 
es cirty when regularly avnmohed) 
aud .theaam«daipie«^..ia ^MMBMart; 
passed. ■ • . ■' 

Several local bills wcri^ passed. 

11  USE -.M rch 12r The Uiveua ex- 
eiiipliou bill, which "els apart certain 
property to the houaekeepei aa ex- 
empt ftoin ezoiBntloa wee paaeed. .The 
bill mekeb-ecmevery Important ohaa- 
ges iu the ' exemption Iawa bealdea 
those already mentioned. For ins- 
tance, i^ the debtor has uot ou baud a 
year's provisions for his family, he is 
allowed iu lieu thereof forty dollars 
for each member of the fhmtly. Tbe 
valde of'the two horaee aet Apart to 
the debtor ia liaiited to iUO eaehf the 
value of two cowa la limited to alxty 
dollars es^b; the value of ten be^d of 
sheep is liiniled to .$i'5. 

Sknate— Mr Allo'd iutrcducoa a 
bill providiug for Ihe removal ot the 
capital to Leziugtou. li provides that 
M the uext August election the propo 
sitlou l  ^uUmiited' to the people of 
Fayetto county to vote $600,000 for the 
purpose of establishing the Slate cap 
iial at Lexington; il a majority fayor 
the proposit uu bunds fur that aiut uut 
arii to be issued by layette county; 
the removal of the government la not 
to be rfobompUahed toatil aaeil bohda 
are laaaed mi4 aold ^d tbe prueeeda 
paid to \thu Treaaurer of Kentucky. 
The bill waa reterred to tne commits 
tee ou J iifilelary^ with ioavo to report 
at tMiy tini(f. 

smYHUTOKTot oiti^iirpii 


Among the II rat and best remem- 

bered'meu who were proiuiuent citl 
lena-ai the time ol tbe formation of 

Dk. Joir.v S 


in making a 

iIkt occasion, 
""-tt with a f"-'. 
dilTereneeof two aud a half ceuts aud 
could' DO%itibke .tba, change. But tbe 
•nan, 4eitermined jiot to loae tbe 
amonat eaid: ' I am owing Mr. Marble 
a note of a hundred doilara aad you 
caurflx the two and a half ceut* with 
him." "All right, sir, walk in. Mr. 
Marble will yon please credit this gen- 
tleman's nolo with two aud a balf 
cents aud charge it to my account." 
"Certainly," aaya Mr. Marble, and rea- 
dily did it, fer IV(%T* Juriedietloa ot 
the note to ^oonrt^wboee term eai»f 
three moattia evtier' than the eirepil 
court. Yon aak, did Marble eat him? 
Well, yes. 

The writer was uot mveh libqaaint- 
ed with Dr. John M. Jwbnaoa, whoae 
name h«a b«pn mtntloned. but he wiw 
tk« Kaa'tuwr Senatot^ who prbteated. 
In - hia ofllclal capacity, against the 
Eiuancipstioii I'roelanial on of Presi 
dent Uiucolu. After events, however, 
proved tha«. the protest had not a cou- 
irolliug influence upon the Prealdeni 
or the deetlalea of the eonatrjr. 

; . . Rapsblai. 

Collected for the Preaa by ita Staff 
of Loial Seribea. 

FaaDA|ru-«LltUa FloreaM. Wood- 
all, daughter of Mr. aad !Mta.'Wv. A, 

W lottall, died Mareh 7. at 7 e'eloek p. 
m. She f^aa takea aiek on .Tauuary 3, 
making more tbaii two mwntba ot se- 
vere afSictiou. uhich she bore with 
/) Mtt 64, (kct regulating the t syf usual fortitude fo a cblia ouly eight 

yetr^old, Sbf died of cerebral spinal 
nieuengltla, and iad notapokea for 
tfiieeweoka previona to her *eatb; 
her Mw^-yh» •teaM;**" 
How'aiMtbtnrtf^ivthoae welove; ' 
How sweet to know we .ahall 

in low^^ ^ 


latt week, 
the W. O. 



• II.MAM, 

upon whose Is ud tbo connty seat waa 
locHiod. He waa p popalnr phyaleian 
aud also aa aaeoatpraiaielBt politic 
ciaai He pm eeeeed • good Aiad of la  

lormatlon and waa one of tbe uost 
entertaining talkers in tbia part of the 
country. There are many people alill 
living Who have sat aud listened with 
opeu ears aud silent louguea lo his 
inimitable style of telling aneedoiea, 
audrelaiiug eom* of the Mwritteu 
accaiM of^wiortHit bla|»rleai eveiua 
Ue a^(l hi\ mora lequkeion* fMend, 
fir-ii,90U M. iuifwotJ, Vftro i.oted fa.r 
and wide for their inexhaustible wit 
uiiil Lnuior, And whou they weie to- 
^'ethur  ili utb«rs rather cboae to be 
lUiquery .tfiaii'. tflkera. Dr^ JUiltfam 

laaiMs.ltaSwlili irAlili.all«w it, but 
utfV eeenM.nmbKtcna t» ae^ire 
wealth. Dn hVa death,,however,. he left 

hia family iu  (uile conifurtable cirK 
MnutAioea. lie w«a cb.ritaii)e and 
UMlMdtMwHtar IM 


Born to the \yife of ('. S. Blue, on 
tbe 10th ittst., aihie looklbg girlj who 
is happier than Charley? 

OninxARV— Hie. John T. Wyattdied 
at hie reaidenoe lu Fredonia on Fri- 
day, March Vi, 1886. at 7 o'clock a. m. 
Mr. Wyalt waa bom In ^aldwell co^ 
Ky., February 28th, 1817, and waa mar 
ried ti Miss M. J. Crider I ecember 
S3d, 1840. Eleven children were the 
rem t of tbU nniou, six of whom are 
yet living, 4 sons and 2 danghtera. Mr 
Wyalt never paid mneh-  attention to 
polltica; he hae alwape 'beea a peace- 
ful, law abiding citizen, a good neigh 
b»r, and for many years a zealous 
o'lristian; a rrenlar allendiMt at 
church until ho became too much af- 
flicted to attempt churc'i gclug. He 
made a pro:eaaion of religion In the 
year 1843, but did aot aalto with any 
cbureh natiiafbw yeare aftrwarda; 
he united with the C. P. ehurch la Fre. 
doiiia; he was ever at bis post of duty 
aud gave liberally to chu-cb enterpri- 
set; be seemed to live iu communion 
with tied every day, had no fear of 
death, and In fact he aeemed to wiah 
lor death, eepeeially ae ainoe be bea 
been eo eeverely aAleled. Hie health 
failed to a eonal erible extent thirty 
years aj^o, bu,t be battled against dia 
eaae until eighteen years aince. He 
waa afflicted wiih pluralysis, and since 
and aince that time bas not been out 
|from home but little. . WjM* devo- 
jwd flrtbtr ead loviaf iiaabaad; baa 
beea eaeeMofkl aa • fanaer; hie oblld-. 
reu have beea well educated, aud have 
had every soeial ,adv8UtBge. They as 
well as the entire cominuuity, will feel 
the loss of such a man. The eveuing 
before ho died he repealed several 
passage-, of scripture calculated lo con 
sole a ohriatian aad br ghlen hia hepea 
of flitare hepplneee; he aleo aang aeva 
oral beautiful hymns and seemed to 
have an iusighi of heavenly gUries 
and the glittering crewu awaiting 
hlin. Ho frequently told hi* fbmlly 
and fricude thai kit wwrti WW la- 

1 long lo fly away aad be at reet 
Upon mj dear BedeeaMr'e bnaal; 
The earrowe of eaAb will ao«i| be o'er 
Then ou winga of iofi 111 apward 

soar, • 
To meet my 'SavioOT, kOW aWiOf Uw 


siuee 1 with hie daar Mood^viM 

bought, . ■■ 

While yat ia heavm tkaMii «KMBL 
I fbar aeiHhadarkaaea •r ||M.iMi4 I - 
Ue bore hia NVtre  9ftlldtt with 
true christian fortitude aoH paaaed 
peacefully out into the Great- Ueyond, 
proving the truth of holy writ. Bless- 
ed are the dead that dto in the bard. 
Maykbrnflfliif eUMnitHNwaU 

I'lL-w ''^ (he DIek Youag, and isaac 
P lauary a. Mrtttmummk Vi cant 


Rev. delivered aevcral aerinoi a to 
the congregation hi battling for the 
uigbts ol Methodism last week. 

Mr. A. O. Gi bert, of'Mo., wts in 
town looking to the latereat labia 
..tore l:«it week. . ' 

Thi law'iaiii hae' ' neea on a atead y 
boom idl the week. 

I had the pleasure of meeting the 
edito''ofthe Hsrdiu Indepeut ai Cn 
a^yvllle Thuradad, ai'd rowed biiu to 
Cav».|B-Hoek. . 

The WfWon Rnrger "Dumb Own 
I'ride," made a run at 1 o'clock '•ed- 
uesilay evening lo Iliirricatie nml re- 
turned home at 7. IJii^tauce ou round 

Wo were glad to note Mr. Robert 
Stiuson upon the streets with warm 
gi eel iii ;s of iiand shaking Ncsleidny. 

Mr. Uco. L Rauki I, I*. .M. has a mis 
hap jf losing a horse Saturday night, ' 
Wb'-' will be tbe next cbiel Magis- 
trate for th s part of the precinct. 

Mr. and Mra. S. S. GUI, of Union 
county, were the quet^ts of Otbo 
Niiiin's family last week. 

The Lily waa inakiu.i all light lai.di 
Ing laat week, aad paid off the light 
tendera. Dumuv. 

Oak Oaova.— There will Im no 
eehool here thic eprlng. 

George Beard will not go to Tnlo 
any ^aro. 
Miaa Alice Clark la viaitlaff fHeada 

"SamUtfrorCbapel Hill, has quit" 
usiu^ onc-ceut postage stamps. 

The Oak Grove cboir will 1m at the 
ma  a ifMeting Saturday. 

Baadi^ BAaol will be orgaaiiad at 
the Qrove Snaday afternoon. 

Mfaw l^nfla Partalu, of Tnlu, was 
with friends In this section last week 
J- R. Jennings and daughter, Miss 
Lucy, visited frieudeia Hi^kiaaooaa- 
ty laat wi^k. 

J H. Patmor na-le a vlalt to hie old 
Meade in Boose eounty a abort time 

Everyone ia In favf r of the railroad, 
BO doubt ab^pit that, but when tbe 
word tax ia aMatloBod they "eaat aee 
the pint, ; 

Three of our young ladiea will en- 
wlll engage iu iiupariiug kuowi  dge 
to tlie'litile folks in April Miss Rosa 
Clark will take charge of a school at 
Sltoani, Mias £ffio Bryant a. Chapel 
Hill and Mika Aaale Clark at Bethel. 

Our friend J obn Jeaiil ig, of Hea- 
deisou County, after tpenifin^ several 
wcoks with friends at this plai-e, start- 
ed-for UQRio Monday. Johu looked 
rather ;A^rieus wheu he left, aud was 
heard tfMag the old soug, "I'm ieav 
ing than ta aoivovi Aaale.*- 

^" Bum. 

8t(9|||;]|«iU( -Ipfmlng are aboot 
througb'.bBralag tobaoee beda 
Health pf-jperaMy^ood. 
Mlae Ii^nie' ^Cbeknev, wt learn, 
has h^^^ adioeasful iu s^oiytng a 
schoojppiij dl'strlct. Patron*,* giv« 
the young lady lady a fair nhiam aad 
lei lu have a good school. 

SInoa writing our last, death bas v:- 
alted |||r Vicinity, taking away Flor- 
enoe^ Utile daughter of VF. A. Wood- 
all'8,pBd Cordie, little girl of Mra. 
Sue Convers, agr-d .rcspectivelj about 
eight years. Both were bright aad 
inteillKent children. 

A R Bebout is maklag hie home at 
J 11 fuomaaou's. 

John 8. Wuodail will leave lor But- 
ler oauatj thie^eek to aelt 'he Auto 

school hero the 4tb 

this mnntb. " i 

Mm l.iiey .Stnlliunii waa burled last Sim 

day :il tlic l..)v.- ^'in v.-vurd nenr llii- 

The Franks l.roilH i^. li M md.l T. liure 
formcU a partiier-lop Miis v.-vr and .niliri- 
pate raising n Ur^.- .:r,i[, uf tul.acco; m it 
IS worth l.ut little Ihiy must of necettitr 
l aisc the more of it. 

We expect to poison the tobaceo flies 
and reqeest oar neighbors |lo do tbo san.e 

, fui- the licnofil „( v„ur 

iron Hill corrcspoudi-Ht that notwithstan- 
ding the wooda have been very thick a- 

round the i li rk's office for tome time It \i 
lieiii),' ( li-ar.'d lip iind l.v the tir«t of .Vu- 
gust will 1„- c.,nii.l -tr.|, s„ thitl till. Hill 
that II uow south of .Miirion l;ui I„  -.i-i-n 
byoalling the cl»rk's um. p 

Wo are Ir. -nned iIkiI the meiJi. ;il advi- 
aerof CrilU- .don couuty.alter th.- si .iiir. 
of malariii iidvi- es the people of C 

di ll to I'll I ;, r,:i II. il jj-* 

^I^t5 iliLir iu 
line Pill; liut as 
[) a Ooctui^f law and knows no 
medicine we would unggesl Moore, and 

avoid .1 i^ick I'toniiiChiichc, and n-e may i-i- 
jirct .1 lif-tti-r ri --ull 1'iiiii biia lieoii uiy 
• I l-criiiiii t' ill in -dii'ini', aa I am not Doe- 
kin^' pnlrnuitKe i» the practice of wedl- 
nino aiidbavii not time to practice at the 


Commonwealth's Attern«y. 

We are nuihtirized to aunounet J. 

II. I'ovv. II iia a raiididatu forreelec' 

lion lo ilie ,,(11, 1- ,,f ( ',,,niii,.nweollh'8 
Alt,.nM V I,,, i!,,. .I,|,|i,.j„ l)i„riH, 
coinp,-He,l ot ti.e coKiities of lleuder- 
aon, Unlou, W ebatt rand Crltieuden- 


II "yi^utborized to announce L. 
I I/e8 i« eundiilate for t.'ounty 
nil J i"^liectfully so- 
licits J,,,,;-, ^,( ,1,^, 


■ nd , 


lire aiillioriMcii to an r ounce .1, A. 
I A eaiididalp for County Judge, 
(e i^ulii'its ynur KUpport. 

r ji I i.i.H S, H"iM, llni M. — M.iM V III' mir 
t'aruicrii have tmn In i-akiiig land luuly. 
General health of people good. 
We are glad tu miDounce that Mm. 

Stewiiil is .ilili- Id vi-il niiiini); lo r iimny 

Willy \V;iildi-I! i.n.iiii'd home t'roin 
i.'alilwill i-iiipty I hui  iliiy, whi-rc he hiii  
Ih-i-u iii.-lliiif{ tbu Automatic. Ue rcpurtM 
saIeK ^ood. 

(icorge WatAin visited Lyon oounly a 
few diivH ago to see hia grandfather, nhu 
lie lu-ard WHH very sii-k, Imt lie was iK-iid 
and liinii'il li, 1 ir,- In- ii ri»i ii. 

Mi s. Ki.'K' llri' iVii iii'l i|,iii;;Mit n-liii ii- 
cj Fiiday 1 1, Mil III, 11 \isit In Tenn. 

Dr. U»,|;;i-'a i'aiuily arrived from Texan 
a few Jars ago. 

U. P. Brown Is very much afllieted with 
rhenmatisn and neuralgia. 



DwTB»— Born to the wife of Bud Eas- 
ley, a bo T. 

Isaac Wheeler, wife mid daughter visit- 
ed at J. K CruwuU'a hi.^t u.^k. 

J t Reynolds should huvu been in ill 
health, and not in Illinois for Ua health 
as the Presa bad It laM wsek. 

A working at John MoOoanaira last 

Traduwa'cr ia in fording stage once 

Born to the wiU of it. S. Edwards, a 
giri. - ' 
One of I. 1 Ciewell'a eowa died laat 

Huat talka pf vlalUag the west 


W u Uab akipped threegh here laat 

week. ■ 

M kind old baobolor of weston says be 
Uvea on agga. This is obuap di«t and re- 
^alres but little wurk. 
Mr. McCheaney has attached a fhaaily 

grocery to hia griat mill. 

J A (Jrowell baa a xiuk child. 
Laai Vinaon ia sufforing very much from 

stabbing htaeetfla the artwy ef hie 

Farmerfi, Attention I 

'I'obaei o Imxiiii; in i iiiiic ihe tanner's 
chief d« |iel'ilei , r I, r a in, me) proilu- 
uiug crop, il i-^ ill! r, f, ir.- of vital -in- 
porlaucetbal he sliould study how :o 
produce Ibo best vleld Inquautity aud 
 iualily. aud know how aud where to 
procure essonlUI naaisiauce at lea^t 
expenhc. And n,» il i- the e.vpericuee 
of the best ami iii,i-t experi, need to 
baceo grcwers lli.-.l , iiiinin leiai Kerti- 
liscrs arc an iuvaluabie aid iu tbe pro- 
daetlca of all crops, 1 have made inv 
arrangements tu furnish this cuninni 
aMffr^Uh ToiMreo iJid^Corii Foriili 
■era al'prleca ibai puts ilirin in reach 
ot all. I will fell you the Xmlonftl Tos 
brtcco FertilWser «tpHTcrccl I'm 
at $2 '2.'i per UO poi'iuds. ihe 'I , n- 
uesseo ^^uper l'bi) -iihiile. (for rorn, 
wheat, ete..) iu Marion at $2.1',.^ per 
1(X) poninlH, Riiil i-Mlicrof tliL'tn dellv 
ered ou tbe Ohio riyer lor 26 oeuti per 
100 pouude leae. Gall on me aad get 
a pamphlet tSad wllb teatimonlaU of 
them- rite oftheaa Fertilizer* from 
tboen who hav«i need them. 


Read what yoar aeubbora have la 
any about It: 

Caldwell » o., Ky.. Oet. mi . 

I uurchased and uaed 4( U pounds ot 
National Fertiliacr. I hava uaed the 

Mid — — , aud otbera. I am 

aatlafied tbe "Naliouni" U as good aa 
any I have aaod beret o fore. 

N. M. Dollar 

])yci)abu 'g, .{y„ Dec. 188.5. 
I purchaard last spring 800 pounda 

of National Fertilizer and uaed ic on 

3 acres of my tobiiero erop. It jrave 
■lie periect sati faetioii. I have used 

the ill my former i rops and limi 

Ihe Natiouni as ifooil as^aiiv I ever 
used. I ihiuk it will pay any tiirnier 
te buy aud use it. ns it iiw-n ustn ihr 
quality ot tobaceo. I will il a^ain, 
(i. L IloAZ. 

Dycusburg. Ky. .Jan. 1888.— I used 
Ihe National Fertiliaer In my tobacco 

crop in 19H6; also the at same 

tInMand aame ciop- 1 find the Na 
tif.aal aa good aa any I have evt^r used 
or seen used. It gave me perfect aat 
iafaqtion aud I wi I use it again this 
year. I think the increase iu quanti 
tf aadl|aaHty will pay to use it. 

F, M. .lONKS. 

Dfeaaburg. i\v. (lei.^lHM.').' 
Th* National TobHcco FertHiaei 
gave Die f^'.ri^ci /ati'slhctioe. 1 anteal 
Utti'C it Will pay I buy ft'-tfor tbe to 
iotoerttp of ibU cuunfy, aad 4^111 
w it BgiMn If I can get ii. • ^ 

Tiios Jacrsoa. 
Dycuaburg. Ky., Oct. 1886. 
We |tHrenaae l md used the Nation- 
al Tobeeeo Fertiliser In growing our 
crop iliis year; it jjave ih jjenerai aud 
periect saiistaelion. W,- also used the 
, mill upon a pertrei and equal 
test we IIimI the N.ilional superior to 
it. We iibeil a leabpooutiil ot encli in 
setting oi r  'ri p and tliiuk that ijiian- 
 ity tu Ihe hill suflicleut. iVe ni ed 
each kind on the aame kind oi ground 
and at tbe aame tl'iie ol aoltlug tiiore 
being only a turn row between tbe pieces of ground ami had uoud re- 
sult* from eaoh, but we piuter tlie Na 
tlonal ta aay we ever hati before. 

'P. r. I loot., 

i:. ilOlIUHKUTY. 


Died Mareh IS, 1886, little Oordle Con- 
ner. After a likgering iilneas of 49 days 
tbe geatio spirit took itH dighl to the 
world where disease aud death never come 
But a!aa poor Cordie ia gout-; thu silvet 
thread is loosened and her spirit returned 
to God who gave It. So dear Oordle, aweet 
angel in boavrn, rest on. rest ever in your 
beautiful home. May all tbe dear onea left 
bohind bo able to join yen  a that aweet 
haven of rest where no tears ure found, 
no partings ciuiie; uiul wlii ii the truuip of 
God shall sound to call our sleeping dead 
ta tbe Jadgaieat ef the laat day, little Uor- 
dle wiu then eeae forth robed la npotleas 

white, elad la Imumrtality; for Jeeua Said 
while en earth, "suiter little children to 
come unto me and I' li liid them not, furef 
such Ih the Kiiigdiun ul Heaven." 
hoTely child, ho m liriet' thy atari 
Short aud hasty uaa thy day; 
Kndiog aoon thy sojourn here, 
Faia et grief no more te boar. . 

County AttoriMv 

In reiipoud to the rail made by my 
rienils aud CKpi-ei illy that of t.e 
[ tiroi-nbai-k jiai'ly . I lako this method 

of furthiT nil nii iiig ii.yself a caudl 

date I'or'llii' olli' ni t oiinly Attorney. 
In  v|iii-li i a|iarii - r ii.iw I'i i/.enn yon 
have K iowii till- ;;. i,iir itiiil iililiongli I 
have uever lieeii eleeu il in ilint, or any 
lit erollieu in the gili nf ilit- people of 
my county, 1 have ever met with a 
number of friends who i.ave always 

fiveii mc their -n|iiii.rt, auti for whoin 
relai tomyin- ui iieop sense ot 
trrai iiiiili! iiiiil iliniik niliie-'s, mid 
will llier I'li-i led or Mot I nill never 
or^'cl llie iriaiiner iii wlilrli lliey liave 
appreeialed iin-. \ nil will now allow 
iiic lellow rilizi-iis the privil- ge to say 
that i believe 1 can attend tu thu du 
ties i f the ollli:n to which I Stand »a 
pi red, if elected, «nd while n truth 1 
can aay thai 1 have no partictilar aapir- 
alion for otflee, yet if you elert nie 1 
will endeavor to rouiluut the business 
iu a manner that yon m y have no 
eiiiHC to rf'Kret 111 elioiee you huve 
made. And in uf niiu li as 1 ihlnktlie 
lime has I- line when iiolitieai strile 
.'iiid pu'judice shall eeaso to rule, and 
we look to tblu(;s more pertnanent tor 
ijuaiilication-lo nITi -c. I do uot pr: 
P'li-eto di-euss national politics, there-, 
foro, iu coutliuion I a»k the support 
of ever  ii jial vot, rof my county w ho 
tliiiiks in (loiiii; so that he can do jus 
lice to liiiiix lt, Mm fellow citizen and 
to nil', fiilher iiflving vou o take into 
I oiisitlerHtlon the liiel lliat it will be 
iiiipos ible tor tne lo see you 'ill in per 
-.ouor at houie« as I would oilier- 
• wiah todu. Hespeetfully 

-v. C. M. 1 KAVl.-S. 

We are "iitliori/i-il to .-imiouru e J, 
li. Koi'liestei' a eaiidldutti lor the (il  
lire of County Attorney of Oritten* 
deu eouuty. 

I tbank you nioM ranicstlv lur ihe 
support you hnv.e given me in the 
past and proniUn ir you again honor 
ine with tlie p,,-ii;iiii i am seeking, I 
will try so i , iiii i the aiTalrs of 

the ollire that you \\\\\ have iiu oeeft- 
sion to rei/, i-l \ our rlmirp. 

Iii'stieettiiih', \' iir nlir lient .,-r- 

r. ■\. IIavnks. 

To THE VorEaa or Cfittbkobii 


I take this opportunity of announc- 
ing m.yself h e.indidate for tb« offlee 
of Sheriff, uiiil proinisp if electel t i 
discharge tin- ilulies of llie ofli-e faltli- 
fully and linp.-irtiaily to all pt-rsons 
«iid parties. I alsj take pleasure lu 
reiuiiiini: my lieartfalt thank* to the 
voters of ( 'riit, ndeti oouutv for the 
great liinduess wiiieli they did me la 
olecting tne .lailer fuur yeatB ago and 
sliall ever aoprei iale and rememtittr 
them witb tlie greatest gratitude ot 
heart, whether lam elected or not. 


Feb. 8, lb86. 

We are authorised to announce \V, 
F. Huinmerville a candidate tot Bher 
iff ofCrlitenden County. 


We are niiiliori/.ed to announce R. I. 
4iunn a candidate for Assessor. 

To TiiK \'oi i;i(s OI-' CitfrrKNDK.N Co 
I mil II rmiiliil'iio fur the ollii'O of As- 
Hessi.r .\iif.'iis| elei-ti in is«ij. Ilav 
ing sei veil iwo \i-iirs as deputy, I do 
not tliiiik il iiiijiroper iu uu to say 
that Ifoel fully competent tu discharge 
the duties of the otbco eOi 'leiitly. I 
w ill feel vi'ry grateful to you foi your 
support and iinindse, if yon honor me 
w ill) the oiiiee, to discharge Iho dutieo 
01 -aid i-ii'ii-e ^ illl III tavor or partial* 
11 v lo pal ty or person 

Yiiurj Respectfully, 

1 tlos. J. YaNDBLTj. 

with my iiehool, 
remain for soma 
IL' V on to [ire- 
|... Hut 
you iiiy 
supiiorl ymi (:.i\o 

County Clerk- 

Tj t'le voters of Crittenden county ; 
I hereliy umiounoe myself us u eim- 
didale for t'lerk ot the C'littiMnlen 
eounty court, and 1 promise the peo- 
| le u faiilit'iil aii-l iio| ' i'tiiil ili!-i'li:ir^i 
o{ the liilli^-; of tlienlVu-e if eleeteil, I 
will devote ev -ly en- rf,y to so (ittrfixim 
the duties uf the oniea aa to merit 
your ej^^m jjivl siiypo rt.. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

To Ihe Voter* of ( ii county 
I ta^e pleasiir anuLuniuiiir tu yon 
I bat I am a caudtilatr for re election 
to the office of x^ouity Court Clerk, 
and permit me to re/urn yo i niy sin- 
cere th inks aud tho^raiiiiide i f my 
heart for vour kindness lo me in ibe 
past; this t shall ever reineiiiber with 
gratlitnde, whelher you ever uive ine 
the ollico again or uot. And in |iro- 
seiiting "IV claims again for your con 
siderai-iou I do not «aut you for a mo- 
sent to tbiuk that L claim yon are uiu 
derany more obhfatione lo me than 
yon are to otbern. tor tha  I have any 
superior coiiiu to tbe office above tuat 
of my humblest fellow eits/.eu. No my 
friends, 1 make lufi-uih claims, but 1 
do claim thai I feu' ni  relf under obii 
gallons to yon for Ilic position that I 
now bold, aud siaee 1 have been your 
Clerk 1 have tried to dikcharo all my 
olficlaldutiea fait ifully and impartial- 
ly, nut bow far ahors 1 have come 1 
know not. doubt leas I have cnmrollted 
errors, t ut in this you will bear with 
me, as von know the frailty f human 
nature. M it, it'yoii will again give me 
the oiriee, il w i.l Lu- a iirerious boon to 
me aud will he ajiprei ialeil to the I'll. I- 
- sl extent. Hut if yon bel eve I have 
been untalthfiil t   the trust coi tided 
lo tne, t eii as g V d citizens, it ia your 
duty lo'blocteiomo worthy maniu»tead 
of myself. Bui I trust tnat you will 
give my claims your tavor-ilile consirl- 
eratl^n. aud If re el cted 1 will use &^ 
ory endeavor to make you a faitbTUf 
and elhcient otllccr, by beliigAt uiy 
post Ol duty and ili  eliargin   all efll 
cial duties withunt partially, as I bare 
ever fried to do in the past. In cou- 
clif^lon, again i4rtuit me to thauk you 

. .« oCklndnesa and as 

iviUever laipember 
le^lMthfr *yoB re  

ftfhKoD'nt aervent 
n. Woods. 

pro-ii'tit 1 am i n^Mi-i il 
wluri- 1  liiil! Iiavi- tu ri 
I i nil' y ft , ill' d n iinl In- ai 

.• r lit my ctaiM - .1 - I ^ tii.llld 

you will ]ili-ii-i- .lUiiH nie l-i fiv 
heartt'elt Ihunks fur the mi|i|iorl 
me heCore, and tu usk you to glvu my 
rliiiiiis yourlavoralile consideHution again. 
Ill I'liiii'iusitiii I will say that aiiv asslst- 
aiii-e ({iveii me now «ill lie jrreutly rppre- 
oiiiled. Respeelfnl'y . 

I!. 1'. Tm i;Mi-vii. 

To TIIK \ o I 1 1: - - II- ('ill 1 I 1. Nil I \ I'lilN rx: 

I Ink'' (ill n.-i;ri- ill unnoiiiu-ln); to yuii 
tlii.t I am ft eundidate for re-cK-etiun to 
Ihe olHc-e ol' County Superinli iid(-ut of 
Public Schools; and ulC"» n- ' • n-turnto 
)a my heartfait thaiuks for vour Idodnesa: 
Sii i ru^mtt in the past, and whatevev the 
Ir^ault of the election may he, I shall ever 
remember your kindiu-ss in the past: and 
since I have lu i n acting an your Ciiunir 
Superinli-iiilriil 1 have tried to discharge 
the diitii   III - ilil iilltce failhrully ami ini- 
partially, and I |ir(iini«o if you ii^ain hon- 
iiic with the position for which I ask to 
discharge ita dutisa to the boat of m* abi- 

As ever, yonr ol edi -iit servant, 


lor your peats 
you, -the 

I am ae 

Jan, 1 188fl. 

Cl'k Crl't County Court. 

Cirotiit Clerk. 

I take ptensure iu aniiounci g mv- 
self a eandnlale for the otliee o. Cir- 
cuit Ooui t Clerk. 1 do uot think I 
overstep tliii b'liitiilH of modesty when 
1 suy that 1 tecl myself fully oompo 
tent lo dischargo the dut es of said of- 
ilet!, while I aak your aufferage for aaid 
office. I do not waut to for^ e' your, 
kindues to me in the past, 1 am truely 
grateful aud will ever be under a iY 
aud ail I ireumstauces tor the trust 
you reposed I u me fuur .vears since bv 
eleclliig me to ihenllieeol County 
Surveyor. I have eiii cavoroii to the 
best i f my ubilit es to diseliai ^,'e tlie 
duties of said uttico without la\ur or 
partiality to any party or nrrsou, and 
promia It elected to the office ol Cir- 
cuit Court Clerk to kn iw uo man to 
tbe prejudice of another iu tbe d is 
charge of the dutiea of aald office 
rrustinv; that I may rceelva yoarsut- 
ferage, 1 remain. 

Yours itrspetl fully, 
ilK.-iuY A. UoiKii-;. 

1 am a caudidate tor re elec'iun to 
Ibe office of C'lei k of the Critleudeu 
Circuit Court Augiwi election, 1886. 
liaviug tliieii the oilice one term, 1 
do uot thiiia II out of place or unue- 
CDuiiiig lu me to aay thai i feel rud  
competent to dieoharge every duty 
periaiuiug to tbe olBeit faithfully ami 
efficleuily. 1 have tiled during the 
term 1 have served you In this posi- 
tion todo my duty aud merit ) )ur 
approbation, and ii re-elected 1 pledge 
every effort lo I' 
aud ellieieai 

tpo oflice, 


(o iiiiiiiHini'e ."-^id 
ir J;iili r 111' ( 'l il- 

Wp are ant l-m i/i 
I/U -;is :i eaiiili l;il( 
teniltiii iMiiiily. 

We all' •■lul li-iri/.ed to aiiiinunce M. 
L. liajs a i ai didale fi,r , lailer, subject 
to the actuiii ol tbo (jreeuback party. 

\Vc are aiitbnriaed to announce Al  
liert Wilborn a randldale for Jailor of 
t iiitenden touuty, and he aollclla 

your Mi|i|iiirt. 

Sttpt. Fublle Schools. 

I fake this means of announcing to you 

thill I aril 1 riiiiiiiiiiiti- fop the office of 
rmiiity Sii|i('riiiti'iiili iit. As many of you 
know I iikhIi llniiiii I « II \ i-ii rs a};,) iiml- 
i-r many |li^ I i - .1 III .IL', - iiiid ;i . I uasiKlV- 
till liy so sill. i!! .1 ii.ajoi ily. 1 wish to iiuikc 
til - rare a),-a ill in ordi-r to do myself jus- 
lii i- and to ;;iM- ihi- matter a fair lest. At 

Surveyor - 

We are authorize, I to aiinnaiico 
Geo. 11. Crider ns a caniiid ite lor .Sur- 
veyor of Crltteuduii ouuty, and lie ro- 
spectiiilly aoljolta your vote aud in- 



I tuke pleasure iu uunouiirimr niy- 
aeif aa a cutididate , for re-eieei lun to 
the offlee of Coroner of Crittenden 
eounty, Hi^vlug held the Mae oue 
term I do not think It unheeoHiing In 
tne to s.iy that I fei-1 liilly iMiiipi lent 
to ilisrli;u(;i- every duty perl:iiiiiii^; o 
the,iniri'. I hn"- trie.i iluriii|f tliu 
te'm I have --i-rveil you in lliis p i.- 1- 
tloh, to lio my duly to tlie best of iiiy 
ability and !»eeoi4iug to law, audit 
you uKaiii clet-i ine, I will try so to 
COUiluc! the all'iirs of tlic olll'i-i- thai 
you will h.ivu no or, -a- mil to rcfjret 
your ehoiee. Itiil wliatevi r tlir ri siilC 
of Ihe eloeiioii may he I .--liall , vrr ro 
member you I'ur ILo kindness you 
have abowu ute In tbe past. 
•Yitu r« 'reapectlull y, 

J. F. FLAIfAar. 

We are anthorlzed Henry I'enliiBl 
acitudiilale for coroner. 


'l^Kji- *ML. ai. A »w j^J i t^iC^ aao aaeai 

(i ri^onrpa tuudidate lor ' Con* 
stable ot .Marion precinct. 

k flue Jack, 6 yea s old. Blaeahawk 
atook. Furpariii'iilars apply to 

1'. J. it'lBINS^N, 

llaiiipioii, Ky. 

i have fir sale two good .Jaek^ and 
Iwo ,Ii im,-l» wiih .Jack eolls. For iim 
foruialioii call ou or addi esn tne at 
llurrleane, Critleuden o,, Kv. 

11. VV. I'OSTKU. 

. Lamb«r and Oats 

100,000 teet of oak and rnpu!ar luni- 
ber at #1.00 per bun  red. also t\ o 200 
busbele of good seed oats, 

1 AM SroMd, 

Hurrioiiue, Ky. 


\n olil pli\ siciau, rctited from prae- 
ticr, havlii;^ liad placed In tils bands 
by au L,a i' India tnisslonaiy the for- 
mula of a siniple vcgetaiile renn ily 
for tlie SMeedy uud pcruia'iei:!. cure of 
Consumption, OruuehitiN, CaturrI 
Vsthina aud all throat aud L^^u ■^ atIo'  
lions, also a positive end radical cnro 
for  ierv ua ueblllty and all Norvou* 
Coiniiiaiuls, rfier having tested ita 
Wtiuderfut curative iinwurs iu thuus- 
auds uf casHS, has fel. il bis duty to, 
lake it known tu his suffering fellows. 
Actnatetl i y thik motive and a desire 
to relrlve liiiiiian sutl'ering, 1 will scud 
free ot^hargc, lo all who desiro It 
this recTbt, iu (ierman, French or Eng. 
llah, with full I'irectiona for prepailuir 
aud using, 6eut by mall by addreaa 
iu   with stamp, naialug tbia 



T he Crittenden Press 

THURSDAY MAR, 16' 1856 
"^ulcTPKU .\.\M'M.~ 


Tl.r s;,('i'ill' '.vMnts yiiiir lux. 

(ii'ods 111 ('i  l nt llnj ilii'lils ulil t laiid. 

block l)ill-  pi'liito l nt I be Pkbss of- 

(l uoct $3 buwl for 
old 8tau(l. 

Itob«rt Qfinion wm In tofm tbli 


▲■k Frank M. June* what ha knows 
•bout tu« dlflbnul FcrtlliMrt. 

T. J. If ann WM lu Mergaateld iMt 


Mr. Albert Witboni ha* moved to 
Marlon . 

1 1 . ( ' . M 'X ooii wiu went to LvaU- 


M ahon Freoinot to vote on the Prop 
•nttoB t» rakNTft* MB^OOO. 

Ac  ;oriliii,u to appoinliiii iil « nifctiiig ol' 
tlio rili/.tni' was h«'lil nl ilio cnnrt limine 
yestcrdiiv urteraoon to cnnfiiler the rail- 
rniid (nio^tioB. Mr. .1. W. Blue rnlli-d 

llu iiin liiit; III onli r mill fUte'l it* nlijocf . 

iM !■ \V illi;uii:i(iii, tif Kviiii.'xine, ndil i'i-..' 4vd 
till- iiM'i till . , I'laKiiij; II  l I C1I1-' iiml tulliiiK 
I nru' iiiM'ii' I'li'llii' riKiil, II' ".n ti'lliiwi'j 
I liv lion. , I Clay, 111' lli iiii. . -on. v.liOfx- 
lii iiii. il tlio cnuni'ik Unit il, I, ifi il Mr. K.'l- 
si:  d I'lFort two ycnrt hk  . uiailo iiii- 
anrcrnlilc arguments for thii •olcriirisc, 
mill in cnnrlutinn liaiil: t^llt If it wrrr in 
hig po« IT. Ill- wntil J do or »«.' iiotliinp to 
drive till' pcoplB iiitu fulncriliint; llif 
Anion lit, liul lu" wus iiiitlioi i/  (I to Hin ,  i ii- 
lop? llir iiioiii'v was raiiii il. tic ni.Til i-imld 
not come here. Mr. Cliiv »»• lollowi'd 
br Messm. Tliomaa, Diividtou and itliu', 
all ninkiii); ruthiifiiiii lic uperchea for tlic 

TO THI TOmi Off KAllOl 


villp Tuonday 

roiid^ Siiniro UnpR n as for the road Imt 
opposed to llio ta». A prop"»itioii an to 
whether an etTort should he made to raii.(  
the nioiiry wiis niililnitlec md e.iiii.d. 
The lepiirl of tho eoniinitteej»ee report in 
ani'llier eoltitiiii)M xs iidopled, and Marion 
precinct will beailcvd lo tiulmcrikollij.OlJU 
to tha roadtat an aleotioM to be btld in 
tht naar futara. 

Lni iea thoee al nn beard prieee at 

Hartfleld'a old aland. 

The early gardeuera are beglnnlui^ 

to atlr the aolL 

Born to the wife uf Robert Mttrphy 

a bouncing Vioy. 

The plow bo) 8 will b  on bujfiu lo 
get in their work. 

Don't fail lo ciiil m iiii'l spe tbc bift 
barg .iU8 al ti..r(tii'uls old utatid. 

Tbf caiidldalok are , rather eharjr on 
the railroad tax. 

Itev. J. U. Soobeo, the rreal ling El- 
der, waa In to wn Monday. 

Tom CiK-lMiiii inialilicil K deputy 
Sbcrirt' Tuesilay mornlflg. 

Tbo SunilB) ^icliool mass meetlugat 
Ibe Baptist chnn'li .^ulnrclay. 

i:, Crogoiy m Dyoii-burg will liikc 
ordvra U r 'iloiaestoad" leililizers. 

*20.00 8U Is for $15.00 at HaHfldds 
old .^lalul. 

The wife ol Newton Sl«lli*u', of 
this county, ilied oi tsooauniption 8at- 


,1u8t tooelred, a full Hue of garden 
aeed. Uail and 804 J. B. ^Meyeelr, at 


'!"ln' "Marcli wiiiil*" wire ou time. 
Now l( 1 11^ look forward to the "April 
ahowers," ^ 

Evcrybfxly is for tho railroad, bnl 
till I IX -wc can tell nio w about thai 
iu no dtiye. 

MftrrluiTo liceuhe haT4 boon lasaod to 

Will (' iiiiiiti r lid Miss Uattie L. 

\Vilh(;r i ooii. 

A unoiber of 'yoiUig lolke attended 

n iiiiiisirol porformauce at Post Oak, 

Moiiil .y iii( tii. 

One o' Cardlii*s tobaroo stcmmers 

wa^ tiucd Satur'ny, for Striking 

Uaiikiii llHi iiiiiouu. 

A pa*eut gate Is in op *ration lu 

/rout ol liiQ (;ouri Iioiikc for the ob  
aervaiice of tbo farmcri'. 

Meaers. Wusb and John Deboe and 

Johu McCmIui have (lurcbased the 
rigtit to sell wasbiag inacl.iues iu Lo- 
gan eoiiniT  

'\']\f local tohai TO iniirl^ct in very 
ilii' ltiriiior»4 arc buldiuK for b i{licr 
lirienfl, lid tlie buyers are very ehary 

about ilicir ofl'ors. 


Tlic fliurrh jroiiig [icople v III be 
lijfbtc'd to loiirii tl nt Elder .1. M. Ponv. 

i „».i...i.« K..,.i... . .... i.ti.i» .( I iTimeval forest into lliri\ lug. proi^piT 

 .f Pembroke, begins a uitotlug at ibe „omniunliiea, to wtilch many of 

WiU W* 0«« tht IdlmUR 

Aaraiu the Ohin Valley mid 
SfluTng C^inpauy is before the people 
of tills county with a pioposi lou. au 
adaress to the voters of Marion pre* 

ei' cl appears in auotbcr culiiniii, niid 
very plainly sets forth the facts as well 
IS the tigurcs lU tbo case, WIjoii wo 
coufidpr Ibe (jrcseiit propo*itioti and 
-I"; siirrotiiidliifis, loiji«!X at it Ir in 
all s',aii'l|ioiiii-i, iiio "T)iii  iMii'tl"«.iuii 1. 
that th" ('otii| am i;iraii- iiu^iiH"v , find 
wi- lii'lirvc liL'vond a sliM'iow iit doubt 
ilint, it llii  iiioiioy is luiHMi iiccordttiK 
lo tlie tiiggestioiis of the com oittec 
a li-uiu ot cars will bo e'eamihg into 
■Mnriou by the first • ay of January 
next. Itistmethat our faith In Dr. 
Kelsoy two years a o was inipilrli; 
but when the then exi^iitig cirt'iiiii  
niicc- art' fii ly uiid rstnod It id ri'a 
n tl:.".t liio powi-r tr, constiiul 
the at that linni wiis aliiioiit an 
inHiossiliilitv. Alter we had n.iscil 
('{IT M.h.-criptioii the cni'li in linaiiciul 
Mfl'air- oci'iirrcd, ami mm wonid not 
iiivi'-t their iii'Micy in m w ruilroail en- 
tcrprispj, however I'^iiisible ibc 
scheme iiiight -lani. \\ ubout iiuu   
tho work was at a tauiUtill; aud this 
onlorprise, like hundreds of  simili.r 
ouea, weat to the wal . Since then al  
fairs have chauKeU; the company has 
nbiaiued a new charier* 'd somewhat 
iliverted llio course of llie road— a di 
verfii iii that is (froaliy to our advaiit- 
'ire; and bi'iier still, work h»8 coiii- 
niein ed and in riipid'v i'rei,rc- .iij!; oii 
a p 'riioti of the road. I'housKud-i of 
ii()iiiir« have been apeiii. several iiilcti 
of roadbed has been nitdc, rml- liave 
been put down, eiij^iiie- and ran !ia e 
been pnri'based, ant. a portion of tbe 
road lius been cuiupl 'tid, Ilcucc tbe 
evidences point as plainly as po-slble 
to tho tkct that the company is acting 
in wood faith, with tbe best ofiuten 
tlous, nud with the power to complete 
the load. The coiiut.  if not (.tpcctud 
to pay a sinj; n  ! liar m r iisue a tiu- 
L'le botid niiiil llie r '.nl is ciilireiy 
eoMipleled to Mar uii another t v i- 
donee ot fHiod failli. .iiid a liici iliAt 
prLTind.-'H Iho idea tli I t lip roin|iuny 
WMtiN an aiU !inta !i'. nr nmld jret an 
Bdviintafro of the eo.iiiiN,, -m h a- wary 
sotieiiK-rs, sp3culnl3rx, and people of 
that ilk have gotteu aua used for their 
pullated' nookoia. Tbe artioU that we 
bargain for In thia Inatauot la made 
.sn.lijelivored, ae it were, before we 
pay for It. 

when we consider that CaUJweil, 
(^vnii. .Miihleubiirg and other counties 

V I n of Ir .in $viOO,000 

to -iiioy.ouo to jrct a road, the anionat 
asked of this coiiiii v 11 not only reass 
olliiblc, but ver  rca^oiialilo. It CSx 
tiumted by llie  ■ 'iiimii.oo ihal a levy 
of 60 cents on ihc i\vii worib of pro- 
perty in Marion preciiieieacb year tor 
14 years will nay the  i96,000. A man 
who owns flOi) of taxable property 
will pay 60 cents railroad tax. makiu ( 
the sum ot |i7 in tho 14 yeara. No man 
wiihiii ten miles of tbe road eould 
iiiakf! a better iuvestmciit. 

This is certainly the opportunity 01 
I hi* ^'enerati'jii ot tlie jieoplpot this 
coiiiit\-. As a people we have ioiij; re- 
veled in dreaiii.4 ( i ttu' future; we 
have watched oilier e omiries. touehs 
ed by tho benign inlliieuce ol ruii- 
r  !i(|a, irausrorni Kjcin-elves from the 

DaptM church Sunday. 

'Iliere wi.l 'ir 11 pulilie rpadlliK al 
tho Aoadeiiiv Fiiday night, Tbe clans 
In elocution will read for a priae. Ev  
oryliody luvited lo attend. 

Preparations are being made tor an 
ainpl « crop uf tobacco thIa aeaton. 

The lo 'v prices duii't seem to deter the 
farmers from raising the weed. 

Jailer Piokem aud Mr. W, M. Free 
man went to Gulconds one day last 
week, tbiuking th j burg'ars wht 
broke into Freeman's store bad bee 1 
onptu-(d. It provct' to bo tho wrouij 
man; or at least ihci e was uo proof 
against the iftdividu il SVy''*'*'^- 
^.Meshrs Iiue Cruce aud Cburliu Uui- 
lard have gone to McLean couuly to 
■ell tbe Autuma lo, Muore and MUll- 
ken lo Ohio county, FruK Loyd aud 
John Woodall to Rnller 1 onuty. All 
of these gentlemen are good honest 
men, and u (; luk" plea.snro in rfccoin- 
iiiuudiug them to ihe pi opie of tlie 
eonntles to which they have 

"Homestead" Fertilizers. 
Ilaviiio pnreiiiiseil a l^rgo lot ot Ihc 
oUl rrlialile "I lomcsiead'' ferlilizirs 
fur cash, we i^iil sell the same fur cash 
at S^ots par ft fi r tobaeoc grower, 
aud 2)c(s per lb tcr com and wheat 
grower. By the bbl will deliver at 
Marion or Dyensburg. 

Plh'RCK & Co. 

t ur best citliens have gone, and a» we 
read their letters, telling us h' w we 
liiiKer ou the .niddle of the 19th ceu- 
liiry. V. nilo Ihoy enjoy the eoiiye ieu- 
eosof modern people, we are touched 
with a desire lo leave a county with u 
Dell r elimato, a« f{0 ni soil, richly la- 
di'iied with limber, and whose foiiiid- 
alion Ih niineral ores, whose value is 
nnlold and will rcm iiii 11 secret niilil 
capital, wliieh toll- w.s in the waktf of 
railroads opens our oicstowbal wo 
are and nh'.t we have. 

The bill dividing tinrncaue precinct 
into two voting prcciueis has passed 
both branches ot the Lc;;islaluro and 
will ill due timi' become a law. Our 
Hurricane friends will lind it more 
convciiicut t-fvote here alter. 

IJtiiii,' aski'd by hi  iiianv as lo whe- 
ther or not 1 am K '''iK to withdiaw 
front tberaco for Jailer. I will just 
say this t( tbe voters of Crittenden 
county: I expect lo be a candidate un- 
til tbo flrat Monday in August. 1 MSB, 
etvan o'clock la the evening. 


. Xtfotioe. 

I h'lVe a good stock of grreoric4, 
qoeenaware, tinware, wooduntware, 
eln., etc., for aale cheap for eaab, o( I 

will exi haiino lor all kiiitU of produce. 
Corn and wheat wanted. I propose to 
sell at bottom pricuw and will |i.iy the 

higheat market prises for produoe. 

Married, March 13. .8St5,4kttho rtnl- 
deucpof Mr. U G. Witherppoon by 
Iluv. J S. Henry. .Mr. Win. (.i (.,'oiiditt 
to Miss Matiie L. \V'itbors| May 
tboir tulure bo as cloudle»- as ii e day 
on wbleh they began life toL'ei her. 

.I.S. II. 

Fire destroyed the resTdpnce of *lri. 
I,, nil, tot'eiher with all iis contents 
.Monday iiiijM. The luiks wore away 
Ironi home and did not know of tho 
lire uiiiil nil was de^ti-nvod A pjipor 
askiiitfhelp forllic family wascireula. 
led ill lowu Tuesday, and several of 
our cili/.uns gave llucral duiiatioiis. 

Seeds Recorded 

W. Ku, kendnll to W. il. Towcry, 
lot ill ^hiidv (irove for •ii.'iO .' (). 

W. K. Hrowii to .Jones A: NibIi. lot 
in .Sliady (irovc for 

\V K. Ilrown to 'I'mslees of the 
Itapiifl and M. K. church South, lot in 
bhftiiy (irov»i for *3.^. 

W . (i. Kpringa |0 H, Mnlnard IW » 
res for $4S0. 

Wm. Walker to Vmey VITaat M ao 
rc', dei d of gift. 

J. J. Dickens and W, L Baxter to 
Marion Barues, 32 acres for$nt, * 

,I,.T Dickons to Thos. I'. Harues '27 
acres *.m 

.1. II. Clifton to Wm .1 Wells, lowu 
lot in l)\ctishurtr (or$l.'^t». 

T. M. (iili to J. U (iill liu acres for 

It. W. Wilson to C. K. Vosi -2 lots 
iu Marlon for mi!^- 

T. ('. Caiiiubell to W. Lee. Travis, 3 
acres for tlW. 

Jts. Tabor to F. M. Jones lU acres 

^no. O. Hiiyiiea to R. I. Prltt* atnp 
01 land. 

J. E Jones and F U. Na« 1 toJ.F. 
AMbMMdpm for 9760, 

the old ffartfleld Sktnd' 

We I i ve an 1 ppnrlniiily to j;ct a 
railroad. All tlnnys considered, the 
evidences arc nt this lime xtron^'cr 
than ever before tb-.t If we do our 
part of tbe work, the road la aure lo 
come. Ihiaonuutyls arknd to sub- 
scribe $.'.0,000 to the capital ft nek of 
said road. It not tlse |iiir|M)se of 
this eiic ilar to fpt forth the advanla- 
gpH of railroads; their great influence 
for benefltting tho conoitiou ot the 
couuly and the people of tbe eouuty 
is well known by ail men. The 
question is, will it be worth $A0,000to 
the county. If it will, ihcii as a busia 
ness irHiisaoiiou wo ou^sht to invent 
that am  uut of moucy. Ilow Is tbe 
money to be raised? Is ;the next qiu s 
tiun. M arlon preelnet will be largely 
more benefitted than anv other; then 
a i fair men the people of this (irecii el 
ought I'l raise the larjfer porliou of 
the money. After a curetui survey of 
tbe Hold It Is thought thai tbi« pre- 
elnet ought to aabsoribe tM.OOO. 
There is abont Vmnfln of taxable pro- 
pen y in tkta pnclnct. A tax tt less 
tiiaii on Ihe $100 for one year would 
(lay the $3.^.tX)0 ai d cost ot coik'et.on. 
But it is deemed advisable that the 
precinct should issue bonus, p yable 
in -20 ycara, with tbe piivilege of pay. 
lug them or any part of them at such 
Ciir.i- as J. If )irei hict. thin ks best. The 
present asaeasttbic |iropc 
precinct is $719,000 with a ratio of iu 
crease fur tiie last live yeara of 3) per 
oent, or a ilttia over 918,000 per year. 
For the purpose of conveuieuce we 
iiseiime the taxable value of property 
in the |.|o. iii. ! for the iirst 14 years 
to be !kS(KJ,iMio, liul tbe natural in- 
crease, without a railroad, will place 
it considerably beyond that withtn the 
next 14 years, and with a railroad we 
would pstimato that the rateof lii- 
crease would be at least 6 per cuut,, 
instead of •i\ per cent. 
Now for the figures— 
9800.000 at a rale of 60c. per 9100 
will give pRch year $4.(^X). 

The iiiieresi on .$.S.'i,(m)(), the amount 
iisked to he subscribed, at the rate of 
6 per I cut. would amouui to$2,10 i the 
ilrst year. Take this amount from 1 he 
fttrtount raised by taxation,— 94,000— 
leaves a balance of 91 .900 to be appiici 
:18 a credit on the $3.'),i'no .n bonds and 
lenvi!.. .$;i:).l00 In bond- due . t the end 
ol first year. At Oils rate at the o.d 
of second year the principal of the 
bonda will be reduced to f 31,086; at 
the end of the third rear to •38,951 16; 
It Ihe end of the fourth year to $20, 
tj^s.i"-; ^ eiir .■FJl.'J.'^l, sixth year. 
ii'21,740; sovciilh year. *ia. 0.^1, eighth 
year, $16,19»; ninlii year, $13.1«0; 
teuth year, 99,9' 6; eleventh year, $6,- 
.VJ8; twelfth year, f '2,947; tbirieenth 
year would pay prlucipal aud intoros» 
of. bonds and leave a euridus or$d74i; 
but as We will lrl\e to [irovido for the 
collectiou aud disburscni 'ut of the 
money we eallm.Ue that it will take 14 
years at tbo same n te to liquidate tho 
entire IndebtedBess. A fhrmerown 
lug $!,'   worth of tax ible property 
would pay in M } ears .*70 altotjether, 
or Ave d Mh is per year. 

It will be seen from the forc^roin^' 
that this is tbe noet equitable method 
of raising the MBonnt required, as 
each property owner wi'l pay iu pro- 
portion lu the amount ol property bo 
owns, and uolbiug else.* 

1 bo lUilroad propones to Issue lu 
our prceiuet for the $35,000 that wc 
subscribe, 9Sft,000 In the etoek of the 
roud. Thia atoek may l e worib dol- 
lar for dollar, and it may not be. In 

addilioii lo thin fact ihe road itself, (it- 
icr tivu  eard, uuder the law would be 
taxable, aud would bo asset -ed iu »id 
of this kuoscrlptlou; and tbe present 
rate of taxation for rallronda la fhtm 
$15,000 to 930,000 per mile, and it 
would pass fourteen intles through   ur 
prec.nct. At tho rote of *16,00(.  per 
mile it would give each year t' 
of (nxabi • Railroad property in tbo 

It. V, WlI^ON, J. II. niLl V.VKO, 

A. 11. Cakdin, T. .J. Camkkon, 
V/. 1. tBCCE. J. W. Blou Sr, 
ti. a Gkay^^ CopmKtee. 

PriaeetoB Xtaai. 

EiJ. Pkkbs.— Monday waa $, ^lively 
day iu Frioo .ton; tbe people weretere 
and the candidatoa wfto anT 'legion, 
wore their benign amiles as they went 

to and I ro ){ reeling the nous of toil. 
According lo t iC call a .liats 
was held to appoint delegates to tlie 
Appellate Couvcnll  u. Capt. Alien 
oklled the meetlDg to order, and Ww. 
Marble waa eleoied CbalnaMMid J. 
W. McChesney Secretary. A commit- 
tee ou reiioiutiouB was appointed, ai d 
reported uuaniiiiuuply for instr iciiug 
tbe dulegalos to vote forjudge Jas- 
weli Dennett as long as bi» na uu wu  
iiefuni the oouvention. F. W. Darby, 

$5)000 stock of ^oodiii io be 
r sold ti^T $3,OOOo 


(PatalshodbyOlevar * Darrsllr-Uals- 
vllleTobaeee Warekease.) 

The receipts and sales thliwedthcv* 

been llKbtcr tliaii for «  mo time 
Ihe result of the recent nnlav .rabic 
wcatborconditloua. The market hie- 
been very regotor far aom* days past 
nitli nil Ubie ehanfe 111 the val (i^iVf 
any of Ihe grades of dark tobf^pfo. 
riie recent otlerings hate shown SSI 
Iraproveinent in tho general onlorofj 

j The entire Ben. J. Hartfield stock ot to be 
thrown on the market and closed 
within Thirty Days. 

By ihe direotion anH inttraoiions of ihe proprietors, I 
will as agent alid.i^anager, close out this took of oleanl^oocla 
It is true many goods in stock yoa will not need perhaps 
till winter:, yet it wm piiy you to buy row* So eome and 


the year amonnt to M,«04 bbda. agdnat 

2!»,'237 hbds for the correepondlifg pe» | 
riod last ycat. The sales for the new 
•rop to date amount to 27,'21H hhds, 
and Ihe receipts for the week sre '.470 
bbda. The following qnotrtious reps 
resent onr narket for new dark tobi c- 


Traab 93-00 to 93-M. 

Cuinnion to medium lugs 2.50 to U» ' 
Uuudiugs 800 to 

Coiunion to medium leaf 4 00 to 
Uood to flue leaf 
Leaf of extra cugto 
Wrappery leaf 

6,(10 to 7 00. 
7 00 10 8 00. 
8.00 to ID.UO. 

For 8«1«B 

At my realdenee In lb* Onidweli 
Spring nelghborbeod, Orlttonden 
county, 400 busbe sef aeed sweet poN 
taiock, of the varieties known aa the 

Souicin Queens, IU:d aud Ye low 
Yams, i'rioe 91.00 ser bushel, f 
St MMfcpaaaM Wuirr4 

.1 3; . 



C!. T. Allen, Capt. Durall, J, 0. Miller, 

lion J. E. Crider, .'. W. ifeChc.^i.ey, 
Alfred Huckner, .lulin lloleiimii, .lell 
Asher. K. Curry, J Jeuuiugs, Jno. 11 
Waddliugtuu, C W. Wootl, K. W. fc^c 
btrt nnd otlMia w*ro nppolBlad daU- 

Tbe good old lucurgus, Jndgo Ueu- 
netl, niade a hap|iy Hpeech, returning 
bis Ibauks to the puople of (jaldwvll. 

Judge l;lvau8,of Greonville, who Ua 
candidate fur Cilrauil J udge, adtirm 
ed the people, and kla apNfk nad« 
friends lor bim. 

Mr. W.cOleun, ol ••'redonia, was 
mixiug among tki potplt Mid Mkiag 

The race for SherllT is u Ihuly one, 
bill at pieseut Walter McOb IPey 
eeenss lo ba leading the boya. ** 

Hleo fuwliif winllMr wf are now 


Hollow-wars. Willovz-ware- Stoves and 
Stove Trimmings, 

i$addler*8 Harness and Harness Leather 

Ofwblobwe will out the rices lower than any other bona* lu tbe 

county. Also keep on lian l n full line of 

Ho sehohl and Kitehon Furniture and 
Coflins, Bureaus, Bedst^eads, Wash- 
stands, Mattresses, Chairs, Ta- 
bles, Safes, Louoges, elc. 

AIho keep on Itaod lUe  etebrated Plows and Wagu' s, viai 




Wo nlao hikvo on brad n ^dN atoek of 

taht.e and pocket cutlery housbkeeping fubni.. 


A nd maar otbor nrtldoa tooiqIaMrow to mratlM. Onll Mi  - ' o Tn il— 
aiook baiRO pwoboilaff oiaowkwo, 

Vory BMpoetftdljf, 




Princeton Ky. 

■■4D4UAItTEIW ran 

f Am m, m\ va mm 

••4 fovo 


Buy diretjtiflbmHhe manufaetory /Onnsequently my nt 
I have nlao l»M  added an elegaat line of Walobea. Bl 
lom/Maak. OnUandaaome 


W. H. Maire, Jeweler and Optidn. 

1871. ESTABLISHED. 1871 

Dorrs Furniture House. 

Fuur-teen yeara eKpedeooa in Mirioii, exeloalvoly in tho ;PnMl 
Underukliig buslueaa, and with flsoiUtios ttnaurpaaaed lu tbe oeuoty tm 
ufucturiiig, I will aell aa folluwo: 

Walunt extension' tablaa. , ^ $ :.^e 

Iinllatiou •' " 4* 

'liu safes, small size 8 'A 

Tin sales, large size. I Jt 

Tin safes, large size, with drawer 4 00 

Cupboard sales...,.,,..,,. , 6M 

Iteustoada. ■.«*..i..^... ........«.........*•..*.. COapiA 


s s e o • a I 

\ * ^* ********** 
• ■oe'feaseeeaeee 

•••■•a*oa* aose«e 
»• e*eee*«t#a«oess«**V 

Ab4 «vorytblnff. flao ia my Hm at ourraepondingiy low prioM 

Special Prices on Large Lots. 

J My Uudertaking Departnieut is full aad cuiniilcle, 
'ea of weodeu burial ess s aud cisUcu: inciallic 
! make to order any kind of home innit* c ifliii fro'n 

J on abort notice; and bear iu mind uiy coflins are $1 cheaper tkaa aay oM4p 
bouse iu the county, 1 eare aqt what their prioea are. Prompt atteaima 0$* 

en day or night 

wiib all etylee and 

eases aud Mskela. Iwa 

the fi:i«st to tbs pi 

lui Ip b Soli k tues. 

By TlrtHc of tases due the stats of Kantueay and Crittandeu County for ths years 
nsnlionsd lielow, I or oas of mf demU«s will on April 13, IMt, bctwaae tbs hours of 
1 o'eloea P M and 4 o'eleea P U,*t the eourthousa door in Marlon. Ky., eipese te pub- 
He sals to the highest bidder, for cask In haad, tbo followiag propsrty, or se .esneh 
thersof as may ! • aoesssary lik wMsfy 4ho assovnt of taa dne aadeosti 

John T. Board, deed, 100 aerss near V. mansr, for 1883. '83, '84, '8S. 
Obas. U. Bird. «7 aores, aaar JMrTOboa, for 1883-4-3. 
David Bird. 67 aerss near J. B. glapboaaon, for 83^-S. - 

Frank R. Critlor 3 acres near John Recti's fsrm. for N3-4-5. 
Si,niiifl M. Fanner 30 acres. iie»r JolujCiiiiiiilv, for S:i. 4-5. 
J. It. Krulic KKt ». res near l r. W. It. Truvis |..r 'H-J-KM-S. 
James S.  ;iin»t H(l acres n«ar Chester Ciris^nm for 83-4-5, 
N'aiioT ('.. (Irovc 50 acres Dear Dr. W. IJ. Travis, 83-4-5.  i 
Hii li»ril r.i wis 60 acres nsar W«uQrdwoT'a, 83-4-5. 

Jui. M. NcDowall ^acras,Bsai; Wm. Massey, 83,   ■ 

Jas. M. MysrsdO aerss asar A. 0. Nljo, bal 83-4-S. ^ ' ' ' ' 

Jaais F. Paris 4* acres asar John B- .ronalBgs, 83.4*5 
Hutchison Voun(t, 50 acresaoar J. J. Franks, 83-4-5. 

UiHTKicT No a — Will. S. Brooks, ViO iicics near F. M. 01emen,t. BtgSt . , ^ 
Isaao Sbslbr, dacd, I baas* and lAt In Dvcnsimrv. 83-4-ft. ' " 

Wss. J. Wells, I heaae aiMlot in-p»eusiMir(,', H:t-4-ft. 

District No. 3. * ■ •' 

Mrs. M. A. Wation, T. A. HsrpatMlng.agt, 157 aorss asarR, 8. BlnkleT,83. ; 
McKenaey heirs by A. J. Saaderland, guar, 90 acrss near F. Lovelaos, 83.. . 
Jas, Turner TS aerss near J. B. Carter 8,S-4-5. 

Thoi. Whits 140 acres near Al flntler, 83. '■ • 

PisTsicT No. 4— A. B. DlionUOnear I R. ThompSOB-, 8S.4-S. 

W. ('. Fiirnu'r US acres near Arch Parln, H3-4-5. 
I). K. Firrull I.VIacros,, \V;it?'on, 

Tliiis. .1. 11 irris acres near Til",-'. Itilcv |.Ui-c, Hi-J, ' 
Kol.t A.H jarrell 80 acres near J- H. Mott,83-4-5. • . 

Sai ali ('. Jixckson 150acreinear J. H. Mott83. .. 

s,i , agent for J. W. Nsal, 150 aerss naar J. H. Moll, 83 

("lun W, Liicnboe 50 aerss near O. W. Foley, 83. 
lenli I) M*^Daniel 40aeres near Jno Raelln, 83-4-5. 
Will. \V. M'lllcan 411 acres near Chas. Miller. HS-t-."). 

Eaiiiiiates given on sash and doors and window aud door frames al 
pdces. Call and see me before buyiu^ elsewUore, and I will make t lo 
ntoroat. . . 

B. fi BOiMk 

M-AMOii, Ktr^ Ootebor 18, 188«. 

'It  . , 


Aud ou oumUiatloa jreu will And that I baT«;tht larfNt and 9«8t8^ 

iected stock ot 


In towu, and mj houat ia the place to buy bargai us in 



WJkieli !• of mf owa atlmtimt and roaetod oa my order. 



Ijnaked Spccialy of 

Fresh and nice Veoretables, 

Boiug prepared to iceep tbem tbroujrh all weatlier%. 1 always havoos- 
-**'^ taad-PMatoM^Tunilpa, Appitt,ct«ia«ta 


Jno ( 

.Inn l.ear'rt lu'tr.i. 0. NuckeU K i»r'lii'n. 76 acres near C. Humphrey, 89. 
Stoklej Oi iiiilei '-''i acrcK near J. L. hove, 83-4-5 
W.J. Tackwell H(i acres near B. Bolt 84-5. ' 
Wm. A. Tackwell 85 aores near J. H, Mott, 84-1 ... , 

DiKTRicT Ko. 5— LuolndaJEaton lOOaeres nj)«,r,Tho^. A^4)rs,SM*i  
Joah Herrlugton 8 acres asar W.ejt«n. 83-4-5 
Orville C. Irons aOO aorss nsar J. W. Hufshes, 83 •' W 
(ico K Jenkins a'^acree near .1*11 Trullt, H3,41J|: , .» 
Iiii) .\ Itoliurison 24 acrm near Win Terry H-J-tj^^^ , 
ileii W licrrv tifi acres near It C liutras, 83-4.5 ' * 

liit-nii' 1 Nn)i— Marv J Black UK' acres near J N Klngs,89' 
MaliniU CaiuTUacres Dcar Jno WIdto 88-3-4-5 
ilio V Oravas, dsed, ICQ aorss asar Jno E Watson,yW4-l ... 
riios J Tidwoll 74 seres near M Walker,83-4 

District No 7 — HiirH FCrowell 37 acres near R Wood, 
 Mias W KInsler 50 acresnear W H OroHcll,H3 , • . 

llii'.'li M Cionell, 4(111 acres iraar J il 1'osh | lacc. H3-i-4 
III! \ Kolieil'i III aorcH nrar (leo Wllliauis8a-3-4-S 
I M Swancey 140 acres near WmCrider. ft3-4-5 ' '' • 
I N Towrv 59 aores near Ben johuiun, 8.'i-t-5 
jospli Whitssldes, 70 aoros ns»r  LOrowrtll, 83-4-5 

DisTsioT Wo 1— lohn Oraee, flown IM In Marian, 8*I-S-4-l 
I.owls Fowler 3 acrcH near! Jln«i{ow L«e, 83-4-5 

Di-itaicr No •! — Klmira k Cili'itio Baker, 15 afro* nearOobb pl*e«, 8lt 
DihtNo. ,■ — .Mien Oliainn.iii, I huusaand lot in Wi!«|»a. 8(-t-4p^ 
DiKr No r, -S.ini llii!;li n h:| acref near U I' Wilson, ' 
:^!\ l J I -ks.. II .S acres near Willis Clara. 8 .J-l- * ' • 
Willis L (^larK 14 acr^sflear Klliah Simpsoa 81-4-t • -t I ■ . .'uv 
Prisoilla Hoghes 60 auras near Wei Wtlson gil-t-t 

week MlUeffsTftaeeeaaearO* It Biaae, MH*^ 


Ifa.s a largo anri loniplete stock of 


Paiata, OiU,t y«s, Tobacoo and Cigars, Pipes, Snuff, Gaudtei^ Praila and 
. Bats. FMMblaktPanoUa and Papor. 


Bpectadcs, Notions, Dolls, Toys, aud Kancy Geo Js. AU will ho aold ai dMMt 
as Ibe cjvpapest. Preebriptlons promptly and iccnrately flieid, day or algkC' 
.Mjr owa i^roNrf^tloaa free of charge. Ca i and see rai*. 


■•V asaar tssribls sskss ao^ nsr kead 
haa, and vkat iiiiartna Is caused br Iheae 
I jmUnam adMa*arMha«tasNe**o«^ 

ftM»»*raiXn a"^ ' 

hr «ha we af 

a a us eaU. Iwt 
care te Hcrroaa 

■ * .» ma. u 


The Crittenden Press 

THURSDAY MAR. 15 1360 
"^.OO PER AiN A L ^ ! . 

hlabpallli; Sciiulor Mitel: .:! in conflu- 
ed to his lioino ill W'illiaii port, on 
account of trouble (ritli UU cyea, for 
which h" hM timlorpoiie n jminful op* 

rt':ilioii; ^p'l'it: 'v r-t i- ;i| 0-1 r:ro, »1 • 
tboiigh bclicr tliUt. In" ha- licoi , 

Detroit Free Prein. 
"Ouimacb k Co. !• t)i« uame of • 

Hi. Lo\m H( orc!Dg firm. 

Jtmea Buohwaa ud Ztfihur T«}  
lor aro mtiab«r« of the prei««iit ooii*- 

(^).MsrMrriox cruKu: 

An olil i liysloi lu. retin'il IVom jirnc- 
tio«i baviug bail | lMed in hit handa 
by an Kas' ludta inlml(mar  Mic fur 
iiiMin of n simple TCfrcta^ile icii.'idy 
for t,!K syni'djr and p« rmi;  »r '^nr" of 
t7oii»utni tloD, BrooihiilK, ''^-tirrh, 
v.f thin« and all throat a u^ tA.ut .ilo 

CoBgn^MBaii West, ot   cir \»rk.\ 
U one of ih« larfeit mauufitctnrc r!  ( ; I 
niAui'ia paper In the couut: y. ' 

Kx-Kiug Thebaw  hould be i :   
forhU uominal prlaou at Madr.'..' i 
uext door to a lar^c distiili r^'. 

Aarou Adolplio Itotlischild, 1' 
ri8, has a collect ion uf rare postu i . 
other iUmpt which it valued at iM. 


Mrs. 1*0 k Ims never visited Was' ■ 
iugton aince abe left It the wife o! : 
Ktirluf Preaideut, tietrly forty year^ 

Mr*. Doll; Makisou vruB om-o invit 
•d, by reeoluliou, to a neat ou tie t»u 
ate floor, the ouly lady that ever rc- 
oelTed that honor. 

Pittowkabanapywiylu, aPn  F  un 
ake, chief of ilj(i^rri)fl .1, . .. ha 

beeuSSptUeU iu \ln;- ^ ^   ^k^un 1 
tentlary, with twenty-eight . of lii^ 

Kx Queen Isabelln, of re- 
cently utet iiiiil iii.'uic Iriuuiii witii 
huabaud, Don FcrL-audo, from whom 
•be hat been irparate« for a.fveuteeii 

'tA TVomau is a good deal iikc un in 
oordoMi,'' aaya Lawrence O Reilley. 
"Yon can draw her out all right, but 
the luuaio bepua when yuu try to aliui 
hf r up." 

Tho Prinoeea Anirlic d'Ui .oai.». 1 Ik 
dauKhter of the (Jomp'e do l'uri , ou 

her niarriiige « iili tfic Dtilvc l IJiu 
gHii/.;i will rt'ceivo a dowcry of ^J.i'Uu, 
000 irom bar uncle, the Dukod'Au- 

i'rol. lluxicy oais ii \\uul\ nnuiv. 
nearly a niilimu barrels ol lieiriu^- 
to supply the cod ou lliu   ««.- \i . 
ooaat with one broakfusi. ^ o whum : 
aumo resiatiraiiis do U' t bi-cm 
WdU one ttah u. IL 

i'u ever; caller who rcqui^li; im ! ;  
terview Arabl Pasha acuiU uu^ oik' ( 1 
hia own curdf with a liim wiiMci   i  
!tsii iiJ^' n: tin- lilt. c. I pieubur,; iu 
gruii.i K i'bque»t, but liegs the vi- 
•it«r nut Iu mention pulttlcf. 

Cnni^re^-irusii ['rice, ol ^V'i■ cousin, 
w o objci:i(j4 (o n piuhiou tur -^^r». 
(J.uut, wtis a Republican, but Mr. 
iioach, uf S«v York, who iiiado 1 «!  
Biilar objection to 2 nutiug a pciisioii 
to Mrs llaucoek, is a Uem icnit. 

Bishop O' Jouuor, of JKebraska,|^.-«: • 
bia diocoae contains a populati. n ot 
100,000, of whom aijont 7u,(iuti air Uu- 
man Catholics. Of these Die 13o)ic- 
inlaus uunibor liu.i'Ou, tl.n ,lr:dli cdiiu' 
next, aud ttie rcniaiuder of tboru an- 

t'  !JS, mIf' 
( . !tll ili 

a po?1''vo nud 
'1- I). ':;iiiv n-u  



row Mi'iiii'c 




Kuow all men •l ui I now irwe'! Iilg ^^t  (•k of 

' . ! ' : • 1; i \ lo i 
;•! 'Vr ■. Ms '■i.lV '• 'i-,vs : 
1. y 1 i iiioi I vr . ' •• Nil I ' 
t : '■ ' . ■ hi'in .11 1-1 I'" rll'l . 1 • ! snil'i I 
s'   v. i:-^T, to all v! '« . I' ' 

Ii ts iocij t. iti '.Jcninii. y  I i''.-}:: ,' 

IU\. Vl.   !|i'Cllii"- .. ; ;.  ■1,11111^ 
!' I . I'^e'ii by lu'ii \t^ ii,iilri;»   

1 ill - vuip, i.amlnv' '1 ■■ piij^T 
vv A  «. tiM, U» Pow.t'- K .»ck 
ISooliO! ter, M. Y. eiiw lyr. 





ll U 


-IV YOU WAjrr— 

HiircNiiis, l^(.; lst'\-ii l.-s. (s; !:^ n  

tre«so« . Chairs;. Wales, A\'urcli'u bet*. 
Cradles. Loungos, 

rytliliig ei-e k jpt in a flrs .'0lHRi« S'u niture Htore. Cull Md 
noy stocic and get my prioee. I mean buaiutas and 
«oBYiiM» you If you will Mil 

Vf.tcaH office. ' 



jCoaB of A ppetitc, BowcM i-cVive la 
.(ho liend, with a dull ncnn.itioi' iii the 
I bnck pai t, F»in und^r :ti : blioulilM 
bl.ulo, fn' ire»» nftor eatirg, « ith h dlniB- 
I'hnutinn to (}x M tioii of b.'dy .r muid, 
IiM* ! .: :v of t'Tip 't. Ij9* rv.u. u-ith 
Lteciiu^ol hpviM,: ii- (jU'ct 'cl some duly. 
I Ve«fitii'n, U ii'^«, Flufcruu: «t th« 
' Ueti 1. 1 ' UMbc'tr ro tbi «ycs. Vt  ic w Skla, 
Ueaahi'ne ii«iT3nill.v t ftr ;:io . lit ey«, 
: BMtl*F:   t-M, vtitli J ir  l drt riM . iiisnlr 

taadorrd i 'mr &nc. 

cc lari. ATjoN. 

M A : . '.mra vmmm t m mi 

r  ■:•!], I • ui 1 ,ill  .lil.llil.-rHo 

V.,- ..1- - ..iti. .It "f t H «n tl II rliu tlg# 

• - t ■ ■ I'h tin !.fn rrr, 

:  . :3i - A|»p« (lt«'. n'.'*. 1 lit... iht 
M \ :-. '.'.tki* *nt Fleati, ttiit.^ tli.- ly^tPip 1. 
uoiirtobni. KM i y lli. ir Tnnlr Ai-tlen un Ih* 
Mimltva ••rmiis. nrjralnr MlmiU itr pro. 
■lii v.t. Prior * .'.-nn, A .nu i -n.T HU, Kl. T. 




kV:ai. i:s'!\\t:: .\';!:\'I's, 
marioi^, ky. 

-'.w, IT %I 'l .in Wm tNKJ' lis cllHMi -I ' : ;iri.»irT 

.: \ K ii\ 1 *ifiL'i ';titi':.. . ' ! . 1 V i" . i , It im* 

, -.I ■ r'-' C..I.T. ;i. !. ■ . ■ I ■ I iv. 
J .  IM ■.'.-Nt-v or S. II' 1:^ i t i.rtt 

I OFFlfci:. as Ml KMAl' h\.. Ht.tV tORK. 

1 ( iir, ivrm ntnviLi, tt vdMki« intmwiUM imt\ 
I iMki amicu mm b* mm rasB m liiiiiaH J 

ocouyieJ lit) 

. tnrt. .!l:.lui Id t 'li.'tliintM'' i I'V.-rr 


111. .iil:'iir rrHH.l.' To- .i 
nnil IJvcr. 

II. '1 !.' tor Ii|  vi^ a I 
V inii'i.i u I I ill « !m iid.l r I'll titart Ii'. "* 
I! 1 If .1  ■ i.i';'p t'''»t' fflt.fiiiiM 

p.. '1 p. -I'liJUM'*!.— ]■■■■' r.' ' ' I t'o 

'I. •ii; I. . 1 lii:r - i I 'iKtlliitv? 
' . • ,i;i|.i.H'' . i's til., ii'-l' ill.itiMi of foixl, 

,• tl. : ■ 

I ..r . 
* 1 ' ■ 

CI' *M 1 . . 

k«i • ul:   ■ 

t'l'.i M f . i Iv 

■'. ' 
; ; ; ; ' ' r 1 i ' i ■. ! 
.. It llUI T 

I'mriiK' I..' • i I ■ 

; :imiit'i  iwt.j'iH . 
r'  »»  'II ''I' «i  ■ 

1 u-kof 

• 'knttil 
' " oilier. 
I ii;:iini!.Bk 


When ft fairinaid was wcii by u 
Gough, of the Hushi rs, iu Loudon tl.i 
other (lay, his deep voiced, hearty "1 
will" otado the bride Jump so ubticca- 
bly that mrybody irailed. Uo wa» 
a auta of Man who lAlked in toam ol 

Moneure D. Conway now lives in 
Brooklyn, bo does Henry (M oii/f; .11 
the twilight club re euily Mr. oinvnv 
na'lo thu pleaMuiiU'.st speicli oi' Hi, 
•veuiug. lie evi eutly uudorsluiul.- 
Low in saying nothing to appear u» i 1 

ke was sayiiijr all. 

Tho uiaxinuiiu Jassessmont of Gcuev 
ral Robert Toombs' esUte, made a ft w 
dayaago. u only $60,000; it was ^'euei- 
rally thought that tho Gcnt rui w is 
worth at least *2,W0O0. ]!y 1 ou it i 1 
attorney he wuk on $iii7,W) ol i\.iiii 
fcaU Uonaa ootM. 

Ciucinnali has some cIliMUl who ar 
classical in nuiuc i( uot'jiug else; it is 
reported th .t Julius cacsai- and auotb- 
•r caesar who are partuors iu business 
tboN, recently brought suit m one t't 
tho courts for $100. 

y 1, Geu. uraut oas surreLdored 
ber dower right to the pr  pprtv nmib 
- -OW for the purpofA ofp iy iii;.' ibi 
debt of Mr. ' Midoibllt.anil it id u'd'hi 
being coiivdiLil into niouoy. it i- 
suincieut to pay ouly two thirds 01 
the ainouui borrowed oy the tieiieral. 
and she will pay the other iii6u,o( o 
front salea of the book. 

Miss Nina Moulton, daughter ol the 
latj Charles Muultou, of Boston, ou« 
gaged to Baron Kaaber, who is taul to 
bo the richest nobleman in Doiim; ; I:. 

Miu Uoultou has rexideil ab.'^oinl lin 

aauy years. Aiicr the death oi vr, 
Ifoulton the mother of the bride eS t ! 
married in Wasbingtuu tho Dani-i 
Minlater to Italy, Mr Uegermaa Lin 

Lord Aylesford was a well kn jwb 
Sugltab^peer of more than oonvivisi 
habits, who aome year* alnee went t   
Texas on a eattle ranch, near the lii^' 
Spring, a.slatlou on tho wostoru divi 
iionol the Texas I'aeiUc. His death 
was.reported about two years ag;o 
ir«w f«erd Ayleaford had but little 
Boaoy or property, but there was it 
ii,Ooo,0OO iBauranee oa bis ille, aud it 
ii:whi8pertd that porhapa bo la atill 

Magnolia Balm 

is a secret aid to beauty. 
Many a lady owes !. : .". , h- 
ness to it, who would rather 
not tell; and^(;;«Ai;i'/ tell. • 


W AR El 





1/ ^ 

NO. I 

The lIiiiK'i-k Isiliii fuiin on Uio dliio 
Rirar; eontaiu* M9 acres of good land, 
more thsn M p«r cent of which h fim- ri- 
vrr tiodnni poll; piniltn '■  frnm .|ii u, 73 
liiislu '.s ll' ciirn IHT .ii'ii' itiiil r. ii'i- $i 
porurii*. The I iili;*' IiiihI Hi ;,. ,. . li, 
iiii'J hji  MiMio tiiif ti.til r; 11: - ii it. I'tiir 
improvenisnlt. I'rit'e I(l'. ,UUUi j^d ciiuli, 
baiane* on good tints. 

no. it. 

Dr. J. R. C1trh  fnrm, 7 niilfs Kant of 

M:\riiiii: .'lOO hiti'ii: oHH in 11 lii;'" ^l.ilu of 
I'lilliviiii 111 ; :i.' 0 iiiiili'i' ti Inr : ll'l'iii.- 
clnvrraml |,'ras! . A liiiinlMitiic riitla;;« 
r»'Ki(li'iici' : ( pix iik'Iiip; two liii-'.r i.IiM'k 
lianiii, I l:ir;,'i' (;riiiii mi'l Imy l.ji 11. -j line 
to1)ac('o Imriis. Knur iiinilin !:i i'l' ti ii. - 
invut lioiiDcs: guild urclmrd. iOt ur,. thing 
In good flHto of repair. Prku $WU,UO per 

No. :i. 

A. H. Cniiiin'c iann ol' liOO .".itivj, seven 

inilin S ou 1 1. Wt s t nt .Mlll'j"ll| "jllO il'I'CS of 

grass; :i."i(l acri »  -lr 11. i|. I'lnihii'i s rnrit, 
wlu'at ami to .~n;.c;l.|_v. .\ (im- Iwn- 
story ri'. idk,'iii'i', ti good (cnaiil lioii-. j, a 
Urge tuliacuo Hleinpi||T, capacity, ot 'illO 
hhd»: itonc Iiiv*tniient^Ti\'o cltiaroj land 
is ill in a lirtftli htato of cultivation and 

'I'lii iiiiiiii.n^;!' ill (iooil ri'|i«ir, I'lici .■^7(1(10; 

une-tbird cuah, Wnlnnvu un liiiiu to suit 

purchaser. This ii a burgatu. 

NO. I, 

4110 Hf'ro.1 Iji.M.v]; th" ':■•!■!•■:: ;,'l;icc, 7 
miles Soiii Invest ol .MiM imi: -jriM urreK 
elcariil, I'Jn in grans. All prodtulive land 

A cotta^'e house of I r.Miin*. :{ tenvmanl 
hoUMs;a Maek - ill i' !i liii|) anil r^toi n-room 
on till." farm. Kveryl liiiij; in ti|i-top iihap*. 
Price f. ,0OO; oiiu-thinl rasb, balane* oa 
tinir to suit the imrchaKor. Mos. 3 and 4 
liiiU'fitoiie aoll. 

NO. 5. 

9iM* aeret Joining No. 1; iaif Improvo- 

iii«nt i: I'jj .irres oleareiL Will sell all| 

ornill Hcil in lOOaerslots. 
ouu-third cash. 

Price |S,(IM| 

NO. 8. 

1' ' ■. lliii inMee ert ok, 3 mtlsS 
ll.ii" river. oMiiiid li.» J. W. PllIU 
IIHI acres cUsrvd; UU acres of frsss; 

^ y ' -iMUe J««ciir«," M. sesa int lftu»IJii 

Did you Sup- 

pose Mustang Liniment only good 
for horses? It is for inflamma- 
tion of all flesh. 

Senator Payue's health Is re|iort(il 
10 be falling; Senator Miller, of I'liM- 
-.fornia la alowly dying; beuator Dou 
•49feiMroB haabMrf erdond Ho ith for 

Farmers Friend 

Only 50 Cts a Year. 

'I'lii' b i..i  n^.'^rifiiltiinil pfti! 'r. Ol io • 
in III:- \vr«l. 10 I'tr^'c- I'njie.' ;niil (11 lmiI 
tiiiHi-. i'rw ii'ivfrtiwoini'iit', tin 1 .'liim-t 
Itiiilile tiie rcailiiii^ iiiiilli r •■. e'l liy 
ilic  l.'i() anil iji'J Bgrroiiltiir;:! i :i|i( is, 
ill ili :ir plain tyj e. UiMt ci' \\ riU'rs 
'lU a;;i"( liiiural topics. lepued evt ry 
two weeks. Ouly 60 cts, a year aud 
preiuiuiu to each subscribei . Seud 
your uame aud your ueisbbor's names 
ou A postal for free Sample Copies aud 
our new Illustrated Premium List, to 
Kariner's Fileud 1 nb. (Jo, Sonlh Beud 

SPECIAL CilEAf Oi . £.R- 

I'liiii ,lan., 1, we will • ( '1,1 nif 

2 bladi Farmers ivnife, or 2 hUnW' r ) e 
.lack Kcife, or S-blnde Jwadius I'.orl 
llaudle Kuife, worth $1 each t iid 'h, . 
banner's Friend 1 year for eo (■••n*» i 
M!cnre your siibserlplion. Or v" .vil. 
-i^ml our liiitler ivnilV' and oni .rii^ifar 
-■iHMiii of trii'lo silver p'liie, wurib ijil. 
lUil I 111 I'tjpi'r liM' Ml I I nl.-. I r    ir 
• pli mini I ill r aiiil \ on 'v iii ii' i n.'{i»et 

FABMBU'B FuiKNii l't:i;. Co., 

Th' y N' V r Fail- 

l« IliL' Kliilor of till' I'l'e.-: 

r. incelon, ICy.. 1a. IC. ins.',, 
I'iea e le I \ our realtors thai Kit lieyi. 
i'ills are ojiiiriiulted to jrive t niirc ^nt ■ 
i. !iu li(iu 111 tliu tro.itniOiii I'l I'lli •ti- 
dies-, c')iiii\'t i,ef'S, liCHiliiche. 'm ■ ' ' lii 
ur, chills, et''. They at o piirt U \ . '.^^ « 
table aiiM . iri'ly sugar coated ni! i i   ! 
luly 'J.'i ceut-j pur box. 1 tirii i., ri , 
ji'iu it upon drug(;lsts to rt'iiiiiii im i: 
oy In all canen wliiu tlio fail to ^i\e 
eutira aatlatacilou. 
:i8tf T. E. Ilioui'V. 




Oliver Chilled, Bouut, 

AudExcesior bteel Plows 


A M MUNI J 10 V 

We will sell all goods atljoUoiii pi icet- 
aad solicit the patronago of the ^peopl^ 
of Crittenden and adjoining oonnties 

Marion, Ey. 

Invali'U who are recovering vital stamlra, de- 
clur.- Ill (jreatftil term* their aiipucmiion of 
ihi nil rits an a tonic, of Hostettor'a Stomaeli 
Bit', r^. Not only does It Impart Strength M 
the w. ak, ljut It also correctaan irregular aolq 
state ol'the stomach, lUbkes the bowels act at 

iiroinr iiiterrals, give* ease to those who aaAv 
from rbcumatio aad kidney troablte, aud ooa  
ttitnas well an eK^ata forer aai^agae., 


q.itnas . - 
For sale 

all Druggists 




AND cmia/t A.Ni  I i.MMw 


r  r IiiillxcKtlOD and 
DynpepKla the Agne 
Uiira 1  n poattlve curs 
er uiuncy ref jnded . i t 

S'.ieves aimoet Inunu- 
atcjr. aiidafewdoa- 
•» wlfleinicta p^nniv- 
ii'Mitriire. Pornirtaer 
iwi'';.  i .ira ingulf* ef 

 o i: linlv-jtSt 

All pensii llvltn|;^ 
nalerial dlitrlota ni 

aiilitect to mUfn ' 
Inflavnreii. «li . 
Iteep a bottle on 1. 

! At all times. An . 
veiitlve and cum 
Without s rlfsl. • 
bettls will cure . 

I easea ofC-hlUi. 

—nil IMS! ill !■ 

New Scorel New Goods 

Woods & Walker 




O/ass and Queens Ware,, ••^ 

Qi iRi lOi iOi lEliRi lEl IS 

And Oountry PvoduM 

We keep first olassSgooda at the lowekt 
prices. Our motto is 


Oiveusaoall, Nest door to HardwareEStore 



It era 1|i iitAt all I«p«rltiae Of tk« Blood. 
At a Liver BefuUtOr it la auceiielfed. Curei 
Chilli and Peva?. Dnmb sad^hfrd Par Ana. 
Malarial Aflkctlona. cleanses the enitre ifitSm 
and Imparta Ifew UH. 


OOLUNB Biioa. Biiua 


aor« vmontisTOB 


U'.'i acrca anUer fence. Good water; fair 
improToiiicntii. Tliia la a good stock ftafa  
C'a^h price lllKfl. 

»0. 7. 

W. T. Terry's fkrm, 140 acres, 6 mllsa 
Ndrthwe'st of Marlon: Waerea in avltlTa* 
ti iti: most all f^esh land, in g0o4 state 

oi i'iiliivitlon. Frame resldsaes, Koe4 to- 

in; good water. Pries |i400. ▲ 


NO. 8. 

111 Rtt'Siu grist mill; two pair of burrs, 

Riiil ileitis a good cuetom ImRlnssr.. It Is 
loe;: 1. .! within |tj mile* of Frcdonia, and 
ill ! ' ' Necllcnt country. Mill nil in good 
I' .1 :■ 1 iinkiiiL' ni'itiey. An invest* 
no 'i! ill . .'ill |,.n\ veil. Uood reSSOOe 
I'oi -eloii ,. I'liee very ruaiionable. 
.Nil. II. 

I'." .: 'r. - I'lihi i.iiid, ill a Kuud nlute of 
(' ilti\ iiion, I inilt. below Salem, LirlBge 

^l"ll t oiiiitv. 

We bare other property for sale Tjam   ^n'.tl mi rea^onablu aominiaaioB. 
Xo Abarge unless sa:e is made. For oibe - ','arii  iilsr» ii i 1ri.^s 


!^Carioll, Ivy. 


The Old KeliRbl ^ 


:sLJ^HLo:s, icy. 

J© Mo iLiiiLILlFAISIij) 



Purs and Unadulterated 




H.'ivii'K every I'leJiiy for ;i:ii. Ii:::.- the le -1 :iivl pnivsl ur«e l .in Usf^ «V 
siujll qnaiitiiie«, 1 Mill ll. t, . oiiiic'il lo u{i|ilv th«  wliiilc..4als aal 
letall^triule with unite bill llie be.-t ami ;i I'.e.vl gi.mU at fteV i 
Yorli rrieeji. 1 keep in stnek every ariiele pertnining * 
to niy iiraiich of the mere utile buniness, aiiU de  

fy any liouse in Wouttiern Kentuek/ te sho»v 
,• u lurnor or ln'iter nl'x-.k. or better iaeilitles 
(brflllme pre-'eriptmns or ord'^rs ef any 
,lU:»ntlly, I ileal fnii'ly. anil ynii eaii 
rest (isstireil tb t wfe iievei' votl 
call for uu artiele y»u u ill get 
Notltiag but the genuine, pure nnd kmh. 

Will flnd!it*their Interest to buy of me. Bshide» .Irugs I keep a large Ite o 
FANCY NOTrO 8, Musical lustrumeuts, Spectacles and baalralS 

of other at tiefe* too numerous to meutioii. I mean buslitess, auti 
CO' iliaiiy invite the peonle of Cfittendsn and snrrouudijg 
Countlea to oall( see aud learn for themselves. Mr. H.K. SVOoda.  « tUliSn 
Preaorlptioniat, la lu^tht employ ofthj Hi u4v, aud will be glad jg 

have his frien eali. 

rom 1866. 

win b* malted miKE lo »11 anUoanta a:) i tocu«'oiBfrt«r 
iMt roar lalthout ordortDgtt. ItO' Qiah   «b .ut 1*0 pagaa, 
COO IUaairatl»iii. prlc'l. MiAurat* tlaiorlpti  r s ai.'l vftitn^bU 
dlrioll-'f.a ' p!ai-lir I mII  »ii-' "s '.f VIMil, T VIII.E 
uiij IXOU I H SKtlM, llt'l.UA. etc I a!  ab:t 
lo a I e.;*. .:'t tj itn'nei i-^ Jt..frs. H«.m 1 i r n 

Da M. F^RRY 4 CO., u«troit, Mlonltfan- 



Sewing Hacliiiie, 

lUNUMlTYfrorri Arj'iQYANCB 


t.;«iit3Miiiui Rum 

A14 tm4 y»f'  m. tUa^l'* 

Hi., -i 

• . 1 |k«.»|t i|l . •■IM 

- - ^ . - - . 

jnnrUmmm lit turn tMmtfnlMKUU^. l'ii.4|U.'u  Im^ 


SeeoM HeiUth 
action to the IJTr 
land reUeTOKll b 
,lona tronblae. 

tw«|j TtfiUitli;. Mo Qiltlag. ttiu aS«. Ail Srui'C 

CtllQj^UQ J-.OALtiJ CO. 

l-il .S'i'ifrt J. '' T3i'(i f rr/f,   a\i9^tt. 

9 Ton WMi.ti " i\!u. a«iO; 4 I'tiaMOl 
iJtileUuMciiTe.' C'tt. hctiiXui i'rloo..Js^ 


puolf M mix' ^nSts i|»m».Vi'*.H 


I ii»moi'*.vi 

invi nil ii« i ]M« tiiini 

iuj Hi 

U.'i;£XCtLL:3 BY ANY. 
iiitrs to Qlvo Uiil: fizzilon, 

eral OlDco, Ilion, K. T. 
Kew Tork Oflee, 283 firoadwan 

Buyjng Agents Wanted, 

Mr BBi Trifle AatlaaJ 


T1»» llKNmTOTON rrMP Is ahoa^ 
of all oompoUUon In worUng easily 
and rapidly. 

It is aeeure Cm frseslagi and B«T flr 
needs priming. 

Wa rcMiisa attachi»nt8 T'I xna 
ptmra «o in tum *oa csn win wni]  

. UtA %m moatia t ad OwOlar aadlW 


RSMIIGIOI iG'L Ca, zuoD. v. 

Itar Tsas Oaeieai g|g W n t kwtif ^ 

• Orilr*'*^" flnesa I 
r •raiUMia i« r wltbati 

Every pood thinj? la Ctoiinteipk 

f 'itecj^ and consun iera are OJi}j~ 

TIONED asalnst IMTTATI Oya of 

thoot. Ohimnrys mad* of VJIUS 

POOROLAsa BeethattboexMi 

laM la ca oaob oblnmor msImvm 

The Poarl Top im elwaya eloar •■[■ 

bright Otasjs. 

BlanwIlteitwMl OBI.T ky 


PlMakwtoh U ' — — — — ^ 



Crittenden press (Marion, Ky. : 1879), 1886-03-18

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Marion, Kentucky by R.C. Walker
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