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date (1904-12-23) topic_African_American topic_Church_Faith_and_Free_Thought newspaper_issue AMFWCAN BAPTIST 

^ Hous e X 




Let Them Pats; forget Them, 

Kevi niiud bad thlnirs j«u htiid,- 
D»e'l repeat a single word,- 

the church which we f m 
dm. or, 1 
several a 
to Lawr 

bled to bear .. the deacon* received us 
with O iHtiarf courtesy. We lad our 
alms before them and received for 
nr work the sum of $1.26 Bro Muse ' complete recognition of the Atro-Amer- 
Harri* gave 60 oenU and the church . can citlaenahip. We bave ever insiat- 
contributed the remaining 76 cents. On J ed that every child born on American 
Fri day nUht we should have gnne to noil should enjoy every right, privilege 

Pleasureeille but upon returning to 
we found a card for u. from 
re ■ uti-g that it would uot 
be convenient ta have ue come until a 
later date aa he and hie wife be'b were 

Mais een..iter.w.«hti 
K.a  word- for unkind ouee; live 
A. you know you ought; 

Ulbwu^l lor^et tb-tu. 
Alu it ton bave aaid a word, 
now another kind ot .red,— 
Harsh, oualud, and aome one heard, 

I'aae it not but mmd It. 
Uo auothvi kind of deed.— 
Maybe sou.* eWl besrt wUl bleed 
if you do Bet mmd it. 

at Cauipbelii-burg. Spent the dav with ery circumstance are diicriminative. 
sisters William* and Graves and was i The men who enacted the "Jim Crow" 
off on Saturday for Cbrietianburg, On laws may be honest aud sit cere, they 
Sunday night we were greeted at this | m v think they subserve the public 
church by a small aud.euoe of young good, but all of their reasoning i. 
people, this cuurcb wu also without a founded upon either personal prsju- 
oasto'. L  *»fon L. Young, who is e»er d.oe or a recognition of the prejudice, 
f.itbful though now blind, we. at his of others. The Supreme Court of the 
post of duty to welcome us and eonduot United t*o  a yielded to the prejudice. 

•»de a short talk and of tbe white peopls of the South When 
received a oolletion of SI 20, brother I,, it decided that a atate may enact law. 
Young if i vi ng 26 cent Mrs. and Hulda 

Stopped with them'on'raUioVdtral s Just 

and enjoyed our usy ever so much pl e were horaee and oo 

?«r 1 . n "h!*!!* hl * thk * PlmCt ,ortwo |» r «»«way.dia 8 riminatlvein their ep- 
" '" no pleoein all Kentucky ( plication and there is no remedy. 

The franchise is a bulwark of Amer 


[ i ss^lM Cai rollton we took 
'bus weul M the Inviting home of 
Mr -ad Mi. Ueoax Wood, where we 
war. weloomad by d-ar sut r Wood 
and *-«r d-soted mother. Mrs. Harriet 
Ma., in in Ma pleasant home we apt 
a eaoal delightful day. In tbe aftoro* 
rtrijl the k.u.iue.. of Mrs Wood 
eajnya i a d lv« over the cliv, called to 
as Bra, Kerry William, family, also 
ta.-..u Jours' family, waa anrry to flntl 
•later J.oe. lodlepoaed. Rev. B. P. 
BwrcU the active t «»t. r waa abeent a*, 
•eat lag Rrv. Health In his revival meet- 
lag at New Libert? but had announced 
mm ueetins. A* • p. m. a larg« snd 
pewMsMW aud'eoc* aa% m bied « the 
K.'et baptist . lurch chu. th Mr*. Au- 
alr Weed eoadeetad d-v^nal wr . 
the bholr under tutorage 
ee ••leotioBi. 8 he than 
ia aa earnest inauuer in- rodueed U. 
•ed at Ike request of brother Het 
Miller we di ferred our uddr M un 
•:C0 p. ui. as the i 

Ike a«r vice all eireeeli.g a desire to do 
gases for the Master'* oaue.  han evr 
before. Our bar-, we.e mad t0 
Jotoe when km. Miller came i , wl .b 

ea'a o' | tbe U 
Mwawtagi Mr.. Harrl-t Marti i. 60 01,7; 
krethien Howry Miller, H. C. Jont #  
Jaesea lair is, Washington Stone. Hen. 
ff ttkeltoB. WUl Barnstt. Leelie P. 
Jaaaa. John C'«ser, Robert Duke, sls- 
' Ur. Ma ,11 MargareiU Hutcbl.' 

S«rry to eay we » 

•or* wah the New Year with a will. 

■taming Nov. 8tb we were 
e Una by ^ a. m. for Worth- 


• » mile, distance thence to La- 
Oreag« .omul*  o Sumbfl-id. Upon 
reeehlug there found a card .tatlng 
iH.i a. it was elecllou day he esired 
thai - e defer uur visit to a later date, 
wr taarrlurr detiided to remain in' I A . 

.lay and nlgbt and WBa 
mad in the ho m# of 
xny y .ara, ,j f . , nd 
'**•' TTilgll 

e fuu d Rev 

Mm awaiting 
er- kindly reoeiv- 
-ho knows h  w to 
i 8 o'clock p. m., we 

a '-viva I Rtvl Ull i Ion Intro- 
« af ur praise eat viee and urged 

view of the Sunday School lasso rj for 
the last quarter at Sunaay School last 
Sunday saorelug. 
Mrs. Petersen, of Texas, and Stein* 
ietz spoke on Temperance in tbe chap- 
el Monday morning. 

and immunity in   

"Jim" because it is the oat- 
growth of prejudice that draws racial 
and other line, that under any and ev- 

morning. The lecture 
t to finish and 
burning words of the 

School will oloae this afternoon for 
tht nohdaya. 

Tbe Xmae Trie exercise, of Berean 
Sunday School will Uks place lu 
chapel on Mocdey night December ja). 

Heveral atudente will leave for their 
homes to-day to apend the holidays. 

The boys enjoy skatiug now, eveu the 
boys from Africa enjoy a slip upon 

A kim' letter tram Dr. Fret, o' Berea 

Chri.tionbar K . 

Mondsv merning we were off for 
Be*ded. Mrs. T. L. Anderson, the effl- 
cieut teacher at this point, had 
thoughif ully eeat two young men, her 
pupils, to met u*. we stopped as usual 
with Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Butler, 
where we always receive a heart v wel- 
 ring the afternoon we visited 
lie school which is one of the 
h-t in the dietriot, found Mrs. Ander- 
faitbfi .ly discharging her duties 
aa teacher with a full school of aa 
bright boys and girl. a. it baa been our 
pleasure to meet anywhere. At night 
appreciative audience greeted us. 
Rev. W. B Ha l the beloved pastor 
could not be present but had announced 
ar meeting. Mre. Anderson arranged 
programme which waa earned oat by 
ber pupils to the .(slight of nil present. 
She afterwards Introduced us in • very 
«'*Mte.-»MMr*?:, -AiilleT^cluslbTor 
our talk a eolleHion of |..S0 waa given 
the following named pei son. contribu- 
ting 2f cents each. Rev. John Black- 
barn brethren Allen Marks and John 
lister. T. L. Anderson, Bi 

Banks, Maraha I and Johu Henry 

Moore. On Wednesdsy night a Urge 
crowd assembled at the First Baptist 
onurob at LaOrange to meet u*. Pas- 
tor Oflutt wa. absent bat had urged a 
^ond attendance. Deacon Joe Davis 
led devotional., all present Joined 
heartily in the praise ssrvloe, sl.ters 
Amanda Johnson and Maggie Beau- 
mont, tbe faithful president snd .ecre- 
t-ry of the University Society, were on 

The women of the 
a rule, do not vote and be- 
of this they are at tbe mercy 

.elves . Take the ballot from anv claws 
oi men and,those men as a class become 

tbe oallot. A government of the peo- 
ple, by tbe people and for tbe people, 
must be a government founded upon 
tbe uea of the ballot Tbe ballot box 
mast be the last resort and final arbiter 
of every 
tions of 
should be 

ballot box ell will agree. That th  
franchise should be elevated no reas- 
jri'l dsDy. 

Mine st length receiving $4.06 for oar 
or , the following name persons i 
ibuung 26 cent, each: Rev. E. T. Ofl- 
utt, Brae. Geo. Samfnrd and S. Tilford, 
.stern Su«aii Davis. Delia Eddy, Jnlia 
Thomas, Mary B McCoy. Pound the 
Society Ic a proeperoun condition and 
i an expreeeel puipcee to do more 
uext  -ar to pu»h the work. Brown.- 
b«ro wa. tbe next visit to be made 
  -ived a card from Rev. Caldwell 
ior„a to lefer th|. visit. 

We safe thst you oontinue to pray 

u. M. Jackson, 


Tii- Cplored American Magasine, 
New York, the only monthly mags 
owaed, published and edited by Afro- 
Amei loan people, is improved greatly 
since its removal from Boh ton. The 
December number le e*peciaily rich. 
Mr. Daniel Murray, of tbe Library of 


Best and Cheapest 
Lesson Helps in the world 

■Isle .... 1 

{HjJsry. • J f " ' Aw 'ajy/'a^L^t 

Puros will deliver an 
fore the 
Lexington Dec. 97. 

School will reopen on Tuesday Jacu- 
exv 3rd '06. 

Monday brought a five dollar check 
from Prof. W. D. Thomas aa a gift from 
tbe Plitb Street Sunday bchool. Sucn 
gifts are always welcome and other 
Sunday Schools and churches who have 
not helped in tbe November Rally can 
do so yet Mauy thanks are returned 
to all who have helped and we wi all 
a merry Christmas aud a Happy New 

Rev W. B. Hall of Pe wee called In 
He is wall and hearty, 

•« til /or (Sail nl  « or man.) 
. Utam.UKTff'1 In clubs of ten or nore. 
MsUesl Statu*, now coaipleie. is primed in three [..n- L P*«pab*tiO! 
lessons in the Oil Testawent. II. Ptesovn I'm -ri. i or Christ, 40 le 
111. CHklSTIM Hit People. y  le .on, ,n-lh. A t- and Ihr g^lMles. 

II iO casts. Tne cMpBH* w. 

American Baptist Publication Society 

WESTERN HOLSE, 1407 Olive Street. St. Louis, Mo. 

We pray that be may live long to the 
good of tbe cause of Christ, 
Our church is perfectly in line wi h 
of the denominational intere*U. It 
will do more now tnan it has done iu 

Tbe College Aid and Missionary Socl- 
blas are in a prosperous condition 

Our missionary society is doing much 
every week to relieve the .ufterini 1 
this city snd else where. 

Our college Aid Society is at work in 
earnest, holding weekly meeti 
When sister Jsckson comes to u. m 
eke will likely find the society In a 

la en ssemy to himself and 
ry. lnte'ligenoe and sound 
judgment should control always In the 
uee of elective franchise. Tbe buyer 
and sellers of votes should be pat in 
the criminal ulaes end neither allowed 
to participate in puolic election. The 
16tb ame d/nem to the- Constitution of 
the U. S. does not jrive tie vote to 


f 00 

in state where tbe vote maybe 
taken away from the coAored m%n be- 
cause he la colored. Several state, of 
tbe Sooth hevq adopted constitutions 
that are so framed as to d eprive thous- 
ands of colored men of the privilege of 
voting while no white man Is 
so deprived. The const ita tlonal reme- 
dy is not to compel tbeee state, to re- 
move tbe uu just discrimin ations but 
reduce their repreeentetioai in Congress 
The Ueorgi. Baptist i. H early " 
oplnlsn that th« appliead Ion of this 
oonereaaional remedy wow Id be more 
harmful to tbe colored ■  eool. of the 
South than It would to the w bites. This 
would be a conceding of the rigtt of 

to any wbo mar be fortunate enough to 
read them, 

Tbe Beniors delivered their first Ms  
tions in ubapei last week. They show- 
ed careful preparation and apeak good 
for the future. 


The reports for tbe flrat U 

J, R. Jackson, E, M. Moore, 
P. H. Hsndersou. W. H. Hampton. We 
are looking forward to a greater spirit- 
ual growth. Pray for u. yours, 


Bowling Green, Ky. 

Tke voaug ladies stayed home Sun- 
pay on account of tbe bad weather. 
Mis. L. Taylor conducted services for 


Will You Sleep Well 

To-night? Not if you bave a cough 

lot away from the colored p* ople. The 
colored people while compelled to live 
in the Sooth would be reduced to a 
condition of helplessness worse than 
the conditions of slavery from which 
thev were delivered by Mr. Lincoln. 
Tbe colored man in the South neads 
the ballot abov every other civil 'right 
because without tbe ballot he become. 


T.e 1 

hie, but neither ^rorka tbe injury to the 
colored man that would come ft 
congressional recognition of the right 
of tbe white aoutb to duf rancise tbe 
black aoutb because he is black. 
Lei us contend for fuUAmsricsn 

•ewn, the following 

■.. s e-ssnh Rev. J. W. 
mry Slmms, O. W. CoW- 

r Young, Lewie, stale' ■ 

tee, Alios Booker. J. W. 
• Thomas, Penny Holly, 
mane. Wee glad to find, 
V MUlloa eoeoeeding « ateely 
\ ey*e feew fleer bad tost been 
the aburefe and all eeeaned hap-  
rbursday we w*ot to Hew Cast I. 
etaee line visit** the school sod 
I ajad Pvec. McCain and bis asaletsat 

It relates some startling facta, t bough 
a little belated, in regard to several 
Presidents and Senators end their col- 
we 1 ored paramour.. Mr. Tom H. Ms lone 
ol| a ritee a beaatif Ul little story, "Marry- 
ing Under FeJee Pretenee." Charles 
B-i 1 aan Johnson, the bard of Cailoa, 
baa i'rf'.xtraordlnary meritorious son. 

«rne Liberia 
U a history of 
Mte organisation, and an outline of 
port oee oi the steamship company, by 
J.mes R Spurgeon, former Charge d' 
Attain at Monrovia. A brilliant atuuy 
of a genius ky a bstUfan) man, ia tbe 
character akeink of Broker T. Wash- WiDiam H. Po  te. The Rd- 
I tor-en seotani to axeentteeeJIy strong. 
JO esau the copy- 91 oo tae yeas. 

ugfa srmadeoar stop, uevPsblutoer. t Cedar -18 i P,arl kV^ 
At aigkt. we visited I h.w York. 


lawa ppjoleettog voters in the exercise 
of the franchise regsrdlee. ot race or 
color and titan with its own lnatm- 


8. U . Rah, rah, rah, rah, 

Hwrehl Hurrah I 
state University, rah. rah. rah. 

yon lie down. Yon can conquei 

lr. itation in lbs 
hard bre. thing. Since it 
opium, this remedy 
ly to children, and to tbe 


of our 

lem through the columns of your pa- 
W, that through ban. struggling, tbs 
New Bethel Baptist church, Bowling 
Orsen.Ky., nee freed herself of debt, 
burnt tbe mortgage aad know she be- 
lon b s to God and the Baptists. 
Sunday Nov. »tb waa indeed tbs 

who eaid, that it is 
than to receive. 
The member, 
it day from 
tbe Aret opoortuuity that they bave 
had to make a clear altering to 
rhose only Sen was offered for us 
alt, end that once foraU. Our pr.rer 
Is that tbe Father will abide forever in 
this house and in tbe heart of his peo- 

Pl ESev.^C. "salotlilra, D. D.,ofVer- 
aaillei the old lu-ttle Axe" ot th« 
Baptists of Kentucky, having been in. 
.•tied, oaaae aeeerdingiy aad preaeeed 
three powerful sermon, suited to ths 
Vhu warrior took the stand 

u,g of Moaea and bow his face shone 
1 — down from taihteg with 

to be paid iu casn. In some cases ar 
raugements may be tutsde so that stu- 
dent, may work ant the whole a 

Lank of n 
Foi further Inf 

T. Wee 

Exposure to Wit. 
dampness and cold, lnvarably sesulU 
in s sudden chill, which if not attended 
to immediately will oause a cold. By 
mixing a teaspoonful of Perry Davls  
Painkiller in a half glass ot warm wa- 
ter or milk, the whole system will be 
heated and the danger of cold avoided. 
Avoid substitute., there is bu; oni 
Painkiller, Perry Devi.'. Pries 26c. 

Phelps Hall Bible Training School 


Als., offers exception- 
al opportunities to youug men wishing 

The chief alma of tbe Bible Train- 
ing School are to gi 

knowledge of b* entire Hiigli.b Bibl 
and to implant into thslr hsarto ths 

the elevation and Christlsnisatlon ofee 
their people. The student, are requir- 
ed to do miseisnary work in tbe v* i 'oui 

Institution, and tn this way ha« been 
helpful tbe neighboring « 

*The teaching of tbe Bible Bonool Is 
' , tbe intention 

being not to oppose or antagonize any 
theological work cow being d jne, but 

Phelps Hail, tbe building to w 

— war riven by a 

_ New iork fneud. It is i 
strnotursthres stories ugh, cod 
chapel, library, iss-llng room 
tflce of tbs Dean, • tb l**ee. 
recitation rooms; beetdo forty rr.-oirs 
for dormitory purposes. 

- r J. Penney i. tbe Di »n. 

r"ciiBton. ot ChartoMe. K. C, and D 
T . Jobaaon, ol Phl aneiDeia, Pa 
d.ilver e regular ee-ee of lector* dur 
the term Rev . Moses Jackson, of tke 
Preabytert.n ckureb. Cbioago, deUver- 
^Ttpecolaicounsef lecture, during 
,aa past term. 

The f*^ « ^V.!^,, „ 
beard including, furnished ream, light, 
taei, washing, etc.. to fMO 
stadsats will be given en opportunity 
L^rorteutfJo«Sl-»Oto •»» of this 


Mrs. Wlnelow Soothing .Syrup 
been used for over 60 years by 
of mothers -tef . akelr children 

•oftens the g 
cure, wind colic, a 
beat remedy tor diarrhces. It 
relieve the mm little sufferer immedi- 

ly. sold bv DraggUta in every pars 
of the world. Twenty-five cent a bottle. 
Be sare .aud ask for "Mrs. Wlnelow 

oothlag Syrup." and take no other. 

A Real Chance for 

The demand fot ProfrswokW.E. B. 
DuBuis' great book 

The Souls oi 
Black Polk 

Special Subscription Edition 

This powerful study of tbs 

Negro Question 

stands ahead cf all others. 

To one of the caeieMt books 
to interest people in t hut has 
ever been published, and we 

arc aa Tinas to secure live, intelUgent 
canvassers everywhe re. Scud to us 
for information, U'rni», etc. 





, (SSTABUtHBD 1879 ) 


710 Pifth St., Loursvu.i.R. Kv 


There has alway been a doubt in 
our mind as to whether the reduc- 
tion of representation in Congress 
was the best or most adequate 
remedy for disfranchisement in the 
South. True it may be a legal 
remedy, but things lawful may not 
always be expedient and this is the 
trouble with this remedy. Will the 
conditions as far as the Negro is 
concerned be changed or improved 
If he is still disfranchised with no 
hope of the ban being removed, is 
be not just as well of! with the rep- 
resentation as it is. as he would be 
if it is reduced? The reasonable 
conclusion seems to be, that what 
ever remedy is found should be for 
the purpose of finally securing the 
repeal or abolishment of these dis- 
criminating measures and the 
recognition of manhood rights. 
Some of these measures have the 
ppearance of placing the sanction 
ot moral approval upon the laws 
which disfranchise the Negro and a 
willingness to accept the reduction 
of representation as ample satisfac 
tion for this disfranchisement. This 
charact'^ of legislation in our opin- 
ion does not meet the case for the 
remedy ought to remove the cause 
and in no way approve unconstitu- 
tional and unjust legislation. The 
Piatt bill while general in char;ir 
in many respects is the same 
spirit and in the main is open to 
this same objection. 

city is pleading for a cessation of 
hostilities This is certainly sug- 
gestive but the Recorder is muchly 
mistaken in assuming that the 
Convention held in Washington D. 
C, last week was a neutrality 

(invention called for the purpose 

if adjusting these diffi 
seriously it is time tl 
ren in the city of Brotherly Love 
were settling their differences and 
not longer enlanger the vantage 
ground which they have gained or 
retard the progress wnich the dc 
nomination has been making in 
•-hat section. 


A Merry Chistmas. 

Fair maidens have just one week 
which to make their peace calling 
nces. But and election sure. Next year will 
the breth- not be a leap year. 

Colored agents, teachers and 
preachers, to write sick and acci- 
dent insurance. Liberal policy; 
can earn $75.00 to $300 00 month 

Rev. W F Graham. D. D. pat- 
tor of the 5th St Baptist Church. 
Richmond Va , has been called to 
the pastorate of the Union Baptist 
Church, Philadelphia. Dr. Gra- 
ham is so comfortably located in 
Richmond that it will require unu- 
sn.ii inducements to get him away 
from "Ole Virginny." 

The doubling of our subscription 
list would a blessing to the denom- 
■onand the race in more wayfc 
thai' one and at no season in the 
year could this be more easily ac- 
complished than at this time. If 
each subscriber would just send 
one additional subscriber to begin 
with the new year the task would 
be accomplished. Every home 
should have a &ood paper coming 
into it weekly and no agency for 
good is more potent. We will 
predate whatever any friend may 
do to help us in this effort and will 
be pleased to semi sample papers 
to any address upon application. 

Bowling Green. Elizabethtown, 
Owensboro. Henderson, Madison- 
ville. Greenville, Hopkinsville, 
Russellville, Princeton, Mayfield. 
Hickman. Clinton, Shelhyville, Ca- 
diz, Stanford, Franklin, Richmond. 
Frankfort, Maysville, Winchester, 
Paris, Georgetown, Danville, Lon- 
don, Lancaster, Mt. sterling, Be- 
rea, Nicholasville. Middlesboro, 
Cynthiana, Versailles, 

The above named places have 
been selected to hold Institutes 
during this institute year. The 
missionaries will correspond • and 
arrange with the 
churches, as to the time, and all 
other arrangements. The 
of lectures ; will be first, on the Gos 
pel of John, second, on the Bap- 
Articles of Faith. It would great, 
jy incourage the managers and ron 
'dnctors of the institute work if the 
pastors and churches would invite 
us to hold thes! 
them Who will be the first to do 
sc.' If your name is not in the 
above list that may not hinder yen 
from inviting us. You can have it 
if you want it Let me hear from 
We confess' you The Lord bless you and 

it is a grave question and will re- 
quire wise and careful consideration 
but we should go slow in accepting 
any adjustment of the question 
that will result in the permanent 
of the NeRro in 

your work. I am yours in service. 
P. H Kennedy. 

General Missionary. 
927 Clay St. 

Henderson Ky. 

An Advanced Normal Coursl foi 
1 looking forward to a j teachers of the Common Branches 
of its pleasures. 'and teachers of Manual Training, 
This is right and proper but there 'the Trades and Agriculture, will be 
is or ought to be just as much I established at the Tuskegee Insti- 
pleasurein giving as in receiving jtute, September 13. 19x14, the 
for it is really "more blessed to next school term. The course in- 
give than to receive " This is the ' c 'udes a review of all the element- 
spirit that should try to add to the ' a ry studies the elements of psy- 
plessureand happiness of others, j chology. the history of education. 
There are many good and deserving general and special methods of 
people who will be unable to share teaching and school management; 
in the "Merry Christmas" unless observation of model teaching and 
put practice teaching in an adrrirably 

This ed. 
t duty for those 1 

e as they admiited 

Those who sac Persons of 

ability and teaching are accorded special ad 

strength for the ophh of the people vantages. In writing for furthei 

be forgotten and no details, be sure to specify whether 

are to be 

dress, Lock box 515, St Louis. 

The State Teachers Association 
of Kentucky will meet in Lexington 
Tuesday Dec 27th and close Thurs- 
day Dec. 29th. It promises to be 
the most interesting session in the 
history of the Association 

The Evergeen Baptist Chuch Mt 
sterling Ky. is without a paster and 
the church invites correspondence 
looking to the filling of the pulpit. 
Address James Steward, Church 
clerk. Mt. Sterling. Ky. 

The executive Board of the Illi- 
nois State Baptist Convention will 
meet in the second Baptist Church 
Centrala Illnoisnext Monday morn- 
ing at IO o'clock A full 
is desired. 

The Association of Presidents of 
the Cclored A & M Colleges will 
hold its third annual session 
Memphis Tenn. Dec' 2.X to 30. 
\ery interesiing program has been 
arranged and promises to b:: a sue- 
ful meeting 

"Once open the door to trouble 
and its visits are three-fold 
anticipation; second, in pres- 
ence; third, in living it over again 
Therefore, never anticipate trouble, 
make as little of its 

ot Spurgeon in 2.863 published ser- 
s. The greatest number was 
389 from the Psalms. Next was John 
1 which he had 274 texts. 
From Isaiah there were 233 
Luke 213, Romans, 
There were 50 
the first epistle, ot John. Every 
book in the Bible was used, 
smallest number of 
from Ezra an 

Ex Gov, J. P. Eagle of Arkansas 
died at his home in Little Rock 
last Tuesday, after a three weeks 
illness aged 67 years. He was one 
of the most promiment Baptists in 
the South and was President of the 
of the .Southern BapttstJConvention 
We had been president of the 
Arkansas Baptist Convent for V 
ty one years and only declined re- 
election at its session last month. 

Rev. Geo. W Dudlr-v of Texas 
h assisting Pastor |. f|. May in a 
wnndetful 1 e viva I with th - Corinth- 
hn Bapiist church. St. Louis. Mo. 
Many/ have profrsHrd a hope and 
the meeting c -minue* wi'h uttfcLa* 

To be faithful totbetran that has 
been n -posed in yon is mie of the 
highest honors that can c  me to a 
man or worn *n in this life. Too 
many ( f us are inclined to s 
r?sponsibili-ies alto' . nothing for 
any one l ut ourselves. 

Th"t Mb committee of the Com- 
missidi on Cn-cpj ration of the 
National Knptist Convention will 
hold an important meeting in the 
chapel of the National Baptist 
Publishing B  ard. Nashville Tenn. 
Thursday morning Dec. jyth at 10 

If you are personally interested 
in Oklahoma, the Black man's "Ca- 
n". the farmers paradise and 
the colored farmer best amJ last 
chance, write to me and I will gladly 
give you any desired informatio 
Address. Dr. H.W. Conrad; Drake 
Building. Guthrie. Oklahoma. 

The Baptists of Texas hasjo  ened 
Baptist Headquaters in Dallas 
Texas, where they have a rr iding 
room attached, Visitor? in th" citv 
are made welcome and everv facil- 
ity is offered for the transact ; on of 
business, etc It is proposed to have 


NOTE s or 

men. INTENEST j 

Messrs. Robt. Bryers and Henry 
ra ndersoa of Cincinnati apt 
Sunday in the city. 

th, City th. guest Mrs 

ins No 532. E, Jacob at 

■ of a** 


pointing out tome of the 
mfanakes that we have m .de and 
that we are making *sd by 
not of the difficulties which 
we have to meet Let on make 

N.f .islnti 

Rev E P Mans D. D. will preach a 
special sermon at the Indiana ave. 
Baptist church. Jefferson ville next 
at 3 o'clock, 

sey left for Nor. 

in the A.& M. College. 

Mrs C. B. Alien left last Moud»v 
  spend the holidays with her 

The City Tax rate has been fixed 
at $1 ,86 for 190$. This is the same 


annual celebration will be need at 
Plymouth Consreg*' tonal church. 
Seventeenth and Chestnut, Sunday 
enm*. January t. 1903 at 7:jn p 
. under the suepiaee of t h « 
Howard University Club. 


Why Lincoln Issued the Pro- 
clamation''— Hon A. & White. 

' rhe Condition of the Soot* 
1865"— Prof J E Given*. 

The progress in Education m 
the War"— Rev. C L. Puree 

"The Negro as a Physician 
Prof. C W. Homer. 

Religious leaders, part and p a 
ent"— Prof. J. R. I" 

Editor Wm. H. Steward, of the 
American Baptist, Louisville, visit- 
ed us last week. All enjoyed hii 
practical address. Mr. Steward is 
one of the great Baptist generals of 
Ky.. having been secretary of 
Genaral Association of Kentucky 
for more than a quarter of a cen- 
tury. .He is also President of the. 
Afro- American Council, one of the 
largest Negro organizations of the 

Our Choral Club sang at Free- 
man Chapel Sunday afternoon 
on account of the funeral of Mr. t. 
H Hunter, a former student of our 

forget It * a^rpttt^Efcj college- Tim ettwa+^ wab! 3 

Mint Gertrude Clsirborne of 
Columbus O. , is in the city and has 
opened a Hair Parlor at 943 West 
Walnut St. and desires " 
age of all. 

lira. Jennie Wise Johnson, of 
Camden N. J. formerly of this Chv 

assisted by Profs;. A. C Shorter and 
W. C. Davis; Mr. W. H.Baker and 
Miss Willie Gray. The Choral 
Club acquitted itself creditably. 
Mrs. Laura T. Frazer presided at 
the organ. 

We close for th e Holiday Friday 
Dec. 23rd, with a big concert and 
entertainment at night. We s»ill 
reopen Monday J an. 2nd, 1904. 

At the recent election of the   ffi- 

her with 

Alice Craig 1308 W. 
A letter to a friend in this City from 
Mr Clanence Tisdele who is now in 
Amsterdam Australia, says he is 
well and asks to tw remembered f 

Ey.. Decern ber,/ ^ 
1904 The Bret session w« Cfrm 
promptly at a p.m.. Tuesday, Dae. 
37th, and the entire meeting will 

he c 

The last four meetings of oar As- 
sodation have attracted a lags* 
of Teachers, and a coasid 

of 1 

■Of Of I 

of asaokiad. They I 

The case of Mary Thompson in 

the Bullitt Circuit Court was called 
this week and continued until the 


^?tona» has eWaaV tew* 

anything b»t complete ss rt s facti cn 
for the tine and money ave rted . 
The ptoiram lor the conns* 

J in 1 si Rev. H A. 

WW ■■■Mil *■»•■ 

D. D. ,« State Snoerinten 


Christmas Tree of the Sunday will 

cers of the Dupee Literary Society, , ^ he|d MoIl day night Dec 26 to 

the following perse as were elect*!: [_ , Q _ 
Mrs Mattie »J. Wittston, Hopkins- V ' 

ville, pres. Miss Yirtie M. Jefferson. I The Masonic Club Restaurant at 

Elktoe, vice pres; Miss Bennie B 
Holland, City, sect; Maw osaline 
Moody, C ity, asst. sect; Miss Birdi* 
Radford, Barns, treas; Miss Ollie 
Smith. C ity, critic; Mr. John Cau- 
dle City,, query master; Miss Lou 
Ollie Ha mock, Hicknan, journalist. 
Miss Etta M. Hayes, City. 

No 719, W. Walnut St. will 
splnnded dinner everv day daring 
the Holidays from 12 to i o.clock 
All the deUcasees of the seaso 
be served. The Club will 
open bouse oa New Year's DsV 
from ; to 1 to' clock p m. 
Noone-rf /S a Christmas igift 

1 wm • 

keep When you purchase your ticket 
pay full far. to Lexingtmt, aaV 

Miss Sat lie A. Smith. City, xhoia- 1 ^ thai ^e editor or raaiiafnr °* 
ister; A rthur Joidal, Long View, a newspaper ai 

Sgt. at a rms; Mr. Frank L. John 
son, Princeton, hist. The initial 
meeting of the Dupee Literary So- 
ciety with their new officers was. a 
memorable one. Each officer due 
the installation made an 
address full of enthusiam, inspira- 
and goodly promise. All points a 

newspaper and if the reader 
any doubt about that question let 
him go to the Post Office .an" 
us a subscription for cntf 
We will coosider this a rt 
of the 

Y. If. C. A. NOTES. 

A Merry Christmas to all. 

Take care of the boy 's and the 
men will -to care of 

of Miss 

r. Thomas Cosine 
Thursday ewe Dec, 15 at the resi- 
dence of her sister Mrs. G T. Diehl 
I3i6-i8th,it„ was largely attend- 
ed by special friends of both. The 
• by " 


A good Christmas gift for 1 
boy— a membership in the Y. M. 

C A. 

Parents are mvited to visit room 
j doing the holidays. 

e fitting time than this could you wish training for a teacher (1) » night school in operation as srxra 
be selected to remember the earn of a specific industry, like black- as necessary arrangements c m. be 
est pastor, faithful superintendent smithing or agriculture, (2) of man- mad « 
and zealous teacher than this. The ual training, or (3) of academic ' 

nandal^honStm^tnl L^Wn^^ The center of white pnpnlarioo .. | Y ou wHIenpytbs Ves^s.rvicr.1 

B and all should jour in the e ""* Tuskegee A?a ' now said to be in Southern Indians? it the church of**, M^imf S»v- 

. everyone happy this mgton, Tuskegee Ala. t». The center of Negro population ' ^ Sunday {ChHrtujasI 4:30 1 

■ * » m hat' moved South westward, jour- 1 Be sure to go 

eaaea^aaasnssss* j For a Woman to be wise and at neying in a hundred . years through 1 ^ 

The differences between some the same time womenly'is to wield Virginia. North Carolina and v ieor- 
Baptist leaders in Philadelphia has a tremendous influence which amy gia/ until now it is just acres   the SUBSCKIBJS FOR 
1 proportions that the be felt for good In the lives Of g*n- G « 0 5(P« l{B * a ta WF D ^| b 4 _ ^ mtv . THE AMEIUCAIV 

r the organ of the orations 
A. M. E. Church published in that Jordan 

-David SWr 

Christian i.dvo- , 


John. H. Frank, promptly at fi^o 
p. m . and at 9 P m. everv one left 
is a body for a 

by Mr. and 

No, JS03 

eleft 1 

Mr. Mrs. Richard Adams of Lex- 
ington Ky; relatives of Mr Cosine 
Mr. Mrs. Andrew Diehl of 
Forest. Kv. wars among the 
They are at hone to friends Ho*. 
» Jrt j Bainbridge «K 


Preaktont W. G. Frost 1 

W. C J 


part i4 a * 


This body met Mondays 
at Green Street Church. M 

■ (Si^g^T I Howaid Cwek-Rev. R. B. But 

A Betes, V*dv* ,w P nuh * d ' collectijn $3.«. 
\ White 
i collectkm $10,40. 

AlffldCAl lAWttt BtCtl lBH 88. 1*04. 


Merchant Tattor 

and Rev E. Price preached, 

Shiloh-S. S. 8b, collection 75c; 
pastor preached, one by Baptism, 
two restored, collection $3,40. 

C. B. CLAY, 

/ £ arnost // eW/c// JW Patronago 

Dob' t forget Name and Place, 

921 W. BROADWY* 

Call or send postal card or can Horn 

& w, 

lout mix 


wit ft 

Mai i»arturers of all Made of 

Fi  -\ **wm tad Ion. 

By None. 

wm Watson 

Prompt services. Reasonable terms 

i COM PAH K 1 
nail Leans aadReal Kr^ Solid- 
tors. Wstcaan, Jej^ jsa. 
•D ktad. of IfiKbndtel 

Boo « 1,ta ad Seed. 
AU kimjj ^ ^ luad 

h 9mb phohi $714 


McQaUan. Rkhaidsoo. 

Visitors Revs. 8. Coleman, 
H. Tiiford, T. B. Gyle 

Rev. J. W. Lewis presided and 
Bra. Taylor conducted devotional 

S. to,' 

Beargrass -8. 8. 26 ^collection 42 

s; pastor preached, col. $2.00. 

Green St.-8. S. 72, col. $2 25; 
pastor and Rev, P. Vinegar preach 
ad. collection $24 54. 

Good Shepherd-S. S. 35. collec* 

m 33c; pastor preached, two by 

iptism, collection $5.00. 

Howard Cbapel-S. S. 2$. collec- 
tion 50c; Rev. O. 

I, collection $3.50. 

Lsjjsjjssi St.-S.S. 125, collection 
$1.25; Rev. S. Coleman preached, 
collection $ar,.a 5 . 

Little Ffock-S. S o. 
7Sc; past 

GZioo-S. S. coHectionyA4.8$; 
pastor preached, collection s$3oxx . 
AnchoraRe-S. S. 

13c; pastor preached, collection 

■ft Olive-S. S. 31, collection 72 
a; past o r preached, 

n Castle-S. S. 18, 
$1.82; pastor preached, collection 

S. 96, 
pastor preached, 

Scotts Station-Pastor preached, 


West Baden-S. 8. 13. collection 
31c; pastor preached, col. $18.50. 

Indiana Ava-S. S. 20, collection 
$1.60; pastor preached, collection 

(laaaet-S. & 93, collection 
$6.64; pastot preached, one by let- 
ter and one by relation, collection 

Goose Creak-Pastor preached, 
collection $ig.6o. 
New Testament- S.S. 40c; pastor 
reached, collect ion $5.00. 
Rev. A. Merrifield preached a 
very instructive sermon which was 
approved as the sense ot the Con- 

Pleasant Green-S. S. 75, collec- 
tion $2.7$; Revs. Davis and Taylor 
preached, collection $1 5 .00. 

Main St. S. S. 70. collection 
$2.04: pistor and Rev. Davis 
preached, collection $9.26, 

Consolidated-S. S. 40, collection 
80c; pastor preached collection 

Revs. Reed of Louisville 

It was agreed to have a Paster's 
Social in the near future end Revs. 

H Frank; E. P. Marts, G F. 
Watson, C C. Bates and Bra. R 
D. Lewis waif appointed ss s com- 
mkteeto arrange Hot the Social. 
The Conference aajosn-nsd after 

nginglytothe body. 

Or. |. M. Allen delivered an abl e 
address which was passed upon as 
the sense of 
dered to be printed. 

A communication was read from 
Dr. R. T. 
complied with. 

By motion Rev. T. P. Smith was 
appointed to preach a sermon for 
criticism at our next meeting. 

A collection of 30c was raised on 

it with Everygreen 

Adjourn to n 

Rev. R. B. Butler 

Oood Tiding* of Gnat Joy 

Fronkhn. *r. 

On the fourth Sunday in October 
Rev. J. H. Thurman. of 

He is a great preacher 
and he doe not only present 
gospel in s logical and scbolary way 
but he is po werful s weH. Dr. P. 
H. Kennedy of, Henderson, Ky., 
was with us in the afternoon and 
a fme talk and received a nice 
collection. The collection 
during the day was $175.00 and the 
best of all it happened to be pasto- 
al day. we closed on the second 
Sunday in November a glorious 
Rev. J. M. Moore assisted 
me in the meeting and done most of 
the preaching. He is a powerful 
preacher and a great worker on the 

preaching at their home church 

Bat Rev. 

& 4*. collection 78 

in this church and my people love 
to hear him preach. His sen 
in this section will be long remem- 
bered, the result of which forty-five 
happy souls were added to the 
church, saying they- had been born 
again. At the close of the meeting 
the converts and other members 
and friends presented me a fine bap- 
tismal suit, and to say that I thank 
them is not enough but I am with- 
to express my grati- 

son of thunder did valuable work 

meeting. On the second Sun- 
day in November we baptised thir- 
ty happy souls in the presence of 
large crowd both white and colored 
we fellowshipped the candidates that 
night Now our congregation is 
growing so large that our house is 
not large enough to accommodate 
them, therefore the minds of all the 
members sad friends are turned to- 
ward taitdaag a new brick 
at once; pray for as. On the 28th 
of November Dr. Carey Smothers 
of Versailles, Ky. preached fores s 
tea long to be remembered, be 

Oa the 99th 

for Rev Aller* and 
The Dr is a |a» L 
verit of my people and we are «*-{ 
ways glad *» see. him 

T H Mi 


Special Attention to Ladies' Work and Out of Jown Orders. 

All new work Pressed Free ol Charge. 
632 E10HTH ST., 


it is Ttttf cLoraas xa*; nam ^ 

I cater to good dressers, and quote the very lowest price. 

Regulation Garments given Bsnecial Attention. 

Try onr Regulation Trousers at $5.00 and up Cleaning, 
Dying and Repairing neatly done. 

8| Oor. Wert 4 WaioatSts I oaisville. Ky. 

ViriiHi Mi Tickets 

1 « t  1 : / 11 \ 
Hon with the 

0i ^JH Ni C * €SC£ * T * 0U T*- 

• ia   iia ivaorvule, or nee rtm, ifau 
if through the beautiful 

Xand of the sky" 

thai portion ol W.ater.. North 


with the old folks 

With long limit via 

"Big Pour/ 

Oa December 34th, 35th, 26th and 31*1 

p 4, also January let and and, ro^s 
ticket* will be on tale between all local 
points on the "B'g Four Route" Cincin 
nati Northern R R aad D. & U. R. R 
a iso to all points on connection ■ in 
Central Passenger Association terrltroy 

Tiokrta will be grop tor return to and 
including January 4th, 19O5 


Needed In £*ej*T HoflM 





Now Platee Throughout 

25.000 New Words 

vision Of W. T. HARRIS. raj*, LUX, 
United States Commissioner of Bdu 
ration assisted by a large corps of com 
|«tent ri]ieesalial* and ulitora. 

%0"Tht liUemtUionai mufirttittxtJ 

190 0. Qttik* 

We al»o publish 

1890, tHceniiua the "V*akridgtd." 
* New and S^larfM XJitum of the 
tentatienal mm issued in Ottohm , 

Wakatar'e CaUaaiata Oiellaaarr 

eommu2fe/. H it »f"a 

W frapM le SlSaee 
ami it br mUB« ar 

Illinois Central R.R. 

Excursion tickets now on sale at re- 
duced rates to 

Hew Orleans La, Havana 

Cuba, Hot Spring! 
Ark. City of Mexico and 

and many other points with liberal 
stop-over and return iimits. 

on C .aie P t*» art ens JreSS'eeeS 
month, to point, South and %m£ 

Farming in the South 

learing Oincinnati 8:j0 a. m ., c nB S3: 
»S « Uexinrton wub m^raing 
from Louist 1I# arriuinir Jacfeaonrilla 
early next morning mn. ,\* rY oaVlntaa 
f T S e Chic »K'' PI" idali»itld 
leaving Cincinnati in the eYeuiuTcon- 
neoting at Lexington with evening train 
frorn Loui.Yiile will *, ,e^£w3! 

'" u,rf '9"? j Bolh ..f tb«e train. 
rHni„» r °* •°" d 10 J» rk * ™l'e with 
™*5L£r f "ce.nroute For low win 
tounn rate*, aobednlea. literature or 
i»r informal ion apply to 


TORK. .... 


i)ing between the Bute RteWl 
lUui and the U n. 8 u,ok, 3 Cakki 
angea. Thi. .. . , np rb 

•« of wuich i. tun ft 


with 1U .plendid UoteU, openedl he reWr 
ZI^ZTsl^' ^uleTe.7 
•e 01 mountain* and is a favorite ataL 
over point for thoiuands ot tourUts anna 

of the Sky" and "Sapp u ire Ce«-tr»^~ 
Hot Soring.. F U , Eg^gffy*; 
Texawa,, Way nt .ri.le.' ^ Bn ™*- 
All Florida Winter Re«,r . .re quick- 
ly.ndc.nfort.blv re «.e.i by th! iL 
and convenient train, acu du.e 
•bep ng car service of the 
wao and (Jueen aud Cr. acei 
i?"??".^ UndoftheSky' 
ria Cha:ta«o *« and Atlanta. 

To California 


Set/lie Colorado or Two S out horn 


Missouri Pacific Rv and 
Scenic Colorado 

elegant tourist sleeping car service every 

from ;t t Louis D.jl 
standard sleeping or 


rw t, uriat Bleeping oa, excuraiona via 

froin MonnUin route aad El Paaa ha. v. 

StLouia eviry Tueaday aad Saturday 
^ate' «9"'pmeut to strictly up 

Bonnd Trip and Low 

raU one way ticketsVr on sale via front 
iron Mountyia or Mtomouri Pacific Ry all principal polnU in the east For 
bertha reservation and fnll Information 

fic Irou Mountain syatem or R T 8 Man- 
hew, T P A room 301 Norton Bid Louie 
Till. Ky or M C Townaend P and TA ft 

Solid Comfort in Travel 


Winter Tourist Tickets good going via 

tAaheville through the -Laud oil h. sky 
SM Beautiful Sapphire County" and re- 

wiWil IIWHIV Marning ria Atlanta and C i.attanc oga or 
Free Reclining CHAIR CARS on eU *»« ante at low rates. 

Train, between • The '«F.orida Umto-' .olid train of 

UniiTille. Ken«aT ^^M"^!^ 

Points and St Louis 

a tripora 
p future "Get the 

It to the comfort line and a 00m (ac- 
table train in traveling to alwayi 
' kbit to acquire. . 

At least give as the opportunity of 

Gee U. GARRBPT, T. P. Agent 
L. J. IRWIN. Oea Pass Agt 

Half the world ison the wrong 
eat ia pursuit of happiness. They 
think it consists in having aad get- 
ting and in being served by 





Southern Railway & Queen 
and Crescent Route 

Go One Way -Return Another 

veatibuled co 

ice enroutd leave-   ineinuati every 
ning via Qu»en sad Crescent Route 
ling through wilbout t hai g. to Jack 
„ -,'»!»• ^ Chattancga and SAtthera 

'Tha Chicago aad Florida Special'*— 

gaut Drawing Room alee per* , ( 
Una Can etc will leave Cin.jl»n a »« ever/ 
•If'?? (tX ?\* So »«?-») .'"■"to. throi 
gh SH d to St Aug- -.tine via Cbattanoog 
R  w ** 1 



Corn and Bunions Extracted with 
oat pain. Ingrown 2nd Club Nails 
permanently cared. Ladies treat 
ed at their residence if preferred. 

is Sua p. m. 
« a. as. to S p.*. 

7»« W Walnut 




SUNDAY, JAN. I 1905. 


John 1:1 18. 

Motto Text— ' In him was lite; 
and the life was the light of men 
— John 1 .4. 

No part of the B : ble has been 
more fiercely attacked than John. 
But unlike the present attack upon 
Moses and Isaiah, it was made 
while the enemies of the Bible had 
left in I hem some of the instincts of 
a gentlem ui. and they did not hold 
on to paving positions in evangeical 
churches, and while the churches 
had a feelingof responsibility to God 
and a belief in the importance 
truth, and, would not have suffered 
men who attacked the infallibility 
of God's Word to teach in their 
Universities and Theological 
Seminaries. Hence the attack on 
John's Gospel, though bitter and 
persistent, died out without doing 
much harm. Error outside the 
churches is a matter of no impor- 
tance whatever compared with error 
inside the churches. 
John wrote his Gospel many years 
fter the other Gospels were written , 
probably about the year 85. He is 
thought to have written it in Ephe- 
sus. John was the best beloved dis 
ciple.a fiery, highspeed young mar 
whom his Lord called Son of Thun 
der." And. if tradition is true, age 
did not tame his fire. For it is 
said he rushed out from a house 
when he heard the heretic Cern 
thus was in it. saying he would not 
stay under the same roof for a min 

"In the beginning was the Word: 
ole beginning to 

which b 
asGe.. .^oes. In the beginning of 
eternity, lor that had no beginning. 
But in the beginning of every- 
thing that began, the Word was 
there pre-existent. eternal. "And 
the Word was with God."— Thus 
showing that the wo.d is a person. 
"And the Word was God "-That 
deity of Lord as 
emphatically as 
e can. No wonder 
Unitarians desire to get rid of 
the Gosoel. It does not say the 
Word was ' the God," as if the 
was all the Trinry; and thus these 
few words guard against the two 
t of the Unitarians 
borgians. Preach 
s r eed to be careful 
lest in talking of J esus they say noth 
ing of the Father and Spirt and thus 
become practical Swedenborgians 
Christ is called the Word as he is 
the revealing God showing us the- 
Father. The repetition in the 
I, tint emphasizes thedistirct 
lalitv of the Word. 
"All things were made by him. 
And to m ke the statement more 
emphatic and imprests**, it is re- 
peated Injthe negative f rm. "And 
without Huh was not anything made 
that was made:'- He was not cre- 
ated himself which again asserts his 
f  dhead. He created all things 
gels and men as well as world, 
nch denies the eternity of matter. 
ie unitv of the Godhead is showi 
the manner in which the same 
ing is said to be the work of 
some instances. "In Him \ 
r."-AII life but especially the 
iritual life. Evidently the Holy 
irit is no oeliever in spontaneous 
;eneration . A nd the life was the 
: ht of men."— What the earth 
 uld be without light is what our 
ct would be without Christ. And 
ki l$g*t shine th in darkness.— The 
ight has 1mm shilling in daskness 
tince the darkness first began with 
the sin of Adam. Bat it shins* far 
more DrigbUy in th* Gospel than 
it did in the symbols oi the ^Mosaic 
law, and in prophecy. "And th* 
darkness cmnprtktndtd it *# "Joh» 

itself to be penetrated by* the light And he goes on to show that those 
which was shining in order to dissi- who received Him as Saviour, did 
pate i». The darkness here means so because God had elected them 
not an abstract principle but living to salvation The great central 
sin 4 free beings corruptf.-d human- \ doctrine is that God is all in all. 
ity" (Godet). j "Which were born"-bon t 

" There was a man sent from God of God— "not of blood" — A ma 
whose name was John." -John the not a child of God because his 
Baptist, cousin of the Lord, whose fa 'her was; Abraham's righteous- 
birth is recorded in the first chapter nessdid not save Ishmael. nor his 
of Luke. Johit the Baptist was sons * V his wife Keturah. That 
greater than any of the prophets. which » born of flesh is flesh. Nor 
but the gulf between a man sent c * n the W "U of man save a soul. No 
from God and the Eternal Word human being has the power 
who was God is infinite. "The decide who shall be saved 
same cauie for a witness." —Not " And the Word was madi flesh " 
only to witness a* the prophets did —That Word which was in the 
but to point out ;he Lamb of God beginning with God. He took upon 
to the p c ople. The Scribes and himself the form of a servant. "And 
Pharisees even, and the people es- dwlt amongus. "- The verb means 
pecially were ready to acknowledge jtabt rnac Jed. Dwelt, as it were 
John as a man from God. Then a ten t- Through this flejh 
they ought to have received bis I through a tent, they saw the glory 
testimony toC hrist. But that they ! of the Lord, such perfection and 
refused to believe. ,sinlessness as, the Only Begotten 

'He was vol tint/ Ugh:."— The Son shoul sfa O w - "FmU of grace 
emphasis is on the He. The Apos- *«  f 'ruth "— Had the truth been 
tie is jealous with a godly jealousy alone men im R nt have despaired, 
for his divine Master. John's nad S race been alone they might 
greatness all were ready to admit- have presumed. 

a na 

tion as John stirred Jewry. But he 
was merely the forerunner of a tar 
greater than he. That was the true 
ItKht"- The word translated true 
does not mean true as oppose 
false, but the essential light, the 
genuine, perfect light. John was a 
true light himself, but he was only 
a reflection of the perfect, essential 
light. ' ' Which light,* every man " 
Every man has some light fr .m 
Christ, just as be has some bless 
iug. It is to the mediatorship of 
our Lord the heathen owe the 
which they have. No 
the blackness of 
ive rested 
upon the earth had Christ not died. 
' Every man" instead of "all men' 
emphasizes the fact that God deals 
1 men as individuals. We are 
1 and sin as individuals, die. 
are saved and lost as indiv 
Th; Bible knows nothin 
' and only two 1 

Verse 15 Our Lord came alter 
John in time of his birth and his 
beginning bis ministry. He was 
before him in his being infinitely 
superior. "And of his fullness 
red."— It is the 
evangelist who is speaking here and 
not the Baptist. He adds the tes- 
timony of the church to that cf 
the forerunner. " For the law was 
given by Moses, but grace and truth 
came by Jesus Christ" — Which 
shows how much higher the lospel 
is than the law which was its shad- 
ow. For Moses gave the one but 
the Second Person of the Trinity 
the other. 

hath seen God at any 
turn," — He dwclleth in unapproac h 1 
able glory Not even Moses could *• T - G MATTHEWS, 
see his f ice and live. But the Lord 

separated :,t the last great daj 
He was tn the world, 
orld was made by Hh 
world knew Him n*. 
to the presence of the Uft and the 
light he gave to men tfitojlh the 
whole history of the race. It seems 
strange to John that the world 
should not know its Creator. an  
the mystery is as great to this day 
' He came unto his own."— His 
own is neuter »n the Gr 
came unto his own inheritance, his 
own home, which be had been pre 
paring for Jimself so I ng. O 
mediators differ as to whether this 
coming refers to his manifestations 
under the Old Dispensation or 
his incarnation. But the latter 
s-ems the meaning. He came 
the Jews, his cwn people whom he 
had. been preparing so long, and 
they did not receive him. "Hut as 
many as received Him' ' — whether 
Jews or Gentiles— To wh, 
he power to become the sons of God. 
—The Holy Ghost seems as igno, 
ant of the universal fatherhood of 
God as was our Lord who told 
Pharisees they were cf th ;ii f;ither 
the devil. It would be well for 
those who say so much of this 
"universal brotherriood" in these 
days, to be careful not to be wiser 
than Men are born God's 
creatures, fallen, guilty, condemed 
already dead in their sin. But the 
Lo d gives power to become the 
sons of God. 

The whole Gospel of John is as 
full of the strong foundation doc- 
trines as is this epistle to the 
Romans. God is only Father to 
them who believe. 

That believe om Ms name. ' — His 
name Jesus, which means 'Jehovah 
saves.' Who believe not on bis 
gorvJanss. his kindness, his love, 
his veracity, though of course all 
these must believed, but on his 
atonement . bis name Saviour. The 
Apostle John, next to his Lord 
the most thoroughgoing , Calvinist 
Who ever lived, not even excepting 
Paul, lion can only be saved to 
whom ZGod give* th* power to 
1* of God, they are 
bw character, but by W . 
trwtiof in th* merits of th* Savior. 

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American Baptist (Louisville, Ky.), 1904-12-23

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