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date (1862-07-31) newspaper_issue  v 6r d VOLUME III NUMBER 23 CAT LETTS BU UO BOYD COUNTY KENTUCKY THURSDAY JULY 31 1862 WHOLE NUMBER 127 Cljt AT PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY CATLETTS BURR BOYD COUNTY KY 11 V US EIHLX EJR amp C TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION THE SANDY VALLEY ADVOCATE tflU BE MAILED TO SUBSCRIBERS AT TUE FOLLOW ISO K AT KS fine copy one year if paid in advance One copy one year after six months One copy one year at end of the year 2 00 sutrar 2 SlT fn 3 no Kates of Advertising One square of ten lines or less for One week Two weeks Three weeks One month Two months Three months Six months Twelve months B ch R apos KlilioiiBl square le3S than half a column 4UT 1 published for a shorter time than 3 months charged in the same proportion Ono Column one month on months Twelve months 51 00 1 50 1 75 2 00 3 00 5 no 7 1 0 12 00 pi FESSlONAL CARI gt s quot T apos dT X quot J M OOl apos I N JONES amp OGDEN Attornfy R gt a n i CATI EI l apos hBIl s i apos quot I Air ILL ATTEND TO PROFESSIONAL BUST Y ness entrusted to Unit care in Boyd nttd the adjoining Kentucky counties attd in the Appel late and Federal Courts Also in M aj n aj Cabell counties Va and in Lawrence county Special attention given to collecl loi s in all connlies of the Sandy alley A knids of eminent and SuldiarJ claims will meet pre attention J JOHN w ls on apos quot EinaeAtJ WILSON amp KIRKPATRICK fTTOK Vlil S IT Mj I CATLETTSlIUlld KY iriLL 1 HICTII H IN BOYD AND ADJOI counties in Kentucky anl the oon counties in Ohio and Virginia Special ttttc paid to the collection of claims Rn mi no s I hm C Hayden Editor Mcstt Law Monthly Cleveland Ohio Ho quot L Flemlngsl org Ivy AloiizoCiishiiig Uu 1 An livw Park Zm Charleston Point Pleasant Va 55 tf atics on imports and for The Work of Congress Important Law the Coiicetica Passed at the Last Session ot h er purposes An unusually largo number of important Providing for tho education of colored laws were enacted during the past session j ddidren in the cities of Washington and of Congress The following from the Philadelphia Press is a list of the most important measures which are now laws or will become laws of the land LIST OF TITLES OF ACTS An act to further promote the efficiency of the navy To increase the duties on tea coffee and Georgetown D C and for other purposes To reduce the expenses of the survey and sale of the public lauds in the United States To allow the Slate of California an ad ditional representative in the thirty seventh Congress Abolishing certain collection districts Oil I Correspondence For the Sami Valley Advocate The 14th Kentucky Regiment Cumberland Gap Tennessee July 15 18G2 j Bro Miller I was not aware until a few publication at Catlettsburg Valley Advocate or I would have written vate or in social life lie was as near with j To our Old Friends of Boyd County Ky out fault as any man I ever knew j David Davis Harvey McWharten The present Quartermaster is James D j as MbGiniir t John II JSastharo Aaron the Foster formerly Commissaiy Sergeant Davis James McBravcr Sr William j followincr a fto Although quite young lie keeps his busi Davis Madison M Itcnslc quot r x apos e ness alt before him and discharges his du Hensley Andrew llogcn 1 M IL LK lt V Hits HUb tt Wftrc UIHII J days since that you had resumed the s r y department is dication at Catlettsburg of the Sandy Charles C Culver w drew 8 polls Ohio Charles Moore the col 1 5 ly WILLIAM BOWLING Attorney and Counsellor at Law J Grayson Carter County Ky IJUACTK apos ES IN TDK COURTS OK CARTER T B v l Greenup and Lawrdnce counties Ivy Special iiii apos l prompt attention given to IceCtoQ of claims c l McConnell A 1 lor i e y a i I a w CAT L E TTSRURO KY I gt RACTICKS IN THE COURTS OF GRE1 I Boy 3 Carter mid Lawrence counties andjlu Court apos f Appeal Particular mid prompt a ii given to the eolb clioii ol el lllllS s P CALVIN A ttoraicy amp Cotii ellor t Iron ou Ohio 1 RACTICES IN TDK COITR TS OF L WVRE J mid adjoining counties in Ciliio and tlii comities of Kentucky Prompt attention y the collection of claims JESSE CORUM Attorn cy amp Cou n xcl Sor a t Greeuupsburg Ky YiRACTICES IN THE COURTS OF JRF F n and adjoining counties in Kentucky Alsol the court of Amieals Pays special attention the collection of claims 1 apos J t sTl llENDERSON Alto r n c y at 1 a w Ashlitiitl Ky WILL PRACTICE IN TIIK COUNTIES i IT Lloyd Greenup Carter Lawrence ami Lc and also in the Court of Appeals and Ft Courts at Frankfort Ky po B J McCOMAS Attorney at I a w Grcenupsburj Ky GREENUP BOYD TYRACTICES IN A Lawrence and Carter counties Oificc in LE apos IS rooui el Judge Adams office W C IRELAND Attorney at Is a iv gr enupsburg ky YTHU PRACTICE IN THE COURTS I E VV Greenup Will also continue to prniice m the adjoining counties of Boyd Lawrence Car Lewis and the Court of Appeals i r MOOKE UKO W GALLIA MOORE amp GALLUP Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Louisa Lawrence County Ky P RACTICE IN THE COUNTIES OKI A WRKNC K Uni ter Boyd Greenup Pike Floyd Bath and Morgan in Kentucky and Wayne Logan and Uni apos ell in Virginia also ill the Court of Appeals apos 11 It Kentucky D r H apos A D A M S P H Y S I C I A Nj Webster Scioto Co Ohio ro 43 O FFERS HIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES the citizens of Webster and vicinity 37 s EMALE To provide for allotment certificates among the volunteer forces Making an appropriation for gunboats on the Western rivers In relation to the letters of sailors and marines in the service of the United States To authorize the President to appoint two additional Secretaries of War To provide for the protection of overland emigrants to California Oregan and Wash ington territory To authorize apos he President of the United States in certain cases to take possession of railroad and telegraph lines and for other purposes Making appropriations for the consul ir and diplomatic expenses of the govern ment for the year ending 30th June 18G3 and additional appropriations for the year ending 30th of June 18G2 To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to s rike from the pension rolls tho names of such persons on have taken up arms against the government or who may have in any manner encouraged the rebels Making appropriations for the support of the Military Academy for the year ending apos 30th June 18G3 To authorize ah additional issue of United States notes Making an appropriation for tho pur chase of cotton and tobacco seed lor gen eral distribution Tj gt authorize the construction of twenty Iron clad steam gunboats To amend an act entitled An act to re gulnlc trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes and to preserve pea e on the fron 1 1 tiers approved June 30 1031 Making an appropriation for completing the defenses at Washington and lor other purposes To prohibit the coolie trade by Ameri can vesst R Making appropri itions for the eon mi tion preservation and topairs of Cvr tain fortifications and othc works of defuise Making appropriations for the signal service of the United States army Making additional appropriations for the support of the atniy ior the year endiiu 30th June 1862 To authorize the issue of United States notes or for the redemption or funding thereof and for funding tiie tloaipig debtol the United States Making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending 30th June 18G3 and additional ap piopi iatious for the year ending 30th Juue 1862 To authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue certificates of indebted ness to public creditors Fixing the number of the House of Bc presenta lives from and after the 3d ol March 18G3 Requiring an oath of allegiance and to support the Gis ns tit it tion of the United Slates to he administered to masters ol American vessels clearing for foreign or otlier ports during the present rebellion To make an additional article of war making appropriations for the legislative executive and judicial expenses of the government for the year ending 30th June 1 8G3 and additional appropriations for the year ending 30th June 1862 For a joint commission for the preserva tion of the Atlantic fisheries To authorize the purchase of coin and for other purposes To provide for the appointment of sutlers in the volunteer service and to define their duties To secure to the officers and men actual ly employed in the Western Department or Department of Missouri their pay boun ty and pension To facilitate judicial proceedings in ad judications upon captured property and for the better administration of the law of prizes r An act in addition to an act to refund and remit the duties on arms imported by l e the S ates approved July 10 180L w To provide for the equitable settlement of the accounts of the officers and crews of the frigade Congress and other vessels To prohibit the allowance of payment of pensions to the children of officers and soldiers of the Revolution For the release of certain persons hold to service o InOor in the Dlsrrtct of Columbia To reorganize and increase the efficiency of the medical department of the army To authorize the Postmaster General to establish branch post offices in cities Making additional appropriations for the naval service for the year ending June or yon ere this I feel deeply interested in the on Frank is behind no success of your paper in the Big San ly doinsg his part of the work and is liked by and reducing compensation of officors of region for several reasons I need assign E both officers and men He is bound to customs in California but one its opposition to the rebellion j c fi n b The former Orderly Sergeant To prevent and punish fraud on the part an i stea dy adherence to tho cause of the J olm C Henderson is promoted First of officers intrusted with making contracts Union I Lieutenant in Company D He is a social I presume your readers have already j Ul lt Gever gcnlleman and the ladies say he been informed of all the important facts I apos 5 le looking officer in the regiment connected with the div ision of which we I he present Sergeant Major is Henry H I officer Fiist we suppose you have are a part The occupation of the Cum 1 R apos fi gt appointed in place of Daniel H j Foster and James Ril ber and Gap was tho immediate task as j Brown promoted First Lieuteuant in Com sgned to General Morgan This task has P a n y G If faithfulness over a few been well accomplished The enemy were I things entitles one to reward compelled to evacuate it with the loss not I stands the first chance for promotion The i Hospital S rgeon is Cyrus N Mobley a student of medicine under the iustruo for the government To establish a land office in Colorado territory and for other pm poses To authorize the President of tho United Stales to appoint diplomatic representa tives to the republics of Haytiand Liberia respectively For the collection of direct taxes in in What a Soldier will Receive Any person enlisting in the armies of United States will be entitled to the ani s alctJraycr Sr illiant J following after being mustered into the Davis Madison M Hensley Joseph N service viz The sum of SI 00 bounty of e Hensley Andrew I logon Robert Flaz which 25 is paid upon being mustered ty o the satisfaction of all 1 ho commts lett gt John Hazlett Eli White John and 82 for recruiting pay 13 a month now in the hands of Walker G X Eastham G X Fuller clothing and sub Tsleiice The firsi ami is noli managed John C East iam Jasper Bowling Solo month apos s pay is advanced to the recruit up moil Kirk Y illiam Fisher Linzy Lock on being mustered into service Total one else in j Samuel White Joseph Campbell payment in advance 40 The remaining Now my old friends of Boyd county 875 b unity will be paiJ upon the expint ivy it is with pleasure we boys of Coni tion of tho term of service or in case of jiany F and Me ssi No 1 2 3 and 4 1 death to the family of the soldier Be do all sincerely seat ourselves this even sides volunteers will remember that ing to drap you fellows a few hints concerning the August election and whom you men are running for your Fiist Tho Quartermaster Sergeant is J ac cording to a law passed by the Ohio legis lature last winter a levy of three fifths of a mill upon each dollar of property in the Male is made for the support of the fami lies of volunteers Again according to surrectionary districts within the United j on y 0 f their best artillery camp equipage States and tor other purposes j ifec but a vast portion of East Tennessee ey running lor county clct l Well let this be under apos law the propert of volunteers is exempt M 11 ini slwo lt l quot H lt you citizens that we j bom sale under execution for fit days after lajor Hill j Company F of tho 14lh Kentucky the expiration of his term of service a Regiment are opposed to Janies Riley running fee county clerk Wo all speak To protect the property of Indians who have adopted the habits of civilized life Defining additional causes of challenge and prescribing an additional oath for grand and petit jurors apos in the United States Courts Making provision for raising property of tho United Stales sunk in tho waters there of To authorize ii t Secretary of the Treas ury to change f Brunc of certain vessels Providing that the officers of volunteers shall be paid on life pay rolls of the regi ments or companies to which they belong Making a ip agnations for postal service which afforded them ample supplies both bm apos y of Surgeon Miller for man and beast General Morgan is j lu following officer now ordered to fortify and hold tho Gap so that the enemy can not possibly again possess it The fortification is now going on Artillery is arriving and being plant ed All the mountains within the range of catinon shot from the Gap are being cleared their timber so as to expose the enemy officers have resigned I unanimously in favor of Foster being our county clerk His principles arc N much better than Riley s Riley is Kh apos Vo d s 0 m P a n v 1 aptuin Me d W0 j Ulst t 0 band that k lister and Lieutenant Moore company j cauges 0 bc lo re absented from our d Laptain Davis and his successor Capt j and s property sold for taxes is also redeem ahlo without penalty afier the expiration of his term of service Open Confession Ex Governor MedRry of Ohio made a speech in defense of the Buchanan and u y 11 successor uapt homes and why should wo be interested Flovd Democrats the other dav nt Y oithington and Lieutenant Murphy his boill 0 4ted We all know his bus 7 company F Captain Botener an 1 Lieuten of should he advance There are three roads from the south southeast and southwest which converge at the Gap Our artillery is placed s i as to sweep effectually to a considerable distance each of these roads idle the enemy occupied the Gap they I old frionu r we kn isy lie i i politics and no doubt you till ant L 1 Davenport company G Captain tliem gt be Um Dmn wo hr omitb company K apos James IJ Davidson 1st lieutenant is promoted captain in company B J O j Fhnto A W Hei t r t U C ln i in uko t v unrerencc in tins our i a Unarlcs A Wood 1st lieutenant in com r t v tion a l iion uo are lor a man of the pany D a J Drew Burchett 1st Lenten Union A one man it does not matter in company Iv Upon these young j fielder he Is well read or not so he i ant on post routes established at tho present j j iad but 8 pj ece apos 8 0 f artillery yet th D l ien has Evolved the burden of drilling I al thifj our Government for the sekston of Gongreks quot wall number so thoroughly commanded gt pectivo companies from the preservation of which xve bo vs have left flo secure freedom to all persons within n t 1 fln ni A 2 i liao ir h oi land lonir since minted the promotion they ur j 10 ll s 01U ivionds ind relatives has been quite ear y u now gentlemen wo im oau l J apos l apos l P I ploro you all to go your length for Mr a j 1 t ii pi P apos Omotei lt jut apos 0 ster for vve think hois just tho man them capable of doing execution at thedis nex John Loch rap nephew to the f r the office and it lays to your therefore how difficult would be n sion ot congress Ismail number so thoroughly commanded tll0 r respective companies tr lt l o secure freedom to all persons within a j tb approaches to it that General Mor Hn apos 1 lon b f f in lt c merited the pi tU tenitoties of the UniletLS apos tates gan found it impossible to take it without i ll apos vo no apos v received Therein fTo change the port of entry for the di8 a terrible loss of life We have over 5U apos stepping up from tho sergea tniet of Brunswick Georgia I nieces of tho verv best nriillerv some Fiist E J Roberts was p oi pieces of tho very best artillery some of Llo provide internal revenue to support 1 government and to pay the interest on public debt Hairing appropriations for the si pport of 0 f letakiny the G army for the ifoar ending tho IJtli of the mountain is ic 1CG3 and Additional appropriations j a nd We haven The 1 8G2 SI 11 I r 1 LIIY7 Viuuu U11U 10 liivo lUYUUF op minrritio i Ootonel n viiiLf taken the place was pro i r 1 imagine o i tX 1 tion whcth Jr ho is cdoc tcd or not The the task I lo St heutenantcy then to 0VS wa jy to bc boatOD ai p Rorih aide of of eompauv K 1 1 m gh J nW mt any F will think I in Atir Ik If Brown was proi first hcuien J ll u u it i lugii tune to Ui row down our gun gt gt but to occupy 1 quot L i m G 1J l u rn J j Rq p and apos i i lod apos i niig I apos neic Sams bus in which he endeavored to defend this know j party from the charge of treason Ileeim A lt w nitrated a number of crimes of which it as a man will do for was not guilty Among others he said man well read and a they do not steal hut here remember man o j intelligence but that does not ing doubtless that the history of Mr Buchanan s administration must be fresh in tho min is of his hearers lie felt that ho had gone too far and added after a slight pause and in a lower tone any more than is incident to imperfect human nature We can only say that the imperfect human nature of the great Democratic 1 e a d e r s Buchanan Floyd Fernando M ood and others seems to have a good h al of that kind of incident A V iTroad ttri rive 1 I I U 1 h to re T attn tile r from To apos co n fiscal apos ilT property of rebels for e payment of the expenses of the present r Hillion and for other purposes her defence I apos Ii lt ocean and t quot ecu re Lo the Gov southwest in the i nt the use pi the same for postal hreastwoi tary and other purposes icrcasing temporarily the du ies on im s and for other purposes hiking appropriations for the payment lie bounty authorized by the sixth sec of an net entitled An act to author he employment of volunteers to aid in icing the laws and protecting the pub iroperty approved July 2 other purposes To grant pensit s l n 4 7 possess it We will probably lie here summer certainly until some movements are inaJe east of os The 1 4th Kentucky is a part of the 27tii Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Baird The oilier two regiments compri tlie 9th Keutuekv lilies Therefore evory ouo of you throw jitr miles together and bc re olve to beat Riloy in his undertaking Juttfl u 11 1 y u can to e ect Foster ami it ht j journmont by the members of Congress r 1 should he be iten let it not be alleged from these States owers have hel jjj necessAiV w orgnuiration oil the south and n 8 P eu apos way of rifle pits and apos ia e Epon Alter these are complete j n gt apos icttiy k ly we can not conceive how any force that the d apos Y b f ole l apos asti e ile that the citizens had any part in rebels can possibly bring against it can re tl o y eXelc apos th strictest discipline they clection of such a npui as quot Riley all each command the unbounded respect and u o l n ieM j i ieutenant hat 11SC J coUadenee ol then men so that there is v not a man in their companies that would not stand by his leader to the lust I will now give you a summary of the regimental and company officers reservin ior a future letter such notices of and events and incidents as I may w lt uld interest your readers Pool if C I lie N v gt nal lute i geacer states t i gt the aide per ui tuting the reply n Li apos apos v apos quot majority of tho itepresenta d quot apos tors of the Border Slave hehh apos ig A tales to the emancipation address ot the President is from the pen of the lion J W Ciisfield of Maryland At the meeting held on Saturday before ad 1 t gt G 1 and sing this brigade are amt the 33d Indiana l apos h quot re have b a nii v ai l imp r iant changes in our regiment since its organi zation the statement of which is the object ot the present letter In the place of Ool To establish anfi equalize the g a les of l T Moore we have Col J 7 Cochran e officers of the quot United States navy vvbo j s a jj nc m j j tary quot man and gentleman apos Making appropriations for the naval iu cv ry sense of t 0 wor b There is not i apos ice foi the v eat ending J th June aa officer in the division who is moroh uh 1G3 and for other purposes For the better government of the navy of Uuitel Sta apos es u iu too high terms ol I sii a men tile c gt un ry may I i heir watchword is duly L v for the purpose of do liheraling on the reply that should bo made to the President a committee of seven consisting of Messrs Ciisfield of Mary land Rollins of Missouri Maynard of Tennessee Mallory of Kentucky Carlilo ot Virginia Garrett Davis of Kentucky iml Thomas of Maryland was appointed response expressivi r the Border uufiicavuuiiiveB jjuiug tho chair that r apos 9 in 1 r l gt tenant who resign man of this committee Mr Crisfield was withoui gt t cause as being no better than apos charged with the duty of drafting the pa C apos ochian Colonel G W Gallup a deserter all tho difference being that per as the reply of the majority of the Rep ant Colonel Orlando Brown Jr if a deserter is caught and brought reseiUativcs of A njor Dr A 0 Miller Surgeon Dr j back to his regiment and company lie ScaLos rank Meachatn Assistant Surgeon E J is court martialed and punished accord the j to bc Ik 7 resigned and is going home when he gets his pay lie says lie will vote for Riley if lie lives to get to the polls i i 1 if Riley is clccTcd it will bc persons i apos hi Dn C apos l apos apos 1 i nien as J Murphy and i to digest and prepare a response exj v lliiil quot j 1 quot apos 1 apos p for we boys oCCompaYiy of the preponderant sense of the Oft Suit Ri i 1 1 u i v 1 apos ug the COM MISSIOXEIl STAFF J c Lieutenant the Border Slaveholding t kesolutuss Jxplanatoiy of apos an act entitled An act increase the duties on tea coffee and approved December 24th 18G2 leciaratory of the purpose of Congress to iSipose a tax Roberts Adjutant Rev A J McMillan Chaplain James D Foster Quaitei m s ly esteemed both as a commander ami a ier man of honor and integrity Althomdi i V V NON COSIMMbSlONKD STAFF the regiment had to give up the man ot its tT r choice it mav congratulate itself that it I nr J Sergeant Major J F has another after the same order Colonel 1 D xo quot 0 apos apos de rl v a r S quot t j 0 nls L Moore paid us a visit while at Camp D Hospital Steward C harles C Culver Courcev and made a speech to the ivg lt apos Julm is u y apos ig apos Siit COMPANY OFFICE ItS meat which was received with such cheers as he was wont to hear in other days Company A H M Thomas Captain relation to the allotment certificates ofl 1 he men gave tokens that they would send 11 B Bred ess 1st Lieutenant G Y HIGH SCHOOL 3 Maki n G g appropriations for the service of rpHE SECOND SESSION OF THIS INSTITl X tion under the care of Mrs and Miss Cruikshank III Will commence on the First Monday in Septenihei Owing to the crisis I hey have reduced their pri cc s so as to afford all an opportunity of availing themselves of the benefits of this School Boarding can bc obtaineavin town for pupils from a distance at a moderate price 5 6m ASHLAND HOTEL KRCNT STREET ASHLAND KY T 5 Berry Proprietor r PHE SUBSCRIBER HAS TAKEN CHARGE OF L this large and commodious Hotel which has been comfortably furnished and is now prepared to accommodate the traveling public There is not perhaps in Kentucky a better at ranged Hotel with more comfortable rooms fo families desiring to board than this Nor a more Pleasant Summer Residence for those who desire a country retreat from the cities during the Summer To such the Proprie tor will offer every inducement llis table will at all times be furnished with The Best the Market Affords snd Ilia prices such as to suit tlie times The Ho tel is so arranged as to furnish families with any number of rooms they may require adjoining and on the same floor He hopes by a desire to please to receive a liberal stmr e ofthe publie patronage 12U tf J l1 1 R J apos A V the Pofctoffice Department during the fiscal year ending Juno 30th 1863 To establish a urancli mint of the United States at Denver in the territory of Colo rado To amend an act entitled An act to provide increased revenue from imports lo pay interest on the public debt and for other purposes approved August 5 1861 To establish a port of entry in the col lectio l district of Beaufort S C To provide for the deficiency in the ap propriation for the pay of the two and three years volunteers and the officers and men actually employed in the Western depart ment To facilitate the discharge of enlisted men for physical disability To establish a department of agriculture To incorporate the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company To secure homesteads to actual settler on the public domain To provide for the public instruction of youth in primary schools throughout the county of Washington in the District ot Columbia without the limits of the cities of Washington and Georgetown To authorize the appointment of medical storekeepers and chaplains of hospitals Supplementary to an act approved July ait act to provide for amp lt payjto officers held as prisoners of war in tlief o called Confederate States iving the thanks of Congress to the offSera soldiers asnd seamen of the army ma navy for their gallantry in the recent niliant victories over the enemies of the Uifon and the Constitution roviding for the payment of the aw vds offthe commission to investiga c the mili tary claims in the Department of the West thonzing the Secretary of the navy to c into the cause of the failure of cer apos ntraots for steam machinery and to penalties connected therewith 7 gt authorize thej Secretary of War to ac nionuvs appropria apos ed by any Slate for payment of iqs volunteers and o ap he same as directed by such Slate authorize the President to assign omtnand of troops in the same field or rtinent to officers of the same grade l regard cf seniority apos hat the United Slates ought to co ope with affording pecuniary aid to any le which may adopt the gradual abol nent of slavery uthorizing the Secretary of the navy test plans and materials for I apos endering is and floating batteries invulnerable v encourage enlistments in the regular y and volunteer forces Iany other acts and resolutions of a vate and local clfaraeler have been pass at this session him to Congress again as soon as they get Hopkins 2d Lieutenant James C Whit back home No man should wish a more ten Orderly Sergeant genuine regard and a truer devotion from any people than Col Moore enjoys among tho people of the Sandy Valley Lieut Col Joseph It Brown was taken Some Insect Capt Kingsbury of Company A 14lli t Tforinlh thus describes William Kilgore 1st Lieutenant O M Frazier 2d Lieutenant D II McGhee Orderly Set SelgCftilt th Secessionists in Washington lie rebel sympathizers in Washington been especially bold and impudent bin a few days past on the streng h of ng reports concerning Federal disasters ic Richmond According lo a corres poJulent of the New York Evening Post Mi Wickliffe the Kentucky Congressman do s not hesitate to make himself the ve lik e for rumors of tire most startling char aci ir having on Saturday promulgated a ruftior he picked up iu Baltimore that Gen cClellan had surrendered his entire army o Gen Lee 1 One young man was com mitted to prison on Saturday for assisting in pulling down a L uited States lag At a pic nic excursion three times three cheers were given for Jeff Davis The daughters of a chief clerk in ono of the departments were present wearing roset apos s of the rebel style There are yetrebel sympathizers in the publie offices In one of the depart ments the other day it was proposed that eacli of the clerks pay one dollar a month for the benefit of the sick and wounded sol diers in the city quot An old Democrat who held a fat office replied that he had no money to spend for such a purpose The sick at Louisville while the regiment was on its way to Cumberland Ford lie was compelled to stop at Lexington Kv where after a slort illness he died at the Phoenix Hotel The vacancy lias since been tilled by the appointment of G y Gallup the regimental Quartermaster This is a good appointment Col Gallup adheres to the interests of his men He deny gt eigeant does not starve his social nature because lie Company E Arch Means Captain is a colonel lie still recognizes the equal James T Womack 1st Lieutenant Win and as a consequence Price 2d Lieutenant Jacob Poage Order Regiment and our State likewise foi bow could we fellows who are engaged in tho Union question ever come home and live with such men right up under our noses Now wc of Company F do give John Company B James II Davi son Cap JI Casthnm a lift We arc quot all East tain 0 A Osborne 1st Lieutenant Geo j bain apos s men cling up to the hub and we Greene 2d Lieutenant R Holbrook want you follows to elect him You Orderly Sergeant must all electioneer for him and go Company David A Mitns Captain right square up to the polls and vote lin ing to bis standing if bo be a man of high standing be is reproved but slight ly apos but if lie is of low standing be will bei RogluleIlt Ilt w at reproved most severely as money is the an j llsecl verv annoying to the troops in lever ol the world now a dm s Now i i quot i a 1 j camp at that plate e presume the such men bo the cause ot James Kifov s i m f i apos boys will not be disposed to complain election vve ot Company apos M w l think f ilo s wllid f nfest is high time for all to desert the l ilt lllis 0Cll ity f uft6r suffering from tho as saults of the propeller fly ill in the last week I have discovered him like men loyal to their country and we boys will hurrah for him and maybe it we get upon the highest pinna Conipany D C A Mooro Captain J f 0 0 ut apos lt anibcrland Hill y ou may hear C Henderson 1st Lieutenant B i u i us so listen about tho I5ili of July ear Hale 2d Lieutenant Henry Borders Or lv i quot tlre morning before breakfast So apos apos quot tare von well ity of man and man he is a favorite with the men of his regi ment ly Sergeant C nnpatiy Wm JU ton H Wbi apos tV J Cbadnjiek I J Day I J Lock D A Kelley 7 F John Cochran Captain t Prior to the deaili of Col Brown was Dwight Lcffingwell 1st Lieutenant P O J V apos the death of W B Burk the Major of the Hawes 2d Lieutenant Stewart Or r i apos u regiment lie was a young man greatly deny Sergeant beloved and respected by all who knew Company G J C Collins Captain I him and was elected to bis posmon by the H Bi own 1st Lieutenant L P Daven port 2d Lieutenant J Stafford Orderly Sergeant Company II J F Babbitt Captain W H Bartram 1st Lieutenant George 2d Lieutenant George Jolms nll our old friends Wni A Bradley II P Pope apos J N McGinnis D A Chadwick Win Look Bo w George W Kirk M Caldwell G B Evans unanimous vote of the regiment on the day of its organization In bis place was ap pointed Orlando Brown Jr of Frankfort Ky who was Adjutant of the 22d Ken tucky Major Brown is also a young man of about die same ago of Mr Burk and gt pnian recommended by the same honofalde and ou 11 et 1 c o e ul amiable traits of character j Company I John Powers Captain r Patrick 1st Lieutenant Henry G Gard T be Surgeon ot the regiment in place ot T i apos ii apos ner 2d Lieutenant J iJillou Atkinson Dr Yates resigned is A O Miller ol r c Orville Ohio The Assistant Surgeon is i 1 J quot el quot apos Franklin Meacham of Massachusetts j Company Iv Drew Burchett Captain Both these men are gentlemen of the truest j 0J gt Lieutenant f liomas D order and should they live t gt the age of j Marcum 2d Lieutenant James Shannon Methuselah they would be all the time Orderly Sergeant gaining upon your confidence and esteem I I have now written you a long letter all They are both thorough in their profession of which however I desire you to publish and among the few men who possess the as there are many of your readers no doubt I that priceless quot cm in every man s cliarac on They interested in any intelligence from this reg B F Retny John Coalgrove lie a Man of Your Word When yon promise to do a thing do it Be a mail of principle in your word Do not say that you intend to day to visit your sick friend or neighbor and then suffer the pressure of b i ness to crowd it out ol your mind He has been watching for your coming during the week that lias past Could yon have seen the bright bright smiles that illumed his countenance when he said I hear his voice his footsteps on the stairs you would have said that the keeping of that promise was worth much choice gold But when the vision has disappeared and you came not there was pity and sorrow even for you written up on those features For dollars and cenis had become a formidable barrier against qualifications for an army surgeon arc not only possessed of surgical skill but intent I send you enolhsed a scrap of have that energy foresight and watchful brown paper a specimen of the paper on ness over the habits and condition of the which the Knoxville Register is now pub men that secures the prevenliom oi disease j lislied If I can obtain a copy l will send They go upon the principle that an ounce j it to you I will simply stale further of prevention is worth a pound of cure that a flag of truce was sent a few days They are therefore unpopular with the since to Tazewell Tennessee commanded Sutler having shut down the gate on all by Colonel G W Gallup i rovost Mar spirituous liquors candy sweet cakes and shal the object of which is not publicly bologue The hospital arrangements in j disclosed In their conference with the camp are all that could be desired Our Colonel they staled openly i hat they were camp is kept clean and tho men have reg j fighting for a limited monarchy This ular exercise every day in drilling and thej they say is i he undisguised object of the consequence of all is our regiment is the rebellion Colonels Ashby ami Gillespie he ilthiest in the division were among those who met our flag The ter which either shiues in his own conspic uous light of love of truth or is set in the midnight darkness of distrust and fal e liood Then if you wish to do good and wield an influence for truth be a man of your word For truth is the essence of Heaven a new kind of insect I call it the propeller fly It is not as large as one of our Yan kee inusquitoes hut you ought to see and feel them hire They light on you raise their hind end standing ou their fore legs and commence turning around Their bill is like a co kscrevv and when they get it in the right nlace they start the machine ry by advancing the right fore log They tion work a propeller wheel which is of course at the stern and around they go like lightning and in goes the corkscrew and you can not pull them off without un screwing them A Tigress The Warren Pa Mail gives an account ofthe sentencing of a woman named Anna J Clements to the Penitentiary for two years on a charge of larceny During the remarks made by the court she frequently interrupted with insolent and abusive lan guage YYhcn he sentence was pronoun ced she broke forth with a volley of im precations and let fly four or five stones one after another like lightning Tho judges ducked their heads and dodged barely escaping a h t Then she bouude l like a quot wild cat for the Judge and actually got partly behind tho bench before she was seized and held while she yell d and struggled with the strength of a strong inau A II mt lo the Ladies Don t make your rooms gloom Fur nish them for light and let them have it Daylight is very cheap and candle or gas light you need not use often If your rooms are dai k all die effect of furniture pictures walls and carpets is lost Finally if you have beautiful things make them useful I lie fashion of having a nice parlor and up all but three or lour j animals but jy The additional troops called for by the President should be speedily raised that they may be effective in fin ishing the work of crushing the rebel lion If wc had at this time ready For the field the three hundred thousand fresh troops demanded the big job would be speedily performed The re cruiting machinery has been somewhat deranged by inaction and the harvest season is ono that is unfavorable for jiro cuvflVg men Still troops are being rapidly raised iu the East and we hope and believe the boys of the West will lie in as good earnest as over in rushing to the field Croakers arc saying the troops can not bo raised They can ho raised and will be It is merely a ques tion of time but it is time of which ev ery dry s importance is so great that it can baldly be measured U y ti the ancient town of Chatham New Yoik is a very remarkable dog whoso characteristics and behavior excite ad miration Oa week days he is a dog of liko passions and behavior with other ou The Adjutant of the regiment is E J place was five miles beyond the village of Roberts formerly Sergeant Major than fazmvcll where their outposts are station j then shutting it whom no officer is more energetic and ed A few miles farther on the batik ol days in the year when you liave compauy and sectarian prejudices shine out the Clinch river is stationed one regiment spending your own life in a mean room quot base worst punctual in the discharge of his official du facts were duly ascertained and proved ty He was appointed in place of J F 1 of rebel infantry and a battalion of cavaliy shabbily quot furnished or an unhealthy and the next day the head of the depart j Babbitt who is promoted to the captaincy Still farther on the road to Morristown at apos ment to save your things is tho ment informed him that lie had pos ible economy to a no money apos of Company II The former captain of Bean s Station are two brigades of infant to give to such a man a man who has no apos this company was Isaac Hollingsworth of ry encampjd There are also troops at shut up your house and live in a pig pen sympathy for wounded soldiers The re 1 your village Captain H still lives in the Morristown on the railroad The use of nice and beautiful tilings is t little further j to suit was that a semi traitor lost a good lace and a loyal man got it hearts of all who knew him As an officer and as a man at home or abroad in pri Ylost truly yours CUMBERLAND I act upon your and make you beautiful pirit to educate you and Sunday his peculiarities Un like the crow lie can count and knows when Sunday Crimea lie i not the same dog as on other days He indulges iu no pastimes lie encourages no o impany and no familiarity Ho says by actions louder than words to the vain arid rifling canitio nee Nix days shall thou play ami do nil hy i ports f apos waY C c HI V gUbocatc 1 J Mill and lt Adams editors CATLETTSBIXHG apos 31 it GS The Mountain Boys in the Field If any doubt rested upon tlio public mind in regard to the patriotism of tin people of tl ie part of tire H apos atc 1 il quot Quid only lie necessary to point to the lit Me nrmv of patriots in tbe field from Boyd mid adjoining comities to convince any one that mountain patriotism is o the genuine stamp Boyd county alone out of a voting population of only about 900 lias inns apos in the held at least 700 bravo and loyal men whose strong arms and brave hearts have on more bat tie field than one taught the vile hordes who rally under lue traitorous Stars and Bars how to respect Kentucky prowess and that the by i mountain an honest man and eors arc ever reauy to ofier their i cs willing sacrifice on the altar ol thoii country The other mountain counties hate done equally well Carter and Lawrence have each sent their full quo ta of hard listed and patriotic soldiery and the sharp ring of their rifles is now echoed train the rugged cliffs of Cum berland Cap Floyd and l ike have al riy done well and Johnson is not behind the rest Other sections of the Plate have perhaps furnished more men hut it is only in the older and more popu lous portions where they could he i tor afford to send five men than wo c ul l r send one Too much praise can not he awarded visited our town a lew days si to Hie citizens of the mountain country has been actively engaged for the noble stand they have taken tor the Union and for the promptitude with which they sprang to arms at the first call of their country to assist in driving hack the vile traitors who dared to lay their polluted hands on the sacred emblem fog which their lathers poured out their life blood They arc a quiet hard working peop o and earn thcii j E Apperson Jr On Tuesday evening last onr citizen were favored with an address from this distinguished gentleman who is a can didate for Judge in this Judicial District The audience was large and attentive and composed of a number of lanies Mr Apportion defined his position up on the questions which agitate the coun try at the present time and declared himself a loyal man to his State and Government He believes the rebellion ought to be and will be put down and he is in favor ef putting it down with bullets lie ha 3 no compromise Jo make with tiie leaders of the rebelWon but believes they should sutler the penalty of death for their crimes Mr Apperson did good servict for his country in raising and recruiting men Candidates for the Judgeship We are often subjected to great cmbai rassment from the fact that two gentlemen both equally worthy become candidates for tlie same office The senior editor of this paper before the connection was formed in troducing a partner look the liberty with out consultation with any one of suggest ing the name of Richard Apperson jr Esq of Montgomery as a candidate for Judge in this judicial district The sug gestion met with a cordial and as wo be lieved an almost universal approval of the loval men of our mountain counties Many aware of there being any opposition to liim Therefore being fully committed to liis support and believing that no man in the district possessed higher qualifications for for the Federal army ITcaccofftpnnicstl the position this statement certainly is suf Gen Xolson in the campaign on Big ficient justification for our decided prefer Sandy and was ever found at Jim post apos cnee and hearty support of Mr Apperson of duty ready and willing to Sacrifice ami must Le considered so even by hi himself upon the altar of his country for li is country s good We are fully committed toMf Apper son s support having been th first to suggest his name in connection Tvith the pfik e of Judge We know him to hi la competent n aani wy quot quot lof mbunted rangers and when raised and thoroughly sound upon the L tiffin ques apos 1 under his command we need tear no raids tion and as sncli dose n es tliefcujiport f 0ln yj 0 g au UU j i apos ls thieving crusaders of Union men Our friends will not forget him when they go to tlnypolls on Monday next lie has done much for Kentucky and Kentuckians should now do much for him J S Dury Fsq This popular and talented gentleman who is a candidate for Comm ip wealth Attorney in the 11th Judicial District Ik apos days sprjL e lie ged in tiSvassing s con tie J of his the district anil scorns election to the position for which lie is a candidate On Tuesday evening after yJr Ap To the Voters of the Eleventh Judicial district Information reached me a few days ago when absent from home in a dis tant county where I had been detained since the first of June by the ill health of my wife that Major Sudduth was en gaged in making an active canvass for the Circuit Judgeship in this District I was greatly surprised as M nj Sud dulli and myself agreed distinctly in May last that we would remain at home and leave the selection of a J edge to the people of the District concurring as we at titles appeared ill he Advocate urging j did cordially oniny part and ic I prcsuni h is claims Neither the public nor we wiio C lt 1 affio on his that a canvass for the otiioe was improper This agreement has been held by me inviolable I had neither design nor wish to violate it and J am unable to conceive how Maj Sud dutli couhl obtain his oxen consent to break it and that too without any intimation to me that he desired to be no longer bound bv it This mry he one of the privileged modes of conducting a can vass hut if it is 1 am more than ever happy that my desire for office lias never been so intense as to induce such action on my part or to experience it in others But under no circumstances eouhl or would I have left my sick family to fol low Al tij Sudduth through the District I may he defeated but 1 will not be dishonored The grounds on which 1 understand Major Sudduth places liis claims as su perior to mine arc 1st That lie was first a candidate As to the priority of candidacy I have to say that my name was presented in connection with the nffico long before Major Sudduth an 1 nounced himself as a candidate or so far as I know hadiuiy thought of being lone or was s otton of The Sandy I Vai i kv Advocate before liis ean honoiable competitor and liis friends Attention Mountaineers We call the attention of our brave boys to the call of Colonel Jacob one of Ken tucky s bravest and moot chivalrous sous lie has been authorized to raise a regiment An not c o n n I A X C jSt Tf OJfS To tut Editor cf tiil S i gt v Valley Advocate Oi NTi uciaf In your papifeif July 2 ltli L find tins following parngm gt li Tlie tl apos i in I r abylcri nn published at L ai v i It Jiio is at the Kcv gt J r Hrowutow and calls him fin cursing parson apos We think Ifie True En apos stiyffrian by t ti lit remark lias shown unmistakably tlifc it is a l ebei sympa thizing slicet quot Tiiis sut ement not onlvjplnocs the editors ct that paper in a tals pr sitiwi but is calculated to excite prejudice against t se who patronize it sorue of vlioia livein this l effnn myself beinoune It seems to me proper thciiVu J to tulje some no Lex i llgiotl lice of it It is miictreash I lo start ti rumor titan to recall it to malic a wrorW impression than to unmake it Ami otieu iuinftisc evils grow out of very small beginnings Afl iutC li may destroy a lull m j An Official liocumeRt sn apos that Mrs CM John Cochran was among the foremost in kind attention lo Lite sick soldiers of the Mill regiment In ai l Hlauqi A Brum Phovost Mabsmal I ter years ween our heads shall have grown t KM11AI 0l u n X j wlmo from the hosts of many winters onr The Kentucky wen fit in order to city Au imprudonb gan Wo feci satisfied that there aie many young men willing to join this regiment We arc authorized by Colonel Jacob to say that if any one will undertake to raise a company he will provide for them subsis tence amp e Let our mountain boys go to work Let the Valley of Big Sandy sen 1 out a few hundred more of her gallant sons Any one disposed to into the enterprise will confer with Colonel Jacob Eminence Ky The Election On next Monday habit of iu ins tlie uaim tilings Will you justify s rout iv nb is will know wLi erence is nu l wbai your j n t cojiiiuaiulniont is Thou of the Lord thy Co l in vnii r 4 i 1 1 boM him guiliU 33 ihnt t k apos i liuacy oouipiimciilcd me with an bx xx 7 vnliioj fiii inUhip A singll bt h o the pelt may a i ray u ighb i and co iin Jllnl ics in bosmily to one unothcr Your jlan nkTd ill ns far ns ot it rvcd at all by your rent Icifti al tlrefii to think that ho True ihv b tcriar Thiclt ha a large and growing paUonago is in tljuui n rest i f those who would destroy the Union Vet nolifing can be farther from the truth It indistinctly and exclu sively a religion shiet a lvfcating tln se views of the Church which are h lt TlR gt y many Presbyteri ans but especially devoted w n discussion of one or the greatest and most lt 1 i lficnl t rjuealiuns of the time namely the true hwMy of the Christian Church with reference fo i vil and seen fat mat lers Its aim is to ex potinj tlx meaning of the lamoifl saying of Christ kingdom is not of this worlds quot In the lt mtse the editors gave a jd dge that they TVoU d nottfieddh with the pol ities of the d v nor s el gt k v dissension in the Church but rather heal dij p gt ions and soften ns peril ies of feeding 1 have read every number they have issued beini sixt apos Mi and have failed to discover that syntpa hy wit apos rebellion which yon charge It goes in for the fi k st discussion of ec elesiastical questions but tii non Btrodtictioii of polities into Church courts tndsolongas Vt kecjJB to that programme it will occupy ill true ground and deserve the support oi the denomination to which it is at tne he 1 pi vi u d also if is eavried on in the right spirit On l is head some ol us would i refer in it less vinegar and mure honey but no change in its avowudCliject or theory our syle reason fur believjjkig th jl it is a rebel sympathizing slxtet secmsL be that it calls the Lev ilr Brown low the Auv gt ing jurson If this be a sullicient reason t ien you will have to add toyiHir list a number ol lt hr newspapers bblh religious and secular whichSave never been sus pected of any such rebellioii proclivities though they havtj severely coiuuieutJd on Mi very irrev erent and profane if anii in f hieh Air B is in th J and other forms Lent our eye sight dimed and our protect the elective franchise and to guard the in limbs stipend by reason of age when we apos re 8 5 apos boi lovernment against the assauite of hull no lo Live the soldier apos s r nm gt apos kn lt wn M Mi 1 quot i x painiuiiiii mi I In prov i ri of lint Did rustic hti p wall which we trod the hill it i 3 well ki n nre siibstantiAlly Tlmt stieets of yom hi atitiful lit tle city then persons h 6 have been guilty of cei piin acU nid cveu then will out h al ls turn in grateful j eo gt quot gt t nuncing the rel limn shall he rememhoraiice toward the good people of he lu apos p e LexmgiOD Many will oe the silent pray franchises of citizens It is net to be tolcimted ers that will ascend to the ear of Deity ill that rebels ami secession sympathizers sliall he Vour hehai f Long may the citizens of J 1 quot U apos t l u apos 10 ll quot apos offices ot the country and Lexington live to enjoy the bl iriga of apos apos pi 2 emblem o apos ttaj and destroy the Jovermnent Nor can it be I 111 lOHn t 1 1 f i tin most our country restored wlu u the m r v tiJ l tx uu national Arcntne ss and prosperity shall t l apos ormiuM tlmt cceswopisU sbail he allowed to move over every foot of land that was l apos apos apos apos iSS tile country as cair ti fnfcs stirring up se former v blessed with that sacred Word whb n ulf sniriPoMhra quot T 0 I quot apos mi apos 1 in gt spirit ol tlie act lvli rruil to he pi rmit l man gut now cursed with secession lt 1 Yoifrs DAVID A MIMS OFFICIAL Opfioe Provost Marsh id O iTLi i TseaRo Ivy July ill 1R62 j Tlie aftentioH of the sd n riola ion of law p gt give enooiii n reii ent to ll yon hy assuming righu ami privileges at tlio polls from wliicli the law has debarred them for their disloyally Therefore The particular attention of nil ofli cits of elections all candidates and nil voters is directed to the act before referred to Jlililnry toice will l gt c used lo enforce in the most rigid voters of lUvil u apos TT apos u j ion U n J d l Wt iS raid aet in its l iil est apmt ami infuiit ami any insolent or go tl Late War News Nahiivilde July 27 Tlio Tenth Ohio the regular election der of the position niflsl tiiis public h quot quot hv fiml such femlt witli th r j True 1 ivsh yP i apos ian or any i her pa er Iht tell j for district and comity officers We again munitcstauon ot a desire that 1 should he plain truth iu calling h n tnc r j r luliesl spirit and infeiit ami any insolent or seili Lammice and ar cl 1 eounlics of Iven lihus disregard or conWnipt of it will he inmisli Mtcky is particularly called to lie follow inimediatfcly by such pains and penalties as the ing at ol the Kentucky Legislature passed j mmury andioritiis may choose to inflict on the March 111 S T apos 2 apos disloyal aod m enemies to tip Government til apos i persons in lloyd mid adjoining counties nre to bo h 11 AP I Lit 57 7 lu ld lo a strict obedience to the requirements of AX ACT to amend an net entitled An act aot to amend section 1 article 4 chapter 32 1 C 4 PT 1 CUASl 0l MATCH KTT title Elections of Y t ie Revised Statutes 1 apos W Mars mL approyed February 11 IC50 Sec 1 Be it enacted l j the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky That in construing the aet approved j guarding tlio Memphis and Charlesioii February 14i i lbob to which this is an Railroad between Deczlm and Courllatid laiendinent those who have engaged in life were attacked yesterday by a large force of rebellion lor the overthrow of the Govern apos guerrillas under Starns and Ward Thirty ment or who have in any way aided or forty of the regiment are said to have counseled or advised tlx separation of i been killed The road was considerably C atucky from ti e Federal Union by force damaged lrat not so s to cot oil coiiiinuni of arms or adheard to tho se engaged in tlit cation A large force is reported near Tus frort to sepernte her from tlio Federal eumbia I nion by force of arms shall not be deem Col Forest is rtpoited to be at Carthage J ouc of the political parlies in this Com V apos i apos b the oljeet it is supposed of iuakin gt apos Di la g 1 niontv alih within the provisions of the act descent on Louisville L I I apos v jtj which tli s is an aim idmi iil FoicruEao Montrcus July 215 I am ered W apos apos T is act to hike el fiomand ihiy inf ruled that laVg rebel forces are 4 r dmT c apos d apos V l Vet passage being concentralcd n ilia line of the James 3t 1 apos i cc ia apos in apos Approved Ma ch 15 18C2 i river above tlie Iunetioh of the Appbmat 1 liev came down CHAPTER 50 r I didates and citizens to the provisions of private individuals residing in dill apos ercnt when both Uiiun h ami Dury was called out and made a very j 1 apos iu the Expatriation Bill The order ol person had concluded liis remarks Mr was called out r ud maub a very j neat and appropriate speech defining liis position upon the great questions of the day call attention die a ten lion of officers can Gen hich Boyle that all secession candidates are to He is a Union man uncon U immtdi U lt J gt ai apos ost apos J is and f P th apos ditionallv c v i wo again Call attention to tire General Or and m favor of a vigorous r I e der No 4 of Capt Mateiielt Pi ovost Mar T i omi the nature prosecution of the war for tho Tfcuppres 1 I Istial at Hus post It is the most Serious 1 winch oc gt K W sion oLlhc tchcliion Ho is not one ol l l i v of all loyal citizens to see that the livelihood hy honest industry and sweat of their brow of the country in tl K y must noeo ssamly toil hard and I the eleventh hour Union menjwlio die constantly in order to support them nothing to save Kentucky lrQm being selves and their families Removed fur the most part far from the influence of the foul atmosphere which surrounds those heated centers where demagogues and wire workers arc wont to eongre gate in order to sway the minds of the people they care little for tlio mouth ings of those political trumpeters who seek to inflame the minds of the musses Firm as their own native mountains in tlio position they judge to he right they would sooner lay down their lives Ilian swerve from the path of duty Theirs is a genuine patriotism a self sacrificing love of country that is paramount t every other influence They are a bravi and hospitable people and passionately attached lo their lilies and firesides 1 nothing plunged to save into the cm sing j hold it was strengthened by letters fioin Pine nation Iiist Ho nr uiitlergoin portions of the District The articles i G apos 1 apos apos ontc J tin i suiuT j 1 i can cnly u km by Him Nvlr i knows tu in Iwvin tl lt lt in LrHn iji PjK ni C lt i in 1 1 1 0 A JtVOi apos itTK quot WOl apos C a iu ii iidmi 1 Iit llrt N ar lt t idn fur fenV ol hlish il in the Wiiio and certain ot quot ib al mlvl I r i aid l wkrt h tltKa n vuh ru uvcjW patriot un I tv iy il t llOt OSCUpO 1 1 1 0 V 1 1 hint it 1 1 C ll 1 1 oil Christ i in sliouM mYi apos fliaii Svr k to apos f Maj r SmTntli and he did know that apos r crie wl aiinniiirs 1 f wild J iiuHui scnmiH nt I submit j lici tbe cslitoii I also as imi to the oliicc when liis card J irrc l papers aiul fill ut iK Tv1io have tlio Of annunciation was published in the nr abouIJiwi lx ln 1 1 tofi nii weoud i apos Lk if there he c ny virtue in x and James river n ltichmdn l hy live Pcicr shurg and lliminnl Railroad It apos is believed they a f gt apos numeer iVom fifty to sixty thmis and kthat Jackson is in command of them liihslan iii g tlie rumor that hu is in tiil of i u Dope i foi nr mt is very confident that the are n gt apos w making a b J stand at tliq named place and are bringing all the Iff ihti lin y can sjiare horn Richniond die ves that it is the intention of the M is v v m i i to r ud i an i ttack on Fuf tortex of secession spirit of I Let every man who is liihlo to susmoion I being the quot first in the field which I do he challenged Let such be sworn law provides that such From the very com mcnceineht of our present troubles he has taken a firm 1 apos 1 quot apos provul lt 6 U apos at s apos dl 1 and decided stand for the Union and on to negati ve such charges as disable against the rebellion Tin not believe it attaches lo me not to him Wo say to our friends wli you visit the polls on Mon day next remember Mr Dury and don t fail to vote for him He lias done as much for Kentucky as any other man in the Statey and the loyqj people of this district s uld ami wo believe they w ill reward Xi for ii apos is services We have the honorjpf a per sonal acquaintance with liim and it gives us pleasure to testify that lie is an hon est and loyal man and well qiJnlified to discharge the duties pert ai nit to the on oath ll is of the very highest itnpor tauce that tlie greatest vigilance be used Let no limn vote who lias been a traitor to his country who has been so recreant to the obligations of a g gt od citizen that the 2 d lie alleges that I received for my services iu the campaign undertaken by Gen N el on to I ikcton 11 tuft In this charge there is not one word of truth My friends here in my absence have done me the honor to deny tills allega tion in a printed circular for which I Caui B unu t Linoi Legislature lias been apos compelled to guard gratefully titanic tl cju hut J deem it the purity of the elective franchise against proper to deny it thus promptly myself his assaults quot Wq say again watch J 1 l quot ls engnafcwl Irom the 20th of Septem j hcD to o Dcccniliev irT rccruit fli It has been reported here that a no ing men fin apos the U S Army and accom toriuus scoundrel Jack llay a colonel in the punied Gen Nelson s forces The Miii rebel army has been permitted to re lary BoaKt furnished me with pnovis poak of the kind re turn home to West Liberty As usual j ions to tlie amount of 8900 and SAJitm met w ith at the hands there is a premium put on treason tip i cash to expend in recruiting men for especially the ladies 6 anJy Our brave officers and soldiers the service establishing a clmp paying Let no one forget that MoinX next 1 P l apos i P eis gt hniguish in Southern dun j tho soldiers as they enlisted and j gt repar lor the limit In i in rli apos it or r false charts rti ainst LroiluXt lihirs mi l Ln 1 i 1 quot quot j in v apos gt arc c apos i apos t itm gt y l il i in jC Mil j 1 ti utL lt gt iit da ci i xjiosc grrious error to f dl Iiuh tlie ton ejety ami gave ll ti lt ujis ot the to liuits of An 1 finally With vour lenvj gt wlittln r the t exclusion t f prolane ivmari ami ai ecdi lc s st cnlnr paptrai your own 110 c ftJ t L w ml lt lt lo soiin tliiuGr towards tiiet nrritii rr m nstiui hope that CwhI may y t avallio country can o of swear in t lie iuml DyotitTKlh Jcreu xxiii 10 otra triilv c rtAVLES itr Artn ffp All act o amend chapter 1 5 of the RsfrNcd I Statute entitled Citizens Kxpntriu r tion and Aliens tV Sec 1 Be it enacted iy the General n Assembly of the Common wealth of Iveiita chu l apos i That any citizen of this State who sliall I j apos tit r iuto the service of the So called Con t iv I L apos d i ate States in ci h i a civil or military apos capaeity oi into the service pf the fio cafTctt quot Provisional Government of Kentucky iiijl i I e idler a v 1 or mili ary capacity or linv 1 apos M apos mg i fore it s i m 1 1 oi ci Ik ns ji cy were within twenty miles of apos tlie Golf cl apos i ate S ales or i rovisional Gov 1 tPq T apos ity with considerable force rrnmrnt shall continue in such s rvice nf I ght before last a company of rebel ter this act lake s e apos feet or shall take tip oi civalry came down on Gloucester Point continue in arms against the military f uce 1 i P apos Jsite orktowu seized and camVd off if the Unit l Ciales or State of Kentucky aljol of eolitrahstiUs that hud acc timulateiL or shall give volitii a y aid and nssistnnce V ie gt 1111 a l st gt forccl into the rebel army lo those in arm tuan st said forefs sl all quot If apos I apos 0 males that could be found tbero he iL cme 1 to have expatriated himself ant j capable ol bearing arms They then set shall no lotigiu be a citizen of Kentucky fi p 0 il lot ot slifp timber Bit shall lie h again a citizen except T lie u hcl caialiy are almosti aily prowl by permission of the Legislature by a gen j n K about that region seeking plufider of eial oj special smtu apos ta a ay kind amt presawg apos in the si iL ice all apos sec 2 Tea apos wlicui vera person a apos tenqcs die men they can Jin I who they think will lUld Jufi Dr uv t vdi apos atji oil that whatever p r the men of the 14th nj interest to your rfad J j the day wiien all loyal Kent ui have ftn opportunity of ehoo gtig those whom they wish to fill the impoiant pcsi lions to be filled at the next clectfou The candidates are all before vou ans wiH 0 s apos 1 1 tl e I scouti apos Jrols LL mos Jad rebel army are j ennitted to come j iu avo folk qvs arCt now in the lreld home at pleasure when tired of bearing my services I have received uothins office of Common wealth Attorflcx ana those spots so il itr to every Ken tuckimt the graves of their fathers But when they saw their country totter ing to its fall from tlio assassin like thrust of base traitors And saw the glo nous banner they htul been taught to love trailed in the dust hy the base in graces that should have boon their bro thers they forgot the endearments of home and all those tics which render life desirable and fl w to arms as one joan in the defense of that Government which had been their pride and that flag which had been their protection c 13 1 j know to be sound It is a matter of very Brave mountaineers though your great importance that all the Jilfices be blood tuny enrich the soil once cpu u ff led by staunch Unionists apos lid cod no crated to freedom and your hones wlii apos othor will be R lo wod to hoMt office i j raise a cavalry egi e t tor twelve month apos ten neath the Southern sun yet will Kenluety Geu Boyle has fulll mnde up service l y gt n Ik yh My v di nu er Ml his mind on that point and Ire Si as force j lor a temporary purpose has been nobly sufficient lo compel obedience to 4 is Will in responded to Now men of Kentucky Us ro tlie good iment will he We wish do a otir rj apos gfnit the ciiizenS a Lexington K vliile t he regiment was mi its pt age fri jig Sandy to Cumb fland Gap 5 K ached Lexington on lift 3th of last Ap loathsome filth but j ing jhe men for active duty and J did at four o clock P M jf It had been t Ji Ray colonels in the thus expend the public money and the j quot g all day an 1 was raining when wef l apos i For lor is called quot ti to exercise any of the eoti n i r gt apos Nwl tilqti mil yr i al rights iuid jirivileg 1 I v US of 1 il I nek V I 1 ntiiy tu required i gt negasivawan Oil i ti C ospWitiilyi rroN apos i di d in the first section of this act and upon ht3 failure to do so okslfalj not he j ennitte l to exercise any such 1 l right or piivjTeg apos e J S c 3 Tiiis aet to ho of force w i Lli i i thirty days from and after its passage H i apos f Passed and oocamo a law the objection y j of the GoyurniJi tu the contrary nuiwiUi standing March 11 ISG2 J For the ptt tose of enforcing litis statute I ti tlio Ji t apos e r it is hereby ordered that no shall Officiate as judge clerk oi l t hey have i ilr u8 tlie an lt l lut Geason at home j I have deemed this statement duo to 1 was so saturated with canvassed the Stato thorough d uid I av apos mrestrained General Boyle wc demand my fl it tuls and to myself If my fellow who by the way is a c gt in of Lexm become acquainted with the pedtde You 10 k ow il s ich things ate longer to bo tol citizens will give mo the office J will marched us down to jt ie railroad il know them and are no doubt prepared o vote intelligently for every one If you ate not fully satisfied that those liom vou prefer are aound upon the Unioiiquestion wo advise vou to vote for those hom von the cars Our camp e i me li id not L I arrived and if it liadpeeu bore we c ild j 1 M j 1 V 1 8 h Fi li ot election in any ol Hie precincts liut hflVi rmnA into rmf timla tl u ti isAnd have gone into oufi tents the gr Oty vV era apos ed Are tlie loyal myn of this portiot ciuleav r to discharge its duties with f nd t0ok P ss r t lt apos si apos oi apos d lli of tho Stato to submit to such outrages kudi capacity as I jiossos flnl with a Let us know if such insolent traitors are tu heart loval to them us to my country come back among the people have robbed or ruined and swag with insolence that they er mound I Cavalry Service Kentuckians 1 have been authorized to your noble actions live green in the hearts of a free ami loyal people long af ter this wicked rebellion shall have been crushed back to the hell from whence it came and the hones of its leaders have been picked clean hy the vultures oil ordinary business kerp you away tin ir own Sunny South Brave hearts me not able to walk to tlie polls how many of ye arc now languishing in 1 f your neighbor to hard vor regular call respond to the cry ol tuts respect r v vour country Let no man that can go re apos apos 0 every Union fian go tu main at home Let the women of thi ll A ei KttsoN J it Alt Sterling Ky July 2 1 1802 Letter from Lawrence oanty La whence Coitxty July 23 1802 Messrs Editors 1 was gratified while perusing the last Advocate to hear through your correspondents in the 14th Kentucky Regiment that onr gal ant boys are so well and in such fine spirits Daily a thousand prayers ascend from the devoted wives ot large to contain the w htyie regiment we made ourselves quite Comfortable the night ik pile the J in in that without Morning caai mid with it rain and snow We il jld jiut thin going out and pitchhiyiiur tints on cold damp giottud an f lo stay here ed almost impossible our cooked ra were alniis quot out anil live we had no pi apos to cook it began to bik as if wo go hungry tind wc if a land of but such was not our Its Tne good of the city had an cycno our want apos soon coffee by the bus 1 and bietifl basket full began to na ive until Ac of lliis jurisilietioti until they shall Lave I first taken Upon theitisclves the following R oath in addition to the cavil tjlreatly pie q scr bed by the laws of Kentucky I j 1 do solemnly swear gt affirm that l a apos lave never given aid and comfoi t fitherj ter f nny u e td tlieni ri oilar d pr Jation s are being committed i quot vi iti ly of William 1 mg whether Metrillas lt gt i quot n giUm s of tin rebel army ton 1 fn il iTiitna in i Lev o lie u uo d alike tl is di gui they assume authority 111 b l i rwise they could not In their p riiata t rs tl i v commit many do Runs tt lling cit tliaus tiny have au t quot i apos it being regular Confederate Bciilay t man obtained a pass in Nor th quot jiretuudod purpose of going to apos iCarclitia J e was watched hv alt and followed several miles from rfujlt when he to a wrong road and alecring toward Richmond In officer then quickly rode up arrost lim and found on him two thousand s which he was about to convey to luiiotid Ho was taken back to Norfolk lodged in jail to aviajt his tiial lie iued and rltuid that he got two dollars roe for convoying letters betwecu Ntir afid Richmond bis wiil stop the avenue hy which let have been passed to and from Ricli apos Wa lt l i j i w 5 ot fx July 20 apos The Tribune has pedal from Columbus Ohio which s that Rev Dr Brooks of El Louis Rev 1 Hoyt of Louisville were nr d Friday night at the house of the i i i n i i e iionuli an l to spare Pinucr ainJ sul w mothers anu lathers in our valley to Hun i 1 wbl i die polls Do not let rain mjl or any conn try take care of the homestead and we i w 10 gt the 0 battles licit tiiose they sl nij t Morni apos i y im If Veil will tako care of them Who will stay at Iwpt some M apos m0 when country duty and honor calls lc apos him to the field apos For apos the honor ol Ken l quot apos 1 lroni tl l quot K r vkuess and death to town acky apos s proud and chivaltie name let there apos 1 quot 111 t iat iu 1 is own good time they may love and who have gone forth iu defense I a t sl apos l apos l ll t of their Slate and Government may 1 gt su I apos f gt gt quot lt the hospitals or wearing your lives away Your Country needs your infJDiicc an 1 j 0 t be one Camp will be opened at ili apos return to their homes in the trench or on the h Ut apos field you will he recreant to yom duly if you 1 air Gr nuds Lmincnce lieuiv county i I was also highly pleased that in one ol the artnv How many noble hearts are to day beat ing with iuixiott longing lor the loved ones far away n their quiet val wy I Vi t a re not forgot toil There lives in the heart of every free man a monument to tlie memory of ypnv nohjc self sacrifice God grunt that you mav ail live to see our country once ton inary I Withhold it Theso are ext times and extraordinary exeitiynK 1 mast hi tmido to defeat the machinafomt f traitors and wicked men Yoto for men and thus place the whole Slale iu the h finds of those who are willing t assist iu putting down this most unholy njbeliion We sliall have no o iportuifty to say more united and h tpp with the Stars any thing more to our friends before the Lue ever at again an si bit Ji He abundant I the day previous Af j eating our b fa f we filled our l Av jsacks with bakers bread SonietJiinJTlie l llh lias but little aoquumtod wiffli since we on Abpllt tlrte o clo k in inuncdintoly on tlio line of the Louisville the coinmnnieaxions Mich honorable ipen j afternoon of tlie lOtli y ind Lexington Railroad Will commence j ion was made of Colonel R Apperson 1 0 j R aru receiving recruits on Wednesday morning tlie favoii f audidato of the mountains fo j were passing throti a next Anyone raising a company will b Judge of this district Tlie opinion ex I streets wc wire halt oqjjjj Union accepted Addfc s irtv at Fiulrionee Ky pi by the Author of this Dfe r lolm I lusty e took up our und Stripes fl jatiug over every State and return to the fond embrace of those you love is tho prayer of every loyal Amer iean election As a last w rl therefore wo ad vise you to devote one day to y ur country and the goo I effects w ill be seen hereafter is now known that Jolin Burns who has been in the quartermaster apos s de partment of Humphrey Marshal s brigade has returned to Prestonsburg Qf all tlie RICHARD T JACOB Paul Jones IN chne s which cJuAo f r o the District of rebels in the Sandy Valley John Burns is j one of tlie vilest Active bitter ai lSSUi military comm iiiders in Kentucky No person li Mile in opinion to tho Gov ernment and apos desiring its overthrow will be allowed lo stand for office iu the District ol Kentucky fhe attempt of such a per son to stand for office will be regarded as in itself sufficient evidence of liis treason j able intent to warrant his arrest He who jilt sites th Overthrew of the Government v r funeral Pope has issued another order to his army He says that liis troops shall no more guard tlie property of rebels and rebel sympathizers If lias been done I one oi tlie ilest Active ffitter and ma 1 ilu sec k ofliee under tlio Govei tmi nt oidv long enough and llereatler the prop t ty ol i r n apos l apos l e gt JW L ho is peifectly unscinpuloua in Ins to promote its overthrow apos In seeking ol e attempts lo overthrow the Govern hoe lie hnconies an active traitor if he has ment He stumped till the upper comities of the Valley more than a year ago preaching treason He has for years been among tlie prominent men of that clique hat has ruled the Sandy Valley to its shame and its ruin It is said that lie was tid l to come ba k by some subordinate of ficer lull iu command at Prestonsburg It is a gross outrage to tlie feelings of every loyal rfmn in Eastern Kentucky It is tooi f tel y Capt J ilunter of the I Kentucky regiment who felt ins coint eitcli persons if protected at all mu t be j n protected by the rebels themselves Gen Pope is tight We wish we had more such Generals He is tlie kind of man to punish the rebels and crush rebel lion We never could sec the propriety of using the Federal armies lor the purpose of protecting the property of those who are fighting against us Gen Pope has also arrested the Federal officer in command at Fredericksburg who manifested too tender a regard for rebels ns is the one almost uni vei apos i k2ar quot t gt f or t j w Ladies Slfdier s Aid Sc I sally entertained apos by all the loyal nun ol apos wc leU tJic city Bui Ipl all that cam Hec gt lt jlauters L S Forces tx Ky o ir mountain counties From the 11101110111 Lexington with us xlejfflrt d with us L L apos isviu i Ky July 21 1062 j j h was known that a vacancy would oecii i apos q me ny sick in the ifosjiilal s and it General Ouoers No 5 The following n th bench in tills judicial district as il j 0 f tlieir treatment ihti we wish more general orders are issu d lo be enforced bv by common con ent all decide 1 that IMoii ticnlmly to speak Men m good heal aid Apperson jr ol Montgomery was the j ean generally take ca id of thcmseivc s man to till it While to Boyd perhaps is uo j s0 w ith the sick apos soldier away fr due the credit of first naming him for the j i 10m n among strangerj but thanks B high posi apos i m tlirongli your senior editor j gjad providence wo vjere not in a stiiiij Colonel Miller in the Advocate yet ohi i a nj t we were in onr own native 8 Lawrence claims by her hearty response lo the suggestion a right lo share in credit and wi l by her vote prove that she loves to do honor to one she knows well and who by his virtues intelligence and legal abilities will reflect honor on tiiis district We have nothing to say in depreciation of the claims of liis worthy competitor never become one otherwise and is liable apos V lt K well as tlie mountain people were both in reason and in law fo be treated i committed to Mr Apperson before wej ai i apos filled as near accordingly All persons of this de scrip knew that Major Sudduth was a candidate tion who persist in olf apos ering themselves as Bet every mountain comity then join candidate for office wiil Tja arrested and Lawrence and let there he such a majority sent to these headquarters for Dick Apperson as was never given for By command ol Brigadier General Boyle i i y candidate not even the Mountain John Boyle Capt and A A G j Boy I The crisis demands just such a man as MiMcrions Disappearance apos Mr Apperson Onr mountains need one Apprehensions are entertained for the j whose loyalty patriotism fidelity to the apos I directly or indirectly to tlio so called Gov gt u I evu men t of the apos ouloduntt States ot Amer ni apos ica or ia any manner aided or abetted ihej i pres ut rebellion So help me God 7 q After the officers of the election Lav v thus taken the oath and before they com n muneo their regular silting for the put pos a of receiving votes they will appoint a g fell ll tiging committee to consist of llireo L j men w hose duly it will be to challenge apos apos apos 011 n j 1 quot i 1 iiofrious rebel Judge Clark of Ohio I I apos 1 uEuisloyirlti or o f uding ilgninst it is reported that inipoitant papers wore J he proia mi ot the above Lxpat ia i 11 14 them implicating Vatkuidighani AM and fu ll peils as s challenged wfll l wil e taken with them at Cincinnati he jvqtiircd to take tlie lo gt wing oatn be If he Government has issued orders to the Mo tile hi re 1 the election will he pet aleismrs to have the earolhireiu of all able nutted to I apos CeiAlm if Vote hid ied men ready by the 1 Bill of August j i 00 so apos inTily Swear or antrtii that I there are not volunteers enough by that have not either directly or indirectly giv L eti aid or comfort to the so called Govern apos f me it of the Confederate States of America or in any manner aided and abetted iu rebellion or treason against the Govern f tin til of the United States since tho 10th j c day of April lMi2 ui 1 i in her sw ar 11 tii it 1 will ever l nt erfier support the Co apos n slitutioH of the Unite d States of Ame rica i an uphold tii TfovernnicRt liiereol p apos rTi apos mount to that of any State or C onfe l riuc jiow er that I w iil forever discountenance j an 1 oppose secession rebellion or disinte gration of the Federal Union and that J will in no manner give aid or comfort to the present rebellion against the Govern ment of tlio United Sillies of America So ai no drafting is to commence Cur L gislature Reconvened Although the Lgislature when it nd irncj last Spring resolved to meet again December wc li tm from Adjutant Gen 1 Fiimell that Governor Magoffin lias tr ed it necessary to call the body to Trtotri at apos tit r rt rHt r MaTV ilia pruc apos ama 1 which will prohablj be in this niorn Fiankfort papers will designate MPNDAY AUGL T the ELEVENTH fo the General Assembly to reconvene at tilt State capital Tbcic me several vnesvn J s to belt I leu at tlie annual election next MLndav and tl e succossul caudidatts mill able to cany their certificates with them Frankfort on tho succeeding Monday ouisville Journal i Jjel what the bill was ivh 11 they were returned to us nice and cleat Our rooms were sc rubed at least twice each week and kept swept clean All thn our appetites could desire was placed L fore us our rooms were adorned with firing s earliest and most lovely flowers cren Oar most childish whims were gratified in fact nothing that much for loval flesh and blood to bear In First Government and talents will secure the im flknd partial admiiiistra apos ion of the laws and es lielp mo l iod 1 l Tlio person selected ns clerk in each pea l ciucl will administer the oa tli to the offi cers of the election after which one of the judges will administer the same to the I An enthusiastic 1 public meeting was ci ik The judges will administer the oath l e fl at Hartford on Saturday the 10th iust above required to all persons challenged at Ijrlhe purpose of raising one or more com tho polls By order of Jinnies of cavalry to be attached to Colonel AIT HAS G MAIC1ILI I Metcalfe s regiment A number of the best 4 apos Jili Reg t l rovost Mutslial j raea enlisted and two companies will soon i apos a r he raised from the counties of Ohio Mulilen feecessionists tell us that this b urg Davioss Butler McLean and Gray protect slave property son ahfl pnt vlm l t command of Major 111 a litt e oiei apos shank who is a most efficient officer ami year has cost us more than the worth uho ca c e U apos cve v guerril a ollt of thw ot every gt lave in tho United S ates m j Cell liver CO n trv and keep them money alone to say nothing of the thou j v q u sands of valuable lives it lias destroyed whose people have eii hc e i renowned j their hospitality L Though left sick 3ti the hospitals Lexington separated Irom loved oaesj home without mother r sister to srn our pillpws or press tfeir Lands upon apos a hing foreheads Yetiwe never were r f alone lo the cold coiifoi apos fs of a militar hospital The ladiesi xtamp to our rescue f trasigers could the aisle s Clothing was lurnisiied us ho li for our person and bed anil when these Vcrc dirty tlie v were taken away and washid wc did not have SW1U3 w vuiuao e i v s ims uestroveu i w to ask wh irc we coitljg t tiicm washed or j lc ln i 0ly t i a3 cause d j i thousand lhfrmeefiti 0 at IIartford was gotten up jThe rebellion is to Well the Behellioii keep them out one or two compauies of cavalry and who seemed to act as if tho Govern the name of all that is true and loyal we ment had sent him to Fredericksburg to punish Union inch and protect Secession ists Yi gt are glad io i vi 03 in a couple of weeks ago for the purposo of pecially those of the State w hich are being Qiping to Newpoit He is known to lui vc daily broken by the vile rebel sympathizers 1 1 1 apos us 0 1 very short notice hut was largely at of tarn dies and lira demoralizat on it l llcU d aud entlmsiastio speeches were land And the end tlado by Major Shanks Henry D McHenry Esq and olliets The battalion will be lias spread over tho s not yet the cost will What is slavery worth if it cost so tu by he j Kt Augu3t and in g0 inlo camp at ihe fair grounds near Hart told on the flav aster the election at which time be doubled much to maintain it Kashi die Union The Springfield Republican thinks it will t apos o lt b y aster tire meet on at which time of little consequence who is Secretary of M Vecnl tS W H e l 10rt P gt nptly consequence wno is gt ecretary with h man of military science and demand for the Union men qf General had a considerable sum of money in his in out midst who too cowardly to go out could be doue for ouiFcomfort or happiness B vie that ibis traitor bo at once at rested p iss ssion for the families of vgluiiteeis in j of the State and fight like men are insiii was loft undone V e would like very j genius of brains and pluck like General I tmT Between Crab Orchard and Lon ind eairieJ off Union men of Big Study this city ami it is feared by many that fet ously doing all in their power to create much to give you tho anics of all tho good j llalleck managing the campaign The don John Morgan destroyed several wag uhmit not we ask ot vou to let n 1 i has nju t wi o hii till 0 1 tin aie accident u jdil lt u hood strife and guerrilla warlare ivomen ivlio minister d to our wants while change will inspire IV h popular confidence ons of a Fceernl train destined for General ieo thcic evidem i i of apos fcrai ra 1 u iu amor in L apos i apos er gt i v P ncunui no 1 ally tol the Lxion jin the hospital bux Annul Suffice it to 1 and thus quicken enlistments Morgan commanding at Cumberland Gap THE ADVOCATE LOCAL AND SPECIAL James W Riely Esq We publish oil ihe first page of our pa per a letter written by members of Com pany F 1 4th Kentucky Regiment and ad dressed to a number of gentlemen in I3oyd county which reflects upon the loyalty of the above named gentleman We ret used to publish the letter as an ordinary commu mention and not until the parties agreed to pay for the same as an advertisement did we agree to give it publicity The names of the writers are attached to it and they aro responsible for every word it contains So far as Mr Itiely s loyalty is concern ed we know nothiug except what he him self has told us IMr Riely assures us that ho is entirely sound on the Union question and we have no reason to doubt the truth of the assertion Some gentle meu tell us he is occasionally seen talking with secessionists That is very true Because lie occasionally talks with seces sionists is lie necessarily an enemy to his Government No sane man will say that he is Wo have friends and acquaintances even among secessionists and some of them are good paying subscribers to our paper When we meet them on the street should we pa s by without speaking lest some one will accuse us of being secessionists We think not Because Union men asso ciate with those who confess themselves secessionists they should not be regarded as secossi joists them selves Wc have had an intimate and persona apos acquaintance with Mr Riely for eight years and we know him to he a gentleman and believe him to bo a Union man To the best of our knowledge lie lias never aided the rebellion by word or deed Some of the stillest Union men in our county will vote for him at the coming election Mr Ricly s opponent William A l apos o tor Esq is also a gentleman and thor oughly sound upon the great question ol the day We have also known him for i number of years and we testify with pleas ure that lie is one of the best men in Bcyfl county lie is honest capable upright and loyal and if he should be elected tt gt the office of clerk will discharge the duties in a manner satisfactory to the people of Boyd county Both candidates are gentlemen and both are qualified to perform the duties pertain ing to the office to which they aspire We acknowledge a preference personally bill as a journalist we know no difference be tween the two men We do simple justice to botli gentlemen and neither one of them or any of their friends can taka exceptions to it P S Since the above was written wc have been informed by one of our most re liable citizens that the letter to which al lusion is made has been pronounced a for gery We do not know that it is so but we learn that at least on of the gentlemen to whom the letter is addressed gives it a gt Ills opinion th at the document is not genu ine Dr Bayless Letter is of Ash land a letter taking exceptions to uj c d r I 1 V gt io person will he allowed publicly to ex paragraph which appeared in our paper pro a secession sentiments or do nny oilier net ply of KL O A VIET Guard without a written permission from n com iH i i n quot i oki missioned officer of the company This order is A t odiid s j W C received 1 1 0 111 I r 13av loss Ol Asil j intended to iuclude ale beer native wine or apos C ATLETTSdUKUi lx T gt F SPEOTKULLY INFORMS TUF PUBLIC TV a t lc keeps constantly on band a lurge sup iast week in relation to the disloyalty within tbe limits of this jurisdiction which in euKlos this and Adjoining counties calculated to of the True Presbyterian a religious excite the sympathies of the disloyal and weak journal published in Louisville Enter taining a very high regard fur the wri ter wc have given publicity to his let ter We dissent however from some of the positions assumed by l gt r Bayless but have no desire to become involved m a controversy on the subject We will only say in self justification that having read a portion of the con troversy between Dr Breckinridge and Dr Robinson we could entertain no doubt of tbe disloyalty of tbe latter I We arc pretty certain that whatever in fluence be has exercised has been exer cised to the detriment of tbe Union cause and in favor of the rebellion Particular Notice We desire all persons to read tbe last order of our Provost Marshal Captain Matcbett relating to our Monday elec tion It is published upon tbe second page of our paper to day Tbe oath to be taken by the officers of the election and the oath to be taken by those who may be challenged will be found in tbe order I o not fail to read it Tbe oath is one that no man can object to who is at heart for bis country and as for those who are not wo think they bad better stay away for none but citizens are ex pected to vote at this election Attention Rebels We direct the special attention of rebels to Gen Boyle s General Order No 5 re lating to rebel candidates for office Geu Boyle lias fully made up bis mind to en force the law in Kentucky with reference to rebel candidates If they doubt it let luimied favorable to the rebellion By order of Cut OH AS G MATOHETT J rovosl Marshal Headquaktehs Pkovost Marshal Catlkttsbubo Kv July 2 18G2 j General Oildek No 3 On and after this dale no person will he per Jill SiiSXls WISH SKY i BRAVDV vi i TOBACCO CBOAIS CO A F 31CTBOA Alt E ES Amt I aEtiiiv Groceries DAVIS HOTEL Grayson Carter Co Kv r PHE apos SUBSCKlBKR HAS CHARGE OF THIS HO tel and respectful ly informs the traveling pub 1 lie that lie is prepared to afford them every aecotn i mod At ion ami pledges himself that nothing will 1 be wanting on his part to make his guests comfor apos table He solicits a liberal phare of patronage 100 ly GEOUGE LITTLEJOHN Oi niitted to Bell or in any manner dispose of gun powder lead shot gun or pistol caps or enrt rides to any person whatsoever within the limits of this corporation unless such erson or persons procuring the same hate a special permission fora certain amount thereof from the Provost Marshal By order of Capt CIIAS G MATCH ETT Provost Marshal OF IT Cl VL HuAD Qi uiTtns U S Fouces i v Kentucky Louisville Ky J tine 4th 1802 j General Orders No 1 By order of the Secretary of war Brigadier Gen era l J T Boyle hereby assumes command of the j forces in Kentucky The commanding officers of regiments and of detached forces are ordered to report without delay to these Head Quarters the strength of their respective commands This order does not appl y to the forces tin ler the command of Brigadier General Morgan at Cumber laud Ford By command of BRIG GEN BOYLE John Boyle A A G ALL GASH ORDERS THANKFULLY RE CE1VED and promptly attended to 123 tf DR JAMES WISE KEN fi E T E N T 1 8 T CATLETTSBURC KY I S FULLY PREPARED TO DO ALL KINDS OF work in his line on the most scientific pritici pies His long experience and the testimonials of entire satisfaction from his former patrons enable I him t gt promise the same to those who may require his services He visits periodically lircenupsburg Ashland and surrounding towns Familes in the PORTSMOUTH amp GALLIPOLIS wl e du DO i lt ei3give quot packet a w CIJICULAR SAM BEATY MASTER 0 V VOGLESONG CLERK f A MAKE liKGULAK TRI WEEKLY trips between Gallipoli and Portsmouth Leaving 1 apos dVismiutli every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 0 o clock A M Leaving Gallipot is every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 8 o clock A M The Piketon has entered this trade with the deter mination to ac co hi in odate all parties who will pat ronize her She will land lor freight or passengers wherever ha Ued I ly M B GOBLE Attorney Counsellor at Law I ouioa Ivy PRACTICES NTHECOURTSOF LAWRENCE I Johnson Carter and Boyd Special attention given to the collection of claims The fact that 1 am clerk of the Superior and County Courts of Lawrence county mid also Mas ter Commissioner does not prevent me from at tending to all business before the Quarterly Court of that county nor before all the courts iu the other counties in which I practice 45 ly the umini 408 OFFICE Rail Road Advertisements TH E Head Quarters U S Forces in Kentucky Louisville Ky June 9th 18 62 The following instructions are issued for the guidance of officers in cases specified I All peaceful and law abiding citizens and residents of the State must be protected in their persons property and rights but citizens and resi dents who joined the so called Confederate forces APPLEGATE or gave them mi and assistance or went with in their lines without license from the proper au thorities and have returned or may return and be repentant for their conduct must report themselves to Col Henry Dent Provost Marshall of Louis ville Col J D Bruce at Bowling Green Major B roc lit Provost Marshall of Lexington or Col Noble at Paducah and furnish evidence of such repentance and take the oath of allegiance and jrive bonds with security for their future good con duct and if they fail so to report themselves they must be arrested and committed to the military prison at Louisville nud sent thence to Camp Sha will ma ejjSB connection Uh th Pj SYLl CEXTBAL It It ms Bos to rra at Portsmouth and the Henry Log Gallipoli For freight or passage apply on board 122 WITH ITS CONNECTIONS IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TUI 2 SARE IT SSOOIa L 1S A LL EASTERN CITIES A 1 15 L JL vi II S Three Daily Tr Hi n h fro in IMitsburi All lines connecting to New York direct Via Philadelphia 2 Daily Connections to Baltimore Via 1 Tarrisburg THREE DAILY TRAINS TO N Y Via Allentown lioute One train runs through daily from Pittsburg to Jer sey City mile 8 w ithout changing cars amp CO HAVE JUST ISSUED PARSON BROWNLOW S GREAT BOOK SEND FOR IT i Clmsc with a statement f their case to await th act ion of t he Secretary tf War j II All persons who organize or aid in organi them try it and our word for it they will jy ing forces for the rebellion or organize or aid in organizing guerillas or harbor or conceal or give information or assistance to guerillas must be nr rested and dealt with according to military law III In times of trouble like these good law abiding men will refrain from language and eon duct excites to rebellion For anything said or done with the inter to excite to rebellion the offender must be Arrested and his conduct reported that he may be dealt with according to law 1 L When damage Khali be done to the person find out to their sorrow that Geu Boric means just exactly what lie says Rebels many of you thought that you would havo a fine time when your cherished object of worship the high wav man and horse thief Morgan came into the State Well think awhile Won t it be rather expensive Rebels you will have to foot the bill 1 You will have to make compensation To the last cent you will have to pay the damage For every horse stolen for every buggy taken for all the plundered stores you will have to pay Commissioners will be appointed to assess quot U quot IN Bovlh a a U the damages an assessment will be levied on the sccesh in each couuty and they will have to make good the loss Rebels your beloved thief Morgan has done your pock ets no good in fact he has depleted you Rebels get our weasel skins ready wo can t let you even apos go on tick legal tender robs slicdl out Rebels of Kentucky what now do you think of your admiration the great horse thief John Morgan IT FORMS A tOMI IiETE HISTORY OF THE RKBIiLLIOM IX IS AWT TENNESSEE AND IS REPLETE WITH MATTERS OF THRILLING INTEREST or u party of loyal citizen I y marauding tiands gwertllnn tlie disloyal of ihe neighborhood or eoinify will tie held responsible aii I a military coinjiission appointed to assess damages and on forets compensation Y All arrests will be reported to these Head lt planters with a desriptive list of tlfe prisoners and full statement of the ease and the substance quot f th evidence and Dames and residences cf wit nesses Bv command nf ii Rtt GEN BOYLE Prominent Arrest On Sunday evening last Judge Tan Rice of tl is place was arrested by military authorities We understand that the order for Ids arrest cattle from Genera Boyle The order was sent to Captain Matched I rovnst Marshal here Judge Rice is the most prominent and influential man in the secession tanks in this end of the Slute lie has never we believe taken up arms lint we suppose that Gen Roy deems the presence of a strong secessionist whose influence over the brass of the Sandy apos rebels is almest imlimHeJ to be danger ous Judge Rice was removed from this place to Louisa Colonel Cranor apos s headquarters on Monday last i The Judge does not belong that class of miserable bare footed ragged breeched wretches that it Inis been the custom to arrest exclusively hitherto The arrest of Judge Rice indicates a change of policy m Eastern Kentucky Accident to Boyd County Volunteers A private loiter from Frank R French lt o a person in this place dated Columbia Tenn July lb says that the Second Kentucky regiment was on the cars at the time the accident occured on the road from Athens Ala to Nashville Co F of which tho Boyd county volunteers are members was in one of the rear cars which became delatched from the train alter being thrown from the track and ran at a fearful rate for some distance and then up set Frank French had both his ankles strained and James W Smith weil known to our citizens had one leg broken and the other badly injured Several of the Bur lington bojs were also badly wounded as follows Charles Drury ribs broken and bruised severely on the back John Pig man arm broken and head bruised and John Curtis badly bruised in the body We regret that these brave young men have met with this unfortunate accident hut we trust they will soon recover and be slide to join their regiment in tho field Rumored Capture of Parkersburg A steamer came down the Ohio river on Tuesday and reported that Parkersburg had been captured by the rebels Nothing further was heard until Wednesday morn ing when another boat arrived and report ed that there was no truth in the rumor That is about the way news is transmitted now a days Some startling news is sent orsr tho country either good or bad and the next day s news contradicts it It has been but a few days since Maysville and Ripley were burned just as McClellan cap tured Richmond ocer the left itrU The Ifith Kentucky instead of going to Caccyville where they were first ordered repaired lo Cynthianu ar d now occupy that place Morgan s raid made j this change of destination necessary 1 S Y e learn that the regiment is now on its way to Alabama JTiT Our thanks are due Hon Ym II The Provost Guards Catain Matcbett apos s l rovost Guards Company G 40th Ohio Regiment return i cd to our place one day last week They had been ordered to Louisa where the rebr iment had been ordered to concentrate to protect itself against an attack from Mor gan s guerrillas should they visit this por tion of the State The guerrillas having one in another direction the Guards re turned to our viljage Augnsl Flection County Judge Wc aro aiitUoriiHci to anaouncH 1 D BOSS ts a can liJiito for re election ns Judge for Boyd county T r jilted to announce CH ARLES L Me GONXELLag a candidate for Judge of Boyd county Count apos and Circuit Court i lork We are requested to announce JAMES W RIELY a a lt aiu J i li te for re election as Couuty and Circuit Clerk for Boyd county W lt are rqi ue lt sted to unounce WILMA M A FOS l LB hs a gt apos Indidate for Cuunty and Circuit Clerk for Boyd couuty County Attorney We roqueted to announce J 1 ICS D TONES candidal lor re election as County Attoruoy for Boyd county We are re quested to announce D 15 WELLS as a candidate for County Attorney for Boyd cjunty Su rveyor We aro requested announce Mr M T BOLT a a a candidate lor reelect ifu lo the office of County Surveyor of Boyd county Sheriff Wn aro requested to announce lie name of JOHN H KASTIIAM as a candidate for roeloction to the Sheridalty ol Boyd county Comity Jailer We are requ njed to announce TICOS J POTEET is a candidate for Jailer of Boyd county Judge of the 1 lth Judicial District We it re requeued to announen RICHARD AP j PERSON Jit ol Moutpomery countv as a candidate lor Jud e for this the 1th Judicial District Wo ate requested to announce Major J MES pUDDUTII as a candidate lor Judge of thclllh fudicial Digti c Send Orders to tUlTSi CO To 43 Main Sired CINCINNATI OHIO Sinn a ten apos j Sin ve V NKGR MAN of the following description IV was ft ppi bliendod in L wreace county Ohio about the 5th ol Juno I8i 2 nd committed to the jail of Boyd county Kentucky viz Black about 5 feet 6 inches high weighs about 150 lb had on soldier s clothes when ta ken calls hijnsolf Jackson Marlow say site wa gt taken in Missouri by the 40th Ohio Yolunteeis and came to Cincinnati with them says ho belong to on Marlow in Missouri The owner of this slave will co te forward prove property and pa y char oa ur lie xviU be tti sp rye d ol as the law directs C S GUfLKEY Jailer Boyd county Kentucky Catletl sburg June 122 tds XOTICl quot apos HE subscriber has bo n appointed a ent to set tlv up the business of the late linn of OIl tSSTC ISI CO All persons having unsettled accounts against said firm are requested to present them lor settlement and all knowing them so Ives indebted are called upou to make settlement and save cost W A FOSTER Agent Cat Tune 26 1 J tf TO TICE My wife Winnie Thompson having left in v bed and board without just cause or provocation quot H per sons are hereby warded not to trustor harbor her on my account as 1 will not pay any debts ol her con trading J THOMPSON Cntlct tj br rg June 1 5 192 4w T Wadsworth for a copy of tho Laws re 1 gt V o latiog lo the Direct ami F jcoise Taxes i Mnni i If rn lou ii ter n uc y Volunteer i ua ejnt Adjutant Gunkral s Ofkic 1 Fr nkfout June 26 18G2 lt 1 Gi nfrai Or m iis No 16 We leik of the 1 lth Judicial District are rrvj uo apos ted to announce J S DC R K of ry couutv as a candidate for Prosecuting lie Vo quot y as a candidate for Prosecuting Attor 1 lth Judicial District for the 11th Judicial District cqoeated to announce D B The War IVnaHnient of tlic United States has j BANF1ULD issued th o following order War Dwabtmext Adjutant Gkmhi m N Office s Wasuixoton June 6 1 62 Gmnkuai Orj gt fi s No 60 Assessor requested to alnnoiince CHRiSLKY P candidarte for Assessor of Boyd county Wn are requested to announce MORRIS WELL a candidate for Assessor for Boyd county I MAN i Constable We afe authorized to announce LEWIS WOOD Oct s arc absent I u canfliJalo lor Constable in the Catlettsburg j re v fit for duty cintt IT A large number of volnnte from their regimcnU who are m To enable them to return the Governors of State are authorized to give them certificates or passes I which will entitle them to transportation to the station of the nearest United Slates Mustering Of ficer or Quartermaster who will pay Ihe cost ofLp T a F requested to announce WILLIAM BOW CARTER COTJIS3 quot T quot Sr County Attorney transportation on such certificate or pass ami pro vid gt transportation for the soldier to lii gt r gimeut or station To facilitate a prompt compliance with this or dor the following gentlemen have been author ize 1 lo issue the certificates or passes above named to wit John Mi ans Ashland Kvl T T Alexander Columbia K y Kbf n Milton Somerset Ivy E F Du lin Grain ups burg ivy A A Curtis Ir vine Ky Henry D McHenry Hartford Ky Upon application to either of these gentlemen pasvs will be given securing to t lie holder free transportation l the station of the nearest Muster g Officer or Quartermaster By order JOHN W FIN NELL Adjutant General Ky Vol s NG rw a candidate for County Attorney for Carter count 0 m I rk fju tv and Circuit Courts e rmju w nnoiiuc gt DMAS P DAVIS ndidate lor jtion as Clerk of the Cii We is a it a County Court Safety Speed and Comfort Combined Fare ami Time same as other Houles Eaggags clicckeJ through all transfers free Freight Carried East or West OVSSR THE Pcsmsylvama Central K with great dispatch AT LOW RATES 1 ENOCH LEWIS Gen l Sup t W H Holmes Altoona Pa 1 L Gen l Western Agent Indianapolis Ind SPiMNCAItilAMilGirN 1 I860 RaRiiiiorc u ii Ohio R LI ii IL real National Route r PiiRMINATKS AT WASHINGTON AND BAL more on the East and Wheeling Ben wood and Parkers I u rg on the West at which points it unites with Railroads steamers Ac for and from all points in the West Sonthwo t and N rUiu esU m Two Trains leave wLceliug daily at 3 00 r m and 9 50 i m One train leaves Parkersburg daily at 3 19 i m Direct connections are made by apos these trains For all the Eastern Cities This is the nly route to Washington City Passengers by this route visit Baltimore Philadcl phia New York and Bos bin at the cost of a ticket to Boston alone by other lines Through Tickets lo the Eastern cities can be purchased via Wash ingtrn City at an additional charge of 2 Time as quick amt Faro as low as by any other route Sleeping car attached lo all night trains Inquire tor tickets via ihe Baltimore tik Ohio Railroad at ny of the principal Railroad Offices iu the West J H Sullivan Gumral Western Agent Cincin nati Ohio W I Smith Master of Transporta tion I M Cole General Ticket Ag nt nulti liore Md 29 ly philadT lp 7Ea IViliiiinsloii nisei ISnif imorc R I ALL ARRANGEMENT N AND A I TE It MONDAY OCTOIJER 17TH passenger trains for Philadelphia will leave Presideut Street daily except Sundays as tollows viz Express train at 8 30 A M Way Mail Train at 10 15 A M Evening Mail at 5 25 P M On Sundays at 5 25 P M ouly All trains con nect with New York trains except 5 25 P Al on Saturdays A Freight Train with Passenger Car attached leaves at 3 5 1 P M stopping only at Steminer apos s Inn Chase s and Hare wood From Philadelphia to Baltimore at b 15 A M lx M and 11 P M NOTICE All Colored iiergoni whether bond or rco will be ivquiivd to bring soiue responsible white person personally know u to the undersigned who w ill be willing to sign a bond to the Compa ny before they will he taken over ail y portion of the road ILtf J WM CRAWFORD Agent OFFICIAL HevUjql ahteiis I uovost Mausoai Catlkttsbubc Kr June 2U 18G2 j OUM RAL Oil OKU No 1 Having been assigned as Provost Marshal at this gt ost l y Ool J Cbanor commanding J8ih Ili igaJe 1 horcl gt 3 apos enter U wm the discharge of that duty and invite the co operation of all citizens who arc favorable to the preservation of the Union the Constitution and the enforcement of the laws By order of Capt CHAS U MATCH H I T Provost Marshal IIkapqi quot AnTKRS Provost Marshak Catkkttshi ro Kv June 2 apos I lfli apos J j Gknkral Okiier No 2 The following orders nse published for the in formation of the citizens of this comiQ unity to take etleet on and after this date Sherry Wise Bitters I t ia the best medicine ever used for Spring and Summer complaints It lias been mm liberally patronized limn any other ever established in this country It is the same Richardson apos s Bitters which has restored so nianv invalids to health throughout the north eastern States during the past thirty years Head the fol lowing Yak Wert O July op lt 1353 Dear Sir Having sold Dr Richardson s Sherry Wine Bitters for the last two years I most respectfully recommend it to the notice of Dyspep tic persons and all persons who require R stimu lating medicine D K G ALLEIIEIIS M D Sold by Ely A Co and Dr Pugh tw Loud is the praise in favor of a valuable medicine and Dr S A Weaver s Syrup and Ce rate is curing every case of Salt Rheum Erysipe c las Scrofula Tetter Ulcerated Sores Scald Head Sore Eyes and all tho diseases that are the result c of impure blood People suffering from these dis eases can be cured by persevering in the use of Dr Weaver s remedies apos The Syrup will purify the blood and drive the disease to the surface of the skin when by applying the Cerate a cure is sure It never fails Try it Sold by Dr Wm Pugh and Ely lt fc Co Or We taka pleasure in calling attention to the medicines advertised in our paper by J X Harris jit Co of Cincinnati Perry Davis Pain Killer is pa s vi e o v n lb t loitj e a SPRAGUE amp C0 New I foil Front Building S U cor itli Sr Vino sts Cincinnati Ohio T5 ESl ECTFL LLY inform the public that the have opened out the largest and most splendid stock of Seasonable Goods ever oilbied in the est The stock of Piece Goods to make to Measure is large and varied Wr have a New Corps of Cutters from Philadelphia who j profess to mu terete nil the art of cutting stylish garments to order For past favors wc return many thanks and hope to merit future patronage The finest ready made work always on hand and equal to any cus tom work J Cincinnati Dee 1 1SG0 14 Iy 3VT o if u t 7 s LIFE ills AMI l apos llOMli BITTERS i apos HfciSE Medicinea have now been bciore the pub lic lor a period of tliirty years and during that liinr ha ve maintained a high character in almost every part ol the Globe lor their extraordinary and imine tiite power of restoring perfect health to persons under nearly every kind of diseaseto which the hn man frame is liable The following a re among the distreying variety of human diseases in which the Vegetable ILifV Ucdiciucs Are well known to be iufallible Y Sl liPSI V by thoroughly cleansing he first and second stomachs anti creating a llow of pure healthy bile instead of the stale ai d acrid kind I L VTl LTLN apos CY Loss rr Appktitk IIeaut IlDllX Deadachk Klsi lkssnekm Ii l Tkmpku apos Anxiety Lantiuou and Mjclancholv which are the general syptoms of Dyspepsia will vanish as a natural consequence ol its cure COST1 V LNESS by cleansing the whole length of the intestines with a solvent process and without violence ail violent purges lea ve the bowels costive within two dayn IDVIIKn of all kinds by restoring tho blood to a regular circulation through the process of respiration Cincinnati Ohio in such cases and the thorough solution of all intes I FEP CONSTANTLY ON HAND BOOTS AND tinal obstruction jn others Shoes Groceries and other Merchandise apos I he Life MroiciNKB have been I nown to cure Have regular sales every Mouday Wedue amp day and iUILUOlA I JS ll permanently in three weeks and Saturday iu each week Gl t in bull that time by removing local infiara j Make liberal cash advances on all consignments nation lyoru the 1 i 1 r u I D V gt it OPs I pninj the kidneys and bladder they operate most deJightlnlly on tbewe important organs and hence have ever been found a certain remedy for the worst cases of IKAVKL A s o WOlOlS by dislodging from the turnings of tho bowels tho slimy matter to which these crea tures adhere SCURVY ULCERS and INVETERATE EVERY DESCRIPTION OF Semi Wookl v I gt ino Cincinnati it Big Sandy Backet ST E ATI E Kf SIO STO A WASH H0NSH il WASTER T N JOHNSON CLERK f MllS EL F O A N T ST V A M ERL K A V ES f Catlettttburg iimutli of Bi Sandy liver every Monday und 1 liurrday 1 pornstig On her return leaves Cincinnati every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 5 IV M taking j apos ftsseiigors and freight at all intermediate point quot I h i accommodations atuj capacity of this apieudid steamer arc uu surpassed on the Western waters Kates or freight and passage as loss as any other boat apos 33 tf C A R ROLL Sc M E A D Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealers in CLOTHING 214 SIXTH STREET ADAMS apos EXiT tsS CjMiANY apos s lUTLDIXlJ Louisville Ky 71 1 2m SSO I lilOUWA Y KlilV YORK JSAAC Z Mo JS JC9 L MuS BBRTOK Ji URZJ 9 MOSS BROTHER amp CO booksellers f it b l i amp ii e r s Stationers ANI gt blank book manufacturers i Dealers iu tiiglish I reui h N American Stationery Wimlow Writing Letter ami Wrapping l apers Caticry amp c Manufacture rsof Muaunie A OJJ F apos Il iws Ileguiia 1 130 Market Street atul I 2 j Jierehaut Street j S8 ly PHILADELPHIA NEATLY EXECUTED WITH PROMPTNESS AND DISPATCH AT THE ADVOCATE OFFICE Wc are prepared lo furnish Clerlia of MAGISTRATES L A W Y EES AND EVERY OFFICER OF THE LAW WITH Ale PcEan Ls Hotel 46 NOItTll FOURTH ST PHILADELPHIA C AT KllHi IN amp S D V Proprietors Y C M Kibbin formerly of ritlsburg 43 6in GEORGE B NEAL I apos OIt IT UIM TG Ami Commission llerchant Steamboat Agent and V Itarf Boat I ropriu apos or ruikcr bura t Virgiuiu REFER TO C BROOKS Esq Ex rieaidcnt 2 Baltimore MJ n Yir A apos Ag fc Philadvlphia 1 I 0LL Lsq Mayor of Covington Kv D A lt t T H El ALL Baltimore Md B SMI 1 H Cashier N W Bank Parkersburir Va Hon ELI I J l A LR M C Wcrcejit r Mass Col JOHN DILLS 21 ly Piketon Ky w u WADSWoBTU j A S A LLE J amp WADSWORTH A LEE ST TO IS Til TS ST L IIT Mnysville K y yn r practice in the court of ma apos apos sou Lewis Creenup Ac and iu the Court I of Appeals Will also give their atteuiiou to the I leasing purchasing and sale of real estate Cffice on Court street west side three doors be 00111 1 13 low tlic Court House f July let 18Gt j have lh s day assoeiatc d James A Lee Jr with mein the prneticeof the I aw wLo will at teud to any Business entrusted to either of us du ring mv alisenc W LL W ADSWOltTH July 1 1861 107 tf K c T 1CK Y 4 i Y T It A Ij I fm apos t a q T i JL From Gincinnnti ami Covington lo Lex ington Frankfort ami tho Interior of Kentucky p ASSFNGERS BY THIS ROAD REACH IN THE most speedy mnnnerthe whole of Central Ken tucky Stages for ull the principal towns are in close connections with tho roa l nud leave imtuetli ately on the arrival of the trains T he express train leaves Cincinnati and Cov ington 5 4f gt A M ami arrives at Lexington 1 25 A M The accommodation train leaves 4 25 P M and arrives at Lexington 7 10 P M 1 lie Frank fort and Nicholasville train leaves shortly after the arrival No route offers such advantages from tho Ohio river to the interior of Kentucky os this road is in line condition and free from dust 56 if C A WITHERS Superintendent KTYGIEARS amp LAWS Stici ioneers and Com nt ission IScrehnnts Xus 57 and 52 Main st bet Pearl Columbia sts N EiiWiI S T O R E w holesale and ltetail T II XX GIB3S n ESPKCT FULLY INFORMS THE CITIZENS of Catlettsburg and the valley of Big Sandy that he has ojicucd a large stock of Groceries I roTisions in the house adjoining E K GuvieL s store w her he will keep on hand Flour Utu on Lard f i h Salt Cotton arn Tobacco Cigars W oodenwarc amp c A i Ac Ac All of which lie wilLuffer at a small advsnee for i asii or Country Produce Tbe higho t market I a ice paid for the latter D41v JTC7 ADAMS lllorneyA ounsellor alLaw I aict apos iiiiptobiirg Ky V quot ILL COMlNUb TU J apos KAGl lGE IN THE j T Circuit Courts of Kentucky and vill attend promptly to all business tbut mav be entrusted to Ibis cure special nd prunpt uttfoliou w will bt Kivcii to coUcvUoiia C A M LAUGIfLliJ Ja8 TOMLINSON M laugiilin tomlinson amp co Successors to Norvell McLaughlin A Co WHOLESALE II E MEE IS S I V TOn SC CO AM gt MANTFACTl apos ItEBS OF Havana and Domestic Cigars Yo 3 0 Waliiui St j BETWEEN FHONT AND COLUMBIA CLncinnati Oliio Yu very Description house furnishing goods NO 1 l NOKTfl riOWA UDSTUK1T Two doors Worth of the Howard House ila itimgre LANKS OF ALSO I apos lUiK u NDKi sir Ni n having made large j additions to tlii ir stock nro prepared to furnish j House Kccjioi s Country Mdchnnts and others j with such article na l u y want on ihe wry best terms Brushy Wooden Ware Brooms Baskets Mats Cordage Mass r s 5 minute Cream Freez v Jims homage iMassi s b minute io Uivam rreez 51 yT I amp ft f il n zy era Refrigerators upright and chest tho mofit 1 1 l I J JU X ii JJ l 11 II approved kinds Water Coolers in Wood or M tal w apos l in and Wire Safes Arthur s and other most nr gt CARDS CIRCULARS A WD POSTERS gt proved Fruit and Vegetable Preserving Cune i luin apos fin Waiv Jananued Block Tin Britannia ami Plated Ware Albnfn Forks and Spoons Urns Coffee and Tea Pots Egg lfoiler Waiters Chuf fing Dishes Knives and Forks Waffle Irons S tuce Puns Scales and Weights Coffee Mills Tablo Castors U bl Dominion Coffee Pots Shovel and Tongs Nurse Lamps Toilet Sets Foot Tuba Bath Tubs Knife Cleaners Wire Dish Covers Table Mats together with n variety of articles useful ami necessary to House keepers liohr amp Davis Latent Excelsior Washing Mnctiinet We invite incr ebuuts and otlieiv visiting our city to an examina tion of our stock 50 iyj GKO A Ml LLS tt CO lm muMle and lig mi utii of th joint lU Ui e ur v atc sithi l y ot nil kinds by freeing iid strength KO I v S ALE I No boat or canoe of nny description what well known to theAublic and needs no recommend ever will be permitted to pass the Guard lines up atiou from us as tt good qualities in all cases have the Big Sandy River without permission from been generally tested The Sherry Wine Bitters these Headquarters iu eases of dyspepsia jaundice liver complaints II No person either a citizen or soldier will and in nil cases where a tonic is necessary is highly recommended Dr Weaver s Syrup and Cerate arc desirable remedies in cases arising from be permitted to discharge firearms of any kind within the limits of the Corporation or camp un less by special permission or order from the Pro an impure state of the blood The coinbiucd use rt hey never fail to eradicate from the system 11 the effects Af apos f quot r i SOUKS by tho perfect purity which these LIFE MKDIQJXKS give to the blood anJ all tho humors srORHUTK UHUPTIONS and BAD COM F1 EXIONS by their alterative effect upon thefluids that feed the skin and the morbid state of which oc casions all eruptive complaints sallow cloudy and other disagreeable complexions Thi use of these Pills for a verv short imo will effect an entire cure of SALT ffllBni and a striking improvement in the clearness of the skin COMMON COLDS and INFLUENZA will al ways be cured by ono dose or by two in tho worst I cases 1 1 LI S The original proprietor of these Mcdi laes was cured ol Piles of 35 years standing by the use of the LIFE MEDICINES alone FEV Ell AND AGUE For this scourge of the Western country these Medicines will be found a sate speedy and certain remedy Other nedicine leave the system subject to a return of the disease a cure by these Medicines is permanent TRY THEM BE SATISFIED AND BE CURED 4 VALUABLE TRACT OF LAND CONTAINING BOO agree bit unted about 8 miles from Cat lettbburg near Big Saudy river clothed with heavy timber which can be conveniently gotten oft into Big Sandy The limber on thi land is worth double the amount asked lor the land and car soon be converted into money The land itself is desirable for fanning purpose and eapeciaPt adapted to grape and various other fruits Title good Terms easy and price low Address fe u further particulars the editor of this p aper i tf apos Sew and JElcgaut Sleek OF Fall and Winter Silks SI II E s S Si OO II S Shawls and Furnishing Good COLE amp HOPKINS Corner of Filth and iue Cincinnati OFFER TO TBK 1 R COSTOMER8 All work done at the john d Hammond I W n cl I c BE a r lie Trunks t clla r Ji a u u line u rcr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Xo J48 Baltimore Street 3 doors below the Eutaw House lialtimoi o LOWEST CASH PRICES l ANUEACTUKEjj AND K E E PS conctantlv on hand every doe AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Bilious T V vim apos s and l ivei Complaints 3T5 ic bL i S Silli S jknjbhai Debimtt Loss op Appktitk and l is VELOUN D 1 quot PARIS FEINTED TvIEIE IINr OES ALL WOOL DEL A INS Po Oiii lt i and Traveling Good AT LOW 1MJICES We have selected such an assortment of Dress Goods of the latest importations as will uot fail to please those who desire choice goods apos COLE lt fc HOPKINS eases of Females the Medicines have been used with the most beneficial results in cases of this de i scription Kings Kvil and Scrofula in its worst forms yields to the mild yet powerful action of these j remarkable Medicines Night Sweats Nervous De bility Nervous Complaints of all kinds Palpitation of the Heart Painteis Colic are speedily cured Mercurial Diseases Persons whose constitu tions have become impaired by the injudicious use of Mercury will find these Medicines a perfect cure vost Marshal may be found a panacea for all diseases trv them of Mercury infinitely sooner than the j most powerful preparations of Sarsaparilla Jl 1 No person will be permitted to sell intox Mansion Star Feb 16th I860 Mansion Juneau m p P ful P r P a rallon r S i w Wi r 5J i Seating liquors of any kind t any non comini county Wig f j Pjred amfsold by W H MOFFAT ftioued officer or private composing the Provost Sold by Ely it Co and Dr Wm Pugh 1 apos quot VoK SALE BY ALL DRUG SisTs apos Vk JOE W O H K Ol EVERY DESCRII rioX Neatly Executed at this Office We hope tu receive patronage from this eription of Saddles Harness Trunks Valises Carpet Bays Collars and 1 every other article in his lino All orders execut ed with neatness and dispatch 67 ly new drug store ON FRONT STREET OFPCSITE THE WHARF BOAT DR WM PUGH DRUGGIST AND CHEMIST Begs leave to announce that he has opened iu CJatletteburg Kentucky u complete stock of DRUGS CULM I AC A L Oils Paiats Fancy Articles lt amp c Wu WILL ALSO KEEP CONSTANTLY ON hand a large selection of choice and port Liquors for moJicul pur H gt scs also Tobacco aud Hiid till adjoining Counties lliis is 1 on j Olgars of tho choirvst brands ilisT rug8and Medicine are entirely fresh sel e 2 ted wifclft great care and with special referenco family use He hopes hiv long experience as h i v e Druggist ami Ghemist and his gep ral as ortment mode by wnun our inonds can assist m V ill secure for him a liberal share of public patron age Hu can nr all Tim supply country Physiciam a h h J cy can buy n iv wheiv All orders will receive liia ptison nl att btion MEDICAL AD VI CL GIVEN WHEN APPLIED FOR AT R IS OFFICE 87 tf A C R A 1 G Manufacturer And Wholesale Dealer in Slats Caps amp Straw Croodk t in lluln St 2 cl iti s bt gt vr Lonis apos ille iiulvf 51 1 V 3 LOflS VI KV sustaiuing tho Advocate SEND IN YOUR ORDERS THE ADVOCATE Semi Weekly kino Cincinnati amp Big Sandy Packet Legrauil Hall Him by tl c Incensed STEAMER BOSTON Populace WASH KONSH LL MASTER T N JOHNSON CLERK The detail of the murder of Miss Hall apos Pins elegant STEAMER leaves of Franklin county Missouri gt y her own j A Cmlcttsbnr nvor tverv mouth of Bi S mly Monday and Tlmrsdav brother Legrand Hall wove given by usj recently sad tragedy the hanging of the brother I passengers nn l freitflii at alfiiit apos iiilediaL points apos Legranu Hall by the incensed populace Hie Acconimi ijalions and t apifcity of tliis gt p udid Ho was under arrest and the examination j c racl apos are nnsnr gt asai 3 on the Vvstern waters was put oft in consequence of the father ta nt 1 6 f who was lying very loir at the t n gt e hisj daughter was shot dead by his bed side apos O A K R O L L The St Louis K veiling News says On Friday the prisoner was brought out to undergo the preliminary cxnminaiion He was taken in apos o the court house and before the investigation commenced one of the crowd in attendance stepped up to Le grand Hall and remarked T can settle this matter with you He immediately seized him and bore him out the crowd following and took him oft apos to a tree ire gt t distant over which a rope had been thrown The noose was thrown around the neck of Lpgrand Hall and in a moment lie was launched into eternity Such are the sim ple facts giren to us ivy a friend as detail ed to him in a private letter received this morning The feeling of the populace must have been deep cool and determined None of the authorities it seems interfered Thus I cgrand Ilall died on the gallows for the most horrible crime that ever shocked the sensibilities of a community He boosted it is said that he would kill the men who had him in charge thus showing a harden ed sensibility which no dotibl still more embittered the feeling against him Re venge is alleged as being he cause for killing Ins sister aroused by her resistance 4o improper liberties on bis part Truly he must have beeu debus d below the brute rta i i i 1 i morning On Ikt return leaves Cincinnati every To day WC give the sequel t Urej 1W y and Friday evenings t 5 f gt takia Rat boat amp MEAD Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers ill CLOTHING 214 SfXTH STREET ADAMS EXPRESS COMPA Nt apos S BUILDING Louisville Ky AMD 71 12m 302 RROA 1 WAV NUW YORK ISAAC M MOSS JOS L MOSS BKXTON II Cttri N MOSS BROTHER amp CO BOOKSELLERS itb l i s it e r v Slat i oners A l gt BLANK BOOK MANtTACtURERS Dealers in English French V American Stationery Window Writing f ctter and apos V nipping Papers Cutlery Ac Manufacturers of Masonic it Odd Fellows Regalia I apos 0 All ill lt 1 Street amt 42 5 Alcrchnnl Street 58 ly PHILADELPHIA W JttT The Frankfort Common wealth re kites a recent mid most successful military operation wliich was rccenlly performed at i u apos BROOKS Esq Ex President Me rc 1 in 11 1 s TTo to 1 4G NORTH FOURTH ST PHILADELPHIA C Ar KID li S amp SOS Proprietors C il apos Kibbin formerly of Pittsburg if 6m GLOROH B NEAL ron e at m i yg in lt 5 Commission Tie reliant Steamboat Agent aud liaef Boat I lvpiie apos ur Parkersburg Virginia REFER to rs 0 T H E PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES In the month of December 18581116 uudersinged for the first time offered for sale to the public Or J Bovee DotU Imperial Wine Hitter and in this short j gt eriod they have given sucl universal satisfaction to the many thousands of persons who have tried them that it is now an established article 7 he amount of bodily ane mental misery arising simply from a neglect small complaints is surprising and it is therefore of the utmost importance that a strict attention U the hast and most ttflung bodily ailment should be had for disease s of the body must invariably aih et tlie min i The subscribers now only ask trial of m J EOVEE DOES Imperial Wine Eitte from all who have not used them We challenge the world to produce their equal These Hitters for the cure of Weak Stomachs General Debility and for Purifying and Enrich in the Blood are absolutely unsurpassed by any otli er remedy on earth To be assured of this it is only necessary to make the trial The Wine itself is of a very superior quality being about one third stronger than other wines w arming and invigorat ing the whole system from the head to the feet As these Bitters arc tonic and alterative in tin apos character so they strengthen and invigorate th whole system and give a tine tone and healthy ac lion to all its parts by equalizing the circulation and producing a general warmth They are also excellent for Diseases and Weakness peculiar to Fi males where a Tonic is required to strength i and brace the system No Lady who is subject to lassitude and faintness should be without them as they are revivifying in their action THESE BITTERS Will not only Cure but Prevent Disease and in this respect are doubly valuable to the person who may use them For INCIPIENT CONSUMPTION Weak Lungs Indigestion Dyspepsia Diseases of the Nervous System Paralysis Piles and for all eases requiring a Tonic Dr Dcd Paris by Capt Thomas Hardin of Mon 1 F if V k apos i ViY v p r r GUI 11 Kl apos LLl i Freight A quot t Plnlade teli tery Owen county lhe Captain is the B V FOLEY E q Mayor uf Cot t n Kv tnost conspicuous Union man in Monterey G A A T II HALL Biff oore M apos l and commands the Homo Ouards When apos I ai kireburg Va Morgan s men surrounded Monterey they J iTn Dills apos apos u ly took the Captain prisoner and plundered j his premises of everything valuable and cariied him away captive leading him hy a circuitous route by Harmony and then near the Stamping Grounds and then by Cynthiana and so on to Paris where they put a guard over him in Talbot s tavern While in this situation a noise of horsemen Was heard in the street and the apos apt told W H WAD WOSTB J I8 X LKK JU WADSWORTH amp LEE 1TTOR YE l fc ui JUiM svillc h gt r ILL PRACTICE IN THE COURTS OF MA apos apos s quot n Lewis Greenup lt fco nn l in the Court of Appeals Will also give tlieir attention to tire leasing purchasing and sale of real tale i i i Util cc on t olirt street west side tlTrcc doors bo the oaard that he thought tliev were i w ibe Court House Georgians but he might look for himsell its the guard knew them better than he did The guard stepped to the window when tl Captain picked quot up the gun and point ing it at the guard said to him I be lieve sir I will change positions with you yon arc my prisoner The guard see T 1 T C apos IWA I ing resistance Useless gave up and Capt j An j V D 1 U II E Hardin had soon the caller the satisfaction j Wholesale nud Retail of lodging him in prison and equipped ij XiiT XX C5 X T3 ZE2 with the sword knife and pistols July 1st 1SGI I have this day associated James A Lee Jr w ih uw in the pnieticeof lhe Law who will at tend to anv business entrusted toei ht rof liV All ring inv absence tV H W ADSWORTH July 1 1861 107 tf Celebrated Wine Bitters ARK UNSURFAfiSED Fur Sore Throat so common among the Clergy they are truly valuable For the ngM and infirm and for persons of weak constitution for Ministers of the Gospel Lawyers and all public s gt eakers for Book Keep ers Tailors S apos Mimstivsse Students Artists am all persons leading a sedentary life they will prove truly beneficial A 8 a Beverage they are wholesome innocent and delicious to the taste They produce all the exhilarating effects of Brandy or Wine without intoxicating and are a valuable remedy for per sons addicted to the use of excessive strong drink and who wish to refrain from it They are pure and entirely free from the poisons contained in the adulterated A ines and Liquors with which the country is Hooded 7 hose Bitters not only Cure but Prevent Dis aso and skoidd be used by all who live in a country where the water is had or where Chills and Fever 8 are prevalent Being entirely innocent and han u less they irtey gt given freely to Children and infants with impunity Physicians Clergymen and temperance adro cates ns an net of humanity should assist ir p rending these truly valuable BIT T apos KKS ove r the Maud and thereby essentially aid in banishing Drunkenness find Disease I In all Affections of the Head Sick Headache or Nervous Headache Dr Win a Ritters will be found to be most Salutary and Effica cious himself ot the guerrilla and obtained also a verv fine horse which he rode in triumph to Frankfort The horse however proved to be the property of a Union man in Wood ford from whom ike rebel had stolen him and it was cheerfully given back to the owner The Capt went back to Owen Monday w ilk ull tho upotlc of victory such as saddle bridle sword pistols lt tc amp t so arranged as to make an imposing display to the wondering secosh of Owen and all along the road ESPKCTFULI Y INFORMS THE CITIZENS of apos Jntlettsbimr and tli valley of Big Cmndi that lie lias opeued a largo stock of G j o c t rics amp Provisions in the house adjoining E K Gaviet s store whci bo will keep on band Flour IJqcoii Lard Fi gt k Salt Cotton arii I obucco fiigstrs M oodenwarc A c A Ci Ac y All of which he will offer at n snintt adrnnee for lash or Country iVoduce The higlie t market pw paid fui t h latter j i jy The many certificates which have been tendered us and the letters which we are daily deceiving are conclusive proof that among the women these Bitters have given a satisfaction which no other have ever done before No woman in the land should be without them and those who once use them will not fail to keep a supply DU J BOV EE BODS Imperial Wine Bitters Arc prepared l y an eininont and skillful physician w1m Ims us d Linui in Id piuctica fir llic Inst twoniy 6ve years The pr privtor before pnr chasing llie exclusive riglit to manufacture and sell L r J Korea Deds Celebrated Imperial Win Bitters Lad them tested by two iliatiuggished 4 l C lt 3 CD V V cC sdHI Ct si 3 8 OS i 1 3r i V I medical practitioners n bo pronounced tlicrn a vul J C ADAMS lt r i nii bilra 4tv LL CONTINUE TO I RAO I p K LN THE Circuit OonrU of Kentdeky and will attend promptly to all business that may bo entrusted u L quot special and prompt u Item ion uill bi Death of a Well Known Printer The Buffalo Express announces the death of Mr Richard Hemming of that I 1 3 C rt apos apos city for a long time connected with the 8 ve quot job department of the Buffalo Commer c A nTstuiiuv JAS tomuxsox cial Advertiser and well known as u apos MeLAUGHLIN TOMLINSON amp CO chromotype printer of considerable skill Successors to N rvcll McLaughlin A Co amt taste He died on Wednesday Wiioiksai e morning at his residence He was ex DEsimtS tensively known and very generally es teemed his genial disposition and kind ly qualities recommending him to the warmest regard of acquaintance His all who formed his sudden and unex pected death has created much in Buffalo ties Snow Hank in July drift at Kkim er IluUoyv B v TOn lCCO AND MANUFACTURERS f F Havana and Domestic Cigars No in Wahitii s BETWEEN FRONT AND COLUMBIA j OUxcjUmati oiaio apos GOly HOUSE quot FURNISHING table remedy for disease Although ibe medical men of the country as a general thing disapprove of i ntcnt Jlcdicincs ycl we ilo not believe that u respectable l apos liysician cun lie found in tlie Uniicd States acquainted with ir medical lu opcrtics who will highly approve Du J Bovj e Dons Isu iiual Wine Hanes Ill all newly settled plac apos s where there is nl ways a large quantity apos of decaying timber from which a poisonous miasma is created tlie SC bitters should be used every mottling before breakfast DR J or apos tr apos apos i apos ff j K i i apos kg apos apos W I apos Vv WHEELER amp WILSON S sje ti iciii vjes PRICES REDUCED T HE WHEELER amp WILSON SEWING MA ehine Co having gained all tlieir suits at law with infringing manufacturers propose that the public shall be benefit ted thereby and have ac cordingly reduced the prices of their Sewing Ma chines Having made the leading Family Sewing Ma chine in the country for seven years employing One Million of Dollars in their business and mak ing one hundred Machines per day such extraor dinary facilities ami experience enalTles them to guarantee to the purchaser entire satisfaction as all our Machines are made equally well and are WARRANTED THREE YEARS The difference in price being merely a difference in finish 21 305 MACHINES sold in 1859 being double lhe sales of any other Co in the Union Awarded tlie first Premium at the UNITED STATES FAIRS OF 1858 1859 and 1860 And at lhe Cincinnati Mechanics Institute for four successive years we have taken the first premium over all couipetitm 3 as the best FAMILY SEWING MACHINE It uses no Shuttle makes the Lock Stitch alike on both sides of the goods leaving no chain or ridge on the underside of the Seam and uses but halt as much thread as the Chain Stitch Machines UB Send or call for a circular containing full particulars prices testimonials etc WM SUMNER ife CO Agents N o 38 12m 7 T West r on r I h Street PIKE S OPERA HOUSE CINCINNATI WM 8 DiC K1NSON JOHN Z PRICK Late nf L L Mason Mr J Ann joiin w B apos shop Late nf R M ftishop Co DICKINSON PRICE amp BISHOP Successors to L L Mason lt fc MeLiau Wholesale Dialers in Hats Caps and Straw Goods 93 NO 82 PEARL STREET North S Se Roirvoen Vine aud Hacc CINCINNATI Oil JO LINE IIANLV cN KKOELL NV liolesale Grocers AND Com miss ion tlerch ants No 2 quot Main Street Next door to Jlndison House t incinnnti O Orders from the tra le respectfully solicited IT ly IT 2E5 3X1 O T T A L 3W XX J I J iX3 gt a apos 23 8 5r l Millinery Millinery Mrs Lydia Sheets IT Ksl F CTFULLY INFORMS THE CITIZENS OF Catlettsburg and the public that slie lias opened in the room a few doors South of the store ol A Kalin a general assortment of BONNETS TRIMMINGS n IB A XDS G L 0 VKS C with every variety of Millinery Goods which she will sell low Bonnets made to order or trimmed on short notice and in the most fashionable style Mrs S has made arrangements to be supplied with the latest fashions She asks of the ladies a share of their patronage promising everything in her power to give satisfaction 98 tf BEECH GROVE SEMINARY ASH L A 25 Eoyd Couuty Kentucky Second Session Commences Sept 10 XSGI Third Session Feb 10 ISG 2 apos pins institution formerly under 1 the care of Hie Rev J 0 Bayless will be un der the charge ef L E W Varner late President f the aslnngtou female College Mason Co Ky Ashland is situated on tlmOliio River thus reii del ing it easy of access from all quarters It is a quie t retired place and admirably iaocaled fur a l Hiool during the unsettled state quot of our National n flairs The Principal will take into l is family a few boarders who will be under his especial care and no pains will be spared to make the year pass prof itably to tlu m in every respect 1 Excellent boarding can be ol tained in private families on very reasonable terms Those who ive in the vicinity of town can bo furnished with board for ft ve days aud be charged but five sev enths the full price Partial arrangements arc already made to secure a senes ol lectures fotlieSclioolduringtheycar upon a variety of subjects fhe services of Miss Julia S Rnffner late of Cliarle toii a have been procured in the Eng fish r rench and Music Departments No deduction made except for sickness of more than one month s duration i he year will be divided into two Sessions If a pupil enters during the first months charges will be made for the full Session otherwise only from time ot entry J TEK3IS One half payable at the beginning of each Ses sion and the balance at the n iddle EXPENSES FEU YUAI OF 0 WEEKS HOTEL CARPS C4 E gt I A El I HOUSE Comer of Market and Front 8ls M MAYSVILLE KENTUCKY r puis establishment so long and fa L vorably known to tlie traveling community having passed into tlie hands of the subscribers they take this method of making it known to the public generally The advantages of this Hotel are many and vaiious Daily Stages leave the door for all points in the interior tlie Steamboat Landing is immediately adjoining and the princi pal Business Houses of the city are situated close at hand All the accommodations of the house are of n superior character and every effort of the proprietors being directed to the comfoit and pleasure of tlieir guests they feel confident of their ability to please all who may favor them with tlieir patronage CORBIN GALLAHER 52 tf JNO N GALLAHER 1 ropnetors G o y cl ItI ouse SOUTH FRONT STREET CATLETTSBURG KY L J HAMPTON PROPRIETOR r J HE PROPRIETOR HAVING PERMANENTLY J established himself in the above House will spare neither pains or expense to make comfortable ail who may favor him with a call His table w ill at all times be supplied with the I S r gt remain Yours trul rim tv Tnr ncoon DR WEAVER S Canker and Salt Rheum IT p FOR THE CUKE OF SYR Canker Salt Rheum Erysipelas Scrofulous Dis eases Cutaneous Eruptions sod every kind of Disease ansine from an impure stale of the Blood The most Effective Blood Purifier of the Nineteenth Century named disease letters as 1 r Boarders including board room fu 1 lights For Academic Tuition including Latin aud Greek For Intermediate Tuition including l e br s For Primary Tuition ineludin Arithmetic to Fractions For Music lt f French and German each 113 L E W WARNER I 120 00 40 00 choicest viands afforded by the markets 77 1 y NATIONAL HOTEL Corner of Main and Second Streets LOUISA KY THIS ESTABLISHMENT HAS UNDERGONE L thorough repair and is now in complete order for the reception of travelers The undersigned promises to do all in his power to make his patrons comfortable He hopes fora liberal share of pub lic patronage WM TROY Proprietor Louisa Ky April 20 It 61 J7 tf Marble Buildings PEN S YI a V A NI A A V E NUE WASHINGTON D C r J apos apos HIS HOTEL IS IN THE MOST CENTRAL X situation in the city No expense has been spared apos 1 he House is equal to any in the Union in all its nppointmenia and nothing will be w ant ing on the part of the Proprietor that will contri bute to the comfort of his guests Conches always at the Depot to convey passengers to the Hotel 113 HOBT MONTGOMERY CKO A MOXTGOMKRV ihggs house Front Street PORTSMOUTH OHIO R MONTGOiHEKY k SON Proprietors 13 tf ixail JelomcvUIe Ashland Co O I Messrs I N H rri amp Co Cincinna gt u j 86 quot Gentlemen 1 deem it t duty well CERATE has 7 h f D1 LEAVER apos S SYK amp P apos aXD vt KAifc has done for me and I hone Vi may come to lhe notice of persons riortl rte ed In the year 1830 I wai attacked with c t some kindred disease on both inv le e hirh apos apos r tended until from my knees In my feef w quot Hlve J sore I consulted and obtained medicines a 0 cnptions from nearly all lhe nhv i I H i pl T quot cinity but obtained no relief P y our 1S V P apos ace Mr Ilomn n recommended mfTo apos quot se apos l syrup and Cerate which I forhinatelv AiS ll Wr quot u 1 2L U d quot d apos el l n ln b y apos h ir use V J0HN WIvIRBAUGHT Mi IVeirbaught bereg a well known gentian nd CO make tki t r S U I vvni r dr v r apos J h t apos DR WEAVER S fflsaj safififflsw am you have a permanent euro 0 t Ste vher 1 apos t0 bB b0Sl never been known to fail 0 f ettectin a USed U h S cure of Old Sores Tetter and m P e gt manent Head Chilblain Scald Chapped or Cracked Hands or Lips Bloi h 1 h Pimples on the Faco And for lilolches or SORE NIPPLES AND SORE EYES tf eX y 11 PrlCe f S J n P gt 1 P er bottle Cerate 25 cent Vriltcu ij h T lt HOUSE 3 Q fjo Frout Ktrni iTIn jnrillc Sty Proprietress i McKEE amp ROTH ME B CHANT TAILOR 3 AND GEXTI2MSX 3 r r JBNI3H2P i NIELODEON lil lLDINt N V Corner Fourth ami Walnul Sts CINCINNATI O I F A VE ELEGANTLY FITTED UP THEIR NEW 1 1 establishment anj are amply prepare 1 to til the onlers of tin ir many oi l patrons and ns many new ones in every attieie of a gentleman apos s ward robe Their supply of Sjiring am Summer Styles is complete ami choice 6 if lt ALl H U M lt GU CKKN fashionable Shirt M nufac truer ND DEALER IN FINE LINENS AND GENTS Furnishing Goods No l i Vest Fourth street opposite steeple vvi li Gold Halid Cincinnati Z9 quot Shills made to order by u casureiuent and warranted to fit 12 ly mxeiPAt E Bamberger X Bloom V II LI K BAMBERGER amp CO bolcsale Dealers in 1 staple and Fancy Dry Goofis Cloths Cassimeres Vestings die No 521 Main Street t l2m Hptworii Firm trrr S 4b Xiiui vill f Ky L L WAUUKX 3X 2S CO j Mnnurnot urcrs AXD WHOLESALE PE ALE US IX Mrs A M T U R E M A N 2 apos nf STAR E OFFICR re lm I apos DT PARIS LEXINGTON I LEMINGSBURG 10 00 j jL gi may be 72 lm i O ook Caunou ther ouih O For the a ddressed rderS f r apos h Medicines m apos e Appreciated by Everybody THE PEOPLE S CHOICE PERRY DAVIS apos VEGETABLE i KILLER I J roadway Hotel JOSEPH H CROMWELL Prop r liarpsburg Mt Sterling Germantown gt lt Carmel Poplar Plains and Ovvingsville lo ly u l WOOD CINCINNATI OHIO r J HIS POPULAR HOTEL IS SITUATED ON the corn r of Broadway and 2d sts convenient to the Steamboat Landing ami all the Railroad Depots Also near all Business Houses Banks and places of Amusement Break fire t for early I rains at 5 o cluck Omnibus for all Trains leav ing the city 10 ly publictotTi Vlov 7 t YYL 0 d N a u T I unrivalled FAMII V HIEDICIXE The Pah Killer i pur y p lb com IfrrnFfly fop pound and while it isa most efficient apos a BOOTS AILD SHOES Foi 1 lio Mountain Trade No i 10 Mum S opposite Louisville Hotel LOUISVILLE KY New York or Philadelphia prices duplicated Orders promptly and carefully filled 21 I m c 79 By apos a L W J I L1 A 3 WM TERRY amp CO V holcsale Dealers in NEW YORK Ci BOSTON I O T I I I X Cjf UNION HOTEL I apos T 1 HIS LARGE AND CAPACIOUS HOTEL recently undergone a thorough refitting and renovating and the proprietor would respectfully aiumunccto his friends and the traveling public i genemlFy that for lyle coiivenfcnce i f aectin rrio j dal ion and variety and nasona deness of fare fie I is determined to make it the first hotel in Catlvlts A 1 BORDERS Proprietor October 10 i G9 ly HOSTETTER S j WMJK THROAT i apos l ro apos p 1 S v if t U K c o hi Pl t vr H AS I amp rV doubt been more succes ful in curing CU lt f Evfft v than any other known remedv or skillful p yaicUa In Indio A I ic quot apos T S where tins dreadful disease i apos ul China prevalent Ilia 13 over less North apos V esl Corner Main LOUISVILLE KY V Sixth r Wjn amp vanrrzr IN PRES3 rei u Ion lt TrealLt fi gt a Jus liacps ShrriiJx lixccjilors iu koiiiidiv apos in course of pubiiratior Tuardiaii etc apos S apos V Kn quot U in J U apos i apos Hsatrrdy vahmblc Bittera have been so thor j y apos apos A r gt Sl Ur I quot Uglily tested by nil Classes of lhe amity for Chester L last iVect located vvilliin U ltiM re lll quot quot st every vun ly of disease incident t gt the DOVEE DOD3 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS apos I ll K subscribers have Atx composed of a pure and unadulterated Wine o apos quot r H V V H apos Sl t0 quot or M y ville e quot ine 1 with B terfy Seal WHd thm 1 ice Baik Spikenard GbamoniileFlowars 1 lhe Peauo Sheriiis Con gt ublos Coroners Esocu aml t unhan liny re manufactured by Di ois Administiators Guardians Assessors Pruces ijous nmisi li who is an expeuenced and successful Aonr rs etc Pliysieian and tierce should not b classed niqong I The work will not only contain a lucid and clear the quack nostrums which flood the country and statement of lhe laws regulating lhe duties of each I k g till t which th Medical Profession arc so justly i quot Iheer but lull instructions as to lhe manner of pro I prejudiced cecding anj ail n Stop There hall amp HARRIS Keep e Unite 1 Stales Ilo d Y hen j on go to Louivil 2 Stop There A sire tv drift al Skint er Hollow M iVJI111 IIVi quot apos Baltim re hundred rod W6re found measured twelve feet in depth House Keepers Country Merchants and and covered one fourth of an acre It lias w l i such articles as they want on the i of where l ine atrawbeirioal T i K i nlil S10 XK 0 HA VING MADE LARGE human system that they ate now deemed indis upe u an oerrics t additions to their stock nre prepared to fi ruisli reusable ns a T0I fC MED Cn IE AND A BEVERAGE PURCHASE ONE BOTTLE I nrify the Jllload Been forty feet in ileptli TItore are two arches in lhe drift formed l gt v the of n small stream One of terms Brushes Wooden Ware Ilnogis ot ll ry best t Ic l t Mata Cordage Mnssi r apos s f gt iniinue lee Creaii rcfl j iSStlgC apos ers Refrigerators upright and ch q hc inort tlies e arches IS apos approved kinds Water Coolers in Wood or Metal large enougii to drive n horse and caninge 1 in anil Mire Safes Arthur apos s and oiln i most ap through lhe oilier C r four perrons to n res l V ve I 1 l quot apos apos apos g apos dald lues rving Cons through abreast RcpuLUrun PtewVa XT rk Coffee anj Tea Pots Egg Boilers Waiters Cliaf esr r while it recess ry practical lorms It wil be complete and enmprehensiee upon all ibe dmie f of the officers above named and w ill be found highh useful not only to them but to the legal profoasioii and quot 11 other having business with such officers The work will contain about CcM pages printed or lino paper with clear type ard superior daw binding robsibly tire most effectual fi quot 8 Kmm ffForks r ftle Irons Sauce J 1 ana Scales and Mcighls ColTeo Mills Tub 18 t l c 11 081 c r y rnnedy for tlie I cast Old Dominioii C lf p ts Uov l and Tongs Nurse Lanins Toilet Sets quot apos I ul s Knife Cleaners Mare Di Zittle puts that oal up our vines is water made intensely bitter with tt apos oes two ounces to a gallon lie I This may put upon tlie vines with a line rose jet watering pot or better still with a rose nozzle syringe Jt is said it will also repel rose bugs and the green slugs that destroy roses and grapes Jf i will beep the stupid hugs off the squash and melon vines it will bo an invaluable remedy and not an expensive one Foot Tubs Ball say f uinmns n ue DisJi Covers Table 1 together with a variety of article useful and necessary to House keepers Itohri Davis Patent Excelsior Washing Machines U apos e invite mer chants and others visiting nur city to an examina tion of our stock 50 Iy GEQ A MILLS CO John d Hammond 8 si c S e El a v iscss Tt mjks CJoilar JXaiiniautiircr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL NTo apos gt L apos S Baltimore Street 3 doors beloui ths RiUaw fiovtr Jinltimuro A ANUFACT0BES AND K EE PS It Costs but Little lin e Tone to the gtomitcli i cu ovate tbo System and Froloug Life Price 1 per bottle 6 bottles 5 Prepared and Sold by CHARLES WIDDIEIELD amp CO SOLE PROPRIETORS 3 William si New Yorx EjrT For sale by druggists and grocers genera IB apos out the country hlltvly t L A B K I I S Li V ER Pi LLS A Radical Cure Read Read conslamlv on lmn l cvei y d s erif tion of SuJdli apos 9 Harness apos Vuuks Vulis s Carpet Bags Collars every oilier article in hij lit ed with u e at atas and disnatch fSTTS Curious Anecdote Toward the cl 06 of tlie revolution tliG owners of the North Church in New Ha ven sent to Boston for nails to make re pairs with when one of the kegs sent in re turn for the order was found ts contain Spanish dollars apos Hie deacon w rote to the Boston merchant that there was an error in shipping the goods but he answered that tbe goods were sold as he bought them of a pi i vatoersinan and he could not rectify mistakes So the silver was melted up DRUG GIST AND CLIEellST and made into a service of plate foi the Begs leave to announce that lie has opened in church where Bjs m use at lhe present Oatlettsburg TCcntucky a com dele stock of DRUGS J11EMIACAL i Oils Paints Fancy Articles amp e Mit N L aucbr D eirr Sir For thro years past I have beon severely afflicted with Livcr apos Com plaint of a most malignant and chronic character 1 resorted to a largo number of remedies but they failed to produce other than a temporary relief About six months ago I purchased a box of quot CLARKE S LIVER PILLS quot and after using them found myself so much better that I at once adopted a regular system of taking them and soon found my aelf entirely and radically cured The various ills Itiiida nt upon a disordered state of the Liver at nud I GT i J J uce disappeared I gladly aud most cheerfully All orders exccut cotnmeud thrao Pills as a sure and effective remedy 67 Jy 1 j Yours truly WM AUSTIN NEW DRUG STORE ON FROTif STREET OPPOSITE THE WHARF BOAT DR WM PUGH Geii Boyle has adopted a line of policy which will ba sure to bring rebel sympathiz ers to terms When Morgan was at Jo rre tiown lie captured Sam l V Thompson arid farcied Itim away As soon as ien Boyh obtaiiwd intelligence of this outrage lie di Chiliicoth 0 December 4 1859 Tke above but speaks tbe voice of thousands who J have lully tested tho cuialiv apos o properties of j CLA B ICK apos S LI V K It PILLS Prepared at fust forpri I vale practice by an eminent physician aud their merits fully tried it is not strange tliey act more efficiently and directly on tho disordered organs than j the generality of so called Liver Hcincdios In cases iff Liver Complaint Dyspepsia impurity of the Blood Constipation ol the Bowels General Debility Sick Headache and all diseases arising from a dis orga nized state of the s v tem amp c are a suro and never filling remedy Prepared solely by N U WALK UR Pittsburg Ta To whom all orders must bo addressed jftrKor sale by Kly amp Co CULfftsburg K v NOW READY A NEW EDITION OF TJic Revised Mialules f Ky I pprovml lanj ami aJoptcd by the Gt noial Ass m fi bly lfc il anil lS52 aufi in force from July 1 1852 ivilli ail tho aineujments subsequently enacted and notes of tho decisions of the Court or Appeals o Kentucky By lion Richard II Stanton With Sup plum ant embracing the Acts of a general nature passed bythe Legislature of IS59 CO Tu o Volumes apos royal Svo Piice 10 00 Made atitltovity in all courts in Kentucky by Act of General Assembly ROBERT CLARK E amp CO Law Publisher apos s Booksellers Stationers amp Importers 33 12m No 55 IVest Fourth street Cincinnati 0 1 J CHA11UI I1LI V THOMAS J CHAMBERLIN amp TAPP Importers and M lidlc sale Dealers in AS D CUTLER I FANCY GOODS No 45JgMaiii St Metu Pii Fifth 45 l2tn ffl LOUISVILLE KY Henry Kan R A U ife R M holvsalc b Chas 11 1 E K E alii s in I C F M Cam Fornicily of Ashland in WILL ALSO KKKP CONSTANTLY ON lifuul a l iPgo scfrclioi ol choice and pur Liquid apos s tor medical purposes also Tobacco aud Ci trars of the choicest brands His Drugs and Medicines are entirely fresh sol o A R Clad F ormerly of I ronton Lawrence Co O Boyd Co Ky C L A R K amp C A R R W holcsale dealers in Wrcccrics anu B rov5 si sis V ND COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOR Till 1 saloc apos f all kinds f Country Produce including Ginseng Feathers Rags Tar Cooperage Wheat Oafs Corn Bacon Lard Boes wax Tallow Honey tc A c No 2 apos J Walnut street Cincinnati GARRET T D0RLAND Importer of if a t c he s apos 7 c tp cl r y North W est cor of Main amp Pearl Cincinnati Formerly of No 19 Main st Madison House building T BALERS IN WATCH KS AND JEWKLRY AJ TV I Ilals Caps and Straw Goods No 519 south sids Main street Delwcpw I apos ifth amp Sixth 8ts Lonisvillt Ky Thv highest market price paid for itlKkinds 71 2ta tow amp WH1TAEV c s trsr of Fur AM WHOLESALE DEALERS IX BQPT8 AHfi SH03 Main St bet 5th and 6 ijoxjxjs xxaxaxi x JAI I THE SPECIAL ATTENTION OF nr Tin trade of the valley of Sandy and of N E Ky to their extensive lock of Boots and Shoes They keep a large slock of sueli ns are desirable for the Furnace trade Oov terms will he liberal and rices ns low as In any city Wc ask a cal fretr purchasers f q o m iioAyaeI associ atFo n PHILADELPHIA Leaerolcnt Institution established bo special Pn doxcmcjit for the Relief of the Sick apos and Listrcs sed afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic Dis eases aud especially forthe Care of Diseases oj the Sexual Organs yjTEDHJAL ADVICE GIVEN GRATIS BYTHE mate rials at prices that cannot fail toeuit Watch i i 1 1 apos j quot ho apj y by letter cs repaired b the best of workmen and on I fe P apos T g eonditfoa age ocen shortest notice 40 1 2m 1 I v Y VI apos 1 quot KC T s i po cit 3 Medicines furnished free of chartre V 1 II ll S would do well to examine their stock befor purchasing us they keep constantly on hand a large stock of lhe above goods including clocks silver ware watch glosses watch tools and watch reeled the provost nnrshal at L xin ton to ted with great care and with special rv feiviice 1 arrest l 4 K Hunt of tlmt place who is au in 1 d V use He hopes his long lt x gt eii er ee ns fl Utielo of Morgan mi l to hold him as a I O apos t 0 r apos p is quot V 1 ehctnisl nn l I U general assortment ago for tho safety of Mr Tnon pson The W fi UU 1 l amp rc ut snbseqiwnt retium of Die latter gentleman lie can at aft times supply country suspended tlie execctrtiou of the order as low as they can buy anywhere AU against Mr Hunt but Gen Dovie has ve vc apos lvv 1 i Ate apos tuen solved to have man for ma 4 apos ye for MED apos C apos L an eye and a booth fur a toutli apos Journal 1 JOttATt f i 0yFlC JCrtJ rt IS stated that tlie expenses of the f Mnnnfrtfttra r apos aaj Wlndesalc Dealer apos m eanomzation of tlie Japanese martyrs at Rome amounted to neatly 6200 0 apos JO ivax t quot VS nlf et Fli ysicians quot iders wifi APPLIET 87 t f at SSi s Caps Sc Strinr in ii e j f 1 o Main st 2 doors above Louisville llote 5 M apos ISVILLIMiY C ASSE apos DAY ds SONS IJlI OKXEllS ASD UEAI C1 I IX u 6 fill s w ci v e Hass aiul China Cutlery AVAITEKS 1JKITTA N I A lYAHli Ac No 534 Main St Louisville Ivy y E HAVE ALWAYS ON HAND Til E LARGEST apos apos Assortinetef of wares suited to the wants ol the country merchant kept in the West An tx pcrience of over thirty years in the lmsinc ives us many advantages apos in tho selection of stable ijoods We have now instore 300 crates of Queensware 450 Boxi s of Glass 10 Casks of China Which are all new shapes and good styles We can offer them as low as Cincinnati or St Louis houses and can offer many inducements to custo Hers Country merchants nre respectfully re quested to call and see nur stock 21 6m CASSEDAY t SONS j loll Muiu Street LUBRICATING OIL FOR MACHINERY Prepared at Lyon s Springs in Morgan County Kentucky JIAVING BEEN APPOINTED AGENT FOR L lliis very superior article of Lubricating Oil 1 u n now prepared to furnish tlie same to Suani boats Railroad and to all persons engagol in manufacture by machinery There is no Oil yet discovered of a superior quality or better adapted to the purposes for which it is offered Y M ITCH ToS V VjEU I r ptIE SUK5CRIBKR INFORMS TDK PUBLIC that he is prepared to offer the highest price in cash or Leather for Hides and Bark Keeps con stantly on hand every description of Leather which will be sold ah lowest prices and invites persons who wish to buy to calf JAMES FRAZIER apos UaaiaaJKv toy h 1860 46 ti luabU Reports on Spermatorrhoea end olhci Diseases t f the Sexual Organs and on the new reined ies eni ployed in the Dispensary sent to the afflicted in sealed letter envelopes free of charge or 3 stamps for postage will be acceptable Address DR J SK1LLEX HOUGHTON Act ing Surgeon Howard Association No 2 South Ninth Street Philadelphia Pa By order of the Directors EZRA D HE ART WELL President GEO FAIRCHILD Srcrctnry G5 Iy AlIO If A fl 9 T E I harrow amp riumnps Cor of Main and 4th streets Louisville Ky HHS HOTEL IS SITUATED m THE CENTRE of the business part of the city convenient to Railroad Telegraph and Express Offices the Post Office and places of Amusement and within one square of tbe principal Steamboat Land ing The proprietors have just refurnished it in n style equal to any House in the country and to the traveling community and persons visiting the city for business or pleasure it offers every induce ment foe gt Araaacr 1 50 peit a j 38 Jy T the Bank The proprietors and manufacturers of IIOS TETTKIPS CELEBRATED STOMACH BIT TERS can appeal with perfect confidence 10 physicians and cnizens generally of flic United States because the article lms utiaincd a repu tation heretofore unknown A few facts upon thi point will speak more powerfully than volumes of bare assertion or blazoning puffery The consumption of Hostetler apos s Ftomaeh Bit ters for the la gt t year amounted to over a hn If ni i lli sn Isoldes and from its manifest suady increase in times past it is evident Dial during the coming year tho con urr pt ion will reach near one n Ilb gt n bottles This immense amount could never have been sold but for the rare medicinal j 5 apos pe i ies contained in the prepara tion and I ho sanction of the most prominent physician in those sections of the country where the article is lest known who not only recommend the Bitters to their patients but are ready at all times to give testimonials to its efficacy in all cases of stomachic derangements and the diseases resulting t herefrom This is not a temporary popularity obtained by extraordinary ctttnrts in tlie way of trum peting the qualities of the Itftlcrs but a solid estimation of mi Invaluable medicine wliich is destined to be as enduring a time itself Hostetler apos s Stomach Bi tiers have proved a Godsend to regions where fever and ague and various other bilious complaints have counted tlieir victims ly hundreds To he able to slate confidently that tho Bitters are a ccr nin cure for the Dyspepsia and like diseases is to the proprietors a source of un alloyed pleasure It removes all morbid matter from the stomach purifies the blood and imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system giving it t hut tone and energy indispensable for the restoration of health It operates upon the stomach liver and other digestive organs mildly but powerfully nud soon restores them to 1 condition essential to the healthy discharge of the functions of nature Elderly persons may use tlie Bitters daily ns per directions on the bottle ami they will find iu it a stimulant peculiarly adapted to comfort declining years as it is pleasant to the palate invigorating to the bowels excellent as a tonic ami rejuvenating generally We have the evi dence of thousands of aged men and women who have experienced the benefit of using this preparation while gt uttering from stomach de rangements ami general debility acting tinder the advice of physicians they hare abandoned all deleterious drugs aud fairly tested the merits of this article A few words to the gentler sex There aro certain periods whoa tlieir cares arc so harassing that many of them sink under the trial The relation of mother and child is so absorbingly lender that tlie mother especially if she he young is apt to forget her own health in her extreme anxiety for her infant Should tlie period of maternity arrive during the summer season the wear of body and mind is generally aggravated Here then is a necessity for a stimulant to recupe rate the energies of the system and enable the mother to bear up under her exhausting trials and responsibilities Nursing mothers gene rally prefer the Bitters to all other invigora tors that receive the endorsement of physi cians because it is agreeable to the taste as well as certain to give a permanent increase of bodiTy strength All t hose persons to whom wc have particu larly referred above to wit sufferers from fever ami ague caused by malaria diarrhoea dysentery indigestion loss of appetite and all diseases or derangement of the stomach superannuated invalids persons of sedentary occupation and nursing mothers will consult their own physical welfare by giving to Hos tetler s Celebrated Stomach Bitters a trial CAUTION We caution the public against using any of the many imitations or counter feits but ask for JIostettku s Cki kbkatkd Stomach Bittkus and sec tlmt each bottle lias the word Dr J Hosteller apos s Stomach Bill era blown on the side of ths bottle aud stamped on the metallic cap covering the cork and observe that our aulograpli signature is on the label Sir Pjjgparcd and sold byHOSTETTER amp SMITH Pittsburgh Pa and sold by all druggists grocers and dealers generally throughout the United States South Aine rica and Germany hy Euro lied PAIN KII Li jt is consul re lt by lhe natire Wl 11 peau residents in ilioxe i liinatea s I II K l Kit EJ V As a Tonic for Hio Stomach it tew iloset will relic cc IXDIGEgTiov anj it is olten a perlect euro lor DYspkii iptte moot aggravated forms It toeic Uting propm ties arouainc h e V atenf ac4ion rentier it xto ellecluabnre for V 6 r u quot apos I DS A n COL us n osod according to direction gt r extavaal anplicatiAn if cal preparation knot quot u quot 5U P ed by au dr apos DlKlTJlATlitjf apos cured b y quot i t y re n e V n Tho llf r red n vi 8 ol t r iC i0n quot iurtauu TOOTHACHE liii ca ael quot apos slcpwf kept near at hand be used i cases ol scvei iM K s t il P t u 1 n quot ra tVt apos i apos iTi oc cnrJln S apos drreclions it sri ui miAiinty 5 mMree fo n V lin8 quot Rivers 11 apos rc lol gt s accompany ea lt bolllo by at e cre r U n e k ery v riw quot apos the almost constant colt quot quot lo It gt quot O apos tho rnissionarv ind tho re 0 quot quot U ni ble r i lt i wunuj 0 u 0 T e iT 0l ld u quot vcl apos 0 1 Lkesm rivers So d by Dealers everywhere T1 CAUTION uino PiTite Kill apos ll 11 be Ciuliw s that they p the gen r H aa quot quot quot un P 1 apos lnciplcd men nse tb thev deceive tlm c apos n quot W0 quot hle apos Ompnunda and thus ul infringe upon U w I nce 2o eta SO eta and t pe boltle J N HARRIS k GO 1 ropnetors to tlie South and West o Cincinnati f Haskell X 1 Cn 6 t ettsbii r g Ky James Louisa v A f h quot Mrs A A Conk I Camttrnafon g i quot apos T apos h apos Tui W apos f apos Gei g Ibt h ii l I Y Ky V quot A bmitls Guyandotte V r I ortemotOh 0 6r Jxl J apos o d amp Son amp enessee Liniment Rend the Te tinioiiy A TEX YEARS SUFFERER CURED l j Tr Gibbons of IVelJsviUe Ohio was terribly 111 luted lor i c n Ynars with Chronic Rhpuni tisni lt so much so that at time s his body was drawn nearly After in ing all the remedies he resorted I to the GLNbSSEE LINIMENT and was CURED Read what lie sa y v tt r 0 Febvuarv 15 1860 aj kkr Dear Sir It is with gratitude T am able to say that your invaluable Gevessrc Lirti nutti liw been the means of prolonging my life many years i a in now about GG years of ago and for ten year was afflicted most severely with a Chioaic Rheumatism somewhat inflammatory causing my knees and joints to swell and my fingers to her ami Larger at the joints and tesribly i attained They pain caused by this was excrutiating and beyond any description neither ceasing day or night heard of your celebrated rfawsec Liniment and at once applied it and was forced to exclaim Evrctoi It gave me immediate relief and to day I cmi pjry truly that had it not beeu lor this Liniment 1 should long re this have been drawndouble with tho terri ble pain and perhaps in my grave 1 owe inv relief entirely to this invaluable remedy and most wil lingly and thankfully do J give this expression gt any who may be suffering Yours truly GEORGE GIBBONS Every day new evidence is reseivud ol the won derful curative properties of the GENESEE E SI amp h MENT from sufferers in all directions Let tho ve afflicted try it and like Mr Gibbons they will ex claim Kureka Manufactured and sold Wholesale by VV A LlvER Proprietor N U For sale by Ely amp Co Pittsburg Pa Ciotlcttsburg Ky Dry BEN BULK DKAI BK IN Goods Groceries Vc Trout Street fm Icll bnrg liy M I j COLEMAN S I n 1 c r u a t io n nl Hotel NIAGARA FALLS Tins fine hotel rs now ready to re A eeive the traveling public In addition to the improvements made last year Gas has been intro duced in every room Hot and Cold Baths Au splendid Saloon lias been built in which Phiinn a very beet tables are being placed and arrangements made for Ladies fond of the exercise and pleasure of Billiards to enjoy themselves which with the high ceilings of the house perfect ventilation and beautiful grounds makes this house every way de siiable and attractive 50 ly 

The Sandy Valley advocate, 1862-07-31

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Catlettsburg, Ky., Kentucky by J.J. Miller
   Boyd County (The Western Coal Fields Region)