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date (1869-12-31) newspaper_issue  CIT THE RIVERS ber 20 RubicoD took fire near Vicksburg pilot boose burnt damage slight November 24 Only Chance sank in Arkau us nver at Dooglass Landii g total loss lOMired for 9 000 was laden with 875 bales cotton lor New Orleans uf which 8U1 bales THE GIANT CURSE students were admitted to the bar he was Attorney General of the State Ontlines of a Sermon Delivered Oct And yet be feU by Intemperance His Slat in the Cbestunt atreet BaptiS drove his lovely wife from his home and Chnrch lioniaville by Rev J d ed of grief and iboogh he Weaver TOwed In tears of agony above her arave yet continued to drink The moet di tin MNG EXPRESS airaifA i Steamboat Disasters During 186 sas nver at lJ U s Candii g toui loss 31st in the Chestnut street Bapli ms lovely wife from his home and NINfi S NrWS r r 1 Inenred for f9 000 was laden with 875 bales Church Conisville hv Rev J JH tosom She died of grief and tboairh he nLifOi Ffom the 8t Louis Republlaan 1 cotton lor New Orleans uf which 801 bales Weaver bowed in tears of agony above her arave yet l i February 1 Propeller Crescent City and I apos were saved in damaged condition tftt atwi nohtAoinnpas continued to drink The moet diltin viNC FXPRFss bariie sank in Ohio river at Flint Island total j December 7 The R ed river packet stumer of rlght ne UlenUnd piety in the United MNG EXPRESS loss boat insured in EvansvUle for 14 000 RicUmoud struck a sawyer twelve miles below and judsmeal Felix iremoien Slates wept and prayed ovo gt hib Allin vain 1st of Januarv will be ob i cargo iubured in Chicago for 3 900 The Shi vepori and sunk She is a total 1 lt She The Anosno Pinl was a bold man He waa pairiach of American Judges I Flora Bu k in Dogtooth Bend raised was one of the best boats in the trade No upon one occasiou in a case before the 8u the Evesisg Expriss win j Februarv 3 Lexington burned at New Or lives were lost Insure I in New Orleans hi rp nii on preme Court of the United Steles gaaed with with this issue us public lean insurance expired December 8 The Rebecca struck the Par J f ouf Ser SlTand h Is wKrSiK Wm as a barrister as burst upon i February 23 Peoria City sunk in Missis kersburg bridge and sunk in deep water m a burst of eloquence and argument flowed tnm t leist will terminate ippi rfver ibirty miles above Natcher total few minutes Four lives were lost and the fv om ic h i m iH Aud yet this glorious intellect was for omeume I b lt prored total loss InauroO to Putabor KS Jlu oh V J At oo3 ot totatoporaoce Tf xt au 1 as he reasoned of righteousness g Ked for tsi ni nA vio VkI it ALj temperance and Judgment Felix trembled w tft anA In the United fAcu 2i a5 wept and prayed over him All la vain The Apostle Paul was a bold man He waa Jpo o e not afraid to speak truth upon all occasions Dreme Pourt n tho r w and before all andiences Called npon by Iho bonder on him as illustrious ruler Felix and his wifeDrimilla burst f onA to address tliem upon he subject of Christl quot Rupent flowed from ity one lessboH would havi spoken ofThe S eSd bv a blMUD lnflL e tbU THE PI Personal and C mento fromV Sam He Mevtows Hts Assafil Uhitbd Statbs Pbbbion AOMOT 1 Louisville Kt December 30 1869 As mueb has been said in the aewspapers to to Cincinniu for 8 500 in Pittsburg offic Via Wnt a blasting Influence this e l na u u quot onvenlence to supply jor 7 500 In New Haven Ct lor 3 838 December 11 The Lizzie Gill and Virginia intellect Minds whicn might h e lt i connection with this a a a a V a l 1 T T I w m F 1 1 1 KHe w u U amp U d 1 toFft and had the conrafire u a a enev mtade Mnmavhiit mratrkFiAna an att i ir nece apos sUv acd for tte March near gt ari die Now that another OOO Ineur nibbed here ihenece i March destroyed a DO 1 jDger exbts and we j port La i nati for i nati for 35 000 in Pittsburg for 14 000 In Boat a total loss valued at f St Louis for 3 000 and iu NewHaveu for Cmcim atl offices for 9 000 il MURDER 3 000 cargo insured in 8t Louis for about 75 000 of judgment 8o pointed was his address so vivid the December 15 Ihe steamer Luminary powers capacila struck a bluff bar above Osceola and dam v r u u k hi ceotible of of Heaven I wlU not dweU upon this thought hra V lasi i tooa cnarge oi The loss of an Immortal spirit so Godllkl in ui apos it powers capaciiated for such high enjoy payments to which my P him by me cialmante in tbeintc piainiug to Mr Gulls 0 000 struck a bluff bur above Osceola and dam i March 20 Ben Johnson burnt at St Louis aged herself suflftclentlv to compel her re ill KMVftd vnliic A5 000r insured in St ttof Vi tshnru fnr renairs miDlelcr Ol lUe gOSpci lO hiirh eninv reversed the rules of paymeuts to which my 1 ptemiug to vr UaUKgG PI 1 predecessor bad adhered acd about the 15th under oate of October 5 f AastwHi anH xvAHman saved value 25 000 insured la St ut Jtihfi apos Louls for 3 000 ai iu foreign companies I December 17 ibeJ Bjker a si i hMrf d I for 15 000 uocargo A boat loaded with pig Iron for Cm c gt 1 Murcii 29 Henry Adkin bamt at St Louis i sunk at Caney Six miles below Sa i bull saved loaded with 200 tons of freight ihe Ci mberlund river Total loss apos sriMOAV i Benton value of boat 30 000 in December 21 The steamers Clia m h quot w r a small steam tempcraoee It cannot be wrong for mrDtetcryt eM a Ynflict nno Bn either in persoo or by cheefe drkwn I your is the first complaint yet heard Dec berlT ibeJ to day ti follow his example Hence I onsidS payable to their order only and that no money T Immediately on tUe cWmnto have Chosen by request for my subject to uiTidnal men In f nVirn iiriJifl would be paid to any attorney or claim agent apos m lt le to me I notified my predecessor tna day the oooosite of temperance as leading to oc eu ami th f fa apos mi apos v This rule 1 found to be absolutely nscea ary apos regarded ibis charge as uaaatboriz d an i r5Uue r firm apos s apos uur rjifii ti i S SVut apos i apos i fo ctoSVu the Moktog d h TEMPk gt c crowd S rpetotooltorie It mi oo lre apos to Sd apos To S total loss of the Swallow The Swallow was It Is the giunt curse of our age It is on ith thieves robbers and murderers Our to nenamner at ii Th i nower or that of oth r m a i en route to Cmciuuati from New Orleans and the increase in itspower over men Its burn papers are tilled with horrors produ ed by lu to Mrattonie or clai J eIuT f cofl tine wlv wbL 1 re i ed iw an l lS chlr wa beavllv laden Her carg was valued at ing tide is blasting our fair heritage It be A man drlaks till fully demented and then attor Snai mrre 7 7 e voucS r 130 000 insured in Cincinnati offices The comes us thetefore to reason about it in returns home and with an ax cleaves open the nt is rcuoired to sim apos by him I had agreed to and stUl wend was valued at 32 000 iubured in Liucin quire into the cause of its increase and If akuU of his wife and cuts off the heads of hi hw apos Lr r the naU office for 000 possible sUy its terrible ravages chUdren Soc Intempemuce f trest tateveH the te U Lntho i S llw Ye quot apos apos apos was quot quot eutiUed quot quot December 27 ieamer Ai osy exploded tub cause or its fearful increase ized to receive belore payment can be made I having prepared the voacherv as I h i steam pipe and scalded four fersonih two At the present time I concieve that there I apos apos quot oI ci apos cmcnt by Us power Peace and Tweutyffive ceute is the fee allowed apos done on those already paid him provided i fa ly Ti apos iiit are two great causes of this great evil both we dine and sup by law for preparing vouchers lor payments f would sign the receipts and powers of at tor December The steamers ild Wagon mtje regarded and seldom relerred to in the Oo and no m re Yet it has been a custom nol ney and would mvself remit the check D t rM AW I i gt Yua l lltl r v v s IiTIIh fl rASlfl III I ITiTi tifaTir sh i ri t T 1 A liavni leV i small steam lemperaoee It cannot be wrong for ministcrsar noon ite victim But we tli Sioners eiiner in persoo or by ebeeb drawn yonrw u ffic nrsi cc ndnuaul of to day to follow his example Hence I payable to their order only and that no money Immediately on S mland in chosen by request for my subject to uivjdual men to notice brieflv ite effecte iin atlomcv or claim agent made to me I notit anuihl n m av the ooposite of temperance as leading to This rule 1 found to be absolutely nacea ary apos regarded this cha the discussion of the same truths reasoned lii Lt sured fur 11 000 in foreign companies cargo in ured foi 44 000 in St Louis and for 10 wom Boards at the corner of in ured foi 44 000 in St Louis and for dway sl ep at the shop Ou ooO in Eastern agencies Dec 13tti John Stewart was March 29 Carrie V Ronntz burnt a roouu iNt apos D came lo liuout 2 000 iii 8t L apos UlH amp ud b amp ldiiCc in Pittsbor y ou tee lonaA of their vuuv I had on board 100 tuns of freight for Fort Ben tos pa lt U MOtoi I ceanl a ton o the room u louno the lt le March 29 G B A apos leu burnt at St Louis btutiuKiiyhi hull saved value 10 000 insured for 5 000 steam pipe and scalded four persons two VrrnM ID St Louls aud 5 000 IU Eastcm compauibs fatally IW apos UtlOH s ki e o i lt nr mi TV apos ll l 9 boi lt li yM luHiter apos I rewrued the luaiter apos cargo insured for 29 500 in foreign com ia Tued the I ul TFkkriMiiNV Fort Benton value of boaL 30 000 in December 21 The steamers Champion No eauc trutus reusonen All are well aware that it fumbhes victims apos sured for 11 000 in foreign companies cargo 6 and Swallow collied about three miles be br our police courts It fills our jails It holdinir the m worn B iards at the corner of in ured foi 44 000 in St Louis and for 10 low CiDciunali resulting iu the sinking and intemperance crowds our penitentiaries It tills our streets an i months ai dway slt ep at the shop Ou j OuO in Eastern agencies total loss of the Swallow The Swallow was It is the giunt curse of our age It is on ith thieves robbers and murderers Our to oensionci Dec 13th John stewari wm j March 29 Carrie V Ronntz burnt at St en route to Cincinnati from New Orleans and the increase in itspower over men Its burn papers are tilled with horrors produi ea by lu toanvattome i a sl enmg i Lou s total value 25 000 inspeu for wa gt beavllv laden Her carg was valued at ing tide is blasting our fair heritage It be A man driaks till fully demented and then semi annual roouu To tet n came ID Btoour f 2 000 iu St L quot Uis and balance in Pittsburg 130 000 insured iu Cincinnati offices The conies us therefore to reason about it in returns home and with an ax cleaves open the yj nati offices for 23 000 December 27 Steamer Argosy exploded a At the present time I concieve that there I December 27 The steamers Wild Wagon ner and Richmond collided near Texas Laud are two great causes of this great evil both by law for preparing vunebers lor payments f would sign the receipts and powers of attor little regarded and seldom relerred to in the f and no m re Yet it has been a custom nol Deji hud would myself remit the checks a hwaru hn taat ulk i Match 29 Jennie Lewis burnt at St Louis ing in the lower river the Wild Wugouner te key lu cuujU I total lot vain 40 000 insured for 30 000 was badly damaged the Richmond was com mand Ye 7 fc eS 1 paratively unhurt we Wi uld leave mm a a ta us when We came hi k Ac e hon Ja lt oli Anai lt gt di nro b c adt b gt d the oiner ke gt The It any one to any van of ihe retuini d o tne room f found March 29 Armenia burnt at Sl Louis total laii cij uu XI o Naturally men do not have an appetite for I mm me money nue pensioners lor weens and Decembir27 The steamer Leonora No alcohol The to apos te must be created acqu r i months and in some cases not to pay It at jm Madison while making a lamiiug at the child unless diseased by being de i I apos soul IL I have now at this agency the evidence ynisville wharf raa Into the wteelhoube oi geended from a drunken parentage does not always flow from her sad eyes in several cases where money baa been paid to k AC value 12 0wv owned and insured in from Madlaon while making a lamiiug at the child unless diseased by 1 t nro h PUuburg cargo yalia d at 10 000 insured In Louisville wharf raa Into the wteelhoube oi geended from a drunken parentage f of The a o T Mary Houaton and damaged herself bO as have a tastc or spirituous liquors toi o 1 totototo totouiB But bv ber tear rJimrt March 29 I anuie Scott burnt at St Louis to cause her to sink In a few minutes lu 10 di rees iliruugh example of others it ig AQd wakes to sigh the livelong nlghte a wav ai into Yf apos cargo of 100 tons fret of water led to cultivate a teste for the vile stuff If there Is a type of Heaven on this Bn saying ne was cola Did I apos K for Fort BentOD v ued at 100 000 On the Inst the steamer JI Aithur Many a father and mother who cursed earth It is the home where the fatnily attorney U wholly irrespousible has spent I that I should at once report bis action to l apos i gt uueied I only juiige as 10 losurea lu bi Loulsfor 27 1190 and in struck an obstruction In Crawford s Cros we p tears of blood over a way ward dissipa is bound together with cords of love each the money and the poor widow or the dead Department which I did and immediat Were by ihe wua 1 of iiicli other companies lor 15 500 inge 100 miles below St Louis and damaged ted lost boy have themselves been the cause member seeking the others apos good Angels soldier is penniless To prevent all such ac i recctrc apos l order from the Commissioner lt V I herselfso as to sink at Benneit s Landing in of his ruin The father s morning dram the n ight rejoice lo dwell in such a place And cidente which is rather a mild term to use in Pensions direciicg me te pay no mor oik workl ai Lme niYJ krTth a apos r q deepwater She was heavily laden valued mother s wine upon the dinner teible to satis I apos there Is a type of bell it is the drunkard s a matter of this kind 1 adopted the plan of voucher prepared by E F Gallagher or any aaej On tbe DigM ui he 18ih f Ra iwio 92 000 in at 000 insured for o5 000 cargo insured fy tjje demand ol fashion these have been home nay the drunkard s tovel En making all pavmente direct to the pensioner one acting for him deliver no checks to him eu parti s up to about 10 5 C ter FT iKXL for 000 Boat raised on the 15th and re the lt auscs of his destruction A father s ex trr such a place cf wretchedness and the heart on checks to bis or be order This secures i nor reco ize him as an agent or attorney f gt r ti lt in uD he corD r ot sixih and r T apos Cap au turned lo St Louis tor repairs ample is much more potent than a father s aches at the desolation Well bus the rioet to them their money and it removea from pensionera lu any manner whatever ID ladi wt ni tui bixth ireet lo apos u The sttMmer Itasca of the N W U P word He may give good words of connsel pictured it honest men tbe temptation to use even for a As many vouchers with his name writti apos Honma apos Y h Kiiv ti P i rf Company wto sent to Paducah Ry after Uic and advice to abstain from drink but if he Within a chamoer pale and dim day moneys belonging to others All well in them as attorney had net yet ocen filed 0iiu7l7a Yn apos l rabiv f iY New Orleans cargo and boat close of navigaUoo last year to be ov erhauled himsell induLes in a morning dram or a A nale wan woman w iw m vYn meaning people approve of this mode of the agency or returned by the parties ail i apos hibeuiasl saw I nad been wiih apos j i fn n a nn it and while there was burned to the waters social glass all his advice is as uothirg Through the long anxK us hour for him makirg payments and it has given univereal were received after this date with his name i i parties fiom 6 o clock up to 10 April lu A ihompson sunk in Arkan edge She was valued at 15 000 no insur jq jjg inllueiice upon his son Tbe Away in want and wasting rain satisfaction to pen siooers to merebante and them had to be returned to the p iriie f lt r 100 000 led to cultivate a teste for the vile stuff j II there Is a type of Heaven on this sin teiD tbe money due pensioners for weeks and hch had been and still was the cusb m a months and in some cases not to pay it at some agencies and it is a qnestion of siu o alL 1 have now at this agency the evidence doubtful authority with me that I have Uctcr in several cases where money baa been paid to mined to repay to all parties at the next semi attorneys who have kept tbe whole amonot annual payments the 25 cents deducted o i paid amounting lu one case occurring within the claims collected by my predecessor us b gt the prefect year to over 5ff0 Tbe agent or fee for prc 4iring same 1 also informed bin til IU un he corD r ot Sixth and ID udi wt ni cut bixth treet lo as oiiuUug considerably They bad total loss and whU I MnSY apos apos f om apos 6 i ct k uTm apos lo Thompson sunk in Arkan Sge 8 d snstuot sain ne w usgoing out hon e I below Little Rock boat ance Live on Euthih s ree doe lo with cargo was totally de The factuiy I knew deceased About 2 troyed seventeen lives lost boat valued at atWTllo apos uirduy night Decemoer 13tb 1369 12 U00 and itaured in Cinciunati in twenl to my hou and leaked me up April 11 Aide Sullivan acd Quickstep col damage and exclleo uod lo d me that nock boat ance young man thus influenced by his pa totally de The War Ea le was sunk daring November Vents at home having a taste created for t valued at I at W illow bar in the St Croix but was raised alcohol goes forth to meet with his gay com 1 in twenty four hours without any serious panious He does not care so much for the I aud exciteo unrt mid ih r o uuuiogc Wine oul all uoout uim iDuuige auu he must b en apos kiliem I w lt nt over with I l uHivan was sunk Total j The Ariel was sunk at Clinton imme day follow their example and thus be is I apos d on 1 that biewart was dcau I 7 ago valued at 8 000 total loss no insurance i ijy associates and his elders urtil he is lied him p t vf Antelope burnt near Yancton The Cutter which belonged to the old La I past redemption he is a drunkard So com Ttarough tbe long anxlcus hour fur him Away in want and wasting rain A babe upon ber knee Is pining Its winning miles all scared a war She almost hopes the sun s next lay May on Its calm cold coipse be shining Poor watcher I be comes nut ste dreams Perchance of her old home and now Upstarting wi b aluiid brow Clasp the babe closer to hei iireast That dying cnlid yet inved tbe best honest men tbe temptation to use even for a As many vouchers with his name writti apos day moneys belonging to others All well m them as attorney had net yet oeen filed gt apos meaning people approve of this mode of the agency or returned by tbe parties ail t apos quot making payments aud it has given univereal were received after this date with his name i i satisfaction to pen siooers to merchants and them bad to be returned to the pirtie f lt r bankers and other bnsiness men in this city apos vouchers all of which would have bcc i who have heretofore been troubled by having avoided and the delay to pensioner vouchers sent them by tbeir country have been saved had be in the Lr customen to adiust their balances which place had tbe vouchers in almost half the cases had to be I to tbo agency vouchers mailed approved ana I moll now is the habit of drinking that a young The wife pines In bumiliaiion The child I man must have courage not to be led astray a drunkard s child shrinks from observa I from the path of sobriety All ages drink ilou as soon us it realizes tbe rather condi re turned for conection thereby giving them r ceipis on all that were correct in f jn mneb annoyance and d lay This rule will sent the checks to the parties received h prove a sonree of great relief for ID future they I letf l fee twenty five cents in each c is gt apos will not get these vouchers at all bat instead i which was in all ca es reserved for him m will have sent them the pensioner s checks than half the whole amount of which h properly indorsed npon which they will at been paid him and the remainder has bei i once realize their money awaiting hia order for two months past ono Siarchl d the hjuse OUl al Wto Ultua I nuu no owu ao iu lamci OOUUI Utovic v u uvj w w m gt r none upon An iadi Af quot h t The old man the youth the tender maiden lion Many a bright and beautiful boy has once realize their money awaiting hia order for two months past an siMiion liouse 1 touDd iba oimmes sank at Leopold s The packet company also unk three barges tbe ebureb meuiticrs the prolessor in colleges felt the sting of the taunf Tour are a drunk The pensiuncis uow get their money and not made the demand for a fee Q 4 P law did no Bsbei n shown lu couit All Fort Hudson Boat during the season all of which were raised in every class of soeiety moderate drinkers ard s son Intemperance thus poisons tbe they know just how much they get and no and does not authorize II qaeeilua as 10 where Me There were a few other slight mishaps to are found Uow can a young man keep him source of apos happiness the home circle It claim agent can withhold it from them be Notwithstanding all these ancoTance lt f A Tin I l m A tri t II V v 1 Ho olr At A xwv L X A i4 k n A U ktox v x A 4 4l A l x 4 gt aI Atxy apos tl gt 0 T ttx fy 1 W 4 1 apos p V avMs vs s a a luau IkCCU lllliJ f DUUl V C UI Ua lUGOS UUUJG VJIlUICs Ih V4a 4tu w a4UV Ava aw sawau X V i 71 V V apos I te r 1 4 1 7 coal oargrefi atruck gome of tbe ooats of tbe pocket compauy telf pure wbeu bo many example are befoie I crui bes tbe motber a heart blasts tbe hopes cause the checks to peoaioners are useless m apos the otb day of October last the la gt t vouch I peid I a I 1 1 n l Ht noDC we believe involviug a loss of life him B t the other grand cause of tbe I of tbe children aud damns tbe father Look their hands until properly indorsed hytho pen fil d in th apos is office was paid or returned totl gt the dec ae o I found a except on the Victory Sbe exploded a steam progress of the evil of imempetance is the now fora moment at its influence upon na siouer As this regulation gives great offense parties for correction aud since that ae2iani3ril soniie I April 24 Uiilda sunk In Missouri river apos i i 1 k Wi luug auu Venus I above bioux City value 12 000 insured one man was killed 75 pipe at Clinton not long since by wbicb one love of money riom lb nature of me lu Filtsburg fur 8 00 gt total lots TlWi NurUmni Ml r apos 1 apos April 25 Tennessee sunk in Mis apos uotl ton and anotliM ih csi apos K I apos r 75 miles below Sioux city cargo partly wwerahted bCffman nd insured in Cli apos H apos fu a riineafili uiui 1 93 500 aud in Eastern companki lor 5 500 alirtoav ntsht I was out apos April 25 Mok Wall euDK in Missouri iiy 1 nil Ihe itist lime I saw I near Wyoming en route to Ft Benton bM iw NS I can reiueoibcr I rained end cargo partly saved apos i apos rekon and B oad lt uy May 12 Clillon burnt at Cincinnati total G n Buell Cln apos li VtXTAnt r tHza ila K a xa a aFA 4 A a Am lions In the language of our eloquent w ir to a small number of claim agents iu this ciiy checks have in alt ca es been sent oat by in gt L t 11 I Hwt hiti apos IiI aiK pef diiio the rcoe apos ni of t insured one man was killed This is a powerful influence It sways the ter it has eaten away tbe strength of empires ot to all for a number approve U who at next day s mail succeeding the receipt of t Tteis NorUmm line had a barge sunk at Clin desliuy of millions God tells us that tbe I wasted the energies of Stales blotted out the once made war ou my rulings aud on myself vouchers or the vouebers returned i f i MiS apos onil ton and anothST at Dubuque both of whict love of money is tbe root of all evil It is names of families and crowded hcli called a little cousulta ion mceti apos jg at the 1 recliou go partly were raked the root of this dreao evil For money men with tenants Egypt the home of office of J II II Woodward whi for his I There are agencies for ayiag d in Cin apos prepare places of ruin for young un n It ap Jf cieuce Babylon the wonder and Illegal charges to peobioner nd for witkhold m Keuluokv Tho whole puiiwcr of pen i iK impanka quot iL t ieurs that for it mep iUilo anytlung 2 1 of the world Greece the ing apos ir ceriibcaiea aud Onev wf h ho ii rolis on the dOih day of June lt News Eiu i i i L StiooirTto ciyiuTD t Wer ie rniow and liberty Ifo v aimagenTlnd attorney for pen was four thousand sl x hundred and twei luri liyar r liUfTJi it hoi for this Jove men would cea e the traf f i f ov fnT earth each in sioners by the Commissioner of Pensions apos ihri apos c 4 62 f There are two agencies for payiat Icr and I illegal charges to peub ion errand for witkhold Keuluokv Tho whole piui amp cr of pen iout e the 1 iog A apos Wr cerillicaica aud y pnev wss O quot iw ii rous on the 30ih day of June to S r gt aim agvnTand attorney for pen I was four ihousaud sl x hundred and fwei ikx aaaSx I InnciisL Hv fKa n i apos km wA 4 apos earth each in sioners by the Cummi gt sioDer of Pensions thn 6 Thia ag ncy has ou its rolls several hundr i The last nnie 1 saw i near Wyoming en route to Ft Benton bM ireVa i 11 c in intoxicating liquors No gilded hell its turn had its heart lacerated by this dread before I came into this agency and has been Thia ag ncy has ou its rolls several hundr i r NS I can reiueoibor I rairosd and cargo partly saved apos with its architectural beauti s would be reared fnl canker worm and thus became an easy again Bu peuded for similar acts since tbeir names more than tiic Lexiu fOa agenev rrkon and Buad lt uyl May 12 Clillon burnt at Cincinnati total G n Buell Cln Oen Lytie Cln in our midst No grog shops would curs prey to tbe destroyer America is now like plan of action matured aod immediat lypriited troui the 4ib luy of beplember to t ntwent to the Ga h j p g value 30 000 in ured in Ciuemnati for SCorntmi 8iar aen l 8on Phil Sberntau st Louis our cities For mouey meu will deal destruc a giant struggling with the monster It has prut ste aud remoiisirunccs afidres i d to the 5th day ot October 1 767 pcus ons were no Y to i 922 500 i nr h quot N n upon their fellow men a hold upon our country s vitals It rules Senate of the United States aimeu to affect quot lt 1 143 918 29 uUi ur eu bince 1 i le and went lo Sleep I Muv 13 W apos estmoreland burnt at Cincinnati J W Partem cm lu no urgn tv i This love blindA their eyes to the pale and in Icglsla live halls Congressmen and Legis my i outirmatiou iu wh ch they tel forth a charge of thcagei cy two thruiaudci apos bt hu isV good bumoiedly Talue apos FJO OOO lUburcd In CiDCinuatt for 915 oo D gt ri i ir n weary countenances of thousands ot wives lators are under Us influence Under its in large number of scurrilous charges mo i of drea and eigbly oue pensiona have bJeu siftart I uev r saw UOO DEPABTl KKis Dec lo and mothers cursed by druuken husbands and fluence tho curse of a fratr cid il war fell which arc absurd on their faco aud the re amounting to ihc um of two hununaa did not hear An i May 12 Melnottc burnt at Cincinnati value Ben Franklin Cm Phil Sheriuau Cln sons It stops their ears to tbe wails and upon us To day by l s rings it seeks the mainder absolute falsehoods These papers i eighty Uiousaud eight hnuiired and one de quot 7 1 did i oi hear a I insured in rinciuLati for 96 000 B C Gruy Plttsbuig Spray Nashville sobs of orphans cast upon the cold charity ol nation s life It is seeking to undermine were circulated through the eij and sent out apos I r3 and bciv six cents lt i80 sOl CO 5i ii mVf dd wh apos u apIi I May 12 Cbeycnn burutatCmcmnail to biiats LEAVING TO n V the worid by parents dying of intemperance oe grand temple of hberty Uncheck all over the Stole by J H H VWward with the day I received my first remitiaace th en awoke I tried apos o i tal lo value 28 dOO insured for 914 000 BOATS l M iodai What will it not do To day there is a ed it will rum oar notional greatness letters requesting signatures A very large 29ih ot July last ihw agency has never 1 iRV go5d liumoiedly Talue apos FJO 000 insured In Cmcinuatt for 915 f slfUrt I uev r saw 000 DEPABTLKKn U ec lO did not heat An j Mav 12 Melnottc burnt at Cincinnati valne Ben Franklin Cm Pbll Sheriuau C 11 000 insured in nneiunati for 96 000 B C aniy Plttsbuig Spray Nashville DEPABTlKEh Dec 30 tllD Cm Pbll Sheriuau Cln er gt uruuk and all 1 le apos ollec a juop auu f li dowa u a pal May 12 Cbcyeun burnt at Cmcmnaii to hiiats LEAVI U TO D W leep When awoke I trh i lt o j lal loss value 928 000 insured for 914 000 iwai b i ed as I to us cold and ant lt d a apos cargo valued at 50 000 apos iY quot iitoA apos rt apos tor nn 1 p u An Li freouemly I iS y 12 Darling burnt at Cincinnati huU K o aVand birgesV N 0 4 p h quot apos eaveu value 30 000 insured in Cmcmnati Edlnbureh Cln y VI as then close 1 and after a lor 24 000 by Oen ral Jackson for tne de 1 May 12 Mary Erwm burnt at CincinnaU xiie river fell from 6 o dock yesterday 1 Hagao lor the Commonwealth value 15 000 insured in Cmcinn ti and Fitts evening until o clock this morning 6 lueb s uiPd to tbe court TOe Judge I burg fur 10 000 Total ireighi on above six Ther Is now 10 feet 5 Indies In ihe can il and 8 Imony and remarked ou toe j boats valued at 100 000 all insured teet 5 Inches lu tbe chute VVeaiber clear unu ciD 4 p M cry going up from thousands jfive us extinguish our hopes of future glory anil number have been retnrued to me by the par out of fands In mv priuted circular of tL money give us money though earth be en pJunce us into tbe abyss of oblivion Even U f whom they were addressed together 15th day of August I requested all pensioner I nd barges 5 o iP M gujpp apos cd in bell give ns money Join these now its waves ol red rum are pour ig their with the letters sending them out with the w gt have their vouchirs sent airecilv to tl two causes together and we hare the reason tearful torrents over all and cnrslng aud statement that they not only knew nothing of agency aud had all complied wiih lh rn apos c apos II TTpetppitoTr f quot apos fearful progress of Intemperance in blasting eveiything good and lovely Itwlil the charges but believed them false that they deity would have been saved me nver leii irom D octocK yi sitruay our midst And wuat a fearlul monster it is damn us unle s its Influence is stayed What were well satisfied with my course and would I If in future this request is eompded wir Ther ls now 10 feet iDCues Tn Ibus so rapidly iucreasing Let m is the remedy We have not time to dwell have sothmg whatever to do with the move apos and the attorney left olank they will in a apos i leei 5 Inches lu the chute Weaiber clear ana look at its aw ful effects Imony and remarked ou tie tanilal evidence No pGioI ib t d a being fouud on the I Orleans total loss uniusuredL May 13 Steamship Mexico burnt at New pleasant with the ibeimomeler at 40 degiees blasting eveiything good and lovely It wlil tke charges but believed them false that they delay would have been saved damn us UDle s its influence is stayed What were well satisfied with my course and would I If in future this request is eomp apos ied wit is the remedy We have not time to dwell have nothing whatever to do with the move apos and tbe attorney left olank they will in a apos i upon the answer We can only suggest two ment against me So tar I have not heard of I cases be paid wiihout delay As no mon lt v Tbe Spray arrived on time thi 3 mom Oaly one thing Msy 17 Leni Leoti sunk in Arkansas nver ing She flilpd out here with ell sbe wanted both ax that a t rrlble a cruel j value 12 U K boat aud cargo total loss bad b en committed but May 19 Benton sunk iu Missouri river 174 Y from Nashville bnn disease up ou quot ihe body quot apos Second Let Cbristians patriots and phUan 1 e whatlvCT The whole thing originated and in this State ju tices and clerks apos ar e apos v i ii aLv 25 4 apos ora S sunk tiftv miina ahnvA thp The Edinburgh from New Orleans ar too terribly leacues this sad truth W escelt thropists join in a crusade auainst it Let J H H Woodward and a few disaatis slat ate required to administer the uecex a y have killed himseli Ihe rtvec this morning aud dlscharued a consldera in every ca e of orunkenness Look at the ihe war be one of extermination United ef bed claim agenta who aided him and it has oaths wtihoul charge This agency has in Jury the proper tilounsl oanfo msurea le lot of sugar cotton and molasses lor this port first poor drui hard that crosses your th fort will check its awful progress and though been carried on hj him aud them Possibly a mshed and will In all cases fnmisb bl UK from Nashville 10 000 insured in St Louts May 25 Cora 8 sunk fifty miles above the ine Jiiaini of freight and people The Robert Moore is the next boat due When we see its effects wc are astonished things to bo done and leave yon to enlarge a single Republican or even Democrat of any j now paid lo allomeys or agents tlicirempiov that men will yet aid its progress we arc upon them prominence or standing m this city or out of i meui iu the city by peusiouers at a aistan astonished that men do not rise up as one First Let each determine to forsake it or of any business man who has done busi and the sending ot vouchers apos otheui is uoiii man and hurl it from the world See its forever moderate drinking Let It not at this agency since I have bad control of a useless waste of time aud money The fe cti apos ects upon individual mai be brought iulo tho family as a leverage uu 4he same who has signed these papers or for preparing vouchers for p apos lymml ai We need not physicians to tell us that it der any circumstances gt m Nashville bnugs disease upou the body Observation Seconc The Edinburgh from New Orleans ar too terribly leacues this sad truth W e see it thropists taken any intere t in this movement against twenty five cents on each case anil no morr wKa vaa apos FHa xaIa 4M a 7f a X I AMtol S 4l Sx a 4 a a 1 and n7 Id A udi I C apos meinnati for 10 886 apos axhattnat bodv mav i Jitu SwaHow sunk in Mississippi river at The steamer Phil Sheridan arrived this Islai apos d 9 Value 20 000 insured iu C apos lncii nati moining from St Louis and denarted for Clncln lt II fJWLKi for 15 000 nati after lanolng and dischaiging JOO tous of June 2 ChiDDCwa Falls snnk ahnvo Toi nfg Iron f or Oiorge 8 Moore 4 Co and about 15 CRam jCDGF CroLe apos F IK uninsured tons of talsc lianeous freight for various parties iKiDAT Dec 81 June 5 The Eau Claire struck the Terre quot 1 Leclair No 2 will positively leave SJelnlt ai gt ml sed Steluli ai ml sed Haute bridge aud damaged herself so baa direct for Teanessec ilv r to moirow at a p ii aqkeunesiand disorderly j that she sank opposite Fort Harrison Total Up to 10 o clock this mormng he Cham GMtrvto pintoT to ith In i Uninsured plon No 6 a sitil at work pumpii g and ir gt lnt ueorge riper wiin in 1 gt i nlA T onria s raldto I he 1 e innrB She ton niotoie l cr miit gt ry and larceny dls river was raised ble lot of sugar col ton and mola ises lor this port first poor drut kard that crosses your gt ath fort will check its awful progress and though been carried on by him aud them Possibly a nishsd and will In all cases fumisli bluu Thp fiteamer Phil Sheridan arrived thio See the tremblipg nerves the bloodshot and it may not wholly banish it yet it will check few disappointed office seeking Republicacs op which to drew penslon s on application free moinintr from St Louis and denarted for Clneln watery eyes Ihcl swoleu cheek the tottering its induence break its power and rescue many m tins city aud it m y be Uial they have also of charge and when desired will fill up apos natt after lanolng and dlschaigm form Drunk ime ss did it souls from iU jaws of death Friends of enlisted one or two onuidere who ngard popers ready tor payment if pensioners w i igironlar OcorgeS MooreS and aboutlo consider how It soon destrois the grace temperance follow the example of the Apostle tj einselves sorely neglected by the au when sending Jictr applicaiion for blank ions of nilBC liaueous freight for various parlies of human shape spoiling me beauuous face Faul in the text rniaon about temperance till Ihonties at Washington who believe mc ose tbcir pens on certificatea wbicb wi The Leclair No 2 will DOsitivelv leave PullluHue cheeks blearing ihe curious ete men will hear and be couvUced Stop not with Ihey have a claim superior to my in all cases be iMurntd to incm with dirnct for TeBuessee ilv r to moirow at a P u Studolng tbe face with Vicious heraldry temperance When you have brought the gt n to tne favor of the Kepuidican vouchers The tee al lt iwed the agent ai T in r j to Hat pearls and rubles does the wine disclose fallen one to his right mind when he has parly who have d lt jne more work and upheld twenty live cents lor preparing vouchers Lp to 10 o CIOCK imsmormng me Luam Making toe pur e poor to enrich the no e entered the Temple point him to right tli advanced principles of Republicanism flfiecu cents for oath of idenutv oroathtt plon No 6 wa still at work pumpii g and ir gt lng Bow does u nurse Jlease Infect the heart eousness and judgmenL Temperance will more boidly and earuestJv than myseli since an attorney and lees prescribed by the laws not save the sojl nly the cross of Christ r adtil holes 10 the hull of tbe Leonora that had not dasicHs on age aud williui poverty apos s blood shcd can save the soul f jrever lought bled and aied during the late war more oatea te witnessca been dlscovereij I drowus thy bettor pa ts makiog thy name May all here have the robe of r apos tgbteous vmicuUy tuau did I aud I coufees my ser All fees to peustou agents ar gt d all fee Tlip steamer Richmond lieinre nnnvoid 1 apos apos laughter to thy lr gt ends a shame ness be temperate In all things and be y ctu in this last lioe were small who work charged pensioners for prepwriog vouoher June 5 vnuie Laurie sunk in Kanawha t r lse i be Leonora Sbe ua ptogie gt gt iag quite Drawing some slckne s into every pun It toa gt thouvhi that there aeie other It weak the brain It polis tbe memoiy Julv 6 Louisiana burnt Pair i Tniot 1 4 be hull Of the Leonora that bad not dasicHs un age aud williui poverty R 1 I Winn l discovered I drowus thy bettor pa ts making thy The Steamer Richmond being unavoid laughter to thy ir ends a shame quot ness be temperate In all th abu detained did not Lave New u 1 an iinill But worse than even this it ruins tue Intel ready for tbe judgment atlast Wednesday evenlag the cleared ibat port lor lect Nothing so beclouds tbe mind as con thG city Unu d drinking For a time it may appear to The employes of the St Louis amp Peoria add biiUiaocy to intellectual effort and wit to A w toi A HrkAa nrtf Lrnrkw THiif if ail eliy ar on continued loss lu ured at Cincinnati men i arowu w m Nrwion with in July 6 Underwriter burned at Cairo To The steamer Richmond being una void lo loes a laughter to tby ir gt enda a shame tal lo s insured quot ablj detained did not Lave New uii an iinill But worse than even this it ruins tue mtel octlnued i y Honget gnnk in MisRonri riv F an Wednesday evealag the cleared ibat port lor lect Nothing so beclouds tbe mind as con n Alfied Price comin Issoun river 40 drinking For a time it may appear to Jame Jamison ontln iu Ea gt tcru offices The employes of the St Louis amp Peoria add biiUiaucy to intellectual effort and wit to J uly 22 Fcter Balen burnt In tbe upner Packet compauy on Friday evening presented the speech yet who doea not know toat it ul Hoflmin killing John Missouri near Camp ook Value 15 Q0 Captain E A beble wlib a magniaceoi olla sll timatoly rums mmd Otir country shiotoiy Jit a aud Aasisdt held to iusured lor 10 500 wteiOW coff e urn augar bowl aud cream pitcher is full of sad lilustmiions of this truth K n August 2 Su ip Pauline David burnt at the j The New York Sun of December 29 ora rv ivho wM ruined straw mouth of the MissL vSippL has ihe following In August J8C5 Ur M chlln to the State that gave him birth His n 1 toftor 4 apos i apos llpin burnt at Ford s took pa age on the steamb at Si John placeil a 44 nnwoutea brilliancv atraw ready for tbe judgment atlast cd harder and devoted more lime iu aiding to ought to be ubiuisbed aud this I suggested o clevdle the present Administration to place he Commissioner bOoie time siuce i apos av vauen conu BinaTCD than my elf have under the possibility that pensiouer shouiu not be required lo puy amp v SAvCU rnuM rlRATESi if I went out there might lie a cbauce for alall and especially to Government oihcisr themselves or some of their friends to go m who should be by law required it n Ki w i n J been induced to seize this opportunity to take do all ihe work needed in paying peLsion Kemarkaoie experience ol a Re sid nt partin a war made Oo me by a few men whuae and their payiug to pensioters the full aiuouuk OI kiast tioston business it has been to make money for them he law has said they shall have Lvt the p From tbe Boston Traveller selves off tne illegal fees they have retained sion ageuto be paui a fixe J salary iu pro H gt A geutlemau who is now a resident of East quot coll ctiny the pensions due the widows tiou to the amount of their disnnrsemeui Boston states that after an unsuccessful so and orphans of tbe slain soldiers who leil which is the muex ot tne amount of worK nenLeforethecourt cn t euius blazed forth with unwonted brilliancy Boston states that after an unsuccessful so annorpnausoi me siam soldiers who leil wnicn is me muex oi tne amount of worK ntbe Stine neha for 20 16 8 ru wbTb u quot wa ITo eYtijuence he rivaled the Immortal Cto journ in California of several years he took hghting to save the Ufe of toe nation from au each agemy Aud their salaries can be a omnas ionaie atiornev for At sl l3 r sunk near the mo ih vone He sued the company and obtained Jude In h apos latorical information he was surpassed oy passage m a bark bound to New York She Th rcbrl who sought to justed readi y Mier the manner now pur u o cuuina it lt rhtfbir rtiaor T 4 the mouth of me nt bui ihey appealeu In lsilug that ibev bad none In intellectual vigor ho towered above touched at Panama for provisions and water lt l apos ttroy hia country and ruin hla government m ad jus mg those of pcstmasters Uxi un tn ihto hii k to M quot t gt to4Jt gt Uninsured post d everywber about the boat notices to pa uUhis cotemporaries His ambition was uu aud having procured these her Cap apos aia ud SiOpped wheu beaten is a gentleman in thelhpiewhereihelaw maKingpuwerschoo iVnn to 1 P apos quot I St Louis seuger that thev must leave ihete navgage in bounded His prospects were glorious Hts proposed to sail the next day That h his acts compared to tbe base wretch and abolishing fees enUrei iMfrt nd apos h loss insured for Sute was proud of him For a while he was evening the genUeman wrote letters w t live by charging poor sUtemeut in jusUce to la A 9 A r n o 1 or nVYus a Buu in I lf ioteUectual firmament shcddlug to his friends sUUng he might be expect widows and orphans and the wounded sol sioners and ihew fnei Inn N hai h Sd s quot S any such his beams of light upon has admirieg coun ed home in three months At the usual ffiere fet whaon the tew uiaakiaag powers have msy knosi how Uiings tousle ch rmct r His levee slue 2 5U0 Insured for 13 00 m any a a 0 10 irymen S o uu fell asleep but he shall not lwv amp why some couiplaiul d will be called up again oeptemtw lt lt gt osa biHut In Licking river room In the Court of Cummou Pleas yesterda Intemperauce obscured his beams with about an hour afterward found himself on deck By the action of J 11 H W oodward who the cumplainiug value 8 UUU li ajured ID Cihcln gt iati fur 6 000 the jury nafflrmeo the previous verdict on the louda of crluom He was encrulnhnd in Ha tully dressed He was somewhat startled prep gt red aud sent out lor the September pay and may in tut f niak lo vof Bee bu k ground ih t any r gula Ion preventing passen horrible abyss I heard him once a ter hie but attributing it to a fit of somnambulism t to various parts of the district many at the Age Kto vi w in Mibsisaippi nver at Island 95 fall aud his eloquence was thrUling He was alter taking a turn or two fore and aft and vouchers with his uauie written in as attorney asserted I apos r Tnere iirean oriTrf h 7 mUes ab Smtmrwe iH JLnS taken from tbe gutter and washed that he exchanging a few remarks with tbe man who to eoilect the same and who was sospended to auy v r o w p quot apos to N houYd haveVre might appear at court in defense of liquor had the anchor watch again undressed and before they were returned w weU w by the cer is 1 J apos apos October 17 W R hur struck on rocks p Menger In order u relieve themselves or re sellers His words were burning His ap went to bed Imagine his surprise when he action of my predecessor E F Gallagher Esq it is no 1 tee cavalier to the Yankee at Grey s Foint a few miles above Cairo spooBlbilltv peals thrilling When his speech was finish again found himself on deck dressed as be J acted witb a good intenk no doubt as to rem 18 covered with skaters and Fart o argo tbrown overboard and the boat n v ariM THonrhon Farmer s WUe ed those for whom he had SMken had no fur lor Thrice he want to bed and thrice he believed the payments of semi annual shall owded with specutors The remm to 8u I im for repairs h ther use for him he returned te the gutter found himself on deck As he had never be payments due in September last m macy that avly Tbe gas jets biaz d October 2 8L James sunk in Ohio river Under the startling headUn luOdellty and j jj fore experienced any kind of somnamonlism lt 63 were much delayed In the month of mal apos herein ptea u e It was ojmosite Caiiforuia Ky Raised 1 Crime A Washerwoman In Parts France g jjgfloo lt j His great mind did not benefit and was an uncompromising teetotaler he August Mr Gallagher nad prepared and sent note apos I may there be msnv an October 22 Sully suck in Miasouri river 30 at a uu mu up uouv ui apos herein pleasure It wa opposite California Ky Raised apos I may there be many an October 22 Sully suck to Mias lt ned to 8U Louis for repaire The Vagaries of a Bourbon Farmer s W Ue tober 20 SL James sunk in Ohio river Under tne startling headUne Tundellty and site Caiiforuia Ky Raised Crime A Washerwoman In Parts France Be lober 22 Sully suck in Miasonri river 30 comes the Wife of a Kentucky Firmer She IvAxIrhir T saanK 7Al aA e vrw I n AI AiMk a YTa fitArv4 gbn a H wwIa I clone apos mtlea l low SL Jvweph Value 15 000 iusur Elopes Taking 1 400 of Her StepMiD s Bonds and griev wenr OTcr the wie7k quot quot He vI thing supeiuatural in this new and strange h Arly every peusioncr 00 the rolls of the andte ed for 1 10 WJ in Pittsburg Toul loss Her Airest the CtaclnosU Gazi tie ol yesier placid to toe grave a victim of totem oer experience and he immediately made up bis Bncj pulling to his owu name as attorney and b Ok of Piper October 24 Cora 8 sunk to Ohio river day gives the following inst nce ol tbe sad con ajjgg Time would fail us to soeak of mind that he would not proce in the ves to collect the same and to all cases diiectiug the St Aor Hl charged wpb cut bear Shawueetown insured in Cincionati lor st quences of marrying beneath one s station jjjgj proud son of Tennessee the Eagle sel bntgo home across the Isthmus of Pan th 4 the vouchers be retnrued to him When istrati lot nt to kill was called k i Last night Maoame Rangee the fe of Deinn Orator whose brief career was so brilliant in f tbought to his mind returned he iwk charge ol aud had the same comm momlna but continued October 2 Bargc be onging to the Missis lUngee a farmer living near Part Kemuoky turned in the fourth time and c c were incoi H 2 oan ar HiswoS our lunaUrasS h d d a victi ed that he had decided righUy at cd those for whom he had spoken had DO fur fore Thrice he want to bed and thrice he oehevod the payments of semi annual thall ther use for him be return te the gutter found himself ou deck As he had never be pay nts due in Mptember last in many that I grieved to see such au intellect qnencSied by fore experienced any kind of somnamonlism f delayed In the month of mal such a flood His great mind did not benefit d was an uncompromising teetotaler he august Mr Gauagber nad prepared and sent not c his native Sute His friends disaoDointed began to reflect whether there was not some f quot September paymenu vouchers for singly KI 1 ni gt amp rlT svarv rw gt uHinn gt p rui iNa mils nr gt kloe af Piper j Mor lll charged wl apos b c ut I 8 Int apos ni to kill was called 910 000 ed for 10 00 j in Pittsburg Toul loss Her Airest the Ctaclnoatl Gazi tie ot yesier I pjadq apos October 24 Cora 8 sunk to Ohio ri apos ver day gives the following instence ol tbe sad con 1 near Shawueetown Insured in Cincinnati lor si quences of marrying beneath one s station o appear His wounds not D apos cessarlly fatal all lent tha apos with car e ger rapidly October 25 Lenton sunk In Arkansas river th PoirM ui He afleges positively that she th7 apos GrMk7 pdiMs the vessel and arrived at bome in iifety A tlMU of tbe Commissioner art Utmac Value 99 000 ttoat and cargo total loss eloped and took this amount of nonds she u amort He mastered alm bv Im fB v months later he learned from the newspa f j ff 4 directlj 1 D 1 October 27 Stonewall en route to New auibbornly denlet the charge None of the bonds tiiilMi apos nnnn pers that the bark bad been captnied by This being the kied of card s quot ei Orleans with 2oOpas engtrs and 800 tons of J S To ofi dCerSiiSs iu 10 0 amp s to the Itrei aof MageUaa aK PzNStoN Ar k vcv Lons at t nThi S freight took fire eqih n milre above Cape upo abs rand subyte h ds but one boy had been murdered by Before payment cau bo blnatloD troupe of cel Octobec 30 Van Bnren sunk near Pine te to flair clrcumsui ces Here sue made the ac r gentleman to recur to the daw of bis exoeri And with this tbe following Value 10 000 not InanredjtSt toVwharf bortto8L uis ca b orSSO t S apos HefU band m niwrVho apos Z SStSrd S So ttfif Much to the rW t quot ofThe C ptotoT whlTiid ff reouiring eianuua i e ju flou oaU amp c Barge raised cargo parUy oTrged with her to Ma ssachus tte We are told that be was an jeen very kind to blip and who expressed an 4 noueal a J oc I 1 i 1 to day be tbe proeecuUug witness agalu t her to intellectual giant a piodigy of learning He ardent desire to enjoy bis company he left ff k i oo l loeqnaJed He wlU be i ui for 60 000 and came to ClnclDnatl where she has a dau b bitmtloD troupe of cel October 80 Van Bnren sunk near Pine te to flUr clrcumsUi ces Here sue made the ac r B Ark V io 0 Xh bo 1 j sS LiDDlncoiu WDO arresiea uers inuae evtrry enoji uiseuruiuuiis lu luo vuapci r 7 to discover them upon abstruse and difficult subjects he was ands but one boy had bew murdered by Madame lUnaee till sixteen months ago actuatomed to read them often from blank P apos rates The boy concealed himself below a paper pouring forth spontaneofiS burets of quot ife t Pirates were kff ling the rest of the France At that time she emigrated to America argument that thrilled wtoile thev convinced crew and afterundcrgolDggreatperil suc andcameioClnclDnati wbereshe haaa dau h ceeded In reaching Valparaiso This led the tiquB of the Commissioner are that in all cases tleman wfft this Bhail be mailed directly to the agency for his niends This being the kied of card seat out teuauctog base lui Pension agxncv LorisviixE Kt 186 cions sod wicke d Before payment cau bo made on hope to succe coirectlons are required vU shows for ite Send Surgeon s cerilOcate oo a to all Beiurn this slip with voucher for payment ror E F GALLaOHEH U a PoDsloa Agonr most aes ties and place using beneflL n apos Clab meet to morrow after the Sne weather contln to town and there will 1 fiend certificate of Examining Surgeon to E F GaLLaUHEU Box 15 amp w tender grounded at the same placi oblig to throw overboard 7 000 flour wheat and other produce Iac4 and was Ohio 000 worth of Welaiger Hall degress from his Alma Mater ou tbe same answer to their prayer day and in the same evening he was Joined in j OThe Berger Family are atlil glylng a series of the holy bands of wedlock with one of the doctor at Dnbaqne need a stomach 1 November 12 Lonisyiile sunk betw SL unique performances as bell rlngen and to most charming nymphs to the vale that em pump for two hounonaman killed by the I pereoual applicante and began Mjui7 apos the Louis an d Cm ro rawed and retorned to BL morrow there will be e matinee which will j bosoms tbe cmlege BUs course was upward lt rtckwi Uiat Ufa was 1 claims sent by mail trouble at once aroee by Loau for retain hrlnf ont all ef the little folks He became a lawyer At an age when most utterly dletlocL apos J These claims when filed by him bad aaain to be examined at the agency ihua subjecUag i them to two examiuaiions when had they I been sent direct to the agency one woald have sufficed i r lTia Then again when I was through paying apos ol de I apos rtAra hnskl ffinrhlK Anta ats 1 HMk M k au the parties fp wjipnt Hr QaUaghec had amide GTA Cie taSed with rr t fox OlM lBbMldAn nd Brrne Th H o i w Ordlunee EnoodMUntimaL THu public will reInem er tbe facts of tho uu iF line w s tried tffttaT It was occa rurram Fsed oat bf raa EU America Ta vlor tarab Ellen that Am lt r1ca coUrhlded ber an 4at s t ttie letter told a lorrer story a story o jrab EtUn bed nticed ber bu band away by tta main striiurib of ber lataiuatloa apos barms Indac d bim to fwaake ber bed and tioard am take to tb o ano ber woman Uii wire ras bad ber tusplclona for a apos CDS time but not gntll yesterday did nrytblng ocenr which could afford a sem Macce of a conormuloo to them There i ame however all ot a sudden apos conOnnaUon Mruus aa prosr of Bo apos v wn It was proof ludetO good old faabtoned eye tigtat proof I apos roof that could withstand all tbe evasive elo gt t 3 ice of tbe Uwyers cr tb cblcanery of tbe hysure Ac y M wit was pi oor all sufficient 1 T ner and jU apos t suited tbj t omplexlon of her t spicloi sickened systim so she resolved to t coi iplisb whaisbs hod be apos n yearning to do lo i lt lt many day lt Cut t r r to tell wbat she did t b gt bad been wa cb bv tb j o d man for a day or t Vo pretty cluseiy and Unaily louxo ntm in or I iibcTtoat b j was in a room which the LUr pecu liiiess of b apos s affections had been seiu to apos ll r not mr y hours or m nutes previeusly h tbe vengeful America tole nol gt e I sly up to ihe door suioped ani peeped a id taw DOihinz No a wblt dispossessed s e then got down on ber sacrel p trrow bones anl peeped again this time wiib a apos leadler a m re lauiious an i coastant peep a p tLat told loo for ii was a peep that saw methin fwi s nougta A world of lawyer ft uliin t mak her oelteve her suspicions were 8 gt oubdlesa now t be was stioover and Otmer k the faith thib ever Indeed It was faun no lo ger with ber but fact so off she put to the oi rner grocery an i procure 1 a good strung co hl aiid r lumlnz In a lion s r tge burst down k floor and pulim her rival ofl the beo laid fta the snipes to the extent oi her strength The fts ibucd sneaked off under cover of tbeg fteral he isternation Ibe result was a peace warrant k hich the Infu itted wlf lt was held In aiO to bf rtill for six months tb Judge perhap gt ihlnk iK r U would take t er tnat long to cool off HORRIBLE death apos loweb boarii Common Council met In the apos of tbe city tiuiiolng a u ual st f lrent W F Duerson in tbe chair Attendance THE CITY EWCIlfBER MATTER be Mayor In a communication called tbe at itloQ of theCounc apos l to tbe act providing for e olUng of a vacancy In any of the municipal oiboei and officially noiiQ d the Council of the vacancy oocasloued by ibe death of tbe late Dr Q o Btealev CUT Engineer A rescluUon pro viding for a joint sessl lt n at 9H o clock to elect a City Engineer w s offered and a motion to refer most Mr Long then offere ia suosti lute direct apos Ing Tnos P Shanks tbp p apos apos V apos ent seulur aasUtani o assume cont gt ol of tbe department for tbe un explred term or until a successor Is elected Tbe whole matter was then refeirea to a special committee oooaisilng of Messrs Lung DIx and Walling with lu trucUoDS to repot t baca to the Council before adjournu ent THE SCHOOL BOARD The Ma vor sutMuitied a petition fropi the School Board asking fur gluO UdU to pay off Its olo itadliuies Tbe follow lug is a part of the peti tion As an evidence of tne economy with which the S bool fund has b gt en used the School Busid of Loubvllle pieseuu to tbe General Council tbe following tatemeut 1 Our teachers receive from twenty flve to thirty dre per cent less sa ary than teacbeis of like uuaiiflcailoi sin other cities S Our Indebtedness has been contracted iu the la t ib gt ee years aurlug wbich time our pupil have Increaaed forty apos three per cen able our r venue has only Increased six and tao thirds per cent 3 As compared with other cities of llkedig nlf our tuition co ts are tbe lowest It costs annually per pupIL In Boston fas Chicago 15 e Clncinna 1 17 4 8t Louis 15 2 apos Loulavlile 15 05 4 InCinclnnaiL with only double tne pupps they are lumlabed wUb quadruple the revenue Tbe School Board ask f r immediate action bv be Council upon their ped ion b cause as is herein shown It will be tiec essry to close the schools nnle the relle apos prayed f lt r Is granted Th City Attorney waslnstnic ed 10 nr pare an act In accordance with the prayer or tbe petl iloBers OBLTTERAnON An old and dilapidated bouse on Water street between Founn and Bulllii street nelongini to tbe etty wds ordried to be toin down and the material sold by tte M tyor ASSESSMEKT MATS A contract of the Mayor Ith A W Randolph Little Anuie Gillera Dies of Hydro 4 gt bubia Ve g ive yesterday an account of wbat was so jiGsed to be a ca ie of hydrophobia Subse qt n evt nt gt piovi that the eupposulon was 1 ui true and at 314 dock yesterday morning nr tw ths anclng everything tbat skill and science could oo wa Was dine death relieved Utile AJ ole GUlem from her birrible sufferings From notes uken by the attend ng physician D gt Keller an I Ba l lt ss we give the progress of tse disease ffom 4 P m 4 Wedoesday np to e hlch Uije it was giv n lt n vister jay s Issni until us la al tennlnuloo i he efforis 10 cietr the throat ontinued Inces ts iiiv cou bin ivery nw minutes tbe cough ce a ibc rpasms the a ppr Jat ta of walcb gt ias ac oruipanled bv a tr gb enedai pe ranee and pallor o I b gt countenance Au atumpt to admiuls apos er B dlclne w s leslsteu vloUntly throwing bei 11 o aiistms Aa or nge w s i fferad fiom whlcu rl tu lied away gnstlv frikhleHe i Tbe sight Oi any thing to eat or t riUk occislontMl great ti Aior and loavu slons About 7 p M a be be et me very re tless scream nj and kicking with s apos a UiS every fl ve uilLU es At lu p m Dr Kellai m mlul apos U apos red morphine by luleci on beneath tbe alia In a le m nutes she became quiet ana n ional and e en laugh td tb continued lu U I suteomy abcu h rlt an Uiu when resiL ss u 5a aud spasm lt tga n set in Tb morphine In gt turn was repeated at 11 3 P M and In afieen o iweuiT m I UWS rUe tell into a light slumber I apos viousteUi ssbebaitnstslep an Instant for f rty eight LOur Tbts light s umber not the r uiouno cbmiiose sleep wnica cb racier is s 0 i uui poisoning con lt nue 1 ub ll she died She V apos Uitiou a little tea whib had teen poured Into 1 moutn Oft CD cr iM bi mity es oefjre abi c d Alter tbe c St Icjec on ber was no re c fence of tb spa ms and sh led p if ctly lt a y burini h r mitre 11 n sa she made no t empu to bite or se xe n one but wUen looo irdilak wa p r l te gt tU ur ed upon Uei she V uuld seise it v o entl AN APPETIZER ot lobe Read Before Breakfast Ibe Sew Albany Commercial of yesteruay un der the capuonof Mv teries of tb Butcher Stop The Eiiid of Meat they Latin Loulsvlde Uopai t leliM Barbai itv Bringing Diaeisel Meat to I arkci gives tbe toUowing lateresilag infor I Hiion to our citizens who have a penchant for V eal On Thursday last two caives were re teivid aiihe depot of lbs Louisnile New Alba I r aud i blL ago Eal wiv m ibUclty from a 1 lni north on that rood foi a buteb r who re liioi between Portlano and Lou sviile and who slaughiera animaU for the Louisville market apos I hise calves were taken irom the car and placeo n a c ose pea at the oepot where they were al lOM apos ed by the bu cher to remain without food t wtt r until Tui diT afternoon wher laey were taltea to nis slaugbter bouse and 1 utchered for the Louisville market vve aup l e ome oi tbe Lou iV liian yoterdav mane lortion Of their cinuer elf the lle h of tbe e rved and lec ssarliy dUeasid calrea And lace of t he startling Leadlines cose somewhat dlf var VwW ProTl tbls city two the ir death be ksold them jand sold for making an assessment mip of tbe lt liy for ii bleb R udolpb is to receive 5 p gt i day uotli be ba nnisbed the work was reierrcd to the A ee sment Committee LOBBTINO Mr Onerson offered a resolution appointing a c mmiUee to go to Frankfort to urge upon the La glslaiure tbe Impuilance of tbe early pas age of certain acts for the beneflr of the city oi Louisville It was o aii lt enaeo as to n qiie t iht Mayor to go to Frankfort mi u e bis lufltience iu 8 curing ibepassug of an act p ovidlug foi the l gt suance by the cliv of 400 04 to reilie old lia bilities and also the act peitnittlng toe city o levy a tax on prouerty which was exempted by an amendment to the tiounnarv act of 18d5 A POBT or KKTRY A resolntlob Indorsing the present movement to make Logisvilie a port of eniiy aud dl tedng the Mayor to comiuuulcaie tbe sense ot be Council to tbe Hon Boyd Wlnche ter Repre sentative st Washington was auouted EXPORTED BACK The special committee to whom was referred the whole matter in refert uce to the vac mev m the office of City Enginen reported an o dluauci amendatory to tbe present o gt i iuauce piovluing that the vacunev shall be Ullt d bv the euloi AssIsUbt Engineer until a succi ssor Is appolo ed or until tbe expiration of ihe term for wnicb the deceased was elected Tho orulnance wu aaopted oy a vote of 15 to 6 KO PAT A reaojuM in opoerluff lt hu tjio tnnn hi tn meats of tbe coniractois fur cleaning tue streei due on Januar 1st be withheld was referred A BIG CLAIM NOT ALLOW ED The claims of E m Rupert umounring in tbe aggregate to over 20 0o0 were reported from tbe Finance Committee but alter some discus sion recommltt d ACDITOR S BEPOR apos f Tbe Auditor s report was offered and ordered to be filed LICENSES An ordinance llceus ng sample dealers at 15G peT annum or 20 per moutb was auopied An orulnance giving vioce s tbe rigtit to sell beer on paying a license of 5 apos J was adopted CLAIMS The following claims wire allowed tvm Low 286 98 Bannou Campbell A Co 55 J UU Fat Bannon I i l8 6 j Brad apos b w Vogdei kCo 500 Ou J B Mootgomery Too ui gt P Hillon 2 j4 4 gt Snead savre ft 0 BHan StO 00 lueua ft Co 5 k J M CaltOQ 9 7 9 J B HoUpt 82 amp L Joseph 2600 I m George 164 45 Bouounuu ft Todd 172 So J J t lgeri 187 77 P ft M Pieiffer 8 j4 21 Ferrlil ft Sadler 1 355 Ha P McKegney 86 21 Jumes Navln li9G James Mattbews 21 75 E H Whitesides 5 K gt 4 16 E Wllkerson 8 4 gt Mike Bush 123 26 Abreus ft O t 39 15 apos lei k Ojurt i ommon Pleas 136 65 Femli ft Sadler 8 0 70 A McBil ie 1 2u apos ourier Journal Co 1 019 40 Anselger 416 25 Evening Express 28 oO THE riBE DEPARTMENT An allowance lor the Fiie Department amounting to 4 997 72 was passed ASSISTANCE Tbe Finance Commiuee w a deputed to govt lib tbe Mayor to Frankiurt to aid In se it ri g ibe early passage of important acts for the city benefit THK BOsrnAL Tbe bill of expeutwti tor the month of Novem ber amounting to 3 016 03 was ordered to be paid ADJOURNMENT The Council tbm adjourned till next Thursday evening Wn wiiin ttM aPTvaratw I quostion whlcb wTs raised in tb City Court last Mr darret ubmmed the fcllowing separate coraUtuttoaRlliy of the o dlnance Godfrey Wuivf to Improve tbe allev from Tblr fixing the price of license for persons doing butl teenib street wist to Mrs Williams east line be ta een Walnut and Grayson Godfrev Wur s to improve the alley from Flovd to Preston street between Market and Jef fii son Frank Schmitt to make new gotten on the north side of Jeflirson street between Brook and Floyd Mr Barret submitted a Common Council reso lution directing tbe As es or to Issue duplicate ux receipts to J Llitereil Sr which was adopt ed Mr Dulaney Introduced a resoliulon directing tbe moo bly payments to tbe ccninctors for cleaning ib gt stree apos s for tae monib of D gt uimber 1869 to be wltbLeld until further notice whlcb was adopted Mr Dulanev submitted a Common Council rez elnilon raising a kpeclal Joint commitiie to re advertl i for hose for tae Fire Department and Messrs Dulaney and Krack were appointed said commute fn gt m tbts board Mr Dulaney from the Flnano apos Committee re poneo an ordinance from the Common Council I egaroing the salary of the Wbafma ter wblcb was read a secoc a time aud passed Mr Story sutimuied separate resointlons from ttai Common Council directing tbe Street In spector to coos apos ructcros intrs across Floy d str et at tbe Dortb side of Breadwav ocross Campbell and Sellar Mreits and across Cbejtnut street at tbe east sloe of First Mr Sheridan introduced a resolution directing tbe Street Inspector to construct crosrlngs at tbe outbeast corner of Market and Eleventh streets w bleb was adopted Mr Sheridan from tbe Street Committee Western dlsulcu reported a Common Council resolu apos lon anoiullng certain oont acts executed wlin Mutpby ft Co to construct street crossings whlcb was adopted Mr Smrldan from same reported separate ordinances from tbe Common Council dtrecUnir tb Street In iM ctor to con truct cri sslngs across i leventb street at tbe noitb sliie of Bioadwiiy aLd at newest aide of w ater aad Commercial streets wblcb were adopted Mr sberliian f o gt ii aame lenorted a resolu ness as huckster and batchers In the private aaarket Tbe case was argued at length before Judge Craig on tie B8d Inst and tbe dr clslon re served Teaterday being tbe regular day for tbe call of tbe ordliance docket when such caaes come up Judge Craig rendered bta decision tus talDlng tbe aemirrer of the defendants and de claring the ordinance to be unconstltuuobal This oeclslon la at very general imporunce as It affects tbe busluess of a large number cf per sona Tbe City Attorney has signified bis Inten tion of taking an appeal wbich will carry tne ca e to tbe bigber court where we believe It bas alieady been virtually decided BOARD OF ALDEEMEN OFFICLAL TBCB8 DAT Evening Dec 30 1889 Present President Buhel and ail tne oiber members ex ept I be reading ol me minutes of tbe preceding mietlng was ulspensed with auu ibe samo we e appiovrd The hueotCommlialoners hubmltted a resolu tion annulling certain coniracis executed witu J r Noi wooj to oomuruci various sueet cioss ing wnicta was ibe Btreei Commissioners subiulUed a resolu lutlon appiovlLg the Assisunt Engineer s report or tbe liuprovemeui ol the sidewalk on tbe west side of Elgbih street f om Gad I apos bapln s west line to tbe Orsi alley norm ot Market s apos reet E U Wblieoloes ooniracior wtalcn was referred to tbs Street Committee Western District CLAIMS ALLOWED J J Tlgeit 177 37 for repair of pumps J M bummer 324 So for repair of pumps Bowier ft Murp y 3 apos aOU for coal H wolfoid 42 lU to pay gas bills O Woerner 2 40 for work on market M W FergusuD ft Co 167 3 tor lumber BaDDon Campbell ft Co 300 for work on Hospital P Baonon 31020 for drain pipe J B Montgomery ft Co 700 fur work on Hos pl al p HellOD 204 45 for work on Hospital gueaul fiayie ft Co 500 for work on Uos ittal P Hellon 204 45 for work on Hospital E H Whitesides 5 000 for work on sewer CLAIMS REFERRED Wm Low 125 for repair of streets J S Applegate 250 for work on cistern Engineer apos s JOepanmeni llfl on accopnt of car fare Mr Fox froB tbe Revision Committee re ported an ordinance from tbe Common Connell to aaend tbe orulnance prescribing rules and regulaUoBs for me cootiol management gov ernm Dt duties and llabilulrs of the office and officer of Receiver of Cliv Taxes wblcb was read a second Uue ana passed Mr Fox fiom same reported an ordinance from the Comnon Council cbaoi apos ng a voting prednet in tbe Tenth ward and tbe same was from wme reported a Common Coun cil rsolniloo directing tbe Attoi ney to prepare an act piovldlac for the taxation of certain property not laid out In lots wbksta was sdoptod Mr Fox from same reported an ordinance from too Oommoo Ooundl as to license for roller skating nuks wblcb was read a second time and raaiti bv the foUowlnr vote Tifr Buhol aad Meterp itory Htreet CommL itton rs to have a croiwlog con trucied aero s tenth sueet at tbe north lde of Ctae tnut wblcb was so vmenoed as to require tbe Stieet lu pector to do tbe work and anopted A peiirton from W R Eliinev Esq and others of Ibe Board or School Trusted asking an al lowance of 10 jt gt 00 In bonds to pay the Indebt edness of the Boaid was referred to Messrs Kra apos k sn i Crowe AD oriilnance from the Common council amend ing etlon 6 of ordinance No 63 regulating the Englneer a Department was nad and referred to tbe Revision Committee A re oluilon was adopted to meet again on Tbursdav evening January 6 187U at IX o clock and then the Board adjourned OLIVER LUCAS Clerk KENTUCKY RIVER Cincinnati and the Vote in Louisville To morrow The unexampled prosperity of Louisville In the last year er iwo growing ont of ber Inti mate and exclusive Southern railroad connec tions oas excited Cincinnati to an unwonted de gree aud he ts u lng superhuman efforts to di vert a portion of this piootable trade to ber elf by a Southern connecilon This she will ooubt le sget In some rorm and in getting it sLe Is likely to get more tban tbe people of Louisville imiglnes unless they assist In a work the claim uf which th y will be called upon to consider to morrow The Immensely rich region watered by the Eentuckv river is not a terra incognita It U a virgin so far as having It re ourC S developed and Is richer than If underlaid with placers of goid Forests of magnlOcent trees eklit Its border nd It bill ldes abonni In those things which will give emplovm apos Dt and waimtb ana food to thousands and wblcb ir procured cheaply and in abundance wl apos l enrich anr city to whb e apos Vbarves thev are brought It Is no exaggera ton to say that there Is not a section of this broad land equal In extent from Matn to Georata or from Boiton to 8au Fram Isco tbat go abounds in real wealth and wealta in Us best forms us that pi netrated b the Eentucky and extending to tae Virginia line This tas already attracted the attention of men of wealth and Intelligence and one of tbe largest iron mining companies In the couu apos ry bas Lurebssrd Ipnd and Is engaged in producing iron of tbe best quality In this almo t inacoessible region and Is oependeni noon tbe nncertalb floods of the river to transport It to a maiket The Red River Iron Manufacturing Company composed largely of gentlemen of wealth and great experience from Chicago NC apos V York Connecticut and Ohio 1 prosecuting ibis work with great energy Thl companv will soon turn out two hundred ana elgU ton of pig Iron ner week and tbat supe rior to Ihe Swedish or an other lion for rall oad car wheels and other purpose and this i that cnou apos quot Ja apos and would if assisted br na all this and more to tbe wharves of Louisville and it behooves tbe ciiizens of Louisville to lend a helping baod to be efforts now being msde 10 Improve us navi gallon so as to defy ny competition with her If LUlsworkii not completed speedily the Cincin nati Southern railway wUl penetrate this section Ol cut it off tr gt m Louisville But If tbe river Is loiproved no other m ans of tiansportailon can compare with it In economy and cheaoqess and the flow of the river will bring all the oommeroe of Ibis section to our wharves Tbe vote to morrow will detcnn ne another hliig It will convince the membi rs of the Le slaturc from the mountaibi that Loulsvll apos e Is belr natural frl gt nd and tbey wilt Join bands Altbusln defeyiiag tbe efforts ot Cincinnati to absorb a trade that does not belong to ber but bat belongs of r gbt to lb cl y er Louisville If tbe people are award ot tbe gr at Interests de pending on their roi lt s to morrow tbey will come up to tbe help of thtSd wbo are endeaTorlng to effect this areat improvement The Funeral of Dr Stealey Tbe Frankfort Teoman of yesterday speaking of the funeral ceivm gt aic8 of Dr George Stealey our late City Engineer says Tbe funeral of Dr George Stealey OUv Engi neer of Louisville whose death Is releried to more particularly el ewhere took place yester day aud was largely attenoeii Tbe body having rrlved from Louisville on Tuesday evening lu charge of a couimlitee 01 the City Council aud a Masonic escort was piaced In tbe rotunda of tbe Capitol and remalneo there until yesierdav at 10 clock when It was taken to tne Episcopal church wbere appropriate ceremonies were con lucieo by Rev J N Norton Upon tbelr conclu ion tbe remains were placed in lt be hearse and conveyed 10 tb cemetery attended by a proces ton of Masons ol Frankfort and Interred with Mosonic honors Ibe following gentlemen from the Louisville Comman erv of Knights Templar composed tbe Ma onlc Committee J V Cowling sr C Al triend D C Braoy and Thomas Rankin Tbe committee representing the Common Oouocll of Loul vllle and punUe office was con tltuted a follows O A Fuller John Tomppert John Ferguson Albert Miller Tbos C Cary T C Booth I P Shanks William Baldwin Lewis McClary Ollvi r Lucas tV E Woooruli L B Reed Peier Mc amp eegney H T Jefferson Cbas BuDoe Ham Pope Ji Ben Drayton Black Dent A Hider Henry Baldwin Jobn Gles Dr 8 Man ley J Brown R B Sheridan WTm F Shanks and T L McDermott JEFFERSON COURT UF COMMON PLEAS HON B J STITXS JUDGK Tbe causes for beirlng on oaturday December 25 and aatuidav January 1 will be called on Monday January 8 Tue lollowlng are the con soildat d dockria William M lUe T J a Baloc ot J G Maiber ft Co vs Henry Stewart et al Andrew Grabam vs Mlcjsel Kerner C Frank a slunee etc vs Martin Both Jo n Casslday vs Urban Stengel et al Geo Drlesbach et al vs M Metzelberger et at G P Arbegust executor etc vs V 0 Keu dall et al Ramage Rod wife vs Dan l H Wlgglnton Miller A Kave vs W H Dix et a E J ColI DS va Tbos R Baird et al Walter Go a Co vs John M Myer Giaff Bv gt ra A Co vs Kirk Dennis A Co U Hutcbmaaewvs B Burkenfelder Henry 6 Lyier vs L H King ft Oo Same vs Same cuizet 8 Bank vs A L Robinson et ai Same vs same Lydia Buikbolder vs Z M Sberley ft Co Wei tern B inking and losuraace Company vs A L Roblason etal German Banking and Insuranoe Company vs Geo E Helnsotan et al Henry Deppen vs Tnos J O Neal J Voo Boriie ftOo vs Dennis Lincoln ft Co H G Van Seggein v G o Greene Henry Heiiei vs Jobn O Bryan J R Summers vs 1 J 6 Johnson ftc Na gt lOQal Bank of Ler gt anoa vs C Beeler ft Co Jeffries ft Bibb vs Schick dams ft Sewell John Tiers ft Co vs Dow ft Esien Geo Schuler vs James E Brown ftc 0 Hoglana vs C M ft J Terry Jos B Bettis n vs Jobn B Sbockency Cha M Hays adm r vs Z M Sberley Ac W H Dix vs Isaac R Greene J H Oorhran v 40 J Morton J H BUilnge Ac va Kirk Dennis ft Co Same vs Ja P Dennis T B Overton vs E fl Whitesides ftc Kiasane A Oandaker vs 8 W Fornliure Manu fac unng Company r David A Oo V Baird Bros BaiUet ftWebslnger v Robinson ft Coleman W H Worthington vs Jamea Crutcher ftc Q o T Edwards vs Masrav ft Slevla Louisville In and Banking Oo v gt same Mean apos ft Co va Kirk Dennis ft Oo Union Don Co vs rame J Von Uorrlea a Oo vs Wm Koile Wm Sprlnaer ft Bro vs 8 P Whaley ft Oo Tblerman ft Prante va Boea ft KntaL Mary K Tbiennan ad x vs Hearv Wlbbeiu i seftrodt ft coldeway rt Jofta Keller fte Personal We were honored last nlgbt with a call from Major S E Houghton wbo claims to be the imallest man in ibe world He is twenty year lid tblrtv one Inches bigb and weigh foriy gt nc po apos inds He is symm irlcaily formed and is veil educated and very Intelligent and eonveises viib fluency Be Is making a tour of the coumry lelUng bis pbuto rapb aud a sketch ot bis life le will remain In tbl clcv some days and b topping at the National Mr Wili J Rhode formerly an occasional cor re pondent of tbe Courier Journal and now one of tbe editorial sbff of the Cincinnati chron icle b In tbe city on a brief visit Identifled Tbe body of the man wbo committed suicide Wednesday afiriDoon by Jumping from tbe s apos ave lank of tbe steamer Gen Lvtle nas been Iden Ifleo a that of Jobn Tracy wno boarded at Mr keaity s on Sixth street between Main and tb iver He wa a native of County Tyrone Ire knd He was a shoemaker by liade and was In Mon from the Common Council dlrectiug tbe employ of D Marshall on Ham street and Atr Uit r apos nmml awsn apos r i u have a uriMKlm rv gt n was raid to be a splendid workman but ha i bee on a spree for several weeks He bas a half sis ter and half brother living In Philadelphia CITY ITEMS A long felt need Bas been BuppUad tbroogb tbe latroducUon Into America of HOFF S MALT EXTRACT Tha most eminent physicians In tbe United States have not tailed to realize this fact and they have Indorsed with nneqalvocal expreiaionB of Batblaction no great a gt d long deelred an acqnlBltton to tbe medical profe alon aud have made a marked dlacrimtnatioa between It and tbe Innumerable so called remedies and bealtb preserTlng preparations of be dar SOLD B ALL DBCGGISfS AND GROCERS deSO EeodS 8ell Advertised Pbalon s Vltalla or Salvation for the Hair car ries w Itb It Us own best advertisement As tbe ligbi Bblnes tbrouah tbe bottle vou see that tbe liquid 18 Clear as the azure of heaven You smell It and And the odor agreeable You apply it and it changes grav balr to any natural shade with out soiling tbe scalp or producing headacbc Nothing can be more harmless del4 Im Walkor M Tonic BiUera Advertise themselves All that the people want to know is that they can be bought fl oiu all druggisbi and dealers generally They go for them come for them send for them run for them write for them tele graph for them and take them salLsQed tbey are tbe best tonic In tbe world DZBO McCABBBLL A te A M Decamher 81 1869 ofty a huldr ver after an illne s of IS day and 16 boura Ira SoPHEOMiA Makrl wife ot Wm McCarrell aged 43 year 1 month and 7 avs The funeral will be annoanced Saturday morning AMUSEMENTS Louisville Opera House H C BaTKS Lessee and Manager Complimentarv Benefit to Mr James Rob Inson nod on Clarence I HIB FRIDAY EVtNINO mud every evening Ir Mr Jemea Koblnson and uia son Clarence Lowan dA Broth rs Mr U M Kelly Mr Jamea Madigan Jaa Reynold Misa Lucille Waiaon Mr Frauk frUnFflMn ACa Saturday Last Grand Matinee et 2 p k IM Monday The celebrated Dish Comedian and Vocalibt Mr T COLLINS ONE oifillT ONLY POSITIVELY POSITIVtLY ONE NIGHT ONLY BSonda B apos eninff January 3d TUE TROUrE OF TUE UNIVERSE NctiCOlllirs MDisfrei NBWiJOnB 8 miMSTBEZ 8 THa HUW OF THE PKHIdU The old and well known establlabi apos d troupe of twenty yee e apos ltsoaing NEWCOMB S MINSl apos itELS I apos he Czars of Mnutrelay e combination embody lug mneh that 1 truly great artistic and incom ara bly ezeedeit in ihe wo id ot Minstrel ait talent and geuloa under the directlo apos of the veteran Com edian and Manager W W NEWcuHB N H WeadvettiMno v hineeeGianis to attract and deceive the public but we do advertise auo have a Gigatitic Troupe In powe excellence and reflue meut No coaiae Jeau DO low bnffoonery As the Lharleaton Mercury say The whole perlormauce from prelude to iluale is free from any apos loose talk and not one w lt gt ro either tn Jeat or otherwise la ut tcred calculated to be olf nrive to the mo apos t reflned or lut invent mind Tbelr w gt t le that of a Sheridan and not ine low Ji apos Bta ol a bnfloou This matenlees organization will appear In iheir new SensaUoaal Prograoime Positively for tine Night Ualy Monday January 3d Admission SO eenla Reserved seats 75 cents Doors open st 7 o clock oeglns at 8 deSl utf ROLLER MKATINU the Eink Will be In attendance to give instruction SEATING HOUK8 Tneeday Thursday and Sat nrday nights from 7 to 10 also every morning and afternoi n Saturday afternoon excepted deUdU Oas Company ft took for Bala 0N the 15th of January J8W there wlH be aold at tbe aucUoU apos honae ot 8 G Heury ft Co M In at between btxtb end Seventh e liudied amount pf gas stock fur the purpose of extennlng the ceesclty or the ga works in conformity with the i rovlslona ol tne apos Darter tbe sele will be mede at public auction in small and Urge lots Tbe sale tu commence et lO o clock A At tbe same itme tbere will be a sale ot a small amount of Western FinancUl Corporation stock owned by the ola Oas Company and told to close np the hn tnees of tbstcompsny By order of tbe Board of Directors d deodtJalG GARNETT D MAkaBALL Cesh r Notice Notice Oryioa LotriaviLU Gas Co Dee U B ids Wiu be received at thU office until Janimry the 5th 1870 for Brexe made m Loniavine Oas Works Q i gt MAB8UALL desi lU Cashier Notice OmcB LociaviLLi Gab Co C apos 10 1888 j Dec r HE annual meeting of tbe Stockholders of the LonbviUe Gas Co for the election of Ubectore for the ensuing j ear will be held et the office of tho Company oirMondeT Jan 8 ISTO at 10 o clock deX biJaS GARNETT D MARSHALL Caah r DRUGGISTS ABTHUB PBTBB W W PQWXBS HABVET COOPBB PETER POWERS amp COOPER Bacceasors to WILSON FETTER 4 CO Wholesale Druggists No ara main e apos rnEE r Between Hevanth and EigtaUi jyl tf Loulavilla Ky CARFET HOUSE J G Mathers amp Co NO 100 MAIN tt apos TR EET ADJOIJ iyG SANE OF LOUiSVILLE Mjoaiavllle Ky W E are receiving dally from tha Import ers and manufaoturan the largeat and finest eaaortment ot Girpeti rf apos every iewriptioi Oil Clotln litliigB Houoo FarmlablBffi Gooda That haa ever been received In tho WeMem country all ol which will be aold at toe low eatMew York caah prices on accoxint of Um importon and maanthotomaj m 17 t The 49rcik Picterial Aeanal Hootetter s United Sutea Almanac for 1 870 for distribution ORaTis tbronghout the United States and all civilized conntrlea ol the Western phere la now ready for diatrlhntlon sod all who wish to understand tbe true ptulcso ihy of boalth sbonid reed end ponder v a va lBcble aggesuons it conialna in edditton toaa minflieblemedlflfraHr the on the cansea revMdfo Md cure of a great variety ot diseasea It eMnLUa largo amonat of Iniormatlon Interesting to the moroheiil the iftfr chanlc tbe miner ibe fcsaional man and tbe calenlatlons have bee zfadei for such meridians aud latltn apos ics as are aoat soli able for e correct aad romprebenaive Natzobai CaiaN DAR The nature usee and extraordinary Mnitarv effects of HUSraTTLR S STOMACH BlTTKBft he staple tonic and alterative of more than half tbe C rl8Uan orld are fully set forth in Its pages wbicb are also Intertperaed with pietoral lUn treUODS val uable recipes lor tbe boasebold and form nnmorona anecdotes and other instructive and amnil g read ing matter original and selected Among tbe An uuals appearing with the opening ot the year ihia is one 01 tbe most nseinl and mat bx hai gt ron tbb ASK iNO Tbe proprietors Mesa a Uostetter a Smith on receipt of a two cent stamp wUI forward a copy by mad to any perron wbo cannot procure one in hlB nelgbhorbuod Tbe BITTKR are sold in ev fry city town and village and are exteualvely need tbronsbout tbe entire civilized work de apos JS La C J de 46 deod8 amp wl Milhan e Golden Cod s iver Oil With Uypo pbosphlte of Lime a great Improve meat made with ihe best oil known It nnites effica cy witn pleasant flavor and easy digestibility Sold by all respectable druggists J MlLnAH S SONS iik j Broadway New Yorx aef dZawlm All Dlsea ArL f f d 4l i ll TO THE WORKING CLASS We are now prepared tu mrui ta all claabes wiUi conataut eiuployineut al home the whole 01 the time or tor the Ri are mouieuta Hurdneaa new 1 ght and profitable Fersona of either sex euAily earn truiii 50c to 85 per evening and a pruportluual sum by devoting their whole time to the butdneas Boya and glrla earn nearly aa much aa men That all who see this uoi ice may send their addreaa and teei the bu lneii8 we make this unparalleled ot fer apos lo such as are not well satisfied we will send 81 to pay for the trouble or writing E ull parliculara a valuable aam pie whlcb will do lo omiueuce work on and a copy 01 7 e Jho ple apos a Lilimry Companion one ol the largea and best lauilly newspapers published al sent free by mail Reader If you want per muneut profitable work addrera K C ALLEN 4 CO Augusta Mwlne A C 1RD A Clergyman while residing In South AineilcH aa a rais ionury discovered a aafe and Himple remedy fur the Cure of Nervous vVeakne s s Elarly Decay Dl eaaea of the Urinary and apos Seminal Organa and the whole train of Isordera brunghi on by baneful aud vicious hahlta Great numbers have been cured by this noble remedy Frompted by a det lre to beuetii the afflicted and unfortu nate I will send the recipe or pieparlng and ur ing till medicine IU a sealed envelop to any one who needs it Free oj Charge Addres s JOSLPH T IM MAN se25 im Station D Bible House N Y CUT BEST MD CBEAPEST SypMlUa Hercarial MANHOOD And the Vigor of Yonth restored In four weeks Success guaranteed Dr Ricobu 8 Ks senck of Lxfb restores manly Mwera from whatever cause arising the effects of early pernicious habits seif aonse im potency aud climate give way at once to this wonder ful medicine if taken regularly according to the directions which are very simple aud re ijiiire no restraint from business or pleasnre Failure is impos sible Sold in bottles at k or tour quantities in one for 9 To be bad only of the sole appointed agent In America it Gebitzen a 5 S apos coud ave N Y mr6 ly This preparation i9 a coneentiat Extract of Honduras Saraapavi Queen s Root or SUllingla containi intion a neutral salt ot Iodine with iesand sugar auffldeQt to rend ffi Tbe well known alterative pro artiides Is secured by carelully l crude drugs for In tbe is a weU Known fact thaV of tbe root on tba nsai apos apos from bad handling or t easily known By cbe root if good a prickly seo H in tbe throat wbicb does not produce tbU effec use none tbat has nut be gt z iood SUllingla la more SarsaparUla may lose It er treatment In theeffbvttoe H principle Tbe prooee N ewspaper B 1 T 1 apos HEL 4 gt R N UAIK DYE This splendid Hair I apos ve lathe best in the world the ouly true and perfect Dye harm less reliable instantaueous no disappoint ment no rliJIculous tints remedies toe ill efiectsofbad Dyes Invigorates and leaves the Hair soil aud beautiful black or brown Sold by all Druggists aud Ferfumers anu properly applet al Batchelor s Wig Factory No 16 Bond street my ly WnrtiN of 4 apos beer On the Errors of Youth and tho Folllee of Ase In relation to MARRIAGE andHOCIAD EVIES wliha heluing hand for tbe enlng aud unfortunate Sent lu aealed letter enve lops fiee ot clmrg apos A idre ss HOWARD AJSSOCTATION seS I apos m V Box F PfallaA apos fhi v gt i h iaafotf Manufacturer of Perea fr twiwr i 4 lain Teeth No 170 FIFTH STREET between Green and Waluut west side Louisville Ky Teeth extracted without pain by the use of the Nitious Oxide Gas jail tf UKiYIO AIa DR W H HHADOAN Dentist bat removed to apos Jai Jetfenon street betweer apos Seventh and Klzbth nonb Bide Louis IP S t For RestorinDT Oray Hair to Its Natural Vitality and Color t A dressing which is at once agreeable healthy and effectual for preserv ing the hair Faded or gray hair is soon restor ed to its original color with the gloss and fresh ness of youth Thin hair is thickened falling hair checked and baldness often though not always cured by its use Nothing can restore the hair where the follicles are destroyed or the glands atrophied and decayed But such as remain can be saved for usefulness by this application I nstead of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi ment it will keep it clean and vigorous Its occasional use will prevent the hair from turning gray or falling off and conse quently prevent baldness Free from those deleterious substances which make some preparations dangerous and Injuri ous to the hair the Vigor can only benefit but not harm it If wanted merely for a HAIR DRESSING Nothing else can be found so desirable Containing neither oil nor dye it does not soil white cambric and yet lasts long on the hair giving it a rich glossy luster and a grateful perfume PREPARED BV DR J C AYER amp CO Practical k Analytical Chemists LOWKLL 41 488 SI 4 0 SOLD BY E WIL13KR amp CO LOUISVILLE KT AND DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE Bat aeUlng forth aU its eons proportions anfflclently ic A rectiona H In the use of alterative in cided eOeot most be looked j time Tbey ae alowly and J and regular use However N The Use of aSln j Preparation vh Its Curath Bufflciently to encoar I tinue taking antll eit I class of dl teases in wb i not admit 01 berulc treaL Tbla preparation U nove apos erage as some SMr gt irar iit Contaialng in one bottle tbotq as otben on tbe market more of BaraaparlU apos Wtban tbere la la wortbleaa componnds of Qavt and spirits wbicb generally ara pabUe asBoisaparlUa and H apos fl DELIFERED BT CARRIERS AT I Sarsaparilla and I THE 6REAT BLOOD Fifteen Cents Per Weekt WM STEILBERe amp C0 FIR ITIRE DEALERS C H WiBtenatni No S3 Fifth Street BET MAIN AND MARKET LOUISVILLE W E are daily receiving a large and ele gant stock of Furniture made of tbe beet material sneb as Bed r oiu Parlor Dlningwroom aad Office Fnmitare Inferior t o none e market PETER PQWE M SoeoaMora AO WholeMmU m Main GkneralS f M THE EXPRESS ooBtaliu aU tbe lateaS nawa LOCAL TELEQBAPHIO and COM MERCIAL to tbe moment of going to prem BUSINESS MEN will find It to tbelr InUr eat U advwtioe In the EXPRESS Wanta apos Eor Kenta ror SaJeo 4a BO A aseeedtng five Unao twentar five M amp tg fnr fifrek tzuMrttonf CORNS BUNIONS WARTS I NVERTED Toe Nalls and Frosted and Tender Feet radlrally oor Iw DR HTM HIRSCHFELD Graduated Surgeon Tblropodlat avOffioe 176 Jeffenon atraeC between Flftb and Center mySl Mtf 4uzni di li e 1 known to Qtilnrnor the Pretident eod their replies to be ck ialists I will be gnldad by the condition of afiaire I d thex flnd them ATL4 ASO SB AT WBSTEBN VLA 11MXAD 1 Mr liongherty the receiver of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Company ap lt I pointed by Jndge Barnard makes the ibllow ing statement In Jostification ol the forcible rtmoral of the books apos rom said office The removal of these books and papers was on account of the Etirr ptitioaa abstraction of other book from the offices of the company by parties connected with the Atlantic and Great Western railroad in violation of a solemn pledge The Ene Railroad Company have nothing whatever to do with this uflair further than lending a vehicle for the removal of and fur nLUing a proper leceptaole for the books and papers which arc now and will remain in the custody of Mr Jay Gould and myself as re ceivers of the road appoint apos d by Judge Bar nard s order of March last Mr Gonld said that valuable record books had been removed from the office and that the supposition was that Mr James dcHenry formerly president of the road had them THE RECEPTION OR PBABODT S REMAINS The donble turretied monitor Miautono mah has been ordered to join the corvette Plymouth at Portland to assist in the interna tional courtesies consequent npon the coming urriial ot the English fiigate Monarch hav ing on board the remains of the respected George Peabody RT ROPE tN MAIL CONTRACTS New York Dec 80 Postmaster General Creswell and Postma ter Jonea have had another long con ulistion to day relative to tn c iitript for carrying the mails between this port and Europe Representatives of various steami hip Hues took part in the dis cu biOD and after a full and free iuterebange of opinions on both sides the Postmaster Gen eral ratifled the contracts already made The steam ship Rhein which was to have sailed with the malls She ua9 ID 8p6cic j The folloYVlng 1 To hi Exctlleney kt nUed State Tour memorialtsta i gt eg le amp apos ve most respect fully to represeiii that we are residents ot the colony of Rnush Colaiabla many of us Brit ish subjects Slid ail of us deeply interested in tbe welfare and pi ogress of our adopted coun try that those who are British subjects are penetrated with tbe most profound feelings cf loyalty and devotion to her Majesty and her government and hope that ail entertain for her feelings of the greatest attachment and to tlie coumrv that wniie we tlios indulge such feelings we are constrained by the duty we owe to oureelves and families in view ot tbe contemplated severance of tbe political ties which unite this colony to the mother coun try to seek for such political and commercial affinity and connection as will iusore the im mediate and continued prosperity and well being of this onr adopted home that this col ony is now suflering great depression owing to its Isolation scarcity of population and other causes too numeruns to mention that we view with feelings of alarm the avowed in U ntiOD of her Majesty s OoveromeDt to con federate this colony with tbe Dominion of Canada as we believe such a measure can only leud to still further depression and ultimate iumry for the following reasons viz That confederation cannot give us projec tion against external enemies or foreign toes owing to tbe distance of this colony from Ot tawa that it cannot open to us a market for the produce of our lands our forests our mines or our waters that it can not bring us population our greatest need as the Dominion Itself is sufieriug from lack of It that our connection with tbe Dominion can satisiy no sentiment of loyalty or devo tion that her commercial and industrial in terests are opposed to ours that tbe tariffs of the Dominion wilt be the ruin of our farmer and tbe commerce of our chief cities that we are instigated by every sentiment of loyalty to her Majesty by our attachment to the laws and iustiimions of Great Britain and onr deep interest in the prosperity of our adontod country to express our opposition to a severance from England and a coufederatiou vnth Canada We admit that the Dominion nay be aggrahdized by confederatiou but we can see no licnefit either in tbe present or the future which can accine to us therefrom that we desire a mar ket tor our coal and lumber and our fish and this the Dominion seeks tor tbe same produce of her own soil ho can take nothing from us and supply ns nothing in return that cou lederatiug this colony with Canada may re lieve the mother country Iroin the trouble and exnensc of fostering and protecting this iso lated dis apos ant colony bnt it cannot free us from onr long enduiing depression owing to the lack of population as aforesaid and the ctmtinued want of a home market for our pro duce The only remedy for the evils which beset us we believe to be in a close union with the adjoiuicg States and Temtories We are already luod by a unity of objects and inter est Nearly all our commercial relations are with them They furnish the ehief markets they have for the products of our mines land Mrs Stowe j mei HER VINDICATION OP HERsELF A ND EAUY BkKU V A Heavy Decline in Gold Pre dieted IVcutral THE l TKODlCriO gt Important Meeting of Tennessee Bondholders Mrs Stowe s book vindicating herself In the matter of the Byron mys ery will not be published until the S ii of January but her publishers have given to the newspapers the iDtroduction to the volnma Here is the in troduction frrsh and but from buston The interval since my puhiicstiun of The True Story of Lad Byron s Life has been one uf stormy dLcnssiun aud much invec tive 1 have nuT thi nght it necissary to dis turb my spirit and coi mse my ssu e of ri apos bt bv even ait attempt at reading the mluy abiii ive articles that both here aud in Eug lanu have loliowed that ohclusure Frieni have undertukeu the toak apos ur me giving me from tune to time the substance of anyth ng really woithv of attention wdicb came toview in the tumult It appeared to me essent al th it this first excitement should in a im asnre p lt nd itself before there would be a pursibili y of speak ing to unv pjrpo e Now when all would seem to have poken who can sp k and it is to be hoped have said the utmost they can r ay there sterna a propr ety In listeuiLg calm ly if that be imssihlo to wuat I have to say in repiy And first why have Imade tht discloaore at all To this I answer briefly because I consid ered it my duty to make iL I miuie it in defense of a beloved re apos 1 friend whose memory u gt ud apos n iv the ejjM of tbe civilized World o ah must l pul Ive cninc apos j inncc apos apos F Watching rder of European Mails Assured THE STOCK JOBBING CLIQUES New York Dec 30 The chief feature In Tali street to day was the attempt of some stock jobbing cliques to sustain tbe gold mar ket for the purpose of selling gold which they Lad borrowed in order to obtain curren cy They ran the price up sharply from 119 to 120 by employing a broker who is no torious for buying at the highest possi ble price if he is employed to buy and for selling at the lowest possible Indian Troubles in Arizona Appeal of tl e WeBtern DiS apos tillers r price if he is employed to sell for his ensto In the present case this broker sne a large amount at 120 to wnich he could bare obtained at 1193 gt or lower if bo bad been so disposed or per liaps If he bad had orders to that effect Tue Bharp advance from 119 to 120 caused many shorts to con er bnt the price afterward declined to 119 when the attempt to ad vance the price artificially had ceased A HEAVT Pall in gold The Secretary of the Trea ury it is stated scmi offlcially will adhere to his programme for selling gold and buying bonds as hereto fore throughout the month of January Ii this is done then the weight of gold on the market will uso a rapid and sharp decline probably to TlO If the Secretary sells only 2 009 000 of gold in the month of January then the decline will be more steady and suri tUan if he sold 11 000 000 becau e it will frighten the short interest so that the natural downward tendency of gold will have no short interest to sustain it when the market breaks THE MONEY MARKET opened Btringent and with an active demand at 7 per cent gold and as high as 1 16 per cent per day was paid Towaid the close tbe demand was supplied and loans wen made at 7 per cent gold In discounts there Is no change 9 to 12 per cent for prime indorsed notes and 12 to 90 per cent for sin gle names BONDS The Government bond market opened weak but improved and closed steady i THE GOLD MARKET opened and closed at 119 with sales in the interim at 119 gt and 190 to 120 gt g After the Board adjourned quotations were 119 t gt 119 at the close The market closed heav anu with a downward tendency THE STOCK CLIQUE is loaded with more gold tnan they can carry and they are endeavoring to sell without pro ducing a break in the price The stock mar iners ceeded in buying dispatch to n ffiuity in the dispute between tbe colDDies of tbe riN er country and the Canada Govem luent The proclamation is ai ied both at sympathizers who may be disiioara to aid reb els and at Governor McDouall who seems to imagine he can organize an expedition on Aui apos iicau soil to regain his authority over the insuigj apos j The insuiTection in the Red river country is viewed in official circles as a erious Impediment to the scheme of the English Government to unite all British North America in the new confederation and is not horefore regarded as a matter for regret al Hioug apos i the final success of Uie rebels is not count apos d on THE ERIE COMPAHT OmCIALB deny an complicity in Uie seizure of the ooks aud papirs of the ilautic and Great IVestern Railroad Company except the leiid iiivf ot a wagon and half t dozen members of li Eric detective force to help Mr D ngber y and the pretler of a place ol safe keeping lor Valuables in the Erie vaults rABTICCLAHS OF THE FAMOUS PLOT o tilow up the S auUh gunboats have leaked cut It appears that there really was a plot and that Rvau tbe filibuster was the prime mover but treachery whisky and impeenni lt itv ruined all It is rumored that a similar plot to destroy ihe fioti U lyiug at anchor is stillon foot T he wa ches on i be vessels have been doubled armed l oats patrol the bay and tbe Bpanisb j I UiliOrilies have taken meosuies to expedite j Uie sailing of tbe expedition at once HAVANA COBRESPOMDeNCE ive jiarticulurs which have probably been uppre bcd by the telegraph of m jny cruel deeds by the Spanish authorities in Cuba Six ty three of the most rcb icclable citizens of llurana have been tom from their buiiK s and sent to Spain on suspicion Sev enteen more have been thrown into the dun apos icfus of Uie Moro to be tried for tbeir lives apos i toil folio Lamar a kinsman of the Giorgia i i arntrs and a young millionaire planter has i ea i baibaroui lv executed at the demaud of I ic Matanzis volunteers Ci apos izeus have been j gt l ot bv order of a drum bead court martial I ai d two aged and infirm gentlemen who j Hid iH gt l w il be shipped away have been I put und lt r hondi of Oi e hundred thousand apos gt cb to keep the peace towards Spain Memorial of the People of British Colombia THE DABIEN CANAL Washington Dec 80 The President will submit to Congress on rcasrembling a eyiecial message on the Darien Ship Canal matter ac companied by some important documents re garding operations under the treaty the I purytort of which is not kuown in detail but I it is believed refer to some bitch in the pro j ytosed enterprise This government how I ever is going ahead with its part of the sur I veying expedition and is preparing maps I etc for the same I TOE GOVEBNMF NT PRINTING OFFICE Is very busy just now doing the printing ordered by Congress and the Executive De partment All of the printing for the Cubtom house which was done at private establish ments has been transferred to the Govern lt ment office An advertisement has Just been prepared inviting propo als for over ninety thousand reams of printing paper This I apos s one of the largest ever Invited THE WINNEPEO WAR It was rnmored last night that the Presi dent had decided to issue a proclamation re garding the neutrality of this Government in the Winnepeg war it seems that Gov McDougall the British commander estab lished his headquarters in Miunesota having been driven fiom his Lome in the British PoSEessioDS aud planned with in and sent from the United States an armed expedition against the msurgeuts in tbe Win nepeg country It is said Gen Hancock com manding inMinnesota has been directed not to allow the expeiiment to be repeated Should Canada undertake to conquer the Win neyieg insurgents into loyal mbmission it will have to send its troo s through Minnesota to the Red river country The roine by tbe way of Hudson s bay is closed ten mouths in the year It is not unlikely in view of tbe fact that the insurgents hold the Red river coun try that the British au horities will attempt bas been n of an adver QppOor bUT uajf I jouid be obliged to so coiL t i this use of them has b en to me 1 suppose that when those kind hands that j had sued nolhiug but blessings were ivi og m i the helpleiA uess oi death Wu u that geu apos j heart so sorely tried and to tue last so of love was lying cold in ihe a v fflirv man in England could be found L gt cost tue I alauders on her grave and not uae in I all Eugiacd to raise an eUeetive voice in uer defense I I admit the feeb enew of my pica iu point of execution It wa wiitieu a a state of cxhau ied i ealth when no labor of the kind was afe for me when my hand had not s ngth to hold the yen a d I was lurced to dictate to aiiotbi r I have been to d that I have no reason to congratulate myself on it as a literary effort O my broilurs aud sisp r Is there then iiolhiiig in the worli t gt Ihiuk of but literary tfloriB I ask any man with a he ari iu hts bosom if nc had been ob igeii to U lJ a story so cruel because his mother s u rave gave no real I from slaiHler I ask an womau wuo bad been forced to such a dt ciOsure o free a dea lt t sister s nsme from gro ae t iiisults wbe quot she would have thought f making this of bitterness a Iherarv suecosc Are the cries of the o gt res apos apos j if of toe dying the 1 a t pr l a lt y words wrung like dr jood frptR the human heart to efforts My fellow countrymon of America of the press I have d me vou one act of iaw apos The numbo J 5 bt i pox dnring i he week end quot lay were thirteen The deseuse uwu at one time tbreatei gt ed to become epidemic has nearly died out tammant Arrangements for the Tammany primary elections were mide to day It is understood that Mr Tweed will be re elected President t DT CABIE TSLRORAR l eagla iiA acquisition cf this colony by the United States It would result at once iu openii g to us an unrestricted market for our product bring an influx of population and with it induce an investment of capital iu our coal and quaitz mines and in our forests It would insure us regular mails and communi i ation with the adjoining States and Territo torics and through them with tbe world at large It would lessen tbe expenses of our Goverqjneiit by giving us representative in stitnUoDB and immediate control of onr do mestic concerns besides giving us protection against foreign invasion and w1 h all these we would still be united to a people of our own kindred religion and tongue and a people who tor all time must intimutely ofiieet us iu all our relutious for weal or woe 1 hat in view of these facta we respectfully request that your Excellency will cause this memorial to be laid before the Government of the United Stales aim that iu any ncguliajlious which may be pending or undertaken between your Government and that of her moat gracious Majesty for the set ilement of territorial or other questioi s you will endeavor to induce her Majesty to con sent to the transfer of this colony to the Uuj ted Riotaa VVe O apos lieNb tier Lunjunt gt that tbe weliare aud happiness of all her peo ple in vlt w of the circumstances that for years she bas consented to the annual exodus of thonsands of her subjects to tbe United States and that she will not let political tra ditions and sentiments influence her against a measure so irerucstly desired by the people of this poor isolated colony Dated British Columbia Nov 18 1869 THE SUEZ CANAL STORIES London Dec 80 51 Lesseps engineer in chief of the Suez canal bas telegraphed here a contradiction of the stories as to the dan gers accompanying the naiigation of that canal He says since the canal bas been opened to commerce the depth of the very worst points bas been lucreascd seventy centimeters RECEIPTS OF WHEAT from America are still very heavy There is a great accumulation ot wheat both here and at Liverpool The Statistical Journal of this city says lher3 are now seventy four more cargoes afloa bound to England than at the correspoudiug period last year TUE AMERICAN NAVY The Times has an editorial on the subject I of the American navy Tha writer blames Secretary Robeson for coefining his attPntijm I cruisers rather than line of battle biJ j k g apos i glish Admiralty is qlraplM I are lucouiDatiblc with cruising IJlIieDTW long M b t of o and a T apos apos Jilt J 8aatoaiu whi L ta ouud In vary tain purity and blnatloD with tbe physlciaiM V EY CABLE TELEOUArn future time by the remembranctf of an nukud word you have said of m for jt ttiil moment I recoUcot not one I bad ucb faith in idc iu luy coitnirvmeii apos villi horn above ail otueiv flu W aArr CraXC apos t apos i ial 1 h Liie course Oi the Am cm pr apos S S apos i ot not merely fruru Uic quot ig heard but fiom griel apos apos apos apos clion convinces im that you were in many c ses acting from a mi gt understaudiog of facu and through misguided honorab c feelings and I still feel courage there ore to ask iro m yon ti fair heanog ir as I have iiotiC y gt n ibw jus lice will v i lt follows Min fO apos amp ht New Orleans For some time irauire Minister Louicuna Republicans have been com P apos ug to the T easurv Dtpartm t that apos apos ney retained apos nocrats in office and re of the Fu c b appoint liepublicaus A sliaip cor tr of Commerce e p ndeiict e apos ued between ex Gov liahu Instruction M CoUector which resulted iu the lat Qcil M Mager tcr s promising to turn the Democrats out oi M Vaillant os office after January IsL TRANSPORTATION OF FOREIGN MAILS The Fostoffice Department is not likely to meet with much difficulty in securing the transportation ot onr foreign mails A com mnnication was leceived to diy from the Government of the Dominion uf Canada of 1 fering to take them from Portland at the re j duced rates This route would deliver the mails earlier by twenty four hours than by j the present mode of conveyance it is not improbable that an arrangement will be made bv which tbe mails will be couv yed by the Canadian as well as by the New Y o k lines INDIAN TROUBLES IN ARIZONA Gov Satlord of Arizona is on his way to this city and will arrive here about the 1st or 6ih of January The object of the visit as stated in letters received in advance of his arrival is to present tbe truth oi tbe matter relating to Indian outrages In that tcrritoiy and to ask Congress to take such action as will etectually suppress the red skins Gov Sufloid will ask for authority to call out volunteers aud he claims that if such authorization is given him he will be able to do more in suppressing outrages than by any other course THE WESTERN DISTILLERS Mr H L Burnett attorney for the Western distillers opposed to the rule recently estab lished for the fermentation period has noti fied tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue that he will offer o jcciioas worthy of consid eration The Commissiumr has agreed to hear tbe matter discussed to day Mr Bur nett comes in behalf of the distillers of Cin cinnati Chicago and 8t Louis for the pur pose of showing that 48 hours the time des ignated for the preparation of the mash is not long enough for the proper fermentation of the grain used NEW TBAB apos S day receptions Washington Dec 80 The hours for re tion by Vice President aud Mrs Colfox at their lesidence New Year s day will be from half past 12 till 3 o clock P m The Cabinet offleen will receive from 1 till 8 o clock p m Receptions by public officers and cit gt zeus will probably be great r ia number than hereto fore Officers of he army w ill assemble at the War Department aud proceed iu a body to the White House to duv tbeir respects to the President The first public reception at tbe Executive Mansion will be held Friday cven KBAA CE MrNUTERIAL sPECCLATIOk Il 3 i tw Ulti isi i u It Ot geatral p ciila ton uj i t aanliUej w tkj Young Woman Shoots her Seducer Who was to Have been Married to Another W heeling W Va Dec 31 Yesterday li apos tcrnuou a young lady named Batham who i aii IK CU seduced by a man named McNosh i ited bis board irg house arid calling him out dciuindcd tbe fulfillment of his marriage roiiiisc Upon his refusal she drew a revol er aud shot him thruuab tbe bowels She then surrendered hersmf to the authorities M Nash will not recover He was to liave l eti married to another lady in a few days State and Federal Jurisdiction Montgomery December 80 A case in volving Stale aud Federal Jurisdiction has arisen here The State la w levies a tax upon the Southern Express Company The com pany applied to Judge fiusteed ot the United Stales Court for an iajunctioD which was granted The State Auditor has issued a cir cular to the lax collectors ordering them to collect the tax in spite of tbe injunction Ihe case promises to be one of great interest and the State and company have eminent counsel to tight it through tbe courts m tuMwtaiA apos Wfa niae loaeogM or ciiaate The 143 to lut Mur ftom 7 apos give Lb HantoQlu bo wornD the addltta l r dicine to tio Loaengaa H may tbere re be dose to use sonra stmp H purpose only of dt rgiu f Tbeet Lozenges Outtain oi 19 and pwre Hnatoain The claim b tbe ascertat ied parity tiente nd Us thoroi aad c i tton so that e rli Lot enge e art portion of Mon onin cienily mdlcatlug the e oanUi c It w gt Paris Dec 30 Lp b lt in the evening there are no new develop ments la regard to the ministry SPAIN was and Littcll apos s Llvitia 3 wcod article aud tiie tluroct publishing bouse in Aiuerica perb ps m world repuidlshod tbe book lt gt siulemi n s witn lUo e of the Black wood Pall Mull Gazette and olber gli b periodical were beieg propagated through all tbe yenn re idiug and writing world of America I was ineeiing them adverti gt apos d iu dailies aud made up into artieles in inagaziutre and thus the geaeratiuu ut to ilay lt bo baJ 00 means of judging Lady B vion but by these fables of her sla derer were bcli g fonlly deceived The friends who knew her pcrsoi aily w ere a small select circle in Eugiand wbom death Is every day reanciug T apos bey were few in Dumber eoiu r red with the great world kud wt re sileut saw these foul slauuera crystallizing into hisiory nneontradieted by frieuds who kuew her personally wiio brut iu tbeir owj knowT edge of her virtues and limited in view as aristoctatic circles gc r wMy nu had no idea of tbe width ef Uie i in aud tbe exigen y p apos Iftoed Ume passed ou and no voioe va lt v f The Weather Holidny Throng Oaa H orka Personal Bowling Green Ky Dec 80 The weath er lor the past few days Lae been very propl ious The bun sbines S eamboat matters are such tliat the boats make their r lar irip s The city durirg the past week Christmas Has been crowded with the African popula tion The streets have been even imp ssable ilh the congicgatfcn of blacks who it ap ears have come bore as a central point to engage ibemsclves for the ensu ng year and apos ave behaved themselves In the most orderly manner Col Mottley aad Tbo Calvert of the Gas S erks bear off the palm They are the pres lit founders of that institution and will light our town on the 1 t of January A voice from Bowling Green aaye Let Charles llenntny lake the place of George Stealcy Golladay has returned from Louisville Mr Tomppert has also arrived and claimed iiis prize and talilug slowly nusinrss 011 ttie wbail dull aud frelgtiis scarce Arrived Mottle Hats from 4t Louts Departed Argosy for CTuciunatl with lU0 utiU busuelsof lt oal CINCINNATI Dec so U g Arrived Robert Bums Meuiobls Emuia Floyd Nashville De pai ted Amerlea Arkansas iivei Norman Evaus vlile Mluueoia Memphl vVeaiber clear Riv er faillDg with 31 leel 8 Inches 70 feet 0 inches ui der the bridge O vv Uaireu left for New Orleans las apos night but deranged aer michinery and returned for repairs apos be will get off to nlgbt CINCINNATI Dec 30 p M Arrived Albion Te ueeste river Lawience Nashville MsJorAn deison t h ellut Sliver Sprat New urieau apos Depa ted spray Nashvl apos le Albion Hanging Uoek River faliii g witu teei 8 inches wal r In tue ebauuel and 72 feet 4 laches under tbe bridge Clear ana pleasant EVANSVILLE lud D apos C 3d Weatber dellitbt fni Clear and mild except In early morning then verv cold aud neavy frost River fallen 14 iDcbos BuMne s dull and port list light Includ ing Rapldan No 2 E 18 apos port and return Quick step Cairo anU return J U G roes tteck New Oruaps to CinclDuatl 1 80 a u Falls City Louisville to Bowling Green 1 p R Tarascon Louisville and reluru 2 p M Petrolla No 2 Henderson and return Nick Wall New Orleans to ClDCinuail 3 P u 1 he packets bad moderate trios hot n ways The Gioe beck ana Nick Wall had good trios The Raven with heavy tow ol salt passtQ down to day Nashville Dec 30 River faniog with 7M feet ou Uarpetb shoaLs Weather clear and pleasaut Arrived Talisman Cairo Robert Moore ClDClnnatl Burksville upper Cumber land Departed Rob c Moore Olueiunatl Cairo Dec 30 Port List Blgb to Pittsburg anu return at 11 p M Little A ips to Puteburg and return at 8 a m Aluskn Cincinnati to New Orleans P W Strader Louisville to New Or leans at 8 p M T yrone NasbvMe packet at 3 p 11 Rubicon Vicksburg to St Louts at 4 p m Pauline C irroll New Orleans to Si Louis at 7 p M Henry Tete Louisville to New Orleans at 8 a u Nt Joe Memphis to 8 t Louts at 10 a h Mo hawk New Orleans to 81 Louis at noon Dicta tor Louisville to 81 Louis at 1 p m Effliite La Barge 8 t Louis to New Orleans at 1 p m Hor ne No 2 Pittsburg to New Oibans at2p u St Luke 8 t Louis to Memphis at 3 p it Iion lUes 8 t Louis to Pliisbupg at 8 p m River tilt two Inches Weather clear mercurv 440 The steamer Charles Durlee fiom 8 t Louts to Ouachita river bioke her shaft near Cape Glrar ueau and Is laid up here for repairs ST Lons Deo 80 The total number of vessels enrol led at 1 his port tbe past year Is 166 The aggregate tonuaice U about 78 000 tons Most of them are owneo nere The ves els of the Norib ern Line Packet Company and tbe Northwestern Uuion Packet CcRipany uumbeilm 113 tonnage a ou gt 19 000 tons no Included In above nor anv of tbe large number of steamers and barges Which come to this city from ihe various Ohio river pons Neliher are the many other vessels which during cerialu seasons abandon their reg ulai trades and ply between here and New Or leans Tbe total amount collected from all de acrlpUous of vessels Iu this port during tbe yesr Including tonnage tax Inspi ctor s toss enroll ment license and hospital accounts 060 MXMFBU Dec 80 12 u Weather elear and p ea anu River nsiag Arrived Alice Dean OmclBoatl Departed Thompson Dean Caiso Mesaetiger Olaclnnail NEW 0RL1AR8 Dec fi 0 Arrived Glssfow St Louis Departed Riqhmond LoHtartlle Magen ta MemphU Blsmarw fii Louis OPPOSITION TO MONARCHY M adrid Dec 30 Minister of J ustice ZorUla bas been generally badlv received duriug his semi official jourrey just finished At Val encia Barcelona and some other large ci apos ies Ills sp eehes in favor of monareby were inter rupted by Republican vivas A ROYAL BAPTISM Rome Dec 30 The infant Princess Chris tine of Naples was baptized here to day with great ceremony by Cardinal Patrizzi Vicar of the Pope Ihe Pope was renreseoled as god lather by Cardinal Antolietii and tbe Empress of Austria was represented by the Dowager the Empress god mutber Over onr hundred notabilities of Rome Naples and Pans were in atteudance as well as tbe prelates the guards of the Pope and others THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL The session of the Ecumenical Connctl yes terday lasted five hours The subject of tbe discussion was whether philosophy was hete rodox MARINE AEW8 noosinds of Ckildrea D apos all for the Wamofa I a gt ie Worm D bM spckc I gave at first q gioiple akoryi tor I knew in apos tiDctivcly that whoever pot the first steel point ol trath Wvyifib of slacder must wait lor the aMgm iRw apeed itself I must say the stenn exceeded my pectatious aud Las r ged lo id and Ions B gt ii now that tt ere is a comparattve stillne s I shall proceed first to prove what 1 have just been asscriim apos aud second to add to my true story such facts and iaculeuts as I did not think proper at first to state LN apos TERS Further from the Trichiaie Horror HtCAGO Dec 80 The Tribune has a special from Belvidere dated to night which savr No farther deaths Lave occurred in families by triebin tliice yesterday One of l ie vlcunis tan scarcely live 24 hours Two n w ca es Lave appeared within the last 15 Hours from eating the same meat There re nine cases very sisk As before stated three have died Thoae who Lave died were taken sick about twelve davs aiUr ewUtJg the pork and died in four ivteks Thesyujptoma are pain in the stom ich with diaiTliea hot skin quick pulse dry red smooth longue great soreness of muscles Trichinae was fduud in pork hams and Bologia sausage made from the pork al 0 in the mu cles of those who died The suficrings ol the patients are terrible Chicago Dec 80 The following figores are token from the annual report of the oual ne apos S of Chicago duriug the past year Total value of manufactures is 58 000 000 a ust 63 000 000 the year previous Total valne of goo lt L apos received io the city 4l5 659 000 agatnrt 397 652 600 last year Total wholesale sales l o fm reported 368 935 530 against 349 469 760 last year Net incomes are eaUmated AykTl 1 ffh l OLASOOw D c 80 Arrived yesterday India fiom New York F1 A C1AL A AD C apos O Vf MEHClAL LONDON Dec 80 Consols for money 92 4 ac oouni 92R Tbe Stock Exchange will be cio e lt l Saturoav American gt ecumle Arm 62 86 H 66 s 8654 an i apos 67 8474 8354 Fraukf ri bonds beavT Erie 17 Illinois Central 10034 Aiianilcand Great western 2534 Paris Dec 30 Bourse quiet rentes 72f 85c LIVERPOOL D gt c 30 The cotton market Is 8nn mMdllng uplands 11340 Orleans 1134d 8al 16 000 tiales Wheai tallfornla white Os 8d red wesu rn No 2 8 apos 4d winter 9e Flour wesiern ID the desire oi the State ot Tennessee to pay Its debts Ho thought that it would be Im pra ticable to obtain control of the roads by the plan proposed Mr Donaldson tbe Chalnnau said that ac cording to the best knowledge which the com mittee was enabled to obtain there was a disaosition in the State to adopt 6 ne such met d of clearing off the debt This debt WAS about 39 000 000 of which nearly 96 A 0 000 was due to the railroads As far as be judged the authorities would gladly ggeept the plan Mr Williams remarked that the heavy debt of Tennessee was equivalent so to speak to a mortgage on each piece of property within its Umlts For instance farms In Tennessee sold for twenty five per cent less than in Ken tucky aU other things being equal Natural ly therefore Tennessee weuld be grateful for any practical plan of getting rid of this horri ble incubas After mneh more discosaion it was finally resolved that the committee of five be em powered to appoint a sub committee of three to visit Tennessee to confer with the State aathoritiea as well as tbe railroad men with a view to devising a plan by which tbe State debt mtereat may be regularly paid and the principal when due latiuidod to the lenders Thn oomdtta to botwid to no apaaifloplan PUBLIC LANDS OMSOLD The Department of the Interior states the estimated number of acres of public lauds unsold and nnappropriated after dedneting all disposals as far as reported ore as follows Florida acre 19 328 lt 98 Alabsma 0 849 871 MlS l apos SlppI 4 728 514 Louisiana apos 6 486 9ti3 Missouri 1 131 752 Arkansas ll 3i lt 7 077 Total 47 479 819 As to Virginia West Virginia North Caro lina South Carolina Georgia Texas Keu incky and Tennessee there arc no pnblic lands within their limits ANNEXATION OP BRITISH AMERICA Vincent Colyer of New York banded to President Grant a memorial signed by a nam her of property holders and business men of Vlctoii to be followed by another which will contain names Of all the British mer chants and others at Victoria and other piacM in favor of tbe transfer of British Cot lEmbia to tbe United States Tue President io day returned to Colyer a verbal reply tiiat be bad md it with great intereaL and sent It to the Secretary of State Colyer also showed tbe memorial to Sumner Chairman of the Committee on Foreigp Relations who after reading it said tbs movement was im portant and could have bnt one termination I Meanwhile our Government waits for the Joba Chiaamaa St Louis Dec 30 John G Walker tbe gentleman having in rbarge the Chinese who arrived here Tuesday night in a oommunica tion to tbe Republican save A marked charasteri apos tic of the Mongolian race is sus picion and want of coutideure ai d this ten dency can only be combated throngh strict atihereuce to truth at d a compliauce with promisee There is lillle pro gt peci at present thatJobu will trespass upon tbe domain of Sambo to any serious extent Those who Lave held nut bopvs of procuring very cheap labor by importing it from the bores of Elastem As a arc 1 think mistakso u tbew conclnsions From one end of ChirkT the other the value of labor iu Atu CsilfDT nia standard is well know alibough labor in China is very cheap A r gt odied men will not engage to e patriatie themselves for a series of yean except on condition of re ceiving sneb high wages as will eaable them to return home in comparative affiuence I am confideu apos no reliaoce can be placed upon obtalnin f and retaining Chinese laborers for Can be ei gt ende Remedy m Taste Disarming Citizens in Matanxas Purchasing U S Senntors Havana Dec 80 The Governor of Ifa lanzas has Issued an order directing all citi zens having arms in their possession to de liver the same to the Spanish anlhoritlea with in two days Those neglecting to comply with this order U1 be court maritaled Tbe Voce de Cuba to day published a slur telegraphed from New YoA sUting that Cubans have gone to Washington to buy Sen ators THE X OMINION 11 Bdcalled ceUor Spiagge C l Conrt gt reoall lathe Sworn Im Gov Ottawa Dag has been swouM of Chancecwl H TheQi HI 273 Main Street themselves or seventaea to nineteen doUare and found Ereely In American liquor and other luxu M the Chineep harem Amerlea a 5 r 1 full mdcr the control Imperial Chinese How many Chinamen arc there on the coast po cra as if they were etiU in their native dis it thu time tril apos ts Owing to this hierarchical oi ganiza About 000 tl Sn very accurate statistical data can beob Thls is an overestimate About 138 000 tinned have come here since 49 but 37 000 have re tub six COMPanixs turned and more than 10 000 have died aj o which aie in California managed by trus vrn ifga BBSHiPPSl gt TO OBIXA have a central government in China TT ou ora hoK gt v gt which is under the direct supervision of the imperial Chinese anthoriiiee The repreeen About 6 000 1 he Co anes tatives of the six companies are thereiore to hard to prevent them w dm regarded as officers of the Chiaese Empire actnaUv re hipped a pumbw Their authority Is derived from Cnina The law Culnese on the Pacific coaat form a State duriM as a colony governed In many res suits If they did not fulfill their pects by China one that could not poeaibly common carriers All these women are pros were Its members to form a community tituies or Intended to become such They land owner So long as they are scattered are picked op in the brothel housra orkla as at present and subject to their munlc napped when young in the country around amjjorliles these abnormal relations Hocg Kong Macao nor Whampo Many uot become conflicting know neither father or mother Ihis was WoiTg W d s e t expression meauin that bmplotmbnt of the CHlimsE they were either orphsns or the retulls of More Chinese are employed in the mines illicit connections in China In their own than in any other branch oflaoor In Cali country they sell for 150 to 250 Here they fomia 0 500 are miners There are 4 500 are worth 300 to 500 and upward Very servants 4 500 employed as porters and for few of these prostitutes ever go back to China like pnrt gt oses and 2 600 in agricuUnral labor not perhaps mure tuau two per cent A In San Francisco there are 2 aOO Chinese cigar large number are diaeuied It is very com makers 1 500 work on machines 830 at shue mon lor the keepers of the Chinetc brothels maklcg 764 Chitesc women earn their daily here assisted by some of the police to seize a oaa Chinese woman on the wharf immediately on landitg from the steamer before they have met those to whom they arc consigLed and take them to apos heir houses confining them un til they have worked out a fine of 41 The police officer receives 10 of the amount The I women are all tMd enough but that is uo rea son why their e mlugs should go to benefit others The above extortion has no lefereuco to the workina out ot their passage money Tba apos has beeu paid by their original imjKirier and purchaser who thus sometimes is cheaUd out of uib money women aud all A Chinese merchant sub eqaeuily told me that he had imported four women doubtless fur his own harem and that tdlof them bad been corralled in bis way THE amp kU TCP OOMPANT The Sam Tup Company started in 1851 and owns several buildings m San Frar cisco but the office for registration aud general business IB in a small Louse on Commercial street All the companies nave Id addition to their sala ried trea amp orer and secretary assisiani and ser vants a sort f boani of unpaid officers gen erally merchants of standing wao are con sul on all matters of iupurtance I was alone w1l ii I entered the offices of the company aud found no one who could speak intelligible Engllbb My Chinese is to say maruoauiiB slmp a nand lt uy goods s9 LiilH Hffl H Bniark After he him had offered me k VeuTDa cigar and had learned the object of my visit he politely expressed willingness to give me any information My first query Was to Ibis tffeoT What do you think of the social position of the Chinaman in California and the man ner in wblch he is treatea I think said Fung Tang that It Is Im proving all the time but as you know we are never s fe from the atucks of bmtal men I ttiiuk the Chinese are better off under English rule In Melbunme a Chinaman can walk 1 In Vlcto XPRES5S FOR THE STATE OF EEMUEY Mound City tUntiml Li Imraoce Go Of Si Mamtis kMBER 31 1869 PROBLEM iDportant Facts e thlnese In Melbunme a Chinaman can walk three or four miles without being attacked or witbont having bis tail cut off In Victo ria Vancouver Island too some of our peo ple have bought properly and are well treat ed Fuug Tang alluded to our San Fnmciaco Chinese Protective Society an institution which has till lately employed a number of special policemen who patrol the streets and see that the Celestiala are not perccented He said that the society had done mnch good apos hat qases of violent usage of bis people were getting much rarer in the city That institution bas lately reduced the number of its police I then remarked to Mr Tang that I believed be had once stated that W apos e have nch mer chsnU in CLina who would like to invest cap iial in this country hut they are afraid to do so SB they arc not sure of sufficient and im partial protection in tt apos e cooits of law He a knowleged that It was bo We then spoke of the recent decisions in favor of a low mg CHUIB8E TBSTIMOirr IK THE COUBT8 Judee Pro vines ol the Police Court who has hiiherto refused to admit it bas just de cided that the party plaintiff apos or defendant or the direct witness may testify but ex cluoes secondary testimony Thus a China man whu has been iU treated may make bis complaint bat the testimony of another Chi e ho saw him so ill treated apos Would not This is of course a monstruus ab wbicb will undoul ly be spsedily 1 Tb flrat conviction under J udge decislcv boa just been made A No 144K Wast Alain straat LoaisTtUa Ky OFFICERS JAMES BRIDfiEFORD President James c JOHNSTON vice President HENRY W gray SecreUry Dr WM H GALT Medical Examiner What they DIRECTOKH Wm H Meriwether ol O W Thomas amp Co J Louis Sebroeder of J H Sebrueder A Suns Philip Lee of Lee A Hartman Attorneys aNlaw James S Barret Cashier German Security Bank James C Johnston Attomey at law P DeB Ormsby Gray Farmer Robert J Elliott Att rney at law James Brldgeford President Second National Bank Henry W Gray General Insurance Agent Wllllum Johnston Attorney at law neae Corpses Kid M hinese dirts 1 0 steam nsed In the process of dlstilla iw tlon Notblng but the best material used and great care taken to make thia the quot Wliitiiliy In the State Parties desiring to visit the dlstllleiy can do so by applying at my office No 44 Fourth street Je22 T H 8HERLEY the New York Pun l into the United iation L bat it may become is L day Tbe impurt Hd to our Uaue writb Kave recently taken proportions which Knably be expected to W e question one of de r se to record here the diug Celestiala Ihem Mas nior Atlie rbiuese All policies non forfeitable after one annua premium is paid Travel In the United States British Prov inces or Europe unrestricted None but really extra hazardous occupa tions charged extra premium A loan of one third the preminm allowed If desired at six per cent Thirty days grace allowed on payment of premiums The high rate of interest to be obtained In ibe West will result greatly to the advantage ot policy holders In Western companies A p lt rtlon of the company s funds will be inve ted in Kentucky under the advice and supervLslon of this branch office JOHNSTON GRAY amp 00 State a gents N 144H WBMT VI AIN NTRKKT np lairs Louisville Sept 11 itWD oc2B tf 5 55 A M 1 IWvIng apos n a Dally ezc tSnn h y jao p gt No 7i A gt p Mu Sundays is the only train by any route from Lonlaville thet makes con nec lt Ions with trunk lines which leave Cincin nati Sunday nl ht CLOAINd AND ARRIVAI OF MAIAA CLOsn AzmiVBs A w j Eastern mail 7 S0 New York extra mail 12i 0 saint Louis Mall 7 JU I Indianapolla A Chic man 7 M Mem Clark A N O mail PERSONAL GOSSIP HENRY W OKAY NORBORNE O GRAY apos No 14 4 1 3 M A IPr STREET Secirity of New York 2 000 00 1 Comiaeree of ilbuT N T 650 000 Atlutic Brooklfi N T 600 000 lirkri of Net York 6oO IHM J ULT 16 1869 Jy 16 6m LOUISVItlE CIIICIH 4 LEX R R Short Line R K Mt But t and the 1 would would would ATWOOD amp NICHOLAS IJVSVR iJVCE attEJVTS DTo 109 Nlaln st x eeL Pxific InuriRo Co of Ctliibraii 1 5M 000 InterutioBtl Innnuieo Co of Hew fort 1 000 000 EaterpriM iBsmace Co of CucioDMi 1 000 000 EnioB iBtanoce Coh of LeauviUe 125 000 Trains Leave Trafaia Aitwj 9 30 A 3t Cincln daily ex Sian JS 0irp M S 56 p M Clnclnuaii dally 12 P n 11 10 P M Ciurlu dally lt x iSati 4 5 A M 6 56 A M Lez apos u daily ex t nn 6 36 p 2 4 gt P M Lez n daily ex un L lU 55 A M 4 26 p M lAigr e daily ex Sun gt 8 40 a it SAM L GILL nolS Gen l superintendent ST GEORG E HOTEL AND RESTAlJRAl T ON THE ECROPFAN PLAN Corner of Eighth and Main Streets Transient gneets accommodated with lodg ing Open at a l h urs oc4 U Louisville and Nashville and MEMPHIS 4s LOUISVILLE Vfby the WumbJi hfc thiucb STOKE A MEYER Proprietors Louisville Ky nL soj p JOiiJvsoj apos Trains ran to and Irom Loaisvflle as follows Leave Nov ti 18C9 Airtv 7 50 A M Nashvine Memphis V O MaiUC S r a 4 30 p M Mempbis N U Mobile Express a x DJO A ii Na bT Soatbe ii tern Exo Mail hop 8 30 a Rtebmond a Mt apos Vernoa Ex Mad txtS r x hiSP ii Bsrdsiowa Accommodaltun 8 3U s a O Mempbls New OrleansUod Mobue Express aaa Naanvilie and 8ontb asittra express Mali ran daily All other tr iln run dady except Snndsy For i bronab rickets uag lt age Checks and in formaUon as to Mi epiii cars Throo t rr nyr ieq 1 1 Wf I jt f j s I FT F i rU quot olllces corner Third a d Mam streeta corner xnln stre gt ta Looi riile Hotel VUiard Boi ualt Honae ned at Depot corner Ninth and Bros Who t Weinent ov rS7 10 500 PMSMi C UEaVR r Proper T his elegant Restaurant is supplied with SEAiWNABLE DELICACIES whlcli are served in tbe best style and at all houn way Regular meahi 50 cents eecb mv2B J Woodson srsTON lAte of Ferryville ky J W STOCKTON LoaUville Ey f Orcjfoi Chie oerjUy I P Ove4 apos EOUISVIEEE ItY BURTON A STOCKTON Proprietors This Hotel has been Refitted and Fur nished ocl8 tf AT BE tT FINR QeLl Snpt lK rBASCISCO found in every f cr wpere they Tiupont Jack Mhe neiphbor quot aiing They I s of uo thr lt e d a t er 600 h and 1 1 000 Jkiucse DtoD or iious e ui i iS apos Fung pwl of Galen a Bead Supooaary Oflire No JelTerMon St between Secontl anti apos I bird streets LOUISVILLE KY C apos STABLISHEi 1850 and chartered by the Rs I egl8lai ure of Kentucky 1861 tor the treatment of all disea apos es of the urinary and g nerative organa of both sexes Inoludins spermalurrhea or semiual weakness iiom early errors gonorrhea gleet stricture vari cocele syphilis In all Its stages attectionsoi the Sidneys aud bladder aud the dl easea o t women A Me lt llcal Pamphlet containing sixty large pages and numerous Illustrations on a new method of treating tbe above diseases with out mercury aud imp riant advice on mar riage Ac sent under seal for 25 cents A varlx clasp warranted to cure varicocele in lour days price 625 sent to any address Also agent for Dewee s Female Kegulatins Pills warranted to remove Irregnlarllles 4c price at office or by mall 62 A mil osaoit ment of bandag gt s aud truessee always os hand Male sheaths superior quality singit one 61 or 65 per dozen Address GALEN S HEAD DISPENSARY JEFFERSONVILLE MADISOii AND iHdianapoHs Kaiiroad Capt J T shibley Jno M 8 McCokklk Late of Memphis Of Louisville The Only All Rail Rente to the East North and West P A ENQEIW taking this route arrive lu Eastern cities eleven bonrs In advance I hoee taking the United States mail boat UAY Trains leave and arrive at the Jeflermiovsi depot immeiliately opposite LouLvuL follows ARZIVZ 1 1 S A M dally ex Mo S tK gt A M daily ex i 11 1 t gt A M daily ex M lt H aving recently made an addition ol forty rooms to this centrally located hotel together with spacious parlors and rt ceptlou ruom and a gentlemen apos s parlor and reading room we desire to call tbe attention of the public to tbe improved style of tbe house and our very low rates This hotel Is in the center of th city convenient to all btuiness houses Ht anrboat landing postoffice and places of amusemeut Street cars leave the door ever t n miuutes for all parts ol the city Fare 3 50 per day se6 tf oHIP LEY 4 McCORKLE Presidcut of the See Yup Uo sent when I called but at me around the bnitadiug a hospital quot ihere wen rtthAcrca Chinamen crouc large room in the center boose who looked veiy m mummies Indeed I have TCngliai at W A O Ban Fit IIC S J or two Qinese V gt ly run afte fur a w gt takes their Aysic wdered bum ceu Prlh Even tohra de apos u some of tt ir med lt rtu coulo fike their all esnnon oalls A 2 su P X dally U S p X dally ei orday Sunday Night connecting East ladlauapolls Baggage checked throogh to aii priucipa points Silver Palace day and night cars on tJ 9 5U A M train run through to New York Vw Cambridge City Columbus Ohio and Pli bnrg without change Through Car wlil leave on 2 apos r m train l S unday Elegant Sleeping Cars on 2 AO r m tr through to Chioago WITHOUT CHANGE For condensed I hrough time tables and con xectioos see small bills and call at the win pany s office corner Third and Main sire gt Louisvlhe Ky HORACE srOTr General Superintendent 8 E CAREY Gen Ticket Agent Jeffersonville Ind May 25lh 1869 Biy gt CxAN C gt AX gt A Louisville Ky I gt It JLt 1 C II A U Grolclen Remedies A sk for no other take no other and yon will save time health and monev fi OUO REW AHD lor auy case of cliseaBA h any stage which they fail to cure Dr Hicuau s Golden Balsam No 1 corec Ulcers Ulcerated Sore Throat and Mouth Sore Eyes Cntaueousor Skin Eruptions Cop per Colored Blotches Soreness ot the Scalp Scrolula 4c is the greatest Renovator Al terative and Blood Purifier known removw all disea se Drum the system and leaves the blood pore and healthy Dr KicHAU s Golden Balaam No 2 curw Mercurial Afieciions Rheumatism in all lb forms whether irum mercury oi other causes gives Immediate relief in all cuses No diet ing neuessary I have thousands of Certifl cates proving tne miraculous cures efiecte by these Remedies Price ot either No 1 oi No 2 16 DO per bottle or two bottles for IV 00 Dr Richau s GOLDK N Antidotb a safe speedy plea sant and radical cure for al Urinary D rangemenU aciHimpauled will lull direction Pkick 3 Ou per bottle Dr RicHAU s Gulden Elixir d Amour radical cure for Nervous or General Debillt gt in old or young Imparting energy with won iieriul etiect Price 65 Ooper buttle or tw gt bottles lor 19 00 On receipt ol price these Remedies will b gt shipped to any place Prompt attention palc to all eorrespoiideuLs None genuine wiihou the name oi Dr RlCHAU H GOLDEN REM EDIES D B RICHARDS sole proprietor blown in glass of bottles Address DR 1 B RICHARDH No 228 Varlck street New York Office hours from 9 A x to p m Clrculan sent JySeodly Steinway 8 Pianos Chlckerina s Pianos Steck s Pianos Ciabler s Pianos And Smith s Organs A re acknowled to be the best muKical In struments In ilie world fir and pocketed the ofterings of the failhiul Whether given directly or paid in for candes scenied papers or what not IHB KING rUNO COMPANY i the lai est onranization of its kind bavin r had 46 800 names on its books since Its forma t Ion in 1853 They have a lurije threc sturv lore bi I line gtto flue g f Uem and aie sold ieir sole agent D P KAUI O ocl3 4t 70 Main st bet Second and Tbiid MTTSIO Muslcallnstrumenls Strings ic bnck building on our Broadway the ao proaches to which as I learn by experience are not of the sweetest The nelghborbood IS rather of the slummy order aud the priu cipal mhabiums seem to be proetituU ol many tationaliiies French Mexicans aud In dians from the northern coast Oiegon and Washington Terntury predominaLiug Their building is externally American but luter nalJy is very Chinese and none too clean THB TAK os COMPANY The last of the six compauies is the Yan On or Hip Cat a very small society having at tbe present time no companj s tousc I met one of its head men In a store aud he in formed me that bis company was made up of men who come from tbe southwest of China the Hak Kab people or foreigners They speak a dialect unlike that of the country generally Each ot the companies stick very much to special branches ol the Chinese poi gt ulaUon some to the people of Canton aud thereabouts and others to those of Macao and so on THE OOOLIB TALE Mauy people opposed to the Chinese movement Ulk of the Celestials here as cwliM and the noUon bas been re echoed by P4CIFIC Milt STEIMSHIP ff THROV4iiH LINK T4 apos aliioruiu and t apos hitUM very Ibese b littK apos windows slit u oiots tof iutircat The iSne i theater fui niah f gt bmd oUtau characitr TEAMERS leave Bier Ni gt 4a North 1 3 fool ot t apos anal street at 12 o clooE noo won the 5ih aud 21 Ht a Except when these days fail ou i hen the day previona Jsnnsry 8 KIZON A Cspt Mkdkt ConaecU apos wlihCONsTnClION tspu PAEZEE ttAi gt ouuus ul bugaaae aiiuweu tree It idult passenger Medicines and at tem free All departures touenat ManzauiIl gt thrt he 5th oounectH at lytnaiua w tu stea ers for South Baelflc ports 3 and 2 or Central American ports and those o 1st touch at MansHuillo FOR JAPAN AND CHINA Steamer AMERICA leaves San Franci February 1 1670 For height pawutge tickets anu all Cher information apply St the office rn h rf fool ofCanal street North River gt Fork Ih b 8t and cheapest American N w foreign manufacture sold at veiy wholesale and retail by L fhiporter of Musical Goods rablisber of Music 70 Main street belt fob CHINAMEN A mo as 1 wandered tbro b as that the very cla lt 8 of III t abuse OUT ChiLamen w ho Caucasiso societies aud auti lt us were constant y to De B piaed Asisuc Irbb ood aud Irish dny the doors ot tie chants looked on quot he pendant to t sis iKicrats here who Celestial a part of THOo m BRAMIsKTTK R X DUBRXTTs BRAMIiETTE amp DURBETT Attorneys amp Counsellors at Law Office at 99 4 tslde Fifth street between Market and Jefferson streets W loiiinfille ky 1 all the Courts both State lederal in lUe city and give spe cial attention to cases in the Court of Ad my38 d tm JKO W BECJU EY Attorney at Law raOXJIWVIXalaE 1 Y OFFICE No 8 Court Place ap20tf sploy Chinese labor B sapanies I made two The first was to apos Brqpkes the Conal for ho knows more about the E tfagn any otjer man on F IL BABY Agent MVEBTISIIGMOCOIIECTIIIS lur language like a ua jx Chinamen B dbkta theater R urrcnce acen among is by L erhaps re theater promt set Cheap Simple Comfortable dt Dormbl T hey can be made with great rapidity and no expensive preparations are neces sary to engage In their manufacture PERRIN NICHOLSON amp CO BABUX TON BANS BU 1 U gt 1 NG 8 E Corner Main amp Sixm Streets I K gt UI VlXaIaE KY STATE amp COUMTYRIGHTS FOR SALE AT LOW Kentucky Indiana Ohio Iowa Wiscon sin Michigan Mi ne ota Georgia and Kan sas have been sold Any or all of the remain ing territory of tbe United SUles will be sold at low figures This patent was granted January 26th 1969 and has nearly seventeen years to run T profits resulting Irom the monopoly In the manafactare or this article in most any county in the United states will maintain a family In good atyle Prices for conn ties vary frbmfc5t 5o0 Tbe Invention Is worthy of tbe attention of Carmen mechanics and oapiulisuin all parts of tbe country to whom It la moat eamssUv recommended as a remunerative In veatment Tbe article can be seen at tbe npbolsterlng seublUhment ol Henij Wehioboff Esq Na West Main street Louisville Kv where ordera for them may be left and will receive prompt attention Partuera are wanted immedlatelx to start manufactories In New York city Chicago liL Ht Louts Mo and aovetal other large HARRY N GOOSE JOHN W TUCKER A TrCKER WHOUBALE AND RBTAIL DEALRBS IN Pittsburg Youghiogheny iklMn OTHE14COA L 139 Fonrtb 8L bet JefTertton Jk Oreea LOUISVILLE KY H aving associated with me In the Coal hnstness Mr JNO W TUCKER of J ferson county wo will h reader have better laGllltles for supplying onr customera with a first class quality ol Coal Wo Invite our friends to call and see ns 18 deodlin GOOSE 4 TUCKER Advertisements forwarded t apern NoaMvanoe charged on Pub Prices All leading Newspapera kept on file InfonnaUon given as to Cost of AdverUaina All Ordera receive Careful Attention Inquiries by mail answered promptly Special Lists prepared for costomer Advertisements WriPen and Notlere esenred Ordera from Boalness MgA Mially solicited Seleetloas ssade on aelXt K ple mtive hina tbese rreul went they time Md that I the gt we lt i i tbe iber of police bgd 7 tbeaA J H KELLOGG amp COq DEALERS IN PinSBURG CANNELANO POMEROY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Office Mo 56 east side Third street near I Also cor Sixth and River ee4 

Louisville daily express (Louisville, Ky. : 1869), 1869-12-31

4 pages, edition 01

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