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Jlis first e itraiice into public life was 
in January, 1829, when he took his seat 
as u mimber of the Assembly from Erie 
county, to which office he was re-elect- 
cl the two following years. The so 
callel Demo-ratic I'crty in those three 
session, as for man,' years befo: ■ and 
after, liold triumphant sway in both 
house? of the L''gi.-,latur.', and but little 
opport’.iiii ty was atlordel a voting : ■,''m 
b'. rof the opjiosition to distinguish I on 
s 'tf. Hut tdleiit, integrity, an 1 a: -iil-i 
ons devotion to public busiaes? V. ill 
maka a ■.• f-lt atil respe.’tet e\eii| 
amiisiti bo 1 • of o,ii o ;i;ig na,: is i n.-: a n i ! 
M.-. Fi lint ore. a It ho 
nit.iorilv, so . tr as ui 

(Fu n Vie San^iaaciseo Fto-iynno Oct. 23.) 


• , 

The following aiajsiAg letter, setting 
forth the sorrows and privations of a 
gold-digger, was written by a disciple 
of Esculapius to Dr. Elisha E- — ...i. r , 
in reply to a letter front the latter, ask- 
ing his friond why he persisted in siig- 
glng. ual urging him to leave the miaassj 

D-»t.’OLAi 8’8 Fiat, Oct. 31, IS&l. 

"Why will ye dig?” Son of man, 
fit the light of whos-j ooiiateaauoe and 
for the joy of whose presence my spirit 
yearneth and ray bowels grumbleth, 
do u thou ask me why? Is it not wrif- 
ten that fortune smiles upon fools? And 
for the sake of those smiles hath not thy 
servant be^n making a fool, yea, an.ass 
of himself in vainUJ 

For uve score and tea days he has so- 
jourmvi in this place — he has into 
the fjrth — he h'a? divoi iuto H'O water 

•tow permitted to indulge, the qualities 
Ilf min 1 an I lubits of systematic close 
attention to busias.s.s, that so eminently 
title. I him for a successful Oongrassionil 
career, wer.’ soon called into lull exer- 
cise by the rapidly increasing requiie- 
of prot“ ;sioii j 1 pursuits, never 
ivholly g,-.'G.i up. Triuro is a fascina 
ii'T, in t ; ; ri. i O.* politics, its koan j 
citem mi: j. au » j s occasional bat uiwv. y.-. ' 
(e .-ipMn^ brilUin*' irlumjihs, that, wiien! 
" i;a f'lf. fo’-v .11 Ml are iibio to resi.jt sol 
: ' u.dit-.'.lv a? to r t lY,! wi.h relish to 
’ll : ) noaratively tam* .and il'ill oocu 
. i .'.IS of private life. 15 it to tha 
'.T I ■ e.i'Miile t' 


One capy ill advance ... 

" “ six ra inths . . - 

•• at the end cf the year 


F r the frst inseni m if one square of ff- 
leen lines cr less, jiied dlar; e-ich ontin la-ice 
tvcnty-ii e cjiits. Longer adverlise.neiits 
charged at the .same rat 

O 'C s piar.' ti.rce in 
square sixnimtlis srvea 
one vei" te.n d »l!ars. L 
charg'd at the same ti e. 
me lts s:i' j.'Cf t   t VO  r Hirer 
the y ar. Less than a squ.r 

Ca.s I will brri'qnire.l fir all kinds of Job- 
TTork at the ti nrt-ie .vora'isexet it- d. 

All pers .ns d siring advertis nrcyts i insert' d 
in the MtssTng r, will])! 'as • ) an 1 tlie.ii-'in l.y 
WeJ-ies lay eveTingof the wtck t.hcy v. is.i the u 
t j apjiear. 

All c imn inicati ins 'ti bnsin s-s addtesse.l '■  
the editor? iiKist be)ir --[ aid to insur. att nti iit. 

No paper disc^ntinu-.d until all arr -arigti? 
Tile paid, t xceptat the   \iiion of the edit i.?. 

The abjv,' rates   f sul srripti m and for ad- 
Ver-ising -.i ill I c siricUv and i ivari bly cnar j -d. 

O.-. icJon .''Iain .Str. e!, ini[)ositi tiie "Web- 
•ster Ho '.s the same jccupicd for the “Giiron- 
icle Office.” 

nths f )ur dillars; one 
dillars: one spiare 
nger ad. nents 
Yearly adv r.ise- 
ch)nge? d iring 
J cl.argcd as a 

miioram '.it oi Air. 
after tho wtorm. 
-S't '.i’s i‘i waioli 1.0 b.i I boon for'ul to 
u.kc a L.5.a'l.u; nirt, was m nt grateful, 
lie ha I Ivor r’C^ir ie I iiis pr.»le=jioa with 
a'l'e III in ail I'n I', ual he coveted luor** 
the just, f iirl .voii farrio of the jurist, 
ihuitlr* )iL)pi. ,l po-Iitioil di.)..ineti)r . 
it. V.'  lc '. it loli, tiinjftfore, which 

.1 I..r -, ) pf^'.-.tio.' in t*:e oo.iris im- 

l  1 .Ip. 'II imi was a re,mu.'\ib!c 
to; ill'* thor.i 'giiuiis wijh which In' pre 
u'lr.rl ills 1' 'll ur.''im''iitB, aa he wa.s lor 
paiif:t , mill lie mvesiigation of thodry 
an I liiliitiih pubjeots it was so often his 
■1'i‘y to oUicId'U-t an.V.i«.di £ead iu the 
H   ISP of Rp.prosenta lives. 

In ISII. in ob'alieu'jo to * popular 
wish too strong to be ro.siste l, hr reiiict- 
untly Hceeptoddhe the Vfhig nomiaation 
forOovornor. /The issue of that ocn- 
flict hi9 b-iconae history, anJ, thiugli 
ii'i'.ply iviinid it the ros'ilt, hj was only 
sj ill via.r of th“ ''alainiiio? he fore- 
saw w.i-il I follow tha d'^'bit of Iho il- 
I'tislrioiia slat-rsman and pitrio-t. Unary 
O' IV, wlio 1'’ Ihr vViiig host. For hir 
owii .Inf'iat. ft Fillm ire iia I no rngrots. 
II   !ia l II » a-|iinlio.n for the oifi. e, an 1. 
with t!in f-iil irn of hia •lo'tti.jn. he ■ 
el .voiiU oil any farther deuaiid upon 
him to f^ri'P. in p xhlic life. 

la 1347 u popular call, oitn'.lar to that 
of It, xVts again male upo'n him, to 
whicli he vloi riia re'.uotant ag.tCiit, aai ol a p;.i- 
I lical or purty b.-irii:,' was involved, on 
all qun.stioa? of a gcii ral c'.uira tor soon 
won th' c.oi!i ic ict of ill' 11 IU 3 .' i:i an 
iine*.u:n;)In I degre lrw.a? a com loi.. 
re:n :rk nmo.ig tiin me iiber.?, "1 f Fill 
m ire says it is tighi, we will voi-a ior 

ruT n ^:t important msa’urc of n g-'a 
era! iiaturj that cam? up durin-g hi . -r- 

vice in th" State Legislataxe w. ..c 
bill to aboli.-(i iiniirisoninent for de.t'i. 
In Iv'.tialf of th it great and philarttbropic 
in i?ure Mr. Filliiijrc tijbk an active 
l»art, urging with unanswerable arg'i- 
m nts ii.s justice and Ctpa lieiicy, an I 
es a niambc: of the coniiniltco on ih  
su'ojcot, aiding to pcrfaoi i;s dotaiU. 
Tb'at portion of the bill relating t j jus- 
tices’ courts was (ira;ig.. te J by him. tiu 
rc’.u liii ler being the work oi the Il-ni. 
J'jbn C. Si cnio.-. The bill met with u 
li irie, uiiic. eating cippocilioii %t ever} 
sie » of its progress, an I to Millard Fiil- 
Kiore, as inaob as lo any o her ni lU, ar 
W's ip iebloJ for o.xpungi.ig from Uis stat- 
ute book ih&t ralic oi a eritoi, barbaroa.:. 
age, iinpri?buin ml bor il.-bi. 

lit was cltcta I to congress in the full 
of InJi. The sessi m of 1533-J4 wi.l 
long bo rcmem'ierad as th: on: in which 
that syste.ii oi^poloiica known under .he 
coiiiprchca.sivc nsmn of 
was fully ucrolupad. Daring his fits, 
lerm, Gen. Jackson, an I those who hlled 
the high -oliiccs of Governnieut, an ■ 
.jhap:! the policy of I'l * .V tuiiiiistratioa. 
;i argued a coiuparati vely caution - 
c.nifbe. But the ordeal of the cleciioi. 
of iGJ’d having been passa.l, the mask 

From the j\at. liittl. of July IS 

dftughtaf to nay 


IndopMdieaoo fo?e v»r'.”- ~Aia«i«. 
is tii» last of Q- AS* 


"1 yon to najorstaad tito tra«. 
prinoiplee of the Et^v^rnmeat. I wish 
them carrie4 out. i s»k aotkiug mors.’* 
— •flarrirma. 

"I haVe ettdeaFDnd. to. dit  «y doty.* 

**Tbefo-is sot a drop of 'blood oa wtjf 
huiis.*'-^Fr*dcrick V cf Dtmmark. 

**Yoa epokeof rofioshmeat, ay Sao- 
U», take my last notes; sit down to my 
piano here; sing them wdth the hymn oi 
your sainted nu ther; let me hoM osoe 
more those notes which hare so los( 
been my soiaaem e nt and deU^ghtp”-^ 

**A dyiaft man can- do nothing easy.** 


•Let not poor JleUystarrew ’ — OkrnrUm 


*Iiet me die tothesoonda of dalMionsr 
musio. aJ)firah«o». 

*‘Jhdiea, dene 6abe.**- ~.tops#* 

boT-of-lhoos Entnofn rra 'Wenm-* 
Oat eyes bare just now falla[iutip^ u 
passage in ftfr. Q-reeley’s last letter from 
Europe, in which be- speaks of the ap  
pen ranee of the English women, ai^ 
eommeitis, with a little more than bin 
usual ardor of expression, their perfeoi) 
tion of figure, lie attributes this, and 

.Sion ol Ibud-ol, lujui i.liatcly succeei- 
i ig the riiuoval o*" tl.c ilepoeites, that 
Mr. Fillmore ton bis seat. In those 
da . s the b isinosd of the House ;.iJ ilc- 
'oiites were le ' r u by oldaii.l eipetianc- 
dl member.?, Oii-.'.?, unless they en- 

joyed a wide sp.’ a 1 t i l almost nation il 
reputation, r-iivly taking en active an • 
cou?picuou.-- i ;irl. Liule chance. III m:- 
fore, was ati'ordad ftlr. F.llmor:, a .nc.ii 
b-jr of the opposiiioii. young aii.i inia.s- 
siiiniiig, of displaying lliose qnaliiies 
that so ciainciuly lit him for Icgislalivi 
usefulness. But the scluol was one U'i- 
mirabiy qualiiio 1 more fully to develope 
uu.l cultivate those powers which, un- 
der more favorable citcuuistauccs: haw 
caabiei him to render such varied and 
iiaiKirlunt service to his country. A.& 
he has ever done, in all tl a station hi 
has Cilod, ha discharged his Juty*witL 
£cr Jpuious fidelity, ,ievcr ominiiliag, on 
all pr-opar, any eiiori to aJ- 
vaiue the interests ol his constituout.'- 
and the country, and winning tlia re- 
sxieet and confidence of uH. • 

At the close of. Lis term of service lu 
resumed tl.o practice ol his xirofe.-isioii, 
which he iiursued with distinguished 
rexiuiatioii an.i succe. 3 , unlit, yielding to 
the jiublic voice, lie coil^e;ltcd to be- 
come a candidate, and was re-e’ectol to 
Congress in the fall of 1336. The re- 
marks above made, in relation to lii- 
servicc in the 23,1 Congress, will inc us- j 
urably apj^' to his sScond term. Jack- ' 
suniauisiTi and the jiel bank system had,! 
in the raarcli of the ‘‘r'oifr^ssive Dem.ic-l 

. olhero sinneih. Ho hath not coveted 
.ius a ligbof’s ox, nor his ess, nor his 
anan s.rvan'f, nor his nviid servant— tor 
bo it known unlo thee, that there ara 
no maul servants hero. Ho hath abided 
oy "the Law and the Prophets,” but tho 
profi‘9 have not abide 1 bv him! 

Now, therefore, I renounce these dig- 
gings— I ab.sqnatiilate the prerai?eB— I 
‘‘vamose the runeh”— I fake off— I put 
o-jt— I go— I elof»«!— depart without 
’trip or juooTfn lor; taking no heed of 
‘he morrow, for the morrow takes no 
'ire of me. Ere five days shall tave 
passe 1, the' shirt-tail of thy servant 
will be waving in the breeses of the Ne- 
va'la. ' j 

remnant cf it may be cra'-lel upon: 
the highest mountain that he crosses, as' 
s'!! emblem of the extremity to which! 
man mr. v be reduced in the land of D-j 
hio! Yet, think not, oh! Elisha, that 
I xvo'ild rend ray garment for this alone. 
Veri! vf .say unto the:, an evil genius 
b*th long pursued me. She hath follow- 
ed BO close upon m.v f-ootsteeps, that ev- 
ery thread an I fibre of my shirt-tail is 
i'ainiliar to her eye. *And if, in her 
pursuit of me, she should gaac upon 
this re’ic in the solitary fastnesses of 
the rj.Auntain, she xvill at once recoi'nise 

like Uly-Btoms. We have. alluded to 
the matter noxy, not foi the sake of 
asking those one or two hundrod thou- 
sand ladies, w'ho every month light o«r 
pages with their looks, if they do la- 
deed prize a little unnatnral peexlinesa 
of hue end celioacy of oomplexioa, be-i- 
yoai that rndy fluah* of health (the 
very tempter of a kies!) and that full 
development of figure, which all fho , 
poets from Homer down, have ceadeA^-^- — 
of the chieftest beauties of a. v^bman! 

If not, let them make of thcmselve* 
horsewomen! If not, let them make ao . 
quaiatance with the sunriee; lot them 
pick flowers with the dew upon theirj 
let them study music of natures own 
orchestra. Vulgarity ia not eosential 
to health; and a little, eUstis figure 
does, not grow in hot ho'uses- For our- 
eelvos, we incline heartily to the belief,* 
that if American women have a wlstt 
to add to the respect, the admiration, 
the love, and (if need be) fho fear of 
tbO men they will fipd an easier road to- 
frard that gain, in a little vigorous out-' 
of-door exercise, and a uniform atten- 
tion to the great essentials of health, 
than in any new faggled coatumea, or 
loudly-applauded ‘rights.’— 

Harpef't Magazine. 

SetrsiBLB LADtna.— — The ydu'j^ fa- 
dies of Damariscotta, in the state of 
Main, have receiitly fonned themselves ’ 
into a society for mutual improvement 
and protection. Among the resolutions 
ad’opted at a regular meeting, we find 
the following: 

That we will rectove the attentions 
JO no ‘so styled .vbuiig gentlemail, who- 
has not learned some buisness of engage? 
in some steady empioynsent for a lively^ 
hood. For it is apprehended that after, 
the bird is caught, it may starve in tii» 

‘That we will promise marf;age to n ^ 
young man who is in the habit of tip- 
pling, for we are assured his wife will 
come to want, and his children go 
f yt. 

‘That we will marry ifo yoai^ / 

who is Mt a patron of hW seighhorhodife ' 
paper, for we have aot ealy sttoiptgevU 
dence pf his want  rf iatellfMatoe,. 
that he will pfS'W too- 9tioi|^k y40'sidai 
for bis fiinUy, edn mt«»Slk ohlldBnk’ds ^ 
encourage hastita^mis «f lnxaia^tabM|l 

From ike “Amarican Review,” for 
October, 1843. 


It is the jicculiar boast oTour country 
•that its highest honors and digniiiea are 
the legitimate objects of ainbi lion to the 
liuinblest iu the land, as well as those 
most favored by the gifts of birth and 
fortune. Ours is a government of the 
people, and Irom the 2 ieO|ile, emphatic- 
ally, have sprung those who, in the ar- 
my or navy, on the bench of justice, or 
in the hall of legislation, have shed the 
brightest lustre on the page of our coun- 
try’s history. Too universally almost is 
Ihis the case, that, when we find an in- 
stance to the contrary, of one born to a 
fortune, and enjoying the advantages of 
innueatial conue,,ions, rising to a Jiigh 
place in the counsils of the iiatioii, the 
excexnion deserves especial note for its 
rarity. No merit, therefore, is claime.l' 
for Millard Fillmore on account ofj 
the fact that, from 

Formation or IlADird. — Sizccees in 
life depends, ill a great measure, cn the 
early formation of our ha'oits. AViieth- 
er our grand object be -.vealtli or fame, or 
t!iat nobler one, e.valted virtue, we must 
sliape oar habits to that objeot, or we 
shall fail.. What ena'oled FrauWin to 
obtain the highest honors of philosophic 
fame; to Stand, ^ he expresses it, ‘•'i e- 
I’ore kings,’' and what is bette., to live 
in tlie rneniory of his countrymen? The 
early form ition of gobd-habits. The pe- 
rusal of hi? auto-biography, which no 
young man should emit, xvill shoxv xvhat 
those habits wore. VYhat made Girard 
the irich.'; ?t citiren of our country, and 
the benefactor of Lis race? The forma- 
tion of oirly-inbi fs of frugality, disin- 
terestedness and self-denial. Bach hab- 
its are not formed in a day, nor will 
they result from a few faint resolutions. 
They ar: the result of continue^ effort. 

tor tne cru'q^ren pt i.sraCi, to JooK upon 
and b© cured of their infir.'huies, eo wUl 
I elevate my tini among the Gentiles, 
that they may gaze upon it, and be made 
whole. Their offerings of gold and sil- 
x-er xvill be acceptable unto me, and if 
they live not afterwards, peradvehture 
they may find treasure in Heaveal 

comparatively uuni- 
ble parentage, he has attained his pres- 
ent^ eininent position. His histor.v, 
liowexer, aiTords a useful lesson, as show- 
ing what may be accomplished, in "the 
lace of the greatest obstacles, by intel- 
lect, aided and controlled by energy, 
2 ersevereaace, and strict integrity, in a 
public d'ndjirivate capacity. 

Jons Fillmore, the great-grandfather 
of Millard Fillmore, and the common 
ancestor ol all of that name iu the Uui- 
ted Stales, was bora about the year 1700, 
in one of the New England State©, and, a strong propensity for a sea-fur- 
ing life, at the age of about nineteen 
went on board a fishing vessel which 
Failed from Boston. The ve.?sel had 
been but a few days out when it was 
captured by a noted pirate ship, coni- 
maiided by Capt. Phillips, and young 
iHuiore was kept a prisoner. He re- 
mained on board the pirate ship nine 
niomhs, enduring every har.iship which 
" Strong consiiiulion amt firm spirit 
^as capable of sustaining; and though 
^ ^^reatfcned with instant death 
Bnlees ha would sign the piratical arti- 

An old fellow, who had become tvea- 
ry of his life, thought that he might as 
well commit suicide, but he didn’t wish 
to go off w'ithout forgiving all his eue- 
mii^s. So at the last moment, he remo- 
ved the noose from his neck, saying to 
himself, "I never cau or will forgive 
old Noali for lettiag the copper head 
snake get into the ark. They have killed 
worth’ of my cattle; and when he 
and ! meet there’ll be a general muss. 

CX3“ have another striking evi- 
dence before us of the advantages of 
Life Insurance. Mr. J. M. Rutherford, 
broker, who recently failed’ in this city, 
died on Saturday, after an illness of a 
few days. — He had an insurance of %^,- 
COO on his life ior the benefit of his 
wife, in the Matual Life Insurance 
Company of New York; and thus, by a 
wise foresight, he has provided ier with 
a •entfej'ta^bl* tappert . Lmn . Sfamr. 

Kossctii’s PEKSortAL. Appear.attW,*-^ 
Imagine a maa about five feet seven or 
eignt inches, with a good forehead, scan- 
ty black hair, sollow complexion, and a 
face worn xvith care or. study, or both; 
long flowing beard arid laoustachie.'?, and 
dressed exactly usSliylock or Tubal ar? 
in the pbiy of Hw •'•ftdorchaut of Venice.-’’ 
thad is, with a black sartout close to the 
neck, and, open hanging sleeves. When 
this was thrown open, in speaking, t . 
han-i?ome black velvet vest was visible, 
tight up to the throat. He wore white 
kid gloves, wrdch ha took off when lie 
hsgiB to ?pask. 

1 - 

1*1 j 

. \ ! 

|B ^ 

t j 

» ] 
*• ^ 


tuc AA.lJUiU llU.liifcC.iC.I, 

Tut CAPlIVt-i of Ct'UA Rtl.t.isti,^ 
It will, wi*. are siiri*, b«* most liuiij,,- 
.c'.l i.,evr«i«v  j a«* i i lU 
are. l aud liu-ii Is Am'ri i,, 

oiif-is coiiteiuoJ ill lluslait’: '-r*‘'iii..-,i 

iIl-fat«;J .exiMvlition a^alast li.: 

ol' C iba,-biil ti' llie llK iids of luiu:aim, 
all over oiir couiiir., to learn 
act of tl.e Ml ol Sj aiu tl e, lia\.j 
b;:L'ii jiardoiij 1 uiiJ rclca.-:*' J! 

TIic d^sMosi lion of l!je  fio\ cr;,,,-,;* ^ 
SiHiiiir wliieli has bioiighl ^ '-'O U I ’ti 
liruiiipl and favorubt^ a -^es'il.i •lj 
sii|jgi'.st ions made to it by tfi:-; 
iiKMil, is of course attrilnitabl.-, („ ^ 
gteat degree, to the just ami i lui 
g^isposilioii itiauifosu d by tin i; ^ 
tive'of the Uniicd Stittes in tin la t- 
icute cijcuiastajues ot fl.e^elaiii.n-i 

tWi) Got c. iiieuls, no li^c. 

UrricB or SccutTAttir of SrAT£, 
'a Axronr, Kv., January 6th, IfclSs 

J; I ^ll Mitioit, 

I he, re to fore held the omees^o'f Judge 
• the Courtof Appeals, Judge of Ciri 
YA^k I (jouj-is, aiid G uniuoiiwealih's Alton 
is di e :leJ 'o aci oiiipafly iiig act 
till’ fr Mierul Asseinhl ,', entitled, ••an 
cotieerniug certain public books,” 

I prove 1 Jiiijiiary •Id, Clerks 

l i“.' ‘**K I County Com :s and County Judges 
alsi) reLjuesled to examine it. 

I'or tl.c i 11 forina t ioif ’ o! those* c 
ceriiod, ail, act, entitled, “an atf’' with eoniniissioii: to cett 
ofli'-iMS of tlii.'vCoiiimonwe.alth,” ftpi r 

el Dc ember'’ 27th Isol, is hcrctf 

To Siubscribers of tlia 

: moutl Will;; Clironiclc. 

As tlie sub.-crilrcrs of the Chronicle 
have been transferred to this paper, and 
by tile terms of our puYf'tnise, vve^arn to 
furni.sli them with‘*ftie Weekly M*sseii- 
ger, aonie apology is due to them for the 
iioii-appearanec of our paper at the time 
promised in our prospectus, t'his delay 
was nnavoidable. ' * 

YVe had piircl’.ased our press and types, 
and made ail lii'* arra^l|,t!t^^,^t,j necessa- 
ry to cammence liie pubHcatiou of our 


paper with the New-yCar; bht the Oliio 
River became blocks I up wiih ice, and 
thev could not be ski jpe I. ’ In thi.s di- 
lemma we sent a v.aggitH aTl life way 
to^Unciniiati, at caasiderahle e.xpcuse 
:tii I la ibe hope of bringing them 

fii it, -bu t as it cdul.t 'not bring all , a part 
h.u.i stillf'to be coiiveVej by way of the 

i  : !L .... 1 11 . r I i _ . i i. _ » • _ i 


such sacrifice; a g 1. .be lieving that i»ii- 
sonal vilupera.iion w’ill not advance 
them, wc sliall not-sefk may dve- 

cline it when ofl'erej.-, ' 

Tinaxy-s-wo.sii cos ;S ss — sessio.s 

• ( WA.sniNOTo.yTJan 

Skv.atkI — Mr. Sewarn pr«*s»fntcJ a me- j 
] inorial fron. "ciM/.ens of Xew 

city, ‘calling the attciilion of Congress to 1 
tile intoVve.ition br-Rjssia iii ilu^Hairs 
of lluiig.iry . .e j 

Mf.^ Underwood presented a petition 

from the citizens of Tennessee, [ 

that the Lmii.svilde and rortland Canal 
may l e made free. 

Sir. ITinilin reportcil a bill lor a Mar- 
ine Hi at I’ortlanJ, (M iine.) 
ril"., Sliields ^as excu.sed from serving 
Ion the CommiUeeanupnlie lauds. 

The priviite hills which passed li-i 
House on i ’riday, were take.i up and re- 

I The resolution providing fgr the prin- 
ting of i-iMisu.-* letimis was taken up 
when .Ml .Smith aildre.S'tul the Senate at 
Icnglli ii: oppo.'ilion to :t. 

Horst;'.- —The resolution of.-^Ir. Mc- 
Nair iliri cliiig Jiie app ’ ini mej^ of a 
Coiumittcj to iu 4 iiire ii:io the s(|^bility 
of the foundation iv«d the t xleii.-iiifU of 
tlic Capitol iio\y laid.^-.c., w a.s ailyjtte 1. 

A*r.-iuliilii :i appropriating to 

meet ilmexpciisi s of thi‘.Uit«j lire kii, the 
Lihriiry was again tukcui tliK; 

•Saiiite at.i.Miiliiiciit u ppropria ( iug«. $ I 0,- 
000 to ptircliaso ot liook.-, \ as concur- 
le 1 in. 1 I 

Mr.yjianlev ofl'erre. I u resdlnlion em 
powering the 1’resnlciil , should he dee*; 
lit, to citend aid to the Hungarian ex- 
iles now in t.. is country, ami to supply j 
their untiLa until they .-JibU obluiii cm- | 
|ilovimMil ami hoiiiti .• . • j 

Mr. ,(i'i(iiiAii -mikdidia report from tin 
i’l ini ing I'oinmU te» ui f&\or of priniiiig j 
a large n umber of copies of the report ol | 
the Coast b«r\er. which gave rise to con- 
sideraulc debate, but was finally adop- 
tc 1 

The House tl.c. I udjoiu'ueil. ... 

.Si.ViiNTrr CKN-.SCi; tT^'^fNtrCKY. • ; 

Ft.'i- Willies. Slave-. Hop. I’op. j 
4d-iC, x.l'Jit ' l.l.’l y.-i-JH. 

S. V. RoYv'LAXD, 


“OUi our first'page, will U' found an in- 
.teresting and Titjll written, sketch of the 
Hfe-of President.^ Fillmore, up to the 
time of his nomination for- 
Pre.sidency on the ticket witli Qen. Tay- 
lor. Since that lime, his biography has 
become identi%d^ with the history ol 
tlie country, and can best be learned from" 
the record of his public acts. 

YVe have ptiblisbe.l thi.s, not fojr the 
purpose of indicating any prefeietice for 
him, in connexion witli the iie.xt Presi- 
(Je.ncy, j ther_YVhigs-cqiially able, 
ail I disiinguishe.l. but .be«*ps§ O'C 
tliought that some account of the past, 
life and labors of a man, who has been 
elevated to the loftiest and most honor* 
able station i." 1* *! Country, if not in 
the 'v'drdd, an-i \vh,o has borne hiiii.sclf so 
nobly “ill great couT.l hot 

fail to be interesting lo.our readers. 
In a time (Tf unusual danger to the Re- 

YVe are authoriz e   ^'fttr"a naouuce Maj. 
OREEN B. F. BROADDUS, a candidate 
for re-electiolH^o the office of Sheriff, at 
the next .dftgusf ^lecti'Ai. • 'C 

We are auihorixe.d to announce 
JAMES W. STIVERS, Esq., a canli- 
^ate /or the Sheriffalty, at the next Au- 
guct Election! 


cerlaimy, to tlie mature discn:;ii, 
Hie Minister of Spain to llifi c'lui 
but, without liisparagwncnt to ouv 
much to the goodbseuse, tl.e esiii,, 
personal churaclcr aid unweane i » 
tiuiisufYIr. Barringer, the Yliii;.^  
I he b'lii ;ed Sta les at Madri'.l, v.jiu 
been indefatiguble in his exeriio; , 
carry out the wislie.i of his hear; j 
inatructioiis of his Govenaviii iu 
cinergeucy . 

If the lelease »f there our uiifcrt-; 
countrymen be an act of grace, tli-.- 
'grai* also in the inannerln wtiicl, 
done that adds value to the ciniciei 
'J . the reader t\ i I l_^(liscot er in :l.r 
lowing co]iy of (he snhstantial 
the Decree, as published lu. jJa-jM.:, 
Othcial Court (iizelle of De -»Mii;.r. 

'I’he le^.v of iho Govetume.iil  1 
cited Slates of America to tin- n-' io 
tionof theUucen’.S (Tovernment 
ved by e..\press. The manly cud Loir 
ill r comhict of the Federal (»ovf n.’i 
on this vAFeasion, its adnii.s. iuii   i -U 
suit offered to the •SpailLsh flag b. i 
dilions populaee, w liieh it appre. ac- 
tlir .sain^-Hfidiiiier UK the Gmeniua’ii' 

hr Cn.tPTKit 260; ’ 

An act conci riling i.vriaii; public bpoks- 
§ 1. }Jr. it enacted by tkt (itncral At- 
'tcmbly of the (fomin iircalth. of hen.- 
tneky, dhai it shall he the duly 
rv person in tlii.s com monw eallh, dicre- 
lofore an 1 not now holding the oHiees ol 
judge of the c mr.l of a ppeals. */titl^e cil 
(TeiriMirt court, or commonwealth s at- 
torney, v,ii*Mn tl.irly days affr the pas- 
sage of this aei, to return to the clerk of 
tH’e taniniy court of the co'tiWty of his 
pOS-.'i'.'  sioii. til be held by such clerk sub- 
ji'i't to the * of.!?r of 'tilt* scerelary* ffl 
.Slate: fin lit. shall be the duty of caeli 
elerk ri*eeiving siiidi hook.s, forthwith to 
transmit by inuil, to the sccr’etaty ol 

I 'St of all 

V censure 

s ( a t , a 

book.s ‘ko r *ceited by him; and iiiioii the 
pro fiI?*iior   f ibe affidavit of any of the 
liie court, or judaes of the cir- 

jiidges of 

i'ii*it courts now in office*, "SUTTirtg" tlitft 
he hit's not ivceiyPil all the book.s to 
which he is ciuiiled,.bv law; ami spet i- 
fyiil^^nch as he in a v not hav'^ received, 
it .shall he the ilqly of ilie"^ te»‘ letary of 
state logivc iiiin an order for the book.s 
waul in, '.upon themost convenient clerks 
htiving f\ich books subject to his order. 
Provided, that after the supply jTall tl;c 
aliovc inentiojjc.l oflic**rs with books, a.s 
Sfbo'C. ihi.i the si\id Isec're.lary sFiull dis- 
iribtiic. by or.lyr, nsabotc, the reinain- 
i|tg b’loks among ihe c^uiyty Judges nol 
h Ti.toi »ie a'.ijipli,e.l. * 1 

‘2. .\ll l»ws now iji force r.*'quiring 
tire *secr *jary of F'a‘,v. to^ books, 
are Jicie'iv'ri'fcslcjl, ; 

'f Th * : c.'ftiiiwy .,Oi slate is hereby 
dirertiiii Ui forward .1 C4jpy_ of ibis' act 
to eacJi of ll ii,lnte. j'Uiges ol thd'ciinrt 
i^f fappr ilK «.;.l circigt cony roiii- 
iiiOi»tt ’.nltiiks.wttoinev.s, immt dilielv af- 1 
■tor il» pa&»ago..r ^ • i , 

. * C ROIJEKTSbX, '| 

fipeakrr of 11. TV. I 
T» •!• 1 1 .-» • V 

j .\iict rsun, 

! lli.vl.-, 

; I'r lekcn, 

, li.iUnt, 

' UoMr'i.iii. 

' liarri 11 . 

I tlrei''o, 

■i-liTail' -tfr , 

I Iln lr rU, • . 

; Uoth, . 

•Jiitl.r, - . 

The Ili.i'st.i.stkd' Faxmlv FatENn. — 
This U thc,tiilp of "iT new literarv and 
famil.vl newspaper just startelai Colim-' 
bia S. C, A stray namber has aceijeut- 
ilr come tjito ofti ban Is, and'* 

we are'eo 

well pleased with it that we copy a jfor- 
tion of the prospecj^mi of tne Editors 
into ourcoluins; we con-. mend the paper 
to our readers, a.s one in eter.v w.iy, wor- 
thy of their patronage." It is peculfarly 
a. Soiiihern paper. '* 

’ V J. 13 . THOMrsU:?r. 

Speaher of the. Senate 
ApproreJJanuarv3, 16.Y'^- 

r»T the Governor: - • - . 

D. Mluiwether. Secretary of Slate' 

VVe send this ntiintier of our paper to 
many persons who arc not subscriHer.s, 
with the hojic that they will aid us in 
extending on'r subscriptioii'Tist. 

Thiosc of ouj friends, who already 
liavc thenanms of new subscribers, will send them in as early as pos.'Tiblcf 
YVe also semi our paper to niaiiv news- 
papers that .are not on our exchange listi 
with whom we ask an exchange. j 

introduce ic^iilqiij^u'i frxp'icksive of the 
objcAMf- Bird wi.-lies of this niei-ting — 
who, after' deliberation, rejiorted tin 
follow ing, which were ununiu.oualy a- 

i. Jiwolved, That wc, l';ie YVlii^ftit^m- 
bers of the Legislature of Ke.ituck.v, re- 
commend that a convention pf the \Vbig 
party shall a.-^s.-wniby: in Fraiiliforl, on 
fues lay, the 24th ot February, Iboi, to 
aucli measures as may be necessa- 
ry to Organize the party and secure it.K 

-•2.* That we T*'commcnd the 

YY'higs of the several couiiti^ of the 

shall •secure 

niterdnncc et ti"! Con vcniio:^ 

3. That we rcqiii^-st that thcsc*p“f^e?- 
ilings may be pnWisfmd a'^l 'of the’ 
gjapers of \lie .Cpuimonwealih. 

YV’. Scc’y. " , 

j U r.i \   s, 

, ' '.r’-iii Ip, 

' Oriiiif, 

1 t'.r.iyron, 

I lisrrard. 

! Mopkii-s, 

II. ml- ri..n, 
H rltir,- ' ■ 
i ll'-tiry, 

I H.’, 
lt»rr;v m. 
tlic;*..-*-\, J 
Ji ssiinim ■*, 
Jeff, rs 111 , 

J diiisl'ir, 



L. -inio, 

L  tcl:i-r, 

I a rcl. 

Line dn. 

Lew i.s, 

Law r.’nc?, 

L( gaii, 


[ .Matilciilit.^, 
KiLidis ui,., 
Marsl.all,;, ■, 
JI  ado, 

Mas,.in, . 

, Xcls in, 

O .ven» 



Or, si-y, 

Ri rry, 





K 11; .Sell, 

Scott, ,* ^ 

Spen'cf-r,' '■ 




Uni. n, 
YVoodf tJ, 
YV.nrr n, 

Ba:;k DtvtoESDs. — Tl.c DankofK'*n 
tucky has declare ! a semi-aunual divi 
Icno of -*i per ceu7. * 

^ A 

The Bank cjrf'Laai5vi|R« has decl'ared’a 
semi-annual .divideii 1 of 4J per cent, and 
an extra dividend of 21 per cent. 

Tke Sontli^rn Bonk of Kenrncky has|.^yj^-j 
declared a dividend, of 1 per cent, for the ^ 
last .six mont'es,. 

The Farmer’s. Bartt, has declared a 

divideiul of 6 per cent* per anij iin upon 
the several installments of stock paid in . 
froln Qct.l, 1850, to Jan- 1, 1852. j 

; J’oi.iTi;Ni-_i.s Axn Truth. — Man.r pi*t- 
j son.-, pl-.'njdia love of truth as an apologf 
, for I'uugLi.Uiaui.ei's, a.-^ if truth wa.s ncvei 
I gent le. and kind, 'out always harsh, mot- 
j o^* and forhidiiitfg. .Sorely good man- 
■ uers -iiv.l a good con.s -ibn -e are no mor*x 
f iii?R*nsistenl with each other than beaut; 
*«ti I hni'jcence. whici^are strikingly akin 
ra-d (1 always look the bettor for 'the coin- 
I jianionslifp^. Hougliness and honesty nr^ 
1 indeed som -times found together in' tl.-i 
j.sanp- person, but he is a poor judge of hn- 
I nun ijhtuic who lakes ill-inaiincrs to be # 
gna-ratity ofprobity.of characier, or sins- 
|l ct^i-- a stranger to be a rascal because 
lape.s the iiiuuner.K ofa gentlein *ii. Some 
I jiCiiS'^'iK' object to politeness lhai its Ian- 
.ly^age istfttincauing and false. Bttlihi;i 
is oasrty'iuiKwere.l. A lie is not lockcY 
up in%'pAr^so, but 'mn.-t exist, if at all, 
in th*Uim*rtd of the sjieaker. In the or* 
liinury tfojnplTrrteiits of civilized life, 
there "i.s iio. intoution to dccivc, and 
conseq iiiMitly' fio falshood. Polite. lan- 
guage i.   plen.^anUto the-car, and scoth* 
ing to the hea'H, whili rough words are 
^nst the, and if not the pioduct 
ll ill-tcniper, .ifc very apt to prodtne 
it. The plainest of .truths, let it le 
reinembere I, can be conveyed in civil 
•'pc^’h. XV hile the most malignant of lie.r 
lira* tiiid utteraui^^iid often do, in''tbc 
language- of the fish market. 

The Stripf.I) Pic, under a Nf.w N.vmf. 
— A letter from a traveler through YL'r- 
inoSitii^otjf that while ho was sitlir.g in 
a village tavern, nnotlwi traveler came in 
and stepping up to the place where ihe 
bar once was, intimalcil tliait he would 
lake a glass of brandy. “Dont keep ili,-P 
was the giuff rejiilfl*' traveler wrA 

off ill quick time, Pyesfentlv on old far- 
*nier came in, anil blustered up 'to the 
luiidlord, wlien.. the following dialo(|uo 
ensg,eJj^ '•'*Gc o(l niornin’, Laudlord ’ — '• 
Good niornin', Squire.’’ “How is your 
family tiiis iiiornin’?'* “Pretty smart, 
thiink’ee.” “I.s the holy woH'?” “O 
yes. very; wohlil v^u like to sel^ it?" 
‘.-YVelk j dfOn't caicYf I do.” “YValk in- 
to ilie.kitchwT jre, Mrs. B. will bo 
glad to see you.’^^ So out they go, says 
the traveler, and reth'Firt after a very short 
visit to •' the babv,'^ who toems to have 
hisaed them rather roiijt hly. Judging by 
 he manner in which tliey licked their 
iil Cour. 

The Ciiovr — liow ro Pulvent it.— -A 
'correspondent in the Nc-.v Y’'»tk Mirror, 
a medical pracriifqpft, iif an arricle on 
tliis subject says; . ,.y.i 

The premonitory symptom of 1 croup 
'.'.ocratic is d shrill, sonorous cough. The pu- 
ihc Sth'^'tient is not sick — has no fever, a ; ofti^ 
yf-'^the' in a common cold — is lively, perhuj-.s vj 
veil gayer Ilian usual, his hands are v'uyl 
, his face 11 ji flush, possibly a altjulq^p^P' 
;er than usual. This solitary (*y mptoni 
may lust forutfevv d’tys, with no materi- 
al increa.-e or abatement, end without 
attracting any notice; suddenly, liowcv- 
er, thft'discuse hitherto latent, bursts 

■ forth iu all its fatal fury, and too often 
[continues its ravages unchecked, to the 
'dreadful mma lion. The remedies 

for this symptom of croup are simple, 
and in most instances pcrtoctly efficient, 
i^ljcy are a mustard poultice, or a strip 
'.of flannel dipped in oil of turpentine 
1 or spirits of hartshorn, applied to tbv 
: throat, and nauseating doses of Hive’s 
'syrup to be continued as long as the 
1 cough remaiiw. By this ,.tiliielyi ppij 
j ployment of .those, njild agents, I uu- 
. hesitatingly a.ssert that a multitude of 
lives might be saved every week, that 

■ arc now lost through negligence and de- 

ppea r 

Entertaining, as we do. decided opinions 
'tjon''.*ll the questions which will prob, 
abfy .be canvassel, our' Yv’hj.g. frietfds 
•will expect. vmdtcate tb?fti fejir- 
Isssly and.- manfully'. And this we 
shall certainly do; ’reserving to our- 
pclTes the right to differ with our party, 
when we think they are wrong, and to 
•pprove of any measure 'of our oppo- 
nenu, best for the coun- 

try. Wc shpU- endea'vor to avd\if all 
•eperities and persohatTics, and “npth- 
e tenua.te, .or set dowdf 'knight in 

We should disdain to owe allegiance 
to any party, which required of us the 
««ciiftceof propriety and fairt^esB. But 
principles of our part")- require no 


TJMTf. was some sense- in iT*e .-remark 
of rScotchilian*^who,, Jtjt reading tlie 
irir|king of Solu|aQ# *.-‘^novv is beaut iful 
in Ws svrason,’ cxclainv.Ml — ‘Ay. na doubt 
it was beauliful-’No yoVi, sitting' xf1ih 
tlie vines and lasses or jetii.^-alr'in*- a.siibv 
yon,' hyl bad you been a ) oor stone ma- 
son, ye ii'ad^aiilna sii-eh thing.’ 

The real object of eJucaliion is to 
givC; children resources 1' at v ill endure 
as long as life endures; habits that 
will ameliorate., not destroy; orcupn- 
lion that will render sickness tolerable, 
solitude pleasciif, age venerable, Iif*’ 
more dignifie-l jnd v c'ul, and deaU* 
le‘=« terrible. 

YVe have-receiv'ed the December num- 
ber of the ‘•International Mag^ine." 
It presents a Tariety of reading matter; 
*with a number of engravings; and -is the 
largest df all tile ii3 monthlife's. 
i Price 23 cts per copy, or 63 pe.t an- 
aumu ' - ^ « 

Wise Saying of a YVise Man.--It is 
mentioue^ in Robert’s Life of Hannah 
Moore, that iu 1783, Hannah Moore *snt 
next to Dr. Johnston, at a dinner party 
at the Bishop O^te^’s hou«e.-‘ She 
g*yg  ’ I urgc:l him ro -4^eir*little wine,’ 
lie replied, “I canl^M-nk a little, 
child; therefore I never touch it. Ab- 
atiuence rs as easy to me as temperance 
would be difhcnlt. 

Laroe Hons.— YVe have been shown a 
letter from Mr. Nathan W. Hill, of ?dt. 
Tabor, Owen epunty, la., who carries 
on a -pork-packing establishment inAtfilit 
place. Mr. Hill'ofl'ered.a preihiil^ for 
the heaviest hog killed ‘.at ho.use. 

. There w^xe five cojrroftfitors for ’'the 
'premium, and the weight of the 'fiVp 
largest bogs ranged from 710 to 770 lbs. 
"This speiks vx-ell for Indiana. — Urv. 

'A quaint ol,d gqntleman, of an active, 
■•ftirring di.spo.'sition, bad a man at xvoVk' 
iu his garden who was quite the reverse. 

”Mr. Jones, “ sajjl hp,to him one mor- 
ning, “did you e^er see a snail;” “Cer- 
tainly,” said Jones. “Then,” .said the 
lyjy, “you must have met, as you could 
never overtake him. ’ 

The Legislature adjourned sine die, on 
Friday last. We will commence in our 
next issue, the publication 6f a pynojhB’is- 
of the most important acts pasial. 


We copy from tlj2 Fi-aiikr rt Com 
^oniceallh of tlie Dili iiist. as foll.iws 

!i t!:« iievt (llacc y waul 

g A EiCtter Fcam M -iJar Sowuius* j 

M^ijur Jack Dotcninsf to Governor ! _**! 

J^ouin Ko^iuth. |ii 

Downing.'! **; i. I,", ,\Wav oow.n*, ) ' a: 

■ - - .^lit.Un- -  i,t\: ij: Miii-X- ;. Do;. JJ . 1  o»i • v itj 
DsarOovsiin r: 1 yoii^wo'iif ' I,i 
f cd Iiecaust I l.a'mt w rittWyArii afor . Tuf tr:it!i^ ti. 

I is, I }i;u cu’ftiad no time. I' vc liu.m so t» f i;i 
.-iliu.aa moiit'i i, 1 c uildo’tgot time to Wrde .-.j 
II I liow. I'lici - Jo hua and 1 have bc'.ni har 1 1 j 'f 
J vvt rk tiine, diy an'l..ii^.'it, r '.ulin^ vuiir m 

. ■•sp 'i-chi's and t’le d iiags\f. Oio me .-tins in .Ve,\* r .• 
rk and England. We ne;'iui a v e*.k or'i.vo • y.] 

’ Ik f. r.-  \.n j;ol t   Vink, and nav.- ,i cn at it evi r‘ if«; 

sino'.'. U e (•  mr.i.july g..l up and 'o -.1 it b . l.ire wi 
breaivf;uif, and take tnniir r adiiii'. i;n 1 kenp it ov 
up tilt I.ed lime; tliat is. liU 9 o’et jek in t 'O cve- u  

nin; f r that’s l!ie time We li.jiviiiiie'viil,' f.iil.s It   .\i 

to bid. So 1 li ipe y.) i v.-out f e! .siu;lit.-r  lx,-- , 
cause I haven’t fjtind time t » w rit ■ toy   i afS  ■ v. i 
, now, and 1 ho;) ■ you haven’t f- lt I dusoni s*i n- « f , 
you' ve been in Yerk. 1 see Voif .' o* on tt,\' w av se 
to Piiila 1 jlp.'iy, and Hnlti:u t •. aitd Wasr.i.V* *n pi 
audit yon s.hould Knd lou‘si»tnf 1^1 fhein plaeos. he 
jest torn about an^ eVne d iwn here i-n l) wn- i., 
ingville, and wi:’U trv ti'cilnr r you up and iiink,-t k. 
yon fell at home. ( say this b'-eiaas'.' I haNh? piec 
took a great t ) ym, ami 1 nlunys ir.oiii - ol l ri 

what I -;ay.. I’ve to a it aler y i py.m “I’ll 
t’l.nn Riiy body eJs •, side • 1 1. strny d_-ir old thi- U 
friend liinenl .taci.s ip. .tlay be il : ; b.e.iit.-e nirui'i 
.1 you nr s   much lil  • Inn:. I- act. In. nn.- Lni igs leni;. 
it .se.iieU') me you ar • j s! lltie inui. » »ld Hifk- gelli 
cr/ wasT.'.e :iia i .vluit  ok‘ th ■ r’ ’ uuil   
when i.e .ant. d (Ij.iinv tiiin-'i a.idl^s’'e «.r, l!i 
yiu.irj s s ; y.ip ai'itjafr iid ti l.iki- the’ r “s' m 
sp nisihilit/; a Ijl, wliat’j.s b ^tt r stilt, you afe* r. In 
trying to e.ioout-jge o^.er lob.sthe re’dtity 
t i. titd lI.ckory.M^is a great linml to u.ake priii-’^wholi 
fipli-.s a n! tiien 'e^n tlir.Snith. .Viid th  r*' n tl 

agin i iM-iI jii ai ■ a good dealiiky him. .And, his.i 
bv tv»’ -lay. 1 beyi i to Unite*. i 1 king hit him f 

l*t side.^t Hooap:.r L-( of France, fol* I set’*h.J»« shan’ 
took tuc ri..s;Kjn.-'ibiiit ’at last, nnd b - ni iinil;iii*r. he'll i 
principles anil (ieliuu of 'cm* tl.rough. TaOe • v.-.nik 
sj.iie .smart f.llks tii^.c v^lli^et; a. id it’« w'-tl    u » 
t.'itr IS, f I it r pr |Iy li*el ‘ tin re’ll l.e a iif • d iw 
f r ’eiiiilicf ir ; anot y ^ ye^t is o*f. And- llte.i andj 
a lot It r tl.i ig wJiie^i mak s ui* * t . 1 1 1 1 you u f ** ail kv » i 
nmeU like O.d M_ickoj;’, is I hoi.rohs. W’h|J, Trik  ■ 
it seen s to me 1 e»Mji .]^r^«ni all lit i way If ili tv  T - 
V.iktj l).i*-iiiiig»nlt;;jn!pl u'iarri s im- rnrftt’’. VVV 
back to old tinies. ij\lionji:.i who! Youiiiry 'wa^ 
ringing with “ho* r I'l f.i^Jack' •0,1.’’ " ‘ • f'f.rtb' 

1 lldak, ilear Gover.ior, "yo I it r stop ).e; ■ Yhal “ 
till ii!Tt s imm. r, a id ne' go'bj^ to liuogary i,- mt 
Weshall li.nve to make a new iT: tnl -nl oe t got to 
a iiiiupa, and you inignt iret in lu W Pi.-seh-id wetii 
I jostaseasva :.l fit c nild hjiVij h^T^ynr— a-nl a as yo 1 
I l’r.Tiu\n* vo.i lugl.ef Dian'tVoVvr.n r. ’;pT c 

i lla l-rf y » I byUi.t Kik i4tr know vo i r'aR i -v ,i',i 


O'/ie aquare from Western row i\r 
Land in", ■ ~ 

COVl3fGT«X, KV. 

Rev. R. A. C'jU'ey. H'irdiseus'i was ia- 
!ltininiu.ii of the wliol« sy.steni, wliicli 
fi’i lU y coue.aut rato.l on the luni;s, airl 
i.’:i!i.'C 1 her d.uilh, after a [v.'iinful illntss 
of thirteen days, aged eleven years and 
oiin inoiuli, i;:ll,.wiio kivj'.v her loved her. 



 *i{ARLK3 P. FRIhlilMAN, & CO. 

(LATE FilEE.MA.V, !ii DUES A CO.’i 
;d^POR l£iS!!i A M JOSSSItS, 
r»S J.iberty Street, tetween ifroadway 
near Ike Poet-of ee. 

Aar -ari3 9 

rjT vrn ri iW .-JU h;in I, ad I '; :ill''^»5"'t j:- ivin? 

This bo tir '3 rfft'ffRi. d ■’ .1 I ' J I il l y ■ At 
c’clock, Ati jil., in the 
House of Repi:v^*jj.taiivey. .^^At;te’r ^ teni 
porary oroaniraiion^. a ,|coiii!ntltee ap- 
jioluted at a pr^liiul’haVV rtfeeiing'^epor- 
ted Hon. Clms. A.b \VNcJ*li lc as Presi- 
dent: C d. S. C'.i irj'.ull, .tUr. I. Barnett, 
Thus. J. SiiNili, Clias. H. Robinson, Jos. 
A. 'riioiii pson. Garland Hurt, Joptha 
Dudley, Henry Daati*l, and Jolm A. 
Gjodsoii, for Vice Presidents; and id. 
D. Taylor, J. II. Harney, V ’. W. til^pp, 
Siin. Pik » Wtn. Tanner and Jpo^^ C. 
Noble, as^ecretaries. 

Tliese iKiinina lions were unanimously 
«.i;rocd to.* * - . . . . 

Air. ■\VicklifTe a cknoji- lodged *lt.e Iv.n- 
Or in'takfng bis seul; ins’i pruypr- \vp| 
tliju o. fere I by Il'vjJuh.i Br/oe. 

On iiiution of ELr-.jGreen,^ of. J,leiirjf, 

e: CoMMUSlC.VrCD. 

* ) I 

DnlL'p'-iAt thi residence of their Fa- 
th‘T, lii'‘this vicinity, of scarlet fever, oii 
T11C.S lay ‘dii'Jkl lu»l. S’C.s.v.v M ;l)nw'K(.i.. 
age I -i years  » n^iuths mil 11 day.s, an I 
 iii Wediie , daj'^iittirniu;', Au.vM,a,^ci 
1 ye;r .' iiijiiihs and 2d li.iy.s, only cliil- 
dren of W'ii.:,i.i.\i M. an. I iu 

The -Men with T.\il‘». — .\ year or two 
since ^Fiencli traveler In Africti report- 
ed the existence of a negro tribe with 
tails. Ipia^t^vly. Count de Castclnau, the 
explorerk'f South America, well known 
an I higlRV estee«ne I in tlie V. Stales, 
rommnnicated to the Geogra pliical So- 
cu’Uv of (Paris, the result of some per- 
.sonal iiiiuiries Bahia, wliich seem to 
confirm in a measure the direct report: 
“1 foil 11 1 iny.-clf tin re," he says, ’•ii; 
the midst of a host of aicgro slu\ cs. an I 
thought it possible to obiuin froin tJiVitt 
latioii of the unknown 'iistfts,'* oj 
i'ricun continent. I sooip disi*ov- 
that the MahoiriitAa-if* natived of 
:i were much J^i'rlher ‘ aifA’Tfii'ce I ir 
th.aii the' .iitpLad lAu^ infiabitMiitit, 
* coast.. _^ScWe^tal ’..Wlickiof' Uous- 
;l A'liunikvvah ‘related tcr hfti that 
lad taken J arl in e\i'Vdilrt)ns a- 
a nitloij^ cabled iain-N1b ms, who 
ils.;. -They tracel^ thett‘route, on 
they encountered timers, giraffiees, 
intR, aiidvM'iTi camels.' Nina dav.s j 

*Ti;e ways*'! Providence arc iiiscsuta- 
b’.c an d’jfl 11 i s de.:rees are just, allho'agii 
to I'lort’.K in:in iiiuny seem very hard. 
1 1 is Uispcii.Sii t ion in th' removal of lli.?»e 
ill '.creiii:i'i a. id kpriglitly (hildren, b a- 
loiigs i » itli • ccjierally pronounce',! 
M fv'.-' ,dre. yet it i•^all lor tin:; bet- 
ter ''-.r'l^iui till i hildr.:ii^lio'jld !i.iv; hjeii 
pki' ’c"* t lioni tills col I an 1 selfish world 
an 1.1; J i; oiIm iW» 'I in 'he land wlien; etcr- 
intl '^11 !'t I'liir '.LigMS, and where they will 
tl,' vi'i-'kiMiw sorrow lur sickness nor jiar- 
tiii:* uomii at!'.. liiaii-lliat either th : lather 
or .iiotfii r siioiidd -tiuMi bemi taken from 
l!n*iii,.ifnl,ifi y-1' it to sulJ'ur the pains an I 
ini-Vi;«’ i.'f ill #•*•. I i tc. i 
Chi-.ely inde.-nl lejp *l;e jipreitts of these 
dear til fLl^'jc, HiIm are'iiu »' happy in the 
siiiilcs ol God, aiiiicti.'d. buk.they should 
Vike.i'oiilori an/' 'coirtolituvn from that 
I'oriion ot -  .vripiuru which :says, “Snlier 
liillc i.!iHdir:i to .enim; iBi to yio, an I lor- 
bid tliein Ji r' urisucb, is the kingdom 

ot^" 'an T jliy(ild romcinber j 

that I’tieir lo s i.. the cicrjtal gi»iu of ilieii i 

Resolved, That ai.kMffwitttegriirt ;h'VO 
from each CongiciHioi.raa di:»trict h« “1^ 
poiu’e.l lo report * lo  the Gonvemioii 
• ai table pers'jiis as delcgatc.s to the Dani- 
vciatic Nitional Convention,  nil lor 
caii'lidates for Electovi un thg pgrA ob 
the StaU'%t Jargoi^aridrthail the ileleg%lys 
from each Congressional district rc4 pvti.’ 
o’clock this afte.iis^on, 
lof repdrting. stuitable 
es *to- tlio* iNinional 
l Sog^ai n d. rcn U d 1 d a t e s 
part Ml.iAigid dis- 

tively m#et at *2 
for tlic ^lurposc 
] ersoiis #i:r delegat 
DemocradidT (jo«-ven 
for Elecfcr3**ctU*-Alt« 

*X i / 4 t . 2 ' ; III 

Af’iCr ^lib apfloinWwent of- a. commit- 

s Convention took' ha 
k, when It ieas-;t'' 
•eiublcd'in the ba'sement of the Pxesby- eh 
lerian Church. j 

At the reassembling, the committee j mi 
provided for in the foregoing resolutjjjn i-a i 
was ap^^|)inted. m . • j:*o; 

The t&llowi’ng persons were jiomina- Jta 
te-J as Electors: . i Tti 

District 1 .— x.^V'6*! aSradle^- j s-’’ 

District 2.— 2-T1ltomas Ct McCreerr. i sa; 
District’s.— Janies P. Bates. ! *ri 

Districi^f. — James C. Chri.sman. : 1 nu 
Distinct 5. — James M. Fogle. : fe; 

District 0. — John M. BllioU. ! in 

Vy/ District T. — Nor- in Green. *i* 

llistrict 3. — G. AV. Johnson./^ 'pi* 

District U. — J. N. Nesbitt. / , .   tie 

District 10. — II. C. -Harris. f j 
Delegates to tli'* Nitionad* Conve:i - . om 
tion, frouf the sete^l drSt'ribt.wFre num- | wlj 
inated toThe Con-.xntiols, thid app«in- ; ext 
ted. ^ '‘■= -- |C“ 

r ESOLCTIO.NS. j he 

■ let 

Mr. tGullirie, from the committee on 
that sii’ojcct, reported a scries of rcso- ; 

lutions, saving ihev had received the ■ 

, " ^ * rf*si 

Unanimous approval of the coinmiiee.. | 

The resolutio: s tleclarc in favor of a ' 
• trict construction of the Consiituiion; can 
that Congress has no power to jireveiil nia 
the ovvner of slaves from emigrating to stai 
any oV the territoriit&'-'awqOirtxk by the chi 
common blocrd T’he conn- wel 

try; tliat ''lo'cal*»ilV'»ernal Uoprftvcmciits 'J 
Ey the genera f -g'iiversiip.&nl ,tw« uncoii- shu 
•titutlunal and wrung; that’tita Coiiven- ma; 
tion appvove and witl abide uyi-the Com- lie 
promise incasiirc.s, u«d - vVrt4t* sifbn.ii to mil 
no violation of* 'tftc:.;; -and*  ec(ini)ne* tl.ti«nc 
Geu. AV’. O. 10*11110 A'acioiiat Con- .es f 

.Teutitm to be' nominated dor the Presi- Ivtis 
dency'. ; r.. .c ^ ^ -Lis’ii 

Ti e rcsolulili^W, (Wperisiiy -'bke lasti, the 
’wereYeceived with ruut»h itpplaus«*^ -m, by v 
llcyp. Robert’ WickliiVe, Sr. , inove;l to tnin 
•trike out the rcsoliitton'*Neeomtnendinii ■ coll 
Oen. Butler, and to insert a resolution j all i 
ir'^ G ii. fbr President ; earl 

and Win. It. Klirg, of Alabama ft i pict 
Y'ice President. . • - I Iron 

In* support of this' resoltUion Mr,! big 
WickliflTc addressed the-* Convention at j T 
length. '* ■o. V •*. . ftiug 

Mr. Wi'-klilTe" coivt^ded'that Gen. ■ k*,jr. 


pfloiutCMcnt of 
tec on resolutions, th 
n recess *until 3 o'efoe 


^ B t;iE .'uil scril cr h.i.s- on hand a very hvind- 
J. .s nin- a.s's rttiiu'iit v(   f 

c ■'iii: ,?i.f I-.niii' s’ i« (if ij'c nail’s BrCikSt- 
piUN^i. f a vi r V »ui»i.»i .r iju I'.iiy; u'.a  , 

1/1 xiiigiDii Oli.-ervcr iSc R -I'.orter auJ 
lUvi'.Ii' Tribuiu' ica.c cotiv. 


I* i ^ /"E V. ill s 11 tj t!ie l.u'lnst liiibltf i n the 
'ft mire':, on t iC lOt'i day of FL-bruriry 
r. - !, :t trie’ ; f liiid 1; ir:';iu .'mdi-on Ocuiity. 
Kfltt iekv, on Sil\vrCr,.ck, c ‘I'taiiiiiig 

! : •' s im.' f.,r:n iri.on i h .Aivi flaw’Ki-s f rn- 
' riy re idc ', .''ii'I now (:cr.i)ii ;d l.v .Suimul 3f. 
Fo\, t vo 11 i',. s In. 1  w l{i)l i.L-’oti’s old NiU, and 
t. VO miles IV .III Kirksvill: 

T ii r ■ is tl III sa: i a 1 tJ" TAVO-STO- 
KV.S'l INK yriLDLVO, witJi.all .vuiWdeout- 
h us «, V 'j'.i wnti.iv(J mil itin:’aar. ), Iftle indis- 

l-U'.aMe. • . . • 

Th r 'i i.nct V, ill Ly div iied to saJt purc.'.os-is 
ifdosir d. ■ ■ !.t  ■ " 

TEH.M.S mad T^pn tb'xl.'i”  »f% Ici 

I • N. nwvaisif \uhsj •  

.T.amirr5’, K , 

Fi,o- R \sA Gtain — ’ flic niarki-i i:i niii'han- 
' jtc.l, w il U sab’s ol 1 loari 1 liglittols a*. t  1 
I ;t0. Win a' sCiWiCc :;l e*' . Wor i we fjnoa.' at 
;t ta3ie in I ar by ^^.Jpi.milily;'.s from wa- 
)ji)i!S at 3 7e. 

OoTTos — A’of' ■’•') ^51'tf mid Hi i-e Al.i- 
! bama at 7c Slock aispL'/ . *' .. 

Groclrc -s — tjlliet, V. Ill S.lli ,s (f l.")0 tugs 
I’io Ci).’r..«; .:t y.'. Sal .'swl 'Jojiiins fa.r Siivar .ii 
5e. Salts of 100 l arr.-Ii^Jlp^ss.s at is fir.ii at ojc. 

8 -;ei .s — F lavwci 9oc. ^ C’lov'cfs .-ed S3 30 ;- ct 
biislic'U and lirni. .’ 

I’ltijvi.sio.s.s — 31 SI PoJ’c irm.„aS Sl.’l C.5 p- r 
bill. .V'lt iii'ieh doi'ie ill thenVay cct, w ith vt rv 
inciurr-' receipts of U.icon af 71d. hog-round fron, 
wagons. * I ' t ' ^ 

Toii.kcco — S lU'.s at To.ld’.s war ffv.isc rf 19 
lihili at -St 30a -t t 9 l, .Sal-s at th ; Piekc’.l w are 
h'liiso ol lOh'i lialSl 7  .iS-i 50 . Th': w hole 

It w;«s’!uoky  ’:y i ’.■ink a s’tar.d and put you' 
f ot 1   * II wti' ii yon i.rst jj. t t i -Vew Vi rk tha' 
yo'i wo ildn’l bc-u.i. c-1 p w itii any of our par- 
ti 5 1.1 1 11* country, for if yon liad once fairly 
rot mix AJ lip w'il.'i ’ci.'i, yo i w in.M a fmiul yoi.r- 
s if in alchasiinri Uiai 1  '■  afraid. y'J'i w ould 
wish yiT-rs* if. acK toTcrkcv aj,a n In f-rc yen 
w-oilUcv r ;; -I cut of it.i . ;vVjvUt’sau(;Ky oivuii- 
oth r acc • .t that y i i" havcirt mi c.i up with 
any of tear Iwr-'otv par.i .s. rVn'w yo i nr • l.ic 
■ jii V ntOT *in t ',e Cii ■ niry tlia' I'ii.H get th- it Votes. 
.As y in uavei’t .aid ii .! 'nn uei.i iMiie of cm, tin y 
ca.i all Inrii r i.ind am’ vote 1 r Xiiii, aijd'if yyii’U 
only any the weld t.'i  ’)l dn il, .nnd ^adiffthii 
ch nice; for tiiui S'-'ciii. .t,o bo Jl.e o’nljr tt ay they 
c.ii) it 't nnml omcly.iiLil of th" j.*\t r.asliiig .snarl 
in y'vf rot iii’ti. ."II trie; e^iiuTy. Yo.t 

lie. dri’Ui-c afwid Ue re’s •yiy thin;' it) liic way 
n. ill y ta 7 b  iiii^ I’r.saticyf, ^ Ty r.-, th. re 

iS'SoiU; tittle rnlci l.iul dpw i|^ uiip ^ t it ill ocX 
nonslitniMii/bilt thaTcaii ull b.^ niai'a^td w til 
1 11 i.igh: it only w.ant.s s m. ludy f} (ak,- tiie r-.- 
.spoii.sibiiity. Foiksx'ajil al\vay.s’g'j acet rdiii t'l 
tne c.Gist/luti'^rnwhcii Ui»  ' gctsiil i a bad snarl; 
they hava'l) inu’ne.iii-.v prrnciuie.s In go by. S.,e 
how Presid i«t llona|i£rrc lic;i jest got out efhis 
snarl;* tne cuiiMtitiiiioic luH 'l :'.\aiiil in hi.s way a 
l it; lie j stsol up .a now priiicipii' and l!  it out. 
•Viul v ni SC ' ho’s.i ome out all s.r;ii ;lit,_ aii,l "nojv 
Clin wiii'l iii" yarn any wli. re tosnil hin s If. t , 

I d -n’t; ee iiotiiin in the way In jr'Veiit your 
ei-liii;;' in to lo P.r:sidciit if you’ve .a iniiul t-v. 
\'on haven’t iiiiviJ np wiyi no party, so you 
wonldn- ti i.ave to light -asjn jio,.p!ir'.y, ai'd it’s 


O N Ihji's'in’, l;.o, 'Uitlny i,f Fvbriory next, 
'\Yo w^il aj Tnt.s* T. nir .rhhn rtlSi, dec’d. 
U!id* r ri'i- w Hi of Wm. Mnr'ii: d. e’lL, exivjse t-i 
silo l I the hi^hi . t biild.'V on tin- ( r tins, s, llie 
Td.-VC'iyF l-.iND, ii!i .ilnuit'.' I ’r • k, in .thid- 
f, in r h^eutric'kv*. ■V.-:. w'l rr:i .I ilin M.irlin 

'iveUat the Sini "   f !i 1 1 t’.oa’.h, C. ).\T.\ I .\ ING 
1 1’2 hiore i*r^ . lli ; Iti.d of 

Jos. p'i Eiiil i r, .Alii 'iiaii :iis Til ni'.-', Frinci-- 
IJn.s!i aiiAja A'is E, tidbrie. nil u|;d'.r.C iwi fo :pc 
ami ill .I I'i'di .'■iftte of ful„ 'a'.i jji. 'I'ht r -is on 
.■aid 111 icjiftj'r'-''* fi’G'Vll'j.v.f'E. w it h ill a it" I lo 
nut-liou't s ' Tlie'htl.f i;i;I.. jyy A\‘ih. .Mcilin, 
w ill bo mafic to the V*'^‘ib!!S ;r, w J{ieli a;i indis- 
putflHe. . •, .» 

'fEd.vfR. — The I »nd wiltb-S .■anc half 

ill h’a -il .and th'.' otliCt hCf ijj t.Vilf^: .uajut.’s; 
^1' iiiiir’'1in3 r win'll" rcquiivxl t-t e tentebondj 
w it'i « '/.! 3 ■durii*' foi t7i(*rcuifi;id‘ r {f'^a pr.r- ; 
clira ■ ini.t4.3C', iitii a jliop Upon iWum L:\ud f,.r it:-' 
payment. P ss'ssi m w ill.,be jjivouAhe l-px- 
ciii's. r ou t.;e C'I’JInVvh nejt.! 1 

' • D.\VI» MARTIN) ' 

• , KJOHAKDG. MAii riN, 
Jamif.tyB, 183ei.i H-s i J *'fi» 

i CivfivNATf, Jan. 19, 

Fi.o’ R — Sal,'.s of '200 bb.s at 1-3. 

W'liisKV — l-3e. 

Hoes — None s.ild. 

I- sail— 3 .ft) kt if ; s  1 1 r«t 7*7*^ 

Provisio.ns — .AU"- s l’or’% Sl'2 50, loO.OOO ii-s 
liiilk .MvalsuM at 3i an 1 CJc. bi im 

N;;w York, Jan. 12. 

OorTO'.' — The sales of Cotton lo-ilay wire 
•2.5‘Vi I ale.s. Til • market i : vit,’ fr n. .Strict 
.Mill lli'ig I jilands 3Je; Orleau.s SJe to 81o. 

Ki.o: i( — Sale: .3,01)0 libLs at SI ;s71aSt (7 for 
Sial.c:   1 .3L'’J-:' l 02 for riouthern; S i o'ja.-i-l fi2 

( — S ab R 1.000 hnr hels .S.-i ith' r i Mhiic' 
Wire It at 10 ic: 9,000 bnsiicLs \Vi s! Corn at 
I’l.'jt'k ITpU • 3’t.ll iw Gfc. 

I I’uo vi-iio.-.i.s — Sab s :no bills Mvs-’s Pork at 
3bt73foroll .'••I't .Slo 1’21 fir ile'.. ; 3U0 b'.d.s 
.Me;.': Il"ef a* S ) 73 f iri'Td .'iiid S3 73 fir new. 
Sab •• of old I’riiii'iilSd. S:iles of 130 bbi.s Laro 
at fill ; 1 rif e;. 

To''i o — ^S-ib 3 oOO hb Is Kentucky T'.ibaeco’ 

.ron. ; 

Cass kail alvrayft’ bfen the friend “f the 
South, aii'l th»t it wdulidWe base ingrat- • 
itude to caiTl*' Rihr'^rtWlfc **rfld nom’uia te j 
his fictiteii'ai^, Butler, he contended, ! 
could not’eafr^'his own -stvrte; that*, his-i 
nomination vrrt(flTl •delif'lit-'the Wliig», 
■end'that the C?oifr^n^ion ln(f bettor -nev- * 
er lAel than tdi‘i.iak'a •nliat-iiomination,.,..| 
Mr. Guthrih Knd Gen; -Pilcher thew| 
addressed the Cod ^ctrrn itf dofence ol t 
the rccomnien’dati'oTt • of Gji;k. Butler,' 
h'Jt' expressed- • fv.l* corfU fci)ic« * in j 
Crcn. and 'olTi£^ci:fididato9. who had ^ 

been suggested. ' * • *■ ! 

Gen. P. eudeavdred to‘^t Mr. Wick-' 
lilTc to withdraw Tiis* j^j»,ott6iif b\U -Mr., 
YV-. declined, except i^po'h co'idifioit'thal ! 
there should he no rc^cofrfin'ciirttilfion'Ol • 
any candidate. ■ 

Mt' Taylor (of the Lckfl%J^fe!^tatcs- 
m-xn,) called for n divisioivof the qiies-- 
tion. ‘ 

All the resolutions, cxcep*- the one 
recommending Ge.n. Butler, ware then ' 
unanimously adopted. '* ^ 

^'hd ijuesiiun being upon the rerto^i- f. 
xnendation of Gen, Butler— j 

,Mr. Taylor addrc.ssed the Convention^! 
ana opposed the recoinmeddatioh us 
length. It was a project, he said, to 
secure vole.s in New Aork, which il was 
supposed Gen. Ca.s.s coiiltl not gel. John 
Vijiiru iiren wanted to get the ’‘load ol 
hay oDTJad.”’ Jle was in favor of the 
Democracy’s^ 'nominating Democratic 
candidates, aiul'they might as well refer 
the matter to the'A'A’any rcgi’iicy at once 
as to submit to iheii'dietatioir. At the 
allusion to John Van Bureifond t!;e load 
of h'ly, Mr. T. was greeted 'iviih a storm 
of mingled applaiisl! «iftt histcs. Mr. T. 
proi e Ivied to ad voc''^7l?*a t »B?ngth the 
cjaiin.s of Gen. Cas.s. " • e ,» 

^ Mr. Guthrie rei»licd. Nei)b”JT tWS-des- 
tinic.-i of the coimtry nor of ^lic^Dfhxo- 
cracy, depended upon Gen. Ca^s or any 
o/her oaei/juii. He dc.fcndc l (he recorn- 
niendaiiou of G'eii. Bfitler, a/ud earnest- 
ly insiste I upon til'd fi^'.-as.'^ty of suppor- 
ting the nomince'’al tltc'^ Convention, 
whoever he niignt be. , . * " ■* - 

Mr. Jno. AV. Sievensb'iv 'flfen addre-=- 
seJ the Convention in defence ot” there- 
t'oiTiiiieiidalioii of Geu.' UnAferr' 

Mr, Taylordi-sclaiine J’ an_?^ intention 
of wounding Gen. Butler or liis friends. 

. Tile recoinuaendutiou was theu carried 
with only three or four liisSeritiiig vrfi- 
 ’CF. It was then proposed to make the 
\ )le.uuauimouf . but Mr. R. Wickliire 
objectetl- ' v 

A resclutiun providing for tl.ff av.- 
po-ijtineut ol a central committee at 
Frankfort, w i« t’,vi 

L. LEPPEL.kfAN fias, «n, 
t ' _ ■ band a lar.c a«i itirttit.of 
the .Tb ive articl-^R, .whi'^h 

W Av» ^ low i»{ ' 

jr ?• ^ - I'l"-’ ■; kei - 

g-; V 1 tl;ai tlii-y can l» 

and .n pheap.^ 
i 11^1. ft town pf* Riclmvouii. 
nspjscwiut'. Call nui^|gc. ^ 

llwiil cash for any, qnahtlf y «r fur sWu% 
to he di'livi r;-(Fal 1, D  Smith’.s l.T te 5!t  b.', 
ml— »-tf, ^ L. LEl’|*Eh.^A'N. 

M E G O W A N’S.lf g  r,K L 

coiN"n OiBiionT and iciLai nV SraccTS, 


, -%« V MALE 

■A'p ^ i.iIBlBL¥' 


5tli iustifrft'lhe.i 
duties: ion, uiu 

j TiiOvt.lS Ii. M cnw,vN, proprivier of. tVC- 
I above C.vt.ablLiliincnt, wo:itd r ’sj»i ct fu lly i:i- 
j for 11 his friijiids a'lil tlie publi" g'.'iK-raUv, t'lat 
I hi. is prep:ir ."1 to acc'-miiiwdiit ■ th'.* traveUing 
I p'.ibUc in as food stv'lcas any Jiuui’'.- in lii : citV, 

I aii.i on as ?oo.l b tui.*'. 
k iac. i:— l-lL 

H •( F 

IIow'Asa Klkloo, 

itr a c,f »cli(^:r.s: fat the )Wn: 

jlii; pbai^e   f Rt V. JaUlis 

as very wiC6i «Afiilly Cou- 
. j‘ sevi lal 'sesf Imi, TL: 

O. n. F. IjRO.i'ioi a 

j Aur.ft- AV-" &riv::K8, 

il iifctr iT ’the sehooEfi't 
Tci'Steesaf J pigi|j4^^r|(C'iiiin]end liiui to ttw* 

public as t uiiaj.nt’^tiu»^ed,t T tluj pokili-Ti L ; 
occiipiis, anuns a&'ntifi|iau' if tac clnutrcti 
add pm! • nicr;iTsi ^ - 

Tl ■wrrnnfatifi'Nl loritlomai 

LL piTmiis itideh’vcJTo W. M. Cr.iNrt.\N 

iSr Son, or AY. McCi.Atfli.v.\ citiiiT 
note or acrouiit, will pb-ase i aU and sctt’ie 
flii-y nr.' det' r.riued to cio5C. up their bu.LaC: 
Jail. 10— 1-1 f. 

' ill J.E' lab'*r" , 


f u * *3 ji ^ ' 

P. f?.— Bo.' r Inc can he lisd ia the F.'Uiiily ( f 
Mr.4Gb-AifR«,-, ’;e r»T f.jur ymmir pcntleiuca:, 

jsljonlBaiif fr j|._a.riistanccde. irv; to attend tl#y 

j ScilOOl* ^ la 

W K rt^ ycA'fUimodano ’T 

nil fri'.'ii’di haiik:*Ri'iiiv'ft {W^^■^dly 
With .any a’nouiitoi' vrn-'tyof SiiinclesJc Liim- 
bir. Cas!i price's of Shiuglciat thuiiiilla fol- 

•7 ' ck AA'eln'it,' $:7 00 pcriho-isand, 

’Yellow Po|)lr.r,^ ‘ 2 2-3 •' 

Ofok-Sf (-’li'eRmif, • g»2-3 

, Lumhi.# at the usual irill rit a- Wo ar.'- 
ixa'liiy^ life B»!!*fliir3Jill, ftif ^'‘ft/i'a'’c.all. 

4 4 ' ^ -C. -MOH.VN dr BllOft'HEH.* 

j — 0.1 the 2 - 3 d ult., by Elder Josiali 

'Collins, Mr. WiLi-iA.M SnEA«Ea to Miss 
|Elvf.ree, daughter of Mr. Cabbel pKen- 
fhairttVdll rff tJirisidBoVrtfliy.i'.ir ; 
j — On the same day, by the same, Mr. 

! Lewis Eaoes to Mrs. M.tav' Dance, all 
' of tlii.s County. tf 

j — On the 23 d ult., by Rev. , 

j Mr. AVilli.\.m WiLT,is to D.orinda. 

I daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Oldham, all 
of this County. 

— On the 2 i)th ult., by Elder R. A. | 
; Broadhurst, Mr. AlJeiit Tudek to Miss 
S.VS.VII SiiREWSBEKRV, all of this Couii fy, 
On tho, 4 ih iust,, bj- Josf^ 

; Cbllittie, Mr.A-Twos. S. Bkonston Styr. to 

Bk. «T:; JB.O*3ttA3 Twac -W 

b 1 c r; M o K d ken t u ok v 

nt'xt s'.'sion I'Srtliis rrt.s-tftiuihTvwilJ bi'- 

J, fiiipu ITIo^xtay, Febyiiavy 2 :M. 

It is I .‘irne.stly Ivtiiirs-U'd Ihat^aJ] ..(lie pii|iihs 
sho d 1 be ).r.'sciit on that d'lv, pSj.sevyr:il ctassT.? 
will b»' oa-crjaiiized, and some •.ffcw’xtudies ar- 

raiiuH. _ 

Ti^Li'ct: t 's to tho advanced' claj^i rf Ayiung 
La li.'S, coinpri ill;* a crili1%l and! rival view 
of E'lL'liaii Liur.iu r', ■will be cnmi'.iiii ^ 

T' ir'.-ii. y n-i.l Thiir day. ,. I-adie^ ui.ay k»Ui. iid. 
tliiTie led;; r.s and,. also tbkc“^ks;nns in Mu.'ie' 
without beiii'i r 'q iir-'d to-jolgint^ r clr.s.?,.*. 

 . D0N4 .LD a. ?if , 

'Jan. Hi — l-lf. ' Pai.Nc'iv.M.. ’ 

*FiUliM 4 m Circuit Set. Skit. Tc'a»*, IHSI 

teCBE.'^Mfi^iAV, Couip*. » 

'• ■!-. »«'»''*'*♦   l 4 CL*»Tf 3 -. 

sAAc .AO a.vs, aVc., Deft. 1 

[ Tis orJerod that this .suik be f-fetred to 
B. Runyon, Jla.R't r Col), w itiidi- 
tC*tioa  to repi rt tl e acco miG of fsaac N. .Ad- 
, ^.•iii*’«it!idDa: id D. Co", Ain iui.trators of John 
at n   far 11   n iL's ..lan rtt.c , .Adau s, dccc.-ised, .t'-rl also to liear i roof r f 
■7 .il;il, s— Olio J^irrcild last j dchia aeainst tl « f .'.ate of David I . Co', the 
CoU^ a id Head of Stoc k 4 amq-a iit of c.'tate -of which lie died pas.-tess-.d. 
lurU^- . ^rid for this ohjovt lie has ainpbj uo\v( t to 

‘What ia the pi'ice of this silk? in 
quircvl d deaf old lady of a young shop 

* •‘ffercji-SlijHing.’ was th'' rep!.'’- ^ 

' ‘Neveuteen shilling.s!’ exclaimed sne 

‘I II i^itc you thirtt’cn-’ _ 'j 

SeTiW ^*tHPirtgs, * ma’rm, is tho prict 
of (he .-silk,’ fy)lie:f the honest Ehopinan 
‘Oh! scA’th^^iiilUnjjSj’ rejoined the la- 
dv’, sh’jri ly; .r'nrg(vtAyou fivEl’ 


^ n-i5^ ra .'uan .fid Boy 17 yr-ars old for t!:c 

1 rysbu/'ye ir, goo i fonu ha&d». 

E :iq Hit J at thus 0.110-.*. . ;■'* y ^ 

Jail- 1C — 1— If. f * ' .'L 

1 a ti-ac thjp cr-’in on rw JohnWeSore jr. 

I V .a;ipc aCbt fore me tho Hud Esigned, 

Loimtyj;»d^...f(.i*Uo tou Owsley on the 

■ ^ it?i’,'w3’Jr .or-di.|ing the 

I tyring th(?f,rd Mpiiday in Ffl f-iarv 

laS.TyrfnaTsy pr. p. r cvidci''^ intro-lucod 

I '.-.rf'iru iiif nt u y lio;;s? iij tlivimvn df Boonville 
[flto it'.icky.^amlsulita'ataitj tf.eirtlsi'us against 
j.ii e estate of .lohn Mor;re j'ite- !eci]. according to 
'lany, -AKfiriPENNl-NGTON. 

Ii • j- , / ’ t’oifnty Jfidcdf'irOnslCy CO. Kv. 
f ^oonyille, J'an/ I'd, 18.3‘2. — l-td. 


•j/'vratcful to- li*s^ri"nds fur j^tv libari'l 
VX support wliitli ti'i y hav."'^?ii’ii3d him 
during the last six yc-.-irs, r.-spectfally informs 
them th.'^IW continue J the practice of .Alediciu.',' 
Surgery iSia trie % aiul hopes by uiir mit- 

I ^ In this pLice, on the 28 of 

fcofi'Uin^tTo'ft, 4 MiT*Tlj/lf:Sl‘'d'ir^B. in 

iM 37tn of' his afto? leaves a 

tlft voted Wite^^^dnd ftany fvieiMls to mourn 

Ilfs loss.* "-ft - .J . I 


(, • l^itJJYKIC.tTED.] 

At the rd-v^efice 'Vef. Fisiher. in 

Kirksvillc, Madison coiinty, 6 »i 4 lie 5 th 

inst.,jMAi»iHA S.tKA a, youngest child ol I XOF 

Death of the Posxij.Afjf eh. 
ci.NN ATI — We learn from 
papers that- Mkjl' W.M-f Omvj:n, Post- 
master at Ciuciimati, died. u» ’that city 
ou Sunday morning last, after an iHnes: 

of ftome Ten or twelfeata-vF. M**!- 

ver terve.l in Hie army unddr Geu. HiV 

ri.cOiHxvith great- di-stkocAion. and wm 
esteeme 1 as a worthy, honorable, 
uNoful ciiireii. — Ghv. 4 * Reporter. 

Fr ;3h Ba! imot j Oystets .- 'cr ivcii aIu'o:t daily 
and for .vale I y the C.nn or half Cau, or served 
up at any In)- r to suit the most fa.slidious taste, 
at -MK'IOW^VS- 

I-.'.xi'v-.TOv, Jr.«. I ft — 1-tm. 



Mk eziBtinHhat portion of the 'air coming | TO DO DUSi^ES.S WITil PROFIT.! 

wb K • • • 1ft • •* * ■ in immediate contact "wUh the surface Now-a-days, remarks the editor ol the 

of the ice, whether on the top or around Boston Reporter, it is indispensable t« 
ACCLIMATING A PLOUGH. the side of the mass, which will be re- advertise. Not to do it indicates a want 
The Other day we were riding past a to ® much lower temperature, say of true business habits and knowledge, 

large farm and were much gratified at a nearly thirty- two degrees, than that in The greater portion of the public a.s na- 
dkT e- of the owner fbr the preservation contact with the walls of the house, it turally resort to tMfe columns of the ud- 
■«f tojla A good plough, apparently surface., from its teceiv- vertising sheet to ascertain the many 

«ew in the Spring, had been left at the ‘“8 conduction through them, .so wants of lile, as they look to the evening 

•orner of the field, just where, four that it is often found to be as Wgh sky to see the stars. The udvertise.uent 

monthabfefore, the boy finished his stint, there as forty-sn degrees; this differ- is the universal sign, the directory, the ^ 
Probably the timber needed seasoning', ence of temperature causes circulation guide-post, ami only he who puts out l.isj 
—it was certainly getting it Perhaps to^take place; the lighter air ascending sign, has a right to expect the least no- , 
at waa an Eastern concern, and was left ttpward seeking for escape, and becomes tice. Whatever his expectations may. 
for acclimation. May -be the farmer left replaced ‘he colder and more be, there is little danger that he will, 

it there to save time, in the hurry of ^®‘gh‘.y- It follows therefore, that if ever achieve either dollars or mi 
the spring work, in dragging it from the this circulation could be interrupted, Take the merchant. Ihc wcU-iold! 
shed Perhaps he coveted the share to the inelting action on the ice w-Juld be advertisemc.H is bis very- vitality^. 11,- 

keep it from the elements, and save it greatly diminmhed and a state  )f quie- pan make no calculation for a good busi-i 

* . _ ... AAAivwArl 'Prise nranouwe Hrkia*nv_ ■lAe.j dris  va'r-kvltl ll k liriX’Sil 


We copy the following from the Na- 
tional Intelligencer, of ike 

I CC^ The New Orleans Picayune is 
re.sposible for the f dlowing: 

A LtrrKK of Tuf.m. — I t is'not many 
years .- ince u’simple-iniu led, un.sopliisti- 
caled young ni-an, horn and raised in an i 

A Mouel B JOKiiLLEO. — “Can’t you ^ the 

take a little less?” How often is this GREAT BRITISH QUARTERLIES 
(luestion asked^by the purchaser, when AND BLACR^VOODS MAGAZIN’iJ. 
told lh" price" of an article. People |- eNONAD SCOTT & CO., No- -54 Gdi! n;,, 
'CMii to suppose that a merchant is nut Naw cmitiHc* W puLlisu Ue f,;. 

■ . . . r Krit.Rli Penijdica S. Viz* 

Miai I cate. t young ni-an, oorii an i raised in an rejiii lu oujjijyos .. ...... — — - p^.ri,jdi .a!s, viz* 

M. Kossuth, accompanied hy his suite I interior di.stri-ct of Konfucky, yielded to in earnest when iiainiiig the price o  p}jg London (fuarter'y I’c-icii' (Cons »rvaUv#.) 
l vPRierflav Oil the President . to liis, “ m til ifosl i iiv” and look unto his wares. Jockeying in trade is now Kc- io-v.-^Wl.ig.) 

waited yesterday on the President, to his, “m tnifesl destiny” and look unto his wares, 
whom they were introduced by the Sec- “ co.nponionjor life-in other looked ttf 

•’ , ,1 words, he married. action, 

retary of State. We do not umUT.'taiul of liin''a legitimate r.;- in llu;ory 

that the reception w^« designed to be a m,i ( (ollowel; and oi.cdayai meridian, ers have 1 

looked upon as a matter of course trails- -piig North l.rdish f.c ieiv (Free ChorcL.) 
action. Few “oiif -priccd” shops exist q'he Wcslir.insler Re. ic.v Lileral ) 

in Ibi'orv less in practice. Shopkeep- Ulackv. ocd's.EdinUi r,d‘ Majjaxi e Tory.t 
ini.i'.ory , ic»o 11 I 1 'pijese Kci.riiits have now teen in s c esifji 

ers have had as much to do in bringing country for twenty yenr:;, j j 

about this slate ol thing.?, of asking tj,eir circa lati ni is corsla.itly on tl.e i i ro 
one price and taking another, as the pco- not viUisUnding the coinpetiiion t.'ty e ,,, 
pie themselves: in truth, many mark ter fr m American periodicals fa s.unl r ci: 

1 ■ 1 .,;ih ihi« fact and of nun er-aus ElecUcs and Jtlagctii, OS 

their goods with rolerence to . , p ggiec^jousfr ,m Lieigu ; enodicals. ’n,i» 

We have read an old anecdote ot an ejearly the high esiiiKntion ia wj.iii, 

old bookseller, whom we consider a they are held ly the intellige it reading pul lie, 
model in his wav. and therefore give it and affords a guarantee that thf:y tre ivsiaths 
for the henc/it of our readers: ed on a tirm basis, and w ill be continued wuLu.t 

One fine morning, many years ago,. ‘ .Although these work* arc ditfingiiisl.el },^ 
a mid.Ue-ageA man might have Lean political shades abo^c indicated,  et i.t„t » 
j^een in , busily engaged in prepa- smnll portion of tJieircoiite.its isdevoted v \q. 

very formal or official one, but M Kos-jjust us our liero bad returned from 
sutbread to the President a short ad- i 

his about 

of askiiii 

...... .. ..... . . - - ^ preparing I 

dress, of which we hare been lavored a coolino^opi.lication of water ioj 

with the following copy. hi.^ heated face un i liaiid.s, a pair of fe- j 

•“Enlightened bv the spirit of your ! ^‘f'nrs was .sad Icnly thrown around 

coimlrv:! institutions when wo succe - neck--uearly strangling him in rt.e 

from rusting. Or,- again, perhaps he is scence securea. ir is appears no- 
troubled with neighbors that borrow, «/• impossible.— JVorlh Br 

and left it where it would be conveni- 

ant to them. He might at least, have w.,,.., 

built a little ahed over it. Can any • 

one tell what « farmer leaves a plough Davidson, from whom we procurec 
out a whole season for? It is bnrely .Xustralian Wheat of which draw 
possible that ho was an Ijrishman and ere given in this number, writes us 
had planted it for a sprinc crop of , , . , i , 

plows * » * have raised from 5 giain.s65r 

averaging 13 heads to each grai 1 
Aftor we got to sleep that night, we 55 heads produce 9 ounces of   
dreamed a dream. We went into the wheat, averaging 97 grains to each head j without, as w 
man’s barn, boards were kicked off, par- — making in all 6305. This wheat 

greatly diminished and a state  )f quie- pan make no calculation for a good husi- ! j jq ; late our and his- j — w iho crackc I voice ol his oid 

scence secured. This appears, howev- ness before the world. He may have j s,.lC.govcrmcnt by | gr ui lmolher intonned him that l.e was 

er, to be impossible . — North Brilith goods; they may be cheap; bis store „.,o„ ”he broad^foundaiion ol lather.” A loud w-hoop.and various 

Jour. Uor. may be all that can be de.?ired, and yvt extrav igaut ca voriings and jumpseviii- 

— if iie fail to tell llie. luiblic wluit be | - . , , 1 , i,„,i ce 1 yo '.iig .vlanii.v’s joy at the r.nnouce- 

WHtTE:..;AusTEALiAS VV,iEAT.-Mr. has goi, w/ierr. lie has got it. and all lor indcpcndence’agaiusi anni-i 

Davidson, from whom we procured the rest ul the iiiterestuig parttculars, 1 hv c. iitralized ab.^oluiisin: j st iic d ih -ia— tli ..-c of his moihcr--and 

• V* wru 4* u* I J * * will idil to )iis kvi*'liC^. Hi.ssuC'i ^ 1 "1 1 1 • ii ' I bti  j iji i u woiiis, bov, 

.Xustralian Wheat ol which drawings la i m n ,ei ms w 1 ms. n Console I l.v v oar peoples s mpathy, , . ..T..:, i’- 

, ccsss w-ill he but i.ooraiid hmili dal the . „ ..irO.r.M.f.. I " " i" i‘ mins car. “Jwius! , 

erejgiven in this number, writes us: „,,on this ‘ J.V” ll of 1^ ^ 

“I have raised from 5 grains 65 heads very rock. It was well enough inoth-., o ^ 1^, do-.vii. twins!” “By 

averaging 13 heads to each grai these er time to disregard the new sj aj-er. — j ' ! golly, ilii; s coming it rather s.rong the 

65 heads produce 9 ounces of clean Perhaps people gi’t along about as wi-11: 1 rolecic.l in ext c tv le xom rnin  ni j j- turn:’” c\  l:iimed the father, be- 

■ , I ihe oiniiimi.s wools, “another hoy,” 

? whi-'peied in his ear. “Twins!” 

in.t r t rt net . h,,.! of creation, sud.len- 

l o! nature .sj ..,„bcriiig down. “Ve,-. twins!” “By 

igollv, iliii's coniliig it’rather s.rong the 
Govcrnineni ii,,. 


man’s barn, boards were kicked ou, par- — making in all 6305. 'I’his wheat does 
titions were half broken down, racks not grow taller than our common wheat, 

broken down, the floor a foot deep with ^ut the stalk is uncommonly stout, and that the methods of business haw 
manure, hay trampled under foot and with me has shown no appearance ol ged. - To advertise now is but to 
wasted, grain squandered. The wagon mgt. I like this wheat much, and up to this change. 

Aad not been hauled under the shed, have sent some to my son in Bedford In a wide and ' areful observati 
though it was raining. The harness was county, 'V’iTginia, for trial there.’—  jr««. 
scattered about — hames was in one place Farmer. 

hritchen in another — the lines were used . 

have past. Things are changed. Men 
are changed. And it is for lliis- reH.- o:i 
that the methods of business haw chau 

for halters. "Went to the house. A 
shad stood hard by, in which a family 
wagon was kept for wife and daughters 
to go to town in. The hens had appro- 
priated it for a roost, and however plain 
it was once, it was ornamented now, 
inside and out. (Here by the way, let 
it be remembered that hen dung is the 
best manure for melons, squashes, cu- 
enmbers, dec.) 1 peeped into the smoke 
house, but of all fixens that lever saw! 
A Chinese Museum is nothing to it. — 
Onions, soap, grease, squashes, hog’s 
gristles, old irons, kettles, a brokan 
spinning wheel, a churn, a grind stone, 

To Maks Good Vikeoar. — I nto a 
cask put ten gallons of rain water and 
one gallon of brandy — shake it well to- 
gether, and let them set in a warm dry 
place, and stir it occanionally. It will 
be fit for use in two 01 three months. 

‘SciEWTiric RARMiKc’ is til* asccf ta i II- 
ing of what substance the plants you 
want to raise are made, which of these 
substances are wanting in your luud and 
what manures will supply them. 

Work — Wobe! — I have seen and 

bacon bams, washing tubs, a barrel of heard of people who thought it beneatli 
salt, bones with the meat half cut off, them to^work — to employ the ms Ives 

vyith the l«wa ol nature aiiJ of nature .-=1 ,l.,-.v.i. “Ve,-. iwins!” “By 

Igollv, ill i;'s coiiiliig it’rathcr Siroiigthe 
rrolecU-a'in exile by the Govcrnm.-ul j t \  l:iimed the fullier, be.- 

of ilu! Uni led States tu ppor i i up, 1 he .S il - ; i-iMiii iig more iiud in or.: seriotis’uii 1 liang 
tan of Turkey in his noble re-olui ion t» j,|ir ,,ni, on liij cuunteiiance, signs of 
nil icrgolhe very -langer of ;i wir riiMier ulunn. 

liiati leave unproteote.l the rigliis ol h;i-j Her.- thedo-trof tl c in v perious i ham- 
in-.iiity ugaiiiot Ivu^so .\n.-jtriaii desposi - 1 tier again openel; a burly fern tie furui 
liuii- _ j r.ii-!ieJ out,; anot h-r pai r rf fat, red fe- 

Kes'.ored by tl.C United Slatr- t-  life arms was cxteilU-l; the xv bole 

In a wide and eareful ob^^-rvafiou of K-’s.ored by tl.c United Slatry to life 

business iiieii, we havv aiiuosi in\uridl)lv ro*-iorcJ U» rt i 

found that ihose do the must trade who to activity 111 behall of Iho e d.i-. 

give it the greatest puhl^ciiy. This i:; 1 li-’s which, hy my nanons uii.iiiimous 
Ihe most uutural cons* jaeiice in thu | 

world. If a in:in has aiiyibing to sell, upon me: i 

exhibit, attract, do.— he can. of cour-e. I Rai.sei in the eyes of many oppre.s.sed 
accomplish it best by letting the public nalioii.s to the sl;in ling ol a latbiiiger ol 
know his objects. No man has a right hope, be. ausc the star span’le.l baiiiict 
to find fault if the world iieglccls him. ".is seen casiaronnd iii amiouncing to 
when he. neglect it; and that man who world that there is a nation, alike] 
expects the world will run utter, find. !'"werlHl as free, rctdy to protect thei 
and overturn his basket to look at bis l^wsol iia toms, even in distant pansol 
light, will not live to a great age before j the earth and 111 (he person olapoorj 
he will "find himself to be the victim of f v lc: 

agross and lidirronsuiisiake. ' Clieerelby your people’s svinpathv 

We could tako the directory of our o as Ir.-eim-n ehctr not a luaii whatev cr. 
metchants, and business men genierallv , ' •* I'rineiple; 

and mark hundreds who date ilu ii up ‘ 1 '»"w bow before you, sir. in the pro-i-i 

ward tu A in fortune to itie il.iy th*-\ position ol great nutiiMi giie.-i. 
commenced advertising on a liberal w, Iconic I by resolntio.f ol 

mil- arms was cxtenlet; tlie xx Hole 
mighty ma s of fic.-ii came, rolling to- 
xvar-U tfie “head of t!ie. family.” He 

looking over the books, etc. After speii- mpgierlyg lidance nf Cfristopl cr Ncrt* , 1 , a,„. 
ding half an hour in this manner, he laii s its ancientce’.ebrity, ai.vd is at tliis tiiat .n. 
fiiiKiiv- .-^elected one, anJ asked the boy csnally attracti e, from the .yerial vcrkscfi; ;. 
, '. wer and other liter. ry iiota I Ic-s, V. Titten f rt.j; (irice. ^ Magizinc, nltd i rst appearing in its col .11 j 

“Oil*; dollar,’ was tiic answer. ^ l,oth i/i (ircalliritain and ui the ri»itedSta:«^ 

“One dollar,” said ihdilounger; “can’t Such wer is .-s “Ti e Cav.loits’' and “iM  .No, 
vou take le.-.s than that?” N  x-el,” ' oth f.y B^lwcr; "iUy I’e .is. nr 

..N- I „i . I, 11 . . 4 . i.riee ” Vcd’.l,’’ “T) cnrcetnland,” and other era s, 

1 o, in ^ . *./ , 1 of xvliieh niin.cfx s fivnl editioi s are i;..s c; , 

Another half hoiir^had nearly passed, p ihlisVe/s in tfiiScotnitf., haie . . e 

xvhen tli'- stranger inquired — repriiited t y t a-se publishers from the putts / 

“1.x M'. at hoine'f” lilackwo d, after it had i tea issued hv • f, r„ 

“Ve.s, lie is in tke printing office.” • SeoltA Co , so tiiat s-ihseril-ers tj the l.e,i t 
, ’ . 1 • • I .1 of that  Ta?azirc may always roly upon ;iv;;,r 

“1 want to see him. said the loun- t'^earliestrcadiugof these fascinating 

The shop boy immediately iiiforinod p,, of the tkfe.Eovm.v4 ij 

Irt'V U.icl;, d^iubt a:» I f*’ar"p?ii(i*F»l on hi^ i a geiitleiuan was in the stoie i 

t‘«‘.ttuYr.. Tlic. h.inmn avalrtuche — it waiting to tee uim. Mr. was 

XV ,1s iluil axvlai pefson-’^'.e, tiu- nurse — soon behind the counter, xvhen the loun- 
eoriiertJ our hrrti, d-’.-pile his ih-Ajicrate ( g*^t, xvilh book iu.liaiid, addressed him 

soon behind the counter, xvhen the loun- 

. tr risioLCt fr.e, an I folding him in a 
hear lii.c ling, i ri' d out in an exultant 
tone; •• A not her hoy I” 

“Anotlierl” exclai incd the Kenltiok- 
inn, his^cyes Etariingout of their sock- 
ets, Ills lower jaw dtoopiag, and the 
..r.q-s of perspiralioo rolling iloxvn hi-^- file--; “Anoiluir! By golly, tliar’Ii 


“Mr. , XV hat is the loxvest you 

can lake for this book?” 

“One dollar and a quarter,” was the 

j “One dollar and a quarter! xvby, your 
l youii" mail a.'ked only a dollar.” 

I “ Irue, sir,” said Mr. , “and 1 

xvlioh; litter 

Good bve, could have better afforded to have ta- 

aalt, bones with the meat half cut ofl, mem to'worE— to employ tnem* ives commenced advertising on a liberal w, iconic 1 ny rcsoniiio.* 01 

actapsof leather, dirty begs, a chest o( industriously in some useful labor. Be- scale. There are inillioiisol dollats to- ; ‘he Congrr.xs of the United States, xxith 
Indian meal, old boots, smoked sausages, neath them to work! Why work is the jay nmong us tiiai can be as directly and ! pqual gcm-rosiiy approved uii.l executed 

the ashes and brands that remained since great mottoof life, and he xvho accorn- certainly traced to this system of buoi- 
^he*last “smoke,” stumps of brooms; plishesthe-imost^bT* hie industry^ is the ne??, as the man can be traced bai k to 

half a barrel of rotten apples, together, most truly great man. Aye, and is the to infant AVc iiave been 

with rats, bacon bugs, crawlings, saw moat distinguished man among his fel- told, times without number, iba i n mer- 

bugs, and other vermin which collect lows, too. And the man who so far chant can count upon a hundred cti.s 

in damp dirt. ^Ve started for the forgets his duty to himjetf, his fellow toniers with an ailvertisemeiil in a good 

daynraong us that can be as directly nnd!'’qual gcu- rosiiy approved uii.l executed 
certainly traced to this system of buoi-jhy your ExecUt-ncy. 

neso, as the man can be traced back to | ^ heg leave to cxj'ress my fervent 

the boy to the infant Wc iiave been 1 ‘hanks; in my name an I in the n.nne of 
tulvl, times without number, that n mer- my associates, xvbo, after haxing sb.ired 

iiiy misfurliiiie.s, have iioxv the reword to 
share the honor iin:l the bcii*fit which 
the great Krpub'icaii of the I’liiicil 

bouse; the window near the door had creatures, and his God — who so far for- 

iwelve lights — two of wood, two of gets the great blessing of l.fe, as to al- 

hata, four of paper, one of a bunch of low his enegies to stagante inactivity »«fe to say that this proportion 

rage, one of a pillow, and the rest of and uselessness, had better die; for, says good most every where. So f. 

glaas. Under it stood several cooking the Holy Writ. “He that will not work fiave seen and experienced, tb 

pots, and several that were not cooking, neither shall he eat.” An idler is a cum- figj rather go half a mile to the 

Aa we were meditatiug whether to en- berer^of the ground, a weariness and 

tdr, such a squall arose from a quarrel- curse to himself and all around him. 
ling man and woman, that we awoke — ■ ■ ■ ■ — . - 

audio! it was a dream. ^So that the Home. — A home! it is the bright, blcs- 

uam who left bis plow out all the ? sa- .xe.l, adorable phantom xvhic'n Eite high 

son, may live in the neatest house in cst on tho suuny hcrirou (ha.t girtlcih 

tka cotustry, for all weknoxv, only, xras life’ TTUea. eUa’l -t m "Wlicu 

tt not .trange that we should have vltcera- sha'.'. -It be c. glittering day uicaia, and bc- 

ed aji this irem justsoeinga plcw Icit tu cente taiily yciizo'^ | 

paper, where another who doc-s noi ad- 

vertise can count upon one. And it isi-’iils'C' wos ple.isod to bestow iipr n Hun- 
safe to say that this proportion will liol I j gary by I omoxx ing it upon it.s Irc-ly cho- 
guod most every where. So far us \ve.'*’o chief, xx-hen he fermne.a persecuted 
have seen and experienced, the public | of de.-polic tiolence, 
had rather go half a mile to the man who | I g leave to czpre-s iny fervent 

handsomely uddres.-es them XX iih ail ud-i ‘hanks, in iny c.uiitry s name also. 

X er t iseineat , than to step to lltcir next "hicli, uini lsl the s  rroxvs of its d - oia- 

folks. I'liisoff" from this place, sure!” 

.-Vifd^at lh - xvur-d he sprang over the 
piaz/.a railing. hal!e-s, i-oalless, diniier- 
h*.-..', and nil v\ u'-h‘*.l , and the next ino- 
iiic.-it xviis . .tcii’ going 'ilicough the corn- 
tieldnt^a “quar:er heat” jiace, his loii;t 
yellow hai r sUeu ining in the wind, eve- 
ry inievle an I nerve evidently |sirain ‘d 
to the uiniOi:t to put- “Inek.-i” l e.vxe:n 
him mid l.i.s new ciiemie.t. ’Fhe .-e.'n 
of hiyii^CgWas hounvli:ig into the xvoo !.», 
li'»e a young vlei-r, xviih the hounds close 
ji his heels. 

It in a fact — a’fixed one, too — that the 
line:* b“}FpiHxc grO'.»n^up to m:4ii!i  od. 
'aiil.xre ( oiiiforiahly settle 1 in life; bii! 
they n-.-verh.ixe sven or heard, since, ot 
the iniiij who*raufa\vay 'from a litter of 
ha hies. 

ken a dollar then, than to have been ta- 
ken out of the office.” The posixgejon these periodicals h-:s ly Uu 

Ti 1 .V -.0,1 nnrl Htc 1 iw bcc:i red -ced, on ti.o avera^^c, s Ult 

The lounger seemed surprised, and The following are ue ; r-,st.i 

wishing to end the jiarley ol his own jjigs, xjg; 

making, said — Ai.y distance nntexceeding 500 miles, 5 ce i-.i 

“Come, now, Mr. , toll me the p.rqn.irter over 600 and not exceodiiip ;,5"0 

very voa can take for it?” irdies, 18 conts.i«qusr.CT; oxer 1,50' a d uit 

1 u 1,0 exceeding 2,-500 miles. V4 cents perq nor  r. 

-Oiie dollar and a hall. ^ ^ Review. .\ ny distance not c^(eed^^ 

“Why, you just offered it yourself for 500 miles, 4 ce-its per q- nr^cr; over la: 
a dollar and a quarter.” exccolinc 1,500 n i -as, K'co’its.jier q r cr; 0 sr 

“True, and 1 had better that 1.500 and not exceeding ‘2, .500 miles, i-". «e -.i 
• „ .1 j,ii I 1, i:cr n i.-irler. ^ At t ese r.-ilc.s, no o! jcvtion 

pritc ti.ea than a dollar and a hall * 1 j 1 „ . 

* ,, should l e ;n dc as t.cretotore, to tccci i;f.'t:o 

'•'-’'y- _ _ vv-nr!vs hv mail, and thus insuring t.hcir s;ced)r, 

T!io lounger paid down the price for gafe, ard regular delivery. 

For any three - - • • - 1 

For all four uf the Rev iew • - - - S 

For Blackwood 4 Vag.azino - - - J 

For Blackwood and three he vic-x s - . j 

For 'tlack wood niid'ti.o f -nr Reviews - ji  

For Fantiet'sOiiide, complete, 22 numlets 5 
Payuieiils tobe imideiii all cases in ai vin-:* 
Cl biitj. — A; di80Xira»tof25 i ef,cOnt. fr . ;,i)o 
aliovc t rices will be olio-.' ed to cluls   rcu:"-.; 
f II r or mere copies jof any. one or more of i_-j 
above works. Thus: four cojiios of Bf   kwo  1 
croneRevio-v will" be so;iUt) one addreft L: 
$9, fo’ir copies of the foar ifeviews and biutr- 
wood for $30, and so on. 


cna xo: ix w«  ■ uieein. iiiav ixic IIoME.— A home! i t ill the bright, blcs- mo'ise. I (jvilt, ii.'i 17 , 44 IKI luuiva «ii 4 i IC.-.U 11 I • iwii I, PI asn 9 WtTR‘J I’ricssnilz, wn learn, bv 

m»m who left bis plow out all the ?sa- .x»d, adorable phantom xvhicii cite high It wculd be the cneiJvt conceivable] ‘he iinpoudiiig future, because it iscon { ^ I 

son, may live in the neatest house in cst on tho suuny hcrirou '(ha.t girtlcih matte* to go into on estimate -to sliow ' hdent that the time diaxvs near when the j ' • 

til* coiMatry, for ail we know, only, xras life’ TTUea. eUall i.t be x._&ehAd'  Vl»cu that every .iolUr judiciously investel in i ‘^‘vrnul code of the law of nations will be- -a ' c bun from 

tt not atrann that we should heve vlicera- sha'.'. 'It be c ^U'.tcricg  iay uiciUB, aodbe- edvertising, returns a large per i-oiilagc. come a reality. | the universal doom. A It .Icr say.s: 

odaillhiafrewjuEtEOeingi plcw Icit m ccnie laiily ycuro'? We do not,’hoxvcver, think irat all cal- Prosident: I stand before your Eacol- For the last y.-:,x. Pricsnniiz bad felt 

tfco fortow?— ^/ifdiana Farmer. It is not tke house, though that rsay led for. Those who have ever looked at lonry a living proie.siatiiMi again.- 1 ilie himself grnduhily tiiiUing, uni this xviu- 

-X " • ~ iiave its c’aancs; nor the bclvic, carefully this matter in the right light are fully a- violence oMoreign iiiterlereiice oppre ;- fr, f.r ilie fir.?; time during a long peri- 

I«E HotrtB MaWaoemEITT.— T htE' is a ti-ied, and 6t:--akcd w.tb you: owa foot- ware of the facts; a ud the greatest mar- s'"6 ‘he sovereign riglil of nations tii o.i of juactical life, be Liuiid hi:nsell 

Baattanbf no small importance, yet how pavba; ncr the trees, though tbcii shad- velof the time is, man in business xvho regulate iheir oxv n domestic coineriis. obliged to limit his visits to the imnie- 

oftendo-we se£ it treated not only w:th ow be toyoulihea great rock in a weary does not take advantage of so evident I stand before your Excellency a liv- vi -iniiy of his residence at Gi.'ifcn- 

indiffiaxence but upon the -very worst land; nor yet is it the fireside, with its means to increase his wealth and repuiu-  “g protestation against cciitruli*ntion berg. Wiibin a menib befor; hi.s do- 
ptinciples possible to ensure its preser- swceiblaze-play; nor the pictures, which tion. oppressing the State right of self gov- ho blioxvcd bymptoins of general 

ration not one ice house in fifty is con- tell jof loved ones; nor the cherished Reader, the way to do business with emmeiit. Ir0pt.ic.1l complaint. He treated him 

atructed upon correct principles— not books; butmorofar than all. these it is profit, io to advertise. May I be allowed to take it for an su- -ii xviili the uim ist clexriie.-js of mind, 

one in the same number is managed coi- the rm tony csl Tho Loves of yout con- "VTe would beg to remind iho?e who ! «t liettcr times, that, in landing on ' t,nt cnterlainci liitle hope of liLs evon- 
rectly. When We consider that damp fidence here; the end of ybut worldly have a disposition to try the cxpcrimf^ii | ‘}*® happy shores of tliis glorious K .-(uili- tnral recviver/. Ha sai l he. .^Imuld not 
and beat are the two great agents of thaw- faith is there, and adorning it all, and of the effect advertising would hare onjl‘‘’»l landed in a free ana poxvcrfuleoun- live to see ilie spring return. Ui»ioul- 
ing, it should be our endeavor to counter- sending yeux bvood in passionate hows, their business, much, very mucli, de-j‘^y  whose hoiioie.l Chief Magi.strate moHi th- very Id.u day of his life he con- 
act these by ovciy maans in our power, -s the ccatacy of the conviction that pends on the medium they select ihrmigh proclaims to the xvorld tha| this couuiry anu-*d 10 i-i vc !ii.  advice to those xvho 

To effect this, ventillation must be had rHEB*,^at least, yon axe Mlovod; that which to communicate with the public, uannor remain indifferent when the sought him. Poor Pries.? liiz, hi:, he i.i 

I^ourse to, and non-conducting matcri- thefte you are understood; that there It is an universally acknowledge fact, •'-‘trong arm of a foreign Poxver is invoke I u-es ) crf • ctly clear to ihc, but he 

alaemployed in the erection. Of inaie- your errors will meet with even tender that in Louisville, Ike Daily Couimf-b i®, ‘o stifte public sentiment an.l repress i„oJ;cd like a sliaduw, and xviihoutu 

rials, we may observe, that stone is of all forgiveness; that^heic your troubles above all others, the paper in which io ‘he epirit of freedom in any country. smile .my louf^er ou ii'i.? fnca. 
others the worst; timber and brick are will be smiled away; that there yv u may advertise! It is taken and read by all I iliunk God that lie ile.emed ino not The day hclorc his death, after takinu 

the best; The usual practice of sinking unburden your soul, fiaarleas of harsh, classes, and its circulation is more iliau j “'‘''"wthy ‘o uck and to suffer for my tlic “cute” (ns tlie curative pmetss is 

ice houses to a great depth under the 0ur- UnsympatUsing ot^ts; end that there three times that of any other daily in the iailierland. licre calledj.j he was seen sawing xvood 

face is bad; indeed, it has only one re- you toay befentirefly and joyfully— your- city. Notwithstanding our very large i thunk god that the fate of my coiin- for exercise, ia a warm room, ami xerv 

deeming property, which is the conveni- self. circulation, and the fact that an adxer- ‘G’ became so intimately connected xvitli ^v,,rinly clad. Tims it i.? evident the ex 

ence of filling from the top. Ita dis- — « . . . ■ ■ — tisemont in the Courier is worth more ‘he fate of liberty and indepentlence of iraurdinary xvill. ;,n-l moml courage, up- 

advantages are, the difficulty of admit- How'txi Coke a Cold.— A s the season ‘ban three times as much as in any otlier nations of Europe as formerly it was in-' h -Id by fu’i h in llic hydrapathi.-'’ cur.e 
tiag sufficient ventilUation to correct is upon us during which tliere is much Louisville paper, because it meets the Hmately connected tviili the security of xvhirh he It-ul shoxvn xxiih regard tooth- 

xeriisemrat, than to step to their next ; "bich, ami lal the sorroxvs of it? d -:-tiia- D.-.atii or PiMFS-xMTz.— The gre.-it .m- ! 
door neighbor who isas silent as a church lions, feels cheered ¥,• your rounir)^* ' thor of the water euro for human disease, 
mo-ise. geacro.-ity, and looks xviili re.soliitioii to j ,1,^ B*.,ii»wTTad Pricssnilz, xve learn, bv 

It w.'uLl he the rAFMint conceivable the iinpouiliiig future, because 11 iscon . . , , 

fident that the time diaxvs near xvhrii the j 

! the last foreign arivire.?. 

«d ajl this from just soeingi plow Icit m ccnie laiily ycuro’? We do not. hoxvcvcr, think irat all cul- 

furrow? — -Indiana Farmer. jt is not tke house, though that rsay led for. Those who have ever looked at 

-X " ■ ” ■ iiave its c’narms; nor *vhc fields, carefully this matter in the right light are fully u- 

I«E HotrtE MaWaoemeitt.— T htE' is a tilled, and etr-woked you: own foot- ware of the facts; a ud Ilu- greatest mar- 
Baattanbf no small importance, yet how patha; ncr the troeo, though tbcii shad- vclof the time is, man in business xvho 
often do-we se£ it treated not only w:ih ow be io you like a grout rock in a weary does not take advantage of so evident 
indifference but uj on the -very worst land; nor yet is it the fireside, with its means to increase his wealth and reputu- 1 

ihc universal doom. A Ic.lcr say.s: 

For the last y*-:ir. Pricssniiz liad felt 
liiinscif griiduhily tiiiUiiig, tin l this xvin- 
t ‘r, fi r ilie fir.?; time during a long peri- 
od of jiraetiial life, be f'lund hi:nsell 
obliged to limit bis visits to the imnie- 
dialc vi'-iriiiy of his residenee at Gr.'ifcn- 
berg. M'iibin a nir-nib befor; hi.s de- ho sliuxved bvmptoins of general 

t;iral recovery. Hj sai.l be. slmuld not 
live to h.-e liie spring return. Uji to ul- 
ifiosi tiie very (fiy of bis life liecon- 
;inu-*d 10 I'i ve !ii.i advice to tii'ise xvho 
I him. Poor Pries.? li iz, hi:, he id 

xvii.iout u 

I ers all Jil.? life, xvas strong in him to the 

the buoU. and went about his business, if Remitta ires a id commiinicitior.s s'i5'.lllis 
|he bad any. Ho had learned a lesson, 

I xx4ii.n he di.l not soon forget. — L. s. & Co., b ive receiitlr cf 

Tliv iiatne of the book.--elle.r was Ben- and »mve no-.v for sale, ti e Farmer • (o.i’.c. t 
jumin Fiuiiklin. — Am. Union. He- ry Ste;il e s, of J'di'ibi.r,;li, and Fr fexs. r 

Nort in, of Yale College, Xo.v II va 1, comi'.e;-; 

Tnr G;:r.AT OnjECT OF Life.— T ho intwo xol.unes, tjyal ocUvo, c.oiuai i'q: 1, -0 
. ... . P^res, 14 .steel and COO wra d cngra in;.s.— 

true culi.vation Ufa human being con- in n.usliu binding, S5; in p i] er c '.ers. 

.-ists in the devclopemeut of great moral for the mail, $5. Jiti.13. 

ideas; that i?, the ideas of good, of duty. 

of right, of justice.of love, of self-sacri- THE WOR LD AS I T PASSES. 

tice; of moral pcrfeclioit as manifested x. xx-it t io c 

in Christ, of happiness and iiiimortulity, j/qME JOURNAL FOR 1652. 
ol heaven. Ihe elements or germs ot 

.be.?e ideas, belong to everv soul, con- _ TT , , 

° , .' I , r The Home JoiiTual has now t cc.- me xrnl XT- 

sntute Its nee, and are intended for There arefev familicsof cultivatcdl.ab 

endless expan 'ion. These are the cliiel its — fe.v of tti- se who seek to t-iiiiwn .'url 
distiiictionsuf our nature; they consti- make home the most intelligent and attract:* 

iutc our humanity. To unfold these, is pla'^'* receive it. It i.s r.'ad 

, , 1 r 1 • 'I'l 1- u, XX e believe, XX here. cr run tl.c go id tltoaosoi 

the great work of oiir being. Die light a^^.estic happiness and irnc lu. ral rof.i.e.i c 
Ill which tliese. ideas rise in the mind, whicli .ore woven s » thickly into t e stro: ter 
the love which they awaken, and the .xnd coarser xveb of our country’s indn.siry ai.d of the will xviih xvliich they are energetic pr isi crity. Ti.e Ilome Jour.ial ;s 
bro i-hl to sxvav the outward and in- ‘he spc.ikcr to tU- Imar'.s of this 1 usv caii^^^ 
, • , , , in t'lc h iirs pive.i to ^ai)| Int'.ss and relaxation. 

XX urd litx'. .lerx-.aiiil here only , are tin* Our increased .sul srrption enablc.s usto ci.m- 
i:i'’;i';ur** of iuimaii cultivaiiun. 'These n and both iii. re material a d ^incirc r.ssisiaiice 
view? .shiixv us, that tlie highest culture th.-in x*. e liaxe i.eretof re used uji ni the i*aj c. 
is within the reach of the -poor. It is Wcaro'nowahletiiran.-rersm.coft emera.y 
, , „ . , , , , lah nuus xiC.jar.n ents to other lauds. 1 ;r 

not know!e,lg. poured on us Itom abroa I 1 „sm"c«rty out a very c!.cris!.ed dc.x;y t 

but the development ol tlie elciuentary | ,,f our own — one ' f xxhieh x. e lave long see 1 
principles of the soul itself, wlib-h con- | t!;e value, butwl ich xx e have deferred, sin pi’ 
slit ;ite the true growth of a huiiin n being, and only from lutbaxing ti.c lime and lab rti 
1' I 1 1 r 1 i do in.sticc to it. We novx announce it, h -\ 

( ndouh .-diy kiioxv ledge freun abroad er. and •- ill e:.deaxour in some measure todus- 
esseiitiul to the awakening of llte.-e. priii- pjii.e it under thebeadcf A NEWFE.-IT; l,i:. 
cip’.e.t. Rnttiiiit, xvhi  h condm-c- most E'tr.-one kn-ix.s hoxv a tea-table or c e- 
10 tills end. i? offered alike to rich and ning circle is, by the c .ming in rf an 
to poor. .Socictv and e.x) crlcuce, na- i'deiligcnt n.a-n wh , knox-.s all tl e ne v ide« 
‘ I , .nfloat, andtclts t:.c n, 1 neflv, caylx-, and  11- 

.uicanurevelat.on.ourcin.i moral and , ■„ 1 .e xv ay of ordinBry conv arsation.- 

religious leacliero, and the great quick- Sup.b a ) ers  n gives y.m tiic substance   f ail 
'■iicro of the s Mil, d j lioi open their ibc d.nily papers, iu t!.ree x-i four sentences— 
.sell 00 Is to a fe vx' fa v or i t»*s. do not initiate 1 1 ells you the | lan and moral of a new book in * 

to poor. iSocicty and c.xpcrlciice, na- 
: uic arid revela t Ion, onr oiiifi moral and 
religious leacliero, and the great qiiick- 
'■iicro of the s Mil, d j Hot open their 
.sciioolstoa few fa vori t»‘s, do not initiate 

tiag sufficient vSOtiUUtion to correct is upon us during which tliere is much Louisville paper, because it meets the timately connected tviili the security of which he It-rd shown xviih regard to oth- ' ncro of the s.jul, d j Hot open their ibcdailypapcrs,iut!.reexifoursentenccs- 

ihe dampness, which, build them as we sufferinc from colds, the following eyes of more than three times as many UhriBlendoin. er? all Jil.? life, was strong in him to the •■^ciiools to a few fa vorites, do not initiate tells you the | lan and moral of a new Look i'l » 

saay, is sure to exist in underground means of cure may not prove unaccepu- people, yet our terms are exceedingly rea- I ‘hank God that my country’s unmer- idst. On the day of his death, the 28:h a smullpaste into iLeir myst.-rics, hut jVe core r,f 

houses; the conduction of heat from the tie. We submit it to our readers, with son»hie- For the small Bum of thirty i‘ca woe and my personal Eullerings be- of Novemoor, his lx mptoms became ag- ‘‘c^ ordained by all, tu be lights and bles- cb.-imctcr. He Si-iril   f an article in areviev, 

surrounding soil, and the difficulty of the remark that it is simple, costs noth- dollars per year an advertLser is permit- catne an Opportunity to seek a manifes- 1 gravated; he grow xwaker and weak-jr. ^sing-s to all. the noxeltv in fashi n, tbe last firu in poliai-i 

effecting sufficient drainage; these very ing, and therefore may be tested with ‘ed to occupy one square of twelveliues, ‘atioii of the spirit and priuciFles of ^ p,^.c i„ (he ai tt-rnnon. he lai 1 1 — all 1 ri. ff y,7?ffd nU wjthi utdelail cr fl:iiun try 

^ effecting sufficient drainage; these very jng, and therefore may be tested with 
far overbalance the advanUge, thus of- impunity- , 

taajority of ice ..Qf all other means of curing colds, 

""7 fasting is the mostefleclual. lit tvho- 

i Lt L nothing for two-days, 

atmospnere? im not from the heat „ _ j ^.-n u - 1 j 1 

conducted through thei# walls from the T ^ I 

-surrounding soil? . Earth is a m.rch bet- ° r"®’ k ^ r* n' 

per year an advertLser IS permit- x.aiiic an iipporiuuiiy to bcck a maniies- j gravated; he grow weaker and weak 3r. I ‘o all. tbe noxeltv in fashi n, tie last firu in poliai-i 

ccupy one square of twelveliues, ‘atioii of the spirit and principles of ,-ind, almu i ii ve in (he aiternoon. he lai I — all 1 ri. ffy,.7?fid nil wjthi utdelail cr fl:nuii try 

hange itevery week if he so de- your Rejniblic. himvejf on his bed, xvitho rt nrix- a?si?- Weiouts and MKASunEs.-— The fol- --lex inp itxxdlh y,,u, as maU-rialf ryour^v 

A..N.»- Ye.,i..l,„eu. l Uy 0^1 „„.l, i„ one .f,e,n ,„a, l,e lo.vh,- uble ot U.e, of ..ounds ot 

and to change itevery week if he so de-  "oor Republic. liimveif on his bed, xvitho rt nnx- a?si.?- 

sires. Asa New Year isaboutcomraen- May God the Almighty bless you xvitb tance, and, in one minute afterward he 
cing, we commend these facts to the con- “ ‘ong life, that you may long enjoy the j breathe 1 hi.? last. He xva? only 52. ' In 
sideration of merchants, mauiifaclurcrs see your country great, glo- 1 ^.^rly life h-* received .serious injur-/ in 

and ail others interested . — Daily Cour.  "‘oas, and free, the corner-stone ol in- Hie dies- from'’aii acci.lent and he ii.-sod 

ternational justice, and lh« column of to say him.-ielf that hi.? constiUition wa^ 

The first time that Mr. Webster’s eyes freedom on the earth, as it is already an bad; that nothing but his own mode of 

..4.4w,...,444.g ov,,,; r- 4DAmi x,u uci- in® no- carbon into the svKtem hv food •• o ..^4.. nati; mat noifling uut tiis oxvn mode o 

ter conductu»-*ttf heat than, air, or, in ^'consuming the which cal' upon the Ooustitution of the United “sylum to the oppressed. ) Hfe und hi.s own “cure” xvonld have .sus 

ether words, it co nun un kales its he»t »„j States, of which he is now universally hir, I pledge to your country the ev- i t^i,icd hi.n. 

other words, it communkates its he»t . j A,- a- ® States, of which he is now universally Sir, I pledge to your country the ev-i tained hi.n 

. io other bodios coming in contact with I"'® br^thmg. he soon acknowledged to be the chief expounder erlasting gratirude of Hungary: j is no 

it much quicker than that element.— removing the defender, it xvas printed upon cot- The Fresident replied brielly to M.lmade lo ca 

Hence the ncceasity of ulacinabetween *ri ton pocket-handkerchief, according tou K.o ssutli’s address, in substance, as foi- j GrafcrherT 

the earth and the iL so^e sloter con- f®®hion of the time, which he chan "ed to lows. at tt . n m 

ductor of heat, and the slowest conduc- 
tors we have applicable to -the case are 
timber or air; both also resist damp- 
While stones do not, and, beside?, it it 
a rapid eondactor of heat. Water is 
also a rapid fondue tor of heat, antj, in, 
stances have; bean known, v/here rain 
water has percolated the roof of an ice' 
house, that the temperature has been 
raised to sixty degrees. Hence the rie- 

to protracted fasting. By the time a stumble upon in a country-store, and lam happy. Governor Kos.sntli, to 
person has fasted one day and night, he j-q, which he paid, out of his own pock- welcome you to this land of freedom; 

will experience a freedom from pain, «(. all the money he had—tw-euty-five and it gix'cs me pleasure to coiigratu-j 

and a c carness of mind, in delightful ceuts; and the evening of the day on late you upon your release from a lone 

contras wit t lat mental stupor and xvhich He thus obtained a copy was conlineinent in Turkey, and your sale 

physical pain caused by colds. 

Yvholly devoted to its close and atten- arrival here. As an individual, I syin- method ' 
At _ t»i 4V1** St *l:_.ii i •.! • » I * 

It is not knoxvn xvhat att-jmpts xvill be 
made to carry on the establishment  xt 
Grafcnberg, xvliich was in full activity 
at the mom-Mit of I’ricssiiitz’? death. The 
most probable conjocture i?, tiiat Priess- 
nitz's daughter and her luisband 
(a Hungarian gentleman of property) 
xvill carrj'^it on, with the aid of some 
])hysiciati who Has studied I’riessiiitz’s 

stances hav^ bean known, v/here rain ‘“Hnikly better is this method of live perusal, while seated before a bla- pathized deeply with you in your bra\-e j it ic „„t e7»eiu- nra,^ + 
water has percolated the roof of an ice' ® Hy medicine! zing fire, and by the side of his father struggle for the independence and free- j of 

house, that the temperature has been n ^ and mother. JA^hat dreamer " on that tlom of your native land. The Aineri- be uearlv T!lVu) OOtL ** 

raised to sixty degrees. Hence the rie- Courage. Have the courage (o tell a night, in the wildest flights of his ima- can people can never be indifferent to : ! 

oesslty of keeping such houses perfect- '"“y you will not lend him your gination, could have seen the result of such a contest, but our policy as a na- Sir "IValter Scott’s Last Effort. 

If top bat also through- be will respect you more then that incident, or marked out the future tion in this respect has been uniform, ! At an adx-anceJ period of life. Sir Wal- 

•at, by efficient drainage of the melt- “ cant. Have the career of that New Hampshire boy? from the commencement of our Gov- j ter Scott, struck xvith misfortune, enter- 
ed ice^ a«d by VBjitiUation to correct to WMr .your old garments till When Mr, Webster was about seven ernment; and ray own views, as the i ed into an engagement to liquidate bv 

Ike daapaess in the atmosphere and P^y for new ones. Hava the years old his father kept a house of pub- Chief Executive Magistrate of this na- j hisTiterar / exertions, a debi ofoiiehun- 

If ^*y» not^aly «t top bat also through- 
Hy efficient drainage of the melt- 
•d ire  aad by ventillation to correct 
-Ike daapaess in the atmosphere and 
walls. Indeed, the Walls of an ice 
house, to be in a proper condition, 
ehoulff be as dry as those of a dwelling. 
Ventillation, if properly, applied, will 
’in most cases effect this, and should it 
net, the introduction of a few bushek 
of unslacked lime, occasionally placing, 
!♦ in boxes over the ice, will complete- i 
tb® walls without elevating the j 

interest to our readers; 

Of wheat, sixty pouni’s. 

Of ehclled corn, lifty-six pound.?. 

Of corn on the cob, seventy pounds. 
Of rye, fifty-six pounds. 

Of oat.s, ihirty-pix pounds. 

Of barley, forty-six pounds. 

Of potaloc.?, sixty pounds. 

Of t eans, sixty pounds. 

Of bran, twenty pounds. 

I Of clover seed, sixty pounds. 

I , Of timothy seed, forty-five pounds. 
Of flax seed, forty-five pounds. 

Of hemp seed, forty-four pounds. 

Of bnckwhea,t, fifty-two pounds. 

Of bluegrass seed, fourteen pounds. 
Of castor beaus, forty-six pounds. 

Of dried peaches, thirty-three pounds. 
Of dried apples, twenty-four pounds. 
Of onions, fifty-seven pounds. 

Of salt, fifty pounds. — Merchant’s 

A counterfeit bank note has made its 
appearance in this city, xvliich is likely 

courage 'o make a wm;nd wLt is UrZt.*- T T “.r . T Z ‘ve Magistrate ol tins na- hisTiterar./ exertions, a deb- of one hun- A counterfeit bank note has made its 

g^',v-t=d n’u««i;r ho.r‘':'s iz L°e\hrir,“xr :: *rr.o cS r i ‘r t 

Soon had bu. Nonh«„ Bank fr Seutucky: Branch.. 

wm wans wttnout elevating the Kirr*”*'-' inueeu, ii was customary  or tneteam- couia enjoy, a restoration to your native f one-sixth oflii? enormous load of debt Richmond— letter A Nrx  nr *inn 

lemparaturc much, if the ventilators be k*"'" to rqmark, as they pulled up their land; but, should that never happen, I The prize xx as within viexx ; independ: M. -J Scott, cashlet’ ^no 'I’il’ford pres: * Family Friend, 

■•pan al the time. ^ should be silent. horses before the Webster House, “come can only repeat my wekome to you and ence seemed almost in liis erasp; but he iJent.” The con; WpG’ nntn mnt’ L «t A i»ew and elegant pap. r, publish^^ 

A. .i, i. . ttuch „.dnott, of A.o,. „ Hoo-Oh Tu.od.y 1 ... M, ‘e™, :r.h*.n “ Zk hlT’f"’ •"»’ f"' i. once Lm'^AeLr^h^ttl S 

ealoric than either earth or water, it d Robard near thin ri tv slniLfitBrod'* » ,1 ^ t tune his voice Q lesjying maj' rest uporr you w her- .«oon to bo folloxxed by death, came, like than the genuine. — N. O. Pic. leng.s cDmparison, with any Nortlcr 1 pip r. 

might at first sight be inferred were ice h„'a deep, rich, and musical. ever yout lot may be cast. an armed man. and closed the sunerhu- It La largesheet, magnificently printed up n 

•urrounded by it, that it would be ‘the ® tweigned 7U0 pounds gross. He And here the interviexv terminated: man strugcle. When will the annals of EvtnFNrp op "PfxxTx- splendid paper, conUi:** Original T.-lc», 

beat of .11 • -4 , measured seven feet from tip to tip — A Georeia nanerbrinva forward the nau '* nen xvin ine aiinai.-, 01 iivipENCE of Follv.— N eglecting to sketches, P.etrv, Agric iltur l Arlicl 

BO It XV loywcuring Its keeping; and the end of his tail to the end of hie nose- Hon John^J CrDtenden^ of Kentn/.ir Wh.t « i * .» tt - j e j -r an mntance of he- adx-erti?e, and wondering that you do and xvhatevcr else that xvill irUere t an inlcl- 

Echo...w.„^Th„.hhe. «iy. w^.h .„ch being ,,tt^^*hr;:oTu;,h•".'! S.7, bVON,. 

** Ctrt.Woftp. marvellous results! your igtYore^ce. Jan. 1*. Coln-rbia, South Cer disa. 


fe .vest words poBsible every ne vidca that falli 
in f ut XX ay. As xxe r ad, as jie pie drop in 
and talk, as xve look a! ont in our xxalks, we 
shall be on tlie 1 ink-out f  r ideas and novelties: 
giving them in the Irieftist s!;ape, under t « 
l.ead of Meois. ior Gossip. Koriuerly, weii.sH 
to lay . nic.h n.cTi. r.mda ssidc, tx xvrile al» ul if 
w c should find tiu.e — now, w e si. oil give tl.c:n 
Ixotirreoders, to -. is tss loa T'lr.vs. nvi.’'. fn 
tiiis way the s il scriher to the Home J.iir al 
will stand a chance t* get hold, in same sha; e 
or other,   f every new idea is going. 

The athcr popular features of the paper w ill 
be. continued: — Skctcl.esc.f Belles, Poftr.iits   f 
Public Characters, descriptions of stirring 
scenes inNe.x- "S'ork, news of fashion andniau- 
iiers, phases of pay and literary s .ciety, any ne-v 
fun br new filly — in short, a pict' re of t!e 
world as il passes. ^Yehave scar?e thought it 
necessary to ircntion, however, what our 
re.-»ders xvill unde-stand, tliat wetake care .also 
t) chronicle .and advance evety interest rf Ic- 
ncvolcnce and moral impr vement, ai d st-i -e 
hard to make the Home Journal no b-ss csefnl 
nnd improving than it is entertaining and trigi- 

As a New Year’* Present from a Gentleman 
to a Lady, the 11  me Journal is ono, cf w) ic'i 
the remembrance is renewed ex-ery week, and 
it is unsurpa std as a gift ingood taste. 

Ti-.Rvs. — For one copy, $2; for three npiis 
r^ fjronecopy f ir ti.ree years, $5 —'S 
ijKdvance. Subscribe xvilhoiit dela*-. 

' Addr .ss MORRIS & WILLIS. 

Jao. 16, Editors, lOTst., New Ycrk- 



niostrated Family Friend, 

A itew and elegant pap. r, published at C.x- 
lumbia. South Cat jlina. and edited by S- 

Cin. Nonp. ' marvellou* results! 

your tfttorfyice. 

4 ‘rr. 1«. 

Weekly messenger (Richmond, Ky.), 1852-01-16

4 pages, edition 01

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