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date (1868-12-31) newspaper_issue — 



■Mrife «*«ae  •■«» Mreci. two iloon b. \"( ) I W V 


NO 158. 

the and of the ■whisky sold ai 25 

.■ents the glass were purchased here 
ami submitted to Professor Draper for 
chemical analysis. Tlx- following is hi*, 
report : 

No. 10. Sample marked brandy- 
Water per cent., alcohol, "~ ; contain 

U.-labe in Tho Vonn K Urn Killcil by fi 
from a With III! J IT|BBl0« 




Frois the New World, 1Mb. 

That lli- spirituous liquor in if 
nearly all hsdly adulterated, and 
not a little of it is unlit for human Iteimgs 
t« drink, an- fa«-ts which, we suppose, 
nobody cares to dispute. Indeed, so fa- 
miliarized has tile mind of the public 
• •«mi«- tiicw that the l  rm- "J. r- 
«cy ligutniiig.'' "I en/.ine." '-pi/.en,'' «.r 
tin- cabal isle consonants "r. p.." an 
coiuiuouly used in application to tin 
liquors sol.l over l»rs. and no surprise i- 
.x.iled. v.... nc ha- failed to not ic He 
deterioration in the M uality of liouors 
Mince a time within the recollection of 
men not very ..Id. Haifa century ago 
it w«k the .-oiiimoa custom for families 
to keep wines and liquors on their 
sidc-N»ards. and list them on 
tables. Perhaps as much 
--otisuined then a» now. but 
••ouiparatively smali were the evil ef- 
fects. Now the « ustoiii !- .-.linosl uni- 
versally alolishcd. in the hous. - 
ol the \ery w call h x . w !e  can afford to 
pay for articles approaching purity. The 

..i- ;. .- apparent, om grandfathers 
could purchase pure liquors. In our. lay 
there is barely- one gallon in a hundred 
thousand manufactured that is not'. -.1 • r i id:» 1«. I | tie.'.. II. II. ■ 

t!i  Ifighiful iti'-n is. .., drunkenness. 
.Mill im train of dlcu.ilul evil* \\ bleb 

follow i:. Nearly every crime in the 
calendar is due— not so much to liquor 
t ,n-  w, as to bad liquor. The code of 
laws, or orgau of 'public opinion, which 
shall effe.-t a reform in the quality  ■! 
stimulants w hich mankind will persist 
in using in spile of all the preach inc 
' will do more to drive druuken- 
land than all the leni|»cr- 
from Ban to l',eershel»a. 
Ir.ipressed with the importance ot «•■- 
e running to what extent the adulierat- 
ng of liquors cms - . s in this city, w it h .. 
i.w   : s.-.ji-j.esting sonic remedy lor lie 
rvil. and in :',;»heran -e of the plan I • r 
■ pood. » i.'. -h has already been 
eto| e.i :n out it. -sligations 
frauds ol gro«ers awl other 
of food, the Wt rid iu n.s is«a r 
purchased at drinking saloons :hmugh- 

out the citv samples of tb  1 rs sol.l 

over their liars. These sani|.e wen 
submitted lor chemical analysis to Pr..f. 
lohn C. I»ra|»er, of the University Medi- 
. i ollege, one ol the most distinguished 
chemists of the city. The plan which 
was adopted in submitting the samples 
ol food to Pr.ifes.sor ISeely w as preserved 
in this .-as. . I'.ach sample was number- 
ed, and a raosrd of the numbers with 
tie ..... .. s ip in which the samples so 

iiuuiliered were purchased, was kept at 
the World ollie. . We publish to-day the 
report of Professor Draper on the chemi- 
cal examination of certain samples of 
v Is.ught at a number 

The follow ing account of a 
mistake among eaoaa newly 
traces of tannin and sugar, with a small folk. j n Tennessee is from the ' 

trace ol fusil oil. Is the second liest ., . , T ..^,„ r .i., v i. was w 

specimen of brandv. Banner ol .v.-stctdav. lt*m 

Xo. 14. Sample" marked llourbon '••lohn Happy — ol . ours, 

itten by 
dv eNe 

In. in tin-   li i.-:iii   I'"-!, '-"'ill. 

II has Iveen a long i into since tho pre 
has chronicled any loss of life from I'm 
in this city, but this morning it is i 
painful duly to record the death 
young men, who, though neither burned 


Hons ol What is Doing nnd Wlial is lo be 

Nr 14. Sample- marked riourbon Happ.V-o. course. Nobody eNe yoMg S^^tkoufi .neither hum, 

chiskv -W:„. t  ,*r, alcohol, tt; woul.l have written it. Everybody else j;™™^'" ^ ,^ '^'K 
otituins the least »mount of te»nin a , jav0 large fort nnc in h.s uT^^re anoeking, is the foot that tlx 

little sugar and fusil oil. In other re- 
spects is like No. IS. 

. ROOK, l ox .1 NASH, r.VI!K Row. public, 
Samples ol the brandv sold at ." 0 cents 
the glass and whisky sold at 2Hoontsthe 
glass, were pun-hascd here and submit- 
ted to ftubwul hrapcr for chemical 
analysis. The following is his report: 
No. Hi Sample marked brandy 
Water, a* \ rv cenl. ; aK-ohol, H : contains 
a slight t rare of tannin, and sugar and a 
large amount of lusil oil, aiid is, in that 
inspect, the whs! sj eeinien. Is an imi- 
tation brandv. 

No. 17. Sample marked Boiirlsjn w his- 
ky—Water 7" par com. : alcohol. ■'•» : M- 
tains a considerable quanlity ol tannin, 
snga: and the largest amount of fusil 
oil. 1 1 is tlavortsl with plum and is the 
worst of the specimens of w hisky. 

I in ll-.U KM F. HOTKf.. 

oflorts to keep it cfiii. ealed from the death w 

We have been asked to repub- 
lish it. Wm indignantly decline todo so. 
\\ c rigi.lly exclude it from these col- 
umns | 

Much liis lvcii written 
i 'hrislinas of its luxurious feasts, lavish 
gilts, and grotesque gambols, and many 

-tones ih. r i founded: but the person 

m ho fails to detect in the following epi- 
sode a '•» hristmas Moiy" rich in d - 
I velopment, and one. too, that luys uoni- 
Ipleielv in shadow all holiday stories ever 
is. lore recited, in his judgment of hu- 1 
nior wc haxen't the least coiitidcne... • 
Martling though il may be. it certainly! 
elucidates the fact that the liv es of some | 
people are fraught with rare occuirenoea, 
jlaing prefaces, Iiou.m t. arc ollentiine^ 
| out of taste— then. sulHeo it to say. 



se.i by t he criminally enre- 
•osene oil in igniting a lire, 
rs arc as follows: 
lock this morning Mr. 
, Who ke. [ 

'From the New York Herald. ITth.] 

from the St. Louis Kcpuhli.-an. W a, WHiUlU 

N i si. rdav ! he body of M unknow n The Dion and Foster match to-morrow 

man was found hanging in the barn at at the Academy of Music has monopo- 

Mr. Clemena' farm, nine miles out on Utei] nil the interest in public billiard 

the old Manchester road, two miles wesi playing for the past few weeks. It is 

of the Comity Insane Asylum, and s . id t hat Dion is the favorite, though no 

about four miles from l 'arornVdet. sat isfaetory reason nppears to lie put lor- 

The . ireunistances attending thesui- wind for coming to that conclusion. Both 

eide were rery peculiar, so singular in- men have l een in practice, and a most 

Samples of the brandv sold at .V» cent" -mat il.oucti ln.v. .. w . m .-»liai wn 
rss, ami of the whisky sold at :ai W -li*a« • « tl» inrum «oH 

the gl 

.-. nts the glass, were purchased here aud 
submitted l   Professor Draper for chem- 
ical analysis. The following is his re- 
port : 

No. 1J. Sample marked llourbon whis- 
ky— Water, 7 i per . em.; alcohol, 30 per 
.-. tit.; contains tannin, a little sugar, and j and guest 
no fusil oiL Is a good whisky and equal 
to No. 13. 

No. Sample marked brandy-Water 
.►4 per cent., alcohol 36; contains tannin. 

nd fusil oil. Is an imitation 




of well- 


UK tXW . 

brand \ is the spirit obtained by the 
^listiilattoii ol w ine. When lirst distilled 
ilia quite colorless. After lieing kept 
;• : some lime in oaken casks it becomes 

• •1 a pale amber liut, the color lieing de- 

«•! from th. w I of Ike cask. \ er  

'ark brandies owe their color to burnt 
sugar. \» hereby the flav or is much in- 
jured. The "charactcrisi i.- taste and 
aroma of brandy i» due to the presence 
of a volatile oil obtained from the grap . 

Pure brsudy. therefore, sh.'uld W'tbe 
pun' distilled juice of the graj e. Hut 
t »ure brandy is adulterated largely with 
water and with the spirits obtained from 
corn. Molasses, beet root and nota t oea. 

Tiie riresciiec of fi'*   oil is a jKisitiie 
proof s f adulteration with foreign spirit*. 
J"*J9 brand ft does mat itmtmim fttsit oil. 

1TMI. Oil. 

This i.. ihc dangerous and poisonous 
property in grain spirits which is el'iui- 

recti i.eaiiou expels more of the fusil oil. 
and the spirits are purest whi.-h have the 
.east ot til'- element in it. The pr  « 

• f rectifying is costly, and therefon' the 

• !ie; t j»-r spirits a! v ays hav e more or less 
of fusi! oil remaining in them. Ftisil 
■  ii is also the mo*: n ;...\ . .u :ug property 
in common lcjuois. Dr. T-ylor in h  
medical jurisprudence says: "I have ex- 
I'Tn 11 . '. the ettVcts of tie vapor ol fus.:| 

•  il and found then, to '.- gi.idin. ss a - with a feeling of suffocation 
and a sense of falling, headache followed 
v.bich lasted lor half an hour. Two 

 f the oil killed a rabbit in two 
, three dra'-hms in an hour, half an 
' in a quarter of an hour, ami one 
■ in four minutes. 

parr AW hham'v. 

II|o-. v . loRMKItl.V 1-VHMI.Il. 


s.;,m| les or the brandv 
the glass, and of whisky sold at Zt cents 
the glass, w. r. purchased her. and sub- 
mitted to Professor Draper for chemical 
examination. The following is his re- 
j* rt : 

No 4. Sample marked Ikiurlsui whis- 
ky— Water 7:: per i-eut., alcohol 0; «in- 
ta"in« a liule tannin, no sngar, and a 
'slight tra»-e of lusil oil, lieing in this re- 
spect next in quality to No. li 

No. 7. Sample maVked brandy— Water 
71 |icr cent., alcohol 0; contains tannin, 
sugai and fusil oil: is an imitation 
brand   . 

nti.Xi.Moi, iinoAi.WAV am. OUIMH 


Samples of the brandy sold at :io cents 
t he glass, and of the whisky at cents 
th. glass, w. r. purchased here and sub- 
mitted to Professor Draper for chemical 
examination. Tbt follow ing is his re- 
I* rt : 

No. 11. Sample marked brandv — 
Water, i s \ ov .-cut. . ak-ohol. J.   'ontains 
traces ol tannin, sugar and fusil oil. Is 
an imitation brandy. 

No. 3. Sample marked llourliou whis- 
kv— Contains considerable tannin, the 
largest Quantity of sugar and a little 
more fusil oil than No. 4. 

si. SI. HoI.AS lion I.. 

Samples of the brandy sold at 40 cents 
the glass, and of the whisky sold at"." 
cents the glass, were purchased here and 
submitted to Professor Draper for chem- 
ical analvsis. The following is bis re- 

sample marked Hourbon whis- 
r 70 per cent. ; alcohol 30.   'on- 
argest quantity of sugar, a lit- 
. and the largest amount of 
Iter No. 17. 

Sample marked brandy— 
: alcohol. Ml   'ontains a small 
if tannin, sugar and fusil oil 
w ith raisin and plum flavor. Is an imi- 
tation of brandy. 

Ki:i.i iN..i k's mrjoBi noi s». i m,,s 

SvU Aid.. 

sample of the brandy sold al 4 l cents 
the glass, and of the w hisky sold at 2'i 
cents the glass, were purchased here 
and submilte.; to Professor Draper for 
chemical analysis. The following is his 
report : 

No. ... Sample marked brandy. -Wa 
lenis per cent., alcohol :' 2: contains ihe 
larir.-st quant iiy of tannin and sugar ami 
a trace of fusil oil. Is an imitation 


leave ih. screen. 
On Christmas night, in the vicinity of] 
a little post village a very few miles .lis- , 
tanl from Nashville, a dance was given, 
it promised lo l e one of those genuine 
hilarious bruakdow ns of " ye olden j 
time," in whose festivities host, b o a toa * I 
partake. Invitations 
had "been issued to all the beaux ami ; 
belles for miles and miles around, and 
the affair was to 1* the grandest of the 
holidays. Among the guests were a 
pair of newly wedded couple., w h  s. 
voyage matrimonial had just begun thai 
morning, in a shower of kind w ish. s and 
congratulations. \\'e are not too sure 
but tjiat the ovation was inaugurated for 
i ic-it es| eciMl honor and bonctit. lie 
that as it may, night came, moonless |hj| 
dear. The 'mansion was illumin at ed | 
with a blaze of light and jocund with the 
gayetyof its inmates. Soon the musi- 
cians began their choicest quadrilles, 
and the halls and parlors were thronged 
with Ihe graceful devotees of Terp- 
sichore. Theoltserved of all observer.- 
the lately wedded couples. The 
bright lights looked down on the lairy- 
like brides and vainly v icd in brilliancy 
with their sparkling ev es. The dashing 
rooms excited unlimited envy in Un- 
bosom of every swain present; but oth- 
erwise everything went merry as a mar- 
riage bell. 

kt a seasonable hour, sapper was au- 

uoiinced. and such a t". -;i — I as it was! The 
wits of th. confectioner had been tested 
in t he arrangement and manufacture of 
the innumerable '.•.»/ html and indescrib- 
able delicacies. After indulgence in re- 
freshments, th iinpany again resumed 

 . l«i. 



No. S.imp 
vv hisky.— %\ at. r 
contains a little t 
.•onsiderable fusi 
spect a littb 

Ucohol Mb 
aaear. and I some 

About six 
Almond Kid 
I boaaa at Ko. M Franklin" str 
lid ot lll  ' Ulil  b fourth and fifth itorbM, aroae 

and prOfl led to ignite a tire in the 

kitchen, w hieh is on the third floor, and 
adjoining his sleeping apartment. The 
kindling being loo large Ihe lire did not 
burn, and Mr. Nichols look a quart kero- 
sene can and poured a quantity of that 

■■hi lata the stove, upon the arnolder- 

ingeinlKTs. A quick lire was tho result, 
aud Ihe can was replaced in a pantry in 
the hall, opposite the licd-room. Ke- 
turnilig to the taller place the wife of 
Mr. Nichols observed that the lire made 
an unusual crackling, and on looking 
daw n at the aperture between the dem- 
and Ihreshhold, obaerTI d a briajht flame 
in .-lose contiguity to i 
the door opposite the 

covered tM hall to be entirely filled I mill 
w ith flame. He at once gav e the alarm, I tak 
ami a Mr. H. Ii. RayaMM and himself at 
..nee hurried to the kitchen, which irM 
mat mm Jfre, asd taking a pail and tub of 
water threw it on the flames in the hall, 
but lo no effect. They then made their 
escape by the roof of an adjoining build- 

The flames ran along Ihe hall of the 
third story, thence up the stairway to 
the fourth and fifth stories. In this lat- 
ter story two young men, named Wallace 
P., and Louis Card, brothers, boarders 
with Mr. N ichols, lodged. As t he flames 
reached this story they probably became 
aware of the existence of the "lire, and 
through excessive fright, they risked ihe 
llaaaria of jumping from this fearful 
hight to the pavement Is'iieath. The 
ahl 'v is aaajael an only, but at all events 
they jumped from a window in the lifth 
story, and landing upon the sidewalk 
beneath, the necks of both the young 
men were broken, and the right arm of 
Louis fractured in two places, the sever- 
ed and ragged lione protruding through 
the flesh. The arm ot \\ alla.-e 1\ was 
also fractured. The young men were 
seen by I'harles M illei\ of the;.John 
Truck' company, as they jumped, one 
after the other, "from the window. 

Drs. Cook and Lov ering were at once 
called, and, proceeding to the place, 
found Louis, the younger, dead; but 
Wallace P. survived about half an hour 
iu an insensible condition. Fverything 
was done for him that science could sug- 
gest, but to no avail. The Isidies ot the 
unfortunate young men were conveyed 

deed that the "like seldom eomea beibr 
the notice of a coronnr's jury, and th 
p« bile behind them. The dec. Heed I 
supposed lo have been a f.i-rtnan, am 
a boarding was between forty and forty-live year 
t, usii 

till in 

•ientitie struggle is anticipated. The 
result is doubtful. 

The contest between McDcvitt and 
lioldthwait, at Chicago, for M.inio, the 
game being 1,.»0 points up, ended in the 
aefcef of the latter by only seventeen 
aatata. . 

The billiard tournament in aid of the 
Working Women's Protective Fnion. 
announced for Wednesday niu'lit, in 
Drooklin, promise:, to be largely at- 
tended, as several of the best profession- 
thibit their skill on 


History »l Ihe Idle anil Death nf-'l oii.' 

n   s « i. ,. ..   i.ii.i» . 

mi; ivi.i: mi ii. or a lovek. 

He Meals the Dratl Body of his Sneel- 
| h.-art mil   ..... .  ls it la h tan-. 

From IheChi'-ai;.. Tim. ~. .-'Ill Front the Nasliville Press and Timas, .IMh., 

Another ol Chicago's noted d.spera- The strangest case r.f thieving which 

does has none to his last a unit. The we ever heaid .1 took place in the a.l- 

notorious outlaw. Con. drown, is dead, joining county of Cheat ham a few davs 
The full particulars of his death have eaa. The narrative, as we have heanl 
not transpired, hut enough is known to it, is simplv this: A few miles from Ash- 
convince all who were familiar w ith his u n d, and hot far from the Cumberland 
character that he met a righteous fa;,-, river, live a fumilv named While, who 
On Saturday evening, while drinkim; in are in vv hat are there considered coinfort- 
a saloon at Lemont, a quarrel arose, and able circumstance*. -  n Christmas , v e 
a tight immediately ensued, between » young girl, some fourteen veara old. 
Brown and a man named Peter lioylo. died in the house. 




onecopy, one year, by mall. •• 

One copy, atx mouths, by mall 1* •• 

One copy, tnree month.-, by mail ■ *• 

one copy, one month, by audi- • •• 

a*" Payablb aiwais ta AayA  ta.^^ 

payable to the carrla*. To Sews Aj^uUs 9i 
cenU per copy. 
Wekkly Daaot aAT. ix-r j 




ana  '■■'- 

r. W sirsaer 
st Charles. 
k..;n i ii) 

Id. Who he was, or where h 
from, is as we have Intimatod, 
nhaimi Itjr Disposition in life can only 
be guessed at, and ho seems to have 

taken -b ps u ooncea] it. uewaa uol 

known in the ucighlnrhnod, and must 
have vvalk.- l at least a moderate distance 
from his local habitation lo find a place al players: 
out of the ken of hiiui where he could the oanaahajt. 

divest himself of his mortal coil. j A match l.el w een Roberta, champion 

He made very studious arrangements of Knglaml, and Dufton, came oil at 
for leav ing this world; arrangements Pentonv ille, Kagtand, D.-ceuilier !'. the 
which, If the affair hud not culminated latter, aa nanal, ~being in receipt of 3M 
•o tragically, would attaite other than aointa in l.OOfk The room waa well filled, 
serious feelings. After arriving at a .le- and although the play throughout was 
liberate determiuatioa aa to what ahoald rather of ■ tame character, the 

be his fate, he proceeded to obtain a new . game was thoroughly appreciated. Hob- 

Mr. N. opened -ti-otig hempen rope. This done, be . 
pantry, and .lis- | seems to have exercised his diseased i 

by si.\tv-oue points and the 
u pied in playing it was four 
hours and liv c minutes. 

A complimentary beaett was tendered 
to Charles Hughes, in Loudon, on the 
7th. prior to the his departure for Aus- 
t ralia. 

Tin- following arc among the mat 
announced: December lis — M 
tei and Joseph Dion, in Now 
si.immi a side. Three ball game, 

. after a brief illi__ 

Drown drew a bowie-knife, and with she was not long home from an educa- 
terrible oaths rushed upon Ins ant ago- tional institute in Indiana, which she 
nist, with the evident determination to was forced to leave by reason of an un- 
take his life Hoyle, ree a yala lag his anonnatBbhi ladiaanalltaa. The house of 
perilous situation, quickly dreu a revol- u„. wint •- is -uuated m a ralher remote 
vcr, leveled it at the infuriated d. -p r i- section, so that the night following 
do and tired. The bullet passed entirely -he decease of the young ladv, there 
through the body of its victim, who f.-il v , \i-it,,rs to' watch up with Un- 

to the floor with a deep groan, and I- mourning family, save— a voung 
most immediately expired. gentleman named Higgins, who had 
is thought, passed through his heart. An come on horseback in the earl v part of 

inquest was held on Sunday afteriio u„. dav to visit tho sick girl." He had 

by Justice Skelly, of Lemont. and a ver- \ isited' her before. He found her ahaV 
dlct rendeicd in aeeordanec w ith the fa. .-, ,u Ut and appeared to l o more over- 
■B given above. The jury, after specify- by urief than the parents of the 
ing the manner of I'.n.w ns death, add d voting ladv. When her eves closed in 
the follow ing recommendation to th. ir death he was uncontrollable in his aor- 
verdict: "Hoyle wis partially instile d row . and il was found nc.essarv to bring 
in using violent means lor ■■!? atotmi him to a different part of the house and 
lion, know ing Drown s character, and n v to cbecr him up by doses of strong 

'lvin Fos- 
York. for 
Vh) points, 

their places "in I he dance, and ev ei yt hing , hp , irm ,, rVi , vJl( . r0 coroner (leaves 
thiy and pleasantly as | i,„i.i .... i„ nil ^, t t i,„ tout.... ...... i-.l.... 



tided on as sin. 

Soon the two brid 
by tin- hostess and ushered into the re- 
sp. - :i\ e ehamliers assigned them. In 
due time the grooms followed, having, 
however, first received somewhat indis- 
tinct instructions from the young gen- 
tleman of the household, as to vv hich 
apartments they were to occupy, he be- 
ing at the lime "engaged in the dance, and 
supjuising that they were vv. 11 acquaint- 
ed with the locality of the rooms, ihe 
lamps bad liecn turned down and the 
wicks burned low. Without even dar- 

ing to peep at the plump, cherry flWM 
half hid by the snowy pillows, the 
grooms sprang into bod. 

At sueh a point, in such a story; it is 
customary for a modest narratorto draw 
a vail : but in this instance wc are neces- 
sarily compelled to draw two vails. 

held an inquest. The testimony taken 
, I was substantially that as related above, 

'■' and a verdict rendered in accordance 
I w ith the fa.-ts. 

Wallace P. Card was Is years of age, 
and employed as errand boy in the OfSce 
of the Prairie Farmer, an agricultural 
sheet issued in this city, while Laoaia. 
who is but U years old, was employed 
in a like capacity la the establishment ol 
Maine, Warner" «V Wood, on Randolph 
street. Their mother hoarded at the 
same piano but is now al Sycamore, 111., 
-pen. ling the holidays. The laet of the 
w as Immediately 


mTs. Saral 
bouse, .-sea, 
Mr. and Mr 
from the ; . .  

not rery gi 

the edge ot 

as to the dies- in which he should 
hi- abrupt departure, for be forth- 
with fits himself out with a new pair of 
black pants, new daik-.-olor.-d vest, new 
black sack coat, new black cloth over- 
ooat. rXe appears to have been satisfied 
v\ ith not hing that was not new . He had 
new black kid gloves, cylindrical hat and 
calfskin boots with green tops. All pre- 
pared, he started out with his rope. We 
cannot say whether he met with any eh* 

staelesor not, b it he directed his steps 
to the hern of Mr. Clemens, which is dtatanae from the residence of this 
gentleman. Th" bam was nearly full of William 

hav. and ii was not jJiUii lilt of entry, others. December 12" — Tournament in 

The root of the barn is about fifteen feet Brooklyn of t he above named, and other 

Irom the ground, and is slanting. Inside i .layers", for the lienefit of the Working 

of tho structure •.hero is a large beam Women's Relief Association. January 
resting on Ihe inside of tho building, ' ii -John Frawlev and Thomas Foley, in 

and which is used for the purpose of sup- Cleveland or Chicago, for $500 a side, 

porting the roof. The hay was heaped Three ball game, .100 points. January 

wc recommend that excessive bail ben A drink. It wi 
exacted from him for the act.* 1 Th • mUI to in In. 
above is all that has been learned in re- and, in order 
gard to the tragedy. Doyle, it is t hough! , brother of t 
is a saloon-keeper at Lomotil, hat BOth- l'i. .|. hnu-. l 
Baj is known here of his character. | ly. in fart, th. 

Cornelius Drown, or, as he is be»t into a sound 
' now n, "Con." Drow n, was, without j which it was 

mber 1J8 — Foley and Frawl 
French game :^H) points, at Cleveland, 
for Sl.oon. December — Tournament 
in Brooklyn, for ■ purse of |1, Ota, be- 
tween Melvin Foster, Joseph Dion, 
ldthwait, John Dee 

up to within a few feet of tliis beam and 
no one woul.l have any dilliculty in get- 
klaa irom one to the other. 

The victim to a sui.-i.lal mania, on.-e in 
the building, saw this, and, instead of 
fastening his rope to the beam, attach, d 
it to one of the rafters of the roof, w hich 
can be easily reached. Standing on the 
beam, he made a halter, inclosed his 
neck in it and took his leap. Tho rope 
had been selected with . are and did not 
break. The unfortunate gentleman 
found no footing, and there was another 

Melvin foster and Joseph Dion, at 
Montreal. American game, push barred. 
It appears that Dussoy is not satisfied 
v\ ith the result of his recent encounter 
with McAlpino, and claims that he was 

Wormald has joined his Iriend O' Bald- 
win in Salem jail, and, truth to say, 
there ana great 'many persons not over- 

gile red aa aeeeant of it. Rumor has it 

that Joe was about to take a hasty leave 
of the Statea, and thereby avoid a trial 

corpse for interment at the county fann.i.,,,,, t . ertam incarceration.' His l-onds 
This must h ive been on Sunday, or ; | 1((Wl . VL . r  re( . e iye.l information in 

Sunday night, lor on that day it farm | tilm f un  j .juietly secured the arrest of 

Wormald in Boston. The career ot tho 

laborer entered the barn, but saw noih 
ing amiss. The following morning Mr. 
Clemens entered the barn, and w as hor- 
rified at discovering the inanimate form 
suspended from tho roof. Life was 
found to bo unmistakably extinel, and 
Dr. Spiegelhaltor was notified. 

TheCoroner held aa laqneet yesterday 
afternoon. The deceaseil was -st i 1 1 hang- 
ing there, and, at a lirst glance, il up- , 
p.-ared to him and his deputy, Hr.l ex 

Praedieow. that the body waa that oft 'Davis and Allen aro iu active training 
some minister of the gospel who could 1( , r tlieir encounter, w hich is set down 
hnd nosolaco m anything but oblivion. | (•„,. j, lIH iaj v 1J, and has to take place be- 

tWO pugilists in this country has be.-n 

anything but praiseworthy. Besides, .j,,' , lim Ui [ i ,^ 
keeping their l.stic tr.cnds in a state of . „..„V-dth 
fenaentaiioo they have nearly given the | wee w_ u* 
death blow to the prize ring. For that 
! certainly they merit some ooininenda- 
ition: but if downright imposition was 
the intention they deserve no sympathy. 
Wormald has prov en himself "to be an 
pen boaster. 

Iii.- spectacle was truly strange. The tweea forty and sixty miles "from the 
le. -eased was dad in his black monrning I yiuund City. Allen is to tight at aliout 

The remainder of the company con- M . VPr ,.f v 
tinned Ihe festiv itics until a late hour, 
and the gray dawn was almost peeping 
over the eastern hills ere the music of 
the tiddlers teased, and the dancers, 
worn and fatigued, one by one stealthily 
crept away for a few hours' rest. 

When morning did come it brought 
with it such a scene of confusion as was 
never liefore si en, Don Quixote's furore 
at the inn alone excepted. Forth from 
one of the bridal ehamliers came a loud 

a b 

am ill th 

fell up 

injured herself 

suit, with his kid-gloves on, and his impounds", imt \ w ill arrive in St. Louis 
overcoat buttoned from the knees to the I m the be.'inning of January. 
 -hin. His arms were hanging rigidly to| s ,„„e pugilistic-loving individuals hi 
his sides, and the only appearance ..| Cincinnati w ant to reuuOeh Galhajhar ta 
disarrangement ol his dress was thai his gifct Jeauay Flliott for W.000 a sitle. 
■tOVe-aJhM hat was shghlly crushed in, 1 , ...Haghor h:is declared here that he will 
an accident which the poor body would U-^ !mv ,„.,„ in America for from 11,001 
loubtlcss have (.rovented, if he could. | aD ward. As tho challenge is adtract 

The building, N 
was owned by Sin 
held insurance t  
thousand dollars 
Mi tan 

i. I'.i Franklin street, 
.■lair Soiitherland.vvho 
i the amount of eight 
in Jordan »V Co.'s 
The basement was oeeopied by 
Jroinnies A' I'lri.-h as a bonded 

warehouse. Tlieir loss will be only from 
wafer, and only nominal, as i- the ease 
of Raltenergcr A Sehomann, w ho occu- 
pied the first floor as a leather Rtore. 
The insurance of this &TB) is fourteen 
and prolonged shriek. Th,- dr..w -v slum- thousand dollars, distributed in several 

borers turned out from all directions- ( . um . ):u , i( ^. These d floor was occu- 

some in dishabille, "some in velvet pi ,. a '., s it .b wish sviiairogue. which will 
gowns. I.very liioinent the scream- J 1Mrtld|1 a damage of one hundred dol- 
ing grew louder. At length, , ars . illMI| . ( ,,i f ( „.^ven hundred dollars 

' !i " in the Market, of New York. The rc- 

 f the Ixducr ventured to 



iyeni»e pejiper, 

tin- bra 

to lie n 



i. vhha 
si with th: 

obwrvat in 

1 1 i i i i'N« \ v 1 1 : i mm. 

is much 
which has 

the liquor sold as 
 t fl particle of the 
It is simplv corn 
:y, as it is .-allod by 
ivor of brandy com- 
lificial flavoring ex- 


-rape 'spirit- in I 
spirit- ... i. v. whisky, 
sine, with the ilav. 
municated by an artifi 
tract. These extracts 
made, owing to the 
s- rv. The brandy eah 
eurn: siizar. Imita 
•British . randy," as ii 
trade, is corn spirits do. 
and nothing more, lir 
on r raw grain spirits ar 
uto France ami sent ba.-k to us as tie 
iiert French brandy. This stuff i- in- 
jurious. U-eausp il invariably contains 
lusil oil. F.ven after il rea.-hi's these is frequently still further adul- 
terated bv an infusion of corn spirit-. 
Many of the samples of brandy reported 
upon* l clow are apparently'of this char- 

k X X 1 X . 


WEr \i:sn ay. I»ec. ■',• , laVK, 
aMMbavi . 

We must a-k thai our patrons will 
b.-ar with us a little if they have failed 
io aei ihe Democrat regularly for tin 
past ten days.  mr dow n-town carrier 
was sick last week, and now our up- 
town carrier is in the same tix. But a 
few days will before we will hav. 
our force sufficient to deliver regularly 
and early our paper to all. We have 
iuite an addition to our list for January 
1st, aud will eudeavor to meet the wanis 
of all. At any time should any sub- 
- riber, by neglect upon our part, fail 
tret his pii|ier. he can gel one by apply- 
ing to Charley Pile, at the jiostoflW. 

i.KAXD " "Ni Kill. 

To-morrow night, al Holmes A Tinas' 
Hall, a concert will lie given for the lien- 
efit of Rose Hill Sabbath school, aud the 
indigent children attending there. The 
I. st musical talent of this city is .-m- 
ploved for the occasion, and a rich treat 
may be exjiected. 

. ol X. 11 FltOl HK11IN..S. 

The council met last night in regular 
session. But little of importance was 

up and ascertain ils cause. 1'p the 
steps they rush, much wondering w liai 
I in the mischief is the matter. From the 
s«-ene of the disturbance they meet MM 
of the late happy bridegrooms rushing 
I frantically out. They inquire the reason 
[of the hub-bub. Hastily he pnehen 
through the crow .1 and ban us at I he door 
of the other "jiarty," in search of his 
wife! In the meanwhile ihe;. also have 
(become aroused, and bride number two 
.lis. .vers t he terrible/oe ; pe.v and lends 
Ihe lor. e of her lungs to the general dis- 
cord. I p jumps the groom numlier two 
land rushes out in time to meet hiaaqual- 
Iv unfortunate friend. /-.'  . -4 hn l ;   ( ■', '■■ 


v exciting thing in its proceed- 
the election of a ) oli.-euian to 
icancv oc-asioucd bv the death 

Such a scene as ihis house then pre- 
s eat ed it would be hard indeed to d. - 
si-iibe. Tliat it was the most distressing- 
ly awkward matrimonial episode that 
over liefell I tjrtMrtette of "souls with but 
a ahtade thought," may easily be im- 
agined. Bui the explanation came at 
last, and was satisfactory 
. d. '.vc suppose. Here w 
leave them. 

  Mir sketch partakes not in the least a 
ihe fanciful. The details are given ex 

eetly as they ooaaiioif. 


maining stories were occupied by Mr. 
(ftehohtaaa boaidiaghauae. He has an 
insurance of one t honsand dollars in the 
Home, ol' New York, and loses i 1 . ml 
one thousand live hundred dollars worth 
of furniture. 

Tl ausc of this tire and the loan ..I 

life following, waa, without question, 
from the aaa of kerosene. Too much 
blame cannot bo laid on any one for its 
use in this mauu.-r, and the fatal n -nil 
attendant upon it this morning should 
prove a lesson to all. 

HIKIM t»l' mi: BVWIBE. 
Loss I'.slimnleil al 

id to 

:gleil any 
hav o ex- 

e appeared not to I 
bis last moment! 
red almost immediately. 
In addition to the clothing mentioned 
ho had on a black silk butterfly necktie, I 
linen collar, white shirt with linen bos- 
om, gray undershirt, cotton and wool 
mixture, and eottoa and tlannel draw- 
ers. He had a pair of sleeve links, with 
what is termed a heav y shield on them. 
Fortho purpose of identification, we may j 
state that the deceased had a smooth 
fa.-c, no w hiskers, ami dark brow n hair. | 
In bis pockets were a lead pencil and an 
empty |Kieket-lxiok, new. The jury re- 
turned a verdict in accordance witli the 
facts— suicide of an unknown man. 

Mr. Clemens, who isowuer of the hum 
mentioned, keeps a livery stable on 
Market street, between Thirteenth and 
F. .urteentli st roots. 

At present a reasonable surmise can- 
not lie formed as to ihe personality ol 
l he deceased, but il is thought that he 
probably came from Carondelot. 

1U W I'l JM il. 


foe Miko M.-Coole it has caused 
i -ensation, and it is rumored thai 
.It's backers intend to make tin- 

■Hnibt. the most desperate ruffian tint him. Th 
ever infested the Western country, j in very . 
Twenty years ago, with hi- two broth- 
ers, "Jini" and "Bill," purchased asmall 
farm in a locality know n as "The  , ■ 
two miles from the v illage of L.-mont. 
Their mother kept the house, and ihelinth 
tnti | three Isiys. by their wild, ruble— ton I atrial 
j n duct, and their personal strength and the v 
courage, soon gained a vv ide-spre id argil- 
reputation, ami were looked upon with r,, 
fear and trembling fey the residents of | sorn 
that vicinity. The "Brown brother-," 
as they were then known, were n'cog- 
ni/ed as the leaders in everything w he-h 
required courage and disregard of law, 
and wherever tbey went th.-y wave 
greeted as tho rulers of the ncighh or- their commands wen- law, and 
there wore none who dared deny thetl 
l ight to dictate. 

All three of the brother, have di d 
violent deaths. "Jim" Drown was -t li- 
bel altout sev enteen year- ago, and died 

from the effects of "the wound. The 
tragedy occurred in the woods near the 
"Sag." Con. aud Jim became engaged 
in a quarrel with a neighbor, and in ihe 
struggle Jim was at ebbed in several 

i places, and died before assist a nc mid hands; 

I be obtained. Tho death of his broil 
seemed to give renewed strength 
| Con., and. altera desperate struggle, 
lispat.-hed his opponent, lil.-r.illy rife 
After hav lag si 
the ollic-rs for sev . 
linall v arrrs'.i .1, H i 
convicted of and W 
teii. ed to tho State prison for a tatrBJ 
ten years. This occurred alx.nt lift* 
years ago. In the prison he was insub- 
ordinate, stubborn and unmanag. ai le. 
At one time ho attempted to kill the 
guard with an adze, but was prevented 
bv his intended victim, who knocked 
fetal down and wrested from him lie 
dauber,, us weapon. 

While I 'on. was in prison, his brother 
Bill was killed in an affray with the , p- 
tainofa canal-boat, a lew miles from 

As soon as Drown was released from 
prison he resumed hi- • Id life ot law less- 
ness, making l emont his headquarters. 
Sin.-c that time— about liv- yeaH aaa 
ho has followed tho business mi . anai- 
boatman . i portion of the time; but has 
been .-onlined iu ihe jail and bridewell, 
n difterent charges, a large part of the 

i-ee.lingly ditti 
him to take any liquor, 
o encourage him, the only 
e deceased girl imbibeil 
of tho stimulants - -   free- 
he was overcome ami fell 
le.-p about nightfall, from 
thought ls*»t not to wake 

voung tarl's mother had been 
licate health for some time 
past, and the children of the house were 
of too deli, ate an age to sit up all night 
in a chamber of death. Hence, when the 
hours » i\«l lute there were no watchers 
house but young Higgins and the 
gill's father. Up to about twelveo'clock 
!h - voung man seemed in a semi-leth- 
argic state, and was not at all communi- 
cative, but sat brooding oyer his 
sorrow in the gloomiest possi- 
ble manner. Shortly after midnight 
t here was a change perceptible. He be- 
came talkative, suggested to the old 
man the propriety of taking a little stim- 
'.liaiil-, and of -baking off some of his 
gri. f. Dv a judicious application ot the 
bottle, and an exceedingly ingenious 
w i v of recommending its behehcial qual 

, he sin led in setting the old nun 

asleep — sent him into so sound a sleep 
that he did no*, wake up until between 
five and Stx in ihe morning. When he 
awoke he found young Higgins occupy- 
ing exactly the same position, as he 
' leuight. that he did in the early part of 
the previous night; sitting in a comer 
with his bowed head resting upon his 
but he observed that the young 
boots were muddy, anil when 
to he himself appeared weary, 
imi exhausted. He easily ac- 
f..r these changes to people who 
object ill making inquiries into 
The ... lli n, whose lid had 
screwed down the night 
was all right. Fverything ■ 

m *i , 

r-»l*«ilii -. P wU»nd. John Umlnftlf wluaf 
«•««• Hi««v Portl»iiU. 1 4 o»lan*. PmUmkI 

Pin Bluff, city wharf. X«w York, dry wharf. 
P. W. sirm.l-r 

—The weather 
hut chilly, a heavy 
tho night before. The mud .ontinu 
unabated, and business is .piiie lively. 
The ice in the river is so soft now aa to 
be of no serious impediment to naviga- 
tion. The river is slowly falling, there 
lieing at I irk last evening 9 fret J inches 
water in the canal and I feet 5 in.-he, ,n 
the Indian chute. 

—The Ni. k Longworth left for Ne»v 
' *rloans last night with a fair • 

- Workmen were busil  
terdav puttie 

on. she willl* ready t«  leave at oui 

-There will lie m  

—The good 
l esterday, bnt iv as detained bv tl 
she will be here to-day. and will . 

n were busily eaaaajed res. . 

nglh I.-- :,-: ;....•;„.-«■. -."'4M. | 

11 lie ready to leave aiSoui 

the place 
in the F.vanaville 

boat. He intends to follow that profes- 
sion until spring opens, when he will 
issue a challenge to light anybody on 
either side of the Atlantic for from Sg.onn 

A p 

match. Bissau! that Mc  oole isat pros- 1 j , a , i etw( . e £ his ralMM and death. 

e„t the second mate on board of a steam- I was ( tl( . ( ._. lllolll „„„ v - , ; , „- 

tonced to a term of one year in the bride- 
well, for a deadly assault, bit esciped 
ufter serving four months of ins time. 

The poUea found him a van dang- 1 -- 
oils man to deal with, and thee Weft 
few othe rs who dared molest him. Ho 
had a terrible encounter a! one t'.mc 
w ith a policeman named Jerrv Simps ,n, 
but the officer proved the battel man. 
and Brown was lakeii to the armory io a 
frightful condition, his head and 
hav ing been terribly pounded by the 
othcer's club. At another time he was 
ariaatad by policeman sininn • '!».. mi. 11 
uiow detailed at ihe Clark and I^ike 
street crossing .after sev -re struggle. 
) country, in the vicinity of his 
he openly defied tho authorities 

A ItcieruRO of ilic llrmi-l.o.i-. 

I»ispatehes recrivod last night convey 
the intclligeii'.'o of another steamboat 
disaster on the lower Mississippi, in- 
volving Ihe loss of a largo amount of 
pro|ierty, but, fortunately, no lives. The 

go and 

laabte cargo 
cal fruits, hardware aud 

. all concern- steamer l'nipire, which left S 
ire content r.. „„ ; ast pvjfcfay nifht, with : 

A polyulot old man, full of cheerful- 
ness and mighty as a linguist— his Eng- 
lish, a mixture of all languages— slowly 
letting the smoke our] upw ard froni his 
largely opened lips, and addressing us 
in a rich French and cennan "brogue,"' 
spoke as follows; 

When I was capitatne in /. ■ liuleh 
armv. 1 was what you call station at zo 

island of , ami, being ranking otft- 

.-aire, wa- vor /.o time governaire. It 
was von van dull place — nothing but 
eat, drink and sleep. When, one .lay, 
imagine my delight to hoar of z.o arrivale 
of M Da tea I'.eet. Ho! ho! eapitaine, 1 
suv. we w ill have on.- dinnare and one 

|ht has been arranged to take 

a here la reaaaylieabt i a the 

'.Ni instant, hot ween James Gregory and 
Morris Cagley, for *::,ooo a side. Both 
ai.- strong built young fellows and no 
doubt will make a stubborn light. 

Two pitgilistically iuclined young j 
men in Nevada are reported as having 
been stopped from having a set-to by a 
moral discourse by a preacher. The| 
most irate of tho two saiu that it was the | 
"bulliost proa.-h" ho hail over heard. 

Among the matches announced are, j 
December 2R—J. lli. koy and II. Morgan, j 
for sj ihni, in Kansas." December :il— | 
.Iiiiui's l.r.iij.ii-y and Morri-   aiilcy, l n | 
Pennsylvania, for swk". January U W. 
M. Delhi end Tnai allaa.wa HJHB* eida. 

iu Missouri. I cbruarv 1.;- Pat Hollar. in 
and Dill Ke\ es. for sjihi. February th— 
John HaatOr and Patrick Bassett, in 
P.-niisvlv ania, for s.iKl a side. Februaiv 
e.v_ii a '„iei Dolaaaad ttinharl Welsh, in 
ataaaaehaaatta, tor Men. 

In th 
and n 



The running fraternity, both here an 
abroad, have been rather quiet for some 
time past. It Is searoely fair to assume 

he was 
men w as mmmi ■. 
but they soldo! 
ing bias, for the r  
familiar with the CO 
enabled to keep oat 
His Uteai a.lveiiti 
death, was a blood; 
boatman in B - 
were freely used B 
Brown was fearful! v 
lie w as taken to lli- 


IVeV dared 
i ciistoly. 
i eajhad ai 

had ii 

i. . fore, wa- wi right. Kverything ap- 
peared to lie gloomy, and sorrowfully 
right. No', mu. h notice wm taken ot 
any t hing until the hour approached 
for the interment of the corpse, wheu 
Higgins showed si^u* of gn at agitation. 

hU h were considered the natural re- 
sult of his great giief. The little funeral 
arrangement lieing easily and quickly 
in ide. the cothn was carried to its des- 
tined resting place by three men. fol- 
io u .-d by the mother and the little child- 
ren, but as the melancholy cortege ap- 
pro.!. Ic .1 the grave, Higgins, whether 
troai exhaustion ..r trepidation, shook 
so violently that he let go his hold, and 
thooothn fell t.. theground. A rattling, 
a very strange, sharp noise inside of 
it so astonished the few mourn 
ers that their first impulse w;i 
to il.-c; but the stern and au 
thotttattva look of the father nv .very one to I he spot. He felt 
convinced on the moment that some- 
thing was wrong. He immediately dis- 
patched Ins sou into the house for a turn 
s. rew , and then undoing the lid he found 
iu the 1-ottin— not the dead form of his 
beloved ehihl, but a heap of stones and 
dirt. Higgins, though an athletic yoang 
fellow, eighteen v ears old, sunk to the 
ground in a fainting tit. The consterna 
tion and confusion was great. It waa 
ow ing to the efforts of tho old ladv that 
Uiggina did u .t breathe his last, tor old 
Whii. felt that he had made away with 
the dead body ol his child. After some 
time.when young Higgins was restored. 

;'— . ; ... hav e -■ t the ..Id man 

purposely drunk, and theu opened the 
c. ul in. and look J in lit h out : and, mount- 
ing hi- horse, rode four miles in the 

\v !-. w her" he -to\s e.l aw ay the Ixsly 

iu a little cave and covered it up with 


and branches, 
ille.1 her pl ic 
Bad earth 

and then coming 
in the .-ofhn w ith 

thus ] 

cge.|. . 

lis sig 


Wheu ihe 


how ever, that pedestrianism is waning, j mat his 

though a few re. 
haps justly, lead one to th 

nts woul.l. per- | siroti 

it conclusion, i tenacity 

-ut and disfigured, 
armory weak from 
is thought 
fatal: but 
onstitution. and v. ouderful 
life, brought him safely out 

blood, and 
liuries would [ 

,- days ho was as 
ircely a mark to 
struggle through 


VV tlu are Hostile nml W . 

From the St. lxiu is Democrat, awh.. 
While, by the election of lieneral 
  .rant, the political question is settled, utei 
ihe paeilicatiou, subjection or exlormi- 
natiou of the hostile Indians of the 
Plains remains a "w xed" question, 
although it is in process of solution, and 
by next "grass" we -hall know exactly 
whi.-h horn of the dilemma— a war   i 



lait, when the .1 
to tie up to the b 
bluff bank of sail 
caved in on hi 
weight as to ea 
causing her to s 

■n m 

■ vv 



oiled her 
after the 
I she lav, 

built at Cincinnati in June, Is.,::, by 
Davtd H-lfaaoa A* Oo. She sunk oa the 
lasting peace— the fills of the Ohio in ISM, and was rebuilt 
nt must work at New Albany in l*W, and allerward 
t adv ices arc en- was sunk and raised   n the Mississippi, 
cou raging. below Cairo. She was valued at fl5,00f) 

General Sherman has received dis- in Febrnnry last. She was tat feet long, 
patches from General Hazen, embodying "1 feet l^ain, with a le.-t depth of hold. 

upon and seize. 

I nare. Ze otlieairc, he say yes: /.e admi- 
| ruble he one cross old bear he say no. 
I He must be ready to sail with M wind j 
hich she lav ' ,ut liiialeinent, lie say y.e oflicaire mav 
' o if zey will bo back at i! o'clock. Ze 
die. dr. promoss and I promess. Zen 1 
ink within fifteen min- ^  shore to make my little pooie-h. I send 
I my servants here and /ar. I get /.e tropi- 
Tho loss of iwit and cargo will pr.  ba- g"»   rt att ma pine-apple-ze orange— ze 
bl v reach s'MUOo bananii— all ze iruil. I put ze wine— ze 

Th.- Empire « a- ■ stern- wheel ateauMr, brandy-zc aairtta; I stir him up vec 
and lormc-lv called the Jennie Hubbs. Kently-1 take one little sip—anoder lit- 
tle sip — I put in more wine — more ol ze 
brandy- more fruit. I keep up one grand 
sipping — till what with zo fruit and ze 
fume of zo pocn -h — and zo sipping by 
gar 1 know noth'tig. 

I wake up — "t : ■ one varo dark — I feel 
around — 1 am in bed. Ho, ho, » apitaiu.-. 
I say — I thought he had one little .Un- 


y ' n 

An undue 
.•ourse, im- 

t» r.n * n 


Pnle*-: — Draper rep  rts on s. veia', 
samp.. .- . ■; Bourbou whisky, which wen 
pun-hav i at well-known, first -» s - 
loons, 'i tae whisky was found generally 
of a puier quality than the brandy, bat 
still the existence of the fusil o l was 
rent iu nearly every - case. 

1UE »T4M)AKD Ol riKlTV. 

Pure brandy should contain from ju t.. 
H) per .-cm. of alcohol. None of th - 
examined bv Professor Draper 
•  per «*nt. of ah-obol. 

is Jl' js-r c nt 
Ktween th. ascertained 
rcentage of alcohol and the standard 
raaatage shows the amount of dilution 
w ater. Brandy and whisky, if pure, 
ould contain no traces of burnt 

  M \ | -msTs-L.o* SA1..S.NS. 

It must be borne in mind that the 
-an. plot- r.-jM.rU-d upon in this article sn- 
ot the best liquors sold at the beet bar- 
rooms in New York. In a future article 
wo will show the character of the liquors 
sold at the .-orner shop* and lowcr-clas- 
saloons, in whicta cayenne, salt and min- 
eral poisons form i arls of the ingredi- 

.ia..;u*-- Il'.lll ..t-iu-iai i.n/,r.i, iui.-iiiii iiiz m ... i i.i... "i...  ■ ■   ■'■ ..".». ... • . . . 

information from the :ki to the 7th inst.. She has two boilers, twenty-six. feet long party— I know not w hat to niako- 

.nciusive, dated at Fort Cobb, giving and forty-four indies in diameter, and I put my head liiii.-h in ze watare-I go 

cari.i..s m-coonis from I ml ian sou r.-cs of two lever r-nui lies, sixteen inches ill di- down ze stair — all iu .bilk 1 go ill ze 

till tue vac 
of Joseph Raymond 

There were about a dozen candidates, 
but Mr. Frank Buford was the lucky- 

nMPti . 

Col. Ki.-ketts, President of the J.. M. 
A L K. H., and Mr. James Bradley. Pres- 
ident ot the Citizens' National Bank   f 

Jeffcrsonyille were in the city to-day j;„, ww . n tho ,,-ien.ilv and hostile bands", in Cincinnati oltiees, for sij,aet 50, UbI 
Mr. Bradley has invested largely in Jef- Hp ., T( lUlXlu ,.^ an'the Chevennes and lows; Beamer's live-eight lis- National, , 

fenwiivile enterprise of late, and we im- Arra ' pallO0s „ unfriendly and hostile: of Cincinnati, K\,\»7 Boatmen's, of tvvo glass-tree glass-- ver good. I .are 
derstand thai it is his intention tobecome , ue Kjmv:ls :lrp divi , I( ,j half and half: ti - Cincinnati, $LM0; New Albany, of New no longer for all j» adiniruile m zo world 
a citi/en of the place. This would " Ponmn, hps are all.or nearly all, friemi- Vlbiinv, s:5,000. In addition, the remain- — I make myself one toast-when, tap. 

- Captain ra P» tH P  I hear one noise at zo door, 
■•met- "Ho, bo," 

Vmong the matches announced are: 
I inuary — lohn Haw against Wampe In- 
lians , at Lake Sim. oe, Canada West, for 
tlOO a side; II. Mahon and S. Lyons. 1 In 
little poonch ! Sol don my regimental j yards, at Steubonville, Ohio, for s...iu. 
and inv ite all /o otli.-aire to one little din- \ January 1 1 — John Lawrence and Henry 

M. -Malion. at Newport, B. L, twtMfi 
Ohartea A. Holt and Samuel Craw- 
ley in snow shoes , at Port Bolster, c. 
W., for |Mh January 19 — Jim PalafeH 
and Sam Warren, at Kingston, C. W., 
tor sji .ii a side. January 'M — Sam Morrill 
and Henry Johnson, at Avon, N. Y., for | exemplary 
s ion a side. January 21— John Wands- that she has 
worth and Matt hew 'Lainkoll, at Jorsey Q rd of itifainv has n 
 itv. for jlmi aside; James Patterson | i na i historv 
and W. C. Maitland, at Ilonesdale, Pa., 
forSJoo. January 2a — Henry Carroll and 
W. S. Minor, at Altoona, Pa. January 

J4 — John Ward and Henry Whaler.atj' Con. Brown was, when he died, about 
UUca, N. V., RM* tSSfe. February -7— f.,rtv -Ii ve v ears of age. II" lived a mis- 
John Wilcox and T. Weaver, at Rome, orable, worthless vagaUind. and di d aa 
N. Y.. for !*400. I ignominious death. No iiiourncr will 

vv itKsi i.ix... follow his body to the grav e: no tear of 

This ancient method of testing puysi- sorrow or regret will be shed: but the 
aa] skill and activ ity is now--in the ! death of Con. Brown w ill rather be eate- 
nineteentli century — attracting miichlhrated as an event which has riii Ihe 

various accounts from Indian soun-cs of two lever engines, sixteen iu.-hes iu di 
General Custar's operations and the aineter, with four feet stroke. Her regis- 
tight on the ^7th of NoveuiU r. This in- tered tiinnage was SA9 tuns, with earry- 
formatioii substantially agrees with the ing capacity for 17 i. She is owned in 
accounts published. " General Baaaa New Albany. Indiana— liv e-oighths by 
states that, since ihe light, he has had H. J. Reamer, and three-eighths by Cap- 
no trouble Av hatever in distinguishing l ain Ilicks King, and insured principally 
b-tween the friendly and hostile bands, in Cincinnati offices, for su,- 7 SO, as tol- 
He pronounces all"the Chevennes and lows; Beamer's ii v o-eiglil In — National, 

what you call dining room— I stumbl 
again — by gar it is olio other oificaire — I 
look around— all ze many otlieairc zey 
sleep tindure a) table— 1 take cut my 
dock— by gar il is ten hour: I think of 
ze Admiraile- am all one bew ilderment. 
"Steady." I say; 'apitaine, take one 
glass poonch;'' I take one glass BQOnoM 

  ' lies are all, or nearly all, friend- Albany, £3,098. . 
valuable aisj msition to the business, , v . , he A| !M . he8 the Kiehi'es, the Cad- ing three-eighths interest of Ca 
mumty of the city, as Mr Ii is one ol th(l W ichitaws and atliliattMl « hinds. Bfeha King, w as insured in tho K 


•audy sold at forty 
iaf the whisky s-ol'd 
a.«s, were purchased 
I to Prof. Draper for 
The following is his 

Ko. » . Sample marked brandy — Water, 
fio per ecu- . : al.-ohol, 34.   ontains slight 
traces of Utinin and fusil oil. and a very 
II quantity of sugar. Is an imita- 

the most thorough-going and active busi 
ness men in the stai. . We hope soon to 
w plcome him as or.e of us. 


Capt. Jack Howard, the etlicieui City 
Treasurer, has Iieen for some time serv- 
ing notices on delinquent tax-payers, 
and Wringing them to the scratch. 

When Capt. Howard took the office of 
. ity treasurer, he fouud the delinquent 
tax-list unusually large, some ..wing 
taxes for years back. As soou as be 
could arrange matters, he commenced an 
active presecution, in the way of bring- 
ing delinquents to taw, and we are hap- 
py to stale that he is succeeding iu col- 
lecting the city's money Iveyond Iii- in. 
sanguine expectations. 

Tnose who have not yet paid will sav- 
cost by promptly   ;miiiig forward aud 
liquidating their*indebte rness. 


Mr. Admiraile, you 

of danger, and in a fe 
well as usual, with ■ 
denote the desperate 
which he had passed. 

| Brown had the reput uioii of '  o i 1 1 g I 
cow-thief, burglar, and highway robber, 
but was never accused before the courts 
of liny of the-.' rim He wis | . . 
by trade, bill had not followed that pur- 

I suit for man v years. 

j His mother, 'it is said, siill lives at I ■ - 
i niont, and has the reputation of fef in_ M 
iniiin, notwithstanding 
three sons w hose i • - 
irallel iu the crim- 
deru eounlry. It 
»r was hung by a 
fipi river, twenty 

abated that 


his lath 


ml screwed on the lid 
great love for the girl, heal- 
not let her go away from 
over; he thought he would 
look a' a few davs longer, 
ipso of -, une time allowed 
the angry feelings of the old man to cool 
he looMelfepM the lover of his dear de- 
parted giri more iu pity than in wrath. 

The l«.dy was recovered and interred 
with becoming dignity, and it was 
agreed to say nothing of the affair, hut 
1 i it die out. The female heart, how- 
over, could not keep such a secret.  nd 
iu a few hours it spn-ad, and finally be- 
came the common talk of most of the 

Hos-,. .ii Letter to the hieago Tribune. 

Our neighboring and generally quiet 
and t ram .nil ' ity ot Nowbury|«ort is in a 
fever of excitement over what is, view it 
as oM.llv as you please, certainly a most 
menon in crime. For 
ears New bury | ort haa 
Four churches and 
* unnumbered, have 
lestroying hand. He 
i his work, and in 

less leave in the 
riv er. 

—The superb steamer P. W. .-stra-b-r 
leaves to-day for New i  rl-ans, I apt. \i\ 
stem cominiiudiiig. 

—The Charmer was due (r un b. low 
last night. 

—The Abeona will leave here to-day 
for the Tennessee river. 

—The Blue Wing will be here to-mor- 
row, and will return for her long trip on 

—The Havana is 
ville Friday. 

— The Teniie- 
of the Cumberland 
and Cairo trade. 

— The Kate Hohinson. from the Ton 
naseee river, discharged here. yesterday 
thirty-one bales of cotton. 

The John Lumsden failed to get   fl' 
yeatenlay, but will go to-day, .-ertain. 

—The Pine Bluff arri ved he* yesterday, 
t'r.uu Cincinnati. It has not been den- 
uitelv ascertained what trade she will 
go into, but it will most probably be the 
Kentucky river trade. 

-The low -pressure steamer Richmond 
is due from New Orleans to-night with 

good cargo of groceries, and » iii have 
dispatch for a return trip to New Or- 
leans. A large number of staterooms 
are engaged, and the st.s-k drove-re aaj 
anxiously awaiting the announcement 
of her dap of departure. 

— The Indiana w as due lost night. 

— The Tempest did not leave i'or White 
river last evening, as was announced. 
She l.-tx this uiormng. descending : lie 
falls under the guidance of Capt. W. 
Yarble. She is in command of Capt. 
Dan. Parr, with Capt. IkeSchultz as pi- 
lot, the regular pilot being sick. 

—Further particulars of the loss of ihe 
Monsoon are published in another col- 

—The Camclia left for Nashville last 
evening, after receiving a few lots of 
freight here. She has forty or fifty tuns 
for points ou the i*hio river, and one 
hundred tuns for Nashville. Pilots, 
Oeorgv Sutton, of Louisville, and Capt. 
  .eorg." I'oe. 

—The Fmpire. recently sunk thirteen 
miles below Natchez, in the Mississippi, 
was insured in the National tor*:.l-T 
and the Fnterprise, of Ctaeianati, for 
#S,HM). It appears, however, that she 
lirst bad the privilege of navigating tho 
Mississippi from Cairo to Memphis, and 
afterward the privilege of the Arkansas 
and the Mississippi to the mouth of the 
Arkansas. The Utter clause was after- 
ward canceled, leaving the policies in the 
offices named aa originally granted. 
Such lieing the . as.-, her insurance does 
not hold good for navigating the Missis- 
sippi below Memphis. This is hard on 
her owners, who are the losers thereby. 
We are informed the policies iu the New- 
Albany offices read similarly to those 
| held by the Enterprise and National 
j offices. The other policies, we inder- 
| stand, read right, and cover the amount 
of risk they represent. 

— The Johu Lumsden got '»"' hbls 
— The Ksntnrky river M froaaa over. 
—The i.-c cut a hole iu the Burnout's 
hull on her last trip up. A hand-full of 
oakum waa all that was necessary to stoat 
the leak. 

- The new v. k..; river I . ■». 

Our carriers will present our s ubsorib-| 
ers with a neat address on New Year'" 
dav, and we hope tbev will meet that 
success which their eflorts entitle ihem. 

num'bering aliout  ,0H0, are clustered prise, of Cincinnati. tferftUOfc rap away. [ trink inyvergood health: 

around and near Fort Cobb, claiming the The cargo, principally lor Cinciunati, rap, bang, rap, go /e door. 1 take one 
protection of the governinent. The hos- was valued at about 87.1.000. A portion glass ol poonch in my hand; I open — 
tile have separated from the friendly .- 1 I be cargo w as consigned to Procter A dtsir; zero stand ze A.iniiraile, one over 
tribes, aud gone over to the head of the Gamble, valued at f«3,o00, and full v cov- great rage. "Where is my son ot -un 
North Fork of the Red river, near the . red bv iu-.irance in the Merchants' aud olhcaire'. he say ; "I . oiiri-inartial ..em 
mouth of Sweetwater. They number ManufaatafafB' Company of this city. all by dam. I hold ze poonch to zo 
some 4ti0 warriors. Barr A Shinkle, Sloe. 21 and 33 Wast Admirale s nose. "Ze ship hi ready,*' be 

I e.-eniber 7th is the date fixed bviicn. Second street, lose .1 hogsheads of su- say sniii. snifl ; ",-o wind is come, he 
Sheridan for leaving .amp supplies on gar, fullv covered bv insurance in the say siiill. snifl ; "ze dam olhcaire no 
the L'pper Canadian river, also at Fort same company. c " me , isnitl, sniff.; "I will coart- 

Cobb. and it is probable iu three or liv e The report that lliukle, Hobart A Co., martial ze son (suitl, sniri . " I aha 

davs from that date he will have been in W Walnut street, and James A. Fra/.erA ■ «l»ss ot (Kioncb, I say, "Admii .!e. 

Hazen, and Co., No. It Walnut street. had lost heavi- Ho swear ver much, but he drink ze 
stile Indians lv, is, we are informed, a mistake, poonch. He trink anodor glas.s ,.f 
r with tho friendly Slessrs. Hinklc, Hobart .V Co. had noth- poonch— anodor and anoder-and. liv- 
er or have sough' hi- ing aboard of the Fmpire, and if Messrs. K"r, I finalein. m take down M Admirale 
F razor A Co. had. they have not vet beoa al| d all zo oflicaire in /e wheol-bari ow. 
ne in Irom the peace- notified of the ensi-nment. There arc and make -/"m in ze boat. It was a ver 
• (he luiiaialeehill of doubtless other lirms iu this citv who good poonch, by gai ! 

portad Satanta -,b. have lost bv the disaster, but wb hav o And, as he linished speaking, a ftantle 
as not having gone not as vet learned of them. sigh of regret breathed Irom his hps. as 

. 1 he carelessly held out his glas.s for the 

fourth tiuie'tobc replenished with hot 


be enabled to 

without into 
triU-s who ar 

A Kiowa, vv 
fill eampjust 

ihe dbmatrh. 
rhiet of that 

with t 


Is. sample marked Hourbon 
«y— Water. C% percent.: alcoh 
i 'oatefae a very seaall quantity of tan- 
and - .g^r. nud a cousiderabk quan- 
tity of fusil oi!. Is u fair whisk v, u .t 
sufficiently recti6ed. and is diluted w ith 

A-lOB HOt si.. 

Samples of the brandy sold at -to.*iit  
the glass, and of the whiskv sold ut 
eeaae the glees, were purchased here, and 
dbuailtedto Profegg,,, Drapei foi i hem- 
i.*l analysis. The f-.Iiov i- |,;-,,- 

3fo. li. sample inuiked Bourboa whis- 
ky.— M„tf :. . per ccni.. al. .ho!. .- 
.a Little taunin and i:u 
! oil: is a vary pure v.hibkv. e.\- cpt 
_ it i* d. luied e ith water. 

-ample uiaiked brand .— Wj- 
ter,§2 per eant., alcohol, • : oiMttaiuw 
traces of taimin and sugar, but no fusil 
oil ;i* the b— ; specimen, and isprobablv 
s pure brandy diluted with water. 

•" 'JLI'V." I olTTEEVTH - ,1-rPi. 

■jU*r r. i i ra , srrt 

Ihe brandv -..Id .; 4 i . . - 

How "o bn aim 

'Fi-om the Nashville Pre»» and Time*. ;;uth. 

Ou Monday night while the up train 
on the Nashville and Iiecatur mad wa-- 
nassiug Beynold's station a squad  • 
eight Ka-Kluz, very gorgeously masked 
indeed, procured tickets and got aboard 
the cars. They traveled as fttr ss Hur- 
rican. . in Maury . ounly, where tbey got 
oil srithoat doing any further damage 
than frightening a number of timid ,. 
Li, iu. ii end "hi ladies who were ou i u« 
train. 'J hey are said lo have behaved in 
a very mild* kind of way all through 
committed no outrages tai-th'-r thaa ap- 
ing through the cars minutely scrutini,- 
inu t lie faces   i the pa-sengers bv tin 
They wore HMBg, bril- 
ls from the neck to; b- 

t b 


men shall 

ds Satanta and ! ^*The London Spectator says of teal 
tile and treia-h- four gentlemen who received ba'rouetdes today 

Indians, and fioin the retiring Luglish Ministry, that ! 
in be made un- --t.eorge Ltienno earlier deserves thel 
i way: and fien. label for real services, and none of the 
jremptory that other geaAleoaen have done anyparticu- 
killed, or cap- lar harm." I 'artier is an eminent French 
Fort Gibson. Canadian politiciaa. He vras once kMder 
if a rabalBon, bait ia now an inflaentlal 
f the noailaioa government. 


a Too IluiHI Lrlile and a too tnary 

lureu and inipri-.-i 

Oeneral Ha/en reports lhat the several 
Indians w ith whom he came in contact, ' member 

gave different versions of General Cus-I 

lar's light, one Indian would claim , Maz/ini is con vales 

that all the w fitt aa _wm» hlllad, and au- 1 ceUt T VUutor ,-,, ull(1 i,,,,, si 

'other thai all the Indians were kill- s tro n g Bwlss 

! At '- I range the stoi 

, . eaerel aheraaaa haa also received 'u-| bust health. 
I formation from opposite points, of ii cii-| hii.l- By 
Ide thai Reaawal ntaaaa is at Fort ' obb, } ri ,,ii an ■'■■ «■  
land GasaaraJ Sheridan sn proaohhag thatl^- uu \ 
 • elu 


a! Haaen comuiunicutes by the 
[cay  •■ Forte liibson and Scott to ihe 
' th  railroad, and General Sheridan by 
thews) • ; I'.irt- Bodge aud Hays, aud 
heels, a coiiiieul bla.-k hal aUiut fourt. en ' st i tht lailroad. Letter- nTOtn both 
inches high, ft om the rim of whi.-h v j-j.a djt u liecembei ."Ih. 

 usponde5 a white silk vail coveriujj '. h , 

fa, t. On tht front of the hat were at- j at^ Ihe man who defeated Mr. Glad- 
tach'ed in white eolo.-s. the Hkenttr of | stone in Lancashire i-  so corpulent that 
i-sndiec one at e^ch eud of a coffin : j uo beltetMeld ha fouud long enough fol 
over IhecoAiu were a death head and j hint when au official award bo-ame nec- 
erese is nes. ha.-h uae af thesu oarrisd I eaaary in a recent public aerasaony, 
spial  l and s huge Isiwic kuife. They Fueh says the el 
left thr train silently end mounted eight I to a great one, 

horses which were mysteriously In res- 1 si one 1«. fallen himself up for the ne\t 
.t!nee« fer lUtn. and rode j tpidfv n . a-, eleetSon nuVi In 

, ,,. i„f.,, Ih. hod I line I.. J.- • tett-k W tt Ii hit.. 

lha stajtan mmV 

1 1 om the Vtnesanas in.i.. suu. IMh.l 
Mr. Henry U.. a hale old bachelor Iiy 
ing in the c'.unly. and owning i 
mill, wooe«l and w on a buxom 
receutly, but the brido, through 
ing of modesty, timidity, or something 
else, retired to a separate room, 
locked the door, leaving tho husband 
"out in tho cold." This stale of thing 
continued tot- several nights. The old 
man, not relishing this illustration of 
connubial bliss, hit upon a plan to bring 
tht old ladv lo terms. He retired to his 

| \ r entrant nr. Pennsylvania, pnb- ! H" 1 ^ ^bere he remained taA recch e d for 
Usher has andertaken to reduce the in- "evaral tlays. In the meantime his eiie- 
daacrtbable and rangtoeaerate dialect my began to sue for peace— scuta flag 
Known a- Pennsylvania "Dutch," lo a tiu.-c. with a rtqti 
written language*. He has i-suedasuiall 1 uUJe anJ * ee V e 


w hich 

. . perched 
hand and 

would de- 
icojile in ro- 
alking four 
ind forward 


attention. That it ranks far aliove pugil- 
ism is beyond question. The following 
contests are announced to take place: 
December"!, M. Shannon and F. West- 
moi e, al Lancaster. Pa.. for-*jm; January 
hi, James Banrield and Henry Welter, at 
Nobletown, C. ^^ .. tot MN; January 17, 
\. Watd— and J. Sturges, at Uticu. for 
11,060; January 17, James Slouv/hten- 
borough and David  ;. re. at Nevv Haven, 
torfSO aetde; January 21, Samuel Her- 
man and David Lore, at Bochoster, for 
|60t; January J.t. James Leeds and Sam. 
Curry, at I ti.-a. IbrtBM aside; January 
87, P.ill Parsons and A. Merrill, at Oswe- 
go. N. Y., for |B88. 

Homer Lane, tho champion wrestler 
of America, has been challenged by 
'•Shamrock" to wrestle three matches 
f - 1 . .. i a side and the championship, 
vis; First match, best two falls in three, 
side holds, for s-UOaside; second, best 
two tails in three, ba.-k holds, for So m a 
kide, sad third, best two falls in three, 
for S...MI a side, at collar and elbow. 

!. Newton, of Ashtou, and E. bowe, of 
Whtt worth, are announced to wrestle on 
New Year's day. iu Manchester, Fug- 
land, two out of three, hack falls, Lan- 
cashire style, catch-weights, for thirty- 
live pounds sterling a sitle nnd the gate 

Mii.l.le «»l a From i lie ut Brewer. 

William Saladin, a well-known brew - 
er, and an old resident of this city, last 
nighi committed suicide by hanging. 
Ue was found this morning iu the third 
story of his brewery, on the corner of 
Archer avenue and the Pittsburg and 
Fort Wayne track, suspended to a tap 
which protected seven feet above the 
floor. He had piled un a numlier of 
bricks and placed a board on top of them, 
then, after adjusting the rope, had evi- ki.-ked away the boards. The 
body was discov ered about 7 o'clock this 
morning. Mr. Saladin was a man of 
considerable property, but had lost 
about $3,609 or f6,0Uu oh his brew ing 
lately, and this, added to the fact that 
he was laboring under a -light attack of 
delirium tremens, is the probable c uise 
t the a.-t. He was about to years old, a 
leroaaa, sad leaves a w ife and three 
hildren. living at Ml Archer avenue. 

:« 'hie-ago 1', -;. J'uh. 

world of a bold, bad, dangerous man— 
a man who is better under the paaunj 
than over iL 


I'aiusautl Perils ol l r.iv.mj the Plains. 



t uiiknow 
)-.iar\ tot 

uigue. and proni- 


feT An indication of ihe tightness of 
times la given la the fact that fewer 
vere sold iu ibis city on the day 
Christmas than ou any oarva 

 l for the old man to 
but Ac now stubborn- 
ly refused, and sent bad: word that if the 
L^ride desired to see him =he must come 
to the mill, where he had very ooasjbrt- 
able quarters, and ilui bbIom she sur- 
rendered and appeared at the mill ut u 
given time, indicating bet willingness 
i o perform her p u t of the marriage eon- 

be fori 

rs" a refer a big man s , K indiiig dav within the memory of the tract, he would al once proceed t 

d advises Mr. tilad- r ,ldeat Chicago merchant. and institute proceedinns lor ■ divorce. 

'Chlcaao Times This brought the bride to a sense of da ty 

._ . 1 _ ' e she rhated the mill- md- and over-, - 

.-ar cans tcreen -Ih* tallow ran thing baa .in. "Mirrj as a mar 

away with Helen. I iSfi bell." 


Tlie Buffalo Express has the following 
aeount ol  singular accident to the ai-- 
lor, I Iv- in Aduius: ••Edwin Adams, 
the wdl-ktioc. n tragedian, was stopping 
at the house of his friend, Mr. Bleke 
Lansing, und ju^t 'lor fun,' was havin* 

. 'iirrcsfiondence liulTalo   ourier. 

C'tM uai. Ci rv , Cm. oi, Ai" •. Dm. I& 
J-.\litor.i H i[liito Courier: Sometime 
liefore I started on my trip t | this ■ ma 
try, I promised to giv e you ttaV headings 
of any events of importance which 
might "take place on my journey. I now 
comply with are promise. To begin 
with, I left Buffalo city on the «1 nist.. 
went to Kansas city, bough', a ticket to 
Denver at eighty dollars by Uie Bssuhj 
Hill route, as I v'vas iuformo.l the Chey- 
enne route was so blocked by snow 1 
could not travel it. At Fort Hays 
(Smoky Hill routci, we had snow -iv- 
teon inches deep; we ran on, howcv.r, 
within thirty-two miles of Sheridan, the 
present terminus of the I'niou Facinc 
railroad, eastern division, where vv 
completely slu.-k fast, and on exainin: 
lion found we had uot one mouthful . 
anything; to SS&. The storm set in ina me: 
furious MOHMr. Iu all my life I hav e 
never w itnessed so hard ustorui, and for 
live days it lasted, aud for two days and 
three nights we had uot the lirst mouth- 
ful to eat. On the morning of the third 
who should come to our relief but two 
Butl'alonians, who are in the I". P. com- 
pany employ, at Sheridan, byname Mr. 
J. Bohnert, yard master at Sheridan, 
aud Mr. John H. Bobertsou, freighter ou 
the plains, and brought us some ham 
and crackers. The whole of the Smoky 
Hill route, as you will remember, is 
across the great" plains, aud there is no 
place to get anything to cat for ci-.h tj  
one miles, there being onlv a w ah I I U 
betweeu. 1 'or tlieir groat kiejdansi lo mm. 
and for the purpose of guarding all 
others against the Smoky Hill route. I 
advise them by all means to take the 
Cheyenne route". 

Our sufferings were inttn I for cold 
and hunger, having n itb i wood ne r 
eatables. We cut a few Megraah poles, 
bnt our very kind eoadnetoi • laT« *asai - 
Williams, soon stopped that, and vv. 
burnctl a parcel of dressed lumber, that 
was freight on one of ihe.-ars. Williams 
is also a New Y.-rker. and a gentleman. 
Mr. Bohnert "s parents live in Buffalo, a-  
ulso Mr. Kobertson. and bt -r ttitude b  
them, I desire to make ■peefil notice of 
their kindness. I came within twent- 
minutes, three times, of losing my scalp 
by the Cheyenne I adtean j I am no .v ul 
j claims of gold 

rem irhaaao phen 

Utaea or twenty 
had an inoendiar 
smaller structur 
|s rished by his 
takes a pride 
the -ysteiii and s. eresy with, 
which he does it. Every tire of 
;h- long series has l eeu set by the 
same apparat us. An  sld little box 
seemingly nia.le by the mysterious man 
himself, is in each instance filled with 
kerosene oil, saturated kindling-wood, 
luul other highly inflammable sub- 

-: uaeea, a assMbe-ead is phsaal in this, 

lighted that in a few minutes the 
whole will be in tlaiues. Year alter year, 
. ■ - bateau als. this liitlecoutriv- 
uaptoyed in the work of destruc- 
tion w hich this man is lient upon. After 
cvtrv conqiicre.1 lire, this little box is 
found when the conflagration began. 
Yet iuall this time the man who makes 
the huiee. who carries them about and 
Brae I hues, has successfully detie.1 all the 
agencies of discovery, all the detectives 
• mploved in the interests of justice, 
or for' the defence of property, and 
there is not a suspicion who is or what 
1- tho motive at the bottom of his acts, 
.if cosutas ho must boa ettfaSM of the 
pla.-, and „ • longer voung. Per- 

haps he is one ,,f the most prominent in 
the arrangements for bis ow n capture. 

Hi- eatraordhsary erlaaee and extraor- 
dinary silo es:, in eluding pursuit would 
make a splendid basis lor a sensation 
BO. 1. His last attempt, happily an un- 
successful one, dates back only to lsat 
weak. Mis familiar box was sei on lire 
Bjjphril a ehiii-h, the destructioa ot 
w hich, a high w mil prevailiug, would 
hav c arri l with it half the city. It 
was discovered in lime; but no traces 
of the man were left. The excitement 
over the matter naturally grows with 
ea.-h repetition of the arsou: and the 
New bin v porl Herald, as sober a paper 
a- yes could find Is) tho country, already 
hints at tho lynching of the mysterious 
scoundrel upon the instant of his dis- 

riv r 


line steamer Clarksv 
will arrive at ( it 
Satunlav, and leave f 
on Wednesday next. 

. Prom the Cincinnati tiazettt 
I. .ist month we announced 
had been filed a certificate of 
tion of the Wheeling, Parkers-burg and 
Cincinnati Transportation Company. 

   n Tuesday of last week a meeting w 
held at Wheeling, ami the following of- 
ficers were elected: President. Capta.u 
Chas. Miihleinan . Secretary ind I'rea — 
urer. John Mulrise; Directors. Captain 

  has. H. Booth, Captain J.   '. Jelly, 
Captain Phil. Anahutz. F. Keniple. • hak. 
Muhleman, John Mulrine and T. C. 
Wi'.son. The .-apital stock of the com- 
pany is s"4,oot». all paid in. with the 
privilege of increasing it to sion.ftio. 
The company now has two l«»ats, ar.d 
proposes to have two more soon. 

In addition to the insurance on the 
Empire, as published vesterday, we learn 
that Captain Hicks King's interest was 
insured for S4, iu  in the Enterprise Com- 
pany, of this city. The cargo of the 
boat was principally for Cincinnati, an I 
was valued at «7." ,00U, part of which con- 
signed to Procter A ".amble, valued at 
* ,i)0u, and insured in the Merchant-' 
and Manufacturers' Company, of this 
city. Barr A Shinkle lose il hbds sugar, 
insured in the same company. 

If the Major Anderson leaves i. r 
Wheeling this week she will deport to- 
morrow evening, instead   t ksavj 
regular day. aThe United states mail 
line are negotiating for her, cither ' - 
charter or repurchase. The compan v 
will decide the matter this morning, 
from the Missouri Deaaorrat. 2Mh. 

Captain Frank Keeling, called the Mu- 

si the 

Ihe In 

,c. : if.- 



i he 

f .,. r tfsaae 

ItnttOh tl • -. 

ilittluspoitvvithsomeoi ?Lr. Lansina s Central City ; 1 bare - u 
t in v fowl. v. hen one of them, a veteran end -dyer lodes, ^id to l e aood; 1 un .. :.. '» ho bore the scari of mmj IfmZSSZl *°, k 5" ' ' ' y il! .; jlike 
Ictile-.' flew at him and drove its poii- ' a lortuueWore I re turn: inj family re- 
onoiis spur into Mr. Adams' inst.-p. ,»»« '»  'ai ilia : I vv i U bring you a silver 
Soon lliefoot beaan to swell, and i,,^ , 'Tl.-k and some samples -r our gold 
vary sborl tlsae Ewasae three times its 
trifrlnal sj/... Physicians express their 




I g W .11 

_P. G. 

, ^ BP" Peach speculators ire already pre- 
Mr. Adams had a\erv nav- , patiaa next rummer'? campaisrn, V.y WB 

'"...I... i i" in I.. I aouaetaa Ibai the eotd ... ithei hae h I 

a Ut. I enact na i he t rees. 

\ He... W tutlow Iu V4 rslmiBster 


A memorial of Chaucer has been set 
up Iu Poets' • ..ruer. in Westminster Ab- 
bey, immediately over his tomb. The 
design is intended to embody bis intel- 
lectual labors and his position among 
iporaries. At the t-ase are the 
C nterburv Pilgrims, showing the set- 
ting out from I ondon and the arrival at 
Canteibury. The medallions shove 
represent Chaucer re-eiving a ■•ouimis- 
shm. with others, iu 137-. from King Ed- 
ward III. to the Doge of Genoa, and bis 
reception by the latter. At the top the 
are" taken from the poem enti- 
tled - l'h ■ I lour- and the Leafe." On 
the dexter side, dressed in white, are the 
Ladv of the Leafe and attendants; on 
the "sinistei side is the Lady of the 
F|ou e. dr's-stsl in green. In the tracery 
al» ve, the portrait "t Chaucer occupies 
'Ic ■ liter, between that of Edward 111. 
ajul PbilippJ his wife; below them, 
Gc-.ver, Jonn of Gaunt; and above are 

WicklirtJ am! Strode, bi 
in the harden are dis 

leaus, and waa to 
that stream. 

Messrs. Norton, 
and Johu Wear a e 
by the accident o 
railroad. Tbey were 
It is true that Mr. 
our agreeable and excellent friend, 
know n as a Keohnk packet oiMcer, leax . 
the unnatural and repulsive conditio 
single misery. l»u becember Slst^ 
be married in the M. E. Church, 
ana. Missouri, to a beautiful yrfung 
of that town— Miss Kate Pettfbone. 

On the Zid the Mississippi at Must - 
tine swelled rapidly to the extena; . 
three feel, doubtless" from a gorge. ^-|j'« 
below. « 

Captain T. M. Parker has opened, 
renovated, and is running the Verandah 
Hotel, at Lebanon, Illinois. Capt. Par- 
ker has been pilot and commander oa. 
thel pper Mississippi, since IStO. whe 
he was on the St. Louis and t .alec 
packet, lone. Captain George Atchison : 
James Ward, now President of tb-- 

Northern 1 ine, being then carpenter 

hnd keeping 

that boat. We 

H hope 

aptain Parker w i. 
' f'U--:i e« 


A New York correspondent makes 
strange revelatiou: "Rev. Luther '•. 
Bingham has been arrested for bin 
gold and paying for it with a check, 
when he had no money iu the bank. 
There is a great temptation for clergy- 
men of small means to eke out a In ear- 
hood bv dabbling in stocks. The tact 
that a few men have turned this to goo«f . 
account has induced others to trv ihc 
hand in the same matter. t»ue of our 
clergymen gave a princely wedding 
his daughter, be having mod s a quarter 
of a million in successful st.~ k 
Hons in the street. Vnothcr city ck rgv 
man, w ho drives one of the fastest team- 
on the road, had been eoaaflly eacceasfu'. 
though three years ago his cred:' -■■ i . 
enough. Allured by such example 



another city pastor has left his charc 
for Wall street, and his ca»e Is before th i 
At 1 presbytery for abandoning the miuiatr . 
low- is the name Mr. Bingham has followed this uawi». 
i • r. died A. V. 1W0," and I example. He waa early identified v. 
tekctad irom the poem enri- j the daily Fulton street meeting. Fc; 

uosaile": | inanv years he wrote reports of the 

meeting for the Observer and Intelli- 
sasteer. He abandoned his sacretl saeV 
ing for stock speculation, and iiudeaa 
strong temptation he hods himself ar- 
rested by the law, and at the age of sev- 
c.t. ei^bt veirs titag* aw-iribe .*pr-ta- 
lloa ot a w hole life 


'BaJ ide oi Gode Coi 

•F r»li..lli. pr«M . ami .lw-11 wi Q 

SnHI«- unto thy (u 

icuu t tbuutfb II bv unall :" 

"Thai ihre I* ««nt rm;« lo hosoaBBvamv; 

Tl,,.' «nutlln« for thf* world aakrtaa BUI.'* 

. .n.low .3 a brilliant piece of col inleie»tlng ..ldii|..|| lo th.- .i 
iiaelioiis ot the abliev. 


On FriUav last, according to our raMo 
ftt*palcfees, the Chinese mission ouii- 
ineuced its negotiations w ith tlie British 
-invarnirient. I'pon their arrival in 
Kn^lsud, they had to encounter much 
prejudice, in conseijueii.T   f the inipres- 
■ion that the true aim and otyect of the 
Mriasiou was to negotiate aucfa treaties as 
seea Id be a practical return to the old sys- 
temof illiberal distrust and esclusive- 
tiese. a hidi. for so many • •enturit -. Iiei- 
ineticallv sealed that vast empire to the 
i uleroourse and commerce of the ci v il ized 
v oi ld. Thin of course could not be per- 
mitted by the Krencti and Knplish kov- 
eruuients, after the pg| ensiv»  lesion* 
they have been compellcil t.. give ihe 
•liineae. from time to time, since 

lion of 

t he r.inperorV summer jMlace.a few years 
: Ko. at length aroused "the son of lleav- 

• ■II " from hi* dream of   »niiiipotencv\ anil 
 :Migh' him Ihe ni-i("i:y  .f eouuug 
within the circle of civilized nations, 
.nod o! c,,i,di K :in- his intercourse 
vith them on the principles of 
international law. At least he yielded 

the pressure lor the time being, and 
s». far departed from the traditional   hi- 
* tieae policy as to admit the em' 
o. i s i.( « hi isn.m ponorsto a reside! ce 
•t the Imix-ri.ti • -   i • 1 1 . ] . ; i'ekin. and to 
thru* open bis principal seaports to the 

• ommerce of the world. It m were liuc- 
that this policy was f.i r .-d upon it, as 
tl»e price of defeat, it was M 
that tbe Chinese government Mould 
■nearly opportauity to osca|»e its ..Mi- 
gstioiis. In Kngl.ind the underst; inl- 
ine was that Mr. Hurliugaine's 
mission bad this ulterior parpo*e: 
heme tbe coolness with which it was at 
first treated at the British carui , . 

It seems, however. ; hat Mr. Buriin- 
gauie has suc-eeded in re im.v ing this 
prejudice, and that he has entered into 
.•or dial relations w iih the British minis- 
try whicb, it is to U expected, 
will result in a treaty more 
Pilsctually oj euing up to the intercourse 
' of the empire 
s one-fourth 
of lb. inhabitants of the globe. 

The chief difficulty, we fam-y. w ill I*- 
to settle the point of consular jurisdic- 
tion, now exercised at the ports 
to British commeri'c. I'nder 
treaties, British consuls at tan ton, 
Shanghai aud other i hinese iioi-ta open 
to foreign trade.   xer.-js. ~ ij'" '" p judi- 
cial control over British subjects iu 
civil and criminal cases m which 
Uritisii subi -cts and ; i,, , w 
s'iiittesc are parties. The consuls a| 
other Christian nations, including the 
I nitcd States, enjoy the same privileges. 
In the negotiations now U-itij: op' ne l. it 
U .s understood that the « hinese plcni- 
poteiitiaries will contend for the surren- 
■ler of this privilege. This would, ol 
  nrse, lie no unreasonable demand 
from one ci\ili/.ed nation to another, but 
as between the government of a semi- 
barlMirous j eople like that of • hina, i! 
i» scarcely to be seriously entertained. 
If yMaM, Use affect of it would 
»«e to place tbe live* and psaBMst* 
ef all British subic-t- resident on 
« iiiuese territory, or teiiijwirarily there 

TUc Tarata-Ureelaa Quarrel. 

Tho conferei:. a to be held in u few 
days in Paris, to cousidor tho Tvr.ko- 
«.i«tk •juest ion, will lie iHtendetl by the 
representatives ol France. England, 
.\ ;-iri.i. It.-lv. Prussia aud l.usmn. The 

a *» * oaottcM. 

A Brief Vks ol t he Sitrwctou. 

1 i. ui Mm Wmm York World.'' 

V/sBMinuilJB, I),., is m 
i.eneral  ;ra„t vester.'i.i,. ■ J. 


re"'* !! ' 'li^^^^k'ihf" 7,;,! 

Sultan has declined to go into the con- ( wouid never ooene to •"xrataTand ihathk 
ference. if the Cretan question is to be wish for the I'orty-iirst ("o'l'ieresK to as- 



IH« Mistake in mbBMBBIBM How lea. 

[Froaa the N. V. sun. p e e. BsUvJ 
We nave real earaahllj through the 
■V'bole of Mr. Bowles article in tho 


There is little doubt but this conference 
will lead to the pacific settlement of the 
questions at issue between Turkey and 
«; recce, unless Prussia and Kiisi i.i an 
agreed on a line of policy that will 
thwart the efforts of Ihe other power* to- 
ward pacification. However covetous 
Russia may be of Constantinople, and 
the other European possessions of "the 
sick man." she w ill not again risk a war 
v ith England aud F ranee, and probably 
Austria, to attain her ,nds. unless she 
has secured the alliance of Italy and 
Prussia, which docs not seem probable. 

But what of the jioor Cretans T Thev 
will probably be left where they were 
plaeedjby the great powers, whose com- 
bined fleets, in 1*27, secured the inde- 
I endence of   ontinental t* recce. Their 
sufferings will be regarded as too small 
a matter to be allowed to disturb the 
BVBae af i ,uo|»e. 

 prmgii 'Id Republican about Mr. James 
I Mt, jr., on which his suit was (ouii.I.mI 
and we are rather inclined to think that 
Mr. l iah took *, wrong view ol ii. and 

ir of her ag" 


Uns. «i- ■ Pmpertj. 

The \\ ashington correspondent of 
New York World says the nstoral in 
the pro| crty of ex- .ovornor Wise 
^ irginia, has Iwn made under a duress 
that he w ill not chartre or sue for fou 
years - occupation of it by alK ut a hull 
dre.1 bureau OPVial? and a thousand -re 
carious negror-. who ha\e made free 
with the estate during all that pcrioc 
Nothing of value remains but the la 
itself. The mansion lias been mad 
barrack, the furniture has been ruined 
and silver hate been sold 
to Butler, the outhouses h i 
been used for stables, and the fences f 
fuel. The little raise! on the place 
been appropriated by the bureau, 
and black negroes. Even now, the eolo- 
ny of blacks who have squatted on th 
estate refuse to move, and a militarv 
i. .r.-e i« ejecting them, with partial sue 
cess, by force. The place was taki n tin 
dci no decree, and merely by Howard 
order, and ev erything has been wrecked 
or stolen, except the soil and the or 
• hards. 

- t'oiitfress o 

sernble in March w ould be regarded. He u 

took occasion to reiterate his dciinnd for • :iM ,,ot designed to lie very dain- 

l he repeal of the civil tenure act, as the "s'ng 'H his lair fame, 

recent utterance he made to tint etleet "egins by compliment ing M r. I'isk 

stands unchanged, and is working its in- '"s.o'Ujlo. saying that he Is a Yer- 

Tnr Coi rt of claims.— A docume 
just published shows the number 
judgments rendered by the I nited Stai 
Court of Claims during tbe present yc 
the uimi^ of the parties in whose fav 


purposes of 
at the mercy of the provic- 
nienl-. Tii  c governments 
bands of Mandarins, who 
and are practically in- 
of the central authority at 
IVkin. Iu their inter.-ourse with for- 
' ~r  rs thev .-ondu.-: themselves v ith 
sii-h iusolence that renders it diili- 
culllodeal with them without l.ein^ in- 
sulted or oppressed. That the British 
rill surrender the absolute 
of the livea and property of so 
large a ■amber of iu subjects into these 
barbarian bands of course cannot be 
thought oi. In the treat y recently con- 
cluded between China and this country 
we have unfortunately 
right of consular ji 
« bines* ports; and vv . may conse- 
quently expect to hear at any time 
  I some frightful wrong being 
perpetrated on American citizens, in 
consequence of the pretended violation 
of some barbarous law as old per- 
haps as the pyramids « llgypt. In 
sii'-h faae our « .o\ emuier.t wouid 
douhileaa pursue i:s traditional method 
of obtaining red;-e*s. nan. el v : v. diplo- 
note would be vv ritteu from the 
lie part men t to our Minister at 
IVkin directing hiin to remonstrate with 
Hie Chinese gov. rnuc ;r • . ; s, ■, 
acts, as eoiitraiv to the laws of 
nations. The American Miuister at 
I'ekin wo 
tbe « hint 
claim any 

i«i ioiiow ijis instructions— 
e government would 
kuow ledge of the attair 

lor it* occurrtjn.e. 

they wer. rendered, and of their attor 
nev«. and the amounts awarded. The 
court gave favorable judgments in tifly 
three cotton cases, the cotton having 
been captured by the United Mates 
fon-es. The claimants in all such 
arc required to prove loyalty to H 
United States at the time of capture. Th 
i.UjrejMte of these c .tton claims is s:,on 

The sums awarded range from in, ler 
sl,««ito sM n. The court threw out 
the claims for ae,x piance« of sundrv 
MMi «f exchange or drafls fey .lo|, n I! 
1 1 fej 1. Secretary of War. 

It is estimated by those who hav 
some know ledge of the subject, that 
present there are iu round numlic 
about one million two hundred and lift 
thousaud Tie. ano Accepted Masons 
s altered n| oii the lace of the glol*. O 
this number someone hundred and fift 
thousand are in England, one huiid 
thousand in Scotland, and tifty thou 
sand in Ireland. There are about six 
hundred thousand on the continent o 
Europe, three hundred thousand in th 
I nited States, and fifty thousand 
other |.arts of the world. Iu England 
| there are two or three thousand |«'rsr,„ 
iuitiaied every year, and the Masoni 
•• is s.dd toliecveryvvhcicMierc , M ng 

E*-The oldest man in Minnesota 
Louis Ea Bonte. aged on  hundred and 
four years, died at the residence of hi 
son-in-law at Fair mount last wee 
His wife, still living, is iiinttv-nin  
years of age. Eight years ago M 
Bonte began to grow childish. ihou.r!ih 
still possessed his intelligence. Thre. 
| ears ago he lost his power of speech 
aud with it apparently his reason. On 
y before he died he went out 
barefooted. He w as a French 
and a Catholi, . and w as in . B it 
ish s, ; v i -e in the w ar of 1SIJ. 

.c - The work of restoring the ancient 
and beautiful Cathedral of Uloucester, 
I't^: aud. 'ormerly the church of a Ben' 
edi. tiue abbey, and dating back to about 
A. I».. 1047, is going forward successful 
ly. The external of the soutn t : :m-c v 
is now complete l; the south porch ha* 
lieeu begun, ami the choir w ill be forth 
w ith restored, at an expense of some 
scveuty-nvc thousan.l dollars. Th 
whole restoration will probably cost two 
hundred thousand dollars. 

would rest, to be 

repeated nrf s^Mba*. 

The English "Vovernuiem will doubt- 
loss be wise enough to avoid all such 
'••atsand complications, by doing what 
i would have been wisdom iu us to hav e 
i". namely: Retaining  -ousulsr 
uinadiction in all ports of   hina open to 
-ei^n commerce. »nd n othei i-e- 
I Ait so revising her treaties a« to give 
greater impulse to lbs lendeucv shown 
'•y the great Chinese world to .-ome 
w ithinlbe pale of christian civilization, 
nixing influence* 

K4T As a railway train was Hearing 
Kent, Oh, a few days siu.-e. a man w as 
dig .|di M vered lying on the track. It wa. 
too late to stop the train MfeM it reache 
him. but it was done as soon as possible 
Ou going back, the man w as found 
ting up. about twenty feet from tl 
track, swearing liecause his i^alc 

1 1 is more aud more evident every »v 
• •at the .onflic;. between «.eu.  ;rant 
«od the rovfc of tbe Radical pai ty, is 
l " * »'■ '-ran:   opposed to sub- 
t o nulroads. and there is a large 
n iu both Houses of   ougress 
s  u.»se line houses and costly cju ; . 
red sumptuous living arc derived from 
their • on net ion with these thieving op- 
kratioaw. t.raut it. oppose*! to vihiskv 
t ugs, a „d there is no inconsiderable 
Buiuber of Congressmen of the •«,ol 
l Tnd haaaeja1sW n party that are the crea- 
»f this ring, f.rant is said to in- 
the repeal of the tenurc-ol'-office 
aM the ultra Jtadnals swear that 
it shall remain on the statute Us.k. a* 
»• n. the mouth of the !■ ill, 

Ihus. between the thiev.i,. . 
Wboleardisaj.isaiiilmcnt. and the ultras, 
who will brook no interl v 

• Ueirplan of forcing negro sutirage ujkjii 
the North, in order the more consistently 
t  go forw ard in their diabolical scheme 
« : Afri c a ni ang the South, Grant and the 
3-rawr portion of his pauy are on the 
  e y brink of war. When it w ill break 

• : only a question of ni julhs— jier- 
)•"!•« weeks. The thing itself U inev ita- 
I • . .vnd tbe sooner it liecomes open and 
  .« :it the letter it w ill be for the 

.iu v . After all. these tonaressioukl 
Ml -pers may bud that in electing 
||fnat, they have not to ured the sappia 

• they expected. Ooing for wool, 
remaps they may yet come home shorn. 

A ' lrcula: of the  -oumiittec ol 
H'asningtou monument has been issuod 
to the pastors of all churches faj u ie 
»-ountry, asking of their pariahs i 

•'" i-recedingihc al,,- 

February for enough fuiul- to re«„„. 

vvoik. kvhi.-b. with uhal aw- in 
|,ru*pect. lead to the iioj*e. sa\ » the eli - 

• • , of c^uipie.... c ' tbe v. or_ • in 

tov: yaars. It is signed t - Mr. Johnsor. 
•''•-.-•-"•I Or.nt. . r B . ■ \tv 

It. - rai . 

i«-Profe«sor Win lock, or the Massa- I 
«■: usi its Institute of Technoloev. li^i,, ^ 
t«c siw reccntlr, for two nights, n coles-; 
*e. ,i, I be In-*, ii. a.t,,e 0 |«l«l,oii 

York Mail says that at 
in that Stale votes were 
1 " ; -r Invar ing the names ol 

11 oil I 

A. T. Hoffman. .John A. 
'•• Hodinan, .1. Hoffman, IJoflma 
nan, Hufuian. Mm O. arifea 
liriswold and IJris. 

'"■ Koihschild's Liters i,-,,,,, 
clerks who were to blow thei 
»ut unless a certain sum arrived bv a 
certain hour averaged one a day. The 
average quantity of brains blown out 
daily w as doub; less much les 

, John 
, Hoff 

kt, A 

i uined 
I Tains 

 n and after January, |s» v. all edi 
tors, schoolmasters, and ministers of the 
Ooapel will be passed free of charge 
over the l*high Yalley railroad upon 
show ing tneir .-cnui -atcs of olbcc. 

r-^-The C/ju is said to 1* extremely 
fond of co a, , le,t it is supposed he 
would, if not interlcred with bv France 
aud England, change h, 8 diet-and lake 

• 'Irir ..•rges; landholder in the 
I uited States is one 11 ay ward, of Uli 
nois. a young lellow of twenty-four, vv h« 
was married on Thauksgiv n._ day. 

' I ourteen hundred Poles have 
Ijeon notified that after t Ik lirs; of Janu- 
ary they are to expect no more aid from 
the French government. 

»•'■* Two French uobleniaii. both oUi- 
cers in the army, hav e lately entered a 
in w hich the rules are of the 

MfTbe National Biv klayers' I nion, 
said Ui numUr 10,000 men. will hold a 
convention in Washington on the 11th 
of January next. 

t'.u. nee among all th- parlv. The dis- 
patches from tins city to the Radical p. t . 
I»ers attempting to hush uji the conceded 
•lidereuce in sentiment between the 
i'r. s\i •m-eloct and Congress on this 
are sent under orders, for the 
purposcof postponing disclosure* in the 
hope of adjusting divisions. Here iu 
M ashington the issue Hcneral (Jrant has 
created is as much a matter of common 
fame us the existence ol tho Potomac 
river. One of the results of this fend in 
the unhappy family lias ls-en to shorten 
the intciidc-l stay of Congressmen at 
their homes and other places of holid i V 
resort. It is well understood that the 
\ ':■ I'n sident-elect will hurry bad. 
several days sooner than he meant at 
lirst to do. and v 1th him will come Wil- 
son from the Fast. Wade from the West, 
■ ho. with Tr— lliall. Sherman. Kellv 
and Coiikling. are to find nut, through 
Washbumc, if possible, exacilv what 
tieneral Urant wants, and then what 
less be will accept. U is announ. d 
now, almost oflli laJli, that a caucus is 
hs held on the night of the lib of 
ai y ; indeed, it is declared that a call for 
one has conlident iall v sMt to all 
the Radical members under t he franks 
of Schenck and Morgan, of the BsMib- 
licau Congressional Campaign C inmit- 
tee. Bv a single demand for repeal of 
the Civil Tenure bill, followed bv no re- 
iterated or other subsequent demonstra- 
tions, i ,en. Grant's ultimatum has | ,iu- 
ed force and favor among nianv who 
counsel peace. Those of the Senators 
w ho can be counted on to advocate the 
real re|K al of the law , ai' stat d to me, 
by one ol" their number, to be Me--: -. 
HeaderaoB, Ferry. rreUachnyaea, 
• •rimes, Sicrmaii, Morton, Ross, Hixon, 
Anthony, Sprague. l essenden, Trum- 
bull, Poolittle. l ow ler, Sawyer, of South 
Carolina, at least, together, of course, 
with all the Democratic members, ii i„ 
undeniable, however, that Messrs. Mor- 
gan and Sumner have taken advantau' 
of each l eing in town during tbe recess, 
to co-operate in prod iii ing a sentiment 
against the rejRal of the law in aiiv 
event. During the week Bingham, 
Blaine. Bout well, Wilson of Ohio. Farns- 
wortli. and other leaders will b  
on hand to reinforce the opposi- 
tion to re|K al. The occurrence 
the feud has been the pretext on 
which more than two thousan.l letlers 
have been penned to Urant from • sove- 
reigns" in and some out of altl, Tiiev 
tell him, iu atlbatliwi to light it out on 
that hue if it takes all his four v ear- to 
do it in. Conservative Congressmen 
and statesmen generallv, including the 
I'iv-i i, n . ha\   ins: st„od still looking 
at the grow th of this div ision, and v\ idle 
ptaljr v indicated, as well in their long 
protests against the shackling of the Ex- 
ecutive as in their expectations that a 
rupture would come, are as silent in ad- 
vice ils they are la. -king in sympathv. 
I'orney conspicuously publishes to-day 
Wendell Phillips' order number one on 

No oi iej u could be bet- 

icont Y 

u r than that. We have few Stales thai 
stand higher or in a higher latitude than 
"tat is the mountain region 
id wciiiicr, Morgan 
men. It is a sweet 

XtFK-Ot tin- J 'tb Instant, at o'clock 
Dora Alice, danaklcrof l'uiil A. and Lou K. SvB 
ttm-l one- your and two intuitu*. 

Tlie lunetii! Wll trk" | I:ice lioui Itio r.sii.n. e 
sev, ntcentli :m».i Koiran strecm, thin ntternoon »t 1 

stxci ka n -in, 

Mc. Marj- H. 81, .. 
siiicloar. in tln-.s-rij 

' l.'HI, imvI! b- 

I incliui.,1 1  ,-, - % , 


HANS -rin Betm 

o'clock f. S.,oruini 
of John and Mlnhi 

ami sj day*. 

--T^.ww wsl win tak.- pUesai Wo'eiaek Friday 

"i"iiilni(, from ihe fatuUy residence. Fourth tired, 
'*'•'» "en Mnrket nud Jeffer«en. Friendi of ih. 
family are invitee] to Mteud 

which prod iu 
hones ami 

phase tpconie from, lor it vields a lame 
annual |.rodu  t ol maple stigar 

Then the article goes on to sav that 
Mr. 1 isk was a peddh-r. There is' not h- 
lng derogatory Ut that. Oa the contrary, 
is any aristts raey in VerasOBt! 
Hers constitute It. And tho arti- 
cle ki lorth Mr. I'isk as one of the most 
noted among them. He did not , arrv I 
 n his baek. lie did not lag two 
trunks mound. He rode. And 

if titer 

the | 




THK (IKK AT rii'ToniAI. ANM'.VI.. 
Hosteiter'.H fnited Stales Almanac for 1- J 
dlatrlhlltion, t rot.i thromtljoi 

the situation forbi.lding the repeal of the I'}" 
law. but while (dace is a possibility do- ! r " , ln 
clines to comment upon it. Between !,   ,...„il?.._. w 
he Congressmen who openlv defv 
Grant's deliverance and those who iii- 
lin. to submit to it. are a middle party 
who se, k to solve the trouble by having 
the Fortieth Congress speedily adopt 
Mr. .lenckes' civil Berries ML They 
P ro less I,, declare that Mr. Colfax and 
neral Crant are heartily in favor of 
and that, by its provisions, Bjst 
!y Ban the lust qualified be Bseared 
ollice, but that the strife for 
supremacy I.etvveen the Executive 
ad tbe iegialature can be. merged into 
upportofa measure which will realise 
the best theories evd entertained in 
reference to our adminisiral ive system. 
It is .irtain that Mr. Jeaekes 1 v'vill 1^ 
here a week b a fiin the exairatiestof the 
recess to press tic stimulated movement 
in behalf of his measure. Lt east he ahowa 
however, that the bill ■rnmt pass this 
sion. Too nianv things are in pros- 
pot, and time is too short. More than 
this— a majority of the liadical members 
would not dare vote for the bill in the! 
situation iu which they stand In thoan 
whoelei-tcd them. Then neither ».r.ur 
uor the foes he has raised up are in favor: 
if a compromise, however BSUch they' 
ike the civ il service bill. Waahbswael 
* Jierfecilv wild at the disclosures of 
he World. He is the point of interroga- , 
i.»n here by both sides to an extent 
which more than bewilders him. Grant 
himself has become a rc.luse sudor the 
ressure: he refuses ad mi it anee to any I 
*t headquarters aftei twelve each day \f m  
md manages to reach there iust alvoiit 
hat hour. 

he did not ride in a ono-horse  • art. He 
ihovc tour-in-har.d; SO the art icle states 
A magnilicent turnout, too. Spirited 
steeds; high-met I led eon rsi is; fat, sleek 

srell gmranad. We Bsaey now that w.' 
behold Mr. risk nioiiiitcd on the 
Ijox of his peddloWs wagon- "as 
broad :.- he la high," as the article de- 
BOribea him t ah his four horses 
gaily prancing their high Staistwl Beeka, 
their tbice, Isahlsw sjrea, their 
thin, silky m ines, and thiek, long, (low- 
ing tail-: we Btacy that we east hear the 
lewd erach of his whip tnosiiu snapper 
on Use aad of the king lash -an I 
ti|i to the door of the hotel in some coun- 
try village. "There was great titillatioa 
among the village belles and ines- 
aansaa," says the article, "when the 
1'isks came In town with their elegant 
turnout and their magnificent gooda." 
• •f course there must have been. '"Silks, 
velvets, ribbons, j.opliiis, ,vc." And 
their customers are represented to hav e 
been sqnal in quality to their goods, for 
were they not "i he be«t ladies oi all the 
country tow us /*' 

W* pan not mnW the temptation to 

pmse here and dwell for a moment on 
this fascinating picture of a gav and 
h ippv life. "Elegant four-horse teams," 
'lashing with these (Irani one lovely New 
England town to another: greeted by 
the sparkling eves of all the village 
bsUss, Joyously waited upon by the loaf 

me. la-keys about overv- count rv tav ern, 
your horses ipii. kly watered bv the sta- 
ble lioys; breath Ing in the bracing uioti n- 
taiu air, with no anxletv except to keni 
7»f vo,,r w'agon-wheels greased so that thev 
v\ oiild not squeak — mi 
lieeil a favored kind of e 
mortal Han? 

Here a man is proud of his four-in- 
hand, carrying only a few silks and rib- 
Isms alreadv worn! Might not one feel 
more Brand With a whole wagon-load, 
•lime new ? Mr. Fisk never had a turn- 
out on the avenue, or in the park, to at- 
tract so much attention as he would to- 
day, driving through the city, mounted 
on the Ikix of his peddler's vv a^on with 
In- \ ermont four-in-hand. 

As to what Mr. Bowles wrote about 
the State prison and the lunatic asylum 
that even many oi Mr. Flak's friends 
predicted one of these for him— which 
xirtion of the passage was quoted bv 
in his atndavit— the kind w ish 
riser was added to that 
statement, as follows: "But we hope 
and believe that h» will escape from 
both." It might be illegal to put in ac- 
tion a wish that a man should escape 
from a state prison or a lunatic asv luni, 
it he were already in the one or the 
other, but there would be nothing Ma- 
licious about it. And even suppose h* 
had aat been committed— tako for in- 

stanee the case of Oomasodoap Meado*i 
■on would It be Ubeihms to ariah that 
lie should never lie committed, as his 
father was, toa lunatic asylum f 

But Mr. Bowles' good "wishes do not 
SSem tO have been K-ei,, located by Mr. 

Fisk. lie not only did not wish that 
Mr. Bowies should escape a prison, bin 
he wished to put him into one, and did 
put him into one. This was returning 
not good for evil, but evil for good. 

if it does fifty thoaaaad doUare'daat* 
BH to hope that a man will 
prison, what must be tandems 
ting a man into prison'.' 

SB, for 
■Mud States 
and alt rivll!*, $ countries of the WeMern ■SUB*' 
I'liero, will he tmblish. ,| BSSSt Ihe He? t of January, 

«ud sttaas Mat nsasWstaes Mm bsm sMaas- 

Bhf of benlth slicilil read and imnd- r the v aluabl* 
susgestlons It coulaius. In addition to an admlr- 
u' le nustieal tretui-" on the Ciiuves, BMMMM1 and 
cure of a great variety of dlncues. it BMhSBSSI a 

Urge BBMaal of taeBTaasthn 1st 

nierchiini, Ihe nsassais, IBS nih 
Ihe planter, 


■sa i-i 

o l een 

i ore 

that have 
ice for poor 

comprehensive Nation vi " alksukk 

The nature. us«, . BBS exi raonhnary BBatM 

si - i ituatvi rum stoma4 ■ atTTKBt 

MM siapl- lonicnnd alu i.-viim of more than half 
the I hrlntiHU world, are lull. fSSt BStB hi II t p.ig'-s 
which are also mi , .,,.. r „ d wiih pictorial illu-tra 
lions, rtOuHbt? rwiut-. for fie- bouvbohl aud f.^rin 
humorous anecdol-K. and other aMMMBWS aud 
amusing reading matter, otlginal and selected. 

Among bm aansah to aasw with ihe Bfassafl st 

the year, tlib. will t e one of the most inet'ul.and 

,!•■ •/ Of hn.i fir it,, s 'nd for copies to the 
r. nirul BMSBBSStaqr, SI I'lttsl.nrg. fa., or to fiat 
BKiriat saalii ta BoaTaTTTBBV BTOOIAl n BR 
l'KRs. Ths MVTTKMH are sold r-t; swr.tosrs 

c%.f.?#.fff/T.f.l-.S tV##'T, 

' for di 

m m 

IMBaasysnnsas Mercury discarded. Only 
Is toeffi-ct a cure, run ly vegetable, t'urei 
»m two to lour days, thus avoiding ei|»osure aud 
luole. Male packages Female fi. 

Samaritan's Root and Herb Juice, 

leouly permanent rare lot Scrofula. Ulcen'. Sores, 
BW.BBS VI. retinal Diseases. || BaWfesttM. 
Sild by KAY MOM  * CO., and OW BM A SUT 
Oa»MOM   t- VO~ I'ropnelori. 

m . lUre street, Phlla. 

■M M.VV.tsal« 


Uses sad sssMssMa, young and old. aaManH Ml 

having their lialr SSBBSMB) for the holidays, should 
use a ssntsaf LtrM BOB THM 
HAlUutouce. Basi (h.vulic-r'a Treatise on Ibe 
Hair. Free M all OWB B aw ay at the BnBJ »o.res, 
or aeut !• • mail free. This Isvik should be read by 
every MBBBS. It teaches to ciilttvaie and have 
lieautilul hair, nud rentore gruy hair to iu vrlglnal 
color, slop its lulling out, removes all irritation or 
dandruff from the scalp, thus keeping the hair 
SSBSMaa to Mm latest p -riod of lire. 

SARAH A. l M.H., 
JfSStawly IJil B*0sisay. Ne w York. 


And the Vigor nf Youth restored In four weeks. 


pmers, from whatever cause 
early pernicious hahlts, self- 
ellmale, give way at once to 
ne. i taken rwgularlv a."«-ord- 
whlchareverysiaipfean.; r. - 

istire . ratv 
or foorquan- 

!.■ rv restori s 
arising; the ell „ 
abuse, Impotencr and climate 
■Ins weiideri'ul meilieine i tal 
lag to tbe directions which ur 
q"ilre no restraint ttUHU hnslnoi 
ure Is iniposslhle. Hold in lioitl 

titios In one for p. To be had only o. the sole up. 
poinl.Hl agent in America. II. (i kui i / i:n, ' As. -cud 

I • - 1   

Ave., N. Y. 

&rape \ incs. 

n suMa M\MM Obw sasv "• 

t'. oi rra 

linb, 1MB HkST 
3uu,ouo Cut Hugs oi 
bearing vines: an' 

saaar Pi 

List. Adflr 


s r- 

lAhLKS llllWM \'r, s SrBAVV- 

v.s.1 ral.s. Send fir I'kh k 
JOII X SA  ks'i FDKH. 

l.onisville, sr. 

ape . 


in tin 

time in Scpteuioer last, a colon 
w as injured at one of the station. 
  »range, Alexandi ia and Manassas Kail- 
road. He was eMiniincd at the time l y 
I physician of the neighborhood, who 
to!,! him his injuries were but slhjdlt, 
consisting onlv of a bruised leg.  '"! 
getting well, however, ami his foot flop- 
ped itlsiut loose as he walked on his 

DOM I.ES ox I ohm V. 

ricturc ol Forney Itcfasini; 
MhM s s.oimi. 

tt'roru the K|iringliel.|. Mitss. 

That must hav e been a 
scene when Haron BtOOehl and Mi' Uo\',- 

Ml j.iiblicau. 
very pretty 

ert J. Walker aadtad in pressing up,,,, 
Mr. John W. I'orney the sum of Kt,0U0 as 

riitches, he came to this citv for surgi- 
al advii e, ami pla ead himself under the 
can, lent of an old ladv who has some 
reputation as a doctress. A system of 
poulticing was at once instituted, and 
the result was that one morning last 
week, when the patient removed the old 
poultice preparatory to applying a new 
annj to bis horror, his fool and about 
nine inches of his leg came oil' w ith it. 
The s: uiop. how ev rr, is now doing well, 
BMd the mail, w ho is a: the almshouse, 
will, it is thought, soon be able to get 

she at on a wooden leg. 

I lexandria   Saaette, 

i token of iateiBsftonai good feeling, 
while that pattern of all the purities and 
•ill the proprieties Mr. Kornev of course', 
with BM hands undoubtedl v : behhsdbis 

back, gent lv but lirmlv refused the elit- ; "I"' " "v"' "" 
tering gold, Alaska was paid for in gold £225, N ° a "' V " x 

Alined to subject his immaeuUt - ' ZZZZZ '"V . 

. r. ,.„„„.. ... , some occasions as inoli as t 


j l 'or some BMnths 
taken (roni the till 

This splendid Hair Dye Is the nest in the world. 
The only v«» and jirrf'tt n.v'-Harmless, Reliable, 
Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous 
tints. Remedies the 111 erects of lt,  I Dya. Invli 
•SSBWSSd leave lUe hair soft and heatulful, bla. 
or brown. Sold by all BrSBSMS and Perfumer 
»iidpr..pei!yapp:;..d r.t BAtchelor's Wig Factor 
Ko. K Bond bU sbi. tttm Yora. _ aim ly 

Betas Errorsaud Aaasai IsSMbM to Youth aud 
Fsriy Manhood, with Mm huniene view of treat- 
ment aial cure, sent hy mail free of charge. Ad- 
dress, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Box P. Phtlsdel- 

p m ». ??. an»i«wna 

pONFIDKNTIAU- Young men who bSTS lu- 
jnr;.d!hems«lvi s hy secret habits, which unMt 
t heui ft;r business, pleasure, or the duties of married 
lite ; also oii...fle-a«.sJ and old men, who, from the 
follies of youth, or ether causes, feel a debility in 

sdVBiic- Uielr years, placing themselves 

SMerUM treatment of any one.should lirst read 

It, s era) l *rt s »rtj ' Sent lo any audo*s. In a 
m oji-l envelope on receipt of 2S cents. Addi 
I U , HAS. I -TUAliTAl'O., RosUin.Mass. 

'et^ ddrwly 




OEM 01 I AT 


Green street, two doors below tbe 

We beg to cull thentteullon of our friends snd th 

public to our extensive 

Our bvcllltles In 

type, gaum row™ tmummtk akd mate 

EI A L. 

Are such that we feel I'onHUentv.e ran execute all 

descriptions of Printing at as 

ee-Low rnJOMMrMI 
A«f.ny bou^e ■ ! . ; .N. vv BMMa 

Business, Vlsitiug and Famy ObMBbI Cards, lo 
every varivty at prices from 

Si' per l.ouu upwards."' 

MaURi I 

0*^ '7-A, 



DBA f Ti-lliETS 
And all descriptions of Mcreau'.lte Printing. 

We respectfully invite our friends and the public to an 
inspection of our goods, all of our own importation, including 



no boxes, ttjo.. 



« bmbM 

d*1| .1. J. I 

wlS.»Ub n^,,,£'i^£^ jSSTZ 

sll V vrv it ^ roT%*ee rsS? « 

Merws Hair i 

'-* »-PP • 
' I • ,t ~ . s 

,'"t: ItKV I sTAUI B \ 





Xo. l^ottrtb street, betweea  I;iln ami ahsO llivcr, 

Oommiflifliioii Merchaiix*, 


# /.#/./ «\ #.^* l OI.YTUV i'KOUU V. 

. • H *s» 

COMMISSI^ » IK  t  -ii:. 

(ilMKiaTH, BUNCE A CO., 
Wholesale Grocers and Produce Dealei 9 

1 » ' r. . |f-«| eaj 

I » «'« d cellar; gjii-hr'.iuir r 
»ehouse and stable. tb» 

L'uR h 
r aied t 


wt; rnsHssse. rarria 
•ntir. t.u !■! 
don iiveu lni medial Hy. Asaty le  

K A li.V A WOI.KF. Nil zn Ham »*. 

bet. seventh sad Beaatk shv 
Or lo J. L" -IU H i l: ,* • 
19 ^eBVrsqi .1 ^ ■ I 

del tf 

for rent one of 
city for an A. No. 
 ver tbe store Is a 

We havfM 

1 dm« store or family mcSfy 

near Third. 


^T'M.K.N IP. Its K - 


»a. slot. a. n»y roek^ws 

■ids mb%:Mbm MM fo«« 

for all k 
and uu 

id officers will Bj 
nds of Uatlrosd I 
BSaSSS in cou" 

y prepared 
i ts printed 

packed up and warranted correct. 

MMMMUHI .i a muoHT TASirrb 


■ HOI OMON R.-. K.:  . . N... 1-. «rUl B 
prompny for Past, m E 5i n. v. 

P J AS. A. HKATTIE, H.-. r.v 




and declined to 
in ss ;,, suspicion f 
cuiii. \\ hat a pity there DOS 
beon aduiission hy t ii-ket 
tie tableau! MM Mnnet 

tllll nl I. .ISC 

1 li d hav s 
o this lit- 
Xast. in 

Me ahanaea oi that, do soeaething 
reproduce t i i is, scene, which the Mnrl 
would not willinolv Jet die? IVhlle ad- 
tniring Mr. l'oruev s virtue, however, 
beyond all expression, we cinict t'ullv- 
sympathize with the reason which he 
lor his refusal. He could not do it 
because la- was se, nuarv of tho Senate, 
body not ;i tew ol w hose members make 
more money in Washington than they 
er made anywhere else. This would 
em an mine ss.i :v sensitive!) ss - 
leed. Hut that it vvould have been a 

0 journalism, and ■ shame to 

1 his bhjh oliice as editor of a 
r two in fact, IkiUi daily,., to 
his snhMMM to the sdhhv, and 

llow ed his press to lie used to aseeive 
ders, misrejiresnt publi - opinion, 
the hwnsnrjr, does not seem to 
na\ c occurred at the time to this orna- 
ment of bis profession, not even to tlr- 
model of sensitive BUI ity, who .ouldn't 
take a "ter'iiiionial," forsooth, because 
he was Secretary of ihe I nited States 

Hut the money was not destined to co 
Russia, by a long chalk. Mho Gen. 
Hutler, Mr. I'ornev had a brother who 
point ol fa.-t, published his p a j H i ! 
Hapjiy in tbe consciousness of virtue, he 

- Bl MaOC — 
I iniinev has been 
■ loon in this 
some 1 »i 1 i — at 
ljeen taken, on 
hi ah as twenty tlollai-s 
Kiusr M i M  i . All eilortsto capture ihe 
thief had proved unavailing. Yesterday 
the proprietor, in opening the money 
drawer, thought be saw s mm,er be- 
Bind It. He knocked off a portion of the 
wood, and t he r e bans' ■ large pile el 

Os MO n ey, isting of bills ami |K stal 

eurreiuy. ,\ anally of niiee had made a 
nest there, ami had used the nionev to 
l'tiil.1 it w ith. Nearly two bnndred dol- 
laas w as taken out of the place, a portion 
of the money being nibbed late bus, Ths 
animals had made an BXpeaaire home 
ninl and expended Money lav labi/. 

Jac ksoii j Mich. | t'iti/.en, Dee. B, 

i: v/inf.. — The HnionUflu Ameri ca n 
* wms ita readers aad the pnblie mner- 

allv to beware of bazinu, srhtch, though 
a household necessity, is a dangerous 
servant. It says: Being one of the most 
volatile and inflammable products n - 
stilting from the distillaiion of patro* 
leuni. it with great rapidity, to 
thai the contents of a four-ounce vial, if 

overtnrned, would render the air of a 

iiiorlerate-si/.ed room highly explosive, 
the greateM care should be exeraaed In '"", rK !- v °*bj 
handling thin substance ln proximity to 
me. and it is iniportaiu to remenibor'that 
Ihe vapor escaping from an uncorked 
Ixiltle w ill cause a llame to leap over a 
space of several feet. 

Lot isvillc. Dei a. IBB, 
nasi thSMBB for thine BlNpsM 
ink. for the eiisul'ig; year, will he 
i. n tlie s. ,-,,nd Monday iu Janaai v. 
•J o'clock m.. aud the KgalarsB. 
loekholders «U1 he held «■ t. mt 
I M. 

II. t . PIXPELtV, Cashier. 

City Parcel 


.No. r 5. easl §l4c Thinl street. 


UAf'KACiES delivered to auv part oi ihe BBS 
sbclbv s'" V"J li:u " v "' Kontuekysiii 


fancy snow caMM 

PI.AIS ( .! /.' /IV, 

ha Mt na.Ls. 



With coupons at .ached. 

Iu »ny stylo, lea M sssMAa • Ms ■! lu the best 

SI j M and tvuh MantGh. 


. to K. 



day of Bst . 
nipt, y »iii csned ..gainst the estule of 

II. It. RI.K K. 
Of Keysliurn. in the county of Logan and state 
or Kentucky, w ho bas been adjudged a bankrupt 
on his own petition ; that the pavmuiit of any debts 
and dellv. rv of any property BBMBasBS to saet 
luinkmpt, to him. or for bb us.-, and the Iran .I'. r ol 
any propei ty by him, are forbidden bv law: mua 
"* ""' creditors of tbe said tmukru,.!. to 
Prove th. lr debts, aud lo choose one or more as- 
slglle.-. ,.| his .slate, will ho held at a four: ol 
Bankruptcy, to b- hidden at RowliiiKKr. en. Kv.. 

Warner I'n.leruoo.). Kegister. on tb- :'-.i 
I. y ,,r IssBSry, l*', at It) o'clock a. «. 

. s. Marshal, as Mfwic r. 

de.11 it 



day of Deo 

tUplt-y Was ls-lle.l agalllsi Ihe estate of . 

af. E 

"I . in the county of Allen, and s,at e 

• ■I Kentucky, who has b.-.-u iiib,iidi; sl a haiiknipt. 
on his pwm iH-tition; that the pavim iit of any th ois 
and delivery of any nn |ieriy HelonKlnic to ■ h 
bankrupt, to hlni, or for his use. and ihe traicier 
..faiiy psuflSII l by him. are Ibrbidden by law : that 
a meeting of the cri^lltorsnf the said bankrss t M 
prove their debts, and to choose one or mor- as- 
M-n-es of his isnate, will be held at a t'ottrt ol 
Kaiikrupiey. to be holden St Bowllnggreen. Kv.. 
before warner I'tidern is.d. Itegister on th. j.l 
day of Jaaoajry, ISM, si n o'clock a. m. 


dell 2t 


M I 


NOTH K This is tORive notice that on the ITth 
day of I e«.. A. I . l-»i. a warrant In l «-ik- 

rupr-y .va.s : sl ag.tinsi the .-inte ,,f 


'•)- .in the eoiilltv of Pike, and s;a:e 

i Kentucky, w ho has been adjudged a liankiuot 
on i,i. own petition : that the pavnient of anv il. .'h , 
and delivers- of anv property 'belonging Co -.oh' 
. banki apt, lo hiin. or for his use and the iransl. . of I 
anv pro|N-riy by htm. are forbidden bv law ■ u. .: .. ' 
ine. iiug of the cnslliors of th.- suld'baukr 
prove their debts, and to choose one or no 
"iguces , f his i7,tale, will l... held at a l . 
Rankniptcv. to he holden at llegist. r s oltic 

\\'«*i«s!«»'«»f Hall. 

' ' s 


i'ositivi i.v, nan tatanmtm 

Thnrsday. Tnday and Saturday Dee. 
31. Jan. 1 and 2. at 2 P. M 

With Family Matinee, January 1st ami 
9B, at o*clo  k, p. m. 


M i N8TK I : L.B] 

Krom their 0|s-ra House, tineinnalL An euter- 

t.. l.nieut " II I. "Ill parallel in tbeehroin. !.-s ,.| V| ,,. 

strelsy. Kutire change of programme BBSS ere,,- 
uig. int. rpr-ted by SS nr-tViaS™ 15 
embracing more genuine wlent 
isunpany in - 

•e^Adniission VOrs-nla: 
Gallery ;'. cents. The 
sei edS sts will 
Met .rrell. on W 

| o'clock. 

»«r lioprs open at 7 o'clock r. m. ; to emit 

---i.t!, n holding uat the hand 
up bis (ore feet; knows bis nam. 


has hren taken cither out _ 

out on the Tate's Crej-k plk 
nz tbe river. He was cerl 
••nig  b 


tbe river. II.- 

od attempt. I will" pav svn for ibe re 
 rse. and j_3 for the aapssr* of thi 
K L»«Ri»ODh 

ky.. ties-, av-de^i .rtawi 


-rvkt.Nli' 0O*f vrtdtawHB rsst.-vcsB.a 

s s '"'•' '■ Tbe owner CB I 

ner hy . allm- on n»e and payl BSI S BBIB— . 

JtisKPM sfKBKItr 

Bee i.-r •, .. ,, H 

the Music storw of Wi 
morning. Dcr 3nth. al 

-t di'. 

I .villi 

of .III 


V M Kill VV 

day of Iks-.. A. P.. IBM. a warn 
ruptcy w .i- '..,iei against lb., estate ot 

"' - .m the .. unit v of Maso 

f keuiucky, wBo has bc«a asQudSMl i 

roitrici mi, viuiiitii istiit, 

i r tb k 


CUTftf ss^.xs mm mWBBL, 

A.T M f Om  TaUWUsV 
New Tear Nirrht, January 1st. 18*39. 


.•went-. J. P. tfcsj 

-i! V| r „ V|.s|., 

1. J..-. ' o»i.i if, .la . 


si i boat nusTnro. 

We have mad.? spc rial provi lons f r Steamboat 
Printing, and have F'une louts of BKAfTi»ci,TYPS 
for C'OLORKD BILL.", as well as some or the 

VUtbh (...lohi d tnaa m be ha 

fo^Ti::;s and haxd bills 

Exiuiufju.ys AMM COtUfXaTMMKMAjnm 

All orders forwarded us. by MM r or o'.hvr^ Ise, w 
be curvfuily attended 

•i 1 

Iils own petition: that ihe payim in of anv ... 
and delivery .,| uny property belonging io 
I'aiikiupt. lo bun. or fur bis use. and the transfer 
any property hy him. are forbiuden by law ; tbat 
i.ieeiing of the creditors of [lo- »uid hankrni.t. !.. 
prov their debts, and to choose one or mere as- 
signees of his e-tate. will be helil al a Court ot 
Mankniplcy. i„ I... holden nt l:e-,..ter's ot 
•t ' vtlle Ky , . •• re Rcl , t c oolll r r I I ., . 

 ', ISSI, at III o'clock i. M. 
Marshal, as M. ss. n-. r. 

MM | ri'EK of 
obn O'liay, He 
I Stephen Ei'win, Pal, 

j ion. rater Teeth* 

I Managers .'. I luadv Matthew t .,r*au. Mar- 
| uu. oiiucnon. IMButs IJncoln. Ion. O'Neill, Pat. 
bea, i a- .VI Sorle. v, , t laH , i^eau, Jerome Hin- 
:a:r. VI c llr nk'.ian.  ». VV. • ..iruwu, I'lio, M-l.l- 
ostue John . l oimor. Or. .1. o Kielly. John Kit*, 
erald. Jas. Parreb. Cat. Hellon. 
Floor Managers- vilooael M.sinlro. Js«. Hane- 
bin. Me . a.. An. rew t osgrtir. t'hrts. 
lunn. John Lin.sdn. !tody v; oton. Ji». Trudeaa, 

SB llo- ;"'lil day of J 

•i. '.i -:t 

N'OTW K. Th 
Hay ot Uae. 



4 lie 

.».» -''I Ii -1.. 

asB -t 

nd M 

lvw MUtrnsQ) 

£1.1 Ers, EOXD!) 

Printed and MjaMMst toordcr at MtesjMMM notlcs 

•h in 

ling UK) 1  

slide I'.'l' its s.:Ie i 

and i'.i kii': 

o'ahi.wlil I 

A lew 

doubly happy in the cmv IMlBMlM of  1riv »»^ 

kroat this 


his family relations. \\ 

rather still Urea, and « ill ianc Hen to ! ' IS, 1 1 
Mch in. tan bap silver .and the suits 
oi raiment w hich the i routl spirit oi the 
-'.tor I'orney refuses M aeecjit. What 
ouhi the secretary of the Senate do 
itbout a brother? To be sure, if lie 
hadn't a brother and l-roth' rs are luo- 
erbially s.mieihine: which we eaiui..! 
af. i reuradves . he aahrht a: least sc. 
nuns broth et -in-law, jfow. a brother- 

days Hjio, as a farmer wtts 
the railroad track in An- 

N. y^hh) h ors e M e p ned and] re- 

budjre an inch. A train was 
_ lly a|iproaihinfr, ami considerable 
axet t enaenl ensued. Tho train was 
stopped within a few feet of the obsti- 
nate brute, however, and after a great 
analof noatrtngaad arhipping the tra.-k 
was cleared. The BOTM liad never 
balkeil before. 

Any failure on the pari of curl men lo .diver 

/■ ..«/«•'.«/, packages .ntrusnal :,. iheir ere via 

) !. a-.- be repettss at our oalce. 
. eeMtt A LLBM 4 BAA I.lss. 

€ hanjrt' of Firm. 

la/K have this Say cbaJsgBd Hi Ban u . ■ , 
• t bru:. which win be esaUaaed hy the bsbb 

pariners. and w .th Ibesutne i.ieans. under the name 
and style of JOHN SMIDT. BCHWABTVa ( 'J. 

joatn BJUM ,v • ... 

I.siilsville. January lst,l~i". ASBItw 




♦r Mi 
n. H.. hi 
  eu. Kmc 

nctimes^jtausc,^ o" M.^n'v-leaf ,, . hy mV-bool?. Upos! 

.le,..i,e s.unei,a„,c Gen.Bt^hS htL^re-T '■" WCU M i,Ulori '' 


~iisovvn fault if he does not get 


... Hutler had 
I'rother-iii-law who was a great ootnf   

Mr. l uriK y's brother's nauie w e do not 
teooUect. To prevent a infusion, let us 
liiin Oehazi. Mr. i.elia/.i Koruev. 
inen was i .itunatclv .11 hand to solve 
ihr difficulty and release the niendlv 
mending parties tnm their IIIIiimms - 
r MUM KoacU and Mr. Walker oould 
not live in peace unless thev loll the 
money in the ChionkM office, snd If r. 
uriiev would die in torment before he °* the very latest styles 
ou Id receive it. At this fnnotnN ap- reMrto Ms as 

I?. P. Cilicv. ol Man lies:, 
i U k ene as of hisgraudusthi 
i Poor, draw n by KoaeioaL. 
it iMMton, darina sei vice. 


look Oat 

t o bBBjJBMM iu li.'liiluy ^oods, c.jinmeii'-.iu; 
lMs'»,i,t.K r Slst. iitsjcolt (.lore's. 

■*.■ . C . saucer sells Ihhl M—lMhi Ml 
MsMMthM PSMBBaS very lint, stock of si-l. ct- 
■ '.I Mrs,   MMMeMg all the fa 111 ons^sMM and 
II wamiiitetl. Wi- 

ninl as the MMsee 

a.lvise ihei.i tod.. 

mbmm rrei Bits 

MKI'riN.i ol the sio. kbol.lers ol the Louis- 
rUle lasBtBsesaBS BsvbsIbji Coouparir will !..■ 
the r olBc. during husine-s hours, Oil ihe 
M .VI. ildav 111 January, i. r the el eUon of Dire, t- 

■ n 'o  , rra for ih.- sbsiuiis i . .r 
Seam J. M. Ul.KASON. se. •,. 

'I'll I Interest ODBJ 
I Ihe Mortgage BtM 
paid on pre eniatloii at this ollice. 
•o'^°^t , s. M. BLDRtll'l I . y. 



L«e isv illi , DeeeesMrtt, i(« . , 

'|  HE coupons due bB January next, of Me IM 
I Mortgi Bonds „( i his ( ompany, w ill he paid al toa at my office on and after this date, 
•I' -O't w. KAXNEY.Bee'y. 

There is iu cuuuccUou wih our large 
one of tbe mnal couplete 

Is the West. We arc prepared to eiccute «U MMa 



Taw is M] give notice that on the 
Dm. A. D.. 1s«h, a warrant iu bauk- 
i— ueil ceaiii-t i h" estate  .f 
. in the county ot MsstlB. and si.ue 
ly. who has bsSB adjudired a bankrupt, 
p. 'tit ion ; tbat the payment of anv d. :.ts 
ry of any. pro.H rty heloneing lo BSCS 
o hint or for bis use, and the transfer ol 
' hlni. are forhideu bylaw: Unit a 
liters of the -aid bankrupt, lo 
choose one or more sa- 
il be held at a Cur. of 

al Items'. , soil .V| . -. 

berl i i.' It. u'i-ter. 'on 
clock \. vi . 

ET II Kit. 

N'OTH'M. This Ls to give notice that on the .-:d 
day of I lev.. A. D.. ISSs, a warrant tu bai.k- 
i 'i|.;cj was issued a^.iln-t I lie .-stale of 

~. • Iu tbe county of Jaaeuu, :. d 

Slate oi Ky.. who lias lieen adjiid^.-d 
en Ids  •« b petition; that the payment ' 
uTJi.SSlirtTw?' a " 5 - P^pcrty bebssxluB to such 
..lo.mpi, To bun. er for his use. and the iran-P i .1 
• y p:. p. ri  bv hiin.; r» forbidden bv law- ih . a 
- •• uiii: "1 Ho. . reditors of the said'bauknipi. :o 
i iove their del. is. and f» one ,,r meie..- 
' ' 1 1' —tat.'. n, \ he held S! a Court of 

Henkruplcy to lie holden at Ke^ister'solUce. Mt ... 
v..!-. Ky iH-for.- Kohert toulthurd, Ki . -: 
•• .'.:'■ .':.y of Jnnuarr. l-si», at l» o'clock v ••• 
MKltlvvi i)u;i:. 

-em;, r. 

I'll k 1 N, sl .vs. ,.;., ;, s MM ■!•--' 

I.otiist illo Opera House. 

| IN BOB BAT • ■ I : a I'" • to her  th. MB  a 


_ IB* ?sjd day of Dec.. A. D.. MS*. 

I.- iider .utoad hereby fives notice of huap|s int- 

-111 .1 S,'U~ . f 

ViiNK.s M HI, KM rs, 
' Midway.  n ihe conni y of VVondStrd. aud state 
Keiuncky. -vithin salddsstrlct. who has been «.!- 
U-d I.anknipl her uw. i pel. lion, ny BBS 
strict Coort of said district. 

■ N BANK P t IT- V r 
1 vi BTsrSlMM, the : 
I ."■ ind.-rsi ne.| hereby . 
meot asaaassBS* of 

Of - I AV !?th" ", EXTH 

Mats of KeDtochy.'sri\hTB C ^ y d£*rVt' who has 
tie-n sdiudsed a bankrupt upon his own peiiuoo 
hy the District t ourt of said district. 
deiTTli.i* P. II. Dt'DLKY. Asinw. 

IN BA MKRV PTt' Y . isstrtci of Kentucky-**. 
I At Winchester, the Ush dav of July. A. I 

Twnra~, , Z2a^ee, , :r ^ ' y * ,V^ •• 

. r. KK.AIMNi. 

Of Hi id 4 euort. in 
■ntnehy. wt 


f Kent! 

sdjtidieesl a 1 
Oistrlct Court of -abl i 
deir fb-l" 


JUflT in:ci:n i:n 

I r i uk 


•M l- J l-'ourtli street. 

. Tl t.I Vs oitTStE T OK- 

i ii t.| . 

TY lil'MITY ros] I' l.i' i . 

b'lnln. ltarrv l.e-lle; 1'iiu.ii 

l oiiiinhlr. . Mils V uriel : sis; 

Mens. St. Ody. aud full Battel 

Moe, skater. 
■Wednesday . hen, ii: ,.f J,^.. Vf. 
" aiu:d.iy. Karewel! Matinee. 


BY C. C. 


11.1 llsswkrrsisc »r- 

i"  noN. 

'I llime.t I ne,, Handkerchief. St }» 

•r .t,.,. H i.i.iker.-h...|»ia: .. 
• i.a.-e t .liar, and I ulTs at s| ; 

i rep.* I 'ollars ai i»c to -Me each : 

rs. :-. w : n w haiebuties at •! : 
i ss mtii with C whalebones *l ST.: 


Kmbrohlered Table I overs at cost nr«-e at 
* * ( HAS. F. nil .11 KI -- 



W.^ts for the com d: 

\otit*e to t out rut torv. 

setta r.B 

V"i'!' :'. I - , a 

-S BBS . f live.. A. 1}., 


Tl-BYsditB 1. — 

n J- . in Me 001,01"' ".V'.viaM 

..I Kentucky, w hu has besu a.ljuda-.l a bankrupt 
on Bis own petition ; that tbe nay Bent nfatu aehM 

al.l deliver.'.' el' 1,I|V p r ,,,M rty 'la-loluill lo -l|. h 

0. nkrttpt. 1.1 for his use. and the tiansf. r "i 
y |.r..p  by him, are forbidden by law ; ihni a 

1 p" Hm creditors of the -aid bankrupt, lo 

I' .ne iheir debts, and ti) ch.sMe one or more i 

•' •••:'• - "' 'state, will he held ..' t , . .ii.-i ,., 
I. 1.1 1 y.'.e I... hold, n .„ K'.«!sl.r- , i, M 
. die. KV'.. tH-fore Kohert l oulthard. Kegbtter. on 
UM '."tb day ol Jo- 


A CO.. 

sea :i 



irslo.l. as Mi . 

et. tourth aud Fifth. 

. tlsihluc. Klsukrls 
lie. wear. MMMBB. *r. 

resiiecifctly lnvite.1 loatten.! 


■ I. t'rrshausnsinuilr.1 »nrs. 

A T A 1" CTIO X. 

™ ' 

mptcy was i 

Of - 

on hi 
11 ml d. llv 

1 th 

e notice thai on ihe ITib 
I a o iirrunl 111 han»- 
he e-;at-. ol 

unty of Boy 4. and 
adjudged a hankiupi. 


w n peinu.n ; that I he puvmcut 
— • ..f any pmperty heloiiKb 
hiin. or |..r his ii-'. nod lb." 
|.. ri v hy him. a ra MfMaMen by I 

of ihe Creditors of Ihe sa d l.i 

1  ee.,, ls;s, a; | W 
ucltou-rtN.uis, an in- 
-I received. In whk-h 
sble. latubla Mink, 
irrel. Klver Mink, 
.rines. I'ullars. Ber- 
i- s',, k. aid -A "i ' '.v 
' r , 'vamiu.i' .n • n 
snpasSs ty 

With proniplne-s, and tu a men:., 
warrant Iu tlv c enure satisfaction, 

r that we will 
We manchvc 


v vvi-li t-i supply 
mis nt auction j. 

Far CtMspsMsi tiiitxis unit vnan. 

' OiAi \Th' A: OCa UI.VLL'RINL .siiAl^s 

yefw»m reoaaaMenaed. SaM  .y aiidt-ugsists 
M 'ic. .s in Mnav s' "uS'. deSeod Im 

I'M rarlor uso anil kuu ilit:^ fire gel 
M wail V UUllel f 'ual. lit 

pruporliou of niauiacs ii 
I rancss has iinreased in the last thirtv- 
three yeai  frotu one in .'.. «i j^rsons t, 
one iu 4u0 

Ihe mauul^cture oi aetaen 'n 
saerlaod. etnpiovs IjBAflM) spindle- 
's, and 10.000 other orer.t- 


1 0,400 S} 

tive -. ' 

."_•*• Ku»iU is iiU.ut to orJi; tha 
UlUiUry or civ il ofljcer shall 1* in 
'•'ay euvagevi in railroa l enU-rpri.e-s. 

'"A Mass deer 
1 harlj ston, s. 1 ■ _ , 

lsrl;- evcrv Sui 
■ olise.1 uj. "the ai 

ill the 

a ladv. 


park a l 
•I 1 Mat- 

,' lJ ' V , '""I 
liainil. ia I 

prars Mr. I'orney. He would take an lavlttst ti 
the MO Bey. Oh, veb, he vvould. lie so II 
as,, t Sccrctarv of the Senate. Oh, no, Brst- 

« .'.-n't. He was only connected with 
uevvspaiier; and so, dt-lh-acv was out ol 
the ijuestion. IJcside, there was a v'otni" 
man or two, sous of anti-slavei v i". r ..i li- . 
ets, stayina at his house 1 name ,,1 j,,,. 
JM« . and for their sake* he wouUdtakc ■ 
talent of silver and a couple of changes ; 
of raiment. Ho the grest niattei srssj 
settled. Mr. Seerftarv I'ornev retained ' 
his innoeenes; sad Mr. Crehaai Pornet : 

reiaiiiefl what was probalilv worth a' 
great deal more. 

*■ .ore of BlMMBMMl MBJBMBb. «.lle IsntarBuce. 

[VMM MS Messr-. Win Ularcom, Loin 

Noon after the sailiug ol the rt OB MMa III L'te general ajjeti'.s and BMnagS 
Cuba froui Havana, on the 17th iastL, ia- Atlas Mutual LiBi Fnsaranci 
telligeive was received at the depart- °* 8*. l-'iuis, MiMOarl, for the 
MMst be re thut gixxls had lieen put on lfdBtnrsTy. mbtIbb M ssli lhilntl the BBM- 
Ijoaid nith a desire ol ev ading the reve- puny upon a lirrn basis in Kep.tucky.and 
— the r/nited State-. Arrange- getting it in bb eminently BoarislUDg 
condition, htivc i.een called sway, bv the 
companv. to operate in another gtsis . 
' olonel f iarenee J. Prentice has been 
appointed to succeed Messrs \'an JJlar- 
com, LoMBXtt Co. All Be r aoMB insiclil 
"jutpany or having claim -j 
a me, arc requestea to call I 
BetUeuaent. Office m hi re- ! 
-i Main street. 

• . A. Pbkxi h 1 . 


,111 pi 

1.01 .,   IX. AND I.KX. ft WLBOAUS. • 
l.ot'lsv in i:. Ii. c-inlier 'Jad, l-sis. , 
'IMl K .sui pons due January 1st. I -in. on ihe i Incin- 
1 nail ltrauch lionds ol tin-, coupons will he 
paid on prcseinutiuu on and after the 1st pros al 
the Loiu-ville ( itv Xational Hunk 
* '-'■ I'! " II. BE YM BOTH, see... 

iiOLimi IM) lililDIL 


I. 11 Third MiM, Mm Sain mi M.rLtt, 
[y niMaMMta sMBM kanUMMMt 
WJLT* nr  a .f 1 ; a , 

-U.VKKWAlli; IBBTSSI v.ri.ty. COI'KKK A SI) 
n I BttTB, C ABTKBB, 1'iTi ur.Ks-, wait 
i ll-, and other PLATKD WAKE, of 
unvfs,t sfj!.-, TAJBU c DTLEBY, 


sguinst the 
iiixiii hi. 11 for 
lolore. |s- w, 

ami -t 

11 pa 

- in the 

at once made to have two 
tives from that city and two 
toOM Sew York present in Baltimore on 
Mm arrival ot the "hip, snfl on roeadav 
sfteraoen, when the Cuba was tally due 
it Baltimore, the detective:- accompanied 
Dr. Hunt, the boartUMj officer, do« ■ tin- 
river in the st eame r Gathrie, and ot, \n- 
ua| olis the Cabs was fallen in with. On 
uoartliug the  hijj the oilieers at oms- 
jjrucoeded 10 BMfce au examination, and 
I found o. 1 li-.e ea»ci hraud 

[aud t '.o Usui!jc,ri:)i  v.ines. under such 1 »s»s.-oixri_. OOtXBCTlOBBsse 

msumec* that they w ere seii Call it B. Bt9Mh 4 C0.*8, Uf 

^rl^XZ'^^iZ ^ Market, ami ^ (he lm.| ~ 

i.ulrv they will, of course, «u- | r0VPtl 0|M'll lVollt SlOtt', Vttt 

" ' ' ( .'«• t'^ain. officers aud rea uaU'Ilf UOWeT Us Umfi Vt TtBh 

1 l v 1 m hive bean Jator " — ' mil nmw .?„.  

—— mt i Igaoraffi of the. attempt to 1, ' *»«^"»-«^ »  » 0I1P 


Of every description suitable for 

EAtLEO.lD ftmCtm, nk 


ruptcy was lss 

o give n 
l  I-.,- 

that i 


i d azainst tbi 
Musks pa 
in the county of I.awrenc  
;y, who bus b.s n adjudged 
petitlou: that the pi.yuient i 
p.-riy helonsi 

iuvue.| to call aud ■ samlsc ihesm. 
| r.rrnscash. f. V. -sl'KXl KB. 


t'ntnr« v dc 
l*ul»H«- Auction. 

1- H '■' IT" 1'.. -. - tne Ku-n toe and personal 
,.i-^i "r,\ "i none, .,i Firs' street, satwsaa Cot- 
le^eaii.l Itr. ciiinrhl -e. Xo. i| 1. LouLsvUte. Ky., on 
Monday, January '.in. 1-eo. 
Sale to cuiumencc a t lu u'clock ». M. 
wM T. r st MM Kits. 


Doue to any pa:tc-n. 

All MBBBBMBMB using 


*e~BKsT BooKs-aa 
Made In the State. 

■-I Ken! 

SB hiso' 
sn I del 

bankrupt. io him. or" for ! 
any po.perty hy bini.u'e lorl.ldd. il hvla'w '"i'ha 
i .. etu s . f ihe cr.d.t. is of ihe «aid huuki u nt 
prove iheir lie,.,., and to ch.»«se one or mote' 
sn,n,, s of his .stale, will Is- held at a Curl 

U- ntsliiptov. I holden an atlelt-burK. Kv 

loie Kohert ( oulthard. Kevisler. ou iheilst duj 
Ji.nuary, is'., al m o'chs-k a. m. 



I sua! 


K.-iern and Vv estern. 



T 11 

Loiisviui nWtaui 

0UTF1. T . 

1 I V V I \. . 

Bkvioi B-\t. and 
into new* u\ 

d. SI -21 


dial, as M. 


day , 
ruptcy vv. 

. 1 hM is to bhs notice tbat 
I Dev.. V. I)., l-iis. a narrnu 

Lssll.'d au-lliusl Ihe estate of 


in the county ol Ma 


" . Z~. —i m the county ol Mason, sad 

late ..I Ky . -v ho has h»en a Uud K e l a hankrui ■• 
n bia own iHttliluii; thalf-- 
and delivers- of any prot 

. k i n as s 

"vi. iwiitlon ; thai the pa\ moil of . 
II \.ry of any property f eh.uBii,K to s 
.aiikriipt. :o hiin. or for his u-.-. and th- iran-i. 

. ... property bj him. are forbidden bv law ; that a 
meetiiu i of the creditors of the -iild 'bankrupt. :■. 
prove their aud to cIhhisc oneer mor.- 

"' '.is »iale. will t e held al a t ouri ..■ 
I. .. kruptcy to 'k- holden at Register's ofWce. 
May-v lite, Ky., before Hubert i'oultbard. Hegister. 
:i tu- Jitli day of January, istti. at in o'eba-k a m 

v.v. a. mkkivv i:i hki: 
■ • 1 - t . s. Marsha), a- M. s-ei 

ThJOTlt H-Thls is to give notice that on the MS 
-■s .lay ..l Dec. v. I).. Isss. « warrant iu I .. 

ruptcjr was Masi ■salan the — i— ..r 



ay of Las 

i. a "v n: I '.' " 

r Kentucky, who has been adjud 
i les...; pet in, i, ; that the payment of anv .iel'n 
i l delivery oi anv property belong-in*- to suci 
lUkrupt. to nun and the transfer., 
iv property by him. are forhidd-u by Uu : that . 
lectins of the creditors of the said bankrupt, 
rov e their debts, aad to chouse one or more a- 
Kiiees of his e-tute. wbl l«- held at a Court .. 
-...kruptcy, to he holuen at CaUatBsbBTg, Kv 
•ore Robert Coulthanl, Register, on the ilsi II 
January, last, ai io o'clock .v. st. 


WaB Paper, Ac, 


i in r\ mi vi ii siti-tM'i. 

Between Market and Jefferson, 
it t: i o\ a Lm 

as ► M . ■ - A ' ,tC. .SSI 

» rmsL fan n aa eseeUssrt 
ipr -ing man losataBSjaM 


authorised By let mf the hveulnchv Lea- 

l» IsaT-s. 


i nth and Msiu sires 
MTveosr frie, 

s. M.i 

. as Ms. 

Wt have all 
and auy other 


-This I- 

Ou the most larorabie MMM 

.VA'*AZI..-l i AMI 


\o. SB West Slain street. 

Has a large stock of 

CotiiiVm-t!--. Hlankots, 

..... _ to ' 

• their de!s». and to eh or m.ue M lifOU'S. itftt\ttl'S Sfr Hfr- 

i.aii\i;v A IABIET, 
Aironifvs ( tiiiHsfllois at Law, 

• I I '. Ii ral i ouris 

OMlCIUs No. 11 i;.s. ( ciitcrst. 

i alaqp bmm t m 
MBMaiMMartMJi that 
'illK l.urial se-rv :■• 

- TV*-* H man 

■ l""^' 1 ' MM •!. , | e.s, t ., ,,,,,, 

• the 
in it 

H. r. BBAIa'HAW....r. W. VOBIias.. J.-o. I . BAB .11. 

A Rcnn'ECTS 

OH.-e rnrn. , rifth nn.1 Main strrs-is. 




notice that on the I " 
..sis. a watrant in hai. 
i iptcy was i-siie.1 aitaii.-t the estate or 

' state of Ky.. w ho ha»'heen adjudged a bankru. 
ou his own petition ; that tbe pavmenl of anv deb 
and delivery of any property belonging to vj, 

1'unkrupi, to him. or for bis an- .U'l the transfer . 
i. lyjnsoperty by hiin. are forbidden bv law • that 

I in : tin.- " • - 

, blgueei 

i Bankruptcy, lobe holden at Register's ollice t at- 
:.:tsbur.- Ky.. before Robert Coulth.nd. 
I on tbe :ist day of January. at M .. . lock " u 
' -e-ll ■'- f. s. .Marshal, ts .Me-. 

I/ VI B V 

X. B. I U 
bleb I wl 

"VOTIt'E. - In the Ilislii.-t QMM 
^1 stat—. for lb- District l 

SnT-iu tendering our BaBBSSrt**nasSBM as ibe 
patronage we have enjo y M during the many years 
wc have ci "i.iucte.1 this estshlisbmeut, v.c re. |nvl- 
fully sellclt a c.utiuuance of tbe tarsal ol our 


vV'bUiepoii bauda !ur. sjkoft I'ATIO^.'LltT, 
iuclatllii,' tins 

Holt MMM LVII tSM wwtj. u l:. i . i\ 

Onr prices are low, and we shall use oar best en- 
MB*MB to giv e satisfaction to all who may favor us 
with Ibolr ordeis. 

R I rsrrrr* » i n • 

BaSHBt as 

.1 I 

VV. B. sl A foil I Kit. 
Petitlou lor filial discharge hied Is. 
lass. By order of court the . reditors „, 
elore me. al tnv o0o ■, No. II 
rtBS, Ky.. on the »tb ., . r 
*' M.. to .shim . .us. . If ant 
unkrupt afore and ? l.oi;ld not 
is debt-. 


\  H  . ...l ,x i |, „ fv. 

V \i- l.' l .VM» I ItAXKKlRT It. It. (  _ 

1 PrafsnadJi 
paid to s,  r.ii, 
aud after Janu- 


Seven Rich and _ 
Ohio River Bottom _ 
504 Town Lots, to be 
posed of 


!•! Pi'Ue 
««l I' i i •-■ 
Ut Prise 
Ifh Prise 

SIVI KS.I .-..a p,u, 

vrr.A«« ot a Prise 

»7.i»S s» Tlh Prl^e 

. ia.;M  

Prizes in Totrtt 


Mi Mm im Toten 


Tickets Five Dollai — 

Agents will furnish rai 
ot tbe prspertv. and i ..nt 
lature At IH'uW/, - ii 

Cominlsslonen, who w 
tie named in tbe act of 
Btegrlty aud respousio. 

tlncatea ". hichw.U be: 
(,ov. JoUa vv. stem 

. *i. . tiam 




iltii th. 

in the District Court of tbi 1 glass] 
tan- lor lue Di '.us! al Keuiuck;-. lu lb. 

W If. StVVROTU se, 

KV. I 


BOLIXOER, Raukrupt. 
onrs-rn. Th. undersigned hereov 
Kpp„inln.eiil as assignee of Hen . 
ue county of Mason, and MbM 
. .n said district, who has bes-u sd- 
i BBSS his own petition, hv the 
i hi district, re-Sate Kr»l.ert • ..n'i 

.i .n fi-i.ii nsaji y g| May*. IB. 

MMM ■ -  Maw9 Aj-i.v 


Ma n str t -et, between sihelby and Campbell. 

nrjDI day snd night. Warm meals at all 
l  .  r t.i . ■ ' ' ■ , fries ..'•*. 

call. ... 
oci m u woLLk.nw MBMn i 

_ B Is. 

Tbos. Mcc reel v, fun- t -,so . seuators; Hon. 
John f. Bunch. Speaker ol the Kmtncky Bowse ot 
K rr  • • ! o. v . ... • f .on . J. ■ -ph 

fres .1 tarm.'.- ,.„ , L/C DnBanv, 
.ale. nal Bank: Jc.j 11. u .. ret. aud nth- 

sna: Rot . Wss. U. talker Major: 

j aad pivaiTu.^. .. u Teilacky 

L. H. I.YSK, Farmers' 
K. B. ALEXANDER, tomi 
ellle. Ky. 

Til- -s I- V UUs Ks . o p . 

JOHN C. LATTxAM/rrea. Balk Bopkt 








• oit»*e»  in'inesl. 

^\ e ■ 
for al 1 i 

rl a-stirr.j tuai an appeal An nnforinnato wom-.n, named F.ii/.i- 
slfofa worthy family, snf- l cth Brannon, who has lieen regarded as 
with d.^ .nd poverty, would a vagrant for several years past, was 
no fall upon indifferent oar. in Louls- found ina stable on ,h, promise of Mr. 
Mil., and, ,s peculiarly gratifying to John a short distL* beyond the 
inn.. M,.-e t bat .-ontributions of clothing B'^n.-.*^ . ' 

and lb  d in abundance l-egan to arriv. at n V  * t0rd "? mort «*» 

theorbo* of Dick Moore af." mWh 1 m °* t 8 ™ l " litio "- s! '^ »'■'  

employe, in. ho., yesterday mon.fng. and con, 'i„ U c,l I to a"'; ^ZT^  ' ^ ^ '° ' ^ 
rive until the appointed time of lii 

*© I'M-'. It HiTIKIXI 

i order tbattl 

■ have holiday on Xew Year's Liar. 
There will bo no issue of the Democrat 
^sstnrdav morning. The next regular 
publication, (fey after that willl* Mon- 


Baft tea. 

" ill have gas all ih  
laad by the first day of F  


The ii.-ense   n billiard 
city has been reduced five 
each table. 

d - 

mm found by the side of the 
wretcfTcd woman, stiff and cold in the 
embrace of death. She stated that the 
father of the child was. a soldier named 

Moneymaker, wh 

t Tay- 

■ •kber.i . 

Sullivan wa« yesterday ar- 

aud committed to jail he 

of hip* way robbery. 

|  art nro for the once cheerless an.J desti 
tutoboiueof the Sample family, an ar 
count or whose misery and need appear 

U I In the 9mm -rat of yesterday. I ; ar I5arra , U .. an 1 loft for Wrs| x leatowed upon deeds of charity] while she was in the ,h„, 

, ,n ^n R i«t«" with the spirit that act,,- IiV o mmttm ^ T!l0 . . f . 

Port-; ates the true-hearted, for their greatest man was p |j ,„,„! f„r hv Mr. 

reward is the consciousness of having Brady, and will Ijc sent to the City Hos- 
'ministered to the wantsof others, and piisl. Coroner Moore was summoned 
w made happier the hearts of some follow- ::ii«1 h 
beings. Xev crthclea*. we are prompt- child. 

ed to give the names of those 1 

who so generously  -ame forward 
with .Hjntrbulions of iood and 
raiment more on aecount of the fact that 

Tin* gentleman will 
■•tibial duties u  x , 
* OJ appoui' hit. deputies. 

4 uogro named Isaac Knight wa«. ar- 
reated and lodged in jail yesterday, lor 
commuting an assault and battery i, a 
UCITO v. on, a'i. 

they did not. as 
njon t lie goner, 
forward our- 
his t ions. It mav 

tuooften the ease, rely 
ly of others, but come 
villi their own doua- 

that their donations have Ijocn propcrl 
delivered and distributed, viz: Mrs. g. 
W, Wicks, Mrs. Andre" Kiahaiu. Bum 
Maurice Belknap. Mrs. In. Ma lelland. 
Mrs. Ii.   . Mrs. .1 

Id an in iuost on the baij of tin 
The jury rendered | vcrdi. I ii 
MM with the foregoing facts. 

(ton Po|je, Mi 

A Lm litre Wuttuny Mglil. 

We have the pleasure of .-iiinoiin.-iiig 
to our read, is that Judge William H. 
  ainpholt, of i.rconvillc. South Caro- 
lina, will deii\er a lecture upon "Ma. - 

, belli"" ; t the IfatMMtail Temple, in this 
'* moreover a source ..f ,, ,. „    _ , 

city, on Mondav o\ cuing, January Hh. 
gentlemen to know , . 

pioxnno. The press of the South and the 

State, wherever ho has appealed, tVith- 
11 .vception, speak in glowing tonus 
of the manner in which he treats his 
.every subject, the taste displn-c! l  K~ 
y. Mrs. J. O. Mathers 1 

City ronri -lion. E. s. Crntg. Bmtm 

Wr:r NEsi Av. Dec. 3i)th 
The follow ing ci -cs were disposed of 
this morning: 

Patrick fJreeo, ass.nnliing Jane Harris, 
was discharged, the prosecuting witness 
not appearing. 

Kmst Lapp, stealing a butcher's steel 
from Tit ford Uivgory in the Boone mar- 
kethouse: warrant suspended and wit- 
nesses recognized to go before tin- grand 

Thos. .Shchan and Jacob Zorn got 
drunk at a ball and fell into the hands 
of the af lt ropnllt — thev were each 
fined f.-» and held in fUHl for* .! • d a vs. 

Andrew Welsh, dressed in the i ederai 
uniform, was next brought in for drunk- 
•aaMM and disorderly conduct; he was 
turned over to his comrades. 

Henry «;reathouso. assault on Caro- 
line   Jroathousc ; warrant sus| endod to 
await the action of the grand itirv. 

J. W. Parker, shooting and wounding 
.lohn Stewart wilh intent to kill: du- 

Joseph VfllliaBaB, stealing prop( it\ 
worthoxer si QwaR S.uah Pojie; contin- 
ued until to-morrow. 

William Moreau alias Closter. forgrrv; 
bail in .s:i;np to answer. 

Hemnr Wllliama, tfrnHnir sj x dollan 
and thirty eents IVoui Malinda BtoWB; 
hnll in *.;iNi to answer I'clonv. 





'  • the 

Woiueii and CklMfN Carried in- 
to the W—mu 


ax i.WA.vrs bTSGMMRTUbA. 

Ningrnlii' I ik. in l.ii-latKt. 


resignation of Mr. Pal. billon 
dice lias created a 
» myriad of ambitious per- 
lor the "posisl,." 

select ions.and the master! v manner with 
llonrTL,ebor,[ wbi ,. h hc handles each point thereof. 

.Tr^n M, s, " I \, I, ^ The entertainment proffered bv Judge 

«.re«'n, .Mis. Steele, Mrs. Melcesor and ,• i ... 1 

Misecraftin; Messrs. John I ovle Hava I ! , n °' ~ l "  ,e  turi "« 

huteil. cross. I ord. W„! .nd I ^ T." " r «" ,h « r « ^ 


A titmmmy »•  . 

i e»terday was dull, cheerless and 
iy. The sky was heavily hung 
i and the 61 reels almost ail oat 


The ui called for packages at the 
Adam- I x press Compauy'i. ..nice w ill he 
public auction on Friday. This 
J a lively sale, an 
as well as good t«rgain* w ill 


four it 

red. Keiser, John «.aHsgh€i 

We have been requested to state that a 
sufficient amount of clothing and bed- 
ding has been received, and that the 
only thing now needed is a bedstc.ll. 

A • • rrespon.lenl of the Cincinnati 
Times, w riling from New|»ort, says thai 
'lie great skin - ra.-e hetwen the so-called 
hampion" oarsman of the Cnited 
 tates Brown and the Newport boy, 
Henrv Weaver, is over; but how ? Why, 
y the so-called . hampion running away 
a, id taking his money with hitu.and tell- 
ing his backer and the gentlemen v.»;(. 
held the money what was noi true. The 
- -ailed champiou challenged W. to run 
for five hundred dollars, from the Cov- 
ington and Cincinnati bridge to the Lit- 
Jtle Miami river sin miles and repeat. 
Weaver had but tw o hundred dollars to 
of stake, which the champion accented. 
When the money was staked • ir. Mr. 
Vincent Whitney's hands , the champion 
said to Veaxcr: "Weaver, take 

Tkr « r«««in|s. 

The street crossing* in many part 
city are nearly impassahlo for ladies. 
I »n Market street they are all in wretched 
-ouditioii. «»eing covered with three or 

■ -f mud. la there no remedy j  ook at th.t money, for it is the last time 


•ss^A line dressed bullock, alread 
(wired »nd dreased for m.rket , was 
lr..m M-. .'' fcsf Butler n V.eli-klloW Ii 
I »ut oh cr oil the Poin-, on Tues lay nighu 
This is another evidence «f the audaeitv 
•»l the «oen niptihle thieves no 
illCM this citv. 

Tlie tbeaier «ias well patronized la*t 
night, notwithstanding The inclement 
weather and lied condition of ibest r e: s. 
The ininh-provokiTig pl.y of liumpty 


1 •!■ ••! e»-ei ■ 


ror Uu* iusuflerable nuisance? \ - u will ever see it." which led us to be- 

lieve that he could make as good time in 
a ski* as he did in coming from Pitts- 
burg to Cincinnati on the St. « harles and 
Bostona. Mr. "champion," on thinking 
I he matter over, came to the conclusion 
that the distance was too long for tkt 
money, so he drew hi« money i two hun- 
dred dollars, and *lo pr ,l. while Weaver s 
inonev was up for more than a week af- 
= erMr. "champion" drew his and left. 
' We bsve seen enough of the "chara- 
I pious:" and if any of them want to l*at 
Weaver, they will have to "feather" 
.their oars. We wish to inform Mr. 
! Brown that Weaver ha- his *■_**»! 
again, and would hax e had foflr hundred 
i y this time had he . Broun not taken 
legliail.- Cood^by champion. 
Weaver is but a boy, only eighteen 
years old, and weighs but one hundred 
aud thirty-live pounds, while Browr 
ten years older, and weijrhs over one 
hundred and ae\erty pounds. 

Jfrrkey Hal aad Fealber. 

Tlie latest agony is a feather worn in 
the hat by progressive young men. The 
^ adies are not to morof oli/^ the feathers 

Mr. Will, lloran, tue new City Mar- J iU, . v 't he men are going in foi 

■kal, will enter upon the duties of his 'tliem. "l ine feathers nfake liue birds," 
" e * 1 Monday. Mr. IV.. Billon, .usi every young gentleman nowadays 
late of our |sdice fonr. has received the - ambitious ol 1-eing considered, bv tiio 
appointment of Iieputy Marshal, and young iadies at least, "a perfect bird." 
.... hiv a-s,:n.e the duties of his ofh.-e Voung New York has put a feather in 
ou Moo.iav. This is an ex.-elleni ap- his hat, and. of c..ur«.\ the fasbi.m will 
and wc es) ect hereafter to follo* - «d by  "oung Chicago, Young 
ior pre\ail in our   it\ ' in-\i. Young Cheviot, Young Bo- 
Ac. It has appeared here al- 
l'e've got it. Wo saw a young 
v atXeruoou proudly jirauc- 

"oiending, of a lc ture and the reading 
of many of the finest itasauges of 
- hakspeare's finest writings. We be- 
speak for the gentleman a generous re- 
ception at the hand* of a Louisville p,t|.- 
lie f-e'ing assured that a rare literary j 
ireat awaits all who may attend. 

Psssasaflsl this mmm are so extreinelv 
varie.1, made up   l modes so different, 
so striking, and so eccentric, that it is 
not a little puzzling to an inexperien.-ed 
person to determine what is and what is 
not recognized as really elegant and  /..«- 
hrtffii. in the fashionable ^ -irld. 

S mi-oi some kind or other are uni- 
versally worn on the street, with the ad- 
dition of an outside garment; pictur- 
esque and odd indeed it must be to give 
the amount of warmth needed in thos. 
w intry days. Sometimes it is a Tartan 
cloak  «r talma. .•om| osed of two or more 
capes: sometimes a -hawi, arranged as a 
Highland scarf straight across the 
hreast, and one end hanging from the 
left shoulder. For tV.ose purposes costly 
gar.iients are not required: an all-wool 
Tartan shawl or talma suits the style 
mmm than a Trench cashmere. 


Some winter suits are made of \el\et, 
and undoubtedly these are the hand- 
somest, and are n  ore .Rostral, le thsn any 
other tit A el ty, but tneir cost, and the 
.' t tuat thev can onlv lie worn oeeav 
sionally and retain their lieautv, con- 
tines them to a very few persons. " With 
velvet suit It is necessary to have 
others to save it, while a eoinpleto suit 
"t cloth. | oplin, or wator-proor, w ill last 
all the season, and can he made over use- 
fully afterward. 
Velveteen is still .ptite popular for | 

»\\ awyii. Dae, .".—The sheriff and 
two assistants wont to Hay ward's plan- 
tation M tho ogechee river, eloven 
miles from the city, to arrest seven ne- 
j groes, charged with shooting the watch- 
, man on the plantation, and carrying off 
I UM CDOpa of the planters. They made 
! m o arrests at station No. 1 , on the At- 
| Untie and Gatlf railroad, hut were Mir- 
rounded hy about one hundred armed 
negroes, who MmM the prisoners, dis- 
armed and robbed the sheriff, destroyed 
the warrants, and threatened te kill him 
it he evorser\od a legal process again in 
that vicinity. 
The negroes thou separated into and marched back to the plan- 
tations, avowing that they would ha\e 
ittend the heart *s blood of every w bite man on 
state."' Th" Brin'sli °S e  c,,eo r '"* r   si,vi "» thewar bail com- 
ver, without thoi'r evi- ,,,e,,l • 0 ' , • 

i unassisted reason, l oen ,I1P negro watchman is supposed to l e 
xistenee of murdered. Two w hites were badly hurt. 

| hass ii. • 
What arc nec« 
which his guar 
| can be coui|iell 
.(iie.stion on whi 
as dclinitc as ii, 
tiou of what com 
of Jeuuer agi«iii 
the ./neon's He 
■paa what the 
arc not nccessar 
is a r-olnt, Indce 
dm* bj a refer, 
children whose 
the public schoo 
cal districts of 
juror has, howe 
deuce, and by hi; 
able to pronounce that th 
even an infant who is heir-expectant to , 
HUM thousand sterling a year, can be A 11 ,,,c w,llte * ere obliged to tlee to 
endurable w ith such articles as " a Ust city to save their lives. The women 
blue morocco patent frame betting- and children are in the hands ofthe mob 

Mad have been carried otV into tho woods. 

•ssarios lor an infant, for 
• Han. or his maturor s"K 
od to pay, is one of tho 
.•h BagtaH I aw la about 
"•Ii the still vexed  |ii s- 
•titutcs a lilie.1. Theciise 
ist Walker, just tried in 
in -h, throws sonic light 
British juror considers 
ies for an infant. Ttm 
d. which might be mado 
met t" the iintortuu 
hard lot it is t 
Is in lh  

to provide a margin for bad debts and 
like contingencies of trade. 

A locomotive on the New Jersey Cen 
tral railroad yesterday afternoon ran off 
the track near Spruce run, and smashed 
a wooden house. The baggage-master 
was seriously injured. The passengers 
escaped. None of the inhabitants of the 
bouse were injured. 

Km* York, Dec. :JO.-A Consistorial 
f Sorrow was held last evening 
I osmopolitan Consistory, in 
"W*»onr of Illustrious Brother Simon 
V*. Robinson, aid 'degree. Past Grand 
Coniinander of the Supreme Council of 
States" r " j urisdiet ' on ot ,ue I'nited 
The livery stables of Briggs Brother, 
most . xt. nsiveestablishinentsof tho 
Kind in this city, occupying Kos. lit 121 
and 123 Thirty -i bir.l street, near Sixth 
•uciuic, running through the entire 
Mae* to Thirty-fourth street, were com- 
pletely destroyed bv fire to-night. There 
were 1-V) horses in the building, valued 
variously at from |M0 to M..".!*), all of 
w hich were either burned or suffocated. 
Aliout 2 i carriage s, valued at ■bout fi t - 
«n«i, together with their harness, a%e., 
cereals., destroyed. The total losswili 
probably not l^e'less than taun,(iOu; hea\ - 
ily insured. 

AWAjrr, Bee. ;io._The last rail on the 
Albany and Sus.piehannah railroad to 

 nneet Albany with Binghampton mm 
laid to-day. The road will lie open for 
through business on u,e |jth day of 


THJ2 WA1 l \ Tin; BAasV. 

Probable ! 


Greece Ready to Accept the Ultimatum. 

Heel ins; of 

Ihe New 



Shocking Undent toa Slei?bJn(r 



flun u. CBA T. 


I'Ania, l»ec. -I".— The official papers 
speak confidently of the meeting aud 
success of the conference. 

London, Dee. :tn.— non. Statlord H. 
N'ort bote succeeds the Karl of Kimli. r- 
ly as Governor of the Hudson's Uiv 
• 'oinpany. 

Man. iik.stki:. Hoc. ai.— The house of 
Win. Bru nner A Co., heavy dealer, in 

manulactiired cotton, suspended lassei 
day. They had extensive connections i 

day. They had extensive connect 

The weather throughout Kngland m 
tinucs wet and mild. 



The Morton - Qrcelcy Centrovorsv 

.1 I' 


l l H i :t » non M   ( ion gW WH 

book with rieUs 

| the moderate priV 

larlv as the 
1 had recorded 
upon the com] 
horses upon the ; 
h*d staked and lot 
other t hings 
the jurv 


of .1 


it CM) 
h tin 

even at 
 s., particu- 

"infant" '-'Pat excitement cmsis i M this coinmu- 

opinions nity, and the shei itCs posse, of between 

"."' r ' l . s "' three and tour hundred citizens, will 

Among 'the leHVO nt daybreak to-morrow to rescue 

nfant did, and the woman and children. The inilitarj 


ry did not consider necessary to decline to interfere until the power of 
tSSmt with^oid 11 '^.!""" t; tU * '; Ml aUth ' ,rlUe ' for «rder 

is exhausted. 

litis 1 S VS. 

"MU ni\ : llll 4 ITI/I \SOI MA It ION 

J which the smoking infant was charged 
The elision of this from the list 
ahOWl the belief of the jury that, how- 
| ever it may be with the coming man, it 

will not "pay"' the boy yet to come to 1 

"smoke," and, moreover) that it will But 

• pav ' tradcsin. n to supply hiin w ill, .-p- OUTRAGES or NEGRO MILITIA 

plianees therefor, even on a scale so fru- I as In this instance. Bat UMerasAsst 

decision of these KeartlsBS twelve was 
that a w ife v. as not BeXMBaart far the ad" 
I s. ,..,. Walker, however tiio cxisten. o 
of a filial Walker might seem to indicate 
the contrary. Since it was not in their 
jurisdiction to divorce the "in- 
fant" husband, thev contented 
themselves with releasing him 
from payment for the "amethvst and 
diamond earrings" and tho "goid fluted 
spiral pencil-cam-" which had been tho 
touching tokens alike of the r.e-mipt'a' 

(.1 the lonmgal love oi tne "infant" ami «  ""-sO l and conhnod. No .-au-.e is give 
of tho trustfulness of his tradesman , ",' nl tlieir 

The rejection of this last item is a piece J he pri vates w ear no uniforms and it 
•t heartlessness almost too much for be- ls '"'r^^de to uist mgui-li them from 

Maatnoa, Dae, 98. — RepBris fkaai Ma- 
rion, Arkansas, this afternoon, represent 
that the militia are pursuing the same 
loiirso at Augusta, and fearingthat they 
may be attacked, are building stockades 
and throwing up works around the jail. 
Messrs. llainov. Crump, Ivser, Watford ■ 

and other prominent citizens have lx en tl,r P rl, rs or every other kind of prop 

orty. Your plan woul.l enrich the cred- 
by the destruction of the debtors, 
| for, as you say, t»»e sheriff and constable 

Wasmis..i,,n, Hoc. Ui.- .Mr. Spinner 
has written another letter to Mr. Wilder, 
.-I Ba s to a, reasserting his llnan. ial po- 

The New Vork Tribune contains a 
long letter from Q WBi aa r Morton, in 
answer to the one from II IB MB Olselnj, 
printed several days ago. lie answers 
\. rv torciblv all the arguments of the 
Tribune that immediate resumption of 

saaaH pa y mea t saa ba had aaaViapeata 

the leading pisitious taken in his recent 
speech in the Senate. In reference to the 
case of resumj.tion at once, the Senator 
saj's : 

"M" sudden resumption will involve 
the gn at decline, faj prices, w hich vou 
say it w ill, i: would lo.a % ast calamiu to 
ihe majority of the people ofthe United 
Ma'."*. It would certainly bankrupt or 
suspend three-fourths of" the business 
men in th" country at once. It would 
produce suffering and dessolation of 
which we have no record in this or in 
any other country. Hundreds and thou- 
sands now living in comfort would l»c 
reduced to poverty. Business would be 
asssrojed j the poor without saaploT 

Matt; the people unable to pay their 
taxes, and the tiovcrniuent itself threat- 
ened w ith bankruptcy and dishonor, and 
yet you say you want to make the 
plunge at once. If the private 
indebtedness of the peoplo to each 
oth.r on the first of February, 
I si in, amounts to &s, inO,O0il,uuu, the 
capacity of the debtor to pay 
by your low est estimate will l e dimin- 
ished to the extent of sj,ono,tNjo,nno. You 
may lie ready to make the plunge, but 
the great body rrf tho | eople are not. 
Vour plan would suit admirably that 
class of people w ho are not in debt and 
have plenty of capital, or who have fix- 
ed incomes which would be greatly im- 
proved in value by the large decline in 

says the 
by Tur- 

•at Mar- 

Maori i •. 1H 
w ill dispatch b 
Cadiz to Cab. 

Mapriii, Bee. :»».— For tho purpose of 
reducing tho budget for the coming year 
a suppression of :;7 of the i 'aptain-i ;'ene- 
ralships,   o\ ernorships and Bishopric, 
hav e been subjected. 

Viknn \, He. . Jo.- Tho Prcsai 
Greek government is ready t 
with the recent demands mad 
key, and is supported by the g 
ers of F.urope. 

Haratl\ Bee. ill.— Marshal l'a\ ia, re- 
cent i iovernor-lieneral of Madrid, is 

London, Bee. ML — H is tlie general 
impression that the Coiiservalu aa will 
lie successful in tho elections for mein- 
bers of Parliament to till va. in. i. s. 

banes, Dec. 30.— The following dis- 
patch Irom Constantinople, dated the 
i.fith, comprises tho latest news on the 
Kastern question: 

"Great preparations are making in 
the arsenals, on account of tho threaten- 
ed war with (Jreece. Transports loaded 
with supplies have Ik'oii sent to Hobiri 
Pacha's fleet." 

London, Dec. •_" .- The now House ..f 
Commons me*, yesterday for preliminary 
business, (inly tho ministers who were 
elected took the oath of office. Wriis 
were issued for elections to till va. an: 
seats, after which the House adjourned 
until the Uith of February. Bo\erdv 
Johnson, in a speech yesterday to a dep- 
utation of the London workingmen's 
society, said the naturalization t r.- i: \ 
between the I nitoi States and gr ea t 
Britain was certain of ratification bv the 
I'nited State. Senate. The treat \" pi .. 
vides that a British subject who h 
been naturalized in the l nited fNasas, 
shall have thesame rights to protection 
on his return to Great Britain as a nat i \ e 
born American. 

London, Bee. 30.— Consols  rj', f,„- 
money and V2' , foraecoum. ,»--jo's 71 .. 
Stocks quiet and steady: l'.rie .f'. 1 , ; I.e. 

Nkw Vokk, Ikh,. :tn._ A sle, K hing par- 
ts at Jackson, Fa., last Thursday, while 
going to an entertainment, endeavored 
, ''■•;•-- •' I' ».l on .-. hich the thick iC f 

rJ*. .u ? m h . rhe thin i,e ''"niediatelv 
let the sleigh through, and thirty people 
are reported to have l*en drownedVnone 
out the driver escaping. 

Philadelphia, Deo. :io.— The street 
railroad passenger depot of the Rich- 
mond line on the Lehigh avenue was 
burnetii this morning with twenty-one 
rhe depot was occupied bv the 
ISr.desburgh cars, heated by stoves". One 
of these Moves set tire to the ears, which 
spread so rapidly that the men in the 
office had to break away the iron bars 
from the w indows in order to make their 
escape. Ixiss heavy. 


ing rapidly, 
shoals. The 
N ash\ ille arriv 
X. Phil lips froi 
Coal. " 

The river is ri» 
"iih 7 feet on Harpeth 
weather is rainv. The 
I from   *iro and the J 
l-'owena. with a tow of 

nits, th.: 

Javeatlr Tbi*«*«. 

A gang of young ragaajufhne were 
— ught in tho act of stealing bpples from 
a fruit-stand on Jefferson stn?el yester- 
day. They were surprised l«y !» citizen 
who "we4il lor" the young rascals, and 
they "lit out," splitting six-inch mud at 
every bound. The  -itv is overrun T itb 
tuvenile thieves. IWI 

silk. Th, 
silk tasst 
caught 1 1 j 


Taw Minstrel*. 

•Kuierson, Mien* MauiKUg's a Bill 
renowned Minstrels will open an We,t. 
Ker Hall to-nigbt. This is universally 
c— ee ded to be one of the best troupes 
«hat over traveled. They are well known 
l»tba public of Ixmisville, and as they 
■ u \ -emain with us three l ights, we 
boi« o se t ;h. '..all Cllr.l •; ew ry per- 
will give a 1, a.iiie. . 1: 

ing down Pourtii street w ith a gay leatii 
tr in his hat, in conformity with the 
new decree of fashion. 

Yankee I oodlc, we believe, first intro- 
duced 1 be feather, on that occasion, im- 
mortal UM in song, when he i-nme to 
tow 11 mounted on a diminutive e.piine 
quadruped — 

• lie ^taek lealbei in lus hat, 
And called it in.iecar.tni." 
•a* I ■ hich w.s all the Italian he could 

• reen B. M.-B m . ., - • . ... Tl.e^thei in the h»t.l,..we er. 

ltat.ngnished engineer, and in- was not generally adopted until Kossuth 
-. e- Jaaftapplied for a patent sn named after the ha: .,1 that name- 
-otton tie. with a .Hickle entirely .*„,e to this .^untry. Then evenbodv 
taVaataaty in use. and which can- mostly appeared under a dancing plume", 
r f allot he a Kossutbj The feather in the hat of 

draw ing of this , lllit distinguished Hungarian was worth 
n» can be seen at the National more than his talk, and helped him to 
Hatel. aud our cotton dealers aud plant- father his nest handsomely, 
erswould do well lo«llMdaee it. . mmm*. by all 

VeaMT*. trnm HS " lan . v 
li kt. i«  - , , -  s you want to. 
It lias 1— 1, suggested by s youdg man 

who proj ose* to make several hundred * 

•xtih, on Vew Year's Bay that those 1 r . 1 ' N "" M'-any "!oe;,;s" were badl\ 

sons who do not intend to keep open on ^ p tid napping ofl red. Burkley. 

h eaa f . indicate it bv hanging a basket at tne ' rawf "i-d county man. Marshal 

fail 10 lake the plane 
A beautiful 

Akers, of that city, took the matter in 
hand, and soon exploded the "territi. 

Afior visiting a number of 
he ascertained that Frederick 
had passed most of tho lime of his mys- 
terious disappearance at the saloon of 
Ant one seharf. on Market street, l e- 
tween State and Pearl. He was absent 
probably one night and the greater part 
Wc ha\e already mentioned the fact, of two davs from this saloon, but hesaid 

the door, in which cards may be pla.*d 
. »..s wii; save many young ladies i*ing 
annoyed by a host of young men whom 
mm pro 1 .ably never saw half a dozen 
times, as it is evident the old time 
ioo will 

The L*»ai»« tils 

that lie -\ ill  Hoiel has been leased 

by Mr. M. Kean. We undei-stami that 
1 h. I. extends |.,r a term of three 
eeaVs, at the following figures: fl",00n 
|forthelirsiyear,*B..OOU for tbc second, 
and J17.OU0 for third year. or. f M.OUti for 
the hotel proper for three years. The 
lease for the past three years was 140,000 
per year, including the stores. Mr. B. 
B. sbelton, one of the proprietors, has 
disposed of his interest to Mrs. Harbi- 
son. The tirm now .s.ns.sis of M. kean. 
IML Judge and Mr-. Harbison. 

thst in this time hehadlicen to Louis- 

Frederick loves "a good s . U are drink." 
but too many of such drinks are apt to 
work upon his imagination, and his at such time* are much akin to 
those of the hasheesh eater, and this will 
probably account for his wonderful 
1 story about his imaginary 
Frederick will prohably 
his singular experiment 
His story was all the \eriest 

«»n Christmas day, when everybody 
sta e was abroad enjoying a holiday, the 
typographical force of the Bfmo. rat 
were at work as usual. To-morrow — 
New Year's Bay— they are to take their 
holiday, and as we i««ue no paper on 
v, our readers must content them- 

two days— Saturday and Sun- " p 

young man named 
Rice, of this city, was drowned 
in the Ohio 

river, a few days ago. It seems that 
when the boa; was about two miles 
above  °olumbus he leaned heavily 
1st a fender which had been swung 

coming together thus, is 
but the almanac maker is 
for it. He ought to 
other day than Fri- 
January. On Mon- 
*ill appear 

of the guard to keep it 

Mr. L. G. Matthews, of the lirm of N or 
man A Matthews, publishers of the New 

irom striking against the i„. The end 
ofthe fender slipped overboard, and Mr. 
Rice Jell inio the river backward. The 
ooat was immediately stopped, and the 
yawl sent out: but, owing to the heavy 
ice with which the ri\er was covered, 
ueither the yawl nor the steamer could 
reach him before he sunk exhausted 
from cold. He was a peddler, and took 
passage at Hale's Point fer Cairo, where 
a fresh supply of goods were awaiting 
' at the express oftm . H,* e ,. 

harge of by Mr. A 

More of the 

lgb it is not as durable as oth.. 
and shows wear more. A 
suit of purple Vel  eteeh has a 
n. trimmed with purple silk a 
ler, and set on with a band of 
panier is edged w ith purple 
I-fringe, and the overskirt is 
at the sides by Jong silk tas- 
r this is a close-litting 
to match. A suit of bBBTy 
blue silk has the skin made plain, with 
a flounce headed by a narrow- band of 
gray fur: the sa s,ue is also trimmed 
mmm fur, and a muff of blue silk, bowed 
with fur to match, complete the suit. 
These costumes are rich and elegant, and 
remarkable exponents of originality and 
good taste. 

Many simple and inexpensive dresses 
are made of the soft gray Winsevs, with 
bright plaid bindings, or looped over 
gray plaid petticoats. Bark -gray Wla- 
sey suits. corded w ith scArlet in. Vino, or 
cut in deep scallops over a scarlet un- 
der-kin, are simple but very effective. 
Khtire suits of crimson serge cloth, trim- 
med with black velvet and jet buttons, 
an- soft and warm, and for' the winter 
season are very desirable. 

MOBXIX.i I nKssi . 
Short suits of linsey, colors orange 
end black, red and black, bine and Ma. k 
are new and serviceable for morning 
wesr. They are usually trimmed with 
Masai sjikj,, the same shades, or with 
'Jack Sanaa .-orded with bright ooloss. 
One of the latest styles has a siugle 
skirt, edged by a plaiting of the srine 
hemmed on boll, edges, and headed by 
a fold, one-half of which is blank velvet, 
tin other half orange satin, suiting the 
color* of ihe dress. Two rows of this 
materia! head the plaiting, aud go 
sipiarely up the side seams in front'. A 
■leep bas.jue, triuimci with plaiting and to match, and deep cull's a*id po -k- j The black, rat. although looking larger depleted bj 
ct-Hds to correspond, is w orn w ith this than the re d one, did not weigh so spawning 
costume. 1 much; and moreover its nature and its 1 Th 

Shepherd's .-hock is Else fashionable habits were evidently 
for home morning wear, and is trimmed those of its opponent. Behind each ra 
with narrow velvet. Broad bands of ' stood a man, or a "handler," who held tl 
;i ress 


lief or for publication. If our courts 
act upon it, and our 
against the enforcement 
Wwh avenue mourn and Murray Hill 
sit in sadness. Rachel will weep forhor 
engagement -ring and refuse tube eom- 
fort. d, while the youthful Jacob, des- 
pised of Tiffany and denied a trivial 

"tick" by Ball, will be found in for.* in 

tjie sbaoe of moist. Unpleasant bodv 

boating aboul our docks and imposing A FATAL STAPBIWO AFFRAY. 

new burdens upon our committee on 

wharves and piers. We hope the in is:s 

of New York will pause lie fore giving 
sanction lo a principle of which the 
practical results will be so disastrous. 

ul. I be attor many of 
erty would be sold for as 

other negroes. aXBMM by their arms 
ieweihws nrovi'.io Passengers from Arkansas river report ' ,,w,ano « °, Il,e 
lUof it Ifw w M "» ft*"* With cotton, which 'the ,•' '"" --• 

and Murray Hill P»«J*« « rP «"»'» ? .«  I'^.the bands __ In ;V'"" »" 
having gone off tnjoni the militia. 

1 hir prop- changed 

FitANKionr, Bee. OL— Bonds tirm at 

Paris. I lee. in. -Rentes Oiif H7.. 
LlVKRr-otiL. Bt»c. .to.— Cotton BBttva, 
and ',.1 higher: sales of •.11,000 hallos; 
middling uplands 10' ,d, Orleans lj ,1. 
Breadstuft's active : whito w heat Us ML 
red Western : * lodalus. t orn declined 
H. Oats, barley and pe as are BB 

Ihe Fannie Brandeis, tor F.vans- 
and the Lmma Hughes, for the 
uppt ! t umberlan.l. d-p.irted The 2 
% cJn'is K rXV " C * ■ «^dma r ; u 
Mkmcmis, b.c. ui. B has 1km o rain- 
lor 1 he pis: thr. e ,| K ivor sfi- 

upaary. beprted silver ClaaA *.r 
« ««o.n,,aii: Li/.zio.iil|, for New Orleans, 
Atlant.c and barges, for St. Louis. 

' x " ■ J '- list: Indiana. 

New Orleans to Louisville. 10 r m 

tlBickstep, Evansville and return lo v 
M.; F-.rsjth,  t. Louis to Memphis'. 10 p' 
M.: Norman. Memphis to Kvanaville i 
fjmi M...V.   ii,,, to St. I ouis, 11 
, V ; ?* S w*TS X "eksburg to St. Louis, 
• • m aunita. Cincinnati to New Or- 
leans, l j m. : i:ichinond. New Orleans to 
Louisville. U B.: Talisfnan. Vashville 
packet, - e. M. ; Mississippi, New Orleans 
to airo, I r. it.: Milbrev. Paducah to 
I airo, R r. m. River stationary Itcom 
inenced raining at .lark. The .  hio is 
elear of ice. m 

sr. I..,, is, Me, , in. Arrive,|_Moun- 
taineer, trom Memphis. iK-parted- 
Mountainoer, f..r Memphis. The river 
is stationary, with a probable channel 
depth to Cairo of only 4 feet. Ice soft 
and slushy. The weather is mild but 
not w arm. Several boats have come out 
of retirement, and four or five will load 
to-morrow for the Sonth. Several boats 
are lietween here and Cairo, Ivound to 
this port. 

:'.! N : Win stationary 

o\erninent he 
he payment of 
d  r to do this, 
antl care n ew 
exp. nditures. 

CorrwpootisDce ot tne Syracuse Journal. . 
W vsHIN'.T  N. l . I'. . .' si s.aj, 

It ia unite evident that Oen. (Grant's 
silence is not the result of obtaseness or 
want of Ideas. Since his return to 
Washington, he has not been remarka- 
ble for reticence. On the contrary, he 
seems to hare 1 
sion to expn 

j uai before Con gr ess met, he announc- 
ed himself as desiring to see passed aa 

amendment to the Constitution m.ik;,.^ 
« uniform rule of suffrage. He also re- 
iterated his favorable opinion of the 
W id, amendment, limiting a I'resideiil 
to one term. 

Pernap. the most outspoken things he 
has said were spoken yesterday at inter- 
view, had with several Congressmen. 
Among them was Senator Chandler, of 
Michigan. In theoourse of conversation 
the Senator urged the claims of certain 
Pacific Railroad schemes, presenting, of 
course, the plausible argument that tbe 
development of tbe country, Ac., would 
more than warrant the outlay, lieneral 
'.riiit, in the most emphatic manner, de- 
clared against all schemes of tbe kind. 
The first duty of the t 
said, was to prepare for 
the national debt. In o 
the mast rigid economy 
necessary in all public 
Subsidies to railroad schemes, unless 
shown to be absolutely necessary for the 
completion of important rouUs, must l»e 

opp. ised. 

The Senstor, of course, was Dit con- 
vinced, and reiterated his own views. 
Mentioning that he was going home a.s 
was understood, to look after his re-elec- 
tion 1, General tirant remarked jocularly, 
but meaninalv, that he hoped he would 
stay, having 111 view that he .wild be 
spared. He could l e spared if his 1 
continued as stated. 

\t another inter\ iew with members. of 
the House, fu neral itrant took occasion 
to urge the absolute necessity of a ses- 
sion of the Forty-first Congress, to begiu 
on the 1th of March next. He said that 
-' s: .■; hi xv is ■,• l ehiud the real 
needs of the country, and that, further, 
his administration would require the 
presence of Congress to aid in the adop- 
tion of measures that might be found ib 
solutely necessary for tbe pacification of 
the .sauntry. 

This ends, without doubt, all attempts 
to repeal tbe act bv which each Congress 
is required to meet on tbe 1th of March, 
though it is understood the House judi- 
ciary committee agree to report a bill for 
that purpose. 

Another ami desirable evidence of the 
General's watchfulness is sees In the 
sending of members of his staff to mske 
thorough inspections in the disturbed 
Ststes. It is undeastood thev are direct - 
"d to make the most careful examination 
into the state of affairs. 1 ieneral Parker 
is to leave soon for the Clatf States, and 
\ss.,:,ni \ l|utant lieueral Leet baa al- 
ready gone to Sheridan's Department. 
My informant was delighted with the 

with H'.. teet in tho channel. Business !eas . v geneality of the t.eneral. and de- 
I'risk. Weather mild, w ith indications bribed with gusto his manner and con- 
e.1 i.iin. Arrived Minneola, from w 'rsation. Among other things, he said 
M-inphis; Rmnia Floyd, from N.vsh- that i;rant told how surprised tie « is n 

ville: Kmma No. ::, from New 
Departed— Abeona, for Ten 
Westmoreland, for New o r ] 


• irleans. 



MMVLAJI * o.M Ksr. 

A Ral Fivbl lor a I'm -• ol s.t7.' . 

^Froin the N". V.sun. 
The base passion for the lower kinds 
of "sjyort" has recently found a fresh 
outlet in the city. Some t kree weeks 
I since a returned California!!, calling hitn- 
s. 11 Bill Northrup, brought with him an 
immense Norwegian ral, weighing ncrti- 
lly four pounds throe ounct s, which he 
I had trained to fight 
I w ith small silver spurs, of the sail 
I shape as those used for game cocks. 
I visited all the sporting houses of 
1 city, anxious to make a match for a BBB  
I siderable sum of money, but, until yes- 
terday, he found no takers. A few days 
I ago a man employed upon the shipping 
near Peek Slip, obtained possession of a 
j very large rat, and, immediately upon 
1 this, a purse w as made up to be 'fought 
I for — the Californian betting f'J2  upon 
red Norway rat, aud the friends of 
it her staking against it. 

N *T blUI ralM Kl tllMHUlU I I I). 




fight took place at half-j 
two yesterday afternoon, in a well- 
known peek p|| in the Fourth ward, 
kept by one of those gentlemen of oasv 
virtue who divide their lime between 
pitch-and-ioss sad m.inslaughter. A 
large crowd of villainous roughs were 
ptaaeat, and only one reporter— ho being 
obliged, as a precautionary measure, lo 
take his notes on his thumb nails. 

The black, rat, although looking larger 
than the red one, did not weigh so 
much; and moreover its nature audits 
habits were evidently not so fierce as 

New Yoiik, Hoc. W. — Prinet A Baehav 
ick's distillery , aa Forty-eighth st rest, 
ind garnished was burned last night. Loss *:{n,nou. 

An Irishman named Pat I'limaiin, was 
He assaulted and stablsd by a (iorman 
the named (ico. (ironing, last evening. A 
scuttle ensued, when the Irishman broke 
away, staggering into a neighboring 
store, and died in a few minutes, ( iron- 
ing was arrested. 

The failure of Hinds, Allen A Co., hop 
dealers, of Richlaud Springs, Otsego 
county. New York, is laaafMu. Their 
liabilities arc sj.Kl.ixm. It is thought 
their assets are large enough to pay the 
.rciler part of their debts if tiifio is 
given to wind up their affairs, w ithout 
great sacrifice. 

A meeting ofthe Coauulaaiooacs nf 
Fisheries, appointed by the different 
Siates, w as held last evening at the Filth 
Avenue Hotel. The attendance was 
very numerous. An address was deliv - 
ered by one delegate from each State on 
the subject of fish culture, showing that 
the fish in our rivers are being rapidly 

aaBaJ velvet, in oont rast to the 
are much used for trimming. 
Here is a beautiful design w hich i« v erv 
mn. h in vogue; Th. underskirt of blue 
and black striped satin has a broad hand 
of blue velv et instead of a flounce. The 
upper skirt it of black aaBM silk w ith 
sharply pointed bas.iue, bordered with a 
three-inch band of blue velvet, with two 
loops behind. A blue plush jacket is 
worn on the street w ith this dress, and a 
hat of blue velvet, w ith sides ot white 
terry velvet aud blue ostrich plume aud 
la. e strings, is very appropriate. 

The following petitions were tiled in 
tlie Fnited States Court yesterday: 
Kdruiiud L. Drake. Christian . ouni v 
I- rank A. Dnnbsr, Christian county 
\\ m. \V. Franklin, Christian count v 
Thos. W.  iooch. ( lirlstian countv 
Wlu. M- ails. 1 Inistian cimty. 
(i.Kirjfe Mc .it,   hnsiian .s.uutv. 
\\ 111. M. Merrill. ( Iiristiaii couhlv. 
liru). Robinson, Christian tsaunty. 
Milton W. Mason. AJlea cnuutv.' 
Win. T. Tompkins. L countv. 
\v in. N. lirittain. l»avless .-..iiriM'. 

mm ies 1 ,. 1 ,,t i). w. tits eoaaty 
It. Itavi.^s. I»avi.s« couutv. 
Flias Farmer. Ohio count} . 
J :i!iies M. Hay. M.-I^an c'ouir.v. 

Johu li. Hea a rtnk, Matalesburz counu'. 

Robt. A. Jamison. I iav i.-» , ou ut\ . 
Hem v Lucas. Mt l-eau countv. ' 
fieorge A. M.silll, c'oiinM 

H. K. McKay Hav iesx. ouuty. 
Win. More.lock. Hancock countv. 

I. eorge W. Mur|ihv. I iav : ess countv 
'J ujilev Mail. I. .x daviess countv. ' 
K. Miller. Iiaviess county. 

Thos. V. Rodman, Daviess county. 
Jaiues L. Roljerts, Uanr.H-k county. 
Heu. C. Woodward. Ohio county. 
Win. White. Webster county. 
l'aitinKer.V Bro., Daviess county. 
K. « '. Pral. r. tx?wis county. 
Thos. H. I'robert, Muhk-uburg couuiv. 
Wm. Mulphy. Jefferson county. 
Hobert K. .iruiner. Mason countv. 
Ueome M*. 1'raier. I^wis countv." 
Ia wis Kentsler. Fouisv |Ue. 
Itoliert Hens  d, Knox countv. 
Henry D. Posey, Henderson. " 
1 .-.. . .-is m. Rage. TodJ county. 
Thos. A. L'rallt-. Jeflersou countv . 
\t'. H. 1 ropper, JetT.-rsoii county. 
iM-onje W. lilan, Jefferson county. 
H. \\ . larii*. Jeflersou eonnt] . 
Henry   »u»tile. Louisville. 
Dann-1 I.. Iian. Louisville. 
James C. Murshall, boulRville. 
A. Muckellsiiiow. Louisville. 
James W. Puekett. LaRue ciniiy. 
Lewis mi-hus, Jefferson countv. 
N. N. Whitman. Louisville. 

over seining during the 
i son. 

of Couneilnicn yesterday 
ordinance subscribing one 
iiindred thousand dollars to 
took of the New York and 
i due 1 oinpany. 
s yesterday relative to the 
up-tovvn National Bank 

the contestant ou it siring attached t   a! Brnokl. 
slick. At a signal from the ring-keeper The rumors 
the vicious little animals were let loose, I failnri of an 
when the black rat showed an ttnmis- ] were unfounded! 

lukable while feather by running round | A Statement is made that Orant has 
and round on the tan, uttering the most received a letter advising him. as a pea.- ■ 
hideous s.|iieals, w hile the red one sat measure, to appoint Jell'. B.ivis as his 
calmly in the middle of the ring, watch- Secretary of War 

his a 


Mbany Ledger, ha- recently paUnted a Z^minm^ml^^^^^ 
Raoewable mamorandum book," j ten to bis relative* in Louisville 

•bieh is the most convenient and econ- _ 

a* kusd thai li.isev,, .... , ** ,r "»*«y 
Ihe matrimonial marke 


kind that iius ever 

k j^aaaUybound \ usuMy brisk this' as 

• ceusee were ia»ued yesierdav bv 01 
Couuty Court Clark: 
John Render- uud Anna oo- 1., ,. 

J °:r?* « • 

,^°J ;. h ° la  * 0 n "=nd Mary 1". Hr, 

Bay T. Brent. 



, par- 

«. m . 1 i-meni l oalriU'la. 

The following is a list of aw ards made 
Beceniber 'iOth, l»«jb, at Louisville, Ky.. 
by Bv t. Brig. (Safe, M. P. BBBall, C S. V. 

Duncan. 1 loy.l A Co.. Louisville, lu.uuo 
pounds clear rib baeaaaraes, at b  ! . . ; ln/joj 
lounds bucou shoulder*, a? nM?t and 5,0ue 
jioumls bams, at IT^t. 

Uwsity & Co.. Louisville, ir. 1J.1.J jiound  deal 
rib Ijaeou sides. ., ■ it y 

Gardner 4 • .... Ixjdbville, BaBMI powsa* "* 
KiiAr, at i I.- 

N. sjUseflei . si. L i 11 is. ',.1-jO pouiids . an, II. s. 
at 21.!«v; Vie cakes toilet s»up. at •«•; Vm cakes 
Outlet soap, at Be. 

l'ro -toi ' laiuble. ( iii.-iuuuli. J.i.OOti pounds 
soap, at K at; 600 pounds corn starch, at ls\JBc 

J. . . 1 1 inc.    .... ( iininuati. IJNl lsiuuds 
. ix i.i-i l acou. at ITc. 

(as. A. 1 raasr ft Cu_ CtodauaU, oJMO pounds 
"i anulate.l -ui;ar. a; ■; 

Nevvcouil... Buchanan A t o., Louisville. Ij.- 
tMJ (Kjuuds sujar, at 1j -. 

A. W. White, jr.. & Co., ' nicinuaii. jt«i 
|"»iin'ts -n;u!: ■•: berriu^. at loc. 

II. I Utiles. 1 1.. CHieiaaali. IM) caas ssr- 
dne s, at i 1. : iuj pounds chocolate, at #V; &*  

undi. sai- 
e -Ods. at 

inciuuati, I i\ p 

Minds bicaruona 
, powder, at t 

ing it with BBgry motions of the tail 
For some minutes they could not lie in- 
duced to come together, bat at last the 
Californian reached over the rimr-side 
and struck bis rat with a little Leather 
thong. Immediately on this it darted 
upon its opj onoiit, w hich .11 once tamed 
to face the fight. 

Restin,.' ii|H,n its hind legs, the red rat 
struck out nine or ten times, with in- 
credible speed, at its opponent's head, 
but the black one watching its oppor- 
tunity, darted in, and botk raited oyer 
together, uttering the most pier, in- 
squeals. The scene in the ring at this 
moment was absolutely sicl.ening. The 
partisans of each rat swore h uribly, and, 
upon one of them attempting to get over 
ihe side of the ring, he wa- struck bv 
the rintr-kee|»er with a thick stake— the 
blow cutting his face to the cheek bone. 
1'or sev eral minutes the fight continue 1. 
and it w as impossible to tell w hich was 
getting the best of the encounter. At 
length, however, the screams grew more 
loud, and then gradually died away, 
and. on rcsohlng the ring side, it was 
seen thai the Norway rat had bitten the 
black one at the back of the neck, and 
bail held it until death had ensued. So 
tierce was the anger of the victor, that its 
owner had to biteitsiail viciously l»efore 
it would unclasp its teeth. The Cali- 
fornian subsequently put hii rat in a 
bag sad took it aw ay, himself «l.'sj "in" 
by the light. 

- The story ot the success of the 
Low ii.-r.inii novelist, Fritz Renter, isas 
u..ii.,. rl .! as anything in the history of 
literature. Ho is not far from fifty vears 

•  f aire, and had never published a "book 
seven years ago. L'p to that time be had 
lived in abject poverty, giving lessons at 
the rate of five or ten cents each, ami 
wandering about the small towns of 
Mecklenburg and Ponierania. He is 
now one of the most popular writers in 

• Verinany. His last novel, "The Mon- 
tagues and Capulels of liuroianv," sold 
. m the day of its publication to the utim- 
ber of l.'t,0(Ki, which iseqoivateat to a sale 
of seven times that number in this coun- 
try. His stories have been translated 
into other languages, and his OOpyrigtUa 
hav e made him a rich lii. that ho has 
built himself a beautiful villa near Eise- 
nach, in full view of Luther's taaaaB 
Wait burg. 

Hf"A curious will case is on trial at 
Bath. Me., the ground of action being 
that the v  ill and codicil were made un- 
der the supposed iutluen.-e, control and 
dictation ofthe sp ir jt ofthe deceased 
husband of the testatrix. There have 
lieen put lata the ease a large number of 
eouiniunications said to have been re- 
ceived from the spirit land. 

 *-In tm a plan era. before Congress 
to parcel oft the territory lying Berth of 
the Ohio and east of ihe Mississippi j u t., 
ten States, to be named as follows: Syl- 
v . nia, Mieiiigauia. ( 'hersotiesus, As«eni- 
potamia, Illinoi... Saratoga, 
• Pal) -potamia and P.-lesi- 

nnd a large 
bt be left against our future 

i .-i.-ience to the Pendleton theory, 
and the offensive personal allusion 111 
Mr. Greeley *B letter, Mr. Morton says: 

"In a speech in the Senate last summer 
I argued that, under the statutes creat- 
ing the legal tender notes antl live-twen- 
ty bonds, the Government had the right 
to use the old or existing notes in pay- 
ment of these boutls. This argument" 1 
e r e fa esd with the declaration that the 
Brat datygf the Qoraraasaal w as to re- 
turn to specie payments, which would 
render this ill! eat Bill UB tm portaat, aa4 
denying the right of the Government to 
issue new notes w ith w hich to pay th.*- 
bonds. What was called the Pendleton 
theory— that the   iovcrument has the 
right to print new notes with which to 
pay the live-twenty bonds— I have al- 
ways condemned. In this position, in 
what you call the greenback theory, the 
infamously dishonest proposition, th" 
criminal blunder, you need not put me 
tow a aa repentant. Yon have no evi- 
dence of my repentance." 

W.vshini. ion, lH?e. 30.— The Commis- 
sioner of Internal Revenue has decided 
to allow the repacking of stocks of tobac- 
co now on hand in bulk packages into 
packages to conform w ith the recent leg- 
islation by ( 'ongrcss, under the super- 
vision of a government inspector. Act- 
ing Commissioner Harlan has issued 
supplemental regulations intended to 
secure correctness in the monthly reports 
ofthe assessor of tax on distilled spirits. 
The Acting Commissioner has also is- 
sued instructions as to the survey of dis- 
tilleries, in w hich it is stated, in estimat- 
ing the number of dry inches to be al- 
lowed for lot mentation, the assessor and 
person designated to aid him must be 
governed, in a great measure, by the 
doptbof the fermenting tubs. From the is lielieved 
that a fair allowance will Vie from three 
10 seven dry inches for corn, and any 
mixture of corn and rye, n it exceeding 
one-half rye to one-half corn, and trom 
sev en to twelve dry inches for rye. and 
any mixture of rye "exceeding one-half. 

The snow that fell to-day all'ords good 

Provisions— Lard firmer at Ife Pot k 
tirm at s7s Bd. Beef lOos. Cheese »i'.K 
Bacon -Vis. 

Petroleum and naval stores. ,uiet and 
unchanged. Tallow |s R :kl. 

London, Bee. ;t0.— Tallow *•;  ..,!. Tin 
pontine :Ns M. Sugar .,uict. 

Antwkup, l ec. Ife— -Petroleum oatot 
at : it. 

Hatiik. Bee. M 1.— Cot ton ex. i led at IJ.f 
on spot and to arrive. 

Sot riiAMPTON, Bee. Jo.— The steam- 
shin Bavaria, from New 1 irleans, arrived 

Paris. Doc. :jn.— Bourse dosed firm: 
rentes 7".f 15c. 


and Dubuque Bridge 

,y 1 n*\» is in iin \r».n\Hs 

WlfB 1.. I .nth. 

IIW Oltl.t t \v 

ftnilinjc of tbe Peruvian Weullor*. 

New Orleans, Iiecemlier 2fe — The 
I eruvian steamer Marauon sailed to- 
day to join the monitors, and will 
th'-in to I'ensacola, where th-v v 
made seaworthy. 

sn rpns 

the number of men Pemberton had at 
Vicksburg when ho surrendered. lb 
• ieneral Grant) supposed the force to be 
not more than fifteen thousand!. Pem- 
Is-rton told him, when they were arrang- 
ing terms of surrender, that his men 
must be fed until thev qpuld reach their 
own lines antl depots. This w is i.s, u i- 
esce.l in. Pemberton then slid he should 
elv. "I asked 

I) men," my eyes. 
I gentlemen, opened as wide xs that, " .u 
the same time illustrating by placing bis 

1 1 

Nivv oniEANs. December .'JO.— . M . 
stcHnis,,.., p. mfon wasseUcd here this oval. There was a laugh over this. Many 
morning on suspicion of having arms, stories were told of .•ampaigns anrf move- 
inunitions and supplies for the Cuban ineiits. The regard for Sherman, so well 
re^atloalote on board, hut nothing known to tbe country, was shown quite 

plainly by several allusions to him. and 
especially in his narration of inci.lenl- 
connected with the 

suspicious i^ng found, 'the vessel was 
-ed this afternoon. 

Toaumui, Dec. 


ai.— Mitchell's 

surrender of John- 

, A gent lemsn who spent several hours 
furnishing establishment w as gutted by • recently at 1 ieneral Urant's residence, 
lire last night. Adjoining was the store with several others, givea me some inter - 
M Moatbartaad A Taylor, which was also esting gossip alsjut the interview. The 
considerably damaged. The losses were person referred to w as .1 former friend of 
covered by insurance. the tirant family, and knew the General 

aaaa r ■ — - - - | when a West Point cadet at home on a 

* r -waienai. , j ^ e ot hers I have seen, be did 

okikkss Ig naa oa , Dee. 30. - A large not believe the cadet bad any elements 
de ot condemned ordinance stores of power snd greatness in his character, 
took pla e at the Fort to-day, .-onsisting and told how vehemently he .-ontrovert- 
! mmm ' . sa'ldles, Ac. ed General Hamer's t tbe Congres-m ,„ 

l inagetlilnriugthe 

fair prices. 

war. They 

H.VRTioiti., Dec. '-i.-Charles Doug- deal in him 
•-• furniture establishment. \„. Ir, ,,e ~ 111 

by whom Orant was nominated to West 
Point, snd who afterward fell in Mexico) 
declaration that Lieutenant Grant w ould 
■utke his mark, for that there wai 

CncMKfcj Dee. 3fe — Ike Dunleith and 
Dubii'iue railroad bridge, across tie 
Mississippi, was tested yesterday in tlie 
presence of several engineers and ratt- 
roatl men. The defection beneath t;,- 
weight of five locomotives weighing two 
hundred and forty-five tuus, was about 
two inches. The bridge was opened to 
traffic OB the 9d inst. 

lieorge I ram-is Train was enthusiasti- 
cally w elcomed to Omaha yesterday bv 
the Fenians. The cMaBBBaj IvB him ■ re- 
ception to-night at the Aculcniv of Ma- 

Asyluiii street, w is damaged to the ex 
tent of s.j.000 by fire to-night. Fully 




Nkw hrlu.vs, Dec. *). 
iro  .ine-hali .-ent liiaher; mi.Miin~ 
aJl',. ;sal. ,oi s.?w bales. and reeeipu of 

Vo':uss : ...ininon 
: jreUow, clarified. 
1 : riiiiinion '■'*' tt't'rr 

V'Lot i:-Kiriu ; 1 
S7£i; treble do JK 
  . HAi.s— l orn t 

1 la 



\\ asalagtoB 



Kdwa-.d H. Pa!nier 

Wni. Grant arid Aauir Eyp 
l._ - v saasa SsLdsr  and San 


The grand jury of the City 

t oa! fui tharlty. 

#l , Ib BBBMaaaoa w ith ■ rasatetfuo 1 leased 

by ihe i.enc-ral Council, tbe undersigned 
have appointed Mr. Henry T. Jefferson, 
  ourl re- corner of first and Mam 

The average age ot the BOW Uro- 
i*k ( abinet is nfty years and four 
iionih-. The oldest member is Lord 
;.Urendou, fatatga lawtatary, 6i; smd 
tbo youngest, the" ataraaii it Hurtlui.'- 
tofe, : i years old. Mr. Gladstone ataada 
third on the list 

.1 reet- 

turned twenty-eight indictments yester- ,r  bu"te the coal apportioned 

li-- th. 

£^~A man became 
oilier day while ir 

MMM in Lnglund 
the a.-t of lioiug 

Th" Klaisdell distillery, in which a 
large amount of distillery property is 
concerned, will be tried to-day. 

The steamship City of Baltimore, from 
Liverpool, has arrived. 

Tho springfi.-ld Massachusetts | Ilc- 
publican says: '-We don't intend to de- 
vote the Republican to Mr. Jim Fisk 
permanently : but Congress is not la Ses- 
sion, murders a-e dull, and there is 
hardly any livelier r. adm- going m-i 
now than that he l-as provided. But w e 
must give up ...pying expressions of 
public opinion through the press, from 
sheer dispair of doing justice to thorn 
nil. Besides, they are all one side, with 
not difference enough, except in degrees 
and variety of abjurgation of poor Fisk. 
to keep up the interest. Tlie richness of 
the Knglish language in words of denun- 
ciation antl damning, was never so fully 
illustrated as in the treatment of this 

A report of the voyag.' ot th- boat of 
the steamship Hibernia says but throe 
persons of the survived. Second 
officer Bavie, of the lost vessel, savs 
they were out fourteen davs. Thev- had. 
twenty Bhjhl passengers," and reached 
the Irish coast with only three, and on 
landing their limbs were* so swollen lliat 
they could not move. The boat hail 
very rough weather. There wore a num- 
ber of children on lioard, all of whom 
died in their mothers' arms. Thoy ran 
short of food and water. Nine or ten 
persons went mad, drank sea water, and 
then leaped into the sea. On the elev- 
enth day out, the waves upset the boat 
and washed the provisions and every 
one overboard. The three men clung to 
the keel until the boat righted, and then | 
they hoisted a tarpaulin for a sail, ami 
after three days of intense suffering from 
thirst and suspense, they ran upon the 
beach on the west side of Faunett I'oint. 

New York. Dee. Ife Ai a mooting 
of the National Institute of Letters. 
Arts and Sciences, which took place lust 
night, two new academies were created, 
that of National Science and that of Me- 
chanical, Physical and Mathematical 
Science.   ifli. ers were elected Ibr both 

In the I'uiied   ii. s District Court to- 
day the venue on the Biaishell A Eckel] 
alledged whisky fraud case was set aside, 
for informality, and the trial postponed 
to next Tuesday. 

In the Supreme 1 • nu t Judge CBnteaee 
granted a stay of proceedings bom the 
order of Judge Sutherland, appointing 
Judge Davies receiver of the Erie roaa 
pending the decision on the motion 10 
v a  ate the order which has been recently 
on argument liefore him. 

At 1 he auction sale of coal to-.l'v, 
the were s!al .u per tun lower 
than last mouth. 

The Hon.G. H. Pendleton is stopping 
in Brooklyn. 

The commercial travelers held anoth- 
er meeting to-day, at which it w as staled 
that Attorney General Evarts had ex- 
pressed himself to their .-oinmittee as 
opposed to the present State and munic- 
ipal license laws as conflicting; also, 
that *1 LOW had b;-en subscribecT to test 
the said laws before the United States 
.supreme Court. 

The auunal cou\eutio:i ol the Ltt^ Pi 
fraternity, a secret college -uso.-iation. Is 
in session in this city, with delegate^ 
present from all parts of the country 

SBW York, Dec wj.— The Herald con- 
siders that the several failure* recently 
reported may have been the result of 

Horrible Murder and Suicide. 

A Man Kills hi* Wm ami 
tlit .1 Cm 

Great Excitement in tne City. 

Cin.inxaii, Bee. A horrible mur- 
der and suicide took place in this city 
this morning at 2 o'clock. Wm. Asbach 
kilted his w ife, Josephine, bv blows 011 
the head with a hatchet, and slabbing 
her once in the left side with a bntcher- 
knii'e. He then shot himself through 
the head with an Enfield rifle, the ball 
entering the left lower jaw and t. siring 
away the right back part of the head, 
scattering the bruins all over the room. 
Tho deed was done in an upper room of 
their residence, and both part ies were 
partially undressed. 

The husband had for mouths threaten- 
ed to take his wife's life. It was the sec- 
ond marriage for both, and they have 
havo been married four years. " Their 
a/.s were K and BT, respectively. Ho 
was a basket maker aud she kept "a con- 
fectionery 011 the first floor of their resi- 
dence at STo Central avenue. None but 
the victims were in the house at the 
tinicot the tragedy. The officers heard 
the woman's erics and the report of a 
gun and broke into the house. Death in 
both e ises w as instantaneous. They had 
retired in different rooms. She was jeal- 
ous of his v isits to a woman, the keeper 
of a saloon near. He was doubly jealous 
of her on all occasions. They also nuar- 
roled about their property, each owning 
some real estate, and she making more 
money by her store than he by his trade. 
They had temporarily separated a couple 
of limes since their marriage. She was 
oa the eve of applying for a divorce. He 
loaves six children by his first marriage. 
The coroner is holding an inquest. The 
excitement is intense. 

iu nno\n. 

day, most of w hich wort 


';~"i "s dhvsrJei-ly a r ,., ^ uU 

S(rainst parties 


poor of the Fifth ward 

I n.. .1 t- L. fe&JNU I 

\ \. I. a .'in . 

I u in d T. r.-i 1 . 

to the married. Fncharitable bachelors say' extravagance and speculation as much 
that there is nothing surprising in this, a- tbeeffecl ofbusiness mismanagement 
1 although insaadty generally precede The prottta ot rataineae wtth maay ara so 

1 ... itriBKarj , .1 ■ mm a tiolenl sj u ptoinsj nearly ivwaumed Ui I 11 up thta riiepU 

1 a Ol 11MI i li" so'iir I i loe a llei I I 1.' II.. 1 l.ll!.. L. LA I.. ■ I... rl i .....;» I 

KniiMoND. Dec. 'to.— Sallie Andei 
w ho was released from the oxecutio: 
a death sentence by Judge Fn.lorw 
and afterwards rearrested by the Mav or 
was tinally set free. The "attorney for 
counsel putting it 011 the gronnd that 
if the court made requisitions aud exe- 
cuted her, it would be in direct disobe- 
dience of Judge I'nderwood's decision, 
and that it .-ould not try her again with- 
oal OOBeedtaa that all its actions since 
July wore illegal and negatory. 

Mosely Clark, born iu June, 1747, died 
■yesterday, aged 121 years and 6 months. 
He was a wagon-driver during the revo- 
lutionary war. 

i'l BA. 

Havana. Dec. The Diaro pub- 

lishes rambling accounts of the unim- 
portant success ot the troops over the 
revolutionists. There has been no au- 
thentic advices received from tbe revo- 
lutionary sources. A rumor is in circu- 
lation that the revolutionary General 
Qasaada, landed with arms aiid men at 
fiSglHI from Nassau. 

Arresl or Robbers. 

BOsiox, Dec. oO.— Augustus Perry, 
alias. Blanchaid, has been arrested 111 
Ofcdensburg. Ni v. York, and Harry Jen- 
uing- and ( harks Rtjdniau, in thii citv. 
charged with robbing the brokers' office 
of Charles H. Godding, f.tate Treasurer, 
two year* ago, of one thousand dollars in 
gOH com. The accused were held to an- 
swer th" . barge. 

John Fogerty, a drunken Irish labor- 
er, living in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago, 
yesterday morning beat his vvit  so 
verelv with an iron instrument that she 
was dead before tho neighbors arrived. 
The coroner's jury returned a verdict of 
wilful murder against Fogerty. who was 
immediately arrested. 

Clili Ai.o, Dec. :u».— Vcsterday noon 
John Kyan, a lierman, while warming 
his dinner in a tin pail, fell inio a tank 
of boiling water, at the I'nion stock 
yards, and w as terribly scalded before 
he could be extricated. His injur:! s 
wore not fatal. 

It has lieen proved in court thi't the 
late Mrs. Augustus N. Dickens left real 
and personal property worth jtt.sOU. An 
acquaintance of Charles Dickens in tin-, 
city says that Mr. Dickens' brother lied 
froiii England with the lately deceased 
woman, deserting his wife, whom tin 
novelist supjiorted comfortably. 

Archbishop Kenri. k, of St. Louis. 1- 
v isiting Bishop Duggan, of this cit y, w ho 
is unwell. 

During last year there were :-'.s fjaj 
ibis citv, entailing a total loss of 8-, *••;».- 
7~ .. Its* cost *3on,U0M a year to runlhe tire 

Last year the police of this city ni i.le 
£1.707 arrests. The property stolen 
amounted la UPBjtaf, of vhteh |r felM 
was recovered. About si4.:,otM wore 
levied in lines. The expense ol the po- 
lice department is si'jO.nou a year. 

Yesterday three stores were destroyed 
by tire iu Lacou. 111., and this morning a 
hotel, drug store and one dwelling- 
house were also burned. Loss heavy, 
but .severed by insurant?. 

The Illinois canal ami river conven- 
tion mot in Servia this moruing, lion. 
T. C. Dore, ol" Chicago, was ele.-te.t chair- 
111a n. 

sr. Lol ls, Dec. Mir— The County .'ourt 
to-day appropriated sio.000 for the poor 
of the city. 

The lady who was arrested last even- 
ing in an assignation house, as is alleged, 
was admitted to bail to-day in sj.imo t ., 
appear liefore the Court of Criminal Cor- 
rection, January tlth, to answer tin- 
charge of adultery. The lady denies the 
charge against her. and asserts that she 
went to the house in which she was ar- 
rested on business connected with a law- 
suit brought by her former husband for 
possession of her children. 

In view of an effort being made to 
make Chicago a purchasing depot for 
(iovernment supplies, with the intention 
of shipping them by railroad to Sioux says; 
  itv, and then by sternwheel stcuiners 1 lien I 
to different ports on the upper Missouri 
river, a committee was appointed by the 
of 1 Merchants' Exchange of this city, which 
h1, has made a rejMJrt to the Board of Fntler- 
writers comparing the losses of side- 
wheel and sternw heel boats. • 
The argument used in favor of the 

hbav- Dull sad unci 
MaY-Pi iuic rJsalT. 
Paoi isioNs— Mess poi 
! n  011 scarce: shoulder. 

•lour rib -Lies Is'.,,-; , 
I. ard lower: li.Tee Is. a; 
Whisky — Klrm at tl 1 
1 ; it. h k k 1 Es -( ouVe— 11 


double extra 
end yellow 

. . : -Js .".i.-s 
0% at Hall'. 
• Ies ;«i..iie 

Senator Wilson, who was present, n 
marked jocularly that he had notice 
that the General had beeu do-toted wit 
.M.Clellan. Grant responded 
lively, and further said that 
was aa able man and soldier. 

The only point on which he expr 
himself during tbe conversation 
bore upon public affairs, was in relation 
Sheridan, and his removal 
inmand of l.ouisian 1. It ■ ,s 
I lair deduction from bis re- 
e that among the first, if 
it his adrainistra- 
er-ln-Chirf." would 
_ of an order placing Little 
iu command of Louisiana and 
Tex a*, probably also ei all the Trans- 
Mississippi region. 

1 asaeasi »f i.-i . hamief . 


•itv fo 

lTrrsm 1: 

PlTTSBt Rt;. ts-c. Bt 

I*i. rao 1. ei M— «.' rude— market excited and 
prices i.-ii.llnj: upward; l-' .c bid and We ask- 
.1; a sal,- ,,f li.,.»f«i I.UL-, .January to June, 
seller, at 1." Kctiued very Arm; a sale of 
-.•ss sin.; 1: loc. l,.«.«i do for February at 
'flc. li.iniO J.i for January to I'sreinU r at »n-. 
with an advance of ?.c »u eacb luonlh.and 
;i ' .- 1. 1 : for January to June. 


1 m  ago, Dec. 'A. 
I .e. ii ooard this alt«rnoon provis- 

ions WSM ipiiet but tirm ; sales mess |S)rk at 

At tbe evuung   oar l iiUsinesM was very 
.jUi.-l, uoihiUR lieinu done 111 ?iaiu. No..' 
spring wheat whs ottered al »1 12. 

1 i:ovisio s -Bull; sales were oiulned to 
U*i bins mess pork at fX 7's 

 a. I 

Mi. iv»i..,.iv s mmm 

From the N. V. Times, jsih. 
The Ijenefactions of Mr. i.eorge Pea- 
ba lvare far larger than generally sup- 
posc.l. A few days ago, when Bjs'latest 
gift of half .1 million of dollars to the 
London poor was announced, we spoke 
of his donations as amounting to an ag- 
gregate of ov or lour millions of dollars. 
But we hue bc. u furnished with an au- 
thentic list . : Mr. I'eabody's gifts, and 
we find that they amount toover double 
this sum; iu fact, thev ..mount in all to 
over irn ssMsMM e/aaflarahl our cur- 
rency. The following list gold valuesi 
w ill display the remarkable facts; and 
thai Hal Am I Bel include the large sums 
he gave to further American interests in 
the great Exhibition of Bsil, nor other 
mrm Minis he has giv en tor international 
ban. plots antl such pur| oses: 

To the poor of london Sl,T.'jU,i)DU 

bail laimnlnsllrals l.uuo.fluo 

For education in tbe sjouth lo blacks 

and whites 2,000,000 

For museum to preserve American 

relics, Yale College 

For a similar museum in Harvard 


For institute anil cdm-atiou at liau- 

uiiie bankers, having charge of men-hand: 
[owned by other persons, to insure it 
[companies conducted 011 the mutual sy 
tern, charge the whole premium paid 
the owners, and then retain any s. r 
dividend which might be 111.1. le bvt' 
companies as their own private pen. 
site. In most cases the sum thus fttm 
ed is t--o small to lie worth disputu 
alHJiii, but oiK-e in a w hile it liecomt-s 
considerable importance. For exampl 
a banking firm in this city late 
made advances on a cargo of rail 
iron, and for their greater se- 
curity insured it, charging the premium, 
nearly $7,000, to the owners. Subse- 
quently they received on this premium 
a scrip dividend of *J,S«iii, which, in 
ao-ortlance with the custom we speak of, 
they insisted on keeping. The owners 
of the iron objected, aud failing other 
remedies, resorted to legal measures. 
• ui a full hearing of the esse by tbe gesv- term of the Supreme Court ot tin- 
State, it was decided that the custom 
could not override the plain rule of law. 
1 hut a pci-son holding property in trust 
must account for all his receipts from it. 
and the scrip was adjudged to belong to 
the owner* of the iron. The case mm* 
excited great attention in commercial 
circles, and will, it is probable, break up 
the practice heretofore prevailing. 

. .MjH' 

F.-r :v free lou-emu at Salem 

To the aaa* 01 Maryland 

Bishop Mcllvuiti for Kenyon folleso 

Kan. - Arctic expedition ...f. 

For "MaasSfSM Church" to his inoth- 

To members of his lainily 

Total _ I 


«i.i Xi 

M'.miik.u, Dec. 3u. Mm-h destitution 

exists hers anoaf the poor. s.,-ip V Iti L 
ens hai • agaiu Iweii opened 

upon the number of lc 

it being basetl 1 ing 
1 of sternw heel | ladv 

• of a Tauaa Girl. 

The Howard county Mo. | Advertiser 
"A young lady, si daughter of Keu- 
■verage, .11 last Saturday night, 

the l'.'th inst., cointniitc I suicide by tak- 
ing laudanum. It was a surprise to tbe 
community, but more so to her imme- 
diate family. No stain or even suspicion 
h id touched her character. She wss 
cheerful during the entire day preced- 
ing the fatal act, until just before retir- 

boats during last season between here 
and Sioux city, the committee recom- 
mend the underwriters, for the pr..t  - 
lion of the trade and insurance oi •■!. 
Louis, as well as for the protection of the 
Government, which never insures, to 
raise the standard of sternwheel 
inspection to something eoual to that of 
sidowheel inspectfon, to show- that over 
two hundred and fifty voyages were 
made by sides heel boats iu the Missouri 
river last season without the loss ,.f a 
dollar either to the Government or pri- 
vate parties, while eight sternw Ik el 
boats, together with the,r ■ , n ... 

totally loot. 


Stealing irom n Bank- Snow storm. 

Mo.sritKAi., Dec, ^fe — TWO men named 
Townsend and DUttoa, employee of the. 
Merchants' Bank, were arrested yester- 
day and brought before the pottos eout: 
on the charge of ■ttellnj Iiolu the baui ; 
the charge arising Iron 
having advanced luu.' 
who absconded leet « 
admitted to bail. 

A heavy snow is falling nor. . 

Meuieucetl lo he II hub. 

Clevblabb. Dee. TO. - I ewis Davis, 
who murdered Ik I*. Skinner, of fnde- 

peaeeae*, fell, wen to-tlay aeatea 
...-.I 10 hthaagaiatfae tth ol Pebrutr. 

1 1 1 ■ - 1 ! 1 1 I 





J.l. rtaafe, ■ "j 
They v. ere i Qi 

■esee expected '.  ni-?e; her again, and 
seemed overcome with great emotion. 
The lady thought strange of her beha- 
vior, but did not dream of the fatal 
BMOeiag of her m ord. She retired to her 
room immediately afterward, and in a 
short time was fo md unconscious, hay- 
ing swallowed an ounce of laudanum. 
A physican was sent for but failed to 
bring resuscitation. She had formed an 
attachment !  r a young mau in the 
neighbor h ood, and it is supposed the 
difficulties in the way of their union pro- 
duced that melancholy state of mind 
m hich led to suicide. 

The Sum. 

The announcement just been made 
to tin Loyal A-trouomical Society ot 
England el the discovery, by means of 
the BBeetro*. ..p". ..fa hitherto unknown 
envelop of gaseous matter surrounding 
that body, oi a thickness of seven or 
ci^ht thou, and miles. Its precise com- 
position has not yet been determined, 
but w ill. probably, before long be ascer- 
tained. At the satae time. Mr. Hug- 
• • manv important 

la t ctert nee to the compo*i  
• ot t'.e heavenlv bodies, by meau- 
ol the spectroscope, presented a commu- 
ni. ation staling that, at least one ts.met 
■ ..11: .lins Barbae in .1 state or ignition. 

.*irThe Lmperor .f china is fourteen 

|veais »•! are. .od hi» iiHiH.'i.l bride 

1 clvv eli. 

George Francis Train arrive 1 in N sw 
Yeeh in the Australasian. Friday. 111 
time to eat a • hristmas dinner on Amer- 
ican soil. But previous to his demarca- 
tion ho was visited on board ship bv 
deputations of the Fenian Brotherhood, 
pro-eniinir nldresst s n the n ime of the 
organisation and of the Irish eiiiaeae of 
America. These address. , w . r-- s.,1110- 
« hat nils. ,ine in their praises, of Mr. Train 
and '[uite severe upon tbe British gov - 
eminent and our Minister to~ t. 
James. He was coagratulatetl on 
his escape from British tyranny, op 
I ression and persecution. h:i:l"d is Knn's 
sdvocate and pledged the eternal grati- 
tude of the Irish race for his sacnuccs 
and his sufferings. Mr. Train's rtsp.  n-e 

for the Alabama claims. ' I 
a great meeting at the Coopci 
week from Tuesday, when Mr. Train 
will again twist the tail ofthe British 
lion and, as he announces, "bombard 
Fngland with Bastile epigrams.'' 

William Crams.— William Curtis, K. 
W. 1. rand Secretary of the 'iraud Lodpe 
of Pennsy 1 vania aiid • 1 rand Scribe of the 
Grand Encampment of the 1. O. of ■  . F . 
died suddenly yesterday morr.iug, at his 
bouse in Philadelphia. He acted as sec - 
i , t. trv of the joint committee of arrange 
mcnis for the semi-, entennial celebra- 
tion on Saturday evening, and appeared 
to be iu his usual health, fie has been 
an active and prominout member of th. 
order for thirty-five years. 

gC Y. Herald, 38th. 

?Ar Two hundred and forty of Koche 
fort's Lauternee were discovered lately 

in the crinoline of a fair Ma 
Ernestine Durand, a young 
arrived from Brussels for tb  
studying the ancient mast 
Louvre, and, combining bu 
pleasure, of dsaaaaUsatiaa 
colored pamphlets for a hi 
lished si Commes. 


^"The present season has 

disastrous to the bop grow  
cousin that manv of them s 
foth devote their land to other 

C-Wheu may a man 
poor vehicle for express 
is a little sulky. 

« Georgia editor 
w atermelon and a basket o 
as a Christmas presen:. 

tar Detroit is to have a 
match. " with a prue for the 


*0-The little Abyssinian, 
odore. is ai school in tbe Isle of W 

Ihe Hons.- ..nd the 


SI, 18*. 

rnrcpa and 


-California i* 
(bis way. 


lobea are the onler of 


, U e *•/ in « i •hot.' M.yaville jatd 

-The X' 

deud of aix per eent. 

—Eight new ranee of 
reported to the Mayor ol Newport on 
Monday laat. by the city payel ' 
—The colored laborer* of Lexington and 
v i.-i„ity liayc hold another meeting and 
declare that if anv fsult is found in the 
•rttebould not be on then ar 

Monetary and Commercial. 

Booth \ »&f*d in B»«*-»~- „ 

Ole Bull are in Nt-w Ofkk i: of the I.olisvillf. Democrat, 1 
Wedn^-nlay Kveninp. Dee. 30, 1868. j 
The following quotations of our gold 
and Uoveruuient bond market have been 
furowhed us by. Messrs. Thomas and 
William Maixe, specie, stock and lwnd 
brokers, Xo. 146 West Main street, over 
the Citizens' Bank: 

is the new 


Eve. a negro named 
was seriously and, it is 
feared. totally stabbed in Lexington. A 
paln'.-r has been arrested a* having eon. 
milled the deed. 

-The town-marshsJ of Win h- 
tempted, on Tuesday last, U. arre*t a 
man named Reed, wb- resisted by shoot 
ingot hull. Tho marshal shot Heed in 
the face, inflict lug a slight wound. 

—The negroe * of Lexington will «wlo 
bratethe anniversary of their freedom 
on Friday. A large meeting will lie held 
f..r that purpose, which will lie addressed 
by tien. Runkle and other Radical lip-hta. 

—Two ritirens of   iij  iiin:i!i v ■ r •  
rested nesr Newport day before vest 
dav, for violating the tcame laws of the 
Mole by shootine smaller bird- than 
quails. The 
lars each. 

—There are oyster pirati «. on the Ma- 
ryland shore. 
—Street ears without platforms are 


— (, .lii-inounte.l skat'- :ir, iiii.'liti 
holiday present*. 

—Montana report* a large **•« .1 
jrrirzly If-ur*. 

The \ v York swells now wear seal 
skin coats. 

—Now it is proposed to make Alaska 
a peual settlement. 

—Olive Logan has engagements for 
every evening this vv inter. 

— Morrissev's "plunder" in New York 
Central was MoO.OUO. 

— Chris! m is w as celebrated a: New .irk, 
X. J., by a negro ball and a big row. 

— Long John Went worth is after that 
Chicago real estate sw indle. 

—• l'ather Ignatius" has received tlx 
gift of a monastery, and is happy. 

The New York Tribuuc says a pecfc 
Of grape* will yield a gallon of wine. 

The snow shcl- on lie-   en; tal I'a- 
aJafa railroad extend twenty-two miles. 

The Boston Advert i.»ci thinks th: 
Win. It. Astor i- loo rich for comfort. 

-s is hundred thousand hat 1 o\es a; 
anuuallv manufactured in Danbury. VI 
A fashion authority says the Itri.l 
now furnishes the bridesmaid's dresses 
_ A Jerseyman has made a maehiiu 
that runs Dy steam, and calls' it ■ rated 


The ienurc-of-oihce bill is to bo ke| 
as a rod in pickle for the incoming 1'res 

! M r. if IW 

a at r. « ,.....«*: 

Buying, ocil.ui 

■erring um sottie dav 
rl, was discovered t«. I 


•r dollar. — 

»r . s nd fes 

rr dimes nod half dune* 


. 6 per cent bonds, ISM 

KVSMttSt JW. ... — 

-Twenties IM'W Isis..." 


Hav— Stocks of prime timothy 
light, with sales of 115 bales timothy in 
store at is I si por tun. 

Ilir l — We ijuote at 1 Oslo) jo for green 
lted and l'.i'^aUO.'-ie for dry salted ; Hint 
 les 20a21c and green from butchers 
674 aOc. 

Hominy — We ipiote few sales at $5 Ton 
Opcr bbl, the latter for kiln dried. 

i 11 iis — We « juole lard oil No. 1 at $1 4."  
al ." " per gulUm and No. '1 at %l 30a 
1 Ltj. strictly pure $1 o" . Curiam or coal 
il, at alaWft. filnaood oil in lots, at 
*1 K : small sales at M OS per gallon. 

l.utl  — The market is pretty well sus- 
tained for prime  |Ualities, w ith a sale ol 


suffered a decline of ^a'Wier bushel. The 
demand was altogether to fill shorts 

'1JIUI.U •»,,r»r,.,,-» ....... , .- 

'4C chiefly at tec. closing weak, with MM 
Jrt'.e to Hellnts, delivered nfler Jaunsry Mn. 

■ • \v ... '- x 
sltiif nl 


30 tierces city rendered 
kegs al Wb. We also CM 
country lard to ■ dealc 
tteM - at 17' ,e. and On bat 
Pn [BOW— The markel 
of choice qualities, and 
Uaal at *liil"  per tun; 

at ISc, and 4f 
oto a sale o 
•, i m l tiding ll 

sat 17'... 
is nearly ban 
we quote ho 
1,1 Mast at S.V.: 


. „ . . ■ »»•» 1 


— The "tenure of office" I- likely t 
caais .  tirant more t rouble than the got 
ting of it. 
— Boueicault is sai.l to have w lilt 
—on Christmas day. in Lexington, a I version of "Last Lyiine" for lh  

grocer kept conspicuously displayed in Paris stage. 

front of his establishment a tree de.-o- —TheParepa-Uo-a troupe mad. .- . 
rated with sos. for   all the old bachelor, ? . ^ tifty 

In thecity.eosh adorned with a piacaru _ TortM . tulllUod (1 own stair- the 

Vwartns: this inscription. ' To Mr. . I !hl . r  1;1V tripping in her skirt, and 
m son." sings no more u mil further notice. 

—The ladies of Nicholasville eclebra- —Alaskan ladies like alsittb of «ri 
ted   hristmas in a most praiseworthy | ky before dinner, but prefer whale oil to 
■l I givinjr an entertainment con- 


sisting of s tableau and vocal and instru- 
mental music, for the benefit of their 
Female Seminary. They were rewarded 
with complete success, the hall being 
filled with the beauty and w it of old 

—The last Conut  Court day a W in- 
chester was one of the dullest c\er 
known there. The extremely disagre 

ingto tow n. But one lot of yearlimrs 
•old for *-l7— about C\,e per pound. 
Broke oxen Lr • - i . . • 

\'ery few horses were offered, and they 
went at a sacrifice. 

— The May»ville Lagje learus that on 
lite night of Saturday last, the tannery 
lately occupied by Rand A Henry, in 
l^w is county, " a- en; irel y coii-u ine.l l.y 
fire. The proi eriy w as rented by 
Harrow A Tittle, of Dayton. Ohio. The 
loss of these gentlemen will 1* about 
*lo,oao. only fci.000 of which is covered 
by msurauco. Dr. Henry also i-—- 

—The residence of Mr. Richard I 
uett. situated on the Bryant's Station 
j»ike. near l exiii|iton. was eiiten-d on 
Wednesday night last, and robbed of 
various articles of wear ut; : 
J si ah' j, sat in it'll r m value to over two 
hundred dollars. The thiex pr. \ ■ 
f« two negroes who were afiorw.iiiJ 
•*ptured and the property recovered 

—The Owensboro Miield 
and we may add truthfully, 
lxmlsville Democrat .since it has chati-- •'. 
hands, has Iteen enlarged, and is now 
filled w ith eboioc reading matter, and 
contains the latest new «, from all parts 
of the habitable globe. It is printed on 
the finest paper, typographically \ re- 
nt*** a fine appearance, and is a formida 
bt« rival for public favor with 
'•Courier- Journal." 

—The Ix xington Observer and Ke- 
l orter says the freed men's bureau offi.-es 
have been closed here. Colonel K. K. 
lohnson, for sometime j.ast its ageni at 
this point, has been ordered, with his 
.■oatly old piece al furniture, to La i-- 
\ilie. Although we deejdv 

chainpapne with their meal 

Christmas is said to ha\e been more 
generally celebrated at Boston this year 
than ever before. 

— A newspaper printed on Christmas 
appropriately heads an article "t»ur In- 
side to-.lay.'' 

New York is said to waste Hyaaj 
itounds of pood food annually by throw- 
ing ;'. aw ay as oflal. 

—The subject of building dwelling 
|„i luses on the 1'ronel, plan is au .in Is-ing 
,lis ussed in New York. 

—The insuram-e companies of the 
country paid to the Government last 
year a tax of *l,894,£t5 57. 

—The New York newsboy- had a 
Christmas dinner aiven them at the 
wslx ys' Home" in that city. 
In a suit now carried on in an Dll- large ilry goods   -a -e till, d 
with pajKTs is daily brought into court. 

—Two BMCdaPWM wives are in jail in 
New York. One killed her husband 
with a rolling-piu and the other with a 

—A man at Providence. K.I., has Wen 
couijieUed bv the courts to nay s., , and 
costs for spitting upon a lady's dress on 
the street. 

— Somebody in New York has 1 n 

using Congressman Lvieh's frank l" 
send an editiou of a w eekly paper out 
to Cincinnati. 

—There was a mutiny in the New .ler- 
mm Mate prison Tuesday. Th. convicts 
refused to work under a n  v keeper, and 
in the end carried their point. 

— "Incompatibility ol temperament" 
is what has brought the pretty Madeline 
Henri'iucs back to the stage and de- 
prived Jennings of his w ile. 

The markel to-day was activ  
tinner for cotton, with willing buyers 
now al the advance, which has a stiniu- 
ulating effect upon other articles, al- 
hough consumers of provisions do not 
meet the high figures now prevailing 
ery freely. The dispatches from New- 
York at noon to-day .iiioted provisions 
ly, and groceries ipiiet but steady. 
Tip 1 Cincinnati provision market was 
lull and unsettled, and holder- were 
mxious to realise, despite the fact that 
the receipts of hogs were only MB head. 
The Chicago market was r|uiet but lir.n 
for prov isions, with receipts of !', '.•!'•"  live 
and J. I'' • dressed hogs, and the St. I ."lii- 
niarke; was steady and unchanged. 

In the hog markel to-day there is 
nothing whatever t ranspiring. the rc- 

aafpai afltva not being aajaat to thedc- 

iiiands of the city butchers, and no offer- 
in-- lotlu packers. and weomit thesum- 
mary. We hear, however, of the pur- 
chase by a dealer of hogs, atlios- 
|N rl. Indiana, at lo' s c net, a  from the 
hooks, the hogs to be cut and butch red 
there. The transactions to-day in the 
product have been fair, as w ill Ik? seen 
I y the .|uotat ions annexed. 

Cooperage andcoo|iers" stuff arc inac- 
tive request, with an occasional demand 
for beef barrels and tierces; also, for 
Bourbon material. The season for pork 
barrels is w ell over, and flour barrel- art- 
dull at age; haaaa hogsheads are in good 
demand at: ■ aO. The stock of staves is 
light, and petal I have an advancing ten- 
dency: we hear  d sales of I^Mt tierces, 
in Cincinnati, for beef, to parties here in 
tilling contracts, at SI no, and loam that 
shipments during the season, all for 
Texas, have exceeded MkjMt tierces and 
barrels from this jsjint | sales of 1k c1 bar- 
rels at *1 ■"• »: l eef tierces with two iron 
hoops, *2, and all wooden hoops at si ft, 
The w eather is extremely unfavorable 
for out-door transactions, with the 
r. .-is in an excessive muddy condition, 
w hich retards the movements of produce 
and goods, though transactions in grain, 
hay and bulk meats w ere rather heav y. 

The pork packing at I' red. Leib's has 
finally closed for the season, summing 
up a total afSMM hogs, and the total 
packing at all the houses amounting to 
MftjItS) against ■ total last season of 110,- 
iwo, the season then . losing on the 6th 

.i" per tun. and mill iron at *.T7a:$;i per 

PoiiK— The market is inac tive, and we 
hear of no sales, but holders are linn al 
138 per bbl for mess pork, city packed, 
in round lots, and BIB r s» at retail. 

Rags— Buyers at ." aV ,c for choice cot- 
ton, and 4 '•', • for lair lots: mixed 3a4e. 
Woolen nms f. 1 a- for soft ; hard lc. 

Salt— We qaota at 47'-c per bushel, 
cash, for rounded lots of Ohio river and 
Kan aw ha; retail VJ';.-. 

s i a i« n -Sales in round lots at tf^f 
•; ,,•. and sales at i! J 4 a7e. Liajbl sales I 

tit i ns ( lover in small lota at BV&afl M 
Timothy i|ttle  at f«i « 1".. Orchard grass 
$1 jO « I 7." . Bluegrass  Z.vl J"'. Red top 
B17SI 2. 

\\ .—The niarke' is .(inet, and 

buyers uaote clothing wool, unwashed, 
.it ' atJaMe; combing 37a38c, and tub- 
washed 4iu\i*M.\ 
Wiiiskv— The marki'l continues 
I steadv. w ith sales of sn bids highwlnes, 
free, at sd : I sale of SB bblsone year old 
copper, in bond, at Rl 7" . 

Louisville I.chI Tobacco nnrkef. 

The inaik. t is reported unchanged, 
vv iih inadequate mppUee, and but light 
oil. •rings to-day, and prices hardly satis- 
taetory. as the rejections were rather 
more i ban the usual average. Among 
the sales was a hogshead of Henderson 
county, new leaf, medium manufactur- 
ing, offered by the Louisville House, 
w hich sold at si;s W. The sales were at 
four of the auction warehouses to-day, 
amounting to only U"' hogsheads, with 
M rejections, the prices ranging as fol- 
lows! 1 hhd at 111 SO; 2 at Sllall M; 4 
at si. lain 7" ; •"  at simo s;, : ."  it ssa- '.» : :' 
at  7 .Via 7 so; at Si a«iii .'.0; S at *1 OVi 
4 so, and 1 at s ; In; and I hh. Is prices not 

I —la I Ills flwliaai Market. 

The market has been gradually im- 
proving all the week, with, as the 
statistics of weekly receipts at 
all the ports clearly indicate, 
a gradual falling off in receipts at the 
ha dim; ports. The supplies at this 
|»oint have been steadv and regular all 
the season, although the bulk of the re- 
ceipts are for forwarding, and the stocks 
for sale are light and not very well as- 
sorted, there being a scarcity of mid 
dling on the market. We hear, how 

Kyetfull and easy at SI 12a 1 135iC for  o. 1 
ami tl lO'in 1 11 lor No. closing almost noni 
Inal ut SI 12\ for No. 1. Bailey dull an", 
drooping; No. 2 sold at f 1 5«, sellers option for 
Janua.y, closing dull altl jneash. 
ITnin W IHBI fplii I , at ft!c for free. 
Paovuuo.vs l ouiei. Mess pork strong; 
deft nt VJH per blil. cash ; •'jnaiT, seller Jnn- 
uarv and February: iSi :*\ seller February 
and March, and at 52*. seller and buyer Feb- 
ruary, closing with free buyers nl -.'T. ca-u. 
bard fuirly active and firm at lU'»al7c, cash, 
and lt( -,scllei .luniiniv after the ath, eloslui; 
with layers at U ',c lor present delivery, 
'horl-rlh middle.'-. 1 tc; loose and rougli sides 
lJ' .e; lo.we dry salted bellies l:!' 4 iil l' ,. ; pack- 
d and short clear middles lie; loo   inc-- 

lf.H.s -I tressed hogs active and VtK&)c hlgn- 
cr. price- rangliiK at slo.'iDnll and clo -mu al 
•It) T'.all, div iding oii-JiK) lbs. blve hoes iu.mI- 
•catelj active, tinner and loal-V higher, with 
sail's al *S Z'taM '*) for couini.m toehold 

f.i CATTi i -tmii at r;.s5o.  for asajaMn 

ir cows and llaht steci-s. 
»;eipts— For the pas) tweniy-fourhours- 
12,111 bbls Hour. 2.72S bushels wheel, J.TTo 

nishels n. !T.sss bushels onts. l.,:al bushels 

rye. 2.-JSS bushel- burl. v. U.loii hogs 

Sill I'M I NTs - ll.t.1.. bbls Hour, s.f.J bushels 
wheat. HJ8G bushels e.nn. SJNI bushels oat-, 
bash. Is .vc, l.iKiS bushels barley. I,W2 



New Yohk. Dee. M 
Cotton- V. tivc and V '" t'er; sale- o! 
bales a: He for iiiiddliui; uplands. 

I l.oi it -Kec. ipr*. LftN bbls and I, Vs, bans; 
inajk. t dull and ill rl'nlng. with sales of 2H,UM| 
barrels al «•  s'^s m for superfine Hint" awl i 
Western; »! NOa" »for xtrsHtate; «B »ta7 MU 
for . ft m Wesl. in. oid -s :» ali' i"i whib 

wheiu extra; ? ; s. s» for Round I loop Ohw : | 

•; ,n;i  ji for s (. Foul-; s: al- '" for good, 
loHfngdnll ami heavy. CaUfor- 
nla nominal i«l :*  for old and"  » ejall ■*  
t new. live Sour -lull; sales of ITibbls a I 
Sun-. ... ■ 

Coknvikai. In moderate request, sales qi 
Me Is mi. I- white Western at si -  and n 
Itrnudy wtm at *•"  
W II l-K v - Noinlual at "ise for free. 
QBAIXs-Rerelpt* of wheal none: wheal 
dull; -ales «.r bushels slraighl No. 2 si 

-1 69*1 •. the latter an extreme. KS  dull. 
Barlcv dull nnu heavy; satasof » J»0 bush, is 

I'll Hilda West in retail lots al -J J». l.aih   

malt nominal. RecelpU of ts»rn have been 
heavv and il Is lc lower; sales "f ' '••"»' busll- 
,1s al '-rJiCHe lor new Western; ll" a%c ill' 
lots tot extra choice do.; II "Tal In rot old 
do. In st. .re ami afloat, and ''Tic's for new west- 
ern vellovv. lb.-, ii.fs ofoatsu i. bushe s; ...Us 
dull and lowr; sales of I :.'••«' bushels \ve-l- 
eru at Tor, check to-day. noiiunally n _■■ 

atlonb . . 

Wool. -Oulet snd Arm; sales or I00,i«) in- in 
tSa.Vtc lord niiestie tleci e, 2Ni:Blt' for uuw nshi d, 
IduTiiic for pulled, l«k' for domestic nails und 

Fur Cairo. M  i;\ kit tod N 

W. sTUADER ~ ~i 

I.eav-ns as above 
iiuti., at 

1 . T. SnTKflKON, Snperuilendent. 
B OLtVI. (c-ii-l . r-iiflit AKenl. 

ro. « ,ico. - i,-- ■ 
The Low-pressure s  '"*™ er 

it i c ii  r    , i$. 

J.sTI'T NKAI — JtAHtaa, 

e on Saturday. Jan. 

i" »is   i t i '. ' .v r r i . 


D oor»« Twelfth and Madt« n ' 

b , I ttuF.ON, HuperlDleodent. 
I.t Vl.tleu'l Fr.-uhl Aeenl. 


liii:oi Beast 

One o: 

K veil I tic 

On.- uf ike ss 

ST. i in u !.(■ . 

e— at to »• t- 


.. Mil. li e! It."! . 
1). Wkllton, Master, 
; oniv at Mudl-clt. 

i loNcw y rk.J*bUadrtpbI» 

llm one nitrbt and ISU miles less 

ro ot s Beet lee  

i i _ l en Istsrd 

all pu i I ■ East! 

m vp hiMla leave fktmi the Coatasasrw 
i'o it ..r Titlni street. 

JOK t A VI I I. IN. A --'tit. 


| olTIM 11 I I- .St. I'lM ISS ATI I 

TKnsyrATes Mall Lis* t o. . ) 
n and aft.-i Deeeesker Wk. tki 
 i li.rr ' Ii .• of -icioiii rs farf'tncln- 
tal t 'i of Tatars street 

1 It.V NK CARTBk Sept. 



think sols steady al IW .ja2»' fifB 
and Itio ( lmhl mi. I- 

ce atnet, t'otfee  iuiet : sales 
i jirivnte tenns. Haaar tieletj 

Havana at U 1 .all c sfo- 

aati win lesv  ili" 
»t o'cloclc. 

ll.'B 111 ! 

■muiar KeojaastAj Wise sSsaskas]. 
it i.t l : VrXPtd,  ;«». 

- S VNi-H'- M.-t r «. M. VV K.|es.l./ 

rtelakl ,r jnvjs, i« ;^;^i!K*yu:: r As. n... 

relsrtons which Ihoy 

■alien..'. nd H,* subject M 
many snirerliiy. Free.l u m tbesecontrlbul 
no small d.-sroe U. tuelr h«ppta.-» snd welfSre. fbr 

ataa tea t e iu w y ■ • » "* •* Not only hut P 

one or ihcse Tsrioos female compUUits can Uxitf bs 
.oil .1 m run on willioul In vol vine lb» S'n.-rsl 
In . lib of lh« individual, and ere Ion* producing 
IsTinaii'-nl .sii-Liicss Aiii premsuuc dis llne. Nor 1» 
it peasant i.iiousults ph; -Ictsn for the relief ol 
r „s in- sB-ciioiis.  ■ nd only uf»«i tb- 
mosi urtent n.-eessiiy « ill a mi- woman so fkr *r 
ritii ' her s-n-at'-st ehsnu to todo this. Thetet will 
ilien tltniik us for placing in ll'ieir lianrts simple -is^ 
cilics 'v hlrli » ill be found efllcacloii, in Nakaka] 
.tod ennne MsaasJ everyone of tho-e irouMesouu 

luaijIslakiasaaMat totbesex. 

Helmbold's Extract of Buchu! 

Sm ss as, Cassai *. .1 

JriTSrson snd tireen. 

rtv,. '"'"imraajimi 

/   LK.V1MOSH A w 1 1. LIS, AlU 
V- ne»— Be. s Cwen glace. Loal 


HARLAN * AtWMTi at Law, 
Loahtviile. Ky.. aesr WiUard HawL a «a 

HATS, WILL. S. DMlaf la 8a*et Mwc sad 
Mu-,ic»l tastraroeats. 

Mask near J. T»!scn 

Attorney si Law, I Mies 


 . THOMAS* If). -Dealers ta PIUsImitb 
*b«e OaaL OSSoe No. » -ha is strsst. 

iw M Market snd f ITiisibi. 

1\ 1 UZl 3 -»'"'kKrU»w B-J » 

lor Buenos . 
die VVelHht-. 
liBOi I Ml 

ot 750 baa-* I 
»«lcs of uu l 
lass. s uiill. 

Oils -Petroleum  niiet al l"! an . 

crude und :1c lor ietined in Ixmd. LaaBM 
oil  |Uict ut SticiiSl. 

Hops— liuiet and unchanaed. 

foAL-Foreiail i|Ulel — Ncvveasl lc gas -. .. 
Dooiestle doll. With sales by auction to-dn  
of T'i.iim tuns Kerantnn ut si:lTal7   for Ii 
-i Hal 7't tcr rteaiheel 

-I Mai M'-, lor . ia!. *»» 
il Mia I n'T', loi chestnut 

ntlavs on afl isimi '• ., 

TfltPEXTIMI— Spirits quiet lit 4-.ll I  '.c. 

Metals— sheet Ins copper  |Uiet und uu- 
chHimeil al :iV ; inuol coitper i|iii. i and iiini 
.,1 J ,e for all kinds of pit. Iron 121 «a 21 L 
f,.r sc.lch nud «C{al2 for American J berdull 
and unchanced at StWa'.i'i foi retlnei. .:i«ltsh 
and shot in moderate demand 
nt lot ,« 1 1' r.irltussia. Nails .|iil. l at t'e'i .•' 
for . u't, ii 4 n7c lor clinch and 27u:iiK' lor BOfao- 




C Oal.     al. 

JOHN McCIAJSKEY. Pitisbnrtr, Fa 

1 .oi.lsvlllc, Ky.. 

Wlteli .Ideal, rill 

Pittsburg, Youghiogheny and 
other ~Coal, 

poK i'». :..r oonlde . e. ■ t.,.,1 : ■ ooki. 

-t-." no V.': 1 "' - ':^ ..V';'.;.: M.ol:: a r.4u 

i^»ier'Ky. u '''' """' W ""deau 

•tit K areas-tot. la a»aa)atsf akakk supply of tbe 

For Parlor ttiH'. the onlv Btaslat SSMl in market 
1 U -i  \. i:i a..i r- p. Al-o an liiuid 

A Cheap, Live. Wide-Awake 

S» M -isuic Bu-ial y-a^ snd L-Mkrtl W.«Ji 
comer Third sud ■   ^" n 

Pttksktsi at Paaservr 



.1 .la unary. 

Daily liffaw oHhe MarkeJ. 

1 "tu uisbed by (he Board of Trade. 

Bkki— We iiuote dried heef, sugar- 

. ured, at l-'.al!»c. packed, 
at 17c. lh-ef tonirues, sugar-cured, at 
i*7 IB per Joy., packed. 

■ot kvv iir. vi— Sale- in cotton sa. k- at 
i per pound: ami sales in ld ls at 
- ' jU*9 , . nor bM : small salt.- at O^afj 4 c 
per pouu.l. 

BWlItlta Saks choice No. 1 iu lots at 
30 . and sales at Jia23c for other brands. 
I li.v.s Wo quote two-luishel gunny 
A Philadelphia pontleiiiau ha- i n- at JlaJl '»e : resowed Zi)- -; cotton l«io-s, 
Sr..; i-Sbidoii- to jtlay in the two-luishel, seamless, 4Sa." 0e; burlajts, 
icater- in thi« country fori foil r-hushel, IBb4Bb. 
IMk weak. I Bablky ami Malt—  lark. t steady 

-The ix*t HUigeou at Kkkt Baudall. harley wit h sales spnny No. 2 a |J^P 
Hakotah, claims t . have invented "elec- ' and _ j . li \*r , ,'' i,..',.i",. v \u' A U' 
tro-music," bv which  me pcrlormcr can ction e *- •■ ■  ' 1 • - .. • 

,,av a brass hand in half-a-d.^n difler- | -l-n. S ( ^^".fr* ^ 

ever, ofasale this mornintf of M bale- .if. shoe. 

middling a. 21e. the highest price of thf ' ^ Ig^u^Z^V, 
season. It was purchased by 1   rt"r. sj,, : ,-2j t,, r prime, mi I ?2."i atM2i 
Kairfax X Co. from McNeill. Writfht  V mo-. Hcet stead' ; sales r. bbls;! 
Sanders A sale of ; •'  hales good oi di- plain iocs-: -Mai:' "m for new e\ 

narytoloe middling was mad.' at -£3e, ^reeU ■^■^■^^Ur-U | pj ANOS— SHE3ST MUSIC 

found, and ti bales at Be. |, a „ ia Urm • sale's i *. bbls ill  W i. « '"' mePls » 

The cable dispute: i from Liverpool ol ■ , lml: sa les 11" pUiis; lo'^ullc for shoiijdei -: 1 ' 
this evening .moles the market active ! aloe lor hams. Middles Quiet ; sales 1TU oost 
at the slight ad yani,. noted in the morn- a. 1 j; ,' . 

ing, and the New \ ork noon dispatch ''^ ^ ( .;. ri .,. s Hl teiJufUfl for steam, l.'.u 
quoted that market as advanced to 2a" 4 'c 1 17 i ,'. ',,, r | it .ttled renderi d ; aS . 25 I t ft. ei 
for middling uplands. The regular am - steam, seller s option, February und Mur. li, 

at I7'.:U1" c. , . ... ,,. , ' 

Br TTEK— Butter steady at iml'k' f"i 

CHEBsav-Cheeae firm al lealte fa*   

to prime dre s4'd. 

Ho. s-llo«s ilriti. r at 11 ,al.',. 
tern and 12' .c for city 
Fnr.ii. in- -Fieiaht 
and firm. ..... ■ ,..„ „n_i. ( i.. 

Fi oi li-ljitest-Markct clo-cl dull, -1 law I) 

in t 

* II E \T — Wl )•'«*. *»"tj uwiv« — -- 

usual average, as will lie unchanged, und very limited ul milling and 

'TVc Tlye'dn'll at -I ."al to for West, . n. 

UAn-OatadtUl at OMT73V 'u -tore, nud .lc 
alb al for Western. 
I iikn— Corn stead 

lion sale this ev enim; embraced offerings 
of but few bales, the prices on the ac- 
cepted bids ranging as follows: 

Middling 21 

|,ow middling 2:1 BflM 

Hood ordinary 22' .iis." . 

Urdluurj- -l'»a '-- 

The rceipls. as yvell as th 
"  uai 
leas ilian the 
seen by the following 

eOTfOai ST sTaORMT. 


Meek an baasi April 1st. '*» — 

■aevipti iblswedt .•'•'!• 

Rareipt. sin.   Apid 1st. - MS 


to I.i\ an 

in in 

r W. - 


Pianos, Guitars & Musical Goods 

. ' ' ~' i,".. I'A Pm'.ai Main s treet. 


sto-'l. o 



il lo |..r ol.'. mot 

for new myted v\ fslerti. 

Pou— Purk .|i"et and anenaiiaed. 
Beep— Beef dull nud unchanBcd. 
CTr Meats -  ut meats steady and In lair 

demand. . , . , , 

Bacoh— Bacon Mrm snd landexateu ccuv.. 
r tan larfl firm at DkUe fat fair to prime 
F... ;s- Ku-ir- dull at ."a-ftic. 

New Yohk, Dec. 
Jii:\ OoOOS— The market conlinuesexlrniie- 
Iv dull, but price- ute. nevertheless, ' 

o,k1. walitui and 
Prices very low f" 

.... Ii If 

•d In 
. and i 
id uioli 

.It. p. FA VI. 

the first three days it the week, and | aaaaattei change. Heavy brown 

ptkaa 4anHnwl to&j fitte ja r cental, but 1 

ent cities at once 

— A Toronto pa tier wishes the holidays ] 
lasted all the year. The cause of this 
desire is the fact that the members of the 
j, c I legislature all go home at that season. 
I — A Connecticut town at present is 
earnestly engaged in v. at.-hing the trial 
of a policeman for wearing gray bree. lies 
instead of the regulation blue. 

—A citi/en of Monterev. CM- safwakkl 
to received a t. iecraplnc dispatch ipun 

a ueighlxiring low n l^. ause the smali- 
P«x was raping I keee 

— In t hicago three uiillion dollars are 
distributed yearly for charitable purj»o- 

her eoniinucl af- *^s 

w ith our sister 
rtietion. still, we cannot bin rejoice that 
we and the remainder of the Stat. :.: ■ 
treated to this happy riddam-e. 

-The Islington tiazetie has the M- 
lovwitie; |strtlculars of the unfurtunate 
shooting affair which ©cenrred 


ud B).f si iversons a 
charitable people. 
— A Boston paper ironically remarks; 
"Manv people are moving "from New 
Kuelaud to the South, to avoid the inse- 
curity of life and property In this sec- 

— Colfax is making considerable UhV 
rtau.-e for himself out of «. rant's si 

— — e portau-e lor iumscii out oi i.raiu s si- 

fieorgeteie n a few days ago. betw«eu Jen.-e, telling all he knows and a 

umg Kodes Smith and a 

.lohn Morrison, in which both were 

shot and badlv wounded: It seems that , ~ ^j 1 }' 1 '** 
... .... bootblack 

had lieeu drinking and said be 

shoot Morrison, and pulled ..ut 

his partol. Morrieon took hold of his 

arm and attempted to ««« th« | i- 

lr. Ideal more about the course of the admin 
ist ration. 

she d 

pre-ent year fron 
amounting to *-'Kd 
—It is re|M)ited ii 

from him. v^hei: it v. as diseharg.-d, 
wonndiug Smith in the head, lie at 
laat got loose from Morrison, aud shot 
him through the body, and as the at- 
tendant physician was not able to 
probe the wound to any depth, i: v 
not known whether it arekkM paove fatal 
or not. 

~ teu. Pickett has been seriously il) 
but is now oonvalcaceut. 

—Meaars. Dill worth A s.oii are ere«l 
■ tig a large aumac mill at i....r.i"iisv .11. 

book thai 
tlie   oil- 
he South. 

all the iuif 
federacy are st i 1 1 

Jeff. 1'avi- hav inc taken vv ith him in Ii 
flight only such as were of no eons 

—An Illinois paper chronicles the an 
val of a citizen "with a complete out 
of a Comanche Indian, .-.insisting 
Ivows and arrows, shield. A ., and at 
email's scalp." 


f ront lie t on inn... l Fu |itiri.r. ; »th. 
. in vA'ednesday aficnioon n woman by 
the name ot Mrs. Tnkciibiirgh. some 
1 thirty-live or forty yens of age, residing 
Aaguste, tie., has lieeu cnjoving a t Xo. 2 » Central av enue, being suddenly 
this season, for the fir«l time in , a t lslc kcd with illness, consulted with a 

Bare, midwife friend, a . lose neighbor, a- to H ';,"at "Oa 'lc per  lo£ ! n ba 

-Mr. John Brannou. of Abiugd-.n, what she should lake to relieve her : and Vo. 700 at l«eJ7C p 

V. fell from a loft on w«.lnes.lay. snd pains and was adv ised by her to send chain, candle-wick and cotton 

broke his neck. to a druggtsl and procure a dose of "i at - , a , £ . { Q MIla „ . , ts „ 

-«nce the war only one farm ,,, lenpulver ' and ake it. She did so, arid, n rjooW-Stooka fair, and sales 

, Vs.. has beet. BOM to a ! n \ hc of half an hour after she ^ w standard domestics Ualfi .c in 

u lots. ..the.- brands ir air.. . fJaautbargs 

Boa Me. • Bleached cotton f'ai'*; as to 

terrli.lVmis'tut', 1. " i,Ir "' r "" ' P^i " , " , M,3 ^ V - Tickings 

u rnble mistake had Cauton flannels loaioc. Spool 

bushels No. 2 cpring malt at ?2 215. 

It.y. on— I.eiuand limited, and a light 
s;.tek :svt ! out of -moke, with a sale of 
lotl.noo pound- of shoulders, deliverable 
at anv time prior to the 2mh of January, 
at seller's option, at 12' ic, packed. We 
also note a sale of 2n.iK«i pound- clear 
ribbed sides at ln\c, packed, to be deliv- 
ered .January 2u. 1*0!'. We .j.iote a -ale 
of H Magnolia hams at is' ; e. 

Ht i.k Mk.ais— The orders among 

I are fair, though not as bHBja »« 
heretofore, sales of 0»,no0 is.unds 
reported as follow-: Shoulders 11', a | 

II choice ribbed sides lie, and clear 
sides IS'.c, all packed; also sales of IB 
aaaka eiaar ribbatt amd dear sides at loaj 

ColM HV I'ltol.t'i K. — Dried applet 7« 
8c. Dried peaches. qaaiteUB, BHaSe: 
halves. 11'-.. al2' ; c, b«J ing rates. I'eeled 
peaches at ltjajue. Beeswax S4a3tic. But- 
ter :t^a4"c. for fre-h Western. Xew York 
iSe. and country naBOc. Beans we uttote 
Bl  •: 2.". pi i bushel for v\l;ite. l eatkcrs. 
prime lots, live, ii,'..', buying rates; infe- 
rior and mixed U.ts U0ar.2e. Honey, 
ehoi.-e, ltvaJOc per lb. Flaxseed firm, ul 
the mill buying at sj on. Kggs, packed, 
Bl Matte j»er dor. tiinseng, prime. 
i uv ing at leVTSe. l'eauuts 7asc, for 
fresh lots. Brooms S2 50a3 : u )x r doz. 

OoatXXKAL — We qaote steady sales of 
bai t e d , loose, at NaTSc per bushel, and 
kiln  lrie l at M BB i*r barrel. 

CltANnKRRir.s — lair supplies, with 
light sales of cultivated at fMaSS B8I 
bSt, and wild at *2o per bbl. 

Candles and Soap— We .[uole IS   z. 
star in lots at lsc in w hole boxes: ttMfi 
in half boxes, and Ho in .paarter boxes. 
T'.'llow candles, .ptiet. at H.'sa 
loe. trcrniaii soap, pure, at BaBi^e; mot- 
tled aoap at s.' 2 a* ?4c; resin atwf.aTJiC 

L'nKEsK — The supply of Western and 
Hamburg in first hands is exhausted. 
We.piote small sales of Knglish dairy at 
It, als . and factory al 

Coal— Wa '|Uote Pittsburg afloat at 12 
alJbc in barges, and lifl-k- inlsiats. Be- 
ta: 1 sales at 17c, or $4 '£  per load of Bt 
I'lislu ls, delivered. Pomcroy coal, to 

l-'ats, 13c. 

Collo.N Y V I; MB, A. .- V\ e niotC sland- 
ard brands of cotton varus as follows: 
No. .-in 

ier do/.. 

mod. rat. reijuest at l'tiiltk' for best maU. - and 
14'vnl.V' lor seconds. Standard prints are in 
limited demand :'l !2' a able, while   oche.'.. 
and Merrimack prints brinu H'.c. Standai 1 
brown drills steady at I7e. Paper cambrl 
lors 12" 

Hoi; Market. 

The Cin.'iunati Price Curient of to-day 
has the following in regard to the hog 
market : 

The market for hogs continued dull 


toward the close, under the Influence of 
light receipts, the feeling was stronger 
aud pri. es adv anced decidedly, live sell- 
in- a- high as -lo 7"., and dressed al .. .... 

$1.2 2... This afternoon the feeling was .'snis- ; .1 . B 2ia24c ; do C ISwJflr, mil Al 
aaala subdued, but the .dferings being | s,1 ^ c '; n ^ " ; MU \FY XIVRKFT 

liltht. the strength of the market could  • ^ ■ ^ 1,M ' J'v , i i e V, 

n. .1 If fully tested, but the large decline ■ 1 " ioi.k.i... 

in Ohloaajoaraa ol a discouraging nature. The demand for inoney '^^'^Vlnue" 
notwithstandinc . I- li^ht r-ceipls there. U'^b;-' ^^'[ ^rwiSi!- 
Current rates are regarded high by all l Ul( . 1( , Kal ruIe J u , U nencv being paid on 
parties, and this makes the market    .- i an d l-b ti' . on Governments. There 
tremelv sensitive, and should the pack- sudden b t-up iust prev iou s to am 1 t • ,i. •■ 
tag continue, with liberal supplies ot\ o£ocfc ^^±T^e^mT n ^^ 
koaa darlBg Jfanuary, il to pretty gene- 1 hkj^3ij«. 0 a;ered them at 7 per cent. . -.:.- 


siit n onMUB ajra awiU 

Warerootusiid Fuciory-llarket Mtavt, beL Blztk 

AM aastaewMwaye! g.sid sei-jnd-baud Plauoe tor 
sale or tSBI vr  ciieap snd let tne rent of new 
ircnase. r.Uly 

PlauosuiTly tc US 

\moskcag A tles- 




Late of Wsrrwi, Xltearll * Oey1 

Provision Sc Produce 

For the Sale aud Purchase of 

rally admitted that a decline is .inev ita- 
ble." The receipts of hogs at this and all s  itistoryrs 
the other leading j.a. king places have only moders 
been very light the last four days, and J™, \ \ u ,\ g 


leiplv interesleil take 
tidi.ati.ui that the packing 
season is approaching its close, the hogs 
lieing pretty weil In. From the evi- 
dence we ha\ a ere can not say that this 
is I he case. 

We admit that it is diliicult, just now, 
to aaeertata what proportion ol hogs are 
still being led: time only can develop 
this, and v.e mum be make lit to waft 
such development. 

The receipts of hog 
t he week, the season, 
for -cine previous se 

Ry inilvv ays 

By river 

From Kentucky 

Driven in 

Sluunbtcred ut Plulnvil 
Blaoihtered at Newton 

i this pla. 
| comparai 
is. have ik 

Hull, and the ft 


sly II 

.. ompany has closed negotiations 
with the Uolumbua,   tblea(0 and luiaeesceu- 
tral mil road, bv which it is to be mad.- » 
broad aatkje, tbereby aivins the ¥Mi' *nim- 
broken connection with ' lilcago; t lie Ohio 
and Mis-i-sii pi company has la-en biou« .! 
Int.. I loser relation- Willi  he Brie, und the 
gauge Is to remain a broad ouc. 

The oaarterly bank statement will \ v made 
oexl Satarday. and preparations tneietm 
will be eominenoed to-morrow. Km Wti la; 

wlllfK-'the .-lo-c of the holidays, to-inoi rfl * 

is therefore llkelv- to be a strlngenl dav In 
monev. Tie- stock market wa- si i onu durnu; 
the moriilux, with n large bUStneM aDdgt se- 
rai sdvanee, the Hew York CVntral, RoeB 
Ohio ami Mississippi, helms lb. 
features. There was 0 dlfferenci 
i cut. bel ween tilt cash and 1 

*a;o« tsa geoond street, 

Kel. Hnlnii.i.. Im Lel. 

1.411 BBi illi:. H V. 

inn . ,s vVioTcii. Jl'l.'lie'i! * • .... Ibigbes, 
, , o. a   i).. IL oilion A- Bro' , Owsley *   o., 

of Sn»'j percent, between the cash and reuu 
In r transactions bet ween the i.gular board-. 
2,7ii : und speculaiions Is-euiue luioyunl, au I prices 
 1 roseto the following figures: ,. . 

MB I New York leutrul, H BOal • •*; It-u-k 
L9M I Isle art. Si Is'.,: »ew eoo potst , "SI, preferred, 
l.uVt st; .Michigan Southern, sr .; Fort Waytte, 
at8 *1 I IT.; Ohio and Misstssi|ipi, HoU. At the 
sMinl, one sale of Sew lork 


commission mom 

|| Stotldard's l i i»er Uan?c, 



of a 


uld uctm-di lo assert ai.Tlhlim Uist sould do 
injustice to the sffllcp-d. but I sm obugssl tossy 
.Ithouifb tl may be produced from excessive 
exhsustioo of the powers of life, by laW-t s e:.» 
loyment, unwholesome sir sad fbo.1. pruftuac men- 
innttloo, the use of tea sud coffee, snd fn nucut 
hlldl..nh.ti Ufsroflener rau-e-l by direct Irrtto- 
ion. spplleil to the mucous ruembrsoe of t'.e vazb 

reviewing tke causes dlsl ressuift Is Diost psluftil to loutemplste thi- 
it evils consequent upon them. It is but 
simple Justice to the subject lo .ruiu. r.i!. .1 • » 
the mtiuy additional causes which co lsrgely afleci 
the life, health, snd happiness of woman In all 
r.u ,•   ui society, snd which, consequently, »lre  I 
more or less dlrecUy. the welfare of Ihe entire hu 
mun famUy. The mania lust exists tor precorious 
educaUonsnd marriase. caussb tlie years Ihatna 
ture designed for oxwporrtU development to be wsM 
ed snd perverted in the restrsluts of dress, theesrly 
couliuement ofuchool. and especisllj In the un- 
healthy excitement of Ihe ball-room. The-, with 
the body half-clothed, anal the mind antlulx excited 
by iilensure. perTertme hi midnight rev-ei Ihe hoiu-v 
designed by nature for sleep and rest. Ike work of 
destruction Is half accumpllslaed. 

Iu consequence of this early strain upon her «ys- 
l- 111. '.iiiu'vessary effbn is requir.d by the delicate 
itary to retain hertlluation iu school sin later 
i}-, thus aggravating the evil. When one cache. 
tm tt atar, another In prospective keeps the mlr.d 
irbi.lly -enn.lve 10 impresslen. while the now 
ton§t«ul reslrs.nt of Isshioosbls drav . abs»'Iutcl» 
fbrhalding the exercise ln«UVpeo»* b l e to tae sttatn 
menl snd retention of orgsulc health and strength; 
the exposure to night sir: the nuddea cksnge ni 
temperature: the complete prostrstlen prcsrucd 
by excessive denetng. must, of neceeshy, rrodaee 
their legitimate effect. At last, an early mArrlege 
caps the c'.Imai ol misery, and Ihe unfortunate one 
hitherto so utterly regardless of the plain dictates 

1 remonstrances of her delleate nsture. t  
au unwUllng luhject of medical trrstmerd. This U 
but a truthful pkture of the experience u\ thou- 
sands of our jouug women. 

LongbcloretheabtutTto exercise the functloas 
of t he generative organs, ihey require sn euucatl n 
tl their peculiar nervous system, composed of what 
is called the '.Issue, which 1-, in common with fh«- 
female breast and lips, evidently under the   .otrol 
ot meutal emotions snd associations st an early 
r-rtod of lire: snd, as we shall •nbs-quenlly »e», 
these etr.etloos. » hen excessive, lean, loag before 
puburity, to habits which ssp the v ery life of their 
l. ti-us ere natnre hss self-completed -.h^lrdevel- 


QI'KKN-VV v RK. t rsiLKI.tlilKIl « txx 
ts ygaskat atr ees.t»is. Third i^rmlsx 


R^^fhioms^ ^lns^.rraj 

O teci. So. 1 Hamilton Bull 

-7ng?o»rwi A ai^ 

iPiraW-Orwnnd and rngro. 
O Powder. V. J. BOlX HRlc. 

ssfsJ^ajaa) Taj 




snd Saturdays.... 
a atage -Lea»— 


AkRIVAL AMI ' r.P crtvRK ;r .'JVAiaa. 

bortaviLLa.'Avn -s.. rfTUJ- » ASD MaB raui van 
toe .v ■ LI XAinnta 

yf .mpMs snd Xs'h 

d«SI Im 


; W I I II 1. a. 

r '.. K T'.I 'S. 

oi tne holidavs, 
has had no 

—The property of 
Ooeapenv . of -: . Louis, 
from tag at ion. 

-Mr. Joatah W ksaasperaou, aaxsl seven- 
v-lw...fell deaclatCsmpljell Courthouse. 
Va.. on Thuraday. 

— The wolves are plaviuK havoc with 
the sheep iu Floyd county, Va. "11. 
baa lost eigbleeu. 
-Mr. Hoarr Kaaaatls. of Caroline 
■sxc^couuty. Vs.. tnade^M».ai 


leni.ulver" and take it. She Jid s  . aue%| 
in the eourse of half an hour after t-be 
had partaken ol the powder, she was at- 
tacked with severe pains in the stomach, 
which was attended with votnitint;. 
fearful that 

^ nn \'o^,X l rei. h :::i S^: 

A . 1 1 1 a-i.» I'- ' I ....  1 s- - VV c * 11 

Hattucls UeSSc. 

Itiole potatoes, hanr- 

and showed the powder. The »t t, • ,,er 1.1.1 • val,.« i„ store at s- 

1 uouages at s-t per hundred. Turnipeat 

prrvhahlv lalccn an.oeMl.e... an.i that -he   r |il ,| Kr i, Ullt s7. Apples at Sla 

1 altham 

- over itVlle then to«!k hi's ,bl 

Total for Ihe week 17.771 

Previously reported WHj*m 

Total for season :il\ Ot I 

Same time ]a*t season - ' ' - 

" " ISliS i 


It will be aaaa that the packing thus 
far is slightly ahead of either of wa last 
three year-. 

SI iKk i : - nv tpUBBamMPK 


Mf.mpi.i-. Dec 
1 -ottos— V iriuer at 2P 1 u2I. 1 a'; receipt-, (vo 
bak - ; exports  :.7 io. 
Kloi k— Ursnhsnjed. 
,:,; \ .s -Corn, SS* -s . . lata, ffVatsx-. 

llAV-J- -' 
Hi:as— I2i. 
I'oKXML VI. 13 • •• 

PitoV islo.vs- Pork tS 7i. Uird dull at Is a . 
Ha. on uoaalaal; -boulders, lie: clear side-. 1- 
.'.1 ' ,( . Hulk meats dull: shoulders. II' ; clear 
sides, I3e; dressed UogN llallV- 


Ctseiss.tri. Liec. - A 
i'Lot n— I lour and wheat unchanged a:;d 

dull. , . , , , , 

GBA1N-   oru firm and in fair It ninn-l at ro 
•i.r,- lor car live il '■*  and In moderate de- 
ls,) 11 al ••••a-'.' for No. 1. Italics 

,. desxtaad at f2 n aL' 2a. 
Uglier ami more active: 111 iddliug 

0, W, THOMAS & CO, 

ti isjii 'Hiio 

seeond r.-gular . . 

. -. nl ral was made at -1 tU to buyers, and all 

the 1. -1 ..I Die business was o.uic e! . . 

and tl.... wa- al-o a scleral fall o. ' ,iil • , |« r fork - Pllf ktrs aiitl HilllM lirerS, 

cent throughoul the li-t, and at the IBBt I 


« H1I0 and lftansstppl, 1 .; KocB Island, 51 11 

s:^v:CM^;^n! \t;,.-t:~ merchants. 

no rccovcrv from the lowest poiut, thonuh 

the market was rather un-eltlcl. and Iff 
ton" at the . lose ol the day was stron-. 

STKRI.1NO- Weak al !",u!e, ] er cent, (or 
prime bills. 

iletn Pnll awl lower; opened nt lei ,, 

QOee touched 131 - a ud closed at I.U .. 

1 ,o\ 1 knmkm's Higher and quite buoyant 
thrum.!. ..el the late in the alt. 1- 

i.oon. when there was a, slight decline: 

....1! I 1 • al 1 : 
.1 lot I !■ . 


:ti Weal Main 8tre ett 

, , aasatavCakB, M.v. 

L'oupons of '»i 


VI . 



■ |.i- 

...KlT .al' - 

110* sail" 



\pv Sao •, 

41 per bM. Sweet potatoes nominal. 
DM Uss,sfa . - The market rules steady, 
ptin^ there is a sharp advan  

Not a drop of lienor has ever l e  
sxsld in the village of Winds© 
Norfolk and retcrsburg road. 

The ladv Continued to gJTUW WOCae, 
Bf^lually until alxiul two „ -„,„-; anJ , ,, W , d , )rolmMv „„ 

ulin.S f L .1 lr.:. I i" political troubles at the Lev ant .'end 

her husband. Mr. Takenburph. cotielu.l- 1 , . #•„,,„.., Dt in uni , ••ml 
ed to call into re.,uisition the -ervi. es of " l . 'fuote the lornier at Mi, and 
I Dr. M. T. Cany. who. on the case l-cinc 
n stated to hi in, hurried to ihe presence of 

—The whole number of police a 
•uade in Nashville this year aiuoc 
l.nib— au average of 12 per day. 

--The young ladies of Ntaunton 
are to have a rifle mutch on th 
  apid has gotten a new wea| on. 

—Many of the insurance i-onii 

operating in Lynchburg, Va., have with- 
drawn their ageaoies. in consequence of 
the tnanv fires'. 

—The brogan and checked -apron parte 
gtvraC. in Clarkeville Teun.. a few nights 
ago. was a failure, on account of the lack 

—Mr. ts. B. Burr will resume the pub- 
lication of the Middle Georgian— a paper 
he managed before the war. at   .ritfin, on 
the lag of January p 

— Analiaa Coe, of Loudon, Va., coui- 
uiitted aaic-ide ii: Staunton oil We.-.- 
day wight, by jumping from a third-story 
wiasiew of the hotel. He wa' insaue. 
—Col. Carey W. Styles, formerly of the 
Constitution, gives notl e, 

opium at s^ia^; i er oz 

1 ■ bi ion Fmurra — We .piotc araagi 
at aiS |kt barrel, lemons ?1 A4 a'  per boi 
ami lijis |kt pound. Raisins, |*r I "i-Va 
box, 'lull at fi "oaf 1".. 0tl 

Flour — The local demand BtMttiwtiaa 1 1 
steady, and pricee pretty well sustained, j „£* 
* w ith consideraltle diminution . it st.n-ks 
. ' and rejiorted sales of :!V) barrels oi t he 
' . assorted bran. I- at price- ranging lVoUl 

' " -"1 ki for siiiierrinc te sm :». for fancy, to- 
,' aatifesr with IS, barrels A No. 1 at 
■ J-.a'J .'st. We quote sales siiuill 
,. iu? l"ts iii store as follows: Fine floiirfaa 
man hua. - supcrfine w 7 - a0 w  a nd ex- 

tra *»i7'u.; "*.: extra family sT ".Da*-, and 

band an-l six tdindfn to mourn thi it 

w uuucV— steady al fi. 
llooa— Irregukir; -launhi 
for live: dreaaed are dull 

ceipts OSL , . , , 

Plt.WISIOKS rnsellled an.! pi ice- nominal; 
do demand; mess pork can he bought ul 
 T,..- bulk meat- a i pe^, 1;' .c and HSclor 
-houKl. rs. sides and clear -ides; Kreen meats 
dull sbouklera offered al fiic and ham- II',.. 
ljitd dull, prime kettle IT 1 ...'. 

Bt-mi - 

s paid -li alii «t 
•I t Mail 7a; rc- 

and firm" at *iafOc for West- 

.._6I sebe 

.... 1" aS7 stsi 

..a .!.- , ^f* 1 ' 
bonds arid 1 J*K 

Ih. ltl.e suttering woman. He lound her iu 
a comatose stale. When he asked to see 
the powder, of which she had only taken 
cs I a portion, he al once iironounoed it -ar- 
Iseuic," aud told her UuM she v*as 
,. then bevond the rca.-h ol ant id. it. -.    n 
v a. 


m at *1 
- 1 ; .al ■ 

catex-hisiug the druggist ofvvh 
4 " I press-ription was pro  - ured, he en 
the paper upon which it was ■ 
which he claimed called for "rati 

v er, 
p js 

"rat poi* 
P ' 


ered along until Mutidav evening at six 

*ZS2&*ZZ!**}»S: ANo.lot**'75a»5.^ and' fancy brands 
^75all 00. Rye flonr is scarce, with 
j sales st *7 70as 75 for No. 2 and No. L 
' ••r.i.iM .v ux the GkSAT Wlsii.i::.  »baix— bemand steady, though buy- ay.— Early vesterdav inorning t eraeont. ad Par lower rates, with a sale of 
seriou- accident o'ccurredoii the«;nat " ueht priate red at H !Sj iu atore. 

Western Railway, at a station ten mile- 1 orw M firmer, though we hear of a sale 
from London. An extra entriBe, eoina of iOO bushels ear In bulk at WMUc. and 
over tlie road at tin point iudi. aie.l. V as small sales eteee. Sales ol round lots 
ord'-red on a branch to await the passage by dealers at ro-, sa. k- included. Oats 
■  r the 1 xprtss train hound east. Tip en- -rein light request at 57a r  ;e in bulk in 
giue was run to the branch, a of store, win a sale of LV) bushels at 57c 
a mile from the stationhouse, an.l it is, Rye ta a little Iraser, with a Mtie ot 300 
said lioth the engineer and firemen fell bushels prime in -tor" at -1 t i. 
asleep while awaitina the arrival ol the Groceries — We beur of a sale of 7 

lemuud; sab s of '■¥»» 
,.U ' '.ni , • the i.e-i made*, toffee is 
rtu •:; alesol TWla (sat22aSSe. 

— l:;! 1 ^, buying. 

i ycHAjtoa— Dnll at 'sal-lfl araBottat. 
jiosi \ The market isintinues close. 

ST. Lolls MARK IT. 

St. I/now, Pae. ■* 

i-niA' . o— yaarrinal. 
i orroa — Xothlng doing. 
Ui:vi..— Nosales. , . „, . . 

l'L"J. P— r irui Willi more demand, ut -j Wa 

State bonds  tuict. 

North CaroUaaa weak. 


New lenui sscis 

nld do 


North l arolinas 

Virainlas firm ai 8J% f .r l. v 

i s. . foi s |.er.-cllt. . 

All order ha- been obtain..! |n court l - 

atraiasagtbe aterchants' L ukan Kx - I 

trow using any of lis nv-eis In carrj US 
i - ti ;ms of consolidation with t!ic ti leneatt 
( ompany. 

The Assistant Trea-nrer to-da\ ■ uencetl 
the disbur-eincnl of the Januu ; ilerast OB 

 :m prices- i umbcrland. -i' . . Wells' Ex- 
pre-w.ii'!; Aiuericnn.l'd.,; .\d.ims,|s". a i- , ; 
t'uited Slates, 1 ■i',..;i|.: „; Merchants Cuion 

laal&'f; liuicksllver, zV^a23; Canton, ji 
I.e.- I'acirlc Mail, llHall:' 1 ^ : Western l uion, 
H ;Hartford an Krie, Jl' : Manpo-a. .ia 
7- prcterred. U.'-iaJi',; New York t'cnlral. 
I VP al" -' '-- frtc," :-' ( a-S'; p. red. • 
Huilson ttBaUQ; Harlem, r.".'ulJ. ; rt ea dlng , 
•i»t. ; Terre Haute, 38; do preferred 
Wabash, 3s3ia9; do pre f 
adfcdo preferr. a, KTabT 

tUHi «-»b'° Mlsslt 
gaa ' lenkral, USs 1 14 : XI 
a-s?' : Illinois Central, 

asl .".; Toledo. HW .alt" 

1185?; S . W., »f? i81; 
i hleago and Alton, I IT 
Joe, sa; Lake shore 97. 
Mining shares dull. 

Dr. Lancaster, 

10 i I * Fifth  (, kftwfen SarLdaud C-jurt Pbff, 

l.«»t IVI ILU'. KV.. 

/ U ltKS nil  !d t.lial I; a*t  . Sj ^^pfi Ills. «ooo 

I rnea.H] In f sc. Ac-., in obe-balt tbctlnic. 


.; st. Paul, ' 
Wayne, U 
mJoC-i : Mi. 

do prei. rre.1. 1 V; St. 

urn; .it at. 


PILL'S- A pcsltive remedy ibr all ob- 
ITU  ■ - '. - - — 

ia iv. i MuleSaf.' jfbrH. 
!. c5u ultatiou Itee axMl oajtadentiei. 




fler -to. c Jtoctli Klrer, toot ot 
. si 12 o clock aoea. 
Pors Times a Xoimt, 
_ ■ the 1st. Ith. Mhh aad MkH 
Except wbeu these days uvU Ss SnAday. men the 

^IkJ-'Ti^R t ZOX A 

1*1 IJI.tMII 1.1, 

• peaaai 


, ucurrhii a, Too Preflis*. Mi nstnut'.oi 
LaiL«tl tn, Too LoBi fonltnued Pe 
cuts, fur Prolsi'.iis snd BesrluK 
Down, or ProUpsus 
fterl. we offer 

The ru. 


- WEEK1 1 

i   iLORAD*  ,   spu tapalae 

im ponnos of luagsgi s lt sasa 
Masaaanr. xtediciaea sad 
.v.: B^ait—et 

spt. M«urj. 


free to each sdnit 

i .i. J l. 'bios- _ 
. lickets sad ill rurther ..n»;.rtnatlo.* , 
. si th* once, on the » bsrt. fool of Canal at. 
ih River. S«w York. P. R- Ra BY. Asaat. 


chv ill: 


On anc x." v . -   - Ja j, 



Arrl .-e a: n 



ArrtT* il?" 
Arrive st JloM.e 

. ... is r as . Js. a. 

i:.s «. Wilis. 

a. M. 

J*t A. M. I -JO 9. 




Trains leavs Nssbvlll* f..r 
laata st  :IS a. m. and tHk w. XL, 
and U untav lUe si t idu r. m. 


J. M. S. McC'OBXLB. 


• U. '.; 


H o" for doul 
extra to fai 
prime to . 
  om txtre 

■xtra. and N - 

t Bimliaaand 

red iiid fl K 
Jul! at (.".a'. 

al U 1 »« 
^ 10 Cor whit. , 
for yellow and 
fiats dull and 


Philadelphia, li- 

FLOCB- Lower; Western tqp«f4n. 

i7;e-\tra 7 ".'.mT'i .;" "■. ■ 
1 un- (4PA1S— Wheal neuleetcd and nominal. 



f « l 1j 

j soon 

.ttdimau to let tliem on tht branch, nags Itio   ..flee al oootatiom, und a sale 
eexpreas traiu,drawnbv two engine-, • ' hogsbeuds S'ew Orleaub sugar 
; ii appeared, running ut a high t sit ol ' •* l^alSc. We qootw Kio i hfJaa, 

tsseAibauv «,a. Ncv , that opj 
the first day of January next be will rc 
■atne editorial control or that paper. 

— W. A. MoCraekeu, L^o.. editor, i th 
Advertiser, Syrinifi 

terdav ai ibe vVaaiiington Iiote!. in ; .speed. The result waa a colliaion, vA-biofa fair to prime, at Wii-: cboiee 
\'iekabarg. lie bad come booth for bi« i the extra. | seri- lot* - . - I ' 

haajah, bat waa emptllad to stop at ' ously injured the engineer aud fireman -"'..ajn.-; Java, prime, 3aaM .. . la 
Tkatdmis aud death aaet him unti- 1 u|kji"i it. f'ue of tbe iiasseuger engines  °t s i small orders lc advance. S i- 
l«ctedlv in the midst of fn .-. .in-own im , gar— raw Xew Orleans, uood fair to 

— Ggoeae Rutter, hate Praaldatit of the ■ man ou the train waa injured — boa . prime, 1.' al/ ■•; port.. Rioo, 
tulMBi* Tawwuatr - National Bank at rioualv was uot learned. * The wreck ob- »H'i. :  -;  '.il.a, i.nv. 1J. j it l"t : 

Maaapbia, who was arraatad aw Bat ur- 1 atru.-ted the tracks, and tbt train- from Isemarara sug.-.r 14al«ic ; Havana white 
slav, and was lo have been brought to, that road, due here \  sierday forenoon. ' ' • : « li'-n packed iu barrels 1. higher 

Vatthvillr for trial, on i-barge of brea -h dii d ai lutil last eveunas 

u f traat iu regard to the echool laud . L44- b 

bees iwleaaea in Jdotutshh- ufi a v. : u f 

laabaaa corpus aktrA,: - late  ioe\ in Loul-.Uu 

— Tte Lif- .'... j. a 11 dor Gar.. til . _-. . .. „ . 1 era sirups Ucafl yj p*r '*Ulon. as tw , n ^ 

charged e-ith beiac ooe of the parties I color, the parties discliargeii  he:i pistol-, quality and package. Xew Orleans . !m .f-i 
evsjioaraed in the murder of Mr-. Smart i without effect, arhereutiou one ol tie used Bare tisay^e for new. in lots. Sor- « •••! 

Joha Baker iu August la.-!, n ho « ..- — ,n.l «-i-.p'—-  ! «ii:.t tb« mbataaU gbui.i— sulc.s at .H.:i.V c Itiee, Louisiana v. hi.-.. 

. iptured on Thursdav Mi. Win. si, It -hike bauds. To this the other in tierces, new, Hav'ic ; r.irolina. ale. 
riiaaliaii was sou 1 aspara k New Kent -■ --ted nnnMeaaarv. ••for." and-.... 

saaaaay. t* ftalurdav In . h%r-. 1 •• ' sr. I. si ii... t'.ri u -We .,n.;...' bran ttiflT. »hort*l 

i i.--;. ; r .• f.p, rei. I..i irtsl. ' ' - shl|«*tod 

li XaUe, fullP • art   ■ 1 

1 11 ked. 1'jc RlUy cured do 

sal. - deer aides at 1 %c; » 
uarkei; lard ttacbaBgaa 

Ilerc. . and 1*' '  °l U'/e; It 

ai laWe; untnla i packed t 

c.'.TTD.-it!'- mantel i 
•supply, and prices range i 

common to choice. 

lire EtPis-r lour. l.M) 
hdsbels: corn. I.sojIiUsLci 

els; I arley.tslU busltels; ry 

■   .VI.MIKI.I 

» UICA' 
ut 1- 

I   oru - r. cr tplv .mall ; whip -OiisV; yellow v'ti 
•■ . t.-ts dull aSoTOe. Rre flrm at fl dual Si. 
i Pa iviaiojfs— Quiet aad unchanse.!. 

Bali paoi i . i •• • . 




y and firm 

i- about 188,. 

1 .»•. but b. 

KPi • 
,. ^.\ 'ofn very 
ilef with a light low sOa;«V 
i",a..'o.' gro-  lor U K .. 


bl ■ »*.»•, IMC. 

uats. I jOU bttab- Pbovisi 

?   Umbel.-: hogs. AViu^Kl 

») Itushels; new yel- 
: kilu-tlrit l We t. ru 


tiieir frl' tal- and the public f 
preps red to ralertalu gi • ■ la 
sue will i part uo i lo pi 
datioii ol u I tbu e « no ma i 
s|..r: v v .il pa] ;■ i "."! tutc-iii 
la k sad : r. McO rkle will 

g l.-.'.Avvtf 3. 

ie flirnl- 
. Inform 
liev ar  

J - i 

I Kt liKli lt UWtMMM, 

rvjo. lot Oafasaa atwati 

Next Door to the Demectat Office, 

LOi— Nominal: crude H] • : r e fla ad 


•forka si 

IU Ibe nil. 

skill Ail 
uipily snd 
neat if 

II I' 

i 1 

in.: mid I'Sr selliug. 
Flock gulr' 

1 11 i|Ull 

wu ll'VOl I . - i •• • «.^s» • — — — ' c . , J- J.O I I . " at .ci 

t lU-tinud sugar iu lots, hard standard, ai grade ^ to choice apoua ; extras. 

A ■ . -lw5sC -UHtll Side* d.1 17.17.V-::  jP.Alt--y,"cai. Uici ar ' al ,V;' .oVn.,'   "' 

dott rctiLed lwJial5. c. t« to grade. • : 'yor.h ■ e-. era Sc'.-u- 

uua. be- a„d stuiill stiles ut 16a lo -,c. E-it- °art .""sa! ~ of Xo. iprinjf.weie inadeat 

■*Hi'liM'i lii|  \olitt. 

moMAb jas pishib, ar. j. Da via. 

Beiorc tbe. -r id Memphis., Teuu. LouLvilIe, ky 
TI AVk s- siatfsl ilitoisch ci  leaaHni uuU- 1 tie 
tl tuwu^acaudiityleuf 

r. j. riXM u ^i- co.. 

for the parp -s.. .!' . badnetlag a 

,oaf^'fwe!Sened: "Al b1Al£ AM  CLMKAL r#HBH.t MM 
hat . .eld be obtained: to- • in tui.s clip. w*»M jijilmn, sen U o t tssAai 
w. ver, tl 12 wii- pit l.u! ordered, aUjUal K-tst 
loosed; a-eak sales of So, at private or r.uetion 
. it' •: I-'. 1 "in dull, nr. 1 "" '•- ' • '••••• 

for new shelled; tSSzLSStr «VSf tZSl 



rjr\n !p,0e!. 

s'.'. : ; • .': 

aud luiierv, 

sssj middling '«+ 

ri I; 
is uiini 

• lull 

Will . xamine title 
bills and dimmer,-!* 

Slid Si'll ,-11 eOBIBlk 

i any .itbcr i i 

l.. v •• i Wi i r ■ 

it 01 K   

- Uults, so. u i K  1- 

, .-,.11  !. fe. i.-, ' ■ ■ li:.T-' 
. .... i • ... a t Msk- 

t|t isirtk 

lilrectains fer use, diet aUu sdv Ice, 

iv mules in every period of llie.ft 
•xtreme old age. will find It a remedy to aid nsture 
n tbc discharge of lis functions. Strength la Ike 
[lory of inaubocd sud womanhood. 


Is more slreumheultig thau any of the preparatlviai 
of Bark er Iron, infinitely safer snd more pleasant. 


Havinc received the Indorsement of the most eron.- 
lneut physicians in the Cnlted Slates, Is now on red 
mictca bumanlty as s certain cure for the foi 

iui e or 
. leu 
l uuiused Idea-., Hysteria, 
ity, Restlessness and 
Night. Absence of afuaculsr Kklcicu 
cr. Losa ol AlpeUte. Dj-spepey, 
Kmac-latlon, Low Spirits. Dis- 
organisation or Paraly- 
sis of tbs Organs nf 
fieneratlou, Psl- 
pltai'.onof the 

Heart. • 
And. in inc., Ail tbs .-oneoioiunis of a Xervotis and 
[).s,ii( U ie4 sut* M the system. 
To Insure the genuine, cut thin out. Ask for 

li E LMBOLD 1 ! 


aatrt-old l.y I.ruggL-ts and rtealers *\ try where. 
Piii'-sl 2  per Settle, or sn t nttles lor v. lie ic 
.•r  1 in nee address. 

Describe symptums ut ull - 
Uc-us a t ; BT-LitEOLD. to-ig a: . _. - 
v.-urebonao 'W Bread* » -. New TorV. 

». n dc are genuine unless dcue up m a sic*, 
engraved wTi.per. with tuc-slxolle of my Chemical 

.niportanl poiBtaaaW 


-Han lord al 2 «S r. a . on arrival atir~ - 
lavTtaa, for t-rab Orchard. Brooke* ! east M 

B.VUDoTOW N THAUI leaves Looarvule 1 

* The Bsnuuvi Train roaaeets at WmmmmV 
iges for Pause d. B.,- -.o«.J 

Tss DtMOtRAT hsvtug chanced bauds, but 
new proprietors have entered '.ipc u 

jxrriBau.v v 

•-ra.n fcir Swlv I - «n.: 

other trail'' rjn oaUr 

flea 1 -»upt L.« -t. 

fxertlous.'r expense to make It, tn Its several de- 
parlmeuf.. one of the brat newspapers iu the West. 

Able Editoriala; Correspondence and 
Communications from the best wn- 

Market and Commercial Re- 
ports Telegraphic News 

ti r. 

. | I A. AM 

TLaiiueDLMOcKATmaybe P« iu the bsnds 
oi all, the pnbo.'brrs are induced to otter It at the 

• a* •.•sk.esi.iee 

vtes-kl.v tlesMveraf. bmm- year. t aa 

Daily Deaiwrat. delivered to city n. 'scribers, st 
l'l'L.. fV (KNT- is-rweea, payable to the car- 

,- e ,. M . . 

t:ti r. xv. 
i :4ir.«..dallyex.Sa*9B 1^  A. M.. 
On Haturday ■ train leaves at 

an small bills, snd c 
corner Third aad Mail 

rieer^ov^toV 4 ! 


On aad after NOVLMBKR i Tiala 



Lesvs Louisville st ties oV.och A.M.t.Vr. xt. 
tiLtp. ».; Arrive it 4 a. a. M.. U «l a. m. 7:09 a. au 

•xre|2 : 


I L GfXL. ! 

jar . 

aar-Diatu. payable to eur order, or Puiltall 
Money Ordsrs. seat at our rlsk-and w hsa tket 
cannot be procured inoaey etay be sent by mad. 


Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), 1868-12-31

4 pages, edition 01

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