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date (1909-09-09) topic_High_School_College_University newspaper_issue  tftiZuW BWMW apos r n r WSSm P P apos i gt gt gt SwvSl wJHufiiwi l apos i r MVx i W95 i gt rtW i M f r s gt c mm mm mm imm lip ijji JF iUMMW a apos apos gt w v uWi amp y 1 apos apos M MW llilSS apos mm apos mwmMm 7ft sS gt A ti Incorporated CREAM ELOUR Don t Forget Hoe Cake Meal MADE BY LEXINGTON ROLLER MILLS CO Incorporated SCHANGE S CANDY KITCHEN 119 South Upper St Lexington Kentucky J J EITZGERALD PLUMBING STEAM ANT WATER HEATING 260 W Short Lexington Ky THE IDEA SYNDICATE IS GUILTY OF THIS PUBLICATION TOP TT l T ALL VISITORS A A 1 11 WITH A GROUCH WILL PLEASE OF CALL AT THE EDITOR S OFFICE IN PATACONIA University of Kentucky Vol 11 LEXINGTON KY SEPTEMBER 9 1909 No 1 Its n WHAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE REAL COST OF YOUR BOOKS AND THE BILL YOU SENT HOME FOR THEM THE FUTURE SOUTHERN CHAM PIONS IN REVIEW Football Outlook Most Promising The school year of 1909 10 Is ex pected to be one of the most remark able In the history of State Univer sity and this expectation is justly founded on conditions that are the outgrowth of progressive advance ment and extraordinary development that has been constantly going on since the name of old State College was filed away in the archives of his tory past and a new life was taken on by the State s greatest educational in stitution along with its new name and more comprehensive title of State University A leader within the boundaries of her own state rapidly this institution is advancing to the foremost place among the Universities of the South and her first success along this line we hope will be the football champion ship won during the present season and honestly earned on the gridirons of our own Blue Grass athletic fields and amid the dust and mire of more tropical Southern sporting fields This is our most sincere desire our fondest ambition and it should be the one pleasure nearest the heart of every loyal enthusiastic college stu dent to see his team victorious over them all and to aid and assist in every way to make It thus victorious Our own White Guynn the man who has stood by us through storm and sunshine and w o has practically made our athletic record for the past half score years probably knows more about the coming prospects than any other person and in speaking to the writer of this article about it said The prospects for an all Southern team are better this year than they were ever before In the history of the University With the old men back in their places and the new material that is coming in everything possible will be done and und r the excellent training of Coach Sweetland we should be able to clean up with them all quot We are glad to announce that Mr Guynn will be back with us this year and that he has graciously consented to assist Mr Sweetland in coaching and training the team Mr Sweetland arrived last Monday and the practice that had been started by Manager Lowery and Captain Bar bee a few days before was taken up at once and is progressing as nicely as could be expected and everything will be in full swing by next week All of the old men are expected back with the exception of Taylor and new men are making their ap pearance on the field each day Prac tice is held every afternoon of the week with the exception of Sunday and the hours for practice as they are now arranged are from 3 30 until 6 on school days and from 3 until 6 on Saturdays About fifty men have already reported for practice and Captain Barbee is showing great pro ficiency in handling his men Among those who have already re I orted are the following Henry Ingles Joseph Shelby Bryant Shanklin George Dunlap Dick Barbee W T Johnston Frank Baker W K Threlkeld W Rodes Bill quot Theising Gaiser Geo Hendrickson Sandy quot Chambers J I C Hughes Caleb Marshall Roger Jones Joe Lewis Tiny Clark R S Webb Y Reagan Shelby Post C Earl T W Clark H Babb Bev Routt J R Mayes Manager Lowery urges all new men to report to him as soon as possible in order to equip themselves with suits and in order that teams may be selected as soon as possible as the first game will be played on the 25th with Kentucky Wesleyan Among the big games of the season will be those with the University of Alabama on Nov 6 with Illinois on Oct 9 Tennessee Oct 16 N Carolina Oct 21 and Rose Polytech Oct 30 The complete schedule for the sea son will be as follows Schedule Sept 25 Ky Wesleyan at Lexing ton Oct 2 Berea at Lexington Oct 9 Illinois at Urbana Oot 16 Tennessee at Lexington Oct 21 N Carolina at Raleigh Oct 30 Rose Polytechnic at Lex ington Nov 6 Open Nov 13 Transylvania at Lexington Nov 25 Central at Lexington Of these games we must take three fourths if not all and let every man not afflicted with game legs weak hearts corns and coated tongues put on a suit and try to make the team The Captain Manager and Coach want as many men as they can possi bly get and they will be only too glad to furnish you with equipment and give you a chance if you have enough college spirit and sand in your craw to ask for it and use it to the best of your ability And if your physical makeup is de ficient see to it that your spirit is right and do your duty by supporting the team Do not be so stingy tight and unprincipled as not to get a sea son ticket and let nothing be too good for your men who go out and do the actual work Success depends largely upon the student body and the sup port it gives to its team The men in the suits will do their part and they have the hard part so let us see to It that they do not work in vain MEDICAL SCHOOL Are We to Have One It seems that at last the plans of the friends of t he University and of President Patterson are to be real ized and that the University of Ken tucky is to have a Medical College The proposition will be placed be tore a called meeting of the Execu tive Committee and Board of Trus tees at an early date A little over three weeks ago eight or ten local physicians and four doctors from Louisville met at the Phoenix Hotel to discuss the matter lt hi August 13th a meeting was held at winch President Patterson Pro fessor White Professor W K Pat terson Doctors Holloway Clark and Pryor of this city and Doctors Coomer and Bogges of Louisville were present After talking over the pro posed addition to the University they issued he f apos lowing statement quot Friends of State University will be glad to learn that well considered plans are now under way for the early establishment of a medical de partment of the institution When this matter was considered by the Board of Trustees about one year ag gt action was deferred at that time be cause the proposition submitted by the delegation of Louisville physi cians was not satisfactory It now seems probable that a new record is to be established in that for once in the history of the world Lexington is to have the active and earnest sup port of loyal friends in Louisville in the demands she proposes to make of t lie Board of Trustees and of the Leg islature A committee composed of Dr F H Clarke and Dr Thomas C Hollo way of Lexington and Dr W F Bogges and Dr M F C apos oomes of Louisville who are interested in the establishment of a high grade medical school in this State have been en gaged for some weeks in the prepara tion of the proposition which is to be submitted to State University Board of Trustees at an early date Under the terms of this proposi tion the Board of Trustees is to have full control of the new medical school The first two years will be taught ex clusively at Lexington the last two years at Louisville With the forces of Lexington and Louisville united in this effort to establish the medical department of State L r niversity on a basis which will compare favorably with similar institutions in other States it is reasonable to expect that suecessfull consummation of the plan is but a matter of a short time Neville Society The Neville Literary Society will meet sometime next week for the pur pose of electing officers for the com ing term Quite a number of last year s best members will be with us again this year and everything bids fair for this to be the most prosper ous year iu our history Several excellent plans for this year s work have been advanced by lust year s officers and will be sub mitted to the Society at an early date There is a great work in this Uni versity which can only be accom plished by a wide awake literary so ciety Let us be up and doing 4 THE IDEA The Idea Published every Thursday by THE IDEA SYNDICATE of the State University of Kentucky for the benefit of the students the faculty and the alumnae of that Institution Not full of tiresome technicalities but of real Interestlna University n apos v lt The object of the syndicate Is to tench Journalism to the members to have the members fill the paper with news written In correct English and to put the paper before those Interested In College news SUBSCRIPTION ONE DOLLAR THE YEAR FIVE CENTS THE COPY Entered at Lexington Postofflce as Second Class Mall Matter Address all communications to the Editor 630 West High St Lexington Ky PERRY CASSIDY Editor W G CLUGSTON Assistant Editor A HUBBARD Business HALCOMB HUDSON R LOWRY R R ATKINS W R TICHENOR W W PREWITT The following members of The Idea Syndicate Issued this paper W G CLUGSTON V L DOWNING A McCLURE R A EDWARDS MISS LIDA JONES Staff Business Manager Assistant Ruslness Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Circulation Manager The following members of The Idea Syndicate will issue next week apos s paper H F McKENNEY O H BAIRD O S AULICK A HUBBARD MISS SARAH MARSHALL The river flows on Fed by the small springs and mountain torrents it gathers strength as it goes until it flows in all its majestic beauty in its last leaping rush to the sea The great river terrible in its magnificent power The great river flows on From their strong and rugged homes in the mountains from homes of wealth in the large cities leaving the ploughs or counting tables they hasten onward The energy of the current is tremendous sweeping out ward overwhelming every obstacle n its path and guided by the hand of Destiny alone it flows on It is the great rush of the young men of the Land to the colleges Think of their power They are the coming generation They will fash ion the laws and govern the land of the next decade Their characters are ready to be developed One way on the other for better or for worse Oh Professors Remember your re sponsibility The future of the Na tion rests in your hands Guard well your trust for it is a sacred one Examine yourself and see if you are fully prepared to attempt the strug gle It is you who must keep the stream well in its course Keep the foul mud from gathering and divert ing the path of the stream keep the great stream from overflowing its banks and dissipating its energy in doing harm If you flinch at the thought do not attempt it If you feel yourself capable then go forth with strong heart to give yourself to the cause of your conn try whose prayers go with you I Hello Here we are back to start in on another year of work pleasure and athletics which includes both All of us are a little older many of us a little wiser and we hope none are any sadder The youthful Fresh man of last year is the sorrowful and pensive Sophomore Last year s Sophomore is this year s Junior who begins to realize how hard studies may become and to enjoy the free dom of an upper class man The Junior has become the wise and much envied Senior while the Senior of 0 is the old alumnus Many famil iar faces are absent while still more students are back to renew old friend ships We have a happy year before us and although we have more or less hard tasks to perform we antic ipate them with pleasure Let s en joy college while we can for as the Sophomore says How time flies Our college career will soon be over To Student Publications Through some misunderstanding or some other cause we can not ex plain the relations between the stu dent publications of this University last year were somewhat strained In fact it might be said that the students of one or two of the depart ments of the University were for the same unknown reason opposed to this publication We were very sorry in deed that this state of affairs existed and did all in our power to find the cause of this misunderstanding we will call it and to remedy it but to no avail The evil conditions could not be eradicated and so we gave up in despair This year we sincerely hope that all ill feeling and misunderstanding which may have been caused by the Idea last year has been forgotten For our part we will say that we are the University apos s servants What we do we do tor her benefit There is plenty of room ami to spare for all the publications of the University of Kentucky May we not all work mutually toward the up building and betterment of the University We have heard it said that t lie Idea is trying to as our informer said put the other college publications out 4 if business We hope that no one has seriously considered these ill bred gossips who to put it not too strongly lie in their very simls So gentlemen all of you who are connected with the Transit the Rec ord and the Annual believe us we speak from our hearts when we say it we are with you to the end Please remember that a H4iuse di vided against itself can not stand and remember the seal of this grand old Commonwealth in which we live two men with clasped hands Uni ted we stand divided we fall Gen tlemen our hand DISTINGUISHED ADDITIONS Several New Professors and Assist ant for This Year Many of the departments of the University have new professors con nected with them this year Among our new friends are Dr Snow Pli D lately of the Cortland Nor mal School Cortland N Y Dr Snow will be with the Educational Department Prof E Franklin Far quhar A R M A formerly of La fayette College and of Purdue Uni versity is to assist in the English Department He is a member of the American Esperanto Association lt f N A E L Harrison A R K S U Off is connected with the Acad emy while A W Babbage who took his A B in 08 will assist in instill ing Mathematics into the heads of unfortunate Freshmen J T Neigh bors and H E Townsend both Me chanical Engineers of H and Arthur Elam B M E 08 will all instruct in the Mechanical Department The Idea wishes them all the greatest suc cess in their new positions GLEE CLUB Warblers Come Forth The prospects are great this year for a good Glee Club Twelve of the old members will be back and a large number of new singers are coming in this year The students are begin ning to realize some of the benefits of the club and a large number are expected to petition for membershio Professor Wheeler will instruct the club again this year Any students who desire to become members of the Glee Club should see V Y Moore the present manager for any information desired The old members will meet in a day or two to elect the officers of the club for the ensuing year HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR SEASON TICKET YET EVERY BODY WITH COLLEGE SPIRIT WILL GET THEM FROM LOWRY BAKER HALL HENDRICK SON TKi Nona mamm The College Bogs corner Clothing Shoes and Furnishings The Model Mr Student Bear in mind that the LEXINGTON DRUG CO is the most conven ient pace for you and a limited amount of in formation will be grant ed you And that it is the place to buy your Will also cash your Soda Water Tablets Pencils Stationery checks when they are good Come in and we will certainly do the best we can for you Respectfully Lexington Drug Co Corner Main amp Lime PHOENIX HOTEL BUILDING THE IDEA STIDENTS DECORATE YOUR ROOMS Oak Framed Christy Pictures 10 Cents Six for 25 Cents SOUVENIER POST CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS BOX PAPER TABLETS and PENCILS 20 Per Cent Discount on Prescriptions to Students Purnell s Drug Store Lexington Cigar Co Incorporated HEADQUARTERS FOR CIGARS AND TOBACCOS 136 West Main Street Graddy amp Bradley Our Full Line of Fall Styles in Furnishing Goods Hats and Shoes Are Now Ready For Inspection ST AT The Man s Store US Anderson Bros Dealers In Second Hand Furniture We have bargains in second hand Dressers Tables Chairs And anything else you need to furnish your room with COME AND SEE 550 West Main Street Old Phone 457 Fall Styles Await Your Inspection College Brand Clothes Full Of GINGER SNAP and SPARKLE COLLEGE HAT BANDS A Young Fellow s Store In Every Particular Come In and Laaf With Us COLLEGE HATS COLLEGE PENNANTS Military Friday at 3 30 p m the battal ion will be formed in front of Huell Armory for the first time this year The men are being assigned to com panies now and will be expected to report to their respective companies Friday afternoon This year there will be one battal ion of four eompanies instead of two battalions of three eompanies each as was the ease at the beginning of last year The companies are A B C and I The officers are as fol lows Major K S Webb Adjutant and Captain W W Stevenson Quartermaster and Captain M A Cleveland A Company Captain J J Fitzpatrick First Lieutenant A C Ball Second Lieutenant A B Haswell B Company aptain Perry Cassidy First Lieutenant O X Hollar Second Lieutenant T E Beatty C Company Captain A B Phister First Lieutenant R T Cash Second Lieutenant H G Lyttle Captain H A Babb First Lieutenant 0 H Taylor 1 Company Second Lieutenant W Lnrtv The Colonel is expecting about six ty or more men to the company He ought to have almost ninety to a company since all second and third year Academy men all Freshmen all Sophomores and about ninety five fizout Juniors will have to drill If the military department is al lowed money enough a camping trip will be taken at the end of the year and there will be sham battles and rifle practice during the year Also prizes will be given to the best drilled man in each company and a sword to the captain of the best drilled company each man in the company getting a watch fob All this how ever depends upon the amount of money the department is allowed The days for drill will he the same as last year that is Tuesday Wednesday and Friday The drill hour will be from 3 30 to 4 30 The uniform will be the same as the one worn last year and is to be ordered from Kaufman Clothing Co right away The cost of the uniform will probably he about The color is olive drab Commissioned officers wear leggins all others do not apos fhe officers for the year say that they expect to have the best drilling they can get out of their men and that the latter will have to pay strict attention and due respect This does not mean that they will be hard on the men The treatment given de pends upon the way the men act Anyone who tries to do will get along all right hut the fellow who gets smart and who does not try will cer tainly get the worst of the deal The best thing for a new man to do is to take an interest in his com pany and in how well he himself can drill Do not pay any attention to the fellow who says lie dots not like to drill that is no sign that you will not Do not think that the hour for drill is just an hour to be put in and that the sooner over the better This makes it harder on you Do not start the habit of skipping If you do vour officers will get down quot on you and besides you will have to squad drill on Saturdays or drill in your Junior year if you wish to get a diploma remember that you are pay ing your money to he drilled and you surely ought to want your money s worth There is nothing hard in drill ing It is simply what you make it If you take an interest in your drill you will like it and it will be easy hut if you do not take that interest the drill will he a drudgery and you will not get near the benefits from it that are coming to you Patterson Hall Every thing is hustle and hustle at Patterson Hall this week Such an incoming of trunks and new girls It is amusing to note the difference in the manner of approach of the old girls and the new ones The new girls approach the Hall with hesi tancy and an air of awe while the old one almost run up the steps in their anxiety to see last year s friends and acquaintances and just at the time they think they have stolen a march on everybody a shout from the inside announces that the new arrival lias been spied and then all the old girls who happen to have already returned leave the unpacking of trunks and all pounce on her at the same time and such greetings and wild ejacula tions as are exchanged and a hun dred questions are asked all in a min ute and nobody waits for an answer or bothers to answer anybody else s question We are all glad to leave school and Patterson Hall in June but all of us are gladder to return in the fall for Patterson Hall is the best place in the world to have a good time and school is not so bad after all Chapel Exercises The first chapel services of the year will lie held on Thursday morning There will he a general assembly of the students and the seats of the various classes will be virtually the same as those occupied by them last year On Friday afternoon the bat talion will be mustered in and be ginning on Monday will march up iti order Reports from the military de partment are to the effect that the rules for attending chapel will he more strictly adhered to this year than ever before and that those who do not attend will serve a term un der the Major The exact hour for the services has not been ascertained as yet 77 E IDEA i FLAG RUSH What It Is and Why One more Freshman class Is just now peering through the threshhold into a mysterious temple of learning Many wonderful things will cause many wonders in the wooly heads of these working Freshmen Within a month from today the convolutions of the cerebrum will enclose various rec ords which in the far off future will be fondly recalled in the minds of these now aspiring college men Will this new Freshman class have the proper grit and stamina which indi cate strong intellect and insures a healthy class spirit From observa tions so far these new men appear to be a very worthy and fearless set Certainly it requires stability of char acter to surmount a modern high school education and then unhesi tatingly wade into a hard and tedious college career For many years more than an hundred of such noble youth as these have annually cast their for tunes together at State University With no class spirit to begin with ex cept a mingled feeling of sympathy and egotistic pride they soon develop a bond of brotherly love for the whole class and a loyalty to old State which is bound to last through life But of all the events of a college life there is none that surpasses the Freshman Sophomore flag rush This annual affair has been the test of the Freshman class for several years past and this year it is a known fact that there are a number of stal wart and nervy quot Freshies who are going to audaciously unfurl the Fresh man colors in the midst of the campus so that all might know what 13 really stands for and defy the overbearing Sophomores to touch a thread of it It is generally conceded that the flag rush last fall was omitted because of a very sad misfortune A certain well beloved Freshie quot so mysteri ously departed from his comrades and his loss was such a sudden shock that it was deemed as an ill omen by the superstitious members of the class and no Freshman colors ever waved on a morning breeze save the crepe and dark bordered handkerchiefs of his classmen And not even after this prodigal Freshman had returned from the northern tour and geological trip in 10 the haunts of bleak Wisconsin did the meek Freshies dare to flaunt their flag in face of the thirsty Sophs Most of this inexperienced class are now Sophomores themselves but they will not have the advantage in a flag rush that previous Sophomores have had because they know no more about it than the Freshmen do However the present Senior class has had the experience of two such contests and the present Junior class recall with enthusiasm their one thrilling experi ence A short explanation of what a flag rush is like might add intelligence to many under classmen however by the time they have reached home Christ mas each of them could probably give a more vivid description than the writer The combat is arranged for sys tematically Committees from each class draw up and sign agreements concerning the time to begin the melee and the manner in which the flag shall be mounted This prevents any undue advantages and insures a long and hard scrimmage The Freshman flag composed of Freshmen class colors and bearing the class number is mounted on a pole in an open space surrounded by plenty of blue grass sod and all the Freshmen boys in their fighting clothes At the appointed time the well generalled Sophs charge the defending bunch and attempt by any and various schemes which are not contrary to agreement to secure the hateful flag The Juniors and Seniors are always interested spectators but never take part The most courageous acts how ever are sometimes performed by the girls of the two combatting classes They bring water to the field of battle to pour down the dry throats of their comrades and occasionally dash a pail of cold fluid on the back of some de spised enemy After the flag has been captured or preserved by some strategy that would do credit to Napoleon the conquering class in their tattering garments worn march triumphantly to town and back so that not State University but also everybody who will may have the opportunity of seeing a band of real heroes Thenceforward each Freshman knows each Freshman they are bound together as a class have won their recognition from the upper classmen and are more eager to fight their way through to the reward at the end of a college career Class spirit prods a man on that he might not fall behind his class It helps him to surmount many obstacles in college life and the only way yet de vised to get the class spirit early in college life is the test of the flag rush THE UNION LITERARY SOCIETY The oldest literary society in the State of Kentucky is the Union It dates its origin back to Civil War times In 1873 the General Assembly of Kentucky gave it a charter and 100 with which to help furnish a library Since that time the Union Society has turned out some of the most distinguished men of the Com monwealth At present one congress men and two trustees of this Univer sity are former members of the Union Among the faculty we are proud to refer to Judge W T Lafferty Prof T T Jones and Prof Geo W Roberts who were the leading mem bers during their college career Each year on the evening of George Washington s birthday the Union So ciety holds its Annual Oratorical Con test in Chapel The winner is pre sented a 20 gold medal by Robert M Allen a former member of the So ciety and now head of the Pure Food Department of Kentucky The winner of this prize competes with the winner of the Patterson Society and the suc cessful one represents the University in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Ora torical Contest which will be held this coming year at State The Union Society also gives a gold medal to the winner of the Declama tory Contest held in December of each year and half of the Intercollegiate Debating teams are always chosen from this Society The hall where its meetings are held each Saturday evening from 7 30 to 10 o clock is located on the third floor of the Alumni hall and visitors are always cordially welcomed at its meetings The Union desired to se cure the membership of all energetic college men who desire to aid the cause of the Society and enjoy the profits thereof Each week a program for the following Saturday evening can be seen in the Union Society bul letin board posted in the hall of the main building One of the most commendable fea tures of the Society is that every act ive member who graduates from the State University is also awarded a standard diploma by the Union The officers for the ensuing term are Q W Robertson president J E Estes vice president Weller re cording secretary W C Wilson prosecuting attorney Miles treas urer T W Crawford librarian and W C Shultz janitor All new men are invited to attend the meeting Saturday the 11th at 7 30 p m OPENING OF COLLEGE Bright Future Before Us Once again the bugle rolls forth its shrill notes on the morning air of State University campus Once again the wise professor radiates his wis dom over full benches and empty heads Nine long months are allotted us in which to consume stored up energy and coal oil Our President is seen in his office in the same attitude in which we have observed him many times before But we are informed that the President has furnished himself a cozy new office in the Library Building and that Professor White the new Vice Presi dent is to occupy the office in the main building The Mechanical College as usual is flourishing with a large number of iron faced Freshmen but a few of the Mechanical Seniors will be missing this year The Civil Engineering College occu pies new and commodious quarters The new building is spacious and con veniently arranged and Professor Rowe has a College of Civil Engineer ing now that has no peer in the South The Brooks Civil Engineering So ciety holds its meetings each month J E Estes is President and W C Fox Secretary and Treasurer Hal W Smith is editor of the Transit and we shall expect to see a high class magazine when the first edition ap pears mhnj amp j u THE Leading Specialty House Exclusive Styles IN HIGH CLASS OUTER GARMENTS AND MILLINERY FOR IV omen amp Misses Pull line now on display EMBRY EL CO MAIN STREET EAST PUTMAN S CANDIES ALWAYS FRESH AND GOOD Best Soda in Town Three Doors Below the HIPP STUDENTS CAN OBTAIN AT Humphrey apos s Studio 341 W MAIN ST REDUCED RATES On all different styles of pho tographs The excellence of our productions is acknowledg ed by all who have favored this up to date Studio with their patronage Hughes amp Co Incorporated Candies Soda Water THE PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS SEE US ABOUT YOUR PARTIES 156 West Hain St VISIT THE PRINCESS THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MOVING PICTURE SHOW Pictures Changed Daily f quot MAIN St near Car Centei THE IDEA LEXINGTON apos S BIGGEST STORE 0 Hart Schaffner amp Marx THE WORLD apos S GREATEST TAILORS HAVE MADE FOR US THIS SEASON SOME SPECIAL STYLES SMART SNAPPY FOR DRESSY YOUNG FELLOWS COLLECE MEN That we want you to see They are clothes that help a man they add to his force by giving him a sense of being well dress ed it s like being in good society to wear such clothes stimulates a fellow to do his best YOU MUST WEAR THEM You oughtn t to wear anything else The BEST isn t too too good for YOU and you think so yourself We want you to make our store your head quarters your home Any favors you want don t be bashful about it WE MAKE THE CADET UNIFORMS THIS YEAR YOU KNOW KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO The Agricultural College has the largest matriculation In Its history There are a great number of four year students and many two year men just entered The new green house will be In use this year The College of Mining Engineering is making haste with Its new building which will be an object of beauty when completed and will contain the State Geological Museum The College of Law has a bunch of legal looking fellows to begin with who will no doubt make themselves heard from during the college year Over five hundred volumes have been added to the new Law Library during the past summer and many more are to be added during the year The Henry Clay Law Society is to be organized presently and its very name indicates a thriving organization The new l aw students this year are pre senting standard college requirements for entrance which Insures a worthy body of Intelligent classmen and from now on three years will be the required time to graduate Within one year our Law College has eclipsed every other one in the State and at the present rate of progression it will be only a few more years until the Law College of State University will have no superior This school will survive the old statesmanship of Ken tucky The College of Arts and Sciences have a splendid new enrollment Sev eral new and charming girls have added themselves the faithful ones of former days The prospects of the College of Arts and Sciences equals that of Oxford and Cambridge com bined A new professor in the person of Glanvill Terrill Ph D presides In the chair of Greek Prof Terrill was a former teacher in Georgetown Col lege but holds his degrees from Leland Stanford Junior University and Harvard Another new professor is Louis F Snow Ph D from Columbia Prof Snow takes the place of Prof Milford W hite at the head of the Department of Education The students in this department are greatly Increasing each year The Department or English has a new assistant Prof Earguhar A new course will be added to the College of Arts and Science this year by Prof Tuthill or the History De partment This additional course is one in government and deals princi pally with history and political science It is designed to afford op portunity to Juniors and Seniors to discover whether they have any apti tude for legal studies and so to pre pare the way tor future studies in this Held In the new three year courses of the Law College Economics and Sociology appear among the pre scribed studies In this way the De partment of History and College or Law are more closely correlated Prof Tuthill has spent his vacation in the North and returns to us with a new assistant and a wife GET ACQUAINT ED quot WITH our 10 CENT COLLARS 15 CENT HOSIERY 25 CENT NECKWEAR 50 CENT UNDERWEAR MATCHLESS 10 1 00 DRESS SHIRTS 1 50 SOFT or STIFF HATS 2 50 THOUSERS 3 00 BEACON SHOES 12 50 15 SUITS 1 Your Hair Madam YARin S It is the secret of your Inrklli O Beauty POOL amp BILLIARD PARLOR 161 E MAIN ST THE NEW HAIR STORE Opp Union Station 185 Markst Street 2 c a Cue 0 GOOD service Call and see our new line 5 CLEANLINESS of Hair Goods 2 NO PARTIALITY g NO GRAFT The Store For College O NO IMPOSITION Girls Your friends come here Why not YOU Safety Razor 25 Cents and Up Strops 25 Cents and Up Brushes 25 Cents and Up Brush Brooms 10 Cents and Up Elmcndorf Ice Cream 5 Cents Fruit Limade 5 Cents Fruit Lemonade 5c JOHNS PHARMACY MAIN AND WALNUT BOOKS Pennant s Society and College Stationery and Student s Supplies of all kinds McCLURE GUM amp COMPANY 152 West Main Street Do You Want an Idea SUBSCRIBE NOW SO THA YOU MAY GET ALL THE COPIES THE PRICE IS ONE DOLLAR FOR THE THREE TERMS OR FIF TY CENTS FOR ONE TERM THE PRICE WILL NEVER BE CHEAPER THAN THIS GET YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TICKET FROM THE BUSINESS MANAGER OR AT THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORK IF YOU WANT YOUR PAPER MAILED SEE THE BUSINESS MANAGER IF IN CANADA OR ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY EXCEPTING HAWAII PORTO RICO THE PHILIP PINES THE ISLANDS OF GUAM AND TUTUILA THE CANAL ZONE ADD FORTY CENTS TO THE YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 8 THE WE A TH e store for PEOPLE TEXT BOOKS Text Books Taken in Exchange New and Shelf worn Books STORE OPEN AT NIGHT Make this Store your headquarters Phone at your convenience UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE J F BATTAILE Mgr 233 West Short opp Courthouse CONCRETE PAVEMENT In Front of University There is now under construction on South Limestone in front of tin University a six foot concrete pave ment extending from Winslow street to Lottie street taking in the full front of the College winch is about two thousand feet As soon as the walk is finished up to Lottie street one of the same kind will be con structed on the opposite side of the street from Lott ie to Maxwell The University will pay twelve and one half cents per square foot for the pavement and forty two cents per per linear foot for the curbing and guttering making the total cost to the University about twenty three hun dred dollars This is quite a nice job for the con tractors Hughes Forman Co of this city who were awarded the contract by the city for paving both sides of South Limestone from Maxwell to Lottie That part of the pavement in front of the University is expect ed to be finished by Saturday Messrs Hughes and Forman both have attended the University Mr Hughes in 8 i 87 and 88 and Mr Forman taking a course of civil en gineering a little later KINKEAD COAL CO Gets Big Contract The two thousand tons of coal which the University will use this year will be furnished by the Kin kead Coal Co of this city The con tract was let at a meeting of the committee on coal last Saturday at noon The price to be paid for the coal was not made public Glee Club Prospects The prospects for a good Glee Club at the State University for the pres ent year could hardly be beat All but four of the last year s regular singers are back and a number of those who tried out near the end of the year Mr Wheeler will again instruct the club and with the early start which will be made and the abundance of material to select from Slate will undoubtedly have the best Glee Club it has ever hard This statement can be appreciated only by those who heard last year s club sing Mr V V Moore is at present at tending to the business of the club and any one wishing to become a member may get full particulars from him The first meeting will be held in about a week and the old mem bers will elect the officers for the present year If you have a good voice do not be ashamed of it Try to get in the Glee Club and let other people hear you sing Remember that you do not have to be asked You have as much right for a try out a gt any one The size of the club will depend upon the number of good voices at hand Last year s club numbered sixteen and they surely could make some noise New Buildings t uite a large sum of money is being expended by the University this year in the erection of new build ings The southeast portion of the campus has been very greatly im proved and beautified by the erection of four handsome new buildings two of which are ready for uie Those are the Civil Engineering and Physics Building and the Mining Laboratory The former is a large building built of pressed brick and having three stories and a basement It was built at a cost of 50 000 and its equipment is valued at 10 000 The Laboratory cost 9 250 exclusive of equipment Both buildings will be in use at the first of the term and the additional space they will afford will be of great advantage in relieving the cramped quarters of the main building The Chemistry Building and the other Mining Building are in the pro cess of erection ami it is expected that they will be occupied by next yea r Directly behind the Main Building and in front of the President s house is the new Library built with the aid of Mr Andrew Carnegie It is the most beautiful building on the cam pus being two stories high built of pressed brick and trimmed with tena cotta It will lie opened about the first of October and it is understood that Miss Margaret King is to be the librarian Many improvements have been made on the dormitories and the rooms being newly cleaned and paint ed have been rendered more habit able Let the good work go on It is estimated that the property of the University is worth over 900 000 more than it was in 1880 If we are really millionaires let us live accord ingly and take things easy Why not Social Miss Mary Akers one of last year s Seniors is back with us for another year s work She is making a spe cialty of Domestic Science Miss Mary Rhodes 09 a former member of the Idea staff leaves this week for New Haven to continue her studies in Physical Education Miss June Wan leas 08 is visit Misses Nell Wallis and Lida Jones Misses Mamie Taylor and Marge rite Buchiguani Lexington High School graduates of last year are to honor us with their presence this year We are more than glad to welcome all the fair new co eds but it is with a pang that we realize the ab sence of many familiar faces of last year 

The Idea of University of Kentucky, 1909-09-09

8 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Lexington, Ky., Kentucky by Idea Syndicate of the State University of Kentucky
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