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date (1896-11-09) newspaper_issue 


Work riiiiideiing hh'I I'm n 
\ng rrt»|M'itj in Mor 
gnu fount jr. 


l.i»\v l itrtiKr«lil|  


West Liberty. Nor. A band 

of robbers hit* lN «»n ■ • | ■« rilling ill 

Morgan county thla irwk iiikI several 
thousand* of dollar* worth of valu- 
able* ami milium- hnve I n stolen. 

Although Um re in no direct clew, vet 
III*' Nliciiff tliiitkn lie will MM be ahle 
to locate tin- roliU'in. A i* nt 

nil the i a*v. 


TIM  •  « ei not '■ LAenajhter III. 
Fmukfort, Ky., Nov. lit. — (Jov. 
ami Mrs. llrmllcv were ,'yeaterday 
cnlled lo Cincinnati i n a summon* by 
■in Hint their daughter, lllaa 
wan dangerously N »t tli«* 
Cumcrvalon of Mine 'it ( iiiciu- 

KohhvJ mid Htirnvd. 
Ilopkinavllle, Nov. IS. Ihe tav- 
ern nii'l atorehoiiae* at INislec «• ri 
destroyed b\ lire yesterday m   rui(t^ 
at nn earli hour. 

lioth were robl*s| l»y incendiaries. 
Tin- lima will amount to scleral 
dollar*. No insurance. 

That I \ ti j *»c»»lon. 
Frankfort, Ky . Nov. 11.— At to 
the date of the extra aeaaiou. it can 
^ be aafrly lIMd MOV on nod au- 
tlioritv that the call will In- for Tuea. 
day, Htx-emUr 1 All thi* talk 
•btait the governor waiting till he 
ahall bave Isytii d  If I uis.u f • »r 
acuator i" mere l« «li. lindley al- haa the lead f,.r the Ucnubli- 



I iet torn 
nearly I 
ia going t 

the Inn 
there will I 
torn from 
aeerelary of 
who are not 
urea, did M 

haa received 

•« than any allver l emt - 

jrtor. Kven were HtnKh 
f the -ilver I icinocratlc 

• i ted. Ilu n Id be no 

eh the Hryan Kentucky 


have a hope. It ia 
however, that Smith 
la few votaa l**hlnd 
lepuhlicnn elector, ao 
rtcen McKinley elec- 
ky after all. The 
e and hia assistant- 
giving out any (Id- 
re to expreaa an 

Store I.' 

Mt. Olire. 
office of t lie «'Wi 
thia town, and 
rnhtied and Imriicl 
ia no clue to the rot 
| o«ed thnt'inany vnl 
stolen and that Hie li 
up any 

dlaeoverv of the 
olllee of the " I 
atore. The 

Not. 12— The 
Tribune," of 

er'a itore were 
t night. There 
It, in aup- 
•n I icIcm wel i 
as covi i 
lead to the 
ton. The 
over the 

  loeluiid andtiulNIc A »  ,-.\t- 
l.uw . 

Washington, I), i ., Nov I.'.— It 
win* now jto he  l« timi. A'tl.d 
ili it President Cleveland and hia 
brilliant Sci retary of tin 1 reMiiry 
JoiM l . Carlisle will practice J\ w 
together [after Manic Carliam ia 

"i f the nl.lcst IftWMM in the lAd- 

led Slate*, while Ch v eland is \i 
much luilcr lawyer than i» genet nl% 
mi| |M sed. I'l'heir olliic would   h 
iiiur-i lie iii New Jfork Cltj VMM 
Cleveland rc-idcd afli I In* ad- 
ministration. Cleveland mid Carlialt 
are very warm IMMmI friend* and 
tliia legal partnership it a tilling auc- 
ion to their |H»litical life. 

TOM W \ isoN's | I I I I H 



nk*mi* n   ih *  I'AIMCAH, KKNTIVKt. \l \u.\\ \, 

^ to Vwl» ,| -[ in K' ,r , a " * 

• III "l 

Had Nothing About Their Peraona 

••We're Loth (hie) aolier'a Judge, 
aee na?" exclaimed Kohert Hoih- 
child in Marshal Collina' nlTice thla 
•fterniMin alH.ut 3 oVIork. ami at 
tbia Juncture a pint la.ttle of whlaky, 
partly exhausted, was removed from 
his |s»cket after strenuoua remon- 
strance on hit part. 

Itollu hild and Ilia comrade. John 
Dempsey, are umlirella menders and 
were drunk on the atreeta with their 
bundle of liamllea, annoying a great 
mam Mople. The» were arretted on 
Irrwej Court street by (MTicer Win. 
W MM1 ami when searcbe l ootid ng 
•  f value was found on their persona. 
I hey were ordered to the lockup and 
as the oltlcer started below with 
them Kothchild made another frantic 

grab for the 

Iiottle and then Mb  



school* Will OUtra 

t  the -I - 

TW /.-^fM with 
■ f |«itas«iuin,*^^ u 

Hr. A. /K 

• oo 

ami iron trar^*%the 

" trill* cVBIll'Vr* t 

I he two" 

Cu t 1WT" 

V«p«inlier of the 

II,.- No 




t:iy • nc 

r i w*) 


■MNN) 1'reparwtiona are 
Melon  |«de. However. 

Km ik J t   Ik. i tli. 
I'.UmIIc. K\ . Ni.v. || \lev- 
Fcema, no old man '.'0  tar» 
of age. met a Qombk AeaM l.ereyea- 
terday. He kM Inch nn invalid for 
many years, and m -t« rd'iv while at- 
temptiug to walk around hi* r   •••in lie 
fell ami hia head struck the urate. 
H» was stunned mid t efort he waa 
di»co\ered he had In-eu ao horribly 
burned that his dMlh a on followed. 

ii A ting StruoKdv. 
RHMTJI N » Nov. IS — The 
•i ameu ate deai-iting the battle amp- 
in the nav\  nr l here and no cause 
for their unusual conduct ia known. 
It I- thought that the i.   nt ruiuon  l 
■ SpaiiUh-Aiiicrii :m wmi , i\ l« U» 
cause, for in thai   a-e tin «:»r would 
l»e a naval one The work of re- 
pairing the thips here 1- beim: rMI* 
as fast as possible and th^ 
yard la a hustling pi a • 

Tom Halt to the I 
New York. Nov. 13 — Kx-Senat 
C. I'latt hat ilecidetl. »" H'» 1 
•i • pi the United M tt.-e&enat' t- 
ship from this stati-. TM I. - 
tore just elected I- • iv crfMluiilV •  

Kepuldican. and I'hitt's (rlends are 
in a large majority. If be want- to 
lie senator be certainly «W get the 
nomination. Halt ha* beer, in prV 
vale life aiooe bis resignation fro» 
I'oited hteMe"* 0 " 1 '' u  l(,B,   '"im^fc 

Will He puMjefceH In Ml- PMMf 

T.MlHJ Is Mx I hoii-.,od 

H M .1- Long. 

Atlanta, Cla.. Nov. 13. — The fa- 
miiui letter of accept MM of Ton 
Wataoo app«ar "i Id paper U- 
Ml It ia aix tl/ V i bog 

Md k IkMooKjA ciiei m t. u-ti. o4 
Uw mo. r 


• he real leader of 



Arrested in St. I^nils. 

irille, K ., Nor. 13.— A man, 
•aid to N Percy 8uIHtm,» protniMM 
iuaurance adju-ter of tbia city baa 
lieeu arreeted in St. Ix.uia. The 
Marge li forgery. Sullivan .1. idea 
MM charge and suya »hat it uiu-t ••er- 
tainlv la? a case of mistaken identity. 
The accused it :« pr.'iniueut cili/.o of 
this oils and \ei\ well kuown lli- 
fricud* refuae to believe tlixxt he l» 

Uf|atottv«- OMteMk 

Fruukforl. Ky., Nov. 13. Hir 
•Mt* ot each of the iccelitly   le.iMd 
Hepablicnii |{epre.-ei.tati\i's in en 
atora has been eoiitestwl I 
Blaekburn neople. Notices 

M \H\ 1st.. 

Aro Tb. «»f People In the 

II HiiNiy Dial ' i*i — 

| Inn. Noe. 11. — A a|*cial di»- 

h fr  oi liombay sava that in 
en di'Uict* id the Deccau and 
  nil. :iu a edition aud a qnarter of 
■ asiple are la-lieved to U' on the 
verge of alnrvatiou. 

The dUpaU h adds that rmts have 
r.,.l :ii Sbahabad and Kb/.... 

Ill i.lN.NINti AUAIN. 

Mr, itry an to Jxpeatt at Lincoln s.u- 
■a-da) on n Nov Suhjeci. 

r '•BiaaetalNem " 

( • w 

Lincola, Neb . Nov. It. liter 
lay afternoon Mr. Itryan will deliver 
taj-' lecturea at the I'uuko tpw 
lio/isr in this city. Thcee are sii| - 
Hjd to be hi* opening guns in the 
f i n r year*' campaign for ••bimetal- 
" which Mr. ltrxan baa promised 
inuiigurale. At t o'clock in the 

| r rn i the first addreaa will ba 

ri iver.-l to the Mary llnan Club, 
at H p in. the second will Ik' gl\cn. 
"this will In* given under the auspii es 
.f Iba Traxeling Mm's Itryan Club 
ami l ie ilryau Home lluards. Ad- 
miaaiou will be free. 

A BIG si i » Ivss. 

l.lceibHi Iteault a Good TkiaaJ for 
tht Tanniaaaa Kxpositiou. 

Nasfcville. Tenn., Nov. 13.— The 
raault nf the uatioual election, which 
in, in, t i -life •roxcriiiiieutiil llnancial 
■HjlicVi has restored confidence in 

, fc y 


Ibis   tioli and lir.'iighl evidences  •( 

renewel buaiueaa activity. Tin 

Tcici.v-.c Centennial Kxpositioll ia 
now il assured -no c--, and no such 
enti 1 1  lae ever bad better and more 
eoi, i raging prosjK'cU. The 
wor^   f erecting build- 

lag, and beautifyiH the 
gioiifds ha- ^.'''iic on -teadily, dee- 

piti fhe axcitemenl of the political 

MtUMligO, and visitors from other 
sua - urc nniiued at the extent and 
acope of the enterprise and splendid 
appearance of the great buildings. 
The enterprise has steered dear of 
idel.t nud will lie pushed forward 

••Arbor Day," next Monday, No 
vein 1*1 1 r. tli. will be appropriately 
but not laborately observeil by the 
I'aduca . Public schiNila. In the 
past f. n \ears the pretty annivi .aary 
|jrs be. n ' otiiiiii inorateil, but ciwer 
 ai' a large scale. 

1 his year ihe afterntmn will be de- 
led to tree planting at each of the 
bajkMheol biiihlinga. There now dot 
the\ iirioua vards many thriving little 
liat were planted on past ArUir 

The high school ynrd aeema to ! e 
the wiirst in tbc city, and few of the 
trees have flourished on account of 
the soil, which is largely clay. At 
other schools, however, few of the 
trees have died except at the Jeffer- 
son building, where all are dead. 
Main interfered with the outdoor ex- 
er ises last year on Arlwir Day. and 
this is one reaaon why no elaborate 
eejtdoM programa have ! een ar- 

Supt. Mcltrooiii conferred with 
President l.ang, of the board of ed- 
ucation, this morning ami il was de- 
led to have a pn |*r obaerTance of 
Arbor Hay at all the 


Tlii  Mid 

a Bad And 
Tim. of It. 





\iiil -lodge Samlers Heel Jed Iio 
Was to III. hoc 

■fudge Sanders tried to |H iut out 
tlic acro  of his way to Will Doyle, of 
tin aaotaa Inn . Ibis uioruin^ in the 
ixdice court. 

"I us»il to talk to your brother 
this way." reniarkcithe judge, "but 
he th. .nglit he knew better than I did 
and the result ia he ia now in the 
penitentiary for life, and came near 
etting hung." 
Doyle grinned and displayed a 
gash mi the left side of hia cheek, 
which was inflicted by a hatchet iu 
tb. hands of Viae llcll'laal night near 
Ninth :iud Court strecta. 

lifliccra Siugery and Orr were 
idled and found Doyle perforui'iig 
the acroliatic feat of jumping out 
a wiudow, glass and shutters to the 
contrary notwithstanding. 

May Francis Caldwell, Isadora 
Herring and a few others of odifer- 
niis repute seemed to be after the re- 
liant Doyle. Due had a poker and 
one a hatchet, and, according to May 
Francis, Doyle hail a club nud akmfe 
but uo time he could conveniently 
devote to using them. 

The mvaterv surrounding "who 
hit Will Doyle" is as great as the 
Hilly I'utteraon problem, as no one 
eouid Ik- found out who saw il and 
Doyle himself wouldn't tell. Itoth 
Doyle and the It 'll woman were lined 
$10 and costs. 

Judge Sanders informed Doyle 
t l.ixi if he didn't stop associating with 
auch women sooner or later they 
would kill him or he would have to 

Dr. Albert Bernheim, recently of 
lli.mburg. Germany, who accomps 
nied to America the remains of the 
late Mr. Herman Weil. ha« lot aiad 
in l'aducah, a rv*- rented Dr. J. 0. 
BfOCaxa' old aflOl M Fifth street, but 
is e.v iering considerable diffi- 
culty in securing a licenae lo practice 
and according to the authorities 
will l»e unable to eeeure a license at 

In Germany an American diploma 
is not recognized by the German 
imcdical authorities, and this led to a 
discussion of the matter at a recent 
meeting of the American Medical As- 
sociation , and it was decided to re- 
cognize nn Germau diploma, but to 
lequirc all foreigu physicians to 
graduate from an American school or 
else be examined by a board afpOMh 
cd by the pro| er authorities. 

The Kentucky hoard of health, 
however, has adopted a resolution 
requiring nil foreign physicians and 
surgeons to first graduate from some 
American medical college before prac- 
ticing in this country. 

Acting chairman of the county 
board of health. Dr. J. Q. Taylor, 
stated to a Si a rejiorter tbia fore- 
noon : 

'The matter is this . The state 
Inianl of health baa adopt* I resolu- 
tions requiriuga!! practitioners to pre- 
sent a diploma from some American 
• •liege before granting them a license. 
Dr. M. inli. nn haa a German diploma, 
ut has never graduated from au 
American M lege, ami conse |ueully 
annot practice here at all." 

1 'Could he not be examined by a 
U»ard of competent physicians?" Dr. 
Taylor waa asked. 

•He could secure M license on an 
examination of auy sort," was 
the reply. "No doctor can pracli •«• 
medicine in this slate without a fth 
mi' frout Ihe lioard of Health, and 
the latter will iaane no permit unless 

n»: *H r *j§w«, frnKiUf V'''v    
graduation from Borne .V\':V .,i co 
lege and a certif   ntc of good moral 
character. I have told the doctor 
thai he could not practi. i here with- 
out complying with the require- 

Dr. Hernbeim baa opened up aaa 
ollice. howerer. and seems to be con- 
fident that be ^ ill siam get his license, 
bile others appear equally as cer- 
tain that he will not. The case may 
yet develop into something interest- 

The M*l0f was never in this couu- 
ry before, and of course is as un- 
familiar with its laws as many pc. plc 
ho bave lived here all their In.-. 
As vet he has not learned to talk 
Knglish well, but has a limited vocab- 
ulary and is learning rapidly, lie i- 
a relation of the Messrs Hernial in ol 


Ua.l TIjin ' 

 . Hi 



tl you want the beet coal in the city you can   
Uiinoirs Coal Company, who handles the celebrateer 



lr T m| lr . 
in. mill »i I 

(•Mb ki 

jgai ' TUur  

went d« wt £ 

incidentall . fc 

. • i' i 

iiouse to a'.-. . 

A maa 1 |.  . 

was docki" f '» • ' 

aak  d him . ' 

ami he ' 

f i " 
l - 

V - 

ai'i i n 

No clinkers, no dirt; but pure, clean coal. Our Egg 
Coal far excels all other coal for grates or i toves. Our 
Washed Pea Coal beats the w orld for furnace or cooking. 
Wo only charge one price the year around. The poor 
got their load of coal as cheap per bushel as the rich 
their thousands of bushels. Try our coal and you will 
use no other. Lump, 10c; Egg, 0c ; Washed Pea, 6c. 


Proprietora Illinois Coal Comjainy. 


Is thlr.l s^iiir.luy 

and be \A 
ungc ixojt 

and aootalo 
Alter a . it ,'. 

the law*hin w' 1 
"w he wing : ^ 

l M I I.-.  N 

V f, 

It p 

a by i 
urr rr C 
. tJ'^airil*"! n m 
'imIi* isIiuomk by i 

H -  Hall'.n-Mnig n 
Duel — Mtssi i. . . 
, Davl'. belli. 
4. Ksaay— Ml-» l.roir* Wmm 
Ind • I *li»f— Kesolvtsl ih. 

HrnrNelni l   Man lb. ••mini 
llr. », H. J IU  mii s.i I .1 . 

aitv*. Par. R»v. i K. hi i e 
Alrxsiid- r 




BXF9BT noi{si iioi;i{, 

n » hOfTH FOl'RTH t»T. 

Kspaft Track Slu«_ing. 
Saddle nud Harncaa 
I lorses a Specialty. 



For An Easy Shave 

or Stylish Hair Cut 


-l'U( M'KIKTt »K 

Paducah - Bottlin g -|3|jftt 




In kega ad bottlea. 

Also varioM temperance drink* Soda Pop, .Seltzer Water, Orange 

Cider, (linger Ale, etc. 

Telephon - ordera filled until II o'clock at a^ht during wock and 12 o'clock 
Saturday nigliU. 

Telephone 101. 

lOtfa Md Madiaocj StreeU. PADUCAH. KV. 



t.O I" 



ply r 

In s i 


. \ nn Blf-BER SHOP 

l-.i. Snu jjk ... 4V . 


Mr. James White,!:". 1 Wn-hiii-- 
I, i* very sick. 

There w ill he sen ice- at 11 a. in. 

M. B. church Thaakegtr. 

been filed, ami »hilc 'hey hioc not r ,.,| l(U |,|^l energy and increased 

power in Uie House to evi u p evi nl ( 
tlie aaieating of their own men ih. | 
bave gi v «'n « 'i h noli 

H„ te, withoui the aid of 
aMiad money Duiuoorata tbej 

an. ^t?!'? 1 - 11 '** 

p u r ihe I " st Tunc. 

l.eaiugto". Ky . Nov. 

Lexington l^ard of aldermen 

Ural time iu tho hutory of the i h . 

has a Hepul.lican maj rity. The ■ 

next meeting will be the flr-t ainif| 

lh ,. election. V I * '"I* t 

t,, «l,o will lie clei'll'l'^l" 

to succeed Ca|it. B 

I.' -'Hie 
01, fni the 

illation u- 

treav | 

Proa TurnpikvH in I Vaiikll 
Kraukfoit. Ky., Nov. 1 , 
crct session of the county court 

held here last evoiiiug, Hie «f-ujrt 
Mid t" have roted favor of  reei  
all the turnpike*, and at an i da 
ineel to le\e\ Ihe tn  nc 

M aeoomplUh Uii* cud. n.e ■ •«.,„• 
tion by one of the n.cnlmra of U» 

court ' [ W- ?M 

wait be m " v the lira!' 

,1 k]M ' hM '. i • . nU 

will be mi h  • .1 ' 

KaaajHttara to make it the aoel 

autiful and the coinpletest es|«»si- 
 u cmt held in the South. There 
a coiislanl demand for apace for 
hihits coining from every 
tit in . the Cuion, and from 
reign countries. The cxpoaitioii 
II open May 1. ISW, aud 
ia the deterininaliou of the 
anugement to avoid fhe mistakes of 
ther exposilions and have every- 
hing complete on opening day, •   
that the Ural visitor will enjoy a full 
u w.tbout the MtMJMMI 
unlluishe«l work. Kvidencoa arc 
ultiplying that I hia great agricul- 
ral, Joininen iiil and industrial cel- 
ebration of Teuncsaec Centennial 
year will be one of the moal notable 
laud successful occasions iu the new 
era of prosperity and buaiues* activ- 
ity which I- promised b\ ihe renewal 
qf coulhlence and the manifest epini 
of progress which ia m.w abroad iu 
the land. 

Hve ceuU 
year, whil 


. I llC -suit 

Kctuios HOIH 

¥frankloit, N \" u 1 ,,,ri 

bave cm iu to the s» ri tury 
ueir. tU  aj returns fi mi Hie 
alc - ici. The nidi 
,'MiteerciJiae -*o far a- tabula! 
\J%\ iat luf Itepublic 

the '.riietow- 

ah balanoo 
tvo I lit ,70J,i» 

Mai t ied In Louail die. 
The marriage of Mr. Jaa. L. Wahl, 
of thaci' V, to Mia* Dora Maun, of 
l/niisvi| r. took place iu the latter 
city last u»gbt. Mr. Wahl, 
I bride / and Mr. Allie 
ahl and /inolber ami Mr. J 

la a Pupa. 

The following from the Murray 
••Ledger" will be of interest to the 
many friends of Mr. Mufort tiuthrie. 
the well known drummer: 

• Hufe tiuthrie ia a novice in lha 
selection of feathered sougttters as 
will lie MM from reading an account 
of a little transaction which 
MCUfred yeaterday. Hufe haa 
new baby ut hia house and although 
it ia but a few daya old he ia contin- 
ually looking out for something to 
please the little one. He saw a boy 
oil the atreeta trying to aell what he 
called a mocking bird " The very 
thing," thought hufe aa be asked 
lieu Schrniider'a advice about the 
matter Hen saw that the bird waa 
web fooled and had a bill a foot long, 
It waa a kind of marsh aui|Ni 
uch M Hen bad often killed 
while out tame turkey hont- 
i.ig. Hen advised him to buy it 
telling him il was a tine bird and 
singer. Hufe planked down a silver 
kolhvf and purchasing a handsome 
. . carried the bird home. Imagine 
hia aurprwe and consternation when 
Ufa better half told biiu willi a witb- 
ajM| look that that thing waa not a 
lie ii king bird and thai he did not 
know a canary from a | eafowl, Uufe 
hail -ii |.e on toast for dinnur and haa 
for aalc a nice bird ca*v at 
price. ,ra iu 

"tisi'i l|dc» 

ini; New lo be 



i lt . 


in the 

Miss Frances Cbatin, of Ilostoti. ia 
iu the city for the peMpoM of organ- 
izing an educational extension soci- 
ly uudcr the auspices of the Uni- 
versity Association. 

Tomorrow .afternoon the teacher- 
of tha public schools and all others 
who desire to join the association 
will hold a meeting at the High 
School for the pur|»i seol organizing. 

The object of the soi iety is to take 
a com plete course iu the history of 
the world, Itcgiuuing at ancient lo- 
ry and ending with current events 
ae indications are, accordiug to 
Supt. McHrooin. that the OfffMMO 
lion will be completed with u large 


babie the A 

•« g' 
Judg x lr^Jo'iu 
Mrs. Ha so. 
the laconic 

Hamilton, who iDOVed 
octety II this , , r y , w:is 
Mj ^ j.kitisMlle Ky., last 

Attorney Hou.- | 
tlie defendant wa- 

plicd, to which tho 
attorney r. oined, 
There are five mor 
from and thf other 
later lo testify agaii' 
Some ouemsked I 

.cut dub \o. lu. will 
nd Mrs. H. Phillips. 

h -treet i rtdaj alter* 

Moiu j 


Drawn out in is 9 1 

IKposilid iii Balllh 

loui-v it r Peal 
Tiie panic of l^'.U must be OMI 
ist." said Mr. Kahoc, of the 
HafMM liaiik. "Saturilav M old 
»dy brought to ii- for depoait a 
inckage of money containing (1,900. 
it had on it our .-tamp, with the date 
July IH, IHH!I. unbroken. She had 
drawn it then lad put 11 a" ay. but 

after the clccth.n i I laded It wnul.l 

lie safer in the Lank than elsewhere, 
aid so relumed tl c money in it» 
•riguial package." 


Blow* Into 1'iulucttli A^itiu 
Only lo iw Nabb. tl. 

1'iMni.r Deed t.« Aft.m Relfbta 


Messrs M. HIiHun and wife and 
11. I.ocb nud wife aodtj dte.le.lto 

the Aft.  n Heights coBjnalnjf, for a 
iisideralion of 180,000, the tiact 
of land composing Aflon Heights, in 
Ihe West lad, 

A similar deed was preyiou-ly 
made but lost before it was recorded. 
The duplicate deed was recorded to- 

~ .makkf7i . 

(laaataai uaity at Laai . ruin CoaapaayJ 
Cun Aoo, Nov. 12 — Decinibcr 

wheal opened at 7t , to 7e?4 , i 

highest point was sU.'.j . closed 

al 80 \ b. 

Corn opened at 'Jft J ■■. , it 

highest point was UXi ami cl..-ed 

at UH, 

Data opened at 1'.» j h. its highest 

noiat was l'j '.. b, ami doted at 

\9H I'- 

.laiiuury pork open, d at fT.'J"- 
I 00 and closed at »8 0..-7. 

Utl opened at »l.:iO aud clo.sed 
at tt ad. 

Ribe openeil at t i. \ 1 and closed 
at tl.UO. 

Jiinu«r\ cott. .. •lantd at t7.«8 
and closed at 87 «7-H. 
Bar nilver i*  I 

Horse Shoeing ' tion, 

Between Seco^.' \ 



I I ItM 

For An Easy ld * oJ 

or S\)\\i h Z 


r to M. J. Cm d. 


Picture Frames and Mouldings 




i i RBOAD1V 


Livery, Feed and Boarding stables. 




Jabh-Ccrner Third and Washington Streets 

\A not forp;et to RK LsT 


$2.00 and $2.50. 



an up to date and 

for Uie money. 

in the city 

Shoes Bought Of Us Polished FREE. 



331 BUG A D \V 

Arreatodon Infoi n.ntlon l lmt lie 
ta Wanted In lllluola. 

John Nil.lett, with ever recurring 
rc^ul:irll_\ , drifta hack into l'tiducau 
aa the vinter laaftna lo dawn. 
Jobu came back yesterday aud l c- 
gan selling tamala*. 

night he waa arreatod by UlU 
MM Siugery and Orr (or house 
hreaking. The charge la au old one 
1 1 MmltMd at 
iiionlliH agv . 

Nibletl came to l'aducah la-it fall 
after a gratifying interval of absence 
aud aaa shortly afterwards "pinch 
ed" for stealing a turkey out m the 
Weal hud. ami selling it tor thirty 
1 1 nil. After awrtiug a term id juil 
lie was rvlcaaod, but aoou drift. • 
right back 

liiforuia^fc waa one da) 
tbat NibO -vantod over iu II 

uiaii: uotii 


—Will make you a— 

Nobb y Fall Suit 

or Overcoat. 

Passing Strange. $8.40 

It is wonderful low ifctMJ clotiung can lie aold by ua. Take 
f..i iMlMMf Overcoata for |8.i0. We aell a Cam ink Ki Raar 
Ov i'. in oat , blue and black, silk sewed and Italian cloth lined, 
cut to the ptMMJ length, with velvet collar. Other bouaea won- 
der how we can sell audi a garment for the price — that's our 
tMainera. As lung aM^i Cre here you can have choice fi.r$«.40. 
' ii regulai utock ol • •ver'CDaas.j-i larger, grauder Mai Mtter 

than uuy previous year 

MEN'S "oUY" Vt'ORiltQ SUITS, $8.40. 

In l.lack oiilv. round en:-.  .(uara cuts aud 
doill.le breasli I. ev. i\ thread wikiI, designed in 
die correct '.'i. and .'T fill aud winter atylua. 
N'le enough to iN.:u auy where that business 
anils ure worn, although a great many nu n ha\e 
hought them for Sunday use only. Ask lo -.c 
our "Clavs" at »f« 50. 

Third anil 
UroaMlwnj i 



The latest, newest and nil 
and winter weights, slrij 
-!••  and hrown iiu\iiiii-al| 
bert Suits," with don 
■ad equal to the heaL . 
*tore for |:t aud It. lUUIOJ 

\M) six ONltSTKH^Ts., 

Advertisers Ta 

\a aaV'P ^gota adverlising with the .1 .aaaaW- 

ta^-tf^^udNelt'taUH W, 

alle tl.Hiw Mk n will I* thy I...111. 

WUU  MrKI •   

.tarry ITi* w.v-s ,, rr IU A m  

\! i\ v o Mr-iu^t 

»l»l*iutll fin- I lee KiT , 

In full MM al — W * 
cry artb le in our hot:*, 
dowa. If yon lmv. n l h:i.| any 
«-f tlw feast it is misfortune 


New Fall 8t lea, 'up to- 
date. See our new Frcnnh 
cult, Trill) , to v only 

mi nit short 
farmers to 
more of Mm 
hicli is now 
Tut farmers 
ut lire ju-t as 
mlie of netter 
ere lft*t Tuer- 
ltler and Joues 
i f America. 


/•en less, refer \oiir 
co.«esf oudciit to me. 1 am out of :i 
job. Yours in distress, 

J » Hi.a. khi KM. 

Tn* drouth in India ln  rea* I Mid 
the famine becomes more intense end 
widespread. The dawMafj -"'I'l'b 
of wheat iu that vast country m 
creases the demand for Aim-, .can 
wheat. Wheat goes u|) under the 
operation of the law of supply attld 
demaiid, ju3t as it weut down eoBM 
time since from the same cause. 

Ta^J^uW. of the election show., 
one thing beyoud a doubt. The 
party leaders who compelled the 
adoption of a clear, liafU* sound 
money plank in the platform were 
the aafeat advisers for the party in- 
tereata as well as tor the country, 
Cowardice and cringing; duplicity 
never pay, even in polities. 

Tijk feeling tin Americans, who 
favored a sound fln intial system. have 
over the result of t*ie election is quiU 
lucidly expressed by the lauguage of 
a financier who said "We have l.ceii 
on the brink of the precipice, but 
were saved from the fall." The 
■hiver the j eople felt has passed and 
their senses have returned. Thej 


mmIv^I be 

lion | (HOM." 

price that 
to per- 
lM off 


get it. it 
they will v; 
init tliem-clN. 
into agitatii 

There are lawi-cuids of Dem- 
o, rats Wjm supported Bryan 
and fro*- coinage of atttrer under 
a mistaken sense of the importance 
of party fealty, who would not do 
so again, and who will hereafter re- 
fuse to favor or countenance a fusion 
o* compromise with the conglomera- 
tion of son heads from the other 
|iarties, evhich ina-'pierados under the 
name of the l'eople's party, ami 
whose tenets are mainly effete theo- 
ries on finance and economics which 
have been repeatedly discredited by 
the experience of the world. The 
Xattoual Democracy will retain it* 
organization mid four years hence 
will contain not only the ablest men 
iu the old organization throughout 
the L'uiou as now, but a large part 
of the rank and lit of the party who 
have this year allllinted with the Pop- 




,ik* while, how- 

ever, before the former prestige of 
the Democratic parly will be regain- 
ed. Meanwhile ihc Daft) of progress 
and American prosperity will hold 
the reins of goveruineut for the nest 

i'  m*i h:k v  :\ ■ 

Tl e campaign of lM'.iG leaves in 

fhc vocabulary of Ajm*4om politics 

new word— Popocrucy. That the 

IffOfd llOS com,- tu lUj i I wdent 

from the fact that immediately upon 
appearance it was by common 
iseiit accepted as a most suitable 
for tin conglomeration of j»o- 
jjbeories that burst upon the 
lottw people in the early | art of 

Mb ocrai itartlcd the Amen 

|fi^4J|M ii his entrance into 

■^^■arciKi. two 

|g thefts. lie dole the 

the name of the 

8t 5 l 

* :^^B sonic small p:.rt. 

in one instance the breaking of a 
cord. Almost no criticism was 
passed upon this machine except the 
fact that jiersons outside the booth 
Lt.' enabled to determine how ihe 
miter was making his ticket by the 
sound of the clicking after they had 
become familiar with it. After the 
close of the polls the count was 
greatly facilitated, the results being 
ascertained more than an hour earlier 
than usual. 

The machine used in Rochester, 
known as the Meyers machine, did 
noi work so | erfectly, but in some 
rMpeotl was more satisfactory, the 
taaulta, for e*aruj le, at the 
close of the election being aunounoed 
iu about twenty minutes. The 
fact however, that this machine 
failed in some manner to register a 
number of votes, for which the ma- 
chinist iu charge was unable to ac- 
Monk, was decidedly against it. 
When forty-six voters had used the 
in ichine it was found that but six 
voles had been recorded, much to 
the surprise of the proprietors who 
were unable to explain or give a 
NMM .for it After this it appears 
to have registered correctly, Both 
machines proved very rajiid in ac- 
tion, registering an average of be- 
twccti two and three votes per minute. 
Hut in Ihe use of neither could the 
\..ur feel sure he was voting aa he 
desired. Doubtless we shall some 
day have a voting machine whereon 
the voter will touch a button and the 
machine will do the rest. Iu thi 
day of impatient longing on the pan 
of the people ijuickly to know the re 
anJti of the election, every contri- 
v^Wla that facilitates this 
without endangering accuracy 
will dud favor with 

the pobtto, and especially so if at the 
same time it shorten* the time re- 
quired iu \ • 'ting. Here is a good 
laid for the inventor with a long 
head and a plellioiic purse at com- 
mand. It will take no small amount 
of money to bring to perfection an 
1 1| abofatt machine suuh as the pur- demands, but when it is done it 
will give the iuventor a quick fortune. 

psoepRRin i* in hi . 

The Saunterer in the New Vork 
•• Town Topics" s| eaking of M c Kin- 
Icy 's election says : \ 

ncss hns 
l an una- 

T'» the editor af thf  Be* 

The following article appeared 
the "Register" this morning, on 
the above heading : 

A young man cunuected with a 
certain newspaper in the city in walk- 
ing up the street yesterday 8| ied a 
female acquaintance, and accelerating 
his stejis soon overtook her ami asked 
if he might walk with her. ■'Kxcuse 
me, sir," she said freezinglv, "but 
saw you In that black and tan para 
last night, and I don't think 1 would 
feel honored by J 0*11 company," and 
so the young man ii sorry it ever 

The writer doubts very miowljl 
the authenticity of the above, for he 
re|H ses too much conlidcnce in the 
intelligence of the young ladies of 
l'aducah to believe they would allow 
such a coiiteiuptible prejudice to con- 
trol tlicir actions, and we arc sur- 
jirised that the 'Register" won d 
continue its advocacy of its plat- 
form of prejudice in such manner. 

Another cause for comment is, 
that after | arading one Christian 
(colored) and also one Tanner (col- 
ored) of local fame under Demo- 
cratic auspices that the "Register'' 
should consider disreputable what 
less than a mouth ago it a| plaudcd 
and fostered. 

It may also be new s to some p o- 
ple that an attempt was made to bribe 
some of these same "black and tans" 
to parade iu the silver demonstration 
as a colore" 1 Itryau o! .'i. 

In the language of the H Mtouiau 
we are moved to remark i 

I i..r purple who In orynal | al » ■• * r^.Ue. 
Hhoul'l u  i e*»i iuUsIim win, mui'b prltle.'' 

Patriotism and not jirejudieo de- 
termined the | olitical courses of the 
Clays, the Murray s, the Hieckiu- 
ridges, the Uuniliauls, the Durham-, 
the Williamsons and a host of others, 
through whose veins coursed the 
truest and bluest of Kentucky blood, 
ami neither the ravings of a ' -Bryan" 
nor the Ja| auose gods erected on the 
allara of Democracy could attra' t 
them from their j.urpyaea. 

Do you know that these "black 
and tans" were offered money, and 
lot - of it to orgaui/.e a liryau club in 
this town? 

Will the "Register" explain what 
disjiositiou would have been made of 
the "black ami taus" had this 
' 'scheme 1 ' succeeded ! CL^k 

He it said to the crcd t and honor 
of the colored man, that he resisted 
every attempt at corruptiou uud pa- 
triotically remained true to his e.m- 
•. u lions. 

The writer does not believe there 
is a decent young lady la l'aducah 
who would be guilty of such foolish- 

Christianity and atlili atiH have 
not been instituted iu vain, and such 
extreme prejudice now Qqds BO lodg- 
ment iu the In alls aid mud. of in- 
telligent and patriotic |.eoj.le. 

A. J. II. 

Troablo In I hll.lron and It* 


In ehitdrm ihe int s»tnml aaaal in rrl- 
atWeljr of frrwlpr l.-ng-th ttuui la n liWt». 
w till*  It* niunculsr timur is pr  )«irtion- 
at»ly Ifjw. For this »n«l other nssxntui 
ui unsulUt lr diet quickly ruumru irrrjr- 
iUtlHen of the Itnwelji in ehililn-u. 

It la sair to say that w h«-jirrer rhil- 
tllru suffer from etmnUpntion the finxl 
•shlrh Mwy irerlve la 1 1 1 -f« u I t«- J U  then 

i4eai "  *ie if in t aetaally harmful to 


Infanta who arr t roii|rlit upnu tiflciaJ- 
ly, on rows' milk, are |«'eu1lnrly aobjcs't 
Ut csLituiflpation. T\w milk la often 
found to curd in hmipv ftnken. which 
puaa throueh Ihe int*s*it iitt-n unulp-ntcd. 
Iu Mieh eiuMsj the milk ahoutil U  jrhen In 
t more diluted form, with jirrha|» the 
addition of u little ' in. water. 

t'reaut ami butter ar» - to W rroswn- 
niendrtl on | orrid n* and eonimriil. f at 
meal irrii'da ohould form part of HM 
Metaty of older eUililren. «ho stionlil 
«No In- eiieoiir»)retl to drink ax much 
water us thc\ criMtv 

When Stihitt i put ion la found to U« |rr- 
•Isinit, tju  child's diet fliouhl In- Mf 
«1atr l vlth a view to counteracting It. 
For children of three yearn and oMer, 
bread made of unbolted flour, btead 
and nudaawes- notairup, . I araaaw, 

orwrifre Juice, honejr and bread, olive ia 
and olltew, is-xlllvpr oil. iirai'h"'*', fre*h 
lepetaldea, baked apple* uud frin(r *r- 
•mid should lie nreaolooallT p«rt«of the 
bill of fare. 

A Judlc.iom admluNtratlon of this 
c laaa of fixxls w ill avoid all in-rc* it\ f. 4 
caator oil, rhubarb ami ot her household 

roaaedlea, which are often ylrea to   
harmful extent with out th« farni I v doe 
tor's ordem or 1 

A NI^^at^l^^s.1 ^»c iiscf u 1 im « 

In infants. "TV tliould I* j erforme»l 
Uussc or fynr titnet* a day, very jfi i.tli 
and w ith a warm hand. The lie«t time 
for It la while tJie infant is f sjMlirif», 
when the abdominal wall is Noft und re- 

A little dry Milt, followed by aplaa* of 
water, U ofu n relished by a child, and 
Is oeni'drlal iu caaes of i ' ,• . • u»n. 

A aufHcieney of freah air am 1 roffulai 
rxen'lw, when combined with a r»ro| et 
tary. will ranisly fail to avert the 
threatening evil of chronic eonntlpatlon 
— Youth'a Tons} anion. 

16 Novelty Dress I'nllenis on salt 
this week. No two alike. All new 
and exclusive slylcw, while the prletH 
are itnly about one-half what we ex- 
pect. d to get The ladies of l*mlii- 
I nh haft never had MWh I chain e as 
we now offer to buy Muck hi.- 
• ■nods. The sale-s for the past wn-k 

have far avefjaaM „„ r nrjeetattM, 

but tc lime thousnnds of yards yet 
to s ( .|,et from. Come in and M how 
much you can »ave bv bu\iuu your 
best dress from n- We defm it use- 
Irm to ip.ote (trices. |-.\ei vthing in 
the department is Uuug sold st to-i. 

Capes and Jackets. 

( AIM'S AND JACXIT8 will be 
soli) tit prices that will astonish good 
judges of values. 

Three dozen Reaver Doubt* ( apes 
with three rows of braid and fur 
around collar and cn|w at $2. OH. 
This ca|v would be cheap at t \  i • ■» 'he 

Vol' An bavi   ni ii nui 

wrap 3)0m incut al at lual cost «  
mean what we «ny. 

Model Form Corsets. 

Our immense *U*'k "f M' del Vatwd 
Cor-.ts will go on sale this wn k af 
manufacturer's prices. This is a 
great opportunity to hu\ the I test cur- 
set on earth for much lets than it is 
worth. Don't wait until the sues arc 
all broken. Come earU and often. 




All Sizes, A\\ Widths from 0 to E. 

h en s. Ladi/s' and Children's 

Shoes Exclusively. 

H 4 i.ks, NMPULAI tkicks. 

Men's /Shoes, $2 to $5. 


Trilby, Orient and Razor Toes. 


. A. KOhhEY, 

-w*m n. 11 um or — 


111 Uioadway. 


Af* nf lh« Author Cm 
• p*rt tor IBM fat* 
"Thl« It not a tlsli aUtrjr," the. atnr  
teller remarked, "ll'a a horae aUtrj 
with a echooner attai-hed. I heard ll 
coming in on u train from r«.uue«tlciit. 
and aa the man that told it wa* at Icaat 
•0 yestra old aid hail no reaaon for U 11 
lug anything except »h« truth at that 
time of life 1 support- It la true. W . dap 
|tened to lw heuttsl together, aad, attei 
talking about one thing ami BBOtaer 
fomething Maeed him to aak: 'DUJ 
you ever heur of homes nlmitat eeaall 
Ing a aehoorer?' Of courae I never ha. 
h-ard anything like that, and I replied 

" 'When I waa a youn« man.' he BN 
tlnued, 'a achooucr came to the tovt i 
where I lived for a load of horsea thai 
had been picked up for the cn\ Thf 
aklpper rigged up a lot of stall* or 
deck and at liigb tide the li.,i« s «. . 
driven on bourd. It waa lute in tin 
afternoon before the laatoue wa* aafl • 
In, and, being about feeding time. id. 
urow 0| ourd a bundle of huy and fed 
the horaea, flrat on one side and thcr. 
on tha other. Then the utraageat thine 
happened. The horaea wera hujigry 
and they were not lung in eilthtni 
their heads Into the feed. Thoae thai 
had been fed flrat Im gun to eat first, ot 

" "In a few minute* the MtCBaat be 
gan to roll from side to aide, tool tl,. 
crew ran about like wild men. The) 
didn't know what to do, and the ho rat- 
he**) on eating It was this wu.t. yoi 
see: K\ery time the horses on onirsl.h 
of the; leaael had t heir, heads down f.., 
lmy the horses tho»ei side, „- i 

aaapeaeel, held la air hemia up wktv 

maunehing, and vice versa. The tea 
tar of gravity changed every time . 
horae uiowd, ami aa the horse s «ren 
eating (julckly the upward tad deem 
ward motions affci tt d the reaael a. 
much thut we Ihoii^lit sh,. would ,-ap 
alie. Queer, wasn't it?' 'Whul ditl thev 
do?* I waa obligtHl to ask. 'I don'i 
know,' the old K. iiil. innn rcpli.-.l. 'I 
had to leave then, but I hen id the* 
thought of takitiK away the ft I d.' "- 
N. Y.Time. 

Kven pei sou wiio eft i atatl Dr. 

in I ii Honey prouoiiuue it 
Mild tpiickest cure foi cougba, 

I '* 1 1 ' I ii   Ira of at llelt 

"Did you know that a fcffcj hal left 
ou the Htielt, . I»„ t.r thj, ,.  ettr , U( , u |, 
a«anim» a funnier aliape than I faJB 
baseball player?" aald a Lisbon iteat I 

a at tee * Im ti«»s 11^0. "Weil, it'a m 

Here la a hut. It hua Ih-m on tl, si,. Ii 
three yea.ra. Look ai it. Deyeaaup 
poaa I have latuglit such u l»nn |...t ., 

that? No man eier deaigued n I |, 

at the brim. It Isn't wider than tht 
back of  our Jack knife The f,,t , 
that la* hats are miule under Ml Mtun 
and heut. Left lo I hemseUt a thev .Ik 
tort along the lines of pre*hiire *,,,,„ 
tune* the brim craw la up int .. 1 1„ 
crown and aoinetlme* the etnwejl 
ei«|H ra»e Into ih   brims. I've tei ;. at, 

Dterye ben 

se the tins 



•snrL'e in and out of nur doom a' I tlav 
It i.^ bevu a Well satialied 
~~~*~f^J^$V ^:.' i J'"" y ears 

ha I 1 e*^vo 1 lor iLia store ita'weli 
eatnetl popularity. There are slways 
fin fiar^iiui tu lie found here 
Tln c are KMM that we hajifl will 
interest you. 

Novelties in 

Dress Goods 

Choice st \ lea from 
Select llolt ltlea t«l pit list 
fasted ions simple e i\ |« 

 iuietn t tstt ■« rtabbow ej 

wintl or weatner can't atft.'. ami 
price on each that ail make tut 111 

I ps ot two I med ja'-cnnl dress 
KisMla al! wool ti Hag at 1 1 .. Bta 

5 pa of all wiad cheviot drea* ytaaU 
at '-'5 ct*. 

."» i»» of layorttd jackanla at illc. 

More Than 

Money s Worth. 

There are points to think of in 
cloak 1. 11 1 my Itcsides price eorreet 
from that meaiia a jsiai.l tinurc, |h?i- 
feit lit that meant coiufoil and ease, 
gi«)ii material that tueana ^;,h | wear, 
are (jutdiliea worth i-oiisiderin^ when 
\oii want a ejoak, Our cloaks are 
st\lish in nit ami lit so that you tan 
live iu ilicin with BOBBfeft. 

Prloae of u  i§ u  m 1 1 to a*x 

Prioaa of cajn-s from 4J |Q up 
Wcliiveafiw jialfela that weie 

earned over from last year that we 

otter at nil each. 

Judge the Worth 

Of our undent,, .r by wh it \oti ate 
elsewhere. Maaeate tiiem afaloat what 
von tint! anv where, exu'inue the 
■ inality, .isk the pi c,.. you will aglM 
» ith us after Ihal that  our inUn si 
In a bj buvin^ heie. 

Ladies,' ai d Children a union suits 
at Mh ts. 

Ladies Misses and llo\a' vests and 


/umar. Turn Vertin. "Co. Q, " Jap and Midget Havana! 

1 *CIGftRS^ 

tlv Havana tiller. HAND MAOE. 
m earrving the largest ami most select stock of Imported and Do- 

UOLC BUG and 16 TO I Silver Mounted Pipes are Beauties. 

I'he latit 1 .. Novelties. I lav e also an immense lot of Chewing and 
king Tobacco*. 

It will pay you to call ami examine mv entire stock. 


1 1.. r   ■.  ma s jt. 
II r «l«») 


Staple and Fancy GROCERIES, 

  Produce, Trovisions. 




437 439 441 S. Third St. PADUCAH. KY. 


Seeing is Believing. 

Hut feeling is the naked truth e». 
pecially in judging blai kct  t ,t. h 
up a 11 d! ni of our Markets and 
draw it ibrough your lingers, ..'ght 
aud lout h vs. i I eonvinceea u o| then 
value. We have tin tu at a. 1 1 piiies. 

Special Items. 

wiLi h cloth (for otdishing) a for:*5e 
Wool Soap (for washiug wooleus) 

5 atd luc. 

l'uiiii Soup 5c 

Paaf'l lllisc t ilted Soap ul Inc. 
Ladies' Maekinloahea at 76c. 
M in* h umbreila. al 15c 
Lide s st iuili ss hose ut Dk). 
Ch. bin n'» B'Uiuhs* ho eet 10c. 
Loins' riiiidt woven corsets al 

Silk Oil Com foils at ll.Tfaa 
Pi lalad I'enMiia at I l»c. 

I'.lllel Us. 

At An Awful Cut ! 


ftom now until the flr»t U the month we will print your Hill 
Heads for less than vol van ' ny them blank. IiOok over your 
altak and see whut vou Bjad, It will pay you to lay in a sup 
ply should you not need them now. 



Ladies 9 and Gentlemen's 


Elegant Place. 
Everything First-class 



PallM 1«H North Fifth Street. 
n«a« Pauun Hone. 

Ok.AI.tiUS m— 

Bigh Grade Bicycles 
aiH Bicycle Sundries 

A;. i,t foi UdtllT.vpt writer, I'riee HKKOl Suitable for Miuistere, Doc- 
tors, Lawyer*, Teachers, In I m rench of all. 

ll,t Hi, ',v Km Insive Hi, \i le Houalln the Cuv. From Sei-temlier 1 
t,. Dtetmi.r I lathe BKfcT BKAJiONfor KIIUNti. W K invite vou 
cull and mi DUB N\ HKK1.S und K et l^ltom l'rieea on same. 






The Parlor Restaurant 

lifcT A SVUAUfc VlsAL OB Ll'NCII. 




i n 8 riiir.t 

Brinton B. l\c 


k BlaU 


I. OK... 






l'iil Soiuh Third Street. 


When Yoti Vint Somethinrj To 







» I*AB I 

AM HA I.T I. At 

41, l R 

try m i w fast nm 


Iron Mountain Route. 

The moat direct line via Mem phi* U 
all |Nilritn in 



Y fcoCKEL, 


nr.Al.F.H IH 


Hlli flfrl Sln-id. 

phone '271 


Free lie* lining Ch 


Dam t* a*i  Fort Worth. 

■    n All Train*. 


•'nr ran-a, Ir.a. laa.ka on T. »,i», Ar 
hana,. an l all IV — v ii,. i further 

kMMMiim ' in "ii » 'it i.- a i ii ■*! KgMi, 

or BUM 

K I 1.. R M llll \ s.H |.\. 

I .i M I -y | I.I.K. K V 

II. r. low NMKNI .U i- a i \. 

*T Lol'lft, MO 


RtokftUW, ChatUttoogt a si. UmR 

rain . Ml am  msmiiii* t . i v i - 1 . ■ ■ 

•Ot'tB soi'»o 

•a*. o.lueAh »•«• m 

Ar I'arla IM • m.'4'k Jtliivl in 

union II M a m 

l.r l.r l Union II * a rr. 

. ■«.,» 

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awi in 

MM n i mi 

I.V l"k*t«| a ... 

Ar lavStftl 
|.» I.i ilnifi"ii 

lllilli'W Ida k 

»'»r - 

aii tr»i«» tally 

Tkn.uati i '»ni and ■**' anl«j i» i ihh-h r» 
larili miJ J«  «'ii. M. ■infill. N aabrul* am! 
( f.»ii»ii.«H». T*im fa*- i|..n|.».M 
lama '.a Ja ka. nmia. ria . ami b. So Ik 
rani, ami to » rUaaaaa. In* ». .1 all |a.|ui  
s..inh*rai r . r farther liif.iriua' wo   all on 
i.r », -a 

A J Wrl.h II I" A M-rt'Pliit. T. nt  W i. 
!)»*•*•. U I* and T A Naabvilia. Tmi.. 
J T l«-ii. «ati. i I' a*A r » ,P ' . »r H'.n*. Kt. R s HurnkBB*. .'••[. t llrkrl 


ii i» a as. 
I I .' uia 

S •" |  in 
» •" |i HI 
♦ 10 S m 
.1 ■ p .ii 
s M 9 hi 

I Hi i  . 
11 4.1 ii n 
T *u |  IT 
»  ' p ii 
a «'a it 

M»  am 
I »• pin 

4 Vi MB 
» »» I'll. 

» *  l hi 
» ft' an, 

* 4* am 

7 4ft am 
In* am 


I linn 
■Hi inn* • 

,* already hoard In t  , ««' 

hey phooilngi hR*e begun. Ul " r ' 

„ h „.(,,, (p.., FAIHCAH, KKNTIOTKY, M(»M»A\ . M 

Cl.rWlmr*. fr.nn N.-» ^ . i.ra U. VJ WJ! n  t ' r ' »" , —J 

en tine' a |)*r, thru Kwter and Firtirth' nl " 
of July. Time fly-. 

• • 


the Market 



You are 
Place, re 


Ami Ml n Uri«l of hi- 1U-Y*tr Old 
STRICTLY PURi w kht) OaarMh 
leeil to It- Ute i . st la the City (or 
10 CenN. I tin ■ka Bnw J ffit i i 
for III i I I I K ai I JUG t m l.-. 

SIGN OF PLUE BARRELS. »«-• ■• Ulliiii ami 
' • •« i MBakara ..f Kam lm.' 


Mr- M. J. Koncen's 
Dancing School 

Now (i|Mjn ( or b*J0MM «t Cetil- 
mn 1 1 nil . Clns»i M f,, r Imlit-a, fjen- 
tlenn n bikI « liil.ln n. Privak' lei- 
MM at all hour-. For torma mi 
(nil I'lirticulnr-   nil mi nr aililre«« 
Oflce New Richiiioml. Tel. IHfi 

UirUVIU.1 AM Hi MPIII«.l IVI»|n» 

N..«IM II. 1 HI. 

-  u ■ 

Si. 1 

l.r Nr* iMrirac, 

1 1* I in 

* in am 


* IB a In 
1 «• | in 

• i. i m 

I : I". fm 


Ar I'^iuiak 

L*l*BdMr« k 

; m  i-iii 

i 'ii am 

1 au am 

« Hi |iiii 

i |o ain 

. in an. 

Ar I'Mav . u* 

I til | in 

1 ii aiu 

.' W* am 


«  1 III 

: am 

I.Tl nlrali"k/ 

» • i in 

4  B am 

1 ' *' atu 

Ar UmMbi 1 lr 

| | in 

1 at am 

!'■ pill 

ITui lanall 

'1 . :.i 

II sa am 

to* ih tt. .i bb 


to 1 1 


l.v itn.lunail 
Ix'Otat lllr 

II • pill 


t    pin 

1 M i i.i 

b«j ■ 

I.t i ruirali lit 


* la au. 

B l? ara 

I" i» | m 
. . i m 

Ar PatfBi all 


I at.ata 

*'»J |'ll  

l.v l* all 

t a  fm 


a is | iii 

J ■ | Ul 

l.r KiiIkmi 

1 1» pni 

Ar H**B»kkj 

* »* pni 

. 1 1* ant 

K»* itrlfab. 

" *' am 

I -V pill 

Al! traiu* r'tii nalir 

NiaaSM an. I AH lairr fuliinati '•  tT.t .Irrptna 
rar» aail ( i» m 'luiui: . hair i ara i~ -i»i»»   la 
i IBBBU aaul Na» ntlraua 

N.».iMaiil laiwaon.Clarlm to 
ami s. «, an...,. 1'ullB aa OufTn 

TrauiWX iarrlr»l ..In. ah I . .mat III* ilavt-r 
aa . It. ••a.m. ..I Bl * • I- ' ai a p •« 

Ulraa I i ..uit». il. n- «  r a.) la.iuia • at, »*at. 
■ortB aaa- *r.infc TV k.l ..Rio* . Mr  a.l*a  
'luJt-r IB* I'aliuvr, au.l at th* union drj. I 

at la . 

H » I 

i it latoa 

•A I I 

i 'i i 

13 Ml B 

U n  |  in * 
f hi p m MB* 
top in. It 

• ■ I to.. 

4 xi p at, i ■  a at 
; in i tu I It ft ■ 

 *  ■• 
;hiii I ■ p a 

in Bf B Ul. II P Bi 
.11 Wa m. 

IS It p Ul, I 4S a B 
IX 4* p tu, . * ' * U 

? wV p tu, I .in 

a Nu | tu • 46 a ll 

Aii tra*ti  naa aft   

ium* wt hi LaWil* ai*l 
no ib ai ,i »**4 

p la 
1'arwrr tliy 
'• Marlon 

• •til. knr) * Uki 
•' Bl l^iuta 
ai'l ll 
| ftftTT BV| laOBftl 

••Utl a'"     Ii"' 

" CarBundala 

" Park** I 
•• Mnroi- 
Arrlra 1'a.l • an 

HU'li li'r Uirall 
Till* l» •* • •■'I'" " 
CBr a»f" at* ail |a in 

fiafii VaaTinr •**•*•• «•• .'ai « 

Baa (Bronttb fullu Ail I'al. r Hi-, p   aual 
I'arlart ar |iN -.1 Uuila Uuiibli- lariiu ial^. 
fl IU rkalr i . .IHa 
l'..r Iditbrr I ' I B • ' " " • H.ana 

tlrbrtas Bt« U*il OB »f t»Mrr« J I !• .1,1 all 

V T A I'atmrr Hoiia. ••*• . .1, A II Ur»n I • i.a-,-1 Agrni . bl a«o. 

Illinois Central R.R. 

In roi.n.. Hon »uh il.a s. • "■ 1 )»' 'o 

will on au.l i.n. r ti.r ill. I.i 1 «. -tar .Hi 

p,a* i — MlllliUatl .il.l I i.atlllr .1 

Shop . , 

la .110 South mmd »tr»«ct, ami 
wouhl lilt;*' fi** it'll to Hhnre yout 
|«trt Daye *ith in' I have 
9*mm Vint 1 Bill let you uae 
free wihk jotira are uipler le- 
MjRi, Work oii(iriiiii w |. 


Jy. Steam 
^ V Laundry, 

An atnti«l exi l.inively In the St H 
ve«tenlB  the city won the Oftae 
Win Sehauf ft»fiinat I'' ah for 
|| 000 ilninn»f. tt BR little aon, 
Vhtti after a Mfi, fell into ■ aft] 
t/rnvel pit nml wn» tlrownt^l. The 
|flr«l trial n - iltitl in n venliet for the 
I I'liuntiff in H»e aum of $2,000. hut 
the rity * in niK'ceaaful In BeeurinK a 
new tri ii. .Iiulne Ili*ho|  dm i-le«l 
Hint ll | elly wft* not lialile, n* it Md 
I 1 1, hi to inake exi avRtionn in it* own 
|, ,|.. rlv. II i* not vet known wlie- 
ijei the m*e will Ik- further . 
ny the |ilaintiff or not. 


A i i.i.ii ni|M.ri.ry tnken aomelHHly 
to inak for "t ruelty to nnlmaU. " 
It- nllmi.l . nunc for foinplftlnt w»* 
the trenlmriit of n riKMter   nil • i 
in the RtspuMrFM |»ara«le to tjpify 
tlM aNaQbtlDtl I leiiKM'rntie | «rty. Kor 
the relief of llie«e ifeiillemen of nuell 
ti nder aeiiailnliiiea. it i* now pro- 
inuljfnlfl to the world tbnt the ehnn- 
■V le. r wan ju*t like MptoHtioal pro- 
Kftypft — very much dent I. It hail 
Ikm-ii ailing ever alnce the election 
nml wn* nacriflcetl to the i(o kI i .iu*e 
jiixt hefore the | ftrnile. ('ni-e tour 

* a 

1 1 U-comea liniieceHaiir/ to exploit 

the *u| erfluity of tU- ymk "hen Ma 
. i tinta; are tlaily reai "i *M newa| ft- 
|ier* tletailini7 eo"/entioii* heltl for 
tlu | |M|HH | of BOWaTaftitaf eamliilntett 

for oitii-ea i.i be liHetl next Novemlier, 
n \enr off. I I' in many countie* 
l.or.lerinjr on the (Hue (.ran* region 
, i.iim i,f'.iiA ami primnrie* have Ikh-ii 
eaPi* / to nominate eamlitlatea for 
..tiiiiy ami miiiiit ipal ofllcer* to l»e 
npplaN next Noveralaer. If elee- 
t inns were di*|icn*eil with in t Li its 
i tiuntry a Inrge per cent tif the |Kipu- 
latioii wotiltl he tleprivisl  if employ- 
tiient. Ut auae bImmiI all •udc | etiple 
tlo R to run for office. 

It ha* lieen a long time alnce • 
ilumnt;.' aajR of any ilencription t. r- 
miuate.1 aatinfat'lornlly in the court* 
here to either aiile. In the pnxt few 
 ear* ipiite a number of auit* for 
liiinnge* have been instituted agninnt 
the t it y. variou*. isir|Mirntion nml in- 
tlivnluaU. hut in no in*tnnce ha* any 
great purt of the ninount ankeil l een 

In Home inatance* after the case 
haa exteiiileil over neveral term* «l 
jourt ami been  leeii|e.l in faver of 
one ami then the other, new trial* 
btMOf? *eti i red ami appeal* taken, 
either Hide la glad tti get off with the 
Nate, which imt infrequently run up 
into the 'uteenth hundred*. It 
tloviiu't often pay t i go to law. 

a • 

[ of |Hitaftaiuin, 
lived and iron tra 

VfNUllI" ' .if the I 
IU have not 

' nml pruaalc ftcld. the tw AJ r 

. . . 

It nUo forma . ynni'i. V » 



ri'iil.t. ta • ". 

II,, S. .11.11 

• lain IbB **B 

CWCwV Tuesray and 
tVt^l Saturday. 





SBVATIoba   . 
I'ai inr . 0,1.1 . 

il, , Ioii to I'" lt'" , • ' al. - I" 1 - 

1 1 .ii arlll '»» ma.1- bl 

avIiiK ■ I" Inn* I at '.' »• p In " 

u p*. r  WtaJai -ia . wit" 



ill a 
I ii 

, an aw, 

|a liy i illi 
I III l lllr 

loin i-at Sloping Car 

l. a* ii'it i hi. »»  ') * • -;• " 

TIIKi.C'l. WITIIOl'1 . II 1 ' '. It ll •• 
(Am • I. ,n. la,   la N' » III II I 

roulo i "tii'oi ' .il l.- 1 1 " • rr. ' 
on ,1,1- 'rain laMWrrB I It" I 

ii,, i ii' ,iiik 
eblr* ii vo 
l v l h ami' 
..ii iar 
Ii I., ul- lllr 

ami tlnuiitila. Throuah il»Ub • bri th rai« 
|LH IrSfc MrntPhl. Tin- :. lit" '.nr irur 
wlutor loui" to t ill'orul* owing lu Uia) BIU- 

tutri aii I ib« aba* « i *« i ifvan »•»■ 

iber Aiaott.aal roouaclkia to tfti 


br lllliiol- i aBWftj i 
illr.,.i l. I I lAtt 

Rates as Low as by Any OThar Route 

A W lot ala-. l ll ' "' f " rl 

Tftay. *• wit** 'J 1 . 
aa lo raO "• a"'' I" 

.ll Akt.'llt- "I I"'' ' ' " '*! 

lnS.,..r by addn-alaft » 
I,,,..-, lllr. 

Tit N**"   '" 

lb* r, illlln 'It 

.1 full 

ul I I 11 It 
II It loll 

i I una ran I  ■ bad 
la- aliil laillli tllla* 
Krll m I, AM.f 

A ll I1BMH..M B, e. A.. 'In*. *o 

When You Want 
. a Good Meal 

Cnll in at. 




II I I I'll. »M JIM.. 

• Jive M yCW lam df] if JTOftJ waul 
Ira: • iar.* work tin I prompt 
li\er\ . 


W« re alwava the llr»t to MM 



In all the Utcal 

leaigna ind nRMi The  ic in uow. 
ri fcilt for \ i hi iiiHpecti.ui 
Kiiieal hue b| 

Picture Mouldings 

lu the City. 
Hate ym Men the lateat? 


MM ItMOMMt b'r tJOOD work. 

l. p, balThasar, 

Itl ll way. I i.tlcr lVu.Mni IIoisk. 

It in ftiuftjlng to contemplate how 
many whuh i. there are a* well aa 

men. Ufa i ftftt Mungly tlo nothing but 
travel (row one I ity to nnother. 
IhrRw on t harit.v in one place until 
supplied wiih tranapoilalion to some 


Mayor ieiterht tlaily importunetl 
ftriUi applicnti'-u* iuuiimeralile for 
1 1 1 . • i ii ■ \ . f i m I ur aduiiHsion to the hoa- 
pitala. ami although for the hum! 
part the unfortunate* are non-rtni- 
I,.. .|eiii~. it ia. iiftcutimc.a ex|Kilient to 
mtifj tin ir wiahi-a in order to save 
UM  il\ a greater e\|ieu*e than 
a, mid Ik- incurred by their remain- 
ing' lu re \\ hen n penton come* to 
i l.r i it\ without money or menu* of 
lUpport, (he only alternative i* to 
l'i i hta 01 her out in all |io»»il le 

Theae aurt of people hate learned 
(I ii experience that it i* a cheap 
wa\ lo ine without working, ami 
haiiiio; nu a, ruplea about In-gging, 
they drift from one place to nnother 
.la\ after day MM mouth after 

There arc exceptions, huweur. 
and Mayor Vei-aer vert often hit* ap- 
plication* from very worthy people- 
Meanwhile County Judgft I Iminaa 
ia uot apartal by the ini|rt cunioiis, 
but daily a throng of destitutes strag- 
gle into hia i. Hire ul the court house. 
A o|,:it ui'iii\ nre iiffered n place in 
'he poor house, but these generally 
i onclude thut they don" I want any 
help after all. judjie Thoiuna ia 

tery i . ma, ielltlolls alMlUt *|K udillg 
the county fumU ou uon- residents, 
ami MVH does it. 

1'aat M ar- bate exeuiplilleil that no 
matter ho a great the prosperity of 
the nation ■•the poor are with us al- 




John S Hopkins 
AMilnn.I OR) . . 
i.e... II. Cowling. . 

M i-Ait 1 1 HI . 

Dick Fowler Cairo 

Lookout Hiverton 

J in in* I. ih brist Tennessee river 

.lolui S. ilupkiii* Kvftnavllle 


Hiver riaiujr; here allghtly. 

The gaKC showed thi* morning f..8 
ami rtfttf. 

The John S. Hopkins wan the 
Rftflbivillft packet this morning. 

The Hick Fowler left this morning 
hf Cairo at « o'chark carrying a 
gtKal trip. 

The lowhoat Cruiser went up 
yeaterday at noon towing a string of 

The H Dunbar and Maggie HcHe 
which were innpectisl -rstenUy stotsl 
the te-l nil (  . I\ . 

ThclJ. S. I^Mikoiit left thi*;morn- 
ing for Hiverton. Ala., towing two 
barges of sand! 

The Ashland City ia tine here this 
afternoon nml leate* for Danville to- 
morrow at 10 a. m. 

The John S Hopkins arrived here 
this morning at !» o'clock nml left on 
her return to Kvniiaville at 10 carry- 
tutr the Ui fi mail. 

The Will J. Cummin* is due here 
out tif the Tennessee tonight or to- 
morrow morning ami leaves for Flor- 
ence Satuniay at 4 p. m. 

The Jennie (.ilchrist went up the 
Tennessee river this morning to 
lighten over her tow which she ground- 
ed on her way out yesterday. 

The Ohio river rising at Cinciu- 
uali to I/ouisvillc. and by today 
rising at Kvansville. At l'lulucah 
the river is swelling slowly. At 
Cairo falling until tomorrow. 

The new (lolcontln nml I'uducah 
packet. City of Clarksville. will make 
her first trip in her new IW Id of ser- 
vice next week. She ha* lieen at 
Uoleonda for several weeks having 
her cabin refurnished. 

The little side-wheel steamer John 
L. Kowry. which has been running in 
the I'ftducah and KHlfthfttfatOWM 
tratle ever aim e the buruing of Ibt , 
steamer Lancaster whicl,. .onnCrtx- ;l_ 

I Mil 

untrvt i "a" in i - \ - ■ » 1 1 1 - 

at. I vl" 1 I I I.i i . 

In rack •■| - „i k r« ., ir.i f„ 
Ib w fftii. -,! n . , nil 

vtr .So H in . i.i u , v 

t PaB 

i..,.if,.t.riK» ,; 

1.11 HayHtiUI 
I I iir..a.l«,*r 

da, I. lll"lllharr J " 

— atol.l 1'hur- 

llr.t and 


hlailBI " 
in l   v J'tj^ ■ ' 

llurk- i ' Ha 
•lay arbonl, 9 a * in i n 
III Ki-v K a. 

Bfk "il V a ra 
W l ll|a".- » 



* ll 


ii. » i 

a*la llilr.l BBtBrftt 

i ii i v Mo 

laVUI'ii' Mi, , la MH-iui l 
hi r.i'. ii lu. iu' :i i 
I' ill'. I -hop. 

j a, la I ,» ■ ciilw mrrtlMj 

of .il r. II. ^ % 
program * 

ui' eting : • I' ''■ 

I Simrlnit by I ° 
4. Hrrlpdirr n C 

;i Hina-iiiK t.v i 
4. H i'ltalt»n— M 

tig I. 
HtftBM . vl • 

,y— Ml.a laXBrft I a 

l»rl.*tr— Krm |\rd th. 

ItrllrHclal Ul M All 1 11. CI Ul III 

lit. a. II J Ian on a ii. I Js. 
atlv.'. l-rv. Kav I I HI a 


n you want the best coal in the city you can » 
IliinoiB Coal Company, who handles the celebratetr 



No clinkers, no dirt; but pure, clean coal. Our Egg 
Coal far excels all other coal for grates or i tovea. Our 
Washed Pea Ooal beats the world for furnace or cooking. 
We only charge one price the jear around. The poor 
got their load of coal as cheap per bushel as the rich 
their thousands of bushels. Try our coal and you will 
use no other. Lump, 10c ; Egg, 9c ; Washed Pea, 6c. 


Proprietor* Ill,n..N Coal Cmmftgf, 

V . 



- • 







3 t I0VN Kdl'RTU H.T. 

RsMtt Track Shoeing. 
Sivl'lle nml Harness 
Horses a Specialty. 





For An Easy Shave 

or Stylish Hair Cut 

Paducah - Bottlin g - Cd,0i|g|jfy' 



In keg* ad bottle*. 
Also various temperance drink* Soda l'op, Selt/.cr Water, I 

dlilkl s«h1u 

Citlcr, (iinger Ale, etc. 
relephon order, filled until 1 1 o'clock at night during week and 12 o'clock 
Saturday night*. 

Telephone 101. 

lOth ami RftdlftOd SlreeU. I'ADl t'AIl, K Y. 



.&ym BifBER SHOP 

Ro Btursoi Sac rxirnftijb ' « 

dcJneto o 

Mr. imWm While, Ttl WftfttllBga 
ton, is very ajek. 

There will be service! nt 1 1 a. in. 
nt the A. M.K. chun h Thnuk«jit- 

Mr. John Hnuiilton. who moved 
in first society in thia city, «;ta 
married i. «c| kiu«ville K x . . la^t 

The CKkklca l.cuf t lub No. 10. will 
meet wi;h Mr. ami Mia. H. Phllllpft, 
ou Soiilh Seventh -treet KlMftj if., r- 

111 Mill. 

The Sunday lohool ' "attl Met 
wiih Mr. ini-I Miv M B  od . Iwl 
night. K. II. Province, lire super 111' 
teiident. wa« ab-eut ainl l{et . ii, A. 
Itnrks preaided, ex-ollli i  . The lea- 

Horse Shoeing ' tion. 


Laiicaatcr wniott. .on 
plied in IfejR trade . w.;nt |t) the Lank 
here Ibis a. m. «|. 

The Miaais' *pi from below St. 
Louis Ui Cai'.V falling until 
ami nt ^'emphis hmii •, until Friday 
iuoiiiiii'. 1 he reSMftsee is falliiik' 
*l Ch'.ltaiitMiga. Florence and John- 
*o' IBft, ami the Cuiiilierlaii'l station- 

! l 


rtense ( 

I i 'arJ I  -" » 

VfU i the Mind* 

completed its work 


I Ib. 

i,ad ami 

:i ach. ia. 

 l Ooaril had 
ia..' - k^BMlioS 

ar. al Nashville. 

'lbc |«MkRsl whit h i- due up 
from Men tlii- lor Cin . iiinati ami the 
W. F. N'i u l, which tuu also due 
down from Cincinnati bound for the 
Hint! ( ity today, had neither made 
their appearance* at a late hour this 


Pat F. Lally 

When in need of anything In 

Staple and Fancy Groceries, 


Feeds, Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 

J^l'r.-sli Hwci Alttiiya on lup. 

To'. No. 118 Cor. t»th and THallaR 

I icll/ ng tt IM'ud Mora.-. 

The tail and inane are esiiecially 
valuab'e, ami from these are made 
the hair cloth of commerce. 

The short hnir tukeu from the hide 
bj ti«cd to stuff cushiu* and horse 
collars. Thus the tlead are matte to 



saloon ant 


.upi'ln d with 1 1 thing the 
finrkvt afford* 



the lriie*R5 
ball balftucc S'l 

«VV flati.7livt.Vi 


and FANCY 


Choi, .' iii gissla b1wk\* on Lai. 

lUd SligHI I -Ilia f i.uo 

niiiiiaier lo the comforts of the liv- 

The hide furnishes   waterproof 
leather known to the trade aa cordo- 
van, ami is used foi the maiiufacturt 
of high-clas* hunting and wa.liug 


The hoofs of the animals are re- 
moved, afier being boiled to extract 
the "il from them the horny substance 
ia -hipped to the manufacturer* of 
combs and what are known as Mikado 

The leg Imjuob are very hard ami 
while, ami arc used for haudle* of 
po, ki t and table cutlery. 

The ribs anil Iwad arc burned to 
make bone black, after they have 
lien IN «t il for the glue that is 

In the calcining of tin -c bones the 
vapoi* arising are condensed, and 
foiui the chief source , f carbouate of 
ammonia, which coiiaiitiile* the base 
of iti ta 1 1   all aiiiuioiiiiK al salts. 

Tin re t. -!| animal oil vieldetl iu 
urn co king proctaa which raadimlly 
I ni-on, and enter* Into ihu coin|H*.l- 
uoii of mailt inaettidrs ami veruii- 
( i N 1 - 

'V "OlUB U) Ul«^ -^'J • '»'- 

If you do not get you I paper ie_- 
ularly don't fail to total toipphutit st 
the business utile c We w:-h to 
know that our currier sort it e ia sat- 
isfactory to our patrons, and if not 
why uot. 

There is nothing old about Dr. 
Bel s Pine Tar Honey. Ueliable. 
old time remit lies arc used in its 
manufacture, but Dr. ll.ll's Pine 
Tar Honey ieiitili' ally coinbiuca 
new nml valuable medical agencies. 
This remedy adxances a theory iu 
the treatment of all lung ami bron- 
chial coughs in heard of until its iu- 
foduclii n. It always cure- .jiiicklt 
coughs, colds and grip. It slreuglh 
ens w. ak lungs ami relieves consump- 


IC v.  ;. ll. Hurk a stated l . f be r*»4 
l a » H ft d Mversl lio lie pre**;ril for the 

purpose, of orgniii/' ■._ a iil. i ii . ,"- 
ciety I'lioe who w.rc |i. -  m Were I 

Mr. and Mrs. R \v it. nton IClaaaa 
Qaocfla Duiet . i iaorgR Btnka, Marj 
i -lay Rattle Robinson, B. Moody, 
l.i//ie Uiat. Roaie Jones. Selmft 
Mooiiy, Mrs. Cora (Jarrett, Maaai 
c.H Oooflan. t. Uray. I iTtrnti R, 

irumly, J. Hamilton. J- Ann.- M. 
W. Sale*. J. Mm able ami W. if. 
Clark. Tin dob will meet Nov. 27. 
withC. H. Hnrka for permnnvnt or- 



i uot who will turn into the 
olhei' of tin Si   -ix new monthly 
*obacti| tions at *5n oatoj per month, 
paid iu adv.iuce, we will give one 
moath'a tnbfttJtHfrUoa free. 


Th* old Man areata ** iii« • 

l.lltla I 

Star openrit tlw ihsir to lu-r f.illier'i 

tleu. but amtnirfl aa la* Ikiaatial L 

"Well?" he groxtle.l, Inipiiriiiplv 
Thru, a* he saw her Indecision, he BftM 
In a more kindly way I "    me In 

Wlkfttfa the k*a**M*Y" 

She ententl Hal »U**\ before him 
with iloitiicn«t ayaj and eherka tuf 
f uaed wUh blusheai. 

"I hnte a wnfeasion to make," she 
•nld. «low ly. 

"Kire aa jaj f |" he rrturnerl, elieerll.v 
his w hole nntnner hittinir undi r^oiie n 
elutnge w hen he *nw she wu- |ierturl ttl 
"l g\rrm It's nothlnjr very serious." 

•1")h, but It U." ahe proleate.1; "it'k 
xerv M-rlou*. Rtfaai. Tto know, Hnr 

"Well, whnt ntsuit Harold?" 

MM Wn cs.iiilnir to see tne foi 
qulu- a loiifr lime," she eontlnued. put 
Ing no alMaftlto M the Interruption, 
"and last nlg-ht-" 

"Lftbt night Tie pmpeurd Unit we 
two Bhotild run awny together, antl- 
ftnd lie nuirriial " 

Tho old gentleman frow i\.al 
-And what did you soy?" 
"1 refu*e l,"*hervplleil, proinpll) and 
proudly. "I re fuse it ahuolulely and tohl 
him Uuit he miml «•   and nak you ^ ^ 
my hand pro|terly If he wUhetl uie to bi 
hi* wife." 

T\j» old (rerHieman atlll frtrn m I 
"I reoalle.1 all Ihut von aald iktol out 
"laaMMMtaMl nneeBlrv," fthe went on, 
"and IntlBteal- * 

Tm-ye*." lBterni|r«eil the ftM m% 
tleman, niutlnirlj , "trvat** all very pret 
ty and very cre,li»ut le, Imt far from 
bvatlncaallk*. It term* to tne you ■atffcf 
h*ve giten your poor old fftthei tin 
tasat of tt niu'f, and naveil him tin- i OM 
of * wedding when fctoM ure a" Mini 
If he bring* the subject up •gain, Just 
bftts you* bonnot hondv, so ihut jroa 
oan mailt) • quick trip to Mllwftukft* 
and let tho old nun .-j 


In Arar.-lrun'a AfttMMftftl "t a BftftBM*  a 
the I'rralilaut'a tloiia*. 

Manx Aim rieaiis ami "t her loreignei a 
hate ninth' etniiphniit "i the highly m a- 
.in eil suiiiem aa iii Mexieuu far. , uud nil 
kladft ot Ijitin cookery, but one who 
i.i- iter - it ut table ytilh the iliatiji- 
rnlsh*d whiaiiM o' Chapuit. pee' 
(TmltMal DbM untl family I eoulil 
tin. I no euuse for criticism on thih i r 
an \ t.t her reiuaonal'le -core. Tto Ctlf B4M 
is BatailatftaXftbll Mexican. l ut th, din- 
n, I la no well lie leil the llioatnia- 
'riminatiirtr Inate Hud* itaelf tlioroti; li- 
lt ftajo) nir 'he notel pi the M  
ji.i-t . The so i p conn* on w ilh hla t hit 1 - 
IftlBjJ of roastiad pen Hour tu.d hud- 
(oii-lial iTiaud In lieu of cruekeiH, foi- 
owed Ut the ever-pn sent «• ;•.'- and 
their et. i uul Mexieuu ae, "iiipanimeut 

if fii. ii aaajaaaai and ikee* advasM t be 

*iiv for a inultittide of ot her ileliea, iea 
I. or to the Liitin gtisto. One of the 
dishes), if the ilinuei U- u typk al 
N'exicon one, ia the far-fnineil MOM de 
iruajehit.-, whieh ha* come nil iln- 
;low li from Iln" dat a of the Monte/iin -i-, 
hrinifinir with it the hitrhly sutured 
ulea^aaMa al roust turkey, overspread 
with a heuty ilreasing of | epi* ry ehile 
ami rich seed*. The tortilla, a .-nu 'I. 
Ihin | in ei. We mask' of lutiid-groCHl 
corn, is |Hi|iular alike uinontr the rub 
n ml poor uud this will uppeiir, deftly 
rulleil, eoiitiiiniliif Hi,ely-hii-hi d 
narnt, atroiii.' 1 1 Hiipreaaed with eh I 1 
it liillder ihi.-h of p'lirlie, the ft Mah R 
ing Up the to it hsoine inch i I ladu. I'll' le 
are fteftOetPUn iTftftftrM of f i eahly-nllet d 

lOBOfttoea, BploMl lettinv, rasliftht 
tiirsd rvlislie*, :ind fiom tluu' to tiiiu 
l he re uppeiir ui her more auhi'taui 
tiuil«I* 1 he i ter preacnt fllj.'le Im ; 

Miaaari tolkMlali araaraa*1 la lard, 
inly u kfftlbtaa eiK-luera Bftft prep 

• In in; »''ilT.'d artlclu'Ura uud li.ull 
ehops eoiiie familiarly ulonir 
ainall tthitellah from the near i 

ami a. -ir.'IStl lit a 'el a from lllr 
tail Ii Bfl t  °d ll. II 111 Ul 

or ili-M-rt there ure I 

frulta, eliilHiiutely Bfftf 

I.I .'i--, liUta ,lllll rulail.a 

tuiie't of rich, fum 
jeliii d of r in, 
U h - lloiue-pr.'viir 
f e - | o'lte'l Into the i 

• he tab**, la litiiah the nu 
or three spoonfuls of t Ii ia. 
in atroiig iiimpoaitlon •••» pleotll 
llrowtocl with hot milk, uuikuig it eu 
of i i Sis." of kUCh deliet' 
lielillla la*)e ihut it* 
B«-l ■ "UK 

.1 p. 
it I 

- .' - - '.' I ( " 

For An Easy W** 
or StyUl h 

— no to 

JA \ Mm BUebi 

it 5 BROADWa* 

Successor to M. J GretL 


Picture Frames and Mouldings 

. GOli n»l!HT STJUCE'V. 

}crss.A,( latib 

livery, Feed end Boarding Stables. 


Nice Bat 

'oritito m 

Dont Fail To Oull On 


When you have your 
nous- paialtd Our 
Prit f ie tUt: Lowest 
aut Iti v'.eiial the Bc3t 




abh— Corner Third and Washington Streets 

4 ) Broadway. 

  I. Al I.I »IIICD ism) 

W. H rhCi.EB, Deitist. 

114 N. an. St. 


Iftttt l«lrft***  ftftf llilr.l atlboui | uin 
I I II -III , : tie*. 

QoU) A\n I'uiii Ki-tis OmMM. 

OM. . FlKSi-cLAS i 



Bonn' r.r Ubft gnrrr Tblnira Itaftl Uftoftft 
•  .ra BMta xo O.i.l With. 

There ale ul Wilts n pood mailt t;iiee| 
bills i ii 1 1 lain, 1 1| ui state h alaliir.a, 
and aoiiu" tery ridieuloiie Q»ea. lu loflM 
NMB hllla which aeein very qutt'l to. 
dad ii,")' not Beein so In t«nyi.. - fro** 
noxt . An luatniice of I'llala furuiklted 
by ths "theater hat lutt." Ii wo* 
laughed out of a- K'lul b-).'.. '. illirea of 
far WftOlftra Btfttea IVlUaail .. i m . i  
yet it U a fttatute in the gn i.t e nil kOO' 
wealth of Ohio I OH ft) . 

tine of the quo. iv-t I ill* ever 
• iiiettl iii u kykajature wa* u...t of a 

I. ..i. -as ii. ciulier, who twin us] to ftafth* 
i iv nude e i |Bft of tin state go* ft 

bOM iu the B\|n of |t,l't"  th it he ttoulii 
mil beut hla wife. Still another on- 
ttiuitasl to inn '.,' en i t i-.aaid, iii ftii r lab 
a bond, which wna to \ .1 IB 
eaae of auiei.le 

In anolHel' ►'.-' n i  |.ieaa llliltite of 
lei.-'l li bill IU. tu.' that Womeb 

aiiou m not irear loug hair AJatoM al 
i. it. » aav* huii Ltllla offered providtajj 
agniiiat the aa* ot ■ faretlaa, and h tt* 

h.ta at luat a Int. *fc.,ln*t then | M 
fuctuie BJld a. i a AiaitJi.r'.i ', (lis. 
puaail l.itt nliua at t he " I r ati BJJ ha bit,' 
ami fix. a the penalty fur th. | ttt'vhaai 
of an Inioxli iiunif il. ink fur a friend, 

A fiuiii'i • .•. - until who i tlit. ntlt 
■ lid not W lab t.. ',, : i oiililetl with follow. 
Ing the custom of ItU tJ*- wel" 
'Irodu.til .i I, ii in thy/ 

'.ire luul. i 
tt , . i' oollan 
lugbdautr In 

lo ftftftt  - It i 

(brToulfl not forg/et to REQI8T. 


if t:-» 

Noveinbr LEr£= keeps the 

and has tlie beat assortment. 

"1 Oa 

knoceea S2.50. 


Weather Strip, WeatheT^fc^ 
To Keep Out the Cold. Get your Strips from 

C. C. LEE. 

* * 

■ *T 

Why Prejudice 

Buy your elcctnc lighu from regular lighting service, 
day or night. Tuke no chances ou dangerous street 
railway ami power wire* la your buildings for daylight 
-crvice. Kvcry lump burns imb |iendcnt ou our lighting 
day or night. Ro dangerous, high pressure, 500-volt 
current* sold for lighting service. 


M. BLOOM, President. 2I7.N. SLCOND STK1 b 

U. Itott LAMi, 1 reasurer. 
K. M KiaiiKu, Secretrry, 
A. C. BuMIIUi I ice rrcs. and Mauager. 



Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Culiiiv, 
Carpenters' Tools, Etc. 

t oiiM;i;   oujjp and sEcoNpsnwrs 



• - 9c 

Id "Lee" Anthracite, $8.26 Ton. 

We Will Appreciate a Share of 
Your Patronage. 

Offito Cor. Ninth and Harrison. 



- - Clear Hawana Filler 6c. 

'»«ASK K()|{ 

e6w«eef ondent tojfer 
job. V ,.ir raini 5 to 8  50c. 
ae size. 69c. 
«J*ss%*J^L. tip, 8 to 11. 7 
jum Same 11 j to 2 $1.00. 

This is an elegant shoe fur school 
use. to 11 at |1 00, and 1 1 '» to 
2 at 11.25. 

Wc show an extra g od sLoe, size '.'J 
te 13 V, »t II 25. 

auxin hii.i. school bboi 

We have sold this shoe fur ten 
years, and as evidence from service 
given iu the past are good wearers. 
8| to 11, |1: 11 to 2, |1.25 
We are showing a line specially 
made for boys. Heavy and service- 
» able. 

. line is full of raise, 
I as special bargains until 
closed — 

$1.00 buys Ladies' Dongola Con- 
irress; former price, J2 75 to $4. 
$2.00 buys Man's calf welt, In   
nly. Cheap at "." . 
$1.60 buys Man's extra heavy sole 
and Up. Cheap at $2. 

Bear in mind our shoe repair shop 
Wo have an artist on this work, 
whic h we deliver to any uddress in 
*fce eHy, or drop us a postal ami we 
will call for and 


1 he Mileli^JkT 10 ^..- with 
familiar -c nc ' Milways 

main M it i9 ; changed* occ 



The only way you can preserve it is 
with a tladi light fntograf. Call 
at the ItoFoddoB. studio. 

Had BMSl South. 
President Attilla Cox, of the Uu- 
isville. Henderson and St. Louis rail- 
road, accompanied by llarvcv 
Wcissengcr, A. A. Hullett, ( • eorgc 
Claull'eit and A. II. Hobertson. di- 
rectors of the road who have been 
touring Tennessee, passed through 
the city yesterday afternoon eu route 

liven AmJovfflkor Hi 

A Motfe's Air Tight Heating 
Stovej Come do am right 
aw ay find get a ticket free. 
Don'tlend the children. 


return all repair 

An BtgsUrt Pt«M of I iirnituic. 

That medicine cti-c given fne t   cus- 
tomers of iVInat— rl's drug store, cor- 
ner Seventh and Washington. See it. 


Pruce's studio, 111' South Third. 
The only llrst class gullci v in the city 
doing lirst class work at rca-onnble 
prices. o80 lui 

l or u Short l ime. 

1 have secured the servic es of two 
experts in llaah light futografy. My 
gallerv work keeps me coutlncd to 
tin studio. Those desiring interior 
w -rk should cull early at the Mc 
l'addell studio. 

If you are looking for the best la- 
die- and gentlemen's uuderweur at 
i he lowest price-, go to the New 
Backs* store, U)b South Second 
street. $111 

Ltrooil Court  
The case of J, M. 1*. Cluik against 
W. S. Sorden to settle an estate is 
still on Mtl iii tin circuit court. 

To Mihk Puosle. 
Putties who think of studying (lu 
violin, mandolin, guitar or banjo, 
will do well to call on Prof, sisk. 
Studio- our the CltiMM* Savings 
Hank, corner 3d a I Broadway. 7 lit 

% mm 

Attention is ended to ttie ndver- 
tiscuieiit ol Mr. C. V. McCleen's 
fotograth nailery which appears in 
tins issue. Mr. Met lean MM 
a ' short tune ago 
(•olcomla, 111., but 
Well and favorably known 
pent three y ears in 
bo in this city M 
$| of ability and 


linscy. at prayer ser- 
Broadway Methodist 
ght, reviewed the work 
rs pastorate, a large 
being present. 
is»»Miied charge of the 
£ ii* J 600, 
j n ol , BMmbtnC|) helaj ott. 
e been formed two new 
L ' or j4, the Parson and Home Mis- 
n Society and the Junior Leauge. 
In addition the pastor has in-t illed 
he hearts of his followers a 
u , truer feeling of good. The 
Tiiirch lias been almost Omshed, 
*000 having been raised in money. 
Sunday L'ev. Karnsey fwill preach 
at the First Christian church aud 
Monday leaves for Jackson, Tenn., 
to attend conference. He cannot re- 
turn to l'aducah by virtue of Un- 
laws governing the conference. 

His probable successor is Rev. 
ilaumer, uow of 

* Noisy NIMRoi). 
l Ills 

Draws a Crowd. 


No. there is no zoological garden 
or anything of that sort at Fifth and 

Frequently predestrians may be 
seen to stop and look arouud to dis- 
OOTWf whence eminate those turkey 
calls and duck "quacks" and "Bob 
White" whistles, but in vain. 
. A Si m reporter ascertained the 
source this morning, however. Dr. 
Mick Walker is the guilty man. He 
is soon to leave for Kcelfoot Lake on 
a hunt, and has all sorts of hunting 
coni rivances, including turkey aud 
duck aud goose calls, drew ducks 
and m arly everything else. He has 
all regular hours for practice and 
that is what the i eople hear when 
they puss along at Fifth and Broad- 


The SuI»J.m t ol "Confession" tx- 
buu-,ti\cl  BMijllj. 

Father Boarinan, the jesuit mis- 
sionary, had a large audience last 
night ' to hear his lecture on "Con- 
fession." The church was crowded 
to the utmost. 

The Uuvurcnd Father handled the 
subject exhaustively, treating itfruiu 
a Biblical aud historical standpoint, 
lie also discussed fully a number of 
the most forcible objections. 

The lecture was very interesting, 
aud at times humorous. 

A large number of ProlcHtants at- 
tented who, while piobably not 
agreeing wit' 1 Father ltoanuau'a 
i oui iusion», were yet very much in- 

lllMWif Hoys. 
A telegram was received at police 
BM I quarters this afternoon from Mr 
M. M. Marshall, uf Dyersburg, 
hjg that a lookout he kept fur his two 
nous aud u colored boy who ran away 
from home last night. Nothing I 
la-en sccu of them here. 

Settlement loU.iv 
i If K. I'. Stanley tods* 

}aled U| 
sti pun. 
d chicken, 
up on the 

Austin had his 
way bills and a Msg 
an in his traiu as he waved 
rh ball" ' to his eagle eve tin- 
You eau bet that Bob "will 
get there. " 

It is said that Engineer Sany Her- 
ring is hankering after his first love 
ami is talking of purchasing a steam- 
boat. Too many boats choking 
stumim now, Sandy. Better -tick 
to the rails. ^m*- 

Judge ' ■ Itiir* Heed. ' Benton, 
and Mr. A. B. Lamb, of Pan-. 
Tenn., two of the company's favor- 
ite attorneys, went out on No. 60 
last p. m. They are at present de- 
fending the company's interests in 
the C. S. court here. 

The party who went over to the 
••deep tangled wildwood" of Mas- 
sac on a hunting expedition "ye-ter- 
day returned about dark. The SOW 
total of their *| oils was twosapsu' 
era and a pocketfef of pecans, hut 
they say they had -Jots of fun. 

(Jrj. Manager Thomas, a SOU bet 
»»i other otlieials. and a party ol in- 
vited guests passed over the road 
yesterday from Nashville to Memphis 
lieut on a hunting and fishing eaiup- 
ing ex| edition at Horn Lake, Mies. 
They occupied Manager Thomas 
speciul car, and it took three lanre 
transfer wagous to traus| orl their 

Engineer Ben dodgers on the : 0n 
came in away ahead of time yester- 
day with his face «havcd as clean as 
a snowflake and sleek as slippery elm 
juice. The boys sav he sacrificed 
his Napoleonic hir-uite in DOjrMMl 
of a wager he made on the late elec- 
tion. Turn them out again Ben and 
ambush that cavity below your uasal 

Billy Kane tells a g I Joke on one 

of the lioys who formerly drove ai. 
express wagon. His horse was al- 
most as thin a- a vapor and be was 
guyed by the other jehu's unmerci- 
fully. One day he came into the store 
where Billy was counter bopping and 
bought a nickel's worth of com and 
d'nie'p worth of hay, gave it to bis 
horse and said - Now eat till you 

Siuoe the transfer boats ceased 
using the incline that institution has 
a deserted appearance; ami has be- 
come the favorite hang out for the 
festive darkey, as with pile, line and 
seductive bait, he entices the tinny 
tribe to change their place of mi- 
deuce from tlie limpid waters of the 
placid Tennessee to the -eethiug fry- 
ing pan. 

Dodgers announcing the appear- 
ance of the "Kentucky Colonel" on 
next Sunday morning "Chock full up 
to de muzzle" are out. It is to be 
in pamphlet form and issued each 
Suudav morning by lk$ "Kentucky 
Colonel Publishing Co.," of the c.U . 
Should it be loaded with choice liter- 
ature as heavily as we have seen its 
namesake on various occasions, we 
predict a loug aud extensive "jag" 
for it. 

(teo. Gates, he of the tank lla- 
renown, |el|s a good ioke on Mr. 
Juo. Nam e, the head blacksmith, for 
whom he -wield- tin -ledge. George 
says that in the grand parade last 
Tuesdiy night Mi. Nance occupied 
with several friends a prominent 
plae-j in the proce--ioii sealed in a 
carriage with a Stovepipe, cha 
covering his hairless cranium. A 
few days prior to the jubilee Mr. 
Nance, thinking that Ike few gray 
hair- interspersed i. lining the golden 
threads of his heavy mu-tache gave 
him too venerable a leok. had the 
tousorial artist to remove it. Wheu 
he sphered at the shops Monday 
moruiug it was the general remark 
that he bore a staking rc-emUanec 
to the' pictures of his politic*! idol. 
Mi Hliiluj . and he did make i fair 
appearance as the proeessiuu wended 
its way along tte streets under the 
electric lights, and amid the fleshes 
of the inauy colored pyrotechnics. 
At the corner of Ninth and Broad- 
ay an immense crowd of colored 
\ . «, ie »l to witness 

•" V s - *i HiH 

McClean's Fotograf Studio, 

A05 8ro3eway, Allison's Old Stat,4, 

The Only Fotografer A the Cily Making the hiw Embossed 
Crystaltype Potograts. 

He also make- •mine of the line-t and •« -! Fotoirrafs and I'lallu typi ■- 
ule in ti e city. His ngents will cumluenee — the cit\ the ftui ol 
the week. Look at hi* -ample-. 

:n»« 4 BKGAHWAY • - - - PAMJQAI, KY. 




W. hs\e fought the i hxI tight, the battle is over, and the 

victory woa | no* Ih PBOOBBW, PBOBPBBITV 

and PEACE, t me down to huaineas and come to 


-F  IB- 


was an etiorm uisly llediy old tiotol 
who was loud in her e\pre--iou- of 
enthusiasm with which her heaving 
bosom  vas tilled and was iboaUag 
•Hurrah for McKinhy" at the t 
most altitude of her stentorian vocal 
organs. It was there that QtOfgl 
*aw his chance, and -tepping up to 
the old woman he pointed out Mr. 

BriaMkwIb Ev. 
Bev. \\.l„.n A. Ftlcy fllltsl his 
regular apptnntmenl at IW-thlelif in. 
111.. (John-mii countv) .Sunday, [the 
sthin-t. Hi* next ap|H intmeut will 
, |o-e hi- woik at that place for the 
vear. Brothel I (ley has done a 
wonderful work in llliuoi- ami is w« 
liked by all In- a cipiaintance. He 



Nance, and said: "That is 
new president : that's Mr. 
fbhrj " No MOM bad 
spokeu than the old 
made a dive for the side of the 
riage. reached in and gral.bcd 
Nance by the hand and congratulated 
him on lii* MIOOOM and e\pre-.-ed her 
joy thereat. She also dilated ftl 
length on the ureal MBOiU M a gold 
standard currency and ran down ■ 
silver basis as a most reprchcnsiMc 
policy a- she trudged Uwide the vt- 
Incle Whether it wa- that Mr. 
Nance was eniliarnis-ed at being nii-- 
laken for so distinguished I p0ftO»- 
age or was wear  of the dU Woman - 
■fMH^vIM his band in hi- 
ke! and gave her a dollar. 

M A N V I I M I •  

diir.will likely prOBOh f- r thei 

The election i- over. McKinley is 
elected. Usd all  ou hear out of the 
DMMOnts and Po|sMra!s is they 
mve got In aten and they il In-tter do 
-onict liing. 

Mr. Tout stringer will -oon l e- 
come the bhick-untli to occupy the 
T. N. Walton stand at this place. 

Walt - going we-t. 

Mrs. ||. t . Freeman, of Calvert 
City. MviaRlog la Bfienebun this 

»irk. She I- the guest of A. II. 

Freeman, M. D. and Mrs. Bcatri 


It i- repotted that W. W. Nimmo 
keep- the l e-t po-totlicc in the county. 

I liy to remain. 

Jul I I . 

Dry Goods and Fine Shoes, 
Ladies' Shoes, Men's Shoes, 
Misses' Shoes, Children's Shoes 
Ladies' and Mens' 
Furnishing Goods, 
Bibles, Prayer Books, &c. 

Wc wsnt tt' patronage aa Well ae good wishes of every friend and 
ncighlmr and t, (- | x Hse Honest value and s.piarc dealing guaranteed 

for your money. 




( ( uh .ml th. IM| U 


The msrkd lot iuuii, $M tUuird up 
wonderfully siuoe lbs jay - « hen Isk" 
Mid tln-rc ajfl0tallVintl.ini. v hi- 
.••'K» " Mue« ' tin' I KK  s! I aunt J 
In tbe eouiiU . Tilers are s 
great nuiuher uf euueerns, Utgf ui»l 

" V . U .\ * ,,n * 11 ' ia ll,c ult . v wUicl1 urt ' "If 'Ked iu 

this Irani. . W ith some of th, iu lbs 
Hume buninesa ia a kind of »idi  line In 
eounMi. ii with u clipping horrsu. 
On* of the largvta ha» . until,, d iUtdf 
Bioiuly to nsjues of biuinrsa ktHHsl 
rarious kliubt, which are furm-lu-d to 
Otlter buiiueas houses fur udiertlslnf 
purposes. The ipiotutioun for tutuies 
Of this clioruetc.r rsiifru all the w«y 
from to %i j*r I.imjo, tleprmUiiff 

upon Uie number uf MMefM rnyssjed 
Id the jsirUouisr line for which the 
Bamus an- desired and the 
trouble r»..juir«i In sreuring 

Tbe bicycle business has grown to 
be one of such fin -reaching iiilluenoe 
that newspaper clipping bureau*, both 
In ChUstgo and in the taut, t.iihliah a 
sheet onoe a week giving a Hat of all 
tho bleyclrt fuctorles reportt-d since the 
lost Issue. As might be imagined, this 
business presents a number of curious 
iihust*. and clipping bureaus frequent- 
ly gwt ull sorts ot queer order- from 
p e o ple, who want the names of persons 
Who are lively to he interested In MM 
pi\  n biihject or urticle. For a long 
time one of the clipping bureaus had a 
standing order from a manufacturer of 
art! tidal lunlst for the. names of all 
Who might lose their legs or arms In 
accident*. Another man, a maker of 
srtlll. lui eye*, tukes the names of 
tnu-yonu who has l..«t an eye. 

Another limn, u lml y   nrrisgc iiisnu- 
fnoturer In MU-h'igiui. takea the names 
Of oil newly-wedded MwleOj Slul In due 
Oourso of time forwnnls a very neat 
pUOphlct ili-sorlbing and Illustrating 
Li* goods. 

People doing a nuJl order bualnca* 
MssttifABa sell to other coneerna not 
lu k i en.|« ling Hi,,- the iJUiutf -.vhlch 
lley accumuloU-. The sdvertlsement 
of one of these reads: "We have several 
tliousnnd Mil order namee receive*! 
w Ithcu-h within a f, w months." Names 
of people who urt- in of order 
!ng goods by mail and aee.mipanyloa 
the order with cash have 9n ohvioua 

TIN sejretariea of assoc 1st tons of a 
• i. clmrucu-r hsvu their Heel man* 
Uiiavrabln by constant requesu for s 
list of their members. The Weeten 
liny Fever assoelathin furnished ■ noU- 
bh- «tise. \o doubt there are some a0o,. 
«m nn furl u mi ten in the fnited - 1 f, T—« 

tlie most I. ill it for (BC ■ v- M who hssyU m m ti, i.i 0 | 

unuiomi c... tofoipoiaied. ^rr,::^;r}^^:;^r , v,:n:m' 

US Bronsiway. Telepbonw N«.8, i r of paiuntareotsts wha would uw« 

Vet » it s l'li  'w .ill I r%»itoiHn 
Mevir S»ucecd- J in «. 1 1 in*. 

Ati llm f; rVtl It. 
•I have U-en here nearly foil' 
• cat-. ' remarked 
rroutmati this morning at the city 
hull, ' and have tc-tilicd at \. \ 
term of the efrcuit court, neany 
e\ervoneof the county court- Md 
an inlinitc uuuiber of tunes in the 
polie • and ma^i-tlates' courts 
I "Well, what alK.ut it?" 
; MM one. 

"KotUng," was the reply, ' e\cept 
I that Iliexerdid receives cent fol 
I the time and trouble I tool to ap- 
| pear as a antes*,. I got mud otic 
dav and concluded t lint I MVM 
i would tesllf.N iiv'aill. I pai I no :it- 
1 1 0 BoO to IMMMI and the next 
thing I knew they hud me arre-lcd 
on an attachment." ^ 

The doctor left at this junctun lor 
the court house, presumably to te- 
tify again. 

Uh Hie Im-sI. st. LtonMrd OOsU, 
si. Bernard BUrer ' «»!»•', Fiti^ 
inii L'li C*mM «» l AntssfBelto Coal 
Drom tli«' st. Bernard Goal Co., 
incoipniaiiil, vi  Braaolway. 

It'lepliOlM' No. 8. "' 1 - M 

in 'a morrcMaivB. 

Hut She \Taiil* ■ UiVorN J*M the 

Mrs. l.ula I'. llaneline t«sln_\ 
breiifjlit suit iu the circuit coutt 
.igainst her liu-liand t ieoi ^e I lane 
line, for divorce. 

1'hey are well known r- -idents of 
the ii nniy. iitnl have DfOJ married 
for several years. 

She is a ginsl hlokisVf, ]MMg 
woman and iu her OjtftiM charge- 
her husband with lieing an idle, in- 
offensive, good-for-uotbing sort of a 

Nou-supporl i* the plea. 

Xrj tin- old 1'i lialilt Si.lli'Hiiirtl 
Coal ami  :* { Um b$ot, if you uanl 

I IppsMM I.ang • Dr«f store 


Now Ready. Best Sorts— SMALLEST Prices. 

We are p inj{ to sell our OMMMs'I Shoce at tbe VKRY 


We want to draw your children - trade, we want  our children to grow 
up in our Shoes, then they will trade sith ut all their livee If vou. are 
not trading with M, Ms OOe of our customirt aliout our Shoes, and about 

our way of treating, our clienU- and th. ir feet. 

George Bernhard. 




Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, 


« llroadway an . Thud Streets. PADl t'AII, KV. 

\ Gold Crown 


Is lather to lie chosen than a great Us thache. Out crown and 
bridge work is of the very best inaterinl, .ml constructed in the most 
skillful manner, insuring beauty and durability. Our prices are 
made to suit hard limes or good times an are payable either in Hold 
or silver. KsiRi iid attention paid to the are of children's teeth, 
and we warraut all   ur work. 

Over Lang's Drug Store. dr. jtesides. 

llr. Hell s I'iue Tar Honey euro 
coughs for yoiiUft uud old. Mo-t 
Cough medicines sinipU help- you 

cough. Dr. Ilel '- I'luc I ai II   

helps \oll not to cough. See the 
diff reucer Would you like to try 
it? 25 cents gels you the biggest 
ipiuiler Isilllc of eoMa medicine you 
nur jtiu. |i is purlieu huh irailiaole 
for those who van nut stand the 
• tt mo of coiif{hiUf(. Ask JfOJII drug- 
gist for It. Tuku no sitltslilule. 
1 here is nothing us good as I  r. Hell « 
I'lueTur llouey. Sold by Uebuteb  
MfM i Walker. 

Subscribe for the Si n ami i'$du. e 
your ueiuhbor t   do the saiue.^ 

to ruie thnu of the inn holy Is ulmosl 
as numerous ae ih» sufferert them* 
•rile*. mikI inch one I* aiisliius for thee* 
I fnr the purpose of | reiwntln( 
bis parti, nhn- MMffMh 

Ri pi etetl Instunees In the history ol 
Chicago I crsrlurles k" 10 ludleste that 
pi. s '.s|..nul hoiiM lireakeis kr«p well 
.. I us to the movements ot peo- 
l-w-bi tosbsil.aiirlwhea 
the |.luiis for a new uisnslon ari 
pshllshsd the Information Is carefully 
' f. r future reference. There niaj 
Is I |.rl»ste news which fur 
I burgUrlOfsl luUdllK'-n**   f Uilt 
reeier, but If thers U It 
..•!■• itise.— Thleiiiro Tribune. 

If you like Uiu 
neighbors aud fliMtV 
| Don' l yj 
paptii i 


Si I lei I 
i about it. 
ie Sis l- u good 

First -Class Watch Repairing vs. Living Prices. 
Botch Work vs. Cheap Prices. 


lias Watch Heen Kepuircd b  Others uud Does Not (lire 

Satisfaction | 

If  o U ,,rc having trouble with your time piece bring it to JOHN J. 
BLKICH'8 Jewelry Store, let us examine || for you, and if vou have* 
«   ! h that i an l e made a gissl time piece wi «ill tell you so. We do not 
n t.. be the cheapesi wat. h repairers in town at the start, but we do 
claim to hr. . I Hi BBBT wat. b ii inkers, g ve you the I ant satisfaction and 
be lo you in the long run. ff»|tv*J satisfaction witli llrst- 
. Mi » ll  h «or|| i- out Ml lol pilde. 


John J. Bleich. 

Chris. Leibel, 


Groceries aud Provisions, 

Wines, Liquors, Cigars, 
Tobaccos, Notions, Hay, 

Numbers 701, 703 »ml L, Corner Seventh aud JackaouAtreeU. 

Paducah daily sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1896), 1896-11-09

4 pages, edition 01

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