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date (1857-02-13) newspaper_issue  filtlttichl dfctc pLisha y rilnme fbotrb to Vitks politics yittvatnrr Internal Improbement anb General Information VOL XIV NO 27 DANVILLE KY FRIDAY MORNING FEBRUARY 13 1857 THE TRIBUNE FL apos ILlfcHKH tVKRV rRIIUT BT JND F ZIMMERMAN k SOX OKFIt apos K Third street north of Main TEUH8 Per annum in ndvauce 2 00 XViikiu six months 2 iO At the end of the year 3 00 MparduiC apos WMuurd until all arrearage nre paid gt aee t at lie option of the publishers AIM LKTISING J or each square of 12 liues or less first insertion 1 quot Each additional insertion I o l and Procession Notice each Announcing a candidate for any office 1 R Font liming same uulil election 1 00 tTiiiuuuik apos i apos iui apos iit fees to Ik 1 paid in adviuce tLTA liberal discouut made to yearly ad ver ist rs LT Advertisement of a personal character charged double LTN apos ouce of Religious and Public Meeting y a triages and Deaths puhlished free tTOoituary Notice exceeding IS lines iu tugtli charged as advertisements JO II WORK Of every description promptly attended to io I e best style on reasonable term S ii 1 n apos mm professional Caris f apos t pTcTtoxT Jitornie at DANVILLE KY Will attend to all hnames enlra tsd ts thsm II fioyl anu the aajoiaing counties dec 14 b5 tf I ROBt7 i BRECKINRIDGE Attorney Counsellor at Law LEXINGTON KY JJortical Do You Owe the Printer BY BKIBK N RAINBOW Com sinful debtor in show breast Some conucience may revolve Come with your coward fear oppressed And uiuke this wi e ie olve 1 11 seek the printer though my debts Hive like a uiountnin i lt ise 1 know hi wants I apos ll puy him off Whatever may oppose Te hap he may take my excuse Perhaps twlieie I lie But if I perish 1 will psy And then hi thoughts defy Straightway I apos ll to hi sanctum go Aod see him face to face I ll boldly quot fork the tin h t apos 4 due And thank him for his grace Although ashamed thua lats to go 1 am resolved to try For if 1 stay away 1 know lu infamy 1 apos U die I know hia patient nature wall Delinquent he apos ll forgive He apos ll kindly pardon debtor apos s sine And bid etch aupphanU live Jgiscdlani THE TffO FAI apos EST I ONE FOR HOME THE OTHER FOR COMPANY A CAPITAL STORY Of course we never mean to be per sr 12r DANVILLE was pained slid the wife angry The child once cried fur a lump of sugar and the mother jerked a piece uj o i her piuta with the words There take it Yon want every teingyuu set your eyes on quot The little one ate the sugar in silence grant flowers all around it She had r gt t K undesigned would respeciiufiy call done all this when Able entered X Mention of tho public to hi elegant I be sinters were alone by the dead child The bereaved mother ga cd awhile upon the lovely face of the little A attention of tho public to his elegaat assort ul of PAKLOR Ilt lt KOON nnd DINING ROOM FURNITURE Which he can confidently recommend la pur i hnser as being will made and of trie latest stylrs lie is always prepared to furnish or closely heart to heart Not excelled by any other manufactory Per ktu kmtk m ti tke re mnd cd V A aoua wishing to purchaso Fa rnituro nr invited Our stock centals in part of We will not tell the thoughts that 10 a d hto T hia prieea Silk Mermoea DeLaus Cashmeres all I i l whl 1 hail ho as low a huruitur of such t oburgs Clialley Embroider iea Ribbons dwelt in Abby Leeman a mind upon this quality Can posaiMy bo a d dwisaes Jaconet Htl a Cloth flat O apos 1 aaton nor Will we tell of the long ILTA iaige lot of LOOK INC LLahsem m Cap Ticking Gingham Baggtag OFFICE on Short street between Limestone soual but vet wc know that the follow and Upper iug life lesson must find application labors of the day why could you not 1 mend may 23 6 tf somewhere or it would never have been have met tue with a smile and cheerful Katurday evening came and Abby 1 a A ILL INC written Or like the preparationa of welcome apos Lee man waa in her chamber Her old i laf wWb J the universal physician it may be laid Because I didu t feel like amiling cat child a girl came up and told her Attorney and Counsellor at LlW U p f or use j B Cdtu 0 f Ji gea8c t or even ta was the answer that grandpa was going away that he warping the minds of the little onea was rc caivtd But the old man did not about her neck and with one deep burst j jj WT FHT apos S lu paiu and anguish her hueband had stop long to bear their thauka for lie I of pasaionate grioi she pillowed her p tried to show her this but she would not had the same errand to deliver to Lydia head upon hia bosom h r f f A LI F POOVlIkS listen and then when she wasculiu and and her husband On the next morning Lydia came reasonable Albert could not find it iti lie found Charles Frye and wife Wcca and took care of the body of little Nel ST222T DANVILLE KY his heart to destroy tbe peace by aueli pying one chair when he entered Ly lie fc he dressed it sweetly combed its fia r i m i j allusions dia sittiug in Charles lap and the child golden hair back and wheu she placed yP quot JL On the present occasion supper was in her s lie told tlu ui what he Lad it iu the coffin she spread uew and fra i eaten almost in silence The husband done and it was some time crc one oil grant flowers all around it She had T HI aadamignsU would respreiiwiiy call was pained and the wife angry The them could speak But Charles was done all this w hen Abbv entered ss oreui gt of gt l apos F u lt s l ba elegant child once cried for a lump of sugar the first to break the silence The sisters were alone by the dead PAftl OR and the mother jerked a piece u o i her quot Mr Gorham he said in a low trem child The bereaved mother ga cd llEl gt KOON wad piutc with the words ulcus voice I accept y lt mr generous of awhile upon the lovely face of the little DININti noo ll There tuke it Yon want every ft r ar d the more readily too l lt c uusc I j sleeper aod then she turned to her sis FURNITURE tetng you set your eyes on know it comes from the hand of love j ter Lydia opeacd her arms and the l T he little one ate the sugar in silence But sir 1 could not have asked it 1 next moment the estranged ones were h r n beiug m ds JaiTo tfi i tr i while the mother felt more dismal still could not ha ve expected it on the ground locked in each other a embrace It was tyl a Hew always prepared to furuuh or from this new outburst And thus mat that 1 am yoar son in law No no for loug loug while ere either could speak make to order every variety f Furniture of ters went on for an hour and at tbeend in this noble woman you have given me 1 bey could only weep and cling more Style Finish and Durability of that time the door bell rang and treasure such as few men posses closely heart to heart Not excelled by aay other mauufactory Par some company was introduced It was Oh you cannot kuow what a heaven on I aoaa wishing to purebaas ParnMarw arwiavttad a neighbor and his wife In a moment earth uiv Lome ia wkiU while my We will not tell the thoughts that iVt gt l quot T r l r b 1 the whole expression of Abby a face was wife dwelt in Abby Leeman a mind upon thts qu hty cau poa ibly ba ashi changed Smiles took the place of Rut Charles had undertaken a work occasion nor will we tell of the long ilta laiga tot of lookins glasses frowns and her words were a sweet a he could not perform The words stuck ho rs she spent upon her kuees in for parlor u i chamber just received ud for could be aud during the whole evening gt n his throat aud the speech ended iu prayer while all others of the household w she was happy and gay as though a flood of tears Ilis gentle wife sank slept ILTHalr Mom and Shuck 3MTTRASSE cloud had never rested upon her brow upon hia bosom and the old man weut Love George and Mary Love lit 4lw gt Ua 1 or m d 11 apos P o j p apos ty apos Abby said her husband after the to the window and pretended to be look Be Nellie always Lave Mamma Dauv ll oct 1 56 tf visitors had gone since we have been i g at something in the street notwith Dh how those words rang in that moth married have i not done all in ray pow standing it was very dark out there ur s soul Aod how other words ctu e er to make you happy Have you ever and that he had his haudkerchief before back upoa her too harsh uakind 10 Pill Tf L 10 1 expressed an earnest heart felt wish his eyes all the while word which had been epoken to the lOcAJi 1 lLL ij 1 U1 Ai l0vv that I have not gratified Auother week paaaed away and du l cherub that had gone But she found I don t know replied wife rather ring the moat of the time the oldman balm in the solemn resolution she gt apos f reiu sntly 1 remained with Abby After this he ouk to herself never to b uukiuU 1 Yes you do know replied Albert began to see the cloudy disposition g gt n A C Jb 3 k quot 151 9 gt c aud what I wish to know is this Why manifest itself He was pained and And the resolution was sacredly kept BOOTS AND SHOES could you not strive as much to make j shocked He spoke with her but she Albert apos aud Abby mourned for the Je MFRCIlAllT TiiLQR i me happy as you will to make those pretended she could not help it AnotL parted one but they felt too that the I fc 11 j who are not defendeut upou v gt u for er week passed on and during that time gentle spirit of the heaven born child AHQ JP UmiSlllDg HOllS happiness When I came home this Mr Gorham spoke with his child touch was dwelling with them making a par evening worn uad fatigued with thejin her fault but still she did not gt di e of their home and leading them 0 quot X iXJ apos OA S WHOLE NO 703 MO HUMBUG miL3n4 vr AT PRIME COST 20 000 WORTH OF Fall and Winter Goods ii nd eh a ine ou apos bu m gt apos tha 1 1 ot Jaic arv ttm ill i l our eutii uluck I Fail aud Vt inter Doodk apos al mm m wa aau m m M r W apos y For t a h F rrlu ntreiy These Goods were r c ntiy bought ia Nvw York aud Philadelphia ol cash houses whicu will enxble u to bold out iudecenients uvwr belore cfTi ird iu tiiis commuuity Any Goode bought of u it uot aa we represent wi it ka gt krn b apos ick mud ike nisnry ref ti Jed apos Our stock ccaxista in part of occasion nor will we tell of the long Love Georg and Mary apos Love lit or made to ordrr promptly tie Nelli alwava Leve Mamma n n gt r WJEHL riL l L J a k k Dauvtll oct 3 ob tf i h how those words rang in that moth er a soul And how other word on i e back upo her too harsh uakind ilOrUJ Fill OTftf apos L 10 word which had been spoken to tbejluJvi I ILL iJ I Ul At I lt W cherub that had gone But she found a balm in the solema resolution she took to herself never to be uukiod DRY GOODS CARPETS BOOTS AND SHOES EBCHAIT TAILOR And Furnishing House Uapa Ticking Ginghams Bafgtag Ulack Lusters Liuseys Cottons Liuan Carpets Oil Ciolh Calico DeBeges Shirt Fron apos a Coinforta Jaaus Twe U Vebtmgs Joot iixt Shoei l e e READY Dll DE CLOTHING Now is ilia tun to huy esur a d Faxidi v klb Goons All our old stock was apos sold at Auction during the summer Now vou hav a ensue to examine w hat yon buv C ine out C ne all apos We will Cuaawst gt mng thn 29ib of gt ptrmbcr autl cuuliuuu until oat tack is all told W B MORROW Si CO pt dO 56 It Bargains Bargains BBT G0OBS AT COST Li eOLLIHGi on in joy and peace Kre long tlie old man esme to liv awhile with his eldest child and from that time he divided his months equally quot W C LUCAS J a lt i apos rr iviDI U AYtNC Yery large stock of FAN k Il DKE8 S GOOD 8 suitable for tha urrseut Fury and Maple Dry Cootls Qoreutwire lirprli and tarniUiig hoodi Mm ii Street l err ville Ky t Will attend to all busiuos tmlrusle l to him iu B gt le and the adjoining counties sept 7 S3 ly SPEED S FRY ATTORNEY AT LAW W ILL practice in the Court of Boylt and thesdjoiniug counties Any bus ken 8 preventive But you hiuiled the moment Mr had got hia trunk at the door Abby Mrs Abby Leeman was thirty years Uixbce and bin wife came in and that could not believe it She atarted for old and had been married ju t ten years o when your feelings were anyth n apos ihc sitting room at once In the hall She had an excellent huxbaud and three hut plea aot a moment before Can you she slopped for the door was ajar and good children She was naturally a do for their comfort what you are uuwil he heard her father voice It wa io between them cu J he would no mor feel w uc h quot l et d with th moat i that one home was pleasanter than the apos apos wanu of customer other Both were alike joyous peace stock has l gt w u purchs gt d prmcip illy in oaib j ful and happy N hen he now looked hous wliicli u l gt lr him to ll gt a anti 4 LL apos L as ail v inuas im F ssJwaw Kl U J A I kind exeellcut woman and meant to do ling to do for mine right she had oue fault aud email as it seemed to her it occasioned much un happiness in the family circl She I do the beet I nn I ant sure quot sob bed Mrs Leeman beginning to cry I wish vou d found a wife who could i gt t confided to b m l11 promptly stteud happiness in the family circl She quot I wish you d found a wife who cc lt i to Feb 27 52 tj WaB nol a i wa y g happy at home nor was have suited you better than 1 do J F BELL 8 e pleasant though for the life never can suit you never a pained tone and it struck to her o l i at once No no Albert she heard the old i ntan say I cannot remain here I in I tended to make my home with Abby for she is mv oldest living bat f cannot ajar and U P Abby apos happy smiling face he afa ry lie is determined tbs i i 1 gt gt jo j as ajsr ffrji apos ai ssi her gt al mcstie use Fho beaming genial eoun uu stuck of tenance that welcomed the visitor to her dwelling was never laid aside Its sun shine was for her husband and ehil Combines nil tlie most inoderu stjlreof Rich F UCV aud Plaiu Silk II of her she could uot tell w hat had oc Abby was ill tears and her husband bear it Nearly every day my heart ia Attorney aud tounseller at Law curred to rutile her feelings She had could say no more He couldonly wish made to ache by the harsh unkind my home with Abbv dreiv and the cloudy brow was put a wa y al woo lt P 1 quot quot ud Printed DeLaiuee r J apos Bouibsxiues l ustres aud Gallic Plaids est living bat I cannot tore er E r l ab dcou h aud American Prints DANVILLE KY may iti 56 BOYLE amp ANDERSOH attoknies at law iSAAYJLLA KY everything about her calculated to beget that she would understand him Oh words I hear spoken to your litttle ones joy and her every reasonable w ish was 1 how often when she was kind and good Oh aueh good kind weet ektldi n answered But after all ahe often wore did he wish she would always be so and I love them so But Abby will a sour face and her tongue would run and again when she was making com not listen even to me Once I might on in strains far from sweet or accord pany so happy bow fervently did he have borne it but now when my heart a ut 1 pray that she would always do the same is lonely and sad front recent bereave apos What is the matter Abby asked for him She was a neat tidy indus ment I cannot bear it 1 will come to r 1 Giughama Ac Ilia stock o F mbroiderit 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Clothing of pvrry ilvscripliou AT apos liatsand Caps Ac i ATIOKXII S AT UW gtraius far from sweet or accord pany so happy how fervently did he jhave borne it but now when mv he apos irt trait J n l v to HaU hem P rk e d lt rMT with acho i j tiji j j j i give a brilliant exrreaaion i ti a of Eugimb h reuch aud Geruiai W ILLcoatinueto Practice Lawiu partner f I r 3 apos would always do the same i lonely and sad from recent bereave 1 quot end Cass mere S k Velvet Pluah a shipin Boy Ic and adjoining counties apos V hat is the matter Abby asked for him She was a neat tidy indus ment I cannot bear it 1 will come to r nciie no inai run Jv ting aud having a plowd cx s Office ou Mai atroot oppoeitv tl v Court her huaband as he returned oue even trious womaii and onlv her ov n family gt ee you and you shall have the old gt er L In 1 contract the feet and CV I T BRB aud TAILORS ho is pr h 1 ing from the store aud found his wife knew of thB dark trait in her character hare of love And I fear she is not 1 elD k apos make to order at short loiics his gooc nra m asontow i i i i u Ma lt io u y hv j kind to gt i rh iWHi w M n apos apos A itasssr n J rAiiiuollAr sit TflU Nothing was the answer given ra her only sister who married ysuug Has Lydia told you so quot asked Al c quot V U11 er quot ho low of each foot Also ptraoaa finding tkoir owa wa Twtoruej and lOHll gt ellOr at Law tber Iuoodi f v man named Charles Frye Charle w us bert tohfttheiDstepandcanfer well m de Km thcgvw e tumJoa paid to Ike DANVILLE KY But something mist be the matter i oui eight and twenty and Lydia his Lydia uttered Mr Gorham in sur alI V J apos k 1 IT D bl V apos rf 7 I YJ H L practice ia the Court o oyc su y 00 never look o when you are happy wife Abbyscister three years younger prise quot he told me Ah you don apos t e t adelphia demotaellea cat per gt aiu mud apos l apos b i tre tu 0 Ul How can I help my looks a n apos t I This young man was a carpenter by j know hcrify mthink so No on the has t0 W C Ll l ifT ffi e with Hou J F xi t on Maiu look as I feel without disturbing ou tr d lt strong healthy generou and of only obl iuc what a good and faithful j nu DC r apos I apos 8 a ktss me Dauvillo sept 19 56 if i a choice selec Gviuisu Cloths apos lush aud oilier ing trout tlu store and tounu Ins wile k new of this dark trait in tier I apos harnr ter share of love And with a sour face on In the same town with Abby lived always kind to you 1 Nothing was the answer given ia her only sister who married a young Has Lydia told y ther moodily man named Charles 1 apos rye Charles was bert d young apos Has Lydia told yoa so asked Al Charles was bert But something must be the matter jtmtua eight and twenty and Lydia lib Lydia uttered Mr Gorham in sur j ir T V ou never look so when you are happy wife Abby s sister three year younger prise quot he told me Ah you don apos t e xdelphia demoiselle cat per llow can I help my looks Can t f This young man was a carpenter by k now her if you think so No no she ha nion draw tnair mouths to a look as I feel without disturbing you trade strong healthy generous and of lt quot lv told iuc what a good and faithful f 01 apos 1 n lt K IU cir quot P do kiss me tc ulio i given tc ilJ I Ti wit street may 1856 tf I ve g quot nu va v uijj r apos nuvru rj mriPmjm ber stockings to contract the feet and CUTTERS aad TAILORS 8 is prepared to make them look mxll make to order at short loiics hi goods in auv The Providence beauties put a small 1 gt U P ur K rr n y aud warrsut Ham shoU under the hollow of each foot finding their owa m teri l will to lifi tlie instep ami confer a v ell ma ie ln 8 the renteGt attention paiJ to tho making air to the pedals and on the most reiu 0 amble terms The Philadelphia demoiselles eat per hi Store SouiU rs t corner ol r Mwiu and Thir l xlrclo THOS P YOUNG i f t a r it f ff at JL a c I shaw Abby dou t talk so the super o intellect and in apos elligenee II wife Abby w But L can see as mv husband said at the same t m placing business was good and though he wore presence grow more common the re his arms about her nick and kiss n a paper cap and apron ten or twelve strain t wears off at d Abby begins to her Now tell taewhat has happened apos hours a day yet he was la j ing up toon show me the luce gt he often keeps for Nothiug has happened mote than oy Lyd apos a Frye w ts unlike her sBter hotue I speak thi to you Albert be mud u t red the wtfe s ill unpleaa in one respect Thai aw lt et smile wh eb 1 ean e 1 would not lie to yon But but aiillv Who would nt he solrer I d isitors found upon her face never faded I I w ill see you again I w ill see Abbv Maiu aud Third streets w c LUCAS Danville sept 19 56 If Fine French Mrrtnus extra qaalitv Ergltsh and Coburg do Plain Plaiu and F gurrU Flannel all color and price Towelling Table Cloth and Napkin Calicoes a large stock 10 1 11 4 and 12 4 Linen and Coltuu Sheetings Pillow case Liuen and Cottons Bleached aud Brown Liuens Blest lied aud Brown Cottons Plaid and Plain Lioeeys Cloth Coast me rea and Vealii ge all color qualities and styles A very handsome stock of Ready Made Clothing Cut and made ia tue very best manner and of the latest sty I The Ladle particularly aud the public gea Tha Cincinnati ladies do up their RaZOFS amp POCket Clltlery nii f r laviud t c ll and eaamiue nsy stock curls quot with hoga apos tail and when asked J ot Good and learn u v price whether they to marry answc apos Oui oiri o V CHOICE lot ot o tenh o apos inn apos s tml R lt ntg r K uive and liszare Also Wade wish io purchase or uot DAN Vi LLL K utu l u t red tho wtfe hill tut plena in one respect That w lt et smile th e apos t 1 dan apos 1 would not lie to yow But but t 7 H L practice in the various Court o au ti v gt Who would nt he sol gt er I d isitora found upon her lace never faded I w ill see you again 1 will ace Abbv m W Bovle and the adjoining counties He J will let a apos gent for the ale or lease of Real apos ke to know stuck U P re from morn i iu her buhbatide a preaeuce and the again lietate or Personal Properly and attend prompt ing until night with two hqualliig young word which the stranger heard her Abby listened to him no longer FurPAXrT IN aTknant Landlord apos A Botcher TUIotisou and th r favorite brau s a pt 19 u L HI M MITT Good morning Mr Jones Fine day r apos by J apos C IKVRI ir I ve tlken tho liberty of bringing r rfumery Faucy Article Variety it a receipt for the quarter rent MlJ ToJa m ab sT ft C I1EWF Y jy to tlie collection of monies eilhor a an Atlor oues to look out for all the time hay or Geu ral Collector All business entras tej to him shall be faithfully and speedily atleu Ce j t and return punctually forwarded Oflice ou Mam street opposite Court house epil 13 55 tf nv lo 53J sj e ik to her child were never more liarak With a wildly Waling bursting heart a receipt for tl Tenant Rent e quarter a rent O ah l gt uc last week GEG P o 3 WLIN gir l c 8CRGICAL AND MECHANICAL to thi 2 gt 3iyra 3ira B AN VIL L E KENT T ke OFFICE U apos p stairs over Mr J H Cold j 8ay Wall s Store Entrance on Main street box 18 53 tf 1 11 P want Squallingyot Hy otter apos apos repeated Al when alone with her li apos tle one She fhc hastened to her room and threw bert Leeman while nn lt xuivssiou of loved her husband and she loved her herself upon her bed and there she lay panpasstd over hia features j child and never did she knowingly speak for a longtime When her husband There look at that cried the wife a word which could bring a cloud upon catue up she wa sick and whenheask pointing to where her youngest child a a member of her household d her w hat he could do for her he girl of four years was just c inbing up And between these two sisters there said she would be left to berse apos f In a to the tea table after the sugat bowl was an estrangement Several times moment he mistrusted that she had Get out of that you little brat There Lydia had expostulated with Abby on apos heard some part of her father remarks take that Now let me catch you up account of her fractious treatment of and left her you re quick on the quarter day Mr Brown By the way did you know th it none of the doors in this house will shut Isuull rJ New house you know six Must have time to settle Tenant And so must I Mr Brown Good morning I Kxit landlord unpaid but unconvinced f gt a nil t o r l 3 56 tf 1JEWEY 3 41 apos there again Stop thaterying top it 1 her children and once she had even One day little Nellie loo d pale anu L n fr ttM orieii street 1 J You touch that sugar again and gone so far a to put her arms about her sick and cried a gr a t deal with pain apos W no 18 53 tf I ll give you such a licking as you won apos t sister s child aud protect it from the It was the youngest the baby Ab iiTiiinini WAnt apos n ther e rage and it unfortunately hap by wa fraction but she did not speak DEL JAMES HUNTER The poor child tried io vai to hush p ned that on that very evening Mr a hf aiy as usual 8he had tried to Y g aeterwineii to rsmaia io Dan villa and ebbing aud instinctively crept to Leman asked hie wife why she CQ ld j reform siire her father left a week le apos will devote his attention entirely to the fathers side He placed his arm n lt t be as kind and wild siWiri as her fore hut she allowed a spirit of anger praeties of the various branches of hit pro around the little one aud raised it to s apos stcr was Then added to this Abbv to come into ber soul on account of the f T nFFirF stair ver r Bndd apos s il n e apos aQ lt n more it red apos sbor y afterwards learned through a course he had pursued so her trial did vsrsmith Shop ill P the brick boilding nearly op d ed inflame 1 check where the JiiQ me Idlesome neighbor that her sister not amount to much When Albert uc po itv the Branch Uauk ther s blow had fallen was p apos H apos Jrvcd up had given her husband Albert some came Lome the child was worse and by aomething painted in the hall of a march 2 55 if J On the father e bdsom ad i C as to how he might best punish this time it had become so sick that the house and he chose the Isralitcs apos a q y Oh ye said the wife now you apos ll bis fractious w ife Thi capped the cli mother was sorry she hsd been so harsh i n r ov er t he Bed i ea He entrar A lx iiafl CJ A Mm pet the brat I d like to have you have max iu A IjbyV mind aud from that time through the day fithe uudersiguec would respectfully au have charge o em all dayc we d see there was no intercourse between the Mr Leeman wen for the doctor and A no a nee tli t lu has removed 1 apos how much patience you apos d have sisters when that man came he said little Nel gt ne door east of the Court House where he k would at lcaht remember the was One day Albert came home with the he f apos apos irlet lover All night the will to see hi ol customer and the public my child apos Baid lie somewhat reproach p Ca i ii intelligence for his wife that I little one suffered much and it cheeks filial tc 1 is ursscut stoek wliicii is larvs and 1 e her fatjicr would be there the uext morn i brow seemed on tire On the next in v rv denart ment I fact that they oung disposition may gain j D r and that he intended to settle down apos she grew woakcr and aieker then The term swell ha generally P V pL been applied to over dre ed geutlemer sj ug CiJi but if the ladies dresses go on expand Soups t ing at their present rate to ballooning U apos ll m if yon wo shall soon see the little boys run ct 3 ing after a lady who may be as broad vTr r as an omnibus and hear them crying 1HADL out lustily There got s a swell Ifl Il WINt Columbian Perftimery J t T received a full a ortmci t of llurri sna x celebrated Culnmbian Perfumery em bracing Extract for ih gt llandker apos Ui f assorted Flavoring Extract sisi ried Colopnea l ip Bairn Hair Oils To ih Powder Prmvdes Grsam f Besaty Hair Dye Preston Salt Lemon Rouge Maguvlis Tablet Shaving Gleam Shaving Cake Soap A apos A apos e Cull iu if 5 on want Ih h t Perfumeries al oct 3 UllNDELBOWER S made to order ily There goi s a swell tfll having ftongvp d jfsomo oflWl 1 1 m is r Vl apos be finest an Rd most V rxperi v A prntlcm ii hou h h J like r be prepared at ail times house and be chose the Ieralitcs pass TO MANUFACTURE TO ORDER ingoter the Red S a He engaged a G cnt8 Fi no Sewed and Pegged man for the job who went to work and paiuted the hall red Nice color aid X uc but where are the Israelites ll K a v r OR L16IIT apos pet the brat I d like to have you have max iu AbbyVmind aud from that time through the day au have charge of em all day we d sec there was no intercourse between the Mr Leeman w Mr Lcemai wenj for the doctor and when that man came he said little Nt I coinplete in every department WM M STOUT nbR tM if T 4 SHINDELBO WEfl tVholesale and Retail Dealer in Fiif Gficeriee onfpctionrrics A tl v runt Nut Preserve Pickte Oy co c tne liMband cwttlu say no camQi He wan an old man now u t spare my child spate ay child the scripture pupils whether the leopard cjtt q r Sardines cigar Tobacco He had often very of n t f j jxty with white hair and mild benev j frantic mother prayed upon her knees could change his spots Fancy 4 c Kc forej all thm before and lie had triet to 0 i e t l fH k f U11 lt 1 Abby was very happy The clock had just struck nine when To he sure replied Billv as prompt cent tor Grsru Danville ICy tpako his wifo sfi how much real an Her fathor told her he had finished hn Nellie raised her eyes and they looked as might be when lie s got tired of Loatiicr J r jiappioeks s io wfi making lor l crit lf j travels nud meant to settle down with j vory fctrange one spot he goes to another I pomptly attended but she would nut listen or if 1 gt P ld one 0 f his children for the remaindor i Mamma good mamma she whis o fl0 6tf tha iuiprcssion was not lasting Inact 1 0 f Lis day I pared kiss little Nellie Ml A libeller of the fair sex says rp viy x now muen patience you u have st ters when that man came he said little gt el ei hut where are the Isri I wou d at least remember she wa j One dav Albert came home with tin i h d be arlet lever All night the Oh they have passed over my child said he 6omcw hat reproach plca itur intelligence for his wife that j little one suffered mueh and its cheeks I fully and also bear in mind the sitnp apos e 1 lt gt r f a j ler WO u d be there the next morn i d l row vmed on fire Gn the next Have you Goldsmith s Greece fact that the young disposition may gain j n an j t at he intended to settle down apos l h grew weaker and sicker then asked a gentleman on entering a book all its impulse from the example it re with him and find a home Abby was Abby feared she might die Oh what store the other dav eetyes at the handB of the gmirdiau oestacies 8be loved her father for a thought No liH they have some Oh yes that s it Cf cotuse I am C was a Mtn gt nn i had ever been Sabbath night eatne and little Nellie 8 wo doors below a ways wrong And then Abby Lee hind to bis childien And be was had grown very white and thin duriug the indefatigable book mercl man put her apron to her eyes and be j wealthy too the whole day she had been calm and 1 Cf apos ii j Ou the following day Moses Gorham quiet Could she be dying Oh God tW A clergyman asked II K t V I OK LIGHT An l thii warraut tb in as to their fitting am durability Will also in a fsw days receive by express auother large lot of Comprisuijt th finest assuitmeat of t niter No ItM t Le v have some excellent Hoot n4 M pper ti or ti o t ever brought to Danville bears oil two doors below answered OHS K V ARRANT tho indefatigable book merchant jg if tW A clcrevman asked one cf his Hides and Leather bedying Oh God tW A clergyman asked one cf his spate n gt y child the scripture pupils whether the leopard ayed upon her knees could change his spots just struck nine when To he sure replied Billy as prompt I WILL p ty for good Beef Hides de livrrri al my Tsii Yurc in Danville 5 LrA odiqfi at gt d J apos atliw pwuipt apos y attended to in the beat style apnl I h 56 tf j cj ni vi v apos H apos kairssir mud Rrtmil Dealer ia poafectioneries and Candies Fine i rover its pnxiRTi ssAiiRYne Perfumery and Faiey Artirln if are and Tobnecat Hurt wad Cor dials Oysters Re Ac No apos 23 Main siroot cents lor Grsvu or 10 ceuta for Dry t lash or Leather Also tan ou the haivs S S MOORE o 10 T 6 tf foov 24 54 the had no patient u with her childien Oh of coarse you apos ll conic and 6t y The mother pressed her lips upon her that women are all alike YYhenthey i Rd the single ruffle of a moment vat w j ua Abby Sfid YYe apos ve got the child apos s brow and kissed her fervently are maids they are as mild as milk pure to make unhappiness for her Khe n ost room and arc the beat able to keep Mamma you love little Nellie and once make them wiv a and they lean loved her husband fondly and ber ctil you you love George and Mary their backs against their manugecer dreo she loved too She was prou lt of Alt my child returned the old man The mother could not speak Just j tificate and defy you them and for their comfort 4 would w jjh a sutile 1 am better able to keep then Albert entered the room J sacrifice any amount of personal can rnvsclf But I can tell you better about Papa pap one kiss for littlerNel V L What are you going to give me loved her husbanJ fondly and her ctil y OU you love George and Mary dreo she loved too She was prom of Aft my child returned the old man The mother could not speak Just them and for their comfort she would with a smile I am better able to keep then Albert entered the room sacrifice any amount of personal can m VSC if But I can tell you better about Papa papa one kiss for littlrNel venience Many aud many an bout of t i gt at a f lcr j j ftve been here a spoil lie Lov little Nellie always Lore blissful jqy qid she pass with her bus t j ie en d 0 f M week Mr Gorham George and Mary and love mamma baud when the sky was clear but a n f urU i d Abby and her husband that When Abby Leeman looked upon her cloud was sure to bring the storm For he lixd that day deposited in the bauk child the spirit had fed The little suf Danville Kf nt nxu inai uay uepoaueu in iuc u tua umu tuc i jm m years not a day passed that bad not seen iweuly thousand dollars in their name ferer was free from all earthly paia A some unpleasant passages between her an j that they might draw it as they One moment the mother gated upoa the a E IMC O V A Xa taelf and children aud she would not pleaded He thus wished them to enjoy broken casket and then she sank down DR J B WHITE understand that her very mode of treat a p art lt at i CMt Q f their patrimony j upon her knees and wept as though her fr amp r Cut my straps au H AS ri mortd bis ofti t th disposition bbc manifested bile he lived Of course the reader I heart would break Her husband knelt glory as DoW Jr said baUdiax second ar AF r Mf Wfj j he language he used was carely t a n imagine how thii amouaceiuent by her tide he placed loth hif arms kiwed a girl Ftg Drs Stcra i v gt c e their backs against their marriage cer THE IIOFHF and LOT tificate and defy vou JL ly ownad by Mr m M occupied by Prof Keasor vsry vaay Ursa and muck lm What are you going to give me leairabls property ia offered i for a Christmas present asked a trav of A II f damsel of her lover S 3 quot gt 1 tf I have nothiug to give butmv hum First of the S ble self apos was the reply c L h iTesh Oys TOWiN RESIDENCE FOR SALE I MM cot ATE roaVESSION Cl van 1 T RE1IOUME and LOT on 4th st lal ly own d by Mr Foster and occupied by Prof Keasor will ba tolj ou vary easy term and muck loner thauanv other leairabls property ia offered in towu Enquire of A U FLANDERS aug 1 55 tf Main street First of the Season Fifsh Oyslers F INE Fresh Baltimur Oysters received daily and for sale by Hie ran or dos n Also end let me go I Coro Oysters S rdior c apos when be first 1 apos o mept 26 T tf SHINDLLBOVVER S LATEST SVniS or fiu mvpi HOODS A W BARKER DRAPER ill TAILOR amp H AS jest rrcrived s fine va A A rlrtv ot very supstior and fata H iouable Tlk FALL AND WINTER JV W GOODS 11 J 4AsaiUbla for Geutlemen apos s Wear cotnp apos istug dot h Cnaaimt re mid Trot ittB Also a general axsortuient of tb latest ityles of Gent s Furnishing Goods Burli aaCrav ta Scarf U indkr rcbisfs Shirts Collars Drawers Sa pwadars Ac all df which he will sell on favorable term Purchaser are invited to call aud fxainiue bis stock All work ia the Tailoring line prompt apos y ex ecuted in the best stylo sept 12 5b tf THE PEOPLES BOOT AM Slim STORE Wholesale and Retail HI S H A ING taken the tand loriwerly occapied by F P Wuiiomko and tborougbly ren ovated it I am prepared to nccowmouato ail who want Boots and Shoes Mv stock is all new aud the aeaartment very complete Having beeu eugsgrtl iu the hu i net several gt ears it h is given me an opportu uity of knowing the BEST MANUFACTORIES And of tho e only I purchased my stock Their work 1 hive confidence in a it has always given the puichaser entire satisfaction end it list I always he my rule to have nolinug that I have uot found reliable from thorough trial Particular attention paid iu regard to keeping up the assortment in kiud and eisea TI1L l tHlKN w ill fiud a great variety of Gaiters Bools Buskins and Clipper Tlie Gentlemen can always be accommodated with hue sewed and p ggrd Boots Gaiters and Shoes IDavy work for Negr men and woiae Mister Boye Youth and Cbtl ren o Sboee of every variety aud quality Call and examine tor your olver and you will find that lb P o le Shoe Stoic n apos e place lt gt i Main street reariv apos pp nte tho Court House REPAIRING promptly attended to I io th neatoa uts iuer C E FARR NI gt N B Fountry Ilroler w Ml find me pre pared to fill all eider for Boots and Shoe of every lt le cri gt tiun on is good termoaa they esu purchase at Louisville or C m mnati t ir gt Leather nud Shoe t iuJm apos coustantlv gt u ha gt d C E F ept 5 56 tf N THE TRIBUNE TREMENDOUS FLOOD GREAT LOSS OK LIFE AND DROPEKTY Albaky N Y Feb 9 A tr oaendoua flood took place here last j Bight causing damage estimated to apos tount to millions ofdollai This city 1 during the night was the scene of the utmost on fuaiou both from hre and wa j ter Laborers were working ail night 1 vcwiox ing goods fr lt gt ni stores in the lower ptar f the city 1 he second nones were na it was thought they would be safe i but l l I o clock the water commenced rising rapidly and the workmen were ob liged to desert for their own safety The water continued using until 4 o clock lt his morning when it ranched the high est point Tba water is 3 feet higher than ever before known flooding the whole lower Tbo State street bridge has been rail 1 Mork apos mriR Anni ri A New IBUNE i ed several feat above the iron coin mu Orleans dispatch at dan iiOth says the forming its suppoits The Relief Com D 8 atoreahip Snjply Commander FEBRUARY G 1857 mittee is very active in relief in g the Porter has juat teen telegraphed at i wants of the destitute and senp houses the Southwest Pa e a from Smyrna with LOOD GRE AT have hern opened near ovei flowed din forty one camel ou boaid all of which ND PROPERTY kticu were brought over without difficulty T N Y Feb 9 n lt 1 in good health I took place hers last Bonnnow C r TY Cocbt Stock nage estimated to Sacks Notwithstanding the extreme D A NoKRol OINTERJKIT The fdollais This citv cold weather that has prevailed for some Frankfort Commonwealth of Monday i lt the scene of ibe llBie P 1SI l here was a large amount of spooks of having just been shown a new I Lh from hre and w a stock on hard Monday kfr ILb ler n nd very danger ous counterfeit on the working all night the prim ipal auctioneer reports about Bank of Kentucky 1 he note is a twenty a stores in the lower 7 JO bead of mule lt and near 1 2 00 iiaan of dollar bill letter B payable at the Hop e second stories were callle in market Amount of sales over kiosville Branch The defects by which hey would be safe 975 000 The pricn of mules waa well it can be most readil v detected are in apos jg Kiirv uonunvRcsd suatained although thetjiiAliiyjwas info the eyes cl M apos Knight and debater on he workmeu wereub rior Cattle did out sell a well a at the the two margins The eentral portion eir own safety The last Court We copy front Mr liibler e ol apos the vipnette is also very bad The ting until 4 o clock apos Bet the following aaiot bill wa taken at the Branch of the it reached the high 15 2 year old mules sold at 115 par Bank of Kentucky in Frankfort aud it T ICPII r r WELSH amp NICHOLS FOR SALE Candles at Louisville Prices Without the addition of carriugo Hav just received a large lot of STRIPE fl A A BLACK MOREHOO im JACK 1 T Wolb HTALMONH on oL2 gt AuLvmmA apos Y lt eu A meric a L gt aii fu I roca by Telegraph 4 years old and tho other quot HmhUSDU quot a beaulifal dappl gray very dark Di 1 bands high They can he seen at the stable of tho undersigned 2 mile North of Dauvfll ou Iho Dix River roail Good bargains can be had and on acconuno dating terms Col and ex gt mine for yourselves JNO F SPEARS jan 16 57 tf Now is the Time to Realize CREiT BARGAINS ful rotu by COTTONS k COTTONUIIS Ihabox ri Loui villa price T J SUINPLKBOWER jan 30 7 tf Fine Jack for Sale I OFFER r ale a superior YOING JACK four y sr old next dnflacL summer 15 bauds high was sired by Marengo M lurnoth will out weigh any Jack of hia ag I ha vs evor area and ia well pat up all aver JAS F tlLLESPlE jin 30 57 St Near Danville Ky For Servants Wear SHEETING S AIL WIDTHS IAV1II SHOES IN apos CONFECTIONKItlES A k SSi BY EXPRESS A Reasonable Notice head 4 do Sit I 27 da 124 28 do I gC 6 34 do 70 A c aarlmgs 20 head at amp 2 15 do 90 28 do at 60 Aic Colts 36 l ead at if 211 at 66 others w only after the closest scrutiny that TT being known that I it could be told from a genuine note j 1 me a partner theb c portion of tha city as high up as Green Colts 36 eau at 9t Jl at 9 lt gt b others ot aat Tka lower pari of Heikimcr to low hs 4 tine small jack at 692 tba 1st and Sdsiotics and Broadway 1 do 666 I Jo 160 title 2 year was floodad liouo the Exchange to tba old G6 head at 3J 45 at 34 40 at 33 PUBLIC SALE Dalewara llouae The stores and cellars 1 amp lt yeaihngs II head at cj others as n iha west tide were filled with water low gt 5 Horses I aged stailion All tha streets between B oadwav and 3 60 Gelding aud marea from 200 tba river were natigated bv boats A to 5 gt Urge uu b r of caulo were drowned The demand for money waRjreaterthan At 3 o apos clock ire alarms were s u tided it bas been Negotiable paper wasreadiiy in vatious parts ol the cityadd ing to tii taken however all 0 9112 per cent We terror of the sceue Warren dr Son apos s noticed a great disposition to invest ia j buddings on Broil w tv Gibson Al Dal stock 135 was lefusad for Deposit I T being known that I hav in buainoaa with me a partner the b ce rity exiila that all my individual nrcnunls khoiild be at one seMled up and ill o apos d hook laid a ido I therefore o licit all who have open accouuU on my books tn com forward and square up I hope none will neglect this r a aaable uoliet J C McKAY jnn 93 57 tf An extra xrtment of ton s planting mill Barren apos s warehouse Bank ef Paris stock Mr Babbit ana and the pier all being in flames at the gent of tho Sots ern Pacific Railroad apos id cVK j Is apos is ij f Valuable Property j j c mckw Ate yearlings II head at c3 others as raijiK undersigned having dissolved partite low as 15 Horses 1 aged stallion J ship will ell la tha biirheat biddrr aiWimvatma 360 Geldings aud marea from 200 Cn Tnecday Kffth 3rd 1857 acaBT apos Xlifirf to 5 a r apos n ATT nr T A 1VT T T WOULD re p cifullv iuform my oW frwad apos The demand for money was greater than A 111 All UI LA 1 apos KP ic that I b ve uh aiaia part v ns hip Mr Gxoar r VrNm t and the bn iue It has been Negotiable paper wasreadiiy j In Lincoln rounty iinmmUlely on lb turn w j e real ter he conducted hy th hrm o taken however all 0 1 2 per cent We I apos k d leswng from Danvillo io Ilueiou McKay A Me Neill ilaviag trad tin chang noticed a g 1 apos dispoattion to inve t ia apos llr t ro apos quot f J f A M r r apos U e 1 wl ia my busme l twirelo svlile up my o d ac Kk 114 lu a f r 11 ii 1 r 2 iW udtt lU k f l gt n iiool MrlUIO il n Contains about 273 Acres are earne tlf r qu Ud la call sad set He either Kaua I ail Itocit Mr ltat bit an a m bv cn h or note without delay Lo g r ta lent of tho ou nern Pacific Railroad of hoh eucloaedhy good fencing 0 J canilot u iT l d u l u I WOULD revpocifullv inform my old frienJ and the apos pubhc that I have taken into part ns rhip Mr itoir VrNiitt and the bn iue w i hereafter be conducted by th tirm o in my busmens 1 centre to nrltle up my o d ac count itnuirdt jtely Tho indebted to m reearnenllv r queried to call and nettle either by e h or nolo without delay Longer in dulgence canuot b given ami should uot be J C McKAY luapwi oviwg in uamen a v ic V a rr m whtat nd uiont ot the rmi ue u gr a j Ume all owing to the slackening f sMd rv large air oRtil of the 5 per caul The inpr m l to are good a new CotUge P cle4 c McK AY of lime In consequence of ihe height ol stock tjono goraUmen ruhncriliad as Building gcod Bi rn a r u ieriar Spring and gt 56 tf ike waierltwas impossible to get the high AS l VJU shAiO VarU Ky lt y pm hoa bewdea eng ne t lb 6i vbtMofote the ft emcti 4 h A jNit apos i Tan Yard proceeded in b al with buckets and Centsiaiug tO Vate a fhrp ad ecwmadioan II y T D i D T D U U fl P M U I V u c r o4 1 gt lt sk w w 1 T t w h rr T rr i apos c UfiolKnoLA riurfiiii kuildtags in which Umy rgmaiea the Submarine Telegraph ia rona il l d place very tapnior A i la Oithard wall a AT 5 ATTPTTAM Ti e propeller W estera Ol Id took nio we shall so tha following le apos ulls grow J bum 900 free tmkn ciug the bent varietire ol j J X jj ul and wrs sunk W vnnaa nv rn TnuitM Wlien the Submarine Tidegraph is eom lel d A jNk apos c Tan Yard Centaiuiug rn Vale Fhrp nuc ernrmodiou Hnrk Mted in el ert evriy ihii g nrcioenry fori th Tmiu i ug I uniii re 1 h r i l o upcu the place very tuprimr Ajq le On hard with t LADIES K 11 GLOVES All nizi n aud colors A largo variety of Broneela Velvet and Ingrain h a y Rugs amp c For gt al vtav cattr Cotton Taros Batting amp c Tho largo and bo t lot of AXES And gives hi friends this information That he alill apos emaiua at hi old ataiion Aud carries ou hio lormer trade u Notions good as e er were made Come rich eeme poor come grave and gay My stock is good I boldly Cheaper by twenty per cent rot Cash Than auy other kind of trash I apos ll be content with little gain And take my pay in Cash or graia Call at my store and take a look Aud view the accounts that are in my book A merry New Year to you all My frieude both far and near May Kortuue amile upon yon all My euntomereno dear La t year you oft called at my store My candy cakes and toy to buy I still will keep them a before At prices far from being high T J SHIN DELBO WEIL jan 1C 57 tf A S the Junior Partner of our house intend removing to Louisville by the 1st of Feb ruary we w is i all persons owing u by note or acrouut to come forward and settle without Luther notice w B MORROW A CO jau IG 5C tf In mmiiwmi throe barges aud two tugs were sunk Kxchanga of London I as canal warehouse on tho poors are tn j S quoiatioi iitaved in the floid making a hieae j di SO g t61 n by our me through them Four hundred cattle ai r tfalar kuainea Lou Evat Albany ware drawnad Alao many Any i m porlant apos apos wiove horsec which were stabied at the loaet i n i ar i iamenl mlk y i pari af ibe etty evening cf tr santi Three wrecked houses passed down th nlJ llt ot Cinrinm morning from above Twa men were on j M apos no g gt ai d u T a ntiinighi will find the root of one of the house European collragitea at work with lite The Hudson Rivei lUi road iaengn ph j gt UBin ier tun already several hems on his ed The New York Lenirai dtito j jyrney lo the West The trains are landing passengeison the J apos J apos r u 1 v we live in a eaisairts wl liie city No tiaius hence lt xpn 1 nt of nine o Ai noon ibe water was rising a ain A maT bo kr publit meeting was called tor li o reGel before ihe hour af ik l the suflerera At noon thera was the fc ball have maiked it lt g a tost excitement Several alarm of f tr4 y 0i uc t j fl i a were aoantied I amities fruit ti e tw n v votrs a o n flooded districts wore landing lion it ovrrv dav apos a transact boats at the post o flic steps The wa worthv a ter is still rising 1 he lumber districts re overflowed The city of Troy is nearly oveiilowed f apos ml the btidres in danger The bridge N Urk IimaM t from up the river floated down against 1 j rna is distreaeed tk Troy bridge I lh6 f lh Ti e freight depot at Greca Isiaad was 10 e quot fc quot quot apos l lt burned by slackening lime Ail trains 1 P IO P pr lt r apos i are stepped and busiaessautirely saspen e l wo shall si e the following lesulis grow I n apos 0 tr s mbnxii g the best varieties ot ing out of ihedttfaiem ebeiwevntin cin the f ru t I l o l so apos great English metro polis and in the far Our Stock Crop SlC 8lC West of the Enitod Stains The Stork Consisting of 4 h d of llnr rn a frw fin It i rumered that seveta lives were reai English metro polis and in the far st in Barrett s Twelve canal boats i West of the United gums The Stork Exchange of London will hare cl apos sod Woo lt i d C uttle and Rfcrrp SO head of and ihe laet nuotatiotis will be readv for kMU a iW ka la of Nerd I On a quot t soul lt ora in tli cnl atwo borse asoa diecHSSton by our merchants before their aild H rn c Ac regular buainesa Lour have eomnaecred XrBMi or Saui The Uad will b sold lor Any important mAvemeut taking place one tlnrd rs li m baud th knlauc m on aud in Parliament m v l e known to us on tk lt v am w hu ut mt ree apos th Stock Le on evening r f the uae day The gni 4 mo ib the pur h er gmng bond night of tho Cincinnati Teiegraph Clerk JAMES JENKINS THE nS eriher intending to re mov from the State will E b hi I B Mi i lt t n as H U Arson apos s Brick Comer with approvsd sacurily JAMES JENKINS Oil ARLES YEI3ER Lincoln ce feb G 57 Ida A very large slork TOO BOX ns XK Ju t received a lit f HI u J apos rnly we ltv in a great age whea the p riot D uhlf refined Cast Steel Ax F moveaienta of nine o apos clock ia the East e gt Kentucky Pattern for sal by eni citi may he kr own ia our owncity i GEO W COLLINS before ll e heur f the M Ml MtffWMB I f lt gt t gt 6 aha l have markad its arrival on the d i ll apos s pgT THA l r J u tmAmi mm mm fare Yal such th impossibility of IV liter of CvfTrey s Talent flame ard Rat twenty vaars ago ia nrw the event of Trap rslrulaud to receive and fBtmp the everv dav a transaction and is scarcelv rn f J fob b GLO W COLLINS deemed worthy a second th lt ugkt j VDD I id Skillet Andiron Trace Chains 1 r r v Ham Miovel nd F pedes I cot Sera Ro M hro R 0 I Inc res In per Sad Iror a Jrois CtfTee roaster New Y apos ork Tim s ays a Bos apos en medical land Mills Brass Kettle Toilet Ware Kaucy journal ia di tr d ta kt aw where all urt t s h hox Cs t Steel Hav and Manure h jr du t th J die th l i U l K AT THA Hr Ju t received n assort iner t of CefTrev s Faietit f gt me ard Rat 0n T c r VL 18S7 SUGAR AND COFFEE On the premise at II o apos clock A M offer at l ublie Hal to the higheal bi ld er I a very Urge slock THE PROPERTY In which he now roaidea siiusted ou th north east corner of Broadway aud Kouith atrrot Danville Ky 1 lOO BOXES Aoa roaven apos ealand ccnafortabl Family Res idence it posse advantages not always lo STAR A TALLOW C ANLfLES be found Tbo bouse ia of brick two aturies high aud built ia good alyl and contains six rooms besides closets and w ll Anished room in th basement olorv On the lot are r vsnt apos a r lt si ainoke Uoua wool bouao stable T b her w lh gt f uooal largo and full ico hnuee bilk konaa fl jwsr pil with auperiot apos r quot rv gt i roc riea I as ai d convrnieucso a well of excellent water a ca n apos t L 1 tern Ac Ac 11 in goad order c FLOOD IN NORTHERN ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN Ch apos caoo Fab 9 j Th Mvere rain or Friday and Samr dav produced a treiuandaua fr oh t a thccoanlry w i aud north Owing ihe damage l tli telegraph liacs and the dealruclioa of railroad bridges we at unabi to g V a full ra puri ot the Dim of life and property At Aurora od Friday night lwt lt bridges across ho river a saw aciil j a planing mil a carnage factety atid large UHUiiiite of lumber weie waehed w y It tt feared that aoveral lives w r last On ii apos urdav morning at it saui place the Chicago Burlington and tig tincy Railroad bridge was destroyed Two bridge were reported debircyed al fl ta via Geneva and 6t Uhmies each Oh h ridar evening tke Rot k Island j Rai i gt ad bridge near Joliet full with a freight train ilonia a bridge o tk aim read iseatirely gon Th iarg bridge of iliu Chicago and Hutlinglna Railroad across Bureau rivei auov d iO feel Hoi d ro d The Crileagfr and Milwaukie Kadruad 4 gt idg across the north branch wf the Ck ug gt river i reported gon aud also p rtivna of lit track atilvd away K vwru culverts ami ht dgca on tk now in a satoa are to find laaalior g It apos isn t a pioper tVing to wcriy about jr Th ra is great deal ol land yet uncultiva j JOk 9 IB C t J aud thera ar no belter practical LL Ibose incebtoo to th gt ubacrib r are ear 1 fatmaiathaa men wh hav graduated at neatly requested to call and setil tk ir first claai medical school They ai in 7T cU d M lh Ut o J f apos rch V c l J e farth r at I need monsv and I hope that all th chemistry of agriculture and if they Wl n c gt nd my up gt aJ apos in dcin they wUI have enj iyed a year of mediaal praotica I grwitly oblige oa the iounda of th ir coua r precept GEO W COLLI NS Gta th y aro quite apt to gt contented fkAICQ KA O R A KJ lt C paafur will be furnished Jcnncla from a flia And ttlwas us wh l n oaey is to k IVI U rltj M O Unce ratir and rain fed if r q gt e ted on raa 1 T ni pflrtftnt tiQ PllTCllBSCrS made on farm apos PoUtoes lUt it coal P a in Q I n u xai i n v tormo Great care will i gt o ukeu to pro igbtCCR pence IO ta a selling at doi L t 111 l I C i ID 1 II l r vr nt cc dont ar cape but no l obil ty should Ctih or Country Prodoct lar a bashel tarnipa that cJ t almosl e th or happen 1 F have concluded from this tin f jr I v w ward to do business exclusively on lb a thing aaliiiig at ouir igeoua rates cat Number of Puptla limited to Twonty Fivo Description and Pedigree CASH STS I EM We ahetu ih will not iw ltnabs sliaep going higher erv u v iv bo an dv ni to us but to li wh gt d i week if a mao makes up hia mind that 1VT V s f rip 0 quot Wl l j apos M u kn w w can sff rd to sell our i 1 1 ojiea on tka Second Monday in tebruary I with mealy non h is ov r ifc sni j ri r ie 4kc f r a le a gt rr fit fur Cash or the ha aa be honaat we do t raa ly know no t apos j high W lhout rt e and 0 eme great Isngll p r cl ol ke esmn r haa weTaa ll r vaui apos a ro lt ms amak houso wool koo able quot h 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miles west quot HfB or UDanvill Hew llbopermil edmtfl CHAS HALLOWELL Sc CCX to serve a frw Jennets at Seveuly Five l ol gt lar te insures living celt aud Twralf K T All orders thankfully received and Five Hollars for each Jeuuet ent that f l promptly attended to to breed or bring adend colt Good blur grass jauJ J lt Im pasture will be furnished Jennets from a dis tance gratir and grain fed if r quested ou res Important to Purchasers prompt customers WELSH amp NICHOLS jau 23 57 rfB geo c bain Formerly of Lexington Ky Would hiudly inform hi cld friend aud ac quaintances that he is now located at 113 Market st Philadelphia lu the extensive Wholesale Hat Cap and Straw Goods House CHAS HALLOWELL amp CCX t T All ordere thankfully received and itoimiig sailing atoatrvgoau rates cat J nunat gt ror ruptu limited to Twenty Fi Description and Pedieier A I ISS MORG AN S Spring Ke mon will lt R K AT WESTERN it a b autiTu rn n makes uj h a mind that 1 n on tlj Second Moada y iu Febraary Black with mealy a M H is over IS I h must be hon st we dtin t raaliy know a xt apos i high without shoes and oo e e great lei where a li iog is to be got amp chaap anil TERMS large noo and powerful mua l he will h 3 s gi od ax nafarni If tba young Juvenile C las per tesaiau af 98 waoka 14 00 f L r Y 1 V quot hv Ba aa d T r s f mi r g l npoa that provisions will It cheaper p DI0r u JJ IldSpouad fl leek the cup at Leu Freuch Hj or gt Farie Emin uce aud Ih uis iII bc t ug liATt K AND FaVi KARLE rtou Wxr l BEMARKS kicking aut all lh b t Juck of Kent Latkr and Favorable fbom Wal KFB The following if a despatch dated Th Juvenile Class will u t exceed aiertT New Y ork Feb 5 and will cousist of pupil whoso atlaiumeuta will prociod the ueceMity of foruuug more By information received through Jen h n ou clas Caztii apos HU from a gentleman who arrived r vnt or Guaruiana intending lo place on W eduendav morning via Havana i h apos ir r quot S quot M se M cre y and instruction will confer a favor bv doing irom California it appear that w Let be SO at or near th com nencemonl of the session was at Sail Juan on the 21st ult be lh classes will then b organized aud hence stopped there for a few hours and had gt quect entrance will produce dvruuge a conversation with Mr Feott the Nic apos quot VisnviMe j n SO 57 3t nra riii Trannit Co agent who inform ed hiui tiiat u steamer in first rate coo A FINE STOCK ditiou was about to start up the river ov with between two and tbr e hundred Confectioneries men to take possession of tha fort held Fine Groceries lingua road wei apos Ja rv gt jed and tl etalcg y tho allies about two hundred miles jwph wa wa kihg w i ou th aaruo niy i u r 5 apos J ratio 1 General Ca zseau tjitfnrniant also had TERM Urge La o Md powerful muaclo ha w H tw J hc tt iu cremt sysiem Thuoowbuwehavedo r lesaion of SO we as 14 00 apos apos uro old u unt nexl II wa sirrd jv mg iih w ill be charged our raoh ratoo with IK 00 lt apos i ta th lergxwt Jack in Keulucky aud prub gt t UfcWr r lautling that w settle every four J800 ahlv the larg wt iu ih world J moo h tbo e x th lim w get er u it u ara M ao on J pouuda H took the cup at Lcxiugtou lof g lt w e tt buy ou liiuo tV e can but Iw 10 00 P r t ud apos ui i lo hc l ug and lhm4 hu arrungeiucot will be perfectly EM ARKS i bickiug out all Hi beet Jack of Keulucky H ul f c 0fy our ru oinero ia will u t exceed hut Bueua V sta w e e red by imported Mammoth Our pr aeat stock of GRACKRIK8 Ac Ac A FINE STOCK or Confectioneries Fine Groceries Fruits Preserves Ac Just received by J C IIBWEY jan 30 apos 57 Par Eminence aud Imui vill beat ug and ir hm4 ibiw arrangeiocut wiU be perledly bickiug out all lli k gt t Jacks of Ksoluckj to nil our cu t outer Bueua Vista w aired by imported Mammoth 0l r r gt lork f GKOCKRIK8 At Slc Jmrk T r quot n l or d Kcuiucky Tl rf POm gt Ut mitti it j wr kMMkll Ht wr Great Western dam waa a Uu large Jennet llwiv k ep fu J ampl ofee of th Hickman stock Hi uam graodnm ing in our line M e solicit a continuance sire aud grand tire were all black of pal roii ge Irom our old rustmner aud all Person w siting to raise large stork or l av whrt w h tu purrhww t n rriea on ihe cash iug large J nneto of Mor ngo Porter or Black prlDclp e t U r owMilr t poMtble proli apos Sampan stock would do well to give him a McKAY Ai McNKlLLE call I think him one of th hn st larg Jocks apos 3 j in Kentucky aud that his gra id sir imported apos Msrnmnth has done more to mere th a 1X0 np apos apos the Jack stock of K ntncky than all the Jacks Tnrnrvilra NaH xo ever imported into Keutucky A liill IMOLlCe D A KNOX 1 v uu order o the Board of lh Dan ill and BovI co jan 30 apos 57 if llu lonvilio Turupik Road Company t Ii r ill gt of Stock pn l tu tho Slock holder ut ll o Central Hnrk at Danville lira Minis dec 12 5 tf JOHN M SNEED Farmers and Mechanics A number of canal beats were sunk and destroyed and it is feared that acver al ateamh ai ar lost b v ral bridges were carried of apos in tbo Hi Joseph and K i ammoo river in kii i L igan Kentucky Bears T he Somerset Gazette say We learn that the hibernal retreat of j three bear has been discovered within Knob Land for Sale ML DO 150 a lt in k aal h 1 apos 1 suit lt uniissrrs Ivmf I mil from Ihiuvillo aud uo mil fruiu th Kuob l i lt k very y ol IllOlilillltEi lUilii ilii I t i hiltuirtphta Authorised Capital 1 250 000 Assets 408 151 13 a l u atoch Mho 1 IP U U U A wl hs uip apos o l g lt m lt l ar i gt rk men and in apos vtitl Assets 408 151 13 that Ins work hall uni oacollod eithor iu n v slc l iu Itond Mnrtgrtgca and nod sl gt I s gt p r n lt or quality by any other ahop krniritirs IU th pi e GENT S FINE BOOTS PROTECTION y A apos wo on baud mode I order la th h st Loss gt y Fireljilli IpU HllnH llp M r BRlI M IlM i r af y ilt i i mIimm MiAttufuc lured t wr r Art you Iaiurr4 dsainst Lois by Fin If l o f lit pultln patronage apos h r aro but few who r ceiv sympalhy I HAVE ju t wcciv d and an ww op uiug 1 a large aud lurry auperio atockof Groceries Hardware Queens ware die amp c Which I w ll sell l w roa cs ta orexchang lor Pruduco YY S MORROW i jan 16 57 Al WANTED 500 K g I ird T0 00D Pounds Baroa o OOO I ottnds Kap W S MORROW jan C 57 tt BATTER TON ROUSE 111 I III i SALE STABLES SMITH FIELDS WOULD respect urge aud rouwuieut Stax apos and i now pr pared lo carry on th Livery and Sale Busin iu all its various b auvhas II h s now a fine I lock of HORSES kUSGIES amp KICKS to it I IiE By lh day or we k Partvcagera arriving iu auy of th St g r H V conveyed tu any part of heeo unrev w vaMnabl terms It ihors kept by lh day wr k or month aud Horses bought aud sold when desired I will also sit m to the breaking of Horses to ha mere or the nadnla Having secured me scrvicss oith well knowu nestier Jon Davaxcnar aod micnc irg u give my persoual attention to apos the busiuc ail whoj favor me with their pvtrouag may rely upon having h ir orders srtondvd to ru tie best maauor 3MITH FIELDS Danville jan 9 apos 57 tf Fine Watches I HAVE received from tha Im po r a few very two Magic case l Jb J elf wirnier and Setter Independent necoud hand Chronometer Baiiance Railway Fimo Keepers Ac fi aer ever were brought apos O thio mark WATCH CLOCK amp JEWELRY REPAIRING n A ING taken under my own control this dr itment of iu v establishment ami ob tamed thu services af Mr Snsbhsbu from the house 4 Kamaev A Bro Louisville who has had thirty years raperivuce ut h a t ads auu who will have cumpvleu asoxstauco I am pre pared lo have all kiuds of VYatrh work aud Jew elry do a Silver War made Engraviug Ac deae iu superior order J B AKIN dec 26 apos 56 rf WOOD WOOD I JI KSi apos N S wsntiag good sressard H od j will phase leave their orders at the Far 1 liters rofrry Charles Hendersons brick corner apos jan 16 57 4t IV S MORROW 1 apos ISB BBS 6 III FOR SALE H AVING rented out my shop I have re moved inv stock of F NE BL T GGIES to lh ttore rooin lt 4 joining Weslheiford A Lee apos s Locery where I will be pleased to sec all who may dteire to purchase th finest and best Buggies evsr huilt in Danville U REPI R1NG of all kinds done lu the best inunuer ou short notice FINE BOYLE FARM FOR SAXiE n AVlpfG delermined to remove to a noth Stala I ff r for aal THE FARM a which I now rvftit j inf 2 miles ouih af f r ry villa unmedi itely ou the turapiko road lead ing from Harrouaburg to Lebanon and withifl three fourth of mile of the Danvill sad Leb anon turnpike It coutams About 200 Aeres of Land In a high state of cultivation all fenced uad supplied with an abundanc ot never failing water The Improvernenie are first rate am bracing every convenience for a family resi dence and farming purposes I will also soil About 200 Acres of Knob Land Finely Timbered aud lying convenient to thw shove tract The trrrna will be made reasonable sad per son deairiug to purchase good Keotookf Farm ia au cxcsljvut ueighbo rbood ar invi ted lo call as I am dotermiu d to sell G S CALDWELL j n 9 apos 57 4 Family Residence for Sale f CHE undersigned offers for sale the HaaM i and Premises at present occupied hy him in Danville On the Lol ar two of th he l Cisterns iu Iowa sad all necessary Out buildings Stable Carriage house Slc a nod au Indian Mound one of the few remaining re lic of that interesting racs which baa been ra lig lously preserved Aa the Lot ia large considering its vary can v vine ut locality to the cmtrr la ia i it wi l booividod so a to suit two or three purcha sers A bargain will b given iu aithar pnrt H will sell alao a Pour Acre Pool aro Lol Mtuated near the Railroad Depot well ea closed and having ou it an everlasting supply of first rate water Persons deeirons of purcha sing such property will do well to call early A lot of Building Materials Brick Aten Flooring and Dreaoed Wsatharboardiog for sale THUS R J AYRES doc 26 56 If FOR SALE JF amp JL 1 HAVE for sal a apos first C apos jw wt yrkt tlor e and Hos ka y way The Horae is vary gaa t apos e and well broke to harnras fcaa be drives bv a child and of fine size aud color Tha Kockawny is excellent and nearly aow L will sell them tog thor or separately oa ac commodating terms TiJOS R J AYRE3 oct 10 apos 56 if GEO NICHOLS WATCH MAKER A1S 9TXIIT UlmU ET fdft THE uudereigned would raa pectfutly inform tho public that Wfl Al a left tho Jewelry Estab Jm k apos tab meat ol Mr Joha B Akia quot and locate al tha stand next door to M tggener a corner where hr intend to carry on the WATCH MAKING BUSINESS And hopes by good workmanship sad strict attention to buaiuaaa to merit a portion of lam public patronage apos TrT f gt rtlc ul r attention will ho paid lo th REPA1RING of ail Fine Watch each so Chronometer Duplex Rack and Detached Fscap niente All work doze by him wa BAMTkD to giro satisfaction or the mousy re funded He will also have all kinds of Jiwu Br Repsi bid in the best style Living had fifteen years apos experience satisfied apos hat he can pieaaa ail who may him a trial geo nicholb dec 12 apos H tf N E W STOcTk mckav amp McNeill HAVE juat received a Nrg axi jS vn varied stock of FAMILY I KOt K h R I EH Ci apos QIlAtn tB na P 1 af I Km f ml juJ flL 1 H ct DPiAi u g n p rl th f l quot lowing articles N O Crushed and Powdr d Sugars Rio and Java Code Green and Black Toms Syrup 8 H and Plantation Molaasoo Mackerel aud White Finn Star and Tallow Canute Rico Pepper and Spices Fresh aud Preserved Fruits Fresh Cove Oysloroand Sordino Cottou Yarns Wrought and Cat apos Nal apos nt Wooden IV illow and Step War Ac A W also keep eoosiaully on hand a good sapply ot apos Flour and Meal for saio at tha maikat plica for Caah only Purchasers ol Groceries ar invitnd apos to sail aod see our stock aud learn our prices before buyiug elsewhere McKAY A NEILL ov 2S apos 56 tf T HARNESS PkSLkk IN Italian and American Martin Danville Ky monuments TOMBS an d s J kind ef Grave stone furnish to order in tb boot stylo an at lew ate Solicits tbo patronage of ail who ay need anything n his line X T amp Uop on Mam street ne r tha Central ft nev 148 apos 56 gt p Danville jan 9 apos 57 A B GRUBB ol apos tug of waa t uer on Saturday night con ltd hied lii fionf Bg ice feid lb river ts now lailia f Tka vaxteis are cwunidarud ai of danger Tha totfel damage to lh Chicago Rur i a U n and Quine j Riiir mdii is animated ai oua bundled thouektul deiiara the pleapaot art I PENCILS AND PENfft Y Ol D au lt l Hilvir Pefenlo fefed I th Pi h A bill I Wo m lun d b th unuilto on 1 afenla of the House for I im J n aNIN apos M Th totfei damage to th C hicagri Bur counuittce on J atente of the House tot igW a and Quincy R iiiroada is aii r at d the conversion of tho Patent Office into J oua uridt d thou aiul dailatk urate depart meat with bureaux ip connection with il Should thin bedonc Aih t 1 at 10 Tbc water receded il woo d 10 the Agricul ExoidarnlxlY a t nnht tout ie attll apos rv 1 gt ir l Cierkehip of the Patent Office in 1 ccDoid rnl ly a t mght tout i tttil arv fcigK No mail h p been revived toy t c Hudson nrer liatlroad lllOH 1 kices M eesra Hunter amp j It i r parted that l o per p n the Lanttoom of this city lu t full bought foleud appcaite the city hr ve perished j tract of land in Buchanan county al j fit John Church i a b en nousiy 26 per acre During the preaent week 1 da g d by the fleoj which ripped up hey old the saute piece of land for 60 j p per acre clearing 4 000 in the trunaac j Much suffering Itas bean occa ton d tion They attribute their good lack jtewa Much snffering Las bean occa ton d font wa ut of drinking water All the water pip im tha lower part of ihu city ri i lt L r frt r n or aubmv rged L r a u niili of grain a red in the nicond fk ora of aaral ousc hate bcetij t B f d by lh water rto i rig above llfept apos non iney attnoato tnetr good lack entirely to the HaBoibal and 9t Joseph Rathoad whiih runt through Buchanan cor ty L Jti gU gt a Mo L tpr tt XT To marrow is 6t Valentin IVe quot a r apos jan 38 57 i u yt J n akin apos m CLOCKS REPAIRED f A I l KHONH bsviog I lu k JEl orrter ro have them rep rod uh mkofl l Lm notice by leevifeg tli tr e l ill nd lo their retries t fey einiiug im thou Um k I H AKIN apos S jew 30 6 1 If Jewelry Eelsblwbrnefel NEW STYLE PRINTS A large v nrty gt gt i u iyu lt an fl all hantJe apos ime ami rheop el WELSH At Nil llulA Clover Seed F OR ealo at jan 30 WELSH A NICIIOI WHEAT WANTED fj If j kfltllFL Wheal VMlel for UiAJ which ta market prlr will ho GENT S TINE BOOTS 1 PROTECTION A 1 too mono order ia th h t Loss by FirelS Ifllm Hliufi ti M r awllwtw briI U liaa J HUnf fitly iimIiwm MiAttufmctiftred to anior 1ft v o it laturrd ksaintt Lois by Fire It Im iU a li e f Mi pablx patruaage 1 apos fiero ar but few who receive sympalhy Mil will spar n p rn lu ali l tie lo w u acur loa by neglecting tluv moat mrtrton all life viluHinr rf xuil tobolomliol pr lt ulion We often see it JullN M UNFED anii iu iiceU that pereoue liar lost their stock Danville fa 3MI i7 If of GeeWs Forai are ami the result of year ef luilualry swept from them by Ihe devouring n r Q 1 111 1 over which they ha m no coutrol x UNFED Commissioner apos s Sale K Z m by 1 quot I im M s Mill If U u gv r u n ywi 1 r tt 1 y i 1 1 mm I apos iif iflf ttr of icrvialt ind the cssttnllies ol fl m lla fl lt iH Mtt Htil ml IliHst ors m Ms A gt uefiioM fu sola by r r It w ll import coufideuc lo i A apos crmlUar o i five thferacierof pru IMS 0Vi I Mitl Ulorolhol a i i l u v dour aod prrcaut onto il your bueiucs trau ur prolwh you front the incendiary WELSH Ar NICHOLS virtu el the iu lit tela t lt ndered i A ugusl I apos erm I I will holurellvel tail b MMetlour In I nil lt m M 4 r ibiH it in iaai v n te euNf lt ur I da I MS r at lal lt Itl Is Ibe blgbaol Imlilvr Tim Triu apos t of Laud lu If apos p liliutt IM fell quot Med CONTAINING 31 1 2 ACRES aid loud rliatto Ifebu Millet feud Jamca IImIin Iu Mu I euunly vsJ gt of lire beat talttf l g n i ti u l i sad ta s gaud artgh hnHknvd Tt ar thin U 1 ha sold M a credit f 4 IV i a M f uM Aot of sale ia equal raptMiai sad feoo ta tv Mb vo t aeeartiy hat lug i bo l ri of i rigw t WiU b r quired of the UMie b eee II HRUCE C TlV Jan 91 37 Id 1 OCltOBO It r gt qoireo bat very tm li ivm to insure in S m rsugiog Irorn f I Ml to ft 1 000 aud yet how ittauy there aro who hxvo uo lusitntuce upou r apos seda ForoUott or any thing else If your Stuck ia sutfe I sUll it loss lo you might be serious THIS C apos Mf apos ANT DCrCRES ItMitdiags Mrrcbaadixe Goads Furni ture Machinery and Mack FROM 1 00 TO 95 000 At tbo lowest rate aud upou tho moot liboral terms sad rmoiirr rsraaar oa th adjuotmout ot km lies Toon B Flobbhck Pratt Enwxin R Hblmbo d rt rjr John Tmomxso y Gim f Snprr 1t JOHN B AKIN Jifrut ao N 6 U DapriJa Ky HOIO OJM f I K subscribe r iutends winding up his bu S sines in Danvill as soon as ponaible aud inform these indebted ta him that he may be found al ail times at hia aid stand and wishes them to call and eltl now Ha thinks there are more delinquent Urod Mem some Women lo ou his book than are to be found on those of any merchant in Dauville This slartliug fact he cannot even pretend to account for ami doe not consider himself responsible V apos italb apos er it ia n riglueou i judgment upou thus who long neglect the Ours lt gt u indulgeut Creditor lt Ilia they shall net live out hail apos their dayr on fbmg is eartaia that it i unlucky to let ac counts run too long and as the undersign would much rather nettle with Principals then tnoir Executors or Administrators ho hopes I Bono will neglect this notice as oth rwi e their xccouuU will bu placed in the hauda of collec tor 11 has observed that Good lock always attends apos is w ork when paid for ol once sod ho Inform jug his Friends that he will Jevot himaslf j rloeeiy to Ncpairiug Watches Kii graving Ac until farther notice I ou the iiiulaal accommodation prinotple N i person cau Work all day and Writ all night and do justice to hi Folrono at the same tune i aud as it ia so much Easier Quicker ai d Cheap er to nifeks the ohaog now thau to Writ Re write end go forth lo euilect accounts hs will Lsreaftar da bosi on the Cash System ex j elnaivoly m A hoar aotns snoar uiont of Watches JevalHi ftc it ORT i tiOS R J AYRES n c Id 28 tf a PLExr gt ir TOWN RESIDENCE FOR SALE I A M desn eus to sell st private sale u s very OCR It A HLK K KM1 DFk C E on Bread wav iu Danville at present occupied by Mre Gill The House w of brick bandsomeky anu Conveniently built with 7 rooms gooa ceha kitch d smoke house ice house stsbla Joe all iu excslieut repair The heaae baa just been nnwly papered and painted The Lot contaius about an aero and n half of groanu well set in Fruit Troee aud Shrubbery wrtu an excellent garden There is upon tba lot a good cistern and well affording a never failing supply of the best water Person wishing to purchase oo of the bane somesl residences in Daavilto are invited gt w look at this property Th lorino die will n made knowu on application to tho andorwg ou A 11 SNEED Dnnvi Is oct 31 apos 56 tf LL lhoa ibdchtod lo lh uudorsigilod either V by not or sccoq t i reo fritfally re quested to come forward anJ pay up and mo the dissg roes ble necessity of duuniug i have inv drill to gt ay promptly which r q er it absolutely necessary thet 1 should collect a cordiugiy W C LUC A3 C 8 AN 0 E OF BUS 1 NB 88 LL debts comraotsd after the 1st 4 Jana ary w ill he da on iho lat of Jaly and January exoepi hy special agreement Jo the coutrtry at whioh periods I expect to aqsara all tc ounb eithor hy eash or note W H LUCAS Jan 2 57 tf THE BEST T f 4 T received th boot avticlo Chawing apos fo bscco lo he had m the aukot jun apos 7 VI TLSH At NIOHOLS 1 Cl t ttnlnfk j Cribitnc J NO F KlMMERMAIT it SON Rditobs DANTVLLLE Friday 177 Feb 13 1857 1 Our Circuit Court is still in sea l on but will probably adjourn finally sometime to day u i ttjf We understand that Hon J S Cdrisman has expressed an intention to announce himself a candidate for Congress in this district an an early day II H To morrow is St Valentine s day and we presume will be appropri ately observod by our young folks gen J rally A young man by the name of I apos adoett from Lincoln couaty was in dicted at the present term of our Cir cuit Court for uttering and publishing a forgery being a note purporting to have been executed by JamesCrow Esq j in faror of John Wilson The bail of the accused was fixed at 8250 which he succeeded in giving on Wednesday and was discharged from oustody J ewe lb y or Home Manufactcbb We have had the pleasure of exami i ning some splendid specimens of min iature breast pins of various sizes re cently manufactured expressly for Wueki ee tha Ambrotypist by Mr Shsrrsrd at J B Akin s Jewelry Es tablishment in this place These pins are made of fine gold and are excecd iagly beautiful in appearance reflecting high credit upon the ingenuity and skill of the manufacturer They can be seen of various sixes at Wheeler apos s Gallery Wheeler by the way has just receiv ed a patent circular diamond for cut ting his glass plates and is now pre pared to put the regular Ambrotype in to breast pins ke He is also making the patent Melaincotypc a very hand some style of picture 1 1 N a Snarl The Democracy of the fifth Congressional district seem to be in quite a tangle in reference to who shall be their candidate for Congress at the ensning election The Lebanon Cost is for Dr Palmer of Washington the Bardatown Gazette for Jewett the pres cat representative while our oleaginous neighbor of the llarrodsburg Transcrtyt is in favor of most anybody makes no difference who and thinks there arc at least fifty mca in the district who would make just as good Congressmen as eith i er Jewett or Palmer H II Congressional T he business of both Houses during the past week has been generally devoid of interest Oa the 4th the Senate passed the House bill confirming entries of land under the graduation act and extending the time for selling the lands granted to the Kentucky Asylum for the Deaf a id Dumb The debate on the resolu lution to print the correspondence be tween Ges Scott and the Secretary of War was resumed In the House the submarine tele i graph bill was considered for a while The House then went into committee of the whole on the tariff bill which was discussed for the ramainder of the day On the 6 th no business of general im portance transacted both Houses being engaged considering private bills On Monday last quite a debate was had in the Senate upon the credentials of Mr Fitch who presented himself as Senator elect from Indiana He was finally sworn in and took his seat the legality of his election to he hereafter considered The corruption investigation eon taittea quot have not yet made their report jt Thos Clarke of Mason county emancipated by his will thirty negroes A portion of them appeared in court and signified their preference for re maining as slaves in Kentucky MrThe Ohio and Mississippi Rail road will be finished about the first of March next Trains a ill then run di rectly through from St Louis te Cincin nati The coal taken from the Penn sylvania coal mines during the last year aold for forty millions ol dollars a mm almost equal to the yield of the gc d j tyines of California f Mr Bycbaoan left Washington for Wheatland hit tfa hi iuet it is gene r Hy understood his visit was for the purpose of consulting personally some of Ins friends at Washington who would not go to Wheatland ARRRaT Of A LRTTfR TBIRF t A Be j gro was arrested in Lexington amp o Sat j urday charged with stealing letters from apos the Post office it that city Ho bad eajji oycd ibojt the effite Hir The proposed extension of the slack water navigation of Kentucky river up to the Three Forks of that stream is attracting some attention and seems to meet with general favor It has become of late years clearly evident that the Ohio river froze up one half the year and dry the other quot is not to be depended on any longer to furnish facilities for transportation and especi ally to furnish the requisite quantity of fuel to those who have hitherto looked to it for their supply of that article To lock and dam the Kentucky as far as the point proposed and thus render it navigable at all seasous of the year would at once throw into the lap of Cen tral and Northern Kentucky a teeming treasure of iron salt coal and timber of the most valuable kinds The moun tainous region about the Three Forks now inaccessible for commercial purpo ses could furnish an almost inexhausti ble supply of those indispensable arti cles It is in fact au immense field of wealth ouly waiting for the outlay of human energy and enterprise to give the public the incalculable beuefita of its untold resources A railroad to the Forks would better meet the requirements of the times but the almost insuperable difficulties and immense expense of constructing a road through such a country reuders it im practicable for the present at least to attempt its construction The exten sion ol the slack water navigation seems therefore to he agreed upon as the best quickest and surest means under the circumstances of reaching the desired end It is proposed that the next Legisla ture be requested to charter a companv to make the desired improvements giving such counties as may desire to do so permission to subscribe stock by the vote of their citizens and subscri bing on the part of the State the annu al net profits f the locks and dams al ready in use to the capital stock of the company We have some doubt wheth er the necessary amount of means could be raised under such a charter as the oue proposed The truth is the State through the Legislature ought to liber al ty aid such an enterprise which would certainly be greatly conducive to the wealth and prosperity of the Common wealth and would in the course of time vastly add to the public revenue It is time for Kentucky to stop depending upon other States for her supply of those articles of which she possesses within her own borders an almost un limited abundance The money given to Pennsylvania for iron and coal and to irginia for salt building up the bu siness and resources of those States had better be kept at home and be made conducive to the prosperity of our own State The report of Dr Owen the State Geologist shows the immense min eral wealth of the State hut still Ken tucky by the failure to dcvelope her re sources is rapidly falling behind some of her much younger but more ener getic sister States YY e are glad to see that public opinion is at last being stir red up a little on this subject and if the people and their representatives will but do their duty in the premises and inform themselves as to the merits and utility of the proposed improve ments something may be done which will not only be a great addition to the public convenience but will also great ly enhance the wealth and resources of the Coin uioii wealth No I Have not Begun to Fioiit Such was the language of Paul Jones says the Baltimore Clipper alien the British Commander asked if he had sur rendered Although his deck was slip pery with blood his ship on fire his guns dismounted and his colors shot away Paul Jones with an immortal he roism kept up the battle Doyoa sur render shouted the English captain when he saw tlmt the colors of the Bon Homme Richard were gone from the masthead There was a lull in the con flict for an instaat An I the boldest held hia breath As Paul Jones eovered with blood and powder stains waved his sword and gave his memorable answer Ao 1 have not begun to light And the result was that the battle changed and in a few minutes the British ship struck her col ors and surrendered and Paul Jones leapingfrom his ownsinking vessel stood victorious upon the noyal deck This is the position of the American party Y hen our enemies in view of the recent defeat of our candidate for President ask us if we surrender our response is that we halve not yet begun to fight The American party never surrenders hut will fight on fight ever in l bc good cause until victory perches upon u f banners p The new Governor of New Jersey recently walked twelve miles through a tremendous snow svonn that he might b inaugurated The r ads were buri ed iu soow so that be could not travel by f i It is 6 tid that there are about seventeen thousand cria iwal depredators at large iD th eity of oodon who jr thg po apos ieo Tut Pope is above all Law j Evidence from Headquarters It is stated in the recent foreign news by the steamer Atlantic that secret conclave was held at Rome December 15 1856 at which the state of the Ro mish Church in Mexico and South America was considered It is further stated that the Pope complained very bitterly of the doings of the new gov ernment of Mexico and declares all the measures which it has taken against the Apostolic chair to be null and void 1 Ha also DENOUNCES THOSE PRIESTS WHO OBEY THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRIES IN WHICH THEY LIVE RATHER THAN THE INSTRUCTIONS FORWARDED THEM FROM ROME quot Here vary truthfully remark aco l temporary wc bare tha essence of Ko apos maoism It is that tkeChurek of which the Pope is the head is superior to all other authority on earth and extends to the future state of existeace that every true Catholic owes and must ac j knowledge supreme allegiance to Rome that when the Pope commands he must resist the laws of the country of which be is a citixen and at all times under all circumstances obey instruction FORWARDED FROM ROME This doctrine has always been main tained and urged by Brownson and oth er leading writers of the Roman Catho lic Church in this country but political demagogues seeking to retain or get power have bitterly denied it Notone of our readers we suppose hat has heard these denials made iu the face of j history and contrary to the official bulls and books of the Romish Church Now however wc have the reiteration of the principle from the Pope himself Secret conclaves of the Vatican are held at Rome the map of North aad j South America spread out before them and spies in the form of bishops priests Ac sent into every part of this country Mexico and South America to plot for the advancement of Romanism aad arc commanded not to obey tha laws of the land in whieh they are acting but in all things to await instructions from Rome quot It is to prevent the accomplishment of the designs of the Roman Catholic Church upon this country that the American party opposes the attempts of that Church to gain political power aad supremacy which if once obtained would put an end to religious liberty and in place of freedom give us priestly arrogauce and ecclesiastical tyranny And yet with the facta staring them broad in the face there are those in this and every other community who accuse the American party of wsging war on the Roman Catholic religion when in truth the Romish Church is n great and well constructed political machine seek ing industriously by all sorts of means to subvert the ends especially of repub lican government and destroy every vestige of religious freedom ONtor Postmaster GkneralCamp BELLS Deputies The Louisville Jour nal learns from excellent authority that i in the First Congressional District of this Slate there is an ardently Demo cratic postmaster who believes it to be his duty and claims and actually exer cises his right to open registered liters passing through his post office This individual is in high favor with some of the Sag Nicht leaders and notwithstan ding his prying habits is retained in of fice for party convenience although bis character is so notorious that Ucice up on his application for admission into an American Council the black balls were exhausted and the ballot box nearly filled with pieces of coal used as a sub stitute for them Kansas and the Democracy The Observer and Reporter truthfully re marks ever incethe election of Burn anan the leaders of the Democracy have been preparing the minds of the Southern people for the admission of Kansas as a free State The speeches of Northern Democrats iu which the apos doctrine of Squatter Sovereignty is openly proclaimed are applauded and published by editors of the South Dent oeratic papers which demand that the new administration shall favor the South are denounced even in the South as ultra in their views and eviry indication teaches us that the pipe lay 1 ers and platform builders of the Demo cracy are feverishly anxious that Kan sas shall adopt a constitution prohibit ing slavery It is openly asserted that they arc more desirous that Kansas shall come into the Union as a free State than the Black Republicans themselves and wc believe it 1 1 m VRk Mr Buchanan it is stated has i invited Mr Pierce to remain at the Presidential mansion until after the in auguration and then become bis guest till lie desires to leave for New Hamp shire M T Jno B Stanley of Florida is a modern Nimrod and the greatest hunt er of the age Besides bis almost daily ptcsencc on bis plantation daring the last tweity five years he has killed at least ten thousand deer one hundred welres soty panthers xnd twalve bears The Buedell Murder T he my gt Gen Walker it is said lias re terious murder of Dr Burdell of New cently been supplied with a war engine York is still the great topic of our New capable of discharging 300 ouucc halls York papers The case is still being every minute In form it resembles a investigated and new facts arc being cc small grindstone is turned by a crank easionally brought to light in reference and is worked by two uioo Theinven to the matter The neighborhood oi tor is now in England experimenting the house in Bond street where the before the Admiralty murder was committed is constantly apos 1 surrounded by a curious crowd and the rom er tru to the 3d horrible fair 11 the t lk throughout apos 1 thc C T uf Me apos c0 23 th eity The fuel are iu brief theee r apos P quot ul J trael l l gt r Burdell u deutiet poeeewed of c ru Thc urgent re di por od gt ider hle proper bowdiug with le r re apos hllibueter Mr Cunni gh tn About 8 oeloek of L lt r f apos lt S u on Saturday morning 31st u 1 1 he was rancia co found in his room covered with blood The rivers are still pretty full of and having no leas thau fifteen stabs on fl 0 at j ng but navigation is about ful his seek and breast evidently made with y resumed with a good stage of water some sharp pointed instrument He The boats for all points we suppose had been married but was divorced from w u have no difficulty uow in their rag j hia wife and his landlady Mrs Cun u ar trips ninghain immediately act up a claim for his property on the ground that she Kkntuckt Stock YY e had Die ploasurc yesterday of seeing one of horwlf ht Kcoud wife producing the tiuo t lot uf stock th t h s been cot a certificate of marriage to prove her lected in this Slate They were the statement property of Messrs Lee lleath amp Tuek It has been proven however before er w n en l shipping them on thc the cunning court th t Mr Cu apos J Montgomery tb t leave r to morrow and are to be takeu to differ uingham and Dr B were on bad terms cnt Southern markets for disposal YYc and thata Mr Eckel and Mr Snodgrass J have no doubt hut that there will be an who also boarded in the house enter g r demand for these fine animals tained ill feelings towards the Doctor when the J sha11 hav 5 reached their dos i tination and were on the most intimate and per n v j i r inis lot consists of one hundred and haps criminal terms with Mrs C whose f or ty mules which are really A No 1 room communicated with theirs It was They were purchased in Bourbon eoun also iu proof that Mr Eckel not long l v gt selected with great care so they i cc 1 thc brc kfo t uble rocked u W of 1 hc J jl gt tioD Messrs Lee Heath A Tucker have that t would he a g 0J d thing to give a l 90 wilh them two extra horses beau the Doctor a knock if it could only he tifulfy shaped spirited graceful active done handy and at the asms time he H d rapid animals One of them is for looked wickedly at Mrs Cunningham lh n lt 1 fford some sweet ho jcMi gly rebuked hitu for hi Uu i quot the art of equestrianism 1 he other la E u e e j the famous sorrel horse Dan Rica which Some of the Doctor apos s private papers took the premium in the buggy rings at were found in the possession of Eckel i th Danville Springfield and Bards and the prosecution will attempt to prove towu f irJ r lt Ijw gt Meceanfu in r v j competing for thc premium in the rings th t dirk found i Dr Bi room j r r t rrpringGeM od Hurd ed with blood is the property of that town gentleman One of the witnesses Lc This shipment will be hailed with sat fore the Coroner testified that on the apos irf c J ion Southern planters and vary gt considerably enhance thc reputation of i night of thc murder be was passim 3 l V Kentucky as the great stock growing Burdell s house at half past 10 o clock State of tha creation Lon Jour and saw a man pass in Immediately 1 1 after lie heard a cry of murder aud a fall He stopped to listen when a man 1 in his shirt sleeves opened BurdeU apos s MARRIED la J t ssam in county na T s t GUy itst l Hh n t by R Mr FUfvr front door and ordered him away Thc Mr Jows K M hams of l arrud bur rwvrly witness was subsequently carried into apos lo M Sauh J Qiot datgh 1 apos kr uf Mr Onioi of another room where he pointed out take plea tire in coiigragiulatin ear Eckel as thc uian Thc latter appeared ynung n idc sr d in i B gt i riug ihtm our best dumbfounded bat uttefed no w rd wishes f r th ir fjtiro happiness M y kioti One of the popular tbonries is that dM apos l r apos n U th hUs i g M n of csanubisi iii sud u y it b iheirs to msliav rs Cunningham and her lover wished lk t to secure Burdell s property that a mar MsrrieU Isrr l rrr i aiaaa riage ceremony was performed between Ami finer li s asd swtnlrr claims her and a person who personated Bur Thans cr unwtdUnd hearU can fi rl dell that the murder was then commit 0r k rU ca er r quot apos 5 quot i M ARRkED At lh Couniv Cstirt Clark s then comes the widow a claim Olhot in litis place Ol jt HicrJsv iioruiup I apos Iik on the property in i by Re Dr Hick Mr Hs gt ar Da to i Miss Mast Whi rasuiLu Mrs Cunningham is thc widow of a Brooklyn distiller whose sudden death Washington u Birth Dav Miss M st Whi rssiuik some ten years ago soon after his life was insured in her favor for 310 000 ex cited some comment Eckel has been remanded to prison and Mrs Cunningham to the custody of the Coroner Washingtons Birth Day ANNUAL CELEBRATION BV TNS LITERARY SOCIETIES Of CKXTRK COLLBUS T HE apprnachinf apos aiinivrmary of Washing ton Birth Dav will bo celebrated on m Monday 21tl inst b lb Literary Soeiotiee of Centre College The tieual exercises will Destructive Fire in Louisville i h i i in th first Preobytrriau Church in a i r s Dsnvillo w lie r appropriate add rcraee will bo A Leaf for Life On Monday morn a t r u by two representatives from each of ing last the splendid block of four sto ihe three Sceieiies The public ars iuviletl to ry business houses in Louisville he quot l Danville feb 6 57 td tween 1st and 2d streets above the Galt I ouieviile Journal and Democrat copy each House were destroyed by fire together aud on e da y mad c l quot ifli e Mark price with two thrse story buildings adjoin j ing The houses burned were occupied THOMAS H SWOPE by Gallagher amp Co R Atkinson Si Co RLAL E TAl L BROKLRj Brsnnin Summcrs tk Co Bartley John A D son k Co and the two three story buil L tl II 1 AgGllt dings in part by the proprietor of the WYANDOTTE Galt House The buildings were own 33 57 6 i ANSAS TERRiro apos cd by Gallagher Mitchell k Guthrie ZHZ j John L Martin of Miss f L Nock NegTO GOOdS and Mrs R Tyler Most of the mer nP yr toitonadcs Oannburga rhandise sad produce in the houses were Segioee destroyed The total loss is estimated j ju VV H WAGGENER SPECIAL NOTICES T hia it the b l world lhal w gt live iu To lend or to rpeud or to k quot k apos it lo borrow or beg or get n mom s aici Tie t lie worst world that ever wan known I hope all iudibted lo me will call and at itlt their accounts If not I will try ami make them Money 1 must aud will have Bshpteifully janSO J C HEW EY SECOND ROUND OF QUARTERLY MEETINGS FOR THR HARRQD8BURG DISTRICT Lancaster Cir at llryautaville Feb 7 fc Richmond Cir at Prusidtart 14 15 Crab Orchard Cir at lluxlouville 2l 2i Somerset Jt r at Bethel lid I l erryville Cir at We ey Chapel Mar 7 8 Max vi t Cir at Mt Zion 14 i Sal visa Cir at Ml Ztou JESSE BIRD P E M mm It NToou i Haik ItssTosArivs Amon a all pre paration for the hair that hare been introduc ed na infallible uon has over given ibu satis faction or nined the popularity that Prof Wood apos s Uair Restorative now baa Hie restora tive lias passed i lte erdeal of innumerable fashion able toilet sod the ladies wherever they have tested it preuouncc it a peeilase article They find where thehiir ie thinned that it creates a fresh grovrib that it fully restores the vegetative power of the roots oa the deood ed place aud cause the fibres to shoot forth anew that it dissolve and rtmoves dandruff prcvei ta gr tyness restores the hair lo its ori ginal color wheu gray ues baa actually super varied gives a rich lustre imparts the softness amt flexibility of silk to the hair and keeps it always luxuriant healthy sml in full vigor Evening Mirror For sale at the Drug stores of A d McGawarr and Wx M St lt h t in this place I r e are authorised to announce Mr Wiil 1 m lt i Ksox a candidate fur Constable in the First District of Boy le County si the next Au 1 gust clcctieu j COMMERCIAL I OIISVILH F b 10 1857 Busiacs limited with better prospccU ahead J nsvixatiou iwiut about fullv rs unicd FLOP It AND GRAIN Fleur fi 50rt i 75 1 for su pel flue to extra Wheat sells readily at il l0 l l5 but liule arriving Corn bl 7lic Oat tiS 7 tc the market neatly hare GROCERIES Ne stick of Ji O Sugar in first hands aud vary little in accord baud T he sates Lave been iu a mall way at 1 1 tultfl c I according to grade Plantation Molasses 7tg 7Jc GoTdaii syrup 9 apos J Dic for bbls aud half bl l Hi C 17 e lQU llec PROYIdlON d lle s Pork held at 418 50 Salu f IWoa at S l c for new ahuwldeia lOc for ribbed aides anu 10 ytj for clear aides and haius Lard 1 1 4 e in lieicus and 13c iu keg C ountry Bacon 9c hog round or 8c for shoulders S gt e eer aides IfVcJlOc fer haras aud ll c for prims kag Lard 8 tLT Kanawha 15c wholusait POTATOES Qood Kei tet av Ncshanaock 1 15 per bbl SEEDS Clean Bluc gra l 35 lt SI 5i tim othy 3 liOS 1 7i clover 7 50 lump 1 35 orchard and h rd 1 o apos Ji l 75 all iu go d de maud HIDEi Oreen very Hrm n 9c to batchers cured dry el tod 1 4 apos I tic f KATU ER Sole lie Uarnes 11 9 16 FRU1T Dried Apple Ji IO reachaa 1 35 CANDLES l ar51 6c T Il iw 11c Naw Y as F b 0 M The ff ir market i steady sales eft 59 bbla Southern decli iiag tale at 5 JOiJ 7 3d Wheal firm with sa advancing ten den c V sales of f IJOtt bush at 1 7o for white and 1 6 for red Corn firm at 73 apos for mixed Provisions steady Naw OaLCAva Kebuary 10 Cotton aalea te day ef ti OtiO bales prices stiffrr but quotitions eaebangeit with saisa at I2V I3V Hngsr Oats toe Wsai ern mess pork 13 o apos 4 v J CiveissiyT F ih It M Floor unchanged and dull W hieby firm at 24 C but demand less active Provision quiet and onchauged Me pork Arm at 18 o0 xnd lsrtl at l ie for prime in bbl Other articles unchanged Naw Yeax C ms Mcatvy Feb 4 Beeves offered 1 101 head price a turn ta favt r lt n irere sales at 8 apos 11 Sheep 9 5 H head offered markat depre a gt tl Swine I 50t gt head offered all qualities alightiv advanced sales at 7 75 9 50 Raw Osistvs Carrue Maskt Fvb 3 Beef l till The market eoiitinues bare of 1 gnotl W esiern stork We quote extreme priors of cattle at Ult apos jC lt T gt net fine and choico Wastein would bring I4 l3e New Adverlistwnls Dooa Rutin nets If yon want to buy anything if you want to sell anything if y oa want to hear anything if you want Id tell any thine if you want to do anything if you vutl anything done AD ERTISE AUCTION SALE apos sip Stoves Tinware Lamps IT RIIING to clear out eff my old stock vf preparatory lo re e vn gt g s ui atsiislsc turiug on a targerpmaiu 1 will Oa Monday next Fe binary 16 D ing Com tg Court dug Sell at Auct on withoist reserve my ent apos ro STOCK OF STOVES Emlruciug evwry liescriptiou Of 1 kiada Jap in Ware Lamps Ac amp o Ail of superior puVtoraa od well made Cf Sul to con mote at 10 o apos cloeit A M Terms Caab J K LRfvl L f b apos i apos 57 tk A NO 1 LINCOLN FARM FOR SALE On Wednesday Mar h tin T T ILL bs sold to the h gt eli r bidder oa tha V V pretn i ev aeioiuiny the Farm of B Vaa ars lale in Liuco apos a cauatv 4 inilea Iwlow Han touville Ky the I A I g of the into W ooiisox Baieut Ucceaacd Containing about 203 Acres This harm is aay of aecras is veil watortsdi has u good ku ply of limber about ua lt half M open laud in a good statu of cultivation tha b dance iu wood laud puetunr well set la b gt grave The place it aoar apos y all oactoaod aad ha comfortable buildings 4 apos making a oao af lb mast desiraMa farms in thc couuiy Tkuus u aue known cu day cf aula T mt diate poaacsaiou wil be given M VaNAKSDALB Adair Liocola re Mi 11 apos 57 St SATURDAY EVENLNG POST TIIE BEST WKKSLT F4PEP Sample Numbers Furnished Gratis EXAMINE FOR YOURSELVES A ply te tlie gt publishers DEACON St STNEFNaOM Auuits Tlur j ij Fb aUainraa fob 11 it House and Lot for Sale f FllE uudarkignad cff gt r for sale tb Mocvw and Lot ra Dtnvilie reeantlv owned and new orcapted by Air Juiin F VtuuX Tbw Uuu 1 ait uated on Broad wuj of P apos wioe well built aud nearly new li cuaainiclad in such a maouer aa to n lt ako lt so very kin rev lent residences suitable foremall tam l ee hav ing two food rooms oove w ill a gooc t M u t room a iiu Kitcheu in caon port togethor with Ihe ueceuMry oul butldiag uioke uoVae let house ad m good repair Parooae wishing t lt pu apos chase such property a re tavitod tn call and esamme this a it will ba aola veuy low ApplicaliuD can be mens to Mr Virdan ou the premuma or to Uie aubeenber ta Lex iagteu DYVID MU LETT fob 6 57 tf LUMBER oadersigoed having erected a largo Steam Naw Mill 5 apos mile eoatfc af Crab Orchard near Hie read l ad ug to Somerset I will keep constantly on haau al the Mill ami ia Crab Orchard every kiad of Hlnuk Nc aal line Nbinglce l tslb Sr of the yery beet auslily Any orders auuressed tome or Mr 8 liavaroav will bo promptly atteadod to l riccs rsasouablo yvm bacon Crab Orchard fob 6 57 fim 20 Yearling Ifulss for Sale j Of fair quality and coaditian A m I SB a a fe anu geutla Lxuiea Baudla florae I ttlmS Anpiv to J ROBINSON Near Laa ca atar Ky fob 6 It Sraimcf FAIR WARNING apos VOTICK hereby girea that I will atUmt I f Office of Bavli it Annaaaos until tue 10th day of March Bail apos except whan absent on hueinres for the purpose ol seitliu with all who are indebted to me by note or a lt count After which time I vital I place all un paid claims in the baud of 0 officer lor eelitc j lieu as l am going to Kansas early iu the spring aud further mdul geaco cannot he given F P W HITCHER feh Gi 4 1 xt over 200 00 the greater portion of TtfriVI which waa covered bj inauraacc Upon oUJIL 1 llLvAJ gt 11 s gt v 1 s t r t I AM uow making Pictures on Glass and the two four atory house of J L M r utll lg lhe m Ui Rrsast I m Lockeu aad tin however there wxa not a cent of in J Owl Case Also Glass Pictures of all kinds c Having iu t returned Irom Louisville with nil n ura tire Ihe nrc which ongiuaft it in i j l a w items and style In llw P ctur line the rear of Gallagher A Co s ature is c 4c hoW want will please give I mu a call Pletaree made ti please or no aupposrd to have been the work of an chnrge LTReoma in the Post Office building incendiary aa that firm have hceu burn p apos b S a V LEATHKRMAN Art St ed out several times before Shortly after the fire broke cut it waa if 1 v i iii apos YV ANTED SO HIRE diacoxered that Mr 1 earaon au old and 1 rriD mj FOR tho present year a sprightly MICRO well known citizen who had a sleeping fi BOY about 13 or 14 years old For uacb quot h fcW quot COKNELIUS room unable to get oot The lower sto j jsn 30 57 tf ries were in flames and the third wna VALENTINES enveloped in smoke and he had no oth USTIMKNTAL and Connc Valentine a ea means of escape than through the fine variety for aal by L GLU W COLLINS Jr window A mattrsM was placed on the 57 pavement to break his fall He lowered j rj T apos k T apos run TVT fob 8 57 GLO w COLLINS Jr himself from the window as best he tlEJSTXDEPlSOTNr FEMALE INSTITUTE LOST B KT EKN James Harlan Jr apos s and tha Prov 1 itle nee Meeting Uou on tho old l an apos a 1 ter road ou Snlurday Felsuaiy7th lf 57 a II ro w n Klnnket iver font with a black cloth collar In one of ihe pockets of tho cost v s a rather 0 I 1 Pocket Book containing two 1 100 hills t g tlier with som papers of little importance The tinder of the Cost anj Pocket Book wdl be liberally rewarded upon tha de livery of ihe same a ltd ill contents to ms near llu touville or to M j A G Daviki at Dan I v l JOHN HUSTON t leb 13 57 3t I3ST EARNEST P ERSONS indebted t me by note or ac ounl meet positively call and settle tmmeomial v j as 1 need Ihe money du me to pey my oa n debit and further 1 nu u i g nt e cannot he given 3 R FKKBL feh 13 57 tf House and Lot for Sale I 3 ILL soil my Resilience on Third atrerl j Danville on vary reasonable term The House is large and convenient eonldiaiag 1 Family Kooms Kitchen aud iwu large collar apos rooms There ars on the h gt t goo i anu conven ient Oiit houeva iiicluCujg negro quarters smoke house stables r Also a good well apos aud cistern atloruiug xt all inn duriug the year good water apos I he pr erty la in goo i re pair For further inferm tion apply to MARY J COWAN fob 13 57 la could and in his descent caught upon a r f c f 1 3HE second hslf of ihs ten inoothe session I J30V 1G XCiriH IGT ORiG nrrtiectinn shirh nmoihit o In 1 1 w apos F 9HE second half ef ihe ten months evasion projection which somewhat broke his 0 f this Instiiatica w l comntt nee cu fall lie was picked up much hrolac l Monday ffih of Fskraary M7 A I Dinvil apos s leb fi 56 3 but happily no bones broken ant at la t accounts he was thought to be recover IJO VI 11 lt Ol NTY FARM i g FOR SALE TYF 1NG desirous of removing to mother apos ry n D M te I m eli lo sell the Farm upon which Glasgow Kj m ourn of last j MV rseme lyi gt g in Boyle countv 1 mile week mentions the death of a negro wo j apos rom Dun ille ou the Shukortowu road li apos quot Bhborbood quot apos gr quot a fraction over 51 Acres Ag O jaars fint rat Land all in cultivation Tha Im proveinsnts are roiufortable aad embrace all r the necessary Rtuldi iga Person wiehing to E rour or five Wild cat banks purcha sir sll p ee are iuvi r l to yell us 1 1 utterly without boats ha vo Keen started w u f r r wa Us i fio IWamiou giv ww sa st any time Ktnsaa by speculator in the uetgh B NJ BOLING boring States k fvb 4 57 tf I VY IS II to sail at private sale lh FARM belonging to me lyinc about 4 mile son apos ll west of Dauville on Die tvaisrs ol Clark s Run ou the Kuob Lick ruad between that road and the Lebanon turnpike Th Faim contains about 4C0 Acres 2 0 of which are cleared and In cultivation ihe remataiisr well timbered and all well watered The lionrovemeuU are comlo uble and roomy Perse us desiring to purchase aie invited tn call opou the uudersigued iu Danville who will take pleasure in showing Ihe place The t Tin will be made reasonable feh Id 57 5o R C TALBOTT STOVES 4 GENERAL useo tmeat all kinds always x u iiau I sffd for uy is W COLLAilfl DISSOLUTION r I1llh partnership herelofors enaliog Wet wesa I A S Mono and W B Mono h lt 1 this day beeu diaaoived All persona kaowing knowing themselves ludsbtsd ars requested lo call and make peymeut te A S Marrew We return our thanke lo ta pakiie for tho liberal palreuage kestawed apsu aa A MO ROW W B MORROW fab 57 if I HAVE removed m stack of OOOD t harlee Henderson s Brick corasr whets I will keep e a Uu U on hand a large sad va ry i4pert r STOCK OF DRY GOOD Usrd ware Qioeas w rt and Cstlery AS MORROW 1 JUST RECEIVED I V LARGE stack oi NF URO GOODS fer r ummer Wear which will he sold verv Mow The attention of purchasers Is called to 1 theiiv f h gt b A S MORROW IDAlSr apos VTIL XuE j FEMALE AC ADEMY apos H I R Ir gt Mi apos ut gt ft wRt 0tce ite First Ses imi of 5 me tubs on FtiJay the 10th io t and will commei re gt h Spring Term of fiv morris oa M iin rn 3 gt t r or v it I twMH r a r r apos which will r oes tne last 1 bursdiy in June i est We Usve succeeded in ebtaining the ervicea I ef Rev A P MROY of Jackson Mss a Principal wh will lake charge af the lasii tuiien a non s he rsi rsech this place klr Pommy la a competent aad experienced Teacher Termi par soision of 5 mouths Tnitlm in Primary Divio on 10 OO quot Junior u 12 On quot A idd apos s J5 On j Senior 9 l in quot Music on Piano 35 Ni For u e of Instrument 5 I V ocai Mu tc no charge Leesotis tn Embroidery 3 0O French aud German Languages each t ihi Board iudakwg uelsnd tigiils 50 lit Washing extra 5 ta l vch pupil will bn charg apos d her proasrtiou for fuel used a lie public schoai room quot during I tha winter months One half of the Boarci xnd Tuition ef tli pn pile in the Institution will ha paid is auvaoc and tho remainder at the close of he ill mnuiha e ioii Thooo not tioar lt Tnv m tneAcav mv will pay al tho end of live five mouth session No tleu ucijon will bomadotroni tuiiMaforab I scnoe except in coses of protracted illness Pupil will I s charged from tho i oto thsy ea ter tUo school aetil h clo o ot tho se sion v KiHTLLY i j n t tf 1 1 joints for Gartmurs apos miscellaneous Ccvinuton Vdu ts Couismllc Business Xoticcs Maliko a II lt gt t Blb A b ut il e last j SINGERS waek in Ffkrativ or t gt 60 on r the e n r fr r at n wr n TT T IT Hill vareat weather u gone nunuie should V H Ul I ft It VI A 1 H I U P f be prepared for but beds where bo l be lt i II il If 1 It U IUU U U 1 if ll I i framer and rashes can be bad and no gardes should be without theru Ti e apos ccsai Mi w always III most fut manure if fresh from ihe stable should c si e proof of great be well shaken out mixed thrown into a fr Fi merit Judged by Leap and left for ten days or a fortnight 1 l im there no unucr a shed or other sheltered place I apos T T k where cold wind and driving wow ur R jr bl to 8 t rt apos s rain ran be kept off when it can b lt Y r Sn im Nuniiu brought ut to some sheltered situation 1 After eatabliaii ingibe and shaken and squared up into a bed gi t reputation in 1 r apos f i 1 ft j the l uitedM it ihev three feet high and one foot latg r every wL T w re tL lt way than the Irame that ia to suiul upon E v iii i U ir r IK i f r u lt where it The manure should be well beaien h yc irn J off th hig m i prnniuii and down with the back of the folk while the r nt manufactory to make them baa beeu built k d quot d apos quot d T 7 dr r in Every Branch of Industry ewt When torn pbc the tram pot ih hlil the bAbhiB cioffc Alla Ct V bt u r lt l willi iinni iMt profit A III flfMed r with aid mate or dry littar for a fen of the Railway tr i to trNv llinjr ou loot o days Examine l be bed the second or aewing w th SiugcrV Machines compared ml I J V lullor aliAA n uha I It W1I 018 P c IIAKTNKTr ii nn i u up i i ix i sAc u 14 C B I 111 E S g SooERs ir KATucm to Commission and Forwarding zsszz merchants merit Judged by 1 No 41 Dam Street jl x x btw a XT i beforetheputdir com t pjrable to t iimra apos a r PHf undersigned a uccoasoiu to Wiuton amp 1 See iso Nuhiiu I Barer at tbe old stind on Mam street l After establishing ihe ddi iou to the alock of die old lirm here L lngi ert repuutioa iu received and are now receiviug I Uie U uitedtft itre iHey LAltOK AJ gt I lTIONS K J OKSSBT h a hlaik o w u apos ckkadv iEO W COLLINS ORMSBY PLAIR amp CO V quot CT i lavarter ad wuu u D h Tin 8h t rdn A Cop pd Warc FORFIUN A IU IMIMF TIC O WUlU IS hardware Stoves Grates tt8tin 8 9 Var amp T MW Main t beiwrre ad 4 4th LAMPS FLUIDS PUMPS LOUISVILLE KY Refrigerators Water Coolers Ja pan Ware amp c amp c Hardware and Cutlerv Main si U r door irom the corner of Third J IIMVILLE KY ait irilAVID apos TFR MS tceounU I apos oe st all liiiies Oen I w l r apos f elliei ieolH Ut of Jmu iory hml Im July V lected uDMori ineut ai P r c l ul1 f apos c u Ihe amount ex nF Hardware Cutlery Nana She vela C c quot L I I Kn vea jaulr of tf upxksarsarur MW Mum at between ad 4 4th L0UISY1LLE KY f b23 56 tf Hardware and Cutlery 1 1KRCIIANTS ia T want of a e apos l vr Sid In Every Branch of Industry GROCERIES Of every description und of tbe Levi quality FINE LIQUORC amp c amp c n which a wi apos ig i to bo done these MacliiuM apos v apos irli ll rv will sell on very liberal term su be u ed with imin uve profit As the speed Tin y solicit Ihe patronage of the old Irt mle ol apos IIKRCIIANTB in yw i s A want of a me quot apos elected aanorimeut K nT Hardware Cutlery Nana niiovela WeMfSk gt lm apos e Knives Kowlan l apos e Hue apos s Dielon apos a apos aim l e ivitt apos e Mill abd C roue cut Saw Ivola aud Pm ket Cutlery Locks aud hiuges liuua Pintolx Screwa Plauea AuviU Vicen llammera Sledge ugura CeflVe Mills Tea t ouuter aud rialferm Sralea Cuirv ComU Trace Os House i n and Ornamental PAIWTER No tailor shoe maker apos iili a good ulock third 4 ht end if rery hot let e little air wi quot apos No t apos or apos ft quot n apos eT at the hack of the I tame lor one day and without 1 he fair pro night by taisiug the sash hall an inch fit of a mg oae of the machines regularly gt f not very hot the earth should be put 1 mplo gt eb m Upon the bed at once Out ThouMind Hollar a year The earth should be prepared i the lu all private families where there ie inu lt U fall and kebt under eovtj nil witiD t il wing t W doue the Nncbijea apos re ilU l T tilde it l t U ee rlallteia and lintel keep r possiblej Wrlljro lea tuifys ds W 1 1 1 OIK g Ma 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prAcurnd If this is not tu apos bn had I nru tiou aud swry bl ong ml durable being HIGGINS amp l HUNTER U holcsalf and It Hail liroeprs apos D Commission Merchants apos 3 m m wm mew LEXINGTON AT e f the heal gat dun boil ihui r quot v hil gt S W apos K M f hiBe ev apos r quot V d LEXINGTON KY cvrad W ll norlchhd Mltll g HNl J r lt lt J l t p rferUv executed Ti ou ai da atm IAP r UUf and portion ol 1 1 1 ferior and worffdear Sewing Machiue have well ssmited slock always r UmA ivL wnl l nn lnr v a rio I t quot ibr CUg purchasing ORMSBY BE AIR amp CO hOti Mam street Louisville frbSS apos i tf NEW STYLES Hats and C aps l Boots amp Shoes u lt uld if to be had When tht is pr i been made and sold under varioua u mies but par ad pat it en th bed uhRm d uti uK j f apos 1 i u f e sbAlt MX Afci a apos fKkt It a j P apos l apos riet d lualrurtiona for uaing are lL AII work eutrustsd to iik will be promptly itlrwM to C 11 Danville j a 1 1 apos 50 v HOUSE PAINTING Glazing uiid all kinds oi Graining MM TDK HMNIII U A M gt nil ISU 1 M J1 J Xf UP St UA XU 11 Ct ST Ui ttl m Doue iu the neatest manner by a Jlf li il jL Jii CENTRAL HOUSE DAN V I LLP KY P B RIFFE Proprietor I apos HK aubacriher would respectfully I aouounca to the public that he ha mEl taken the above well known Tavyri JUsL aland which ha ha ra furnished iu the bt i atvIeforUin accoanmcdatiou ol apos truvelier aoo regular boariia a ILs design ia to keep a S nit rate Hotel auU he will iparr no pain to ren der all roinforutil who may p tr lt gt u z him Hi table will ut all times be furnished with lh lieal the country iifford and hi patron will b waiUd ou by poltia and attentive aervaut raiCK I Regular Hoarders per week 5 i Transient quot umv 1 tl i Single meal 40 LoJgiug 40 Per uus arriving in any of tho Stages gt ui desiring to atop at thi house can do gt o h v in loriiimg the driver an lt l penmiis at thh lt hou e wishing to leave in nuy n the a age can h v their uaM mli mo by ilia Pro rielor a d the stigea will call for them prt inptly H B HI FEE aug U If REODilVG HOUSE O A AliMSTRUNO rsuraiKTOt iHisfdlancous iNWSTOC apos K WARE U J A I LK molars and Kilterera for Part Tying Water Toilet Sals Fancy and Canli Boxes Spic Boxes Lanterns Land apos stick Ac Ac lt ooking Range and Caokia Stow of the most approved patterns Hardware Rakes How S 1 and 4 Prong Cast NM Fork Spade anrt Shovels Trace Chains an ttanaas liras Kettiea Aud Ir jn Odd Lida Pint S rap Ta Fire StauUard Fira Sk y Coffee Tu u r hrying Pens ka Burning Fluid Tinware Ao I uups uew Mtyle Paxlot aud Contn oa S fe ly Fluid Lamps tog her with a groerml assort ut e lit of Tinware ir ts rss e d nlmil 1 Ttu Uuotiiig auu Guttering done wilb preniplaese and dispatch Orders from a dis ace promptly attended to Jiim vrcaivod geuerai asaortmrut of Anti Frecxui pump 4c r II i f tbe abov Goods I offer for sals cheap or cash or on short time to prompt paying pr H Sfi tf G W COLLINS GROCERIES Of every description together with apos ni 41 u mw u aau jni f i 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or I 1 quot ch of article in his line of ousiusas establish insnt dot on short notice nibrsemg a complete assortment of i a P r i13 a FRESH AND GENUINE WATKINS A OWSLEY DRU GS amp M EI ICIN S Osmmistloa Bsrchssts frovluids Winrb H c D recommend to Phy tc ai and and Tobacco Brokors Jlhsraaoboiug tdoabtedly geasins and pur AO 60 MAIN 9T EET burin Umrargas atock of LOl ISVILLE KY j J apos For Schools Cu teges Ac eve brought t the W amp H BURXHARDT f A e wr apos r 2 apos i w a It tides iu sinuie lenules variety 417 Mxrkat Slrest between 4th A 5th a v i rieiy e e rl n v prepared as heretofore to sell at X apos O IT lK ffJJX apos JLUl X J WHOI EW4I E to Draggiato Pbv k t an WHOLESALE GROCERS I apos tMcheia lt kc ou llie most lavurabW terms AND DKALKIiS 15 S McGROKTY i iur brotrriik Tra i ncz Lifiun D avills act ifi liu M gt rlrtl FroiU Hernrlirally Nrulrtl i orrAlr ncil eirri T rnili rrrwnn Tifklu lili ST0 LS STOVES apos Broou gt WootlrM dart Baxkfli kc kt An JtTai m V f ft ERKEtss tl JKTr o Copper Tia and Sheet Iron Ware establishment TotheAgricnlturallnUifests r r IR reigned has just received a fii vRu k of th most approved patterns of I WISH to inform my friend and the public I Parlor Offlft Tf D PIllC U b tl uthlT that I still coutiowe to manufacture my well known and lborougt lv tried i I o which lie invite lb attention of Ihe pu O H M Vs 4 hi tock enibncs a sufise at variety ol bor Of various description winch I will ell ou lt al an l W a i gt lov u gt sail every i lr an reasouabie term for La h auU Warraut to give ire all of aa cimr ra li They will be sol geuerai aatulaction I also make aud have apos gt n very rea oi able term uow ou hand superior I also esvIiHO lb lusuufacturing part of in TWO HORSE WAGONS 1 u t branches aud keep cousta Ouc ll gt rse nrtv 4r apos gt quot mmI of All other kind of BLACKSMITH ING and COPPER AND TIN W AF E WOODWORK doae on the shortest untie Of every neocription opper Prearrv apos ag aa i ou fair terms 7 M 1 Shop i at the old 1 l ea K lttee made u gt order in apos he be t ivl stand of J apos diu Krwm Uec d ou Fourth at reel Purchaoei ol Ftovr or liuwarewil find it Danvilla Ky J in they interest to gamine my ateck an i learn J B McNLILL apos gt prh eubrf ire bu ing el urhere aeptll 1853 tf llnn e iritis ring either iu town or conn I r T atiemleit to promptly t fair price 1 m m apos A T Fl op on Maiu street nppoaite the I ranch A f M R R 1 T i Hank HOUSE AND IX T apos 1 R KRKRL V town ol Dauvillo situated ou Cemetery apos Danville oct O 55 tl street immediately opposite the residence of J oh n D Terhnne containing a fraction over apos a liaif acre The lioase i a comfortable oor C9 1 coulaimug five rooms There is a variety of UARNKBS AND TRUNK fruit on the lot n w beanng wa m max a m d I will sell the Property ou acconsmwdal iug terms Any per ou mailing to purchase wH apos T ok can apply to the subscriber living b mile from TT rtb lt W 4TYv gt B W e e U l But Br u fwUoviag will ke smlllcisitl fwr gnodwr aixd family For lb frat owing T r jr aria rauliflowcrs Early 1 orl or Early Minim uyat uit cabhag ik latu r ia tka Beat early cakbag wa kav wrar 44 t d Parpia agg plait tMauma vku B lid mi try d a law ptppan tf to each machtaa frodt winch any oae ran l iquora Ac Ac readily aeqaire the Art of managing them The To which we invite the attention of purchasers joW hiaa e packed securely to go to any part in Boyle aud the surrouuJiog ceantta We fth wwrld To all persona desiring more par j think we can couriuce nil who favor na with tlc He mfwrmsttan we will op application by a visit that they can purchase saperier Grace kfiw t aAhsr el our offices forward a cany of riee on aa goad tarn from ua as they can aJa T VT Singer A Ca apos l Was lt paperwhotty gt where aud w salicit a call Irom nil who wish dawolfc to the Pewmg Machine internet In buy 1 M SJ NGKR amp CO LF Oar stock for the ft KING TRADK Pi inei Ofit r V Nr adw gt y JYsic Y rk apos Very full and complete embracing a latge va Rrsurli Offices No 47 lluimver street Bovton 97 iiapel street Nr w Haven Ct Gtoversvilie N Y No 274 Broad street Newark N J quot 142 Chaanut street Pr iladelplua 105 Bait i mere street Baltimore waawA On wkal light nan be sawn st Wwawm star at Provideac R 1 Milk lhflY CnbW l ttnoa ui on 8 Ejat 4ta atmat Cinaionst gt Jr 0 apos quot i SI L h Th red tab snad ako ld be cavgrak f0 D ph n treat Mobil amp about half an inoh the otliars about ang W LG tf m quarter ol au inch W l cn bowb Mi tlta Mil down gently with the back of 1 apos T o ha spade and j ive a very gentle water ing The lights should tl en b laid on C D H A T T A D C A IYT C I 1 and r wverad with manure until the seed lj It JUxl I J it U LL I IV J begin to vegetate wb B lliey must be unsovared in the day rime aud covered i Jl ST received NF W l t apos T ao at night Should ih ir be much ateam wr apos r l apos apos 1 apos quot apos t ashmnalils itstag a little air must bo given cTE quot ATEIjiR apos Y amp m gt J i all night Shortly afterwardf it w ill U 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Italian Marble 2vT03STTTIvr E NTS Tomlis Ilrudsloiirs Mantels iVr M 1 1 1 at apos en lt l pr inptly to i y all orders lor work in his bn at a low prices a the fpjjJtr quot W style of work ran be El V a V apos ad gt piece iu tbe I apos uioa Mr A M Cabbicsm at JJ v Dj iv IIc Cemetery ia J 1 y Mlhorized Agent and i prepared to exhibit of work f I 516 apos fi 6 m rous different styles and Dy J Bfl prices and to order and JKd apos 3 fc receive NUM MK Vn ff VV 1 1 4 Its TOMBS 4e yTM p fur u y P er b iuay Ml J desire him to do M PRUDEN apr 18 M tf WATKINS amp OWSLEY 0 mmistioa Hsrehtntt Provlslaa and Tobacco Brokers NO 860 MAIN ST KKT LOL ISVILLE KY W amp H BURKHARDT 417 Xxrkat Sireat between 4th A 5th 1 amp UJU5 TiliL LB JZ WHOLESALE GROCERS AND l gt K LhitS tN I iur Urairritk Trait ttmci Lnjiurv Iiiiporlrtl KroiD llrrtur lirally Nrxlrtl Fruil Prrsrrtci Pirklra Hih broom apos ttou lrii Barr Kiokrli ke kc act 26 apos 55 tf W quot HXj UP X gt apos Li lt t J YY lt l J and cover up at night Should the t ea decline too much a lining of freah m t nure eighteen iuchea thick ahouid be applied all eiwund ihe frame within ix inches of the lop and then covered w ill FAIsIj and winter DR 7 GOODS Hardware Queensware Hats Caps Boots Shoes amp c bonrdK Waier wlien the eaith l lt gt ka Dur stuck rmbrar every tl iug that is uew dry with water a few degrees wanner apos 1 desirable in th m the atmosphere of the bed say Dress Goods Embroideries amp c bout 80 degs Any rink ftenm front M e would invite special attention to our tbe manure in tbe frame roust be care apos 00 cur having p id particular ai Yully guarded against for if it come in 1 J lro quot A action House r gt Ve think w lhii nrt r unubudi luouceiiirDU conuct with ny of ibc youn piantY they to or pro i jit mwuiuefk will be destroyed in one uiglit but it t j J I A Y J V GGENEI1 oaeily t mell and can be guarded against sept 5 apos 5 5 tf by leaving a little air 11 night and j Lunging a thin mat over the opening Ut j HEWEY 5 kt prevent cold wind TILL continue tl apos ndi rtskiag Ru iue I tt iwo gt Traksplxkt xo kkom tiic Hot Ifco to P apos r Vu apos i apos l i h V i quot r i quot ow x J SI Jl tur Ui S Grou nd A s soon as the w lia warih uDUt of door gets warned 4 little Fisk S Metric Burial Case Grrru nwd all danger of apm g Jros apos s is ovh apos bo t Huy hi c riir apos l Ot gt w ii lt v ra Patent Banal Casket tomato v ubbag s cauhll weu iV can bw planted it llndr iit al p apos a lt lt s j apos i oo e some warm shd cr d p i i ljS2 the first crept and plant in moi t wcaiIi apos r a5 apos 2 nr or water a little when planted Ti e L ltdcrtakrrs in this and the adjoining towns oelery will be better f pioLtd on l coui it will k gt supplied ou rcaannahle bout four iuchw ap irt each vy v in r T s apos kiud of Wood and Covered i wui light rich eiartfh iw wmiyk b gt t ier 4 lt Bn4 loft Urn fo A MOeth l a of kl t apos 4 Funeral calls atUauad to at any hour of apos Mg lt the Frewwkae Th l t lt t uuA day or night rfcii M etfi Ite ptH 4 1 4 lsrv G W HEWEY treftllv gpowt TBttt apos c ar ni s 3d Dxnv ll 1 HOUSE FULL MORE ON THE ROAD J L apos ST received aun for aal at N N FLOOH apos ER S 2 000 lb Clarified Sugar for preserving I WMI lb C rushed 1 0 apos Kl ttu Pulverised quot 2 0 gals ugar lluu i Molasses 200 Pisutaiioa 500 Hj Tallow Caudles Iltdl fb Star 200 tb i Holtand Tobacco StlO tb Mi lt gt uri IifMI James River quot 4 Scitiodum Schuappa 506 lbs Java Ci tT v 500 Hi i 10 000 lt tpera Cigars 5 M 0 Prin era A me ruts j 5 000 Superior Regalia 20 000 Hail Sp i u n apos t I apos igars Green nud Bl ek Tea Pnwder Shot anp Capa Fr ucy Articles and Notion for an apos e at SH I N I EI BOW ER apos S aug t M 3d si Dau ill A l uosMnr klsaree always id attendance I Funeral calls atlaausd to at any hour of apos lay or night G W HEWEY 1 13 3d si Danville i ra folly grow FNI 4ke c ar 3d Xl Danv ll Wr lt J off tW9 rtLr apos Vh f f v V l 4 rtl skuuld hw ptH ills i uauv fw ANTI FREEZING th Uaaht wf th McuMp rv Unir CHUTIST JPTJM S hrenr has spread oat and page 4 dbwu j where they are wauled t grow and they L1 amp UI1M9I6 BOSSn will iwn sink roata and the vine will apos thereby be much beaefiied 1 A COX t Co 6 m le from D nv J B WJLGI S amp CO LEXINGTON KY 1 l Wf quot fr apos iue Brown Mu nr iu I apos r store and for sal by J B W 6 Co 4k Hw apos kcl Flue Cltnuspagwe Wiue 1 quot f just received and lor sat bv J B WILGC3 A Co 1 f U k Rags I riine Rio Coll Pr a slur 1 1 M J and fors ls by J U W Sl C X Duxrti me Wn h Boards just ra r U esived aud for sale by J B WfUiUS A C Lexington may 9 apos 56 if DANVILLE ii invrrwti WOOD WORK done oa the shortest uol to on fair terms 7 M v Whop is at the aid ataud of J lt t iu Erwin dsc apos J ou Fourth atrert Danville Ky J B McNEILL eptl 4 1855 tf Tf S 3 infill ou Un Knob Lick Kuud ui Ihe Sul J pher Spring JOHN H LINNET Ph ThR S Nl apos V I US 6 th f L iiMmso J Daa villa July 4 56 if It f l apos Ll gt respectfully auuauuau that Is has i v pun liaseil Ilia eul ro 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prepared la put up I IGIIT G F CORNELIUS At his old un l an XI mu Street U J Oi LD re i gt ecifully inform his frieml aud lite public that It rlill manufai lures aud kr p coi ti ullv on baud al uauu LK A VU RITA 1 1 ti e heel quality of CIG AVtS 1 tf ecerv geacriptioa emhraciwg llegali is Trii I ipe l iuornu CaZ lores Half Sp I Utah vV C tie i lt uow m iuufarturiiig Half hpaui 4 Cigar H AVE received ni cp ued the rgest and lt HODS warranted of vm quality ami from Tobacco v v v vexas o n a d ol the moat ino t superior atoca of Cloth ug aud r ur perfect romJurtor Orders sorir teii n r n li v i Mitnug Gi oua ever brought to Central Kej apos LHIrdm f r Pump or l oua can lie left at tucky c mnraciug the Post Ofii Printing Olfica oral Weather Ovsr naii Dress Frock Sack and Box Coni 1 o rd ft Lee apos Grocery Store cf aM kind aud sizes from tho finest to the K A COX amp CO cheapen Black sud Faucy t apos loth Casaimere Bov le county ju u 13 5h tf aud J ines I apos ui ls Velvet PIu h Katin Bilk and VVooileu Vest Our stock of I in ii apos u n 2 u t D wS ir everjrUuu lt lUal quot ca apos Hardware Cutlery amp c cnriti 4 liAjEiJI JSSesi apos jp aJp P II new sloi it cf iairdware I apos utierv Iron L vc rv description India Ru dwr ftooua Walk Lr d apos A enables ustontr rgreaf Uir uc i amp g Causa 1 apos lubrciias Ate Ac raent to purchaser in ti at line Carpenter apos s Our a w stock will challenge comparison Tools sod Builders Hardware of every do Hardware Cutlery amp c uperi gt r quality No 1 Chewing Tobacco Fig Leaf and F t Plug V rgiuie M snouri and Kentucky always ou baud Orders Irom a di Uure promptly filled G E CORNELIUS Danville joly J I 56 a large MMnfief li I u I KM AIKIM pr Mupily atl u ls is Uf J dULAX t JLi I MIN li LINNEY Nearly ail sf them lrtctly No I for Ituggies Danville feb 38 lM6 y C rri if f lU S nJ lle 9tv I liifr Ikrtii mt f C V 1 or iii pur 6on ib 6 n hmmIi rising IiOwlCC 10 i llLSCI luCTS aII tlie IkiI auii iiitM tHi HiUr r 11 U I lolrud l 1 gt l 1H 1 8 PWOIH liM Y i iijf iil crior i lm k for Uivf ui 4iia m poriiuu of mv liMoanu iiimiiou B A r apos A 1 Id r 1F HU1 mill III li I o of h I m to iliv te l 4 of II u tior otook Hd i r a J u i 1 A r a 1 Vi Ir mill l rrvvillr liiiisiiik Sorii r lirrr Will hf u fAlly tiuii nif urrvirrd Ij uit lu ni A 7 i MIIWMI IftBlB CAll Ol ItVeillV hVt Hr fill ol w th any 4oncr pl oa of su m l they may ro lm lt Hnt ufwh hl Wl 0 K quire d oa fair terms Perso s ds ir ug to gt uy f J t gt e gt rv buy ar iu vi ted to ca ou me ter the asm amount until tfio who shall be If 2 Mot I 11 I paid K erv aertmn now tinder contract ami march 6 36 tf uo dounl i eutrrUiued from the rapu prog re of the work that the cut l re road will be lim dio I r nt apos LV 4 t 1fT I V apos ol J u r y therelorv apos den 111 IIvNCskN AiM 1 i apos ll I j L N callouC IImsurbsos K q Treasurer aud p U J4 iN l tU l p Wl11 esdvd to pay co AJ JSJ 11 f P II n w stock cf Hardware t utierv Iron n India Runlier Gooas Walk L enables us tj ntT r great iuquc w th any stock of Goods in the country for wriptloa coustautly on baud Also Window carvet y quality and price j Glass Paints and Oil At we ere willi ng to a D aa cheap at t ELSH A NICHOLS i WAp rt tail leel confident ol apos pieamag all who patronize oa we uvile opeciai attention to our how tl ITPD 1 S i ST w coo ia mco UlMLllfe Cleths Casaimere Vcaliwga of all color T hoc prices asd as we have excellent workmen quot ILL commence serving I resit Oyster at cooslantly employed to make up work we are 1 J i lt apos 00h OH Monday Ortober 6 and con coaslantly employed to make up work we are quot 1 lt 00 apos on m ouoay ortoberh aod con I prepared to fill orders on th shortest notice tia ie through he Oyster aeasoo G i ia and aee us between MoGrortv a Drog J C HKK KY apos viSM0N y a5S I No 1 Chewing Tobacco ospt 26 apos 56 tf i quot I D apos T received und for tele Chewing To bseeo nt the following brands Rough SRltBrn and Hom6 made Shoes and Ready Fir L uf Natural I af and var j u l c p j ous other brand ol he v ry h t qual ty l fgt L 111 M Ml FT FL E DWELLING STORE HOUSE FOR SALE i WILL l on liberal terms my BRICK DWELLOfU HOUSE in itauvilie ou the cor ner ol 4Ui street au lt i Broadway and new oc cupied bv Mr T C Shout aud also m gt STORE HOUSE on the euruer oi apos hi aud Mats arects Both buildings are large commodious aud favorably tilualed Terms can be aacertaioed by calling upon M J DU K 11 AM in Danville J II CALDWELL etpril 25 lr56 tf WALNUT STREET brands Rough BOARDING HOUSE 1 r T apos r apos l UAXVILLC MT 141 il M I PT T H AVE five nicely furnished Rooms ia I which would Iik to accommodate some tis jual r eceiv ed gcilleel hoaruer also t k lt dat i i ru s 11 M VS LiUil i RD vg b apos dA 4 JJkx a V apos apos E underaigneti living near Perryville J offers for sele a number of Fine and well broke Horses Suitable for liarneae or the ddle Among the are several very fast Treltem Pacers aud Rockers Also A lot ol 50 No 1 Mules Two year old He lavites ikairra aud others to Call and examine hs stock J AS K CALL WELL Boyle ca mar 14 56 tf NOTICE A LL persona indebted to H IfAMILTO j ar requested to call and eellio itnmedi ately W C ANDERSON TrutUe C 1 may 30 56 tf D MEYER I apos rrtt D it P T H Oa I NKS Black Blue and Red INKS warrad ted very sqperior for aale 5y 4ot 8 Ad McGRORTY quot HO Y L I F a R M m w 3heibyv lle Ky i FOR SALE naiBiiMiKDSffiim j H CALDWELL ere quot 1 gt oo state of cultivation fuupuirruil 1 U m ieucy of water and timber is oow nffi red ior sal on liberal terms as I am am gt luus to sell Come auu se for youraolvea AujA THE Proprietor of these cele 8 PROCTOR YvM bratiMl 8priug respectfully miiiiouu Boy Is co oct 12 55 ll S crs Ihet be is engaged in making ex leueive and desirable improveiiienU 1T 4 rri I 1 ii T quot T apos i C in I is buildings aud grounds for the purpose ol I L XlaXV L A H Lr KN T i 1CE cREAM r EEzr s e number of I HAVE juft received a variety of olegunl NEW AND PLEASANT ROOBS J2S i w 22 Are aow iu oourao of conatruction which ad le CreuBi Freezers tog apos her with Suva tii uniiiii si apos ii i s H CALDWELL 1 apos UUI UIFIOK JpA THE Proprietor of three cole i b braleil Spring respectfully miiuouu 1 1 I m era thet be is engaged iu making ex ar apos larr tensive and desirable improvuiiienU io I is buildings and grouuda for the purpose ol number of I HAVE juft received a variety of elegi NEW AND PLEASANT ROOBS Ir T Are now in oourao of conatruction which od leu Creaaa Freezers loge apos hor with 8tei d d to the former buildings will enable him lo and Tia ware ef every deecriptioa accommodate iu the beat alyle a vary large R ERKEL number of vnutora He promises to all who palroniae him the careful alleution both of himaelf and Ilia aaaietaiiU and will spare no ex ertmns to reuder full satwiactioa to all whole IlIll TfTT ffPDIM Iff TT I I vr liai S ILltli illulfl IbII 1 apos t ylL House is now open for the reception ef regular and transient Boardera Travellers j AM new prepared to GRIND WffE4 F Ae III design being to keep a fir slt la s lio I l lb Dwasuie M m Mill aud hep to bw tel d n y Ikt r afire jjrsr I able lo gsv sMufarhoo to those seeding When J H CALDM apos ELL Itobegroood Aa I caneoi do ju lice ta very Crab Orchard K apos y jan 25 56 tf small loU would prefer axchanving Flour for all parcels a odor lea bushels 8 1 T T A T Bfl0SB gt OANVtLLE KY ib T gt iB P TH R undersigned hiving porcha 1 V ukK l p d Hour Corn Mo l Cboppea sed tina large nna Commouiou Hotel L apos t li apos jiR prepared to accomuiodat travel GRINDING as usual ou Tuea aJJS lers regular hoan ers aud the public uBd ln i gt g owerally lu the best styi By strict at lent ion hi I tor M heat to the comfort of patrons by keeping a g oi U CROZlER Ag T Table and having competent HMaislaula am aept gt J 55 I polite experienced nervauta lie ho ies lo sus i tain tlie wide apos y spread aud enviable reputation of iht hu WOOL CARDING f TIIK NTACSKS for Lexington Louis vllle Crab Orchard Lebanon Ac arrive al At tile Danville Steam Mill au l depart from tins houea There ia attach T prepared to card Wool at the D ne lU ed to t a large ST BLE whara Horees Bu 1 Ste nT sfifL L uiug good l t gi a Hacks Ac can be lured al all lm ee pu apos pua 3 quot 31 HELDS j 1 am al o prepared to maoufaetore Wool 11 ln gt r ai a Jeans or Liuaey or will exchange tlio articles for W ooi either waalied or uu 1 quot Paying Cash f r Wool H I 11 i lM npril 25 apos 56 tf quot CROZ EJl 9 aM j COVINGTON pmr Fire Insuranee Company say 23 56 aapt J apos J 54 tf FIELDS IJ B rle and Mrrrwr Turupihe Hnail SADDLES Will l u Of r vary dam I p apos iuo together with gvner l jriBo u S ueday li IblA real aud at th re oflnirnt s f C rrxge Buggy Btaje aud Idence of Col V G Ktlr in Marear cauaty vi B ou B au Thuradtf tk rr Har under the euperiulen rflRNESH denreof th following Comauskionor appoio tad iu th ebart r for that purpoar llrislle lt ollaf A G Talbot Jot W k mam i g I ruoks 4r 4c tyHA l LA Hit A l h VI K A a he is c otaally mauuf during lie JaMKS BuRNkTT NkLsoN HuK prepared l t mah lo order uu short native N T liKK lt 1 KotluR Tfi 4FN4LL 1 u Hn le winch may lie al d lor iu bis Use Daniel W Junbs W m ll R bins apos oi th patron g X gt P is exl ud d l III old firm aud promise b t apos OB f MIN apos r BI elrtcl atlaiitioii to husin g io l woffim luahlp ang 6 6 tf ssil resoun ible prices merit the confidence of hie pnlruits I a I a 1 si V gt r i i gt 1 1 v r ou wiahiug to pi r gt liaa ar i u ilr to llUlioIJt r iJrV I all lid I Site fi r thrill vw ev lutiu th qnsli I II A VK Uow lor a apos at my Ism 6 miles apos apos af hi warB so 1 leant tue priuea Uelorutav from Dauvill oa th Ferry villul urupik apos apos Wtoi as h leeia coufijoul of ho n I r g J 9 I il4 lu tfH iVirlil DANVILLE rmniKi roNiToin Corner of Muir himI Fourth Strrrti op posilr t h lldiit rtwi House S E FARRAND U T Ol LD UMprcifuilv rufr im the eiltxans ol Bo apos l and the adjoining countie thit hi NPIIINt apos l apos it 4 apos evert large and varied cousinhsf ol n r gt or criptiou cf Carriage Coaches Buggies Rock aways Ac kc Ilia mitre stack of F apos nstern work is f om liie eat Mauuf Wtarera anti rouaista of ail the la test style aud patterns and hr will war rant all tfw work soid by him lo ke as he rppreer ut l Let all wiahiug to purchase any kind of a iFlllt l F or w ho are tsud of ex iiiiiuuig work m hia line give him a call Aj apos I have a so on haud a sloik of Si rlM it hit Hfl f f everf description repairs aru fittru op n the h 1 aud most compiele order F verr Oeacriptioa of Carriage tosi apos e to order llcpHiiiug wwd Kcpuiultag st a kind done s tlie shortest notice id III lust style auu os the meet reasonable terms s K P RK ND t mvill apr 8 apos 53 if Chartered Capital Authcr zed Capital 00 000 150 COO a tAHHAuorz B W bNvIWOK SABSABSff 4 SIOWSIX yn sssat Tx Ta ia s ss s i apos i Hydraulic Foundry rafter af WatMtlai ami KfovW Ms X apos la BlAaulacturtrs of St6 m Lngmes vxarua LXiua L Ijuai I 1 A l I rujs Vn ii Pipes fur in gt irnm KUd h ili r I as BwA apos ki l pud I Ltu r I i pi J OJ VXV j J W apos 1 mows linos IU ire VHTtlttW UAH 1X0 lulmnovii w atd I apos rc w l nitl Tiui t cr mill Hill y iru tuilroii ir Win and other t apos l tiiigs fer 11 apos ll roiils a d j t if r i I Job Work Lnuisv lte tit i fx tf Saddle Hj apos rness and Trunk EMPORIUM apos 1 J Dt DI f Y JAS gt Ot THGATE JNO W FINXFLL SVVfr KL DAVIS samdel J walker H J IVI III EY Prtaidrut N K I It VV I S crrtm apos t t 1 If E No 4 Greer apos s Block Scott strert brt Lower Market ind Fourth COVINGTON K K XTUf k X Application by mail will receive prompt at tention r P IE object of this company ia to afford en 1 security to th insured and to pay promolly if a I osa should occur Therefor uo tjtro haamnft or hazarda included iu the lisl of s rci fatty will b uaeu by ihia Company at any rate of premium VV M M STOUT Apenf af DanaxUe apt 18 apos 56 6m COACH MAEIN 6 NO mm amp x amp s amp srm GEORGE TBB ELgrT ti R F T I K NS hia aeknowiodgm al l ih publio for tho liberal patronage heretofore extendisd to him amt weald reepswt ally inform hHlormor pat roan and tho p bhc geuorally i that n cootluuea to earry oa th CarriafM Making Bosineaa In all ita branche and ha now and intend keeping on hauu or will make to order apos srhrs farrissei Rorkiways Boetin la all their varirtien II rcapectfully aoiicit a roll from all who may wish to purrhaa anv kiud ol a vehicl and will merely Bay ibat hi work shall be well done and warrant apos d aarep n srnted while hi pricee shall b aa lowaathos ol any olh r establiahmeut in this section of 1 Cvom v if H still oci upiea hia old stand on Second street vppvaite gt ib Akin s U Particular attention wilt aa heretofore b given to the K Kl A I K I N aad Uc filliag of vehicles of every kind GEO THRELKELD Danville june 8 55 if CABIItTIAKill TONA NICHOLS R espectfully in ffi forms the public lbaty quot w VjL e To Gardeners i OD stock of Garden liupieme li of all kiuda Hoe large aud small Kakes Spad s Shovels Jtc for sale by G W COLLINS A CORN KNIVE5 i JL BSII 4 NICHOLS kavi jipl r c iveb W a large supply of Core Rwivus of excel 1 I lout quality p 5 I llAV E v ry urge aud assorted stock ol articles iu my tin consisting of Mnddlr Whips IL i in si ii ju t lla a Trunk apos Mi vllr s H gt nll s Callar MHrliniwIes llnishcs gc AU of whi h will be sqld qw roa cash or to prompt cusauttera Ihe account falljug due 1 1 of July Aim ist Junqsiy Having larger and heller stock of work ihsn can W found iii ihe city and my facilities being r apos aster I ran safely say I will olTerin duuemeuls lo auy Wauling my article S P HVRBKfi N B All indebted to me will please com forward sod settle Jf you ow me but 50 cl I com pay up ami thus enable me to o y iho I owe h p li j Danville apr 6 55 if STOVES A GK V F 1 Al assortment all kinds always on baud an for sale by gt oi 7 q w coLLjNa i forma the public that tL be will continue lh Cstiiurl Making busiues in all its branches at tb lat aianuoi apos Noel 4 Nichols Ihe old Speed shop oppuHite the Court House All kinds of Furniture Matimses i Will he made oprdyr ft he Mat uu on hurl notice REPAIR 1 6 i picmptlj apos attended to lie hopes by giving strict atten tion to hia business by good workmanship so iil der e charge to merit and rectiva a n apos tiuuauoe of paliouuga FUNERAL CALL k Having a supply of Fisk s MetwIJLlC IUf K1AI f apos A FM nod having secured th urn of a good Iwo hora HEARSE I apt still prepared to attend gt unwai calls al any knur in town or eouulry Wooden Coffins order oa heretofote JON A NIC UOIA jan 5 1855 tf 

The Kentucky tribune, 1857-02-13

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Danville [Ky.], Kentucky by Mitchell & Hall
   Boyle County (The Bluegrass Region)