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date (1862-05-19) newspaper_issue  1 7 A J f tC i J t L L i c4 a y V01 UME 1 LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY MONDAY L gt NING MAY 19 1862 NUMBER HJtnil r i IrOUrSVIUaB EXPRESS C V im gt N f n TAORIUUDB V C OVHUTOiV lt lt fO PROI niFTOB OaE apos I apos IOD irrcon street near Cnstom Honse apos rEBItR OP BCBf BIPTION apos apos a ilt l r Itxr a rt lt rly 8 M b gt nolrr Dnily 0 i apos b WMklj oo OBJ p gt r lt ur 5 Week ihrtp eo e er year 8 00 I y kly Sv Mp e per ye r lO Sl apos kly ten Mpiru per 13 00 W kly tvcBty ojp tM per 30 0 ATRfi OP AOVERTIO apos NO IW TTm r CnTTI L XPRan PUR BKOULAU ADTEBTIkBR3 O M setPkrft OApofMb fl weekly per mocana 0 40 Onowiwiire ebaeMebW 3 ktuee per week per PO Gme teearew Aunpeeble a tlmec per week pep eoasiD 100 eeb edOBMcnU r lt ruer apos one bell tbe abawe piPea Adwer41 etcM gt 3is pPblliheO P4 Interwele ll fer tnt la crOou bed 00 c l are eweb eabectpieDi raovrkn ea ldetee gt IT quot e V quot 4 eribc Reel eiUte and The News of Ihe Moruio Our columns are Ulled to overll iwlng with w ar news this raoraipg The extracts from Southern papers for which we are indebted to the New York II raid will be read with absorbini Interest They do not seem to present the sfTiirs of the Con federacy in a promising light The news from New Orleans after its snnreader will also command attention Details of the battles oi Wlinamsbnrg and West Point will be fonnd elsewhere in this paper The Confederates it will be remembered clamed a partial victory to the first afiCiir but this account Is quite difibrent IVom tfaeltp It will be observed that the gunboats were very effeetlre In the battle of West Point The telegraph reports that the Pede ral fleet which went np James river vras re pnlsed otDarlage Foiot seven mUoe be low Biehmond The fleet retired From Western Virginia we hear U at rdldatsA aiHw weik lot sack Humphrey Maraball had taken Prtocet lt n e y liT k f toV lt y lt nH apos iriven out by Uc oViuisL 1 V F i Feueacola hr be lt tvacn t Confsderates wba firrd the N and destroyed other pnblic proper The Federals were preparing h L bard Savaunah O apos u Oiiriis Is rapidly m apos apos hiag i lie RcKk and tho militia and pccpi rally have r cn eriiled out by Gc e Ucator A g noral adviice bus been m by thi F apos l apos ralibts on Corinth and t b mishing has ht on veiw Liiivy A t I cig apos gemcot was expected on j mcmlng v apos TnjEATsm RnQadtmtM lt J M apos i Daly AVwiottl i f Our Amfrlcat A d We arc gratified to anno the ro engagement of the celebrated A I an Comedienne Miss Jolla Daly wh at enccesu on her first appearance ie tome weeks since was bnt anuii t h iio in addition to the nniversd ham quot to one of the most clever and Var utilc e s cs now on the stage A tplendir apos apos at a praceibl danseose great iui ee power in addition to an origio ilK apos apos ct and witchery of presence bave apos r lt r lt j her career both in this country and rope one grand triamtfiial marcl ae oburaeter In which Miss Daly ea nd which stands out broadly troni Ul a cr e jcelle amp cies Is that of onr Female Atoeii ean Oousin which is an embodini at ol all the most ple gt ing and hnmorona pet n liaritlee of the daughters of that race ntl qultousas that ot Israel What Is Lnown as the Stage Yankee is admitted he apos brood caricature and although wi laugh at his oddities we never d j y accepting him as a type But apos m tii j m c American Cousin wg fljj gt Ijariiles sketched bv Jn and a nearnr aherlffs apos aodtomoiiy l lt io re apos gt 1 ue lt Lgio irca wf tixmlftr df l lt 4nc ti ft fcui gt tdhiKi by L yvA 1 jk AdTorDMio Dtw fc ch rl AM fir omi gt toie wA apos d ad oUi r paolle meettDS v and fnch llkt baU rWoQ K lto al DO If os aod ooremQ apos lc tloT gt 8 Inefft a i tdii ra Qo m at amp D 1 latt Ddod to promob pr gt lQte 411 apos e pvr line bete on y oiorted lt Mbe dijK apos reOoj f eeriVor No 0 minaDlcft i apos ua t U D Ina rtod oolottg c Ofaiianicd by t gt apos rc l onm apos of u R apos ltbor 8 u ana Oat lyfriDem t i f r Iho flwt tttiertlon and US co ds f ireach nti iMAncc eucb han e t 8id apos r d nt lt n apos iv ftir eni ni Ad vr i4 cn nkfl x vfc apos apos O the Uttoe of tiio Rxpre 8 if ar lt o J an utrtprie Wriuon nnWee moi t boviren to t eout and itop ade M emeDte O apos y apos ary JTortiier apos gt fer Ue year expires otbe apos fllto o shall hara till d oe N gt con r flt of yoarly ilvor sem 1 wi i oc d apos gt Dtiatt d wibboot pivviau noli to as uor wdl a apos v oh r 46 bo BUde for l taan oce year t tbe Tooriy rfhtea ADVEATJl fNQ RATB IN THB WaBKLT KX FRC S 1 lO Va ro loeaerUss Qr klnferEoa nob cinU iaaooo DAILY EXPIIESS gt OUISVILL B b OXI gt AY MOR IVG MIY IR THE MAl y w rLO TN lt MD ARRIVAL AT THE LOr ti lLLB PO rOPFICB Saolwa Western and Nortiierae apos ot i alUs V and arrives Ht lA 0 P bl Hootiem KenOaouy rU L and N K R n apos nan offi lt M oloRO at fiiOO P R toe i gt r lt Tloat vveoios J o1 lt ioe al0 3O A M andsrr veo atft OP M ifaipjoat to Olnolunitt ObL closes at OiOOA R auid tot iv 8 atfkuO A M U and 9 H R olow gt 4 at 10 00 at niabt ani 1 00 P M and ar oe lt at Il irt A M a id fic30 P M Sbolbyrllle clasts at gt at u lt uV and arrives at A OOP M baoo a doses at IftOS at n fht todar Bardi otfo It a do8 i a 1S W M and arrivea at aamwtowD 9ttgo I apos l woeldF dojes at 12 00 at al ht and arrives at O WP M Ueoderson and River in wvoVy loivw Mon diy Wei ttsd apos iy and Ifnday at i 00 F M and ar Ta y or vII e Kiii 0 eUosof a ftfO A M and v jlvei ati 10 P M n i n v gt o rootoi where the principal mailt oioee at liwat uijf il the way m il8 loeatOjO iP M PEPARTURE cv n ite g apos jriuf seen but itil JoflA ville Rail r lt apos 4s Kati oinvAanspoUs Kasta Snoi aVanJ inJlanspfitte Raster p esi H 1 Odls H9i Ootoaeo Night Expr gt a IhOki P Ijoaidvaile New Albaujaad Chicane Railroad Ohieaso and ft T ools Express 9 00 A R K Ixrjif Nl bt Ehryrer 9 K K M TrdB9 arrive at New Albany as foUowr Lodi Kmht Bspre Atfl A M CMcago and I9t Louie Rail 7 30 P M Ixtuitvllle and Lexington Railroad nserose Trdn at A R A SiodalVto TViln at Freisht Trdoe on Moodan wooaesaaFS and Frldar onisville und Nn hville Railroad FteMurr Traki f lt Bdi l lil hvre at 7 43 A Sf Fr lifctTraiD apos o Noshv J gt eau lt i MiMophla brueh vbl l ve 4 3 00 A M Tratl fur Lebuoan wUI I arc at 34 apos A H yrain or Barditovs will le Te at 4 00 P M the GFNBRAI nOSPITAUS BooplU Ne h Mroer of Hlath anti Broadvar Hotpiti No amp eoroer of nghtii sod Green fttreefa HoV apos ital Vo 3 Main street betweoa Eevmth and F lrhih rioipitai Vo A ooroer o apos Pifteeath auJ UaiD rtree A Uofpiial Ko 0 cjixer of Serenth and Main itreett Uospital No n oo ztT of Contra an Green streett Ho apos pit J lO sutifi pex OB Bard towj road near Pave inn Cemetoi apos r To News Agents Tlie Daily BTpress will be famlshctl to news agents abroad at 81 SO rmi bttv SB D or at SO OBNTS PBK DOSEN lOT 3 leSS anmber AD orders must be acccmpc nied with the cash Bpcoimen Copies To day apos s Baphbes will be sent to s large umber of our old friends and patrons with whom we held daily eommnnlcatlon In years past We solicit from them an examlnatioD onr sheet and if it prove awlefectory a rocewal of their patronage To ExcAaoges Onr eotemporories of t4e press who et apos seive this coMoo will oblicre ns by placing the Express os their exchange list at ace Hotel Arrival The list of arrivals at the hotete wQl be iband in ocr oolmans this morning and hereafter Their pnbUoatlon Involves con siderable labor and expense but we doubt not onr e0orte to make oor paper aeceptoble will be appreciated by the pob liG The xprens ia Nashvilte Mr Prank T Moore will tupeiintcnd the oircnlatiOD of the Dailt Expkbss to Nash ville whose ettiaens we hope wlfl extend 70 our paper a bvarable recepUou OuB Hovbtabv and Cosncunrui Ru OnT Wo wish to call the attention of bnslnsse men to our Commeroial and Monetary Beport which H Is designed shall bo a decided feature In the ExvBzas These departmeste arc nnder the control of gentlemen of ability and enlarged ex perience and will not ftiil to provo of ia toieat to the mornantile community Major A M Hancock of this city Is again before tho public Tbis time he informs tho N Y Herald of the treasona ble proclivllloe of a Mr Tnnstall late D 8 Consul to Cadis Spain The Major signs himself 13 8 Consul Malaga Spain EST quot A Bldy agent for hfiss Joey Gou genbeim the amress waa drowned near Son Juan Island British Coinmbis recent ly by tho capsistog of the steamer Tolo i Oe lt wu gt Vaearo ot tbis city died to eiaphto Tat gt t a few days ago apos 0 arUst approach to tictrulif tore The author has accompli i id licult talk bn apos ft apos W apos l I apos Biagc but of the world She il Ma lt r ady apos B forclldc saying that the art ol acting is not to act Ihe art that cosceaia the art The American Cousin is sononne ed for Monday night With Macauley DxwBcm Grierson Mrs Laws MissScheock and others the piece will bs admirably cast and so donbt prove very attractive Tire luuiiiavilliuus who Auugbt under B nuregard The Killed Wounded Hud Unhurt A private loiter from Corinth to a gen tleman of this city gives some interesting information as to the fate of certain per sons from Louisville and vielnlty who fought at Sbll oh in General Breckinridge s command Among these John Hooe greatly dHtinguisbed himself by his gal lantry Binturegard complimented him in person KiUfd James Ghisleln in a charge Sth Sentneky Tyler Ballard Wnuoded Billy Bell dangeronsly since dead Billy Biibop wonaded In leg Dad Cbipley in the arm W Pope in arm and one finger shot 00 Ed Caylaird In foot and shoulder slightly H P Elstone se verely Lem Hiller slightly to arm J W Green in tho bead John B Pirtie wound ed by a shell now convalosoent B Q He Corkle in leg UnhxMTi John 8 SnlUvao Joe Benedict r F Smith Pnll Vacaro W F Miller X F N Tyt r Hea FrV apos Jot llng Creenberry B apos berts Jas Smith Foobtb Kentuokt N ilfod L G Owev Jos F Owens B Brassmeyer Wouudni Clark Owen In knee Bd Bird in both kgs dangeronsly J Belt apos n shot to tar N White in tn apos gh Geo He il der In leg P Formholc aud Henry Croft each to the arm Charles Chian in breast aud legs deugeroasly L B Duuii In kg H C Bhotwctl to both arms slightly Unhurt W Kenney bi xTU Kestookt A iBtid JohnSpurrs IVbatidwi Geo Beem iu severely in arm James C Barueit in leg severely M arcel lus Aul badly and prisoner Cbas Dawson of Bloomfield twdly and prisoner O Macdonald In arm Lient Levi Tnckcr Iluhtly in arm Jas R apos cketts slightly Unhurt Lient E D Rigketta John Oope L L UuDcan Jaiacs x Lloyd and father James Blanks Capt W L CTark hrother and brotber iu law Bam H Boch inn G irriner W E Hooker Hooker Head John Hooe disttognishedX James L Lockert MoNsr Loaked L adies and gentle anon reqairing loac of ahy amount on Ui amoEds Watchos BHyerware Ac can beatcommodatod at ih Exchange OfUce Third stroet one 0oor north of Groci next to the Capllol Drug Store f Ba8toeea prompt strictly coiifideaU rftf Tut fiLL UP ivt w orlp Commen apos aof the Press A Grout ur nnior A l apos ieuch Protest Geii apos ai Dntlcr Vi sit Uio Captured FrUj Alter the Surieuder hOBor j i JULIUS MEKDBL FuJtviTunB Wharton A Bennett keep always on hand a very large assortment of oahinet fVimitare of every description at wholesale and retail cheap for cash Their motto is qnick sales and Small promts Recollact the Nos SUSand 40 Market sL betweeB Second and Third my 19 dtf SjTTbe Washington correspondent of the Sew York ll lt r lt 1d says that the Union refugees from New Orleans urge the ap ttr nCrsCf V sn rA The following extracts relative to ps fall of Sew Orleans the great metrowe of the South wo take from be New wfk HeralA They win bo read with de c lt ii terest quot oua eaBAT disasto axt gt BmnuAi Vrom rka De gt 4 April 34 1 YesV rday New Orkans waa snbjeclir apos to the most terrible bnmniatioa and dcgoxi tlon wtoeb have ever fallen nprn a tmte and true people At the moment It annenaced that the ships had passer forts It bcuame evident to all relit c apos ag persona that the city was defenseless S ps were thi n taken to render It a barren n qiest By order of the Governor and iU tary anlhorltlea all the government mW apos tkms and stores were seut away Such Jl terial of war as coold not be lemovedjrqy destroyed Orders wore also issnei to destroy all the cotiou in this city was also done The troops under Lovt ii wore march d to t ha im r s would have Peen lormid ti gt le ag army advinclug by Imd but tlio b near the nver were qiil apos e w ak au fcctive aaaiDSi the euips raiiccially present sute ol ll e rivor tho h of the w gt tcr ena apos i g th ui co command the snrroundlnv rou ihe coud iioQcf afl apos iiis it wstqu apos U that the euemy apos s flort won apos d m w 8 tl us obstacle in pu s ng up Jic i Accordiogiy it W 13 ULuou c i ly hour that thty w r com VLASdscame up blowiv as if fei V quot Ay Ihe Ifort apos ord u i flii apos shlp lt mStloro F irragul lead nu Th n fo tho Brooklyn the Kicuinond and oibtT ships big ai d litilc As thes approached the batteri apos s about st reveu miles bf 1 gt w the city onr artllli opened ui apos apos n ihcm from both sldi s t river bn ihe guns were only t fi apos Urs thc produced but little The ships replied with several broad which showed that they completely manded our baitericB The bttu though manned by nnpraciUed gun kept up the fire some time bnl wiu effect aud under snch disooumgine cumstauccs os to render it an obvious cv to withdraw the gunners and the t The batteries wereac ordlngly aban and the iroops werG marched to the eon Railroad In the meantimo th tile squadron steamed np the rl terrible and melancholy spectacb apos preaentb to the vietcrioos ship p whole levee for miles was wrappec apos soioks from tho bomiug cotton ar apos it carriages whieo the authorities ha apos r dcred to be consumed In the rlvi many hulls of burning ships the di gt t our fi St o apos be merchant vcf ci steamers which conlalnt The squadron proceeding np the great mnltitnde clostered op the k 7 looking on in disgust and horror ot jc dUmal spectacle As they passed a shots were fired by some ot onr soldi but wlihont orders The ships did not ply but proceeded slowly jjoDg enr Ici A foebto siioer was raised on board of Ol 11 6 Ulps which was respondotl to something like a cheer from a lew pert In the crowd The cheers whei ier tended as snch or not drew upon th Uea who w re snepected of giving th some doeen or so of nisiol st ots by wh j bode land of apos apt Farraiiiit The olfi core requested to be protect d in their re turn to heir sbijis and General Ixivcll directed Col Lovell and M jir James to accompany them Too officers proceeded to the rear of the City Ilail whore they look a ckb and proceeded to the wharf During the intervidV an Immense and excited crowd of people bad congregated about the Citv Hall who alternately hur rahed for J ff Davis for General Lovell and most vigoronsly groaned for Ltoooto and his sqnadmn To calm this mnltitnde Pierre Bonis ad dressod them in a few eloquent and efl apos dct Ive words connseling moderation telf posscsslon forUtade and confidence in their cause declaring that the honor of the Government and city was to safe hands sod that Gen LoveU apos s answer to the de mand to tnrrender was worthy of the eom mander of a brave people Gen Lovell on appearing on tbs eteps was also londly cheered He addreosea tho moHltode In a short speech deelarieg bis pnrpose not to snrrendcr tho city bnt to retire with bis army and fight the Lln cohiites whom they eonid always whip on land lie briefly fetched his coarse in the preixratlon of the defense of the city JThat he hsd done all he enuid do wliii the means at his disposal That he esme here six months two late That It was beyond hia reeonrccs to oonteiffi snocessfuUy against the enemy s power on water Ho advired Ihe efttoens to boar them selves manfully never to stoop or rnbmtl to tbs Lincoln domination and to wait with patient foni ade for the deliveran apos o irom bandage which must soon eome to thsm The G neml then monnied his horse aod accour apos anled by his st jff rode to the Jackson railroad where he took the list Cir having already Sent his army ahead of him i several prrs apos p squadron bet lip for ai apos wound d apos d the fori apos A C nABicTTKK J Bg icrt Fambam Licntenant Colonel of Sickles Excelsior New York Brigade waa shot through both thighs in the battle f Williamsburg but will recover Farnham is quite s character After squonderinga large fortune be linked hie fote with Walker the filliboatcr Es caping DEhnrt from that expedition he was next commuder of the yacht Wanderer and bronght s cargo ol negroes to Georgia On bis second lawless voyage be was seized by a United States vessel tmt escaped the death penalty through a legal Uchnlcality He eeems to be death proof Ges Hoxter s Pboclamatioji Its Mo EirioiTiON Tho rciiortthat Gen Hnnter by proclamation declared free Ihesla apos vee in his department which comprises South C rolimt Georgia and Florida has creuod a profonud eoisalion in Eentncky as it doubtless has to the other border slave States It will bo observed that a la apos cr dispatch says Pesident Lincoln has mo dified Ihe order Arkansas Aef urs The Ark a sos State Gazelle of May 10 h referring to Gov Rector apos s proclamation colling out trooips sa 8 it is a compound of nturpo apos tion treason and trash Attention is di rected to It as a enriositj The Governor insinuAtes that the CoKlederato Govern ment has abandoned H aod Imlmntos the propriety of setting np the State on Its own hook A Bab Wat A female forger has crea ted a good deal ot oonstemation among the banka in New Haven Six bank apos sold drafts to her all of which had bo i ter gt d from small to large sums The woman who passes nnder the name of Mary U Way is said to be a very plausible and quite good looking person and has not yet been arrestcA Rasnuenose Rkskitzd A letter to the Chicago Journal from Padneah tays the reetrlcUooe upon cilleenB going np the Tennessee river have been taken off AH that Is required now Is the nndonbted loy alty of those making appKcaUon Passage can only be taken on the moUboots E9 Onr Kentneky tnrftnea wtH be well represented at the coming races over the Philadelphia aod New York race eonrses B A Alexander eb Ward Cot Campbell C pt gt Tom Moore Dr Weldon and others have made enlTies to stakes and hssdl la races C0 quot A court martial to Western Vlrglnb has recently cashiered a nnmber of commis sioned officers Among them were a cap tain and lientenant for keeping their wives In camp drcEsed to the nniforms of the sol diers ti The Now Orleans Picayane of April astb says that Major Tom Hawkins who is well known here distiugaished himself by his gallsntry in ths battle of Bhilob He wasBcvorcly wonndi d M Jornawkine follows the banutrs of John Breckinridge UgrFive hnndred Fcder l cavalry asd one thonsand inftntry have occupied Paris Tennessee In consequence ol he attack made by the rebel cavalry oa the Federal Camp at Dresden a few days ags We refer onr readers to Mr C O Spencer s ancUon sale of B H Nortbenu s real and personal tffoots by order of as eignev advertised for Tburada aAenMoo tkeSMiiiM of tbis eonnty CotIMiTTiso Jas Ooonelt who W3 ar rested a few days since charged with kit ing Thomas Bontz had an examination before the police conrt Saturday morning and was committed by Judge Johnston to anewer the Miartre of murder Fob HEjrDESsox The Big Grey Eagle is the regular mail and poaeenger packet or Bvauevilie Owensboro and Henderson this evening She leaves the Portland wharf in charge of Capt J H Bnnce an old and energetic boatman who le well known ail along the route p Mi Halveti who was taken prison er by John Morgan on last Sunday at Cave C ly was released by him on pixole At Sparta Tenn on Thursday The M jjor arrived in Ibis city yesterday on the train irom N jshville WeIeara from Ihe Richmond Mes senger that one day last week a beautlfnl aud Inicrosting daughter of Henry Pier son of Eetill county was burned to death by her clothes accidentally taking fire tST We notice that Mr C C Spenter sells this morning the fnmi apos ure and hons apos jhold fff cts of Mr Ben F Cawthon at his rotidence corner of Seven h and Magazine slreele 5 gr A dispaick to the Cincinnati En q tircr says that Beauregard and Halleck nave agreed substantially to release prison ers t D parole not to bear arms nntil ex ehanged t Tlie dwelling of William G Oopar Eeq oboe Ihrut miles and a half Irom Paris on the North Middletown pike was destroyed by fire on Saturday morning last E Captahi Emke of the Sixth Ken tucky Regiment of Volunteers was buried at Cave Hill yesterday evening by the Pro vosKrttard of this city j Ouj NEwtU apos AFBJia FOB Salb OM news papers a select lot can be had on applica tion at the Ex pugsh office Priced cents per hundred ts A Mr Stroud an express sgemt at Danville Tenn was shot and killed by Dr Leonard at that place one day Iasi week Cg W Adaks C9ty Ganger office north cast corner of Fourth and Main streets at J H MoCleary s trunk store my 19 dim Four thousand bulea of cotton have been received to Clnchmati siace March 3 th It was from Tennessee fgg Xea Broeck the AtaericAa has won several important stakea en the BogUeh tort recently g7 The Supreme Ooort of ladiaiu wiH convene on to day week HfLewls Washington of Hurper s Ferry noturiety dled to Richmond Virginia last week rRsrorVyI expr w ly loc the Linlsv n rOLICE COURT Exprotr l GEORGE W JOHNSTON Jcogb Saturday May 17 18t gt 3 PBAcm Warrant George Obimach was prist nu d cn a peace warraut sued on by A Ohimacb There was nothing to the case and the warraut was dismissed Ab6aoi t R achel and M Levi were be fore the conn on an aseanlt warrant sned out by Riinbeth Cook She was also pre sented on a warrant sned out by the Levis Both warrants were dismissed Mubdbb J as Connell was before tho conn charged with the mnrdcr of Thomas Buotz One witness was examined when the accused waived a fbrther examluatton aod waa commlued to jail to titsirer tlto i iff 1 0 thirteen tak c r Ions in Sooi the city so t i gt n and the o apos streets Alter rciu Jrl apos this ptrck apos for half an hour a boat u ne ashore w two officers one Captain Baylcis second in enmmncd ol the squadron Coptsin Par ragut being flag ofiicer and a ir tteuant These oflicere were greeted on toeching the shore with the most nproarions baczis for Jeff Davis and the 8onth and wHh the most threatening demonstr ations quot They bad ncg apos ccted to bring a flag of truce aod It was s proof of the good sense ol even an totnriated maltitnde that they were allowed to land They however prooeeded nnder the protection of some genticu en who undertook to londnct them to the Mayor apos s office in a drenching rain followed by a fnrlous and excited mob Though no violence was offered to the officers certain persons who weresoa pectod of favoring their flag and eaose were set upon with great fnry and ronphly handled On arriving at the City Hall it required the intervention of several clli zena to prevent violence being offered to the rush embassador ot an execrated dy nasty and government The Mayor received the Federal officers In his office with proper dignity CapUin Bayleis stated ths purp irt of his mission He told been sent by Cap apos aln Farragut to demand toe surrender of the city and the elevation of the fiigof the Uuited States over the Custom H use Ihe I ostoffioc the Mint and tbeCliv Hall The Mayor rep lied that he was not th milltaiy commander of the cl apos y that he bad no authority to sur render it and would rot do so bat there WAS s mi iiary c imn andcr now iu ihi city aud he won d send for him to receive aiid reply to the dtmacd A messenger was dispatched for General Lovell In the interval n nnmber of citi lens who were present got Into conversa tion with Ihe United Stales naval officers The Llrutcnant seemed to be a courteous well behaved gentleman who boro tcsil mony with apparent cameetnees to the vigor and valor of the defense of our forts and was quite oommnn apos eative The senior ollioer was more reserved hnt etill made large pro apos cesions ol peaceful intents It was difficult however for him to conceal the bitter sectional bateol a Hassachueetts man against a true Sonthem community In the course of the conversation however this officer remarked that Captain Farra gut deeply regretted to sec the spirit of incendiarism which prevailed in tho city in the dist apos uc ion of cotton and other things The 4 syor remarked that he differed from him that the desfmctloB was of o gt r own property and did not con ra outsiders Captain B lyleis rep apos ded that it looked like bltUig otf one apos s noee to spite his face The Mayor replied that we bod jndged dlf fcrenriy After a while General Lovell arrived in front of the City Hall nod was greeted with loud cheers by the crowds untside On entering the Mayor apos s Office Uapt B y leie introdneed himself as second in eom mand of the United States squadron to front of the city Gen Lovell replied I am Gen Lovell of the Army of the Contederate States eoramanding this De partment The officers then shook hande aiid Capt Bayleis stated bis mission to demand the surreoder of the city and the elevation of the Criced 8ta apos ee flag over the Onstom Honse Mint and Post Office adding that be was tostneted by Capt Farragnt to state that be came to aud jiersonal gn to iDter fere and especially not with negio property Gen Lovell replied that he would not snrrender the ciiy nor allow it to be sur rendered that he wse overpowered on the water by their superior squiudroo bnt thst he inb nded to fight them on land as long as be eould master a coldier that be bad apos marched a apos l of bis armed men out of the city that he bad evacuated It and If they desired to shell the town destroying women and children thf y could Co so That It was to avoid this he bad marched hia troops beyond the city limits bnl itoat a large number even of tho women of the city bad begged him to rema n aud defend the city even agaiust shelling He did not think he would be justillAtile to doing so He would therefore retire and leave the city authorities lo pursue what course they should think proper Capt Bayleis said no such pnrpose was entertained by capt Farragut reiterating tbe expression of bis regret at tbe deeti nclion of cotton General Lovell interrnpted him by s ing that it was done by bis anthority Cape Biyleis said that he had no donbt that Qvn Lovell had done bis duty and they were doing theirs It was then condnded that Cai apos t Bayleis and the other officer would reinrn to their ships and tbe Mayor wcnld call the Connell and lay before It TMT OOMRABDMBN apos r OR Tinl ROHT8 ASO OCCtjRRBNCES JN TUE OITT OP NEW Oil LEAN amp From ths Ohsrieston Mereury of M ty t l The deforce of New Orleans rested npon two forts Jackson and St Philip a few In terior batteries above the forts and a fleet of tW nty holts the strongest of which were the McRte carding seven thiri j two pnonders and one ntoe loch gai j aad the Manassis ram The Lonislana carrying eight largo guns ukm a complete Jliilsrs She bad to be towed down tbe river and used as a battery for the two large wheels working to tbe middle of the boat ister fereU with each other and rendered her un manageable She was an oak hnlk roofed with iron Three of the enemy s boats were raid to have passed toUhoott the k ote edy of the forts The river is abont a mile wide and covered with heavy fog at night T e na val engatrement extended for some miles up the river Exchanges of broadsides and coll apos sions were oontinanos tmtil but one of the Confederate boat a eteam hulk with but one gun returned to the city and was burn ed and tnmed adrift A Galveston steamer sunk one of the beet of tbe Yankee gunboats after rnnning into her three times She was soon snuk herself The McRve was seen gananlly exehanginir broadside for broadside with apos te bank frigates She waa eora twooou apos n Huger of Ch vies manded by Cipiam Ar H swid too and was sank Her eommauir lo be in New Orleans wounded huvin saved his life in one of the small boats it is soppoesd The Manasaee commanded by Lieutenant tVarley of South Carolina disappeared but it was not kuown whether she betook herself to one of tho bayona WAS captured or sunk Thecanduct of tho ConfeJurate navy was desperate la the gal lanlry snd devotion displayed Dut their t teas he piU v from the beyinning The Jffftl Mississippi steam ram b gt d just been a few days and would not have operatofor forty days more j uaa of ion or rum Wad imber to lie shod wiit rested point She waubree times w lt Virge and powerful asibe Virgtoia fioat ed bean tiully and was SOS go ng All the naval offletn who saw her say that she was the finest ship in the world aud that it is confidently ateerted by officers of high rauk that wlthont a gun she could have destroyed tbe Yankee fleet She was to bate been ready by the 1st of February The eon traeior was a Mr Mill a broiber ln Iaw of Mr Mallory Tfee woodwork was finished long ago and there has bsen great anxiety and impetlcnee about tbe dilatory manner of apos ritnpl itin the iron work and moebiuery The p apos pie of New OriesRis and the but rounding eonntry offered the goyernment and Mi igents all their mechanic reeonrees and workmen They were declined nntil three dais before tbe attack Up to that time nlghtwork had not been put npon the boa 100 300 bonniy was some time elnoe offered to the contractor to get it ready In lime Rewards were ofl apos ered to others Ixivell said to tbe remooeionces of cUi sens that his bacds were tied and he could do no more than ke was doing Governor Moore said that matters were going cn we l and that the riiy teas n s He could do nothing The citiscus off red money and labor to fortify the levee between tho dty and the forts but their offers were ae cllned as unuoeessary Three days before the appearance ef Ltt Yankoe ships at V s Orleeuts OoKinor itoore quietly d apos parted with hie chief eoutieel apos Me by way of tho Car rollton Kiiiroad about dark leaviug a steamboat and pick t quot of soldiers at that jioint A gt K gt ay gt r lt o ieiftre probably caused it Two days before the snrreuder of tho city an cxcUed croiei pripired with a rope appeared at the Mnyard ia search of thm contractor of the Mi siseippi He was gone Ihe Missiesipi was burned and S wk by tho authorities Our informant states that there Is afeel ingofprofound cxisperatlon against the ad mlnietration and Its agents Tlie people feel that they have hern ey ematlcany tri llcd with and sacrificed When the Yan kee officers landed five Sicilians who cheered them were shot down by the crowd All who shovred any signs of fa vor were knocked down as traitors The feellog was Intenee n the cotton was burned and all tbe tobacco except that claimed by the French government The eagir and molasses remains in the city as prii ato property In immense quantities Much wever Is on the plantations the crop bdog vi ry large e General Love I car ried of by ralliovl h maebiuery oi tbe workshops and Iren mills and all the roll ing stock of the railroad The machinery is important and entities him to credit His forces ore at a camp of lustrnction at Jackson Miss protecting the roUroad where it crosees Pearl river He Is not ex pected to reinforce Beanrcgard except as a reserve corps His forces arc said to be about iwenty thonsond strong Twelve Ibonsaod fordgn denizens in New Orleans bod orgaoiz lt f to fight to defence ot ew Orleans but declined gotog out to Sght in tbe Confedetate eaoso OOWABDICS dlABGlUl OK TIIB BEBSI MIU T ART LBADBRS AT BBW OUJIAKS fTron Cb lt MohUe VTvniaff Itewa April S0 1 Among the several prominent acts of feYhy Uutfieiency and tniemanagement which have at btfereni Umee and plsees disg raced tbe eondnet of this war thedeAtrnctioD o lt tbs Oonfederate fleet of gunboats to Lake Poochartrain stands stopendonsly preem inent nnapproached and nnapproaebable by whatever hoe been done or whatever may or ean bo done Preferring for the present to charge this set to the account of folly and panic rather than of treach ery and at resont popular charge to be lelt to the proper tribunal to Investigate we accannl it the m W lt mortifying fm tnenirly humlliatltig and leunentabte occur renee in connccuon with tbe loss of New Orleans Wore tn oson palpably to the case it would only exeite hot snd inspira ting indign iiiou aod we trust that it may be proved that our cause has been so etabbtdby a knave or knaves rather than hy a fool or fouls The verdict of a dramtiead court m utial should sward the rope to tbe former or the bn let to tbe loiter Folli maybe a miu s miafortnue but it should not bo allowed to be bis couutiy s misforinDe The laws do not recognize folly and sin pidlty as legal exemptions from reepmsi bility for offences it is necessary lor tho good of society that folly as well ae raseal fty ebonld be reponsible for their eunse qucnces So it Is necessary Ihjt for the good of out coantry tbe manifestations of folly shoold be Bcoonnted high mlUury crimes Fads horn efi puOad doeen soylrei thed Sohm and Cecsm hcfcr rcairdt do great tbiogs yet fuolisbness can und them more rapidly But fool a apos iffr apos p apos J ly 0 taard fools can be controlled aed through but one sgonej that of fear le t the summary pnmshaicnt of tbe guilty iu this else be an acute warning lo other fools end cowards who may be iu the mili tary employ of tbe Confederacy Id Lake Pomtebartraiu there was a fleet of half a dozen more or less effective gun boats and not an enemy s vessel on that Inland sea Its entrance was guarded by strong fonifleatioDe and on its waters floa Aid a vast value of shipping Across tbe lake tbe city of New Orleans ran now be approached by the enemy s transport fleet and an army ean be landed at tbe city or above the efty at P iea Minchac in the vi cinity where the fugadous Lovek has quot made a stand Of what avail is It that the brave Duouan aod hl heroic command held the haltered forts on tho HlesiMippl and died amid the ruins to keep Liucuto s expcdl tionary land forces at toy T Fort Pike and the ba leriee which guard the entrances aud the gunboats ore suieiteUy destroyed and merchant vessels ean sail into tbe lake op tothe city freighted with lens of thous ands of invaders We presnme that this Is already beiog done by tbe active enemy and we may resign the last folnt hopes that have been suggested oo the basis ol the con ttoned defense of tbe Mississippi foru gt keep log the troop transports at bay nuffl SdiBC efiort eonid be made to regain New Or kaua We question very much if after their eibausilng struggle with the Mississippi forts which so much reduced tuelr mnui lious and in whiea they suff red so much loss and with so much still to do ia that river tUcsaval forces ol the enemy cou apos d have scot a competent fioiilli to reduce ihePonchartraln works and 11 set for wc k Meanllihe samething might have been dune to pluck the flower saicly out of this ueltle dang jr could the Mississippi forts have held out And the matter may ho vi apos wed In SDU apos ber and quite as dlegracefnl aspect Tb apos Al gunboat fl et might have been saved aud made available elsewhere There was A route to Mobile and with It invitingly open the vessels were burned Mcrc b iut Vessels and steamers show d the way and came through safely why did not iheeo war vessels of the Confederacy also come Bab the thing is too disgusting for dis cutaioB Let it never be ncoagnt up af apos er it is necessarily so to order to tbe execu tion of him or those responsible for it With that llset added to our light draft squadron in Mobile bay we could make cffeciive defense against the best effort Of the enemy But well ehtu jam ealis PUOTB9T OF THE FREKCB XAVAh OOM MANDAKT IFraia the N w Orlvani DeUa Hat l J Commander ef the United States Squadron no in the port of A apos ew Orleans Sir S ent by my governmeut lo protect the persons and property of Its eitixens who are here to the number of thirty thon aaud 1 regret to learn at this moment that yon have accorded a delay of lorty elght honrs for tbe evacnation of ihe city by the worn n and children I venture to say to yon that this short delay Is redlcnlone and in the name of my government I oppose It If It is yonr resolution to bombard the city gt to state that you will ve doit ou A to the to account for this bsrosruuv power which I represent In any event 1 1 d mand sixty days for th evacoatlon DkCI OUET Commandant of the steamer Milan op site the city of New Orleans OENKBAt BUTLER VIStTS THE CAFTURBO FORTS lOarTMseadeuM of the R T Herald apos Teneral Bailor visited tbs fort on the r to company with Captain Porter himself confident In tbe meantime our currency is in per fect stale of chaos ibougb it is booed tbe faille eonnec cd with it has run its C apos Urfie and that on A unday we may uritness a ceduur slate of affairs As for tie indi vidual issues alias suiupla ters of parties of hereto ore standing and responsibility we are not aware that the occurences of the week tbe disasters in onr situation will in the least weaken or impair their solidity yet it cannot be denied that measures should betaken fo repress tiu fur titer issue of ehemge neles on the part of many makers of whose responsibility there are many donbts We cannot observe any impropriety to again snggesting that au asaocMion be formed by some dozen or m ire individnals to be denominated the Change A eocia tlon to issue small notes or notes of large denomlnaUona Tbe pro ceeds of these change note to be 1 eld in crust for tbe redemption of the same A flacnating currency Is a pest aud apos Bring a crisis of the present mugnitude flnetn ation wilt attend the dally rou apos ine ot cur rent mOTcmcnu If tee eould return forth with to a specie evrrenry it would redound to the goodeff all True millions of dollars of the coin that were here are how no huger here All expectation that coin payments would bn coutiuued on tbe part of our banks provided they do open doors ogain must be for the prcecm abandoned In many lustaucee during the past few days there has been discarding of tbe genera currency of the confederacy Tbis added eoufosiun and nnccrtaincy to tbe present position of affilrs In all probtbilaylhere may possibly lollow partial resumptions In dedings to coin that is if all tbe coin in private bonds and ouisrde parties has not taken wings aud flown away T hcrc were no returns from the banks to ths Board of Currency to day Ths movements iu p apos uduce during the week have been corfl ed to sugar aud mo l TSSi s chiefly before K iday Toere were sales of 1 50U hogsheads of sugar a gt rd 5G0 barrels of molasses Ou Friday a liwli SS rabble It can bo termed eummtn red du ring the baruiug of collot ihe bnaking up of hogsheads of sugar and forcing bar rels of molasses carrying it oil apos in the most approved stylo ol agrarianinn The scene at the sugar depot at this time ia too desolate to require more than a brief no tice iu this coluum The various wholesale jobblsg and re tail stores and shops have been closed since Thursday Oar streets aud avenues there fore present a very gl xiray aspect Under the assurance of the commaudl g officer of tbe Uuited States forces opporitethe city many stores uiay be reep ued next week The Mayor has also requested tbe kei pers of groceries and provision houses to open their doors aud supply the public as far as they can In the meantime if we take a distant view of tbe crisis we may well inquire From whence is our commnnlty to obtain supplies of provisions and breadstulfsf Starvation and famine really stare one haU of our population to the fice We are blockaded above and bebiw a 1 round in facL The Jackson Railr apos sd Company has mpeoded its regular trains cummnnica LOD with Bed river from which section several boat loads or parts ot biads of sup plies wore expected naviug been pnrebas ed by tbe Committee of S iliety is debar red by tear of oaplurO by tiie invAding squaroron Tbe food question looks dis neartcnlfl nnl 3 lt protidentlal acl tn quot flP Oht taVoZ All uJ isacii apos ns ia bonds notes and stocks have been brought to a close by the events of the past three days When they will be resumed it is difficult to auticipat quot prophesy of predict Brck jialisu and dealers stand It w position of tbe naiioii V c may haveaeban iMliele a few djyt gt I i3 somewhat ebagrinci rations of S I many moatiA SI ebonld fall tbns far to tbe navy oiber hmd Oaptain Porter wse cor ingly elated happy day ft fleet have cer On the pond apos apos iitloD all the flghttor and all the th apos irrav ingly elated remarklug that this was a tor him Now that nfortar lavo certainly worked very bard raid faithfully For six days and five nights they k t ap an almost eont apos nnnns fife many of the men going forty eight honrr without sleep being ennstantly kept awake by the reports of their heavy mor tars aud for this tbeyzbonid aud will have full erodlt The forts were taken virtu ally when New Orleane was oa erpowered it b ng then merely a qoeetien of days when thy would surrendrer The appear ance of General Butler to their rear only hoatened an rveut that most soon have taken phure and their eabmbisiOD w as made after the mortar flot lla had mainly left the river We endeavor to make these facts clear that tbe public may nnde apos Stsnd and apprecTate Ihe true conai apos iea of the mat ter At the first surrender of the forfil Capt Wm B Renshav of ha Westfield was put to command of Fort Jackson whii h was fennd in a somewhat ooafnsed but still very strong condition Water had been let into the three ditches which surround the Inner and outer works The cltadtff was a complete ruin bnt beyond this Trttle or no damage of any araonut hid been done by the eighteen hundred or two thon saml sheila that hsd been thrown into the fort by the mortar schooners Most of the shell thrown went over the entire works or fell wide ami of those which drepped Inside hardly any were of any accoun as the consolidatod morning report fonnd to tho fort show There isnodanht that the casemates being m working order al though two iieet deep to water and an nn ocfortable place to work in and tbe ba bette guns being all in po sltlim the pi 0 apos migut have held out all sumnier but for t le dash past it of our fleet and the landing of Geaefal Butler s force in the rear which talXer event was the movlug cause of the snrrender From below W3 never could have taken the works In the world but the Yankee pluck that carried ns past them pnt them in onr power At tho Quarantine I oouversed with a large numbitr of prisoners deserters from the apos forts They were a fine looking stur dy set of men wortM apos residents oi the lower river banks Tneir clothing waa somewhat various nearly all wearing shirts of a xnrse material ana rolored to large and very glaring pbdds They were Intel ligent an f stout fellows ratner above than below the ordinary nm of p o c and seemed quite willing to come bach again to the old Government Several told me that there wits not a private in either fort that would not eboerfully take the oath of allcglauoe aod keep it after it was taken Now OrleaiMi alter its Murender ACCOUNT OF TBE MANNBR IN WHICm THE OOMWaBCIALMATTEBS OF TBS CUT WEAK AFFECTED From he Ktv Orltaas CtncbI April 38 1 Saturdat Nioht AprU2 gt 12 M To attempt anything of a general review this evening that would be of the least sa tisfactory natnre would be useless never thdess to keep up a record of events fl Doocial aod commercial wc resume our weekly task Hi entertain hopes thit the future in store for our eUy trill remunerate hj for all the trouble and despondenry which ie uoen suspending over the eommunlty At the date of our lost weekly summary the pons below the city were iuvesiea causing considerable anxiety Iu financial circles panlculariy so much so thst it was deemed advisable by our mandators to take preliminary steps to place Vaeir valuables in a more safe place of security than the vaulis were supposed to afford Monday and TuesdAy three of tbe banks redeemed their circnIatioD others to part Oa iVeanesd ly a general r qa at was received from tbe amhuriliee to R cbmoud for ti e banks to refrain Irom tbe further piyiog out of coin Ou Tbnrsday morulDg oar communiiy in general were asionuded to learn that seve ral vessels of the federal fleet had i gt ossed tbe fort belcw A general scene of coofn Sion and excitement ensued Some of llte ba ks rigaesied their dposU irs to withdraw alt their tin boxes aud va uuIjUs oh special dc posit and declining to icociac deposits At mcreaisu two of the banks ciue d their floors declluingto irausacl any lartlu rbu Blnces Notes of course went unpaid though there were few liUiug due Ou Friday the excitement and panic were etill I apos nnber Increaeed by the arrival of the rue my e vtsaela to front of the city The buks were immediately closed and have remained clueed since When they will 0 o again tor regular bnsiBe S it Is Impos mino w ipaatet ot MtvNik t p rialDl patcb to thecuicliuiafl 0 azotic Nashinotok May It OBN BUNTBB S BMAKCIPATIOR PROCLAMA TION Great excitement is caneed here by Gen Hauler s proclamation emancipating tbe slaves in South Garoli apos a Georgis and Florida Ills not kcown whether it was iesned nnder inetruel apos tons from Govern ment or not It was expected that Mr V ichlifl apos e of Kentucky or some other border Slate mao wonld iotrodDce a reso lution of inquiry His signal defeat on tbe amendment forbidding the employment of blacks to military service perhape canses heeitaticn Tbe Preeident says Gen Unntcr t procla mation was issued without his knowledge or authority and he ie muah exercised to mind about it He rays that not ouly be had no authority to issoe tbe proclamation bnt was specially enj ttoed not to meddle with matters p jlliical but some of the most influential members of the Cabinet say it cauool but be Indorsed Neither Merrier nor Lyons have any knowledge of tbe uotbeuticlty of the toCer vemion rumors Newton the inenrabent of tho grlcnl tnral Burean ncminated Commissioner of Agriculture under the new bill will meet much opposition iu the Scua e Holmes a private of the 14 h Brooklyn escaped from j gt r son and secreted himself in a house He was accused of forging Confederate notes and hung So say re leased prl oners Gen Hamilton s abrupt dismissal from the command of a division by Medelian excites great syuipatby here where be now is Wm J Rice is nominated United States Dietricl A torney for Maryland Il is reiKirtcd that tho military guard ing the Baltimore S Ohio Rji apos lroid say if the guards were withdrawn it would be destroyed to apos 2 hours The hostility of the rrsidenls of the Valley of Virginia to tbe Government Is implacable Four hundred loyal blacks of all ages are being taught at school here Treatment of Federal Prisoner Captain Farrisb and Lientenant Demp sey the account of whose journey Irom Kichmond hither we published on Satnr day say that the room wherein they were last confined in Richmond was 80 by 0 feet The dimenefons were originally 100 by 0 feet bnt the rebel guard hod ent off IMt feet to front for their owti XHiveuience tbns aliowi bnt three windows In th rear and e ctnally preveatlog a proper and healthy draught through tbe room Iq this room were confined fitly Federal ofli cers and wit bin that small space they were obliged to dotbelr cooking eating sleep ing and even here attend to the calls of natore Tbe building bad been used by a man named Libby os a pork pecking estab lishment and marks of grease and filth were fonnd everywhere abont the room apos Jmi two dsye before Oaputo Farrish and Lientenant Dempsey and ths other prison ers were sent into this building two tbon ssD i negroes confined there by their mae ters lor safe keeping hod been driven o t and the only cleaning and purifleation that the bnllding received waa dsnbing a little wb tewa h over the walls and sprinkitog lime over the floors Id the room immediately over that to which the officers were confined were two hundred and fifty eoloiers under similu nawuolesome conditions Abon o le week prior to the release of Cant Farrish and Lientenant Dempsey the slak lu tne room above them bnrsi aud the corruption and filth ran all over the flour and came drip ping down through the ceiliug upon the of ficers They liV apos d iatle in jstofihis tilth and corrupt iou lor five days tho o afy al leviation being effected by occasionally spriuklmg Ine Tue Couieuerate Government furnished the prisoners with meat and breiid which was good aud they were allowed lo pnr clWBC any thing else they might require tVuSumg ou Star PROMO apos noNS rs tue Soctuekn Abmv Geue als Biecklnridge aud Hiudman hivi been appointed Major Generals C S A aud Colonel Thomas Jordan Assist inf Adjutant General to Beauregarffi Wm i e ton of Kentncky late Aid to Gen A tiianey Johnson Colonel Alfred Mon ton of Louisiana Colonel George Uauay of i apos enoessee Colonel W H Beal of Arkone sas Brigadier Generals and Gap Joflit Morgan Of Kentuckj Ci lon l IN O f X f L X DAiLi tXi KLfSh l L l LTSm D BY W G OVi RTC N amp CO C reeu St near CuRtom Ilou e r u iricrJr IxOX T Dailjr i gt rye r p yAt Couiitrk l ii lt y i lt Jr pei uicdUj gt We lt fc gt lt r c lt p perv ar 2D IVc kly t jre i pio p t gt iar i gt lt vvc lt fivec r rerytMr 7i apos weekly t apos f coplfs r r ir 12 quot Wc klr l OLiy copi apos s ptr iPar D 0 ym Xo paper ereracLt unless paid lor In advascc TtllMS OP Al VEaTi gt apos l Ore square p r year rha a lc weekly 4 Onefauare pc y r rv ungeatlu wlce week tit On STU re one inse t gt apos r Each odci fonU ia gt en ion k5 cents i ouisvii r E IOM AY MOnMXf iVI VV to gt To our Patrons Wci begin to day tbe publication of a daily hnd wftkiy iifewfpaper cailed the Exi rew which will be issued from the old Oturitr cCicc apos When we toy news ppper we mean what we say r twi faper in the BtilcU B sense cf that word as contra distin aisbed from a partisan or political publi tion Irdeed for obvious reasons we could not publish a party paper we ever eo much disposed It ie apos our luicntien to rtv apos cf the Expbbo lO the readfrr were Rh the news of tbe ncr of war or politics at bc lt ne or from abroad and spare no labor at means wiibin our control In carrying out this Jbject apos We trust that old friends and new will sustain our enterprlee so long as we de eerva their patronage and more than this we do not would not ask If the K PRESS dcee cot prove to be what wo pro pose to mi kc it or wbat It ought to be the mult Is ours and we would not de sci VQ or cxr cr free f a WaruudllH Itc suits Since the K vcluficn wLicu sepirated cur ccnniry fn m Eig apos ar d the Ur ilid State amid thcbksS apos nIf of a coinpaialivc peace of sixiy eight yciifs huvo uimest Iri pled 4he oiigicil number ol SlaUi atrt more than iecreased tbrec foM the oria i tal ciin tii wh apos h was wrested from Ihc Mother Couuiry The MiSiUsiipi rivi r at first the Westi m boundary of the new Republic was crosSed in the advance ol our fimp apos lio toward tbc apos butliig sun and the eberes of the Pacific became outboondaiy on the West se those ol the Atlantic on the East The three millions of people who established the cew gov ernment increastd to thirty millions and the vast forests which covered the land gave place to busy cities and smiling vegc apos tatlon The rivers that flowed through trackless wastes have swarmed with float inc palaces laden with the treasnrj mere e and rvilrohue ftlrstcblEg from one end of tbe country to the other have aest their iron horses rolling along plains bounding over hills darting through mountains and leaping athwart streams beariirg onward burdens beneath whose weight the Eeaven sustalnlig Aiks might have groaned During this lonptaod pre apos j od 9b with Eoglant in 1619 and still lat r a skirmish with aaexico were all the hos tlUtlee In which our armies were Involved We except contests with the Indians Bu long were we accnstcmid to peace and so munificent were the gifta of tl e kiad God dess that we were incimed as a nation to think that ours was the golden aga And it is hard even now for us to realize that the age of peace has passed irom us and that we are in the midst of a mighty war not a war with any lorei apos H foe but a war among curaelves Daily are our falbers and brothers and friends going down to death upon the battlefield or perishing In the army hospitals without our feeling the fullness of the reality that the ditl rent sections of our country has called a million of armed men Into the field We must soon however if wo do not now fully realize the existence of a otupeudous conflict amorg ouisclvos a coufl ci that has no p vr li 1 in the civil wars of other countries and that mus have to us some oi those terri la legacies wnich other na apos Ions have iuherited from similar sources It has been cstimaicti th vt the three atest military chiuituins ot the world used the loss of 8 000 000 of men in the ny battles they Icnght Two millions these are assigned to Alexander the Great the same number to Caesar and four millions to Napoleon This is the number killed to say nothing of other millions still more numerous wounded in battle but not slain outright Think of 8 000 000 ol lives lost under the lead of only three warriors But death in battle is not the only woes which war Inflict Each mortal slain leaves behind him rel atives or friends to mourn his loss Tbe grave that covers up tbe dead soldier does not shut out from tbe living world tbe sorrows of those that loved him The great name the fallen hero writes upon the book of apos fame checks not tbe tears that flow from the eyes that see him no more The clash of steel ami the roar of cannon which a dead patriot hears no more ming led with the groans of dying comrades are hushed never in the ears of the wile tbe child the sister or the brother left among the living And one of the Inevitable and most onerous concomitauta of war is national debt Eoglaud the richest country in the world may servo as an cxsmple of the manner In which Slate debts are created by the acts of war Since the year one thousan apos d Eoglaud has had twonty fonr wars with France twelve with Scotland eight with Spain and qaitc a number with other countries la her war of clgnt years duration to humble the pride of Lonis XI apos V which ended with the peace Rycelck in 10U7 and which failed in Iw object Eng land spent over I Kl iKX 000 and lost 100 000 men Slid xnirjuing her design to humbio the B urbous she again fought hat I alien f 10 LOU 1100 000 anda count apos ossiunibir of lives And what has she ic iicd by these wars which cost her so mich hi apos od and trensun A I vrge portion was spuit lu thoalicmpUo humble Fianoi apos ltd tc i apos iy Ihc French arc as proud and liaughly aa ever and another orlion she rsteO In the vain at einpt to subjugnle u w Ami rO an Colonics which she failed CO do Fr nec Is as di fiaut cow as wheu iUi atuiitE uf L uis XIV confronted those f dVil apos i m III and all tbe countries exist ahich England evtr atkmpP d to sweep away with htr armies aud Lavies War cai not be carried on without ix popse Hv ry builot that Is projected t very cap that is txj loded and evciy grain ofyiowdcr ignited costs sometliiig We can as yi t term no estimate of the debt our envn country will insur in this war between heV ewu people but no one need doubt th at when the soldiers re paid aod ill thof apos cialnis for d ams es done by ihe hrinics are settled and E gt c stealings of thieving contractors pockeT apos the Katisnal debt will bs quite largo enough I frr those who b ave It lo pry Indeed wo j doubt cot that it will be Jaige enough apos apos frighten a Utile even those finai gt quot I apos jsoi apos bors 11 such there bs tloual debt to be a bUe apos the sorrows wbF nS Andccrtaiuly andorphe n sneompasB the widows ban fl si apos over the land for the bus fted falbei they have Icet In I wh be enough to move a heart of stone The war we are waging is one wheae vie apos Xfrlcrrtre wot things of joy beeailse it U brother slaying brother and fcther kUUng son and friend meeting death at the he a of friend The world would rf Oiee wers it at an end Cotton Porohasbo on FotiEiOK Ao OOUNT SOABIS TUB COMMON FSTB I P Benjamin Jtff Davis Secretary of State has addressed a letter In answer to an in quiry by a Southern firm whether cotton purchased on foreign acconbt would be treated as exempted from the general law which declarea that all cotton shall be destroyed when it Is about to fall into the hands of the enemy in which he says I know no law which prohibits the purchase of cotton on foreign account but I am not aware of any law or riaion of policy which sUould irduce this Government to extend to pri i gt er y thus purchased greater prutac tioii than is extended to that of our own clUte ns I apos is the settled dete rmination cf the Government 16 allow no cotton to full into till apos bands of our e uemit apos S as U is per fectly Will kxown that they would seize anu approyr ate to ihenistlvcs all col tLn thsjccdld fii d without regard to owner ship If your correspondents buy cotton they ust txpcct to share tbe same ricks as are incurred by enr own cltlz apos ns iWr t ttiy 1 r iue i a ly bxp od apos J City Jn caiiou to bpriug I A raiR the 8j gt rlng Ifi coining jocund near And WiuU rV reign ftnd apos noware nearly OTcr quot Now early greone on market appear Aud butler had a flavor faint of clover Pare weU I Hyems tht u Vivrt not t o drear WiUi fire nnd pipe and Thack r y s or Dickens But welcome Sprinir wilh lighter cASilxnere Aud juicy idlaJs flanked by tender chicken U Perhap quot some one to day in coat of bro vo 0 apos gt cdictt to the call apos of thcc and rea ion Will let it bud like open on the town And sport a rcat that elighUy crowds Uic feo ron Perhaps a cambric flower nitli petals red And hues unknown to b tani8la upon U Will spring lu fre hllcas from its native bod ilea nth the rus c9 of my lady apos s bozmet fU Ifo more the whirling bbow in glaefhl play Will flu your oyod when Boreas is gufty Or on your breast like maidens melt away For 00u the fllr TfiU eweUerlny be and dusty See 0 yon lot there rise up a mi t a lch toyuur senses makes the apos customed yPROPERTV Destroyed uttub Rebees We give below an estimate of tbe value ot the varlons kinds of property which has been nilhlessly destroyed by the rebels since the commencement of the present war Cotton 15 006 000 3 000 000 1 000 000 3 000 000 0 000 000 7 000 000 6 000 000 Ballroad run ning stock 10 000 000 Sugar Molasses Farm duets B apos addtcgs Brld ei Railroad apos Vessels 6 000 000 Cargoes 8 000 a T ance 8 000 000 Arms 1 000 000 Army 8 ores 5 000 000 Ammuol tioD 1 000 000 Camp equipage 3 000000 gree ln yyhtW bouschold helps with lusty back end fist Give to the tapestries their vernal quot beating IV The dry goods windows will be decked again iih flowers like tho e we read of in Aiod Jln For thriny mofehants like the nurserymen Sot ont their stocks the haUexAies to glad Afld p rcliv lt i on Window iilLa along the Mopping the ftoapy pauee wlU Irish dice Cherrapping aing tbe hilarlow f U Of sottJger hor wid tlUvaUig widdiee And oyatar cnM old bobU and ragged acrapa Each city apos garden rbortly will be freed from And many a aldvwalk trcc will try perbape To put out twenty leaves for worms to food from Up in its l gt rancbe6 soon a downy neai The bu iy caterpillar apos akiil will tangle While curiouafliee disturb your morniDg apos srert Aud milk cart bells their ewectneiMs jingle Jangle VI And aa the nfgbU wear onward many a throat Regard lug not the watchman apos s poaccftil warn Will toll you oH ia DachanaHAn note Ttuit ugblj he wou tgi gt ugbO go home till morning quot Andpairing rata upon low coal bonee abode Will ell their lovo ii complaint in long meow Megs While eympathetic dogs rouse from their bere And svrcll the dying autheui with their howl iuips VII Oh prlrg oh Spring there apos s maoy a ruatic kuave Wfloomea Uiy coming for thy fTcebneea ver nal And apos babbIoa o apos green fields quot oht that yon gave One breath of Crei hne a to these calla Infer nal Where through the mclUsg nighta and glariog days but s fiery tossler tTcon we broil and acorch and aiii apos a and blaze Like game dona brown npon a patent roaster Locuvtu s Kt C a P fif Total 870 000 0fl0 Y Ilerald 13 lt A liltamsburg whs l tn tely contested by the rebels But fife of a company of the Gth North CaroHna regiment were left alive while other regiments irom that State and Missis sippi fought until they were Uterally hacked to pieces Bnt the Fodenia retained pos session of the battle field fe The Prince ot Wales and his suits have visited tbe Cave of Macixflah at He bron the bnrlal place of Abraham They are the first Christians who have been per mitted to visit this spot within the last seven hundred years Every thing was fouud in cxcellenrorder Abrahsiu Isa c Jacob Joseph Sumb Rebecca and Ecsh are buried there Conduct of the Battle of Williems biiig NreWlhf N Y VYorlti Correspooilent T1 C laure compl e arc our rei urns Irom aud UDiit rstjQdisg uf the posiUoos uo lor tunes of the v rii gt us crp eegsged ihe mote glarisg is the fact fiat not hulf so much Mas accoinpl shed by us as eiionld have beci n apos Atl l at wi ut tick ve had vtas owing lirsi lo tbe bravery of our troops siccnd to the opi o tuuo tbuueh lute ar rival of Gi apos U McClellan on tbe field The truth might as will bo told It is lawful a I believe lo narrate all lacts con ue ted with a battle f ugbt Gen Sumutrsbainefully mismanaged the affair Ue must have disappointed the commandiug General From some uuac cuuutaule apathy he deferred availing h m aelfof ifictMeoiyiboasaiidtroops siauding In idle reserve Ue lUlowed Gen Hooker with not more than ten thoucand tfecUre men to maintain a most distressing and UDiqual contest against twice or three times bis namber irom 7 o apos clock in the morning till the middle of the atleruoon Gen Hooker s regiments expended all iheir amninnltlon some of them held thdr po siiious hours alter their cartridge boxes ware empty and lost scoree ot men wi lt U no powder to injure tbe enemy Hie left was turned be was forced to partially tail bat k he suffered terribly and wuon rcin fon ements at last esme It was too late to make anything mure than a drawn game of our main battle on the left wing On the right though Hancock apos s superb coolness uf m ivemeut gave us the victory for which Hooker had been so bl iodily contending ij apos iy n ttie right I say the management was evim worse It was criminal to send only fire thousand men on a flanking movement involving several m les apos circuit through lorests ana ravines If the enemy bad thrown ten regiments aronnd Hancock as he might instead of three be would have crushed us lu pow der If Hooker had been early and strongly stippoited he would have carried the eu trenchments aud captured thousands ot prisoners before noon of that try ing day So much for the chief manager In con sequence of his and other drawbacks crim ination and rccriminatiuD preYailcd Uiroug bout Iheac ion bclwi cu the leaders of the orps i apos armcet who partieipated in lie conduct comparative STATB WBBTS Conversations with many of the more Intelligent prisoners lak n by us have in duced me at least to fully b apos lieve Flr t That the forc lt s actually opposed lo us were only LxiiEstreet apos s and Gn tavns i A Smith s division l Cther jiumbering France eleven yearo and closed the war j not over 30 000 met aud that only a por Mifes the Frsnoh Acquitted Fiaancicr with ilia peace ol Girecht in 1713 ai a cost of 8 apos il 000 600 The national feud was revived and f Ue a i i fought F unce from 1737 to 17 lit ati dor td it at an ixp unse of 333 LJ0 0i apos O by Ihe tri a apos y of Aix La Chai pcllc Sho cuarri apos llnl with France qooui a part of our on n cuuu ry and ihus fonght from 1755 i lt 1763 a d EuAland apos s colt was 556 000 000 a d apos 050 000 men 1 I t war with the colorifes frPui lliTu to 17S 3 ertUat nnguilirefit emthli SKiOO O0O 0t apos O nd 300 000 men Bijt Ijts g aud itaht qf apos ngland WaS caused Uy apos tl c wars wl h the Jrcnch BepnWiqs d the great apos Naivilcon vhich began 1 IJTXt endi d ni IWI was reneyved ih 15 apd apos lip ill apos clijS apos jii 1816 suunuons This gigaiiuq rjfarcusq Bngkmd the ppg ons sum oi 08 5oO in4 uoo I f drti r gt T y Htc b apos apos K apos apos f r d ii apos h iMl apos z apos apos i apos ivV apos c i lion ol Smith s hud a chance to share In the CKiiti 8 coj apos d That apos he quot gt alo body lt f the rebel aiiiiv peri apos qaj 7fi 000 ipen were W thin a 1 auu disl nie iriitii t apos ne field apos i apos utrd Tual if ill rebels eon cqooiitly had juine cogni v ii of our Iih apos 1 inanage me apos tiny iijigh have pimishcd us styero iy itiui line quot t 4 apos hrih Th4l5 oiily apos eb w R to make as pi wiib their cear guarOyiilii 81 tlJeic r reH oqr iu the feunt np an unjiHAtWi Xt r to U of iwcntj five hyjicirt apos t apos and TlKit buis niasi tfrive loei three UH gt it8adi I UTo i3ve otfer Bh c h liuAar apos lt l prison iv bo df 8 iJOO ef iht ir woiuid b0 lt gt nr i oiwof lt jnr b ilv rluB apos and g gt oU Oft tfce r htnfl we ka c iheir fomiible irani and nnaiffon rtvifl I UJiUUliS jiluiufs AjiO Mead G ibson of the Cnpi t apos quot apos l rrig Store corner of Third and Gr r apos reets has one of ihc mo e elC apos ga quot V i fuuu apos ains in the city Those dc a i be obtained tin re icy coo and of th apos fost qmdlly Gibson has a Capitol plaey d bis drinks are capital Lt h AT THE PutENix T T Bcatlic the voriclor of the Phoen x opposite the Natl l Hotel spreads nuoiher delicious lunetko day What with l imh and green rent turtle soup chicken pie vogc tabl gt amp c and something to take for dig n sak what more can be want cd lt lil and partake EhCoidery and Laces C baa F RanerSj s di aler in embroideries and la ci s F l street has a vi ry large stock of tbs rich goods Tbe Qoesl ariielss ill tits line in the city ss well as tbe cheuRy c n be fouud at bis store Ladies sbhuifgall however ahd examine for tiiemn a Hati and Caps W ithout a tasty hat I no gecit inan s ouifit la complete and th apos nrllcleiforcpaid can be puiehasi quot apos apos aS apos s Market above at Jas V apos apos apos apos th at prices to suit Umes Also iter caps fiE sale or red ND hfiLLiNisA Mrs Fonrih street between Maikci on advertises goods at a posi flee No one of correct taste fanlt to find with this lady Her not only fashionable but really 6a 7 apos C Tt4OUAS 0e T nia IfAOH NK a P ir it wcUnt aad apos danger apos lt jr t apos To rtll the Rp Ann gt t Min over Ahoul DESC p j or THE LOUISVILLE REAPER Irttg SOD P0P D CUrfl6KPEETWTPK AND rROM 4 T 3A TNOnEfl HIOH apos if IS OV LIGHT rRAPf AND It wft c I u 1 rfrtv rnb apos e ilr utrstancre from trito 2 apos s apos apos apos v w to dfiy r apos apos at cii Ute Blactilxie he Rp rin and boxci eoDTenietU f gt r oil Ox o apos atha liDg quot ri iaor e oo Ibe o pos apos tetide froo the cotter jw It in t iol R Mjo over shoul i c accMf ta Ij fa 1 1 h tertirluRit all s curc i i i i ir lO e the ea1 inet re lon a rt socuie rr m part of tbe Machine will last jor 01407 je lt tr8 The hli h Cut of the LOUI VILLE UPAPKlt quot eaves the hanlllcR of a larve pMilon of th ofii apos oatraw nd toe forker lays oU the apos foiuin oerfeet htm gt Ic8 a apos gt oui a ea ljyas upon the ordto y Uxh cut M chines wblcbarenol oai ab apos e ot o apos Faimer l bo ou Mr hare i irm e the heailnes re lone a ri sccuio fr meUrt AUj UST ELECTION CLBR lt jeffERKO COriliTV COIBY T r etiSbloi K OU apos N i a anildatc for the office of of the Jeffursoo oamjCoo t ttce iURiut tlectioo m rl9d4wte L R OP JEFFKBSiON COUNTY SHIVELY ia a cnodl aU for Jailer of ou co aU y attbe eoAuiUR Arru le mvl9 uA W ftnth 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ot the Mires traosac tions in France which a year ago liormed the topic of tbe Bourse anil the Paris p iss Ue apos Was charged with abatractixig 5 000 or 1 000 000 of Cl apos trtL ii Til oom gt any wiih a OOUr made up in popular shflC 3S and later ho added to these 10 1 debentnree or bonds From the agt1 pile he abstracted 5 000 OOOf and the sj ec ulation collapsed a miserahie failure In I860 he was arrested and bis books ersied up for Judicial examination He was sen tenced to fire years impriso gt apos ment and tbe Court of Appeals eonUrmed tbe sentence but at the same time eilmtnaUug one of tbe chafes against him This brought It to the Ciiurt of Cessation which s apos m the case back to the Court ol Donai for a new trial And now in this Court Mires has been acquitted and Walks the earth a tree man apos What gives the CJ gt e more interest is the probable secret Interference of high officers of tho Eiuj ire on bis Behalf It was a greflt mys cry what became of the five mlliion of francs Mires confessed it w is g uo ani al apos ways held toremest the threat thit he w ulrt if driven to c osc quar orf i Il who get it But all the cunrts tti t h apos tvc tried him h to stcidliy avoided such a coiife mion and at Douai the Judite ordered sllenc when the pris oner arose t g ve the great secret and Im m diatciy th renfler qiush dull proceed in js igatr Bi him Ihe eorrcsponiluat of a L udoo paper writer Toe consiq lenee i s that the Blrauge rnmi rs wlilt apos li CTcuiatod a year ai o are now reviv apos it and per ons wh i may re lily be i anocent are bnught once more under suspicion An ulli nation oi Ihe kind so lorig as it rieta uncx gt l liurd hangs over a most everyone supposed to l wsess iuUuence as it would only be to such that a man like Mins eegaged in so m Auy speculations would think it w apos rth while to present a sum oi 5 000 OOOf Now that Ue is acquitted and re t jred to liheriy it is not likely that he will make disclos ures which apparently at least were meant to intimidate the persons menaced but who DOW breathe more freely Atrocities at apos VbYktown The Washington correspondent of tbe Philadelphia Press nnder date of the 13th says General McClellan was right when with all bis known inoderallon he exp apos apos cd fats nufeigned horror at the conduct of the lebels in concealing torpedoes aud shells lor the purpose ol killing aud wounding our troops This practice nnworihy of civilized or savage nations was regularly resorted to the agent btilng Gen Rains lateof the United Slates army one of those who broke his oath and has now added to perjury and ingratitude tifio iuveuUon of hellish engines of death by coucgaling which he seeks to take the lives of bis former fellow soldiers These torpedoes were bidd n everywhere in the neighbor hood of Torktowm The percu slou cap is so exposed as to explode with the slightest touch and the success of this flendish ex periment has rusuiied in the loss ol many valuable lives Rains who is something of a chemist had ffUed these shells with destructive ma tenals and had laid them along the roads around the wells in the neighborhood of the hospitals the guns the rifle pita arse nals aud even around the dead bodies uf our soldiets so that when they were ap proocbi d the least friction set them i ff scattering death all around Sometimes these shells were hidden in clocks with the object of exploding them in winding the clocks sometiiuos sllached to bags of onions so that when the poor suldiurs seized the onions th torpedoes would hurl them to instant destruction General Vau Alen wLo cummaods the post at Torklowu has dtliberaiely set the rei gt cl prisoners to the remorul of these di viii U inslrumeuts and when they protest that this is r gaiuet the u gt ticics lt gt i war be an swers iLsi as tiny have Ibrieite apos all claims to bu ciiil apos d Uuiuan bclngc they are not eutillcd lo any other ueutme ut Maurhok op tub Emperor op Japan The Ktjipi ror oi JapAu has taken a wife u apos i is 01 years old Iho Kiupr iss is a daughter of the Mika to quot who ia the real Eiupi ror L ut does not meddl with tem puralalfiics lhcyuu g mcharcb did nut S apos e Liu bride until she becuiiie bis wife Tho Aortege fiom MIico to Yeno was a Uujji maguifit C apos Jt ulfalfj apos Each Djunio as she jippioaeh bur 4uifiain t t nrned out a gi arjbf honor attirwa liA luiiiOriu She Waa tlr jf n by oxen in clow carti lt gc to preVpilt JiCrjicipS looked upon by vulgar exes apos Forei neva wepe i qntkged eo avoid apos ih e n apos oiaila r6 d gt dur g apos her pas agi apos i N 4 show Were t apos Tedo in Alwars K S bind at war pr c i tpyt9 d DICK MOORE IOt Foux tli Stfoot on ha d eoDftantTy lk aelebra apos cd iO quot AM8 lOORB a waja l M 8 eupotyef Freih drf u te itrT tt CivBi jDaSn nirt will farfiloh pure Lake loe at apos tboiible rit e IOORE in mtfk apos l for fantUee wbo may d elreli Ail orden prempt apos y aite ded to myldctf P70TXCB T n rfsionte aT t LOUISVILiB COURIFR PRrNTlMI CO bare be o oldcod 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I apos l rail apos I of Di i iicc Bcaiiri parti s AtliliO apos s SictiUens in lnn Army Movi ineiiii 111 tbo Viifeiiiia Vullcy iJluiual IW amp c quot writer in the RkUmond Diepntch a3 rtb that the attack of the papers on the uthern GovcrDOient has had the eff ct to eaken the fai apos h o the peop le In its abili quot snceccd IPSISESS H3C3B3 Cl OStN apos O rT EVERT BOUT i BLLlNO AT auction A MELANCUOLT PICTCttB fProm the Rlchm quot nl ETOalner Mar 1 The present wick will he siitnalized in the future of Rit apos imond as thegraU wak of aiicticnis A larg apos r amount ol propoky a t reater number ot stocks ot lucrehaudise and a jtreater varlt ly oi gouds have becu sold at auction durinu the present week in Ri bniond then has crer been known during the seine time in the history of the city The cfl quot c apos ol course has boeu to close a greate quot number cf stores ot the Urst heretofore leading houses in their eral departments of trade thin was ever own to close in a single week The circamslance has been thoneccssary r apos quot Islation of the Stale Se praV nt first houses of ra xer from rcpiotiishing theirs gt c oi of ihetA would hkve contln open wl the re 5nau apos s ofP he slocks they had on band if they had lieen allowed to take out licenses for frv dinns ot the year corrtapondtug with the siae of their stocks and if the licenses thus obtained bad permitted the goods remaining on hand at the end ol the tracliouat term to be then Sold at auctiosi But It 5s said that the recent law of the Legislature forb apos ds the issuing of licenses for less than a year and that such Itceuses under the new law do not include gt erml8 elon to close out at auclion The year for w licenses C apos lminences on the 1st of May Dco the unusually largo number of auc gt ns within the last few days and hence e melancholy uumbe r ot respectable uses of business suddenly closed In all rts of the city nlun TRICB OF BEEF CProm the Richmond Dlspatib April S5th 1 hie comm dity n ia s llln in the Rich omi mark ts yi sterday at very exsggera d prices Thero iii assigned is that on dnesoay areqnlsl ion liad been mide for oit of the b apos I I c ittle near the city for tlie of the army in the peDinsuU It t apos o rices which wcr d uricdid and pi d yis rday thallbe acts Ion as a i r ci dam ii ill soon iKCvime iicc ia ry or General ind apos r Iti fix the price ol bvif at a rc tS apos n de slandart While the bmeh rs may t be the only d alera in articles o prime cccsslty who ere auxi us to nuk all they still in ih ir ces apos as Wi ll as in that of jers a limit mnsi b set to bum in cut id Wa ore told by those vriio oagbt to kbthr that whilst man wants hut little here below be wants that lb lie just as long as he ctn hold on to it It is no less ifnu that all men arc anxious to make thiir little all quot as large as tbty conveniently can no matter at whose expense STXRTaTlOX CBIOES 3TU L OOMTINCE bPeem the Ri hmoad Pvamlntr MtrSJ With the removal of General Winder s tarllT the prices of country produce and fish flew back with a recoil proportion to the heavy pressure which bad been remov ed Eggs sold yesterday morning for seventy five cents a dozen and butter for dollar aod a half a pouad High as theae apos es appear they are not czo bitant in Dparisun with the prices demanded fur oner s meat bacon groceries dry goods d i amp c Butcher s meat was held ac ing to quality at between thirty five a half and filty ciais a pound n hog round thirty five cents com bi own 6ug r forty cents and flre from country caits a sold at the of twelve dol ars a cord In ihe way of dry goods we i ve a few insiaECes Unbleached eoiuan is sold at from twenty five to ihirty seTen and forty cunts a yard according to the conscience of the dry goods man bleached cotton from thirty to forty cents per yard and often sold for six tj two and a half ceniss yird Bpiiol cotton two dollars a dozen Irish linen Irom seven ty five cents to one doiiar a yard and do mostics at fifty cents a yard MB OHJf l BOTte COMDITfOSa OP HIS BELEaSB fProm ths Rlchmonil Rxanuaee Mayi 1 We mentioned some days ago that Mr John Minor Bolls who had been confined for two months on a charge of high treason liad been reltased on his parole but stated at the lime that wc were uiiacqaainted with the conditions attached to bU parole we however prt Burned and so smted that they were those recomin ndoil by the Court of Inqulty Wo havesipce aseenained the exset coudUion of hiE release He wrs to reiurn to hb f tmily and niak his business arrangcmeiils to lake npbis abode atsomc place quot in the interior to he ir dica apos ed by the ConfiOi r iie Goverumi ut holding no communication wilU o quot hr IS than his own family i xcej t on suictiy buciuebs matters Wheu his arrmigemi nis shall have been completed be s to rep in biiaself to the SccreUiry of W r lor ot apos i rs The Richmond Eximin r of the 2d re ports gold at from 80 to 100 per cent pre lum THE 6EC0K1 gt PaBAi I BT OP DEFENCE tProm f e Riohmond Wbls Mar 6 1 The loss of every seaport city belonging Ml the colonies compelled Washington to say that where the enemy was in command the ocean the defence of the coast was Impracticable S ch was his experience attested by the lose of armies and stores cap apos ured whenever exposed to the access f British fleets We have demonstrated the same tmtb nder very much the same elrcumstances quot c have endeavored to conteei the power of the enemy at every point sncccpUble of efenee That these deicnces should have reen strengthened or abandoned If unten le against modem pr j cliles that the construction of ironclad boats shonld have cen hastened by the Navy Department B fkets deserving future Investigation ut at the pri apos si nt we must deal with the nation which presents ibsslfi i ijs leuse has toA been winiont ffeet We have introduced large apos litary stores and we have compelled enemy to iucnr an immense additiou their expenditures Wc now retire Itbin onr second parallel of de ensc Wo tbdraw troops Irom anteuable post ions e entmy deUctie s troops loocouiiy them fall back to a heaUhier region theene y eucceecs to the burning sun and dead fevers which guard the toast We con irate onr columns with comp aratlvely inarches the enemy must advance veakened columns and increased la Ae withdraw from the reach of their ei 8C irck Jy less formidable than their ar ny and thea conjp apos 1 tue enemy to cope viih ua where bis admitted advantages are nduced nearer to eqaally Should we gain a victory near Blch orCo rlDih it will be impoesihle that W l gt should fall back to his gun ts in lime to i scape the consequences defeat We shall in su h a case gain a at deal that has heretofore been loot by j battle near water Urns e have tough the enemy on his own nnd h i him now meet us on ours him coequer the vcit spates of the I racy Let him keej Irs columns b apos lTTSer io av id suruiinc and he can In a at com ar i apos lvi ly b il injury exi apos cpt liMu iha in ckofirs piog as L t him uqw h B meu to winder over the couituy apdil ey will be ubj et to ihr demoiaiiza p apos und r or lo b i cut lU apos in dc ail jTtUerto iho inv i gt i iu has bacn coinpara wfiy without privatou to the enemy kn tlicy quit Li e water and advauco nil the interior their toils and danger oiiucnce Lo gt k at the aritiv ot Banks U been In the V llcy of Virginia for me than two mo ilhs and it hi s not yet citated more inau one hnudrod mil s t eods ambushes fl ink attack or a loss iwiiouunoicati apos n It has bei apos a held in eheckhyihe small com mind of Jackson whieh confronted it at Koarnstown The invaders have abandoned the greater part of Northwosiem Virginia lor similtr rea Bona The state of the roads and the dif ficulty of subsisting a large army fr m the rear r h ix apos C the progress of mvasion slow ami camiens II 1110 Ihercf ire reduc d apos Ur cooi t de f i apos cis aiid wiihibawii our army we ore coclidcnl lha the succession of difa tcrs bivk apos U Vv apos e may now 1 ick to iquul nnd e pi r It combali w i keciug ifae ei uny et I VI ry gt t apos and c apos nvinciug him that freciUiiU defending their homes are Invm lih apos e T IC RICHMOND Dtir VTCn ON OESHBAL MO OLBtl lN apos quot rom the Ric imoiid I gt i i stch May Ttli l The Wniga iys a N irihi ru piper pro claims the intention cf McOl liou to st apos z quot all the rommunieai ions leading to oiircky cut otf Ihe supplies shut up our arnib apos S an the Au triaus wire shut itpat Ulm and take them all without a baiile This is very grand talk and it is probably S apos i apos apos gesting the very defensive policy whieh the g v erament insillulcd and wliich consists iu riving up everytbirig to to the enemy a i he advances We hop however that tMs is t bs changed aud that we sha apos l have some Ughtiog at least before we shall be entirely shut up In Ihe m sntiine Rlchmonil cannot be made an trim unless General Johnston be made a M ick and G neral McGlcll in a Bonaparte and a we are unable to see how these meiamorplioses eau be clfectid we must ho allowed to renrain a litile incred ulous It Is certain that ihas lar G aeral Joh apos iston has proved liiiii e J auyibiug but a copy if tbs old Austrian proft or and we should think tveu Wed apos U u s w iniiest admirers can hardly claim anything Napo leonic for his tactics Of all tee slow coaches that ever bad anything to do wiih the command of men be is iUe slowest He has been Commander in Colef of the Yankee army forn ne months He has bap i an enemy in his sight daring the whole ot that time and he h is never yet fought a battle N poleon on the contrary wss Private J B Domdly oulv sixteen year apos old of Capi Gr ddy s apos Mabaii a cavalry captured U iUciiant Co apos onel Adams of Missouri Volunteers A Yankee Sl njor aud others were also taki i prisoners The xcliuDgeof civiii apos ies last d li apos lleoTcr an hour The enci ij s nrndu budy eorsi ts if liv livi i m on the Purt y Sloutmy llauihurg p d Farmitgton r apos lads Th y have not yet advanced Jfany poor faml I apos cs werti driven iu by the apos attack ft om Ihiir homos iProm the Charlestun Mercury May6 Rec nits have ticca po tri ig in to Gen B lur gard who fully l o sefses the hearts aud the coi d Jonce id apos the Western people To the eiieut of capacity of arming them it is supposed he Will have m apos U It is be lieved in New Orleans that his army hum b rs one hundred and twenty Ihous nd but many are sick from limestone watsr There is a feeling of pcriect certainly of defeating Ru gt 11 aud UslUck in n signal ciauncr Corinth is far enough from the gunboats to g vuopportuuUy for capturing MOIIS MAKTIX LAW IS VI RGIM A Hf M PItRKT MAIiSUAI I IN COMMAND IFrom the Riel rcomj Dtspatrii May T i OENEle VL ORDBIl NO 31 Ws R Dre x Adj A Isiie apos n Gen apos s OrmcE Riciiboni May quot US apos gt 1 The following proclamaiion U I gt b j s mug lay down among the trees burs apos ing fs l i sa 1 N ej lt i apos vii ff ti gt 9 lucu were t r duyli ht to Ln ib o thum to lind the rebel roar wipch th y bnd been ordered to at t c t thftcv apos i lnj b forc umbliDjfnrountl to fi d biB vray back to Adrm n apos s hV u gt p bi8 headquin apos r fumbling tl apos J n arly d gt T dawc while oiij of bia diviftiouc 10 000 lisbcd a apos or the Informaiion oi oU concerned PaOOLAMATlON j By virtue cf fhe I apos owcr voeted i ir by I law to declare the su p ngiuD of lU i apos apos ivi k quot eoi be writ of bab aa c gt rpua 1 Jelforsr u D tViS PrrBuitm of thoC n IVlnsselman sruja TOB ACCO MANUFACTURERS THIRD SrRi 3CT BKTWKBR MAI r AWD T31X1UVKB LOXTSSTILUB KV ft lbs luisuiun Lt whieh bid ordered them to maH b wiihoaf a mouthful of food 1 1 lb ir nv s ck8 and another division a S 10 000 siroug wrathfully thought of their wKich ih apos v had been or d r lt d to leave behind in thfir camp and W dtKJs rti riL ATAUaTlMk o KE b a OO K tTDf 5 Y liiiiBOaia aad apos ric i i n c r e 1 S ISTRADk T gt rin Uber iJ lt N apos wc r federate Stu d ot Amtrica do pr apos aliti apos the moist that marll J law is hereby xt ud d over apos quot e ot ihe ssampy aronrd B foreday the conmies of L c Wise Buchanan Me i apos heavy oown pour of cold rain set In from the northeast Mutitlay A chill northeast min storm was III fud sweep ever the country Sum ner did not Commence the attack which he had spent the night b apos fore in ivandering through the forest to make but ho coin meacid a conlcr ace Ucinizeiman earn Doweli and VVyomi g under the w apos mmand of Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall and I do proclaim the suspeusiou of all civil jurisdicaou with the ixception of that enabling the couris to tale cognl zmee of the probite ol wills the adinlnis tralion of the estates ol deceased persons wiHLiuu Ol me estates Ol occeasea persons i r j oor quot a the quaiificatiuu of gnardiaus to entt r do quot 5 quot im apos tvt or distroyiag thi m Hence It has hetu crees and orders for the pan itiou and sale Pvogri from cast to selec ed as the batll Held General and i of property to make orders conccrnlog coiiductmg It sent back troops arc alike cenfideet roads and bridges to assess county levies THE SUCCESS OF Tils RBBKi LroN DEPENDS hrder thc psyment of county dues aud the BiisptnBinri of the writ of habeas corpus iu the counties aforesaid Iu faiih Wucruof I have hereunto sign apos d ON RETAINING RICUMOND rFrorathr Richmoat Kiamlner MsyS l The battles In tbe pealDBala which may be DOW consid apos re d ns joined are the most ioipr rt aiii t that 1 are transpired since the settlement of Aineriea If wc are sucfessful and rttsin Rlch moh apos l there will be foreign luieivcatlon and p acc wi bout thc pcsMbUlty of J apos lsac W H STOKES word tDftt on the e einy extreme left jlbi rc were two unoccupied forte part of a cb ln st Ttcbtng away across below Wil liamsburg Negroes accideotally at head quariers cilered to guide ua to them by a my UAme aud set rny seal this the SiTdiiv H mill dam Sum of M lt y in the year one tbouoand eJicht ihat ho should wait tUl the nundr d anJsiXiyiwo JEFFERSON DAVia 2 Brigadier Onjeral Humphrey Mar shall is charged with Ihe due er cutlon IJKI usf mu wiirus III one Ol nis olognu ll j eis Tike lighlniAg In the wyas of his nV emirs In the eame space of time United Statee fails to take he capi al of this country on the preeoot we irv defeated aud lose Richmond the Coniederai y Is launched on a Tvldc troubled and nneertaih sea of accident Fureien governments can delay action now ouly on the gn und of a greit FedertJ tioued above he would have suhvified half a uozJZ nulre There raanot be a more powerful oontrasi that which his op era lous before this very town Uim pres ent to the movements of McOlcUau In his approach to Richmond McClellan started bis army from Wash iugloD two mouths ago He himseil after issuing a thundering proclamati iu to his troops started after them about six weeks ago From VVashIngtofl tC F ict apos mond by way of York Is a journey of about twen ty four hours wiib the aid of steam He has been six weeks on the peninsula and baa not fought a batt apos c He begin his fa v f e pysteiu of digging as soon aa he got Iheri apos and has been at It evi r siuce He brf tight up a l the heavy a apos lilicry he c uln find to besiege General Jobiisiou That Gi nera cuff red him to waste fcis time iti dlg ii g diichis and throwing up dirt rnrt then left him to cr j i v the frr it of hi It bor withdrawing bis trou s wl ji u apos lo s a save of a lew heavj c iun in into the p I apos oantrY where hi caa pr o ct tliccdv e i to Rl apos bm jDiJ aad li at at idi a irom tie guiiboa In a word I lies coiiipli apos ielv LMiIIl d the litti quot I I cn a d will nondlaw him lo lu v iiu ex cure o a general haul Very d apos 1 his for 8 iitm p o apos C siog in inin te N ipo l on iu his niov apos tiH iis d notalieeLUii 80 sure as he ht apos pcd it luUhl be After reiating the story of the eapltiila tion of Ulm and showing the dilforenc between its situation and Richmond tij his own satisfaction the editor conclud apos gt Such is thc difference hi tween Ulin aud Richmond between Napoleon the Gree quot and Napoleon the email The Fri ich iroi apos ps m irched on foot six or soveu hun dred miles detested the Austrians in sev ea bl apos iody combats with the loss to them of 30 000 meo took Ulm and captured 30 000 mure with au Austrian field Mar shal all in six weeks Tbe Yankee troops passed over about two hundrid miles in Bteimcrs dug up dirt enough to bury tbe city ol boston fought oae or two skirmishes in which they have been re pulsed and it has taken them two months to do this Tuere is some little diff reooe too arising out of the relative position of tbe two adversaries The French had been in tbe habit of beating the Austrians two to one The Yankees have never been able to stand before our men iu a fair field and have never once gained au ad v sotage over them without the use uf their fleet It must be considered too that Napoleon tbe Great bad the advantage of keeping bis designs secret until thev were ready for execution He en trusted his inteailOD of invading Germany to nobody but the King of Bavaria whom the Austriahs had czpdled from his country and who was ready to Join him with aU bis forces The little Napoleon blabs hU out to Bennett and Bennett blahs them out to the rest of the world We feel much sJil apos uce o bfi latter for this sketch of his leader apos s inteuiionS hope General Johusion will makegood use of it Mack could only have been kept in his position by concealing the danger from him Bennett has b cn kind enongh to give ns due Lolice of the dan ger of ours He must not quarrel with onr General If he should lake thc hint It would be very pleasant no doubt to catch our army iu a trap bui we fear that the pleasure must be foregone for this time at least Gov L quot lchfr reports that since Novem ber Isl Virginia has issued S9 piece of ar unary aud 10 774 ftnallariastoUersiildli rs In the Counties ol Virginia oveirun liy the Federal troops there wi reSl OOO apos ive valued a 4 apos gt 000 000 Alarg pan of these wiil never ho rec vered by their own rs OBEAT WANT OP ARMS IN VIRGINIA ttrom th Rl hminl bl i aich Moy 7 1 UEADQOAKrE S Ol D NANCE DEP T I ItioaMOND March 28 1802 This dopaitment isiii apos sirons o pu cba gt ing arms fr m those parties havirg wd ilmbln barrd xliot gun gt ttparf ng rijt t or any kind of leeapmis that wJl be uvj apos ul in the jlrld apos Those arms will l gt e laiily appraised on lacir delivery lo Richmond and payments will be promptly mai e Agents liercloli re collecting Stale arms for this department arc reqnrsted to collect and forward these private arms as prompUy as pnssl apos iln O DBIMOCK Colonel of Ordaance of Virgiuln The Provost Marshal complains that Richmond is the grand depot fur tbe recep tion of all the Bcoundrels in the Confeder acy There are p quot obabiy over one hundred meu at Urge evading search who huiTe joined several companies and taken the bounty besides selling tbemselTis as sub stitutes adrenturers from all parts of the Confederacy DUAIRKOARD apos S ADDRESS A gKIBMIBII SICKNESS IN TUB CONFF USBATEAABMr CProm the RiotmoaU l ou rer AtayF i CoKiMTii Miss May 3 1862 A gentleman from Tennessee river re p aris that O apos n Kirby Smith has defeated Gen Mitchell and retaken Huntsville The following adoresB has jnst been is sned to our troops woo are confident of victory Headquarters or tub Forobs at 1 CoBiNTii Miss May 2 apos 62 j Soldiers ur Suiloh and Elehorn We are abnnt to mimi once more In the shock of battle the invaders of our soil the de spoiler of onr homes thc disturbers of our family ties face to lace band to hand We are to decide whether we are to be freemen or vile elaves of those who are free only in name aud who but yesterday were van quished although in largely su icriur num bers Iu their own encampments on the ever memorable field of Shiloh Let the impending battle decide our fate and add a more illuslrious page to thc history of our leviiluUriti one to which our children will point with noble pride saying Our fathers were a the battle ot Uoriuih I congratulate you on your timely juuclion With your mingled banners lor the first tlifie during ibis w ar we shall meet o r too In strength that slruuld t ive ua victory SoliU apos rs can thc result be d lublful Shall wo not drive berk into Temte gt ee the pre fump apos uons merreuaries collected lor our tui apos j igalioii apos Oue more manly effort and trusiiug m God aud the jusiaiss ol our eaiir v e shall leeovi r mote than we l ave lately lost L t thc sound ut our victorious guns be r ccbccd by those oi the army of Virginia ou the historic bafle fii ld of Yorktowu G T BEAUREGARD Gmora apos Commaiidipg J M Otev Acting Assistaut Adju aut Gener ll The enemy s advance consl tcd of about SOOl inJan ry with cavalry and artillery Theskirmisu coormcuced ot Sevan Mile Creek near Farmiu glon Brigadier Gen eral Mirmaduke s iiriaptde was engaged supported by Capt Sveot s Mlssismiipi battery They maiataioed their posiuon with grrat gallantry agaiust the heavy shellirg of the enemy for ihroe quarters uf an hour wheu our lorees tell back The enemy bad six pieces of artillery and heavy siege gtin Heavy vollies Of mus apos ketry were fired on both sides pj nuaeot before tbe month of June If apos fongolng proclaraatior He will forthwith estnbh h an fiiclent military nplice and will enforce thc foUpwigg ders All distillation of spirituous liquors is positively prohibited and thc disiilleiies will foithvwh be closod Thw sale of spirituous fvquors of any kind is also pro hibited and establishments for the sale thereof will be closed 8 All persons infringing the above pro hibitions will suffer such punishment as shall be ordered by the eenieuce of a court martial provided that no sentence hard labor for more than one month i mi be iefl cled by ihfi sentence of a gt pimen tiki f apos Jhnpt mupfiial oa rlSrar 4r apos trial and immediately tbe game is up Already it is declared iu New York that thc Son apos hern Confederacy has been recog nized by France This news may not be true but it is tbe shadow of tbe coming eveot tl e event that stands at the door But If Kichmoud is taken the United e eu States con plead fur and again get delay 1 court martial aa dit ect yj jyjj The fall of the capital and the flight pf the WPCte or w ar g fjrnmeal would H 4 stiiA iog evidenoe of Power Tiiey would declare that before mldaummcr they would subdue the rem nsut of the Son h they would be believed All the world would turn a dead ear to our affairs at nofpolk airgumeuts and shut their eyes on n painful Oorr FOQjeac of the BalUmore Amerlcsii j stiug lo which they would regard as cer I learn fr jra a gentlemm just from Nor t Au to arrive at a tragical C apos ueiusion The folk that th r cl gt Is Ttrv quiet and the 1 he ess of the So apos uih wuiald thea he difil Ueion meu are ctimmtnclug lo speak out 1 hit and to he alufiued by desperate means and gaiu coelidence only The 8 cis iuuis s will not belitve that A apos l depends on Ihe preservation of this thc Merriinae has been tilown u gt although cl y wi ich li apos pcr is iu turn on the iibs in pieces of tm wreck L v h apos n brought tc e a oS Ti i tence of the fighting iu the the city had li iv h en Iretly haiidi u r uud Jiiie ula N apos tiiia g shou II be allowed to apos They say mat it L s me de apos C ptiou and ja t apos y an iv icuJioTi of Riehm i il If apos th th IN iuuc was 10 have i aile l tin b i 1 b niie a i b r h apos ul i bo be tb quot Jimer river on 8 iirdao light aud uo aii apos i et lie nil th j lu apos ei of iV apos e t Fuint ilpui ly did a iil The xpi jo tb y i d pr eiH apos of liej pr rent war No ex i ay nos tue blowing up ui lu apos e or iiiey l e ol lif no di agjr of dislvucuou a d m g iziue but wlien u apos trt d lha apos thtst Tl uld ei icr into Giis e dculilion No m r b iiilil bet pi apos apos I l n p re thetr jops By comme iii of the Secretarv of War 8 COOPER Adjutant and Inspector General reconnoissance was finished before he act ed Oh Heinizelman s snggestion that in the meartime the enemy might oc apy these forts Hancock was ordered to pour his troops into them This laid the loua latiou of the victory of Williamsburg Fiee 1 now at head quarters and Biartncd liy the heavitjess pf uattery firing frp Hooker s divisiOD lleintzelmau instant ly went to the nearest practlcab c rmdto position and about o cKw found Kic gallant Gen erai sorely pressed and iu jreat danger looker inquired for the rainforcei entg Ue had sent for by a path the woods onW a mile long sent to Uiiin z im tn for Ills written message Tecrtived and read by Sumner soon Heiuiz dmau left head quarters Uointz Imap iFslantly sent two orderlies with auotbtfi apos message to Sumner lor a por tion of his 30 000 sent two so that if one was klllt apos A the other could go through Tie also began scniUng to the rear lo hurry up the march of the nrigades floundering through the mud Utficer after oflieer be lent to the rear on this painfully anxious luission till be was frequently wholly llone ou the field I told yesterday how ko encourag d the troops bow he r sll ed and lt d back bioken compauieE how he quot iathered the fragments of two hands of cai apos iui i M and b ld ibcm up lu rivet ih ir J t r iiin U ii not ti gt quit apos be ground lie v eeu Yi rk river and K cimi apos id Let hope that Piesid apos nt Dav s acd apos he G 11 f apos riils will bs rqual to this great crisis l them show tbcmsilic in pci ou to the iriiops s apos are tlif ir toll fire their htorts iud had them to victory REBEL rRSPARATIPMS FUR TUS DEFBNCK OP SAVANNAH Fran t apos le gATaunah Itrpu apos li apos An Mar 6 1 The late of New Oritans has inlnsed a new spirt into the hearts of our people Tbty begin to comprehend the real dan gers to which the country is exposed sod to summon the pluck and provide the means necessary to meet them successfolly Many of our m apos aet important batteries have been strengthened materially in the last two Weeks by tbe intrudur apos ion Into the tabtbworks of powerlul resisting suhstan cef Past experience though proves that thorough and heavy obstructions In the channt 1 of our river under the protecGon of our guns must be the main roll ince for our sa ty If overpowered let there be no selfcondemaatlon nolhlog to look apos u ivk tu with regret Tardfiaees at New Orleans lost them the ei y A BARD BIT AT THE REBEL ADMiKlSTRA TION rPromUis Norfolk Par Book MarT J We uudonbiedly expected from the Queen city of the Bontb some greater dis play of resistance than has reached our rare Tbe abaudoment and Burrenilcr of tbe most appruvod formulas of military science but the people of tbe South would have preferred eeulug some more resolute demo straiioDs In the mesniimc however as It ro ty have beon au inevitable event wc defer any slric apos nres until there shall Lave been some established charts of cowardice or treach ery on the part of those to whom tbe defence was committed That the Navy Department did not know oar torts were untenable and that it com pleted the gnat gunboats exactly iu quot Wie lo be destroyed by the enciny raises preiuiiiption of gross iucr gt mi gt etency on the part Ilf ihe Secictary and those to whom quot the subj apos ct had be apos n committed The pride of olflee and tbe arrogance of prolbs ioiiai kitowledge eiust have ri c iv eil wiv v linni apos liating l tiODS la ely w hope ihi se who have b en ilnis de ceived anu L ive so groe apos ly siL apos f ivedi apos ere by svnStrung 7 i w O linn apos i to l o Ira p gn ible will ackuuwl g tb ir iufill i tl lity j d iis in with rt pect in luiure 10 stitig apos siiuus o others BASKS AND FKEJIONT DRIVEN BACK CKroin the ItlcIi uoad Dlapalcb May g From passengers wh apos gt arrived by tuty Ccutrul train lost evening wc have some iniercsiitig particulars of the raovementa of our lorces in tho Valley The propri ety quot of giving publlciiy lo these iiiuve luuuU is qui apos Sti apos ynable but such is tbe anxiety to learn the movements of our array that we present sueh iDformation as wo have been able to gather alter the most aro ul irquiry The foices under General Jackson left Staunton on Wednesday mornieg and on the eTening of the same day the rear guard of his army eocamped four miles west of Buffa apos o G ip fourteen mile Irom Staunton Gen Johnson s forces had ad vanced to Shenandoah Mountain in pur suit of Gen Milroy who was tailing baek before thc united forces ol Jackson and Johnson A hope was entertaioed that the command of Gun Johnson would overtake and engage the enemy under Mi who ist aid to ha aOoiU 8 000 uup bikeommand A hong the passengers on the train was an AeJ apos t apos jint of the Filth New York regi ment who was captured at Harrisonburg 03 Tuesday last This prisoner manilisted aU the imixrtin nt which eharac teriee thoee who are foUiehty endeavoring to Ute Sauth In an interview with him ho stated tbatlhla was hU first visit to Richmond aud alih ogh he was not at tended with the same coiupacy and sur rounded by the same tirLnmstauces which he tspecled to attend his entrance to the capital of the Southern Conlederacy he had no Okabt that a Jew iwks would ee apos tle lire matter and leitneite the old flag floating over the publie buildi g i of iiialonond lie spoke wiiu euUre caufidtnee ot the ability of the North to subjugate the South and thought the time not far distant when the Union wcujd bo reeiortd and all would live to geil er lu peace and h rmony under the Government of our laihcis We arc a lit tle surprised at the h0 icfd1ne33 01 this capture In reply to an inquiry as to thc number ot the Union lorces in the valley he sl itcd that tb apos wy bad hot 1 es iha apos i lurt IhouBaud n r mure tha apos j sixty thoueond aud that Major Geocral B gt n s was in com ma apos id of tills lorce Ro ccraiir who S nrod r s art all iu gt uil utler ami fit cd with ammuuliioa they rdui to h Ueve it The MiTriihac w is the griat lackb iuo ot rebcIlii D a d they 1 lusc to b Iit ve lha she h apos as com ailiiud sui ide at the moment of her grt at trl il They are in n umeuiary expectiilon ofhtarlug that she has destroy ed our gunboats up the James rivi r and is plaj ing the mischief gcuerally On being told that deserters from her crew hid ar rived at Newport News they prououuctd them imiiostors In fact they are deter mined not to bel eve that the giJlant Tat nail conld have acted so cowaruly as to have destroyed tis ve apos scl The Soectslon wemen are very noisy and take every occasli n to Insult the sol diers who think they con afford to laugh at them Some of their husbands and brothers would probably soon he brought to per onaI account aa a means of bridling the tongues of the lair rebels THE REBEL VIEW OF THE SITVATION From the Atlanta Contederarr Ms 4J Indications Himi strongly to a battle coming ofl quot al Corinth at an early day which for tbe magnitude of the forces en gaged will eclipse any that ever transpired iu America Our judgment la that the Yackeee have nearly one hundred aud fiiiy thouaiind men Beauregard is well nigh fianked on all sides Hu has an immense army bat not so large as the enemy It were idle to conceal me laci that we have some fears for the result There is such a tbiug as being utti rly overwhelmed with numbers against which we can provide no remedy If Southern valor and able generalship can win a victory Beauregard and bis army will win it A deleat al that point would be a ssvore blow particularly oa OF ace NO way fur eteape eioept fatlina to wante M JMe a Uit tMl wanted lor we waut bis army to go U MstshnUe and Louisville But Ibougb such a defeat would be paiu ful ami soTcrc we ran endure it We can ebdure tbe loss of B auregard s and Jabn apos sou apos s armies aud iben secure our iude gt i gt unduQce If our duy oi tnum lt h don t come sooDiT it will come wbeu the Yan kees Teoture into our interior and attempt to sub jugate apdludd uuder subjection i gt ur oeoplc ut ih apos ir Lom S It nui bthirc Vaiikeo trnicri y wiil then nave over suppedtiur bounds of salt tv aud succlB 10 iLcm iu Uii w ir vf coi qu BATTLE BILLAMaCURC Slron g Po apos itioii ol quot the Rebels T es pei tl e I ich iu on gt otli biiies I apos etltr apos il 1 on 2 apos 00 Hebei loss 3 uOo lleioi Ri 01 file ifiiehigHii Ijoy apos s Bliitiiter i of ien Sumner COorr sjiondence quot f th N apos W York Tribune Wii LiAMsBLKG Va May 10 1802 Brady shi uld Instautlv send a c apos rp of pholograpbets here to take the actual 1 kc neas ol the vasUuoetie 01 for Ft tree che vaur defriie in whieh over quot 25 000 of the rebels jo ambush and tbe piotection of a rear line of forts of vast strength with heavy cannon In p isilion awaited the ad vance of the Union iruope For no descrip tion wi apos h the pen no painting with words no nse by artist ot pencil or brush can possibly convey even an approximau ly ac curate idea ol tbe nature of the ground which tbe rebels first picked out uud then ingeniously prepared with axes wielded by slaves and directed by West Faint engi nuers NO iniAglnaiion of thc dens lt y tbieketed and wooded pens in which Brad dock was d apos feau d aud 8t Clair lost his army and bis reputation con prerare the mfod lor tbo realiziiion of inq ditlicnltieS olTthe rebel detent s before Williamsburg Biandmg upon the parapets ot Fort Ma gruder a basUoued work as larg as For tress Monroe with a wide moat filled with water and having a sweep of the p apos a apos us at every point of the compass at d ooklog towards Yorkiown y m see a horse snoe shaped sweep of forest a mile and more around yuu see it fringed on the inside with a gigantic abattis ol fall n timber against which tb eyes fairly ache in their sweep of a mile and more of look yon see apos for a part of the way taegiuning al the end nearest to Will apos amsuurg a det p wide ravine ib irucied hat liille by stumps aud having a bard bottom and you say iuslanily there reseivea could be held secure Irom the tire of a million rifles you look to the left and yon see upon thc plain one fort two forts three forts forts away to a damned op body of water b noded next an impassable ravine swamp by a b gh and narrow miil oam command tl by a liattery overlookiag it aud the passage of which would be a lari r that the warriors that cross apos d the bri apos lge of Lodi w uld have been swept Ir mi liko chaff Summr who ranks Heuezeiuian in the ctate ot his commis iou had in his pocket an order from MeCi apos apos o wh ciiin iibShb tanee rad ellcut was lo halt on the lutz Imau cirrii apos d a wrillen urd r Btia ghi up Ihe Yutklowu ro d w lamsburg which woul 1 hiivo luought the rig it Nig itfill Cirried apos ur tni apos p u i to the rear oi iU tncmj ani brough Suiuntr pAst uis nqier p gt iiiou the left and on to tho r apos glit aid i oa dcLSC wet w lod that no apos a man i apos ihe ar y had ever entered or knew ary ing about Where were thc cinmyi apos How mu y weic they B yo id there in the dark were the r entrench men apos s What wan liure that a corps uf 30 000 troops might ruT dis slrouslj agaius 1 Military questions all 7 A cl u gt e coiuing SCornt wholly ohsenred the sky Ou my night ride to tbe f out so dark was it that the ball from lha pistol of one of our cavalry apos better sight of my horse ouly saved mo ho ai r iHlly r JcoycreJ a id is iu tommind ol Ifis division Tae jirl on r do J not seeiu to uniiers apos aud the reina apos of General U apos uks ir m li rriooi r urg a jd seems 10 think Ihsi U was ultogeiher a strategic j movsmenl r The risrincr was comfortabiy oed hand Bomely unlformo apos l and had on iu additioU apos to good Clothes a breasipute which saved his life at thc time of his capture It scetus that he was engaged iu cluac conflict with apos our cavalry and rcsislsd to the v ry lust the trresiaiible aasault uf our forces A apos SHBOOBrSOR TO E A W COACH n ST0KE3 Doalor ImjaoE lci ol siMcl apos Doalor In AND SADDLEliV HARDWARE OI apos l FoiSTABlalBilKlj SAUOT F riV WAIlEHOUc E Xo la apos S main Street between Fifth and Sixth laOUISVILIaE KY mn IT TOTlfEIR INTFTJKSTTO K WMiNK aiLlMicewili b Rttendeato ns if ci e B yl9 rtf J KRC apos UANrfl AND MANnKAOTUnRHR WOrT D IT ft tu 7 A deW before rahHiog thtlr pure a es and ord gt jA apos d from Iti pcnroQ W L WELIaKK t apos HAH D H apos KLKLR W L WELLER amp BE0 Wl ol Hn lo Uealert In apos FOREIGN amp DOMESTIC LIQUORS MANUFACTIIRERS 0 P PURE SPIRITS 613 Main Street OppoHite laon Tillc Hotel la o XT X quot V X rJX XG li Y dtf g mu 5cment LOTJISVIIiliE THEATER CORNER OF FOURTll AND ORiihgN KTRKKi apos N MR J M D WN0N HTA0BMA AJ5ER VIR THON J CABBY TBBANbRBB WMrst Nli lilof the eniatenientof apos hemuat caie braled Coinic Actreiaiu the drhm amp Uc wotlu Mitt JU 1 IA DALY O N MONDAY KVBNING Mty Idth w llbepr ntedtU poaular Amerl an rom d cuiitl d OUK FKMALK AMKHICAN C gt U apos lN r u c ll from Yan ee Un Mhj JULIA i gt ALY Th perfo maier wth rooira apos iice alih ibc luushaele lar euf TUK TOuDLlW men would have killed him but for the breastplate which be wore and to which he owes the preservation of his nnprofila ble existauce TbU sbIcUed him from death yet be seems to njoice In the fact that his opponent was slain while he was taptnred to remain in bund ige daring the remainder of the unnatural conteai which S usie and while aw iilng the coming of re Inforccme it3 from Sumner on his sight or troin out of the mu 1 in thc rear r Limat apos apos ii Ihe ilrooplr g courage of Hot k er soutmim apos erivl and apos almr st ovor ma i cr 1 apos m quot n with Y inket Doodle and thc Ji j apos r lip apos i gled Bmcer To thc repeated raifp apos es lie cnt to SumiK r fur aid hi g it n reply whoever At 6 o clock and apos oi b f re Semner oricred Hancock to itnirin apos Before 5 Rsny haj com up ih bis hr gade and s av d ns from th t imn i e quot t ru apos n apos hat has lotvere j upon igr CPUS apos si apos C Bull Run The thun ands win nuneccsearllv wear m aming in the No apos Vh and West L r onr Uiry at Williainsb trg will now uuder st aid the causes of the terrihle moruiiisy which attended the demons apos ration of onr SEjierlorily lo these barbarians Tofuithcr elucidate them regard the plan of thc field and see whtre tbe Yorktown road coines upon the cornfleld directly in front oflhe biuli med Fort Maerudor That was our direct line to AVill m burg Tte stfampy woods on both side are a mile detp thc ab atti 8 of fallen trees about 500 feet dc quot p beyond that were rittl pUe away around the horse shoe shaped plain beyond them were batteries of flying artillerj then Magruder beyond all vomiting shell can IsUtr and grape In that mile depth oflhick woods Hcintzleman and Hooker and their brave c imrades fought the principal part of the battle It was principally there that in ibe long struggle Irom eight o clock in the mornii till two o clock in the after noon 8 000 men held their own against 25 000 Bat the battle raged with despe rate courage on tbe edge td the woods in I apos rQbkofthe abattis in tbe infernal abattis itself and through it uptothe riflie pits and beyond them and finally with triumph into one of the forts The only ground on which we could use artillery was a small angle of the coinfield where the rood de bouches upon the plain and which our in fantry had cleaned of Ihe rebels to admit oi onr gunners wadmg with their pieces into position No sooner were these nnilmbered than men and horses began to fall tbe recoil of tbe guns soon buried them almost to tbe bnbs In tlic soft earth down went more men and more horses the enemy mode a dash at ih f tatterles and they were lost The assistance Heintzelmsn rec T d fTs Ui Kearney s division enabled him to do what he bad va apos nlv tried and hoped to do all day to attack In the flank The 88th and 40th New York chargtd throngh the abut tis upon the r fle pits and threw the rebels out with their bayoiiets in double quick Berry s charge al the same time all along the iron seUleJ a pirt of thc dispute be twoen the North und the South The rebila were whipped Toe Wlll apos amsburg battle was indeed as I hav apos apos aid au iafjntT fight V apos r gt much of l w hand to liar d b apos ju apos iet luluyone uiUrk apos t butt to mu ktt be t Af er Ber ry apos brip ie nme up ari apos l a t apos r W rd and lii y 1 apos 1 iki r tl 43 h N rt York let 1 ijt i 11 pits svia util g nt ihe tlmcwi apos h MiMge ullcrdtmsiions Ihe Ii ie w 1 puu y a Laud 10 baud c fi cl A ioaii os w got them where wecoiil l reach them apos hi apos uU apos r iou uf the c iuparaiive luanhond of N irih rn and Sim Jurn men r ctived a hptidy solution Sicty three rebels Ijy iu a i itt iu uuc section ol the rifle pits fury and thc outlay of the last and best powers 1 their sav igc natures ect with iron hardiest by diath upou their coarse and bru apos ui apos lac B Nut a Corpse of a Uuiou man was I ear them Uo both sides tbe fighting was ten times 08 diiperete as at Bull Run INCIDENTS OF THE BATTLE OF WILLIAMS BOKO There can be no question that the rebel savages iMjoneicd onr wounded Lient Brush of the New York Sevenly thiril was seen to fall dead He was shot through the hrsrt When his body was recovered next day it was wholly naked and bayo neicd All tbe wounded Zonavpg all having red s apos aiite who fi 11 on tho ground which the rebel pushed us from were found lo have bc B tiayoneted They turned the pockets of Acir own di ad inside out aud eeok off thew sboas and atockings Heintzl lt iman flew everywhere among the New Jersey ond other troops who gave in dicutions of breaking out of the fight lie bawled hlmrclf hoarse aud stiffeued the arm wounded at Bull Run in ordering coaxing entouragiDg beckoning and wav ing the culDumbered men into tin ir rat ks again To infuse enthusiasm into thim he wandered around lo find a band of mu sic He saw three in a group and ordered theta to play Yaakee Dcadlc in fore The men professional in thc face of defeat and death said that they had not thc rcqiik itc number o iiislriuLer ts to do jus k apos C to all tbe notes of the nine Thc Giner il then hurried around lor more found a part of ano apos ber band un apos tcd them to the profes sioual three and electrified the worn out infantry with the Suir Npangltd Banner Yankee D odle and Gem of the Ocean The effect was that of wtr m g le It is tbe smill things as well as the great that tns true coinmirdcr is known Iu thc 38i h New York Colunel J Hobert Ware s orders to his men apos wi e not to lire ui lil they coaid hit He was through the Slcxica apos n war and dfscribcs this as tbe most g apos llling fire he cv r s iw Thu stn apos J he aud his imn arc mada ot can be appre cia apos i 3 from thc fact t apos if t driven h aek three S apos veral tji ie tl ey three times r iarncd to the ch gt ge H s Li apos apos U apos eh snt C apos jlou i Sironj a man as h vely in hit char acter as be is apos apos inigei us led lorw irJ three com panies uud r his comni apos iui three veral liiui with t apos le It apos jy net F lal miiLlicrl Tue hrive fil apos cr was cut do apos Vii with three bills liirun apos i him This ri g m Ui ieal 13S nil 11 al Bull Run Till 8 caud Michl apos gan took Intoacllon only 300 men the rc it being lell behind exliausi apos d will the quick luirch through the mud und rain Vet they lost oae out of every five engaged The regiment was in the hottest 01 me fight By the confession of prisoners 800 of Barry s men mostly Michigan orovc back at the point uf the bayouet 1 000 rebeU r Prlv tc h A v Dr ss Circle tndPaxaueU fOc Family O re apos e 3ac Hallciy 10 rJfDoof open at N to 7 and Curiam rises at 7K aaig o apos clock nri ur pa il al apos ri tfe BTRon biUs SSr apos K apos IiViR Sc HTJIVIMIClt CLOTHING J F GRIFFIN No 101 Foiithaes apos Oorn r llurh t an 1 rut S s FOI TIHVILLK KY H A S opine is large stock if New and Vnsl ion ah O apos l j apos Miii vrli ch he 1111 fell al ow rlei II s steck c mpri ra all tlmie of eanoent apos i ul sSle f rMen Boys and Srr snia includine a comol te MM lt gt r Qjfni of Oe it1riu u apos b l umiiulcK Goohb Slocks YIei Dtoves ba f IIoBe Raudktrch cf Shou d r beaui aUr J St rcc irei f om BiMt a larse stock of flotb i Cassimeres and Vestings WblcU apos lll he ma le up to orJ r lt t abert ootice a gt d warr Ut thr tyl 6t au J v orkmuuablp equa tounymaiel tb city PurciM apos r apos Ti lt lUD 9 iDla cUf will pldatr cai ao gt l XAm apos c which trill ao apos iu oon loc tbCLi that tLu ir tb n e to get value of ibelr irosoy m iiJdlf CariMajircH A 10 B V c Ci I E S BURR H AIGIIT WHEF LER MANUFACTURERS AND DRALKRA M lo s r et between Fi apos i gt t Bcoood oppcaite the Q lt tlon g Il e fbe pie cure of Aimoanol apos K to rfrlen vbe wjlk funeral y Y i f ai h ven lt apos W iu st re acoTipicie aa oitment In tb ii line tf ibtir ova manufaetu o aoa e eet on eo M atitMiof Uoacjea Four aod 81 x a st Rnc iaways Brrwt aSkei to a Tuk D seat do phnvons ihlftiog op and p a Djicie Hi lkiea Bid apos stat f apos SkaI Possesiucy adTaiitagc 0 in mattO apos acturinR wear enabled to srtl below tne usual rntee The paMte resi apos OC fuUy iovittU to c amp l and examine onr lAMBBK LIMBBR I have a large and well aneort d itock of Z gt ry IHne Lumber Jotat Scaotilng 8biD t F ooriag and Dressed Lumber of any ibickoMt Alsj Dooru Bi nda and Baah on b od and m de to order which I am eclliDR at low rates for ca h orou abort time to prompt pnrebasera W H DIX Main between Hancock and Clay street LouiavlL apos e Ky gluftion BV C c SPENCER tsilbNKn S PALI np apos IIIK PF VI AMI PRoiiO NAL iFFl apos o apos lS OPB 11 NORTIICUIT AT ah tion O N Tnt RsDAY AFTKRNOON VaySf rl S gt 7 rioev HI In i apos d on the pre A i rror of M in a l rc t apos 1 l eef b apos omcr f t apos BrsJli y e of tl It NortliTutU Ui How rg prcinTiy u gt uicrly o ruiMtd a a carr a c jth p to Mti One Kri k tfii one r a e fullaii r n w uspctlor ca o eJ IJlckofy and Poplar i iimbc quot a 1 1 of rai la apos fia c loi Anvils HCen Ac e PI nk red aloiofWori t cdg cp ond int apos d Korku t y and Bu f y a lot Ota t ried Tools and 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apos d on the euuih wetT and nor h by a dense w oo and on the east by the York river Ih ik d New York Col Mat apos cson of Newton s toigade was ordered to clear the wood of rebels who bad made their pres ence known to our pickets The ICth New York w r ord red to the e ame work in other portions of the wood The 32d pro eeedea lo execute their orders Entering the wood they came upon a ravine at the bottom 01 which they were fired upon by the rebel skirmishers Up they charged delivering a galling fire upon the enemy s posi apos ion Tne enemy reilred our troops following until a second ravine appeared In view In attempting to croes this the rebels from the o her side again poured a volley Into them with considerable effect wbloh bad not however the powertodrive OV men back who galiantly pnrsned the renele delivering their tire upon them or rather upon their position for they kept tkemseives concealed by the woods At a tuTd and last ravine the rebels had erected a breai work on the opposite eide irom watoh uicy opened on OUT men witii then rested two days more small arms and grai gt o and canister frompuister and Oratmisaary pcpsrtmeuts wore tivf have bocB spread before the public ooEceming the opera ions of tho army which a lt they have relnrai d in tho pane e have astonished and amnsotl both officer and sobii apos r qui apos c as much as their txp eure T juld the public Johiisioii and M igrnder with abont thir ty live thousand meo commenced leaving I apos liit Migruder cn Monday evoniug tho bib in Ic s than si hour after th apos iipports h d reached cs Hancock a apos apos d without wliich lie raado Uis gallant charge sup poi s which Gens Smnacrand Heyos de nied him ait day and which Gen WcClcI hn a the irs apos anco of Gen Smith ordered up inimedi atcly on arriving aud perceiving the ad V Ullage of Gen Hancock s p si ion The sw irmiog on the left of Gen Smith s whole division where he had vainly at tempted to place it and other supports taught the rtiicl Generals that thi y must either leave or be bagged for there is noth ing truer than bad be policy of Gen Smith early in the day and all day pro vsiled Johnston Hagruter and the rest of I hem would have been taken or they would have saved themselves by a more precipitate and disastrons retreat than that which they made that night That the arm r rested two days instead of pursuing the dcmonillzed fugitives with the exception of a force of cavalry and some artillery under Gen Sloneman may perhaps seem a little strange but the men could not go ahead without rations nor the anlm rritbont forage These bad to be waited for I Gen HoCHellan is not completely successfnl he can charge very mnch to the Quartermaster and Commis sary Departments Having rested at and aronnd WilUameburg two days the army marched two days eleven mites a day and TheQuarter But from the norabers It is known thu apos liny were reinforced The probability is that ur troops will b ig what there arc of the rear gu ird to day AFKAIIIS AT WBST POINT West Point Va May 8 The Rebels bur iC apos i live newganb atson Saudiv n g i apos and on Monday night set lire to apos ili apos e large drawbridge tb at runs acre s the river ju in front of the town Tho briilgo 1 silH burning ino h apos i instance of onr nog cet occupying and dcftmling the place Onr trooiis landed on the left below the town and while our artillery were at p ay at the woods upon an elevation back of them for the purpose of getting the range and mistrusting the presence of Rebels the enemy opened from four i leers causing a fright among the sailing craft and causing a slight stampede until the gunboats came Into range when a few heavy shells silenced their gnns and the Rebels beat a retreat No rocoonoissance has yet been made in any direction with the exception of some twenty miles up the Matapomy river where onr gunboats e ip tnretl a lew small vessels West Point has aa old fortification beautlfnlly overgrown with grass which commands the river finely but there has been no gnns in it monn apos ain howitzers The Thirty second charged lt rillenlly up to within a few feet of i he work but were forced to retire on ac count of heeupirior force of he enemy They rei apos red in admirable order There wen only s ven companies of the Thiriy Kcoud regiment engaged against Ala bama Texas doi ih Carolina and Tec nessee troops The celebrated Hampton Legion formed a portion ol the rebel fores At two o clock P M our gunboJts tliree in numb r opoueil fire ui gt ou the en emy from their 1 truer guns the shells tak ing lo ail uppe iraiiCe effect in the di bl rju trier for the enemy soon after retiretl their b apos lAery beiug sUMOced ou the fi apos et stotfrr m apos he bi aw We could trace ihc eneiny s retreat by the liue of smoke their rear They were seemingly destroying every thing as I hey retrea apos eff The Si xteenlh and Thirty first New York Volunteers were also engaged ia skirmishiDg in thu woods The details of the part ttiese regiments playcii in the skirmisu has not reached me I learn hit the Tuiny seconil Regiment New York Voluoteer s loss will be near 100 in kill apos d and wounded Three off apos ters Captain Young of Company D Cap rain Brown of Company C and Licuienaut Wallace ot Company G were killed and Lieutenant Slooe of Company B and Uentenant Twaddle of Company F woun apos ic apos l severely Thirteen privates were killed Lieutenant Wallace was wouuded and afterward huyonated and bis imcket rifled by Texau soldiers Our touil lose in thediffe cut regiments of Newton s brigade will reach 200 in killed wounded and miss xjg The loss of the rebels is known to be aeavy as they were seen from our trans ports ca rying their dead and wounded off in great numbers Lapi Montgomery of Gen Newton t staff and Capt Biker United States drs goons Franklin s siaff made a most mi raculous escape from the Hampton Legion into whose picket lines they became n tipped Cspt Moctgomery cooly in truired the na ee of the regiment Re ceivlng the answer quot The Hampton Lc gion he inquired for Gen Hampton and w IB told that he was a ehort distance off He and Capt Baker immediately put spurs to their horses Toe rebel pickets fired a voley after them seven bails enter ing the body of Capt M s horse killing him instantly He fell instantly brn apos Ing the rider s limbs severely The rebels im m idiatidy apjiroaolied and commenced ai fling the captain s valnables he feigning death The affdr was so ludicrous that the captain laughed which e xposed bis conTl 1 n to the pickets They bad lt ar ried him some distance wheu a battery of our gnns opened on them They imm apos i ately drbpiied their prisoner and rnn fur their own dear lives Capt Montgomery arrived sa apos cly within our lines after Uffs wonderful and romantic episode The conduct of tho Texans in this en gagement was dastardly in the extreme In some cases they took the water from onr wounded eoldier apos s canteens The Alabama troops exhibited a leeling of bninantty In striking contrast to this They were seen snnnlTlng onr wounded with their own e anteens filled with water The 8i x ecntb New York Thirty first New York and Ninety llih Pemisylvania were briskly engaged with the enemy s skirmishers daring the day gome of the companies of the Sixteenth were at times surrounded by the rebels and ac apos nally to force their way out The Thirty first were in the thickest ptrt of the fray and bore themselves g illantly The Ninety fifth Pennsylvania Goslin Zouaves a the first charge of the enemy appeared to re coil or an Insiant and looked ready to break This was their first taste of wars Bat after the first shock tliey made a mag nificent charge with dosed lines which soon pnl the enemy engaged ngalnst them to retreat They cl urn that the rebels granted no quarters to onr wounded The 27ih aud 18th New York though exixised at times to the tire of the rebels escaped wiibout Ios The New Terse apos brigade hive goi e marly tour miits but Cud no f ree or rebels They have picke up many f traggl rs from the en lt niy s ranks They rep eseot t he emmyae flee ing along both the James ami York rivers in two ooinmns The loss of tho enemy in the skirmish is undoub edly great though hey were in most cases concealed in thick undergrowth which prevented their dis covery by onr men un li in their presence The well directed fire of our meu aided by the beaniilnl guniiuat firing mnst have ter ribly d cimatcd th ir uumbers An officer who rode the clrenlt of the scene of tne kirmishiag yeeterday discovered abnn dant evioeuco of the enemy s heavy loe The rebels fought with a desperation and valor worthy a better cause ThungU in superior foree to our own tiny gave away at last belore the superior diBoipline and courage of our trooiis Our noble gunboats and their auimrably drilled otU eers and men d eerre much lor their aasls S tauce in rausing the rebels to make I racks At the time lue rebels attacked us our force here was quite smell Now we have force sofficieDt at this point to defend us against any force 1 hey may bring against us which is being added lo hourly WHAT SAVED THE DAY quot Blit for tbc urtillery this would have Deenauo biT Ball s Bluff said a General officer to day In tho early slages of the ragagsment there were serious fears that the rebels wonld succeed in driving onr troops into ibe river protected as they were by the woods but the steady fire of fhc ioDg range guns were quite too much for mere lufautry to withstand and so tho enemy retired aud the battle field of yes rday is now aa quiet this morning as Boston Common with a militia regiment encam gt ed ujion it We have about two hundred and fifty VMnnded or killed the precise namber it te impossible to get at but yon will know an abont it belore you got this for the official rrport will go by the Government telegraph lino from Fortress Monroe Many are line i fflccrs As I said beftire fhe eneroy fircti low A surgeon tells me he has aropuiated five legs to day bnt has heard oi no iiiau s losing an arm Only one man in the artillery was wounded he a BOiuier in He vaniei s company by a tnnsket ba l Porter s b attery was the only one which bad the honor ot being shelled by the tm my indeed it was the only one Within range But the shell hurt nobody aud the rrbcl battery was eiieucod in a ve lew mumet The be i dmgs upen the plintitiouare all used for bospUals I went llm ugh one ol them this iiio uiiig and al iioojx i some weiccjmg aiid all were sevi rUy wounded heard eearei ly a single groan TUE srirATio ICorreiipr ndtnae of I e N V Tribune Ft Momioe Old PciNT Convokt i May 12 J Having just returned from ihe advance position occupied by our army on the Peu oEula an luieii g nt diacription ot the prseent eitu liioii m y not prove nnac ceplablo to the readers of the Tribune and the pnbi c gem rally I am etroug y prompted at ihe omset to expose the oui again at fault Yesterday Monday the order was out to move this morning and it is probiblo chat there will not be another bait before coming up with the enemy Gen Stoneman is about fifteen miloe ahead of Gen Bmith s Division which is th a head of the army proper harassing the rear guard of the enemy under Floyd tho thief whoee force coneis apos s of ten regimeete ot inlitotty and considerable artillery aud eavulry Geu Btoncmin rode back to Gen McClellan apos s hradq iarlcre yesterday He is of opinion that liad he rebels been vigorously pursued their army would have been brokcu up the leaders taken prisoners aud that Rtcbinond would havo been ours with scarijcly a struggle The servant of Gen Johnston has been captured by Qen Stoaemau s scouts He bad come down from R chmond for the Generars baggage and fell into the hands of our scouts trho have pushed very neir Kichmoud He states that the ciiy is full of jieoplc in the greatest alarm The Uniju army is hourly looked for though tho sternest determination to oppose its progress is pretended Railroad commu nication with the South had been suspend ed by the Seizure of all the cars as they aim ed so os to retain as many as possible in Kichmoud Tho fear was that should cars be allowed to go South they would not return The great body of Johuiton apos s army had kept on to Klchmood the roads in the neighborhood of the city being choked by the exhausted demoralized dia couragtd mass U was the iutemion of Juhneiou to make a stiff fight at Chicka hominy and at the breastworks ten miles this side of Riohtnond Our delay was being improved to fortify both places The aj apos pearance oi our gnulioats on the head waters of the James river bad Inctessed the I gt auic and sheila Itarcwn live miles and bursting rrtttiin few miles of Richiaond had increased the pfevions GVOStci nation Gen Smith s diviei m the head of the army when he started to day was within about S5 milea of Richmond To day s march will diminish the distance ten or twt Ive miles To morrow it was expect ed the rear of the enemy will be come u with whe take place with when it is expected Sgliling will apos quot ke place Several of our gunboats have go e up the Pamuukey riwi andg ained a position lo afford valuable c o opperntion with the ar my They ore sUU the dread of the rebels who are tUue thwarted in their endeavors to gel out of their way It Is right to auie here that the couiiu y is indebted to Preei dent Lincoln for this who on his arrival at Frotress Monroo gave the ord apos r that se cured us the James river The Galena had been aground but was off agaiu Tho re port prevailed that sbehadsiink the James town Patrick Hecry and Teaser and silenced two hattenes thus cleaning out the river As our army goes forward our Irans porwtion goes up the York river To day the landing of supplies was moved up from Eltham six milee above West Point thlr teen milcfl furthe at Cumberland thus materially reducing the bnd carriage of supplies It 13 not improbable thu a fur ther halt may takeplace though It was intended that oo moving this morning the whole force should have five days rauons At Williaotsburg we havo about 2 000 prisoners taken at Ihe battle on the Cin and since The number is being increased hourly Our loss in killed and wounded at the battle of Willlainsburg Is believed to have been hitherto stated too low It Is probably not less than 1 500 mostly in Hooker apos s Division This morning General Sumner s Division moved up from York river and all along the Peninsula to day there is a general crowding np oivnrd Richmond The einrits and health of the array are good There is unmistak d Ie coi fldencc in Geo McClellan It is safe to soy that it has increased since the cam paign opened while that In some others U 8 decreased The tnic status of onr Generals has yet to be fixed and rec r gniscd The affair between Gen Franklin and Geu Lee on the landing of the forces at that point though spirited aud a success was by no means what the papers made it me cardest haitia jet Tiie loss on our sido W VS about 200 Gen Franklin is in the immediate vicinity and to thenar of Giu Smith There vv vsa rumor at Kliham las night that McDowell bad come U wliIi Lee W HO with 10 000 men was said to have been takta It was not credited RSDEL STRATEOt The correspondent of the New York I oat writing from Yorktown Va says Wo coiilii get but imperfect accounts from the advance and bo information com ing to the rebel officers in onr possesfion ih y felt highly elated at the success of Ihoir mana apos uvre aud bragged of their su orior strategy in getting away from us A little mai cenvering elicited from them the particulars of the retreat They slate that they were rciiriug from fear of our giiuboate and that as they feared an attack Sunday Horning s Dispatches HIGHLY IMPORTANT BB AHREGARD WEAKENING rHA PBDBRAL BLUET RSrULEBD NMAlt R 1 CUM 0 ND 1 General Ilanter s ProelamalioB Modified DESPOTIS M IN MEMPHIS New York May IT The steamer Atlantic from Port Royal theH apos h has arrived Among the passen gers is Gen Gilmore who commanded at tho reduction of Fort Pulaski The steamer Planter Lad arrived from Charleston run away with by a contraband pilot and clew ISpectal h the S T Tribune Wasui noton May 16 Geu Hunter s proclamation it can bs posi ively stated was issued wiihout the aulhorlly or knowledge of the PrtBident whom it took entirely by surprise What will be done with it is a question to be Set Arrival of the Great Eastern Sx NDY Hook May 17 The Grrat Eastern has just come up She I from Mi fjrd llavep weh L veroo 1 di lt of the fi h iusU Tne Asia arrived out on ihe 4 h Tne TTines argues that the true test of public feeling iu apos lie N irtb will com apos whru the taxes are coMected meantime so Iouk lh Confederates are not absolutrly win ners they are losers whereas so long as the Confederates are not acluilly suU apos lmd they regard thcmscl apos S as vrinnlDg Tr c e are consider itions which count erbalence the Eupeiiority ol the No lb apos CapUju Wilson who captnred the St Pierre irom the prize crew h gt 3 been for mally presented by numerons Liverpool merchants with a valuable service of plate and a good chronometer also with a sex tant by his crew and 3 000 pounds by the owners of the ship The Mercantile Marine AssorlatioB of Livor Ool also snnonneed Ite intention to preecnt him with a gold medal and bis took and steward with eilver medals Valoablc money presents were also m ule to tho cook and eteward Speeches enlo giftieoftbe Captain s aet were made on the oceikBion by several prominent Mer rhants The Paris Patrie asserts that the French Minister at Wanhinglon had a lang confer ence with Jeff Davis at Richmond that the step teken by Morcier is entirely po litical in its character and was known to President Lincoln The London Morning Herald argues that from reports ot Mercier s mission to Rich mond that the beginning of the end is not for distant It says that France and Eng land suffer more than neutrals ever suffer amp om any contest Both be U U regard Jfce war as internfinable and Itrocious ho Great E istem apos s news makes it read MeaDtimc so long as tue Fedorels are not amp o instead of Long as the Confed erates are aoi As Fortbbss Monbob via Washington May IS Gen Wool visited Norfolk again to day It is in contemplation to remove the head quariers ol this department to that place ri cro is no news Irom Gen MeClellau apos s army to day Uc is pushing on as last as possible PrrrsBUBO May IT M River C feet by tho pier mark aud falling Weather sultry Before Corinth May 16 The Mem ph 8 Avolancne of the 13 u coulaina the following Fort Piixow May I A We fonght the enemy with lour ol our liehtest b ais one hoar and a half We sunk one gun and two iiiorur boats Our loss was two killed and eight wonuded That of the enemy was very heavy as onr sharpshoot ors literally mowid them down We tlei There W SB no Cabinet meeting and fought side by side with the enemy Not apos 11 that any determmai ion one shot passed through our breastworks Our upper works are riddled but we are ready to bnit again We will be able to Welles and Aitorney Genurai Bates who hold the river quot foil of Norfolk tho r Cl T j I Avalanche aays But worse than all the The Senate Committee on Public Lauds Virginia on whicn we so confidently rest back Senator ed was burned at Cranev Island on Satur ihe brief but painful iutelligeuce flatbed over the wires There were three cases of yellow fever at New Urieans at last accounts two at the Charity Hospital and one in the French part of the city a a T ed was burned at Craney Island on Wade 8 bill dunaUi 30 000 acres of laud for day nigbt Such is the tenor of ihi each Senator and Representative to every Slate which provides a college for the ben efit of agriculture and mechanics and arts The House Naval Cummiltee have antnor ized the commissioner Mr Sedgewick to report the Senate bill re oiganiziug the Navy Depoilment It create three addi apos xoc Avalaniihc also says that it has keen have also tormally decided that Savannah authorized air S gewick to report the apos bg surrendered bill re organlzing the naval service which N apos ate T3 bad losses in this lire 50 New York State companies aud 23 voiiii apos iiiies it oiber Stales The L tndon and Liv r lo 1 Company lost 157 000 Tho Troy Muiual 120 000 iSpecin tn the Poit Wasuinrton May 17 The President this ra irno g dccide apos l to modify Gen Hunter s iiroclainaiiou eman Cipatiug the slaves Washinoton May 17 The following ia exiracled fr lt m a dis patch to the Secretary of War dated Rec tortown Va May 16 A company of iniantry of my command was yesterday ordered to I xjDdoii to re main stationed there The wagons reach ed there a ehort time before tne main body of the company which was on a train They were BilacKi d by obodyot C apos lvalry variously estimated at Irom 300 to 600 Coming upon them from four direc tions onr men resumed fire on them keeping np a sharp fire under shelter of the depot which was riddled with bnllete My men were overpowered One was killed and 14 were taken prisoners three of whom were wounded when tho enemy hastily retreated under fire I am informed that a apos portion of Gen Shields command had a sklrmisb with them Signed JOHN W GEARY Brigadier GeueraL WisniHOTOS May 17 Sines yesterday eight or tun fugiilras have been returned to their ciaimauts It is estimated that there were in Wash 3 m recently about 1 000 slaves prinel from St George s county Md ad ng this District At least tony ekve holders from that county were at the conrt apos bouse to day filing their uetilions foixrcriBmalioa Tbev runaways soma eases as many as twenty one are claimed by a single person In several Ins apos anees after the court had iseued the ucee sarj write the Marshal and his depntiee weie unable to find tne fngllivee Wasiukotok May 17 The following was received at the apos Yar Dcparimcni WiLLlAMSBDKO Msy 17 The gunboats Galena Monitor Aroostook NaUga uck and Port Royal were repulsed from belore Fort Darling sevea milci below Richmond yest rday A portion havo returned to Jamestown Island near this place in James river Seventeen mea have al ready been burled and there arc numbcis of wounded aboard the vessels including Lient Morris The 100 ponnd gun of the Naugatuck exploded at the first fire Signed D CAwrimi X Bj uti horny ol Gen McClellan New York M y 17 The steamer Ori ole from Nswbe apos ra on the 13 h arrived last night TUe health of the troops at Newbern is good and that place was being forti fied New York May 17 Com Foote is not coming to New York He will remain at Cleveland until he is sufficiently recovered to return to the flotilla The report abont the negro brigade in New York is contr idicied Such a thing at one time was talxed of bnt is now de funct was sometime since prepared by a anU com mittee of both Uonaes It provides for ten grades running from a cadet lo the rear admiral LUtrald apos s Despatch M apos ASai NgTON May 1 The HnnUtr procUmaiion h is presented an unavoidable Issue wbleh it is believed will result in breoklng up the Cabinet The Pro apos ident has expressed not only dis sstUlactioD bnt indignation It 1s ascer uained that four mombera of the Cabinet sustain the course of Gen Hunter but The Provost Marshal of Memphis receiv ed instructions irom the military nuinori tlea to require tho banks at MempfiiB to take Contederate ijoivs os curTYUcy and to arrest a tlisloya all pefoons who reiuse to receive it in Oruinary buaioess Our guDooaie in the late attach on Com i moderc Foote were uouimamied Mont i gomery asbisted by Ji If I apos bomiison Flour is quoted at apos 10 and 21 per bar rel wheat 2 and 2 35 per bushel bacon 30 aud 82 cents lor sides and h nus sugur6 and 7 cents molasses 3S cents eoC nnday Bli f bt s Dispatrbes stream four miles T orn Corinth Twelve of our mi Dare report d wounded Deserti rs continue to report the scirci tv of provisions in the ribel camp Mai j I f tbeir catt apos c are starvirg for iho want ol 1 forage Gucrilas iiil si Ihc Country I around Hickman Ne v Madrid and other I poiiiie com ml apos ling di j r datii ns News Irom onr il et say si veral gun boats had c mc ar iutid l iaig Iloa apos i Pviim jesterday to rsconcoiire The H utou nod fire as soon as they came in range The rebels rciired T c gnntMinl Mound City has been tbor onghly rci gt aired aud goes down tc nigbt The 8wau gives currency to a rnnior that Bragg is in coniinaud at Curintb Beauregard having been called into Vir ginia to rt arganize the rebel army in the vicinity of Richmond Bbporb Corinth May 17 lAtest advices Irom General Curtis are that his forces between Searcy aud Little Rock Ark are rapidly marching on the capital Gov Reelor called out the militia and the people gi ncrally Large numbers ap plied U Cnrtis for protection who desire lo come under the old flag There was a general advance along our line towards Oorinih There was much skirmiehlog and several severe eugage ments General Sherman s Uvlslon lost 44 killed aiod n eonsldcrable number wounded In attschiag RneselllB bouse which the rebels have been oceupyiag for some thne worrying onr pickets We succeeded in drawing the enemy from their ptMiiioQ back to their works Onr men are under arms expecting sb attack on Sunday morning Among the killed rebels left on the ground was one with a sword soppased officer VOnr forc4 under Majbr icrfl8heiman btUI occupy the Russell House There has been sklrmPhlng from th apos o ftth Missouri only abont 300 yards from the enemy s breattworks Wasuihoton May Ift No cfflclsl rejiort of gunboat affain on James river Messages received indicate opuortunily to do Utiur in the future River now clea of obstructions to within eight miles of Richmond At that point is a heavy battery on a high bluff aud the river teiii lorarily cl S apos d to navigation by sunken ve ki apos ls among which ore reported the Yorktown aud Jamestown piles of chain lt Sc The Monitor conld not elevate her guns to reach the biulf which rerdi red apos hi r uiclees The banks of the river arc filled with r fle pits from which an incessant Ore was pjnrcd on the fleet a part of which were engaged within 600 lo 1 000 ywds of the main battery Wo expect considerable diffimlty in crossing here as the country is low and fwampy Our advance from this point must be necessarily slow there being no river transporiation and every ral road obstruction placed in the way by tbc rrtels The Kichmoud Dispa apos ch of the 12ih in iffi article cn the evacuation of Norfolk ymd Yorktown and the condact of th war Mj apos s that by abandoning detached points impossible to defend wc concentrated ixiweriul forces on an etsential point and are euabled to baffio the enemy in every BAGOINQ AND ItOPK The market is 11 t with but little inquiry Wo qnuto at 6Y lO it for bagging Kope la bold at lM at f band made and for maibine TOBAVCJ The ib s at the wirehous Saturday amounted to HI hogsheads viz 2 i apos S 4 CO 28 at ioicA O apos 1 8 nt C 0 SO at 7 7 SO 12 ut SiS 8 00 22 at 8 apos Ol 8 a 1U 10 75 8at n ri 73 8 at 12i2 1 75 nt 75 1 at 14 oO 1 at 13 HV MPIIREY HAR8UAE CAP TIRES PRINCETON TJTE FBDFRAL3 DRIVB HIM OUT BEAUREGARD AT CORINTH PEN 6 A CO LA EVACUATED sustain tne cOTrse oi uen Uunler b ut qu and tobacco no sales receipts or ship one Ic estimated is knowi iBenis corn 1 40 oats 1 25 to entertain different views It is slated positively that Gen Hunter will be recalled and the characteristic firmness of the Pres ident will be exhibited in the mauncr in which he will meet the issue thus forced apos upon him and that be will whc ber with or without the support of the Cabinet act substantially with bis repeatedly expressed opinions aud intentions Senator Rice Is extremely ill snfffring from a severe hemorrhage Fears arc en tertained for bis recovery Nbw Tobk May 17 A letter from Cumberland on the 13ih says an attempt was made this af erDoon by the rebels on our left to capinre some of our wagons hundreds of which line the road between here and Buckboro Point bnt I cannot learn that they have suc ceeded During the time the rebels made the attack upon our wagon train General McClellnn accompanied by his staff was makiner a roconnoissaoce and came in sight of the rebel cavalry before he was a apos w are of his proximity By dint of hard riding he escaped and took command of what force there was at hand and dispersed the rebels It is reported here to night that two rebel regiments have been cut oil in iheir retreat by the burning of a bridge by om forces If this be true th y are in the language of tho ogre ray meat Monday mornisg they had to beat a hasty retreat as ebon ns it was decided to retreat at alL They aud their whole force left on SaUirday night leaving only a rear guard of twelve thousand men to cot apos cr ami come on Boedav merning I apos heir par pose was to go to WilUameburg and there divide one portion jM oceeding by way of New Kent md the othea along the James river to Richinoo l and the guard were to delay us at Williarasliuig for twelve honra if pjssibte and then by s basty march resi apos h James river and eiubsrfc upon boats to Richmond There arc no wotto on the peuinsula excepting at Williamsburg two small earthworks and s masked battery until within a few miles of Richmond where there ore strong forUflcalious WU liamsburg is twelve miles from here New Kent is twenty seven miles further sud Richmond twenty nine miles from New Kent These officers also state that the army before McDowell has fallen back to the junction of the two railroads to Richmond and that before Backs came down to a cor responding Kieition it was not their Intcn llon to fight ns this side of Richmond but to concentrate all their forces there and defeat us far from our base of operations while if tfury were defeated they could rc tre t acrofs the river burn the bridges and lee us Richmond when they would have 1 Isure to rctrent to the heart of the conn try from which fll their etipplies now coiuc wliUc we were rebuilding lUc bridges Bui irora all iuformaUon wnieh cm be gathered their rc aeat w is too quickly dis ci vered and our pursuit too hot to enable them to encceesf apos iilly carry otal their plans fi er tbc terrible bayontl charge cl Una cock s lirigudc and tho storming of ilie rebel works at Wi li umsburg tho enemy ran aw ay ItRV apos Eg their dead aud wounded li d cvtiytbing which could pcssibly be aida apos ude o hrs oo their progress But with ihi the J m j river was not reached and at coon yesterday the Federal troops ii Ml captured one thoiobaad prisoners bo sides the wounded aiid taken a number of pieces ol their srttUery Among those laken prisoners are seven surgeons and two eoloDcls who report apos he death of Brig adiet General Lotigsiroct The Rebel force is 6U q gt 06ed to have first si i A b a e y coBsisicd of the Ilami apos tOB Legion some V Vr P f ely five lliovsand ntroog sod five other Pegi a AiC acs apos vULU wblcti for a vaifot y of mo j munis unuer bngaSi bngadtek Ocaent TgWmej Strasrcro May 10 Yesterday afternoon a band of guerillas maalc a dash on the railroad beyond Front Royal and killed one and took fourteen Jirisoncrs ail belonging to the 3S h Penn sylvania The railroad bridge fifty fc apos t high ard three hnrdred and fifty feet long over the north fork of the 8bonun iuab wascomi let ed to night The track will be l id and trains will pass to morrow inoming The work was constructed in foriy one hours under tbeeuperimcnd apos nceo G W N vrio Government bridge builder AH is quiet in camp to nighL It is currently reported that Milroy and Scheuck arc in occupation of Btaunton C apos Ktcxco May 17 A special dispatch to the Tribune from Cairo say the gunboat Cincluoati has been got off the bottom of the river at Fort Wright and It was supposed she would leave for Cairo yesterday Tho Meiupliis appeal of 11th contains a letter from iis correspondent who says in ihc naval en gagement the rebel loss was 8 killed and 16 wonuded tf pcctal lo the Times New York May 17 Uunlcr apos s proclamation cxciice scarcely any interest in Waihington no one at taching any im iortance as to Us efficacy to produce ihe end designated Martial law is only enforced by martial power and Hunter bus no force at his command ade quote to enforce this proclamation His declaring freedom to all the slaves in those States when he has no p apos rwer to free a single one outside of bis camp ia regard ed In Washington as an act of sinltifica tion highly discreditable to any one bold ing the rank of General or supposed to have ordinary intelligence As this mili tary power is withdrawn from Hunter s department before his proclamation is executed througbont those States it is conceded that the civil power will not complete or cooDtcnance what martial power proclaimed but did not praciicallv execute The President s policy is supposed to be snthoritaliveiy settled hy his action in Fremont s case in which all bis Cabinet concurred Fremont freed by proclama tion the slaves of all men engaged in the rebellion Hunter apos s proclamation frees tho slaves of all men in those States whether they have engaged in rebellion or not punisbing loyalists as well as traitors and he has declared martial law where he his confessedly no ability to execute it It id understood that Gen Hunter took no specific instructions from the President in regard to the management of matters in his distict but was left as all other mili tary commanders have been to his own discretion in his attempt lo re establish apos tbc Cousiitution and laws iu the revolt apos d fitatce It is said the Piesideut will be waited on Ibis evening by a gcmiemau to ascertain under V apos hat authority lliiat iris acting j IKDIAN ATJLIS M apos V 16 Governor 7 Iorton telegraphf from ht id apos qu iriers within five miles oi Corinth He Biysthe battle will be fought soon Tne i forces on the Arkansas shore andade The Avalanche says Noiwithet apos indlng the Feueral progress we feel abiding confidence that Magruder got to Rlcli mond some time before M lellon apos s ad vances It thinks real estate tbc best se enrity that can be bad and urges money holders to invest th lt rein Arrangements have been effected be tween lenerals Ualleck and Beauregard for an exchange of enraeoas 114 prison ers were sent in by Beauregard to day under a flag of trnce borne by Colonel Pt gram of the army of Western Virginia notoriety These prisoners had been con filed at Columbus Miss Home of them were taken in Missouri lastsnmmer Be fore leaving Corinth onu ot their number was recognized by one of Price s men as a member of the 25tb parole at Lexington Beauregard ordered him to be heavily ironed Governor Morton and Adjolant Oeneral Noble arrived hero to day CAtBO May 17 The Diligent from Hickman brought up the second load of refugees from Mem phis and other points South to day Thev ail tell the same story bardshijjs endured in traveling by fool through woods and swamps suosistiug upon such food as conld be carried in their pockets They were nearly all men in the prime of life They bring Memphis papers of the 13ih It seems from the telegraphic columns oi these p apcrs that Pensacola was evacuated ot 12 o apos clock on the morning of that day Batler apos es on Sanu Ro a Island togcth cr with the fleet comm need shtllmg the rebel works No response After short but vigorous emnonading a llig oi trnce wa Sent ashore to discover the cause No cue luy whatever was found suil the Federal trotqw were to take possession on the fol lowing day No un ntlou was made as to the direction t oken by tho rebels Memphis papers ooniain accounts of the late naval engagement They deny th loss of any boats though confess the fleet was badly cut up The e ieaaU apos n of Y orktown and Nor folk are iwononn red strategy cal m 0 ve men ts by no means indicaiiug rebel defea apos Williamsburg it claimed as a rebel vic tory According to their account Ihe Yan kets were repulsed with gr at I lt cs s Refugees say military oilicers from Cor inth who are fncqnenily in Memphis com plain bitlerly ot the loss lo thiir caose sustained by tho delay of nallcck In ma king an attack upon theiiL tR apos Suregsrd ibas been roadv for a week Every day that passes weakens lilm lie has received oil the ruinfurcements that it is possible for him to procure except raw levies Sick ness rages throngbout esmp to an alarm lt ug extent Beanri gard bas placed an im perative embargo on letter writing from his camp No soldier is permitted to send any written commnnieaiions to friends Union people in Memphis sreretwried di amp appointed on scconot of the delay of onr fleets In anticipation of tbeir arrival they have been emboldened in the utter ance ol Union sentiments which got them into serioos trouble It is asserted that the fleet will have no difficulty after passing Fort Wright and the rebel fleet The whole country for a hundred raflea above Corinth has b n swept to obtain sabsistenre for the rebel army now nearly exhausted Berions emborrassmente troin this caose are anticipated rSpecial to the Chloaas Trfaaae ir Cairo May 17 The steamer Meteor from Pittsburg arrived to day Gen Pope s division had advanced and now rests three miles from Corinth Deserters report a great deal of bard feeling between Missouri and Tennessee troops and those from tho Southern Slates The former urge that they have nothing to fight for their St apos C6 having been restored to the Union They see no reason why they should bs compelled to fight for the iud pcndcncc of tbc cotton Sliiiva Ihe steamer Shingis with some forty Meniiihis relngees has a rived They re port hundreds of others making their way North as best they gt n A di p ilch irom the fleet says deserters sti te that the rcbi 1 fleet bad been rein forced by tbc arrival of a ram raUed the G apos n Price srd the iron clad gunboat Ar t apos nsss I apos oin Memphis Jeff apos Thompson landed a part of his TUE NAVY Y apos ARD BURNT SAVANNAH TO BE BOMBARDED LSTRR PROM TWO DaY S SKIRMISH attack of vital importace Tins Gen Cnrtis Marching on Little Rock ADVANCE ON CORINTH HEAVY SKIRMmilXO enemy have not evacuated and is there in forcet BaltimObx May 17 The Old Point boat has arr ved bnt brings no letters Several of the crew of tho Merrimac cams np Some of them are Northern men and claim to have been im VIUAOtk monetraiion was ma fo against onr I nd forces on Wednesday night Our pickets were driven in The enemy now hold a part of the Point T 0 t N T May 17 The total loss to the insnraneo companies by the late fire Is 1 464 330 Of the 128 BKPelRE CORTKTB May 18 The Mobile Advertiser and Register con tains the foiling special Feksacola May 19 At 13 o eloe k Iasi night the Peneacola navy yard and forts were sol on lire and destroyed When thf enemy discovered what was going on Fort Pickens opened a furious bombardment andhept it np durlsg Ibe conflagraUon but without doing duiitage to any body at Pensacola AH the pnblle property excepting the Cnetomhonse which was inejimble of be iiig burnetl was moved but all moveable Confederate I apos roperty has been eaved The railroad track leading out of the cita towards Monl omcry was torn up this morniog A FoJeral vessel with a fligof truce cime up to the city ic day demundlng its sur render Major Balibe refused to c imply with the demand but said that as all tlii military forces tad left he had no powt i to oppose the occupation of the city apos Th Federal officers replied that they wouli ocenpy the city to morrow bnt that iht inhabitants need not be alarmed Spsclal t apos gt the Koi York Tribune llrauquARTiiKS Moi iTAi a Disi apos art MZNT Fk kkun Va 5 via Baltimore May 17 Unofficial disp itches but considered re liable announce that Pf nceton the e tin tal ot Mercer connly where Gen Cox apos advance was stationed was attacked am captnred yesterday by the rebels unle apos Humphrey Marshsdl This morning the place w vs recaptured and the rebeie de leatcd by Cox No particul trs Boonts report that the rebels have been retnforeod Frea apos ialte the Few York Timrj New York May 18 t Mepipbis papers thc 4ih were look rtig for a battle at Cwinth wUWSfcrritI apos terest Thej estimate the Federal army ai flO 000 and insist that it is gre atly demor alined They say they don apos t allow them selves to think of being defeated Bean regard is andonbtedly at Corinth Xetiv York May 18 By the Atlantie from PiartBoj al we learn Chat a negro pilot brought from Charleetoi a fast rebel tug with a number of guns destined for Fort Ripley He surrendered her to our sonadron He is a great acqrffsi tk gt D knowing ail intriendss of naviga Uon of that region Hunter s procUraatian has been pub llshed in Cb IestoiL A negro Insurreetios vas hnmmeuL Vaei preparattOBS were making to bomb bard Eat apos uaQah Our gunboats are up the river and pickets within four miles of the city Massive batteries of P arrot guns are ereet ed around the dty We have a por tion of the Charieeton and Savannah BsU ruad in onr possession Whitb Horn Va May T7 2b Him S M Stanton A combined army and naval expedition went some 25 miles up the Pamnnky river to day and forced the rebels to destroy two steamers and some 30 schooners Th lt expedition was admirably managed We have advanced considerably to tay The oads are improving Signed GEO B MoCLELLAN Bai tjmorb May 18 The Old Point Comfort boat brings no news A rnmiar ivad current that Wcidan N C has boon evacuated by the ribels W apos snucGTOs May 18 The Navy Deparimont liii recciv d a commcnicaiion irrm Com DuPont dsted Port R apos yal May l S apos b giving an account of the capture of severs roucl schooneis No o hcr ui w ot imi gt orlacce The Post Office Diparimrnl direetst apos apos ail mail matter des ined for Burnside s eommand be hereafu r sent to New York C apos iHo May la Th apos 3 steamer Swan from P usbnrg Lamd Ing ban arrived News nnlmpor nnt A picket skirmish bad taken place last ing nearly two days The rebels were driven back bnt nut unt 1 they had snq u gt paper mentions a terrible panic in Bicbmund on Friday on the approach of our gunboats Bkxobb Corinth May 17 The Macon Telegraph condemns in se vere largiiage the eondnet of the rebel troops at Briilgport by which a most im porlanl gateway to our State was opened to the enemy aud possession of all onr rich mines depusits of coal iron and suit pe apos re were pla ed in imminent danger Mar tial law bas been praclaimed over Cbarlee toD and ten miles surrounding WuiTB HofSE Va May 18 From the army correspondent ot the Associated Press wc learn that the advance guard Ol oar forces on the main r apos Od to R chmond iH r Ba apos ton Bridge drove the enemy aerose tbc Chick ihomlny river yes terday morning onr troops arriving at the ihe bridge which is 13 miles front Rich n n n T tf v r rat nd and were epcn apos d on by Rebel bal CORJKTb No one was ipjnred After ibe action of nr taonra the fleet finding it IniPTacticable to silence the bat tery on the U uff withdrew Onr loss was 13 killed 11 wi uuderi Full particulars are expected lomo row Yesterday a largo frigatd supposed to be the Brooklyn pass apos d Baycft 8ara 9 o apos elgck A M of the 8th going dowd The Baton Rouge Advocate has closed dO apos 2 rs smpended publication on ac count oTthe approach of the Federal gun boats Col Poeser commanding port at Mem phis puubiiehed a special order by or der of Beauregard requiring all banks Corporations to take Confederate money It prr and ail persons will distinctly un lerstaud that nothing in the Itost degree calculated to discredit operations of Gov ernment wilt be tolerated or treated as mytyrg bnt disloyalty T Eriichmond eurrispondcntof the Ap peal meniVans with great pain large num bers of sick confined iu hospitals at Rich mond and vicinity Foreign Commercial Per steamer Great Britain Lrroirooi May 0 A M Breadf tnffs still declining I rnvisionB steady eaic s dull Pots 83 8uear firmer Ity teady ColTcc inactive Wheat declined id Irregular and easier Corn firm and steady Deaf has a declining tendency Pork heavy Lord qnict and steady Loroox May 6 Teas tend downward Wlieat declined 2s Sug ir declining C apos fToe Ann Rice qnict and ready Tallow quiet and steady at 48s 3d LONDON MONEY M UIKET Lonuos May 6 P M Consols 88 t 84 Illinois Central rharce 16 48 o dlaconni Erie 3 2M 82 V American seciirlties quiet and steady iusuxaues wHDiauui apos s doing buniscM in cscicl a hioHn s tUuai OiTiCK LOUfs VILLE EXPRESS Satnroay Evening May 17 tnpAraVcIed and redundance of capital ehamctcriac the money market In the ah suDc e of iraueaationi la the ordinary channels of trade the banks are compelled to accept rood six per cent paper while onlpide eapllal ifits and private bankers arc finding employ mont for their mosns in ibo trade which has np In vrrloQ Go mment aocurltles rendered aettivo by the law rapid apprlliaUon in valoe in Bastcro markets Gold bas very natnraity advanced owing to the enperabondani snpply of paper eorrvaey and the demand for foreign trade and is now selling at premiom Exehar gc owing to tho limited trade witb the Eaet ie doH the ofiferings being largvly In ezeeee of the demand The selling rate is nominally Xi prem but bnokers fro qaentJy sell round rome at par The bnying rate is diecoont The genera market romaTTM gt vnehsaged withbtit small transaeftone In the leading ar tlefcs of trade Flonr is doD with bnt a email demand and we qoote at 4 4 75 Grain 1 nnehaaged with moderate traneacUone at 60 SHi for wheat ai gt d tot com In groeerles there is bnt HtUe dorsg nie demand ie coefloed entirely to the home trades and the ealas are limited Wc qnote at tor tagar 43f for molaeeos coffee firm bnt quiet at Thero have been a few reeeipts of cotton and with a light stock we quote the market firm at fo ordinal ax gt d aa lt 8 xt fur middling The market fbr provisions Is very qnlet bnt firm at the previonn advance The demand for bacon le small and wc beard of no tranNae tlona to day li Is held by packers si 4f for h nldors for rib sldce tor clear eidee fit for plain bamti gt for sogar enred and 7 8i tor fancy brands all packed The stuck of lard fe nonrly exhinated and prime is held at bat as this was above the views of buyers thcrowcrenotrauifiaclions Saltts aunJd have been mads at Daily Review liontsnlie afMtet OITR AWD GRAIN We quote rm n aalos of Cour at quot 5 2 KK bushcle apos hmi at 5 baskets com at CUeE5E Salos of fiO koxee at for sw and for old liAT Wo DOW RWll sales of prime si U BHBKTING8 6msI7 sales of G R at Uf GRO ER1E8 Sales of 16 barrels sugar at 30 barrels moltfses at 50 SftOkp j eoaee at LOUISVILLE HOXD VV HORIMA apos G MA BOATS LE A VIN O TO DAY Vhr nrfUulara am Stoamtoat AOctrUlttmintt ffCGKNFL 5 ayr Hen lt riwm JACOB 8TRA0KR DUmiio OhMtn amp att GUffT Ca lt iL iLBaDC Bendertoo ARRIVALS AND DEPARTTHEB ARRlVAUi Mat it Jal b StTAdcr 01 b H tb Ry river Orer R el UOTSMiMirX ady Pike la Tj eoea Clnj O lc niliU 0la Pelai apos d Cin Unit nc K HTtr niadBm Cfin Trla Mav Plttik laueaAter No 4 Chn Jaoob Pm Vm ktasoale Gem Ry rivev DRPARTDRgS T ooob Ptrader Cto Dove Ky i4ye i Orez Fasle Uemt ran La4z Pit Trao rt v q Tvoooa Tf a r ver P apos llend Naf iville DiHiavDS Cla Javeb Poe Tr nn rivae Mr Wm Waileaa Cfn J H Doa DoAhvlUeB Antooret Ti an river t BlTALR iO apos ar 1 y A a HAsUaiiA Ptfol Vraiav Danrao 81 Lenle Ateouaut PIMai rr lt ksrle HenSerfoK Kusea Uenderroni Banna An Sblnsise Cairo DICPARTURH8 tl apos U AaireTSoD CIn Araeo MLonfe l gt ioo apos apos Ster Mn 4 I4uh Biuma apos Zoan river Glendale Cin Tnn River was anil tailing yrsterd evening wiib fnll ionr feet three inches water in the canal by th mark Daring tho forty eight lioais ending at dark loit evening the river at the head of the falls had receded lully five Inches The weather was clear and pli asant At last accouois the river at PUisbttrg and Cincinnati was still faliii g with five tcet six inclus water in the ch lunel at the former port Uio lullowing in regard to the nppar rivers we take from the 8t L onis Rcpubli lican of Batnrday The river at Ihia iwinl is railing steadily In 21 hums ending nt 10 o clock A M yesverday tho river fell 3Jg inches and was then 23 feet 2jg laches abovu low water mark in Decombm lS quot t 17 feel 7M Inches below high water Tho Illinois river is fslling atoadilv from Laiulle to the month and is within its apos bunk The Upper Mississippi is recoding from 8t Paul down Thu Miisoiiri river ie falling from Lexington down to the mokt h and thero is five feet In the channel HTThe Diadem left St Louis Friday evenmg for the Ohio river From the Vincennee Ind Snn we learn that Ihe steamer Thomas Bcott h r been purchased by parries in Grayville and vicinity tihe is now loadiug for Ctncin natl Capl Oormley of the steamer latan bought the amp apos apos ldea Era at 84 Louis on Friday for 3 500 The following ilems we find od tho Pitts burg Gazette There has been but little change hi th river daring the twenty four hours ending lost evening It is asserted on good au thority that there is not more than three and a halt feet on Glass H use tboogb the pier marzB Ihdieate about four feet four inches The Bhepshgo from Loa svUIe was the only transient arrival She had a moder ate vargo including 91 fahds of tobacco Tbc air William Wallace arrived from Nsshville on Friday evening with a num ber of prisoners of war who were forwaded over the Jeffersonville Railroad She Uatf a fair traight list Including 306 bali cot ton and 410 uarreis of lioffr apos Tho Poland arrived from Poireroy os Satnrdav m rning with 1835 barrels of salt for the OuioSalt River Co 500 of which were diecarged here and the balance ship ped te Nashville From the officers of the Dove we lean that Kentucky river ie very low and ihlDng The Jacob Strader the Leviathan of the Ohio ie the regular mail and passenger packet for Cinclnugti and the l t at nooa to day On Friday night last the ne w gun boat Switzerland started to go through the canal She proceeded as far as the first lock when she conld go no lariher owing to the quantity of mud that had acenmu laled at the lower locks rendering it im possible lor the locks te be opened and shut Owing to this fact boats that were at our wharf boand for pons below were un able to go tbroogh the canal and a number oi tbeiu Ugbteued and proceeded over the falls t 5 F The Glendale which hod been sent to Tennessee river by Gov Todd of Ohio with the Sanitary Committee waf unable to go through the canal The captain ot the boat tclegnphed to Cincinnail for the Lady Fr vuklin to come down and take the trlpol tho Glendale Last evening the Glcndsie etaried up the river ana will transfer her trip tu the L8 ly Franklin She being of light draught will be able to go over the falls and proceed on the trip pif The Eugene is the regular inde poadent packet for Heuders apos m and way places Ibis tvenloj at 5 o clock She is in charge of Capt 1 Sayres a good boat man tS We learn from tho Miss apos nti Demo crat that the G ililen Era was sold at Saint L uis on Friday la i to Captain Gormly Tneprlee paid was fo 5 K t We shall publish dally in the Ex pi 8 the receipts ol the leading articles of trade by the river Cleiks of steamboats will confer a favor npoD gt s by sending to our office tbeir man feels HOTEIL A ItKIV lt YrAlS poa Satcrdat axd siuidav ur ro 10 o apos enoox r s LODI amp VTLLE BOTKL B M rmmler M D C B KnOce Columbo OllSHu ari NY J Adama U apos nvlbp lad WSWrlsht Newb apos A lDd 8R Ogden Co apos umvua O OC mu o atnbnsO John ill Boston Jr Bordwch Gray Baale ePMn4 f Clo O apos II pUif G o H Dter O Cin li M e rod Iud Abp Olev apos d B lc Hobffaser Nasb e M Brans Clo Mr Uiil Urudcfi B apos fT apos o A O HobBOD uO Mrv Cb tvers lt 3o R K DAr En apos vilK Kf ft W t av4daTn b apos rr apos D G JB gt Dtne WLM Csrcrb J John Whf Ucr C M Wheat Citr Lout L apos ina D Cla Henr hCn N Y F NeTio Detri it Midh Ufd i tcooa r Clo Mrs P II Hawkins do Jo D Loriof do W 11 UaH o CoioB gt 9 J n Hcrnbc avr aito JCDavRUan b apos gr apos B Nat WotC ir lt i 9 KAHONAL UOmr JB Webbj in DfH soo Oohxmbos tod gt lt Masf D Lawr barv Ind K M Barn M d son J M l cw Nashvil a f B F Craxton Nashril gap nlnshkm IhQn R H Oo bran Waa iMStw J V W Ascacw N gt f W Fraach fnrn fl apos ld D M J Dec Htp bTlde 0 P Wat 0 D Na bTtn W 8 tiodir NainviUe 0 8 Walker Chicogo Jas J Miller naRirl J W Doabam lod Oapt Uontar U tlaaetb Texas Gari Coohrao w P Bar RU KlrgrMa apos lflQA irk ar V v 7 Ird o M WilDr g M Sanford H f Roffmi iaior lt u lt Qs Tena w r D eaar V v 7 Ird WraSeiaea NaabrlUe Capt B llik d citf Tbo Maiae O t OtdenMO Br oborf WK Dow Cla Wm gt d rardk 81 Lou John T McGrow Ko J W Trowberry due h W C Woodward Oblo R Faa Meter Ohio Wxa Or 17 Mina OaptWoAem M cia AJ RldomUioe Ohio J Milli lean W 0 OarU gt r A I Xfi JMordjaAI lit JW biebard on B apos abffn J Haw New Haraa J P HaTO I apos ddia M C8v lt ain NT J B Ghio At IaodIo DNITED OTABT HOTEL A R Shaw e ty B P K chells OhM A L Hart P BruanKr Naabrlltd J T arkelL Ctd Goo Thn n gt son Om Wm R n gt 9 Cio G A 8t uoard Kx J W Cramrine OMo W N I re H c NY K8att apos gt n Owe rboro Ky J B Davin amp w city Mrs 8 0 ralo c y MI gt b A O I apos rieo r gt T Ja Koetor Wis i l lt low or lod do N Webb lirtndoD Ey HSC apos lhomiJ M E apos nmers Mo J M F firii ylon Ry J quot nout Iflr hol irrine H P Lll ard VeR lloe O Well Pa U M P r X fI 4iiD r lod J W Karll B Deu or Lox ll O V apos oiktr city PPat apos n H f yt na Ky Wm amp toue C New o CJa DCWUs b O J I apos cal apos v A w M J W lUyiaOldf Lex cyv Ey er CLOUD IIOTPL 7 r Gb nt Ky J M Wf arer Nash Tf ai j Jalco Lcoun d UanyM l o ij Clo Thot McClintlok O R fc t er Cin Jm Adana U J J Al xAnder Oxen ea A 0 B f wn 0 ED J gt fi apos apos towi PrJtOTfisn Par gt krank Dravo do Mo l gt Jo neon co Mrs McUowali Mo W If P ley ds MimJaae v gt at l o PlillipIIall do lIODiy Mo e u Kilty do A Oox Qh ot PHitffa rse Cay i W U Mathers Larrasfm J McDowell 1 1 m apos VvI nl apos FhUsdcIjWa nt Ibio Caitjt 

Louisville daily express (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), 1862-05-19

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by W.G. Overton
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