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date (1901-04-30) newspaper_issue  Your Wants Satisfied By using the short Adver tisement Columns of the Evening Post 23 d YEAE 12 Pages Today quot IF NEW AND TRUE NOT OTHERWISE Two Lines Bring Results VOL XL VI LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 TWO CENTS j XO 154 FIRST EDITION THE WEATHER KENTUCKY Fair tonight and to morrow winds mostly northerly to easterly INDIANA Generally fair and contin ued warm tonight and Wednesday twss FILLIES iflSTSCWPrS IHTKEIUUTMrE LOCAL The examining trial of Buck Shaelfer Who killed William Leave apos ll was set for RCay 11 in tile Police Court The Socialist Labor party of Louisville ViU hold a convention tomorrow and toaiue a full ticket Some one passed a 100 Confederate till on a ticket seller at Churchill Downs jesterday The Walnut street Baptist congrega tion will lay the cornerstone of i s new dlurch tomorrow This is the last day on which tax bills Jnay be paid without penalty The Columbia Finance and Trust Com pany announces a number of changes in Sts office force today The anti cigarette campaign was inau gurated by Dr Struble last night Two Year Olds Will Furnish the Chief Event at Today s Races FIVE OTHER GOOD EVENTS GENERAL The trial of Capt James Reed charged with commissary frauds at Manila is in progress Edward Cudahy of Omaha refuses to withdraw his reward of 25 000 for the capture of his son s kidnapers Litigation is promised over the efforts of the Dixon Crematory Company of Ohio to collect 21 980 for building the Hancock street crematory Mrs Arthur Carey of Dallas Tex daughter of Mr and Mrs James F Buck ner of title city lost her oldest child by drowning and her husband by pneumonia within a few hours yesterday L amp N sU gt ck reached 111 on the New York market this morniug ind there were extraordinary transactions and sensa tional gains in nearly all o f the leading Blocks At almost every station passed by the train bearing President McKinley cfowds had remained up last night and cheered ns the special passed by Large crowds were at the stations on the route to Mem phis today and the apos President was kept tusy bowing his acknowledgment AD the insurance on the cargo of the wrecked steamer Rio de Janeiro amount 11 flg to 900 000 has been paid The War Department will try to have the reorganized army equipped and en listed apos to the strength of 75 000 by Au gust 1 President McKinley will be royally en tertained during his stay in San Fran cisco an elaborate program having just bee completed The National Conferees of MMhersi will TS25 FOREIGN Venezuela has apologized for the ar rest of United SuvteV iConsular Agent Baiz and It is believed the incident is closed KENTUCKY Dave Burton shot and mortally wound ed his wife at Rurasey McLean county land killed himself Sam BoaleS a prominent young man of Hopkinsville wounded a woman at a brothel and thinking he had killed her mortally shot himself Two children of a farmer named Browl er burned to death in Clay county Tenn The large two story brick hotel at Row Qand was destroyed by fire this morning Miss Lydia Thompson of Frankfort came near bleeding to death from a cut on the arm Eugene Montgomery colored who mur dered his little child at Danville was found guilty and given a death sentence This is the second death penal ry verdict during the present term of the Boyle Cir cuit Court In the Livingston Circuit Court Luther Hennon was awarded a judgment of 15 000 against the Illinois Central railroad for the loss of an arm and his father given 600 for loss of his son s services Unknown parties fired from the shore three miles above Vanceburg on the cap tain of the steamer Tacoma He had a narrow escape James Price shot and killed his son in law Chas Downing at Lexington claiming self defense EVENING POST A WINNER Announces the Derby Result Ten Min utes Ahead of All Other Papers The Evening Post as usual yesterday afternoon gave its local contemporaries another lesson in quick work The Kentucky Derby was run off at 4 58 p m At 5 01 the Evening Pose was on the streets giving the result of the race with the placing of His Emi nence Sannazarro and Drlscol and the time of the great event Ten minutes later oue of its esteemed contemporaries came steaming and puffing down the street and the other possibly is still running The Evening Post beat them all ten minutes It has accomplished this every year for seven years and will doubtless continue to do so for seven more This paper is enabled to do this in having the most perfect equipment of any paper in the city and in having expert workmen in every department men who strain every effort to make this paper first al ways and they do it deaths GUEST April 27 Basil Guest aged 42 years at Crab Orchard K Saturday afternoon at 3 p m Burial Sunday aft ernoon at Danville at 5 o clock Splendid Weather Promises to Bring Out a Good Crowd to See the Sport THE ENTRIES AND WEIGHTS The second day of the New Jockey Club apos s spring meeting is bright and aus picious the track is in superb couditiou and the gala appearance which the city wore for the classic event yesterday seems to be vary little diminished to day The corridors of the hotels and even the Street corners t re scenes of gather ings of wise ones who are telling how they picked the Derby winner If the reports heard on the streets are true the Derby of yesterday seems to have proven satisfactory to a greater number of sports than is usually the case The event of today will be the Debutante Stakes This is always a pop ular event with Louisville racegoers and often proves the introduction of grand two year old maidens There are nine entries in the field and it promises to be a hotly fought race at every post Five other good races will be provided The entries are as follows First Race Selling three quarters of a mile Prosper La Gai 95 Only One 97 Watson Rebel 99 Eleven Bells 99 Edith Q 100 Beauty Brook 104 Opera Girl 107 Sir Blaze 107 Little Rita 107 Suave 108 Second Race Maiden two year old colts four furlongs Worthington 100 Dr Lovejoy 103 Jaubert 103 Audiphone 103 Treville 103 Plans Wagner 103 John Pe ters 103 Coll Anderson 103 Merry Maker 103 Ddugherty 108 Third Race Selling one mile John McGurk 90 Secundus 92 Janowood 93 Polly Bixby 102 Rodd 104 Peat 108 Ame lia Strathmore 110 Tom Middleton 113 Fourth Race The Debutante Stakes two year old fillies four furlongs Mollle T 110 Scortic 110 Ice Water 110 Lady Appleby 110 The Esmond 110 The Bos ton 115 Autumn Leaves 3J0 LL gt Kentucky Muddle 115 apos Fifth Race Three year olds seven eighths of a mile Queen Quality 97 Birch Tree 99 Chas Dehler 99 Dr Preston 102 The Auditor 107 St Marcos 107 The Puritan 107 Senator Beveridge 107 Wild Pirate 112 Sixth Race Selling three quarters of a mile Lilly Pantland 97 Lyror Bell 99 Princess Oiillie 100 Acushla 102 Clorita 103 Crinkle 107 Elsie Barnes 107 Dr Riddle 109 Sira W Ill Onomastus 114 TRIAL OF CAPT JAS REED BEGUN The Ex Commissary at Manila Charg ed with Soliciting Bribes and Other Misconduct MANILA April 30 The trial of Capt James C Reed ex Depot Commissary at M apos anlla charged with soliciting and re ceiving bribes and with other official misconduct which began here yesterday was continued today and was fiercely contested Thomas Harries a bookkeep er of the firm of Robinson amp Maeondray testified that Mr Robinson paid Capt Reed 881 The firm s books contained entries to that effect Fred Macondray testified that he ar ranged to give Capt Reed 10 per cent commission on the sales of vegetables furnished to transports Before testifying Barry Baldwin for merly United States Marshal for Califor nia and now manager of the Macondray Company shipping merchants made a statement to the court He said that at tempts had been made to intimidate him and he asked for the protection of the court He had an affidavit prepare l which he offered to the court but ini latter declined to receive it and returned it to Mr Baldwin unread Mr Baldwin testified to having a iC0 000 beef contract Capt Reed came to Ills office and claimed there were slight shortages in the beef deliveries on ac count of which Mr Baldwin gave Capt Reed 345 Adjt Gen Garllngton testified that Capt Reed said Major Davis was short 14 500 pounds of beef He admitted re ceiving money from Mr Baldwin hut said the sum he received would be ap plied to the beef shortage SHE BROKE DOWN NEW YORK April 30 The American line steamer New York quot Which sailed from Southampton on April 20 reached her pier here today after a very slow passage On Monday April 22 at 7 30 a m when only thirty eight hours out from Cherbourg the port propeller tail end shaft was carried away The steamer proceeded under her starboard engine at the rate of about fourteen knots an hou r There was no excitement among the pis sengers when the accident occurred many of them not even being aware of the lo of the propeller until informed of it by the slrp s officers During the whole voyage moderate weather was experi enced The New York brought eighty six saloon 176 second cabin and 550 steer age passengers Among the saloon pas sengers was Count Stanislaus Colacicchi who brings the red hat to Cardinal Alar tinel 1 THE KENTUCKY DERBY WINNER DEATH PENALTY FOR INFANTICIDE Eugene Montgomery Who Killed His Little Child at Danville for Insurance Money Sen tenced to Be Hanged SECOND DEATH VERDICT THIS TERM OF COURT or the ske u jurYAyf I a verdlfti Evening Post Special Service DANVILLE Ky April 30 For ond tilne this term of court a Boyle county ritizcos returned inflicting the death penalty and Danville will hav a double hanging The jury iu the Eugene Montgomery oa e aft T btjipg out five am oue half hours returned Xhe following verdict quot We the Jury find the defendant guil ty and fix his punishment at deuih j 1 gt A N PELT I VfrouLyn sJuLh a thing as two YepOici Of dedrh apos at one teruLOf I oun is unp recede nied in the hm lt ry of Boyle bounty Mou gpmft y Showed no nioiion whMi the v trtct was rendered Th general l i opinioiuis ihaC the v erdfe kk apos Jqst TUe j efr gt ci on the lawless elemefu wilf i good C gt quot s v One man on the Jury held mitvXor life Imprisonment hence the delay in flndi ag a verdict An appeal may taiLeu The evidence against the negro is j tireJv circumstant ial blit apos strong The testimony showed that the negro had treated his child jba amp ly hearifig hcr j severely several times and once picked ly r across the room On the day the child died she was play ing in the yard vjoll and strong Mont gomery called lie in the house ml iu little while ran out filing out chat tin child was dying When LhV apos apos apos neighbors came the child was on the bed with Us head toward the footboard covered up etitiVqly with three couitoris although It was a warm day and was dead Th negro went to his father s hoiu e to notify them then came back to the htfuse got out the insurance papers and went to see the agent The doctors who made the post mortem examination testi fied that the child died from u blow on the head administered nor more than 1 enty four hours before weaiQi Montgomery hurt hi cdse very much on cross examiqaUon When he apos went on the stand he cried but in a little woile was laughing r g amp ifS The case was giv n to the jury at i I5 o clock yesterday afternoon At 6 o apos clock in apos he evening they had not returned a verdict and were geut apos fo supper in apos haiige of the Sheriff with instructions jo return after supper and consider the case apos Bay Colt Falsetto Patroness Owned by F Van Meter WOUNDED HIS WIFE AND KILLED HIMSELF Dave Burton s Wife Left Him and When She Refused to Return to Him He Made Good His Threat to End His Own and Her Life Northern Pacific bounded up to I17vi and Texas amp Pacific was forced up to 50 The market became considerably quieter during the second hour The general tendency was toward lower prices owing to the working oft of some q 1 the ac cumulated buying orders Union Pacific full back to 117 apos Northern Pacific to above the lowest and St Paul to 172 The Atchisons became buoyant In face of the reactionary tendency the common rising GA4 and the preferred 3 There were advances of 6 in Great Northern preferred in International Power and 4 in Glucose There was some hardening of prices elsewhere in sympathy Bonds were active find irregular Vveulng Post Special Service OWENSBORO Ky April 30 Dave Bur tbn of apos this city shot and fatally wounded his wife at Rumsey McLean county Mon day evening at 6 o clock and then turned his weapon on himself shooting himself through the heart He died in a few minutes His wife is still alive but there is little hope for her recovery The story leading up to the murder commenced witli their marriage three months ago Burton was born and reared in Butler county but moved with his father Ad Burton to Livermore when lie was a boy For the last three or four years he has been about Calhoun and Rumsey for a good part of the time and iu January was married to Miss Mary Story the daughter of a widow who lives at the edge of Rurasey and just across the river from Chlhoun Shortly after their marriage they removed to Owens boro lie was a drinking man and with his drunkenness came neglect and cruelty Last Friday while Burton was away from home she returned to Rumsey leav ing word for him that she would never live with him again He followed her on Sunday and sought an Interview with her at her mother s but she would not see him Again Sunday night he wanted lo see her and again she refused He then said that he did not care and was com ing back to Owensboro Monday after noon Mrs Burton and her sister Miss Alice Story walked down to Green river to see the high water Upon their return near Cate s Woolen Mill they saw Burton He pleaded with her all the way to live with him again She would not give him an answer Miss Story her sister went into the BBWK Pw She told him ahe deserted him because he drank When be said he would re form she told Ill apos ll his pledge did not amount to anything and that she would not trust him DREW HIS PISTOL Then he drew his pistol and told her that he would kill her She screamed to her sister to come to her saying Dave apos s got a pistol Before her sisljer could reach her Burton had fired The bullet struck her in the left side and she fell forward on the ground He fired an other shot which entered her back near the spine He placed the pistol to liis left breast and fired His aim was true rthe buMet passed directly through the lower portion of his heart and he fell to the ground dying in a few minutes The Coroner summoqed a jury and held an inquest over the body of Burton where it had fallen in the road It was found that he had used a 38 cailber Smith amp Wesson revolver and that three shots had been fired out of it The verdict was that death had resulted from a wound inflicted by himself The body was sent to Livermore last night and was buried today It has been established that Burton went to Rumsey with the deliberate purpose of killing his wife if she refused to live with him When he went to Livermore he told his brother in law Neuer English that he intended to kill her or bring her back with him English thought he was only talking idly as his habit was but his subsequent act showed that he was iu earnest The tragedy created a great deal of ex citement iu Rumsey and Calhoun on ac count of its bloody nature DISMISSED THE DISPATCH CASES Indicted Editors and Publishers Filed Statement Relieving Judge Buck ley and Grand Jurors L amp N STOCK AT A NEW HIGH RECORD It Boomed Up to 1 11 on the New York Exchange This Morn ing Extraordinary Transactions and Sensational Gains in Many Stocks The indictments against Al en R Carter Chas I Stewart and W 1 Finley of the late Dispatch were dismissed in the Criminal Court today on motion of the Commonwealth Before the cases were called yesterday the attorney for the ag grieved members of the grand jury and Judge Buckley who were prosecuting the cases saw the attorneys for uhe defen dant and suggested that the matter be adjusted without a trial The motion to dismiss was made upon filing the follow ing statement in the Buckley case The undersigned charged with libel ing Judge R M Buckley in a publication in the Louisville Dispatch desire to state that said publication was based ou the information given to reporters to the ef fect that the vote in the Alvey license case was unanimous that it has since been learned that the said Buckley at first voted against the license and after wards changed his vote that the record might show in accordance with the cus tom of the board a unanimous roue It was not the purpose of the article corn plained of to charge the said Buckley with personal corruption ALLEN R CARTER W M FINLEY CHAS I STEWART A statement was also filed setting forth the fact that apos the statement complained of by members of the grand jury was published by mistake through a misun derstanding of instructions TWO SUITS TO CONDEMN PASSED A 100 CONFEDERATE BILL j A Ticket Seller at Churchill Downs Didn t Know the War Was Over Handed 99 Change to a Man vith Nerve A well dressej but nporty lookifig in l man but it is not probable that dividual yesterday succeeded in pass will be captured from among lUe bis apos ing a luu Confederate bill on a ticket crowd of strangers iu the city jfef L seller nt Chu gt chill Dotvps yei jerda in payment for one admission to iWmv of gt apos quot an oi i track He received 9 t in change and i had been pasted over live 1 00 bill The the fact that the ticket seller had been work was done very clumsily as a lib worked was not discovered until lie began to count up his money The man appeared in the line of ticket buyers just at a time when the ticket sellers were busiest in trying to handle the big crowd When he ap peared at the window he said One please quot and threw down the bill His would not go through but the fellow change was quickly counted and he j took the chance and won disappeared in the crowd The de The association will have to stand tectives have a description of the I the loss eral amount of paste had been used and the two bills together were almost three times as thick as an ordinary bill The man worked his scheme well as he appeared when the ticket seller was in the greatest hurry It was ft 100 to 1 shot that the trick and Savannah The main office Is In At lanta They have been attracted here by Louisville s commercial growth and are now in town seeking quarters Byek Bros want a centrally located house on Fourth avenue of from to to 50 feet frontage If necessary they are willing to take two stores and unite them They also want two floors If a house can be secured Blclt Bros will take out a five year lease and put in a 75 000 stock of shoes Any property owner who desires good tenants can learn more details by apply ing to Col Tom J I andrum or to Secre tary J C Van Pelt of the Commercial Club LOST CHILD DOUBLE BEREAVEMENT FALLS ON MRS ARTHUR CARY FOR MERLY OF LOUISVILLE WAS MISS PEARL BUCKNER Prominent Young Man Shoots a Wom en with Whom He Is Infatuated and Mortally Wounds Himself The Suburban Railway Company Files Them Against Anchorage Residents L amp N stock reached a new high rec ord this morning on the New York stock exchange The stock opened at 109 and quickly boomed up to 111 The fluctuations la apos ter were from that figure to 109 which was the quotation at 10 30 NEW YORK April 30 Extraordinary transactions were recorded iu the open ing dealings iu stocks and sensationail gains were shown all through the list First sales numbered 30 000 for Union Pacific 25 000 each for United States Sieel common and preferred 10 000 for Southern Pacific and from 1 000 to 5 000 shares for many other stocks among the Trunk lines Grangers Pacifies South western aud Southern Railroad groups The opening quotations of Union Pacific were 119 to 120 compared with 118 last night Northern Pacific broke badly pn the sale of 4 000 shares which carried it down to 117 and 115 compared with IIP iasi night United States Steel pre ferred spreading from 100 to 101 com pared with 99 last night and the common sold at 53 to 54 compared with 51 iast night In the last named stock there were subsequent purchases of a long string of blocks of from 1 000 to 6 000 shares which carried the price up to 55 The preferred meanwhile broke to 99 from the opening high level Union Pa cific also fell back to Ij8 There were gains of from 1 to 2 points scattered all througli the list of leading railroad stocks and prominent specialties Atchison was run up to Z l 4 on enormous dealings The fluctuations became rather wild after the opening on the enormous volume of transactions heavy selling to realize meeting the advance Prices in a number of cases made ad ditional substantial gains in the leu minutes following the opening bulge but the exceptional extent of the rise induced enormous realizations and stocks dipped temporarily from 1 to 2 points with St Paul Rock Island B amp O Louisville Atchison Amalgamated Copper and United States Sieel issues leading There were frequent irregular rallies and specula tions were widely variable at 11 o apos clock with prices averaging below tlxe best The Louisville Anchorage amp Pevvee Valley Railway Company today filed two additional suits in the County Court to condemn property for a right of way The owners of the property and the amounts sought to be con demned are Cornelia S Simrall John G Siinrall and G A Armstrong Sr 39 acres Edna B Fox Mrs Cottie H Stam bach and M I Stambach 447 acres Both pieces of property lie neaivAn ehorage NEW STOrFpROBABLE Byck Bros Looking for a Site to Lo cate on in Louisville There is an excellent chance for the location here of a big retail establish ment if suitable quarters can be secured For a week the heads of the firm of Byck Bros a apos big concern have been here try ing io find the right kind of a site for a mammoth shoe establishment Thus far they have been unsuccessful but they still hope to secure adequate store room on Fourth avenue Byck Bros own big stores In Atlanta Evening Post Special Service HOPKINSVIHI E Ky April 30 A sensational affair was reported this morning and is the one topic here to day Sam Boales aged twenty fired twice last midnight at Jesse Northington iu a brothel She fell and he thinking her killed shot himself twice in the forehead The wounds will likely prove mortal Boales is a handsome and popular youth and the son of William Boales a highly respected business man He had been madly infatuated for months with the young woman Jealousy is the supposed cause of the shooting SHAEFFER S CASE PASSED Examining Trial of William Leavelle apos s Murderer Set for May 11 The two eases of malicious shoot ing against Buck Schaeffer of New Al bany and the case charging him with murder were ail called in the Police Court this morning and all were con tinued to Mav 11 Schaeffer shot William Leavelle in the Sappho saloon on Easter Sunday night and Leavelle afterward died as the result of his vounds Schaeffer also shot William Leavelle Sr wound ing him slightly News of a terribly distressing character has reached che family of Mr James T iB uckner President of the Buckner To bacco Warehouse Company Nine years ago Miss iPearl Buckner the oldest daughter married Mr Arthur Gary a prominent business man of Dallas Tex Yesterday afternoon the first horn of apos Mr and Mrs Cary Master Joseph Mil ton Carv a bright little fellow eight years old was accideintally drowned Four hours later at 9 o apos clock last night Mr Cary himself died unexpectedly of pneu monia after a short illness The young widow is completely prostrated by the double affliction that has come upon her so suddenly and with such crushing force As yet no details of the two deaths have reached the Bueknor family A tel egram which came this moaning simply stated the facts without giving particu lars Mrs Buckner lelft on the first train to be with her stricken daughter The Buckners live at 2210 Baxter ave nue and are among the most popular people in apos Highland Mrs Cary was ma quot ried nine years ago while her parents lived at Paducah but she has frequently visited in Louisville and made many friends by her apos beauty and gracious man ners She had been prominent in Dallas society ever since she became the bride of the young Texan Her husband left a considerable es tate TOO LATEJTO CLASSIFY PLUMBER Only first class need apply Apply Simon Shuihafer 449 W Jeffer son st 20 TAILOR ESS To work on custom pants Apply at 335 Brook st second floor 30 STEM MKRS Both white and colored Applv at Harry Wclssinger Tobacco Co 1321 Floyd st 30 WANTED Experienced underpresser on coats Apply at 225 Sixth st 30 WANTED Vacant houses flats stores and cottages tt gt rent or sell We have many mils Commission reasonable 422 W Jefferson st Rental Co Itx GIRL Good white girl fpr general house work no washing or ironing Apply ai m e at 1300 Sixth st 10 one 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case ol need quot quot Are you sure then that the United States will grant Cuba Its desired ia dependence quot Yes I ana sure And I believe that Washington will soen announce to the world that Cuba i a sovereign power and that Cuba will indeed be a nation by February 24 1902 mammothcavTtrip IMPRESSED BY THE PRESIDENT Senor Palma May Be the Candidate fpr President of the Island Great Interest Taken in the Excursion of the High School Boys CROWDS CHEER THE PRESIDENT TWO PERISHED IN TIE flames CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH IN THE ABSENCE OF THEIR PARENTS HOTEL BURNED AT ROWLAND Unknown Men Try to Assassinate Cap tain of Steamer Tacoma Above Vanceburg DAY S KENTUCKY NEWS ITEMS Evening Post Special Service iBUlRKSV ILLE Ky April 20 1 1 is re ported here that two tittle children of a farmer named Browler near Cleme apos nts ville were burned to death in a Are which destroyed their home The parent s are said to have been at church aud the children are supposed to have been playing with fire and set fire to the house One of the children was six years and the other four years of age The parents found their home in ashes and their children s bodies cremated on their return from church MAY ENTER ANOTHER CONTEST TALK WITH GEN PORTUONDO N apos iKv YORK April fo The Cuban dele apos gates visited Gen Brooke at Governor s Island aud wore much pleased with their enteriaiuniem When seen at the Fifth Avenue Hotel apos Senor Capote said There in no truth in the published stories that Cubans found fault with the expenditure of the funds contributed to the luma in New York Everything iu that direction was most satisfactory The report to be presented to the con vention relative to the matters concern ing which we conferred with President McKinley and Secretary Root has not been prepared We are working at it and do not expect to complete it much before our arrival in Havana T Estirada Palma called on the dele gates at the hotel last night and was iu conference with them for over two hours Nearly all the matters which brought the delegates to the United States were gone over and Gen Palma apos s views ascertained There is reason to believe that the sub ject that the question of a fitting candi date for the Presidency was brought up and that the possibility of Gen Palma s eelectioD was discussed When asked for a statement Gen Por tuondo said A great stumbling block has been re moved This Is all I care apos to say What stumbling apos block do you mean Senor was asked Section 3 of the Platt amendment quot was the answer The Cubans have been afraid of your armies They fear what some call imperialism Now iu Section 2 think of the Platt amendment it is provided that the apos United States may send nroop 9 Into Cuba whenever in the opinion of Washington such action is necessary This provision awakened widespread sus plcion Many said that it was only a pre next for the United States to continue a standing army in Cuba for all time The presence of soldiers aud especially those of another people cannot but be onerous end discomfiting to us Others said that although the United States might withdraw her forces now she could under this provisiiou imme diately send them back again This then was apos a stumbling block It was perhaps magnified in the eyes of apos the common peo ple and they demanded that if these sus picions were well founded such a meas ure should not receive our sanction But President McKdnley soon assured us that jthese suspicions were groundless When we said that by this provision the United States had more jurisdiction over Cuba ithan over any one of its own States be cause in the latter case I understand the national government cannot send troops into a State without the permission of qhe State government apos he said Gentlemen you need have no fear Troops will not be sent into Cuba unless conditions are little less than anarchy apos The President so convknced us that we could but be impressed with his sin cerity How do the Cubans feel in regard to independence was asked Ninety nine per cent of our people quot the General answered want independ ence They will not even listen to an nexation They want independence abso lute independence Now I do not mean that the Cuban people are not disposed to give the Amer icans what they the Americans will need for their defease I tell you that if the question of independence is settled and all differences on the subject are eliminated everything else oan be ar ranged quot Wh amp t do you mean by independence Does not each State of the United States has independence By independence 1 mean sovereignty We want to regulate our own internation al affairs But our preferences will be fpr America to help and support her in The change in date and the return of spring have caused a very great revival of interest In the excursion to be given by the boys of the Male High School to Mammoth Cave Now there are more than 150 in the party and further accessions are expected Those who were airai apos l that Echo river could not be easily crossed on account of the rain huve had their doubts allayed and now it seems there will be uothiug to detract from the enjoyment of the Journey as ihe early H apos t of May is conceded to be tile bes j me of year to ake Uiis trip The spe cial coaches used by this party will be I gayly decorated in the school s colors purple and old gold and will bear a I large canvas sign to designate the party apos s destination Within the cave the boys will rear a monument of stone and sur mount it by a purple and gold bauner in honor of their school In addition to the faculty and pupils of the school with their families and friends The crowd will be accompanied by the principal school officials and nearly all the members of the School Board Likewise all public school teachers and pupils with their families and friends are Invited to join this excursion The rates on account of the large number will prob ably be the best ever offered here The excursionists have their choice of goiug on cither the short or long route or of goiug over both routes In addition the management has shown special considera tion in promising to show apos some cave features to this party which are ou neither route All who desire to go must confer with the faculty committee as arrangements must be made In advance The party will leave Union Station Friday afternoon May 3 at 3 p m and will return Saturday at 7 05 p m People at Nearly Every Station Passed During the Night Remained Up to Cheer the Special Train as It Sped By Evening Post Special Service LEXINGTON Ky April 30 Mr Clarke Tandy of State College whose oration quot Reigu of Law quot won the recent Ken tucky intercollegiate oratorical contest in this city has been invited to enter the Southern intercollegiate contest to be held at Mouteagle Teun Chautauqua July 26 evening as the result of having her fore arm severely cut by a window pane Miss Thompson entered a room about dusk and took a chair near a window without seeing that the chair was a rocker turned back The chair was overturned and as Miss Thompson threw out her arms her hands struck the window pane breaking it Her arm was badly lacerated by the broken glass She suffered greatly from loss of blood before medical assistance could be had Dr Demaree sew apos ed up the gashes LARGE BRICK HOTEL BURNED Evenlns Post Sr clal Service LIVINGSTON Ky April 30 The large two story brick hotel of Mr Thomas Shelton at Rowland was burned at an early hour this morning The lire orig inated in the second story but the cause is unknown The house was a total loss with some damage to contents It was partly insured VERDICT FOR FATHER AND SON Evening Post Special Service SMITHLAND Ky April 30 In the Livingston Circuit Court today Luther Hennon was awarded judgment for 15 000 against the Illinois Central Railroad Com pany for the loss of an arm His father was awarded judgment of 600 for the loss of his son s services To Prevent Pneumonia and Grip Laxative Bromo Quinine removes cause IRISHTOWN QUARANTINED PARTY WILL REACH MEMPHIS THIS AFTERNOON Evening Post Special Service LEXINGTON Ky April 30 IrishtOw n has been placed under strict quarantine and that district in consequence is guard ed by six policemen two of them mount ed The BoaTd of Health officials state that only seven or eight cases of small pox have been in evidence and that these had been removed to the pesthouse KILLS HIS SON IN LAW T C FRIEDENHEIMER A FIREMAN T Carey Fried enhei me r was today up pointed a regular fireman by the Board of Public Safety George ShreibW was named as a substitute fireman In the six day bicycle races the pace tells terribly at the end Man after man falls out exhausted The victor wabbles wearily over the line In the business race it s the same Man after man drops out exhausted The success ful man is often a dyspeptic unable to enjoy success When the stomach is diseased there is not enough nutrition assimilated to sustain the body and re pair the daily waste of tissues The result is weakness tending to collapse Dr Pierce s Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestiou aud nutrition It enables the perfect assimilation of food by which the body is built up with sound healthy flesh I have taken one bottle of Doctor Pierce apos s Golden Medical Discovery for indigestion aud liver complaint apos writes Mr C M Wilson of Yadkin College Davidson Co N C quot Have had uo bad spells since I commenced taking your medicine in fact have not felt like the same man Before l took the Golden Medical Discovery I could not eat anything without awful distress but now I can eat anything I wifh without having uupleasant feelings Last fc k 4 v id was so poor gave him your summer our baby was teething and was so poor he was almost a skeleton We gave him yo Golden Medical Disovery and now he Is healthy and well as any child good word for vour medicine whenever I will speak a icnever I have an opportunity Dr Pierce s Pellets cure sick headache TWO DAYS ITINERARY The Presidential special will reach Memphis at 4 30 this afternoon Tomor row the train will leave Memphis 1 30 a j m short stops at Vicksburg and Jackson arrive at New Orleans 4 30 p m leaving there at 6 p m on the following day STEVENSON Ala April 30 The Pres idential special arrived at Stevenson at 10 o clock this morning on schedule time At almost every station passed during the night crowds of people who had remained up to see the Presidential special cheered the train as it sped by Several hundred people were at the sta tiou at Stevenson despite the early hour The President who had already arisen appeared aud bowed his acknowledgments The President was given enthusiastic greetings at all the Virginia towns through which he passed yesterday In a ten minute address at Charlottes ville Va his first stop be said It gives me very great pleasure to re ceive the greeting of the people of Char lottesville and the cheers of the young men of the University of Virginia Your institution is linked with great names and great deeds and has Influenced both What an array of immortal names Vir ginia holds in her keeping to remind us of lofty patriotism broad statesmanship and noble achievements To no other State of the American Uniion belongs such history to preserve and cherish and such examples to inspire and emulate May the young men of the State of Virginia prove worthy sons o f their noble ances tors and contribute in the future as they did in the past to the well being and honor and glory of the republic Let me assure you young gentlemen that the present and the future hold rich reward for good scholarship high char acter and noble endeavor and the wish which I leave with you is that of these you may have your full share At Lynchburg he made the following remarks I am very glad not only to meet the people of the city of Lynchburg but to be presented by your distinguished Senator Daniel It is a matter of no public in terest but only one of pure personal rec ollection that the first time I ever tried to come to Lynchburg I did not succeed I came here with a number of gentlemen who sought entrance but the gates were closed We could not open them and you would not And so we departed to seek another host If not more hospitable less formidable than the one that greeted us here It Is a happy time for me to come to Lynchburg now the war over no ex change of greetings with shot and with shell as then but with the friendly wel come of all the people which typifies the respect and regard and good will which subsists between all sections of our com mon country quot AN ELABORATE PROGRAM San Francisco People Preparing to Royally Entertain the President SAN FRANCISCO April 30 San Fran cisco is now fully prepared to welcome aud entertain President McKinley When the train beariug the chief executive of the nation and his party reaches the city R will find the streets and principal buildings elaborately decorated and the people eager to greet their distinguished guests The President will be met by Mayor Phelan and the Citizens Recep tion Committee and escorted by regular apos troops and militia through the principal streets to a point on Van Ness avenue when the parade w ill be reviewed and dismissed In the evening there will be a public reception in the grand nave of the Ferry building at l foot of Market street which will bi irainatetf with electric lights Op vr esday May 15 President McKinley will address the stu dents of the University of California at Berkeley attend a street parade in Oak land and hold an open air reception ou the Oakland High School grounds On Thursday the Presidential party will visit Mt Tamalpals and at Sausalito will attend a reception by the school chil dren of Marion county In the afternoon there will be a reception to the Presi dent at the Palace Hotel by the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution A reception to the visiting ladles will be given during the afternoon at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art In the even ing the Ohio Society will banquet the President The school children of San Francisco will be reviewed by the President on Fri day morning In the afternoon there will be a reception by the Knights Templar and in the evening a camp fire In honor of the President by McKinley Post G A R On May 18 the President will wit ness the launching of the battleship Ohio He will be entertained at lunch eon by the Union League Club and in the evening will be the guest of honor at a banquet given by the citizens of San Francisco On Sunday the President will attend church and on Monday will un veil the Donohue monument to labor after which he will depart ou his way to Dre gon and Washington Evening Post Special Service LEXINGTON Kv April 30 Last night James Price ajged sixty five au express wagon driver shot and killed his son in law Ctiarlie Downing aged twenty eight also an express wagon driver at their home on Charles avenue in Forest apos Hill a suburb between the cemetery and the Georgetown pike The men had not been on good terms for some time though living in the same house Yesterday evening they met in town when Down ing asked Price for money to buy hay It was refused apos him He became angry and when he arrived home Price claims he commenced to abuse him A fight followed in which Price shot Downing Price claims self defense RECORD BREAKING GRAND JURY TRAIN WAS ON TIME Evening Post Special Service KNOXVILLE Tenn April 30 Presi dent McKinley s train passed here at 2 o clock this morning on schedule time A stop of ten minutes was made to change engines None of the party was up CHEYENNE Wyo April 30 The com mittee in charge of arrangements for the reception of President McKinley has ar ranged to escort the President and party to the Capitol by a procession composed of civic societies regular troops from Ft Russell Wyo National Guards Knights Templar city firemen and citi zens in carriages Gov Richards will make a brief address of welcome from the Capitol steps to wtfiich the President will respond The President will lay the cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple DENVER April 30 Arrangements have been made to have the various Colo rado committees on the Presidential re ception board a special train and meet the President and party at the State line if possible At Glenrwood Springs the President will be entertained by the mill ionaire mine owner Thomas Walsh who has arranged for a magnificent reception to be given in the Hotel Colorado The reception will be unique and will be made memorable by souvenirs worked in gold IIOSjEBfc BiEterS This wonder f u 1 medicine cures insomnia steadies the nerves stimu lates the kid neys and puri fies the blood It cures all stomarb trou bles such as Dyspepsia Indigestion a Flatulency Try it also for Malaria Fever and Ague Evening Post Special Service DANVILLE Ky April 30 The grand jury was finally excused yesterday after returning a large batch of indictments against the blind tiger owners They also indicted the men who rented their property to the whisky dealers on the charge of renting property to be used as amp disorderly house The grand jury re turned more indictments than any one jury in the history of Boyle county HAD A NARROW ESCAPE Evening Post Special Service VANCEBURG Ky April 30 An at tempt was made to kill the captain on the steamer Tacoma three miles above here yesterday The captain was on the hurricane deck when shots were fired by unknown parties from the bank He nar rowly escaped with his life The swells in the river made by the boat caused a great deal of fencing to be washed away on the river banks and it is thought this was the cause of the shooting COL POWELL IS A GIANT Evening Post Special Service ALBANY Ky April 30 The tallest man that ever visited Albany was here today He was Col Powell traveling salesman for Church amp Co of New York He measures seven feet four inches Col Powell once traveled with Barnum s show and while in England he was pre sented with a gold watch by Queen Vic toria FATALLY HURT BY A FALL Evening Post Special Service ALBANY N Y April 30 Mrs Winnie Upchurch aged eighty years of Shipky this county fell and hurt her hip so badly that she cannot survive the shock KILLS SON BY ACCIDENT MIDDLESBORO Ky April 30 Arthur Hanceford son of T G Haneeford a farmer was accidentally killed by his father on Cumberland river in this coun ty The eider Hanceford was chopping wood and in some way the ax slipped striking the young man a blow from which he died in a few hours ONE OF NATURE S CURIOSITIES Evening Post Special Sendee ALBANY Ky April 30 A poplar tree standing on the farm of G H Piercer one half mile east of Albany is quite a curiosity About two feet from the ground on one side is a small dogwood growing out of the tree and on the other side is an elm growing out ALMOST BLED TO DEATH Evening Post Poecial Service FRANKFORT Ky April 30 Miss Lydia Thompson of South Frankfort came near bleeding to death yesterday PRIZES FOR AMATEUR GARDENERS If each householder will do some thing to beautify his lot Louisville will become the most beautiful city in America Look at your front yard and your back yard aud see what can be done to Improve them Grass trees shrubs flowers fruit trees grape vines and I vegetable gardens all have their sea sons of beauty Note the peach trees j in bloom today and see what they add j to the attractions even of city life The Evening Post desires to deepen 1 and extend the interest in out of door j life It wants to induce the parents j and the children to take an active In terest in gardening for health and profit Hence It makes the following offer of prizes for Louisville New Ai j bany and Jeffersonville EASTERN DISTRICT First prize best garden 310 Second prize next best garden 25 j Third prize next best garden 10 Fourth prize next be6t garden a Fifth prize next best garden 0 Sixth prize aext best gardeu C Seventh prize next best garden u Eighth prize next best garden 5 Total 100 j WESTERN DISTRICT First prize best garden 10 j Second prize next best garden 25 Third prize next best garden 10 Fourth prize next best garden 5 Fifth prize next best garden 5 Sixth prize next best garden 6 Seventh prize next best garden 5 Eighth prize next best garden 6 Total 100 Fourth street from the river to the city limits is the dividing line This puts Jeffersonville In the Eastern dis trict and New Albany in the Western district If you intend to enter this I contest fill out the blank below This i is the time to begin to prepare your i soil and make your plans A11 en I tries must be in by June 1 5c for E amp W Collars 5 lots for 5 days jr Each for E amp W Coon and OL Arrow Brand Collars To avoid crowding they apos ll be di vided into five lots with two sizes to each lot and sold for five days as follows Tuesday will sell 14 and 14 only Wednesday will sell 15 and 15 only Thursday will sell 16 and 16 only Friday will sell 17 and 17 only Saturday will sell IS and 18 only Dot down the dales awl OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO T J Howe amp Co apos C 613 4th Avenue Eye X Responsibility A We realize the responsibility a laid on opticians We real Y Izc that the wrong glasses Y will ruin sight while the v right glasses strengthen it Y Realizing these things could 0 gt we afford to be careless and Q inaccurate We pride our A selves on our care and ac Y curacy A mistake would Y hurt us more than it does X you apos OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NEW STYLES Very Attractive See Them BEFORE BUYING BRIDGEFORD amp GO Fifth and Main Sts Fill out and mail to Garden Editor Evening Post Louisville Ky this blank apos Evening Post I desire to compete for prizes you offer for best garden in this city i Name Address Second hand Tinners Power and Hand Tools Hammers Mandrels and Stakes of all kinds Roofing Tools Letter Presses and Stove Platforms All in Good Condition at Half Price The Todd Obenchain Co NEW ALBANY IND We Call Attention to Our Brands of Hydrant AND Garden DR OTTO S CURES YOUR COUGH PLEASANT TO TAKE PRICE 25 and 50 Cents FOR SALE Fine All wool Misfit Carpets sizes 15x15 feet at Fine Cotton Warp Matting in Qp good order Gasoline Stoves as low us 2 00 Fine Brussels Carpets as low 30 C Moquette Carpets 5CC as low as Fine Oak Sideboard modern CQ style as good as new An old style Oak amp A Cfl Sideboard MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO apos Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth quality THE AHRENS amp OTT MFG CO 325 W Main St Louisville Ky A RICH FIND is an expression that is often heard from our patrons who have tried our Po cahontfls Coni We are always on the alert for the right tiling The price Indi cates what it is tvorth to us only You apos ll line it worth milch more to you s a steam coal it has no equal Try it nnd von will And out for yourself Jt Is hot lasting no clinkers no sulphur Adams apos Domestic for family use is nice clean lump Cheap ut 2 50 per load of 25 bushels STANLEY ADAMS amp CO Tel No 54 809 Columbia Building Yard First and River apos Phone 2448 THE POST 10c A WEEK THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 1001 3 PUCHASERS AT THE SCHMIEDEKNECHT BANKRUPT FURNITURE AUGTIUN Who have not called for their goods will please call for them at once otherwise they WILL BE RESOLD 443 WEST MAIN STREET NEAR FIFTH TEXAS PEOPLE CRAZY OVER OIL Strikes in Beaumont Region Cause of Wild Speculation in Se curities Ten Per Cent of Organized Companies Said to Be in Solvent Con dition Test for Yourself the Wonderful Curative Properties of Swamp Root To Prove What the World Famous Discovery SWAMP ROOT Will Do for YOU Every Reader of the Evening Post Hay Have a Sample Bottle Free it quot MOST OF STOCKS VALUELESS OTHERS ARE LIKELY TO FAIL BELIEVED STRENGTH OF 75 000 WILL BE ENLISTED BY AUGUST 1 BIG TASK BEFORE DEPARTMENT More Apprehension Felt Over Secur ing 8 000 Line Officers Than Anything Else NATIVE REGIMENTS RETAINED to NEW YORK April 20 A special the Tribune from Washington says At the War Department it Is said that efforts are apos being made to have the re organized standing army fully officered and equipped and enlisted to the strength of 75 000 by August 1 More apprehen sion is felt over getting the full quota of competent line officers by the date mentioned than over the recruiting of the fifteen new regiments Except for this it is probable Secretary Root an Adjt Gen Corbin would have accom panied the President on his Western trip It is true that nearly all of the 8 000 or more line officers of the grades of First and Second Lieutenants created by the new law have been designated by the President but every one of these ap pointees must undergo a rigid menial and physical examination before com mislsons in the regular army are issued to them On the law of averages it is estimated by experienced army officers that fully one third and perhaps half of those originally designed by the Piesident for appointment will fail either on mental o exiJulnauou apos T k order to meet lias eiiv acy lists of alternates tfy States are being prepared by the Secre tary of War and the Adjutant General to whom the apos President has turned this task over The alternates are being selected from the long list of applications now on file in the War Department with refer ence of oourse to the wishes of Senators and other influential men in the several States In order to expedite the work of dis posing of the hundreds of ppplicants al ready selected by the President Secre tary Root and Gen Corbin will appoint a dozen or more boards of examiners to sit in various parts of the country where the convenience of the appointees will be best served Whenever an appointee fails to pass the examination the name of tho first alternate from his State will be certified to the board for examination and this process will be continued until the full quota of subalterns created by the new law is completed It is not thought that the examinations will be in full swing for six weeks and on this expectation that not before August 1 will all the new officers be selected This will not interfere with apos the organizations of the regiments or the sending of troops to the Philippines to take the place of the returning volunteers apos Phis work will keep pace wltJh recruiting as by detailing line officers from the old to the new regi ments for temporary duty the proper quota of officers in Hie field can be kept up Announcement also is made at the War Department of the final decision reached a few days ago to retain in the service the two battalions of native Puerto Ricans that are officered by Americans Authority to do this is granted by the army law although it was not thought until recently that advantage would be taken of this provision It is understood that with ex ceptions the officers now commanding the Puerto Rican battalions will be recom missioned The formation of native Phil ippine regiments provided for by the new law and to be officered by Americans with commissions running four years is also being considered by the War De partment but it is likely that this mat ter will be held in abeyance for a year or more or until the Filipinos become completely reconciled to American authority This decision will cause dis appointment to scores of the officers of the volunteer regiments who remained be hind in the Philippines when their regi ments were brought home in the hope that they would immediately get positions in the provincial organization fit HI if the force of 40 000 which it is intended to keep in the Philippines proves adequate to cope with the situation there the provisional regiments may be organized at an early date That now seems probable S Shreve and J W Green the committee of arraugumeuts for same At a meeting of apos the Board of Trustees of the Confederate Home at Col B H Young apos s office Mr Harry McDonald Mr Alex Smythe and Capt John H Leathers were appointed a committee to join with the George B Eastiu Camp in a set of resolutions of thanks and gratitude to Capt Daniel G Parr for his magnificent gift for the benefit of indigent and worthy ex Confederates Harry McDon ald A M Sea and L S Hardin were ap pointed a committee as custodians of the property There will be a special meet ing of Camp Eastin May 21 to ratify this action and hear the following member relate war experiences J B Alexander A M Sea R S Shreve J P Barnard Harry Weissinger Randolph Plain J E Caldwell R C Davis the Rev Reverdy Estill Chas F Johnson and Col R W Woolley Masonic DeMolay Commandery will confer the Order of the Red Cross at 4 o apos clock this afternoon and at 7 o clock this evening will confer the Order of Temple at the asylum Sixth and Walnut streets Hiram Chapter will meet at Thirteenth and Market streets at 8 o clock this evening to confer the Royal Arch degree and a large attendance will watch the Angora WILL INSPECT SOME BIG PLANTS Prof Brownell and Manual Graduates Leave on a Trip to Ohio Cities Prof H G Brownell of the Louisville Manual Train apos Lng High School accom panied by sixteen post graduates from that institution will leave at 6 o clock this afternoon for Cincinnati The party goes on a tour of mechanical inspection and will visit a number of the large manufacturing cities of Ohio during the week The party will spend tomorrow and Thursday in Cincinnati and will be taken apos through several of the large manufactur ing plants of the Queen City On Friday moruing they will go to Dayton where they will spend a day in reviewing the workings of the famous National Cash Register Company Saturday will be de voted to the inspection of the plant of the Niles Tool Company at Hamilton aft er which the party will start on the re turn trip reaching Louisville Sunday morning MEMBER OF FIRM Mr Attilla Cox Jr Becomes Associat ed with Pirtle amp Trabue Mr Attilla Cox Jr has fbeen admitted to the old law firm of Pirtle amp Trabue After graduating at Columbia Law School three years ago Mr Cox entered the of fice of PirtJe amp Trabue and after this service he becomes a member of the Arm Mr Cox is the son of Mr Attilla Cox apos President of the Columbia Finance and Trust Company He was an earnest stu dent and has shown himself a faithful worker in his profession A special dispatch front Dallas Tex to the Chicago Tribune says See Beaumont and spell it B e d 1 a in Listen to the crowd talk quot oil quot and the people seem ntad The organization of oil companies is too numerous to mention The trans actions in the stocks of these com panies are simply tremendous A col lapse of at least 90 per cent of these organizations before the end of the current year would not be an extrav agant or improbable prediction Tho following statement by a man on the scene of action explains the situation in part You never saw such a crazy lot of people They are buying stocks in all sorts of wild cat schemes They re fuse to discuss anything but oil It it difficult to get a place to eat and still more so to get a place to sleep But this doesn apos t appear to worry the specu lators as they are so crazy as to al most forget about eating or sleeping or drinking The oil deposit in this district is undoubtedly inexhaustible in supply but I do not see how this wild speculation can continue long From what I can learn most of the stocks that are being sold over the State in oil companies located here are absolutely worthless there being no in tention that the buyers shall ever get a cent back And strange as it may seem this appears to be generally un derstood among the oil field people and promoters notwithstanding many of them are among the leading men of the State and in good standing in the chu rrhes Wells Known and Unknown How many wells or gushers quot have been struck in the Beaumont region no one can tell Up to date ten have been announced and are known But the unanounced form the unknown quantity Many wells undoubtedly are kept unannounced in order that their owners may be able to lease ad joining lanus at lower figures than could be done were it known for a cer tainty that nil had been struck in the wells near by These statements represent one side of the scheming The other is suppos ed to be represented by the Standard Oil Company apos s interests There is a strong suspicion not only at Beau mont but all over the State that the great oil monopoly has pursued a quiet campaign or still hunt in the Beaumont fields and that its trusted agents have developed wells contain ing oil while giving to the outside public the information that only quot dust ers had been found in wells that have apparently been abandoned but which in reality have only been plugged up until such time as it may suit the bqs iness interests of their real owners to let them flow freely 1 How many known oil fields arc there in Texas and which is the richer Well if one were guided in his judgment by the prospecting for oil and the organization of local de velopment companies the whole State would have to be classed as one vast oil range Only three well defined fields however have thus far been brought into what could be termed active operation Beaumont is of course by far tho largest and richest district yet devel oped Ninetv five per cent of all oil operations are at present confined to what is technically known as the Beaumont district Sour Lake twen ty miles northwest of Beaumont is really an annex of the Beaumont dis trict but is known to be extremely rich in oil Corsicana the oldest de veloped oil field in the State comes next in point of material Interest Grimes county 150 miles northwest of Beaumont is third in point of inter est just now Rich wells have been struck recently at Lambs Springs and the fever which for sixty days has Other districts coming into view are near Dallas Waco Brownwood Nac ogdoces St Joe ami Bonham Much attention is being paid to the entire tier of counties skirting the Gulf of Mexico particularly from Corpus Christ to the Louisiana State line Some Concerns Are Solvent It should not be understood that the criticisms here indulged in concerning Beaumont oil companies as to their solvency applies to all Judgment of that kind would be unjust Up t lt j to night a total of 153 oil companies are registered as chartered by the State of Texas with approximately 50 000 000 capitalization Some of these are solv ent and purchasers of their certifi cates of stock have undoubtedly made safe investments The purchasers will have to exercise patience however as regards their realization of profits The development of the Beaumont oil in dustry into a systematic business will require energy and the expenditure of large amounts of capital When the collapsing period comes and the weak and insolvent concerns have been placed on the list of bankruptcies there will be perhaps as many as 10 per cent of he original companies in existence The concerns that will be swallowed in the maelstrom will be those founded upon confidence opera tions imperfect leases and weak capi talization Fortunes have been made at Beau mont Most of them have been made from the sales of land some by tho lucky striking of oil wells by men vjho have worked patiently in the field for years Perhaps the most conspicuous case is that of Patillo Higgins who for nearly ten years prospected with ad verse luck in the Beaumont district He started the original Lucas gusher in the early nineties Financial re verses overbook him and he was sold out but at last he struck it The well has made its courageous and persist ent owner a millionaire Among the most substantial oil companies started In the Beaumont district is one named in honor of Patillo Higgins capital ized at 2 500 000 and the man who sunk the well is one of the company apos s incorporators Chicago Man in Luck Many persons from Chicago have visited Beaumont Some have made investments in land others in oil stocks and perhaps some are boring wells But if so they have with one exception not become conspicuous The exception is Dewey Heywood Eight days ago Mr Heywood was a poor laan Today no one considers him worth less than 2 000 000 in oil prope ty The Heywood well came in eiglit J nys ago and made its owner a milli laire Since then he and his as sistants have purchased other oil pro duel property and he is a member of seBral companies one of them cap itatisWi at 10 000 000 Leon and Jules Viterbo owned a rice farm four miles from the Lucas quot gush er One year ago the land would have been considered high at 5 an acre for the block of 1 600 acres On Tuesday last the farm was Sold to a Michigan syndicate for 440 000 in money and a large royalty in any oil that may be produced C D Pullen of New York who has had large experience in Northern oil fields has been one of the most act ive personages in the Beaumont dis trict He is credited with having made a million or more profits by his operations How to Find Out If You Need Swam p Root S C Wa CdAstSTTBQiNsf V e j CAS try To the Readers of the Evening Po i For sr ne time I suffered from a eerlcAis kidney trouble and also gravel ealculi which I believe was the reside of carrying heavy loads and continu apos d exposure I had an almost continual pain in my back was weak and run down generally I fully realized that kidney disease was not only remarkably preva lent but was also one of the greatest dangers of my own employment as a apos large percentage of the deaths among letter carriers is due to some form of kid ney trouble After using other remedies without satisfaction 1 decided to try Dr Kilmer apos s Swamp Root which is prepared in my own city and recommended by so many Binghamton people Wiiu ji a short time I realized a marked im provement and in a reasonable time a complete cure was accomplished It iias been some time sdnee 1 have had to use any of the remedy and I have no fear of a recurrence of the trouble Two of my fellow carriers B J Ca ey and S C Sweeney have also used Swamp Root for about the same difficulty as mine and with exactly the same results and they gladly join me in recommend ing the remedy toi anyone who suffers from kidney liver or bladder disorders Very truly yours K J CASEY We indorse the v P P apos S C SWEENEY gt above statement apos apos A BINGHAMTON N V Jan 7 1901 C E Stebbins has been In the employ of the Binghamton poat office for fif teen years E J Cast y for ten years and S C Sweeney for seven years This long service speaks volumes of their integrity honest and efficient work J H ROBERTS P M EDITORIAL NOTICE The wonderful remedy Swamp Root Is so re markably successful that a special arrangement has been made by which all of our readers who have not already tried it may have a sample bottle of Swamp Root sent absolutely free by mail Also a valuable book telling al about kidney and bladder troubles and containing many of the thousands upon thousands of testi monial letters received from men and women cured by Swap Root In writing I r Kilmer amp Co be sure and say that you read this generous offer in the Iajuis ville Evening Post Weak and unhealthy kidneys are re sponsible for more sickness and suffering Ilian any other disease and if permitted to com imie fatal results are sure to fol low Kidney trouble irritates the nerves makes you dizzy restless sleepless J u lri liable Makes you pass water often i urmg the day and obliges you lo get Up many times during the night Causes puffy or dark circles under the eyes i h apos Li matlsm gravel catarrh of the bal der pain or dull ache in the back Joints 1 and muscles makes your head ache and fa k ache causes indigestion stomach and liver trouble you get a saillow y i quot w complexion makes you feel as though you had heart trouble you m ay h i apos c plenty of ambition but no strength set weak and waste away Tile kidneys must also filter and purity tin blood so when they are weak or out nt order and fail to do their work you call understand how quickly your c niue body IS affected and how every organ seems to fail to do its duty The cure for these troubles is Dr Kil mers Swamp Root the world famous kid ney remedy In taking it you afford nat ural help to Nature for Swamp Root 13 the most perfect healer and gentle atcX io the kidneys that is known to medical science If there Is any doubt in your mtad as to your condition take from your urine o i rising about four ounces place it in a glass or bottle and let it stand twenty four hour If on examination it is mi k v or cloudy if there is a brick dust set tling or if small particles float about i i J it your kidneys are in need of immedi JD ate apos attention Swamp Root is pleasant to take and 1 used in the leading hospitals recommend ed by physicians In their private practice and is taken by doctors themselves who have kidney ailments because they rec ognize in it the greatest and most suc cessful remedy tor kidney li er and blad der troubles If you are already convinced that this great remedy Swamp Root is what yo need you can purchase the regular T b cent and 1 size bottles at the drug stores e J ry where Abstracts Ol the Opinions of ths Court of Appeals GETS A GOOD PROMOTION CHICAGO April 30 Mr Chas M Ba ker for many years General Superintend ent of Construction of the Postal Tele graph Cable Company will today succeed Mr E J Xally as Assistant General been so violent at Beaumont is begin I Superintendent of Telegraph Mr Nally ning to develop strongly in the new was recently appointed General Superin district tendent NEWS OF THE SECRET SOCIETIES The most beautiful lapel button in Louisville decorates the coat of Sir Rob ert Emmet Hughes of the order of Mac cabees The disc is lettered I O R M in r d enamel the center being surmounted by a solid gold bee in the act of nipping nectar from a lily The button war presented Mr Hughes in recognition of the excellent services he rendered during the recent meeting of the Grand Lodge of the order in this city LION COFFEE you buy It guarantees its purity No coffee is LION COFFEE unless it is in a I pound sealed packet with the head of a lion on the front Then you get pure coffee the highest grade for the money Watch our next advertisement Jl of all package coffees And why is it used in millions of homes Because it does not sail under false colors It is an absolutely clean pure coffee No glazing no coating with egg mixtures or chemicals in order to hide imper fections Just try a package of LION COFFEE and you will under stand the reason of its popularity The Executive Committee of Camp George B Ea slm changed t lie Decoration Day Iasi evening from June 1 to June 3 the latter being the birthday of Jefferson j Davy and appointed Col J B Bowif i Capt J li Leathers Capt A M Sea rf In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive tc u k US k e P er gt in fact no woman man boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness comfort and convenience and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from the wrappers of our one pound sealed packages which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold W00L50N SPICE CO TOLEDO OHIO DEFECTIVE CONDITION OF STREET Personal Injuries Damages Contrib I utory Negligence Submission of Ques tion to Jury Obligation of City to I Keep Street in Re pair City of Mays J vllle vs Guilfoyle To be reported Filed April 26 1901 Appeal from Mason Circuit Court Opinion of the court by Judge White affirming judgment Who e court sitting Judge Durclle dissenting First When 4 he trial court is In doubt as to Whether certain acts proven show a failure to use care of an ordinarily Pru dent person it is proper to submit to the jvry the question of whether or not the person seeking a recovery of damages for injuries received was guilty of con tr butory negligence Second Where it appears from the evi d nt e in an action for damages for pt r i sonal injuries that the injured person ha l l knowledge of the hole o defect In the apos st c t which cause the injury it having j existed for some time but that on the occasion of the injury she was hurry n f I along at a late hour at night in answer tu i summons to the bedside of a very sick relative and t having in mind the sick person forgot the defective portion i of the street and fell into the hole sus I taining the injuries complained of it was proper for the court to submit to ths jury the question of contributory negli gence on her part Third The failure of the court to give I an instruction requiring the jury to dis regard certain evidence improperly ad I mitted on the trial but without objection J thereto being taken when the same was offered does not constitute grounds for re j versal Fourth Where a street has been ac j ceptedr by the city and improved to some extent the fact that there had been no improvement made at the place where an accident occurred by reason of Its defect ive condition does not operate to relieve the city from liability on the ground that the street was not a public one for the acceptance and improvement in part car ried with it the obligation to maintain it albng its entire width in a reasonably safe condition for travel E L Worthington and Thomas M Wood for appellant A E Cole amp Son and Thomas R Phister for appellee CONVEYANCE WITH RIGHT OF RE DEMPTION In Effect a Mortgage Sale by Grantee Recovery of Excess of Pur chase Price Over Redemption Sum Ellis vs Winlock amp c To be reported Filed April 26 1901 Appeal from Barren Circuit Court Opinion of the court by Judge White reversing judgment First A conveyance of lands with the right of redemption upon the payment to the grantee of a stipulated sum the principal of which had been borrowed from her was in effect a mortgage to secure the loan and the lands were held in trust for the security of the debt it being obligatory on the grantee to recon vey upon the payment of the loan with 1 interest likewise the proceeds of the sale of the lands were a trust fund and could be appropriated by her only to the extent of lier claim and she was liab apos e to her grantor for the excess of the pur chase price over and above the debt with interest Second apos The fact that the debtor had assigned his right of redemption to a third person did not preclude his right of recovery against the grantee of the excess of purchase price over the stip i j lated redemption sum George T Duff for appellant V H Baird apos for appellees QUESTION OF FACT Assignment of Claim Testimony as to Transaction with Deceased Person Morris amp e vs Pullen amp c Not to be reported Filed April 26 1901 Appeal from Hickman Circuit Court Opinion of the court by Judge Durelle affirming judgment First In an action in which the ques tion at issue is whether or not a claim sought to be recovered by the plaintiff I had been assigned by her by instrument of writing signed with her name her testimony as to whether she signed the assignment or not wan not competent after the death of the alleged assignee Second The proof in this case is suffl 1 clent to sustain the finding of the Chan cellar to the effect that there was no as 1 signment of the claim and that the plain i tiff was entitled to recover thereon j against the administrator of the decedent who had claimed it under the alleged as signment and who had assigned it to another to whom payment had been made G L Husband and J W Ray for ap pellants E T Bullock for appellees TITLE TO apos LANDS Specific Performance of Contract to Purchase Lands Senning vs Bush amp c Not to be reported Filed April 26 1901 Appeal from Jef ferson Circuit Court Law apos and Equity division Opinion of the court by Judge Guffy affirming judgment Under the provisions of the codicil to a will wherein the testatrix revokes so much thereof as places the estate de vised to her daughter In trust and di rects that the same shall go directly to her free fkom any trust as her sole and separate estate the daughter takes a fee simple tide to the lands bequeathed and may make title to same hence she Is entitled to maintain an action for the specific performance of a contract of pui chase against one who bad agreed to purchase It at a stipulated price but had refused to comply with the contract on the ground of uncertainty of title Samuel A Lederman and Kohn Baird amp Spindle for appellant Gibson Marshall amp Gibson for appellees Education in Our Public Schools Moth ers apos Clubs as a Factor in the Elimination of the Slums Vacation Schools and The Teaching of Defective Children Mrs J P Otlev will speak on Childf Labor in the South anti Prof Sherman Davis on The Trend of the Teens while Elizabeth Harrison will treat of Three Giants Every Mother Must Meet HURRIED TO ROME 1 1 Mgr Barret May Be Appointed as Rec tor of the American College at Rome NEW YORK April 30 The Tribune says Mgr John L Barret private secretary to Bishop McDonnell of the Roman Cath olic diocese of Brooklyn and Long Island recently sailed hurriedly for apos Rome It was said yesterday that he had been summoned apos by the JPope who is consid ering appointing him as rector of the American College at Rome to succeed Mgr William A O Connell who recently was made apos Bishop of the diocese of Port land Me Bishop McDonnell refused to say anything about the rumor last night IMPROVED BUT STILL CRITICAL BLACK JACK WAS NEAR TO LIBERTY His Release Was Planned and Only Bravery of Officers Prevented the Escape Last Week DENVER April 30 A special to the Republican from Santa apos Fe N M says it developed at the hearing of Wm L Wilson charged with furnishing Convict George Stevenson with the revolver used by hi m in the recent attempted delivery at the penitentiary that the plan was to secure the release of Tom Ketchum who was executed last Friday and Broncho Bill Carver a member of his gang Wilson confessed his guilt and said Carver s sister offered him 500 to smug gle the pistol into the prison The plans were so carefully laid that but for the bravery and good markmanship a t the prison officials Black Jack and a score of other desperate characters would have regained their liberty Wilson was held under 2 000 bail MOTHER apos S CONGRESS The National Organization Will Meet in Columbus O May 21 to 24 apos PHILADELPHIA April 30 The Na tional Congress of Mothers will meet ia Columbus O May 21 to 24 The con gress will be opened Tuesday evening May 21 with addresses by the Mayor of Columbus the Presidents of the city and Srate federations aud the President of the Board of Trade Mrs T W Birney president of the congress will respond and give an address on The Duty of An Individual to the Child Co apos l F W Parker of Chicago will respond for the Advisory Council of the congress On May 22 and 23 there will be many addresses There will also be a number of conferences between parents and teachers on such topics as Moral Some Hope for the Recovery of Young Society Leader Widener In jured at Pittsburg PHILADELPHIA April 30 Joseph E Widener who was dangerously injured Saturday while riding in a tallyho coach is reported by physicians to p e much improved While his condition otlll may be regarded as critical the chances for his recovery are good The physicians held a consultation and made a complete examination of Mr Widener apos s injuries It was learned that the patient is suffering from a severe concussion of the generall shock to his entire system It is thought that there might be x sJlght fracture of a small tissue In the outer plate at the base of the skull Should this condition exist meningitis may result which would render Mr Widener apos s chances of recovery less favor able than at present O jts lil Be the gt 1 18 Kind You Have Always Bought Signature of apos WILL BE MOVED Big Steel Companies Will Probably Take Their Offices Away from New York City apos NEW YORK April 30 It is learned that the National Steel Company will soon remove Its offices in this city to Youngstown Ohio where Its iuosl im portant plant Is situated It has been here for twenty years It is reported that the allied companies the American Steel Hoop Company the American Sheet Steel Company and the American Tin Plate Company would move their main offices from this city by order of the parent company the United States Steel Core poration The last earned wishes the main offices of the subsidiary companies to be near thedr principal mills f S Wheeler who is Treasurer of all four subsidiary companies would not talk last night about their possible removal PARACAMPH FOR BURNS Will give absolute relief in five to ten minutes or money refunded 25c COMFORTS ALL HURTS 50c I THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 Evening Post s DAILY STORIES HOME TOPICS ODDS and ENDS Home Magazine World s Famous Poems MORTIMER COL LI NS 1827 1876 Editor uf the Dublin University apos Magazine jn which the poem The Twj Worlds hrHt appeared He was a ready writer publishing three volumes of p apos try THE TWO WORLDS Two worlds there are To one our eyes we strain Whose magic joys we shall not see again Bright haze of morning veils its glimmering shore Ah truly breathed we there Intoxicating ajr Glad were our hearts In that sweet realm of Nevermore Tl g lover there drank her delicious breath Whose love has yielded since to change or death f The mother Kissed her child whose days are o apos er A la si too soon have fled The Irreclaimable dead We see them visions strange amid the Nevermore The merrysome maiden used to sing The brown brown hair that once was wont to cling To temples long clay cold to the very core They strike our weary hearts As some vexed memory starts From that long faded land the realm of Nevermore It Is perpetual summer there But here Sadly may we remember rivers cleatr And harebells quivering on the meadow floor For brighter bells and bluer For tenderer hearts and truer People that happy land the realm of Nevermore Upon the frontier of this shadowy land We pilgrims of eternal sorrow stand What realm lies forward with its happier store Of forests green and deep Of valleys hushed In sleep And lakes most peaceful apos Tts the land of Evermore Very far off its marble cities seem apos I Very far off beyond our sensual dream Its woods unruffled by the wild wind s roar Yet does the turbulent surge Howl on its very verge One moment and we breathe within the Evermore hey whom we loved and lost so long ago Dwell in those cities far from mortal woe Haunt those fresh woodlands whence sweet Carolines soar Eternal peace have they God wipes their tears away They drink that river of life which flows from Evermore Thither we hasten through these regions dim But lo the wide wings of the Seraphim Shine in the sunse On th apos ait joyous shore Our lightened hearts shall know The life of long ago The sorrow burdened past shall fade for Evermore pod and the majority of women aro glad of tlie chance to play without a book of rules in their laps and the fear of a partner s accusing frown before their eyes says Harper Bazar The evidence of this present day de parture into lighter games is found in the demands reported by the department stores for card tables prizes etc One manager is reported as having gotten in 1 200 dozen euchre tables in one lot io supply t lie craze for them by women customers Card party prizes beui mostly fancy articles are bought also at these stores and form a tremendous item in the ordering of stock by the canny merchant BLACK VELVET RIBBON Trimming with black velvet ribbon is the craze of the moment and is equally popular on gowns intended for the home or for the street for the day or for the evening So much of the ribbon is some times used that there is very little of the original material seen One of the smart est of dinner gowns is made of black po nct d esprit over white silk but the en tire gown which is in princess shape is strapped with black velvet ribbon an inch wide and these straps are most cleverly sewed on the net so that at the waist they are close together and toward the hem of the skirt are an inch apart The front of the waist is a black lace point Across the top of the arms are bands of the velvet again ONLY A PICKLE The tall girl in the raglan and flat hat evidently had the money The short de mure girl was listening The tall girl talked They were lunching in a fashionable up town restaurant To be exact they were about to lunch Their order had been given Under the tonic influence of two martinis the ladies were doing pretty well The tail one was on the home stretch of a rattling galloping story when the little one broke in Don t you love pickles apos Passionately Bet s have some now Perl a inly Waiter a dish of nice fresh pickles quot The waiter placed a glass dish contain ing live pieces of pickle sliced in slender cuts in the shape of French fried potatoes between the two ladies The story was not interrupted It raced along taking hurdle after hurdle It boomed away like the boom in a real es tate town in the West It w apos as evidently a heart to heart story First the dovo gray gloved fingers of the little one would reach out to the plate daintily pick up a piece of the pickle and raise it to a kiss able mouth which closed upon It in a manner that made all of the men who were watching her feel like loving her Then the black gloved fingers of the big one wouid make the transit to the cen ter of the table They alternated the long reach twice arid then well then the fun began Two little gloved hands came in violent juxta position over the remaining piece of pickle two pairs of bright eyes flashed woman looks two stylish forms became rigid with hauteur as the hands got bae again to the sides of their respecthe owner The story took an abrupt header Oh I beg your pardon said the little one with frigid dignity I beg your ptardon answered the big one with still greater iciness 1 don t wdsh it thank you quot Nor I thank you very much quot It was quite accidental that I reached for it Purely so on my part 1 assure you the apos last piece Oh I have no doubt Indeed To sneer at me as well as we know each other spiteful thing Sneer You presume Not at all Oh yes you do No I don t You do 1 don apos t Do Don t The battle was well on The conse quences seemed fatal tq friendship if not ultimate disarranging of fluffy wads of golden and black hair The ladies were unconsciously the center of attraction They were certainly pretty ns the martini flush on their cheeks was enhanced vio lently by the red flame of anger After mewing for some time longer and just as the time for clawing appeared im minent the expression on the little one s face suddenly changed Perhaps she re alized her predicament if the b apos g one should fly omt of the place and leave her to pay the bill with only 10 cents in the 5 purse clasped tightly in her hand per haps the ridiculousness of the situation appealed to her She picked up a knife cut the pickle of contention in two pieces kittenlshly jabbed a fork in one of the halves handing it to the tall girl with a come down smile Take it dear and I will eat the other half Dear took it Both smiled The tali girl ordered another martini The story was quickly righted pulled out of the ditch of momentary forgetfulness and galloped along merrily New York World n Woman s Realm A DAILY THOUGHT Then give to the world the best you have Aud the best will come bark to you OUR LIVES Our lives are songs God writes the words i And we set them to music with pleas ure And the song grows glad or sweet or sad As we choose to fashion the measure We must write the music whatever the song Whatever its rhyme or metre And If It is sad we can make it glad Or if sweet we can make It sweeter One has a song that is free and strong But the music he writes is minor And the sad sad strain is replete with pain And the singer becomes a replner And he thinks God gave him a dirge like lay Nor knows that the words are cheery And the soitg seems lonely and solemn only Because the music Is dreary And the song of another has through the words An undercurrent of sadness But he sets to it music of ringing chords Andi makes it a paean of gladness So whether our songs are sad nr not We can give the would more pleasure And better ourselves by setting the word To a glad triumphant measure Ella Wheeeler Wilcox A DUCHESS apos ODD WARDROBE Auction sales bring to light queer things The sale in London some years ago of the effects of a duchess then re cently deceased showed that distinguish ed lady to have been a person of much eccentricity in the matter of her ward robe Among 1 600 lots offered for sale were If reports published at the time were ac curate 00 0 lace and other handkerchiefs 2 000 pairs of gloves 500 Indian and oth r shawls 600 pairs of silk stockings and dresses of all sorts and descriptions of forty years fashions This was all the more strange for tbe reason that the owner of these things bad for thirty years before her death bd the life of a recluse shutting herself up n her house and yet ordering rognla r y from her milliner at each change of sea son the dresses she would have worn if she had been mixing in society Every three months she was dressed f lt n court costume as if going to apos a reeep tlon and would walk in it up and dowr her own rooms much as the wiciovv lt Maximilian of Mexico would celebrate the anniversaries of her murdered hus band apos s drawing ropm days by arraying herself in her best and preparing f r the courtiers who would never more come to pay him reverence knees The upper half of the flounce is closely tucked in up and down lines the lower part being unstitched To the lower edge is added a similar flounce that is one that is tucked Half way down and left flaring at the bottom This complet ing the skirt gives It an extraordinary fullness about the foot To apos emphasize the flaring effect a triple dust ruffle is placed at the bottonj of the silk founda tion Hea lly the success of the new gowns seems to depend upon the exag gerated flaring at the foot Nothing can be too much beruffled to be in good form for the coming summer The lining of the gown described is of royal blue taffeta All black could be substituted The bodice of the same ma terial is closely tucked at the top to the depth of t He yoke at the front and back Around the waist it is again perpendic ularly tucked to imitate a wide girdle that Is shaped down to a point in front At the back the tucks while they are not elltched between the yoke and gir die are drawn down tight and pressed into shape In front on the contrary the unpressed fullness between the girdle and yoke is pouched in simulation of a blouse A band of stitched taffeta ap pliqued in design terminates the yoke and edges off the girdle The sleeves are bell shaped THE HORRID THING Miss Noozy Did you know I was inter ested in business now Mr Pepprey Why yes I supposed you were as usual but I didn t kndw whose Jt Js JUever Joo J ate T J fiend A Matter of Fact Romance By Charles Reade Synopsis of Preceding Chapters Georg Fielding had a small farm in Berkshire Meadows who had an eye on Susan Merton Fielding apos s betrothed had a quarrel with Isaac Levi an aged Jew apos when Fielding interfered He then tries to raise money on his farm but is unable to do so He decides to go to Australia Kobinson Is arrested as an escaped con vict Levi offers money to George to tldo him over but the offer Is refused Ho starts to Austrialla after confiding Susan as a sister to William s care Susan pin ing for George hears that Meadows knows all about Austrialla and sends for him Mr Eden the new minister appears on the scene but shortly leaves for a new iield Robinson Is placed in jail and feels the effect of the new system The new chaplain arrives and makes innovation CHAPTER XVIII DAINTY SPRING GOWN A delicate spring gown in plain gray grenadine has the skirt made in a pe culiar fashion Around the hips to the depth of about twelve inches it Is smoot apos i fitting To this deep fitted yoke is annexed a full flounce that reaches about to the NEW WALKING SKIRT The new walking skirt is made to es cape the ground three inches It has five gores and is made with an inverted box plait at tlu back fastens either at one or both sides w r ith fly pieces and snap fast enings and frequently has outside pock ets If made of ordinary material it needs either a silk or a percaline lining and an interlacing of haircloth if of heavy cloth both lining and facing may be dispensed with In either case the lower edge is finished with a five inch hem stitched in several row apos s says the Ladies H oni Journal Dark gray brown black tan and navv are the favorite colors for walking skirts Probably the most serviceable color is gray as It does not soil easily and when stained by mud Is easily cleaned Skirts made to wear over long wal gt ts are fitted lower in front than formerly and have narrow tight fitting belts Which fit close lo the figure This allows the waist front to fit down smoothly and the outside belt to be pulled down to tlie ex treme point in front EUCHRE VERSUS WHIST Whist became an education a strenu ous study rather than an amusement and those w apos ho wished to play cards slmp apos y for pleasure were hopelessly out of fash ion Perhaps it is the inevitable reaction against this strenuous and serious atti tude that has led to the wane of whist Bridge has overthrown its proud pre eminence and euchre and hearts flour ish on its ruins In vain the scattered phalanx of whist strives to reform again the deserters are too many Conversa tion buzzes once more around the card table as in the old days of bumble pup Py whist before the expert arose In the land The overstrained cord has snap Mr Hawes went about the prison the next day morose aud melancholy He spoke to no one and snapped those who spoke to him He punished no prisoner all day but he looked at them as a wolf at fortified sheep He did not know what to do to avert the blow he had drawn so perseveringly on his own head At one time he thought of writing to the Horae Office and aspersing his accuser then re gretted his visit to Ashton apos Park What an unlucky dog I am I go to see a man that I w r as sure of before 1 went and while I am gone the par son steals a march on me He will beat me If I hadn t been a fool 1 should have seen what a dangerous devil he is No putting him out of temper and no putting him out of heart He will beat me The zealous services of so many years won t save me with an ungrateful government 1 shall lose my stipend For a while even stout hearted earnest Mr Hawes was depressed with gloom and apos bitter foreboding but he had a recourse in trouble good Mr Eden in a similar case had not In the despondency of his soul he turn ed to grog Under the inspiration of that deity he prepared for a dogged defense He would punish no more prisoners let them do what they might and then if an inquiry should take place he would be in a case to show that by his past severities he had at last brought his patients to such perfection that weeks had elapsed with out a single punishment With this and the justices apos good word he would weather the storm yet Thus passed three days without one of those assaults on prisoners he called pun ishment but this enforced forbearance made quot him hate his victims He swor at them he threatened them all round and with deep malice he gave open orders to punish which he secretly countermnrtd d so that in fact he did punish for Mows suspended over the head fall upon ho soul Thus he made his prisoners share his gloom He was unhappy he wan dull robbed of an excitement which had become butter to his daily braal All prison life Is dull Chaplain turnkeys jailers all who live in prisons are prisoners Barren of mental re sources too stupid to see far less read the vast romance that lay all round him every cell a volume too mindless to comprelieud his own grand situation on a salient of the state and of human nature and to discern the sacred and endless pleasures to be gathered there this un happy dolt flung into a lofty situation by shallow blockheads who like himself saw in a jail nothing greater nor more than a place of punishment must still like his prisoners and the rest of us have some excitement to keep him from going dead What more natural than that such a nature should find its excitement in tormenting and that by degrees this ex citement should become first a habit then a need Growth is the nature of habit not of one sort or another but of all even of an unnatural habit Gin grows on a man charity grows on a man tobacco grows on a man blood grows on a man At a period of the Reign of Terror the Parisians got to find a day weary without the guillotine If by some immense fortuity there came a day when they were He no not sprinkled with innocent blood the poor souls s ennuyalent This was not so much thirst for any particular liquid as the habit of excitement Some months before dancing theaters boulevard etc would have made shift to amuse these same hearts as they did some months after when the red habit was worn out Torture had grown upon stupid earnest Hawes it seasoned that white of egg a mindless existence Oh how dull he felt these three deplorable days barren of groans and white faces aud livid lips and fellow creatures shamming and the bucket Mr Hawes had given a sulky order that the infirmary should be prepared for the sick and now on the afternoon of the third day the surgeon had met him there by appointment Will they get well any quicker here asked Hawes ironically Why certainly replied the o her Hawes gave a dissatisfied grunt I hate moving prisoners ouL of the cells but 1 suppose I shall get on Into trouble If 1 don t ludeed said the other wiil xu in quiring air How H Parson threatens you very flrd for letting the sick ones lie in their cells said Hawes slyly But never mind old boy I shall stand your frieud and the justices mine We shall beat him yet said Hawes assuming a firmness he did dot feel lest this man should fall away from him and perhaps bear witness against him I think you have beat him already replied the other calmly What do you mean 1 have just come from Mr Eden sent for ime What isn t he well No I wish he d die But there is chance of that Well there is always a chance of a man dying who has got a bilious fever Why you don t mean he is seriously 11 cried Hawes in excitement I don t say chat but he has got a sharp attack Mr Hawes examined apos the speaker s face It was as legible as a book from the outside He went from the subject to one or two indifferent matters but he could uot keep long from what was up permost Sawyer said he you and I have al wyas been good friends Yes Mr Hawes quot I have never been hard upon you You ought to be here every day but the pay is small and I have never insisted in if because 1 said he can t afford to leave patients that pay No Mr Hawes and I m much obliged to you Are you Then tell me between our selves now how ill is he He has got bilious fever consequent upon jaundice Hawes lowered his voice Is he in danger In danger Why no not at present quot Oh then it is only an indisposition after all It is a great deal more than that it is fever and bile Can t you tell me in two words how ill he is Not till I see how the case turns When will you be able to say then When the disorder declares itself more fully Hawes exploded in an oath You hum bugs of doctors couldn apos t speak plain to save yourselves from hanging There was some truth in this ill natured excuse After fifteen years given to the science of obscurity Mr Sawyer literally could not speak plain all in one moment The next morning there was no service in the chapel the chaplain was in bed This spoke for itself and Hawes wore a grim satisfaction at the announcement But this was not all In the afternoon came a letter from Mr Williams with a Note A generic terra for swooning or sickening or going mad in a prison large inelosure signed by Her Majesty s secretary s secretary and written by her secretary s secretary s secretary Its precise coutents will be related else where Its tendency may be gathered from this Hawes had no sooner read it than exultation painted itself on his counte nance Close the infirmary and bring me the key And you Fry put these numbers on the cranks tomorrow He scribbled with his pencil and gave him a long list of the proscribed No Mr Eden shone now upon Robinson 3 solitude He waited and waited and hoped till the day ended but no The next day the same thing He longed for Mr Eden apos s hour to come it came but not with It came his one bit of sunshine his excitement his amusement his consolation his friend his brother his all And so one heavy day succeeded an other and Robinson became fretful and very very sad One day as he sat dis consolate and foreboding in his cell he heard a stranger s voice talking to Fry outside and what was more strange Fry appeared to be inviting this person to inspect the cells The next moment hits door was opened and a figure peeped timidly into the cell from behind Fry who se arm she clutched in some anxiety Robinson looked up it was Susan M apos ertou She did not Instantly know him in his prison dress and his curly hair cut short he hung Lis head and this action and the recognition it implied made her ec ognize him quot Oh cried she it is Mr Robinson The thief turned his face to the wall Even he was ashamed before oue who had known him as Mr Robinson but the next moment he got up and said ear nestly Pray Miss Merton do me a favor you had always a kind heart Ask that man what has become of Mr Eden he will answer you Mr Robinson cried Susan I have no need to ask Mr Fry I am staying at Mr Eden s house He is very ill Mr Robinson Ah I feared as much he never would have deserted me else What is the trouble You may well say trouble It is the prison that has fretted him to death cried Susan half bitterly half sorrow fully But he will get well It is not se rious inquired Robinson auxiously Fry pricked his ears He is very ill Mr Robinson And Susan sighed heavily I ll pray for him He has taught me io pray all the poor fellows will pray for him that know how Miss Merton good for nothing as I am I would die for Mr Eden this minute if I could save his life by it Susan thought of this speech afterward Now she but said I will tell him what you say And won apos t you bring me one word back from his dear mouth Yes I will Good by Mr Robinson Robinson tried to say good by but it stuck in his throat Susan retired and his cell seemed darker than ever Mr Eden lay stricken with fever He had been what most of us would have called ill long before this The day of Carter s crucifixion w as a fatal day to lilm On that day for the first time he saw a crucifixion without being sick after it The poor soul congratulated himself so on this but there is reason to think that same sickness acted as a safety valve io his nature when it ceased the bile overflowed and mixed with his blood producing that horrible complaint Jaun dice Even then if the causes of grief and wrong had ceased he might perhaps have had no dangerous attack but every thing was against him constant grief constant worry and constant preter natural exertions to sustain others while drooping himself Even those violent ef forts of will by which he thrust back for a time the approaches of his malady told heavily upon him at last The thorough Digests what you Eat Dyspepsia Cure Dyspeptics cannot regain health and strength by living upon half rations They must eat plenty of good food and digest it To enable them to do this they should use something that will help the stomach do its work Kodol Dyspepsia Curb is such a preparation It digests what you eat and supplies the sub stances needed to build up the worn out digestive organs Prof J Ivison of Lonaconing Md says For thirteen years I suffered agony from dyspepsia and neuralgia of the stomach I tried almost everything and doctors drugged me nearly to death with morphine but temporary relief was all I could obtain till I was advised to use Kodol Dyspepsia Curb The first dose gave me relief I bought my first bottle in March 1900 and I have not had a single pain since It has completely cured me I cannot endorse it too highly It can t Prepared by E O DeWltt help but do you good amp Oo Chicago The 1 bottle contains times the Me slo The favorite household remedy for couffh9 colds croup bronchitis grippe throat aud luug troubles is ONE IttBNUTE Cough Cure It lt cures quid SIMON N JONES amp CO SECOND AND MAIN bred horse ran much longer than a cock tail would but he could not run forever He lay unshaven hollow eyed and sal low apos Mrs Davies and Susan watched him by turns except when he compelled them to go aud take a little rest or amusement The poor thing apos s thoughts were never on himself even when he was light headed and this was often though not for long together It was generally his poor prisoners and wha t he was going to do for them This is how Susan Merton came to visit Robinson Oue day seeing his great in terest in all that concerned the prison and remembering there was a book ad dressed to one of the officers Susan who longed to do something however small to please him determined to take this book to its destination Leaving Mrs Davies w lth a strict injunction not to stir from Mr Eden s room till she came back she went to the prison and knocked timid ly at the great door It was opened in stantly and as Susan fancied fiercely by a burly figure Susan suppressing an in clination to run away asked tremulously quot Does Mr Fry live here Yes Can I speak to him Yes Come in miss Susan stepped in The man slammed the door Susan wished herself on its other side My name is Fry What is your pleas ure with me apos Mr Fry I am so glad I have found you I am come here from a friend of yours From a friend of mine said Fry with a mystified air quot Yes from Mr Eden Here 4s the book Mr Fry Poor Mr Eden could not bring it you himself but you see he has written your name on the cover with his own hand Fry took the book from Susan s hand and in so doing observed that she was lovely so to make her a return foi bringing him Uncle Tom and for being so pretty Fry for once In his life felt generous and repaid her by volunteer ing to show her the prison indulgent Fry To his surprise Susan did not jump at this remuneration On the contrary she said hastily Oh no no no Then seeing by his face that her new apos acquaintance thought her a mad woman she added That is yes I think I should like to see it a little a very little but if I do you must keep close by me Mr Fry Why of course 1 shall keep with you replied Fry somewhat contemptuously No strangers admitted except in com pany of an officer Susan still hung fire a little But you musn t go to show me the very wicked ones Why they are all pretty much of a muchness for that I ineau the murderers I couldn t be r such a sight Got none said Fry sorrowfully parted with tlie last of that four months ago up at 8 down at 9 you understand miss Happily Susan did not understand this brutal allusion and not to show apos her ig norance she said nothing but passed to a second stipulation And Mr Fry I know the men that set fire to Farmer Dean apos s ricks are in this jail I won t see them they would give me such a turn for that seems to me the next crime after murder to de stroy the crops after the very weather has spared them Fry smiled superior then he said sar castically Don t you be frightened Some of our lot are beauties your friend the parson is as fond of some of apos em as a cow is of her calf Oh then show me those ones Fry took her to one or two cells When ever he opened a cell door she always ciutched him ou both ribs and this tick fled Fry so did her simplicity At last he came to Robinson s cell In here there is a sulky chap Oh then let us go on to the next But this is one his reverence is un commonly fond of said Fry with a sneer and a chuckle so he flung open the door and if the man had not hung his head Susan would hardly have rec ognized in his uniform corduroy and close cropped hair the vulgar Adonis who had sat glittering opposite her at table the last time they met After the interview which I have de scribed Susan gratified Fry by praising the beautiful cleanliness of the prisop and returned leaving a pleasant impres sion even on this rough hide and Un cle Tom quot behind her When she got home she found her pa tient calm but languid While she was relating her encounter with Robinson and her previous acquaint ance with him the knock of a born fool at a sick man s door made them all start It was Rutllt with a long letter bearing an ample seal Mr Eden took it with brightening eye read it and ground it almost convulsively in Ms hand Asses cried he but the next moment he groaned and bow apos ed his head Her majesty s secretary s secre tary s secretary had written to tell him that his appeal for an inquiry had trav eled cut of the regular course it ought to have been made in the first instance to the visiting justices whose business it was to conduct such inquiries and that it lay wMth these visiting Justices to apply to the Home Office for an ex traordinary inquiry if they found they could not deal with the facts in the usual way The office therefore had sent copies of his memorial to each of the visiting justices who at their next in spection of the jail would examine into he alleged facts and had been request ed to insert the results dn their periodical report Mr Eden sat up in bed his eye glit tering Bring me my writing desk It was put on the bed before him but with many kind injunctions not to worry himself He promised faithfully He wrote to the Home Office in this style A question of life and death cannot be played with as you have inconsid erately proposed nor can a higher juris diction transfer an appeal to a lower oue without the appellant s consent Such a course is still more out of order when the higher judge is a salaried servant of the State and the lower ones are ama teurs This was so self evident that I did not step out of the direct line lo cast reflections upon unpaid servants You have not seen what is self evident you drive me therefore to explanations I ofTered you evidence that this jailer is a felon who has hoodwinked the visit ing justices and has deceived you But between you and the justices is this es sential difference they have been hood wiuked in spite of their own eyes their own ears and contact with that mass of living and dying evidence the prisoners You have been deceived without a single opportunity of learning the truth Therefore I appealed and do appeal not to convicted incompeteacy but to those Whose incompetency remains to be proved Perhaps you will understand me better if I put it thus I still accuse the jailer of more than a hundred felonious assaults upon prisoners of attacks upon their lives by physical torture by hunger thirst preposterous confinement in dark dungeons and other illegal practices and I now advance another step and accuse the visiting justices of gross dereliction of their duty of neglecting to ascertain the real practice of the jailer in some points and in others of encouraging aid ing and abetting him in open violations of the prison rules printed and issued by act of Parliament Of these rules which are the jail code 1 send you a copy I note the practices of the jail by the side of the rules of the jail by comparing the two you may calculate the amount of law less cruelty perpetrated here in each sin gle dky then ask yourself whether an honest man who is on the spot can wait four or five months till justice crippled by routine comes hobbling instead of sweeping to their Tellef For heaven s sake bring to bear upon a matter vital to the State one half the intelligence zeal and sense of respon sibility you will throw this evening into some ambiguous question of fleeting policy or speculative finance Her are one hun dred and eighty souls to whose correc tion cure and protection the State is pledged No one of all these lives is safe a single day In six weeks I have saved two lives that were gone but for me I am now sick and enfeebled by the exer tions I have had to make to save lives and am in no condition to arrest the progress of destruction I tell you that more lives will fall if you do not come to my aid at once and for every head that falls from this hour I hold you re sponsible to God and the State If I fail to prove my several accusa tions as a matter of course I shall be dismissed from my office deservedly and this personal risk entitles me not only to petition for but to demand an inquiry into the practice of Jail And In the Queen apos s name whose salaried servant I am I do demand it on the instant and on the spot Thus did flesh and Ijlood address gutta percha Th excitement of writing this letter did the patient no good A reaction came and that night his kind nurses were seriously alarmed about him They sent for the surgeon who felt his pulse and his skin and looked grave However he told them there was no immediate danger and wrote a fresh prescription The patient would eat nothing but bread and water and gruel but he took all the doctor s medicines which were raking ones Only at each visit and pre scription he cross examined him as to what effect he hoped to produce by his prescription and compared the man s ex pectations with the Tesult This process brought him to the sus picion that fin his case Aesculapius science was guess work But we go on hoping and hoping something from tra ditional remedies even when they fall and fail and fail before our eyes To be Continued OA Bean the Signature of STORIA The Kind You Harc Always Bought YOU CANNOT BUY PURE ICE CREAM For Less Than 1 00 a Gallon for This Reason SWEE I CREAM COSTS from 60c to 75c a gallon So you cannot expect to buy pure unadulterated ICE CREAM FOR LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR fiST CUSCADEN S 415 417 Second St LARGEST CLEANEST AND MOST COMPLETE We Ship to All Rail ICE CREAM WORKS IN THE CITY road Stations THE EVENING TOST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1001 SCRAP OVER BICKEL STREET Col Stone and Mr Gibson apos Make Interesting Affi davits in the Appellate Court Ihis Morning Claim 1 apos hat Col Wooley Has Selfish Motives for His Actions in This Case THE HAYOR INTERFERES IN THE MATTER Evening Post Special Service FRANKFORT Ky t April 30 City At torney Henry L Stone of Louisville this morning filed in the Court of Appeals the folQowing affidavits of himself and of Mr Charles H Gibson in response to the mo tions and statements of Attorney R V V ooley made last Friday in ihe case of the Bourbon Stockyards Company vs the City of Louisville Henry L Stone being duly sworn de poses and says i aim the duly elected ami acting City Attorney of the appellee the city ot Louisville and as such k is my right and niv duty in tin language of the statute lt tea ting rnv office to prosecute and defend all suits for and against the city I am ready and willing to perform e ml propose to perform my duty in thi lt ase and I protest against the Jnterfer ence of the Mayor or sahf city in as suming the right to delegate my lights powers or duties to any other attorney and thus displace me in the due perform ance of Hie duties required of me by law In view of the action of the Mavor in attempting to authorize another attoin y to usurp my office and in view of the statements made in the brief of that at torney in support of the motion mude hv U gt im to affirm this as a delay case I feel Jt lt i duty to myself and this court to sub unit the following further statement of lacts So far as T am aware R w Woolley Esq is the only citizen of Louisville who has ever made any complaint about the obstruction of Bickel street by rhe appel lant and it appeal apos s he made none until atter the lapse of many years T am in formed and believe that the street had been obstructed for at least twenty years before said Woolley made any complaint and then he became very persist n n Jus import unities to the city authorities to take proceedings to have the obstruc tions removed and so far as I ami in formed but for the importunities of sa I V oollej no steps would have been taken to remove said obstructions W hen this litigation was starter in Ihe court below said Woolley volunteered his services and assuming he was acting from proper motives I permitted him in my name to conduct the case but with out in any manner relinquishing my con trol over it Until about the time the juiiemprii was enur apos d t Ic I d 1 apos 1 mot h u n h MeWoo luiU be v nego iug v h the appellant for the sus pension of the litigation and the acqui sition of Bickel street by the appellant on the payment of a large sum to said Woolley This information was given me by Ohurles H Gibson who is a director ns well a s the attorney of the appellant and after receiving this information i de termined I wouild thereafter not permit the said Woolley to represent me or my client in the further conduct of the liti gation I became and have ever since been con vinced that said Woolley was acting from selfish motives and that his real pur pose was to coerce the appellant into making an effort to secure the abandon ment of Bickel street by the city and t hen pay hhn a large sum of money lor wha t he claims is his right of reversion in the street In the event it is abandon ed the am having been dedicated to public use by his wife now deceased who was Mary Johnston Under these circum stances I determined to resume control of the litigation and not permit the city H be used as a means of obtaining any such resuit ns I was satisfied said Wool lev was seeking to accomplish T apos e day before the judgment herein was entered a meeting was held at the office of the Board of Public Works which was attended by all of the memi bers of the board the Mayor and myself on behalf of the city and by the appel lant s President William R Ray now deceased and its counsel Charles H Gibson The latter in behalf of the ap peliant represented that it was ready and willing to vacate Bickel street whenever the city was ready to improve it so that it could be used as a street and offered to stipulate in advance that it would pay the cost of improving the street The Mayor and two members of the board Messrs Grainger and Jefferson express ed themselves as being opposed to the Improvement of the street on the ground that the expense of it would amount al most to confiscation of the abutting p ropery owners who would have to pay the cost of it that there was no present need of a street at said place and 10 make one at that time would impose un necessary expense on the city in cleaning ancl repairing it Messrs Jefferson and Grainger stated that they as members of the Bo nrd of Public Works would not recommend an ordinance as the act for the government of the city required fir the improvement of said street and the Mayot announced that if the Council should pass an ordinance providing for the Improvement of said street he would veto it For the appellant it was then claimed that to require it to remove the obstruc tions without grading and paving the s treet would leave it in an impassable condition and make it Impossible for up pc Hunt to use its property or conduct its business It was strongly urged that ihe apos street could not be used without the bridges and other structures placed on It by appellant that the city bad acquies ced in the apos appellant s conduct for more than twenty years and no possible inju y was being done to anyone by the ob struction of a street which would other wise be impassable so long as the c apos tys title thereto was upheld by the court The attorney for the appellant offered a draft of a consent judgment wh oh was in substance the same as the judgment sub sequently entered except that it con 1 alli ed a proviso that it should not be en forced until the city was ready to improve Bickel Street I considered this a fair and equitable way to settl the controversy and so stated but the Mayor and Messrs Jefferson and Grainger were opposed to a consent judgment and l then altered the proposed judgment so that It should not appear to be by consent but as the sitlon which did not recognize the city apos s absolute right to the street or which con templated the payment of money to Col Woolley He again reiterated his purpose to assume exclusiye control of the litiga tion and notified me he would insist on every right which the city had in the premises When I received notice of the motion apparently given by H M Lane that he would move to affirm this as a delay case I conferred with Col Stone and was in formed by him that the notice was un authorized and he would so inform the court and ask to have the motion with drawn For this reason I did not appear to the motion any further than to write tiie clerk and fully explain the situation and ask that an objection be entered Subscribed ancl sworn to before me this 29th day of April 1901 W N LITTLE Notary Public Jefferson Co Ky My commission expires January 19 1902 VENEZUELA judgment of the court It was then un tierstood by all the parties that no ob jection would be made to the judgment containing a proviso that It should not be enforced until the city was ready to improve Bickel street and with this un derstanding the conference ended On the following morning 1 learned from the Judge of the Chancery division befoie whom thq case was pending that he had received a message from the Mayor je qinsting him not to enter the judgment which had been so agreed to and the Jud ie said he would not enter It I im mediately notified appellant s counsel of this communication from the court and the judgment being submitted to the court the proviso referred to was lt t ricK en out I was subsequently infoimen that the Mayor had interfered In ih gt matter at the solicitation of sa d Wool ley and this strengthened me in my de termination not to permit said Woollev to have anything more to do with the case 1 have always f stated to appellant s counsel that although other city authori ties were disposed to abandon the sail street I would not consent to it for the title to the street was in the city by the judgment of the court and I would not agree to any arrangement concerning said street that would allow said Wool ley to obtain a profit or private benefit out of it at the public expense of losing said street as I felt satisfied was his mo tive in this litigation but would insist on the city s right to said street and to have it constructed whenever it chose to do so I have been uniformly told by appel lant s counsel that unless the appellant would pay said Woolley a large sum he would oppose the abandonment of the street and 1 have responded that so far as I had any right or r er I would oppose the abandonment ihe street on those or any conditions I am convinced that said Woolley s mo tive in instigating the movement against appellant was purejy selfish ami that he is not in good faith in attempting to represent the interests of the city but is seeking to control this litigation for the purpose of making a personal profit out of it at the expense of the appellant and the city of Louisville Believing this 1 do not consider it proper that he should represent the appellees and 1 decline to abdicate my office in his favor I w ish to add that H M Lane has only acted in this case at the solicitation or said Woolley he never having been au thorized by me to appear in the case Said Lane never had any authority f gt give notice of a motion to affirm th s case and I am informed and believe that the name of H M Lane to said notice was in fact signed by R W Woolley and that said Lane had nothing to do with it As soon as I heard said notice had been given I repudiated it and informed appellant s counsel that I would request the court not to allow the motion to be entered I am prepared and Intend to faithfully represent the interests of the appellees herein without assistance from said R W Woolley H M Lane or any other attorney and insist cn being per mitted to perform my official duties with out interference from them 1 expect and intend to file a brief for the appellees herein on the merits of the case and within the time prescribe by the rule of the court No request has ever been made to me by either of the ap pellees or the Mayor Charles P Wea ver or R W Woolley or H M Lane to make any motion to affirm this as a delay case But for my efforts the case would not have been decided as prompt y as it was In the court below apos After ih M judgment below was entered there was a motion for a new trial made and an amended and supplemental reply tendered and offered to be filed to wh apos ch l obje ted and I alone filed a brief on the motions for a new trial and to file the amended and supplemental reply I have not at any time thought the appeal in this case had been taken merely for delay but have believed that the ap pedant apos s counsel in good faith consider ed that he was entitled at least to h modification of the judgment acpeaiei from withholding its execut on until the city should be prepared and desired jo improve Bickel street HENRY L STONE Subscribed and sworn to before me by Henry L Stone this 29th day of April 1901 F HEWITT WELLER Ex Jefferson County Ky MR GIBSON apos S AFFIDAVIT 1 am the attorney of the appellant and have had sole charge of its interests in this case About or soon after the time this judg ment was entered in this case I com plained to Henry L Stone City Attorney of the city of Louisville that the city was simply allowing Itself to be used In this case for the sole purpose of enabling Col R W Woolley to coerce appellant into the payment of a large sum of money to him I explained I had pending negotiations with said Woolley to endeavor to settle the litigation that these negotiations con templated the abandonment of Blekel street the acquisition of it by the appel lant and the payment of a large sum of money to Col Woolley I endeavored to secure Col Stone s co operation in having the street abandoned in order that appellant might acquire it even if it had to pay Col Woolley a large sum He declined to co operate with me but stated emphatically that he xvould have nothing to do with the matter and further that being convinced Col Wool ley was acting from selfish motives he would no longer permit him Col AVool ley to control the litigation but would himself assume exclusive control of it I urged upon Col Stone that incalculable injury would be done the Bourbon Stoek yard Company if the judgment was en forced without immediate provision being made for the improvement of Bickel street and that the appellant could bet ter afford to pay Col Woolley what he demanded than submit to such Injury i further told him that so far as 1 could see the Mayor seemed only desirous of obliging Col Woolley in the matter and w as apparently indifferent to the great in i jury about to be inflicted on the Bourbon j Stockyard Company and showed no dis position to do anything to avoid the in I jury not even to improve the street when j the Stockyard Company was asking to have it improved at its own expense These and other reasons were given in j the effort to secure Col Stone apos s co opera lion in relieving the appellant from the disaster which threatened it but he re fused peremptorily to consider any propo APOLOGIZES Declares the Arrest of United States Consular Agent Baiz Was Case of Mistaken Identity NEW YORK April 30 A dispatch to the Herald from Caracas Venezuela says The incident relative to the arrest of Ignacio H Baiz United States Consular Agent at Barcelona was closed today Consul Goldsmith at Laguayra sent to Mr Russell the American Charge d Affaires here a letter from the Vene zuelan govern men i expressing regret for the occurrence and exp uiaing that it was a case of mistaken identity The situation of affairs here is now quiet TERMS OF THE STEAMSHIP DEAL Pierpont Morgan Pays 1 750 000 for Controlling Interest in the Leyland Line LONDON April 30 A circular was issued this moinj g by Chairman Ellei man of the Leyland line in which thd shareholders are informed that he has entered into a provisional contract with J Pierpont Morgan for the sale of his entire holdings of ordinary shares in th i steamship line namely 71 000 shares at Lit 10s per share for each 10 share and that Mr Morgan agrees to purchase on similar terms all ordinary shares offered before May 26 Holders of a great majority of the ordinary shares have according to the circular intimated to Mr Ellerman that they will avail themselves of the offer of Mr Morgan and the effect will be that the purchasers will be come owners of nearly all the ordi nary shares of the American corpora tion at a cost of upward of 1 750 000 Mr Ellerman binds himself not to en gage cither directly or indirectly in the North Atlantic trade either with the United Kingdom or the continent except between Antwerp and Montreal for a term of fourteen years on condi tion that the purchasers sell him the Mediterranean Portugal and Montreal fleets and the business connected therewith at an agreed on price Mr Ellerman adds that he proposes to re tain his entire holding in preference shares amounting to over 180 000 and his codirectors will retain all their preference holdings amounting to 120 000 MAY CALL DR JOHNSTON Meeting of Second Presbyterian Con gregation to Consider Selection of a Pastor It is more than probable that when the congregation of the Second Presbyterian Church meets next Sunday morning io consider the election of a pastor the choice will be the Rev Dr Robert Johnston of London Ont Dr Johnston recently visited In this city and during his stay preached at the Second Presbyterian Church His sermon stamped hint as a scholarly theologian and a pulpit orator of unusual ability He also delivered an address on apos Scottish Heroes in Church and State apos apos which was well received Dr Johnston has not ye signified whether he will accept the call cf the Second Presbyterian Church or not should he be selected OF LOCAL INTEREST Some People We Know and We Will Profit by Hearing About Them h This is a purely local event It took place in Louisville Not in Buffalo or New York 1 ou are asked to investigate It Asked to believe a citizen s words To confirm a citizen s statement Any article that is indorsed at home That obtains resident advocates Is more worthy of confidence Than a far off foreign article Testified to by unknown people Mr J T McKinley of 429 West Chest nut street carpenter contractor and builder says 1 believe an attack of malarial fever in 1884 weakened my kid neys or the medicine used to check that trouble overtaxed my kidneys Be that as it may every now and then I have had spells of backache some of which were excruciatingly painful When they were at their height trouble with the kid ney secretions existed particularly mani fest at night and although I tried lots of medicine I never received any perma nent result for one attack followed an other It is surprising to me but is nevertheless true that a short course of the treatment of Doan s Kidney Pills pro cured at C J Rosenham s drug store dis posed of the last recurrence Since I stopped the treatment 1 have gained in flesh I look better and feel better than I have for fifteen years Sold by all dealers Price 50 cents Foster Milburn Company Buffalo N Y sole agents for the United States Remember the name Doan apos s and take no other RIVER NEWS BIG CUT IN RATES SEATTLE Wash April 30 Further reductions are announced in Alaskan freight and passenger rates as a result of the steamship rate war now on Firsr class tickets to Lynn canal are now quot ed at 10 and second class at 5 A week ago lt the rates were 25 and 16 Corre sponding reductions in freight rates are also quoted One huudred oil companies will de velop the Texas field One acre near a gusher was sold for 25 000 Two hundred packages containing all the luxuries of the Louisville market were sent to the towboat Joseph B Will iams on the E G Ragon last evening and were placed aboard at West Louisville They included dressed fowls dressed fish with green sea turtles for soup refrig erated fresh meats canned goods of every description fresh Southern vege tables fruits nuts besides innumerable articles generally needed in the larder to make it cohiplete Four large express wagons were required to haul this lot of edibles Mr Paul Stapleton of Vevay lnd f shipped as third assistant iu the audit ing department of the Tell City today and will undoubtedly make a popular official Mr James Grisson is second and Will Maurer of Bellevue Ky is third auditor of he E G Ragon com mencing service this trip Mr Geo Bra shears having resigned and gone home Mate Charlie Gulliver has gone to Bowling Green to take a berth with a packet out of that port Assistant Aud itor Sid Douthitt of the Fal apos s City has resumed his mud boots after a serious spell of sickness Pilot Jordan Preston came in from his farm by rail today and left on the Falls City The towboats H F Frisbie with emp ties nd Beaver with a tow of Missis sippi river cottonwood lumber arrived from jolow today the latter meeting a pe iar experience at the Ox Bows sixTT hree milts down the Ohio She had ci Imbed the current nicely until the foot j this narrow crooked place was reacWd and then she stopped beiug uu ableWo stem it so great was the force The l Dsbie ran through the bows with her tow then returned light to help the Beaver through so by this strategy both were successful in tiding over the troublesome waters and reaching port in safety The Falls City left for the upper waters of Kentucky river at noon being loaded flat with all kinds of merchandise and machinery The City of Louisville to Cincinnati took thirty two hogsheads of tobacco twenty tons of machinery and 300 packages of generalities The E G Ragon to Evansville took forty hogsheads of tobacco to Owensboro and 800 pack ages to points eu route The Tell City brought a medium deckload of several kinds of produce arriving at 10 a m yesterday The towboats Jos B Williams and Harry Brown turned out from West Lou s j ville this forenoon with thirty packages each and the Alice Brown will follow this afternoon with thirty more while the tow for the Raymond Horner is being put below the falls to be ready for her tomorrow The following shifts will occur on the Tarsscon tomorrow Billy Boble becomes first mate w th Billy Stout second while Billy Grimes goes over on the Ragon os second to Luir Stapleton The John K Speed Jrom New Orleans J passed up last midnight doing very little j bislncss here The job of unloading j 2 000 barrels of sugar from the barge Louisville was completed today and the barge sent away The river up to noon fell eleven inches since last midnight yet there is more than plenty of water left for naviga tion The Evans vil e wharfboat is agq n in service todi y S r earners to leave port today are rke Ci y of Cincinnati to Cincinnati at 5 and Tell City to Evansville at i o clock TASTE IN FURNITURE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL Can be indulged without a great outJa of money OUR PRICES Are the LOWEST that can be named and we have ONE PRICE TO ALL NO DISCOUNTS to mislead you and make you feel that you are buying cheaper than any one else OUR PRICES are uniform STYLE AND QUALITY are always right when goods come from us FRED W KE1SKER amp SON 586 FOURTH AVENUE Atherton Block N ews from Indiana JEFFERSONVILLE THE CREW SAVED iTbeTOlLET IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT quot apos XTRACT RELIEVES CHAFING ITCHING OR IRRf TATION COOLS COMFORTS AND HEALS THE SKIN AFTER SHAVING Avoid dangerous irritating Witch Haze preparations represented to be the same as Pond s Extract which easily sours and often contain wood alcohol a deadly poison NEW YORK April 30 The Panama Railroad Steamship Company s steamer City of Washington which arrived here today from Colon had on board the crew 1 of eight men of the schooner Emma C Knowles which was discovered off Barnegat one day last week on her beam ends and abandoned The crew were picked up by the steamer Allianca of the same line bound from New York for Colon on April 23 after the steamer had been in collision with the schooner The Evening Post Is served in Jeffer sonville through Mr Alta Williams Those who fail to receive their paper promptly will oblige by notifying Mr Williams at his residence 724 Seventh street Telephone 267 The news gathering of Jeffersonville s In charge of C W Perry Persons hav ing social or other news for publication will kindly send same to his office Tele phone 516 The Evening Post can be found on salo at tiie following places Ferry Dock News Stand James Condon s News Stand Chas Schimopf amp Sons News Stand Thomas Rogers News Stand Wm Garnett the ten year old colored boy who threw a rock at Jessie Ogden which accidentally struck Frank Osborn resulting in his death was found guilty this morning of involuntary man slaughter He will be sent to the Reform School Levi Davis a switchman while coupling cars at Cementville bad his knee crush ed Dr O P Graham attended him Steward Jacobs has returned from a visit to his sister Mrs iLouis Spriesters back of Charlestown Louis Miller who was arrested Sunday on a peace warrant sworn out by Andy Litzler was acquitted by Mayor Rader this morning Mrs Dallas Lawrence is ill at he r home on Meigs avenue Mrs R C Glossbrener will leave soon for Indianapolis to visit her son Herbert Glossbrener Muss Cora Schalk of Charlestown is visiting friends in the city Harry Thacker has resigned his posi tion at Ehvood and gone to Chicago where he is now employed by the Armour Company Mrs Amelia Fogle is recovering from an attack of grip Elmer Siout left Shelbyville yesterday for his home at Mt Shasta Cal He came here several weeks ago to visit his par ents and went by She byvilie to see his brother Prof V H Stout The father of Stanley McMullen left this morning for his home at North Ver non having been a guest of the family of Adolph Frank Mrs John Rohrraan Miss Anna Mc Oune Mrs S S Hall and Mrs Max Wil son leave tomorrow for Scottsburg to at tend the spring convention of the Chris tian churches Mrs Robrman goes as a delegate from the Christian Endeavor and Miss McCune as a delegate from the Sun day school and Christian Women apos s Board cf Missions Mrs Hall and Mrs Wilson are representatives of the church The Rev E R Black and wife will aiso at tend and take part in the program At the close of the convention Mrs Rohrman will leave Scottsburg for Indianapolis to spend two weeks with a brother and sis ter Miss Ollie Eberts is visiting in North Vernon Miss Emma Ryan will leave the 1 latter part of this week for Crothersville Mrs L L Robinson o Bedford is visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Beu Robinson of this city The Flying Squadron Quartet will give a concert at Utica May 9 Mrs M P McCune is spending the week with Mrs Elizabeth Beeler of New Al bany The K was i ud Tribe of Red Men raei last night and appointed a committee of ten to make arrangements for the next labor day parade which occurs in Sep tember The parade on that day is ex pected to excel all past events of the kind Jno Burnside forty eight years old died at his home in Cementville at 1 o clock this morning of heart disease and liver trouble He was a Mason and Odd Fellow He leaves a wife and nine chil dren Mr Burnside figured largely in j local politics at one time He was a man j of many business interests operating a j saloon and grocery at Cementville and a furniture store at Sellersburg and this city He was also the owner of two cot married another woman later killing her for which crime he is serving a life sentence in Michigan City They were married in 1894 C D Hunter of Memphis has brought suit against the Vernon Insurance Com pany to recover 1 200 on an insurance policy Geo V Stwtesman yesterday qualified as guardian of the property and person of Julia A Stutesman by filing bond for 600 At a meeting of the Official Board of the Port Fulton M E Church las night it was agreed to add an ell to the church building for the accommodation of the Epworrh League and Sunday school The case against Clyde Purdy charged with provoking Lottie She p let was con tinued unt il this afternoon A horse driven by Eugene Frazier took fright at a hand car yesterday and ran away overturning the buggy and injuring the driver Mr Frazier was taken home unconscious where he was attended by Dr O P Graham It is feared he injured internally A bazar and fair given by Company No 9 Uniform Rank K of P for the purpose of raising funds to assist in defraying the expenses of the company at the national encampment at California next year will be held at the Armcry beginning to morrow night and closing Saturday night A divorce was granted Will Summers from Edmonla Summers They were married in 1S89 and she abandoned him iu 1890 George the fifteen year old son of J i W Whitlow 321 Ninth street died yes terday afternoon of typhroid fever and diabetes His parems and three brothers survive Mrs Herman Rave will leave for Salem tomorrow apos to visit her brother Dr An drew Read The funeral of Mrs Dorot apos hy Chartnock occurred this afternoon at 2 o apos clock from her late home on Missouri avenue The service was conducted by the Rev F N Chapman rector of St Paul s Church Interment at Eastern Cemetery Mrs J S Pernett will give a recital at Bethlehem Saturday evening for the benefit of tihe M E Church The Intermediate League will be enter tained at the home of Miss Grace Veasy Thursday evening A contract to build 1 600 gondola cars for the Illinois Central has been secured 1 bv the local Car Works A number of ladies from this city members of the Ladies o thc Grand Army of the Republic will attend a coffee so cial to be given at the home of Mrs Chas Herman 20 1 Adams street Louisville j Friday afternoon Mrs Agnes Middleton died at Under wood of congestion of the lungs She has a son in the United States navy Clarksville Charlestown Sellersburg and Port Fulton will have town elections next Monday I FOR SALE A Solid Walnut Bed room Set very handsome with beautiful French bevel veneer marble top extra large glass cost new S5 in good con g QQ A very handsome Rosewood Dwarf Bookcase double door nicely carved a genuine antique it would pay any one to repolish this case QQ The above Bookcase contains about 200 volumes of rare books per volume 15c MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth A WARNING To feel tired after exertion is one thing to feel tired before is another Don t say the latter is laziness it j isn t but it s a sign t hat the system lacks j vitality is running down and needs the tonic effect of Hood apos s Sarsaparilla It s a warning too and sufferers should i begin taking Hood s at once Buy a bottle today SEIZED WINES IN HOTELS SEATTLE Wash April 30 Under special instruction from David M Dunn Collector of Internal Revenue Special Deputy Mullay of Portland and Deputy Ross of the Seattle office seized in vari j ous hotels aud restaurants in this city upward of 150 cases of imported cham pagnes and rhinewines for alleged vio a I tion of internal revenue laws ton farms in the South E 3ie Tuerner has sued for a divorce from John Tuerner whom she alleges at tempted ro kill her with a knife in 1895 and then fled to Indianapolis where he A Testimonial from Old England I consider Chamberlain apos s Cough Rem edy the best in the world for bronchitis says Mr William Savory of Warrington England It lias saved my wife apos s life she having been a martyr to bronchitis for over six years being most of the time confined to her bed She is now quite well It is a great pleasure to the manu facturers of Chamberlain s Cough Rem edy to be able to publish testimonials of this character They show that great good is being done pain and suffering le lieved and valuable lives restored to health and happiness by this remedy It is for sale by all druggists NEW ALBANY Sadie Marxon through Stotseuburg amp Weathers today filed suit for divorce from Fred Marxon They were married January 1 1895 and lived together until April 15 1899 when she alleges that on account of cruel treatment and failure to provide she was forced to leave him She asks for the custody of their two children and 500 alimony The defendant resides at Bloomington Ind He recently filed suit for divorce in that city The two story frame residence of Mrs Emma Clark at 208 East Main street was badly damaged by fire about 6 30 o clock this morning The fire started in the roof of the kitchen from a flue and was spreading rapidly when the alarm was sounded from box 61 The blaze was con fined to the rear part of the house and the loss from fire and water was about 750 The furniture of Mr and Mrs Harry Hancock who occupied the house with Mrs Clark was badly damaged Herman II Griefe whose upholstering establish ment adjoined Mrs Clark s house suffered a loss of about 50 from water The funeral of Mrs Caroline A Miller took place today from her late residence 1709 Ekin avenue The Rev Charles Hutchinson conducted the services and the remaius were taken to Scott s grave yard for interment Della Walker today filed suit for di vorce from Samuel Walker She alleges cruel treatment aud adultery and asks for the custody of their two children The defendant resides at Corydon B F Ewing and sister are visiting their sister Mrs E M Clark at Seymour James Guthrie and Miss Florence E Dangerfteld are to be married tonight by the Rev J A Ward at the new home of the groom 1404 East Oak street James F Evans who runs a grocery store on Rear Market street above Vin I cennes was robbed of 10 about 7 o clock last evening Two negroes entered the store and one of them made a purchase of some eggs While Evans was in the rear part of the store the other reached behind the counter and secured a cigar box which contained about 10 iu change George L tne seventeen months old sou of Mr and Mrs Frank Schulte died this morning at their home 11 West Tenth scree Frank Coffey employed at the common beer brewery on Vincennee street fell down a stairway yesterday afternoon and injured his spine He is being attended by Dr McIntyre A series of temperance meetings will be commenced in this city nex Monday night by V C Hell of Indianapolis State lecturer and organizer of the In diana Anti Saloon League Mrs Nellie Otero of New Orleans who was called to this city by the death ot her mother Mrs Lucy Keithley will re turn home next Thursday gt Pythagoras Lodge of Masons will con fer the Felloweraft degree tonight Mrs Deli Firnhaber and daughter of Louisville are visiting her parents Mr and Mrs J W Durbin 220 East Third street Miss Alice Atkins will leave Thursday for Washington D C to visit her sis ter Mrs Herbert Fawcett At the meeting of Piankedhaw Chap ter D A R held at the residence of Miss Minnie Akers Rear Market turec apos t interesting papers were read by Miss Anna Cardwill on Our First Navy and on The Prison Ship Martyrs Miss Edith Collins render d several piano se lections Ice cream and strawberries were served by the hostess Milton II Sloan of Marengo through Stctsenburg amp Weathers of this otiy 1 has filed suit against the Air line Com pany for 5 000 damages for the loss of a wagon and team of horses and personal Injuries resulting from a collision with an Air line train at Marengo several months ago Robert II Alexander son of the late Dr S A Alexande r of this city died of heart disease at his home in Los An geles Cal several days ago He leaves a wife and six children The ladies of Holly Trinity Church will give a euchre tomorrow afternoon and night at the school hall Centenary M E Church will hold an all day prayer meeting tomorrow Col Charles L Jewett of this city will make an address at the annual meet ing of the Spanish Ainerican War Vet erans of Indiana to be held next Thursday at Indianapolis Thomas and Edward Spainhour and Mrs Halloa and six children left yestei day for North Ontario Cal to reside John D MiBer has been granted a permit to erect a cottage on Main be tween Sitxeenth and Seventeenth streets to cost 700 Dr and Mrs J E Steele will leave in a few days for Farmland Ind for the benefit of Dr Steele s health Congressman W T Zenor was in Che city last night on his way from Washing ton to Corydon The Federated Clubs of th s city will hold the last meeting of the year at Music Hall Thursday night The R v W C Martin of the Baptist Tabernacle will make an address on the humane movement which will probably be taken up by the clubs next year The meeting will be in charge of rhe Thalio Trillium and Beethoven Clubs judge Baker of the United States Court has allowed Louis Hartman the sum of 500 to recover expenses incurred in becoming bondsman for the Kentucky amp Indiana Bridge Company in a dama e suit filed in the Clark Circuit Court United States Commissioner Cadwil who acted as Special Master in th case made the allowance some time ago and it was contested by creditors Judge Baker s decision sustains Commlss oner Cardwill John L Magintv aged sixty seven years died Sunday at Paoli He had served ten years as Clerk of Orange court ty was in the Legislature for four yea s and served as postmaster of Paoli und r Cleveland s first administration He was well known In this city The ninth anniversary of the Rev C Manuel s pastorate of tbe Second Bip list Church will be celebrated next Sun day and Monday William Bloat of Shippingport was dead drunk and floating down the river in a skiff yesterday afternoon The boat was towed to shore by several men who were picking up driftwood Bloat s sk ft was leaking and he was nearly covered by water when he was found He was ar rested by Patrolman Fess and was fined 8 80 by Justice Richards LAST IMPORTATION 2 CARLOADS Twenty half and twenty quarter Stueclc Ruedesheimer Rauenthaler and Nier Bteiner White Wines Assmannshaus and Affenthaler Red Wines in casks Alsj car Ruedesheimer Niersteiner and Kai ser Hocliheimer and A smannshauser Sect in cases Nussoll Frankfurter Wurst and Westphalien Ham etc AUG HOLLENBACH 246 248 Third sU 6 THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 Ilje inciting font DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED 1878 Published by THE EVENING POSTCOHPANY incorporated Post Buildin lt r 526 Third Street Louisville Ky Entered et the Uoulavtu Poet office es Secend cleee Matter RICHARD W KNOTT Editor BOYLE G BOYLE Managing Editor JOHN W HARRIS News Editor GEO R NEWMAN City Editor Telephones Editorial Rooms 544 Business Office 134 Bulldlnc New York Tb a EASTERN OFFICE OF THE POST 120 Tribuna E Kohlhasa direct repreaentatlve WASHINGTON BUREAU Albert Halstead Manassr Postal Teleerapb Build in TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 THE EVENING POST BY MAIL To serve the tens of thousands living beyond the call of carriers reach ed only by the mail agents of the United States the Evening Post makes the following rates for Its dally Issue ten twelve sixteen and twenty four pages as the news requires Daily Evening Post one year 3 00 Daily Evening Post six month 2 00 Daily Evening Post three months 1 25 Daily Evening Post one month 50 By carrier wherever there Is a newspaper carrier or agent the rate Is 10 cents a week EVENING POST Louisville Ky THE COMMONWEALTH apos S ATTORNEY The Evening apos Post does not flatter itself with the belief that anything it could say would influence the action of the Governor in filllBg the vacancy caused by the death of Mr Frank Parsons Nevertheless lt lt desires to say what in its judgment the Commonwealth needs In this position at this time and to express the hope that the people whatever aotion the Governor may take will keep these things in mind and Vote for no man it matters not what his party label who does not meet these requirements The State needs a man absolutely free from the Influence of the chief crim inal attorneys Kohn and apos Phelps We mean by this a man who osee nothing politically personally or professionally to these shrewd criminal lawyers They carry their business into politics they are in politics the batter to serve their clients Some time ago It became necessary for the late Mr Frank Parsons to take the bankrupt act It was known that he had borrowed heavily of Messrs Kohn and Phelps We do not say that this influenced his course at the bar but we do say It made the correct course more difficult The Police Court and the Circuit Court are the arenas where the criminal lawyers appear Here Kohn and Phelps seek to protect their gambling clients lottery dealers crap shooters pool room operators and common gamblers They are men of great resources and they push their influence In all directions When Grainger Jefferson and Satterwhite undertook to silence the Evening PosH in the asphalt matter by an indictment Kohn and IPhelps appeared to prosecute the indictment appeared to demand the muzzling of the press for unless the press can be effectually muzzled the dominion of Kohn and Phelps must end First therefore the State needs a representative absolutely Independent of the attorneys of the Gamblers apos Trust In the next place the State needs a man of ability superior to these practiced lawyers This Is not difficult to find He must have a clear mind and keep It clear He must be quick and keen The law is on the side of the State These clients of the gamblers are men who are violating the law and who wish toeseape the penalties There is rarely any question of guilt any doubt as to the fact in these gambling eases or in half the other criminal cases By tricks by fallacies by confusion by auda cious twistings of the phrases of the law the attorneys of gamblers seek delay and doubt and forgetfulness When these fail they throw them selves ou the Indulgence of the State apos s attorney and the court Now the State apos s attorney must be able to expose all these familiar devices and then he must be Arm enough to refuse favors to the persistent violators of the law whoever their attorneys may be Three years after Kohn and Phelps had been driven from one defense to another after Mr Charles Wilson had exceeded his power as the temporary judge of the Police Court Messrs Kohn and Phelps for their clients the operators of the poolrooms asked the indulgence of the State under a promise that the business should close j It was an Indulgence which should never have been granted It was a promise no sooner made than broken but It accomplished Its purpose The State should have a prosecutor who la dealing with hardened criminals and persistent vice will be as Inflexible as steel Again the State must have as Its representative a man of great physical strength and one willing to devote it all to the service of the State Continued absence from the post of duty works great injury to the cause of law and order in every way For Instance when the promise of reform based on a plea for clemency was made for their clients three years ago by Kohn and Phelps Mr Parsons was not present Continued Illness had kept him from his office and the business of the State was greatly neglected Another evil is that in the absence of the State apos s attorney the chief at torneys for the criminal classes too often appear for the State It has an evil Influence for a lawyer known to be regularly retained by the Gamblers Trust to appear frequently for the State In cases where they have not been retained The State has a right to service that i apos s all in all or not at all quot Here then are the requirements of this high position moral integrity being taken for granted In advance Independence or personal or political obligation to lawbreakers and their at torneys a thorough knowledge of the crlmlnul law and the malpractice in our courts Inflexibility of purpose which will not yield to importunities what justice does not demand Physical vigor which is needed In order to secure that eternal vigilance essential to enforcement of the law against the combined influences of the organized lawless element in this community THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN LOUISVILLE The Democra lc party and the Weaver administration are one and the same thing in this city The party is responsible for Mr Weaver and for his administration The things for which the administration is most widely con demned are things done in behalf of the Democratic party done for the purpose of thwarting the people of overriding them and maintaining in office men whom the people have rejected The open revolt of the administration against popu lar government began with the June primary when the local police raided the election booths broke open boxes and stuffed other boxes imprisoned officers and practically refused to permit the regularly appointed Democratic officers acting under the authority of the regular Democratic Committee to conduct a primary In order to keep that account fresh in the minds of our people we reproduce the following published statement made by the committee on the morning of Monday June 12 1899 II The fourth chapter opened in the June primaries in Louisville The story of that overthrow of a primary election is best described in the official paper adopt ed the d apos ay of the outrage It is as follows apos TO THE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS OF THE CITY OF LOUIS VTULE Your committee acting under the authority of the Democratic party and in accordance with the latw of the State o Kentucky provided for a primary elec tion to be held in the city of Louisville Monday June 12 to select nominees of the Democratic party for the various municipal and legislative offices Early Monday morning June 12 the police raided nearly all of the pre cincts int the city of Louisville In many instances they by force expelled the regular election officers and installed pretended election officers selected by themselves In others they seized the ballots books and boxes thus taking ab solute and forcible control of nine temhs of the voting precincts of the city of apos Louisville The result is that the Democratic party is deprived of the privilege of holding a primary in the city of Louisville They are deprived of this by the Mayor and police authorities direoting and controlling the police force In timidation had prevailed throughout the city and the law has been suspended apos To accomplish this purpose the citizens of Louisville have been deprived during the past twenty four hours of ordinary Are protection The policemen have ceased to be the guardians of the peace and have become the organized violators of the law In view of these facts reported to ns by the various precints officers and terlfled by personal inspection in every possible case t lie committee holds that it is dangerous to the peace and safety of the community to attempt to hold an election until the law will protect them in their rights and privileges In behalf therefore of a community which has been outraged and in the name of a party whose rights have been grossly violated your committee exer cising the rights conferred upon it by the party law annuls all orders issue 1 calling for a primary to be hold in the city of Louisville June 12 and orders the closing of all precincts and the discontinuance of all pretenses of election proceedings and declares all the proceedings done under the conditions hereto fore described as irregular and without effect binding upon no candidate and without the sanction of the party authorities A vote being taken on the said resolution it resulted as follows Yeas Mil ler Fitzgerald Jones Wright Cosgrove Cochran Dugan and Tarpie Nays None The resolution was thereupon declared carried and the committee at 11 40 a m adjourned i llIII This was the overture to the political drama Following the primary came the Music Hall convention After the Music Hall convention a campaign that was little short of a five months apos riot wound up with an inflammatory proclama tion from Mayor Weaver backed by a more inflammatory and incendiary edit orial in the Louisville Courier Journal arraigning as an organized gang of mur derers and marauders the best citizens of Louisville who had united in an effort to prevent the overthrow of the ballot It was the courage the intelligence of the Democratic Judge Sterling B Toney and the firmness of the Republican Governor William O Bradley which prevented a riot in the city of Louisville following apos the wholesale removal of election officers the evening before the election of 1899 These are the things to be remembered by the people of this city these are the wrongs that the voters of Louisville musft unite in righting next November These are the party leaders and this the party to be condemned by citizens of a free city by men who care for self government and by men unwilling to submit to the dictates of a combination between a reckless newspaper a defiant coterie of public officers and a desperate party organization PUBLIC OFFICERS AND THE PRESS There is evidently a determined pur pose animating the officeholding oli garchy in Kentucky not to permit any public criticism of any officeholders and if possible to prevent the people from learning through the press the condition of public institutions and public affairs Saturday Jailer Lawrence at Frankfort attacked Mr Wallace the Frankfort cor respondent of the Evening Post for a perfectly truthful an entirely courteous and altogether impartial description of the Franklin county jail The jail Is public property The Jailer is a public officer a peace officer The State has a right to know exactly the condition of the Franklin county jail and the Evening Post has a right to tell the public about that jail about all other Jails penitentiaries hospitals insane asylums courts election returns and public institutions and public officers Having that privilege and being under a public obligation the Evening Post intends to let the people know the truth the whole truth about all these matters THE STREETCLEANING DEPARTMENT A little care and some consideration for the public might result in a system of street cleaning which would be economical to the city and an improve ment to the streets At present great garbage carts go down the main streets between 9 and 10 o clock and barrels and boxes are emptied on carts already full the wind scattering a good part of the dirt on the streets and the sidewalks and over passersby Again the streets sweepers ugly and noisy are at work between 9 and 10 o clock in the morning instead of between 9 and 10 o clock at night These garbage boxes and barrels ought to be emptied early in the morning or they might be emptied at night The street sweepers ought to be put at work only when the streets are comparatively quiet when they would not interfere with ordinary traffic and before the citizens are trying to go to sleep The street cleaning department might consult t he medical department and learn something of the injury to public health done by these open garbage carts and by the dirt blown from them back upon the streets over the citizens or into their houses It would be possible by a little care and possibly a little additional ex pense to do all this work In a way not to require it to be done over again McLAURIN AND TILLMAN There is to be an interesting campaign for Senator in South Carolina Senator McLaurin is a candidate for re election but Pitchfork Tillman opposes McLaurin because he is no Democrat Is Tillman a Democrat All through President Cleveland s administration Till man was in open rebellion and refused to wear the party yoke At the Chicago convention of 1896 Sen ator Tillman was a member of the Plat form Committee and insisted on making a speech He made a secession speech In defense of all the Southern Confeder acy stood for and was so extereme in his statements that Senator Jones of Arkan sas felt called on as an old Confederate soldier and a representative of the South on the floor of the convention to repudiate for himself and his comrades and his party associates the sentiments uttered by Senator Tillman Recently in the Senate Mr Tillman again turned to the past and declared that 93 per cent of the people of the South regretted the war to break up the Union had failed and that they still wished the Southern Confederacy had succeeded The Mobile Register at that time un dertook to do what Senator Jones had done on the floor of the Senate It said Senator Tillman is certainly a misrepresent a tive of the South He stands for nothing Southern we know of His hatred of the negroes Is abnormal his opposition to capi tal is a deterrent force his mania on the liquor question has made war of peace In his own State and now he deliberately maligns the South by saying in the Senate that 96 per cent of our people regret that the Union was not divided at the time of the war between the States That is a display of ignorance on Tillman s part or of impudence or self advertising we do not know w apos hich Is it not certain that if any considerable portion of the Southern people were hostile to the Union there w ould in the thirty live years that have followed the war have been some manifestation of that hostility either to Federal officials the Hag of the Union or in disinclination to obey the laws or stand up for the rights of the country Mr Tillman is a picturesque figure brutal domineering intractable full of energy and egotism and indifferent a to the consequences of his utterances to his party associates For himself he Is a mere political slave driver and South Carolina belongs to him politically Hampton and Butler went down before the blatant demagogue and the chances are that McLaurin will share no better fate for the day has not yet dawned in South Carolina BEHOLD THESE ACROBATS The evening Courier Journal envious of the reputation of t he morning Courier Journal for its lightning changes determ ined to take both sides of one question in one column in the same issue and it ac complished this feat yesterday after this manner apos I The Rev Dr Parkhurst remarks that the Southern white man dislikes the ne gro and owns up to It the white man in the North dislikes the negro and lies about it apos This utterance is a chunk of wisdom that shines out from the usual mountebank character of Parkhurst de liverances like a good deed in a naughty world II Brer Parkhurst has spent a week in the South and therefore talks like one who thinks he knows all and really knows nothing about the race problem The typical and average Southerner does not dislike the negro on the contrary he likes him in his proper place and makes a proper place for him while apos the typical and average Northerner dislikes the negro in any place to which distance doesn t lend enchantment to the view III The morning acrobat will turrj green wit apos h envy as he witnesses this perform ance while the evening performer fealkg away singing I can and I can t I will and I won t I ll be d d if I do And I ll be d d if I don t r Grover Cleveland and W J Bryan Richard Olney and Pitchfork Tillman J Sterling Morton and John Peter Alt geld all claim to be Democrats and op timistic boys in the trenches believe that if they would get together success would surely follow While this is very doubt ful there can be no doubt that their getting together would be more exciting than any prizefight Senator Tillman of South Carolina declares that Senator McLaurin Is not a Democrat but Tillman is in total ig norance of what constitutes a Democrat as the people of South Carolina would know if they had listened to those dis tinguished Democrats Wade Hampton and M C Butler The Boards of Public Works and of Safety have by the decision of the Court of Appeals been forced to recognize the power of the General Council which is a fortunate thing for the patient tax payer whose rights no official was dis posed to respect The prize offers for the best gardens have been extended so as to include New Albany and Jeffersonville at the solicita tion of many readers Ueffersonville Is thus added to the Eastern district and New Albany to the Western district Queries and Answers Edward Atkinson no doubt thinks he was a little hurried in hailing Agulnaldo as the George Washington of the twen tieth century now thalt the young Fili pino has sworn friendship for the tyrau Dical government of the United States Mr Morgan displays the dominant trait even in his vacation by ceasing the amusement of picking up art treasures long enough to assimilate Great Brit ain apos s largest ocean transportation com pany The country Is not so certain that Mr Bryan will not be a candidate for Presi dent again but that he must lead a greatly reduced faction if he ever leads again becomes more apparent every day President McKinley has captured the South and will soon overcome the West but not even the most courageous will advise him to tackle the editor of the New York Evening Post That distinguished Kentuckian His Eminence is disposed to be fast but is young yet and in time will settle down and enjoy himself on the green pastures of his native State Mr John R McLean s Enquirer is leading the shout of no more Bryanism and Mr Thomas Taggart of Indianap olis is industriously at work organizing the Hill boom Conducted by John Duncan R H D Lancaster Ky Matthew Arnold wrote the line you quote It is line in a beautifully expressed thought in which the poet urges men to take lesson from the heavenly bodies He says quot Unaffrighted by the silence round them Undistracted by the sights they see These demand not that the things without them Yield them love amusement sympathy Bounded by themselves and unobser vant In what state God s other w apos orks may be In their own tasks all their powers pour ing These attain the mighty life you see B Louisville The phrase hail fellow well met with everyone is mostly cur rent in the form in which we find it in Jonathan Swift s My iLady s Lamenta tion Thus Hail fellow well met all dirty and wet Find out if you can who s master who s man We request some reader of the Evening Post to send usi for publication the his tory and location of Dead Man s Rock on the coast of England B Louisville Tlhe nearest approach that we have seen to an explanation of why the name of Johnny Reb was given by Northern to Southern soldiers dur ing the war is that of William A Wheeler The designation is said to have originated in a taunting remark addressed to a Southerh picket to the effect that the Southern States relied on Johnny Bull to help them to gain their independence the Northerner adding that the picket himself was no better than Johnny Bull That was too much the picket resented saying he would sooner be classed with the nigger The name that finally pre vailed was in the nature of a compromise name if not Johnny Bull ithen Johnny Reb the word Reb being understood to be Rebel abbreviated There may be something better than this this is the best we have A typographical slip credited the pur chase o X Alaska to the administration of Andrew Jackson It should have been to that of Andrew Johnson not to that of Jackson Voter Louisville Your view regard ing the New Maryland ballot law is cor rect This law requires that the names of candidates must be printed in alpha betical order and that the voter mark the name of each candidate or whom he wishes h gt is ballot to be counted and no longer be permitted to vote a careless straight ticket by a single cross under a party emblem This looks like a disfranchisement of the illiterate both white and black but trial has already shown that It impairs the voting of but few of even the alto gether illiterate It certainly makes against political machines and for more ability to discriminate It is simi lar to a Massachusetts law that has also been found to work well West End Louisville Is it really true that ye llow fever and malaria come from mosquitoes Answer Those who have studied and investigated this subject most thoroughly now mostly hold and regard it as demon strated that both yellow fever and ma larial fever are conveyed chiefly and probably exclusively by the bite of in fected mosquitoes Allen Jeffersonville Ind Badly drain ed places places where w ater stands long in pools ponds of stagnant water all these are propagating places for mos quitoes Such places still abound here and are the prolific source of sickness We are glad to find that increased in terest is being taken in problems of th s class by the people generally in this com munity You are right in holding that much of the money spent for mere office services touching Louisville s health mat ters could have been better spent In re moving the causes of bad health Reader Lebanon Ky What In round numbers has the Boer war so far cost the British Answer The English Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Jichael Hicks Beaeh re cently reckoned the total cost of the Boer war up to date at 755 000 gt 00 It is said that this is more than seven times the wealth o all the Boers in the Tran vaal at the beginning of the war Th t e is of course far more wealth than the wealth of all the iBoers in the Trans al involved in this struggle Pilot OloveTport Ky apos When did trad ing begin between Kentucky and New Orleans Kentucky sending goods to the New Orleans market Answer In June 1787 Gen James apos Wilkinson descended the river to New Orleans from Kentucky with a small car go of tobacco and other produce This was the first transaction of the kind be tween New Orleans and Kentucky The venture turned out well It resulted in permission from the Spanish Governor Miro to Gen Wilkinson to import on his own account free of duty all the pro ductions of Kentucky What that meant to this shipper can be gathered from the statement that he was to furnish tobac co for the King of Spain at 9 50 per hundredweight while in Kentucky it would cost him but 2 per hundred weight Reporter Lexington In what place in Kentucky was a newspaper first publish ed Answer In Lexington on August 18 1787 John and Fielding Bradford estab lished there the Kentucky Gazette The Pittsburg Gazette led on this account In the West the Kentucky paper imme diately following L Haw kins Ashland Ky When the constitution of the United States was adopted by Virginia how did the result stand I am anxious to get the exact figures as w e have a dispute about them Answer The Virginia vote was 88 In favor of and 78 against adopting the con stitution African Indianapolis Had Kentucky any colored people who were free in ear ly times in the early days of slavery in the State Answer Yes In a statement made regarding the population of Kentucky In 1790 we are told that tlhe State then had a population of 61 133 white people 114 free colored people and 12 430 slaves making a total at that date of 73 667 Botanical Student Louisville Does the laurel magnolia grow in Louisville Answer Yes Louisville has a num ber of good specimens of this plant At the moment we recall one such specimen on the property on the northeast corner of Third and Broadway This THE LIFE OF JESUS OF NAZARETH CHAPTER CXXV FAITHFUL IN A VERY LITTLE He entered and was passing through Jericho And behold a man called by name Zacchaeus and he was a chief publican and he was rich And he sought to see Jesus who he was and could not for the crowd because he was little of stature And he ran on before and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him lor he was to pass that way And when Jesus came to the place he looked up and said unto him Zacchaeus make haste and come down for today I must abide at thy house quot And he made haste and came down and received him joyfully And when they saw it they all murmured saying He is gone in to lodge with a man that is a sinner And Zacchaeus stood and said unto the Lord Behold Lord the half of my goods I give to the poor and if I have wrongfully exacted aught of any man I restore fourfold And Jesus said unto him Today is salvation come to this house forasmuch as he also is a son of Abraham For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost And as they heard these things he added and spake a parable be cause he was nigh to Jerusalem and because they supposed that the kingdom of God was immediately to appear He said therefore A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return And he called ten servants of his and gave them ten pounds and said unto them Trade ye herewith till I come But his citizens hated him and sent an ambassage after him saying We will not that this man reign over us apos And it came to pass when he was come hack again having received the kingdom that he commanded these serv ants unto whom he had given the money to be called to him that he might know what they had gained by trading And the first came before him saying Lord thy pound hath made ten pounds more And he said unto him Well done thou good servant because thou wast found faith ful in a very little have thou authority over ten cities And the second came saying Ihy pound Lord hath made five pounds apos And he said unto him also Be thou also over five cities And another came saying I oid behold here is thy pound which I kept laid up in a napkin for I feared thee because thou art an austere man thou takest up that thou layedst not down and reapest that thou didst not sow He saith unto him Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee t hou wicked servant Thou knowest that I am an austere man taking up that I laid not down and reaping that I did not sow then wherefore gavest thou not my money in to the bank and I at my coming should have required it with interest apos And he said unto them that stood by Take away from him the pound and give it unto him that hath the ten pounds And they said unto him Lord he hath ten pounds I say unto you that unto every one that hath shall be given but from him that hath not even that which he hath shall be taken away from him Howbelt these mine enemies which would not that I should reign over them bring hither and slay them before me And when he had thus spoken he went on before going up to Jeru salem magnolia has a number of common names in addition to the one already given sweet hay white bay swamp laurel swamp sassafras beaver tree Tech nically it is mostly known as Magnolia glanca Britton amp Brown in their New Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada name it M Virgiu iana Drummer Bedford Ind The date of the assassination of Judge J M Elliott of the Kentucky Court of Appeals was March 26 1879 The date of the assassi nation of President James A Garfield was July 21 1881 An attempt was made to assassinate Queen Victoria in March 1882 Anti Mormon Lexington John Taylor succeeded Brigham Young as president of the Mormon church Delegate Frankfort Ky I would like to know exactly what vote Hancock and Garfield each got when they ran for the Presidency Will be obliged for the in formation Answer The race In question was in 1880 Garfield got 4 449 053 votes Han cock 4 442 035 Of the electoral votes Garfield received 214 and Hancock 155 Bank Clerk Shelbyvllle Ky Specie payments were formally resumed in this country on January 2 1879 they had the been suspended since 1862 Richmond Ky Please tell me of the origin and work of the Salvation Army an odd body of men and women that I find in most of the cities into which I travel as a young commercial man Answer This now great movement be gan with the Rev W Booth mostly known as Gen Booth It is a work for the poorest of the poor it reaches down to help and uplift even the lowest and most degraded The beginning was in London Bunds of this force are now on duty in most of the leading countries of the world The movement is well organ ized and however odd distinctively re ligious Princeton Ky I have forgotten a good deal about the groat fire at Chicago though I was there soon after the event I want to recall some of the leading facts that I may tell my children of them aud so I ask for the Evening Post s help Answer This fire raged from the 8th to the 11th of October 1871 As many as 250 persons were killed and close to 100 000 people were left destitute by it it destroyed some 25 000 buildings Help was promptly sent to Chicago from lead ing cities the world over especially from the leading American and English cities Young Sport Louisville Why is the first day of the races called Derby day and why should the word Derby be spelled with a capital D Also say where the first races in Kentucky were run Answer The great English national race held at Epsom was founded by the Earl of Derby and was first run on May 1780 Hence the name and the use of the capital letter The first horse races in Kentucky took place In April 1873 at Humble s race paths and on May 10 1783 at Hag gin apos s race paths both near Harrod burg At the latter place Hugh McGary gentleman was apos tried and found guilty for betting a mare worth 12 The opin ion of the court was that said Hugh McGary gentleman be deemed an infa mous gambler and that he shall not be eligible to any office of trust or honor within this State pursuant to an act of Assembly entitled an act to suppress ex cessive gambling CHANGES ANNOUNCED L M Render and J W Brigman Pro moted by the Columbia Trust Company The Columbia Finance amp Trust Com pany today announced the changes in Its office force since the retirement of ALr Wallace Hill L Af Render takes the position vactetl by Mr Botts promoted to Mr HJU s po sition J W Brigman becomes trust bookkeeper and an outside man has been selected to tuko his former position Tho changes are effective tomorrow Wallace Hill leaves today for hCicago to take a position with the Continental National Bank RUSH OF TAXPAYERS Many Eager to Take Advantage of tha Last Day Without Penalty As this is the last day on which taxes for 1900 may be paid at their face value 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Paris muslin and carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley Mr and Mrs Wilson left last night for Hot Springs Va and will later be at home in Brooklyn LMliss Castleman now Mrs Wilson Is a lovely girl and she land her sister are among the most popu lar women in Louisville The Tourist Club will meet this after noon wiUh Mrs Mary McDonald Bethel 523 West Chestnut street Two interest ing papers have been prepared and will be read on quot Portrait Art in America by Mrs James M Johnson and quot Miniature Painting by Mrs Charles F Harvey The discussion which will follow will be led by the hostess Mr 9 Tom L Jo hnson of Cleveland O who has been at the Galt House for sev eral days will return home tomorrow Mrs apos Harry Gfiinstead will entertain her euchre club this afternoon Mr and apos Mrs John Deere Cady iof Mo line HI will have a box party at the races this afternoon Their guests will be Mrs Emily Ward Gilmore Mrs Will iam F Schulte Miss Linda fLee and Miss Sallle Fetter Mr and Mrs John Deere Cady of Mo lnie 111 who have been visiting Mrs Cady apos s molther Mrs Emily Ward Gil more will return home next Sunday Mr and Mrs W O Bonirie and chil dren will leave June 1 for Crescenit apos Hill where they will spend the summer at the home of Mr and Mrs W P Clancy which they have rented Miss Mary Tyler Hill and Mr Fred erick Churchill Winchester will be mar ried this evening at 9 o clock at Calvary Episcopal Church by the Rev J G Min nigerode Mrs B F Avery of Chicago Is the guest of Mrs George apos C Avery 1321 Third avenue Mrs James Todd and Mrs Frederick 1Toy will entertain the Menefee Todd bridal party this evening Mrs Alexander of Spring Station will arrive today to visit Mr and Mrs Leslie Combs The Monday Afternoon Euchre Club 111 not meet this week but will be en tertained next Monday afternoon May 6 by Mrs Mary Macdonald Bethel 523 West Chestnut street Mr and Mrs Felix Lamond of New York arrived this morning to visit Mr and Mrs R A Robinsou 1617 Fourth avenue Mrs Fannie Fox Owsley has been visit ing her sister Mrs Holloway near Hop kinsville Mr Frederick Churchill Winchester who witl be married this evening to Miss Mary Tyler Hill has presented to the men of the bridal party exquisite gold scarf pins in the shape of fleur de lis Mr and Mrs F C Gerard of Bowling Green who have been visllting friends and relatives here have returned home apos Mrs Linnle BaJll apos Hill lias returned from a short visit to Judge John S Kelley and family at Bardstown Mr and Mrs Lucas Brodhead of AskY our Doctor Ask him if it isn t true that about every one needs a good spring medicine Ask him if your depression of spirits your general weak ness and your feeling of exhaustion are not due to impure blood and weakness of the nerves Then ask him about Ayer s Sarsaparilla If he says it s all right get a bottle of it today We know it is the best thing you can possibly take to lift you up and bring back your old strength and vigor 1 00 a bottle All druggis J C AYER CO Lowell Mass Mrs Leslie Carter whom David Be lasco made into a great actress at a price of 50 000 to collect which from Millionaire Fairbanks he was afterward put to some trouble appeared last night Macauley s in quot Zaza written by the me Belasco Of Mrs Carter s abilities here is no longer any question The titian hued actress who was last seen by Louisville people swinging from a bell in the Curfew Shall Not Ring To night play of quot Maryland has devel oped her latent powers and stands near the top Her abilities are such that she does not need the medium of a play which attracts roasts from the pullpit to score success quot Zaza is just like the name sounds Perhaps quot Zizl would ezpress It a little better but quot Zaza is good Everybody who saw it last night went expecting thrills and creepy feelings and that de ligbtfully wicked sensation of quot I won der what she will do next They re ceived their money s worth partly iu these thrills and partly in some splendid acting by Mrs Carter It is said that quot Zaza was presented last night in an expurgated form and that the current was considerably re duced it being feared perhaps that the nervous organism of Louisville is too high strung to stand what is merely stimulating to the porcine nature of Cin cinnati for instance Mr David Belasco is a playwright who understands perfectly the emotions that sway people and he is skilled in the abt of so presenting them on the stage that they will touch some common chord The use of opposites is favored by him and in quot Zaza a scanlet woman and an in nocent child are adapted Zaza loves Bernard Dufresne who has a wife and child but who has culled both the lan gurous lily and the blood red rose of life and alternates between his pure home and the abode of his mistress Zaza learns ot his wife apos the other woman to her and she would destroy her but when she goes to the house and sees Dufresne s child and realizes that this is holy love all the best in her nature is brought out and sh leaves the home un blighted Considered as a ps ay apart from the objections commonly urged against such dramas quot Zaza is a fine specimen and Mrs Carter is a great actress As to the rest it is for each one to settle alone with his conscience either before or after seeing quot Zaza will be repeated tonight A SWELL BUT QUIET AFFAIR W Bayard Cutting Weds Lady Sybil Cuffe in London Today LONDON April 30 W Bayard CutAlng apos Jr Secretary of the United States em bassy here and Lady Sybil Cuffe daugh ter of the Earl of Desart were married today at All Saints church this city The wedding was a comparatively quiet af fair The bride was dressed in ivory satin with a court train and Brussels lace and pearl and diamond ornaments Two pages in watteau costumes of pale blue satin acted as train bearers There were I eight bridesmaids Joseph H Choate the United States Ambassador and the other members of the embassy were among the few guests present outside of the families of the bride and bridegroom Subsequently there was a reception at the residence of the bride s parents Editor Evening Post The readers of the Evening Post should bfe exceedingly grateful to that one of the credulous public who ventured to give Gen Preston s accounts of the breaking of the sword by Gen Clark inasmuch as it has been the humble means of bringing out the historic truth concerning that sword from quot Keith quot to whom the writer hereby renders ac knowledgment for his very valuable ser vice Albeit with one touch of his Jth uriel s spear he has shattered into frag ments the fabric of a picture of the Hero of the quot West which had become im pressed as a charming reality on one brain at least It was a good story as Gen Preston told it some fifty years ago or more Too good not to be true Of course Gen Presto could not have stated that he accompanied the deputa tion or that he quot introduced the gentle men to Gen Clark or that he quot was himself an eyewitness of the scene All this lt mu t have been inferred from apos the vividness of the relation which was so thriling so emphasized and so acted out as to leave the indelible impression on one mind tWat he was there and saiw and heard all he described Other listen ers may have been better informed than was this party at thaft time to whom Gen Geo Rogers Clark apos was almost a hero myth and who would have been only a little more surprised to hear that Hector or Achilles had lived in poverty in a log cabin on Corn Island So the story remained as a vision of the past a vivid mind picture recalled by the various versions of it recently It was then given to the pdblic as being much the apos best picture of the old hero and given only as remembered quot Not regarding it as a matter of historic im port no dates were thought of it was written simply as a recollection no sift ing of it for its truth occurred for an in stant Hence the anachronisms for which the writer is wholly responsible and not Gen iPreiston Nevertheless I can no more erase the impression of that picture from my brain than I could that of the vision of the blue sky even though it were tomorrow replaced by a white sky or a black one never again to appear to mortal eyes as the true heaven And Gen Preston s word photograph is so much more in keeping with the real George Rogers Olark of history the hero of Vincennes than is the lamentable even though true picture of him as a helpless invalid that I would fain draw a curtain over this last as 1 would over a black eky and remember him only as I have thought of him so apos long as hero 8 trill even in dire misfortune and poverty One thing more Gen Preston did not tell the story by way of casting any re flection on our dear old mother State Virginia As a matter of course it was to be supposed that she knew nothing of Gen Clark s real condition else she would have sent him quot bread as she did and not merely quot a toy as she did not How the story originated will prob ably never be known but Col Preston he was Colon 1 then must surely have be lieved it cr he could not have told it as he did Not hav ng preserved the paper in which hi gt account was given by the writer fi p the entertainment of your t J Silk Elegance 1 1 J j l This store Is Silk 1 iead quap ters TO STOP A COLD After exposure or when you feel a cold coming on take a dose of FOLEY apos S HONEY AND TAR It never fails to stop a cold if taken in time MISS COTTLOW HERE i Brilliant Young Pianist Arrives to Ap pear Before the Musical Art Society Augusta Cottlow arrived in Louisville this morning and put tap at the Galt House to remain for several days after her recital tomorrowr evening at Macau ley apos s Theater Miss Cottlow will formally close the successful season of the Musical Art Society Miss Cot t law is accompanied by her mother and will be the object of a good deal of personal attention while in the city Two box parties have been made up for the recital one by Mr and Mrs W R Belknap and the other by Mrs J E Whitney In the Belk naps box will be Mrs Emily Davidson Miss Price of New York Miss Lura Chess and Messrs La Jon Allen and Mr Richard Look The apos box fifheet is at Smith amp Nixon apos s where the sale indicates a very large audience The program is Prelude and Fuigue for Organ D ma jor Bach Arranged for the piano by Ferruccio Bu soni Rondo A minor Mozart Seventeen Variations Serieuses Mendelssohn Intermezzo A flat major Brahms Rhapsodie D minor Brahms Nocturne F sharp minor Chopin Ballade F major Chopin Der Llndenb amp uxn Schubert Liszt Etude D flat major Liszt Marche Militaire Schubert Tauslg COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT BUYS THE NAMOUNA NEW YORK April 30 A dispatch to the Herald from Genoa says The Amer ican steam yacht Naraouna is here fitting out for a voyage to Panama having been purchased by the Colombian government Negotiations for acquiring her have been carried out by Gen Herbert O Jeffries who is here directing her arrangements Gen Jeffries is a Wes gt t Point man Ho served with 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Southern States What I say is not new it is simply in commendation of your editorials I cast my first vote in a national elec tion for Garfield and I consider myself a staunch Republican At any rate if I know myself in the lea t bit of a way I am not a picayune Republican I hold that my party is far greater than any one man in it even though that man be the President of the United States And certainly a fortiari that parly is greater than any greedy officeholder whether he be quot Collector of the Port or Reve nue or merely a 2 50 gauger I am one of those Republicans who have given cheerfully time labor and means to the cause of the party Not an office have I sought Not oue do desire Not one would I accept I sim ply desire the highest good of Kentucky and believe that her greatest develop ment must come through the practical application of Republican principles and policies through sound money commer cial activity State and national devel opraent If those short sighted men who ar seeking to become quot little bosses quot in the party think there are no disinterested men in the Republican ranks iu Ken tucky they are very much mistaken there are thousands of them and they are watching the course of tliese quot blooming bosses with sorrow chagrin and dis gust combined There is one thought that has im pressed very many of us It has been in my own mind for gt ears viz that the only expedient the only sure and right eous way to break the solid South which is the bane of the Southern people is to interest it in the future of the whole country and hence in the policy of the administration We older Republicans had hopes that this policy had been In augurated in the appointment of Key as Postmaster General from Tennessee but the policy was not continued We hoped that Garfield would Initiate the movement but he did not Then we looked for Har rison to take steps in that direction instead he did the viery opposite and in consequence lost his re election through the horde of officeholders who nominated him But now President McKinley seems to have broken the i tee He has dared to appoint capable Democrats to respon sible positions We balieye be is a wise man We know that in Kentucky there are thousands of independent Democrats utterly disgusted with quot Goebelisra who if properly encouraged would cast lu their lot with the Republican party and its magnificent destiny President McKinley must see this bu when he appoints some Independent Dem ocrat to a responsible office lo there arises a swarm of quot harpy officeholders who calumniate him for neglecting quot good and true Republicans My God None but Republicans has been appointed to Federal office in Ken tucky for the last thiry eight years So all over the South The President who has the foresight and courage to put ca pable Democrats into office in this Suite along with worthy Republicans will be the man to smash the Democratic party as now constituted in pieces I myself believe that Theodore Roose velt if ever President will be the man with courage and charity sufficient to do this thing If so he will be the idol of the Southern States Men who not only receive benefit themselves hut who feel that they are esteemed worChy to confer benefit upon the country and government will not be likely to antagonize the ad ministration that appoints them No they will work for it and lend all their influence to it Let such a policy be pursued wisely throughout the South and its solidity will exist no longer May that day soon come is the wish of A NATIONAL REPUBLICAN SECRETARY OF STATE Minnesota Has No Firmer Believer in Paine s Celery Compound FUNSTON S CRITICS White and Black Foulards White grounds with black de j signs M bite grounds with navy designs 1 he two most stylish ef 1 r c fo spring and summer wear apos 4 ui uce we make special of I fers this week 1 00 grade 24 inches wide 79c 1 25 grade 28 inches wide 98c Hauftnan gratis amp To Fourth Avenue To the Editor of the Evening Post A modicum of uhe public press in Amter ica Canada and apos Europe in commenting on Funston s capture of Aguinaldo zeal ously endeavor to belittle a really heroic and praiseworthy exploit lt n the grounds that stratagem instead of open force of arras was made use of in its accomplish ment quot Event a paper published in Ottawa Canada delivers itself after this man ner on the subject quot Aguinaldo was not taken by force of arms or in any manner which reflects credit on the American army but by a trick Funston showed bravery it is true but It is the kind of bravery a burglar shows who breaks into yoicr house at night the same bravery that the common forger displays when he pre sents his spurious bill or false check for payment and trusts to luck to carry him through There is nothing brave or no ble or inspiring in the act of this new made American General There is more of the oily serpent than of the true bravery of the soldier in such an act There is no need to make further quo tation from other papers of the quot Event stripe since they all say the same thing in spirit and nearly the same in wo ds Now t I am here to say and with no fear that I jeopardize my reputation for veracity that all in such stuff as the above quotation that is not pure cant is unadulterated daraphoolishness From tjhe days of Agamemnon down to the time of Aguinaldo there has never been a mllfi tary campaign conducted In which therte fc was not practical stratagem a3 a lawful and honorable function of warfare The greatest Generals of all history have by stratagem sought to deceive and mislead the enemy and the greater the General the more successful have been his strate gic maneuvers During our recent war with Spain did we not have a quot Strategic apos Board quot whose business it was to dis cover as far as possible the see et inten tions of the enemy and at the same tints keep the enemy deceived as to our own movements Why stratagem is one half of warfare If this were not true then a spy from the enemy s camp in time o apos war might be socially received and banqu ed instead of executed as he now is If this wtre not true a citizen w r ho iu Urno of war should reveal to the enemy the military secrets of his country would not be de nounced as a traitor and pun shed with death as he now is and has always loeou but might retain his life cltireaubip and respectability and thereafter he elected to some public office Funston s piece of stratagem was cs Paine s celery compound has acquired its tremendous reputation for making people well by direct personal testimony from men and women who have used it No testimonial has ever been published for this great remedy that could not be easily verified at first hand by anyone at all interested Nothing has ever been claimed for Taine s celery compound that it has not accomplished in hundreds of cases For the guidance of thoughtful people who recognize the need of purifying f be blood and regulating the nerves in the spring the following letter to the pro prietors of Paine s celery compound from Secretary of State Berg of Minneapolis will be of the utmost value in determin ing upon a trustworthy spring remedy St Paul Minn Jan 4 1901 Dear Sirs One can show no greater faith than by taking a remedy for one s health No better testimonial of excellence can be offered than the recommendation of that remedy to one s friends I have taken Paine s celery compound myself and as a result heartily commend it to others ALBERT BERG 1 No remedy but Paine apos s celery compound 1 has ever been recommended by so con spicuously fair minded a body of men i and women It occupies a clear field among men of sound judgment in the cure of diseases arising from a tired or other wise impaired nervous system There is no help so sure and so imme diate as one gets from the use of Paine s celery compouhd Detailed information of innumerable cases of rheumatism neu ralgia and dyspepsia completely cured has established this great invigorator as the most valuable 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humane heroic anil honorable of the two Funs ton apos s mil itary career apos has fairly won him a Gen eralship a title which his country does not believe he will ever disgrace WILLIAM H TSRASHFAit Bowling Green Ky NO FEVER ON BOARD VICTORIA B C April SO H M S Condor which arrived from the south Sunday did not have any yellow fever on board all the patients having been landed t Panama One slight case occurred tier the vessel left Panama but the patient was better the next day The dis ease was contracted at Tumaee Colombia The vessel is still in quarantine and is being fumigated Mrs Winslow apos s Soothing Syrup Has been used for over FIFTY YEARS by MILLIONS OF MOTHERS for their CHILDREN WHILE TEETHING with PERFECT SUCCESS It SOOTHES the CHILD SOFTENS the GUMS ALLAYS all PAIN CURES WIND COLIC and is the best remedy for DIARRHOEA Sold by druggists in every part of the world Be sure and ask for quot Mrs Winslow s Soothing Syrup apos and take no other kind Twenty five cents a bottle BUSCHMEYER S CUT RATE DRUG STORE Spring Tonics and Blood Purifiers Paine apos s Celery Compound 73c Pinkham Compound 71c Hood s Sarsaparilla 73c Peruna 70c Glide s Pepto Mangan 80c Swamp Root large 70c small 35c Wyeth apos s Beef Iron and Wine 65c Gray s Glycerine Tonic 79c Greene s Nervura v vToc Cutlcura Resolvent 40c McElree s Wine of Cardui A 7e Pierce apos s Discovery a 0 o Fellow apos s Syrup Hypophosphite 1 00 Beef Wine and Iron pint lt lt 5f Wampoie apos s Cod Livor Oil 69 1 Palmer s Sarsaparilla 70c Pinkam s Blood Purifier 79c McDade s Remedy 1 65 We save you money on prescriptions Soda Water season has begun we feel it The best glass of Fruit Syrup Ice cream Soda for 5c in the erty We make our syrups from fruitte No liquors sold at soda stand Try a glass BUSCHEMEYER BROS Drug Store 4th and jfcreen Hail Orders Solicited FOR SALE Fine All wool Misfit Carpets apos IQr sizes 10x15 feet at Fine Cotton Warp Matting in Op good order Gasoline Stoves as low as 2 00 Fine Brussels Carpets as low 30c Moquette Carpets ClOf as low as Fine Oak Sideboard modern CQ CQ styie as good as new An old style Oak dui CA Sideboard MANUFACTURERS apos FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth Dr Burkharts wonderful Offer s Tfl Days Treatment VEGETABLE fomphuno An opportunity lost may never return Dr Burkhart apos s Vegetable Compound is guaranteed to cure Kidney Liver and Stomach Diseases even in their chronic forms also Rheumatism Catarrh Ma laria Dizziness Coated Tongue Head ache Palpitation of Heart and Sleepless ness 10 days trial free All druggists DR W S BURKHART Cincinnati O THE RATIONAL BREAD TO USE Baked daily at Schaefer s Bakery 634 Fourth Ave Summer Law School UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 82d Summer July 2 to Sept 1 1901 Especially helpful to beginnera to candidates for admission to the bar and to practitioners who h ft to lacked sys tematic instruction For cat a loguo address RALEIGH C MI NOIL Seo y ChurlotteevIIle Va 5 An ad in the EVENING POST reaches the buying and paying people of Louis ville 8 THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1001 The Best Horses West to Start in the in ADMISSION 1 00 TOMORROW TICKETS ON SALE At Rosenham apos s Buschemeyer s Hum Icr amp Nolan apos s The Boston McNairy 6 Schwab The Chicago and all hotels NO IMPROPER CHARACTERS ALLOWED FIFTY THREE ROUNDS OF FIERCE FIGHTING DERBY NIGHT RING CONTESTS RED HOT SULLIVAN KNOCKED out McClelland matthe ws received decision over COUHIG SOME RATTLING PRELIMINARIES American League CLUBS Won Lost Per Ct Detroit 5 0 1 000 Washington 3 0 1 000 Baltimore 3 1 607 Chicago 3 2 600 Cleveland 2 3 400 Philadelphia 1 2 333 Boston 0 3 OuO Milwaukee 0 5 000 CYCLING IN SOUTH AMERICA Although Referee Ike English gave the decision to Matty Matthews the welter weight champion over Tommy Couhig of Dunkirk IN Y in their championship apos bout last night at the Buckingham Thea ter two thirds of the 3 000 spectators present thought the doughty young New Yorker was at least entitled to a draw and they expressed their disapproval of the decision in no unmeasured terms English was roundly hissed Couhig forced the fighting from start to finish and struck two blows to the champion s one Matthews however was clever and had it not been for his superb ring generalship he would not have last ed over ten rounds Couhig was as strong us a bull and kept after his opponent from start to finish In the very first round Couhig s apos arted after Matthews The latter broke ground repeatedly apparently feeding out his man Matthews landed a vicious right on the nose in the second round and the men were fighting fiercely when the gong sounded In the third round Couhig iforced Matthews over the ropes and ad ministered severe punishment The round was decidedly Couhig s In the next round Matthews drew the claret from Couhig 8 nose and opened up a sore over the eyes During the rest of the fight he repeatedly landed on these two points and as a result Couhig bled profusely The loss of blood however did not seem to weaken him and in the last round he forced the fight although apos Matty got in some stiff blows Both men had trained careifully for the fight and could have gone on for twenty additional rounds if it had been necessary There were few in the big crowd of spectators who wer aware of the fact that before the eleventh round Referee English received a telegram announcing that his mother was dying at his home in Cincinnati Tie was almost heart broken hut continued his duties to the end giv ing a decision which gave added pangs to his grief He took the first train after the bout for Cincinnati English s tears after the bout were pitiful to those who knew the cause The big fellow wept like a child and many thought that he had broken down simply because his decision Chad been hissed LitDle did those who took this method of expressing their dis approval realize the great grief which had overtaken him While Tommy Couhig and Matty Mat thews were apos battling at the Buckingham for the welterweight championship Dave Sullivan of New York and Jack McClel land of apos Pittsburg were doing battle at the Auditorium for the privilege of meet ing Terry McGovern for the featherweight championship The end of this battle apos came in the twentieth round when McClelland who looked a winner left his jaw un guarded for a fraction of a second Sulli van was quick to take advantage of this and landed with a right hander on the spot which sent the Plttsburger sprawl ing He was down nine seconds He arose and was apparently gaining strength when a minute later Sullivan landed again on the same point ar d it was all off with the Peirbsy apos lvanian An amusing feature of the bout was the announcer a rotund individual from Chi cago Charley Porst by name who ap peared in a full dress suit The crowd did not take kindly to the airs of the Westerner and gave him anything but a cordial reception He was guyed unmer cifully every time he essayed to make an announcement and it is safe to say that Porst will leave his dress duds in Chi cago the next time he comes to this city to perform the very important duties of announcer at a glove contest As a preliminary to the Matthews Cou hig fight Willie Fitzgerald of Brooklyn and Barney Purey of Cincinnati fought ten fierce rounds apos Referee English de clared the bout a draw At the Auditorium Shine Russell a long drawn out negro from Alexandria Ind attempted to stand up before our own Jim Watts Russell s quietus came in the third round Watts appeared in Ais old time form In McGOVERN AND GARDNER READY SAN FRANCISCO April 30 Terry Mc Govern and Oscar Gardner quit train ing yesterday for their glove contest which will take place at the Mechanics Pavilion this evening Both will do a little road work today so as to keep down to the required 124 pounds but that will be all 1 they will do before they weigh iu at 3 p oi today Harry Corbett will referee the fight Both men have been pronounced physically sound by a physi cian after a careful examination Mc Govern and Gardner met in a photograph gallery in ling costume and each ex pressed himself as pleased with the other s condition Both men are under weight and will have no trouble In weigh ing in at 124 pounds There has not been much belting on the event but the pool rooms oner 3 to 1 on McGovern McGovern has agreed to referee the fight between Neill and Trimble at Ba kersfield on Thursday night and previous to the contest wi apos ll spa with Danny Dougherty BUT HUBBY DEACON ELLIS GETS FOX AND AMES AND GIVES UP OUT FIELDER McCANN PITTSBURG DEFEATS ST LOUIS Chicago Boston and Philadelphia Win the Other National League Games STANDING OF ALL THE CLUBS The differences which have existed be tween Deacon Ellis of Grand Rapids and the Western Association were adjusted dast night at a meeting of the Associa tion held at Ft Wayne at which all the elubs were represented The following arranged was entered into Ft Wayne released apos Players Fox and Ames and in return this team received the pick of Grand apos Rapids apos outfielders Ellis imme diately signed the two players and Ft Wayne took Outfielder McCann Ellis theu signed the constitution and by laws of the Association and the trouble with Grand Rapids Is now thought to have iheen amicably settled The apos Louisville team left at 2 o apos clock yesterday afternoon for Columbus where a series of four games will be played Manager Wilmot and his men will not return here until May 23 when the Co lumbus team w lt ill play its first game in Louisville National League Evening Po t Special Service PITTSB apos UtRG April 30 St Louis knock ed out eight runs in the last inning yes terday and things began to look very squally for the Pirates Leever pitched good ball up untlil this inning Pittsburg bad no trouble in finding both Breiten stein and Sudhoft quot Beaumont led at the bat with three hits out of four ties up The score Innings 12 3 4 6 0 7 8 9 T St Louis o 0 2 1 0 0 0 1 8 13 Pittsburg 3 0 2 0 8 0 1 0 apos gt 14 Two base hits Wagner Ritchey 2 Pad den Leach lvreuger Three base hits Bransheld Burkett Heidrick Umpire uwyer Evening Post Special Service apos PHILADELPHIA April 30 Philadel phia and New York indulged in a apos batting contest yesterday the home team finally winning out All four pitchers Dunn Dugglehy Fisher and Doheny were hit hard The score Innings 12345678 9 T New York 3 2 0 2 4 1 1 0 0 13 Philadelphia 2 0 2 5 0 3 0 2 14 Two base hits Delehanty Flick Jack Jacklitz Home run Davis Umpire lits Wolverton Three base hits Slagle O apos Day Evening Post Special Service BROOKLYN April 30 Boston made three runs in the ninth inning and tied the score In the next inning four ad ditional runs gave them the victory The Champions went to pieces completely in the last two innings after they had the game well in hand The score Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 T Boston 0 0 2 2 t ll 0 0 3 4 12 Brooklyn 1 3 2 0 3 0 0 0 U 0 8 Three base hits Hamilton Tenney Two base hits Klttrldge Demont Kelley l mplre Oolgan Evening Post Special Service CHICAGO April 30 Barney McFadden pitched his first game for Cincinnati yes terday and was as wild as a March hare giving eight bases on balls This prac tically lost the game for the Reds In the ninth Inning Danny Green spoiled Cincinnati apos s hopes by catching a long drive by Crawford which looked good for a home run Three men were on the bases The score Innings 1 234567S 9 T Cincinnati 0 o 0 0 u o 0 j 3 6 Chicago o o 0 0 6 o 3 0 a Two base hits Chtids Hughes Craw ford Time of game One hour and thir ty five minutes Umpire Emstie Afherican League Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T Baltimore 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Washington 0 1 0 0 1 1 2 U 5 Two base hits Everett Clark Poults Time of game One hour and fifty min utes Umpire Cantlllion Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T Milwaukee 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 Cleveland 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 4 Two base hits Bradley Pickering Hall man Milwaukee Hawley Three baso hit McCarthy Umpire Manassau and Sheridan Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T Chicago 1 U 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 Two base hit Qieason Three base Hit Buelow Home runs Dillon Elberfeld Shugart Umpire Connolly Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T Boston 1 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 5 Philadelphia 0 2 1 0 u 3 2 0 8 Two base hits Seybold Collins Three base hits Freeman Parent Cross Lajoie 2 Geier Powers Umpire Haskell HOW THEY STAND Western Association Brazil and the Argentines Sport Is Now at the Height of Its Popularity the The representative of a leading New York exporting house who recently re turned from South America says that at present as indeed has been the case for three or lour years past bicycling in that country is far andiaway the most popular of the outdoor sports In the larger cities of Brasil and the Argentines the sport to day is at the height of Its popularity and although the women there were at first somewhat in doubt as to the propriety of riding in public they quickly followed the example of some of the social lead ers who boldly went In for the sport so soon as they had mastered their wheels and now there are as many petticoats awheel as there are knickerbockers Buenos Ayres is perhaps the greatest cycling center in South America where at certain hours of the day the entire city seems to be awheel There are some fine roads leading to beautiful parks iu the suburban districts and along these as well as in the parks the procession of cyclists in the early morn ing and afternoon hours is almost a never ending one The racing end of the sport has developed rapidly of late ac cording to this traveler and he Is of the opinion that there is material there to day capable of giving the fastest men In this country all they want to do to stay in front FIRE SPORTING AND GUNS and PISTOLS GOLF BASEBALL TENNIS FISHING RODS and REELS SALE ATHLETIC GOODS I A COMPLETE 30 000 STOCK of ATHLETIC GOODS slightly damaged We must close out to get ready to open I new stock Open until 9 o clock at 432 WEST MAIN STREET SUTCLI FFE amp CO i Successors to Griffith amp Semple Complete FREE catalogue write for one IF YOU RE LOOKING FOR TURF GOODS HARNESS ND SADDLES CO N I D E N SEP T I IVI E CAR DS GO TO BALD BROS 531 THIRD ST In The Police Court HOW THE DERBY WAS RUN HIS EMINENCE LED ALL THE WAY ALARD SCHECK SHOWING THE WHITE FEATHER FROM THE START GALOWAY ON THE STREETS Galoway Parks is a negro who is black Not uniformly black but black as If he had eaten coal and it had broken out on him in splotches He is a heavyweight but can t do heavy work because it spoils his complexion and makes him tired Parke decided to adopt a professional career and became a mendicant He chose a fashionable neighborhood because he thought the people who are rich swell and highly cultivated would be easier to work for grafts than those who work for their coin and learn to love it Now Galoway was mistaken in his major premise because he found that apos the aforesaid people who live in stone front pagodas only give to worthy causes and he couldn apos t stack up as a worthy Several residents of the locality which Galow apos hy elected to canvass complained to the officer on the beat and Galoway was pinched When brought into the City Court he had several things to say Jedge Yoah lionah 1 ain t done nuth in ter git in trubble erbout ertall Where do you live quot interrogated Judge Vaughan On Clay and Shelby streets 1 bleeve they calls it Don t you know apos those streets run par allel to each other I don apos t know wot parlell am but l reckons dem dar streets ar dat way Well Your Honor you know what the relation of parallel streets is If I rec ollect correctly the definition In Whites geometry is two parallel lines are two lines which if infinitely prolonged can never intersect each other said the prosecutor Yoah Honah I se jest recently errived heah frum Nashville Tenu an I euun l be spected ter know wot parlell streets am in Louisville quot Well whal else have you to say for yourself Well Yoah Honah I se a race track coon an I spected ter make money w en de races b gun I kin pick winners right erlong an I kin tell dis honably cote how ter get er line on de Debutaute Stakes dis evenin 1 don t want nuthln ef yer loses an ef yer wins enny thing you wants ter give me I picked de winner in de Derby yesterday Never mind that Why were you beg ging quot 4 Well Yoah Honah de white geu lemen what I touted yesterday wasn t generus an I had ter git money cause I needed it Well I will give you three hours to get out of town You can go down and walk the bridge and enjoy the high water scenes on the river said the court Yoah Honah I has a jawb ter go ter wuk tomorrow Well if you are caught here tomorrow it s a lead pipe cinch that you will have a job playing rockpile chimes And I guess that will hold you for a while re marked Judge Vaughan The Kentucky Derby run yesterday un der the most favorable circumstances of weather and track was pronounced by all except the wise ones who put their money on Alard Scheck to be a sure enough race and the result just as It should have been The bookies had only themselves to blame for not winning bunches of money for they persisted in holding the black Schorr colt at prohibi tive odds even while the money was sim ply pouring In on His Imminence and Sannazarro Driscoll and Amur got a little support from the pikers who fancy long odds against their money The race was truly run and the best horse in it was first under the wire They got off to a fair start and it was j a case of His Eminence winner all the j way The favorite did not like the pace I at all and showed the white feather early I in the battle The winner was challenged j by each of the colts in turn but the best they could do was to reach him and then fall back to fight it Out for he place with the rest of the bunch apos ihe finish was strange to say just as trie horses I were carded with His Eminenocan easy first under a strong pull sJwiazarro second a couple of lengths inBront of Driscoll Sheck was absolutely list Woods and Winkfleld were the winning jockeys yesterday as they evenly divid ed the six races between them Woods getting home first in the secoud fifth and sixth events and VVinkfielu captur ing the resu THE OTHER WINNERS The following are the winners of the great race in days gone by 1875 Aristides 2 37 i 1 876 Vagrant 2 38 l 1877 Baden Baden 2 38 1878 I Dy Star 2 37U 1 7n 9 Lord Murphy 2 37 1880 Fonso 2 3 I 1881 Hindoo 2 40 1882 Apollo 2 40 apos 1883 Leona t us 2 43 j 1884 Buchanan 2 40 apos i 1885 Joe Cotton 2 37 apos J8S6 Ben All 2 36 i 1887 Montrose 2 39 i 18S8 Macbeth II 2 38 1889 Spokane 2 34 1890 Riley 2 46 1n 91 Kingman 2 52V6 1892 Azra 2 41 apos a 1893 Lookout 2 39 apos 1894 Chant 2 41 1895 Halma 2 37V amp j 1896 Ben Brush 2 1897 Typhoon II 2 12 1S98 Plaudit 2 09 1899 Manuel 2 12 1900 Lieut Gibson 2 06 4 RAILROAD NEWS BELGIAN HARE EXHIBIT CLUBS Won Lost Per Ct Dayton 4 0 1 000 Indianapolis 1 750 Toledo 2 500 Marion gt 2 500 gt 500 Grand Rapids 0 gt 500 Louisville 1 3 250 Columbus 0 4 000 National League CLUBS Wo n Lost Per Ct Cincinnati 2 667 Pittsburg 3 0 600 Boston 3 2 000 St Louis 4 3 571 Philadelphia 4 3 571 Brooklyn 3 3 500 New York 1 3 250 Chicago 2 6 250 Louisville Fanciers Will Be Represent ed at the Lexington Show The first annual exhibition of the Ken tucky Belgian Hare Association will be held at Lexington on May 15 16 and 17 Considerable interest is being taken in the show all over the State and many fine specimens will be entered An entry fee of 25 cents will be charged on each entry for competition and 10 cents to cover expenses of hutch rent care and feed The entries clcse at noon May 8 Among those who will exhibit from Louisville are Mr John Rohrman Mr The Texas Southern Railway Company has purchased a narrow gauge railroad extending from Gilmer Tex a distance of sixteen miles and it is slated will change it to standard gauge and build a connection to the St Louis amp San Fran cisco system D H Scott at Paris Tex is president of the Texas Southern which is in operation between Marshall and llarlton Tex a distance of eighteen miles The Kansas City Ft Scott amp Memphis Railway Company has announced that on I May 1 it would increase the wages of machinists and boilermakers employed In its shops from 2 75 to 2 90 a day The wages of other shopmen will be raised In proportion The comparative statement of the St Louis amp San Francisco Company for the month of March which has just been is sued is as follows Gross earnings 1901 850 602 S8 1900 677 325 85 increase 173 277 03 Operating expenses 1901 511 392 20 1900 409 6459 07 increase 101 733 13 Net earnings 1901 339 210 68 1900 267 666 78 increase 71 543 90 Mileage miles 1901 1 707 1900 1 041 Daniel Willard Assistant General Pas J senger Agent of the Baltimore amp Ohio j road who has accepted a position with j th 1 Erie under President Underwood it was learned yesterday will remain with j the B amp O until June 1 i Mr Underwood goes with the Erie to morrow and Mr Willard will be acting Geueral Manager of the B amp O until a j successor to Second Vice President and General Manager Underwood is appointed Thomas C Peck at one time Chief Clerk to General Passenger Agent Fisher of the Ilocking Valley has been appoint ed Assistant General Passenger Agent of the San Pedro Los Angeles amp Salt Lake road J C Hain Assistant Engineer of Bridges and Buildings of the Chicago Milwaukee amp St Paul has been made En gineer of Permanent Construction with headquarters at Chicago He succeeds W A Rogers resigned W J Harahan will tomorrow become Chief Engineer of the Illinois Central sys tem E Q Sandford Assistant Ticket Agent of the Chesapeake amp Ohio at Huntington W Va has been appointed Ticket Agent of the company here Ed Rowan who has been with the C A O here under Assistant General Pas senger Agent Ryan lias been appointed to succeed Mr Sandford at Huntington John Ryan who has been Acting Ticket Agsnt here will either return to Cincin nati and take his former position in the office of Assistant General Passenger Agent Ryau or will go to Washington to succeed George L Truitt in the office of General Passenger Agent Fuller The changes are effective tomorrow FOUND A SNAKE IN A BUNCH OF BANANAS August Bacigalupi who sells fruits in the Masonic Temple building had snakes yesterday To be more exact he had a snake It came in a bunch of green ba nanas and was of about the same general color and was at least a yard in length and an inch and a half jn diameter There was something of a sensation at Fourth and Jefferson when the snake in troduced himself INSURANCE PAID Over 900 000 Held on the Cargo of the Wrecked Steamer Rio de Janeiro SAN FRANCISCO April 30 All the insurance on the cargo of the wrecked steamer Rio de Janeiro amounting to 000 000 has been paid It is not known how much insurance was carried on the vessel The Col lector at Honolulu sent over by the Rio 30 000 in treasure and it was not insured The steamship c ompany also carried many thousands in its safe on which likewise there was no insurance The most valuable portion of the car go was raw silk L amp N RAILROAD Trains leaving Union Station Tenth and Broadway In effect April 15 1001 o 2 daily at 3 15 a m sleeper to Lincinnati and New York Returning ar rives at 2 45 a m No 4 daily at 8 40 a m Cincinnati Re turning arrives at 9 15 p m Stops at Fourth street going and coming No 6 daily at 4 30 p m parlor car to Cincinnati Returning arrives at 11 31 a m Stops at Fourth street going and com ing No 8 daily at 1 p m sleeper to New ork Returning arrives at 2 15 p m See also 7 20 a in train from First street station FOR THE SOUTH No 1 daily at 9 25 p m sleeper to Memphis New Orleans Chattanooga At lanta arrives at 8 20 a m No 3 daily at 3 00 a m sleepers to Nashville Memphis and New Orleans Re turning arrives at 2 30 a m Note Nos J and 3 connect at Memphis for all points in Arkansas and Texas and at New Orleans for Texas Mexico and the West No 7 daily at 2 35 p m parlor car to Nashville Returning arrives at 12 40 p m No 5 daily at 8 10 a m Nashville Ex press Returning arrives at 7 05 p m N 9 daily except Sunday at 5 15 p m Bowling Green accommodation Re turning arrives at 10 25 a m No 23 daily at 8 25 a m Cumberland Gap Mail connects for Lancaster and Richmond Returning arrives at 4 25 p m I No 25 daily at 8 30 p m Knoxville Express Returning arrives at 6 50 a m No 41 dally except Sunday at 4 10 p m Bardstuwn and Springfield accommo datiom Returning arrives at 8 00 a m No 43 daily except Sunday at 7 35 a m Bardstown find Spr ngneld accommo dation Returning arrives at 5 45 p in FROM FIRST STREET STATION No 12 daily except Sunday Lagrange j accommodation leaves 6 10 p m arrives j lt 34 a m No 14 daily except Sunday Lagrange S ornmo a Hon Laves 5 00 p m arrives i 7 30 p m No 18 daily except Sunday Cincinnati 1 i exlngton and Central Kentucky points leaves 7 20 a m arrives 5 25 p m from xhigt n a ud 7 30 p m from Cincinnati No 16 daily except Sunday Lexington and C entral Kentucky points leaves 2 0o P m arrives 11 57 a m No 20 daily except Sunday Frankfort accommodation leaves 4 00 p m arrives 8 10 a m No 62 Sunday 12 30 p m Lagrange ac commodation Returning arrives 8 30 p m No 52 daily Shelbvville accommoda tion leaves 5 10 p m Returning except 4 av lt arrives 8 30 a m Sunday arrives 9 05 a m No 54 daily except Sunday Shelbyville accommodation leaves 9 15 a m arrives 4 05 p m No 60 Sunday 9 00 a m Lagrange ac commodation Returning arrives 6 00 p m No 26 daily except Sunday 9 00 a m Beard accommodation arrives 10 45 a m Prospect rrains dally except Sunday 6 20 a m 8 25 a m 2 05 p m 5 0 p m Sunday only at 8 25 a m 2 05 P m Returning daily except Sunday arrive at 7 48 a in 10 10 a m 4 45 p m l gt p m Sunday only at 10 10 a m 4 45 p m MONON Chicago Indianapolis amp Louisville Railway Company Union Station Tenth and Broadway City Ticket Office Fourth atid Market streets Schedule in effect March 31 1901 LOUISVILLE TO CHICAGO No 6 No 8 No 4 Lv Louisville 7 36am 2 48pm 8 20pm 14th and Main 7 50am 8 02pm 8 34pm Lv New Albany 8 03am 3 15pm S 47pm Ar Bloomington 11 00am 7 00pm 11 52pm Ar Chicago 5 55pm 7 23am CHICAGO TO LOUISVILLE T No 5 No 7 No 3 Lv Chicago 8 30am 8 30pm Lv Bloomington 3 42pm 6 20am 3 57am Ar Nett Albany 6 42pm 10 00am 7 03am 14th and Main 6 55pm 10 13am 7 16am Ar Louisville 7 09pm 10 27am 7 30am TO WEST BADEN AND FRENCH LICK No 6 No 8 Lv Louisville 7 36am 2 48pm Lv New Albany 8 03am 3 15pra Ar West Baden 10 30am 6 15pm Ar French Lick 10 35am 6 20pm Nos 3 4 5 and 6 are daily Nos 7 and S daily except Sunday RIG 4 Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago amp St Louis Railway Vestlbuled trains to all points North and Northwest City Ticket Office 218 Fourth avenue Depot Seventh and river All trains stop at First street elevated station Time card in effect April So 1900 FROM LOUISVILLE Indianapolis Terre Haute Mattoon St Louis Dan ville Peoria Lafayette and Chicago 18 00am t6 30pm Greensburg Anderson Al exandria Wabash Elk hart Niles and Benton Harbor f8 00am t6 30pm Greensburg Indianapolis Peoria Lafayette and Chicago 8 00pm 7 30am FRO Ai C 1 NO 1 N NATL No 46 No 16 No IS No 28 Lea ve Cincinnati 8 30am 2 30pm apos 6 30pm 9 35pm Arrive New York 8 00am 2 55pm 6 00pm 5 30am Boston 10 34am 4 55pm 9 00pm 10 34am quot Daily tDaily except Sunday SOUTHERN RAILWAY St Louis amp Louisville Lines I y Hl quot 7 dep V seventh street and river at mV Clty Ticket Office 2B0 Fourth Time card effective January 1 1901 Louisville Division Southern Railway in Kentucky EASTBOUND A Uouls jUe 7 am uwtpm aV u x apos frt n 10 45am 7 15pm Ar 10 55am 7 30pm At Georgetown 11 50am 7 40pm WESTBOUND Lv Burgln No apos 4 apos i apos v a r 8et wn 7 00am aV apos L oul vii fL n LISam 7 30am lt ou s ille 7 50am 10 40um No 3 7 45pm 10 30pm No 2 4 30pm 3 10pm 4 35pm o 1 S e i 7 50am 10 40am 7 40pm ton I fiwrnn C L C P8 Louisville to Lexing Sidllei to oi ct apos bulK to Burgln a apos quot VVr Si I mfit Georgetown Pullman sleepvrt yia I ev 11 1 Louisville to Jacksonville e ngrton i hattanooga and Atlanta Vine conches Lexington to l ouis Geor t if n and Lawrenceburg am and Versailles Pullman dacksonvilie to St Louis via Chattanooga Burgln and Louisville mAj 1 Observation chair cars anti Tmll Louisville to Burgln Coachti Versailles IO Lexington Georgetown to coa ti ti apos Observation chair cars and 10 Louisville Coaches Vereaflics l Louisville Georgetown tv 0 Pt apos Hman Louisville to Birming n V la Lexington and Chattanooga rhn i ii n oilman from Birmingham and Lhattanopga to Louisville tnn n S 8 between Louisville Lexing fon and Burgin dally n n f 5 gt between Versailles and Georgetown daily vJiSfe aml Georgetown artd tvS e x daily except Sunday q n Ins 5 a lcl 6 connect at Ver SSV Wlth LouisyUle amp Atlantic railroad daliy except Sunday h r necl quot s are n a le at Lexington and fAr wl th ains on the Q amp C route for all points south St Louis Division LOUISVILLE TO ST LOUIS T No 1 No 3 a L u svl le CUOam 9 15pm Ar S i apos Louls 6 00pm 7 04am S apos l LOUIS TO LOUISVILLE t No 2 No 4 Lv St Louis 8 08am 9 15pm apos teSjK apos i 1 5 45pm 7 00am LOl 1SV1LLE TO EVANSVILLE T T No 1 No 3 No 5 a i 0u sv Ule 8 00am 9 15pm 5 00pm Ar Evansville 12 35pm 10 00am 9 45pm EVANSVILLE TO LOUISVILLE T T No 22 quot No 24 No 6 Lv Evansville 1 15pm 6 15pm 7 30am Ar Louisville 5 45pm 7 00am 11 35am Dans 1 and 5 make connection with Planch trains to Rockport and Cannelton Laity except Sunday Other trains daily ILLINOIS CENTRAL Double daily service to Memphis and New Orleans Union Depot foot of Seventh street Jn effect December 1 1900 MEMPHIS amp NEW ORLEANS LIMITED No 103 No 104 Leaves 9 40 p m Arrives 7 45 a m NEW ORLEANS SPECIAL No 101 L No 102 Leaves 12 01 p m Arrives 5 45 p m No 121 LOCAL MAIL No 122 Leaves 7 00 a m Arrives 4 55 p m ACCOMMODATION No 131 No 132 Leaves 5 00 p m Arrives 10 00 a m HENDERSON ROUTE Louisville Henderson amp St Louis Railroad Ticket Office 223 Fourth avenue Union Depot Seventh and River In effect January 14 1900 EVANSVILLE ST LOUIS AND WEST Xo 41 No 43 No 45 Lv Louisville 7 45am 4 45pm 8 35pm Ar Evansville 1 15pm 10 40pm 1 25am Ar St Louis 7 16pn 7 20am ST LOUIS TO LOUISVILLE amp EAST No 42 No 44 No 46 Lv St Louis 8 28am 8 55pm Lv Evansville 6 50am 2 20pm 2 55am Ar Louisville 12 15pm 7 45pm 7 30am Trains Nos 41 42 43 and 44 connect at Irvington daily with trains Nos 1 2 3 and 4 for Fordsville Hardinsburg and Falls of Rough arid other stations on Fordsville branch B amp O S W RAILROAD To Cincinnati and the East to St Louis and the West No 14 No 16 No 18 No 20 Leave Louisville 2 30am 8 05am 2 10pm 5 55pm Arrive Cincinnati 7 30am 11 58am 5 30pm 9 30pm Columbus 11 15am 5 50pm II 39pm 1 45am Toledo 6 65pm 4 40pm 4 10am Detroit 4 20pm 8 45pm C 55pm 6 55am Cleveland 2 55pm 9 55pm 1 50am 6 45am Buffalo 7 30pin 2 5oam 6 18am 2 00pm Newark 12 10n n 6 f gt 5pm 12 35am 8 17am Wheeling 4 20pm 12 15am 4 20am Pittsburg 7 50pm 7 55am ST LOUIS SPRINGFIELD AND WEST No 14 No 16 No 44 Lv Louisville 2 30am 8 05am 8 20pm Ar St Louis 12 40n n 6 55pm 7 36am Ar Springfield 8 18pm 8 40am TRAINS ARRIVE Fr East 7 10ain 11 52am 5 55pm 9 30pm Fr West 7 10am 11 52am 5 56pm CHESAPEAKE amp OHIO RY CO Union Depot foot of Seventh street ona block from Louisville Hotel Additional stop at Elevated Station First street back of Galt House City Ticket Office 216 Fourth avenue Schedule in effect Oc tober 1 1900 F F V LIMITED DAILY Leave Louisville 8 30am Arrive Washington 6 47am Arrive New York 12 43n apos n Arrive Boston N 8 30pm Arrive Norfolk 12 15pm Returning arrives in Louisville 8 00pm WASHINGTON EXPRESS DAILY Leave Louisville 6 00pm Arrive Washington 3 39pm Arrive New York 9 08pm Arrive Norfolk 7 05pm Returning arrives in Louisville 11 00am LEXINGTON SHORT LINE Solid vestibule trains daily Leave Louisville 8 30am 6 00pm Arrive Lexington 11 10am 8 40pm Arrive Mt Sterling 12 25pm 9 43pm Returning arrives 8 00pm 11 00am PENNSYLVANIA LINES Louisville Union Station Tenth street and Broadway Ticket Office at 220 Fourth avenue Union Station and Four teenth and Main street Station Through trains as follows FOR INDIANAPOLIS AND CHICAGO Leave Louis S 00am 1 45pm 4 00pm 8 30pnt Arri ve Louis 7 10pm 12 05pm 10 57am 7 40am EAST VTA L amp N R R From Tenth street Station only Lv Louisville 3 15am 1 00pm 4 30pm Ar Louisville 9 15pm 11 31am 2 16pm Daily except Sunday All other trains daily FIRE BRICK TRUST TORONTO O April 30 Promoters are at work on the plans for the for mation of a gigantic fire brick trust to include all the plants in this valley on both sides of the river Agents of the combine have secured inventories of the plants VIM VIGOR VITALITY FOR MEN Mormon Bishops pills have been in use over 50 years by the leaders of the Morraoa Church their lonowcri Positively cures the worst cases in old and young arising from effect of self abuse dissipation excesses or cigarette smoking Cures Lost Manhood lm 1 Insomnia Pains lack Nervous pe er const voui Twitching every funt organs Stimulates the brain or money rciunded with 6 boxes Circular free 50c a Address Bishop Rsmsdy Co San Francisco Cal NOCIv amp SNYDER Second and Mar kot WOMEN FEMALE BEANS great monthly regu lator strongest best m mm mmmm m ox SftfCSt JCODtaln KrgOt Tansy Pennyroyal not a single failure longest most obstinate cases relieved In a few days si OU at X P Taylor amp Co and Rosenhatn d Co druggists NO CURE NO PAY If you have small weak organs lost power or weakening drains our Vacuum Organ Developer will restore you without drugs or h aa mmma mm mm electricity 75 000 in use not one failure not one returned no C O D fraud write for free particulars sent sealed in pljun envelope LOCAL PUANCE CO 78Thorpe Blk Indianapolis Ind m U MAT ISM POSITIVELY CUBED BY L A V I L L E S LIQUOR OR PILLR Used successfully by leading Physicians throughout Europe in treating the MOST COMPLICATED and STUBfiOPvN CHRONIC CASES Pamphlet with full Information Irom Eh FOTTGFJIA A CO 36 30 N William St yX Y BLg li a non potsonott remedy for Qoftorrkoo QUut Spermatorrhoea Whites utmnturnl charges or mt iafinama d irritation or dkefa an of uueoti sent In plain wrapper 01 sent in plain wrapper Circular teat oa re aa DR RICE 20 years in Louisville Ky now at 1837 E SPRING ST NEW ALBANY INI A reolarty edna Mat suaacitfxl 1 Spermatorrhea and Iaapotexwy aa Mertiuti f self sheet i yemth asxtwl eeaaatM la gt tarar yeirt or eihtr oaataa anfi predueba aaetaef fcirloc affeotr tfervauteeat flamtaal Rafajsat Wight mm Uti hr dreamt Olaotu mt filgfat Dafcfiat Mc y a cal Drear ftoplaaae Fa e A vtrtiatt toioalae Faeaiea Caafttloa of Idtaa beta of fiaxaal Pavtr Se ttaitrieg VLKiliii sviciure wwiw naiua v apos 4 Piles aad otkar private dltaatee quickly curat It U aelfarWaBt that a phv aid an vks Mf eepwtal attaadan to a ctrutn alaas of tfliaaaea ant trrtubf thaoeenda taat eUy acqulrta gree raaommaod perioa vitlt tkt city for ir ana taftly by sail Cares G Charm taaaoeab PRIV Of 100 pagaa aent ta any addrt apos a aeeurely set lad fer tkiOj SO 1 casta Should ba read hy ait Addrtta as abava OflUehAuaCreaaSA U te P Stuiiaya a toe P M ally acquiree great thill Phyavctaas kna M thla teatoftae raaoniaaod peraoaa ta my care Whan ft U Incan vaeMM W riatt tha city tor treatment ostYUolnea cas b wet pnvtte g ad aaftly by mail or arpreaa any wbara Guaranteed in ell Cases I psuvonally or by letter fret and Charm raaaoeable and ccrraapondenca athctly caa lM a nt inh PRIVATE COUNSELOR HIS EMINENCE WINNER OF THE DERBY THE GREATEST BICYCLE EVER OFFERED WE ARE SELLING THIS WEEK AT 17 50 632 Fourth THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 Mercury AMD Potash BIG Kverybody apos It nows that ftler apos tiltv is a danger ous medicine even when administered in very small doses and few constitutions can stand it for any length of time Potash produces inflammation of the stomach and bowels and a dangerous form of dyspepsia and often chronic diarrhcea follow its use Now the doctors will tell you if you have H Contagious Blood Poison you must take these minerals for two years or longer first a course of Mercury quot and when your teeth get so sensitive and sore that you can t eat and the gums have a spongy unnatural appearance you are told to stop Hid a change to Totash is made When the stomach rebels you are put on Mercury again and so on ad itifinituni or until the svstem becomes so thoroughly saturated with these poisonous drugs that the most disgusting sores break out on the body the become diseased and the muscles and joints are racked with the most torturing pains Mercury and Potash drive the eruptions and blotches 1 rom the skin buf the virus remains in the blood and the reappearance of the old symptoms and the occasional sore mouth show that the poison is still active and you caD never hope to completely eradicate it bv this method of treatment S S S is the only wa about twenty one yean of age or antidote for this de ilood Poison in a structive virus and an infallible remedy for this peculiar poison It destrovsand eradicates every particle of the poison and makes the blood as healthy and pure as before the dis ease was contracted S S S is the only purely vegetable blood purifier known and weoffer fi ooo for proof that it contains any mineral ingredient whatever The general health improves as the Specific purges the system of impurities and as new rich blood begins to flow in the veins the unsightly sores and other evidences of blood poison disappear strength returns and you are forever rid of this loathsome disease h v TT ey l S 1 am t apos a m S a m a a uIa 1 T a a am 1 1 a all a 1 When I was about twenty on years of age or eighteen years ago I contracted Blood Poison in a bad form and am satisfied that the rapid progress ty disease was making would soon have made me a life long invalid or ended xny life As my system came under the influence of S S S the sores splotches and pimples gradually disappeared and soon no evidence of the disease was toft I am now thirty nine years old and have seen no signs of it during the past eighteen years 8 S S does all you olalm for it WM EMEESON Pevely Mo PITTSBURG AND ONE FIRE LIFE LOST PITTSBURG Pa April 30 Fire at the corner of Carson and Seventeenth streets South Side resulted in the loss of one life a property loss estimated at 225 000 consumed over a dozen buildings and ren dered a score of families homeless The flames were discovered in the base meut of the four story department store of George B Lorsch amp Bro and soon the entire building was burning furiously It was in ruins within thirty minutes A panic ensued among the customers and employes which resulted in yhat seemed at first a well founded report that eight persons had perished This was found untrue after the fire had been controlled the only fatality being the burning to death of Mrs Kate Donley apos s two and a half year old child When the fir broke out Mrs Donley and child were on the fourth floor of the Lorsch building In her haste to escape the mother fell on the stairway aud was rendered unconscious In the excitement the child was either forgotten or burned before aid could reach it A shower of burning timbers were thrown from the Ijorsrh building carry ing destruction in all directions and sev eral other stores and a number of dwell ings were swept by the flames The losses are pretty well covered by insur ance Our Home Treatment Book on Contagious Blood Poison tells you all about the is disease y lt THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO ATLANTA GA j Said to Be First Step in Consolidation symptoms different stages etc of this disease We will mail you a copy free If you need advice or special directions write our physicians it will cost nothing and may hasten your cure lt ra of Some Big Transatlantic Ship ping Interests Jack the Ripper Who Had Mutilated Eighteen Women in Bavaria Captured LUDW1G9HAFEX apos Baden April 30 The notorious Jack the Ripper who has assaulted aud mutilated eighteen women has been caught here red handed by two detect Ives attired as women A dispatch from Berlin March 26 said that the Bavarian police had captured the man who for several months previous had been terrorizing Ludwigshafen by a suc cession of outrages such as were commit ted in the White Chapel district of Lon don years ago by a man who was termed Jack the Ripper The man then taken into custody was a butcher named Da mian But he was subsequently released THE RAILROAD The I C Machinists Demand Immedi ate Answer to the Demands Made Last Week GOULD TO GET INTO PITTSBURG But the Pennsylvania Prevents Carry ing Out of His Original Plan of Going Via Wabash NEW YORK April 30 apos The Evening Post says Mr Geo Gould apos s plans for leaching Pittsburg by connecting the Wabash with the Wheeling amp I ake Erie aud by building an entirely new line from the Wheeling amp llAke Erie s term inus near the Ohio river into Pittsburg are likely to be entirely revised as the result of the aggressive position taken by the Pennsylvania railroad Ever einco it became definitely known that Mr Gould was planning to reach Pittsburg and se cure the immense tonnage of that dis trict for the Wabash the Pennsylvania railroad officers have been actively at work to prevent the building of the road if possible President Cassatt and Mr Gould have held conferences on the subject and while no definite understanding has prob ably been reached at the present time it may be stated that the Wabash will not reach Pittsburg as an aggressively com petitive element The Pennsylvania to protect that territory from new com petition was prepared to take aggressive measures and Mr Gould was quick to realize the harm that might be done his Western railroads by Pennsylvania oppo sition The Wabash however will secure its line to Pittsburg tihrough an arrange ment with the Pennsylvania railroad which will obviate the building of a strict competing line In the interest of the Wabash and confine any bulldiBg of new road by Mr Gould to connections between the Wabash and Wheeling to I gt ake Erie No new road will be built east of the Ohio river The Gould line will get into Pittsburg over the Baltimore amp Ohio now controlled by the apos Pittsburg or perhaps frem Steubensvllle when a new bridge now planned is completed over the Pan handle line CHICAGO April 30 The Conference Committee of the International Associa tion of Mechanics has sent au ulti matum to the Illinois Central Railroad Company demanding an immediate answer to the schedule of demands presented last week If the answer is not made be fore today it is considered probable the machinists will break off negotia tions This ultimatum was framed by Busi ness Agent Roderick in response to in structions from all the other lodges along the company s lines The company has sent out agents to the various centers of industry where the machinists are employed to learn the exact situation All kinds of offers are being made to the men said Business Agent Rod erick today but none has been accepted We are determined but I will not pre dict our step What we will do if the company refuses or fails to make a reply is a matter for the future to determine All over the system the machinists are holding enthusiastic meetings and the unanimous sentiment is that there shall be no yielding LONDON April 30 The first step in the direction of the consolidation of some of the biggest transatlantic shipping In terests has been accomplished by the purchase by J P Morgan amp Co of the Leyland liue of steamers A deposit on the purchase money has been paid The officials of the Leyland line in con firming the sale told a representative of the Associated Press that an official statement will be issued from the head of the line at Liverpool It is understood that the shareholders will receive 14 10 for each 10 share The leyland line whose fleets will thus pass into the control of Americans is one of Great Britain apos s greatest shipping institutions far exceeding the Peninsular Ac Oriental Steam Navigation Company in tonnage and importance When some months ago it was sug gested that the line was likely to pass Into the hands of the Atlantic Transport people much comment follow ed in re gard to the effect it would have on other British lines as it was generally felt iu shipping circles that any such wide reach ing shipping amalgamation in close touch with American railroads would have serious consequences for lines out side the combination KIDNAPERS OFFER TO RETURN MONEY apos udahy Will Withdraw His Reward but He Positively Refuses to Do This trator Boyd petition for rehearing filed and submitted Harris vs Commonwealth Franklin continued C amp O R R Co vs Saulsbury Car ter appellant given until the calling of this case on the docket to file brief Muir vs Samuels etc Nelson and City of Louisville vs Harbin Jefferson agreements filed and mandates ordered to issue Dupoyster etc vs Fort Jeeffrson Imp Co Ballard grounds filed and motion by appellant to advance and set for oral argument motion submitted Fort Jefferson Improvement Company vs Dupoyster etc Ballard advanced on appellant s motion Bourbon Stock Yards Company vs City of Louisville etc Jefferson H L Stone City Attorney and C H Gibson attoruey for appellant each filed an affidavit here in on the motion 1 C R R Co vs Laloge two cases Muhleriburg agreements filed and lime to file briefs extended thirty days Eves executor vs Saylor Bell orig inal exhibits withdrawn Louisville Banking Company vs Thomas amp Sous Co Jefferson appellees filed copy of judgment and moved to dismiss ap peal motion submitted Boswort apos h Sheriff vs Kentucky Chau tauqua Assembly Fayette agreement filed and submitted Court adjourned until tomorrow at 11 o apos clock TO REDUCE THE POLICE FORCE Board of Safety Holding an Executive Session for the Purpose WILL CONTEST IS WITHDRAWN Mr and Mrs T J Felder Will Secure Their Legacies Under the Murphy Will Without Contest NASHVILLE Tenn April 30 The con test of the will of the late Samuel M Murphy has been settled Mr Murphy left an estate valued at 1 500 000 in w hich he hequeather 50 000 to each of his sisters Mrs Nora Kil breth and Mrs Mary Murphy Gardner on condition that no contest be instituted The remainder of his estate was left to his wife who subsequently adopted Thos I J Felder and wife the daughter of tPresi j dent Smith of the L amp N railroad which made them her residuary legatees Suit was brought to set aside the will but this was abandoned today by the claimants accepting the legacies provided In the testament and absolving the estate from all further claims OMAHA Neb April 30 Edward A Cudahy the packer has received a lettef from an agent of the kidnapers of his son making him a proposition to return 21 000 of the money paid for his son apos s ransom demanding in return a with drawal of the 25 000 reward and a ces sation of the search that Is being prosecuted together with an abandon ment of the determination to punish the criminals The ledter bore the postmark of Elgin 111 and Mr Cudahy is convinced of its authenticity He went to Chicago ten days ago because of it being summoned rhere by his brother in response to over tures that had been made He refused to consider it for a minute and declares his unchanged resolve to prosecute to the end the search for the men who ab ducted his boy GETTING ALL THE LEADERS REFORM WAVE Strikes Omaha and Everything Will Ee Closed Tight as a Drum on Sundays Hereafter OMAHA Neb April 30 In accordance with an order of Mayor Moores all sa loons were tightly closed from Saturday night until Monday morning The Mayor now asserts tihat next Sunday barber shops ball games theaters and even newsboys will be placed under the ban The stringent action results from an agi tation by the press ASSUMES HIS DUTIES Mr M H Thatcher Becomes Assistant United States District Attor ney Tomorrow Mr M H Thatcher will enter upon the discharge of his duties as Assistant United State District Attorney fer this district tomorrow vice John G Fitapa rbk re signed CORROBORATED PROF EASTMAN CAMBRIDGE Mass April 30 Chief of Police Cloves was the first witness called Monday to testify In the trial of Chas R Eastman charged with the mur der of Richard H Grogan Jr His evi dence related to the statement made by Eastman after the shooting of Grogan and did not differ materially from tile testimony of others who have been ex amined on this point Chief Cloyes Iden tified the bullet taken from Grogan apos s body at the autopsy Police Inspector Murray also testified regarding Eastman s statement and iden tified the bullet that killed Grogan Under cross examination he said that he had great difficulty in tiring the pis tol which Eastman said he had in his hand when it went off accidentally and shot Grogan There was considerable trouble with the cylinder witness said which at times w oukl not revolve This statement corroborated the claim made by Eastman that the cylinders of the re volver worked with difficulty Two More Tilipino Generals and a Priest Who Preached a Holy War Surrender When the Board of Safety went into executive session this morning it was known that before the meeting ended the police force would be cut down so as to comply with the ordinance of the General Council which was declared to be valid last week by the Appellate Court The cut necessitated the dismissal out right of ten patrolmen the reduction of two sergeants of two lieutenants to be sergeants and of two captains to be lieutenants It was pretty well under stood in ad anee that Jacobs and Krakel were the captains who would be reduced to lieutens nts less more You will get more satisfaction from a cupful of Arbuckles Coffee than from other coffees and more cupfuls to the found Arbuckles is not only better than many coffees that cost more but is actually cheaper to use than the coffees that sell for a cent less per pound Not another firm in the whole world can buy coffee to bet ter advantage than the producers of 9 ARBUCKLES Roasted Coffee No other coffee not even the fancy priced is cleansed roasted blended and packed with greater care or more skill Buy Arbuckles Coffee and get better quality and greater value than you could get in any other coffee at anywhere near the same price With each package of Arbuckles Coffee yon buy a definite part of some useful article see list which each package contains The article is yours whenever you present a certain number of signatures from the wrappers at our Notion Dept Look for the list ARBUCKLE BROS Notion Dept New York City N Y CAPT SIBERT DEFENDS CASEY AND DITTO Chief Engineer Does Not Believe They Were Influenced in Ap pointments SEVENTEEN IN THE DRAG NET Democrats Said to Have Been Indicted for Fraudulent Voting at St Louis ST LOUIS April CO The Globe Dem ocrat today says The April grand jury which has been in session since the first of the month made a partial report yesterday return ing it is said seventeen indictments against Democrats charging them with fraudulent voting and repeating The names of the indicted persons have not been given out officially They will be made public when capiases have been served by the Sheriff MANILA April 30 Gen Tinio the Fili pino leader in the A bra province has surrendered The report that Gen Alejandri no has surrendered is confirmed He was looked upon as the possible successor of Agul naldo Padre Aglipay the excommuni cated Filipino priest who preached the doctrine of a holy war against the United States has also surrendered COSTLY SPORT WARSAW Ind April 30 The jury in the ease of Attorney B W Watkins in dicted ou the charge of assisting at a prizefight pulled off in Warsaw on Sun day March 24 today returned a verdict of guilty and assessed a fine of 50 Twenty more indictments involving a number of prominent business men here will be orosecuted at once MUST NOT MOVE TRUMAN S TELEPHONE Judge Field has granted a restralr ing order preventing the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company from removing the telephone instrument In the office of W H Truman 170 Fourth ave nue Truman claimed that his instrument gt vas defective for some time and refused to pay the 4 charge offering to compro mise for 3 The cccnpany purposed to remove his telephone COURT OF APPEALS Evening Post Special Service FRANKFORT Ky April 30 Present Chief Justice Pgynter and Judges Guffy DuRielle and White Continental Insurance Company vs Moore Breckinridge affirmed South Covington amp Cincinnati Railway Company vs Newport etc T P Co Campbell reversed opinion of the court delivered by Judge Burnam Greer vs Simrall etc Kenton petition for rehearing overruled Sena vs Levy etc Jefferson motion sustained and case docketed submitted and advanced for decision Commonwealth vs Grinstead amp Tinsley Whitley appellee given twenty days further time lt to brief C amp 0 R R Co vs Keelin s adminis Capt William Sibert chief of the local corps of United States Engineers is of the opinion that Congressman Irwin has been the victim of an imposition as to the siatus of the affair of Oasey and Ditto charged with exercising a political dis e rimination against certain persons who have sought to obtain mechanical employ ment on the locks of the Louisville amp Portland canal and about the falls of the Ohio Casey and Ditto are members of an appointing board and are said to have been rejecting certain persons in favor of their political friends when ft comes to giving out employment As a result of representations along this line Con gressman Irwin wrote to the Civil Service Commission at Washington setting forth that Casey and Ditto h amp d violated civil service regulations and asking au imme diate investigation This investigation has been ordered and will take place as soon as the Civil Service Commission can finish reviewing the data and other material furnished by Capt Irwin Representative from this district Cap Sibert is of the opinion that the men have done nothing wrong and will Local Postoffice Receives Over 30 000 l rohabl gt apos de fend them in iheir positions if such acrion is deemed necessary Ho and Stafford were the motor team killed at Waltham last Memorial Day The ring is a plain flat gold band and looks much like a heavy wedding ring Now that Stinson has the bauble many apprehend certain bad luck and perhaps death for him unless Jv discards it Last season he the sole remaining member of the ill fated quartet had several bad alls on the cycle track This season he has fallen twice while following a motor The battery wire broke while Gately and Taylor were carrying Stinson along at a 1 40 gait The rider landed all iu a heap and was knocked out On a house trainer a few days ago he ran off tha rollers and dived to the floor but escaped iujury from his somersault His wheel was wrecked Stinson wonders now what is coming next and his friends think death is stalk ing him under the shadow of the ring IT CAUSED T STILL IN THE CITY Seems Certain Jefferson County A sessment Will Be Raised by State Board Senator Deboe Is Well Satisfied with the Federal Appointments Evonlne Po t n rlol service FRANKFORT Ky April 30 The ques tlon of the assessment of Jeffemon coun ty property caused a hot fight in the State Board of Equalization when It came up for preliminary hearing On the first motion it was voted to leave the assessment as It stood but the mo tion was reconsidered as two member of the board were not present at tha forenoon session The matter was not settled but it is morally certain that the assessment will be raised this after noon PAN AMERICAN STAMPS Worth for Sale The local postofflee h s received 30 100 worth of Pan American Exposition stamps which will be placed on sale to morrow The denominations are ones twos fours fives eights and tens The one ceut stamp is green with the design of said this morning In an interview with a reporter for the Evening Post If Mr Casey the assistant in charge of local improvements on the falls of the I Ohio and the Louisville and Portland I canal has violated in any way the law concerning civil service appointments I do not know it Every transaction of the local board is reported to the Central Board in Washington and by that board to the Civil Service Commission The Engi Senator Deboe will remain in the city for a few days He speaks cheerfully of the political situation He is satisfied concerning the Federal appointments as they all make for political peace Dr James apos reappointment is accepted I as a matter of course for Dr James has strong political friends at Washington and Senator Deboe has not sought to have him disturbed Collector Sapp is absent from the city but is expected to return from Washing ton today or tomorrow THE GOVERNOR TO ACT TODAY a fast lake steamer the twos are red with a picture of a fast express train the Il0e s Department is thoroughly in ac fours w hich are terra cotta contain the CASE AFFIRMED Cloverport Man Who Sued for Insur ance Had a Right to Recover Says the Court Reported That Dr Connell of Owen County May Succeed Dr Mc Cormick at Hopkinsville design of an automobile the fives blue represent the Niagara suspension bridge the eights brown a canal lock and the tens which are brick red show the design of a fast ocean steamer cord with the civil service laws and I note with satisfaction the position taken by the Congrere man from this district de slon afflrming the of the viz That he wishes to see the civil ser I Evon apos nir Po Sn lt p al Service FRANKFORT Ky April 30 State In spector Hines and Gov Beckham were in consultation for some time Jhls morn ing in regard to the charges against SupL E B McCormick of the Western Insane Asylum The Governor will probably take final action in the matter today s It is reported that if there i a change apos apos apos i quot the Superintendency of the asylum th j Kvenlnv Post Special Sorvlc I Dr J N Conne quot Owen county will FRANKFORT Ky Apr 30 The ptol apos gt su ee Dr McCormick i It is believed the matter will be disposed Court of Appeals today handed down a j ot by the Govwnor during lhe d3y Con A RELIABLE PILE CURE The Pyramid Pile Cure i i the safest and surest pile cure on the market because it contains no mineral poisons nor opium nor cocaine but can be used with abso lute safety aud certainty of cure Many physicians are now using the Pyramid Pile Cure in place of surgical operations being painless convenient to use and the patient can attend 1 to his daily occupation while the cure Is being made as it is used at night and no ad ditional treatment Is necessary Dr Wharton says the Pyramid Pile Cure will prove a blessing to mankind when It is remembered that heretofore a surgical operation was considered the only cure with all its danger to life in tense pain and au expense of from ten lo one hundred dollars to say nothin of the possible return of the trouble The Pyramid Pile Cure is sold by drug gists at r o cents and 1 00 and dees the work quickly and safely A book on cause and cure of piles will be mailed free by addressing Pyramid Co Marshall Mich MR SHERLEY TIPPED vice law administered in accordance with its full meaning and that a technical compliance with the law would not be satisfactory Along this line he will al ways find this office a ready co adjutor Rumor Today That He Will Be pointed Commonwealth s Attorney Ap CYCLE RACER STINSON apos S DEADLY RING There Is a strong tip out that Air Swager Sherley will be appointed Com monwealth s At orney Ix is rumored to day that the ajipDiatmeot will come to morrow Mr Jo ph apos Pryor is also men tioned CAPTAIN SHOT MANILA April 30 Aguinaldo has been subpoenaed as a witness for the defense in a mando ducat murder case pending in Tay Tay province of Mo rong Capt John D McDonald with twen ty one men of the Third Cavalry re cently attacked sixty insurgent rifle men and forty bolomen in the mount ains of Abra province The insurg ents were defeated Capt McDonald was wounded in the lungs and a pri vate was killed Cycle racer Will C Stinson who holds the one hour record has had three fall within a week each of which narrowly missed being fatal Now he Is begin I ning to wonder whether a ring he wears Is not a hoodoo of the most dangerous j sort This ring is a famous one among I bicycle riders and the superstitious are reported by the New York World to shim It as they would the plague Three riders who met violent deaths on the track have worn apos the ring in turn They were O Peterson W E Miles and W F Stafford Peterson was killed at J ansingburg N Y in 1897 by striking a post on the indoor track and Miles tinental Insurance Company vs John T Moore Judge Guffy writing the opinion Moore sought to obtain Judgment for 1 580 for property burned in Breckinridge county The company refused to pay be cause the policyholder had not paid a pr mium note of 1 750 due some months before the fire The plaintiff set up the fact that he had g one to the office of tha company s attorney to pay the note but had not found him in The Appellate Court holds that the plaintiff Is entitled to recover EUCHRE FOR THE FLAG CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Ladles of the Liederkranz Will Give One Tomorrow The ladles of apos the Louisville Lieder kranz will give a euchre at their hall Sixth and Walnut streets tomorrow aft ernoon Play will begin at 3 o clock The euchre Is for the benefit of the flag fund aud the proceeds will go to buy a banner to replace that destroyed in the fire ONE YEAR FOR STEALING WAGON Charles Edinburgh colored pleaded guilty ia the Criminal Division today to stealine a wagon from WiUiaui Huber of Xin h aud Maguiiue s reels He was given one y r in the penitentiary upon the recommendation of Acting Common w eal ill apos s Attorney The Best Remedy for Rheumatism QUICK RELIEF FROM PAIN All who use Chamberlain apos s Pain Balm for rheumatism are delighted with the quick relief from pain which it affords When speaking of this Mr D N Sinks of Troy Ohio says Some time ago 1 had a severe attack of rheumatism in my arm and shoulder I tiled numerous remedies but got no relief until I was recommended by Messrs Geo F Parsons amp Co druggists of this place to try Chamberlain apos s Pain Balm They recom mended It so highly that I bought a bot I tie I was soon relieved of all pain I have since recommended this liniment to many of my friends who agree with me that it is the best remedy for muscular rheumatism in the market quot For sale by wil druggists CHICAGO April 30 Cattle Receipts 3 500 Market generally steady Good to prime steers 4 95 lt t4 gt 90 Poor to medium 3 85fo4 9o Stockers and feeders 2 75 lt g gt 4 85 Cows 2 70 4 50 Heifers 2 75 lt 4 8 Gunners 2 le 2 65 Bulls 2 754z4 40 Calves 4 oo 5 10 Texas fed steers 4 254x5 40 Texas grass steers 3 50xp4 00 Texas bulls 2 85 I logs Receipts today 19 000 tomorrow 2 i 000 left over 6 150 Market opened steady and closed slow Tops 5 90 Mixed and butchers J 5 65 lt 775 Good to choice heavy 5 75 fa 5 90 Rough heavy 5 55 05 65 Eight 5 55 m 82 A Bulk of sales 5 72 05 82 Vi Sheep and Lambs Sheep receipts ll 00o7 Market steady to slow Good to choice wethers 4 504i4 75 Fair to choice mixed 4 254 4 55 Western sheep 4 404ii 75 Yearlings 4 504 4 90 Native lambs 4 50 5 30 Western lambs 4 70 5 30 DEATH OF MR C B MILLER Mr C B Miller a traveling salesman died yesterday afternoon of consumption at the Deaconne s Hospital He was born in Hannibal Mo December 11 1856 was educated In Poughkeepsie N Y and came apos o Louisville in 1887 He resided at 127 W Chestnut street Mr Miller is survived by his Wife Mr3 Katie Mifler a daughter Miss Susan Bowers Mueller his mother a brother Thomas D Miller of Dallas Tex and a sister Mrs J S Todd of Shelby ville Mo The funeral will take place Thursday morning MOTORMAN BANKRUPT Charles L Foster a motorman for Lhe Louisville Railway Company ftled a pe tltlou in bankruptcy today His liabili tie are listed at 2 775 45 of which 1 184 is secured His assets are staled to be I 2 168 of which tuaouut he claims 42 as exempt COLLECTOR SAPP WILL RETURN TONIGHT Collector C E Sapp will return from Washington tonight where he went in the Interest of his reappointment to the office of Collector of Internal Revenue for this district EAST END W C T U The ICajjt End Woman s Christian Tem perance Union will meet tomorrow after noon at 3 o apos clock at 1021 East Main street All members are uiged to be pre amp eni 10 THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 NEWS OF THE WORLD S MRKETS COTTON MARKET LOCAL FINANCES NEW YORK April 30 The cotton market opened steady considering the in fluences at work though prices were off 2 to 7 points The decline was more a sympathetic response to weakness in Liverpool than the result of speculative pressure from the bear side In fact on the decline the sellers of yesterday were eager profit takers around the opening and for a long time after the call this buying held July at 7 95 Later however liquidation gradually overtopped the demands of shorts and forced prices slowly downward with July leading the decline The New Orleans market was heavy and Southern inter ests sold here While Liverpool steadied a bare point after the opening the railly was not last ing and Europe sent selling orders most ly new crop options The private cables stated that bull opinions abroad had been overwhelmed by the heavy crop move ment by the continued fine weather in the ero p country by the poor cloth market reports from our side and by reports that the crop was doing splendidly Trading late in the morning was In clined to drag wit apos h the scalping element figuring as a seller on all the steadier in tervals The predictions from the lead ing receiving points South were that the movement would not decrease materially from the present figures for several days to come as cotton was being freely of fered in the interior COTTON FUTURES a member of the firm of J amp Co M Atherton NJ5W YORK April 20 Cotton futures opened quiet at the decline May 7 94 June 7 94 July 7 95 August 7 6G Sep tember 7 30 October 7 20 November 7 14 December 7 1 q January 7 1C LOCAL SPOT COTTON Market firm Today s quotations Mid dling 8 3 16 strict middling 8 5 16 YESTERDAY apos S CLOS ING QUOTATIONS Open Close High Low Anaconda 51 52 4 52 51 A S R 147 147 148 4 146 Am Car 26 26 26 25 Am Car pref 79 80 so 79 Atchison 72 72 V4 72 a 1 Atchison pre 99 V4 99 99 99 li tc O 105 106 106 104 B R T 86 4 86 86 85 IB amp O pfd 92 4 92 92 92 C F I 104 10 108 104 C B amp Q 199 4 1 lt 9 199 198 lt S W 20984 209 211 209 C amp O 47 47 47 47 c c r amp st l 85 85 85 85 Con Gas 230 027 230 226 quot C G W 25 25 26 25 Con Tt gt b 46 46 46 46 Oon To b pfd 104 104 104 104 Copper 125 123 125 122 Col So 17 16 17 16 Denver pref 95 4 95 95 D H 178 179 179 a 177 Erie 1st pref 70 70 70 69 apos Erie 38 39 39 38 G E 227 227 227 227 1 Central 14244 1 4 1 4 145 142 K T 33 32 33 32 4 K T pref 66 65 66 65 Linseed 13 4 12 14 13 Linseed pre 40 40 40 40 L amp N 107 109 109 106 L pref 77 77 77 77 4 L common 13 4 13 13 13 Mex Nat 11 11 uy 10 M Central 23 22 23 23 M Pac 107 107 108 4 107 Manhattan 128 128 130 4 128 Monon 37 4 38 38 4 37 Monon pre 70V4 71 71 70 Metropolitan 174 173 174 172 N Y C 155 156 158 154 N P 109 119 119 109 N P pre 100 101 101 100 N amp W 54 5394 54 53 o amp w 36 35 36 35 P Mail 40 41V 41 40 People s Gas 117 118 119 116 P amp R 40 29 40 39 1 amp R 1st 77 76 77 76 Penn 153 154 155 152 Rep Steel 21 21 4 21 21 Rep Steel pref 77 77 7774 77 4 R I 158 163 164 15874 Rubber 20 Smelter 59 59 60 57 Smelter pre 97 97 97 96 S P 54 56 57 53 St Paul 172 173 174 171 St U amp S W pd 65 65 66 65 8 R y 30 3014 30 30 S R y pref 84 84 86 84 Tobacco 128 128 129 128 T Pac 48 48 48 48 T C I 67 66 67 65 U Pac 109 118 120 109 U Pac pref 92 96 97 4 92 U S Steel 49 51 52 49 U S Steel pfd 98 99 99 97 Wab pref 42 41 42 41 Wabash 21 21 21 20 W Union 93 93 93 4 93 LONDON MONEY LONDON April 30 Consols for money 94 do for the account 94 7 16 NEW YORK MONEY NEW YORK April 30 Money on call firm at 4 per cent Trlme mercantile paper 404 per cent Sterling exchange easier with actual business in bankers bills at 488 for demand and at 4 85 for 60 days Posted rates 4 85 and 4 89 Commercial bilils 4 84 04 84 Silver certificates nominally 60c Bar silver 59 c Mexican dollars 48 c Government bonds firmer refunding 2s registered 106 coupon 106 3s regis tered 110 coupon 111 new 4s reg istered 138 coupon 139 old 4s reg gt ered 113 coupon 113 5s regis vred 110 coupon 111 TOBACCO MARKET The market today was made up of poor tobacco low grades of burley and dark tobaccos and rejections from a couple of weeks ago The market taken on the whole was fair for the class of offerings and little was expected Dark low grades showed some strength though dark leaf was apos hardly so strong as it might have been Burley low grades were not strong due hi great measure to rhe bad condi tion of offerings Tomorrow a better class of offerings is expected and conse cnt betterment of the market eondi c ns The report of the Louisville Leaf To taoeo Exchange for the day is as follows Burley 609 dark 308 total 917 Original Inspection 682 Reviews 235 First sale tomorrow at the Louisville House Money The business of the local banks is re ported in excellent shape Mails are light and counter business active The demand for local loans has Improved amazingly and local bankers are placing call loans lu New York at 5 and 6 per cent feeling that a better call rate can be secured there than at home Exchange has stiffened up and is firm at par Securities Local securities has centered on the terrific advances in New York and iu terest in local securities save some call for Gas and Street Railway stock is practically dead In New York L amp N advanced to 111 a record far above yesterday s aud South ern railway shares jumped as well Atchison preferred sold at 100 the record in months past Steel stocks sold at 100 and in short pretty much the entire market was up Sales today 5 000 Milwaukee Electric Railway 5s 112 and interest 10 000 Southern railway new 4s 99 aud interest 4 000 Chesapeake amp Ohio 4 s 106 apos A meeting of stockholders of the Louis ville National Banking apos Company will be held Tuesday May 28 between 10 and 2 o clock for the purpose of electing a di rector to take the place of the late James C Gilbert Yesterday s sales 15 000 United Railway 4s 91 and ln teres 1 000 L amp IN collateral 4s 100 15 000 L amp N collateral 4s 100 6 000 L amp lt N unified 4s 103 4 000 Southern Railway 5s 117 150 shares United Railway preferred 80 25 shares New Orleans City Railway common 28 25 shares apos New Orleans City Railway common 29 35 shares Louisville Oas 109 115 shares Louisville Gas 110 100 shares Milwaukee apos Electric preferred 118 and interest 15 shareis Kentucky Wagon Company 174 20 shares Bank of Commerce 178 The directors of the Burlington yester day declared a dividend of 2 per share for the four months ending July 1 pay able June 15 The officials of the Bur lington admitted that the dividend was announced at this time in anticipation of the pending transaction whereby the Burlington road is to be taken by the Great Northern and Northern Pacific roads It was explained that the new bonds are to date from July 1 aud the dividend on Burlington was made pay 1 able on June 15 as that has been the j regular dividend day for several years The amount of the dividend 2 per share j is 50 cents higher than the previous div idend and brings the aggregate up to 7 per share for the year The following reports of railroad earn ings were issued Colorado Southern net for March 84 948 increase 19 972 St Paud gross for March increase 103 083 net increase 52 343 Chicago Burlington amp Quincy gross for March decrease 11 982 surplus after charges decrease 48 910 It is said that during the present fiscal year Union Pacific will make more than 20 000 000 net which means 12 000 000 over fixed charges It will pay its fixed charges with 40 per cent net earnings The company earned 8 per cent on com mon stock last year and this year it will be 9 per cent BANK STOCKS Bid Asked American National Bank 135 National Bank of Kentucky 188 Citizens National Bank 155 Bank of Commerce German Bank 225 First National Bank German Insurance Bank 215 German Security Bank 115 Louisville National Banking Co 116 117 Western Bank Union National Bank 155 Southern National BankJ 125 Third National Bank 116 TRUST COMPANY STOCK Columbia Finance fc Trust Co 145 Fidelity S V and T Co Louisville Trust Company 140 CITY BONDS Louisville 7s of 1901 Louisville 7s of 1903 Louisville 5s of 1911 Louisville 4s of 1923 114 Louisville 4s of 1828 115 117 Louisville 4s of 1930 Louisville 4s gold 1910 105 Louisville gold 4s due 1937 118 Louisville gold 3 s due 1940 110 lli RAILROAD BONDS L amp N Short line 1st mor 7s 117 119 J M amp I 1st mor 7 per cent 113 J M amp I 2d mor 7 per cent 124 125 L II amp St L 5 per cent 106 L amp N Unified 4s 103 L amp N Collateral Trust 4s 100 Southern Railway 5s 117 Louis Ry Tr Co 1st mor 8S 100 L amp N Short line G M 4 s 113 114 B amp O 4s 102 103 Southern Railway Air line 4s 99 100 Northern Pacific St Paul 4s 100 United Railway 4s St Louis 91 C amp O 41 is 106 107 MISCELLANEOUS BONDS Board of Trade j per cent 100 Henderson Bridge 1st mor 6s 113 K amp I 1st mor 5 per cent 108 Ky Title Co real estate 6s 100 Kentucky Wagon Company 6s 103 Louis Water Co 1st mor 6s 111 Louis Water Co 2d mor 5s 110 STREET RAILWAY BONDS Buffalo Railway 118 Buffalo Crosstowns 115 Columbus St Ry 5 per cent 114 115 Louisville City Ry 6s 114 Central Pass Ry 6 per cent 103 N O City and Lake Ry 5s 113 Louisville Railway 5s lll Union Depot St Louis 6s 123 Merchants apos Bridge St L 6s lTJ Louisville Railway 4 s lll Springfield Railway 5 Der cent 85 Milwaukee Electric 5s 112 STREET RAILWAY STOCKS Columbus Railway preferred 90 93 Columbus Railway common 37 Louisville Ry pre 5 per cent 118 Louisville Railway common 109 N O City Railway common 29 N O City Railway preferred 102 Springfield Street Railway 19 20 United Railway of St Louis pre S0 Milwaukee Elec pre ex div li8 miscellaneous stocks Louisville Bridge 120 Bourbon Stockyards 90 Henderson Bridge 114 Kentucky Wagon Company 174 Kentucky Heating 99 Kentucky Title Company 105 Louis Tob Warehouse Co com 40 Louis Tob Warehouse Co pre 106 Louisville Gas 110 Eggs have dropped a notch or so and are selling from store for something ap proximating ll c CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO April 30 Wheat felt the in fluence of lower cables and liquidation here today July opened 0 c lower at 72 072 c and May 0 c lower at 71 071 c There Was a pretty heavy trade which steadied price at the de cline The demand for cash wheat was small commission selling constituting the feature of the first part of the ses sion Local receipts were 98 cars none of contract grade while Minneapolis and Duluth reported 103 cars against 194 last week and 356 a year ago The corn market opened easy on good weather lower cables and in sympathy with the weakness iu wheat May opened c to c lower at 47 c to 47 c ad vanced to 48c and then reacted to 47 c July opened 0 c lower at 44 c to 44 e sold to 45c and reacted to 44 0 41 c Commission houses sold actively but local operators led by Phillips suc ceeded in checking the decline Receipts were 282 cars two of contract grade Oats were easy in sympathy with wheat and corn Selling orders were plentiful with light demand May opened c lower at 26 c but with a renewal of the demand quickly sold to 26 c July opened c lower at 25 026c and under buying by commission houses sold to 260 26 c and then settled to 25 c Receipts were 360 cars Provisions opened quiet hut ruled steady on light hog receipts and a fair cash demand July pork opened 2 c lower at 14 65 and sold to 14 70 July lard opened a shade lower at 7 950 7 97 and July ribs 2 e down at 7 90 recovering later to 7 92 07 95 BUYERS GUIDE The following prices on goods and products on sale in this market were announced by local merchants today BUTTER AND CHEESE j galvanized barbed wire 3 25 painted 20c I less black wire 400 less BLACK PLATES 2 15 per 100 lbs BLACK SHEETS No 10 2 25 No 12 2 45 per 100 lbs No 14 2 60 No 16 2 85 No IS 3 15 No 20 3 45 No 22 3 60 No 24 3 60 No 26 3 65 No 27 3 75 No 28 3 85 GALVANIZED SHEETS 60 and 5 per cent off LEATHER Market stiff and movement slow Jobbers prices CORRECTED DAILY SOLE Texas stock X sole 36c A 35c B 34c C 33c HARNESS No 1 35c B 33c C 31c LUMBER LATH AND SHINGLES Market firm Jobbers apos prices CORRECTED DAILY BUTTER Pound bricks 21 c 60 lb tubs 30 c gt 35 lb tubs 21c CHEESE New York Cheddars October 12 c flats full cream family favorites 13 e young America 13 c twins I2 c part skim 9 c COFFEE Local market steady The following are tne brands of package coffee listed by the Wholesale Grocers Association and sold on the equality plan in this State with selling prices o which must be added the rate of freight given in j the equality rate book deducting local from jobbing point j Effective April 26 at 7 00 a m Arbuckle Bros Ariosa 11 50 Woolson Spice Co Lion 11 50 Dayton Spice Mills Jersey 11 50 Dayton Spice Mills Co Dutch Java Blend 16 50 Dayton Spice Mills Co Caracas 11 00 Dil worth Bros Prime Grade 11 50 Hanley amp Klnsella Mail Pouch 11 50 Champion Syrup Co Gates Blended Java 11 00 Aragon Coffee Co Elite Cartoons 15 25 Aragon Coffee Co Good Luck 15 50 Aragon Coffee Co Good Luck one half cases 7 SO GREEN COFFEE Mocha 25030c per lb Java 25028c per lb Mexican 14016c Guatemala 14018c choice Rio 11013 c j prime Rio 11012c roasting grade 10 c BE CONTESTED DIXON GARBAGE CREMATORY CO SENDS IN ITS BILL FOR 21 980 THE PIANOLA The Standard Plano Player No mechan ical effects Absolutely guaranteed THE EOLIAN CO SMITH amp NIXON CO 622 Fourth Ave Market for building lumber active Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY LATH Poplar lath 3 2503 50 per thou sand SI I INGLES Prime cypress 3 00 per thousand FLOORING Yellow pine flooring A 27 B 25 C 23 common piece stuff yel low pine 17020 common boards 17 FOR BUILDING LOCAL PLANT MOLASSES AND SYRUPS Market firm but quiet Jobbers prices CORRECTED DAILY Caramel in bbls 18 c half bbls 20 c 3 lb cans 1 00 doz 2 lb cans 95c doz 5 lb cans 2 00 doz 10 lb cans 3 25 doz Choice new apos crop N O bbls 40045c prime new crop 30035c choice mixed new crop 25c good mixed new crop 20c Centri fugal N O new crop 20 025c country sorghum 25030c according to quality OYSTERS FISH AND GAME Litigation Will Probably Be the Re sult of Efforts to Col lect It CREMATORY IS NOW CLOSED LOCAL MARKETS COAL AND COKE Market steady Prices to consumers CORRECTED daily COAL Pittsburg lump 3 25 nut 3 00 fourth pool 3 GO Kentucky lump 3 75 nut 2 50 anthracite 7 50 ton Jellico lump 3 25 Kanarwha lump 3 00 COKE Lump 9c crushed 10c CORN AND OATS 135 188 155 178 4 225 152 215 125 116 117 100 155 125 116 CK 145 285 100 106 m 114 116 114 115 iii 116 105 118 120 110 in 117 119 113 113 124 125 114 108 Today s quotations showing value of products on receipt APPLES Eastern stock mixed 3 500 3 75 extra fancy 4 00 apos S I 25 BEANS Michigan choice hand picked pea beans 2 10 32 15 prime 2 10 32 25 fancy screened 2 0032 05 F O B Louis ville in carload lots red kidney 2 400 2 50 COUNTRY PRODUCE Hens 8c per lb spring chtckens 3 0004 00 dozen fall chickens 2 to 3 lb 10016c lb roosters half price of hens Turkeys Hens 7 lt 3Sc J young toms 10 to 15 lb 6c old toms heavy 5c geese 3 06 per dozen guineas 1 5002 00 dozen ducks 607c lb Country cured meats Hams 10011c sides 909 c shoulders 7 Jowl 5c Country butter lie lb eggs strictly fresh country 10 fallc dozen beeswax 25c lb Tallow prime bulk rendered 4 c No 2 1c Feathers 15042c according to quality DAB BAG E Mobile 2 S3 crate DRIED FRUIT Apples bright 2 e dark 2c peaches l c FIELD SEED Clover prime to choice 5 75 36 00 orchard grass 1 0001 10 FEATHERS Prime white goose 400 41c old w hite 2303oc mixed 13025c gray goose 35037c duck 25 30c HAY Cars on arrival Choice timothy 14 50 5 15 O0 No 1 timothy 13 50 14 t Q0 No 2 12 00012 50 No 3 10 50 511 00 mixed and low grades 8 0 8510 00 clover hay dull at 8 00010 00 Wheat straw 4 7505 00 HIDES AND SKINS Quotations on Kentucky hides Southern green hides c lower Dry flint No 1 14 c No 2 12 c dry salted No 1 12 c No 2 10 c round lots of green hides 6 5 6 e round j lots dry 13c dry kip and calf 13c green salted No 1 7 07 e No 2 6 0 c kip and calf 6ff6 c sheep skins butchers 35060c country skins 30050 c green shear ings 10 5 20c horse hides No 1 large 3 No 2 2 00 MOLASSES Country sorghum 25c ONIONS Northern 14 85 150 Ohio or Eastern yellow or red globe 1 4001 50 bu new Southern S5 75 bbl POTATOES Northern white stock 50c bu on track home grown 1 25 bbl Northern seed 45069c second growth 2 2502 50 SWEET POTATOES Yellow 2 00 per bbl Jersey red 3 00 2 25 bbl Queen 2 00 bermuda 2 2502 50 Seed Yellow 60c bbl Southern Queen 1 10 red ber muda 2 00 and red Jersey 1 5001 65 yams 3 00 Brazil 3 50 WHEAT No 2 red and longberry 75c No 3 73c WOOL Kentucky and Indiana wools Southern wool quotations are from 102c per lb lower on clear wool Burry 100 13c clear grease 17018c medium tub washed 26027c coarse dingy tub washed 22 23c V EG F T A BLES Tomatoes 2 5O lt 0 4 00 bunch turnips 30035c dozen bunches leaf lettuce 75c per bushel head lettuce 75e 90c per bushel endive lettuce 30c dozen red peppers 25c dozen bunches salsify 15c dozen curly parsley 20c dozen car rots 1 25 bbl rutabagas 1 15 bbl horse radish 50075c dozen kale 40050c spinach 1 00 1 25 green onions lO012 o Florida celery 2 0002 50 case Market very strong Selling prices on track CORRECTED DAILY CORN No 2 white 49 c mixed 49c OATS No 2 white oats 31c No 2 mixed 30c COUNTRY PRODUCE Market steady Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY POULTRY Hens S 09c lb spring chickens 19018c lb according to size turkeys 7 llc ducks 9 01Oc BEESWAX 26c lb BUTTER Packing ll 012c table 17 20c EGGS ll 012c Market fairly active Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY Fish Buffalo So 1b Halibut 20c black bass 15c live lobsters 25c lb red snap per 2 c catfish and catfish steak 10c lake salmon 10c lb white fish 12 o shrimp 40c qt Oregon red salmon steak 15c lb Spanish mackerel 20c Roe shad 25c shad Roe 30c pair escollops 40c qt OYSTERS Shell oysters blue points 15c dozen standard bulk 30c quart 1 10 gallon select bulk 45c quart 1 SO 75 gallon silver smelts 15c lb GAME Grouse 50 pair capon 25c lb teal ducks 60c pair robins 10c each I jack snipe 3 00 dozen ONION SETS Market weak Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY apos Yellow 1 00 white 1 75 02 00 per bush A bill of 21 980 from the Dixon Garb age Crematory Company of Ohio for constructing the Hancock street crema tory was received this morning at the office of the Board of Public Works The arrival of this bill is probably the first note of a legal contest to which the Ohio company the Board of Works and the General Council will be parties Less than a year ago the city con tracted with the Dixons to construct two garbage crematories The plants were to be accepted in the event that they proved satisfactory The Council rejected the proposed site for one of the structures but the other was built on Hancock street It was operated for awhile but two weeks ago the Board on the Mayor apos s recommeudation shut it down indefinitely It is understood that the Dixon Com pany will press its claim for pay anJ some interesting litigation will be the probable outcome PROVISIONS RUSHING BUSINESS AT THE POUNDS FOR SALE Breads 1 35 ood n 7 E Bedsteads 4 jL Cook 7 c Stoves f 5 Refrig era tors ip J JU A most magnificent Solid Oak Side board chipped glass cost 50 A Fine Piano fin 7 1 3 octave ipJU vv MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth CANDIES Market quiet Jobbers apos prices F O B Louisville CORRECTED DAILY No 1 stick in bbls 6 c No 1 stick pails 7c Plain mixed In bbls 7c In palls 7 c grocers mixed in bbls 5 e in pails 6 c French mixed pails 10c HORSES AND MULES Quotations furnished by Hudson Bros The market is very quiet Receipts of horses good HORSES Good heavy draught 1 250 to 1 400 lbs 120 01 gt 0 good fancy saddlers 150 plugs and cheap drivers 730100 good cavalry horses 90 0110 MULES Sound and in good condition 4 to 8 years 14 hands 45055 14 hands 60 US0 15 hands 80095 15 hands 106 0120 16 hands 125 0 145 16 hands and extra weight 145 0160 DRUGS Market steady Jobbers prices CORRECTED DAILY Alum 2 03c lb alcohol 2 2 V02 apos 3 bis muth sub nitrate 1 10 bergj m San derson apos s 2 90 Der lb borax 9c lb bluestone 5 c in bbls brime ne 2 c blue muss 50c chlorate potash 5c calo mel 95c camphor S7c by bb j c cassia oil 120 lb cinchonida P W 38c oz cans 33c cloves 13c cocMneal 60c lb cocaine 3 55 copperas lOo lb bbl 50c flour of sulphur 2 c glycerine C P 17c indigo best madras 60c lb iodide potussia 2 50 lb iodine 3 76 lb lemon Sanderson s 1 20 lb licorice ex tract 25c lb madder 13c lb morphine P amp W 2 60 in eighths opium gum 3 75 lb quinine P amp W 4Ge oz 5 oz 41c foreign ounces 44c 5 oz cans 39c 60 oz cans 37c 100 oz cans 33c resin per bbl 2 25tf 3 00 rhubarb 75c Salts Ep som bbl lots 1c Crab Orchard S5c per dozer 25c packages concentrated water 3 00 per dozen bottles saltpeter 6 01Oc lb snuff Garrett s oz tins 3 00 gross 1 oz tins 6 00 gross 2 oz tins 12 60 gross bottle 4 dozen cases 10 50 case Soap pure French castile Sc soda bicarb 1 amp 2 c lb in keg lots Sal soda 0lc lb Venetian red English l c lb Market quiet The following are prices to Jobbers packed CORRECTED DAILY An ad vance will be charged in filling small or ders HAMS AND SHOULDERS S C Hams 10 av 11c S C hams 12 to 14 av 10 c S C shoulders 8c breakfast bacon 12c D S MEATS Regular clears 35 to 10 av 8 c extras 30 to 40 av 8 c clear bellies 12 to 14 av 9 c clear bellies 14 j to 16 av 9 c fat backs 10 to 12 av 7 c I regular backs IS to 22 av c BACON Regular clears 35 to 40 av j 9 c extras 30 to 40 av 9 c c ear bel lies 12 to 14 av 10 c clear bellies 14 to 16 av 10 c l apos at backs 10 to 12 av 8 c regular backs 18 to 22 av 9c LARD Leaf lard in tierces 9c leaf lard in tins 9 c leaf lard in tubs 9 c MISCELLANEOUS Bologna according to quality and brand 5 07c beef tongues per dozen 4 00 dried beef inside and knuckles 12 c PAI NTS AND OILS Market firm Jobbers apos prices CORRECTED DAILY PAINTS AND COLORS Strictly pure white and red lead 6 c per lb 2 per cent discount for cash Venetian red H01 c ycllow r ochre c OIL AND NAVAL STORES OI1 per gallon Linseed oil raw 62 boiled 63c in o bbl lots lc gallon less I ard Oil Extra winter strained 63c extra No 1 57c No 1 46c No 2 41c 150 degrees prime white coal oil 9c 150 degrees water w hite radiant 10 c 175 degrees headlight ll c benzine 63 degrees 9 c stove gasoline 11c 87 degrees gasoline 16c Lubricating Oils Black oil 9 17c golden machinery I 12c extra golden machinery 18c sperm oil 70c tanners oil straight 31c banks 30c neatfoot oil extra 60c No 1 30c w hite miners best quality 46c No 1 castor oil 1 02 gal turpentine 38c pine tar per bbl 3 25 resin per bbl 2 250 2 75 according to quality WINDOW GLASS Today apos s discount on original boxes Single and double strength 85 per cent An advance of 8 per cent will take effect May 11 Nearly One Thousand Friendless Dogs Have Been Taken in Dur ing April CHANGE OF FIRM Law Offices of Pirtle amp Trabue 703 706 Columbia Building Louisville Ky AttiUa Cox Jr has this day been ad mitted as a member of the firm of Pirtla amp Trabue PIRTLE amp TRABUE JAMES S PIRTLE EDMUND F TRABUE ATT1LLA COX JR Louisville May 1 1901 LOUISVILLE amp NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD CO 120 Broadway The Louisville Railway Transfer Co 8 Per Cent Gold Bonds Notice is hereby given that the Louis ville Railway Transfer Company 8 per cent gold bonds maturing May 1 lyul will be paid at par on presentation at the offices of the Louisville amp Nashville Rail road Co 120 Broadway New York city or Louisville Ky on and after Wednes day May 1 1901 on which date interest 6n said bonds wdll cease AUGUST BELMONT Chairman New York April 1 1901 ap3 16 30 0 30 o clock The minimum tonig apos ht will bo about 66 degrees The river is falling at Louisville and all stations above The fall is qudte tap id above Cincinnati and it has passed below the danger line at Portsmouth and all stations above At Louisville the river will fall some what slowly today but more rapidly Wednesday and will probably pass below the danger line 28 feet some time Thurs day CATTLE MARKET April shows the heaviest month s busi ness in the history of the local dog catch ing industry Up until this morning the capture of nearly 1 000 untagged and unlicensed ca nines had been reported since April Fools Day at the office of the License Board Secretary J Moss Terry says the total eclipses all past records in this line The heavy receipts of vagrant dogs at the city pound was the result of the Mayor s orders to the police a few weeks ago to round up all stray cauines The city had gotten overrun with un tagged mongrels and the blueeoats re inforced by the small boys and the offi cial catchers brought in scores of un happy curs daily Very few of the ani mals were redeemed by their owners and most of them have already met a sudden death in the sulphur vats It is expected that May will also show a heavy business in dogs at the pound FULL TICKET WILL BE NAMED Socialist Labor Party of Louisville Will Hold a Convention To morrow FRUITS AND NUTS K eep your blood pure and your stomach and Uig estive organs in a healthy condition by taking Hood apos s Sarsaparilla and you will bo WELL lav JOHN W amp D S GREEN STOCK AND BOND BROKERS 249 FIFTH ST Private wire to New York Cincinnati and Chicago Investment securities a specialty 125 96 190 KS 50 NEWS OF THE STREET At their weekly meeting in Elgin yes terday the butter manufacturers reduced the price of butter l c per pound Peter L Atherton has been admitted as ESTABLISHED 1878 W L LYONS amp GO Stocks Bonds Grain Provisions and Cotton MEMBERS N Y COTTONEXCM ANGE l AND CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE Local Securities Bought and Sold Exclusive Private Wires N W Cor Second and Main Louisville Ky Hunt L Hutchings BROKERS Members Chi Ko Board of Trad SIOCKb bOINDS OR AIN PROVISIONS AND COTTON Private wires to New York and Cb gt cago also long distance telephone BOARD OF TRADE BUILDING Market steady Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY BANANAS 75c l 50 per bunch DATES Persian 5 c per lb FIGS Cooking 7c per lb Smyrna figs 10c lb LEMOXS Messlna 2 75 02 00 Califor nia 2 00 0 2 50 ORANGES California navel 2 75 03 25 seedlings 2 50 03 00 NUTS Mixed 12 c per lb Virginia peanuts roasted 6 r apos 6 c green 5 05 c lb English walnuts 13c chestnuts 8c al monds 17c filberts 12 c Brazil rrfits 11c pecans 8 01 2c hickory nuts 1 25 bu shell barks 1 50 bu walnuts 65c bu APPLES Baldwins 3 75 04 25 seconds 3 25 03 50 Russets and Greenings 3 75 0 4 00 Ben Davis 3 50 willow 4 25 COCOANUTS 3 50 Der 100 PTNEAPPLES Florida 1 50 02 50 doz Havana 1 5002 50 FLORIDA GRAPE FRUIT C 6007 00 box NOVELTIES Miss strawberries three gal crates 1 7502 00 mushrooms 30040c lb California artichokes 150 dozen new pie plant 20c dozen bunches ROPE AND CORDAGE Market steady Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY Basis of inch and over Sisal 7 c Manila 10 c SALT LIME AND HAIR Market steady Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY SALT In dray load lots delivered 7 bu Ohio river bbls SI 45 5 bu Ohio river bbls 1 15 7 bu Michigan medium coarse 1 52 5 bu Michigan medium coarse 1 20 7 bu Michigan fine 1 45 5 bu Michigan fine 1 15 LIME Today apos s quotation on lime is 75c per bbl PLASTER AND HAIR Plaster of Paris Newark 2 00 per bbl Michigan 1 40 per bbl plaster hair 22025c per bu CEMENT Portland 3 0003 45 per bbl Louisville 7Q0S5c per bbl bags SOc re bate of 5c SUGAR The members of the Socialist Labor party in Louisville and t he county of Jefferson will hold a convention tomor row evening and name a full ticket to be voted for at the coming election The meeting will be called to order at 8 o clock in Beck s Hall on Jefferson street near First by State Secretary Albert Schinutz It is expected that there will be a full attendance of Labor So cialists A full li3t of nominees from Mayor down will be named CORN PLANTING IN PROGRESS Impetus Is Given to All Farm Work by Recent Warm Weather Reported by the Louisville Livestock Ex change Bourbon Stockyards Louisville Ky April 30 Cattle Receipts light Market ruled about steady on all grades at yesterday s i prices aud pens well cleared at the close Calves Receipts light Market steady Choice veals selling 5 5006 00 others slow sale Extra good export steers 1 300 lbs up 5 000 5 25 Light shipping steers 1 200 to 1 300 lbs 4 750 5 00 Choice butchers 4 500 4 85 Medium to good butchers 4 000 4 50 Common to medium butchers 3 500 4 00 Canners 1 250 2 25 Good to extra oxen 4 000 4 40 Common to medium oxen 3 260 3 50 Good to choice f etders 4 260 4 60 Common to medium feeders 3 500 4 25 Choice to extra stock steers 4 000 4 40 Common to medium stock steers 3 000 3 50 Good to choice stock heifers 3 250 3 60 Common to medium stock heifers 2 750 3 25 Good to choice bologna bulls 3 400 3 75 Choice to medium bulls 3 250 3 G5 Choice veal calves 5 500 6 00 Milch cows choice to fancy 3 00060 00 Milch cows medium to good 20 00030 00 Milch cows plain and common 15 00020 CO Hogs Receipts light Market steady choice hogs 160 pounds up selling at 5 70 lights 5 4005 60 100 to 120 pound pigs 5 2505 30 80 to 100 pounds 505 25 50 to 80 pounds 4 5005 roughs 4 5005 25 Pens well cleared Choice packing and butchers 200 to 300 lb amp 70 Good to extra light ISO to 200 lb 5 W Good to extra light 120 to 180 lb 5 4005 6 Fat shoats 100 to 120 lb 5 2505 30 Fat shoats 80 to 100 lb 5 0005 25 Pigs 50 to SO lb 4 5005 apos K gt Roughs 150 to 400 lb 4 5005 25 Sheep and Lambs apos Receipts light Market ruled about steady on all grades at quotations Good to extra shipping sheep 3 6503 S3 Fair to good 3 0003 0 Common to medium 2 0002 50 Bucks 2 0003 00 Stock ewes 1 7502 00 Skips and scalawags per head 600 73 Extra fall lambs 4 590 00 Best butcher lambs 4 5005 00 Fair to good butcher lambs 3 0004 00 Tail ends 2 6003 00 KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK FIELD SEEDS Market slow Prices from store CORRECTED DA TLY Clover prime tc choice red 6 2506 50 orchard grass choice 1 1001 25 fancy bluegrass 1 10 extra clean SOc fancy red lop 9010c lb timothy prime to choice 2 0002 10 red top prime 15f 20c sapling clover 6 75 bu Alfalfa 8 400 8 60 bu millet 1 1001 25 Hungarian grass 70075c FLOUR AND MILL FEED Market steady Jobbers prices CORRECTED DAILY FLOUR Minnesota spring patent 4 25 04 75 choice winter patent 4 2504 45 plain patents 4 1004 35 straight 3 9 v lt p 4 15 family 3 75 low grades 3 0003 25 rye Hour 3 50 bolted meal 90c l 00 MILL FEED Bran 16 00016 50 per ton shorts 16 60017 00 shipstuffs 16 50017 50 in carload lots sacks 1 00 per ton extra HAY AND STRAW Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY Hay steady Choice timothy 15 00015 50 No 1 timothy 14 00rql4 50 No 2 12 500 13 00 No 3 11 00011 50 mixed and low grades 8 00010 00 clover hay 8 00010 00 w heat straw 4 7505 25 IRON AND HARDWARE Market active Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY SOFT STEEL BARS 12 25 base IRON BARS 1 85 base HARROW TEETH 2 75 per 100 lbs HORSE SHOES Burdens 4 00 Juni ata 3 75 Hudson 3 70 mule shoes 25c advance HORSE SHOE NAILS No 8 9017c ac cording to quality NAILS Cut 2 40 wire 2 55 WIRE Nos 6 to 9 galvanized 3 00 General jobbing prices now ruling in this market CAREFULLY CORRECTED Effective April 17 at 2 20 p m Cut loaf 5 95 crushed 5 95 pow dered 5 55 standard granulated 5 45 fine granulated 5 45 extra fine granulat ed 5 55 cubes 5 70 XXXX powdered 5 CO mould A 5 SO diamond confection ery 4 5 45 confectionery standard A 5 25 No 1 Columbia A 5 10 No 2 Windsor A 5 05 No 3 Ridgewood A 5 05 No 4 Phoenix A 5 00 No 5 Empire A 4 95 No 6 4 90 No 7 4 80 No 8 4 70 No 9 4 65 No 10 4 60 No 11 4 65 No 12 1 50 No 13 4 50 No 14 4 45 No 15 4 45 No 16 4 45 Granulated 5 lb bags 5 GO granulated 2 and 5 lb packages 5 60 STAPLE VEGETABLES Market firm Prices from store CORRECTED DAILY Northern potatoes 1 3501 50 bbl home i grown 1 4001 50 bbl North cabbage 1 45 apos bbl Florida cabbage 2 2502 50 Louis iana 2 7503 dO onions Northern 1 50 bu cranberries Jersey 3 50 bbl boxes 2 6502 75 new tomatoes 3 0003 50 beets 40c radishes 40c turnips 40c cauliflower 2 50 crate parsley 40c carrots 50c new head lettuce S4 5005 00 bbl Southern celery 50060c Florida string beans 3 00 crate cucumbers 1 5002 00 dozen Cali fornia celery 5 00 crate 8Oc0 l 00 dozen leaf lettuce 86c The weekly crop summary issued by the local Weather Bureau today says The first part of the week was too cool especially in the eastern portion of the State but the latter part was warm and dry All vegetation advanced rapld apos y and put on a real springlike appearance Wheat has done quite well and general ly looks much better than was expected Tobacco plants are small but seem to be in good conditionl There Is complaint in some localities of damage by insects Corn planting progressed rapidly th last of the week except where the ground was too wet to work Corn that was planted early apos has rotted badly and many fields will be replanted Gardens have made littfe progress here tofore but are now starting nicely Fruit was not injured to any great extent by the cold weather of last week and now bids fair to give a good crop Oats and rye had been making a slow growth but since the weather has be come warmer they are starting forward rapidly Grass is Improving High water has damaged crops on t lie bottom hands considerably Farm work is very much behind but is progressing rapidly now KANSAS CITY April SO Cattle Re ceipts 10 000 including 200 Texans beef cattle steady others easy native steers 4 6005 50 Texas steers 3 900 5 00 Texas cows 3 0004 25 native cows and heifers 3 2505 10 Stockers and feeders 3 75 5 25 bulls 3 1004 50 calves 4 0006 25 Hogs apos Receipts 18 000 2 03c lower bulk of sales 5 6005 75 heavy 5 700 5 80 Yorkers 5 30 0 5 63 packers 5 63 05 75 mixed 5 6005 75 light 5 400 5 65 pigs 4 2505 20 Sheep Receipts 5 000 strong lambs 4 7505 10 spring lambs 6 0007 25 muttons 4 0004 80 ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST LOUIS Mo April 30 Cattle Re ceipts 2 800 steady Native steers 4 00 05 85 stockers and feeders 2 850 4 70 cows aud heifers 2 0005 00 Texas and Indian steers 3 550 5 25 cows and heifers 2 60 4 10 Hogs Receipts S 500 5c lower Piks and lights 3 60 lt S5 70 packers 3 60 j gt 5 75 butchers 75 5 90 Sheep Receipts 2 000 steady N apos ativ muttons 4 25 4 60 lambs 55 00 6 50 GREAT EXCITEMENT FAIR AND WARMER THE HAYMARKET Prices paid on wagon receipts COR RECTED DAILY LOOSE HAY in good demand Choice 80c medium 70075c rough 50060c wild grass and millet 40 f4oc LOOSE STRAW in moderate demand wheat 25030c rye 1 0001 10 SHEAF OATS dull 40060c CORN scarce and in good demand Good 60c second 47048c Present Conditions Are Predicted to Continue Through Tomorrow Fair and continued warm weather to night and Wednesday Is the forecast for today The temperature averaged 7 degrees above the normal yesterday The maxi mum was 83 degrees at 3 20 p m the lowest this morning was 54 degrees at EVANSTON Wyo April 30 A gusher of oil was struck in the Aspen tunnel of the Union Pacific and great exc tement prevails The stock Is in the vicinity of i Re well in which the Union Pacific struck a flow of oil while boring for water six weeks ago There Is great activity in the recently discovered oil fields at Pio neer Hollow Aspen and Piedmont Pennsylvania California and Nebraska capitalists have secured large tracts of land and will bore for oil Local partb9 have also ordered machinery and wilt sink oil wells MARRIAGE LICENSES Charles Schrader and Nellie Brady John Reiter and Theresa Smith John G Klesel and Amelia Klinkelfus Samuel Willis Carson and Sarah Fran ces Scarce Henry Harrison Higdon and Eva Gleasop THE POST FORM SHEETS Distance 11 16 miles mile One mile 1 miles mile mile FIRST OND The Rush Lady in Blue Endur by R apos t MissT om apos y Espionage Chorus Boy His Eminence Sannazarro Eddie Busch Red IIo lt gt k THIRD JOCKEY Mosketo Wlnkfleld Scortic J Woods Mr Phinizy Wlnkfleld Driscoll Wlnkfleld Badger J Woods Betting 11 to 8 j 7 to 10 3 to 1 i 4 to 1 to Velma Clark Locust Bios N apos thuinbria J T Woods 8 to 6 11 Time 1 06 0 49 quot 1 41 2 07 0 49 1 51 THE EVENING POST LOtJISVTLLE TUESDAY APRIL 1001 11 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS i i Augusta W Glover to Clara Adler 23 feet north side Portland ave nue 50 feet east of Twenty sixth Street 2 800 Anton Pracht to Louis A Kissel feet northeast corner Story apos avenue and Ohio 6trcet 2 300 Lisgtitc Pohlman to Joseph IIoll C5 feet south side St Catherine street 1 0 L feet cast of Clay I b50 ciltjjwell Norton to 1 L Meri hvAther lot 18 block lot 18 tblock 2 Norton s subdivision 9U0 Chatjles Chreste to Nellie G Bush lliMfeet east side Third street 50 south of Avery 7 000 At McVaw to Kate Moody 25 feet tnorth side Bismarck avenue 125 fe t west of Thirtieth street 100 OSi apos Uce Hoblitzell to James Alford 3tT feet north side Lee 43 feet west of alley west of Preston 455 MORTGAGES Wm Bernasky to German Wash ington Mutual Fire Insurance Company 26 feet east side Bar ret avenue 66 feet south of Christy 500 Ceo Braun to Equitable Building Association 30 feet north side Stevens 170 feet west of Hein sohn s Lano 600 Jos apos apos Logsden etc to M M Far tnau 40 acres Shepherdsville road 500 BUILDING PERMITS Wm Spalding one story frame cottage gt 14 Roseiane 675 Frank Walker repairs cottage Seven teenth and Crop 600 Chas Koob tear off second story of 1533 nd 1535 Lombard 125 B H Sladirk repair one story frame tqal sfted 25 l FOR EXCHANGE M XTA nn iDPri L NO CHARGE EXCHANGE Stock of groceries and fix tures for a building lot or small cottage Address M this office 30 FOR EXCHANGE Valuable patent for team and rig Address Willis AV this office 30 BIRTH RETURNS r u Air and Mrs Duehmaker 1017 Ballard boy Mr and Mrs Albert B Hackel 2413 tray son boy Mr and Mrs Anton H Petewlth 823 fcast Chestnut boy Mr and Mrs Claude Ryan 111 First girl Mr and Mrs Herman Stauble Thirty fourth and Herman girl Mr and Mrs Charles Aiten 2320 Stand ard boy DEATH RETURNS f Make Your Parasol Selection Now Warm days put Parasol notions In all the ladies heads and they are making selections now Get In the procession and secure one of the exclusive things we are showing The prettiest Parasols are always snapped up first Children s Parasols Misses Parasols Ladies Coaching Parasols Ladles apos Mourning Parasols Ladies Trimmed Parasols Ladies Carriage Shades Kid Gloves T l lt e Clementina 1 00 The quot Cross Special 1 25 I The Tresbon 1 50 The Trefousse 1 50 The La Tosca 2 00 The Original fieo Cross plow Front Umbrella Store 4 13 4 ti AVe i Holld alnut ooni f quot t very kdr ome with beautiful French bevel T r marble top extra large glass w 8a In good con J g QQ yciT handsome Rosewood Dwarf Use double door nicely carved gnu apos Utique it would pav any 8 oo i v e Bookcase contains about V of rare books per volume W NUF gt CTURERS FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth TO EXCHANGE A line stuffed gray mountain eagle measures 6 ft 4 in from wing to wing for a gas range Ail dress B 802 Spring st Jeffersonville lnd 30 EXCHANGE Farm 65 acres and grow ing crop and farm implements for stock of groceries and bar room or cot tage or 4 or 5 rooms Address 39 this office 30 TO EXCHANGE Graphophone and 12 records for automatic swing or book case Address Central this office 30 EXCHANGE 5 room cottage with store front for vacant lots Address 19 this office 30 To EXCHANGE Music lessons for room and board in private family Address Mrs E E Burns 1327 W Green st 30 TO EXCHANGE First class livery busi ness land and improvement for good farm 150 to 200 acres Address M K this office Jo TO EXCHANGE One 18 karat split sec ond gold watch bell striking time for racehorse man for diamond ring or equal value Apply 630 Preston phone 15 8 29 FOR EXCHANGE One new iron bed for anything of equal value Address 1623 W Market st 29 EXCHANGE Lady s high grade wheel in fine order for gent apos s wheel in same condition Address O Brumfield Crescent Hill Ky 29 Margaret Hilnes 68 years peritonitis 1723 Pope Christopher Abel Sr 73 years old age 534 First Lizzie R Murphy and child placenta prarfsis St Louis John Ffclvey 43 years pulmonary con sumption 1704 apos Seventh Christina Katzenberger 63 years can cer Shelby and Marshall Jofan Battes 26 years tuberculosis 709 b io apos Sygnor Williams 64 years chronic kid ney apos trouble 1826 First FOR EXCHANGE One 1801 copy of But ler s Hudibras and one copy of Thompson s Seasons apos apos printed in 1835 for equal value Address Exchange this of fice WILL EXCHANGE Jewelry for a small business of some kind Address J L W 2016 Clark st 27 STEAMSHIPS SUNARD LINE bo Y 0 v n e4p 0 ool VIA QUEENSTOWN jgnificent New Twin Screw Passenger Steamships 14 000 Ions Fast Remarkably Steady Spacious Promenades Passage about 7 days All First and Second Saloon Rooms located i Upper Decks amidships Perfect Ventila tion Table unsurpassed SAXON 1 A sails May 11 June 15 July 20 August 24 1VERNIA sails April 27 June 1 July 6 August 10 Saloon 60 up Second Sqloon 40 up uip discounts Third class low LTvjNI A Twin Screw 10 000 tons spe y ux daily fitted for THIRD CLASS passen ers only Ladies apos Saloon and Men s Onoke room located Upper Deck amid shlp Sails April 20 May 23 June 29 ALEXANDER MARTIN Agent 99 State St Boston Mass or local agents WILL EXCHANGE Handsome granite spire monument for horse and buggy or other articles equal value What have you to offer Address Granite this of fice apos 27 TO EXCHANGE Team and double seated rig in exchange for valuable patent never been placed on the market Address Willis W this office 27 FOR EXCHANGE Full size cotton pad mattress also nice large water cooler almost new for chiffonier or couch must be first class Address G H S 1124 W Walnut st 27 FOR EXCHANGE Four fold screen iron folding bed and other furniture for equal value Address F A 11 436 W Jefferson st 27 FOR EXCHANGE A violin 291 years old in perfect condition wonderful tone for anything of equal value Address Violin this office 27 TO EXCHANGE Nine room frame house in first class condition good locality on car line lot 25x285 ft stable with lot 140 x23 for a good farm Address S C this office 27 TO EXCHANGE Lot of oak shelving finely made adapted for shoe or furnish ing house for horse brick or anything of equal value Address 424 Fourth st 27 TO EXCHANGE A fine camera with 4 lenses for a first class piano upright or square must be In good condition Ad dress Miss E F Darnall Rock Haven Meade county Ky 27 WANTED All who are interested in gar dens to try for the 200 in prizes offered by the Evening Post for the best home garden Everybody in Louisville New Albany and Jeffersonville can try for the prizes See today s paper for announce ment EXCHANGE Lady apos s wheel in A1 condi tion for couch Address Al this office 29 t l MONEY TO LOAN J AN EASY WAY TO BORROW IT ON Furniture Salaries Horses Wagons etc loft in your undisturbed possession We will accept all or any part of loan any week or an gt month or will give you a year apos s time if desired We loan at a rate which honest people can afford to pay REMEMBER It costs you nothing to get our rates be fore borrowing thereby save paying others double what we ask for the same accommodation and you can get the money two hours after you apply for it KENTUCKY LOAN AND BROKER CO Room 14 Norton Building 358 4th st over Louisville Book Store apl3 tf WE ADVANCE MONEY on your salary piano furniture horse carriage or wagon without any publicity and without having the goods removed from your possession You will find It greatly to your advan tage to call and see us before dealing elsewhere THE FIDELITY LOAN COMPANY Room 2S Courier Journal Office Building Fourth floor Entrance 615 Fourth ave tu th ir tf l MISCELLANEOUS J x TO EXCHANGED Office desk for incuba tor and brooder Address VV W Rich ardson 620 Clay st 29 TO EXCHANGE Good milch cow for horse and buggy or anything of equal value 2719 Slevin st 29 FOR EXCHANGE Paper bound books for atlas Address box 264 Hopkins ville Ky 29 FOR EXCHANGE A business house and lot 322 Eleventh st for a dwelling house Address A W 8 this office EXCHANGE A lady apos s wheel splendid condition for combined bookcase ahd writing desk chiffonier with glass or bent glass front china closet Address Exchange P O Station D BOARDING BOARDING I have some nice rooms for summer board reasonable 124 E Broad way 30 3tg I K LOST 5 ft 2 J OBT French poodle white with pink jrs Answe apos to name r f Muff R turn to Virginia ave and receive re ward 30 Stx BOARDING Two nicely furnished front rooms with the best table the market affords 738 Fourth ave Can accommo date a few day or transient boarders 29 6t BOARDING Wanted occupants for two front rooms In private family in south ern part of city three men or small family good board Address Z 4 this office 11 tf BOARDING In private family In south ern part of the city Address Y 1 this office Established 1S90 Established 1890 MONEY TO LOAN MONEY TO LOAN On Furniture Pianos Warehouse Receipts or any collateral We also loan money on salaries to parties holding permanent po sitions MUTUAL BANKING FO Rooms 216 218 Equitable Building Above Crutcher amp Starks Telephone 1940 ap2 tf MONEY TO LOAN No publicity Pri vate quick money any amounts on real estate city and county bring your deed W H PIPES 504 W Jefferson 2d floor ap20 tf FOR SALE i x MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE Cheap 5 000 government tents all sizes government washout water closets large lot water tanks Si mon David 531 E Market st ap30 t t s lm FOR SALE I have mated my two pens of brown Leghorns from which 1 have eggs for hatching F J Schweitzer Fif teenth and Market sts ap2 eod 13tx EXCHANGE Something of value for horse wagon and harness Apply at 121 E Jefferson st 29 EXCHANGE 1 500 acres of timbered land for city or town property Address Lock Box 104 Clarksville Tenn 29 FOR SALE Wine and Whisky 9 year old whisky 2 50 per gallon Keep well by drinking our table claret Cheap enough for everybody Address Rassinier amp Co 239 Fourth ave 27 3t FOR SALE Saloon and barrel house Address VV lv this office 27 3tx FOR SALE Furnished flat in business portion of city good chance for right party Also for rent one furnished front room Apply 514 VV Market st third floor 27 3t FOR SALE Baby buggy in good condi tion 1410 Brook st 27 3t FOR SALE Folding bed wardrobe comb wash stand Japanese screen cot center table rocking chair etc cheap Only used two months Address F A H f 436 VV Jefferson st 27 3tx FOR SALE A young mare gentle and a good mover suitable for ladies to drive at a low price Call at Mrs Ter rell 226 E Caldw apos ell t 27 3tx FOR EXCHANGE 20 acres fine land with 10 room dwelling pear orchard of 4u trees also three store rooms and cottage located at Farmersburg ind population 1 500 on Evansville amp Terre Haute rail road property all located within two squares of depot will exchange for Lou isville p ropery Address T C Beecher 1514 Maple st 27 TO EXCHANGE Teaching for board in private family For particulars address P B this office 27 EXCHANGE Would like to get a 50 pound Iron dumbbell by exchange If you have one and want to exchange It for something of equal value address R S this office 27 A LITTLE want ad gets poor indus trious working girls employment FOR SALE Kentucky lump 2 50 screen ed nut 2 25 C O gt Jelllco lump 3 25 W H SLAUGHTER JR Ring 1262 FOR RENT jj X 4 4 a lt 4 A 4 4 lt 4 a a a a FOR RENT Three or four second floor furnished rooms or as a flat 762 Third st 30 3t x FOR RENT If you want a central flat in a desirable neighborhood with all the modern conveniences and in perfe t repair at a reasonable rent don t forge to look at the two we have at 730 Sec ond st W C Priest amp Co 351 Fifth st 30 2 1 FOR RENT Flat 14 St James apart ment can give possession on short no tice Apply to R F Vogt Jackson and Jacob sts 30 Stx FOR RENT Two delightful suburban homes ample shade and grounds Short line 16 66 and 25 00 per month to select renters at once Address 33 this office 27 3tx FOR RENT Two beautiful furnished front rooms for light housekeeping also one middle room bath hot water 217 E Walnut st 29 Stx FOR RENT Three rooms In modern flat to adults only Apply at 100 W Broad way second floor 80 3tx FOR RENT Room furnished or unfur nished for light housekeeping desirable location Inquire at 624 Preston st 29 3tx FOR RENT Beautiful up to date flat to party that will buy screens gas range etc Apply 100 W St Catherine st 27 3tx FOR RENT Double parlors handsome ly furnished for sleeping rooms bath no children 615 W Chestnut st 27 3tx A LITTLE want ad will transfer your property or secure you a purenaser FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE A MARKET STREET BAR GAIN 2 story brick store near Han cock under lease pays large interest on price 2 000 WALTER S ADAMS amp CO 29 2t Suite 508 Columbia Bldg Tel 1729 FOR SALE Lot on Rufer ave 10 per foot Apply at 823 Marshal st 30 6tx FOR SALE Cottage 5 rooms hall and bath 2649 W Jefferson Inquire on premises 29 6tx FOR SALE l room cottage West Mar ket at a bargain newly painted Ad dress W K this office 27 3tx 1901 NOVEMBER ELECTION 1901 DR JAMES T BLACKBURN FOR Coroner Jefferson County Subject to action of Republican Party WANTED For U S Army able bodied unmarried men between ages of 21 ami 35 citizens of United States of good char acter and temperate habits wno speak read and write English Recruits special ly desired for service in Philippines For information apply to Recruiting Officer 514 W Jefferson st Louisville Ky mh5 lu th sa 51t WANTED apos apos l o buy three or four electric fans good condition Wright apos s Tem perance Dining Hall 322 W Market st ltx WANTED OLD GOLD WANTED OLD SILVER Also diamonds in ex change for cash Vic Lorch 256 East Market above Brook WANTED The present address of John R Owens a printer formerly of Shaw nee Tenn W D Hurst Mlddlesboro Bell County Ky 29 IT IS SETTING WARM NOW And the way to keep cool is to replace your old Carpets Mattings etc with new ones We have just what you want You pick them out we ll do the work t WANTED Board f6r gentleman wife and grown daughter rates must bjA vasonable references exchanged Ad dress A 1 this office 29 WANTED All of Louisville New Albany and Jeffersonville s good people who have small gardens to try for the 200 in prizes offered by the Evening Post for the best home garden See the announce ment every day and how to take care of your gardens WANTED Couple or few boarders In private family home comforts and con veniences terms reasonable at 1526 Gar vin Place 27 3tx WANTED Men tp learn barber trade only two more weeks of our special of fer of scholarship board and tools eight weeks completes 12 weekly paid grad uates Write for particulars today Mo ler Barber College St Louis Mo 27 6tx REWARDS In the shape of 200 In prizes offered the people of Louisville New Albany and Jeffersonville for the best home garden See announcement in to day apos s paper 27 6t FOR SALE Iron Ct Bedsteads q gt l Wooden Cook lt gt yc Stoves D Refrlg rn erators A most magnificent Solid Oak Side board chipped glass cost 37 EJQ MANUFACTURERS FURNITURE AND COMMISSION CO Jefferson and Green Streets bet Third and Fourth 10 27 95c 60c 48c COMPARE OUR PRICES 00 For a 9x12 Brussels Rug sold vfvJ at other stores for SI 5 00 For a 9x12 Royal Wilton Rug DU sold everywhere for 3 5 00 For a 3 4 yd Lace Curtain we have only 4s pairs of these worth lt 51 25 For a 3 yd Lace Curtain only have 18 pairs to sell worth 75 C Yard for the best All wool Ingrain Carpet worth 75 C 20 18 85c 70c 85c Clean your Carpets for lc per yard Restores the col ors removes spots and stains perfectly harmless ask for Electric Cleaner THE Market street corner Brook For a 9x12 Axminster Rug a great bargain at 25 00 AA For the best BodyBrussels Rug UU bought to sell for 23 00 Yard still buys those Wilton Velvets are sold the world over for j t j 5 Yard for a Roxbury Carpet worth per yard 95c Yard for an Axminster Carpet this week will close them out worth 1 25 Electric Wall Paper Cleaner makes wall paper look like new Try a box Satisfac tion guaranteed Trial box only 15c T i HELP WANTED NO CHARGE X i i gt 4 4 A AAA A apos A A apos 4 U Vl 4 MALES WANTED Colored man to cook also colored waiter Apply at 106 E Green St 29 WANTED Competent bookkeeper and stenographer experienced must come well recommended and willing to begin with small salary Apply at Yellow Creek Coal and Lumber Co Mlddlesboro Ky 27 WANTED Either a boy 18 years of age or an old man to work on a small farm German preferred wages S per month and board Apply to 238 W Market st 29 XXth Century Furnace has the only perfect tire bowl to date for burning all kinds of fuel Yes we can heat your old houses Every fire bowl guar anteed for five years Peter Nicholas amp Co 737 W Murket st Tel 491 HELP MALE NO CHARGE BARBER At 215 Columbia building at once 30 BARBER Young man preferred Apply at 618 K Jefferson st 30 BOY Good stout colored boy Apply at the Brook and Kentucky street school 30 BOY Good strong German about 14 or 5 years of age to work in plumblug shop Apply 1037 Third st 29 BOY To help around 4 ne workshop R Mansfield i Sun 313 j Main 29 BOY Colored to worU 206 E Market st O It hotel Apply at le up stairs 27 BOY Strong German Ly about 12 years old In grocery Apply at 2104 W Jeffer son st 27 CARPENTERS Five at 516 Eighth st 30 COACHMAN Reliable and experienced coachman and houseman colored lib eral wages Apply at 1401 Fourth ave 2i DISH WASHER Colored man Apply at 106 E Green st 27 FARMHAND Good who understands plowing and handling a team Apply Industrial Home Shelter 620 Clay st W W Richardson Superintendent MAN White who has had experience In handling and repairing furniture Apply a t 315 W Main st 29 MAIN Experienced colored dining room at Norton Infirmary Third and Oak 2 J MAN Cook Apply at 602 W Jefferson su MAN To go on a 30 acre orange grove 12 miles above St Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico one who understands gar den and raising pineapples Apply at 2906 W Walnut st 29 MAN To wait on table and do general work around house Apply with refer ences after 2 p m 1454 E Broadway 29 PASTE BOY Call before 7 30 a m at 107 V Market st PRESS FEEDER Experienced Apply at Frederick Diehl apos s 210 W Market st 29 PRINTER All round state wages want ed etc W D Hurst Mlddlesboro Bell county Ky 2 SOBER UP on a 5c bottle of Coca Cola 22 26t WANTED Experienced pop bottler Ap ply at 271 K Market st 30 WANTED Blacksmith and wagonmaker Apply Haller Bros Twenty sixth and Cane Run road apos apos 9 WANTED First class houseman or wom an for dining room and chamber work white or colored Apply at 625 W Wal nut WANTED Good tin roofer Apply at 251 W Jefferson st 29 WANTED Good carpenter that can do inside work Apply to Paul Krazeise at Starr Dry Goods Co Market st bet Second and Third 30 WANTED One or two carpenters Apply at 730 W Market st Call at 6 p m 27 WANTED Bookkeeper lady or gentle man also two drivers Apply at 629 Eighth st 29 YOUTH Smart not under 17 for office and other work A B C apos this office 30 HELP FEMALES no charge COOK Also liousegirl at 1223 Second st No was hi mg or Ironing 30 COOK Colored good reliable for small fam ily Apply at 1208 Fourth st 29 COOK For small family Apply at 1434 Third ave 27 COOK First class Apply ut 625 First st COOK Reliable Apply immediately at 939 Third ave 27 apos GIRD German 16 or 18 years old for housework 219 E Oak st 3 0 GIRL White to do housework Apply at 1G07 Preston st 30 GIRL White for light housework no washing Call at 802 E Broadway 3J GIRL Colored to assist with housework and nurse baby 127 W Market second floor 1 GIRL To do general work Apply at 308 VY Walnut st 29 GIRL To cook wash and iron good home good wages Apply at once at 109 E College st 30 GIRLS Experienced hands on vests Ap ply at 846 W Main st 30 GIRL Small white girl good home good wages Apply at 200 Brook and Walnut sts 30 GIRL White to do cooking and assist in housework family of two Apply at 102 W Burnett 30 GIRL For housework at 430 Preston st 29 GIRL White or colored to do general housework Apply at once at 613 E Jef ferson good wages 29 GIRL German for small family Apply at 1140 Sixth 29 GIRL To assist with housework no washing Apply at 728 W Walnut 29 GIRL For office work accurate at fig ures and good penman Apply Loulsvilld Bolt amp Iron Company Third and M sts 29 GIRL White for cooking and general housework Apply at 412 E Walnut st GIRL White to assist In housework and help attend to children Apply 328 K Jefferson 9 GIRL German to do general housework Apply at once at 613 E Je fferson st 27 GIRL German to cook and do house work for family of two Apply to Miss Lizzie 328 West Jefferson st furniture store 9 GIRL German for small family Apply at 952 Fifth st 29 GIRL White to assist in light house work and care of children Apply at 653 Third st at once 27 tLKLj loung urerutau whvoc are willing to put her in a good home fair wages If satisfactory Address Mrs Wood this office 27 5Trl W hite for light housework Ap ply at once at 1005 Jackson st 27 COUNTRY BOARD For gentleman and wife near Short or electric line Address E E E this office 29 3tx WANTED Couple or gentleman to board in private family in southern part of city references required Address E 40 this office 27 3tx WANTED Summer boarders In delight ful suburban home ample grounds and shade Short line railroad correspon dence with best of references solicited at once Address 27 this office 27 3tx Jefferson Circuit Court Chancery Di vision Columbia Finance and Trust Company assignee etc vs Stein Brewing Com pany 18 233 All creditors of the Stein Brewing Com pany assigned are notified to prove their claims against same before me on or be fore May 10 1901 R W HERR 29 3t Commissioner Jefferson Circuit Court Chancery Di vision Louisville Trust Company administrator etc vs Alexander llupe etc 28 614 All creditors of H L Hupe deceased are notified to prove their claims against his estate before me on or before May 10 19 1 R W HERR 29 3t Commissioner t Read the Want Ads Every day and you i iay find something there of personal interest FREE WANTS ROOMS WANTED SOARD WANTED HOUSE WANTED MAID WANTED COOK WANTED DRIVER WANTED ENGINEER WANTED GARDENER WANTED FOUND WANTED TO EXCHANGE JZ Situations Wanted Free BUSINESS WANTS FOR RENT FOR SALE LOST And Classified Advertising 1c a Word NO AD TAKEN FOR LESS THAN FIFTEEN CENTS I HELP WANTED NO CHARGE J FEMALES HANDS Experienced female machine to make line pants Apply 317 First st 39 r r r v r lt r r i F r r F K a amp Situations Wanted S je NO CHARGE 6 v S FEMALES SITUATION By a German woman to do laundry work by the day or bring home Address Mrs A D 511 Second st 30 LADY To do plain sewing Apply at 245 W Jefferson st 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horse or do housework Ad dress 1020 Thirteenth st 27 SITUATION As driver by experienced German well acquainted in city Ad dress J B 1909 Pirtle st 27 SITUATION By an experienced and edu cated man to nurse the sick Inquire at 715 W Jefferson or 327 N Brook st 27 SITUATION By young man 20 years of age willing to work to learn a paying trade Address N Edwards 924 First st 27 SITUATION By colored girl to nurse or do housework Address Laurena Wood 729 St Catherine st SITUATION By bright intelligent boy II years old helping to support his wid owed mother In an office or store wliera he can make himself useful Address R B Grlnnan 2512 Catalpu st SITUATION By young unmarried man as teacher in some private family can teach common branches high school branches and German references fur nished Address William M Dwyer Can helton Ind 27 PROPOSALS PROPOSALS for Material etc Govern ment Printing Office Office of the Pub lic Printer Washington D C April 4 1901 Sealed proposals will be received at this office until 10 o apos clock a m MAY 3 I9 gt J for furnishing material etc for the use or the Government Printing Office during the fiscal year ending June 20 1902 The right to reject any and all bids and waive defects is reserved Detailed schedules of the material etc required accompanied by blank proposals and giv ing the regulations with which bidders must comply may be obtained by ad dressing this office F W PALMER ap4 18 25 30 Public Printer DEPARTMENT OF THIS INTERIOR Washington L gt C April 4 1901 Sealed proposals In duplicate will be received at this department until 3 o apos clock p m May 2 1901 for furnishing the following classes of supplies etc for the depart ment and the Civil Service Commission during the fiscal year ending June 30 1902 to wit 1 for fuel and lumber 2 for furniture carpets and other miscella neous supplies 3 for stationery At the same time and place proposals will be re ceived for such meats groceries dry goods shoes drugs paints hardware fuel lumber chemicals laboratory appa ratus engraving photographic supplies etc as may be required by the Govern ment Hospital for the Insane the Geologi cal Survey and the Howard University respectively Proposals will also be re ceived for the purchase of the waste pa per of the Department of the Interior Bids must be made on government blanks Forms of proposals etc will be furnished on application requests for blanks must designate the classes of supplies upon which it is proposed to bid All bidders are invited to be present at the opening E A HITCHCOCK Secretary a p4 18 25 30 PROPOSALS for Stationery etc Govern ment Printing Office Office of the Pub lic Printer Washington D C April 4 1901 Sealed proposals will be received at this office until 2 o clock p m MAY 2 1901 for furnishing stationery fuel Ice hard wata plumbing and electric supplies lum ber etc for the use of the Government Printing Office during the fiscal year end ing June 30 1902 The right to reject any and all bids and to waive defects is re served Detailed schedules of the sta tionery fuel ice etc required accom panied by blank proposals and giving the regulations with which bidders must com ply may be obtained by addressing this office F W PALMER ini is 2 30 Public Printer PERSONALS PERSONAL The ELITE HAIR DRESSING AND COMPLEXION PARLORS LSI Fourth st over Arthur Kaye s remove SDPER FlIoTTS HAIR and all FACIAL BLEM ISHES bv Electrolysis Painless perma nent ELECTRO FACIAL SCALP and BEST MASSAGE Everything the best MISS STELLA Is with us MME ST ICES Mgr S0 StX HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTING L B BASCOM Established 1SC6 22S Third street Tele phone 3492 A V apos 12 THE EVENING POST LOUISVILLE TUESDAY APRIL 30 1901 OPENED HE DR W R STRUBLE DELIVERED HIS FIRST TALK AGAINST THE CIGARETTE GOOD CROWD HEARD ADDRESS Local Work Is Along the Line of the American Anti Cigarete League MEETINGS TO CONTINUE 10 DAYS Mercerized Foulards 19c A new lot just received very choice styles Mercerized Satin Foulards 35c values Wednesday Special c I9c Scotch Madras 12k Woven Corded Madras new est up to date stripes for shirt waists Styles more beautiful than ever worth 19c Wednes day special 12 4c WEDNESDAY ONLY Men s Seamless Socks 3 n Black and tan fast colors No mail orders None to deal ers WEDNESDAY ONLY 3 Lb Feather Sleeping Pillows Satin Stripe Wool Challies Stylish designs Wool Challies satin stripe pink rose lavender reseda and green worth 40c Wednesday Special 29c iC 20c FOREIGN BATISTE The pews of Marcus Lindsay Memorial Church were well filled Monday evening by those interested in the crusade against the cigarette and desirous of hearing I r Wallace R Struble in his first attempt in tJTis city at overcoming it Personally Dr Struble is not at all narrow minded In a conversation held before the meeting he said 1 am not fighting the use of tobacco only the cigarette and only for the reason that its use by young people has increased alarmingly with results that are deplor able Dr Struble outlined the work under taken by the American Anti Cigarette League which body he stated was en gaged in trying to form the numerous scattered associations having this com mon object into a bo dy which would have weight and strength The movement he stated was insti tuted ten years ago by Charles Bulkley Hubbell of New York and from that date its existence and growth had been spasmodic and without satisfactory re sults for a time but at the present time fully 300 000 children have been induced to sign the pledge to abstain from the use o f cigarettes until t hey had reached the age of twenty one Although the address of Monday night was really intended for children between the ages of eight and fourteen the age of danger from the cigarette according to Dr Struble a plentiful sprinkling of older persons was observed in the audience Including many young women Dr Struble was introduced by Prof II K Taylor who is also deeply interested in the anti cigarette movement The ad dress was powerful and concise The future welfare of the nation said Dr Struble lies in the hands of its future sovereigns the boys and girls of today Kentucky rakes pride in its beautiful women fine whisky and blooded horses and should also lake pride in its boys quot To make good brave brainy men is of more Importance than to produce horses or whisky or tobacco or animal products of any sort The Kentucky boy is a bright fellow and deserves attention The proudesV boast of this splendid State is in the in tegrity of its citizenship It will not do to garnish the tomb of Clay and utter plaudits while sealing destruction to gen erations of embryo statesmen through the cigarette The opinion of Dr Frank Gunsaulus of Chicago is There is no force more destructive of soul mind or body or more subversive of good morals than the cigar ette Much experience confirms Chat the cigarette obscenity and licentiousness go hand in hand Few boys who indulge In the first escape the contamination of the latter The percentage of cigarette smokers in the high schools Is practically nil for the reason that cigarette fiends never reach the high schools The average of scholarship of girls Is greater than that of boys for the obvious reason that girls are comparatively free from narcotic and kindred vices The campaign in Louisville is a cam paign for the preservation of the young from the contamination of the most In sidious force ever devised for the de struction of the race the cigarette Dr Struble illustrated his lecture with a number of examples which would have caused cigarette manufacturers to grit their teeth apos and squirm had they been present and closed his address with an appeal to the apos boys and girls to sign the pledge and to assist in the work the ob ject of which was solely to benefit them and to cause them to become stronger better men and women Dr Struble will remain in the city about two weeks scattering his sermon broadcast and endeavoring in every way to promote the object of bis labors The program outlined is as follows April 30 8 p m Lander Memorial Church Highlands May 2 8 p m Clifton Christian Church May 3 8 p m First English Lutheran Church Preston and Broadway May 4 8 p m Chestnut street Baptist Church Ninth and Chestnut May 6 S p m Portland Methodist Church Thirty third and Portland ave nue May 8 8 p m Parkland Christian Church On Sunday May 5 there will be a graud rally though the location has not yet been decided upon Hosiery Special 35c Values C Pei Pair 16 Primrose Batiste handsome quality beautiful designs ami colorings worth 20c Wednesday special 15c White Paris riuslin 2 Yards Wide Ladies Two thread Stainless Black High spliced Heel Full Regular Made Hose 36c values Wednesday special lCc per pair INDIA LINEN 42 c 18 apos Wednesday special Fine Sheer White Paris Muslin 2 yards wide worth 40c special 18c Sheer quality White India Linen Wednesday special 4 t c I 5c SHADOW SILKS C KNIT UNDERWEAR BARGAINS For WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY Children apos s and Misses Bleached Jersey Ribbed Vests Short sleeves worth 1216c at 5c 61c Ladies Sleeveless Vests Jersey Ribbed bleached or ecru taped neck and arm hole worth 12 Vic at tiVfcc i O apos ft Ladies Medium Weight I Jersey Ribbed Vests Long or short sleeves taped neck bleached or ecru worth 25c at 12 1 gt c lt f a Ladies Jersey Ribbed Pants I O U Tedium Weight Knee or ankle length with nice yoke band aD Size 18x26 with heavy tick ing cover Only two to a cus tomer Children s Dresses Made of pest Percale ruffles around shoul ders neatly trimmed special price 49c Sizes 4 years to 12 years Other styles at 75c 89c and 98c Boys Wash Suits New lot of Boys Wash Suits made of fast colored ma terial at 29c 39 c and 50c FOR WEDNESDAY ONLY 1 25 Embroidery Trimmed Underskirt 7 50 Tailor Made Suits 4 98 Made of Cheviot either coat or Eton style jacket lined throughout skirt made seven gore flare Equal to any 7 50 suit On sale tomorrow at P4 98 c 10 Silk Skirts 6 98 Made like cut with dust ruffle Only two a customer 500 Rolls China Mattings 10 10c LINING SPECIALS 3 3C 4 Kid finish Lining Cambrics all shades and block 3 4 c Brush flirt Binding i P Black and colors Wednesday Special 3 c 20 inch Shadow Silks for Shirts Waists and Linings 15c values Wednesday special 10c 10 4 Sheeting 12k Two cases Fine Sea Island Sheeting 10 4 wide worth lTV c Wednesday spe cial 12 c Fine quality Japanese Cotton warp Mattings at 15c 20c 22 c and 25c 2 25 and 2 50 Lace Curtains Having only 2 to 4 pairs of a pattern we place them on sale at this low price They are 3 g yards long and extra wide with buttonhole edge 50c Boys Waists Laundered and Unlaundered Made of finest quality Percales pleated front and back 2 50 Reversible Tapestry Portieres with heavy fringe top and bottom beautiful designs Black Taffeta Siik Skirt flounce of applique work equal to any io Silk lt C oft Skirt at 450 VO Ladies 75c Fancy Striped Underskirts 38c at with deep ruffle MEN apos S BALBRIGGAN UNDERWEAR Worth 39c 15c Shirts Jong or short sleeves Drawers made with double seat Made of good fast colored Calico flounce bottom waist has separate lining full front watteau back special price tomorrow Wednes day 47c Satin Ribbons Per Yard No 1 Satin Ribbon all newest spring shades Wednesday special lc per yard WEDNESDAY ONLY Ladies Black Cotton Gloves worth 19 c at MARKET ST 1 25 Thomson s Glove Fitting Corsets WEDNESDAY SPECIAL One Lot Thomson Glove Fitting Corsets White Drab and Black 1 25 Values Wednesday Special SI 00 Shoes 59c Children apos s Dougola Lane Shoe3 patent leather tips spring styles shapes and lasts leather soles and counters 1 values at 59c sizes 8 1 2 to 11 CTA D D DRY 600D 3 Iftlfft COMPANY 2 00 Ladies apos Oxfords 1 50 Ladies apos Vici Kid Dongola and Kid Skin Oxfords with plain kid or silk vesting tops patent leather or kid tips hand turned soles straight or concave heels sizes and widths to fit all guaranteed 2 values at 1 50 a pair for Wednesday only 29c Shirt Waists One odd lot of Per oale Shirt Waist laundered collara and cuffs made to sell at 50c and 75c on sale tomorrow Wednesday 2 e 75c Umbrellas 39c Special lot of J a dies English Gloria Umbrellas steel rod silver trimmed han dles regular 75c Umbrellas Wednes day only 39c 50c Golf Purses 25c One lot of Ladles Golf Purses In tn and black 50c values at 25c Elastic Belts 50c Ladies Dip Front Elastic Belts 75c values Special at 50c Ilf WALNUT STREET BAPTISTS CORNERSTONE OF THE NEW CHU RCH TO BE LAID WEDNESDAY AND DR EATON S PASTORAL ANNIVERSARY TO BE CELE BRATED attraction at the Avenue all week with matinees today Thursday and Saturday with Miss Rose Melville playing Sis her original character AfTtk TAKINC iwi The corner stone of the new church to be built at Third and St Catherine streets by the congregation of the old Walnut street Baptist Church will be laid with Impressive ceremonies at 3 o clock tomorrow afternoon The new church will cost when c m pleted 120 000 This church will be w tli a single exception the only pub ic build ing in Louisville adhering rigidly through out to lt a pure style of architecture It will be pure Gothic The only other ex ample of any puire style of architecture is the Courthouse which is pure Doric An additional interest will attach to the ceremonies of laying the corner stone from the fact that the day will also be the thirtieth anniversary of the assump tion of the duties of pastor by Dr T T Eaton The laying of the corner stone will b attended with a program of very impres sive exercises The music of the occasion will be lei by a double quartet selected from the students of the Southern Baptist Theo logical Seminary The order of exercises will be as fol lows Doxology and Invocation By Dr J G Bow Hymn No 502 Read by Dr Gaiter Helm Jones Music Led by seminary double quar tet Reading of Scriptures Isaiah xxviii Id and 17 Epfy 11 18 22 First Peter ii j C 10 by t he Rev W W Hamilton 1 Prayer By the Rev J M Weaver se J nior pastor of the city I Hymn 518 Read by Dr Joseph S Felix suing by seminary quartet Address By Dr E C Dargan Hymn 521 Read by Dr J H Boyett sung by the seminary quartet Filling the Slone By Dr T T Eaton pastor accomiKuiied by remarks suitable to the occasion Laying the Stone By Wm Moses Chairman of the committee Hymn No 528 By Dr J W Moore Prayer and Benediction By Dr J Kin sey Smith The Southern Baptist Theological Sem inary and all the Baptist churches in Louisville will Hiave large delegations at the laying of the corner stone PORTLAND Mr B Lewis of Twenty eighth and Portland avenue ts apos rlng with a se verely bruised ii w Miss Hartfield fc Cincinnati will be the guest of MrHciid Mrs Louis Potts darn the coming Seek Miss Camp entertained last Thursday evening the St Elmo Club at euchre at her home Fourteenth and Walnut streets The Melrose Club have announced that they apos Will entertain with a dance at Fountain Ferry Park on May 15 Louisville Council D of A have an nounced that they w ill give a dance at Dinwiddle apos s on May 29 Miss Julia Goenell has returned horn after a month s visit at Gallatin Tenn Master Loran Davis Is spending a few days with his grandmother Mrs I Da vis of Portland avenue Miss Laura Smart of New Albany spent a few days with friends on Port land avenue Mrs Landers is ill at her home 2827 Portland avenue A surprise party was tendered Miss Bertha Lang Saturday evening at her home Twenty seventh and Portland ave nue Mr Ed Dotson who has been ill for several days is now able to be out The young people of Portland will give a euchre at Schrelber s Hall Wednesday May 8 TO SOLICIT BRICK Committee Appointed by the Congre gation of the Twelfth Street A M E Zion Church 1 THE COSTLY BOUNTY POLICY Not long ago the Dominion government desiring to increase apos the production of iron and steel in Canada voted a bounty of 3 a ton on pig Iron made from Canada ore aud of 3 a ton on steel ingots This legislation has been effective There has been an increase in production which is likely to become alarmingly large for a considerable number of iron and steel plants are being started When they are all in operation the amount of money to be paid in bounties will be so large as to prove a serious tax on the finances of the Dom apos inton Last year the total boun ties paid amounted to only 312 000 but a single company estimates that it will receive about 8 000 000 in bounties dur ing the next seven years The congregation of the Twelfth street A M E apos apos ion Church will begin building the second story of their church the last week in May Nearly 100 000 brick have been subscribed by the membership and o secure additional subscriptions from the public they have appointed the follow ing eo mm K tee D L Knight proprietor Lightning Transfer Company Jno Alexander Janitor Fidelity Trust and Safety Vault Company P R Peters groceryman Jas Ford messenger Louisville Bridge amp Iron Company Clarence W King teacher Henry Jonea cooper Edward Moore foreman Montenegro Rehm Music Company The above persons are the only author ized parties to solicit brick subscription for the church Bear the The Kind You Have Always Bought Big nature of yj The Kind You Have Always WAYT DENTAL CO Pioneers of Painless Dentistry 27 Years in Louisville at 3d and Jefferson St TEETH 5 TO 8 FULL SET GUARANTEED Bridge Teeth or Teeth W ithout a Plate 2 J 5 No Higher Gold J illinys 3 What better priees than these could you ask knowing that the Work is first class and guaranteed by responsi ble people Our work has stood the test of 27 years None better at any p rice Corner Third and Jefferson Richard Mansfield comes to Macau ley s Theater May 9 jp his elaborate pro duction of Henry V quot The Miss New York Jr company which omitted its performance at the Buckingham last night will resume its regular series of entertainments with to night s performance and continue as usual throughout the week This com pany pleased two large audiences im mensely on Suuday and the udual Mon day nighters will doubtless be on hand to witness this excellent show during the rest of the week s engagement For next week the Buckingham will offer as its attraction Mr T W Dick ins apos successful production The Utopians a company of unusual strength and merit For next week the last week of the season the Avenue offers the strong seri ous melodrama A Romance of Coo Hollow A simple story simply told with in finite pathos and a strain of dedicate com edy is Sis Hopkins which will be the parkland iMr James Davis has gone to Virginia on a business trip Mr J B Finning of Washington D C is visiting Capt and Mrs Samuel Al len Mrs Anna Newell on her way to St Joe Mich from Pensacola Fla visited Miss Hester Van apos Pelt Dr Giltner has rented Mr C C Nott s house on Virginia avenue iMrs Wm Wethingtou of Cloverport who has been t apos he gue6t of Mrs Aluir returns home Monday Miss Ella Sherrod of the Highlands has been visiting Mrs O E Hagerman Mrs James Morgan and son Master Samuel Morgan and Miss Elizabeth Sumpter of Lagrange are guests of IMrs O E Hagerman Miss Isabelle Logan entertained the Cinch Club Tuesday night The prizes were won by Mr Walter Check and Miss Mary Irving Bird Mrs Kinney of Lietchfleld is the guest of Mrs Julia B Chick Mrs Stewart of the Highlands has been visiting Mrs Archie Bates Mr and Mrs George Grant will enter tain the Thursday Night Euchre Club next week Little Anna Matthews is at home after spending several weeks at one of the in firmaries and is very much Improved Mr aud Mrs W R Howar 4 Mr and Mrs W 3 Brent linger chaperoned the following theater party Thursday night Miss Bess Denhard Miss Jennie Van Pelt M iss Allle Howard Miss Hester Van Pelt Miss Bertha and Miss Daisy James Miss Lide Howard and Mass Nell Van Pelt Mr Robert M Hopkins closed a very successful Sunday school institute Thurs day night at the Christian church Miss Bess Denhard entertained delight fully at cards Friday night at her home quot 429 Olive street The following were invited Miss Lilia Kavanaugli Miss May LORTZ amp FREY MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS SASH DOORS BLINDS LUMBER ETC ALSO CONTRACTORS 420 T0 432 E BRECKINRIDGE ST AND BUILDERS LOUISVILLE KY ARTHUR G LANBHAM BRECKINRIDGE CASTLE HA Don t worry about your watch not keeping correct time but take It to expert repr irer LEN HUBER 712 W Market at No trouble for him Roberts M Iss Bertha and Miss Daisy James Miss Jennie Van Pelt Miss Allle Howard Miss Lula Denhard Miss Lois Troxler Miss Gertrude Sawyer Miss Wil lie Van Pelt Miss Lide Howard Miss Nellie Cornwall Miss Agnes Dixon Mr Jack Bradford Mr Frank Hoover IMr Selby Love Mr Livingstone Bowie Mr Robert Van Pelt Mr Charles Crawford Mr Percy Young Mr Louis Rubel Mr Wallace Denhard Mr tPaul Semonin Mr George Sterling Mr Charles Denhard and Mr Fred Braeme LARGEST FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE WORLD Royal Insurance Company BARBEE CASTLEM AN Managers Southern Department Oenaral Offices Columbia Building LOUISVILLE KV OF LIVERPOOL FIVE GRADUATES TO RECEIVE CERTIFICATES Presbyterian Seminary s Faculty Ad dress to Be Delivered by Dr Hemphili The Rev S H Chester of Nashville Secretary of Foreign Missions for the Presbyterian Church South delivered the annual missionary address to the students of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary last night at the Second Pres byterian church The religious services were conducted by the Rev W H Marquess assisted by the Rev Dr John H Sampey of the Bap tist Theological Seminary Dr Chester s subject The Situation in China was discussed from the stand point of closed questions and was ably handled he having recently made a tour of China Japan and Corea in the interest of missionary work Tonight five graduates will receive cer j tificates at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary The faculty address will be delivered by the Rev Charles R Hemp hill KENTUCKY SEED WAREHOUSE 217 EAST JEFFERSON ST OPPOSITE HAYMARKET FOR Reliable Garden nd Field Seeds George Cadbury the English chocolate manufacturer has presented to the city j of Birmingham an estate of 416 acres valued at 900 000 upon which to build houses for working people The firm of Cadbury Bros some time ago refused to fill an order from the English govern ment for chocolates for soldiers in the Transvaal giving as their reason that being apos Friends they disapproved of war BATH DUST WIND DUST IKLENZA will give iinnKuliate aitid pleasant relief AbsoUnf ly harm less Stop to day at your ctroputst and secure a box Price 50 dents IKLENZA EYE BATH CO LOUISVILLE KY REMOVED Removed to 334 4th Ave on all kinds of SEW ING MA CHINES Any ma chine you want from 5 00 to J20 00 cheaper than other houses All new improved and warranted No agents Automatic 35 W amp W No 9 25 Singer drop head 35 Eld red ge Domestic 25 Favorite 15 New Home 25 Demorest U Whit 25 New England Household 25 Queen L B Eldrldge Automatic This same automatic is sold by dry goods stores at 36 WHAYNE MFG CO 334 FOURTH AVE Bet Market and Jefferson 1 down and 50c a week for 27 50 machine Of Course You know that the GAS RANGE MS quot GEHER amp SON 2 n 14 Market St ea Second AMUSEMENTS MACAULEY S um L 5T tipik Positively the only appearance hero of MRS LESLIE CARTE After her London ty In David Be triumph as ZL r S lasco s pla gt Curtain rise 4 K sharp Prices 50c to 2 Next Richard Mansfield in Henry V apos MACAULEY S THEATER AUGUSTA COTTLOI PIANO RECITAL Reserved 5eatsat Smith amp Nixfr j 1 50 1 00 and 50c For the Children Young and THE HOUSE THAT JAGKBl Based on Mother Goose Rhyi Book by Alice C D Riley T Music bv Jessie L Gaynor il Margaret R Martin of Chicago l gt if Macauley s 3 performances The May 2 8 i gt m Friday and Saturday 3 p m Benefit of the Alumnae Clfl Children Full Orchestra Best ifl seats oc and 50c Matinee Today Al CUIIC iTOnI 10c 15c 5c AILIiUl 15c VkT J li STIRLING PltHSENTS fl Rose Melvi 1 1 e Next and Last Week A Romance f 1 H ollow BUCKINGHAM ALL THI Usual Matinees THE DERBY WJNNER jJ MISS NEW YORK Strictly up to date Swift M oughbred Don t Miss It M Next THE UTOPIANS A STARKS Headache Pov CONTAIN NO OPIATES Cocaine or Antipyrine Once Tried Used H F HUIenmeyer Nurserynia ton K gt says My wife is a gP er with headache has tried mw powders on the market birTof lt fl gets any but STARKS which i the best R Van ness Grand Rapi f Mlci 1 cannot get along without S apos quot HEADACHE POWDERS TheH others 10c package at all dru t lt STARKS 4 CO MIDWl MSI 

Evening post (Louisville, Ky. : 1893), 1901-04-30

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