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J. D. NOURSE, Editor. 

Devoted to Politics^ IJ^iratuie, Solence, Commerce apd News. 

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J. L. W. BULIS. Publ'»her. 

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Ail! !  • ji.-ii.: :il an iin^ -Abitcor fui.ri- pu|,. r 
I tl:i!-*f. lllutf.'jr tl' J iu:«.t b-«lMiri •.. . rc. W . 

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lucky huiiiei". He took his position, givin.a way to tlieir first tiMiispfuts c 
ilircwhis beail back, raised the rifle to prief and ragf. loun.l a hi.lin 

s shoulder and glanced along the bar- pla^-e among ^ouic bush, s at the he,-.,l 

rel. There was a freeflom and even ■ . • . t .•• ^ . 

stream near which the village wasbuiii. 

grace in the attitude which displayed to there prepared to pass the greater 

advantage his tall, sinewy, iind flexible part of the •amitternight. 

As the twilight or the Torest rlt cpr nc I, 

the notes of the whippnor-wiil hcgim 

to ininule with lh(; liarli of the dogs, ! 

ond othf - df'cp sni]!ids like the voin' i 

of wiiiiiiii: thill came from th« Indian 

Indian was 


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w ! for***' The eye of every 
,..«aM turned in breathless expectation on the 
target, and the heart of Marston was 
Tiaii^i n'. \ i : i  will fce ..^■I rri *• beating with .'something like pride at tl)c 
NM.. „ n, Aarc»U««i*^ ihonght that ihc savages were about to 

of a ravine which led down to tlx 

lUK rnlMM. 

lUjf " mm year, 

10 ;iilviinccd, pointing at the woun le I ! .Morslon he started, but betraye ! i;   
hicf and going tlirou-h some loummcry | other sign of recognition. Ho passed 
to signify th^i he was a "medicine." — j through the cruel orleal, whirh has 
The oi l i.ian continued his doleful ' been so often ih' -  , i| f !, wiih(-i. t ju;:t , 
chaunt, neither turning his head nor rial injury and was led back to b 


:g ihe aif M»«4dbMiu«»l fteodbu 

i.C Tlx I .« 

mmm. be 

in •dvaiioc 

li- niiiil' «;r »f MMi 'o it i» to We 
,*,!ca. it not «talo.\ it will rcin«i« i  lh.'p«|«r •■Ul 
•r.l.Tca out. an l rli iiL'.-.l ar.-orai«gty. 

wl,o n i .11^ C.r s,K month-or OMC yo.r 
fcavctti-^ prM' ' .'n..--.-- re-cwiog Ml 
•Kcee4li«f;  Nic - i" ilu c^ wc. k*. 

W«Im|W lluMlUoalMtvc xvill he fWs en -'Llito 
W ■aturannl by all il«»t M vvbo •.Iv, r ti«- 

Ml t« aceof^Mee wiUi oar re |nif 
meU Vpmrs W lionm W »ow« r onr j.i i.   s 
Fmmm ibo Oflice h** n» time to !=! ' 

it«4»«-oA«bcaiMT foi ii -;-.s' - 
, 0ar liberal | airou«. wli" 

wak* M. jf ittM.««MM*«ieM«rfcam«"""'' »■ 
line vilhlbe nahlk RMMmllr. 

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mur eafeMM b»vc t.eon ronkKtoralOy 

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CAMIfM- Fa|*cr. lak. Labor. Ollico n nt A - .. W- 
CttM tJWT *• «O.U wool.l t"- 1 ' ". r !..r 

weUanlitroar ru^'om-r-.. Kno,. ;! rvl... 
•4«wti*:x*«Hy«oovi . ,.:,:1,..•ll1^ -trni. .!: 
r«r alltr»MiciKJ«b Work aud Aavi il.ains 
aMaibepai4wbni Uw wwrfc ia 
ia wHbiMiteKoeHSM. 

— llllx 

by Copjr-rigbi. 


Barl J Tlme« In Kentucky. 

witness a display of that marvellous 

skill for which his brotlior bn  kwoods- 
wen were »o famous, when the white 
man suddenly lowered the rifle, and 
witli a wil 1 shout that made the forest 
ling, boundeil off like a deer, anil was 
lost to sight in the bushes before the 
Indians had tiioe to recover from their 
a; tonibhmenl. 

Their stupor of aniaxement lasted but 
for an instant, and then they .set off in 
|)tnsnit  is if a legion of devils had 
broken loose. As the prisont i' had ta- 
ken a (lirottion nearly opposite to that 
from whitii Marstou had approached 
the village, our hero, who thought of 
nothing at the time but assisting the fu- 
gitive to esc ape, followed at his utmost 
spee 1, takin ; the precaution however, 
to keep within the edge of the woods. — 
Guided by the sound of footsteps and 
an occasional cry of the pursncrs, he 
.•-oon reached the brow of a rocky ilc- 
clivity, which commanded a witle pros- 
po( t of barren knolls and r'tlliiiL' prai- 
ries, thinly sprinkled with dwarf oak 
and h.ixel bushes. 

H  re a thrillinir s  eu" \v.?s disclosed. 

villai:e. Towards midni-ht all became ! heaven, readily permitted him to kneel 

down beside tha young warri nr and ex- 

amiiie the wound, which he .soon found! 

silent, except when the jirnlonged howl 
of a wolf was answered by the village 
curs. ' As our hero lay on his couch of 
leaves, and gazed up, through an open- 
ingia the tree tops, at the stars spark- 
ling with golden lustre in that serene 
.NUinnier sky, feelings of deep sadness 
came over his "-i-.i!. Tliat lo!u-ly and 
siijrnin wiMertic-^s .-eemed a fit emblem 
of his fate. Th'ise stars ufre looking 
frinn the ini IniLht heaviMis unon the far 
off lioiDO of h:    hil ii)i o 1, 
bones of .nil who iiad ever lov 
lliey lay bleaching in the 
di.-iant forests. He was periling li 
and pi rhaps endangering what he va 
ued more than life, to rescue from the not long 

1'' I ■ '■' o'' t' . «.(.,.-,.. M : r«»oii. l»..v. 
r . -!i ci id 'ip u ki.Wj lioiii  • r»^i;;lib Mill.' 
ru.h(f* (hroM^b jh • throng, pi m...: 

iui reeling »evellrri befjte hiiu as tf ih  . 
This was to be repeated everjr.^ U«n (ittldivn, oitui bb reawbtd 

iiiau. iivUukifi^ iu ft c(^iiHUHi«flii 2 tone, 
'.lie unvecitily vi-df-i.-ce of h'ls bulhei!!. -j- 
he railed ff.^' ! . I .a.ircji. -fier t'l,^- t 
fHiifii bi ck -n nio.iii'titar V   Sri! eiice 
SU iJerily c;.t the ti.iii-^-. whi' Ii ;  i.;. . '•. 
| r:."«'jilt;l, au'l -fl'.  ^ iiirij I -ijij .) |],- \v; 
iblltlUilll W is ^iV in oi-ev , I';.. 

Iiidiarii liOw t'lfit d epon \!a.3.' ,| u f:f  r,.. 
I ,tii-.i' d k.-,.pffijr |jiin*rir '..(., ^.e. i, 

was entirely beyond hts or any other ; game lodge with the "pale-faced" maid- j iht-ui ai.d (he reltiiied c p'ive. tv... 


raising his eyes. The women showe 

some sign.s of alarm, but ieeiiig in what day, until hi-s torn utore cho?e tO. put 
capacity Marston presented himself, an end to his suderings by the last and 
and regar ling him with much the vame most fearfii! act of" the tragedy. 

feelini:s r;.sifi»o ha ! jusl drojipi-d from _ 

h . • i . . ■ 

Ul I t^U • .it ■ 

••Tll*l li a 
} I.;"ti'y iit) illtildH '\-Miiur I l!l^, 

a.i !• ' . i '•. t tifsr ilaf if l.r 

* » II' ut \jru^:uti)'* a»:;c4* 




Marston was now an inmate of the 

human surgery 


so jilainlv in hi"- rocntejiance as at once 
to cor;' ill, it - ih'; l."" i will fif those who 
surrounded him, and looking up he 
caught i!ie eye of the younggirl we have 
an ! the ; described, fixed r.pon him with an ex- 
1 him, a.s pression which told him that he had al- 
'^" '^^ ready gained one friend at least among 
th'.' inJiiates of that rude cabin. It was 
before the 

en above mentioned. Her Indian name! inanof bt« eoui cuuragR and great p. rv.n . 

our. rnof Marc'.on ':liowod itself I ..orresponded iu S'jund toEKva-i lah. 

She. called the old chief father, an.l 
treated him with as much tenderness as 
if he had really sustaine 1 that relation 
to her. She did not seem to know that 
she was of a different race from those 
around her. She knew cnouch En.:li;h 
to converse intelligibly with .Marston 

s'it'iigih mi^t not Late beeu aide (•  bnl 

ijic LnsaiHi (uff of ikoaa who p ' ' 'a**: r^rkitss. 

mi liiin, — many of the Wiini'-r*, h. .'\. v 
having ffaiked that vf ise of tn' '.x • 

^•11 i-ii (' S -ljitrd thfiii i . ,p  :,, , !: 
' ii -i , — li:»d til y r:   ii--' u i -;. 

i'tlllliei, \vi:0  .IA- Uidl .Mdr^lJU V.i«i...-. 
••-Cipe f, o 11 tl»- V , ' U' ■ ; ' , 

 !r e .V'd^ Sil.op- CTed ' ' , 

illfd vvonKI i o'. .-i \ e i, . 

.''i- M - . . n.l I'll 

' 'I. ■■ II i 1 .. • : ■. t I, ,4 

■ - ii' u i . II III;. i» k n . a j,i »;j,f|. 

•■ i  •:! ^oXaf l-i 'Ur iff, « lt:rh ««*•.!. I fl , r» 


"Yuu »!• «: I; 
iHu so i r.'** t'  
toil, ill a : 

T'l ■•. . . 

• t» f) 


She had also, in some way or other, ac- ! t e fivor oi the old chief cr E- v.-n i h.— 

11 • 


young warrior I ^q^^q notion? of the christian 

bands of savages a beautiful being who ! breathed his la.«!t, and Marston goingup rcli 'ion, for every niiiht before she I jv i 
had kindled in his heart the first wild . 
throb of passion it had ever felt, only 
to behold her happy in the love of ano- 

ther, in case he should succeed 
enterprise. Fit tli.':t pi;rpo^e it 

in Ins 

iiii'. hi 

i to the father gave him to understand, in 
' a feeling manner, that the spirit of 
son was in the happy hunting grounds 

down to rest, Marston coul 1 hear, 
a feeling manner, that the spirit of hisL|,rough the thin partition which sepnr- 

Th'.s wa-  V, ii;u-s.M'd by a uuniber of 

be necessary t   b.-i ome for a lcn!:Tli of Indians, for the one who had left the | 
tii^.ie, prrlia])s fore\er, an outcast Ironi 

civilizetl society, an exile from the sym- 
pathies of his ouii count r\ men. 

He had little doul't lliat a warlike ex- 
]ie lit!»)n was preparing aL'ain^t the set- 
ilemonts of Kentucky and he longed to 
be there, to fight side by side with hi.s 
fellow backwoodsmen. By voluntarily 

lotlge as Marston entered it, bad aroused 

the warriors and infornie ! ihem of the 
coming of the wdiiie man, Xot know- 
ing whether he was regarded as a biend 

or enemy, Marston was careful to sliow 
no siiin of tlislrusf, while he was ton- 

I ate 1 the little recess in which she slept 
I;- !n tie nrin cabin, the worls of a 
simple chiM-liko prayer which she 
breathed out in soft accents to the Go ! 
ol the christian!). She seiMV.e 1 to have 
been reared more tenderly than the In- 
tJinn females, and she was all the more 
en 'auinu' bv contrast with surroiin linu 

di i iioi df'ia! to pit-vciit Ma'.-'n.i i, 
  s; ii)iii:j, •!» iiith' I uptiii Icni '. ,d 
 y ii'jury. Our iitiu kli buk i tow'y 
kef p 114 an eye on Lis a»»ailAfiiii. hi- 
iiH l»er4 utf»i of ih»--.ii . tr»-tih«d ou it.e 
iiiound ill that in ^r s im; eui.di n n i . die 
"ilead drun^*." ail d ti n by i tiioi.' 
reirea: ;',M,t-tl 

» I -. - 

.. 4. I •»••.•« 

■ 1. m-i « i 
• • • ;r J i,« 4 

n I.;-,!.. 11 li.:d tki ii. 
Ib'l l:l.:iiJ. and Mi- y 
iiii.u^ii t.tF i . 
e.- , u .'i i (■ f I 
end. A" .''ii; :i 11 .r: 

d' ill tl;»j un ••. i., I 

Hi' -OOil l, . .- , .' 

pi.^'ud nr. i' ^c -i-.r 

•■ , .'VV !Illj)  oil I '' .' . 

A \  i SI. I Ufis )• a. J 

H I a  «, ,)•• I, (Irfl.-ltif. 

t; I „' :  I J k ,», ti l t I 
.MiK-s't'ii wjs I'lr 
! 'tii!:i !:ir miijii.' :ii a i.i 
rlii»*»' w«rr at-ii|ii: • (na net k. aN') vhU li 
l y lip lit iiiA busiMt). t) i a nr., t.-r i»y.- 

i |i ai il Jl • S I kV iS.t H n;;^ lii.. i; ...i 
•■ •! iw i 'li • I •«,;- w Sic'; h-" I14 t r • • .. : , , ■ . . 


ducted to another lodge where food was Uj^oming alone in the desert 

remaining among the Indians at such a 

time, and gaining their goo I will and placed l^eforc him rind a buffalo rua w; s 
From the elevation on which he stood | tonfi^Icncc, withotit which he coubl not , spread for his repose. Having satisfied 

see how he was tf) discover or rescue 1 u-luii. l 11- 

\ . . , ' hunger, which had been sharpened bv a 

Marv Irom cantivitv, lie Uii'-ht even m-' ^ , • '1 

.1 • • ' f 1 - I loiiLT f:ist and nrottact(M) exertion, he 

ci;r the suspicion of hnvn.'i: liecoino n » j ■ j... a.h. m, 

r  iM -ade. ti'.e mo.'-t det' Ste ! of all cliar- 

iiig lint iie li id t),-tii  o liujeh wrakeuei! b  
lii  la.'a ce»nriiif:iJt'rit j.-.d MiffiriM;;* lh.;l 
barbarism. She was a sweet IIow»;i, , lie could go nu aiiher ih^i r.i^hr. 

It was not lon^ before so k 

nv J P. N0UR8E. 

liinto go any further in thati^'^-O proliable indeed, yet tne bar" pns- 
The InliauJwcrefarin the -"i^'il'ly that such a blight shonl ! lall 

upon his name, was an horrible and 
agonizing thought, and raising his eyes 
to heaven he murmured — 

Me.-uwl.ile Marston was trivci ing 
the wildcnic8i«, crossing broad rivers on 
r.ift? or in bark t anocs, making hii« way 
lhr'i;ii:li sw:im])s ml tangled thiek ts, 
living on game, .-deeping in the woo !. , 

and avoidiujt the roving banrls of ludi- yet bafllc his pursuers among tl 
• us with the skill an ! T.. ^ , ' ■ ssjiess of a 
pra •ti^cd woo Isman. He had inei with 

uoUiing that could give him a clue to citing that Mar tm stood ro^te 1 ,0 ,! 

Marston could see the whole tempest of 
fierce pursuit, as it swept ihrouLdi the 
open ( onritry before iiiin, an I he in- 
stantly became aware that it v.ould be 
use! OSS for li 
dirct t'on 

rear of the fugitive, c.m epi  ^Mie l:,ht 
footed warrior, who was evidenlly gain- 
ing upon him. The white man seemed 
to become .-^u Idenly consciotis that he 
had ( oniiiiitted an error in directing his 
cour.-e tliroui.h the open country, and 
turning upon liis track he strained every 
nerve to regain the covert of the woods, j 
^ .*^hould he succeed in doing so, he may i 

ie ,!eep 

ravines and dense undergrowth. And 
now the scene became so intensolv ex- 

server as Marston purceiveJ that he had 

:\nd I'm thinking, old jirf| jiintii»i2««.'' 
n Pu ob ? ''^ added "lliai we aint ctaciiy it* the li^ht 
roal lo Kentucky iioSov." 

cters in the west. Tiiis did not appear 
ry probable indeed, yet tiie 

threw himself upon his ru le couch and 
was soon burie J in a sound sleep. 

Tha next day the youncc chief whs'y 
biirieil with the u-junl ceremonies. A 
bow and arrows, n hunting knife, and a 
small sack of par' lie 1 corn, were placed 
"Oh God! thou seest my heart, and bcsiut hii i in the Lruve. 

"You are li; 

kindled in the bosom of Elwandah a i eoijise w e i,:ive 

vip.'gfs cf ll; • 
Dt'I l A iifs Oil 

, w:;i.i;' , it'ment than sisterly r.ttiM li 
jnient. She had never learned to dis- 
I guise the real feelings of her heart. — 

i V was nothittg obtrusive in the 
m:;niie*iations of hcr regard. They ' 
  ti \r.Mds Ihc 
Olid Moraviau 

A lie VI V 

1^1 iisl '.I Jl 

soon ■ hi ■ : li 

W: iia 1 lillcxi 
b,.itil -.a  Iuii2*- i: 
path, u li-.i M l . 

to.,- I.I ,. , , I'f. 

■e i-t :« ifia 
ilie kiii r awd 


  lOf — 

.) i; 

hojfiin of W ji- 

iz I ! I ll Mi. t 

' W c 
iccko:; , 

,.!-! We 

pot, without tl.inkingor caring for ihc 
eiinger of being observed by the In- 
dia ns. 

of reaching the wootls the fugilivi 

bounds forwnr ! with greater speed than 

raution he prococdoJ slowly, piercing be losing ground. Once the 
Ihe thick nn ler growtb on every side ^^^  kens his pace, and raises h:.- 

the object of ir- rnmanTe expedition, 
ti-hen o;iC just ! eO-re sunset, 
he heard wvoral rifle shots t r -v:lar in- 
tervals, and so'^uT af'f rwar Is the distant 
bark of .lo::s informed Itini that he wns 
approaching an Indian village. 

\\'(\\ r w.'r.-^ of the necessity of great j ever, while his nearest pursuer seems lo 

Once the latter 

,viib hi-ruick and searching glance, un- : li-iwk. then changes hi  pnrpo^e, lowers 
til a broad opening in the forest dis- j bis weapon and prcs-^is on iiillie race, 
dosed a clu.^tor of wi.wams.and a wild; The wdii'o mnn reaches the skirts of the 
group of ludiaus engaged in shooting at j f-rcst; a litile more on. rtinn may effect 

. his escape. He oaiise.  for an in--tant 

a larscl. 

Advaiiriiii stealtl,;lv, Mar^toji came 
rarac near enough to hear a hubbub of 
gvttoral exclamations. He remarked 
tiM violent gestnre« of some who seem- 
ed to be engaged in fierce di.^pute, and 
liad, our hero conjectured, been drink - 

thou knowc^t that I can never be false 
to ray own people." 

He asked himself whether aoy p. ri-on- 
al object, even a generous one, should be 
i allowed to interfere with his duty to his 
country, an.' fmaliy .ietcr.niiie ! ■ : his 
conjecture should prove corrct I, su soon 
rs he shotjl.l have suflicicnt evidence 
that a hostile cxj i; liilon was on I'uot, 
he vvoul I al once aban.lon the seuri h 
I for the fair captive and hasten back to 
I Kentucky. lU'coming rc"=;!e--:i from the 
; auitation of his mind, he started to his 

feet, and cauliouslv approached the vil- 
With his nerves restrung by the hope , He saw a red li J.t twinkling like 

]\Iarsi'»n was (losely guarded, but 
.'^uffored no ill treatment. He endeav- 
ored so to deport himself as to disarm 
the suspicions of th.e In llans and in a 
great measure succeeded, tho!i::]i no re- 
laxation of vijrilance was pen epti' ' 
He .soon Ik' T:!::" \-' ry i;::p:'t:eiit of con- 
finement, and was trying to divine some 
means of recrninine his liberty, when a 
wai'i'or, whom he l:nd not bc^'re seen, 
ma Ic his r.ppearancc in the lodge and 
gave Marston a sign to follow him. — 
Our hero oLcvc I in siler.ce without bo 

lint 1 .nu- 

1 .'c;.- ;■ It; ui.intii.^ 'r.ii !\  
iiieiits a lev'Ie the lus'f-i. ' 
■ ;i .vo a !io.!e ic-.i and if \\v " 

were so evidently the artless outgoings! had .*.o nei . i.g t . nt .:,.] i; .le b.^Id-fi e ^' 

of !:i ii; c;,..o,is"an 1 r'.'.illv fine uatnr'-. ' "^*'**» " J^W''".  i be oi»»i*t ;.  . .*, '," 

iOiiie *' ''"icji. •''It t! 

that a more fasliiiious man ihun Mars- ' * , _ 

e'  »ou luii'jt have a rfle .-»nd aiiirMum 
ton would not have been semsible of 

anv unprupru ty. 

We cannot say that ihi.s discovery 
save Marston no pleasure, or that some- 
thing very much like passion di I n i' 
\ mingle with the deep interest v.hith he 
.'"eh for this flower of the wilderness. 
He was no ctherlnl hero of ro'uanceio 
consecrate his whole exi.-ton. .- to a:i 
unre(|uii';l atf achir.'jnt. Hi- pa -:' :, 
for Mnry .Shelburnc no joiii.-. r i. 
(lon;:;i!on of his nature, il' -i i;- ; ; ; 
i'V. 1 M'ens'w; in iho consi-;ou' i;."SN of 

Iu kdi gain»; «i y«'»i wii! |.».r;'!i n i'. ■ v  N 

I • O li! re :i i '\. , - 

" W'liV VG'i ruii,. a . , ■ 

tM K 1. kv.- 

•' N 'I *f pn -. , ; I ■ • -1- ■•- - 

ll'. ! Ii.! V i !.J:i';- ■ . ■ 

'•\Ve;l ..; : ... ,, ^ 

;inee, if I shuul i"i.l l;ke to !»ii i.v .kisal i n- 
 ines^ \OM h.ive wiih ih-in re. I d -.ils, F m 
uiy pnit I r'oit'i .irant to have nothit::: .i - r * 
io do wilh iheni e.\crpt Mbout Uliy ya, '.- 
f.o I) th-?sinill ernd a iifl '.*' 

'•Well ^' 'l li i t^e 1 riflj l«» keej) 

i.e 1, ; t • 'r . ■ • , • . ]• :'. .... 

lit 'li. .nil! ii- t I :. 

■»i '. d i  v r. i; J .' . . 
II 1 'I, 1. 1 
lii'ii. i.i 


•' «• '14 . ., » V «• 

. II* I It ' tit 
vil.' \\ 6 • 

.ir* afkjl • 

 l kiuii:/A« 

• W.ri 

u '1 . ! ■ 

.'ft I in.:. 
;'Ii M.v 

a ytar, an ! makm'.' towards 

it. h  

traying or any other emotion. ! j,.,,.;,^^ f^^^j ^ ^^^^^ j,, the heart of 1' 
As the warrior strode on in silence | ^K^jt beautiful and affectionate young '' 

found that it 

;cije ied from a wi'^waiii, 

ihrouch the street of the villa. c with 

1 1 • • ,1 ^. 1 that free, elastic and tiiznificJ .••tcp, al- 

whcre, as he nunilv conjectured, inc ' 

most peculiar to the children of the for- 

e.-t, Marston discovered that any at- 

friends of the fallen warrior were keep- 
ing watch over him. 

With the stealthy trca-l of a ei;t, he 
avoided giving any alarm to the ilo_s, 
until he reached the lodge from which 
the light procee le i. The was 
closed, but there was a cri.\iie large 

toofreclv of tlie fire-water. 

Marston tsai down behind a fallen 
tr«e, the thick branches of which screen- 
ed him from observation, to watch the 
proceedings of the savages, and deter- 
mine whether he should bol lly march 
into the village and claim their hospi- 
tality, or wait till night should enable 
hta to explore the place, for he had 


and throws a glance behind him. Most , . . 

r , t r • .1 , enouch to give hini a view ofthe interior 

of the In lians are far in the rear and i 

seem al ouiio ci\e over the pursuit; but 
there, w ithin less than an hundred yards 
of him is the young eagle of his tribe, 
swift-footed as the roe an 1 staunch as 
the bloodhound. The white man raises 
his rifle, the Indian his tomahawk, and 
just as his weapon parts from the hand 
of the latter, the former touches the 
trigger. There was a flash, and before 
the report could reach the ear of Mars- 
ton, he saw the young warrior fall to 
the earth where he lay motionless. 
The white nian had str.rcelv turn en 

aow reached that part of the country j tojenew his flight, when he found him- 
where his search fer Mary was to com- 
nence, and where he might fall in with 

. UTf in close proximity to a party of In 
.;ian.-, wl;o, when they saw him chan^^c 
the man whom he had been accused of. h:^ course, had taken a shortcut through 
murdering. Exploring the village after' ground well known to them, and now 
ui'.hifall would be ji. rilous enough, 011 ' burst tipon him with loud yells out ofi 
account of the dogh, but to present him- j an adjacent ihichet. He kept them at j 
aelf at once to the savages would be ^ bay with his   lubbcd rifle for a time, fur j 
■till wore hasardous, for the In lians, ' they were evidently desirous to take! 
like all hnrbarians, arc creatures of sud- ; him alive, that they might wreak upon | 
don antl over-niasiering impulses, which | him the full measure of vengcnnce lor 
( annot be calculated upon with any j the death of the young warrior. The 
cf rtaiaty beforehand. Besides, be had j delay gave time for the remainder of his 
good ranaan to haliova that et that very , enemies to come up, by whom he w as 
time an expedition was meditated I insuntly overpowered and led back 
a'^ainst the while settle«anta, though ! towards the village with the most fran- 

Pi :-oii.- were movin to and fro, and' 
in one corner, on a sioi l, sat an old I 
man, moving 1.;- lu n i backwards and | 
forwards with a slow and regularmotion, 
while a low and monotonous murmur 
proceeded from his lips. Near the old 
man, on a rude couch of branches and 
skins, lay the body of the young chief 
decked with eagle feathers and other in- 
.'^ignia of high rank. The dark gore still 
oozed from a wonnd beneath the shoul- 
der, and was washed away from time to 
time by a young female whose appear- 
ance bore the traces of a storm of grief, 
the first violence of which had passed 
away. When the light fell upon her in 

tempt to ( si TPf- woiil 1 be hopcles?;. — 
'l!ie rtiiire iiopji 1 tion of the village 
S' ' med 1 1 ha\e turned out for r^omo un- 
wonted spectacle, and formed a lane 
which closed in behind him as he pass- 

Hi!? conductor paused not, until he 
reached the bank of the river, aia point 
where it formed a pool of considerable 
depth. Here a number of warriors were 

assemble. 1, amon^: whom was the father 
of the young chief who had been buried 
the preceding day. Theoldman arose, 
an ! t:il-:ini' the hand of M ir.-^ton, nride 
a speech 10 the assembly, the purport 
of which was that he adopted the white 
man ns his son, irj place of the one he 
had lost. The other chiefs gave ilie 

t reuture, with whom he was now con- 
stantly associated. 

Marston soon made another discov- 
ery, that he had a rival ati 
in the Delaware village. 'i i.^i w;;s a 
young chief who rejoiced in a name sig- 
nifying- Paniher. Tli!.s vvrirri ^r w::.5 in 
love wilh Elwanaah, who had always 

.it i.i: ■ I'. • "..iia.;-s I (iiii g  ing l. .'* 

'•Yd 1 niU'l b3 on mi^hiv goo«J tiin^ 
with iheui varinii.ts. dud-io: tbtfro. I ur! h 
iliry were ait vi- tuaia (or buxxatds. I'nt 
my part I .«h3..t go iifSr Vm u^m. IM 
r rii' i- I v* on nKKs and anyibiiig I Cdu 6n i 

ill i;,e wo.i 

'Wc I: 1 pO" eOl|ipa"V 'h'^il, '' 

Hlide. V.ikf.o.v M1..S .S.el.u.n,-. I:..' 
liiccf f.f Air. Mo-hy; .*iie Ji-t-jtrcMffd iht; 

ul re 
WH re 

n -ss o! 

b.V-i ul 




?..»' Ml l.» ! - 
! . ■ !•. 1 iM'.'s I 

- .1 :!. hiili I*.: 
f - - ii.' ...y lOt 3v.i.i t:iu" 
.14 un i.t'iiii, '•lid la-'s:) Ui.'i 
• ill Hi. II, t ;ii'i lii ^ ov^r ll. • 
% s '.). 1^1 i;i »•! a'« !■ r.tiil 
It n! !i :. • ti 'v r i»-ct'\t '. i', 

! T • K \ ♦ .! 9  11 . \ V • ». 

I ....xl day 3 '. -I yon vv«;e Is'^tu. 1 am i»»nv 
treated htm with great kindness,buth8 I in «r;irch of I ei." 

iM VL-r .-iiown him any pa.rticular evi- 
dences of partiality. He was very jeal- 
ou.^ of ^larston, not only on account of 
the liol.l which our hero . . • 
1;; iniii_' on the affection^ ■[ [ ../auiu'i, 
iiui al.-o of his new vc'at'on to tho trib--- 
as the adopted son of t'leir oldest nn 1 
most venerated chief He had as yd 
made no overt demonstrations of his 
hostility to Marston, but had sectt:i!y en-| 
iie?tv?rcd, and wit.*! some succis^, to un-i 
I' I nine i.i'.n in the confidente of tiie w.u - 


\' 11 . 

1 1 :i • ■ p 


l^.l'. c 

11 1) 


f\- ' 

. . ^ . ..» .1:, ... - ^V 1 - 
; . njrlw ai;cc r.ii i 
ut f:i!: .i iiig till* Ti ii- 
^1*^41 afMaaieut aj^jiosl 

.If o.tip o. 

.«-tca it. 

•A I . « ill ihe 

(to sr cor.T;5i-ti .) 

st:il inoi': olf-tt-iiv;*. : 
'T!i^t is nothing lo you. sir!'* he r.*)di d j 

•• D dii't niein any Iiifn.' 
:nai). • 'Oi ly a.v' ' 1   '■ 

** Wed .-if. ii yo'i r 
my plan. 1 shall p;o'; , 'd^ _ 
;i i;iior:lies iO he!;  in '. u i .1 


■-on'iii'.if uro:i ;ii t 

such a way as to 

Marston a toler- 

usual tokens of assent, and Marston 

was stripped of his clothes, dragged in- \(,^^,_, r j .|je ohj.?ct of h 
to the water, plunged umler it several M usion did not for-ei ili 
time.*!, and diligently scrubbed all over. 
When he came out a string of beads 
I was placed around his neck; he received 

ill Sifetv at D'jiro t un i. -1:: ci.i t - r- -'. .' 
rior.s, when an oppoflunity occuned of ' ^,1 to tier Irien s; nn 1 now, ' added .\  
which he eagerly availed hiin.xelf, of gft- j tor, po niin? toward.^ the stmth. "tiia". you 

ably distinct view ofher features he dis-^^^ blanket and a p-ir of moccasins and 
covered to his great surprise that she jcer-skin leggins, and his rifle was re- 
was not of the red race. She was beau- ^^^^^^j him. Henceforward the lodge 
tiful, farmorc so than any Indian female ^j- ^j,^ ^.j^j^,- ^^.^^ ,^;g ^^^^^^^ ^^.^ 

he had ever seen, and her face had an ^^ y^^^^^y ^^ j^^g^^ j^^j ^^.^^^ 

whether this particular tribe were hostile 
to the whites or not he had no maans 

of determining. 

He had tr.trcely taken his position horrid fate to which the re capture 
behind the fallen tree, wheu he saw a j prisoner was now doomed, to leave the 
g Indian, in obedience to one of j neighborhood of the village wiihout an 

him. If this rcsolu- 

tic iicniotiitrations of ferocious triumph. 

Alarston had forlunutely escaped ob- 
servation, bat ho knew too well the 



those whose ge.-ture.- had been most 
violent, leave the group, enter a lodge, 
and in a few moments re-appear, fol- 
lowctl bv a man. whose air of de- 

jection showed hiiu lo be a prisoner. — 
Maraton aow watched the procaodings 
with inlc^l^e anxiety. A newtargotwas 
KCt up, and after ail eager consultation 
for a few moments among the savages, 
gun was handed to the prisoner, and 
he was directed to try his skill at the 

The whole appearance of the white 
man changed, as he grasped the familiar 
weapon. Hiaform became more erect, 
hia carri^ga more firm and free, and 
MaraMn imagined, notwithstaoding tbc 

attemjit to rescue mm 
lion had uecled any motives beside 
generosity they were not wanting. — 
'riiongh the captive had not been near 
enoiiLdi to him at any time to be dietinct- 
ly recognized, yet the keen eye of Mars- 
ton had (letccied in his appearance some 
likeness to the Hartman for whose sup- 
j)osed murder he had so narrowly e.--- 
capcd a shameful death. Hesidcs, this 
man and Mary Shelburnc had liisap- 
peared \ cry nearly aboui the same time, 
and Marston thought'iCfOsaible at least 
that here was an opportunity, not to be 
neglected, of getting a clue to the chief 
object of his enterprise. He therefore 
determined to enter the village at all 
hazards. He knew it would be mad- 
ness to do so, while the kindred of the 

distance, that he co ild sec hit eye iiglii young warrior, who had fallen a victim 
the feuiUfce acd»r ol the K.CB-j|o falfH^ill of the white man, were 

expression of tenderness and sensibility 

rarely found among the untutore, I daugh- 
ters of the forest. Her skin, though 
slightly tinged with brown by the sun 
and air, ha.l nothing of the copper tint, 
and her rich tresses were of that culer 
the poets denominate '*golden." 

Marston, keeping his eyes fixed upon 
the group, became aware that life was 
not extinct in the young chief, as he had 
at first supposed. A thought flashed 
upon him. Me lical skill was highly 
valued among the Indians, and any one 
lielioved to possess it, was sure of honor 
and protection. In the course of his 
adventurous life, Marston had ocouire l 
some knowledge of the treatment of gun 
shot wound*, which he resolved to turn 
to account on the preient occasion. — 
Yet it was a daring step to enter the 
cabin, for he might cause an alarm and 
fall a victim to a su.'den burst of sav."gc 
fury, before he could make the Indians 
understand that hii intentions were 
peai eful. 

He laid aside his rifle, and was about 
to open a sort of door, consisting of a 

frame of small poles covered with skins 
when it was suddenly thrown open by 
au Indian coming out, and a blaze of 
light fell upon the person of JIarston. 

in the councils, the hunts, tbc pastimes 
an ! warlike expeditions of his new- 

The tribe and family, of which Mars- 
ton had thus been insiallc 1 as a mem- 
ber, belonged to a remnant of the Dela- 
wares, the friends and allies of the 
English. They had not as yet been en- 
gaged in hostilities against the Ken- 
tuckians. Tha white man «vho had 
killed their vonn:: chief, as above re- 
late.!, had originally I'oen taken piison- 
cr by another tribe from wdiom he ha I 
made his escape, and while on bis way 
back to the white settlements had fallen 
into the hands of a party of Delawares, 
who bad no worse design against him 
at first than that of selling him for pow- 
der blankets, o- whisky. But now a 
more fearful doom awaited him, for he 
had shed the blood of one who was the 
i lol of his tribe an 1 the staff of d^'c lin- 
ing age. The very day on which Mars- 
ton was installed in tha lodge of the 
Delaware chief, a lane of warriors was 
formed on the open ground in front of 
the eoTincil hoase, amltha prisoner was 
bfou'.dit forth lo "'run the gauntlet.*' — 

jiioliable fate of the uufoi lunrite Hait n 01. 

I lU was re olved to » ize the first 'pp')! u 
niiy of soiling him at liheiiy. i i lii ' ri.-»k oi 
lo ing the favor which he eriji}}ed with ihf. 
iJ' IdA»re!«. This however was of but 
liale conse.q-ience, since he was ratiafied 
tliut he mu^i look aiU'jng other tribes for 
iiifuiitiation and assistance lowa.ds aeeuiii-| 
plisiiii):; ihe great object of his e.xpeiiiiioii. i 

O iC e eii iig a sua! paity leiiiriitd lo | 
I'levd'a.e ^^I'di a O'lantitv of *fi e-uatci'." j 
u-i.i'. ii li'M y ha.; protuu-d fr .'ii r def in i 
i-X'-Ikii g': i' . s iti!-,' [lel ii s. d'!ie-:- Dela- 
wares iidd iiuc tiij jved fur agrt It ' |i e 
exfpjiiiti.' plLa uie of gelling diuiik, the 
giL-aicsl pleasure 1;) tho life of a savage, 
next to that of torturing a prisoner. A 
grand jollification was forthwith tt^lvrd 
upon. A huge fire was buili in the gieii 
sqiiiire. around which the wsrri«*fs a.-Mieiii- 

II d ai dusk, and commenced iheir ftsiivi 
iy by roa?:iiig .n.d devouring a* much in^-a; 
as would h.ivi' saffl-td the sa.i.e n : i ' • 
iif cl'. ili^'d be:iii;s for  tv rHl day-;, v.;. ..a 
lii'y w ..^■;e ! duuii wldi vviii.-lNey. .Mai- - 
ton obsiiii.uely r. Uis.^d loihiuk wiili tliem, 
and with iiue or tvvoo i.eis, including l*..ii- 
iher, wiio also reni.ilatil a.^'jcr, iii!dt;rluck 
ihe somewhat d.iULjtrou.s duty of i-rrvenl 

ng (he revellers bom killing or m.u.iiing 
each other. Afier the spin htd mounted 
10 their biains the aceaa became a fiightlul 
exhibidon nf the fierce paMioasof tb« 
barian. Fununaiely it was 'j^nal tola 
rfsiile iheir woapons on lhe e ucci ions, or 
blo'j i mu;t have flawed liculy. 

While, liie excitpiTien'. was at hi.;hi, 
ihe pri.socer was inei!tioo''d, and by a com. 

mon iinpulsea number of :be revellers, jd !, wool-dve.l sco.iu i.. I, Girty. 

yelling like demon.i. iheii eyea bl:iz ui/ wnl, b a IM takf my o'lUon a stack oi 'jiU't-s 
iii aue fury, |uvhed to tha io )ge where ! hij;h as that popUr. tbat there »iut. 
ilartman Was confined, drarged iiiin into : Knutbrr K^nturkiaa tb«ti woutd stay 

\ - 

know, is the way lo Kentucky, and 1 w;»h 
you a safe }otiri?pv.** 

^•.Slop a i 1 . '. I ■ ; rv)'; s-" ; o:i I ', h   i :'i ts 
I don't S -e !i • .V I 1:11 ;■  t;-!  » "U.; w i h- 
II u I a .i.'i » j ' i ll ; r • 1 J .1 I s I'n- [  1 v i •(• 
au.! Icdd. h iiiiit fur bil k i.  I'l.ii 
dod ro'.leil pi IC" we cora ^ fnun liiia 
evr-niiig. and l!i' y n c nearly n\i d j 1 
tirunk :tnrl aslei |  by liiis lime."'oii re:l 'i: I i m lai 'iit an.i tln'ii 
fN jif^-'^-d iiis \\ i . i i 1! ■ 11-- toielurii. j 

•"You belter ii'-- iId.vii and ,ft I:.--.-"' 
some sleep." said .Mursioii; "ihe be.«t Ouiu- 
litne to euter the village will be about d  .^ ;3-.;.r! :ij kkIc^^oi 

daybreak, and I will wak. ,«a lim. i^;: ^ •.;'^';;rS^;::^ 

enough." ^ ,^ , ^ ^ ' B-Kirlm l;.MU'uioo. : 

Tha first streak of dawn foaad the p., ;j  .fo.. :.-. «t j 
two K*?niiickiaii3 o:ic9 more ii  the vi- 

ciiiily of th» vilhg". from which ihey 'J. 
had bei-n comjv lo I tf» iis.ike so hjs'y n nt I'lTnnu. 
retreal the prcct di 11^ e vriiiijj . S. mi - 
rucks and a ciiislt-r o( bushes a ffufdrii a 
i;(.0 I lil(iit).; ploC^'T 

' Do \  ii slay here,'* said .Maiaton 
'! ■( i^i vi 1 V . "i i  ;() bick aincii'^ ib-'-.e .-v. -.. .• •• 1 • 
p...j/e  v 1 !" ll ... a il.i'i^ r. 1: I ■'•uipt^a^.-n'ka 
■;lutiil.l in l If. ...1,1 ; .If-- il Is liiii. _ 
li^lit. lake thai I' J ; a . a I 111 1 lit* t iie ceil T. P. l, 'itl»U.»'ii. 
1)1 your \v.»y *.o Keiiluck). It I ^!h. •.:!.» l^iTc. _Wa». ^■•ul*' 
iiol sc^e you agnii). i-ll my fiieuls 
Bryant^ ataiiua to ba o» tU« lookout, 
for thcrtf is reason lo fear Ikat tha la 
irians tT It b« down 00 tkra m gmt 
force, shortly. 

'•Tiit^n yoa hufi J e!ter a d i sigi.t 

an I hel|i thfin la li;;bl. than lo btr 
roviii4 'iboui iieie ina wilii-goos« ch^sct 
altrr llidl I'ntxt fomeTer. ro'i'ir 

a liii:^ lii-iiiliy hy irie, oi;d n-v^r 
be ieve nil I it. (hat y.'ii • 
lo join the Lijins, like il ii 

(■ 1:1 ^ ■ lu-i I'.'; aiKl '•» -• .!!.■« ill Ml*, ia: );•*. tit r. i . !,» 
\\\-; lI. ^»;n-«. BiiirtJ. *c . ar»- 1-.. ifuii'.-. I- aii.i , I — 
W.: t;.-.-lj.; :.i- . - I' • I. ■• ' -. • .. 

vitaf tb«- aitf! • • ■ • . ' ■ . . j 

wiw 'icair- i" . ■•  '.■ I ....... ^ ll- 

e;l U'lvK- uiuii. Iki*- 1 ituth.- ;.ri.iCi;,;4 .- ju i c M.'t .d 
accwr iuib' 'be scok- « t I'mivuMiF.-i:. 
CUAKOC-i. — T. Of : H .: Xy.NTi!"'. 

rrimarj Ocjjoriiuon:. . - . - ; 


.. t :.. 



i .. « I 


L . 
L-j  till. 

J V 

O-J :Y. ri'iiclpal 
. ... . •. Tttcaiaa 



: 'V 1 !) e 

M ill! «{ra«t, ait • • • ; ' ■ 

. '" ^' DKY COOPS. 

! «t itli-ri.-iii.; iviin .»!. i! •••'I.: .■•'»; ■•-.r».   

STAPLE, DRLbS c. l ANi V r 0''': 
'I'lMfi. "^i" * IS ao* . .. •• • 

^,'|.-c; '.I wit.-i e ' t  .i ; • i'! 'v.' ,. ' 

• e.r I( vr«t ►••(■•f* . f i' ' ^! " i'*" 
,o- 'vc.iu ly iwvi!. 

J. I. . ' • ■ 

! the jiiect. . 'irio :rded him, and infiicted!^ 

It was Hartman, as Marston bad sn- | ^^P'^" /^'"^ al no-i cveiy v.r;.: ;y 01 indrgni- 

ly. '1 iiey hnflrttd hite, t. *•) lo.-f hair. 

He shewed no sign of di*ompoture as j,|#;fi:incc. A 

pected. He waa pale, but his face an ; , , ... 1 1 1 ,. l h. i a 

tl Ihey aliiioal diilocated Ins li. libs bv pulling' '^'•••'^ ^.^ 

sullen I hjmj opposite directions, il.ey «veu Ihruii [ coiup*oior 
met these f^f) |i|bteJ njifinter? ajftiofct h^ 'c.-Jv ull th'. « i'-' r* 

his whole deportment expressed 


jiriong the varmints, with t||| 

will, a bir'n^e day.** " 

r ' ? j '- 

..a I i 


(»{ I7 4i« 

•..•■»i»»' .1' 



ve tail »aa , a- i i 
1 -.Tiyt la -v • 
... » . tf bo ^ ^% .a.i.oa 
U \r(|A Ml 

VOL. 3. 



NO. 12. 



a country is prosperous when iij' ox-' ^ " ^ 

ports exceed itt UBDOrtt it one of ibc ' MADIAI AFFAIR. ! Catholic religion, towards uhichwe 

r • I • ' 2- I til Vjk! r I iiave alwavs iioiirisheil, ami will per- 

: A^ril 7. 1853. ' ^ '««" e^er UrfhoM; E„„„.,_We promised to pUce • P-'tually no'uri.h. our c.os-a.U love an.! 

; of ihe m»r»d of man. He quotes as an i r r 

~ — ' ^1 1 e ^^ e c w'v,- -♦«.^o befure ^oll^ readers, « eUteosviil of the 

r^AUCiMuwmifutoaK a l4(cwMi taUtf Eoiuir example Of the fatttity ot W big states- « 

aea on this subject, dke fol lowing sen- 
tence from a message of Jno. Q. Adams 


j publicly, maxims contrary to our Hoi) I called in question. U has already been ^ 

ty»unU c o | ile  mitkm Bs«&t.a m1« m sIk 
Olie*. Fiiee. S omu 


Ui «   ^iit7r, .ea luM* or k«a,lirsii wettlM,**#e 
KaAtakaBfaeMUwpnifm .« Vt 

* toe tlwM Mlt■dl1^... 

lUlf " om^yur 

One i'«MiB.««euw»«ni«B,... 

Otic I'dlamn. peratnmm 

Ti ii.oi--!:! A 1- ■ i ;.- r- V. :. 
ill i'\ :i\ A iv 

* ' "lit i, , ,i,. i.;,iK-rni.tii i its intt rnal trade, to expand with the 

liirTs and 

{Madiai cast ; u e now proceed to redeem 
our engageiueut. 

The public art doubtless airare tbst 

it is maiii;aiaed on the ou^. liumi thai 
tiie Mitdiaisre imprisoned "for ibe soU 
crime of reading the Bible;*' and ou 

ilip oilier it is cyiiteuJed ihut this form- 

'^"It iit indeed a general law of pros- 
perous cOfMROfce that the raal valne of 

exports should by a small. cn;l only a 
small, balance, exceed that of imports, 
ooj that balanct being a permmTn^nt aiUii. ^ 
::*.::::::::•« 00 f /or. to tU maith o/thtnanonr Now|«J °o ^t lUeir oCcace. we trust 

•wst '^^j Jo not profess to be very well ac Ubal we aM^iiot oblrasire; our earnesi 

y.*"!*.*.*lije wi*!"*"***** with ibis mtittcr, but if w c will 
".v.* . ..*.*..♦» esHook ot this remark oi Mr. Adams, per- 

♦***{hapswe may find a grain or two-of aenae 

t.. p»  ; gj-^pp ^\\ Ouuht not the currency 
■' j of a nation, which Is the instrument of 

,i r.c. .iiViiiii-Mv. .iiicrcarte of population, pro.Iucts 

moa Uiwor'onc year | jntefnai traffic, the great elements o( 
nrnk wM»i^ wealth. Would the same amonnt of 

currenrv which sufficed for the business 

P l«lV I, it 

•»i-.l- ro j o i! . r ;i i ri.-.'- 
Tli:»«e wlio a U or' * 

e«eM4iMg nuco w tlin.- 

\V« l»0|»e tliat ihc ^liovr will pl:iiH onmv^ii to i a: 

Ih- ««4et«nwl i.r idl-» itkiti wh«r »dvcr ii»e of this country thirty years ago be sum- 

m-a Brt I* •ncwwiMioc wkh ««r •eqww^nU. in j gjg^l wheO it* population has 

«lM«4«r «7«Mr or Honrs t« lower o«r pricr«. Tlx^ 
rimia the OfKre kaa mo time to spend ik 
iMHraiMia;. • »••• wi»l««it r -HiM?rt to pernouw: wc 
Umve un dispoMtiou t.i do work « li.;a|.cr for a closr 
iMlieJ CMMlMMr Uuui for o*ir lilteral pauoiis, wl:o 
•re williafT M W rriuu-ra live. 

l'^T%tK H».«M-n '•*«■» extJMiBive rhr ilation. 
•■i bwiwsM «»■ will fS« i it ii.!vtiui::i':  kiir lo 
aae af ita roitimM m « NHsaus of coinuiauica- 
MMT wkb the |i«Mic ROMcrally. 


Heil ALU «»«r eciiMwe* liavc «»c* ii conn.1«. ral iy ^ 

treble;!, and its pro lu( tioii int rerse l in 
a still greater proportion? In a wor i 
does not an increaae of wealth imply 

an r.\p;insioa of t urrency as a necessa- 
ry couiliiioij? Can tlic currency safely 
expand without a corresponding expan- 
sion of the ^old and silver basis? If a 
nation iias no mines of its own, how is 
it to fLili its share of the increusing 

(It sire, to aid the cause of truth, and a 
coiiviclion that the prominent lacts of 
the ease are not generallj known, are 
the only claims we can urge upon pub- 
lic indulgence. We will stale liie case, 
and leave to thecaLurui reader the d is* 
cujsionand decision of it. 

First, let us briefly glance at the leg 
islatlen uf difrercnt governments upon 
the subject of religious toleration; for 

zeal, we will that lie, as a 'Jisliirber oi 
the order by which sotifty itself i-' 
ruled and •nainlained in tranquility, 
and an enemy of society itself, shall be 
punished w:th the greatest and most 
f.xem|iUry rig»r, never with less pun- 
ishment than poblie labor, fur a time 
ur for life, according to the circutn 
stances of tlia case." 

This law bad grown to ba a dead let- 
ter, but was re-enacted in 1849, ou 
accou.'it of the new difficulties io France 
and Austria. The Midiai who are I tal- 
iuns by bind, went to En;;lauil dbaut 
the year I wt* n t y -ni ne, where they were 
employeii us servants in a ptivaie lain- 
il); they returned some seven yenrs 
a^o, to Italy, and settled in Florenct-. 
Shortly after tl.eir return to Italy they 
became Prote jtun is, anti for the fivi 

observed that the proposition was with- 
drami; MirliiiMia' afiofdb a»d Tk. Ca- 

hill's letter to Pahnerston and LorJ 
John Russell have settled the question 
as far aa England ia concerned. 

The account of the trial which was 
first published in the New Yerk Herald, 
and whirh has aince gone the rounds of 
American papers, it now admitted by 
the Herald and Now Yoi4 Coarior and 
Enquirer, as well as many other papers 
of high standing, to be an tx parte and 
garbled statement got up for particular 
purposes. It is tjuote i irom the Buona 
Novella of Turin, whose pioprieters 
have bad once to atone to the civil au- 
thorities of that country for its publica 
tions. A full and accurate report o 

Ccmmon Schools. 


Common schools, in which ibe chil- 
dren tit ail clasiies of citiscus receire 
ilie benefits uf a subsiaotial and practi- 
cal education, have been regardeil wiili 
peculiar favor by the p«;opie of Ohio. 
The experience of half a crafaiy kaa 
eatablisbcd aaii coairatd tiM advau 
tagtaofoai ayatcaaof pof«l«r«dttc»iiou 
and of iia admirable adapiaiioa to ibr 
geniaa of a peo^ wlia aie fond of pow- 
er, libattj and e^aal lighia. It is a 
systcia that equalises and •nnobtes th« 
human race; and although nature mayjer for Vera Cruz, 
have tlialribuled her i ntellectual euvlow 
ments more liberdlly to so ne \o 
utht-rs, yet as all men enjoy ter'.ji i 
coninion rights anl have ceridin com- 
mon rtuiifs to perform, it is th? high 
prerogative of Goveriunent, ii is 
f so ol Caristianity, toteiueuithe union 

New Orlcjiss, April 4.— The Bla. k 
Warrior has arrived at Mobile with Ha 
vana dates to the 3Ist. 

She reports Mr King's health failing 
rapidly. The physicians have no bopea 
of his recovery. Consul Sharkcj ad- 
ministered the oath of ofica on the SStb. 
During the ceremony the Vice Proaidont 
waa anable to stand, and waa t^li^gad 
to be supported. If ha wao aMa ba 
wouhl leave on tba Ml. tbo alaamcr 
FallflA, forMobUo. 

Sa«laABna,accompani^ I by his fam 
ily, paaaod lbro«gb Havana on the iSih, 
and left the next day i ,,  rr, 

this trial has been sent for to Florance 

years immediately precedinji their iri. I. j ^^.jjj ^^^^^^^^^^ ,ome soon, when 
pracliseil iheir reliyion wiilioiit moles 

tation, atteudiog their places oi public 
worship as the Jews and Mohammedaos 

in common with them, are there per- 

ihieis necessary, in order justly loap I milted to do. Fifty English mission- 
preciaie l!ie facts we are to tU iuil. ' entering Florence, divided them 
The following is the law of Sweden 

amount of gold and silver in the world, 
r»'««^w«h»»«'e^'c«««h«»**^^»''^^^':.^' unless its exports exceed its imports 
Uc«...-.l;wc an. AcivHrn: compelled to a.l.,.t.h. I by at least a small balance from year 
r.vsn8YSrKM. Our '.'■'■■•ci ill  ^ .h^=t^i^■. to year. The maxim of Mr. Adams may 

i)e true in general, though perhaps ren- 

in dohi= 

^Mible «« to m u nmmjitlj th ^  i  mandci i 
€* ASH for f«V 
CoaU v.ff o' 1 1 

M well a- t'.r oar cu  Mui  r^. I'rom iUckc wlio 
•i%-«*rt M.' yearly w c- e\tt'^r; j.iiymoal!. fjaartrrly. 

For a!!tr*H-!icnlJoli \V..rk and Advertising, tiir 
■t«ncr iHUMt Im! ] 4i ! \\ lt  n 
rmU' ia witlio'i! cx H't*t:oii. 

in regard to this matter: That pro 

fessors of any foreign religion who 
shall wish to settle in the hiugdotn. 
shall, under no condition, be appoint- 
ed to uiiy oflice or enijiloy in tlic State, 
high or low. 2. Tiiat now here through 
out the kingdom, shall they establish 
any public srdiool-house or other semi- 
nary for the spread of their luith. 3. 
That for this purpose they sliall neither 
send nor receive any missionaries with- 
in or without the country. 4. Thai 
no moncslary shall he eslablislif.l, nor 
any monk allowed ur permitted, of any 
sect or religion whatsoever. 5. Tliat 
Jt \vs niiiy have synagogues iu Stock- 
holm, and, at the must in two or three 

s f,-.i 

Ink, Labor. Ollice r.-iit A'-., k'' , ., , , • • , 

,4.w». .o.ituoaMbci. u. rK,.'aerf l innpplicablo to tnc L niicd States 

since his time by the accident of dis- 

rovcriug the mines of California. 

T!ic m".'^t eloquent part of 3.1r. Holt's 
speech relates to the manner in which , o^'^^^ '"^S« towns, where, under a pro- 
the two parUea respectively are disposed I po^'". they may be duly naich.d. 
to treat the ot'icr -n .t rnn^cnts of the 6. That the processions md ceremonies 
world. While wc .^vinp c.:!uzc with his!"sual among foreign religions, shall be 
Afrifu! I:. - i;-):. i rs » P^^^"'l'|"^^ 1,3^,^,} of oppression and hi.^  Icsire ior ; 'orbid Jen, for the. avoidance of all 
routaining a .«^prcch made la^t OciccrJ ^^^^ triumph of liberal ideas in Europe probability of error or scandal among 

uu 1 evervwhere, we think his remarks 

this huge humbug will be finally laid 
nponthe shelf, to nse the expression of 

\E\y c;oous!! 

4 RE 

of men by common bonds of •»P«ctatioa|*"i?k*ilr.:^.7:^^ 

and interest, ami tu rerugniae no dia* 
tiactioiia except such as rcsnlt ftaoa 
superior peraaaal marii. Fowei and 
liberty sr« with aa aynaaym^aa Icsaw; 


frifu 1 I:. - i;-v) ! i:s a pn:r)|ililct 
l^t f cl( 

in Louisville, by Mr. .Tost pu Hoi t. — 

We rrc; rl "\'r. I^'^lt v ttie !iio«-i bril-' 

are loo much tinctured with the spirit of 

the simpler sort. 7. That the enact- 
ments of the criminal law.«!, ch'p. I, 

iism. We complain and just- Sec. 3, as to those who fall away from 

Hart of tlic deaiot raiir orrtnr.s of Ken- 

. ... ' propaganiiism 

tucky, and 1,1s deliberate utte.antcs arej^^ ^.^^ interference of rroole heyoad|"ur right evangelical doctrine, shall be 
entitled t. crcatrr.-pect and conbKiera- ij^^ \,lanlic in th- ,:oi.e tic institutions 1 strictly carried into . (Tect. S. That 
lion. Hr- ro::r..irnres by pointing out I, ^^^^^^ ^ Because they one professing a foreign faith shull 

ihc fnn i; !"!n  it?il diUerenre between liie r .1. ^ r *u u' " — - - 

cannot, from the nature of the case, be 
Wh is and Democratic parties, lie re- ' . , , , , 

* : suincienilv conversant with the real 

proachfuMy rbr.r.ctcrises tlieW hig P^r- ' conditions of the question and the reaijno"  vas recorded in your paper three 
tf asUie party of power. Woli ■ ^^-^^^^^^^ of Southern society. Does w«eks back; additional ones could be 

pose it u the party of power. Is ; I p,^-,, ^ adt'uced. Laws of an entirely 

selves m bands of ten each, and pro 
ceeded to open various secret conven 
licles williont liaviiis; obtained or 
sotif;lit Iic''iist . The .Maiiiai held as- 
sciniilie.'i wiiii clusetl doors and out of 
eit^lil of tlie police. Rev. Dr. Ciliil' 
in his letter addressed lo 'lie Eiri 
of Carlysle. on that noi)leinun's us^iert- 
ingina Leed's paper that ••iheironly 
crime was redding tlie Bible," thus 
sums up thi; charges brought againsi 
ihem, professing to have befoie hiui 
whiln writing the indictment of the 
Tuscan Attorney General: "They per- 
severingly held clost-d iloor conventi- 
cles againsi the warnin;;s ol the pt lice 
repeated tea limes; tliey distributed at 
lenst eleven lliousand copies of \our 
Bible (onlaining., as I can prove, i^p- 
v\ards of sixteen hundred varij;ions 
from liie ori^i nil 1 text; th'y persuaded, 
inveij^led, and bribed the Iiiilian tlul 
dren to come to these five coven lid' S 
io hear Iheir inslruciion?; and to take 
tliese anti-Catholrc sources of instruc- 
tion; they were associated with several 
colporteurs, as tbeyare called, iu send- 
ing the Bible through the country; 
lity had indecent pictures of the 
Blessed Virgin in fly-sheets, to be dis- 
trilnited by two pliivrr* of barrel or- 
i;iins wlioni lliey hir mI for the purpose.; 
lliey hud .slips of piper on U!iit.h was 

a correspondent of the N. Y. Herald.! l ut what i.* power wilhonl knowlad^^l 

"along with such fossils as Moriah i ^^o*^ 'j"'**'') ■*'»«»■•••«»••»»■ 
y, I CI • V .1. . „ lutegrtty, if thoaa wbtf direct its affairs 

Monk, Sletvegammon, Kossuth, etc."| ,f„^ •j^.^^^^.j •,?- 

|.a«a»;flaia ami fgutrd d«(i«s, !iwiM 
— «*iac— t ln«erli«u E»l»i«,g^, 
BsMet C p Sntin rtnil T»f«U 

BibboiK. Ki(iirl) votketl 
Ganan Sl *eve«, tlMrinixMtU. aarf 

•Iber fancy (•Mto. 


An e\t»^ tjuaiil/of Silk and Kn-'nh .Strr^w 

What conclusions are we authorised to| M^^e men unnersiand thrir rights, and i Bmid, roi^.-4 »i..^.f1v 

their freed oin will not only be preKwrv 
►"d, but you will make it worili preser 
vation. It ibfte is uny j^overnmeni on 
eurih ill which the people should bf 
uell and thotoii^hly educated, it is in 
a re I' res • n la ti ve democracy like ih;it ul 
the kSlateol Uliiu, where ilie ciiiz -u.o 
themselves exercise the functions ol 
governmeut tbtough the insirumrniali- 
ly of ageais appointed by tbrasavlvea. 
The eaiabliabmratola system of Com. 

draw from these facts? First we seem 
entitled to infer that the Mndiai were 
not punished "for the sole crime of read 
ing the Bible;" nay, that this was no 
part of their offence. 21. That they 
were not punished for practising their 
religion. SJ. If the Tuscan laws in 
regard to religious prosely ti^^l^ are ob- 
jectionable, they are at least not more 

so than those of most Protestant coun-{ mon Schools haii format! • fundamental 

tries of Europe; when however, Catho- ' feature in the or^janic policy of lb« 

lies were the objects of persecution in »«lop|?on ol 

„ , , , * • , . |i;t hei L Ultion sh- Ims a-.dress-d 

Switzerlaud. on account of their prose 1^^^ orin.u.ce to th^ Li,i.loi.r.. as 

: Iytism,the crafty Palmerston maintain- i j.i^i,, j,,d tlistinc:. us ii 1, imp»-ri'.ive 
cd that "of course every government has and obligaioty: '■ i iie G ral A»sein 
!a riuht to refuise to any foreigners per- bly shall make .-nch provisions by i,.xa- 
. . , .... ... iii»n or o! h'ir wiaf ; as, \v nn the Increasr 

mi.-:-;on lo re.sul:; within its (ionnnions.' • ,- .1 1 1 . t % 

jrisinglrom the scliool t rust fund, w ill 

jif the presence of such foreigners isLpcure a thorough and efficient stsirm 
considered hurtful to the state.** dth.juf Common Schools ihronghoni ibr 

It is not a inntt.r dt .nandinc; anv sort of 1 Stale." liere ia plenary auiburily to 


pr»lly arliel* of .Hisses* lJuts. BrjiU aaU 

St; aw. 

A verr pxt.-iiM-.e Moek oT .Ht^riMMrk »mH iiir,ke« 01" t a.ieo*; lienvy i'uttoa DtrM 
ill i It I oil 

bleacinfil S»eelin(j» he:»v» »nd' ftne- 
Unnnrl.: r mM Mww; »iti„pt,; T»- 

•o l 
1 lul 

be and Tovvel l^iiie**. HalliN 4 a»cl C 'Mbi' 

ralon. A very f m lot af BaaUSa'a 
liiak Umm. *r.,&e. 


Fina Clk, T»lm Lenf. Lrghom and VaaL 
vavialies af a;| ilr« -riiit ioM« 


r iadiag^, &e. 

TbaabMa mmm} gn^u have been selertad 
A»lh giant rareaaH we think caaaal StU |« 

^ .sati^r.r^iiM. Ur« tmduMy i««i«a att I* 
r i i niirt  ee lkMra^ aa mm laSa alaamra us 

'hmrin:; thciM. * 
April 7, 


enjoy any right at any Diet.' 

Ai! ii.slonce of i s ris^rou- 

wriMcn ill large let leys Ml lialian. _ 

• Wafer-Gods," they had pictures ol afllnuaUon, wil) find it necc.^.^arv to go 
purgatory, with representations of souls 

jccmplish thewishraol llitp prupl*-, au 1 
in pursuance of it, the L'-gis'alure has 

organized u s\siein ol public in9tru  tion. 

which it is the duly ot everv ;; 'o.i tii- 

izei) chi'erliiily lo respfcl ii-il ooe) — to 

toleration, are as good as those of the ! '"^ i nd i \ i 1 .11 i leeli.-^s even 

TT . . o. . 1 1 I ..L |if opposed to such laws, wheu by such 
United iMates, unles.s he eninrace the | - J, . l • 

interference on the part of the United 
States. We believe that any one wish- 
ing to argue the question whether the 
laws of Tuscany in regard to religious 

HAT.S ANi) i'.WS \ND 

STRAW 60008! 

eiiiili'Hi inelutlin!; the !• - 
• Il l .*-ii' i:j f*r Sl,'  . U'.. 
"■ ' • ' and lo, «i'. . \.:\^ !nr-'.  t 
 larh wad sr -.t.-^t ^ i ; w e.f: !., .,,, ,• i, 'ii,;, 
•rtark^r. »;l o» uiii. i, wiji be   old on llie iwo^t 
r ^r»tnn' '.e trr n«. 

Ihli .nMni!:-,..t,ired f« nr^-r ao tha »horte t 
"I 't ••■ .T.,| ;■.« , cm. 

?acri&ce be pramotcaagieat and gancial "^f-y- A« » 

looking through the bars, and the priest 
in Sontanne bargaining with them to 

• 111! tbxa e»ia 

1-r ; ; icf III ?«ivn. »Bd f« r 
kerp nm haohs mm eaprct lha 


to Tuscany or Sweden, to find an adver- 
sary; we do not think he will find one 
in this country. For ourselves we he- 


"confessional," and they ended all 

_ ^ ^ ■ I, these readings of the word of God by 

any discredit to it? Power ^**^''- \o our interference with the governments similar character are enforced in Mech- an attack on the Pope, cliaractcri.Mnu 
pood thing if proprrly i:tc l. .. .a of Europe? Is it possible that we can lenburg and Saxony, the precise Ian- him as the man ol sin — the Anti-Christ.' 
ran be done witbont power. Hecx-,^^,^_ appreciate all the complex diffi- zr.nge cf hidi, however, we are at This wrung from the learned nobleman 
plains himself more fully when be sav j^^j^.^^^^j^.^j^ surround the great prob- 1 pf'^sent unr.ble lo cite. The Tahiti,;n the followhig perplexed but ample con- 
that Democracy is founded on the idea ^^^^^ of European society, any more Uovci nmenl under the administration ccs.sioa: am willing to admit that] 
that government iK a necessary evil. If ^j,^,, ^.^^ u,v.]cr.^t::ii.i the complex "f Mr. Priichard. enacted and enforced shor.ld have expressed myself with more 

difficulties which surround the question ^' e following law: "Let Tahiti ajid I entire accuracy, if 1 had said a judicial 
of American slavery. We can and^ought 

aa, it baa a very rotten feandation, for 

;:ovcrnm rit is not a neccfsary evil but 

loo^e them :or two -scudi;" they hadt,j^^.g the laws of the United States in 
uttered most indecent things of tbe j ^^^^^^^j^^^ ^^^j^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^.^ j^^^^j ^^^^^ 

the only sound principle; and we wish 

a necessarv  ; ^od. 1 ue word Govern- . . • r r .^   

. to keen r.p tlio protest m favor ol tae 1 

fact I . . . , r • , , I 

:eneral principles of just and good gov- 
ernment, but we must leave each nation ari^-sof Britain have propagated ever 

nent is only an expreaaion of the 

tir.t til? collective for^-c of a society, ol 
greater or less extent, is brought to bear 
to regulate and orgaaisa the individual 
f.irce*, so that thcymay act in harmony 
for the general goo,!, instead of runnii.g 
riot, and thwrniiig or tlestroying one 
another. Man is a social being and it 
is his glory that as stich he is a creature 
of law, and how can tiiere be law- with- 
out goiemment? Why you cannot 

make a counlv road without govern-. , . , ., , 1,1 
' . f ' . J productive , while democracv IS the Ai- 

ment, thr t i.v, a rollecir.f force or:;ainz-1 » ' . . 

ing individual forces according to'rules. P"'« ^0"*^"^' "^^'^P'^S ^^^^^^ P^^"^ to 

all the islands of the kingdom of Ft. 
nare, Vahine Island, stand unique un- 
der that gospel which the mission - 

to apply them according to ita own pe- 
culiar exigencies. 

Mr. Holt in conclusion indulges in a 
i flight of imagination which we think 
j ra;li«^ r flattering to whigisin though in- 
tou !r 1 by him to have the opposite cf- 
ifct. He compares whigism to the quiet 
I stream, stealing along through valleys, 
i which. we w ill add, it refreshes an 1 make* 

If the government of God, which keeps 
the forces of tin- nuivt rs'^ in order and, 
harmony, a necessary evil and human I 
povrrninewt is only an imperfect ropy 
of the Pi vine. The groat pii;!"sojihcrj 
ha 1 a justpr itlea of law than Mr. Holt, 
when h«* said "its teat is the bosom ol 
TfO I nil 1 its voice ia the harmony of the 

Mr. Hollco'iies next to ih-: specific in- 
jif.iiice* in v.iiii h the Whi::.'-hav» ^liowii 
lh»-ir h.titdncf ^ fcr pi^wor. Tiu fir--tis the 
Ytniik. -As hr- is .1 i r " ■ f r -. ! ; z ng he 
r'iulit li-v.^ i : • t':'' \\',ii-s claim 
for the n  r;-: 1 i . - nl tiie power 

to regalatc t'le riincnry of the country 

—a power which we think ought to be ^, « xcit..ment. Th.-fie frequent 

exerciwd, anl tliat speedily. On the j dttem ptr- a ' assassination are not at all 

precipice, fascinating the worlil with 
the music oi'iU roar and dazzling it by 
the rainbows that over-arch its path- 
way." Vv'e V cru aware that democra- 
cy is fon I ol jumping over precipices, 
and thai it xakes a great roar, but wc 
did not know that ita roar waa very mu- 

FroiB 11h- Ciii''itiii:'1i C'omini rc iol. 
The news by the Africa is full o( signs 
of trouble on the Continent. The tlis- 
rupticn l^tween Austria and Turkey i  
couflrmrd, and the re veiaes of .(be Brit- 
ish iu Burmali are co: roborated. The 
Emperor of Ausuia was recovering 
from the wounds be received at the late 
attempt at bis assassination, and in 
iiiingsry the public miud was in a state 

 juestion of ll.r Rank the Whigs have 1 ' 
on their tdde Gvn. Washington, Mr. 
MadiFon.and Gen. Jarkson hiinself, for 
he f'ld Congvess thsit if they had aphf^ i 
kiin be could have givon them the plan 
Af an tnstttiitiou that wonid hnvc per- 
rorme 1 til'- fi:'i; tt.'iis of the old bank 
without being liable to the objections 
wliirh he had to that institution. 

Mr. Holt i:f \: pri«--  s to Internal Im- 
pr.iV. TiM nl^, and says that the Whigs 
have changed ground on the eubject, 
brine T^ow in favor of surl 

kuidit d t I uid the cause ol popular 
•edoiu in Hiirope, and only serve to 
 i.','it n th'- c;;.rni which despotism has. 
fori^ed for it. In Italy quiet was ugii in 
r'■^!ored, and 'he Frencli f'arliumenl was 
• ngftged \a projects for the economical 
ddininistiation of the Governm'nt. — 
Lord John Russell has bioiiLihl forward 

since the year 1797— thai is, these forty 
years past.'* 

"When frrelgners come from other 
countries to this, ou their lauding let 
this law be put into their hands, that 
I'ley mny know if Such persons pi rsisi 
in teaching tenets which are inconsist- 
ent with that true go tpel which has 
bren of olil pr^ipngated in Tuliiti, — il 
ihey build houses for worship, if the^ 
congregate followers in uncultivated 
p'aces, that they ml^ht leach ilirm all 
kinds of strange doctrines, — ii' they 
trouble the urual modes of worship, 
and propagate strange customs for the 
sake of amusing, they do not comport 
with the written word of the God of 
Truth. Such person hss become guilt  
of breaking this law, and will be judged 
and awarded. This sli-ill he his award — 
lie will be sent to hi.s own laod, and 
shall not reside in Tahiti,*' 

The penalty of a violation of this 
law was hard labor upon the public 

T!ie following law was first i^n^sed 
umler Elizabeth, and was afterwards 
confirmed by Charles the F*rft; it de- 

sentence for the offence of reading the 
Bible and olucr acts of prosilytisms." 
In the embarrassment and confusion of 
the moment he terms "the otTencc ol 
reading the Bible" an act of prosily- 
tism. In the report of the recent debate 
in the British Parliament upon this 
matter wc find tlie following statements 
elicited by the j^roposltion of Mr. Kin- 
naird for "her Majesty to take .^teps to 
bring under the notice of his Imperial 
Highness, the grand Duke of Tuscany 
the strong feelings prevalent among a 
large number of her Majesty's subjeris 
in consequence of the persecution now 
.so actively begun, etc." These facts 
had the effect of inducing even Lord 
John Russell to sr^licit the withdrawal 
of the motion, which in accordance 
with his request, was done. 

Hon. Mr, Scarlett in a letter dated 
Florence, 22 1 AuL', I^'-jI, and ail- 
dressed to Lord Pahnerston, says, speak- 
ing of an interview he had with the 
Duke of Ca-'^tiL^liano: "the Duke stated 
ia reply that 1 must be aware that all 
foreigners professing a different religion 
from llio Catholic, were always permit- 
tc 1 in Tu.-cany as much freedom of con- 
science in the exercise of their religion 
as they desired in regard to them- 
selves." The same gentleman in a let- 

AS I for til »t t,  pi; 

7-('»»ii anHi for laeeomi. Xiak. »«. 

n. smm 

nonnces fine and imprisonment upon tor -latcd Ans. 29th, 1851, writes: "The 

any person who would "dissuade ano- 
ther from frequenting the Protestant 

worship, and who would hold a conven- 
ticle for the same." 1 1 is peihaps hard 
ly necessary to say no one of these 

countries is Catholic. 

Bearing these facts in mind, let us 

a bill in the British Parliam' nt for the! proceed to examine the case before us. 

removal of Jewish d.sabiliiie8 or rather 
affirming the iojastica and impolicy 
of such disqualifications, and thai they 
should theiefore be removed. 

Commercial aflfeirsat Liverpool were 
not very active, and the cotton market 
^ ■ , l Oii linued depressed. American secu- 

liar-i li .ies were firm. The i u le 1 1 igt- n i ca pi- 

lullbl? in iUiiupe kiiuw where iheir pcr- 
niaii'Mit i li vesttfrt- 11 1 s will be safe dud se. 
cu'e Irom ptdiiical re Viilsion^. 

From Ctililurnia our news is more 
cheeriii". Provisions are now abun- 

mcntii only as arc national in iht. : r c 
ncticr. If this were a correct statement; 
the Whig party would still be in a bet- 
ter position than the Democratic, for 
wc do know what the pret-ont Whig 
d«*  trine is, but we defy any mortal man | dant, and the roada becomiug accessi 
to t. !l what the present Democratic! ble to :he miners. Oa the I5ih and 

lOth of February two steamers left 
with nearly four williona of gold dust, 
dcsiinad for the Atlantic Sutes. The 
treasure seekers have lately been very 
successful in fiading diamonds — among 
them one of more brilliancy, of larger 
sizc^nd vaiue-iotba crown dia- 
mond of Ln-Liid. 

S. n'a Anna has bet n calb 1 to llie 

d-"-'r:i  is in tl,i.s nialtcr of Internal 
Improvements. It seems to be deter- 
mine*! for each Democrat by his particu- 
lar latiiu Ip and lon^iu lf. We venture 
to say if the single question whether 
the general gav«rnamit has the power to 
in)pr' vc the Mii-:^is.»^^ippi or build the Pa 

cific railroad even in itsown territories, ■ supreme powei in Mexico. He arrived 

were propounded to tba Democracy of 

I'liited States, th^ ansurr would be 
Uw most unintelligible son of 'noise 
And confuaion.** The truth is, we do 
n  i iviiow of a ivihing in which the par- 
iv thai f leeted Pierce agrees except 
"thai to the victors belong the spoils." 

Io regard to the Tariff, Mr. Holt speaks 
very boldly, and this may be taken as 
a bir sample of the soundness of his 
re.TFoning. He »a;'6 that the i.i.^a that 

at NTeroCruzon the 1st inst., on beard 
an English steamer, w i ih his colors fly- 
ing at the topmast. I'his is, we lelieve, 
the sixth line he ha« been restored to 
authority, and now his relara wears a 
gloomy and sinister dapect. He may 
at last ba the political executioner, and 
end tba life and saSViings of poor un- 
fortunate Mexico. 

J9i^f^ In answer lo the various appli. 
cations from pri«itera~ for situations, 
we will say (hal we are supplied. 

" wilhou I pa r t ia lii y a i;d witliout hypo 
crisj." Tiie Tuscan law, under whicii 
the Madiai wt f condemned, was en- 
acted in 1786 by Prince L-^opold, and is 
styled the "Tuscan conventicle Act." 
Leopold, il is well known, was an ul- 
tra Janseuist, and therefore will never 
be accused of having been over favor- 
able to Papacy. The law had its origin 
in the disturbances iu France, The 
writings of Yoltaire, D'A'einbert, Did 
erot and Frederick, of Prussia, were 
spreading far and wide through all the 
cities of Europe, a spirit of irreligion 
aud rebellion to all authoiily. Their 
followers were termed "lUumineliats;" 
iheir motto wss *'Libeily and Equali- 
ty,'* rnd their avowed aiiri lo over 
throw "both the altar and the throne.'' 
Diderot said on one occasion, *'we have 
ul this moment enrolled in our society 
upwards of six hundred thousand oppc- 
nenls to tyranny and Pa pal authority" 
Il was in this state of things, when 
every monarch of Europe trembled for 
his safety and crown, lliai Leopold pub- 
lished the following law: "Whosoever, 
with an imptous intent, shall dare to 
profane tiie divine mysierie."^, hy dis- 
turbing the sacred functions with vio- 
lence, or sball otherwise commit any 
public impiety, and iflM shall taach 

policy of the government could not per- 
mit foreigners to tamper with the reli- 
gion of the native subjects of Tuscany, 
more especially at this period when it 
is notorious that the pretended conver- 
- ions to Prniestantism arc a mask for 
carrying out political views, and more 
designed to sap the foundations of gov 
emaient in lUiJ than calculnUd to pro 
mole the cai(«e of chriiliunily." Lord 
John Russell and Mr. Palmerston did 
not bring forwarl tlie-^e papers, by 
which the excitement in England would 
have been immediately allayed; but 

tlin laws of all countries were the same; 
but at thu same time we must admit that 
circumstances may sometimes require a 
legislation which but for those circum- 
stances, could not be justified; and 
when we look at the case in question 
from ^Ir. .S'.-arb'tt's an 1 Prof. Leo".s 
point of view, we strongly incline to 
the opinion that the condition of that 
connlry demanded the law at the time 
il was enacted. Wc cannot bring our 
.selves to believe that our countrymen 
have any other duty lo perform in this 
allair than to remain at home ami en- 
joy in peace the unrestricted religious 
liberty our best of uovernmenta con- 
ce les to u.-, and siiow lo Sweden, and 
Suitzcrlaml, and Saxony, and Meck- 
lenburg, and even England lur.-eif — 
who is not the least tyrannical in siuli 
matters — that we not only grant perfect 
religious freedom at home, and are hap- 
py and united, though different creeds 
arc held amongst us; but that we be- 
lieve it to bo contrary to that liberty 
wc so highly prize to interfere with 
other nations in the administration of | ne\i d.iy 
their laws. We have nothing to do' 
with the legislation of other nations; 
nor is il for us to enquire into the man- 
ner in which their laws are executed, 
whether justly or unjnsily, whether cru- 
elly or mercifully; for this would be 
mere political quixotism. But if our 
people are determined to obtmde their 
admonitions upon other governments, 
they should at least be consistent and 
just in the distribution of them, and 
•rive some to Russia — thoimh Lord John 
Russell says that's the Pope's business, 
giving advice to the NortkevH Bear is 
known by that pru lent statesman to be 


To protect this benificent fiystr-m 
of Common Schoo's from all 
influence ur intru iun, aud to throw 
around it the pauoply of a paramount 
Constitutional muniment, it is further 
provided and declared ihat**no religou { 

or seel o. other settsshall aver baveany ; FRENCH BALI^T TROim. 

' Xclustve right lo,orcoMifol of hiiT part , „ , _ 

.,f ihe sthtK.l funds of this Stat;."— I """^ » S*^/^" Y» 
How uuerly vain and futile then is the j celebrated Si»«u» Ssa- 

• ffort.iind how inoperative even if sue 

cessfu^are the incipient iiioveinen;-now ^ HEHP M ;.X '.XDER, 

iiiakiii;:i.» tliii city to obtain furany'T/e mt irn-.l 117/,/ 1 1! I) OF THE 


:\iT ■[.[.!:. rA^tF:E*s 

leligiouS ili-nomina lion the sepirate 
till exi i u'-i ve control of any p iri of t!ie 
-jchool funds uf the S;aie. Here is a 
cunsii tutional ordiujuceof the govern- 
ineiit uf Ohiti, so plain itt its laiigttsxe 
thai il cannot be i»i»iaterprete J. We 
consider il wise, politic and just, and 
in itsf.iithful observance and paramonn: 
obligali n. the surest guarantee of Ibe 
integrity a 11 I b ni ficcni ilirTiisioti and 
dd vaittagt^s ul uui sjratem ul public in- 

w a« 

It's all Bight Oaptaia. 

.^5 tlie fleet steamer R. was coiuin. 
ip I he .Missi «piii, not louj; since, s v- 
etal way pas- ngf-rs came on boarl a 
Vicksburg and among oilier^ a giair. 
looking middleaged Kentu kian, whoi 
very soon b.-come tbeaabjeci of curios 
ity, wondrrand general remark. Ai-j 
ler iraveliug a sbuvt distance, tha par ly. 
excepting *'uur hero/* mada ikcir way 
IU the "Captain's Office** and paid ibeii 
fare to their place of destination. Th* 
the I lerk m i l.- bol.l to! 
di- 1 i iiq i.eii I piissr ii^-r, wh' 
had taken no berih, but lad pass-d 
ilie greiit'-r piri ot ih-* tin- in ,«i^r''j in u 
in Ills chair, an 1 .li ; ii his u-Uil ur'. ;tni 
ty ul manner, a.skevl the K-tnuckian 
lo give him his place of ces'.ina lion. a- 
It would aitl him making up his book 
intentliiig l is question alao aa a gjenil^ 
hint to pay bis tare. 

The giaat roaaed from bis lelbargy 
and replied: 

' I'm ^oing up the river a-plece—li's 
all right Mr. Clerk." 

The Cleik not b-in:; mu'-h the wiser 
from lhi-  answer, .i^ain p'''i ■ ' y asked, 
■•at u il i i point '.io vinilaiil .-ii.'*' 

••Doiri I n I a: no pint, M»5 C'leik. 
It's all rig:.l ihoiig'i." 

lb re i he ( !•■ I k if 1 1 our o! I Iit * nni 
a critical operation, raihermore so than! xxenl to consuil wiili Mie Ctpiain. wlio 
meddling in the affairs of a miserable ut once lust his wonted good humor, as 

they kept them secret, as it became the| tangle our peace and prosperity in the 

toils of European ambition, rivalahips, 
interest, bnmor, or eapriea.** 

CnAS. C. Farrellt, 
£. H. FoDRMEn, 
G. C. WniTK- 

authors of the Ecclesiastical Titles 
Bill to do. These statements of Mr. 
Scarlett are corroborated by the learn- 
ed and illustrious Protestant Prof. Leo, 
of Halle, author of a history of Italy, 
who, tvriting from Munich in regard to 
this matter, sSys: "When we consider 
as^a whole, the working of English in- 
trigues in Italy for the last ten years, I 
do not take it ill in the Pops if in his 
point of view he calls the Bible Society 
a pestilence. It is English zeal sub- 
servient to political and commercial 
ends with the Bible in hand; the Bible 

is the sheep's clothing, in which the j in a return messa :e. The Lexington 
wolf hides iUelf, etc." :\lr. Erskine in Obscrtcr, iu annuuncing the fact, says: 

1 . T J T L t  II I "Governor Letcher i.s too well known 

a letter to Lord John Russell, says:i . i i • ,• • '^»» 

'to the people ol tins distrift to ref;tfire 

i!ie clt rk related the result of his inter- • 
v.e.w wiih the (lelinquenl custoiner. — 
Tlie Ci plain proceeded fuit^with to i 
bring ih^ matter to a focM. end accost - ' 
eil tlie Keninckiaa, tayiag: "How far |-£ 
are yi u guttig to bear na company up 
the liver. Uncle?" 

. , - . V ^ !_ ri- "Oh! I'm goin up apiece with ye.! 

the advice given US by the Father Of his j^-^^.,^, Cap-in!" 

Bui. sir.'' said the Captain, ••Voi; 
hive neither poiil your i t^ nor giv-i 
lite clerk your place oi des'.ina ion, an ^ 
you are old eiu'iij,h lo know the cutom, 
of Sleamboa i.«in' 11, lluil ^^i:f'n a man, 
refuses to I'Hv hi-* ''are, or ;;ive a ^noi\ 
reason for not paying, we put him a 
shore immediately." 

•'W-a-H Captin, 'spose 'tis yourcu» 
torn, but i.s all rightV 

Her* tha CUptain lost bis pattedce 

dukedom — some to Sweden, soht^ t-  
England, some to Priis.«;;a, some to Sax 
ony, some to Mecklenburg, some to 
Switzerland, some to Mr. Priichard, 
some to Holland, some to Tu.scany, etc. 
These sentiments perfectly accord with 

country with whose own sage words we 
will roncln le: 

"Why, by interweaving our destiny 
with that of any part of Europe, en- 

worn.]): -.r-, ] a:.;, il.. ^ relebr.icl 
P.RA.^.^ HAM). , ;; c .luVined. will give 
'WO ':r 1.1 i p^^r,' 'rii: DC* s, in their beau- 
tiful Wii/er Prtof futiiimu, ia ibia 
city, on FRIDAY, April 8. 1853. 

Day performance to commence at 3 
o'clock, doors open at half-past two. 

Night performance. op, u nt 

half-past 6, performance lo comm. ace 
at T o'clock. 

Ad,ihssi.,v .'-•) c-i;:.s; ( ';:il !r-)-: a-; I 
servant.^ -j.:, . 

1^5^ For p it i tilars see small biila. 

April 7. !•■." ■''.. 

T. & D. GLE3NER S 


aaca arasxT, 

Wire bes; leave to call the attention 
of the citiaenaof Barlatown aa«l 
vicinity, and of the pablic gaaafally, !• 

to our stock of 

GoMlies, Rockiwajs Bag* 


Of every style, which we will sail at 
;inu.soally low prices for casb. or aa 

short time, to pmctoaT rositoners. 

We feel confi lent tha! no establish- 
raent in the we.-t cm furnish bettor 
wor'i than we do at the prices. 

We invite ail pers' n.' uhouiay want 
an ele.ain as, I  i:! sian;ial Cojcb, 
Rockaway or Ra-':.y, lo call nt our es- 
tabli. hment ami e.iaraine our .«tr ck for 
themselves, and we believe they will 
make their purchases wiihont gaiag ta 
Louisville or any other city, as we aaa 
determinotl to sell low for cash. 

As wa ampoly the bast wwhami 
and o«e none but tba best maianala aa 
will warrant all w^i doao at aas aa- 
tal;)! ishnient. 

Repairinz of all kin Is will hep i aai pi 
Iv I to on verv reasonable le— — 

for cash. 

T. &. D. GLESNER. 

i: ;i; 1 NC*— J Kt rreeiveil aarf far aala • 
few haae* Herri»«. \ *f*( f*l« artteia. 

¥71IA L i« -C 'ii«»nnt'» IMIIM* •■4 lar •»!« 

lie-} roLM^es « T^irrnmu^ND. 



la. 100 Cairtk ?lfiil. iMMiik Vp. 
MBS. J. 

Ashland Distriot. 

The adjourned Congressional Con- 
vention of this district, met at Lexing- 
ton on Tuesday last, and nominated the 
Hon. Robert P. Latchar, of Franklin K 
county, as the Whig candidate for Con- 
gress. Mr. LetcMfo was at Frankfort 
at the time. Word of the choice of 

and resolved la pat bim ashore fo»»''-| w^ FSPKCTFI'M.Y inf«i«M the p. biie laat 

[%»bei»now open 11151 cowip'et«i 

"the Madiai are not, as it is alleged, 
convicted of having apostatised from 
the established religion, but of having 
sought to seduce others from that reli- 
gion." The.'^e authorities, except that 
of Prof. Leo, of Halle, were all brought 

up in the debate upon the proposition ! by the W^higs of tha district, 
of Mr. Kinnfird and were none of them LotrfsnVh Cti(7jsr 

wiib.aad accardiagly atdeiedibe pilot 
to \and, and our k«ra la aaab* 1 oT 

go ashore, to which he very graciously 
replied. ''It's aZZ right, Capiin.** 

Tba boat landed, and the plaab put 
out. the niant was laid *• walk, lo 
j wliich he readily asaaaiad» aajiag, 
•'It 's all right." 

After getting on lerra firma, the Cap 
the Convention was sent him by tele-!,af„ gave him a short blessing for cans 
raph, and he accepted tlie nomination I i„g him ihe trouble to land, and thr. ai- 

ened him a top dressing if he ever sa w , |V,,ito;u;i 
him again, &c. To winch liie old man 
re. 'ponded again, with an air of Iriumpii, 
pointing to a fine lookia§ atla§a just 
above bim on the bank : 

« |i's 0.11 rif&l, Caplin; tbat'a my 
house. Cap tin. It's all rij^tr* 


any recomraen hition at our hantls. A 
man of ability, of experience, and of 
sound political principles — always, 
whether in prosperity or adversity, a 
true, firm, and unwavering Whig — he 
will coikHDand the entire strength of the 
party, and be tilumphaotly sustained 


Choice MUliMxy, 

Rmbrneins -thtf latent sty turapaaa saii 

\mprt.-nti R»nnfl«, P »ri» Rlbh^ns. Fren»-h 
K' A|.;«. f)ic;« Cap* Reiilal Wreath?, Veii«, 
C I'm . zel • f «, S-nrr», Co'Hr^. I*inler.»|ei»»eii , 
ll^iniikfrrl.ielV.  ;i.  .,-.•«.«. \. -.. Ae., vclacl. 
ed in ^rrs'ii), lit the Ka«lerit U.tiet. ftaai tka 
b 9t aaa Mm»t ia p«rlaliaa«. 

L««fin 8»a n apee li i ai ly iaviM 1*4 

r^j-   i(!or  fraia a 

J. A :■ \ ■ ru:. 

\.  : 1 St. 




L^ iQciebt''d to them to call an t jelllo wilh- 
ut 'Iciny. jaa  


ReA;r to llite 6l ^on ; Queeo , Ha\ don . 


Tart cil:' r atteotiaa p' id to th*" •'i  ' i" T'- 

vol.. 4. 

TllK liKUALl). 

Bardaiowa: : : : April 7, 18^. 

to the KiKux 

rel«lc4 ■i»tt]r«9« cHoies and iuir reeling 
^ l»ar ticuUrs co«c«rning th« F«c««li «rk« 

look part. ■uddiitiiiguishvdthcMiael res 
jia ibeMrreati. His molb^r, bt mM, 
. was Nil lixliaii m oinan, of th r gr^a^ iribf 

 il 1 lir I roq Mttis, fai !h f u! ;t 1 1 ies of Fraiici 

lie ailti. .1 ;lMt. nil l.i-; faili^rs siile, bi*' 
»(ii;iri wm."- Fifiuli, ami went bO iar 

Av-tHa expenses -of ~the HERM^D 
OFFICE have been considerably- in- 
crease 1 since the seconJ Milai i:'MiH'nt 
of Till-, HARDSTOWN HKKALD, will 
not our subscribers, if they rnnnot p;iy 
all, p.fv lialf of their subscriptions? — 
W'r n i V fiirnieh the.Ti with a paper ton 
laining almost twice as much reading 

the bauds t own herald. • - 


I' n ni I III* 4! lo;i ritnl. 


TfJ J" fnd I' f li'i'in^s. — Thr. Puc'jic 

' '■:' .,,■ \ , ' ',f t"i luWl'iig ll.Js ! } 

li I ' I i.iiiil .11' t OI 1 1 r jUMlli' II I 

*  I Sill Anioitui it Mill l»- refii linl 
ku i'.MU irt«Ht pt-|i li-it: lM  'n taki ii iii re- 
i:ir«l i« ihe V^e'.Uc R^il RmkI. 

."^iN Amom'1. MjuIi 1st, 1S53. 
1 • (■ "'»/? /•///.•';■'— Hnve jiiM 
1. .1 . M' i , , • ''IV ' ;!■ I'M! bi 1 i lias ' 
W, Ml'-; : ., . .•;:^li I li- i . XJt Le^isU liite . ' 

  I .» ; lie R 1 1 1 II *' I Loii '■ 

I III WrtV llOitl iloUblOll, 

to L . '.f (1 name \\ it irli the Pi i in e I'bs tcj i 11 

' . lip; It was by t!ii* means I Banlstown paper ever before 

tome ii) posspttioa contained, and without any inrroase in 

the price. [Although we now havcii'; 

of thriri'ml'h'r" ^"^•"'P^''^" ''^^ '" 'Kr'r,H.nI miiel. ue l.ave re-.soi, to believe 

. , . „ . ^"'/''^ \" Ipol'ticaUr literary paper ever pubhhh l , . sufT- rer hu.l been 

.Mculiof lU. M.r,ui. o( Muntclm. ed in this part of the State, we feel con- . ^^'^^^^ th- .nVc^s of u 

thai lie liHil 
tnau}- drtatis curici.? io tiear. 
of she most iiileres' ing of ih 
w jS I ha t u li icli he 


A Clergyman. 

Aa old and valuable nubscribfr, lia^ 
sent u« a certificate from one of liis 
Parishioners. which he wishes pubiisbed 
for the b«ne&t of bis neigbbort. and Ibr 
community at larx*. U on au- 

thority that needs no confiratolinn, the 
parlicubirs of a remarheUa ctir  from 
Aver s Clierry P-^c toral, ao article we 
lave alreadv t;ik'Mi occasion to notice. 

who dird ia tbearaia of an Iro^uoiF, 
who \y»t, ilia rrlatire, and to wbom the 
^reui captain hud left bis swurd. These 
letails could ufft fail rtvidljr to interest 
ill*; Prince, u li'jse voyage to Mackinac 
(tiftii uiid ihe U |' per M ississi p |ii , | 

i l«i its «''jj. ct to r.'ir ic .' the ;;loruius i 

fidcnt that it will be doubled before thei^,^, , ^^^^^ ^,^^,3^,, overexertion 

present volume expires.] '^^^^^ j-^^ i^ree years since, an l 

; from which it wasevidciil lo his frien ls 

'. BURT BROTHERS& {X).,| 'i..' i—"' • 

WHATEVER concerns the health 
aad kappiuess of the people i» 
alall times «Hhe most valunble impor- 
tance. 1 UlMli toffftantaa ^t eve. 
ty peraoa iviH «M«H-l»JM «aar to 
save the lives of,their children, and 
that every person willeadeavor to pro- 
moteiheir o^tu health atall satriGces 
I feel i t my diitr to solemnly assure yon 
ihnt WOIIMS, according to the Ojiiii- 
ioii of tl'.e inos'i celebrated Physii i i ii?. 

the primary causes of a 'urs^e mi 
joriiy of iliseases lo whicli ciiihlifii and 
ail nils are liable. If you iiave an a| - 
petite coiitiiiua'.l V cln iij;ea hie from one 

ireatec' w i ih the above Pills- wUfc-tbr ' LIVER COMPLAINT 
moil satisfactory anccesis. tJAUNDiCE, DYSPEPSIA. CHRONiC 

•1 l|SftTOUd DKBIUTT. 



P. Cbowlet. M. D. 
L. BowcN. M. D. 
Purchasr none but those haviog 
ibe signature •'J. N. UOBBNSACk.*' 
upon each bot, aa all oiktra ara vorlb- 
less i mi ta liana. 

Agents wishing new supplies, aii4 all 
other? wishing to become ageutj, mnst 
.Mre 5 i!ie Proprietor. J. If. HOBEN , 
SATK, at his Lihoratory, No. \iO, 
NiTtli Sf-coini Street Pli i lalel |.h ia. j 
Sol I !iy :i 11 Druiij^ists and Merchant? 
ill ilie I'liited States. 

Pamp!i!ets uiving terii fic» Ies of cares i 

50 Broadway, 

oailiol the Fr-iu h whohai: fir l opeiiedj j^^^ ^ow np. iiini: tlicir Spriiij 


«l «ii. 
T, v. 

I ,' •; 
IhII ^i.'i 
she ;i, 
. to I'lC 

Uii i — iio'hiiij;, bii« lb' 
M'h'tr a^i'Hi. Mr. 

• Tijjht of way.— 
Chatsroilh, bes 

10 • i \ i I 'Za I ion iht  e fine couiitriie. — 
The l*iiiue asked Mr. William*', since 
MK h « us ili%- iiait;e of his interlocutor, 
;o send ;i  hitn, iu ibe form of notes, 
aii the iitformaiion nhich he could 
prornirf, and which coi'l I throw light 
upou the bititory of French establish 
ineuis in Xurlh America. Ou bis sidr 

V.VD iiivi'c attention loan attractive a.s.«)rtm  nt of 
(Jo( il . of tli''ir o\\ II iii iniifMctu 

pbu^ir*! the i««ib of the Ujriii^s. aa l Mf. W|lliaai«, who did not appear less 
ioriri miJtiQut*'/ Mints, to Carry out | e«iious to understand thoroughly this 

saaie history, asked the Prince lo trans- 

ihe mait« r at oiicc. They iatead cafiy 
in;; : tic loa i\ ,0 I he r.ftc ific. and it is uu- 
.l.l l ''l tb« Mexican goverameut are 

j.r - pj !• I 'o gran i iIm- i ig 

11 • i I ;« r I i I t'r *• . 

mit to him alt the docnmetits which re  

lalel !o i'.. anl wliidi could be found 
In iiie ort!ii\es of ihe Freucii Govern- 

nutl all of itie 

l)i'-t iii;imit';iL-t;;r. i» tiii. i.-ii nnd doni fSlic — 

Mt-rclianl-' Hosir nMnf :i- -'m1 liuiir,' ilic Actual Chs!. 
t»ri«-n« ol Boot? i  ln.'S in llie Xcw York Uarket, 
uu I alsn (if i-\;i;niniii..,' a coiuplcle aiHIIIIIUlB, arc 
rcspecifullv inviied lo call. 

BURT BROTHRRS k. CO.. » Broadway. 
New York. Jan. 10, 18.- u. 

lure grave. Many of the n inedies o 
I the day and the advice of emineii- 
. fi Physicians bad all failed to aflord hinr 
1 relief, when he was induced to try the 
'cherry Pectoral, which soon cured him. 
The crowded state of our columns will 
not admit the full parflculara, hut we 
earnestly invite the attention of our 
leaiiers to ilie ;id vtrtisemen t in another 
pari of our paper. — C/irisZiaw Chroni- 

kind of fiioil to unoitr-r. Bad Breath, perfoiineil in diflereni sections of tW 
Pain in tl e Stomach, Picking at the country, by the above mebicinra. cau 
Nose, Hardness and Full nesa»of the I be had gratis of ibc agaala. 
Belly. Dry Ctrngh, Slow Fevar, Pulse I AGESTS. 
irregular — (emenbef that all tbeae de- 
note IKaraks, and yon abofli al oacej 
apply the remedy— • 

nobcMssck's Vtm Syrif. 

D. J. WOOD. Bsrdslown. Kr. 
J. M. Mills, Frankfort, and Dru; 
,p«Ui(eaeiaUy over tba Siata, 
i Frice—Emeh 99 OraM. 

An article founded upou Scientific s. tc'ifT- iSc M Allisler. Loni.ville. 
Principles, compounded with purel) , gp,,^,^! s,, A- its. un^ ■^^)\y 

Vegetable substances* being piirfectlyl ° ' 

safe when taken, and can be given to | WONDEllFUL PROOF! 
tlie most tender infan' with decided 


alag from a diao*. 
dered Liver a »d Sta  
marb. aucb as Conatipa- 

tion, in var I Pile», Fullness or 
B'ood lo the Hean, Aridity of i li« 
Stomal h,  'jusea, Hearl Im.-n, di«g|iat 
for Food, F'lliiiess. or we ight la 
Stomaib, Sour Kmctatioaa^ 
Sinking or FIntieri.-ig at 
Tii of the S'omacb, 
Swiaaiaf of Iba 
Uaad. Hw. 

cnh Breath inz. Fluttering at the Heart. 
Choking ('r* S u iTix.a 1 1 r. ^ $en a 'ions vbM 
iu a Lk iiisc pi'*' ; P. 1) or \Vebbaba« 
fore the si^ht. Fever and dull Fmiw Im 
the Head, Petiiienry or PesajpisallMs 
Yellowness of the skia aail eyea, fbia 
in the Side, Back. Chest. Limba. 

•j \ or '.he luj . - 

'\ 1 1 i 11 ir. 1 ;i I.: n K' 
Mil on Mxieau 

This in-.ive«'»«l. 

' ■ I I 'e of 

I be I igbt of way over 
If C tn^regs does noljinfnt, 

il.o r«(ific ter:ijiiiuS| ..q.i liis arrival al Gie.-n B.:y. the 
;o lii- Southward, p, in -e \v:,s delaine 1 dn.-iiii; half u day, 
 jil. The niriil is by 1 h'! il ilFicul '.y of procuring iIi-- tium- 
Meuio. i her of neccessary Irr the j iiirney 
if carried out, will , « h'»-'« he wasaboul to iinderttkc 
He road."^^'* pressed him earnestly 

Dr. D. Daugherty, Tm; Bkst Pu.ssihlf.»v r.-it 

si: IIUKON D i:NT1ST, Cos v\wn ^y'.-^yis-'ui's lii/^'im  ./ Wd.: 

OFFIcr: : Atlii- r.-si.l.iir.- .ii t)ie Soaih M le of Cherry is just the remedy tliat a pure 
,h'! I'iiM;'- I'll!.. '5 ,.! ■. ..v:, K V 'minded, i. !i p rej ii I iced man, vhorouu.hl\ 

acquainted wiih every system of prac- 
tice, and well acquaintad with the 
T. & E. SLEVIN, ' n-hole Materia Medicai audexperienctd 

Main Street, Second Door bclvw Third, \ 3' general practice, would recommend 
J F. are leepn juij a beautiful sln-kof 


le tin- III f'om i^oinut Sirup 
Iria Versicolu. 


ihe I'acil 

to ac- 

•!; .t T vrtt ^vilI Stick to 
that 1 he information o! 
i «it ii  based apcn reli- 


 »ti-r co::;' 
 tblc auibori : ^-. 

V,. \ ■ V. T.l -1 

The Bourbsn Question 

ompauy him to a settlemtfut.of Iroquois 
Indians, established near Green Bay, 
jainoug whom, he aaid were atill many 
I who remembered their Eastern Fathers. 

and who would receive with delight 
j the son of the Great Chief of France. — 

1 The rriiuf. declined thia oQer, and pur- 

Spring and Smniner Di r (iond*. ni ikin 
our acaortment very fulland well seiecleci.eoii- 
sitfing in part of— 

7.  ca^es 3-1,1-4, G-4 and 1 1 hl -ir.i ('of tons; 
'2'*  l(i Hienclied Dril'iti!; ; 
li) (!■) t'lit loimtle.^, C It ion C I'-f in er«, ami 
D. iiiiii* ; 

iJo Fanry, Piir))!p and itlnrk Print*; 


■: r 


;;bly intCK'Siit the public a^ 
V. ill be iiiaiciiv directed to a 

■•.■^ ;. , , .!.  1 tcr^ have been 

e;-; ui'v.icn Mr. \\ i li ia nis and 

; he p.. i MniB a t ' udiCvl to the I'liine. on 
•.:ie tiiL'j' ctot the docuineut.s in question 
Tims the lettfT of M. Toiicli.i rd, cited 
iu the article of the Monlh'.y .l/c- .iwic, 
must be authentic. Mr. Williams 
couM aUo equally have produced one 
uhicb I remember to hava written to 
bim upon the same subject. 

'■But there ends all which the article 
II . H 1 iison. ii"" of truth, coocernin;: t!iorela-| 
,tioin.of the Prince with Mr. Williams.! 
All tlie II.  l. uU Ml.ich tr-ais of i he i 
re v» bitii'ii nliicli the Prince made to' 
.Ml . Wi l|!;Mr..- cjf the m vs ! e r v o ! Ii i i- !i : r t li , , 


tuslaluiiir iht 
H-.,7:u„i.v: — Put 
r:', i- puUlifehcd 

j'-^'per-, t-ach o! 





as the best possible remedy, for the cure 
of Coti;:hs, Colds, Asthma; Bronchitis 

and C  nsiiiii ptioii. 

Thi.« rem' ily contains the extrsordi • 

nnry ine Ii jiiiii I virtues of the VV'lil 
('Ii' rryaii.l ilie Fir w hi  Ii (i re cnniblned 
and eiiibodif.l in llu ir ulnioil power in 
this article 

Bv a nice chemical process, every- 

do Eiigli*h. Freach anil domestic G inp I J,,; - iieleterious or useless is rejected, 

liams; . i ... . . 

do Fancy and Black r,iwn«: 1 »hat wha' remains is the most extra 

do R'k and':ordCimbric:tandSjl.ciis; ordinary and truly efflcacious re.nedy 
lio Shiitiii;: r.ii i Aii:nii c i« ek^ and , for all kinds of puliHonary and liver 


i'leii.-'i I.liii'il- r'li.l lI'Ji- 

ail which concerns llie prelciuied pcr.son- ! 

« »dey. 

tlioiii hi 

eeccad article iiy ihf l  v.^J ^ 
in support of th? .-laii;i which iic pre- 
lerred in the TcLruary uumber ou be 
half of tb- iJ.ev. Ilf^-R-r W. lijii.?. 
that he was (he Meti ileal i jii (viiiii, son 
•f lAiuis XVI. J.i l: rio r' nerilly fup- 
p.ise.l to lin e i: : .:' ni". d uriiig 
the atroci : i 'f ' ■   - Terror. 

The presob'* «: ilLle ic ia farm a r«- 
\ i  \v of the r.iwk Jtiel published iu 

Puis— entttlenl, '.LtKiis XV'll: hi* Life. I Uelief in it, they should procure from 

h\  ^.!l!^e:ia;:€,^is ^}e«tb — the Captivity I Pari.': a ix ol; which has been very recent- 
.i rt«iily ia the Teirple; j y puhlisiied hv M. Beauciiesne. They 
ivi'.ed v.iiU Au;of;r.. |ilis, will there finl cuiicerning the life and 

J"«i I'li .Till! brow II (':i lit 'in Tin ii iieii ; 
\ bal. s .S.4, 4-4 ami H-i Brown Collou; 
()■) do As'orte.l Ticking; 
'^'  (ii) I l«'n vy ( Kimibur:;* ; 
.'vl (ii  llra-.\ !i and IJi'.ic Drilling; 
Id (^o S'lii I ini: S' l ilies ; 
(i'.l picci's uii i I'n.i - y C ' ''i'; 

I.V) (io lt::ii-k :iiid Faney t 'a«-iiiier  ; 
5!)U do S'linel^, 'l)iveed  and Jeans; 
i •».» do Draii d"Ele &. other Su iiiii er cIoIIh ■ 

do Fit^'tl ami |i|:iiii AI ni- d'f.-'ine : 
I I'l do ll.ric'i and l''an -y I.'i-ti r; 
l.'.!  do Si!k, nnd Cittoii VcMiiis: 

f t do Wor".!*'.! ;i!i.! S;i'k -^.'i : 
."ol  !o Faiiey ami \Vo;s!cl Huege; 
]iyj do Hlark and fancy 
Gi)9 do J icoiiet, Ctiiibrlc and Swiss Muslin ; 

,. - • • r 1 . I— .M  '(piilo Bir»; 

ape oJ Louis X\ II, IS, from o;ie end to j Homiel. Cap, and .Mantua Ribbons- 

the other, a work of the imagination; a i.")!Ui do/. C)tloii Mn-o and  ;in,fs; 
fable woven wholesiie; a speculation j Linen Dril'.i'i-.:.   ml let-:. Nankeen', C'l-in 
ipOU the public credulity. If» by i i':«v , Silk, nn.i Coiton \'. l .i-1 ! :;iiil C u.K. n li 

chance, any of the readers of the JJouth- 1 
■y Slagaz nr. should he disposed to avpw 

til th 

I lie ^ 
IV'r ; r 
«. hesii 

M. A. IJ an- 

IV.h J V ol w 1; i( h 


]'-.'■■ b-Oi: ;. ... i.v If 

j-:!d 'A : : . : ; V : ■ , ■ 

«.! • iirilii r K\ :\ i I. t!i-j 1 : ;1 

I bins d.'.;i!i. .'I:, i!  ; • , ii .i.M 
I ;s fiuccesii vc  . L : f 'li't:. = . v. i 
c iiu«*al ability, «-nd read; 'S I 
louilosicn t!..»'. tUe 't  u(. rather 

.1 u- 

'.ej'.I: uf ilu- unfortunate Dauphin, llic 
in»'»i c i rc II :ns ti! 11 1 io I and positive de- 
!tJi'?. It remains !or ins to r?peal to 
voj, Sir, ;1kiI yon can make o! this Ici 
er M:cli use as you my ju lt;e proper, 
lii.i to offer to you at ih'» same time. 

iiiaaat ibaa dt«aipate  tLe doubts tliat i 
ba ve hiiherto eristed r|»oa ihis point,! «b»t, in €] ' 'c of iJ:e ci iifi.lence with   

times the a; aurauci of nir diistiuguished cuu- 
docideil j aideratioR. 

iiistiiut' t;Si:;ncd) " AUG. TROG NOX, 
ecu -i^.fiiier Preceptor and Sicretary for 
the co:nmands of the Prince da Join - 



M liich it lias 
i!u- iJji' 

W eakei! '. h- I 

ttict 1 • 

j.if. : 

1 ■.• ! ; 

tile ill i ; '. 
I o il C ' i :! ' ' . 

It V. i:! l... ( 
II I ; i.. ie u |)iM( 



; il'- 

"lid v.liil'! I'lrinn i, (':iii\;is=, P.Tiii'inj l*i low 
Ca^e f.iiien , i'l'ii eiice S Ik. v.liile an l l.l.ick 
\et«, C«ape«, liinen .m-l C ittDn T.ililc nne. 
Towel l inpcr«, Table C olli;. Wnddiiis ; 
•n^trr li'iiltt, liaces; Bindings; I'lnbrella.*; 
i*:i nt')ls; Sill-.. I 'dH.-J!! and l.iiieii C.'nvnt« and 
\\- :\ 1- M ••!" ; Iv ill ' •' love: ;Si|t](ciiiier' : ( ' 'Ui'is ; 
liiill'i! ; Till I'-, li : .Ni'i'r.i^, \- ; tn wni-ii we 
iii itf 1 11' riMcatioii oiOiir niti eii«liiiiier5 and 
•jiv a.i i e-ituitiy wierebanls generally, as we 
 viii f'l ilK-a,(. 

The liiuhisi niice pa'd for feathers gin 
Sing, niid lieesvvjix. 
Ill 1 0$3— Uu. C m. T. E. SLEV iJH. 


diseases ever known toman. 


Thousands of Parents who use Verm- 
ifn;^e composed of Casjter oil. Calomel, 
fici;., are not aware, that wliile they ap- 
pear to b» lie lit the patient, they are 
iclually liyini; the foundations for a 
series o.' lis ' ise.-;, sncli as salivaiion.loss 
o' s:j^hi, weuUne?;s of limbs, i5cc, 
■ 111 another column will he fonn I the 
jailverliseineni of Huheiis K K's Medicine.  
' lo which we ask the aiieniion of all 
jdirectly interested iu their own aa well 
• as their Children's health. In Liver 
'complaints and all disorders arising 
I from those of a bilious type, should 
niiike use of the only genuine medicine 
llol- ' u-.icl.'s I.i ver Pills: 

^Ti^- Uc nut (/ .(•{. ii-f,''/," bu t ask fo 
llohensacli's Worm tSynip and Livei 
Pills, and (i') i i-ve. ihiit e u h In? the s^i^- 
nai ure of the propric lor, J. N. lIouicN 
SACK, as none else are genuine. 

h' li' luiiil elTect, where Bowel 
pl.iiiitsanl Diarrhaji have iiih 
weak:ind d.-lii I i ta tt d . ! he Tonic i).'" per- 
tiesiif iny W'orm Syrup an- such, that 
il ?laiuis witlioiil an eijnnl in lii'" ■ ii i 
lof^ne of m-dit ine, in  ;ivini', ton 
slrent;th to tlie Stomach, which maUes 
ilaii In'^rtllihie remedy for liio^e atllict 
ed with Dyspepsia, tlie astonishing 
cures performed by this S rup after 
I'bysicims have failed is the best evi- 
dence of its superior eficacy over all 


Th'» IS Ihe most difficult Worm to 
'testify of ail that iufrs*. the human 

.system, il ^rows loan almost indefi- 
nite !eii«;tir, becoming SO coiled and fts- 

tened ill ilie i n l- .s ti nes an l stomach, 
efi'ectin'j; ili-:- lual'.h so sad I y as to ca use 
Si. Viuii Diiice. Fits, &c., that those 
atllicted sebioin if ever su-p» '.t tint it 
13 Tupe IKurm hastening them lo an 
early grave. In order to destroy liiis 

Dr. BlaakwalPa 

Saddca Fiaabesaf kaai. Barahisia ika 
Plaak. CaMtaat laaghiiayi •! IHI aa4 

 / amnafurWm aadjOraal Depressloa mt Spiff I, caa ka af- 

feclaally cared by 

DB. HOOflaAMirS 


■ N thi.« of iiinidnixserr, it heMovM aT^ry ' 
f .iTV t   'i'l ud wi'ii a «ti',ii -i'»n« eye in Hit- 
, ; i-i I- '  . ■) ; i II i i idil lis : nd 1-1 1'l'IH A II I H .. fii 
lii'-n the d.izxiin? «plendor •)t' ontwaril »liii,\ 
iit^iiinale'i itself into the lavor of iNa»f, and 
il ?y bfcome willing dupe* to iintioly end*. — 
Tbut it i« we see .^le. 'iiieri nt. Cairvoyanre. 
and ft| irrtiial Rnpiiint:*. ab«ort)ioi loo much of 
the ait«ntion of rmtional .iml int«*ni.iepts b "- 
ins*, ercn to the dclhronin-; of tli^-ir  i prrm*- 
intelli^eiire. Ai.L frelin-.; .iit interest fii Ibeir 
own. anil Ibe welfara of tiM riMamiiaity. and 
in tb ? fnrtb« raxten i Mt oftiiat w^icli i « «fnl 
we would ra c aiaiea d to tkeie « w ea « ciwu iilet' 

Dr. Blacktrelrs Coinponii't Sirvp  \J 
Saryaparilla and Irit Versicula, 

nod request the ^rinv in ft i'^ri I ion, l.y wnv o( 
f i-inl, t'nt !ia  l een extemled to •   l»«*r 0' j»-rt« | 
ol t =5 il ! .'irtan'-e. lit? a«»erli it» «iiperiority i 
to :inv -5ini  r « mnpoiind trver yet iDtroduced ' 
nml defies the pilldir lo prodiH:* its efjiial fo; i 
t!ie enre of the fol!o-.Tin» Di««»»i»«: ?*'-rt !ii:a. 
M- Kin^' K'.il. Mv^ptT-i:! . Jm i ' .f', Fnii-ii.- 
1 li^.-risi-;, Kl iijil i'Mi  i r t i.« ^Ivlii, SvKllfc 
I (ilands, and nil di .*.n fs aii^uig Iroiu an iunpiirr 
state of Ibe b!ood 

Worm, a very energetic trea i nieni i ^ _^ ^ ^ ^ would theref ire hr R S" 3 O 3 5 3 ^ ^* 
proper to t^ske 6 or 8 of iny Liver PilU. , i„ teMMHony of Ibe e.:iin. nt of lb|. 

rKEr.iREo ar 
Dr. C. M. JackaoB 


lS«»A*ak — ITilTaislffclB. 

Tbeir power over iba above disraaaa ia 

not excelled— if equalled— by any alber 
preparation in 'be Uailed Slalaa, as 

ibe cores attest, in man* ca ea aftei 
akilfal pbysii i tns have faile.l. 

These Bitters are worthy the atten- 
tion of invali U. Possessing great vir- 
tues in the r^-i ti fii ation of Jineases of 
the Livrr an l ie;.;er glandji, exercising 
Ihe most sejrt hing powers in weaboeaa 
and affrrtions ol the digestive argaaa, 
•bey are, witbal. aala, ctiUis. aaA 

■aoi «M bo Cooviaced. 

Frmm tke''Bo»toM Bee." 
The E li lor said, D- r. 22J. 
Dr. lloofl«iiid's Celebrated Oevaaaa 

Bitters for 'he cure of Liver Complaiai, 
Jaundice, Dysprp«ia, Cbroaic or 2(et« 

so as to remove all obstructions, that ic»inpoiiii*i we suiijoin a rertiiie»te rr. iii .-« re vous Debility, ia devervedlv one of ib« 
the worm Syrup may actdirect upon ! i^lde eiUxeu with the o,.ini in of .in excellent p^p^i,, _ 

These Bitters have been uiied by tiiou- 
sani^s, and a fi'tend at our elbow »avi 

the Worm, which must be taken * 

in doses of two tabb- spoou-fnlls three 
limes a day. These il i renions followed 
li iv iievt'r hi'eii known to fiiil in euriim 
i!:e iii' obsliiiale cj^es ol T.VPE 

READ TIIF. Fl)IJ.O\Vl\t;i 
And you cannot be intiiflerent to this 
I'ppeil. llniiianiiy caIl.-  upon you lo 
lo your duty. It is only one out of the 
.nany thousands who has seen its won- 

lerfn! eir-: 

D::. J. X. lI'iiKN's icK — .^^i r— G ra t i - 
tiiile to von. llie inventor of a higlilv 

J.,:..- .1, I.«».V . 

I w i -:i I bi-'iri'; 

I.H" IS V T I.I.K 

Dr. B'i.-k"-;' -F).ar S r: 
Uiis me, limn to inrotmyo i n tiic ;•!«. -.-n ' l 
■ 111 r «.T priri llr upon inv !il!lt- ■n^ic'it»*i' — 
.S le i^ now ei^bt ye:»rsofase. From iter in 
lancy the bas beea trwthie* with » breaking »mi 
over h-i, re^emhJin? Scrwfiila. Af time 
■icr n;i:i::vi ; ii-.'^ w i-i c i-O'. rrfd o\ ef with litr'i' 
T 11 :i ,1 '. 1 '   r iv\ 1 1 .!» til. ,• ose «f la«t win. 

ti l- ;:i ■ u liii ii \',oi=f liiaii 'be b-id lie 'ii 
il'iie tilit I lv.-;i iiif :)1 1 1 iiiril. nil'l "n* :il  Hit 
.irikiii:; aji|di -atioii to a PhVji'-i.m u lien I ar 
•iilentaliy heard of your SwsaiKirilla as beie: 
\ nmr.»r ri RiriKR or vaie Bi-oon. I immedialf 
y proi-urril a ImilU an.! eoiiiineiircd it = ii«p — 
lie I'ore tlie lii^t wa» M«ed up I i-o'i..l 'ft r. m iil^- 
.-.! i-inii;:- for Ilu- BKTTKB. ( ' 'n 1 1 n i.'fil il^ no- 
ii:i!i:I:ii- t iiii i| no! tii- \v:i? la ken , 'v ;;eii a n is 

Apprentice Wanted 

A boy fllioiit 1 1 
at ibis ("lili' r. to I 

vrar.'' of ;isrc wanted 
;irii th'' nrt of rrini 

i ing. flio- vv'i I criii coint; well rcciiii- 
jmciide l will fill;! a irno 1 home and 
(obtain a thorou.sli knowl.'dge of Print' 
-il'plv ittiine Jiiilely. 

|vjlu ihle in-'difine, prompts this iutm- 

I  'f te«liiii'i.iy in o;-. a-- !iriiir n -i-i ff, nt-n 
! Ile.yet powei liiliy etTecl iial reined', .f'lr Worm*, 
i laving bad much esperien.:e in; Hie 
I .'fiVct* i f variotn pre, aralion , my wife 
■v i^xvell «killeil in inini»lerin;«lo r'.iK.!; en m: 
liitrf*";. pro:»r»i;iiee.| it Ihe l« '»t ';i • iin,l ever 
e !, rin I •■ on:,! i!-e no oli:er u'lile vo:iiM:ou!t! 

rOJK   i RK VV.I5 elleeted. I niii nov i»;i; ; v to Lilerai v j 

:.ijf sheenjo,; belter beallb Ibaa she r»er did ^ 

lefjrr. In j i-tice I* yon 1 n»n.*t say I enn i !er 
'Oiir S r«a(iarill:« one of the ties! ineili.-ine- 
w lio ' oo'.v III n.-'e for ptitifviirx Ibe b'ood. an. I rnriiiL' 
iM di»er »ei I i s : M h'vn i I « i m i ! v . N\ith 

he ba* bim.sell received an all-i tii-l 
ind peririinent rare of Liver Coniplaia: 
from the use i f this reined*. We a:e 
couvincekl th-itt, in the use of tliese Bit- 
ters, the pati-iit constantly regains vig- 
or -a lad woriliy of great coasidaia- 
iori. They are pleasant to tba lasia 
ill I smell, and can be used by paraaaa 
with the moiX delicate stoaaacba ariik 
^lafply, nadrr any rircumalaiMrra. Wo 
tre S| eakittg fram rxprrience, aad ta 
-he afflicted we advise ibeir u%r. 

'-Sc  rr':i VVekki.v." one of ihe hesi 
lib; i»!i. il , saitl. Aw*. 

w ell v\ i»iii. 


A. 1)1)1 (illl.U I V. 

. - T III 
i itii: !'  in 
£ t' 

B L A C Iv W 0 0 IJ • ,S M \ G A Z ! N I : . 

laytrUnt RcilaclioH io Ibc fialrs of I osliigr 


fc^y-We find ia an i.xcl:!ui-e tho, fol-* 51 coi.D STi.'EF.r. kkv.- voi:k, 

:auius Sketch ol the becidary of the ! (J'J^,'.^^.^7V'' ' ' '^ 

t-mbu.l ied 

U.I ' . .. 1 

I ctJiteiKi'iil 
b"..ii?t«l», tU-l 


irt o; 
y ri.iily 

1 ; 'i-- .';rf t 
by Mr. 


ISI!. while at K?«ch:^:ac. Capt. Jubu 
Khoiu-: ysi.l t«» i.iu! iLit Piincf de /uin - 
siib , «b« w»« lb*f: tkrre, ba-l fa^tred 

.I't. r iii ti ii'i ■ '. .-.'x.:-! to fceo hiia: thai 

: C: 1 I t lie S -, ii: !)0.l -. . 

  !. P; : II i ' I- il _'•! t c n.l 

•. '. . ■ ,: ; o .. . 'M . iMi.. 

i t ) he 

• . t',a l tlie  

1; . ; .1 I : ', I : . ■ \ I r-i I hour-' '. o- 

pi'i;l-.i in A .: 'l i 
i ha I on reach- { 
d  feired i:iiii ' 
hi in  «t tUi 

;, ther Ui 

  JiMlil I I'd t.C 1: i. 

in- «-"n f -y t« p 
l i laU'- " Ills () •• 1 
jaine h ^; I, t » u li'. j 
iu the  ".ci:i.*;;* il-e I'rince, 
F('cre  y. to! i Itlin .Uul he was the eaii 
«•' Loui lTi. ih« ierilable Uauphin 
who^ SMpf .nsed to have died in the! was a 
1 '.njle — pi ced ; • !;iir. a document [ to r'ji 

Preaf ury under Gen. Pierce. 

^ ■ - ti; rH:Mi: (Secretary of tin 
I'l »i5i;r \ ) was outn in Uardsiown, Ky., 
IU ITL'iJ, uiul is iheieforc sixty years ol 
a^e. liavin;; availed himself of the 

I I mi ted means of education alTorded by 
that then aew country, be entered up- 
on the study of the IdW under the in- 
 tructicn of the laic distinguished 
iudge Julin Rowan in Iiis ujtive lowii. 
In lb22 he removed lo Louisville, w iier; 
iie bad a m ire eMeu'led lli.-atre for sue- 
■jrss ii: iiii piolessioii. Fioni lliatlime' 
his i^roletsioiial reputation aivdiiccil' 
ui.ii u £-u-a',ly aiiJ suie j ro^rcss, au.l ici | 
iit.rt; lhan ivventj yeais he lias stood: 

III die front rank at lii.'. har in liisState. j 
11'.' was the itiorney for the common- j 
wralih tor u number uf years, was four 
limes elected lu the Uouse of Represen- 

1 lalivesof that State, and was for twelve 
v.iiii tiiin *t lUcjycafs a member of the Slate Senate, ol 
u-spiiled; that ] which he was president. Mr. Guthrie 
tijoiuiu^ has frcqueatly been tendered tlie Demo- 
cratic noiniiiJlion for (xovcrnor. but he 
has i,i\ lUiLiblj i!ec:ii;ed. In ISlt) he 
ni"iaL)i r ol the coiivemiun called 
li,e cu 

Farm for Sale. 

'I^Itr. I'':inii 1 no.v live on. G miles fiirii 
I 15 1 idMowii, o:» the S lei'liei'diville i'oul, i 

I'oi Sail! l iiiii e.iiil;ii:i; 

150 Acres; 

iliii't one 'riir . iirli-e.i Mild ;,!?■  )! repnir. 

, D.'.-'llill^ li'iil'e tillii bite n il. larS'' I  '.;) • 
i)fi» IJirn. IJ !i 'lt = initli S  "p. and all «i!!i'-i 
mildim:' siif!icie»it lo m.-ike a man n conifoi la 
.lie baiiie. App'e nml Peach Orchard of ciio e 
iViiit; v.-ater (  ■■ wlii'-li liic never I) 
IHi. KDl.N'ltntiiH HKVIEW. [W!.!!,' ] to fi.' : a-o, m^l mt. w.-ll waler n-in 

TlIK .N'OUTininrri.^H UttVIKW. |Krue Cl.'li 1 H,.. imiM'; nb nit ',.■  t.ereOieii- V tiint.ere i I 'm.i. 
Tut WEST\VINSTBItllEVlE\V,lI.ibcral,J j A.,y |..'r o:i wi'iiin- to Im v a H.VnMvonM iln w.-li 

lo C il; iiiiil u.x.imiiie lor ti\em=idvf* licl'ore liic\ 
l»iire!ri,co eUewliere. as I n:n delerinined lo^ivi 
a ^ood bnr;;ain. Po»«e.*«ion wouhl be j^iven in 
XTy d:iys nflcr .1 purchase is made, ii re piirc ' 

Tin: L0N'D;)V 

.\lli;;iLL^ l:t':N lK\V tCon 

... l'^'"" 'l . 

I Iii.' e Repn n I s Iin ve now been in «iie."i'5? fii 
'tperalioa in this country I'or twcntv vcahs 
Mid their circulation if constantly on Itie in- 
•rea'se iiohvil/is|nndiM^ Ihe coinpetilion they 
••nroiinter from American periodicals of a 
-iiiiiiru i-'n;? andlVoiti ii iiiiierous Kci.Ki'Ti' s an ' 
M.i^ i/iiie^ iin 'i' ICI III selections from tn.-eimi 
irrii).;ii-:iif. 'I'liis fn-t s||.j-.v.e eleii r'.y tbelii;;ii 
i;"-! inn I ion in wliji-li (lie;- ii ii- be! i ! .• tin." in- 
teUii.;enl rf^|iii;.( piibli :. ami alFoiils a guaran- 
tee that lh#r are established on a firm basis, 
and w ill be cnntiniied without inlerrnplion. 

1he i' norltsnre tli = t i n ?ni ^Iied b- 
IM.' .'iiii i.'s rilri.c indieaf«'d, yef I nt :i«iiial! 
lO: t; iii ( ( till' if roil 1 en 1 s i« devoted to po il ieai ; 
-icji' -1 = . It is Ih.-ii- i.i rcn.vnv rtrii:,.-ler whii-i | 
'^ivi's liieni ibeir riiief value, and iu tbnl liiey ! 
staml eonfesseilly far above all other journals ! 
of I heir class. Bi..vrKWooi , still under the 
nnslerlv cnitiaiire of Ciirif f opiier Nortli. main 
tains its ancient celebri ty, nml is, at t lii= I inie. 
iinii'iially at tinciive, fiorii the =('ii:il uoik^oi 
lhihv?r nml other iiterar\ iiotiible;. v ritteu foi 
that maznzine, and first ajijicaring in il« col 
limns tmth in Great Britain and in the Ibiiteii 
Stales Such works its TneC»xton's" and 

ftbI7 tf 


Hewitt's Daguerrean Gallery. 


\!;\T T l NOin ill !;N OA VK', COIiM I! or KIKTII .»NI 

MAi.N. \Mi 11 1- 1 ; 1 1 ;.  .;isvii.i.i. joi u.\.\i. oFFict. 
LWI'i r r s old friend? in llardstown am' 
vicinity will please call and see him when 
in Louiiville, "Ibe laleh string is never pnllec 


J annarv- ?0. 

T. F.BllOWN. 5 

House and Lot for Sale. 

I WISH to sell iny house and lot situate nt 
the K:ist end of Broadway, Bardslnwn, Ky. 
Si'.id property will be sold on reasonable term'. 
Apply imiiiediale! V lo 
niiVch ;!-'tt .1 A^ir.  n S'.AC Iv'. 

.V  laii:;bter ol our* tiee:Mne serionily dis 
in ed. Her syniptoms were alarming, but ber 
notber ntoiice soii^'it f.»r a remedy for Worm* 

I i .in^ olilaiiied yours, by Ihe lime  be had 
: ;'.en half a b.iltle. t): ."^ir. Ib^ joy it save an 

:|- -.-t i 'in t e Hint lii-r, '(-o' t iie iin n '» fin.-ii f in 
le;- i-;ii ..: . ~''l'' lie ill 4 ;i : i:' t ti f or « ; \ ve.n l ^ ;i.,l . 
' le p-ij^eii an ini'ii'-ii'^'-  i'iaiili!y of Wo. in-: 
ler sickly coiiiiteiiance now brijblened her 

iiirits n-wv retii ned, an l in a sliorl lime n 
ovel V rliilil. tUreaten'.'il .v ith dee ine de'ilh 
in,v '.-ive promise of li -nllli. 'I'lianks !»a kind 

!'ri|. i,!-.'nee,'Vll   e li •,• -i ii ; 1 1 t en ,1! n ^ \ "111 S iii|  
. .•stored ll'e eliil, I . \V i : ii •■ m ."■ ■ l.*ir". I re-iMi- 
iii'iul it fo all parents wiio'e riiiidien tire sni- 
feria? with Worms. J V.S B BOWKN. Win- 
ter ol llie (;i-p»*b Lite Pastor of Ihe it b- 
I nipt III n 1 j)'. 1' t C ' 11 ■ I- 1 . 

r--~f- (■ Vt'T!" )N: — K'-io-i'i'i-'r, fi-:i. P. 
.nri'. nil-.! . : i -r^. tint i I O UK \   A C K S 
•Vtlil.M Sl Ui i' i.s llie only \|eii.:ine in ii" 
llrit will • le Worms, with certainly, and 
vill not disa.;! . e w i'Ai the mo l delicate J*loin- 
i -b. IJi! carel»l*y'»n Ret the (;eBwitte urtieie, 
■ ndsee that ibe siKitntnre, **J. N. IIOUFN 
•SACK,'* is on every bottle. 

fil^^'lero is the opinion of a 


•*Dr. II. ...fl. n ;'s tiermai.* 
nfiictiired hi Dr. Jack»on. are uow re- 
1 luii me i: 'ed by »«'tnr «tf the aio»t proai* 
iiient lueiither-- of the farully «s an »r- 
licle of much cfltrary ia casrt uf f*. 
mtiie neakurss. A* such is :be rase. 

the eify, wboiBslatemeulcawaol be railed would advise all mothers lo oblaiH 

(iiesliou: ■  botlle.and tbus save lhrm ielves mucb 

Dr. I. P. Bla«kwel!^ir: In retdy to yofiv ! sickness. Persons uf debiliUled con- 

will slate, thill hnvee-tauiined yoHrireripi 'stitulions nil! fin ■ t! 
I v'liir C   o. o S..'iip of Sirsa.tarilla »ii l I 
ider it an exeelleal ai. 

Ir- V 
! i- .a \ r 


W if 

l . 

Irolu e . 

have apvii 

se hitters a ivan- 
' I, as We know 
' ilary eflccl ibay 

■ 1 I e 1 1 ; »' 

n , 'i».-.v \ I  ; 

•ii:.-: Also by 
jyl.» ly 

I -Ml ' !■ 


!, \ c\ w i:ij.. I...1. 
Dii. I). II. t OX. 

Biri'^ln-t n. 


II r.irrrl|«» 

itecl Arabian Liniment. 

.^Inri' I'; idflire. 

The Hon ('. li ilia' iiiie. .Mayor ol 
the city of f^]'amden. J., say^: 

' IIoori..».\D*!» GERM.t.^ BiTTtaa:'— 
Iia%» Seen niiiny flaitetiag aotlcea 

Hobensack's Liver Pills. 

No part of liie system is mure liable 
to disease than tlu! Liver, il serving as 
a filterer to purify the hlood, or ^ixiii!! 
the proper secretion to the hile, so liiat 

, (, I- X ' r -' rt: i i;a ly (fiscnrery in 

the Wurld is Hie (ir'.'it ArobLdu 
Kcmtilij fur M'ln nnd Uea^t. 

hi-ar of the most asto;ii«!)in- 

  ill- •;. .V tt» it ^reat •• 

■ iio;,ii!-ir 'ill-  :.-. .-. V . ,.-:m 1- II. i;. Fa:; 

i UKi.L S AU VIM A.N 1,1 M \li;.N r.ami u 
jlitilv »av. tiiiiii on.- o vn lino.v!ed'.-e, Ib it n- 
ever disfovcr d has ^ ek'tiiriii -i| t )  

of this niedii-iae. aad (be source froM 
which it came induced aa lo make im- 

ptiry respvrliag its aaerila. From in- 
tjiiiry we were induced lo nse if, and 
-j.iy we foHii'l it spf.ific in i;s anion 
ipon (li^jea-es „| il:,. Ji y^r and diges: ive 
I'owerliil iiiiluence il 
\ I   ■ ~ ■ M - ■ I I • • ' . 1 1 is 

iiiedir itie 
iiiii- \\ I'll 

I.' .M- 11 I 

• nd 

, ,- , i Mv Ne,v No el," (both bv Buhver), -.Mx 

iiutiun ol Keutuckv,! Pen'insi.lnr .Med.l." "The Gi-een Hand." and 
«• I ilUl was chosen presiJejil of ihal body.! other serinU of uliirli nmnerois rival edition^ 
lliiOlie oI.l:|, on ..l.e death of Clay he was teii-!'"*' i^^tied hy the kadin-,' ptilili.birs in Ihi' 'pp •, I , If red the appointineui of United Sialegi '""^ ^" "'l"'"''''' lho=.e pni.!i«h 
«s,Se..aio. ..0 nil llic T«c.„cr th«.by | S^'.,'''?;" " " - ' 



ti.r a . ■ ' - . 
|- 1 a ni l .  -.'. '■ 1 1- i . !i 
l |iUH u hivt  : M rfriN 
l)eiwce«  bin: a.i I the P.iucs, tbaugb 
thev pa! tell iis !ri( ; 

T lie di.ect aifseitiun upon so tnate- 
riil a pwtat iu the whole rnse, was 
i ..:h''I.: it4 lite atleution of Piioce de 

. sub. i h used, but he declined the* appoint' 
 }' ''- insnt. Mr. Ciutbrie's personal appear 

i L 


-  ei \ - 

!•• by the I. .CI Ion ag« ut of the 
'-•v ! 'il, ;i: r. ih« I'riace 

,i  . J . lo .\ : II 1 1 1« r : 
!.'.: ij Niiircj, F. b. l^i'i'l; 
— • The P.i«Ct: dc Joint i'tc hat- 
d til- ii ii!ibcr uf the itoMtklu 
.i/'^.r.wt I Ne.. Vork. which you 
j. • e l.iii'iv i!:.uijibi fi'. l.» trans- 
., ■ '..:.' •!!. -ill ! !i 1- I i t t!i.^ oi'icl*. to 
\, M ' ' • , ve callej his at'eiition. 
i , . .. . a : Was, to irea l n i ih ; 

•. li.h it deseivtif, l!:e ab 
.. ii on which this er  ic! i i- 
, . .:, i .. — ...s: on reflect! 112 ti; j . .. lit - le 
1 r II : i: i '■ ro mixed ^^ i ; li   , . Ii ! 
hull I. -.!;«- Piince has deemed it rij^Iii 
HiJ* 1 Nii'w il i ill his name, give a lew 
ill! 'e iii repiy, to shtiv the axact por- 
ii  II of truth (here is iu ibis mass uf 


J iie n-i- hit 1* you 
•'I I 1 - very true 
wbieii lo 

t iw 1 - ■ 

. ..€.u to i^igu    i.„ce corresponds with hischaralier- 
aliercauou ensued | of aud commanding statu re, be 

ing about six feet and t wo i nche's in 
Ibififtht, strong and stalwarl i;i [lerson, 
with u fpce indicating creat iirmnes^, 
eaerjT, :.iid siren-th oi mind. He is 
jlranlv iuid iinc-ro ia h i ' a !,! n S;, a nd 
b'jl.i iuid lifiii ill the mainieuaiice ol liis 
view;. He i^ a iiinii of larg.; foriune, 
acquired by his ow u industry and pru- 

of Blackwood after it lia' 
by .Messrs. S^'oti &. Co.. so that 
S'lb eriliers to the i'eprint of that Magazine 
may al v iys rely on h i: ing Ihe earliest r« adui^ 
of these fascinating tales. 

TEBX8 : 

I''i r any one ri f (befour ttc \ ie w  
Kor any two do. 
For any three do 

For all four of Ihe Reviews 

I'or ni:i( k\". '10 I's .Magazine 
I'm- nim-'i,'.' () 1,: nnd tliree lie'. ieu « 
For |{l:ic!:\\ iio.l ,' 11(1 t lie four Ivi'mc 
I'.i . iiu nts ; J lie m llie in ail 

gMgg^ I ■— — aMa 

$100 REWARD! 

RAXAWAV froui the sabaeribcr. livin 
HardAown. on Toe«lay. ilic I5il  iust . ; 
mu. iiii.ii.'d SAMI'.'^ON' ai-id Jo v.-jtv i 

• m-ar 
■y coin* 

 :■■■ .'" f -« t I. u ill lii'-ii; Iris :■ Miiali  ciii mi 

-lit eii -ek. Kfiire luaib' and wei:;b.'  alioiit lilO 
|-- lie hadoii wIk-ii be left a bniwii.jeaasroat 
i Tiiik pri'its eoanw boots and a black wool .' 

ill th- ;•! •. v.- i-..'.\,iril if t;;hcu out of «be 

••7-".e i; i ikiMi in tills ^«IIlt■ ni, t nf Nelsor: and 
liot.iiii-   i ■Miitics; &-JII il liikiii- iu any ronoly 
1 II ■ N'. lsm:. and ibUi if takeii in iIk; tuiilKv o! 

Per nun. 

- - *:).n(' 

- -"."ioi 
- 7.(1. 

- . M,'l;. 
. . 3 (K 

, - . 'J.OII 
■ = . - lit.UC 
i n advanee. 

.M.aicy eurreiil iu St.vti- e iieie issued wi!' 
be received at par* 


•'fl Adiscennfof twenty-iive per .-enf .(rom tht 
above prices will beallowed to I'JuIjs ordering 
lo'ir 02- more copies of nry one or more of the 
at) )' e works . 'I'liiis : 4 capiesof ttlnckwood o 
ol  ii.e UeviiMv uillhf -enttoone ad lress foi 
^11; li .i.ii. -'ii the I'.iur Kcviews and Black 
wood lor CJ.'KI; ami mi on. 

Kcdueed Postn^e. 
The po'tiiRe ou these Periodicals has by the 
late i.iw l een reduced on au average about 

fort y per cent.! 

Fur Bldcl icoOiV a Mozazine. 

Life Insurance. 

i N'c.T.i-s iiiS'irpd 
on the most favorable U rin.-* in mn' ol tlie fiafcsi 
and moat respooaiUe companies in the Union. 

S CABPENTKR .Ir . A^ont 
Of Union Mmir.d Lite Ins L'o 

J.Kb. W. ROWh.\Sn. S.\NDI:B!S Sll.iNKS. 


Wliolesalf Grocers, (tud Dealers ia Ba- 
con, Lard, Fiour, Hides, Tallow, tj*c. 

Sonthwest comer of Main and 3d its, 
f,f. iny the highest prices, in cash, for 
: I ard; Feather's; Flax-Sced ; 

! Cj- ntrv Proiiiiee 'enerallv . 


Lonisviile, Nov. 4, 1 i-i.J'J — .'lin 

tier I II I ciire=, tbit if :i:is, l)oI 
•11.1 lim-;, ami it is e';in!' jo .d |!jr!i 
•inkes it so Iriilv \ t1ii i';'e. ]\ i, i i 
nil'-a t \' t lie -II ifei i n ^ ; i- ■ir a'»--t 
ol I ;ie ;ii; ', ti mi 'IO one \voii!,l ever ;i 1   , :; 

I-) !i- uil tlii« «' ,eiei-n ! :i'iii, n   i.i. 
. oiii-e \\itnes. eil its nrij^ic jiower over i.iseri-e 
any wrong action of the Liver eUeclsl^n^ wonderful potenry ia r«lievi»j pain 
the other important parts of the SyS- I bAwerer severe, in a fr-w moments time 

lein, and results variously iu Li ver ' earnestly de ire von t  i . 

Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &c. 
We should. Ih-rofo e, watch every 

sjmptoin that mi^hl in lica'e a wrong 
action of the Li vr. Th-se Pil!« h in- 
composed of floors and PbANF.S liir- 


_  leep relrr  
u a ■« more gene 

iiished by nature to hee| the i-ie.; 
namely, 1st, an K X P i:f' TO R A NT. , 
which augments the S- ; .   'ilhh i!u 
Pulinonarv mucus iii'' m ;, r.i iie, or pro- 
motes the d iiclui r;;e of secr-'ieil mat-' 
icr. 2d, an ALTERATIVE, which | 
changea in soma inexplicable and in-; 
sensible manner tke certain morbid ac 
tioB of the aysten. 3J, a TONIC, 
which gives tone and sireng'b lo Ibe 
nervous system, renewing health and 
vi-or lo all parts of the body. 4th. a 
CATHARTIC, which acts in perlect 

\\ ho u il! I'll II I  !i \ on , 

I'ook i-on t ;i iniiii;, lie*: - ■ ■ ' i -i . n - j i; , 

iintion, n lar;e li.t of et-: litic ites !.oi -mi 

the iiioil re'perlable persons, i»l cures etfecl 
by this celebrated metiieine, wtoicb sarvly avej trial— it 
eno«igh to CO nenvinee the mo t «eeplic.-«l nf it* 

I ran^retideii ? \ i. I   «. We iioli^ srveial i-rif 

fir-it-'ot I iM'i'iri ! , III riired afi er the la'.eii; 

■lad »lltf-re.l t ■ r-i 'I I'ln; bit ilenth fir '.: : r U- 
twenty veu =. Ai-o.-iie^ of .ririlv~i-. oi m' 
of •i:e ol the iiMib-, where tlic t]e .n ilbereii 
:ea\ ing nothing ap|M rally Mil drie l *iin ane 
') »ne. predentin: so horrt   a Sfjeelaele Ihal liieii 
frjen 1= lool.ed ti:) n them a: alleil, wliiI" ; ii' -i 
i-iafi« ))t 'ir.oiii.cfil tlieiii tvevoii'! .in- !ii|iii; n tt 
I'orl tii''I:e'e. It IS Ibe iiiii^t elli -iM-ioi;* rem 
»-iiy kii i.v II lor hums, 'i r,nins, « »iiii Is, ! riii-e . 
billdaiiis nenraliria, tootiiacbe, b.tes oi'insrrt 

. ;.3. a.i 1 !h 

\- : U p'l 11 i \ 

1 1 y siirp:i iii:;. 
-IIS t he he r v r s 1 
; ,r, - ()( r- pi;'^- 

*'lt this ineaii i 
ised, we arc satisfied there won! 
less sii a.4 from the stomach, 
r, ai.d n -r vi u^ 'ysieisi itie great ma 
ily of iral and iiaagioary diyeaaea vai 
auate. Have ibem io a healthy roudi- 
ion. and you ran bid d^ la are to epi. 
lemics generally. This e» f raor' - aa r v 
mediciue* wm,!! adviv :,,,s 
who are at a'.i i .i ! ! - iicc!- .i , ..en 
will re oiiimiiil iiseil ft 
• fact, be iu every Uiniiv. No 
IB proaacc tack aai- 

Merchants ! Merchants ! 


l-'OR UKNT. T'le v.ell-lviio.Mio;. 
iliiiid of John .Mc.Meekin . def'(i.,ror 
Iner of Main and Arch streets in 
iltardstoivn. Ky., Lately occnpieil by 
WiUon A: t'ox. ■.-■^=!'o;ci -sio;i wi!! be i^iven 
on the fir«l da.- o! W.n. ' . 1 .\ ■ 1 to 

f.-b. ltr ■ '\IAU\ I). M Mi;i;ivix. 

"livery stable, 



.1 rch Street, 
li A li D S / on -.v. A" E S TUG A 1'. 

niiboanded succe** ia most of the ailments nl 
'lorses and calllo .•'jcb asswcen v f.iic.. s^u.iint, 
bruises, wounds, stiff ii'^ek .im I io,iif l.iuirii' S' 
-v. el injs, ^.-ilU ov i-il il-^, »o; e e\ es. ji-itliii 
iiiimlnes.s, etc. If used in liie beuinn in; ul 
lisf ilia, poll. evil, nngbaue and spavin, :l tsi,: 
""i 1 ■ r : .„ fk« Pi-..r.i inv ari- b!y slop their lurlber prw^rrs*. Kvci v 

led matter and nurifying the Blood, , f^,,,^,^ ,hi„wT;^p u,i, ».|„U',„akioa 

which destroys disease and restores j ha ready fcr any 

other medicine cai 
deuces of merii.'* 

E\ upon evidence has b-en (•« 
ceived Mike ibe foreguiug) tromali arc- 
lions of the Uaioo. the bat •breayeara, 
and the strongest lesliiaoM ia its la- 
^or, is; that there i.o more of it aaed la 
'be practice of iba regolar Pbysiciaas 
of Pbiladelpbia. ibaa all other aos- 
and reptiles, sore Ikiraat, rartfar weak ryes.; ! ■*" • ^ambined. a fact that can ea.sily 
tumors, •ua paia. ^te.. ate.: and is iMefl with ' be •atablished. and fully proving tha t 

a scieaiile praparatioM will laeei wiih 

harmony with the miier ingredients, 
and operating iu llie, BoweLs, and ex- 
pellinji liie whole mass of corruid uiid 
V ilia I 

wheo presented 



i!il lodged ill j iil - I tba: I :.-t l.iiii , i- i- - i 

.!,.voi«..o.i boy f..rmeriy beiougcd lo lUa ^^^i.^'^x^u^'^''^'', '"ll''*,^*:'* ''^'"'L'i ready fjr the accammodatioo of custoiHcrs. 

Iicir.« ol' Jniue« V. Kali, of NH«w conntv. 

ty Wll. II ATTLVGLY, Agent. 

1 .•.I'd 


i u xIkt p' 

.•i:.Ml.- \ '' 

n Kiafce, Sir, or this reply, 
lliiuk proper, 
thit in a vo\8s;»' 

«de lo t'.»? ri.i'e ! Si J «. 
en i of the ar in 1 r 1 1 
' : ;i'^ hiiuscll at M J., k ina'.- 
. i :e steamboat, 4 [iT-sen- 
(binUs he iico^nir.-s. 
li'. ,.ven in tha Monthly 
u i«'. ; n«:ne bad en tire I; 

I.e.! w .'U ififoini- 
■rwj .M .\-.;- fl 

ti.jiijiaa II- 

House and Lot for Sale. 

^ ■ '^'11. f lo'i^e pn l f..ot now O'eiipied bv llie 
I sidi-i-iioer, silnate on Mai ket st. Birds 
town, is for sale. The bouse is stories high, 
•oiit ibi- 7 loom* inclinlin? the pll. with a ha .'k 
Purcti. and a !:«f»d Cellar ; S nok e Iloi|co and 
W iiiirter the same roof; tlie Well is one of 

| e •.-•■t in tiie town. 'I'iie lot i« about b'2 feel 
liuiit ande.xtends back fo an allcv. 

All of llie buildings are brick, and ha' e been 
M iilt b it a f»«w vears. Anv person wi'liing n 
M.-:ii mi I e oint'ortable residence in an agreea- 

lie ii-iji .oi li 11;!, eantiol be be? Uer iuiied{ 

f .r 1-: I,. . iS, e. uppU" to 

ni 1 0 f f J ■ I.. CviR BKTriRiia.: • 

OverlSOOiuoiexceedtiu' 'J.ono 

For a iteriew. 
Any ilislanceiiotexecodiijjf MKi iuil«.'8,4 cts i»e 
Over .VlU & not cxrcediin; 1500 " 8 " 
Over '.:-00 & uutC'C'.'oediiiL'V.'OO'J " IV " 

Yon will find these Pills an invalua- 
ble tnediciaa in many compliints to 
w hich }' are subject. In ohslriici ions 
either toial or ^-.'1 tirtl, they have been 
found of inesti inable 'leneht. restoiia^ 
ibeir functional a r raiigeme u t s to a 
heal ihy action, purity ing the blood anil 
other fluids so eflectually to put to 
flight all complaints which may arise 
MENT' is now thoroughly furnished and f^oui female irregularaties, is headache. 

giddiness, dimness of sight, pain in 


At Ibose rates no olijeclion •dioiild be made ' 

[Ml DJ^^I^ 

\Ri: V!:i;v si iM:iiU)U. \\v. have 

ai heretofore, to receivini; Ibe works by mail! UarkS, BaSgiCS,aid ilametS, 

and tbus «aHiriMg tbeir siwtedy, saAt, and land feel fully confident that wc can satisfy 

Iar deiivary. j the mcst fa.stidious. Thosc who wish to 

():^7"Reiilittnne -« n nJ '•oinrmiii iiri f ir n - should ; 
Be alwa»f addressed. 1)0:1-1, lid, tot lie Publish, 
ers ' LEONARD . CO II' Co., 

79 Pulton Sti. et, Ni v. Vork. All hoiiTS o;t reasonable terms: 

take Pleasure Ridc% or Long Journeys 

can be accomodated a I 

.4// hours on reasonable 

the side, back, &e.. and ofTered 

public as tba best ttUs for all diseases, ; (be wrapper, aJl ara co»iii 
upon the following. 

We, *-ha undersigned Physiciairt, hav- 
ing had tharecelpi of their manufacture 
submilted to us for inspection, say,j 
(hat He ingredieyits of wbicb ihey are I 
composed Makes them th* best Piljsfnl 
use for all diseases of the Liver, irt, u- 

their quiet approval 
even ill I his fn r:n. 

Tiiat lhi  mciiirine will cure Liver 
Complain: and Dxspepyia, no oaa can 
''-^ ' doubt after using 1 1 as directed. 1 1 acts 
I specifically upon ii;e stomach and liv 
er; il ia prifcrabie lo ralomel ia mil 
I £aai •nlftr C0UKferfcits: | AiVaaaa diaaaarj— ihe efi'rci is immt^k- 

The pnMic are canlioned a-ain-f anotbei ^bey «oo ba admioiaioaed lo fo- 

cAunterfeit, whir.h has lately m - I-* it« ni pe.-ir male or iofoal wiib aafalj aad reliablo 

ance. called W. B. Farrell's .Arabian l.ini.oenf benefit at aoy lilM. 
ttie iiioit  la'i5eri»ii  o' .1:1 the rotiiiter.eils, te r 1 '• # i «. ^ 

■ aiise hisbavini the name ol Fa reli. manv tO the murkS of tht GemttKi. 

will bar it ia gwl f.iit!i .\ itlioiit tlie knowledge liipv lii\e ;:ie nril'en sigBatwre of 
that a e^erfeit eM.fs, anltb.y ,v.ltper- C. .VI. JACKbON, upon thewrapaer 
ha|Monlydi*eavcrtaeifenarwaeatbesi nriiM|5 ... . , ' .'^ ' " "'•rr"« 

ini.xture has wroagbt iUe^ileffret . , aua his aawie blowa m ibe bottle. a i 

Toe  reniiine article is manufactured only by . aaf nkick tkty attSfmtioMt. 

1'\*'k^.'''\'''\"*'*''''\"'v ''-"'I''*/' For aaW Wbalasalto aad Retail at 

Old wholesale ilru;»ist . No. I. M»m street — . «, J T 

Paori, Illinois to whom all application foi •^'J* ®»«^A^ 3|KP|C1NL ^FORE. 
.V .; iieies Aiust be addressed. Ur 'ure vow «el Ntf..lW-^rch S';eet. one doori -low 
it with the letters H. G. belare F«rraa'a. tbaei Sill h. Phi:. 
11. t;. FARRELL'S— andbiasignatnraaa lhe|,|^|^^. . 

a .id by res j^ec ta bb 


• lit the cauu - 

inhll Fill ranee 54 tiold street. Persons dcsirinsr STAGE.S, HACKS' rities of l!ie blood, &c. We say thisj 

N.B.— L. S. &.Ca. ba-.e recently iHib'isbed , attend Funeral 1'iOccM.ionp, can I not only from onr ou n judgement, bull 

nnd have now for sule, the '-h .VR.Mt-R'S ■ , ' , ... I 1 1 „f il,. u..o» modi I mi 

vJFIDE." b.lfeiuv .Stephensof Kdinhni^b, i ^l*^ * he supplied. M^o from thai of the bes. medK. au- 

•Mid Pro- N oitoii or'Vnie c'olle-.^ ii . eii} Clivc US 3 Call, Bnd joo Will fioJ. that i Iiori ly of the butted ^»Iates. A.I dis-j 

IS I' 

U, HIM I ♦H.K'*.- 



al Oct a . 

CJ 1 V ( 

■ i''  ' ■ 

:i illfr 

we have 0!;e ol tb» most eitenMvc StaJtew eases ref^uirhiw the uge of au A'lera live, states. 

:n:h« Vvr-l. J. [.Diipnoretic and Purt^aii . e M- .-...iiie.j^ ijjfcfjmoa 

JOHN PAYN^ & CO.' f-hat came un.ler ^«r iioti.?; 

Sold by 

D. J. WOOD, 
Wftolesule and Retail Ageut, 

Bardatowa, l^y. 
J. F. Seuour, Slbabetbtowp, Ky. 
Wilsoia ^ Burba, llodgeuvilte, Ky 
L. Hoglan Co.. She pUrdavilla. 
Thamas Conn, Deai£\ille. 
S. R. Sa ittuali. Cane Sptiag. 
Q* W« Taylaf, ^piingfield.* 

.And Hy ret^nlar ager.t* throughout the Vaileil 


e;idhi,- J) claaass of iavalUa Us 
ebjoy tho advaalagaa af tbaif fiaat sa- 

storative powers. 

Sliagla B«Ul9« 79 CuHik 

A 1^0 for sala 

D. h latdatowo. Ky. 

Whaksala Agents lor Ky.. SataHre. 
Mc.AHalar, k Co.. Laalavilla. M9. 

irtrwOtK iaiitli * t.*am«ilk»v by aalaaa 
|. fi accaaat, asv scntsdVadta aadto imaiii^s 


J. 1. Wa T li 

VOL. 3. 


NO. 12. 

fV^wboa< oMMi«Me«iMM»» m baaincM mum be 

toaiSMMMte, I C t I   

I At 

t 9 M 

T« CLrSfl 

•r W Ik* «M to tl so pcr coiM 

IS** tt*"* •« ••••••• 9& 

or yt-*— -*** " tl to 

Wo liavf . niuce tilt c:; i; :it.iin - 1 iti  One votunx.- 
of ■.he Hi Tviil. ni.-ide »i vi-ral rrry n'-ccn- arj- an-! 
ha.U'l«uiii - ad'iiliun*: lo our JOB UKi'ICF.. nnIiU-i 

will be priMMl Ml Im wUla«r tmty |«r«r, will 

4«Mnus«4 t« all mtmmmm wUUm mmr p*«-cr to 
plcaacllio«i '.vliofavol a« widtiiHirfatiMHsc. 

O^GlVC us A CALL. 

THUR8DAT. t t t AKtlL 7 

(^^On Itst Snturlsy evcninc the 
Polemic Soeidjf of Bardstowa held a 
public Debate on ihe question whether 
the * B«volmti«ttS of France have been 
odvaato ge o — to dM cauM of Freedom." 
We were not present, bat kave hear l 
from various quarters that the youtlifu. 
debaters acquiaed tkemselves very cred 
icnbly, and gavediecring promiae that 
the reputation of the Athens of the West 
for eloquence and literary attainment, 
Mil mmmi p^lhicd viewB, will bo fully 
MuatMMi hf tb« riMf fMMntion. 

I the K. CMraat Pica y— . Maack SO. 

ma BBri.T to t«c ivnTAnoii to betl un 




Tlic Kco«l« l CoNiMiercio of Vera Cruz. 

ef Stb lust., cnnittius a i r in j rkd ble 
4ac««e«t. bei«( lite report of Duu Man- 
uel Escobar, who «ra« arot bf tho au- 

tlioriiiesof Vera Crux toCarthaseua on 
• itiissiou lu Santa Anna. Escobar wat^ 
aiw jxs a ivaric friend auJ puhlicul ad- 
{i, r( 111 ul '.his clii«"f, an I iIk- prtSfii: 
pub icb'vioii II. ij- be t oiis i U rcJ '.lie (»it - 
»noni;ury uiiniiul c.U to liis iricu s 
an ! fii i HUd'Ii- iiia of iiis eiie » it s. lii 
«hr |ire£eiil c.-i. ii llie views jtifSiil lo.l 
'»r llie dociirneul nuke it 
K.Ml'iv iiij" !^  ; - i.aidi ra Moo. Ilia 
^(ateUon b   ii t liij sieawer D '' , im lhe\ 
harbor of Vera Cruz, on the 4ib iust., 
auti i« adJresse'l to the Caarernor ao4 
Lr^i*!«Uire of Vera Crut. 

Seuur Kacubar slalr-s '.hat he left Vera 
Cruz ou the 5tli of January, and arri- 
ved at Carthaj; -ii* on the 1st of Febru- 
arv. lie foiiiid G-n. Sui a .\iiiia reti- 
 l!H^at TiiT'iaon, live I-^j^k's iromCar- 
thaiifiia Here iie had given juosjier- 
ity lu a hall ruiii''d lo.vii, rebuilt llie 
church, began a fine m jc aJami^'d ruu 1 
to Carlbagena, buiii new liou&es, lurn- 
•4 ibo tutrouttJing viideriiess into i  
gardlea. and piut^cte i Mie people, who 
Meaaei hiaas lUeir beuelacler. Seuor 
B«cobarl«*a«d Santa Auna in his siudr. 
mmi afur a* eiclaMjiion of aurjiriseat 
hit •■eipected v'l^ii, the geaeraTa fiisi 
qucatiott was, *'What happens in oni 
r« (luMic? what say th* Mexicans''" 
lie tlieii iifked if it t»-as true tt:at an 
other Atneritan invasion waj tlireat 
.1. l   wlii. li EscuSir r- piled thai 
u- (1 ifstioii of Telu'4 11 le p'C U'tjl I 
.M 'kito U)c:';ii' uiiliout li^liliag." 
i-'Our Escobjr sU'-e-i that he then won 
a luiij^accouul of lUe course of ihe 
ujn tepee affair, of the administra- 
run of the gortroMient, auJ such otiiei 
tabjecta aa preaeat ihenseltres when 
iw0 persons meet who lorcoach other. 
He then handed to the Goaeral the let 
t«TS au(l p ip -rs he had bronchi. Th*- 
next morning Smta Anna said to him. 

"V'tur crtiiiKi;^ h^s made me pass a 
verv bj i ui^hi. liovr have I been af- 
ff ( ted ' llie unhi4 iMiy si I ualioii of our 
belov ,.iui!'ry. 1. : "f paKsions 

i 11 V 111 ' in rt 1. .i re !i » , d II '. : II i jii i; : ji n' 
danger a I !«• 6ni^ b' r nat louiili :y. Un 
happy MeticOl Wiihuul leveuii". 
•wing a million an I a ii  lf back di«-i- 
4ends on the Kuj^li-'i debt, and uuablf 
tm paf th« laai tear's iniereti. or e\ n 
tho aalariei •( her oAcers; witboui bu 
army, the fronticra abandoned and suf- 
fering the greatest diaaatera froai the 
attacks of the savages; the frontier 
SiBies undermined by traitors influ- 
enced and } r( tori-d by Ameiicans; all 
tUis tolerated for five years by inap 
lea ler«i. wfio ar* only traitors and cm.^ 
•lortln of un 1 V e I «.al exf-cta 'i )ii. h}\\ 
cr Cjlttorui*. too, threats ne 1 in sucli a 
maaoer dial it may be invad- ^i an i uver- 
lua miiUoui resistance. Yucitun sns 
Calsinsan Indian war in which ii can 

were still u n liPfi led ; u I ii i s e fill r Is lo re - 
pel '.he invadeisand save his ( oiin tr\ ; 
of bis great pTSoud I satrificf^s lo » qui) 
her armies: ul hia hurge wounded 4t An 
gostvra; of his clutlies pl^rtrd uitli 
balls in the valley of Mexico; of th  
burning of his estate bj the invaders; 
and of the infamona aecua«||on a- 
gainst hia by Gaaiboa, which had been 
ft«fler«d to lie for Ire yean upon t):  
table of Congress, withuot one sing e 
representative coining to bir (iefen t. 
or asking even for enacion upon it. 
ihungh nianv of ;l:eni lud been wiib 
bin) and knew of bis gr«ai Kibors, 

"Words cannot drliiie sucii cundiif t. 
and it indicatt'S clearly what can be ex- 
pected fronj such cilizejs. A society 
thus accustom 'd to ilie physical and 
Oioral assassination of the leaders in 
its war of independence, thai doeg nui 
respect an oboerving world, cannot be 
o . her friaa Ihoa the Hnbappy cottditioii o ; 
uur country. Qod end Man ninat cun 
demn acta that are so rarely found in 
the ci viliced world. Does such a course 
encourage our youuf nen lu gire their 
lime and their best years to the benefii 
ol ibeir cijiiiitry, tlcfying danger and 
fur^etlitig ail liiat is ino-it dear aii i 
sneet in life, and abandon all fur her 
safety? * * * * * * * * 

**Bc-sides, i t ia impossible that I can 
return, and meet uiih serenity a set ul 
men who have elevated ihemselvrs to 
power without anything in past history 
favorable to them, or hi :n w iio has nev- 
er been ngood ton. a good husband, a 
good friend, or a goodcitiien; asea who 
hare borne the filthy yoke imposed 
upoa them, and remained impussivt- 
eveu when they saw that nothing was 
done to save the country from the ag- 
|i:re»siuiis projecleil by iho nOW Van- 
I (Id ,s  il liie Noi l !i. 

j 'llaveliie Mr-xicans abjured tlieir 

passMiii-S? Do liiey olusli lor lilt ii lol 
} . I' s^ S - e tilt' ub \ is '. iia I is oj en jt tlieii 
(feel? Know iney ibal liiey willbeab 
surbed by ihis :nodein Rome, wilhuni 
any resource but to ber.d ihe neck, ii 
they do not change cumplc.ely ilieir 
courset Have they the presumption 
to Odppoae they will be saved i*'!.(houi 
ifliMi on ibeir part, amid the disorders 
in which ibey lie, and when it wuuM 
i,vc:n that patriotism has datl the land 
ot the Hi lal^oe^, uf the Iturbides and 

(i il'- 1 : 1- rt S . 

l|res"nl nMS'Ifon lliMl scene 
h' 11 no \ I r 11 111'- II I p is?i ole W iien 
(lie lies ul obcdieiice uie lorn iiitc 
silted-? When tbc wicked uiiJ viie 
Arista lias J isol ved e very social bond. 
au t tin veil morality and virtue inio 
ubtuiou? Do they wish mf to i'uv  
this sweet repus*-? Thai 1 siuli again 
risk the term of life uhiih Divine 
Providence concedes to me, mutilated 
as I am, to look upon each misfurtune. 
with the wia!i, perhaps, to save, bui 
powerleaa lO remedy because 1 may no' 
tiiid a loyal and .-il'eclive co-operation 
I IS uccuiied when I madc front to the 
I .\m •! nan inv,,sion?"* 

!S'i!or Escolur slates tliat to lii'-ie 
Ipowerlul tru lis iie could al firsi rej)l\ 
».i I y w i l;» si Ir lice. bu t lii i t i n i ng cou f 
.ij;e, be loid the General il was all true, 
(lut that tliose limes were past, that tlii 
hatred lo Arista was universal; thai 
tortunately for Meaico there wasa great 
mtjori yof illustriousciiiseni th. i had 
taken no part in those affairs; that cv 
-ry rine pructjimed him as the ouly lib- 
eral* r, ati l that bis presence willc«n.-  
aiiJi';.. ; '•' Hy, and i -irriiii the conn 
s.- , - . ' those who u isiu d lu couve.-; 
M 'Xic J il lo a color: y . 

After iw ! ii\s tie libera, ion in si 
lence, S-in i.i A.. ^ to'd the ijj.sseii^e r - - 
That Ins lu arl coulil only be Mi xicaii; 
that, not vvi I hs tanding ihe p^is', hr 
wished loshow his compatriots how deai 
ihey were to him; that their'or 
tuuea were hie and be could never bt 
indifferent to them; thai looking at ob 
jects ?rom a distance, their deformities 
Acre better seen; that he did not wish 
that history should one day say th:it hi- 
:iad been deaf lo the call ofhisconntr\ 
wii^n s!ie honored him a cill tc 

in'M-l llie common ddn;^er an I ibtit lit seen uilli in lilTerence her fate; thii 
!ie desired to end Win day.s in t!ic Sjioi 
lie had chosen as a residence for his 
'atnily; that his only wish was to get 
iiis country happy, and casting aside 
everything trnding tJ detain him. li  
resigned himself to give the la^t prooi 
of hia patriotisa, although history 
taught him to pUre no confidence in 
the pas- ing enihosiasm of the masaes. 

'•I hold," he said, ''that Independence 
is the greatest of our blt'S iii^s, an'i 
t-verv good ciiiz-n siioiild d.'ieu i it w iiii 
all his power, and I cannol be tlcal t   
Ine voice of my countrymen, nor iuil 
to appreciate the high honor ihey have 
 *onferred upon ine in calling me lohelp 
' 111 out Ol* the labyrinth iu which the» 
are involved, and above all to save unr 
nationality, now iu tnch immineni 
peril from the grasping spirit of uur 
lo'.^libors, and the indolence and tiea 
ji a few Ml xi can 3. Return in the 
next packet, an I in giving an account 
ol your ni'Ssion to those w ho sent yon. 
lell iliem Irotn ni", thai m ihe next 
month of March. I w ill leave this f pot 
lor the shores of .Mexico." 

"On my arrival there I will call a 
! round inc those persons of iiiflueno- 
\ ':o are true lovers of llieir coiin.ry 
I 1 will confer with ihem; and if 1 find 
co-uperation, if I findsincer*ty and a 
good will to abnegate caprici ma and 
micukcn opinions, and finalU if I Snd 
men of heart to mahe an obaiinate oe 

UAOtbat part •/ tbi« wonkV 
paper will b« ttmnd the tdvertikefflant of 

l/7/« Ln ni n i French Ballet Troupe and 
Hitui't Coactn and Pantomime Com* 
paaios who wfl! exhibit ia BurJstowa 
to morrow at 2J oVlock, an I at 6J 
o'clock — two eihibitioDS. As a num- 
ber of oar dtisons bavu attondad the 
performances of this ronipany, it is un- 
necessary for us to extend this notice. 


Will sofliie (tnond bo kind oaough 

to hniil us a few loaJs of Woo 1? Those 
who owe us that article woul.l warm 
our hearts and bodies too by sending us 

a load or two, but do not (ill haul at one 
lime or we may not be able lo find room 
in our wood-yard to put it. 

All II ted in bi» line of 'ju.iiit lit? hi^ the n! ■ 
ol liie hitest iMijtroveiiii^iits in nr chinei \ f .i 
iiokii:;; VVns;i ii«. vVc .. I""!!?!*! in? in nrl of n- 
ext:elleiil Ke oe .Mill. Circular Srv, Bi;iiig ):i': 
'I'enonin; n jp-irn1n«. niid a firft rntc f nthM loi 
MONEY WANTED. I lui'iiiii'.: tion. nil driven by strnm. Hnvinf n 

We hope our subscribers will call on "■■•"" 'I experien-e of n.rir fw. nty-eisht ^v.u' 
' . . ^ •" '"e bii"^iiie«« nil I finpli ' i iig uoikiin ii un" 

us and settle for their subscriptions fori .:,„ bneiied upon, iiehope  io u't»iii tii« i-eini 

! t iMma^ n Mi-cliantc,aailablain alibcral iIimv 
»r pit loii.-igp. 



LAN Dili: rii 8 H' \i;UAM i:i G.\RDi   
SEi:iJ8— flf all kia^--;^st reeiivrd aiu 

iir «ii e by 

r, ;,'7 Noi^ns'^ f \ K'.^V. 

Lilly's Steam Felo© Mill. 
WussoQ. PlowBDd i ntliiis Box liiBaftctory . 
aid Blacksmiili Sbop. 


(xa%« TNx u»Ks».T nocac.) 

Bnrdstowut Kf 

^TJIIE «nfiscril»er is no.f prepnred fo fiirni ;l! 
I fnrnierd anil ol!ifr ; with 

Kot*r 0 a«ew4lBK lo Act cl Cur'jr.-i k-, m Ojc ytat 
Ibil. hj J. S. JIOUOHTo.N, M. I), !i I?., ,-lirk i 
0Cc8 of Ul" r-ior t O.u-t frr Ibe i^ittu 

In-lrirr of )vi;n-;. l . .in-i". 

Another Scientific V/ondcr! 





1S5S. Payments made now will 
consiJere 1 as ailvance payments for this 
year's subscription to the Burdxiown 
Herald. Thosa who fail to make im 
mediate payment will have to pay Two 
Dollars and Fifty Cents. All persons 
indebted for job-work and advertising 
are alao requested to call and pay up. 

We refer our readers to the ad- 
vertisement of Messrs. I^ourse & Hack- 
ley. Their stock of goods is Isrge, and 

will be sol 1 on fair terms. To their as- 
sortment of Bonnets and Ln lies Dress 
GooJs, we call particular attention, ns 
\v ; feci coiifi lent that the fasti ii- 
ous can find soineihing to suit their 

Mr. E. S. Watts Is still at his 

olil stoi; 1, on Arch street, a few doors 
above the Printing ofuce, and as we can- 
not give 1 better idea of his (roods and 
Fits titan by giving one verse of a son^ 
we beard a young gentleman singing, 
who had on a coat, vest, and pants that 
were ma le at his ealabliahoMnt, %vc 
will ;rive it: 

Yo / iii-iy tulk of all vour otIs nnd ]niits, 

O;- ' li.i'e'. er Ihin;^ } oa ciDO e. 5.r«, 
n it of n.! 'hu oiH niid p irit ; fi nt, 
Why, Watt.*' beats thk Jiiwa.siisl 
rmxit nnH p-int«, ib*f fit to well, 
Tiiey aznelly suit yaur netionl—   
And as you walk the tfreett aroiiud. 
You eiose a giaat eoiniMOtioii. 

Wncons Ox nafi Horae Cnrts, with iron 

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'I'lieGi riy I'iiiA- , of ever"  ize. 

Ronni'er nnd *le»'l Flow, wnrrnuteit of 
(lie bectquaiily and furnisbad ta aider lew Ibi 
•aob . 

BlackMniliiin; ; lIoraeslMtaiag ; Mill Iron 
inide nnd ropairpil. 

Partieiil:ir nt'ention priid lo tiiniinj; iron 
S i:'!"!*;, &.C.. for slenii eiiiiiief, aii!' 
S ' V y\ ■ .';ii iii-litil lo order at linve t ciiMi 

C hain Pumpa The be«t .mel chrapf -i 
punip-  iio.y ill n^e, always on hand. 1 ant p: e 
jiareil to |iutthetnin wells orciatrrnft if da«iiei!. 

CJrindaConeiH (S:iota grit.) shafts and fi ic- 

rio i loller* for stiiue. 

Fo it S.-i npitrs; n newartlele and very cheap''« C it'« ; Ihe be* t exiant. 
All the iibt  '0 made and for yak b/ 
i^n 3f-tf JoriN H. LILLY. 


^¥"^'»VO -ippi .'ii i ices lo learn the f?!a'-k«nillli 
J[_ ins. bi.fiiieis. A|i 

j in ::o-ir 


J )!l.\ 

.'irili iv !o 



SillR I S und 
iiinbiclln.-, enipel bug 

, ii iU, and CT,)=, J HmU' 
ailwa sou li.'^iid ii.( 

ur fftie cheap at rh .•'-tf 


1 ■ ; .   I il'! in i^t n't'in.Miiiiu 

, . ■. ;i,- fr«-!'.i '! \'' tint gi.- it :mi ! 
■I ir 111' (j riiie. tte  trf-ii'iiiH- II. G, FAR- 
R ::.I/S All AIIIA.N MNl.VIEN e:.i. 
ruly nay. frvNi aiir Oivn knovvledg« , that iK  
iiedirine #rer discovered ha» perlortuml tli»- 
ani" \\ ondfrfu! cure*, that it has, bo! !i in mi .!, 
.11(1 b'n«l, and it is eqmlly go'«l for both, vlMci 
•i-ikes it  olriil.' vi!nil)V. Jt lh 'ii'f n. 
 iil -ii hv I ill.' m; !f-i i ri ^ -fi llie g; a'c:r -ili-tvino 
i; lite !ig :i!id no one wo'.iiil evi-r .1 ilo.v liiin'i-i. 
obetriiheut this sn.ertd^n balm. «rho li.ii 
»nc«» wilnc'Kcd its magic power over disen=e 
Hid it« wonderful poten'*y in rolievinsf pain. 
lo.vt'Ver severe, in a ffvv moments time. Wi- 
.•ain':«tly tie. ire yon lo ctH npon the :i ^pni, 
■• o vi!l l'iihi-ii \oii, free of c.'virjf-, :i f:n I. 
'(it).( i-nntninin^. be i li-!: other valu'ible infur. 
irtlion, a lnf.:e li,t of eertilical«s Aoni man . of 
he nioit re-p-fl:ible persons, of eiires effedei 
ly til''' C'-lfbi atcd iii.-diciiu*. \vni -h sorely are 
•n'iii-.;h c   ii'inviii'-f llic ino=t seepticnl of it^ 
rn!isi'cii(ii'nt viiliii"-. We iintic' .^fVei ;i I cei t 
i (.- I I ■• : ol I lie iiiiri I ni 1 ed !i f! I I" t h" l a iCi. 
md 'iiff'Ted eveiytliinj but death for live in 
twenty years. AI«o cases of imralysis, or l'  
if use of Ihe liinb«,where Ihe flesh had ivitherei) 
caiiii» nothing appa ently hut dried Saiii ntii 
  ine, prt? enl 111:; so horri'- a sped ae e t h;i t Ihcii 
I'iien.l' !ool;ed ii;e)t» Ihi'tii npalled, ivhi!" jihyi- 
•l.Tii« pron'imi'-cil lli. iu heyon i ^ny liil:n:iii i f 
01 1 toieliif.f. Il is I lie ino t efli'iiri rem 
(iv known for burns, sprains, wnniivls. brui*e . 
■liilhlaiiis. neuralgia, lo.ilh-iche, bites ofinst et' 
ind reptiles, sore throat,  or«; or weak eye*, 
'nniors, sun pain, etc., ele. ; nnti i» usfd will, 
inlinu ided =(i -ce   in iiio" I of I'l-; ai:in"ii?  ')! 
I'lrses nnd c I ' f 111 .'n-;i ;ic ? ,v-"im (He . f pr.i iii -, 
:). uitfs. wounds, ^tilT wilk .tiiI joint l.iiin'iii's-. 
'.'■■••I ,in^e, gTlU or ririlec, sore eye?, pni tin: 
iiin lne«'s . etc . If used in the be;:inn in:; ul 
istiila. poll-evil, riii{;bone and spavin, it u lli 
invariably slop their further projjres*. Kvei \ 
^mily siiould keep this valiiablo aiediciue ou 
haad, ready far any emergency . 

Look ont for Counterfeits! 

The p'lMif? .110 '• Mil ioiu'd ni;nin = I niiotliei 


For tba rapid Cure of 

COrCHS. ( OLDS. I10AKSi:\ES.^, 

To core n (  ild with Jle.idache nntl 

' orcnC .s uf the ItudVf take ihe  . h' iiy IVili, 
:il on .;'ii:iv: I'l hi'd.and »vrap np wai in.lo»u'c:ii 
nrifiK ^'"^ lis'*!* 

For a Cold nnd Confh« take it morn In? 

I'lO'i , nnd rwiiiii^ at. o.('i.i» ;o d:!'-!.-; io'i« oi 
he boTtie r; iid lb»- (! i tiicii ! t  • wili 'dO i b" i c 

n )Vi d No^ie vvili I0112 'inf.-r fiom thi« lioribi. 

' hfii thi' ' find il .ran lie'o temlil •• cnri'd. Per 
ons :if!l:ct' d wuh «i':ited eoiiiih. wliicli bveak 
hem iif I heir rest at uisht, w\V. find by takin;; 
h Cierry Pectoral on coin* lobed, they ma;. 

1,. c of 'Oil-Ill H!i!).oken «lefp. and rOM^'' 

Mi'iili' i e liir. ic!. G-'-n' relief f -ii;; 

'iiffi-riTi;; nnd an nltiinatu cure, is alTorded tr 

:'iou--an h ■vhoaretbus aflUeia^; ty this iavalu 

ible leini'd .'. 
From ils agreeable effect in these ca?es,ninn\ 

find themvelves unwilling tn forego its usi 

•vbou the necessity for it has ceased. 
From t-.vo eminent physicians in 

Fayktti Vii Lk.Tenn., April, IG, tS.'l. 
S n: — 'A'e have given yonr Cierry Peeforn 

.0 i-x'i'ii-i . t liiri! in O'lr p'airtiee, nnd find i' 
i«'n ;r. = 5 o. CI V nj-'-r riiii' iU' we lijvH lo. 
•iiiiig .life i i oil": 01 111"! ri'^'.imt.iry orj;ans. 

i):;s. d;i: ir.if [i\MP rox. 

To Singers and Public Spenkois Ih s 

reiiK'dv is invniiinhie, a' by ndion on thi 
1 hro it and Inn^', w h'Mi token in miimII qiiani i 
ies. it remove* n!l hoarseness in a few hours 
ind wonderfiiliy increase tb-: p'jwer nnd flexi- 
bility of Hie volee 

Aftthmn i  i»enernll\' muc'i lelicvef?, nnd 0; 
I en wii'illv enreJ hv C'l'rrv Pfcloml. FJ' " 
'hcio;iii' •.'iinr' ca "'S S'J oils' i n :i iH :n to yii'li 
■Ml! in ly to no nudiitine. C herry Pcct. ral v\ ii 
:nr)  them, if Ihey can be eiircd. 

Brouchitls or irritation uf the tbront rtnd 
■i; pi r portion of I he liin'^'s, may be cured by la 
UinjCieriy Pectoi;il i o small and frcq.ien! 

The niicoiiifi.'i l.itde oppression is soon 

Rev, Dr. Landing ^^f Bronijin, X. Y. states : — 
'I have seen th« Cherry Pectoral eiire sii -li 
cases of A'tluna nnd Broiichit's as leaves tn. 

to b ii.'ve it can rarely fail to i-n.-e IIio-l- di . 
l a s.' 

For Croup. (Jiv^an eni'^ti': -if Ant imon 
r 11 ImIi^iaci by i ll';" .nui lr"qiiPiit do^fc o' 
Ihe Cherry Peeloial. nnlii it suhunes the ili« 
■-a e. If taken in season it will not fail tn 

•onnterfeit. '.vlii' h'l-lMti-'.y nii;! - 1 ! - :i ;•. .1'' u 
Mli-i', I'.illed \V. II. (•'•I 1: e!i"' .\i:i!ii.-in Li 11 iiMcii I 
the iiio-l (l;iii»i'r(iii=i of a!l t hi." fon n t er eit 5 , f e- ^ 
•rinse hisliavin  tiie name of F.i lell, man^ icnrp. 

«ill buy it in good faith without the knowledge Whooplng-coush may be broken up am 
that a counterfeit exists, nnd th-y will per- soon ciir. .l bv Hi- .i ^e of Chorry Pectoral. 

only discover their error wiicn thespnrions! The Influenza is speedily removed by thi 

m9t Uinaiph. Tehnantrpcc threatened f^^^ riRhts against th« aggress 

•ad its aiilitarf •cenpation bj nat 
nral enemirs detafod nntil tht coniii*ji 

Month of April.'* 

Senor Escobar here pata a note to 

liis r. por: f -iiu.:i: that on his arriral at 
V. r-i Cni7. !i ' lij i leanieH that— 

"liie qupsiifijol Telitia 11 !e ,'"c had 
been sctil.diii a manner whicli must 
he salis aclnry tn all {;ool ciiiz iis, 
whicb Gea.Sdnld AnnacuuM not know 
srben he used the above wnr U.'' 

'!Wh«t a situation! But what ha? 
the Gurerninent of Mexico done with 
the milliona ahcreceired (or the ini- 
quitous sale of n giant part of our ler- 
Mcyf What baa it done with the rer- 
cnna ii baa controlled for fre jrasrs, 
while iba nation haa leaained dnmb 
and resigned in riewof the prodigies 
w hicii I tie (un incus ttovempent ol 
Querela ro off" le I to ooT* 

Tiie report s ates that llieVonferences 
were continued lor two or tliree djys, 
and finally Senor Escobar incited him 
to retnrn to the Republic. Santa An- 
na apohe of his disinclination to leave 
tbauan^ttil life he waa leading, tu en 
Ur the labjrinih opanod Co him in 
MmIco; tbroagh the iafratitode of his 
cotcaaporarles; of bii readinoM to 
abandon bic 
-IT «f v. ^ttlM. 



!a; «IO wvmutwmmm »v | 

tti9ii. ^fWw^m^l99&mt aai 

sors from the North, and the only err is 
will I lend m\s»lt cheerlully to new 
^of•^iflces, lor in tr itli. I cannot enrvire 
the il i «.i | ;ien rb ncf ut .M' xkhu national- 
it v, an 1 I lie:! ire lo bury my! el( in its 
ruins, if aflf-r ilie .Mexicans huve done 
ihcir duty, ih" great Reguidloi of tlie 
.destinies of nations shoul'l order for ii.« 
such a faie. But if my hopes ahouKI 
not find enconrafsssrnt equal to my d'- 
si 'es. which can nerer be uther than 
t'le weal and glory of our nation. 1 
will return disconsflata to Ibis seiire- 
menl, to deplore the blindaeaa of a 
people that obstinately believes it can 
do everything when it leaTes the 
only path left open to it. and will not 
imitate others, who lilce them, have 
fouui themselves in a similar situation 


mixture has w rotighf its evil efferts 

Tiie E; *iiiiine aiti.-lc is in i nn r:ict nrc«l onlv l y 
fl. (j. Farrell, sole iiivnlor niiil jnopriftor. 
ind whole.-aie (lrng»ist,No. 17 .Main street 
I'aori, Il'iiinis, tu whom all application for 
\?enri  s /nust be addressed. Be sure yon gel 
it with the letters il. G. belore F«rraU'8, thus 
il. G. FAIvRKLL'S— and hi.s signature on the 
Ihe w^rapper, all are co'i i i Hrff-itr;. 

Sold by 

D. J. WOOD, 

Wholesale and Retail Agent, 

Banlstou n, Ky. 

J. F. Senoiir, Eliza hethtown, Ky. 

Wilson 6c Burba, Ilodgenville, Kr. 

L. Hoglaii & Co., Shepherdsrille. 

Thomas Conn, Deatsville. 

8. R. Samuels, Gene Spring. 

G. W. Taylor. SpringfieKl. 

\nd by reijtiKr a^enl*^ t h; oiij'iont the United 


OR« CiA^TRlC JtlCE. 

PRi'.i'Ainn for. Iho R!:\m:t. or ih- 
fomth s i'd.w.xc i ()!•• I mi:  )\,!,(tr ii 

Ir.-.-lioii.; oflJAUtl.S I.LI RKRt;. itiH,M, -,i 

rii.M ( hi nil. t. bv J. s. inJLciiri'o.N I 

M. I)., P.iiladelphia, P.i. 
This i  a wonderful remedy for I 

fndigestiom. Dj/optpHa, Jammiiee, Litti | 

Complaiut, Constipation mui D^ility. 

C ii ing after .\aliire*«: own m-thod by Xa 
lure's own Agent Ihe G i-,irii- Juice. 

Q;^ila:f a tear-pionfiil of Pi i-si.n infn'od iti 
• ^-ater, V. ill ditest or dissolvr, F i . e Po.:rids ol 
lloist Beef iu about two hour?, out of liir 
-toniach . 

Fkpsis i^ the chief elem nt or f^r»-at Di 
ttstin;; Prin -iple of the ^astric Jjiire — liie 
"Solvent of Ihe Fool, the r^uiif in'.; Prc'crv- 
tii; nnd Siiiiiiil itiii'r .A-renf of 111* S'oiiinrh 
Tiid Iiili «tine :. It e.x'nrli'.i f. ):ii Ihi-Di 
•;e.!* ive Sloiivich of the Ox thiK firminrjan 
A.tificial Dige«live Unid preri'eii' like tin 
natnrnl Ga«trie Juice in il« ( °h.*mical power* 
md fnrnishins a CO.MPI.ETK and Perfesi 
■^nbttitnfe for it. By the aid of this prpparn- 
lion, Ihe p.'int and evil* of I nrli;i-« f io.i rrv 
I) «pep:i-a are i eniT. ed jiist a« they ivoniil ii- 
!iv a h * i'.lhy s*oiirnrh. It is du n.; wni-ltM' i.n 
l)yep..';.t ic: .nil in frri«f « o'' Dtrhiiily l!.iiii-i - 
tion. Nervous D. c'ine. and D/speptie I n-i- 
 niiiption. supposed to be on tb« Terga of th'- 
;rn\ c. The SrientiAc EvideBe« upon whieh it 
U 'lased, i« in the highest d *gree Curious au(* 

Seientifie Eeidanor. 

Baron rhikro in his celebrated work on 

\iiiinal ("h.-Miiistry, say=:"An Artihcial l)i- 
4^"stivi; Fluid, analoi0 i« t-i the Gastric J .lice, 
may !'e rcidjly pri p- ie(i f:';in?lir' mneuiK ni-'in- 
'uaiii; o liie «1oin":'i o! 1;i- Ox in wlii'-h ■ a 
" ioiK arl ici»;  of lofi l, a-, i.i». ;it and egs^.?, wiil bi- 
-oflened chaitged and di^este I jit't in Ih • 

amc manner as they would ba ia tb? hunai- 

Dr. CoMBK, in his valuable writ in:;*' .^n tii- 
•l*hi' ioio:;v o! I)i ;e«t ion," o'j'ervc« t rif'-n 
'iniin ilion of Ihe due qn inlify of the (• iMr'r 
Jtiii'e is pro.iiineiit and all prfvailin'.; ctii e ol 
Dytpepsia;'* and be states that **n distin:;.iish 
■ l pioTesmr of medicina in London, ^lio »-a' 
, .,niicted with this  -omp'niut. findin:: 
v. i'.i .i:i^ else to fiil. hi I reeonrse to the 
' t-i ' i - J^iicc, obtained from the stomachs o 
1 . i II 4 an iinals, which pre/ad eoiap'etely snc- 
■essfnl. " 

iJr. Gr,AnA», niithor of the fimons xvorks 
)n " Vegelahie Diet." say*: "It is a reiniika 
1 e fact in ph.'siolr);;,- lhat the stomic is o 
mimals macerated in water iiii.ia-t IoIIh' 
I'.i l tlie property of iii««o' ifi:» ai ,o'i- ar'.i - e- 
): foid.;.nlof e If- c' . ii ; i !, . n o Tit lir;il(ii 
;■ -ti)n of thivii ill in dilYir-enl liie 

I . r:\ ! (l!gus; i ■ e pio 

ff^Cn. ] on ;he A^ent.antl ^et a DetrriMti'. »• 
Ci ' -il-ir, grnti«, girin' a lirire ainoiint »,f 
S-ienti&o livideuce, similnr to the above . to 
■{« ittr with tbe report af ReMarkable Cures, 
r oiu all pirts ef I be United States. 

Asa Dyspefain Cnr«r« 
D.: flOUGM ri)X S PFP.?I.V has pro''uced 
he iiiT-t V I Li.o ;.; kfi tc i s. in .-n . i :i : • -i « 

(i/* Debility, Enuciution, Nervoiit De- 
cliM and DysptptU Cansnaip/ian.— 

tl is impossible lo uive th»  delail* of ct.»s in 
he iim.ts of liiis ml vfi t ifcii -n t ; ljut niitheii- 
iirated certiAcales have lieeu i^iven of more 

than r«a Hundred Bemnrkuhle Cnre; 

n Phila«'elp!:ia, New York and fJo'-lon nlon*- 
These were m' u'y ali de.per.i te case", a n d he 
Mres ivero not only ra|)id nnd vvondifnl, bu' 
ii'i inn nent. 

It is a gaeat NRRVOLS A.N TIDO PC. a-. 
 arlicularl} n«efi:l lor ti^adency to Bit ion-- di- 
irder. Liver Conipl tint. Fever and A:;iie. " 
.aidy treat 'd Fever an I .A^^ue, and lii.- i . ; 
•ilVi;!" of Qiiiriiiic, .M Ui 'Mir .•. ii n I iicr di i; ^ 
iji ju file I)i4...-f i'-e Oi'_':in?. ; I'li'i- ii io i ;  .!'■ ; 
ii'j';. .«o. f).' i'\.:'- = ' ill catii-;. n :-. tn: loo 
lee ire of aii'i'nt spirits, it .-. lim'st i ei:o:;i.-ii' 
.'luait:i vvilii I n t eriipernn-''. 

Old Stomach Complr.ints. 
There iiiirifiinj ofOii! SloiU'f^ • C^J iip aint- 
' b:":!i it floe* not seem torcTeii ami remo.e al 
nice. No matter liow bad they may he, ii 
;ivi.s i.vsTA.NT aKi.;«-;rI sink's dose remove 
ill nnpleasnnt symptoms; and it only needs li  
■jf repealed for a short time lo make the«e«;ooii 
I (T'-'irt^ iicrnianenf. Piirily o.'' Illoo I. a:i l Vi^oi 
)l IJed . fd.o .• ut ■iiice. It 15 !  ■ 1 1 iciT -. rl . ex 


OQTI A  UK.S , , «.,.,„. C....n:v. on 1,1. 
mi*y\J U  llin- Vrut. o, posit,. .»o,l in M b 
01 .Ne v ila««ii«^iicrra a* gvnl G n « 
  'inyoo tlw ssvar.— Ml a«iM ifMi C** . 
a t : ah«nd:iiier of va.'nabia "nather an. 

; c yj'iSie of s-in; ina,!.. n be»alifa| mnl pro 
r Ue firm. Pi ir^ ;{V''"» . t^««MM Joar.- 
 :i . t.r;.. ia au^ uor.gfU Ir »»H, 

In rt-irt Tonn! . rvo '/.en Ri- er arj .n.n 
diinf) il,i'. n;i : „ 1,. „iilf^ Ol" th 

)rOiiO c I Railr.- a I f. -irn L- u'i« , illf to .\a«h.i !• 
— ; iO acre* rh-M.-d p.„ I i i r . h gi .t-.!.- o -m' 
iivatiou. -Biii:diu;;« cniveaient aa l eomfo Im 
•!«. rvia. fl,AML J. W. »s«Mlt.i:»i.. 1 
lulltortfod taaeP. 

330^ Aores 

In Hardin C*inly, o:i M-«tiiij( Cr»e»— Lv 
 er.-»cl««»o i-.4a»lpi»i«^livr.— |»|,n»rein. ni 

ronvvntrnt and coinfurtnb'e. Prjea f l.0,'0. 

1,800 Acres 

In Graysf.ii C  iuiiy . on K.)i|'^h C re»-k. S"*' 
ral temraMat*. PM iions of it v. r y i j.-ii «o 
I'lvo of Iho kest .Mill Scats on ll.e C-erk — abanda.t, Md casvenioat. P.ic. 
$ '.000. 

I o.Ter the n Wa tracts of L«m| very cheap. 

.n I will -i-H for .NVijroes, or on «wHfe aiadila a* 

Will suit liif piiic!ia-er. 

February 10. \~^Z. — *5* 

VISTlfS liWllI 07 Wri CliLRBY 

'I'l tie iMi»p«t«M#. 


''11111:1 attention of the hdjcs it parlicolar 
J|_ ly ealled ti the stock of Bonnets nnd Rib 

0^^Prcee 25 51) cents, and ^\ per » ot 

CLOTHING ! ! CLO rillNG ! ! 
(jU/1 lilNG !!! 
Rauh, Rrothers 

WOUf-H beg leaxrto inform their friend^ 
nnd the public lhat Ihey have received 
1 n I ara receiving woekly, new supplies to tarir 
ilr-'ndy large stack of 


all of their maniifactnre, nnd warranted 
not to he surp«**ed by a uy as for Cut. Styl*-. 
Making, and low prices. Receiving good' 
every week, tliey are enabled tofnrni'b al nnv 
• ime artieles suitable for ihe sensim. nnd b\ 
livins tneir whole nllenlion to Uii? one lin 
il hii i'less. tht-y hope to m-reit farther tl:«' 
contideiiire and patronage so liberally be«tow- 
••d uBoa tbeMb 

,n5»rh 3-tf RAlTli:**ftOTHF:R^. 

bons at 
April 7. 


.TQciiierchiefs, nt all prices are to h 

loiind at 


IBBON, Lace«. Fringes, Silk dress pat-' 
lams at cost al 

%JV R.\UII , BK0T11ER9. 

\V.\!^ rKi . 

GINS"NG Ree  w: X. Bi on. Lard. Fhtji 
eed. foi- wlii'-li ue wiil pay Ihe bifoes 

iii:iiK.-t pri-'r in i-a« h or e- o ••• • ie^ 
IV 13 C.)LLI.N';  .V -i IMHRLAND. 

Money Wanted. 

IT is rfl(|ueiled of all these indebted to m* 
toeall and settle their aeoounts witbou 
t a ther notice. [3tJ WM. RUSffiL' 

remedx. rs miu'i i-ns instances have bt-en no 
iiced where whole fimilies weri» prnleclcd liom 
any serious conseqiu iiees, while their m i.:')- 
bors, willioiit the Ch.-rry Pectoral, were sullVr- 
ing froHi the di en ^e . 

S vLKU, Ohio, June II, IS-'il, 
Dn.J.C Aver: — I write to inform vou of 
Ihe trnlv remarkable effects of your Cherry 
Peclorai in this ■plar;', and in my f niiiy. 
One of my danghtf r j was eo'opl.'tely rnre I in 
three days of a dreailf;il Wli'iopinn-Conjli . t v 
takin; il . D.' . vin-. one of nnrb -'t ; ly-i 
i-ian? f:ee'-.' slate' lint he eonsiders il the uc-'- 
rumedy we h.a vc f »r pnimonaiy dis»a»es, nm' 
lhat he has cured more eases of Cinnpwith 
it than any other medi.-jnc he e\er p.d.niii 

Oil" (-■'.ergyman of 111.-" B'; ri«t Cnrch s-y  
tint (lurii '.' I'lic run "f Inf! i"ii.'.a m! c t iii  id 
i son. no hay seen cures from vo ir .nedi.rine, be 
could soreely kave believed without seeing. 

Yours respecflnlly. 


Deputy Postmaster. 

From l^«' distins'iii'ied Profr*««or of Chsmi - 
y and M iterin .NIedii'a, Biwdoin Cdleje, 
1 hnve foiin I 111.' Cl. liv i'lrcloral, as its i-r- 
2ri'(l:rnt- show, a p.) ■. .'; .'"nl i eir'-tly for eold».an,' 
consnsniul pn'.mon iry di.-n«c-5. 

P.vUKr.i: Cl.F.VKLA]tn,M. D. 

Brunswick, Me., Fen. 5, 1647. 
Dr. Valentine Molt, the widely eelcbmted 
Professor of 8ur|;«ry in the_Medical (-olle? v 
New York, say-; : 

*It give* me pl'-a.:'! t o -i-  ^ify'ri- vn''l" :t n ' 
enicncv "f 'Aver't Ci''iiy Pectoral.' which I 
i-on«i( r ]) C'ilir'i- V .,! i ite.l torure diseases ol 
the'l'iiroat in.l Lnii;^- .' 

C'ires ofsevei e di^ea^es upon tbe Lttngs hav ( 
been effected by C n iry PectornI in such ex . 
trenio cnse; as wnriant Ihebt-lief that a r»ni 
i*( v has nt leiiRl h bi'.'n foiind ihiit pan be de 
.ended on toeuie t''i  C i"'.rh'. C 'M', nnd ("on 
nmptinn wbieh cany 1. om nm ii.ifhl Ihoii.nnri. 
everv year. It is iiKieed a uieilieine tn whicb 
Ihe nfflii-ted can 'oofc with eonfidcneo fer re 
lieLandlh.-y should nat fail la avail them 
 elvesof it  

nrilb Mieh assaranee and from such men. no 
stronfcer proof can bn adduced uuleia it bo from 
its effects upon trial. 

rrppireil And ^oll By Jiimei C. Ayer, 

Practical anil Analytical Chemest, 
Lovell, Ma$». 
Sold in Bardstown by Dr. U. Cox, 
and bv Druggists and d«»itrs In Medl- 
, / c i lj«n. 20 

'He bfsl rcmrdy ever known to man! 

For Coughs. Cul.Ji. Asth.m. Croup. 

Bionrhiiirf, I„fl„^.„j,^ of 
the Lungs. DiflBi ult Breathing, 
Liver AfTectiuus. Paitt ot 
W e ■ k ne s a of Ibo 
Breast or Side, 

First stages 
ft 0 . dc c. & c. 
In short, thi^ Bi' i-, pfcnliarlr a- 
lanted to eve.y liisr^je of Ihe LnnftS 
m l Liver, uhii h is prodaced bj out 
e VI' r- vn ry i ng dinijte. 

Wild Cherry ha» i,.„g been L:o;vn t» 
possess importrtn: inediciual pruperiies. 
riiii tuct ii ioini! to every matrmi in 
Mur land, and pbysicianaofien pr-scritr 
Windifferrnt forms for a rarieiy oi 
cuin, !ainta. Tar, alao, has been equal 
ly noted (or ii« rtrtues.and some phy- 
sicians whose na n.c is fantiliar lo iLr 
whole cooalry. hnve gone sj fa, as fo 
leclare lhat ev-n Consu-rptioa could 
be cured bv thai alot,-. I„ otijer h«.;.ls 
igiiii. it UMS u.j.rly vMueless. owini;. 

II ) doubt, to tii.'ir i-norauce in piepar- 
iii;; and adininisierii:^ it_« difllcnllv 
now eniifely obvijirti bv patient ex 
pr-riente and Inug experiment. 

The ex:raor.liuarr uiediiiaal powers 
of these two auhaianrpsare. now. lo 
ihP first litre. romWned and rnibudird 
i; Dr. \Vistat*s&ilaantof'WilU Chen . 
Bye nice chemical process, erervihiuy 
•lelelerio is or useless }« rejected, so 
that what rem :  ill s iw th- ii,.j»t ext'ior 
(linary cud truly efi: ac'mc^ rtiae.!* for 
.ill kinds of p'll incinry £„ • |i ver lis as- 
.»« ever kiiij vii tomin. To conviut- 
ill unbeli-ver? tint oi;r ih-ory is reallx 
•rue, %ve refer lu a few ca?es of cure? 
performed by this Voaderfal medicine 

Tico lilts sartd by the «*€ cf only three 
bottlts of Wiitar's Biilum of 

Mt. EutK, Kv., Ji;!' 2 j, 1S52.T, 

M-'SSr«:. llar.Otiit H)-.Viir: fie Co — 
Gpii K:-Tlie - Dr. Wisur's Falsan) rl 
Wii J Cherry" lhat J bought of yon. 
i«s been of such signal benpfii ]■ m\ 
iaibily. that 1 wish tomakaiis virtues 
known for the heneit of ihe public 
My wife took cold at the ti me of fi 
 *onflnement.wbich teliled on her innjis 
The physici.3ns pronounced her v»-n 
ronsnm piioij. Sh» l-.j ! prf)f;;s- v.' 
swears, and htid t ()Li;.:Iis; ifje w i 
ni». Ioi tve j red »,f re('*»-r» 
ind herrhill p,i r ' nr. I- o f 1. . r o. , I 

She then pom rt:pi!f f(i l^Kiug "\Vis!:,r' 
li-il»:im of Wild Cii»'rry,"»iiri three bol 
■ ►■B ' IT'.-ctet] un eiiii,-B cure 

III I ih" tliiid both 
I h^jve no doubt that ihey would ha v 

now been in ilieirgnves if ihey bad no 
have used Wi«tar'a B.*laam of Wild 
Cherrj. SSTH K..SEAICT. 

Selh R. Searcy, whose name is'abovr 
is a man of as much veracity as any in 
this country, and a roan of good judg 
me It, and ne place cntiio lelianco on 

his statement. 


eellei.t in cases of Nausea, Vomiling, ('ramps. 

Soreness of Ihe pit of the SioiNach. disress nl rilNSl MPTION CUR AULr. 

ler eating, low. cold slatoof the Blood, lleavi- Rfibert Sni ii-r-or Justice of I 'i 

ness Lowness Of Spirits l espoodeac .K.,n. p j^^.,,,,,-, y ' 

lalion. Weakness, trndeoey to Usanity , . ^, • , , "P. ^' 

Siicide,&c. rfM county, Oiin. and brother ol 'Mij. 

|)r lloii-hton's IVjrin ii «o:.! v- m-:; 'y al Gf-ner;) S i n lersiMi.' ai officer in tl 

he d-.-ieri in fitii; hms^^ nr. I P.-p-i rir .Medi war cf 1812. (Mired of Conaonipiton b» 
.„.-s thioMj.,out ll.e I ni!.; ;s:,.,.-.. It is pre- ,|,^u,eof WIsurs Balaam of Wi-ii 

I in and in l-inul loiin — anil in p, w» ww m 

i'ri-^criplion vials for the use of Physicians. Onerry. 
(f^Privatc Cirrulars f. r the use of Physi Rush C^'eek to-.rn^hlp, FairSalc? Co..  

IIS. mav he oMained of Dr. Iloii'^h'on or hi' FeH. '25, Ih5I, | 

A.;eiits, descri^ inir th? v. no'.e pre.:-"* of pie ; Dear Sir: — As I consider that my lite 
,.r,rnt;..n. nnd givins n.e nut .o.itie, ,i:,.„ ha* been prolonged bv »r beiMj( cnied 

A ll.e.'l Ih'.' c'auf-iS of this llfV. r-i!! : .■ n ; •  ' • 

As a is xor A sKcar.T ui :i. r v. . o . 1 jc , Consumption by the nsaof Dr. Wi, 
cm be raised against it Mse by Pbysictausiu tar S Balsam of Wild Cherry. I nil' 
res'pecfable standing and regular practice. nlate the syniptoms of my case, thiti 

(.C^I'i :■• • . One Dollwr per Poiile. ' -ilh-rs sitnilarly afflicted nnay be in 

(j:^, -Ob^rrvn this I Ivory hoitle of thi !  'i't-«-tl to try tliij inviluable remr-dy. 
;i:i^iie i'l.l'Sl.N bo.i r« t he v. ril le:j signalni e j | e X j erience I o re.i I diiiiiultTin breii'.ii 
of J. 8. Iiou?hton, JI. D., 'ole proprietor,! ;„„. j,^^ tit -'ic r. ver w'j'h vi.ileii' 

lecuJc'r'""* ^W"*^'"** ^"M fi"^l'^^ of !'-at .it ! freq...., t r„M , hill. 

(^Sold by nil D ti-^is*: 


An oM n«l ealnahle nohaefib« r»;' 
«eni oa n crtiifrnto fswoa on* at h 
Pariabsnneta. whieb be wiahes pubiUh* 
f or iha benetinf bit neighbors, and 
coinMoRiiy al f«r^, ItaiairsonK^ 
:hority thtt nee ia no ronftrmaii«»a, 
(•arlirul^rs of a remarkitble rurr? tr'^ n 
Avrr's C'lfrrv P- ctor.l. an i r, 1 !(» 
lave klr^jrly tak'':i O' asion o n'J'.ir..-. 
md whirh we h.ivr teur .) » , Seilrt- 
Aortb notico. Thi« 4ufl". rcr h«tj i^- .:n 
lediKVij very lotv Iron the r ffi-cta of • 
C-. hl an. I C' ugh. caused by overe tfrtiou 
H» a firi". uoarly three yvars since, an I 
' rom which it wasevidrat tc hia frienda 
h it be -res fast haslecittg lo a peowM 
'ure;:rure. Many of tha fl msiiio ol 
th- day sad the adeiro of oi^lneat 
Ph vtieians had all failed •• afot4 hl« 
relief, when bo nraa Imlneesi to try iho 
Cherry r^ioral.wbicb soon cnred him. 
Tbo crowded state of our crdumas will 
not adwil full paniculBrs, but w« 
earn^9tly inviti* the attention uf oor 
reader* to th" nil vr-rf i«em»„t in flr.oihrf 

par* of oui 


TossiB'^E RiiXEDT ron 
:- IVijMr'j B^lum of Wil4 

Cficrry is just the reoNily thai^ 
inindfd. unprrjudired man. lho«««^|« 
arqnainied wnh rrery Systam of nsao* 
lice, and w»ll acfnainiod «iib Hm 
whole Matotia Medico, and eiperinaesd 
agemrral pracliv*e. would reromnifcj 
Ihe beH pwihtt rrsudf . for th* euro 
of Coughs. Cui  t. Aaihmna Isoashiili 

••ad C(*nsump;i(i|]. 

Thia remedy mn'ain* tJi*» ertrsordi- 
nary meiiriunr virt..!.'» of -he W-'W 
C'l^rrya.-.d th- Fir « hi. h nr*- rnaibioe* 
• n.l em'. i'.ileJ in Ujeir uiMost povos is 
: h i ? a r • i ! e 

By a nice chemiral process, fe^f. 
tiiiuK drieierioaa er us#lvss in sejecteil, 
• !  ihtft nha- teiuaius isihr aaoai esira* 
oidiuary anJ truly tMrmrinun 9om»d9 
for all hinds cf palnKinafy aad |if«« 
diaansooarer hnown fw 

Thonaaaas of Farrats who «sp Trrni. 
ifagp^c o m y aoi I of C—ter o;i. Culomel, 
&c., are not awar-, that tu,^ ,p. 

i ear lo oT.ern the paiieuf, th*v are 
irtnally liyt ig the foumimicns fcr a 
-ieri.-S of dia-nses. S.u U *« s •  iv-« I ioo^laSS 
of *?ghi. wciikti'ss o', I ill. ha die. 

In anoiher «oI;;it?h ui J b-- f. nn 1 iho 
tdvrrtiseme.': of Hob' rs .ck'* jdvd'c'na* 
'o wbith w- a«k ;he attraiioa of all 
iirectly infercstrd In ihrir own as wall 
ss their Ctiltiieu's h alih. Ki Liars 
Compiaittto and all disorders anaias 
'roMB thoae of a bilioao lypo. ahonld 
naaka ose of the ouls -ht mNlslns. 
HohenMck's Liver Pi!'5»: 

l^ff*' He naf dice re^." tsk & 
i-Iol euvark"s Worn Syrup 9r.j Live» 
Piil's. !\c I . ':,». •,  ■ tha' earh I ss "he sin- 
mature of ;! ■• iv;^r :-^r. J. N. Uohsj- 
sacs, oa unr..f -ise renwioe. 

A boy oboot 14 jaais of afo wantoil 

n this CCice. to learn tho ert of Print- 
njr. One wvho can coire v..*;; rcccr-. • 
ncn'le.l Tvill trttl a cooJ homo nad 
obtain a ti.orouih krcwiedgt Fm|  
ng. Apply immeJIctely. 

Varmftur 8al«. 

'^IIS Farai 1 mnn9 fiv« on. 9 M!!ee 
llar4«^own.«b tiio »wpher4»eiUn ifan , ia 
Said firm ••ealaiars 


. 't one !^Mr»«eIo»«; »n l ia cool vepalr. ^ 

; o Dv/^,i. n:: !'0.;-:2 and Ki'riien. larg^ ftoitii'n 
 ••! IJ'ii I a "r-niit: Siop. and a l atb»r 
I'.'ii'i:; su£cieat to m'-i'.e a inan a e.oml'ar ^ 
' e ho n-. Apa^O aail Pe.-^c:! tlirhard of rhoic-s 
v. if; u-arrr foe atock. whic.'j h^s never been 
; follul; al'o, fird ti to welt water iieae 
the house: abont 75 acres V». y tifn'.erefl l»n«t, 
\ny p*r on wi'hiii* to i i .• ^ :'- • i : c:. ' ' '9 wa!| 
loeall ai»d oxamioo fo - • ' r.-- i f  •.•.•'■ re thoy 
, urfha«e el'^-v.-iir. -s f .■ :y-'t'i'\m ne.i 'or' o 
•_i;ool . ■. P:--" t.'r r ^-os.:: ^ ■ -n in 

t.  d: v-. nft.-r .1 i :»-«;n:.-ti, 

f bKtf iiF.\uv srsKi r. 

H«witt'8 Da^uerrcan fisllaij 

L0L :  VlLI.E, KY. 

! 'A 


n Laui4»ill«,"tbe lateb «t.-i 

J. M. iiF.w Frr.   

T. F.BRt^W.V. \ 

K r.y rtrTis airn 

■• ■ ■ ,1 ' a  • T : , 
c , ~ -   

r.'.ver ; 


Ilo .oe r ;.J Lot for Sale. 

1\Vl^.l:i  : 1 i^ii«e nnd lot'iluateat 
tfia E:v t en i of Brondway. Strd«tawii, K7. 
"-i i pioperlr will "le sold oit laasonahU tevm*. 
\pplir iniine'lialaly to 
la.rrh .--JI JAUS^ S. S^.ACK. 

Life Insurance. 

TBRlirrs ■ '.f -. ...f Neiraea In — 

oa ihem ' .1. ;n r ii.  « f ll-.« aafitOI 

•uui taoal r«t»p   !' c ' i-^.^m. • In 'jlo ITaiofc 
m CAMFltXTClS Jr.AeaM 
or Vmkm Ibiaal Ufc las Oa 

si.Ie 811 I bre«si 

DAVID J. WOOD, Bardsfoien. 

Wholesale an l Retail A^etit; DIi. W 
L. CRUTCIiER, Frankfort; RAY 
April 38. Ifi52.~ly. 

and Dealersin;"""*"^'? i;'!'" "« ^ . 

; iicconi paniad by a very bjd roij;;M; w.r 

'very restless at nighls, and hdil ^reii 

night sweats, perspiring. I shou! I $jy 

at least two gallons a night, wetiin» 

the bed coaipleteir ibroogh. I had am 

been able to woih for yeara, Ont I was 

much amaciated, and a'moat hopelr%s. 

nhen I commenced using W|siar*s Bil 

 am of V.'itd Cherry. 1 have used ii  

 ili 13 ncttit";. iui I 1 am now ffe frcr: 

jail tiioae com;)laint5, for my heahh is 

I good. 

[ 1 om no V f.fty-five years old, and 
to_l-,.ive ir'il taken Hiiy 01 the CaUainsrnc- 
eili^fiis of -Nelson, liar. !:n , L.ariir . 1^,45 because m V hrdjih is SO goo. I a- 
an.:th.-adjoiniiigrountie.,an.i i iei^^^^ require »nv m--(licine. But if 1 
I r.-i\ t'line(rommnMtty generally, tna [ ^ • 

d Ta ernal ^ew Haven in tb- hi. ve a n y return of my former symp 


NEW H.tV£N, KT., 

Ji^mjdL R?s [ ec f n 1 ly amujiui'es 

; • • t • g 

w. ROWLVSn. sAsncia o«A«ao. 

Dealers i t Bn- 
t\n:ir. II ^2. T'.llovi. 4-S. 
r. -r'rner ot .^Iiin an t Sd alo. 

! lVh iUs;tle Gro'ers. 
con, Lard, 

1.1 l.sV ll.l.r,, K V 

UT ILf* pay h g'^rtf pri-es. in easo. 'of 
Faooits l«ord; Fau'hTs; F;n»..Se*!j 
and C . Blry Pirodneo ge soi^ 


MajolkaaU I MsxcaauU ! 

FOJIR-I.NT. r;c 'c ;:.o ' af.1 

'. • I "  J   .1 .\Io \| '. ;iu..1i-c .-i . Ot- 

li viii-i an'i X -h slrKri' ii 
^trdsto  rn. Ky , 'aiaij occapted by 

\Sthm% Jt foa Or^'-Poi'scwlon wilf h» j;v«a 

.11 ' ie fu st • ^ ' - S : A ' I t ' 

f o/i-r • r , k :y. 


large and fro iKiio Ii'ius brick boose formerly oc 
rupied by UN. ^^IH. The I o'im' lr.» be'- 
tboroii;iily lep 'I; . n .l hi- room- lilttTl;: 
.vitii now nnd fiisiiionrib c Inriiitiire. r npcts 
.^1 . M s table will at all siibstan«lials an.: 
•ixm ies lhat the eoiintryaffordo. liis stablei- 
,-pii-ioii«, wi-ll ^ii'P'.iIieii w i:li pro ."id'-r. tv..! .-if 
t.-nded !).• cnrelui ho tl  1 «. Hi- I'.t i' all 
tiinc. till-d V it li the vei \ b ol io.-.v-n nnl «lo- 
II •«t:i' I i'l'ioi  , and he will sjnie iio:i.-iinJ Oi 
.•X'' ;'n«e to raneer his guests comtortahle. 

lie feals aiwnrod that ba ean »ivo sali i^et ioi 
foall ^ho may favor him with Ihi-ir ualrona;. 
A^■ \ n \ NK .T »'IN ON. 


llodseuville, Lnrao CoaatrsKy* 

T.ip ".iib^criber f ake« t hi« met hod .- ■ 1 n- 
forming thf? (HiMic. that he Ins njain 
ta»en charje of his Mote', nnd will five his 
parson il attention to the manasemrnt ol the 
\rhole rtst-ib!i»hin 'at. The Hon*'' islaig'andi 
tromrortaW". and to nhioh i« con -i ^f'e.l 1 jno,. 
Stable. ta'Beientto acenmmodate iiAy or«i tyhor 
^es. l id ii-otahislnn^esperiaDoeiDbtiiifaiesa. b -f -el» 
Li«-u I'd that be will be abiuiorL'n ier miafaetioa lO 
all v^bo may favor bim with a oall. and ffthefcia 
I Dsu re comfort and qaiet U  hi* goaala, the boaoa wW 
be conducted OD ;bc Tctuperaoce plaa. 
dec3 3oi bA.MUfcL WJLSON 

tiurs. I should use Wistar's Balsam o' 
Willi Ch'. rry. I prt.cnr-d ibemedicin; 
tf .Messrs. Fail it nd .McGrachea, jOiu 
ogentsin Lancaster, Ohio. 

The gennino Wisiar'a Balsam o' 
Willi Cherry base facmmilaof the sig- 
nature of Henry WisUr. M, D.. Phita- 
lelpiiia, and S^nford and Parh, on a 
I liiirli- e.x cit'ed iteel engraved nriOffer. 
I No other cdn begenuino. 
I OCT- Price tl par\baitlo«mas bot- 
tles for as. 

I S.)l.i by J. D. PARK,, Cin.. 0. 
Northeast coroof of Fourth aod Walna  
Sis..— entrance on W«lnnt airaet i^i  

whom all orders must be ad-lresaed 
Also fold by D. J. Wood, Birdsfown: 

.1. F. S'lionr, Kliiiletlttowii; J. W 
R'.;-r*. Ufli-nsvill.-; S. Johnson. N 
Hiv-n; .\. S. 8urlrii h, Shepher i»* I le 
J. \V. S'i"n-t't»'r M' VVnthinv'on. 


JOHN H. PAYNx; ^ CO., 

/ire A otrtc;. 

BA 'io^Tur, ,v. A'^.v r rev r. 

ME^ I io notv ihofuo|hji hirai»hcd and. 
rwuly fcoihs oeommwrfMimiaf 4 




\ est 


&nd faollbliyeooiiantibotwocnnaaiiafy 
i iha mom faoiidlaao. Tbo« «k» «iab to 
ake Pleasure BMla^ ot Un^ Journey a 
030 be sccoiut^ted a I 

All kanrs a:s re^to^nblt ttf^. 
Persona Jeainog STAGES. lUCKS 
Sic, io a:tc,.rl F mefol Piocvasicr*. cca 
alwav.s be sopplisd. 

Give as a call, you will izd ih»% 
wobaseoce ol ihe most axieosive SioAtes 


Bardstown herald (Bardstown, Ky. : 1851), 1853-04-07

4 pages, edition 01

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