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date (1884-11-01) newspaper_issue 


NOVEMBER, 1884, 


Hiuce coffee posst^^see the qnaUtr of 
stimuliitlug ' the ncWoiu systein, it is a 
matter of course that in many coses its 
effect is nUhei injurious. Phlegmatic 
people, esijeoially, need coffee, and they 
are fond of drinking it ; for a similar 
reason it is a favorite beverage in the 
Orient, where its consumption is im- 
mense. But to persons of an excitable 
temperament the enjoyment of coffee is 
hurtlul; they ought only to take it very 
weak. With lively children it does not 
agree at all, and it is very wrong to 
tovuo them to drink it, as is often done ; 
while elderly people, who are in need of 
a stimulant for the decrea-ing activity 
of their nerves, are right in taking as 
much of it as they choose. 

Ill households of limiteil means it is 
often necessary to use succory with 
coffee. We do not pretoijd to pro- 
nounce this, if taken in moderate quan- 
tity, hurtful ; but we do say tha. it is a 
IK or mbstitute for coffee, and that there 
is nothing in it to recommend its use. A 
far better mixture is milk and sugar ; 


The first mention of a book in the 
Bible is in Genesis v. 1, where it is im- 
plied that some kinds of records were 
kept from the very days of Adam. Borne 
think that the books of Job was written 
earlier than the book of Moses. With- 
out doubt, it belongs to the time ot the 

Books in the earlier ages wore written 
on tlie leaves of the papyrus, on skins, 
on cloth, on tablets of stone, of wood, of 
lead and of brass. Among the Hebrews, 
the sacred books were usually written 
on skins prepared like the parchment of 
modem times. To form even one prin- 
cipal section of tlie Bible, many skins 
hml to lie sewed together. When writ- 

fLEA SAyriilES. 

Can a young lady who is everlastingly 
knitting her eyebrows be called indus- 

The only prize the English carried off 
at the Derby was a surprise, but it was 
a big one. 

Tub ago of discretion — The ago when 
company airs can l o put on or taken off 
AS necessity demands. 

Who says it is unhealthy to sleep in 
feathers? Look at tlio spring chicken 
and see how tough ho is. 

Do NOT tell a man he lies. It is vul- 
gar. Say that his conversation suggests 
to your mind a summer-resort circular. 

It has been deftnitely settled ot lest 
that the reason why the pig’s tail ciuls 
is because it’s styed when it is young. 

“ Nothino is imjmssible to him who 
wills'." Nonsouso; it is impossible for 
the man who wills to get ahead of the 

When a woman attains the age of 35 
without accumulating a husband she en- 
joys attending one funeral more than a 
dozen balls. 

A URAU'nruL maid in Carlla?e 
Ou tb« back of her nock bad a bitia; 

Wbau ber lover forgot, 

Auil bugged tbe iore epot, 

Her rcreania oould l*o beard for a mlilo* 

It is now believed that the oleomar- 
garine factories put hair in their goods, 
thus rendering it more difficult of de- 
tection than ever. 

Whenevrb young ladies leam how to 
stick a pin in their apron strings so that 
it won’t scratch a fellow’s arm there will 
be more marriages. 

“ If you want a broth of a boy, take 
me,” said the Irish sailor to the cannibal 
King. But the King said he preferred 
him roosted. He wasn’t fond of broths. 

“What eon run faster than a good 
horse?” was the eonundmm, and the 
^ man \Miu had hod some trouble with his 
creditors guessed it at once; “The 

Thb latest sweet thing for the ladies 
is ivory heels on wedding slippers. 
When the first-bom gets old enough to 
get into mischief the ivory heels should 
be removed. 

The New Orleans Picayune states 
I that Fhila'lelpbiuns kick against the 
1 elevated railways. Johoshaphatl That 
contain beats the best efforts of the Soldeue 
starch, it is true, but, the digestive ap- troupe. 

lEirstus of children being yet too weak | .. tombstone,” said the 

to change them into fat, the result is ^ stating that I 

that the flesh falls away and the bones gooundrel, thief and bmte. Then 

grow eoB, and crooked. people -will think that I was a good man , 

But he who, to promote digestion. Epitaphs always lie so.” 
takes coffee immediately after dinner, , • tt i , 

, , . -11 , A PABROT m Harlem speaks 250 words, 

does best not to use sugar or milk— for „ . . , ^ . 

Lth, so far from helping digestion, are There bemg less than that numW of 
an additional burden to the fullstomach. yreeexonB m the English lan- 

aud disturb its lalKir more than ooff^ guage »t is presunaab le that the bird is 
can facilitate iU-Popular Aefenoe »  “« thing of a polyglot. 

Monthly, “ Thebb goes the celebrated Mr. 0., 

if lliero one tiling for 

whicli I'airview is prc-uinincntly 
noted it is the unvarying Dcm-. 
oeratic niiijority tliat is always 
forlliconiing wiicnever an cleeliou is 
lield. Tlie rest of the county may be 
and usually is hopelessly Uepublican, 
but Fiiirview, like the obstinate juror, 
regards iho olher precincts as con- 
trary and inisgiiided, and never 
budges an incli from licr Democratic 
predilections. In a vote of alioiitone 
linndred I lie llepnldican votes can bo 
eminted on ilie lingers of a single 
linnd in' one of licr jirccincls and tlie 
Ollier is almost as unaiiiiiiousiy Dein- 
orriilie. liul we did not intend to 
speak of |iolities. Our aim was to 
discuss till! Imsiiiess interests of Fair- 
view, wliicli comniiiiul tlie respect 
and admiration of all parties alike, 
wliullier tliey be Democrats or Ue- 
pnlilicans, lier people are straiglitfor- 
waril, liimest, energetic citizens wlio 
give :Mi iiirlics to tlie yard and Hi 
ounces to tlie jioiind. 

nii’iirilEs, sciKioi.s, r.Tc. 

'I'lic only cliiircli in Hie town is tlie 
new Mclliiidist cliiircli, of wliicli Itcv. 
■II. F. Orris llic pastor, Tliis cliiircli- 
lionsc i- jiisi ruinpicted and was only 
^vry rccciilly dcilieated to tlio wor- 

However, it must not be siipiKiscil 
tliat llic people of Fuirview arc not 
religious, because tlicy liave only one 
cliurcli. A iiuiiilaM' of tlie citizens 
are memiicrs of Baptist, I’rcsliylerian 
and oilier dciiominaiions wlio liuvc 
cliiircli-lniiiscs located adjacent to tlio 

Tlie si liool facilities of ilic place are 
as good us usually to be found in 
small towns. 

Dr. H. A, Arinsiroiig. Dr. E. S. 
Hliiart and Dr. .f. U. Browder are the 
plivsiriaiis of the place, and are care- 
ful and capable eiisloiliaiis of the pub- 
lic health, and clever and popular 

The Connecting Link Be 
tween Two of the Rich- 
est Counties in 
the State. 

Milk contains the some ingredients as 
blood ; and sugar is changed in the 
body into fat, which is indispensable to 
ns, especially in the process of breath- 
hig. Having taken no food through the 
night, the loss nnr blood has suffered 
during sleep by iierspirntion and the 
fat which has been lost by respiration 
must be compensated for in the morn- 
ing. For this milk and sugar in coffee 
are exoellent. 

It is good for children to have a taste 
for sweetened milk or milk-ooffee in the 
morning. We mnst not find fault with 
them if they like it. Nature very wise- 
ly gave them a jiking for sugar ; they 
need it because their xmlso must be 
quicker, their respiration stronger, to 
facilitate the assimilation of food in 
their liodics, and also to promote growth. 
Not that adults need no sugar, but the 
sugar necessary fur them is formed 
from tbe starch contained in tiieir food. 
For this puiqiose the digestive appara- 
tus must bo strongly develoi ed. With 
children this is not the case ; tlierefore, 
they are given sugar, instead of the 
starch to moke it from. Many diseases, 
particularly rickets, prevailing mostly 
among the children ot the poor, are the 
consi qucnoe of feeding the child with 
bread and potatoes 

Diuutcil on (be comity line, h,lf in 
'.Christian and lialf in Tbild', is Hie 
jl^l^'aMiil little townol ^'aifviuw’, witli 
'■ jt, busy, ''iieo^resslvo jvopnlallon of 
lliive liHndreil peo|iIe, It is an old 
town, lias never liud 
• the advantuge.i of Railroads or turn- 
has licitii and .is still one of 
the wmst Witfwlstit i6\vni of itie It-o 
^iini!^n which it 1# ifiuinliid. It l.‘- 
-urrequUetl jjy unc of the finest nCc- 
iiouAHy in. them 
Kentw'ky;'iiiil iho illaitlers belon^ttf’ 
the hutll sdkfit, tiisiiy or them having 
'■iR^kfchWdromtortabiofortiiirJ'li. Kalr- 
. vieiv lal^oiptidcrablc trailin'' center 
and lliu iiivrchunts arc cutorprising 
and prusiN'ratis. 

It is sKml 11 miles (rom llopkina- 
villc and Q tuiloa from Uiu (own 
of Elktoii. . , » 

sacred art. In tliis way arose tlio pro- 
fession, and as may be said the learned 
caste of the Bcrilics. As tlicy had the 
care ot tlio rolls of volumes of the law, 
they were sometioies called lawyers. 
Not only did they make copi°s of the 
sacred ti'xt, but tOey claimeil to explain 
it, and thus acquired great influence 
with the peojde. From our Lord’s re- 
proofs to the Berilies of his day we leam 
that they did not always use their in- 
fluence for good. 

The chief Scribes among the Jews 
were teachers. In the outer court of 
the Temple tliere wore many chaniliera, 
in which they sat on elevated pla forms 
and overlooked their pupils, who sat on 
' the lower platforms, and thus at their 

■When wo remember the wars, the 
caiitivities and the ixnrsccntions of the 
Jews, wo may well consider the safe- 
keeping and handing down of the sacred 
records to modern times ns among the 
wonders of Divine Providence. — 

Tiiii touACCf) FAiHii. , * caicit ex 

. . .• house ill 

One of the IcaiHug qiiterpriscs ul 

one com 

town, if it Is mil liKlccd the most iHs- 

• nelly 9. fcaUiris. of Its business In- from I’ci 
teri!^ Is (he Faliwicw Tobaoco Fair iKiiiit. 
AtEdtiUlion,  tvl)ici) gives a tobacco 1 ""* 
fair eroiy spring4« .fi^g»w:s.jiml en- q j ^ 
iipitragcs, tUoreby, one of tins fading ij. si^v, 
iiiduslrlcs of Soulhweslurii Ken- 

k Micky? The farmers in the vicinity 

..take a deep interest in (licsu fairs and uhoce^ki 

tliiTfesult Is tliat ihere is such active The j 

^iiniietition for the prizes tliat the licars al 

very llffcit grades of tobacco are "H® *" * 

, . cuplo.s a 

■gaond on liand every year, and the „ 

fairs are always oceasions of great j,, , 

iiniKirtancc to ilie town This asso- hnrdwa 

■viatlon has iiocu so long organized general 

Hint it lias come to lie regarded as a Htsl ' 

iicnnaucnt Interest of tlie place. ilsapp i. 
. little toi 

Igk- ■ tkrksth. Pte., alw 

Fairview is well suppliiHl witli all 
of llin varinns enterprises tlialgolo Tlie 11 
biiild up and maintain a town Hint is dcdicati 
retiiote from cities and therefore Ikt. D 

* foriicd to roly principally niKiii its oome ai 
own resources. It has well stocked on, win 
diy gooda and gouoral merchandiso scrinoti 


Old shoes are used for three purposes. 
First, sQ shies not completely worn out 
ore patched, greased, and, after being 
otherwise regenerated, sold to men who 
deal in such wares. Some persons wear 
one shoe much more than the other; 
theee dealers find mates for shoes whoee 
original mates are post hope. Secondly, 
the shoes not worth patching up are out 
into pieces; the good bits are nsed (or 
patching other shoes, and the worthless 
bits, the soles and crnckeil “uppers” are 
converted into Jamaica rum by a process 
known only to tlie manufacturers. It is 
said that they are boiled in pure spirits 
and allowed to stand for a few weeks, 
the prodnot far suriiossing the Jamaica 
rum made with essence, burnt sugar 
and spirits. A gentleman who doubted 
the truth of tliis story stopped recently 
at a low grog shop in the neighborhood 
of the factory siioken of and inquired if 
they hod any rum from old shoes. 
“No,” said the barkeeiier, “we don’t 
keep it much now; the druggists, who 
want a pure article, all sell it, and the 
price has gone up. But wo have had 
it, and we can get you some if you wont 
it.” How many old shoes go to a gal- 
lon of rum could not be ascertained.— 
Philadelphia Record. 


The good but impatient religions ed- 
itor, who comes out but once a week and 
has seven days to give to bis job, is so 
ungenerous and captious as to complain 
of sneb letters as tbe following, simply 
on the score of the look of preparation 
as good jirinter’s “copy 
Dun Bna Pleue m iks room for tbe fol- 
lowing item. The Ptea Ob of Kyroginpb held 
Us to meetg Nov. 1. New oh bnildg pd for. 
The X of Xt In this ch arnuunlly hopoful— 21 
ad last com, 10 let 11 on prof. I inoloee $2, on 
nb. Ch id ot Win.^ Jonea to Pangatok. Our 
Beb Boh if dour'g— p oonv. from Bible olaes. 
Yiv in Xt Pasiob. 

Even the $2 inclosed for sub. would 
not mollify the religious editor. His 
trials are indeed grievous ; but the Lord 
tempers tbe wind to the shorn lamb. 

There is a man in New Tork who 
claims he can perform miracles. Let 
him try to run a daily in a weekly town, 
and make it pay. 


The County History. 


A sketch of the business intei'ests 
of Kaieview would bo liicoinplcte 
without a reference to the furniture 
store ami undertaklnj; establisliinent 
of Mr. N. Wade. He is one of tlie 
older citizens and merchants of I lie 
town, having been in busiiKss for 34 
years, lie is located on the north 
side of Main sti^et in a large and 
commodious store, lie hasacalilnet- 
.shop 24x20 feet connected willi his 
store. lie keeps always on liand a 
full and complete stock of all kinds 
of furniture which he sells at the 
lowest prices. 

Ills undertaking ostablisliment is 
well supplied with burial goods. He 
has two hearses, one of them a bran 
new one with a splendid set of new 
harness to accompany it, and he is 
prepared to attend to all the calls in 
that lino on short notice. It is un- 
ueccssary for us to recommend liitn 
to tlio people who have known and 
pHtronizud him fur tnure than a gen- 
cratioti and w ' i know him to be 
straightforward and reliable in all 

Paris A’aflfre, one of lihe leading 
jonmols devoted to the populariutiou 
of natural history, deplores the rapid 
disappearauoe and threatened extinction 
of the larger species of nnimala tlio 
Since man haa been, their 

Pol. . M; I\ rriii and his corps of 
agents are now iti the county to de- 
'icr liie lii.siory of the comity which 
sjustt'roin the pre-s. The book is 
. iciMil.Miiiely tinislied voliiiiie ot 
learly 7U0 pages and is printed on 
the vei'i ii.^sl ijailily of paper and in 
ilie linest style. There are over thir- 
ty illnstrations, the court house and 
public selioul Ifiiildiiig being aniong 
the iilimbcr. There are tweniy-eiglil 
portraits of |iroiiiineiit citizens, dead 
and living, of the Coiiaty. Thu his- 
tory proper is dividotI*iiito ctiupiers 
wliicli are appropriately indexed in 
the front of the liook aiid at tlic lio- 
giuiilng of the cliapters. Alter the 
county history comes a sketch of each 
nrecinet and this dopartment is fol- 
lowed by biographical sketches of 
over 400 citizens. In the buck of the 
bmik is an alphabetical index of 
The book is far beyond otir exinjcta- 
tioiis and is indeed a creditable histo- 
ry of the county. Tlie binding is half 
morocco ami the edges are niarhied, 
making tlie liouk a liaiidsume one fur 
a center table and at the suiiie time 
one of unusually substantial himliug. 
As a record of county iiiatiers the 
work is invaluable. The war hUiori 
the early pioneer history, the poliii- 
cal history, tlie liisiory of schools and 
many other iutercsiiug (Icpurlmeiits 
are treated by the able pens of Col. 
I’orriii, Dr. Tydiiigs and other ciim- 
peteiit writers. AVo e.iniiiieiid the 
hook to our people as one of great 
worth and to a remarkahle degree 
free (rotn errors and mis-spelled 
names. It is well worth the price 
I charged for it. 


I'VE & UICKEfi, 

world over, 
competitor the progressive dimimitiou 
of their numbers has been very rapid, 
and the present age may witness their 
entire disappeoranue. The journal no- 
tices the fact that since tlie eom| olition 
offered by man, more formidable tbiin 
any other they bavs had to meet, many 
species of the larger auimala have al- 
ready boromo extinct, and many of those 
wliich still iiave living representatives 
arc daily diminishing in numbers. 

The animals which ore unfortunately 
.loomed to spoctly destruction comprise 
tliose s)HM)ies which are hunted with 
profit, or those whoso existence is dun- 
gerons to tliat of man. In the struggle 
tliey are cnlled itixm to sustain for their 
existence they labor under the special 
disadvanlngea, os oumporsd with smaller 
iinimals, that they re iuire more abnn- 
duut supplies of food, and that their 
repriKliiftivo powers ore greatly inferior. 

'I he great fleeh esters are already fast 
disapiieariug Imfore the Imlleta of amiii- 
tioiis lioii iiUil tiger limiters 


Located on the south side of Main 
street will be found the above named 
Arm, occupying a liaiidsome and com- 
modious store, the dimensions of 
wliicli are (‘ 0x75 feet, and it is well 
adapted to tlio purpose for wliicli it 
is used. Hero you will Hud a large 
and well selected stock of goods, eoii- 
sistiiig of dry goods, notions, clotiiiiig, 
boots, sliocs, hats, caps, gents’ fur- 
nishing goods, etc., wliicli tliey are 
offering to tlio trade at very ruasuii- 
ablo prices. Thoyliavo been engaged 
in this line of trede for a iinmber of 
years and liave, by tlieir iioiiorablu 
dealing, built up a trade second to 
uo other lioiiso in Fairview. They 
have just replenished ilicir stock from I 
the eastern cities, and now have on 
baud an invoice of ^13,000 in good-. 
They liave a magiiiiieeni stock of fall 
and winter goods embracing the 
latest and most fasliionable styles of 
ladies' dress goods ami trimmings, 
in fact everything that can be found 
in tlic best establishments in many of 
the cities. 

Tiioy carry a choice assortment of 
boots, slioes hats, caps and gents fur- 
nishing goods. Of elotliiiig they 
have a very complete stouk for men, 
yuutlis and boys and tliey can suit 
anyone in lit, style and price. Tbe  
also make suits to order ami guaran- 
tee satisfaction. One of tlieir spe- 
cialties is ladies custom-made shoes 
and they deal largely in trunks, va- 
lises, sewing macliiiics, etc. Tliey 
are determiiied to 'maintain fur their 
bouse a reputation for fairdealiiig and 
good bargains and Invite tlie public 
to inspect tlieir goods before piirclias- 
ing clsewliero. Polite and acconiiiio- 
datiiig clerks will over bo found will- 
ing uud ready to wait upon tlieir 
many friends. This is one of tlic 
leading liouscs of Fairview, the pro- 
prietors are gentlemen of liigl^ Stand- 
ing, tlieir stock of goods is lirst-class 
in every sense of tlie word, and they 
have marked tliffii down to the low- 
est notch, and we cheerfully com- 
mend Messrs. Pye & Dickeii to the 
kindest consideration of tlie readers 
of the Favorite. 



Spring Street, Near Main, 



tko Avbales 
and otlier great mammslia are iiecuming 
the largeat of the door family. 


tlio ohm, U lisHi widely distributed than 
formerly ; tlie largeet of wild cattle, the 
aurocks, Avhicli uiH-e ranged over tlie 
u liule ul Europe, is now only found in 
the f.Arents of Lithmuiia uud Mu|.luvia; 
the bison no lunger coAvrs the prairie 
willi lH uudloBS herds ; tho great arma- 
dillo is disapiieorliig fr jm Soiilli Ameri- 
ca, ami tlie kangaroo li'um Austnilia. 


Olio of tiie ieailiiig liouses in Fair- 
view i.s tlic e.Ntahlislimeiit of tlic gen- 
tleman whose name heads this 
article. Mr. llrewer's store Is sit- 
uated exaotiv oil tlio eouiitv line 
and ho freAiuciitly stands lieliind 
his uouiitcr in one eoiinty and 
sells goods to enstumers in another, 
He deals extensively iu groceries, 
hardware, tinware, glassware, cut- 
lery, stoves, coutoctionerius, cigarr, 
tobacco, harness, saddlery, dye slutik, 
medicine.H, etc., etc. He occupies a 
comniodiuns brick store 20x.'i0 feet 
with a warerooiii 20x40 feet, atid has 
been engaged in business atliis present 
stand on the liortli side of Main street 
for a period of ten years. 

Mr. Rrower is ]K stmastcr, and 
makes a faitliAil, clllcient and accom- 
modating oflicial. He ranks among 
Fairview's tnost lionorod merchants, 
and we conimend him to tlie pnhliu 
as Avell worlliy oi its fullest .mull- 
deuce and most generuns patronage. 


Repairing I’nimptly and Neatly Done 

Dropped Down to the Bottom! 


Having purchased a large and well se 




In calling attention to the varioas 
branches of industry of Fairview in 
these columns, none staud more 
prominent than the well-known 
'house of Shaw & Vaughan, wlio have 
been engaged in ibis line of trade for 
a period of 35 years, and are well and 
favorably known tlirougliout this and 
Todd counties for their upright and 
honorable dealing*. The large and 
commodious buitdiiig occn)iied by 
this enterprising Arm is 'well adapted 
to the purpose for which it is used, 
and is stocked with one of the Anest 
selections of dry goods, greceries, 
school supplies, cuttlery, and general 
merchandise to be found iu tiiis sec- 
tion, whlcli wore purchased by Mr. 
Shaw, who has just returned from a 
trip to tlie cast. By close attciitioii 
and fair dealing in the past, tliese 
geutlemeii have built up a very ex- 
tensive trade in their line. Tlieirs is 
one of the representative houses in 
tills branch of trade, and we would 
advise our farmers and the public 
generally, when wanting anytliiiig in 
their line, to call on Messrs. Shaw & 
Vaughan before purehasing else- 

Tho Owensboro Inquirer will be- 
gin tlio publication of a tri-weekly 
edition in a few days. It will bo is- 
sued on Tuesdays, Tliursdays and 
Saturdays, will be a six-coluiHi sheet 
and I lie subsoriptiou price will be 
$2.60 per annum. 

Since the smash up, heavy failures and rapid 
decline in goods East, we are now prepared 
to sell you goods cheaper than they were 
ever sold before in Fairview or any neigh- 
boring town, for cash, or to good men on 
short time. If you will giye us a call and ex- 
amine our goods and extreme low prices, we 
are sure to sell you, if . 

will meet your desires. Below are a few of 
our quotations: 

Bosj Prlhts 


Saddle I’ockcls 

I) I’lalcd Folks 

Sled Knives and Forks 


itlTIss J’iiis 

iVIiilii Haiidkcrcliiol's. . 

Note I’apcr 



llesl Kiig. Siala 

Iliditig liridles . 

Steel Shovels & Spades 
Steel I’ii'ksiind Handles. 
Lippiiicutt Axes 


Canton Fliiiiiicis.. 

Dress (iimmIs 


All Wool naiiiicN 

Net Shirts 

Ladies Cloaks — 

Ih'st Jeans 

Wool Hals . . ...... 

lied lllaiikcts 

fled (jllills 

Linen Towels 


A MTaristT. 

“ My dear,” said Smlthers to his xrife, 
"what gentleman of tliU commnnily 
ouiiiihuiiII.T attracto a prcpouderaiice of 
the public attention 7” And when Mrs, 
Suiithcrs had given it .,p, he told her, 
A Mr. E, to be Mire." iHs wife eaye 
it is a Mr. E to linr that Smithers't 
lauded in a lunatic nsyliini or the Penn- 
sylv.anin la'shilature loiig ago . — (}it Vily 

was BO insulted in my Hfe ! Qet I 
Eiiitors are not hypocrites, any- 
-Hosfon Post. 

K LVDT once asked Thomas Carlyle if 
be would recommend some plain, inter- 
esting “ history of England,” suiloble 
(or liei htt 0 girls, of whom the oldest 
WM not more than 10 years of age. 
“ Ob,” said tho pliilosopher. "they had 
belter read Mnc.mlay’s. Eng'.acd ; it is 
the most childish 1 know.” 

TmiBE is a remarkable family of seven 
brotiiers and two sisters residing widiin 
.short di.stouceeof one another in Oswego 
eoiiiity, X, Y., remarkable in point ot 
'oiig'.'vity, thi'ir iinitid ages being 672 
) dll's, and their circle never having been 
invaded bv death. 


Country Produce Taken for Goods, 



witli^hU hand in Ifia litp^ jpocket as if 
ho was going to draw a pistol. Whon 
witiuii aboht flvo steps Anderson 
sliot I^ailor ia the bowels. Gibson 
tii|Sn tired, pn Anderson, sprinkling 
Ids face with sliot. ' Andefson tlien 
shot funr ^liots at Gibson, neither of 
which hit Idm. Gibson 'after the 

Miss . Q^ule JJkyn0^^ was'iu iown 
.'fiicsdajr.^ L_. i L 

Mr. Iticliard IVade lias licen to 

Mr. II. II. Layno left a few days' 
sin^or T^as. I 

. l)t^ I(obt^M9rrison, off Pembroke, 


Tlio press is tho_j^cat incdinin 
tlirougli whieli busiitess men oomihtis 
nieate with the public, and the object 
of this jmiruuf'is to set forth the inn* 
tcrlttl interests and various enterprises 
of the town of h'atfvlow Wtf 
tlie'FAVouiTK will lie found a tr«i 
Knirview Und 


which hit 1dm. 
shooting tpok to his Iiecis and ran. 
lie was iollowed by the citisteus and 
captured. lie was tried before 
’Squires Frit/, and Lackey aud iield 


\ as towply'oetwday. 

^hl! Old Side liaptists have Just 
closed a three days meeting at Cave 

It is reiwrtedliiat wo are to have a 
wediliiig very soon. Another wid- 

Mr. .I.'.P, Panfortli has Bottlc-d 
down I.a)avell, and Is still drumming 
for Downer Bros.’ nursery. 

We understand 'that Mr. J. 'W. 
Yancey’ paid |5 for a tine bay 
horse aud otfered |10 fora pony. 

Tliey are both had characters 
aud it is to bo luqicd that we will not 



her business, educational, profes- 
sional and social matters. Kvery de- 
partment of her in.luslries will be 
found represented in those (olumns. 
It is in order that her jicoplc may 
have a paper of their own to rcpia:- 
sent their interests, that wc have 
called the Favouitk into licing. Wo 
accomplish the 

be bothered with them again 
'riiere is room at Frankfort fur tlicm 
and they ought to be there. 


trust that it may 
ends fbr which it ia Intended aad 
promote the |irospcrily of all its jm- 

Mkaciiam & Wiuitis, 


Go to Pyo & Dicken for cheap 

N. Wade has an elegant assortment 
of furniture. 

A large lot of flue bed blankets for 
sale at Pye & Dicken's. 

Ill another column see Shaw & 
■Vaughan’s cheap price list. , 

.lust received a largo line of fine I 
overcoats at Pye & Dicken’s 

If you want anything in the furni- 
ture line, call on N. Wade. 

Go to Pye & Dicken’s for Clotliing, 
fit, style und price guaranteed. 

Pye & Dicken have a stock that 
will invoice ID thousand dollars. 

Itaro Itanrnius can be had in gro- 
ceries, liardware and glassware at .1. 

B. Everett’s. ' 

Measures taken for ladles fine shoes 
iniuie oil latest improved lasts at Pyo 
& Dicken’.s. 

Sec the Starks Imot, it fills the place 
of the Ivy., standard for sale at Pyo 
& Dickcq’s. 

If you want a good drink of whis- 
key J. B. Kvci-ett can serve you in the 
II nett style. 

Pye & Dicken arc situated on the 
South side of Main corner of Main 
and Patrick Sts. 

Coiifectiuuerius,. canned goods, ci- 
gars and tobacco. You can get them 
at W. B. Brewer's. 

Wliat causes the great rush at Shaw 
& Vaughan’s? It is because they are 
selliug good goods at low prices. 

Shaw &, 'Vaughan hkvp a large and 
new stock of general merchandiso at 
astonisliingly low prices. Call on 
. them. 

If you nood auytliiug in tlio liard- 
waiti, harness or saddlery liue go to 
W. B. Brower's. His prices are the 

  lowest. 1 t 

Wlion you come to Fairylow don’t 
^ forget to call on W. B. Brewer for 
^ anything usually found in a first-class 
' grocery store. 

’ Go .to W. .B. Brewer for nice fresh 
groceries at pricoe lower than waa^ 
i over known before. Ho is always 

• ready to wait on his customers. • 

I Go; to Pye & I Dickon for winter 
^ boots aud shoes, they carry the lar- 
3 gest stock in town and are selliug 
s Uiem at Uock Bottom Prices. 

* See 'K. 'IVade’s advertisement in an 
other column, lie lias had thirty- 
four years’ experience in Ids business, 
and is fully aciiuaihted with tlio 
wants of the people. 

J. B. Everett has a nice and well 
f selecfetl stock of staple and fancy 

  groceries at prices as I'oasouable as at 
1 any house in FaUwlew. When you 
^ are in town call on him and bo cou- 
'• viiiced. 

Miss Addle 

Anderson put in his work pretty 

well on Xailor. ' 


’Si|iiircs Frit/, and I.ackey will lot ^ 
no guilty man cscaiH). 

A fine opening hero for a first „ 
class' boot and shoo maker. ^ 

If all iviKirts 1)« true there will he ’ 
a wedding soon. .\t least we hope so. 

Poor old .Iscoh ! hu will gel liadly ’ 
left in the 3rd t'oiigrusniunul district ^ 
(his tiiiic. ' 

• Falrvicw can boast of oneof fhe 
prettiuHt little ehiirchcs in Kontlicrn • 
Kenliirky. ' 

I. ei every voter come out on the ' 

till of Koveinhor und lets give Hal- 
scll und l.alfooii a big send oil'. i 

There is one of the laist openings ' 
.here for a goo(1 tlourim; milr. A ^ 
"^inill seat ran ho got on reusonnhlc 

Thos. 11. Shaw returned fmm the 
( t rand Ia)dgc of Masons last Satur- 
day. He reports a very harnioiihms 

Diek Wade. K I Shaiiklln, Byron 
Alligree, .Icsso Bullard, Kd Wade 
ami Will Griflln look in the Exiiosl- 
tloii last week. 

(ieorge Cross l■cprcsclltillgtho Hart 
Hardware Co., paid our town a visit 
Monday. He always sells lots 
^of gomls when ho comes. 

You can gut mure giMnls in Fair- 
view for less money than any otlier 
town in tlic State. Proof oftha {uid* 
ding Is clicwlng tlio bag. Como and 
sec und bo convinced. 

It's a lung cold day wliou Pairviow 
ran not get up a first class row ; hut 
tlio iiuople who live hear never tight. 
It is a luw-duwii class wliu come here, 
tilt theiiiHclves witli mean whisky 
aitU Ibeii try to paint tlio town n*d, 
hut Huiiiotiiiies they furiiiali some of 
the paint. 

Col. It. 8. Cliovls, GrauU Worthy 
, Chief Templar of Kentucky, delivered 
a lemiicniiieo lecture at the school 
house at this place on Sunday eve J 
ihe Ifitli ami brgani/od a. Lo^geilo^ 
good Templars of twenty-two iiiem- 
hora. The following otllccrs wore 
elected aud installed for the ensuing 
(luarler: W. B. Brewer, Worthy 

Chief Templar; Mr*. MaUic Wade, 
Worthy VIct-Tcmplar; C. B. Petrie, 
W. Secretary ; Miss Ada Kenned^’, 
W. K. Secretary ; N. Wade, W. Troas- 
iircr; Thos. II. Shaw, W. Chaplain ; C. 

II. Ijiiync, W. Marshal; Miss Ada 
Layiic, iV. Inside Guard ; Giis Mur- 
phev, W. Outside Guard ; .1. C. Dan- 
iel, I’, W. C. T.; Thos II. Sbaw, 
Lixlgo Deputy ; Miss Lillian Leavell, 
it. 11. Siip(K)rter; Miss Maggie Lay lie, 
[,. 11. Supporter;.!. F. Danfortli, W. 
4|sistant Secretary ; Miss .Tessio 

*^^aw, W. Deputy Marshal. 

Thcl.oilge meets l'dd.ay. night in 
each week. ■ — 







South Side Main Street, 

Attached, where drinks arc served in any stj-Ie, 


The Supremo Court of Ohio has 
derided tliat the famons Scott liquor 
law is uiicoiistitiilional. The court is 
poinpo.scKi of three Democrats aud 
two RcpUhricans The latter dissent- 
ed from the opinion. 

Call and Examine my Stock and' Prices, 



Jight and artificial illnmmation ahould ! s„cr« of the settlers occurred in 8eiv 
be avoided for any kind of work. The 1 tembor, 1812. One night n band of i\.v- 
jiale cobalt-blue tint is the beet that can j jjjg Pottawatomie.s attaekod the Pigeon- 

Till? RAlDl/fUU/ nAyflDITP *^ *'*‘'** vmyo OLdsaBa. a famov 6 BioBox-Hovar. 

lllE(‘ rAlnVlliW f/iVUllllEi. Men engaged in literary pursuits ju the soutliwoetem part of Scott 

■ ^ Bhohld read most by day and write ipost coimty,. Iml, is the famous  '.«igeon- 

Ijy It is worthy of note that Roost, «’ a doubly-Iiisioric spot—first, on 

rtoir xtXB FAsasa nr fabis. reading causes iu m strain to the eye account of the butchery of the settlers' 
You may talk about the marvels ol ’"***“8  copying work in thore, in the pioneer days, by the Indi- 

pneumatic clocks, the convenience ol f greater dem^d upon ansj and, second, on account of its be- 

monster omnibuses, and the rapidity ol °rga^f vision t^ off-hand oomp   ing for eighty years the roosting place 
communication between one quarter ol ?*'**!*’*? * miiture of twi- millions of wild pigeons. Tlio mas- 

Parisand another; but it is no use try'- J'gkt and wbAciol iHummation shrald snero of the settlers occurred in 8eiv 
ing to show that the Parisians have nt “'^“"'‘“d for any kind of wort The , tembor, 1812. One night a band of i\.v- 
time to spare, oqd that they are ever in J* * cobalt-blue tint is the bi‘st that can | ijjg pottawatomies attacked the Pigeon- 
alrtirry. They have so much time that ^ ®“l’'°yod when protection for Uie ep g^ tth uient, killing twenty- four 
they don’t know wliat to do with it. “fonse glare is sought, as in the i j^j-gons, mostly women and children 
Tliev waste their time like a child wastes suow-flel^ in the gj,,j burning all the houses. A part of 

Its gayety, ora rich man his gold. They sunshine The green glass that ! tbo family of John Collins and a Mrs. 

jquander it looking at tho stars in the “ “ “‘fopfod for this pur^e is Beadle and her two young children weiv 
heavens or nt the waters ttowing under ^ means so wort ly o con - i jbe settlers that escaisvl. 
abridge. Did ever any one calculate Beading in r^way travelmg is j The pigeon roost covers hundrcils ol 

tlie time spent by the Parisian in read-  “ ‘I*® I Tlio birds eomiueuce coming to 

ing hnudbUls and posters ? Wien a dog “ obvious reason. 'The cwcillutiou I ^m-iy the evening, and great .troves 
barks nt a cat, when two sparrows make 'i ** carnage con innn y a ters t e poutinuo to lunve until late in tho night, 
love to each other on a roof, when a ca- "“d | During the roosting season thousands 

narv bird has escniicd into the street, at ““ ki'l-'d nightly, the fon-st often Iming 
once a crowd assembles, 99 per cent, of '“f’’ the scene ol the wildest confusion. Tlie 

JNO. J Yp. 

S. n. DICKKN. 


IFaiXTrle-w,^ ^3T- 

anil Faic^'Ilry 


s -t- I S- j 4' 

I the 80CUO of the wildest confusion. 

which.loesnotknowwhatitisallabm.k|f“'"^‘‘‘®”;™^^^^^^^^ l'ri"8 down their with 

Tlie marriage of a oorner-grocer witli I ‘““8®- iho exact fitting of the . ahotgiuis and poles— tlioso roosting on 

the daughter of a cheesemonger almost I opectaoles to the and ! tl.e lower limb, being kn.H' ,.ff with 

excih^sariot Tlie passage ol a ciach- «y^;; “ ®f  »®ra ‘mi^r^co th.m is gen- , im.g iniles. A constant whiiT of the 
and-four causes groat excitement The conceived. If centem of the ^ wings of the birds and cra.-kiiig and 

Parisians will staiidTor hours with their the spectacles do not exact y , fall of limbs from tho accumulat...l 

fectinthemndtoscoaimKiossionthot comcide with the centers of the pnpUs weight of pigeons ihh.ii them is heanl 
will not pass ubtil the next day, if it pass « ‘bat the and seen, audfihe scom  ofU-n is so ex- 

that way at all. Tho Parisians arc chil- “P n’ate eyes aw a little j citing ns to beggar .lescription. 

j X xi 1 1 1 • JiHi'iftCcu from tho positiona which they — — - 

dron who amime themselves by p laying ^ ^ 

at business, like schoolboys who p ay at ^ .. ^ baa to 

r***^ . t'** o' ^ ' ermce IS m ey tuajy by the eye to bring those images go through,” siglied Mrs. Partington, 
have taken their amusement ««scncw^ hack into due corre«iH,n.lence f.,r a^n- j rcsiking herself in a melancholy way. 
If pneumatic clocks did not exist, and if ^ momd of mac- 

the day were only fomr hoiiw long, you I ^ ^ j ber thumb and ringer ; 

may bo sure that they would find time , , J,* , ..terrible tri.ds. and O. what a linr.lsliip 

ur.a»uo„m™e . .urn e.ves . y .u« ^ ^ somewhat MBS. FAliTiSGTOX. 

at business, like schoolboys who p ay at ^ .. ^ bas to 

r*"^ . t'** o' ^ ' ermce IS m ey j,y the eye to bring those images go through,” sighed Mrs. Partington, 
have taken their amusement ««scncw^ hack into due corre«iH,n.lence f.,r a^u- j r.K.king herself in a melancholy way. 
If pneumatic clocks did not exist, and if ^ momd of mac- 

the day were only fomr hoiiw long, you I ^ j ber thumb and ringer ; 

may sure la ley wo.ui n ime ^jat people should Icmk to j “terrible triids, and O, what a hanlship 

to play dommoes.andtohangaro,md|,^^ ^ I to be exccuti..ner to an intestine estate, 

toe church door to get a glimpse of toe \his may bTeasily done ! whore enviable iHx,ple are trying every 

^ l)y btoiuUng bofore a looking^gloau with | b.’ ovorcsoiuo tho wiJow b might ; 

THE DUitATios OF ovKAy CABLES, ppccUcles in their place. If the fit ; whore it*B probe it, prolie it, pnUio it 

Hie Electrician says that the life ol a i“ “ 8‘ ®*1 one the center of the pupU j all Hie time, and the you probe it ^ 

submarine telegraph cable is from ten “I"'®''' “‘®“ i“ ‘i*® «®“‘® ' ®‘ *! I 

to twelve years. If a cable breaks in Fully-formed siu-ctaclcs are always never gets 3ustic.b for if she gets a 1 she 

deep water, after it is ten i" preferred to f.dding frames, he- don t ^t half enough. I have ba.1 om  

cannot be lilted lor repairs, ns it will cause they permit of more satisfactory taal ..f it, and if evrt I marry ngam i. | 

, i_^’x *ii 111 Hit iubtmoiit in this muliouliir nnil bo ^t sitould so ploftso ITO^lucllcc to orucr t 

break of its own weight : and cable com- piiruuuur, uuu o«. i i # i • 

II I X X *3 1 ('AUHC thov are more eosilv koot in the it. 111 nialco my iiitoiifltKl Iiuhimuui iiiori* 

pomes are oomiielled to put aside a large ' uuv ore mure eumi/ litpi m me . » 

reserve fund in or.ler that they may be right position with regard to the eyee. Mto h» wto U-tore bo or.le™ his vv.hV , 

prepared to replace their cables every i^‘ ® ®“^y ‘^vantage which the pebble ding cak. -1 11 fake time I7 the^ 

ten years. The actio, of tlie sea onto .icj'-.vt. over gloss lor tho construction of ^lomon says. She hero reviv..! a ^ 
toe h-on away completely, and it crum- »l ccUclo8 ii the immunity which itpos- l ‘tle, and the subtle is.ud.-r pas^nl to | 
hies to dust, while the core ol the cable ■'csses against scrotehing and Imcturo its deatiimtion and n poi ted itself home | 
may be perfect. Tlie breakages of cn- m a-eonnt of its greater hardness.- j in an emphatic sneeze. i 

bles are verv costlv. and it is a verv dif- Ilcvicw, 


kz Goods and Irimmiiigs. 

ranteed. Clothing for Men, Youths 
and Boys. 

We can suit in Fit, Style and 


Our goods were all bought low down for 
cash and we will sell them the same way. 


Prices Lower Than the Lowest. 



F^outh Side Main Street. 

may be perfect. Tlie breakages of ca- ns greater naranosa. — 

bles are very costly, and it is a very dif- , r,diiJmrgh Ilcvicw, 

ficult maWir to ri'piiir them; in com- 1 

porison with a land line. A ship has to | 

be chartered, at 8500 a .lay, for two or j .xnorr FKfXTixa isks. | 

three weeks, in fixing the locality nn.l in j jjje ingrclieuts of ordinary i.riiiting ^ 
avoiding rough weather, as cables con ■ burnt linseed oil, resin and 00- 

only lie repaired in calm weather. One ‘ cBgionolly soap, with various coloring 

\ in an cmi hutic sneeze. 

Tliere are few objects so exciting to 
tho imagination os these colossal fr ig- 
ments of an antclilnvian life. At tho 



break in the Direct Cable cost 3100,000. matters. The liest quality ol linscHl ! very entrance of the gallery, and in ench 

Akt coempouxry discusses “ Qirls as 
Housekeepers.” It strikes us that the 

oil i* used in superior inks, and tliis is : 
purified by digesting it in partially diln- ! 

a p isition as they never eujoye.1 bof.ire, 
we fiu.l on our right hand the remAiiis 

I ted sulphuric acid for some hours, at a I uf the toi.Hlon, that alarming ro.lent i 

Idea 18 plausible. T\ i h a litoe teaching 212 degrees, al- I which, in sha,ie like a mo.ue, but in I 

we e eve ^ s won . m 'e o era y impurities to subside, ami ,izo (ike a horse, gnawed and squeaked ' 

goo. louse eepers, an. 1 is s range e , washing away the acid with reixiai- ! mi a grand scale in the aleiriginol for- 
idea has not b^n eather prom.Ugated „f hot water. The water. „f Buenos Ayrea The love, and 

Some per^ns have an idea pr Is can do Utaiment, is piJe and turbid, j of the toxod..n would have been 

no ing n ^ Mid if the freeing from the acid is com- ' worthy o£ Uie soug of Homer; uor would 

Southworth s nove s imd work ^een j scarcely any odor. By j the muse have disdaine.1 the slow prog- 

and blue dogs .m block cloth; hut this clarifies, and has then a pale ^ ress through a groaning labyrinth ot 

18 a mist^e, , Some prls have l^n ,cjgpj,.color. It now drieif much more 1 trc s ol tho meg..fh.rium, whose 

' ” HW' -■ 



known to help toeum )toor8vi^hdi8h.j8, 1 mpiiily than before. Tlio purified oil is forearms and blunt huge claws 

SO KaIiowtaH # icx# -anti) nviMia* I ............. o 



Md It IS beheved that, with proiier I ncc partially resinified by heat. For are lilted in a minatory fashion 

tommg, the average ^1 would devefop , jijig pnrpose it is intro.hice.1 into | (,om the pedestal in the oentor of the 

into a very successful hoi^keeper. We ^ cast-iron pots and lioUed until in- 1 „t the extreme east of tho 

hope the experiment wiU be tried. 1 flammable vaiiors are freely ovoIv.hI. j buihling. Tlie megatberium was the 

EorrUto wn Herald. Those are i^ited, and allowed to burn prototype of which the curious litUe 

A connESPONDEN-T has been iuvesti- » fow minutes, after wUch they are of modem times is the .legeiierate 
gating Jay Gould, who, by the way, is , »’y p acmg n tight cover ■ descendant; it cr,«hed lazily through 

one of tho most interesting ol all men os °’®‘ t**® Ebullition of the oil is jhe fonwta, gni.iug young treea in its 

a study. Gould is the boldest operator ''“til. ®^Bng, a firm skm p,„8, and stripping off the l.rk with a 

in stocks Wall street has ever known, ““ *** by placing .ausculor, cylindrical tongue, to which 

and other large operators have learned “ ‘^P the trunk of the existing elepliant U a 

by exiiericuco to stand aside when he ; mere pleasantry. -^afurdaf/ EevUw. 

* . „ . 1 . . * I Boa prmtms ink, accoramg to Tnr: \ 

comes m. He ls a mild man, of quiet ^ ^ » i i xt • ' m » » a. x . «w 

1 A A *i lAwricivi,,^ uio JCngwcer, may tie made in this way:; TnzJtAtmalo/ Applied Science (En- 
ways and unostentatious, lavifllang his „ ... , . . ,v xi a xi i- xu « xt 

j’ . 1X10 1- Boil Imseed oil iinti! smoke is given oir. ' glish) says mat the birth of tho eider- 

affectum upon Lis son, about 18, who is * ^ . ... . , ” ‘ j • i a • t i i i. x i 

^ . r. ,nt : Set the oil then on fire and allow it to down mdustry m Iceland may be traced 

hiH father 8 constant companion. Gould 8 1 a • a I x t  -x- i x i • xi a»/* xi. i ■ 

.... . ^ , .1 -1 1 .au bum until it can be drawn outinto toBritishtradomthcfifteeuthandaix- 

ambition 18 to bo the railroad monarch • i. » ah ' x xi x - nn. i • i t x.. 

of the world strmgs half on mch long. Add one | teeuth ceutunoa. The birds reach the 

] 1 pound of rosin for each quart of oil, and ; island in May and Jime, frequenting the 

The latest thing in the railroad line is ne-half pound of dry, brown soap cut ; firths and estuaries, and are never found 
a special car for the use of commercial into slices, -nie soap must be put in iu inland waters. If the nests ore robbed 
travelers with sleeping berths, rcstan- C“u‘mnsly, as the water in Uie soap more than thrice Uie birds will go away. 

. rant accommodations, and spacious ^ ® =®mmotion. Lastly, Three nests give about half a pound of 

compartments for tiie display of som- ‘h® “ 8ro«nd with a sufficiont pig- down. A real down coverlet weighs 

pics all mi the same wheels. The idea nient on a stone by means of a mnller. only one and a half pounds, and cannot 
is to’ an such a ear with drummers rep- : VonniUion, red leiul, carmine, Indian be qiulted; tho so-called down quilts 
resenting several varieties of trade, and ! Venetian red and the lakes are all weigh three and a half pounds snd are 
send them on their oiicuit together. auitable tor printing inks. not so warm. 



Which I will sell at the VEUY LOWEST I'KICKS. 

j mere pleasantry.— iSafurdaf/ Review. 

: TnEi7oi/mo/o/ Applied Science  JE,n- 

i Burial Orders l^poniptly and Proi»ofly Alicndod tn. My Facilitios ‘ft'r this 
I branch of business arcuol CYcelled by any. In roniiertSon with inj- business . 
I have a ■ " , ^ 

ol the world. ^ , 

pound of ri 

The latest thing in the railroad line ia , ne-h^ pc 
a sp.eciul car tor the use of commercial info 
travelers, with sleeping berths, rcstan- 
rant accommodations, and spacious ' ®nn*®* “ ’ 
compartments for tlie display of som- ‘ ® ® ni g 


real down coverlet weighs ■Wlime the licHit quality of work is executed in thebeslitvio and at’U^ 

x-o-w^sT .x=»isice:s. 


The Fairview favorite (Fairview, Ky.), 1884-11-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Fairview, Kentucky by Meacham & Wilgus
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