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date (1859-07-13) newspaper_issue THE ELIZABETHTOWN DEMOCRAT MARTIN H COFER Editor J The Rights of the States and the Integrity of the l uioii T J rniLLIl apos S Proprietor VOLUME II 1 ELIZABETHTOWN KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY quot JULY 13 1859 NUMBER 2 1 aaiagat s ift u TiiK Elixabcthtowu Democrat lELlZlBETHTOWN DEMOCRAT II COFERv J PIIILUPS Editor Publisher Eliiabefhtown Hardin Counly Wedne Hlay July 13 I8S9 Foi the Elitahelhlo n Democrat CoRimaDlcntlon t vaeeaaae x e e w e Cl liO LItC 1 111 lU U I iAl U l Vj WliCU TV IV Ifr Editor I wi h you to publish apos Mve been proper to have styled us the ERMS or SCBSCRtPTION TO THE DeM OCBiT 2 00 pet Anoum Po lin elere end olhtre ubecribets will be enlilled to ihe lor ooe year free Twentyfiee copies for one yeor will be sent for 35 end iwo copies for one yf r 10 lie person gluing Ihf club gr lt Ut Terms of Advertising Ten lines or lees o ie week f I OPipor Whole Column Six moiilhe quot 7 nlllsi moiitlie 30 W Tw l J r Vb i3 Sa rwelee montl e 60 CO For llnlf column j One month T 3 oo an ml 3 00 I 00 apos this short communication of mine in re ference to our comiiife congressional election iu tliis the Fifth Congressional District I It is time that the Democracy should consider their peculiar position and de i termine between the claims of Joshua II Jewett and John Y Brown Let us look at the facte Jewett our present incumbent was the first candi date before the people The aspirants iu the different coun ties were anxious to get Jewett out of the way and finally what is termed the Central Committee residing in Bards town conclude to call a District Con All Letters relating to the business dc 1 venfion to nominate some one for Con muai be addressfd lo T gress Friot to the meeting of this partmeni of Ihe paper J PHILLIPS piihlDer of Till Ei inoxTn TOWS DxxociaT F liiahethiowii Hardin Co Ky Send your money direct lo ihia office by mail at iny riak when endoaed in ihe preaence of Hie t apos oaiinaater be careful to gi gt e iia the Poet Office County and Slate to which you wiah your paper erwe sometimes send a copy of the D emocbat lo 8 non 8 apos gt b criber ihai he m y judge of the R me before eubsrTibing Hurties rcceivtQg ep cimen niiinbere if ihey do not wis h to t ke lUe Dcmocbat ibemeelfen would con fer 4 f iTor upon ihe publiehet ftnd iheir frIendB by ebowing il to lho e of Iheir ic nalntAnE e who m y be likely lo eubeCTibe a tery trifling exer lion upou iheir pan would eecnre ten aub cri t ere in ibeir placCi and w gt uld eniille them lo the pa f free T YLOR LOD K o 34 I O O F Merit rry Wediiraday niiht at tbrir Hall so Public Square 3d alory Milea buildiug OFTICEKS K H Harcairr O Ww K MATrma Sec apos y M SwxiTa V G I M Artiuh fu G W F SrsicsLia P G 30 Ei iz BETirrow y divisio n Mo Mobs of Temperance Mrrla r rty Monday night at their Hall iu old Srmlnary orricau K H HaTCaarr W P I R B Wooo A R S M Swaar VV A H CMcRt TKKT Cos T C Muf nol LAMU F S 1 John C Hays iM Ahthck Tk I F M Qoiooins I S VikotL HfwiTT K S I JoK S Grav O S 11 K amp apos avTb r ad7 apos A TTOIIXIES A T LA W H aving formed a eopartnerahip will atiend rpsigrty to aJ apos buariieaa intrusted lo ilieir car ia Harilii Lata and adjoining Ciiunlier H K Il a lt will be found nthie oroce duf i lt 4 iill hWHtncan MwreiB lirahelliiowM W rt til ad may Re foaufcd at hi ofl5ce aij l UdgenYille They will t each o her f Ihe 4 iap ich of bnAine 3 iu prioctpal Courts Feb li C A BEI L attoknry at law ELIZABETHTOWN KENTUCk 1 1 gt RO MPT attention given to ali bu ineaa fo tiuttedlo hia cate m Uardin and ai jommg CWIMil iMa ColV cliofia parlWalatly solicited Keb 2 tS4 tC Convention Dr Palmer of Washington and W A Hooe of Mercer announce themselves as candidates subject to the decision of the convention some five or six CMinties of the district refusing to send delegates or have anything to do with this convention as it is called After the meeting was organized a letter was read from W A Ilooe de clining to permit his name to go before the meeting Dr Palmer the only re maining candidate save Jewett in a very appropriate speech withdrew his name and pretensionj Now let me ask as well as to the lion J II Jewett we arc compelled to ask the publication of a few lines in your useful paper in reply to a publication which appears in the Bardstown Gazette of June the 30th styling two of the delegates from Spen cer as the immortal duo wheu it would Spencer trio and we take the liberty of correctiug another mistake by inserting that the Spencer County Convention to which he alludes was held on the 6th instead of the 5th of June However a convention was held and delegates and tic s the first and second Kings of Siam and their successors All American citizens coming to Siam shall receive from the Siamese governmen t full protection and assistance to enable them to reside in Siam in all security and trade with every facility free from oppression or injury on the part of the Siamese Inasmuch as Siam has no ships trading to the ports of the United States it is agreed that the ships of war of the United States shall render friendly aid and assistance to such Siamese vessels as they may meet on the high seas so far as e an ship of war conveying to Siam a hundred a id eighteen and the sixth of public functionary accredited by the I the reign of their niajesucs the first and Vuierican government to the Court of 1 second Kings of Siam alternates were appointed to attend the can be done without a breach of neutral District Convention and prior to their entering said convention the delegates four in number were instructed to cast their vote for Jewett first and Jewett last Said delegates attended and ex pected a fair fight but being convinced that so far from it being a convention it was a mere slaughter house thought proper to withdraw when at this stage of the game a resolution was passed by the convention that one alternate should as a unit cast the vote for the entire county of Spencer and no doubt would have usurped that power had not John Y Brown received the nomination by acclamation Tbe Gazette is mistaken in saying that the immortal duo or that one of the same is for the nominee we will correct him by saying that the Spencer trio are for Jewett first and last and Jewett all the time We regret cxeeedingly to be under the necessity of correcting the Gazette or any other print that pretends to be you in all candor was there any candi apos Democratic but will make a generous al date but Jewett before the people if lowance as we know one of the editors not was there any necessity for further has so recently become a momber of the action by this piece of a convention 7 Democratic church that his old habits No sir none whatever But sir this have not been entirely forgotten as of did not suit certain aspirants Jewett political days of former organizations must be crushed and put down Col I and he is therefore somewhat excusable Smedley of Mercer county was put in but we protest that ho should so sud iiomination but declined This set dis dcniy arrogate to himself the highest couraged but not yet content and still scat in the synagogue whilst he is vio determined upon Mr Jewett s downfall lating ne of the cherished and most JOHN YOUNG BROWN attorney at law EblZAUETIITOWN KT II L pfactice io iba counllea of Hydin Meade Larue Gctfwu Hart aad Nel Pioinpl atUnlion giysn lo colleclions imd ill otliet biiiiiieii intiuned 10 bii e t JiiiZS w n THOMAS C WIMTaaSMtTR attorneys t law WILL practice Ifw in conjunction in the OouiU of Haulm County i 2 lf ROBERT S FORDE i Attorney at Law W IU priciiee in the Conili of Hardin and adi iining Counliel Colletliona and buai jieta j netally are retpecifulljr loliciled prnmpty attMided to l apos or l apos ine Clothing OAlL oh showers Sl MOORE iaows and A OEOOHEOAN Afients for he KANAWA S A L X C COMMISSIONER S NOTICE TaoMaa H Gaivaia a Adm apos r vs gt In Equity TnoUAi H GaiTuxa apos a Hre dt Cr i i lt VltriE above cinse having been referred to me J at Ihe May Teira 1859 of the Haidm Cir cull Court U gt audit and aiale the accouQta oi decedent J All pereone having Ultima egainit eeid estate eaehcieby oollfled to preaenl and prove ih up be apos nve me aa Com l ou or before ihe Hh day of October next GEO L MILES May I8ih 1869 may ti im LIVERY STABLE T he undersigned keep conslanlly on hand a firat rate lot of Horaea B apos iggiee and Cairiagea to hire with good and careful dii vere Pereone travelling to any part cau be ac topimodaled with either alao run a Daily Line of Stages U gt the Grayaou Springe as soon as the watciing seaeoo open I hia line will run in conoecUori with ears Feedengera leaving Louiaville in the morning will reach the Spring in the evening kad will return in Ihe lame ElStabelhiown Ky ap27 ly DR DENTON GEOGHEGAN C ONl apos INUESihp Practice of Medicine in all it various branches Cj Orricx Tbesame formerty ocenpjed by A E dr 0 Gtoghegan Eagle House building adjr apos ing the Slire of L Schleeingar STATE KENTUCKY HARiilfl County Sct TAKEN upaaaairayhy Mareinan living fonrleen miles weal ol Eriiabethtown at May s Grove a bay horae seven ye apos teen hands high a kmall bliM on bis face three whit feel appraised lo 100 Given under mv hand Ihia 7lh f 1 1869 HARRISON HOLEMAN J P H C A copy alieit cC5 Isi Jac apos I apos fJnottAFo D C H G upon the nomination of John Y Brown were delighted Mr Brown like a noble minded patriot arose and in a beautiful speech declined the nomi nation stating emphatically that he was not qualified under the constitution to stand as a candidate Mr Brown being really but a few days over twenty four years of age His father obtained his marriage license the 31st of July 1834 and Mr Brown wa s born as I am cred edibly informed in June 1835 Mr Brown was put in nomin ifton the second and tliird time and still declined for the same reason Finally however he is prevailed upon to accept the nomi nation and declared himself a candidate against Jewett Unfortunate step this for he was induced to do wrong by those who wanted him out of the way here after aud did not care if ho were crushed Mr Brown knew as well as we alt do that the constitution which 1 Democrats have professed and deter pjtpod to maintain says that no one shall be elected to the House of Repre sentatives unless he shall have attained to the age of twenty five years Now in the name of High Heaven and the con stitution of your country has it come to this 7 Is it possible that a body of seven or eight thousand Democratic voters can t find in this body a man con stitutionally qualified to run if it be so absolutely necessary to crush Mr Jewett7 If this be right apother such conven tioD with equal propriety may nominate a young map twenty one years of age utterly disregarding the constitution of the nation Gentlemen this is not De mocracy but i calculated to injure the party more than any other course that can be pursued It is tbe selfishness and ambition of a few which always brings about such a state of things Mr Brown will not be entitled to a seat in Congress if elected This will vex i many who voted for him not knowing j he was disqualified If he is defeated which I think he certainly will be I many will say apos tis all right he had no 1 business running when under the con 1 stitutional age so they have Brown in a dilemma any way and certain persons will set back and chuckle over the idea that they now have John Y Brown with his splendid talents out of our way Gentlemen lot us remember who Joshua Jewett is Hois tho man who stepped forward when others quailed and refused to stand the storm when Know Nothingism in all its strength and might was deteripined to carry everything be fpre it even if it required the taking of bqman life He was the man that stood boldly ih front and wc stoq 4 by him shoulder to shoulder and crushed Know Nothingiam in this district I hope fof ever He iilado an able and efficient re presentative ill Copgress We were so well satisfied wo sent him the second time without oppositiop They have some charge which Mr Brown ia said to discuss very ably about some books received or to be received in Washington This is a small matter Mr B was furnished with papers from the headquarters in Bardstown Jew ett s character for honesty and integrity is to be damned to gratify a few indi viduals who were afraid to take the po i sition in which Mr Brown now stands If there ia anything wrong in any buai ness matter of Mr Jewett s he will make it all right i Now for one long pull a strong pull and all pull together Jewett will stand apos redeemed and the Demooratio party will have a qualified and faithful repre sentative DEMOCRAT sacred principles of the party wo at least hope he will inform himself better as to the character of this immortal trio and when he has done this be will not indulge in siieh an extravagant pronun ciamento as appears iu his organ at Bardstown If however you expect to gain a vic tory for your nominee we at least re quire at your hands fair dealing and not such a misrepresentation as you seem determined to palm off on the rc iding eSminuTiity for truth and justicu will prov iil and every scheme of treach ery must fail and further Mr Brown may succed in some portions of the dis trict in preaching his book story but it will ntit suit tbe latitude of Spencer We assign another reason why we wish you to publish this letter and that is Mr Brown and his strikers aj apos e endeav oring to make the impression that tbe Spencer delegation have all caved in but one so far from that we have all re turned as we went sound and firm for Jewett MANY VOTERS Fot the Elizkbeifatown Oemoecal I Letter from Taylortville Taylorsville July 7 1859 Mr Edit rr In juinice to purselvea BY AUTHORITY Public Acts of the Thlrtr Fiftli CoDtress OF THF UNITED STATES Treaty heticeeii the United States of Am erica and the Kingdom of Siam Con eluded al Bangkok May 2dth 1856 Ratified March 16 lt A 1857 Ratifica tions exchanged at Bangkok June bth 1857 Proclaimed by the President of the United States August 16 A 1858 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNI TED STATES OF AMERICA A Proclamatiout WuEREAS a treaty between the Uni ted States of America and tbeir Majes ties the First King of Siam and the Sec ond King of Siam was concluded and signed at Bangkok on the twenty ninth day of May eighteen hundred and fifty six the English version of which treaty the original being in tbe English and Siamese languages is word for word as follows The President of the United States of America and their Majesties Phra Bard Somdetch Phra Paramendr Maha Mongkut Phra Chom Klau Chau Yu Hua the first King of Siam and Phra Bard Somdetch Phra Pawarendr Ram esr Mahiswaresr Phra Pin Klau Chau Yu Hua the seqpnd King of Siam de siring to establish upon firm and lasting foundations the relations of peace and friendship existing between tho two countries and to secure the best interest of their respective citizens and subjects by encouraging facilitating and regula ting their industry and trade have re solved to conclude a treaty of amity and commerce for this purpose and have therefore named as their Plenipotentiar ies that is to say the President of the United States Townsend Harris Esq of New York Consul General of the United States of America for the empire of Japan and their Majesties the first and second Kings of Sijtni his royal highness the Prince Krom Hluans Wongsa Dhiraj Snidh his excellency Sdtnoetch Chau Phaya Param Maha Bija Neate his excellency Chau Phaya Sri Suriwpugse Samuha Phra Krala hom bis excellency C au Phaya Rawe Wongee Maha Kusa Dhipadc the Phra Klang his excellency Chau Phaya Yo mray the lord mayor who after having commuuicated to each other tbeir re spective full powers and found them to be in good and due form have agreed upon and concluded tbe following arti cles Article I There shall henceforward be perpetual peace and friendship be it ccn the United States and tUtir Majes ity and all American consuls residing at ports visited by Siamese vessels shall also give them such friendly aid as may be permitted by tbe laws of the respect ive countries in which they reside Article II The interest of all Ame rican citizens coming to Siam shall be placed under the regulations and control of a consul who will be appointed to re side at Bangkok He will himself con form to and will enforce the observance by American citizens of all the provi sions of this treaty and such of the form er treaty negotiated by Mr Edmund Roberta in 1833 as shall still remain in operation He shall also give effect to all rules and regulations as are now or may hereafter be enacted for the govern ment of American citizens in Siam the conduct of their trade and for tbe pre vention of violations of the laws of Siam Any disputesarising between Americans and Siamese subjects shall be heard and determined by the consul in conjunct ion with the proper Siamese officers and criminal offences will be punished in the case of American offenders by the con sul according to American laws and in tbe case of Siamese offenders by their own laws through the Siamese authori ties But the consul shall not interfere in any matters referring solely to Sia mese neither will the Siamese authori ties interfere in questions which only concern the citizens of the United States Article III If Siamese in the em ploy of American citizens offend against the laws of their country or if any Sia mese having so offended or desiring to desert take refuge with American citi zens in Siam they shall be searched for and upon proof of their guilLor dcser Uon shall be delivered up by the consul to the Siamese authorities In like man ner any American offenders resident or trading in Siam who may desert escape to or hide themselves in Siamese territo ry shall be apprehended and delivered over to tho Aiucricuu consul on hia re quisition Article IV American citizens are permitted to trade freely in all tlie sea ports of Siam but may reside permanent ly only at Bangkok or within the limits assigned by this treaty American citizens coming to reside at Bangkok may rent land gnd buy or build housijs but caniioi purchase land witliiu a circuit of two hundred seng not more than four miles English from the city walls until they shall have lived in Siam for teu years or shall obtain special au thority from tbe Siamese government to enable ihem to do so But with the exception of this limitation American residents in Siam may at any time buy or rent houses lauds or plantatious sit uated anywhere within a distance of twenty four hours journey from the city of Bangkok to be computed by tho rate at which boats of the country can travel In Order to o btain possession of such lands or houses it will be necessary that the American citizen shall apos in the first place make application through the consul to the proper Siamese officer and and tbe Siamese officer aud the consul having satisfied themselves of the honest intention of the applicant will assist him in settling upon equitable terms tbe amount of the purchase money will make out and fix the boundaries of the property and will convey tbe same to the American purchaser under sealed deeds whereupon he and his property shall be placed under the protection of the governor of the district and that of the particular local authorities He shall conform in ordinary matters to any just direction given him by them and will be subject to the same taxation that is levied on Siamese subjects But if through uegligcuce the want of cupi tal or other cause an American citizen should fail to commence the cultivation or improvements of the lands so acquired within a term of three years from the date of receiving possession thereof the Siamese government shall have the power of resuming the property upon returning to the American citizen the purchase money pgLd fbr the same Article V apos All American citizens visiting or residing in Siam shall be ul j lowed the free exercise of their religion and liberty to build places of worship in such localities as shall be consented to by the Siamese authorities The Sia mese government will place no restric tion upon the employment by the Ame ricans of Siamese subjects as servants or in any bther capacity But wherever a Siamese subject belongs or owes service to some particular master the servant who engages himself to an American citizen without the consent of hia mas ter may be reclaimed by him and the Siamese government will not enforce an agreement between an American citi zen and any Siamese in his empidy I loss made with the knowledge and con sent of the master who has a right to dispose of the services of the person en gaged r Article VI American ships of war may enter the river and anchor at Pak nam but they shall not proceed above Paknam unless with tbe consent of the Siamese authorities whioh shall be giv en where it is nocessary that a ship shall go into dock for repairs Any Ameri Baiigkok shall be allowed to coiuc up to iiungkuk but shall not pass the forts called Phrachamit and Pit pachniuck unless expressly permitted to do so by the Siamese government But in the absence of an American ship of war the Siamese authorities euga gc to furnish the consul with a force sufficient to en able him to give effect to his authority over American citizens and to enforce discipline among American shipping Article VII The measureuicnt du ty hitherto paid by American vessels trading to Bangkok under the treaty of 1833 shall be abolished from the date of this treaty coming into operation and American shipping or trade will thence forth only be subject to the payment of import and export duties on the goods landed or shipped On the articles of import the duty shall be three per cent jiayable at the option of the importer either in kind or money calculated upon the market value of tho goods Drawback of tho full amount of duty shall be allowed upon gcods found unsaleable and reex ported Should the American merchant aud the custom house officers disagree as to the value to be set upon imported articles such disputes shall be referred to the consul and a proper Siamese offi cer who shall each have the power to call in an equal number of merchants as assessors not exceeding two on ei ther side to assist them in coming to an equitable decision Opium may bo imported free of duty but can only be sold to the opium far mer or his agents In tlie event of no arrangement being effected with them for the sale of the opium it shall be ro exported and no impost or duty shall be levied thereon Any infringement of this regulation shall subject the opium to seizure and confiscation Articles of export from the time of production to the date of shipment shall pay one impost only whether this be levied under the name of inland tax transit duty or duty on exportation The tax or duty to be j gt aid on each ar tide of Siamese produce previous to or upon exportation is specified in the tariff attached to this treaty and it is dis tinctly agreed that goods or produce that pay any description of ta x iu the interior shall be exempted from any further payment of duty on exportation Ameriuun uie gt hant are to be allowed to purchase directly from the producer tlie articles in which they trade and in like tnaniicr to Il thtir oo ln Iirt tly te the parties wishing to purchase tlie same without the interference iu either case of any other person Tho rates of duly laid down in the tariff attached to this treaty are those that are now paid upon goods or pro ducc shipped in Siamese or Chinese ves sels or junks and it ia agreed that American shipping shall enjoy all the privileges now exercised by or which hereafter may be granted to Siamese or Chinesfi vessels or junks American citizens will be allowed to build ships iu Siam on obtaining pet missiou to do so from the Siamese au thorities Vheiicvcr a scarcity may be appre hended iu salt rice and fish the Sia mese government reserve to tliomselve a the right of prohibiting by public pro clamation the exportation of these artic les giving 30 days say thirty days notice except iu case of war Bullion or personal effects may ko imported or exported free of charge Article VIII The code of regula tions appended to this treaty shall be enforced by the consul with the co op eration of the Siamese authorities and they the said authorities and consul shall be enabled to introduce any fur ther regulations which may be found necessary in order to give effect to the objects of this treaty All fines and penalties inflicted for infraction of the provisions and regula tions of this treaty shall be paid to the Siamese government Article IX Tho American govern ment and its citizens will be allowed free and equal participation iu any privileges that may have been or may hereafter be granted by the Siamese j government to the government citizens j or subjects of any other nation Article X After the lapse of ten years from the date of the ratification of this treaty upon the desire of either the American or apos apos ianiese government and on twelve months notice given by cither party the pre iciit and such portions ol the treaty of 1833 as remain unrevoked by this treaty together with the tariff and regulations thereunto sniicxcd or those that may hereafter be introduced shall be subject to revision by commis sioners appointed on both sides for this purpose who will be ctnjiowcrcd to de cido on and insert therein such amend ments as experience shall prove to be desirable ArtiC apos LF XI This treaty executed in English and Siamese both versions having the same meaning and intention shall take cft apos ect immediately and the ratifications of tho same shall bo ex changed at Bangkok within oight Cn nlonths from the date thcrcot tn witness whereof the above named Plonipotontiarics have signed aud sealed the present treaty in tiiplicatc at Bang kok on the t v nty ninth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty six of the Christian era and of the Independence of the United States the eightieth corresponding to the tenth of the waning moon of the lunar month AVesakh or sixth month of the year of the Quadruped Serpent of the Siamese ci quot era one thousand two TO W NSEN I II ARRIS L 8 l 8 j L 8 S p General IS gulntiuns under tchich Amer ican Trade Is to be conducted hi Siam REOvr ATinN I The master of every Viiicrican ship coming to Bangkok to trade must either before or after euter iiig the river as may be found conveni ent report tlic arrival of his vc ssel at the eustoin house at Paknam together with tho number of his crew and guns and the port from whence be comes Upon anchoring his vessel at Paknam he will deliver into the custody of the oustom liouse officers all his guns and ammunition and a custom house officer will then be appointed to the vessel aud will procoed in her to Bangkok REOUL yTioN II k vessel jiassing Paknam without discharging her guns and umiuunitiou as directed in the fore going rognlation will bo sent back to Pakuam to comply with its provisions and will be fined eight hundred ticals for having so disobeyed fter delivery of her guns and ammunition she will be permitted to return to Bangkok to trade Reoul tion III When an Ameri can vessel shall have cast anchor at Bangkok the master unless a Sunday should intervene will within four and twenty hours after arrival proceed to the American consulate and deposit there his ship s papers bills of lading amp e together with a true manifest of his import cargo and npon the consnl s reporting these particulars to the cus tom house permissiou to break bulk will at once be given by the latter For negloctingso to report his arrival or for jiresenting a false manifest the master will subject himself in each in stance to a penalty of four hundred ti cals but be will be allowed to correct within twenty four hours after delivery of it to the consul any mistake he may discover in his manifest without incur ring the above mentioned pcualtjr IIEOI L VTION IV An American vessel breaking bulk and cpmineueing to dis charge before due permission shall be obtained or smuggling cither when in the river or outside the bar shall be sub ject to the penalty of eigl t Irandrcd ti cals and couliscation of the goods so smuggled or discharged Tariff of Export and Inland Duties to be tecieJ on Regulation V As soon as the Ame rican vessel shall have discharged her cargo and completed her outward lading p iid all her duties and delivered a truo manifest of her outward cargo to tbe American consul a Siamese port clear auee shall be gruuted hec on application frem tbe oonsul jvhp iu the abseaco of any legal impediment to her departure will theu I apos cturu to tho master his ship apos a papers aud allow the vessel to leave A custom houso apos officcr will accompany the vessel to Paknam and on arriving there she will be inapeeteiiby the custom house officers ol that station and will receive from them the guns and uuiinunLtiou preriously dcliverod i apos ato their charge Regulation VI The mcriean plen ipotentiary having uo knowledge of the fcjiamcso language the Siamese govern nieiit have agreed that the English text of these rcgulatious together with the treaty of which they form a portion and tho tariff hereunto annexed shall be nc cepfod as conveying in every respect their true meaning and intention REoni TiON II All Anierioan ojti izous intending to reside in 8ium shall lx registered at the American consulate they shall not go out to sea or proceed beyond the limits assigned by the treaty for the residence of American citizens without a passport h om the SiaiucM au thorities to be applied for by the Amer ican consul nor shall they tcavo Siam Jf the Siamese authorities shov to the Am ertewu consul that legitimate objections exist to their quitting the country But within the limits appointed under Arti cle IV of the treaty American citizens are at liberty to travel to aud fro under tbe protection of a pass to be furnished them by the American consul and coun ter sea d by the jiroper Siamese officer stating ic the Siamese character their n aiiics calling and description Tho Siamese officers at the government sta tion in the interior may at any time call for the piuduetion of this pass and immediately on its being exhibited they must allow the parties to proceed but it will be their duty to detain those personi who by traveling without a pass froa the consul render thcm selves liable It the suspicion of their being deserters and such detention shall be immcdiatel apos reported to the consul l 3 TOWN8E ND HARRIR l B L t 1 L B l 8 l tides of Trade L 8 SECTip N 1 The undermentioned apos irliel gt UuU be quot entireljr fiee I Tom Cither taxes on productiuu or transit 1 Ivory t uiuLogc 3 Rhiuoceiu apos horns 4 Cardainums best 5 Cardaniuins bastard 6 Dried mussels 7 Pelicans quills 8 Betel nut dried 9 Krachi wood lo Si ark apos fins white 1 1 8hurks fi nb black 13 Lukkrabau seed 13 Peacocks tails 14 Bufl apos ulo and cow bones 15 Rhinoceros hides 16 Hide cuttings 17 Turtle shells 18 Koft shell 19 Bcche de mer 30 Fish maws il Birds nests unclcanod i apos i Kingfishers apos feathers 23 Cuteh 24 Bcyche seeds nux vomica 25 Pungtarai seed 26 Gum Benjamiu 27 Angrai bark 28 Agillawood 29 Ray skins 30 Old deers horns 31 Soft or young horns 32 Deer hides fine 33 Deer hides commoh 34 Deer sinews 35 Ruffalo aud cow hides 36 Elephants bones 37 Tigers bones 38 Ruffalo horus 39 Elephants hide apos 40 Tigers skins 41 Armadillo skins 42 Stick lack 43 Heiup t4 Dried fish fiaheng 4 v Dried fish plasalit 46 iSupaii wood 47 8ait meat IH apos laugrove bark 49 Rosewoodj 50 Ebony 51 Rice Section II The undermentioned attieles being subject to the iiihrud or transit duties herein named aud which shall uot be increased shall he exempt from ex port duty Tical SaluDg Ftiaftg and bh alt pay export duty as Ibllowa apos ical Salung 1 l iiang Hun 1 1 0 0 0 per porul G 0 0 0 lt Jo f 0 u 0 U io 14 0 0 0 do 6 0 0 0 do 1 0 0 0 do 2 2 0 0 do 1 0 0 0 do 0 0 0 do 6 0 0 0 do 3 0 0 6 do 0 1 0 0 do 10 0 0 0 per loo tail u 0 0 o gt per pecul 0 0 0 0 do 0 1 0 0 do 1 0 0 0 do 1 0 0 0 do 3 0 0 0 do 3 0 90 per ct 0 0 do 6 0 0 0 do 0 gt 0 0 do 0 0 0 do 0 gt 0 0 do 4 0 0 0 do 0 apos 2 0 0 do 2 0 0 0 do 3 0 0 0 do 0 10 per 1 ct 0 0 do 8 0 0 0 per 100 hid 3 0 0 0 do 4 0 0 0 do do 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 do 0 1 0 u do 0 1 0 0 do 0 1 0 0 per skin 4 0 0 0 per peouJ 1 1 0 0 do 1 2 0 0 do 1 2 0 0 do 1 0 0 0 do 0 2 1 0 do 2 0 0 0 do 0 1 0 0 do 0 o w 0 0 dc 1 1 0 0 do 52 Sugar whjte 0 3 53 Sugar rcl 0 1 54 Cotton cleaned aud unclcaucd 10 per cent Pcjipcr 1 0 quot 6 Salt fish platu 1 0 57 Beans and pens 58 Dried prawus 59 Tilsccd 00 Silk r aw 01 Beeswax 62 apos fallow I 0 63 Salt Tobacco Hun 0 per pccul 0 do 0 per pecul 0 per 100 000 fish ne twelfth do do do one fifteenth 0 per pccul 0 per royan per 1 000 bundles Section HI oods or produce uncnumcratcd in this t iriff shrill be free of export duly and shall only be subject to one iiihiiid tax or tr insit duty uot ex ceeding the rate now paid l s J TOW VSEXD HARRIS I B quot L S J L 8 L B t L 5 Consul of the United States at Vingpo in China and the royal Siamese Commissioners ou the pan of their re spective governments Now therefore be it known that I And whereas the Raid treaty ha s been July ratifiied on both I apos arts and the rc spe ti apos apos b ratifications of the same were cxchaiv cd at Raiigkok on the fifteenth day of Junc eighteen hundred and fif ty seven by Charles William Brad vi ntUiur of apos i apos lnise 91tnipct nli ri apos a Slanaim s of Sismess Plcni iotenliarif nninre r Pjcnipnti rrisrtC JAMKS BUCHANAN Preiideut of the UtiiteJ of tmericii have CHUsed the said treaty to he made pub lic to the end that tlu apos lmc and every elausc and article therret apos iimy he oh n rved and fulfVlled with j ood I apos iifh by the United States and the eiti cna thereof In witness whereof 1 have hcrcuuto act tny hand and catiaed ih eal ot the I apos nitcd States to be alhxe l f onc at the city of Wa shiiig ton this ai xteenth cfhy of Angnst in the year of our Jjord one ihouiiand eight t apos apos J hundred and fifty eight and of the Indepenilence of the United Stales of America the ughl v third JA MKS BUCHANAN By the President Lewis C yss S apos cretm t of Slafi ELIZABETHTOWN DEMOCRAT Mr Brown took occasion ouj The Democracy opposed the Mond ay to complain bitterly of our apos Alien and Sedition laws a bank of the course toward hrm Ho said he had j United States a protective tariff for the dona as much or more than any other s ake of protection the distribution of man to get up our lapcr and give it a the proceeds of land sales of public tart and he therefore thought he had lands the establishment of a general BY TEI EGRAPH a right to have the coininunications of his friends inserted in it He saiil we had nfuud to publish two letters sent ns hy his friends This is not true but if we had done so we could plead several good plca s in answer beside the precedent af forded us by his organ the Bardstown iuzettc for wc puhlisli this week a communication written or that paper which the edilur rifuiril to piihlish he enute it ailvoratrd the claims of Mr ynrW and would injure it apos We have other reasons that we forbear to give at system of internal improvements by the general government the prohibition or establishing of slavery in the territories by Congress because these things were violative of the Con stitution of the United Htafes The op position to these measures was upheld by such men as Jefferson Madison Monroe Jackson Benton Calhoun Pierce Polk and Buchanan because they said although such measures might be expedient they were unconstitu tional They held the most beneficial apos apos apos yL Ircal Battle Foiiiilit THE ALLIED VICTORIOUS The Entire Au lt triiin Army ot 280 000 Meu i iually Uereiileil ircseut hut which will he given unless policy ought to be ojiposed unless Wcdiiesdny July 13 1830 The Debate Monday was tlie first day of Circuit Court and an immense concourse of people were in town apos lany came to Court while many came to hear the de bate between lessrs Brown and Jewett Soon after diiiiior tlic boll rang and the Courthouse was instantly filled Mr Jewett made the opening speech He tpoke fur an hour and a half in a clear forcible and argunientalive manner He stated the book charge and refuted it to tlie satiafaction of every man pre sent Indeed so clear forcible and distinct was his explanation of that mat ter and so triumphantly did he sustain himself that all the rhetoric and decla mation of his ingenious competitor nt terty and eignally failed to get up the least enthusiasm iu liis favor on that aubjeef Mr Tewett then took up the question of Congressional interventiou for the pro tection of slave property in the terri tories He declared himself in favor of intervention whenever from the action of the territorial government such a course was neees sary for the protection of the rights of slaveholders He said slaves were properly and as such had as much right to protection at the hands of the general government us a horse or mule In reply to this Mr Brown was silent he seemed to regard the ques tion as one on which it was not politic for him to take a position We regret that Tlr B aw lit to pass hy so very important a question in silence The people here would be glad to know where he stand on ibis really vital question apos J apos hey wish to knf w apos tf tWlNf tbo Bardstowu c aucu s lie i s silent and intends to deprecate the discussion of this question as standing mum with re gard to the rights of the South What does he say After taking true Democratic ground in regard to intervention Mr Jewett applied himself to the task of dissecting the Bardstown caucus which he did in masterly style and to tlie entire satis faction of all present save a few men who are personally devoted to Mr Brown and who Coiivincfd against iheiruill Are ul the same opinion atill Mr J wished to know how lr Brown got into the Convention and hy what authority he spoke there but Mr B could give no e xcuse for his course He said he spoke by courtesy of the house This may excuse the house but cannot excuse 51r Brown He was t apos here in the Con apos vention debating with delegates not being adelegatc hut an aspi rant If be had never dreamed that he would be the uomince irutil lie went to Bardstown he learned after he got there a great effort would be made to give it to him before the Conven 1 tion sat and ca n not excuse hitnself on the ground that he spoke by courtesy The day was a glorious one for Mr Jewett and constitutional Democracy The county was largely agaiost My Brown before the spcakhig and is still so and will be so at August We should have been pleased to present other mat ters connected with the debate but our space will not a lt hnit it so we tnust de sist for the present Mr B shall find it consonant with his own sense of propriety to withhold any further attack on us Mr B also said the Democrat was muzzled against him and called it clearly constitutional They thought the integrity of the constitution in all cases of more consequence than any temporary good that could be attained by its violation in the slightest partieu Mr Jewett apos s pajicr Now wc willllar Let Mr Brown and his friends re say once for all the paper is neither fleet whether the fathers of the Democ niuzzled for Jewett nor is it Mr Jew ett s paper It is our paper and wo manage it to suit ourself without regard to the pleasure of either Mr Brown or Mr Jewett and if Mr B supposes he has a right to govern our private judg ment because he says he contributed as much or more than any one else to start the paper which by the way he did not do we tell him most emphatically that the wrong man is controlling the paper for any such work as that If it were all his and we controlled or pre lenJeJ to control it wc should pursue the couvictions of our own judgment if we were ejected the next moment apos Vo were raised to hclicva we had a right to think as we pleased and to write and speak just what we thought and in this regard we have not and will not depart from our early training and if Mr B s purpo apos c W 1 S to deter us from doing what wc regard our duty he has mis taken his man And now lest some one may he led to suppose that wc arc using Mr B apos s money to oppose his election and with a view to show with what recklessness he made the assertion that he did as much or more than any other man to start the paper and to save ourself from the efi oet of any such im pression we now state and challenge Mr B to deny it that he is not now fifty dollars out of pocket on account of the paper and never has been to the amount of seventy five dollars all told and that another whose name wc forbear to mention lia i invested the sum i f littudred d ll racy and the Republic would sanction a violation of the constitution for the sake of sending him to Congress or obeying the dictation of the BarJstowu Con vention Capture of Men Munition amp C E R DEAN AND lt iENERAL COMMISSION AGExVT Noriti tide J lt fTeifor 8t beiu rrn 4 nnd amp Direels L O UlS VILLE K Y Attention vft be given lo the Pur chjne And Sale of Real Ra apos ete at Aiirtion or fttherwiee Renting and Leaeing Honana and I anda Pnrrhaaing and Mir apos ne Negroee Oo apos ect irg Ciairna throughout the Western and South erii SlAies June 9 1 Probable Participation in the War hy Prussia SADDLES HARNESS Jm K HASTINGS ESPKf n LLLY inv i tiie public lo call lI lPLE VlLi T 2 OF ALL KINDS At Fair llatse at the SEED amp REAPER WARE nOUEE OF H B HOW ARD 371 and 373 Main Slrret near Loitlavil apos e Hotel m2 Cm LOUISVILLE KY BROWN amp GEOOHEGAN S COLUMN Mty State iuthority ChoiceFIrsi flasii Insurance BY THE gsp The Elizabethtown Democrat says that at the time of the Hardin coun ty meeting in April Mr Brown was ac quainted with the full particulars of the book charge against Mr Jewett and that notwithsUnding he voted for the resolution endorsing him Mr Brown informs us that he had not heard a word of the charge until the debate between Messrs Jewett and Newman atllodgen villc in Jlay The book charge was not known at all in this district until the report of the investigating committee wa s published some time in March Bardstown Gazette Wc charged in the same connection that Mr Brown said in liis speech at New Haven Springfield and at Florences in this county that if Mr Jewett had snbmittcd to the convention and been its nominee he would have supported him This is not denied Will Mr B auth orise the Gazette to deny this Mr Brown thinks the plea of infancy is a vety unpopular one and one that a true Kentuckian would not make This is very true in some ca sc3 but not so in his case lie is only twenty four years old and the constitution says no person shall be a representative who shall not have attained the age of twenty five years The constitution of Kentucky says no one person shall be a vo apos apos v until he is twenty one Now apos gt 11 grown though he BATTLE BETWEEN THE SWLSS S0LBIER3 AND THE CITIZENS ARRIVAL OF THE ADELAIDE St Johns N B July f gt The steamship Adelaide has arrived at this port from Galway the 25th bringing London and Liverpool advices of Satur day noon received by telegraph The news is of a highly important nature The Empress of France had received a telegram from Napoleon Friday eve ning announcing that a terrible battle had been fought and that the allied for ces had achieved a great victory The entire Austrian army had formed in line of battle extending a distance of five leagues The battle lasted from four o clock in the morning until eight o apos clock in the evening The French captured a number of flags pieces of cannon and prisoners A dispatch from Vienna says a battle was progressing but gives no details The previous accounts from the seat of war said that the Austrian force on the Mincio was fully 280 000 strong that the entire French force had passed Monte Chiaro and their rseonnoisance was said to have been passed as far as Gato and that the Piedmontese had ad vanced towards Peschiera the northwest fortification of the historic square Napoleon hud demanded permission to march 30 000 troops through Hano ver to the Rhine It was believed that the basis of the proposed medliution of Prussia would not be acceptable to France and Prussia would thereby he iurolvcd in the war It w as also rumored that Prussia had threatened to assist in suppressing the meditated insurrectionary movements in Hungary The latest telegraph from the Emperor C apos andia Friday Evening Great bat tle Great victory The whole Austrian army formed a line of battle extending five leagues in length Wc have taken cannon flags and pri soners The battle lasted from 4 a m till 8 P M public to call and x iimnc I ip r xo gt i 8ive and superior Smell of Saddir a Hairexa Ac at the old aund ol Job j Hafliinfja N gt rlh west corner of the pub lic xqtinre Hi aoliciia a liueral abate of public pattMUge and hopes by hia experience and prompt attention lo buaineaa to ft e entire sat Ujaciiun to nil uho favor him with their eus tom Juni ly tlSu The Bardstown Gazette in its zeal for Mr Rrown aurl its pet caucus in dulges ill many side hits at us It clas ses us with the Opposition and says the Lord was manifestly unjust in alloling us brains Now wc are willing the editor may talk and write as much as he plea scs about conventions forwc admitho knows something at least about them but when be comes to talk about the Lord and brains wc must iusist that he be silent since no one ever dreamed that he was acquainted with the former or had in his cranium an iota of the latter It is all talk in the dark when Ellis talks about cither the Lord or brains Neisrh bor don t talk about strantrers We say to the friends of Mr Jewett and Constitutional Democracy throughout the District stand to your post and your principles and you will be erownod with suclt a moral and polit ical triumph as is seldom won The Gazette says Mr Jewett was the first to introduce the book question into the public print meainiig thereby that we had becu the first to jiuhlish it This the editor kpew was not true He knows that as early as May a state ment of the charge appeared in the Cen tral Kentuckian in shape of a oommiini cation and that in the issue of liis own paper of the twenty third luiie lie gave the charge as slatcil hy apos I r Blown at New Haven Is it not apos Iraiigv itnlct d that the Gazette wtxu t apos ell tire truth il it can avoid it Wc publish ill another column a letter from several of the most promi iient citizens of Spcftcer county flatly contradicting a statement made hy the Gazette tliat the Spencer delegates were for Mr Brown Be sure to read it Read also the communication from Bardstown It shows up the conven tion in its true light and takes the true D inn apos raii apos gt apos r apos i r d Tlie time for action is short and it behooves the friends of Democracy to be active and vigilant and to see that our wary adversaries get no advantage of us on account of our lethargy and supineness Let every Democrat be up and at his post liCt indifference on out part no longer give encouragement to that party whose only effort is to compass our defeat Let not our local dissensions be the means of injury to our State ticket Let s rally one and all to the standard of true Democracy and secure the elec tion of our Slate ticket not simply by our old majority but let that mtijority be swelled lo 20 000 Wc can do it if we will work constantly and efficiently They arc con ititulional and just Such Democratic ciiitors as Mr t apos ofer would soon raise the character of Demo cratic papers to a correct standard of ta le and dignity h apos enluc cinii That is wo suppose rai ics them to the correct standard of Know Nothing taste the very tiling that Cofer seems likely lo do with his sheet just now Bards lo cn ia ittr apos t e s that s the Word all who arc not willing to fall down anil worship at the feet of his majesty king caucus and gt blindly and witlio it enquiring into the support of Mr Brown are coining to the standard of Know Nothing ta stc 8et Mr B and hi s Bob tair converttioti up as a test of Democracy and then ex communicate all who don apos t Bow the supliaut kuee that thrift may follow fawning Our information from all parts of the District are most eacouraging siiiill come to ilic polio to apos oti t apos Jewett will Mr Brown proclaim from the rostrum that he will not challenge his vote apos Let him speak out The constitution also says he s apos hall not vote unless he shall have resided two years in the State or one year in the county and sixty days in the District in which he shall offer to vote If a man not possessing these qualifications comes tc vote for 3Ir Jewett won t Mr Brown object and say the constitution disqualifies you Eh Mr Brown 8 The Central Kentuckian denoun ces the convention a s an Democratic save the mark and supports Jewett we suppose as a true Democrat A rab id Opposition slicet teaching Democracy What sublimity of impudence Odell prating Democracy reminds us of the devil dressed in a monk s cowl and ex younding the Bible Cannot the infatu atc apos i few who still cling to the fortunes of Jewett very plainly see whither they arc tending Can t they see the cloven foot What docs all this praise of Jew ett mean Was it ever awarded to a good Democrat Is it right that it should be Bardstown Gazette Wc suppose then Mr Brown apos s organ don apos t want any one of the Opposition to vote for him lest some one might sec the cloven foot When Mr Brown apos s non age is urged against him as a reason why he should not he elected wc are told that Mr Clay took his seat iu the U S Sen ate ten months before he was old enough according to the requirements of the Constitution and that the celebrated Randolph of Roanoke took his scat in the House at twenty three We have shown by Garland s Life of Randolph that this is not true as to him and we do not know that it is true with regard to Mr Clay But if it be true it was a vi olation of the plain letter of the Consti tution afid was therefore wrong Wc hold the rule to be good that where the intention ot the law maker is manifest trout the words he uses there is no room for construction and that prcccdehts in violation of that plain unipt apos cstioncd meaning of the law maker are entitled to no weight wlialcrer Mr Adams and all hft Federal p irty were in favor of the iicn and Bcditifth ktws thby voted for them and executed them yet no one will say their violation of the Constitu tion then would justify others in doing so now No in like manner the fact that Mr Clay in 1807 took liis seat iii llic United State s Senate when under thirty years of dgc if true is no reason Mr Brown should violate the Constitution now by taking his seat in the House of Represculativcs when under twenty five RAIL ROAD EXCHANGE A d DKOWN calls the stipiilion of the pub lie generallji to tlie tact llial he has opened the above named liouso and is now pre pared to receive and bccommod vie the traveling public His hoiine is the most convenient to the Bail Bead ot any house in lou ii His table will be furnished wl apos li the best the land afToros and he will be glad to set and accommcdaie all who mav favor bim with a call ICjT apos His SALOON is supplied with lbs beat of LIQUORS Janeiy ly E L I Z A B E T Ti t o W N FEMALE ACADEMY ON MULDROUGII apos S HILL Falixahctlitowii llariliii Ky T HR next Session ol this School will open oc ihe First MONDAY of Sepiember 1859 This Institution is located in one of the most besitby portions of the SiaiCp 48 miles from Louisville on the Louisville ana N amp bliTillc Rail Road The Academy is coiidocled by G W MAXSON PRINCIPAL Aaaisled by competeni leacheis Terms per Session of Twenty M ccka Primary Dc a r t me ii t Including Beading Spelling Primary Geography Intellectual Arithmetic Second Claes Ancient and Modern His tory Higher Arithmetic Autronomy Na tural Philosophy and Chemiel apos y Thiid Class Higher 31atheiiiauca a eient Langnages Mental and Moral Sci ence c c S C A 8 BROWN R D OEOGHEOAN BROWN amp GEOGIIEGAN ELIZABETHTO H apos V A apos T A BK now receiving their Spring Slock of Groceries eousiating ia partol the fallow iiig aiticles to wit 20 Hogsbeads of Sugar 60 Dags of Coffee 1 Sacks ol Java Coffee 6 Barrels crushed Sugar 2 Powdered lO quot Molasses 12 4 Dallimere Guld apos n Syrup 6 Cheala Tea lO Buies of Tobacco 75 Star Candles 4 bags Pepper lO Ginger 4 Spice 4 Mats of Cinnamon 40 lbs Cloves 60 Boxes Mustiid lO Bags Span Cotton tio oo 10 bales Batting 100 lbs Cnilon Twine 6 Coils Grass Kupe 16 00 10 Hemp lO Ki gs Madder 20 00 10 Canka So apos ta 0 Kegs Alumn Foi the Eliiabcthlown Democrat The Congressional Knee John Y Brown is the nominee of the Bardstown Convention for Congress in this dis trift and Hon J II Tewett is his oppr in enndidatp The cry of Mr lewi tt apos s friends will that Ihe giaeALiid ia not til i at tlu Tn t After due nuitcc lU been giv m to all the Democ racy of the counties of Mercer Marion Washington Bullitt and Nelson meet ings were held and every Democrat in each of the first four counties made delegates Nine delegates were appoirt ted in Nelson and eight of the nine were for Mr Jfewett provided he would submit his nanio to the convention or if he intended to run anyhow against the nominee should he not get the nomi nation they were instructed not to vote for him An alternate delegation was present from Spencer county and it will be seen that six counties were represen ted and those six counties had more than a majority of all the Dcnio apos cratic voters of the district Compare the manner in which the Bardstown Convention was gotten up with the meeting held in Hardin in April Mr Jewett s friends on that oc casion were begged not to hold that meeting as no notice of it had ever been given Only Mr Jewett s friends knew anything about it yet they would not postpone the meeting in order to give all the Democrats of Hardin county a hearing but attempted to pass a reso lution denying the right of the central committee to hold a conveation to nomi nate a candidate for Congress and failed to do so The motion was laid on the table On a substitute that was offered for this rc solution the vdto stood twelve for it and fifteen against it and those fifteen men were acting in the name of the one thousand Democrats of Htlrdin county whom they had not consulted and who were not notified that any meet ing was to be held Let the Democrats of Hardin learn the full history of the facts on both sides before they believe the cry of Mr Jewett s friends that the convention was a fraud If the vote of Hardin Meade Larue Spencer aiid Anderson had been cast for Mr T vvett iu the convention still Mr Brown would have beaten him for the nomination Hear both sides before you believe the cry of fraud JUSTICE French 9I0 U0 Music 2U 0i Use of Instrument apos 2 00 No charge for less than half a Session unless in case of aieksess It is imporlsut bat pupils should be preant at the ipeniug of Ihe school as the course of study msikcd out lor each sohol lar requires a fiiH Session fur its completion By order ol the Board of Trustees W r GllAV President A M BBOWN Secretary It affords ns plessure to be able lo recommemi the above Institution as one in which the varione studies are lli oioughly tsatht and one in every particular worthy ot the palrunace ot those who desire their children thoroughly educated W C apos GRAY President Board ol Trustees A M BBO WN Secretary TRUSTEES John Quiggins A C Cook S Eliot H M Showers n D iici i W apos m Showers K D Gcoghe utip A M Brown June28l h 1859 PATRONS W F Winltrsmilh Elizabeth McKinney H B Helii Janies W Hays apos M Brows M V rjimt apos le Dent Ucughegan Armnilis I apos sik 21 1 w B L Y THE W A M S I T T A PRINTS They are the Best Calicoes yet otfered to the Public foi the money WaoLf sxLE Aockts DEFOREST AR M3IR0NG A CO Juuc29 6m NEW YORK Tlicrc is a Turkish law that a man fur every falsehood he utters shall have a red mark set upon bis house If such a law were in force iu Kentucky it would not be a very difficult matter to find the residences of many of the Oppo sition politieiaus and editors ns well as those of a few independent Democrats Bnrdstoion Gazette You ought to ble ss the Lord tliat no Such law exists here If it did your house would soon be one mass of red stripes and the law would go often witb tJut its penalty for want of room to make the marks or your residence would have to bo iiiJcfinifely dxlcnded to make room ril ANKS Our thanks are due to Mr Benjamin LaSwell of Robiusonville for some delicious eating apples the best wc have seen lYbo will send us the next 1 gt RV 0001 gt S BALES amp AVINTEKSMITIL C apos orner lo Coiirtlioiisr H ave just received large qusstitles of Press Goods and other articles lo which they le epeclfully inviie the attention of CasK buyers and those who buy on Short lime They invite especisi atieniioo lo their stock of Berege Robes Organdies aud Organdy Robes Jaconet Lawns Grenadines Grenadine Beiegea Shawls Mantles wide white and black Uercaes Travelling dress Goods mourning Goods a splen did assortment Urillisntes Chintzes Shalleys Pacific and English Lawas Shiriiiigs Linens and Cotton hectinga English and French Chintzes while Goode of every kind Hosiery Gloves Parasols and Sun Umbrellas bilk Mite die and s genetsi assottmenlof all kinds and qualities ot Dry Goods They also invite particular attention to their very large stock of SHOES Ladies apos Kid Slippers Misses Kid Slippers La dies apos Kid Boots Misses apos Kid Roots Ladies Last ing Bools with heels Men apos s Shoes Buy apos s Slices snd Cbi apos dieu s Shoes ior sale low by BAcES amp WINTEKS MITIL DOMESTIC GOODS CoUonades Linen and Drills Tablf Cigths Sliipe and Flaid Cottons for servanUp for sale low for cssh Bi BALES amp WINTERS UITU HOOP SKIRTS A large supply of Spring Steel Hoop Skirls foi sale low for cash BALES S WINTERSMITn 1 1 Copperasi lU Usirtls Whilv Pish 21 Boxes Heriing 4 dozeu bottles Tomatoc Catsup 4 Pepper Sauce too Saidincs I barrel Almonds 1 Cream Nuts 1 Finglieh Walnuts 1 Pecans lU Boxes Starch 100 REttS OF NAILS 21 doz Wash boards 20 Bags Shot assarted sizes 40 Bundles Lead ICO OIO Gun Capa 2 Tierces Fice V Boxes a apos sorted CsmJics 20 rtoa Shaker Brooms I I Nest Tube 6 Boxes Ink 12 quot ffsisins too Gross Mstcl es 3 gross German Matches 50 Blacking 6 Gross Pirn Flasks fi Q isrt Flasks 1 Barrel Table Salt 20 boxes Cheese JO Barrel Butter Crackers 4 Kegs Powder 24 Botes 8 10 amp tC 12 Glass 6 Handles 8 10 dt IJ I apos TSabb 1000 Two bushel Bags 1 Box Lemon Syrup 1 bhi d gt 40 Bundles Wrapping Paper 6 Botes Prunes 20 Boxes Kizs 1 doz Butter Fiikins 100 000 Cigars 10 doz Blacking Brushes Incorporated IS19 charter Per petiial CASH CAPITAL 1 000 000 Absolute and unimpaired With n Surplus ol SS 62 9 tio OS And the prestige of 40 years success sod ex perience The Capital alone being double that of any Fire Insurance Company iu the United States AS8ETS JAN 1 1839 Cosh on bead dt deposited in llatlfotd Banks lt 2011 180 28 Cash in transit snd in Ageots htnda 121 8J2 83 U S Treasury Nutes d per cent iot 57 302 12 230 Stats Bonds 218 676 00 Money due Co secured by rttortgage 4 2l2 13 Beal Estate unincumbered 65 538 26 Bills Kezeivable 48 066 67 Market Value 168 bonds 16 7 and fO per cent annuallyy 167 110 00 867 shares Railroad Slock 84 022 00 Armsti apos oiifi s clissic il instccfth Fliza bet h town Kentucky The Third Session of this Institution will Commence on the Second Mon day in September pHE course of instruction is equal to any of X our Colleges embracing the English Lan guage snd Literature Ancient Langnsgea and Liters lurej Modern Liuguages and Literature and Mathematics Terms per iliiarlcr ofTcii Weeks Primary Department First Olasa Orlhograph Reading Pen manship Mental Arithmetic and Primary Geography S 500 Second Class Ptaclical Arithmetic Grammar and Geography 6 00 Academical Depart incut FiVst elkss Hi Hcr Arithmetic Book keeping Ancient and Modern History and Ancient Geography 3 OO Ercund Class Elements of Latin and Orcfk Algebra Geometry and Mensu ration 9 00 Collc iair llcpartiiiciit Ancient Languages and Literature Natural Science Belles Lellres High er Mathematics AslionoinJ apos No 9 00 Modern Languages Each 5 00 OQT Each Pupil IS charged twenty five cents per quntter lor incidentals ICS apos liiition payabte each Quarter Charges made fiom lime ot entrance CL 27 Di apos duclion mads fur absences if e ual to hal apos f a Quarter For further particulars eddrese Ihe Principal M ARMSTRONG ELizxstTHlow n HziDl n CoiPSy KtMCCXv 1 Cask Lemon Wins 1 Cbatry Brandy 1 apos Bleckbcrty Brandy 1 Cask Port Wine 2 Barrels Sweet Wine 2 Muskat Wine 2 Ginger Wine COGNAC BRANDY Rum 1 V WHISKY 20 Barrels Bourbon Whisky 6 i Whisky 10 Superior old Whisky One Keg of Ftbiighton Bitters Ten Bartels of Cider Vinegar Which they offer for Sale at Wholesale at Louisville prircs freight by Railroad added They are daily receiving additions to their Slock having made srtangeroenlB to gel their supply from the BcNt niid i apos henpcfiit Barkct They have bouf ht and eipect lo buy for Cash and will do a atricily rush buPineRs by doin so they will btt eoablod o make it o the interefat of heir friende to deal with them Dealers and Fa ruicrs are reapccifutiy invited to call aad t apos zamiiie tbeir8lockp at their business Houbeg oppobilc th Hailrcad Depot They will buy all the various articles of apos CO UXTR Y PROD UCE F A IxAUli cz 9 Produce amp Commission Morchauts AND DEBI ER IN Flour Cider Vinegar Cement Woodetr Ware Ac MANUFACTURE OF VTi i 11 1 t TK leUn No 577 di 579 Market Street bei apos n First di Brook LOUISVILLE KY The highest cash price pice paid for all kinds of Couoiry Prndnee CITY REFERENCE SMirs 5i SMYsxa Wi aoN 5c SvaaBixo A S quot bite dt Co I CxsaiEV Q Hobbisz flreh21S59 y 66 SO SO 36 2 356 9 470 164 2U0 Missouri 20 600 00 Other Miscellaneous Bank Stocks 23 669 68 Connecticut River Co Stock 5 460 00 Stafford Bank Stock 6 260 UO Wsterbury Bank Stock 6 250 00 Providence Bank Slock 1 872 10 apos Hartford Bank Slock 236 230 OO New York Bank S ock 597 480 00 Jersey City Bank Stock 1 600 00 1 867 920 08 TOTAL LIABILITIES Uoseitled Claima not due 8110 976 Fire ami liilanfl IVaTi nfion KlHkM Accepted at terms consistent with solven cy and fair profit LOSSES EQUITABLY ADJUS TED AND PROMPTLY PAW Upwards of 811 000 000 of Losses Have beet paid by ibe A lt ina hfkurance Com pany in the past 39 years Organized on a national basis with apos gencle in the principal cilirs and towns k icli trans sclina free trotn the ob i apos Clions of the credit sya em Applicstian ninde to and duly auihorised Agent piomptly ailended lo By strict attention to a legitim ue Insurance business this Compsny is enabled lo ofl apos er hulh Ind apos inn iy for iLe past snd s lt curity or the Iu ure Folicee issued without delay by S gt ELIOT Aoknt Elisabelhlowii Kv Aug l8 lv BOERHAVE S HOLLAND HITTERS TUJ CKI KIlRATKD HOU AND nV MEDT FOR DTSgEFSFA 1 I8C SE OF Tin KIDNEYS LIVER COMPLAINT WEAKNESS OF ANY KIND FEVER AND AGUE Aod the various affections consequent upsa a disoidered STOMACH OR LIVER Such M Indigestton Acidity of the Stomach Colicky Pains Heartburn Loss o Appetite ntependenev Coativenraa Blind and Hleediag Piles fn all Nervous KbeomaHc snd fetirlfv gio AJTrcUons il has in unmerous instances proved highly beneficial and fn others efTectef a decided cure This is s purely vrgrtsble compound prepared on strictly arientiric principles sfur the manw ner ot the ceiebraud Huilaiid Proft ssor Beer have Reacuse of its great anccess in most of he European States its introduction to the Uni ted Stales was intended more especially for those of oor fatherland scattered here and here over the face of this mighty countty Meeting with great success among them I now offer it to he American public knowing ih tl its truly wonder ful medicinal virfues must be aeknosiedged Il is psrticuUri r recommended lo those pe sous whose constitutions have been impaired by the continuous use of ardent apirits or other forms of di aipa ion Generally i utanlsneou lif ilsefTects it finds its way directly to the seat of life thrillint and quickening every nerve raising up the drooping spirits ami in fact infusing new health and vigor to lie sysitm NOnCK Whoever especte lb find his bov ersge will be disappointed but to the sick weak and low spirited it will prove a grateful aroma tic cordial possessed o singular remedial prop erties CAUTION Ihe great popularity of this delightful Aroma has induced many imitations which the public should guard ngainst purchasing Be not per suaded to bny anytliing else until you have giv en Barhave apos s Holland Bi ere a fair trial One boitle will convince yo uhow infiuitely superior it is lo all these iroiiationa C7 Sold at f l OU per bottle or six boiUes for f6 00 by the SOLE IMiOPRIETORS Benjamin Paffe Jr y A apos Co MANUfACTUFING PHARMACEUT1ST S amp CHEMISTS PITTSBURGH PA W 1 L 0 V Ai STAKBIRD LOUISVILLE KY E II UAYCRAFT Agent ELIZABETHTOWN KY Octobers 1868 n38 L SCIILESINGER 9 Ul UO IJBD 0 jpM op snonud puR spnaiy rf j apos ain Itioq nr oenoq Xqb usqi o puo ai J eooud o sb puB passBdjnsun ei ooubSojo ui qotqAi A in a 3 f aNv o k i h x 6 1 3 os IV jomuins Snf tds JO ooj8 injijnRaq pan o3jb qjiAi HHOA AVdM mojj poojtnw sd apos sRq ANDREW apos S patent SILVER TOP SELF OENERATINO SAFETY OAS LAMPS Burns no Wiek hfre ia no gf a e no i niOltn no iinplniiaan L oiler ot clangei of Erplnuion bjr fillini up Beiiiiif or bre liirg lumbling bee It orer hetJ ji lh Bonr with ihe b irning Lump ia your Ktnd abil Mnsth it in piece quot here will be on eonfli puiloo for lb quot conciitsion will inMtiitIr p quot l ihe light out tml yea mar pick yoottelf up in ihr daik in plice of eettinr Ihe houte on fire You must eee to beliere 1 he Lamp W apos ill tell ile ow lory nd it i gt cbe per tb n the wick light hr V pet cent when giving on ei lol emount ol light Lampo of ereir ilegcriptinn for burning Duid of Ihe pureet kind el Ml cenU per gtlloo old Lompo of any kind con be olteied ond mode neol ond tofe hy applying ot the New Yoik Ltmp Store Jelftroon Si No 46J Betwen Sd and 1th Sle L tuiorille Kentucky N U Kotenl Kiglil for ale ordera addreoe 10 ISAAC f L I UKOH Agent Urilera aolioited for Campe Chandeliora Pat ent burning Fluid Caniphene ond Alcohol Wholeoole and tetall alio Lt lole ani r v apos i gt atkxt si r bhill padlock It tawery much thickle ond littl body or co e tt ertry Padlock ohould be it la terr alioy ret light 00 that ill weight wiil not wear off the thackle on loilroad caro The work arc briia and steel to arianged at not to bo affected by ruat it la a perfect riiokecc luniblei yet a sell locking Padlock a curioaliy in thia reepect a thing ncTpr before accomp lahed It cannot be picked and thaliaaaying rery much fot a Pad lock it defies the most akiiMnl No impreaaion of the hey can be made from the lock it is aua oeplible of a aal numbe r III changes or rarietie ot keys benco every Company can have Its own pieuliar form of key and any number wilhoiil anylwii alike U cannot be knocked open nor in any way iinlocki d without iiaown True Key the ahrckle fliea open at aoon aa yoa turn the key for piiticnlara addreaa ISAAC I L ATIinOP Agent kdlv New York Lamp Store Louiaville Ky Tha above lAmua can be had by calling at the Diug Store on Main atree E II HATCHAl apos l Co Agenta Llizabeibiowu Ky j y old s FiMlLl GROIERV IND vojs apos i apos i V TM o ir a u K eeps always on hanil a supply of Fteah Candies of all dcsciiplicns Cakes I quot ight bread Crackcis Null of all kinila Ritsiiia Dates Figs and Piunet Picklrs Jellies and Fruils G HOC ERIE S Sugar of all description Planlalion and Bugar House Molasses Uulden Byiup CofTee Tea Rica Bpice Fish Vincear Candles Soap Tubaeoo PnufT and Cigars Aleo a large assaoitment of Toys KcfrcsIiiuvntB Ale Brer Soilii Water Lemonade and Ice Cream 1 hove also Made arrangements by w bich I can lurnish Freah bread from Louiarillo every day Tefmc Cheap fot Cash F lUUBOULD iUOWEB i k MOORE Merchant Tailors AMD DtALEAS IN READY MADE CLOTHING UftT4 just rrctiT 4 Ibf ir Slock of Spriaj ftnd Sommer looitop nolbfls Caftiouri aitil tttiDgs R nd gt apos i apos nadc Cloth iufr FURNISHING GOODS Whifh will be solil ff oWfil tb n be game iootlf can be bought Elaewhere A apos l kindi of woik made to order on abort notl tr and in a style that cannot be surpasged Uur Stnre is immediately oppoaiie Morris amp Cook apos a Hat Shop SHOWERS amp MOORE WOOD ED DA quot amp GO S DE apos LAWAUE STitTi LOTTEKIES rKiXK 10 000 TICKETS 10 WOOD EUDT i CO MA NACEIIS BCCCE680RS TO GRECIORY h MAl apos RT The undersigned having become owners of THE ATJt iVE I OTTERY CHARTER IN J E1 AWARE ofl apos er to the public the following sell apos me to he dr iwn each Wednesday in Jt vr 1849 at Wilmington Delaware in public iimler the auperintrndence ol awotn aontmiasiouers appointed by the Governor lafcs 314 liraws Wcil June 1 1859 Class 3ii6 Draws Wed Juue 8 1859 Class 338 Draws Wed June 15 1859 Class 350 Draws Wed June 32 1859 Claes 362 Draws Wed Juue 20 1859 Tbiily Two Thousand Three Ilun died aud Ninty Six Prizes Nearly one Prize to every two Tickets 0 T8 Numbers IS Drawn Ballots MAGNIFICENT SCHEME TO BE DRAWN Each Wednesday in June Prize of 10 000 is 21 789 quot 140 000 21 789 2 Prizes of 10 000 are 20 000 3 ri 6 000 18 000 a i 4 000 12 000 4 it 2 000 8 000 15 4 1 000 15 000 16 600 apos 9 000 15 l 500 7 500 227 C 260 66 750 5 II lOO 6 500 6 r 70 4 550 65 II 40 2 600 4 875 20 quot 97 500 27 040 u 10 270 400 32 396 Prizes amounting to 589 589 Whole Ticket SI 0 Halves f6 Quarters 2 40 Certificataa of Packagea in the above aclieme will be auld at the lollowing ralea which is the risk Cti apos e of Packsgs of Whole tickets UO bO quot apos 26 Hs f 74 75 2G QusrUr 37 37 DELAWARE LOTTERY CLASS No 356 Jhatot on Saturday Jun 25fk 1859 99 Numtvrrs 141 Drawn Ballet One Grand Capital Prize of 170 000 1 Prize of 30 000 1 20 000 1 11 527 1 quot 8 000 34 412 Pritea amounting to 11 198 1971 Whole Tickets 820 Halves HO Quarters 14 2 Prizes of 5 500 50 1 000 289 apos 150 amp c Ac Ac In Ordering Ticked or Certifcdtcs Enclose lie smounicf inonty to our address fOi wbat ycu wish to purchase usme the Louer gt in which you wish it invested aud vihellier oo wish WhoUe llslvts or Qoanert on receipt ol which we send what u oidcreJ by first oiatl ether with the acbeme Irnmtdutely eUrr the drsMin the drewn eumbera wt I be sent with s written expUnatlou Parebaaers will please write their fifnatures p a o sod fire the itame of their Post Uffice CifOAtJf sod Suit quot VofK to CorrcBpcndfnftt Thnae who prefer not seodias monej by xcsiY SSD U96 THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY quot 9ehereby m lt ni y for Tickeit in aucsS of Ten Dot lira and upwards c apos in le seitt ue AT OCR RISK AND EXRE E fiom acy city or town where ibry have un oflicr The money and O apos dtr mual bs cnclosril in a GOAKBMIFiT Post OFFICF sTA MPED F NVfcLOFF quot ut the its press Ltsnpstiy esnnot raceiv quot them ry Ordets lot Tickets or Certrficdtcs by Sliij CT Eipitss VO bt directed to WOOD EDDY amp CO p 13 apos y Wilmingiou Delswsrt vjr lh Drr fa of the Lelswara Stsis Lot r apos uv t t ruiliihetl c apos he Mtr York Kc eld gt lcn o and Bo gt GO TS PANTS VESTS SHAWLS SHIRTS I lidcr Garinenls SUSPENDERS GLOVES CRAV YTS PORT MONISE tlandkrrchicri IVeck Tie Ac Ac CHEAP FOR CASH The greatest variety Just Received at SHOWERS MOORE 8 360 040 To be DLstributed GEORGIA STATE LOTTERY On the plan of Single Numbers For the heneftt of the Monticello Union Academy or liapss cuBMTr osouoia Aulboiiird by Special Act of the Lrgialalurt m apos kINNEY h CO UANAURRB CAPITAL PRIZE 60 000 Fifty Tkoii and Tickeltt 25 828 PRIZES Mot than ONE PRIZE to every Tieo TICKETS Tickets only 10 Halvrs lOuaitcrs and Eighths in prupottinn To be Drawn each Saturday in Juue 1869 Class SS to be Drawn June 4 1850 Class S3 to be Drawn June II 1859 Class 84 to be Drawn June 18 1850 Class 85 to be Drawn June 85 1859 To b Diawn in public nndrr tha wont siipst inirndrnce of Ivto Cemmisaioncta W K SY MUNS aod J M PRENTISS in the City of Savannah Georgia MAGNIFICENT SCHEME 1 Prize of 60 000 is 860 000 20 000 it 20 000 10 000 is 5 000 is 4 000 is 3 000 is 2 000 is 1 500 is 1 100 is 1 000 are 500 arc GROVFRA RAKfcR apos CELEBRATED Family sf wino nAcniNEfl NEW STYLE S PRICKS PROM 50 TO 125 EXTRA CRARUES OF 5 FOR nSMURRS GREIT INDIICEMEMS TO CASH PURCHASRS TrcBiriidoiis Bargains IN Krady Hladc Clothing AND Ff BAiytu VG aooosi To those who pay Cash and want Bar gains iu Ready Made Clothing call at SHOWERS 4 MOORE a They till ratty on the TAlLOUIMti B apos SINES9 Atth il old slaiid and invite those who may with u gt puii apos bsse Clath amp e and have it mad into gaimciils and th lt se who may wish lieady Mads Clutliing to give th ni s call aa ih y f al confident of giving belter baigsins than any oihrt bona in town 6 tv Oct SHOWEKSdc MOORF A CARD or TMB IVedical Profettbion Having had for my object Ih preparation of a i mrdy that would br bciicfioia in all cases where an rxtemal application is indicated with out being injurious in any I have devoted a number of yesra to siodying and experimenting After making Iboustndt of experimenta and con sulting the best authors and most scientific chemi ts and phyai ians ol tbe day 1 have ht length succeeded in making s Medicine that will raeoiomend itself lo evsty on who studies its combiDsiioii Every iiiltlligsnt Physician and Drugglal will aec st s fisnes from the suslyais giT lt n below that itlacompoaed of the very best remedies lor cxlerual use in the Jlateris Medico This is not a Secret Remedy Every person who can read may know its coinpc stUon its eficcts are sl u well known One hundred thousand Buttles made according to thia preaciiplkin have been sold and used The result ill evsry case was always uniform andsat iafsetory Read the analysis made by one of tbe must populai anj scientific Chemist in the Uni ted StSlCB ANALYSIS OF FOHTEK apos S ORIENTAL LIFE LINIMENT M YDE BY C W WRIGHT M D Profemor oj Chemitlry in Me Kentucky School of Medicine December 1848 To H I Poerxu Sir The ingr di nts which ntcr into com position of the Preparation known as apos Poitrr apos s Oriental Life Liniment quot whinli was left with me foi quslilstivs chemical snalys s were found on cisminstiou tu contain the following ingredients Euptone Parsfifine Picainsr Piticsl C quot pnorosr Oil fiom Resin Nsptha Csrbonsts of Potasss All ol the above ingredients with the ricept ion of Csibonalc of Polasss sre eminently sati septic As the composilion of tbs sbpv pr pa ration is no longer s secrrl I have no hesitancy in stating that it is a safe and elfiuacioiis it r nsl remedy lot the diseases in which it is recoin mcn apos leJ liespcclfulty g W WRIGHT Hundreds of physicians use and prescribe Por ter a Urienul Life Liniment believing it to be tbs best remedy for that c gt ata of diseases in which It IS recommended They know its com position and prescribe it with as much cerisiiilv as to iu effects as they do any other lemedv n loilowing e a few of the many emiiUnt Olid innueniial physicians who have writieii let tera Iu tbs proprietui speaking In the highest terms ol the medieinsl ptopetuea of the Orieaul Life Liniment Dr W D Heid of Jelfersoii county Ky Dr Moses Appeigsla Crotliersyllle iud Dr Bruce ol NewessUe hy Dr J 11 JupiD of Morj unfirld Ky Dr J L McCuun l Obion Vtllcy Tenn Dr J W McDonnld Dutlcrtvilleg Ind Dr K B Paikcf Libettv Ky I gt r K H Petryiuaii Bovton Ky r gt T 0 Tcfftil Pelixvilleg Ky Dr C gt H HarrtB Charlcvton Ry Dr J W Ued ea Colemanavlllu Ky i gt r W K OloSp Moplce Ind Tb Oriental Life Liniment uil be found of rreat benefit in Kroat biies Kheumatiiim Cute Krutaca Kpraina amp c Kc Hut up in 50c and Botilra and aold by 4IX Dru giala and Country Mcrchanla Manufactured by DR K U PO etK e Jan ll ly 96 TKifd St I uUvilU Ky For Sale A FINE tract of Land lying 6 miles from EHi sbethiown Hardin County Ky on the liiniipike load icadieg from Louisville to Nash ville ilitre miles liom quot Glendalci apos a dcp apos ut on the L quot I apos d N Kailroad The tract of land Con lains 548 acres and is finely timbered sod ws ered with a mat new Log House on it and about 30 acres of cirsted land I will sell ihe whods tract or parcels of it o sirit purchasera For furiher parricuUrs apply to Cufur aird Blown Elicsbcthtoio Ky or toths uoduuige so 3 mlise EhJsbeihiowc Mat 19 it JAJli A C llTHEB 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 10 2 2 2 50 100 100 100 10 000 5 000 4 000 3 000 2 000 1 500 1 100 5 000 5 000 800 600 400 7 500 400 are 300 arc 200 are 150 are 100 are 10 000 95 arc 9 500 85 are 8 500 Approximation Prizea 32 X App to 360 000 Pz ere 3801 160 20 000 600 126 10 000 600 100 6 000 400 80 4 X0 C40 fiO 3 000 480 60 2 000 4 0 40 1 500 320 20 100 8 000 8 2 0 000 emonntiig tn 3366 040 Whole Tickets 10 Halves 5 Quarters 2 50 BOOTS amp SHOES CHEAP FOR CASH H Meyer respectfully informs the citixens of Eliabelhtown and vicinity that he is still athia old Btsud where he will be happy to see all his old cusioiocri and to furnish tb quot m with every variety of work in hh line on tbe most leaoiuble terms for cash in band He solicits a share of the public patronage and promises that Ilia work alisll not be exoeLed in style or durability by that done in Buy shop in the west His stock consists of the very Lest iiisteriats sod having several experienced work tiieii r mployed he feels confideul that he can fill all orders with which he may be favored to the tntire tsrisfsctioh of his cusloniets He thinks the srlictes hisiiulsctured by him will compare favorably wiih work in this or any other markrU An exaniiiiation of his work on hand is earnestly solicited Meadipg done with nratiteas and dispatch ou reasoiiahle srins Ket gt 9 ly H MEYER ALLEm A MTRAI GE BLACKSMITHS PLO W MAKERS 1 bese gentlemen have associated themselves together in bbsinesa arid dre pr sred to rto all kinds of lt apos ork in iheii line They have the wright of Hardin Hart Mead and jiarsoh Counties for manufaieiiirlng BBINI Y apos S PAI apos F Nl FLOWS which caimoi be excelled by any now ill use 7 apos hey cordially thank their friends for past pairoange aud respectfully solicit their coniinuencr Aft orders entrusted to their care will be executed with oediaeae efiespness sod di sicb They also keep constantly oA fiand a good os soiiment of FLOWS for wholeasle aud letail fTiop near the rsilreed Depot reb 3 apos ly EliisbcihwwA Ky PLAN OF THE LOTTERY The mmbera from 1 to 50 000 corresponding with those numbers on the tickets printed on teperslc slips of paper sre encircled with small tin tubes and placed in one wheel TTie first 380 Priies similarly printed and en sirelrd are placed in another wheel The wheels are then tevnieed and a nnmber is drawn from the wheel of Numbers and at the same time a Prise Is drawn from the other wheel The number and prise drawn out are opened and eihibited to the audience and registered by the Gommisaioners the Prise being placed sgainsl the Number drawn This opeiation is irpealcd until the Prizes arc drawn out AppROXiMxrioN Prixss T he two preceding and the two succeeding Numbers to those drawing the lir L 8 Prizes will be eniitled to the 48 Approsin stion Prise P apos or sample tl Tick et No 11250 draws ibe 8WI J00 Prise these Tick ets numbered 11218 11249 11241 Il 2 will each be entitled to 9200 If 7 apos Icket No 540 draws the 920 U00 Prise ihose tickets number inc 548 549 451 452 will each be entitled to 3140 and so on accoiding to the above scheme CesTiricaTis or Picksois will be sold st Iht following rates which is the risk Certificate of Pack of Pl Whole Tickets 60 00 10 Half 30 00 10 tinarler quot 15 00 lt apos 10 Eighth 7 40 IN ORDERING TICKETS OK CERTIFICATES Enclose tbe moaey to our address for the tickets ordered on receipt of which thpy will be for warded by firet mail Fnrehasera can have tiek te ending in any figure they designate The list of drawn numbers and prizes will be sent to purchasers immediately after the draw ing rir Purchaseia will please writs their aigns lutee plain aud give their Fuat OlHce County and State 117 Remember that every prise ia drawn and payable in full without dediiciiuo IjF All prises ol 1 1 000 and underpaid imme dial apos ly alter the drawing other piisea at tbe us ual time ot thiily days All communicaliona strictly eonfidentisl Orders for Tickets or Cert ficales by Mail or Eipreaa to be directed to Mc KINNEY amp CO savannah Gn ftST quot H H WENDOVER Agent Cincinnati Ohio mayl8 ly ELI M nAST IVDOZ O W F STRICALER EAGLE HOURS ELIZABETHTOWN KY 1I 4RT A STRICKLEK Proprictorn apos T his well known Katabiiahment Furmc apos ly kept by T R Munford Esq Is one of the best in ihe WESFEKN COUNTRY lu tables sre provided with all the Subalantiala and Del icacies the Markets can alTurd aud Guesia are cuterlained in s manner calculated to please Meals Served up at all hours to suit the con venience ol persona Travelling ILT The S ALOON ja aiipplicJ with iho Idllow iiig list of choice LIQUOnS Whisky French Biaudy Holland Gin Peach Brandy Apple Brandy Wild Cberrv Braiidv Giii gei Wine Port Wine Cherry Wine Madei apos a Wine Catawba Wine Old PennS apos Ivania Whisky Cbciy Konnee and Peche la ture They also keep the various and best braiida ol Cigars and uuaurpassvd chewing T apos obacco 49 A BROADWAY NEW YORK 97 fourth street I Ol ISMI I E 4 HIGGINS BLOCK LI MMJTON 58 WEST FOUKTH STREET CINCTN NATl jigencito inoll Ike p incipal Cilittand Teient in Ike Vnilid Slaleo Thrse Machines sew from two spools sa piir chssed from the store riquiring nu re w gt ndin of thread they Hem Fell Gaih r sml Slilcb iu superior S apos yle finishing rarh seam hy llitir own operation without recourse to the hand nec apos llr sa ia leqiilred by other machinee They will do belter and cheaper sewing than a seemsircsu esu even if she works for one cent an knur and are unquestionably Ihe bt st Machinee in Ihe mar ket for family sewing on account of their siin pliciiy diirshiHiY esse of management snd adsplalion to sll varielies of familv sewing ex gt cnling either heavy or fine wnrk with equal fa cility and without tprcial adiuslinenl As evidence of the nrqiieslioned nperiorilv of Ihi ir Machines the Ukovsr di BaKv e Siwiko Mscuins CoMfigr beg leave to resi apos eclfully ic ier to tbe following TESTI nONIAl S Having had one of Giovers amp Baker apos s Ms ehines in my family lor nearly a year and a half I lake pleasure in conimeuding ii a every way reliable for the puipnae for which it is Jestgn d Family Sewing A apos s Jnnkaa f iarit apos w apos fe o gt Kee Dr Leavitt Editor of N Y Independent quot I confess mieelfdelighted with inur Sowing Machine which lias been in my family for many months It has always been ready fur duly ru qiiirisg no adjiislmniil and ia easily adapted tu every v rieiy of family sewing bv siicp v chang ing ihe spools of tbresd Wr Ehiabelh Slrick land teife of Dr Strickland Editor of S apos Y Chriotian Adcocate After liying several good machines I prefer red yours on account of its simplicity and the perieei etre with which it is managed na well aa Ihe alier gth and durability of the seam After long experience I feel competent to speak In this manner and to cnnfidenily recommend it for every variety of familv sewing A rs R B Spooner teife of the Editor of Brookltn S apos ar I have used a Grover 5i Baker Sewing Ma chine for two yatis and h are found it adapted to all kinds ol sewing from Cambric to Bioar apos cloih Garments have been worn out without the giving way of a atiich The Machine is easily kept in order and easily used quot Afra A B ll apos kippU wife of Keo Geo Wkipple Sete York Your Sewing Machine has been in use in my family the p quot sl two years and the ladies rcque l me to give yon iheii teMimonlsIa to it quot perfect adsptednoss an well quot s labor saving qiinliiiea in the performaner of familv S apos d housthold sew ing If oierl Boorman S ete York For eeveral months we have used Groverdi Baker s Sewing Machine and have come tu the conclusion that every lady who desires her sew ing beautifully and quickly done would be moat loriunsle i4 poesesjing one of these reliable and Itidefaiigable iron nerdle women apos whose com bined qnililica of beau apos v Mrengih and siniplici ly sre invaluable J H Morria t apos augkicr of Qen Oeo P Morris Editor nf ike Home Jour nal Extract of a letter from Thos R Leavitt Esq an American gentleman now resident in Syiatj New South Wales dated January 12 1848 I had a lent made in Malbourue in Ib43 in which there were over three thousand yard quot of sewing done with one ol Gnver At Baker apos s Ma chines and a single seam of Ihnl has outs luod all the double seams sewed by tailuia with a needle aud twine quot If Homer could be called up from hi murky hades he would sing ihe advenlol Grover At Ba ker as a mote benignant miracle of art than was ever Vulcan apos s ftnllhy Re would denounce mid night sbiit apos ir alting as apos lliedirelul spring of woea annumbered Frq Liorlk I lake pleasure in saying that the Grover At Baker Sewing filnehines have more than sustain ed my expectation Afscr trying and icturniog others I liare three of them in operaiioii in my dilTeisnt places and after lour yeare trial have no fault to find quot J H Hammond Senator of South CaroUna quot My wile has ty lt lt l one Grover At IJakci apos s Fam ily Sewing Machines fot some time and I am eatiafied it ia one of the best labor saving ma chines that baa been invented I take much pleaaure in recommending it to the public quot J G Harria Governor of Tenn It is 8 beautiful thing and puts everybody in to an excitement of good humor Were I a Cath olic I should insist upon Sai its Grover am Ba ker baviug ail eternal holiday in comineniuraiion of their good deeds for buinaniiy Oaaaiua M Clay I think it bv far Ihe beat patent io use This Machine can be adapted fioni ib fineut vambiic IO the heavest casaimrre It aew s ationaer fas ter and more btamilully than one can imagine If inibe could not be ipplaeed money could not buy it Alra J 0 liroten diaakville Tann It la speedy very neat and durable in its work is raeily iindeiaiood and kept in repair I earnestly recommend this Machine to all my se quaiiilaiices and others quot Mra id A Forreat Mempkia Tenn We fiud thia M lehine to work to cat aat itfaction and with pleasure lecominend it to the public as we believe tbe Giover At Baker to be tbe beet Sewing Machine Iu use quot Deary Brolktra AlHaonian Tenn If need exclu ively for family pu apos pos apos t with ordinary care 1 will wager they will last one three score years and ten and never get uut of fix John Erakine Xaakvitle Tenn I have had your Machine for several wesks and am perfectly satisfied that the woik it curs Is the beet end moat beautiful that etvi was made Maggie Aimiaon Kaakviiit Tann 1 use my Machine upon coaia dresimekhig and fine linen aiitcbing and the work is adiuiia ble far belter than the best hand as vi ig ar any other machine I have ever Been incy 0 Tkompaon Saakville Tenn I find the work the airongesi and moat brtu tiful 1 have ever seen made either oy band or maebins and regard Ihe Grover At Baker Ma chine as one of the greatest blessings lu ooi aed apos Mro Itiylor S apos aabvilla Tenn I have C quot Grover At Bakei s Sewing Ma chinee in use in family and find it invalua ble I can confidenllv rfcuinmeiid il in a i per sons in want of a machme X Tkompaon Xaakvila Tenn I lake pleasure in certiiying to the nii ii gt of the Grover Ai Baker Sewing Machines I have used one on almost every description of work lor months and find it much stronger and better in everv espect iheo work done by hand Vvs D W Wheeler SaakviHe Tann I would be unwilling to dispose of my Grnver Ai Baker Macliioe lor s large amnunl could I not rvplsce it again at pleasure apos Mrs H O Sea vel SaakviHe Tenn Our two Machines purchased from von do Ihe work of twenty young ladies Ws with plraa ureiecomhlend the Giover At Baker Sewing Ma chine to be Ihe beat in use Y Stillman if Co Mempkia Tenn The Giover Ar Raker Sewing Machiria works admirably I think they stiich and work far su perior to that of soy Sewing Machine I evtr saw Un line work I think the Machine would Be hard to beat Iv J Davie Mempkia Tenn 1 find tbe Machine easily iiiaoaged very dur able and lake pleasure in reconunendiug il to all who wish convenience economy and fleas are Mrs F Tima Mempkia Tenn The Grover At Baker Sewing Machines have given such saiislactiun that we ctiecifolly rcAoin mend Uiem tu all who wish a good and sribstao apos tial Sewing Machine Il ixecnics work with much cure and speed and mure finely than any other machine I have seeu Mrs H B MiUkell Mempkia Tenn 1 am happy to give my testimony in favor ol Omver Ai Baker s Sewing Machine and of the pertecl sslisfaclioii it gives in every respect It sews neatly aid is by no means complietted and i prefer it to all oihera I have scan apos Mrs Riysn wile of Rev A M Biysii Mmipbia Tenn It nITnrds me much pleasnre 10 say that the Mabhioa works well and 1 do not hesitate to recom nend it as pnsaesssing all the advantages you claim apos for ii wife ia very much fleased with it and we take pleasure in certifying to thia vffecL B C Brioklc Memphis Tenn It gives me pJeasutv to fiud the Grover if Ba ker Sewing Machine giving so much autislact apos i apos U I have It in constuni use and find it all that could aimple and durable wnfl tt apos u apos f apos quot commind it apos F M white Mvmpnia Tenn Hdvini aeCn examined and used mauv other kinds ot Sswing Macl ines I feel free to y ikal Ike Gtorsr rj Baker Machines are fur su L s Great CauB of Joy to tbe Afflicted fROORE S EU CTRIC OIL AND NEVEK TAIL I N csllii the atirnilon ol the public to ibeee Medicinta we would say they have been fully tested aud thousands who have already used lliem sprek In Ihq most corrpliin nlary leims ol ibvir wonderful efiVois Whenever used thev sie received with aoclsmitione of great joy end prououiici apos d the greatest care for Aches sod Pains ever ofiered to the public Tbit msaletly eireclsupon the nerve in quieting lh lt m whether applied eileinaily or lekrn Internally gives them a celebrity unsuryaseed by any thing they act uyoo Ihe syeUm on the principles of Elec iricitv perfoimiog cures in shoiter time then tuslliing else known During the briel period einee their iiiirodnclion they have csriieil hsp LO apos UISVILLE advertisements W L WELLEK luPOaTSBS AND DkaLEBB IN Porefgn tl quot iqiiori gt Old nuiirlM gt a apos apos and Krye IV liitiky tCf Sixth Steel near Msin m2 6m LOUISVILLE KY BENJ A FLOOD Ef nVian Blind and Show CJau Maker Third Street Detween MmIii aud Alnrkct Veoutan Blinds of every site Color n t price Show C 9e for Country Metchnnia Olevp r BltiiQA repoiied tud Blind Triniroinii for te pines to the hems of thousAndi who now rejoice EslA iehed 1838 LOUISVILLE KY ft cre fur superior to lt 11 othtfB ID uer francoio Selu Ii freedom from long lingering paio and Uiaeoee which many other remediea had failed to cuic Indeed il in no exageradon when we any they arc decidely the beat preparatintit known ior the cure of iLoae diaeaeea tor which they sre recom mended They are bound to liaeand stand pre eminer C In the list of valuable remediea and they will cerUHily be nsed when msuy of tbe nostrums now in rogue shall have fallen into eveilasiing oblivion It ii Mell known tbe pnbiic has been deceived in many inetances by being induced to buy worthless and inert piepsraiiona but theee Med apos icines need only to be used to oe appreciated and we hope they will not ba condemned by tho e who have not used them before giving ihem a fair trial If il were neceasaiy we could furiik apos b many eeitificaiea Irom the beat men of tbe ccun try but we would sav that the u 6 ol one bottle in a nei hboibood would do more to convince the public of its superior qualities than all the cerii6caue in tbe world So come and see for youreeUea ye lame and suffering Ob t Rbeu metre and dying come and see Crooke s Electric Oil The cures performed by this Melicine are so wonderful and inuiaalaneoiis so saiisfaciorv and mitigating ol human ill as tn call upon public funciiooviies snd those having churye of public inaiilutiona fur Ihe sick and aiilTering to look well into the well attesied merits the timple ef ficacy of ihis Eliotkic Uil Iia elTecis ar so astonishing as to reeemble Ihose miraculous enrrs in ancient times spoken of in the Sciip tiifcs as prilormed by aiinoinling wlih oil This Etecraic Oil is extremely mIM yet prompt in ile opperstion Il ia used with a most aelutary elfectin ell Flesh Womidttnd Cutaneoue Erupt ions such as Bums Cuts Chaps Tetter Ring worm Salt Rheum Frosted Feel rache Deaf ness S rc Eyre Pilee Rruieee Scald Head and all diseases where an rxleroal application is re quired built is perlectly sale to take inlernally and it has a goor eflTrcr in all cases of lueinirni Conaiimptioii Bronchitis Asthma Croup Pleu risy Phthisic A e Two or three spplieslions will ore Ihe worst Chapped Hands It has no superior for Chapped Lips or any other Chaps Nothing is better for Burns ot Scalds It has no equal for Teller or Kiugworm and if nacd ou a Fro b Cut it never gels sore but heals up in an inorradible short time Try all olheis but give this ooe a fair aim pie trial The incemter chalUngct the vcorld with thi EUetric Oil Crooke s Never Fail Thia preparation contains the most powernll ingredients belonging to tbe vcgeiable kingdom nd owin to its very penetrating qualities il baa given reli r in cases of tbe most obdtiiale and excruciating pain when sll other remedies have coinpl tely failed It is wonderful in its efiTecla yet barmirse as walec for the most delicate per son An infant may take it into its r tomach as prcsciibed without danger the most delics apos e fe male may use it without annoyance for Ii is beautiful in appearance pleasant in its odor and leaves no grease not slain where gt t has been ap plied Il has been dieCAVered that all organic derange mema of the animal ayslem it the eflVcl of an obatructlon of the Electric Fluid in the organa diseased An application of the Nxvaii Fan from its very penetrating qualiiiee pula in imme diate motion this fluid hence a cure ia thus ef fected and in many esses in five nr tenminiiles Ii cures all Aches ssd pains in a shorter time ban snything else known in the MuierU Medics such as Headache Enraclie Toothache J wacbe rveurslgis Hheiimatlam Sprains Cramp Oto Daed iuieinally fur the cure of Colic Cramp C ol ic Sick headache Diarrhea Arc It cures Tooll achs in one minute Earache in two mmuies Ilradacbe in five ir iniil s Neuralgia pains in fifleeu minutes rVe A dope taken inwardly cutes the Colic Sick Headache Diarrhea die ill u very abort time This medicine generally gives relict io from one to ten miiintis It will now be evident that Ibe Klictric Oil is recomniended lor all Flesh Woonds snd diseas es perisiiiing to the Sitin while the Never Fell is used lor sll Aches snd Psins But in all Cbionic Diseases such as Chronic Rheumatism rVc the Electric Uil should be used riternslly and the Never Fail internally They are elau equally as good for your horse as yoursell nulb ing ia better for the Bcraicbes Try them These mediciuce sre wsrrssled pnrely Vegeta hie and no had results can arise from there use Every ounce of them is compounded undo the immediate eupeivition ol tbe inventor i nd be as sures all that no deleterioue drug eulera into their compoaition Sold throughout Ibe country hy ell regular Druggiels end country Merchenla ei Uuc Dollei pci bottle All ordeie eddieescd to the Proptic or will he attended to Prepared aod eold by C CROOK E At Ihe Botanic Drug Store 84 Thin St l iuiu yillc Ky Sold by E H HAVCKAFT Co Elii abclbtown Ky Feb lfi ly HOWARD ASSOCIATION apos PUILADELPIIIA A Benevolent Institution established by special endowment for the relief of the Biek and Distressed afUcted with Virulent and Epidem ic Diseases rpHE HOWARD ASSOCIATION io view of J the Awin 4e wuction of human life ceuc ed hy Sexual di easee and the deceptiona prtc eatJ upon the unfortunate victima of auch dif eaeee hy Qtiacks several years a o direci gt d iherr Gosnulling Sor eoo as s CHAKITaHLE ACT worthy of their aanie to open s Diepenssrv for the trea iment of this class ol diaeaeea in all their forms and to give MEDICAL ADVICE CKATIS to all who Apply hy letter with aoea cilptloo of their condition age occupation habits of life die and in cases of extreme p exly to FURNISH MEDICINES FREE Ol apos CHAliuf It necdleM to add that the Asso ciation coromaov Ih hiched Medical skill of the age and will fuini n gt osi approved mod ern treatmeut The Oirectora of the Associttion iu their an nual Report opon the treatment ol Seitial es for tbe year ending January let 18 ex press the highest satialaction with the success which has attended the labors of the Coneulting Surgeon in tha cure of Spermatorrhea Semi apos Sl yWakneas Impotence Gonorrhea Gleet ph iiliis tbe vice of Onanism or eelf abuve amp c and order a contiouauce of tbe same plan for the ensuing year The Directors on a review of the past feel assured that their labors in this sphere of benev oleiU effort have been of great benefit to tbe af flicted especially to the young and they have resolved to devote themselves with renewed seal to this vary imporiaai and muck deepiaad Cause Au admirable Kepott on Spermatorrhoi or Seminal Weakness tha vice of Onanismt Mas turbation ot Self abuae sod other disessee of the Sexual Organs will be sent by mail in a sealed envelope FREE OF CHAUGE on a ceipt of two stamps to paypoaisge Other Ke polls aod I itcia on the nature and treatment o sexual diauases diet die are eoostautly b ing pubiisbed for gratuitooa diatrtbution and will be sent to the afflicted Some of tha new remedies and modes ol treatment discoveied during the iaat year are of great value Addieas for Report or treatmeot Dr GEO Q CALHOUN Consultiox Surgeon Howard As sociatiop No 3 South Ninib Street l biladcl bbia Pa gt By order of the Directr gt ra EZRA D HEARTWKLL Pusident GEO FAIKCHILD Secretary August 18 1858 ndl lr Mar 3 It a f7coldeway Wholesale and Retail Furui tur Ware Rooms 8J Street between Main and blarket LOUISVILLE KY Keeps ccnsLinily on hand a large assortment ot Cabinet Furoitutee and IflattreNses which will be sold lower iban the rame can be bought at our other bouses io the city MarS l Till ci oTuit ci iioLse UITUEKTO CONDUCTED UNDER TUX FIRM OF LIGHTEN LOEWENTHAL A CO W ill be carried ou ea b r lt tofoie by tbe cur viving partners Chas Lichlen and Ileaty Obetndorfer under Ihe style of C LIGHTEN amp CO A most complete stock of eve apos apos y variety of Clothing and Furnishing Goods eonstpnily on band C LICHTEN 4 Co Ne W Corner of Main and 6ib Streets Msr 3 ly LUUISVILLE KY WM KENHlllCK DCALCH IN Watclieii and Jewelr SILVER AND PLATED WARE MASONIC JEWELS AND REGALIA No 71 THIRD STRKET Bftwcco IHain k Markrt Id boose from Market East Side Louisville Ky Watches aid Jewelry repaired Silver Ware Made to Older March 3 185tl gt Iy IE YOU WANT ONE OF THOSE Good Beaiitilul Durable Genuine PICTUR E W hich are an much admired throughout tbe the Ciiy and Klecwbeir p c ni rmsoN 8 gallkkv Just Above 3d on Main Street Y on will there gel a LIKKNF SS that will keep you in a good humor with youratU fur tbe balance of your Ule The auty Sate M repuruUon That dace not Dye but will Jtoatorc OKAl HAIR Tu ita Original Color bg NalKr eicn Procestk PROF O J WOODS CeLEBRATEi hair restorative I Of prunf of lbs above aaKeition reed the ol lowing irelimony from diaiitiguiahed perron from all porta of the cnnnlr HU SOLUMAN MANN Ann Harbor Mich igan Bays his wife hi gt e hair had been v rv ihin ond entirely while wa rector d to ri o ginal brown eotor d thtelened and b come beauiUol end glo ay upon and eniiiely o ver the head there of niy family and friendu fecia quot quot apos apos tof ve with the liapple t et apos HUN JUDGE BREF tE B t o on Boya my bairwoe premal iret g ay hm bv il J n e of Wood s Re Ior Uve l original color and 1 have no jloubi permanently ilGN H L STEWART aaye my hai wa very gray but afier naing two bottle it v tore apos to its origins color REV J K BR AGG Brookfield Ma e it baa removed Lorn my head inflamation dan apos diuff and a c natanl lendrscy to itching and realoied my hair which waa veiy gray to it s ori girtal color J W DAVIDSON Monmouih Ills hair waa Iwo lhirda gray ot rather while biit by the applii ation ol the Kesioraiive as directed it baa reaiimed ita original color DR G WALLI apos Chicago saya after ne ng Iiainx a great many pieparaitona all to no effect V uae l on bottle ol your Hair Ke ioral ve which hat cured a humor io my head ol two years standing BENJAMIN LUNGBIDGR 254 Seventh Ave nne New York aaye hiring loai my lair by the effect of the hiesypelas when il began to grow indeed of black aa heretofore it was well mix ed wiih gray Having tried many preparaiiona to reatore the color wiihoni effeel I waa induced to irv yi ura and in epilc of all my duuhu apos t has ha lt the desired effvci H L WILLJAsMS M D per kensville Ala save I have used your Keatorstiv and fioJ U all it is recommended lo be I have irit d it lot Teller aud hnd i a rerisin cure W M UOODWAFtj M a Frankfort Ky save Ue recommend it in his practice as the best preparation Ibr hair now in uae EDM AKD WALCOIT aava three viontba a go niy hair wat vrrygray it is now a dark brown the original color amooih end gioaay all by the uaenfttooda apos Kealorallve WILSUN KING aays ooe month s pioper ep plicalioii will leatoreany peraou a hail lo the o tiginai color and uxiure J D HUES aava a few application foalened my h vir firmly and il bigan lu grow oat and turn black ita original color BBI apos SY S MITH Norlh Eaat Pennaylven a aaya that her iitir had fora tiutube pf year quot been perfectli white yet iibw it jo reaioted lo its oii ginal color soft at d gioaay DR J BOND Sr Paul aeya that hia hair it atrong thick and blaak allhongli a ahori itm lince he u aa both bald and gray The propla here taw ita eflrcia arid have confidence in iU MUHHIS GuSLl NG M D 8 l Lo iiu aya that after trv Ing many other preparatiotij all to no effect he uai d two boltlea which cnvrfcu hin head wihtanrw aijd vigoroua growth of bait and int ilea all in enine and see it S A KA H J II KUM apos N aaya her hair waa no on ly gray hut O ibiii ahe feai d irt entire loaa lint aflr r naing iwo bottle It Ua reatored both he color and growth I repared by 0 J apos WOOD 4 CO 114 Market Street St Louis and 312 Broadway New Y ork nr aold by all thugijiala and Patent Mrdicinc LtaUri iS l on apos t make a uietak and get into thb wrong Gallery bntrecollect the kIco oy all Fancy and Toilet Goods Genuine Place for the Genuine Article apos apos i IS IT I Nuvembfr 3 If58 n4 l D C BETTISOA S HALLEU1T Just Above 3d Street on Main LOUISVILLE KY Msrch 3 ly O II 9 I VI Tl MANUF VCTURER OF AND WHOLESALE AND KF TaIL DEALER IN SOIi AS CHAIRS AND CABINET FURNITURE No i lt li amp E Corner Of lUliU ih Sts LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY FAMILY SEWING MACHINES No I itiawonic Ti inplc L 0 VIS VILLE K EyTVCK Y WE OFFER TO THE PUBLIO VHEELER fx WILLSON 8 IMPROVED SEWING M CHINK with increased conAdsnee io its merits as the oest and moat reliable Family i gt ewiag Machine now ia use It sews equtiliy well on the tliickeat or tbinoest taHrics makes the apos ock stitch impossible to unravel with Hie essential advaiiiage uf being alike on boili aides iurming no ridge nor chain on the und rside ia simple in construction more sperdv in movement aud more durable than any oihei machine We give full insirucliona tu enable the pur chMer lo svw ordinarv seams atuh bem f gt lj quilt gather bind and tuck el oo the same mS chine and warrant it lur three yeara Circulars containing testimonials from ladies of the highest standing Last and Wet t riving prices 5ic will be furnished gratia ou applica tion in person or by letter Sept 8 JS58 Jy A SUMNEK amp Co MC CORMICK S RfiipiiiS amp Mowiiiii HILL S HOTEL OpfosiletheCircBit ifDif County Glerk i Officr XI ItSBETHTOWN KV MEALS FURNISHED AT ANY HOUR To thoae traveling by Kti iBoed or Stage Conveyances furuiebe peraons deaitiug to tiivel in any dircotion Gmveyanco by Urpaibue for Peeaengera end baggage to end from Railroad Depot free o charge Y PdfrCOgga reapaetfiil y aoUciCed CEJ y Tb apos tt ixfr quot MACHINES CO MBINED world renowned Respei apos At Mower J to which has been awarded Medaiv At the l ndon exhibition of aM Notions in 1851 a ihe Great French lt shibitioii at Paris in 1855 at the Un apos versal French exhibition in 1856 and by the iloyal exhibition in England In 1857 aod by the Uniitd biaiea Agriruliurs Society held at Syracuse N Y in 1867 the ftr t and high est Premium was awatded to ihia celebrated Mow r and Reaper which Is now to be bad ol BROWN it GEOGEGAN Ayents april l3 it Elisabethtown Ky a gt TeTrnesFwo d TO YOUNG MEN AND LADIES fIA IUUSAN08 and tbouaanda Buffer from the X evil effectol Self abuae Tbe conacqiiencva ol thi cr gt me againat natnre era ao dreadful that if not prevented in time tbe vioiim has lu le aign all hope of happineaa in thin life Having cured ihuiiBanda and reatored them again to a uaeful life I hereby offer niy acrvicca with the Boaurance that any cniifidence put in me will not be betiayed The medicine ia put up ill packagea each containing aulfleient lo effect cure Piioe 95 Leliera inuat be directed to DR FELIX BKUNON Philadelphia Pa Post Ulfice Box 99 N 6 All other diaeavea of both eexea of a private or delicate nature aa Svpbilia Gnnor rhaa Gleet Sliiclurea Affection of he Kidndya and Bladder Female Dieeeaea Whiles Irregu larities of Menalrualiun will suoceseluUy be treated no matter hot long standing by a personal application or by letter staling lull par ticulars of mylomt Over IIUOO patients bare been eared in the lestSyeare DR BHO NON Poet Office TO Pbil tsc apos b jj r PR SP CTIJS FOR 1859 The ew Vulnme ol the NEW YORK W EEK LY ILLI STKAI ED GOLDE N PHIZK will com mence Jan I i A 9 Ihe following ate the naitiea ol the l ilentti whose produetions will graca the colomuH of this efegani journal during KF V H AHURGKOX ol Undon G W M KKYN0U18 of London G P R JA apos IFS Novelist SIR EDA ARI BULW apos AK GEN C K HEN M NGSE 4 laiaof Nicaiog a rOL G W CHUCK ET A D MU NTSON CAPT N n ALtXt nEH U S A THOMAS DUN N E NGLISH M D HENi apos V Ct AHP Jk DH C VA N HOHKN LIEUr J M PLATI U S N F CLIN I ON UAKKINGI UN MISS SOUTH WOP ni MRS ANNA WHELPLEY MISS HE7TY HEABri Y VIHGINIA VAUGAN DI VEP vON Ml NNIK MA NrOUB HATTIE CLAKE MRS T B SINCLAIR TERMS Terms ol Subactipllon S200 a year aod each Snb ctiher it eiiii apos ltd lo nna ol the article named in Ihe loilowing Li quot t and i ri qne ted to mention whetailicle he desire when be seoda hi sub acription mnnrr Gold Pen with Silver Caae worth at retail 12 00 Ladies Gjid Pencil 2 0 1 Gold Tooth Pick 2 J Ladies Gobi Pen with Exten iun Case 2 KJ Engro aing Gold Pen Ifirartia 9 XI Gold ring plain and chnaed 2 UO Ear Drop 2 00 Moaaic and Floientine Broochrt 2 X Gold Lockett 2 XJ Cable Chsrma 2 00 Gold Brooch quot 2 00 G nllemeu a Pio quot 2 00 Genlleinen apos a Bo om Sinda 2 OO Gentlemen Sleeve Uotiona 2 00 Watch Keya 2 10 LaJina Cuff Pina 2 00 HibSoii Slidea 2 fO Gold Cruaeea 2 OO Premium quot to Apenta Getting Snbaerfber quot I apos hoae getting up n Club nl 4 aubwcitbe a at 32 eaoh aiiiT remitting tIO wril apos he eaillled In a gold p n and silver holder woiKt 33 and each anb actiber will receive any one uf ike above articles ha iiMT elect Thoae remitting 320 for 10 aubeciiber will ba entitled lo a gold pencil with pen worth 37 Thoae getting np a CJub of 1 i aubacribere and remitting 330 will be entitled to a silver watch or a gold veal chain worth 310 Thoae remiltiug 140 for 20 tubecribrri will be entitled to a silver houtiog cased waisb ot e gold chain worth 314 Thoae remitting 360 for 30 eiibscrlbera apos erlH be entitled to a gold chain or a silver bunlieg cased watch or a gold chain woith 314 Those remlliing 380 lor 40 an apos ierribem will oe enlilled Is a lady s gold watch worth 330 Thoae remitting 3l00 for 60 snhaciibrrs will be entitled lo a gold watch worth 340 Ir Ali communications ahnnld hr addirsaed to apos M B DEAN PiiMiahar 345 Broadway New York Under the Superintendence of Geo Light body late of New York the celebrated Priiitiiiff Ink H ike PEIRCE S PRXITING l R ttORRS PHILADELPHIA Publiahera Printer Bookseller Type Founder and others are informed that C Peirce manufacture all kind of Printing Ink OlOce ot flic Ink AVoi ks 112 Sontti Tliid street Novembei 3 1868 n4 apos 2ly BROWN amp GEOGIIEG quot N n apos apos holesale DEALERS IN GROCERIES Opposite the Rail Road Depot ELISABETHTOWN KENTOCKY For SeUe Cheap lot on th eoulh aide of the Fob to Square A bargain can b hod io the above by calling el tbe Drug Btore on sd rt K MATTHI THE DEMOCRAT 1 RINTin AKD PUBf ieM D BY T J r H I L L 1 r s M WN ST OPPOSITE EAGLE HOUSE T E H S One copy per annum in ailvance S2 00 FOR PRF S1UET ISOO IlON JAS GUTHRIE Of Louisville Kentucky U apos UIST EI ECTI0V 1859 DEM0CR4T1C ST amp TE TICKET FOR GOVERNOR 1AEE V OF MERCER LIELTE apos VAIVT GOVEKRIOK IlON LYNN BOYD OF McCRACKEN AEDITOK OF HENDERSON 4upcrintcudciit Public Inatruclion L R RICHARDSON OF KENTON Kcgislui apos Land Olllce TllOM S J FRAZIER OF BREATHITT President Board Inlcru amp I Improrrmfiils JAMES P BATES OF DARREN Attorney General ANDREW J JAMES OF KRSNKLIN TKE SURER JAME S H GARRARD OF BOYD For Oftgrlpss Ift he Fifth Dlslrict HON J H JEWETT OF HaRDIN i ill r IS quot AVednesdav tsar trir Our correspondent A Patron in speaking of Mr Maxso n s school saitl It wafl a limitctP hcTiooI nicaniiig that the number of scholars were limi ted This wo arc requested to say Isa inistuko all will he taken who apply But little business will be done during Court Roth the Grand and Petit jurors were discharged on Mon IForltn KHnbeihtown Democrat 1 To Ibe Frluuds of EducuUou Ou the 1st day of July a portion of the patrons of Mr apos iCharles Matthis School had the pleasure of hearing a part of his school cxauiiued Qfor luuiiy of his boys in the higher branchles were detained at hbnfe titi ad oblit of ihe har Test ou History Grammar apos Atithme tic Geography and some other minor branches Notwithstanding many were absent the exeroiacs were deeply Interesting and it gave him full time for a thorough examinutiou of the classes present lu apos their regular and cross examination they proved to every one present that their lessons were not memorised for the oc casion but that each one of them fully comprehended the practical bearing of all their studies And last but not least was the compositions of the young Indies the diction pure and chaste and the reading would have done credit to those of riper years It is with a sense of deep and lasting ratitude that wo desire to express apos pith icly our gratitude to Mr M for his patient and untiring cner and his deep devotion to his school whilst his peculiar ability eminciitly JiU him far hu vocation Wo arc truly happy to announce to our fellow citizens that we intend to en large his school room and that he will again open his school on the 6r t Mon day in fsepfember at that time he Will be prepared to take some boarders And let us here say to all who may wish to secure a good practical edu cation that we do honestly think you cannot do better than to patronize this school PATRONS 465 When you go to Pike s Peak carry with you a bottle of Crooke s Electric Oil and Never Fail We saw Odell apos s snake skin on our recent visit to Lebanon It is a very long skin fit emblem of Opposition faces in August long and very much wrink led Shari A harmless half witted crea ture was accosted by a saucy fellow who thought to make game of him I say Jack lad dost want a place Master wants a fool l Ay indeed replied Jack wants a fool docs he Then are you going to leave or does he want a couple apos apos ly A minister noted for combining the somewhat incongruous profession of preacher and money lender was proffer ing a prayer in which was the follow ing petition Grant that we may have more interest in heaven Don apos t do it exclaimed one of the congregation don apos t do it Tho old sinnsr gets live per cent a month now and that apos s enough the Lord knows 1 OlllTL apos AlU apos OrcD At Elizabfll town Kjr JnlySlb IE59 Sakaii Miuceht only daughter of Geurge TV and Dorcas H Mazsou agrd 2 yeara II muiilhs and 20 daya A child so interesting and so intelli gent as was little Millie ought not to be alloncrl to pnaH away without some me inoriul and as a slight tribute to her hicuiory by one who know her these few lines are inscribed Hhe was sweet amiable and universal ly b k vcd iShe was pleasing persuas ive ttdid peculiarly winning in her man ner She readily formed friendships and attracted friendly reg ards in return and Would remember with vivid emotions day without being sworn and of course Ly gouo scenes of social chat with her all Commonwealth s prosecutions were parents and friends Sh Poverty and Richea It is truly said that no man can tell whether he is rich or poor by fuming to his ledger It is the heart that makes a man rich He is rich or poor ac cording to what he is not according to what he has A man to day for in stance may have but 810 85 or 82 60 in his pocket But to morrow he may have 50 000 or its half or quarter How is this groat change to bo wrought the rclider may askf Under ordinary circumstances we would answer by de manding with the question a fee but we will answer it without price on this occasion Send 810 5 or 82 50 to Wood Eddy amp Co Wilmington Dela ware of Augusta Ga and yon insure your chauces of drawing the great prize or its proportion You cannot indeed to day tell whether you are rich or poor by turning to your ledg apos sr but by a for tunate thrn in the wheel of fortune under t ie management of Wood Eddy amp C 6 you may turn up to morrow a 850 000 prize THEY MliSlJE SE apos ff LED All persons indebted to me for Sub icl iption Advertising or Job Work arc notified if they do not come forward and settle the same their accounts will be placed in proper hands for collection T J PHILLIPS July 6th 1850 lm TO Tnii We would respectfully invito the at tention of our lady readers especially those who are in search of the latest and most desirable styles of Fancy Dress Goods to the store of G B TABB Corner of Fourth it Market Streets Lou isville His stock of Silks Grenadine and BaregeRobes Organdies Lace Mantillas Points Shawls Parasols Embroideries Lace Goods Lawns and Jaconetts is certainly the largest in the city and in point of beauty and elegance far excel that of any other Western or Southern house We cordially recommend this house to those of our citizens visiting Louisville with a view to making pur chases of Fancy Dry Goods and lastly though not least goods are sold at uni form prices and a deduction of 5 per cent will be made on all cash bills Ladies will do well to give Mr Tabb comer of fourth and market streets a call when they visikLouisville L o u I s V I L r E advertisements IKEW CASE BTORE LOUISVILLE ADVdiiRTlSEMENIii MAMMOTH CLOTHINCt DEPOT NORTHE iST CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STS LOUISVILLE TlirE ar now opanlny a large and superior dock of Gciulemrn apos a and Youth apos s Clothing and Fui VV iiiabing Goods for tViih many Team eyprrienoe In the biialiiesr v e tiU msnulaclnre all put cisihing at Imme llieie hv atTiirdieg ihe wunis of our many patrons and the ira apos c tiat minute allenliun requited we are llius hnt Htfs in again announcing llis choicest and most durable ololhing of every vaiiety at the luweal possible priers alT ovn ERCIiAtJM T tYLOm W HGOaIBS can be found the latest alylesof fancy CASS IMKH F 8 iKp VESTl gt l i Blacl aiid Fane VLOTJlS eiC Ac wliicli we will be pleased to show to alii who may favor na wiiinv call t J L UU FK N A GO J F R WKBH will lake p apos eaaurj In waiting on his fflelid ffom HaftJln cdtfnfl and elaew apos here at the above Katabliahmenl apos M rcb 16 ly Jacob F Wiiluk i a of Curd d Co i j Y apos SaJi apos i M PiiiSEl WELLER amp PARKER AVliolesiile Groccr s amp Coiiiiiiissioii Mcrcliaiils Sixth Street near Main LOT apos ISVILLE KENTUCKY m2 Cm apos GREAT ATTRACTIONS One Price Small Proffitsand Ready Pay is the apos lotto apos pUG iindersigiird iatncwiQpcning iq the Sums I oriiierly occqp by yy o En liah ah en lirtly apos New aud Gomrfcte Stock of iitafile AND umi um ANDERSON M apos L A N E amp CO I Ivhicb have been aelecled with great cate I NEW YORK IMPORTERS AND WIIOI ESAI E DEALERS IN STAPhli A U FANCY DRY GOODS VARIETY GOOD i iflalii Street Nortli side between Fifth and Sixth Sep 8 1868 ly LOViSVlLL amp KY and wh jL r aten apos FiJWs GREAT CLOTHING REPOT No 573 wilt be sold el email advance for rfaIov raw vdir Peroone in want of goods will do well to c ill and exan qc ah wc are cufiden it will be to iheir a vinligf By so doing AVo iJfouhte to AoW goodo M N fARMF LE liadleie lioes A large and splendid aaaoiTmeut of Ladies blisses and Childrens CliAlTERS SHOES AND SLIPPERS of the very first quality now open and fur sale at low figures M N P A RMELU A KF now receiving Iheir Spring and Summer atock of Rnola and Shoes to which they invite I the aliemion of the trade and ciiizena generally With oiir lacilllies of getting goods daily ESTABLISHED IN 1834 573 SOUTH EAST COR NEIl OF MARKET A ND FIRST STREET LOUISVILLE INVITES the attention of purehaaera to his new and S iperior Block of iPIilNG AND SUMMER CLOTHING M ANUF KCTGRED under liU own aupeiviaion which ir point of Style and elegance with any in this City Our atock of Clotha Caamierea and Vestings are large and of the latest importation which will be made to order in the moat elegant style and warraiua the fit and workma iahip equal to any and at vuch low prices as will satiety all who patronise him 03 The stock of Furuishiiig i ds is large and embraces neatly eveiy article in ttial depart nent March l6 3tn KY will 0001 gt i AT OAYEN amp WOOD W HOLES ALE and NET apos IL DEALERS IN MELOHEONS I T GIVES tJf PLE KSCTE To ANNOUNCE U gt the piibiic Ltuii ure hiVc pco i ed lire VVhol lt apos aak AguiiLv fyt the Sd UUi efler Siajesg dt hf CtdcbiaUd V apos t deju Bidde by TRK YT dt tO iSLKY New C gt un g w jith wj wlli prictfi titJ vih fuinifJi tfiT ail factoi ratp fiH ye a loug lul u u sUmvnlala of tbe supaiiorUy ff iuriRiuCkaUs lt juc of which ve give he JfjW HAUiijOKo Com Jen 1S59 DKar S B Haviag examined ihiaday arix Actava Mielodeon luanulaciured by Tre l Lopaley f gt f New Haven for which yoo ata the Ageal I olreec ulfv ftav that fur a pleating leuch I GtckiietH in apeakiiig aweciiveati and eveuj faa f looe aa V if a pcs apos er they are ooi in luy Judfreinent atirpaaH Tha upp r idri lt ere pe CuliHfly bweet and duit like a ihiiig rarely found in bUniUr inatrumenU 1 remain youra respVotfn HKNaV vyjLSO N Organiai Chriit Church Hartford Cuno We have ai tpceived a au ly uf ihe above apos to elher vviih celebrated meloHeoha of Geo I A Pfntce o favorably koown in ihia market nrUicii toakea out gt fir i claM Melodeoiia the mv et complete fomnd lo the Weal bvery ioauurlreai warranitMl THlt apos H d CHAGU lOd apos Fourtlk blre ti lt ouiAV le Ky JUST RECEIVED bS cases of iLe besM apos ualiiy of apos Italian French and German VIOLINS 8S catee of superior Arfloripan sad Freaoh GUITARS 1 AX HORNS ROTARY valve OOKNET FLUTIN vS ACCOP DEONS TJtEMHLING POLKaS WITH BEGISTER S DRU MS FIFES FLUTES CLARIO VETS BANJOS TAMBpRISES FLAGEOLETS AND STRINOS or snperioi apos quality lor all iNSTEcyasTs would CalTlhe altentiou of bcalere to the above apos aa apos kre deiermined to aeil whole eale oi reidil oi such prices aa wifi be aure to please Give its a OaH and see for ioureelvea Tflipp 4 Cka o 109 Fourth slreet beiwven Markei and JefTera m LootaYille h y DRic r lt i pateivt W V WALLAOJE PIANOFORTE Its Tenet are he Fullest Most Sonorous direct fiom the Maiiufaclnrrr we are enabled lo sell the very beat goods at very low pricca for cash to be convinced before pntchAfiing give ua a call Onr stock embracea all kinds of Men apos s Boy apos a Youth s Ladies Miaaea gt nd Children s Shoes io coining to the city don t forget to call al OVVKAVAUOOa 0 495 Market Street one door above Third v Sen 8 fv LOUISVYLLE KENTUCKY The largest and prettiest atsorlment of It is the meat dural a and will emaip longer in tune than any cUier Piaup loitc It is built upon a solid Iron frame or bed plate tbe whole case foima a vibrating shell with an upper iiad Inwar aottndingbuar like the Violin U is the beat Piano tone existing aud is rec nded by ThalbeTg Gouschslk Willism 11 TTeonoL VrirrllcL o nrl Amnrw gt uii ornmended by 1 hslbetg OoUschsIk William II 1 renen ijn lisn unu jvincnccin j yj SirsKosch Maretzek Albert n iVood contiuucrl Ijicq Tbe many friends of E H She frequently baid to her mother who faithfully nursed and watched over her during her illness Millie Wahls to se little brother f tonc Esq will be gratified to learn Millie go and see little brother some that he has returned to Kentucky Ilci At sucU ime a radiance of holy li 8 been absent several years in Cah j nysieries of Death arc the groat fornia and has permanently located est mysteries of all His arrows are of himsclf there He has met with success apos ten sent at random at other times his bow is bent with a purpose T lioy are always in his profcsslo n and is well pleased with the gol eu land and will return shortly He is Idfilting remarkably well and seems five years younger than when he left Kentuckj severtd years ago a purpose unerrin i for he is a marksman whose aim is inralliblo lillic is gone and a devoted father mother aud kind friends intensely mourn her apos 15s s But we must remember when we apos thinS of her we think of her in Heaven thus wc giT Mr Jewett says the Gazette was arc enabled to smile through tears and anxious to know how Gov Wiokliffe got GreatGod whose judgments Tir t are unsearchable and ibis gt ways past into the convention We have heard i a ol l a i lu finding out i gt he is bat removed 4o that of Bomo manifestatiotts of anxiety existence where there is no sickness no know how another gentleman of whom sin or sorrow to disturb the calm and the Gazette has a great deal to say got apos apos gt apos y joy gt throughout eternity shall into that august body AVill the Gazette apos only death os tell tis mKRIIAVES HOLLAND HITTERS apos We have been selling Bcerhave apos s Holland Bil lers lot aoiTic month and although when it was first introduced we did no urge its sale being unacquainted with the aiticle iUII we round the public determined lo have it and to meet Ihe demand we have been obliged to purchase more of this article than we ever have of any othei patent medicine w hatever Every day brings new testimonials of its elTicacy In re moving the various complaints for which it is iecommend lt d and olferiiig it to our customers we do so with more confidenc in its virtues than is due to Ihe most preparatioivs of Ihe kind G aLE brothers Druggist JcC9 Im iS l Rando ph St Chicago III apos I l c lt iJrcAt Riiglistli Uciiicfly sue JAMES CLAKKE apos S CELEBRA TED FEMALE PILLS This iovalaabla medicine is unfailing in the cure of all those painful and dangeious disease incident to the female ooiisli lt ution It moderates ail excesaesaiid removes all ob strucliuns from whatever cauee and speedy cure may be relied on TO MARRIED LADIES it is peculiarly ailuated It will in h short lime bring ou the monthly period with regularity csution Thtse Pitts should not be taken by females vho are Regnant during the FIKST THHRE M O TrJS as they are sure to bring on Miscar rfagr butaterery other time and in every other case they aye perfectly safe In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections Pain in Ihe apos Back and Limbs Heaviness Fatigue on slight e gt er ion Pa Ipiialloii of the Heart Io gt w neas of Spirits Hysterics Sick Headache whiles and all the painful diseasek occasioned by n disorded svatem thesa Pilla will effect a cure when all other means apos osve tarled v Full direciiods in the pamphlet aiuund each package which should be carefully preserved A t otije apos on apos siniug AU pills and encircled with the Govern nent Stamp ol Great Britaioi can be sent tree for SI aud 6 postage stamps apos General Agent for the United States qnd Canades JOB MOSES Hochealer New apos VoTk Sold apos Ellxibethlown by i H HAYCRAFf nd by all resbeeisble dealers in medicine Ibrbughout ibc United Slates apos tiiS Returnld Our young friend Char lie Thomas after an absence of near two years in Missouri and Kansas has re turned to his olti Kbtllticky home look irtg well hut giving some signs of the cf viewed on the earthly side as viewed on the heavenly side it is birth II F F AUGUST ELECTION 1859 We arc authorized to announced Maj BOB T ENGLISH as a candidate to fccts of the far west bn the complexion Hardin county in the next and general health Charlie did notj forget the Democrat and has laid on our arc authorized toTnnounce table late copies of St Joseph papers JAMtlS B LAllUE as a candidate for for which he has our thanks the Legislature at the ensuing August election Correction In our last the types made us say Jewett would beat Brown in Hardin Larue and Meade 12 000 votes when it should have been 1 200 To the People ol Kentucky I am a camlidate for le election as Autlilor of Public Accounts My apos past official conduct is the only guaranty that I con offei for the future Oct l3 THOMAS S PAGE Mr Brown taje he has beca To my Fellow Citizens I n view beaten twice and Mr Jewett elected fact that an unusual apathy ap twicb that he has spent a great deal of P J regard to the election or members to the next money hunting office and Jewett lias that as yet no nominations received a great deal from office i have been made and there are at present Query Does this qualify Mr Brown no apparent indications that any will he for a scat in Congress i Announce myself a candidate for I that office My fcllow citizcns are RelioiOus NoTiCE rhe Rev L Green D D President of Centre College tfce p quot arty lutve been for the will preach in the Presbyterian Church j good of that party alone and in undcr iu this place on Sabbath next at 11 taking this canvass I simply ask their o clock A M quiet and undivided support apos I am perfectly willing to submit my self to all the legitiihatc rules and li s gos of pay party I am perfectly willwug to biear in my band the flag of thh Demoe A L HOOE J G P HOOE A L HOOE amp BROTHEll SUCCESSORS TO HOOE LUCK ETTA CO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN Froncli China Iron Slone C hinn EARTHENWARE BOHEMIAN AND AMERICAN GLASSWARE FOR STEAMBOATS HOTELS AND FAMILIES SILVER W ARjt BRITTANlA WAKE AND FAN CY tiOODS GIRANDOLES KNIVES FORKS CARVERS TOON fOFFEE ORN8 amp C 31 THAKKET St Koiilli side bet I apos ourtli ar Filtb I oiiiavillc Ky rUUNKS TRUNK S at NATIONAL TRUNK apos EMPORIUM South East Coruei Uluin uiitl Foiirib Sii ect Louisville Kentucky The Und ralgTicd apos apos Taiiufucturcr of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in TRUNKS CARPET RAGS Miouuel bo tccs iind I apos aifsea B F GS Ifave to caU the attention of Country Mpichaiiif a d others to an thsppcrfrn of his Urge hdJ desirable stock of the ab ve tftfntioned itriicJeii uhiuh caiinut be irurpabsed toi Heanty Durahilitr and ChespaM by any other House in the Ciuiled SlsieH Large stock constantly on hahu j H McCLE 4RV P HINTS EVER OPENED T N IURDIN COt NTT ean be found at zlieme y low prices at Bpt l3 ly apos M N P kRMF LE S JUST RECEIVED PER EXPRESS One doseii black Lacc Points One quot Douglas amp Sherwood apos s cclchra apos led patent i TOURNURE CORSETS Ona dtzan French Corsets Five pieces of Crape tie Espang assfd col e I One dozen aiip apos r black Crape Collars Two dozen ladies quot Kid Oloves sinaH sizos at 1 May 14th M S PARMELE S LOOK TO YOtR INTEREST TXO T SNEAD t S ofTerlog for Ale County ind Individual or Family lights orAlberi Kelaev apos s patent Sec tion and Saab or M enhlc Con4he Bckhard Wtllium Mason H Wollau haupli di gt 4 hiAoy apos otljer iT ualoal celebrities TKII P amp CRAGG Pole Agents for Kentucky aud Indiana No 109 Fu rth Street LOVISVILLE KEHTUCRy Cl N GI N N A TI AD V ERT IS E M E N T Blood Purifier aud Blood Pills NOTICE Negro boy for sale between fifty and fiity two years of axe large likev aud eioul a firs al HIBckamhlT and worka in wood tolarably well sncIi as slocking plows mending wagons amp c Atc gt Said boy is ntr v in Jail in Ellzlbetblowu and will be sold privatcly apos in 10 or 16 days any person wishing such a boy would do well to call and see him For fiirlher particulars calf on R D Geoghe tea at hia store opposite the LoniiTTlIle and Nash ville Raiload Deool Elisabethtown Kentucky July IdZw J N HILL tHe great clothing house of SPROULE amp MAXDEV IL E W E are now receiving onr Fall and Wiotei stock of FINE CLUI apos IIINU and GENTLEilEN S FURNISHING GOODS superior lo any ever broitght lo this market COATS Fine black blue brown and olive Dress ai 5 Frock OVKK CUATS Fine black blue brown and olive Ragiioa aud Frocka FINE BOSISESS apos C apos SSIMEllS YarielT ril cnlots apos PA N IS Pine bnfok Doeskin and fancy Cassimete apos VESTS Fine black end fancy Silk Satin Velvet Clql ri ac Caasimere Alao a large stock of Shins Under Shitls Drawers ravsia Ties Pocket lUndkercbiera Sus penders Gloves Sacks UoibYellHS apos Carpel Bdgs and Mo iey Bells The largest size Garm nla cunatnntly on hanl and fur ale low at SPROULE amp MaNDEVILLE S No 487 corner Fourth and Main ats Sep 8 1868 Id Patented March 31st 186 I This hive being the only one of value and gt iuil I ity lo Boo culture now in use or befovs the I pubtie it is a siita ptoieotion against lb DEE I SlOtH and la to Miisuucteil that th V yng Qgg q investigate lot ihcmaelves are I warms Ol beea Wore tlisv arrive at j the jmporlant su apos jeci Dr Roback iuTiles the ailtiition o tbe sick to DR ROBACK S iSC lNi Ul iAI A VI AW KK TIKDI tS Vh lt ri Da Kotiack tht r iimvnr lt l SMT dlt h Piiyaicion introduced bis Blood PuriRer and Hlood rnfs in the UfjFtc Siate e i gt ei torth in plain language ll oir cnratKe properties I apos bia woi years ago The Ust oi lonommenduig them hRs since been aktn put 2 j hU hfinds Knllghi apos pned men wbooe character ibr eouiid judament end philoaophy giv es tncir pp Inio pa weigh liii the r irrnianriy men observe reflect and make as urenO lt apos doubly sure iK fore heyde tido are evu W re oproving and urging ibo use oflbcae Qn 2 erlVi Ptepauiiooa jUI who C d e gt n Abt vOottom ind honesty uftbiachea ft L W I N T E R S M IVIIOLErfALE ITU amp CO GROCm RY PRODUCE cao be removed from ths old hive lo a ii w oae wiili perfect eaCqiy llier by saving tbe irpuble pf awnriiting and b apos ivIdT S hfoIf iS nfwafa attend rd with more or foss risk of losing your bce8 Persons iiainf tiiis hive will find that their stock of bees will ie grestly improved arfd th apos y will be enabled io mske ar l ast uofabife the amqnnt of honey made In the oM fashioned box hive Tbe shove Hive can be seen at Hill s llalel Elizabeihlovve Ky OreatArldhcements o lt bred lo C7ribs In apos r dlvid apos ual rights Pcfwrtg wbp aAf rA agbd rights of me and le Wisbiiie fo da sA cun be accomocit apos ed by FORWARDING AND commission merchants DISSOLUTION The partnership heretofore eiist apos ng between asunder the firm snd style ot Allen Strange was this dsT dissolved by mutual Fobaent The biisineas of the firm will be aeliled by James Allen JAME S ALLEN Jy C If B D STltANGE ur Mr Brown and his friends arui raising tho cry of persecution and are frying out most pitiouslj for sympafiiy Gacy battered and torp as it is bj rc Wo have not beard of a single move apos defeat nd all the assurance I av r gt 1 1 ij i apos at gt k 18 their confidence their enoounifre ment against Mr Brown thal coq d be E tortaUr a into persecution or a ecmblaucA liespectfully to it h ROBERT g FORDE BARBECUE AT JOHN HOSKINS A rand Barbecue WIM be given al the above namid place on Clear Crebk section oh Thuea day 25ih July The candldaiea for Cm gt grea wllraddresa their fellow cttizens on th aame day id pl ice Coles band will be in attendance with out fail Ladies and genllem n generally intited to at tend MANAGERS Samuel D Cjrow Tames R La Rue C M Patton Frank 1 McMillcn Vm PurJel G W Hardy James HoagUnd apos apos JOHN HOSKINS June 23d 1859 tw H apos 0 FOR GOLD AND SILVER How to inaxe it eaay and ch ap a 3 cent stamp and get full particUIaia how oblziln wealth AOdieaa S HA N lilN Chemist No 16 Weel I3ih Sf Ageiita Wanted New York City ju 29 ly E M P L O V ME N t7 50 X MOM H and all EXPENSES PAID An Agent is wanted in every town and county in the United States to engage in gt i respectable and esty bueines by which the above profita may be ceriaiuly rMliied For further parliculara ad diess Da J Hsnrt W kner corner 12ih Street Kaisir s PigS Dates CurienU Genoa Uilrqn apos Sardines Oranges Demons Coconuts Oysters Catsups Prunes Pickles F incy Soaps Perfumery Pine Apple Cheese Petserves Jellies Lobsters Lemon Syrup Fruit apos Sv apos iup Jujube Paste Bum Drops Playing Cards Sealetl Fruits Pepper Sauce Nuts of all kinds Fire Crackers Fire Works Hatches Childteii s Toys Cigars ol all kinds Fine Tobao co BIAcking Assorted Gordiols Butler and Water Crackers Ski iping Ropes Children s Piaying apos Maiblcs amp f apos Biandy Cijciiles Biandy Fiuils AhL of which will be sold al Ibn i wesi prices A BOKiE N B Tl ose buying for cash will find il greatly to their advantage lo UK ndirectty with this House Mar q 6m tho I tailing on JOtl N V HILL 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themselves were ETB 1 r apos NESSES Tfcte parties iba apos ue conaulted personally or by letlor by those who have any doubt upon the utieet The evidence in the posreasion of Dr Robac i which is at all times acccaoible to the public establiahoa the CnUowing FACTS Thai the BVooo PoRiriKR and Blood Pills have been pioscd by analysis to OONTAIN NO MINERAL That they cute the almost universal comjliint DT SPEPSIA with une r rin g rcrtnlnty verV apos lfhCTt Uihe That after alt other Medicines have proved useleae Uicy relieve LIVER COilPL AINT and restore the health and strength of the salTet ct Tbsl apos SICK FEMALES who have langoisliffo lor years in halMrae weak ness qnd despondeac apos recupureta with almost apos miniculaiia rapidity under their invigoriLiiigopat aiion That gt t SZTVAI DlaAUtLITIta are reinoTeJ by their eoiJial and geqtl stimuil ling properties That they recruit apos bllATTRtJEl CO NSTirOnON ho wever they m iy have hecn liffled wi h and abused That ih apos fr diroin tendency is to LENGTHE apos LIFE apos and render it roinyablc That operating dire al ly upon the pohoa oi disease in the blood iher DAi SEbOON TO HEAL and discharge Irom Ihe system every tninlof Sarofoia who apos aet hereditary or bincm tai tliey apos QECQUIT TlfE DEBILITATED I and lhallbeia it po dejeaas of Ibe blomach and I Bovyhls the liver the aeivous system the skin p ands or iniiscIcB in which they do not give promyl relief and lif administered before the niiadtl of life has been Invaded effect a paiii Icso and perfacl cure Bear in min apos d that the SC IDINA VIA N VEG F T ABLE BLOOD PILL5 arc endorsed bv ih ex peiieiice ol thousands of living witnesses who in letters affidavits medical uoiSs and bz word of niou II procKim them to be the vsry bear apos prep ilniion ol lie kind ever offered lo ih quot broken down vle iimdof Dl health Pr C3 of lim Scandinavian Vegctiiile BlocJ Prrifer per bolllc or A pet lalf dozem Ol tlie beaiidm iviao Vegeta ble Blood Pilla 18 cents pet box nr 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The Elizabethtown Democrat, 1859-07-13

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Elizabethtown, Ky., Kentucky by T.J. Phillips
   Hardin County (The Pennyrile Region)