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date (1893-08-13) newspaper_issue  4 S THE LEXINGTON 7 VOLUME XXIV LEXINGTON KY SUNDAY CORNING apos AUGUST CHEAP PANTS WE WIN success BY Dt gt ERVINS ITS CHEAPER PANTS TOO LINEN HATS AUGUST 2t IENSAT10NAL SUIT r FILED BY MISS POLLARD AGAINST COL BRFCKINiUDGE 1893 NUMBER 182 t lXQti as the Day tor SpGCI amp l ills Friends Should Suspend Judjj Kegistration Unregistered Democrats May Qualify Monday Week And Those Who Fail Can Not Tote in the Primary Important Meeting ot the Com mittee Testerday CHOICE OF ALL OUR STRAW HATS i ww f illER apos qs During July and August we close rt 6 30 p m except Saturdays SPECIAL NOTICE Upon tlie receipt of solicitations from customers in Eexington and vicinity we bave instructed our IHR J 1 HJLCAHV to remain one week longer at CLARENDON HOTEL wbere be will be pleased to bave you call on blm and inspect our goods and prices The best productions of Foreign and Domestic mills you will find among bis samples at a guaranteed reduction of 25 to 40 per cent all around against all Tailoring competitors Tbe way to sell goods Is to bave tlie goods to sell We lead but never follow Suits to Order 13 25 to 45 00 Pants 3 00 10 25 Yours Truly THE PLYMOUTH ROOK PANTS CO Headquarters n to 25 Eliot St Boston mass Mr mulcaby is also Agent for tbe TREMONT RUB BER CO of Boston mass manufacturers of Cm tom made Rubber Clothing only Cape Overcoats 5 50 to 20 00 Work guaranteed in every particular Remember the place OJj A lPIEJN DOM HOTEL East day in Eexington Aug 21 1893 this season LOVERS OF GOOD BEER Are Invited to sample some I have just received and Tbe Democratic County Committee met yesterday afternoon at 2 o clock in the Chamber of Commerce pursu ant to adjournment and business of great importance relative to ihe com ing primary was transacted Following is the official report of the proceedings as submitted by Chairman Judge Buford Meeting of the Democratic Committee At a meeting of the Democratic County Committee held Saturday August 12 the following resolutions were adopted 1 That the members of the Com mittee from the couuty bo authorized to select the officers of election for the county precincts and the city committee to select officers for the city 2 That an Executive Committee of the chairman and four other members be appointed to arrange for the print ing of ballot books cards of instruc tion etc the securing of voting places and all other matters of detail necessary to properly conducting the primary election on August 24th The Chair appointed Messrs Weihl Yellman Carroll and Farrell 3 That when this committee ad journs it be to meet on Tuesday August 15 1893 at 2 o clock p m for the purpoee of selecting officers of election 4 All candidates are requested to suggest officers of election in each pre cinct by the evening of Monday August 14 5 That the officers of election for the city of Lexington shall meet at the Court House on Monday the 21st day of August from 10 o clock a m to 4 o clock p ra for the purpose of receiving and deciding upon the ap plications of persons who have nut registered but who may be entitled to register under the provisions hereto fore adopted by this committee and that no person who fails to register on that day shall be allowed to vote at the primary election 6 The City Committee will meet at the Court House at 4 15 o clock on the day of the election and proceed to count the vote of the city preciocts and it shall be the duty of the officers of election to biing the poll books ballot boxes and stubs to said com mittee at the Court House immedi ately upon the closing of the polls without opening the ballot boxes 7 In the county precincts the member of the committee from each precinct is requested to be at the vot ing places at the closing of the polls when he and the officers of election or in case of his absence such officers alone will count the vote and certify the same to this committee and im mediately destroy the ballots and de liver the poll books so certified a sealed to the chairman of the corn mittce on or before Saturday Auguet 26 at 10 o clock a m at which time the committee will meet at the Court House for the purpose of counting the vote of the county precincts A J Gqrha m H M Buford Secretary Cbaiiman which Is sold only by me Moerlein s Old Lager 99 A Special Brewing Pure Clear and Sparkling as Champagne Is a beverage fit for a millionaire yet we have it on draught daily for everybody rich and poor COME AND SEE ME ONE AND ALL fiet a breath of fresh air in tide coolest portion of the city MOERLEIN S OLD LAGER The regulations adopted by the Committee on August 2 in reference to unregistered but qualified voters were in substance as follows All persons who weie out of town on the days of registration or sick and un able to register all persons who have moved into the city since the registra tion and have been sixty days in their precinct all persons who have become of age since the registration or will be of age before the regular elec tion in November The necessary blank forms of affidavit will be printed by the committee and placed in the hands of tbe election officers on Mon day August 21 The Executive Committee in charge of the printing will have sample ballots printed with full instructions on the back and widely distributed among the voters These will be put in ciiculation by the last of the week at the latest inont l T ntU a Thorough Investiga tion Can he Had A sensational suit was filed yester day in the District of Columbia by the attorneys of Madeline F Pollard against Representa ive Wm C P Breckinridge of this city praying for 15 000 damages The Press is in receipt of a dis patch containing the full details of the suit but refrains fr im publishing them on account of their nature and through deference to the family The affair is a very unfortunate one in any respect and we indulge in the hope that Col Breckinridge may be able to disprove the allegations made id the suit As to the truth or falsity of the charges we have no means of de termining but a natural impulse com pels us to waive judgment until Col Breckinridge has an opportunity of anftvering them Here in his home his friends will be slow to believe him guilty of the charges made we trust and that they will suspend judgment in the matter until a full investigation of the facts can 0e had ENDED IN MURDER A NEGRO QUAKItEL IN GOODLOE TOWN LAST NIGHT VS our Chance For a bargain was never better than it is this week at the BOSTON STORE I it ait UMBRKLLA We have them from 50c to 8 00 A specially good English Gloria with Par agon 1 apos rame and Natural Wood Handle for 1 25 worth 1 75 Or an EATON SUIT 0 1 know for a traveling dress thev are unequalled A few nice ones at 7 00 10 00 and 12 00 Or a pair of amp HOES A line of Ladies Oxford Ties at 98c worth 1 50 A line Ladies apos Handr turned Shoes at cost Hosiery L nderwear Corsets Laces Kid Gloves all at Mid summer price TAYLOR amp HAWKINS Boston Store 9 West Main Street Results in tlie Death of Martin Walker at tlie Hands ofTom Urcck inridge Southern Depot Corner South h roadway To cure nervousness your nerves mast be fed by pure blood Hood s Sarsaparilla makes pure blood Take it now Saturday night is usually lively about the negro suburbs and Goodloe town keeps up its already tough repu tation by corniug to the front with a murder Last night about half past eiebt o clock a crowd of dark ies 1 were congregated near the corner of Race and Con stitution stieets In the crowd were Martin Walker and Tom Breckinridge The two became involved in a quarrel when without warning Breckinridge pulled a pistol and fired two shots one ball takingeffect in the left side near the heart and the other in the head Immediately after the shooting the darkies made themselves scarce and when Officers Haley and Grace arrived on the rcene very little could be learned of the difficulty Acting upon information however the offi cers arrested Grant Mason a Negro about 45 years old and placed him in the Station House charged with mur der A Press representative talked with Mason immediately after his arrest He aid he did not commit the crime as lie was at home all night and had not left the house He also stated that he was only slightly acquainted with th murdered man Coroner D quot lph was notified and star apos ed on inquiring into the cause of the killing but as it was hard to get witnesses at that hour tbe inquest was adjourned until Monday momiDg At midnight the police were scour ing the town for Breckinridge and ex pect to capture him before morning The officers are satisfied that Mason i not the party who committed the crime but will keep him in custody umil the Coroner s inquest is held Gran d Clearing Sale WE WILL OFFER MONTOA Y AUGUST 14tH AT COST FOR CASH A LIMITED NUMBER OF COLUMBUS BUGGY CO S Phaetons Surreys amp c Spring and Delivery Wagons Lawn Mowers and Refrigerators Don t fall to take advantage of this sale as It will gt e the greatest opportunity ever offered the public gt 011 such a line of goods ALSO Renick Smith amp Watkins 1 w Successors to DeLONG amp CO H aving Enlarged Our Store Room We now have plenty of floor snacc on which to dis play our Carpets Mattings OIL CLOTHS ETC Our friends who favored us with patronage in our former limited quarters wilt appreciate our new aud more commodious store room Linoleums Rugs Mats and Finest Curtains the You ever saw for tbe money Our Mattings are both beautiful and cheap Cooler than Oaipets for summer nd very durable Close prices for close times Goods ali fresh and well selected See us and save money Hugh Hicks Manager 37 North Broadway second floor Opera House Block kLTON AND HODGES fThe Best Livery Stable Tn r ovinrrtAn Public Speaking at the Court House Monday Afternoon The following letter was received by Colonel John O Hodges at 7 o clock Saturday morniDg too late for the columns of Tbe Observer of that day as designed by Judge Walton He promptly sent it to the daily papers that the joint discussion might be made as widely known as possible Between the stately lawyer and tbe fiery editor something is likely to fall at the court house Monday afternoon Lf xington Ky Aug 11 1893 Hon John 0 Hodges My Dear Sir In the last issue of youi paper I noticed a card addressed to me containing a request that I meet you in joint discussipn of mat ters pertinent to our canvass at tbe Court House next Monday at 1 o clock p m and at other places during the week It will afford me much pleas ure to meet you next Monday at the time and place designated Owing to my engagements further appoint ments must be subject to future agreements Hoping you will give this letter space in your paper 1 re niain Yours truly Mat Walton Mr Thomas McNamara the popu lar baker of Nicbolaeville is in the city visiting his sisters No 24 Chest DUt Strset In Lexington R A Downing s ALL NEW RIGS SPLENDID STOCK Fine Ilacks and Carriages LIVERIED DRIVERS Prompt and polite service Reasonable Prices WeddiDg and Supper Parties supplied with Elegant Turnouts Special attention to ladies for whom we have a nice toilet aud waiting room with every convenience Open Day and Night Telephone No 100 22 26 East Vine Street between Mill and Upper SJtWk3m THIS WEEK ONLY We make Special Prices on Croquet Hammocks Lawn Tennis Racket and Base Ball Goods C C PEARSON amp CC t 48 East Main Street apos The Condition Which Now Con fronts the Country The Washington Post Creates a Sensation Ha ra the Silver Purchasing Clause of the Sherman Law Can Not and Will Not Be Unconditionally Repealed Great Op portunity For Oratory For the Next Fen Bays Crisp Hard at Work Washington Aug 12 The Post Saturday caused somet hing of a sensa tion by publishing in leaded type what it terms a statement of quot The true situa tion The post declares its own posi tion to be quot in favor of legislation au thorizing the sale of bonds to such an amount as will bring back to this conn apos try its share of the gold of the world j believing tifat this is the surest way of convincing Europe that we intend to stay on the same currency basis as Eu ropean nations and of bringing about an international bimetallic agreement quot The Post continues quot It is best to meet the situation squarely and with out evasion The truth is not always palatable it may not be always a poli tic thing to make known and yet when the country is confronted as it is today with a condition of extreme danger it would seem as if the time for tempor izing had passed The purchasing clause of the Sherman law can not and will not be unconditionally repealed This is absolutely true so far as the United States senate is concerned It is not as likely to prove true of the house of representatives Clianco For the Speech Makers Washington Aug 12 The ex traordinary vigor with which the silver debate opened in the house Friday al ready raises a question of physical en durance as to whether the pace can be maintained for the 14 days prescribed by the resolution adopted with the ex isting conditions of rainless sultry weather Many of the now members who de sire to impress upon their constituents the idea that their representatives are taking prominent parts in shaping na tional policy on this momentous issue will doubtless take advantage of the opportunity afforded by the general leave to print In this manner they will secure the publication of their remarks in the dis cussion and an authorization to print a sufficient number of copies to supply to their constituents without taking chances by testing their undeveloped debating powers on the floor of the house It is therefore expected that after a day or two the length of the day s ses sions will he curtailed and that the privilege of demauding night sessions will be seldom taken advantage of if at all Nevertheless it must be borne in mind that congress under more favor able climatic condition has indulged in debates on the tariff apos and other ques tions far exceeding in length that pre scribed for the silver discussien The Bland resolution provides for about 60 one hour speeches and about 100 five minute speeches or 160 oppor tunities of oratory to be distributed in a house of 856 members Sllverites Kxpcct to Win Washington Aug 12 It is at this moment that the president is not in Washington said Saturday s Post It is no wonder that the friends of silver smile and take courage The question naturally arises has this courage any foundation in fact It undoubtedly has In the house the forces of the anti silver men have been handicapped by petty and absurd jealousies over the empty glories of leadership It is in the sen ate however that an insurmountable barrier has been raised against un conditional repeal With rules that allow indefinite debate the senate is a stronghold for a determined minority A canvas of the members of this body shows that a majority is against uncon ditional repeal This is not a newspa per canvass hastily and crudely made by representatives of the press poorly equipped for such an important work but an inquiry instituted by senators representing all shades of belief quot The silver men nevertheless will agree to one compromise They ask free coinage at an increased ratio and they propose to block the way of all other legislation Crisp Hard at Work Washington Aug 12 Speaker Crisp s methods of making up the com mittees which began on Thursday night and will continue until complete is described as follows Upon one list is written every com mittee as it now stands togetner with the names of those who were members of the last congress but have retired to private life Upon another list are the names of the new congressmen with annotations of how they may be placed Elsewhere are collected the requests which he has received from members asking for assignment to such and such work When these lists are completed the speaker will sit down and his son on one hand and his clerk on the other dictate his committees He was work ing at his desk Friday night with more cheerfulness than he has heretofore dis His path was made easier for played him Not only has l3ie silver agreement helped the head of the house but he has practically precluded any chance of a filibuster which would have been possible under any reported rules It is the best bit of diplomacy said Mr Thomas B Reed last night of which I have ever known the Democ racy to he guilty Stole 373 000 Altamont Ills Aug 12 Lee But ter cashier of C M Wright s bank has fled and with him has gone 45 000 ihe entire assets of the institution He was married to the daughter of his em ployer but bade her goodby Saturday night and left Ho was last heard of ih Chicago where ho claimed to have met ruin through speculation The funds of the Odd Fellows Building and Loan association and Woodmen apos s order also disappeared He has been found short in his accounts as school director Altogether it is thought Butter s defal cations will figure in the neighborhood X 76 000 The Decline of Outward Mourning The decline of mourning has been j gradual for several centuries and seems to keep pace with the growth ofecivilization Men no longer insist on having all the women folk of their family slain at their obsequies as did our forefathers in pre Chris j tian times nor yet do we cut off the tails of our horses and rend our gar 1 ments as tokens of grief Even the church is with us in the matter and by order of the pontiff at Rome sev eral pastorals have been issued in Italy and other foreign countries pro testing against and condemning the luxurious character of funerals and especially against the abuse as re gards the amount and value of the flowers These pastorals have like wise been taken as a text by several leaders of the Anglican church in Great Britain and the Lutheran church in Germany with the result that far greater simplicity is being observed just now in matters per taiuingto funerals New York Trib une IJttle Is Known of the History of the Cane The fashion or habit of carrying a walking stick or some article of the j same nature seems to have existed from the remotest antiquity The spear of the warrior the shepherd s staff the club baton rod or wand oi office are all developments of the same idea It has been used not only as a support to the body but to lend j dignity and grace to the individual and as a means of defense In mod 1 err times the use of walking sticks 1 has increased enormously and today j the manufacture and use of these articles are cultivated almost to the extent of a fine art But though popular and well known as an article of every day use very little is known about the walking stick as an article of commerce where it comes from who makes it and how it is made Chambers Journal r v gt Is Life Col L J Allred Writes I am in my seventy third year an quot for fifty years I have been a gre it sufferer from indigestion constipa tion and biliousness I have tried all the remedies advertised for these dis eases and got no permanent relief About one year ago the disease assum ing a more severe and dangerous form I became very weak and lost flesh lapidly I commenced using Dr H Mozley s Lemon Elixir I gained twelve pounds in three months My strength and health my appetite and my digestion were perfectly restored and now I feel as young and vigorous as I ever did in my life L J Allred Door keeper Georgia State Senate State Capitol Atlanta Ga August 5 1891 A Mother apos s Report Mrs A N McEntire writes from Sp iug Place Ga For many years I have been a great sufferer from indi gestion sict headache and nervous prostration 1 tried many remedies but got no permanent relief until I used Dr Mozley s Lemon Elixir I am now in better health than for many years My daughter has been subject to chills and fever from her in fancy I could get nothing to relieve her the Lemon Elixir has restored her to perfect health Sold by Druggists 50c snd 1 per bottle Prepared by Dr H Mozley Atlanta Ga We can t be undersold as we are the manufacturers agents for wood and iron mantels tile hearths wrought steel Fashion and American ranger and Sensation cook stoves Have no equal in quality and prices Houlihan amp Bro apos 26 Weft Main St net SOUTHERN STEAM DYE WORKS Is Giving Entire Satisfaction in Cleaning AND Dyeing i iadies and Gents Gar ments Gents Suits Cleaned and Pressed 2 00 Suits Cleaned Dyed and Pressed 3 00 RICHARD PAPE No 12 West Vine Street LEXINGTON KENTUCKY a prlS Su amp Wk6m Assignee apos s Notice The undersigned lias been made Assignee I of M N Hass under an assignment tor the benefit of his creditors Persons indebted j to said Bass will make payment to the un dersigned and those having claims will I present them to V Gibbons attorney for tU undersigned verified and proven as re quired hv the laws of Kentucky as to claims against decedents estates P J GARLAND augO lOt Assignee Worth Living That depends upon the liver If the Liver is inactive the whole sys tem is out of order the Toreath is bad digestion poor head dull or aching energy and hopefulness gone the spirit is de pressed a heavy weight j exists after eating with general despondency and J the blues The Liver is the housekeeper of the health and a harmless simple remedy that acts like Nature does not constipate afterwards or require constant taking apos f does not interfere with J business or pleasure dur ing its use makes Sim mons Liver Regulator a medical perfection I have tested it personally and know that for Dyspepsia Biliousness and Throbbing Headache k is the best medicine the world ever saw quot H H Jones Macon Ga f apos Take only the Genuine Which has on the Wrapper the red SB Trade w nark and Signature of J H ZEILLN amp CO A Iff ORDIXff Alff CE NUMBER 385 Prcvi ling for the Assessment of Building Associations Be ir ordain hv the General Council ot the city of hexing on section 1 Tiih f all building associations organized under the la v s of the State of Kentucky or hv un act of the General As rcmbivoi the apos taieof K gt n lucky and doing busine s in the city of Lexington be as sessed hv 1 he t itv Assessor 011 such funds 11 repre nts the ne earnings or dividends of said associations and suen surplus and reset ve Mind as they may severally have at the time when such assessment is directed b gt law to ih made Sec 2 The assessment provided for herein shall apply to back tax assess ments fee 2 That this ordinance shall take effect from lt nd att r its passage and publi cation as rt r Hired bv law F O YOUNG President pro tern Board of Uouncilmen LOUIS fcTKAUB President Board of Aldermen Approved August II 1 Hi i augLNit J ii DAVIDSON Mavor Joint Resolution NUMBER 150 Accepting the Specifications accompany ing this fit solution lor 1 lie reconstruc tion of East Main Street from the East cine of Walnut Street to the City limits Be it resolved by the General Council of the city of Lexington j hat the plans profile specifications and estimates of cost accompanying this reso lution furnished by the city Surveyor and recommended by the Joint Improvement Committee with the Mayor added for the reconstruction of East dain Street from Walnut Street to the city limits be and the same is hereby approved and accepted by the General Council And the improvement Committee i hereby directed to present an ordinance for the reconstruction of said street in accord ance with said specifications and the plans and profiles heretofore accepted All resolutions or parts of resolutions in conflict herewith are her by repealed This resolution shall take effect from and after its passage F O YOUNG President pro tern Board of ouncil LOUIS STRAUS President Board of Aldermen Approved August H 1893 Aug 1 l 3t J II DAVIDSON Mayor Joint Resolution Niiiisiia 1 51 Diiecting the Mayor to Advertise for Sealed Bids for Coin Hay Oats and Coal Be it resolved by the General Council the city of Lexington Section 1 That the Mayor be and h hereby directed to receive sealed bids corn not less than quot six barrels Hay less than one ton Sheaf oats not than one ton Shelled oats not less t twenty bushels Coal kind and qua to I e named in bid and to be deliver lots not less than one hundred bushels the above to he delivered during the y 1893 at such times and such places as Mayor may direct apos 1 his resolution to take effect from after it pass age and publication as iequ by law F O Young President P T Board of Counc 1 0 IS t gt TRAU8 President Poard of Alderme Approved August 11 1893 aug 12 3t J H Davidson Mayo Joint Resolution NUMBER 152 Ajipoin ing Crmniithc tn Examine and Kepi rt quot ii Ail titlarks and Fees of All Ciiy Officers Beit resolved by the GtneraiCou Thtit aeon mitti apos e ot lliree from the of Council and three from the Boa Aldermen lie unpointed to examine and teport on the sa furies and fees city officers v ith the pin pose efr t what can he done in the way of reti nuent F O Young President Pro Tern Board of Jour Lons Strau I t evident Board of Aldern Approved A apos t apos p 1 It ft i augl 3t i II Davidson Ma THEGREAT BLUE CRASSF AIR H lKSIXIlSr GTON X S Y AUGUST 29 30 31 SEPTEMBER 1 2 93 20 000 OFFERED Ilff PREMIUMS COMPETITION OPEN TO THE WORLD FREE The Center for Fine Stock and tlie Most Beautiful Country in the World xvraa apos x P TnA oa OTXnTCr stand Ladies and Cliildren Admitted Free the First Da SHELBY T HARRISON Pres THOS L MARTIN Sec 9 AN ORDINANCE NUMBER 383 Diiecting the lowering of the sidewalks on South Broadway near High Be it ordained by the General Council of the city of Lexington Section 1 That the sidewalk on the east side of Broadway from the intersection of High street to the line of George Lancaster is hereby directed to be lowered to as to se cure a uniform grade and avoid the abrupt descent of the same at the southeast corner of said street Said excavation shall be done at the cost of the city and under the direction of the City Surveyor and to the satisfaction of the Mayor and Joint Im provement Committee but the property owners fronting thereon shall replace the sidewalk as soon as said excavution has been completed Sec 2 The Mayor is directed to adver tise for bids for said work and is authoiiz ed to let said work to the lowest and best bidder Sec 3 This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage F O Young President pro em Board of lt ouncil Louis Straus Pesident Board of Aldermen Approved Aug 10th 1893 J H Davidson augU 3t Mayor Alff ORBIMAMGE Number 384 Appropriating tw gt hundred and eighty dol lais to pay the account of F Bush lt t Son Be it ordained by the General Council of the city of Lexington Section 1 That there is hereby appropri ated out of any money in the treasury available for such purposes the sum of 280 to pay the account of F Bush amp Son for re pairing the Recorder apos s court room and the Auditor is hereby directed to draw his war rant on the Treasurer for said sum in favpr of said F Bush lt fc Son and add account for such repairs to the next regular monthly list of audited accounts Sec 2 This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage and publication as reduired by law F 0 Young President pro tern Board of Council Louis Straus President Board of Alderman Approved Aug 10 18 lt 3 augll 3t J H Davidson Mayor Now Running THE Lexington Steam Dyeing Works Office No 61 East Main Street Works No 160 Constitution Street A B HAWKINS Proprietor I now have my Steam Cleaning and Dve ing Works running All the machinery of the latest and most improved patterns under the management of first class work men I am prepared to Dye or Clean anything from the rougnest and strongest to the lightest and most delicate fabrics for either ladies or gentlemen I have a lirst ciass Dyer and am prepared to do all kinds of work Prices Low Work First Class Satisfaction Guaranteed Work on the shortest notice Favor me with your or ders Ladies and Gentlemen A B HAWKINS 61 East Main Street Lexington Ky A flg 16 tf AUGUSTA FEMALE SEMINARY STAUSiTON YA Opens Sept 7 1893 Closes last of May 1891 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BEST RENI EOY IFOR PILES rrtpRnxl try KJCaiKBSOX KF DICIXK CO 6T LOCIS AT 1 FEW HEAT The Excitement At Coal Creek Over the Lynching Of Dick Drummond by Mem bers of the State Militia Two Companion of Troops Hold Under Arms at Chattanooga Heady to March to the Scene of the Disturbance at a Mo ment apos s Notice Adjutant General Fite Discnsses the Situation Chattanooga Aug 12 The trouble between the miners and the soldiers at Coal Creek is at fever heat over the shooting of a soldier in a bawdy house and the subsequent lynching of Dick Drummond by members of thestate mili tia Two companies here have received orders to be ready to march to Coal Creek The members met at the armo ry and were held under arms awaitina orders to march NEWS IN A NU TSHELL Items of Interest Gathered From All Part of the World j Epidemic of flux at Springdale Ky Dun apos s review says the future is brighten ing It is denied that Jack Dempsey is in sane Smith s bank at Columbia Pa has su pended THIS IS PLEASING Nice Sfrinjr of Post musters Ap pointed For Kentucky Today IN JEWELL S PLACE Special to The Press Washington Aug 12 The following Farmers will open a co operative store at fourth class postu asters were appointed lu n day for Kentucky apos Vi l r n o Urn ho rir u Jones Buck eye Ga iTard Count v vice The Commercial bank of Brooklyn ha j Brown removed D a Woo tell apos Lee Strong Feeling Ajjainnt the Militia Knoxville Aug 12 It is thought the miners will make no further at tempt at violence though there is no telling what tney may do at any mo ment The striking miners are very restless in their idleness as the strike is still on and all the mines are shut down The body of Dick Drummond who was lynched was brought here for burial The verdict of the coroner s jury was that he came to his death by the willful and malicious acts of the state militia now located at Coal Creek The feeling against them is very strong Adjutant General Talk Nashville Aug 12 Adjutant Gen eral Fite said Friday There is much excitement in mining regions and I can not tell what will be the outcome I have asked for a report on the Laugli erty killing and the lynching of Drum mond and intend to see that all the guilty parties are brought to justice whether soldiers or miners Until I re ceive the report I can not say what will be done I am fully prepared to uphold the honor of the state should riots break out STOCK S AND BONOS QUOTATIONS The following quotations ol Stocks and Binds are furnished to us by R H Couet iv Banker and Broker corner Short and t pper Streets this cits apos STOCKS BID A8KBD Northern Bank of Kentucky 120 123 National Bank First 127 National Bank Second 1 10 National Bank Third 118 National Bank Exchange 153 National Bank Fayette 220 National Bank Lexington City MO National Bank Phrauii 155 Centra 1 Bank J08H Security Trust Company 102 162 National Bank Mercer Hamms burg 100 National Bank Farmers Mt Sterling 110 National Bank First Stanford low National Bank of Cyuthiana 175 Louisville Banking Co 239 Bank of Kentucky 155 157 Bank of Louisville 85 Falls City Bank 60 Farmers Bank of Kentucky 113 4 118 Bank of Woodford 100 Bank of Kansas City 10J Lexington Gas Company 100 81en Mary Coal Company 90 Mt Sterling and Carter County Company Marv Mine 75 Lexington and Carter County Mining Co Music Mine 30 00 Jellico Mining Company 7b HUsabethtown Lexington an Big Sandv Railroad Stock 5 Fair Ground Perpetual Mem bership 35 45 Fair Ground Regular 40 50 Ice Factory ao Klee trie Light Company 6 Telephone Company 110 Mechanics B and L Association 100 Homestead L and B Associa tion 100 Ashland Building Association 100 Saturday Night quot 100 Union 100 Union Building Association Regular 125 Deposit Building Association 100 Louisville 100 Atlanta 100 Plumbing Company 117 Strait Creek Coal Co 10 pera House Company 50 60 Fayette Building Slock Regulail2S 130 Book Form 100 Lexington Real Estate Co 100 Belt Land Company 36 BONDS City of Lexington 6 s due 1910 100 City of Lexington 6 s due 1912 103 City of Lexington 5 s due 1910 99 City of Lexington 5 s due 1918 99 City of Lexington5 s duel919 99 City of Lexington 4 J4 s due 1920 99 Fayette Co 6 apos s due 1894 101 Fayette Co 6 s due 1895 101 Fayette Co 6 s due 1896 102 Fayette Co 6 s due 1897 102 Fayette Co 6 s due 1898 1C2 Btreet Railway Company 90 Shortline first mortgage R R Co 7 i 105 1C5 Look Factory Bonds 50 aty of Paris 6 s due 1919 103 oott County 6 s due 1919 99 Franklin County 6 s doe 1919 98 NOTICE We will pay the highest marke price for good sound corn delivered at our distillery on the Old Frankfort pike Jas E Pepper amp Co den apos N F PENN M D SPECIALIST NOSE THROAT AND EAR 46 Forth Broadway Glasses accurately fitted iunell t apos and Whiskey Habits cured at home with out paiu Book of par ticulars sent KKfcK B M WOOLLEY M D OUioe 10414 Whltohsll St AtlantW tial for umi apos rrPNi A Indigestion and Stomaeli disorders nss BROWN S IRON TOTTERS AH dealers keep it SI per bottle Genuine hsn teede mark rd cowed red lines on wrapper COLD STORAGE FIRE FUND Relief and Will Be Applied to Pressin Balance Invested Chicago Aug 12 It has been de cided that Mayor Harrison President Higinbotliam and the committee having charge of the cold storage fire fund of 106 000 to first pay the funeral ex penses of the victims and relieve the pressing wants of the widows and children and then divide the remain der into four parts Three fourths will be invested in securities the income to be paid to the beneficiaries and the other fund will be used for any contin gencies that may arise HORSES AND C ATTLE Over 1 300 Horses Have Ueen Knturcd For Exhibition Chicago Aug 12 The entries for the cattle and horse exhibits have closed There will be about 80 exhibits for horses and 1 205 animals have been entered in the contests The number entered from the different states and Canada are Canada 234 Illinois 172 Minnesota 154 jhio 99 Missouri 83 Indiana 78 New York 67 Nebraska 40 Kentucky 33 Michigan 17 Kansas 42 Iowa 54 Vermont 49 Maine 13 Pennsylvania 59 North Dakota 10 Massachusetts 1 Iluying Up Hank Hooks New Haven Aug 12 A number of local money lenders nre buying up bank books for 75 or 80 per cent of their face value for cash and doing considerable business in that wav The rule put in to effect by the local banks preventing the drawing of any deposits on less than 90 days notice makes it impossible for many people to draw cash as they need it and the buyers are taking ad vantage of their extremity In the Hand of the Sheriff New Yobk Aug 12 The sheriff has taken charge of the office of the Equit able Manufacturing and Electric com pany on an attachment obtained by Cravatli amp Houston for 29 540 in favor of Wendell Goodwin for money loaned The company was incorporated several years ago and had it is said a capital stock of 1 000 000 Broke Down When He Saw the Uope Pikeville Ky Aug 12 Henry Hall who killed his young brother Andy in November 1892 during a quarrel over a game of cards was hanged here The place of execution was half a mile from the jail and when Hall saw the rope and trap his nerve forsook him and he cried like a baby Reedyville The Con temporarily closed The president reached Buzzard s Bay at 7 30 Saturday morning James Hartley was struck by a train al Atlantic City and torn to pieces High winds did considerable damage is the vicinity of Hopkinsville Ky JobnS Willis of Hopkinsville Ky died from l icing injured in u runaway Grade Dennison 7 of Wilmington 0 was struck at a crossing and killed The McDowell county W Va jail hai 34 prisoners 14 charged with murder Jacob Herold s 5 year old boy perished in the burning dwelling at Cleveland Seven cholera patients were taken to Swinburne island Friday making 10 in all Severe earthquakes along the Italian Adriatic A number of lives are reported lost Harry Barnhart of Springboro O died of lockjaw He rail a rusty nail into his foot Wesley Delay of Coal ton O was serf ously injured by being thrown from a buggy Saturday was Foresters day at the world s fair About 125 000 paying visitors were present Marsh fires are raging about Laporte Ind Life is endangered and considerable damage done Two children playing in a haymow with matches came near burning the town oi Oakville Ind Near Nashville O Eli Ri or s 2 year old child was burned to death while playing around a bonfire There will not be a third of a crop of corn in the vicinity of Muncie Ind on account of the dry weather The paid admissions to the world apos s fail for the past week not including Sunday was over 100 000 daily Seven men were injured two probablj fatally by the fall of a scaffold at the old gas works in Cincinnati An 1 1 weeks drouth was broken by rain at Peru lud There never was such a dry time in that part of the state John Cudahy the Chicago pork packer who recently went to the wall wants to compromise on 50 cents on the dollar A relay bicycle race from Columbus O to Cincinnati 135 miles was made in 8 hours and 56 minutes There were 18 re lays The assessors estimate that Boston apos s population is about 560 000 The census re turns of 1890 gave the city a population of only 440 570 At Chicago while taking a large fly wheel from a flatcar the cable broke kill ing Matthew Koklege and seriously injur ing Edward Brooks Owen Ballard who has been attempting to preach in white churches and on the streets of Richmond Ky was adjudged a lunatic and will be sent to the Lexington asylum It is said an interesting domestic affair is what took President Cleveland to Buz zard apos s Bay while congress is engaged in legislation of vital importance to the country He will not return until Septem ber Farmers in the vicinity of Anderson Ind are turning their stock into cornfields that have been affected by dry weather Pastures arc deserts and the grass and fences are taking fire from locomotive sparks Detectives are inquiring into the recent murder of William Plowlield at Birds boro Pa believing that he was not killed by tramps but by parties residents of that place The murdered man apos s brother is strongly suspected as they had quar reled The commerce destroyer Minneapolis was launched from the Cramps shipyards Philadelphia Saturday The Minneapolis is a sister ship to the Columbia launched a year ago and cost 82 690 000 Both have triple screws and are designed to outepeed anything afloat At Indianapolis Eleanor Mullen alias Katie Fay sent to the state reformatory by the police court for nonpayment of fine and detained many months without color of law has been ordered released by the criminal court The mother of the girl will sue for heavy damages Captain K C Rankin of Ripley O will attend the G A R encampment at Indian apolis making the trip 168 miles in a buggy using the same horse in the purude The captain is 73 years old and is one of the eight brothers sons of Rev John Rankin that were in the Union army dur ing the rebellion Prairie anil Marsh Fires Laporte Ind Aug 12 Prairie and marsh fires are raging hereabouts The family of John Pratt of Springfield township became surrounded and were compelled to flee for their lives through the flames In their flight a li tie 12 year old daughter became be wildered in the smoke and lost from her parents and brothers and sisters burgh Harrison County viced W Boswell removed G H Gardner I tin lilield tirav SO quot Cimmy vice U 8 Wood removed l ol he M Humphrey Little Bend Butler apos nun tv vice LLi rtua phrey resigned 1 armciia Swaney Lusbv s Mi l Owe Countv vice Nancy M Prather removed Mr E F Grass Mu ret tin rg Rockcastle County vice Olive Holiurut resigned it la e Biro Mill dale Kemon County vice John Muss re j moved It G Mobley Powers apos 8tore Casey j County vice J F Alstntt removed May I Money Sapp Fleming County apos dee Q W Alexander resigned declared illegal Local Option rii ciinn at B lt wilt Green Void tor Severn Special to The Press Bowling Green Ky Aug 12 The board consisting of Judge Junn B Grider and Squirts Elvis ii Porter and John Demuth apos his morning decided the contest over the local option election held in this city July 1 The opinion was in writing and declares the election llugal and void for several reasons chief of which are that the law under which the election was held is unconstitutional and invalid and that the secrecy of the ballot was destroyed by tiie use of ballots which were so transpar ent that the officers of election could tell at glance how each man voted It is not known yet whether the matter will be ap pealed CLARK SURRENDERS To Stand Trial at Mnniordvitlc lire Killing of Hen Sanders Special to The Press Munfordville Ky Aug 12 Yesto dav afternoon Lee Clark who shot ami kibeil Ben Sanders at a picnic near here some ten days ago came in and surrenderi d liiiiiseii to Deputy Sheriff Hubert Crenshaw win immediately carried him before County Judge Watkins The exami ing trial wa set for next Wednesday the ictli iln prosecution will be conducted by t otintv Attorney J E Puckett assisted by Papv H C Martin The defendant is represented b A M Payton There are a host of witnesses and the trial will probably occupy several days as both sides w ill make a desperate fight TO AVERT A LYNCHING Judge Farrell Presides With Satisfaction udge Jewell is still on the sick list ami Mr E I Farrell presided yes terday disposing of the following cases John Williams assault and battery if 25 nd costs Babe Thomas dis missed Divelrazer II Jones being drunk I and costs each Bob Cassidy insulling language continued until Tuesday Quince Lambert house bieaking continued until Tuesday Tim Mershon abusive language and assault will a rock continued until Monday L J Rowland cutting and wound i g continued until Tuesday Annie Johnson insulting language c reunited until Monday J Knifmer assault and battery con inued until Tuesday Robert Elli vagrancy continued until Mono ay amusements The opening attraction at the Opera House August 28 will be the Manola Mason comedy company in their charming play of Friend Fritz The following paragraph is from the Boston Herald quot Friend Fritz is a gem It is a pretty dramatic poem It is delicate in coloring refined in tone appealing in sentiment It is a pastoral and sweetness simplicity and charms of rural life and genuine heart throbs of nobility and love pervade it It glows with true maDhood and womanhood it is alive with elements that awaken strong responsiveness in the hearts oi listeners it thrills and soothes it brings smites and tears Delicious music bursts out through it airs that haunt one that remain with you for days that you find your self frequently humming and they are chiefly sung by Mr Mason and vfiss Msnola and sung very delight fully Gracefully are the scenes of tiie play laid with a quietness yet thoroughness of arrangements that forms a series of charming pictures outlined by Mr and Mrs Mason with a upeibness of finish that eclipses any simitar attempts they have ever made Pure and Wholesome Quality l Commends to public approval the Cali Great ornia liquid laxative remedy Syrup f Figs It is p easant to the taste t d by acting g tjily on the kidneys v r and bowels to e eansn the system ffectually it promotes the health and omfort ot a II who use it and with millions it is the be t and only re medv OUTAGES FOR SALE lhree four room frame cottages sntrall located for sale on monthly payments Apply a 26 West Main C hesapeake a ohio kailwai FAST FLYING VIRGINIAN The highest type of a complete Vestibule Limited Train gt u which no extra charg is made A solid train of Vestibnie Cars compo site car day caach dining car and Puliuiar sleepers Heated with steam drawn from the engine and lighted with electricity in dividual reading lamus being provided fo every eection n the drawing room anr sleeping ears when desired Such is a description of the F F V Ves tibule Limited wnich runs daily betweer Cincinnati Washington Baltimore Phila delphia and New York via the Chesapeake and Ohio route A Vestibule Sleeping Oar attached to tha F F V runs between Louisville Lexing ton and New York and a Vestibule Sleep ing Car also f t between Cincinnati Ricn mond p vl Olu oint Comiort through thf most pit ireso ie America i The Negro Invader of Miss WaihcnV Bedroom at Lebanon to be Jailed at Louisville Special to The Press Lebanon Ky Aug 12 The exan inirg trial of Cole Spaulding the Negro who vn gt arrested a few days ago on a charge of Irv ing to detain Miss Annie Wather against her will on the night of July 29 was he cl here before Judge Burton this morning epaulding was held over under aJfo lt gt 0 borti to await the action of the next grand jury He was ordered to Louisville for safe keep ing and leaves in ch arge oi the Sheriff ibis afternoon JOY IN GARRARD A Saving Ilain Began in That County This Morning Five Persons Drowned Vigo Spain Aug 12 The French transport Drome came into this port i jvhen found she was so badly burned badly damaged after a collision with the French steamer Octeville bound from Penamrth for Marseilles The mer chant steamer was so badly damaged that she sank The Drome picked up 18 persons Five perished Ino ist itutional Sacramento Aug 12 Judge Prew itt handed down a decision declaring unconstitutional and void the action of the legislature in removing the capi tol from Sacramento to San Jose This is a well merited rebuke to the flippant legislators who instituted the puerile resolution Charged With Wife Murder Greensburg Ind Aug 12 Sheriff Meek and Marshal Smith arrested Thomas Myers of Ewington and placed him in jail charged with the murder of bis wife who died mysteriously a month ago Rowing Race Chicago Aug 12 Champion James Stansbury of Australia beat Charles Stevenson and Alexander McLean by half a length in a three mile race at Lake Calumet The time was 19 34 Republican Sustained Providence Aug 12 The supreme court rendered its decision in the legis lative controversy sustaining the posi tion of the Republicans that it is feared she can not live The family had a fearful fight for life and lost everything else Extra Session In Colorado Denver Aug 12 Intimate associates with Governor Waite say he has de termined to call an extra session of the legislature r out a month hence after his return loom an eastern stumping tour A muddle in the law authorizing a 1 000 000 canal necessitates this The governor will also recommend changes in the attachment and trust deed laws Further recommendations will depend on congressional action on silver Another Negro Lynching Lake City Fla Aug 12 The party of Lafayette county citizens that passed through here Thursday morning before daylight en route for Hillman s convict camp for the purpose of lynching an other negto engaged in the recent Branford outrage nave returned It is stated that they secured the negro with out any trouble and that he was riddled with bullets and burned until all ex cept his heart was consumed Let the Good Work Go On London Aug 12 The Cunard line steamer Etruria which sailed Saturday from Liverpool for New York took consignments of gold amounting in value to 730 000 Special to The Press Lancaster Ky August 12 Rain has at last fallen in old Garrard The two month s drouth from which there has been such a deal of suffering by stock and crops as well as the human family was ciu ed this morning at 2 o clock by a steady dovt n pour of rain from the clouds It will likely continue all day and the farmer citizen ct al arc happy The corn crop has had a severe siege but is saved Will St ay With Us Mr Louis Adler who had sold out his business to a party from Alabama to give possession August 1 informs us apos hat the sale fell through The purchaser owiDg to the strin gency of the money market is unable to fulfill his part of the contract and has forfeited 500 to Mr Adler which was the conditions of the sale On account of this Mr Adler had so far placed no orders for his fall stock but expects to go East within a few days for that purpose wheu he thinks he ll be able to buy at very much lower figures than if he had made his purchases earlier as u nal quot It s an ill wind etc he says am apos when he gets his new fall stock in in ll make he welkins ring with low cash prices gt FOR CARPENTRY ESTIMATES See Glass and Farra 21 and 23 East Water Street before lettiDg your con tracts You will not only save money but get the very best class of work We do wood work all branches in the best syle Best city references Summer Goods at Houlihan apos s We sell the Joseph Wayne Ctrl lined refrigerators the best in tin market also fine water coolers gasoline and coal oil cooking stoves which for summer use are mor lt economical than coal stoves and r ak less heat in your kitchens We ketq the best makes at lowest prices Houlihan amp Co 26 West Main Street FOR MERCANTILE PRINTING In the best style with modern type good paper and pres work ai reasonable prices patronize the Will S Marshall Printing Company No 37 West Short Street near Broadway Te lepho ne No 86 Specially Low Price on l srv Ordets apos Bessie Bouehill was presented with a vslvahle diamond riug on the stage of the Alhambra Brighton England by several of her English admirers a few days before her departure for America It was a sovvenir of her visit to Brighton and of her last en gagement in England prior to her starring tour iu this country in Play mates A CARD 5 00 REDUCTION In World apos s Fair Hates by the Queen amp Crescent ltiule In addition to the regular World apos s Fair excursion rales we will sell first class ex cursion tickets good fifteen davs from date of sale for return at 5 00 less than the regular World s Fair rate These tickets are good going via either Cincinnati or via Louisville Through cars to Chicago Quick time Most ele gant equipment Be sure to take the Queen it Orescent route For rates schedules sleeping car reserva tions etc c ll on any agent of the E T V amp G Railway Queen it Crescent Route or Louisville Southern R R or D G Ed wards G P A Cincinnati O State College of Kentucky Lexington Aug 12 1893 j Editor Press Sir I am informed that I am quoted as saying that Mr Isaac P sh lt Iby Jr who is a candidate fer ihe Rice of Surveyor of this city is not competent to discharge the duties of i his office Will you kindly allow me the opportunity of denying through your columns that I have made any statement such a the above I know Mr Shelby to possess in a high degree the qualifications rpqu gt ite to fit an engineer for the office of City Sur veyor Mr Shelby received the degree of Civil Engineer from the State Col lege under my instruction He not only studied dilligently and success fully but also showed great aptitude tor practical work in his profession Moreover he has had service in tiie field and in connection with muni cipal engineering while in association with me as well as with other engineers both before and since he received his degree and won the praise of bis asso ciates I know him to be dilligem faithful intelligent and exceptionally well informed in his profession His knowledge of the science of engineer ing in its highest branches prepares him for studying and conducting pub apos ic works of such importance as will confront the engineer who will have to direct lire physical development of our city during the nex administration That this development will demand ihe b st skill intelligence and scholar hi is well knowo That Mr Shelly can well serve the city iD this develop ment 1 feel sure As an engineer I shall he pleased to see him chosen for the office that he seeks Yours truly U lt J P Nelson A CARD Editor Press 1 announced myself a candidate for Keeper of the Work House some time ago and still expect to be a can didate at the regular election I did not have 100 to give the Democratic Committee on the 9th as they re quired hence I can not get my name in the poll books at the primary I have always voted the ticket have given to the party and have worked for it I have been a taxpayer pay ing from one to three hundred dollars for thirty years and railroad tax be sides I am a candidate for the office because I need it Persons not voting in the primary for that office will not be bound at the regular election John Robb RELIGIOUS SERVICES First Baptist Church Service t 11 a m and 7 30 p m by Dr W H Felix pastor Sunday nchool al 9 a m German Lutheran Fifth ant Wolf Stjeets Services a 11 a m Rev P Schencke pastor The World s Fair and American Railways The Queen amp Crescent Route widely known as the road running the quot Finest Trains in the Pouth is in the held tocarrv everybody from the South to the World apos s Fair at Chicago No par of the Southern country is left uncared for liy this great rail way and its connections The Through Car System is an admit able exposition of the wonderful capabilities of American rail roading From New Orleans through sleep ing cars run dady morning and evening carrying its passengers via Cincinnati or Louisville as they mav select From Shreveport Vicksburg and Jackson another through sleeping car line conies to join and become a part of the magnificent vcstibuled through trains which passing through Birmingham and the famous Wills Val ev of Alabama is joined at Chatta nooga by the train from Jacksonville Flori da Brunswick and Atlanta Georgia over the E T V amp G R y and proceeds north over the beautiful Cincinnati Southern through the grandest natural scenery and most attractive historical country in the world to Oakdale where another mag faficent Pullman car is received coming rum the Richmond oc Danville Svslem rora Charleston 8 C through Columbia S C the beautiful French Broad country and Ashville N C and Knoxville Tenn The time to Chicago is made so as to af ford the most convenient hours for depar tures from the principal cities and arrivals in Chicago Passengers can purchase tickets good over one line north of the River and re turning via another if they desire a valua ble route without extra charge Or they can go via Cincinnati returning via Louis ville or vice versa Round trip tickets on sale at reduced rates Agents of the Chicago line will on request assist in looking up rooms or ac commodation for visitors to the fair Everything that an almost perfect sys tem can devise to deserve the praise and patronage of the traveling public has been provided Any of the agents of the com pany named below will cheerfully give all possible information and assistance R H Garratt New Orleans La I Hardy Vicks burg Miss J R McGregor Birmingham Ala K T Charlton Chattanooga Tenn f nsn f t T im AtL is G i t TT am Tk quot W D Cozatt Junction City Ky or D G Edwards Cincinnati O 10 85 To Chicago and Heturn via Railroad L amp N Commencing Sunday July 23 and until further notice tickets will be sold via the L A N Railway to the World s Fair at 10 85for the round triD For information etc call at depot ticket offices or Phoenix Hotel You can leave Lexington on the 4 15 a m fast line on Kentucky Central and ar rive in Chicago at 7 15 p m leave at 3 35 p m and arrive in Chicsgo next morning at 7 a ill W S McChksney Jr General Agent SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS INE REPAIRING Persons having Sewing Machines to re pair can have the work well done at their homes by addressing the undersigned Charges reasonable and all work fully war ranted References furnished on applica tion Have had twenty two years experi encejin repairing sewing machines Wilt guarantee work for three years and charge one half of customary prices K P AUSTIN augStf 68 Colfax Street DR J II FL00KE DENTIST Office and Residence No 105 East Main Street opposite Phoenix Hotel Teeth extracted without p in bv the use G c Vitalised Air etc sep 2gtl Many Porsnn urt tirriK a from overwork r household cures Brown s Iron Bitters Rebuildstha lyitem aids dilution removes excem oi nd m amp lnriii Get tho Pennine World s Fair Chicago Calumet A ven no rind 2Dth Street HOlU c Fireproof 244 rooms near Fair Grounds tmuhs on every floor in Araoric an and European plan BANCROFT SJSP Our Grand Clearance ale FROM Chair Department OPENS Tuesday Aug 8th We have selected ail the odd Chairs one two and three ot a kind shopworn samples amp c and mark ed them down to a price Where Cost is Not Considered as All Must be Closed Out The Assortment consists of Library Dining Room Hall Arm Tea and Fancy Chairs Rockers We have placed this lot of GENUINE BARGAINS On the first floor and marked the in plain figures All are invited to call and examine these wonderful values Brower Scott amp Frazee Carpets Furniture Wall Paper Draperies Cor Maiu anti Broadway Lexington By THE LEXINGTON PRESS IS PUBLISHED OA ILY EXCEPT MONDAY GAILY 6 Per Yea Sterling Miss Pattie McDowell of this SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Mrs Charles Scott has returned home from a vie it to relatives in Mt THE PRESS is the official paper of Che City of Lexington and Fayette County The Farmer and Stockman IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY EVERY WEDNESDAY Office No 15 1 2 Clieapside Telephone No 168 r CtEXINGTON KENTUCKY Sunday Morning August 13 1893 Ira amp iSs WEATHER forecast FOR KENTUCKY Cooler and lair northerly winds TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS We are giving our subscribers old tgad new a good standard novel which cannot be purchased at any feookstore for less than 25 cents to everyone whose subscription is paid in advance for one month Three months in advance entitles subscribers to three books six months to six books twelve months to twelve differ ent books all well worth the money twe allow on paid up subscriptions in advance Remember our subscrip tion price is only two thirds that of any other Lexington daily with a 25c ftook equivalent to a discount of one fostlf to paid up subscribers One fctsndred books to choose from The Passs is the oldest daily in Lexing ton and neglects none of the news home or foreign The people know it No coupons no postage to pay This offer holds good for a lim ited time only Send orders with re mittance of 50 cents per month to The Pkess Office I5J Cheapside Lexington Ky Telephone No 168 P S Country subscribers will re ceive book by mail postage paid cn receipt of 50 cents in advance Can fae remitted in 2 cent stamps at city Danville 16 J Now Try This It will cost you nothing and will isarely do you good if you have a Plough Cold or any trouble with Throat Chest or Lungs Dr King s New Discovery for Consumption Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to give relief or money will be paid back Sufferers from La Grippe found it just the thing and under its use had a speedy and perfect recovery Try a 3ample bottle at our expense and ieara for yourself just how good a thing it is Trial bottles free at Ben JD Bell and C A John s Drug Store Large size 50c and 1 00 Why do you pay 75 cents a box for 4711 White Rose Glycerine soap elsewhere when you can buy it from the Wilson Drug Co corner Main rand Upper 8treets for 40 cents For First Class Livery Day or night telephone 154 C F Croxton amp Co 26 South Li aicslune Street is the guest of relatives Ky Mrs Dick Pilcher spent the first part of the week visiting friends in Nicholasville Mieses Hattie and Katie Christian have returned from a visit to Chicago and the Fair Miss Katie Petticord of Winchester is visitiog her friends tha Misses Barras of this connty Mrs G L Owings of East Fourth Street has returned from a three weeks visit to friends in Ohio Mr C D McArthy left yesterday over the C S Railway for Cincinnati and Maysville his former homes Misses Evelyn I ucas and Clifford West will leave next Tuesday for an extended trip io the World s Fair Mr and Mrs W D Rash have re turned from a pleasant visit with friends at Winchester Ky Miss Mamie of Mt Sterling ar rived in thi3 city yesterday to make her sister Mrs B J Welsh a visit Mrs Mary Young and son Stoddard of Mt Sterling who have been visiting relatives and friends here have re 1 turned to their home Miss Isa Walker of this city has gone to Cynthiana where she is the guest of her friend Miss Hattie Robertson Mies Minnie Pease who has been visiting Miss Nina Bridges will leave tomorrow to visit friends in Lexing ton after which she will go to the World s Fair Maysville Bulletin Mr and Mrs Todd Srantz and Miss Lizzie Cochran who have been visit ing relatives in this county for the past three weeks left yesterday after noon over the Q amp C for their home in Athens Ohio GIBSON URIGSBY Married on Thursday August 10 by the Rev Dr Haughter at the Church of the Transfiguration New York City Mr Montgomery Gibson eldest son of the late Senator from Louisiana Randall Lee Gibson to his cousin Miss Louisiana Gibson Grigs by formerly of Traveller s Rest Lin coin County Ky daughter of the late Col J Warren Grigsby and Susan Preston Shelby of the same ilk The couple sailed the same day on the Au gusta Victoria for Southampton Eng land DR ELMORE ASSIGNS Dr W L Elmore made an assign ment yesterday to George Webb the well known attorney for the benefit of h s creditors Dr Elmore is a promi nent candidate for City Physician The assets are estimated at 2 500 liabilities about the same Free For Fifteen Days Eight elegant cabinets including one life like water colored pho o free best finish 1 50 F P Waxee 154 W Main Fine face and bath ponges at your own price Wilson Drug Co corner Main and Upper Streets See our elegant window display CAM I NOTES The following camp notes of the recent ucampment at Bowling Green were contributed by a member of Com pany E FIRST CLASS LIVERY Adjutant John V Nicholas made an exceedingly good officer aud has many friends among the boy a John graduated at the Virginia Military In stitu apos e this year wiib highest of honors and had many compliments paid him by the officers while in camp at Bowling Green Oapt William RWallia of Company E made a good captain making less mistakes than any captain in camp Lirut Robert Kennedy aud Walter Sharpley attended to their military dut apos es in a graceful manner Secretary D C Mohs made many friends while in camp He had the signing of all the passes r for the boys Mr Ben Vanmeter was the leader in camp He lead the boys into nnny a good grape arbor and water melon patch Color Srrgeant Will Longmire had chart e of our party flag and it was ive apos l protected All of Company E men did well and while on duty it was strictly n ili ary Col Gaithtr was well pleased with all the hoys Adjutant Henry B rry is a well drilled lt dicer and did credit to the company aud himself Among the many pleasant features of the visit in Bowling Green was the renewal of the acquaintance of an old Lexington boy Mr B I Easley who is doing a thriving grocery business He was delighted to shake hands with the Lexington boys WEATHER REPORT Y M C A Notes The men s meeting today will he addressed hv Mr J S Terrill Subject Thoughts on the World s Fair at 3 o clock in the Young Men s Christian Association rooms All are cordially invited A Surprised Foreigner A good joke in connection with the custom prevalent in Washington so ciety of having professional caterers furnish the china and other table service at big dinners has just leaked out It occurred when a distinguished foreigner who attended several swell dinner parties remarked to a Wash ington friend You Americans have many peculiarities but no one of them lias struck me with more force than the remarkable similarity in taste among your wealthy people I have attended three dinner parties this week and at each of them the handsome decorated china was of identically the same pattern The Washingtonian was strongly tempted to explain but upon consid eration he concluded to let it go at similarity in taste quot The reason he kept the joke until now was that he did not care to have it get out un til his foreign friend had returned home Washington Cor Springfield Graphic Society Islands Oranges The wild oranges of the Society is lands which are now an important article of export owe their origin partly to Captain Cook who brought hither slips from Brazil and partly to the early missionaries from the Australian colonies who introduced another variety It is these twe kinds though left untendod foi there are no plantations of oranges in the islands which have by accli matization and self propagation gradually merged info the one vari ety so favorably known in the mar ket as the Tahiti orange The fruit which varies from oblong to oval in shape is large thin skinned very heavy apos sweet and full flavored The propagation of the Tahiti orange tree is accomplished by raiders quot such as rats and other animals who scatter the seed which owing to the moist warm climate germinates with cer tainty and rapidity The Object of University Kxtcnsion The fundamental object of univer sity extension is perhaps after all not scholarship but the arousing of an interest which may lead jiersons to set about the acquisition of scholar ship the setting of persons on the high road toward scholarship the guiding of them in the right direc tion thus enabling them to aid oth ers who have ilie desire and ability to become scholars in other words the strengthening of all the latent and open forces and influences which teH for sch olarship lt apos Itic mro Tribune A Liittle Fatherly Advice If ever you marry said an old gentleman to his son let it be a wo man who has judgment enough to superintend the getting of a m al taste enough to dre s herself pride enough to wash her face and aense enough to use Dr Pierce s Favorite Prescription whenever she needs it The experience of the aged has shown the Favorite Prescription to be the best for the cure of all female weak nesses and derangements Good sense is shown by getting the remedy from your druggist and using it whenever you feel weak and debilitated It will invigorate and cannot possibly do harm For yesterday Aug 12 reported by John M Greenway of J B Merton amp Co city 7 a apos quot 7 2 9 a m 74 12 ill 80 1 p m 80 8 p m 82 6 p ill 89 Pears Soap 10 cents a eke at Wilson Drug Co s corner Main and Upper Streets Other dealers charge twenty five cents Hood s Cures Owe all IVIy Health to It Cored of Sick Vomiting Spells Dlzzf ness Nouralgia Weakness Shannon 4 Co successors to White amp Wilkersoc 119 E Main St have new rig fine horses and good drivers 1 Entrances on Short and Main Streets Tho Finest Bath Rooms In Lexington Hot cold and Turk ish baths are to be found at The Kentucky Steam Lai ndkt 13 aud 15 S Upper St Mrs S M TFaters Georgetown D C I have often seen statements from people benefited by Hood s Sarsaparilla and I feel that I am not doing ju tice unless my tes timony is added I have been suffering with sick vomiting spells for three or four years with giddiness most of the time almost per fectly prostrated I had no appetite and suf fered also with neuralgia in my head and eyes I was treated for two years by the best physi cians but found no relief They would tell me my condition was Owing to my Age and that I must havo patience But after two years I thought patience ceased to be a virtue I was ggow ing so weak I could not sleep at night And wuen I was able to go out I was afraid 1 go far from home I was con stantly tired I could not go up or down stairs or raise my arms above my head without gid diness and was so afraid to look up that I be came accustomed to holding my head down At Last I was persuaded to take Hood apos s Sarsaparilla and alter using four bottles my improvement In health is woudcrfal I candidly believe I am cured of all my oilmen My appetite is good can cat at any time am free from neu ralgia and other troubles X never felt well or was as stout as now since I was mar ried and 1 am mother of nine children I have Increased from 125 to 143 pounds I am perfectly well go out every day When my friends ask what has made such an improve ment I tell them I owe it all to Hood s Sarsaparilla and that I am made ever again Mrs S M Waters 1213 82d Street N W George town D C Take Hood e Hood s Pills cure liver ills sick bead ache Jaundice indigestion Try a box 26c COAL COAL PLACE AN ORDER WITH Frost amp Edge NO 4 WEST SHORT For your Winter Supply of Soft end Hard GOAL Old Lee Anthracite IS THE BEST PIANOS FUR RENT We have several apos good Upright and Square PIANOS Wivch will Rent on reasonable terms Rent to apply as part payment for same Latest publications of Sheet Music Call and examine goods The Mil ward Co 8 and 10 W Main St LEXINGTON KY Refrigerators AT I Manufacturers Prices i s e close tliem them out to make room for our Fall Stock of Stoves VANCE amp FEENEY 20 West Mam Street H VOGT M FOLEY VOGT amp FOLEY Corner Broadway and Short Streets Opera House Block LEXINGTON KY TELEPHONE 177 All Kinds of Garden Seeds Agents for Langdon apos s Bread and Cakes HOTEL REED LEXINGTON KENTUCKY Elegantly Refurnished Throughout Rooms all light and airy First class Cuisine and Table Service All modern improvements Convenient to Railway Stations and Streot Cars Hates to 2 5o per Day Fins 8 ample Rooms for Commercial Travelers Special Rates for Regular Boarders W H BOSWELL Proprietor AL CHILES Manager j uly 23 3m Stoll Yannatta amp Co Sfos 43 and 45 West Main Street Are Now Ready to Supply TLl Tiocal Trade WITH Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors Including their own Celebrated Brand n j o H Sour Mash and Rye WHISKY As a medicinal stimulant we can safely say no whisky made outsells this favorit bra nd Our drug trade is larger than that of any house in Kentucky MJf Family trade solicited Physicians recommend it highly because of its puritj We are Exclusive Agents lor The Celebrated Veuvfi Clicquot Champagne Yellow Label The Finest and Dr jest Champagne Sold ALSO AGENTS FOR THE ANHEUSER BUSCH BREWING CO The Largest in the World whose Budweiser Beer is unexcelled Also Agents for Arnold Jk Co s Ogdensburg N Y Ale and Porter Equal to the best imported at a lower price Brandy Rum Gin etc Imported and Domestic Wholesale and Retail Stoll Vannatta amp Co t 43 and 45 West Main Street Lexington Ky Telephone Number 353 J J SHANNON City Agent Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Gov t Report S 0 ABSOLUTELY PURE 189S August 1893 Su Mo Tu We Th Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 29 30 31 THE WORLD S FAIR LIMITED Prof Kiel Government chemist writes I have carefully analyzed your Royal Ruby Tort Wine bought by me in the open market and certify that I found the same absolutely pure and well aged This wine is especially recom mended for its health restoring and building up properties it strengthens the weak and restores lost vitality particularly adapted for convalescents the aged nursing mothers and those reduced and weakened by over work and worry Be sure you get Royal Ruby 1 per quart bottles pints 60cts Sold by Stoll Yannatta amp Co 43 and 45 West Main Street Bottled by Royal Wine Co Chicago Are You Going to the apos World s Fair Our friends will find two through fast express trains daily on the Queen amp Crescent Route to Chicago from this point which run through solid from Lexington leaving here at 4 a m arriving in Chicago at 5 00 p m and at 8 10 p m arriving in Chi cago at 7 30 a m This is the only line offeiing through trains from Lex ington to Chicago and visitors to the World s Fair should not forget this great convenience and comfort Wm G Morgan 5 30 93 C S Depot Cer Hot Springs Vapor Baths 2 each or six for 9 No 20 Market Street For particulars and testimonials address P O Box 557 Lexingt apos apos apos Kv What the South has long needed and never had before is now an as sured fatt The World s Fair Lim ited Train runs via Q lt k C to Cin cinnati thence to Chicago via the C H amp D and Monon Route the popu lar quot World s Fair Route Through trains leave Lexinvton 8 05 p m Georgetown 8 30 p m arrive at Cin cinnati 10 40 p m arrive Chicago 7 55 a m No change of cars See that your ticket reads via the above named lines The fastest schedule ever inaugurated from the South Returning there will be no change of cars from Chicago to Southern points and the train equipment will be composed of the finest vestibuled sleepers and Pullman s palace coaches Stop overs at Cincinnati and Indian apolis positively allowed on all World r Fair tickets reading C H amp D and Monon Route Specimen Cases S IT Clifford New Cassell Wis was troubled with neuralgia and rheuma tism his stomach was disordered his liver was affected to an alarming de gree appetite fell away and he was terribly reduced in fle h and strength Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him Edward Shepherd Harrisburg 111 had a running sore on his leg of eight years standing Used three bo Hies of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen s Arnica Salve and his leg is sound and well John Speaker Ca 1 tawba 0 had five large fever sores on I his leg doctors said he was incurable One bottle Electric Bitters and one box Bucklen s Annica Salve cured him entirely Sold by Ben D Bell and C A Johns Move Along Don t stand idle Its the man who keeps moving that generally succeeds in life You can t help moving on when taking Simmons Liver Regula tor It cleanses the system from all poison and sends the blood through the veins at a good round pace The Regulator is the best insurance policy against Indigestion and Dyspepsia Nothing malarious about Simmons Liver Regulator GRAND PYTFIAN BALL To Bo Given at the Phoenix on the Evening o f August 30 The following invitation handsome ly gotten up has just been issued by the Von Moltke Division No 38 of the Knights of Pythias Yourself and lady are respectfully invited to attend a Grand Pythian Ball at Phoenix Hotel Wednesday August 30th 1893 Fraud Match at 9 p m Music by Trost amp Meiler s Opera House Orchestra Committee or Arrangements Geo C Schange Oscar Kiog Charles Trost Charles Marshall Frank Harting Ben Freck man Henry Schange Louis A Pfeif fer Henry Vogt Fiank Pants Preparations for the entertainment will be conducted on a grand scale and ths affair promises to be a great success THE LAST WEEK Mr James Mulcahy the genial and enterprising agent of the Plymouth Rock Pants Co whose advertisement appears in The Press today is doing so good a business at the Clarendon Hotel that he would like to stay longer but being already overdue else where he annouuces that the coming week is positively the limit of his present stay in Lexington So lead his advertisement and take advantage of his liberal terms for tailor made pants and suite I apos HEAP VEHICLES Remember the clearing gale a apos Ren ick Smith amp Watkins 61 and 63 East Short Street tomorrow Monday Phaetons surreys spring wagons etc also refrigerators and lawn mowers at cost for cash How is this 4711 soap at 40 cents a box three cakes in a box Single cake 15 cents at Wilson Drug Co s corner of Main and Upper Streets Other dealers charge 75 cents a box LEXINGTON LADIES The Proof of the Pudding Have you humors causing blotches Does your blood run thick and slug gish Are vou drowsy dull and languid Is a had taste in your mouth and Is your tongue all furred and coated Is your sleep with bad dreams broken Do you feel downhearted dismal Dreading something what yon know not Then be very sure you re bilious That you have a torpid liver And what you need is something to rouse it and make it active enough to throw off the impurities that clog it something to invigorate the debili tated system and help all the organs to perform the duties exppeted of them promptly and energetically That something is Dr Pierce s Golden Medical Discovery the great blood purifier which its proprietors have so much faith in that they guar antee it to cure If it does not your money will be refunded But it will Buy it try it and be convinced of its wonderful power If the proof of the pudding is in the eating the proof of this remedy is in the taking A CARD D B PRICE S ftgSSBl The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder No Ammonia No Alum Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard LOOK HERE Editor Press Contributions to the Colored Or phan Industrial Home for week end ing August 12 are as follows Henry E Pellew Washington D C 25 00 K R Blaine Lexingtou Kv 2 00 Bush and Curran Lexington Kv 2 00 Cash 1 00 Professor Robert Graham Lexington Kentucky 5 00 Great Clearance Sale Complete Line of Housekeeping apos Wares and Fancy Goods Dinner sets chamber sets hand some line batquet and piano lamps clocks cut glass water coolers silver ware knives forks and spoons Must be sold regardless of price to make room for fall goods The R P Cough i in Co Cor Main and Mill Streets Total 35 00 In order to make a payment of 100 now soon due subscribers and other kindly disposed persons are earnestly appealed to aid in making up a deficit of 125 Remittances by check or otherwise will be promptly acknowledged R H Fitzhugh Agent 50 South Broadway Lex Ky A CARD MONEY TO LOAN For five years on first mortgage reality 50 000 at 5 per cent interest 125 000 at 54 per cent interest 3 000 to 25 000 at 6 per cent in terest Spot cash when abstract is com pleted showing title unincumbered and in fee simple Call on John gt Maupin Agent No 19 West Main Street Lexing ton Ky A FINE PAINTING Will do well to patronize Madame Linter of 59 North Broadway for fine dressmaking Latest styles from European and American cities Best city references Lace Curtains Done up daily in superb style by our own special process at The Kentucky Steam Laundry 13 and 15 S Upper St Artistic Photography For superior photographs in all the latest styles at reasonable prices go to Johns Studio 55 East Main Street The work sent out by Mr Johns can not be surpassed anywhere To my many friends I wish to say that I am still in the race for Counc apos l man from the Second Ward Al though many of my opponen s are trying to make believe to the contrary I am net ouly in to stay to the finish but am in to win sure and I promise my friends and constituents if elected I will serve them faithfully and hon estly No sell out for Big John O Connor For Sale Two story modern 8 room brick house lot 40x200 Fruit trees large grape arbor stable end wash house in hack yard All modern conveniences including furnace heating in every room Newly papered and painted throughout Beet central location Can be bought cheap from owner at 21 West Main Street In front of Renick Smith amp Witt j kins successors to De Long amp Co 1 61 and 63 East Short Street is a large i oil painting representing a scene fa miliar to Lexingtoniaus When you pass that way inspect the painting and afterwards examine the largest and fineststock of vehicles ever shown in Lexington Clearance sale of sur reys phaetons spring wagons etc also refrigerators aud lawn mowers at cost for cash tomorrow Monday Something Good to Brink Is always acceptable to Lexingtonians Beer lovers should read J Q Adams advertisement in today s Press Moerlein s Old Lager is a specially brewed and perfectly pure malt drink worth going a long way after It is far superior to common beer and equal to the best imported Try it The clearings of the Lexington banks yesterday amounted to 34 b21 50 FUNERALS AND DEATHS Thomas Jones Mr Thomas Jones aged 63 died at his home No 325 E High Street Saturday morning at 5 o clock The funeral will take place from the bouse this afternoon at 4 o cloik Rev Mark Collis officiating F iends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend The deceased was a highly re spected citizen and was the father of City Physician A W Jones of Col W T Jones the coal grain and feed dealer and of A B Jones the well known member cf the Jones Bell Drug Company Ellen Harrison Simrall The funeral services of Ellen Harri son Simrall the deceased wife of Al derman J B Simrall will be held this afternoon at the family residence on South Limestone a five o clock sun time L M Sea in inon The funeral services of L M Scammon who died in Topeka Kas will take place at 10 o clock sun time tomorrow Monday morning from the residence of Mr E Douglass 195 E Short Street Rev W S Fulton officiating Friends of the family in vited to attend n PRICE apos S W DELICIOUS W Flavoring Extracts NATUR AL FRUIT FLAVORS Of perfect purity Of great strength s Economy in their use Flavor as delicately Vanilla Lemon Orangre Rose etc and deliciously as the f sh fruit WE ANNOUNCE FALL AND WINTER WOOLENS Imported by Us Direct Via Steamer Etruria from London The Line Embraces al the European Novelties and is Especially Large amp Attractive We Respectfully Urge an Early Selection 0 Louis and Gus Straus FASHIONABLE TAILORS Cor Main and Limestone Streets FINALLY TERMINATED The Labor Troubles In Curnegie apos s Twc Pittsburg Mills Pittsburg Aug 12 The great laboj trouble at the Twenty ninth and Thir ty third street Carnegie mills which resulted so disastrously more than year ago has terminated It is reliably reported that an amicable settlement of differences will be effected and the many hundred men who joined in the sympathy strike of 1892 will resume their place apos s It will be remembered tnat the strike at these mills was in augurated during the labor conflict at Homestead The men who were work ing under the Amalgamated association rules and scale went out through a de sire to strengthen their brother work men at Homestead The long continued strike has caused much distress At meeting Friday night it was decided tc declare the strike off and a petition was drawn to be presented to the Car negie officials asking for a removal ol the ban and that they may be permit ted to take their old positions in th mills SAVED HIS MASTER S MONEY A Spaniel apos Sagacity Fulls Three High waymea Shamokin Pa Aug 12 A black spaniel earned a square living for tin rest of his life from his master Georg Rohan a farmer of Chemnng county N Y Mr Rohan came here to invest in some land He carried a wallet con taining 2 100 when he was attacked by three masked highwaymen Rohan seized a fence rail but after a hard fight was knocked down The men piled on top of him and then the dog took a hand His sudden attack fright ened off the robbers for a moment and Rohan thrust his wallet into the dog apos s mouth The intelligent animal dashed off into the woods the robbers in pur suit They shot at the animal repeat edly but to no jmrpose Rolian was badly used up but when the animal came back to him in five minutes still bearing the wallet he seized it in In arms and covered it with kisses 11 lost no time in getting away from tht vicinity SHE HAD NERVE An Illinois Olrl Killed One Tramp null Wounded Another Rocki apos ord Ills Aug 12 Two tramps went to C nnute Bean s house near Capron and found Ella Bean a 17 year old girl the only one at home They were determined to get in She shut them cc t and they tried to break in The girl threatened to shoot if they did not desist They disregarded the warn ing and Miss Bean fired killing one and badly wounding the other THE CONRADS They and Their Friend May Make 111 one Flow tit Corydoiu lud Louisville Aug 12 A special from Corydon Ind says it is reported that the Conrads have returned home from Kentucky Marshal Hudson has received a letter postmarked Louisville advising him to desist from any efforts toward the arrest of the Conrads A large party of the Kentucky friends of the Conrads are reported to be coming over to aid in defending them Tlic Pope Approve Rome Aug 12 The pope has writ ten a letter to M De Cnrtius chief of the Swiss Catholics and organizer of the International Catholic Workingmen s congress slating that his holiness ap proves of international legislation to protect apos vor king women and children The letter is designed to be a prepara tory step toward the holding of an in ternational workingmen s congress Now Natural Gas Pipe Line Anderson Ind Aug 12 Major Charles T Doxey of this city will con struct a 40 mile natural gas pipe line to Logansport The gas it is understood is to come from the Howard and Grant county fields Logansport already has one pipe line company The second will be capitalized at 8od OOO Major Doxey to take 70 000 of stock Untie Must Be Paid in Gold Madrid Aug 12 It is announced that the government intends that pay ment of customs duties be paid in gold This will be equivalent to an increase of 20 per cent in the duties The final decision in the matter may however be reserved until the United States gov ernment determines what action it will take in regard to silver Snake In a Sheaf of Wheat Paris Ky Aug 12 Alonzo Mur phy was feeding a thrashing machine when suddenly a snake thrust its head out of a bundle of wheat and fastened its fangs in his hand Immediately his hand and arm began to swell and he be came unconscious The physicians say his chances of recovery are slight Will Reduce quot Wages Philadelphia Aug 12 A notice was posted in the Baldwin Locomotive works Friday night announcing a re duction in the price paid for what is known as e m tract work to take effect next week The reduction which will affect 3 000 men will amount to about 10 per cent i Two Killed One Injured Philadelphia Aug 12 A south bound passenger train on the Reading railroad crashed into an ice wagon Iriven by Howard Walton Lawrence Novatty aged 13 years and his sister Camelia aged 8 were instantly killed and the driver was probably fatally in i jured An Old Man Take His Life Warsaw Ind Aug 12 Jeremiah Teegarden an old poineer residing a few miles southwest of this city com mitted suicide by hanging himself in his barn Ministerial Crisis Over Cairo Aug 12 The difficulty be tween the khedive and Riz Pasha has been satisfactorily settled and the min isterial crisis is over A X NO I N lt KM ENTS FOB MAYOR Wp are authorized to announce J B Simrallima candidate for Mayor subject to the action of the Democratic primary We arc authorized to announce H T DUNCAN As a candidate for Mayor of Lexington object to the crauc primary action of the Demo FOR CITY COLLECTOR We are authorized to announce 8 G Sharp os a candidate for rt election for the office of City Collector mbject to the ac tion of the Democratic party Primary Aucust 24th 1893 FOE CITY TREASURER We aie authorized to announce T J Danaliy as a candidate for City Treasurer subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce William Curran as a candidate for City Treasurer subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce Ben B Wilson as a candidate for City Treasurer subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce D Vert ner Johnson as a candidate for re election as Treasurer subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce James A Kastiu as a candidate for Treasurer subject to the action of the Demociatic primary FOR AUDITOR AND ASSESSOR We are authorized to announce Mat Foushee as a candidate for re election Auditor and Assessor subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce Oscar B Ambrose as a candidate tor the office of City Auditor and Assessor subject to the Demociactic primary We are authorized to announce J H Kimbrough as a oundidate for Auditor and Assessor subject to the action of the Demo cratic party FOR SURVEYOR We are authorized to announce P P O apos Neil as a candidate for re election as City surveyor subject to the action of the Demo cratic primary I hereby announce myself a candidate for City Surveyor subject to the action of the Dtmociatic primary August 24 1893 J M CORBIN We are authorized to announce Issac P Shelby Jr as a candidate for City Sur veyor subject to the action of the Demo cratic primary August 24th FOR CITY rilYSICIAN We are authorized to announce Dr A I Taylor as a candidate tor City Physician subject to he action of the Democratic primary August 24th We arc authorized to announce Dr W L Elmore as a Candida e for City Physi cian subject to the action of the Demo cratic primary We are authorized to announce A W Jones M D as a candidate for City Phy sician subject to the action of the Demo cratic primary We are authorized to announce Dr W A Brock as a candidate forCity Phvsician subject to the action of the Democratic parly FOR RECORDER We are a u thorized te announce Judge J R Jewell as a candidate for re election as Judge of t lie Recorder s Court subject to the action of the Democratic primary I hereby announce myself a candidate for Judge of the Recomer apos s Court subject to the action of the Democratic primary August24th R J O apos Mahony FOR RECORDER S CLERK We are authorized to announce C J Reagan as a candidate for re election as Cleric of the Recorder s Court subject to the action of the Democratic party FOR CITY ATTORNEY The Press apos s authorized to announce W P Kimball as a candidate tor re election to the office of City Attorney subject to the Democratic primary election August 24th 1S9J FOIl COUNCILMAN FIRST WARD We are authorized to announce M Mc Namara as a candidate for Councilman from ttie First Ward suoject to the action ol the Democratic party We are authorized to announce Jas Me Cor m ic L as a candidate for Councilmai tiom the First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce M Kauf man as a candidate for Councilman from tlie First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We ere authorized to announce D T Matlack as a candidate for re election as Councilman from the First Ward subject to the action of tlie Democratic party SECOND WARD We are authorized to announce John Big John O Connor as a eandidatefqr Council man from the Second v ard subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce R Gar land as a candidate for Councilman from the Second Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are outhorized at announce d S Kinkeud as a candidate for Councilman in tlie Second Ward at the Democratic pri mary election August 24th We are authorized to announce Henry Vogt as a ca didate for Councilman in the Second Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce Fred Laz arus as a candidate for Councilman in the Second Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We arc authorized to announce Mr Jas A Keiser as a candidate for Councilman in the Second Ward abject to the action oi the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce L Sallee as a candidate for Councilman from the Second Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are i uthoriz d to announce W H McCorkle as a candidate for Councilman from the Second Ward subject to the ac tion ol the Democratic primary THIRD WARD We are authorized to announce Paul O apos Neil as a candidate for Councilman from the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce P A Tate as a candidate for Councilman from the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce M Benckart as a candidate for re election as Councilman from the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce Frank G Ott as a candidate for Councilman fron the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary FOURTH WARD We are authorized to announce C J Myers as a candidate for Councilman from the Fourth Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce Dr F O Young a candidate for re election as Coun cilman from the Fourth Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We authorized to announce J Hub Prather as a candidate for Councilman in for the senate I the Fourth Ward subject to the action of I the Democratic party primary August 24 We are autbonzid to announce Judge 1 93 Mat Walton as a candidate for Senator from I i exington and Fayette County subject to to nn0UI c H arr y tne Hot on of the I lt mncraiir nVimar J Ftouph as a candidate for Councilman from tue action oi tne Democratic primary lhe Fourth Ward subiect to the action of the Democrat c primary FOR KEEFER OF WORKHOUSE We arc are authorized to announce James Wilkerson as a candidate for re election as Keeper of the Workhouse with William Jady McNamara as Deputy suoject to the aciion of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce John Robb as a candidate for Keeper of the Workhouse subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce John W Masnerasa candidate for Keeper of the Work nose subject to the action of the Democra ic primary FOB MAGISTRATE Wc are authorized to announce B F Sawyer as a candidate for Magistrate from the Seventh District composed of the First end Second Wards subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce L Roy alty as a candidate for Magistrate from the Seventh District comprised of the First and Second Warns subject to the action of the Democratic party FOlt ALDERMAN FIRST WARD Wc ate authorized to announce M A Mc Grath as a candidate for Alderman from the First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce Elijah J Allen as a candidate for Alderman from the First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce J D Walker of tlie First Ward as a candidate tor Alderman ot tlie city of Lexington sub ject to the action of the Democratic pri mary We are authorized to announce J R Dodd as a candidate for Alderman in the First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce J Q Adams as a candidate for Alderman from the First Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce G W Mai tin as a candidate for Alderman from the First Ward subject to the action of tlie Democratic primary second wabd We are authorized to announce Pat Slavin as a candidate for Alderman from the Sec ond Ward subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce T Logan Mocker as a candidate for Alderman from tlie Second Ward subject to the action of tlie Democratic paTty We arc authorized to announce John V Uppitigton as a candidate for Alderman in the Second Ward subject to the action ol tlie Democratic primary THIRD ward We are authorized to announce John M Kelly as a candidate for Alderman from the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce E L Hutchinson as a candidate for re election as Alderman from the Third Ward subject to the action of the Democratic primary We are authorized to announce W T Joms as a candida apos e for Alderman from the Third Ward subject to the action ol the Democratic primary FOURTH WARD We are authorized to announce S T Campbell as a candidate for Alderman from the Fourth Ward subject to the ac tion of tlie Democratic primary For Overjl apos llYy Years Mrs Winslow s Soothing Syrup lias been used by millions of mothers apos for their cliil dren while teething If disturbed at nigh and broken of you rest bv a sick child sutlering and crying with pain of cutting teeth send at once and get a botteof quot Mrs Winslow s Soothing Svrup for children teething Itw II relieve tin poor little sofft er immediately Depend upon it mothers there is no mistake about it It cures diar rhoea regulates t lie stomach and bowel cures wind colie softens the gums and re duces inflammation and gives tone and energy Pi the whole system Mrs Wins iow apos a Soothing Si mp apos quot for children teething is pleasant to tlie tas e and i the prescrip tion ef lie one oldest ami best female physi ciansand nurses in the United States Price 5 cents a I Hit le Sold by all dm gg throughout the world Be sure and ask f Mrs Winslow sSooihingSyrup for FOR CONSTABLE The Press is authorized to announceMr Ben F apos reckman as a candidate foi Con it a hie from the First and Second Wards sub ject to the action of tlie Democratic pri mary We are authorized to announce Janies C Hall as a candidate for Constable for the Seventh Magisterial District First and Second Wards subject to the aciion of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce A Men dal the present incumbent as a candidate for Constable from the Seventh Magisterial District composed of the First and Second Wards subject to the uction of the Demo cratic primary Wc are authorized to announce P J Gorniley as a oandidate for Constable from the First and Second Wards subject to the i acri n of the Democratic miniary The proprietors of Ely s Cream Balm do not claim it to be a cure all but a remedy for catsr h colds in the head and hay fever It is not a liquid or a sutiff is easily applied into the nostrils It gives relief at once 50c I had catarrh of the head and throat for five years I used Ely Cream Balm and from the first applie cation 1 was relieved The sense of smell which had been lost was re stored sfter using one bottle I have found i lie Balm the only satisfactory remedy tor catarrh and it has effected a cure in mv case H L Meyer Wavcrly N Y The Hot Springs of Arkansas In 1888 a gentleman visited the Hot Springs when he became much in terested to learn the secret of the great influx of visiters from all pans of the world What are the proper ties of these wonderful springs quoth he and why may they not be con densed applied differently and per haps more effectively at our homes without having to incur the great trouble and expense of a trip to this remote place This idea induced ex periments and finally brought about better results than bad ever been an ticipated After a careful analysis of this fa mous water and noting its effect on the different diseases treated with it we decided to offer it to the public as a substitute for the expensive trip to the Hot Springs assuring all who may desire this class of treatment that he same effects are guaranteed as would be produced by a visit to the Hot Springs in Arkansas The New Mouth and the World s Fair We are authorized to announce John O Hodges a candidate to represent Fayetts County in the State Senate subject to the action of the Democratic party Fuller Sliot Parker Fayetteville N C Aug 12 E J Fuller shot and killed Ben C Parker on the street Both were very promi nent citizens House Washington Aug 12 Saturday the silver discussion which lasted during 11 the session Friday was continued FOB REPRESENTATIVE We are authorized to announce V7 H May a candidate lor re election as Repre sentative front the city of Lexington sub ject to the action of the Democratic party 1 1 hereby announce myself a candidate to represent Fayette County in the next Legis lature subject to tlie action of th Demo cratic primary to be held August 24th I Respectfully J HENNING NELMS We are authorized to announce Hart Gibson as a candidate foi Representative to tne Gei erat Assembly from the county of Fayette subject to the action Of the Democratic primary COUNTY OFFICERS Date of Primary not fixed FOR JAILER We are authorized to announce William E Wilkerson as a candidate for re election for Jailor of Fayette County subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce George T Rose as a candidate for Jailer of Fayette County subject to the action of the Demo cratic party We are authorized to announce J J Naive at a candidate for Jailer of Fayette County subject to the action of the Demo cratic party We are authorized to announce R J Parks af a candidate or Jailer of Fayette County subject to the action of the Demo cratic party FOR COUSTY 6CHOOL SUPERINTENDENT We are authorized to announce Miss Laura Craveus as a candidate for Superin tendent oi County Schools We are authorized to announce M A Cassidy as a candidate for Superintendent of Cotimy Schools subject to the action of lhe Democratc primary August 24th FOR COUNTY AS8ESS0B We are authorized to announce W F Downing as a candidate for Assessor of Fayette County subject to the action of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce R M Redd as a candidate for Assessor of Fay ette County Under the New Constitution being elegible for only one term Subject to the action of the Democrat c party No i cction of the country East North or West is taking a greater interest in the World apos s Fair at present than that portion lying south cf Masou anil Dixie apos s line and typical Southerners easily distinguishable in the immense throng by the graceful mil tary bearing of the gentlemen and the rare beauty ot the ladies are to be met in great numbers on the Exposition grounds in the corridors of the leading hotels and at the various social gathering in the World s Fair City To a large extent the success of tlie Fair lepends upon the touthem people the Board of Managers expect hundreds of ihousands oi people from south of the Ohio River to attend the Exposition and from present indications they will not be disappointed The railroads are making extensive preparations to take care ol the people and their comfort euroute is fully assured The Big Four Route which is the only line n akingcondcction in Central Union station Cincinnati with through trains of tho E T V A G Queen lt t Crescent Route Louisville it Nashville R R Kentucky apos entral liy and Chesapeake amp Ohio Ry naturally forms the popular outlet lor Southern travel and to accommodate the businese five elegant vestibuled trains with parlor cars sleeping cars dining cars and elegant coaches are run daily from Cincinnati to Chicago stopping at Midway Plaisance the Main Entrance to the World s Fair iOth St Hyde Park 51st St 39th St 22d8t and running into the new 12th St Station on the Lake Front All the World s Fair hotels and board ing houses are located adjacent to the Big Four stations and passengers via this pop ular line avoid the long tiresome transfer across the city necessary by all other lines from Cincinnati There is positively no other line landing passengers at the stations named and as it affords in addition to the comfort and convenience a great saving of time and expense all the people of the South who contemplate a trip to the World s Fair should be sure to ask for tickets via the Big Four Route For full information address D B Mar tin General Passenger Agent Cincinnati Put Money in Thy Purse How Save doctor s bills Always keep on hand a bottle of that finest of remedies Dr Hale s Household Cough Cure to allay the first irritation caused by a cold Don t think you can fix up something just as good when for 25c or 50c you can have the result of years of practice and experience ex pended in making this preparation absolutely the best For sale by Ben D Bell Popular Excursions The popular half rate excursions to Cin cinnati every Monday via the C A O rail way will be re established for the summer on June 19 Tickets from Huntington and intermediate stations will be good only on train i apos o 17 on Mondays and returning on train No 18 the following day From Charleston and stations between Charleston and Huntington tickets will be good only on Mondays on train No 15 to Huntington and tl ence train No 3 Re turning tickets east of Huntington will be good only on train No 2 on the following Tuesdav and Wednesday Mrs J Oliver FASHIONABLE MODISTE No 18 MarketStreet Lexington Ky Would announce that she is prepared to make Dresses Cloaks and Wraps at short notice Fauhlons Received Direct From Paris Correspondence solicited with those wishing goods of any description Wed ding Trousseaux Reception Toilets and Mourningorders Filled Promptly Samples sent by mail on receipt of stamps Ladies sending their measure can have a perfect tit and a stylish dress Goods of every description purchased Prices to suit the times MRS C J OLIVER jnnc2v ia 18 Market Street FIVE D0LLHI REDUCTION IN WORLD S FAIR RATES Beginning July 23rd in addition to the regular World s Fair Excursion rates the Queen A Crescent will sell first class excursion tickets pood fifteen days from date of sale for return at 5 00 les than the regular World s Fair rate These tickets are via cither Cincinnati or via Louis ville going and returning same route Through Cars to Chicago Quick Time Finest Train in the South He sure to take the Queeu amp Crescent Itoutc For rotes schedules sleeping car reservations etc call on anv ngent of Qie E T V lt fc G R y Queen amp Crescent Route or Louisville Southern R R or G EDWARDS G P A Cincinnati O The English Kitchen No 12 West Short Street Lexington Kentucky Gust Luigart Proprietor Regular meals 25c meals to order stall hours breakfast from 6 a m to 9 a m dinner from 10 a m to 3 p m supper from 5 p m to9p m Oysters lamb fries fist and chickens a specialty Wed ding suppers anniversary dinners or sup pers for any occasion contracted for and served on short notice in any portion of the country under mv immediate suoervision First class Livery If you want a Da k Carriage Surrey Pbaetou Buggy or Rig of any Kind you will bud The Finest Turn outs in the City Including the best horses for driving or riding at C F CROXTON amp CO S Livery Sale and Feed Stable 26 South Limestone Street 26 THE OLD RELIABLE C W FOUSHEE C D CUNNINGHAM W FOUSHEE amp CO DBATiBHB IN 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onTliursday August 17 1893 about the hour of 10 o clock a hi on credits Of six and twelve months for equal portions of the purchase money the following de scribed lots and parcels of land in Lexing ton Kentucky with all the improvements on same respectively to wit 1 That lot of land fronting 60 7 10 feet on Oewecs Street and extenolcg back that width JOOfeet the same property conveyed to Pat Hannon by Timotii Dineen by deed dated September 1 1880 and recorded in Fayette County Court dted book 76 page 50 2 That lot of land fronting 30 feet on the South side of Constitution Street ano extending back that width 142 feet the same property conveyed to Pat Hannon bj George E Billingsly bv deed of record iii said Clerk apos s otlice Book 73 page 175 3 Tnat lot of land on the South side of Constitution Street fronting on said streel 20 feet and extending back that width lit feet on the East side and adjoining tin property described herein as No 2 being the same prone ty conveyed to Pat Hannon by George E Billingsly by deed of record in said oflice in Book 76 page 338 4 That lot of land flouting on Dewees Street 35 feet and extending back that width 100 feet tiie same property conveyed to Pal Hannon l gt y William Fitzpatrick by deed of record in said office in Book 70 page 51 Lots numbered 2 and 3 will be sold to getber number 4 will be sold by its lf and number 1 tile lot first above described as fronting 6 7 10 feet on Dewces Street and extending bacs that width 100 feet will be sold as follows to wit Same will be offered in twoseperate psrcels and as a whole ami will b sold in that way bv which the high est price is produced Said seperate parcels are as follows One 1 t to contain so much of the part on Dew ees Street as is covered by the brick house ott said lot and running back of equal width the lull depth of the lot said frontage being about 29 feet anft the remainder of said property will he of fered as another lot the said lot fronting on Dew ees Street about 31 7 10 feet and ex tending bock that width the full deohth of said property and including a stable upon the premises The purchase money will beat interest at the rate off per cent per annum from the day of sale tint I payment and for suid pur chase nioiiev each purchaser will be re quired to give his bonds with good personal security for the price payable totheunder ig ted each o said bondt to have tin force and effect of a judgment and reman n lien upon the property to which it may be given J R Morton Z Gibbons P Q M O F C C Now 17 Cholera Patients at Swinburne Island Two More Deaths From the Dreaded Disease The Italian Government Making Ererj Effort to Prevent a Spread of tho Plague Now Raging in Naples Yellow Fevoi Excitement Rapidly Subsiding In Flor ida No Now Cases New York Aug 12 Saturday noon Health Office Jenkins issued the follow ing cholera bulletin from quarantine At midnight Friesona Mola aged 25 years and Mariana Reberati aged 23 years died of cholera at the Swinburne Island hospital The remains were incinerated this morning Before noon today nine suspects were removed to Swinburne Island for observation and treatment They were all Italians The bacteriological examination proves that all the patients removed yesterday were cholera Asiatica The census of the hospital today shows 17 patients one ot whom is convalescing Eight of these have been confirmed as cholera and nine suspects CHOLE RA A BROAD Rome Making Preparations For tiie Worst Elsewhere Rome Aug 12 The government has ordered that a physician and a san itary corps accompany every train run ning between Naples and Rome All the hotels at Rome have been cleansed and were put in good condition to guard against an invasion of cholera Signor Carloni director of posts and telegraphs who was sent to Naples a few days ago on business was attacked with cholera a few hours after his ar rival and died on the following day Thirty Six Cases and Eighteen Deaths Bucharest Aug 12 In the 24 hours ending at noon Friday 14 new cases of cholera and six deaths were reported in Braliilov 16 new cases and 11 deaths in Soelina and six new cases and one death in Czernawoila Ten New Cases in Naples Naples Aug 12 Ten new cases of cholera and 10 deaths were reported in this city between noon Thursday and noon Friday The death list includes some fatal cases previously reported RAPIDLY SUBSIDING Excitement Over the Yellow Fever Scare RELI GIOUS R IOT Mohammedans and Hindoos Fighting oa tho Streets of ISombay Bombay Ang 12 A number ol Mohammedans and Hindoos became in volved in dispute Friday whict soon led to a general riot Eight Mo hainmedans were observing one of tin festivals commended hy the Koran while the Hindoos were also celebrat ing religious observances and religiou feeling was high on both sides and i took but little to cause the men whe were at first involved in the dispute to come to blows The uuinbe r of riot ers grew rapidly and when some of the Mohammedans proposed to capture cue of the holy Hindoo temples they found plenty to aid them in the attempt Howling and yelling Allah II Allah the Mohammedans rushed to the tem ple but the priests aided by hundred of Hindoos fought desperately against the desecration of the building and drove the attackers off The fighting continued until the authorities calleo out the troops to restore order which was ultimately done after considerable trouble The rioting was generally in the business part of the city and during its continuance traffic was entirely stopped The feeling between the twe sections has been rendered more bitter by the fighting A close watch will bt kept to prevent another outbreak BLOUN T AND HAWAII No Arrangements Have llecn Made to lie lievc the Minister Washington Aug 12 It is said at the state department that no arrange ments whatever have been made foi diplomatic representation at the Ha waiian Islands is the event of Ministei Blount s leaving there to visit the United States but that if Mr Blount jhonld leave Hawaii the duties of the office would naturally devolve on the oounsul general an office now held by Mr H W Severance rather than the naval officer in command of the station Secretary Gresham said that if Admiral Skerrat had been placed in charge ol diplomatic affairs at Honolulu it must have been by order of tho secretary ol the navy as he knew of no such in structions The latest press dispatches from Honolulu dated Aug say that Min ister Blount is awaiting the arrival of his successor If that is so he will not start for home for some time yet as nc such appointment has been made According to present information there is not much likelihood of a change in the Hawaiian mission before the ex isting complications reach a settlement It may become necessary to summon Mr Blount to assist in the negotiations at Washington but that would not necessitate a change at Pensacola Washington Aug 12 Surgeon General Wyman Saturday morning re ceived the following telegram from Passed Assistant Surgeon Magruder of the marine hospital service stationed at Pensacola Fla touching the yellow fever outbreak there No new or suspicions cases have appeared since the two deaths already reported Ex citement rapidly subsiding House to house inspection lxjgun today by order of state health officers and will be completed Sunday A proclamation was also issued by the same officers stating that no cause for undue alarm seems to exist at present FURNA CE EXPL OSION Niue ilen Injaretl Some Fatally at Youngstown O Youngstown Aug 12 A terrible explosion in the Girard furnace will re sult in the death of a number of work men who were burned bruised and cut The plant was badly wrecked The bell on the furnace dropped down and the gas being unable to escape ignited and exploded Tiie injured are Arthur llerrocks tanfiller badly burned John La van tapliller badly burned about tiie head an i face Fred Dillon keeper burned about the head and face William Niblock severely cut in head George Dnmsehon hands and face badly burned William Farr machinist terribly burned Mike Finn Mike Cavanagh James Simon There is no hope of recovery for sev eral The loss will be very heavy TWO ARE KILLED SPECULATION IN CASH New Yorkers Doin apos a Hijc RttsinesM in Currency New York Aug 12 The specula tion in currency has reached that point where bankers are compelled to set tlieir teeth against depositors who draw out their cash to loan it to brokers for a premium An instance of how country banks are trying to get currency when they don t really need it was noticed by the Seaboard National bank That bank received a letter from a country bank asking them to receive some cur rency that they did not need and sell it i at the market rate on their account Mr Nelson the vice president of the Seaboard bank looked up the New 1 York correspondent of the bank in question and on conferring with it found that the bank which wanted to sell some spare quot currency had actual ly drawn that currency on a loan out of its New York correspondent Local Currency Danbury Conn Aug 12 Owing to the scarcity of currency in the city the Danbury and Paliquioque National banks are preparing to issue currency in the shape of certified checks They will be accepted at the banks for de posit only and will be payable in New York national banks through the New York clearinghouse The local banks commenced to issue this medium on Saturday They will give manufac turers and other customers half cur rency and the rest in certified checks The checks which will be issued in de I nominations of 81 S3 and 5 will be j given to employes for wages and it is I estimated that 50 000 will be thus em ployed Alabama Outlaw Killed Mobile Aug 12 There is great ex citement in Clarke Choctaw Wilcox Four Ilobbers 3Is t With a Ilot and Unex pected Reception Akota I T Aug 1 2 At Lehigh a fight occurred between officers and rob bers in which two of the robbers were killed and it is thought two others wounded Four men came to the store of Phillips amp Company captured A R Tutt who had a key to the store and at the muzzle of a shotgun forced him to open the door Marshall J W Gael and three others were secreted on the inside and when they entered told them to hold up their hands The marshal apos s posse fired instantly killing two of the men and wounding two others The robbers intended to kill Mr Barton the bookkeeper and Jcr es the clerk after forcing them to open the safe Tiie men killed reside in Le high One of them was Pearce the other apos s name is unknown Tlieir bodies were turned over to their fam ilies Says He ia a Fraud New York Aug 12 A special to The Press from Boston says ex Presi dent Harrison who is visiting his daughter Mrs McKee at Beverly denies that the William Harrison who was sent to the Denver poorhouse re cently was a cousin of his as claimed A Remarkable Ruby Lancaster O Aug 12 Mr and Mrs Frank Mayes of Madison avenue are the happy parents of a rare speci men of infancy The little son who is but 3 weeks old weighs only three pounds The father apos s weight is 122 pounds and the mother s 140 pounds Railroad Shops Shut Down Pine Pluff Ark Aug 12 The St Louis Southwestern railway shops in this city have been shut down indefi nitely throwing out of employment 300 machinists No prospect of immediate resumption is given and the men are leaving the city and Marengo counties over the fight be tween the notorious Meachaniites and citizens The Meacham gang is a very bad one and they have committed many murders throughout the country The citizens are determined to clean them out this time It is estimated that 500 men are under arms The gang are guilty of rooonsliining barn burning and many assassinations T J James the leader of the gang has been killed A dozen others are reported killed but the names can not be ascertained Lyncher Indicted Memphis Aug 12 The grand jury has found about 50 bills The majority of them are in connection with the Lee Walker lynching and many arrests are to be made in the next few days The case of Mary S Clancy the young woman who embezzled 200 from the Wilson amp Gibbs Sewing Machine com pany came before it and several in dictments will be returned against her It is possible that the charge of forgery may also be preferred Reconsidered and Accepted Pittsburg Kan Aug 12 The coal miners strike so far as the mines of the Santa Fe company are concerned is be lieved to lie at an end Fuel Master Devlin of the Santa Fe road offered to settle on a basis of 50 cents a ton for mine run coal the year round The men refused to accept but reconsid ered and wired Devlin that they would go to work Monday The Santa Fe mines are the most important in the district Refuse Checks For Fay New Y apos ork Aug 12 Pay day has come to a sudden stop in the Long Island railroad yard in Long Island City The small currency gave out and the paymaster was forced to suspend while a disappointed crowd of about 400 employes b ieged the car and wanted to know what was the matter The company offered to give them checks but the men wanted money The proof of tiie merits of a plas ter is Hie cures it effects and the vol untary testimonials of those who have used Allcocks Porous Plastirs during the past thirty years is unim peachable evidence of tlieir superior ity and should convince the most skeptical Self praise is no recom mendation but certificates from those who have used them are Beware of imitations and do not be deceived by misrepresentation Ask lor A i lcock s and let no solicitaiion or explanation induce you to accept a substitute ELYS Cream Bairn Cleanses the Nasal Passages Allays Pain and Catarrh Allays 1 Innam j ruation Heals the Sores Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell Try the Cure HAY FEVER A particle is applied into each nostril and Is agreeable Price 50 cents at druggists by mail registered 60 cents at druggists ELY BROTHERS 56 Warren St New York sepl eo d amp Wknrm Commissioner Sale FOR RENT F lt apos B h ENT My two story brick Sixth and Broadway lh ap to good tenant Two story brick 1 5o a month to good tenant only 2 6 East Shot t St OX Is W SNYDER augll lw FOR RENT Comfortable furnished front room suitable for gentleman and wife No 62 W est Second neur Broadwav FURNISHED ROOM TO LET Nice airy up stairs front room Apply at 175 South U pper Street july30 tf f 30R RENT Two very desiiable busi J ness housee on the nest part ol Lime stone St with well arranged andconven lent living rooms in the second story of each V ill rent on reasonable terms to good ana responsible tenants Apply to Charles H Voorhiis In Northern Bank Building TRINITY HULL NEAR LOUISVILLE KY A Select Boarding and Day School FOR BOYS Healthful location Military Drill Three Courses of Instruction MV E r particulars address the Head Master REV W T ELMER M A TRINITY HALL LOUISVILLE IT loiuiuiNNitiiier fi Male FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT J H Marshall Plaintiff vs C T Taylor and others Defendants NOTICE OF SALE By virtue of u judgment in tho above styled equitable action entered on the 18th day of July 1893 tiie undersigned will on Monday tiie 14111 Day of August 1893 Ofler for sale at public auction to the high est bidoer at or about the hour of 12 o clock m at the Court House door in the city of Lexington Kentucky the following de scribed property to wit A certain TRACT OF LAND Situated on Tate s Creek pike on Hickman Creek in Fayette County Kentucky bounded thus Begin at a point in the center of said pike corner to Charles West thence with the pike N 10 W 37 7G poles to a white oak stump corner to Simpson on the east side of the pike and north bank of Hickman apos reek thence with the creek on north side N 74 K 38 poles to a stone cor ner to same on north side of creek thence with same on Simpson s line crossing the creek S 21 i K 11 32 poles to a stone corner to same thence with same N 88 E 4 poles to a stone corner to same tbence with same 8 12 E 3b poles to a stone corner to same in Charles West apos s line thence with his line b 88 W 41 321 poles to beginning containing 10 Acres 3 roods and 2 poles of land and being the same land conveyed to 0 T Taylor bv C W West and wife recorded in Deed Book No 69 page 205 in the Fay ette County Court Clerk s office The said sale will be made upon credits of six 0 and twelve 12 months apos J he purchaser will be required to execute bonds payable to the undersigned with good per scnal security to he approved by him which bonds shall bear interest at the rate of six per cent G per annum and shall have the force and elTeet of a judgment J R MORTON M C F C O aug 2 CouiuiisNloner s Sale FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT D H Baldwin amp Co ifcc Plaintiff against Charles Robb Defendant By virtue of a lodgment of the Fayette Circuit Court entered in the above styled action July 17 1893 the undersigned Mas ter Commissioner of said court will sell at tniblie auction to the highest bidder at the law office of Geoige C Webb No 47 East Short Street Lexiogion Ky atubcut tiie hour of eleven o clock a m of Tues day August 15th 1893 One J Flslier Piano Walnut No 70 660 The sale will be on a credit of three months with interest from the day of sale Bond with good security for the purchase price will be required J R MORTON M C F C C Geo C Webb Atty july26 10t Home For Rent FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT Harry HendcrsoD etc plaintiffs Agamst Emily Thompson and others defendants By virtue of a judgment of the Fayette Circuit Court entered in the above styled cause July 17 1893 the undersigned Master Commissioner of said court will sell on the premises at about the hour of 10 o clock a m of Tuesday Aug 15 1893 the following describe l prouvrt v in the city of Lexington Kentucky on Npring Street beginning at a stake on the Nortli side of Spring Street thence along said street S 46 7 W 117 feet 2 inches to u stake on t lie North East corner of Higgins apos lot thence with Higgins apos line N 43 4 to 162 feet to tiie alley opposite to W tt Combs lot thence N It apos 1 VS apos 17 feet 2 inches along the South East side of said aliey lo a stake thence S 43 E 162 feet lo the point of be ginning which is 101 feet South from Pine tieel at its intersection with Spring Street being the property conveyed lo Pauline ltosu and Kndly Nicholas by Peter John son and wife by deed recorded in Deed Book 36 page 103 The above described property will he sold in lots as follows viz Lot 1 Beginning on the west side of Spring Street at a distance ol lot feet from tiie corner of Pine street theme in a soutli e ly course 22 fcf feet with Spring Street thence in a westerly course oaralei to Pine Street 162 feet to an alley thence in a north erly course with said alley Z apos apos yf leet thence in a straight line J62 feet to me point of be ginning Lot No 2 Beginning at point on the west side of Spring Street 12sy f feet from Pine Street running thence with Spring Street in a southerly course 22 4 feet thei ee in a westeily course and parallel to Pine Street 152 feet to an alley thence in a northerly course with said alley 22 X feet thence in a straight line 162 feei to the point of begin ning Lot No 3 Beginning at a point on the west side of Spring Streel 146 feet from the corner of Pine Street thence in a south erly direction with Spring Street 17 4 feet thence in a westeily eburse parallel to Pine Street 162 feet to an alley thence in a northerly course with said alley 17 4 feet thence in a straight line 162 feet to the be ginning Lot No 4 Beginning at a point on the west side of Spring Street 218 feet and two inches from the corner of Pine Street thence westerly parallel to Pine Street 162 feet to an alley thence northerly 24 feet and 2 inches with said alley thence easter ly parallel tio Pine Street 162 feel 1 1 Spring Street thence southerly with Spring Streel 24 feet 2 inche 3 to the beginning Lot No 5 Beginning on the west side of Spiing Street 163 feet from Pine Street thence in a southerly direction with Spring Street 0 feet thence westerly parallel with Pine Street 162 feet to an alley thence northerly with the alley 30 feel f thence in straight quot line 162 feet to the beginning having a brick house thereon Said lots will be sold on a credit of six months cacti purchaser executing bond for the lot purchased by him with approved security payable to the Commissioner and to have the force and effect of a judg ment and remain a lien on the lot soul until fully paid w ith interest fiom the day of sale The interest of the infants Lucas Wash ington Sam Clarke and Haiti Clarke shull not be paid until they arrive of age or their guardian executes the bond re quired by law J R Morton M C F C C Neums amp Bickers P Q july26 A large brick bouse 325 East High with fourteen rooms and two Halls newly paper ed and painted and in first class condition ill every way It has a large front and rear lawn w ith splendid shade trees and is one of the most desirable residences in the ciri Will rent cheap Coal Yard and Feed Store Also for rent 327 East High Street a very desirable location 78 feet front and rune back 300 feet A large feed barn 70 by 100 feet Will rent cheap Apply to THOMAS JONES augO lm 315 East High DRESS MAKING 4 Seasons Hotel Harrogate Tenn Near Cumberland Gap an l Middlesboro 111 the Mountains ot Tennessee Pure air Pure water Temperature 74 degrees Cuisine unexcelled Excellent cel lar Beautiful Rid lt s and Drives No mosquitoes Orchestra Special rates fo families For special summer rates circular and further information npplv to HENRY CLAIR Manager ju y6 3m Harrogate Tenn TO THE LADIES OF LEX INGTON FIRST CLASS Having located in your beautiful city I would respectfnllv solicit a share of your valuable patronage Cutting and Fitting a specialty Tiie Latent Stjles From Europe and Our Leading United States Cities Con stuntly Received Please call and see them Residence 59 North Broadway 5 B Won id respectfully refer to Ladies who have kindly patronized me MME LINTER Late of Denver Chicago and St Louis iunc25 3m Ripans Tabules are of great value Kipaiis Tabules pleasant laxative Ripans Tabules cure bad broath Ripans Tabules prolong fife Cabinet Work Equal to the best in Cincinnati or else where done to order by Him amp Meier Practiut Cfet Makers No 42 N Limestone St ICE BOXES BEER COOLERS BANK 8 TCCV id S 4 LOON FIXTURES J Furimure Repairing Doha in ay 28 Gm DRUNKENNESS Opium HABIT Permanently Cured without pain or sboe apos e apos HE vFLLv JE PLAINFIFLU INC I LOTS PUBLIC SALE OF HOUSES AND ON TUESDAY AUGUST 22 1893 SSSKAXSeS 5 85 m B e a bargain we T II1 also ell at tbe same time a l o B e and lo ox reel close by Terms apos and S ade kocUo on 1 quot or le quot Aug 2 6 9 13 16 20 22 HEAD US Will Some One Kindly Get in the WayPr We are in Danger of Run ning Over Something The Irontons Come Here to Do Us Up And We Turn the Trick on Them Three Times Our friends the Ironton s came saw and were conquered The last of the first series of games with the Irouton s was played yesterday afternoon in the presence of about one thousand spectators It was a beautiful game and full of interest Especially was this tha case in the seventh inning when the Buckeye boys came within one of tieing tne score But when the Boys in Blue increased their lead three more scores in the eighth and ninth innings the Lexington contingent breathed easier Still they did feel a little uneasy for the Big Four that did the mischief the day before were to face McFarlan s curves in the ninth and they only needed four scoree to tie the game but this 8U8peneo was of short dura tion as the home boys made short work of the visiting laddies Berte the first man up got his base on ball went to second on a passed ball and got to first in safety while Berte trotted to third Reeder hit a slow one to third and Berte attempted to score but was thrown out at the plate Wallace going to third Som mers in attempting to sacrifice hit to the pitcher and was thrown out at first Wallace trying to score was thrown out at home For the visitors Driscoll single 1 Gilman struck out Little llew out to Reeder and O Brien knocked a fly to left field which McGann after a hard run mulled and Driscoll scored Frank hit to short field and was thrown out at first With the score one to nothing in favor of the visitors Lexington stock was hardly par value but in the sec ond the buys showed the kind of stuff they were made of knocking out three runs Scott was piesented with first base by four bad balls and came home on Meredylh s single to right field Meredyth stole second Me Farlan struck out McGann hit a hot one down the foul line to third that proved too hot for the ex Cleve land third baseman and Mere dyth scored McGann tried to steal second but failed With two men out Roxy Davis stepped to the plate and as the visitiug left fielder was laying for Roxy in half center the tricky catcher looled him by making a beautiful two bagger about two feet inside the left foul line Little Berte not to be out d me hit another one of the same kind and Davis scored Wallace was not equal to the emergency and struck out leaving Berte on second bag Welsh for the visitors scored on a hit by Mercer assisted by a wild pitch and a passed ball in the second in ning Reeder made the circuit in the third inning after Frank had muffed his tty to left field In the third in ning for the visitors Gilman siugled over second and was sefe at first Little hit to Reeder and Gilman was forced out at second but too late for a double O apos Brien hit to Sommers who fumbled it aud Little was safe at sec ond and O Brien safe at first Frank then concluded to try Captain Som mers with another which the Captian handled nicely throwing it to Reeder forcing O Brien out and who in turn fielded it to first com pleting a neat double play The visi tors failed to score again until the seventh inning Mercer singled to center and scored on Driscoll apos s two bagger Gilman hit the ball hard but McGann took care of it in left Little singled to right field aud Driscoll scored With one man out and a Buckeye on first and needing only one more score to tie the locals things looked pretty rocky w hen that heavy hitter O Brien selected his wagon tongue but every heart was made happy b r his hit down to Sommers who completed another double play This ended the run getting for the visitors Id the seventh for the local team ReeSer hit a long fly lt o center which We lt ih gobbled up Sommers lot a dais to center but Scott knocked a grounder to Little who threw to Driscoll on the second bag forcing out Sommers and Dris oll completed a double by throwing Scott Out at first McFarlan singled in the eighth and scored on McGann s three bagger l ut McGann was called out for failing to touch the second bag Davis ended the inning by knocking a fly to Davy Crockett at first In the ninth Berte hit the fin t ball pitched square on the nose for three bases Wallace hit to short and was thrown out at first Old reliable Nick disgusted because every one of his long hits had been properly taken care of by the Ohio fielders determined to make the boys hunt for their ponies and hit one to the center field fence scoring Berte and he arriving in safety on third Sommers flew out to Gilman and after two strikes had been called on Scott he placed a safe over second and Reeder scored Meredyth left Scott on second by hitting an easy one to Mercer who threw him out at first Following is the summary OFFICIAL SCORE Lexington ab b 1 sh po a k Berte 3b 3 1 2 0 0 1 0 Wallace e f 4 0 0 1 1 0 0 Reeder 2b 5 2 1 0 5 6 0 Sommers ss 4 0 Scott lb 4 1 Meredyth rf 5 12 0 McFarlan p 4 1 2 0 McGann if 4 1 3 0 BASE BALL LEAGUE GAMES AT Innings Louisville Fittsburg PITTSBURG G 5 PERFECTLY SANE Davis c 4 1 1 0 7 0 0 Total 37 8 14 2 27 20 4 Ironton ab r 1b sh fo a v Driscoll ss 5 2 2 0 2 4 2 Gilman 3b 5 0 2 0 3 1 0 Little 2b 4 0 1 0 5 2 0 O apos Brien c 4 0 0 0 6 1 0 Frank If 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 Crockett lb 4 0 2 0 9 2 1 Welsh cf 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 Botham rt 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mercer p 4 1 3 0 0 8 0 Total 37 4 10 0 26 18 4 SCORE BY INNINGS Innings 123456789 Lexington 03110001 8 Ironton 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 Earned Runs Lexington 5 Ironton 2 Two base Hits Berte Davis Driscoll Crockett Three base Hits Berte Reeder Stolen Bases Meredvtb Base on Balls Berte 2 Scoit J Welch 1 Double Plays Sommer Reeder and Scott 2 Driscoll Little and Crockett 1 Struck Out Wallace Scott Meredyth McFarlan Gilman Crockett Welsh 2 Botham 2 Time of Game 1 40 Umpire Cantrill and Bain NOTES Three straights from the unbeaten Irontons speaks very well for the Boys in Blue The Captain of the Ironton team Mr Ed O Brien is not only a good ball player but also a fine uisciplina riaa Several times his men ques tioned the umpire s decision but they were promptly called down by the Captain with a warning that if they repeated the offense they would be fined The Ironton boys play ball for all they are worth and the beauty about their playing is you never can tell who s going lo win until that big four Driscoll Gilman Little aud O Brien are put out of the way The home club play the Frankforts Thursday in Frankfort with the prom ise of a return game the following Saturday Excursion rates will be given over the L lt fc N A Trumped Up Charge of Lunacy l apos apos or a Purpose The charge of lunacy preferred in Zllark County against Miss Sarah B Munday of this city by her brother David Mund amp y seems to have been merely a scheme to get the property of Miss Munday into the hands of a trustee Miss Munday is an aunt of Mrs J F Davis of this city with whom she is making her home Her other relatives feared that Mre Davis 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 0 0 i 6 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 1 11 Batteries Gumbert and Weaver McCul lough amlStanzel Base Hits Louisville 13 Pittsburg 17 Errors Louis i lie 2 Pitts 4 Umpire Hurst AT BROOKLYN Innings 123456789 V ashington 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 Brooklyn 10010000 0 2 Batteries Maule and McGuire Kennedy nj apos Kjbe especially favored by Miss and Daily Base Hits Wasningtou 5 apos J apos j J Brooklyn 4 Errors Washington 0 Brook lyn 2 Umpire McQuade AT CLEVELAND Innings 12 34 56 7 8 9 St Louis 0 0300000 0 8 Cleveland 1 5003000 9 Batteries Gleason and Pielz Young and Gunson Base Hits St Louis 9 Cleveland 12 Error apos v St Louis 3 Cleveland 0 Umpire Lynch AT CLEVELAND Innings 123456789 St Louis 21000000 0 3 Cleveland 0 3 0 0 0001 4 Batteries Breitenstein and Peitz Cuppy and Gunson Base Hits St Louis 7 Cleve land 10 Errors St Louis 0 Cleveland 7 Umpire Lynch AT PITTSBURG Innings 123456789 Louisville 4 1 230000 3 14 Pittsburg 11000001 1 3 Batteries Menafee and Grim Killcn and Stanzel Basa Hits Louisville 17 Pittsburg 5 Errors Louisville 3 Pittsburg 6 Um pire Hurst AT NEW YORK Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 r 8 0 10 Philadelphia 00100 1100 0 3 New York 0 0 0 2 0 0100 0 3 Batteries Wev king and Cross Baldwin and Doyle Base Hits Philadelphia 6 New York 7 Errors Philadelphia 0 New York 4 Umpire Gattney Game called at end of tenth inning on ac count of rain AT BALTIMORE Innings 123450789 Baltimore 00020040 0 0 Boston 0 1 0 2 3 3 3 0 12 Batteries Hawke and Robinson 8taley and Ganzel Base Hits Baltimore 18 Bos ton 17 Errors Baltimore 4 Boston 4 Um pire Emslie AT CHICAGO Innings 12345 6 7 89 Chicago 2 00201 10 2 8 Cincinnati 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 Batteries Hutchinson and Schriver Chamberlain and Vaughn Base Hits Chi cago 11 Cincinnati 13 Kingstons vs Woodland Stars The Kingston will measure strength on the diamond with the Woodiand Stars tomorrow afternoon at the old Ball Park Admission 25 cents Ladies free POMPEY PAYNE The Famous Gambler Dies at Hot Springs News reached this city late yester day that John Brand Pompe v Payne had died at Hot Springs His remains will be buried there Potnpey Payne was one of the most notorious men in all Kentucky in his day He was born in this city and lived here until about 1878 up to vthich time he conducted several faro batiks Like all daring gamblers be had a fortuue one day and was as often flat broke the next He was generous to a degree and was famous for his lavish charity He was genial and whole souled and possessed scores of warm ftiends His death will bring the unbidden tear to the eye of many an old comrade He was a cousin of Wellington Payne and of Breck Payne of this city His father was at one time Mayor of LexiDgton He was about 67 years of age Little But Lively Little drops of water Little grains of sand Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land And dropping into prose we would say that Dr Pierce s Pl asaot Pellets are mild but prompt in relieving con stipation sick headache bilious at tacks pain in the region of kidneys torpid apos iver and in restoring a healthy natural action to the stomach and bowels 25 cents a vial One Pel let a dose Little hut lively The use if the old style dra tic pifis is an outrage on the human system Won Lost 28 37 54 36 35 45 45 44 46 42 46 49 39 51 36 r f 51 32 58 league standing V Boston 61 Pittsburg 56 Philadelphia 54 Cleveland 63 New York 45 Brooklyn 44 Cincinnati 42 St Lcuis 41 Baltimore Chicago 36 Isiuisville 31 Washington 32 BRIEF LOCALS Miss Lucy Ford is visiting friends and relatives in Jessamine County Circuit Clerk James C Rogers and Mr W H Laudeman have returned from a pleasant trip to the World s Fail Rev R T MatthewB has returned from La Grange where bewent to at tend the funeral of his uncle Mr A illiam Rankin Boys are causing great complaint from citizens on South Upper Street by going in bathing in the old work house pond during the day Marnix Verden the aged cripple knocked down by a switch train Fri day night was not so badly injured as at first reported Miss McAlister of Richmond who become insane a few days since has b en placed in High Oaks Sanitarium in this city John McLaughlin the well known pool seller is home for a few days rest and will go through the Ohio circuit next week Mrs Charles Cooper of 297 East Fourth Street has been quite sick for several days but we are glad to learn is much better W H Bauschell the painter who fell from the amphitheatre at the Fair Grounds and sustained what was thought to be fatal injuries we are happy to note is slightly improved and may yet recover Rev W E Crabtree Pastor of Chestnut Street Christian Church is spending his vacation at the World s Fair He reports immense crowds and many grand sights Don t You Know That to have perfectxjiealth you must have pure blood and the best way to have pure blood is to take Hood s Sar paparilla the best blood purifier and strength builder It expels all taint o scrofula salt rheum and all other humors and at the same time builds up the whole system aDd gives nerve strength Hood s Pills may be had by mail for 25c of C I Hood lt fc Co Lowell Mass Munday in her will and they desired a trusteeship in order that the prop erty might be equally distributed after her death Bronston amp Allen were retained as the attorneys for Miss Munday and after the writ of lunacy was filed iu Winchester and before it could be served here Miss Munday selected the Security Trust and Safety Vau t Co as her trustee reserving the right to leave her property according to will heretofore cr hereafter made This restoration did not suit the relatives of Miss Munday and they determined to have her dragged to Winchester on the charge of lunacy whether or no and the Sheriff and attorneys came over here for that purpose Mr Bronston immediately swore out a writ of habeas corpus however which blocked their little gam6 and after a long conierence they concluded that nothing could be done and went back to Winchester Miss Munday is id her 74th year and is as sound minded as any one She was considerably wrought up over the scheme of her relatives to have her property taken out of her bands and is quite sick and nervous in conse quence HE TRIED TO KILL But Luckily His Aim Was Not Very Good At 12 o clock last night Officer Grace bad quite an exciting chase along Megowan Street and for a time it sounded as if a regular Fourth of July celebration was in progress George Dupec a tough negro tried to kill Cal Clay another Negro in a back yard of a house on Megowan Street hut Clay was loo quick aDd dropped to the ground thus saving his life Dupeo as soon as the shoot ing was over made a dash for liberty and traveled out Megowan Street at a lively clip but Officer Grace put a stop to his racing by firing several shots at the fugitive which brought him to time He was taken to the Station 1 House on a charge of shoot ing at without wounding A Great Plunge We are not giving away tickets to the World s Fair and we don t give you five dollar bills to patronize us These are tricks of trade we don t indulge in But what do we offer you to get a move on our stock during these dull times is a legitimate reduction of 25 PER CENT This will let us out about even We don t make anything but we ge rid of cur goods aDd you get to dress cheaper than you have in your life Our goods are marked in plain figures Pick what you want and then pull out your purse and pay us 25 per cont less thus A SUIT MARKED 10 00 PAY 7 50 A PAIR OF fANTS MARKED 4 00 PAY 3 00 A BOY S SUIT MARKED 5 00 PAY 3 75 A HAT MARKED 3 00 PAY 2 25 Just received 50 dozen Negligee Shirts bought at a sacrifice worth 2 aud 2 50 we sell them at 1 00 One Price Clothing House M KAUFMAN amp CO 54 East Main Street Lexington Kentucky 13 31 August 1893 Reverse 13 and it will be 31 which is ex actly the age of Mr U W tichneider the popular upholster of No 33 North Broad way Today he has reached the thirty first mile stoue o apos er the panicky journey of life and he is proud of the event and after at tending divine services this morning he will enjny the balance of the day at his residence on West Main Street A few friends from Winchester Faris and Lexington will pay their i espects to his natal day Many re turns Uncle Schneider The occasion of the birthday festivities will be a double event the infant daughter of Mr Karl K ein will be taken to the baptis mal lont of toe German Protestant Evan gelical Church on Maryland Avenue and Rev John Ramsauer will officiate Success to Miss Rosa Klein Mr Charles Lee Todd son of Dr L B Todd who has been engaged in business in Boston during the past sixteen months reached home last evening to spend a short vacation He is gratified to visit hie old Ken tucky home to which hismany friends warmly welcome him A friend Mr Charles Evereth of Lincoln Mass accompanies him We wish the gen tlemen a pleasant time At the Court House on Monday afternoon at 3 o clock Mr A W Mar shall will make a short addiess to the citizens of Fayette County in behalf of Miss Laura Cravens the lady can didate for County Sup rintendeDt Ladies are especially invited to be present Dr Hale apos s Household Ointment Is the finest remedy in the world It absolutely cures Catarrh It cures Neuralgia and Rheumatism Cures Piles like magic Cures Salt Rheum in the most soothing manner Cures Inflamed and Granulated Eyelids Cures Coughs and Colds Can be taken internally A positive specific for Pneumonia Cuts Bruises Burns Chil biane Sores of long standing Corns and Bunions are cured quickly dif ferent from all else superior to all else it has no equal 25 and 50c boxes Large size cheapest Sold at Ben D Bell s drug store How is this 4711 White Rose Glycerine soap for 40 cent 8 a box at Wilson Drug Co s corner of Main aud Upper Streets Pears soap 10 cents a cake The Best Laundry Work Tn Lexineton with prompt delivery at Tub Kentucky Steam Laundry 13 and 15 S Upper Bt REMOVAL SALE Come and get Furniture at your own price as we are going to Move from our present quarters No 49 West Main Street to No 95 N LIMESTONE Tlie ist of September Everything sold regardless of First Cost as our stock is large and we are bound to Reduce Stock betore moving 25 Beds at 1 00 worth 4 00 15 Mattresses at 1 50 worth 3 00 100 Cbaira at 25c worth 50c 15 Kitchen Safes at 1 75 worth 4 50 7 Bureaus at 3 50 worth 7 00 Auction Saturday at 1 30 and 7 30 P M Remember that No 95 North Limestone will be our place of business the 1st of September The Rhodes Burford Company 49 West Main Street Lexington Ky T w SMITH Manager EXT RA IN ORDER TO CELEBRATE THE REMOVAL and GRAND OPENING OF OUR tT WE WILL PRESENT TO EVERY CUSTOMER On Saturday Aug 19 ELEGANT CANDY LADIES IF YOU CAN T COME YOURSELVES SEND YOUR CHILDREN Ihe Great Atlantic amp Pacific Tea Company 75 East Main St Former Address 137 East Main St LEXINGTON KY 

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