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date (1857-01-21) newspaper_issue v'li.u i; ; i’L.i;MSiir:D KVKiiV '.vednesday 

AT r^EBAMOW, 1£Y., 

■W-.'W. i/A rry. 

I’Kil'lS: — T iik Post will be furjiislitil 
s lOscrilKTi at the following rales; 

O i ■, in iuli'ancc, 00 

if i ,iiil"'vilhiii six mouUis, 2 50 

At the end of thevear, 3 00 



i Oin 

cf Ac.'v cit.L; 

VOl,. 5, 

UiBAiVON, WKOIVKSI)AY, JAN. 2!, 1857. 

i’ j r 1 . i j j* o r ) c V . I  *. i • j r ' • • i 

h -T t ••h • ■ .1 : 1 1 1 1 ■ . . 

1* o r llii 1 1 :* i ii In n    fiio I ^ , - 

•* •• 1 *J nu 1. 1 ln4 . - 

For will- !t’ uoiu i;i 1- u • , • 

j ■* •* i:J rrouli.', 

j V i i'.i --r j 1 i*^'! iicJion Mun f or vrs; • 
liienlr \V niv tin*   i .iii 

a.. vi-rvi! t'fi f'iit nr. I ‘•p** 
lie coiifii'ue*i u:sl;i or lit rcti t»u t , t» i. l 

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. l^ i 
. J^ f !, 

- 2;» 00 

;j r V e 1 1 • • ' 

I -J ^ ill 

.poetics (CcrJic^*. 

Good Nc'.vs froci’Home. 

GooJ news from lioinc, good news for me, 
Has conic acro.’.s ihe dec|  Hoc s '8, 

Krom friends Omt 1 have left in lenrs, 
From friends that I’ve not seen for years; 
And siuco wo parted, long ago. 

My life has been a scene of woe; 
lliit now a joyful hour has come, 

Fnr I liBVo heard good news frem home. 

iNo father '■■■ near to guide ins m w. 

No :no;hir‘s tear to sootlie my brow. 

No sister’s voice falls on min'* ear. 

No brother's voice ty give me chocr; 

But though I wander fur away. 

My heart is full of joy to-day, 

.'ily friends across the ocean foam 
Have sent to me good news iroin home. 

When Bhali:i suo that cltagc door. 

Where I’ve spent years of jov befor*'? 
’Twas tben 1 knew no grief or care — 

Jly heart was always happy there; 

Though I may iicv.-r sec it more. 

Or stand upon my native shore; 

'''here’r on earth’ I’m doomed to roam, 

« !v heart will always cling to lioiiio 

Alla w as glad of it. for she had always pain to her heart whenever she beheld it, 

! looked upon pretty men as pets; but there utterly at a loss to know what produced it. 
was a look of nobility stamped on every Kvery hour it grew more seilled and oul- 
feature, and an expression on his counte- spreaiiing, tinlil she feared he was ill, mid 
i nance far more fiiscinating than mere per- the first opporlunity that occured. which 
Isonal Ix-auty. And ihon his voice was was not until evening, and several hou.'s 
.soft and musical, but capable of the most after their arrival, she enquired wuh much 
varied modulations, while his eye was .solicitude into its cause. Me r. p’ied: • I 
^really witching in its expression, now •The hirtli and deal h of great hopes .arc ! 
sparkling with animation, and anon kind- i eras in our lives; they are the mile.stones 
; ling with enthusiasm, w hile the color rose that mark our [.rogress, and we iiie.isure 
and fell over hiow and cheek with every our existence hv them. It isalwavs with | 
! emotion of the soul. sadtiess that we bid farewell to on.- of 

\ To see Herbert Melville was to rcmcin- them, ami leave it behind .Vlas! how 
'her him; and so Ada found it. deep is the pain when it is the dearest. 

It was not long until she began to be hope the heart can po.ssihiv cherish, that 
anxious for bis coming and company; and we are about to bid adieu forever! Little 
she never liied of listening to his fine voice ' wonder that the brow becomes clouded 
as he read or discoursed in his own pccu- i and tlie eye dim, for the heart is filled 
. liar way Passages fiom tile poets were w ilh emotions loo deefi for utterance!’ i 
clothuj in new beauty as they fell from ‘What do you mean?’ she asked in 
his lips; and none could read an author to alarm. 

! so good advantage as he. Everything', ‘That the bright visions which have 
that passed throu-gh her liamls came back ’ robed the fntuie in rainbow beauty for 
polisheil and beautified, Need we won- wei ks (last, have this day been suddenly 
der that a girl like Ada should be altrac- blotted from existence, leaving me in 

-ted towards him? darkness — almost in despair. Oh, Ada! 

But we do not intend to enter inti) a how could you deceive me so?’ 
long story of flirtations and courtships,, ‘flerberi, will you c.\])lain the -ause of 
j hopes, doubts and fimrs; let otheis wiile this singular agitation, and the gl.iomv 
■such stories if they choose. We have words yon have just utl.-rei!.'' Have 1 

! only to sa.C that Herbert and Ada lov.M done ought to trouble'you?’ 

each other before they hail any suspicion ‘I hardiv know what to sav, Miss San- ! 
of the fact, and tliat when they finnalh' ford,’ — oh. how painfully those cold words 
found it out, like sensible persons a.s they Lll upon her ear and s ink inlY her heart, ^ 

I w ere, they came to an understanding in causing the tears to spring to her eyes — 

i reference to their feelings, and pledged ‘whether to accuse or to acquit you. — 

I their faith on coiiilition that the friends of ! Doubtless, however, you meant all for the , 

I both parlies should assent to their union. ■ best, liut indeed it was cruel to lead me 
jbut rather than incur the displeasure of so far to be so shockingly disappointed in 
Ada SanfoiM was a noble gill with fine those who had rights over them, they : the end.’ j, ,.nd a heart which the world had would abide their lime, and still be faith- | ‘I do not understand yon yet,’ 
not yet seared with its false teaching or ful to each other. They neither of them ‘1 will be pl.iin, then; for I desire above 
eniDly hollowne-'s. Joyous as tile free air, believed in elopements. all things that you should understand me, 

she* breathed, for she was the daughter of- Ada’s visit at length . drew to a close, without fuitlier delay. It was under thel 

a retired merclianl, w hose heme was in the 'and her parents w rote that they were anx- belief that you were without properly, i 

counlrv, her spirits unchecked by the re- 1 ious to see her once more, and have the ! like nn self, ti'iit I sought and w on your I 
sti.iints of lashioii .md the follies of city sunshine of her presence in the house. lo'.-e. Had I known that you were weal- 
lili‘, she whS a chai tiling companion to Herbert consented to accompa ly her i thy, it w ould have been the farthest from 
young and old, and made sunshine wheie- 1 1 onie. . j my thoughts to make sucli an attempt — 

ever she went. Smiles welcomed her. Never had a journey bejen so delightful . But now that the scales have fallen from 
eorttii g. and tears vanished at her ap- loAda. Herbert’s fi„e perceptions clotherl my c\ es, I must bid you farewell!’ 
pTo.ich. She was beloved by all who all things in the most poetic ga rb. and ; ‘Why,’ she eiujuiied, and the feintest 

knew her. gave even to c'linraon objects a charm un- smile placed about the corners of her 

Ada was an heiress, and, of course, had ' seen before. | mouth; for she feltsure she could overcome ' 

jileiity of adnnreis .tmong the other se.\; , All the wav home Ada was thinking his scrujdcs. 

but as yet, no gentl.'iuaii had crossed her with deligiit of the pleasant surprise that- ‘Can you not divine the answer to your 
jiath wln,S‘j ad.miratiiiu she, could recipros awaited her lover at the end of the jour- 
cate, and her be.iil was still as Irec as the ' ney ; for, be it understood, she had all this 
bright sui.shini- that kissed every lair time represented herself as the poor t'iece 
flower, ai.d spiiil uiibui deiivd by carC|of her aunt. 

•1 ho[ie,’ said she to her companion, 

‘that vou will not he too giievously disap- 
pointed in HIT home, though you may not 
be prepared to see it as it is.’ 

‘Indeed, you need not fear on tliat score, 
love; I Lave not esteemed vou for the 

t I C f t k** I C 

Fr ill the Message Tird. 

The Sensitive Lever. 

nv VIOLA. 

or boi row. 

But Ada was a little e.xcentric; at Last 
she w a.s so called by some of her acquuin- 
tence.s, though we dou^l it that is the 
proper word to express the type of char 
acter to whish it was applied in her ease. 

Sliu had some independent notions, and qualities of person or the chariicler of the 
some pi .ailiar views not exactly in accord- 1 borne you possess, but for the higher at- 

very a|)pn priate query? How can a sen- : 
sitive, liigh-minded man feel biinself in- 1 
debled to a wife for all he possesses and 
be happy? ‘This i.s my wife’s house, tlii.s 
is my wife’s carriage, everythiiig here be- • 
longs to her, everything that 1 use or 
have is hers.’ With such rc-llectious as 
these, how could he be at peace with him- - 
self? Never, Ada, uet'er cun I jilace mv-, 
self in such a position!’ 

‘Oh, tuisay those words! You cannot 
mean what they imply! Think of the' 
desolation ot my heart without votir 
pre.seiice and love, and the joy’ they in- ; 
spire. Can you have the heart to crush ! 
and blight all my hopes in life?’ 

'Spare me, Ada; for the love of heaven, 

spare me! Had 1 not enough to endure’ 
without this? Have you the w ish to drag! 
me down to a ])Osition where 1 shall hale- 
niysell? — where the bowed mmiliood will 
ever weigh mv sjiirit to the earth? 1 know ' 
you have mv pligiiled word, and mv heart; with the hum-dnim. lack-n-daisieal | tributes of virtue and truthfulness wbioh 
opiiiii'Us and m.-inucis Ilf the silly world of mioin your mind. It mailers not liow- 
f.-Lsliiun; Mid hence she was deemed to be | Jowly may be your home — where love is, 
odd by those who lacked soul enough tojiherc is the heart’s heaven. I can he 
upprcciate anything above a fine dress or i happy w ith vou in a coU.-ige, he it.ever so 
a dull parly. ! hnrnble, if only you can enjoy it with me. 

Ada one day received a letter from an ; Rut if you prefer to wait until I can ac- 
antit who lesided at a distance, earnestly [ quire a home of more imposing appear- 
pressing her to accept an invitHtion long ance and greater comfort, fell so. No- 
before extended, to visit and spend some | thing will delight me so much as to work 
weeks with her. Show-rote; with these hands aud the powers that 

“lam particularly anxious for jou to God has given me, to rear us a dwelling^ also is yours, and vou can hold me if vou’ 
come now-, that I inav h.we the pleasure i such as iny heart would delight to often will; fur 1 have never violated a pledge, 
of iiitrdduciiigyou toavery aniia’ole young- you.’ land never will. But if you luve me. spare 

gentleraan,,w ho is spending I he summer ill j Ada smiled, aud the smile reached , me this huiuiliation. I'could never look 

our^ neighborhood. Come, Ada d.-ar. , away down in her heart; for oh! it would up with conscious pride into the face of; 

don’t disappoint me this lime, and 1 will be so sweet to save her loeer from ihe.uian or heaven amiiii, if once reduced loi 
forget the past.” • 'toil necessary to accomplish that which he such a condition.” | 

‘A young genticman, indeed. sa,d Ada. proposed. j ‘Then 1 will go out from this home, and 

‘1 wonder if my dear, good aunt thinks a 1 She had yet to learn that one of ihejlxuving all belimd, make my dwelling' 
young girl like myself has nothing better sweeiest tasks of love is to do something I pb,eu with you.’ 

to do li-.aii think of ‘amiable ropreseuta. i for the one Uduved. ' ‘I have thought of that; but itsmani-; 

lives of the other sex? which, I take u,; And thus happy in each other and the f.-st cruelty to you haiiished the idea in a 

Vou have never I 

means that they are well dressed and fash- J „nticipations before lliem, the jouriiey momeiil from my mind 
ionable— and looking out fer a fortune. ^ i was made. ' j been expusod to the hardships of life, have 

But Ada entirely mis'iook her aunt’s] \ p.^rt of the way they traveled by - never known its privations, or been sub- 
meaning of the teim amiable — she was; coach, railroads then not heing so nuuiei-'- jected to its toils; and I will not conseiil 
not a woman of the world, end was as j nus ns novv, and were so fortunate as to be : to lead you from the flowrv path in w hich ‘ 
independent and self-reliant as her niece, the only occupants of the veliicle much of! you have walked, 'into the rugged realities 
Ada at first thought of dis.egarding her , the lime, hut the last twenty miles wore i of a biiHeliiig world.’ 
aunt’s wishes solely on accomit of the said passed over on the cars. When theyi ‘Surely you do not iinetid to make us 
young ui.aii; but on second thought conclu- J reached the station where they alighted, a both miserable for life on a pretence which 
ded that it would be foolish to let so iri- ! carriage was in waiting — a very fine one;' — pardon me — 1 consider entirely inade- 
fling a consideration influence herdeternii-' but Ilerbert paid little regaid to it, sup-|quale to justify such a course ’ | 

atior, and es slie frit that it was reullv ' posing it was a public conveyance. When ‘I have ihoiiglu if you preferieJ to w.ait 

the driver stopped before the elegant man- until 1 should acquire a coiii|'eU-nce. 1 
sion which had attracted his aUe-iilion all could then oiler vou mv hand and still be; 
the way, be looked at Ada for an expla-j independent; but if you jirefer to be re- 
nation; but she deigned no reply to his leased from all obligation tome, 1 will at: 
look of inquiry, and the thought, ‘Slie ' once and forever grant you full and free 
surely cannot be a servant,’ came into his i absolution from 3 'our promise, uud hence- 
mind, but was at once superceded bj’ the forth you may look upon me as a stranger 
more rational supposition that she was a i or friend, av may best suit youi w i.-hes.’ ; 
teacher or governess in that aristocratic] ‘IlerbeiT Melviile, do yon think I have] 
habitation. ' no heart, no human feelings, that you talk 

But little time had he to think. Ada about separation forever? Let] 

hurried him towards the house, and niet Me now open my In-ari as you have your.--, 
her parents on the threshold, who embra- ] '““I then, perhaps, we shall be better able 
ced and kissed her most alTectionatelv. to It has been a^ source of con ; 

the no small wonder of her comp inion, j‘ y to me Iioiii the first, I sliould 

who, in the back ground, stood in bewild- - place jou in a position where ^ 

cred doubtof his own identity, or whether could cultivate your talents without, 
it was a dream or a realitv tiiat a^'peared hampering necessity of having to toil! 
aiiiiable young gcnllemaii’ spoken of by i to be enacted before him.* [or daily bread or future 1 

her aunt, V. hom she lound to be truly iii-j As soon ns the parental greeting was !*' ‘'oticipation lie e ig it 

telli^ent and t.ilenied, hut not Messed witli ; over, Ada intfoduccil her companion, wlto : ‘ K^'**^*s ex- 

overmuch of this world’s goods. | was received with a heartv welcome by the ‘ auspices, and 

„ , . , • . !f,i 1 .1 ' I my heart has swelled with pride as I have, 

1‘ rom the first moment ot their acqua.n- : fall'er and mother. , anticipation vour conquests! O. ’, Ada vvas attracted towards the! Herbert .acquit himself with hns usual next to our love, and intimately associated 
young man. and the more she knew of him grace and ability before her parents, and „|ii, jt, ),as been this beautiful, this dear, 
the more interested she became He was | Ada was proud of him; but there vvas a i du-t ished dream; and now, with one rude ] 
ujt what might be termed handsome, and shadow on his brow, winch sent a thrill of ■ s ,.ep c-f i!;c h ind, voa banish it allawav.! 


unkind to defer the visit to her aunt, so 
often postponed before, her final decision 
was to go. And she went without delay. 

On her hasty anival, the first request 
she made of her aunt, who did not yet 
expect her, was, that she should introduce 
her into society under the impression that 
she vvas rather the subject of her bounty 
than the daughter of her wealthy brother. 
On no other condition would she consent 
to remain with her more than a few days, 
and so the aunt ] romised to humor her in 
the whim, as she termed it; and Ada pre- 
pared to act her part, having made up her 
wardrobe in view of carrying out this 
fancy before leav ing home. 

Under this assumeii guise, adopted for 
a jiurpose, she was introduced to tliei 

, Oh, Herbert, 1 ctuld werpivii lleiui 
of that blissful anticipation, which you 
have, like a beautiful air-castle, huili-d at 
mv feet in broken fragments. But I will 
go with you to the end of the worKl — 

I Vour sorrow-s shall’ he my sorrows, your 
joys tin- joys; but release you 1 never 

! Ilerbert 'oovved his head in his h inds, 
and remained uiolionless for some time, as 
if in deep thought, then lie said; 

I ‘Perhaps I am wrong. 1 ought not to 
he -so 1 ought not to deslroY- the 
precious hope you have so long cherished, 

, even if I do feel deeply myself. We vvill 
compromise. We can be unilt-d with the 
iiiiderslanding that I am not to touch your 
properly, vvliilc you still enjoy its iuiinuni- : 
ties and henefils; and thu.s, in p.irt, both, 
imi wishes can be gratified, 1 can still 
retain my iiidepetidence, as you do your 
wealth, and we can both be happy.’ | 

■I agree, hoping yet for at least a par- 
tial realization of my old wishes.’ , 

And as it was a-'ieed so it was done. , 
They were married. Herhert rose rapidly 
ill his profi-ssioii, and soon had wealth of: 
his own, while Ada always mlmiied and' 
‘loved w ith all a worn iii’s ttiideiness’ her 
noble but sensitive husband. , 

Calci-|.atiox bv Maciiinkiiv — T he at- 
tenlioii of the learned A‘orld is now eii 
grossed, says the Independence Beige, by . 
a new invention, which promises to fie  -f 
universal u-efulness. .Mr. 'I’iiomi-, ot 
Colmar, . after ihirtv-six years of hard] 
study and assidious labor, has at last, 
solved the problem of calciilaliou by me- - 
chaiiisiii. ! 

His machine, which he has baptised 
‘.Vnthinomelre,’ is upplicable to the nie- 
eliaaieal solution of all aiithmetical oper- 1 
ation.', from the simplest to the mos’, 
complicated ones. 'I'liis instrument solves 
with infallible correctness, not only the] 
four rules — addition, snbti action, multi- 1 
plication and division, but also asceitaiiis: 
the powers of quantities, extracts the - 
roots of numbers, resolves triangles, re- ] 
duces ordiinry and decimal fractions, and 
defines the rules of propordoii, etc. Its; 
lapiditA- of execution is such as to defy ! 
the alilest calculators. A multiplication: 
of eight iiumher.s, is executed in eighleer. 
seconds; a divUiuii of sixteen cyphers: 
ihiougli eight cyphers, in l.vt-niy-foiir ■ 
seconds. The inachiiiery is so sim[iie that , 
after the expiration of five minutes of in- I 
struclion, the most ignorenl head knows! 
enough at oalcuhilioir to defy, w ith its ^ 
help, all calculators, in rapidity and cor- 
rectness, The ‘Arithniomelie’ is placed, 
in a small, light box, which c-in be easilv ' 
caiiicd ill a pocket, and is so constructed : 
that its mechanism can scarcelv ever be, 
deranged. It is alreadv in operation in] 
several gieat commercial houses, t he house j 
of Ilolhschilds’, and the ilinl of France, j 
and it soon will be as common as letter 

Giklix Red:' ok shr SEitEnADE that 
Missed Fiiie. — Cassius M. Clay tells ilu- 
follovving; During the late political can- 
vass, Burlingame and himself occupied 
adjoining rooms at the Bates House, Indi- ' 
iina|)olis. ‘At a late hour oae evening,’’ 
savs he, ‘1 was in B.’s room, and both of 
us were s mievvhat elated vvilli the [lopulari 
enthusiasm. M’o weie, as soldiers aiej 
wont lod. , fighting our battles ovei again, i 
when a fine band right opposite mv room ' 
poured o’er tin- sea of night floods ul' 
soul-stilling music. ‘Clay, you are lion- 1 
oied,’ said B.. 'go and acknowledge the! 
conipliineiil.’ With due diflidence I ex 
eused myself; when, as 1 had aiitieipaled. | 
the hand broke lorlli anew in strains of' 
heroic melody in front of the room occu- 
pied by B. ‘I have you now.’ said l.i 
■now give ’em I senlimeiU.’ ‘No, vou,’ I 
said B. ‘Well.’ s.iid I, ‘both together;’ so! 

eking anus, with an air of inlense dig- ' 
nily, wo vvalked out upon the baleoiiv, and 
in a faltering voice I commenced: Indiana, ; 
Miissachuselts. and Kentucky — Iripple' 
sisters — may they ever be true to lh.‘ fain- : 
ily union. The leader of the band after! 
a pause, with a thick longue inquired. 
‘Who are you?’ ‘Clav’ and But linganie,’ ' 
s.iid 1. ‘The h-ll you are.’ said he in re- 
ply; and then, in an uiideiloiie addressed* 
to hi- fellows, he concluded; ‘Buys, itn not . 
the i/irl in red!’ i 

with tlu- iiio.-t -Cl lUiiiizing gaze anv el ^ 
Ml I'.er c.iunU-nanee, ami asking qu' -b-o’.. 
whiei.. had she n-'t lo-eli fuilv posSi--s--o, 
iiiiglit hav e put her ofl licr guai J. 

It vv.i.s la.i until lo-i- dreaded eompao- 
ioes h:iJ lell her, lo.d until she s ivv iier 
VTi! have anv recolk-ciion, came to light on husfiar.d c lining along the lo ine- . 
i tiial wliicii look place some wars since lhal soe losi lo-i .-eil-coiniPMid wliieli 

’•he so sureessWiliy exercised, and throw 
iiig iieiseli into h;s arms, she iainted 

A I* iiiiE JruoE. — Gove'inor F-.rd, of 

I llinois, tells an aneedoie of one of toe 
i-aily judges of ihatSfati. but tin Gov 

, , . 11 , enior do.'s not put upon recoid the n .lu, 

some houis; but as the day began lo wane, ;i 

, , , , . of ff‘0 consul, 1 

they agreed that they should stop lor ui 

night at a house of enlertaiiiiiiens, and 

- . iV.'l*, 

e «as 

of iie illj ULifii 

Thi Scl‘iier '3 VJife 

A THUILLlXi; SKEreil. 

One of the most striking cases of pre 
dice of iiiiml and si If possession of vviiiel 

in Irelaiul. The story looks like a fiction 
but we have reason to believe it li ne. A 
woman traveling along the road lo join 
her husband, who vvas a soldier, quarter- 
erl at Athloiie, vvas joined bv a pedler, 
who was going the same wav. 'I'liey en- 
tered into conversation during a walk of 


,\l t!.e court ov-i-r vv l-.ieli this judge pr - 
... . - . idi-il, a man l.y li e of G -.-,.11 

pursue the.r journey the next day. I hey | e„„v iced of iumdei,an.l the 
readied a lonojy urn, sitUrited in a , 

spot bv tl'.e roadside, and fatigued after a 1 1,., .-it ' V* Ilin Ti* 

/ II I It I Uie cuipnt. ( ainnt; rm tlie pnsoiit-r u# 

lon;r (lavb walk, lliey were «r a lo find :,i. ..m r. .i 

® .• J .1 1 1 ® r ^ Use, ihejiK’ij * sfod: “Mr. (treen, the lui v 

themselves undur the shelter of a roof. — •. , i i . .. i , *' *, 

,r • rill I ‘1 \ ou arc to be liun^. 1 want voi; ami 

llavino relreshed themselves with u sab- .,tf • .., 1 . 1 . . * 1 j- /. t 

.'7 , i- , , i^ll Noar Inends down on Ir.diHii (-rfrk lu 

stantial supper set l;e,oiv tliom, ihcy , 1 ,., 1 ,1 , 1 

, * ' . , ^ ( Know iiiat It Is not 1 ihat condemn \i/u. n. 

pressed a wish lo reliro. Ihev were 1 , ; t ' 

b . . , , blnejuiv aiuJ iiic law. *\ir Cnci.i, u\ 

show!) into the traveler s roo»i, and went' . 1 ,... ^ ...ii »• .. i;r ♦ i 1 o 

, . II  n. • ,''hat I'lne, Ml. wouM vt)u like to be 

o rest m ihcir respective beds. I he pe, ■ I -pi. „ prepmalion” 

htr. before had calle* the land- , 1 ;^,^ h, 

Ion list, e and giv. ii ml., his keeping the j 

imck, vvhieh he had unstrapped from his ej|, j,,,,;. 

Wk till the morm.ig te.liiig him that it y preparation is made, and 

contained iv considerable sum ol money and 2 , Uie time to suit vourself; it is 

much valued properly. 1 hey were not : 

long in bed before the pedlar fell into it, ..yj, n, -uj,,,,;. 

sound sleep but the poor woman, perhaps "n 

Irom over fatigue, or Irom thoughts ol 
ineelmg willi her luisbai.d the next dav ' ■ 

less the rope should bri.'vk before the. 
neck is broke and you had h,-tter lake all 
the time you can g  t. Jlr. Clerk, since it 
makes no dilieieiiee lo Mr. Gieeii, when 

: he is hung, just look into the Almanac and 
w-hellier this day four weeks comes on 

lay aw .ike. A couple of hours might have 
passed, when she savv the door slowlv 
opened, and a person entered holding a 
light, which he screened with hand. She: 
iiisluiitly recognized in him one of the 
young men she had seen below — son ofj 

the landlord. | q’i,|, (.i,,,}; looked as directed . and repor- 

lle advanced with stealthy steps to the] u-d that the day four v. eeks came ou 
bedside of Ihejpediar, and vv Htehod liiin ' T|,ui-sdaV. 

for a lew moments. He went out and en- ' ‘ Then,” said the Judge, “Mr. Green, if 

tered again with his father and and broth- you please, you vvill he hung this day foul- 
er, who held in his hand a large pevvier wet-ks ut I'J o’clock.” 
basin- Tliey vvent 011 tiptoe to the bed- 'P|io Attorney General, James Turney, 
side wheie the pedlar Uy in a deep slrejj. 1;,.,.^ interposed and said; 

One of the young men drew out a kiiile, i “May it please the C'ourl, on occasions 
and vvlvile the father held the basin so as ^ of this sort it is ii-ii-il for the Court lo pro- 
to catch the blood, he cut the poor vie noniice a formal sentence; to remind thu 
tini’s throat from ear lo ear. A slight ; prisoner of his perilous condition, to re- 
half iiudiqle groan, and all vvas still, save prove him for his guilt, and to warn him 
the cautious movements ol the |)arty en- tfi.e jadgeinanl in the world to 
gaged in the fatal deed. Tliey hud bro’i 'eome.” 

in with llieni a lar'ge sack, into which they ! “Oh, Mr ’I’uiiiey,” said lliejudge, “Mr. 
quickly lliiust the unresisting body. I he Gn-eii un&ei-.-t.iiids the w hole matter; he 
poor woman lay silently in ner lied, fear- ■ knows he has got to be hung. You lin- 
ing her turn would come m-xl. She heard Jeistaiid :t, Mr. ijicen, don’t you?” 

“Cei liiiiily said vhe |iiisoiier. 

“Mr. Sheriff, adjourn the court.” 

Feur weekn from lhal day Mr. Green 
was hung, but not so much lo his own 
satisfaction as hi.--appearaiice promised on 
the day of his convrclioii. 

w mu' teiiiig among the men, from whom 
she gathered that they were debating 
whether they should murder her loo. ns 
they feared she might have it in her povver 
to betray them. 

One of them said he w-as sure she was 
fast asleep, and that there vvas no oesa- , 
sion to trouble tli.miselves more, but to: Arrows shot liom Cupiu s bow must 

to make sure of this heing the ea.-s, one] ''“'e pierced the heart of the writer of the 
of them came to the bedside with » can- fallowing |,„es on feminine loveliness; . 
die in his hand, and the other with a' ‘‘A pretty w-omuii is one of the 'institu- 
kiiife. She kept her *-y ‘s closed -as in lions of the country, an angel in dry goods 
sleep, and had such veminiand over her- and glorv. She iii..kes sunsliine, blue sky. 
self ns not to betray in her counleiiance j *oui ih ol July, and happiness wherever 
anv sio-ii thel she vvas cons'.'ious of vviiat •'•'‘O goi-s. Hi-e path is one of delicious 
wasouino on. The candle was placed ‘ rosesr perfumes and beauty. She is a 
clo‘i.-'’lo her eyes, the knife was drawn s'veet poem, written m rare curls, and 
acioss close to her throat; she never w ink- choice calico, airi gno-.l (irinciples. ileii 
ed or showed bv anv movenienL of feature ! up before her as so mauy admiia- 

or limb she apprehended danger.— tion pomt.s, to melt into cream and then 
.So the men whispered that she vvas sound huiler. Her vv-ords float round the ear 

asleep that nothing was lo be leared , ti'utic, b:r*ls of Paradise, or the 

from her, and they went out of the room ] of *S ibbatli bells. Without her, 

i-emoviiio the sack which contained the . '“•'’■'‘•ly would lose its truest attraction, the 
body of ’the murdered man. How Umg uhurch it- fi. »iest reliance, and y»uiig men 
niu-l Ibat night of horror have seemed to il'“ vet v bfsl of comforts and ,-ornpany. 
th-it tioor lone woman— how fiightful vvas Kfr influence and geii.-iosily restrain the 
its stillness and darkness ''•‘■ uus, s‘.reiit*lhen the fiiaU-heai led — 

The presence of mind which had so as- - 'Vherever you find the virtuous woman, 
lonishiiv'lv enabled her lo act her part to you also find li.-eside bouquets, clean 
whieh The owed her life, sustained her clothes, order, good living, gentle heart, 
ihroui'h all tlie trving scents whieh she] uusic, light aiid model ‘ genci- 
” ■' "v . She is the flower of humanilv, a 

iiiid ) et to pass 

She did not hurry from the room at an yery Venus in dimity, and 
seasonable hour, but waited until slie is tl « bii-alh of lleaviin. 

her inspii atiuii 

.-\ School Gikl’s Love. — There is both ] 
truth and poetry in the followiiig lines, : 
wrillen by a scliriol girl, and we may dare ' 
say lhal the leclleclion of those early! 
dreams, so slraiigely different from the; 
actual ex jieiiencc of life, are still the most; 
pleasant of all memories. 'J'here is no j 
sunshine like that of childhood. It, 
gleams through all the clouds of disap - 1 
poiniinvtit, and smiles upon tvs till the; 
river of life mingles with the ocean of: 
eternity. | 

I could im’ get iny lessm, | 

V 'i‘ the book befor** iny eon I 

Fur the tlioughts o* Canny Willie 
Came a bobbin* in belw-eeii. | 

A smooth-cheeked, long-faced, white-| 
chokered witness, on a cross-examination, 1 
on being asked in court w hat profession he 
was, nasally replied: ‘I am a candle of 
the lord — an expounder cf the Gospel. : 
‘Of what denoniination?’ ‘A Baptist,’ | 
replieil the witness. ‘Then,’ said the law’, 
yer, ‘you are a dipped, but I trust not -; 

Candle.’ ui 


hoard all the family astii; she then went When Gkdo iiav be iakoX Medicinal. 

down and said she believed she had d'Ci- — j.\|'ier goose, or (luck, or poik, or 

slept hersell in con-equenee tif being great- or any other delicacy uf the 

ly tired. She asked where the pedlai j„(p „)ijch ouiuiis may have sca- 

vva-, and vvas told lhal he vvas m too great entered. 

a hurry lo wail for her, hut that he laid ]nv;iriahly after salmon. 

left a sixpence lo pay lor her bieaktast .-- - 1 when iheie is unj washing being done 

She sat down composed to that meal, and i,ome. 

forced hersell lo partake vv ilh appaieiil When the painters are in the house, 

appetite ol the food set belore hei. When a person feels faint and doesn’t 

appeared unconscious ot the i-yes which kiuivv w hat is the inaller with him. 

“ — ' — her. 

with dee)) sciuliny were fixed upon 

When a friend turns up after an absence 

WIk'Ii liie meal "as ovci, she took leave sevoial \o;ir , or when you aro partin^r 

vvitli a fri'-ml you do not exjiect lo see lor years. 

Wlr.-n a person Las the loolh.-iche. 

W iieii a peison has lost at card?, or 
wlu-n a person has come into a large 

ll'vTe goes- 

of the family, and vvent on li*-r way witli- 
oulThe least appearance of di.-eomi.osuie 
or mistrust. She had proeeedi'd but a 
short way when she vvas jr.iacd by two 
strapping looking women. One look was 
surticienrio ccnvince her that they weie 
the- two young men. mid one lliouglit to when a person has met with a great 

assure her that she vvasjet in iheii Im'"-'' - ' „| aiade a In-iin-mlous bargain. 

They walked by her side, tiileied iiilo When a d-tsoii has iiuarrelled and when 
coaveisalion. asked her wheie shti'wasgu- ^ ,,.(.o„criiatioti has l iken place, 
ing, and told her ll*t their road lay the. When a person is liding outside a .-lage- 
.saiiie way; they questioned her as to w heiti ^ sea voyage, or go*‘s out 

she had been lodged the night btifoic.aiid ^ tive a.:t liagedy, or 

111 de most ininu'LC InijU.iies ab..ut j. u-eeiidiiig in a b iloOii, or all*-r 

fnmilii s iiihabiling the house ol enteilalii- ifie jurvof o coroiiei 's inquest, 

ineiil. Her answers were quite enibar- silting up for your wile, 

.rassed, and she said the peojile ul ^ m ..mjj'kou jlgur; 

I house had appealed lo be decent and „„j |„ j ,,.. „p„n all suitable oeeasioi.s of 
I civil, and treated licr very w*;ll. I‘or two 
I hours the young men continued by her 
Uido, conversing with her, and watching 

. or niei rmiewt 
i,i.-h S'lilits. 

lii-u a per--.)n : 


A Hai;u Caoe. — A Conjmiucc of the. rrom Dficaragua. 

I Ohio Li'i^ijUlure are iiivestitjalia;^ a case Tlic Boluia Official of Costa Rica pub- 
‘ ‘at a con ict has details of Nicaraguan affiiirs. 

; \ ; been deprived of his siglit by iho :gnoi - which, though not the latest, present some 

ianceor recklessness of the penitentiary est. The following is from it: 
■#t^ ■ Pi'vs.cian. It seems the physician 0] era- on 

upon one of his tyesaiul pul it out — t|)c Island of Onietepe had risen against 
~ I The convict r.Tused then to allow another Walker, and killed lifleen of his men. — 
' operation, but tiie doeioi insisted, and now General Fry had to make his escape in a 

We clip the follow ing from an enchange 
“Among tile celebrities of New York is 
E. 1'. Clmisly, the negro minstrel, who. 
having made a princely fortune out of 
bunil cork and Ethiopian melodies, now 
lives the life of a wealthy and f.isliionable 
New Yorker. He recently made a groat 
dash in the streets with a magniheent 
sleigh, w hicli attracted much attention, 
from its splendor and the beauty of the 


the man is stone blind. 

Helms been in 

, ... .... , woods, having no more amunilion. \\ail er 

the pcmtenliary over lus time necause tbe men. had attempted to ret»ke 

1 ^ ailriasday Iflorning, Jan. 21. 1S57. warden ami directors do not know what Granoda, from the lake, but had failed in 

; to do with'him. Such a case certainly his attempt. 

‘ demands strict iiivestigjii ion. 1 News from Rivas is to December 5th. 

, ~ IT T.' w ' with 400 men arrived at St. Jorje, 

of Dr. Palmer as a gentleman wor- , ’ _ ^*^*'''1*.' .,'’,’''^'“'^' ,,, one league from Rivas, and jirepared to 

thy to represent this District in Cougress. ® ^piru Mr. len- attack the Division i^der General C.apas 

. ,, . . , la" brock s horses now in Itagland, arc mucii t\ alker, m one ol the lake steamer.s. was 

1. ■ mere fact of,our mentioimig the Dr has . constantly on the move between Virgin 

i.i !e.sro.meetion. cannot be construed ^ his fore legs, and is l^v Ometepa and Granada. According 

i an of him to the exclusion of , t • i - to the niost reliable accounts* tlic forces 

all .tners. . rn'llie contrary, our friend fTn P°-‘ble W,, ter consisted of 1 GO men in Virgin 

the latter m 

o! tile o/r; ';e does Lot appear to be more 

Sliustratsd IWagaziao. 

The Fiftieth Vul mne co.mmencc.s with 
the next January number. Watson k Go , 
the new publishers r.f this Magazine, an- 
nounce to their patrons and the public 
generally tliat it is their intcnlion to make 
use of all the immense resources at their 
command to produce a First Class Ma;/u- 

Lacly ';3 Paper, 

Ccso'.cd ticJwiiiily (0 tht Wants oj the 
La:Crg of Amtrico. 

TERM.S: .SingUj copies, 50 cents; five 
copie.‘-, -sC; fourteen copies, ami one sent to 
getter up of club, for i'5; always payable 
in idvanec. 

Gruhuw's Laities' Caper; published 
monthly, a mismdlanv of Fash.ion, Ro- 
mance. Tales, and General Literature; the 

prancing stud of snow' w'liite horses to ,,, ,, -■ , *, j vji.-uciui utbofiLnoe, me 

which it was attached. In tho summer n-» cn expense or e.xertiou h.,()j,,g  JHustra- 

he drives out in an elegant carriage behind c spare 

— - ■ ; 

JtfrMcCAUTV of the Gazith', thinks'^ 

we are too premature in putting forth the i 

ly recover. Jhe icnowucJ Bav, 40 men in a hotel near San Juan, 
, , . mare Fashion was once similarly affected, 150 in the steamers, 50 guarding 300 

p.-.htic in t no present, than our- : wounded and sick in Oraitepe. This 

sell, for. while gently chiding us, ho very force, with 250 lost in Massaya. and 5S0 

two splendid bays, with aline, large coach 
dog running under tho carriage. He is 
quite a connoisseur in horse flesh, and in 
driving out alternates between his bav and 
white horses. In his promenade he is ac- 
companied by a large bull-terrier, a splen- 
did specimen of the canine race. His 
wealth is prodigious, and, its he has been 
economical and laborious while earning it, 
he feels authorized to spend it freely. He 
may be frequently seen in the dress circle 
of ihV Italian opera, and is always the ob- 
served of all observers. 

Every number will contain two fine Sleo 
Engravings. Fine Wood Eii 

jted M.ig-ieinc; Charles G. LelanU, Editor. 
. i The size of the paper will be eight large 

, r 'I . pages of four columns each, especially 

illustrate many of the arlicles published in ' ^ 

each number. i r,‘, . . • n » / • i i • 

/T 7 , 7 , -|T^ J rry IJ r r ■, 1 ' J ll 6 COU 16 0 1 S W 1 1 ! De Of ft Vlirif (1 ^11(1 IH • 

r. Ltdtes ^^orA- 7uWe.-Under tins teresting ch.aracler. embracing a good 

head they wnl presen , m each number, a selection of Tales and Romances, by the 
great variety ot Lsefnl and Ornamenia „,ost popular writes. 

Designs and Pallcrris for Crochet and , a handsome plate of the Fashions w ill 
Needle Work, with full directions for work- ; ,,e j.^blished in iach number, accompanied 
mg when necessary. i with engravings of Manfillas, Shawls, 

• r°n Bonnets, Children’s Dresses. Ac.. Crochet 

zine will be fully equal and in some respects Needlework, w ill, plain and minute 
superior to that of any other Magazine , 

I Address 

The Literary eonlenis will combine all ' 

" UlllJIUilv I«ll.ta3. 1 J iUl , tllU I _ . . It t • /  

cluqueiillv advocates the claims of Hon.', j ; ,.„ii „ 1 • r 11 •» Granada, constitutes all his force, not 

J i Jew'elt to re-election i ^ ^ ‘ reckoning those at Castillo or on the river. 

. ’ will devolve cntirvlv the task of sus* Qn the 1st of December* 200 men rc- 

- s o t le pn.matunly o our c, reputation of the American mained hemmed in in the ruins of the 

Mac seems tobe too young aDemocint to^ church of Guadolupe in Granada, who 

keep always in mind the Jtime-honored ! „ ... Vi — n , fought with desperation, and were without 

motto of his adopted pariy — “Elenml 1 ,„ ^ "ater, and l ad to subsist on their horses, 

vigilance is the price of Liberty.” The ' ' Humboldt, and as be They obstinately refused quarter, though 

... leU his house he passed rriiice l psalanti. ollered to them bv Gen. Belloso. 

party proved victorious in the last hotly | ^ ^ Qf the crew of Die Onre de Ahril, only 

contested canvas, and the only way we , informs us that Hum- forty-eight reacluM San Juan alive, five 

can hold our vantage ground, is to keep , . .it- , died next day, and thirty were sent pnso- 

thc ball in motion i ^ "ers to Virgin Bav. Of the crew of San 

Messrs. JewetL Hooe, Smedler, and ' 

other gentlemen of hae worth m our party. ; ' Walker's forces are said to be verv badly 

have our highest appreciation; nor would 1 ^ . off, having nothing but a little beef (with- 

we do ought to prevent their swift nnd j . '!* snow in ,eso p.irts is some out even salt) to eai; in consequence many 

merited advancement to distinction „nj ; or mne inches deep, and is in excel- are dying of dysentery and other com- 

honor-s. Eachandevery one of them I'-e weather phiints of the clima^^^ 

, , , .U f.i CJ IS a hit le too cold and the wind too pier- ' Ihe Fre.sidenl of CosU Ricahas issued 

we firmly believe, worthy of the conhdence j . . . * 

Sxno.N'o Minded Females. — S ome of 
the female sex of strong-minded species 
logelher with a sprinkling of male sym- 
pathizers, have been holding a convention Sketches of Travel, Tales of society, 
at Caiiastota, New- York, to consider the 'I'ranslations, Gems of Poetry, Interesting 
.expediency of agitating a reform in the Extracts from New Works, Criticisms, 
existing fashion of dress for ladies. Reso- Fairy Tales, Tales of the Wondcrfol, and 
lutions excepting to the prevailing mode tnany other works of interest, 
of various grounds were adopted, nnd the I The Twelve numbers of this Magazine ' 

WATSON A Co.. Proprietors, 

that i.s useful, instructive, and entertaining, 50 South Third Street. Philadelphia, 
consisting in part of Ilistoncnl Romances, - ‘ 



Cosmopolitan Art Association 

For the Third Ymr? 


Bloomer costume received countenance, for 1857 will comprise one of the most TB^HE MANAGE.MEN i' have the pleas- 
not only theoretically but practically, at  rnagnificent volumes ever issued, contain-' ure of announcing tiiat the collection 
the hands of many oi' the attendants at 'iog in all twelve hundred pages of Read- '’* Morks of Art designed for distribulu.n 
the convention. i ing matter, one hundred fine wood en- among the subscribers, whose names are 

Axotiiek SiiooTiNO Affrav.-A diffi- V'*''? steel revived prev^ January, 

culty occurred between two of our citi- bcai'Miul colored Fashion 1 8o7. is much larger and more costly than 

zens last Wednesday, near the posUoffice, ! ‘="F^'ings of Ladies’ on any previous year. Among the lead- 

which resulted in one of them being shot Children s dresses. f*ty comic iilustra- '"g woiks m Scu.plure-cxecuted in the 

^3 t 1 V •*, A .V mw ^ mm Im.m ^.....1 .. jft_ _ fill ^ ^ I T1 lHI*lkl/l - T 3 f I V tm W t k FI— n rm F . 

of our party, in every respect. Vet we |. 

cing; yetjihey will turn out-and in some Ac foltowing manifesto: 

surely cannot be held culpable for drag- 
ging, as it were, a of equal 

instances, “clean, chir ou*.” 

The cainpaign recently interrupted hav- 
ing re commenced against the foreign Among Us — Some e.xoite- ^ 

merit, from his voluntary hermitage, and menl is said to prevail among the Swiss' ^ Dp.clake; 

demanding of bis peers at least anjnves- : population in Washington, D. C., caused Article 1. 1 he port of San del 

ri • , rri - • n U ,1 - 1 r. - Sur i.s under blockade from this dale. 

ligation of his true merits, ibis is all we bv the position of Prussia and Swiizer- . m. - r 

° ■ 1 ' 1 V- 1 -• * *’*’ navigation of the river 

ask, nothing more. jland. No definite organization has been San Juan del Norte is prohibited to every 

I). Peterson, of Philadelphia, ■ *Jtit it is said to be their intention class of vessels as long as hostilities shall 

are about to publish “Lone J/ rr J/ar- 1 upon receiving information of las* |'gainst the invaders of Central 
riiiije” and thirteen other choice Novel- i ‘'"3’ act on the part of Prm-sia and 

inijc, uau uiuiiLn miitr ciioite x u li * . , • i .1 • .• 1 , Art. 3. The steamftrs winch navigate 

lettes of the heart, by the late lamented P o an .leir nu i\e an . river San Juan, being actually at the 

Mrs. Caroline Lee Heniz. This work j uSTTlie liardstown Gazette, in copy- absolute disposal of the fillibuster Will- 

will be put up in one large duodecimo ing our article on the next Congressional '' /'liter, and being his most active 

, . 1 - auxiliaries, will betaken and destroved at 

volume, bound in cloth, for one dollar race, (fee., — in our issue of Dec. 17th — , 

. 1 1 r 1 , • ' every opportunity, 

and twenty five cents; or in two volumes, makes the following com.mciUs; a'rt. 4. The officers and troops of the 

paper cover for one dollar. Copies of It seems to us rather premature at this Republ ic will carry into effect this decla- 
either work will be sent to any part of 'I'® HUPstion of the next con- ration, using whatever measures they may 

the United States, free o^postage, on re- rai;e--(ihe election being some 'have at tlieir disposal; Communicate ihi.s 

.1 . f'., ,... I - 1 , s«'en months off) — but we understand to whomsoever itconcerns.andtoilinis- 

m.ttmg the price of the edition desired, to that the nspirants are already showing their tors and Agents, both foreign and na- 

the publisher in a letter. Ihe well-de- heads in various portions of the district, lional. 

served popularity of the writings of this and some of ihem are securing committals ' Given at San Jose, National Palace, 
lady bespcak.s a ready sale of this work, wherever they can. Ihe editor of the . Nov. 1, 1856. 

Send on your orders. ““ Giis stale of JUAN R. MORA, 

- - affairs, and hence determined to com- ! President of Republic of Costa Rica. 

/pj?' N' ■ vv (hat we have commenced a **’® beginning. Rafael G. Escalante, Minister of War and 

new volume oi the Post, we think our , «ho seems to be the Marino. 

, , choice of the Post we have known all ou r — - 

Democratic fi lends rr.i/ht exert themselves i|f„ wi. oil..,., r- r! t a /•. h- 

* . me, anil wi. treely intlorse all our friend Inaugural Address of Gov. W illard. 

to get us an enlarged subscription list. Jack says oY him. Should be receive the —A brilliant asscmbhigc was in aitend- 
Whilst we notice ackncwledgnicnlsin our nomination, (in case a convention is found ance at the Capitol yesterday, to witness 
cotemporaries, of the reception of hand- necessary.) we shall give him a cordial the inangaration and listen to the address 
some clubs, we are unable, as yet to indict, The same we can say of Ma- of Gov. Will.ard. Senators, Representa- 

- 1 „ oi-.iooo Ki u geffin, bmedley. Hooe, Gi.aves, Barbour, lives, and other officials of the State, dis- 

•I single one 01 those agreeable p,aragraphs , Read, and others who are spoken of in ting, lished {strangers from abroad, and a 
Ve nope our friends Will bcBlir thernseKea I connection *,viih the contest. But* wo large concourse of ladies and gentlemen 
in our behalf. We hope this hint w ill Lej the friends of the aspirants, is it not graced the scene. The oath of office was 

ill sufficient. time enough yet to consider this matter? administered tiy Hon. Judge Perkins, of 

- — ! W ill there not he sufficient lime, after the j ibu Supreme Court, after which, in his 

ifc^rLast Sunday night and Monday adjournment of the present congress, to | clear and ringing voice and in his emphat- 
raorning was the coldest hv twcniv jg. Hook about us for a represciitative to the ic and forcible manner, Gov. Willard read 

*i .1 ■ 1 oext one.’ W ouid it not be well to wait, his address, 

glees or any weather tins season, and:._.i . .i i . “'■‘-"vos. 

,, f J 1 1 , 1 . 1 until our present able and energetic rep- The Governor alluded to but fez- topics 

some three or four degrees colder than , rusentative had completed his term ol but those were familiar to and of high in- 

any of last winter. We have always had service and returned to give an account of; terest to all. The prohibitory liquor law 
a very comfortable office room — but last i *‘ s before we proceed to of 1855; Know-Notliintiism, as identified 

Monday got us down. We had a fire we not and developed in political action; tlienr- 

verv early— stove red hot for three ggn., “'•*'■ Mr. Jewett v.icaies his ganized violence on election days, and the 

• . . I seat, belore we sc.ectan occupant for It? necessity of preserving the purity of the 

sccutive hours — yet water would freeze in 'c -" - ■ • • - -- ■ - - .rJ 

the office 

ing, and then with but little comfo rt. there was two summers ago. T’/iOi the weie the subjects of the address, and most 

- contest was a doubtful one; tlic poliiics ol ably and boldly were ihev discussed. We 

iP^The suffering of the jioorrr classes *'*’® district was unknown; the enemy was, predict for marked sensn- 

in Louisvills is intense this cold season. i °'1°. never been defeated, and lion and influence wherever it is read. — 

Coal is very scarce, and prices very high, of “the invincible Upon all these questions it takes high 

■ ,1 ,, u ’|in\isible. All knew that a de.sperate grounds, and tiie views and sentiments ad- 

is le case wu i a ol cr ar ic es nec- ; figut had to be made; no one could tell vanced therein, will meet with the cordial 
eBsary foi liieir comfort. Tlic cluirity j it would end — and lew there were to approval of everv enlightened and palri- 
societies and committees have their handsH"^*^^ f**® venture. lolic citizen. — Jtid. State Sentinel. 

full, and we hope they will dischar^re thch ' H'*ie 

.l.iiv fi'ti f n I battle having been decided in our favor. I’Ews from Nicaragua. — T he news 

uuty uaitniuM}^ I jj^u-jet being undoubtedly „nd 0., pub- 

05- We are in reception of Gody’s j Wrongly rlemocratie, there is no risk in the! °u  telegraphic column^ is very 

the head with the hut-end of it. The one ; i - • 

who got shot with the but-end of the pis- \ to 

tol fared the worst. Doth are recovering ^ . -..i - , c. '' ’ 

from their hurls. — Dardstown Gazette. i oO Sou. h 1 bird Street. I hiladelphia. 

Extra Notice. — S ubscribers sending' 
An Irish woman gave birth to a childlthree dollars for one year’s suhseription to 
on a steamboat at the levee, night befpre i "(irahara,” will receive a copy of Gra- 
last, which was not only perfectly develop- ham's Ladies' Paper for one year without 
ed and well formed, but it actually had charge. 

two teeth. A modern Richard and pre- ■ — — — ■ 

Apollo and Diana, in marble, life size, 
together wiiTi'the following Groups and 
Statues in Carrara Marble — of the 
Strw/gle for the Heart, 

Venus and Apple; Psyche; 

cocious infant. — Lo«. Cou. 

There is a vast deal of distress and suff- 
ering in our city at this time — more p -ob- 
ably than at any former freriod — and 


rjlHE firm of WILSON &, HEADY was 
X dissolv.’d on tlie 27tli ult., M. P. Heady 
wiliidrawing from the coucorn. All persons 
indebted to lliem will please call witliout delay qo,'U ' V.' 

linii ialtatn 1 KaI w • iir^saktr.#! •.aoc 'I’U U_ — Olfl OI «J»i 

Magdalen; Child of the Sea; 

Innoeence; Captive Bird; and 
Little Truant. 

ilh numerouo works in Bronze, and a 
collection of several hundred Fine Oil 
Paintings, by leading artists. 

The whole of which are to be distribu- 
ted or allotted among tire subscribers 
whose names are received previous to the 

many instances among a class of people and liquidate their indebtedness. Those liaving . . -n i ■ 

who are reluctant to make their wants claims ag-iinat the firm will proseiff them imme- , take place. 

imiary, 1857, when ike distri- 

dialely for sclt'omenl. The hooks will h-- found ' TEK.M.S OF SUliSCHlPTION 

at the old stand on Slarket between First and! .. ik e j iC 

Second streets, where one or both mav be found. . substi tber of three dohars xs.yn-^ 

J. WOOD WILSON, titled to a copy of the splendid Sled En- 
JI. P. HEADY. graving, “S iturdav Night,” or a copy of 

any of the following §3 Magazines one 

rnal one 

known. — Lou. Cou 

Obi t uar y . 

Fiom the Presbyterian ilerald. 

Mrs. hANNY Fleece Moore was born j„ retiring fnm the late'firm of Wilson & vear also acoiVT of”ilVA7t '1e"- 
at Lebanon, Ey.,,Janu, ary 8 , 1834; became ; Heady, I recommend my late p.,rlner. Mr. Wll- -f- . 

lirch in son, and his present associ.ito, .Mr. Sliallcross, to )®®'^  ^ licket in liie Annual 1 

■ ■ ' M. r. HE.VDY. ' ‘ ‘ ^ ' 

a member of tbe Presbyterian church... , 

1849; married to Mr Charles Aloore '" ■ friends. M. P. HE.VDY. lion of the ^\orksof Art. 

. in April, 1 855, and departed this life at’ rhua, for every 83 paid, a person net 

the residence of her father-in-law. Mr. , *'“’ ass-'oeiated wi tli only gets a beautiful Engraving or Mnga- 

Lawson -Moore, December 29. 1850. ’ CommLio^r huSs’, Mr%“ Ti! SH ALEC ,';®®®'' ® ^''® 

Had it been Jesij^ned to create a deep and will cuniinno the same at tho old, stand, ^ the An- 

and mournful chasm in a f-iinily circle -‘larkei street, between First and Sec- Distribution, making^ four dollars 

to lasceiatethe liearlsof doting friends! J'i? reading matter besides the lick- 

J . . 1 . . J 1 * DC \v JIjOUiS oi. otl.-\lji.4LrKObo. 

and to take from society and the church Jan. HI, lS57-if 

. . I seat, ueiore we sc.ectan occupant tor It? necessity of preserving the purity of the 

live bours-yet water would freeze in , From all we can see and learn there ballott-hox and Ihe sovereign rights of 

ithce eleven feet from it. Our hands will next summer be a larger list of aspi- the people of the Territories, with the ex- 

In’t work till some time in the even- rants to clioose a candidate from than pressed sentiment of Inclinun thereon. 

one of their brightest ornaments, more, 
fitting means could scarce have been se- 
lected, than were found in the death of 
this truly excellent young person. Verily ' 
God’s jitdginents are unsearchable, and 
His ways past finding out. In her person 
our young friend wus exceedingly beauti- ■ 
ful. She bad a cultivated mind, a clear’ 
and solid judgment; her affections were i 
pure and ardent; her friendships, like the! 
sunlight, were not exhan.sted ’oy coirfcrring ■ 
daily benefits, bnt still were ever giving,' 
and yet ever burned the same. In religion 
she was humble and sincere, firm and 
faithful, devoted and active. She was the 
jonly daughter of idolizing parents, the 
young wife of an affectionate husband, 
and the daily solace of an aged and infirm 
fatlier-in-hiw, who took great comfort in 
this new daughter. ‘OI sir,’ said he, and 
the teais of sorrow bedewed his aged 
cheeks, ‘you cannot know how kind and 
good she was; she had gained the love of 
every creatnre on the place; I never loved 
child of my own more tenderly than her.’ 
Thank God, tlujugh her death hath left 

Look at Thi. 9 . 

Information will be-senttfree of 
charge to any respectable person, 
either male or female, how to make 
from JI5 to $50 per month. It 
requires no capital to carry it on, 
neither will it interfere with any 
other business a person icuy be en- 
gaged in. For full particulars en- 
close a three cent stamp, lo pay 
return poslnge.and send yonrpiame 
and address to 

Cincinnull, Ohio. 

Jan’y. 21, 1857-2t. 

' et, by which a Valuable painting or piece 
of statuary may be received in addition. 
I Those who prefer Magazines to the fin- 
! graving ‘Saturday Night,’ can have cither 
of the following one year; Harper’s Jilag- 
i azinc./Godey’s Lady’s Book, L’nitcd Slates 
. Magazine. Knickerbocker Magazine, Black- 
wood Magazine, Southern Literary Mes- 

i No person is restricted to a single share. 
; Those taking five luemberships, rcmittiDg 
8l5, are entitled to six Engravings, and 
to six tickets in the distribution, or any five 
jof the Magazines one year, and six tickets 
Pe rsons, in nrmilting funds for member- 
ship; will please register the letter at the 
post-office, to prevent loss; on receipt of 
which, a certificate of " 

many hearts bleeding, hers is the blessed- if^”* assortment of such g cods as are usually 
ness of the dead tha\ die in the Lord. To ^ i 

a broken-hearted mother who informed 

Memhership, to- 
with the Engraving or Magazine 
vV' j desired, will be forwarned to any part of 

Dry Goods & Grocery Store. ! ‘'‘VorfuSer particulars, sc the Nevem 

rilllE UNDERSIGNED ARE NOW RE -her A.-t Journal, sent free on nnlicalicm 

I ceiving an entire new slock of Goods, r  i i • t. 

consistini^ of r or m6ri)b6rship aouicBS 


GROCERIES, HOOT.S’& SHOES, assorted. “ 

Hardware and Queensware — in a wora, a gen- ' m atcr Street, Sandusky, 


I cheap for cash. 

dij s Book for February. I: is a most 

I race — and many there are who waul jq' I t seems that llio Costa Ki 

exquisite number, and is a s(r*.«nff evidence* nr ~ 

*1 • . » • I . , . ^ P.\..STS. 

ol the proprietors indomitahlc enterprise, i last night stand 
The plates are numerous and most ex- at ihe°corner of 

cans have seized the steamboats on San 
Juan river, and that this is the only mode 
?■ . ® olheer Carr was ^ of transit; all communication has been 

"Ip, ."' **'® Confectionary stopped. It is also st.ated that Walker is 
llirU -ind Race streets, , niakincr bis wnv rinwn _Tt,nn 

making his way down San Juan river, 
scattering all before him, probably to open 

her that her end was nigh, and inquired if 
she felt prepared for the great event, her 
answer was ‘Aly .dearest mother, when 
God calls me, I am ready to go.’ Then 
turning to her husband and his father, she 
; desit ed liicm to sit near her, while she 
riaost earnestly directed them to the Sa- 
vior of men for comfort and religion, and 
ceased not to press on Ihem the great 
salvation, till she extorted from each the 
solemn engagement to do his utmost to 
meet her in heaven. God grant they 
may never forget a vow so important and 
so solemn, till through the grace of Jesus- 
they meet her once more above. 

Dtc. 10, 5G-if 
J. B. & AV, W. WATHEN. 



The New York Ledger, 

Three Houses and Lots 


ryiHK nndersigneJ wishes to sell THRHE 

HOUSES and /,OTS, lo-wit: Ou© large 

SJ AS NOW AITAINED TIIE KXTIMOU- f^*"**^^ I'vo stories high, xviih a smalt 

B is two-slorv Frame nt’nciied; conluiuinr uiiic or 

W li oinarv circulation of one hundred ond’4«„ , ii j • . 

ninety thousand copies, The Ledger in devo- b "/t r g”'’'* 'V** ”■;“* 

ted to Polite Literature, Original Tab-s, Sketch- V“"' conto, mug seven 

es, 1 oelry, Essays. Gossip, ^.nd enrre it news. ' 1 ‘ f .K’‘»‘i'‘* , ■‘"“cbed to each. 

« » s u ' i 4 T. • ‘ » ttotli J.aiHUxrne faindy residencep, Also rua 

^ I new Presbylerian Cburcl, snitabie lor a m:, all 

. .. nroT nlools r,T “."- family. 1 IV ill si ll one cr nil of the houses at 

heard of popularity. .Mr. Bonner, the Proprie- applh a.ion is made between new 

two-storv Fr 

quisite. Now is the time lo suhsclibe, as; shys tho Gincinnati Commercial, two gen^ mi n icnnn 

the present volume commenced with the!!j®"’®" ®'*® ®*‘ ,*.‘'®''' approaeffieil iharro'mnnmicath'in which can alone bring 

January numlier; and those who wish it, ‘® ® "" !’ "®®| foot upon the reinforcement to his aid. 'dew,' . , „ - 

will not certainly object to handing us, t^af it waraTniMl anlrpr^r .SanT English lleet in tlie Bay^of *^* " ^P“tk!ed. was exhaled, and went to heaven.’- Gibson! 

4 R« I j 1 4 t i. 4 * 1 s . privaie ftile il is rnucc 

i: ^ p ? t"- ■ , , , , . 

S'- " T* fr- “-‘'•”■7' 

" I buB liv. d, II.US di«l she; never more ou Ivet,' ei.suged on it. nnd will 'write ’for no o;d's;wh7ui'e 'Rmhoad'’’’''’'''''' 

.shall sorrow light.” !othcr paper hereafter. Airs. Sigourney, also. I tER.MS.— O no f.-urlh rash in h-ind- ihrhel . 

"’"'"*"s!p!p!!ra!‘aulZ™!!n^cludVnr^^^^^ years, with inter’est from 

ter p-arliculars address 

^4 for this invaluable periodical aniU the- was covered with' a'hiaV H'® f’osta Ri- 

r , , .1 • e , f , . m I I. . “ » "oiee. THIS cans, IS a fabrication for the purpose of 

Post; the price for the former being $3. j led o an inspection of the face, also very creating sympathy in this country 

ArFr.,iv.- A street fight took place on ent or to come-in short the r;.! lem an . I'i' v t 

..fonday in Paduean, between John Hew- "as a lady in pants. W ith her friend she h„proveil He is still in a perilous and 
ettanda Mr. D.avi.s, in which four shots weeping to the Station we think hopeless situation. 

side.- ' 1 ^ S®"*!'-’’’"" left a splen- Loui.rville 


*1 ' !-• 1 tf ' e fiM ■ ■ S', w -viit 1), KDMONDS. 

i ilhistmre?';^!;; week •f""*'""* 

’ Ledger ii bfsmifuHy illustrated every week r;..n rim.^u . .L . e .i 'i i 

M.VN Beaten to Death.— The Mem- : Tho Few York l.edgcri.s printed on beauliful lars each,' and sc'^nd bUHo a^'i^n'ise” 

phis Appeal learns from a passenger onl"'*',“® ■« composed of eight |, 

J . .. . - ^ ' rnDKimr Imp tianniinnirfit wpaIcIv nnnpr in Ihe 

1 . .1 " .1 . .1 °i . making the handsomest weekly paper in life 

board the Edinburg, that the second mate : cou, „ry. It is publi.s.aed every &atnrdav, and! 
ol that steamer beat a deck passenger so sold at all tho m-ws efiioes in every city and 
unmercifully on S.lturday last a week ago, i lown Ihroagheut tlie country; and is mailed for! 

Land for Sale! 

with revolvers, wete fired on each side. — , ,ti,i „„i,i . ,, - ,r - 

,, 11 , , I did gold wiiicii as security tor tne hiturc 

II. welt was severely though not danger- appearance of the female'gcnileman. IR 


, 1 I u r “ ••‘i . ■■■■& .‘V Tw.'lvc car k-ad.s of coal were sent from 

onsiy wounded, by two o. Davis shots, ; -said his companion was a lady of good Evansville, Ind , on Wednesday to Cin- 

one ball taking effect jin the side, .".ml an- ' *^®P"*"*'U"' that she resided in Covington, cinnali, two of the number to be dislribni- 
eflier in the wrist. This is the second ! f'’*' " ed among the poor. Tb.e Evansville Joui - 

streitficlit which occurred in tb-il ™®'.'''-'' ^Hp acr. ss on the ico to the Cincin- nal.saysthiscoa!.sent3O0ini'esoversev- 
iilare in ti.n ilav Ti,.m 'v.. 1 L ' i ’'UD and back . He wa.s so gallant as Oral different railroads will be sold at half 

, ® to press her to take sonic relreshments, the price coal been biin; iiiginC’iiicin. 

abs; le tli'-'ir s.Tm c.a o v prop ind her arrest wa.s ib 

.ACRES of Lend, lying in Alarion 
Conaty. on the Ray wick nnd Barda- 
iltfs from 
from tli« 
ad. It ia 

, , L ...I . r rr • • formerly known as tlie “Old Bcanct 

a man between Iwenly-livo and thirty | o'! entilleu to one copy fr.-e. Terms mvanahlyl pa„„ .. 

years of age; he got on board the ’ooat at, *" “'*’'“"®®' further information apply lo me, six 

Natchez in an inebriated state, and having ; Publisimr of New York‘Eodg'"r. , 

no money to pay his passage, be wa.s set to I 41 Am .Street, Now York. J L.'. _ Y _ . 

wouvling. Not working as fast or as hard ' N’- R- Now is a good time to siib.criba, in "ff-TU!lLEY, Tl■10.^1A6 .\ . Druggist and 
as the mate thought he should, he knock- ‘’‘*"b'nl nf | lAp.ith.'o.iry, ri;-..! .^l•muf^■■lIlrcror Hurley’* 

\V!iS tlic curscquencf. 

yet ray a hniulrrouie 

o(J liim (lo’.vn 

aiui beat l:im most unmur- 


FUON i'n'slI lilFi'!, will b© c» j»i iJj 

Uofi"''r on llie fir?l of January. 

Dfc I7-2t 

.■“i irsaonrilla. North w-’sl 
GredH 'IclHs, l.'.uliiYv'' 
Oil. Jl’i.' 

'•ni^r Su’.’cr 

tnPan I'm only a (!-.i 

dnoBday .Horning, Jan, 5J. 1857 
Rags! Rags!! Rags!!! 

!lcau Linncn ami Cotton Ha"s wantfci 
this office. Tho hipchost price in CASH 
ul be p.aid for any .amount brought. 

__ . ; Vork on Moml.ay night. Severely injured, 

O JCO. ' ind robbed of his valuables. 

All personal comniunic.alions to th;s pa 

...r will be here.afler charged as adver \Vm. liamillon, of Pulaski county, 

laciiients, .and must be paid for, before attempling to kill a wild hog last 

ihev can appear. This rule will hi! ad- fg]| ,j g]i(p (^^d was instantly 

hered to strictly. 

Mrs. Kirkland says say.s a guest .at "Ever since you have taken t   drii.l.iag 

Ml. Vernon, who slept in a cliainbcr ne.vl eonn, you re not more ii'. iii Inof a man, 

, .1, . r O' 1-   I I ■ . ^’•'''d a leruperance to a loatiii'' bro- 

to that of G. .ashmgton and his woe, , ' 

° . ther. 

In ard llie latter caudle .him very soundly. ■•K ict is you 

The hero and patriot did not utter a word John.” 

till slie had done, when he said, “Xow, An order stvh d the “Sons of M.ilta.” 

good sleep to you, my dear.” is much in vogue herealiout just tiow. — 

_ f I rr • • During the hist wee!: we learn that four 

■ One of the Cnicago papers gives 

currency to a rumor that nrrangemenls are From w.  have heard, and the mani- 

making to bring about a meeting of the lest enthusiasiri of I’le iiiiliaitd in tlie 

Legislalure.s of Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana e  nse, we should infer it was a decided 

1 Til* • • /ii •  1 • * * Jts obiocts ar(* to lx* 

and Illinois, in Cl»x;^igo this winter. • , , . i . . V • 

® phihvMlhiopic and benevolent. — L juisiil(e 

Jim Crow Rice. i.he actor, was (/o//r*Vr. 

; knocked down w ith a slung shot in New If. M. M'C, arty, editor of the P.ards- 

Spcfial JCcUcfs. 

iheiitaU-at atyleat iiiis oifioe. 

V» licndeath is'c.t the door, th? remedy w hich i 

would have «-aved life, if admiiMatered in linu;, 
comes too lato. Do n  t Irillo with 'Ji.«*ns 
Rely upon it. that wlien the stomach will not A fowl; when fiiinlness and lassitude pi*r- ^ 

vade llje syslcm — when the sl^'ep is disturheJ, , 

the appetite f.'cblr, the mind Iclhurpir, the- , » * r i • t 

iierrcs unnulurally sensitive, and il)o h»*a(i con- ‘ ^ "'“**) *'• Insijtnti' r. wii' 

fused — rely upon it, that when these symptoms commence on lh»* flr^t Mnrdav ul 
occur, thi powers of viial=*y iiro failing:. :iini her next, under ll:o t 'lluwin '' iH .-aniz;; 


ange m i^Lahiiic.'ic. 



Ul ' 

• T' t XI. ! . 

 1. Ill 


L. or.M.l'iy ;; 

* V n.iui ». cui'M'iit. 

i \lr hria will 

, j.. 


»*i III 


?r» s 
;:i i; im 

 1 t.' t 

i |.v 

hfi. to cIpMI ' l»r l.ll; ,t|i 
^\’e• {ru i :i,n w 

l l... S'.. f ..s; 

1 . .-P.M D-?;c. 

;l U 

-We leorr. fioin the A-bbevillc, S. , 

-During a recent re\ivai in tlic 

C., Independence Press, that the '”’S''oe.s Ma.vville, Ky., 58 

on the estate of the late lion. George united with the church. About 

M’Duffie, numbering about 210, have been same time 23 converts were made in 

sold to a wcaltliy wc.stern planter ^for perryvillo, Boyle county. 

to 000 beinjT an average of near $700: , ' • ■ ' , , i 

lo,!.!. , t, b I ,1 , 1 A Democratic meeting was held 

e.ich. It was stipulated in the sale that . , ' i i r 

. j T, ■„ m Asliland, Greenup county, week bvf'jie 

they Miouhl not be separated. It is said ‘ 

J * Ine-f r.rt /4   M 1 1 /Ml c rtncc/a, 

town (iazetb*. is in this ciiv, at Si. Joseph’s 
Infitmary. W'o regret learnin;^ ih iL Iio 
i:  slill ati'eoted l y iho serious accident that 
(H-curred lo him seven'.! months — 
Lou. Jour. iOfh. 


Succcs$J'hII^ 'rreuted l / hi- alation of 
MiJkatcd Vajiors. 

T V .Toll anon Slownrt Rose. M. D.. Fellow 
I 3 Royal College of Physici'inH, find 

for years senior Physician in Ihe T/ondon Royal 
iiihnmiry, for dis‘'asoa of the luneH. 

Ill this apf) af progp'ss, M»»(lical Science has 
contributed her full share lo the general wel- 
fare; and tlial which shines resplendent, the 
brightest jewel in her diadem, is her last and 

ffrealent pifl, MRDICATRi) V/^POR INH.l- 
T.NTION in the treatment of CONSUMP- 

All must see the absurdity of treatintr Con- 
sumption through llic St niiach, by fillinjj it 

that, unlcstj the mischief i»prompllv checked, 
life will be shortener, as well as tendered mise- 
rable. Now ue know fr^m a mass of trsti- 
maiiy, greater tliaii was ever before accarniilatcd 
in frtvor of one remedy, that Hoonund^sGcrman 
Hilter*^, prx'pared by Dr. C. .Y. Jackson, I'liila- 
idelphia, will iinniediately abate, and, in ?hc end, 
entirely remove all of these disorders as siir-ly 
as a niulhcmaticul process will solv** a probleiu. 
M ho, then, will endure the ajrony, and the risk 
of life, with liealth and safely within reacli? 

See advertisement. 

*. INV'ALIDS recoveriap from the eiVects of 
I Fever, IRltious Diseases, nr long continued ill* 
jne«s of any kind, will find Carter’s Spani-h 
'.Mi.*:tnre the only remedy wliich will revive 
th**ir drooping coiistitnlions, » xpel ail bad hu- 
mors from the blood, excite the liver lo a prompt 
and h-'ulthy action, and by its tonic properties, 
, rosior * the patient to life and vig  r, 

We can only say TRY IT. 



MRS. M. L. GILKLSOX, TAh-.r n, 

*\J 1 S.S M. D. ilOPPLU, 'Pidcher of .I/a. 
t 'lC, French, Ac. 


[ok TW R.NTV W KKKs;] 

Orthography, Koaiting, 'Wriling, Ari'.hnrtio, 
Googrupliy, am; Kiig. Gnirmimr, S  iCi 

Chtinistry, f iiilosophy and Coinj.uaiiioii, wu'i ' 
any of Iho above mimed Kind , J (I t •' f 

•Mgrbra, G.-oin(!lry„V.Kiroiioniy, Flivsbilogy, f';,.- 
ology. Moral Science, Inlmlcclual ami'.Vorr.i 
I'hilo.opliy, ] 2!‘0 

.^Insic on the Piano, 2ll,’fl!) ' 

Use of Inslrumunl, '‘t flil ' 


Gt tij i i ; 
: w " v. i:j . . 

.T!).si;rii .-.IM lUNG, 
i'. n .MUI.IMKI.. 

.'V , \prli i: , I' ;,i:. 


U-; : 

il IV ill' 

V.' ncciviMg. i;'r.-c frrni 
l,.!jin, a (r,-n-r;i| sleek of 1 )( V 
■n ^ d Ijin l■m■WIll.. .V- .. ic., r 
'. d 'C 1 w |,r:i ;.s for C.'.SH, orlo rahli 
r-, v. l:o will Iro prompt aim pnm-'.nal lo 
lyment Mi ili,. In dn  of Jnnuarv nc.xt. 
1 lim.-ail aceounts an me. Onr friends 

[ml, lie t'smridly iin- re, nested lo caller 
■otB m;i I \mnini- car stoek. 

O'. vX :;Kt;i.MiF.. 

2- , If 



/-I i 
' r*« hi 


A single battle 

is wor h all the socailod Sarsap rillas in exist- . 

encR. It c Diitaiiis no Mercury, Opium, or any ' ^Ixdenls will be charged for the study 
other noxious nr poison us drug, and can be t* '-'y pursiii^. 

given to the youngestiiifant without h'*sit .lion. , . ®T“tleiit will be charged fifty cent.^ f *r 

See lb© certificates of wouderfuicnresaround expenses, 

the bottles. More than five hundrocJ persons in' -N^ deduction will be made for lost lime, ex- 
ilic city of Richmoud, Va., can testify toils P^olractwl .siriniess. 

i ‘*5 ] r' s« s^ion. I Fcrvicfs 
.r. - k .11. ')f ...arion ccrnJ \ . 

1 !  ir at Nohic’d Drug .Si. re. 

.War. 17 -t f. 

ogi oes 

^ • I .1 hist, and resolutions passed endorsing 

the heiress of this estate IS shortly to be ’ . . , ,, 

. u T i Democratic principles and police, the 

led to the alliir of Hymen by John Van , , . . . , , 

present adininistration, and rccommeiui- 

dng H. M. Rust as their next candidate for w-iiii nattiuouK driis'!; tlic diiease i.s not in ihe 

an \f / Wic/^/^ncin^ Arfrim , r, i* * stomach, bill in the lungs, and hv iulihliug med- 

-The 1 .1 b ( ' J Slate Senate of Kentucky. iciuHin thf form of Vap -r. I apply Ih** remedy 

savs- “In this State, and even itl this ^ • tt directly to th© diseased organ. Th*»r'' is, ihpn * 

. i„. i,n«n r/ fii«r-A frt si — — i ue Alli^SOUJl Koiiso ol ltr*plOSm- for©, no case 9 * liopeless that inhalation will II- t 

county, sttpp ■ ' -■ tatives passed a rcsolalion on the 12i!l re.-'ch. I .-anieKtly .-ippenl to the common smiK- 

worth'* mini^^tcr, tor no other roT'On Inan '   of -fit afilicted with lung to ombracf at 

1 * 1 T f/^r Dit/'lioratv” «ml It TnsL, bv a volu ol iG tO . 4, to ailjoum 1 1)^ once Ifi© advuaiages of inlmlation. 

because he voted for, and it j . , 7 , 

repeats that it is literally Iruc, tliat wun* consumption,  fcc. o place amongst the priceUs* 

‘ ... .. Louis. .gifiJ* that nalun* and art lias g v»*n iih, that 

our tlays nniy b« long in the land,” am! as tli 

igliborhood, who 
have been restored to vig irons liiallh. About 

good ©fleets. 

Soe adrertisciiient. 

•b W anted. 

VpiUTu i'I'I.’f'II.ASI': Flk'TY 

ymiii;; i,,.-(;roc5, of boll, Kp 

"r •““'ll I am « igiMg to puv^pp 

tlic liigl.cstiH'li price.-,. -..i— 

/ 11 Lttrrn .i.b!r."r,cr| on l.'nl business will lo 

gA . 8 . 

"jAfK,X.K. Koi 

Ttia T.i. 4 I 1 . ]iroiiipfly atlondc'd to at shyrt nctico 

V I’ III annonneinj to A-WrisKS 

in Lie limits of this city mir. were (old 

m.iin in Washington a while with Ids 'a stranger in tlie .kIi'ci ts of Louisville. 

. . , . ,r l.;. fn.Tv, cf cold blood, because h ; would not shout onc-il rd of tlie alio vo number, according I 

friends at the expiration of li.s terra Ot g n,o- the statements were considered 

office, and that Mr. Cushing intends ma- nopeies.s enses 

king that city Ins pernvment rcsidi nee. i|,e „as sulTfred to make good his | |„ (hp** a.lminisira ion of medicim-s in 

The fitivernor, a lew months 9iich a niamiPr that thoy arc ccnvRVud into the 
since, ofiVred a rewnrll of 6300 for hK lu»' « »'* die f..mi of vapor, and produce ihdr 
1 1.! fjueslion whether “Pop goes the VVe .- ,,ppreht'nsion, * having then been v ‘^isynsv. li« ..niciicul 

-The B itT.lo papers are discussing 
eslion w hether “Rop goes the We 

sel” is an appropriate tune to be chimed ;,seertairied thaTtbo fugiiiv - was in Quincy: | ibe medical world, and eKiablisli' the 

bv church bells. 

« Ii.imig men IS destined to revolutionize tlie opin 

tt till! fugniv * was in (^-tnicy, j of tite medical world, am' 
but no tlTort was made lo bring him to entire CUIlAnU-ITY of Consnmpiion. 
justice, until w.atcbiiian Ray went for him. | .Applicants will pleuso stale if tliey Imve bled 

One thousand and twenly-eight j£ven then the arrest of the perpetrator r“'' 

larnages were celebrated in the Cincin- ihc dark crime that added t-. Bh' nv ,,,o,v mncli they eap.-ctomte, what tl,ec..i,.-iti„:, 

nali CallioUc Churches last year, and the fainy of our city was but ol a secoiidai'}' 'of their st mtacli and bowels. Tlie Medicines, 
bapiisins in the same were four thousand consideration. A search for stolen prop- | -Vp, annus, &c. will be^orwar.led to any part. 

, , . 1,1 ertv was the main object in view ; an 1 not ! r - 

two hundred and twelve. : 4 ,.o'coo,llno In ,h,.t tl... nffi,.,.r was null TllSTlMOA \ . 

A slcic!» diiveii ! y sails made its , upon the track of the muidi.^|;r. 

appearance on tlic Ice at Davenport, Iowa, 

H wrrk or so ago. 

*V'e, the undcr'^ign^d, pmetif ion. rs in 

Morris had been n'^ul.irly indictt^l, huti®*”^' ckoerfully recomniun.l Dr. Johiipoti ,S. 

I- • 1 .* ii 1 1 . 4 I R'm© « method of treatingdipeasosof th« lliroat 

The motive power was '"s  ^ 1*6 dismissed Iroin the doc  ' • .,„ j », the best and most . (reclna! , v-r 

* as lie cou.d not bi* found; uUt, it '\ill nc , j,jtroduct*d into medical pr.'HUicr. f)u*'‘ — •- 

. , , ,. » W-. ... : iiiziiMiui^iM Mlfcv rvMr |f I .it.iM » . wui (JUII |tJ* 

wind, wliicn galhcrca ui a big saw sent i|ie duLv of the Grand Jur^|]i:it meets , t:ou 9 are h.ised upon having several nf ur 
lhcs!ei(di llyinij like the bird across the io*dav t   return another indicl.*Tient. 

k-e. The sailor navigating it, tacked , murder was committed a little over u vear ^ , ,. (jose. 

about as thoiich the craft were in water '‘ 20 — tke victim was a poor, unoffi'iiding ■ („ tbo above named - h. ilm application 

" , . German, who lived biu a few momeiuslof “Medicated Vapors'* inlialcd directly in: ■ 

instead of on tt. “ "'3* ^ :„(ier he was sh.ot Lon. Omrier. lu«es '""y **   just'y con.Ki icrcd a creat 

tutim during the day ..... 'boon ,0 suffering limnanily, rendering con- 

- ■ , Sl'Sri:NtlO.N'OKTIlKnKA.MKl:f'V 

A pliysiognomist of Cincinnau has , Gramerev Bank Mism-nded navmeit ' . T'' Pfofv simt for 

^ J ^ niLVTraruMM D.inK suspi rmeu pa\ me.U hia atrenuous and unwearied oxertiom* in bring- 

discovered lliat wearing mustaches streng yeslcrd.'iy. and mmle :m :i«signnvnt. we ing this sucr^ssful ai;d only rp|iabl‘» method of 

ihons the eyesight, and that the removal understand, to Goorge Gar.iner and Theo- . treating consumpiion to aucli a degree of per- 

of those hairy 'app’end.igcs has the ellect '! »■ ; I’’- Ooo.lmm. for the benefit of iu 

of causing geneial disease ot die eyes; r -i ,  ...on .,wmn nf ft,o Frl..l M ,A YNH RREW SFKR.M. D. Ne-w 1 'ork. 

o ® laiiure was iiii suspt n ion oi tne T/riei RM PH S'VOHFD Af D ** 

]xr z- ntra, the ^hirsute appendage on the [Jank. and tlie embarrassment of the I JONAS A. MOTT^M. D* ** 

lip is supposed to indicate an alarming Bank of Newcastle. — Lafiyitte .Tourual.'. CYRU.S KIXGSf.KY, M. D. “ 

weakness of the head. It is slated that this is a had failure,: -And eleven other eminent practitioners in 



- 4 rc cnrlni; Hie Sick to an extent never 
before knoM u of any medicine. 


JUt.ES II.AUET^, Kaq., tho woU known ] ©rruiner, of 
Cliesiiiut Str^cr, PliiladelphiD, wb «e choice product© 
tro found at almost ever)* toilet, says : 

**I am happy to say of your CxTHAaTic Pills, that I 
have found them a bettor family medicine, for common 
use, tlMn any other within my knowledge. Many of my 
friends have realized marked benvfrrt from them, and c(k 
incido W’ith me in believini* that they {Kys^eas extnutrdinary 
virtues for driving out dit ca«es nml curini* Ihe sick, 'i’hey 
are not only effectual, but eafe ami pleasant to be taken — 
qualities \vhi *h ntu-i make them valued by the public, 
wlien they are known.’' 

The venerable Chancellor U*.\RDL.\*»V writer from Bal- 
timore, IStb April, lc 5 d : 

** Da. J. C. Araa — bir: I have taken vniir Pills with 
great benefit, for the li.'tllesRncs  , languor, loss of appetite, 
and Bilious headache, which has of late years overtaken 
me in the spring. few* dos*s of your Pills cured me. I 
have used your Cherry Pectonl many year:« in my family 
for roughs and colds with unfailing success. V »u make 
medicines which cure ; and T feel it a pleasure to commend 
you for the good you have done and are doing.'* 

JOH.N F. BK.ATTV, Ksq., Sec. of the Penn. Bailroad Co., 
says : 

I « Pa. R. R. Ofiee. PUiladrtphxa, Dte. 13 , 1853 . 

** Sir : I take pleasure in adding m^ testimony to the 
•fltcary of your medicines, having derived very material 
‘ benefit from the use of both your Pectoral and Cathartic 
Pills. 1 am never w iihout them in my family, nor ^hall I 
‘ ever consent to be, while my means will prc/cure thent.’* 
The widely renowned S. S. STEVTNS, M. I)., of Went- 
w'orth^ N. II., writes: 

“ (laving used your Cathastic Pilij in iny practice, I 
‘ certify from ex; erienre Uist they are an invaluable purga- 
tive. In caees( f disordered funrtii«iS of the liver, causing 
heailache, indigeetion, coetiveness, and the great variety 
cif diseases that follow, they .*ire a Kurer remetlv ihas any 
other. In all rases where a purgative remedy is required, 
I confidently recomineiid tliose Pills to the public, as 
superior to any other I have ever found. They are sure 
in their operation, and perfectly safe — qualities which 
make them an invaluable article for public u.ic. I ha\*e 
for many years known your C*rrry Pectoral as the best 
Cough medicine in the world ; and these Pills are in no 

tlir public, that this ncbool has l»ern in .snccfss- 
fill opcralioii for the last yt-ar. Tbi- kcuiion is t 
, ovory way a desirable one. Tlie town occupies . 
a central position in Ibe State; and will soon be ' 

; tlic icrminusof a Railroad from l.onievill-. 

Jud^i ^ iliR fiitiir*' by Ihe wi , as Trijs- 

tecs . oo most liearlily recommeml lliis i -bool to 
; ;be pu-.Iic p-lroiiage. for tlic firm, but mild and 
jmlKT -us coVL'ninienl, il.s tboroncli mental dis- 
Cipline, and t!io rapid a ivancement nf its pupils 
..I kno'.vicdgc. T. H. 

Clerk of Hoard of Triis'., . h. 

Lei, anon, Ky., .\i,;rusi Id. I - jc. 

Hurley’s SarsAparllla. 

O R all liie rente, :i..s that’ l.avBb.e,, ciseover- 
■ . during tl.s prcsciit ago for tin 


une ,.j, „c_i J. Jinrdstown, Kv. 


.'.9 ELraji'wc'Il ti. Cleaver. 

In-d ahttir if,. l)ru i S'.,. 

D.*c f!n tf 

Ft?! ek fJrcn 

il ' ‘Gf'. ii y . lx iif r t*’uir pro^sHi..^' 

V1.1- to tbo Hlilcte,;. Tl,e^ ,v,ll yivc sp.eial 

ml ills tlie.l fi,s|i is | e 
.'/'-ini'*rfiil preparat ii,n. 
elapsed since lliediscov 
in V, ltd 


to." none i-qu.i! llii.s 
O.tly llirs(» Iiuvo 
'•r (wiio Kp.'iit .a •'(■c.'i.ic 
^ Id, cxjierimr n ling, and perfeeting il ', 

U.-sl introduced it to tbo public, and i- nlfcm:,' 
recognized by the most eminent plivnicians in all 
parts of ,lie coiinlry tube tin- m st s'.i,-*.ri-ing 
and i ffeclivo remedy f r certain disc; s-s of '.vliicb 
they Iiavo knowleilge. 

•All oliier nompoiMid.s or synips of tlie ro-- 
liavf hilliert - failed locoimiiaiij tl-o sanction (1 
the facnlty, beeeuse on b-iiig lesteil tliov be." 
■been found tocouta’n noxious iagri.di..nls, (vlii'l 
neutralize the good i-ff els af tho 

VICO, to tiio .■•Il’lci,.,;. Til,., 
otteiilhen to liie Ire'ihiu-hi of 

' __ f/tPO.\!r /-L sKasE:., 

/lie .'''i.!,.- Jiart ■: r .S l.eop ..le’nsivelv er- 
g igeo in^ 11 ;• ,,.-,n,.eB irioi,';,:ine for tlie last 'J'' 
in !i*n.iiiii;; rpTu!; 

I." re;,,-, and pr.-.rticeif II,, T,, 

IVitll III,, 

1 ,. 


'’'V’'"'’ i.i'/r/i'Es „„,i 

rLK-, "’i iifliis rrcuiixc 

ri .,i..0 . .., iv oieb l.uve pr- i -n ..o, . niinendv j,.,. 

• i 1.1 1.5 i|i.i ’renfinm • of 

•' iirsvnf 6ludy . 
in pcMiiirtliip 

]},,rlnr E'chonl Crtrtrr 
■ermorjy of .S';,o||,v ro,„.ty. \ y . fr- 

Chronic Dfscasee. 

n a.n.a vs , i simplo, ,i„e...npiipat,..i disease, 

neutralize me go al ,,|f .,f t|,„ Sarsaparilla, lh■■m^', sr 7 ,n‘'';'i,.!^.'II,m" "■ 

and often limes ii.|iir.. tlie liejlth of the patient, ein, s and diVr ti,.!,,, ho i- ' 7 "'’*'* '' 

[t is not S-, witli II ariey'.s preparation. , - ' ^ p 2II;i 

Tins is Ih,, pure and genuine e.vl!.ie; of the 1' 1, IT ^ • “X i IF J /A ¥ fs' Y,i 

TftAf fttwY ta-ill A.. .) L_ J*. ... I . . I ^ 7 r 7 i I H 1 • I ¥ 

f : \ i   , I *! 

root, and will, on, be f,,tn,d i..Hiloct a ei-r- 
fni.'i and per!',, t cu;e , f ,r„. following  om- 
j’lMint- and (iifieu' cs: 

Ur-cUonsof Ihe Holier, Ilabilnal CosHvoness. 
Dobility, Indififeslion, DiM‘jtsf *9 of lln* Kifineva, 
I.iver. compl.oint. P-.'.sp. ,, Tiles, Uiasi.,, T.s, 
T'll, nonary diseases. r..,„;,l., Irregulalilir., 
z'Tofula, or Kinfir* !:vil, Fisiula, Ln’philis, 
nd h!l Shin Discr. p.*/. 

Besides curing the above i; is Itiinwn I ,|,e n 
grei.t and powerful, pnrift iiig the blno. 
a.,d invigorat ng the «yst,,m.' jn short, it is 
wil-ui, 11 exception, in thee scs T,ienlione,i. a,, i 
its general olleet upon Ihe ;;yf 

1 . A 


.... • 

wine inferiitr lo that admirable preparation for tlie treat- **.*•■* *-ic must r  y Ol 

ment of disMsc.” the age. ft is elrcady I'.tVnsivelv ase.i tlirongli- 

“.fc/iM, .Vr., At/p. 1853 . ' (iiil tlifi rmmtrv aiwl r c ♦ i« • • f* 

“Da. J. r. Arra-Drar Sir: I have been afflicted from ecu  lr\ , am is |.,o. oblutnmtr an Luro- 

my birth with «cmfula in its worst form, and now, after reputation. I (le iimlaiiros   f cup h it lirt// K'at my pric'^a ftbnl! In n|| cn'#*B shall lihorn! 

twenty year** trial, and an untold of ammint of autfering. efv»cU l are dnil/ roinin^r i.  jtj.^ prot riotor’s Trav  Vr*« bora'-.*? i ’ »icroj. 

h.v,b..ncon,ple,elyc,ireJin.^^^^ ' k'.e'X'lnige, and I,,'- I, as no heviimion in mom- , ‘I'H'o.i to. as /have 


A. S. 

H .'i.Xt; Reec-ally p,iiehn.s.,|| ih- 

formeny . c-iipi.-i as a Hotel, and mo.e 
.-eenl'v.asa Hoar,.mg;:chool. solicits a libera 
-iiare of public patronage. The stand is sitim- 
t,'d on .Alain htreet, /.ebano.,, Kv., and is in a 
r, ,ire,i and piva.saat portion of Ihe town. I 
h .i.) r,,-r,'l„,. ;iv I re-fiirnisbe . the , uii,e oslab- 
dsnmeut in a liniidsnme manner, and am now 
prepar, , to receive travel, rs or regular board- 
ers by til,, ,!ay, wi,elt, month, or y,,Lr. 

-Aly tnb,',, shall always be fiirnisbtd with tiic 
TV I 'Kl 111,, mark,t can afford; end 1 


With whit feelings of rejoicing I write can only be 
imagined w hen you realize what 1 have sutfered, and huw , 

The Trustees „f the town of Mon- i Five d-dlars, consul. .lion fee. Bal 

coticern owned iIr* btiawnyi: Ilanl;, at .Vf- anc© of fee payable only when pa ienls report 
licellu, Kv. Jiave dof id' d positively against Hca, w!iich lias -il&o gtine bv tbi* board. — thernsfllvc.® convalescent. 

crantintr any further license to sell spiritu- 1’he Indianapolis Sontiru l sa-.s in refer- postsfre law requires tlmt 

^ o J * .1 ir • x.'iM • •all letters brt Prepaih. correspondence l»e- 

ous liquors. eiice to this iifluii: D'vrf is a rumor in , extensive, npplictitiohs to ensure replie.s 

— — — ■ _ ciicuirtt'on inat no bonds arc in possession : niupt enclose postage. 

The Lexington Obft rver thinks the AmJitor of State fur the miemp- ' I .r Rose’s Tre lisc on Consumption — price 

there is no doubt that the Frankfort and tion of tlie Gr.itnei'cy and Sh iwpco B inks. “»« dollar. .Address 
Lexinirton Railroad Company will vote If so/wliioh we h,,pe is n,.t the case, that I JOH.N.SO.X STEW.ART ROSK. 

the proposed ^50,000 to the Big Sandy i is culpable for a gross negl,.*ct of| . . Ofime. 8 :U Bro.adwny, New York 

^ .V 1 o J duty, and slioiil-l receive tlie censure 1 

Railroad. 'only of the public, but of the L,‘gis!alnre. 

Quite Sn excitement was produced It would be a breach of trust dishon-vrable 

in the Legislature of Ohio, on Wed ness in the extreme. The eircum.staiioes de- 
mand an inimediare investigation by the 
proper authorities.” 

' Uii-i and npi ;hborlnu cllips. 

day, by Mr. Slough, a tuimber from Cin- 
cinnati, striking Mr. Caldwell, of Ashta- 
bula, in the fa ce with his fist. A slight 
misundcrslandipg was (he cause, and the 
matter is to be investcated. 

duty, and shoul-l receive tlie cettsotre not ' p 

, ,■ , r , , • , ' 1 out ■Ta4cr;siiclt letters, only, bciHT at mv risk 

Jiilv IH. 1 H.A.-,. 



Tlie e.voi'cises nf this llouri.shin,g In.sii- 

Wc alluded in Saturday's paper, lo a 
woman givinfi birth to a child wliich ha, I 

teeth when horn. The w,)man is n.imcd , tulion will rceomnieiico on the first Mon 
Martha Lv, a native of AV'asliingtoii ' day on next Si'plember, (18.A0.) on which 

IIunlington,.lhe forger, since his county, Ind. She stated that she started -lay i'l '^Indents are desired to he pune 

confinement in the State Prison, is sai,I to In Cincinnati on the cars, but at Sevmour! tually in attendance. Lndcr a new Prr-si- 
bave behaved himself in a most sane and ‘o«k the wrong train and come I dent and Faculty every effi.rl will be made 

, ... , , to Jefiersonvillo, ana from thence to iliis , Gie i.ol!i*Gr«» worthv an incn»ase(i 

workmanlike manner. Ihose who have She got into some house and stayed ' pnblic confidence. Students will Iv re 

been swindled by Huntington are of opm a tlay or so, hut the occup.inton finding: ircived witliout dislincti,m of religious 
ion that the forger has in some manner sc- what was about to occur, rudely and un- ; denoniinaiion, provided thev be of good 
cured upwards of tv.o hundred thousand ' thrust her into the street. Shel moral character, „nd arc willing tocontply 

dollars, and if he fails to give them pecu- ' "'‘‘I’ Tl'fre aro two 

. „ . , . ten o clock at nicrht seated lierselt at tin* sessions per vear, ctich of five nionihs. the 

mary satisfaction oy Spring, the idea ts to , 

bring him down for trial on the other m-; between Fifth and sixth streets, wlio, as 
dictments. ' 


** Never until now have I been free from,thi8 looihenme 
diftea«e in i«onie shape. At time.^ it atinrked my eyt-e, and 
made me almcuit blind, benides the unendurable }taiii ; at 
others it setlled in the acalpof my head, and d&*(tn )edu y 
hair, and has kept me partly Uald all my days ; sotnetiniM 
it came out in my faoe, and kept it for months a raw sore. 

** About nine u evks ago I commenced takin;; your Ca- 
thartic Fills, and now am entirely free frt»m the complaint. 

My eyes are well, my skin is fair, and nw hair lias ci^m- 
menced a healthy grow tl: ; all rf which makes me feel 
already a new peiwn. 

** Hoping this statement may be the means of conveying 
information (hat '•hall do gisst to othery, I am, with every 
sentiment of gratitude, Yours, Ac., 


** I have know'n the above named Marta Ricker from 
her childhood, and her siaiement is strictly true. 


Overseer of the Portsrunutii Manufacturing Co.” 

C*rT. JOEL PR.AIT, of the ship Marion, writes from 
Boston, * 20 th April, 1854 : 

Your Fills have cured me from a bilious attack which 
arose from derangement of the Liver, which had become 
very serious. I had failed of any relief by my pMV’sician, 
and from every remedy I could try: but a fewdtisesrd 
your nils have completely restored me lo health. I have 
given them to my children Ibr worms, with the ef- 
fects. 'i'hey were prunplly cured. I lecomnieiidftd them 
to a friend for costiven*as, which had troubled him for An infallible rrmctiy f'jr Scrofula, 
mimtlis : he told me in a few days they had cured him. *'• •* ~ 

You make Uie beat medicine in tlie world ; and I am free 
to say 00.” 

Read this from the disttn^ftiislied Solicitor of the Supreme 
C^uurt, whose brilliant abilities have made him w«U 
known, not only in tins but the neighboring rotates. 

“ JV*f» Orieanr. 5 dt j 9 priJ, 1854 . 

I have great satisfaction In a.-isuring vou thnt 
myself and family have been very much beti  fUeJ by your 
medicines. My wife u*as cured, two years since, of a se 
vere and dangerous rough, by your C'HcaaT Fectok.^l, 
and pince then has enjoyed | erfect health. My children 
have several times been cured from att.\cks of the ItiHu- 
enza and Croup by it. It is an invaluable remedy for 

and nil who iJnsirt* io prnr nro j'liniwio lliat end, and tlicro will 9hor:lv 

lir. ftiiA lintllit 1 x..i  .4V 4 f ;.x I r ixr.i rr.4.mkl.-v 1 i. . i ‘ ^ 

it fo 

relief from PufT-r iitr. On© botllo b-iiij Irie.l, 
its efieeffl will bf? »oo ap|mreHt lo adinii of fur* 
liter doubt. 

ReroUect Hnrl-'y’s Sarsaporilla is tlie t iilv 1 
p'nnino article in the iTinr c{. ' : 

Price 1 

can a’wuys !»e cor.-fully at- 
re made all r.ccyssarv erranpe- 

I *« ...•II I 4 

;;i»l iiniidsiinp iHW stable 

S. H.UtDY 

per betilf, ,.r six bottles for .S. 

For siile at tbo iiiaiiurictors. corner .•“even l!i 
atui Gr."-n strcf-ts. 1 oiiisyilk-, Kv. *n ! Lv 
L. 11 . NOBI.L. iiM /.. -\. ‘-.'’ALDING,' I.eb- 

an 111 ; Kv. 


Carter’s Spanish Mixture. 
015' B'4QOS3tT; 

jYo! a pnr/idi- of M. . -nr;/ {„ H. 




cr**c'o.i on the premises. 

  h‘l . J 7ih If 


C E L EB It .\ T i: D 

©cvmnn Bitlrcs, 


D3. C. K. JAClCSOIf. PhilaXa., Pa., 
war, urrKjTr-Ai.t.v t :-j;k 


( Aronm or ^€rvou9 DclUitif, Ptneo/ec-i nf 
Ai«tnc^#, auJ all tfi/'cases aritiuo from a t/i’e. 
ordered Lxecr #r Stomach, 

S::ch as Conslipallou, inward ! ilcs, Fullness 
of ll!ooJ to ilie Hj*;uI, Acidity of llie Sloinacb, 
N \n«. *1, Ht'.tr burn, Disg*ti8t for Food, Fullness 
or ^^’ui^dit in the Slotnaefi, Sour Rriic.fafion^. 
Sinhiiig or FliitUrii;? at ilie Pit of Hie Stormich, 
h’ .V iii.ndnc of ih© ii* ad, Uurritd au*. Diflicult 
I’roalh lit;, Flnl rrinc .at llic Heart, Choking or 
FufTocatinp Sri»s:ition , when in o lyiii^f pr-Flur**, 

Spinal Coniplaints, nnd j»H di^eases arising froin | 

tiiid ill urimis n?o of Jlcrc/ rv, Imprudence hi ! *^^'YF.CTt*.\u v critri) 1 «Y 

life, or impurilv ot Ihe Blood ! DU. IIOOFLAND'S 

rrCEl/': A FA) 

I of 

ereat alter, live medicine and Piirific 
Blood is now used by Ibousairs 

these compixims. "i'eur Cathartic Pilu have entirely C[ratcfiil patients from all parls of the Uiii'vd 
ciirisl nie from a dyepepsia and nuliveneiia, ivhirh hae S'aies, who testify da'Iy to tlie rcniaTkablocure. ' 
grtnvn upon me fur «:ine years, — indeed, tliis nne is „ u,. «».ev ..r n i. • ‘ / 

much more impr)rtsnt, from the fact that I had failed to ^ rforme l hy the grontpst of all medtcjne?, , 
get relief from the best Physicians which this »ec(k'n of CIRT'ER'S M/X7'fJPP i 

(he country afTords, and fruBi any of tho numerous rem©- *“* - i 4 4. ^ y.v / uiir.,., 

dies I had taken. NrurRlffia. Rheumatism, Scrofula, LJrnplio’is of 

'‘You «-eiii 10 ue, Doctor, like a pmvideniial hleseinz ,| sk,,, di.snassR. Fevers, URe-s old 

to our family, and you may well .suppose we are not un- «... • * oiu 

mindful of it. Yours respectfunv, Si*rc8, .Vih’Ciions of l|i9 Kidnevp, disease.*! of the ! 

LEAVilT THAXTER.” 'Throat, Fcniule Ccmplain s. P«in.^ and Acl 
** Sntrtfe CAtfmfcrr, OAic, 1854 . oflh© Bones and Joints, nra spcedjJv put 

“i".*- ■’i' 9 "“"“I'-J »iC', /.• »'• m de a ihor- flij,i,t by using thi.s great and inc.stiniable reme 

ough trial of the Cathartic Pills, left me by your agent, J o 

ami have been cured hy them of the dreadful Rheuntatism 

under which he found loe sufTering. 'J'l.e first ilo'^e ro- For all ui.scnscs of the Bjoo l, nofhii 1 hns\ i* 
lieved me, and a few eulwequeiii doeoe )ia\e entirely r eenfoiinl tocoinpnrc williir. It clean 


jeertaining her situation, kindly gave lier 
A large operator. iii^rFrora Chica- niinates afterwards 

go. says that the time for speculation has ; „,,d^rstaG.l. entirely destitute. It presents 
passed in that city. ’ ^ case worthy the attention ot the huniane 

ThTc^mei^rBMk of Kentucky j charitable. - Aon. Cou. _ 

has declared a dividend of five per cent; Gordon Gumming, ihe great lion slayer 
on the of the last six months. "‘''® telling Rogers one day how he came 
- -- . _ unarmed upon a huge lion. “Thinking 

The bridge across the river St. Paul;, o frighten him, I ran at him with all iny 

is 1,320 feet in length. .might,” said the hunter. “Whereupon,” 

XT • 1 , XI ri Vi said Rogers, “he ran away with all hi- 

Mai. Ben McUullock, the renowned ; , „ o” 

•i Jitane, I suppose.’ 

, Exactly so,” said 

Texas Ranger, is at present sojourning in Gumming 

Mississippi. In-,,. si- , 

. : I Ihe closing of the river has .allowed hut .Music, per (Ju-ricr, 

the .=un IS ninety-five mi,. ions of| ]jttie huuii„g for drays in their legitimate, I'' reach. 

first ending Fehru;iry 1 , and tl.e seend 
about the 1st of July. 



Board, with Tuition in Ortbograpliy, Re; 'Uig,! 
M' riling, .\rithnielic huJ l!io Llemeuls .1 1 

Grammar, S.t '2 50 | 

Board, with tuition in Grammar, Gcog- \ 

rapliy, use of Ibe Globes, Geometry, ( 

Algebra, Surveying, or citherof these I 

Branches, 47 p.;) . 

Board, w itli tuition in Rhetoric [listory, 
Book-Keeping. Ihe Klenients of Men- 
tal and Natural Philosophy, Botany, 

Higher Mathematics and’ the Latin 
l.angnage, or either of lliem, 5 ) nO 

Washing and ordinary Mending, 5 i) ; 

Physician’s Fee and Medicines, o 50 


miles from the earth, and the nearest stars business, and 
sixty millions of miles — light from the latslt!'®'’’ attention 

ter is ton years teaching us. MTiat 
chance for a m.agnetie telegraph 1 
V. ho Hill m.'.’.ie lIic wire? 

, !rountrv. AVt 

.410 on 
5 no 


00 ' 

reinored the dissa.«e. I feel in better health now than f  r 
some years before, wliicli I attribute entirely to the olfecls 
of your Cathartic Fills. Yours with great respect, 

The above are all from persons who are publicly kn  w*n 
where they reside, and who would not make these stale* 
inents without a thorough conviction that (bey were true 

Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER & CO., 

Practical and Analytical Cbcmuts, Lowell, Maatk 

L. H. NOBLE, Lebanon, 

E. L. Chiindler, O.impbcllsville, 

J. Stark it Son. Springfield, 

And sold by all dealers in Medicines 
every where. 

June 1-3, fit, y 



.Announces to his friemis and the publir (lint 
for a term of years the above 


of a!l ira nritir.^, net- rcnllv :i"d efli- 
cicmiv oil the Liver and KGneys, s irnglhcns : 
tho diffesiinTi, g!V©9 to»o to the .^tonisfdi, Mak'“9 
the skin clear » nd health}*, and n stores ti e 
r ’nslilutloii, cn fobleu uy dl.scasp or (T' kvn 
down by th© pxcosn,*s of youth, to its pristir- 
vi?oY and st-cURtli. 

F‘ r liie Ladies, il i^ic 'mnarably better tlion 
all the cosmetics ever used. A few doses ol 

Carter's Span / sk Mittu re 

Will remove all flallowness of o.omple.'cfon 
brinjT the roses manll’ug lo the cheek, pive 

elastioity to (lie .«5tep, and impr ve jr.'nrral iicuhii 
, in a rem irkahlc (.egree, beyond a 1 the modicine.*: 

FFFP'.QFi) nv 


Yo. l 2 '“ ,Lr.''» y:nr:. Poilrdijj.hic. 

Their pov\er ovtr the above dlsrisi's j*? uotrx- 
rollAd, il Gq’tRil;''!, bv ony   J!»**r pre;MiTtlion i;. 
()je f.iiii'pjl jhp c"r''s aftr.‘t, in njnnv 

cini’s af ”r gUiUuI pi; ; ‘.j' l h-s ‘int; 

Ti:e- e Bittt rsnn WGr./iy tlrc oltvntio'j of in- 
valids. viilM**, in ihf reptiH- 

fG'tiDll ^Di‘G■t^»S t'f I':-’  .i*r •«.:(' j"SSr '•J l«nrtH, 

cxercialafT ^h»' n.oA m - f • t-OvVCTR ’]) wo k 
n -ss ;u'd hlVeeliona of Dj- sliv o •■ren:t', they 

.»r.AD AND CE ; •.( ‘ D. 

.V’;.,".' 7/ frrni llr Si nil. ;?( /(»;•, 

.r : (lori, I rvi'.M'* iin'-ri i.h 

V Hr (■ I.'lir.-: X. I',. ' .'c:"' s. 'I liry 

'A ■'.I ' L ;i'i • ' .1 : '*v i**II tdj iu x* 

1* H r •'!»»• 1 11 hi. lor M p • e*" O' 

L'lf-r Ti-fd'd} t, f) typrpftia. 

K ri'ois Dtbiiilu, nj Ue Kid- 

neps^ (ic , dr. 

n. W CHANEY. Kv.. Ort., fC, lf:,C. 

.1 \i i 


I'i.i* rs M G «; lirre, I 

  ce th.'rf I con « 


' ' it -t 211011 « 

■ ■ I undx'f niT  ’« i c. 

ever heard of. , . . _ , l NELSON fr EUVw'T.DS. FsdUo Ky , .:-ipp M, 

! 1 ho larjje Hii^'ibcr of cirljncate-: which we ; is-.i, ; • W- r-M.. t,. i.v.rpi  ci‘ tluiMhis junly 

have received from persons from all part** of the i ‘ • wetiif o e ho fuKv . in»sii » r t^c t xnKrd ro- 

United Stoles, is the b."-t evidence lliat tbero is i •' '* ' ' " ’ ’’T ‘I V ' T ‘ ^ teMe-i }'n 

I no humbug about It. Ibe press, holel keep-r.s,, j t. * j, xy, BEKHV. 1 i-.i .ni. n, . h .. Jn'y2i. 
magi.sirates, physicians and public iiit'ii, well | '.7 sil ': ■sVVe ' a.- i -Anl . i r...,., toi lorn cd 

known to the community, all add their tr’aiimo 

the dr.-tymen Inve turned Bed aud Bedding, when furnished, .1 (i( 

to h.vuling wood from tlie I p'"J!r„Vv'V i ?’'’i 

, , 1*1 ,1 L' nrJ at C ollej;© dunntr vaculioii, 1 *J 0( 

‘Ftivn that wood is hroufrht further inforntation addrei^s PKV. P. J 

. , , by them even eight and ten miles, afford- L.A VLiLl.l-!, i’rrsideni St. .Mary’s Uollegei 

ling a handsome profit and steady cmnlov- '•• imion. .Marion t.onuty. Kv., wlm will for- 
'nu'llt. — Z,'-'!/. Com. ' ‘ ' ' 'f Hie Ltslilulioti lo any one ; 

11© ha© loaseJ 

Ij*Tiie House has been renovated and »*e- 

•*T The I'-C »' 
h ti  br* V' 

. J. g ' r : : 
bai 0 «!•' • e 

iiy to llie w mderful effbets of this GKKV'I' 

Call on the apen- :md set a n:u] Al i j. *. •* 
mauar, and road the wonderful ciirc-t this Irulv ■ ■'* 

(rroalest   ( all .Mefiicines has performefl. ’ I ^ 

No'h* penuine unless signs'd BENNETT &; i /v. ^. \ \ 

arranjred, and everythiujr put in proper onler v’. \ ^^trect, Ricli | • 

for thoonienainmeu of 'rravelersand Boarderb. ^ ordee f.r supplies guiJ , 

itrjincHS must lie addressed. f 

Dr. Do flc-'ul’i* flpijiisn blUotf.ftj’d bclicxs 

r. I'viu'. Kv..JiJ 0 ^ CC, • 1 . 1 *': ''W# 

■•‘t' In httr»M'i.(  ;; • (i„r i .i) fl'jri'l liiticr': 

^ yuicli^ b  il   ball tWic n 

:ro A 

, 'Nil 

Jdu. 1 ‘'56-tf 

deeirin^ full details. 

July oO 2 n 


u..'.f iiF niorsANi) flov’-kr 
b-b.'ef W.SAKHBLVIY 

i Am/ f.r s,i/r f'l L II. YODLE, /  ,. 
r\\|MMo,i; JOEY STARK Si- SOY s ,, ■ 


,, -■ 

m'iM ’ a 1 

',’-4 bpi’ri h''ii*’nTt 4 *'' ” 
nc}/*  ’'■'■ t r'-'f' ’ '■« ••• ! t'K- 

i.'-llIlT . V •I'M'', Tievc* Df*. i 

li.i.ij * . ; - V .'I' f •* a-’i. 

L- if.f'-- •-.* '.c ( vi. r\ '» brre 

T.-P0.. .A pr«l 

XX * p* . -V \ r i V ' « » , a** a c ha\c bct it 

.I'vir, kia tsr 

' pi'ld; a. id In dojhrsin M:d ■A*' . 

. h.- 

L. II. N 'I 
, r A So" 

L£, w; 

^ c I  3 e r i Vi 

A M u. V ,1.01's Si'iiiir. — The Kookpuit 
(N Y ) Kepi'.Lilio has the loll wi'ig, vvliieh 
comes under iho head ol "u-.ii vclous, il 

1: ue. ” 

A hunt ihrcp ycais ago, a girl was walk- 
ing oa i!;c heach of the lake, north of this 
'jiai ■, v.iih a Vi'iing man to whom she 
icl.ated a wondiiful dream o( the previous 
night, in 'A;;ii ii it revealed to her that 
. h',; ah iuld I'md a large sum of money up 
or, die shore. The voung Wiis to 
li..' il U' f r assisting her in the search. 
1*1.. . h. tlic\ came to a dead body, which 
flora iis appearance, and the size of the 
head (iieaily as large as a bushel baskel) 
had evidently been in tire water lor some 

At the sigl'.t, they both fainted away, 
but soon recovered, and venluiing to ex- 
amine it, ilisC"Vorcd about it a bell con- 
taining a large package of money in bills; 
tills they counted and found the uruountas 

ViTivr lit.' 
LU'iw what ti, 

V’l'ivn S.vv.s. — 
iter.-mlj.' r a , 
d a little child 


They bulled the body to prevent dis- and i liiKlreii 1 in thinking 
covery, and also the money, which they , “I "''t 3'^ it'niombers them, 
agreed not todisturb for three weeks. At •■'‘d'- 
tire expiration of the lime, the young man 

I -..tei, 

iiieich.-iiit's knee. 

■'.Vo, r‘; wdiat does if.’’' he ai s vered, 
stroking her f lir hair 

"iteiiicniher the pnoi!’’ grandpa, when 
it comes down the chimnev. it roars, "Re- 
meinber l/ie poor;” when it puts its great 
mouth to the ki rhole, it lehistles, "Re- 
iMeiiiher the poor; " w hen it strides through 
the crack in the door, it whisj ers it; and. 
giaiidna, when il hlows vuur beautiful sil- 
ver h.iiriii the street, and you shiver und 
biittiiii up vour coat, does it not g. t at 
ynnr ear and .say So too, in a still small 
Voice. giHiidp.i?” 

"Why. VI imtdoes the child mean?” cried 
granJp.i. who. I am afruid, had been used 
to shut his heait against such words. — 
"You want a new mulf and tippet, 1 leck- 
on; a pretty wav to get them out of your 
old grandfalhcr.” 

"No, griindjia.” sail! the child eiirnest- 
y. siinkiiig her lieiel, "no; it’s the no inuft 
f; iny moilior 
and so do 1 



Relieving .as we do, that the perpetuity, 
welfare, ami prosperity of our liclovcd 
counlrv have heen jeopardized hv *he fan- 
atics of the North; we, the undersigned 
have come to the conclusion that onr voice 
as a public journalist .sbould be | nt for- 
ward in defeii-e of those things l.itherlo 
held .sacred hv every one who hreathed 
xhi- fret air of A’nrriar, be they (hitbolic 
or Piote.slant; native born or foreign-born. 
Tire Conslilulion of the United .‘stales gua- 
rantees to every man. who. either is :seci- 
dentallv born within her limits, or swear 
efernallv allegiance (o her laws:prolection. 
suffrage, and the right, (particularly.) to 
worshio (rod aecordintr to the dictates of 
his own conscience. Therefore, eonceiv- 
ing as we do, that the DEMOUU.V! I C 


SU’J'ft A.V.D CAPS!! 

B V lof tlie purcliasiu^ of nialcri 

IT B aU, auiJ lliu nianuf.iulurii};; to order of 
til.'l'KlilOil HA TS, are not excelled iu llie Wrs- 
lf‘rn Cmmlry. 

[ have on liauJ, and arn constantly inuuufatur- 
lo orat-r 

Black and White Beaver, 

Nutria, Hrush, UiKSfsia and Otter flats, &c. Also 
the Spring styleof Hals from ilje most celebra- 
ted liouseA in the city of New York. Together 
with .1 large assortment ot 

llrowu California, black and w hite Duena Visla 
and Wool Hats. 

Mens* and Youths' runaina Hats. 

“ “ Double and single brim 


** ** Pedal Straw Hata. 

“ P tlin Leaf do 

lufniita* faiicv Summer 

Lnti’re.^ according to act ofConeress^, lathe 
;.ear L5l,b  J. S. HOt'CH 1 1 M . U. in 
the ('lerk’s Orticc of the District Court for 
the Lastern Dislricl of Peunsylvania. 

ilnothcr Scientific Wonder. 



I R. J. S. H 0 UGHTCK 3 


'Mir: TKFK 

digfstivp: fluid, 



Propareil from Ronm t, or the Fourlli Stonmcli 
of the Ox, after directiona of Paron Liebig, 
llie gr»nt Phyaiologjcal Chemist, by J. S. 
HOPGHTOX, M. j)., Philadelphia, Pa. 

I( i I 1 1 EjJj ]J .■] 

or TIIK 

wbt5:km; i'orK5.. 

Acki,owkJ(/(tl by  j,vral rx„,sn,l tc 
Largest. Be t at, ■{ ]\,i, 

ill the 

On tl'.e 1st of .Tiiruiiry, IfuC, 
isville Weekly Courier enters np; 
Ki.nrtecnih Yi-ar, w ii h iiu iciitcd fuel 
.it oiii contud to mtike it i. Firs: ( 
Family Pii)itr, complete in its News, I 
rary. Commercial, M iscdi.ineous jiid 

1 DIGEST.” Such i.s the true nicaiiiiijr of ricullural Depai lnu n’s. 

the word TEI’SIN. It is the ciiiif element, or Dm ing tho year a 

Ladies’ Uiding Hats, of the latest New York prreal Dicesting Principle of the Gastric Juice— ctio.; , A i ' 

and Parisian Styles. the Solvent of the Food, the Purifying, Preser- for its c 

Kossuth Hat«, tfec., &.C. ' ving and Stiiiniluting Agent of the Stomach and publlshctl. 

r.unil.‘‘r (.f Ori;ri 

The above goods will be found equal in qual 


HI luting A gen 
It i.s e.xlraclcd fron 

party, i.s the only 

the Digestive 

lint advocates *^y.’ fully as Lt)M in PRH. E as tlie same Stomach of tin* O.y, thus forming a true Digest- 

After the next .storm, the old merchant 

. • • article can be bouglit for in Louisville or any 

"E.|U .1 Rights to all, ,mid exclusive pnvi- othercity market 

leges to none,” we shall, in public, as we The Patrons of 

|m\e berelofore in private, advoeale and large, are particularly invited to cull and exam- 
support tbe tenets of the Democratic Par 

ive Fluid, precise like the Gastric Juice Wpsl iind we shall 

Extra I flor ts will he made to inerea 
its lepii'ali'-n a?, the best newspaper in tl 

ill its Chemical powers, and funiisiiing a 
ihe house, and the public at pleteaiid perfect substitute for it 

cv of 

continue, bv ihe ager 

active special pi.I 

iiie the assortment. 

returned to the place; the money was mis- **-‘''1 dollars to the treasurer ol a re-] 
sing. Ilis companion acknowledged she I lied Society, .and said call for more when i 
lid take care of it 'ou want il. Ihe trea.- 

urei slHitid with 
surprise, for it was the tirsl lime he had 
ever collected more lliun a dollar from him 

had taken it. and would take care of it 3 
until he was twenty, which would be in 
three years. 

As tbe lime lias expired, he demands “'“1 that, he iboiigh', came grudgingly, 
his half, which she answers by denying’ “\\hy, said tbe rich and o.d merciiii 
the whole slatem.cDt. The young man 
tells a friend, Jtnd it spreads like wildfire. 

Report says a large company of men, arm- ; 

hy.” said tbe rich and old merciiant 
afterwards, *‘l could never get rid of that 
child’s worrls; they stuck to me like glue ” 
And a little child shall lead lliein,” 

Home Remedies. 

ed with spades and shovels, arc to day 'says the Scripture. ,*.ow many a cold 
looking for the boiics of the buried slran- heart has melted, and a close heart ojiened 
ger. The excitement has been very much A- earnestness; and suggestive 

increased hy the fact that n propeller was i words of a child, 
wrecked there three years ago, and that ' - 
K gentleman, supposed to be a 8paui.ird. ] 
a stranger to the passengers who were . 
saved, was lost. 

Some paities, formerly rather hard uji, 
report says, have been very llush of late, 
speculating very largely in r eal estate and 
making a great slow genoi-ally. 

L.vter. — We just learn that hones an- 
swering to the fact of the burial, have 
been discovered in the woods about half 
a mile from the beach. 

Fa.nny Fkrn o.v Diikss. — I t isrr.yopiii' 
'on, after all that is said, that women dress 
nuicli more with an eve to their own sex, 
than !o the other. What man, unless he 
ben dry goods merchant, knows whether 
a woman wears Honiton or cotton laces? 
Whatman else knows the value of the 
dainty pocket handkerchiefs with which 
the ladies ostentatiously polish their pret- 
ty noses? What man else knows, or cares 
to know, the value of the camel’s hair 
shaw l, spread so cai etully over their shoul- 
ders? By (he roodl — not one. But the 
deligiited peacock posses.sor rejoices that 
every feminine eye w hich rests upon it, 
com[iutcs its value to n fraction. Yes — 
women dress much more for each other’s 
eyes than men! 1 never knew a man 
whose opinion was worlli asking, who did 
not prefer to see a pretty woman (and 1 
imagine the most demure of ’em don’t 
look lonir at ether!) unostentatiously and 
iiioilestly dressed; and I never saw a pret- 
ty worgan who did not look prettier in her 
planest home dress than in her rnosA elab- 
i.r.'itc adormnmts. But, alas! for plain 
lioiiie dresws — where are they? Where 
is the picliy de laine, and neat calico, 
none too good for little climbing feet (now 
fiisbiou-banished)? Ffeho answers — where? 

A Novel Fire. — As officer Eagan was 
walking yesterilay upon Sixth street, he 
observed a little in advance of him a lady 
from whose ample skirts a vapor appeal - 
ed issuing. Tire phenomenon riveted his 
attention, and he followed on, while soon 
the fir l tilniy cioiid became more dense, 
and while, still wondering in speechless 
astonishment, a bright blaze burst forth 
from behind. Here was a climax requir- 
ing speedy and prompt action; the lady 
was on lire and must be put out, so dash- 
ing forward the officer seized her by the 
dress, and gathering the folds of that and 
the voluinimuis petticoat to bear upon tbe 

I In another column of to-day’s paper 
I will be found the advertisement of L. II 
Nobi-K a Co. Their preparations are 
made among us and are known to he at 
least equal, if not superior to any others of 
similar kinds put up anywhere. lire 
Ohilband Fever Renieily has no superior, 
as can he satisfactorily shown hy those 
who have been cured hy it. The sale has 
been so great for the past few weeks, and 
the satisfaction it has given so general, 
that the proprietors will, in the course of 
a few coming weeks, send to different 
parts of the country one liuiuliod dozen. 

This remedy is not only safe and certain, 
but by its combining in just proportions 
the pioperlies of a Tonic and Anti-Peri- 
odic, Cathartic, and Diaphoretic; it needs 
no Ollier medicine to accompanv it; and 
besides it leaves the system lice in a great 
measure, from the usual tendency to a re- 
turn of the disease. 

The Sarsaparilla is the officinal prepa- 
ration, made after the formula of the Uni- 
ted Slates Dispensatory, and contains oiilv 
the pure and fresh Honduras Root. It is 
recommended by our Physicians a.s supe- 
rior to any other in the maik -t. Its rapid 
sale among us, to those who know its 
qualities and the manner of its prepara- 
tion would seem to bo its best recommen- 

Of fire Flxlract of .Jamaica Ginger, 
there need be nolbing said. It lias been 
in use extensively for three years past and 
gives general satisfaction. 

These preparations arc not Patent 
Medicines. There is no .secret about 
them. 'The public can see the formula 
by which they are prepared, and any res 
pectable Physician can have the same by 
application to the proprietors in person or 
by letter. 

These reraedie.s can always be had, 
wholesale or retail, of the proprietors, at 
their Drug Store in Lebanon, Ky., and 
of Druggists generally. 

Tho Scientifle American 


One Thousand Dollar Cash Prizes/.' 

'The Twelfth Annual Volume of this 
useful publication commences on the l-Tth 
day of September next. 

The NVic)( r/fc American is an illustrated 
eruption, he smothered the contlagiation periodical, devoted chicHy to the juoinul- 
wiihout having recourse to the opposite igation of information relating to the vaii- 


ous Mechanic and Uliemic Arts, Industrial 

The lady after expressing licr gratitude ; Manufactures, Agriculture, Patents, In- 
for the timely senice, accounted for the j ventions. Engineering, .Millwork, and all 
fire, by staling that she liad a short time | interests which (he light of practical 

jirevious been standisg by a stove, and 
one of 'her hooped garments beii’ir of a 

iscienceis calcnlated to advan.-e. 

Rcfiorts of U. S. Patents granted are 

light woolen fabric, it had become ignited, 'aljo published vverv week, including olli- 
After escorting her to her residence in | eja! copies of all the Patent claims, togeth- 

New street Eagan again returned to his;c 
beat, a whole fire department within him 
self. — Cin. Com. 

r with news and information upon ihuus 
- antis of otlier subjects. 

ItlOOO — ill cash prizes — will he paid on 
the 1st of January next, for the largest 
list of subscribers, as follows: ?200 for 
the; 1175 for the 2nd; *150 for the 3d; 

A Decided Cuke. — Tho coming chan- 
ges of weather render it incumbent on 
every person to protect their health, and ; i'] 05 f^; ihe" 4\hr‘^lVo"Vorihe' 5U.7«‘f5 

no better remedy can he used both as cii 
rativeattd preventative than Hurley’s Sar- 

Affections of the chest, bronchitis, or 
any derangement of the respir.atory sy.s- 
tem is peculiarly benefitted hy its soothing 
influence, and in prulractod cases of coughs 
colus, or irritation about the thro it or 
chest, decidedly tho safest and most effica- 
cious medicine can be retorted to. — 
In ibis city it ii extensively used with 
marked success. — St. Louis Herald. 

A dandy negro entered 11 stationer’'6 
shop and with a ■ cisequential air inquired. 
‘Ilab you a b w q iirt i of letter paper, of 
de very best rate, for a gemman to write 
lub letters on?’ ‘Yes.’ w -.s :'ie leply, ‘how 
many will you have?’ •! sp - .said he, 
‘my st.ay at the Spring may be about two 
or tbrec Weeks. Give me ’i.outrh quiros 
to write four letters.’ 

J ' .lousy is said to bo 
! "• but it is only (ho embedimciil 
!- 'Is! nets, and oftenerfed by wild passion 
that; 'I nuino atieclion. 

for the 6lh, ^50 fi.r the 7th; 40 for the Stli; 
¥30 for the 9th; $25 for the lOth; $20 for 
the lllh; and $10 for the 12ih For all 
clubs of 20 and upwards, the subscription 
price is only $1 40. Names can he sent 
from any Post-office until January 1st, 
1857. Here are fine chances to secure 
cash prizes. 

'I'he Scienfijic American is published 
once a week; every number contains eight 
large quarto pages, forming annually a 
complete Rnd splendid volume, illustrated 
with several hundred original engravings. 

TERMS; — Single subscriptions, $2 a 
year, or $1 for six months. Five copies, 
for six montlis, $-1: for .1 vear, $8. Spe- 
cimen copies tent gratis. 

Southern. Western and (Canada money, 
or pnst-oflice stamps, taken at [lar for sub 

Ml’NN * ro.. 

I 118, Fulton St., Neil' York. 

' “ Messrs. Munn it Co. are  *xtoiisivelv 

an evidence of engaged in procuring patents for new 
. inventions, and will ndvisc inventors, witli- 
' out charge, in regard to the novelty of 
their improvenicnU. 

ly. We have had it too often thniw-n m 
onr teeth, when we withed to show up 
follv in its true color, that we were "neu 
trill,” and consequently had no right to 
sav aught in regard to anv political subject, 
either prirately or publicly. We have 
got tired of this, and although the bustle 
and commotion of politics suits not onr in- 
clinali.m; vet, under the exigences of the 
case, we think it our imperative duly to 
publisli a strict Iv 


Those who lake our paper hereafter. 

! Illy Stomach. No art of man can equal its cii 
iLJ*Huts of any [lurlicular shape made to or- ! rative powers. It coiitnins lei Atehohol, hitters, 
: .\ci(is, iir Nauseous Drugs. It is extremely 

This is Nature’s own Hemed) f r an unheal- !ish news hy Irlegiapb and the maiN, 1 

dcr at siiort notice. 


Lebanon, may 5. 

advance i.f all conlemporaii's. 

Its comrncrrml reports will he ful!. 

lagreenble to tlie taste, and maybe taken by tlie I'eliatile. 

most feeble patients who cannot eat a watar L' politics llie Co 


— cracker without acute distress. henare of can-Natiol 

lUrier is Native- Ameri- 
It he 



No. 54 Gold street. New York, 

,, II-.. D • • r, ' I' hclii vfs llie pr- 

, Drugeed Imitations. Pepsin is not a Drug. rio l f, r n..i„e.,i;., r 111 , , 

Half a leiispoonful of Pepsin infused ill wa- , , ' '''/’■''"Of’ -si'ould be rxrended 


ter, will digest or diss.ilve tive pounds of Roast 
Beef in aboc two iiours. out of the stoinacli. 

Scientific Evidence. 

^ ^ 0“The Scientific Evidence upon wliich this 

('ONTINUE to publish the four lead- i Ke" e iy is based is'iu tlie liigliciit degree curiouf il p ilu i i 

ing British (^.arterlU^w•iows arid Black- ^ ^ rt .m e.s llr,. c.angcrou.s and sub- 

IS . agazmo. in addition to wbicli [eulnr, gratis, giving alargc am unt of scienlific will oppost- it and its Abolitionism il- nio- 
they have recently commenced the puhlica- 1 evidence, (rom Leibig’s .\nimal Chemislrv; Dr. scriptiven. ss, it.s iiilder.Tiire ts co'.-nna.r.n 

‘ Corime’sPhysiologyof Diges.icn; Dr. Perei-i; bigoii^ 

tion of a valuable Agricultural work, call- 

ih.'it the Imllot box sbouid be more care 
fully L’uaided; iiiul tlii'i sjringenl laws 
sliimld be enacted to prevent piniper and 
criminal emigration. But in Know Nolb- 

tie foe to Southern riglils and inieies» ,nnd 

shall never have the pleasure of saying to (j,p 

us that we have transcended the bounds GUIDE ’I'O SCIENTIFIC 

of "neutriility.” for we intend to have the .^XD PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE.” 
piivilegi; »l saying w lint we please. ^,aml, [’y Hevry Stepiir.ns, F. R. S., of Edin- 
bearing as vve do, the buckler of TRL I H. imrg, author of the “Book of the Farm,” 
we fear not the arrows of error. In thus . a^.sisted hy John P. Norton, 

throwing hroadcast, the glorious old M. A., New Haven, Professor of Scientific 
Imnrict of Democracy, which we liave ' 

been forced to do hy inadvertent cirenm- . ’“ ^ ^ 

stances, which we will explain liercaltci, twu large royal octavo volumes, cifitaming 
we have only acted in self-defense; but of pages, with 18 or 20 splendid 

that, more anon. steel engravings, and more than (iOO engia- 

Heieiifler, our pen. bumble and feeble ^,y,g 

iboiigh it be: will be dedicated to the ilhisti-ating almost every implement of 
Democratic principles, whilst at the same imsbamiry now in use hv the best farmer.*.! 
time, we will not forget to place bemre methods of plowing, planting. I 

ikc., the various I 

in Yale College, itc., Ac. 

This highly valuable work w ill comprise 

on F r nH and Diet; I)r. John W. Draper ( f New 
York University; Prof. Diiiiglison’s Pliysiologyr 

Its tone 

nd zci.louslv 

will bo bold and independent 
I’r f. Silliman. tf Yale Colie'g-; Dr. f'a'rpenlerb’ «'a.vs apiirovini.' ihe right and fearless'v 
Fhysioogy; 4.C., logetlicr willi reports jf cures coridemiiiiig the wron" 
from all parts of the United States. 'PI,.,.... I _ :i ?• i 1 ■■ 

Pepsin in Fluid and Powder. ^.ni (.st.em Tt 'i (be rdr- 

Dr HOUGHTON’S PEPSIN is prepare, in '“r "'■  it lii.s duty to co-operate 
powder ami in Fluid Form — and in ever Nalu.nal Urirty he tiu.nks 

vialsforllie use of Pliysicians. Tlie powdiWlill likelv toovcribrow Know Nothitigisnr and 

be sent by mail free of P stage, f,,r one ,^fl iir  \ 1 1 t/'kti - 

sent to Dr. Houghton, Pliiladelpliia. 

CrOBSERVE this:— E very II 

ar Abolitiotiism; 

The Courier is printed in the very best 

harvesting, Ac. 

our readers each week, matter tor their Kj... 
amusement. ediHcation ; animals in iheir Iiii^hest pi*rfec- 

TERMS — THE POST will be fur nisbed [ 1 ,^ pictorial feature of the 

to subscribers at $2 00 per year, if paid in ^vill render it of incal- 

advance. k\ ben payment is delayed f®' iculable value to the student of A'rrictil- 

SIX nioiilhs, ^2 50 "'ill be exacted, and 
wlien payments are delayed until liie end 


This work is bein*: 

r . • u 1 ; liiib wuik i.-s ufHi*: published in Semi- 

led ClJbsof tenor more, however.  «onthly Numbers ol 04 pages each, ex- 
f „r .qf, eneb. where the men ‘^»g ;av,ngs. and ,s s 

, ui uir , ,1 ',1 . ’1 • 

geiiuinr Pepsin lionrs tlie written signuin re of  ‘-r p^'^daetd type, on a 

.1. S. HOUGHTON, M. D., sole proprietor. Iari:e and handsu-iiie sSheel, at the I'ollow- 
Philadeiphia Fa. Copy-right aud Trademark intj cxtiaoidinarilv low 
Hecur**d. ^ 

Sold hy aM Druggists and dealers in Med ' 
cine. Frice ONE DOLf^VK per Ijoltle. 


L. II. NOHLE, LrbanuD. ' 

J. Smkdlkv, Hum dsunrg. 

D. D. W OODS, Bardsiown. 




1 copy or the Weekly Courier; one yea,- 2 rtl 

f " “ 5,011 

lU “ “ •  « .. 

“ “ ” 20,00 

To avail of those tei nr.*, full club.s must 
!)u sent at one time. Additions ci.n be 

, madi to clubs of ten or twenty at 

A niS Magazine has already renebed a for each subscriber 
regular monthly issue of more' than 100 - No paper' ever .- ent unless the money 
000 cojiies-, and is still steadily ami rapid- he {.aid in advance ’’ 

will he taken at $1 60 each, where Ihe mon 
ey‘ aceomiHitves the list. 

W. W. JACK. 

EDirOK AND PltOPK... /» R 
Lebanon, Kv., Deceniher 1st, 1855. 

ly increasing; 'The Publishers have en- , 

» sold ' (joavoied, hy a well-directed use of the the 
abundiinlii'esouices at thejr coinimuid, to , 
render it the most attractive and most use- i 
ful Magazine for poiiular reading in the ; 
world; and the e.xtent to which their ef- 

Scott’s Weekly Paper. 

The Publishers of this large and popu- 
lar Fainilv Journal offers for the coming 

forts have been successful is indicated by gcribei 

at 25 cents each, or $5 for tbe entire work 
;in numbers, of which there will be at least 
j twenty-two. 

I The British Periodicals Re-published 
_ lare as follows, viz: 

The London Q iarterly Review (Conserva- [ ,he fa'ct, tlmV it harmmined 7gr7aU-“r 
live), ' 

The Edinlitri/ Review (Whig), 

vear, (1854) a combination of Literary at- /jW/rs/i ifeprere ( Fiee-Church), : Special efforts will be made to render j 

tractions her etofore unaltcmpted by any , T/ie U es/minsfer /feerete (Liberal), and j it still more interesting and valuable du- 1 
of tbe Philadelphia Weeklies. Among Llackwooii s JJo /agr?ie (lory). , ring the present vear. In addition to tlie ’ 

• ■ Alihoiigh these works are distingdished 

And Ihe paper always discontinued at 
J expiration of the tiiiie paid for. 

Our friends will oblige us hv aidin''' iis 
in extending and increasing our list of 

The Daily Courier is mai’td to sub I 

s at to, 00 a vear. ut.d I hi Srmi 

, ... I Weekly Courier i.t $.3,0 0 a v , ar in ad 

jculation than any similar periodica! evor.vance. 

the new features will be a new and bril 
lianl series 

usual ample and choice selections of For- 

All cominunicalior.s to be adiiressed to 

W. N.  l\i-di;man. 

Courier Steam J^: iniing Hon-e..M ;uid .53. 
'I’liird street, near .\! .,iu, L uis\ ille, Kv o of Ori'ginal Roniances by ^3 3 ; cign and Domestic Literature, an increas-i 

Georae L';)P"rif, entitled “Legends of the i •* ‘‘''’'“I o! tlieir contents is de- 1 ^.,l amount of Original Matter, by the' 

Last Century.” All who have rend Mr. voted to political subjects. It is their /i’(- ablest American W'riters, will be hereafter i 
Liiipartl’s Ci-lehralcd Legends of tl;e character xyhich gives them their j fui-nished. 'The number of Pictoral em- 7own 

St. Joseph’s College. 


American Revolution published for | Ifeatcr , iim buildings arc'^statih 

six consecutive weeks in the Siitvrdm / ; 
Courier, will find- these pictures of French , 
.and American History endowed 
tlie power and brilliancy of his 
productions. 'The first of a series ot Dng- 
inal Novellettes, enllcd “Morris Hartley,”'' 

THIS Institution is situated in B.nrds 
The .site is heantifu! iind hv ..Itlr. 

vei'v extei.- 

. . , tt'jtjve all other journals of ; variety will be given to its literary con lcj.-r q'he ''-il n-in.r l 

f F'rencii class. BlackwooG, still under the:icnts; its Editorial and Miscellaneous de- ■ o^d handsonmlv s°* v^li'v ' 'n'**' 

with all ."'■"'^(crly guidance of Christopher Noi'th, i pm-tments will be still furllicr enlarged i f-.j-gors are fror? fvvVli i' ^ 

pr evious ;ir.ainta.ns rts ancient celebrity, and is. .at !md strengthened; and no labor or l-t- : her annexe 

of Oiig- , (l"s time, unusually attractive, from the se- pt-pse will be spared to render it in every Hiin . ' .i ' 

ial works of Bulwer and other literary ' 

the Knights of the Mystic Valley, hy I ""("Wes, written for that magazine, and 

pt-Pse will be spared to rentier it in every ,ion of those intrusted to tlieir care 
vyay, and, n all respects,^ still more wor- : Hoard, washing and tuition in all or ,.ir. 


distin nti]’herNov7Tist, the favorite of the'i’ials- which iiumerous rival editions are 

West.”and the author of some of the finest Hi s«c H y the leading pubishers in this 

prodtictions ever read, is also engaged to ' country, have to be reprinted by those J Slates may now receive tbe Magazine bv 
furnish a brilliant Novellette to follow the i publishers from the pages of Blackwood, | mail for three cents a number, or thirty- 
above. Mrs. .I/irrv ,4)('/rc?c.v Dfw’wn, au- . afi ek it has been issued bv Messrs. j. six cents a year postage, either of the 
llior of Home Pictures. Patience Worth- : Scott it Co., so^ that subscr ibers to theiPubliahers, Booksellers, or Periodical 


thy of tire extraordinary favor with which 
it has been received. 

Harper's New Monthly Magazine owes 
ts sncceas to the fact, that il presents more 
reaJii'i/ matur, of a better quality, in ;i j 
more elegant style, and at a cheuper rate, ' 
than any other publication. i 

Subscr ibers in any part of the United 'o. For the class of Mineralogy and 


of the branches taught, 
session of 10 1-2 months, $100, OC 
Extra charges, at the option of llm par 
ents. are 

1. For the use of Instruments in 
Natural Pliilosojihy or Cliemis- 
try, .... $10,00 

niTton and her Grandmother. Ac., will , reprint of that Magazine may always rely 
contribute a splendid Domestic Novel- jon having the earliest reading of these 

1,-tte. entitled the “Old Ivy Grove,” and liascimitmg tales. 

H. C. Willson an illustrated Story called | 
the “Two Edged Knife” — a graphic pic- : 
turcot Karlv Life in Old Kentuckv’. 'lo; 


Per ann. 

For anv one of the four Reviews 

tliesc will 'he added Original Contribu- 1 or any two do 

lions and selections from .Mrs. Caroline \ v or any throe do 

L-e lleniz. Clara Clairville. Lilie Liheri.e,‘Vor all four of tire Reviews 
Grace Greenwcod. and other distinguish- For Blackwood’s Magazine 
ed writers; the news of the day, graphic ; P’or Blackwood and three Reviews 
editor ials, full reports of the provision, , l’’or Blackwood and four Reviews 
tnoii")-, and stock markets, letters from ■ For Farmer’s Guide (complete in 
travelers at home and abroad, Ac., Ac. ' ^ Niic 

'Terms. — One coy, one year, $2; two 
copies, one year, $3.' four copies one year, 

*5; nine copies, one year, and one to the 
getter-up of the chib, $10; twenty copies, 
one year, and one to tbe getter np of tbe 
club, $20. Address, 

A. SCOTT, Publisber, 

No. Ill, Chetnut Sti'cet, Pbiladelpliia. 

$5 00 

22 Nos. 

(Payment to be made in all cases in ad- 


A discount of twenty-five per cent, from 
I the above prices will be allowed to Clubs 

Each number of the Magazine will con- 
jtain 144 octjivo pages, in double columns 
. eace year tlius comprising nearly two 
I tboiisand pages of the choicest Miscella- 
ueuus Liteature of the day. Every Num 
her will contain numerous Pictoral Illus- 
trations, accur ate Plates of the Fashions, 
a copious Chronicle of Current FIvents, 
and impartial Notices of lire important 
Books of the mouth. The volumes com- 1 
mcnce witli the numbers for J une and Do-; 
cember; but Subscriptions ni.ay commence | 
with any number. I 

Teuxis. — 'I' he Magazine may be obtain- 
ed of Booksellers, Periodical .Agents, or" 

j3. For Music or 
I quarter, each, 

4. For Painting or 
j quarter, each, 

1 5. For Board in the 

Dancing, jier 
Drawing, jicr 
College du- 

ring tlie vacation, per week. 

6. P’or use of bed and Lediiiiig, 

per session, - - - 8,00 

For further particulars apply, hy letter 
to tbe President. 

N. B. 'The Collegiate exer cises were re 
sunied on the 2d of Septoniher 



Niihlr'.s f'lnu I ouvi! Syivp of Sarsaparilla 

for Scrafula and Scrofulous .Mrectioiis, Krv- 
- ,1 u  1- 1 J II . sipalas, Svpnalis and Sviihuloiii diseases, Dys- 

.roni the Publishers at three dollars a year' Costiveness, PilJs, Tetter or SallKliuin 
or twenty-five cents a number. Numbers ■ Scald Head, IHugworai, Gonerar Debility, Ke 

from the commencement can be supplied 


I have a yood supply of STATION 
ER Y, on hand and for sale; such as: 
Foolscap and Letter Paper, 

Note Paper, 

Plain and Fancy Envelopes, 
Steel Pens, Ac.. Ac. 

\V. W. JACK. 

ordering four or more copies of any one at anv time, 
or more ol tire above works. Tims: 4| Address “Harper’s Magazine, New; 

opies of Blackwood or of one Review will j York,” jiost paid, 
be sent to one address for $9; 4 copies of 
tbe four Reviews and Blackwood for $30; 
and so on. 

Orders from Clubs must t)e sent direct 
to tbe publishers, as no discount from these 
prices can be allowed to Agents. 


79 Fulton street. New A'ork, 

Entrance 54 Gold sti'eet. 

^loney, current in the States where issu- 
ed. will he received at par. 



GENT3, eitliT Iravflinp or local,; for 
Nowsp'ipi-rs or Periooirnln, arc requested Lp always addressed post-jiaid or franked. 

m PRlKTlXfi!! 

Having opened a larae and complete 

malt* IrrofruU illes, Fulmoiiary Diseases, Falpi- 
tatioa of llie heart, Chrouic Uhvamatisin, Liv- 
ier Complaint, vtc., &.C., 

Noble’s Chills and Fever 



Tlii.s Frcparaiion conluins no Quiiiiiie or Mer- 
curials of any kind, aud is warrauted. 

(CrNo cure uo pay, positively! 

Woble s Extract of Jamaica Gicger, 

Is an excellent medicine for Dyspepsia Colic. 
Indi^esti -n, Diarriien. Crainjis. Fpaf-ins,JCausta, 
Sinking Sensations, Frustration, ^c. 

Prepared hy L. H. NOELE A. CO. 

For sale by L. il. Ntble A Co., J.ebanon, K|.t 

.will 1C rite Ui J.i. I, Irion Countv Kv I offer mu .evr/ffc l y other Drugeistr, throughout t’ce cunt   

Remittances and comiminicat ions should: x^oumy, t\y..j ojier my seiiices juiy od, 1856-ly. 

to send, Wiliiout dflav. tneir addres lo the un 
dersiiriied, aud Ih-'V will be furnished with a. 
biii-iiiess wtiich wiH yield tlicm from 100 to 200 1 
per. cent, pr 'fit. Tliev will please slate wlia 
newspapers or periodicals they liave canvassed 
f-T. I’orsons wlio have not hitherto uctod as 
Agents, but wlio would like toe'igage as such, 
will also please scii'l llieir names, Post-effico 
address, Countv and State, written plainly. 


Sept lO-.Ini 

to the Publishers. 

A laugf; lot of ready-made clo- 

tliing, and a fine stock of Clotlis, Cassi- 
iner, and A'csti ngs. on liand and for sale bv 

the M’le »t Ma*. 

to the public generally . lam ready at 
alltimes to do up on Ike shortest notice, 
on the most reasonable terms, and in o' 
manner to give entire satisfaction. 

POSVeRS, bill-heads. AC., JtC.. 
Should you want anythiny done in my 
line.jusihriny il alone. 


E. a. GRAVES- 

J. W. TH'S.a 


Lebanon, Ky. 

“I V TILL Praciice ill allllie CourtsofMa- 
y rioii nlid adjoining Ccuiilies. anil 
proiiiplly bttenc to all uusiae.s sctru.led la 
)i«h cur« 

Post (Lebanon, Ky.), 1857-01-21

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