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KDNP was built on the back of seventy-eight historic newspaper titles digitized from 2005-2013 as part of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Those titles were chosen to represent the six distinct geographic regions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We expand the collection everyday through various partnerships with historical societies, libraries, archives, and individuals, as well as by our own means. We've also partnered with the Kentucky Press Association to gather and preserve contemporary newspaper issues in print-ready PDF form. KDNP allows both historic and contemporary content to be viewed and searched side by side.

Digitization of historic newspapers, whether from microfilm or source documents, is a laborous and expensive task. If there is a title you would like to see added to KDNP, please see our contribution page for more information on how you can help.

There are over 260 Kentucky Newspaper Titles currently available through KDNP and we're adding more everyday.

A Titles

  • adair county community voice
  • adair progress (the)
  • the adair county news
  • the afro-american mission herald.
  • american baptist (louisville, ky.)
  • american citizen (the)
  • anderson news (the)
  • appalachian news-express

B Titles

  • bardstown herald (bardstown, ky. : 1851)
  • the bardstown saturday gazette
  • beattyville enterprise (the)
  • bee (earlington, ky.)
  • berea citizen (the)
  • big sandy news (the)
  • blue-grass blade (lexington, ky.)
  • blue-tail fly
  • booneville sentinel
  • bourbon news
  • bourbon news (paris, ky. : 1895)
  • bracken county news (the)
  • the breckenridge news
  • breathitt county news
  • bulletin (the) (louisville, ky.)

C Titles

  • carlisle mercury. (the)
  • carlisle weekly
  • casey county news (the)
  • the central dispatch (stanford, ky.)
  • central kentucky news-journal
  • central record (lancaster, ky.)
  • christian observer (louisville, ky.)
  • christian observer and free christian commonwealth
  • citizen (berea, ky.)
  • citizen voice & times
  • clay city times (clay city, ky.)
  • climax (richmond, ky.)
  • the climax madisonian (richmond, madison county, ky.)
  • the climax-madisonian (richmond, ky.)
  • clinton county news
  • colored democratic voice (louisville, ky.)
  • courier-journal
  • crittenden press (marion, ky. : 1879)
  • the crittenden press (marion, ky.)
  • crittenden press (the)
  • crittenden record-press (marion, ky. : 1909)
  • crittenden record-press (marion, ky.)
  • crittenden record=press (marion, ky. : 1907)
  • the crittenden record (marion, ky.)
  • the crofton courier (crofton, ky.)
  • cumberland county news (the)
  • cynthiana democrat (the)
  • cynthiana news (cynthiana, ky. : 1854)

D Titles

  • the danville tribune
  • daily commonwealth (frankfort, ky.)
  • daily evening bulletin (maysville, ky. : 1881)
  • daily evening bulletin (maysville, ky.: 1883)
  • daily kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky. : 1898)
  • daily kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky. : 1918)
  • daily louisville democrat
  • daily louisville times
  • daily public ledger (maysville, ky.)
  • daily racing form
  • daily south kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky.)
  • dawson springs progress (the)
  • dollar weekly bulletin (maysville, ky.)
  • drummer (lexington, ky.)

E Titles

  • the eagle post
  • echo (the)
  • edmonson news
  • the elizabethtown democrat
  • the elizabethtown news
  • elkton gleaner (elkton, ky.)
  • evening bulletin
  • evening bulletin (louisville, ky.)
  • evening bulletin (maysville, ky. : 1882)
  • evening bulletin (maysville, ky.: 1887)
  • evening post (louisville, ky. : 1893)
  • examiner (louisville, ky.)

F Titles

  • the fairview favorite (fairview, ky.)
  • falmouth outlook (the)
  • farmers' chronicle (richmond, ky. : 1838)
  • farmers' home journal
  • the frankfort commonwealth
  • frankfort roundabout
  • frankfort weekly news and roundabout
  • free christian commonwealth
  • free press

G Titles

  • gallatin county news (the)
  • georgetown herald
  • gleaner (the)
  • grant county news (the)
  • greensburg record-herald
  • guardian of freedom (frankfort, ky.)
  • the guthrie commercial (guthrie, ky.)

H Titles

  • hancock clarion (the)
  • hartford herald (hartford, ky.)
  • the hartford republican
  • the hazard herald
  • hazel green herald (the)
  • henry county local
  • herald news
  • hickman county gazette (the)
  • hickman courier (hickman, ky.)
  • hopkinsville banner (the)
  • hopkinsville kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky.)

I Titles

  • the idea of university of kentucky
  • the idea: the state university of kentucky
  • interior journal
  • interior journal (stanford, ky. : 1872)
  • interior journal (stanford, ky. : 1905)
  • semi-weekly interior journal
  • interior journal (stanford, ky. : 1912)
  • it (lawrenceburg, ky.)

J Titles

  • jackson county sun
  • the jackson purchase
  • the jackson republican
  • jeffersonian (jeffersontown, ky.)
  • jessamine journal (the)

K Titles

  • kentuckian (frankfort, ky.)
  • kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky.)
  • kentucky advocate (danville, ky. : daily)
  • kentucky advocate (shelbyville, ky.)
  • the kentucky age
  • the kentucky farmer and breeder
  • kentucky gazette (lexington, ky. : 1789)
  • kentucky gazette (lexington, ky. : 1809)
  • kentucky gazette and general advertiser
  • the kentucke gazette
  • kentucky irish american (louisville, ky.)
  • the kentucky kernel
  • kentucky leader (lexington, ky.: daily)
  • kentucky live stock record
  • kentucky mountaineer
  • kentucky new era
  • kentucky rebel (the)
  • kentucky register (richmond, ky. : 1907)
  • kentucky reporter (owensboro, ky.)
  • kentucky sentinel (mount sterling, ky.)
  • the kentucky standard
  • the kentucky state flag
  • kentucky statesman (lexington, ky. : 1849 : semiweekly)
  • kentucky statesman (lexington, ky.: 1849 : weekly)
  • the kentucky tribune
  • the kentucky vindicator
  • kentucky whig (lexington, ky. : 1825)
  • kentucky whig (lexington, ky.)
  • kentucky whig (mount sterling, ky.)

L Titles

  • the lafayette times (lafayette, ky.)
  • the lake news
  • the lebanon post
  • the ledger independent
  • the lexington morning democrat
  • lexington observer and reporter (lexington, ky. : semiweekly)
  • lexington observer and reporter (lexington, ky. : weekly)
  • lexington press (lexington, ky. : 1890 : daily)
  • the lexington record (lexington, ky.)
  • lexington standard (lexington, ky.)
  • lexington times (lexington, ky.)
  • lexington weekly news (lexington, ky. : 1912)
  • lexington weekly press (lexington, ky.)
  • lexington weekly transcript (lexington, ky. : 1882)
  • lexingtonian (lexington, ky.)
  • liberty (la center, ky.)
  • licking valley courier
  • lincoln=grant herald (covington, ky.)
  • louisville anzeiger (louisville, ky. : weekly)
  • louisville courier-journal (louisville, ky. : daily)
  • louisville courier-journal.(the)
  • louisville daily courier (louisville, ky. : 1851)
  • louisville daily courier (louisville, ky. : 1861 : evening ed.)
  • louisville daily democrat (louisville, ky. : 1843)
  • louisville daily democrat (louisville, ky. : 1862)
  • louisville daily express (louisville, ky. : 1862)
  • louisville daily express (louisville, ky. : 1869)
  • louisville daily journal (louisville, ky. : 1833)
  • louisville daily union press
  • the louisville examiner
  • louisville industrial and commercial gazette
  • louisville weekly courier
  • louisville weekly journal
  • luminary (richmond, ky.)

M Titles

  • madisonian (richmond, ky.)
  • maysville weekly bulletin (maysville, ky.)
  • messenger (lexington, ky.)
  • morning democrat (lexington, ky.)
  • morning herald (lexington, ky.)
  • the mt. sterling advocate
  • mount vernon signal
  • mountain advocate (barbourville, ky. : 1904 : weekly)
  • mountain eagle (whitesburg, ky.)
  • mountain signal (mount vernon, ky.)
  • mt. sterling democrat

N Titles

  • national union (winchester, ky.)
  • new voice (louisville, ky.)
  • the news democrat
  • the news enterprise
  • the news journal
  • the news-herald
  • news=leader.(the)

O Titles

  • observer and reporter (lexington, ky. : 1870 : semiweekly)
  • ohio valley worker
  • oil world (lexington, ky.)
  • the oldham era
  • omnibus. : ([louisville, ky.])
  • owingsville outlook (owingsville, ky.)

P Titles

  • paducah daily sun (paducah, ky. : 1896)
  • the paducah evening sun
  • paducah sun
  • paducah sun (paducah, ky. : 1898)
  • paducah sun (paducah, ky. : weekly ed.)
  • the paducah weekly sun
  • the pembroke journal (pembroke, ky.)
  • ploughboy (harrodsburg, ky.)
  • post (lebanon, ky.)
  • presbyterian herald (louisville, ky.)
  • public ledger (maysville, ky.)

Q Titles

There or no titles in Q digitized at present.

R Titles

  • record (greenville, ky.)
  • the reporter
  • richmond climax (richmond, ky. : 1897)
  • richmond climax (richmond, ky. : 1917)
  • richmond daily register (richmond, madison county, ky.)
  • richmond herald (richmond, ky.)

S Titles

  • the sandy valley advocate
  • semi-weekly bourbon news
  • semi-weekly interior journal
  • semi-weekly south kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky.)
  • shelby sentinel (shelbyville, ky.)
  • the south kentuckian (hopkinsville, ky.)
  • the spencer magnet
  • springfield sun (the)
  • the spout spring times
  • the stanford banner (stanford, ky.)
  • the stanford interior journal
  • star (the) (frankfort, ky.)
  • the state college cadet
  • the sunday chat
  • that same old coon (new york, ny)

T Titles

  • thoroughbred record
  • the tompkinsville news
  • the trenton exponent (trenton, ky.)
  • tri-weekly commonwealth
  • tri-weekly kentucky yeoman
  • the tri-weekly maysville eagle
  • the trimble banner
  • twice-a-week record-press
  • true american (lexington, ky. : 1845)

U Titles

There or no titles in U digitized at present.

V Titles

  • voice of masonry and tidings from the craft

W Titles

  • weekly dollar democrat
  • weekly louisville democrat
  • the weekly kentucky messenger
  • the weekly kentucky tribune
  • the weekly louisville times
  • the weekly maysville eagle
  • weekly messenger (richmond, ky.)
  • weekly reporter
  • weekly reporter (henderson, ky.)
  • the weekly roundabout
  • the weekly shelby news
  • western citizen (paris, ky.)
  • western monitor
  • western presbyterian (danville, ky.)
  • winchester news (winchester, ky.)
  • the winchester sun
  • woodford sun

X Titles

There or no titles in X digitized at present.

Y Titles

  • young's spirit of the south and central american

Z Titles

There or no titles in Z digitized at present.


Thematic collection lists provide a view of KDNP's unique newspaper groupings. These lists are not exhaustive by any means. Please see Thematic Lists to discover KDNP's African American newspapers, labor newspper titles, politcal titles, university newspapers, and more.


U.S. Copyright law is complex. All newspapers prior to 1924 are in the public domain and free of copyright restrictions. Newspapers published after December 31, 1923 may fall under copyright (but not always). Kentucky newspapers prior to 1923 in the Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program are free of copyright restrictions. Any print use of Kentucky newspapers published after 1923 require the permission of their respective publishers. KDNP cannot grant use on the publisher's behalf. If you have any questions concerning copyright, please visit the informative copyright resource Copyright for Historic Newspapers from our friends at Oregon Digital Newspaper Program or visit the U.S. Copyright website.

The use and reprinting of our pre-1923 newspaper page, article, or photo images are freely available. We ask only that you credit the University of Kentucky Libraries where applicable. There are a few exceptions. 

  • The Kentucke Gazette; Kentucky Gazette; and Kentucky Gazette and General Advertiser are credited to UK and LPL.
  • The Mountain Eagle should be credited to UK and The Mountain Eagle. NOTE The use of any page or article image beyond the public domain date of December 31, 1922 must recieve copyright clearance from The Mountain Eagle publisher.

The use and reprinting of post-1923 materials require the permission of the newspaper title publisher, and should be cited as "Newspaper, Publisher, accessed through Kentucky Digiatl Newspaper Program, University of Kentucky Libraries."


Check this listing for the historic Kentucky newspapers available in Chronicling America.

The U.S. Newspaper Database from the Library of Congress offers catalogue records for every U.S. Newspaper from 1690 to present. There are more than 2,100 Kentucky newspepr titles represented in this incredible resource.

The UK Libraries Microfilm Database provides a comprehensive list of our newspaper master microfilm holdings at the University of Kentucky Libraries. This database does not include service or user copy microfilm housed with the Peridicals and Microforms division in Young Library. Please see our Resource Guide for that inventory.

You may come across language in UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) collections and online resources that you find harmful or offensive. SCRC collects materials from different cultures and time periods to preserve and make available the historical record. These materials document the time period when they were created and the view of their creator. As a result, some may demonstrate racist and offensive views that do not reflect the values of UK Libraries. If you find description with problematic language that you think SCRC should review, please contact us at SCRC@uky.edu.

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