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For more than sixty years the University of Kentucky Libraries have preserved Kentucky newspapers, making them freely available to researchers, geneaologists, and the general public. Today, the Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program (KDNP) brings those newspaper collections to a global audience through an online interface that's fully keyword searchable, repleat with color page images, calendar browsing, and web-based html newspaper content alongside traditional print media. We never stop adding to our collections or refining our technological processes.

Preserving Kentucky's Newspapers: Analogue Beginnings to Digital Frontier

Learn more about UK Libraries' preservation program; from the earliest preservation efforts of Dr. Thomas D. Clark and Libray Director Lawrance Thompson to the newspaper digitization frontier.

KY-NDNP website

For an extensive look at our experiences in the National Digital Newspaper Program, including multimedia production, press releases, former advisory board members, and more.

meta | morphosis: microfilm-to-digital lecture series

Institutions performing newspaper digitization around the globe use meta|morphosis in their training. Take advantage of our self paced teaching tutorials devoted to newspaper digitization.

Contact Us

If you have interests in contributing content to KDNP, the technology behind KDNP, or research and genealogical inquiries, please contact one of our team members below.

Kopana Terry, Curator of Newspapers

Phone: (859) 218-1423
Email: kopana.terry@email.uky.edu

Eric Weig, Digital Library Architect

Phone: (859) 257-5713
Email: eweig@email.uky.edu

Laura Hall, Reference & Genealogy Services

Phone: (859) 218-1323
Email: lehall1@email.uky.edu

KDNP is made possible in part through a longtime partnership with the Kentucky Press Association (KPA). Our sincerest thanks to David Thompson and the KPA for always championing Kentucky's first record of history.

KDNP Advisory Panel @ UK Libraries

  • Jen Bartlett, Head of Research Services
  • Carla Cantagallo, Copyright Librarian
  • Sarah Dorpinghaus, Director Digital Library Services
  • Deirdre Scaggs, Associate Dean of Special Collections
  • Marsha Seamans, Catalogueing
  • Doug Way, Dean of Libraries

You may come across language in UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) collections and online resources that you find harmful or offensive. SCRC collects materials from different cultures and time periods to preserve and make available the historical record. These materials document the time period when they were created and the view of their creator. As a result, some may demonstrate racist and offensive views that do not reflect the values of UK Libraries. If you find description with problematic language that you think SCRC should review, please contact us at SCRC@uky.edu.

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